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Name: 20200628_Sun_Alex
Air Date: June 28, 2020
1398 lines.

The InfoWars transmission on June 28th discussed various news topics such as the upcoming election in 127 days, Trump's recent video featuring white power chants, spike in coronavirus cases, excessive lockdown measures, mask mandates, manipulation and deception surrounding COVID-19, man- made nature of COVID-19 as a bioweapon designed to cause sickness over time leading to cancer, controversy about Sacha Baron Cohen's stunts, importance of free speech, the dangers of misinformation, and the need for unity among people. The speaker criticized the media for promoting double standards and pushing an agenda that infringes on individual freedoms.

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Tomorrow's news.
Well, let's jump right into it.
It's Sunday, June 28th, the year is 2020.
We are 127 days out from this incredibly important historic election.
The news sites are Infowars.com and Newswars.com.
And we are going to be opening the phones up in the second hour to discuss whatever issue or news report or story you would like to particularly get into.
But again, thank you so much for joining us on this Sunday, June 28th, 2020 transmission with 127 days out from the election.
Obviously the quickening's here.
There's more news every time to cover.
I think the best way for me to do this is just read you some headlines.
Trump tweets video with white power chant, then deletes it.
And it's a bunch of old white people in Florida yelling at other old white people, calling them Nazis and fascists and all this.
And a guy jokes and says, yeah, white power back.
And they go, oh my God, Trump, it's white power.
In like a 10 minute video, there's a few seconds of him saying that as a joke back.
Why is Sacha Baron Cohen able to run around and say, throw Jews down wells and kill black people?
People go, oh, well, that's just a joke.
But when it's an old white dude in Florida responding to someone calling him a Nazi, and they go, yeah, Heil Hitler, back, it's obviously a joke.
But speaking of Sacha Baron Cohen, he's been caught in a giant Jussie Smollett false flag.
And because he got caught red-handed doing it,
The media is defending it and lying about it, but you want to know about being sued.
You want to talk about criminal activity, civil and criminal.
Cohen has done it.
We talked to Oath Keepers that was there.
We talked to the organizers.
We've got them on tomorrow.
Could have had them on today, but I want to be able to give them more time.
It's only a two-hour show.
The weekday show, 11 to 3 is four hours.
They had armed men take over
And start screaming racist stuff.
They had armed men there premeditatedly so that the people couldn't stop him when he started doing all of his anti-semitic and anti-Asian stuff.
This guy is a monster criminal.
And you notice he went on the ADL last November and said, ban Alex Jones, arrest the big tech heads that don't serve him.
And he went on to say, end free speech in America.
Oh, but now that he got caught,
Taking over this event and hijacking it criminally.
Oh, the media's like, oh, you can't take a joke.
This is unbelievable.
He took over with armed men.
He had police there on the payroll.
He had an ambulance.
They totally
They hijacked through criminal fraud and took over a Reopen America event and now they're calling it a right-wing extremist militia event.
Nothing against the militia, it's the Constitution, but they're misrepresenting.
You talk about criminal conspiracy and this evil Count Dracula look-alike wants to suck out our free speech.
Damn you to hell, Sacha Baron Cohen!
You're not even an American.
But you come over here and you use our First Amendment to try to set people up while you call for getting rid of it, and then you hide behind it when you're caught in criminal activity dressed up in a hayseed outfit.
Remember back when Rand Paul was running for the Senate?
And they caught people dressed up in overalls and with literal hayseeds in their mouth saying, I don't like blacks, I don't like Mexicans.
And it turned out the guy was on the main campaign board
of the guy running against Rand Paul.
These people are sick.
And they've woken up a lot of folks with this latest Bubba Smollett NASCAR situation.
As it turns out, every one of those damn stalls had that.
It wasn't a noose.
A noose closes.
This wasn't a noose.
Everybody's gone in their garage, and most people have the very same rope.
They're like, whoa.
In fact, one of our crew members
His dad is black and it totally woke him up about all this because he's a mechanic and his garage hangs the same damn rope.
He's not putting another for the KKK.
This is out of control brainwashing in an attempt to make us all kill each other.
We're going to hit so many angles today, so many facets.
It's one hell of a transmission.
The only reason we're still on air about all the attacks is because of you.
So don't call up thanking me.
I want to thank you.
Stay with us.
We'll be right back.
It's Sunday, June 28th.
The year is 2020.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
We are 127 days out from the election.
I'm gonna have open phones in the second hour tonight.
We're here every Sunday for the last 15 years.
Hardly we've spent that long.
4 to 6 p.m.
And weekdays.
I've been on for 24 years.
From 11 a.m.
to 3 p.m.
Central and on air total for 26 years.
Thank you so much again for joining us on this Live Sunday Transmission.
To say all hell's breaking loose is an understatement.
Let me just read you a few headlines here.
Live updates.
Arizona, Florida, Texas.
Our latest coronavirus epicenters.
And that's where they're doing the heavy testing, but you notice death rates are way down.
Texas has lost only 2,400 people and almost all of them had pre-existing conditions and it turns out didn't die of coronavirus.
But we're told we're all evil.
We're told it'd be 2.5 million dead by now.
It's only 100,000 dead.
But again, we're told be heroes, stay locked down forever.
This is about killing our economy.
That's coming up.
And we've got a bunch of raw footage all streamed out live for three hours earlier today.
That's on InfoWars.com and Banned.Video.
The highlights we're going to be airing when we start the second hour today, and that was Owen Schroer, myself, and about 500 conservatively, amazing patriots that came from all over Texas and all over the United States to the Texas Capitol today to demonstrate for a reopening of Texas and not allow the reclosing of it and to expose that the masks themselves are a total fraud and do not
Protect you.
That is all coming up.
Meanwhile, red alert!
If elected, Joe Biden will sign mandatory mask executive order.
I told you this never ends.
This is the medical tyranny.
This is the takeover with forced inoculations, with tracker apps on your phones.
It's all been announced.
I told you it would kill a fraction of the people they said.
It's killed 1 25th of what they said.
And that's fraudulent numbers and people that got a gunshot wounds, car wrecks, pneumonia, the flu, cancer.
It's all on record.
But the very groups that lied to us are now more in charge, saying we're never reopening unless you're a big major corporation.
This is a vertical integration and takeover.
And Nancy Pelosi
has come out and said that you're a coward if you don't wear a mask.
Oh, I'm a coward if I don't do what a cult of known criminals tells me to do.
When I'm going to show you coming up next segment, even the CDC's website says M95 masks pose the best, release unfiltered air out.
So the idea of when they're telling Louie Gohmert, you don't have COVID-19, the state rep from Texas, but
Remember Congress, but you might.
So wear this.
It's not even based in reality.
And coming up next segment, we're going to air this video.
It's the most powerful I've seen of all the doctors and scientists and journalists and nurses and lawyers and virologists that have gone public.
Journalists scolds California officials for excessive lockdowns in epic speech.
We're going to be playing this clip of John Ziegler.
Again, I'm not gay, but if I was, I'd try to marry John Ziegler.
It's a joke, folks.
I'm not attracted to him.
I'm attracted to his brain.
He just annihilates them in two minutes.
That's coming up for our next segment.
And that ties into this sheriff, Washington sheriff on coronavirus law.
Don't be a sheep.
Here's Pelosi, as I said, Trump is cowardly for not wearing a mask.
You're a coward.
And Dick Cheney that lied about WMDs and committed all these crimes and who wrote in PNAC, April 2nd, 2020, that we needed to have a race-specific bioweapon to reduce world population and bring in world government.
I'm not kidding.
Type in Dick Cheney, PNAC, race-specific bioweapon.
He says we should all wear masks and that
If we don't, we're bad people.
Well, folks will come out and say, you should be wearing cuffs, not masks.
Real men wear masks.
No, real criminals wear cuffs.
Meanwhile, black trans lives matter.
Thousands of activists march through London in place of pride celebrations.
So it's okay if they march.
Just don't march if you're, you know, pro-England or whatever.
Why are they promoting black trans everywhere?
It's super rare because they don't want blacks having children, folks.
The whole trans movement was set up at the Tavistock Institute in London and by Alfred Kinsey in the United States to reduce the population and attack the two sexes by confusing sexual identity as to then bring in compulsory sterilization.
So that's all this is, is getting
Black men to decide that cutting their genitals off is beautiful and wonderful.
That's why it's the most precious thing on earth is black trans.
That's like just totally magic.
Meanwhile, video BLM vandals assault elderly man, runs to police when the old man fights back and kicks his ass.
That video is on Infowars.com.
That's coming up.
And our own Savannah Hernandez.
Co-host of The War Room.
Well, she went out and peacefully went to an anti-police demonstration Friday night in Austin.
She peacefully held up a sign saying Police Lives Matter and held up the name of a black police officer, a black captain, shot and killed protecting a business.
And they viciously attacked her, calling her all sorts of racial names.
And calling her, of course, a white supremacist and the rest of it because she has brown skin.
Meanwhile, because Trump won't go along with the COVID-19 lockdown hoax, Merkel says that we should brace for the U.S.
basically not being a world power and no longer existing.
But don't worry, BuzzFeed reporter, who got zero hedge banned on Twitter, fired for plagiarism, but now people are examining his writings.
He's written about homoeroticism with small boys as young as five, and says his dream is to shoot pedo-porn.
I'm not joking.
That's BuzzFeed.
for you.
His specialty was getting pedophiles national security clearances.
But there's of course nothing going on here.
Meanwhile, Gab, CEO of the popular independent, truly libertarian social media site, warns Visa is helping to bring China's social credit score to America.
Meanwhile, Europe on alert for unknown radioactive spike detected over Baltic Sea.
That is just the first 10 articles or so in one little stack here.
We're going to first, when we come back, get into this amazing video of a man at City Council annihilating the fraud.
And then he expands from there on how we should take action.
And then we'll have Savannah Hernandez being attacked and so much more.
And then we're going to look at the latest in Black Lives Matter, which they now admit in the news is almost completely white academics who want to go out and riot and attack things and say, oh, it's for black people.
No, you're just criminals claiming that you represent black people.
Washington D.C.
targets swarmed by BLM protesters.
They repeat a mantra about shutting down businesses and say this incredibly oxymoronic statement that's on Infowars.com.
BLM militants storm D.C.
Target store, threaten to shut down businesses if demand's not met.
Their first demand, and I have the video coming up, is that if you have police in your building or security, and if you call police when we're here, we will never stop coming.
Sounds like an ultimatum, sounds like terrorism to me.
And then as I mentioned earlier, I have a whole stack of the state of California, the state of Texas exemptions, admitting there is no law, you have to wear a mask.
And if you have anxiety, or if you have any type of claustrophobia, or if you have things like asthma, you don't even need a doctor's note.
If you have that, you don't have to wear a mask, and you simply tell the business owner, I have a medical waiver.
Now, incredible deception has been engaged in here.
I'll tell you about when we get to that, though.
How is the media going to try to spin that?
I'll explain that coming up as well.
But I'm going to show you from the state of California, state of Texas, and a couple other states where it actually says that.
So instead of being like this woman that went into Trader Joe's and got kicked out and had a huge fit of the guy that attacked the Walmart employee, have knowledge.
The people perish for lack of knowledge.
Go in there with the facts.
This is all color of law garbage.
They know what they're doing is illegal.
The poor Walmart worker or Trader Joe's employee is just following orders.
Okay, not putting them down because they're getting paid 10 bucks an hour.
Let's just say they might not, you know, be leaders.
It's up to you to be a leader with all these cult members wearing the mask, the coat of shame, the mark of the slave.
And it just comes down to that.
We're going to show you that the masks don't protect you.
The government's own statistics.
We're going to show you it all.
And then ask, how do we turn this fraud around?
Because you know, as soon as Trump loses, if he does, on November 3rd, they're going to lift the restrictions for a while.
They'll bring them back until you take the forced inoculation, until you take the COVID tracking, until you take the little app on your phone, which is the Chinese social credit score.
That's what this is a Trojan horse for.
Bill Gates admits it.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want to stop tyranny?
Well, so does he.
Live from the InfoWars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
So, welcome back here.
In a moment, I'm going to open up a folder for TV viewers, and I'm going to show you the state of California website, state of Texas website, Travis County website, Michigan website.
I mean, whatever you want.
I got five or six states here.
And I want people to understand, the people perish for lack of knowledge.
My wife, she's awesome.
She's gotten in arguments with people at the grocery store.
I said, honey, bring the state of Texas law.
She did it.
They leave her alone.
This is all part of an educational process.
You've got all the other sheep that see you not wearing a mask.
They might get in your face.
Educate them.
I'm going to show you where the government admits the M95 mask does not protect you or protect others.
I'm going to show you.
Then you ask, well, what is this?
It's to destroy confidence and divide the country.
It's what the leftist cult has come up with.
They want you to get used to following orders.
Americans have too many rights and are too uppity.
But you've seen all the medical doctors and virologists and scientists.
There's been hundreds of videos that have come out that have gotten millions of views.
Some 20, 30,000 million.
I mean, it's just, it's been incredible.
I've seen some films with 30 million views.
By the time Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, all of them ban them.
We post them all in the ban video section of ban.video.
That's why it's there.
And now those very filmmakers have asked us to, hey, re-platform our material.
That's what we're doing.
But the way that dog hunts, the way people see that truth of head scientists, head doctors, head virologists, right down to nurses, showing the computers, risking their futures to show you HIPAA information.
Where the people test negative and they say they test positive to get the money.
It's all a fraud, but guess who writes the guidelines?
John Hopkins wrote the guidelines last year with Bill and Melinda Gates, who fund them, it's on record, for Operation Event 201.
Then they set the policy for the WHO that sets the global policy.
It's on record.
Got a huge folder on that, but don't believe me, just type in John Hopkins, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.
The third link, at least when I checked it last night, was Event 201.
Read it!
Look at it!
Watch the hearings!
But what we're really seeing is people all over the country, from Florida to California, from Texas to New York,
Go and eloquently get before the city councils, whether it's a small city council, whether it's a big city council, whether it's a state house having hearing, it doesn't matter.
Getting in front of these bureaucrats so they know the people are not buying into the propaganda.
So a journalist for Mediaite went in on Friday and he was in California.
And the Ventura County Board of Supervisors, and he points out that the local health department doctor has admitted the truth for months that masks don't protect you and that they're a fraud.
But now he's saying you should wear a mask.
He brings that up.
Then he brings up that almost no one's died in the county.
And then it was, you know, 20, 30, 40 times less than what they said.
And then it's all based on a lie.
Because again, why are there no diving boards for 30 years?
Why are they getting rid of all the jungle gym equipment?
Now they're saying if one person can be saved.
I was watching Fox News at about 3.30 today before we went live.
I was in there having a cup of coffee.
Here in my old Drudge Report coffee cup.
And it was Fox News had a lady on going, oh, well, sure, it's not as bad as we thought, but if one elderly person might die, or if you might get somebody sick, just wear a mask, or you're not good.
See, this is about suspending common sense.
There aren't two genders.
No borders, no walls, no USA at all.
Let convicted pedophiles have drag queen story time.
It's about getting you to give in to fraud.
Everything Fauci and the NIH and John Hopkins and the UN said was a lie.
All of it was a fraud.
They sent people with COVID-19 into nursing homes because it's a bad pneumonia for the only group they could kill and over half the deaths nationwide are in those 10 blue states in old people at nursing homes.
They should all be arrested!
But instead, they keep the fraud and the hoax going and get more and more power and control because people aren't calling them on it, but it's beginning to happen and I'm seeing explosive results out there.
So this video is on InfoWars.com.
It's about halfway down the page now because it broke yesterday.
Please get it and please share it.
Journalist scorches California officials for excessive lockdowns in epic speech.
Here it is.
After waiting for two hours and now getting two minutes, I'll get right to the point.
This board is pretending that for the last three months, your emperor, Dr. Levin, has not been against a mask declaration.
Now all of a sudden, we're pretending that masks are everything, even forcing speakers to use masks.
I would like the board to take a position.
Was Dr. Levin wrong for those three months?
And if he was this wrong, why has he not been removed?
Why has he not been fired for being so catastrophically wrong?
Or do you not really believe he was wrong?
You're just wearing these masks because it is a signal of your great virtue.
Because for the last three months, we have not warned them, and Ventura County has done outstandingly well, and continues to do outstandingly well, because we are not Los Angeles, we are not New York City, we never were going to be any of those things.
Ironically, this is one of the few things Dr. Levin was actually right about.
He has been wrong about everything.
He is the one who told us we would have four to six hundred hospitalizations a day.
He revised that to 200 to 400 a day.
We still haven't reached that in one day.
We're barely over 200 for the entire ordeal that you guys have put us through.
We now have panicked over 51 total hospitalizations in a county with eight hospitals.
Can you people do math?
Can you please do basic math and understand where we are on this?
This is not a crisis.
You, however, have created one.
You, in an effort to try to prevent all death, when we've had 43 deaths, have now ended all relevant life.
And you should all be ashamed of yourselves.
And this will never be forgotten.
Ever be forgotten.
You will all be held accountable eventually, in this life or the next.
You all better hope there is no hell, because when you die, that's where you're going.
And guess what?
You're not going to be dying of COVID either.
Thank you.
Now I know a lot of regular listeners have heard me ad nauseum in the last six months say this is about teaching you you can't live outside your house, teaching you that your body is bad, teaching you that you need vaccines and contact tracing apps on your phone to live so you'll be a bubble boy that grows up in a pod hooked into wires into your brain and that the actual model is that we will soon live in pods and then give up our physical bodies.
If I said that on my own, I deserve to be in a mental institution.
Let's put on screen the Wall Street Journal last weekend, eight days ago.
Looking forward to the end of humanity, it says that we need to give up our bodies.
Silicon Valley has a plan for us to upload the machines and that because antibiotics don't work anymore and because of COVID-19, we need to have a huge program like the Marshall Plan meets the Manhattan Project to transcend our bodies and to give them up.
How did I know all that?
Elon Musk has come out and told you that's what they're into.
That's what they're doing!
And I know it sounds insane, but they're doing it!
And the driverless cars and everything's taking over, folks.
People look forward to, oh, the new Ford F-150 is driverless.
Yeah, that'd be great if you could trust the computer running it that's programmed with a globalist.
You can't.
It is.
The rise of the machines.
It is Skynet.
Unnecessarily, now we have over 120 million dead from COVID.
Let's hear that one more time.
Unnecessarily, now we have over 120 million dead from COVID.
When he said that live on ABC News, they cut the feed.
We were able to get the feed of it, including the live stream that we saved, but that is just incredible.
No one's even called him on it, other than the President.
An independent broadcast like this, it's just incredible.
Imagine if Trump said something like that.
Okay, I want to be very calm about what I'm about to cover.
It deals with COVID-19.
I want to be very, very specific.
Because when I'm out on the streets, when I talk to family, they have this question a lot and I try to explain it to them because it's very, very clear.
But I understand people want to think of things as black or white, but this is a little more complex than that.
COVID-19 really got my attention back in January of this year, because when I called the head lawyer and scientist and researcher, scientific expert, who had written the U.S.
Biological Weapons Treaty that became the U.N.
World Treaty, he said, no, I've talked to sources.
This is a man-made virus out of the Wuhan lab.
It's a bioweapon.
A few weeks later it came out in the major Indian scientific universities that have CRISPR gene editing, who could scan it with electron microscopes, that it was 100% man-made, had p-shuttle gene injection points, where the HIV delivery system had been welded on, as well as a bunch of other viruses, onto a cold virus, the most common virus, the coronavirus.
And he pointed out a 2015 article about lab-made coronavirus triggers debate.
Obama and Fauci was over it, allowed the transfer of weaponized coronavirus to Communist China.
Because the research here was illegal, was exposed, so they shipped it to China.
Now that was six months ago.
So I was concerned up front when no one was talking about it in January here in the US.
Listeners are like, why are you obsessing over this virus?
I saw Bill and Melinda Gates involved.
In the event 201, John Hopkins' U.N.
drill, they talked about 65 million dead, but it brings in world government.
The Rockefeller Foundation report lockstep from nine years before that, detailing the plan.
And I can see the pre-programming, and I said, look, I don't know how deadly this virus is going to be, but this Indian University is the top university in India.
They're obviously big mathematicians and scientists, some of the best.
And then the Australian government, U.S.
firms, German firms, Dutch firms, the discoverer of HIV, top guy, came out four months ago and said, no, it's man-made.
You can just type in discoverer of HIV, says COVID-19 made in the lab.
So the paradox was, okay, they're gonna hoax it and hype it to shut things down, it's not that deadly, but then why is it man-made, Alex?
I just go where the facts are.
That if you really look at the numbers of the models they were showing of three to six percent dead, we drilled into those and it was less than one percent.
That's now confirmed that it's 0.6 according to the CDC's latest numbers.
So I just talked to mathematicians and scientists and experts.
You've heard them all here.
I mean, we're talking virologists, you name it, top people, heads of universities.
So there is the riddle, though, and the enigma and the whodunit.
Because you can now type in and pull up AP and Reuters and Newsweek, Fauci-funded coronavirus bat research at Wuhan starting in 2013 under Obama.
You can pull that up, Newsweek, Fauci-funded Wuhan.
And it was specifically this, and then Bill and Melinda Gates, and then they have drills of just this happening a few months before it unfolds.
Mama didn't raise a fool, but even a fool can figure this out.
There it is, Dr. Fauci backfunding for controversial Wuhan lab studying origins of coronavirus.
So it now turns out the Australian government financed six universities independently this year to scan the virus.
And they all said
It is conclusively man-made, a chimera, meaning it's multiple virus families.
Let me explain, folks.
If you're a dog, or you're a cat, or you're a cow, or you're a sheep, you know, it's the same family.
Well, viruses are the same.
Now, a tiger and a lion are so close, they can interbreed, their offspring is sterile.
A liger, just like a horse and a donkey can breed, they have a mule that's sterile.
Never been a mule that can have babies.
The genetics are close enough that they can have a baby, but it can't have babies.
It's a mutant.
When they look at the coronavirus, it is made up
Of at least five virus families that aren't even related.
That's why I got scared in January and February and March and said, I don't know how deadly it's going to be.
Looks like the Chinese are staging these lockdowns and welding people in and shooting women at checkpoints.
But regardless, Gates is already up to speed and running this, and Fauci's involved with the Wuhan lab, and all these prestigious scientists that have credibility are publishing the same scan.
They scan it, and the discoverer of HIV said, it is 100% lab made.
It's like if you saw a
Ford hooked up to a Lamborghini.
If you chopped the front of a Ford off, put a Lamborghini on the back, you'd go, that's a Lamborghini, that's a Ford.
I mean, this thing is Frankenstein.
So now I get to the big enchilada.
I studied it.
I looked at it.
And about four months ago, I figured it out.
Wargaming the enemy and how they operate.
They love binary weapons.
We're at the big enchilada in a moment.
What is a binary weapon?
Well, you give somebody the precursor that they've got to have as the base, then you hit them with the second part and that kills you.
And they've got systems that are even three, four things it takes to go together.
Everybody knows about binary weapons, even in, you know, Marvel comics or whatever.
Joker likes to put one poison in this and one poison in that, that way he's immune from it, he hasn't taken the first poison.
So even though he releases a nerve gas, he's already putting your milk or your apple juice, the first poison, so when everybody's getting gassed, it doesn't hurt him because he didn't drink the apple juice.
That's a binary weapon.
Now let me give you the big daddy now.
And I've already looked at this in other studies.
This is what the Indians found.
It's what the Italians found.
It's what the French found.
It's what the Australians found.
It's what the United States scientists found.
It's what the Canadian scientists found.
I mean, this is in triplicate, completely confirmed.
Remember Zero Heads got banned for running stories about it and they had to bring them back to Twitter because it was completely confirmed that it was man-made.
They're like, wait a minute, why are you panicking then over a virus you say doesn't really kill a lot of people and it's just a bad pneumonia, but then now you're saying it's this bioweapon?
I'm going to explain it.
If it's patented, you could never patent a flu virus or a
Cold virus, because they're always mutating.
But if you create a new chimera that's a new species of viruses, by splicing them together, you own this whole new world.
Through the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, through John Hopkins, through the UN, who have the patents on record for dozens of coronaviruses from bats that can jump to humans from that lab.
It was on Italian TV four years ago, them bragging how they're doing it.
They didn't even hide this stuff, because again, they have to have all the members of it thinking they've done nothing wrong.
When you're involved in a criminal conspiracy like this, you hide it in plain view.
So when we come back, folks, I'm gonna hit the most horrifying information ever.
Picture it.
This is the Daily Mail.
How COVID-19 hijacks human cells and causes them to sprout tentacles.
Now let's put the electron microscope photo up for TV viewers of the tentacles, please.
Now why is this so important?
Because the cold virus family, Corona, never has caused cells to grow these tentacles.
Two viral families do it, and it's the viruses spliced onto it.
So imagine, it's now confirmed that it's spliced, it's made, and why are these tentacles important?
Because it keeps the cell alive and the cell doesn't completely die.
It lays dormant, releases tentacles to keep getting you sick over and over again, and the cells don't die, and then the cell finally implodes and starts creating cancer.
But here's the problem.
None of us are gonna escape this, folks.
I'll explain this when we come back.
Its main weapon function is that it's airborne, gain of function, and that it implants in your cells
I'm going to give you the bad news when we come back.
I think you're going to really want to tune in for this.
I'm proud of the people of Texas for standing against this illegal government order.
We will not be slaves to this government.
We refuse to face masks.
We can't breathe!
We can't breathe!
We can't breathe!
We can't breathe!
We can't breathe!
Arrest Bill Gates!
Arrest Bill Gates!
Arrest Bill Gates!
And I want you to know, you're the first in the nation to protest these masks at this level, and I'm proud of you.
Trying out for some death metal right here.
Wanted the governor to hear something he hadn't really heard before.
We don't protest the way the meth head left us.
Alright, so I want listeners to understand something.
I haven't just interviewed all these incredible experts and read thousands of articles and done all this, you know, deep cogitating.
I've studied bioweapons and the mindset of the globalists and how they operate.
You ever watch the movie JFK?
The masterpiece put out by Oliver Stone.
Very accurate.
When they're down there killing some of the CIA ops in New Orleans to cover up the Kennedy assassination, what are they testing on rats giving them cancer?
Most cancer, this is actually in the literature, it's just the public doesn't know it.
Most cancer is viral.
And when your immune system gives up,
To the viruses, it just starts replicating and causes your cells to replicate.
Because not all viruses just go have cells reproduce the virus.
The virus injects, makes it swell up, pop, and release the viruses.
There's electron microscope footage of that going back 30 years.
A lot of these viruses go in and they program the cell to produce more cells.
It takes over the mitochondria and it starts reproducing.
Well, what does Bill Gates' mRNA new vaccines that they've got 20-something trials, it was seven trials, now it's 20-something trials, I checked last night.
It goes into the nuclei of the cell and programs it to create proteins
And controls replication.
They have a name for it.
It's called cancer.
So again, folks, you better learn about biology real quick.
So I'm the one up here saying, look, I think this is a hoax.
I don't think it kills that many people.
We got the numbers.
We've been proven right about that.
But I said, what it does do is have incredible gain of function.
There has never been a virus that spreads faster than this, and that lives this long out in the open air.
And that's in the studies.
And I don't just go off the fake announcements where they go, oh, 2.5 million dead, real number, 100,000.
You can go find the numbers, or, you know, everybody dying, is dying of COVID.
You go look at the actual numbers, they're dying of gunshot wounds and car wrecks.
They're still local collection of data.
We're getting real numbers.
How like black on white crimes, 10 to 1.
You hear whites are killing blacks everywhere, but the FBI statistics are there, it's 10 to 1, black on white, not attacking black folks, it's just true.
So I pulled back from this, and I studied how the globalists have operated before, and I went, they're obsessed with binary weapons, where they put something in you that embeds in you, and then they bring in something later that triggers it.
And that's what made it really interesting about SV40 that they put in all the polio vaccines that gave the government admits 98 million Americans cancer.
They estimate over 10 million died.
Look this up.
Just type in SV40 killed millions of Americans.
You'll get congressional reports online.
I mean, it's amazing.
That came out in the 70s.
So they constantly do this.
This is not an accident.
It's not the whole government.
It's these criminal scientists that are eugenicists that can get away with it.
Cold Springs Harbor, Planned Parenthood.
They literally created Hitler.
Look into it.
So I'm pulled back looking at all this and I'm like, what does it do?
It's got gain of function.
It's got the HIV delivery system, not HIV, the delivery system.
And it's got smallpox and it's got the flu and it's got
Something close to herpes that attacks the testicles?
This thing is a weapon.
So we're all sitting back going, hey, it's not actually killing that many.
Why are they then saying wear masks?
Why are they saying?
Because they're the ones that engineered it at Wuhan when it was illegal in the U.S.
That's in the news.
That's confirmed.
They're the ones that are getting caught doing it, whether it leaked out or they released it on purpose.
Look at the timing.
Trump, they couldn't impeach.
All this was happening.
They're using it to lock the country down.
I believe they released it on purpose.
But regardless, it was made artificially.
And now they've got viruses so sophisticated it's not just five viruses in one.
They can implant genetic code in the viruses that go into the cells and program them to carry out a function and it's so advanced maybe only two labs in the United States and no one else can even know what it does.
So, just like Big Tech's a Trojan horse and tracks and controls you, and just like everything else is a Trojan horse, and just like if you go back to the 60s, the cancer virus is being put in the vaccines on purpose, would go into cells, embed themselves, create viral plaques.
They could do the engineering back then, but they could test so many generations on rats and pigs that are close to humans, at least in the response, to finally get it to work.
And then sometimes they would lose the lightning in a bottle and it was hit and miss.
That they would implant the cells with the cancer viruses.
And the Russian government did it to their people.
Our government did it to ours.
Part of a UN agreement.
Look that up.
And so I thought, I bet it's the same as it used to be.
I bet this embeds in the cells.
I bet it creates what they call a zombie cell.
I said this on air many times.
And I bet then it will then offshoot what they call
Tentacles, that has a technical name right here, that will then embed in the body and wait till a certain chemical or trigger is released.
Now back in the 60s, it was when your hormones went down in a man or woman after 60 or so.
It was hormonally connected, so when the hormone wasn't there, they would trigger.
After you'd done your work, they didn't want to pay your pension.
That was how it was designed.
And now it turns out, this isn't just to kill old people, it is to kill old people.
The damn thing is a carrier that goes in, and I'm going to explain something.
You're not going to wear a mask and escape this.
That's why they want to act like, oh, COVID, oh, wear a mask, oh, we're going to protect you, oh, take an inoculation, ha, ha, ha.
Because I'm sad to announce to everybody, they just hit us with a soft kill weapon.
All the evidence is overwhelming.
And then they're going to hit us down the road with the vaccines that have the adjuvants and the trigger chemicals to actually trigger the cancer and then give us the cancer.
Just like they did my grandmother.
These people are monsters.
So if you did one thing in your life, go to InfoWars.com, we have a link to the Daily Mail article, and read it for yourself, because it's everything we told you, everything we said, and what this looked like, and what we were trying to understand.
It spreads super fast, so all of you are guilty, all of you are suspect, all of you are bad, and all of you get implanted with it.
Then they release another adjuvant or another viral trigger that releases it to start replicating cancer.
And Bill Gates admits his new vaccine goes in and triggers proteins in the cells and takes control of them.
Which is exactly what this already is.
Now, I'm not sure how it all integrates together, but we know what they're doing.
And I think listeners have figured out over the years listening, I do deep research.
I know what I'm talking about.
I've studied the enemy, and I know I'm right about this.
But regardless, COVID-19's superpower is that it spreads really, really fast.
So everybody can be guilty, so everybody's got to be tracked and traced.
And so as you get tested, oh, everybody's bad, but you hit the country close.
Even though it's killing record low levels, it's less than 1% at 0.6 right now.
Or point... Yeah, 0.6.
And that's with all the old people they're hitting and all the fake numbers.
But Bill Gates is laughing because he knows, ladies and gentlemen, that within this super weapon, and within all the RNA sandwiched in there,
That there's little added Easter eggs, little goodies for you and your family, and all I can tell you is you better get vitamin D, you better get zinc, you better get vitamin C, you better cleanse yourself, because all that can defeat this, and your cells can kick this crap out with PQQ and CoQ10, and it's all on record, but they didn't fire blanks here, folks.
They kill you softly.
They hit you with a soft kill weapon, and that's why they're laughing.
Alright, look, I'm going to start the next hour.
I said I'd give the number out and I will do that, but I want to go ahead and read the Daily Mail article of the University of California researchers on what they actually said about this.
You've heard me lay it out, now I'm going to lay out what they told you.
And they all know damn well this is man-made, and so... Are we going to punish the people that did this?
Because I could sit here and show you a hundred articles out of mainstream news how this is man-made now.
Well then how about the people like Fauci and Bill Gates that openly funded this and did this, and even scientists in 2015 said it's wrong, and it was in the scientists and the AP that it was wrong, and now we're here with what they warned of hitting us, and the very people that engineered all the heroes, and we've got to do exactly what they say.
That is BS!
Here's a little bit of what happened today as we protested the slave mask, and then we'll come back and break down the bioweapon nature of COVID-19.
We've had Democrat riots and protests in this city, and they never stopped them from doing that.
Why are they stopping us from being free citizens?
Scientifically, the mask stops nothing!
We will not be slaves to this government!
We refuse to face masks!
God bless America!
Let's get this march started!
I want to ask you guys something because we did not expect to have our First Amendment denied here today by our police and by our National Guard.
Our First Amendment is being denied here today and they're blocking us from going up to the Capitol.
Now I know...
Now I know that this is a group of law-abiding citizens, and so we don't want to cause trouble here, but I do have to wonder why Democrat protests are allowed to loot and burn businesses to the ground, they shut down 35 here regularly, they go out in front of the police station and they're told to stand down when they burn down a flag, and we can't even peacefully march to the steps of our Capitol building without having the governor call out the National Guard on us?
What is that?
So, I'll be honest with you folks,
Part of me wants to break these barriers down and march to the Capitol, and we'll just call it a Black Lives Matter protest.
How about that?
Because then I guess you're allowed to do it.
So guys, if we declare this a Black Lives Matter protest, are we allowed to climb up there and go to the Capitol?
You can go down and shut down Highway 35 anytime you want.
You can go down and burn things and put a moniker on the street and nobody says anything, but we come here and we're peaceful and law-abiding citizens and we don't have rights?
I'll tell you what, it may not be today, but a day will come when we say we've had enough!
In Jesus' name we pray, amen.
And then they turn around and say, but you know what?
In case God doesn't save us, we'll still not bow down to your orders.
No game for Jesus!
So they trusted God.
Don't just take off your mask because others are doing it.
Take off your mask and make it symbolic today.
They're bringing in total control, ladies and gentlemen.
And that's why I salute you all for being here.
No prisons!
They believe they censored America.
They believe they've intimidated us with their sign of slavery, these masks.
All they've done is summon the sleeping giant!
And the sleeping giant is rising!
The New World Order is a cult of making you weak and making you believe you need them so they can run your life and stop killing you.
And we're here to tell the globalists, we're not your slaves, we're not in your cult, and if you want war, you better believe you've got war!
Alright folks, there's a lot of these videos on Van Dodd Video and me running around like a maniac, but you know, the truth is, somebody's gotta do this, okay?
So, I'll do it, and I appreciate you all being out there.
It was so humbling though, the strength of the people out there and the light in their eyes.
That's what unifies us.
Not just our red blood, but the light in the people's eyes.
Alright, my job is not here to scare you about this virus.
My job is to tell you the truth about it.
And, there's no escaping it, there's no getting away from it.
The truth is, it is a secret weapon.
A psychological weapon, but then introducing you to a real bioweapon they may release.
So I want to explain this riddle, wrapped in an enigma.
We come back.
On the other side, stay with us.
The answer to 1984, 1776.
Alright, let me get to the bad news and I'll get to the good news.
And I want to explain something here.
Our bodies are incredibly powerful.
And if we have the building blocks and the nutrients we need, it's been proven that almost all viruses are a joke compared to the human body.
But if you don't have the right vitamins and minerals and the sunlight and the good clean water and the nutrients you need, you're gonna die.
That's why they want you so sick.
They want to depopulate you.
There's a big Daily Mail article that really dovetails and hooks into all of our research about what is COVID-19.
COVID-19 is an illegal, gain-of-function, biological weapons, chimera research project that was in major scientific publications in 2015 as illegal, so it was moved to Communist China.
That is on record.
These scientists
Wall Street Journal, we've shown all those articles.
I want listeners to understand, I'm not up here just saying stuff.
I remember when I was growing up, last year in high school, they had a Cobra gunship land on graduation day at the high school.
And I walked out there with the coaches and people, and I said, this is a really cool Gatling gun here.
This can fire tracer, incendiary, or explosive rounds, or armor piercing.
I remember the coach goes, Alex, stop acting like you know everything.
This doesn't fire those.
And the pilot said, no, actually, son, you must have been researching.
It does fire those.
Well, I just watch the Discovery Channel or the History Channel.
I've just been watching the show a month before about what it shot.
People think it's weird to be informed.
I'm not up here being informed to show off.
I want freedom.
I've looked at this damn virus.
It's man-made.
It's five different viruses.
And it doesn't kill a lot of people.
It's a bad pneumonia.
So what is its special attribute?
Well, I didn't just go out the literature.
I interviewed the experts.
They said this thing spreads so easy.
We've never had an airborne cold.
And then I went, well, what are these different viruses?
Why are they well five viruses on?
Well, the five viruses do different things.
They attack the testicles, they attack the lungs, they attack the brain.
So then I got up yesterday and I saw the Daily Mail, the big article with a major prestigious university scanned it.
And I didn't just believe them.
I went and spent hours.
I went and looked at what
The Australian said, what the Indian said, and these were groups that got slapped down when they said it months ago.
Not like they're putting out propaganda.
They were like, Bill Gates was like, don't look at that!
Don't show that!
And they said, we've never seen a weapon like this.
We don't know what it does.
But think of this.
Let's say the mailman's delivering a bomb to your house.
The mailman's just carrying the bomb.
He doesn't have, he's not the bomb himself.
That's what COVID-19 is, is the delivery system for the bomb.
So again, I'm the one saying open things, all this, you know, COVID-19 killing you is a hoax.
This version is a hoax.
But I'm just going to tell you what's really going on.
How COVID-19 hijacks human cells and causes them to sprout tentacles.
Daily Mail.
Study led by University of California saw researchers take microscopic images showed infected human cells sprouting tentacles like spikes known as
Philpodia appears to litter them with viral particles and serve to healthy cells to infect them.
I looked it up and the article says, I didn't just believe them, coronavirus doesn't have Philopedia.
I mean, that's the story.
We should all be asking, what has Bill Gates and the UN cooked up in China?
Because there were like huge articles like, don't do it, Obama!
Don't do it, Gates!
God, this is evil!
I mean, there were headlines like, don't do this!
And now we're supposed to just ignore it and not ask what it is.
I don't know what the hell's going on.
I just know what it says it does.
I just know I've spent eight hours the last three days looking at this.
Two hours at one time!
My wife's pissed!
A study led by University of California saw researchers take microscopic images of the process which they have described as so sinister.
Images show infected cells growing tentacle-like spikes known as filopia, which appear to be littered with viral particles.
The researchers believe the disease uses the tentacles to surf to healthy cells where it injects its viral venom into them and creates more zombie cells.
I don't just believe this article.
I've been studying this for decades because I study globalists.
They're obsessed with this.
The virus is a delivery system.
Just like a gun, you put bullets in.
Until now, researchers believe that COVID infected, like most other viruses, by latching onto healthy cells and turning them into copying machines.
That's not what I said, remember?
I said it's a binary weapon.
But in people with healthy immune systems, the body can fight off the majority of viruses and prevent it from replacing it with high amounts of the body.
Oh, but Bill Gates made something special, didn't he?
It reinfects.
The latest discovery appears to show that COVID has, at some point in its evolution, developed a backup plan to get around the immune system.
Oh, it suddenly had an evolution with five viruses?
And that's why they're so pissed about zinc, vitamin D3, vitamin C, because it doesn't matter.
Your cells have that.
They can still fight this off.
And they are so mad God gave us that.
God, he's mad.
Gates is so mad.
The finding has been described as an amazing leap in the fight against coronavirus and may open the door to a host of new treatment options.
That's why it keeps reinfecting.
The coronavirus zombifies, now here's the key, zombifies human cells, that's what they all do, and causes them to sprout tentacles to spread around the body.
Scientists have discovered a study led by the University of California saw researchers take microscopic images of the process.
COVID-19 appears to litter the tentacles with viral particles.
Neva Krogan, a professor of Cellular Microbiology, Pharmacology, University of California, and lead researcher told the LA Times that it is just so sinister that the virus uses other mechanisms to infect other cells before it kills the cell.
Other viruses, including HIV, Vicinia, and a member of the virus family that causes smallpox, also use Philodopia as a way to spread to the body.
Well of course it's other species do it because they're all welded together as the Indians and the Germans and the French and the Italians and the Australians and the scientists of the U.S.
So what I'm telling you is they don't just engineer it so they own it so nobody else has got the virus or it's not a natural virus they can't patent.
Now they can load it with whatever they want
And then binarily trigger you with a vaccine with whatever they need to trigger what's already implanted in your cells.
And that's how binary weapons work.
I only read a third of the article.
It is a long article.
I might have read 20% of the article.
On air.
I suggest, as I did, you go read this right now.
That's why Bill Gates is smiling at the Cheshire Cat.
He doesn't care you're learning that nobody's really dying from it.
He doesn't care all that.
He wants to be the savior who warned you about it because it's the end of humanity as we know it.
They engineered this.
They released this.
They made it at Wuhan.
scientists blew their operation five years ago.
And so they were all scared.
They said, let's just release a version without the carrier viruses.
And then we'll be the savior, and then when everybody says, hey, this didn't kill a bunch of people, when the real next level hits, the 2.0, as Bill Gates has said, oh, this is just a drill, the new bigger one's coming.
We'll all be primed to bow down to these people.
So, we've cracked the code, folks.
We figured it all out, and it's incredible.
I'm gonna give the number out when we come back.
What's your take on all this?
I got a bunch of video clips.
A lot of their intel I want to play here today, but this is incredible.
I want the establishment to know you'll never get away with releasing this.
Yeah, here's our new single record from Highwayman 2 album, Silver Stallion.
Imagine being a great reporter like Savannah Hernandez.
It's great work for InfoWars.
If she just wants to go out to an anti-police rally, and a hundred yards away some of us stand with a sign that says, Police Lives Matter.
When so many more police officers are killed every year than, quote, black males are killed.
I'm not lessening black males or police officers or anybody.
She hold up the name of a black police officer murdered a black police captain on her son and she was physically attacked for it.
Here is the video of that unfolding.
Oh, you just, you were so over it.
So, these two, hello, can you guys hear me?
I think you need a permit to put the music on pause.
Get the **** out of here!
You look like an idiot!
You look like an idiot, you stupid bitch!
Get the **** out of my face!
Get the **** out of here!
Black lives don't matter, bitch!
Black lives matter, bitch!
Get the **** out of here with your stupid ****!
Get the **** out of here with your stupid ass, son!
You look like an idiot!
Get the **** out of here!
I don't give a ****!
I'm sorry there's so much audio cut out, but the cussing is just awesome.
We're on a lot of TV and radio stations.
Why did you come up here and sit here?
And I watched as people came towards you.
And that's not okay.
We can't advocate for peace.
And we're attacking people!
Let her do what she want to do!
I'm curious about what you've heard because this is extremely distressing to me.
All this footage to where they're like attack people at events and run and tattle the cops So that's what the left's up to now Let's get into a really big subject that I can't spend a lot of time on tonight But I could have spent the whole show on Sasha Baron Cohen
It's fun.
I mean, he's done some good skits, and I'm all about edgy comedy.
But you can't call for censorship and a shutdown of free speech, and then run around and call for everybody else to let you do whatever you want.
And so last year he had this big speech, we'll play clips from, saying, arrest big tech heads that don't let the ADL censor everybody and get rid of free speech.
But then he goes to an event, we're going to play clips of here in a moment.
And tells the locals, oh, I'm going to pay for a soundstage for you with a Reopen America rally.
He goes there, he has armed guards.
He gets up there saying racist stuff.
There's video.
It's on M4.
It's incredible.
It's like an hour of it.
They run up and battle armed dudes to unplug the microphone.
And the media says, oh, Sacha Baron Cohen went to a white supremacist rally and they got mad that they were saying racist stuff.
I mean, he set them up.
He lied.
He got caught.
And then they are in the news saying, Oh, Sacha Baron Cohen pulls epic prank on far right event, the Daily Beast.
This is sick.
He lives behind the First Amendment, and then he goes to the ADL and gives speeches on C-SPAN saying, arrest people for their speech.
He said, I'm coming to your local rally.
I want to provide a stage and armed security.
So as you start saying all these racist things against Asians and against Jews, there's video.
They run and try to unplug it, and dudes with guns are like stopping them.
So Cohen's like, no, I'm going to say this in your name.
He does that classic thing, like, oh, let's arrest Fauci, let's arrest Bill Gates.
Then he starts, like, mixing in, oh, let's bomb China with nukes.
When the public doesn't buy it, men with guns stop them so he can frame them.
The man is a monster.
So let's go ahead.
Here's clip one of him doing part of his song saying, nuke China.
Here it is.
CNN, they spread fake news.
They're controlled by the you-know-whos.
George Soros and his Nazi friends.
Anderson Cooper is a liar.
So if the panties, they are on fire.
Those panties, they are on fire.
CNN, what we gonna do?
Okay, journalists, should we chop him up like a Southeast blower?
Let's try and chop him up like a Southeast blower.
Here we go.
Meanwhile, it's the left banning everybody's free speech.
So that goes on and it says, nuke the Chinese, all this stuff.
Let's go ahead and play clip three, the whole story of how Sussan Mourad took over this event, financed it, used armed guards to literally enslave the people under gunpoint for his fake video.
Here it is.
Contacted about 72 hours ago by a group called Back to Work USA out of Orange County, California.
They wanted to bring in a couple of bands, have some music, give us a nice stage, set it up, amp it a little bit better.
Um, it felt a little weird, but they started paying for stuff like porta-potties, stage rentals, barriers.
And as of this morning, we had two bands.
The band that opened and the band that's closing right now with the Gatlin Brothers.
Well, the second band started playing their set and about halfway into a set, or where I'd expect them to be about done, they started into an incredibly racist song.
At that moment, we realized that our organizers were nowhere to be found.
The ones that had contracted and paid for stuff.
As one of the organizers, we tried to pull the plug.
They had four armed security on the generator, so we couldn't even cut the power.
We tried to get on the stage to kick the band off.
They had all of the security that was around the stage, was then blocking us from getting access to the stage.
They wouldn't let us pass the barriers, despite us having our backstage passes that were issued to us.
All of the security turned on us.
We bum-rushed them, got through the security, unplugged the mic, got the guy off the stage.
They jumped into the staged AMR ambulance back here and took off with lights and sirens on to get out of here.
The whole band did.
Alright, let's stop there.
By the way, folks, you gotta go to Infowars.com.
There's one article, there's actually a couple, but it shows the ambulance, it shows them running, it shows dudes with guns.
So people are like, what?
Kill the Mexicans, kill the... So the guys were like, get down, get down!
I mean, that Cohen literally thinks he owns America, man.
He's literally there to set up a reopen America deal.
And so he's there with people with guns, like literally stopping people so he can frame them as Nazis.
He's so desperate, like Jesse Smollett and the left for this.
This is what they do.
There's a whole bunch of videos on the side.
It is insane to see cops they hired doing this.
It is disgusting.
That's how desperate the left is to find a Nazi they gotta create.
The closest thing I ever found to a Nazi is Sacha Baron Cohen.
He's smart.
He's manipulative.
He preys on people.
He's the enemy of freedom.
We're gonna show you some clips.
I know I got callers coming up too.
I mean, I've got all these clips.
I'm calling for my arrest.
You wanna see this?
He hides behind the first... Oh!
Oh, I'm just having a little comedy piece.
You right wingers can't handle it.
What, you framing us as Nazis?
You Nazi?
Watching Sasha Baron Cohen at the ADL.
Say, shut down all speech.
And then he goes out and sets up a fairground and says racist stuff.
People try to battle to stop the, I think it was guys with guns trying to keep it going.
I mean, and the media praises it.
This is beyond Jussie Smollett.
Of course they praise Bubba.
Smollett or whatever it is.
This is so dangerous, folks.
The left are deceivers.
Here is a couple clips of Mr. Sacha Baron Cohen calling for the end of First Amendment and the arrest of those that don't bow to his godhood.
...and that trigger outrage and fear.
It's why YouTube recommended videos by the conspiracist Alex Jones billions of times.
It's why fake news outperforms real news, because studies show that lies spread faster than truth.
And it's no surprise that the greatest propaganda machine in history has spread the oldest conspiracy theory in history, the lie that Jews are somehow dangerous.
As one headline put it, just think what Goebbels could have done with Facebook.
On the internet, everything can appear equally legitimate.
Breitbart resembles the BBC.
The fictitious protocols of the Elders of Zion look as valid as an ADL report.
And maybe fines are not enough.
Maybe it's time
To tell Mark Zuckerberg and the CEOs of these companies, you already allowed one foreign power to interfere in our elections.
You already facilitated one genocide in Myanmar.
Do it again and you go to jail.
Wow, all of that was pure lies.
All that was pure crap.
And then he's renting fares and inviting people to it so he can say anti-Semitic, anti-Asian stuff and then say we did it.
It's like, it's so creepy.
It's so dirty.
And then he just keeps saying, Jews, Jews, as if Jews support him.
He wants to blow up Israel, last time I checked.
So, this is the sickness of him saying Trump's anti-Semite.
It's sick.
He's a leftist.
And look at him dressed up in a hillbilly outfit.
Like he's some guy driving a tractor all day.
It's really disgusting, man.
This guy has nothing but disdain for the people, whether they're Jewish or whether they're old or whether they're young.
It's just, he's an enemy of humanity.
Alright, let's take a few calls here.
Mega Titan got cut off the other day.
I promised to put him at the head of the line.
Mega Titan, you're on the air on the Sunday transmission.
First, they said you weren't an essential worker.
Then they said, just wear a mask.
Then they said, just let the government track you.
Then they said, just take the vaccine.
Then they said, just give up your guns.
Then they said, just get on the train.
Well, you're right.
This is classical tyranny, isn't it?
Yes, sir.
And you know, I'm so motivated right now, Alex, at seeing what's going on and just knowing that my daughter's future is in peril.
Uh, what future are we leaving behind for them?
What America are we leaving behind?
I decided to go out.
I have an Alex Jones mask.
I said, you know, I'm going to put this mask on and go to Walmart.
Um, I went to Walmart and I decided I've got these stickers from these great products.
TurboForce 100% will kick your workouts, but it will double your workout.
That was a quick plug, but the coronavirus challenge with the InfoWars stickers is essential.
I think it's the answer you've been looking for since we can't reach people at rallies.
I went out to Walmart.
I brought the stickers with me.
I did my little Alex Jones voice and I went around and I knew they were going to kick me out, but I went.
To as many people as possible.
I maybe handed out, I had about five minutes to hand out the stickers.
I handed them out and a lot of people were receptive.
Listen, Darth Vader says you don't know the power of the dark side.
I don't agree with that.
You don't know the power of you taking action and what you just did.
And so that's beautiful.
Please continue.
Mega Titan.
So the coronavirus challenge, I think every Infowarrior should stand up and do that.
If you want to see an example, go to MAGA Titan Facebook 1776.
That's my page.
Everybody should do the challenge because I do it every day.
I need to actually hire somebody to follow me around.
I don't do it to be obnoxious.
I don't want to do it, but I gotta do it because it's all based on hoax.
What do you think of the fact we now know it is engineered as a carrier virus to prepare ourselves for something that's coming?
This is really creepy.
Alex, the thing is, is that the Middlebury Institute and Smith College, they have a program called the Domestic Terrorism
What is it?
Domestic Terrorism, Center on Terrorism, Extremism, and Counterterrorism.
And I'm a Proud Boy now.
I did the show with Rufio Pama and Signs of Liberty.
I've been on your show before.
And now they've targeted me after becoming a Proud Boy.
I'm actually, this college that is studying us, saying we're spreading fake information about the coronavirus and Bill Gates, their biggest global partnership is with the UN.
And these people are watching our profiles and they're censoring us at the same time.
Oh, it's world government telling an American what he can do, but I predict you keep fighting, you're going to be a major leader and defeat the enemy.
God bless you.
All right, let's take more calls here.
Petra in Texas, you're on the air worldwide.
Hi, Alex.
Thank you for taking my call.
Thanks for my Alexa Pure.
I love my Alexa Breeze.
Outstanding machinery.
I'm really disappointed in my brand new governor.
My mother, my 81-year-old mother and I sold our homes, spent us a fortune to move up here to beautiful Princeton, and then to have this governor who I believed in to turn out like California, because I'm from San Diego, 59 years, a native there.
It outrages me, but I'm not going to give up.
No, I hear you.
Here's the thing.
I don't think Abbott's bad.
He had all the cities pressure him and the Democrats and say, every death's your fault.
He needs to hear from you.
But I hear you.
He needs to not just hear from you.
He has to come out against the hoax.
Even Dan Crenshaw, who I don't like, has come out and said it's a hoax.
Abbott needs to realize that, hey, we get it.
People die.
This is BS.
He has to go on the offense.
Yes, I will be writing him another letter.
I wrote him a letter here a year ago when I moved here, letting him know how wonderful, how happy I was to be here.
But I will be writing him another letter.
Well, Petra, don't feel bad.
Texas is like the best house in a bad neighborhood.
I mean, you know, it's all crazy, isn't it?
My Texan father is going to be moving out here and get an acre of land.
You know, we believe in Texas, and I'm here to help y'all keep this state red.
We love you, and that's what I'm saying is, we need everybody that's pro-Texas to come here.
The battle is now here.
This is the next California, and you're going to decide that.
That's beautiful.
Thank you for taking my call.
No, thank you.
What else did you want to say?
Oh, Sasha.
Perfect call.
I am a Hispanic Jew, okay?
And people like this Sasha Baron Cohen,
He is a disgrace.
Him and Soros.
And you know, when our Jews go bad, they go really bad.
They always turn into Nazis.
And I don't understand that.
But that is not who the Jewish people are.
Oh, I know that.
I know that.
This is not being about Jews.
This is about an evil person that serves anti-free speech and knows America defeated the Nazis, and knows that we have a soft spot for oppressed people, and now they're trying to say Trump is a Nazi?
Cohen says he's a Nazi!
That's ridiculous!
Trump is supporting the expansion of Israel.
Again, none of it is reality-based.
And that's really what I wanted to say.
Yeah, no, Sacha Baron Cohen is an evil piece of garbage.
I mean, he just...
Man, I couldn't imagine, like, because I know the group he set up, they were good pro-America people who just wanted to open the country, and he said, oh, I'll pay for your stages, I'll come there, it's gonna be great.
I spent hours on this today, looking at all the videos.
And then he showed up and said they were Nazis on the news.
I'm not a litigious person, but he needs to have his ass sued off.
That is disgusting.
America defeated the Nazis.
We are not the Nazis.
And I am sick of the left claiming they represent black people and Jews.
And so the Hitler thing doesn't work anymore.
Yeah, he used to go up there and say, throw the Jew down the well.
And people are like, what are you doing at midnight when they're drunk?
He finally gets them to sing it.
He blames them because they're poor people in New Mexico working their damn asses off on a Friday night, getting a few beers.
And then now he does it again?
I mean, you know, he's a damn villain!
He's a damn villain!
The guy is a damn villain!
Alright, I'm gonna do the final segment.
Come back with your phone calls.
I just, it's disgusting to watch him preying on people.
And this time, folks found out what was going on, so he had armed people to try to stop him!
And they still rushed the sage!
So the armed people ran off and got in an ambulance and ran off!
Because we caught your smug ass again.
And your Bubba Wallace.
And all this crap.
God Almighty, man.
We are so sick of your crap.
This is the end.
Beautiful friend.
This is the end.
Of the globalist elaborate plans.
The end.
Listen, you know, I meant to make this statement for a while.
I haven't made it yet.
I'm out.
I think I'm gonna make it tomorrow at the start of the show.
Because it needs to be done with some pomp and circumstance because it is important.
I just want the globalists to know that, and they know this too, you're lost.
And you need to know that.
The only question is, how bad do you want to be for yourself?
Then there's a converse question.
How much are we going to let you do if you don't give up?
At a certain point, you're going to have to be bombed.
Politically, spiritually.
Like the Japanese in 1945.
And I take no pleasure in that until I have to drop the bombs.
And I'm not going to metaphysically feel bad for it.
I'm going to actually enjoy it.
I'm going to tell you right now, between me, you, and the fence post, you lost, you better give up right now.
And the New World Order knows, I don't say something unless I know it's true.
See, because me making it out of this alive is not victory.
Humanity making it out of it alive is victory.
So that's what the globalists should know.
You're done.
There's a big important report we shot yesterday that took a day to put together all the documentation that just went live at Bandot Video that is the nightmare of the globalists.
They wish we were not on air.
They wish we were off air.
Every voice, every word, every guest, every host, every expert is like nails on a chalkboard to the Satanists.
The article
is on Infowars.com right now and Newswars.com and it's titled President Trump Must Understand It Is Destroyed Or Be Destroyed.
Let me give you the exact headline because I wrote this up last night.
Destroy or Be Destroyed Alex Jones Emergency Message to Trump.
This is an important video.
I suggest you politically, economically, culturally, through information warfare, bomb the White House, bomb the Trump campaign with that video, and there's a good chance the President will watch it.
But regardless, it's important, so please get it out there.
Carlos in Canada, Bill Gates vaccines to reduce reproduction.
Go ahead, Carlos.
Hi, Alex.
You know how I feel about the Federal Reserve.
And how over the years, since 1913, it's created some real monsters.
Well, we have in Bill Gates, the first billionaire eugenicist.
And his father was on the board of that?
That's right.
That's right.
And what do they think about?
Well, you know, to kill people and to cull the population to an ideal number.
But you see, that's very messy.
That's sort of like the Red Terror, you know, but in his world, it's the Pink Terror.
But no, what he has figured out is the best, because this way, you don't have to use violence to call.
Because even if you call a percentage, they reproduce, you see?
Like these people in the third world.
That's right, you kill five people's kids, they have ten.
People get it, like you kill me, I get stronger.
So, he has developed the eugenicist dream, which is to, through this coronavirus and other vaccination threats and fears,
He will arrange for women and men to have micro nano devices implanted in them that through a device they'll be able to activate the cells for reproduction, selective reproduction, based on some sort of desirability or credit score, where in the future you will have to pay
No, he's famous for saying don't give people freeware.
But now people can reproduce for free.
And he says, hey, we can become... You're creating?
We're trillionaires!
All we have to do is control... They're right.
They're trying to take control of human reproduction and COVID-19 attacks the testicles and it keeps reinfecting.
They'll go, well then why are you saying don't lock down?
You're not going to escape it, folks.
It implants in you.
Expose who did it, destroy them politically.
Thank you, Carlos.
All right, up next here, let's go ahead and talk to J.K.
in Washington, D.C.
Go ahead.
Yes, Alex.
First of all, your products are awesome, and I need some pollen block for my wife and my... You're right, that's sold out.
We've got to get that reordered, brother.
Okay, I'm on the waiting list.
So, I really think that Governor Newsome needs to be recalled because Neuse is in his name.
You're right, if newses are bad, Newsome is, what a monster he is, man.
Yes, and I have friends living in California, and I actually used to live there, and he's a nightmare.
He's putting everyone in a noose, and that's, he should be known as Governor Noose.
By the way, I know a bunch of Hollywood people, I'm almost embarrassed to say that, there's a literal exodus.
If I told people the names I know, that this month, next month, I mean, I know at least 15 major people, they say everyone's leaving.
Everyone's leaving right now.
What is the point of that?
Oh yeah.
No, he's terrible.
And I actually, you just reminded me of an incredible story I could tell that would just take me a minute that I totally heard unsolicited.
Do you want me to tell it?
Tell it.
All right.
So this is somebody who was a cop in California and they're no longer with us, but she was an amazing person.
And I was just talking with her a year and a half ago and she said she was staking a party, one of those bad Hollywood parties,
And as it got later, I don't know, 10 o'clock, 1030, she saw you walk out.
You left before all the bad stuff happened.
You and one other person.
That must have been a long time ago because I haven't been out in L.A.
in a long time.
A long time ago.
Oh yeah, she was in her 40s when she passed.
But that was totally unsolicited.
I just, I don't think anyone else knows that story because she died mysteriously a year and a half ago.
But anyway, she told that story.
And, uh, you left before it got to that weird point, and I know you said that before.
Well, there was... Yeah, years ago, but I haven't been out in L.A.
at any parties in, in, like, five years.
But, yeah, no, it's, it's all... Let me tell you, no matter where you go in L.A., it's like one nightmare.
It's like, it's, it's like Hellworld or something.
It's like, you can't go to any party or something without something happening weird.
Yeah, I lived in Santa Barbara for a while, so it wasn't so bad there, but...
That's another story.
But, you know, the information war is really what's going on.
And just keep in mind, when Sacha Baron Cohen does something like that, it's like a hand grenade.
It's like a bomb.
And he does enjoy looking back now and seeing people freak out.
I mean, that's one of the, you know, the cognitive dissonance.
Well, imagine he puts on a Restart America deal and families show up and he goes, they're all Nazis.
And then they have guys with guns.
People try to rush them.
If you go to an event and some racist is saying something, you shouldn't have to rush him.
The Patriots tried to rush them to stop it because they knew it was a setup.
And they had men with guns stop them.
I mean, he's just such a piece of garbage.
I appreciate you, J.K.
Your friend might have seen somebody else they didn't know.
I have not been at a Hollywood party in probably five years.
They were all terrible.
I mean, it's like, it's like, oh, I don't like Hollywood.
That's like saying I don't like wallowing in dog manure.
You know what I mean?
It's just like, totally disgust.
Again, he had an ambulance out there to get him out in case people woke up.
I mean, these are just trashy people that prey on you folks.
I've got a minute and 47 seconds left and I appreciate Gordon and Paul and Josh.
Call me back tomorrow and we'll get you to the head of the line.
I appreciate you.
We will take your calls.
We got David Knight.
8 a.m.
Central, with a day-to-night show for three hours, at infowares.com forward slash show and band dot video, and on radio and TV stations across the country.
Then, there's my broadcast, four hours of the Nolan Troyer, that is 3 to 6 p.m.
Central Standard Time.
We've got other special broadcasts we're doing, like America Countdown, the shows I'm doing.
They're later in the evening as well.
In fact, twice this week, I'm going to do two hours commercial-free, 7 to 9, Tuesday and Wednesday.
So that is coming up.
And those will be on the radio and TV satellites, but also on the feeds at Infowars.com.
You know, Sacha Baron Cohen, you're obsessed with Nazis because you are a Nazi.
And everybody hates you, you have no ratings, you're a dirtbag, and just shame on you and your family and just what you've become.
You're such a sad Nazi and, you know, we're not against Nazis' free speech, we just can call you a Nazi pig, and a monster that dresses up in clown outfits to deceive people, and calls for censorship, and so just shame on you.
And I believe in humanity.
And I believe that Christians and Muslims and Jews and agnostics and people that just love justice will come against Sacha Baron Cohen and the evil that he represents and he will be defeated.
All right, thank you all for being here.
Big transmissions, the big demonstration against the face mask and the COVID hoax.
It's all posted at InfoWars.com and Bandai Video right now.
Great job, the whole crew.
And I'll see you back tomorrow, 11 a.m.
Central, God willing, unless Sacha Baron Cohen's able to shut us down, which he's called for my arrest.
What a monster.
Tomorrow's news today.
And I'm here to tell you I don't need you to thank me and tell me I've done a good job.
I've done nothing but my duty!
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Keep fighting Alex, you're the gladiator.
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