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Name: 20200628_SpecialReport_Alex
Air Date: June 28, 2020
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We have to do this because of massive, unbelievable,
We had to build our own infrastructure, our own satellite uplinks, our own audio uplinks on satellites, our own streaming system.
The only way this vital information that we're about to lay out gets out is when you share this live link from Bandai Video, InfoWars.com and NewsWars.com.
So, this is all a test of if you're gonna let big tech absolutely dominate and control this country and have a iron-fisted rule over information.
Now we are approximately five minutes out from the Texas State Capitol.
A rally has just started.
Ellis Royer is there leading it.
I'm going to be the closer.
And it's dealing with the fact that the entire COVID-19 fiasco has been proven to be an incredibly evil United Nations globalist medical tyranny power grab.
And the good news is the entire hoax is coming down.
Even Dan Crenshaw, who's an established Republican, came out and did a big talk.
It's got millions of views on Facebook saying the whole thing's a hoax.
And going over the numbers, they said we'd have 2.5 million dead.
By now.
And it's 110,000.
And of course they've been caught using all the people that died of other diseases in that column.
And the most of the folks that really died were old when they shipped COVID-19, that is a bad pneumonia, into the nursing homes, which is a default illegal action.
Who did it?
10 Democrat blue states.
So it's all coming out that the masks don't protect you.
It's all coming out that the M95 masks only protect the wearer.
Everything is exhaled out.
So when they say, oh, you should wear it to protect people, that's a total hoax.
Understand, everything I'm saying is fact.
And now the Democrats are waking up to the fact that we are aware of their criminal activity.
They're totally panicking.
They're now admitting, even AOC admits, they want to keep the economy locked down to keep Trump from
Getting re-elected but the American people see through it.
You remember Bill Maher saying we need a depression to stop Trump.
Well that's what this whole thing is.
Now let me make this announcement.
Ten minutes ago before we left the office and rolled out
I got a call from our security folks that are down here at the Capitol.
BLM, which stands for George Soros New World Order operation,
bunch of white folks were down here in motorcycles being very very threatening and the state police threatened to arrest them.
Of course you know BLM's 90% white.
They're all a bunch of out of work professors and leftists think they should rule society.
So as we roll towards the Capitol way up there in the distance on Congress as of 10 minutes ago or so
They were trying to invade the Capitol grounds.
Almost got in fights with the police.
The state police threatened to arrest them.
We had witnesses that saw all this in our security detail that called back to our main security guy.
So that's what we're rolling up here for.
Here's the so-called capital of Austin trendiness.
It's really just a giant transplant of LA.
Hellish South Congress.
Ultra-trendy, total Black Lives Matter area, which is why you won't see any black people.
The left now just says, do our agenda of world government, do our agenda of getting rid of our sovereignty, or you're not with the black people.
And so that's really all this is.
But the good news is, the good news is, is that the entire hoax is absolutely, totally, and completely collapsing, and that is the good news.
But it is just incredible to realize that there are waivers in the California and Texas laws that mask are not mandatory if you have asthma, if you have a mental condition, if you have anxiety.
But to counter that,
Articles when you type in California or Texas mask exemptions, it's articles that are put at the top by Google that say the feds are investigating fake IDs that say you don't have to wear a mask.
There's no law you gotta wear a mask, but the IDs have a federal insignia on them.
It is illegal to use that.
So they make it look like it's illegal to say that you don't have to wear a mask.
But the truth is it's illegal to say you have to wear a mask, but they use the fact that people have created their own little cards that have a federal insignia on it.
That's what's illegal, is to say that you have a federal card issued by the feds.
But the law in Texas and in California and other states states, obviously if you have asthma or mental conditions or anxiety or...
You're affected by things like claustrophobia.
It says it right in the code.
Look it up!
But you've got to get past the first few links that say, it's a hoax by Snopes, and it's a hoax by the L.A.
Times, and actually read the .gov links in California and Texas for yourself.
I covered all this in Great Detail on Friday.
I've got all the documents.
I'm going to be covering it today on my regular syndicated Sunday show, 4 to 6 p.m.
You tune in.
I'll have document cam shots showing you the links, the URLs, everything.
And I'll show you the articles.
In the LA Times and in the Austin American-Statesman saying, no, it's illegal to say you don't have to wear a mask.
Fine print.
It's illegal to have a card saying the Feds, you don't have to wear one.
People issued some cards saying the Feds say you don't have to.
And so they're spinning it.
But that's how dumb these criminals think you are.
How they prey on you.
But remember, 2.5 million dead, 110,000 dead.
Only 15 days, so the hospitals won't be overwhelmed.
The hospital's been totally empty.
The whole thing was a fraud.
Now they're saying, oh, Texas hospitals are overwhelmed.
Then it comes out in the news, well actually they're not overwhelmed, they're totally empty.
This is incredible.
And they're running the same playbook they ran four months ago of saying, stay in your houses, don't come out, wear a mask, because you're all gonna die if you don't.
It's absolutely incredible.
Oh, and the hospitals are gonna get overwhelmed.
It's all a giant lie.
COVID-19's a giant hoax!
COVID-19's an election hoax!
Look it up!
It's all a hoax!
COVID-19's a giant hoax!
And again, when you just do that, it has a massive effect.
And that's why Google, Facebook, and Twitter for four months have censored members of Congress, medical doctors, scientists that came out and laid out that the death rate was 25 times lower than what they said.
That they were using the deaths of people that died of other things in the COVID column.
That they ship people with COVID to nursing homes for the only group that can't kill old people.
They ran fake stories about child dies of COVID, turns out they died in a car wreck.
But why are they doing it?
Because it's about global government.
Why are they doing it?
Because it's about medical tyranny being able to do whatever it wants and forcibly inoculate you and roll out the social credit score through Apple and Google who've merged now in the Apple ID tracking system to do contact tracing.
And be able to make everybody, quote, a suspect.
Because what COVID-19 does do is spread very easily.
And it is man-made, and new documents came out.
Major scientists at a major university, look it up, it's linked on InfoWars.com, Daily Mail, said this virus is totally manufactured.
It grows tentacles!
It doesn't just go infect a cell, reprogram, and then burst it.
It grows tentacles that break off as little spaceships or little rafts, that's how it's described, that then drift off and infect other things.
And it's got an HIV delivery system.
Does it give you HIV?
It has the delivery system of HIV now fused with a cold.
So it is incredibly spreadable because it wants to make you guilty.
Because it's synthetic, so no one can
Stop Bill Gates from patenting it because he owns it.
Even Newsweek reported that Fauci and Bill Gates basically ran Wuhan.
So there's the Texas Capitol.
I am going to let our great cameraman Greg Reese out.
A lot of you are huge fans of his great work at Bandot Video.
Just click on the left hand side and look at his films and reports.
We're going to pull over here in just a little while.
Yeah, this is as good as anywhere.
And, uh, wherever you want to go.
And oh, a big crowd out there.
Wow, this is great.
I can't really zoom in on this live feed, but there is already a big crowd out there that is sick and tired of this garbage.
And yeah, it looks like the state police have closed the Capitol and they may be intending to keeping our people from marching up to the foot of the Capitol.
I guess Black Lives Matter can do that.
Well, I'm not surprised that BLM showed up at the last minute, and that's what this whole thing is.
It's George Soros' last stand, and I'm ready to see some pushback.
And by the way, folks, no, I don't just give you good news and give you good news.
I'll give you bad news all day.
This damn hoax is imploding.
Everyone I talk to at grocery stores, on the street, black, white, old, young, male, female, gay, straight, they're like, yeah, it's total BS, and we're sick of it.
And then they're learning that the masks don't protect you, and they're learning, oh, just wear a cloth one, which does nothing, because it's about submitting to the fear, so that you submit to the digital tracking of your cell phones, which they're already rolling out, and the forced inoculation, as early as this year.
And Bill Gates is up there saying, don't worry, black people are going to get the shots first.
Because he loves you.
Better look into Bill Gates and how he says he wants to depopulate Africa.
And folks, this is not a normal vaccine or normal virus.
It is the cold virus, the pneumonia virus, set up where it's like a Rubik's Cube meets a Lego.
It's got all these points to plug other viruses on it.
So what it is is a virus carrier.
Normally bacteria carry viruses into the body.
Well, this time, this is a virus that carries a bunch of other viruses on top of it so they can load it.
It's like COVID-19 is a gun.
Different viruses are bullets.
You can load it.
And so it is man-made.
It is really scary.
And I've been predicting they're going to release some more deadly strains down the road.
But first, they want to get you introduced to COVID-19, that they own it, they control it.
They've got a vaccine.
Oh, there's going to be a new one every year.
You've got to take it.
And then it's going to be those future vaccines
That they really trojan horse with stuff that's going to sterilize you or kill you.
I thought this new vaccine, they would make it real weak.
But instead, it's killing and making people sick in the trials.
So I guess they're just getting us used to dying.
I mean, it's very sophisticated.
Sigh off, Greg.
Yeah, absolutely.
And it's crazy how many people are falling for it.
That's what blows my mind.
All the people you see wearing masks and just easily submitting and falling for all this.
Well, here's the bottom line.
Huge crowds already getting ready.
You know, the main demonstration just started.
Come to the Texas Capitol right now.
Whatever you do, share this live link on Twitter, on Facebook, but by your email, by your text message, by your word of mouth.
Go to InfoWars.com.
The live feed's up there.
Texas protests.
COVID-19 hoax and lockdown.
BLM showing up.
It's all crazy.
And this is a proprietary feed that you built, you supported, you funded.
So share this link now.
It's your feed.
You can override Big Tech right now.
Let me open the door for you, Greg, so you can get out.
All right.
I'm going to help Greg Reese get out right now.
He's got to have his own big feed, his own system.
Alright brother, great job.
Again, we want to thank you all.
Right down here is the demonstration going on.
We're going to run to this corner.
You guys stay there real quick.
This thing just now started.
Looks like a good thousand people are there.
This has really got to piss the left off.
There's American flags down there.
That'll make them have a giant convulsion.
And again, at InfoWars.com and NewsWars.com, they're trying to shut us down.
They're trying to shut you down, but they can't stop you when you share those live links right now.
So, I'm going to let them get their rally going.
I'm going to go get in position.
I'm going to be showing up at the rally very, very soon.
InfoWars.com, NewsWars.com, tomorrow's news today.
Share those links.
That's beyond critical.
That's everything.
Share the links right now.
Call people you know that have Twitters and Facebooks.
Ask them to tweet it out.
That's just how you get this out.
Greg, you go ahead and go up there and cover what's happening.
And it looks like things are changing.
It looks like the state police have put barricades up to block folks from going on the grounds.
I guess only Antifa and BLM have rights.
And so we're going to be breaking it all down.
This is a big fluid situation.
So again, Greg's going to go up there and cover it, and I'll be back in a little while.
The Oracle of Austin, ladies and gentlemen, Alex Jones.
Getting ready to meet up with the armored car.
So yeah, originally this protest was planned to be on the Capitol grounds, as we've been doing in the past.
Extremely small, well-behaved, polite protests that have been just demonized by the mainstream media for being racist and reckless and ignorant.
And yet the BLM and Tifa Riots are allowed to burn the cities down and get the full pass and the full label of the peaceful protests.
And up until very recently, it seemed like we had a reasonable governor.
Governor Greg Abbott.
And now that seems to have changed.
It's a sad thing to see a Texas governor... ...complying with all this nonsense.
With all this obvious nonsense.
The mandatory masks.
But that's what we're seeing right now.
And in Austin, Texas, we have an extremely progressive left-run city council and mayor.
And at least we thought we had a freedom-loving governor.
Turns out we don't.
We're good to go.
Yeah, I know where you're from.
A multitude of those women from famine and distributed bread to them all.
As a result, this historian Eusebius concludes that Christians, that Christian deeds were on everyone's lips and they glorified the one true God.
And you know what?
Our deeds, if they lead up to people glorifying God, then they are good deeds according to God's Word.
If our deeds deviate people from serving and praising and giving God all the honor, then they are not good deeds.
Faced with our own severe pandemic, Christians should model a faith in Christ when in crisis.
That is truly compelling.
Our pandemic should reveal who Christians really were.
This pandemic will probably do as well.
And to make it significant.
Don't just take off your mask because others are doing it.
Take off your mask and make it symbolic today.
Make it symbolic.
Who are we?
Are we followers of the Republicans or the Democrat Party?
We are prayer warriors with biblical values, which is equivalent to Texas values.
Who are we?
Are we followers of Trump or Biden?
We are 2020 followers of Jesus, the Son of God!
Who are we?
Followers of a donkey or an elephant?
We are followers of the Lion of Judah, the Lamb of God.
Who are we?
Do we represent the blue, the red, or the color white?
We represent all!
We represent the red, white, and blue!
Do we take off the mask to push a desire of political power and gain?
Or do we take off the mask to show and share the love of Jesus in the midst of our narrowing crisis?
It's already off, brother.
We will know soon.
Masks will run out and masks will come down.
The masks I'm referring to, they're not good for our health.
Perhaps it's time to take them off anyway and show who Christians really are.
I pray we look more like our Jesus and list like our worst impulses.
It's time to take off the mask.
Now, we are expecting Alex Jones to be pulling up in the armored truck at any moment, so we have more speakers planned, but what may end up happening, folks, is when Alex pulls up and he leaves the march, we may finish our speakers over in front of the governor's mansion, because that's where we're going to end the march as soon as the armored truck pulls back around.
We do have some other speakers coming up.
Austin Talley has suffered directly because of all this COVID hoax, and he represents the voice of a lot of people in Texas and around the country that are losing their livelihoods because of this fake pandemic.
So I invite Austin Talley up to say a few words.
Good afternoon, Texas.
I'm Austin Talley.
I'm an eighth-generation Texan.
My relatives are Colonel James Neal of Battle Gonzales and Vice President of Texas, Edward Burrowson.
Today, we find ourselves in strange times.
As long as we're fighting amongst each other, the government will do whatever they want.
All I see looking out is many beautiful colors, but people have found some commonality.
I stand before you today as a business owner and a non-profit leader within our community and a military veteran that proudly served for 16 years.
Sadly, this country and this state my friends died for and I was willing to is no longer what I was willing to die for.
We all have a problem and a solution that isn't exclusive to any political party.
We as citizens need all our current elected officials to be reminded who they work for
And it's called civil service for a reason.
We find ourselves between two political servants and two political parties at two different levels of government.
One who continues to ride executive orders without fully understanding the ramifications and the compounding factors whose livelihoods he's destroying.
The other has such an inability to find meaningful solutions to any problem, he now wants you to use 311 and 911 to report on your neighbors who haven't committed any crime.
In my for-profit ventures, I have 50 to 1,200 people who depend on me and the successes of my companies.
And just one of the nonprofits I help lead.
We serve upwards of 1 million annually and the brakes have been slammed on that capability.
Many of you have seen me in local news recently because of the small business I help run, Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, in downtown Austin.
It had its state license wrongfully suspended.
That's because TABC was weaponized.
I asked Governor Abbott to please meet with me and my colleagues to find meaningful solutions for us and the employees so we can keep our livelihoods.
Instead, he held a press conference where he stated it was our responsibility to protect ourselves and our families.
And in that same breath, he took that choice away and closed down small businesses across Texas.
We have two very important dates coming up soon.
One to remind us of our past, and the other of our future.
July 4th is to celebrate life, liberty, and the freedom to pursue happiness.
November 3rd will forever change the landscape of America and Texas, so please vote wisely.
As we approach 4th of July, I leave you with this.
Governor Abbott, I know not what course others may take, but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!
I'm going to be back soon.
Don't want to interrupt long.
But I want to salute all these amazing Texans and Patriots coming out here!
We're good to go.
Alex Jones is going to speak and we'll march to the governor's mansion and we'll have a couple more speakers.
Hi everyone!
Thank you for coming out.
This is really important.
I'm going to give you a quick background on me so you know how personal this is for me.
I'm originally from California.
Yes, I just admitted that.
I grew up
In the Los Angeles County foster care system, okay?
All of you people talking about manipulation, fear-mongering, guess what?
I know what that's like.
As a child I was told by social workers, law enforcement, any person that interacted with me, don't say anything.
Don't do anything different.
Do the right thing.
Don't say what's going on.
If you do, we'll take you from your brothers and sisters, which I have seven brothers and sisters.
They split us up into two.
If you say anything, do anything, we'll take your siblings away.
You won't get a mommy and a daddy like all the other kids.
When they harmed us, we couldn't say anything.
We couldn't defend ourselves.
Well, guess what?
I am 37 years old right now, and I have a voice.
Everyone going out here wearing masks because the government is telling you to do it because they're saying it's to protect your health.
Let me just tell you something.
They don't give a damn about your health.
They don't give a damn about your life.
I moved here to work Governor Abbott's campaign because I was a huge supporter of his.
I know the horrible things going on in California.
And I came here and I fought for him.
I stood by him.
I went to every rally, every damn speech of his, and I supported him.
He follows me on social media.
He's reached out to me numerous times.
And to see our governor doing this just disgusts me.
I recently spoke out at work.
I work for H-E-B as an overnight stalker putting groceries on the shelves so someone like Governor Abbott has his servants serving him the food that he needs.
I was fired because I went to an employee-only post where we were talking about masks.
I saw employees from every single H-E-B in the state of Texas talking about how they have asthma or they have a medical condition that wearing a mask is suffocating them.
One girl even said, yeah, I have to take steroids now and it's affecting my body and I might not have my productive rights after this.
So me being me and angry with other things that HIV has done to me, the broken leg for example, I finally said enough is enough!
How can good people, honest people, hard-working people that just want to come to work, do their jobs and take care of their families, be told to be quiet, shut up and put on a damn mask?
And if you don't, we'll write you up, we'll suspend you, we'll fire you!
No, I didn't think that I was going to get fired.
I didn't think about any of that when I spoke up.
And I told them, I said, you know what?
I have asthma.
I go into work every day and I have to wear that damn mask.
I'm suffocating.
I have to relieve myself, go to the restroom, and I can't go to the restroom without having the mask on.
I'm forced to wear a mask in the restroom.
I'm forced to wear a mask in the bathroom.
I'm forced to wear a mask just to walk to my car.
I spoke up and you know what I told them?
I said, you know what, why is it that every other life matters?
That I'm a hard-working person.
I've never broken a law in my entire life.
But the moment I tell you and I have doctor's proof, evidence, and I even have the law that says
That if you feel the mask is harmful to you, you do not have to wear it.
It says in the law if these businesses will read it.
And I brought that to the attention.
And I said in my verbiage to anybody that has asthma, when I say I can't breathe, it's because I can't breathe.
I was suspended.
I came in from my shift with a broken leg still to do my job because I was told and I was raised by military family that says, if your arms and your legs and your voice work, you can still go to work.
So I showed up regardless of the pain I'm in right now.
I'm not on pain medication because that wasn't covered.
But because I used the term, I can't breathe, they said that that was offensive and inappropriate.
Well, guess what, H-E-B?
And to the manager that told me about his son that has...
One of the managers that fired me said my son has asthma and he struggles too.
So you're telling me your son has asthma like I do and I have a more severe case of it?
You still put a mask on your son and your son can handle that?
Thank you, sir.
The Wuhan lab has demonstrated to spread quickly and infect a lot of people to incriminate Americans who need to be under war crime charges.
COVID-19 is a real virus, but it is a simulant virus, so they can track and trace and control people.
They're bringing in world IVs.
They're bringing in total control, ladies and gentlemen.
And that's why I salute you all for being here.
America is Awakening!
America is Awakening!
This is a time to say thank you, and a time to silence you from being all-feeling and hysterical.
Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci and the Clintons, who run it, are going to prison!
The answer to that 1984 is 1776!
I salute you all!
God bless the United States!
America is awakening!
Alex, say subscribe to Hippies for Trump.
What, brother?
Subscribe to Hippies for Trump.
I love Hippies for Trump.
Subscribe to Hippies for Trump.
Thank you, Alex.
Hey folks, get over there and see the speakers.
We love you.
Thanks for being here.
Get back in here to the speakers.
God bless you.
We love you, Alex.
We're good to go.
Oh, yeah.
I heard that Americans were coming out for their freedom!
They sent out all the police and the military to close down the Capitol because the globalists believe they've occupied this country, but they haven't!
I'll tell you, the military and the police are our friends on average, and they're awake, and they know what's going on, and they know that we the people stand with them and the rule of law and our republic, and we're here to take Texas and the United States of America!
It's 1776!
And when did that start?
When did that start?
It started the USA!
The globalists believe that they have silenced America.
They believe they've censored America.
They believe they've intimidated us with their sign of slavery, these masks.
All they've done is summon the sleeping giant!
And the sleeping giant is rising.
The sleeping giant is awake.
And we are never going to back down.
It was Mark Twain that said 150 years ago that a lie goes halfway around the world before the truth puts its pants on.
Well guess what?
The truth has put its pants on and now it's kicking globalist ass!
And exposing the incredible lies.
So I came out here today just to be with you folks and I appreciate you being here.
Because Texas has to lead the country out of this globalist nightmare.
And you know our nation isn't perfect.
And it's got its problems.
But the EU, the globalists and the Chai-coms working with the big mega-banks are publicly saying they're going to crash the dollar and end this country and bankrupt us and bring us to our knees.
Well, I want to warn them.
Even if they're successful crashing this country and bringing in a social credit score where we don't get food and water and money if we don't bow to them, that's only going to make the Civil War that much more deadly.
So I'm here to tell you, any way you slice this situation, they lose big.
They can give up now, or they can continue to squeeze us and only get destroyed that much worse.
But I tell you, what happened to the poor Japanese is going to pay less significance to what happens to the New World Order and these criminals once we take this country back.
And we're so close!
And that's why
That's why they're scared and why I am incredibly honored to stand with you every race, color, and creed.
There's only one race, the human race, with red blood!
And we are here to tell the globalists and the censors and the criminals
You censored the American people ahead of this because you knew the truth would destroy you.
But we knew what you were planning, and we were prepared, and we were ready.
And so now, you globalists know that the end is coming for you!
You didn't know when to back down.
Now, here's the bad news.
The virus is man-made and I've been studying it.
And it's so Bill Gates and the UN can own it.
What it is, is like an aircraft carrier.
It's designed to carry whatever they link to it.
It's a binary weapon.
And it grows, basically what other viruses don't do, tentacles that break off the body.
So it spreads and it infects you for another weapon they're going to release later.
And here's how it works.
Everybody's already got it, folks.
That's why the more they test, the more it's there, but the death rate goes down.
But the good news is, the natural things God gave us defend us.
That's why they want you indoors, with no light and no nutrition.
But China, with the UN, to punish America for trying to break free, launched phase one of a binary weapon.
So, COVID-19 is the first phase of a binary weapons system, and they are now loaded with the next levels.
But as long as Bill Gates and the UN and Fauci know that we know they're behind it, they won't pull the trigger.
That's why it's life and death to expose who they are and what they're doing.
This isn't a game, this is real, and I know you are awake!
Because each one of you, there are thousands of people that couldn't be here today, and you are incredible.
You're the Paul Revere's old, young, black, white, male, female.
You are the Paul Revere's of the future, and I just want you to know how important you are, and thank you for taking action!
Make no mistake, make no mistake, America's not perfect.
But this whole attack is against the idea of the Renaissance, the idea of America, and human empowerment that made it so great.
This is an attack on the Republic, and that's why they don't want us to celebrate the 4th of July.
I predicted that months ago.
They want the country closed on that day, us shaking in fear, us following orders of a bunch of people that have been proven from one end to the other to be total liars!
So again, they can't silence all of us, and they're never going to silence the American people, or the people of the world that want freedom.
In a little while, we're going to march a few blocks up Congress, and we're going to go over there and talk to the former governor, who has now bowed to Governor Newsom, and bowed to the UN, and has sworn his fealty to Fauci and the WHO fraud.
And we're going to go see
We're gonna go see if the Texas governor will get up off his knees and stop bowing and scraping to the globalists and the giant hoax that is COVID-19!
Yeah, I see my son, Rex Jones, doing some great reporting.
And I wanted to have him, I said, be up there to hear my speech, I want to have my son come up here.
Where's my son?
Where is he?
Come on, get up here.
You know, I'm 17 years old.
I turn 18 in the fall.
And a lot of kids I know my age are really sad because we don't get to walk for graduation.
We don't get to graduate.
We lose that.
We're losing everything.
It truly is sad that we live in a world where human beings are slaves to the government, that we're forced to wear masks, that we're forced to comply, that we're forced to obey.
It's a religious movement.
It's secular religion.
The religion of the left is racism.
The religion of the left is identity politics, and the religion of the left is death.
That's what it is.
It's a death cult.
That's what all of this is.
The riots, BLM, the fires, the destruction, that's what all this is.
It's deeply morally wrong.
It's not right.
It's a cult!
Are we all Christians here?
Do you subscribe to the weird, strange,
perverted atheist notion that we should worship the government.
Well that's what all this is.
It's government worship.
We're supposed to get on our knees and let Schumer and Pelosi defile us.
Are we going to let that happen?
Are we going to let Schumer and Pelosi and AOC and the members of the squad rule our lives?
Do we live in a kingdom or do we live in a constitutional republic?
Do you have the right to defend yourself?
Do you have the right to privacy?
Do you have the right to be a free human being?
It's time to stand up and it's time to march down the street!
And that's what it is.
The New World Order is a cult of making you weak and making you believe you need them so they can run your life and soft kill you.
And we're here to tell the globalists, we're not your slaves, we're not in your cult, and if you want war, you better believe you got war!
The main difference I find between the right and the left, not the Democrats and Republicans, the right and the left, is that the people on the right treat people, whether they're male or female, black or white, straight or gay, they treat them like human beings.
You know what?
I treat people with respect.
You're my equal.
I don't have to agree with everything you're doing, but I'm going to treat you with respect.
The left, what do the left do?
They treat them like pets.
These little groups that they coddle and
I can't find the word.
Patronize to.
It's wrong.
It's deeply morally wrong.
It's disgusting.
Do you not see it?
Does it not make you want to vomit?
My man, great job.
Proud of him.
Thank you so much.
Great job working at Infowars.
Let me ask everybody.
I want to march here in a few minutes.
But hey, who else wants to get up here and speak?
Rob Dew, Infowars for 15 years or whatever.
Get over here, Dew.
Get over here, Alex.
You run camera for him.
Get over there.
And then I'm going to go get the armored vehicle, and Owen's going to, they're going to say a prayer and stuff.
In about ten minutes, I'm going to pull down, we're going to drive down Congress, around, and over to the governor's mansion.
Please march with me!
I salute you!
All right, everybody, what's going on?
All right.
I just want to thank everybody for coming out.
This has been a hell of a showing.
I think we're now breaking the law.
I think we're over 100 people.
I think we're officially breaking the law.
We should be arrested.
Our fine friends over here are not going to let us walk to the steps of the Capitol that we pay for, that we maintain with our blood, our sweat, and our tears.
So now we're not allowed.
So we're going to have to go talk to the governor.
We're going to go talk to Mr. Governor over there, Abbott, Greg Abbott, who now cowers to the, I guess, whatever's going on in California.
I'm not sure the possession that is going on in California right now, but these people have gone off their rocker and
I think what's next is suppository vaccines for everybody.
I think that's what's coming.
I mean, it's going to be disgusting.
These people are vile.
And then after that, it's like Owen said, once we take the vaccine, then the microchip's coming, baby.
They're going to give it all to us, and they're going to give it all to us right off.
I thought we had a policeman coming up here to tell us we're disobeying the law.
We are literally entering the final countdown of our liberty if we don't stand up.
So you people out there need to go out and get others waking up.
Wake up more people.
So next time, there's 10,000 out here, then 20,000, and we're not going to stop until they stop.
They've got to leave us alone and let us live our lives the way we want to live them.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, I'm going to have Pastor Tovar say another prayer before we head down Congress to keep peace over this march.
Once we finish the march in front of the governor's mansion, we're going to have more speakers, so stick around.
I just want Pastor Tovar to say some words and ask for God's protection over us as we march down Congress.
Pastor Tovar.
Let us pray.
Lord, we thank you and we praise you for the success of this rally.
The initial success, the initial event.
Lord, we thank you and we praise you.
We thank you for having a hand in our event.
Lord, now we ask that you go with us.
Just like you walked with your people, Lord, with Moses after Egypt.
Lord, you opened the Red Sea.
Lead us, Lord, lead us to the mansion and that our voice be heard in
And intervene.
Lord, wake up.
Wake up the governor.
Wake up the leaders.
Wake up all politicians that are having a hand in this Texas government.
Lord, wake them up.
And you deal with them.
Intervene, Lord, that they may make decisions that will rejoice the people.
Make decisions that will help the people.
In Jesus' name we pray, Lord.
We are marching forward.
Keep us!
Keep us from all these people!
Keep us from the enemy!
They rebuke the devil for trying to disrupt our march!
In Jesus' name we pray!
All right guys, we're going to start the march.
How many people in front of me?
And we're going to march to the governor's gate.
We are not going to wear masks.
We can't breathe!
Oh, yeah.
Arrest Bill Gates!
We can't breathe!
We can't breathe!
No more masks!
No more masks!
No more masks!
No more masks!
Wake up Abbott!
Wake up Abbott!
Arrest Bill Gates!
Arrest Bill Gates!
Arrest Bill Gates!
Let's let Governor Abbott know, no more masks!
No more masks!
No more masks!
No more masks!
No more masks!
No more masks!
No more masks!
No more masks!
No more masks!
No more masks!
No more masks!
No more masks!
COVID-19 is a hoax!
Oh, yeah.
Oh, yeah.
We can't breathe!
We can't breathe!
We can't breathe!
We can't breathe!
We can't breathe!
In the lockdown!
In the lockdown!
In the lockdown!
In the lockdown!
In the lockdown!
In the lockdown!
In the lockdown!
In the lockdown!
In the lockdown!
In the lockdown!
For those who don't know, COVID-19 has proven to be an America-killing cult.
You're not going to kill America, globalists!
Donald Trump out!
I think?
And we need the governor to admit that there's 25 times less deaths, that they're using other people that died of other things to say it's COVID, and that it is a UN globalist plan to kill the American economy.
Governor Abbott, Governor Abbott, we need you to be the governor of Texas and not a lapdog of the United Nations WHO.
And not a lapdog of that monster Fauci and Bill Gates.
Arrest Fauci!
Arrest Fauci!
Arrest Fauci!
The mask or a hoax in the lockdown!
The mask or a hoax in the lockdown!
The mask or a hoax in the lockdown!
The mask or a hoax in the lockdown!
I want you to know you're the first in the nation to protest these masks at this level.
And I'm proud of Texans!
And I'm proud of my fellow Americans!
Let them hear you!
Let the governor hear you!
You and the Tycons will burn!
You will burn!
And there's Cold War!
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Alex, wake him up, God!
And use this program to wake Governor Abbott up, God, by the blood of Jesus.
By the blood of Jesus.
And everybody pray for Alex.
Father God, touch Alex.
Use Alex and influence him.
Turncoat Abbott!
Turncoat Abbott!
Turncoat Abbott!
Turncoat Abbott!
Turncoat Abbott!
Turncoat Abbott!
Turncoat Abbott!
Turncoat Abbott!
Turncoat Abbott!
Turncoat Abbott!
Turncoat Abbott!
Turncoat Abbott!
Turncoat Abbott!
Turncoat Abbott!
Turncoat Abbott!
Turncoat Abbott!
Turncoat Abbott!
Turncoat Abbott!
Turncoat Abbott!
Turncoat Abbott!
Turncoat Abbott!
Turncoat Abbott!
Turncoat Abbott!
Turncoat Abbott!
Turncoat Abbott!
Turncoat Abbott!
Turncoat Abbott!
Turncoat Abbott!
Turncoat Abbott!
Turncoat Abbott!
Turncoat Abbott!
Turncoat Abbott!
Turncoat Abbott!
Turncoat Abbott!
Turncoat Abbott!
Turncoat Abbott!
Turncoat Abbott!
Turncoat Abbott!
Turncoat Abbott!
Turncoat Abbott!
Turncoat Abbott!
Turncoat Abbott!
Turncoat Abbott!
Turncoat Abbott!
Turncoat Abbott
We're good to go.
I don't know, but I'm going to try.
I don't weigh as much, but I love him.
Listen, Governor Abbott, I've always been a big fan of Governor Abbott until this.
This is a betrayal of the people that he serves, a betrayal of the people that voted for him, a betrayal of the people that put him in office, and this is a betrayal of our freedoms.
This is Texas, not California!
This is Texas!
This is Texas!
This is Texas!
This is Texas!
This is Texas!
This is Texas!
This is Texas!
This is Texas!
This is Texas!
This is Texas!
This is Texas!
This is Texas!
This is Texas!
This is Texas!
This is Texas!
This is Texas!
This is Texas!
This is Texas!
This is Texas!
This is Texas!
This is Texas!
This is Texas!
This is Texas!
This is Texas!
This is Texas!
This is Texas!
This is Texas!
This is Texas!
This is Texas!
This is Texas!
This is Texas!
This is Texas!
This is Texas!
This is Texas!
This is Texas!
This is Texas!
This is Texas!
This is Texas!
This is Texas!
This is Texas!
This is Texas!
This is Texas!
This is Texas!
This is Texas!
This is Texas!
This is Texas!
This is Texas!
This is Texas!
This is Texas!
This is Texas!
This is Texas!
This is Texas!
This is Texas!
This is Texas!
This is Texas!
This is Texas!
Hey, this ain't over.
My voice is out.
I'm going to go park.
I'm going to come by.
And I want to salute you all for being here.
1776, where do you want to be?
I want to salute you all for being here.
We're not leaving.
We're going to move the truck over there.
What do you say?
Alex Jones!
Alex Jones!
Alex Jones!
Alex Jones!
Alex Jones!
Alex Jones!
Alex Jones!
Alex Jones!
Alex Jones!
Alex Jones!
I want to thank you all for being here.
I want to thank you all for standing up for this country.
Don't be back.
Love you all.
You're the best people on earth.
Go check it out.
Yeah, I love to see it on YouTube.
So aggressive.
Go home fascists!
Go home fascists!
We still salute them, we still love them, they're still Americans just like us, so we thank them for protecting us here.
Marvina Case, she's always got a story, she's always got an entertaining speech.
She said she had one thing to say, but I doubt that that's true, so let's see Marvina.
Hello everyone, my name is Marvina Case.
I am Vice President of Texans United for America.
I am a proud Texan, not by birth, but I claim it anyway because I've lived here long enough and I will die for this state.
I'm allergic to something called monosodium glutamate, which you may have heard of.
It's called MSG.
It's pretty much in any conventional food that you come across, which means I can't eat at most restaurants, but that's my issue.
I don't expect other people not to be able to go out to eat or restaurants to cave because I have a need.
That's just the way life is.
I make do with what's available to me.
You can't expect other people to not live their lives, not work, not have their investments, not live.
Because guess what?
We're all gonna die.
Nobody gets out of life alive.
That's just the reality of it.
Now, I'm not for Black Lives Matter.
The only Black Lives Matter I'm for are Planned Parenthood abortion protests.
I support the police.
Because without the police, if you broke into my house, I will kill you.
It's for yours, because I'm an excellent shot.
Being able to breathe should not be something that you have to ask permission for.
I don't wear a mask.
I don't know if it's black privilege or because I'm 6'4 that no one says anything to me.
But with that being said, it shouldn't matter what color you are, what religion you are, what faith, no matter what, what gender or whatever you decide to be, you should be able to walk around freely in the United States of America!
Slavery ended by a Republican many, many years ago!
There is only two choices today.
You are either free or you're a slave.
So which one are you?
A lot of our ancestors died so that we could breathe.
And I will not be told what I can do in the United States of America.
The government works for us.
They are here to serve.
We do not serve them or their wants and needs.
We elect them to do our bidding.
I just want to end by saying that I appreciate all of you being here today.
Because this shows me that I am still in the United States of America.
And I see a sea of intelligent, beautiful people of every ethnic background.
And I am blessed, I am blessed to say that this is my family.
And I thank you so much for showing that we can breathe and we will not stop breathing until the day that we die.
We got a couple more speakers coming if you all want to stick around also I'll probably take pictures if you guys just don't mind waiting till about 2 o'clock when we end the public speaking portion if you want to come up take pictures and everything I'm kind of ugly but I'll still take a picture with you it's okay I just want to say a couple things before we have another speaker come up here
You know, I've been totally banned off of pretty much the internet.
You guys know that.
I have my InfoWars audience, which is you guys and people that listen to our other syndicates like Banned.Video.
And look at the amount of people we were able to get out here.
Look, people came from St.
Louis, Nebraska, California, all to be a part of this.
And I look around and I see something in common.
We all have something in common today.
We're all free men and women.
And that's actually saying something now.
Because a lot of people are wearing masks.
They're slaves.
They're slaves to the TV.
They're slaves to the government.
And they're, more importantly, slaves to fear.
You guys don't live in fear.
We don't live in fear together, and this is a sad thing to say, but this is a unique group of people that we have right here.
This, that's right, this is the group of people that changes the world.
This is the group of people that fights revolutionary wars.
This is the group of people that moves humanity forward, not backward.
And so that's what we're doing here today.
So I just salute you guys for coming out here, not wearing your masks, not being slaves, being free men and women, and not living in fear.
So thank you guys for that.
We kind of got an open mic set up here.
I did have a couple speakers that were planned to speak.
If other people want to speak, though, is Kevin Witt here?
Does Kevin still want to speak?
Kevin Witt, ladies and gentlemen.
His shirt is hilarious.
Good afternoon, patriots!
Thank you guys for coming out here.
I have been directly impacted by the shutdown because I'm a hairstylist, and I have been for 15 years, and in my profession, we had to shut down.
But thanks to Shelly Luther, who gave me a job during the shutdown, I have been back employed.
However, the bad thing is, because I've been so open and honest about my biblical beliefs, my political beliefs, and my conservative beliefs, I have lost pretty much all of my clients.
So, in this country, when you defend your beliefs, you lose your clients.
You lose people because they don't want to get controversial.
I need a haircut.
People don't want to get controversial.
Yeah, we can do a lot with that.
But people don't want to get controversial.
People don't want to be political.
And I'm tired of people saying being the silent majority.
I'm tired of the silent majority.
This country is getting taken over by the left.
If we keep allowing them to, we will soon be a communist country.
It's time for the patriots.
We should have thousands of people out here right now.
And we have 100, 200, whatever.
These streets should be packed with people.
Where are they?
Conservatives, where are you?
This man tried to be a delegate at the Republican Party state convention and he was blocked.
Just because he works for InfoWars?
Because he's smarter than them!
Because he works for Infowars?
He can't be a part of the Republican Party?
They need people like him.
They need people like all of you.
We all have to take the Conservative Party, the Republican Party back.
Because there's nothing but rhinos, Republican in name only, in the party.
Abbott is a rhino.
Abbott is a progressive left.
We have got to get the conservatives, get the patriots, into the political party.
And if they don't let you, because they block you like they did Owen, fight.
It is a fight.
And I'm tired of people out here, that guy was running around here with the bull horn, the little blow horn while we're going, and everybody was like, oh gosh, don't do nothing to hurt him.
No, forget that!
That's the reason why we're getting taken over.
Grow some balls, people!
If one of us went to a Black Lives Matter rally, we would have our asses beat in 2.5 seconds.
And the cops would do nothing about it.
But this guy that's trolling us can come through here, squirt his little blowhorn, and we're not supposed to do anything or say anything.
And a lot of people out here said, oh no, stop, stop, don't say that.
Forget you!
The people that were stopping me, grow some balls.
That's it.
Thank you.
Thank you, Kevin.
And think about this.
A lot of you were out here with me probably a couple months ago, and we had a Don't Close Texas rally.
You guys may remember that.
So isn't it funny?
Okay, we're going to open up Texas for a little bit.
We'll give you a little bit of freedom.
We'll give you a little bit of freedom like a carrot.
And then they rip it right away.
And then they rip it right away.
Well, they don't even have that right.
They don't have that right.
And they are yet to give us any scientific reason for any of this.
So think about that.
People are just catering to edicts that are totally illegal with no proof, no evidence, no scientific research, nothing.
They just totally comply.
So we're going to be the group that fights against that if no one else is.
And another fighter here is Jen Lowe.
And sadly, she also has tried to get involved in Republican Party politics and met a lot of the same blockades that I did.
In fact, this is another something coming down the road, but I'm warning you folks, the Texas GOP has actually been infiltrated by Democrats.
And you're right.
I mean, Owen, this is amazing.
So many people coming out, but we need so much more.
We're being, we're being beat by the Democrats.
They're gathering by the hundreds of thousands.
And we need to stand up.
We need to get off the couch and we need to get out of our houses.
And Owen and Kevin are exactly right.
As a two-time delegate to our Texas State Convention, I have had so much pushback.
It's been a huge fight just to get in there.
But you know what?
I'm not going to give up.
I'm not going to give up.
I'm going to get in there and I'm going to fight and I'm going to vote for who I think is the best to run our Texas Republican Party.
And for me, that's Colonel Allen West.
I'm not going to give up on Owen's fight.
We are already working on finding another way, but we will get Owen in, and Owen will be a delegate to the Texas State Convention.
That fight isn't over, Owen.
Travis County, that fight's not over.
Travis County, that's right.
That fight's not over.
So, also I want to say about the mask.
The mask, you guys, I've been to
Over 25 rallies.
I do not have coronavirus.
No one in my family has coronavirus.
I'm not sick.
I've been everywhere.
I've literally been, I'm building herd immunity, you know?
Herd immunity, that's the key.
And there's been other biologists and scientists that have come out and said the mask is bad.
So why is our governor not listening to any of the other professionals and only Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx?
There are so many other specialists, like Dr. Judy Malkovich as well, that have come out and spoken out against what they're doing.
So, with that said, I'm not wearing a mask from this day forward.
I'm going to do what Pastor Tobar said, and I am not wearing a mask anymore.
We got a lot of people who want to speak here today, so I mean we can pretty much just go until the battery on this thing dies, I suppose.
Because everybody wants to speak.
By the way, a lot of people, this is actually amazing, my hometown is St.
Louis, Missouri.
A lot of people from St.
Louis, Missouri came down here.
If you're one of them, please come take a picture with me before you go.
Just kind of a moment of solidarity for us.
Alright, there are some other people that I told could speak.
I know a lot of people are requesting that they want to speak.
There are people that I already told could speak, so I'm going to get through them first.
Let's get Dorian Chavez.
Now by the way guys, in case it wasn't obvious, the left says he's a white supremacist.
The case wasn't obvious enough by looking at him.
Army veteran here.
Dorian Chavez is one of the good guys left in politics.
He's one of the good guys left in the Republican Party.
He's on the seat of Park City Council.
He stands up for me.
He stands up for the truth.
So we're glad to have him here today.
Fellow Texans, it's an honor to be here with you guys, standing with you here today.
I wasn't too sure about what I was going to be saying at the end of the day, so I have some sheet hair, so don't mind if I refer to it a little bit.
Thanks so much for letting me be here.
I'm a citizen of Cedar Park that's about 20 miles north of here.
I also happen to be a councilman there in Cedar Park.
Although I
I want to talk about the mask and everything.
I might say a little bit about our city council as well before I end.
So to wear a mask or not to wear a mask, what is the question?
Actually, it's not.
It's actually not a question.
It's a decision.
If you want to wear one, great.
That's your freedom.
That's your right.
You still have the right or freedom, freedom of expression, freedom of speech, freedom to do what you want to do in this country, right?
We are free to choose.
That is the key word.
But will our Texas leaders that sit in that building back behind us, will they take away that constitutional right from us?
No, they better not.
Look, I'm not a doctor, I'm not a professional researcher, but I was able to do some research the other day online.
I can't find anything that says anything about the effectiveness of these masks.
I did find plenty of articles saying how damaging rebreathing CO2 is damaging to your health.
It can give you headaches.
Do all types of stuff.
I'm not going to get into that.
But in all true reality, this is not about our health.
It's about control.
It's our duty in this great state, this great nation, the best nation on the planet, to resist tyranny, right?
And if we don't stand now, we're going to lose our freedoms.
To my Republican friends in office, we don't want to lose our freedoms.
To my Republican friends in office again, and to much higher offices, when is a good time to stand?
Against your Indivisible, against your Antifas that are out there.
You know, when is a good time to stand?
Yeah, that's right.
You know, it's really important to vote in November.
You know, God has graced us with the opportunity to vote in your municipal, state, and federal elections all on the same day.
And in Cedar Park, we are fighting against the most radical Indivisible group in the nation.
Indivisible Cedar Park, which follows all the same ideologies of groups like Antifa, and 100% supports BLM in their efforts to defund our police, they want to take control of our city council, our school boards, as they are now in Leander ISD, which is one of the school districts just north of us.
They already have one on there.
They have Gloria Gonzalez.
She's an Indivisible member.
And they're going for all elected positions that they can get their hands on.
We even have a current state rep here in Central Texas that is an Indivisible member.
We all know what happens when a city falls to progressive, Indivisible, Antifa ideologies, right?
If you think Antifa via Indivisible is not going to try and get into your councils, your school boards, or your elected positions, you're wrong.
If you are afraid to come to a rally because you will be shamed or fired from your job, if you're afraid to speak out due to ridicule, property damage, threats to your life, I get it.
I'm going through it now.
But God gave you a choice, so use it.
At the ballot box.
No one can take that away from you.
Thank you again.
My name is Doreen Chavez.
I will be on the November ballot for re-election to Cedar Park Council.
You can find me at doreenchavez.com, but God bless every single one of you.
Thank you for coming out.
Thank you, Owen, for letting me speak up here.
All right, so it looks like we're going to be here until at least 2.
I have a plan to get picked up at 2.30, so I'll have to take this with me.
If that changes, I'll let you guys know.
But I just want you guys to know that's kind of the time frame.
I know a lot of you guys want to take pictures.
I want to take pictures with all you guys, too.
So I'm just letting you know what's up.
We do have some other people that want to speak.
My friend Katie here is organizing another rally on July 4th.
She's going to tell you about that briefly.
And I asked her, I said, well, what group are you with?
Well, she said, I'm just a ticked off mom.
Alright, so I'm sure there's a lot of other angry moms out there who want their children to grow up free in the United States of America.
Katie's one of them.
She's going to let you know about an event she has coming up.
How many other ticked off moms out here?
How many ticked off dads?
All right, let me tell you what is going on.
But first, before I do that, you know, they bring up elected officials, right?
People that we can vote for in our legislation, in our executive branch.
But there's a fourth branch of government, and they are running the place right now.
The CDC?
What is that?
We need to do something about it.
In Austin at Zilker Park, but starting with a drive-in protest route at 10 a.m., we are going to be fighting for our constitutional rights.
Barton Springs is right there.
You want to get your inner tube and go float?
Go do it.
We are going to have... Wait, whoa, whoa, whoa.
They said you can't even float on a body of water now, too.
That's apparently illegal.
I'm not even kidding.
They shut down the San Marcos River.
I say screw that.
We're floating.
I went to LA Travis yesterday and it was great.
So, we are hopefully having people from Open Carry Texas there.
And do you know Yvette Lozano, the doctor who is treating everyone for COVID and she's had 100% success rates?
She's wanting to give a speech.
Dr. Steven Hoetze, another great proponent of our rights, is hoping to give a speech.
We have Del Bigtree confirmed
You know Del Bigtree?
Give him some love!
If you don't know him, you need to look up the high wire at Del Bigtree.
He is great.
And Jennifer Fleck will be joining us, too.
We have a few other speakers pending.
I hope that you'll be there.
Again, this is July 4th here in Austin at Zilker Park.
Love you all.
Thank you, Katie.
All right, Katie wants me to speak at that event, so I may be joining her as well.
Shed the mask, don the flag.
All right, so all of our scheduled speakers are finished, so I got a couple people who requested.
My friend Chris here wants to say a couple words to you guys, so give Chris a round of applause for having the coolest DNA-slash-treat t-shirt I've ever seen in my life, no doubt.
Thanks, Owen.
So, man, so much on my mind right now.
I could just brain fart on all you guys.
I know, it's going through the air right now.
Man, I guess I'll start here with race.
You know, it's not about black, white, Mexican, Asian, any of that right now.
It's about America's joining arms and coming together against this evil that is against us right now.
We have a real ungodly spiritual evil that is trying to take over our country right now.
They are sick and tired of the freedom and the liberty that America has represented throughout the world.
And right now, at this time, they're trying to, you know, basically take us down.
And if we don't join arms, and if we don't come together as one, as a unit, and make sure we hold these politicians accountable,
If any of the politicians that are, you know, are for, are showing signs that they are complicit into this evil, they have to be taken out.
Everybody has to be basically eradicated in order for us to continue to progress as a nation.
You know, some other things that I want to discuss, man, this forced vaccine, Bill Gates, you know, for him to fund hundreds of billions
I'm good.
To put these people in place, we're going to continue to get the same thing.
And really, me generally, I think that we've come too far now.
I think that it's a point that we'll have to have a revolution.
It'll have to be an American revolution where we'll have to basically completely disarm all of the politicians that are complicit into this evil.
And we'll have to start anew with
The founding original agreements that we had from the beginning.
And if we can start from the beginning and say, hey, this is our foundation, this is what we want to start our country anew with, and free enterprise, free market, and use these Bill of Rights and this Constitution that was originally given to us for our benefit, then that's where, exactly, and that's where we should start.
Man, I could go on and on for hours, man.
The masks, you know, the hospitals that are complicit, the, you know, the police, you know, you have police chiefs that are being paid off.
You have governors, everyone who is being paid off.
So I encourage everybody to spread this information.
How can we get to a point where we have our America back?
Is it too late?
You know, I don't think it's too late.
I think if we do more of this and if we come together, I drove all the way from Dallas, the home of Alex Jones, and I came here just so that I could be in solidarity with you guys so that we can have a voice against this tyranny, against this evil that's taking place right now.
I think it's an ungodly evil that, you know, we all should fight against.
No matter what your religion, no matter what your race is, no matter what, you know, what your belief system is, you have to believe in humanity and life.
And if we don't stop this right now, then basically we're going to, we're complying to death.
So this compliance to the mask, to the lockdown,
You know, the next thing they're going to say is, hey, we're going to want to stick this needle in your arm.
And I spoke with the lady who was just speaking, and she said, you know, I've been vaccine injured.
You know, it's going to happen on a large scale if we don't stop this today.
Man, I could go on and on.
I have so many topics, man, and my brain is just going.
But, you know, I did want to come up and say something to you guys, and I appreciate everybody coming out.
I think we need more of this, because until we see some real action by these politicians, by the politics, then, you know, it's going to continue.
And so we have to stop that.
We have to stop it.
Chris from Dallas, everybody!
Chris from Dallas, wonderful, wonderful.
Everybody wants to speak, Johnny.
Johnny, Johnny.
She's been waiting, she's been waiting, she's been waiting.
He's been waiting, everybody.
Bill Gates, Bill!
Please, I'm begging you.
By the way, guys, by the way.
I love all your work.
You know, before we do disperse, I actually, I thank God that we didn't have any counter-protesters out here or whatever you want to call it.
So I want to thank God for the peace.
We still have your back.
We still have your guys' back.
We still have your back.
We still have your back.
My name is Alex Jones.
I'm a fan of the show.
I love the show.
What's happening right now is 70,000 people are in the park right now.
It's supposed to happen at 5,000, but that's very likely.
It's a frozen water park, and we already see why, because that's what we've seen a lot of online.
And what's going to happen as a result of that is a huge increase in the number of people in the park.
So on that note, another new friend of mine says she wants to sing the National Anthem.
So, I don't know, hopefully your voice is good.
So I'm Susan Neely.
Oh, say can you see, by the dawn's early light, What so proudly we hailed
At the twilight's last gleaming Whose broad stripes and bright stars Through the perilous fight O'er the ramparts we watched
We're so gallantly streaming.
And the rocket's red glare, the bombs bursting in air, Gave proof through the night
That our flag is still there O say does that star-spangled banner yet wave
For the land of the free and the home of the brave.
For InfoWars.com, this is Greg Reese.
We are signing off for now.
Please share the stream everywhere.