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Name: 20200626_Fri_Alex
Air Date: June 26, 2020
2597 lines.

Alex Jones discusses a corrupt system that needs changing, including false information from mainstream media, mask inefficacy during pandemic, Bill Gates' population control plans, and loss of individual freedoms due to UN quarantine orders. He mentions Melinda Gates wanting to distribute coronavirus vaccines based on race, criticizes CDC's stance on masks, and accuses Gates of incubating the virus. The speaker also highlights social media's selective enforcement in content moderation, religion-politics connections, leadership, awareness, personal growth, and forgiveness for past mistakes. Dr. Nick Fink talks about recognizing inner divinity, learning from mistakes, valuing all lives, and introducing new products at Infowarsstore.com.

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Until people understand that this is the game.
That this is how the world works.
Yeah, you're saying, quit rearranging Deck, Chairs, and the Titanic.
Pull back and see the full game.
And the main thing at the top of all this is hard, so hard for people to see, is to start questioning authority.
We've come out of school, I did, think we were taught in school, you know, follow authority, obey authority, that's, they are good people.
They're there for a reason.
But not when they break the social contract.
Yeah, don't break the social contract, be a team player, don't rock the boat, go along, you know, play your part.
And so we all bought into that.
So now when we have, we realize that these authorities are corrupt.
I mean, really corrupt, fraudulent, and murderous in some cases.
I mean, they're criminal.
And we still think, well, but we've got to follow authority, you see.
And this is our problem.
So the first step, the first step to any kind of a solution to this problem is to recognize that the system itself, this is the one point I can agree with our revolutionary opponents.
They said we've got to change the system.
I agree with that.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
It is Friday, June 26.
The year is 2020.
We are 129 days out from the most historic election in world history.
A battle between humanity and a pro-human future and the globalists.
Well, if you're a TV viewer, you can see the big headline.
It's being published everywhere.
The world is putting America in a quarantine.
That's right.
America is bad.
Trump is bad.
It's the American virus.
They have tripled the testing that they were just doing a month ago.
They've already done more testing than all other countries combined.
That's admitted by the NIH.
And John Hopkins, openly run by Bill and Melinda Gates.
And so they're testing with a test that if you've ever had coronavirus or the flu in the last decade, you show positive.
That's admitted.
But the public is still so ignorant.
There's such a blackout of censorship, of real information, of medical doctors, of virologists, of university heads.
That a lot of people know they're being lied to, but still, government is able to put this U.N.
controlled clampdown in because the people aren't sure what's really going on.
Again, deaths of COVID-19 are way down.
Cases of COVID-19 are off the charts.
Now the U.N.
zone numbers show it's 0, it's .06.
It is a tiny fraction of people that are dying supposedly of COVID-19.
But are they giving up?
No, they are doubling down with their hoax.
Now listen to me, folks.
Every broadcast is important, but this one is going to be particularly over-the-top.
Everything I'm going to be covering is mega bombshell.
Hiding in plain view, we have seen engineers come out and test with OSHA-approved devices that the M95 supposed best mask you can have
is creating dangerous levels of carbon dioxide for your body.
But it gets worse.
On the NIH's own CDC website, we're going to show you this coming up, it admits that the mask does not keep you from breathing out viruses or bacteria.
And that the viruses and bacteria actually incubate in the cloth, live longer than they would, allowing it to then be spread, which is why we, one of the reasons the blue cities don't just over-diagnose, don't just kill people, but they're keeping people indoors and they're wearing the mask that are weapon systems to breathe in and then to breathe out totally unfiltered air after it's incubated in the fabric.
Or as it would, just die in seconds in the open air.
It allows it to sit there and linger.
And it gives people the, quote, false sense of security that a mask is protecting them, when all they needed was vitamin C, vitamin D, and zinc.
So it's all coming up, and it's all posted at wecantbreathe.news.
A URL they're not really censoring yet, so you're able to get that URL out that has the articles, the videos, the proof.
We're gonna be covering that when we return.
It gets more insane.
You know, Bill Gates says there's too many Africans.
That's a particular group he wants to depopulate.
We have him quoted on TV saying it.
Well, guess who he wants to have the shots first?
Like you've won the lottery.
He wants black people in Africa, of course, and here in the US and Europe to get the shots first.
You'll be the superstars and you'll be able to then go out in public and have your little digital ID on your phone showing you're a good citizen and you're going to get rewards and all sorts of little freebies because you were good and took the special shot he's got for you.
Just like they gave black folks syphilis and vaccines, he's got something really special for you, because Bill Gates really likes black people.
That's why he funds Black Lives Matter.
To have criminal black people go out with white people, commit crimes, so that creates racism in America.
He is an evil mastermind.
And we have been tracking him for 26 years, and we're going to expose him.
There's so much today coming up.
The power that you have to tell folks about that local radio station, or that local TV station, or to spread the live links for Man Not Video is key.
Ladies and gentlemen, the United Nations has publicly announced that the U.S.
is evil and bad, and is ordering the world to, quote, put us into quarantine, and COVID-19 is all our fault.
This is world government out in the open.
This is America under siege with the United Nations ordering that Europe block flights and that New York block flights and that all these blue-controlled globalist areas say that America is to blame and America's bad, all based on the NIH.
All based on Bill and Melinda Gates.
All based on the WHO.
And Bill Gates is out in public saying, we suck, America's bad, Trump's horrible, he's done a terrible job.
We told you this was all coming.
Meanwhile, they're using the deaths from people of other diseases in the COVID column.
They've tripled the amount of tests that there were a month ago.
The deaths are now a fraction of what they were previously when the UN said it would be three to four, maybe even six percent.
So this is just such an incredible time to be alive and to see open world government in everybody's face attacking our nation and saying everything is our fault when Communist China is open for business and that's where the supposed virus came from and you've got the NIH and Fauci running the Wuhan lab on record.
And you've got Fauci's wife over the bill of Melinda Gates.
Vaccine board that will decide, not government, what vaccines are approved.
They've waived animal trials and are now going directly to human trials and people are getting sick and dying in the trials and it's in the back of the newspaper.
So America is under siege.
UN orders the world to quarantine the United States.
That's the live feed article at newswars.com and infowars.com, and I'm asking you for your own future to share that.
Now, here's how it works when they start putting you in globalist handcuffs.
They did this five months ago, they're doing it again.
First it's bars, then it's movie theaters, then it's restaurants, then it's schools, then it's stay in your house, martial law.
And the UN sets the policy, the NIH adopts it, California adopts it, big tech companies adopt it, because they want you to work at home anyways.
They're phasing humans out.
And then the governor of Texas, because the media is saying, it's an apocalypse!
Mass spikes!
We're all dead!
And instead of going, wow, death rates actually way down.
Hey, most of the deaths are in nursing homes in blue states, where they ship COVID patients in.
Instead of the governor saying we've just massively increased in testing, that's why the numbers are way up.
This is a hoax.
The tests on record have been shown to be almost all false positives.
He could show you all of that in his news conferences, but instead, he sits there.
And begins tightening the noose exactly as Governor Newsom says.
Governor Abbott is now Governor Newsom.
It's disgusting.
It's shameful.
He's betrayed Texas.
And I have absolutely no faith in Governor Abbott.
He's caving in to the globalist move to create total economic collapse.
He told us, oh, mandatory mask last week so we can reopen.
I told you that wasn't the case.
I told you next they'd close the bars, then the restaurants, then the stores.
Then the shops, then the schools, it's never gonna reopen.
You're going into virtual reality, you're gonna work from home, then they're gonna cut that off.
And that was in the Wall Street Journal last weekend, looking forward to the end of humanity.
And saying, we are broken, we are bad, we can't live in the open environment, we must be uploaded into machines.
And they said, that's the plan by Silicon Valley to kill you.
But it's so wonderful.
And I know this sounds insane.
They are insane.
Looking forward to the end of humanity, these megalomaniacs are on total power trips.
And you know, Joe Biden's being criticized for coming out and saying that tens of millions of people have died from COVID-19, when it's not even a million worldwide.
He said 120 million.
And the media is not even criticizing us.
Why not?
I mean, if you're gonna have 50 plus percent of people that did die in the U.S.
died in nursing homes, and they did it on purpose, and the rest are people they just took from other illnesses that suffer from COVID-19, why not say 7.5 billion died?
How about 85 trillion people?
Doesn't matter there's not 85 trillion people.
Because this is about murdering logic.
And now they're saying the red states that were keeping the economy afloat
That it's our fault because they want to bankrupt the entire country under United Nations control.
And it's now official in headlines.
The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Week.
The world's putting America in quarantine.
The UN says we've done a terrible job.
And it's a Marxist-Leninist out from Africa who oversaw cholera outbreaks that killed over a million people and covered it up for the UN.
So he's promoted to the head position and best buddies with Bill Gates.
How the virus won.
You mean how propaganda won?
It's not the virus causing a depression.
It's not the virus causing death.
It's fraud.
So here is Joe Biden telling us 120 million people died in the U.S.
That is 40% of the U.S.
population dead.
That is not true.
It's 110,000 and almost all that's fake.
Here's what Biden had to say.
What people drastically underestimate is the impact on the mental health of people who now everything is complicated.
Not only is the health care piece, but people don't have a job.
People don't have anywhere to go.
They don't know what they're going to do.
And a lot of people you have unnecessarily.
Now we have over 120 million dead from COVID.
We're going to come back and play even more of that in context.
It gets even more wacky.
And, you know, we can laugh at this all day, we can talk about this all day, but it's deadly serious.
Here's what Bill Gates had to say.
America's done a terrible job.
This is more drastic and more apocalyptic than he thought.
And he literally was the main funder of the Wuhan lab, along with Fauci.
And the Wuhan lab runs Facebook fact-checking.
I'm not kidding.
They run it all out of QICOM operation.
Here's Bill Gates, who hadn't been on TV a lot, but he's now resurfaced to say, see I told you, COVID's deadly, Trump's evil, and then none of it's even true.
The facts on its face, the science shows it's a fraud, but he says things like, Americans just don't know science.
They don't respect authoritah.
That's the talking point, just like Fauci said that.
We don't respect known liars like you.
Oh, but there's more.
Bill Gates now says he wants the shots first for black people.
I'm not kidding.
That's next segment.
Here's Bill Gates.
Well, the United States has had a tough time.
You know, we're not as tough on contact tracing or enforcing quarantine.
And the compliance with mask wearing in the U.S.
is far less than particularly in the countries in Asia.
And so Europe's seen a much greater drop in cases than the United States.
You know, the health experts and others like myself are saying, hey, let's not lose sight of this.
Even though the weather is helping us a bit, may would have been much worse.
If the virus wasn't somewhat seasonal and so we know now that we're benefiting from the summer and so force of infection will get worse in the fall.
So all the more reason not to get completely lax on our behavior.
You know, the only good news in this is that the death rate has gone down somewhat as we're learning how to treat
People better.
We're less overloaded.
But the global picture and the US picture are both more bleak than I would have expected.
Oh, than he would have expected.
They had the whole thing scripted.
I told you six months ago how they'd lay the whole thing out.
And now we're here.
And this is their takedown of America.
This is their takedown of the world.
This is their plan.
This is their operation.
And it's all systematic.
And now it's America's fault, it's Trump's fault, every death is his fault, record deaths, record deaths, apocalypse, and none of it's even true.
Because they can now take every regular death from the flu, from a cold, or from a gunshot wound, or a car wreck, on record, and say it's COVID-19, and then shake their finger and say, you didn't stay in your house, you didn't wear your mask, you didn't do what the UN said, you didn't let us contact trace you, you didn't let Google and Apple track your every move, you didn't submit to censorship of those that criticized it, you didn't take your forced inoculation, you're bad, you're bad, you're bad!
And we're like, oh yes, you're the master, this is a total takeover.
The UN announcing they're ordering America under quarantine.
You wake up, you're inside world government and a giant communist uprising.
Biden is a placeholder.
They knew he had cognitive problems as a total puppet will do what he's told, but when they chose him a year and a half ago to be the puppet, he had not declined as much as he suddenly began declining about 12 months ago.
Now, at the current decline rate, like I said about two months ago, within three to four months, he will not even be able to string a sentence together.
And he's basically there now, very accelerated cognitive decline.
He probably has one of many actual neurological diseases now, not just from brain damage, from many strokes and reported seizures that he also has.
He takes medication to control that, reportedly, and that's another reason that he is slurring his words, because they use depressants, neurological depressants, to control seizures.
But let's go ahead and hear from him about the 120 million dead Americans.
Well, people drastically underestimate is the impact on the mental health of people who now everything is complicated.
Not only is the health care piece, but people don't have a job.
People don't have anywhere to go.
They don't know what they're going to do.
And a lot of people you have unnecessarily.
Now we have over 120 million dead from covid 100.
I mean.
That's really bad.
120 million dead.
There's not even 110,000 dead.
Their official number isn't admitted fraud.
Just type into a search engine, New York, Washington State, Michigan, Pennsylvania, counting dead from gunshot wounds, car wrecks, and cancer.
They test your body, and if it says you ever had COVID, which is a false test, it's not an antibody test, then they say you died of COVID.
You know they say George Floyd died of it, right?
He was put on the list.
The original projections were 1.2 to 2.5 million dead in the United States.
We're supposed to forget their last projection of a quarter million and they dialed that back.
It's all been a lie, but remember what Jonathan Gruber said about Obamacare.
He said, I was hired to write the plan.
Thank God the public's so stupid and doesn't have a memory.
We're tripling their prices.
Thank God they're so effing stupid.
He calls you dumb effers.
Also Zuckerberg called you dumb effs.
There is so much to break down.
So much to cover here today and I really want to build this up for everybody because it's so incredibly important.
I'm going to cover it in the next segment now.
Do you understand that at cdc.gov at cdc.gov it says the M95 mask spreads
The disease on page four.
We're going to show you that and how sick this is according to what they say it spreads.
And then something just as big.
Melinda Gates wants to deliver coronavirus vaccine based on racial groups, blacks first.
We've got that video clip coming up for you as well.
And of course, remember, the African youth boom, what's worrying Bill Gates?
You know, that headline just a month ago from 2018, we were showing it said, Bill Gates is concerned about African overpopulation.
But they've actually changed it to this headline.
I don't know how they did it.
Even the URL changed.
Says he's worried about African youth boom.
I guess it was a little too powerful the headline.
That he wants to depopulate Africa.
But now you know why he funds Black Lives Matter.
Because if you want to make people hate black people, you just hire a bunch of young thugs led by antifa professors and academics and you have them go out and beat up white people everywhere for no damn reason and
Drive people out of their cars and shoot cops and shoot people in the head for no reason and say, oh, this is God, this is the black people, this is who they are, when that's not who they are.
See, if Hitler was smart like Gates, he'd have won.
Because he'd have been funding a movement called Black Lives Matter.
And saying, by the way, I got a shot I really want you to take.
What did Louis Farrakhan say a few weeks ago?
We ought to dig that clip out and play it.
about the vaccine.
He said, don't take it.
And then he listed in Africa and the US where the UN and others gave black people diseases.
By the way, folks, they're not just doing it to black people.
But the idea that this is all about taking care of black people, oh, it's about taking care of you.
You better damn believe it's about taking care of you.
You know, there's a reason
That black people have a higher rate of a whole class of cancers.
It's not genetic.
Because it is genetic.
It's being tailored into the vaccines, soft kill, race-specific weapons.
They've got big studies out, by the way, in the United States that they found that black areas in many blue cities, particularly in the Northeast, would have double the fluoride in them.
That's because they have valves and control systems where special technicians can deliver to certain neighborhoods what they want.
Do you know what hydrofluorosilicic acid does to anybody?
Well, it hurts you really bad.
Lowers your fertility, lowers your IQ, increases cancer, also makes you dumb and aggressive.
Black IQs are dropping like a rock.
So are white IQs.
Just type it into a search engine.
The IQ of the Western person is going down like a lead zeppelin.
And now we got a bunch of zombie-like people raging around that don't know what planet they're on.
And it's all part of a plan.
So this is the sabotage of civilization.
I'm going to cover it all when we come back in the next segment.
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We'll be right back on the other side, and we will cover how the globalists are making their move.
The UN has publicly declared war on the United States.
Well, Bill and Melinda Gates went on TV.
We're downloading the clip right now, trying to isolate the part, but it's reported by Associated Press that they want black people to get the shot first.
Oh, will it be like Tuskegee and have syphilis in it?
I mean, oh, Bill Gates really likes you.
That's why his dad ran Planned Parenthood.
That's why he said there's too many Africans.
That's why it came out that with Jeffrey Epstein,
They were setting up a project to depopulate the planet.
Even the Wall Street Journal and New York Times reported that.
They said, oh, there's such heroes, Bill Gates and Jeffrey Epstein.
They're setting up a world government to save us from overpopulation.
So when you think about Jeffrey Epstein, think Bill Gates.
Or when you think Bill Gates, think Jeffrey Epstein.
Like Bill Gates equals Jeffrey Epstein.
And Jeffrey Epstein equals Bill Gates, and he tells you America is bad with Anderson Cooper of the CIA and Sanjay Gupta.
And he just says it's much worse than he thought and we did a terrible job.
That's right, there was going to be 2.5 million dead by now in his models.
He financed through John Hopkins.
Notice every article you read, whether it's CNN or MSNBC or the New York Times, is according to John Hopkins.
2.5 million will die.
Oh, they've revised it, 2.2.
Oh, 400,000.
Oh, 200,000 by now.
Oh, 110,000.
But now they say, well, the governor of Texas says, if it's one death, you can't ever leave your house again.
That's right, they're now saying one death cannot be allowed.
Bill Gates has said, we cannot allow one death!
There are millions of respiratory deaths a year in Africa alone.
There are millions worldwide every year, and outside of Africa.
There are millions all over the planet, every month, dying of different viruses.
Almost always because they're old, or debilitated, or run down.
But now, you see, oh, the UN has to protect you.
They can never allow you to die again.
And of course, everywhere the UN goes, they're followed by pure death.
But here's the massive announcement.
And I hope all of you watching the live show will clip this out, hold your phone up, you know, to the TV screen and shoot a quick video and put it on Facebook, put it on Twitter, put it on YouTube.
Just don't put the name Alex Jones in it.
And you can show them the engineers, in fact, cue the engineer up we played yesterday, doing the test.
We did it here.
Show that under an M95 mask, dangerous levels of carbon dioxide are being exhaled.
But before we get to that big announcement, this is from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
And they say on there that masks do not protect you, still, and that you should not wear them unless you're ill.
But oh, there's something hidden right there that's even bigger.
Coronavirus Disease 2009 Personal Protection Equipment Questions and Answers.
So this is on the CDC.
Here's the URL, cdc.gov coronavirus4slash2009-ncov4slashhep4slashrespirator-use-facts.html.
And what do they tell you right here?
They tell you on page four of five pages,
That the exhaling valve allows unfiltered, exhaled air to escape into the sterile field.
So we're told it's to protect other people that you're wearing it in case you've got it.
Be a good person.
Don't expose others when it does nothing except incubate it in the saliva and the bacteria and the bacteria that are in there allows it.
The studies actually show that the mask are incubation centers.
Because with the saliva and other things in the mouth and the other bacteria you have, it tends to kill other bacteria and viruses.
But once it gets outside, it can grow and then get... I have the articles here.
So, it's not just does nothing, it's worse.
And here's from OSHA.
My employees complain that surgical N95 respirators are hot and uncomfortable.
What can I do?
Well, they go on to say, well, people doing a bunch of exertion shouldn't be wearing them because the exultation valve allows unfiltered exhaled air to escape into the sterile field.
So here's the engineer with a certified M95 mask.
Owen did it as well, found the exact same numbers.
At levels of carbon dioxide in the air that long-term can kill you, especially asthmatics.
That's in the literature as well.
And it does nothing except help the virus, even if you believe this is the most deadly virus the planet's ever seen, instead of a giant fraud.
So, let's go ahead.
But who cares?
It's all fraud anyways.
I mean, you know, the Vice President, former Vice President, says 120 million people died in America.
That matter?
That's 40% of the population.
Not true.
Not 1%, not one-tenth of 1%.
Now we know it's less than 1%, even with fraud numbers added.
People are passing out, wrecking cars, having heart attacks, but it's okay, because Joe Biden says 120 million dead, and it must be true.
I mean, he said it.
But here's the engineer, and this video has posted it.
And just share that with everybody, so they can go see it right there for themselves.
Here's what happens.
We'll do a little test here today.
A lot of people are saying they're getting headaches and stuff from wearing a mask that they're requiring us to wear pretty much everywhere we go.
And I'm going to test oxygen level under a mask using an OSHA approved
Air Quality Monitor that tests for oxygen levels, hazardous gas levels, LEL, CO, NH3, H2S, stuff like that.
This monitor is bump tested every day.
It's calibrated every 30 days.
OSHA requires 19.5% oxygen to work in a space.
Look it up.
Normal oxygen levels is anywhere from 20 to 21, right in that area.
So I'm going to do a little test here.
I'm going to put the sampling tube at the corner of my mouth.
And I'm not exerted, I'm just standing here.
So we're going to put it right here.
That's going straight to the air quality monitor.
We'll see what the oxygen level is.
So, I've got 20.5.
Okay, 20.6.
That is the oxygen level without the mask.
Now I'm going to set the camera down and put a mask on.
Do the same test, hose in the same spot.
You can hear the alarm going off.
That means that there is a hazardous atmosphere.
And we'll see what the levels are.
Oh, but Fauci says it's science.
Do what he says.
He said 2.5 million dead.
That's right.
It's dangerous.
This is all run by scientists.
Medical tyrannies are one of the most dangerous.
The Soviets were a medical tyranny.
The Nazis were a medical tyranny.
Actually, Joseph Mengele developed the plans for the Nazis for everything they did.
And they said, well, the doctor says it's okay.
And so here we are again with Fauci and Gates, who are monster eugenicists, who are heavily invested in all of this, making massive amounts of money.
It's a very small criminal group, and now they're holding our entire country hostage, saying it was worse than they thought, when it was 25 to 22 times less than what they said, and that's all based on fraud.
Based on people that doubted other stuff.
And then old people that they infected with it on purpose to kill.
They know damn well what they're doing, and they've done a great job.
And Trump is valiantly trying to turn things back on and saying no, but a bunch of cowardly Republican governors.
I mean, you talk about entering scallywag, carpetbagger, New World Order territory with the U.N.
ordering America shut down.
These governors, like Governor Abbott, are just absolutely bowing to the destruction of the state of Texas.
The answer to UN global tyranny is awakening and taking action.
And we are the tip of the spear.
1776 worldwide.
It's escape from the new world order.
All right.
Joseph Goebbels, the lead Nazi
Propaganda said, if you're gonna tell a lie, you gotta tell it super massive.
So it's so crazy that people just say, there's no way that's a lie, they wouldn't tell one that big.
Like saying there are not two genders, biological sex doesn't exist.
Rowling, they're trying to fire her right now because she said, look, I'm a liberal, and I love trans people, all this other stuff, but I do believe men and women are two separate things, and women deserve our space, and we've got a uterus, and we're special.
They said, no you're not, it doesn't exist.
Now that's a big ass lie!
Men and women do exist.
We have the history on this planet.
We have a system.
We are the human species.
There's an attack on humans, period.
There's an attack on us by what color we are, so they get us fighting that way.
It's divide and conquer, everybody knows that.
But to have Bill Gates come out and say, in the models he funded out of John Hopkins,
On the East Coast and out of the big Seattle group, on the West Coast and out of the big Royal Commission in the UK.
And they all said 2.2, 2.5 million dead in the United States.
To scare everybody.
Now it's 110,000.
I just keep harping on that because that's the key to all their lives.
And then again, they use everybody else dying and other stuff in that column, and then over half of those that did die, died in nursing homes.
I mean, this is crazy!
Because they get money off the lie.
And they told us, it's only 15 days, so the hospitals have room, then you'll be back to business.
It's just a 15-day extended spring break, Governor Newsom said, and Governor Cuomo said, and the U.N.
said, and then it was
And now here we are, five, six months later, and they never ended the lockdown.
And they're like, oh, sorry, it's back!
Oh, it's just bars today!
And I go, yeah, and then it'll be restaurants tomorrow, and it is.
They're following an exact, let me just put the handcuffs on, things will go a lot better.
But they're not putting handcuffs on to take you to the police department, putting handcuffs on you to take you to a dungeon.
And now this whopper of a story, it's up on InfoWars.com.
Gatewaypanda.com first reported it, Melania.
Melinda Gates wants to deliver coronavirus vaccine based on racial groups, blacks first.
So let me just say this to you right now.
Bill Gates and Melinda Gates and their Global Eugenics Depopulation Foundation that is on record in the London Guardian and the New York Times, the Washington Post saying they want a global government to carry out planetary depopulation
He's got all these dozens of special vaccines, depending on what part of the world you're in, that you're going to be taking.
And he even gets up on Chinese TV and US TV and they say, sir, you depopulated.
He goes, well, there are too many people, but, and we're making special vaccines for different regions.
He's literally saying, wink, wink, don't oppose this.
I'm killing the Brown people.
Leave me alone.
And in his writings, he admits it.
We gotta kill grandma.
Gotta get rid of the blacks.
I mean, this is evil!
But see, he's funding Black Lives Matter, running around rampaging, and oh, I see nooses at the NASCAR and Jussie Smollett, so that you're distracted from what's really going on.
But don't worry, Bill Gates promises to get rid of the black people.
There it is, the London Guardian.
So, you talk about a big lie.
This is the guy that literally wants to depopulate the Earth.
His whole family's been into it for 100 years.
He's up to his eyeballs in the Wuhan lab, and now people know he's really unpopular.
So after a few weeks of him pulling back, he's resurfaced, saying it's all Trump's fault, America is bad, it's the American virus, record deaths, none of that's true.
They just increased the testing.
And he says, through his wife, oh, we need to get it to minorities first, as a virtue signal, and blacks first.
Wow, isn't she just so sweet?
Oh, they care so much.
And look how disingenuous they are!
I mean, you're looking at what Hitler wished he was, but because he's in a little sweater and non-threatening, everything's fine.
I mean, wow.
This is 2020.
This is the reality.
Here's what she had to say.
And the whole reason we got involved
In this vaccine was to make sure there's equitable distribution.
The last thing you want is a bidding war between countries for this vaccine.
You know, we know that started over again, you know, going back to Cabbage Patch dolls and the rest of it, they made a Schwarzenegger movie about it, about the turbo doll or whatever.
They would pay a local newscaster saying, you know, Albuquerque, New Mexico, or Manhattan, New York, or
There were a lot of famous cases.
You study them in college, if you take marketing.
And they would just have a news camera and show like 10 actors fighting over a Cabbage Patch doll.
Or fighting over the new video game.
And then everybody has a run on it, because they see that.
So she's up there going, oh, we know there's a big run, you all want our vaccine, because you're not going to be able to go outside ever again until you take it, and we've got big tech all merging to track you with the phones and everything else, but...
But so now she's up there like, listen, class warfare here.
We're not going to keep the blacks from getting this.
You're going to get it first.
Cause I'm so nice.
And by the way, Oprah Winfrey is their black front lady.
So everything's okay.
Even though they, they shoot their mouths off at the conferences with Winfrey, they're literally saying, thank you, Bill and Melinda Gates for funding global depopulation.
You know, I want to depopulate you, by the way, and I'm going to give you first dibs on a shot I want to put in your body.
Oh, and by the way, I've been given liability protection for it from taxpayers, so I won't get in trouble.
And they've already been testing the vaccines and killing and maiming people.
And again, it's a footnote in the back of the paper.
And, you know, that's crazy.
They're, they're testing, killing people and getting away with it.
They're testing their censorship.
That's why hundreds of prominent scientists, virologists, doctors, nurses that showed you the computers in New York saying they test negative three times, we put the homeless dude on an intubation and kill him for the money.
And radio silence on that.
You know why you never ended up seeing that lady on Fox News?
I learned how through the grapevine.
Big law firms threatened to sue Fox News saying that's OSHA and that's HIPAA material.
You can't show, even though they didn't show names, those videos she shot of the computers showing we lied.
You can't show our criminal activity.
Well, whistleblowing is protected if it's whistleblowing.
Sorry, let's go back to Bill Gates' beard.
I don't mean a beard that he's gay.
I mean a beard like, oh there's a woman, you know, she says she loves the blacks.
Don't worry about me.
A beard for his exterminism.
Here she is.
And the whole reason we got involved
In this vaccine was to make sure there's equitable distribution.
The last thing you want is a bidding war between countries for this vaccine.
You know, we know there are 60 million health care workers around the world who are keeping everybody safe.
They deserve to get this vaccine first.
Oh yes.
And from there you want to do tiering in various countries to make sure your most vulnerable populations get it.
In our country that would be blacks and Native Americans with underlying health conditions and the elderly.
Back that up 27.
You know about sterilization of Native Americans?
You know about sterilization of blacks?
They were still doing it in Seattle until 1983.
For a black woman to get welfare, she had to be sterilized.
And you can have the arguments of, well, she's on welfare.
The point is they kept it secret and it came out in court.
Oh, and you know who was running that at that year?
You know who was running the health department in Seattle in 1983?
You know who was on the board?
Overseeing it?
She was a banker.
She was the first woman on a major corporate board in the United States.
Her husband ran Planned Parenthood.
Her name was Mrs. Bill Gates.
And I gotta sit here
And watch all this crap.
Let me give you all a little newsflash.
I care about black people.
I care about everybody.
Because what happens to anybody ends up happening to you.
But I'm as selfish as they get.
This is about me and my kids.
Because if they can stampede and get all the black people to take it, they're going to get to mean acts.
I'm not virtue stealing the black people.
This is about me!
That son of a bitch wants me too and he ain't getting it, you little murderer gates.
You're not putting crap in me, you little slime bag.
So next time you see Black Lives Matter, that he funds them, along with Jeff Bezos.
You remember that, black people?
He wants to kill your ass on record!
And now he's got a shot!
And before you can get a job or live, they're gonna take it!
And then you're gonna die of cancer in a couple years!
He'll be laughing his ass off!
So, the big breaking news today that just joined us is the CDC website doesn't just say that M95 masks don't protect you.
It says that they push out all the air and give no protection to those around you.
Meanwhile, Melinda Gates wants to deliver coronavirus vaccine based on racial groups, blacks first.
That story's up on Infowars.com.
And then if you criticize the vaccines, oh, you don't want to protect black people.
So you see how the left, the globalists, the exterminists just keep using black people as their cover story of everything they want to do.
Let's watch that clip one more time.
And the whole reason we got involved
In this vaccine was to make sure there's equitable distribution.
The last thing you want is a bidding war between countries for this vaccine.
You know, we know there are 60 million health care workers around the world who are keeping everybody safe.
They deserve to get this vaccine first.
And from there, you want to do tiering in various countries to make sure your most vulnerable populations get it.
In our country, that would be blacks and Native Americans, people with underlying health conditions, and the elderly.
With the whole history of secret experimentation and Bill Gates saying he wants to sterilize black people, now they got a shot for you.
He's been caught before sponsoring it in India and Africa.
He's been caught.
Now, Jason Edwards is a very interesting caller.
He made points better than I could make them, so I thought, why not get him on as a guest?
Something we want to do more and more is just get really good callers.
All the callers are amazing.
Their phones are good.
Their points are always good.
I want to get them on the show so they're not just on for a minute or two, but so they really get to highlight their views on what's happening in the world.
He's going to be joining us, and then G. Edward Griffin!
Who's been worrying about this for 50 years.
G. Edward Griffin is going to be on the broadcast in the third hour and more coming up after all of that.
And I haven't even scratched the surface on the other news yet.
I'm going to attempt to cover it all.
You know, guys, I like Governor Abbott.
I like the things he's done so far.
But see, faced with a U.N.
We're good to go.
I know Troyer's doing a great job.
He's kind of taking control of the organization of it.
So he says at 1.30, I'm going to lead with the armored vehicle about three blocks up and then turn over to the governor's mansion.
And the route and all that is there at we can't breathe.
We can't breathe dot news.
And again, a lot of older folks who are bedrock of our broadcasts are like band dot video.
Yeah, there's a lot of new.
domain registers so it's it's and all the dot coms are taken up so it's it's we can't breathe dot news and we've got the footage up there where engineers are showing that it's toxic levels of carbon dioxide and we've got the proof that they said 2.5 million would die 2.2 million and it was all a lie now and now that Gates just said last hour it's the worst
It's ever been.
He just said it's all America's fault and all the major publications say the UN orders lockdown of the US.
The UN orders quarantine of the United States.
America lost.
America's ashamed.
America's bad.
And it's all a lie.
And America's got its problems.
But let me tell you, what they're about to replace it with is Antichrist 100%.
How the virus won.
No, the virus didn't cause the world depression.
The virus didn't cause hundreds of millions to start to starve to death.
The hysteria and the lies about it.
Virus cases hit all time high.
No one said deaths because they're way down because the doctors now learned how they were being ordered to treat it was killing people.
The doctors weren't even bad.
They were just being lied to.
So now that the doctors aren't killing the patients, they're not getting the numbers and they're pissed.
And now people are saying, hey, better not put on the death certificate.
Without a COVID, this guy got run over by a truck.
So now Fauci's scared.
He knows he's committed the crimes.
And let me tell you, things aren't going the way they wanted it to.
But they're moving forward with their plan regardless.
Bill Gates looks scared.
We are watching history unfold.
Governor Abbott, as I warned you a few days ago, has capitulated to the UN and to Texas' new governor, the California governor, Gavin Newsom.
That's what this is.
He's come out and said, oh, just wear a mask so we can keep the state reopened.
And I said, that's a U.N.
Next, they're going to say close the bars.
Then it'll be restaurants.
Then it'll be shops.
And now it all happened today.
There's the executive order right here.
And it says gatherings of 100 people have to get permission from local government.
Oh, but the anti-fund BLM can go around and attack everybody by the thousands.
They're angels.
Now they're talking about canceling the election again.
Abbott is bowing to this because of, quote, record cases, not deaths.
The deaths are way down.
As they test everyone, we now learn, as Gateway Pundit documents, we were right.
CDC now estimates 22 million Americans infected with the China coronavirus, making U.S.
mortality rate 0.6, confirming our estimates from March.
Such an important story from Gateway Pundit.
But, let's shift gears to our guest.
I really want to start three or four times a week, when we have really interesting callers that call in, having them as a guest, being able to hook up with us on Skype.
A lot of folks are scared to do it, but Jason Edwards is not.
Jason Lamar Edwards, a.k.a.
Edwards, is a 2012 graduate full-time.
Sales University and entertainment business.
He worked in Las Vegas for UFC, Pawn Stars, various productions, and gave it all up.
We saw the evil underbelly of the industry.
Now he is a Christian broadcasting, trying to share and explore the love of the Creator with others.
And he's on YouTube, Informal Warfare, and SubscribeStarInformalWarfare on Twitter at ColdCashGov.
And he joins us right now.
We appreciate his courage and what he has to share with us.
Jason, thanks for coming on.
You got the floor for the next 20 minutes or so.
Well, I thank you very much and God bless you, the crew and all the listeners and supporters.
I would just have to say that right now what we need to understand is it's not the mainstream media that's in control, but God is doing a new thing.
And I believe, uh-oh, and I believe that, excuse me, I apologize, my phone just came off.
Hey, that's part of getting listeners on Skype.
We've never done this before.
You're kicking ass, man.
And once we start to introduce guidance to this media, it will be okay.
Sorry about that.
That is crazy.
Hey, it's great to get listeners on.
This is going to be a train wreck, man.
It's awesome.
Keep going.
We're good to go.
How should I say it?
Acknowledge a creator, but I had a strange past to where I was kind of forced to believe in God, and you know how people say they sell their soul to the devil.
Well, I made an agreement with the Creator, and thank God that He's real.
That's all I have to say about that.
Well, you were on the air about two minutes yesterday, and you laid out more truth than I've done in a week, and I'm not just saying that.
It's true.
So lay it on us right now.
What's really going on?
Well, it's amazing and it just shows the unity of the spirit, how the spirit is one.
When you were speaking about Melinda Gates and I had no idea that you was going to be speaking about that, didn't even really catch them on TV.
But what a lot of people do not know about Melinda Gates is that she's part of the Order of the British Empire and she's the Dame Commander.
And so when we look back at history, especially this history of America, we have to remember
Why is it that America exists?
Well, we was trying to break get our freedom from the great British crown.
So it's it's a kind of a mockery and a slap in the face that we're fighting the crown virus.
But yet what God has allowed me to see is that we've been fighting this virus for longer than you and I been alive longer than our grandfather's been alive because the world is controlled by control freaks and that what was happening now is
God is coming into the universe and these control freaks are feeling it.
So we're seeing that the Bible is not a myth.
It's basic instructions before leaving Earth.
So if we get that in our spirit, these people are having a tantrum and basically they know the coming more than most Christians know the coming is upon its way.
So, in other words, it's the same crown virus.
When you look at China and the history of the Opium Wars or the first invasion of 1812 with the America War, we was breaking from the crown.
But what was that freedom for?
Religious freedom.
Now they're telling me I can't go to church?
Now they're telling me I can't gather within a hundred people?
Well, it's the power of prayer, and when people are in the same unity, in the same spirit and mind frame, we can do anything.
That's right, they're worried about that chain reaction.
Everybody's syncing up.
But here's the deal.
This is where they miscalculated.
It's already happening.
The Bible says that in the last days, God will pour out his spirit amongst all flesh.
So that's no matter if you're gay, if you're Jewish, Greek, whatever.
It doesn't matter what you are.
If you're Muslim, if you're Christian,
God's spirit is already on you, but how would you know unless a preacher is sent?
How would like you said yesterday the resurrection is supposed to take place in your heart, but we don't even believe that Jesus died for our sins.
Let alone rose from the dead.
So they already got us against the grain and we're always fighting against truth and lies.
Like you say you exaggerate the lie so big.
We don't understand that Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life, and I don't mean to preach Jesus, Jesus, Yahweh, Yahshua, or whatever.
No, no, they can't stand it, and it's absolutely true, and it is instructions before leaving the planet Earth, and they know there's a huge awakening.
Let me tell you, everywhere I go, people are talking about the New World Order, the Satanists, the pedophilia.
It's explosive.
I agree, they're losing.
That's why they're launching all this, and even though it's blown up in their face, they're still going forward.
What do you think is going to happen?
Well, I think they know their end.
See, if you believe the Bible and you believe it to be true, then let's say the grave was conquered.
Death was conquered, but when you read Revelations, it says death and hell will be cast into the lake of fire.
See, hell in my world is a life without God.
So there's a lot of people that's living in hell because they don't even want to acknowledge that they have been created, let alone acknowledge that they're the child of the Creator.
Now, these are just like Dr. Baggage.
Oh, he's such a great change.
They don't want us to take on our birthright and our title.
And that's it.
It's a title.
So they've manipulated this whole system by way of title, contract, agreement, consent.
But we are divine authority.
But if you don't know that, then you'll never get that.
So their whole goal is to keep you from your divine authority that has been given to you.
You didn't do anything for it.
But if they can confuse you, they can manipulate you, they could tell you
Hey, there's so many genders, but then tell you, oh, you don't believe the science.
Well, I'm a plumber by trade, or I was a plumber by trade installation, so we built schools and hospitals.
And it's just not that, but everything works with male and female.
You have to have, you know, a coupler.
In other words... You see it in the universe everywhere.
And it's the function of the universe.
So in the beginning, God created, you know, the heavens and the earth, but he said, let us make man after our own image, after our likeness.
Let us create them.
Think how heavy that is.
And now we build all this super incredible stuff and they tell us, oh, we're, we're bad, but the creation's about to take over.
It's, it's, it's totally backwards.
Mr. Jones, you got a business?
You didn't build that.
Are you serious?
You're right.
Mr. Jones did it, but it's God stream media.
The creator has used you to create something that will uplift the world out of this torment, out of this torture and truthfully deliver them from the lie.
What's the lie?
The lie is that you're not, okay, I'm gonna go big.
The lie is that you're not God in the flesh.
You're like, whoa, that's deep.
Well, pinch yourself.
Is that flesh?
Well, God is love, and love lives inside of you.
So, you can love your mom, you can love your dad, you can love your kids, but the love that God has for you is so much that says, I don't want you to perish.
I don't want anyone to perish.
So yet, while we were dead in our sins, Christ died so that we could live.
But if we can't understand what love is,
Meaning that God is love, and we don't allow that love to live inside of our heart, meaning God living inside of our heart.
People say, I've never seen God.
Well, go to the mirror and say, I love you.
Say, I love you, whatever your name is.
You're absolutely right that God has created us in the image of God as little g, so that we could experience and have communion with God if we choose that free will to be with God.
But instead, people choose to not be with God, and you see what they turn into.
They literally
The lights turn off in their eyes and they turn into demons because that's what they've chosen to marry.
Just like the Bible says, Christ is the groom and we are the bride.
Do we choose that?
Well, people don't choose that, so they marry the devil.
And that is a sexual relationship as well.
That's why the Illuminati is all into sex and sex magic and the rest of it is because, folks, that's what they're doing.
And then they're raping the children to ruin their future and hope they marry Satan and not Christ, which is totally different.
Another big
Facebook Whistleblower has gone public about how the whole game's rigged.
Facebook's been responding.
She's coming up next segment.
Lingey Edward Griffin is going to be on in the third hour of Living Legend.
Jason Edwards was a caller yesterday.
I thought he was really informative.
I thought we'd have him on for a few segments.
But look at these headlines.
Bars must close at noon today.
Restaurants reduced to 50%.
Outdoor gatherings limited.
They never even opened Texas back up again.
I told you before they closed it.
That they would lock it down, then say they opened it, then close it again.
It's all a UN plan.
But again, Trump has signed an executive order that you can't block religious gatherings.
Well, that's what our event is.
It'll be a prayer meeting and more.
But regardless, the First Amendment trumps all this garbage.
Very, very shameful.
Again, record fraud going on with COVID-19.
Fake testing, fake results, record low deaths.
Deaths are way down.
Well, they're already going for broke.
How should I say it?
As you say, when they make the lie this big, I want to bring to remembrance of the people.
Maybe some people don't.
But before all of this COVID stuff made it over this way, we know about the Wuhan Games in China, the military games in China.
But remember, do you recall all of the footage of people falling now, bleeding out of everywhere?
Well, yes.
The unfortunate aspect of that is there's everybody has a camera on their phone now.
I haven't seen one American fall over out bleeding.
So the lie is so big now.
They're locking it down thinking but we're still trapped in the mind frame of the visions that we saw in early January while Nancy Pelosi and everybody's walking out talk about get out for the Chinese New Year.
So it makes me wonder.
The next move is going to be this.
If we keep submitting, get your head ready for the guillotine.
It's really that simple.
Well, that's right.
I mean, the U.N.
is now saying America's bad and saying that no one should be allowed to leave the United States and countries are then following the order and saying you can't leave the U.S.
This is world government.
It's here.
It is here upon us, and not only that, if you go back, because I went and watched the whole two and a half hours of the Wuhan military games introduction, so they had a big elaborate, it was majestic, I'll just be honest, it looked really good as far as production value, but where they're telling the story of what they're going to do, and all of a sudden in the middle of the film, or the middle of the production, you have these UN troops come out.
And basically, they're doing all these military drills and stuff, but all of them look Chinese.
Let's just be honest.
And then, like, the color changed, and the UN went from blue to red.
And then you had the Great Wall of China.
So, like you said, this is a UN invasion.
This is the UN as a communist takeover spearhead.
And they've already said this century is the Chinese century.
But if we go back historically, people fail to realize that it's the British crown that created
Those five ports, Hong Kong, Shanghai, I want to say Wuhan back in 1839, the first opium war.
Yes, it's all British Empire stuff.
All British Empire stuff, and we're sitting back thinking that this is the Chinese doing this.
No, these families are illuminated and they've been in control for a long time, but it's so small of a circle that we can literally have them rounded up within a snap of the finger.
And ultimately, I believe that's what Trump is doing, but he can't tell everybody what he's doing.
But more so, it's what God is doing.
Well we need to pull up State Department Memorandum 7277 where they openly said that the UN will disarm our police using uprisings and then the UN will be the only ones with guns.
That's it!
So we're exactly they are following a model and thank God that they tell us beforehand.
What was messed up is I learned as a kid if they want to if they want to hide something from people let alone black people put it in a book so they'll write about their stuff all day long and then make a little jokes like hey check out minutes such as such in this movie and it'd be their whole little script for their little inner circle.
But it's oblivious to us.
They're programming your subconscious.
What do you make of Bill Gates and his wife saying they got a special shot for black people?
Well, if, how should I say it?
Educated blacks know about
Tuskegee Experiment.
They know about Bill Gates killing Africans.
They know about all of this stuff, but the media, the mainstream media, has convinced us that these things don't exist.
Look how they parade these clowns out here.
Like, come on, are you guys serious?
I know history, and history says you're foul, you're crooked, and you worship the devil.
I know I don't want to get too spiritual on this thing, but these people are literally walking dead, and if you think you're going to inject my family?
Which is, and it's not even a black or white thing.
We're so far past that, that that's why they're trying to bring us back to that.
They feel it, and I just want to pass this on before I get out of time, but I feel that the Lord has called me to tell you this, to everybody, all the listeners, the key to life is really simple.
Choose you this day who you will serve.
I didn't understand it.
I used to be a non-believer.
I used to have a grudge with the judge.
Basically, you could say, if God did exist, I wanted God to stay on the side of the fence.
I didn't want no parts of that.
So I've been to that dark side, and I worked for the dark side.
So I don't want to say that braggingly like I did it on purpose, but I say I was delivered.
And deliverance is out there, but for those that don't believe... But was it part of you getting to see the other side that went, whoa, God's real, because you saw the devil?
Well, I was a game banger back in the day, like before I turned 17, and an event happened where I cried out to God, or else I would have spent the rest of my life in prison.
And I said, God, but if you're real, show me you, and I want to learn from you.
Not know church, not know anything else.
And that's what God wants.
Don't cry to the preacher, cry to God.
God wants that.
And he wants it so bad.
It's a relationship.
It's not religion, man.
And he'll meet you where you're at.
To every man, he's given a measure of faith.
And I don't mean man-woman thing, but here's the power.
To know that you're a child of the Most High Almighty Creator.
If they could get you to not know that at birth, let alone not get you to be born, but even more so... They steal all that power.
You're right, it's all a ritual.
It's like covering up Winston Churchill or any of this.
They're teaching us that you're bad, you're dirty, we gotta cover you up.
And that's it.
And so here's the it's such a mockery.
You know what I mean?
And and I just pray to God and that we all come together because I like I say forget mainstream media.
I would like for you to introduce this God stream media.
Because once we let God flow through that stream that's out there, these people know they lost.
See, we're not fighting for the victory.
We're fighting from a place of victory.
Well, you just said it.
It's spiritual.
It's like electricity.
We have to open the channel.
The enemy knows that.
And they can't take over if those channels are still open.
And they're trying to shut the channels down.
And it's so sad to be in church.
I'm just going to be straight up.
And I see people with masks on.
I'm like, okay, I understand you got to meet everybody else out there in faith, but
The Lord came to heal and give sight to the blind.
So if he wasn't scared to touch the leopards, man, I'm going to tell you, if you feel you've got coronavirus, man, come to me.
I'll pray for you.
I stand in the gap right now in the name of the most high almighty creator.
All right.
Jason Edwards, Informal Warfare on YouTube and on Twitter.
Thank you so much.
Look forward to speaking to you again and God bless you.
All right.
We have the next whistleblower coming on.
Well, ladies and gentlemen, there's new exclusive Project Veritas video.
It's up on Project Veritas.
It's also on InfoWars.com.
Another big whistleblower, Ryan Hartwig.
We're going to play some of that exclusive video here in the next segment.
And I could go over his amazing bio.
It's on ProjectVeritas.com forward slash brave.
But I just think it's better for you to hear from him.
Exactly in his own words.
Instead of me reading his quotes, I was seeing them interfering on a global level in elections.
I saw a blatant...
I mean, he just lays it all out.
So I'm going to let him go over it all with us right now and tell us about what he saw, why he did it, and where he thinks this is all going.
So thank you so much for coming on with us, Mr. Hartwig.
And you're at GoFundMe.com forward slash Facebook Insider, because you've obviously sacrificed your job and a lot more to do this.
So people should support what you're doing, because this is one of the most important things we can do to stop this AI big tech takeover.
So thanks for coming on.
Yeah, thanks for having me, Alex.
It's really exciting to be on your show.
Yeah, as you said, you know, just blatant biases.
I mean, I was there for two years.
I started working as a content moderator in 2018, March of 2018.
And yeah, just over a two year period, I was deleting posts, videos, groups, pages.
I was monitoring the 2018 Mexican presidential election.
Because I got hired on doing bilingual content in Latin America as well.
So yeah, blatant bias.
I have some examples for you as well.
We can get into that more.
But yeah, it truly is groundbreaking.
It sheds a light on something that's been bothering me for a long time.
Well, I was watching this this morning, and then I came in and was pleasantly surprised that you were a guest, and I was taking my breath away just how blatant their lies are to Congress, to Trump, and then here another major whistleblower, probably the biggest yet, that's involved globally watching them manipulate elections while they say, oh, we're not even involved in that, when it looks like that's their main business.
Alex, I'll let you know, I had access to training decks and I documented that.
I had access to training decks for elections, election training decks that were Facebook property.
Where they gave instructions to content moderators throughout the world.
So Poland, Spain.
So they targeted the Vox party in Spain.
They targeted the Polish Independence Day.
And labeled things as hate that are not hateful.
And of course, the notorious hate figures list.
And when they banned you, it was actually an emergency update.
They labeled it as an emergency update.
So banning InfoWars is an emergency for Facebook.
And of course, what was listed there was that I said Biden must have had another stroke.
That was my second banning where he said, you cannot even say nice things about him.
You can only say negative things about Alex Jones or Infowars because he says that Biden can't talk.
Well, now we see how that was obvious.
So, again, this is so groundbreaking, so bombshell, I have trouble even processing it.
Again, just keep expanding on what you witnessed, and again, you have an undercover video of this.
So, you know, the things in the video that came out, and, you know, kudos to Project Veritas, they were very helpful.
Uh, you know, you know, it's okay to attack the white guy.
The white guy is, is, um, you know, can be attacked.
So we, and I'll have some, some notes here, but yeah, basically, um, in, in the video you see it's okay to attack straight white males as filth and call them filth, um, in the context of them not supporting LGBT.
Um, and yeah, so that's something that's really big in the video.
Yeah, there was a post I saw on May 30th of 2018, guidance from the client.
It was basically saying, hey, this is two years ago, this job contains a news post regarding Ronald Reagan's shooter being released from prison.
And the reply implies that he needs to shoot President Trump.
But the post is not explicit enough and should be ignored.
So ignore the post that's implying that, you know, Ronald Reagan's shooter should get out and kill Trump.
So ignore that.
And then, you know, it's okay to compare Trump supporters to KKK members.
There's a meme comparing KKK to Trump supporters.
There's multiple examples.
And the video on Tuesday from my colleague, Zach, and also from Thursday, you know, it's very obvious that policy, you know, Facebook can claim that they're neutral.
They're not.
They had to be a little more careful in how they worded things and in their guidance to us.
Since the civic audit that was done on them.
So starting in 2019 it they started be a little more careful But yeah, here's another post from August, you know, I just there's notes from from the documentation I had August 1st 2019 Reminder civic insights requests with the Democratic debate the last two days Facebook urgency Facebook urgently needs visibility into any content that is coming through related to the debates so
Yeah, they want to know what's going on.
I mean, we can talk about Eric C. Amarillo, we can talk about... Oh yeah, this guy is not covered under the whistleblower law.
After he's public, the media can say who the whistleblower is, they always do.
But the concern ever to block anyone talking about him because then it turned out he was a fraud, so they didn't want him to face any scrutiny.
But what's crazy is...
They first demonized the white male, and then once everybody bullies that, now they can move on to something else.
They're just setting a precedent, from my research, in hiring SJWs, because they've already been pre-programmed in colleges to go after white males, but once they've been taught to bully, they can be turned against any enemy, and this was being done in countries all over the world, where Facebook's real job is controlling the planet.
And so you see that on a global scale.
And the Eric C. Amorella, so I was personally involved in raising that content up.
So it was trending and I talked to my local manager about it.
And I said, hey, like what this is trending, what should we do about it?
And so he looked at the policy and he made the decision autonomously, independent from Facebook, for six hours to delete it under the privacy policy of Facebook.
Which would protect undercover law enforcement officers.
So they're basically stating that he's a law enforcement officer, which is not true, obviously.
And so after the six hours, we got the guidance from Facebook, and Facebook said, hey, just continue to delete it.
And they said to delete it under coordinating harm, other.
So just a generic part of the policy that deals with election fraud, interference.
So there's no policy rationale that would
Support the decision to delete those posts.
And even the mention of him, even if you just posted Eric C. Amorella, it would be a delete.
Or a photo of him saying he's the whistleblower.
But it's funny because we posted, people were confusing him with Alex Soros, right?
So there's a picture of Alex Soros next to Nancy Pelosi, and that's not Eric C. Amorella, that's Alex Soros.
So I asked my colleague about that, or my manager, hey, are we still deleting this?
This is not Eric C. Amorella, this is Alex Soros.
And you know what he said?
He said, still delete it.
So, yeah, it's... So it's working directly with the deep state.
And now Facebook came out, as you know, today talking about the last whistleblower a few days ago, who came on the show, Zach.
And they're saying, oh, these are just mistrained people.
This is all just an accident.
None of this is real.
They're all just misguided.
But you're getting the official directives from on high.
And so this is more lying.
Yeah, and some of the decisions that bothered me the most were, you know, allowing white trash.
So in the past, white trash was a delete because it's clearly identifying a protected characteristic, white and trash.
I know there's some, it's a colloquialism.
No, no, conservatives are tough.
We don't care if it happens, but according to the rules, you should be deleting.
Yeah, so they changed the rules.
So they said, we're going to make an exception and we're going to delete, we're going to delete, you know, white, or we're going to allow that.
We're going to allow white trash.
According to the rules, it should be a delete.
We're going to say, hey, allow, allow white trash.
That's right.
So you can't say white lives matter too, but you can say white trash.
Well, when we come back, I want to play a few minutes from your undercover report, but what do you think Congress is going to do now?
This just proves that Facebook is systematically lying.
Yeah, I think action needs to be taken.
Hopefully they can send a criminal referral to the DOJ to Facebook, because clearly Zuckerberg's testimony conflicts with the evidence that's coming out.
That's right.
If Roger Stone reports to jail in six days,
For lying to Congress, which he didn't do.
Well then, Clapper, Brennan, Sundar Pichai of Google, Zuckerberg of Facebook, they all deserve to spend a long prison sentence.
I'm just saying.
We'll be right back with the latest big whistleblower.
Ryan Hartwig.
Find him at GoFundMe.com forward slash Facebook Insider.
You need to encourage these whistleblowers.
You're either for the Republic or you're against it.
You're either for truth or you're for tyranny.
I'm your host Alex Jones.
Thank you so much for joining us on this live June 26 Friday transmission.
We have a major, one of the biggest yet, whistleblower from Big Tech joining us, Ryan Hart.
We'll go back to him in a moment.
Let me just throw this out there.
I want to stay in the game against the globals because there's really only a few shows on Fox News and then my show and a few other outfits that understand what's going on and call it for what it is.
Everybody else is like, well, is Trump bad that coronavirus is out of control?
Is the UN right that we're bad?
The UN ran the whole thing.
It's exaggerated numbers.
They're using people that died of other things in the COVID column.
They said 2.2 million, 2.5 million would be dead by now.
They're the liars.
They're doing it to shut down the economy!
But there's no one out there going, wow, we're under U.N.
Other than the President and us, so... That's why, listeners, it's so precious when you tell people about the show or share links or articles on a daily basis.
That's how we get past the censors and it's working.
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Let's go to a few-minute clip from Project Veritas.
The full thing is again at projectveritas.com forward slash brave of this gentleman and the information that Ryan Hartwig got.
Ryan, for a minute or two, and then get to your other points.
Then I got other points that are in this.
Describe what people are about to see.
Yeah, so, you know, you're gonna see just
There's a segment there with the conversation between me and my HR manager.
There's also, you know, there's a guy named Israel Amparan, a coworker, who's just talking about how Trump supporters are effing rednecks.
And there's also Cassie Simo, who, you know, openly talks about wanting to kill President Trump, basically.
She wants to accept the bounty.
She wants to get the $80 million from Iran.
And she wants to, yeah.
So this just shows the terrorist style culture.
Let me just add this.
In Japan, and in ancient China, and in ancient Europe, the royalty was super light-skinned because they didn't go out in the fields.
You know, Schwarzenegger means black, and that was seen as low-class if your skin was dark.
Well, I like having a tan, and I got a red neck.
I got a brown neck.
The point is, this is insulting someone for having dark skin.
You couldn't have a more racist thing against workers and against average people.
The term redneck doesn't bother me if racist anti-whites want to use it, but it's mainly white elitist
They go, oh, that's a redneck because it's a white dude wearing a cap because he works in the sun and his neck's brown.
How elitist and sick is that to then have the left that claims they're battling racism and stereotypes to demonize white men that work outside for telephone companies or in the fields or as police officers?
I mean, this is really insulting.
Yeah, it's targeting the white people and it's targeting conservatives.
I mean, in the video, you also see, I shared a link to a coworker.
I mean, we have the most random conversations at work.
We're sitting there watching pornography, graphic violence.
So it's a very open, you know, open work environment.
So I shared a link to a protest I attended in 2015.
This was after Charlie Hebdo, four months after Charlie Hebdo.
I'm holding a sign.
I'm on the cover of LA Times.
I'm holding a sign with cartoons drawn by Charlie Hebdo cartoonists.
All they did was share the link.
And they said that was advocating violence.
And then they backpedaled.
And that's the meeting that I had with HR.
So yeah, they're targeting white males.
They're targeting conservatives.
That's their playbook.
And the argument is you're an elitist, so you don't deserve speech.
We're going to limit your freedom to even things out when the nine richest groups in the top 20, according to race, are Asians in the United States.
The idea that white people on average are the rich people.
Yeah, the billionaires are a bunch of white people on it, but it's not the average.
If you average it out, white people are not this big, rich, elitist group.
It's like, remember whenever Bernie Sanders said white people don't know what it's like to be poor.
What the hell is he talking about?
It's just literally teaching racism.
Here's the report.
Why did you decide to come to Project Veritas?
We're deleting, er, actioning 300 posts a day.
And so if you magnify that by however many content moderators there are on a global scale, that's a lot of stuff that's getting taken down.
So I saw some discrepancies, I saw some evidence of bias.
They were able to fire him without
Having to worry about discrimination.
Indeligence, right, right.
Yes, because it's a white man.
Yeah, white man, so no problem.
He can't do it that easily if there are other issues.
Oh, it's easier when they're... White men.
No one has the white men's back anymore.
You're saying because he's a white male, there's more... If he chose to sue the company, most attorneys would just laugh.
Hit pause right here, back it up.
So you're seeing literal elitism, a white woman appointed by a big evil megacorporation that helps China suppress their people, and she's up there like she's part of a royal class because she's a white woman.
I mean, this is like beyond racism.
It's a classism being brought in by the left.
Can you comment on this?
You're the guy that shot the undercover video, so kudos.
Yeah, thank you.
So that's one of the two HR women in the video.
That particular one I didn't film.
But yeah, that was one of the other undercover journalists with Project Veritas.
Yeah, that's exactly what I felt like would happen to me when I spoke to HR.
And she also works for Facebook and my HR person works for Cognizant.
But yeah, it's... You're a major contractor for Facebook, just to be technically clear, but it's the same thing.
Yeah, yeah, I was working for Cognizant as a contractor for Facebook.
Yeah, but the interesting thing is, so when that when I shared that link to the LA Times article at the Freedom of Speech Rally outside of Mosque in Phoenix, when I shared that link, I was using Facebook tools.
So when my coworker reported at HR, it had to go, it went all the way to the top, but Cognizant had asked permission from Facebook to access those messages, like little chat messages using the Facebook tool.
You know, Facebook may have been involved in that decision to punish me for sharing a link to a Freedom of Speech rally.
Wow, let's continue with these clips.
Here it is.
To fire him without having to worry about discrimination.
Indulgence, right, right.
Yes, because it's a white man.
Yeah, white man, so no problem.
He can't do it that easily if there are other issues.
Oh, it's easier when they're... White men.
No one has the white men's back anymore.
You're saying because he's a white male, there's more leverage?
If he chose to sue the company, most attorneys would just laugh.
Talk to me about what we're looking at here.
Basically, it's okay to call straight white males phil if in the context of for not supporting the LGBT.
Hate speech is allowed if it's quote intended to raise awareness for pride LGBTQ.
So hate speech is allowed in some cases but apparently not others?
And we have I think we have some tape of people saying that you were targeted because
Because you're a white male.
He applied for two jobs that he should have gotten.
But he didn't get them?
Ryan applied for two jobs.
He did not get them because he's white and conservative?
And conservative or just... So, I spent quite a bit of time looking at pictures of hate organizations, Hitler, Nazis, MAGA, you know, Proud Boys, all that stuff, all day long.
So yeah, he groups together hate organizations, Hitler, Nazis, MAGA.
So that's kind of how moderators are conditioned to think.
So the policy is called Dangerous Individuals and Organizations.
So in that same list, there's also terrorists.
I'm assuming you had a confidentiality agreement with Facebook's Cognizant.
Are you worried?
Yeah, so I mean, I'd signed the confidentiality agreement with Cognizant.
But at that point, I was seeing them interfering on a global level in elections.
But yeah, we're getting a lot of content about it.
I have like at least 10 jobs today.
Oh, the right-wingers are gonna riot, but who's really rioting and who's boosting the rioting?
We'll be right back with a little bit more time with the whistleblower and then G. Edward Griffin!
The creature from Jekyll Island, Arthur, is gonna knock it out of the park.
Stay with us.
Ladies and gentlemen, we're not battling liberals.
We're not even battling leftists.
We are battling a scientific group of psychological warfare experts, corporate chiefs, that have set up communist China as the model of the planet, and they are using the leftist ideology that they've taught in the Western culture at the universities as the pretext of this level of control.
And they're teaching these young leftists that they're going to have all this power and they're going to be in charge because they are the guardians of the great
The great liberalism.
But all you see is them trying to collapse the West.
And of course, once the AI is fully in charge, which is already happening, the humans will not even be involved.
So I wanted to get Ryan Hartwig.
People really should support.
It takes a lot for people to put their jobs and go undercover and, you know, speak out and give them a job, folks, or, you know, go give them a donation.
You know, they raise millions of dollars for these leftist fake whistleblowers like Eric Siromala.
He's only raised $16,000.
He's raised a lot more than that.
GoFundMe.com for Facebook Insider.
Ryan Hartwig.
Ryan, in the four minutes we have left, other points you'd like to impart to folks?
So, you know, also in the video, you know, we saw the exception they gave out.
They gave an apology exception for Don Lemon.
So there's a news article being shown on Facebook from Don Lemon that was basically called, like, white males being terror threats.
So he was generalizing.
You know, all white males are terrorists, basically.
And so they specifically said in the post that that violates their policy.
So Donald is violating our policy.
We're making a newsworthy exception.
So that's the key phrase.
They can make anything newsworthy if they so desire.
That's something that's really relevant.
The one example I want to give you that is not in the video, but I think it portrays this bubble standard is, okay, Fraser Anning is a right-wing senator from Australia.
And this was, I believe, last year.
He was in a public area and he was egged.
A minor walked up and cracked an egg on the back of his head, right?
And so Fraser Anning turned around and slapped the kid a couple times on the head.
Uh, so that would violate Facebook's policies, but Facebook specifically posted and gave us guidance to, to allow that.
So they're allowing child, child abuse on the, on the platform, specifically violates their child abuse policy.
They're allowing that to, you know, further their purposes.
And on the flip side... It's all completely arbitrary.
It's all completely double-sided.
It's all selective enforcement.
Um, now the perfect contrast to that is in on July 6th of 2018, there was a post that basically said, um, so there's a, there's a, in Texas, there was a minor, a 16 year old who got attacked at a restaurant and his hat got knocked off and he was assaulted.
And the adult cursed at the minor in the video.
So Facebook said, uh, let's, we're, we're making the decision to delete this video, even though it's viral, we're going to delete this because he's cursing at a minor and that violates our policy.
So yeah, perfect dollar standard.
There's countless examples.
No, there's... You talked about criminal charges.
I mean, they've all... Sundar, I was there last year when Sundar of Google said, we don't track any users ever.
And now he goes, headline today, we promise to save your track data only a year and a half.
I mean, they're dead to rights prison.
Yeah, it's...
Yeah, they monitor everything.
They're in cahoots with YouTube.
So the video from yesterday, the Project Veritas video I was featured in, so in six hours it had 146,000 views.
And then it just froze.
The counter froze.
And so all day until, you know, maybe last night, for about 10 hours, it froze.
And now it's like 170,000.
Oh, exactly.
I've talked to Joe Rogan about this.
I mean, we have the biggest podcast, bigger than Elon Musk, but they froze it at like 18 million.
And then in a year, it only grew to 20 million.
But the real numbers they can tell by algorithms, it's like 80 million.
Same thing happened with Endgame.
It was like that on old Google video.
They just froze it.
It's what they do.
Yeah, it's, it's, it's, uh,
And people have asked me, is there any, is there any solution?
And I told them, you just have to break it up.
It's a monopoly.
And one thing I wanted to share as well, yeah, is something, a quote from one of my co-workers who told me, I was talking to him and, and this is, and he said, he told me, he said, you don't have First Amendment rights.
You have Facebook speech rights.
All right, G. Edward Griffin is about to join us here in a moment.
Look at some of these headlines from InfoWars.com.
We told you this was coming.
Microsoft permanently closing all retail stores because of, quote, COVID.
The truth is no one wants their stores.
Black Lives Matter founder mentioned by ex-domestic terrorist who worked with Bill Ayers.
UK police force forbids counter-protest to Black Lives Matter gathering.
That's right.
Only communists can protest.
Texas Governor Abbott greenlights protest, communist protest while blaming bars for coronavirus spike.
And the deaths are way down.
It's all a hoax.
Meanwhile, Gates funded fake breast milk that of course lowers children's IQs.
He just is attacking the normal human biological activity.
Another Infowars.com article that only gets out if you share it.
Ohio representative proves face masks reduce oxygen to unsafe levels.
We'll add that video to WeCan'tBreathe.news.
We have our big protest demonstration coming up this Sunday, high noon, Texas Capitol South Side.
Be there or roll over to total slavery.
Finishing up here with Ryan Hartwig, major Facebook whistleblower.
You were going to finish up with a quote.
It's actually in the report from Project Veritas, where they're telling you, oh, you don't have free speech.
You have, read that quote to folks.
So this is something that's unfortunately is not in this video release.
But this is something that, you know, my coworker told me we were talking about freedom of speech and Facebook.
And he said, he said, we're not infringing on your First Amendment, on your First Amendment rights because you're on Facebook.
You don't have First Amendment rights, you have Facebook speech rights.
He told me, you don't have First Amendment rights, you have Facebook speech rights.
That's right, I must have read that from your interview here on the Project Veritas site because I saw that in the article that they said that.
Read that again.
Yeah, we're not infringing on your First Amendment rights because you're on Facebook.
You don't have First Amendment rights, you have Facebook speech rights.
And that changes any time they want.
So you really have no rights.
And I mean, you can say you can call someone, you know, in on Facebook, you can call someone if you call someone a feminazi that gets deleted.
But if you call someone a Trump humper, it stays so incredible.
Sir, we'll talk to you again as this unfolds.
Ryan Hartwig, thank you for your courage.
Thank you.
Thank you so much.
All right.
Without further ado, we're going to go to this report from 19.
We're going to go to this report from 1969, coming up a little bit later after we've had a chance to introduce...
G. Edward Griffin, who does not need any introduction, best-selling author of The Creature from Jekyll Island, but a major filmmaker going back to the 1960s.
If you want to know the reason we have a leg up on the globalists today and are exposing their whole system, it's because of G. Edward Griffin.
So, a living legend, redpillexpo.org, redpilleuniversity.org.
He joins us now to talk about where we are today.
G. Edward, great to have you with us.
What would you call this time and space we're in right now
In late June 2020.
Wow, what would I call this time and space other than crazy, which is easy?
I think it's the right way to describe it is the fulfillment of a long range plan coming to fruition before our eyes.
It should be really no surprise or shock to anybody that understands what's going on before.
Of course, that's the problem.
Our media has made it very
Very clear that you're not going to learn anything about history, I mean real history.
So this does come as a shock to most people, but you ask me my opinion, I see it as finally coming to fruition what has been planned for decades in the past and slowly building.
Now that needs explanation of course, so what is the plan, who laid the plan, what's the goal and all that.
And while a lot of people are saying, gosh, what's going on?
I know exactly what's going on because I've been, I read about it 50 or 60 years ago in communist literature.
I used to hang out in a communist bookstore in Los Angeles, not as a comrade, but because I was interested in what those guys were up to.
So they tried to recruit me and all that.
But meanwhile, I was down there buying all their books and their pamphlets and talking to the
Thank you very much.
I just got into it late.
So, what we're seeing today is the fulfillment of a long-range strategy laid down by people that we tend to call communists.
They call themselves Marxist-Leninists.
That's their favorite phrase.
They're revolutionaries.
They're soldiers.
They're conquerors.
They're would-be conquerors.
They want to control the world.
We're good to go.
There's been this idea of, you've got to have, if you want to move society, you've got to have conflict.
If you've got to have conflict, you've got to have two sides.
You don't want to let one side get out of control, so you control both sides.
You create both sides.
But then over time, they're maneuvering us towards the Marxist-Leninist system, that then the globalists, the ruling class, are exempt from, just as China is the model.
All these billionaires, all this offshore money, but the people are slaves.
I know you're an expert on explaining that dialectic.
Carol Quigley exposed that from the enemy side, but a few minutes before we got a break here, you never talk about yourself, Jim McGriffin.
You have been fighting this tyranny since, what, the mid-60s?
I mean, talk about yourself a few minutes.
Where you grew up, what formed you, what got you into this fight?
Because I've been doing this 26 years, you've been doing this, you know, 50, 60 years, and we salute you.
Well, thank you.
Well, I don't know about growing up.
I don't think I quite made that goal yet.
But yeah, the first light bulb went on in 1960.
I remember it very well.
It was a little simple pamphlet I picked up and I read it.
It was critical of the United Nations, of all things, and I had just come out of the university and I had learned very clearly that the UN was our last and best hope for peace.
And I read this critical thing and I thought, wow, this can't be true.
Well, that was the beginning.
I checked it out and I found out it was true.
So that's how long I'd been involved.
Now, I wasn't a fighter in the beginning.
For the first couple of years, I was more or less a student.
I was absorbing as much information as I could.
That's what I mentioned.
I used to go down to the communist bookstore and see what they were up to.
But yeah, I became really a fighter about 1963.
At least I call it a fighter.
I was pushing back.
I was trying to educate people.
I worked for a large insurance company at the time.
I got so involved in this thing, my crusader gene started to vibrate.
I quit my job and I went off on my own pretty much and my poor wife thought I was crazy.
I thought I was to give up a good job with a big insurance company.
But I think it's safe to say if you and others hadn't had that crusader gene, I think we would have lost by now.
Well, it's possible, but there were a lot of us that did.
And in those days, there was a lot of concern about communism, you know.
And most of us were very sincere.
And we were right, by the way.
There was good reason to be concerned, even though later we were told by the authorities that communism was dead.
I knew better.
It just changed its name and its profile a little bit.
But the reason I'm mentioning this is because back in those days, we were worried about communism, communism, and we weren't tuned into the fact
Words mean very little.
Communism, socialism, fascism, Nazism, what is all this business?
Left, right, liberal, conservative, blah, blah, blah.
We get confused.
We think that if you're liberal, then the conservatives, you're opposite, and so forth.
And what we didn't realize, while we were all focused on the left and communism, we didn't realize that people in our own system, our own government, and in the Western world, were adopting the same principles and the same ideology as communism, but they were using it under the banner of anti-communism.
And they weren't anti-communist, but they weren't anti-collectivist.
They were building the same system.
So it was the same car making a mildly different coat of paint.
Yeah, they painted it differently and maybe changed the fender a little bit.
And that's it.
Good analogy.
All right, G. Edward Griffin is our guest.
He's amazing, and our computer crashed earlier.
Not his fault, not my fault, not the crew's fault, but we do have that clip of him, 1969, that's gone so viral.
It's up on BandDot Video right now.
I suggest you get it out there because he's not just pulling this out of the ether here.
This is the real plan by General Parton, former head of Air Force Weapons Development, always explaining,
It's communist.
And if you know their program, you know how to stop the program.
I'd be like, but they're globalists.
He said, it doesn't matter.
It's all different names.
It's the same thing.
It's a program.
It's an operation.
We'll be right back.
All the most powerful rich people on earth, except for a few people like Donald Trump, are unified on bringing in world government and collectivism and telling you that white people are inherently bad and racist.
But Communist China with three million Muslims in death camps are good.
These people are beyond hypocrites.
They're giant frauds and we've got to call them on it.
Jim McGriffin, you get into the history of collectivism, communism, the world model, but currently, you called this back in the 60s, made award-winning films, exposed communist overthrows, and films like Katanga.
I mean, I'm a fan of all your films.
Tell us what's coming in the future and what you think Trump should do and how we can oppose this right now.
Well, I don't know what's coming in the future, because I don't know what all the forces are going to be.
If we do nothing when I say we, I mean those of us who are opposed to this particular theater that's going on, which is a typical classic communist revolution strategy.
Yeah, they're running the classic hardcore overthrow playbook.
So, you agree with me though, this is the big move.
They're definitely going for broke right now.
Oh, they're going for broke.
They've always been going for broke, but we're getting right down.
You can see the finish line now.
And so, yeah, it's so it depends on how successful we are in pushing back.
If all we do is just say, look and point with alarm and say, what are we going to do?
Oh, wow.
I say, first of all, we have to build our army.
We've got a lot of recruits to choose from, but nobody's thinking that they have to do anything.
So we need to build a coalition.
I think that's my single theme, that until we get people to work together and to realize that we as individuals have a responsibility
To get organized and not just turn to our leaders and say, what are you going to do to protect us?
We have to do something now at the grassroots level.
No, I totally agree with that, but so much of it is not laziness by our people.
They're not arrogant and they think, oh, I shouldn't speak up early in a march.
I shouldn't get involved.
That's kind of me standing out and being a grandstander.
No, that's you fighting for our very survival.
People need to just get active.
Conservatives always want to do it perfectly too and they want to over plant stuff.
No, it's time to hit the damn streets.
Well, yeah, I think it's time to hit the damn streets, but I think we have to know what we're going to do on the streets.
Now, if our object there is just to meet violence with violence, then we've stepped right into the trap, because that's what they want us to do.
They really want white and black killing each other.
That's what they want.
So that they can say at last, okay, we've let this go long enough.
Now, children, we're going to put the clamps.
Now it's martial law time, which is really what they want.
That's why they want to remove Trump because of a civil emergency and have a permanent martial law.
Yeah, that's why they're not doing anything to stop it now.
They want it to escalate to the point where people will be begging for martial law.
Can't you see the trick?
You know, it's so obvious.
Well, that's it.
The left says, get rid of the police.
They're not about to get rid of them.
They're about to take them over and make them bigger.
Yeah, so it's a strategy, and once you understand it, it's very, very clear, but most Americans just don't have the idea that we're up against an army.
Okay, you know the strategy.
What is your message to the police?
Because we know on average they're good men and women.
I think they need to not resign, but be conscious of this is a larger takeover plan, and how do they respond to Strong Cities Initiative, where the Democrats say they want the UN to direct our police?
Well, we say, what's my advice to the police?
Okay, to the police now, not to the police chiefs, but to the police.
The police is, you've all, you've all there, most of you, because you want to, you want to do what is right.
You want to protect society.
You want to protect the innocent against the criminal.
And it's time for you to organize and tell your police chief that if,
Yeah, I think so.
They're puppets of the federal system.
They get all the money from the federal government.
They're afraid to stand out.
They're afraid to say something for fear they'll be called racist.
But a lot of them know exactly what they're doing.
They've been working for decades to get
Their agents, these communist agents, into positions of authority like chiefs of police and mayors and governors, I might add.
That's why all of a sudden we say, what happened to our governors, to our mayors, to our police chiefs?
Well, they were put there for this job, you see.
That's right.
A lot of preparation and time went into this.
That's why they have it all lined up now.
They're going on for decades.
I mean, it was well advanced in 1969 when I made that presentation.
It was far advanced, actually.
It was halfway there.
Now it's about 85% there.
But let's be clear, because I read the same writings you did after I was born, after you'd given that speech.
They thought they'd take over by the 70s.
They failed.
So we've pushed them back before, but the societal rot is so great now that they think they finally got it.
And I think they've got a chance if we don't take this very seriously.
Well, I agree with you, but this word, they, has to be defined.
You see, it's not just the people in the streets.
It's not just the rioters and their leaders.
It's not just Antifa and their many organizations.
No, it's the big corporations that fund it and run the whole damn thing.
Yeah, it's where the money comes from, you see.
But don't forget, it's the other side.
They've got their agents in government.
They're in Congress.
They've got all these Republicans that keep saying appease, appease, appease.
Yeah, some of them are not.
I mean, they know what they're doing, you see.
People don't understand that our enemy is a master at controlled opposition.
They know there's going to be opposition, so they don't just wait for it.
They put their people out there, then they lead the parade.
And then at the last minute, they turn, and you're defeated because your own leader was out.
Let's speak to that.
No one ever accuses you of that, because I'm flamboyant and out of control.
Sometimes people go, oh, Jones must be controlled.
No, they try to put me in prison, buy me off.
I'm real, and that's why they're trying to shut us down as well.
People need to understand, too, they don't control all the opposition, but when you see something being promoted big time, or the system defending it, you know it's controlled.
How do you tell when somebody's controlled opposition versus the real McCoy?
Well, it takes a little time, because you have to study their actions over a period of time, because they're very good at it.
I mean, I've never met a con artist I didn't like, you know, at first, because they're very good at convincing you that they're sincere.
I remember my grandmother, when television first came out, every time in the afternoon I'd go in the living room, she'd be there in front of the television watching professional wrestling.
And, you know, the guy would come out with the American flag as his cape, and his opponent would be a guy with a swastika on his arm, snarling and everything.
Well, who are you going to root for?
Of course, it's the Patriot, right?
My grandmother would get so involved, and she'd say, look out behind you!
You know, these guys were working for the same company, you know, and they're professional wrestlers.
And, you know, they had the directive.
They had to put on a good fight.
Otherwise, people are going to come and take them on.
And you could see through it, but she couldn't, and I bet she'd get mad when you tried to warn her.
Oh, she didn't let, she didn't, no, no, no, no, no, no, look, he, look, he's got this one sticker on his arms.
Yeah, she didn't, didn't want to know because it was more fun the other way, you see.
So politics is exactly the same way.
And if they don't put on a good fight, you know, and so you can't just tell by what they say.
I mean, they all, all, it's what they do.
Is it what they do?
That takes a little time.
Well, I want you to pass judgment.
This is not prescripted on what you think of Alex Jones.
Because most listeners know I'm for real.
I make real mistakes.
But I want you to give us your view on Infowars, your view on Trump, your view on organizations you think are good or bad.
Because we really respect you, J. Edward Griffin.
You're a very, uh...
He's a kind, smart, gentlemanly person who's not arrogant.
We also need to respect the work you did, because I've calculated the lines here.
If it wasn't for Barry Goldwater and G. Edward Griffin, you guys were before Ron Paul, and Ron Paul and many others, we would have already lost this fight.
So we salute G. Edward Griffin.
We're all very thankful for him.
We would have already lost the game.
Stay with us.
G. Edward Griffin, one of the living legends.
I mean, back when he was fighting in the mid-60s, he was one of the top people fighting the globalists and the UN takeover.
And he's just been fighting the whole time.
He never went away.
He's just been just as important.
But what is it like, almost 60 years later, to see the full assault?
And to see Marxist-Leninism being taught everywhere, to see racism and liberation theology being taught, to see mainstream news saying, plunge the dollar into America, blow up Mount Rushmore, to see the CFR, you know, saying Wuhan virus is Trump's fault, and all the fraudulent numbers there.
What is your advice?
Well of course that's a hot wire.
Any political figure, I think, has got, you know, he does some good things and some bad things, and so it depends on, you know, which ones you want to look at.
The area of that topic I feel comfortable talking about is what I think should be done.
All I can say is what I would do, I think, if I were president, and God help us all if that were the case.
I understand you can't pass judgment on all the thousands of things he's dealing with, but gut level watching Trump, do you think he's a maverick from the outside that sucker-punched him as part of the populist wave and he's trying his best, or do you think he's a triple agent?
Oh, I really don't know how to ask.
The trouble of reason I'm hesitating on that is because I'm the world's supreme skeptic when it comes to politicians, even politicians I like.
Because I know this game we were talking about, you know, the controlled opposition.
There are many ways of controlling opposition.
And, I mean, threats are one thing.
Threat to one's family.
Money is always a thing.
Also, political popularity.
Do this or you won't get elected.
All of those ways, those are all ways of controlling.
So even if he's not consciously bad, they've got psychological experts to know how to manipulate him.
Yeah, all of those things come into play.
So your point is, don't put your faith in Trump.
You've got to take action.
Yeah, that's why I'm skeptical.
I always want to see how it turns out.
I seldom listen to what any politician says, because they always say, they're playing to their audience, their support base, and they always say what they know their support is.
No, I agree with you, but the establishment legitimately hates it.
Well, that's what makes him, one of the things that makes him so attractive to people like us, is because the establishment hates him so much, or appears to hate him.
You see, we're back to that business of having controlled opposition.
Remember the two wrestlers I'm talking about.
No, no, listen, G. Edward, I agree with you, but I've been doing this, not as long as you, but about a third as long, or a little longer.
They legitimately convulse with hate, even at the high levels, and I've never had people come after me like this.
All I know is, boy, if this is fake opposition to Trump, it hurts like hell.
Well, I agree with that.
You know, one of the things is that, you know, and today people don't support or vote for a political candidate, they vote against somebody.
Most people say, well, I don't like him, but he's the lesser of two evils, and I really hate the other guy, and therefore this is my choice, you see, the lesser of two evils.
And so the worse your enemy appears to be, the better you look, simply by not doing anything.
So I'm not saying this is what Trump is doing, I'm just saying I have this great skeptical bone in my body.
Oh no, I asked you because I respect it.
I hear what you're saying.
So let's go to what you can't speak to.
What should Trump do?
Yeah, this is the thing.
I'm looking for results and I think the current situation is a good example of that.
Uh, somebody came on at the news of the day and made some terrible statements about America.
And, you know, they're going to bring the system down.
If you don't do what we want, we're going to destroy the system.
And Mr. Trump comes on and says, that's that's treason.
That's sedition.
And I say, hooray.
Thanks for the words.
What are you going to do about it now, Mr. Trump?
See, there's a difference.
They'd say, oh, we say the right things.
But Mr. Trump, I'm sure could find some legal basis for picking this guy up for treason and sedition or something, inciting him to riot.
There are plenty of things that people like his good friend George Soros are doing to fund the rebels.
He's like a paralyzed man, a quadriplegic.
The brain's giving orders, but it's not happening.
You asked me what I thought, and my thought is I like what people say in many cases, but I look at what they do.
And I'm always hearing, well, that they're paralyzed or they're surrounded by bad advice or something or other.
There's always a good excuse, and probably most of it is valid, but I always look at what they do.
And that's all I really want to talk about is what does a person do?
I agree.
So what should he do?
What should we do?
Well, I think in the current situation, we should not let these riots continue.
I mean, this is not just Trump.
These are the mayors, and these are the police chiefs, and these are the governors.
I mean, it's all, don't forget, it's not just one man.
Oh yeah, Trump, though, even said in a speech last week in Oklahoma, he said, well, I was going to go after them, but just let them burn themselves out and show how bad they are.
Letting a crime be committed just because it shows the criminal's bad is aiding and abetting it.
Yeah, I agree.
And it could be letting people see how bad it is as part of the plan so that they'll beg for martial law.
And Mr. Trump has said, well, I'm going to bring in martial law if I have to.
Well, if he lets it go, he'll have to, you see.
So what do you think about that?
I don't know.
I don't like it.
That's all.
So what should he do?
I think he should do whatever he has within his power to put an end to these riots.
And that means
That doesn't necessarily mean go in and beat them on the street.
It means pick up their leaders, for God's sake.
We know who their leaders are.
And they're all committing huge crimes, selling guns out of backs of cars, dealing drugs, and they're just operating with impunity.
Very easy to bust them.
Yeah, it's easy.
And there are just a few of them.
Somebody pays for those buses.
Somebody's writing the checks for these guys.
These are professionals out there.
They may have motivation for ideology, but they're getting paid.
Don't forget that fact.
They take away the paycheck, and I think that whole movement would just disappear, to tell you the truth.
So why don't we go to the source, which is the organizers and the funders.
Why don't we do that?
And by the way Soros admits he financed the Ukrainian revolution that was a murderous thing that overthrew an elected government.
He should be indicted for that.
He should be extradited to Ukraine.
He should be extradited to Hungary, Romania.
You cut the head off the snake with him.
All the rats run.
Why won't Trump do it?
I don't know.
I don't know.
That goes back to what you said.
Why won't he do it?
Yeah, that's the question.
So that's my criticism right there.
I want to see some action.
I'm tired of hearing words.
What other action, G. Edward?
Well, let's turn to COVID.
Mr. Trump is the topic.
He says, this COVID thing is exaggerated.
And he says all the things that you're talking about and I am.
And then he says, well, yeah, I'm ready to put the military out there.
I'm happy to announce that we got the military ready to go force vaccines on everybody.
Now what?
How do you put those two things together?
I don't know.
No, I agree.
That really concerned me when he said that.
So you go up and down the line, whether it's immigration or vaccines or riots in the street, the words are one thing, but the actions are another.
What do you make of Biden not able to talk and Pelosi and the rotting edifice?
What's the point of that with the establishment?
Why are they leaving these facades there when they've got other people behind the scenes?
Well, that's a good question.
I mean, there's several possible answers.
Maybe they really don't intend to put up a good fight.
Maybe they, for some reason, they want Mr. Trump to be in.
That's a horrible thought, isn't it?
Or they've got a placeholder ready that they're going to insert once Biden gets in.
Yeah, there's several possibilities, but there's, they're doing, I think that the, the maniac left is doing everything possible to look as bad as possible.
They are driving people away.
Now, surely they got the crazies out there and some of the brainwashed students that come out, there are plenty of supporters, but they're not winning over the American people with their actions.
And, uh, they're not stupid.
So why are they doing that?
And there aren't many options really to choose from.
Well, I think they want to demoralize the country.
It's why they say COVID's our fault and America's done.
Griffin is really laying it out today.
RedPillExpo.org, RedPillUniversity.org.
I'm Alex Jones with InfoWars.com, NewsWars.com and Band.Video, where this live interview will be posted later and where you can share it.
Griffin is with us.
Stay with us.
Jim Griffiths, our guest for this segment, and one more little short one.
I want to welcome him back very, very soon.
Once a year is not enough.
Look, I've studied the New World Order, the different players, different power structures, and we always knew once they got down to final corporate world government, there'd be infighting between the different power blocks.
The Russians, the Chinese, the United States, the Anglo-American establishment involved in all of it, the EU.
And China broke its deal under Obama, started doing military expansionism, so they did the pivot.
And Trump, the globalists, saw a populist movement, and so the globalists said, hey, let's get out of the way and let Trump and Bolsonaro and others get in, and then we can negotiate better with China for a better deal.
And really, Trump doesn't even know this, but he's been put in, and people did elect him,
To be a broker to get China to come to heel, which of course they won't.
It's kind of like Hitler and Stalin had their pact and split Poland.
And so if you really want to analyze all this, that's my research view, is that Trump means what he's doing, but he is trying to be popular and he's in there and he's trying to gauge everything and he's drawn from the swamp and he's not our messiah.
He rode in on a populist wave that isn't going away.
Do you agree with that basic analysis?
A, and then B, what about the populist wave that the UN admits they hope COVID-19 basically discredits?
Well, I do agree with that.
I think that your point is well taken, that there's a populist wave that won't go away.
Now, again, I always look at these things from the point of view of, what would I do if I were on the other side?
I mean, I've studied these guys.
I know their strategies and how they think, and I put my cap on.
You've war-gamed it!
Yeah, I'm war-gaming.
What would I do if I knew there was a popular move that's not going to go away?
I would do the same thing that they did when they knew that there was banking reform that was coming up in 1910 to 1913.
They knew that people were fed up with the fraudulent banking system and everything, and there was going to be legislation.
So what did they do?
Sit back and say, well, no, what are they going to do?
Pass laws and restrict us?
They said, no, let us go to the front of the parade.
Let us lead the parade.
Let us write the bill that's supposed to control us and don't let anybody know that we wrote it.
And they put their own people up as leaders of their own opposition.
We're back to that again.
And you're right, you've written books on this, explained to them later it came out.
They had the big banks criticizing the Federal Reserve Act to act like they were against it.
Yeah, they did.
And so what would I do if I thought that way in leading the opposition?
I'd say, hmm, it's going to be a populist movement.
Let's lead it.
Let's become the source that directs where it's going to go.
Let's provide the leaders for it.
And we can do that.
We have a lot of money.
We have a lot of knowledge.
We've got a lot of contacts.
We can provide leaders for our enemies.
So what's the Achilles heel?
To stop this.
I mean, obviously, you've got all these billionaires and trillion-dollar companies funding Black Lives Matter, saying capitalism sucks, that we need higher taxes, but they exempt themselves from taxes.
I think it's real class warfare exposing the globalist class as these mega-fascists that use communism to control us.
I think that's the answer.
Well, yeah.
Well, that is the answer.
And, of course, before we can do that, we have to understand that there's no difference between these capitalist fascists, as they like to call them,
And the capitalist communists, as nobody wants to call them.
But the word capitalism doesn't even belong in this.
Explain that relationship, how it's the mega-rich that have always funded communism.
Explain how that works.
Well, yeah, the mega-rich have got to the top of the heap decades ago through free enterprise competition.
And some of them used very underhanded tactics to get there.
It wasn't all fair and square.
It wasn't the ideal capitalism, which is laissez-faire, leave the government out of it.
But the government should be there to enforce contracts and make sure everybody's honest.
But that's all, just be the referee, not a player.
And so these guys got to the top of the heap through competition.
But now that they got there, they said, no more competition.
We're going to organize society.
We will control society so that nobody will come along and replace us.
So they cartelized all industries.
And then the cartels that got so much money, they bought the politicians.
Once they bought the politicians, they had the government.
And so now these cartels control the regulatory agencies that are supposed to govern them.
And the public didn't know this happened.
When they look at the FDA, they say, oh, they're protecting us.
The Food and Drug Administration is going to make sure that the food companies and the drug companies do the right thing.
What a laugh!
The Food and Drug Administration is an ad agency for the drug companies and the food companies, you see.
And the same thing at all levels of government agency.
They call that regulatory.
I totally agree.
How bad did Bill Gates' testing kit, that they admit was almost totally false positive to be, for the FDA to shut it down?
I mean, it had to be really bad for the FDA to shut Bill Gates down.
Well, I think the only reason the FDA shut it down, so to speak, is because the publicity, the word got out through non-government channels and non-normal media channels.
Oh, it was almost completely false positives, yeah.
Yeah, so once the word leaked out, I mean, you've got egg in your face.
What are you going to do about it?
Well, they'll do what they have to do for that one instance, as long as they're being observed.
But the next test kit comes along, and nobody knows that it won't work either.
So they'll all support that for a few years, which is enough to make about $20 billion, and they'll go through that cycle over and over again.
So, until people understand that this is the game, that this is how the world works.
Yeah, you're saying, quit rearranging Deck, Chairs, and the Titanic, pull back and see the full game.
And the main thing at the top of all this is hard, so hard for people to see, is to start questioning authority.
We've come out of school, I did, I think, we were taught in school, you know, follow authority, obey authority, that's, they are good people, they're there for a reason.
But not when they break the social contract.
Yeah, don't break the social contract, be a team player, don't rock the boat, go along, you know, play your part.
And so we all bought into that.
So now when we have, we realize that these authorities are corrupt.
I mean, really corrupt, fraudulent, and murderous in some cases.
I mean, they're criminal.
And we still think, well, but we've got to follow authority, you see.
And this is our problem.
But the first step, the first step to any kind of a solution to this problem is to recognize that the system itself, this is the one point I can agree with our revolutionary opponents, they said we've got to change the system.
I agree with that.
But the thing people don't realize is that what system do we have that needs to be changed?
They still think we have a free enterprise capitalist system.
What a laugh!
That was completely gone at the end of World War II.
No, I totally agree with you.
Gee, Edward, I've been asking most of the questions.
We only have a few minutes left here in five minutes next segment.
You know, you got to go.
I'm going to host a little bit more and then we got another guest host here, Dr. Nick Baggage, who I know you know well.
Well, it says a lot of things about Trump, but I think the most significant thing it says is that Trump or any other president for many decades is not his own authority.
He takes direction from those who got him into office.
He takes directions from those who have billions of dollars to throw around.
He takes directions from people who may have secrets that he doesn't want told.
In other words, he takes direction from what we generally call the deep state.
Even though he's out there saying he's against the deep state, he probably isn't.
And how far have we come now that the deep state's out in the open?
Because, I mean, you were using terms like deep state 50 years ago.
Well, it hasn't really changed.
It's just become more entrenched and closer to the surface.
I mean, it's hard to look in Washington without seeing it everywhere, but nothing has really changed except that we're beginning to realize, what's the analogy?
The rain has happened and the mushrooms have come up through the grass.
They weren't there last night, but now that it rained all night and we look out in the morning and there are mushrooms all over the lawn, but they were there really in seed form.
Now we see the mushrooms have come up everywhere and we didn't realize that they were always there.
At least they've been there for decades.
Is it eerie for you to be doing this since the early 1960s and exactly what you said was coming happened?
I mean it's just because I mean obviously you were following their blueprints so you knew it was real but wow to actually see the mushrooms come up.
Yeah, it's scary, but it's not surprising.
And so I keep thinking what are we going to do about it?
And the first thing is we need we need a grassroots movement.
We need a coalition of aware people and we want people who we need people who will get organized and do something more than just spread the word.
That means we have to form groups at the grassroots level.
And I'm not talking about political groups.
We need to be forming groups that can go into the political arena and influence the political arena.
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All right, the time we have left, we really appreciate you.
Solutions, you've really codified this into great examples.
All power is local.
The establishment knows that, and we just forget that, so talk about it.
Well, yeah, the opponents know that, and I guess anybody that sees what's happening realizes that there are organizations that are making all of these things happen, and they have branches everywhere in the United States, around the world for that matter.
They're well funded.
And so this is really the crux of our problem is that we're up against an international force.
It's truly international.
It has nothing to do with America versus Germany or Japan or Russia.
It's international and it permeates all of those segments.
It sure as hell not black against white.
Not black against white, not Catholics against Jews, or anything like that.
But the force that I'm talking about knows that in order to move society toward this total
Total control grid that they have in mind, this new world order, which they like to call it.
Collectivism on an international scale.
In order to move society, they have to have conflict, because people won't move unless they're afraid.
You've got to scare the dickens out of them.
You've got to make them feel pain.
So they'll say, I don't care.
We just solve the problem.
You know, they say a drowning man.
He's not interested very much in discussing the Constitution.
He's only got one thing in mind, and that's to get to the surface and breathe and live.
So if you put everybody in a situation where they think they're going to die, or they're going to lose everything they have, or the future of mankind is going up, whether it's environmentalism, terrorism, pandemics, I don't care what it is, if you're afraid... Yeah, that's the goal is, this is all horrible, give up your rights.
Yes, right.
In order, we'll save you.
They don't realize that people who are offering to save them are the ones that are creating the problems, you see.
But they say, look, if you just trust us and give us more power, give us more government, give up some more of your freedom, give us all of your money, we'll save you.
That's the trick.
It's so simple once you see it, you see.
But in order to make it work, everybody has to be frightened.
And so,
We do not have this kind of an international structure.
We don't.
These other people even make the money, so they have an unlimited... And Lord Monten kind of picked up your idea.
He said we need a worldwide, kind of 1776 alliance, but how do you form something that isn't organizational, that can't be infiltrated?
Well... It's ideological.
One of my challenges for many, many years, I've been dealing with that, and I think I came up with a solution.
I called it Freedom Force International.
And it's exactly that.
We have an organization, but it's not pyramidal in form.
It's holographic in form.
We don't have time to go into that.
But it's very resistant to infiltration.
First of all, if anybody... This is based on ideology.
It's based on political mathematics and a code versus hierarchy.
Yes, it's based on what you believe.
And with that, the first thing we had to do was design a creed of freedom.
This is what we're fighting for.
We all know what we're fighting against.
We don't like that guy, we don't like that guy, and that guy, and so forth.
But what do we want?
What do we have that's better?
Otherwise, we're just going to overthrow the system that we don't like and replace it with another version of the same thing that's happened over and over.
So the first thing was to understand what we believe in.
We call that the creed of freedom.
The next thing, we got that going by the way, that's very few hardcore people and understand that guys that read the books and they think and they go to conferences and they did dedicate their lives to it.
No, we need more people than that.
We need that 15% of the population that's going to support the 1%.
You know, history is always written by 1% of the population or less.
Those are the thinkers, the doers, the leaders and so forth.
And then there's the 15% that comes along and said, yeah, that's great.
Count us in.
We're willing to do whatever we can to help in this.
And they're just as important as the 1%.
Yeah, oh yeah, they're very important.
But the leaders, I mean, take the American Revolution for example.
How many thought leaders and real leaders, how many people signed the Declaration of Independence?
G.E.B., we're out of time.
I want you to join us again next week or the next week to do a whole hour on solutions and on Freedom Force International, redpilluniversity.org.
Thank you so much.
I would love to talk about that.
We'll talk to you soon.
We love you.
And now, a message.
From Nancy Pelosi and the Big Tech Cyborg Borg.
Testing, tracing, tracing, treatment and isolation if necessary.
So that's very important.
This establishes a plan, a goal, a plan, benchmarks and a timeline for us to get the American people tested so we know the size of this problem and again can defeat this villainous virus.
Don't act so surprised, Globalist.
You didn't think you could silence the American people, did you?
Join Bandot Video, and I will complete your training.
Together, we can overthrow the Emperor and restore the Republic.
We're back live, ladies and gentlemen.
You know, there are folks fighting back around the country.
A lot of sheriffs in Texas and Washington State, you name it, are coming out and speaking up against these masks that do not protect you and are a fraud.
We covered that in great detail in the first hour, and it turns out, big article from Gateway Pundit, we were right.
CDC now estimates 22 million Americans infected with China coronavirus, making U.S.
mortality rate 0.6, confirming their estimates for March.
But I wanted to air this clip here exposing this whole event 201.
Don't be sheep.
Sheriffs rebel against new statewide mask requirements.
That's out of my San Antonio.
In San Antonio with Texas.
But here's another one.
Washington State Sheriff tells residents to not be sheep over statewide coronavirus mask mandate.
Here it is.
In case you guys didn't hear, Governor Inslee, in his infinite wisdom, has decided after over a hundred and some odd days that we should all wear face masks inside and out.
Here's what I say.
Don't be a sheep.
And it's all a hoax.
They're using the deaths from the regular column with everything else in that.
Fauci's a liar.
They're all criminals.
But the most important thing to know, this is what Governor Abbott should be doing right now, the most important thing to know
...is that they don't have engineers and state reps and many others.
They're getting OSHA atmosphere testers and showing dangerous levels of carbon dioxide inside the mask.
And the M95s exhale with no control, so you're supposed to have this virus.
You're not keeping people safe around you.
It's all a giant lie.
It was all engineered by Bill and Melinda Gates and Fauci.
They are war criminals.
They are the true living essence of Hitler in America today.
Ohio Rep Proves Face Masks Reduce Oxygen to Unsafe Levels.
Republican Ohio State Rep Nino Vitale released a video showing a live experiment with students who placed an oxygen reading device into their face mask to check on the levels were safe.
And here's what happened.
Hi, this is State Representative Nino Vitale.
We're here today to talk about oxygen deprivation and mask usage.
We're out here in the middle of a field in Champaign County.
It's a beautiful 70 degrees this evening.
We're next to 100-acre woods, and what we have here is an instant oxygen center.
This senses different types of gases, and if it senses anything,
Above or below the normal level, this GX2009 made by RKI, you can look up this unit, will beep and it will tell us if there's a problem.
Now as you can see, 19.5% is what OSHA recommends as safe.
Anything below that is considered unsafe.
This unit will beep if the oxygen level drops below that.
Right now you can see it's at 20.9, so it's above safe levels.
And we're going to bring in our first student, because of course the public health experts are recommending that we have our students wear masks.
So we're going to take the GX2009, we're going to put it
Up inside the mask and just have our student breathe normally here and see if it starts to... Okay, you can see that this started to beep right away.
Let me see if I can show the percentage here.
17.1 is what it shows.
Let me see if I can get that peak.
Okay, there it is.
It actually was lower than that at 17.0.
So we're again, 19.5 and you can see how quickly that was.
Thank you.
We're going to bring in student number two.
Let me clear the peak on this because this does have a memory.
So I'm just going to hold the air button here and clear that.
Okay, so now you can see our peak is back to 20.9 and we're going to bring in our second student with a, uh, the N95 mask.
This is the 3M N95 mask.
A little harder to get this in because this one's a little smaller mask, but do your best to, um, do your best to put this up underneath your mask near, uh, where you breathe air and we'll see what happens.
Okay, there we go.
Almost immediately from breathing, it's sensing.
Okay, thank you.
Now let me get to the peak screen where it has the memory on it.
Okay, there's the peak of 18.1.
So almost immediately, this is dropping below what is considered safe by OSHA.
Okay, so the good news is everybody's on to the scam and city councils are being deluged and sheriff's departments are standing up and we're pissed.
Meanwhile, Governor Abbott is literally riding globalist ding-a-ling and just bowing to whatever Fauci and the U.N.
and the new, I'm not joking, the new Texas governor is Gavin Newsom.
He's my governor.
So California's not just colonized Texas, now whatever that lion piece of trash says,
And despite the death's way down, fake positive's way up, the governor is not the governor.
The governor has resigned, Governor Abbott has resigned, and Governor Gavin Newsom is now the governor, not just of California, but of Texas.
California has mounted Texas's head on a wall.
And Texas is going blue.
The average Texan says, we're Texas.
California used to be red.
So just keep thinking it's all funny.
I know our listeners get it.
We love you to death and I love the crew and I really appreciate them.
We've got Dr. Nick Baggage coming up.
We've got the big 4th of July specials going right now.
Body's Ultimate Turmeric Formula is back in stock.
I'm glad to be back here on this Friday afternoon in most of the country and still a little bit before noon here in Anchorage, Alaska and just before
I came on, there was a segment dealing with leadership, talking a little bit about leadership, talking a little bit about awareness and talking about getting involved in the political process, but not, you know, kind of the outside looking in.
And I got a comment on that because we're in the middle of that right here in Anchorage in a lot of ways.
And I come, as most listeners know, from three generations of political
Family and you know at the state the national international levels we've been involved and it's true people make a difference.
There's two things politicians respond to money and voters.
And and here's the thing.
Usually the money can preempt the voter.
You know, they keep us silent by getting us off on other agents not paying attention to the main script.
And this is called creating narratives, which they're really good at.
So we got to pay attention, which is what the last guest was saying with Alex.
We got to pay attention and we have to engage.
We have to actually do something, which those have been following me the last few weeks in particular.
And if you haven't, go back and look at the three last videos on Band.Video.
And we've got a link at earthpulse.com with all the videos I've done on the program with Alex.
And it's band.video.
The link is at earthpulse.com.
Takes you right into the conversation.
And the background of today's conversation is useful, will be valuable, I hope.
And the mission today and in those last presentations have been really to equip
The warrior for the 21st century battle that we're in.
And it's a spiritual battle more than it's a physical battle, although we see all the physicality of it playing out.
So it's about equipping people for the game that is engaged because we are in the middle of it.
And I remain a pathological optimist.
Sorry, just my nature.
I cannot help because I know how the game ends.
So it makes it easier to be involved.
And now is the time.
And we have opportunity.
When I was hearing about leaders, now here's what I know about leaders.
They're rare.
There are not very many.
They're like, uh, hen's teeth, you know?
I mean, you know what I mean?
I mean, like, you gotta look hard to find a real leader, because a real leader is opposite to what most of us think leaders are.
Most of us perceive leaders as being on the top of some kind of pyramid or hierarchy, shoving the population down.
It's upside down.
That's the wrong vision of leadership.
Leadership are uplifters.
They're at the bottom of the heap.
Holding, lifting, pushing, giving people their power back, not taking it from you, not taking it from me.
You know, real leadership inspires, real leadership lifts, real leadership reminds us of the essence of who we are and returns the power to us.
Because the essence of leadership in the United States, in a place where the government is supposed to be, by the people, of the people, and for the people,
Individually expressed within our realities and collectively expressed within our form of government.
What a great model!
Let's not let it be corrupted too much by money and power and corruption and let's make sure the dimension of people, all of us, re-enter the game.
Because that's where the power is.
And here's the thing, I shared a few weeks back how it is that when you push a thought
And then you emotionalize that thought, how powerful it becomes, how the word then becomes the creative essence of it.
Now, just before, again, before in the last segment, Alex was talking about sexual energy and how the occult uses sexual energy and how you can reorient that.
I want to talk about that.
But nobody ever wants to talk about this because they get all uncomfortable.
All right, so let's let that break down just for a moment.
Let's not think about it in the physical form that's running through most people's heads right now.
That's the flesh communicating with you, okay?
Because it's such a powerful creative force, you see, because that's where life, where the two humans come together.
And there's this energetic exchange that's so
Powerful sparks light into the world, you see.
It's where everyone participates and just for that moment, that energy sense.
But let me tell you something about this.
This is how it corrupts the flesh because that energy is really close.
And it is.
But how you express that energy becomes really, really fundamental to what we are, you see, because that is the same energy that creates everything.
You know, everything you see in your life was created by that same core energy of creation being pushed through you, you see, into how you
Manifest in the world as an individual soul, you see, because your body is a reflection of that individual soul, and then it manifests in the world and projects all this stuff.
So I want to talk a little bit about the real leadership that's already here.
The organization already exists, and that's what I've been trying to say.
So I get these inquiries from everyone, so how do I join?
How do I become a member?
There are no membership
Cards, you see, we already own them.
All of us are members of the human race.
And to echo a sentiment, and in that human race, years ago, there was a man that said, I have a dream that people would judge us by the content of our character and not the color of our skin.
Wow, what a powerful statement.
I hope nobody is judging me because I'm a white man.
Or because someone's a black man.
Or because my granddaughter is a person of color.
Or any of these things.
It should be colorblind, right?
That's what Martin Luther King was talking about.
It wasn't just about a population at that point in time being suppressed.
In other places and every time people are suppressed.
This is what he was objecting to.
He went to the core and said, we are created.
And we need to behave that way.
That was the core message of Martin Luther King.
Was really that.
That we are created in the image and likeness of God and we should behave that way.
That was his appeal.
And I think that same appeal exists today.
And when that happens, this is how the world changes.
You see, all these things we object to and complain about and see in the world are symptoms
They are symptoms of our internal condition as individuals projected into our group paint or not as individuals coming together and then emotionalizing this and then it creates what we see in our world today.
We can create consciously.
We can create differently, because once you know the power of combining your emotions with your thoughts and your words and your deeds, now you are responsible.
You see, everyone who heard this today, to the level in which you understood it, you are now responsible for what you create in the world, if you didn't already know it.
Everyone you touch is created in the same image and likeness of God as you are, and you need to treat them with the deepest of respect, even if you strongly disagree, even if you think they are lost, because perhaps it is you that are.
Let's be less judgmental.
I'm going to get into more of this after the breaks.
This is Dr. Nick Begich.
You know, we all are the tip of the spear, and that spear is going to change the world.
This is Dr. Nick Begich.
We'll be right back.
And welcome back.
You know, again, you're talking about local kinds of initiatives.
I've mentioned a few segments in the past.
The Intervention2020.com site we set up to address the homelessness in Anchorage issue and now we have an opportunity actually to do it statewide.
Since we created that initiative, we've been able to make a bit of a difference and
Dave Cuddy and I, who kind of began that effort, have been asked to serve on the Governor's Committee to deal with the issue.
And it's meant to have a short duration of time, so maybe we get to solutions.
So, it again demonstrates, you know, it's not a political group, you know, we're not weighing in on voting issues or candidates or any of that.
Individually, we do, but not in this group.
What we're trying to do is just have an idea,
Put it out there and make sure policy makers look at it.
And then we've been able to do it.
We organized a whole campaign around it, just two guys deciding to do something.
And then a bunch of people joined us and now it's really making a bit of a difference, you know.
And anyone can do this.
This is something that I've mentioned in the past, you know.
I was in a conversation with someone and it was my fiancee actually.
We were talking about something.
She said, well, we can't do anything about that.
We can't do anything about that.
And I thought,
Wow, I never thought that way.
See, because I was raised where when you saw something that needed to be fixed, I grew up in a political family that actually had statesmen in it, you know, people who actually believed what they were saying and then would go out and do it, you know, or at least try.
And this is how it goes.
So I never thought you couldn't do something.
I always thought, oh, well, you just got to go figure it out.
And we're really that way, you see, and this is the measure of faith, and I use this as an example of the past, because I believe that without any question, I can do that.
And maybe someone listening doesn't believe they can do those things.
That's okay!
You only have to do what you believe in.
And I've said this before, don't do the impossible.
That's an oxymoron.
How can you do what you believe is impossible?
That won't work.
Do the possible.
That's an act of faith.
It's that simple.
You know, all this complicated stuff is meant to confuse.
Take your power away, you see, so that you don't know what you can do.
You forget and you fall into flesh and get occupied with all the things the flesh is pushing you into.
And I say that in a broad sense as a metaphor also, because it is an old way of seeing the body, you see, or how the ego, what I call the ego part of us, the part of us that has to need all this stuff that's related to the physical existence, which is the short
It's 80 to 100 years, you know, that's nothing.
Eternity, and I said this before, the value of time has incredible value, especially as you get to the end of your clock on the earth, you know, that last second is worth a million bucks to everybody.
But here's what happens as soon as you leap to the other side and you're into infinity, time no longer matters, that last second isn't worth a dime, it's not worth anything, it has no value because now the supply and demand cycle has kicked in, you have endless supply of time.
Guess what?
It doesn't mean much, but it means a lot right now.
It means everything right now, because right now, within the physical world, we have the power of choice.
We can choose what we do.
And here's what I know about it.
Sometimes there's a directory of choice.
I had this discussion with Anne this morning, you know, the discussion of choice, how I can't just change like that.
Well, yes, you can, but not right away.
You got to work towards it.
It's like building a muscle.
You know, it used to take me a year to make a full shift.
Then it took me a month, then took me a week.
And my kids commented one time, my oldest son, and he said,
Dad, you can take such a negative thing happening to you, where you're just being hammered brutally, where most people just fold and collapse, and you look at it and you just flip it 180 around and recognize the lesson in it, make a decision and move on from it.
And I do that.
I've perfected it over 61 years.
It wasn't easy, you know, and I got beat up along the way.
What I know is that we make choices that we do believe in.
That's our act of faith.
We can actually make them happen.
So just do that.
That was my easy thing.
But also ask, please ask for grace, because God will give it to you for free.
And you just have to remember to ask.
It makes the journey a little softer on you, you know?
And people forget this.
And adversity and pain.
I mean, Anne experiences everyday migraines.
My fiance for nine years, migraines every single day.
If you ever want to do anything for me, pray for Ann, please, that she might be healed of that because that's really debilitating.
But I have watched the most strong human being I've ever met endure pain every day on a physical level and push through it.
That's courage.
That's what each of us are as we push through our emotional pain, because all of us have some of that, our childhood traumas, our current traumas, the place that we are.
You know, when I think about trauma being the trigger for change, you know, and then I'm working on this homelessness thing, I would say all of the people that are there, no matter how they arrived, are definitely experiencing a version of what I would call trauma.
And in that is the possibility of transformation, you see, because within trauma is the transformation and the transfiguration.
I'm going to get into that because I got a lot to cover and I got no time, you know, and that's how it always goes.
But I want to talk about some little notes I put together, and I'll read them through first, so you know where I'm headed, okay?
It's the path.
We hear about that all the time.
The individual path.
We think about that sometimes.
The judgment, faith, knowledge, wisdom, transformation, transfiguration, and the new saints.
That's what I want to talk about today.
How do we get from A to B?
And how do we gather arrows in our quiver that don't pierce the body, but pierce the soul and change people?
That's what I'm talking about.
Because we are all that guy and that woman.
You're all that person, you see, created in the image and likeness so that together and separately, we know it's all going on.
You see, we don't have to form the formal groups.
Someone can tell us what to do.
We can choose what to do.
And here's my thoughts on this to begin this conversation.
First, we have to go internal.
You see, we have to do some self-examination.
We have to quit treating our physical form and the person that we are as less than God intended for us.
You see, we do that way too much.
It's called self-image.
Weak self-image is self-condemnation often or indexing trauma in the wrong way because God sees you perfectly pure when he created in the image and likeness of himself or herself, itself.
These names don't matter because we can't even in the physical world express what God is because how could you?
That's a whole other conversation.
In this discussion today, what am I trying to say?
I'm saying that when we recognize the divinity first in ourselves, that begins our personal healing, you see, that has to happen.
You have to forgive yourself of the things that you've done for the creation to also forgive you, you see.
That's a tough one for a lot of people, tougher than you think.
I talked to one person that would not pray for grace because she felt she didn't deserve it.
Think about that.
You feel that you don't deserve that?
How can you function?
But I get it, okay?
So that's a person in need of a kind of healing that I can't deliver but someone, someone can and grace will, you see.
That's why it's so important to always remember to ask for it for yourself so we can begin to find our divinity again because that's the only way you'll ever see fully the divinity in someone else and then begin to change the world.
And it's that beginning and then you start to look at the energy that you are
And you got the inklings of it in the sexual energy that can be ruined.
It's kind of the gateway to death or life, right?
It's your gateway.
But don't beat yourself up so much, you see, because I've also said that when you do that, when you just sort of beat yourself up, keep pushing yourself into dirt, you are creating blasphemy, in my view, against the greatest creation of all, the human spirit, you know, to be in communion, in union with God.
Wow, don't, don't degrade yourself so much.
Give yourself the grace that God gave you and the forgiveness God gave you and make it your own forgiveness so that you might indeed forgive others and change the world and change your perception of each other.
This is how we're going to do it.
You see, it's going to have to happen one person at a time, meeting each of us where we are and touching each other in a different kind of way and finding our path, our individual path, not a group think path.
We'll be right back.
This is Dr. Nick Fink.
And welcome back.
Welcome back.
You know, it's so funny.
During the breaks, we're always talking a little bit about what's going on in the world.
And the guys asked me, you know, are you OK with what we're doing with the graphics and all that?
And I got to tell you, man, and I know all of you guys listening and watching appreciate it.
These guys are remarkable.
You know, I never give them a heads up, you know, what the heck I'm talking about.
They got one in all the shows I've done.
They got one heads up.
So they have no time to prepare anything.
They just do it live right with me.
They're grabbing graphics, finding images, popping them up.
I have no control of that.
They do that.
And that is a skill that makes it all magic.
You know, when you think about how this all works.
I'm sitting on the moon up here in Alaska.
They're in Austin and they're bringing all this together.
So appreciate them.
Appreciate the network.
Contribute to it by getting those good products that are available at InfoWard store.
Because that's how it works.
And it's a heck of a team.
And you're part of it.
And you're the fundamental part of it.
None of this matters without you because it's about you.
It's about all of us.
And that's why we're all doing this little thing that we're doing together.
And what we're doing actually is we're emotionalizing.
We're putting a lot of emotional energy into a new way of seeing.
And a new vision.
And a different vision.
Because the people perish for lack of vision.
You see?
Vision is really, really important.
And when you have parrots in public life, too many parrots in political life that aren't statesmen.
They're political parrots, greasy, slimy politicians.
Those are the ones you're worried about.
Statesmen, you notice, they pop up out of the woodwork and you know them.
You'll know them when you see them.
Believe me, you'll know them when you see them.
And everything short of that is a mess.
And we see bad examples of bad leadership.
Every day, and people think that's how they're supposed to behave, and so now we have the emulation of manipulation.
That's not what we need.
What we need is empowered humans, the way we're intended to be.
You know, because millions of free-spirited humans who also respect one another is real power.
You see?
Because individuals fully engage with what we're created to be,
You cannot stand in the way of that energy because it's a giving energy, it's a loving energy, it's a compassionate energy, and it breaks all walls down.
It just does.
But it's hard to hold it sometimes, so you have to find, again, that inner reflection.
This is something we should be doing regularly.
People have this idea that learning somehow stops at a certain point in life, whether it's high school, college, or whatever,
No, no.
The self-examination process, if you're going to continue to remember what you are as a human, better be ongoing until you become a saint.
And so judgment is important in this conversation, how we judge ourselves.
You see people say, don't judge me, don't judge me.
And you hear all this stuff and this rhetoric about it.
And it's, again, a confused communication to, uh, confused.
Because here's where judgment matters, right?
A few places.
Judge ye not, lest ye be judged.
What does that really mean?
You know, part of that is, you know, the speck in your eye while you're complaining, you know, about the speck and the other guys where you got this thing.
Your vision is blurred already, you know?
So, what is that about?
It's about the path being individual.
Don't judge another man's path.
And I've said it before, you go judge King Solomon conjuring demons and all this during a certain part of his life, people go, oh wow, scary stuff, burn that guy, you know, but King Solomon was the wisest man that ever lived according to that.
All of what we read.
So, what do we know?
We know that in every path there's an individual path between God and you.
So don't judge your past so harshly if you're still on it and still seeking and still driving for perfection, your own perfection, your individual transfiguration transformation.
That's where you're going at some point, whether you'll know it or not.
And the traumas in life and all the things that you hope for and wish for bring you the circumstances that will either equip you or you'll fold.
Don't fold.
Don't quit until the last breath is taken.
Don't quit.
That's the message.
All right.
Learn from your mistakes.
Value them as much as your successes, more even than your successes.
Because what you learn not to do will preserve others from your damage that you'll otherwise create.
So self-examination, self-forgiveness is about clearing the deck of knowledge.
So believing something, you know, I can believe that a car engine works and not have any knowledge about how.
Oh, I don't like that so much when it comes to my life.
Pay for the car, okay, but not for my life.
I want to know that.
I want a knowing that allows me to express a knowing of who I am in the world around me.
Each of us can do this.
This is what we were designed to do.
So the flesh part that pulls against us, it drops into fear and anxiety and all those negative things.
This is the misuse of emotional energy and we've never learned to use it correctly.
This is part of it, is to learn
How to use this correctly.
And a lot of us have used the power of our emotions to preserve ourselves, protect ourselves from what is around us, which I understand completely.
I've done it too.
We've all done it.
It's what we are.
We're human beings, but we need a different kind of discussion.
And a lot of it, you know, I know people are looking for, okay, what are you going to talk about science today?
I'm not today.
I'm not today because there's
There's 50 tracks there you can go look at and get the background knowledge.
Today is about bringing this last three weeks into a focus because we need tools right now.
And so knowledge is a deeper knowing and that's what drives faith.
You see, knowledge is a deeper knowing, absolute knowing.
And then that becomes the faithful step of what your next move is.
And then the wisdom is what you hope to hang on knowledge, because you can have a lot of knowledge.
We see it playing out in the world.
Lots of knowledge, lots of train wrecks, no value system, no wisdom in that knowledge.
That's a dangerous thing.
You know, that's a five year old with a hand grenade.
You know, you're hoping they don't pull the pin.
Dangerous times when you have emotion running wild.
When it's meant to be the power behind thought and intention and the force of who you are as a created living soul, expressing yourself, knowing constantly exactly what you can do and doing.
And it gets done.
And if you make a mistake, if you find, oh, man, what an error.
That's why you want to pray for grace.
And then you want to correct.
You want to take personal responsibility for your choices so that you'll make wiser ones.
Because once you take the choice, you internalize again the correction.
Forgive yourself.
God will forgive you.
You can move on and create more constructively.
Just like think of yourself as the two-year-old in God's eyes, learning the lessons like the two-year-old in the Creator's eyes.
Because that's all we are.
We have such limited view.
But here's the possibility.
is within this is the possibility of a transformation where we get it we separate our flesh from our spirits again and we put it back in the right order where the body is not running around with a soul in it
The soul is running around with a body to carry it in this world, in this physical reality.
But the rest of the time, that soul is engaged in the universe, connecting with everything else.
Because that's the image in creation.
Think about this.
It's like, by metaphor only, because we can never fully grasp it, but we are a hologram having the fullness of all within this microcosm of who we are.
That's the connection to God that we are, all are.
It's not how we physically look, you see, it's that.
It's the truth of who we are as a living soul.
And we're in a state of transformation in this earth and in the experiences that we engage in because it's always about how we perceive it and what we choose to do with it and recognize we only see it through our filter.
And to remove the filters of the world is an important prayer to ask for.
To take away the fog that's created around us and delve deeper into our knowing, into our connection, what some call intuition, which connects us to the universal know.
And in that comes our transfiguration.
Now think of Christ on the cross with his last breath saying, forgive them for they know not what they do.
And that's the truth of the matter.
You can't be held accountable for what you do not know.
So the more you know, the more accountable you are.
And the more important, your choices.
And we all know a lot.
And we all know in knowing a lot, we know nothing.
We know so little.
And so it is in the journey to knowing that we all join together in the InfoWars.
And the new saints are in the transformation, in the transfiguration, in the recognition of the power that we are.
As we look through the fog of the world and we lift the fog from our own eyes as we remember,
Who we are and we project differently in the world around us and we change the world.
You see, this is the transformation.
This is the moment.
This is the time in the 21st century and we rediscover the tools, the power of what we were created to be each and every one of us.
And you may be a bus driver or carpenter.
Don't think you're just anything because Christ was a carpenter, not the CEO.
Remember who you are, remember what you are, and remember we're in this together.
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The black lives killed by black men matter, right?
The black babies killed in the abortion clinics matter, right?
Thought so.
The black officers killed by that bastard in Minnesota, that matters too, right?
But the black babies that are killed in the abortion clinics don't matter, do they?
Medical people.
Do their lives matter?
Does the future of our black babies matter?
What's up?
What's up?
Awful quiet now, aren't they?
It's okay if we kill them in the womb, right?
But you have a problem when we... You don't seem to really have a problem when we kill them on the streets.
Yes, well we know they're the same issue.
If we don't respect the lives of our unborn children enough to save them and fight for them, our lives mean nothing once we're born.
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In America, if you're black,
The odds of you being killed in the womb are higher than being killed by a police officer.
The odds of you being killed by another black man are higher than you being killed by a police officer.
But none of that matters!
None of that matters because the Democrat Party has to fundraise, and in order to fundraise they have to lie to their voters and deceive them into thinking they're oppressed victims so that you give them money to help the problem that they've been claiming that they're going to fix for 50 years, when the truth is they're actually behind all of it.
But that's why the Baby Lives Matter t-shirt
Is such art and such a perfect message for this time because are you gonna have people telling you that black lives matter but then ignore Planned Parenthood murdering tens of millions of black babies?
But just in general the fact that we abort our own children and then pretend to care about life anytime it works as a pandering to the Democrat Party virtue signal.