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Air Date: June 25, 2020
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Alex Jones discusses COVID-19 conspiracy theories on his show, criticizing the mainstream media for propagating false information. He promotes various products and demonstrates experiments he claims prove his points. The Alex Jones Show also covers other social issues such as transhumanism, race relations, and international affairs. Guests share their experiences and perspectives, emphasizing the need for solidarity and action to make a difference. InfoWars highlights media manipulation and the importance of staying informed and engaged in fighting against tyranny and injustice.


And now, with 130 days out, the Republican Party, what's left the Pentagon, have no idea that Big Tech doesn't respect them, is lockstep with Communist China, and is helping put 3 million people in concentration camps and suppressing everyone, and that's the model they want here.
They're not liberals that are upset Hillary lost.
They're cold stone killers with absolutely no morals who see you as trash and as idiots who they are going to bankrupt and take everything you've got away and force deadly vaccines that re-engineer your actual DNA to give you cancer and sterilize you on record.
They're coming to kill you just like when Hitler invaded Russia or invaded other countries, but they're doing it with creeping stealth operations.
So don't ask how I am.
You're dead.
They're gonna take your children, your property, and they're gonna shoot you up with stuff and call it new weird diseases they don't know about.
And they're gonna suck every dime of money out of you while they kill you in these hospitals.
And they've tested it now with how they've gotten away with killing 70,000 old people to up the COVID numbers.
And now they're getting ready to really start killing people.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
We're live on this June 25th, Thursday transmission.
I'm going to get right into it.
Fauci and the criminal United Nations are orchestrating the second wave of COVID hysteria we told you would come to shut down the U.S.
They're saying Armageddon, the end of the world, the U.S.
has lost its battle with the virus.
We put that on screen for folks.
And then you look at the numbers, it's just not true.
It's a fraud from end to end.
But on top of it, the American Medical Association rightfully says the masks don't protect you from COVID or other viruses.
And they've come out and they have documented the fact that the numbers of dead are going down because they're not putting people on breathing machines and killing them.
But now there's a big video that's gone viral that's up on Infowars.com
Where it's shown with an air quality monitor that it is dangerous levels of CO2.
Owen Schroer went out and bought one yesterday and duplicated the same scientific example.
But we already know from the studies this is the case.
It's killing people.
Literally suffocating them.
And so here are those reports back to back.
We'll do a little test here today.
A lot of people are saying they're getting headaches and stuff from wearing a mask that they're requiring us to wear pretty much everywhere we go.
And I'm going to test oxygen level under a mask using an OSHA approved
Air Quality Monitor that tests for oxygen levels, hazardous gas levels, LEL, CO, NH3, H2S, stuff like that.
This monitor is bump tested every day.
It's calibrated every 30 days.
OSHA requires 19.5% oxygen to work in a space.
Look it up.
Normal oxygen levels is anywhere from 20 to 21, right in that area.
So I'm going to do a little test here.
I'm going to put the sampling tube at the corner of my mouth.
And I'm not exerted.
I'm just standing here.
So we're going to put it right here.
That's going straight to the air quality monitor.
We'll see what the oxygen level is.
So, I've got 20.5.
Okay, 20.6.
That is the oxygen level without the mask.
Now I'm going to set the camera down and put a mask on.
Do the same test, hose in the same spot.
You can hear the alarm going off.
That means that there is a hazardous atmosphere.
That is a very light mask.
Levels are.
17.4 17.5 it's starting to go back up okay it's going to clear at 19.5 and that's what is required to work in a space so if you're wondering about headaches and stuff like that there's why because you're not getting enough oxygen if you're exerted working running whatever the case may be it's only going to get worse from there so
Now, when we come back, I'm going to play Owen Schroyer's piece on this.
But this is something you can go out and buy an OSHA-approved air quality tester.
It'll pick up all sorts of other stuff, radon gas, you name it.
Or you can call a company.
In fact, I'm going to do it.
I'm going to call an Austin company in the next few days.
Maybe today they'll show up and say, hey, why don't you come over to our office and test on air for radon gas, but also, you know, test for oxygen quality, oxygen levels.
And it'll show you the exact same thing.
We went out and demonstrated it again yesterday.
So let me explain this.
This violates federal OSHA law.
By the way, he's wearing a light mask.
The medical mask is even worse.
So, it is not authorized if you work in a factory or a farm, or if you even walk for your job, to wear one of these.
But the globalists know that.
They're a pack of murdering criminals.
Tony Fauci is Joseph Mengele.
He is a murdering, mastermind criminal.
And he is killing this country with Bill Gates.
They are the number one enemies of humanity.
130 days from the historic election that the establishment intends on never holding.
We have the evidence.
We have the facts.
We are in grave danger, all of us.
But if we spread the word, and by word of mouth, and by action, override the censors, and carry the message of truth forward in the dark of the night, it will shine like a blazing fountain of fire upon the hill.
It is June 25th, 2020.
On this Thursday edition, I am your host, Alex Jones.
We have a bunch of important guests today, but I also intend to open the phones up.
Let me just lay out the big picture here.
I am horrified.
I am disgusted.
I am shaken to my core to actually see the globalists carry out the operations that we predicted they would.
It's one thing to know about the New World Order's plan.
It's another thing to actually be living it.
It's like grandpa or grandma has cancer.
They fight it for a year and you're saying you're going to see him at the hospital or going to see him at their home and you actually go there and they say, buy tea and die right in front of you.
It's a little bit different than thinking about how you got to go watch him die.
And they hold your hand as the light goes out of their eyes.
The disgustingness of this is that it should be so easy to defeat.
So easy to expose the hoax that's COVID-19 and all the lies and evil that's around it.
So easy to expose the fact that big mega corporations that are involved in horrible crimes against humanity are using the distraction of on the ground social unrest and racial division that they exacerbate as a diversion from their crimes.
And then we have the WikiLeaks and their own statements and their own admissions and then you get somebody like this NASCAR individual, Bubba Wallace, who got caught within hours knowing that all those garage doors had those pull-down ropes on them and that they weren't nooses.
And they've been there for years.
And I typed his name into Google this morning and I saw hundreds of headlines praising him and praising NASCAR and saying that, you know, this is a real threat and that he's right.
It's probably still a noose.
That is corporate warfare against the people to create total division.
And we know they're doing it, but they're not going to stop until they're stopped.
They're going for complete and total broke.
So, I have a huge stack of over-the-top developments that are not from some satire novel, but are from the year 2020.
And then we have the total proof.
Now in crystal clear, 2015 vision.
The year 2020, but you know, 2015's even better.
Air Force eyes.
We've got super HD clarity on this.
Of how they ran the whole fraud, how it's systematic, how it's organized, with military precision, from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, John Hopkins, the United Nations.
And how the talking points go out from those groups, and how they've used it to paralyze America.
China's open for business, they say.
Europe's cancelling flights from the U.S.
New York's cancelling flights from Texas.
It's all Texas' fault.
Meanwhile, Cuomo that sent all those COVID patients into the nursing homes to kill people, he's a hero.
I mean, it's total inversion of reality and the media, as a wall of disinformation, backs it up.
And the goal is depression.
The goal is stalling the economy out, getting everybody into debt, and trillions more in bailout money to bankrupt the country.
And then all the big Harvard and Yale and New York Times economists are on TV saying, America's going into a depression, the dollar's dead, America's over, China's gonna run everything.
And the Joint Chiefs of Staff go and talk trash about Trump on TV, and they agree America's done.
Well, you know what?
Then I guess the left and all the idiots that are about to lose everything they've got, I guess we really deserve it.
You know what?
We killed 62 million babies of every race, color, and creed.
We say they're not human.
We kill old people and say they're not human.
So you know what?
This country's under judgment.
If there isn't a mass awakening and mass arrest of these criminals engineering this civil war, then you know what?
Everybody deserves it.
And all the virtue-signaling lawyers, and all the virtue-signaling media people, and all the virtue-signaling academics, and all of you that think you've gone through life selling the country out, and that you'll just do it one more time, and now you're doing it at a level where the Washington Post and the New York Times are saying, America's done, America lost, America failed, America sucks, America's done, the dollar's over, we're all going to be in a damn depression forever.
That's the headlines!
Depression 2 is here!
Associated Press!
Pull down Mount Rushmore!
Associated Press!
Riot the streets!
Face of conquerors!
Trump trip to Rushmore!
Draws fire!
The second Great Depression is here!
The Atlantic!
That's the Globalist.
That's the CIA.
And they're all a bunch of open criminal hunchback Harvard alumni who've swindled the nation, put us into trillions of dollars of fake debt they control, now putting us into tens of trillion more, fomenting racial division, putting us under UN control, telling us that the police will be run by the UN.
Of course they say America sucks.
Of course they say America's over.
They are a conquering force.
And now it's not Alex Jones telling you that 25 years ago.
It's not... Senator Barry Goldwater telling you that 50 years ago.
It's not Ronald Reagan telling you that in 1979.
It's not coming, it's here.
It's here.
It's now.
And people are just so accustomed to bowing down that they think, oh, I'll just bow one more time.
And when you bow to the lie of COVID, and you bow to the lie of the lockdown, and you bow to the lie of the mask, and you bow to the lie that George Washington's bad, and now it's, let's get rid of the flag itself, because that's what this was always about, making you hate yourself because of the due process, the Bill of Rights, the Constitution.
And once they remove that, now you're under UN control.
And remember, these very same megacorporations, the WHO, support operations in Africa where a million people will die of cholera.
And the WHO current head got his job because he helped cover it up in four countries, including his own people in Ethiopia.
They don't give a flying you-know-what about somebody's life.
In fact, they want to get rid of people.
And so that corrupt WHO run by Communist China sets our medical policy with Bill and Melinda Gates and the John Hopkins University that all got together in October-November with Event 201 and said a deadly coronavirus is coming and we're gonna have world government takeover and this is only a drill.
The big event will come after that!
And then Bill Gates went on national TV two months ago on Colbert
And said, this is really just a drill, the big one's coming.
People keep asking, how do you know what's coming next?
Who are you in contact with?
The enemy tells it all in white papers.
And they don't even veil it.
So again, everybody, two years ago, it was like, you've been totally banned off all these big platforms.
How are you taking it?
I'm like, how am I taking it?
They have used me as a test case.
They didn't demonize me for two years straight and say I was Satan incarnate because I was that important.
It was that once everybody accepted me being banned, they would accept everybody else and not even remember their names.
And now, with 130 days out, the Republican Party, what's left the Pentagon, have no idea that Big Tech doesn't respect them, is lockstep with Communist China, and is helping put 3 million people in concentration camps, and suppressing everyone, and that's the model they want here!
They're not liberals that are upset Hillary lost.
They're cold stone killers with absolutely no morals who see you as trash and as idiots who they are going to bankrupt and take everything you've got away and force deadly vaccines that re-engineer your actual DNA to give you cancer and sterilize you on record.
They're coming to kill you just like when Hitler invaded Russia or invaded other countries, but they're doing it with creeping stealth operations.
So don't ask how I am!
You're dead!
They're gonna take your children, your property, and they're gonna shoot you up with stuff and call it new weird diseases they don't know about, and they're gonna suck every dime of money out of you while they kill you in these hospitals.
And they've tested it now with how they've gotten away with killing 70,000 old people to up the COVID numbers, and now they're getting ready to really start killing people.
Defending the Republic.
From enemies, foreign and domestic.
There is a scientific takeover of the very genome of humanity taking place.
If you study every angle of it, it basically is alien.
I don't know if aliens run it.
I just know it's anti-human.
And it comes to kill, steal, and destroy.
The Bible tells us that an off-world entity fell onto the planet and was imprisoned here and marooned.
But that our species has grown up alongside of it.
And has been continually manipulated by it.
Well, you can say that's ancient Babylonian or Egyptian or then Jewish mysticism.
But moving forward into the future, here we are and it's being built and the globalists do believe that they are getting interdimensional off-world communications and building a post-human world that they'll be rewarded for their actions with eternal life.
And that was the cover story this weekend in the Wall Street Journal, not a late night radio show.
So I just happened to grow up some and be around some people that were into this only a few times.
And I researched the globalists and found this is what really makes them tick.
But that's what Silicon Valley's jacked into.
Everybody really needs to watch out, because they just want to kill you and your family.
That's why Google's name, Don't Be Evil, is such a sick joke.
That's what the transhumanism is, is saying,
We're gonna come in and we're going to teach your five-year-old boy that he's really a girl or a girl that she's really a boy.
That's pedophilia.
That's stealing their identity.
That's raping their biology and who they are and screwing them up and giving them attention because they say something deviant against their code.
And in the UK, I've had members of Parliament on from the UK about this.
70% roughly of the trans children being sterilized, that's what it is, when they're being changed,
With hormone therapy, like chemotherapy.
It's a therapy.
Hitler was giving the Jews therapy in Germany.
No, he was killing them.
Well, they're killing their sexuality, their innocence, their future.
And it turns out they're autistic, or have Down syndrome, or are mentally ill.
And boy, there's more and more mentally ill children from all the vaccines and the toxins.
Used to be one in 30-something thousand, now it's one in 58 in the U.S.
alone is autistic.
There's all these other disorders.
But don't worry.
Oh, we go and convince them.
You're special, Billy!
You're 10 years old and you've decided you want to wear a dress now.
Is that what you want, Billy?
Billy goes, yeah, I like it.
You're giving me attention.
Only time they give Billy attention is when they dye his hair or put, you know, ribbons in it and tell him he's a girl.
Oh, you're a girl!
We're gonna cut your penis off!
Sign the paper!
And by the way, let's just pull back from this.
When I talk about this, you need to understand, it came out in the news a week ago, and then it left the news just as quickly, that all over Germany, and of course it's all over Europe and it's all over the world, that psychiatrists were taking children from what they called mentally ill families, Amish, Christians, Seventh-day Adventists, particularly Jehovah's Witnesses.
Well, it can be a little annoying, you know, knocking on your door on Saturday morning or whatever, but other than that, boy, what they talked about is kind of coming true.
The point is, is that if you read into the reports, they took their kids and gave them to convicted pedophiles, because it's all a sick, satanic ritual, and then they paid them to have sex with thousands of children per city, per year.
And of course, oh now it's coming out, the children were farmed out, and the houses were really rape dens for the Satanists left to come screw and rape children as young as five years old.
Oh, and then they use those children to go out and lure other children.
Of course they do!
And it's all in the newspaper now!
And these are the people that tell you George Washington's bad.
These are the people that tell you the American flag's bad.
These are the people that tell you they want to save you from COVID-19.
When really what they want is absolute power to do whatever they want to anybody at any time.
And if they can get away with Alfred Kinsey, at one lab alone, 350 plus children that they kept in slave dungeons and raped, and paid people to abuse them in every way possible while they watched their two-way mirrors.
And then that is exported over to the entire world!
Stunning and brave, right?
Let's take the autistic young boy.
Now, I was talking to a nurse in Houston.
They already have some hospitals doing it that are cutting the testicles and penises off of boys as young as seven.
And I was talking to this nurse.
They were describing how these mothers come in with these adopted boys and how they're so excited.
They're like, we want it chopped off.
And they're hyperventilating.
Because it's a satanic ritual.
It's a demonic spirit that wants to kill our men, destroy our women, enslave us, poison us, dumb us down, make us alone.
All the executives have left, a bunch of them.
Facebook has said, we're there to make you depressed.
We're there to hurt you.
Mark Zuckerberg is evil.
And they're hiding it all in plain view.
Mark Zuckerberg is the aide de camp.
To Bill Gates.
And Mark Zuckerberg tried to get me through his intermediaries to go up to New York a few years ago for the election and played football with him.
And I mean that figuratively.
And I didn't.
But boy, they're like, hey, uh, watch what happens to your Facebook.
Just watch this.
And I would go to a video.
It'd be some boring thing in my background.
It'd have like 5 million views.
Like, okay.
That's when they turn the spicket on.
And I was like, well, you're not being too nice to Mark Zuckerberg.
You came out and attacked him after we offered you guys with the grapevine.
And I said, yeah, he can burn in hell.
Because he is.
Yeah, that demon better hope he gets eternal life through some silicon junk, which he won't.
Because he's going to face Almighty.
So you bully and kick the kids around, Zookie, all you want.
You enjoy yourself and have your way with the innocents, because you are going to be put into the Phantom Zone with people just like you, which is hell.
God's not going to have to do a thing except wall you off from his consciousness.
Alright, let me get into the huge news.
Total takeover.
Lockdown 2.
It was all scripted.
All planned.
All total hype.
The deaths were plunging.
But oh!
The cases are everywhere!
And they'll get enough people, they get panic when they cough, to go and they'll say, oh, let us take you right in here.
Oh, you're 25?
Come right in here.
Oh, you're homeless?
Oh, this guy's dead.
You don't have any family?
We're gonna give you some medicine to make you relax.
And then they'll keep you alive about two weeks.
On a bunch of heroin derivatives.
While you got a tube down your throat, they're gonna suck all the money out of you, and then they're gonna kill your ass.
And they're gonna use that number to scare everybody.
But not before they suck hundreds of thousands of dollars out of the taxpayer.
So if you want to get murdered, go to a Blue City hospital and say you got COVID.
They're gonna kill you real good.
Ladies and gentlemen, we are live.
Thank you so much for joining us on this Thursday edition of the broadcast.
I want to walk through some really important news here and talk about how we can fight back against the tyrants.
But people need to understand that the psychological warfare operatives have been probing and preparing for a long time.
They've already taken down a lot of other countries using these same tricks and similar systems.
But now they're really going for the full takedown of the United States.
They are going
For the coup de grace, the big climax, the finale, the big bite.
And people need to understand that things are going to get very, very horrible and very, very destructive and very, very dangerous from this point out.
If we do not have decisive action, we should really have a debate and a discussion about what that should be.
Public are not serious-minded.
We've been domesticated for a long time and unable to focus.
And people are very soft.
Our strongest are soft.
And it just gets worse from there.
Myself included.
There's not focus, there's not memory, there is not a grasp of history.
And when you have those different ingredients, you can basically do anything you want with the population.
You add to that that we have mad scientists, psychotics, themselves that are absolutely
And out of control.
Who've set themselves up as guardians of the galaxy.
And it only goes from bad to worse with that scenario.
Now, there's a big article at the New York Times that sums it all up.
How the virus won?
Well, the virus didn't win.
It hasn't even killed as many people as hospital infections do every year, if you believe their fake numbers.
Hospital infections kill three times what it's killed.
They under-report those.
And they use fake numbers, people that died of gunshot wounds and car wrecks and all the rest of it.
And they're killing people by intubating them.
We know all that.
So the virus didn't win.
The globalists are winning.
Convincing us that the depression and the collapse and the fake race war is all because of Trump and the virus when it's because of the globalists deploying this whole thing.
They are the authors of it on every single front.
But here is the good news.
Here is the good news.
There are city council reports and county commission reports and videos flooding in that we'll play some of coming up from all over the country of people not buying any of it and people being informed and people knowing about the virus being an overall hoax and people knowing about Fauci and Bill and Melinda Gates and Mark Zuckerberg invested in the COVID-19 and having his fact-checkers ban medical doctors that expose it.
The fact that the deaths are way down because doctors have figured out that they're being given orders that kill patients, so they're not following those orders?
The testing is skyrocketing, but the deaths are way down.
And as the tests go up, you get more cases, but the death's down because they test whole factories.
The law firms will tell them, the meat packing and other places, do the right thing, test the whole company.
So they force you to do tests, medical tyranny, and they go, wow, 300 people, 500 people, and a couple thousand.
You've seen the AP headlines even.
None of them are sick because the tests are fake.
And that's come out!
To the FDA's credit, they actually went and shut down Gates and other groups because the tests are fake!
False positives!
And Trump starts eating around the edges of this and saying, oh, you know, I told them don't do more tests because, you know, it creates more cases.
But that's really what's going on behind the scenes.
They know, ladies and gentlemen.
The problem is, Trump comes out and says that they believe they'll spin it, that he's just denying, and, oh, you don't care about this person that died and that person?
He has to go on the offense about the 10 blue states that ship people with COVID and other things to the nursing homes to get the death number up in the only population that it could actually kill.
But let's get to these reports.
They're up on Infowars.com.
Here's an engineer with an OSHA-certified machine.
We went and bought one, showed the same numbers, that under a mask, not even the really tight ones, those are even worse, that it's dangerous levels and illegal to make people work in an environment wearing these masks.
Here is the engineer breaking it down.
The story's on Infowars.com.
Then Owen Schroer duplicated it.
Here it is.
We'll do a little test here today.
A lot of people are saying they're getting headaches and stuff from wearing a mask that they're requiring us to wear pretty much everywhere we go.
And I'm going to test oxygen level under a mask using an OSHA approved
Air Quality Monitor that tests for oxygen levels, hazardous gas levels, LEL, CO, NH3, H2S, stuff like that.
This monitor is bump tested every day.
It's calibrated every 30 days.
OSHA requires 19.5% oxygen to work in a space.
Look it up.
Normal oxygen levels is anywhere from 20 to 21, right in that area.
So I'm going to do a little test here.
I'm going to put the sampling tube at the corner of my mouth.
And I'm not exerted, I'm just standing here.
So we're going to put it right here.
That's going straight to the air quality monitor.
We'll see what the oxygen level is.
So, I've got 20.5.
Okay, 20.6.
That is the oxygen level without the mask.
Now I'm going to set the camera down and put a mask on.
Do the same test, hose in the same spot.
You can hear the alarm going off.
That means that there is a hazardous atmosphere.
And we'll see what the levels are.
17.4 17.5 it's starting to go back up okay it's going to clear at 19.5 and that's what is required to work in a space so if you're wondering about headaches and stuff like that there's why because you're not getting enough oxygen if you're exerted working running whatever the case may be it's only going to get worse from there so
If this alarm goes off, Gavin, that means I'm inhaling dangerous levels of carbon dioxide.
Oh, there it goes!
There it goes, Gavin!
Look at that!
That's amazing, dude.
See that?
That is amazing.
Look at the levels.
They're shooting up close to 5,000.
They're now over 5,000, Gavin.
Look at that.
Look at that, Gavin.
Over 6,000 now.
So this is what they want us to do, Gavin.
They want us to breathe in deadly air that if you had this air in your home, you would call poison control, call the fire department and evacuate your family.
And so if you're wondering, how come every time I wear a mask, how come every time I wear a mask, I start to get a headache?
That's because you're breathing in carbon dioxide.
I've had this mask on for less than 60 seconds.
And I've already reached 3,000 pm, which caused increased respiration and headache.
Now watch these levels go up.
This is the N95 mask.
That's what they want us to wear.
And now I'm breathing in dangerous levels of carbon dioxide.
Folks, you can fight back against the enemy.
We have a platform.
They didn't want us to have one.
We have it.
This video is posted at WeCan'tBreathe.News.
Get it.
Email it.
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Twitter it.
Hand deliver it.
Share it.
Text message it.
Just get it out!
We have the engineer.
We have Owen.
We have the devices.
We have the proof.
We have the facts.
Fight back against the terrorists.
Fight back against the UN takeover.
If I sound desperate, if I sound upset, if I sound angry, I am.
We are in the middle of a United Nations world government takeover.
I'm not going to march blue helmets down the street and say, we're here to take your guns.
We're the UN.
They're going to say, oh, your police are bad.
They're rioting.
We're here to oversee them.
And we're going to have advisors that run your department now from the UN.
And we're going to take down your statues because your country is bad.
And we're going to re-educate your children.
And we're going to have you denounce yourself as bad to prove you're part of the club.
And then there's always something else you've got to denounce yourself for.
The globalists admit that Mao Zedong's communist model is the model they're using because it was US, British, and other psychological warfare experts on record that put Mao in and trained him.
That's all declassified.
I remember reading that from the John Birch Society when I was like in high school and I didn't believe it.
And then later I was watching History Channel once I was already on air in the mid-90s.
They had the former CIA section chief from 1949 in China, in Southeast Asia quadrant, admitting we put Mao in, we didn't like Chiang Kai-shek, we gave him guns that didn't have firing pins, we helped fund the Cultural Revolution as the model of the future.
And then I found out David Rockefeller wrote two articles for the New York Times saying the same thing!
I'm not the one saying this.
They're the ones saying it.
Of course it's all happening.
They've spent trillions of stolen dollars to do this.
They're not setting up Marxist-Leninist stuff at all the universities because they intend to fail.
Don't take the weakness of their followers as weakness.
That's because they're slaves.
They're zombies.
Their ignorance is strength for their evil system.
Why do you think major universities have announced that they're banning the word freedom from textbooks and documents?
I'm not joking, that's in the stack today.
Because they say freedom is slavery.
They actually say that.
People went, that's George Orwell.
They went, yeah, it is.
If they can say George Orwell, up is down, down is up, and you accept that they can do anything because you're rational, you think this is preposterous, this won't succeed.
Do you know how stupid the average person is out there now?
And there's so much information that people just get lost in all of it.
I do too.
I've been getting prepared since 6 a.m.
this morning.
By the time I get on air, I can hardly talk.
I'm so pissed.
By the way, that's a very powerful video from that engineer showing with an OSHA meter that there's dangerous levels of carbon dioxide behind the mask as you're breathing it out.
And that levels like that long-term in your house could kill you.
It lowers the oxygen level in your blood, displaces oxygen.
Now, that gets confused a lot with carbon monoxide and Owen did a great job.
He was live on air and he was saying monoxide.
That's what comes out of the combustion engine and that's how you kill yourself with the, you know, in the garage by closing it with a car.
But it's still the same issue that it's a gas displacing oxygen in the blood.
And you're not able to get fresh oxygen wearing a mask.
You're breathing the carbon dioxide that your lungs and your bloodstream are spitting back out.
So technically, it does make you continue to absorb a little bit of carbon monoxide that's in the air and other trace toxic gases like radon.
So it's not completely a false statement.
But whenever we are talking fast on air and covering things and get things wrong, we're always going to correct it.
Carbon dioxide is the issue, not monoxide.
But it's still the same issue, and that these masks are toxic even under OSHA's own rules.
If you're doing any type of basic labor, that means walking, that means talking, that means doing basic stuff.
And those videos are posted right now, the engineer videos posted right there at the top of, that's what I want to put at the top guys, WeCan'tBreathe.News.
We're going to be out there protesting this weekend.
Okay, here's what I'm going to do.
We have the great researcher and filmmaker, Reverend Clennard Childress from blackgenocide.org joining us.
He was going to be on with us a few days ago, but he had a family member at the hospital.
He had to go take care of that.
We certainly understand.
He'll be joining us to really go deep down the rabbit hole today in the third hour.
But I want to open the phones up in the second hour for you to respond to the double attack, the pincer attack of the second COVID lockdown.
That means total depression.
They even admit that.
Versus the other side of the pincer attack, the race war.
America sucks.
Get rid of all the monuments, shut everything down.
Democrats are all wearing masks conveniently so they can engage in violence.
It's totally sickening.
That's all coming up in the next hour as well.
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And kill the Republican leadership.
I mean, I'm not kidding, okay?
I expect anything to happen.
This is beyond hair on the back of my neck standing up.
Hair on the back of my neck burnt off now.
I don't even get chills anymore now.
It's just more like an energy I've never even felt.
It's just like... We are in war!
We are under attack by absolute pure evil!
Just get ready, I'm telling you.
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I used to feel a little guilty if I get killed for my family, whatever.
Look, there's no future, period.
Anyways, we don't beat this.
You just better get right with God and fight the enemy and spread the word every way you can, insanely.
Because that's what matters and that's what counts.
And I've never held back going after the New World Order.
I just, they're so evil it just sounds insane if I say what they're really into.
But you know what?
I am not holding anything back.
I'm gonna just absolutely spill my guts and just give you 100% what's coming right out of my psyche.
You got my total commitment to never back down, to never give in.
And I just, the more pressure they put on us, the more I would never give in.
Stronger than I've ever been, and I know you are.
And I can feel God's just absolute rage at Satan and his minions.
They're all going to absolutely be destroyed.
In fact, they already know it.
That's why they want to take as many of us with them as they can.
Let's not let them do that.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
Alright, you know the country is in deep trouble when I typed in the name Bubba Wallace this morning and there were hundreds of headlines I scanned over about he's a hero, he's the new Martin Luther King.
ESPN was saying that because he saw this, even though it wasn't a noose, it's important he's standing up to racism.
And NASCAR taking it serious, they're heroes, and just all the corporate virtue signaling is beyond disgusting.
But even Fox News had most of the hosts on there babbling and, you know, agreeing that, you know, Bubba's just concerned about what's happening.
You know, Bubba is a little corporate monster that wants to get a Nike sponsorship from their slave factories.
That's all this is, is people that are told by their managers, like Jesse Smollett, go out and say you got attacked and you'll be in a bigger star.
And then it creates racial division and war.
So I'm going to get into what's really happened with the COVID lockdown and how serious it's going to be and how we can stop it.
Then I'm going to get into the tearing down of the statues and what's really behind that.
Now they want Mount Rushmore.
But first, let's get to this clip from Fox News on the fake news incident.
And then we'll come back on the other side and plunge right into all the clips and all the news.
Please spread the word.
Please spread the live links.
That's how we override the enemy.
So this prompted much support from NASCAR for Bubba, which was very nice.
But then the real news came out.
The news was a garage door pull that had been around well before Bubba ever arrived.
So it's a misunderstanding.
It wasn't Bubba's fault.
He was told about it.
So time to move on, media.
Except, some can't.
Not when they've sunk so much effort into this.
Right, Al?
It's clear what a noose represents.
And then did someone know that it was in the store when they did belatedly assign Bubba there?
I do not think that we've seen closure in this particular inquiry.
So how does Al still get a pass on this stuff?
It's as if all the anchors who interview him willfully forget Tawana Brawley.
So even after FBI's 15 agents concluded Wallace wasn't a hate crime victim, the media still can't let it go.
So what should end up as a tense mix-up becomes media-driven race bait.
As the story fades, the media tries to give it CPR to keep the dissent alive, which means egging the athlete on.
It's not fair to Bubba.
The good news, a racist act turns out, once again, not to be racist at all.
The bad news, the race baiters don't care.
Because for the media, evidence of racism is a good thing, even if it's not real.
It's their way of weaseling out of their role and unleashing the lie.
Alright, let's stop there before he goes to Juan Williams and all the disagreeing with him.
This was all done by design.
Obviously, Bubba
Bubba Wallace, the new Martin Luther King.
You'll get an ESPN article, and there's hundreds of these.
Just, oh, he's such an angel.
He saw this little loop right there, and it just was scary looking, and people want to kill him.
Meanwhile, you're like, hey, Bubba Wallace, what about all the black babies that get aborted, the number one cause of death?
Shut up!
Get out of my way, racist!
Black people go out to chop and say, hey, what about all the black babies?
They go, shut up, and call them N-words.
The black people do.
And the white people do.
It's like, well, when a white guy calls a black guy the N-word, it's OK, because, you know, that black brother's not woke enough, so we got to keep him in line.
And they're going to ruin everything.
They've already ruined the NFL.
They're going to ruin NASCAR.
Because they're all just vehicles of control.
The globalists have unlimited fiat money they print.
They don't care if they lose half the viewers of NASCAR.
They love it!
They see it as an American culture.
They're wrecking!
They want you in your house, watching what CNN says, before they give you inoculations that slowly kill you.
They want you dead!
Just like the Wall Street Journal said, the beautiful end of humanity.
All right, we are now into hour number two, and I want to open the phones up to talk about the COVID-19 lockdown, too.
Governor Abbott has sworn allegiance to the United Nations and to his new boss, the mayor of, I guess, the new world order system known as California.
No, the governor, American Psycho Newsome.
Very, very shameful.
We're going to be looking at all of that.
Coming up, the total hoax that this is in the next segment.
But first, let me go ahead and hit this.
Look at these headlines before I get into it.
Let's just look at these headlines because they stand on their own.
And then we'll plow through what's really going on here and where all this is going in this two-pronged attack.
Face of the Conquerors.
That's the headline AP.
Trump trip to Rushmore draws fire.
Yeah, the president can't go to a national park.
That's just terrible.
I mean, look.
George Washington's right there.
Abraham Lincoln.
Rhode Island governor moves to change state's official name due to slavery ties.
College removes word freedom from ID cards because it reminds some students of slavery.
Freedom is now slavery.
1984 is down here.
UK man who flew White Lives Matter banner fired from job along with his girlfriend and others.
Australia's public broadcaster coming out saying that chess could be racist.
Is the color black and white as bad?
Cambridge promotes academic who said white lives don't matter.
Cambridge defends lecturer who tweeted white lives don't matter and abolish the white people.
Premier League footballers kneel again for BLM.
No recognition for victims.
Three white victims targeted and stabbed to death by Durka Durka Muhammad Jihad.
Trump said, look what's going on here.
Where are the protesters?
Was this man arrested?
This was a few days ago that Trump said that, three days ago.
But this happened 10 days ago.
Democrat prosecutor David Linton is debating whether to file charges in Macy's attack.
Now they've seen the surveillance footage, it's out, the white worker did not call him the n-word, but the black man then, to I guess get a viral video, or maybe a belt, I guess, I guess he has a belt to tie his pants tighter, beats up the white guy in a, in a, in a
Victory event.
I noticed he picked out a metrosexual dude.
Let me tell you, you do that to me, you're going to the hospital if you're lucky.
But I don't care if you're white or black, you're going to get hurt real bad.
Pop me in the face for no reason.
But don't worry, the guy grovels, he gets there, he doesn't, you know, grab up a
Metal paperweight or something to bash the guy's brains out.
No, he sits there and begs and begs and pleads.
And they're saying that, in fact, Twitter's defending it, saying, oh, we bet he said the N-word.
Turns out they had the footage.
But it turns out the Democrats probably aren't going to do anything.
So let's go ahead and I have hundreds of these videos a day.
Because the new trophy thing to do is to beat up a white person, whether they're an old lady, you name it.
And so you've got this idiot, again in underwear, beating up the white
Stockholm Syndrome, learned helplessness, jellyfish.
So, I mean, I guess in a way we've raised men in this country, especially white men that act like this, I guess give the guy a medal!
Hell, why not just beat him up?
Why not give the guy a hatchet?
Like the UN funded the one group of Rwandans to kill the others.
I mean, why not?
I mean, anyways, here is the white devil getting what he deserves at Macy's.
Don't touch me.
Don't touch me.
Don't touch me.
By the way, I know.
Stop this.
You know, give me the uncensored version, because it's the black guy saying the N-word.
Because that's the excuse, you see.
I'm gonna burn stuff down!
You're a white devil!
I'm gonna kill you!
And that's what the left does, it turns out.
The vast majority of BLM in a big study are white.
And that's the academics out creating this riot.
We know from the own documents of Soros, Alexander Soros, that's the whole plan here.
So from now on we're not going to believe that word.
Our masters, that is liberal black people, are saying it.
That he is allowed to.
And he's allowed to beat this guy with an inch of his life and then have Twitter celebrate it and say that the man deserves it.
So should we have the raw version yet?
While we're getting the raw version, let's go to this.
White man punched in the head by black men on a bus.
And Twitter says he deserves it.
The guy's not talking, he doesn't know what's about to happen.
I say the man deserves, because he's white, just like the Cambridge professor says, to be executed.
I think they should just, again, I think machetes are the way to go.
And I think they should just kill the white man.
Of course, I'm being sarcastic.
I may actually get endorsed by Media Matters now if I actually start calling for killing white people.
They're like, Alex Jones is good!
Now, they don't want any Nazi collaborators hurt over at Media Matters.
You're an actual Nazi collaborator.
Everything's okay.
Oh, by the way, here's the good news, ladies and gentlemen.
Here's the good news.
Bill Gates came out like a moray eel and said, I'm your boss, I'm your God, and you're never going to leave your house again.
Lockdown 2 is coming, it's never going to end, and giggled and laughed about it.
Yeah, vaccines are going to kill a bunch of you, but you don't have a damn thing to say about it.
I'm going to track you with all these digital tattoos.
It's so blew up in his face that he's now retracted in.
And so is Zuckerberg that works for him.
But they'll be back with the forced inoculations after we've been locked down or in a deep depression for a while longer.
Again, the reason there's context to this is because the black guy is beating up the metrosexual white guy that properly grovels and properly submits.
Like the white guy that's at a Black Lives Matter checkpoint in Austin.
And he's been there 30 minutes.
He walks up and says, can I please get through?
I love Black Lives Matter.
I'm sorry I'm white.
And they go, bam, upside the head.
They keep beating him.
And the guy's apologizing while the black guy beats him.
I agree.
That white guy should take a dagger and stick it in his carotid artery and go, ah!
Just cut his whole head off and just go, ah!
That's what you do.
That's how you submit.
None of this is crazy.
None of this is insane.
None of this is bad.
And thank God Facebook bans us putting that video out.
Because you're not even allowed to know that this is happening.
Why shouldn't?
But of course, Twitter's not banning this video.
I'll play it on my phone, actually.
Twitter's not banning this video, ladies and gentlemen.
Because they understand it's a good thing.
Yeah, so there's no audio on this, but you can see the evil white devil sitting there looking at his phone.
And now the gods, the good people, those that are oppressed, that are battling to get into the United States, if they can be oppressed, start beating up the white devil.
Thanks for telling me that.
Okay, now the audio is and the video is ready.
Here is the white devil getting what's coming to him.
Lucky he's not dead.
Thank God the police aren't going to do anything.
They ought to give the man a medal.
Here is the white devil being attacked at Macy's.
Let's see it again.
Why isn't he taking that white devil and putting his head in that glass?
Look at that devil.
I didn't touch you!
Help me!
I didn't touch you!
I didn't touch you!
Remember when Hillary had the light fall by her on 60 Minutes and she jumps up and goes, whoo, whoo, whoo?
That's who rules us, though.
Don't touch me, nigger.
Don't touch me, nigger.
I didn't touch you.
I'm wearing my mask.
I'm a good boy.
Please help me.
Please, no.
Alright boy!
I wish somebody would do that to me!
I could really let off some steam, but no.
No, no, no.
All these big tough guys are going to find a nice metro-sexual guy.
Probably blew him a kiss.
Well, you found out how you're doing, you dumbass cracker.
Folks, Alex Jones here back live.
I don't want to spend any more time
I don't know.
And they go, well, it's a white supremacist, they're driving a Ford truck, or the guy's washing the tires on his car, so I'm gonna shoot him in the head.
And the media's like, well, you know, they're doing a good job, good job, Black Lives Matter.
But I gotta tell ya, I dislike the white guy getting beat up by the black guy more than I dislike the brainwashed black guy.
Because the black guy's not wearing a stupid mask, he knows it's all hoax.
And the white guy is this metrosexual that just wants to sit there and lay down and take it.
It'd be one thing if he fought back and got his ass kicked, but he doesn't even know how to cover his face up if he's going to ball up like a little wimp.
I mean, let me tell you, that guy got picked because he's wearing skinny jeans and he looks like he's going to take it.
I mean, somebody hits me in the head, first thing I'm going to do is pick up something and smash it across their face.
Then I'm going to jump on top of them and ram their head in the ground.
But instead, this guy gets to sit there and pretend he's Mike Tyson.
Like all the countless other videos of white people getting beat up, we could have 20 of them a day for you.
World star hip-hop, so proud of it.
And where's the CNN articles about, website that gets millions of views a day celebrates racial attacks.
Can you imagine a KKK site that just celebrated attacks on blacks?
I'd call for it to be shut down.
That's disgusting.
But no, the left is allowed to do whatever they want.
And I've got video after video.
But the big takeaway is, the Democrat prosecutor isn't going to do jack.
He's been saying for at least 10 days that they're going to do nothing.
And you know, they're saying, oh, our son Adam was brutally murdered by a drug dealer, and he won't do anything about that either.
They don't care.
The left likes it.
They think it's funny, it's lawlessness.
All right, let's go ahead.
Let me just stop right here.
Part of the problem is, again, I get in here and do all this research, have all these clips and all these news articles, and then they just bring me in even more insane stuff during the break, and I'm just like,
It's like Starship Troopers where they kill a couple of the bugs on their first mission and they go around the corner and there's like 10,000 and they're like, uh... It's like, what the hell?
And then I see the average person oblivious to how much danger everybody's in.
I mean, the New World Order is running a Marxist-Leninist collapse play, and are in every financial publication saying, depression, end of the dollar, end of America, we are being taken down.
It's so criminal.
And the only response would be, Trump declares what's happening, they arrest the conspirators, because it's a foreign coup, it's a globalist coup.
The country is so undermined and we're so used to appeasing that if Trump did that, they've already got the CFR saying the military is going to kill him or have him arrested.
Because let me tell you, those top generals all just want to play golf and act tough.
They don't give a damn about America.
They're all invested in China and they just think they're going to retire off.
They're not.
They're not.
The globalists are going to have hardcore purges in this country.
And these generals and people of this country falls are going to be hiding out in third world countries wishing they had done something.
But it doesn't matter because they were bred and created because they were cowards and un-American and put in in the last 50 years for this moment to bring this country down.
So let me just tell everybody the good news.
Things totally collapse.
The average leftist is going to be a starving maggot in the street.
And if they live, they're going to be in a communist forced labor camp.
Because once the communists take over, they go, now all you idiots that got us into power, we're putting you in forced labor camps to teach you actually how to work.
And when they bitch and complain and talk about racism, they're going to get their teeth knocked out and the globalists are going to drag them out to a mass grave and shoot them in the back of the head.
So all you little turds and all you little antifa, if you get what you want, you're the first people going in that mass grave.
Instead, all Trump's got to do is take about 100 people on a helicopter ride and all this would stop.
But he doesn't have the people.
He doesn't have the military.
Because America is rotten to the core.
We're a devil-worshipping, baby-killing, pedophile-loving cesspool.
And they're just busy getting rid of any skeletal structure that can hold it up or fix it or regenerate it.
The country could regenerate.
We could turn it around.
There's still a lot of good people.
But let me explain something.
People just like Jeffrey Epstein run the show, and they want one thing.
Power over productive, powerful people.
They want to run your life, and they've got people under them that want to do it, and they're coming for everybody, and if you don't have the will to face that and understand that, you're done.
So there's all these people that are going to play it safe in the power structure and play it safe in the system.
Playing it safe in the end game of a takeover is the most unsafe thing you could do.
All right, let me just do this.
Let me get the number out.
You can dial the U.S.
country code 512-646-1776 if you'd like as well.
But look at these headlines.
Pew analysis shows only one in six BLM protesters are black.
Seattle CHOP leaders tell protesters to go home.
Support revolutionary candidate Joe Biden.
Man shot in chase.
CHOP wants to sue police for not responding fast enough.
Video Bubba Wallace wanted to go down to Georgia and retaliate for Ahmed Aubrey shooting.
Johnsons and Johnsons stopped selling skin whitening creams to respect George Floyd's death.
Meanwhile, Main Street News is teaching how to topple statues.
And massive human slavery is going on all over the world, and this is covering it up.
And the big Fortune 500 companies are the main culprits.
But it's okay, because they support Black Lives Matter.
Let's sort out the awful modern-day human slavery that still exists, rather than worrying about what happened centuries ago.
That's the article.
But they're not worried about that.
They're opening that wound for control.
Meanwhile, FDA paid over $90,000 for fresh and never-frozen fetal tissue to create humanized mice.
That's right.
They're just getting used to clones that are part animal, until you see the real clones.
That's all part of the conditioning.
That's on Infowars.com.
Meanwhile, they bring in African migrants to Belgium.
They want all the Belgium kings and the statues taken down.
They're heroes.
But they sure want into Belgium.
That's just some of what we've got there.
But when we come back, your calls, and I'm going to hit the big news on the second big COVID lockdown.
It never ended.
I told you before they end it, they'll turn it back on.
This is permanent with contact tracing apps on your phones and forced inoculations because Bill Gates wants your ass dead.
There's an incredibly important, powerful article.
By John Rapoport from nomorefakenews.com posted to InfoWars.
And I want to take your call, so I'm not going to read it all on air, but he gets into the fact that COVID-19 is about killing old people.
And it's just the rollout of killing old people so the insurance companies and others don't have to pay for the insurance policies they've paid out.
Then they use that number to scare people and to bring in forced inoculations, which brings in even more control and sterilization.
Which Bill and Melinda Gates are in charge of worldwide, on record.
So watching this ongoing mass crime against us all, and the bankrupting of our future, and the headlines about America's over, America lost the war.
America lost the war with COVID-19.
And there's 110,000 dead and almost all of them are old people they killed?
And the rest are people that died of other stuff?
It's a giant criminal hoax!
Fauci should be indicted!
The Rockefeller Foundation should be SWAT teamed!
They're all on record running the Wuhan lab!
The whole thing!
The fake testing!
But the public is so ignorant still.
Or there's just lack of action.
Almost everybody I talk to actually knows it's a hoax and knows about Fauci running a lab and knows about killing old people.
But there's still a lot of ignorant folks.
They've got contact tracers who go out to the homeless and the mentally ill areas where they find mentally ill homeless and they tell them, you got a cough?
Would you like some free medicine and checkup?
And they're just compartmentalized.
They don't know what they're doing.
They take them to a hospital, special facility.
They put them on a COVID ward level and they kill them.
They stick a tube down their throat, blow their lungs out, and murder them.
And then when we were the first to expose it four months ago, Media Matters attacks us and says we should be taken off the air.
But now it's confirmed you have aided and abetted Media Matters.
That's all you do.
You work for a Nazi.
A real live one.
You're a proud of yourselves.
I wouldn't say shame on them, but that makes them happy.
That's who they are.
How the virus won.
Take down Mount Rushmore.
America sucks.
This isn't some leftist Marxist university professor saying this.
They're saying it too.
This is mainline AP, New York Times.
And they get $52,000 when they say it's a COVID patient and put a tube down their throat.
They just showed USA Today fact check.
It's true.
So, the most important video out there is at WeCan'tBreathe.News.
Watch air quality device proves mask unsafe for work.
And we went and got one of these OSHA devices and it shows it.
Under OSHA guidelines, you should not work in an environment that has oxygen anywhere near this level.
And this goes way, way, way, way lower than even that with carbon dioxide coming out and not getting through the mask.
And so you're not getting new oxygen in and you're recirculating the carbon dioxide.
Stories on Infowars.com.
Here is the breakdown.
We'll do a little test here today.
A lot of people are saying they're getting headaches and stuff from wearing a mask that they're requiring us to wear pretty much everywhere we go.
And I'm going to test oxygen level under a mask using an OSHA approved
Air Quality Monitor that tests for oxygen levels, hazardous gas levels, LEL, CO, NH3, H2S, stuff like that.
This monitor is bump tested every day.
It's calibrated every 30 days.
OSHA requires 19.5% oxygen to work in a space.
Look it up.
Normal oxygen levels is anywhere from 20 to 21, right in that area.
So I'm going to do a little test here.
I'm going to put the sampling tube at the corner of my mouth.
And I'm not exerted, I'm just standing here.
So we're going to put it right here.
That's going straight to the air quality monitor.
We'll see what the oxygen level is.
So, I've got 20.5.
Okay, 20.6.
That is the oxygen level without the mask.
Now I'm going to set the camera down and put a mask on.
Do the same task, hose in the same spot.
You can hear the alarm going off.
That means that there is a hazardous atmosphere.
And we'll see what the levels are. 17.4.
17.5 it's starting to go back up okay it's going to clear at 19.5 and that's what is required to work in a space so if you're wondering about headaches and stuff like that there's why because you're not getting enough oxygen if you're exerted working running whatever the case may be it's only going to get worse from there so
So that video is posted at WeCan'tBreathe.news.
Please go there and please share it.
And join us this Sunday high noon at the Texas Capitol, and please do it in your own area of the nation or the world, because this is all a UN-directed takeover.
The death numbers are way down, the positives are way up, because the tests are predominantly fraudulent, that's on record, and they've massively increased the testing.
We've got all the graphs, even from John Hopkins, that's running the damn thing.
Testing goes up, and the number of people infected goes up, of course.
We've done hundreds of times, any other nation's done, on record.
Also now, America can be blamed and now Europe's saying they're going to ban our aircraft from coming there because we're the source and China's open for business.
Because we have a medical tyranny.
We have a medical government under the UN.
Oh, we've got a libertarian federal government that isn't involved in anything.
And we're like, oh, we're libertarians.
And then meanwhile, we don't even have a government.
We have foreign globalist government.
That's why you have to have a government is to stop the other corrupt governments.
And it better be a republic.
And it better be American style.
And you better watch it.
And keep it under control.
And not let it get taken over.
So where are the libertarians now?
We're run by the UN.
We're run by China.
We're run by Hollywood.
We're run by the universities.
We're run by the media.
Because they're all bigger than the government.
We don't need a big government to be bigger than them.
We need the government to execute the authority of we, the people.
And we need Trump to execute order number 66.
And I'm dead damn serious.
But it's not going to happen because it doesn't exist.
You got a bunch of people that just want to watch their 401k, which they're going to lose anyways, and keep playing along as they go into the jaws of this system.
We have a foreign global Chinese government financing Hollywood, on record, and financing the Democrats.
And it comes out in the new stroke, text messages and emails, what we already knew, and the handwritten notes yesterday, stories on Infowars.com, it broke when the show was over, that handwritten notes of the FBI agents in charge of the fake investigation said, we're doing this under the orders
Of Obama and Biden after they were out of office!
It'd have been illegal if they did it before they left, which they were doing.
To do it after they're out of office is so illegal on so many fronts, it staggers the brain.
And those little arrogant FBI agents, Strzok and Page, were so convinced they'd get rid of Trump,
That they wrote notes about it, obviously to protect themselves later if it came out.
That's why Brennan and Clyburn go, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!
You want to prosecute us for illegally spying on the election of the president?
We were ordered to by Obama because you know he's God.
And now you know why they're trying to crowd a race war, and crash the economy, and keep us locked down, and say America is to blame for the virus, and then lie about all the stuff.
Because they're going to be destroyed if Trump wins again.
Because they're all gonna go to prison!
But here's the problem.
If they win, they're gonna purge all of us.
But not without a fight.
So choose your adventure.
Peacefully fix things now, or war.
Physical war.
You know, America and the world can decide to get out of its coma and fight back, or we can just be destroyed.
But I'm telling you, the general public is in a coma.
In a spiritual malaise.
A mirage.
A mirage.
And my mission is to mutilate the guts of the New World Order on a massive way.
Revolution in their minds!
The degenerate slaves of Satan want power!
That they were promised!
And they're gonna get that power!
They're gonna be torn limb from limb!
And they're gonna starve to death!
And they're gonna have any chance they ever had to be free destroyed!
But they don't care!
Because they want to push people around!
They want to be thugs!
And they want all the power!
Without any other responsibility.
But they don't conjure their own power.
They conjure their own destruction.
All right, let's get into it.
We'll finish up with these headlines and I'll go to your calls for about 20, 30 minutes and we got a guest coming on, Reverend Shoulders.
But just right here, you might want to go to
We can't breathe got news and just get the article and get the link.
It wasn't up there earlier.
I don't know why but it's it's it's being put up there right now.
Okay, you went there and it wasn't there.
I apologize.
But it's there now with a lot of other key critical Intel about COVID-19 and the whole thing being a gigantic complete and total fraud.
Let's go ahead and get into some of the other articles.
As COVID cases fall in Europe, that means they're stopping the testing, calls to ban travel from America rises.
What the EU got right about controlling coronavirus?
All a giant fraud.
Oh, like Sweden saying it was a hoax and then not having any cases?
Virus cases are soaring in Texas, but closing down isn't last option as the governor slowly closes us down again under his boss.
Governor Newsom.
So the governor of Texas is now Gavin Newsom and his deputy is, well, Greg Abbott.
New coronavirus cases in California rise 70% in just two days as Governor Newsom considers reinstating strict rules.
Oh, he's gonna save us.
New York imposes travel restrictions on visitors from Texas, the latest coronavirus hotspot.
Yes, it's all Texas.
That covers up now what they did in the hospitals, what they did in the nursing homes, and Cuomo's the good guy and Texas is bad.
And the numbers just aren't there.
Thousands and thousands, like 6,000 Travis County cases and only 120-something dead.
They're almost all 85 of 3 conditions.
But Trump's in denial.
It's all his fault.
And you see the hysteria and what it's doing to the economy.
Media-induced fear of COVID-19 is starting to cause a second wave of severe economic panic.
Don't worry, there's trillions more given to central banks, not to you.
And it just devalues.
But O. Abbott's the savior.
He doesn't come out and say, wow, we were supposed to have hundreds of thousands dead in Texas.
We only got a couple thousand.
Most of those were super old and false positive.
No, he doesn't do that.
He's a hero, man.
He gets up there and he says, when Governor Newsom or the UN says something, I get on my knees and I say, yes, sir.
Governor Abbott bans elective surgeries in Harris, Bayer, Dallas, and Travis counties because we need more room for COVID!
Meanwhile, the hospitals are empty!
Oh, but your family can't come in and see you when you have it, but people that have diseases can.
Pandemic rages in the U.S., spurring quarantine calls, mask orders, Bloomberg!
Democrats to hold largely viral virtual convention.
Virtual conventions so they can remove Biden at the key time and put in who they're really planning.
And even the Hill has told you Hillary and Obama are planning to run as president and VP.
They're going to claim it's legal and lawful.
And if you're against Obama doing it, he's black, you're racist.
That's been announced.
So that's one of the things they've got in the cards.
See how this virtual stuff works?
And the Republican thing may be virtual now.
So when, oh, they try to not give Trump the delegates, oh, no one will be there to say, you know, no, we're against that.
They'll just say, oh, digitally, the Republicans say he doesn't get it.
Meanwhile, I've got footage from the United States, Spain, you name it.
Railway guards throw man downstairs that he refuses to wear mask because they're heroes.
And the Spanish Communist Dictatorship.
And then that super powerful article that I'm asking you to get at Infowars.com and Newswars.com, and I'm begging you to share for the old folks and the homeless and others there that they're going to intubate and murder.
But you get the article, COVID-19 is a nursing home disaster.
You know, that's his headline.
We ought to change it and just say, COVID-19
Is a euthanasia program killing old people?
COVID-19, like it's even his quote, he wrote this.
COVID-19 is about old people.
Because that's what it is.
It's about getting
We should probably also add his interview yesterday into the article because that's really an important article if you want to stop these murdering criminals.
Because he lays it all out in a short article.
Well, it's just info wars.
I mean, the whole system's trying to shut it down, and it's on the cutting edge.
Why even try to stop Fauci?
Just lay down to him.
You know, maybe not say so much controversial stuff, and maybe you won't get banned on Twitter or Facebook.
Yeah, we'll have a total depression, giant race war, everything collapse, reorganization, Maoist-style brigades in the United States, total re-education.
That little lying maggot that carried out the whole AIDS scam and been involved in all these other criminal activities.
That little Rockefeller, Ford Foundation, George Soros, Bill and Melinda Gates front man.
Heavily invested, running the Wuhan operation, running the fact checkers, censoring the internet, running the whole criminal conspiracy and proud as punch.
At what he's done to you.
All the models were lies.
25 to 22 times higher deaths than there were.
Fake testing.
Shutdown testing.
Total scams.
Sending in people with COVID-19, pneumonia, and the flu into nursing homes as a death sentence when doctors said that's insane.
Threatening to arrest doctors in 10 states if they didn't take COVID patients in the nursing homes and then giving you over half the deaths.
A mass murderer.
Governor Cuomo guilty.
Tony Fauci guilty of murder, murder, murder, murder!
Oh, and then, through the grapevine, the CIA and the FBI want me to know that there's chatter at the Joint Terrorism Task Forces, why they've got a hit team ready to come kill me, as if I give a damn!
You think, oh god don't kill me!
Please stop!
I'm gonna shut up so you can murder old people and homeless people and keep killing babies!
I burn in hell!
I'll get you, don't you worry!
You can do nothing to me, you scum!
I am not a cowardly sack of garbage like you!
You will be destroyed by God!
It's you that should be scared!
I'll assure you, you spiritually blind rats!
You vampires!
The sun is coming, high noon's coming, and you know what happens to people like you in the blazing light!
I transcend!
You will be destroyed.
Alright, I'm going to start the next hour and go to your calls.
But the good news is, I told you this was when I was at the beach.
When people didn't even know who I was.
Everywhere they're like, the pedophile rings run it all.
They're devil whispers.
They're murdering old people in the hospitals.
Black people, white people, Hispanic people, old people, young people.
I'd be in a grocery store.
I'd be getting gas.
I'd be out in the water.
I'd be in the pool at the hotel.
And just everyone was like, the new world order.
They're murderers.
They're criminals.
They're Rockefellers.
Bill Gates.
They're all... And I'm just like...
And maybe only like one out of ten folks who knew who I was, but they all knew the truth when I went on vacation last week.
And now city councils everywhere.
Men and women are getting up in Texas, in New York, in Florida, in California, and they're saying everything.
There's a video on Infowars.com where this woman just tears the hell out of them.
And I saw CNN play a short clip last night and they were scared because they know at CNN what they've done.
You're gonna pay so good.
I can't wait.
Because vengeance is God's.
And I can feel the vengeance.
You're gonna pay good.
Don't you worry.
You're gonna burn in hell.
The end of logic.
The evil corrupt left are exposed.
They're falling apart.
Hollywood's dying.
It's all dying.
So they're just trying to take us with them.
The truth is, whether you're black, white, old, or young, most of us love God and love justice and want to come together.
They're trying to make us all crazy and get in each other's throats.
We've got to have optimism.
We've got to love America, love freedom.
We've got to ask God for guidance.
And we're going to make it through this.
You know, staring into the abyss, I have to make sure I don't become the abyss.
But seriously, it's a real honor and a real pleasure to stand up against these people.
And I do the best job I can for being a flawed human.
We've all fallen short, glory to God, but as I stare into the New World Order and who they are, I'll do anything, including die if I need to, to not serve them.
That's not even an issue.
It's not even an, oh, I feel sorry for myself.
I don't have a death wish either.
I'll never commit suicide, but I'm just not worried about it.
They could put a gun to my head, or you name it, and I will not get on my knees.
And it's that attitude we have to have, because you're not getting on your knees to something good, folks.
You're getting on your knees to the most evil stuff in the universe.
Let's go to Jason, whose point from New Mexico is, the end of logic, total breakdown.
This is the plan.
Tell us what you think is going to happen.
Well, thank you for taking my call, Mr. Jones, and may God continue to strengthen you and all of us in this fight.
Basically, like you say, we don't have to wait for orders from headquarters.
The Declaration of Independence is a holy grail, and these governments have become super-tyrannical, and now it is our duty to abolish them and throw them off.
And with these mass edicts, the government cannot force us to harm ourselves.
We're good to go.
I think so.
Well, brother, you just said it better than I've been trying to say in three hours, and I'm just so frustrated.
How are you staying so calm, which is a good thing?
I can tell you're in the place of the Most High.
How are you doing that?
Just praying?
Because to me, I'm just enraged right now, and I'm trying to control myself.
Well, it is a battle, and the reality of it is the enemy hates the truth.
That's why they suppress it.
And basically, you are a voice for many of us for what we feel inside.
So the calming nature is that collective spirit of the Holy Spirit.
The Antichrist is loose, man.
In the moment that we realize this and come to the realization that this is not a fleshly battle, the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but they are mighty through Christ for the pulling down of strongholds.
If we keep on looking at these people like, how are we going to do it?
Or Trump needs to do that?
Trump, no.
We need to own what you're doing on Sunday at noon.
Everybody needs to do something at noon on Sundays to get in touch with God.
That is the secret weapon, prayer.
And notice, we're going to have a prayer meeting, we know that.
We need to bring God into this and ask God to deliver us at these events.
That's the only way that we can do it.
I mean, it is that strong.
See, people forget that the devil has power too.
We hate to acknowledge that, but we don't believe in a God to even acknowledge the devil.
So the devil is our enemy.
So if we think it's Hillary, if we think it's Bill Gates, then we're already lost.
We've already lost the war, because the only one that can defeat this
Through you, through the workers at Infowars, through Troyer, through the just average listeners who stand up and say, you know that mask is harmful for you?
Well, Jesus saves.
God bless you.
Have a good day.
And we move on.
We can't waste time on these fools.
The fool is the one who says in their heart, there is no God.
Why would we want to fight fools?
Well, I've been really upset today, but you make me feel good, and you're absolutely right.
Jason, I've been saying this for two years.
We haven't done it yet, but a few times, but I want to start a show with the really super-informed callers.
Please give us your name and number if you want to.
I'd love to get you back on.
In fact, let's just try to get him on as a guest for 30 minutes tomorrow.
Jason, it was like a big glass of ice water in the Sahara Desert, man.
Because I just, we just got to give it to God.
The weight of this enemy is incredible.
Here's what I'm trying to say, folks.
This is it.
I just have to keep remembering what that last caller who'll be on with us as a guest tomorrow for 30 minutes said, you got to trust in God and then take action.
You just got to know that God's the power and not let yourself feel like you're up against Satan yourself.
Because when you do that,
Satan bleeds off, almost like Nietzsche said, staring into the abyss, you become the abyss.
And that's why it freaks the Satanists and the globalists out when they see me get on air sometimes.
Really, not demonic, because I'm not demonic at heart, but it's like a sheen, a shining.
It's like picking it up.
When you try to physically yourself beat it, it's very spiritual.
It's very hard to describe.
You just have to say, no, God's the armor.
God's going to do it.
I'm going to put the facts out and trust in God.
But as a man, I just constantly feel like I'm a piece of garbage, that we are allowing this evil trash to do this.
But when you look at how weak their slaves are, feel sorry for them.
They're slaves.
Because that's Satan, an ancient, evil entity in control of this, and you cannot beat it without God.
You cannot beat it.
You have to give it to God.
And thank God that caller called in, because I needed that, because I might be in a jerk to the crew, but I'm just really angry behind the scenes, and I'm just frantic, because, again, we all knew they were evil, man, but man, now it's all confirmed!
They're pedophile devil worshippers!
I mean, what?! !
And then I go out and try to have dinner somewhere, and the left comes up and screams at me, or we can't even go out and have dinner now, or they're going to lock it all down again, and the Texas governor is bowing down to the lie!
It's going to get a lot worse, and God's going to have to intercede.
It might be 5 years, 10 years, 20 years from now, I don't know.
But I know this, if we don't fight this, God is going to say, I don't know you.
And it's very simple.
Because if you're not fighting evil, not because you're some virtuous signal or some goody two-shoe, because Ezekiel said, my bones are on fire.
I can't.
They're like, we're going to kill you.
He goes, I can't.
You may see more on fire.
And that's exactly what you need to feel.
When they threaten you or attack you or try to suppress you, you should be on fire!
Not scared.
But you gotta ask God to focus and control that power because you can't control it and I can't control it.
So I'm gonna try to settle down and go to your phone calls.
But since I mentioned it, let's just play this lady.
Video woman blasts county lawmakers, says obeying devil's law with face mask order keep every single one of you going to get punished by God.
And here's what CNN played a clip of it.
We're super scared of a bunch of people in this Florida, Palm Beach area, where they're saying, one year, no mask, you can't leave your house without a mask.
Here's a compilation of what CNN showed, and here's what really happened.
Here's the CNN compilation.
At a commissioner's meeting in Florida's Palm Beach County, anger erupted after a unanimous vote to make masks mandatory.
This turned downright ugly.
Here was the scene.
You literally cannot mandate somebody to wear a mask knowing that that mask is killing people.
It literally is killing people.
And my, the people, we the people, are waking up.
And we know what citizen's arrest is.
Because citizen's arrests are already happening.
And every single one of you that are obeying the devil's laws are going to be arrested.
And you, doctor, are going to be arrested for crimes against humanity.
The problem with humanity today is ignorance, arrogance, and apathy.
Keep taking the road of least resistance.
Keep listening to the TV brainwashing you from birth.
And they want to throw God's wonderful breathing system out the door.
You're all turning your backs on it.
Doctor, I really have many question marks about your degrees and what you really know.
I'm sorry ma'am, but I don't think that you are worthy of your credentials.
And I would ask suggestively that you go back to school and get educated.
And then CNN goes, look at these evil people, they don't know what science is.
All of Fauci's science is U.N.
It's all lies, 25 times, 22 times less death, fake numbers, fake tests, killing old people.
I mean, again, they have to keep the scam going because they've triggered it.
They're never going to stop.
Contact tracers run by the Clintons.
Apps on your phone, whether you like it or not, and then they say that's made up because there's a resistance.
We're like, we don't want you to put apps without asking us.
Well, we did it for your own good.
Actually, it's a conspiracy theory.
We didn't do it.
And then anybody can go look on their phone, and it's in the operating system!
And they just try to wear you out with the lies.
Wear you out.
Wear you out.
Wear you out.
Wear you out.
Wear you out.
Wear you out.
But you gotta go watch the full CNN clip.
It's on InfoWars.
Because they're so scared when they come back.
They're shaking.
Because you know those crooks all know what they've done!
Alright, here's more of the lady.
In Palm Beach.
We've got her name and all that stuff's here in the article.
But just, here's part of what she really said.
You literally cannot mandate somebody to wear a mask knowing that that mask is killing people.
It literally is killing people.
And my, the people, we the people, are waking up.
And we know what citizen's arrest is.
Because citizen's arrests are already happening.
And every single one of you that are obeying the devil's laws are going to be arrested.
And you, doctor, are going to be arrested for crimes against humanity.
Every single one of you have a smirk behind that little mask, but every single one of you are going to get punished by God.
You cannot, you cannot escape God.
You cannot escape God.
I'm gonna say that again.
You cannot escape God.
Not even with a mask or six feet.
Six feet, like I said before, is military protocol.
You're trying to get the people to train them so when the cameras, the 5G comes out, what?
That's all true.
No, what the hell you are all talking about.
This is insane.
And then you want to open this meeting with a prayer to God.
Are you praying to the devil?
Because God is not listening to that prayer.
Because all of you are practicing the devil's laws.
What happened to Bill Gates?
Why is he not in jail?
Why is Hillary Clinton not in jail?
Why are all of these pedophiles that are demanding you all to listen to their rules, why are they not in jail?
Oh, is it because you're part of them?
Are you part of the Deep State?
Your time has expired.
The Deep State is going down.
And if any of you are in the Deep State, you're going down with it.
Well, I like my wife.
I love my wife.
We're not getting a divorce.
But if we do, I don't know who my next wife is if she's not married.
Now, why is it all these women having to go do it?
Well, it says in the end times women won't have to do what the men won't do.
The men are literally sitting on their hands because that's how you get ahead.
Oh, who cares about politics or my life?
I'll go play golf.
Or I'll go play, you know, tennis.
Nothing wrong with golf or tennis if the country wasn't burning down.
But I know so many men who literally, oh, Alex Jones gets involved.
People getting involved built this country and built everything good.
And we sit here and we watch these slugs sit on top of it, it makes me sick.
But we got Reverend Shoulders coming up.
I know we got a load of phones.
I'll get to the calls too, and I love you.
Justin and Cindy and Justin and Dave and Scott and Michael and Mankind and Nathan and Derek and Jason Jones is coming up.
I'll get to you, but Reverend Shoulders is coming up.
With the real genocide, folks, against all of humanity.
He has the great organization Exposing Black Genocide, and he also has made films and really exposed this to Congress.
And just this giant hoax of millions of babies being aborted each year, and then they make it about 14 black men wrongfully killed by police, which is an issue, but it's not real revolution.
So that's coming up.
And separately,
It is the establishment that runs the New World Order, that runs the slave camps in China, that is doing all this evil.
It's depopulating, it's starving people to death right now, under this lockdown.
Because a collapse here means total death of the third world.
And you've got all the billionaires and all the power and all the systems doing this and they say they're the establishment and overthrowing the police is how you fight the system?
They're not overthrowing the police, they're replacing them with the United Nations.
And they're coming with forced inoculations and tracking and control.
And there's a revival happening right now, not in most of the churches that are sold out, but in people's hearts.
And folks, know what's really going on.
You have famous photos from California of fires, you know, half mile away.
By the way, some of those guys never got out.
Some of those guys burned to death on the highway that came out later.
But they got that last round of golf in, dammit.
Oh, I gotta worry about my family.
I can't get involved while your whole family's being sucked down into hell.
Reverend Childress is our guest straight ahead.
Reverend Clennard Childress is our guest.
Again, I'm Alex Jones, your host.
Thank you for joining us.
He's a lifelong resident of Montclair, New Jersey, and he is a pastor, author, and filmmaker, and I'm not going to go over all of his background, but he's been exposing what's really going on and the distraction.
Things like Black Lives Matter before they even existed.
BlackGenocide.org exposes what's really going on.
Not just black babies, but babies in general, but how there's particular targeting by Bill and Melinda Gates and others.
And that's why they fund Black Lives Matter as a distraction for what's really going on.
So without me asking questions, I'm sure he's got a lot to say.
His perspective, his view on what's currently happening with the pincer attack of COVID to shut things down and then the race rioting.
Well, no doubt.
I said back in January, I wasn't as intuitive as you are, but I said there has to be something extraordinary, something of a
Of a global something that would really impact the election in November.
Because back in January they realized that indeed there was no way they were going to beat Donald Trump in November.
There's no way.
And so in the nation... So we ought to go find that.
You said that.
You said something big's coming.
They can't beat him.
They're going to pull something big.
And it went beyond my expectations to be quite honest with you, but this is it.
Uh, I think they got a little bit ahead of time.
They were going to do something else when it came to George Floyd.
That was more or less a gift.
But so they ran with that.
I think it was premature.
They were going to pull something in August on the race stuff, but they went early because Floyd was powerful footage.
Very good.
Very good.
Well, you got that one right straight on.
And there's no doubt about it.
I think that will prove to be a mistake though, because now around October,
People are going to start to reflect and look back.
And the people who honestly, for a sincere cause, went out to protest are going to realize that they were used.
And the African American community was used.
I've never seen so many white males burning down low-income housing in my life without anyone saying anything.
They hid a lot of that footage.
A lot of it is on YouTube.
By the way, that's confirmed that mainly white academics dressed up in black outfits came in and they're now reporting the vast majority of BLM is white professors.
Well, that's not a shock because the footage that I was seeing on Facebook just by regular people walking by and looking, some of them pleading with them not to do it, but they're being paid $300 a day.
A friend of mine was on a plane and sat in front of them.
And, you know, they always have a couple of cans missing out of the six-pack, and they're openly talking about how much they were paid.
And whether or not how long they could stay.
And they got a bonus if they were arrested, by the way.
People need to know that.
That's why when the Minnesota police chief came out and said everybody in the jail was from out of town, well, that's not surprising because everybody in there receives a bonus besides the $300 a day to get arrested and trying to overwhelm the system.
So we're at a point right now, I'm hoping, as is stated,
You know, this chaos can bring some good, meaning the height of really what Black Matters is really about, which is unquestionably, hopefully will really come to the table.
I believe anyone who's Christian can endorse it.
There's no doubt about it.
And I'd like to say publicly that Black Life Matters, even on their website, basically says they're against the Western nuclear
That came from Africa.
All right.
And you can look it in Genesis.
All right.
That's that's where Adam and Eve were.
And he said, be fruitful and multiply.
And so the idea came from Africa of family.
All right.
Black life matters.
And, you know, you're a disgrace even to say anything other than that.
And also the fact of the matter is that undoubtedly these are trained Marxist who are unquestionably out for one thing.
And that is to overthrow, disrupt, destroy the country enough presently that there would be a new regime and they would deeply influence the DNC.
And that's all the part of the deal here.
And so, and there's more to it.
You know, some of it is kind of too hard to prove.
Maybe you could, but we know China has to be connected in this.
The ideology and the approach seems very much as what's already going on in China.
Oh, they admit Antifa follows Maoist systems and they get a lot of funding out of the Confucius organizations at all the universities.
So, I mean, you're absolutely right.
Well, there you go.
This is getting scary, Alex.
This is really getting scary.
So anyway, they undoubtedly have done everything.
And I want to say, especially to the African-American listeners out there, Black Lives Matter has done everything contrary to the last profound prophet in this nation that brought about true social change, Dr. Martin Luther King.
One, he advocated love.
Two, he was nonviolent and spoke continually against nonviolence.
Certainly looting and rioting and breaking of glass and charging at police is something that the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King would never espouse.
But yet you say you're for social justice, and yet you say you're in the spirit of the civil rights movement.
That makes me throw up to hear anyone even buy that.
You must first, basically, break any allegiance to the Civil Rights Movement and the words of Dr. Martin Luther King.
And unquestionably, Dr. King said this far too often, the way to deal with social injustice has been violent.
And here's what he said, he exactly said, the problem with violence is that it only leads to futility.
And he said, the problem with violence, he says, it never solves any social injustice.
It just creates new problems.
So, and Dr. King didn't tear down a statue.
As a matter of fact, he gave his most profound speech at the Lincoln Memorial.
You've got to give me a break here.
And you pastors out there and you seniors out there, especially anyone who's had a taste of the civil rights movement,
You should raise your voices and clearly say this is not the way.
This is a farce.
This is a sham.
These are paid anarchists.
Basically, moving in a time to try to disrupt this nation, stop this president, and destroy any good that he is.
And by the way, the founder of BET, the head of BET has said that.
It's true.
And so has Muhammad Ali's son.
And the media has actually attacked them for saying that, when it's completely true.
Because they feel that they control all the narratives.
Thank God for your program.
Thank God for other programs that have come up against these absurd
Narratives, I mean, totally absurd.
And they basically come, you know, it is scripture, you know, the Bible says that in the latter days, men would be, uh, fall away from the faith and give heed to seducing spirits and doctrines of devils.
And I looked at that word doctrine and it says any ideology or teaching of religion, but also political.
African-Americans, especially our young people, are basically being seduced into this energy.
Robert, stay there.
We're back in just a few minutes to get into the seduction.
Now we stop it.
Please stay with us.
So, last year I went out to California and got invited on a big podcast, The Rapper T.I., and I was on there like four or five hours.
They edited it down to like an hour and made me look stupid.
I don't
Because I don't want to get into that.
I don't want to get into that.
He just, we're talking about millions of dead black people.
So if he really cares about black people or anybody else, he couldn't hear me.
And I've noticed that with black liberals, but liberals in general, is that they have this moral authority that you're bad because you're white.
It's totally made up, you know, just idiocy.
The opposite of what Martin Luther King said, which is common sense.
But then they cannot hear you.
And it's like the Bible says, they've been given over to spiritual blindness, great delusion.
Is that what you were starting to get to, Reverend Childress, as we went to break?
Sadly enough, and that's very sad, because that's a very talented young man you were sitting with.
Very talented.
Unfortunately, he's under this seduction spell, demonic influence, because you can't even look at the sociological data to show the impact that abortion is making on not only the African-American community, but the country, but what it's doing to African-American women.
And then you're telling me you're espousing Black Lives Matter?
When you start talking about the psychological issues black women have from abortion, the miscarriages that have basically been exponential now since African-American women are using abortion as a contraceptive, the breast cancer rate that has once again been so exponentially large that... Oh yeah, when you terminate pregnancies, tell people the studies show you get cervical and breast cancer.
And guess what?
The breast cancer African-American women get is more aggressive than any other ethnicity, and it's due to some type of estrogen that is released more so in their bodies than other bodies, but they get it worse.
So if this is about black lives— Nobody's telling them it's a curse.
It's dangerous to get an abortion.
It's absolutely.
First of all, we know it's immoral, but it's physiologically detrimental.
And that should be discussed.
If you want to take the spiritual part out of it, the God part out of it, it's still horrific.
It's still something that needs to be discussed.
I don't want to interrupt you because I don't want to attack TI.
I could tell he was blinded.
On the main podcast, he literally admitted, well, what's wrong with the devil?
I've actually met spirits and talked to the devil and it helped me out.
He's obviously, literally, maybe he needs an intervention because, I mean, he was under spiritual bondage.
And let's go back to that.
There is a spirit.
How do people that don't understand it get out of it?
Because he admitted to me there's a spiritual world.
He believes the elite are actually conjuring demons, but he says he gets good stuff from them.
Well, let's first 1st Timothy to 4th Jephthah.
I found it during the break.
Now the Spirit speaketh expressly that in the latter times.
These are the latter times some shall depart from the faith meaning once having faith in God faith in the Bible faith in the church giving heed to seducing spirits.
And that scared me when I really got a grip on that.
That's something Satan has specifically contoured, made up to the region, the country that you're in.
Some type of ideology and teaching specifically made to draw you out.
And because this nation has always battled with race, what do you think he would come up with but with Black Lives Matter?
And what is he after?
He's after Genesis.
He wants to change the definition of the family.
He wants to take control of the entire live processing and that's so deep what you just said.
The leftist CIA admits they study every culture and every group for every country to create a weapon system to psychologically control everyone.
Absolutely, but it's a devil is making it up so it's going to be good.
It's going to be effective.
He's had a lot of history with African Americans.
Okay, so this is what is happening.
It's shocking to see that they won't even deal with the abortion issue.
It's shocking to see what you just brought up.
Where is the march to Chicago?
You had 114 people shot and 14 killed last weekend.
Can we address that?
Can we bring that to the table?
Let's get what is going on down in Chicago, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, and talk about it.
And I'm not going to go off on a T.I.
I brought that up to him and he just wouldn't even address it.
Well, alright, giving lies and it's hypocrisy for them to talk about anything else.
How can, if I'm endorsing abortion, the leading killer of African Americans, if I'm collaborating with Planned Parenthood, that is an obvious hypocrisy, but people can't see it.
And really, if I had any hair, I'd still be looking like this because people are just literally, it's hard to see someone so lost.
So deeply shielded by satanic blindfolds that they cannot see how hypocritical it is for them to endorse.
And then to have Planned Parenthood founded by the most devout racist of her times, a tutor to Adolf Hitler, third right, provable.
We have the data.
On record.
They don't want to see it.
We're living in tough times.
The president needs the prayers of every saint.
Let's talk about that.
President Trump, you can see the weights on him.
Why do they hate him so much?
Well, they hate the Judeo-Christian ethic, which he is trying to instill.
And Blackfeet people need to recognize this.
They make it something personal about Trump.
You know, Trump is Trump.
I have no problem.
Be yourself.
But what's your agenda?
What do you do?
You judge a tree by its fruits.
I mean, the Bible's full of God raising up people that weren't saints.
In fact, normally God doesn't.
Why does God in the Bible, Rabbi, because I know you're a smart guy, why does God tend to raise people up historically who actually weren't that pure?
Because they weren't like super goody two-shoes to begin with.
Jehu, he was a whoremonger, but he was a tough guy.
Jephthah, he was born out of wedlock.
He was a judge.
Because that's most of us.
That's most of us.
That's the masses.
You know, we can always know that God is relatable.
David, committed murder.
We're good.
God's love for us, and God picks everybody with issues.
I don't care what you, what they, the facade they put forth is one thing, but when God peels back the covers off of some, just so he can see that he's loved them knowing that they had issues.
God picked David knowing he was going to murder, knowing that he was going to be the complicit in murder, knowing that he was going to have issues and seasons of trusting God.
So right now, and that's a good point, I'm glad you brought that up, because African Americans think
They're getting to the promised land that Dr. King saw.
He said on April 3rd, he says, I've been to the mountaintop.
One day we do get to the promised land.
Well, all right.
He said, I would not get there with you.
Now, Black Lives Matter is trying to take us into the promise and not recognizing the God of Dr. King.
That would be like Joshua going to the promised land, rejecting the God of Moses.
It's not going to happen, African-Americans.
It's not going to happen, America.
Only God can carry humanity into the future and fix this.
Right now, absolutely.
And the sons of former slaves will sit down at the table of the sons of former slave owners.
When you see the DNC demonizing anyone trying to sit at the table with Trump, when you see the DNC trying to cause division and strike with African Americans,
And this sitting president, who is the most pro-life president we've ever had, who has done more for African Americans than any president since I've been living.
So when you see that, that tells me that's satanic powers trying to block the vision that Dr. King saw of a fellowship.
No, none of us is perfect.
As you pointed out, there's a lot of Davids, there's a lot of James Booths.
They're trying to point out any little problems so we can't repent and come together.
Yeah, oh, yeah, yes, and we're going to.
I know it looks bad.
I know it looks bad.
That is going to happen.
And if it has to be through this tumultuous time, it's not what you would choose or I would choose, that's going to happen.
I believe, right now, they have done so much.
It's going to be a time of reflection.
And African Americans are basically saying, you gotta understand, Trump really hasn't laid out his record.
For African Americans, which he really will do as we get towards November.
That's why I felt this writing and stuff, it was too early.
It's going to calm down, I believe, going into November.
I hope you're right.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
Then phone calls.
Stay with us.
They came and took it all away.
Reverend Shelders is one of my favorite guests.
We've got to get him on more often and for a full hour.
I'll take a few calls that are tailored to this topic here in a moment with him.
During the break, I was walking down the hall, and I ran into one of the engineers here, and he said, you know what's coming next?
Because this is all going to start coming harder and faster, like the Bible says, as Christians.
And you actually see major lepers groups are saying, pull down statues of Jesus.
And they're pulling down statues of Martin Luther King at universities, because he didn't talk about trans or whatever.
It didn't even exist then.
This is all part of the takeover.
But if you look at it, that's like a war works that way.
The military builds up, then it invades.
And suddenly you're in a war.
Well, the dam's broke.
It's now going to come hard and fast.
That's what I see happening.
Reverend Childress, what do you see happening and what do you think people can do to get close to God and really ask God to lead God and direct Him?
Well, first of all, we've got to step back and objectively look at the facts, but objectively look at them with the Lord.
I know that sounds seemingly something that's not attainable in the masses, but we have enough right now going on.
Oh, we're not bragging.
Your discernment's incredible.
I know what's going to happen next.
I study it, and then we've got an understanding because of discernment that others don't.
It's true!
God gives us that.
Absolutely, and that's what, they don't have a choice now.
You know, the scripture says these things God once winked at, but now he demands all man to repent.
You need God right now to get through this with any degree of accuracy and any degree of fruitfulness.
God used to hint, but when things get really bad, it's like, you better decide.
Yeah, and right now, undoubtedly, it's up for every preacher to recognize that we have compromised.
It's the church, basically, that is compromised, that has brought about this climate, but it's the church.
Undoubtedly, they can put an end to it very quickly if we just really represent.
And I'm not talking about every church.
I'm talking about the remnant that God always leaves enough to make the difference.
He said, I will not be without a witness.
Now, if the witness chooses to be a witness,
We can get this going.
I think that I really believe that that is what happened that is happening.
COVID and then this crisis has woken some people up to say, I have not done enough.
The scripture says, if my people, not my president, not my Congress, not my Senate, if my people, which are called by my name, would humble themselves and pray, seek my face, turn from their wicked ways, he would hear from heaven.
And he would forgive the land, and he would heal the land.
And see, this Black Lives Matter activist talking about pulling down white Jesuses, people should understand that's a Marxist ideology.
Pull down every point of reference of your history and basically try to get the people to believe that their history is not worth keeping and that they present the future, their ideology.
Religion is the opiate of the people if you're a communist, if you're a Marxist, but they know... They want to be God.
They want you to give up who you are because they want to enslave you.
In order for this to work, the church has to be silent.
Plain and simple.
Because the people of faith will always be the means to bring about a civil society, a country that I believe, as Dr. King saw, that we live out our creeds.
And when this country lives out its creed, it will have defeated these forces enough so we have the America that's about to come.
And by the way, have you noticed how mainline CNN, MSNBC, ABC is putting out debunked fake stuff about Martin Luther King and all this stuff?
Whether it was true or not, the point is, most of it's lies, they're putting out like KKK propaganda against Martin Luther King because they want to get rid of that idea of unity and goodness and bring in this new evil.
They're ahead of, you know, they're ahead of us, Alex.
It's really the children of this world are wiser than the children in life.
That should send shockwaves through the church and through every church, white, black, Hispanic, whatever, because that means also that's where the answer is.
And let's not forget that the words of Dr. Martin Luther King, he was not having revival.
He was out for social justice.
The most famous social justice prophet we've ever had.
And he said the exact opposite of what anti-fund BLM is saying.
There you go.
And that's what they are afraid of.
That's why, you know, every now and then I talk to Alveda King.
I talk to, I have a good friend coming on with me, Stefan Brodin, and some of the rest of us, Johnny Hunter.
We, I said, we have to get this generation to connect the dots so they can be exposed for the hypocrites and the self-serving prophets that they really are.
I believe that's going to happen.
I really do.
I believe it's going to happen, and we're going to be able to recognize we got away from the foundation that we were launched upon.
Civil rights was launched in this nation.
I know it goes back to slavery and everything, but for this modern day, our last point of reference is the Dr. King, the movement, and he believed in prayer meeting on Monday night.
He wasn't a perfect man.
We know he was a David.
There's no doubt about that.
He was a David, but it's whom God chooses.
And I always tell people, gigolos do not lay down their lives freely.
He had his issues, but he chose to lay down his life.
He knew he was going to be killed.
He knew they were going to kill him.
And he could have taken some cushy job in some college and taken their dollars and wrote books and been out of the mess.
But he went down there to Memphis.
He saw it through.
Yeah, with the garbage workers and he knew they were going to kill him!
He knew it, but just as Jesus, you know, he laid down his life and he was sorrowful for all his sins.
You know, he had a sermon before he died.
He's called Unfulfilled Dreams.
If you listen and listen in between the lines, he's confessing how, you know, he felt he didn't measure up to what God had asked him to do as a man.
As for what he should have been, the way he should have carried it.
I got some of the same issues.
Now, in closing, we'll take a few calls, we have time, but just briefly, how do people find your work, your films, the books, some of the interviews you do?
What's the best place for people to find that?
Is it the Black Genocide website?
Yeah, blackgenocide.org.
I try to lend myself out to many that would understand my methodology of exposing abortion for what it is.
Sure, they're all, oh we love black people all day and it's a total fraud to cover for what the Democrats really are, the people that created the actual Nazis.
And you can Google my name.
I'm on, you know, I've done some articles that Black News has received.
It's such a hassle getting them.
You're a great guy, but you're so humble.
We need you to do more speaking engagements.
I know you've shown Congress films and a lot of work behind the scenes, but you need to get out there more on big stages.
Well, I think I'm going to have to.
You know, I think that's what the Lord is leading.
I'm willing to.
But, you know, it's undoubtedly, I hope it's anything that I have been negligent on.
I do a lot of reminiscence.
No, you're doing a great job.
I know how it is.
I know you've got a family like I do.
You're busy taking care of people and doing it.
I get it, man.
I'm just saying you're a great leader.
You're a well-spoken person.
You're very informed on the history.
You know more than I do on many subjects.
And that's the scary thing.
I'm not impressed that I have a lot of info or that you do.
I'm scared that more people don't know this.
Alex, people say I'm cutting edge.
I say I listen to Alex Jones.
Well, I listen to you, my friend.
I listen to you.
You know, we're out of time for the calls.
I'll come back and take a few.
You've got to go, but blackgenocide.org.
In the two minutes we have left, any other points you'd like to put out there?
Yes, I think tell people do not be so consumed by what they see, that faith is the substance of things, hope for the evidence of things not seen.
We are going to win and overcome this, and I honestly believe, I'll go on record, Trump has a landslide in November.
I think you're right, other than election fraud.
He doesn't have control of the government and the fraud level.
I agree he's going to have a landslide, but they're positioning with fake polls again, and I just, I mean, I believe in miracles.
Reverend Shoulders, Skype just froze.
I was about to say bye to him.
I was also going to ask him.
Reverend Shoulders, you're back.
We've got about a minute and a half.
Go ahead and finish your point.
Listen, the pollsters know from the... This is such an important point on the Skype.
Yeah, they put out fake polls to say Trump's going to lose, to break the perception he's going to lose, so you don't go vote and you give up.
That's a hoax.
And his Skype, again, is breaking up.
Skype's an amazing technology, but it has so many problems, especially since Facebook took it over.
And they got so... Or, well, Facebook's Microsoft, too.
Yeah, Facebook's secretly in league with Microsoft, so I kind of have a Freudian slip there.
But thank Reverend Childress.
His Skype completely cut out.
And let's get him back on the next few weeks.
It's hard enough to get him on once a year.
We should have Reverend Childress on, especially in crazy times like this, every two weeks.
And we're getting Pastor Manning.
Oh, we got one minute left.
You're back.
Finish your point about polls, sir.
Rasmussen Poll.
40% of African Americans, likely voters, say that Donald Trump is doing it.
Now my interest is really peaked.
Tell you what, have him back next week.
Have him back next week or have him over the telephone, we got to.
No Skype problems, we're right there at the end.
Alright, thank you Reverend Childress.
Alright, we're going to come back, two segments, take your phone calls.
Jason Jones is coming up and I'm pushing him back.
He's a great guy, I got a big guest.
So I can get to all of you that are patiently holding.
Alright, we're going to get to everybody.
Reverend Childress, blackgenocide.org.
Thank you so much, sir.
I tell you what, we can try one more time to come back in two minutes to make this point about polls.
I want to hear what you guys have to say, but once Skype starts cramping out on you, you never know.
We'll see.
We'll be right back with our number four.
Your calls and more.
Stay with us.
All right, his Skype did stabilize, and I want to hear what he has to say about polls, because he saw how fake they were last election.
We're back with the vengeance.
Don't waste your vote on Trump.
He's going to lose in a landslide.
It's all fake, but if you believe it, it has the effect and could become reality.
So you were getting into Rasmussen.
Reverend, go ahead.
Yes, just recently, a Rasmussen poll stated
That 40% of African American likely voters said that Donald Trump is doing a great job, is doing a good job, I said.
If that same poll would ask if they were going to vote for him or other polling, a lot of those people do not want the hassle.
They don't want anybody coming at them saying that they're going to vote for Trump.
But you have to have a brain.
8% of the vote in 2016, Donald Trump had 8% of the vote.
13% of that 8% was African American men, which was very surprising.
But my point is this.
If there's 40% of African Americans who feel Donald Trump is doing a good job, when most African Americans still don't know of his excellent track record and will know more about it as we get towards the election.
That means those inner-city votes that have often swayed a state, they're not going to have to vote.
Hillary Blaine thought she was going to get Obama numbers.
I'm going to tell you right now, Biden is going to get nowhere near Hillary's numbers.
So this is really... You're there in the grassroots and you're saying, don't believe the hype.
Black folks more and more are seeing through this BS.
But they're not going to tell you they're voting for Trump.
No, I get that.
Most people won't because they don't want to get attacked.
So you give a poll saying, hey, Biden's up by 14 points.
Do you really believe that?
I mean, do you really?
Obviously, your method of polling, Donald Trump has bought in an era where you cannot use polling to determine unless it's a trick question.
That was a great question they asked.
How do you think the country is doing?
I think it was the economy.
Do you find a favorable?
That's the highest of any president.
Oh yeah, and then you got the deep state.
Bill Maher and all them saying, oh we want to crash the economy and then bragging we crashed it to hurt Trump.
People know that the Democrats trying to crash stuff.
They're not going to blame Trump.
Well, I can speak for Phil Murphy, and I can speak for Andrew Cuomo, and I have made this comment.
These things that they have done have been deliberately to extort money from Washington for their failing budgets and economies and practices of their fiduciary, how they have been running those states.
Trump seems not to have budged, even though he had dinner with Phil Murphy a couple of weeks ago.
I got worried about that, but now it appears that that is not good.
They do not need to bail them out.
Let them file bankruptcy and let government come in and run it, and they'll find most of the money is hidden in the educational department.
One third of our budget is school education.
There was a billion dollars, Alex, this is God's truth, a billion dollars missing out
From the school construction fund.
Oh, I know.
I know what blue states do.
And Republicans are like... Look, I investigate Republicans.
They got some little corruption problems.
But with Democrats, it's just exponentially worse.
And now you want somebody to bail you out?
Please, I... No, I agree with you.
It's the deep state.
The Democrats are going down.
That's why they're trying to take us with them.
That's why they're so dangerous.
Because they're a cornered rat.
And I believe in your optimism.
And I think overall we're winning.
But I worry...
We only got 60 seconds left.
You said this six months ago, seven months ago, something big's coming.
What do you think they're going to pull next?
Because you know they're not going to give up.
Well, I just knew something big was coming.
I think they feel, personally, that they can ride George Floyd to November.
I don't believe that is possible, but simply because of just the way people are.
Not only that, people are beginning to reflect back and recognize.
How do you get $300 million from Black Lives Matter into Joe Biden's campaign?
Come on, these things are beginning to surface where their money is going.
You're being used, African Americans, you're being used.
Leo Terrell, the civil rights lawyer, when he comes out and admits and says they're a sham,
Leo Terrell, civil rights lawyer, he says, basically, that they're a funnel system for anarchy.
They're a funnel system for extremists.
When Leo Terrell says that, your days are numbered.
Wow, Reverend Childress, black genocide, exactly, their days are limited.
Because everybody gets, this will bankrupt everybody if they get away with this.
We're all in this together.
Thank you so much, Reverend.
Thank you for having me.
Protesting and exposing this whole thing and having an open air church service, which is the power of that.
The left hates that even more.
Us calling on God.
Find out more at WeCan'tBreathe.News.
And we hope it goes nationwide.
That's all up to you.
And yeah, I'll just throw this out there.
We got the 4th of July specials going right now.
Free shipping, double Patriot points and 50% off DNA Force and Ultra 12.
That's how we fund the operation.
They're great products.
So thank you all.
Okay, let's go to Justin in Tennessee.
Thanks for holding, Justin.
Go ahead.
Hey, man.
Yeah, the timing of this is just so coincidental, right?
Like, uh, you know, May 22nd, Biden, you know, uh, he, he, he gives a Charlamagne Tha God interview where he, you know, the whole U-Ink, uh, black gas.
And then literally three days later, you have the whole George, George Floyd event.
You know, it's very, very suspicious and perfectly stage-managed, right?
It looks bad.
That's all I'm saying.
I just wanted to kind of get your take on that.
Well, I mean, here's the deal.
They've staged so much stuff.
Dead Babies and Incubators didn't exist.
This latest NASCAR thing.
You know, of course they can stage things, but there's cops doing bad things and mistakes that happen.
So you could also cherry pick it.
I tend to think it might have actually happened, like they say, because I agree with Childress.
I thought this myself, that they would launch it in August.
The race stuff.
But they didn't.
They launched it then, which I think was early, which I think is going to backfire on them.
They're just hoping for the cops to make a mistake somewhere else.
Yeah, I just hope there's not going to be... Imagine there's like 2 million cops and the first one makes a mistake.
More stuff's going to burn down.
Yeah, hopefully they don't have another event up their sleeve, like some kind of far-right attack, a terrorist attack or something, you know?
Oh, that's definitely... I think mass shootings and I think bombings.
I mean, I think that's going to happen, brother.
I think that's 100% in the cards.
God bless you, Justin.
I mean, let me tell you, all bets are off, folks.
I mean, stuff so bad that I don't even have any fear anymore, actually.
I'm just like, it's that feeling when you're in the middle of a vicious fight with weapons, and you're not even, you're just fighting for your life.
You're not scared or anything, you're just like, it's like breathing now.
I mean, we're in it, folks.
And only God can steer us through this thing.
That's the God's honest truth, and you all know it.
And I'm sorry for people that aren't Christian or don't believe in God, because you got steered wrong when you were a kid or whatever.
There are no atheists in foxholes, okay?
And I know who decides the victory on battlefields, and in hospital rooms, and on the drawing boards, and who gives us the innate spark.
It's God.
So I don't just cling to God.
I am absolutely only here because of God.
Derek in California, thanks for holding.
You're on the air.
Hey, Alex.
Good to talk to you.
Good to talk to you, brother.
Hey, I'm a longtime listener.
I talked with you and Max Keiser a few years ago on the money bomb, you know, a handful of years ago.
But I really wanted to bring up, I have two good points, not just to ramble on here.
One of my points is we really need to address how Trump is saying about getting the rioters going after the statues of the veterans or Memorials Act.
We need to start aiming at prosecuting them for that as much as we can, but also revoking citizenship.
So let's face it.
All the people that are doing this, they hate our country, right?
So they don't want to be here.
Let's just, to make them adequate, I think they're all traitors, personally.
But you know, the deep state's just doing that, hoping we go out and get in a fight with them.
That's all they're hoping to do, is the cops do the wrong thing.
This is all just incitement.
The idiots out there doing it are literally so stupid, it's just not even...
I mean, like Tucker Carlson said last night, I mean, the people following these leftist directives are dumber than a box of rocks.
They attack the black memorials for World War II and the Civil War, for the North and the Civil War.
They attack Lincoln.
They attack anti-slaver.
They just cut down another famous anti-slaver and cut the head off of it, because it was a white dude!
I mean, these are idiots, brother.
One other point I wanted to say, just for all of us Impo warriors,
I don't know.
Do you even consider them as a part of the policy?
They're not Democrats.
They work for the Chi-Coms.
And I love how, oh, Christopher Columbus is bad.
Everybody that's in this country that actually got here as an ancestor of a slave, or the prodigy of a slave, well, then why are you so happy to be here if it's so bad?
That's the world he came from.
They were taught transatlantic slave trade by the Muslims.
And I'm not defending the institution.
I hate it.
The point is, is that
They want to just get rid of all those symbols because it's about symbols of the West, and to say the West is bad.
Though everybody's trying to get into the West, because it's the West that tried to actually end slavery.
The West is about empowering people at its core system.
That's why the globals want to get rid of it, because they're anti-human, period.
Nathan in Michigan.
Nathan, you're on the air.
Thanks for holding.
Go ahead.
I just wanted to say that, um... Talking to your phone again, brother?
Well, we really have to talk to these people that are not awake yet and talk to them about how, okay,
The people in Africa are starving.
I think that's so huge because they want to focus.
Oh, this is the cover for hundreds of millions that are going to die.
The UN admits it.
It's true.
Hundreds of millions are going to die.
I don't care what damn color they are, but that's on us if we sit there.
And then they tell us it's about 14 black dudes the cops miss kill every year.
OK, great.
The cops are all going to jail for that.
Shut up about it.
Let's deal with it.
The UN is using this for their COVID lockdown as a distraction.
It is criminal.
It pisses me off when some white liberal walks up to me and goes, F you racist, I represent black people.
You don't represent anything but the New World Order.
It's disgusting.
And also China is helping the Chi-Nazis, as the Hong Kong people call it.
Oh my God, the Chi-Coms have killed five times what Hitler did.
They're so damn evil.
They're keeping black people out of the hotels and all this stuff?
I mean, well listen, I'm just telling you, I know, I know, and then all these small brats running around here saying America sucks, they're idiots.
But listen, something this free and this good doesn't last this long usually.
So, I'm just gonna keep warning everybody that thinks this is funny, you're an idiot.
I know our general listeners aren't idiots.
I mean the people that tune in that think this is all funny, think they're part of the power structure, think they're going to bring America down and that you're going to be in charge.
If you think the idiots that are out there burning stuff down and shooting police and beating up white people are going to be put in power, think again.
The globalists are using them.
And I know I'm stating something ridiculously obvious.
Thank you, Nathan.
Let's go to Mankind in Arizona.
You're on the air.
Yes, Alex.
Can you hear me?
I can.
Go ahead.
So I just wanted to call in because I just wanted to give some positive news for a little bit.
Blessings to all the viewers and listeners.
And I want to give a shout out to your crew as well, man.
They always do such a good job.
I'm a raging bull.
I put up with it.
Yeah, I got it.
But just in my own experience, just within the last probably
Four months.
I have seen at least four or five staunch Democrat, leftist, liberal friends of mine, who I've been talking to for the last five years, who, I mean, they weren't trying to hear anything that I was trying to say.
Ever at all.
Until just these last couple of months.
I've had about five or six of them come full circle.
And basically start saying, you know what, like when the George Floyd stuff like that was happening, they all of a sudden now with this ridiculous stuff that's going on, people are actually starting to be able to see what's going on with the left because they're exposing their hand every single time that they pull off something that just happened last week or the week before last.
You know what I mean?
I totally agree.
It's like this Bubba guy that got caught.
And the media's saying it's good that he did that.
He knew it was a garage puller.
I mean, you know, it's just crazy.
Great points.
God bless you.
Look, I'm sorry to Michael.
I'm sorry to Scott and Justin.
Call me back tomorrow.
Jason Jones got a bunch of big guests.
He's a great co-host.
He's taking over for the next 45 minutes.
The no-insurer in the war room.
And then I'm going to be out there.
This Sunday, high noon, south side of the Capitol, we're gonna march to the governor's mansion and I'm really sad I have to go get in the governor's face, but the governor's really letting us down.
I see myself.
Can you guys hear me?
I am just gonna keep going as if you guys can hear me.
I can't hear the producers.
Aloha, this is Jason Jones coming to you from the west side of Oahu.
This is hour four of the Alex Jones Show and it's a privilege to be back with you again this week.
I have received emails.
First of all, it is a privilege to talk to this audience because this is the most important audience in the world.
Since I've been guest hosting this show, I've received emails from all over the world, people of every religion.
People, every tribe in this country that you can think about.
You know the alphabet people Dave Chabelle talks about, the L's, the G's, the B's, everything.
They all email me thanking me for being at InfoWars, telling me how grateful they are for InfoWars.
And what the people of InfoWars have in common is their commitment to truth.
They stand for truth.
They hate bullies.
They hate people conspiring to rob us of our freedom.
And it's ironic that they call Alex Jones a bully.
It is ironic that they call, say, Infowars are bullies, but in a way they're onto something.
Because if Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Google are calling you a bully, what that tells me is you're standing with the truth.
Because the only thing more powerful than the global establishment, the deep state, all of these media and tech companies, is the truth.
So if they're calling you a bully,
And they say you're bullying Twitter, you're bullying YouTube, you're bullying Facebook.
What they're saying is you're standing with truth.
My guest today is Taylor Marshall.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
This is Jason Jones and my guest, my first guest is Taylor Marshall.
We had Telkom X Sean King call for the destruction of religious symbols across the United States and Taylor Marshall took him on and actually took on Catholic bishops for not standing up to Telkom X. Taylor, welcome to the show.
Jason Jones.
Howdy from Texas.
Aloha from Hawaii, brother.
Good to see you.
Good to see you.
So I'm having a bit of a delay, brother, but
There has been a call from Sean King, one of the key figures being celebrated by the media, one of the leaders of the Black Lives Matter movement.
You said on your podcast you were darker than him.
I can't say the same.
Maybe because I live in Hawaii I can say the same, but I'm Scandinavian.
So yeah, he's been dubbed by Black Twitter as Telkom X, which I think is pretty cute, because he's Caucasian, but he's taken it upon himself to be the leader of the Black Lives Matter movement, and now he's calling for the destruction of religious symbols.
And where's this going to end, Taylor Marshall?
Yeah, I mean, Sean King came out with this tweet and he said, yes, all murals and stained glass windows of white Jesus and his European mother and their white friends should also come down.
They are a gross form of white supremacy, created as tools of oppression, racist propaganda.
They should all come down.
But Jason Jones, when friars and monks were painting these murals and making the stained glass, I don't know, in the 800s,
1200s, 1300s, you think they were working on creating tools of oppression and white supremacy?
Of course not.
This is absolutely ridiculous.
This has nothing to do with the pigment of skin or the pigment of paint chosen by artists.
This is a Marxist ploy to create warfare between classes, races, people, so that they can dissolve what our nation is and recreate it as something atheistic and communistic.
Yeah, a friend of mine, as you know, I do a lot of... I'm sorry, Taylor.
There's a bit of a delay.
I have a friend, I do a lot of work in Iraq.
And this friend of mine from Iraq, she posted an image from her region in Iraq of Jesus from about 800 AD.
And it looked like a quote-unquote white Jesus.
And she said, what do I look like to you?
My ancestors have lived in Iraq since the first century.
We are Christians.
We speak Aramaic, the language of Jesus.
Jesus probably looked like me.
What do I look like to you?
And she does.
If you were to make a mural of her, you would say it's of a white girl.
But the reality is, the people of the Levant don't look like me.
And they don't look black.
They are perfectly in the middle.
Wouldn't you say?
There we have it.
And does it even matter?
Does it even matter?
As Christians, we revere and worship Jesus Christ because He's the Son of God and because of what He taught us, the Gospel.
It has nothing to do with race or skin color or anything like that.
Sean King is only provoking for the destruction of Christian symbols, signs, statues, etc.
So this is really about an attack on Christianity.
It's an attack on Christ and Christianity and Christians.
It has nothing to do with skin color or race.
And we need to be vocal about that.
And we also, as Christians, we need to defend our churches, our crosses, our signs, our statues, our symbols, because that is who we are.
These signify divine realities.
If I step on a picture of your grandmother or tear it up, I'm offending you and your grandmother.
Likewise, if you tear up and break a statue of Jesus, or a cross, you're offending Christ, and you're offending what we revere and worship.
Yeah, it's embarrassing that such a kook, such a juvenile child as Sean King, is making threats like this, and I haven't seen one bishop stand up to it.
We've got 10 seconds left, Taylor.
How do people follow you?
YouTube's the best place.
Dr. Taylor Marshall Show on YouTube.
Welcome back to Hour 4 of the Alex Jones Show.
I am your guest host, Jason Jones, host of the Jason Jones Show.
Go over there and hit the subscribe button wherever you listen to podcasts.
I love to talk with you every week.
Do you want to know?
Okay, there are two types of statues that are torn down.
There are two types of monuments.
That mobs tear down.
The one kind of monument are monuments made to advocates of evil that were popular in a different age.
And those are the ones most people yawn at and say, let them tear them down.
And of course, we don't mind if you pull down statues of slave traders.
We should do it in an orderly process, legal process, safe process, following the rules of our community.
But there's another type of monument that they pull down.
And those are the monuments that are in peril of every age.
Those are heroes like George Mason, John Adams, John Quincy Adams.
Those are heroes that stood against ideologies of evil that transcend the age.
The heroes that oppose ideologies of evil in every age.
Saints like Juniper Serra.
Those are the monuments we must be vigilant to defend.
And if you want to ask, where did this all start?
This did not start with pulling down the statue of a saint.
In California, it really began with de-platforming truth tellers like this show, like InfoWars.
When they began de-platforming on social media, those who tell truth, I tried to share a Rasmussen poll on Facebook that was immediately removed, showing how Trump is gaining with the African-American vote.
When this started happening, it was inevitable that they would pull down monuments of heroes like Juniper Serra.
We need to draw a line, and the line needs to be now.
We need to draw it now, not our churches.
You will not touch our churches.
So while we're busy at home standing for the transcendent moral truth, while we're busy at home standing for the incomparable beauty of the human person that our Republic was founded on in the Declaration Principle, while we are rioting and causing chaos,
Ripping apart our communities.
We, as the most influential, powerful nation in the world, aren't doing what it is our responsibility to be doing.
We have food insecurity, famine, horror around the world.
Thousands of democracy activists are being disappeared in Hong Kong.
Millions of ethnic and religious Uyghur in Chinese-occupied East Turkestan are in concentration camps.
You don't see that on the news!
In Nigeria.
A relentless war of genocide against Nigerian Christians and the media does not care.
If black lives matter, if all black lives matter, why are the horror and the genocide in Nigeria buried in our news?
And to join me to talk about what is happening in Nigeria is my good friend, Nicholas Costello, founder of HEAL.
Nick, welcome to the Alex Jones Show.
Thanks a lot, Jason, for having me.
I appreciate it.
Thanks Alex.
It's a privilege to have you on the show.
You've been fighting for the people in Nigeria for a very long time and in season and out of season with fortitude and consistency.
But most Americans do not know what is happening to the Christians in Nigeria.
Can you give us a primer of what's going on?
Nigeria is about 50% Christian and 50% Muslim.
It's split right down the middle.
And, you know, there's a long history to that.
What Americans might not realize is the reason southern Nigeria is Christian predominantly is because of missionaries, primarily from England and from Ireland.
Who, during the colonial period, traveled to that part of Africa, West Africa.
And while the colonial guys were doing their thing, excavating and so forth, the missionaries were there with the people and sharing the gospel with the people.
And the tribes in the Southeast,
The Igbo people, among them who I work with, received the Gospel very readily, and they felt that many elements of their own traditional religion synced up very well with the Gospel.
So now, that corresponded with the Muslim migration through Africa to the South,
You know, we know how Islam originally proliferated through North Africa and, you know, my amateur understanding is, you know, they just kind of moved south and were competitors with Christianity throughout many countries in Africa and including in Nigeria.
So there was a... And it often spread through violence, but the gospel was being spread through peace.
And it was ripping apart the institution of slavery, which we are still seeing Christians being enslaved today in Nigeria, right?
I mean, we're tearing down statues of slave traders and advocates of slavery, which I have no dog in that hunt.
Bring those down peacefully, orderly.
You want to take down a hero of a different era that was advocating an ideology of evil that we have progressed beyond.
Let's bring those down.
But there are Christians, black Christians today.
I've been in Sudan.
I've witnessed the redemption of slaves from Muslims.
Christians were redeeming slaves from Muslim tribes.
And in Nigeria today, do we have Christians enslaved today?
Yes, you do.
I mean, if you look at the fall of Libya and the rise of ISIS there, there's become a trade.
It's almost like a second trans-Saharan slave trade.
So many Nigerians get caught up in that, thinking that they can make it to Europe and they get
They get caught up in that trafficking, you know, and often it's ice blocks.
They have auction blocks.
Nick, when I was in Sudan, I met a boy who we redeemed, who had to care for the sheep for his slave master.
He went to church.
When he went to church, one of the sheep escaped.
So the next week,
His master said, you're going to go to church home, so build yourself a cross.
He made him build a big cross.
That Sunday, his master nailed him to the cross, and he kept him there all day.
We met this boy.
He had been redeemed.
Tragically, a couple of years later, this boy's village had been raided again, and he had been killed this time.
So we're talking about All Lives Matter, Black Lives Matter.
Why is the media burying the slave trade in Africa?
Why is it that exists today?
Why is the media burying the plight of black Africans today?
Yeah, that's a good question.
I would guess it's partially at least because of the religious factor, the Islamic Christian paradigm.
Because it's imperative that Christian lives don't matter.
And I think there's some post-colonial interests that still may be corrupt in a way that like to downplay the fact that I think, at least in Nigeria's context, that the Muslim Fulani North part of Nigeria is favored
By Britain, you know, or by the British establishment, I would say, because I think there are many people in Britain who are sympathetic to the lives of Christians in Nigeria and want to do something to end it.
But, you know, there was just like in the middle belt in Nigeria, there have been many attacks by the Fulani herdsmen killing Christians indiscriminately in the so-called farmer herder
And one of these states in central Nigeria, there was supposed to be a visit by Prince Charles to one of these states.
I believe it was Taraba State.
And this was, I think, last year.
And he was to visit an area where one of these attacks had taken place, but the government requested that he not make that visit.
And Prince Charles complied with that.
You know, so it's things like that.
Well, you can visit our website, HealNigeria.org, and check out what we're doing.
We operate two schools, primary and secondary level schools in Southeast Nigeria.
And this is with my colleague, Deacon Leo Okonkwo, who I've known for 20 years.
And you know, Jason, because you spoke at our first benefit event in Chicago.
In 2014.
And so we're forming these children to be servant leaders, the servant leaders of the future in Nigeria.
And I would just say to Americans, why should I care about Nigeria or Africa?
Again, I would just say, if you're a person of faith, our forebears, our ancestors, sacrificed a lot in Nigeria.
They sacrificed their lives in Nigeria.
And so, I think we have a natural spiritual bond with the people of Nigeria and people of West Africa.
So, and I think it's important for freedom and for Christianity to continue to thrive in Africa because they are constantly threatened.
It's a daily threat, you know, to the average person in Africa that
Islam is lurking, militant Islam.
I mean, of course, there are very, you know, good Muslim people in Africa.
There are Muslims in Nigeria standing with the Christians.
Yes, yes.
It's that element that does wage jihad constantly that, you know, that people of goodwill of all faiths, Christians and Muslims in Africa have to have to stand against.
So I think that should be an interest
You know, for Americans who, you know, obviously America First is something, you know, I'm about as well, but I have this spiritual connection and bond with Africa and with Nigeria in particular.
Yeah, they're showing this video right here that's just utterly heartbreaking.
Well, Nick, thank you so much for your work.
It was a privilege to speak at your banquet.
You come from a very big, famous family in the food industry.
It was the best food of any banquet I have ever been.
You guys make the best pizzas in the world, and it was the best Italian food I've ever had.
Nick, thank you for sharing your life with the vulnerable people in Nigeria.
You know, I'm that guy, when we were kids, we would save our money and one person would buy a movie ticket.
They'd go in and they'd let all their friends in through the back door, and we'd sit down and watch Back to the Future or whatever.
Well, Alex Jones has given me the privilege of this hour, and so I feel like I got that movie ticket, and I'm going through the back door, and I've had my Muslim Uighur friends from Chinese-occupied East Turkestan on this show.
I've had an Assyrian Christian friend, Juliana Tamirazi, who you know, talking on the planet of the Christians in the Middle East.
Now I've had you on, and so I'm sneaking all my friends in through the fire door so we can share the plight of the vulnerable, whether they're Uighur Muslims, whether they're Christians in Nigeria, whether they're Assyrian Christians in Iraq.
You know, we don't care.
We want to stand up against the violence.
I'm not asking what their religion is.
I'm not asking what their ethnicity is.
I'm standing up to the violent.
And I want to stand with the vulnerable.
I'm not asking the vulnerable what their religion is.
I'm not asking them what their ethnicity is, what their orientation is.
They're vulnerable.
I'm going to stand with them.
And I want to thank you
For, you know, sharing your privilege, coming from a great family, sharing your life, your formation, your education, everything you've been given with the vulnerable people of Nigeria.
Nick Costello, thanks for being on the Alex Jones Show.
Yes, and thank you, Alex Jones, for this opportunity.
It's incredible.
Thank you.
All right, brother.
God bless.
I really wanted to have Nick Costello on because
My organization, we do a lot of work in Sudan, we do a lot of work with the Uyghur, and a lot of work across the Middle East.
Nigeria is a country I haven't done a lot of work in.
Nick is my friend, and it is a tragic story that is happening there.
And as we, like children, are ripping our country apart, this beautiful, wealthy, prosperous, free country, as we are ripping our country apart, our eyes have been averted
From the horror that is happening around the world.
We did not even get to touch on the food insecurity in Nigeria.
Well, we are tearing down statues of slave owners from 150 years ago.
Slave traders are operating across Africa today.
We're not talking about that.
We're talking about slavery 150 years ago.
Well, we are talking about Chaz.
Chaz is out of food.
Chaz and Grad.
They've run out of milk and cookies.
From Bangladesh across the Middle East into Africa, there is going to be a famine this year like the world has never seen.
And they're going to call it COVID.
COVID caused the famine.
COVID did not cause the famine.
The famine was caused by this ham-fisted response.
This COVID shutdown, this policy, the famine in Ethiopia in the 80s was caused by communist ideology.
The famine in Ukraine was caused by communist ideology.
The famine in China, the Great Famine, Mao's Famine was caused by communist ideology.
Now I have a trailer queued up and I want to make sure I show this to you.
What we are experiencing is nothing new.
And I had the privilege of being a part of a brilliant film several years ago called For Greater Glory.
You can probably watch it on Netflix for free.
Get it at your library.
If you're subscribing, get it at your library.
But this is a look at what happens after they tear down statues of Jesus.
What is next?
They kill Christians.
So if we do not protect our churches, we let them destroy our buildings,
They're going to be coming for you.
And here's the clip for greater glory.
This is a true story of a communist in Mexico.
Less than 100 years ago.
Mexico is under siege.
A plot to poison the minds and hearts of our people, to turn them into religious fanatics.
This evil, this threat, it will not be tolerated.
You're an army fighting for God and for the Church.
We will fight with honor and dignity!
In the United States, we've been following your war with the Catholic Church.
I would hardly call it a war.
There is a time for peace, a time for war.
Even if I were younger, I would not fight.
You don't fight for something you don't believe in.
I believe in freedom.
The fate of Mexico is in God's hands, not yours or mine.
This will be one of the most important battles of our struggle.
If you lose this war, we're not gonna lose this war.
Why are you here?
We went to beat Cristeros.
We are going to send a message that freedom is our lives!
And we will defend it on that right!
¡Que viva Cristo Rey!
¡Que viva!
¡Que viva Cristo Rey!
Que viva!
Vivo Cristo Rey!
Can you imagine there would come a time in our life where we as Christians in the United States would hear open threats of violence to our churches by cranks and crackpots, by soy boys like Sean King,
Then when our president responds, when the president, so the violence against our churches is encouraged by Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, it is promoted.
I saw on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube this week, a man washing his car gets shot.
That's fine.
Alex Jones is not safe.
For Facebook, YouTube, Twitter.
But that man being shot is up there today.
And the President of the United States tweeting that we will protect our churches from violence is removed from Twitter, is violating their terms of agreement.
Saying that we will stand up to criminals, to thugs, to vandals, to murderers is not allowed.
But you can literally show murder.
The thugs can plot and plan on Twitter and YouTube and Facebook and start Facebook groups.
But if we start a group that says we were going to show up and defend our church, that is not allowed.
This is our moment.
This is our opportunity.
This is the Christian moment.
This is our opportunity to say, we will stand for freedom in our generation, with justice, with kindness, with honesty, with bravery.
Go out there, protect your churches.
They will not tear down our Christian monuments.
That's not going to happen.
Stand up.
And I want to thank Alex Jones and thank all of you InfoWarriors.
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TurboForce and ForWars.com.
The black lives killed by black men matter, right?
The black babies killed in the abortion clinics matter, right?
Thought so.
The black officers killed by that bastard in Minnesota, that matters too, right?
But the black babies that are killed in the abortion clinics don't matter, do they?
Medical people.
Do their lives matter?
Does the future of our black babies matter?
What's up?
What's up?
Awful quiet now, aren't they?
It's okay if we kill them in the womb, right?
But you have a problem when we- you don't seem to really have a problem when we kill them on the streets.
Yes, well we know they're the same issue.
If we don't- if we don't respect the lives of our unborn children enough to save them and fight for them, our lives mean nothing once we're born.
Well, we at InfoWars completely agree, and that's why we have decided to launch the Baby Lives Matter
Onesie and Baby Lives Matter t-shirt at Infowarsstore.com.
And why is this so important?
Why is this message so important?
Well, not only do you support the broadcast when you purchase the Baby Lives Matter onesie or t-shirt, you also fight back against the false narrative or false pandering that the left does when they say Black Lives Matter.
But they ignore all the black-on-black violence.
They ignore the black police officers that get murdered.
In America, if you're black,
The odds of you being killed in the womb are higher than being killed by a police officer.
The odds of you being killed by another black man are higher than you being killed by a police officer.
But none of that matters!
None of that matters because the Democrat Party has to fundraise, and in order to fundraise they have to lie to their voters and deceive them into thinking they're oppressed victims so that you give them money to help the problem that they've been claiming that they're going to fix for 50 years, when the truth is they're actually behind all of it.
But that's why the Baby Lives Matter t-shirt
Is such art and such a perfect message for this time because are you gonna have people telling you that black lives matter but then ignore Planned Parenthood murdering tens of millions of black babies?
But just in general the fact that we abort our own children and then pretend to care about life anytime it works as a pandering to the Democrat Party virtue signal.