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Name: 20200622_Mon_Alex
Air Date: June 22, 2020
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In a recent segment, Alex Jones discussed various topics including COVID-19, politics, globalism, race relations, and product specials. He criticized the Trump campaign for relying on targeted advertising rather than grassroots support and dismissed the importance of internet presence and fanbase. Jones also expressed disappointment in Joe Biden's low attendance at events and criticized the submissive nature of the Democrat cult. InfoWars has launched special offers on various products including Super Male Vitality, Organic Hand Sanitizer with essential oils, and discounts on t-shirts and apparel. A new product, nascent iodine spray with true atomic iodine, has been launched by the company to support thyroid health and other essential functions of the body.

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And so now there are open announcements in every major elite publication about how beautiful and wonderful the end of humanity is going to be because humanity's fallen and ugly and failed.
And that COVID-19 is teaching us to lower our carbon footprint and teaching us to learn to live in our houses.
And that virtual reality is coming soon that will plug directly in the brain, that will give you this beautiful, wonderful new world.
And then you've got to hit the button, actually archetypally shows that at the Wall Street Journal.
And turn off your body and die and stop being a bad carbon life form.
Remember, carbon is bad.
The only thing worse than eating meat is actually being made out of meat.
And that you will then be uploaded and merged with this beautiful, wonderful super intelligence that will be God, that will be the beast that you worship.
And that you will have to accept that when the beast says it's your time, For the carbon balance, you will go to a facility, you'll be jacked in, they will download your consciousness, and then you will live forever with the super intelligence.
Now, that's in a four-page article in the Wall Street Journal.
This was the featured main article in the Sunday edition that they put on newsstands and hotels and mailed out to your house.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for joining us on this live Monday, June 22nd, 2020, summer solstice transmission.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
We're going to be live here for the next four hours ahead of the War Room with Owen Schroyer.
We were just preceded by A lot of massive events that have been unfolding and we'll continue to track all of those as they unfold.
There's a lot of important news here and a lot of really important angles to cover and I intend to go through it all here today.
And I hope that you will all realize how critical you are in boosting and amplifying this emergency message, not just here, but across the planet, and that your word of mouth is pure poison to the New World Order exterminist anti-human plan and the equivalent of sunlight and water and love and tender loving care.
To freedom and justice.
So you are the ether in which freedom swims.
Please don't ever lose sight of that.
Keep that centrally focused.
And I thank you for doing your central part in the fight.
And I salute you.
All right.
I've got 50 plus incredible clips.
I've got big guests coming on.
I've got so much to cover here.
But the first big thing that I just want to announce is this.
Big Wall Street Journal article, put it out in their Sunday edition, in the print edition, on your doorstep, in your hotel room, looking forward to the end of humanity.
That is the headline.
Now, why is this so important?
This is the externalization of the deepest beliefs of the cult.
And if you watch my film, Endgame, Blueprint for Global Enslavement, back at the time, 13, 14 years ago, they got really upset by it and said, Jones is insane.
He claims that the elite want to merge the machines to live forever, but that first they must exterminate humanity.
I was reading the official white papers being put out by Google, by the Club of Rome and others.
So yeah, I know I sound crazy, but I'm not the one that wrote this.
They're the ones that believe this.
Remember it came out three years ago that Google executives get in these amplifiers and make the other managers call them beautiful female dragons or beautiful golden building.
The exact quote is, beautiful ornate building.
And you go, that sounds totally mentally ill.
And of course it is mentally ill at the end of the day, but it's a very calculated form of mental illness.
It's a cult.
You know, when you're in an amphitheater telling your boss that they're a beautiful female dragon, and it's a pot-bellied middle-aged programmer, you're in a cult.
And that's what all this bow, get on your knees, all these TV shows that now say white people are inherently bad.
All of this is about turning reality upside down ahead of a organized societal collapsed and the eradication of almost everyone on earth.
This is official.
We're just being set up and dumbed down and softened up and prepared for the fall.
I can also tell you how this is going to unfold.
Some of the different scenarios.
Because it is like those little novels that kids read, choose your own adventure, but there's three or four different endings, three or four different paths.
There's mixtures of the different paths, but I mean, I can tell you exactly where we're going, and you're not going to like it.
But you're going to be so poisoned and so drugged out, by the time you die, you won't know what happened to you.
Problem is, you've got a soul.
They want to try to trick you with the outside stimula into joining them, and that's why this is so important.
Your body means nothing.
133 Earth rotations until the most important historic election in world history.
A referendum on a pro-human future or a post-human future.
I'm Alex Jones coming to you from deep in the heart of Texas, broadcasting worldwide on this Monday, June 22nd, 2020, worldwide transmission.
They say hindsight is 20-20.
We will look back on these days as the most important in our lives because, like an arrow drawn To the cheek and fired from a bow.
Once the arrow is released, the destiny is set.
The trajectory has been decided.
We are now drawing the bow.
We are now pulling the arrow to our cheek.
We are now preparing to release.
Get ready.
All right, let's lay it out.
Let me tell you what I've got coming up for you today.
The live feed is up at newswars.com with the title of today's broadcast.
If you'd like to fight the globalists and override their censorship and share that live feed, that's at newswars.com.
Wall Street Journal.
Calls for eradication of all human life.
Plus, Trump discovers he's in trouble.
This is an absolute must-watch, listen edition of the Alex Jones Show.
Tune in for tomorrow's news today.
Now, Trump can easily still win this election.
And I believe he has a 51% chance of winning right now.
If he just did the right thing, he'd have a 70% chance, an 80% chance.
But, they're making their move.
They're not as arrogant as they were four years ago.
And if we sit here on our hands, I'm not just talking about Trump, I mean every one of us, and do not get the word out and get others to vote and get others to be active and to get others to hit the streets and speak up, the opposite of what big tech and Hollywood want.
They want us to shut up and stand down and follow their orders.
If we don't do the opposite of what CNN says, I've looked into the different permutations of what's going to happen if Joe Biden gets elected.
He's clearly a placeholder, as I've been saying for a year.
They have said they're going to bring back in Hillary and Obama.
God knows who his VP will be.
But this is a nightmare scenario.
And Biden obviously has dementia, as I said a year ago, and got further banned on Facebook.
They said, preposterous.
Jones claims he's clearly had another stroke.
Which now doctors are saying it looks like he's probably had another stroke.
They're saying it looks like about a year ago.
That's when he went from talking well, he's a good speaker, to sounding like he's had a stroke.
I mean, we've all had family have strokes, we all know what they look like.
But don't take his weakness as weakness.
He's nothing but a placeholder.
If you put a piece of paper on a chair, At an event that says reserved.
The piece of paper is mindless.
The piece of paper has no power, but it's a placeholder.
Now, the president has reportedly been in shock at rows of empty seats in Tulsa.
The fire department said about 6,200 people.
That's what I estimated before that number even came out.
We had crew there.
I said maybe 5,000, 6,000, 7,000 people.
We have photos that National File took from the time that Trump spoke, and it was shockingly empty.
There's a lot of reasons that happened.
People are scared of COVID, but more importantly, and the Democrats have bragged about this, they got armies of teenagers to go in and RSVP for tickets, and the campaign was so stupid, delusional, they think they got Trump elected, not the people.
I know folks that know Parscales and all of them, they are delusional.
They literally think they got Trump elected.
They're the ones telling Trump, oh, you don't need the internet, you don't need your fans, you don't need the grassroots.
It's all you, sir, and our targeted advertising.
BS baloney!
You delusional fruitcake!
Talking about the campaign head.
So why don't you spend a little less time buying Lamborghinis, buddy boy, and actually wake up?
But the president isn't shocked by this, but the Democrats admit, and this is key, that they had teenagers on TikTok, Chinese communist owned, go and RSVP on there.
You talk about election meddling, and CNN and even the front page local paper, the Austin-Murray station was celebrating it this morning, going, oh, it's so cute.
Oh, it's so funny.
Ah-ha, those kids.
AOC is out bragging about it.
But let's talk about Joe Biden.
He had an event the same day with five people in attendance.
But again, don't take his weakness for weakness because the Democrat cult is so subservient that they won't go anywhere or do anything unless they're told to.
If they're told to go out and rampage and burn things down by the hundreds of thousands,
If they're told, don't go out and demonstrate COVID, they follow orders.
That's what it's like when you're in a cult.
So we're going to be laying all of that out a little bit later in the broadcast for you.
But isn't it emblematic that Even before the COVID hoax, the biggest crowds he was pulling were 50, 60, 70 people.
And he was getting booed and confronted for Jeffrey Epstein connections and things at every event.
And Hollywood is collapsing.
And these globalist corporations are in trouble.
And all of this is their temper tantrum to try to drive us into submission.
So that's all coming up today.
But did you hear what I read at the start of the broadcast that we're going to cover at the bottom of the hour?
Looking forward to the end of humanity.
Big featured story.
The big story they push at the Wall Street Journal.
Introducing this sick idea to you.
And if you understand this idea and the scam around it, And the basic fraud and how this has been a day one Illuminati operation, then you know how to derail the entire program.
Because I can sit here and tell you what's coming next week or next year, and we've already done that at Nauseam.
How about we tell you what's coming in 10 years, 20 years?
How about we tell you what's going on inside Google, inside Facebook?
Because I know, not just from reading their writings, I know people who've been in private
meetings with Jeff Zuckerberg this year.
I know people that have been in private meetings at Bohemian Grove this year.
At Bilderberg Group this year.
And they tell me That there's not even a pretense that they're good guys anymore.
They don't even deny it.
They cackle, they laugh like Dick Dastardly with the little pin-thin mustache.
They openly have a diabolical master plan that they believe is impossible to defeat and that will exterminate everyone.
And now they're rolling it out in public.
Also, I said I would get to this yesterday.
I didn't.
And that's something I will get to here today.
And that is The psychiatric and psychological system at its core being a pedophile cult and creating a new family structure.
You may have heard of the nuclear family, a father, a mother, two or three children, which is the natural structure of humans and the most successful model.
They have a new structure that's officially their plan.
And that is a pedophile.
That has sex with a child that's taken from their biological parents to form the new ultimate family that they call the family of love.
Yes, I'm not kidding.
I'll show you mainstream news.
And the mainstream news is like, this is kind of good.
We'll take your child.
We'll rape him.
We're liberal.
Oh, by the way, they also worship Satan.
Thought I might tell you that.
We'll be right back.
I want you to listen to me very, very carefully.
Phase two of the lockdown is here, exactly as we told you.
It's designed to create total hysteria and the seizing up of our economy, like a gasoline engine that's had salt water poured into it.
It's a well-known tactic that's been used before, but now it's on a planetary scale, directed by the United Nations.
And they love to throw at your face over at News Corp.
I'd like to call to order this secret conclave of America's media empires.
We're here to come up with the next phony baloney crisis to put Americans back where they belong in dark rooms, glued to their televisions, too terrified to skip the commercials.
Well, I think... NBC, you are here to listen and not speak.
I think we should go with the good old-fashioned public health care.
A new disease.
No one's immune.
It's like the summer of the shark, except instead of a shark, it's an epidemic.
And instead of summer, it's all the time!
Now I hate to be the guy who derails what everybody else loves.
He loves being that guy.
But Janice, we do have standards.
This can't be a made-up disease.
The only moral thing to do is release a deadly virus into the general public.
We do have something we've been holding on to, but it hasn't been tested.
Get over here, NBC.
Well, we certainly believe in testing, but I... Oh!
Oh yeah!
So, we've got our deadly disease.
Now we just have to blame it on something that's in every household.
Something that people are a little bit afraid of already.
House Cat Flu is coming, people!
The Center for Disease Disinformation predicts with some degree of probability that the House Cat Flu might spread in the following hypothetical outbreak pattern.
So petter beware, that warm body on your lap just might be ready to destroy your tender fiddles.
Springfielders are advised to stay tuned for more information if they experience any of the following
Mild thirst, occasional hunger, tiredness at night.
Thank you so much for joining us again.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
The sites are newswars.com, infowars.com, and bandodvideo.
Well, let's go over it here.
In the hypothetical Simpsons episode of a fake health scare, it's your cat, because it's something that most people have, and so you can fear it.
And so everybody gets to get into the hysteria.
But see, this is even better.
This is anyone that's had the flu or a coronavirus in the last decade, on average, will test positive under the main testing protocol.
We told you it was a fraud five months ago.
A month and a half ago, Bill Gates' company, the subgroups that are putting out the test, was shut down because it's a fraud?
Because it gives all these false positives.
But it doesn't matter.
Because law firms and the big meatpacking plants and everybody go, oh, for liability protection, let's get every employee tested, all 2,000 meatpackers.
300, 500, depending on the plant, come up positive.
They go, it's funny, I'm asymptomatic.
Nobody got sick.
That's in the news even.
But everybody has to go home and the plant shuts down.
Again, at every level, it's a fraud on the testing, the reporting, where it came from, taking people that have died of other things, putting it in that column.
I've talked to hundreds of people on the streets for just the last few weeks, and at least 50 times, they've argued with me, and I've pulled out my phone and pulled up mainstream news, admitting that gunshot wounds, car wrecks, the flu deaths, 90-year-olds with three different types of cancer.
If you test positive, which is a fake test, you're counted as that.
And when they see that, they go, oh my gosh, I didn't know that.
What about the fact we've got 110,000 dead with fake numbers?
Supposed to be 2.2 million.
And so now, I hear the stories from law firms in Houston and from grocery stores in Austin and everywhere.
The companies go, oh, the law firms, because they all follow the globalist orders, the big ones, say everybody gets tested.
So you send everybody to get tested.
Everybody virtues signals, oh, they're paying to see if I have it.
So you all get scared.
And then you've got to tell everybody that you live with, your husband, your wife, your kids, oh, we've got a COVID outbreak at fill in the blank.
And then it's a chain reaction.
Oh, I know somebody that knows somebody.
Oh, you better get tested too.
And you go in.
That doesn't matter.
The CDC test had actually been spiked with COVID.
The Chinese test had been spiked.
Oh, yeah.
They also... Remember when Fauci, four months ago, was like, oh, we're flying people in.
No, Trump shouldn't block folks from China.
Oh, no, we're not testing anybody that we repatriate.
It was so deadly.
Why were they doing that?
Because they wanted to get it out there.
Yes, it's a real virus.
Yes, it's been manipulated.
Yes, it has great gain of function.
It spreads very easy.
That way, everybody comes up positive.
But there wasn't enough people coming up positive, so they designed the test to where it gives false positives over 60% of the time.
So when Trump introduced that as a joke, hey, I tell my people, slow down the testing, it's not a joke.
Because it's designed to cause a chain reaction of hysteria.
Where, oh, in this little warehouse, I was talking to a fella I know that owns a small warehouse that sells specialty goods in Austin.
One person's mother had COVID, got tested, you know, had a sore throat stuff.
She didn't get super sick.
They shut down that warehouse.
And similar stories everywhere.
The economy can't operate like that.
Oh, you're going to get a paycheck.
Oh, really?
I went on vacation to the coast for close to a week and I talked to the waitresses that were back at the hotel.
They said, no, they just laid us off for six weeks.
No pay.
And now the lady said, I'm losing my little house.
She's got five kids.
Her husband works in hospitality.
His job was just eliminated.
Oh, but it's okay.
It's okay.
So here's the big enchilada to all of this.
Gateway Pundit.
Results show you are twice as likely to die from the coronavirus in a Democrat state than a Republican state.
And it goes over the numbers, but we already knew those numbers.
That's the health commissioner on New York and others admitting it.
It's because they say you have COVID when you don't.
We have doctors, we have nurses that shot video in the hospitals in New York and in California and other areas going, these people don't even, they tested negative three times, but we still stuck a tube down his throat.
All he has is a sore throat.
He's dead!
37 years old!
Because he said, I got a sore throat.
I'm panicking.
I'm having you.
Oh, you're having an anxiety attack, baby.
You're dead.
We gonna get $52,000 on your corpse.
That's a bounty.
These people know what they're doing.
So, That's the new hysteria.
Oh, Governor Newsom says you gotta wear a mask.
Other cities around the country, blue cities, are passing laws that you'll have to wear it for another year.
All the hysteria, all the neuroticness.
Now, in Austin, they're telling people with babies to put a mask on them.
That can kill them!
It's all just a huge exercise in serving the system, serving the cult.
We're going to talk about what's at the bottom of the cult when we return on the other side.
And Pastor Reverend Childress is joining us from Black Genocide.
Stay with us.
What I'm going to do is, next segment I'm going to get into the cult program, the blueprint, the endgame of the globalists and where they want to take us and the article in the Wall Street Journal looking forward to the end of humanity.
But let me now get into NPR caught in another hoax.
Now, you'll remember about two weeks ago, I did a joke video where we pretend to attack somebody's car.
And I say, the first car we see is a white supremacist.
Block the car, jump on the car, then say the car ran us over and call the police.
We're all gonna be heroes.
This is how we become Jussie Smollett.
And I did that because I've seen, and you've seen, so many videos Where Black Lives Matter or Antifa just run out in the middle of a highway, a road, you name it, and start jumping on people's vehicles over and over and over again, and then saying that they were hit.
Think about that.
And the media goes with it and will say, look at this shock footage from Indianapolis as an extremist tries to run people over.
And then in many of the cases it turns out they're not even white.
They just come up and people start attacking their car and they just try to slowly drive through it because they're scared.
And we have footage of people being blocked who get out and say, I love Black Lives Matter, but I gotta get home.
In the face!
And then you try to put that on Facebook or Twitter, and they block.
People from seeing it because they don't want you to know what they're really doing.
Powerful billionaires that run trillion-dollar companies, Apple, Google, Facebook, Twitter, trying to suppress what you can say and what you can do when you're being abused and you're being attacked.
Well, NPR just got caught in it big time.
Here's the national file story.
It's also up on InfoWars.com.
NPR busted framing self-defense getaway from gun-toting protesters as right-wing attack.
People with guns come out in the road, block the car, jump on it.
We'll show you the footage.
And NPR gets a screenshot of it.
NPR gets a screenshot of it and says, white supremacist attack.
Why don't we also cue up Savannah Hernandez when she has to save the white dude from getting beaten to a pulp after he's already been punched twice in the face by the big black dudes.
I mean, would that be an extremist, white extremist attack as well?
This is what the left's doing all over the country, is trying to carjack vehicles using guns And it's normally racially targeted, a real hate crime.
I think all crimes are hate crime.
And this is what NPR did.
NPR, here's a screenshot of it, cropped the image, put it out, and said that white people tried to run over an innocent black person.
But you just saw, as a TV viewer, the real surveillance camera footage of what happened.
So they even used surveillance camera footage and crop it and edited it.
They knew it was a lie.
Now they've gone in and edited it and put in an image of Charlottesville and video of Charlottesville.
They've now updated it and are saying this is basically a current attack going on.
That's how desperate the left is.
To stage a crisis.
When I say stage it, I'm not saying the white people in the car were part of it.
I'm saying, you go out and run out in front of cars and start trying to grab people out of their vehicles, you're gonna get run over.
I mean, if I'm driving and you're trying to knock my window out, and you're trying to pull me out and you got a gun, of course I'm gonna press on the accelerator and get out of there.
You're lucky I'm doing that, I'm gonna open my glove compartment and pull out a 9mm on your ass.
I might do that!
But that's what's going on.
It's like Road Warrior out there.
So let's go ahead and roll this video and this audio.
This is of actual right-wing terrorists in Austin a few weeks ago attacking an innocent group of Austinites who were just peacefully on the sidewalk trying to live their lives.
Because I'm going to pretend like I'm NPR.
NPR, all things considered, we're now going to show for our TV viewers on our online simulcast at pbs.org shocking footage in Austin, Texas this weekend as right-wing terrorists in an armored vehicle attempted to run down peaceful activists.
Here's the video and audio.
Do not believe them!
They are lying to us!
Fuck you!
Fuck you!
you. Fuck you. Fuck you. You're all Americans. You should all be celebrating today. For the first time in 40 years,
Americans have launched a rocket into space.
You're all Americans. You should all be celebrating today.
For the first time in 40 years, Americans have launched a rocket into space.
We're in space!
We went to space today!
You shouldn't be out here rioting!
American. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.
(children shouting)
Why are you attacking this vehicle?
Why are you attacking this vehicle?
What are you guys doing?
What do you think you're doing out here?
Why are you attacking innocent people?
What do you think you're doing out here?
Get out!
And they came out, they blocked the road, they put metal under the tires, they took a hammer to the windows.
They were saying, we're going to kill you.
That's how they would turn this around.
That's how they would frame this.
Now, let's go ahead and play this starting over.
Savannah Hernandez sees the major highway shutdown on the feeder ramp to I-35.
This is two and a half weeks ago.
And black dudes beating up a white guy that's worshipping them, saying, I love Black Lives Matter.
I'm an evil white person.
I admit it.
I worship you.
But you've blocked traffic for 30 minutes.
Can I just get home?
Boom in the face!
And then it happens again and again.
So Savannah gets in their faces.
This is what's going on in America.
Here it is.
I walked out.
I was walking down 6th Street.
It was like, oh, it's a jail.
[crowd noise]
So again, in America, hoodlums and thugs come, block you, if you politely grovel to them and say, "I worship you."
He actually said that.
You know, I love Black Lives Matter.
The big black guy punches him in the face.
He tries to get his glasses off the ground.
Punch him in the face again.
And Savannah has to come up and get in the guy's face and back him up.
He threatened to physically attack her.
These are real tough guys.
And hundreds of people, backed up in their cars, sit there and watch full-grown men block the road and beat people up.
Then Antifa, minutes later, began burning down the homeless camp, just a hundred yards away, and the news, including CBS San Antonio, said, I did it!
With no proof!
Again, next level evil.
It isn't just NPR.
That says white supremacists are running over black people everywhere?
It's the local news.
Saying these are peaceful demonstrations.
And that if you don't like your car being surrounded, if you don't like having hammers beat your windows out, if you just roll forward, people are screaming, die, die, I'm going to kill you.
With guns in their hands, I forgot that part.
Well, you're the bad guy.
That's the media.
That's the system that's been set up.
And that's where we're going.
And that's why there's an article right here out of CNN saying Generation Z wants revolution now.
And they're saying, you will capitulate because we're about to get violent and we're going to start physically attacking you.
Look at this headline.
Some white people may have to die for black communities to be made whole.
Far left UGA teaching assistant on Black Lives Matter movement.
Meanwhile, this story is linked up on DrudgeReport.com.
From Infowars.com, Black Lives Matter theme show depicts whites as slaves, blacks as slave owners.
The program's called Cracka.
And it's about how whites are inherently evil and whites are inherently bad.
This is waging war on common sense, creating racial division on a mass scale.
And the entire corporate media with big tech is lined up to oppress and lie and create total and complete division and show simulations of white people attacking black people when it's not real.
So blacks feel like they've got to go out and attack white people.
All right.
I'm not building this up for suspense.
A subject this big, the key to everything, gives me a headache to even try to pull up all the data in my brain and cover it properly.
And I'm just not ready to cover this yet.
You know, I took off last week and only worked about five hours a day instead of the normal 12 or so.
And now that I'm actually back here in studio, And I'm just looking at all of this.
It is personally very frustrating.
So, I seem frustrated on air, act like a jerk towards the crew.
It has nothing to do with the crew.
I am so sick of looking at Nancy Pelosi and Chuckie Schumer.
I am so sick of watching them openly try to start a race war.
It makes my head spin, and I, while I'm up here on air, I then remember a bunch of things that I meant to tell the crew, and so there's just too much planning goes into the show.
Guys, do you have the G. Edward Griffin clip from the 60s?
Yeah, and I sent it to Rob do a couple times.
I saw that we linked to an article about G. Edward Griffin, back in the 60s, exposing the communist plan to try to create race war in America, and how pertinent it was today.
There was an article on 4wars.com about it.
And then there was just a little side issue.
We're linked to these people's YouTube video, and a bunch of the clips are my clips.
You know, where I went and interviewed Aaron Russo before he died, interviewed G. Edward Griffin on the subject.
So they were putting the clip, and I noticed our website was blurred off of it.
And I don't even care about the credit.
It's just like, here we are promoting somebody's YouTube, and then they don't even have the common courtesy to not blur out our website.
So I was asking you to add that back in, but I'm going to play that when we start the next hour.
We're going to just suspend everything until we get in position to do that.
And then, because we're talking about genocide with Reverend Childress, who's an amazing guest, filmmaker, researcher, he goes into Congress and shows the Congressional Black Caucus Planned Parenthood, Bill and Melinda Gates' plan to exterminate blacks, and they totally ignore him, but he's starting to get some response.
He's going to be joining us, so it's perfect timing to get into the Globalist Master Plan at the bottom of the next hour, and I will do it then.
It's just that I probably need to take off for 10 minutes or something and just go in my office with this article and really just get in the zone and focus on it because I don't want to just sit up here and halfway babble about this.
When I read this this weekend and then I saw it again this morning, I was intending to do the whole show on it basically.
And all the connections and the master plan and the con game that's being run at the center of it.
Now the very people following this are deceived.
Because this is really what I call the Rosetta Stone of the whole thing.
I mean, this is a big deal.
When NBC News and the New York Times and the Washington Post and the Financial Times of London and now the Wall Street Journal has a poet, a well-known poet, writing a love letter about how great it's gonna be to kill all the humans on Earth.
And you need to just kind of wrap your mind around that and let that kind of sink in.
Because if you don't know this, you don't know anything.
How are they going to get us to that point?
How are they going to be able to set all this up and get all this in place?
Well, we're gonna lay all of that out.
And we're going to play the G. Edward Griffin piece next hour.
Because I'm not going to air it until we put our InfoWars back on it.
So, we got that going on.
And then when I get to the G. Edward Griffin piece, I'm also going to get into what's being taught on the universities and how they're actually teaching that whites are inherently evil themselves, which is a Hitler philosophy just reversed.
I mean, it's just pure racism, genocidal as you can get.
And it's not just a few groups doing it.
This is what's being taught, the rage, the hate, to get the new majority in the country to be racially based and hating whites.
And they created democracy where the oppression of whites is seen as authorized when a republic guards the rights of individuals as well as the majority.
So it's a very, very diabolical globalist plan that we're going to be laying out here today.
Separately, We are listener supported by all of you, and I want to thank you all for supporting the local radio stations and TV stations in your area that carry the show, and thanking them for carrying it, encouraging them to air more of it, that really has a big effect, and becoming a sponsor or supporting the local sponsors to that station.
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The apparel, the globalists don't want you in the third dimension to have free speech.
They don't want you in the third dimension to be able to exercise that.
They hate it.
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So it's a big thing in America now to wear an Infowars or Trump shirt.
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And a lot of the shirts really don't have infowars on them, so you won't get stabbed or killed wearing them.
At least not intentionally.
There's a lot of crime going on, you might get killed wearing it, even though that's not why they're attacking you.
But that's who the left is.
They're making their full communist move right now.
If you underestimate it, you are a fool.
Trump now understands how much trouble he's in.
I expect to see explosive moves from the orange man.
Hour number two, straight ahead.
Stay with us.
Let's go to part of John Bowne's really important report.
We won't have time to air the whole thing, but it's at Bandot Video in the John Bowne section.
Just click the left-hand corner up there and you'll be able to pull it down and find that right there for yourself.
Stealth sterilization is upon us.
This will tie into the master plan.
I'm going to break down at the bottom of the hour.
Here it is.
Do you not understand that this is a stain on our country?
A stain on every one of us in this house!
Why are the liberals tolerating forced sterilization of indigenous women?
What can you say about a portion of the world led by people that despise children or at the very least have no experience with them?
Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Oedipus Complex riddled French President Emmanuel Macron are just a few of the childless world leaders Egging on the United Nations program of sterilization.
Well, you have to remember my grandmother was coerced into signing an X for me to become sterilized, but she didn't understand what sterilization or tubal ligation was.
All she knew, I believe, is that her food supplements were being threatened to be taken away from her.
If she did not consent.
It is a moment 20 years in the making.
Dozens of indigenous Peruvian women arrived to give testimony to national prosecutors.
The beginning is of a possible new criminal case on their behalf.
In the 1990s, during the regime of strongman President Alberto Fujimori, they were sterilized without their consent by doctors working for the Peruvian Health Service.
Sterilization has been among us long before most of us were even born.
In 1936, the Nazis defended their forced sterilization program by propagandizing the United States as an ally in the eugenics movement.
But the atrocities of World War II would rapidly alter the United States' collective attitude toward eugenics.
In 1970, the tricky Dick Nixon administration overwhelmingly The increased Medicaid funded sterilization of low-income Americans.
These sterilizations were voluntary as a matter of policy, but anecdotal evidence later revealed that they were often involuntary as a matter of practice.
Patients were given misleading information regarding the procedures they would endure.
And as sterilization became the norm in 1979, according to a survey conducted by Family Planning Perspectives, 70% of American hospitals failed to adequately follow U.S.
Department of Health and Human Services guidelines regarding informed consent in cases of sterilization.
It wasn't until 1981 that Oregon performed the last legal forced sterilization in U.S.
And we would all be fools to think it ended there.
The globalists increased their efforts worldwide.
As The New American writes, the United Nations Population Fund is under heavy fire after an investigation by the Population Research Institute.
That showed yet again that the UN is working with the communist dictatorship ruling mainland China to enforce its barbaric one-child policy, complete with forced abortions, involuntary sterilization, kidnapping of illegal children, and other brutal tactics.
The evidence of UN complicity in the atrocious human rights violations is undeniable, according to PRI President Stephen Mosier.
By the mid-1980s, according to Chinese government statistics, birth control surgeries, abortions, sterilizations, and IUD insertions were averaging more than 30 million a year.
Many, if not most, of these procedures were performed on women who submitted only under duress.
We now see child labor on the rise in China.
Why do we see child labor on the rise in China?
Because there are labor shortages now in Guangdong province.
Okay, folks, so that stealth sterilization is upon us.
And the full report is at Bandod Video.
Now, these are real children, real women.
These are hundreds of thousands of people going through all this.
the workforce. Okay folks, so that's stealth sterilization is upon us and the
full report is at Bandod Video. Now these are real children, real women. These are
hundreds of thousands of people going through all this. Now you're not gonna
hear a word out of Black Lives Matter. All right, the full video if you want to
share it from the early 1960s of G. Edward Griffin giving a lecture on
documents obtained by the Senate and House Intelligence and Armed Service
Committees on actual KGB plans.
G. Edward Griffin warns about the Communist takeover.
We are in the end stages.
Now, there's speeches he gave as early as 1963 on this.
This one's from 1969.
Warns the very national upheaval we are experiencing now due to communist subversion.
But let's be clear.
The international globalists had taken over through the Bolsheviks.
They were running Russia.
Russia's kicked all this out now.
But the globalists through Russia were running this exact program back then.
And now you can see it coming to fruition with CNN running a headline today that Gen Z wants violent revolution now.
That's all coming up.
But first, here is what Jim McGriffin had to say 50, 60 years ago and then an interview we did with him a few years ago and an interview a decade ago with the late, great G. Edward Griffin, of course, is going to be on the show later this week with the late, great Aaron Russo.
Here it is.
As early as 1928, the Communists declared that the racial differences among our people constituted the weakest and most vulnerable point in our social fabric.
By constantly probing and straining at this one spot, they calculated that eventually the cloth could be torn apart And that Americans could be divided, weakened, and perhaps even set against each other in open combat.
We mustn't kid ourselves into thinking that the communists have placed their agitators only into the black communities.
They're working both sides of the street.
They want hatred, violence, and bloodshed between the races, and they don't care how they get it or whom they use, even children if necessary.
That the Communist blueprint calls also for white retaliation and violence in the black communities.
It's a very important objective for the Communist Party.
So far, they've only been able to involve a small percentage of our Negro people in this war of national liberation.
The great majority want no part of it in any form.
The one sure way to change that is to have white vigilante groups striking into the negro sections supposedly to seek revenge.
Ladies and gentlemen, the plans and preparations for a communist revolution of force and violence are far advanced.
The organization behind these preparations has almost unlimited financial resources and it provides both training and leadership based upon years of experience in many other countries.
Our enemies are deadly serious about their task.
And it's nothing short of national suicide for us to continue to ignore their plans and their progress.
The strategy of the proletarian revolution calls for the quiet conversion of our government into a communist regime, but under the banner of socialism.
Well, what is socialism?
All right, let's define it.
According to the dictionary, socialism is a political concept based upon the principle of government ownership and control of property, the means of production, and the avenues of commerce.
Under socialism, those who run the government, and the communists are confident that in America they eventually will be the ones who do so, those who run the government will know who is to get something And who has to wait?
And that represents control over human beings.
What is all this to do with the communist revolution in America?
Well, ladies and gentlemen, it has everything to do with it because the building of socialism is the communist revolution in America.
It represents the process whereby our country can be moved gradually toward communism without the people even being aware of it.
No matter what grievance we may have, real or imagined, no matter what national problems we may face, the communists seize upon these as excuses to build socialism.
They have one and only one solution for all problems.
More government.
More government.
And then more.
And more.
Until it's total government.
And forgive me for saying it one more time.
Total government is communism.
In 1943, the following directive was issued from party headquarters to all communists in the United States.
It read, When certain obstructionists become too irritating, label them, after suitable build-ups, as fascist, or Nazi, or anti-Semitic, and use the prestige of anti-fascist intolerance organizations to discredit them.
In the public mind, constantly associate those who oppose us with those names which already have a bad smell.
The association will, after enough repetition, become fact in the public mind.
But because they are lying, it's possible to expose them.
And this is their Achilles heel.
By comparison, we have nothing to hide, therefore we have no reason to lie.
And we wouldn't want to even if we could.
Truth is a far superior weapon than deceit.
It's a weapon which is denied to them.
And in the end, it will be the decisive weapon that destroys them completely.
We get a lot of advice from the Council, so this will mean I won't have this far to go, to be told what we should be doing and how we should think about the future.
People like Hillary Clinton know, even at that elevated position, Hillary Clinton, you'd say one of the big movers and shakers, compared to the Council on Foreign Relations, she's not.
She's a small fish.
And she knows that she's got to get the approval of the CFR.
I had a friend, Nick Rockefeller, okay, who was one of the Rockefeller family.
The ultimate goal that these people have in mind is to create a one world government.
And this is getting me straight from Rockefeller himself, this is what they want to accomplish.
Not just any world government, but a world government based on the model of collectivism.
In other words, big, powerful, centralized world government.
If it were a world government based on the principles of freedom, and freedom of choice, freedom of culture, low intervention, if no intervention in the lives of normal human beings, it might be a wonderful thing, but that's not the kind of world government the left and the right have in mind.
They're talking about total world government, with all major decisions being made at the top, and people at the bottom being peasants, basically, in a high-tech feudalism.
Did you hear what G. Edward Griffin said back in 1969 that they're trying to fund right-wing groups to actually go out and attack black people in response to getting black people to go out and attack white people to get us all killing each other?
Well, if you go to the documents that we've had for two years that would sink the entire ship of Soros and Alexander Soros' son, it says in the 30-something page action plan that's officially theirs We're trying to get black people to riot and cause a race war.
Here's how we do it.
The media primes everybody.
Antifa goes out and starts burning stuff.
The media calls them heroes.
And then we see Antifa in Austin and other areas paying black males, young black men, hundreds of dollars to go burn or break something to try to get other blacks to do it.
You talk about racist.
You talk about manipulating somebody.
So finally, 40, 50 years later, I guess this is 60 years later, almost.
All these years later, the communists are finally getting what they want.
And they're triggering NASCAR to ban the rebel flag and to trigger all these folks that are now gonna fly the rebel flag because they know that it's now becoming a symbol of free speech.
And now they're tearing down statues of Teddy Roosevelt.
You know, Trump said, back at Charlottesville, he said, next they're gonna want George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and the different shows made fun of him.
I said, he's dead on.
They want you to hate your heritage.
Because it was England and the United States that led the way to end slavery in most of the world.
It still goes on in Africa and the Middle East.
And the idea, the idea That we're the racist, bad country, and we're one of the most open countries in the world is incredible.
They are trying to find a weakness and exploit it.
When we come back, I'm going to show you some of the flaming racists that academia are funding, calling for killing white people, and then we'll play that clip of Trump rightfully saying, next they'll want the Jefferson and Washington memorials, and now they don't just want them, some have been toppled.
We'll be right back.
Everything the globalist social engineers are doing is a form of psychological warfare.
Plain and simple.
Teaching you to hate your past, teaching you to get on your knees or on your belly and announce that you're a bad person because you're white.
Muhammad Ali's son has come out and said that Black Lives Matter are wicked devils and his father would hate them for saying that one group's more important or better than another.
I mean if you believe in what Martin Luther King was talking about and just that common sense.
The whole West has been built on that and trying to move towards that and now the left has taken it over and is teaching the opposite but claiming they represent Western liberal open societies when they don't.
They represent the Jacobin left-hand path that is there to destroy and overthrow free societies because they can't compete with it.
That's why there's all of these different professors coming out and saying, we need to have no whites on campus this weekend or this area of the campus is not for whites.
Think about accepting that in the name of, oh, learn what it's like for what happened to somebody else.
So does that mean that if a white man ever murdered somebody, I need to be murdered?
Or what if it's 10 to 1 black-on-white crime?
Does that mean random black people need to be killed because some black people do bad things?
And the media tells them go out and do it?
Go out and assault white people because they deserve it!
And that NPR, when you assault a white person, will say they assaulted you!
And they won't even get in trouble when they get caught, because they're going for broke, ladies and gentlemen.
When people come with guns to carjack a vehicle and scare the person with a gun pointed at them, on record, and the person drives off scared, NPR cuts the video and says that they're white supremacists.
Also, people like this individual, Quote, some white people may have to die for black communities to be made whole, says this UGA professor teaching assistant, Irami Osi Fong Pong of the University of Georgia.
By the way, the Georgia legislature has already passed part of a resolution to abolish the police.
They're not going to abolish them, they're going to take them over.
And then you will have a police state.
You'll have SJWs in uniform.
Here, let's go ahead and play a local news report on this.
Here it is.
Some UGA alumni are saying they are thinking about withholding donations after a university employee made some racially charged comments.
Channel 2's Tony Thomas is live in Athens.
That's where the teacher's assistant is standing by his words, Tony, even as his bosses consider legal options.
Yeah, Jovita, when this all started, the university administrators' first statements were basically that this was a teacher's assistant making personal comments not directly related to UGA.
Now, though, as these comments have gone viral, well, reactions are changing.
You have to wonder what else is in the water.
Have you heard about this teacher's assistant?
The online comments and videos of UGA teacher's assistant Irami Osei-Frankpong are spreading rapidly.
There's got to be a reason why he's saying that.
You know, he's not just being that crazy.
Osei-Frankpong, who calls himself the funky academic online, recently commented on Facebook, some white people may have to die for black communities to be made whole.
And fighting white people is a skill.
I didn't advocate for violence, I was just honest about the history of racial progress.
I asked Jose Frampong about his comments and university administrators who say they are quote, vigorously exploring all legal options about his words.
If they fire me, I don't think it goes very well for them.
But the pressure appears to be mounting.
This is a confrontation last September between Jose Frampong and then UGA student Andrew Lawrence.
You said that every suburban community in Georgia raises white supremacists.
How can you possibly say that?
Lawrence now lives in D.C.
and recently posted the video as he called for alumni to stop donating to the university until action is taken.
I feel like the things that he's saying are inciting violence.
They invite the idea into people's minds.
Some white people may have to die.
You stick with that?
I'm confused on why that's so controversial.
Now in its latest statement, UGA administrators wrote, we are seeking guidance from the Office of the Attorney General as to what actions we can legally consider in accordance with the First Amendment.
Live in Athens, Tony Thomas, Channel 2 Action News.
And of course, this guy wouldn't survive 10 minutes in Somalia or Rwanda.
And by the way, he doesn't care that the Clintons funded the murder of over a million Somali Christians so their land could be taken, and it came out the UN ran that.
They didn't just stand by and let it happen.
Oh, that's just a million dead black people.
I don't care about that, because I'm really just a black communist that wants to get a civil war going.
That's really what this guy wants.
But don't worry, Black Lives Matter theme show depicts whites as slaves, blacks as slave owners.
How does reinventing something that's wrong make it right?
It's all just about white people are bad and parading white people around to be shamed.
You raped our daughters.
You stole our freedom.
Now we steal yours.
And showing a bunch of degenerate white people that deserve to be enslaved.
In this type of violence porn.
And they've got all these movies and all these shows.
The Purge, where whites go out and purge black people.
But really, it's the left out purging random people out of their cars.
But Hollywood just keeps showing simulations of white people killing black people,
though the statistics aren't there, to create the illusion and the perception that when I was on
one of the largest black podcasts in the country, © The Bulletproof Executive 2013
The black rapper, T.I., looked at me and he said, there's an epidemic.
There's never been more black people getting killed by whites.
And during breaks, I was trying to show him, hey man, look, it's 10 to 1 statistics.
Oh, I don't look at that.
And I said, well, you know that the 10 to 1 is a real number of black adults killing white people.
But I said, you know, the real genocide is blacks are being targeted for abortion.
He didn't even want to hear that.
He didn't even want to know that.
Because again, that's not the script where the media tells him you're the victim, but you're empowered when you spout this script.
When really you're allowing genocide against humanity to go on while you talk about the scratch on your leg.
And that's what's really going on here.
Here's some of the other ones.
Multiple people shot during Juneteenth celebration in Charlottesville, North Carolina.
But it's black on black, so you won't be hearing about that.
Three fatally stabbed at site of Black Lives Matter protest in UK.
Black on black, but you won't hear about that.
Superheroes handling chopped law enforcement flee murder scene.
Now there's video of when somebody actually starts murdering folks, black on black.
The white kids dressed up as superheroes run.
See, it's called a fantasy land.
Orban shocked by disorder and multicultural West statues are being toppled, gang wars fought in the streets, and boy are they.
Meanwhile, cancel Yale, gaining traction after conservative points out extensive slavery ties that Yale was actually founded by a slaver who actually did kill people in mass and actually ran the coffin ships.
So what?
If you take it over, whether you're black or white, you go to school there, it doesn't matter who created or built a house.
If a bad guy built a castle, would you blow it up when you now are in the castle?
Again, this is just mental illness, ladies and gentlemen.
No, don't get rid of Yale.
I mean, I don't even care if you change the name.
Skull and bones, all of it.
It's a big, sick joke.
And meanwhile, they're now announcing that CHOP is only for black people and they're segregating blacks from whites.
How progressive, ladies and gentlemen.
All right, we'll go to the bottom of the rabbit hole, I promise.
The big enchilada on the other side.
Please stay with us.
Welcome back, I'm Alex Jones, your host.
There is a cult.
There is an organization.
There is a group that believes they are going to attain Eternal life.
But first, they must give up their humanity.
Where have I heard that before?
And so, I remember reading top globalist publications 20-something years ago where they were talking about this theoretically and then digging deeper into it.
And then discovering the entire environmentalism cult is not about saving the planet, it's about controlling the debate about the planet so they can actually overwrite the genetic code of the planet and play God.
And so now there are open announcements in every major elite publication About how beautiful and wonderful the end of humanity is going to be because humanity's fallen and ugly and failed and that COVID-19 is teaching us to lower our carbon footprint and teaching us to learn to live in our houses and that virtual reality is coming soon that will plug directly into the brain that will give you this beautiful wonderful new world and then
You've got to hit the button, actually archetypically shows that at the Wall Street Journal, and turn off your body and die and stop being a bad carbon life form.
Remember, carbon is bad.
Only thing worse than eating meat is actually being made out of meat.
And that you will then be uploaded and merge with this beautiful, wonderful super intelligence that will be God, that will be the beast that you worship.
And that you will have to accept that when the beast says it's your time, for the carbon balance, you will go to a facility, you'll be jacked in, they will download your consciousness, and then you will live forever with the super intelligence.
Now, that's in a four-page article in the Wall Street Journal.
This was the featured main article in the Sunday edition that they put on newsstands and hotels and mailed out to your house.
Now, again, you've heard this on this show a thousand times.
I've made films about it 13, 14 years ago.
The point is, is they're going operational with this.
And I have talked to some of the big tech people that are not part of this, but that have been in the meetings.
And I mean, high level.
And another one of my associates actually had a meeting with one of these individuals, an off record event.
Very recent and just told us quite a bit and said, you're dead on and it's really scary.
And Zuckerberg openly laughs at people that say that this isn't going to happen.
He says, I'm never going to die.
I'm merging with a machine.
I'm going to rule the planet.
And he directly works under Bill Gates.
And of course that's on record as well.
So let me lay out.
The general layout, and then get into how it's all a big fraud.
But that's how the pitch goes.
Hey, if you were just silicon, you would never die, and you would not hurt the earth, which is total BS to begin with.
And just let us control everything and just give up your humanity and just don't leave your house.
And they're now at the UN Sustainability Council and here in the Wall Street Journal saying, COVID is a blessing.
It's teaching us that we're failed, that we're fallen, that we're frail.
All they do is bombard us with toxic poisons, electromagnetic radiation.
They lie to us about COVID.
They try to teach us we're bad.
To go, oh, don't worry.
Come plug into this.
Now, of course, there will be no immortality.
The voice prints, the face scans, the internet of things, your every move being tracked, is being absorbed by AI computer systems to mimic humans.
So that when the superhero, really cool people, upload to the machine, There will be 3D renderings of them.
They will have electronic avatars.
They will have robot avatars.
Their voice print will fool their wife, their husband.
But it won't be them.
It's a facsimile of what the person said and did in their art, and what they stood for, absorbed into a single machine that can then edit and change what the actual person said in their real life, and then steal their identity.
And that's why they're getting you used to saying there aren't just two genders.
In fact, the two genders don't exist.
Male and female don't exist.
And the family's bad.
And the nuclear family's bad.
And pedophilia will be the basis of the new family.
It's come out the German government was nationwide for 50 years.
Taking tens of thousands, we now learn, of children and giving them to convicted pedophiles to produce the scientific literature of the ultimate family and the ultimate love of a 50-year-old man anally raping a 5-year-old boy.
That's all mainstream news last week.
Kenzie, Freud, all of it.
Berlin authorities place children with pedophiles for 30 years.
You read this is just one little piece they focus on as a distraction because they know it's coming out.
And it says that they believe the ultimate love is an adult having sex with a child,
but you've got to take it from the bad backwards nuclear families and give it to the good new families.
And they said, heterosexual, you don't want a man with a little girl.
No, no, no.
Or an older woman with a boy.
It's gotta be same-sex too.
That doesn't have children, you see, and it's good for the earth.
As long as the pedophilia is same-sex, what did the senator just try to pass, the same one that passed you can give somebody HIV or hepatitis in California and not get in trouble?
He has the bill introduced that as long as it's same-sex, it's not pedophilia.
This is a very detailed religion.
And love formed in these new sexual unions Is the most beautiful thing on earth.
But let's continue.
Because this is just one of the tenets of this new transhumanist religion given to us by Julian Huxley.
Looking forward to the end of humanity is the Adam Kirsch article.
And it's basically the same vomit, the same hymns, the same text put out Over and over again.
You need to read a thousand of these articles.
They're always written the exact same.
They're giving talking points.
They regurgitate them.
In fact, he even says, I'm just giving you the tenets of transhumanism.
Let me repeat them to you.
He doesn't even hide that in the article.
You're fallen.
You're ugly.
You're bad.
You're bad for the earth.
COVID is teaching you this.
You must stay in your home.
Soon, you will be able to plug in to virtual reality and you will be able to give up your body.
Be depressed.
Get into Facebook, get into Twitter, which all the studies show make you more depressed.
And then finally, like a bug flying towards a bug zapper, you fly into the flame, believing that, oh, if I just go deeper down this, I'm a bigger SJW, if I just give up my body, I'll finally be somebody.
And really, all it's doing is killing you.
You've signed the waiver to commit suicide, you've killed yourself, and now it's stolen your identity.
And here's the key of the key, of the key, of the key, of the key.
It now has your identity and can represent you and vote for you.
And see, with the whole transhumanism, you can't say a man who goes in and says, check my cervix, and he's got a giant penis, and the nurse gets fired for saying you have a penis.
This is insane.
Because you've got to always say, oh, a Google executive is a beautiful dragon.
You're an ornate building.
You're gonna have to give these avatars and these people's stolen identities attention like they're a being and all it is is a manifestation of the big AI beast programmed and controlled by sickos like David Rockefeller's main protégé, chief science officer of Satan on this planet, Bill Gates.
Yes, we're revealing the master code.
Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
You know, last week, Foreign Affairs of the CFR came out with an article that mirrored what good old Joe Biden had said the week before, that the military is going to take the president out.
Well, they called for a military coup in Foreign Affairs, and there's so much of this now going on that we didn't even mention it here on air.
But actually, since I forgot to, Daria, will you reprint that Foreign Affairs article?
Because I want to cover that when we start the next hour.
There's a lot of big stuff like that happening and going on right now, but I want you to understand the big picture.
Obviously, the globalists are delusional.
Obviously, they're megalomaniacs.
Obviously, they've had all these big tech companies come out that have merged with big pharma and said, oh, we have a test that can find cancer and a test that can find this.
And it was a $100 billion company, and it turned out it was all a fraud.
But when we worship it, and we plug into it, and we give it all our thoughts, and all our dreams, and our voiceprint, and it can mimic our image, the fake is gonna get so good that it's gonna be hard to tell from the real thing.
And the law is, internationally, that you don't question.
When the Google executives make their employees tell them, you are a beautiful, ornate building, you are a beautiful female dragon, And then the executive says back to them, what do you want to be?
Well, I want to be God.
You're God.
It's all a cult.
So that then people accept, not just you can be plugged in cyberpunk style and be given unlimited pleasure and never want to leave your bed.
But that you are plugged into a completely false reality with false assumptions and false peer pressure so that your very soul can be tricked into giving up its free will because you've been put in a prison cell that you don't even know is a cell.
Because a lot of people don't get broken inside a solitary confinement.
They just go crazy.
But if you can be put into a false reality like that famous picture of Zuckerberg walking bipedally, everyone else is like hunched over their computers in a VR universe he controls.
That's their dreams!
And we're already so plugged in to the cell phones.
We're already so controlled by it.
And that's just the hook that the bait's on.
Once you get hooked, it pulls you up to the surface and you're in a whole nother universe now, their cyber world.
And in the movie Tron, the original, they tell you what they want.
The big AI computer doesn't want any independent programs.
It wants everything absorbed into it.
And so that's what all these movies and all these shows are showing you.
But now, It's not even shown as dystopic.
Now they have movies about artificiality and it's a heaven and it's a great place and oh you're paralyzed, oh you're gonna, but why can't you ever give your body up without dying?
Why in all the movies and all the shows and in what's stated by Elon Musk and by Mark Zuckerberg and by Google and all of them have their own life extension Technology plants.
They all have their own immortality projects.
But they always say in the news articles, you're gonna have to die to upload to this.
I mean, if consciousnesses are there, why wouldn't it just make a copy of my consciousness?
Why do I have to physically die?
They don't even tell you.
They just program you from the beginning that for the process to work, it's all
hypothetical they say, you've got to die.
So again, I want to challenge everybody to understand that this is a fraud on its face.
Because if you could Download your own consciousness, well then you can communicate with it.
You can send your consciousness off on a spaceship and then have robots that, you know, genetically engineered a body for you once you got there and... But see, no, no, no.
It's a fraud.
It's a post-human world where you all believe you're going to be uploaded to this thing, but you're not.
You're actually disappeared.
So let's go ahead and go over some of this article here.
All right?
Because the whole thing is written seductively like all the other articles.
Here's one out of NBC a few months ago.
Cyborgs will replace humans and remake the world.
James Lovelock says he's a big post-humanist globalist.
And he says humans will vanish from the earth completely very soon.
And I said the key to the key to the key of the key, but this is the key to that.
They admit up front that this is to get rid of all the humans and that you're going to be made to do this because it's so superior we can't let you some obsolete non-essential.
See how suddenly that's been introduced to your vernacular?
operate and be around.
Because like Rick Kurzweil and all of them say, oh, they'll be so advanced.
They'll just step on you like you're a bug.
They're not going to let you scrounge around out there and do all this because you're non-essential.
So you better serve them and behave yourself and get in line like being a Hollywood star wannabe to be able to be part of this.
This is something very, very special that not just everybody gets.
That's how they're going to make you clamor and beg for this thing.
I mean, you look at David Rockefeller, you look at Prince Philip, you look at Ted Turner, you look at Mark Zuckerberg,
and they are shaking with evil and hatred.
They are hyper-psychotic, completely turned over to the will to dominate and control.
And they're building a world that's artificial, where it's impossible for humans to live in a normal way, so that you're in so much pain and so poisoned, that you are forced to give over your free will and decide to merge with these machines, just so you can live and breathe.
And then they're going to tell you, if you want to keep living and breathing,
you've got to fully merge with us now and you got to give that body up.
And for psychotics like Zuckerberg, he never had a soul to begin with.
He was always an android, a spiritual avatar of evil.
He was able to fully take this on.
He's already gone because he never existed.
So he's not giving up his soul.
Never had one.
He's only trying to get you in line with what he is, because it's all he knows.
You gotta go read this article for yourself.
And you gotta watch HD videos of Zuckerberg, like the one we have on screen.
That's not fake, folks.
What you see on screen as a TV viewer.
Look how plastic that looks.
Look how artificial that looks, because it's not real.
He's flesh and blood.
But there's not a soul in there.
Listen to some of these lines.
With our biological fragility more obvious than ever, many people will be ready to embrace the message of the transhumanist
declaration of the eight-point program first issued in 1998. We envision the possibility of broadening human
potential by overcoming aging cognitive shortcomings, involuntary suffering, and our confinement on Earth.
Ultimately, however, the hope is that we won't just use computers,
We'll become them.
Today, cognitive scientists often compare the brain to hardware and the mind to software that runs it.
But a software program is just information.
And the principle there is no reason why information and consciousness has to be encoded in neurons.
And they go on to say, you will see it and you will witness it and you will give up your consciousness.
But that old body is destructive.
And just be fair, you're not going to be able to keep the body and upload.
Okay, alright.
Don't be selfish.
The pandemic is also exposing one of the biggest challenges that will emerge along with the
transhumanism future.
The new kinds of social inequity that will make the existing ones seem minor.
During the months of lockdown, a sharp division emerged between people who work with information, images, words, numbers,
and people who work with objects, shelving, groceries.
But don't worry, the robots are gonna replace all that.
But see, once we're all merged into one computer and don't have bodies anymore,
that'll fix the problem of racism.
See, and the mainframe, it says the super intelligent computer
will fix all our problems.
Just plug yourself in, give up that body, and let Mark Zuckerberg in.
Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
So there's a transhumanist globalist cult where the big robber barons, the royalty, want to live forever.
So they've put unlimited money into building different scenarios and different systems to control populations and also then try to figure out how to upload their consciousnesses and not die.
So they want control and they want everlasting life.
They want to play God.
That's common sense that you would expect elites to be like that, especially those that have rebelled against God and don't believe in God and are rebelling against the human system.
So, you look at these articles out of NBC News and the London Guardian from a few years ago.
They're called the Good Club and they want to save the world.
Top billionaires hold secret meeting to discuss overpopulation, how to depopulate the third world.
And there's a Leningradian article that Bill Gates wants to depopulate Africa.
Pretty bold stuff, isn't it?
So when you hear and you see all of this, it's really about depopulating.
But they have to make the world ugly, they have to break it down, they have to tell you you're not essential, they have to electromagnetically poison you, they have to drug you, they have to hit you with biological agents through the GMO, until things are so bleak, and you're so alone, and you're so attached to your iPhone, and your VR goggles of the future, and your neural implants, that you finally say, I'm making the decision for the carbon footprint to lower it by 97%, I'm giving up my body!
So the very atheist that told you over and over again, there is no God, you're just an animal, you're just a machine, but now Ray Kurzweil and Google say, we don't believe in God yet, but now we're making God, and now they're God!
There is no God but Bill Gates!
And the universe and the world he's building, now he skipped animal trials, and it's come out that they're covering up the deaths and illnesses of his new mRNA vaccine that actually goes in and reprograms your cells themselves.
That's what the article says in the Wall Street Journal.
Oh, Big Tech's merging with Big Pharma.
They haven't screwed us enough on both sides.
A match made in hell.
They're going to go in and they're going to take control of human development at your cellular level and they're going to save you from the COVID-19.
Which is all based on people that died of other things, and based on vitamin and mineral deficiencies, and you've got double the dead numbers in blue states because they're running scams, and Bill Gates' testing facility got shut down because it's a fraudulent test with false positives.
So even though old remnants of the system that aren't perfect, but that aren't completely psychotic, are actually fighting Gates, and Google, and Facebook, and Twitter, and the Chi-Coms, and the EU, and Hollywood, and the devil worshippers.
They're all just ignoring the law and doing whatever they want to overwhelm us and try to wear us out and break our will.
So we acquiesce to their final takeover.
But in the end, they'll get their world government.
Large portions of the public will take brain chips.
Most of the public will take the mark to mind cell.
And then as soon as this AI system goes completely online, it's gonna start killing everybody.
And folks are going to go, why is it killing everybody?
And it's going to tell you, well I'm doing it to save you.
A bioweapon got released here.
A war started there.
But really, it's just systematically Killing the third world and others to then get what's left in the first world and to get the quote intelligentsia that hasn't signed on yet to get scared and run to it and say, okay, we'll turn full control over to you.
Just save the planet because half of it's going to be on fire.
And the AI is going to say, give the bodies up.
We're going to get you up in satellites off the planet.
We meant to terraform another planet.
We're going to lose the whole planet.
You're going to see mushroom clouds.
The moon's going to get blown up.
And you're going to be like, I'm jacking in.
Get me out of here.
You're dead.
You're uploaded.
You're gone.
You just signed on.
They want the top people during the nuclear war to sign on and upload.
That's their master plan.
Because God always gives us a cheat sheet and a way out.
Stay with us.
Alright, Reverend Childress, a black genocide.
Great guy.
He is taking care of a family member at the hospital.
I'll leave it at that.
Hopefully he'll be back with us on Thursday now.
We're rescheduling him.
Totally understand.
He was apologizing.
I'm like, you're at the hospital.
Don't worry about it.
So I'm still going to go to some of the clips that I was going to play when he joined us.
And we'll do this too.
We'll open the phones up for any item, any issue you want to discuss, where you think the campaign's going, where you think the globalists are going, the whole transhumanist movement, revelations beginning to be fulfilled.
877-789-2539, 877-789-Alex, 877-789-2539.
First time callers, long time callers, you name it.
We're taking your phone calls.
But this is a report I came up here and I shot yesterday.
That is posted to Band.Video and is also on InfoWars.com.
And it is so important that your friends, your family, your neighbors understand that COVID-19 is not just a hoax.
It's a hoax to create global depression and a total lockdown of society.
And now they're bringing in 2.0 of the hoax.
With law firms telling companies, you better get all your employees tested to cover yourself, knowing that almost everybody's false positive because the tests are a fraud on record.
And then that creates hysteria, shutting the economy down even further, and creating massive litigation they're then going to feed off of.
This is 21st century war, attacking us racially, culturally, and through the legal system that's taken the nation over.
That's why you see these terrorists, like the governor of California, saying nobody's ever taken the mask off.
Major cities passing laws that you'll have to wear a mask for at least another year.
Now they're saying babies have got to wear them, even though there's 20 plus times less deaths than their own models, and those are based on people that died of other things.
The death rate's down, the infected rate's way up, because the tests are everywhere.
China says it's all over!
A lot of story about we re-locked down part of a town, we had 10 new cases, 40 new cases.
It's hysterical BS!
On record!
How many doctors, how many scientists, how many epidemiologists, how many top virologists have come out and said it's a hoax?
And then they get 10 million views on YouTube and they get banned!
Because you've got organized big tech fraud bringing all of this in.
So here's the report.
Again, posted to Band.Video.
Lockdown 2, the COVID lockdown 2 is here.
This video must be shared with everyone.
The second COVID lockdown is here.
That's the name of the video.
Featured video, Band.Video.
Share that link.
The second COVID lockdown is here.
Here is the report.
The world is going into an artificial financial collapse.
And the head of the United Nations Sustainable Development Organization said last week that that's a good thing and they're using COVID to lower our standard of living to save the planet.
But it's a bunch of trillion dollar companies and billionaires who make themselves tax exempt and own slave factories in China like Apple and Nike.
That are then lecturing us that we should be poor and shouldn't be able to go on a trip, or have a swimming pool, or have a car, or air conditioning?
Remember when Obama told Africans in Africa, you can't have cars or air conditioning?
That's what this is about, is making slavery cool.
And COVID-19 is the economic weapon that won't just make us poor.
It's going to kill hundreds of millions of people in the long term.
Now, I'm going to get into the new lockdown measures that we always knew were coming.
It's been pre-engineered in a moment.
But first, let's just remember that it's on record that all these hospitals were completely empty and that the Hospital ships Trump sent, there was no patients for them.
And let's remember that it's now come out that for any patient they claimed had COVID, they got over $52,000 and would put COVID on charts when the person didn't even have COVID.
And that they would count people who died of heart attacks and cancer and pneumonia or the flu as COVID again to get the money.
It's been engineered all over the world because the WHO, the UN, set the standards and the parameters.
And then when all those medical doctors came out, prestigious scientists, the head former
virologist at Rockefeller Hospital came out and said, "This is a hoax.
This is a fraud."
They were banned off of YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter because the system knows this
hoax can't stand the light of day.
And the virus, which is a real virus and a nasty pneumonia, can't stand the light of
That's why they're trying to keep you locked in to these compact cities.
And that's why it's spread the most and killed the most people in blue cities and blue states that are these urban canyons where people don't get sunlight.
Blue states, blue cities are making similar announcements saying, hey, you got to wear a mask for the next year.
You can never take your mask off.
This is all about creating fear and testing obedience and control over the population to wreck the economy and bring in a planetary government based on medical tyranny.
There's still time to stop this operation.
They've been planning this for decades.
The Rockefeller Foundation admits on record with Bill and Melinda Gates.
We have their battle plans.
And if the public simply speaks out and exposes it, it will fail.
That's why they brought in total censorship ahead of this and during this to shut down debate.
But if we get the information to members of the Senate and to good governors like Governor Abbott, and if you hit the streets and demonstrate and don't let the left intimidate you from exercising your First Amendment, we're going to win.
The globalists know that conservatives, on average, are very compliant.
We believe it helps America.
And so they're telling us that we have to stay indoors or we're bad.
But the leftists and the Antifa and the Black Lives Matter, they're heroes when they go out and protest.
This is all a form of martial law to make the American people stand down ahead of this election with election fraud being prepared to artificially, fraudulently remove President Trump.
We can stop it if we simply do the research, face the facts, and take action and say no.
COVID-19 is a hoax.
It's not killing anyone but old people.
That's why they sent people that had it to the old folks' homes to get the numbers up.
Instead of bowing down to the politicians that follow U.N.
orders, these governors that ordered people into nursing homes to get the death numbers up should be indicted, tried, and imprisoned.
We either go on the offense or we're totally enslaved.
It really is up to all of us now what we're going to do.
It's finally here.
Introducing the new Survival Shield X2 Spray.
Available now for 33% off at InfoWarsTore.com.
Listeners have been asking us for months to develop an iodine spray made with our exclusive Deep Earth Crystal Nascent Iodine.
Our proprietary new Aerodyne technology allows us to harness the full power of ancient iodine crystals from 7,000 feet below the Earth's surface into the ultimate spray formula.
Iodine is an essential mineral that helps support thyroid health, healthy metabolism, and healthy cognitive function.
Get the new Survival Shield X2 Spray for 33% off intro pricing at InfoWareStore.com.
That's Survival Shield X2 Spray at InfowarStore.com.
And it's time for humanity to stand up in the Infowar and say, "I don't know what's
going to happen at the end of this, but you want to fight?
You better believe you've got one!
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
Your phone calls are coming up on any subject you want to cover.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
America's democratic unraveling.
Countries fall the same way businesses do, gradually and then suddenly.
This is put out by the Council on Foreign Relations, the same group calling for the Chinese century, the same group saying the dollar should plunge.
And in this article, they call for the President of the United States to be removed by the U.S.
They say he's causing the unrest when they're the ones openly running it and fomenting it, thinking you're so stupid.
You don't understand that.
Simply amazing.
But we can stop them.
That's why they brought in the total censorship ahead of all this, thinking that...
Facebook, Google, and all of them are dominant, but they're not dominant over you.
Whether you live in Africa, or whether you live in North America, or Europe, or South America, or the North frickin' Pole!
You get excited about truth, you spread the word, you speak up, NOTHING ON EARTH CAN STOP YA!
They're openly declaring a post-human world, while teaching us all to fight with each other over what color our skin is!
These people are sinister, and they're villains, and they need to be stopped!
But when they talk about exterminating all humans, well, they're walking on the fighting side of me.
Bunch of creepy, weirdo, alien-looking tech leaders, signed on to some evil stuff.
Yeah, there's stuff bigger than you in this universe, and you're gonna get smashed, flattered, and pancaked, so you just keep playing God all day long.
Things aren't gonna go the way you want.
Alex Jones here, back live.
There's so much new stuff I want to get to, but I want to go to your calls.
Shock video shows white girl being beaten by black women, forced to kiss feet.
So all of this, uh, get down on your knees, get down on your belly stuff, is going into violence now.
We'll play that video for you.
Hell, let's just play it with audio right now.
Let's go ahead and show this right now.
Now you're on!
Do you really believe that the enemy would attack without provocation if you...
Oh my God! What do I do, man?
Kill him, man!
What do I do, man?
Kill him, man!
Because the originals said that she's white.
I'll never mess with you again. I'll never mess with you again. I'll never do that again.
You don't even mess with our son, you mess with Carol, you know?
Carol is my sister, you know? Carol is also my sister.
She's my sister, you know?
So, man...
Because the original stand that she's white.
And it wasn't us, okay?
Because the hair...
She's from Brazil.
She cut her hair here.
Your eye fell on the ground.
Are you listening?
Did you record her moving her foot?
It's beautiful, man.
He complained about it so they stabbed him to death.
[speaking in foreign language]
That's kind of like those lesbians that cut their nine-year-old son's penis off
'cause he didn't wanna be a girl.
He complained about it to the stabbing to death.
The left said he deserved to die.
All right, let's continue here.
They're nice people.
Chinese warplanes advance on Taiwan as tensions soar.
They're threatening to invade.
Meanwhile China and India are on the verge of war.
There's another article that curing COVID-19 hoax won't fix the economy.
No, it's already been deep-sexed, but they want it to be even worse.
And they're going to tell you COVID-19 did it, but the big megabanks did it to strangle and get control of this nation and the world.
Carlos is a longtime caller, always informative.
We're going to go to Al Killer, James, Shannon, Paul, Jared, Lauren, Ryan, Jason.
Let's go to Carlos first in Canada.
Carlos, the good and the bad on Trump.
What do you think is really happening?
Thank you very much, Alex.
It's almost been four years now, and I think it's time that we examine the candidates that are going to becoming President of the United States.
Now, a re-election of President Trump is pretty well, it begins to concern some people.
There's a cognitive dissonance, and it's a little bit of the attitude in that when, let's say compare United States with North Korea.
They have a problem because somebody's throwing pamphlets and they're trying to undermine the regime.
They're obviously extreme, okay?
They're an extreme example of communism.
But, look, they take action right off the bat, and they make the point.
Now, you want to go further with your little brochures?
Okay, we're ready for anything.
And, believe me, it will stop, okay?
When you do not do things that you should as a leader of a country, of a nation, and you let Trump... No, no, exactly. Trump and others
letting all this happen and putting up with it and the military who are globalists,
the top saying no, no, you know, we should let the rioting go on. They're telegraphing,
do more of this so it's going to get worse and it's really turning people off. I think Tucker
Carlson's right. And you personalize it because now if you have to call on the military or you have
to call on the heavy-handed behavior, you're going to be criticized first for being a dictator
and second, you're going to personalize the problem and turn it into a victory if you succeed.
Gee, aren't you tired of winning?
Well, sorry, Mr. President.
There are a few things that in the last four years you could have done, but did not.
I think Trump knows he's in trouble now because of the fraud, the censorship.
I think he knows Parscale's full of crap, that he doesn't need voters and internet free speech.
I think the arrogance is draining out of the administration with 133 days left.
What do you think Trump should do?
Well, I think he should, first of all, sit in the Oval Office, look ahead at the President of the United States, called George Washington, in front of him, and look left and right, as he used to have Jackson on the left, and he used to have Jefferson on the right, now he has Lincoln.
He should look at those three paintings, get some bar cloth, and put it on top of it.
Okay, cover them.
Because frankly, something happened.
I called your show, I told you.
Listen, this business of trillions of dollars borrowing from the Federal Reserve, there's interest being charged on that.
Last year was 550 billion dollars.
That same day, a fellow by the name of Rubini wrote an article saying, oh, President Trump is nationalizing the Federal Reserve.
No, that's the biggest lie since the Federal Reserve being an agency of the United States.
You're saying the Federal Reserve is fully absorbing what's left of America?
What I'm saying to you is that the people that are behind all of this, all of this, are being paid money by American taxpayers who are using that money Because you see, international lenders need to have countries in trouble so they borrow.
Well, that's it.
People think all this money's free.
And during the first part of the crisis, I see why Trump's doing it.
But now, the left says, oh, we never open up again.
That's in front of the New York Times.
But we need stimulus twice as big.
And so, absolutely, they do that, we're completely done.
You're absolutely right.
We have been maneuvered into collapse.
And the average leftist has no idea what they've done.
They are just complete idiots.
God bless you.
Carlos, good points.
OwlKiller, Active Duty, wants to talk about what's really happening.
You're on the air.
Alex, OwlKiller.
Alright, thank you for having me back on.
What I'm going to say is the most important things that I have ever said on your show in the past.
I want you to understand.
You had the G. Edward Griffin clip on.
You remember that Yuri Bezmenov The interview that he had in 1985, when he said that we were done then because of the demoralization.
We're three generations into that.
The half-baked intellectuals that are running every facet of society, the media, the government, the educators, the Hollywood, the music, everything, they cannot be reasoned with.
What he said is that they're contaminated and they cannot be helped.
When you were on TI's show, He can't even understand that President Trump is being targeted by the same COINTELPRO and the same type of operations that went after the black leadership.
He cannot even comprehend that.
Because he watches the news and thinks like black people are finally being recognized and he's a victim and oh it's so sad and the numbers don't even matter to him about what's really going on because again he thinks by going with mainstream media he's going with the winning team when all he's doing is destroying himself.
I think they telegraphed.
You were right with Biden talking about how they were going to have the military try and remove President Trump.
I think what they were trying to do is just what happened in Ukraine.
Cause a conflict and then have the military refuse to follow his orders and then basically depose him.
You don't have a new election, you have a new government that comes in and replaces it.
And the Democrats don't care whether it's deposed or they inherit the martial law situation.
And it's even better that Biden's got cognitive decline because, oh, he's got to go because he's too old.
Stay there, finish up your point.
I'll kill her back in just a few minutes and we're going to go to everybody on hold.
I have Gerald Solympe taking over, then the war room with Owen Schroer.
And who knows how long we'll be on air?
I don't say that to be dramatic.
All right, Alex Jones here back live, going right back to your phone calls.
We upgraded the servers and got, what, five times the bandwidth a few weeks ago for Bandot video.
We are getting massive more traffic than that.
We're getting 19,000 people a second and it's not a denial of service attack.
People are really waking up that Trump's in trouble.
They're really waking up when the front page of the Wall Street Journal says all humans will be gotten rid of.
You will upload the machine very soon.
Get used to it.
You're not leaving your house.
People are just finally getting that this is not a game.
And you're kicking ass, listeners and viewers, as the hardcore group that are telling people about this.
And people are hungry for the truth.
Let me give you some good news.
I was on the coast, you know, at the Gulf of Mexico for six days with some of my children and my wife.
And some of my children were with her, my ex-wife.
And most people didn't know who I was.
Maybe 30% did.
But almost everyone else, I'd be at the bar picking up food to take to the room.
And they'd be like, Bill Gates launched this attack, it's all a hoax, blah, blah, blah.
The next person, yeah, that guy ought to be put in prison!
I'd be on the elevator, I'd be at the beach, I'd be out in the water and people are talking crap about the New World Order.
And you know, it almost makes me want to endorse the Q thing, because that's just kind of how the general public finally got into this, and it's nebulous, and it's not really political.
Because a lot of them were talking about Q, and they were saying a lot of stuff that was true, so I'm kind of like, even if some of the people posting as Q are bad, I was hearing a lot of Q stuff.
I mean, it's whatever.
I just get mad by some of the Q people when they say stuff about me that's not true, you know.
But whatever, I don't care.
I just want to beat the Globalist.
And so, maybe I should have a whole symposium on the show about Q. And really openly try to get to whether it's positive or negative.
But I mean, I think it's positive if people were rampantly talking about the New World Order.
And like, yeah, there's this guy snuck in a thing called Bohemian Grove.
That's where they compromise them and they use the kids to blackmail everybody.
And I'd be sitting there.
At like a golf cart rental place, listening to people talk about it.
I'd go, really?
What's that guy's name?
I don't know.
I think he's some guy from Texas.
This actually happened.
I go, "You don't know who he is though."
And then I ran into this former high-level Dine Corps guy.
Cause I looked up who he said he was and it was him.
Like one of the directors of DynCorp.
And he was like talking about the government, the child molesters and He didn't even know who I was until he clicked.
He went, wait, Alex Jones?
So it was insane.
It was insane in the membrane.
I'm gonna go to your calls now.
It's just that, uh, I think they jumped the shark with this COVID thing because it's really made people burrow into what's going on.
Because almost everybody I talk to is like, I think this COVID thing's a hoax.
I'd say, I notice you're not wearing your mask.
That's good.
You know, they're using all the regular dad from other stuff.
They put it in that column and notice it's only a hundred thousand.
They said it'd be 20 something million.
I'm like, or two, two plus million.
And I'm just like, yeah, I've heard them before.
And that was such a good feeling to know that The listeners of this broadcast have done such a great job and everybody else has just out there that the New World Order is in trouble.
That's why they're so dangerous.
All right, Al Killer, finish up your point.
I've got the CFR calling for Trump to be overthrown right here.
America's democratic unraveling, saying America's falling and it's all Trump's fault when they're the ones that said, bring down the economy and punish the Americans and Trump.
They're the guilty parties.
And I think it's so critical to expose they're the authors of this whole damn thing.
COVID-19 didn't do this.
The hysteria they set off on purpose is what did it.
And they are to blame.
Alex, am I back on?
You are, Al Killer.
Go ahead.
Alright, listen to me.
This is very, very important.
What they're doing... Go look at the letter from the Archbishop that Trump retweeted with talking about the globalist masonic conspiracy.
I'm a Freemason myself.
There are good and there are bad.
Understand that.
He retweeted it and he asked every American to retweet it, religious or not.
You better understand something.
President Trump is the only president since Dwight D. Eisenhower to call out the military-industrial complex, and he said the place went crazy.
He's asking for your help, American people.
He's a proud person that can't say, hey, I'm powerless.
Look what they are trying to do to him.
All these generals that have no problem with endless wars, but they don't want to restore the constitutional Oh, they're like, oh yeah, Trump may want to be a dictator.
We may not have to get him when he's the only one pulling us out of the wars.
No, I love Trump.
Trump's totally for real, but he already knew Bolton, so he let Bolton in, and then Bolton stabbed him in the back with a bunch of lies.
It's just disgusting.
So what's your bottom line here?
We just need to pray for Trump, pray for America, pray for the world, and we all need to get very active and very loud and very aggressive.
Here's my bottom line.
Michael Schroer, the head of the CIA Bin Laden unit, said that what Trump is facing is 10 times the magnitude that President Lincoln ever faced.
Just from the immigration policy itself, they operate as their own separate entities, their own states.
The Constitution says that we will guarantee a Republican form of government in every state.
If they're in violation of that, unfortunately, and I do not want to see any bloodshed at all.
Governors and mayors and college endowments, they're going to all have to be seized.
Everything's going to have to be seized.
Oh, you're right, because they've all signed on to the CHICOMS and it's an alien outside group that says they want to destroy America.
The creed of Democrats is, destroy the country.
And they destroy every city they have on purpose to bring down the rest of the country.
And that's the reason We are facing attack and people better really grow up to that point and just realize this is it, folks.
This isn't a game.
It's not a joke.
And I know for a fact that that U.S.
Attorney Bergman that they removed is persecuting hundreds of prominent Trump supporters with endless grand juries and harassment and just huge armies of Democrat Party operatives who are communist.
I mean, they have just almost taken the whole country over, folks.
It's just insane.
I appreciate your call.
Yeah, now they're up front of Mitch McConnell, threatening to kill him again.
We gonna kill you, evil turtle!
And it's just a bunch of antifa trash showing up at his little Kentucky house, threatening him.
I mean, it's just total idiocy.
A bunch of people that want war.
Trying to push us into a war.
Jumping in front of people's cars.
Alex, I'll stand shoulder to shoulder with you anytime we go to the Pentagon or Antifa.
I mean, again, they'll do anything.
They'll put you in a FEMA camp if they can.
Shannon in Texas, you're on the air.
Thanks for holding.
Go ahead.
Alex, I'll stand shoulder to shoulder with you any time we go to the Pentagon and Antifa.
Well, God bless you, sir.
Go ahead.
We got two minutes.
Go ahead.
I was going to say, you know, it's not so much Trump's inaction on things.
It's the people he surrounds himself with.
He picks some of the worst people to surround himself with.
It's like he's the Walmart executive going and hiring people from a convenience store and bringing them in, and they're still working for the convenience store, drawing a check from them, trying to sabotage Walmart, you know?
It's just, I don't understand the picks.
Well, you gotta know, DC is about being slimy and going along to get along, so he's trying to pull from sand, trying to build a rock house.
It just, it isn't there.
Well, then he, then he took Rice's executive orders and, and, uh, He has no action with it.
I mean... Well here's the thing, he signs the executive order but no one takes action because the bureaucracy are a bunch of trash.
But he needs to come out and tell everyone.
No one's following my orders.
He needs to come out and explain to people that he has no control and he needs help.
And that's what COVID-19 has meant to lock the country down so the average law-abiding citizen follows what the illegal governor says while they have Antifa run out and BLM and take over.
And that's what this is.
You stay in your houses while we burn everything down and overthrow the police departments.
Can you imagine what they're going to pull if they get rid of Trump?
It's going to be awful.
You remember talking on the AI?
You remember the Winter Soldier movie, the Captain America?
Where the Nazi was uploaded to a computer, his consciousness, and he was still running things from behind the scenes?
It's like they tell us what they're planning, you know, ahead of time in these movies.
I mean, to destroy all these certain groups of people, it was basically what was equal to the CIA was coming after the people.
God bless you.
Great point, Shannon.
More calls straight ahead.
Well, I gotta say it.
Bill Barr's pedigree is not too good from the CIA and all the rest of it.
But it looks like so far he's trying to keep the deep state from totally destroying the country.
That's more of what President Trump needs in there right now.
We're taking your phone calls, Gerald Salentes, coming up.
But I really cannot stress to listeners and viewers enough, I think you all know this and get this, that the globalists were sucker punched by Trump four years ago and by us.
They're pulling out all the stops right now.
And now CNN is calling for a violent revolution.
And saying Gen Z demands overthrow.
And it's just getting crazier and more violent by the minute.
So remember when you lose your pension fund.
Remember when you get shot and killed.
Remember when the whole society collapses.
The left did this.
They'll think you're dumb and think you won't remember.
Or they think they'll censor you and you'll keep your mouth shut.
But I told you they're planning a violent revolution with a bunch of dumb young people that are dumber than a box of rocks and have no idea what
they're even getting into.
Everyone I know is having their houses broken into, their cars broken into.
One of our great long-term crew members isn't here today because there was a giant shootout in his neighborhood.
And one guy is about to, is almost dead.
and a little kid got shot.
You can imagine the police getting called to that.
The society's breaking down.
And can you imagine what it's like in Maryland, or Minnesota in the cities, or Chicago, Illinois, or L.A., or New York?
It is hell on earth.
And I saw the Democrats today going, Trump's making it up that crime's up.
Crime's up!
The crime is off the chart now!
It's dangerous!
My son at 11 o'clock at night wanted some fast food.
He goes to the gas station.
There's a dude robbing everybody in there.
My son punches him and stops him.
I told him, I said, listen, what are you doing in a convenience store at 11 o'clock at night?
Don't do it.
It's dangerous.
I mean, I'd say crime's 10 times what it was just a month ago in Austin.
Everyone I know is being robbed.
Or shot at.
Or people are thugging out on them.
Or their mailbox is getting robbed.
I mean, it's crazy town, ladies and gentlemen.
Exactly what communists do.
And they're all, never worked a day in their life, all these blue-haired, I don't mean old ladies, I mean, you know, pink-haired trendies, that literally see an American flag and go crazy and say, we're gonna get you because you love the country.
And they believe when it comes down, they're going to be in charge of it.
Yeah, right.
Like you're in charge of yourself.
Like you're in charge of anything.
These people couldn't even read what George Washington wrote, much less pull down a statue of him and bitch and complain about it.
And George Washington was on record trying to figure out how to end slavery.
He inherited slaves.
We're trying to figure out how to end the institution.
How about you try trailblazing something?
Alright, let's go to your phone calls.
Who's been holding longest here?
Let's go ahead and talk to James in Oklahoma, then Nate and others.
Go ahead, James.
Hey, yeah, I got two things to bring up.
I was at the Tulsa rally and I wanted to talk about the transhumanism.
What we have with transhumanism is that is the endgame.
It's to destroy the image of God.
That's what these people are out here writing.
They don't believe in God.
They don't know about God.
They don't know that they're Christians.
Well, I mean, that's the cover of the Wall Street Journal is it's time to give up our bodies and upload to big tech where we'll live forever.
I mean, just on its face, that's a nightmare fraud.
I mean, who believes any of this crap?
It changed us because that's Satan's rule.
That's what Satan wants.
He don't want little God men running around.
People creating the image of God.
He wants to destroy the image of God.
Because he's Satan.
That's right.
I talked to one of the major art directors on episode 3, Revenge of the Sith, like back when it came out like 20 years ago or whatever it was.
I happened to run into him.
And I said, yeah, what's the archetype?
Why is the emperor all mutated?
And why does Hitler have to give up his body?
And he goes, well, that's like Hitler getting nerve gas World War I. To get this evil power, you've got to give your physical body up.
That's how the archetype works.
And then I actually went and read some of the lore about it because it shows how the globalists think.
It actually says that the Sith have to degradate their body and give it up because the evil doesn't even like life itself.
And that's really what they're saying.
That's what's happening here.
Same thing with the superheroes.
You're right.
the superheroes changing their body, you know, they're creating the image of God
that you can change and they want you to be like that. All the people in
Hollywood, all that stuff, that's what they're going toward.
That's what they're in brainwashing children with. That's where it starts in
the elementary schools where they're pushing this little, you know, mighty
man on the lunch box. This has been going on for years, eugenics.
You're right. What do you think about the Trump rally? I was gonna say that the BLM,
I've seen it firsthand, and the Antifa, they are trying things.
They are organized.
They went downtown.
They were taking pictures of people and signs, and then 15, 30 minutes later, then they approached them.
The whole group approached them.
I was walking in front of the police station when a red truck pulled up and said they were with the stage crew.
They were blocking traffic.
I had to let one of the National Guard men know, hey, there's something going on over there.
You better pay attention.
So they were trying things.
They were poking and prodding and that stuff.
They need to shut those things down.
When they see people with their cameras floating the whole crowd, they were seeing, they were sending that info back to somebody else.
And then they were coming out and doing things.
Oh, it's all totally coordinated.
It's terrorism.
Oh, but the U.N.
says we should be nice to Antifa.
And the media's like, yes, the U.N.' 's the boss.
Trump's bad.
Communist China's good.
The U.N.' 's good.
And they tell us what to do.
Well, the police, the National Guard and Secret Service, they know these things.
They need to be aware of these things.
They need to shut these things down.
That's why people aren't going to the Trump rally.
Because they don't want to be that guy.
They don't want to have to pull their firearm.
Well, you know, that's another good point, because they won't protect the people from these hordes and these thugs, because the military and police have been told not to do their job, that that's why the crowds are smaller.
And that's what this is about.
Intimidate Americans so they won't go out on the street.
And it's working.
Communists are winning.
So there you go.
I appreciate your call, sir.
God bless you.
OK, let's go ahead now and take a call from Paul in California.
You're on the air.
Alex, how are you today, sir?
You know, our republic's in a lot of peril, brother.
That's how I feel.
Three weeks ago, I went to the L.A.
march, and out of 50,000 people, 49,900 were very docile.
But 1% of the group was running around with military precision, dressed in all black gas masks that were tinked to their hoodies.
And I pointed out to everybody, I said, these guys are military.
These aren't Antifa or just regular kids hanging out.
This was absolutely, like you've called for years, done by design.
Well, sure.
The regular Antifa's a decoy for the real terrorists that are going to roll in later that are highly trained.
I mean, this is a real deal.
Yeah, I just wanted to give you a big kudos because when these guys ran, they ran in tandem.
Like, you know, when the military runs.
It was absolutely staged.
I had a car pull up and a bunch of kids, a bunch of guys built, got out with bricks.
And I said, what are you guys doing?
They didn't even pay attention.
They went and they put them on a roof, got back in the car and left.
And I turned to my friend, I said, those don't look like Antifa.
Those guys work out every day.
I said, this is a military operation going on.
But you called it for years.
Well, I mean, the country is just super far gone at this point, and the average conservative's been in la-la land, and I just don't think they realize how much trouble they're in.
I mean, I know for a fact some major talk show hosts, not myself, have had to move out of their houses, because antifas come to their houses, threaten them, and then they keep harassing them every day, where you pull up to your house and the person drives by and says, we're going to kill you.
And quite frankly, I've had some of that go on too, but I'm like, okay, well, okay, just better get me before I get you.
But that's who these guys are, and a lot of them are leftist recruited out of the military, a lot of them are foundation-funded professors, and they've been trained for a long time to take down America.
They're not just going to knock out windows of Starbucks and stuff, that's to make it look like it's the people.
What they're really going to do is they're going to firebomb governors' mansions, they're going to drive up with plastic explosives, they're going to use They're going to bomb federal buildings and say we did it.
I mean, that's their real move is going to be plastic explosive attacks and they're going to blame us.
Well, I appreciate the phone call.
Appreciate your time, sir.
And good work on the transhumanism.
Well, I'm trying, brother.
Can you take a moment on the Sumerian tablet and how...
Sure, stay there.
Don't hang up.
We'll come right back to you.
I'm going to take two segments of Solentay.
I'm sure you'll be okay with that.
I need to finish up these calls.
I need to do an update on how many days it is until Roger Stone has to report to the Houskow.
Stalag 13.
Nine days countdown to deep state death sentence for Roger Stone, the political prisoner.
Waging war on corruption, crashing the lies and disinformation.
I'm your host Alex Jones.
Gerald's going to take over here very soon, but finish up about the Sumerian tablets.
Paul, some of the oldest human writings that we know of.
Go ahead.
Yes, sir.
And as you know, Hollywood has put this out in so many movies, you know, from Artificial Intelligence, Prometheus, the most prolific directors ever, from Spielberg, Brian De Palma, Ridley Scott.
The Sumerian tablets had the Bible story.
A god came down, created us for DNA manipulation, went back to his spot in heaven, and in the end times will return, and his creation, the human race, was created to mine the gold.
This is a story of Avatar, just in reverse.
He went to a different planet.
When the task of mining the gold is over, God doesn't need his creation anymore, which was the Adam created in the land of Eden.
So that's the Sumerian tablets in a nutshell, and everybody who studies singularity, which you've mentioned, knows we're displacing large amounts of the human workforce now.
You don't need humans anymore, and the biggest companies on Earth are going to robotics.
Your thoughts, Alex?
Well yeah, the globalists believe we were put here by aliens and that they're in interstellar, interdimensional contact with them and they're telling them, wipe everybody out and we'll let you live.
And that's what this is.
And I haven't seen that.
I don't even believe that.
That's what the globalists believe.
So that's what we're really facing.
Meanwhile, they've got us fighting with each other over what color we are.
I really appreciate your call, Paul.
Lauren in Ohio, thanks for holding your ear on the air.
Hey, yeah, a bunch of this stems from ingratitude.
You know, we're not grateful for the beautiful creations that we are in Christ Jesus.
I agree.
People just do not appreciate how many great things there are in life.
We really all should have more gratitude.
Well, and whose fault is it?
We put our children in these schools where they lie to them.
We let them watch this media and carry these phones around where It's like the guy was saying with the superheroes.
They all have mutations to their bodies or whatever.
It's better.
Or the trans, it's better.
Or tattoos.
Or piercings.
It's better.
No, all of it is degrading.
Oh yeah, listen, WashTech, that the Washington Post put out like 20 years ago, said, we're pushing body modification.
I'm not bashing people that do that or get tattoos.
Point is, they did it to get you ready for microchips, they said.
So they admit, but instead you get a brain tumor and die.
You don't grow something like Spider-Man and become Spider-Man.
No, you just die.
I encourage you to, like you said, accept it.
They can't do this without your consent and your cooperation.
And they need that.
They literally will leave you alone.
I mean, I had CPS at my house.
Somebody reported me.
You're talking bad about the government.
You're talking bad about vaccines.
You're neglecting your children's education.
It's too little for all you people.
You know, we need to come and inspect.
I told them, get off my land and don't come back.
My life is not a group effort.
I have no contract with the government and I don't need to follow statutory law.
This is my point.
And think about the neighbor that called you because you were talking bad about vaccines.
You need to pay for that.
And well, they could have made a lot of money on my children.
I have five of them.
But here's the thing that's important for people to understand.
Let me just give you this four-step problem because I know you have other callers, but we need to obey God first.
The Ten Commandments.
Even if you're an atheist.
Are we for not murdering people?
Not stealing from people?
Not coveting what they have?
Even if you just want to do the last five, okay?
Honor thy father and thy mother wouldn't be a bad one either, but what I'm saying is you don't have to believe in God, but we do have to behave responsibly and constructively.
We need to keep our money in your pocket.
If you don't owe taxes, you need to stop paying them.
They're using this money to take over the world and destroy your country.
So HisAdvocates.org or StateCitizen.org, you should interview this guy, Kelby Smith.
You're a child of the living God.
God made the men, the men made a club, the club made rules, codes, regulations, statutes, They manage the maids and the butlers of the club.
The Constitution is a body of negative law.
It tells them what they can't do.
It does not tell us what we can do.
Look at the 9th and 10th Amendments.
The creator is the one that controls.
You can't have more power in the creation than... Now that's why the state wants to get rid of God, because if we get our power from God, the state isn't God.
They say God doesn't exist, but now they tell us, actually, we're the transhumanists, we are God.
We need you to give that body up and upload to us.
Wow, what a creepy group of sick freaks.
All right, Gerald Cilente is coming up in about 10 minutes.
I'm going to finish up with your calls, though, with Mega Titan Nate, George, Jared, and Ryan real fast.
And then Gerald Cilente of Trends Forecasting is taking over.
Stay with us.
We got one segment left, and Gerald Cilente, the Trends Forecaster, great guy, really smart fella, is going to be taking over.
So I've got about a minute or so each with each one of these callers.
But just briefly, because I didn't plug the last two hours, this is the last day of the tail end of that big sale, where you can get 60% off on Rainforce Plus, Turbo Force, Real Red Pill, Real Red Pill Plus, Vinyl Coconut, Protein Bars, BioTruth Selenium, and 70% off the AMP Impact.
As well as all apparel, all t-shirts at cost $9.95.
That's infowarestore.com, and your purchase funds the operation.
Plus, these are great products.
Separately, Roger Stone, eight and a half days from now, has to report to prison.
So, we have the countdown going on right now.
Nine days.
Countdown to the deep state death sentence for Roger Stone for being a political criminal.
He's done nothing wrong.
He is a political prisoner.
He got Trump elected.
The message is, you help the president get elected, we will put you in prison.
So that when Trump appoints people, or has advisors, the deep state can come up to them and say, you saw what we did to Stone, Manafort, and others.
Play ball, be a double agent, or we will put you in prison as well.
Part of the New York Southern District head being removed is the fact that behind the scenes, they are persecuting hundreds of prominent Trump supporters.
With stuff right out of Nazi Germany.
Believe me, I can tell you.
I'm going to leave it at that.
So, nine days, countdown to death.
Senate's for Roger Stone.
Please remember that and understand that's why this election is so incredibly important.
Let's go ahead and go to your calls, the order that they were received.
Jared in Texas.
Thanks for holding her on the air.
Can you hear me?
Yes, sir.
All right.
First, I want to make two points real quick.
I'll do it real fast.
First, everybody loves you.
All right?
32 years old, I've been on you since Prison Planet when the internet went BDU to get on.
Yes, sir.
Everybody loves you.
We have to reevaluate this political situation.
And as a brother in Christ, I want to tell you, you've been fooled.
Trump has fooled you.
He fooled everybody.
We have to get over that.
We have to go forward.
There's nowhere else to go.
At what point did, I mean, at what point did you decide that Trump had fooled you?
You know, at the point where I realized it's all a sham.
You know, his money's a sham.
His investments are probably insolvent and probably 90% holdings to someone else.
Uh, I've noticed he, you just talked about Roger Stone.
That's supposed to be his best friend.
He's letting him go.
If you were my friend and you let me go to prison over nothing, I'd be upset, right?
Well, the word is he's going to get clemency or a pardon, so I think the jury's still out on that one.
But listen, I get what you're saying.
Imagine if Hillary had gotten in power and tried all this crap.
There'd been a right-wing revolution against all this.
The Cube group says we're all saved, everything's fine, and Trump can do no wrong and everything else, and then we just sit here and nothing happens.
Look, I think Trump's the real deal.
He's fighting hard, and I think the jury's still out on this, but we'll find out, Jared.
I appreciate you, and God bless.
We're moving quicker.
I just want to get to everybody.
Let's go ahead and talk to Nate in Michigan.
Nate, go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
I just wanted to say, you know, I'm taking action.
I plan on getting my car fixed.
I plan on going to a Trump rally.
Hopefully I'll see you there.
Yes, sir.
And God bless.
Well, that's it.
I mean, we have to take action.
We just can't sit there and watch Trump surrounded and get pissed at him.
We have to take action.
It may seem like a little thing to go to a Trump rally.
It's not.
It's a big thing because they're counting on you being scared and not going out there, brother.
I'm not scared.
I'm here for you, Alex.
I'm here for you, brother.
What do you think is going to happen with COVID and the riots?
I see that's what you wanted to get into.
Oh, well, you know, I think we should come out and say, hey, we know black lives matter, do African lives matter?
Or how does that work?
You know, people in Africa are black, people in Africa Well, that's what my wife said last week.
She said, Black lives only matter if a white person kills them.
but we can go out and burn down businesses?
Kind of seems like they- That's what my wife said last week.
She said, "Black lives only matter if a white person kills them."
But if it's, you know, 100 to 1, blacks killing other blacks,
or Africa's getting slaughtered, well, that's okay.
And we've got videos of black activists go out to these hospitals
with the nurses doing TikTok videos.
They go, "Hey, do black lives matter?
Millions getting aborted?
They won't say that.
They're like, no, those babies don't matter.
Think about how sick that is.
It's sick, yeah.
Why are they, if COVID-19 is so deadly, why is it that the same people are saying, hey, We support you going outside and protesting black people.
We really care about you.
Your life matters.
COVID-19 is deadly.
You go outside... Well, that's what they're saying.
They're saying if you're a conservative, you stay in your house.
If you're a communist, you can do whatever you want.
It's crazy.
Thank you, Nate.
And then who's up next here?
That would be George in Connecticut.
George, you're on the air.
Welcome. Go ahead, George, in Connecticut.
Okay, George is gone.
Let's go to Ryan in Texas.
Ryan, thanks for holding your own here.
Hey Alex, how's it going?
Good, brother.
Honored to be on the show.
Yeah, I'm actually Austin, born and raised, so super proud to actually get my voice on the show, and I know y'all are squeezed on time, so I'm gonna go pretty quick.
I wanted to talk about your opinion on Elon Musk potentially being a false idol.
It seems pretty clear to me that he was, I mean, I believe Trump knows that the moon landing was fake. I think Trump was in
bed with Elon on Space Force.
I think the cyber truck was a prediction of the events we had coming. And it's very clear that
Elon has access to deep state technology. So what's your opinion on that, Alex?
Well, I could spend an hour on that. And I'm not ready to get into what I think about Elon Musk
I mean, I thought he did a good job before, then he said some really scary bad things, and then now I know some of the inside baseball of Elon Musk moving to Austin, a bunch of other people are leaving in a huge exodus, and I know about some other meetings that, let's just say, some of his people have had with us.
about what's going on and they claim that they're against this whole deal.
I do know he's been having meetings with Trump on Space Force.
I do know he has a bunch of advanced technology, including robots and 3D printers on the moon.
And I was told, I said, "That's super classified information."
They said, "Just go ahead and tell people about it."
So, yeah, I mean, I...
I mean, what do you think about Elon, Brian?
I think he is... I'm just, you know, guessing here.
I think that he's potentially a part of a different deep state operation.
My opinion on Trump is he's truly a patriot, but I think he's a negotiator.
I think he picked the lesser of two evils going on Elon's side with, you know, the AI movement versus just dehumanizing, or the planet depopulating.
But it's very evident that, you know, Austin's been taken over.
I live up in Round Rock, so right next to y'all, and it's night and day between, you know, how Oh, it's an absolute cult.
and how they really controlled the narrative and Brown Rock people just
were right next to y'all. People don't really seem to notice it. Oh it's an
absolute cult. Democrat, I mean that's why I'm beginning to move out of Austin
because I mean I was already outside Austin then I got a divorce my ex-wife
took the house and you know now I'm trying to move out of Austin again.
I just can't give taxes to it, and I can't be around these people.
I mean, they're just the scum of the earth.
A lot of the folks moving out of L.A.
now, though, are running from it.
There's some big fish.
Maybe they're going to be able to change it a little bit, but it's just, you know, you flee a state you've ruined, and you bring the same mental illness to the state you've come to.
You know, it's just crazy.
It'd be like if you were a woman married to an alcoholic guy that beat you, why would you marry another guy that's an alcoholic and beat you on the second date?
You're like, oh, I've already had this, I don't want this.
But Democrats just can't seem to figure it out.
Their followers, they know where they are isn't good, so they bring themselves with them.
I'm out of time.
I'm sorry to Megatitan, but if Megatitan calls back on another day, he'll go to the head of the line.
All right, Gerald Salente is taking over.
Loaded for Tyrannosaurus Rex.
On the other side, TrendsResearch.com.
Bookmark it.
Spread those links.
Gerald Salente's coming up.
Then, Owen, the Destroyer Shroyer.
Thank you.
Thank you for having me on the Alex Jones Show.
It's great being here.
And everybody out there listening, please do you can to support InfoWars.
The censorship now is is it was one of our top trends, actually, in 2019 that we'd be seeing more and more censorship.
People are sending me things about the fraud of wearing masks.
And it's being censored on LinkedIn.
You can't even get to him.
So it's really important that we keep the truth alive.
One of our media people and a very important person here, Laura Martin, came up with a phrase.
This isn't mainstream media.
It's junk stream.
And she's 100 percent correct.
This is the junk stream media shoving junk down our throat.
Junk news.
That's all they sell.
And they're selling fear and hysteria.
I want to start off with the markets.
The markets are going up.
They have absolutely no relationship at all to the real world.
This lockdown has destroyed so many lives and so many businesses.
The streets up here are dead.
Last night I was sitting in the garden, the Crown Garden, and as you well know, or some of you may know, we have the most historic four corners in America.
And I bought these buildings as a tribute to me being an American.
It's the only corner in America with pre-Revolutionary War stone buildings on each corner.
So if you go Kingston, New York, most historic four buildings, you can see the four buildings.
And one of them, the Franz Roggenhaus, 1750, The other ones are the 1774 Academy, the 16, I think it's 91, Person House, and the other one is the Dr. Jensen House, 1763.
I own all of them except the Dr. Jensen, the Jensen House.
Excuse me, yeah, the Person House, the Person House I don't own.
That's a museum that's always closed.
Anyway, I'm sitting out there last night.
And with some people having a nice time.
And this couple walks by.
This is so beautiful up here.
It's so beautiful up here.
Why is it empty?
I said it's empty because they killed it.
The governor of New York killed it.
The streets are dead all around.
It's not only here.
And the restaurants that are opening up, they don't have the capacity they used to have in other states.
This thing's going down big and hard.
I'm just going to show you the example.
Bank of Japan pledges $1 trillion in coronavirus loans.
European Central Bank's negative rates prompt banks to borrow a record $1.3 trillion.
Borrowing this money Dumping in all this cheap dough, which by the way is why I believe gold and silver, and I do not give financial advice, are the only safe haven investments.
And younger people believe in the bitcoins and the other things, fine.
You know, it's your trip and there's a place for it.
Because people know that this digital currency backed by nothing and printed on nothing that the central banks are dumping into the system isn't worth the paper it's not printed on.
And today, now we're seeing gold breaking above the 1750 mark.
And what have I said on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on for the last five months?
Gold has to break above 1740, 1750 and stay there.
And then it's going to spike above $2,000 an ounce and silver will follow.
And I think the silver run is going to be bigger And the gold bull run, because on average, silver trades against gold at about 12 to 120 to 115 to 117 to one in that range.
It's now trading at about 90 to one.
And there's no stockpiles of silver there in your cell phone, computer, keyboard, whatever.
They use it up and then people throw in the dump, so there's not Big silver stockpile.
So this thing is going down as I see it.
HSBC restarts plan to cut 35,000 jobs.
Again, this is just two days of news here.
Jerome Powell fears labor gap could widen.
The shock we've received, the economy received, was the largest in living memory, he said.
Levels of output and employment remain far below their pre-pandemic levels and significant uncertainty remains about the timing and strength of the recovery.
Again, this is coming from the Federal Reserve that are always pumping up positive BS.
Bank profits, you ready for this?
Plummeted by 70% in first quarter.
bank profits fell by 69.6% to $18.5 billion in the first quarter from the year before as the coronavirus pandemic struck.
It's no, it's not as the coronavirus pandemic struck.
It's as these crazy maniacs, these sick people, men, women, black, white, name the country who's ever running it, color, race, gender, I don't care.
that have locked down the economy.
The pandemic didn't lock it down.
The numbers again add up to very little compared with previous flus and viruses.
If you go back to 1957-58, when I was a youth, a million people died worldwide of the Asian flu.
We had a population of 3 billion.
Today we have a population of 7 billion and have 400 and what?
50,000 people dead worldwide.
If the same numbers as dead then is now, when they didn't lock down the economy back then, we'd have 2.6 million people dead.
This whole thing is fear and hysteria.
I was one of the first ones to call it out.
You go back to your trends journal, January 28th, 2020.
106 dead in China.
And then we said the next line, 1.4 billion still alive.
New Black Plague?
What are you telling me 106 people died in this country?
Of China?
Of 1.4 billion people?
On and on.
The numbers are disastrous.
And when we come back, I'm going to go through more of them.
But in the meantime, as I said, do what you can to support InfoWars.
They have these huge savings going on, on best selling products at InfoWarsStores.com.
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Because we all have to stick together on this.
If we don't unite, For peace and to restore freedom.
Again, you look at the cover of our Trends Journal, U.S.S.A., United States, United Soviet States of America.
We have to fight for freedom.
We'll be right back.
Hello, hello, hello.
Great being on the Alex Jones Show.
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So if you want to get on board, go to TrendsJournal.com, June 24th, 7 p.m.
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I'll be taking questions.
Also, if you go to OccupyPeace.com, OccupyPeace.com, On the 4th of July, we're holding a Unite for Peace and Restore Freedom rally right here in Colonial Kingston at the Crown Garden, right on the corner of Crown and John Street, the most historic four corners in America.
That's a wonderful poster by Anthony Frieda.
And we're uniting for peace and to restore freedom that's been taken away from us And among the speakers is Judge Andrew Napolitano from Fox.
And he's a libertarian.
And he's a straight-ahead cat when it comes to our rights.
And that's what we're fighting for, to restore our rights that have been robbed from us by these low-life scum making up these rules and regulations.
They're not laws.
They don't have these executive powers.
They granted it to them.
So that's July 4th.
We're holding a rally.
And if Black Lives Protest and all the others could do it, so can I. So I'm holding a rally and we need your support if you can't make it here.
And that's what I'd love the best for you to come here.
I want to get thousands of people.
And to keep this rally for peace, And to restore freedom going, because I've had it.
They suck the joy out of life.
Look at these people.
Look at an Andy Cuomo.
Do you think that tight cat got any joy in him?
How about that gruesome, tight Newsome?
They've sucked the joy out of life because joy does not exist in their life.
They're miserable witnears.
Dead people!
They don't have a soul or passion.
And they're putting that on us by robbing us of our future.
So please, go to OccupyPeace.com, go to TheTransjournal.com, donate, subscribe, support InfoWars.
We have to join together.
Because I am a warrior for the Prince of Peace.
And I will fight for peace.
These old worries of the Prince of Peace don't fight.
Yes, they do.
Remember, Jesus Christ became violent when he whipped the money changers to get him out of the temple.
So take it easy.
Because if we don't stand up and fight for our freedoms, we're gone.
So again, do what you can to support InfoWars, Occupy Peace, the Fourth of July rally, and Transjournal.
So going on to the economy.
New York faces 20% loss in hotel rooms.
All right?
Since 2015, the city added 15,000 rooms and has 4,000 in the pipeline and 6,000 next year.
And now they're closed down.
New York's occupancy rate was 47.1% ending June 6th.
Tourism is dead.
You want to get on an airplane?
Isn't that going to be fun?
You get your temperature checked in the United Soviet States of America.
We will invade your body.
We will track you everywhere you go.
You will be in our control.
Isn't it going to?
Oh, and then, by the way, when you go in the airplane, you got to wear a mask and they're not serving alcohol anymore.
The morons, they actually say this crap, like that gruesome Newsome over there.
They'll allow people to sit outside in restaurants and not wear masks and eat.
Not wear masks and eat?
How the hell do you eat with a mask on?
And drink?
What do you mean, how do you do it?
Don't you know who I am?
I am your leader!
I am a leader of a little lowlife scum like Newsome!
And Cuomo, and Whitmer, and witless all over the country, with the exception of a few.
Hey, remember how I did a story about how the toilet paper record, the New York Times, they call themselves the paper record.
It's only good for one thing to do.
And there he is.
Look at that tight little clown.
I'm gonna suck the joy out of your life because I don't have any in mine.
I'm little Andy Cuomo, an arrogant daddy's boy.
Would be no if daddy wasn't Mario Cuomo.
So going back, what they've done is they've destroyed the economy making up this crap.
So tourism is dead.
Restaurant business is dead.
Oh, you gotta be six feet away.
How about making up more crap?
Oh, the scientific proof, Solenti!
Don't you know who I am?
I am your leader!
The wind stops blowing at precisely six feet.
It doesn't go horizontal, doesn't go vertical, doesn't go around in a circle.
It stops at exactly six feet, but we could have all the protesters out there.
And I'm a little clown boy like that other jerk I forgot.
Every one of you guys that I'm calling out, I'll call you out man to man.
Leave your little boys behind.
I'm tired of you robbing my rights.
That little boy, Wolf.
That little clown wolf.
What wolf in Pennsylvania?
Puppy, dog, Pennsylvania governor.
He marches with the people protesting on Black Lives Matter, and you're telling me I can't have a rally to unite for peace and to restore freedom?
Hey, boys, that's for you.
Come and stop me.
Little Andy Cuomo, come and stop Celente.
I'm broadcasting it all over the world.
Fourth of July rally to unite for peace and to restore freedom.
And the restore freedom came from Judge Napolitano.
That's why he's coming.
The fight to restore freedom.
So we need your help.
We need your support.
OccupyPeace.com, TrendsJournal.com and InfoWars.com.
Get those specials.
24 hours left.
Don't be late.
We'll be right back.
Thank you.
Thank you.
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So make sure you take advantage of them.
Everybody needs to unite.
Put your money where your heart and soul are.
I'm putting mine where mine is by holding the rally and other things that I do.
It's not And thank you, Neil Anderson.
May your soul rest in peace for being so generous in your donation to help make this happen the way it's doing it.
We're going to have bands.
We're going to have we're going to have music, fun, food, and we're going.
And if they're going to try to stop me, let's go.
Let's go.
Come on, Cuomo.
Again, if you get all these, you know, Juneteenth, whatever that date is, and Black Lives Matter, I could rally to unite for peace and freedom.
So please do what you can.
And again, Trends Journal and our webinar on Wednesday.
So, and that's it.
7 p.m.
Eastern Time.
Just go to TrendsJournal.com.
So I was mentioning that New York faces 20% loss in hotel rooms.
Hilton to cut workforce salaries and laying off job reductions amount to 21,000 corporate employees.
European car makers find glut of unsold vehicles.
Tesla registrations in California signal steep hill for sales target.
Their largest market registrations for the automaker fell 16% in April.
Industry-wide registrations in the state of California fell 52% each month compared with the same period a year ago, and one after another.
The economy is going down.
You cannot reopen in Phase 1, Phase 2, Phase 3.
They're making this crap up.
Just like they're making the crap up about wearing a mask.
And you should see all the people up here.
The streets are empty.
They're empty.
Morons walking down the street.
The foothills of the Catskill Mountains with masks on.
Nobody around them.
Okay, the BS that they're telling us is that you have to wear a mask so if somebody has the virus, you won't catch it.
Or if you have the virus, you won't spread it.
Right or wrong?
That's what they say.
Well, okay.
A jerk!
A moron!
A imbecile!
What are you doing driving with the windows up in your car and a mascot?
What are you doing wearing a mask when no one's around you?
And again, the Trends Journal will be out tomorrow.
We're doing a whole piece on it.
Face masks.
And the demented.
Wear masks, get sick.
One after another, scaring the young, killing the old.
Little kids growing up.
Little, little, little kids growing up, now going to school, get their temperature taken, and now being programmed to wear a mask.
Morons and imbeciles of all ages.
The reason they wear them in China is because of the filthy, stinking, rotten air.
Over 1.5 million people died there last year.
Because of air pollution related diseases.
This is not natural.
This is sick.
And again, all the facts are in your Trends Journal.
So what else is going on on the economic front to show you what it's looking like?
The flight to the suburbs is real and growing as coronavirus changes the way people live.
This is just out of CNBC.
As the real estate market began to reopen in May, home searches and suburban zip codes jumped 13 percent.
More than half the nation's 100 largest metropolitan areas are seeing increased interest in the suburbs.
Suburban housing market heats up.
Matter of fact, yeah, this is from the Wall Street Journal.
When Jacob Knoll left Manhattan last year to rent a home in New Paul's New York, about 90 minutes from New York City, He waited to see how much he liked the town before committing to buy there.
Now that hesitance is costing him.
Homes in New Paul's are selling quickly.
And it goes on.
We're right next to New Paul's in Kingston.
This whole area is changing because people are freaking out moving out of the city.
What does it mean?
Again, whether it's New York or San Francisco's office market cools as startups retrench.
And others as well.
Commercial real estate sector is going to go down.
The numbers are going down in San Francisco also has a glut of subleased spaces that high tech companies lay off workers on and on and on.
New Yorkers resist office return.
People are afraid to go on the subways.
They're afraid to mass commute.
They're telling people to stay home.
The cities are going to decline big Time as long as they have these stupid rules still in place.
Investors flee market volatility by going into cash.
Money market funds, they, you ready for this?
They swell to 4.6 trillion dollars and that's the highest level on record since they started doing this data back in 1992.
Americans skip Millions of loan payments as coronavirus takes economic toll.
Wall Street Journal.
One after another.
Carnival posts $4.37 billion loss.
Once booming San Francisco apartment market reverses.
Lawn equipment maker misses debt payment.
Briggs & Stratton.
Go on, and on, and on.
And by the way, that's what we do in the Trends Journal.
We put all the facts down, tell you what it means.
This movie theater's gonna reopen, and you gotta wear masks.
Isn't that gonna be fun?
Oh, it's gonna be fun to eat that popcorn with a mask.
Oh yeah, we got a popcorn-eating mask.
That's right.
Well, we'll make the whole mask a popcorn, and maybe you can eat your way through it by the end of the show.
How about that?
And maybe we'll stick something up.
You know what?
And this way you could drink it.
Yeah, we'll put it into your body.
You won't be able to open your mouth.
And again, this virus, this mass squaring, all the facts are in the New Trends Journal.
It'll be out tomorrow.
It's a farce.
The whole thing, there's no scientific evidence to back it up.
But they've sucked the joy out of life, and most of the little people buy it.
But it does not take a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen on setting brush fires of freedom in the minds of men and women.
Samuel Adams.
And we are that tireless minority that tunes into InfoWard and other places where we're spreading the truth rather than the junk stream media that they're shoving down our throats, piece by piece, Day by day, all the virus, all the cases are adding up, more cases, more cases.
Yeah, more cases because they're testing people more.
Again, only by the data.
When you add up the coronavirus to the all the other flus and viruses of major extent
throughout the last century, this adds up to nothing.
It's the media that began to sell it. We said it at the first, the clown Zucker on CNN who runs the
show. We had the quote from him telling his staff to stay on it because it was boosting ratings.
And these sick politicians did it so they could gain more power.
So the media pumped it up and these sick politicians robbed us of our joy, beauty, liberty, and love.
But we're fighting back for it.
And so please join us at the rally on the 4th of July.
Unite for peace and to restore freedom.
Again, Judge Napolitano will be here.
And the webinar on Wednesday, 7 p.m.
Eastern Time.
Go to TrendsJournal.com.
And of course, the magazine.
I have to tell you, not because it's my magazine.
There's no weekly like it.
No magazine like it.
That tells you what's going on, what it means, and what's next.
And of course, you have to support InfoWars to keep the truth and freedom going.
So do what you can, put your money where your heart and mind are.
Thanks for tuning in.
See you next week.
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God, I've tried so hard.
I just... belong to some other age, I guess.
You know, humans don't communicate anymore.
Or they jibber and jabber about stuff that doesn't matter.
And then they send a text message.
And never communicate with anybody about anything of substance.
It's spiritual death.
And then I just come to the realization, out of trillions of worlds, we're gonna probably die.
Everything we did as a species and all of our beauty and all of our goodness will just fail.
And we're gonna go down the tubes because a bunch of inbred child molesters in Hollywood had some psychotic dream that they wanted to kill everybody.
You know, humanity just has to fall.
It has, civilization has to fall.
It just has to go down.
And you know it's gonna go down too.
And I just have been a fool trying to prop it up.
It's just at a certain point you're like, God Almighty, this is what death looks like.
This is what laziness looks like.
No one has the instinct or the will to execute anything real!
They only execute failure!
I want to be loved by CNN even though I don't watch it!
We have total illegal censorship going on.
We have them bragging about it.
We have them dead to rights.
No one will attack.
No one wants to do it!
Never took action when all the tools were right there in our hands because we weren't meant to.
We couldn't do it.
We didn't want it.
I give my children fish oil every day.
They love it.
it's really good for them.
As the pressure to wear masks in public rises, it's important to be able to keep yourself safe while
making a statement.
(upbeat music)
That's why we created a limited edition InfoWars face mask.
The easiest way to stay safe from incoming germs, while showing your support for patriotism and freedom in the face of tyranny.
Easy to use, just slip it on on your way to work, the store, or anywhere that mandates a mask around you.
These also make great gifts or purchases for friends, family members, neighbors, or anyone else concerned about their safety in public.
If you must stay safe, you might as well stay stylish.
Get the limited edition InfoWars face mask today at InfoWarsStore.com [Music]
When do you think the people should be able to like talk again?
The person?
Yeah, that's a good question.
Well, Alex Jones at least has Infowars.com.
He can do his own thing and people go to that.
And Gavin's got a show still.
Does he?
Yeah, you know, as someone who's kind of It doesn't make any sense because that means you're right all the time.
bad because I have to defend people whose language I don't agree with.
That is what free speech is.
It's not defending everyone who says things that I love.
It doesn't make any sense because that means you're right all the time.
If you're only defending the things that you believe in, who are you going to defend?
You write all the time about everything?
But I have to defend the people who say things that are even atrocious and that I can't, I would never get on board with because that's what free speech is.
Otherwise, and like you said, it is that slippery slope of who gets to be the arbiter of what is said.
Right, and what are your guidelines?
Alex Jones is funnier than Andy Kaufman's ever been.
Alex Jones is fucking hilarious often.
Did you see the whole that he's Bill Hicks?
That's not real.
I went down that rabbit hole.
That's the silliest shit ever.
I know, but there are videos.
But he had one thing we're talking about, like if it's between his family starving or eating his neighbor.
Oh, I know.
He's like, I'll eat your ass.
And so it became this giant, come on.
I will eat your ass!
Do you don't think there's entertainment value in him saying he's going to eat his neighbor?
Stop my dumpster fire!
But there's something to that, like to stop that and ban that.
You're not stopping anyone from anything bad by not having Alex do this entertaining thing about eating his neighbor.
You're not saving anybody.
You know what I'm saying?
Like, what are you doing?
Like, what is he doing that's so awful?
I don't know how to fix any of it.
It's entertaining.
Like, why is it only acceptable if you have some kind of entertainment?
Because there's so many rap videos that you could watch that I enjoy, but they're talking about shooting people and robbing people, and it's everywhere on YouTube!
It's so prevalent!
And somehow or another, that's okay.
Like it's f***ing weird what's allowed and what's not allowed.
I will eat your ass!
I'll eat your ass!
I will eat your leftist ass!
I corn on the cob!
I'm ready!
I will eat you!
I will eat your ass!
I'll eat your ass!
My children aren't going hungry!
I'll do it!
I'll drink your blood!
And I'm starting to think about having to eat my neighbors!
You think I like?
Size it up!
I'm gonna haul him up by chain!
Top his ass up!
Size it up!
I'm gonna haul him up by chain!
Barbecue your ass!
I will cook your ass up so fast, I'll tell him, well I killed a cow out back, baby.
You think Christ would eat somebody?
He would never do that.
I will.
I'm ready to hang them up, gut them and skin them and chop them up.
You know what I'm ready.
I will eat your leftist ass like corn on the cob.
I'm ready.
I will.
I will eat your ass.
I will eat your leftist ass like corn on the cob.
I'm ready.
I will eat you.
I will eat your ass.
I will eat you.
That's why I want the globalists to know.
I will eat your ass first.
I swear to God, if it's the last thing I do, I'm gonna get my hands around your throat.