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Name: 20200621_Sun_Alex
Air Date: June 21, 2020
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In this broadcast by Alex Jones, he expresses gratitude to his audience for their continued support as he shares important updates 134 days before the US election. He discusses the power structure's attempts to silence him and how his unique perspective allows him to understand the globalist agenda better than most. Jones criticizes those who mock his predictions, such as Bill Gates being involved in a bioweapon plot, and urges viewers not to fall into the trap of believing anything the elites say or do. The speaker discusses the German government's alleged involvement in taking children from their biological parents, particularly Christians, and giving them to people to pay for sex. They believe that this is part of a larger agenda promoting pedophilia and child abuse. Additionally, they mention the COVID-19 pandemic being a hoax and a preparation for world government control over vaccinations, contact tracing, and other aspects of daily life. The speaker urges listeners to warn others about the truth behind these conspiracies and resist the alleged control measures being implemented by the United Nations. The speaker discusses the current state of affairs and the importance of exposing crimes committed by globalists. They mention attending a Trump rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, which was met with opposition from leftist protesters. The speaker criticizes the campaign for not taking proper precautions to prevent sabotage and expresses frustration with the campaign staff. They also discuss the United Nations' involvement in controlling police departments and warn that the world is entering a period of UN-controlled bondage. Alex Jones discusses the new world order and its impact on the future. He mentions that Great Suppliers, his Patriots supplier, can now deliver storable food in about four weeks with high quality. He emphasizes the importance of using this time to prepare for what is coming. He also talks about his recent experience at the coast where he spoke to around 400 people and how they have become more aware and involved in the fight against the new world order. In this segment, Alex Jones discusses the COVID-19 pandemic, UN control, and the new Infowars organic hand sanitizer. He expresses his disdain for Dr. Anthony Fauci and accuses him of talking down to Americans. Jones believes that the lockdown is directed by the United Nations and is permanent, with the ultimate goal being world government, forced inoculation, and enslavement of the human population. He urges listeners to warn others about the hoax and stand against the UN, IMF, World Bank, and EU. Additionally, Jones promotes Infowars' organic hand sanitizer, which he claims is a cutting edge product with essential oils and a spray cap. In this clip, Alex Jones discusses how the United Nations has been deceiving people about the realities of the COVID-19 pandemic and its effects on the world, particularly regarding hunger and starvation. He also talks about how the globalists are using the virus as an opportunity to control and oppress people under the guise of safety measures such as quarantines and mask mandates. Jones further criticizes politicians like Governor Newsom of California for their hypocritical and destructive policies that only serve to bring chaos and destruction upon the country. Finally, he mentions the ongoing efforts by InfoWarsStore.com to clear out inventory with 60% off specials on popular products

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It is June 21st on this live Sunday transmission.
I'm your host Alex Jones.
Thank you so much for joining us.
We are 134 days out from the most important election in United States history.
The cost of failure could not be higher.
The true epicness of the point we've reached is really indescribable, as all things that are truly epic are.
The word falls short.
The reason the power structure of corruption wants us off the air is that most people are trained from birth to be specialists, to carry out one task.
And if you look at intelligence agencies and governments and corporations, whether it be medicine or be telecommunications or the religious systems, it's all specialized guilds.
Whereas my specialty is wide spectrum analysis, wide spectrum integration of systems.
And we've proven that we have our pulse on exactly what's going on on the planet from a globalist perspective.
I'm standing on a mountaintop next to Lucifer.
I've not bowed to Lucifer.
I'm not serving Lucifer.
But I'm seeing the same vista and the same horizon as Lucifer.
I am seeing it from the Luciferian perspective.
And that's why they hate me.
Is they don't want their own compartmentalized minions.
Having the big, high-level Field Marshal view.
And those aren't words, everyone knows it.
This is the Field Marshal view.
I know what Fauci's up to.
I know who he is, his background, his pedigree.
The whole nine yards.
Anyone could know this information, but you'd have to spend decades studying it.
That's why I told you.
When they make their medical tyranny move, it'll be a bioweapon, and at the head of it, it'll be Bill Gates.
A lot of people laughed about that.
They're not laughing now.
So up front, I could have started this broadcast a thousand different ways.
We've got more clips and more news than...
I mean, I could do a thousand hours of this information.
Each little piece could be a riveting whole show.
Every facet, every angle of it.
But I just tried to get folks of the human race.
There is not the races, there's the human race.
You know how you know a race?
It can breed with itself.
It breeds, there's breeds of humans.
There's only one race.
You all got red blood.
And the globalists are anti-human and are nasty.
You could debate all day why they're so anti-human, why they want to dumb us down, why they want to hurt us, but... It's now admitted that they want a post-human world, so why are we listening to anything they say, or anything they do?
I mean, at a gut level, you know the New World Order's nasty and bad.
But I want you to intellectually, and I want you to spiritually, Pull back and really look at who these people are.
So we're going to plunge into all the news on the other side.
But remember, this is not a spectator sport.
You are in the arena whether you like it or not.
So share that live link from newswars.com and infowars.com.
It's up on screen.
Sunday live.
Deep State attempting second COVID lockdown.
Watch live and learn how to stop it.
But here's the good news.
They got their hoax through the first time.
They're going to have a problem executing it this time.
It's all coming up on this live Global Sunday Transmission.
We've got excerpts of Trump's, one of his most powerful speeches yet last night.
That was not a failure.
It was a extreme victory.
We're going to decipher all of that and so much more on the other side.
And we'll look at the dementia of Joe Biden and how they now want to cancel Joe Rogan because he dares point out the emperor has no clothes.
It is Sunday, June 21st, 2020.
134 days out from the election.
I'm your host, Alex Jones, back in studio.
Thank you so much for keeping us in this position despite all the enemy attacks.
We can still be on air.
Every word that issues out of my mouth, every article, every video, everything this great crew is able to do is thanks to you and your word of mouth and your prayers and your financial support.
I want that to sink in real good.
It's not a pat on the head.
It's my arm shooting out of the ICC begging you to pull me onto that boat with you.
I need you.
That's why when you call in and thank me, it's sick.
I literally am begging for your help.
Not just for myself, I want to beat the globalists, but man, we're under total attack.
And I wish I could tell you what's going on behind the scenes.
It's why I get so frustrated with the Q stuff.
There's a lot of great people involved with Q. A lot of good stuff comes out of it.
It's just, it's like anonymous.
You don't know who's what, who's good, who's bad.
I just know I'm real.
I know you're real.
And I know that the Southern District of New York and Berman being fired and refusing to step down and then finally stepping down because it's the law is emblematic of everything we're facing.
And I knew before he refused to step down, the president had even fired him.
Imagine that.
That's the circles InfoWars is in.
That the Attorney General met with him on Friday, Southern District.
He was persecuting all these Trump supporters with illegal, secret investigations with Star Chambers.
Hundreds of grand jury investigations into Trump supporters, trying to harass them.
And then to say, oh, he doesn't know it, but he is fired under law.
He has to step down.
The President just fired him.
And then hours later, it's on the news.
That's the wheelhouse.
That we are all in right now.
This is just such a crazy, insane time to be alive.
Now, the social engineers know they can't control information anymore.
So their biggest hope is that so much comes out that everybody just kind of forgets what happened last.
Their whole system is based on the general public having a lack of memory.
But let's talk about (slurping)
Let's talk about.
Came out just this week.
And that was just like a bump in the road.
We're supposedly just going to move forward from it.
Never talk about it again.
that the German government placed thousands of children with pedophiles and paid the pedophiles to rape them.
That's now just a minor footnote on the show.
We probably spent 15 minutes of airtime last week on it.
Because there's so much to cover.
And it's in national German television.
And Build and Der Spiegel, their top publications.
Berlin authorities placed children with pedophiles for 30 years.
That's the national TV station that's bigger than ABC News in Germany.
If you're a radio listener, look it up.
If you're a TV viewer, you're looking at it right now.
Now, I could spend the next two hours of the broadcast that's left on that alone.
And how Alfred Kinsey and all of them said the new family will be the state breeding children to give them to adults who will have sex with them and that it's a love that is beyond love.
You're like, that sounds like psychotic insanity.
Yeah, saying men and women don't exist, there's not two genders and drag queen pedophile story time.
This is the corrupt elites bringing us who they are.
And don't worry, you're going to boost your social credit score when you give your five-year-old over so the local leftists can have sex with them and ruin their life.
This is child sacrifice, folks.
That goes on to say it wasn't just harmless, but it was empowering for the children the German government believed to be taken from their biological parents, particularly Christians, They took children, I was reading the files this weekend, from what they call Christian cults.
Just hardcore, you know, Christians that say the government's evil and corrupt and we need to get with God.
And they took them and they gave them to people to pay them to have sex with them and create the love, the nabla.
The North American Man-Boy Love Association.
So that's what all this, and now it's official!
And the files are public!
And they went, oh, by the way, it wasn't just Berlin.
It was all the German cities in Western Germany at the time.
And they were only following the UN directive of UNESCO to have sex with children.
Why do you think Nickelodeon promotes sex with children?
Why do you think all the news does?
Why do you think, oh, LBGT, we don't just want to get married now, we want to talk to your five-year-old about sex.
Because above it all not the average gay person or whatever but above that movement is the pedophiles
Who want the energy of children?
So you didn't understand that Seventh-day Adventist and Jehovah's Witnesses
Had their children taken by the government of Germany and given to men to rape little girls and boys
as young as five This is official.
And you're like, why would they take Christian children?
Because that's the ultimate horror, to come take their children, because these are paranoid Christians that think the state's evil, And give them to men that stick their penis into them.
And I'm not trying to be gross saying that word.
That's what this is.
Remember, the radical Christian groups think the Antichrist is taking over.
And thinks the Antichrist wants a world government.
And thinks the Antichrist wants to enslave you.
And take your children.
So you're crazy because you think that.
So we're gonna take your child, make them homeless, and give them to a pedophile and officially sanction sex with them.
Oh, and guess what?
Once the child's broken and into it?
Under Stockholm Syndrome.
It's in the German documents.
It's all Alfred Kinsey stuff.
The US trained him how to do it.
Once they've done that, they then of course have a brothel and they run the children for the ministers to come have sex with them.
And again, it's not about sex.
It's not about sex, Gary.
It's about power over the child and wrecking their future and ruining them and drinking their essence.
Because they're supposed to write notes in class when they're in third grade to a girl and, you know, maybe in fifth grade kiss a girl or kiss a boy behind the school and then they're supposed to go on a date when they're 14 and they're supposed to, you know, carve their initials when they're 16 in the tree.
None of that's happening.
Because they're busy at parties with Democrats and liberals and communists in tortured sex orgies and it turns out a lot of them get HIV so they also kill them.
You see, so that's how this works.
And that's why Google and Twitter and Facebook want us off, because they're run by pedophiles.
They're all run by children who were abused by their parents.
And they talk about this, they say, once the child knows the love, Of the new family, it's who you have sex with.
It's not your mother or father takes care of you and loves you and teaches you and they're a genetic line of all these ancestors going, no, no, no.
It's who you're given to and the love is sex.
And then they go out and recruit more children because now the love in their loving family is taking, and now they're a social worker and they come take your child to go have sex with them.
Now, oh, oh, see.
Now you see.
Now you see.
It's all out.
The whole German government designed to rape your children.
His voice sounds solemn.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
We are live broadcasting worldwide on this Sunday.
Transmission, thanks for your support and your prayers, only because of you and God.
But God is shining through you, so it is the same thing.
Alright, let me just get to this segment, but next segment, I'm going to cover really the most important issue at hand.
Because most of my time now is not even in research, it's trying to figure out Of all the crimes of the globalists, what is the most important to expose?
Because I just believe if we expose it, people will be good and stand up to it and say, we aren't evil.
We are going to stand against this.
And I believe in you.
You're going to figure out ways to take action against it in a legal and lawful way.
But when the globalists become totally lawless, there is no more law.
And I just become sick to my stomach now thinking that my mind has A lot of other people are looking at those avenues.
They've been asking me what paths could be gone down.
All I can say is seek God's face.
God will lead, God will direct us down those roads if need be.
The servants of Satan don't care about reason.
They don't care about the fact that physically we can defeat them.
Mentally we can defeat them.
Spiritually we've already defeated them.
They don't care because they're slaves.
And not physical slaves.
Spiritual slaves.
Two different things entirely.
Because make no mistake, we're going into bondage with the COVID-19 hoax.
And those babies, about the tens of millions, getting aborted.
Some got white skin, some got brown skin, some got black skin, but nobody stood up for them, did they?
Oh, some stood up and spoke out, but when it came down to rubber, meat, and the road, they weren't a human, right?
And that opened the gate for now what's about to happen to all of us.
But I'm gonna stop preaching.
I'm gonna cover COVID-19 and the second lockdown that's here and how bad it's gonna get if we don't stop it.
But first, let's hit this.
We sent crew last night.
We had crew inside and outside in Tulsa.
Had a big contingent up there.
Had about 10 crew members.
That's like half our on-air staff.
We're a little ragtag group.
And man, we got hours of footage of just crazy white people and black people, but mainly white people, screaming, America sucks, we're gonna beat your ass, trying to stop Trump supporters getting in, attacking families, blocking stuff.
I mean, it was embarrassing.
To hear these people that believe they're do-gooders and that literally believe Trump's lynching black people.
I've had crew for hours just beeping, bleeping out this stuff because the left just sits there and shoots their mouths off.
It's disgusting.
You know, the left wants to put us in camps, but they want the borders open and don't want people processed that come into the country.
And so the Tulsa Fire Department Estimate 6,200 people made it in, and I think that's an accurate number.
And I remember watching satellite feeds thinking, man, that's a little crowd.
That's why Trump waited and waited and waited until they could actually get more people in.
But you know what happened?
A couple things.
COVID-19 created fear, but the biggest thing was AOC's bragging about it.
There's an article on Infowars.com that has all our tweets.
They got millions of Instagram and TikTok, that's Chinese, young girls mainly to go.
I remember the Trump supporters are like, Trump campaign goes, we've got a million people that went and got the tickets.
That's never happened before.
Usually it's a hundred thousand and you know, only 20,000 you get in.
This was a 16,000 arena.
But see, the Democrats were all bragging.
They went and got the tickets so that other people couldn't get them.
And a lot of folks went, yeah, I was going to go.
I live in Oklahoma, but I didn't go because there were no tickets!
It should be, print a ticket.
If you can get in the door, you get in.
First come, first serve.
But the left is celebrating everywhere, again, how they ran a scam, how they ran a fraud, and how they tried to keep his numbers down.
But the mere fact that Trump went in the face of all that, and them saying Black Lives Matter, and the George Soros antifa can have all their demonstrations.
But oh, if Trump does it, he's bad and he's evil, that's an assault on logic.
And Trump gave a powerful speech, we've got excerpts coming up, last segment of this hour.
But let's show what really happened, let's put this on screen.
Joe Biden had a rally the same day, with zero enthusiasm.
There were like five people there.
He finally came out of his bunker.
And when he's had events that we've covered before this, he'd have like 30 people at his event.
And when he had other events in Texas, people came and said, you're a pedophile, you're a pervert, you're a warmonger.
You said black people are super predators of Hillary.
We hate you.
That's why he can't have events.
Not because people won't show up.
They'll show up wanting to get in his face.
By the way, I saw a wide show and I said five people.
The best photo they've got's got three, but I put the photos together and there were five people there, all staffers.
And the local Tampa News reported there were five people there.
Five people in the audience.
With little circles in the cult of where you could be because of the stupid COVID.
Trying to show Americans, oh, monkey see, monkey do.
Oh, we can't open up.
When the whole COVID thing is a giant fraud.
Trump Tulsa rally adds to week of warning signs for campaign MSM
Tulsa Fire Department says only six thousand two hundred there
AOC joins hundreds of Twitter users claiming tik-tok and kpop fans sabotage Trump's Tulsa rally
No, they didn't say it, they put screenshots up showing they did it!
And the Trump campaign, I gotta say, they didn't get Trump elected, the people did and Trump did.
Nothing against Parsel's on, but I mean, a lot of people that know them well, the delusional crap they talk about dynasties and what geniuses they are, you didn't do anything, Parscale, any of you, and you're idiots!
You're morons!
You really think when you got a million RSVPs when your biggest before was 100,000 that it was real dumbass?
Why didn't you spot check a few and contact them by email and see they were 14-year-old girls under CHICOM control?
I mean, believe me, we've had events before.
If we have 2,000 seats and we got 100,000 RSVPs, I'd say something's wrong here.
And I'm not trying to like put down the Trump campaign, except I've been around it and I've seen it.
These are people that literally buy two or three Lamborghinis.
What does he have time for all these Lamborghinis while we're losing the country?
Put the Lamborghinis down Parscale and actually get up off your ass!
Excuse me.
We've got all this footage.
I'll beat your ass.
BLM activist threatens Trump supporters in Tulsa as police fire pepper balls.
I mean, you talk about trying to start a fight.
Meanwhile, they ain't nothing but devils.
Muhammad Ali's sons, his father would have hated racist BLM movement.
We have the exclusive photos up on InfoWars.com.
Yeah, Trump rally.
Empty seats.
Available throughout Arena.
But not because there weren't 10,000 people outside.
It would have been full.
The campaign let a bunch of people bragging on Twitter and TikTok a week ago that they did this.
Trump has a bunch of amateurs running his campaign that convince themselves that they're the reason he won.
It's not about credit, just you shouldn't be running anything to the people running the Trump campaign.
You're amateurs!
These are real headlines I'm about to read from mainstream news.
Welcome back, I'm your host Alex Jones on this live Sunday show.
I'm very blessed you're here.
But the fact you're here shows you care about the future.
There's something about you that's tied to the destiny of humanity.
There's a kinship.
There's an attraction.
You don't need me to tell you why you're here, you know.
But do you feel the drive to expend your energy now like never before?
I know you do, but so many great patriots, old, young, black, white, different parts of the world, not just the United States, are so humbled that you don't want to speak out at that grocery store line or at church or at your office.
You must do it now.
I went down to the coast for a week with my children, spent some time off.
And most people weren't wearing the mask, but some people were like six feet, wear a mask, whatever.
I probably talked, not exaggerating, to 400 people.
I talked to 60, 70, 80 people a day.
And by the end of it, my family was getting into it with me.
They were actually helping.
That's normal.
I'm not some busybody.
I'm not a leftist trying to run your life that wants to silence your speech.
I'm trying to empower you.
Because one lady said to me, she said, oh, you're just like the leftist telling me how to live.
And I said, no, they tell you how to live and then try to take your bank account away if you don't agree and try to silence your response back.
I'm trying to fight them.
I'm not them.
I'm the opposite.
You think I want to sit here and talk to you in a grocery store checkout lane when you're wearing a mask and telling me and my kids to stay back six feet?
You understand the global depression that's already been caused?
You understand millions have already starved to death?
Two million the UN now says are dead.
And I agree with those numbers, I've looked at them.
That's two million real people more than died in the whole world from the fake ass COVID!
And let me tell you something, I don't sit there and worry about those two million dead people in Africa and other areas because I'm some goody two-shoe fake liberal virtue signaling.
I'm scared for me and my family.
that they can kill that many people and then these people walk around like they're heroes
while the economy implodes on a hoax that's admitted to carry this out.
You think I want to go up against Bill Gates?
Jeffrey Berman?
Yeah, that I can only tell you folks.
I may be able to soon.
Oh, Jeffrey Berman's been fired!
If you only knew.
But I've been told not to tell you.
So I'm not.
And that's why I'm not in competition with Q. I'm freaked out by it because...
So many people go with delusional stuff that can't be proven one way or the other.
People used to ask me, are you for anonymous or against it?
And I'm like, anybody can wear a Guy Fawkes mask and put some scary Matrix numbers behind him and say, I am anonymous.
This is the total.
Oh my gosh, you're anonymous.
Oh, you know, some people do anonymous stuff and are great.
And I totally agree with it.
Some people I don't agree with at all, but some of it's good.
Others is pure leftist garbage.
It's the same thing with Q.
But I'm on the phone with the White House.
I'm on the phone with the campaign.
I'm on the phone with people, I'm not going to say.
And they're scared and surrounded and literally are surrounded by cowards and don't know what to do and are asking me what to do.
Do you think that makes me feel big?
No, it makes me feel small.
And it makes me have an incredible responsibility where I have nightmares every night and they're nightmares of where I'm at work in meetings trying to figure out how to defeat the new world order and what what to cover and what to do and it's the same thing when I wake up because it's all I think about is the responsibility of how out of control I mean let me tell you something.
You think I got excited like in a good way?
When it came out last Tuesday that the entire German government was running giant pedophile rape gangs of children.
I wasn't happy we've been proven right.
Because as soon as I saw the headlines, I went there focusing on one psychiatrist, when the report is it was going on nationwide with thousands of children, and they use focusing on one guy as a way to distract.
I'm like, how did they get major publications to cover up pedophilia like that?
They only did this because they knew it was about to come out on the Internet.
I mean, if you put a gun to my head and said, we're going to blow your head off if you don't help us cover up raping kids, I'd say pull the trigger, bitch!
And then the truth is, once you have that attitude, the trigger never gets pulled.
You have a free society.
Hard men build civilizations.
Weak men destroy them.
And I'm not even some hard-ass, man.
I just know at a fundamental level, I'm not signing on to Satanism.
Geez, that's not hard to do, right?
Except so many people get hoodwinked into it.
You know, I said I'd cover the big news on COVID-19, and I haven't done it.
And I guess I'll do that next segment.
And then I'll get into what happened with the Trump rally and all of that and Fauci talking crap about Americans.
I mean, I hear his voice and it's like it's nails on a chalkboard, but I'll play it, him talking down to us again.
Because you know what?
Maybe we are low.
Maybe we are pieces of crap.
I mean, this little piece of garbage gets to piss on us all day.
Smile up there and run his scams, and oh my God, he was involved in releasing HIV.
He's involved in, I mean, he is a damn, he's as bad as Bill Gates.
But I've got solace knowing this.
When he dies, he's gonna stand before God, and God is gonna smash him flatter than a pancake.
Because you know there's justice in the universe.
And you know there's higher consciousness.
God's up there.
And let me tell you, Anthony Fauci is spiritually dead.
His stupid body doesn't matter, but that little murdering eugenicist dirtbag thinks he scares me with his threats and all the rest of it.
You are going to burn in hell!
Know that, son!
And you deserve it.
Because God is justice.
And justice is good and justice is right.
Alright, I'll start.
The next segment I'll hit the COVID news.
Oh, that's so huge.
Oh my God, I've already seen it happen.
Again, the bear trap clicks, and you go, ooh, and it was on your leg, and we said it was coming.
We knew they'd squeeze us, and then let off, and then squeeze again.
Every time we're about to totally resist and say no, people stop non-complying.
People, oh, oh, oh, they let off, and then squeeze again.
I mean, they've got this all psychologically figured out until you transcend the psychology and say, I resist no matter what.
I resist whether it feels good, I resist whether it feels bad, I overthrow you!
And there's that energy, that wild energy, once you do the right thing, it's gonna... And it's that spiritual electricity they fear.
So just pray.
For Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton and Clinton and Fauci and all of them to be judged by God.
Don't pray that they die in a car wreck.
Don't pray their heads get chopped off.
Just pray God punishes them.
and cuts them down however God wants to do it.
Just say, God, I love you.
I trust you.
I put it in your hands.
Thank you for Jesus.
And we just pray for you to get Fauci and Bill Gates and Hillary off our backs.
That's what they fear as you call them up to God.
Just pray for God to take action against this monstrous demon.
I wish no hair harmed upon his little head or his chinny chin chin.
But just pray for that angel that Moses called on to come to them.
Everybody thinks about Jimmy Dean Sausage as Jimmy Dean Sausage.
That looks cool.
But no, Jimmy Dean was a great singer.
Let's listen a little to this.
Nobody seemed to know where John called home.
He just drifted into town and stayed all alone.
He didn't say much.
He was kind of quiet and shy.
And if you spoke at all, you just said hi to Big John.
Somebody said he came from New Orleans, where he got in a fight over a Cajun queen and a crashing blow from a huge right hand sent a Louisiana fella to the promised land, Big John.
You know, it's funny they're playing this, because this has been on the computer for 20 years here.
We rarely play it.
I was thinking about, we should play the last part.
At the bottom of that mind lays one hand.
Then came the day at the bottom of the mine when a timber cracked and men started crying.
Miners were praying and hearts beat fast and everybody thought that they'd breathed their last except John.
Through the dust and the smoke of this man-made hell walked a giant and a man that the miners knew well.
Grabbed a sagging timber and gave out with a groan and like a giant oak tree just stood there alone, big John.
We should finish this song later.
Let's get into this right now, ladies and gentlemen, because here it is.
Big Bad John.
All right, here it is.
All right, listen, you know, I'm not just saying this for effect.
I'm losing sleep over this, because imagine you're looking at a boat full of men, women, and children, and say 100 people are on it.
And you know at a certain point, just a few minutes, it's going to burst into flames and we're all going to die.
And you can see the figures on the boat, women, men, children.
You don't want them to die, but you don't even really know them, but you have empathy and you somehow want to warn them.
And that's where we are.
Now, people say, well, why are you quoting the UN?
They're a bunch of liars.
It's all compartmentalized.
I mean, you know, the head of the UN food program is an American.
And a guy that thinks he's doing a good job.
He's the best salesman out there collecting all this money for the United Nations to feed people when it's the UN and the WHO shutting the economy off that's causing the whole problem.
So you see how they just full-spectrum dominance get this power.
But remember he came out, I don't know, Two and a half months ago and said, yeah, 35 million people are currently starving to death that weren't.
We usually have 10 million starving to death a year.
It's going to be double that number.
Millions are dying right now.
Well, they put new numbers out.
A couple million have starved to death.
I know it wasn't on the news.
Wasn't a big issue.
Just a couple, two million dead people, mainly in Africa.
It's kind of like a little subconscious wink, wink.
Well, there's too many of those folks.
And they're now estimating $135 million at starvation level, and if this collapse continues, because a depression for us is death for the third world.
I know I say that all the time, but it's true.
Like, don't touch a hot stove.
I mean, it's just, it's real.
So when I see Black Lives Matter, man, the footage we've got next hour, literally running up to white people, mainly white people, but also some black folks, physically attacking white people because they're going into a Trump rally screaming, 400 years of slavery.
What the hell does that mean?
There's still slavery in the Middle East and Africa.
These people had nothing to do with it.
Only 2% of people in the South had slaves in 1865.
More than half the population came here after 1880.
Do you understand that like a very small percentage of people have even a hereditary connection to a slave owner?
But since when have my great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great granddaddy murdered somebody or was a child molester?
You come to me and say, hey, your seventh grandfather back, uh, Was a murderer.
I'm like, why are you telling me that?
Well, you got to give me something.
What are you talking about?
And it's not that I don't want to empower people.
The globalists don't want to teach people how to fish.
They want to give them fish.
So they run them.
But I'm already digressing.
Ladies and gentlemen, I physically cannot look at the governor of California.
I mean, never has there been a more physically evil looking person than him.
I mean, he just like, I literally just like want to run away.
I mean, he's so bad.
He's so fake.
He's so psychopathic.
He's so evil.
And the average person goes, well, what do you, what do you see?
He looks like a nice, handsome man.
Because they don't have spiritual eyes.
I mean, ladies and gentlemen, if cancer has a name, it's Newsome.
That is a complete and total empty shell that will do whatever it's told and has one mission, kill you and your family.
And you sit there and you watch all the stuff he's doing in California and all his arrogance.
You go, this doesn't make sense.
Everybody's fleeing California.
It's because he's trying to kill the most populous, richest state to bring the country down.
People go, it doesn't make sense.
All of these powerful people are leaving California.
It's collapsing.
Why is he doing it?
because he's burning down the country.
Alright, let me just try to start getting into it.
Arizona, Texas, Florida, again report record high corona COVID-19 cases.
My corona, bump, bump, bump, bump, bump, bump, bump, bump, bump.
Because everyone's getting tested.
Companies are mandating it.
All these big corporations like Apple, and Google, and Facebook, and GM, and Ford, and Walmart, and Cargill are saying, because their lawyers tell them to, or the UN says, here's what we do, they're testing everyone, and the tests are on record.
Fauci admits giving false positives, because anybody that ever had a coronavirus that is the regular cold, test positive!
America is not ready to reopen.
I am Fauci.
We're having lots of positives.
Sorry you can't reopen.
Economic warfare.
Trump didn't know to watch the medical end of things.
That's the most evil end of things.
Number one cause of death in the U.S.
is medical malpractice.
So we've got all of this unfolding.
Look at this headline.
Washington health officials gunshot victims counted as COVID-19 deaths.
I tell people this, are you kidding?
They counted George Floyd as a COVID death.
Did you know that?
Because he had COVID.
That meant he had the coronavirus in the last 10 years.
It's on record.
Gunshot victims counted in Washington coronavirus.
It's all over the country.
New York Times lists homicide victims of gunshot wounds as coronavirus deaths.
But we sit here because a guy that looks like he's from Central Casting for a new vampire movie, Governor Psycho Jerk Newsome, may he burn in hell, says so.
Remember, oh, it's just two weeks.
It's just two weeks in one day.
It's 15 days.
Cause the hospitals will be overwhelmed with the millions of dead and then we'll turn it back.
Oh, oh, oh, oh, actually it was 20 plus times less of what you said.
You used the numbers of people that had other diseases in the death toll and then it doesn't matter.
No one looks at that cause Fauci says, I have the clip coming up, we're all frauds.
Fauci says that Americans don't believe in science or authority.
Well, yeah, when it's authority like you, we don't.
When you're totally wrong and you're a liar and you're a fraud.
Meanwhile, 150, this is MSN, 150 cannery workers are in forced quarantine for months in a hotel without pay because Governor Newsom had them arrested because A few of the members came up positive with COVID.
That's right.
All of it is just a practice for martial law.
Because they know you won't accept martial law regularly.
You'll accept it if it's pushed as trendy.
New Yorkers can return to the office.
Most are staying away.
Oh, because it's so much fun to get into the fear and it's so cool and everyone tells you you're so good.
Texas big city mayors, all Democrats, ask Governor Greg Abbott for the power to impose face mask rules.
Yes, the cult rule.
Try to go to a grocery store.
They want babies to wear them now.
And babies are like dying of asphyxiation.
It's all about total control.
Californians must wear a face mask in public under coronavirus order by Psycho Newsome.
Nearly half of Americans consider selling their homes as COVID-19 crushes finances.
That's their mission.
We'll be sitter like idiots and take it.
Hour number two straight ahead.
Compliance with tyranny is death.
You're listening to The most banned broadcast in the world.
Alright, I'm going to shift gears into Trump's rally last night, what really happened, Black Lives Matter, which is really just Antifa, and all of it is coming up.
But first, here is this very important John Bowne report dealing with a deep state that is in total and complete overdrive.
Have you ever considered what would happen if the election results came out as you being the winner and Trump refused to leave?
Yes, I have.
And I was so damn proud.
You have four chiefs of staff coming out and ripping the skin off of Trump.
And you have so many rank-and-file military personnel saying, whoa, we're not a military state.
This is not who we are.
I promise you, I'm absolutely convinced they will escort him from the White House with great dispatch.
I'm telling you right now, the deep state's making its move against you.
As many of you saw the result of the photograph of me at Lafayette Square last week, that sparked a national debate about the role of the military in civil society.
I should not have been there.
My presence in that moment, and in that environment, created a perception of the military involved in domestic politics.
As a commissioned, uniformed officer, it was a mistake that I have learned from.
He says, quote, "When I joined the military some 50 years ago, I swore an oath to support
and defend the Constitution.
Never did I dream that troops taking that same oath would be ordered under any circumstance
to violate the constitutional rights of their fellow citizens, much less to provide a bizarre
photo op for the elected commander in chief with military leadership standing alongside."
Now you notice Bolton, another big mistake Trump made, thinking he could co-op the neocons,
has struck, top story on Drudge, impeachable offenses.
And oh, he's an eyewitness, even though he didn't testify during the impeachment, to the terrible things that the president did in foreign policy.
And they sell us on the idea that the president can't do anything in foreign policy or can't talk to foreign leaders.
He's got to be like a Chinese emperor in the Forbidden City.
With his feet bound and foot-long fingernails, unable to feed himself, with the special inside state controlling him like a brain bug.
Do abuse of power and obstruction of Congress constitute impeachable offenses?
The relevant history answers that question clearly in the negative.
Joe Biden says the U.S.
military may engage in a coup against the president.
That's really what they're saying.
They're saying if there's a contested election, and Trump contested, That the military will grab the president.
They're just introducing that idea to you now, because that's how you fight a military state, is with the military grabbing the president.
Total inversion of reality.
Biden lays out scenario where Trump is escorted from the White House by the military.
Well, what that headline really is, is the world is prepared for a coup against the president.
When Brennan and Clapper went on CNN, In 2017, late 2017, and said the president will soon be removed from office outside of impeachment.
And when Mudd went on TV and said, we will kill this guy, the CIA will kill this guy, the government's going to kill this guy.
That was done to telegraph confidence to their networks embedded in the government that they were trying to get other people To create false whistleblower reports, to leak information to the media, and to then finally get somebody else to muster up the courage to poison the president, to shoot the president, to kill the president.
What was your response, Phil Mudd?
A couple surprises.
Let me give you one bottom line.
As a former government official, government's gonna kill this guy.
He defends Vladimir Putin.
Their State Department and CIA offers are coming home.
And at Langley and in Foggy Bottom, CIA and State, they're saying, this is how you defend us?
And Phil, before, I mean, I want to ask you a question, but Phil, just to reiterate, obviously when you're talking about killing, you're using that as a metaphor, you're not talking about... What I'm saying is, people talk about the deep state.
When you disrespect government officials who've done 20 or 30 years, they're going to say, really?
Vladimir Putin sends officers home and you support him before you support us?
I just want to underline.
That's what this is, is agitating to hope somebody else does it.
If you're a TV viewer, you can see it.
Radio listeners, it's on InfoWars.com.
That verboten, forbidden place.
Now we're being told George Washington statues are being torn down.
The American flag should be abolished.
We should get rid of the family.
People ask, how do you like being totally banned everywhere two years ago?
And I said, you're next.
I'm actually honored to be up front.
Soon you'll join me.
This clip is so arrogant.
This is Fauci a couple days ago on national TV saying, Americans don't respect science, and they don't respect authority.
Like, Cool Hand, look.
You failure to follow my authority.
Failure to communicate.
He said 2.2 to 2.5 million would be dead by now.
2.5 million would be dead by now.
It's 100,000 with fake numbers.
He covered up that it came out of Wuhan and is man-made.
He's involved at Wuhan running the project.
And then the tests that are the main tests that Bill Gates funded make everybody a false positive because if you've ever had a coronavirus, the most common virus there is, it says you've got COVID-19!
You understand folks, this is confirmed that George Floyd died of COVID-19.
Did you know that?
They put him on the list.
They said he had COVID-19.
He died.
He counts as a death in Minnesota of COVID-19.
You know a cop sat on his neck.
Either that killed him or the fentanyl did, but it sure as hell wasn't COVID-19.
I think the cop's a dumbass.
You're putting your knee on somebody's carotid artery.
I mean, did you not know you were killing him?
He might have been on some of that fentanyl too.
They were buddies.
Let me tell you, they're bad cops, folks.
What cop wants to go to prison?
I mean, you kill somebody on videotape, you better get ready to go to prison.
I don't care whether they're black or white.
Side issue.
Fauci says Americans don't believe in science, they don't believe in authority.
Really, we do believe in science.
We know you're a big fat damn liar.
Here he is.
Well, one of the problems we face in the United States is that, unfortunately, there is a combination of an anti-science bias.
Oh, really?
Like global warming?
For reasons that sometimes are, you know, inconceivable and not understandable.
They just don't believe science and they don't believe authority.
So when they see someone up in the White House Which has an air of authority to it, who's talking about science, that there are some people who just don't believe that.
And that's unfortunate because, you know, science is truth.
And if you go by the evidence and by the data, you're speaking the truth.
And it's amazing sometimes the denial there is.
It's the same thing that gets people who are anti-vaxxers, who don't want people to get vaccinated, even though the data clearly indicate the safety of vaccines.
That's really a problem.
Notice, he didn't give you any sources.
He didn't name things.
When I said Fauci says you don't believe in science and you don't believe in authority, I play the clip.
And I've got an article where he said it and where he did it.
Everything I say, boom.
When I tell you the German government gave thousands of kids to pedophiles to have sex with them, I've got Mainline, Build, and Der Spiegel.
I show it to you.
But he sits up there, and he tells you, you don't believe in science, when the vaccine insert says, doesn't protect you, gives you cancer, It's insane.
I could play that clip a hundred times.
He sits there in this giant confidence act, and says they don't believe in science.
When science is a postulation, and science is always changing, and you've got theories, and then you test those theories.
The very essence of modern Western science is it's fluid and we're always learning more.
But he says, no, I am science, meaning God.
And I am telling you what this means, and here it is.
I'm like, okay, your insert says it can kill me, doesn't protect me for Gardasil, all this stuff.
He's just like, well, you anti-vaxxers, you know, for no reason you question when the science shows it's great.
Really, brother?
All the actual studies show it lowers my immunity to everything else.
And it's full of contaminants, bro!
And you've got a secret vaccine payment fund that's paid out four billion dollars last time I checked, like five billion now, secretly to people killed by it!
My grandmother was told when she got the second polio vaccine by her doctor, sorry, it's a live vaccine, we gave it to you.
Her doctor told her that back in 1946, bitch!
1946 bitch! 1956! Excuse me. Oh I don't believe in science.
Is it with some shot protecting me?
I'll take it right now!
I take Advil because I know it works.
I got a pin in my leg when I had a compound fracture.
It works.
I got implants in two of my teeth.
It works.
I'm not afraid of science.
I'm afraid of you because you're a little lion snake.
Put out the HIV.
And the whole testing and the AZT that killed all those people, you little lion, monstrous maggot.
And I know something even bigger.
Science doesn't fear challenge.
A theory that can stand on its own, when I tell you, hey, Bill Gates is a eugenicist, he wants world government, he wants to depopulate you, that's not a theory, he says it.
Do I fear being challenged?
No, because I told the truth.
But see, how many medical doctors, the head of the Rockefeller Hospital went public and said this thing's a fraud.
Banned off YouTube.
All these medical doctors go public.
What they're seeing?
Banned off their work.
They all come out and say no one's really dying.
They're putting people that aren't dying of COVID who died in a car wreck on this.
That's all confirmed.
The hospitals are empty.
The military ships, we were told millions dead.
Everybody's gonna die.
None of it was true.
It's all a fraud!
But he says we're afraid of science.
Well, okay, Fauci, I'm into science.
You said cut this big curve, 15 days, we're gonna have millions in the hospitals.
We've got to stay at home, to not spread it, so the hospitals don't get full.
None of it happened.
It was all a lie.
But Fauci goes, oh, Americans, this is the leader of the NIH, the head scientist, don't like science.
No, we don't like liars.
And we don't like facts.
No, we don't like frauds.
We don't like scammers.
It means we don't like you, Faustus.
And we don't like authority.
No, no.
We like authority that tells us the truth.
Let me tell you.
Somebody, I go to a restaurant, they cook me good food every time I go there.
I go to some hotel, they treat me nice, I go there every time.
I listen to music, it sounds good, I don't care who's putting it, I'm with it.
No, you suck!
And you want to make us take your vaccines and live under you and put up with all your crap and I'm saying no Fauci.
I don't want to stay locked up in my house.
I don't want to wear a mask because you said it's psychological.
I don't want to kiss your ass.
I hate you and I hate Bill Gates and I hope you burn in hell.
And now you've launched your big...
Lockdown 2.0, which we told you was coming, because they squeeze till you resist.
When you fight back, they go, okay, we're off.
As soon as you let up, he starts straying on you again.
Nothing against short people, but he's like four foot seven.
Okay, and he's literally a midget.
And he's pissed he's a midget.
Reportedly, you know, he has a millimeter long ding dong.
I mean, I'm being sarcastic here.
The point is, the dude is a jerk.
He's a Bill Gates minion.
And he's a liar, and everything he says is a giant fraud.
He's the epicenter of disinformation.
When they've got the FBI task force out to get me indicted, because Fauci and Milgate say, Jones is costing lives.
He's the epicenter of people not believing COVID.
You're the epicenter, buddy!
You're a liar!
You want to shut our economy down!
And we're not gonna put up with it.
So, all of you guys have decided you're in charge of everything.
You're not.
And so you may have scared a bunch of sheeple into bowing down to you, but a lot of people are awake.
And so know this, they get their big shutdown 2 going, the depression will be even worse, and they'll blame it on COVID.
No, they used COVID as the hoax to stampede you into collapse.
They created the present conditions.
They created the collapse.
They created the nightmare.
They're the enemy.
They caused the worldwide shutdown.
All of them!
They're the enemy!
The Trump rally straight ahead.
I pray that God visit judgment in the name of Jesus Christ upon Bill Gates, upon Fauci, upon Hillary Clinton, upon the globalists.
I pray for God to send his angel.
My ancestors.
Stood for justice.
I stand for justice.
You stand for justice.
Let us pray for the Destroyer.
They have sent their plague of psychological warfare against us.
I pray for the plague of Moses!
I pray for judgment!
And judgment is coming.
All right, let's get into the news.
Look at this headline.
Jamie White up on Infowars.com.
It's no joke.
It's in Reuters, AP, everywhere.
They're all bruthlessly reporting it.
Luciferian march for one world government.
Satanic group organizes nationwide rallies promoting new world order.
A satanic group is organizing an international march on behalf of the fallen one to call for the globalist dream of one world government.
Yes, really.
The group who calls themselves the Disciples of Lucifer has a Facebook page showing a list of 22 cities where the Luciferian march for a one world government will take place this Sunday.
That's their quote.
And the summer solstice, no less.
We are the Disciples of Lucifer.
We are here to fulfill the promises of Revelation and build a foundation to form the One World Government, the group Facebook states.
And notice the shrunken slaves of the enemy can have their Facebook, but you and I cannot.
And it just goes on with the thousands signing up.
They have major movies out.
Hail Satan.
The Democrat Party operating system is now Satanism.
The satanic marchers are set to be held in major cities like D.C., Los Angeles, New York, but also smaller cities like Columbus, Raleigh, Jacksonville, and even Canadian cities like Toronto.
The marchers are intended to create chaos.
And it has been speculated by some that demonstrators may even try to erect satanic monuments at existing sites where Confederate and other allegedly racist statues have been torn down.
Intel Hub reported.
Christian youth YouTuber Hannah Williamson sounded the alarm about the event on Saturday.
Why should satanic people want a one-world government?
One reason, I think, the devil would want a one-world government is, would be, so such either control people and get them to tear down people.
Williams has said, adding the Book of Revelations, mentions a one-world government system.
The rallies, which appear to be reasonably unpopular given Facebook's RSVP to the events, are happening the same day as the summer solstice, which is an important date for LaVey, Satanism, and all other needle decks.
It is a surprise that satanic groups are promoting one world government along with their corporate slave masters.
These are literally chicken neck cowards.
The worst trash of the planet.
Alright, so let's get into it right now.
The real Satanists are Fauci and Gates, coming with deadly vaccines on record that hurt you, saying they want liability for what they're about to do to you to try to make you acquiesce to get in your car or travel with the new cell phone tracking tracer systems that are going to come to your house.
The new announcements of abolishing the police.
They're not abolishing the police.
They're going to bring the police down and put their people in power of the police to have organized gangs to have their way with you.
This is the Red Terror.
But let's get into some good news here.
Let's go to Judge Joe Brown Destroys Racist Trump Narrative.
Then I'm going to play Muhammad Ali Jr.
We'll do these back-to-back with what he has to say about George Soros' Lives Matter.
I mean, I'm sorry, Exterminate the Black People Matter.
I'm sorry, New World Order, Death Cult Matter.
BLM, which is Antifa's sister organization, here it is.
Is Trump a racist?
I don't think so.
I've talked to a number of black entrepreneurs who back in the late 80s and 90s, early 90s, were trying to get financing.
They couldn't.
Somebody told them to go check with Donald Trump.
So they come back and tell me they got a loan from Donald Trump.
You gave him a term loan.
Show up with the interest and the principal.
One check.
But they had to go see him personally.
They independently relate this tale that when they saw him, he said, this what you supposed to pay me?
This our agreement?
I said, yeah.
And then tore the check up, shook their hands and said, congratulations.
Now run your business.
And this was when?
This was back in the 90s.
Most people don't even know this.
He had a sister.
He was Every time you saw him back in the 90s, fine, paper bag, brown, beautiful, black mother.
He likes fine women.
He didn't have any problem with dating a black woman, walking her down red carpets.
So, I mean, she says he's not a racist.
He just doesn't like many people, black or white.
And he appreciates people who do stuff within their lane.
Well, not stay in their lane, but where they choose to be, if they do it well, he admires them.
Black, white, brown, red, yellow.
Most people don't know this.
He was the finance man behind Jesse Jackson's two runs for president.
Right now, black people, when you show this show, are home jumping, home shouting, because they don't have the nerve to say what I'm saying, and nobody's never said it, and they're just so happy to see a black man who will stand up and jeopardize every court he's got to tell the truth.
But when one man of popularity can let the world know the problem, he can, uh, he might lose a few dollars himself telling the truth, might lose his life.
But he's helping millions.
Look at the chap in the Russian standing right here, and the Pole right here.
I'm defeating America's so-called threats, the enemies.
And the flag is going dun-dun-dun-dun-dun-dun!
And I don't hope the world for America.
I took my gold medal, thought I'd invented something.
I said, man, I know I'm gonna get my people freedom there.
I'm the champion of the whole world, Olympic champion.
I know I can eat downtown now.
I went downtown that day, had my big ol' medal on, and went in a restaurant.
So at that time, black things weren't integrated.
The black folks couldn't eat downtown.
The lady said, we don't serve Negroes.
I had to leave that restaurant in my hometown, where I went to church and served in their Christianity.
They're fought and dead and fought in all the wars.
Just wanted to go mental.
They couldn't eat downtown.
I said, something's wrong.
Policemen pulled black people over and hit them across the head and unjustly trial them in courts.
And who went to jail?
It happens every day.
Personality of a person.
The ways of a person, the thoughts, the deeds, the actions, it's all based around his heart.
For what is a man?
A man is his heart.
A lying, cheating heart is a lying, cheating man.
A loving... And now his son's come out and said that BLM is a globalist operation and are literally devils.
Well, that full article's up on InfoWars.com.
We've got two more segments left and a lot to cover here today.
But I'm just telling you, Bill Gates runs the show and he's coming with shots for you and your family.
And when you're dying of cancer a couple years later, then I can tell you why.
Just remember, you take that shot.
The best you're going to do is be sterile.
Worst you're going to be is dead.
Get ready.
Get ready to die.
I know a lot of you want to die anyway, so go ahead and die.
All right, we're back live.
I'll be back on the regular weekday show, 11 a.m.
to 3 p.m.
We'll take calls.
Got a bunch of big guests.
But first, let's look at one of the things Trump had to say last night.
Very powerful speech.
He didn't say, oh, well, the Democrats RSVP'd to get the tickets to confuse people not to go.
Oh, there was only 6,000 plus people there, according to the Tulsa Fire Department.
Joe Biden had five people at his rally.
This is the COVID martial law.
But it does show that Trump's campaign needs to figure out how they're being manipulated.
What Trump had to say about Biden and the Democrats wanting to prosecute Americans for going to church, but not for burning churches.
Total truth.
They didn't like it.
Joe Biden and the Democrats want to prosecute Americans for going to church, but not for burning a church.
They believe you can riot, vandalize and destroy, but you cannot attend a peaceful pro-America rally.
The only way this video gets out.
They want to punish your thought, but not their violent crimes.
Well, exactly.
And so they're not just censoring conservatives and blocking them and shadowbatting them and the president now, but Our crew was there, and they were blown away.
And I'm not defending black people or white people.
I'm not some virtue signaler going, it's mainly white people leading it.
It is.
90% of the people there in Black Lives Matter were crazy white people trying to hype black people up into attacking.
And it was disgust to watch these leftist academics.
We have the documents from the Soros group.
From his son, where they, the white academics go out to black neighborhoods and try to get them to blow stuff up and burn stuff.
It's just, it's just, and watching whites try to virtue signal that they're good and anybody they oppose is a Nazi.
Just randomly, oh, you're for Trump, you're a Nazi, I'm gonna punch you in the face.
It's so disgusting.
So let's go ahead and play clip six.
BLM protesters at SJW is telling Tulsa Trump supporters to effing leave their own streets.
Because people are leaving their cars.
They chase you in a ritual and go, leave, leave, leave.
Here it is.
So you got like one black girl, two or three white girls, and they literally believe they're fighting Hitler.
And they're screaming and following families home, going to their cars.
I mean, this is what the universities have done.
This is who we are.
Again, trying to intimidate you from going to a Trump rally.
No, now you've got to go to a Trump rally and you got to take your whole block with you.
They want to make you go.
It's like a victory they have to make you go.
I mean, look at these idiots, man.
They literally watch CNN and they believe they're fighting Nazis that tried to come hear the president speak.
They don't have two brain cells rubbed together, okay?
Here's another one.
Unhinged BLM protester, Cliff Haynes, threatening to beat Trump supporters walking to their cars.
Here it is.
Yeah, you better listen to him!
You better listen to him!
You better fucking listen to him!
That's what they do!
That's what they do!
Who is they?
Black people?
No, bitch, fuck you!
You just made this in the race.
Why are you screaming at me?
Why are you screaming at me? Why are you screaming at me? Cuz he's white.
I ain't scared of your word.
Shut your f***ing mouth.
I never said you scared me.
Sir, you can go.
I don't got to listen to you.
You were telling her to walk.
I was on your side.
She's so brainwashed she won't even talk to him.
That's why they got her.
She slapped him in the face.
Are you going to touch me?
Oh God, they all provocateur too.
Yeah right lady.
This is the fall of America folks.
Let's go to clip 9.
Go the F away.
You're lucky I'm on my meds.
Here it is.
Go the f*** away!
Go the f*** away!
Go the f*** away!
Go the f*** away!
I'm on my meds, you're lucky I'm on my meds!
Go the f*** away!
Go the f*** away!
Go the f*** away!
And neither are you!
Of course she's got blue hair.
And I don't care if she has blue hair.
It's like, what's wrong with these people?
Like, you're a Trump supporter, you're at an event, they want to stop your free speech, and they're the good guys, totally whacked out of their minds, believing that they're fighting Hitler, when George Soros that funds them literally work for Hitler.
And of course, they try to block cars.
When they knock your windows out, if you drive through them, they go, oh my God, Charlottesville, you attacked us.
It's this religion.
Here's a clip of a woman arrested on live TV for trying to trespass an area where the Trump rally was.
Here it is.
She can't breathe.
Yeah, she's got one of the hoods around her face.
One of the Fauci hoods.
It's a total cult, folks.
They've got us all wearing face masks.
Look at this whacked out meth head, man.
This is who they've got.
What is it with their followers?
What did we just miss that I say she's a meth head she just looks like the total
What is it with their followers they all look like they're out of like a cartoon comic of like a zombie
Oh My god
She loves Communist China's death camps.
You know, she loves it all.
These people are sick.
All right.
Let's start going to some really good stuff.
Let's just go to Trump.
Here is Trump.
Clip 12.
The clear choice of 2020 is simple.
Here it is.
It's a very industrial complex.
When rioting and looting broke out in our nation's capital, I very quickly deployed the National Guard.
I said, get them in after watching for an evening or two.
We stopped the violence and restored peace and order to the streets.
And last night, they had a little breakout again.
They ripped down a statue that was 110 years old.
Beautiful piece of art.
In front of the police precinct with our radical left mayor watching on television.
We're not happy.
That's going to be very expensive for D.C.
They're always looking for money.
We need more money.
We always need more money.
And then they don't do the proper job.
So it's not going to be good for Mayor Bowser.
Mayor Bowser.
They were heading over to the Jefferson Memorial recently.
And they wanted to do damage to our great, beautiful Jefferson Memorial.
Not gonna happen.
Don't worry about it.
We have it surrounded with very strong people.
The choice in 220 is very simple.
Do you want to bow before the left-wing mob?
Or do you want to stand up tall and proud as Americans?
And again, Biden had five people to his rally, Trump had 6,200 according to the fire department.
The fact that Trump did this is a great move.
If a hundred people showed up, it's great.
Because they're saying, you're dead, it's all COVID, everyone's dead, Fauci says don't do it, the Democrats are all out protesting, oh it's wonderful, it's wonderful.
It's a good thing Trump did, but now I got a lot going on.
I don't want to go grandstanding Trump events.
I'm going to the next Trump events.
I'm going to all of them now.
Because it's about exercising freedom of speech and standing up to this fear and this hoax.
And all of you need to understand, do not underestimate your power.
You have got to show up to these events.
More of the Trump clips straight ahead on this live Sunday transmission here in defiance of the New World Order's tyranny.
Thanks to you, we're still on air.
So share those links while you still can.
Infowars.com, band.video, video, video, video.
My hand was made strong by Almighty.
♪ You have to send ♪ Folks, you know I don't get up here on air and say these things about powerful people for no reasons.
I pay a heavy cost.
The price is much greater not to tell the truth.
There's not just evil in this universe.
♪ Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery ♪ ♪ None but yourselves can free our minds ♪
♪ Have no fear for atomic energy ♪ ♪ 'Cause none of them can stop the time ♪
Nothing can stop it.
♪ How long shall they kill our prophets ♪ ♪ While we stand aside and look ♪
♪ Some say it's just a part of it ♪ ♪ We've got to fulfill the book ♪
And it's all gonna be fulfilled.
♪ Won't you help to sing ♪ ♪ These songs of freedom ♪
♪ 'Cause all I ever had ♪ - I'll just play some more clips of Trump here.
years getting into it's the truth.
It's not a lie.
Trump's done more for black lives in four years than Biden did in 47.
That's not even an understatement.
It's an overstatement in that Biden did nothing but murder people.
It's an overstatement to say Biden did stuff for black people when he did the exact opposite and passed laws to give blacks three times the sentence of whites.
Who comes up with that?
Because they wanted to sabotage the black family and put people into prison to then corrupt the youth.
Here it is.
Virtually every policy that has hurt black Americans for half a century, Joe Biden has supported or enacted.
I've done more for the black community See, that's an overstatement, because he didn't do anything.
He attacked.
That's a lie.
I'm not against Trump, but it's a lie to say he did more than Biden.
Racial justice begins with Joe Biden's retirement from public life.
And again, what I'm saying is, it's an overstatement to say I've done more than Joe Biden.
Like, if Joe Biden was a child molester and kidnapped kids and killed them, and Trump goes, I've done more for kids than Joe Biden, well, you rate less kids?
But see, it's like, Republicans have a talking point, like, Democrats hate Trump more than they love America.
The Democrats say get rid of the country.
They don't love it.
So it's a lie to say, oh, uh, Democrats hate Trump more than they love America.
Next up on Fox News.
They hate the country.
It's a lie to even say it.
And by the way, Democrats just don't want to kill black people.
They hate everybody!
They just have a group that was under control and enslaved so they can do little tests on them and stuff.
That's all that is.
This makes me physically ill.
Let's go to this next clip.
Joe Biden's side of a China over America.
This is really important.
Here it is.
When I took Early and decisive action to ban travel from China and protect Americans from the virus.
And as I said, Joe Biden opposed my decision and called it hysteria, xenophobia.
He doesn't know what the word means.
Xenophobia and fear mongering.
And then he apologized a month later.
He said he was wrong, but he didn't say it and they didn't cover it.
They didn't cover it.
On one of the single most important policy decisions of our lifetime, Joe Biden sided with China over America.
That's closing the border.
He thought it was a terrible thing.
Remember, this was all this was in January.
That's early, real early, the end of January.
He thought it was a terrible thing when we closed the border to many people that were badly infected with COVID.
When the chips are down, Biden will always cave to the radical left.
He'll always bow to the angry mob, and he will never protect you or your family, and you know that.
Joe Biden will always let you down.
That's been his history.
Absolutely true.
He's bought and paid for.
Democrats are stoking division in order to distract from their decades of failure.
They're not decades of failure.
It's success in their demonic mission.
Here it is.
Today I'm also announcing that I have directed Secretary of the Interior David Bernhardt to place the John Hope Franklin Reconciliation Park here in Tulsa on the African American Civil Rights Network.
So many of my friends have been asking me to do it.
So many of my friends, including these great politicians.
So we're going to do that.
It'll be done very quickly.
We will forever remember and honor the courageous people who helped build this state and this country.
Democrats are stoking division in order to distract From their decades of failure on schools, jobs, housing, justice, and crime.
In major city public schools run by Democrats, over two-thirds of students are falling behind in reading and math, and I think the numbers are worse than that.
But Democrats would rather deny these children the future they deserve than allow them to attend the charter, public, private, religious, or independent schools of their choice.
How evil.
What a bad man.
Pro-choice for schools.
It's very popular, but some people it's like a disaster because what it does to certain unions that have a lot of power over the Democrats, even though they know it's wrong.
Republicans believe access to education is a civil right.
It's a civil right.
20 of 20 of the most dangerous cities in America are controlled by Democrats.
Think of that.
20 of 20!
And so is nearly every major city with a child poverty rate that's over 30%.
They're controlled by Democrats.
We can name every one of them.
Don't underestimate your power as viewers sharing these links.
They're all bulletinforce.com.
My God, he's the real deal, folks.
That's why they're so scared of him.
There's one last clip tonight.
We're going to have time to play.
Biden will put hate-filled America bashing socialist Ilhan Omar Who literally had people buy up tickets that were free, sign up for them to block this rally.
Again, what scum trying to block our speech, man?
Here's a clip.
Air Force Ones, right?
Likewise, Representative Ilhan Omar.
Ilhan Omar is going to be very much involved in a Biden government.
They will put this hate-filled, America-bashing socialist front and center in deciding the fate of your family and deciding the fate of your country.
I don't think so.
This is America fighting for its life, folks.
It's totally real.
She would like to make the government of our country... I can't believe how pathetic we are, actually.
...just like the country... We're at this point, like, we will reject America for this.
No government, no safety, no police, no nothing.
Just anarchy.
And now she's telling us how to run our country.
No thank you.
And I think, I think we're going to have a big victory in the state of Minnesota.
All right, we'll see.
Let me show you this in closing.
UN Delete Pro Antifa tweet saying they're the voice of America.
Let them attack.
Everybody, that's on Infowars.com.
Georgia House passes bill that would abolish the police department.
I mean, give me a break, folks.
That's the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.
That's a serious article.
African-American man murdered in CHOP autonomous zone.
Shock video gunfights erupt in Atlanta streets.
The globalists aren't getting rid of law and order, folks.
They're collapsing it to take it over.
And I'll be honest with you, I can't believe we're even at this point.
All right, the crew did an incredible job.
I'm very thankful to all of them.
I'm very thankful to all the listeners and viewers for what you've done.
We're 134 days out from the election and I just can't express how serious the situation is.
You know, we're going to win one way or the other, but if we don't win this way peacefully, you know what's going to come next.
And all people shoot their mouths off all day on violence.
Are you really ready for that?
I am.
You ready for that?
All right, I appreciate the crew.
Great job to all the viewers and listeners and affiliates.
We thank you all.
Luckily, thanks for your prayers.
We'll be back tomorrow, hopefully.
Hello, Ryan.
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