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Air Date: June 18, 2020
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The Alex Jones Show from Austin, Texas on June 18th discussed John Bolton's book release and criticized him for being a neocon until recently when he became their hero. The show also mentioned the Streisand effect in relation to Aunt Jemima syrup, Uncle Ben, and Cracker Jack. Other topics included ongoing lockdown measures despite some easing up, a U.N. official's statement about planning a civil war and creating chaos in America, public health agencies being given special powers through model legislation for emergency situations, simulations like Event 21 and Dark Winter being used to mentally and psychologically prepare people for crises, a wristband developed by a white-hat hacker for individuals who have tested negative for COVID-19 each day, the idea of immunity and its potential consequences, attacks on statues of historical figures, global organizations attempting to overthrow the U.S., Antifa tactics and their historical roots, the movement to remove monuments celebrating historical figures with ties to slavery or oppression, useful idiots within Antifa, the importance of iodine in supporting thyroid health, healthy metabolism, and cognitive function, and potential strategies for dealing with Antifa.


Welcome, it's June 18th, 2020.
I'm David Knight, your host.
You'll be hearing from Alex Jones in this hour.
We're going to be taking a look at what is happening with the book release with Bolton.
And I think there's a much more important story here than just the back and forth that he said, she said.
We're going to take a look at what kind of guy Bolton is and why was he ever there?
We're going to go back and take a look at the war that has really developed
Between the neocons and the Pentagon, as you've seen in the last few weeks, this is coming to a head.
And we're going to show you this from the two different factions in Washington.
One of them represented by Rand Paul, probably the best example of people who support what President Trump said as a candidate, he supported.
And the people who have been fighting President Trump, and people like Flynn, you know, interestingly enough.
Bolton was there as a possible replacement for Flynn right from the very beginning.
He was considered for that replacement position.
He came on in another position, came on later in 2018.
But we're going to go back and look at the history of this, look at the good angel sitting on President Trump's shoulder, Rand Paul.
You don't want to do this.
You don't want to set the world on fire.
And the bad guy, the little devil sitting on his other shoulder, whispering in his ear, let's bomb everybody.
As President Trump said at one point in time, we'd be on World War VI right now if I listened to this guy.
And quite frankly, that is the case.
And we had the left that was always criticizing Bolton for being a Dr. Strangelove neocon.
Until now.
And now he's their hero.
Because he's doing an Orange Man bad book.
So we're going to take a look at that.
Before we do, real quickly, some of the top news here.
Of course, you see Gone with the Wind now has exploded everywhere.
As they purged it, it is now number one in sales.
And quite frankly, it's kind of the Streisand effect, right?
You know, you're going to push back and say, don't watch this.
Well, everybody's going to go watch it.
And as I said before, it's about much more than the Civil War.
You know, when it came out in 1939, it hearkened back to the previous fourth turning, which was the Civil War.
And people right then were on, well into, the next fourth turning, which was the Great Depression, World War II.
They were on the cusp of World War II.
World War II had begun officially a couple of months earlier.
September the 29th, 1939, when Hitler invaded Poland.
And it was released in December, middle of December.
And people could look at that and they could see how their society was setting on the precipice.
How everything they had could immediately be erased.
How people who are in a very wealthy, comfortable position could eventually be digging for potatoes because they're starving.
Quite frankly, that's the position we find ourselves in today.
We are at the next fourth turning.
Fourth turnings, as Strauss and Howe pointed out, happen about every four generations, about every 80 years.
They predicted in the early 90s that by the mid-2000s there might be some kind of a, they predicted a big, major global economic event, you know, like around 2007-2008.
Remember that?
Well, they predicted it in the early 90s.
They said it would set off a fourth turning.
It would restructure society.
It would be accompanied by massive economic pain and usually by a massive war.
It would all be finished by about 2029-2030.
Which is one of the reasons why the UN has picked that date for what they want society to look like.
So we're in the middle of that right now.
But you know, we look at the Streisand effect with that.
Maybe that's one of the reasons why the makers of Aunt Jemima syrup decided that they would take that off.
Maybe it was more about that.
Because they'd already had a person on the label.
You know, Uncle Ben, is he going to go now?
As we have Babylon B saying, maybe we're going to change Cracker Jack to Caucasian Jack.
Everybody's got to get in on the act because, you know, with the Streisand effect, they could increase their sales, right?
Maybe that's what it's really about.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
It's June 18th, Year of Our Lord 2020.
I'm David Knight, your host.
I start the program that precedes this program each day with a countdown of how long we've been held hostage.
We go back to, remember, the Iranian hostage-taking?
When they took over the U.S.
Embassy and they held the hostages for something like 400 days.
And he had the pictures of them blindfolded.
They took them out on a daily basis.
And it made the Nightline program that started talking about that, made it a regular fixture.
I hope that this doesn't become a regular fixture, but we're now into day 93 of our lockdown.
Yes, it's eased up a little bit.
And they've pushed the pause button, but they're about ready to start that up again.
And they haven't taken away all of the regulations.
And that's part of what these people have planned to do.
It is not unrelated to what is going on with Black Lives Matter, Antifa, the other unrest that is happening.
They intend to create a civil war.
As I pointed out yesterday, we have a UN official, and I'll tell you a little bit more about this as well as an update as to where we are right now in terms of America being held hostage, about the masking, about the contact tracing and testing.
And about the vaccination that's coming along.
I mean, this is a very well laid out plan.
They've been planning this, war-gaming this for over 20 years.
They had created the Model State Emergency Health Powers Act prior, just prior to 9-11, and then they pushed it out to all of the different states and said, hey, you've got to get your
Rush this through.
Here's the model legislation.
Give special powers to all your public health agencies so they can shut down everything in case there's a terrorist attack, you know, with anthrax or something like that.
And so they've been preparing this for a very long time.
Annual simulations.
Not just the Event 201 simulation, but annual simulations.
Wargaming this in order to prepare, mentally prepare, and psychologically prepare the people who are going to go along with this at the highest levels.
They've been prepared for this for twenty-some-odd simulations.
The first one was Dark Winter.
There was a lot of news about that, Dark Winter 2, a couple years ago.
Well, we're in the middle of Dark Winter 2.
But before we get into that, I want to talk about John Bolton and this book.
And you know, we will talk about some of the charges back and forth.
I don't put too much credibility in any of these charges going back and forth.
John Bolton has essentially reduced himself to just another orange man, bad, backbiting, backstabbing, gossiper in Washington.
And we got a lot of those people in Washington.
I don't think we need to spend a whole lot of time on all the sores and the slander going back and forth from President Trump to Bolton or vice versa.
But the bigger question is, what is going on in terms of our foreign policy?
How does somebody like Bolton actually get hired in the first place?
And this goes back to right after the election.
John Bolton's name has been thrown up by the neocons from the very beginning.
Right after the election, Rand Paul went on with Chris Matthews.
It would be interesting to see what Chris Matthews would have said because, boy, he was
Very much against John Bolton at the time.
I would imagine today, Chris Matthews, if he was on air, would be, oh, we've got to believe everything that John Bolton says.
He thought he was a deranged lunatic who was trying to start World War III, and he was pretty much right.
Rand Paul said,
At the time, this is December 2016, I want to play a clip for you.
Going back and forth, this is Chris Matthews and Rand Paul.
In the context, they begin by talking about Rex Tillerson, another very bad pick by President Trump, which I criticized in the very beginning.
I said this guy is full on and he's going to push everything about the environmentalist agenda.
Besides the fact of what he had done for the LGBT movement turning the Boy Scouts gay when he was there.
But he was going to be somebody who wound up opposing President Trump on the Paris Climate Accord and other issues.
So they began talking briefly about him and then they spent most of their time, however, talking about John Bolton because there was a lot of rumors that Bolton was going to be one of the first picks for President Trump.
Here's that clip from December 2016.
He's skiing and fishing with Putin.
They got some awards.
So let's hear at least a little bit about what his worldview is.
Does he believe in intervention ad nauseam in the Middle East?
Does he believe in regime change, nation building?
You know, some of the things that I've been encouraged about Donald Trump, we haven't agreed on some things, but I have been encouraged that he thinks that regime change in the Middle East hasn't made us safer or more secure, that he hasn't been for
Nation building, regime change, anything.
See, I honestly believe he's learned the lesson that the Iraq War didn't help us as a country.
Well I know who hasn't learned his lesson because it's who he is essentially, and that's John Bolton.
That guy will quit.
His desire for power and to wheedle his way into every Republican administration is relentless.
The neocon network helps him.
Here he is, John Bolton, the man NBC reports as being, I love this phrase, actually I hate it, eyed for Deputy Secretary of State, has advocated for bombing Iran.
Here he was just last year.
This is Bolton.
Just as Israel, twice before, has struck nuclear weapons programs in the hands of hostile states, I'm afraid, given the circumstances, that's the only real option open to us now.
Right now?
Or are you saying leading into the future?
No, I would have done this five or six years ago, because the earlier you strike, the more damage you can do.
Oh my God, Bolton on Fox, an unbelievable combination.
That was a strong booster.
Of course, he was of the Iraq invasion.
Still is.
In 2002, Bolton peddled bad information about that country's weapons program.
Quote, we are confident, he said at the time, that Saddam Hussein has hidden weapons of mass destruction and production facilities in Iraq.
Well, last May, Bolton continued to defend the invasion.
That's last month.
Telling the Washington Examiner, a conservative newspaper, I still think the decision to overthrow Saddam was correct.
I love the way it's so prissy.
He echoed that sentiment as recently as yesterday.
Here we go.
I was a member of George W. Bush's administration.
He supported the Iraq War.
Of course I supported the Iraq War.
I've written on the subject.
Some people would probably say endlessly about what the lessons are to be learned from it.
I've put it out on the record.
I've never hidden my views from anybody and I absolutely don't back away from them.
Senator Paul, isn't it interesting, the ones who backed the Iraq war, also back going into Libya, also back going into Syria, and they always have one, like in a little Pez dispenser, a little candy dispenser, they always have the next war they want us to fight.
There's always one, they push them out, another war comes out.
They always want a new war, and Bolton's classic.
Your thoughts?
Will you be able to stop this guy if he gets in the door?
Well, this is why learning the historical lessons are important.
This isn't the Iraq War from 15 years ago or 14 years ago that we're concerned about.
We're worried about whether or not he learned the lesson from that war, but he didn't.
He advocated for regime change in Libya, turned into chaos, and ISIS actually became strengthened, and I think we're more at risk now for terrorist attack from Libya than we were before the war.
He's also advocated for regime change in Syria, and as bad a guy as Assad is, I don't know that that's helped us, because I think it actually has created a power vacuum where ISIS has filled that vacuum.
But even more so, advocating for regime change in Iran is a real problem because it shows this naive understanding of the world that he thinks,
Oh, everything's going to be great.
We're going to drop a few bombs.
They'll have a new government there.
Thomas Jefferson will be elected, and there'll be no more problems in Iran.
It didn't work out that way in Iraq, and I think Iran's a bigger, much stronger country than Iraq ever was, and I don't think he's learned any of the lessons of the Iraq War, and he wants to reinstitute a new war in Iran.
So, no, I think this person, John Bolton, should never have any position in the State Department.
I will vote no, and I hope my vote will be the deciding vote to keep him out of the State Department.
All right, and so John Bolton did not get into the State Department.
Not at that time.
You know, he eventually came in as a National Security Advisor.
But we had Michael Flynn was put in.
Unfortunately, President Trump did make the mistake of putting in Rex Tillerson.
And he made the mistake of not standing by Michael Flynn as the neocons set him up.
I mean, you look at how long this has gone on, how much corruption has been exposed as they did everything they could to entrap General Flynn.
Because they could not have somebody who told us the truth about what was going on in Syria, told us the truth that there were elements of the U.S.
government that were arming ISIS and so forth.
They had to get him out of there immediately.
And so we go to February 2017, after they had engineered the removal of General Flynn.
And again, Rand Paul advises President Trump, do not hire John Bolton as National Security Advisor.
Instead, they hired McMaster at that time.
And they had multiple people that were being looked at.
Fortunately, President Trump didn't go with Petraeus either, but McMaster was also a very bad neocon pick.
They engineered to get Flynn out to put McMaster in.
We're going to talk more about Bolton's background.
We're going to talk more a little bit about the devil on President Trump's shoulder, Lindsey Graham pushing John Bolton.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
Alright, welcome back.
Over this last weekend on Saturday, President Trump
addressed the West Point graduating class.
He said, your job is going to be to defend America's vital interests, not to fight endless wars in faraway lands.
That is not what the people in the Pentagon want to hear, what the military industrial complex wants to hear.
People like James Bolton, people like James Mattis, people like David Petraeus, all of these people, McMaster, so forth.
And of course, President Trump
He plans to withdraw 9,500 troops from Germany.
He's going to relocate them to Poland.
The German officials are very mad.
I mean, they're as mad as, you know, the governor of a southern state with a base named after a confederate general would be if they just shut down that base.
I don't want to shut down any bases.
I mean, this is not about defense.
This is about welfare.
And you actually have people like Mark Milley, US Joint Chiefs of Staff Chair, that has been criticizing President Trump after the walk to the church.
You had Defense Secretary Mark Esper criticizing President Trump.
You had 22 Republicans on the US House of Representatives Armed Services Committee wrote to Trump saying a troop cut in Germany would hurt national security and could encourage Russian aggression.
How would that be when you've got the troops closer to Russia and Poland?
Because you know when we put the bases there in Germany, if you remember, the Soviet Union was there.
And the Soviet Union
...had control of Poland, so he couldn't put any forces in Poland.
I might explain that to the Republicans.
Why is President Trump doing this?
Why is he offending the military-industrial complex and these neocon establishment Republicans, 22 of them, with this Armed Services Committee?
Well, because it's election time, quite frankly, and the American people don't want this.
Candidate Trump did not want this.
And he is standing for election.
The Republicans really don't care, for the most part.
And as I said, we go back and we look at how Bolton got in here.
Always the darling of the neocons and the Republicans who want war.
And you just need to ask yourself, why is it that Republicans who are talking about prosperity, they don't care about liberty.
The Democrats don't care about liberty.
The Democrats, they want money.
They want money as far as welfare goes.
The Republicans want money in terms of jobs and opportunity, that type of thing.
They all want safety and security.
But they don't care about liberty.
But you know, the reality is that if you don't make that the first priority, you don't get any of those other things.
You don't get a good economy.
You don't have a country that can afford to pay you your universal basic income or your welfare because you've shut down the economy.
And the biggest destroyer of wealth, which is really where the Republicans have this fundamental conflict, they want to talk about prosperity and yet they want to do the very thing that destroys our economy more than anything, and that is war.
You want to get poor fast?
Have a war.
Now, some of these people are saying, well, you know, it's kind of good, though.
You've got some Democrats saying, no, they'd burn down these buildings.
That'll create some jobs for us to go back and burn.
The broken window fallacy.
That's a bunch of nonsense.
But still, you have these neocons in the Republican Party, and that wing is really represented now that John McCain has left by John McCain's evil twin, Lindsey Graham.
Who, as I pointed out, you know, you have Rand Paul in December 2016, as people were talking about Trump putting John Bolton in his administration, he and Chris Matthews, you heard that clip, saying this guy is a lunatic.
He proudly calls for bombing Iran.
And we've got to keep him out of there.
And within a month, they had engineered the removal of General Flynn.
They had put in McMaster, or were about to put in McMaster, when Rand Paul said
Hey, we've got to, and of course at that time, David Petraeus is also being considered.
Whether he's being considered or whether he was just being given a courtesy call so President Trump could find out what he was about, who knows?
But based on some of the picks that President Trump's administration has put in there, perhaps they were considering David Petraeus.
But in an interview, as they were looking for the replacement for General Flynn that they had falsely accused, and who has been persecuted now for years,
What a travesty that is.
In an interview, Rand Paul said that Bolton would push a foreign policy closer to that of Senator John McCain.
He said, John Bolton still believes the Iraq war was a good idea.
He still believes regime change is a good idea.
He still believes that nation building is a good idea.
My fear is that a secret war, and many secret wars, will be developing around the globe.
I think he would be a bad choice.
Well, it turns out the secret war was the one against President Trump, when he finally got in there.
So, Rand Paul was the, you know, we talked about the meme of the good and the bad angel.
It's kind of naive when you think about it from a spiritual warfare thing, but I think it's a pretty good meme for what's going on in the military-industrial complex and what's going on in Washington and in the Trump administration.
Lindsey Graham, however, the evil guy, the devil sitting on President Trump's shoulder, because the two of them have put themselves very close to President Trump.
Lindsey Graham green-lighted President Trump's appointment of John Bolton after H.R.
McMaster left.
He said, Bolton has a worldview.
This is Graham.
Bolton has a worldview that I think will help the president and make us safer, he said in March of 2018.
Lindsey Graham said, Bolton believes the Iranian agreement is a terrible deal for the world, the U.S.
and Israel.
He believes in a strong military, going after terrorists, taking the gloves off.
He's a diplomat, but he understands that if you're going to deal with thugs like the Ayatollah Murad, you've got to be taken seriously.
So you're going to drop a few bombs before you start talking.
The era of leading from behind is over.
John Bolton is leading from the front kind of guy.
Well, it turns out he's kind of a backstabber, I think.
Taking notes in all the meetings.
Everybody said, yeah, every meeting he's taking copious notes.
I mean, he was there as an undercover guy for the neocons from the very beginning.
Graham then praised Trump and called him one hell of a good commander-in-chief and called Bolton the right man at the right time.
Well, you know, who is this guy, John Bolton?
He's got a long history if you go back and look at it.
This is a guy who was George W. Bush's ambassador to the UN.
He'd had stints in things like the U.S.
Agency for International Development.
You know, USAID is a CIA front operation, so he had his little CIA connections there.
Prior to that, he had been a summer intern for Spiro Agnew.
Maybe he helped Spiro Agnew to stuff the cash in his suitcases there at the White House.
He also had drawn a low draft number in the Vietnam War, and so he joined the National Guard and he said, I confess,
I had no desire to die in a rice paddy in Vietnam.
Oh, but he'll send your sons and daughters to die in the desert, or maybe a rice paddy, wherever.
I mean, you know, everywhere.
Yes, no, this is typical of these guys, these chicken hawks who push war everywhere.
They won't fight it themselves.
They'll do everything they can to stay out of the conflict themselves.
That's the kind of vile person that is always pushing other people over the cliff to their death.
As I think about this Chinese versus India war, that's an amazing story.
We'll talk a little bit about that coming up.
But of course, he was also there with Iran-Contra.
He was there with the drug war.
It's kind of the Forrest Gump of the neocons.
John Bolton.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
Alright, things are getting close.
It's 13 days.
Before Roger Stone gets sent to prison, which is going to be a death sentence at his age, of course.
And President Trump, as much as he is tied up in these other things, I mean, look at what has happened with General Flynn.
Why do we have a Bolton?
Well, it's because they were able to engineer the removal of General Flynn and persecute him for two years, and of course Roger Stone as well.
President Trump must step in in these cases.
People are watching very closely President Trump.
Roger Stone is 67.
They're going to send him to prison under these circumstances.
At the same time, they're letting people out everywhere.
Convicted violent criminals.
Because, you know, COVID-19.
They let all these people out.
And you're going to stand there while Roger Stone is sent to prison?
It's just absolutely amazing to see this.
But President Trump needs to intervene.
He could do the right thing.
These people, his base wants to see it, these people who are criticizing him with the Bolton book, they're going to criticize him no matter what.
He needs to show that he has some character and some backbone, and that he stands by principles and by people who have been loyal to him!
How many times is he going to pick somebody like a Bolton, or a Tillerson, or McMaster, or Mattis, or these other people who are now Defense Secretary and others, who are stabbing him in the back?
You, if you're going to, you know, personnel is policy and if you don't have people who support your policy, if you put in people who support exactly the opposite, that's exactly what we've seen now for the last four years.
Going back to John Bolton, again when, before he was removed, just before he was removed, Rand Paul, who had cautioned against putting him in,
Before President Trump began his administration, he was talked about.
He was talked about again as H.R.
McMaster was put in the place of General Flynn.
Rand Paul was saying, don't do it, don't do it.
Lindsey Graham was saying, do it, do it, he's great, he's great.
And then of course he did get the job after H.R.
And Rand Paul said in May of 2019, Bolton is a malign influence.
This was reported by The Hill at the time.
Paul, who believes the U.S.
should reduce its military presence in Syria and Afghanistan, says he is alarmed by the recent mobilization of U.S.
combat troops to counter what some Trump officials see as a rising threat posed by Iran.
And again, this is the point in time where the U.S.
was maneuvering.
Bolton and Pompeo were maneuvering to try to get us into trying to provoke Iran.
Or hoping.
If they crammed enough ships into the Strait of Hormuz, there'd be some kind of an incident that we could interpret like we did the Gulf of Tonkin incident.
Interpret that as an attack and start a war.
A war which, as I pointed out, John Bolton decided that he didn't want to fight in.
Asked about Bolton's role in the recent development of an aircraft carrier strike group and an Air Force bomber task force, Rand Paul said, I fear that he is a malignancy.
Yes, he is a cancer.
The entire military industrial complex neocons that he represents are a malignancy.
A malignant cancer.
He has a malignancy, a malignant influence on the administration.
Paul believes that Bolton is in a camp of hawks who may be pushing Trump in the direction of war.
The question is that it's being done in reaction to our increased presence there and our naming of all the Revolutionary Guards as terrorists.
Is this a reason to our policy or is it simply an aggressive policy saying that we're going to start a war?
Iran knows you don't start a war with the United States.
But of course Bolton always wanted to.
And his ally in that was John McCain.
And his ally, Lindsey Graham.
And after McCain was gone, it was Lindsey Graham, and at the time, there was an interesting article written by Yahoo Finance News.
Lindsey Graham has two sources of power, they said.
His gavel and his golf clubs.
Well, no, that's not his two sources of power.
Lindsey Graham's two sources of power are the Judiciary Committee and the Foreign Relations Committee.
And see, he wants to put his Foreign Relations Committee and his credentials as a neocon war hawk, doing whatever Israel wants, whatever the military industrial complex wants.
That is his key to power.
But his gavel that he was able to use against President Trump also was his ability, his position on the Judiciary Committee.
And the claims that they brought against President Trump for impeachment, those were the two sources of Lindsey Graham's power and his pressure.
He said, hey, you know, he needs to do the right thing and not pull these troops back because if he does, I'm going to be his worst enemy because he was sitting there on the Judiciary Committee that was going to sit on the impeachment stuff.
And they created those charges out of nothing.
Some of his friends that they talked about in this Yahoo article.
Robert Menendez!
Remember when Menendez was caught in a cut-and-dry case of corruption?
He should have been removed from office, sent to prison.
The Democrat from New Jersey and he was Lindsey's buddy because both of them are neocons.
And Lindsey Graham testified on his behalf, did everything he could to make sure that his buddy
Also, the top Democrat, top Republicans on the Foreign Relations Committee make sure that they want to shake up that neocon lock on foreign relations.
And so, Menendez says, you know, with Lindsey, it's a mixed bag.
Obviously, to the extent that he can get the President's ear, you know, sitting on his shoulders, the devil, trying to affect his thinking on something that I would agree with on, well, that's a good thing.
That's a good thing.
And Trump
Has been reminded now, as he criticized Bolton firing him, a lot of people said, you know, you're the one who hired him.
Why did you hire him?
And that's a good point.
That has been the Achilles heel of the Trump administration.
The dregs that have been brought into this administration.
You have to ask yourself, why?
There have been too many bad appointments in the Trump administration.
So we look at this.
More important than anything that was alleged to have been said in private,
And again, this is going to be a very interesting legal battle because President Trump has said this is highly classified information, and it is!
And this is stuff that is said in private, talking about national security issues.
This guy who says that we've got to go to war with everybody, John Bolton, because it's about national security.
And yet, he is willing to violate national security so that he can attack President Trump and make himself look good.
Because he was not sent in merely as, this book is born out of not just him being essentially a fifth column within the Trump administration and the policies to make sure that they could get President Trump going in the right direction.
If not, they could destroy him.
Then it became personal when President Trump criticized him.
And President Trump said, I will consider every consideration with me as President to be highly classified.
So that would mean if he wrote a book, and if the book gets out, he's broken the law.
And I would think that he would have criminal problems.
Well, that's right, because when you look at some of the things that were discussed in this, right?
There's the first hand, they're talking about this.
They're pushing this book this Sunday.
He's going to have a prime time, one hour interview.
Because ABC wants to help anybody that's going to come after President Trump.
So it's going to be a first-hand account of crucial moments, private meetings in the Oval Office, the Putin-Trump summit in Helsinki, historic meetings of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, phone calls that President Trump made.
Well, you don't think that's about classified information?
National security?
So he's going to do this on Sunday with ABC News' Martha Raddatz.
And it's kind of interesting because when you look at the timing of this book,
The book is to be published on the 23rd, so two days will be Tuesday.
On Sunday, on the 21st, he's going to have this interview.
He's already leaked some information a few days in advance of that.
Now, originally, the Trump administration said, well, you know, since you've been taking notes about all this stuff and since you were in highly
Secretive position here and that could be a violation of national security.
Classified information.
We need to review that.
Trump administration said we won't be finished with that until four days before, until the 19th, which will be tomorrow.
Except he's already published the book.
They've printed the book.
They've distributed the book.
He's leaked the book.
But of course he waited until a week after his buddy Lindsey Graham had his primary.
Very, very interesting timing, isn't it?
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
For over 25 years, we have predicted that once the globalists were able to orchestrate major civil unrest inside the United States along racial lines that Hollywood and academia would hype, that then Democrats would announce a partnership with the United Nations
We're good to go.
The anti-gun groups, all the different Soros funded district attorneys, mayors, sheriffs, and of course attorney generals that they have put in place for this concerted political takeover.
And by creating this new political office that actually sits above
Every city, they will be able to decide who gets what services and who doesn't, who they're going to send to your house and who they're not going to send to your house.
So instead, when there's a domestic violence report or a break-in report, they decide because of who you are, who they're going to send.
And instead, they send a political commissar
This fourth branch of essential service the unarmed social workers that come but they're not really unarmed because the minute you don't do what they want they snap their fingers and the police come but now because they have this political power the police will be protected
Where they're getting the counties to get rid of the sheriff and merge it into the police department so it's not elected.
This is systematically about cutting the people out of their communities, cutting out oversight, cutting out transparency, cutting out low control and bringing in centralized control in front of everyone.
So again, this is community review boards filled with antifa and other globalist communist trash who have a political stranglehold on the towns, who will then be a office inside, in phase one, every department to actually be on the ground reporting on the police, tattling on the police, micromanaging the police, and maneuvering them towards full absorption into the UN program.
Now let's move on from that.
All the big media, all the big academia, all the big banks, all the big ecclesiastical groups, they're all for this wokeness and oh, they care so much about the 14 black men that die wrongfully at the hands of police every year on average in the United States.
And now no one can criticize Black Lives Matter.
No one can talk bad about them.
Talk show hosts that just say all lives matter are being fired.
Columnists are being fired.
You just can't say that.
No, no, no.
It's the black lives and
The media represents the black people as a shield that they hold up and say, don't be racist.
I represent black people.
You've got to accept the United Nations in control of your police department.
And this isn't some far away thing.
It's not like headlights at night off of the distance.
You're not sure it's a car, a truck, what it is.
This is the car pulling into your driveway at night.
It's there.
It's what it is.
It's materialized.
It's happening.
The games are over and now we've got to ask ourselves, what's the next phase of this?
Buying off the politicians, get everything lined up.
The Democrats and the deep state have control of every major city in the United States is now blue.
They have election fraud in place.
They are systematically expanding that power.
They are systematically shipping drugs in, getting the homeless on the drugs.
Then the Democrats and these different NGOs manage each one of those homeless people and skim about half the money off the top from them.
They then parlay that money, not just into their own houses and cars
No, they push that then into hiring more bureaucrats, more social workers, more NGOs, all under UN certification and control, who then come in and encourage again, oh you can camp on people's private property, oh you can camp in front of somebody's house, oh there's more services for the homeless to fix this homeless problem, but instead the homeless problem only explodes because they're literally farming these people.
Same thing with the illegal aliens.
That's why they're breaking down the borders right as the UN implodes the third world.
They bring in masses of these illegals, tens of millions of them, then they encourage them not to get jobs, they encourage them not to work, they shut down the economy with COVID-19, they sign them up for welfare, but then order them to go get a part-time job somewhere, whether it be in sex traffic, you name it, and then they skim part of that money off.
I have seen hundreds and hundreds of articles over the years, but now there's a total media clampdown so you don't see it when it happens, where the local Democrats in Austin, in San Antonio, in Dallas, in Houston, out in California, everywhere in the United States, New York, Boston, I mean everywhere, they will catch people in dungeons in basements.
And generally it's local Hispanic leaders who are actually coyotes and who are holding them as prisoners and slaves because other members of their family have not paid them enough of the money that they get from their jobs and from welfare.
I mean, this is such a criminal operation.
And that's why Pelosi called MS-13 God's children.
And that's why they're so angry at Trump trying to shut off the fentanyl.
Because this is a designed rollout plan where they want the homeless completely passed out on the streets.
And again, you can go to 100 plus cities in the United States and go through huge 20, 30, 40 square block areas, in the case of Austin or in the case of places like LA, and you will just see people laid out, passed out,
Might do something wrong, might use too much force like in the case of Atlanta.
Well, they throw the book at them because it's white on black and they can't accentuate that false idea and stereotype that the cops are all bloodthirsty killers out trying to hunt down black people.
When in reality, they slow roll into the black areas now and that is allowing the crime to explode, which again, the Democrats and the organized crime that control it have done by design.
For over 100 years, the Democrats have been working on sucking off poor people in their cities.
And now they've just made a scientific plan.
They've tailored it.
Europe is bringing in Muslims and others and creating no-go zones and doing the exact same formula again, and then milking off the top of that money as well.
This is a takedown plan.
And it's totally criminal.
It's totally evil.
And this is what you get when you have these Democrat mayors and others that claim they have this moral high ground.
And so, by golly, they're going to set up this new arm of the city government.
But it's not an arm of city government.
It's an arm of political control to bring in their politicos and give them political power.
And you just imagine how bad it is when Antifa and BLM and the communists have that police power.
That's when we go to the physical Civil War, unfortunately.
This is their plan to win and to seize control of the cities ahead of the takedown of the economy and total martial law.
And all that stands between their operation and our future is our action, our prayers, our understanding how serious this is, and Donald Trump and others taking action and realizing how serious this is.
They've put up with corruption so long that the nation has cancer now.
And so if the good old boys networks up at the Justice Department allow this criminal conspiracy of Loretta Lynch, the UN, Obama, and Hillary to continue, they themselves will be destroyed as well.
Because what's clear now is,
You're not going to have a two-party system sharing power anymore, okay?
The knives are out, and one of the parties is going to be basically cut up and destroyed, and then the original party that survives is going to split into two.
And the Democrats see themselves as the original party.
There was only one party at first.
The Republican Party came around to end slavery, obviously, with Abraham Lincoln.
And so, this is do-or-die time.
People better get serious.
Back to David Knight in a live transmission.
On the other side of this quick break, InfoWars.com.
Tomorrow's news today.
Alright, let's take some more of the mask off of this COVID-plandemic.
We have Sadiq Khan in London saying that mandatory masks will be the new normal for at least another year.
They may never let you take those masks off.
And so there is a full court press going on right now.
The political establishment, especially the media.
I mean, we've got one mainstream media after the other in the last couple of days.
We've had a fact check from USA Today.
We've got the LA Times.
We've got, let's see, we've got NBC News.
All of them talking about, well, there's this debate about masks and so forth.
And they're trying to convince people very, very hard that you should wear your mask.
And let me tell you, this is about more than just the medical issue.
Why do we have to take political or medical advice from these politicians?
Why can't we let our doctors decide this?
You know, my wife has been to a couple of different doctors in the last couple of weeks for some minor things.
I'm glad to say that it's minor.
But in both instances, in one of them, they had the full drill.
They're taking your temperature when you come in, giving you a mask, because we don't have masks.
We don't carry masks.
Haven't done that this entire time.
And then as soon as she gets in the room with the doctor, he says, let's take these stupid things off.
Another doctor, same thing.
That doesn't do any good.
Actually, it's harmful for you.
And if you understand what these masks are about, folks, the N95, why do they call it an N95?
Well, here's the facts.
It can collect 95% of particles that are 0.3 microns or larger.
Not 100%, but 95%.
If you've got it tied around your face, and of course, I've got a beard, so it doesn't work anyway.
But it gets them if they're 0.3 microns or larger.
Problem is, COVID-19 is 0.125 microns.
That's about a third the size of the smallest ones that it can get.
And it only gets 95% of those.
Now, the fact-checkers will come out, like USA Today,
And they'll say, oh well, you know, that's fake news!
You really can catch mosquitoes if you put up a hurricane chain link fence.
Don't believe the numbers, you know, believe their narrative.
And they say, well, you know, it doesn't just travel by itself.
It's attached to stuff.
Like your spit and things.
Well, you know what else is attached to your spit?
Bacteria that your body is trying to expel.
And then of course it also decreases the amount of oxygen in your blood.
It increases the amount of CO2.
Those are, each one of those, are their own health condition.
A few weeks ago we had this story here at InfoWars.
A guy wearing a mask, by himself, in his car, with the windows rolled up.
He passed out from lack of oxygen, hit a tree.
So yeah, it has consequences.
But you've got the LA Times.
Why are so many people not wearing masks?
And another one from NBC News.
Necessary or needless, three months in the pandemic, Americans are still divided on wearing masks.
And they begin by showing a picture of a young pretty nurse.
She says, you really want to argue this with me?
She says to a man.
I'm a nurse.
Well, you know, talk to your doctor about this.
Don't talk to NBC News.
Don't talk to LA Times.
Don't even listen to me.
Talk to your doctor.
You know, we have this thing called a doctor-patient relationship that they want to destroy.
We have this thing called informed consent that they want to destroy.
And that, folks, is why they're doing this with the mask.
It's the same logic that they use for the vaccines.
You are not protected.
If you get the vaccine.
You're only protected if I get the vaccine.
The herd mentality.
You are not protected if you wear one of these masks.
They'll argue about how effective these masks are because, you know, they get the virus doesn't travel by itself.
It travels with spit.
Oh, okay.
Well, fine.
Then you can filter it out on your side.
Wear your mask.
Oh, no, no.
I'm not protected if I'm wearing a mask.
You've got to wear the mask to protect me.
And now we have politicians who are pushing that very hard.
And we'll tell you when we come back, because I want to talk about America being held hostage, the approaches of different governors here in Texas and in Arizona.
Two Republican governors, two different ideas on how to do this.
Eight cities run by Democrats begging to tie you down with masks.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
Yeah, folks, let's talk about the lockdown, because that, I believe, is still at the basis of what is happening.
As we see the Marxist Antifa.
The Black Lives Marxists.
The Black Lives Matter.
Black lives do matter.
All color lives matter.
But these people are using this for their Marxist agenda.
But the basis for why they're doing this, and what is getting people on both sides, you realize the tactic
That is often used by the police during a protest or riot.
They call it cuddling, right?
What do they do?
Well, it's kind of like a pincer movement.
You know, you start to contain the crowd and you push them back into an area where you can grab everybody.
And it's a very well-known tactic.
As a matter of fact, they did it to Rob Dew when he was covering an event, covering a riot as a reporter.
He got cuddled into the crowd and arrested.
They did some pretty nasty things to him just as a reporter.
And so this is a long-held tactic, but you understand that you're being cuddled, not by the police, you're being cuddled by the politicians and the propaganda press, the mockingbird media.
They're cuddling you into one of two positions.
Either you stand with the rioters or you stand with the police, who are using excessive force.
Take your pick!
You can't have any other way, right?
You can't say that, well, you know, a peaceful protest, that's guaranteed under the Constitution.
If people are rioting, then, you know, respond with force.
You can't say that.
We've got to reform the police.
No, no, no.
You've got to pick one side or the other.
And you've got to say that.
You've got to sign on either to the looting or to the police brutality.
That's the cuddling.
It's also called a Hegelian dialectic.
You have the thesis, the antithesis, and the two of those are being used to force you into what they really want, which is the synthesis.
And this is what the two-party system is about.
Always has been.
It's a kettling, a Hegelian dialectic, and this is the way you're being controlled right now.
So let's talk about America being held hostage.
And again, this is day 93 by my reckoning.
I count it from the day that
We got locked down here in Austin, March the 17th.
But actually, I think the last normal day that we had, as somebody pointed out, was Friday the 13th.
It was over the weekend that things started really going bad.
That was Friday the 13th.
That was the day that these two smart people, Fauci and Birx, went to President Trump.
And we now know they're not smart, they're wise guys.
Mafia figures.
They came to him and said, you know, we've got this thing from the Imperial College 1.
Oh, that sounds very impressive.
And they say, two million people are going to die if you don't lock down the country.
And so then they put out the guidelines and recommendations, immediately had California and New York shut everything down.
You had Democrat strongholds like Austin follow.
And even though we are now relaxed
Like 50% occupancy in restaurants and churches and so forth here in Texas.
The Democrat mayors are just bristling at the freedom that we have here.
They've got to stop this.
And so you've got the mayor of Houston, Mayor Turner, eight other mayors, are demanding that Governor Abbott let them put masks on our faces.
Force us to wear masks.
You've got San Antonio, Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, El Paso, Arlington, Plano, Grand Prairie, all saying, we've got to have the authority to set rules and regulations to force people to wear this stuff.
And of course, this is what the establishment, the deep state, pulled off 9-11.
They wrote these types of regulations before they pulled off 9-11, a few months before 9-11.
They wrote the Model State Emergency Health Powers Act and understand how this goes.
We have the United Nations writes things like Agenda 21 and they put these recommendations and guidelines out to the various states to enforce them.
And then they say, well, you know, we're not imposing this.
Oh, no, no, you just put out the model legislation and you're waiting for people to put that in.
That's where we get the smart cities ideas and so forth.
It's now become UN 20, the Agenda 21 has now become the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainability.
It was all about the environment.
But of course, again, they removed the justification of saving the planet from melting down because of cow farts.
And now it's the everybody's going to die because of a virus.
And they got everything that they wanted.
They've even got a UN official coming out and saying, this is a fire drill for sustainability, for the UN 2030 agenda.
What is happening with COVID-19 is a fire drill.
And the other part of that is the riots.
And that's all about civil rights.
And you really do need the United Nations, not only our plan, but you need us to come in and help you to fix this.
Because we're there for human rights.
And as you look at the response of this,
Even this executive order.
The whole premise that all of these problems can be solved if we just centralize the control more.
If instead of having, you know, the control locally over the police department, we need to have it at the federal government level.
And guess what?
That's not going to be good enough either.
Because not only is the centralized control of the police and their input into this.
That is what has been militarizing the police and driving excessive force.
A shoot first training program.
And all of the military weapons that have been put out to the various cities.
But it is also the whole idea that you can fix this if you go centralized.
That is the antithesis of what America was about.
America was about decentralized control, because that's what you have to have if you're going to have liberty of any sort.
Consolidation of power is the prescription for tyranny.
And so, when we look at this, just remember what Ronald Reagan said.
He said, government is not the solution, it is the problem.
Let me tell you, centralization, turning this federalization of any problem
He has declined to do this.
He says, I make it clear on a daily basis around the entire state of Texas that wearing a mask is very important and local officials send that message.
Putting people in jail, however, is the wrong approach for this.
I've been very critical of Governor Abbott for imposing any of these rules.
As people have criticized him for that, he's relaxed the rules in many cases.
And he, to his credit, is not allowing these Democrat mayors to push him on this.
But let me tell you something.
If you're half-free, that means that you're half-slave.
And we've got to stop this altogether before they roll out the next wave of this.
You know, you... Whatever happened to informed consent?
This is what Governor Abbott is talking about.
Look, let's tell people what we know, and then we'll let them make the decision.
Guess what?
If I make the wrong decision, then you can use me as Exhibit A. See, look!
He didn't wear a mask.
He never wore a mask.
David Knight never did anything different during this whole coronavirus thing.
You see, he died.
Yeah, he drove around with his windows down.
He drove around with a top down on his car everywhere he went.
He went into any store that wouldn't kick him out because he wasn't wearing a mask.
And he died.
Oh, wait a minute.
He didn't die.
Maybe it's not as dangerous.
As the health experts are saying.
See, it works both ways.
I'm willing to be patient zero for you.
I'm willing to be a guinea pig for you.
They're going to take people who will be guinea pigs for their COVID vaccine, aren't they?
They've already done that.
Hasn't worked out too well for some of them either.
After giving these people the vaccine, they're going to call for some of them to take the vaccine and then be exposed to COVID-19.
Now, they couldn't do that, Fauci pointed out, when they had the Ebola scare.
He said we can't give something to people when 80% of them are going to die and it's going to turn your internal organs into liquefy them, right?
We can't do that!
That's against the Geneva, not the Geneva Convention, the Nuremberg Code.
You cannot volunteer for something that is likely going to kill you.
But if you can volunteer for COVID-19, that means it's not likely to kill you.
That means it's not nearly as dangerous as they're saying.
But I volunteered to be part of the control experiment group that doesn't wear a mask ever!
Because I value my freedom more than I value my life.
That was the principle on which this country was founded.
And you know what?
If you don't value your freedom more than life, you will never have it.
And if you don't allow other people to have freedom, you won't have it either.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
Alright, we've got some amazing stories coming out of this China-India thing.
Read the details of what happened there.
And it's kind of like Ice Station Zebra.
Except it was in the Himalayas.
Big conflict there.
Very interesting what happened.
And of course, we've got a lot of updates as to what is happening in terms of violence across the country as well.
I've got a couple more things I want to say about masks, and I want to go to its follow-through, which is the vaccine.
Because some very troubling things are happening with the vaccines.
You know, the first people that are going to get it, or are bragging, are going to be the military.
We've got to make sure we take care of the military.
Got to give them the vaccine first.
Make them the guinea pigs.
And as they're trying to sell this to getting black participants to volunteer for the vaccine, they're saying, this will only work if we get black people to volunteer for this.
And the black people are saying, wait a minute, I remember those Tuskegee experiments that you did.
I'm not so sure that I trust the government.
Yeah, it's just the young white liberals who trust the government so much that they are willing to turn themselves into guinea pigs.
Kind of the Darwin Award winners.
As we look at this.
Anyway, before we do, real quickly, I want to remind you about some of the products we have at InfowarsStore.com because that's what supports this program and everything that we do.
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You know, we take donations and a lot of people operate on donations.
A lot of people operate on ads that they sell as a free thing.
We decided that we wanted to put out products to help you to prepare for this very thing that's happening right now.
Prepare your health.
Prepare to make sure that you don't have to go to the government handout agencies when they shut down the food supply.
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Make sure that you're prepared.
Lock in the price because we may see food prices go up if the economy does not come back.
That's why they're going to be bringing back this lockdown.
They've paused it so they can engage in some fun and games, looting and burning, and a different aspect of fear.
Try to push the Civil War.
Let me tell you, as people are locked down, everyone is getting very edgy.
And they're exploiting that.
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Alright, I was just talking about how all these Democrat mayors are begging Governor Abbott to allow them to be able to force people to wear face masks.
And he says, no, we're going to tell people that we think it's a good idea if they do, but we're not going to force them to do that.
Nevertheless, in Travis County here, they have the county commissioners, again, all Democrats, they unanimously voted to pass an ordinance that would require face masks at county facilities, or they can charge you with trespassing.
See, they're always going to come up with some kind of a way to work around the authorities that try to give us freedom.
And you know the major authority that gives us freedom?
The Constitution.
That's really the one that supports our God-given rights.
It doesn't give us any rights.
It just says, no, they have these rights, you're not going to take them from people.
Just like Governor Abbott said about the masks.
But they'll find a way.
to try to get around that.
And in Arizona, the Republican governor there, Governor Ducey, a Republican governor,
Has just announced that he's going to do what Governor Abbott would not do.
He's going to give local governments the ability to set their face mask mandates.
And they were eager to take him up on it.
So here in Texas, you had eight cities get together and write a letter to Governor Abbott and say, we want to force people to wear masks.
And he says, I'm not going to let you do that.
I'm not going to let you arrest people for not wearing a mask.
I can't breathe!
That's what you should have on your mask, I can't breathe.
But, uh, the, uh, just on the side here, we were driving around, there was a bunch of college kids with masks on, doing, I can't breathe, I can't breathe, and I came so close to yelling out, take your masks off then, but, uh,
I would have gotten something on in my car, I'm sure.
Sometimes discretion is advised.
But anyway, in Texas, Governor Abbott said no to those eight cities, but in Arizona, the Republican governor there, Ducey, said yes, and so now you've got eight cities like Phoenix, Tucson, Scottsdale, and so forth, Mesa, Chandler, all going to start requiring people to wear masks.
So, as I said, you've got this big propaganda campaign going on simultaneously.
They're all doing the same article, all at the same time.
LA Times, NBC News, USA Today, you've got to wear the mask!
And even this headline here from NBC News, I like this, Necessary or Needless?
And as I said, they've got a picture of a real pretty young nurse and she says, you really want to argue with this with me?
I'm a nurse.
Well, I don't know.
Let's ask the real experts, right?
Let's ask Tony Fauci.
Or we could ask Jerome Adams, the U.S.
Surgeon General.
They've been of two minds, haven't they?
Well, no, actually.
Fauci said, I was lying to people at the beginning when I told them that they didn't need to wear masks.
I'm telling them, you gotta wear the mask.
Actually, Fauci was saying, yeah, we had those N95 masks.
I didn't want them to wear those N95.
We had to save those for our heroes.
So you people can die.
But you know what, Fauci?
Now that we're all told that we've got to wear masks, we can wear scarves or bandanas.
I had a story sent to me from one of the listeners.
If you want to send me stories.
By the way, I'm on Twitter, at Libertarian.
If you sign up, if you're following me, you might want to make sure that you're still following me because they will unfollow you.
They did that to my wife.
They kept hammering her to follow AOC.
They could tell from her tweets she's not an AOC type of person.
So this is not about
looking at any demographics but uh... they kept pushing that eventually they they told you don't want notifications from uh... from me from your husband and eventually they unfollowed her from me but uh... you'll see there where you can send me some news is that uh... david night show at ProtonMail.com and by the way i'll tell you what somebody said couple of amazing stories of people sent me experiences that they had about masks when we come back stay with us alright so
Are masks necessary and needless?
We've been told both by Fauci.
He lied to people, he said, well, we didn't have enough N95 masks, but, you know, now you can wear a bandana.
And we had bandanas back then, so why was he lying to us if it's necessary and safe?
I mean, he's needlessly putting us at risk.
And we've seen the Surgeon General, Jerome Adams, going from, no, no, no, you don't want to wear it, it actually makes things worse, which is actually, a lot of doctors have told us that.
And, um, for the reasons that I already mentioned.
But then he went from that to, well, no, uh, you know, you should wear them, you must wear them.
Wear them because it is a sign of your freedom.
That's where our U.S.
Surgeon General Jerome Adams is.
Let me tell you, we don't even need a Surgeon General.
It's a Surgeon General anyway.
Yes, yes.
Jerome Adams, he is the very model of a modern surgeon general, and he is a useless appendage that needs to be amputated, along with the rest of the office there.
But let me tell you what they're not telling you.
As they got the war on hydroxychloroquine, it's not just the war on hydroxychloroquine, it's the war on every other
Alternative treatment.
We have the UK public health bodies are reviewing vitamin D's efficacy in fighting coronavirus.
Coronavirus is a class of viruses, the common cold and flu, belong to that class of viruses.
And yes, guess what?
Vitamin D has always been very effective.
As a matter of fact, you had a former head of the CDC and a guy who's currently working for the NIH, Fauci's organization, both of them,
I said when I talked about this, for winter sun, you know, we sell a supplement, vitamin D. It's waitlisted right now because it is a very important thing to have for a lot of different reasons.
I mean, it is actually a hormone.
If you don't get out in the sun where your body can make the vitamin D, you need to be making that because it helps your body's immune system.
And that's exactly what the NIH and CDC officials were saying.
So is this news?
Is it news that intravenous vitamin C is very helpful?
Is it news to you that stem cells were found in China?
They had nine elderly people that were nearly dead from the COVID-19.
And they gave them stem cells, not taken from aborted babies, but stem cells that were taken from umbilical cords.
And they found that all nine people, 100%, yes it's a small study, but you know, we have the standard of care that's being sold to everybody by Fauci, Remdesivir by Gilead.
It's gotta be, he's gotta have some financial ties to this company.
I mean, he has pushed that company for every one of his fake pandemics.
And going all the way back to AIDS, he was pushing Remdesivir.
As a treatment for AIDS, they found, well, it's actually got some very, very nasty side effects besides the fact that it'll bankrupt you.
It's got a lot of nasty side effects and it didn't work.
He pushed it again with Ebola.
Now he's pushing it again saying it's a standard of care and it is not.
The studies are not there.
But when you talk about these other studies, stem cells, again, they found that it not only cured 100% of the people, but it also repaired damage to their lungs.
But of course, don't tell people that.
Because they don't want anybody to know about how effective stem cells are until they can come up with some way to patent it.
Preferably by cell lines taken from aborted babies.
That's really what they can patent.
And that's why they're pushing this off.
And you know, it's the Trump administration.
FDA is out of control.
The FDA under President Trump is out of control.
And it's not his people.
These are carryovers.
Permanent bureaucrats that are there.
But again, President Trump is responsible for not doing anything to pull this back.
The FDA, under President Trump, has banned certain types of stem cell treatments using your own stem cells.
They have also tried to ban vaping, and they want to ban salad bars and buffets because of COVID-19.
These people are on a power trip.
Every bit as bad as any Democrat mayor anywhere.
They've got to be put under control.
But, you know, they don't want you to know about intravenous vitamin C. They don't want you to know about stem cells.
They don't want you to know about another very old drug, a steroid, that was just recently found to be very effective in people who are in advanced stages of this.
But they don't want you to know about hydroxychloroquine.
And when I look at this story that's being put out by CNN, U.S.
has a stockpile and now we're stuck with 63 million doses of hydroxychloroquine.
Well, maybe we can find a use for those.
Because they're not useless simply because the FDA has revoked its emergency permission to use that.
I mean, why are we politicizing this?
We've got a lot of doctors who have experience.
You don't want to listen to the doctors, you want to listen to the bureaucrats in Washington?
We've got a lot of doctors who say this is very effective, and of course it's effective when they do it in conjunction with zinc.
And they don't do that.
But this is being put in, you know, all this revocation of the use of hydroxychloroquine.
This CNN story never mentions the fake story from Lancet, the UK Journal of Medicine, which they retracted.
Why did they retract it?
Because the people who put this thing together not only rigged it to not include zinc, but they also wouldn't show their data.
And just like I said, I've seen this pattern before, this is why I never bought into this from the beginning, because I've seen these people do exactly the same thing with the climate change stuff.
I was part of a group that sued in the wake of ClimateGate, where they were exchanging emails with the University of East Anglia, and Michael Mann, the guy who
Invented the idea of the hockey stick, you know, the CO2 is going to go up exponentially and so is the temperature.
They're going to be tied directly to each other.
That's absolute nonsense.
And as these people are passing notes back and forth to each other saying, we've got to hide the decline, our models aren't working and so forth.
We try to get their data.
So I chose your data.
You put the data together when you're working for a university.
They paid you for it.
It was done on university time.
You have published the data and the data has been used for public policy and now we'd like to see that data so we can review it.
Not going to show it to you.
Fought us in court and won in the court.
Court said no, no.
That's privileged information.
Yeah, we know why it's privileged, because it would show it was a lie, just like it was exposed at this Lancet story about hydroxychloroquine was a lie.
But it's all about politics.
They've got to, for two reasons.
They've got to attack Trump, and they've got to make sure that you don't know anything about any of these effective treatments, so they can keep this going.
Which brings us to the vaccines.
NBC News says a COVID-19 vaccine will work only if the trials include black participants.
So go ahead, roll up your sleeve.
It's time for that soul vaccination.
Power, power.
Yeah, roll up your sleeve.
If you ain't got it, you might just be getting the disease.
Persuade black people who have a deep mistrust of experimental drugs and medical institutions.
They've got to do this to participate in clinical trials.
They said African-Americans have been disproportionately affected by COVID-19.
And we know this, of course, because of CDC statistics, and they never lie.
They never
Say that somebody died of COVID-19 without even knowing if they died with it.
So, you know, we've gone down that road many times.
I won't plow that field again.
They stress that medicine could produce different results based on race and genetic background.
And that's exactly what the black people are concerned about because, you know, they know about this, the Tuskegee experiments.
She says, yeah, that's a real problem.
I got it.
People keep mentioning that to me when I go around and try to sign them up as volunteers.
And the government has been doing a lot of that stuff, quite frankly, but it's not going to be the black people who are going to be the first guinea pigs.
It's going to be U.S.
troops would be among the first to get a working COVID-19 vaccine, say officials.
Isn't that nice?
That's an extra benefit, apparently, from Military.com.
They're not saying this is a bad thing, right?
Because they've said in the past, well, you know, if China... Fauci's like saying, well, if China gets the vaccine first, we're going to make sure that they share it with us.
Yeah, well, okay.
China can have all the vaccines they want as far as I'm concerned.
What concerns me is that we paid 1.2 billion dollars to AstraZeneca to make sure they can manufacture 300 million doses of whatever this
Frankenstein contraption is that they are putting out there and we've got legislatures like Virginia, Colorado laying the foundation to force you to force you to take mandatory vaccines.
And you've got lawyers like Alan Dershowitz lining up to argue before the Supreme Court that you have no right to refuse that.
This is why we need to keep our guns, folks.
We'll be right back, stay with us.
Alright, so Joy Behar is saying the Trump rally is ten times worse health risks than the BLM protests.
It's not about a disease, folks.
This is simply politics.
And of course, you have Dr. Fauci, when he asked if he would attend President Trump's Tulsa rally, he says, of course not!
We haven't gotten out of our first wave yet, right?
The second wave is coming, and the third wave, and the fourth wave.
We've got to wave these people goodbye.
Look, the Trump people are not doing anybody a favor.
By going through the motions of pretending that Fauci has got a leg to stand on with this stuff.
I mean, the whole thing that he sold President, that garbage that he sold, two million people are going to die.
That was based on a simulation that even before that was sold to people.
University of Edinburgh looked at that Imperial College of London study and said, you run their computer model and you get a different answer every time with the same inputs.
Now understand, with a computer model, you're going to run random inputs through it to try to see, over a range of values, what kind of stuff it's going to get at.
We're not talking about that.
We're talking about putting in the same number in front and getting out different answers out the back end.
Which means it's an absolute piece of garbage.
It was written in Fortran.
Like, 15,000 lines of code in Fortran.
They deliberately did that so they could blame it on bad code.
I mean, they actually told the University of Edinburgh, well, run it on a slower computer.
And they said, what are you talking about?
That isn't going to change the fact that your software's got bugs on it.
And beyond that, it was the implementation of the model, but the model itself was fundamentally flawed.
As Ionitis, the epidemiologist at Stanford, said from the very beginning, he said, they're making assumptions that people, this is going to affect, every person infected is going to affect another 2.3 people forever.
That isn't the way any of this stuff works.
We're talking about smallpox, or we're talking about cholera, or anything else.
Going back to the 1840s, Ted, not Ted, Farr's Law.
I knew a Ted Farr.
Farr's Law.
Point out that you get that bell-shaped curve, that's what they're talking about.
So he says, you're talking about people talking about flattening the curve, but that's not even in the model!
It doesn't even have a curve!
It's got a straight line going up!
Because this is absolute garbage, and the code is even worse, and yet, Fauci's not been discredited.
We're still going with his guidelines and recommendations.
He not only needs to be fired, he needs to be discredited.
And let me tell you how this should look.
Instead of the MAGA rally,
Having people wear masks and getting their temperatures taken.
They ought to do what these legislators are doing in New York City.
They said enough is enough.
You know, as they were letting these people literally run riot in the city, de Blasio, he goes to this Jewish community to punish them because he's upset about the fact that they have been defying his lockdown and social distancing rules.
They had a funeral.
How dare them?
I'm serious.
I'm going to shut you guys down permanently, he says to the synagogues and to the churches in New York City.
And then, because these people are talking back to him, he goes down to a playground, and they literally put chains around the iron gates into the children's playground.
And so now you've got three lawmakers in New York City, went with an official, and they cut the chains off of the gates there in Brooklyn, in defiance of him.
They said, enough is enough.
They said that this tiny little oasis of joy is being withheld from the children of our community and enough is enough.
If it was truly, truly the case that for public safety, for public health, parks had to be closed, then you would close all of the parks.
But this is not the case.
So, let all the parks be open.
The hypocrisy has to end.
And it ends today right here at Colbert Park.
So what they're doing is,
Not only is he saying, well you can't, and these were typically young people who attended the funeral.
They had masks on.
De Blasio called the police out on him.
Said, you can't do that.
And then immediately he says, but you can all go riot.
You can do anything you want.
Go for it.
That's good.
Love that.
And then he locks down their park while he lets other parks stay open.
They said, what are we waiting for, they said, to open these playgrounds?
Are we waiting for some kid to run out in the street and get killed and finally say, oh, we should open the playgrounds?
That doesn't make any sense.
What President Trump needs to do is he needs to cut the chains that Fauci has put on our lives.
And he needs to get in his face, he needs to discredit him with some real experts, some real scientists who have been right from the beginning.
Because it's not just these rules and regulations and guidelines that have to be cut.
You have to cut the psychological chains that have been forged on people who are too afraid to go outside and yet they're still doing that.
Keep your dog socially distanced now!
They're still putting this out.
I mean, we've been down this road.
Remember, they put this out and they tried to scare people with the social distancing of your pets.
You're gonna get it from... Then they came back and said, well, never mind, you're not gonna get it from your pets.
You're gonna get it from touching things.
Well, no, never mind, you're not gonna get it from touching things.
Until they say that you can.
They're gonna go back and forth, back and forth to create confusion and fear.
These people have to be not only removed, but discredited.
Put them in the trash bin of junk science, where they belong.
And that brings us to the vaccines.
You know, we look at the leading contender here.
Why is Moderna given $456 million, a half a billion dollars, to develop a vaccine?
Well, it's because President Trump wanted it as quickly as possible.
I don't care about the safety.
I don't care about the efficacy.
I don't care that they have never done a treatment for anything.
They have a reckless business model.
I wish Michael Crichton was still alive.
Boy, he would rip these people apart.
That was the whole premise of Jurassic Park.
Doing reckless things that you don't have any knowledge of what the outcome is going to be.
And that's precisely the business model of Moderna.
Of course, the real business model is to sell fictional narratives so they can raise a lot of money on Wall Street until they go to the White House and they get a half a billion dollars.
Because as President Trump went around the room, oh, it's going to take us a couple of years to do a vaccine.
Well, we can do it in a couple of months.
We've done it in 45 days.
We just need some guinea pigs to test this on.
You want to give us some money?
He gave him a lot of money.
He made Moncef Slaoui, the guy who was on the board, made him the vaccine czar to vet these different ones.
And the thing that makes Moderna so dangerous is it's based on messing with your DNA and your RNA.
And if you don't understand how dangerous that is,
The story that was out just the last couple days, it may still be up on Drudge Report.
It was floating around.
It came from The Week, but I have the original story here from 10.medium.com.
Scientists edited human embryos in the lab and it was a disaster.
Around half of the edited human embryos contained major unintended edits, said Fyodor Uranov, a gene editing expert.
At the University of California, Berkeley, he said, there is no sugarcoating this.
This is a restraining order for all genome editors to stay the living daylights away from embryo editing.
Let me tell you why you don't do embryo editing of humans or anything like that.
You make a change at the embryo level and that change is going to be permanent for that organism.
And because, you know, you can make changes.
They've done some genetic engineering to
uh... to affect uh... animals and adult animals you do that kind of genetic engineering and it will be temporary but if you do it to an embryo it's permanent and not only that but those changes that you've made right or wrong good or bad are going to be propagated to their offspring forever very very dangerous they don't know what they're doing let me tell you when we go back and we look at this this is one of the reasons that this gets me so upset is because Fauci
And Collins are at the center of this.
Fauci's boss, Francis Collins, was the guy who, before he went to the, became the head of the NIH, he headed the Human Genome Project.
Yeah, they had the best scientists and they worked for decades with the best computers and so forth.
And they wound up saying, you know, we've got an awful lot of junk DNA.
They still don't understand it.
They still don't understand what they're doing.
And then they've got a tool that is not a scalpel.
It is a chainsaw!
And people who have been using this, people in the cattle industry and so forth, have been using it to say, hey, when you make an edit with the Casper CRIS-9, the CRISPR-Cas9 editing, it's not software.
It's a, it's a organism that they're using to do the setting.
They said it's not very precise.
We go in and we think we want to make a change here.
And they don't even know if that's the right thing to do.
But when they go in to make that change, they make secondary and tertiary changes to the organism and they don't know what's happening with that.
That's what I say, it's like a, it's like a chainsaw, not a scalpel.
And they don't even know what they're supposed to be adding in the first place.
It's a very, very dangerous thing, but the reason this is being pursued, and what is so dangerous about Moderna, they originally called themselves Mode RNA, they changed the pronunciation of it, but they are really going in and editing messenger RNA, and as I pointed out before, it operates very much like a virus or like a cancer.
These things are all related.
You go in and start editing DNA or RNA, I mean, we'll be right back.
I was just talking about this failed experiment that scared the people who looked at it.
As they looked at these embryos they're modifying, they said, to understand the role of a single gene in early human development, a team of scientists
The London-based Francis Crick Institute, again, Francis Crick was one of the two co-discoverers of the DNA, removed from a set of 18 donated embryos.
They said, even though the embryos were destroyed after just 14 days, it was enough time for a single edit to transform into, quote, major unintended edits.
Now, talk about how afraid they are and how, you know, it became a big issue when China did it.
They sanctioned and disappeared the scientist who did it.
And yet, it is at the core, not only of the beginning of this COVID-19 virus, but also the endgame, the vaccine, the genetically engineered vaccine.
You know, we look at the fact that Francis Collins, as I was saying, he was there with the human genome experiment.
He's now head of the NIH that Fauci works for.
And they are pushing a vaccine, and the lead candidate is one that's going to do genetic engineering.
And it was Allison Young at USA Today who did a wonderful series of stories showing lax security and lax safety measures at biosafety level 3 and biosafety level 4 labs across this country.
And it was absolutely
Breathtaking and frightening in the lapses that they'd had.
Animals that had been seriously modified and infected with very dangerous pathogens escaping.
Contagious pathogens.
You know, the whole purpose of all this.
It's Nazi science, folks.
We executed people for doing this type of stuff after World War II.
We had Nazis who were executed for this.
We had Japanese scientists who were executed.
But the best ones we brought over.
Operation Paperclip.
They became the basis for our chemical warfare and our biological warfare systems.
We wanted their science, so we didn't execute those guys.
And so they wound up at Fort Detrick and other places, and the legacy of this is now the kinds of programs that the NIH, Francis Collins, and Fauci were involved in.
You know, we talk about the origins of this and how they were allowing this to go on at UNC Chapel Hill, how they were funding it in China at that very lab, 3.7 million dollars, and they did that in defiance of the prohibitions of stopping, you know, they said stop funding this.
Because of all the major lapses that they had had in terms of safety.
But they didn't.
They continued on with it.
So people were outraged
When Chapel Hill came out with their research and Fauci said, yeah, we just continued about a half dozen of these that we thought were good.
Even though you told us not to, we continued to do it.
They're absolutely out of control.
These people are like the military-industrial complex.
They don't pay any attention to what Congress or the President or anybody says to them.
They're law unto themselves.
And they're Nazi scientists.
I mean, they ought to not only be removed and discredited, they ought to be jailed for the kind of stuff that they're doing.
And yet, they get away with this.
You know, we go back and we look at what Michael Crichton's central thing that he was talking about with Jurassic Park.
You know, we look at it as a very entertaining movie about dinosaurs running around and everything, but if you look at the book, what it was concerned about was the ethics
That nobody is concerned about with this stuff.
The ethics that Francis Collins and Tony Fauci don't care about.
Or the Chinese scientists don't care about.
Or the people at Moderna who are developing these vaccines at breakneck speed don't care about.
And what he was saying at the time, and a lot of scientists were saying it decades ago,
They said our scientific capability, our technology is outstripping our ability to make any ethical judgments about this, but you know the problem is that nobody's even trying to make ethical judgments about this.
It isn't that it's moving so fast we can't do it, so we don't even care about that anymore!
We'll be right back, stay with us.
Yeah, there are new rules for the Nazi scientists whose work is to take viruses and bacteria that are dangerous.
Make them more deadly, more easily spread.
That's what they call gain of function.
The CDC does that.
The NIH does that.
And Europe, they're doing things like that.
The EU has now proposed emergency leeway on gene engineering rules for coronavirus vaccines.
You know, because it's coronavirus, let's just get rid of all the rules.
And here's the problem, folks.
There are no rules for the people who are making the rules right now.
We no longer have any restraints, any legal restraints.
Everybody has thrown off the chains of the Constitution, and when they do that, they're forging chains for you.
The people making the rules have no rules or restrictions at all.
And so they're saying, Reuters has already reported, this is Reuters, Reuters already reported last week, the EU's executive commission was considering easing those rules for COVID vaccines.
EU officials said, many promising vaccines under development against the new coronavirus could face delays in European trials if the rules are not relaxed.
Why were those rules there?
They were to protect your health.
Oh, but we don't care about protecting your health now.
Now we've got to have a vaccine.
In Italy and France, for example, treatments must receive authorization from government, environment, or research departments, as well as from health and drug authorities.
But we don't have time for that!
We didn't have time to even go through and test people and figure out what was going on before we locked everything down.
We just had to do it right now.
You know, I've heard this argument made before when Hillary Clinton was trying to take over health care and I was going to meetings and speaking against it.
And I heard one person after the other that always make the argument
The healthcare system is so bad now, we've got to do something.
And I said, alright, well maybe you ought to take a look at what she's proposing here.
Because if you've got a fire, and you've got a bucket of liquid over there, you might want to see if that's water, or if it's gasoline, before you throw it on the fire.
And that's exactly what they're doing.
They're getting ready to throw a bucket with these untested vaccines.
Many of them based on very, very dangerous, unproven
Ideas of genetic modification.
Again, Moderna has never produced a single treatment that's been approved for anybody when they were tested.
So now they've got a half a billion dollars to run through something at operational warp speed.
And where are you going to manufacture these things?
You know, 300 million doses, one for everybody.
Military, you get yours first.
Can't wait to test it.
They can't wait to give it to you.
That's the whole point.
They're just itching to stick that thing in your arm, these government pricks.
And you better tell them what they can do.
Makes me so angry to see this stuff.
I've been talking about this for years!
What's going on with all of this?
And I said when this happened, I said, well you know there's indications that this thing was modified, and there are.
Fortunately, it's not as dangerous as it could have been.
But it's just a matter of time before they get it right.
It's just a matter of time before they make a mistake and let something out.
Or before they deliberately do this as a weapon.
We've got to shut these... What we ought to be working on is not a vaccine, an untested vaccine to give to everybody.
We need to be shutting down these Nazi scientists.
They're running this biochemical and biological warfare against us.
We need to be shutting that down.
They tried to do it for a short period of time, and then they reauthorized it again.
So these people were out there able to do this.
As I was saying, Michael Crichton, when Jurassic Park, he said, you've got to think about the ethics of what you're doing and what happens if this gets out of control.
And a lot of scientists have been ringing that bell.
You know, the real problem with the genetic engineering, which goes beyond, you know, these characters who
have their own depopulation agenda.
There's another side of this, equally disturbing, out of another novel that always is etched into my mind, and that is Change Agent by Daniel Suarez.
The beginning of it is excellent.
It begins with a couple who are, they've gone to an underground facility that is doing genetic modification for humans.
And, you know, the premise of his novel is that this is, you know, in the future where they really do know what they're modifying and they really can do this stuff.
And so, you have a couple there and the way he sets this up, one of them, let's say the husband, is all for doing the genetic modification.
He's brought the wife along and she's not really sure about this.
And then you got the salesman.
And what the salesman is telling them is, he says, look, if you make these changes, and they've got different packages, you know, well, I've got this change, and it's going to cost you this much, and that'll make the kids smarter.
Here's another one that'll give them longer life.
Here's another one that will give them better strength, and so forth.
They've got all these different things that they can do to improve your child.
And she's like, well, I don't know.
Things could go wrong with that.
And he goes, let me tell you something.
We know what we're doing.
We're experts at this.
And not only that, but
When you make, when you pay this money, this is a lot of money, I know, for each one of these changes, but every one of these changes that you make to your child, that's going to be passed along to your grandchildren and your great-grandchildren.
And so you're creating a legacy here.
With this money that you give me, we're going to create a legacy of improvements for every generation of your descendants are now going to be advantaged compared to everybody else.
She's still not ready to buy into this.
And so then he pulls out the fear factor.
And he said, well let me tell you, here's the situation.
Other people are doing this as well.
Remember, this is a black market that we're talking about here, right?
This is not a, you know, government is trying to shut this down, but this is a black market that's operating.
You know, those things do happen, that's why we have the drug war, and it's been going on for 50 years, because you prohibit something, it doesn't make it go away.
If the technology is there, it's there.
And so he says, okay, you don't want to do this?
Well, let me give you the other side of this, the fear side.
He sells her.
He says, other people are doing this.
A lot of other people are doing this.
And if you don't do this for your child, your child is going to be dumber, weaker, fill in the blank, than the other children.
Your child will be the servant of those children.
That next generation.
And not only that, but all of your descendants.
By not doing this.
If you don't do this.
See, this is the argument that gets the governments into the arms races and so forth.
So basically it takes that same argument that is always used for the arms race, you know, to push autonomous killing robots or nuclear weapon increases.
or the biowarfare program itself.
If you don't do it, the other people will, and you will wind up losing to them.
It's a brilliant, just if you don't read anything other than the introduction of that book, it lays out the moral dilemma, which really is something that permeates everything that the government does.
It's all based on keeping up and keeping ahead of other people.
And it is a very
When I look at what is happening with this, and what got me started on this was a few years ago, you know, they brought in a bacteria that came out, it was only in two different places in the world, and it had about a 45% fatality rate if you got infected with this bacteria.
But that wasn't good enough for them.
They decided they would bring it in and weaponize it.
And so, you know, we're talking about the Tuskegee experiment.
Tulane and so forth being involved in that.
Well, they took it to Tulane University.
You get that kind of stuff done.
And they took it to a biosafety level 3 lab.
It was also adjacent to the National Primate Center.
Had a lot of primates there.
And they were in an open area.
And lo and behold,
This bacteria, Burkholderia pseudomallei was the name of it, it got out of the biosafety level 3 lab and it was found in some of these monkeys that were roaming around in the field.
And what's even more troubling about it was that this Burkholderia pseudomallei gets into the soil and replicates and spreads.
And so the CDC brought in investigators, one of them got sick with that.
Said, oh, don't worry, it doesn't have anything to do with this.
She investigates this stuff all the time.
It must have been a prior infection.
Oh, so you had somebody who was sick with this and you brought them in to investigate it?
Yeah, okay.
But when you look at this, and you understand that they're bringing this thing in that kills 45% of the people, I mean, it's not Ebola, but it's certainly much more deadly than COVID-19.
They bring that in, they weaponize it to make it more easily spread.
Welcome back, we're just talking about arms races, and as we look at the arms race, we see that China is now showing, proudly showing, their miniature robo-tank with a lot of firepower.
Make no doubt about it, where we are headed is autonomous killing machines.
You should be very concerned about that.
You should be very concerned about, and I've mentioned this, I've done videos about this, be concerned about where they're going with the police.
We have, as we see this COVID-19 brought out, and people are getting so afraid of being around other people.
They're saying story after story.
Don't worry, we have robot waiters and they're going to bring the food to your table so you don't have to have any close contact with any other nasty humans.
Well, you know, the food's still being made in the back by those nasty humans, but don't worry, they're working on that too.
They're going to have some robo-chefs and pretty soon, you know, they're going to purge out all of these diseased humans.
You understand that the globalists who are pushing all this stuff, they see all of us as disease factories.
And they want to eliminate all of us.
That's what's really ultimately behind this.
And so, the next step with this, as I tell everybody, you know those humans out there, you don't want them as cops either because they just can't control themselves.
So what you need to have is you need to have some robocops.
Robotic police.
So we can program.
Well, let's assume that they do a better job of it than they did with the Imperial College of London's simulation that it completely locked down the globe.
Oh, I'm so sorry.
That was a mistake.
Well, what do you think is going to happen when they have RoboCops?
It's not just going to be a lockdown of the globe.
They will keep everybody locked down.
I mean, you've seen this in sci-fi.
You know where this is headed.
But let me tell you, this is actually where it's headed.
I've talked to Professor Noel Sharkey several times.
About the efforts of many people to try to get them to admit that they don't want to do this, but that isn't going to work.
It's going to be an arms race, just like we were talking about the idea being sold one-on-one with a husband and wife team about, oh, you've got to pay the money to upgrade your baby, because if you don't, everybody else is going to upgrade their babies and you'll be the servant of them.
Well, it's the same argument that's always been used to push the military-industrial complex.
And there's one of these hideous things right there.
You can now get that for a little under $75,000.
So, we should be able to replace the cops with one of these things, right?
That you see right there on the screen.
One of these Boston Dynamics, uh, you know, I don't, as a matter of fact, I don't know too many cops that can do that kind of gymnastics.
I can't do that kind of gymnastics.
And, uh, you know, but, uh, uh, that is a very worrisome thing because we know where this is headed.
And as the Chinese are doing this, make no doubt about it, they're going to have killer drones that are going to be making kill decisions.
I mean, it's bad enough that we've got drone assassination programs, but it's also when they make the kill decisions themselves, because that's where it's headed.
You know that's where it's headed.
Because if you don't offload that decision to them, then your robot force will be killed by the robots that are on the scene, because they'll make the decision real quickly on the scene.
And so, that's where this all leads.
It's a logical extension to it.
And so, as we look at this, and how dangerous this is going, understand that you're not going to get rid of the human factor.
You'll just have fewer humans.
Because I have some people who say, well, I think that'd be a good idea.
Because I think, you know, the robots aren't going to have the prejudices that the humans do.
Or they're not going to get angry.
Oh no, they'll kill you in cold blood.
That's right.
And there's going to be somebody that is going to be ultimately making those decisions in the background.
And it will give them plausible deniability to wipe out entire areas on the planet.
Or most of the areas on the planet.
And they'll just say, oh, it was a software error.
And it went viral.
You know, we really can't control that.
We look at what is happening with India and China.
This is kind of a Ice Station Zebra thing.
Remember that movie?
One of my favorite movies.
Patrick Nguyen was in that.
It was a standoff in Antarctica or the North Pole or somewhere.
You know, one of those two.
And it turned into a shooting war between Russia and America.
But don't tell anybody about it.
Usually you don't hear anything about this, but this particular one, people are talking about it.
Biggest clash between China and India in over 50 years leaves at least 50 casualties.
If you can believe the stories that they have here, but probably a lot more people than that.
New Delhi and Beijing are both claiming the other side's forces triggered the confrontation.
They beat each other with rocks, clubs, and their fists for over eight hours.
In the dark.
Some of them using the difficult and steep Himalayan terrain around them.
Many of the casualties were caused by hand-to-hand combat or falls from the high cliffs.
Many people had a fall and they drowned or they fell and they couldn't get up and they died of hypothermia, the cold.
Indian government officials have confirmed that at least 20 of their troops are killed.
Several others are in critical condition, suggesting that the death toll may rise, writes Breitbart.
Indian reports claim PLA soldiers, quote, hunted down their Indian counterparts to kill them, even as they retreated into undisputed territory.
So what's going on here?
It occurred at a border.
They have an area, you know, kind of like the demilitarized zones that you have, you know, when you have a border conflict.
It's called the Line of Actual Control, the LAC.
It's a strip of border between India and Chinese-occupied Tibet.
Last week, diplomats from both sides issued a statement claiming that they had reached a peaceful resolution on the LAC tensions, and then this breaks out.
Times of India says that China suffered between 35 and 50 casualties.
Which includes both killed and wounded.
India's News 18 reported that at least 23 Indian soldiers were killed in the battle, but as many as 110 have needed medical attention in the aftermath of the incident.
At least two dozen Indian soldiers, the report continued, are facing life-threatening injuries.
And then there's a comment from the Chinese government's propaganda newspaper, Global Times.
The editor-in-chief is named who.
And who gets to comment first?
Who's on first?
She's on second.
Who regularly uses Twitter despite the fact the Communist Party bans Chinese citizens from the platform, but of course, you know, they have a different set of rules just like our Fauci and Birks do.
Who claimed...
There you have it, that many of the Indian soldiers who died did so as a result of not being evacuated quickly enough from the frigid region.
So we didn't kill them, and yet, when you look at the reports, some of them say that, you know, but neither, this is the surprising thing, neither side had guns.
They didn't even have these mechanized robots that China's got, right?
But they were hunting them down, they were fighting with stones, iron rods, and they said that the Chinese troops hunted down these Indian soldiers, they didn't die of cold, they said they hunted them down and beat them with batons wrapped in barbed wire.
You know, this kind of reminds me of what Einstein said.
He said, I don't know what weapons will be used to fight World War III, but World War IV
We'll be fought with sticks and stones.
Maybe we've just seen a preview of World War 4 here.
Human nature doesn't change, however, does it?
Not unless you experience Christ.
But these people have given us a preview, even though they're working on autonomous killer robots.
And these are the people who are going to be writing the software for the autonomous killer robots.
All right, we're going to take a break.
We'll be right back and we'll talk about the hatred
And that is being exploited here in the United States.
These people hate each other so much that they hunt each other down with sticks and stones and rods wrapped in barbed wire to kill each other.
Is that the future that is coming here to America?
If the Democrats get their way, it is.
If the globalists get their way, it is.
Because this is the agenda that they have of hate.
Alright folks, we were just talking about what happened with the Chinese and Indians at the border and now inside China in Beijing.
They are now pushing the second wave.
It's beginning in China.
And if you go back and look at this, I believe, and I said from the very beginning, I said, first of all, there's evidence that this is engineered.
Hopefully they didn't do a good job of it.
And it turns out they didn't.
But I said, I'm concerned
That no matter what this is, no matter how dangerous it's going to be, I said that at the very beginning, I said the worst thing we could do would be to shut down and lock down our society as China has done.
And then I said it again when it was done in Italy and before it was done here.
We already had hard data out of Italy showing that the average age of the people the first time they did it was 80.3 years and it was 79.5 in the second report.
And they showed that most of the people who died had three comorbidities.
Meaning that they didn't die from it necessarily, they died with it.
And they said, and now when you go back and look at this, we see 40% of the people who died were in nursing homes.
No penalty for Cuomo because he was pushing people in the nursing homes even as he was, he named a bill after his 90-some-odd-year-old mother
And I forget what her name was.
Let's just call her Clementine.
That's a good name.
Clementine Cuomo.
Goes pretty good with Fredo.
Because that was my grandmother's name.
Let's just call her Clementine.
You think I'm making fun of them?
That was my grandmother's name.
He named it after her and he had a pretty stiff jail sentence plus a $5,000 fine if you infected
If you didn't practice all these lockdown and quarantine stuff and you got somebody infected that was elderly and yet he forced these people by the thousands in these nursing homes because they said look you're not gonna be able to refuse admission to anybody if they test positive for coronavirus in a nursing home.
You got to take them in.
And so they've had a lot of people die in the nursing homes.
But, let's talk about that.
Even if this was something like Ebola, the worst thing you could do would be to force everybody to shut everything down.
Because it was obvious from the very beginning it was going to create food shortages, it was going to create all kinds of issues, create medicine shortages, done all kinds of damage to the health system itself.
If you're going to fight a war, you don't shut down your factories to fight a war, right?
It's idiotic to do that.
And yet, that was the model that came out of China.
I said, this may be biologically engineered, but we're being socially engineered.
They're modeling this.
It's like predictive programming in a movie, except it was a predictive modeling.
They were showing the behavior.
They said, look, do this.
And then all the globalist leaders around the world were saying, yeah, we've got to follow the Chinese example.
And you had, as this was rolling out, you had all the mainstream media here in America saying, yeah, it's pretty creepy what they were doing with the biometric surveillance and the social credit system and the tracking of everybody.
And yet we need to do that here.
For COVID-19.
You know, it was creepy when they did it just because, you know, it was about politics.
But hey, if it's about a disease, that's a good thing and we need to do that.
We need to step up.
They're going to be way ahead.
They're going to be so much better equipped to handle this than we are because we don't have tracking in place here.
So we need to do that as quickly as possible.
And so now we have the second wave.
And the second wave is being modeled for us right now.
As a matter of fact, Newsbusters.org has a study that they did about how TV paused its pandemic.
In order to push the panic button on other things.
No, in order to push the protests.
It consumed nearly all of the airtime for three months between March to May on the big three networks.
The Mockingbird Media.
The Propaganda Press.
The people who always did that were the CIA.
So, nearly all the time on the Big Three, from early March to late May.
But for two weeks, beginning in late May and early June, those same networks put the virus story on the back burner and then moved to the story about protests.
And of course, they had a monolithic opinion about that as well.
That was always the way it was when you had just the Big Three and NPR.
They always covered the same stories, and they always had the same take on it.
It was almost as if somebody at the CIA was writing their narrative for them.
You've seen this numerous times.
We have all these different affiliates just reading the script.
Well, they were just reading the script as well.
Now the protest has subsided.
TV News is once again ramping up its coronavirus coverage.
So they break it down.
Look at this table.
Get the overhead shot here.
It shows that in the early days, it was 20%.
Then at the peak of all of this, it was 88%.
And then it goes back down to 18%.
It went up to almost 90% and now it goes back down to just under 20%.
And now protests, post-protests, that's starting to die down.
They're going back to the other narrative and they've doubled it now from 18% to 36%.
So it's surging again.
This is part of the second wave of propaganda, the modeling, and it's beginning in China as well.
You know, China has had about 140 people that have now tested positive in Beijing.
This is a city of 21.5 million people.
There's about 8 million people in New York.
So this is about three times the size of New York City.
When we went to China to adopt my daughter, we went to Nanning.
I'd never heard of it.
And it had between six and seven million people.
It's nearly as big as New York City.
I'd never even heard of it because it's not a big city by Chinese standards.
Twenty-one and a half million people, 158 infections.
And what are they doing?
They have mandated testing.
And now you've got massive mobs at the testing facilities because you're not going to be able to move an inch if you're not tested and given a
a permission to go somewhere.
Which is already being worked on here in America!
I showed you the wrist bracelet that was being worked on by somebody who I know that has given me information in the past.
He's a white hat hacker.
And so they're working on the computer version of this.
But they said, you know, this is the way it's going to work as we roll this out.
He said you'll have to get a test.
There it is right there.
There's the article.
You have to get a test each day to travel and then they'll give you a wristband of a particular color and that'll be good for travel that day.
And the next day they'll change the color of the wristband.
Until they can get it done with the computer stuff, right?
That's the way they're testing it.
And that's basically what they're doing in China.
They're getting ready to roll this out.
It is a fire drill, says Lisa Kingo, the executive director of the UN Global Compact.
She did an interview with The Guardian, and this UN official said there are very, very clear connections linking the current health crisis, the climate change issues, and Black Lives Matter.
Now, she is not a conspiracy theorist.
She is exposing the conspiracy plan.
She's monologuing like a supervillain.
She said the coronavirus pandemic is just a fire drill for what's coming.
Government actions purportedly taken to stop the spread of the virus have crippled economies across the globe, and it's been attributed to the widespread social unrest, making her warning particularly sobering, reports RT.
She says the only way forward is to create a world that leaves no one behind.
Yeah, that phrase.
Where'd that phrase come from?
I thought that that was, I thought it was George W. Bush that coined that phrase.
You know, to sell Common Core and the federal takeover of education.
Oh, well, wait a minute.
No, that's the U.N.
that's talking like that.
You know, the funny thing is, is that as we look at immunity, talking about the vaccines that they push out, you know, big pharmaceutical companies are given immunity from legal action with the vaccines that they put out.
We have given legal immunity to the police.
And it's funny, when you do that type of thing, it almost invites bad actions, doesn't it?
You can't be punished when you do the wrong thing.
See, I don't think that the solution to what is happening here in this country... Yeah, we need to understand that you're always going to have bad actors in any organization.
You have to reform them or you become contaminated by... you own the corruption.
That's not what they want.
Instead, they want immunity for the police just like they want immunity for these big pharmaceutical people and we shouldn't allow that to happen.
We'll be right back.
Alright, this is our last segment and Matt Brackett is going to be taking over in the next segment.
I'm sure Matt is going to have a lot to say about the escalation of force on both sides and proposals for that.
I'm going to talk a little bit about what is happening in terms of the hate in this segment, but before we do, real quickly, I want to remind you about the products we have at InfoWarsStore.com because that's how we fund this operation.
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Alright, let's talk about what is happening across the country.
You know, I see Jefferson statues being attacked, and they say, well, we've got to rename the schools and get rid of the names of Jefferson and Washington that were used.
And I look at this statue of Jefferson toppled at a Portland high school, and the garbage there, the spray painting and the statue laying on the ground, and I think, you know, what have these people ever done?
What do they know?
They're probably functionally illiterate.
They know nothing about history.
Do they know what Jefferson contributed?
Are they going to be able to make that kind of contribution?
Or are they just going to destroy stuff?
You know, Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence.
He actually attacked slavery as part of that.
But he laid a foundation for individual liberty.
These people are laying a foundation for slavery.
He also was uh... the thing he was most proud of was his uh... Virginia statute for religious freedom.
He founded the University of Virginia.
That's his mistake.
I've argued that with uh... at uh... Colonial Williamsburg.
They have actors who do that.
I had a great guy who did a great
That's a good question.
Public funding of educational institutions.
I would just throw it out to him.
I did it a couple of times at various places.
He would come and speak to conservative or libertarian organizations, and I did it a couple of times there.
I did it just at gatherings at Colonial Williamsburg, but I'd always ask him the question,
I would say, well, you were against forcing people to pay for a church that they didn't believe in.
You know, because we had, in terms of establishment of religion, what they're really talking about is forcing people, in some states, you were forced to attend a particular church.
In other states, you may not, the more liberal ones, you were not forced to attend a church, but you were still forced
to pay money to that established church.
And all of the states that created the federal government, they all had established religions.
As a matter of fact, it persisted in Massachusetts and one other state, I think it was Connecticut, well into the 1800s.
I think the established state church in Massachusetts continued into the 1840s.
But, you know, I don't agree with that.
Jefferson didn't agree with that.
But I said, if you have a school
That is funded by the government, and that includes our K-12, not just the universities.
I said, what you're doing is you're really teaching values to people, aren't you?
Whose values are you teaching?
What is the fundamental religion that you're teaching?
Are you teaching Christianity?
Are you teaching secular humanism?
If you use state funds to do this, isn't that as reprehensible as using state funds to fund a church?
Well, I know nothing of this place that you're talking about.
That's what he would always say.
But basically, that was his fundamental problem.
But there are toppling statues of Thomas Jefferson, and at the University of Portland, you know, this is the higher education, they are so enlightened that they're actually removing the slave that was part of the Lewis and Clark expedition.
You know, they had a statue there, they had one of the guys, Lewis or Clark, Captain Clark,
And on his right hand, he's standing there, and the three of them were side by side.
See if you can find a picture of the original statue.
They've removed the slave.
You still have Captain Clark there, and you still have an Indian on the right-hand side.
But on his left-hand side, there was also a slave, and they were all standing next to each other.
It wasn't that anybody was in a subordinate position, kneeling down or anything.
They didn't have the slave kneeling like he was an NFL player.
No, he was standing up like an equal.
And they removed him.
Because you know what they're doing now is they're now destroying anti-slavery figures.
As a matter of fact, I like what the Babylon Bee said in terms of satire.
It's really true.
Activists fight racism by driving all people of color out of pop culture.
That's what they're doing at the University of Portland.
They took, there he is, he's on the, you can see him, he's the one closest to the camera there.
He's standing there.
And so they removed the black guy.
We don't want to have a statue that shows a black man, Captain Clark, and the Indian as part of an American display there.
We don't want to show people working together.
We don't want a melting pot.
We don't want a community working together.
We've got to isolate and tear down anything that shows that.
So they're going to remove, the first thing they did was remove the black guy.
And that was a Babylon Bee headline.
Activists fight racism by driving all people of color out of pop culture.
Talking about Aunt Jemima, the Land of Lakes, Uncle Ben's, The Simpsons.
I mean, they've done that already.
I mean, this is not satire.
This is the idiocracy that we live in.
And that's what they're doing at the University of Portland.
You got software host, GitHub, now banning the terms master and slave from programming code.
That's not pushing slavery.
Although that will happen if you get RoboCops.
Are they going to change the other terms?
Things like demon and virus?
They're descriptive.
A demon is something that you start and it runs in the background.
That's pretty descriptive.
And then a virus is something that, you know, somebody else gives you, that puts on your computer system.
But no, they're destroying the statues of leading anti-slavery figures.
You know, I talked about this at length on the morning program.
By the way, if you want to hear that, it's 9 to noon, Eastern Time.
Matthias Baldwin, I talked a great deal about this guy.
He had a great life, and he rose up from a position of poverty, not using any slaves, but using engineering.
And then he became a Christian.
And then he became an abolitionist.
And he started educational establishments and paid for them himself.
uh... to educate black people and uh... he hired black people when people weren't doing that in his area they came after his statue this is not about the civil war they're coming after people like Admiral Farragut and you got Popular Mechanics the story that's on Infowars Popular Mechanics publishing advice on how to topple statues you can take them down physically or you can do it chemically you can destroy them
That's what we're focused on right now, folks.
Just destroying everything.
And what is so concerning about this is that it's not just the useful, youthful idiots at the bottom.
It's the people at top, like Tim Kaine, who would have been our Vice President if Hillary Clinton had won.
And he's out there putting out the hatred
That the U.S.
didn't invent slavery.
Guys, roll the clip of what happened in Houston, because we almost are out of time here.
Show people what happens with this mob attacking a guy who walks out of a convenience store.
Well, he's white and they're black.
And this is the end result, folks.
We're not talking about people physically attacking statues.
This is all being done so that we can route the mob to attack people based on the color of their skin.
And this is the logical extension of what Tim Kaine is trying to force our country into.
And a lot of people are taking the bait.
A lot of people, both black and white.
Well that's it for the broadcast, my part of it.
Matt Bracken will be joining you in the next segment.
Thanks for listening.
Okay, you've got me for the next hour and you know I've been writing about this for the last 15 years and here we are.
We're actually in this revolutionary moment now.
It sort of reads like some of my novels which at the time were considered hyperbolic and you know
Fiction that could never happen, not in the United States of America, but it is happening.
And during this hour, I'm going to zoom in to like Antifa tactics and then zoom out to the historical perspective and zoom even further out to who benefits from this situation.
And starting right now at the very macro, there's no doubt that the globalists and the Chinese communists are both fomenting this.
Both of them think that they will come out on top.
The Chinese communists think that the globalists are useful idiots.
Capitalists who are selling them the rope to hang the rest of the world with.
And the globalists think that there is just a almost like a religious reformation going on globally.
And it's a secular religion, but they're as fanatical as any religious zealots ever were.
And that they have to destroy the concept of the nation-state.
Open borders for population flow, open borders for trade.
They'll benefit, the globalists think, because they'll run the entire economic order.
Meanwhile, the Chinese tiger is looking at them and saying, do lots of my work for me, and we'll be around to collect the pieces when the shooting is all over, when the shooting and dying is all over.
Watching David's show last hour, obviously he's dead on the money.
We are going to see things that if you think that the first half of 2020 was amazing, some people say the first few months of 2020 were like a decade.
Well, we're just gearing up.
The election isn't until November.
And the election is really going to be the battle, the main battle of our lifetime.
Because after the unfortunate death of George Floyd, you know, with the kneel on his neck, this was taken as the go-code, the activation code for Marxists all over the world.
Now, they can at various times come right out and call themselves Marxists, and at other times they retreat behind camouflage using cut-out foundations and organizations
But when you watch the money, you see where it comes from.
The money comes from these globalist corporations that are working hand-in-glove with the Chinese communists.
Companies like Google and YouTube that would love to absolutely crush the last vestige of freedom and make no doubt America is the last citadel.
America is the redoubt.
If you think that America can collapse into anarchy and then tyranny, either from the left or the right, and the rest of the world will be unscathed, that you can take off to Uruguay or New Zealand and your life will just go on placidly as before.
If America goes down, then countries like Uruguay or New Zealand will be picked off like low-hanging fruit.
They won't last a decade.
They'll be gone too.
So this really is the battle.
And this is the period where I would compare it to 1920s Germany when the street fighting begins.
It's no coincidence that Antifa uses the same communist inspired logo as the communists who were engaged in the street fighting against the National Socialists in the 1920s.
It's no coincidence.
It's the same people.
It's just, it's flowered at the roots of continued generation upon generation.
They've won the Long March through the institutions.
They've turned our children against their own country.
And now we're going to reap the bitter fruit.
And that's what I'm going to talk about in the next segment.
About the historical roots of Antifa.
Speaking about the historical roots of Antifa.
From the 1920s a century all the way through till the 2020s.
Antonio Gramsci was an Italian communist in the early part of the 20th century that was actually in the long run a lot smarter than Lenin and Stalin.
They believed that they could crush the world with communism just using subversion tactics, infiltrating agents, creating chaos.
Gramsci understood that countries like Italy
They had too much love of their own patria.
They loved their church.
They loved their culture, their language.
They weren't going to be taken in by Boris and Natasha sneaking in and committing sabotage and assassination.
And that's exactly what happened.
At the end of World War II, it looked like the Red Sickle was going to sweep across Europe.
But we stopped it.
People didn't want to be forced into communist subjugation.
Antonio Gramsci, along with the Fabians in England and the Frankfurt School in Germany, which was transplanted to the American university system, they understood that to collapse the West, it had to be an inside job.
They had to take over all of our cultural institutions, our education system, and spread this rot, this communist rot.
All through every layer of our society, so that eventually, when the crisis came, Americans wouldn't even defend America.
You know, I use the analogy of the parasitic wasp.
I don't know if any of you have ever seen this meme, but the Soviet Union, when we think of winning the Cold War, did the Soviet Union lose?
They're gone, but what they did while they were
A powerful communist subversion force.
They spread the poison into our body.
So that our children are coming out of our universities as little malice dread guards.
Make no mistake, that's what this is.
This is something completely new in America.
Where, I mean, I have relatives who do not defend the First Amendment.
When they hear about Zero Hedge and the Federalists being, you know, taken or trying, attempted to be taken down by NBC and Google, they cheer for it.
They think that right-wingers are so dangerous that we shouldn't be given a platform.
They are so brainwashed that they actually are encouraging these monuments being taken down.
And so, this is another thing about blowing up our education system.
We have children that have no historical background.
They can't put a context on any of this.
All they can hear is, this guy owned slaves, therefore the statue has to come down.
Nowhere in their education are they taught that slavery existed throughout human history, in every culture, on every continent, and that it was the English
And later the Americans who stamped it out and abolished it.
I mean, it was Europeans that went into Africa in the 19th and 20th century and stamped it out.
Slavery was still legal in Saudi Arabia and several African countries until the 1960s.
And now it's making a comeback in some countries like Mauritania and Libya, open slave markets.
But our children do not get any of that historical context.
This is sort of like Cambodia in the 70s, starting with a year zero.
We're going to only accept perfect human beings.
But let me tell you, there's a danger to this for everyone because eventually...
It could come to the point that only vegans can be memorialized.
Anybody who was ever a bloodthirsty meat eater, his statue will have to be torn down.
That would include Martin Luther King and others.
It never ends once you get into this purity spiral of the Jacobin French Revolution style of ever greater demands for perfect equality.
It doesn't end.
It doesn't end until the cannibals have feasted on each other and the society has collapsed.
Or, the other way it can end is with a right-wing reaction and getting a General Pinochet.
And this is a very dangerous period we're in because right now we have generals who are in collaboration, I'm convinced, people like Petraeus, McRaven on the outside,
People like Millie on the inside that are outwardly showing disloyalty to the commander-in-chief.
It's been a hallmark of our country that we elect presidents and the military abides by their decisions.
And we have a general and the head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff who is submitting and bowing the knee.
In a sense, he pulled a Drew Brees.
He pulled a Oklahoma State University coach.
He got down and he begged for forgiveness for walking with Trump to a church that the Antifa communists had tried to burn down just two blocks from the White House.
Imagine a Civil War general saying, I'm sorry, I can't walk with Lincoln.
That would be seen as political.
It's insane.
There were war-like conditions around the very White House.
Something like 60 Secret Service personnel were injured, some grievously, by having five-pound and ten-pound bricks thrown at them en masse.
We don't hear anything about this.
We are rapidly reaching a 1920s Germany moment where there's going to be open street fighting with guns.
We've already seen just an inkling of it.
This is, I think, two days ago in Albuquerque, where the police are refusing to defend any civil property, not your jewelry store, not a statue.
The police are out of it.
They're standing down.
So it was left to volunteer self-appointed civilian militia to try to defend a statue of a conquistador in Albuquerque.
The mob outnumbered the self-appointed militia.
They were driven away.
One of the people that was attending was, you know, at the point of being beaten to death and knifed, and he defended himself with a pistol.
So it's getting that close.
In South Philadelphia, Italians are defending the Christopher Columbus statue.
They're saying, you'll have to come through us if you want to take down that statue.
And they're carrying guns.
I mean, this is something new in America.
And we're only in the early innings of this.
We still have this pandemic rolling through, where they're going to possibly try locking down, which nobody will ever believe now.
The lockdown is never going to happen again.
Doesn't mean you have to go to a restaurant if you don't want to.
But restaurants are going to say, the hell with being closed by law, when you allow rioters to smash windows
You know, and do anything that they want.
So this is absolutely a moment in history when you have to be on the alert.
If you're even driving, you know, across a freeway or downtown avenue, you're going to have to be on the alert that you could be stopped in traffic and yanked out of your car and beaten in the United States of America.
And the Marxist mainstream media has to take a lot of the blame for this because they have absolutely been pouring gasoline on the flames of this racial hatred.
You know, if you look at the actual data and numbers of white on black crime compared to black on white crime, it's completely out of proportion to reality.
But the media puts the telescope on the incidents that do happen
And just whip and whip and whip the racial fervor to the point where elderly people are just getting beaten on the sidewalk or in stores.
People are being yanked out of cars, and the saying is, get the whitey.
I mean, this is crazy in this country that it's coming to this.
But we have got to be ready for what's coming next, because we're just starting to see the beginning of the kinetic phase of what's going to happen between now and November.
Because believe me, the White House is the great prize.
If Biden somehow, if his senile carcass is dragged over the finish line and he is elected, we are going to see this country run by the Obamas, by Valerie Jarrett, by the Black Lives Matter and Antifa supporting senators.
This is absolutely going to be the end of the country as we know it.
And I'll get back to the next part of this right after the break.
We're back with
Our pre-revolutionary chat.
What's the purpose of this Battle of the Monuments?
Why is this happening?
Not only in America, but across the United Kingdom and even in Europe.
What's happening?
This is a Maoist year zero where everything that comes before is demolished.
In England, they've even vandalized
A statue of Robert the Bruce, you know, the Braveheart figure, who had never saw a black person in his life, probably didn't even know that Africa existed.
So we're rapidly just getting into a thing about the white master having to come down, period, from any era, on any country.
And this is absolutely going to lead to a race war.
And the people fomenting this
There are useful idiots, but many of them are just totally evil.
They understand it, and they want it to happen.
It's a saying ascribed to Lenin, the worse the better.
The worse the conditions, the better it is for creating a revolution.
The people have to be hungry.
There have to be food riots before people will actually storm the governor's mansions and storm the political buildings.
Not just a handful of Antifa, but the large scale of the population.
Now, in our country, less than 15% of people are black.
So a race war, just based on the numbers, might not go so well for anybody who is stoking this racial hatred.
But it doesn't matter.
The outcome of this period of the strife is not what's key.
It's just reducing America to anarchy and strife and civil war.
If America is tearing itself apart,
This will absolutely benefit, most of all, the Chinese Communists.
We will be unable to protect Taiwan or allies in the Philippines or Malaysia or other areas that may be of interest to China.
While we are ripping our own throats out, like wild cats in a sack, China will have a free hand everywhere that it pleases.
So, the people that are stirring up this hatred, they don't care if
If it turns out that there's a right-wing reaction and a brutal military dictatorship, or if it turns out to be a left-wing Maoist revolution with a cultural revolution and gulags, that's not the point.
They don't care.
They want to see America wrecked.
And when this ship of state is driven at full speed onto the reef, they don't really care if it gets stuck on the rocks or if it sinks in deep water or breaks up in five pieces.
They just want to see America wrecked.
And you've got, you know, outside of the people that are knowingly, willingly doing this, you have, as always, a much bigger cadre of useful idiots.
Thanks to the Gramscian long walk through the institutions,
And the deliberate sabotage of our educational standards to crank out little communists, we now have untold millions of useful idiots willing to march in the street once they're sufficiently provoked and whipped up by our Marxist mainstream media.
Now, at the macro level, we see this with people just sending money to Black Lives Matter, even though the money's going into private hands or to the Democrats.
And at the smallest local level, you'll see thousands of people turn out for a march.
And if you look at this graphic that's up right now, I made that today, you can see that the red in the center, these are the actual Antifa hardcore cadres.
These are the trained operatives.
These are the guys that are wearing black, that have the ear thing, that are using tactical radios and burner phones.
These are guys that are employing very sophisticated cell structure with like little squads and captains and colonels.
That are driving around in vehicles with the radio, cell phone jammers, and other sophisticated equipment.
This is actually happening.
The guys that you see actually smashing the window with a skateboard, he's like a private, he's the foot soldier.
But there's a chain of command all the way up to a person leading the entire riot.
Now you can see on this graphic, the green ring is the useful idiots.
Right around the actual Antifa cadre, which might only be 20 to 40 people, you have support.
They know that they're defending Antifa, and they'll get in the way of police, they'll block cameras.
They're not actually going to smash a window or throw a Molotov cocktail.
But they know they're there to be human shields.
The useful idiots are also human shields, and they don't even know it.
But when the police are so stretched,
That, say, a hundred police have to mind a herd of 10,000 marchers.
It's impossible for them to contain it.
So there are all these gaps where the Antifa hardcore can dash out through their useful idiot shield and smash windows.
That's signal number one.
When a window is smashed by that harmless skateboard, so we all by now know that the front wheels of a skateboard, when used like a bat, are like a perfect window breaker on police cars or on storefront windows.
So, once the window is broken, then the useful idiots who are in a looting mode, they rush in.
This diverts attention for the police.
The police don't know what to do.
They can't really make mass arrests.
There's too many people at once.
And these little probes can be striking out in multiple directions, as we've seen.
Then, once the looting phase is finished, the anti-fire crew comes in and sets the store on fire.
That's the progression.
Broken windows, looting, fires.
With, off on the flanks, other teams setting arson fires, just as diversion attacks.
This is not some random spontaneous behavior.
These people are trained.
These people have gone to camps.
They have unbelievable amount of unity and discipline.
Now they're all mostly beta males and SJW chicks, but that makes them no less dangerous because they will follow orders.
They actually believe in something.
You could say that
In the 20th century and the 21st century, the most successful, by far, evangelizing religion, even more than Islam, is Marxism-Leninism, even when they camouflage the title.
I mean, how is it that we are cranking out millions, from our best universities, millions of people whose goal is to destroy the country that nurtured them?
I mean, this is an amazing, amazing time.
And because college output is also the input for the military and for our intelligence services and even our FBI, now we see that we can't even trust our generals who are selected by the Senate from the colonels list.
It's put forward to the Senate for a vote, so it becomes very political in our country when the generals that rise to the top
Are generally the deep state, you know, guys who are looking forward to, you know, double and triple dipping on a couple of corporate Warbucks boards after they retire.
They pay in advance while they're on active duty with a wink and a nod that after they get their 20 or their 25 years in, they're going to go to work for the country, for the company that they've been shoveling the contracts towards.
It's sick and it's incestuous, even within our military.
Not in the lower ranks, but the leadership of our military is not going to be there if they're needed.
So what's going to happen next?
Between now and the election, when we come back after this break, I'm going to talk about the steps that are going to happen next and how you can interpret them.
To tell you the truth, if you want to see a couple of handbooks about what's going to happen next,
I've been writing about this now for 15 years, and it's coming, it's happening.
Another book that I highly recommend, I could be here all day recommending books, but you can get this on Amazon Used Marketplace for a couple bucks.
This is called The Dirty War by Martin Dillon, and it's about the battle between the Brits and the IRA from the 1960s through the 1990s.
A lot of what's going to happen has already happened.
The differences between the fight between the IRA and the Brits at the urban guerrilla warfare level, the differences are mainly technological.
They didn't have cell phones, we do.
They didn't have the internet, we do.
But those technological factors work for both sides, the sword and the shield.
The enemies and the antagonists and protagonists, they all benefit from and suffer from the same technological advances.
So they kind of cancel each other out like in a numerical equation.
What's left to learn from that is the incredible amount of duplicity, the lying, the backstabbing, the double and triple dealing with false agents, false informants,
It's an unbelievable snake pit when you get into a dirty civil war.
I mean, it's like trying to find the correct tail or head in a barrel full of rattlesnakes, you know, that are all squirming around together.
People will lie.
People will do false flag operations.
Governments will run dirty programs like I have in my novels.
Governments will have secret units that they absolutely deny the existence of.
They will swear there is no such thing as that unit and that unit will be going out and snatching people and putting them into secret detention centers.
Absolutely guaranteed.
That's if they're even trying to be efficient and effective.
Another dirty war that had a lot of similar manifestations, and maybe even more apropos to what we're going to experience, is the Argentina dirty war of the 1970s.
With clandestine interrogation centers, assassinations of the families of military officers, that's what a dirty war is all about.
It will make you
You know, yearn for the good old days of the North versus South Civil War, when there was some level of chivalry, where civilians were not intentionally targeted.
You know, where bombs weren't planted in churches.
What's going to be coming is going to be very ugly.
And a lot of the operations will be false flag operations.
And the British war between
You could loosely say the British military and the SAS versus the official and provisional IRA and other groups.
Both sides used a tremendous amount of false flag bombings.
They planted bombs in their own territory to blame on their enemy.
This is absolutely to be expected.
When you see somebody sniped, always ask yourself who benefits?
If the result of a sniping or a bombing is that the media can fan up hatred against the conservatives, then you can bet it was probably a false flag operation committed by the leftists.
And as this progresses, there will be action and reaction from both sides.
And it's almost just as likely when a sniping happens or a bomb goes off, that it will be a false flag, because they were.
And you will have public officials absolutely swearing that they know nothing about some special unit which is working with some secret militia or some secret left-wing militia like the John Brown Gun Club.
People will absolutely swear there's no connection whatsoever between, hypothetically, a Seattle Police Department special intelligence unit
And John Brown Gun Club.
They absolutely, they don't even know who they are.
But this is ridiculous.
And I would expect in this environment with so many of our law enforcement having come out of college as indoctrinated Marxists, I would expect that the FBI is not going to particularly be on our side.
I don't know if you missed it, but last week in Washington, the
The FBI agents with their tactical gear on took a knee in support of the Black Lives Matter, which is a Marxist outfit.
I mean, it was founded by Marxist revolutionaries.
They make no bones about it.
Their goal is to destroy the United States of America as a constitutional republic.
That's their goal.
There are so many useful brainwashed idiots in this country that reflexively, because of what they see repeated on the media, they just say, oh, of course I support Black Lives Matters.
I mean, this is a classic example of a wolf in sheep's clothing.
And it's effective.
I mean, look at this FBI operation that you would imagine that if pallets of bricks had been dropped off on the same day
In a dozen different cities on routes where marches were going to take place, even though they weren't scheduled, they weren't written in anybody's diary.
If pallets of bricks were dropped off in a dozen cities to be picked up by protest marchers, how hard would that be for the FBI to figure that out?
You need a truck with a special lift or a little crane.
You need, there's invoices, there's electronic paper trail.
These bricks aren't just falling out of the sky.
Yet somehow, the same FBI, which was led by Comey and Strzok and Page and traitors like that, that same FBI at the lower level that Sean Hannity assures us every night that 99% of them are just the best, most patriotic Americans.
Well, I've got news for you.
If Page and Strzok and Comey graduated from the FBI Academy 15 or 20 years ago,
Do you think that they're making more patriotic Americans that are coming out of college and going into the FBI or less patriotic?
I mean, it churned my guts to see FBI agents taking a knee for Black Lives Matter with the FBI logo on their tactical vests.
It disgusted me.
And you're telling me that they can't crack the case of pallets of bricks all being delivered in a dozen cities?
That is the essence
Of course not.
Yeah, there were conversations that I'm sure they can be found.
And there are email contacts and conversations.
And if the FBI doesn't arrest people for those bricks, then there is no FBI or they're working for the other side.
And that is a key ingredient of a dirty war because you're going to have the totally selective use of law enforcement to punish your political allies
And to protect your or punish your political enemies and punish your enemies and sound like Joe Biden now.
But listen, when you can't trust law enforcement, or they've been so demoralized that they take themselves out of the picture, we're going to see a devolution into total anarchy.
If you heard about Atlanta last night with all the police on the blue flu sick out,
How long will it take criminals to figure out that gun store or jewelry store?
Nobody's going to come if I bust in there tonight.
This is going to spread.
This is why the FBI needs to make key arrests immediately, as soon as possible, because this is going to spread.
And once the store owners realize there are no police, there's going to be a lot of dead bodies on sidewalks near broken windows and near statues.
That's the next thing that's going to happen.
Some Americans are going to say, well, I can't protect that Columbus statue by myself when a hundred Antifa come, but I can sure make it painful for them to be the guy climbing up on top with the cable.
Real painful.
And that's what the kind of thing we're going to see next.
Final segment and the wrap up.
We've, we left you off with my hypothesis that
Things are about to get sporty in a kinetic way.
The Albuquerque shooting was just like a little hors d'oeuvre, an appetizer.
There was also somebody, I think in Portland, ran over a couple of protesters, actually just refused to stop when they got in front of his car, which to me is a Darwin award.
I mean, if you're on a public street, as far as I'm concerned, even in Portlandia, Portlandistan,
If you want to stop my car, you better be a police officer.
If you're just some, you know, face-pierced thug standing in front of my car, that's why I have a high-clearance SUV.
I'm not stopping.
In the first days of Minneapolis, there was actually a tanker truck driver on I-35, where there were hundreds of people in front of him.
And he slowed down and got up a little speed and slowed down, and I could only imagine what was going through his mind.
If I stop, I might become Reginald Denny, brain damaged with a cinder block.
If I run over them, I'll be a mass murderer.
But this is the kind of decision that's coming.
And when you're out in traffic, you better be thinking of escape routes.
Never, never stop without room to accelerate out.
Never stop bumper to bumper in traffic.
Just don't do it.
If you've got any concerns at all, leave that 12 or 15 feet so you can get up some speed and swerve out of danger.
Because this is coming.
So what's going to happen next?
I can only speak about some small units, some small conservative paramilitary units that I have hypothetically heard about.
But they don't, they're not in contact at any kind of a national level.
There is no like Antifa overall organization.
It doesn't exist.
Security is the primary factor to consider in any kind of a little trust group.
And I'm talking a group of between 2 and 10 at the outside.
These are people that have known each other for many years, like brothers.
If anybody showed up and tried to join or hung around and said, hey, I hear you and some guys that go out shooting, they would absolutely say, I have no idea what you're talking about.
But any counteraction to Antifa
It's going to take place at this small unit level where an operation will happen against, for example, somebody taking down a statue of Jefferson or Washington.
Somebody is going to be planked, if I can put it that way.
I'm just guessing, hypothetically.
There are other operations that are also going to happen because of just studying the last month, the last couple weeks.
You can see that people have been followed home.
People have been followed home from rallies, conservatives, by Antifa, undercover.
The guys in black are just their privates.
They're meant to be seen.
The guys who are not wearing the black, they may have something like this hidden with a hood over it.
But they're not meant to be seen.
And then you've got guys in vehicles that are like flankers or recon elements.
They also constitute a quick reaction force in case the conservatives did get a little too aggressive.
They'll have people that can rush in in vehicles.
This has already been displayed.
Of course, you'll never see this in the mainstream media.
You have to pick this up in alternate media.
But there have been people followed home.
Houses have been attacked.
Cars have been attacked.
People have had their homes vandalized.
It's a small step from there to the Molotov cocktail.
Now, a note about Molotov cocktails.
Historically, up until really right now, like this year, the rule of engagement for somebody getting ready to throw a Molotov cocktail is that you can shoot them on sight.
On sight.
You don't have to wait.
To be set on fire, or your house set on fire, or your shop set on fire.
If somebody is standing outside of your shop, your home, or next to you on the street, and they're lighting a molotov, that constitutes a deadly threat right then, period.
Shoot them.
That was always the law enforcement rule of engagement, and that's why arson attacks used to be rare.
Now the police have been so hamstrung
That somebody has to be caught with a car full of Molotov cocktails to even be booked.
But the actual guy standing there on the sidewalk with it in his hand, on film, that used to be a target of opportunity.
And as the police are demoralized, not only defunded, but demoralized to the point where all they do is get in their squad car, drive off to a shady spot behind the Dunkin' Donuts and wait out their shift.
You know, these cops aren't going to be a factor.
It's going to be the rooftop Koreans that are going to be a factor in terms of static defense.
But then expanding upon a static defense will be people that are anticipating Antifa moves and are setting up what you might call an overwatch position where they can either make a target of opportunity kinetically or with binoculars and with technical radio means
Figure out who the bosses of these Antifa squads are and follow them home.
Another type of operation will be what I would call a bait operation, where you can predict that if you send somebody into or near the Antifa, they will be followed home.
Like a woman who is waving an American flag.
She got followed home, her tires cut.
Well, you can do a bait operation where you lure those Antifa followers right down an alley.
And as they used to say, give them what for?
Extremely violently.
Because if the police are going to step out of the equation, and that is part of the overall plan right now, is to demoralize and get the police just to stand down, conservatives aren't just going to watch their country taken over.
There's a meme out there and a saying, genocides happen
against an unarmed population.
Civil wars happen when there's an armed population.
And there's never been a civil war in history that I'm aware of where millions upon millions of people were armed as well as law enforcement or the military at the small unit level with weapons that can reach out many hundreds of yards with great precision.
It's never happened.
You know, there's a saying about Switzerland.
It's never been invaded by a foreign power.
Well, it's also never had a tyrant rise to power.
Because the Swiss have a culture of marksmanship.
And they, you know, take their battle weapons home after their brief military service.
So, with the Antifa and BLM that are trying to stoke this racial or class war, they may not really understand what they're getting in for.
Absolutely, the useful idiots have no idea.
They'll believe whatever Don Lemon and Cuomo tell them on television.
Rachel Maddow.
They'll believe anything.
The useful idiots will believe anything.
But the Antifas that are LARPing as urban terrorists, they really don't have a clue.
Because they're going up against
Hundreds of thousands of Americans that from Vietnam and the wars in the Middle East on, have made a very close study of insurgency and counterinsurgency operations.
Of operating in an urban guerrilla environment.
Actually have like a PhD in it.
Then they go back home and they run a machine shop, or they become a lawyer, but they never forgot those skills.
And they're watching their country be figuratively shat upon and peed upon by these communist terrorists that our communist professors have been mass-producing, and they don't like it a bit.
They really don't like it a bit.
Now, if you want to read more about where this can go, I would recommend my own
Long essay.
It gets suppressed.
Websites disappear and they come back up.
But right now, currently, you can read my essay called, When the Music Stops, How America's Cities Will Explode in Violence.
You can read it on American Partisan.
And if you want to see some of the tactics that I think are going to be coming into play, I dig pretty deep into them.
This is the entire
Escalation, the scale of escalation on both sides, where it's going to take us.
I think we're well into it and I don't see any way of turning this off because the Marxists see the November election as do or die.
They will absolutely take nothing off the table in terms of tactics.
So all the surprises we've seen in the first half of 2020, expect more surprises.
Get your rifles zeroed.
Make sure you've got your preps laid in.
Harden your house because the Antifa are coming home.
They're not just going to be at the statue.
They're going to be going through their target list.
There have already been reports about law enforcement officers' homes being reconned.
These are all preliminary steps.
And before I go, I'd like to mention my novels that are all about this are available
You have to go to Amazon if you want to get Kindle or Audible, but if you want to get the printed hard copy book that can never be deleted by the NSA or Jeff Bezos, you can get them straight from me and the information is on my website.
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Smithing and do all kinds of things, you know?
Do you even sell guns?
We even, we, well... Oh, God, a rabble slave with a weapon!
Disarm him!
Get the guards!
Disarm him immediately!
Where's one of the slaves has a weapon?
I wanna be crazy, crazy like Alex Jones.
And yet having a gun shootin' without resumption to know what's going on.
Then I can throw bananas at the global clowns and hear aristocratic moans.
I want to be crazy, crazy like Alex Jones.
I went looking one day on the internet just to see what I could find.
When I heard this talk show maniac just proudly speaking his mind.
It was really wild but the more I heard it made a whole lot of sense to me.
I want to thank you Alex for opening my eyes and helping the blind to see.
I want to be crazy, crazy like Alex Jones.
I want to be crazy, crazy like Alex Jones.
If you don't get up off your ass and get aggressive now in the implow war, you're never gonna sit there and kill people or fight.
And I don't want to kill people and I don't want to fight.
So, you know, if I had to defend myself... I mean, I'm not a talker, folks.
I'm actually a fighter, okay?
All this talk's just a shadow of what I'll do in a war.
And I'm not trying to brag here, but... All the talking heads on the TV screen with an arrogance of this and that.
Talkin' about what's been a-goin' on around the world and here in that nation.
They all seem to turn like a pack of wolves when Alex goes on the air.
In spite of the facts, they launch their attacks and I just don't think it's fair.
I wanna be crazy, crazy like Alex Jones.
And yet have an adoption without a presumption to know what's a-goin' on.
Then I can throw bananas at the global clowns and hear aristocratic bones.
I wanna be crazy, crazy like Alex Jones.
Yeah, I wanna be crazy, crazy like Alex Jones.
I'm your Christian leader!
Never mind skull and bones!
Never mind bohemian growth!
Never mind my actual policies!
Just buy my rhetoric, buy my lies, because you're my slaves!
We're gonna put in a Democrat letter that works for the exact same people, and you're gonna love it when they do it!
All you Democrats that hate the Patriot Act, and all you Democrats that hate the police state, you're certainly gonna love it!