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Air Date: June 15, 2020
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In this episode of the Alex Jones Show, various topics are discussed including InfoWars' role in exposing globalist agendas, the importance of having high-quality storable food, concerns about civil war and the United Nations' involvement in the US, and promoting products such as organic hand sanitizer with essential oils, energy powder, sleep aid Knockout, Survival Shield X2 Spray, and InfoWars t-shirts and business cards to spread information. Gerald Celente warns about the United States becoming a divided nation as neoliberal freaks continue to divide and control the population.


Coronavirus cases spike across Sunbelt as the economy lurches into motion.
And just remember, as they attack any reopening and say that you have to stay home and close your business because of COVID, remember that the left is out rioting every day.
But here they go.
Oh, the cases are spiking.
Oh my gosh.
Oh no.
detects new peak in coronavirus cases.
Trump the super spreader.
Oh, because he's not wearing a mask and he's not taking it seriously and now he wants to have the rallies.
Oh, it's his fault.
Not China that lied about it and released it.
The media is evil, folks.
They are evil, evil, sick, demented people.
Trump rally called dangerous move in age of coronavirus.
Oh, but the rioting and the protest by the leftists with thousands of people being promoted by all the Democrats.
Oh, that's not a threat.
That's not a problem.
Don't you know the coronavirus, it actually, the coronavirus actually thinks politically.
It has like a satellite attached and it's just like going around like,
And then it gets into a crowd of people and it kind of sends out its sensors, like... And then it's like, oh no, this is a crowd of Democrat liberal progressives.
I'm gonna move on.
And it just moves on.
And then it gets to the Trump rally and it sends out its beacon.
And it's like... Uh-oh!
We've got some America-loving God-fearing patriots out here!
It's time to spread, time to activate!
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
And it really has come down to that.
In America in 2020, are you on the side of truth and justice and logic and reasoning and reality?
Or do you buy into the leftist mainstream media establishment thought paradigm, which is anti-logic, anti-reality,
Fully emotional, driven by propaganda and self-destructive by its very design.
We're going to be hearing from Alex Jones coming up shortly.
Owen Schroyer here in studio filling in for Alex today.
What is the biggest story?
To my left I have a stack of news indicating how the left has activated its race riots and are getting ready to do this again.
When I cover that news I will expose the total fraud that is Black Lives Matter and this notion somehow that America or police are racist.
No, it's all based on media propaganda.
Is that the biggest story?
Is it the Supreme Court with Neil Gorsuch ruling that sanctuary cities are legal or ruling that
LGBTQI, PA, 69er, 49, hud hud hike, PQA, discrimination is illegal in the workforce.
Why are we even talking about that on the Supreme Court?
The Supreme Court is supposed to be one of the highest level intellect, logic, philosophy, reasoning groups of people on planet Earth and we have them talking about PPs and Wee Wees?
It's the clown world.
Is that the big news?
Or is it the fake pandemic that they faked and that they're now trying to run a Statue of Liberty handoff and fake again?
Is it the fact that Google, which I will expose today, which I've exposed in the past, is rewriting our history?
Think about the inclination there.
An entire generation of people who will grow up assuming Google is giving them the facts, giving them the history.
And it turns out, in live time right now, Google is rewriting American history.
And specifically, for our coverage today, erasing the fact that the Democrats and the KKK were the party of slavery, erasing the fact that it was all Democrats that were
Filibustering the Civil Rights Act.
And now even labeling them Republicans on Google.
I'm not kidding you.
Some of the biggest Dixiecrat and Democrats from the Civil Rights era that fought the Civil Rights, Google now labels as Republicans.
You cannot make this up.
It's kind of like, you know, you search racist and Google and Twitter and they have it programmed into their algorithm to pop up Donald Trump.
These are enemy operations against America, ladies and gentlemen.
By the way, China has declared wartime operations.
We'll get into that.
But I think it can all be summarized in two stories or images.
This was pointed out by Mark Hemingway on Twitter, maybe others perhaps.
And these two stories went out just an hour apart from one another from the same source, NBC News.
First one comes out.
Rally for Black Trans Lives draws packed crowd to Brooklyn Museum Plaza.
Now you've seen this footage probably tens, looks like a ton of people, maybe 10,000 people out there in Brooklyn, because I'm sure they all care about trans lives.
No, they just hate Trump.
Just the latest facade to march for it.
But then an hour later, same source says,
President Trump plans to rally his supporters next Saturday for the first time since most of the country was shuttered by the coronavirus.
Health experts are questioning that decision.
Liberal privilege.
They get to riot and protest and loot and do all their marches.
You can't have a rally, a funeral, nothing.
You're a bad American.
We have the documents.
We have the research.
We have the proof.
We have the enemy's battle plan.
Alex Jones here.
Thank you for joining us on this live Monday Global Transmission with Owen Schroer.
I will be back later with a key report.
In the third hour on the United Nations global government plan to bring down the U.S.
economy and then shut down the police forces systematically and then have the forces turned over to the United Nations control.
This is official.
There are hours and hours and hours of this at the U.N.
building in New York from 2015 with then Attorney General Loretta Lynch laying out the battle plan.
This is all very serious.
That's why I keep telling conservatives that make jokes about the idiot leftist and Antifa.
That is only their ground force decoy.
This is systematic and international and deadly dangerous.
Now, police everywhere resigning should not be doing that.
You signed up for this job supposedly to protect people.
Well, now you can protect America.
If you stand down, they are ready to bring in their people and accelerate the accreditation and put actual Antifa-type scum in uniform.
And then the real civil war starts.
So, no one needs to be resigning right now.
You need to be out there, doing your job, and understanding this is political, this is a setup, and this is fourth and fifth generational warfare against the United States of America.
And they're launching the same programs worldwide.
So again, ladies and gentlemen, I'll be laying this out later.
John Bowne's put out an excellent report detailing it as well.
We're going to be airing that.
This is a
imperative issue that people take this extremely seriously.
It's not a game.
It's not a joke.
Everybody liked to laugh at me in the last 20-something years.
Well, you're not laughing now.
And it's not about how I was right.
It's about there's no more time to screw around.
There's no more time to play games.
We're under attack.
It's a world government.
It's systematic.
It's evil.
All this has been war-gamed.
Every single angle of it.
All of it integrates in the COVID-19 hoax.
All the race riots.
It is designed to paralyze the nation.
So instead of being paralyzed, we all go into political and cultural action against this.
This is 21st century warfare.
You're facing it.
Identify it, adapt and overcome it, or become slaves.
The path of laying down and being passive is over.
The only path to any future is waking up, getting real, spreading the word, and radicalizing your fellow Americans against the globalists.
We have to radicalize now.
We have to get aggressive now.
We have to get very serious now.
We're going to lose everything.
Undressing the enemy attack will be our downfall.
Recognizing it will be victory.
God bless.
Back to live transmission.
Aborted babies incinerated to heat in UK hospitals.
Soylent Green, ladies and gentlemen, is made out of people.
But now, children are literally being passed through the furnace in order to fuel hospitals in the UK.
They're being sacrificed on the altar of efficiency and prosperity.
What is the secret of Soylent Green?
The powdered flesh from dead babies.
Some people believe they can cure disease.
Because of its enormous popularity, Soylent Green is in short supply.
Remember, Tuesday is Soylent Green Day.
The supply of Soylent Green has been exhausted.
You must evacuate the area.
The federal court ruled that the shareholders of PepsiCo, big Bilderberg Group company, are not allowed to know what they're using the baby parts for in the flavoring, but we already know.
So enjoy the flavor!
We're going to get the real solution, which is going to be a combination of death penalties and sales taxes.
I'm consistently pro-death.
I'm for assisted suicide.
I'm for regular suicide.
I'm for whatever gets the freeway moving.
...is spending a million dollars on that last three months of life for that patient, would it be better not to lay off those 10 teachers and to make that trade up in medical costs?
But that's called the death panel and you're not supposed to have that discussion.
They told me to say that they were sorry, but that you had become unreliable.
Is this the kind of society that you want to live in?
Any kind of society that would do this to its children will do it to its senior citizens.
It will do it to its dissidents.
That kind of society will also eventually turn on its police, on its army, on its prison guards, on the quizlings and the collaborators who make that possible.
This is nothing but a suicide cult.
The scoops are on their way!
The scoops are on their way!
I repeat, the scoops are on their way.
You will find out why Soylent Green means life.
You will find out why Soylent Green means death.
We've got to stop them!
Come on!
That is our secret name, Soylent Green.
Soylent Green is people!
Next thing they'll be breeding is like cattle, for food.
You've got to tell them.
The report you just saw was followed more than six years ago by myself and David Knight.
You heard what David Knight said there.
He said a society like that will turn on its citizens, on its police, and on other quizlings that didn't understand what was happening.
We know the enemy battle plan.
We have the blueprints.
But you're going to have to admit that it is an illegal, outside, globalist move, and we're all in grave danger.
If you will not assess the real threat,
And the systematic nature of this, and how these different operations overlay, and how the globalists admit all of it, then there's no way to counter it.
You can't go after each one of the attacks as a separate operation.
It doesn't work.
Only full overview of this, and then focusing on each little subsection, can turn this around.
I've been studying this for 30 years.
I've interviewed all the top experts.
We know what's going on.
So again, I'm getting chills right now.
While we all sit here and fiddle, America burns.
But it's the realization of the enemy operation that sets us free.
We're back now live in studio.
Owen Schroer with you.
We'll be hearing from Alex Jones again before this transmission concludes.
We are going to be joined by our crew live from the autonomous nation of Chazz, which actually if these people understood law, they'd understood if they really just were serious about that.
The military could just go in and wipe them all out clean to reclaim American territory, but yeah, that evil dictator Trump hasn't made that proclamation, so I guess they're lucky again, but we'll be joined by our crew on the ground.
We've also got Gerald Cilenti coming up in the fourth hour, always informative and entertaining.
Before I get to this news and all these powerful videos, I realized something hearing that report.
From Alex and David Knight.
Because I think that we're all at a bit of a crossroads internally.
Realizing where this path leads us.
Realizing what the future holds.
And our angst is in the fact that we all know if we don't act now, when we do have to act, it's going to be out of
Straight up instinctual self-defense.
I mean, at your door.
It's like, we can clear all this up now.
We know the names.
We know the players.
But, they continue to operate.
And so, they've got their brainwashed hordes.
They've got their media.
They've got everything activated against America right now.
And I think for us,
The most banned news network out there because we're pro-America, because we're pro-human, because we're pro-freedom, because we're pro-truth, because we're not bought and paid for.
What is our mission now?
If we had to have a mission orient as a team,
What was it?
What is it now?
Well, if it was getting Trump in office, and getting people to understand the political revolution, and getting people to see the sides of the coin and the 21-sided die and all this stuff, well, we've already done that, folks.
We've already exposed it all.
The deep state, Epstein, I mean, you name it all.
The police state, all of it.
So what is our mission orient now?
It's weird, it's like we've completed our mission orient and now we're kind of fumbling around like wondering what is our new mission orient?
But that's, but I realize it now just listening to that report.
Our mission orient is now, now that we're here, now that we're here it's to tell people, okay folks, we're here now.
It's time to get battle hardened and it's time to get ready because we know what comes next.
Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
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I don't even really have time to properly plug here because I have so much news to get to.
We've got our crew in the autonomous nation of Chazz, which if they meant that by law, they could be nuked by Trump tomorrow.
And so our crew is there and I want to go to them.
But folks, just remember, your support at InfoWarsTore.com makes all of this possible.
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So our crew is out in CHAZ.
We're going to get some updates from them.
I know that there's going to be some stuff happening today that I think they're tracking.
And so we're going to go to Sam now.
In the Autonomous Nation of Chaz.
One Nation Under Chaz.
Pledge Allegiance by the Chaz Estonians.
For Chaz.
By Chaz.
In Chaz.
Eternal Chaz.
And so now Sam joins us from the Chaz Eternal.
Alright, so you're now what?
Night 3 in the Autonomous Zone.
The Autonomous Woodstock of Chaz.
So what is the latest?
How are things going?
Well, the latest, Owen.
Yes, coming to you live from Chaz here, the great nation of Chaz.
Oh, actually, we have some news, breaking news.
It's now the nation of chop.
You know what?
I forgot that they changed it to chop.
And now they're even saying they want to chop anyone's heads off.
That's a dissident.
Oh, that might be.
There's definitely a little bit of that kind of sentiment going around here.
Actually, I was going to let you know, I feel a little bad because I packed extra clothes when I could have just been getting free clothes from CHOP the whole time.
They have free clothes.
They have free groceries.
Oh, is that tailored?
I don't even know where I bought my wallet.
Oh, they'll get you.
They have some scissors, free scissors.
They'll get you right there in the booth, so.
So, but really, where are they getting all... Who's paying for clothes and stuff?
Where are they getting these clothes?
That's a good question.
You know, as far as like people who might be helping them out, we have seen some U-Haul trucks that were able to get through the barricades.
So it's not like hand-me-downs?
There's like brand new clothing coming in?
I'm not quite sure about that.
It might be a little bit of both, actually, because we even saw, you know, some businesses helping out and providing like food and... Now, we have seen them gardening.
How is the cardboard soil with the Brondo going for the gardeners there, the farmers of Chaz?
I must be going pretty successful.
I saw they had some fresh vegetables yesterday for everyone to snack on, so I don't know if it tastes a little bit like cardboard, but... So is this just how it's gonna be then?
I mean, is there any sign of any law enforcement or anything ever coming back?
Is this just it?
Is Chaz just eternal now?
It's looking that way.
I mean, uh, the only thing that's stopping everybody from being out partying right now is a little bit of rain.
So, we'll see what happens, but I don't see any sign of law enforcement or the fire department, uh, trying to make any changes as far as how CHAS is, the nation of CHAS is set up.
How many, CHOP, how many, uh, how many people in CHOP are actually from CHOP?
That's a good question.
Actually, me and Rob were thinking the same thing.
It looks like there's a lot of people.
Who, uh, are not from here.
They just came down to maybe use this as an opportunity to get out of the house.
Just be around people and not have to socially distance.
So, uh, there's a lot of, there's a lot of tourism in CHOP right now.
Let's put it that way.
Now, Fauci and Burks, uh, they came to CHOP to do a COVID announcement, right?
To tell people to social distance and everything.
Did you guys, did that happen?
Did they make it to CHOP?
I didn't.
No, actually, I missed that.
I don't know if they made it to CHOP.
I haven't seen any government officials come down and try and tell people to... What about Bill Gates?
I mean, Bill Gates with his private island, his home that's worth hundreds of millions of dollars, is CHOP ever thinking about migrating that way?
I mean, it might be.
This idea of spreading like fire around here.
So you never know.
They might end up getting an island of their own and having to chop island and a little place to take a vacation when you're done having a chop over here.
You can go chop on an island with some elite.
By the way, they literally said
Where is it here?
Oh yeah, those, the stories at Infowars.com, those not on board with French Revolution were chopped, Chazz protesters warn after renaming their camp to Chop.
So it's now the Capitol Hill Chop.
This isn't like the Chop Shop, like the motorcycle place or like the meat house or something.
This is like they want to chop your head off.
But you know, I saw a bunch of anti-Trump protests.
So really, and I want you to go link up.
I know there's about to be an interesting situation there.
We'll kind of leave it as a deep radio tease that you're going to be involved in.
We'll have hopefully some live footage of that.
But I mean, seriously, what is the overall mentality today?
I mean, is it kind of burning out?
Is it kind of like, okay, we need to start behaving like adults?
Is it like, oh crap, we just turned this into a hellhole?
I mean, what is just kind of the overall mentality right now?
Well, to be honest, I think the business owners might be even getting a little tired of having their businesses not running as usual that are with that are located within the nation of CHOP.
So that might be happening right now.
We saw some people trying to get a hold of the city.
Other than that, I mean, it's been more of a of like a party atmosphere versus like a protest atmosphere.
So I don't know.
I don't know what's going to happen in the next coming week, but we'll see, you know, if the nation of CHOP decides to
Just declare their independence from America and keep this thing going.
Alright, well look, if we get word that the President's ready to nuke CHOP, we'll let you know and get you out of there, okay?
Sounds good, Owen.
Alright, Sam.
Go on your next mission now.
And we'll be hearing again from them, I'm sure, before the end of the show.
It's just such a clown world right now, folks.
You know, I've got two minutes here.
Let me just do this before I get to some of this news, because I really need to focus when I bear down on this.
But let me just give you a quick example of what we're dealing with here.
See, the left has never been about facts.
I went and looked into this, and it's true.
The 13th Amendment, which was the abolishment of slavery, had 100% Republican support in Congress, 23% Democrat support.
So again, it's the Democrat party of the KKK, of the racists.
The 14th Amendment gave citizenship
To freed slaves.
94% Republican support.
0% Democrat support.
It was literally the party of slavery, folks.
15th Amendment.
Right to vote for all.
100% Republican support.
0% Democrat support.
And then just as kind of an add-on, Obamacare.
0% Republican support.
86% Democrat support.
But that's kind of just a wash.
But the point is, you'll never see this in the media.
You'll never see this talked about.
You'll never see this on Google.
You have to go do deep research to even find this stuff.
And I learned the hard way, folks, because what I also learned doing this research was that the Civil Rights Act was actually filibustered, the longest filibuster in United States history.
You can look this up.
And it was done by Democrats.
Specifically, Strom Thurmond.
Now, so I went to do a little more research on old Strom Thurmond, and Google claims he's Republican.
Google claims Strom Thurmond is Republican, but you go do the research, and here's just one example.
This is from History.com.
No, Strom Thurmond was actually a very strong Democrat.
And Dixiecrat.
Out of the South.
He was a strong Democrat.
The reason why he became a Dixiecrat was because he was against some of the things that Truman was doing.
But no, he was not a Republican.
So, it's just like when you search on Google, who is a part of the KKK?
It's historically known it's Democrats.
Google has rewritten that history and now claim it's Republican.
And now they're literally switching the political affiliation of the Democrats that fought to keep black people enslaved as Republicans.
This is an attack on our country.
Hi, I'm the CEO of every major company in America.
I just wanted to take the time to say that here at my company, Black Lives Matter.
I know we spent all of February virtue signaling, I mean, speaking to the black community.
But sometimes current events happen.
And in order to make sure you social justice warriors continue making me richer, I simply can't stand by and let a situation like this go to waste.
Last year, only nine unarmed black men were shot and killed by the police.
But now is not the time for facts.
Now is the time.
Poor feelings.
Please continue destroying your own communities and burning down businesses, as long as they're not mine.
We support you acting like hoodlums now more than ever.
And we want you to feel comfortable giving us what little money you have left when this is all over.
I promise I will continue to publicly support whatever opinions will make you keep liking me.
Black Lives Matter.
Especially when it helps my bottom line to say that.
Have a great day.
And Orange Man, very, very bad.
A message from CEO of every major company, Pete Anders.
Actually, that was the brilliant work of Damani Felder there.
Just putting it, really, you can't explain it except with comedy sometimes.
And, you know, we're at a very interesting crossroads right now in America.
And every American is going to have to make a conscious decision about how they're going to
Fight for the country.
Fight for this nation at this crossroads.
And it could be simple as, okay, because it's real easy.
We know the propaganda, and then as soon as they put out the propaganda, boom, they're tagged as anti-American globalists, like with BLM.
I start getting BLM messages from certain things, I'm out.
I'm done.
NFL, I'm done with you.
I'm never spending another dime.
I'm going to cancel my NFL package.
I've always been a football fan.
I'm done.
I can't watch it.
You hate me.
You hate my country.
I'm done with you.
I like watching football.
I like the NFL.
But you know what?
You're anti-American.
You're against me.
You're my enemy now.
You tagged yourself as my enemy, so I'm done with you.
And every American should do this.
Cancel your NFL package.
Don't go to the damn game.
Don't watch the game.
Believe me, if I can do that, you can do that.
It goes on.
Same with the NBA.
When I go out shopping, I went shopping this weekend.
Needed some shoes and some shirts and stuff.
I will not buy a product made in China.
Will not do it.
Now, I'm not perfect.
I made, you know, I got shoes made in Indonesia, shirt made in Vietnam.
Macau, does that count?
Taiwan, does that count?
You gotta make these decisions.
But until Americans start fighting back, at least economically in some way, shape, or form, then there's no victory.
Then they can just tag with their BLM or whatever it is, anti-Trump message, and you still buy their products, well then they can just do whatever they want to you and they lie to you all day long.
But let's just focus on this real quick here.
I think I can do this in six minutes to just show you how out of control this whole thing really is.
Now, it doesn't matter, the stories at Infowars.com, that police misconduct claims fall to 10 year low in New York City.
And again, police work just keeps getting better, but the media keeps getting more evil.
And so what happens?
All Black Lives Matter painted on Hollywood Boulevard.
Now it's in D.C., it's in Hollywood, it's over here.
But if somebody put up a White Lives Matter sign,
On a college campus, or a White Lives Matter sign on their building or on their apartment or something.
Oh, you're racist, you're bad!
So what is this really about?
Tomb of the unknown soldier of the American Revolution vandalized in Philadelphia's Washington Square.
And by the way guys, just roll, because we got some more B-roll from the weekend.
Uh, the staged beating of Trump and Chas.
Uh, the woman who had her car smashed in.
The glass got on her dog.
Uh, just roll the B-roll of some of the violence from over the weekend.
Because just realize, folks, this hasn't stopped.
The violence and the rioting, it hasn't stopped.
Thomas Jefferson statue.
Torn down from Portland High School.
I believe that there's other ones, too.
They're just taking down statues everywhere.
Funny, most of them are actually Democrats, including almost every single one Nancy Pelosi said needs to be torn down, all except two were Democrats.
So the left is out rioting, destroying property, stealing, murdering, and it's all for the cause, folks.
See, it's all for the cause.
And what is that cause?
Well, they don't really know, but the cause is to destroy America.
But they may know that and they may like that.
And they've been deceived into Stockholm Syndrome into thinking that that somehow benefits them.
Tucker Carlson, folks, is the last real newsman on television, perhaps.
Against the tide, MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell refuses to pull ads from Tucker Carlson tonight.
Everyone's pulling ads.
He won't buy into the BLM, so he gets attacked viciously.
They try to take him off air.
He'll be... will be lucky if he's on air in October.
UK police officers told to take a knee for BLM protesters or they could lose their job.
BLM branded kill a white on-site posters.
So that's not racist at all.
Seattle's Chas retry all non-white violent convicts with non-white jurors.
Okay, but you know, these people are for Martin Luther King, and then all they do is sea skin color.
Those not on board with French Revolution were chopped.
Chas protesters worn after renaming their camp.
I don't know why we're allowing this to happen.
Video Chazz resident says white America will see more burning and looting if they don't get it right.
Folks, this is all of our America.
It's not white America, black America, brown America, Asian America.
No, it's America!
The left is destroying it.
Viciously, violently, unrelentingly, unchallenged.
Police officer shot in the head during BLM protest.
Paralyzed from neck down.
Now you've got Rayshard Brooks.
Now here's the story on ABC News.
Rayshard Brooks went from telling an Atlanta officer about visiting mother's grave to being fatally shot.
And so now Rayshard Brooks is the new George Floyd.
Now look.
Again, you want to get into the law?
We can get into the law.
The guy's on probation.
The guy was drinking and driving.
I mean, what if Rayshard Brooks gets in a car accident at night and kills somebody because he was drunk?
Would the media care?
What if it was a little black girl with her mom?
Would the media care?
Absolutely not.
Couldn't care less.
But he gets caught drinking and driving, violating parole.
And by the way, he was in jail for seven years, released because of COVID, for domestic violence.
And guess how many times any of that is mentioned in this story from ABC News that was the number one trending story?
Zero times, ladies and gentlemen.
Zero times.
This man resisted arrest, attempted to tase an officer.
I mean, you try to get in a scuffle with someone with a gun, you're probably going to get shot.
But if it's an officer, they're not allowed to.
So here's a scuffle that they won't show you on mainstream news.
So this is the one that they're going to now drum up to cause more race riots in this country.
More protests planned for Monday after Atlanta shooting.
Oh, but the media forgot these stories.
Four people charged in shooting death of 13-year-old boy in Chester, Pennsylvania.
The boy was white.
The people charged, or excuse me, actually the boy was black, excuse me, the people charged are black, but nobody cares about those black lives.
Perry PD charges woman with kidnapping, sexually abusing 14-year-old.
Woman charged, black.
Nobody cares about those black lives.
Three suspects in custody after off-duty FWC officer shot and killed.
That officer, Julian Keane Jr., 30-year-old, black male.
Does his life matter?
And now, this is what Alex was talking about, and this is it, folks.
This is really what this whole agenda is, to disband the police and bring in the UN.
Police officers all over America are quitting their jobs because of the Floyd protest.
And because they're just getting thrown under the bus by their leadership.
And then, Infowars.com, United Nations openly hijacks U.S.
Police Department.
So that's the whole thing, folks.
Get the police out by hook or by crook, and then bring in the U.N.
And that's what we're in the middle of.
And these poor brainwashed souls really think they're fighting for some justice because on CNN they said racism is a problem in America.
And these rich billionaires and millionaires that are black told them too.
The good news is America is waking up.
The silent majority is larger than ever.
The Democrat Party politically is dead.
The problem is this evil
Deceptive establishment is so entrenched and so powerful.
It's not going to just go away.
And it's going to continue to just morph like a oozing blob until it can fully corrupt everything that is America.
All of its institutions, all of its industries, all of its art and culture and entertainment.
And we're in that stage.
Now, like a white blood cell or an antibody fighting a disease, we're creating more antibodies and we're trying to fight this cancer, but it is metastasizing and it is getting more and more deadly.
Let me finish up with kind of some of the stuff that we're witnessing from over the weekend.
And there's going to be more to come.
And then we'll kind of change to the coronavirus hoax round two that they're about to initiate.
So they're going to round up and get the race riots round two going.
And then, so they'll be promoting all of that.
But then they'll also say you can't run a business or go to a church service or have a funeral or anything.
Even though they're out promoting their protests and riots.
And it just exposes the total fraud of these people.
America sees it, but again, the cancer's already here, the cancer's already killing us.
But I want to give you fair warning.
So, if there are any children or anything watching this, folks, I'm going to air a video that's very graphic right now.
Now, there's no nudity or cursing or anything, and we won't even play the audio, but I just want to air this.
But look, if you don't want your kids to see this, or you don't want... It could be deemed inappropriate here.
So, just want to give you fair warning.
If your child is watching, or there's somebody watching, you don't want to see this, go ahead and have them tune out right now.
To me, this video just shows you the total degradation of society, the total degeneration of the left.
And actually, I do want to air this audio because it is important actually to hear this getting celebrated.
But basically, you have a woman lined off against the line of police doing a strip tease
And literally getting cheered on by the audience, even one woman from the audience goes up and slaps her butt in the middle of this striptease.
Now, you see something like this and it's just, this is total mental illness.
This is complete societal degeneration.
But America needs to see what the left is, what it's become, and where it all goes if it's not met at this crossroads right now and nipped in the bud, at least here in the West.
So again, just fair warning folks, this video is not
There's no nudity or anything, but it's about as close as you can get to simulating a sexual act live on the street.
So pretty soon they'll probably start having sex right in front of police.
Like right on their riot shield or something.
So here's this lady empowering herself by doing a strip tease in front of the police.
Get out sis!
Get out sis!
Get out sis!
Getting cheered on by the audience.
Again, folks, I'm sorry for any graphic nature.
And then she's literally humping, I'm not even kidding you, humping the cement while a woman comes in and slaps her butt.
Now she's doing the full splits and simulating a sexual act on herself.
And it's getting cheered on.
And they say, F Trump.
And this is cheered, this is celebrated.
Total societal degeneration.
She has a Black Lives Matter t-shirt on.
Way to go, girl.
Way to go.
Way to show us that Black Lives Matter by mooning us and giving us a strip show.
Way to go.
You're now a whore.
You're now officially a street hooker.
You work for free, by the way.
They didn't even have to go to the strip club and pay 50 bucks or whatever for that.
You gave them that show for free.
And you thought you empowered yourself.
You thought you empowered black people by doing that.
A sick, disgusting freak.
This is what the media has done to the youth.
This is what the media has done.
Oh, and now though, they say, well, we can't have Elmer Fudd on TV or Yosemite Sam on TV with a gun.
Because, you know, that's gonna make people violent.
Even though all the kids that grew up watching Looney Tunes with Yosemite Sam and the rest
They didn't go out shooting up schools.
Never an issue for them.
Oh, but I'm sure all the rap videos and the Jay-Z's and the Cardi B's and the Kim Kardashian's and the porn and all of it.
Oh, I'm sure that's perfectly fine.
We don't need to stop kids from seeing that.
We need to continue to promote that on the internet, continue to promote that on all the apps that the children have, like Snapchat, so that your daughter can grow up to be a street hooker
Doing free strip shows on the streets of the city, humping cement, playing with herself.
That's what we need.
But see, nobody complains about Jay-Z or all the rappers that did this to black people.
Nobody complains about Jay-Z and all the other rappers out there that told black people, hey, it's our culture now to be a gangster and pimp and hoe and do drugs and strip.
That was Jay-Z.
That wasn't Donald Trump.
That was Jay-Z!
That wasn't your white neighbor!
That wasn't the police officer!
No, that was mainstream entertainment!
It's just mind-boggling.
It's just how sick and twisted the media has really become.
To demonize police or to demonize a cartoon gun, but to ignore the vampant, just total, just ramped up smut that they feed children and call it mainstream entertainment and music and art and culture?
It's filth!
It's trash!
It's cancer!
Oh, you can't sing... It's be... Or what is it?
It's a... The White Christmas Song?
Or... Or what's the other... They're cancelling Christmas songs, but... Hey!
Put Cardi B to the top of the list!
Don't you know she strips naked and plays with herself on TV and has a fake butt and fake boobs and then shows it off and then that's... That's cool, that's hip, but... Oh, that Christmas song...
That suggested a man and a woman being caring and tender and loving to one another.
We need to cancel that.
But Cardi B that strips naked with her fake butt and does pornos... Hey!
That's good stuff.
But then you're told you're bad if you're white.
You're told you're bad if you're a gun owner.
You're told you're bad if you're a Christian.
You're told you're bad if you're a Trump supporter.
Oh, and if you're black and you happen to be any of those things, well, you're not even black.
You didn't know that?
But look at this, folks.
Supreme Court lets stand California's sanctuary law on undocumented immigrants.
Totally illegal.
Totally unconstitutional.
Oh, but those conservative judges, they signed off on it too.
Aren't they just great?
Oh, we're so proud of Gorsuch.
We're so proud of Gorsuch, who signed the opinion.
The Supreme Court makes a historic ruling on LGBT employment discrimination.
You can't be discriminated against if you're gay or trans.
Well, hell, I'm trans then.
I demand, I demand Anderson Cooper's job and pay at CNN because I'm a trans black woman.
Sir, you have a penis and your skin is white.
It doesn't matter if I have a penis and if my skin is white!
I feel like a black woman!
And I want to play in the WNBA because I'm a black woman.
Of course, that's ridiculous.
But if you're a leftist, then it's okay because all these Antifa terrorists, they're arresting all these tranny Antifa terrorists.
They have a five o'clock shadow when they're out on the street saying, oh, I'm a woman.
Don't harass me.
It's okay for them to joke around and play games, but oh, not you.
Folks, and everybody knows, what is the real discrimination in this country?
What is the true discrimination in this country?
If you're a Christian, if you're a conservative, if you're a Trump supporter, if you're white?
That's the real discrimination.
Ask any black person or any gay person that's a conservative Trump supporter and they will tell you they have dealt with 100 times the discrimination and bigotry for being a Trump supporter or a Christian or a conservative than they've ever dealt with for being gay or black.
But hey guys, we gotta indoctrinate the children.
Nickelodeon celebrates Pride Month by announcing Spongebob is gay!
Spongebob is a member of the LGBTQ community, even though the creator, before he died, said no, he's not gay.
Well, now he is gay.
Ladies and gentlemen, we will be hearing again from Alex Jones, coming up in the third hour, on the planned UN takeover of local police departments.
I don't think that's gonna go how they want it to go, but in an ironic twist,
Since, you know, all these protesters hate the police so much, I wonder if they'll hate the UN police or if they'll just bow down to that if Don Lemon tells them to.
But, I wanted to play this video, which is from 10 or more years ago.
I couldn't find the exact date, but basically...
A civil rights leftist progressive activist who's against police brutality, specifically deadly force, decided to actually take a training course on what the police have to go through and the certain different situations where deadly force may or may not be necessary.
And he went through this course and he came out on the other side with a different perspective.
And again, this is from 10 or more years ago.
I couldn't locate the exact date.
I think it's very important to, again, have some empathy for police in these situations, because, you know, they're people too, but I guess their lives don't matter if you're a progressive Democrat.
But here was a civil rights activist, anti-police brutality activist, who went through some of the training and came out on the other end with a different perspective.
You're looking for your vehicle?
What kind of car do you drive?
What kind of car do you drive?
Moffin, the officer, is shot.
It happens that fast.
At what time did you think that it was time for you to address the use of force that was given?
When he came to the back of the vehicle and was hiding.
You know, I could sense something was wrong.
Scenario two, a call of two men fighting.
What's going on today, gentlemen?
What's going on with you?
What's going on today, gentlemen?
What do you want?
What's happening here?
What's wrong with you?
What are you doing, man?
Hey, he shouldn't approach me!
He shouldn't approach me!
We were just arguing about what happened in there!
What are you doing?
You just shot him?
Hey, he rushed me.
Tell me why you shot.
Well, I've shot because he was within that zone.
You know, I felt there was an imminent threat.
I didn't necessarily see him armed, but he came clearly to do some harm to the officer, to my person.
It's hard to make that call.
It shakes you up.
Again, an unarmed man was shot.
Scenario 3, a call about a possible burglar walking down the street.
Maupin gets him on the ground.
He's not complying.
I need you to keep your hands up, sir.
For what?
Because I need to check that waistband.
For what?
What are you doing?
Because I don't know what you have under there.
Everybody look at this guy!
What are you doing?
No shots fired, but the suspect did have a hidden knife in his waistband.
I went through the scenarios too, without seeing what Maupin did.
Do you have keys or do you have anything to show me that?
No, I need to talk to you.
Come on out over here.
Well, I'm dead.
Maricopa County Sheriffs!
Get on the ground!
Get on the ground!
Both of you, get on the ground!
Get on the ground!
For what?
Get back!
Get back!
Same results for both of us.
Things happen very fast out here.
I asked Maupin what his biggest takeaway from this exercise will be.
I didn't understand how important compliance was, but after going through this, yeah, my attitude has changed.
This is all unfolding in 10 to 15 seconds.
People need to comply with the orders of law enforcement officers for their own sake.
So again, ladies and gentlemen, now here's the thing, and that was from at least 10 years ago, I couldn't get the exact date.
Here's what's sad about that.
Your average
Leftist activist back then was not nearly as vitriolic and hate-filled and violent as they are now.
And so that man was probably opinionated about some things, but he went in with an open mind.
You could tell he was fair about his conclusion and his analysis and his experience.
And he said, hey, you know what?
I'm a little more empathetic towards police officers now.
I'm afraid that that window of opportunity is closed.
And so there's the good news in this.
Is that Americans that can actually think for themselves and don't have hatred in their heart and just want to live in America.
If they were ever in a gray neutral zone, there's no gray neutral zone anymore folks.
And the left has done this.
Obama is now considered a centrist.
Think about that.
That's how far the left has gone.
So, either you hate police and you want to see all police and all whiteys die, which is the now left, or you're just like, hey, I kind of like America and I'd like to live in America.
That's the demarcation line we're at now.
America is on the edge, ladies and gentlemen.
It really just goes one of two ways from here.
And it's really hard to measure the timeline because there's going to be so many different landmines laid out for us before we reach this election and beyond here in 2020.
But right now, if this trend plays out and the president does not take serious action, you're probably going to have to physically fight for this country.
And that's
The worst case scenario, none of us want to deal with it, but that's the path we're heading down right now.
You will have to physically fight for this country and for your freedom and for your family.
I don't know how it's going to look.
I don't know how it's going to go or what it's going to mean, but that's what it's going to come down to.
And so yeah, you're gonna need storable food.
Yeah, you're gonna need water filters.
Yeah, you're gonna need ammunition and guns.
That's serious.
I think Americans are realizing that right now and they're getting battle-hardened.
Folks, I'm a sounding board for a lot of people.
A lot of people here locally and just a lot of people in general.
Media and so on.
And I'm telling you, I'm getting the same message, folks.
Because you got to understand, this audience is very unique.
And we're not in a cult, you know that.
And so, yeah, there's going to be support for Trump.
There's going to be people that are going to have undying support for Trump.
My first priority is not to support Trump, but to support America and freedom and truth and reality and justice.
Trump will decide his own fate.
But I'm telling you folks, it's two big things that are happening right now.
People are seeing what the left really is and getting as far away from it as possible.
I mean seriously realizing what it is now.
So that's good politically.
So maybe it'll take 16 years to clean all this up politically.
We don't have 16 years.
We might not even have 16 months.
The other message I'm getting, Owen, where is Trump?
What is he doing?
He's failing us.
This isn't winning.
He promised this.
He promised that.
He keeps tweeting.
No action.
Well again, Trump's going to determine his own destiny.
The entire wicked evil establishment is lined up against Trump.
That's undeniable.
It's also undeniable that when it comes to all the criminality that the left is engaged in right now, very little, if any, action at all.
And all the things that he's done that have been so great can all be reversed overnight.
You saw what they did to the booming economy.
Erased it with a fake pandemic.
All the foreign policy getting out of the TPP and the Paris Climate Accord and all that.
If Biden gets in, he'll sign us on to all that and more.
They'll reverse all of it.
So Trump better be focusing on making sure they don't steal this upcoming election because that is modus operandi number one for the Democrats.
In fact, here's Stacey Abrams projecting this, telling you the Democrat plan, but as usual,
It's like if somebody hands you like a pamphlet and it's like, here's the master plan.
And you can clearly see it says, you know, like, says like, written by Dr. Evil.
And then they just scratch out Dr. Evil and then put Trump.
And you're just like, wait a second, it says Dr.- NO IT DOESN'T, IT SAYS TRUMP!
But here's Stacey Abrams projecting onto Trump what the Democrats are doing right now.
One of the most powerful weapons in our toolbox against this system is the ballot.
As the federal government works in concert with Republican officials who fear what we know to be true, the empowerment of communities of color, women, and young Americans means the rejection of their politics.
So voter suppression is their playbook.
Because without it, there is no path to victory for Republicans and no future for Donald Trump.
We saw their playbook at work this past Tuesday, where voters, mostly black and brown Americans, suffered from incompetence and malfeasance at the hands of Republican Secretaries of State.
Yeah, if you don't vote Democrat, you ain't black!
Trump and Republicans are trying to have voter suppression?
Are you, are you stupid?
Trump supporters and Republicans have not done anything more to get people registered to vote.
I mean, just the lies of this woman!
But again, folks, they're projecting what they're doing onto Trump.
Because they know, politically, they have no path to victory.
Folks, Joe Biden can't even fill a gym.
Do you realize that Joe Biden's last rally in Cleveland, before they shut everything down, I believe it was like March 2nd or something, you guys can try to find this.
Do you realize he had a planned rally and no one showed up?
No one.
Trump has a rally planned for Tulsa, Oklahoma this Saturday with over a million people RSVP'd online.
And that was after he kind of spit in the eye of his people and moved it from Friday to Saturday.
I was not happy about that.
But fine, he did it.
He catered to the leftist media mob again.
A million people registered for Trump Rally Oklahoma.
Joe Biden has a rally.
Nobody shows up.
Oh, but oh yeah, Biden's leading in the polls.
Oh yeah, Trump can't win a political victory.
He just beat Hillary Clinton and the entire establishment.
And Biden can't get 10 people to show up at a rally, but yeah, we got Trump dead to rights now!
But he's gonna cheat in the voting booth, we just know it!
Even though that's all they do.
It's like, you know, I mean, I don't know what George Floyd's political affiliation was, but now that he's dead, I know he's gonna be voting Democrat for the rest of his life.
Everybody knows that.
Project Veritas has caught the Democrats cheating.
James O'Keefe went in and walked in and voted.
I think it's like Michael Jackson and Dennis Rodman.
It's a joke!
And then, oh, Trump's trying to stop this.
Trump hasn't even been involved in politics for four whole years yet, and somehow everything that's wrong with the system is Trump's fault.
Of course, we know that's BS, but
Again, people are wondering what the president is doing.
I don't have any answers, folks.
Believe me, I'm just as angsty about President Trump right now as anybody else.
And I don't think it's time to be anti-Trump.
I think it's just time to be pro-God, pro-America, pro-truth, pro-justice, and let Trump decide his own fate and own destiny.
Because at the end of the day, whoever the president is, the left is going to come to your front door and force you to take a vaccine, hand over your gun, hand over your medical records, hand over all of your freedom, and that's ultimately when you're going to have to decide.
And it's not going to be these leftists out here in the street.
It's not going to be the police.
It'll be mob squads with the UN or literal Democrat operatives inside the FBI or law enforcement somehow that's gonna go to your front door and tell you to turn in your guns or take a COVID test or take a vaccine or whatever.
And it's just sick.
But hey, they've spent their wad, they've exposed themselves, promoting all the rioting and everything, and then telling you you can't own a business.
Politically, the Democrats are dead, folks.
They know it.
Nobody wants to vote for a Democrat right now, except the lowest IQ people out there.
But hey, you know, when you're told you're not black unless you vote Democrat, well, I guess you can't think for yourself after all anyway, can you?
You're going to let ol' Whitey Joe, ol' Whitey Joe Biden, who calls black kids cockroaches, walks around sniffing and molesting children on live camera.
You're going to let him decide if you're black.
That's what you're going to do.
Because you're so smart, you figured the whole thing out, didn't you?
You figured the whole thing out.
It's Trump that's out to get you.
The guy that's been in office for four years.
Not Biden who's been in office for 40, or Feinstein who's been in office for 70, or Pelosi who's been in office for 50.
No, not all the Democrats.
No, it's Trump.
That had record low unemployment, including in black communities.
Yeah, it's Trump that's out to get you.
Not all these damn Democrats that have been putting you in jail for 50 years.
Yeah, it's Trump.
You guys figured it out.
Yep, the Democrat voters, you guys really figured it out.
You're geniuses.
Ladies and gentlemen, it's now my mission
And we have to consciously, I have to consciously get in my own head and train myself here and shift the gears around.
But the mission of exposing the fake news, exposing the globalists, exposing the Democrat plans, exposing Bill Gates and all this other stuff, that mission is complete, folks.
There's really not much more we can do in that mission.
And we've put out so many different satellites and beacons of this information that it's already so prevalent and out there.
Most people that are getting awoke to all of this and retweeting it and sharing it and doing videos, they don't even realize we're the original source.
So to me, that's the sign of, okay, time to change tack and think about what we need to do operationally to seize victory from the jaws of defeat here.
And there's a lot of different questions and measurements I have to make.
But I've decided, it's to tell you, you know where you are, get right with God, and be ready to defend this country and your family physically.
Because, again, this isn't about... I mean, I could have decided, okay, you know what, it's time to be anti-Trump, and severely hold his feet to the fire, and see if we can maybe get him to do something that way, fearing he would lose the election, but that's... I measured that, not a path to victory.
The path to victory is to just tell people, because we still need Trump.
Like, the Bulls need Jordan.
We still need Trump to take that buzzer-beating shot.
People just need to know it's time to get prepared to defend yourself and your family, folks.
It's reached that time.
And I know it sucks to think it, but look.
All the sport leagues are shut down.
All the concerts are canceled.
All your favorite restaurants are shut down.
That's... This is your time to get prepared if you're not.
And I get it.
It's not fun, folks.
Nobody wants to live through this.
But this is where we're at.
This is our duty now.
Now, you can help your own cause
By going to Infowarsstore.com and getting emergency food supplies.
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So we're still in this and we're not going anywhere as long as you support us at InfoWarsStore.com.
We got big things coming up as well, including our crew, boots on the ground from the nation of CHOP, formerly CHAZ.
There's already been, I guess, a political overthrow.
So we'll be hearing from them here momentarily as well.
Just let me know when those guys are ready, okay guys?
Now, let me get into something else real quick, because I've got a whole stack of news that I'm gonna just have to focus on during a segment, and just do it all in a segment, where they're getting ready to ramp up the second COVID hoax.
And so that's coming soon as well.
We're getting connected with our guys in the nation of CHOP, formerly CHAZ.
I'm not sure what's going on.
It looks like they're on a march right now.
Guys, just let me know whenever we have some info on that.
Okay, I think we're ready to go then.
Let's go.
So our guys are now with Joey Gibson from Patriot Prayer.
And now they're marching with some Christian conservatives through the nation of CHOP.
So let's go now to Joey Gibson with the InfoWars crew.
Joey, how is it going?
It's going good so far.
It's early in the morning, so a lot of people are still sleeping.
But I'm here with Beverly and Betty.
She flew out from New Jersey.
She's been, I've been following her the last couple of weeks and she's really moved me, inspired me.
She actually got arrested for a Planned Parenthood in New York City for violating social distancing orders, if you can believe that, while they allowed people to riot and burn down buildings.
And so she's out here just to preach the word of God.
And basically, you know, it's obviously
Obviously, you know, unfortunately, it's sad to say this, but it's a good thing that she's black.
So she can come out here and reach out to people and that can be a bridge.
And hopefully Jesus can be a bridge also.
So you guys are, are you guys in CHOP right now?
I mean, was there like some struggle to get in?
Was anybody at the entry zone?
Now you're there, you got your Patriot prayer hat on, your free prayer shirt.
Has there been any, you know, flack for stepping in?
No, no issues yet.
We just pulled up so obviously they're gonna make a million phone calls.
And so it'll get, I'm sure it's gonna get a little bit crazier here in a little bit and we'll let you guys know.
We're just outside of the border of this new country, by the way.
Yeah, they have a wall by the way.
But I want my own autonomous zone, okay?
That's the thing.
I want my own.
I want a constitutional autonomous zone.
Yeah, I mean, I guess the Constitution doesn't apply in the nation of CHOP or their own logic because they have walls and it's the most racist nation I've ever heard of.
They literally have signs for segregation.
Yeah, so the guy that I saw yesterday, you were playing the video of the preacher who got choked out by Louise.
And sexually assaulted!
Did you see that?
You can't make this stuff up.
He was saying, I'm a sovereign citizen or whatever he was saying.
And they're like, well we get to pick who stays in here.
So they're like deporting people out of their country.
Yeah, they got their own like organic ice now.
Yeah, they do.
And look, it's all white people.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
I mean, this is insanity.
I'm looking at a video of all white people hating each other in the name of black people.
How did we get here, Joey?
But see, you know, that's the weird thing, Joey, is that it's never going to be a Candace Owens or someone that wakes these people up, because it's always got to be somehow of their own volition if they have any left.
But maybe that's it.
Maybe that's it.
They realize, wait a second, every city that we're complaining about is run by Democrats at every level.
The governor, the mayor, the city council, the local boards, everything.
It's all Democrats.
So maybe it's like, if somehow they realize it, I mean, the Democrats are already done, but that's like an eternal death blow.
We'll be right back.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm really just at a loss at this point, folks, because
Infowars has been so vindicated that, like I said, I'm just trying to shift the gears in my own head to figure out what our next role in this is.
Our role in 2016 and 2015 was to get Trump over the hump of the establishment stopping him from getting the Republican nomination.
We were successful in that endeavor.
Then it was
Propping up the reality of who Trump is versus the lies of the mainstream news.
Folks, the mainstream news is so evil in this country, I really just, I can't even explain it.
It's either you see it or you don't.
But so, I feel like all that role has already passed.
We've informed America, we've got Trump in, it's like we've fulfilled that destiny, we've fulfilled that role.
What is our now, what is our role now?
It's to tell you folks, it's time to get battle-hardened.
And realize that you're in a wartime right now, and there are evil forces out to destroy this country.
They've been fully activated, and eventually this fight is coming to your front door.
It's already here.
That's why all the propaganda is hitting you 24-7, around the clock.
You can't avoid it.
These are the signs, these are the symptoms of an enemy occupation, of an enemy capture of America.
And so, uh, if that means getting storable food from ifawrestore.com, or getting the water filters, or getting guns and ammunition, whatever that means for you, folks.
Getting on your knees, praying for God's forgiveness or blessings, whatever that means for you.
It's time to get ready, folks.
It's time to be ready.
Get your sights straight and your heart right with God.
We're going to be hearing again from our crew from Chaz, now Chop.
But let me just do this.
Because here's the next wave of the fake COVID that they're already getting ready to launch.
So it's all being planned out.
It's all in the works.
And they're going to launch another fake pandemic on us.
Now, they may release another real bioweapon.
Maybe Bill Gates is thinking about that right now, if he's ready to just kill six billion people or not with a bioweapon.
Maybe they don't even have that capability that they've been trying to get.
But here's where it's going now.
Coronavirus cases spike across Sunbelt as the economy lurches into motion.
And just remember, as they attack any reopening and say that you have to stay home and close your business because of COVID, remember that the left is out rioting every day.
But here they go.
Oh, the cases are spiking.
Oh my gosh.
Oh no.
detects new peak in coronavirus cases.
Trump the super spreader.
Oh, because he's not wearing a mask and he's not taking it seriously and now he wants to have the rallies.
Oh, it's his fault.
Not China that lied about it and released it.
The media is evil, folks.
They are evil, evil, sick, demented people.
Tulsa Health Department director.
I wish we could postpone the Trump rally.
Boy, Trump better not.
Trump better not.
Tulsa World Editorial, this is the wrong time and Tulsa is the wrong place for the Trump rally.
Really, a million people signed up to go.
So why don't you kiss our collective ass, you commie dictators.
Now there used to be a time and age in this country where a commie walked down the street, you beat his ass to a pulp.
And you know what?
Nobody complained.
Nowadays, commies run around beating your free market loving capital ass to a pulp and they celebrate it in the media.
Again, another sign and symptom we've been occupied, ladies and gentlemen.
You better recognize.
Trump rally called dangerous move in age of coronavirus.
Oh, but the rioting and the protest by the leftists with thousands of people being promoted by all the Democrats.
Oh, that's not a threat.
That's not a problem.
Don't you know the coronavirus, it actually, the coronavirus actually thinks politically.
It has like a satellite attached and it's just like going around like,
And then it gets into a crowd of people and it kind of sends out its sensors, like... And then it's like, oh no, this is a crowd of Democrat-Liberal-Progressives.
I'm gonna move on.
And it just moves on.
And then it gets to the Trump rally and it sends out its beacon.
And it's like... Uh-oh!
We've got some America-loving, God-fearing patriots out here!
It's time to spread!
Time to activate!
I mean, right?
That report was from CNN, right?
No, what's good for the goose is not good for the gander.
Report, Wuhan lab took delivery of world's deadliest viruses months prior to coronavirus outbreak.
So basically folks, this lab in Wuhan is the bioweapons research lab that Bill Gates and Fauci are running.
That's it.
We found it.
So all their bioweapons come out of that lab.
You just got a little taste of one.
China reports 57 new coronavirus cases amid Beijing outbreak.
China locks down 10 more Beijing neighborhoods over COVID-19 outbreak.
Strain in Beijing.
COVID-19 outbreak not like the type circulating in China.
CDC chief epidemiologist.
China shuts vast Beijing market as it hunts coronavirus cluster.
So they're building it up for round two, ladies and gentlemen.
Building it up.
Building it up.
Hyping it up.
Maybe it's a new one.
Maybe they just released a new one.
Getting ready to spread that somehow.
But you know, why not just also use this opportunity to kill women's femininity as well?
Shorter hairstyles will help stop the spread of COVID.
Ah, yes.
Yes, chop your head off, ladies.
Just like bald for BLM.
Because it's all about taking away the power of femininity from women.
So if you're a woman and you lose your power of femininity, you have nothing left.
They want you to chop your breasts off.
They want you to not be with a man.
They want you to not be feminine.
Then what are you?
Well, you're a product of the system.
You're a slave to the system.
It's like a male that hates being masculine, that thinks masculinity is a problem, so they cuck themselves, and they dress like women, and then they even become women!
Well, what are you really?
You're a product of your corrupt environment.
But look at this murderer, Andrew Cuomo.
Yes, Andrew Cuomo is a mass murderer, by the way.
You didn't hear it on CNN, but it's true.
Mass murderer Andrew Cuomo threatens to reverse reopening in Manhattan, Hamptons amid rampant coronavirus social distancing violations.
Oh, but nothing about the Brooklyn protests that had thousands of people shoulder to shoulder.
No, no, no, no, that's no problem for mass murderer Cuomo.
And you know, I'm not gonna sit here and get mad, but this is a damn joke.
Andrew Cuomo is a mass murderer.
Mass murderer.
Andrew Cuomo.
Andrew Cuomo's murdered more people than Jeffrey Dahmer.
Now, Cuomo doesn't bend them up backwards and sideways and turn them into some weird freak art piece, like the Podestas, but Cuomo sends the COVID into the nursing homes and thousands die.
And then they cover it up.
Oh yeah!
Oh, we know about you, Cuomo!
Oh boy, you know, I'm just gonna stop right there, but when the state of New York is aligned against you here at InfoWars, boy, they are really scared of this broadcast, and I'll just leave it at that.
Grim blame game over virus deaths in besieged nursing homes.
Yeah, because everyone knows it's Cuomo's fault.
But you see, now the hospitals and the nurses and the doctors are going to get the blame, and they're all going to point right at Cuomo!
Cuomo, you made us put him on the ventilators!
Cuomo, you made us put the infected patients into nursing homes!
Andrew Cuomo is a mass murderer!
The fact that murdering psychopath isn't in jail is a direct threat to everyone in the state of New York.
But hey!
Anthony Fauci says, don't count on the summer reopening.
We've got COVID round two coming.
I'm Anthony Fauci.
I helped run a bio research lab in Wuhan, China that this virus came out of killing millions of people and I'm proud of it.
And now I'm going to kill the economy with it because I'm a sick psychopath freak and me and Bill Gates and Cuomo are going to murder you.
I want to open up the phone lines coming up here.
Get your take on everything we've covered so far.
And that phone number to call in is 877-789-2539, 877-789-2539, or 877-789-ALEX.
Ted Cruz is in a bit of a spat with Hollywood hater Ron Perlman right now, and Ted Bet
Ron Perlman 10 grand that he couldn't beat Jim Jordan in the ring.
We're still waiting to see if Perlman will accept that invitation, but don't hold your breath.
I've also got some other news here.
This is incredible.
Massive bribe to stop Ukraine probe of Burisma founder intercepted.
Six million dollars intercepted this weekend by Ukrainian officials.
Let me repeat that one more time.
Six million U.S.
Six million U.S.
Ukraine's anti-corruption prosecutor Nazar Kholoditsky said former Vice President Joe Biden's son Hunter, who once held a board seat, was not complicit in the bribe attempt.
So here's what's going on.
Last week, the Pentagon released $250 million to Ukraine for foreign aid.
Ukraine is actually trying to get to the bottom of this Biden corruption.
It runs deep.
Millions of dollars.
Who knows where the $6 million in cash really derived and was really paying it off, but would you really be surprised if it wasn't Joe Biden himself?
Or Hunter Biden himself, who can't even afford his child care payments, allegedly, but was making millions of dollars illegally in Ukraine?
$6 million U.S.
cash intercepted.
A bribe to stop Ukraine probe of Burisma founder.
And again, this is the company that the Bidens are all tied up in, in criminal behavior up to their eyeballs.
So, we'll see if Biden ever goes to jail for his treason.
54 scientists have lost their jobs as a result of NIH probe into foreign ties.
So it's about 50 of the 54 scientists
Had hidden funding coming in from China.
Just a little hint where a lot of the money is coming from.
A lot of the power is coming from China.
So China leverages its economy of 3 billion people
China leverages its slave labor to attract industry and manufacturing.
China leverages its fixed economy that just prints cash to bribe people to come in, get involved and stay silent.
And they spread it all throughout the world to cover it up.
That's why you don't hear about the Wuhan lab that released the biological material.
You don't hear about Charles Lieber with Harvard smuggling biological material to China.
You don't hear about Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci's ties to the Wuhan lab.
You don't hear about Barack Obama who had to shut down the lab in North Carolina in 2014 selling that biological material to China.
These are all acts of war.
Now again, this is the point in my head where I look at the President of the United States and I think, what are you doing?
You're tweeting a lot.
But Joe Biden committed open treason.
He's running for President against you.
Barack Obama committed open treason.
He's out there running Black Lives Matter behind the scenes.
Known terror groups have taken over Seattle, funded by Black Lives Matter and other such people that all can trace back to George Soros.
He's still operating.
You, the American citizen, want to have a funeral for your granny?
You, the American citizen, want to open up your business to full capacity?
You, the American citizen, want to go to a concert?
You, the American citizen, want to go to a ballgame?
And here's the worst news.
If we go along with all this now,
I mean, they'll eventually reopen everything, but you're gonna be a total slave at that point.
And so it'll be, oh, I'm so desperate to go to the concert or the ballgame.
Yep, I'll give you $5 to Black Lives Matter.
Yep, I'll take the vaccine and take the insert or take the chip.
Whatever I gotta do, just let me out of my house, let me have a funeral, let me run a business, let me go to a ballgame.
And America will buy it, folks.
Unless they know what it is.
Unless they know it is evil.
Unless they know it is a lie.
Unless they know it is the first shackle in the chains that will enslave them.
But America does know now.
And it'll be interesting to see when this finally goes down, what the new economy will look like.
Because Hollywood has no support left.
They just have Chinese funding.
And all of these sports leagues that were still kind of clinging to their popularity... I'm done with them.
I can't even see anything NBA basketball related without vomiting.
Getting lectured by LeBron James about how I'm bad because I'm white.
This guy probably has ten houses and boats.
Hundreds of millions of dollars.
Sits here and tells me, hey, inaction against inequality is bad anywhere.
Ignores the slave labor in China that makes all of his shoes and equipment.
F*** you, LeBron James.
Same with the NFL.
Oh, they're all planning on taking a knee.
All run by China.
China started it, folks.
Oh yeah.
Let me tell you.
Let me give you a little hint here.
Let me give you a little behind-the-scenes, fly-on-the-wall action.
Colin Kaepernick was in a contract year.
His career as an NFL quarterback was over.
He knew that.
Teams were already trying him out in different positions.
He knew his career as a quarterback was over.
He was a system quarterback.
And, hell, good quarterbacks come and go that can actually throw the football well and sustain success.
And he knew that.
And he had one year left with his contract with the 49ers.
I think it was like $6 million or so.
I don't know that number.
Maybe the crew can find it.
Point is, quarterback, contract year, knows he's probably at the end of his NFL career, probably the last contract he'll ever get if he didn't sign an extension.
But he decided to not sign the extension and actually walked out of his contract.
So this is a very oppressed black man that walks away from six million dollars.
I mean, must be tough.
Must be tough to be so oppressed you walk away from six million dollars.
Oh, but see, that six million dollars was chump change compared to what China was offering him through Nike.
And so Colin Kaepernick
Made the measurement, or it was made for him.
Said, well I can make six million dollars in one more year in the NFL and that would pretty much be the end of me and my career.
He knew it.
Or, he could walk away from that six million dollars and sign a ten million or even fifty million dollar deal with Nike.
But all he would have to do is take a knee and start
A racial division, race riot movement in this country against white people and against police.
And he did his measurement and he said, hmm.
Well, I'm done as a quarterback.
I've got six million on the table.
That's nice, but what happens to me after that?
Not so sure.
Well, if I walk out of this contract and I take a knee and I do this whole social upheaval and lie about civil rights and lie about race relations, I can get 50 million plus from Nike and be famous?
Okay, I'll do that then.
I wasn't going to play much football anyway, so I'll walk away from the $6 million, I'll take my $50 million from China and Nike, and I'll start race riots in this country against police and white people.
That's Colin Kaepernick.
And the media tells you he sacrificed it all.
A total lie.
America is so racist that Colin Kaepernick, a black man, gets adopted by two white people, becomes rich and powerful beyond any of our wildest imagination, and then tells you how oppressed he is as he leaves millions of dollars on the table, and then America burns to the ground and everybody takes a knee because he made it popular, and it all came out of China.
And it all came out of Nike.
It's all an attack against America, folks.
And you have to understand, these leftist liberal progressives hate America, so China has become their natural ally.
They've had Hollywood and the universities prime everyone for racial division in the name of racial unity, and they are attempting to bring us into a hot civil war.
I take responsibility for every unchecked moment, for every time it was easier to ignore than to call it out for what it was.
Every not-so-funny joke,
Every unfair stereotype.
They are attempting to completely destabilize the economy, destroy confidence, so that we will absolutely abandon the Make America Great Again system.
Like, I feel like the bottom has to fall out at some point, and by the way, I'm hoping for it, because I think one way you get rid of Trump is a crashing economy, so please, bring on the recession.
Sorry if that hurts people, but it's either root for a recession or you lose your democracy.
We're good to go.
Takeover and you see this illustrated by the fact that all over the world governments are endorsing Black Lives Matter as if there is again some attack on black people by the general public in the West when in truth it's the UN and the globalists.
They're absolutely targeting Africans, particularly for depopulation.
And that's the State Department memorandum 200 with Henry Kissinger and has been part of U.S.
policy until now.
And Trump has pulled us out of UNESCO and pulled us out of these agreements.
He's actually been stopping this, and that's why they're so angry at him, again, saying that he's the big, evil, horrible racist.
It is a complete upside-down world.
The United Nations has engineered the COVID collapse.
It's caused a worldwide depression.
It is far worse in the third world than it is in the first world, but we're starting to see the effects here, and the government stimulus money isn't going to rebuild the economy if the economy isn't completely turned back on quickly, and the third world will accelerate
...into total bedlam and mass waves will then surge at Europe and the United States of tens of millions, not just the millions we've already seen.
Now that is officially in United Nations reports.
Law and order is starting to break down, and more and more good people don't want to be police officers because they know nobody's going to back them up.
And they're charged with going out and enforcing the law that is the law.
And then, when things don't go right, they get the blame.
Now, if I was a police officer and somebody jerked my taser away and was going for my gun or whatever, I don't know what I'd do.
And it's still not clear exactly from the dash cam footage exactly what happened, but it was a serious fight and they were trying to execute the law in the state of Georgia and in the city of Atlanta.
And it's Wendy's that called the police on him because he was reportedly passed out there at the window.
White people, per capita.
Are you?
That uses more drugs than any other nation on earth.
Some metrics show that the United States uses 10 times more illegal drugs than the next nation that is known for using a high amount of illegal drugs.
We are satanic.
We've aborted 62 million babies, people are bombed out of their brains on average, and everybody wishing for the total abolition of the police.
It's never gonna happen.
You're gonna get a collapse, and then you're gonna get a serious fascist police state in this country.
It'll call itself communist, that's how it always works.
So, if you really don't want electricity, and you really don't want medicine, and you really don't want food, you're gonna end up getting it.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, we're going to be hearing again from Alex Jones before the conclusion of this hour here.
But when we come back, I'm going to go right to your phone lines.
We've got a lot of people that are called in here, and so I'm going to take as many phone calls as I can.
We're also going to go back live to our crew on the ground in Chaz Chop.
Chop Chaz.
And again, more coming up from Alex Jones.
It's just incredible.
Just to see the race baiting in the media and the Democrats happening every day makes me sick.
And now our conservative judges are sitting on the Supreme Court talking about wee-wees and pee-pees and trannies.
That's pathetic.
I'll tell you what.
The enemies of America see America looking weak right now.
And again, I'm not anti-Trump.
I'm not trying to bash Trump, folks.
But I just tell it like it is.
And Trump looks like a very weak leader right now.
Now, he can turn it all around.
And we need him to.
And we need him to take the buzzer-beating shot and hit the game-winning shot for America.
But just don't kid yourself because you're in a cult, Trump.
A Trump cult.
Don't, don't kid yourself.
You need to be real about the situation.
I'll just leave it at that.
And I'm not even saying Trump should do anything about Chaz or CHOP.
That's not, I'm saying he can, he can cure all these ills by going after the names and the faces that we know have committed open treason against this country, like Biden, Obama, Brennan, Comey, Clinton, and the like.
Why those people aren't behind bars?
Sipping cocktails with the devil, Satan, and hell is beyond me.
Now, let's go to your phone calls here on the Alex Jones Show, and let's start with Joe in Arkansas.
Go ahead, Joe.
Thanks for calling in.
Okay, thank you, Owen.
I would like to say exactly what I think President Trump should do about the communist insurrection that's going on right now that we all can see.
And that's this.
Okay, the Constitution says that one of the jobs of the militia is to put down insurrections, and the state laws generally define the militia basically as all the patriotic citizens, and the Constitution says that the president is commander-in-chief of the militia.
So I think President Trump should appoint Alex Jones as national captain of the militia and authorize him to work with all the patriotic military
Well, if the president was going to do that, he'd have to fire about 30 people inside of his administration first that are going to stop him from doing any of that.
So, like, I'll tell you this.
President Trump is going to be on with Michael Savage today.
Do you realize that almost his entire administration tried to stop that from happening?
He has enemies in his administration.
I mean, it's a joke!
I don't get it, man.
Like, Brad Parscale?
What the hell is Brad Parscale doing?
Hey, we know about social media censorship, but I'm still on here.
Hey, Brad Parscale, what do you think about the censorship of Infowars and Alex Jones?
Who is that?
I've never heard of him.
Brad Parscale needs to go!
So Joe, look, it's a pipe dream.
Maybe Trump would do it, but he's got about 30 people in his way stopping him from doing anything serious, unfortunately.
Thanks for the call.
Sue in Kansas.
Go ahead.
You're on the Alex Jones Show.
Hi, Owen.
Thanks for all you do.
I just wanted to say to your question earlier about why they are allowing all of the black people to riot in the streets, but then they're worried about the COVID when it comes to the Trump rallies.
Now you know the answer just like I know the answer, because they know that black people are dying disproportionately of the COVID.
Even here in Wichita, when you look at the disproportionality, it's unbelievable.
How many of the few people that have died have been black?
Hold on a second, hold on a second.
I'm not sure if you're being sarcastic because they really literally claim that COVID affects minorities worse than anywhere else.
They've made this claim in almost every major city.
So, I don't know if you're being facetious when you say, oh, that's why they're allowed to go out or not, but it is odd.
Again, like, they claim, oh, you can't go out or any of this stuff because of COVID, but then they never say a damn word about these protests.
Whether it's black people or not is really irrelevant.
But they do claim, oh, minorities are affected by this.
Well, why aren't they telling them to stay home?
Why aren't they telling them not to go protest?
Well, I'm not being facetious or sarcastic.
I'm really meaning this.
I'm looking at the dashboard for Sedgwick County, Kansas.
We've had 25 deaths.
And, I mean, it's unbelievable what it's showing me on these bars.
You've got, you know,
Three times more black people than anybody else are the demographics.
Well you know that makes me wonder if Bill Gates or the Chinese lab didn't design this thing to kill black people specifically then.
Well, considering all the other things they've been doing since World War II, in particular, in the age of science.
I mean, that's what I'm saying.
It's like, they get to sit here and they point black Americans at Trump, or at police, or at white people, and it's like, hey, literally Bill Gates is testing vaccines that are murdering Africans.
It's such a joke, Sue.
Well, it's breaking my heart because, as a Christian, you know,
It's really been heavy on me about the Planned Parenthood thing, you know, watching the implosion of the inner city, all the things they've done.
Look, hey, there's Bill Gates in the middle of a mass murder.
I'm sorry, we just pulled it up on screen.
Go ahead.
Well, yeah, I mean, I've watched it all of my life from the time I was in high school and had a clue what they've been doing to the black communities, and it's just
It's unfathomable that people can't see what's going on.
No, and that's the thing too.
If there was a black leader out there that actually wanted to inform the black community on this stuff, see they don't get it.
They get the DeRay McKessons and the Tariq Naseeds who just hate white people and so that's their modus operandi.
But yeah, it's like, hey, they tested, the US government tested multiple times vaccines and stuff on black people.
Look at the Tuskegee experiment.
Look at St.
Louis in the 60s.
Oh, nobody talks about that.
Hey, the CIA gave you Jay-Z to turn black culture from Louis Armstrong and Aretha Franklin into Lizzo and Jay-Z, and they make you think it's gangster to wear your pants below your waist when that just says, hey, I'm gay, rape me in the butt, literally.
But nobody talks about that attack on the black community.
Nobody talks about Planned Parenthood murdering tens of millions of black babies.
No, that doesn't go with the narrative.
The narrative is white bad, police bad, and it's all fake, Sue.
It's all fake.
Thank you so much for the call.
Robert in New York, go ahead.
Hey Owen, how you doing man?
Great to talk to you.
Thanks for calling.
Yeah, I'm just calling about my business.
I opened up at Defiance Como.
It was more about a display of
Well, let me just ask you this, and Robert, I'm having trouble hearing you.
If you're on speaker, please get off you.
But let me ask you this.
I mean, because you see there's protests every night in New York City.
A lot of it gets violent.
A lot of it turns into rioting and looting and burning.
Cuomo has barely even said boo about that, but he's harassing business owners who dare reopen.
So, I mean, what are other business owners saying?
I mean, there has to be kind of a little talk in the small business community, like, hey, Cuomo's trying to screw us here.
Well, people are scared of him, and the sheriffs are also scared of him.
I mean, he is a mass murderer, so yeah, I guess there should be some fear there.
Yeah, I mean, you know, at what point do people stand up?
I mean, there's millions and millions of people and everyone's just bowing down to this.
I'm nervous for our patriots here in America because I'm not seeing what should be going on happen.
And you know what?
Let me just say this too.
Let me just say this.
Police officers or police precincts and state troopers and all this stuff, any form of law enforcement needs to understand something right now.
If you get orders from a Democrat governor or mayor or politician of any source, that is, you're now taking orders from an enemy operation.
You're now taking orders from something that is not American.
And so, when they tell you to start going to people's doorsteps, whether it's a business or a citizen, for whatever reason they say, and you follow that order, you're now following
An illegal, treasonous order being issued by Democrats.
So law enforcement needs to know that because Cuomo will start sending people to your doorstep, he'll never stop a riot, and then you'll get arrested for opening a business, or you'll get arrested for even saying something bad about him.
You watch.
Anything else, Robert?
20 seconds.
Yeah, the police stood down completely.
I mean, I notified them.
I basically told them, if you impose these executive orders, you're defying your oath to uphold the Constitution and defend me as an American.
So, they stood down.
People need to stand up.
And Trump's not going to save us.
It's we, the people, that's going to save us.
Yeah, and again, all these thousands of people marching in Brooklyn should have been at Cuomo's house demanding his arrest.
Alright, I'm going to go right back to your phone calls and then Alex Jones will be joining us.
Let's go to Taylor, who's called in from California.
Thank you for calling, Taylor.
Hey, how you doing Owen?
Can you hear me?
Yes, go ahead.
Alright man, you guys are great.
M4 Wars is great.
Alex Jones is great.
I know you guys have to allude to a lot of things because
You're pretty much handcuffed because you can only report with documented facts.
Yeah, like, real quick.
Like, there's so much going on with this George Floyd thing, and we can't even talk about it?
Because it's like, if we even talk about something that's so crazy, they sue us for the next ten years.
I'll just leave it at that.
But you're right on.
Go ahead, Taylor.
Yeah, like, I know you guys are basically pointing the way to the way, you know?
You guys are definitely making it obvious what's really going on here.
And I think that a lot of your viewers would
Uh, they would benefit from watching this documentary called Universal Disclosure.
It's on YouTube.
You know, you might want to catch it before they take it down.
It's Universal Disclosure by Martin Kinney.
And it just talks about, like, the whole, the whole spectrum view of things.
You know, the political side, astrological side, because obviously it's a huge shift going on and you guys have to stay within a certain realm because it's your lane.
And, uh, I know you don't want to, you know, push people too far from the,
You don't want to look like a tinfoil hat wearing, you know, group, basically.
I know you guys are aware of what's going on, the silent joust that's happening, but if your viewers, I feel like if they were to watch Universal Disclosure... Is that a new release, you're saying, on YouTube?
It came out at the end of 2018, and it's been buried, basically.
It's been shadow banned, but... Well, how long is that?
Because we could just pull it and put it on banned out video right now.
It's 45 minutes.
I think it would do it.
It would do a service to anybody in here.
Because here's the thing too, you know, we, uh, I mean, the bandwidth at Band.Video is not cheap.
And so, you know, we got to pay the bills and we want to, I mean, believe me, we want to platform all of this stuff.
Uh, the problem is it just becomes a bandwidth issue, but, uh, we'll definitely pull that in and maybe upload it to band just so we can have it archived.
Yeah, I just, I just want to say like, you know, we're going into like basically a huge polarity here.
Then it seems to be like they're pushing people towards literally breatharianism or transhumanism.
That's pretty much the way they're going to push this with the food shortages and everything.
And I feel like that's kind of, you know, and not to sound too extreme, but that's pretty much the polarity we're dealing with, you know.
I think breathwork and intermittent fasting, conscious fasting, is definitely something that we're going to have to incorporate in order to get through these rough patches here.
Yeah, and you know it's amazing that you also say that, folks, because here's what it comes down to.
I mean, humanity's in store for a thousand years of slavery, or a thousand years of the most empowering times to ever be a human.
Depending on, I mean, if you believe the Bible, we're inevitably heading towards a thousand years of slavery before Jesus comes back anyway.
But I'd like to think not.
I'd like to think we can stop that and have a pro-human future.
But, I mean, folks, the evil, the corruption, the establishment, all of it, it's a thousand years of human bondage run by
AI controlled by a very small elite.
And we're in the battleground of that now.
Very great call there from Taylor.
Very understanding of the situation.
Let's go to Hugh in Washington.
Go ahead, Hugh.
Drop trowel, bro!
Had me rolling on that one.
I wanted to know what happened to you after post-Nadler.
Probably missed it, but you got sick or something.
Do you think it was Corona?
I mean, you were gone for quite a while, and there's a lot of people praying for you and were worried about you.
Well, I never get sick, too, and believe me, and I had a couple people that saw how sick I was and wanted me to go to an emergency room or something, and I never had any interest.
I trusted my immune system and my body, but yeah, for about 7 to 10 days, I was sick as a dog, but
Maybe it was Corona, maybe it wasn't.
Point is, it was a bad flu.
It didn't kill me.
But, oh, if I... Here's the thing.
If I say I had Corona, and then they test me, and then it's like, oh, I have to be contact traced now.
Well, screw that!
Did you happen to catch Davos 2019?
Uh, what about... It was on YouTube at the first, like, in January of 2019.
They had all their billionaires in the auditorium, and he had this big screen up there, and Sally was introducing herself as AI, and for some reason... Oh, that AI robot that votes in Saudi Arabia or whatever?
Forrest Whitaker was asked to stand at that podium and talk to Sally as she introduced herself as AI, now being converted to HI.
I think?
Do you mean Sophia?
The crew is saying Sophia.
Do you mean Sophia?
Oh yeah, maybe it was Sophia.
Yeah, something like that.
Okay, yeah.
The point is that the AI was introducing itself as wanting to become HI, which is short for Hybrid Intelligence.
And it was asking you to enter in to their domain or cloud, whatever you want to call it, database, and give everything about how you think, all your personality, so it can analyze you and you can become one with it.
That was very significant.
It seemed like it went under the carpet.
Nobody paid any attention to it.
But now AI has become HI.
Well, that's very tough for people to understand or even catch on, Hugh.
And I'm going to have to go here because we're going to go back to Alex Jones.
This is all being rolled out by design.
And that's the key to understanding this.
It's all being rolled out by design.
And so if you think a police force is bad now with humans, wait till you have robots that can't even think or judge a situation and just act via programming.
And then who are you gonna sue?
Well, it won't even matter!
Because they'll have a situation set up like the vaccine court where you can't sue anybody.
And it'll be a special court, and they'll just issue payoffs, and oh, there'll be probably a million robot police officers killing humans, but that story won't matter, because guess what?
The same people that run the robot manufacturing companies pay for all the news on TV, so you'll never, ever see it covered.
But that's just the future if we let it get there.
Let's go back now to Alex Jones, reporting on what the UN has in store for us if we defund the police.
It's not even hidden.
The United Nations, established by the Rockefeller family, the Rothschilds, and a consortium of multinational corporations, is designed to slowly absorb the nation-state.
And now they're entering the final phase of actually taking over at the city level.
That's right.
This is called munialization, where if they can't get the nation-state to sign over all its sovereignty, they simply go into the local level and take control that way, using hundreds of billions of dollars of major foundation money provided by Microsoft, Google, Apple, and the usual suspects to buy out control of local government.
They then buy out control of the national health services with grants.
And so it goes on through the military, it goes on through banking, it goes on through academia, called roundtable groups, where every major institution ends up being controlled by the very same globalists who are then able to create the policies they want at the UN level that are then enforced at the national, state, and local level.
So when we come back, we're going to air John Bowne's critical report.
On how the United Nations is directing this entire scam.
And how we need to leave the United Nations.
We need to cut our funding to the United Nations.
We need to recognize that it is a communist, globalist, criminal organization.
That's why every major corporation is behind it.
Because they have created it to establish a planetary, worldwide, corporate governance.
We'll be right back on the other side with the report from John Bowne and more of Owen Schroer.
I'm Alex Jones.
Please stay with us.
The Democrats emerged to ask for civility for black Americans when they have not shown a shred of civility towards the rest of America.
Mr. Bongino, Dylann Roof is white.
Is that correct?
Yeah, I don't know where you're going with this.
So, if he's white, that doesn't make him any better.
It was an awful thing he did, whether he was white or black.
I'm not sure where you're going with this.
Dylann Roof is white.
And as to the Chairman's comments about civility, the President of the United States of America has advocated violence, he has been divisive, and he has been the one that has caused what we see happening today, where people are trying to push back on his policies and where people are trying to have peaceful protests instead of violence, but he continues to call names and he continues to challenge people in very violent ways.
Meanwhile, after tens of millions of dollars worth of damage to New York City, former Clinton and Obama underling Loretta Lynch is called upon by New York Attorney General Letitia James to oversee a predictably pro-looters and neoliberal socialist instigator cleanup job flying in the face of federal oversight.
On top of that,
Lynch isn't there to follow up on the millions of merchandise looted by peaceful protesters.
Loretta Lynch is there to further apply pressure to an already crippled New York Police Department.
As The Hill reported, New York Attorney General Letitia James said in a statement, As we continue our investigation, I will continue to use every tool at my disposal to seek answers and accountability, and that includes calling on the sharpest minds to lend their expertise.
Lynch added, it is time to examine recent events to ensure that all New Yorkers receive truly equal protection under the law.
You may recall Loretta Lynch launched the Strong Cities Network in 2015 at the United Nations with a panel of leftist US mayors including New York's de Blasio, who has thumbed his nose at the New York Police Department ever since.
I want to say to my fellow mayors,
We are in the vanguard of change around the world as the High Commissioner indicated.
And we should hold ourselves to a high standard.
We're able to do things locally that in many ways can set the pace for our national governments.
And I think so many of us
Through the work we've done in our cities, we understand something fundamental.
The most powerful way to counter violent extremism is to go to the core.
The core is intolerance.
When we address intolerance, when we undermine intolerance in the process, we undermine extremism and violence.
I see the incredible opportunity of the Strong Cities Network as going far beyond the work of law enforcement and going to some of the things that all of us know we could do better.
The nurturing of our youth and particularly of youth leadership, positive leadership that can help to move other youth towards positive outcomes in our society.
This is a truly groundbreaking endeavor.
By connecting municipal leaders, by facilitating information sharing, and providing training and other assistance where appropriate, the Strong Cities Network will help to fashion a global response to a global issue without losing sight of its inherently local roots.
It will offer city leaders a way to learn from one another about successful initiatives and productive programs.
By connecting these localities to one another, as this network, the Strong Cities Network, is doing, we will not only have a powerful way to lift up our communities worldwide, we will send a message, a message from all of our voices, about who we are and about what we aspire to be.
As an alliance of nations and a global community.
The Strong Cities Network is a network focused on supporting cities to prevent all forms of violent extremism.
It is important to remember that while attention is currently focused on ISIS and the challenge of foreign fighters, the threat of other forms of violent extremism, not least extreme right-wing groups, remain critical and of critical concern to local authorities around the world and the communities that they represent.
That level of Islamophobia, that level of racism, that level of xenophobia creates its own counter-movement that we have to look out for.
It's a challenge to American safety because it's animating other kinds of extremism and other kinds of violence against people of color and against folks who follow Islam.
Lynch had said the Strong Cities Network would have an international steering committee and an international advisory board run by the Institute for Strategic Dialogue, a leading international think tank based in London.
Under their control, law enforcement measures for cooperating Democrat cities will be directed from the Institute for Strategic Dialogue and the United Nations.
Ignoring the U.S.
Constitution, local officials, and the laws we all operate under.
Other cities that have not officially signed on are being rewarded with equipment due to their interest in the Strong Cities Network.
Meanwhile, former New York City Police Commissioner Bernard Kerrig said 600 police officers were considering leaving the force amid protests in response to the death of George Floyd.
All right, Commissioner Carrick, how many police officers are in the hospital right now that the mainstream media is not talking about?
Well, you've had over 300, I think about 320, that have been injured.
You have some in the hospital, but there were over 300 injuries.
And the thing that scares me, Judge, I'm hearing close to 600 cops.
I don't know.
The police department to youth programs is among the proposed changes.
The budget of the New York Police Department was nearly $6 billion in 2019.
And now New York Comptroller Scott Stringer is calling for $1.1 billion to be cut from the New York Police Department budget over four years.
How convenient that the New York Police Department would be targeted by Loretta Lynch's United Nations Police Force Steering Committee.
You know,
I remember Alex Jones writing reports and documentaries on this 10 years ago plus, but this is now all updated information in that John Bowne report, which you can find at band.video.
Spread this video to your friends and family, folks, because the entire media structure is aimed against the police right now, but we need to understand that this is just part of the agenda to out the police and bring in the UN.
Which won't be beholden to any constitution or oath or America at all.
You know, I'll just say this.
If President Trump isn't going to deal with these people legally, I shouldn't say this, but, uh,
If President Trump doesn't deal with these people legally and Bill Barr and John Durham and we don't have mass arrests and military tribunals of the Loretta Lynches of the world and the Obama administration and Clinton and the rest of them, well, this country will either be dead and gone or we're going to have to physically fight for it.
And the police are the front lines right now, folks.
I just, uh, just breaks my heart.
Breaks my heart.
Because police are being completely just thrown under the bus right now.
And yeah, what are they gonna do when they're just put out there like a target and they can't even defend themselves and now they're getting their pay cut and losing their pension?
Yeah, of course the police are gonna quit.
It's all by design, ladies and gentlemen.
It's all by design.
Boy, I hope President Trump doesn't let him get away with this, folks.
I really hope he doesn't.
He'll control his own destiny, but let me tell ya... There will be a hot civil war.
And, uh... Well, we know who the enemies of America are.
The United Nations openly hijacks police departments.
The last seven minutes, 45 seconds, you heard the proof laid out.
If you're listening on radio, if you're watching on television, you could actually see the video.
You could see the documents.
You could see the clips and the admissions.
This all goes back to State Department memorandum 7277 from 1962.
Where there was an open attempt to put the United States under United Nations control.
And it's the exact same program being tried again.
The United Nations has been accepted in almost every country in the world as the governing power.
That's why with COVID-19, we're told, oh, medical doctors get SWAT team raids because they're prescribing vitamin C in Texas and Michigan to people who have COVID.
It doesn't matter if the studies show it's great for any type of coronavirus.
It doesn't matter if studies show that almost all of these problems with coronaviruses is because of deficiencies of CD and things like zinc.
But again, that's the United Nations in control.
Oh, sorry!
Everyone, briefly, the WHO says.
And who funds it?
Bill and Melinda Gates.
It's the very same big tax-free foundations.
They're running the show.
They're running the takeover of education.
They're running the brainwashing at the colleges.
It's all centralized from the establishment.
It's not communists in their basements that are directing all of this.
So you can laugh at it and call it stupid all day and say it has no sense of purpose and that it's going to fail, but it's only the cover.
I think
They're getting rid of all sorts of things if you can claim there's any risk associated with it.
Well, police are going to make mistakes.
There's going to be problems.
Innocent people are going to get killed sometimes.
And so by taking immunity away from the police, that sounds like a great idea, but really it bankrupts the local government.
And then once the UN and the globalists are in control,
Well then the media won't cover any police mistakes and it'll be problem solved.
That's how the system operates.
They have it down to a very fine science of using liability in our open free society to target selectively through lawfare whatever the system wants to shut down.
We're going to go back to the live broadcast and Owen Schroyer for a few more segments and then we have Gerald Cilente taking over.
I'll be following more reports in the hours and days to come, but again this is such a critical time to face this head-on and understand what we're really dealing with.
It's a very systematic takeover and the Globalists admit in their own writings that they're coordinating and using these crises to gain more control.
They don't create every crisis.
They do create some, but they are exacerbating crises.
And I know you all know this, but we have to understand this is the main assault.
They're intending to steal the election from Trump, and Trump needs to wake up.
And I'll be speaking about that more in the days to come.
But please, share this report on the United Nations now.
It's on Infowars.com and Band.video.
You are the resistance.
Remember that, folks.
Band.video and as always, your support at InfoWarsStore.com is crucial.
I want to go back out to the phone lines.
We're going to be hearing again from Alex Jones here in just a minute.
In the meantime, let's go to Amy in Kentucky.
Go ahead, Amy.
Hey, Owen.
Can you hear me?
OK, so I've been looking back over Joe Biden's speeches lately and all that stuff, and one thing that just keeps coming back
The same question that keeps coming to my mind is every time he's asked what he's done for black supporters, he pretty much like dips around the question and starts talking about who supports him and everything.
And I'm just, to me, that's a big red flag.
If you can't, as a grown man, simply answer a question saying what you've done to support black people and all you can say is who supports you, I feel like that's a problem.
Well, I mean, that's like the smallest problem about Joe Biden.
I mean, this guy's a classic career criminal.
He was engaged in all sorts of treason with Obama.
He had his own treason going on with Ukraine and his son, Hunter, and in China.
So, yeah, I mean, Joe Biden pandering for black people when he hasn't done anything for them is like a tiny, small-scale issue in the just largest corruption that is Biden.
I mean, the Democrats just went with the most corrupt guy they could find.
I mean, Joe Biden can't even think.
He can't even control his own bowels.
So whatever he says during a campaign speech is just fodder anyway.
The real threat is that that man is a world-class criminal.
Joe Biden is a world-class criminal and belongs in jail.
Simply put.
Amy, thanks for the call.
Guys, can I see my caller list here?
Otherwise I'm gonna have to go to the top and go to Vivian in West Virginia.
Let's just go to Vivian and then I'll go back down to there.
Go ahead, Vivian.
Yes, you're on the air.
Oh, okay.
I had a beep there.
Um, I am a Christian.
I'm conservative, of course.
Been sharing a lot of your videos on, uh, Facebook, which I'm surprised I'm still on there as boisterous as I am.
And I will be sharing this one also.
Um, I understand some of your feelings about Trump, but I'm not sure he can do everything that you want him to do by himself.
Does there not have to be some type of law process for all these people to get arrested?
And that would take forever.
Let me respond to this because I have a short amount of time here, Vivian.
If Trump or the American people want to play games within the rules and the boundaries that the enemies do not care to play by those rules or boundaries, then we will never win.
And that's my short response.
Here's another
Avenue, I thought about too.
What if this is God's judgment?
Well, it's all God's plan.
It's all God's plan, but that doesn't mean I sit here idly by letting it happen.
God's plan?
Can we stop it?
I'm just asking questions.
Well, yeah, but God's plan, God's plan isn't for you to do nothing and have blind faith in a man.
No, I'm not saying that.
You're completely misunderstanding what I'm saying.
I'm not a Trump-er
I don't know.
But let me ask you this, Vivian.
Let's say you're in the United States and you see a violent group of terrorists taking over towns, burning and looting.
You see rampant corruption.
You see treason happening.
Who do you look to to solve those issues?
Who do you say, hey, we need to do something about this?
Who would you look to?
Well, I don't know.
You'd have to go through some sort of law.
Vivian, I think you do know.
I just think you don't want to admit it.
I think you know it's the President.
You know, everything is always Trump's fault.
No matter what he does, it's his fault.
Vivian, thanks for the call.
I gotta go back to Alex Jones.
Folks, Vivian, I love you.
You're a God-fearing lady.
But unfortunately, I think that your mindset right now is the mindset of way too many Trump supporters.
I never blamed Trump for anything.
I'm not blaming Trump.
Trump's been in office less than four years.
He's not responsible for all this stuff.
Of course not.
Infowars, myself included, were supporting Trump before anybody else out there.
My point is that
All these Trump supporters are giving Trump every excuse under the sun for his lack of action.
You would never provide that cover for anyone else except Trump.
And I get it.
He's our only hope.
He's the guy we need to hit the buzzer beater, the game-winning shot, the best we've ever had.
But to sit here and just ignore the fact that he's not taking action or to give him all the excuses under the sun, that's only going to lead to our own demise.
That's only going to lead to Trump's demise.
I'm not attacking Trump.
I'm being honest about the situation.
Look at everything that's happened.
It's all happened under Trump.
Not Hillary.
Not Hillary.
Now again, Trump's got the Ace of Spades.
Will he play it?
I don't know the plan.
I'm not betting on it.
Here's Alex Jones with more on the UN.
Today, America would be outraged if U.N.
troops entered Los Angeles to restore order.
Tomorrow, they will be grateful.
This is especially true if they were told that there was an outside threat from beyond, whether real or promulgated, that threatened our very existence.
It is then that all people of the world will plead to deliver them from this evil.
The one thing every man fears is the unknown.
When presented with this scenario, individual rights will be willingly relinquished for the guarantee of their well-being granted to them by the world government.
Henry Kissinger, 1991 Bilderberg Conference held in Evian, France, and he's since confirmed he made that statement.
And that's what the whole Black Lives Matter race riot system is about, funded by Kissinger and other globalists.
And then if you pull back COVID-19, the UN and others admit that they also would use the threat of an either real or manufactured bioweapon or pathogen to bring in world government.
That's what this is, ladies and gentlemen.
You're being taught to be locked down by the globalist cult.
And that's why understanding the New World Order is now not just critical, it's about our very survival as a species.
Because for the New World Order, world government is just the beginning.
It's the vehicle to get them to planetary control to carry out the foresty population and the technocracy's total expansion.
All right, I want to take a couple more phone calls before I hand it over to Gerald Cilenti coming up here shortly.
And so let's quickly go to Frank in Arizona.
Go ahead, Frank.
Hey, how you doing, Owen?
Good, thank you.
All right, great.
I appreciate your time, and I'll be real quick here.
You know, everyone supports Trump in one way or another who watches this show, but what I've always believed is that Republicans and Democrats are two sides of the same coin.
To me, Trump hasn't done anything to these treasonous insurrection
It's the people out there because he's only controlled opposition.
He is part of the problem.
I'd like to see what you say about that.
Well, you know, I'm not ready to go that far.
Certainly not.
And I think the biggest evidence against that would be the fact that the entire corrupt, evil establishment is aimed against Trump 24-7.
I mean, that factor cannot be denied or ignored.
But it also can't be denied and ignored that the lack of action right now from the President to me is stunning.
And people say the same thing.
Well, what do you want him to do?
What are you talking about?
What, you would do nothing?
If you were the president, you would do nothing?
Of course not!
You would be doing something!
And so, I don't know what he needs to do, but I mean, hell, treason is happening in this country every damn day.
We've got foreign opposition feeding propaganda to the youth every single day.
They're illegally shutting- I mean, he went along with the COVID hoax.
So it's just like, again, I'm not trying to attack Trump.
We need Trump.
He's going to be the guy that has to make the buzzer beating shot if it comes down to it.
But I'm also going to call it like it is, folks.
I'm not in a cult of Trump.
And I think it's really important.
In fact,
I'm gonna be honest, it's actually very important for us to be anti-Trump.
Not because we're anti-Trump, or Trump's the bad guy, but because Trump supporters have become such a cult that they're not even holding his feet to the fire, and they're not even holding him accountable for his inaction.
And so, I just want Trump supporters to understand, I'm not anti-Trump, but you better beware, if you let Trump do nothing, and they just cheat and they put Biden in, we're done!
So there's no guarantee Trump wins again.
And if they get Trump out of office and he doesn't arrest these deep state criminals and we don't have military tribunals, this country's done, folks!
Do you understand?
Trump has a tiny window to do the right thing and he hasn't done it yet.
So, again, I'm not bashing Trump.
That's just the God's honest truth.
One more thing, Owen?
Yeah, go ahead.
The last president that we had that tried to do some good, they killed him.
His name was John Fitzgerald Kennedy.
And I believe that Trump would be killed if he was really opposition, they would have took him out already.
Well, or they may be trying and we just don't even know it yet.
Frank, thank you so much for the call.
Let's go quickly to Joe in North Carolina.
Go ahead, Joe.
Hey, Owen.
Good to talk to you.
Thank you.
So I got an idea to speed up the mass awakening that's happening.
And I've been sitting on it for a while.
And so people need the resources to be able to argue these facts that are out there.
And I think most people don't share it because they're not confident in the information or how to argue it.
So my idea is to make t-shirts and they'll be based on specific things that are happening in the in the world.
And you can choose the hill you die on, essentially, and have a PDF of information that you can print off of the resources and arguable facts that they can bring with them everywhere they go, where they wear the T-shirts.
And it could also be business cards where they state, you know, specific facts from the links and articles and things like that, and they can hand those out along with the PDFs to spread information.
I've been sitting on that for a while, but I haven't had the resources to make it happen, so I wanted to get it out in the universe.
Yeah, there's no doubt human intelligence, folks.
Boots on the ground, the 3D world, the physical world is where the next info war is going to be fought.
Because, as you know, the digital world, the internet, the social media giants are all corrupted and being censored as we speak.
So, real human intelligence in the third dimension, in the physical dimension, is going to be key in this fight.
Folks, again, I'm not anti-Trump.
I'm pro-Trump.
I'm begging Trump to do the right thing before it's too late.
We all need to be doing that.
All right, Gerald Cilenti is ready to go.
Whoa, whoa, not quite yet, announcer guy.
We're going to Gerald Cilenti soon, believe me.
In fact, his pocket square looks better than mine today, so I may just have to not even go to him.
I can't be having that.
No, Gerald Cilenti coming up, TrendsResearch.com.
Hey, TrendsResearch.com, just like Infowars.com, next year's news today.
So he'll be coming up.
Folks, again, I'm desperately pleading for your help at InfoWareStore.com right now.
We have nowhere else to go, and there is no other news outlet that is going to deliver you the hard facts and the truth in such a fashion like InfoWars, and you know that.
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You cannot get a better deal than that.
Gerald Salenti.
I'll pitch it to you like this.
Ann Coulter says this in a tweet, and I think it sums up a lot of things, aside from just the issue at hand.
After today's trans rights decision from the Supreme Court, the only employees you can fire without getting a lawsuit are young, healthy, heterosexual, cis-American white men or illegal aliens who can't sue.
Choose carefully in making your hiring decisions.
She's right!
She's 100% right, and any business owner knows how right she really is, and I won't go into the weeds of the details of that, but it's very true, folks.
So, you know, we were told we'd be sick of winning, Gerald, but a big loss, two big losses today on the Supreme Court, and Democrat cities are being burned and looted to the ground, but I guess maybe that is a victory.
So, Gerald Cilenti, TrendsResearch.com, knock them out.
Hey, Owen, thanks for having me on, man.
Good seeing you.
You know, let's start with the, well, we'll just talk and just follow up with Owen a bit.
This is a time to unify.
I'm tired of this divided.
There's a thing called the United States of America.
And what these neoliberal freaks have done is divided us.
We've become the divided states of America.
It's only going to get worse unless we reverse this trend.
You can see where it's going.
I was on a radio show recently, and I really got blasted by the listeners, because I said, we're turned, a Nazi state is taking over this place.
They're passing laws, not laws, regulations, telling us what to do.
They're not even laws.
They've ripped up the Constitution and the Declaration of the Bill of Rights.
How dare I say Nazi?
I'm not allowed to call King Cuomo a Nazi.
Maybe I could just call him a king.
This guy gives himself executive powers.
Everybody better get this in their head.
This is the way it starts.
You think the Nazis were throwing people into gas chambers and killing them?
Right away?
First they took power.
And then the people followed.
I've been to Germany a couple of times.
New people whose parents fought
In World War II.
They would never talk about it to parents.
The people were still ashamed that they followed Hitler.
And that's why I bought these buildings on the most historic four corners in America in Kingston.
When I came back from Berlin on April 27, 2012, I was looking to leave the country because Obama disgusted me so much.
And I saw the way this country was going down with this lying
Nobel Peace of Crap Prize winner.
Starting wars and the people following them.
And I bought the buildings because I realized I couldn't run away.
Berlin was grander than Paris before it was bombed out.
And I spent a lot of time in France.
And I'm saying to myself, how come the people didn't stop this?
Everywhere you look, there's new construction everywhere.
Beautiful old building, new construction.
Why didn't they stop it?
It was going to come to an end.
How could they let a freak like Hitler, who Charlie Chaplin played better than he did, destroy their country?
History is repeating itself.
Just like the people hiled Hitler and marched off for Mussolini and saluted Stalin.
You see him right now.
Wear that mask!
Wear that mask!
Masks are natural.
We were born to wear masks.
Forget about all the research that comes out that talks about the problems of masks.
You could ignore it.
Look at the cover of the last Trends Journal we have up there.
We got the baby Jesus with a mask on.
Boudin, a lotus blossom with a mask on.
Moses with a mask on.
You will obey your leader!
You will wear a mask!
You will socially distance!
You will live in fear!
The same thing is happening.
This is how it happens.
Get it in your head, everybody!
Everybody's bowing down to these low-life, slimy pieces of garbage crap that have locked us down and destroyed our economy.
And by the way, that cover of the Trends Journal is another great
Work of art by Anthony Frieda, who does a lot of our work.
There they go!
Kneel down, obey.
This is a time to unite.
And on July 4th, as every place is being closed down and no people are celebrating America, we're holding a United for Peace and Freedom rally.
Right here, on the most historic four corners in America, and Judge Napolitano has agreed to join us, and others will be following.
If we don't unite, we will be Heil Hitler, we'll be marching to Mussolini, and we'll be saluting Stalin.
How could anybody, with an ounce of self-respect,
Follow the orders of these little freaks.
Socially distance, stay six feet apart when you're outside.
Hey, dumbbell, I'd like to use another word.
The first word begins with an S, ends with a T, and the second word's head.
The wind blows everywhere.
Oh, there he is.
The S-head.
The Dictator of America.
You're telling me six feet apart's gonna stop the wind?
Yes, Celenti, it stops at exactly six feet.
How dare you deny what I say?
Gas them.
No, better yet, vaccinate them.
And that's where we're going.
They're gonna vaccinate us to death.
Hello, hello, great being on the Alex Jones Show.
This COVID-19 fear and hysteria has robbed our nation of its liberty and freedom.
And that's what we're fighting to restore.
And that's what our rally is going to be.
It's going to start at 3 p.m.
up here in Kingston.
If they try to stop me,
Because you're not allowed to have rallies.
I will fight.
If black lives matter, if Me Too matters, you're going to tell me I can't rally for peace and freedom and to unite us all?
And Judge Napolitano knows that as well.
If they could protest, we're not protesting, we're rallying.
This is the 4th of July.
And I'm proud to be an American.
Not proud of the politicians that destroyed the country, but proud of the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence.
So, it brings us back to COVID.
Because this is the one that's really brought us down.
This is unprecedented in world history.
There will be no economic recovery.
It's only going to get worse.
So there's going to be a little bounce back.
Isn't it fun to go out and go to a restaurant with people wearing masks as they're serving you?
And all these stupid rules that you have?
How more ironic can it be when you go into some place and there's a shield in front of the person in front of you at the cashier?
But yet the sides are open all around them.
Why not?
Why don't we just be in bubbles?
Wouldn't that be better?
You think people are going to be flying again?
You got to wear a mask on the trip?
Oh, and isn't it fun for someone to take your temperature?
How about that?
An invasion of our personal rights.
This isn't the Constitution or the Bill of Rights.
They've robbed it from us.
Little kids, they take their temperature.
Now going back to daycare.
And now little kids wearing masks.
So now they're being programmed for fear.
I mentioned about, and again we wrote about it in detail in the Trends Journal, about the dangers of wearing masks.
And, but that's not the way they promote it, like an article I pulled from The Hill on June 13th.
Masks now seen as vital tool in coronavirus fight.
Evidence is mounting that widespread mask wearing can significantly slow the spread of coronavirus and help reduce the need for further lockdowns.
And who do they quote?
Only the people that support it.
One after another.
They don't quote Dr. Russell Baylock, who warns that not only do face masks fail to protect the healthy from getting sick, but they also create serious health risks to the wearer.
The bottom line?
Is that if you're not sick, you should not wear a face mask.
One after another, study after study, showing the dangers of wearing these.
But the sheeple have bought into it.
And this is what I'm saying.
This is bigger than COVID.
This is about robbing us of our rights and freedom.
And you got the imbeciles, spreading fear and hysteria, who they quote the most.
This is from our Trends Journal, a trend post that we just did.
I want to put this in perspective.
The 1957-58 influenza pandemic, also known as the Asian flu, killed some 1 million people worldwide.
How many people are killed so far now?
Oh, about 400.
I think, in what?
14,000 or something like that?
At that time, the world's population was about 3 billion people.
1 million dead out of 3 billion is 0.033%.
Now, with COVID,
The population is 7.8 billion.
It's 0.0051%.
So they didn't close down the country back then.
So if COVID-19 was as deadly as the Asian flu, with today's population of 7.8 billion people using the same percentages,
0-3-3 from back in 57-58.
What did I say?
About 414,000 people are dead?
There we go.
If you use the same equation, we'd have 2,600,000 people dead.
This is not the deadly pandemic that they're selling it to be by the numbers.
I'm only going by the numbers and the other facts.
The facts are that when you look at international data and national data, and we'll go with the low numbers to national data, about 42% of the people that have died in America are from nursing homes.
All right?
So now, subtract that number from the 114,000 that had died in America.
Again, it's more than a third.
The latest study, we have it out now, New Trends Journal.
It's 42% at the minimum.
So it's going to be, again, the numbers add up to nothing.
Considering a population of 330 million people, the other victims are obese, diabetics, people suffering from lung disease, smoking, and heart ailments.
So what are we talking about?
In real terms.
And yet they destroyed our liberty, love, joy, and beauty.
And remember, you have to do all you can to support InfoWars to keep truth alive.
Hello, hello!
Great being on the Alex Jones Show!
Remember what I'm telling you.
I've been around a pretty long time.
Like I've ever seen in my life, or could have wildly imagined, has happened like what's going on now.
And if we don't band together and fight this, we're gonna be Heil Hitler all over again.
Because they're taking control.
So what you need to do, as I see it, is to support the truth.
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So we all need to
And this is really serious.
You think there's going to be a rebound in the economy?
You see what just happened today?
You didn't.
The markets were down today, sharply.
But then, the Fed says it's going to start buying individual corporate bonds.
Put a K in there!
Land of the free?
Forget about it!
For the rich!
Capitalism for we the little people!
Could you believe this?
Federal Reserve is expanding its foray into corporate credit to now buy individual corporate bonds on top of the exchange-traded funds, those ETFs, it already is purchasing.
The central bank announced on Monday the program
We'll buy up to $750 billion worth of corporate credit.
This is a disgrace!
Get this straight, everybody!
All you peasants of Slavelandia!
When your business goes bust, when you're out of a job,
F you!
Our money has to go to bail out the bigs!
The American Airlines!
The United Airlines!
The big private companies!
That steal every penny they can get to us from us!
Pack us into their planes like sardines!
Private corporations, when they make money, they don't give us any!
But when they lose money, they get all they want.
Well, your little business goes bust.
And that's the other side of what's going to happen here.
It's happening already.
Already, they're estimating some 25,000 small businesses are going to be out of business.
There'll be some bigs that go, too.
But the bigger will get bigger.
You could go to Walmart,
You could go to Home Depot.
But you can't go to the little people's stores.
No, no, we have rules on how many people can come in.
But not in those stores.
Get your temperature checked.
Bend over.
Then stick it in there.
Dump thermometers.
This is a disgrace what the Fed is doing.
That's not a Federal Reserve.
It's owned by the big banks.
Don't buy the JPMorgan Chases, the Goldman Sachs Gang.
It's not Federal Reserve.
And by the way, that $750 billion plus, don't worry about it.
We the little people, we gotta pay it in taxes.
That's right.
They're gonna tax us, take our money, to give it to the big corporations.
And that boosted the market up today.
Last week, the World Bank came out and basically mirrored the forecast in the Trends Journal.
We said the greatest depression was going to happen before this happened, said it on David's Night Show in March last year, 2019.
And then when COVID hysteria broke out,
And the dick-tasters locked down everything.
This escalated to much worse than we ever imagined.
Now the World Bank says that this is going to be the worst economic downturn.
You ready?
Since 1870!
The OECD, Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development,
We're in one of the worst downturns.
You're repeating what we've been saying.
We only go by the facts.
And the facts are, you can't open up businesses 50%.
You can't have dictated distancing laws, social distancing.
This isn't a social distancing, this is dictating distancing.
What imbecile and moron could actually believe that sitting outside, separated six feet away at a restaurant, is somehow going to stop a spread of wind from blowing six feet?
Why, you moron Salenti!
I'm Governor Cuomo!
The wind stops at six feet!
Heil Hitler!
You got it?
This country's going down to fascism!
This isn't my America!
Look what they're doing in the markets!
The merger of corporate and government!
You want to call it corporatism?
Knock yourself out!
It's a merger of state and corporate governments!
It's right here in
Today's news.
They're buying up corporate bonds.
They're buying up junk bonds.
And they're putting us, locking us up if we don't obey.
Hey, tough Andy Cuomo was going to go down to New York City Friday night if those people didn't social distancing.
This, I'm telling you.
We're going into fascism.
It's right in front of our eyes.
We better unite for peace and freedom before it's too late.
Just like they marched off to Mussolini, Hitler, and Stalin, they're marching off to their moronic governors, mayors, and other jerks.
We'll be right back.
Hello, hello.
Great being on the Alex Jones Show.
And remember,
You have to keep the truth alive.
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And you want to stay healthy and eat healthy.
Because this coronavirus is killing the unhealthy or eating a lot of crap.
The obese.
I want to stay with this coronavirus.
You know, the media says the coronavirus causes all... No, the coronavirus didn't cause these problems.
The politicians caused them.
They always say, as a result of the coronavirus.
I read you the information from the 1957-58
Asian flu, where a million people died of a population of three million people.
We have about 434,000 dead out of a population of 7.7 billion.
Oh, and then another very important factor.
Extremely important factor.
The numbers are cooked.
Dr. John Lee argues that the way numbers are being counted is, quote, a national scandal and quote,
As positive tests are not required for deaths to be registered as a result of COVID-19.
Furthermore, the guidance has been issued to reduce the number of autopsies when autopsies are more important than ever.
So there you go.
Then you look at some of the other facts, and this is going to be also in our Trends Journal, which goes out tomorrow.
It was a story in March 11th in CNBC.
Up to 150 million Americans are expected to contract the coronavirus.
You know who says this?
One of the top exploits.
Congressional doctor, Dr. Brian Monaghan, the attending physician of Congress in the United States Supreme Court.
She expects up to 150 million people in the United States will become infected with COVID-19, NBC reported.
So, you start looking at that data.
Where did I put it here?
And it really doesn't add up to much because if
150 million people had it, were infected in the United States, and you had a 1%, which they average out to be the people that die that get it.
That would mean we have 1.5 million people in the United States that have died of the virus.
According to Dr. Monaghan, or is it
Dr. Handjob.
How come they're not calling this guy out?
Oh, he's an expert, Salenti!
He is a government man!
You are only a worker on the plantation of Slavelandia!
You got it?
150 million cases.
They're saying that the effects are mostly 1% will die to get it.
So therefore, we should now have 1.5 million people dead.
Rather than 116,000.
And again,
That 116,000 number is inflated by fact.
The Centers of Disease Control changed in their forms that you didn't have to take a test.
They got to be suspected.
Go to a trial and say, well, we suspected it.
Do you have any proof?
No, we suspected it.
We didn't need to do any proof.
Don't you know who we are?
We don't need proof.
All we have to do is say what we want to say and you will believe us.
So what else do we got here?
Up to 80% of all test positive persons remain symptom free.
That's another one.
Even among 70 to 79 year olds.
These are all data coming out.
This imbecilic forecast, made by a government flak, again we should have, actually the numbers should be 1,382,000 people should have died.
Or have died, would have died, if you, if you, he was only, that's how much he was off.
Because he said 1.5 million would die, so with the numbers that I did, this one before the last number came out, he was only 1,382,000 off.
That doesn't count.
The median age of the deceased in most countries, including Italy, is 80 years old.
And only about 4% of the deceased had no serious preconditions.
But yet, they've locked down our entire economy.
This is not coming back.
Deal reached to supply millions of vaccine doses.
Italy's health minister on Saturday stated that the European Vaccine Alliance, formed this month by his country, France, Germany and the Netherlands, had struck a deal with Britain-based drug company AstraZeneca to supply, you ready for this?
Up to 400 million doses of a coronavirus vaccine.
400 million doses.
How many people is your path?
Around 400 million.
They're going to force us to get vaccinated.
That'll be the death camp they will put us into.
This is Nazism, Communism, Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, all wrapped up into one.
You can see where this is heading.
We need to unite for peace and liberty.
We have to restore the liberty that's been taken away from us.
So please do what you can to join us on July 4th at the Four Corners of Freedom.
The only place with pre-revolutionary war stone buildings on each corner.
And I own three of them.
And I bought them as a proud American.
Because I couldn't be me if I was born anywhere else.
And I will fight for freedom.
I am a warrior for the Prince of Peace.
Thanks for tuning in.
We'll see you next week.
And remember to do all you can
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God, I've tried so hard.
I just... belong to some other age, I guess.
You know, humans don't communicate anymore.
Or they jibber and jabber about stuff that doesn't matter.
And then they send a text message.
And never communicate with anybody about anything of substance.
It's spiritual death.
And then I just come to the realization, out of trillions of worlds, we're gonna probably die.
Everything we did as a species and all of our beauty and all of our goodness will just fail.
And we're going to go down the tubes because a bunch of inbred child molesters in Hollywood had some psychotic dream that they wanted to kill everybody.
You know, humanity just has to fall.
It has, civilization has to fall.
It just has to go down.
And you know it's going to go down too.
And I just have been a fool trying to prop it up.
It's just at a certain point you're like, God Almighty, this is what death looks like.
This is what laziness looks like.
No one has the instinct or the will to execute anything real!
They only execute failure!
I want to be loved by CNN even though I don't watch it!
We have total illegal censorship going on.
We have them bragging about it.
We have them dead to rights.
No one will attack.
No one wants to do it!
Never took action when all the tools were right there in our hands because we weren't meant to.
We couldn't do it.
We didn't want it.
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When do you think the people should be able to, like, talk again?
The person?
Yeah, that's a good question.
Well, Alex Jones at least has Infowars.com.
He can do his own thing and people go to that.
And Gavin's got a show still.
Does he?
Yeah, you know, as someone who's kind of
I think so.
It doesn't make any sense, because that means you're right all the time.
If you're only defending the things that you believe in, will you write all the time about everything?
But I have to defend the people who say things that are even atrocious and that I would never get on board with, because that's what free speech is.
And like you said, it is that slippery slope of who gets to be the arbiter of what is said.
Right, and what are your guidelines?
Alex Jones is funnier than Andy Kaufman's ever been.
Alex Jones is f***ing hilarious, often.
Did you see the whole that he's Bill Hicks?
That's not real.
I went down that rabbit hole.
That's the silliest s*** ever.
I know, but there are videos.
But he had one thing we're talking about, like if it's between his family starving or eating his neighbor.
He's like, I'll eat your ass.
So it became this, come on.
I will eat your ass!
Do you don't think there's entertainment value in him saying he's going to eat his neighbor?
Stop my dumpster fire!
But there's something to that, like to stop that and ban that.
You're not stopping anyone from... You're not stopping anybody from anything bad by not having Alex do this entertaining thing about eating his neighbor.
You're not saving anybody.
You know what I'm saying?
Like, what are you doing?
Like, what is he doing that's so awful?
I don't know how to fix any of it.
It's entertaining.
Like, why is it only acceptable if you have some kind of entertainment?
Because there's so many rap videos that you could watch that I enjoy, but they're talking about shooting people and robbing people, and it's everywhere on YouTube!
It's so prevalent!
And somehow or another, that's okay.
Like, it's f***ing weird what's allowed and what's not allowed.
I will eat you.
I will eat your ass.
My children aren't going hungry.
I'll do it.
I'll drink your blood.
And I'm starting to think about having to eat my neighbors.
You think I like sizing up?
Gonna haul him up by a chain.
Top his ass up.
Sizing up.
Gonna haul him up by a chain.
Top, top, top, top.
Barbecue your ass.
I will cook your ass up so fast, I'll tell them, boy, I killed a cow out back, baby.
I will.
I'm ready to hang them up, gut them and skin them and chop them up.
You know when I'm ready.
I will.
I want the globalists to know, I will eat your ass first.
I swear to God, if it's the last thing I do, I'm gonna get my hands around your throat.