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Name: 20200612_Fri_Alex
Air Date: June 12, 2020
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Alex Jones discusses the recent ban of InfoWars from major tech platforms, arguing that this has actually helped them gain more attention and credibility. He also talks about potential influence of John Bolton on President Trump's administration, criticizing him as a dangerous political appointee who manipulates and destroys parts of the administration he joins. Finally, Alex promotes InfoWars products while encouraging listeners to stay informed and prepared for future events."

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Had you ever considered what would happen if the election result came out as you being the winner and Trump refused to leave?
Yes, I have.
I was so damn proud.
You have four chiefs of staff coming out and ripping the skin off of Trump.
And you have so many rank-and-file military personnel saying, whoa, we're not a military state.
This is not who we are.
I promise you, I'm absolutely convinced they will escort him from the White House with great dispatch.
He's created his own sanctuary city in the basement of wherever he is.
And he doesn't come out.
And certainly if I don't win, I don't win.
I mean, you know, go on and do other things.
I think it would be a very sad thing for our country.
President Trump just minutes ago responded to Biden's claim that he's planning to not leave office and that the U.S.
military needs to remove him.
Biden is signaling that they are preparing a military coup against the president.
This is very serious.
Remember, we first told you of the deep state spying on Trump.
Who did it specifically?
No one around Trump had the courage to tell him.
But our intel continually got to Don Jr.
and others they even tried to keep away from his father.
Because of you getting the word out with our guests like Roger Stone, we were able to stop them, but barely.
And now, of course, we're slated for destruction and total censorship, but because of you, you're amplifying the emergency transmission.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
It's my greatest concern.
My single greatest concern.
This president's gonna try to steal this election.
This is the guy who said that all mail-in ballots are fraudulent.
Direct voting by mail while he sits behind the desk in the Oval Office and writes his mail-in ballot to vote in the primary.
This is a guy you have 23, I believe, in the United States have passed over 82 pieces of legislation making it harder for people to vote.
That's why we're putting together a major initiative of lawyers to go out and make sure that we're in every single district in the country to patrol this.
We need, if I'm president, and this is what they're worried about, if I'm president, we're going to have same-day registration.
The report was in Pennsylvania, there are still counting votes.
We may not know, quote, this is the sort of implicit threat, we may not know who won Pennsylvania in a general election until a month after the election.
What do you think that this is about with Trump?
Do you worry then, let me ask you this, and I know this is a strange question to ask an American politician, maybe easier around the world, but have you ever considered what would happen if the election results came out as you being the winner and Trump refused to leave?
Yes I have, and I was so damn proud.
You have four chiefs of staff coming out and ripping the skin off of Trump.
And you have so many rank-and-file military personnel saying, whoa, we're not a military state, this is not who we are.
I promise you, I'm absolutely convinced they will escort him from the White House with great dispatch.
It's the deep state that is the permanent illegal state that's trying to remove the president.
And they're making their move.
I've seen senior military officials, including Milley, signal that they are going to stand down when they kill President Trump or remove him via the 25th Amendment.
So all of you out there that are overconfident, I'm the guy that told you Trump was going to win way before anybody else did.
I'm telling you right now, the deep state's making its move against you.
This attack is against our president.
Now you notice Bolton, another big mistake Trump made, thinking he could co-opt the neocons, has struck, top story on Drudge, impeachable offenses.
And oh, he's an eyewitness, even though he didn't testify during the impeachment, to the terrible things that the President did in foreign policy.
And they sell us on the idea that the President can't do anything in foreign policy, or can't talk to foreign leaders.
He's gotta be like a Chinese emperor in the Forbidden City,
With his feet mound and footlong fingernails, unable to feed himself with the special inside state controlling him like a brain bug.
That's where we are.
And so they're making their big move.
The headlines on InfoWars.com.
Joe Biden says the U.S.
military may engage in a coup against the president.
That's really what they're saying.
They're saying if there's a contested election and Trump contested,
That the military will grab the president.
And they're just introducing that idea to you now, because that's how you fight a military state, is with the military grabbing the president.
Total inversion of reality.
And complete.
Double speak.
Biden lays out scenario where Trump is escorted from the White House.
By the military.
Well, what that headline really is, is the world is prepared for a coup against the President.
We're going to lay it all out today and the power of you, the audience of activists, being active and realizing this is an information war and taking the live feed of this show from Band.Video or NewsWars.com forward slash show,
And sending it out to your email, sending it out to your text message, calling people physically and saying they admit the coup plot.
That means they're getting ready to go live.
They have to get their people to hear that to believe it's legitimate.
Two years ago, I briefed the Secret Service on their plan to remove the president.
They didn't even know that globalists were on TV saying they were going to kill the president, like Phil Mudd of the CIA, to prepare the deep state to believe they can actually make the move.
You have to telegraph the announcement to create false confidence.
A key development has now taken place.
Joe Biden has openly said on national television that the military is prepared to engage in a coup against the president and drag him in chains from the White House.
It is June 12th on this Friday Worldwide Transmission with 143 days out.
From the intensification of the Civil War that America is now engulfed by.
This is not the stuff of fiction.
This is the stuff of legend.
History is passing before all our eyes now.
Will we be spectators in our own enslavement?
Or will we take the field once again as Americans and free humans?
Thank you for joining us on this Friday Transmission.
I'm your host Alex Jones.
The seismic level of what we've seen coming out of the Deep State is incredible.
When Brennan and Clapper went on CNN,
In 2017, late in 2017, and said the president will soon be removed from office outside of impeachment.
And when Mudd went on TV and said, we will kill this guy, the CIA will kill this guy, the government's gonna kill this guy, that was done to telegraph confidence to their networks embedded in the government that they were trying to get other people
To create false whistleblower reports, to leak information to the media, and to then finally get somebody else to muster up the courage to poison the president, to shoot the president, to kill the president.
That's what this is, is agitating to hope somebody else does it.
And now you've seen
All these different top generals and the head of the Pentagon, the civilian head, the Secretary of Defense, come out and badmouth the President in public.
And say, oh, I shouldn't have been part of the President's photo op.
Oh, no, we don't need regular army on the streets.
The President can't do that.
That's martial law.
When the left and the blue cities and the blue states are creating the martial law, and Communist China, in their People's Daily official paper, admit that they're funding the left.
This is unbelievable.
This is a consortium of globalists.
And their anti-human, satanic, alien political system allied with the Chi-Coms and the EU and just a consortium of evil.
My wife was showing me this morning, and I meant to get the links, I'm gonna cover this later, where a major nail place in East Austin says, no Christians allowed on the door.
And people have gone in there and they say, yeah, if you're a Christian, you're not welcome here.
But it says, all welcome except Christians.
And suddenly there's just bath-o-mat stuff everywhere.
And communist graffiti everywhere.
This is who they are.
And they've been under the floorboards breeding and preparing their army in Mordor that's now storming at us.
And you look at them, how they're mindless, drooling zombies, and you think, well, these people are a joke.
But behind them,
is a great evil.
And so don't judge the patheticness of the minions for the danger and the threat, because it's very real, that they could be turned into these creatures.
Soulless little husk, like down on the left of Mrs. Grotto.
Humans turned into shadows of the former selves.
Nothing but wraiths.
This is serious.
This is a spiritual feeding.
This is the draining of the essence.
I literally get tears in my eyes when I go to a Democrat event and they all look like they have been possessed by a demon and had their soul sucked out.
Even what would pass as a beautiful women are very ugly and suddenly hunchbacked even though they're young.
Because they have taken on a spirit, a program, an operation.
And so here we are, ladies and gentlemen.
Here we are in the year 2020, right smack dab in the middle of the year, and all hell's breaking loose, and this is just the beginning.
And so all of you that want to be on the fence, all of you that think you can play it safe, I'm talking to you.
You have to understand that playing it safe is over.
You're not going to be able to duck fish.
You're not going to be able to hide.
The fact that we're going to have a giant depression is a certainty.
Now they've got part two of the lockdown coming, just like we knew they would.
They apply the pressure.
We start rebelling.
They release the pressure.
They apply it again.
They had it all prescripted.
They admit this is such a dangerous time.
And of course, right on time, we have Bolton.
Coming out with his new book, claiming impeachable offenses across full range of Trump foreign policy.
Well, the impeachable offense would be being stupid enough to bring in John Bolton, but see, they all lied to his face.
He's a Fox News watcher.
They told him they supported his policies and Trump let in the Trojan horse.
And we yelled and we screamed and we begged him about Bolton and about Fiona Hill and about
McMaster, who all run around in public talking trash about the president because they all want to signal to everyone, we're not with him.
We are the Trojan horses.
And so Trump's greatest failing is that he does not have the material
The men and women that are honorable and informed that he can draw from.
He had General Flynn, who was a good man, but he didn't protect him.
Flynn would have brought in competent, smart, real people that geopolitically understood what was happening.
And so everybody that thinks, oh, Trump's invincible and the signs are all there, including this clip we're going to play of
Biden with Trevor Noah and his virtues signaling from home because of the coronavirus.
And, you know, oh, and Trevor hasn't cut his hair because no one can come with the TV crew he's got and cut his hair.
It's all just virtues signaling to normalize.
You're good.
Stay in your house while the worldwide depression forms, while we're under siege.
And he's talking to Biden in this scripted interview.
And Biden is up there saying Trump won't leave office, Trump plans to stay, and the military is going to drag him out, because that's how we counter a military state, is the military dragging somebody out.
It's like you put a fire out as you set one.
Here's Biden signaling the coup.
Here it is.
My greatest concern, my single greatest concern, this president is going to try to steal this election.
This is a guy who said that all mail-in ballots are fraudulent, voting by mail, while he sits behind the desk in the Oval Office and writes his mail-in ballot to vote in the primary.
Let me ask you this, and I know this is a strange question to ask an American politician, maybe easier around the world, but have you ever considered what would happen if the election results came out as you being the winner and Trump refused to leave?
Yes, I have.
I was so damn proud.
You have four chiefs of staff coming out and ripping the skin off of Trump.
And you have so many rank and file military personnel saying, whoa, we're not a military state.
This is not who we are.
I promise you, I'm absolutely convinced they will escort him from the White House with great dispatch.
So there you go.
The boys at Foggy Bottom are going to kill this guy.
We're going to kill the president.
Phil Mudd, who's actually related to Dr. Mudd, the only other person convicted
In the conspiracy to kill Lincoln.
He's actually related to the Virginia Dr. Mudd involved in killing another president.
You can't make this up.
And he is on television, on CNN, saying we're going to kill the president.
And so are these other guys.
The last time they tried this, they were thinking about killing him or 25th Amendment him or drugging him in late 2017.
Now they've tried all the other
Fake coups and deep state operations, and because they've not been nipped in the bud, this is a foreign-funded insurrection, and because all this lawlessness is going on, because we've been brought into martial law by the left, the President is being positioned and triangulated, and I said this a month ago, look for top military brass to start repudiating the President to his face.
It's now happening.
The knives are out for President Trump.
The knives are unsheathed at the heart of the Republic.
President Trump just minutes ago responded to Biden's claim that he's planning to not leave office and that the U.S.
military needs to remove him.
Biden is signaling that they are preparing a military coup against the president.
This is very serious.
Remember, we first told you of the deep state spying on Trump.
Who did it specifically?
No one around Trump had the courage to tell him.
But our intel continually got to Don Jr.
and others they even tried to keep away from his father.
Because of you getting the word out with our guests, like Roger Stone, we were able to stop them, but barely.
And now, of course, we're slated for destruction and total censorship, but because of you, you're amplifying the emergency transmission.
You are everything.
Here's a short compilation of some of these traitors
Again, saying they're going to kill the president or remove him to create confidence in their criminal stay-behind networks, to have their criminals hang on.
What did Comey put out a few months ago?
Hang on!
Don't leave!
Hang on!
Hang on!
I've been telling you for three plus years, they're hanging on, hanging on, and they're desperate, and they're dangerous, and they're funded by communist China, and they're involved in espionage.
They deserve a jury of their peers.
And then the penalty for high treason, trying to overthrow the legitimate government.
That's where we are.
I don't say things like that to act tough.
That's what we face.
Can't play patty cake with these people anymore.
They're tyrants.
Tim Cook's not Trump's friend.
None of them are.
They're all a bunch of scum, but their weakness is none of them want to do it themselves.
They're trying to get somebody else to do it.
And you know, they got the wound up military units ready to try to kill the president.
Not the general military, but they've got units.
They've got sicko groups.
There's a very good chance Trump's going to be dead in the next 143 days.
I'll just tell you, I'd say 50-50 they kill him.
And by the way, the minute they kill him,
A lot of us, the minute you see him dying, you better believe you better be ready.
Because if you're not already dead, they're going to come trying.
This is serious.
This is America fighting for its damn life right now.
They're ready to burn down every city.
Globalists give one order.
You notice Black Lives Matter was going to face the football hooligans, as they're called, the Patriots.
They were going to go and tear down Winston Churchill and a bunch of stuff this weekend.
But under orders from Sadiq Khan, they cancelled because they don't want that decisive defeat.
They know that Britain is 80 plus percent against taking down these statues.
They know it's pissed people off.
So now they're going to release the pressure for a while and not send in their Soros operation.
All rigged, folks.
And I'm so sad for so many Americans that are so weak-minded that they are buying into the collapse of their very country to replace it by a New World Order that if you think the U.S.
has done bad stuff, man, the New World Order is the most evil thing the planet's ever produced.
Communist China is its operating system.
But these virtue-signalers have no idea that the protections they've lived under are all being erased right now.
Trump's the real deal.
But he can't believe there's so many traitors in D.C., so many cowards, that all want to still be around after he's, quote, gone.
Hey, dumbasses, your New World Order is not coming back.
Whether you get rid of Trump, Alex Jones, let me tell you something.
Down the road, it just gets worse for you unless you give up now.
But I know you slap-jawed lawyers and all you trendies, you're up there at your steakhouses in D.C.
and doing all your drugs and all your sex parties, and you've been winning so long because America was asleep, you think you're invincible.
You're not invincible.
It's you that are in the bunkers.
It's you that are weak.
It's you that are on your heels.
It's you that only have a bunch of idiots following you.
You may control the big corporations and all the fake fiat money, but you don't control the spirit of freedom worldwide that is awakening.
And you know that.
So you're trying to demoralize us and break our will.
All you've done is stealed our will.
Hardened our resolve.
Made us commit a hundred times more than we thought we could.
You've only cleared our vision.
It's you that smoke your own dope.
You that believe your own lies.
Not us!
And you have summoned the whirlwind.
Here's the compilation.
We'll show what the President just had to say.
You better think again, Mr. President.
You've been around for 13 months.
We've been around since 1908.
I know how this game is going to be played.
We're going to win.
Let me give you one bottom line.
As a former government official, government's going to kill this guy.
But he's taking these shots, this antagonism, this taunting to the intelligence community.
Let me tell you, you take on the intelligence community, they have six ways from Sunday at getting back at you.
If it weren't for President Obama,
We might not have done the intelligence community assessment that we did that set off a whole sequence of events which are still unfolding today, notably Special Counsel Mueller's investigation.
And if he's fired by Mr. Trump or is tempted to be fired by Mr. Trump, I hope, I really hope that our members of Congress, our elected representatives are going to stand up and say enough is enough.
And stop making apologies and excuses for things that are happening that really flout, I think, our system of laws and government here.
When you say enough is enough, if he's fired, and he's the President of the United States, he could tell Rosenstein to fire him if he wants, but if he's fired, what would you want Congress to do?
First of all, I think it's the obligation of some executive branch officials to refuse to carry out some of these orders that, again, are inconsistent with what this country is all about.
But I would just hope that this is not going to be a partisan issue.
That Republicans and Democrats are going to see that the future of this country is at stake, and there needs to be some things done for the good of the future.
Alright, let's go ahead and hear what the President had to say about Biden's latest statement that the military is going to take the President out.
Because we're against a police state and a military state, so we want the maximum form of it, the military taking the President out.
Here it is.
It's not all there.
Everybody knows it.
And it's sad when you look at it and you see it.
You see it for yourself.
He's created his own sanctuary city in the basement of wherever he is.
And he doesn't come out.
And certainly if I don't win, I don't win.
I mean, you know, I go on and do other things.
I think it would be a very sad thing for our country.
The pushback from the president comes as Biden has sharpened his attacks after a month-long campaign freeze amid the coronavirus outbreak, and the presumptive Democratic nominee taking more blunt jabs at the president during a community roundtable in Philadelphia.
I think the federal government has abdicated any effective leadership role.
The White House, at least, has abdicated that role.
Look at the stupid mask hanging off his ear.
It's all theater.
Any federal responsibility.
Him saying, I take no responsibility.
It's not my problem.
I don't have this responsibility.
Turn it off.
By the way, we've got Biden unable to talk.
A bunch of clips coming up.
We've got Virtue signaling by the demonic Apple Corporation giving 100 million to fund race war when they have giant slave factories, the worst rated on Earth.
It's just, it's over the top.
We have Hollywood celebrities apologizing because they're white, and it's the worst acting I've ever seen.
But you know what?
It's us that buys all this crap.
I mean, these people are a disgusting joke.
I'm telling you, Trump is in danger, we're all in danger, and people better get upset and get concerned and get active.
I'm telling you.
Mark my words, folks.
Mark my words, we need to put our heads together and really take action now.
For generations, powerful multinational banks, defeated by populist movements in the United States, developed a plan for the robber barons to take over the military class, the officer class, to take over the major ecclesiastical and educational
Institutions and to put yes men in who would be part of subcommittees that answered to higher level committees and still higher level committees in a pyramidal system.
Based off of how the British Empire in the great game in India was able to control the population there through roundtable groups.
This is all in mainline history books by Zbigniew Brzezinski and Carol Quigley and Henry Kissinger.
At the academic level, it's all just there.
They just admit every scrap of it.
And then it was decided, well, we just need to get rid of the human process to begin with by the 30s.
And that's what the Brave New World's all about, which is actually a real plan, according to Aldous Huxley that wrote that nightmare science fiction book in 32.
That's 1932.
So you read that and go, they're doing that today.
He wrote Brave New World Revisited.
And his brother ran the United Nations and was implementing it and founded the transhumanist movement.
Because he'd been the head of the World Eugenics Society, but Hitler embarrassed them so they went underground, at least partially.
And what they fear is strong men and their initiative to not bow.
And so Trump is surrounded by an officer class that might have been valiant in some war and followed orders, but now follow orders from the bureaucracy from which they sprung
And they're always hedging bets.
And they're double agents.
Almost every officer that surrounds President Trump is a double agent.
Just out of their cowardice, out of their fundamental lack of leadership, their fundamental integrity doesn't exist.
Because it's who they are.
They were put there because they're sacks of garbage.
They're cowards.
That is the fundamental flaw that we now have, is that we have rotted from the inside, and the president is surrounded by a bunch of lawyers and politicians.
That when they're faced with the cold evil of the chi-coms, or just even the basic corruption of a mafia, they get on their dirty knees.
And I've assessed what's going on,
And they have the psychiatry class through big tech involved in just giant experiments now.
Everything else was beta test till now.
We're not in beta.
The year 2020, they went full operational and it's... It's the end of the world as we know it.
I have videos pouring in from all over the world of combat robots now at train stations pointing guns at people.
I mean, it's here.
And just all of a sudden, there's combat robots on the street.
And it's cities, and it's states, it's Democrats, it's communists, it's a worldwide movement.
And they have absolutely distracted the men of the world, the men of the West.
With the entertainment, and the how big is your bank account, and how cool is your Porsche, and how great is your trophy wife, to the point of, there aren't any men.
Because they all think playing it safe, and never sticking their head up above the grass is leadership.
But, there's an inverse to that.
Because there is no leadership, because there are no men on average.
When men do stand up and take action, it's like you're Super Mario Brothers when he gets the mushroom and you're invincible.
And that's what in Jade Helm and all their own documents they admit.
What did Clapper once say?
A bunch of them said, oh, we don't really spy on terrorists.
We spy on interesting people.
And we're worried about leaders.
And motivated men.
Because humans don't follow intelligent, motivated men.
They align with them.
There's an electromagnetic communication that goes out.
And they're trying to block that, ladies and gentlemen.
That sixth sense, that connection with victory.
And those that have the essence of victory.
And that want to lift everyone up, not drive people down so that little hunchback demons like Henry Kissinger can rule over people.
We don't need to be pushed down so he can be higher.
We need to raise all the ships with the high tide.
This whole thing will fail, is destined to fail.
And quite frankly, we deserve to go through some hell.
I'm not looking forward to it, but you know I kind of am.
You know what I mean?
I just want all the tough guy, Clark Kent type dudes you see out there on their mountain bike or their corporate job and they laugh at those of us that stick our necks out there and do things and they're part of the system, they got it all figured out.
You don't have anything figured out.
You're a joke.
But the man that raises his children, and works hard, and tells the truth, and doesn't back down, and speaks up, and doesn't do it in an apologetic way, like, I'm sorry, you know, I think the liberals are kind of bad.
You don't kind of do it around the edges.
You hit people with a 2x4 politically up against the head, and psychically.
The time for games is over!
Battering Ram, the truth!
Because if you think blood's flowing now,
When the first world collapses, the third world dies.
And there are starving children and people dying at ten times the level it was just six months ago.
And it's just a footnote, and you go in the grocery store, you go to the gas station, because they said, oh, the second wave's here, suddenly all the clowns are wearing their mask again, and they're all good, and they all nod at each other, we're all good people.
These are followers, and it's not their fault!
It's because leaders have not done their job.
And so all I'm doing, when I go in a gas station, or a grocery store, or a restaurant, or I just walk by and I go, COVID-19's a hoax, COVID-19's a hoax.
Somebody says, oh really?
Hell, I start explaining it to them.
They take all the regular deaths out of the other columns of people that die from other things.
They put it in those.
And they show more interest.
I'll spend time.
I'll give them a link.
Give me your phone.
It's that human engagement at point-blank range that they've never gotten.
They go home and watch TV all day.
They don't talk to their neighbors.
You go, well, those people are idiots.
Well, you know what?
The exercise of speaking out is what will defeat the enemy.
The human exercise.
Like going and chopping up a tree for firewood.
And chopping up the potatoes and the onions and the food and butchering the hog you're gonna eat makes it so much better when you actually cook it yourself and you do it.
Or to catch the fish you actually take home and fry.
You gotta engage.
You gotta stop hiding from other people.
And so now my family's just used to it.
Now they join in with me.
We gotta go in some damn store, we don't wear masks.
When people come up and get in our face about it, we tell them how they're slaves.
Because we have the energy and the muscles, psychically, to push!
And we're not getting weaker, we're getting stronger!
I'll just get right to it.
At about...
At 8.30 this morning, I felt a psychic explosion burst, and I've learned to never doubt these.
Something really good happened at 8.30 Central this morning, a.m., with some devastating victory.
I'm not sure what happened.
We're going to find out.
I think you're going to later learn.
Mark this date.
You see the enemy launch everything it's got today.
Oh, fire, fire, Bolton!
That's because Hitler's in the damn Reich bunker right now.
That's the New World Order, not Trump.
But I tell you, I've just like, I've never felt energy this strong or this pure for like 30 minutes.
I was basically, it was unbelievable.
Something really good happened today.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
James O'Keefe joins us.
Where he's out on the road, undoubtedly involved in some important secret mission for the Republic.
They have successfully infiltrated the heart of some of the nastiest Antifa groups and proven on video that it's funded by George Soros and his nasty son, Alexander Soros.
So joining us now is James O'Keefe of Project Veritas.
We wouldn't even have a republic now if it wasn't for Veritas.
We're so blessed to have you.
James, this is another devastating coup for the people.
We salute you.
Thank you very much, Alex.
This is the first time we've kind of seen their
National organizers on video talking about who funds them.
The names here, Tom Steyer, they've been meeting with.
This is Refused Fascism National Organizer.
And George Soros, this is a national organizer for Refused Fascism, an Antifa-like group.
A woman named T. Stern saying, quote, we actually did get a grant from Soros.
So they're actually saying the things that we've suspected, but we've never actually seen their lips moving and them admit it, Alex.
It's incredible to see now areas of the U.S.
seized by Antifa and governments like Seattle and the governor of Washington saying, Hey, Trump, you're bad.
We're going to turn these areas over, encouraging this behavior.
And this is on the heels of a few videos your audience may have seen the last two weeks.
These are, these are trainings where Antifa individuals are training people how to gouge out eyes.
And there's a scene there of a New York City Antifa fight instructor who actually says they're trying to reframe an assault as self-defense.
They're reframing an assault, an offensive, violent act, as a form of self-defense?
By the way, that's the crime of premeditated conspiracy.
For those that don't know about law and law enforcement, it's premeditated conspiracy to assault someone and hide it as defense.
That is a felony.
That is a felony.
And then the question is, what is law enforcement going to do about it?
People say, who's behind this?
Who's funding this?
And people say, well, Alex, the media says it's not even a group.
They're saying they're not even a group with an identity.
And we've just reported, exposed on video,
This guy, Andy Z, is his name.
He's the national organizer for RefuseFa, sitting talking about $50,000 checks he's taking from all these donors.
In fact, he's meeting with someone he thinks is a donor.
And there you have video in front of you of a member of this other group called Redneck Revolt, an Antifa-like group in North Carolina, shooting rifles, talking about an armed revolution.
And they just want violence.
So violence is their end goal.
And now we know some of the donors who are associated with groups like this, Alex.
Well, now that Trump has said it's a directive to go after Antifa as a criminal conspiracy, which it is.
It's an organized conspiracy funded, as you said, by Soros, Alexander Soros, and other billionaires.
This is, again, devastating information that's really going to force, I think, not just the President, but the Justice Department's hand.
They've got to move against these people.
I think the Justice Department knows about it through sources of mine.
And I want to reiterate something from the video.
This is Tom Steyer, who's a billionaire in California.
Andy Zee said that Steyer, quote, might not want to be connected directly.
So how these donors obviously work is they give through blind trusts.
They give through to these nonprofit organizations, etc.
So we can't know from the IRS tax filings or the 990 tax returns.
We have to do this sort of human intelligence face-to-face conversations to get these sorts of admissions.
And I want to say something else, Alex, pretty, pretty extraordinary.
We're pretty excited about it.
In the last few days, we've had people inside Antifa come to Project Veritas with a conscience and say they want to help blow the whistle.
We have to be very concerned, of course, about these people, you know, infiltrating us.
Stop the presses.
This is amazing.
You're saying you're getting contacted by more people from Antifa saying they want to blow the whistle.
In fact, they send us emails that are encrypted email addresses.
Veritas tips at ProtonMail.
That's V E R I T A S tips at ProtonMail.com.
We have had at least one person inside Antifa who's trusted
Wants to wear a camera and record the stuff happening.
This is revolutionary.
This is very important to do.
People with a conscience who are disgusted by what they are doing there.
And there it is on the screen.
Thank you very much for whoever's doing that.
You bet.
We're all in this together.
And again, it's like Pat Buchanan always says, don't wait for orders from headquarters.
Go to the sound of the guns.
Be careful, folks, but realize, get out there, get the intel.
Get it out yourself.
Give it to Veritas.
Give it to us.
Whatever you, just get it out.
Take action.
Now's the time for action.
Yeah, there's nowhere for these people to go, Alex.
They certainly can't go to the Washington Post.
They can't go to Oliver Darcy at CNN.
Lord knows he's doing damage control on behalf of CNN and on behalf of Antifa all the time.
It's disgraceful.
So the only place they can go are people like Veritas, people like you, and other outlets who are not afraid.
And I'm very excited about the prospect of
Of course.
Well, you're right.
We're live now, but later when we post this to Bandai Video, we will put clips of your reports up there and links to it.
I mean, they're there explaining how to assault people, how to break their noses, how to gouge out their eyes, and then claim they were assaulted.
This is so damn criminal!
This is a crime.
I believe it's a crime.
I'm not a lawyer, but I have lawyers who tell me, and there's those fight club scenes
Reframing an assault as self-defense.
And they get away with it.
Because they believe in some concept of justice?
What I've discovered is they believe in nihilism.
They believe in nothing.
They believe in violence as an end.
They believe in insurrection.
The book that they give to their trainees is called, quote, The Coming Insurrection.
It's based on a pre-French Revolutionary situation.
So they want to tear down the fabric of society and they want to hurt people.
By the way, that's key.
George Washington spoke out against the British Revolution.
It was the opposite of ours.
It was lawless.
It was rape.
It was murder.
It was about power for its own sake to become the new royalty, not to fix it and empower the people.
And you're right.
The fact that they model themselves after the Jacobins tells you everything you need to know.
That's the model that V.I.
Lenin used.
That's correct.
It's a Jacobin, I would say, pre-French revolutionary model.
There's a book called The Coming Insurrection, which they make people read.
It's actually a very incoherent philosophy and very hard to understand.
The only thing that makes sense to us reporting on this is their embracement of violence.
That's right.
When I read Mein Kampf, none of it made sense.
Same thing reading communist stuff.
It's all a bunch of crap and an excuse for criminals to go crazy.
But they do, Alex, and I gotta give them credit for one thing here.
These people believe
That's what I'm saying.
They believe so much in what they're doing.
And that's the scary part.
They're committed.
And I respect the fact that they're so committed, and I revere them, you know?
No, no, absolutely.
I wish we could be committed like that, exactly.
I try to tell people, that's why I believe in this insider program.
I believe we can do something about it if people are willing to wear a camera and blow the whistle.
That's the only thing, in my opinion, that's going to change things, is to show them in their own words.
I know you don't censor, you don't filter, and you're much better at actually getting out whistleblower stuff than we are.
So I think people should always tell you first.
I'm just saying, send it to everybody, you know, so even more gets out.
But Project Veritas is the place.
You guys are the masters of this, and you've been through hell to do it.
Everyone should financially support you as well.
The two minutes we have left, other big breaking news, or what's coming next?
Well, I'll tell you two things, Alex.
We have another video going out today from someone who had infiltrated this Antifa New York, and he tells his story.
You'll see him on the internet here shortly.
And you know, he was scared.
He said, they could kill me for what I did.
He said, I could have gotten, they could have committed acts of violence to me right then and there when I was inside the training.
So you'll hear more testimony from
One of these Antifa and we'll certainly see this whistleblower.
Hopefully we'll record.
We don't know when we're going to release that.
And then Alex, in the future, in the near future, we're going to start releasing some tapes on big tech, big, big tech.
I mean, we're talking stuff we've never released before.
You know that, you know, the organization's Twitter, Facebook, Google.
But this time we have whistleblowers inside of those companies who have evidence that is of a potential criminal nature.
And we know they're going to be meddling in the election, and we know that they're friendly with these sorts of riots and protests and Antifa groups.
But we're going to show you some things that we've never shown you before, and that's going to be our next two weeks of June, is inside these big tech companies, people blowing the whistle.
Well, I want to explain to listeners.
I know they know this.
You're shadowbanned, we're completely banned.
The power of the listeners, getting the videos at Project Veritas at InfoWars, sharing them, is everything.
Sure, we're here, we're doing this, but without the listeners, they're not like the caboose, they're the engine.
They're the engine, Alex.
You gotta share it.
I know that people are concerned about shadowbanning, but content is king.
It'll go viral.
It'll spread everywhere.
Here's my pitch.
It's Veritas Tips.
V-E-R-I-T-A-S Tips.
At Protonmail.com, you got so many listeners.
Someone out there is witness to abuse and fraud and has the courage to do something about it.
Send us an email.
We will help you.
We will give you the technology.
That's right.
We know you do it.
God bless you, James O'Keefe.
We'll talk to you soon.
All right, hour number two coming up.
Stay with us.
The stated plan of the left is pure Luciferianism.
Alex Jones here back live.
You just heard James O'Keefe of Project Veritas.
Saying they're following a Jacobin, pre-French Revolution, Illuminati dogma.
That's what that is.
They're not illuminating, they're bringing darkness.
They're Satanists.
And the system of Satan is communism run by huge billionaires with slave camps that virtue signal and they lie to you on purpose, like Tim Cook.
We've got several other big guests coming up today and so much more in the coup against the president, John Bolton, and all the things that are happening right now.
But I want to play this quick report here.
This is the plan, stated plan of the left.
And it's very, very important that you again realize that you're the eyes and ears on the ground and you don't just have to passively take what these people are doing.
And that things are only going to get worse until people finally stand up.
And you will stand up.
But the tyrants want what they call the final revolution, where they look at past rebellions against Satanism and how they're going to finally defeat us this time.
Here's the report.
A decision has been made to end a true liberal world system.
And to undermine that system, they created the counterfeit leftist left-hand path, French Revolution system, to counter the American Renaissance.
This man is no better than King George III.
You might want to call him King Donald I. But in this circumstance, he does not understand even the nation that he is supposedly in charge of.
Yes, it is disturbing to see property being destroyed.
It is disturbing to see people taking property from stores.
But these are things.
Violence is when an agent of the state kneels on a man's neck until all of the life is leeched out of his body.
Destroying property which can be replaced is not violence.
And to put those things, to use the exact same language to describe those two things, I think really, it's not moral.
There are probably anywhere from 10 to 15% of the people out there that are just not very good people.
But that's not who we are.
And 250 years later, the same players, the same institutions are battling it out economically, culturally, spiritually, genetically.
Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault says he's prepared to call for a wider European ban on genetically modified produce following an alarming new study that throws the safety of the food into doubt.
The media and scientists are saying, oh, there's a threat because of human pollution.
Oh, there's a threat because of
I think?
And that stuff that'll kill over 90% of you?
Imagine what they've got today.
Whether it occurs by the quirk of nature or at the hand of a terrorist, epidemiologists show through their models that a respiratory spread pathogen would kill more than 30 million people in less than a year.
And there is a reasonable probability of that taking place in the years ahead.
The fact that a global pandemic has not occurred in recent history shouldn't be a mistake for evidence that it won't occur.
We are in the crosshairs at a level never before seen and the very pillars of the city, the very pillars of civilization are being undermined so they collapse and on the ashes a technocracy controlled by AI surveillance and robots will be built on the rubble.
And this is the stated plan.
It's one thing to try to build a good civilization and be strong and virtuous.
It's hard, but it can be done.
But it doesn't let tyrants take over.
But if you could undermine and create corruption, well, it's very easy to rule a collapse and then build your armored fortress and your breakaway civilization on its ashes.
Oh my gosh, John Bolton that helped lie about anthrax and nuclear weapons that didn't exist in Iraq.
He says Trump could be impeached for everything he did.
Everything Trump does is bad.
Yeah, running against the globalists, beating them, turning the economy back on, beating the chi-coms in a trade war.
Trump has done incredibly good things.
But I tell you, one of them was not hiring Bolton.
I mean, at the time that happened, Steve Pachinick flipped out on air.
He's got a lot of great sources, but we know Bolton is a nasty little turd blossom.
And now, oh, he's got his book coming out.
Oh, Trump needs to be impeached.
Now the Democrats are saying, oh, let's impeach him again.
And Trump's announced they're going to have rallies again.
Democrats can have all their rallies.
And Kamala Harris, who never found a black person, she didn't want to lock up in prison.
She's come out and said, oh, Trump's inviting his white supremacist back.
That's right.
Any Republican events, white supremacists.
Just like they branded the Tea Party white supremacist, hoping minorities didn't get involved in it, saying you can't have the American dream, you can't have prosperity, you can't have religious freedom, you can't have a second amendment, you can't have a future, because you're not white!
And by the way, if you don't vote for Biden, you're not black!
Stealing... your identity.
We have...
Lee Stranahan, who's been researching the origins of anti-food, popping in.
Steve Puccini's going to pop back in.
I had intended to take calls on this Friday show, but I don't think we're going to be able to do that today, just because there's so much news to cover, but I do want to take your calls.
Also, if you're a TV viewer, you're probably asking, who is that statue of sitting right there, to my right?
Well, that is Robert
E. Lee.
That's right.
Robert Edward Lee.
And people ask, well, where's that statue from?
Well, I can't tell you that.
It's a very important statue.
It's a very famous statue.
And it was loaned to us for a week.
And it was just fate.
Fate that it happened.
Because just last week I was saying we ought to get some bust of George Washington, Robert E. Lee, you name it.
Just have them here, but they're also cheesy online.
They're usually resin reproductions that I couldn't find any online that I wanted to buy.
And then magically, I visited some old friends last night, and they said, we never told you a story about this, did you?
How this was Barry.
That's why the sword has deteriorated.
There's no sword.
And this is the model of a very famous, this is the study, of a very famous Robert E. Lee statue.
People that are into this will instantly know what it is and the statue.
For reasons that might come up later, I probably can't even get into that here on air.
It was fate that this statue, buried for decades,
resurfaced like the ring of Mordor, but in a good way, I guess, and is now here with us in studio.
But that is the model of then one of the most famous Robert E. Lee statues ever made.
And it's a piece of work, let me tell you.
But that's a whole nother subject of the pulling down of monuments, the pulling down of history, and
Now they want Winston Churchill.
They vandalized the Black Civil War Veterans Memorial.
Because all the thugs knew was it looks old.
Blow it up.
Tear it down.
These just hired thugs of Soros who want the power to do whatever they want and be the moral authority.
And now they've had to hide the George Washington statue in London.
They've had to hide the Winston Churchill.
Looks like a gray obelisk now they've walled it off because they're gonna tear it down.
If they don't.
That's what we have reduced ourselves to.
But, you know, I grew up in Texas.
And I grew up, you know, with every other high school named Robert E. Lee High School.
And when you're so close to stuff like that, you don't really appreciate it.
Until later, I read history books from the British and out of the North.
I mean, this guy was the head of the U.S.
They wanted him to be the head of the U.S.
military in the Civil War.
He did not want the Civil War.
He did not agree with slavery.
He was the head of West Point.
He graduated first in his class.
He was a big war hero, a top engineer, super high IQ, absolutely hated war, but he believed in states' rights and he knew that a lot of crazy stuff was going on and British intelligence was manipulating the whole thing.
And so he got into that war and then they used his property in Virginia for the Arlington Cemetery.
So while he was dying of a brain tumor,
After the war, he got to watch them bringing in all the dead bodies and in his front yard, all of the bodies were buried.
Many of the bodies were buried.
I mean, that's why people like Robert E. Lee, I mean, soap operas have nothing on this.
The North loved Robert E. Lee.
There were articles by the thousands over the years and just everything because he fought armies
On average, four to one, five to one, and one for three years with no factories and no munitions and finally no shoes.
And so people respected that.
So of course they named battleships and aircraft carriers and military bases after Southern generals because
In Russia, and in Japan, and in the UK, you know who they study in military affairs?
Robert E. Lee, General Stonewall Jackson.
Because the Civil War is a very important time.
And people love the underdog.
And the Civil War was not about slavery, it was about Western expansion.
And both sides were right with the beefs they had.
And this was about a nation coming back together later.
And Lincoln not wanting to have Reconstruction, the burning of the South.
So he got shot in the head.
By Phil Mudd's ancestors.
Who now says he's going to kill the President again.
See, things repeat themselves.
So, this Robert E. Lee, why, why, why do you hear about Robert E. Lee everywhere?
What's the point?
Like, okay, the commander of the Confederate forces, because he's one of the greatest generals, like Alexander the Greater.
George Washington, he, by the way, Washington had no genetic prodigy, but
The family that Washington adopted was his family.
So he grew up in George Washington's family.
His father was a famous top general in the Revolutionary War.
I mean, he did not want to split the country in two.
And so that's what I'm saying is Robert E. Lee was an amazing person.
And he tried to stop the war, just like Andrew Jackson did decades before, for years.
And tried to talk the South out of it as well.
And then he was offered command of the entire Northern military.
He said no, and went to command a ragtag group that four to one, five to one, went into the North, almost defeated it, almost took over Maryland.
All of it.
I mean, this is interesting stuff.
And they just say, oh, we'll just tear down the statue.
And then now it comes to us.
Right at the hour that it should.
See, that's the secret of God, the secret of the universe.
The globalists and Google want to have this thing that watches everybody, but they're not a god.
They can't even know what they're looking at.
There's all these mysteries in the universe, all these amazing things.
And that's really what it comes down to.
Is that we're not God.
But we can experience communion with God and with the universe.
And the more God knows we're not evil, the more God opens up secrets to us.
So evil wants to have systems of surveillance and control and all this evil technology so they can try to be God when all they ever had to do was merge with God.
Christ is the groom
We, planet Earth, all of us are the woman.
But see, we reject that, that communion, that Congress, that bonding.
And so we bond with something else.
We bond with Satanism and degeneracy.
And then the fallen scream out, they're so unhappy.
And Satan says, destroy the good, you'll finally be fulfilled.
But that is all a lie.
This morning, driving into the office, I just searched my heart and my mind in a way to telegraph to you how serious things are.
And it really came to me, just be calm like you really are in private.
Because I tend to get up here with all these hundreds of articles and videos and things I want to get to and just get overwhelmed by all the little pieces of it.
Instead of just the big picture.
God versus the devil.
The decision we have to make in that universe.
Really, how fantastical reality is on this planet, and all of this incredible information.
And the fact that the closer I get to God, the more beautiful everything is, and the clearer.
And then I see people that aren't communing with God.
God is God, and God made the universe.
God is the universe, but God is above the universe.
And they don't want that, because they're scared of it.
Because they're ashamed of it.
And that's how Satan hits you, is you are fallen, and you are failed, and you should be ashamed of this.
That's really what it comes down to.
All right.
I mean, you knew Bolton was going to come out and say, impeach the president.
He's a criminal.
He saw Trump do all these horrible things.
You can't listen to a thing comes out of the sky.
This is Mr. WMD hoax person.
And then you ought to read his divorce filings.
He doesn't even deny it.
I mean, of course he's into leather outfits and dominatrices and look at that mustache, folks.
I mean, you know, I mean, and I'm not even against him because he does that.
The point is that dude is a freak, man.
New York sex parties, all of it.
It's all about being compromised.
It's all about weird stuff you do.
He's a creepy guy.
Imagine being in an orgy with John Bolton trying to get a heart on.
I mean, just come on.
Sorry, family show, delay that.
Yeah, Bolton, we know all about you, okay?
Look at this dude, man.
He's like the Monopoly character.
Because he just sells out to the system and then just keeps laughing about it continually.
See, I sell when I get really deep with him, then I go down to the gutter, because that's actually where to hide, is in the gutter.
It's hard to be up on the high plains with God, isn't it?
It's easy to run down and hang out with the devils.
Just thank your lucky stars you've never been in a room when John Bolton's got his Leather Daddy outfit on.
Because he wants to rape you financially, culturally, spiritually forever.
Cause see, it's about how he's in charge.
Cause he's John Bolton.
And don't you thank yourself.
Thank God every day.
You're not John Bolton.
So John Bolton, John Bullwhip Bolton.
Has come out and said the president's bad.
And now, oh, George W. Bush that came out and said Trump's bad.
Oh, he's a hero of the left.
Oh, and oh, and count Dracula Romney and just all of them that are losers.
And the same jerks that screwed this country over and sold us out to China.
And they're just pissed that we've got a president that says he doesn't want to go down that road.
And Biden's saying the military's going to take Trump out.
You know, he was told to say that.
That was all heavily scripted.
And again, that is to green light everybody that, Oh, Trump's about to be out.
You better get with the program and your career.
I mean, we don't want to have to, you know, we really wish you'd sell out.
You know, we, we, we really wish you'd back off, you know, Trump's going down and it'd just be better for you to make a deal with us.
That's the phone call.
That's the meeting everybody gets.
Oh, you know, the IRS might audit you.
Oh, the FBI might have you indicted.
Oh, you, you better roll over against Trump.
You know, they've got the grand jury ready right now.
But it's all an illusion.
These people have no power.
They're nobodies.
We've given them all the power.
And now they're like, we're gonna have convicted pedophiles go bounce your killer name.
Oh, now we're going to take over autonomous zones and put warlord rappers in charge.
We're going to have the city ship food and porta-potties into them and maybe wipe their butts.
Because there's no level of appeasement that ever makes the globalist happy.
In fact, these nihilists always end up killing themselves in the end, like Nero.
Because that's the only power they've got.
If they burn the city and murder, they go, I'll just take poison!
Because that's what Satan demands.
Is after you've destroyed everybody else, Satan then lets you light yourself on fire.
Because Satan did it, and you thought you did it.
But you were just going on willing, as they talk about in their literature.
Well, they've got the power, and they're in charge, and they're going to do it, and they're not going to follow God, and they're not going to do what works right, and they're not going to... No, no, no!
I'm in control!
I'm David Rockefeller!
I'm going to create a world government, and I'm going to run everything, and, well, if people don't go along with it, I'll just poison them and dumb them down so that I can be in charge.
That's like a short man jealous of a tall man, so he has his legs cut off.
But first he has to convince the tall man that it's bad that he's taller than somebody.
And wouldn't it be moral and heroic if you cut your legs off?
Hell, maybe you got better eyesight than I do.
How about you gouge your eyeballs out?
We're all individuals, but collectively our strengths buoy each other up.
That's the majesty of God's plan.
I'm gonna cover news when we come back and play a bunch of clips and get into all the war zone garbage and the rest of it.
I haven't plugged yet today.
You know, the more powerful the news, the less I plug.
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I'm kind of satisfied right now though, because I mean it's all coming down to the wire.
It's all up to your decision now.
Games are over, folks.
I kind of like it.
The war is here.
The coup is live against the President.
The Secretary of Defense, Milley, all of them are knocking the President in public, unheard of, undermining him, his every move.
We have mobs taking over cities all over the United States, indiscriminately beating up white people, black people.
They don't care.
They've mainly been shooting black cops dead, because that's the biggest enemy, you know, so that joins the man.
And it only took two days for Seattle's autonomous zone to descend into chaos.
It's on video, the leader of it, the dictator.
They call him the Black Warlord of Chaz.
And the city's shipping in food, port-a-potties, they shut the police department down, the main precinct.
Precinct one.
And they're just encouraging the lawlessness.
The intimidation.
But if you're conservative and have a unlock the country event and are peaceful, well then you're shut down.
You're a terrorist.
You're a white supremacist.
But if you're warlord Roz of Seattle, he now claims total control and the police are on video saying he is the liaison.
He is the commander.
So he's taken control, and if conservative reporters or anybody tries to even go into large areas of the main area of Seattle, they are beaten and attacked.
On record.
We have the videos.
And the police and others just say, well, that's how it is.
Warlord Roz reportedly extorts businesses, collects protection money in Seattle Autonomous Zone, and is now put up a wall, barricades, with men with guns at checkpoints.
They have a border.
Oh, commies always have borders.
They always have slave camps too, because they're not going to do the working.
And then slaves don't really run things too well, so then everybody starves to death.
But that's okay.
It's all about the power.
He's being called the Robin Hood.
Kurt Carlson made the point that countries have borders and the founders of CHAZ understand that.
And there's no irony lost on the people that are doing this because they don't even know what irony is.
And this is the model for the rest of the country.
You don't just think CHAZ appeared on its own.
It's all completely directed.
And so we laugh at it at our own peril.
It's not funny.
Because when I get pulled over and I've had two glasses of wine, I go to jail.
Because I got white privilege.
But when the black warlord beats people up, steals their phones and cash on video at checkpoints, well, that's a good thing.
You see?
Because we're fighting the white privilege and encouraging
Now all the welfare heads that it's their time to shine.
It's the university model of total tyranny externalizing.
It's like cancer metastasizing into the limp notes.
It's terminal.
And by the way, it is terminal.
We killed 60 plus million babies and we let convicted pedophiles have drag queen story time with little kids.
Now robots police us.
And now, and see what we're learning is, oh, you can't have police, but you can have drones and robots.
And that's the announcement.
In fact, I said this years ago.
Now they're saying, well, actually we'll have robots that are colorblind.
And they're even saying, oh, when they face scan, the robot won't see you as black or white.
It'll just sees a number.
Oh, so the robot will kill you or take you to the death camp.
Well, that's okay.
As long as it's not, see how you're all set up for this.
It's all been pre-programmed.
It's a dystopic road we're being let down.
We know it's dystopic, but we're all just kind of been watching TV so long.
Everybody's going, well, I'm a spectator.
So I'm just going to sit here and ride this ride straight to hell.
Well, I'm not.
So let's go ahead now and go to
Just a few weeks ago when it was terroristic to protest.
And by the way, Kamala Harris says, oh, Trump's reopening white supremacist events.
His rallies are white supremacist events and are horrible, she says, for COVID-19.
But all of their other rioting and burning and, you know, crapping in the street, that's all good.
You're like, well, that's suspended logic.
It's about suspending logic.
O'Brien explains that to Winston in 1984.
He goes, you know, you think it's nonsensical that we suspend logic because that's the power we have over our minds.
We can flip logic on and off.
We can suspend gravity if we want.
Our mathematicians can do that.
We don't really suspend it, but we have a way to explain it.
This is what evil's like.
It's a compartmentalization.
It's a hallucination.
It's a joke.
So here's some clips from Tucker Carlson last night.
The media haven't paid a lot of attention to Chaz either.
They're excited by anything that's new, but not this new country.
It's kind of weird because just a month ago they were very against demonstrators.
The anti-lockdown demonstrators in Michigan, for example, were dangerous zealots.
Really just an ugly, dangerous scene at the state capitol in Michigan.
Black people's right to protest is secondary to white people's right to be in armed protest with long guns.
Bunch of guys camoed up, a bunch of guys with long guns.
These potentially dangerous protests against stay-at-home orders.
Tiny minority with guns marched into the state capitol in Michigan today to lobby in their raucous way.
When it's white people with guns and they're out and they're angry and their faces with cops.
Didn't see any of that.
Everybody's civil.
These folk ended up in the state capitol crate with automatic weapons and they were treated with kid gloves.
We said at the top of the show we're gonna try to stay amused.
Night after night we play those clips and every night it's just, oh, it makes you red in the face.
How can people that stupid have TV shows?
And that dishonest.
But tonight, let's acknowledge it is amusing.
Because here's the standard.
If you protest lockdowns in Michigan with guns, but don't commit any violence at all,
It's a threat to the nation.
But if you commit beatings and loot and burn down buildings, you are, quote, mostly peaceful.
If you create an armed, independent nation in downtown Seattle, it's amazing.
Good call.
The New York Times is on your side.
And in fact, just today, the New York Times published a piece that described the nation of Chaz as, quote, a homeland for racial justice.
So we have homelands now in the middle of our country.
And they go on to say it's a commune, it's a utopia.
But everybody was pooping on the ground, so now the city is sending in three meals a day on trucks and porta-potties, and the dictator of Ra's is bitching.
There's not enough food, not enough porta-potties being sent in.
See, we have just bred like toddlers.
Arrested development toddlers that just bitch and complain.
They have no idea where electricity comes from, how the government operates.
It's all just a giant, disgusting joke.
But the left and the globalists have created and bred communities that are totally dependent on them so that they can sit there and activate them to burn down cities whenever they want.
But it's the globalists that have engineered all this.
It's in the WikiLeaks where Hillary Clinton's talking to top professors about culture war.
And that's what this is!
And you notice, you say, oh, this is a joke.
The left's a joke.
I told you civil war's coming.
They're just getting started.
These people are the cover.
For MS-13, Chinese operatives and others that are actually lazing targets all over the United States, literally and figuratively, to make their move when they overthrow and kill Trump, or drug him up and say he's had a mental breakdown or a stroke, they're gonna hit a lot of people.
You go, that's crazy!
No, they're gonna hit talk show hosts, members of the Senate, they'll kill Ron Paul, they'll kill Ted Cruz, they'll kill Rand Paul, they'll try to kill me.
I'm telling you, I've analyzed their attack profile.
The commies and all these idiots running around are the smoke.
of war.
They're the fog.
But there are real groups, pointed and ready, preparing and aiming at targets.
And we're ready for you.
I want them to know that.
And once the light goes green, we know they're going to blow up buildings and say we did it.
That's okay.
People now know the truth.
They're not going to listen to a damn word you globalists say.
So you better get on those airplanes and haul ass to New Zealand.
That's where we're going to get you.
We're going to dig you out of those holes too later.
We're going to get your ass just like Hitler.
So get ready.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
This president's gonna try to steal this election.
This is the guy who said that all mail-in ballots are fraudulent.
Have you ever considered what would happen if the election result came out as you being the winner and Trump refused to leave?
Yes, I have.
I was so damn proud.
You have four chiefs of staff coming out and ripping the skin off of Trump.
And you have so many rank-and-file military personnel saying, whoa, we're not a military state.
This is not who we are.
I promise you, I'm absolutely convinced they will escort him from the White House with great dispatch.
The military is going to remove the president according to Joe Biden and you've got Trevor Noah.
I could teach a whole college course just on that one interview with him.
Trevor Noah with the side of his face all shaved clear and this old stubble and the hair not cut and even kind of like smudged over, done that way to look like he's unkept.
Because he's with you, you know, locked down on the East Coast.
He's not there with the whole production team with him.
No, no, he's really just downloading it on Skype himself.
He's so real, he's so authentic, just all of it is so fake!
Speaking of fake... Tim Cook.
You can look this up, it's...
Mainline headlines.
Tim Cook goes to China 2018, tells China he supports censorship and will help enforce it in China and America.
And I've got a stack of articles here where they admit that he has
Factories next door to the death camps, where they have engineers and people they've arrested that they make work for him.
I mean, this dude would slit your throat in a second if it got him ahead in life.
Only our Bill of Rights and Constitution and the rest of it protects us from people like Tim Cook.
But anywhere he's able to have his way, well, he's Tim Cook.
He's one selfish son of a bitch.
But it's okay because he's gay, so it's alright.
Apple creates $100 million initiative for racial justice.
Told you he funds Black Lives Matter.
Gave him $100 million a couple years ago.
Last election cycle.
Revealed inside Apple's Chinese sweatshop factory where workers are paid just...
One pound an hour.
Wait a minute, that's a whitewash.
Apple benefits from forced Uyghur labor at its iPhone supplier factories in China.
According to a report by Business Insider, Apple, Samsung and Sony among 83 global brands using Uyghur Muslim forced labor in factories reports fines.
Apple, Nike and other major companies allegedly using link to Muslim slave camps.
But they've got Colin Kaepernick, and he's got a bozo haircut!
So it's like, oh, okay, wait a minute.
Kaepernick's got a bozo haircut, so we need to bow down to him.
I'm like, okay, I'm not gonna ask questions.
I mean, he's, Kaepernick's wearing a Kutakente shirt.
He really loves Africans.
I mean, this is a disgusting joke.
But Apple and Nike figured it out.
Oh, if you're running slave camps, we'll just give $100 million to Black Lives Matter and then it's okay if you have slave camps.
Because, you know, nobody actually cares about real slaves.
There it is.
Look, he's got a kutukente!
And look, if somebody wants to have a big afro, that's cool.
That's a cool hairstyle, people.
Point is, he didn't used to have that.
They just fluff it all up and he wears a kutukente shirt to go out and say, oh, look, I got
Apple has slave camps.
Nike has slave labor, but again, it's okay, because, well, I mean, they've got Kutakente.
I mean, you know, you've got Kutakente.
That's a get-out-of-jail.
If Hitler had an afro, he'd have won, okay?
If he wore a pink outfit, he would have won, like Bill Gates in that damn pink sweater.
It's all like, oh, look, I got an afro.
I got a pink sweater.
I'm nice.
Oh, oh, let me bow down.
Oh, pink sweater.
Oh, oh, afro.
Oh, oh, oh.
Yeah, but damn what your hair looks like.
But it's all a gimmick, just like Trevor Noah growing his hair out.
Oh, I haven't been out of the house in months.
I'm just like you.
Nike, Apple, BMW among A3 brands using Chinese slave labor.
Biden caught red-handed.
Here, let's hear from Tim Cook real quick.
Virtuous signaling, hopping around like, uh-uh, uh-uh.
He doesn't have a pink sweater or an afro.
He's gay.
He's like, I run slave camps, uh-uh, uh-uh, but I'm gay, uh-uh.
That's his cover.
Here it is.
Hello everyone.
I'm gay.
I run slave camps, but I'm gay.
Let's start it over in a minute.
I'm on 12 hits of ecstasy right now.
Here, let's start it over.
Listen, I like men's weenies, so it's okay if I run slave camps.
Let's hear from Tim Cook again.
Hello everyone.
I like weenies.
The unfinished work of racial justice and equality call us all to account, now and always.
Growing up in Alabama during the civil rights movement, I saw first hand that the only thing that ever made lasting and durable change was people of goodwill putting aside comfort and safety to speak up.
By the way, hit pause again.
The communist Chinese came to him two years ago and they said, listen,
If you didn't pay people $2 a day and work them 18 hours, we could build some infrastructure and they won't live in containers and chain their kids up on power poles and light poles for their daycare.
Could you pay them a dollar more a day?
And Tim Cook said no.
Oh, I coulda read it, Alex Jones.
I'm not gonna say why we banned him.
We're supposed right to do.
Look at him.
He's so real.
These Tim Cooks are real.
I really like black people.
I love them.
Here, let's go back to Tim Cook, sorry.
Speak up.
To march.
To call for accountability and to do what they could to make a flawed society more perfect.
Death camps better?
So it is today.
We're at an important moment in our history.
Oh, we are?
A time when progress, which has been far too slow, feels suddenly poised to move forward in a great leap.
Each of us has a role to play in making sure we rise to the occasion.
Great leap forward.
This is communist stuff.
I run things!
I'm Tim Cook!
I run death camps when I'm gay!
I'm gay!
I'm gay!
I'm... Sorry.
Let's continue.
Oh, thank you.
We're ending slave labor at the 3 million Uyghur death camp.
Oh, no you're not.
Ooh, $100 million.
Beginning in the United States.
Now, we are a trillion plus dollar company and I'm worth $8 billion, but I'm giving you out of my wall that has $5,001 to fund riots.
Let's continue.
Oh, look how serious he is.
Oh, he's so powerful.
He's so good.
He was hired because he's a soulless engineer.
Beginning in the United States, and expanding globally over time, the initiative will challenge the systemic barriers to opportunity and dignity that exist for communities of color, and particularly for the black community, with special focus on issues of education, economic equality, and criminal justice reform.
By the way, I've got all these other clips I haven't gotten to.
You know what, let's do the cringeworthy Democrats when we come back.
Because, oh, it's like a porn star.
You're a star!
Because Aleister Cowley said, oh, you're a star when you're in Hollywood.
We have all these stars, the worst actors.
They couldn't get a job at a strip mall teaching, you know, eight-year-olds how to do My Little Pony movies.
But, oh, they're up there just saying, I'm white and I'm so bad!
I mean, Tim Cook's a better actor than you are.
You're inauthentic, you're frauds, you're liars!
We're gonna get to that!
Look at- oh, oh, the guy's hair's messed up.
Oh, he's authentic, his hair's sticking out.
Oh, oh, oh!
He spent hours, like, springing it out, like, oh, I'll be authentic, oh, I'll have my hair stick out on the side.
Ha, ha, ha!
Burn in hell!
Burn in hell!
Burn in hell!
You will too.
Don't worry.
Excuse me.
Anyways, we'll be back with the next hour.
Only way this puppy hunts is when you spread the word.
Don't do it.
Submit to Hollywood and Big Tech and Tim Cook.
And don't tell anyone about this show or I'll censor you.
I love ZZ Pink.
Oh my God.
He's such a man.
All right.
There's so much to cover here.
There's so much to get to.
Lee Stranahan is going to be joining us next segment.
Dr. Steve McChinney is going to pop in on the attempted coup part four against the president with Bolton and all the rest of it.
But there's an article up on Infowars.com.
It's very cringeworthy.
It's very hard to watch.
I'll be honest with you.
I tried to watch it twice.
I only watched it halfway through.
We're going to do it together.
But this is a bunch of Hollywood stars looking completely inauthentic.
I mean, they're more funny than a plastic banana, the $3 bill, telling us about how they're bad and they're white and they apologize and they're gonna be better now.
And this new thing with Hollywood is to have your hair a little messed up.
It's like, oh, it's authentic, like Trevor Noah.
You're, you know, oh, oh, oh, I'm so sorry.
Oh God, I'm bad.
Oh, please, oh.
So here it is, Celebrity Cringe.
I take responsibility video relentlessly mocked.
Yeah, I take responsibility for not
Hating you earlier.
Totally rejecting you earlier.
Here, let's go ahead and play this.
I take responsibility.
I take responsibility.
For crapping in my pants.
I take responsibility.
For Tim Cook running death camps.
I take responsibility.
I've got an Apple iPhone.
For every unchecked moment.
I run death camps.
For every time it was easier to ignore than to call it out for what it was.
The human-animal hybrids.
Every not-so-funny joke.
Look at this guy!
Every unfair stereotype.
Every blatant injustice, no matter how big or small.
Every time I remained silent.
His hair's messed up!
Every time I explained away police brutality.
Oh, it's all, yeah.
You're right.
Then blow your brains out.
I mean, I don't want you to, but I'm saying if you're so bad, like... She's reading off a script.
I take responsibility that we abort half the black babies.
And I will submit to the left now.
In my presence.
Thank you.
I will not turn a blind eye.
Oh, oh, that's powerful performance!
Playing video games with your nephew should not be a death sentence.
Shopping in a store should not be a death sentence.
Business as usual should not be life-threatening.
I stand against hate.
She's an amazing actor.
I stand against hate.
I stand against hate.
I stand against hate.
I will stand against hate in love.
I stand against the 3 million enslaved camps run by Apple.
And killer cops must be prosecuted.
And Tim Cook must be prosecuted.
We can turn the tide.
We can take over the police.
To take.
We can run the death camps.
Call out hate.
China forever.
Death camps forever.
And take action.
Now, yes.
Take action today.
I take responsibility for Tim Cook's AppleDeathCamps.org.
Alright, well, okay.
I take responsibility for Tim Cook's DeathCamps.org.
Oh, but three million Muslims in death camps, I mean, it's not like, uuuhhh, uuuhhh.
You know, oh my God, 14 black dudes might have wrongly been shot by the cops.
Okay, great.
Burn the whole country down.
I'm like, oh, a million black people got deported.
Shut up!
A million black people, shut up!
Planned Parenthood says it wants to kill black people.
Shut up, racist!
Hey, let's not kill the black people.
Shut up, Hitler!
Lee Stranahan is
The breakdown Antifa and Project Veritas has come out, you know, with proof that they're working for Soros.
Hell, it's in the federal filings, but I'm glad we have the Antifa guys mentioning all of this.
But what are they planning?
What's really going on?
What's about to unfold?
Lee Stranahan from Faultline Radio will be joining us on the other side than Dr. Steve Pichinik, who used to be a janitor at the State Department.
That's a joke.
He cleaned things up.
They call them mechanics?
Or they call them cleaners?
What do they call them?
We're gonna cover it all straight ahead, back in 60 seconds!
Straight ahead!
Look at Robert E. Lee in studio with us!
If InfoWars had a booty, it'd be big.
It'd be juicy.
Crank it up.
All right, we are back live broadcasting worldwide.
And we are joined by Lee Stranahan.
Really appreciate investigative journalists.
He's worked for Breitbart.
He's worked for the Huffington Post.
He's worked for the Cabler Elves.
Lee Stranahan, at Stranahan on Twitter, Faultline's radio host.
And I see that you're really upset and you're really woke right now.
Before we get into Antifa, do you want to denounce yourself now here right on air and tell us that you're sorry for who you are?
I am, Alex.
I want to say that I take responsibility.
I have tried to support people of color, or if you switch those words around, colored people, which isn't as cool, but it's the same idea.
But listen, I have failed because I'm supporting people of color, and yet I am in black and white.
And I don't think that's as supportive as I could be.
So anyway, Alex, how are you doing?
Nice to see you.
See how easy it is to be
Ponderous and... Oh, black and white needs to be banned.
All black and white film because it's actually code word of segregation.
No, exactly right.
You heard HBO, did you hear this?
Oh yeah, they got rid of Gone with the Wind.
It's evil.
Yes, exactly right.
It's amazing.
Ten Academy Awards.
Eh, we won't show it.
First black woman to get an Academy Award.
Just ban it.
Exactly right.
And it was not directed by a black lesbian filmmaker, so can't be very good.
Anyway, nice to see you.
It's good to see you.
Wow, let's get into Antifa.
They're finally being looked at.
Who really runs them?
What's their goal?
What are they up to?
Well, let me tell you.
So I moved to Washington, D.C.
right after the inauguration.
And I was at the Women's March.
And I had been covering Black Lives Matter protests
For a couple of years, when I was over at Lead Investigative Reporter Breitbart.
And I had been at major, I was there at the Zimmerman verdict, I was there at the Chicago Black Friday event, just all over the place, you know, dozens of Black Lives Matter events.
And these two organizations merged.
And when I saw how big the Women's March was, a million people in the street, it was frickin' crazy.
I knew that it was on and that this was the place to be, so I moved from where I was living in South Dakota, came to D.C., and sure enough, this is what I've been predicting for about five years now.
Oh yeah, you've been writing extensively.
They're trying to create a civil war.
And when I've talked about it, he goes, Jones is insane!
He says Antifa wants a civil war when they're buying full-page ads in the New York Times for three years calling for it.
No, that's exactly right.
And I'll tell you, I was at the Antifa March, the Black Bloc March, at the inauguration.
Remember where they set fire to a Reverend Lance Walnut's car?
Remember that?
A limo.
They set it on fire and everything.
Well, I was there covering that protest, all Black Bloc.
All Antifa.
And guess what they were saying?
All these white dudes dressed like ninjas.
Guess what they were chanting as they walked down the street?
Black Lives Matter.
So these two movements have merged.
And I was working on a documentary about five years ago about Black Lives Matter.
But you remember what happened?
It didn't really blow up at the RNC or the DNC.
Right now, what we're seeing, cities on fire across the country, all of that, this is exactly what I knew was coming.
And sure enough, right before the election day.
And sure enough, it's the same attorney, Benjamin Crump.
He is one of the big villains here.
And you always lay out all the proof first.
Just get to the prime approximation.
Who's behind it?
What's the endgame plan?
Okay, so Benjamin Crump's one of the guys behind it.
He's the lawyer.
He's not a top guy, but he was the lawyer for the Trayvon Martin family, Michael Brown.
So he's the crossroads where he's a key junction point.
Exactly right.
And what he does is he makes this a Democrat narrative.
He always shifts it.
And as soon as I saw he was involved in Maude Arbery, he's involved in this George Floyd case.
He represents the family there.
This guy is a complete fraud and he always works with leftist groups.
You've got to understand, Alex, the leftist groups are being played by the Democrats.
They kettle the real radicals into this.
The leaders of the Black Lives Matter movement, Patrisse Cullors, Opal Tometi, and Alicia Garza, I've written about them for years.
Their history, Patrisse Cullors, for instance, she was tutored by a guy named Eric Mann.
He was part of the Weather Underground.
There's a direct line between the 60s Marxist-Leninist, Black Panthers,
Weather underground and Black Lives Matter, direct line between them.
Obviously, one of the big people behind this is a Hungarian-American immigrant whose name perhaps you've heard, is George Soros.
Very clearly, when I looked at that Women's March, and I went down the list of groups, and you can find out who funds them, literally every group I found, I stopped after about 20,
But literally every single group was funded by Soros.
Now, what they're doing here, Alex, and you know this, I think, is the same kind of color revolution that they did in Hungary, right?
I mean, forgive me, that they did in Ukraine, right?
The Ukraine push in 2013-2014, the Madone revolution.
This is the same thing.
They take an internal issue
They gin it up, right?
America's got a history of, you know, slavery and everything else, like most countries.
But they know that they've been able to take over the civil rights movement, as you know.
That's what any anthropologist or sociologist does, what the CIA's main mission is, is it looks at fissures and then exacerbates those divisions.
Well, no, that is exactly right.
They take something underlying and then they gin it up.
And anybody can see that if you're black in America, particularly in the inner city, the Democrat-run cities and states, life has not gotten better, partially because
Of crime, which keeps poverty in place.
And so what they're trying to demolish here, Alex, is they call it criminal justice reform.
What they're trying to demolish here is any semblance of being able to defend yourself, of getting the police to defend you, or anything.
And if it seems like, well, how does this, like, what's the end game?
Like, what are they trying to create?
What they're trying to create right now, Alex, is what they've created
No, that's exactly right.
And they're literally trying to balkanize America.
And I'll tell you a lot of the people out there who are protesting
Don't have any idea.
They are simply propagandized.
I'm sure a lot of them mean well, right?
They are not racist and they want a virtue signal about how not racist they are.
And what they're feeding into is a left narrative, a radical left narrative, that ultimately funnels right to the Democratic Party.
I don't know if you've been seeing this.
If you go to the BlackLivesMatter.com site right now and you click on the donate button, it goes to ActBlue.
That is the
Democrats' funding arm for grassroots funding.
Oh yeah, they're just siphoning the money off because the Democrats can't get money.
So they go, oh, we represent black people.
Well, you represent Planned Parenthood killing them.
No, that's exactly right, and I brought that up.
Or, they don't talk about the high crime rate, where the murders, like in Chicago a few years ago, 75% of the murders were done by people who are black.
Well, let's talk about, stay there, let's talk about where this is going, Lee Stranahan, and how we counter it, but you're 100% correct, great investigative journalist, you've talked for 10 hours about all the connections, but I want your big picture on this and what we should do, because
There is no Russian conspiracy.
So you're making the joke with, you know, images of Soviet Russian technology behind you.
But we're sitting here.
Russia faces the same globalist Soros New World Order combine that's infested America.
So if there's any alliance between the US and Russia, it's that Russia knows the United States, at certain levels, is trying to struggle free from this face-sucking Soros machine.
So when they say, oh, it's the Russians, they're just pissed because the Russians have partially struggled free.
From Miss Leviathan.
So I want to get your take on that.
Lee Stranahan is our guest.
Dr. Steve McShannock is coming up.
They'll be on together.
Lee Stranahan is on Twitter at Stranahan.
And of course...
I'm Alex Jones.
This is the InfoWar.
This is history.
Please spread the links to the live show at band.video, infowars.com, forward slash show, and newswars.com, forward slash show.
Paul Watson's got his great summit.news.
There's a lot of other great things happening as well.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
And he made Ukraine on fire a few years ago.
Lee Stranahan's the new version that came out, part two.
And Soros went in there, they bragged on TV, he said on Fareed Zakaria, five billion bucks, U.S.
money he got.
They just started shooting the police, blowing stuff up, created a revolution between the Orthodox Christians and the Catholics, that's been the same split the Nazis played off in World War II.
And they just go in with sociologists, anthropologists, and do that.
Well, they're doing it here using black-white.
And so with those lessons, people go, oh, this is ridiculous.
It won't succeed.
Well, it succeeded all over the world.
So knowing that, and how cold-blooded this is, I mean, just a few years ago, the Women's March, it was in the Washington Post.
Soros was like, 89 million Soros gave for the Women's March.
But now he doesn't want people to know it's him, for whatever reason.
So Lee, get into this, because you're right.
You're absolutely right.
You're one of the top experts on this.
What happened in Ukraine is the model here, and it's so evil, and it's so crazy.
It is, and it's so provable too.
All you have to do is look at the receipts.
If anyone can check the 990s of these groups and see that Soros is on the Society Foundation is behind them.
But the other thing that Soros has done, and this is very significant Alex, nobody's ever said George Soros is not smart, okay?
He realized a few years ago that if you got a million dollars, let's say, to put into politics, which he's got a lot more than that, but let's use that as a round number, that if you put that into presidential politics, a million dollars sounds like a lot of money, but not really, right?
So what he did was he started putting smaller amounts of money into local district attorney races around the country.
In a district attorney race, Alex,
$50,000, for instance, is a lot of money.
Does that make sense?
And so he did this all across the country.
Out in San Francisco, the DA's Cheza Boudin, he is named after Joanne Chesimard, Assata Shakur, the Marxist terrorist who is a hero to Black Lives Matter.
And I got a clip to show you that.
That's no guess.
He was raised by Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dorn.
Because his mother, Kathy Boudin, had been convicted and was in prison for trying to spring people out and also for their role in, she was part of something called the family.
And he says he won't enforce the law in San Francisco now.
Let's go ahead and roll that clip.
Meeting, final word, Patrice?
Yeah, I'm gonna make everybody stand up if they can and do a chant with us.
Okay, let's do it.
So this is how we close out every meeting, every event, every action, every freeway we've shut down, every mall we've shut down.
You'll hear this chant reverberated.
And you'll hear it in other countries now, too.
This is from our beloved Asada Shakur, who is on the number one FBI Most Wanted list, and she's a powerful leader who we are inspired by.
Many of us have Asada Taught Me sweaters.
So it's three times, and we're going to start off with a whisper, and you're going to just repeat it.
It is our duty to fight for freedom.
It is our duty to win.
It is our duty to win.
We must love and support one another.
We must love and support one another.
We have nothing to lose but our chains.
We have nothing to lose but our chains.
It is our duty to fight for our freedom.
It is our duty to win.
It is our duty to win.
We must love and support one another.
We must love and support one another.
We have nothing to lose but our chains.
We have nothing to lose but our chains.
Alright, let's have Mayor de Blasio give it.
It is our duty to fight for our freedom!
It is our duty to fight for our freedom!
I'm sorry, ladies.
I know.
And what's up with the... What's this women to have such wild, crazy looking eyes?
Straight ahead, what the hell's going on here?
Okay, so this is, these are the three women who founded Black Lives Matter.
That is Alicia Garza, Opal Tometi, and Patrisse Cullors.
And they are doing a chant a few years ago with a group of largely white women at a bloggers conference.
And this, you notice at the end, they say, we have nothing to lose but our chains.
Of course, that is straight communism.
Assata Shakur is a cop killer.
That's why she is atop the FBI's most wanted list.
And living in Cuba.
Living in Cuba, exactly right.
And when Obama made the deal with Cuba, they didn't come back.
This is what is going on.
This is what's behind it.
They love cop killers.
From Emile Abdul-Jamal to Huey P. Newton, they love them.
Now, I told you, I've been working on a documentary for about five years and suddenly I gotta get it done.
And let me just show you a clip.
This is an interview I did.
It's pretty short.
It's about a minute.
This is with a guy, Ron McCarthy.
He's one of the people I interviewed.
And I got a new show called Populous TV.
It's 11 o'clock on my Twitter feed.
People can watch it there.
But Ron McCarthy was at the Watts riots in 65.
He was at the Black Panther L.A.
And he was at the Symbionese Liberation Army shootout.
Listen to what he says about what he saw five years ago with Ferguson and the parallels between that and today.
This is amazing and it's more true right now than ever, Alex.
When I think back to 1965 and then turn on the news and watch what's happening today in Baltimore and other communities, demonstrators, who's doing the demonstration?
What's their belief system?
And why are they demonstrating?
And what kind of demonstration is it?
Is it peaceful and lawful and fits within our constitutional guidelines?
Or is it violent?
The Mario Savio movement in 1963 started out and it was a push and shove and the kind of violent demonstration you're seeing now.
Disruptive, rude,
Uh, some rocks and bottles, and it expanded into much more than that.
With burning major cities almost to the ground.
And taking poor people's supermarkets in the poor neighborhood, burning them to the ground after they loot them, so that single mothers with two and three kids have no place to go buy food.
And these are the kinds of things that were happening then, and you're starting to see it happen again.
That's exactly the plan, and so like a parrot will test a branch.
It'll test the perch.
They are rolling this out so we don't respond, saying any Trump response is bad, when the bigger teeth are about to roll out, the bigger attacks are about to happen, and then Trump's been paralyzed, okay, I can't call the military out, I'll be a fascist, when it's actual fascists that are engineering this whole thing.
No, that's exactly right, Alex, and that could have been, again, that was five years ago, right?
That was five years ago.
I could have shot that yesterday, and it would apply exactly the same.
Well, actually, it shows that he's right.
It's now happening.
So they're now escalating the force, but starting small so that we get used to it.
And then boom, when the big one hits, we don't.
Well, there's a few months between now and the election, and it is no accident this is coming up before the election.
You can expect to find one or two other events like this, because they're all fake.
The Michael Brown story, even the George Floyd story.
I don't know if you've heard about this thing, excited delirium.
Anybody can look it up.
No, no, sure.
He really died, but he's on drugs, he's hard, he's on fentanyl.
The point is, everything's synthetic around it.
We've got Dr. Steve Pachinik popping in for one segment on Bolton.
I want you to comment on what that signifies, and we'll come back with you, Lee, to get into the campaign and how big this is, because you're an expert on this.
Lee Stranahan is here with us.
I'm Alex Jones with InfoWars.com and NewsWars.com.
We have the former head of
Welcome back.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
I really appreciate Dr. Steve Pachinik popping in on short notice, but he's really been critical and almost broke with Trump when he brought in Bolton.
I agree it was an insane idea, but Bolton, he grandized himself, lied to him, and now
It's coming out saying the president should just be impeached again or they should have an attempted impeachment.
This from the WMD liar-in-chief, it's just amazing.
So let's talk about what this signifies and having these top generals, Mia Coppa, Millie Cummings saying, oh I shouldn't have walked across the street to the
To the church and you've got the Secretary of Defense saying Trump's wrong about calling out the regular military.
I mean you're seeing a lot of signaling and Biden saying we'll use the military to drag Trump out.
This to me is what's left of the deep state or the corrupt deep state signaling that Trump's weak.
We can make a move on him.
I mean I see them trying to
Give confidence to a dying, corrupt, vestigial system that knows it's in trouble.
But I don't want to underestimate how dangerous it is.
Dr. Pichinik used to run a psychological warfare operations regime, changed a lot of big stuff, helped found the Delta Force many years ago.
So he's here with us.
Your approximation of what this Bolton move means.
Well, years ago, when I was on the show and I said to you, that's one of the biggest mistakes Trump has made, I haven't changed.
I don't have to be a psychiatrist to tell you that.
Well, you said, you know, he almost made you break with Trump and you said this could destroy him.
Well, I said it very clearly and it did destroy him because Bolton is nothing more than a flaming sociopath.
Who's background was totally concocted, made up.
He was ruthless about lying and, you know, self aggrandizement.
Two of my operatives, and they're two distinguished individuals, one was Carl Ford, National Intelligence Officer, correctly described Bolton as the following, somebody who kisses up and knocks down somebody.
So he's constantly flattering the Trumps, constantly flattering the Bush Jr.
But you have to remember, Bolton is not unique.
He is a stereotype.
He's a stereotype of the chicken hawks or the neocons who talked about war, never went to war, and on the other hand were afraid to die.
And here's where we have the problem.
But Trump brought in a lot of people from the Bush administration.
He should never have done that.
And the problem is, of course, Trump has to rely on what was there or what had been there.
And he didn't necessarily know the entire spectrum of potential candidates.
But there is something there that is relevant, and that is that Trump had a certain vulnerability that
Bolton knew how to manipulate.
Now, let me make it clear.
I'm not going to go into Trump's vulnerability as much as I'm going to go into the dynamics of a sociopath like that who gets appointed to political positions.
Irrespective of who the president is, there's always a vulnerability that a political appointment can manipulate.
And in turn, the president manipulates the candidate.
So you have a mutual kind of manipulation.
In this particular case, Bolton knew a lot about Trump and my suspicion is his sexual activities, which Bolton had been part of many, many years ago in New York.
I'm not going to go into further detail.
Nevertheless, Bolton had a career that was a disaster, both in the Reagan administration, the Bush senior administration.
Personally, I found him to be a nice guy, but totally inept.
And I found him to be a complete self-aggrandizer and a manipulator, which was obvious to me and to you, Alex.
So when he gets brought into an administration, he basically destroys that part of the administration or he comes in collusion.
Even he had to deal with Colin Powell, another sociopath.
But fortunately, Richard Arminage, the Deputy Secretary of State, who was very sharp and was in Vietnam and spoke Vietnamese, a brilliant operative who was at Annapolis, said, look,
You're out of control.
And if you continue, I'm going to make sure you get fired.
Now, the guys who I rely on, like Carl Ford or Richard Armitage, they're in the system.
They maintain the integrity of the system.
But despite all that, you get the Boltons coming in repeatedly in one administration, another administration.
Look, he's at Yale.
Yale brought us Bush Jr.
Yale brought us Cheney.
He's a sycophantic, wannabe blue blood fraud.
We've got an institution there at Yale which is a total sycophant.
No, you're right.
Bolton is just like pus coming out of a wound.
He's not the problem.
He's just an extension of the disease.
Correct, Alex.
It's an excellent way to explain it.
And that disease is not stopping right now because we've had the Clintons, the Bushes, the Obama.
A manifestation of the corruption that could be created.
Why don't these elites know how to try to at least work with the Renaissance and co-opt it to their own empowerment?
From a sociopathic view, I could look at that and see that they attack Renaissance like it's the enemy.
They're so stupid.
There's a problem, Alex.
You and I, when we go into process or when we go on air, there's one thing that you and I have done that they have not.
And that is you've created a show.
You created a business.
I created about 28 different businesses.
I helped to create the Clancy franchise.
So you and I are not dependent on the notion of the kindness of a stranger.
In other words, we don't have to kowtow to somebody who we don't know.
We're not kowtowing to this rotting network.
That's correct.
So what happened is when Alex Jones gets banned, it becomes part of the corporation signature.
And the more you ban Alex Jones, the better he is and the more effective he is.
That's the reverse of what happens with a John Bolton.
The John Bolton scurry off to the most
Absolute units in the world.
A publishing company.
Are you kidding?
Simon & Schuster's basically dead.
Publishing is dead.
I've been in publishing over 35 years and I can guarantee you they're barely alive.
Sure, their instinct is to go to the most stagnant dead thing.
They run to graveyards.
But they're the product of graveyards.
It's a good analogy, Alex.
On this one hand, they come from the moss of death and what we consider vitality, the Yale University.
That's a dead institution.
The Cornell's, the Harvard's.
You just had a
A professor from Harvard implicated and indicted for tax fraud.
He's not the only one.
He had labs in China.
How many other professors?
I can go through MIT and Harvard and Cornell and show you how many have been involved in chicanery.
So what we have on the alternative media, we're the reality testers where they said, oh yeah, we believe in conspiracy.
I don't care what you call me.
I don't care what you call Alex.
It's called reality testing.
And the Boltons of the world, they'll scurry to the Moribund systems.
Let me ask you this.
How much danger is Trump in right now?
Because, I mean, that time bomb of Bolton is there.
Let me say this, Alex.
With all due respect to your analysis, I've never believed that Trump was in danger, and I'll tell you why.
People have to understand one thing about Trump.
He's not about words.
He's not about process.
He is about action.
The minute he goes out to the United States, he's coming here to Gainesville, I mean to Jacksonville.
He's coming to a Republican area where there's going to be thousands of people who don't care about the mythical COVID virus.
From there he will go to other states.
You're right, he's breaking the will of the fraud.
And so you're right, he's about total action.
That's totally it.
And he creates.
It's not only action.
It's just like what you do and what I do.
He creates an entity.
I can't emphasize it enough.
I don't care what he says in the meantime.
He creates a focus for people to put our action into.
And at the same time, he'll create a building, a hotel, a Doral, a casino.
Who else has ever done that?
And a wall?
I mean, who else has created... What shows the big banks just want money and power that's made up.
Trump fundamentally is about service.
He gets... If we aren't doing well, he's not doing well.
And his job right now is to serve the American public and he loves it.
That's the ultimate apex for him.
You've got to remember, his uncle was a professor at MIT, never talks about that, a brilliant professor.
His father was a brilliant businessman who put together a lot of apartments and real estate from nothing.
So you have a man here who's going to bring the United States back again.
And make it great.
I do not believe he's in any danger.
All right, do a few more minutes with us, and we've got Lee Stranahan here who's going to pop in with you and get some final comments from Dr. Steve McChinick.
We really appreciate him coming on on short notice to talk about Bolton, and I think he overall is right, but we just cannot underestimate these globalists, I tell you.
All right, Dr. Steve McChinick's here with us.
Lee Stranahan's been writing ShopGun, investigative journalist, host of Faultline Radio.
Dr. McChinick.
Look, I agree America's waking up.
There's a global renaissance happening.
China's on the verge of collapsing until this whole COVID hoax.
And so I agree with you that I think Trump's still in a position, we're in a position to beat this, but they just keep escalating and escalating and I don't see a way, legally and lawfully, because things are so paralyzed, to stop the left.
And I get what you're saying.
Don't interrupt your enemy while they're destroying themselves.
But at a certain point, there's a responsibility to stop them.
I mean, how do you see that working?
Well, I think you hit it on the head.
Normally what I would do is to allow them what Napoleon Bonaparte said, and you said it correctly, which they're making major mistakes.
They're continuing with the agitprop, they're continuing with the nonsense about Black Lives Matter, when in fact that's not the real issue.
The real issue, and they won't confront it, is how is it that we, the United States, is 27th
27th in the world on education, and guess who leads in the poorest education in America?
The black lives.
And instead of talking about black lives and black health and black education, again, the liberals and the left missed the entire program of improvement, and the blacks did not forget that.
I grew up in Harlem, and the key issue was always education.
How do I get a job?
How do I get advanced?
That's not the answer here.
So what happened is, this Agitprop and the notion of a Nancy Pelosi, a mafia daughter, bending down, it was ludicrous.
I mean, this is the most... So let me ask you this, and Elise Ranahan, what's the next thing they're going to pull?
What comes out of the jack-in-the-box next with 143 days left?
Let me ask Elise Ranahan that, and then Dr. Buchanan.
Go ahead, Lee.
Well, we're definitely going to see more protests, but I got to agree with the doctor.
And let me add something that I think he's going to find interesting.
I actually have some insight on the Bolton thing because I was the lead investigative reporter at Breitbart News under Steve Bannon.
This is what people have to watch out for.
You have to watch out for the people that seem like they're on your side, but aren't.
When I used to host the Breitbart Radio Show,
I would pick my own guests.
I'd say, I want this person, this person, this person.
But they told me Thursdays are Bolton Day, so I had to have John Bolton on.
Now what Steve was doing was softening the ground for the Breitbart audience, which, you know, is a lot of crossover for, let's say, the InfoWars audience.
To accept Bolton.
So even then they had the Trojan Horse ready and loaded.
That's exactly right.
And Bannon is the guy who recommended Bolton when he was in the White House.
Oh yeah, Bannon was definitely the guy that brought the whole group of globalists in.
So what's at the heart of that?
Well, Steve's a Goldman Sachs guy.
Let's start there.
Don't forget, Steve was with Goldman Sachs.
Let's also start with his connection.
And here's going to sound like crazy conspiracy theory, but go look it up.
His connections to Opus Dei.
Go look that up.
Anybody can find it.
All right, so Botanik's nodding his head.
Let's hear from Dr. Botanik.
Go ahead.
Lee is absolutely right.
I was against Bannon from the very beginning.
He had contrived a history that was absolutely nonsensical.
Number one, he was one of the lackeys of Goldman Sachs.
Number two, you don't go to become a managing director at Goldman Sachs.
I'd been a managing director at Kidder Peabody, and the first thing I did was to take down $600 million because it was corrupt and send it over to the SEC.
Bannon couldn't
We're good to go.
Well, it's not.
First off, Alex, thanks for bringing up the Epstein thing.
Steve Bannon met with Jeffrey Epstein.
This is firsthand from people at Breitbart who told me.
He met with Jeffrey Epstein before the election.
He's also met with him multiple times after the election in Paris and in New York.
But, Steve, you're exactly right.
Bannon's a Hollywood guy.
The guy he was hooked up with there, Digital Entertainment Network, it's interesting how Bannon, I'm not, I want to be very clear.
I'm not saying Steve Bannon is a pedophile.
I'm saying he seems to know a lot of them.
He was working with Digital Entertainment Network, look them up, and he was also working with a group that was literally, with World of Warcraft, mining stuff, and they would hire basically Chinese prisoners.
And they would have them be on World of Warcraft all day, get fake gold, and that hooks them up with a number of people too.
He would offer people to fund them congressionally that it worked here and others if they would just make up stuff about me.
So why would Bannon be spending hard energy and time trying to get Alex Jones?
Who does he really work for, Dr. Pichenik?
Remember the concept I said a few days ago is called envy.
Envy as opposed to jealousy means I want to be in the position of Alex Jones, but I'm not going to let Alex be there.
I'm not going to be there and I'm going to destroy both Alex Jones and Infowars.
And Lee is correct.
That's exactly what a sociopath like Bannon will do, or Bolton, and a whole bunch of them.
They will go out and try to emulate you, but at the same time they will do everything and anything they can, sub rosa or overtly, to manipulate you out of business.
And that's the same way Bolton wants to get Trump, because he'll be a big man if he gets Trump.
Correct, but he's not gonna get him.
What happens is when they go on this adventure trying to bring down Alex Jones, I'll pay the first $100 to see the battle.
Because there's no way in hell, let me say, that Alex is going down.
Well, I don't mean to put myself in the story, but I've learned, like, Bannon is creeping around.
And you're right, he names his shows after us.
He follows it all because he's a fake.
For him, it's all screenwriting.
To him, he just lifts what we're doing.
It's not that we're even that important.
It's just he just lifts that identity because he's a sociopath.
But he never... You gotta understand, he never created what you did out of nothing.
Sub-Rosie, you put together way before 9-11, you put together a show that wasn't all that popular, and then suddenly, out of nowhere, it started to blossom.
Guys like me would come in, and we just enjoyed it.
And sometimes we would have a wonderful time, and sometimes we disagreed.
But Lee is correct.
The amount of Hollywood entertainment that he was involved with, the amount, and he failed.
In contrast, let me give you a man who's not a sociopath, and that's Steve Mnuchin, who's the Secretary of Treasury, who in fact was with Goldman Sachs, but what made him different was, unlike Bannon, he had eight to nine films that were successful in Hollywood as an executive producer.
And trust me, as an executive producer of the Clancy franchises, that was tough.
Bannon could never do that.
Yeah, it's hard to have straight winners, and so...
It's just important to understand the mindset of these guys.
Basically so.
Skip past self for granted.
I'm sorry, Lee, go ahead.
Well, no, I was just going to say, and by the way, I will give Steve Bannon credit for directing the film Occupy Unmasked because I'm in it mainly.
But Bannon, after I left Breitbart, I have the emails, Alex.
I was trying to warn Bannon about the Ukraine thing.
Over and over and over.
I said, it's all about Ukraine.
I was sending him this in early 2017.
He didn't ignore me.
He tried to destroy me.
And I'll tell you something else too.
And Alex, I don't know if you know this, but this is firsthand from the people involved.
Steve is working with Mike's Inner Innovation Jack Posobiec now.
I know people who were working directly with them and they told me their goal was to destroy you.
That they wanted to get all, and this is at the time when those guys were on the network, and somebody who worked directly with them said they would talk all the time about destroying you.
So Steve, you could not be more right.
And again, this is not conjecture.
This is absolutely firsthand from the people involved.
Let me say, Lee is correct.
I mean, I believe everything you say.
And I'll tell you why, Alex.
The one thing you have to understand, my dear friend, is that you create envy, not just jealousy, but envy.
Out of nowhere, you come in, you're
Very effective, you're very funny, and at the same time, you're very serious, and you created, oh my God, millions of people who enjoy what you do.
That is the basis of threatening the sociopaths who cannot create a company, who cannot do anything but self-aggrandizement and process, and that was abandoned.
But you have to understand- But it's the same way, same reason they hate you or Trump or Stranahan or anybody, exactly, why they hate America, because America isn't controlled.
But that's my point.
Guys like me who get involved in whether it's PsyOps or, you know, Agitprop, we back off.
And if you want to see what Pachanik does, then go read a novel.
I'm not interested, other than you.
Hold on, we've got to go to break.
Closing comments from both of you.
We come back in two minutes.
Please stay there.
Steve Pachinick dot com.
We've got Lee Stranahan with us, thepopulist.us.
This is powerful radio today.
And I don't want to bring myself into the story.
It's just that I'm actually flattered these guys creep around all day and are so pissed about me.
As if if I went away, they would suddenly be me.
It's just ridiculous.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
All right, Dr. Steve Pachinick is our guest.
So is Lee Stranahan.
So in closing, gentlemen, other points you'd like to make and what do you think Trump should do right now?
Let's start with Steve Pachinick.
I think Trump should get rid of Esper again.
I said Trump should get rid of Milley again.
My boys in military intelligence wanted to know why with Milley, but now he came out to be exactly what I said, self-aggrandizing.
Get rid of all these generals who are not relevant.
The relevance is cyber war, space warfare.
At the same time, he has to go out and do all of his
Speeches in conservative areas and and just knocked him out of the park because that's what he does best and that he will go on total offense and just ignore all the attacks.
Well, they're not relevant.
It's the same way it's not relevant to Alex Jones.
If you want to know who Alex Jones is, that's Sui Generis.
He's an entity unto himself.
Don't bother yourself about it because you're never going to be him.
So forget about it.
And now I would say Trump is exactly who he is.
He's a Trump Tower.
He's a Trump building.
He's a Trump entity.
He's a dynamic force like you that creates... Well, enough about me.
All you guys.
America is individuals.
It's beautiful.
Well yeah, but you're American.
You gotta understand something.
Biden is not American in that sense.
He's a product of the DuPont family.
He's a product of senility.
Yeah, why do they hate America?
Why don't they just be it and own it?
They literally have a problem with it.
Because he's never been involved with the, every time he was asked to come and serve our country, he avoided it.
He didn't want to do anything that was consistent with a product or a dynamic other than the process.
These guys only live by process.
That's why they're ineffectual, they're impotent.
They're eunuchs, and they're political eunuchs, and that's why they're not relevant to the United States.
What's relevant to the United States... You know what?
You always say this for 20 years on the show, 19 years, and I'm kind of like, but it's so true.
They would just want to own a farm or take it over.
They don't even want to get into how it works.
It could be one thing if they didn't know how it worked.
They don't want to know how it works because they don't want to have any emotion given to it because they're so dead.
No, it's another issue.
It's like you, Alex, and I, and Lee.
It's not about just the motion.
They don't want to take the risk and the concept that they can fail.
Every time you go on the air for 20 years, you have to perform the same way you did the day before and the next day.
They can't do that.
They can't create something where it takes risk, calculated risk,
Going on the line and failure.
These are the sociopaths.
That's why process is their motherlode.
When it comes to creating corporations, they're out of the game.
And that's why Trump will come back again.
Well, I want you to come on the show soon.
You're a smart guy.
Tell us how we can kick people like this out of our society.
Thank you so much, Doc.
We appreciate you.
Have a great weekend.
Lee, thanks.
We got two minutes left.
Closing comments on how he turned us around.
Well, first let me agree with what the doctor said.
Trump absolutely has to get rid of people like Esper Manili as soon as possible.
If the coup comes, it's going to come from there.
But let me also say one other thing, too.
And let me take it off you.
We've been talking about you, and it's all true.
But let me mention the other guy who was Bannon's target here, someone you know well.
Roger Stone.
Roger Stone, Bannon went after.
All these guys went after Roger because they know that there were two people who understood politics and had experience on the Trump team in 2016.
Roger Stone and Paul Manafort.
And notice what happened.
And I was told by somebody who I'm not going to name.
You're right, they were more scared of Stone than they were, you're right, they were obsessed with Stone.
And I was told by somebody firsthand, Alex, so I'm not going to tell you who it is, I'm not going to tell anybody who it is, because they're in fear, that Bannon knew that Manafort was going to be taken out, which is why Bannon got himself in position.
The thing Trump has to do is do what the base wants him to do.
Pardon Stone and pardon Manafort especially.
Because Manafort actually knows what's going on with Russiagate.
He was trying to warn Trump and that's why they got him gagged.
Oh, I was thinking he should bring Manafort back on the campaign to piss in their face.
That's exactly right.
And because he knows what's going on with Ukraine.
He knows the truth about Russiagate.
He was taking notes... Lee, join us again next week.
Join us on Sunday.
We love you.
Lee Stranahan.
Alright, coming up, we've got Dr. Nick Baggage, but I've got a few final comments straight ahead.
Please stay with us, ladies and gentlemen.
This is the war for humanity.
This is the war for the future.
This is real.
And I love you and I appreciate you for keeping me in attack formation.
Only you bring us victory.
I salute you.
And one of our favorite guest hosts is about to take over, Dr. Nick Begich.
But I had to cover this Daily Mail article.
President Trump's re-election campaign is blasted for selling $18 anti-abortion Baby Lives Matter onesies that mimic Black Lives Matter.
Oh my gosh!
So you're not supposed to say all lives matter.
So Trump's smart and goes, well, baby lives matter.
Which is so cute.
Like, can babies, black, white, old, you know, trump the left?
Do not do it!
Oh, the media says it's bad!
Again, they take absurdity and then act like it's the dominant force.
That's why Media Matters wrote articles a month ago going, Jones claims they're sending people who have COVID-19 to nursing homes to kill people.
He's insane!
It's all confirmed!
It was confirmed then!
But they use it like, look!
He's absurd!
He's putting his jacket on in Minnesota in December when it's 20 below!
That's completely normal, but they just make it absurd.
It's all this sick joke.
So that's why we sell shirts that say, All Lives Matter.
By the way, all of our apparel is at cost.
$9.95 is the average price of it, so that's all apparel.
Some shirts cost us $15 to make, some cost us $5.
It's all $9.95.
That's the average cost.
The cost is Infowars.com, but it's not about that.
It's about the fact that every action we engage in is like, oh my gosh, baby lives don't matter.
That's just, that takes away from the black lives being lost by the 12 black people police wrongfully shot last year.
I wish I could make all those people come back.
I'm not glad, but when you look at statistics, this is the biggest hoax the planet's ever seen.
So thousands of black people die because the police won't go in their communities because of political correctness.
But that's all just statistics.
He's about to take over right now and then the war room.
That's not the war room with Steve Bannon.
That's the war room that we started with.
Roger Stone, who's going to jail.
Oh, and Troyer.
But, uh, Dr. Nick Begich takes over right now.
He was on fire last Friday, and it feels like 10 seconds ago.
It was last Friday.
Now here we are.
It's almost like that timelessness of it all the time.
It's like eternity.
Like you said at the end of the show last week, this life matters so much, so you're in eternity.
But it's almost like as we see time speed up, we get, we're already in eternity.
There is no time.
Dr. Begich, thanks for being here.
Take over.
God bless you.
Hey, thank you very much, Alex.
And it's always great to sit in on this fourth hour, you know.
And I always try to end the week on something a little bit more positive.
Sometimes it's impossible, you know, because of what the week has delivered, you know, but it's always out there.
And I want to start off with something I wasn't planning on, like it always goes.
But your last guest, one of your guests, was talking about sociopaths, and I want to talk about that for a minute, because I've read some statistics on sociopaths that was kind of interesting, and it was like something like, I believe the number was three out of five.
It might have been two out of five, so I might be more critical than I had to be generous, but let's say three out of five.
I think it's the right number, having met a lot of these guys, but CEOs, the heads of companies,
I mean, if you think about it for a minute, maybe that makes sense when you think about how they clawed their way to the top and stomped on everyone along the way and you've all met them in your workplace, somebody like that.
That kind of personality?
Yeah, like the illustration showed, the guy with the axe, you know, coming through the neighborhood of your workplace.
The Tilla the Hun manager who seems to have absolutely no empathy, no sense of connection to anything but himself.
Whatever greed, selfish, material, fleshy thing drives him.
And sociopaths, what they do, this is really interesting, they mimic.
So from a very young age, from the very beginning, for some reason, there's something that happens.
Usually it's a trauma, quite frankly, often a trauma, but there's something that happens that shuts it down, you know, kind of shuts the feeling part down.
And as they shut it down, then they, or they don't have it on to begin with, which is a really rare one, but that happens.
And then what happens is as they're looking at the world, they begin to think, oh, I'm supposed to be sad now.
I'm supposed to be happy now.
So they end up copy.
So this is really interesting, because they're working from a place actually of awareness, but in the wrong direction.
Because they're aware of emotions, they're in control of them, but in a very different way.
They don't feel them to begin with in the same way.
Sociopathics are kind of lost in that.
They don't understand that element for whatever reason.
And and that's the you know, the rare really for us to meet on the street.
You don't meet many, but they do end up at the top in a lot of instances.
They do in business and they do in politics and government, virtually all leadership positions.
There's always a few around either on their way up to somewhere else or already arrived.
And so I think that is important.
Discernment in terms of leadership and what drives people is really important.
The other thing that happens in the political world, and I'm three generations of it, and
And I come from really interesting roots.
Some of you guys know them, some of you don't.
But, you know, when you look at what's happened historically in terms of that, I mean, my grandfather, he came over on my dad's side, you know, on a ship to Ellis Island, cleared immigration, eventually became an American citizen back in the turn of the last century, back in 1906 when he came over here.
You know, my dad, first generation American, was a U.S.
congressman, a state senator.
My brother was a U.S.
senator, the third generation in America.
My son is probably going to be somewhere politically, if the people decide.
You know, but when I think about all of this, and I think about what drives power, what drives power structures.
You know, when I was raised, something that happened to me just a week ago, as my fiancé, Ed, and I were talking,
Something came up and said, well, we can't do anything about that.
And I thought, wow, what an alien thought to me, because I never was raised to believe this.
In fact, after I talked to my mom about it, I said, wow, the whole thought that you couldn't change the world never really occurred to me ever.
You know what I was talking about last week about faith?
You know, faith in what you know you can do?
Well, changing the world, I thought everybody could do.
In fact, I still believe that.
And then someone told me that Rembrandt, it was either Rembrandt or it might have been Michelangelo, but one of the two, I believe it was Rembrandt, was so bewildered by the fact that nobody else could just grab a pencil and do it.
You know?
I mean, hey, why can't anyone just do that?
Direct their carrier, move the pencil around and do what I do.
You know, Rembrandt.
You know, so
This is about how we manifest in the world, how our energy, our spirit, our essence, our creativity, the really powerful things manifest in the world.
That's what connects us to one another, our creativity engaged.
And then I got an email, you know, the other day, because I was talking about how Alex and I have little different styles and something I had never considered that was so valuable to me.
And I really appreciate the insight from the listener was,
For a lot of people, you know, Alex vents your rage.
He takes your rage and vents it for you so you don't have to.
I mean, I never really thought about it that way, because I think differently than Alex in this way, because of the way we manifest in the world.
Not to say either is better or worse or good or wrong.
No, they're all perfect.
You know, that's the whole point is they're all perfect for whoever's listening, you know, and I just never thought about it from the standpoint of you're taking this frustration and this anger and this rage and you're expressing it, Alex, in a way that
We're good to go.
To see it all in motion and not be touched by it.
And that's the place that I'm hoping we can all find is when we're in that spot.
And so starting with the sociopath conversation I didn't plan on, I ended up wanting to go a little different direction.
But again, what I didn't plan on was Epstein came up and that has to be part of this discussion because
Power structures that function in the flesh, that function in the body, that function in the meat, that function in the carrier, as I call it, body, the human body.
And they get lost in all that.
And in getting lost in it, they begin to express that as their only reality.
They forget the spiritual side, which is the balance and the link, the bridge between the two is the heart and minds.
And you hear it in sayings.
We want your hearts and minds.
They're not kidding.
But you need to keep your heart and mind and turn it all on and discern.
And that's what we're going to talk about a little bit more today.
This is Dr. Nick Begich on this Friday afternoon and most of the work.
All right.
Welcome back.
You know.
Thinking about just before the break, I was talking a little bit about power, power structures, and I was going to talk a little bit about Epstein in that context, because he came up also as we kind of transitioned into this hour.
You know, when you think about people like Epstein, you know, what role do they serve?
OK, because they serve somebody, right?
I mean, the guy got a half a billion dollars in the bank.
He got it from somewhere.
So who does he serve?
You know, and here's what I would say about that.
Is this guy, and I believe if the truth ever comes out, if we ever get the truth of what was collected in the video libraries and the safes and all of that, if we ever find that, if we ever find his co-conspirator, what you're going to learn is that this man was the blackmail guy.
He was the extortion specialist for various security agencies, probably several from various countries that were all paying him.
Because what is it worth to own a leader?
You know, when I was taught organizing as a classical organizer, what you're always taught is try to co-opt leadership.
Well, there's two ways to do it.
One is with truth and one is with blackmail.
And both represent a different version of the truth, right?
One's being transparent, open, let you see what's here and you can look at all my sins and you can analyze them and you can even judge them.
You can do whatever you want with them.
I don't really care.
I don't care about that.
I'm going to live transparent.
That's one way to live.
And the other is to live in the shadow of your fear, because somebody has you by the parts that wear off when you ride the fence too long.
So here's the point of all this.
Is when someone controls you because they now know where your fleshy weakness was and they filmed it in a bad way, they own your ass.
And see, that's the one way.
Now, the other way they kind of introduced this process a little earlier in
And then what they'll do with you is they will then own your ass.
Okay, whether you're headed for business or headed for politics or maybe headed for religion or maybe headed for the arts.
God knows, right?
Because the Matsu does know you and the universe.
All right, but here's the thing.
Knowing that and knowing that sociopaths are driving a lot of these trucks, we can clearly see how come there's so many train wrecks, you know, when the engineer is
Driving the truck.
And narratives.
Even the word narrative.
Think about this.
This is newly introduced in the last decade or so.
Are we going to create the new narrative?
Oh, that's a fake narrative.
Hey, why should it be a narrative?
You know what a narrative is?
It's a script.
Someone writes down on a sheet of paper and then someone reads from.
And then they do the focus group and then they do the poll and then they decide to regurgitate that back at you because they don't have truth.
They just have
Kind of this mirroring amplification effect that they can railroad and run to test the progress of the systems that they have set up to manipulate every breath you take and every move you make.
And if you don't believe it, you can read the record.
You know, one of the few places you can get the RIT work that I've done.
1,600 references.
It's at InfoWars Store.
That's the only place you can get the printed one unless they're used.
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It's not there now so this is a quick link.
Take you right in there and you'll see the whole deal.
And why I want you to look at that is I want you to do what Alex always suggests, which is spread those links, get that information out there, and pass it on if this is valuable to you at all.
And it's free, it's all free, but if you want to help us, there is a donation button on earthpulse.com.
That's my website, earthpulse.com.
Any case, I'm done with that, and I want to go back to something, because, you know, this is something also I want to say about creation and how it works and all this, because we've been talking a little bit about the dark side, you know, the use of extortion and blackmail and sexual weakness as a way to manipulate people and how that starts at the college level and works their way through people's career until they end up at the top, and then they end up really at the bottom, if you stop and think about it, because they're compromised.
Better to confess, you know, and that's why Donald Trump went run and won, isn't it?
It's like, you know, people knew who he was.
They knew his value system.
They knew how he expressed himself in the world.
And here's what they voted for.
Whether you like the way he does it, it's authentic.
It's as authentic as it gets.
And that's the bottom line.
People didn't want a narrative.
They wanted something coming right out of the man, even if it was a little ugly and a little sloppy and maybe a lot sometimes.
But better to interpret the heart of a man and know where he's going and, you know, and understand that nobody reaches the top whether whether articulate and careful with their words or not.
And whether you think they're good or bad, you don't end up at the top unless the universe, God, allows it.
So even the most
Unusual circumstances are used in an unusual way.
I think we can acknowledge that.
But the role we each play and the way we interpret our reality is our individual choice.
This is the power of it.
And this is where the
Here's the deal, is the body, the mind, the lower mind, the part here in the back of the head, the reptilian brain, it is the flight or fight response.
It's the fleshy part.
It's the part that identifies too much with the linear time of 80 to 100 years, if you're lucky here, and forgets the eternal part of what we are, which is the other side, okay?
It's the other side of who we are.
It's over here.
It's the spirit side, the energetic side that we could talk about a lot,
Um, in terms of the physics of that, but I'm not going there today.
There's no time.
There never is.
I want to go a different place here and think about it from this, from a metaphorical and a real perspective.
Okay, so you have the body, which is really fueled and evil entities are fueled.
People who run as sociopaths, the fuel of fear feeds them.
You hear what I'm saying?
The fuel of evil is fear, anxiety.
This is fuel for the fire that burns you and everyone around you.
This is the train we're on, on the track we're on, and the train wreck people are talking about.
But the train wreck is because we're on a track.
What do they say?
You fell off track.
Fell off track, get back on the track.
Why would you do that?
That's crazy.
Don't be on the track if it's going the wrong direction.
Rethink it.
Rethink it.
You know, something people say all the time.
Do the impossible.
Do the impossible.
That's an oxymoron.
You can't do what's impossible.
How about this?
Do what you know is possible and the impossible presents itself.
That's the way it really works.
Let's think about words.
We'll be right back.
This is Dr. Nick Begich, and this is the InfoWar.
You're the tip of the spear, and it's about hearts and mind.
Ours, together.
In this, together.
And welcome back.
You know, I was thinking about, and I talk about it often in a lot of different ways,
I'm good to go.
And on that vibration carries a lot of submodulations.
Now we interpret it as these little squiggly lines, you know, on paper we call words that we write down.
And we laugh a little bit about it, you know, and those are our little reminders of things, you know.
But really, what conveys in the words, through that vibration, through the sound of a voice and through all of that contained in it, is a lot of other information.
And so the emotional information comes through, the words, how they're constructed, come through.
So I can paint a picture in your head of what I'm thinking, you know, right?
I take this idea that starts as an idea, something I can't even touch, and then I reduce it to a vibration that comes across
Space, and then hits your eardrum and then gets reduced to a vibration again and digitizes a signal into the brain, the brain interprets, and we call that a word.
Isn't that the weirdest thing?
You know, when you think about it that way.
And what is that really?
You know, it's a way of thinking about what's not visible.
Okay, that's not visible.
But look how much effect words have on every single thing we do when they're spoken.
Okay, you know the phrase when you're a little kid, I remember thinking this when I was a little kid, you know, magic words, you know, abracadabra, remember that one, all this stuff.
Every word is that.
Let me say this again.
Every word is that.
Now, I wouldn't use the word magic.
It's got a bunch of garbage strung on it.
But I would say that the word is the power.
How you use it is your choice.
It is the sword that each of us have.
And we get to use our word, our expression of our truth, not tolerance.
Remember, acceptance, that deeper level that I've talked about before, because when you use your words to construct your reality, you can either construct one or destruct one.
Destroy one by tearing it apart, or build one, create one, express one.
That's creativity, the core of education, right?
The thing that one of the speakers was speaking about in the last hour, I have a core of educational experience.
I was president of a teacher's organization statewide, but I never had a teaching credential.
But they elected me their president of the Statewide Teachers Union.
Because I had an identity with education and a heart for it, I suppose, and a head for some of the mechanics of organization.
But what I know, education and anything good begins individually, one at a time, with each of us reconnecting first to ourselves and then one at a time to each other.
Within our households, within our families, within our relationships, within our friends, within our acquaintances, and external from that, to the public that we are in.
And then when we do that effectively, go inward first, and then go outward, we find our connection to everyone else.
This is the fundamental issue of who we are.
And when we can finally kind of shift that around, the dignity of the debate changes, and we recognize that most of the
A fight is really a fight between spirit and flesh, which is a fight between knowing
And fear, okay, of the unknowing, of what we cannot control, what we cannot do.
And this is a separation.
And between the two is the middle way of the heart and mind.
The thing we can't see, you know, and I talked about the heart kind of metaphorically, not the organs so much as the emotional component of what we are.
The right brain side of what we are, the left brain, the logical analytical side, the other part.
But this heart and mind metaphor is when most of us identify with the left brain, right brain, that works too.
But I do think it's based in the heart.
There is an energy that's based there that you can feel when your voice comes from that place, comes out of the heart and spills into the world.
And the thing about all this is that's how all of us create with our words.
And then they become actions that we believe in.
That's called faith and trust.
And you know, when I was saying before about don't do, try the impossible, you know, let's go, let's do the impossible.
Do you believe that will work?
That is a train wreck about to happen.
Don't do that.
I'm putting out a warning.
Don't do the impossible.
Someone else will do what you think is impossible.
Someone else will say, oh, and they'll be like, oh, what do you mean you can't change the world?
Of course you can.
They'll go do it.
Be the person that you are.
And here's the beauty of it, is if you act on your level of faith, which is knowing, knowing, that's what it is.
It's knowing.
So you know what you can do and you do that.
And you know what you can do and you do that.
And what happens is each day you're
I think so.
You know, failure, think about your two-year-old when you have to gently discipline them.
See, that's the way the universe disciplines us through our traumas, our failures.
Because a little kid, when you take the toy away, it's a big trauma, you know.
Take a two-year-old's toy away, see what happens, you know.
So get the perspective right, all right?
Get the perspective right.
As sophisticated as we think we are, we're not.
We're that two-year-old relative to the universe.
And that's given you a lot of extra credit, but that's okay.
And me, Alex, thought I had credit too, because I'm that two-year-old with you.
But here's the beauty of it.
Why do people want it?
Why do you amplify the characteristics of two-year-olds?
The innocence, the purity, the kindness that normally comes out of a two-year-old when you watch them in action, you know?
And when their environment is a loving and nurturing one, they amplify all that.
They become this amplifier, whatever programming you give them, that they think is just the way it is.
They don't question it.
It's so, oh, you breathe.
No one talks about it.
You know, you change the world.
No one talks about it or whatever you do.
Or you had a traumatic childhood where you don't believe you can do anything.
And then that's the false narrative that you've accepted.
You know, just as much as my narrative.
Oh, you can do anything.
See, that's a false narrative, too.
Because you can't do it alone.
And there's another piece to it that goes beyond the body, the material.
And it's the spiritual side.
It's the energetic side of what it really takes to get in the game and do it.
And you don't have to feel like you're carrying the weight on your shoulder because the finish line may not be yours.
You may be just holding the baton.
You see, most of us are holding the baton, passing it on when we hit the limits of our knowing, our faith, our knowledge.
We're good to go.
At all.
Because there's an overarching thing that within that fractal of confusion, within that hurricane, the universe stands in the middle as calm as can be.
And it's totally orderly when you stand back far enough and can look at the form of it.
And what it does.
So when you think about all of the swill we're in, somewhere within this is the human soul that's rising, and I've been saying it for 25 years.
I said it through science for 25 years.
I've said it in everything.
If you've listened carefully to what's being said, it's embedded in everything I do.
Started with words, you see, and the responsibility of it.
Someday I'll tell the whole story of that.
Why I take that so seriously.
Why when you hear what I have to say, you at least listen and measure it against what you know to be right and true.
And I'm not saying accept everything I say.
Test it.
Test it all against your own heart and your own mind.
And then use the heart and mind to project who you are through your own curiosity, through your own interest into the world in a way that creates.
That adds to that this isn't a train wreck, but is a confident step in the created direction when you were created in the likeness of image of God that God intended for you, which is a unique, a beautiful blueprint, putting pebbles of in the water of change.
And we're all doing that together.
This is the InfoWars.
This is Dr. Nick Baker.
And welcome back.
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So do that at earthbolts.com.
Getting back into the subject of the day, you know, as I was talking to the guys during the break, you know, we always have a few minutes and it seems like
I just kind of rolls right right into it and you know when we go through looking at sort of all of the stuff and the amount of anxiety and stress it can bring this is a true fact and we are and we experience all during the week and sometimes we might even vent that in the wrong place you know you go home after work and we've listened to a lot of things during the day we're stressed out
A couple things.
On your way back to the house, you know, some things.
Turn the news off just for that.
Turn it off for five minutes before arrival.
Just five minutes before arrival.
Not the whole trip.
I know some of them are long commutes.
But that five minutes before arrival.
Turn it off.
As you're driving in, start thinking about all of the wonderful things.
That are in your household.
If it's your family, your wife, your children, whatever it is, your pets, I don't care if it's your plants or your books or whatever brings you joy when you get home.
Start falling into your joy as you come through your front door and let that be your dominant emotion rolling back into your
Other life that you do away from wherever it is you are in your livelihood, you're living.
And I say that because, you know, this whole idea, and I was thinking about the education system and the failure of it.
I've been in a lot of dialogues about that this week.
And where's the failures?
You know, where do they start?
And they really start with value systems.
Ultimately, we've kind of neutered the public system because values somehow are offensive to somebody.
But values are really the starting point.
And then you have the idea of recognizing the individuality of each person.
You see, in our public systems don't do that.
They throw you into a squishy collective.
In fact, stop and think about it.
A lot of the way our culture and society and government has kind of shifted to this squishy sort of collective side.
Now, I say that loosely because we are all connected, but this is sort of the new narrative, let's call it, of connectivity.
Let's call this the fleshy narrative of connectivity.
Let's call this the Internet, the Google, the Facebook,
The manipulative form of connectivity that really is about digging into your personal privacy and extracting from you information.
This is about sucking.
So they call it social media.
That's an oxymoron.
You know, those that are watching this, this is a version of social media, but I don't consider this as social as it needs to be.
It's just what we have to live with that is as good as it gets unless we get to meet each other face-to-face.
And a lot of people I do, I always welcome that because now I can feel it individually with you.
Because I do feel, you know, when I'm doing this, I feel a lot going on when we're connecting with each other.
So that does happen.
But there's nothing like personal contact.
Then we have social distancing, another oxymoron.
Get far apart to socialize.
This is the opposite.
This is, again, these words that we string together and then we somehow, you know, I'll give you another one.
You know, there's my old boss, Eileen Hendershot, used to make a funny statement all the time.
It was, that guy's running around like a fart in a skillet.
Now, first of all, that's impossible.
Second of all, how do you picture that?
A lot of people have funny pictures about that.
But we know what she meant.
So where did the information carry?
Was it in the words that didn't make sense?
Or something else that made us understand what she meant?
And so that's really it.
That's what I'm trying to get at is a lot of times the words and what makes them magical is the power behind them is in the intention
The framing, how you package the word and pop it out.
Now that comes as a natural outgrowth of our thinking.
If it's transparent and honest, it comes out.
That's why for 25 years, Alex has had a consistent message.
Because you don't have to read from a script when it comes out of your core.
You know, if you've followed me for the last 30 years, or for my whole life for that matter, you'll see
My core in everything I do.
Yeah, you'll see failure, you'll see screw-ups, but you'll see me rise out of that.
My core come through, which is just stand up, dust off, learn, admit my mistakes.
Learn from those, hopefully, and ask for grace that I might go on and go on.
Asking for grace came way late in the game.
I should have asked for that a lot sooner, but nonetheless, you know, I'm glad I'm still standing and I can have this conversation.
I've said this before and baffled some of my friends who know my whole life in the details of it and some of the traumas within it.
And I wouldn't change a single thing, not one.
I'd even do it a thousand times again, as hard as it was.
And people go, how can you, you know, because none of those things define me, the successes or the failures.
None of those things determine who I am.
There are little snapshots, if anything, of the learning process I've engaged in while I've been breathing in the world.
And that's all it is for any of us, ladies and gentlemen.
Did we learn anything?
How much are we self-condemning?
Are we ripping ourselves to shreds?
At the same time, if you're a Muslim, Jew, or Christian, saying you're creating the image and likeness of God, but you're ripping yourself to shreds?
You're thinking of yourself as nothing?
As dust that's worthless?
Are you kidding me?
How untrue is that in my view of the world?
Not only is that untrue, but the connection that I know exists between every living soul and everything which is true.
The fact that we represent a hologram, the whole of all of it, within this, it's like a paradox, right?
How does that happen?
You know?
And yet, within this, we have free choice.
And what I was saying earlier about
This other paradox of the physical body and time and all of its limits and the limitless side of the spirit and the intermediary of heart and mind, what you can't see at all, but it's the bridge between the material and the non-material.
And it's the energy you see
Behind our thoughts that propel creation.
And then the more knowing that we attach to that deliberate creation, the better we destruct the reality we experience, whether it's in our households or workplace or families.
And all of that creates a ripple in the pond.
You see, that's the power of the connection.
It's not waiting for the group form or signing up for a membership card.
You're in it.
You're already in it.
It's called the human race.
You know, we're hearing the Black Lives Matter thing, and then people say, well, human lives matter, and then people get mad about that.
You know, the human dignity of recognition of our humanness and our non-physicalness, being the soul who happens to have a body, and everyone else does too, changes the discussion
It alters the debate, lightens the load, ladies and gentlemen, when we realize that it doesn't have to be our right or our wrong to share with someone else, but theirs yet to discover.
And I use Solomon as an example all the time because he traveled such a dark road for many people, if you think about the occult and the conjuring of spirits and all this craziness.
It was the contrast between that dark place and the light allowed him to have wisdom.
You see, the greater the contrast, if you can overcome it, the greater the light on the other end of that, because it's the distance.
That's why when you see these dark times rolling out across our cultures, across the planet, know this, that within it is this other thing.
And usually it's not the loud one.
It's coming from the quiet voices that you don't normally hear.
It's coming in all different ways.
It's coming from simple things that are not so simple after all.
That might be the big things after all.
What you do matters after all, because that's all we can do is what matters to us that we believe in.
Do it with the grace that we can do it with.
Do it with the power that we are, with the deafness of purpose, by doing what is possible, not the impossible.
Pass the baton, and then the impossible manifests before us.
This has been Dr. Nick Fink.
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God, I've tried so hard.
I just... belong to some other age, I guess.
You know, humans don't communicate anymore.
Or they jibber and jabber about stuff that doesn't matter.
And then they send a text message.
And never communicate with anybody about anything of substance.
It's spiritual death.
And then I just come to the realization, out of trillions of worlds, we're gonna probably die.
Everything we did as a species and all of our beauty and all of our goodness will just fail.
And we're gonna go down the tubes because a bunch of inbred child molesters in Hollywood had some psychotic dream that they wanted to kill everybody.
You know, humanity just has to fall.
It has, civilization has to fall.
It just has to go down.
And you know it's gonna go down too.
And I just have been a fool trying to prop it up.
It's just at a certain point you're like, God Almighty, this is what death looks like.
This is what laziness looks like.
No one has the instinct or the will to execute anything real!
They only execute failure!
I want to be loved by CNN even though I don't watch it!
We have total illegal censorship going on.
We have them bragging about it.
We have them dead to rights.
No one will attack.
No one wants to do it!
Never took action when all the tools were right there in our hands because we weren't meant to.
We couldn't do it.
We didn't want it.
I give my children fish oil every day.
They love it.
It's really good for them.
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When do you think the people should be able to, like, talk again?
The person?
Yeah, that's a good question.
Well, Alex Jones at least has Infowars.com.
He can do his own thing and people go to that.
And Gavin's got a show still.
Does he?
Yeah, you know, as someone who's kind of
All for free speech.
I often get told that I'm bad because I have to defend people whose language I don't agree with.
That is what free speech is.
It's not defending everyone who says things that I love.
It doesn't make any sense because that means you're right all the time.
Like if you're only defending the things that you believe in.
Will you write all the time about everything?
But I have to defend the people who say things that are even atrocious and that I would never get on board with because that's what free speech is.
And like you said, it is that slippery slope of who gets to be the arbiter of what is said.
Right, and what are your guidelines?
Alex Jones is funnier than Andy Kaufman's ever been.
Alex Jones is f***ing hilarious often.
Did you see the whole that he's Bill Hicks?
That's not real.
I went down that rabbit hole.
That's the silliest shit ever.
I know, but there are videos.
But he had one thing we're talking about, like if it's between his family starving or eating his neighbor.
He's like, I'll eat your ass.
That's why it became this giant... Come on.
I will eat your ass!
Do you don't think there's an entertainment value in him saying he's going to eat his neighbor?
Stop my dumpster fire!
Right, but there's something to that, like to stop that and ban that.
You're not stopping anyone from anything bad by not having Alex do this entertaining thing about eating his neighbor.
You're not saving anybody.
You know what I'm saying?
Like, what are you doing?
Like, what is he doing that's so awful?
I don't know how to fix any of it.
It's entertaining.
Like, why is it only acceptable if you have some kind of entertainment?
Because there's so many rap videos that you could watch that I enjoy, but they're talking about shooting people and robbing people, and it's everywhere on YouTube!
It's so prevalent!
And somehow or another, that's okay.
Like, it's f***ing weird what's allowed and what's not allowed.
You're not going hungry.
I'll do it.
I'll drink your blood.
And I'm starting to think about having to eat my neighbors.
You think I like?
Size it up, I'm gonna haul him up by a chain.
Top his ass up, size it up, I'm gonna haul him up by a chain.
Top, top, top, top.
Barbecue yo' ass.
I will cook your ass up so fast, I'll tell them, boy, I killed a cow out back, baby.
You think Christ would eat somebody?
He would never do that.
I will.
I'm ready to hang them up, gut them and skin them and chop them up.
You know what?
I'm ready.
I will eat your leftist ass like corn on the cob!
I want the globalists to know, I will eat your ass first.
I swear to God, if it's the last thing I do, I'm gonna get my hands around your throat.