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Name: 20200611_Thu_Alex
Air Date: June 11, 2020
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Alex Jones and his guests discuss various conspiracy theories related to COVID-19, including claims of a globalist plot to control and murder people through fake studies, policies, and propaganda. They also highlight alleged corruption within hospitals and the medical system, as well as the role of the media in spreading misinformation. Additionally, they address the potential economic consequences if the pandemic is not managed properly and criticize those who defend child sexual abuse or support Antifa.

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It was all pre-planned.
It was all organized.
It was all done in lockstep with precision from the United Nations.
And now at least 10 blue states that we know of premeditatedly sent pneumonia, flu, and supposed COVID-19 patients in to nursing homes and into hospitals to murder everyone.
And you've got another nurse going public and talking about what they witnessed.
And how somebody would come in, panic attacking, you name it, 37 years old.
Doesn't have anything wrong with them.
Oh, we'll take care of you, bro.
You talk about moths to flame.
Have a little bit of anxiety locked up in your house?
You test negative, put it positive.
Kill it.
Let's get the cash.
And turn up the power.
Oh, the WHO, they're our boss now.
The UN says have it at a level 30% higher than we ever do.
Well, with COVID, you do it.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
We are live, my friends, broadcasting worldwide.
On this live June 11th, 2020, Thursday transmission.
And this broadcast is a major benchmark, a major signpost on where we are.
This particular broadcast and all the things that have come together marks a new level.
Of the globalist criminal operation unraveling in front of our eyes and them like degenerate gamblers or cornered rats doubling down every time.
The level of total AI censorship and control off the charts.
Parents groups criticizing pedophile story time at their school banned on Facebook for just even criticizing it.
The military brass turning against the president publicly, signaling that they'll support a coup.
An actual warlord, now in control of a large part of Seattle, beating people up on the nose to enforce his new police department's edicts.
And Antifa saying it's a wonderful new benchmark.
You cannot make this stuff up.
And then, John Rappaport yesterday played some clips.
We posted a video that's undoubtedly going to get banned on YouTube.
To ban.video, New York undercover nurse confirms COVID-19 criminal hoax.
She's in the epicenter of the epicenter of the epicenter of where the main deaths are.
And she says, the people didn't have COVID and they were putting Ventilators on the people and killing them to jack up the numbers, and she has the video.
She's going to be on Tucker Carlson tonight, I'll just tell you that.
That's what InfoWars serves as, is that incubator to do the research, find the intel, the listeners send it to us, we put it out to millions, and then it ends up on Limbaugh and Tucker, and that's why Media Matters hates us so much in all ways as you're pointing that out, but it's the audience that's getting the word out and supporting us to have a platform like Bandot Video so that all these nurses and doctors and people coming out exposing the COVID hoax have a shot and have a chance to be able to respond to all this evil.
So I have a list of five videos from the video that's at Bandot Video.
That you should really share to expose these criminals that we're gonna be playing when we come back at the start of the next segment.
But again, it's New York undercover nurse confirms COVID-19 criminal hoax.
Let me explain this in very calm words.
COVID-19 is not just a criminal hoax to lock down the economy and transfer power to the globalists and their medical tyranny.
Over half the people that died in the United States were in nursing homes where they took people with pneumonia or the flu and put them in there saying they had COVID-19 knowing it would kill people.
Just like walking up to somebody and shooting them in the head with a shotgun.
And the doctors told them don't do this and it turns out at least 10 Democrat states did it and are still doing it.
These people are next level cold-blooded killers.
They know what they're doing.
I've had nightmares about this particular issue because they're not just aborting babies or keeping babies alive and selling their organs.
They premeditatedly knew they weren't going to have any death counts.
And so they sent people that had the flu or pneumonia to nursing homes.
Young people.
To infect.
And I remember hearing that four months ago in Italy.
Nurses came out and said they're sending people that have tested positive supposedly or have other respiratory problems here to the nursing homes.
They want dead people.
This is on purpose.
She said they're using people as incubators.
To spread it.
And they did.
This was all planned, folks.
This is so eugenics next level.
And the House of Cards is coming down.
We'll be back in 60 seconds.
144, 144 earth rotations until the most historic election in world history, a referendum on nationalism, the free market and the renaissance and Christendom versus the technocracy in the post-human nightmare world of the New World Order.
Ladies and gentlemen, it is Thursday, June 11th.
The year is 2020.
I am your host, Alex Jones, with my intrepid crew, here only because of your support and God's blessings.
You are the info war, and I salute you, and I thank you.
Okay, I've said this a hundred times, this is so true, and I'm going to say it again today.
The only way to start the broadcast.
I've been on there 26 years, and the first 5, 6, 7 years I never said, this is the biggest show I've ever done, this is the craziest.
And then about 20 years ago, maybe once or twice every couple years, I'd say this is the biggest thing we've ever done.
This is the craziest time in world history.
But now as the quickening accelerates, I'm seeing it every month, and every week, now every day.
But what's happening, and the confluence of insanity, and world government, and Mark of the Beef, and just pedophiles coming out in the open, war, rumors of war, All of this is just off the charts insane and it's going to get more insane every week, every day, every month going out from here.
So now's the time to get right with God.
I almost don't want to tell you what's coming up today because it's all so important,
because I don't want to take away from the first big thing we're going to cover,
that is the biggest enchilada ever.
It's so seismic, it's so huge, and I feel guilty that I have not done more on this.
And when you hear me cover it, you'll go, you talk about it constantly.
Yeah, but this is such an over-the-top, cult-level exercise of power over us that if people don't hang for this, and I mean hang, Then the blood's on our hands.
Because it is a pissing in our face event.
And it's not about being pushed around and then, oh, you get mad so you gotta do something because you're not gonna push me around.
It's about what comes next if we put up with this.
There have been hundreds of medical doctors, hundreds, that have come out in Europe, the United States, Canada, the U.S.
Hundreds of nurses, prestigious university scientists, the head of the Rockefeller Hospital, the Cedars-Sinai clinic owners, have all come out and said, we're having the normal amount of deaths from seasonal flu and pneumonia.
And they're just putting all those in the COVID column and these tests are fake.
And Bill Gates is testing, the main testing factory's been shut down as a fraud.
That's been confirmed.
But still, the hoax goes forward.
And now, another nurse at the epicenter of the epicenter of the supposed COVID-19 outbreak, shot video of it all.
In the computers, and in the operatories, and in the beds, in the rooms, showing total premeditated criminal fraud.
Not just saying people had COVID that didn't.
She has all the tests.
They test them three times, and they'd say, we don't care.
Put COVID in, and then they'd run a tube down their throat.
These are people that are healthy.
and destroy their lungs and kill them.
They've turned the hospitals into execution centers.
You know, I've asked David Knight, who's a great guy, I've asked, I've asked, I've asked them all to go back to the old interviews from like five years ago, and to get those nurses back on, or we'll open the phones up and, you know, have nurses contact us again and we'll vet who they are and then have them on the air as whistleblowers, or they can go public.
They can stay private or go public.
You understand when they give preemies vaccines, about half the time they end up dying.
When they're little preemies.
And they started this about 10 years ago under bioethics.
New policies.
Just a policy.
And they give them the shots and it kills them!
And so they go, oh, we're going to save them, and they bring in ventilators to intubate the babies, and the doctors go, oh no, the hospital board says don't do that.
They're killing them because they want to set a precedent to have nurses that are involved in murder to build a corps of killers.
So I'm going to cover all this at the start of the next segment.
I think the best thing to do is just play it from the beginning of the undercover report that's at man.video.
We'll put it back on screen, and then I'll play some actual clips from it.
Do you understand it's not just her?
We know the whole track record.
We know that doctors said don't send patients Who have tested positive for COVID-19, but are asymptomatic, to make them quarantine in a nursing home.
That's insane, because if they have a normal pneumonia or flu, still, it'll kill people.
And they did it to get the death numbers up, and half of their 110,000 dead is people in nursing homes!
And now we've got a nurse shot video of all of it, inside the supposed epicenter of the epicenter!
Red fricking handed man, and I know the globalists are evil But to watch them externalize their method and to get it down into the medical core To all over the US they have hospitals where they keep babies alive.
The mother goes.
I want the baby.
They go fine We're gonna decide to terminate it and then they keep it alive while they get orders for the organs sometimes a month and Then they kill it and cut its goodies out.
Holy Hell!
We're not gonna get as bad as Nazi Germany.
We're already past it, folks.
It's just all hidden.
And the globalists have committed crimes so ultra-massive, they think that they're going to get away with it because no one will be able to admit that it's so horrible and it's so evil and it's so over-the-top that it'll just become something we do!
Like abortion?
Or any of it.
So it's all coming up, ladies and gentlemen.
And then, yeah, then we've got Seattle now.
A large part of the city is controlled by a self-described African warlord.
And it's being endorsed by the left as a wonderful new thing.
And there's videos of him running around.
Can we go to his YouTube channel and show folks this guy?
Running around, beating people up, calling himself and his armed goons the police department.
I mean, this is just the absolute self-destructive complete mental illness of the left.
They create a total and complete collapsed society and call it liberation.
And the Antifa says that they control this sector of the city and they've appointed a black dictator over themselves.
and then he explains how he's gonna quote shoot everyone I mean this is joke level ladies and gentlemen
And this is not satire.
This is not fake.
This guy's real.
I went and looked it up.
And this is the left's guy.
He says he's this Robin Hood guy that's gonna kill the mayor and kill everybody and redistribute the money in his rap songs.
But then, in the real world, he catches some Antifa guy tagging, and he says that's not authorized, so he beats him up and steals his phone.
as reparations. You cannot make it up because the good people won't stand up and say no.
So call everyone you know, tell them to tune in because we're going to lay it all out here
today. Tucker Carlson came out last night and said we were all played the virus, all of it's a hoax,
all of it's a takeover fraud. Well, Tucker, you're a smart fella, but we were not all played. We said
it was a stage fake virus, but it was being overhyped. And we analyze the whole enchilada
of here on air and that's why we're the most banned broadcast in the world.
But we're glad that Tucker's leading the way now in mainstream news exposing this fraud.
He's gonna have this nurse whistleblower that shot all the video on tonight.
This is beyond bombshell.
This should sink the whole New World Order if we expose it.
But Fauci and Gates orchestrated the whole thing.
They are mass serial killers.
For a criminal conspiracy to succeed, It must have the people involved either completely in league with the operation or compartmentalized, carrying out their task, believing that they're building something completely different than what they're actually constructing.
I have reverse engineered the globalist operation.
It's not been hard.
Most of it's out in the open.
It is so evil that I'm getting chills right now, and every hair on my body is standing up.
And my mind tells me, pull my sword and go to work.
We're going to do it with information, aren't we?
But you are under attack!
Stop denying it!
But here's where they're going to fail.
Imagine what big tech has done in the last five months of the COVID hoax, shutting down any debate about it.
And Bill Gates putting out fake hydroxychloroquine studies saying it kills you and doesn't help you.
And Fauci putting out fake studies about other drugs that actually hurt you when they knew hydroxychloroquine For any major pneumonia or serious other viral problem that it's usually zinc deficiency and that if you take it with zinc it's almost a hundred percent.
They tried to keep that from you and use fake studies.
And then you add it to everything else.
The fake tests they put out that gave false positives in almost every case to again create hysteria.
Then have hospitals follow the UN policy.
The UN?
Usually this hospital does this, this one does that.
They have different policies, they follow different ideas, different schools of thought.
But the UN said you intubate them.
If they come in with a fever and coughing, you stick a tube down their throat.
And then right away they went away.
That actually killed people in Europe.
That doesn't work with this.
Don't do that.
Don't do that.
Then it turned out in these blue states, now ten of them, they were following special recommendations from the UN about the pressure to set a debt, and doctors started going, wait a minute, all the other studies show this will kill you!
They were murdering people!
Because once they can get doctors and nurses in on murdering people, they can corrupt them.
And now in all those blue cities and states, the governors, the democrats, the attorney generals like Letitia Gray, who ordered with the governor that you take people with pneumonia and supposed COVID-19 and all these other supposed viral problems, like the flu, into nursing homes, taking healthy asymptomatic people, putting them in with the one group they had a chance at killing!
Mega, criminal, psychotic, premeditated.
Too evil to fail is what they believe.
Too horrible to admit.
And then once they get you into a criminal conspiracy like that, and once the public doesn't stand up and say no, they can do anything.
And now those governors in Michigan and New York and California and Pennsylvania and other areas have said, you hospitals and nursing homes, shut your mouth.
We're going to indict you for letting people die.
That's criminal energy.
You can make a joke and watch a 1980s, you know, G.I.
Joe where Cobra's like, I will release a virus that's actually harmless, but then I will kill people in the medical facilities, corrupting all the doctors and taking control.
You'd say, oh, that's a ridiculous plot.
They did it!
And they've been caught.
So here's Tucker Carlson last night.
The full 12 minutes is up on InfoWars.com.
Tucker Carlson, we were all played.
And then we're going to show you pieces of the documentary from Journeyman Films, who's been censored before.
That former head virologist at Rockefeller Hospital was on there, you know, laying out all this.
And they took that down.
So Journeyman Films are heroes.
I hate to even single them out and give them attention, but they're getting tens of millions of views.
They're the ones going out and interviewing just randomly.
They go to hospitals.
They weren't just talking to nurses and doctors.
They go, yeah, it's all fraud.
They've got dozens of people they've interviewed.
It's incredible.
And anything we think is going to get banned, we grab and put on banned on video.
And of course, stuff we predict gets taken down.
I predict this will be taken down.
I'm surprised it's still up there.
The hospital's not responded.
So let's hear from Dr. Carlson, then we're gonna get to the documentary they don't want you to see, where she shows video off the computer screens, negative, negative, negative, and they order them to say it's positive, and then they put a tube down their throat and blow their lungs out.
Because they got all that money, $39,000 for intubating, $14,000 for saying they had a sick patient.
That's 52,000 clams.
But it's about the corruption.
It's about the human sacrifice.
It's about the evil.
Because they want to fully corrupt those hospitals where they can get away with anything.
This is a testing process.
A laboratory.
A laboratory.
Here is Tucker last night.
Millions of Americans remain subjected to unprecedented restrictions on their personal lives, their daily lives, their families' lives.
The coronavirus lockdowns continue in many places.
You may not know that because it gets no publicity, but it's true.
And if you're living under it, you definitely know.
As a result of this, tens of millions of people are now unemployed.
A huge number of them have no prospects of working again.
Many thousands of small businesses are closed and will never reopen.
More Americans have become dependent on drugs and alcohol, seen their marriages dissolve, become clinically depressed.
Some of them delayed their weddings.
Others were banned by the government from burying their loved ones in funerals.
Some Americans will die of cancer because they couldn't get cancer screenings.
Some unknown number have taken their own lives in despair.
Others have flooded the streets to riot because bottled up rage and frustration take many forms.
The cost of shutting down the United States and denying our citizens desperately needed contact with one another is hard to calculate.
But the cost has been staggering.
The people responsible for doing all of this say they have no regrets about it.
We faced a global calamity, they say.
COVID-19 was the worst pandemic since the Spanish flu.
That flu killed 50 million people.
We had no choice.
We did the right thing.
That's what they're telling us.
Is it true?
The answer to that question matters, not just because the truth always matters, but because the credibility of our leaders is at stake here.
This is the biggest decision they have made in our lifetimes.
They were able to make it.
They rule because we let them.
Their power comes from us.
So the question now and always is, are they worthy of that power?
That's not a conversation they want to have.
And right now they don't have to have that conversation because right now all of us are distracted and mesmerized by the woke revolution underway outside.
They just created a separate country in Seattle, huh?
And as we said, we'll bring you the latest on that in just a minute.
But we do think it's worth for a minute taking a pause to assess whether or not they were in fact lying to us about the coronavirus and our response to it.
And the short answer is this.
Yes, they were definitely lying.
As a matter of public health, we can say conclusively the lockdowns were not necessary.
In fact, we can prove that.
And here's the most powerful evidence.
States that never locked down at all, states where people were allowed to live like Americans and not cower indoors alone, in the end turned out no worse than states that had mandatory quarantines, the state you probably live in.
Now ladies and gentlemen, let me give you the ultimate cherry on top.
All run by the UN, all premeditated, all standardized.
And remember, in all the blue states particularly, you couldn't see your family member in the hospital or at the nursing home while they were bringing people in that were positive with pneumonias to kill your family.
That's the cherry on top.
You can't come because you might have it, but someone that does have it, we want to bring them, but you can't be here so they could kill them.
And study the hospital and nursing home workers to see who was against it, who wasn't.
And now this nurse noticed that and saw that, that they were testing to see who would be part of the criminal conspiracy.
They're building an army of psychotic murderers through medical tyranny.
And they're coming for you and your family.
Evil doesn't make sense until you immerse yourself in how it operates and how it corrupts others to join it.
And if you look at Bill Gates publicly promoting, kill granny, kill old people and depopulate the planet, and then you learn that he wrote the actuaries and the battle plan with the NIH and with the UN on record and ran the Wuhan lab and ran the weaponized COVID-19 operation.
So they'd have the whole response all programmed out.
But you also want to then corrupt the medical facilities and have them sign on to your evil operation because now they're going to defend it no matter what because they don't want to go to prison.
This is how you set people up.
And they had tabletop exercises lockstep ten years ago, seven months ago.
Event 201.
And I said, this is a drill.
There's going to be new Chimera COVIDs released, and then Gates is going to own it.
And then sure enough, he went on Colbert a few months after I said that and said, oh, this is kind of a drill.
This is just event one.
The big event's coming.
They're going to, terrorists are going to release a weaponized form of this.
But don't worry, I'll have a vaccine for you.
And he's got it.
Then he'll be the savior.
And then the precedent's set for forced inoculations.
Look, I've already studied them so much I'm inside their head.
I know exactly what they're going to do next.
And they can't stand it.
They literally have nightmares about this broadcast at night because we are inside their heads and we know what we're doing.
Because these psychos formulaically lay this out.
It's like watching a movie and you've not read the script but you know how it ends.
It's so obvious.
When you're watching a whodunit or something that, oh, it's the good guy that's the bad guy, and at the end you find that out.
I mean, Fauci was involved in the whole AIDS operation and depopulation.
The damn person is a master criminal.
He's a monster.
And Trump just inherits the national health system and doesn't understand that every bureaucracy is just absolutely full of these people, but the medical system is where it's pure.
I've always told you folks at the top, the eugenicists have taken over the medical system.
That's the real power.
That's why 10 years ago, 15 years ago, they got rid of the Hippocratic Oath in Europe and the U.S.
of do no harm.
I mean, I remember I was on Joe Rogan last year, and I said, no, they actually keep babies alive.
And then it's a legal term.
And they simply say, we keep them comfortable.
And we asked the mother, do you want to resuscitate?
And if he doesn't want to resuscitate, well then we keep the baby comfortable, and then the mother just goes home.
What does that mean?
They keep it alive.
Then they harvest its organs.
And Joe watched the clip, read about it, and got totally freaked out.
But he's not a psychotic killer, so for him it was hard to believe until he found out they tried to pass a bill in Congress to say you can't keep a baby alive after it's born and harvest its organs, and the bill did not pass.
And it became a big national news story.
Why would they want to do that?
Because it's about power!
And what you do to the least of us, you do to me, Christ said.
Start with the little children.
Or God said, I will kill your ass.
In a very horrible way.
Tie a big ass rock around your neck and throw yourself in the ocean.
That's a better place to be than what God says he'll do to you when you attack The little ones.
Suffer the little ones.
Alright, let's start getting into it.
Let's start getting to the clips.
Here's the documentary.
It's up on YouTube for now.
They've already taken a bunch of Journeyman Pictures interviews with medical doctors and others down.
And the former head virologist at Rockefeller Hospital and all the rest of it.
Perspectives on Pandemic, the Undercover Epicenter Nurse.
Episode 9.
I mean... Project Veritas is amazing.
These journeyman pitchers just... I probably spent 20 hours on their site.
And it's all public interest.
I didn't even ask them.
I've just been posting their stuff that I know is going to get taken down.
And sure enough, whatever we end up posting at Bandot Video gets taken down.
I mean, they're going to take this down.
Or maybe it's too obvious now, but this nurse has all the video.
She has all the proof of the total criminal activity.
So let's go ahead and go to the intro of the film.
Again, it's at Bandot Video as well.
Our headline is New York undercover nurse confirms COVID-19 is criminal hoax.
Share that link now, ladies and gentlemen.
Expose the murderers.
Bring down the criminals.
They think you're weak.
They think you won't hand-share it.
They think they can dominate you.
And they're still killing people all over the U.S.
in hospitals.
And they're going to keep jacking up the death numbers forever, calling it COVID.
Incentivizing the hospitals to be part of the bounty on people.
So here's a part of the documentary.
Perspective from the Pandemic, Episode 9.
The epicenter nurse conversation.
John Kirby does the interview.
(gentle music)
This is May of this year.
Projects Against Censorship.
Please share, download, and replatform.
Which we've done.
Almost from the onset of the coronavirus epidemic in the United States, New York has been described as the epicenter of the outbreak, and Elmhurst Hospital in Queens, the epicenter of the epicenter.
Obviously, Elmhurst Hospital in Queens is right now the epicenter within the epicenter.
Elmhurst Hospital is the epicenter of the epicenter Elmhurst Hospital is really at the center of this crisis here in the city and in the country with doctors desperately trying to keep up with the growing number of patients as supplies dwindle.
You see the black body bags?
You say, what's in there?
It's Elmhurst Hospital?
Must be supplies?
It's not supplies, it's people.
Also from the beginning of the crisis, ventilators were described as essential life-saving equipment, initially in short supply.
You picked the 26,000 people who were going to die because you only sent 400 ventilators.
I knew that every person who needed a ventilator and didn't get one would die.
But why does New York, and Elmhurst in particular, appear to have been hit so much harder than other places in the United States?
And were ventilators ever the right approach to treating COVID-19, especially once we realized that 60 to 90 percent of those vented do not survive?
The experience and observations of Nurse Erin Olszewski seem to offer some answers to these pressing questions, while simultaneously providing frontline information about a number of other hot-button topics, including the disproportionate number of COVID deaths among Americans of color, The distortions surrounding do not resuscitate orders, the disregard for personal protective equipment standards and the clustering of COVID positive with COVID negative patients, which he witnessed again and again, and the tremendous amount of nosocomial or hospital acquired infections that resulted.
Aaron Olszewski.
We're going to come back and go through the documentary, ladies and gentlemen, some of the key clips, but Pre-meditated.
Same policy, every blue state.
Bring in people that have it, or have pneumonia, or have the flu, stick them with old people.
I mean, this is like you grow magic mushrooms on cow manure.
Or you grow corn on a certain type of black soil, or you put milk in your coffee.
I mean, this is standard procedure.
This is 100% to kill people.
And it's done premeditatedly.
And again, the moral doctors and people said, you can't do this.
Just like until 10 years ago, you didn't give premature babies vaccines.
You didn't give pregnant women vaccines.
It's well known it causes miscarriages.
Now they say, oh, give a pregnant woman two flu shots.
They just want to get you used to them killing you.
Do you understand that?
And having everybody follow orders.
My dad owned a hospital in Dallas.
with a group of doctors and he learned the hospital he was a small hospital he owned in Garland slash Rowlett in Mesquite.
They weren't killing people but he was told through the grapevine they were killing people in Dallas for their organs.
It later came out on 60 Minutes what my dad told me.
They'll kill you.
Do you understand that?
Welcome back ladies and gentlemen.
I was just talking to the crew about the Democratic Party and all these sick murderers trying to bring down Infowars.
And how Letitia James up there in New York, their evil, evil, evil Attorney General, ordered the nursing homes under criminal penalty to bring in COVID-19 patients so they could just devastate those people.
It's a badge of honor that that criminal is trying to get me indicted up in New York and running around lying about us and saying we have a COVID-19 cure.
That's a damn lie.
I've been exposing COVID-19 as a hoax from the beginning.
It's a badge of honor that criminals like Newsom and Cuomo hate my guts.
They are serial killer scum.
They are premeditated mafias that run by a playbook that makes Jeffrey Dahmer look like he wasn't premeditated.
These are premeditated, premeditated people following a globalist handbook and playbook You literally have life and death power over everyone.
It's what they want.
It's who they are.
They're anti-human exterminists.
But they've got a problem.
There are all these doctors and nurses that aren't evil.
And they're not going to follow what the bioethics boards tell them to kill preemies.
You always hear about crazy nurses and doctors that are killing kids, and you always see old movies and stuff about the mad scientist doctor doing experiments.
That's because that really goes on!
The highest level of psychotics is in the medical field.
There's also a high degree of good people.
That's why it used to all be charity.
Ron Paul used to do a third of his work for $2 a night, and the media Tried to cover that up, but up until the time he was retiring in the 80s, doctors did at least a third of their work for about $2 a day.
A third of the time you'd go into the hospital, the dentist's office, wherever.
I mean, my dad still did this till he retired.
He gave about a third of his dentistry for free.
Then he had people around the block wanting free dentistry.
You were supposed to do that when he went to medical school.
They don't do that anymore!
You know, it's about Getting as much money out of you as they can.
Now, are the doctors bad?
Are the nurses bad?
No, not by and large.
But there is an element, like Governor Northam, who ran the baby organ harvesting statewide.
That's why he was put in as governor.
He's evil!
Why do you think Rand Paul runs around, even as a U.S.
Senator, volunteers weeks a year to do free eye surgeries?
Because he's a doctor!
He's an honorable person!
A lot of doctors on my dad's side of the family.
I remember hearing the stories about them going out in their little buggy and going around, you know, the county in East Texas and doing free medical stuff.
Because that's what you did!
That's a priest class!
Not anymore.
It's a big, dirty operation that's the number one killer of Americans.
Still a lot of great doctors, a lot of great treatments, but it's being taken over by evil.
It's rotting.
Like an apple that used to be perfectly good, half of it's rotten and has worms in it.
You can slice it in half and have the good half still, but soon the whole thing's gonna be mush.
We gotta get the seeds out while we still can and plant a new apple tree.
But here's the big news.
Oh, wave two.
Oh gosh, Trump shouldn't have rallies.
Oh, keep the economy shut down, it's all over.
Oh, it's all Trump's fault, COVID-19.
Fauci says never leave your house again, never shake hands again.
It's a cult!
Second wave, spook stock markets.
Mnuchin, we can't shut again.
You do it, the depression will be ten times worse.
It's already gonna be bad, boys and girls.
Let's start going to the clubs.
Here is this wonderful nurse, full video on InfoWars.com.
Here's Erin talking about with video she shot on her phone of the negative test, but them still calling it a COVID patient.
Now other doctors have gone public and said that too.
This is criminal activity, but they're all doing it in blue states because they've been green lit.
And they're comfortable enough in green, green states, blue states, to green light doing this.
I am pulling up, like, their laboratory results.
and people were compartmentalized, and they're like, "What the hell are you doing?"
Here it is.
I am pulling up their laboratory results.
So if you look here, you'll see COVID-19 bio-reference lab.
Here are the test results.
As you can see 5-1-2020 at 17-16 not detected.
They test for a second time 5-4-2020 at 17-59 not detected.
So both of those are negative.
Scroll up to the top.
This is my patient.
2020 at 1759 not detected.
So both of those are negative.
Scroll up to the top.
This is my patient.
They are on a vent and they are being called COVID-19 confirmed.
Droplet in contact and eye protection.
So this person is droplet.
I want to come back to that.
And you get $53,000 when you say it's COVID and when you stick a tube down their throat.
And then the setting by the WHO is a setting never before seen that destroys lungs.
And they go, well, it says for COVID, you know, WHO, they're the only authority.
And the WHO says zinc doesn't help, vitamin D doesn't help, vitamin C doesn't help, the FBI SWAT teaming medical doctors that are giving people vitamin C even though it's a known treatment, hundreds of studies, they're allowed.
Just, FBI's like, get on the ground!
Get on the ground!
Because we need to kill some people!
Now, the average FBI agent doesn't know all this medical stuff, but this is known, folks.
Like, if you don't floss your teeth, you get cavities.
If you smoke three packs of cigarettes a day, you're gonna get lung cancer.
I mean, this is known.
Don't play in traffic.
Remember, at first, the media was like, it's a conspiracy.
We don't get more money.
And then USA Today checked it.
$52,000-plus dollars, bare minimum.
That's a pretty good number for a hitman.
You can hire a pretty good hitman for $50,000.
You can hire a real one.
You know the right folks to ask and if the hit's approved.
And it's not approved by the Mafia.
Not the one you think.
Now, think about that.
You can go hire some highly decorated Green Beret to go kill who you want killed for $20,000.
But the hospitals get $52,000 to kill you because they think you're going to take it.
Are you going to take it?
Here, let's keep going.
You think you might want to share the video at Bandai Video?
Like a third world hospital.
That's why they keep the families out because these are extermination based.
These is a mass euthanasia operation test.
Here it is.
I compare this hospital To a third world country.
I've been in a third world country hospital in Iraq.
The Iraq hospital is better than this one.
And that says a lot.
I've been there.
I've had, I've been in both hospitals.
That's right.
She's an army veteran.
Uh, wounded in combat too.
So, so, so let's talk about this.
Why do they want to keep you out?
Because they're putting COVID patients with people that aren't, and then they have actuaries all over Europe and here.
Nurses, again, in Italy, three, four months ago, were like, well, they're putting people in the elderly wing that are asymptomatic to spread it.
And the nurses will call other hospitals and say, yes, they're doing it here, too.
It's on purpose, folks!
And here she is saying good nurses are outnumbered.
Because I told you folks, the average nurses are, they're in the drugs, they're in the liquor.
I mean, they're having sex with the doctors.
What's going on?
And this is party time.
They're getting bonuses right now.
Here it is from the nurse.
Here it is.
There are good nurses that work there too.
Like I have made good friends with a lot of the nurses that do work there.
There's good people, but they're outnumbered.
So what happens?
People come in, like this 37-year-old, and what was he complaining of or what was going on?
Respiratory distress.
He didn't have COVID either.
He did not have COVID.
And how do we know that?
I took care of him.
I have the same type of results from his chart as I do with my other patient.
It was like the day before intubation, he was fine on the rebreather.
And then they intubated, and then he got enameled, and then they put in a PEP tube, and then the intubation.
And now he's 37 years old and dead.
That's what I'm seeing.
Like all these negative tests.
And they're putting them on these fence.
Hopeful that they'll get it.
They're being put on these COVID floor.
It's murder.
It's straight up is... It is setting these people up for failure based on... I should have told you up front that this is a snuff film.
She got really freaked out by this and started recording the people they were killing, which is what you should do.
I mean, and then she tried to warn people, tried to talk to the hospital, and just said, shut up.
But luckily, Journeyman Films knows you just go around any hospital and just start asking questions.
They're like, yeah, we're murdering people in there.
It's all around you.
I know it's horrible.
I don't want to admit this.
It's all true, though!
It's all true, and Trump's got to admit he got conned.
He's got to call for all their arrests.
Fauci, all of them, need to be arrested, indicted, convicted, and then executed.
It was all pre-planned.
It was all organized.
It was all done in lockstep with precision from the United Nations.
And now at least 10 blue states that we know of Premeditatedly sent pneumonia, flu, and supposed COVID-19 patients in to nursing homes and into hospitals to murder everyone.
And you've got another nurse going public and talking about what they witnessed and how somebody would come in, panic attacking, you name it, 37 years old, doesn't have anything wrong with them.
Oh, we'll take care of you, bro.
You talk about moths to flame.
Having a little bit of anxiety locked up in your house?
You test negative, put it positive.
Let's get the cash.
And turn up the power.
Oh, the WHO.
They're our boss now.
The UN says have it at a level 30% higher than we ever do.
Well, with COVID, you do it high.
And the UN just sits back and watches us follow those orders as they execute Americans.
And as those big hospitals go and get taxpayer money, and it's so evil, you're not going to see any NBC special on the killers.
When a woman gives her husband antifreeze, there's an hour special about it.
But when they're premeditatedly, they've got the memos, they got the documents, they got the planning, they got it all lined out.
Like Bayer Pharmaceutical 15 years ago, knowingly shipped HIV blood all over the world, and their top executives were in emails, going, ah, screw these!
It came out they were killing everybody, they go, ah, screw the hemophiliacs!
There's too many people on the planet anyway!
Actually said, just screw them, we need to get rid of them!
Imagine sending emails From one CEO in France, the CEO in Australia, saying, let's just kill everybody.
But see, when you're one of these sick freaks, they get off on that.
Oh, but if you talk about killing them, oh, the FBI comes.
Oh, you don't talk about baby Hitler that way.
Baby Hitler's too important.
Fauci's too important.
All of them.
There are gods.
There are rulers.
And hell, they've shown us as cult leaders they are, aren't they?
Because they get to kill babies, they get to keep babies alive, they get to kill old people, they get to put COVID patients in with everybody to kill them, and then... Then... The family can't come see you.
As you're tortured to death.
Because reportedly people were healthy, but then they're like battling... Then people are strapping them down, just... Shut up and give us some money, Lebowski!
52,000 luscious cashies.
52,000 luscious cashies.
Oh, but... Why didn't Republican states do this?
And I'm not... Republicans have got their problems.
Because the Republicans aren't that psychotic or satanic.
They don't operate like that.
The average blue blood Republican is like going to church and playing golf with their kids in the Marines.
They're real naive, but man, they're not coming up with schemes like this because Lex Luthor couldn't come up with this.
Hitler didn't come up with stuff like this.
Actually, they did.
They'd kill all the Down Syndrome kids in Germany starting in 1933 and they'd say, they'd come and pick your kid up and go, oh, we're taking him to get a medical check.
They didn't just kill babies, they killed like 10-year-old kids.
They go, I'm sorry, Hans got pneumonia.
I forgot that's actually in a documentary.
I think it's called The Architecture of Doom.
I forget the name of it.
And everybody knows Hitler used medical tyranny, but that they would actually say that, or like, oh, your daughter's appendix burst while they were in custody.
We were reviewing whether they would be good for the Reich or not, but now they're dead.
And now they have Dutch TV.
With high-functioning down syndrome people going on TV with an audience laughing and going, you know, you cost six times more than the average person.
He starts crying and goes, I'm sorry.
And the audience all laughs at him because they're liberals.
Oh, they're so liberal.
They're going to kill everybody.
Oh, they're so good.
Oh, they're so sweet.
We just joined us.
There is a devastatingly powerful interview, part nine, with an accredited Army veteran, Decorated woman, Erin Marie Olszewski, and she shot video of the people they were killing.
Healthy people, hospital in order, it's all by computers now.
That's what this technocracy is.
And he would say that they're not positive, three different tests, doesn't matter.
Computer says, we're going to say positive.
Tell them.
And then the guy's like, totally fine.
What's going on?
Oh, we're going to intubate you.
Yeah, let me hold your hand, sweetheart.
Your ass is dead.
I mean, this isn't some movie where there's a crazy hospital on the hill with nuts running it.
This is the bioethics boards.
And if you don't know about the cult of power that's in hospitals, and that's in facilities, you don't know how it really works.
Remember Steve Pchenik many years ago on the show said doctors decide who lives and who dies.
And that's why the assassin group even above Army officers
That's a sign to army officers generally, real high-end assassinations and marine officers.
Is the doctor corps, the medical corps, that's who comes to kill you.
Is a medical doctor or a psychiatrist.
Pacino used to overthrow governments.
He, of course, personally, you know, obviously killed people.
But the whole point is that's the professionalism of the whole thing.
Doctors know about anatomy.
Doctors know about the body.
Doctors are controlled in the procedures they carry out.
And in the United States and in England, and in Germany, it is a tradition that doctors are the assassins.
And so you need to understand now that they have externalized the method and are now turning the medical corps into a group of assassins.
What do you think all this is?
When Bill Gates says, yeah, 700,000 people are going to get sick or die from my vaccine, I need to be indemnified.
It's going to be way more than that.
But he's now telling you, we're going to kill some people because their own doctors, the UN said in December, are getting wobbly and no vaccines are causing more harm than good.
So the lie of, oh, vaccines never hurt anybody, safe and effective has collapsed.
So now they're like, oh yeah, it's going to hurt you.
And if you ever want to leave your house again, you're going to take it.
You know, this is so powerful.
I'm just going to shut up.
Play clips one through eight, back to back.
Just start playing them.
This is from the documentary up on InfoWars.com, Perspectives on the Pandemic.
The undercover epicenter nurse on News Wars and, man, not video, it's New York.
Undercover nurse confirms COVID-19 criminal hoax.
This is them following orders, compartmentalized on a computer screen, and killing people.
Here it is.
I am pulling up, like, their laboratory results.
So if you look here, you'll see COVID-19 bio-reference lab.
Here are the test results.
As you can see 5-1-2020 at 17-16 not detected.
We test for a second time 5-4-2020 at 17-59 not detected.
So both of those are negative.
Scroll up to the top.
This is my patient.
2020 at 1759 not detected.
So both of those are negative.
Scroll up to the top.
This is my patient.
They are on a vent and they are being called COVID-19 confirmed.
Droplet in contact and eye protection.
So this person is droplet.
It's reality.
I compare this hospital to a third world country.
I've been in a third world country hospital in Iraq.
The Iraq hospital is better than this one.
And that says a lot.
I've been there.
I've had, I've been in both hospitals.
There are good nurses that work there too.
Like I have, Made good friends with a lot of the nurses that do work there.
There's good people, but they're outnumbered.
So what happens?
People come in, like this 37-year-old, and what was he complaining of or what was going on?
Respiratory distress.
He didn't have COVID either.
He did not have COVID.
And how do we know that?
I took care of him.
I have the same type of results from his chart as I do my other patient.
It was like the day before intubation, he was fine on the rebreather.
And now he's 37 years old and dead.
That's what I'm seeing.
Like all these negative tests.
And they're putting them on these fence.
Hopeful that they'll get it.
They're being put on this COVID floor.
It's murder.
It's straight up is... It is setting these people up for failure based on... Because they're all scared.
Everybody's scared.
And everybody's scared to stick up for themselves.
And I've called a lot of doctors.
It's unethical.
Hit pause right there and back that up 10 seconds.
Everybody's scared.
See, everybody thinks you go along, you get ahead.
Not in the endgame.
And I know so many men that if my dog crapped in their yard, they'd want to get in a fight with me.
Or if I bumped into them in a store, they'd blow up and act tough.
But when the system runs all over them, they don't do a damn thing because they think you get ahead acting like that.
No, you don't get ahead acting like that.
This country was built on people not being scared.
I'm not scared of Letitia James or Governor Cuomo or those other cold-blooded murderers!
Like Newsome?
I'm scared to death of God, though.
That I'm not fighting them hard enough, and I'm not saying what I really think about them, so I am saying what I think about them.
Just get on the right side, ladies and gentlemen, and stop being naive.
You hear this woman?
She's in there, she's watching them all intimidated, while they've got a factory going, killing people for money.
And she's saying it's wrong.
Because it is.
Stop being scared.
Stop rolling over.
Stop backing down.
Let's go back to her.
Because they're all scared.
Everybody's scared.
And everybody's scared to stick up for themselves.
And I've called a lot of doctors unethical to their face.
And they deserve it.
And we're, this is in the United States.
And this hospital is treating Low-income, mostly, people and... Pause again.
Why do they like to target homeless people and black people that are poor?
Because they don't have an infrastructure.
Oh, the real black... Look, there's a real black genocide.
It's of their babies.
That's why Planned Parenthood's the main funder of Black Lives Matter.
Did you know that?
Because they want to be close... Oh, your lives matter.
Yeah, they matter.
We want to kill you.
And if we can't, we want to warp your mind and turn you against a country that'll give you the best shot of any place in the world where Africans are fighting to get in here.
here. We're gonna give you a chip on your shoulder so you're dysfunctional and can
never work around white people because you're so screwed up that you think
they're out to get you.
Let's play a little bit more.
Here it is.
And we're, this is in the United States, and this hospital's treating low-income, mostly, people.
And it--
Pause again, 'cause they don't have family that are gonna sue and find out what you did to 'em.
You imagine being there while they're killing these people.
These nurses aren't stupid.
They know this isn't how you do it.
And again, you track back where they got their orders from the UN.
And see, these hospitals, these big corporations know, when the UN says it, and when Bill Gates says it, that means you're going to be protected.
That's like the mafia, Don, giving permission to sell drugs to kids, or, you know, kill people, whatever.
You're getting authorization to milk the system, and you're told, here's how the scam works, you kill people.
And the bioethics board getting a piece of the hospital, They made the decision.
They're, they're, they're the Capo's below the Don.
And they sent out the soldiers to do the killing and they don't even know what they're doing.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
All across Europe.
All the way to the Pacific Ocean and New Zealand and Australia.
Back to the United States and Canada.
The United Nations is in control of the treatment of People in nursing homes and hospitals for COVID-19.
The hospitals are almost totally empty and no one's allowed in because they're doing very special work in there.
Bringing COVID patients in and putting them with critically ill people who have liver failure or cancer and are above 85.
To murder them in a giant depopulation test.
And each hospital given a $52,000 plus for the murder.
But now another medical nurse, another R.E.N.
Army veteran, decorated, Purple Heart, has come out.
Erin Marie Olczynski.
She's on Tucker Carlson tonight.
Little birdie told me that.
Set for tonight, not the next night.
And the full interview with her, with all the documentation, chilling stuff of people being killed, you name it, is at Bandot Video right now.
But let's just finish up with a few of these clips.
Low-income, mostly, people.
And it almost makes me feel like they think these people are disposable.
And they're not.
They're people.
You know, everybody People are not disposable.
You know, especially... Well, this is too powerful.
Start this over again.
I mean, people are not disposable.
But it's always the left telling us babies are disposable, little kids are disposable.
The godfather of PETA, Dr. Peter Singer, says kill kids whenever you want.
If a kid doesn't have high test scores, the government should be able to kill you.
That's what they really say and do in their academic books, while they prance around telling us how we're bad.
And we're racist when I can tell you the average liberal academic is the most flaming, racist, anti-human garbage you could ever be around.
It's a religion to the left to kill brown people.
I don't say that to kiss your ass because you're brown.
I'm telling you, I've been to the abortion places.
You've seen the videos, where you have some weird black or brown doctor come out and go, hey, who wants these ugly black babies?
We're going to get rid of them.
These are, this is a damn cult man!
Meanwhile they turn the quote minorities who the majority into a bunch of brainwashed racists.
Screw you too!
I'm here trying to save your ass because I morally am not going to sign on to killing everybody.
It's not because I'm some white knight virtue signaling person up here that's trying to stop all this because I'm such a white savior as the left says.
BS man!
I want to get saved by God!
And if I sign on to killing everybody and playing God, I'm not getting beamed out of this thing.
So I'm selfishly not signing on to evil.
I'll admit it.
I'm not doing this for you.
I'm doing this for me.
I'm not signed on to killing all those old people or those black babies.
Fuck you, motherfucking New World Order.
I will get your ass to lay that.
It pisses me off.
You sign on to playing God, you get burned!
And all you dumbasses that serve the New World Order are idiots!
Playing God all day!
Deciding who lives and who dies!
And then I find out they're all screwing little kids and devil-worshipping.
Of course they are!
Oh, you're the big elites, Oprah Winfrey and Ted Turner and Bill Clinton and Epstein, all in that seven-story pervert building in New York?
What a bunch of freaks!
And the fact that those pedophiles, and I'm calling Oprah Winfrey one, oh, she burns in hell!
Every damn one of you is a piece of crap!
And you're gonna be judged, so you just continue to enjoy hurting babies, and hurting old people, and hurting homeless people, and turning us all into a bunch of idiots.
Because you will be destroyed!
Finish up the clips, go ahead.
Low-income, mostly, people, and it almost makes me feel like they think these people are disposable.
And they're not.
They're, they're, they're people.
You know, everybody, people are not disposable.
You know, especially, especially these, the ones that are struggling day in and day out, the hard workers, you know, like trying to reach that American dream and they're not given a chance because they're brought to this place where nobody cares.
And is there an understood financial incentive to diagnose COVID?
Yeah, of course.
So, in the hospital that I'm in right now, it's all COVID.
By the way, hit pause again.
You see, she's a good woman.
A patriot, a veteran.
She's projecting her goodness on this, like, they don't understand.
They're bad.
Why are they doing this?
It makes no sense.
They're throwing them out like they're worthless.
They need to stop killing them.
It's on purpose, and she knows that.
But again, we're asking a good person, why are they doing it?
She hasn't studied these people.
She doesn't know.
She'll learn now.
She just is a good moral person, so she knows wrong when she sees it.
But see, that's how they get it over on us.
Because we always debate, why are they doing this?
Because they're evil!
The money's a side thing to get people to go along with it.
They want the power to kill people!
They're a cult!
Who want to hurt innocent people.
What they want is the energy of children.
They're psychic vampires.
They don't just rape kids, folks.
They kill them.
Everybody just needs to grow up and realize that.
And I know it's not fun to admit it, but let me tell you something.
Those kids are crying out to God every minute for salvation and to be saved.
And God acts through us and is telling us to save the children.
And if we don't do it, we deserve what happens to us.
So I do not fear Bill Gates.
I fear God.
And I declare war on Bill Gates and his entire satanic army!
In the name of Jesus!
Let's go out to break with the rest of this.
You know, I guess the word traveled after this.
You mentioned earlier that this is a common occurrence where people come in able to speak and they just have low oxygen levels and then they're put on a vent.
So what's going on there?
I don't know.
I honestly, I have no idea how They're assuming everybody is just the same.
There's no individuality anymore.
These residents, I think a lot of them are just stone cold.
You know, there's no emotion and they don't view people as people anymore.
It's called being a psychotic?
Or a sociopath?
I'm going to come back with the rest of it.
It really makes me angry because we're watching people being murdered here and we're all processing this at the same time and again this is all them turning us into robots to carry this out.
Oh, remember Media Matters?
Remember Media Matters a couple months ago?
Alex Jones claims frontline coronavirus healthcare workers are killing patients for eugenics.
And they make all big jokes.
All of you at Media Matters have now signed on to this.
Remember that.
Remember why when you get cancer or bad things happen to you, remember you're cursed.
You did this.
Keep giggling at your little chairs there, your little meth-head chairs.
Just remember, you've now signed on to Hitler.
And we're gonna ride.
We're gonna ride.
Ride like the one-eyed jack of diamonds.
Always get behind me, Satan.
I'm gonna find me a reckless woman.
With razor blades and dice in her eyes.
And just a touch of sadness in her fingers.
and just a touch and thunder and lightning in her thighs.
Gotta celebrate God's great creations.
And we're gonna ride.
We're gonna ride.
Ride like the one-eyed jack of diamonds.
and the devil is close behind InfoWars and only your prayers and support keep us in attack formation.
You know I want to be clear about something before I finish this.
I was being honest when I said, I'm not doing this for you.
I'm doing this for me.
Because there's not some drive here that I'm better than people and I need to go out and save them because I know better.
That's the whole fake lepers thing.
I am driven, like it says in the Bible, Ezekiel had a fire in his bones to save myself and my children and that means you too.
We're all in this together.
But it's not like some hero thing you do because you're special.
If you've got any connection to God, you should be fighting these people tooth and nail.
When you're fighting for your life, you don't think about how you're fighting.
You kick some ass.
And that's why we don't sit here and follow some blueprint.
We follow the blueprint that we don't need to read or even think about.
We know it's there.
God's right there all the time.
The plan's there.
We need to follow it.
And I love this audience of activists because I know that I don't like looking at this news myself.
I know I don't want to sit here at one level and laugh at the stupid African warlord that's taken over part of Seattle and how ridiculous it is.
It's our failure that has allowed that To happen.
Because we've relinquished the cities to the Democrats.
And here I am, literally leaving Austin.
But I'll still come back into it to fight with my point.
And there's no perfect answer except God, you know.
So many good people, too, never engaged in the New World Order because They don't have a perfect plan and well there could be a downside and it's not that you're scared of a downside to you, you just don't want to make a mistake and hurt people.
What matters is the spirit and the intent and that's the secret of the universe that it's like English that you put on a cue ball on a pool ball The masters of pool know how to put spin and things on it, and no one even knows how they do it.
They're not even sure how they do it, but that's the master.
They put the English on it, and God puts the English on the ball.
You have to have the intent.
You have to have the will.
You have to want to do the right thing, and you have to be willing to get up and get knocked down over and over again, but the more you do it, you enter into a place where you know God's real because you see things happen and things go on where you know that wasn't coming from you.
And God doesn't give you anything you can't handle.
That's why a lot of folks want a miracle right now, or they want all the answers right now.
There's an old saying in A Few Good Men, you can't handle the truth.
Well, this audience can handle the truth.
A lot of you are more informed than I am in different areas.
I'm more informed than you in different areas.
That's how God works different creations in the garden.
Together we create the perfection.
And the perfection is in us finally realizing God is the perfection.
I'm gonna stop preaching.
But it's just how Tale of Two Cities begins.
It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.
So many beautiful, wonderful things are happening.
And so many truly horrible, degraded, fallen things are happening.
And the New World Order knows it's ugly, and sickening, and twisted, and it wants us to accept it, and merge with it, and let it become us.
It wants to rape us.
And it wants us to know it's ugly, and know it's fallen, and know it's failed, and then out of fear, because we're in a cage, it wants us to spread our legs for it.
And I'm not doing it.
Look at this photo of Drag Queen Storytime.
Pervert story time.
Facebook shuts down 500 mom strong group that advocated against drag queen story hour
Purposely coming in in many cases convicted pedophiles Bouncing your children on their knee
They have to get you to turn off your own defense mechanisms
Turn it off, get it off script, I can't look at it.
The point is, is that that's all this is!
Is the system getting humanity weakened down to the point before they smash us flatter than a pancake.
And I don't know about you, but I'm not going to sit here and take it.
The new order just keeps coming to me.
Do different things and people are like, oh, uh, things will go better if you just did this.
Things will go better if you just did that.
Would you just, would you just give in just a little bit?
And then we'll take the claws off.
I kind of like the claws.
In fact, the harder the claws squeeze on me, the smarter I get, the closer to God I get.
The harder you punch me, the harder you peck at me, all you do is push me right into Jesus Christ's arms.
And I just want listeners to get that through your skulls, and I need to get that through my skull as well.
Alex Jones isn't going to fix this.
You're not going to fix this.
God's going to fix it.
But God's going to fix it working through you and through other people.
All right, I'm going to play these clips and get to the rest of this and shift gears into a bunch of other news.
Almost happening in Seattle and just everywhere in the model of the fallen civilization, how we laugh at it, but it's not a laughing matter.
There's a trick inside of that system.
And so much more.
I tend to get busy.
I have it plugged in an hour and 50 minutes here.
Hour and 40 minutes.
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That helps you spread the word in the third dimension, which really pisses off the slaves of Surin.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
We are on the march.
The empire is on the run.
Alex Jones here back live.
Larry Pinckney is one of the original members of the real Black Panther Party.
The new Black Panther Party is a black supremacist, like the black version of the KKK.
He's a really smart guy and he's going to be joining us coming up in the next hour to cover the waterfront about what's going on.
Now, I'm not playing this to toot my horn.
I'm playing this to show you the premeditated, that's a key word.
I've got hundreds of articles, 30, 40 incredible clips, guests coming up.
I don't need to keep saying premeditated, premeditated, premeditated like I'm a parrot.
The whole COVID thing is engineered by Bill and Melinda Gates, Fauci, the NIH.
It's all on record.
It's all a fraud.
Their tests are frauds.
Their studies are frauds.
Their attack on hydroxychloroquine is a fraud.
It's all been thrown out.
They're actually getting their asses kicked.
But the media and the blue states are saying, we're not opening, we're not opening second wave, second wave to further devastate the world economy, not just our economy.
You want to talk about death?
The UN admits 100 plus million people starving to death the next year.
30 something million starving to death right now.
Those are real numbers, not fairytale COVID-19 stuff.
But here's the article from back in early May.
Alex Jones claims frontline coronavirus health workers are killing patients.
Now at the time, doctors were saying you're putting people with COVID-19 and other things in the hospitals and in the nursing homes is going to cause death.
Especially in earthing homes.
While the family can't come in, because they might have COVID, but someone with COVID you bring in.
And I explained what was going on.
They made a big George Soros joke.
Because what does George Soros that runs Media Matters say?
He says, it was happy making time.
Best time of my life was working for Hitler.
If I didn't do it, someone else would do it, he told.
60 minutes.
That's the sociopath brain.
So the sociopaths over at Media Matters, boy, this didn't age well, did it?
Alex Jones claims frontline coronavirus health workers are killing patients.
Here's one of the clips.
If you've had a cold in the last decade, you will show up positive for coronavirus.
And then if you die in a car wreck or even a shark attack, they're now saying that's not a joke.
Or you die in a plane crash, or you die of cancer, or you die of pneumonia from some other pneumonia.
You will be counted as COVID-19.
That's why they've got the graphs.
We'll be going over at the bottom of the hour where suddenly all the deaths from flu and the deaths from cancer and heart attacks, those have all gone down in the graphs and the exact same amount cut off that graph put over on COVID-19.
Because the hospitals get $39,000 to begin with.
$39,000 to begin with.
I decided to do some digging last night and this morning, and the other money they get.
When you treat COVID patients, period, the hospital gets, depending on its size, between $190,000 and $10 million.
And it just goes on and on and on.
So that's why they said close up shop.
We're a COVID business now, and imagine all the old people suddenly dying in the nursing homes, family not allowed to see what's happening.
Now they're prisons, now they're eugenics death camps.
And notice it's the blue cities and the blue states that have perfected the corruption, where you see almost all the deaths, because that's where you've got hospitals, where you've got order followers who are very stupid, with a few doctors and the bioethics board on top, like Governor Northam, We used to run the baby harvesting program in Virginia.
That's why I went on TV and said, we don't need law enforcement and government involved.
It's between the doctors and the mother.
Notice she doesn't say father.
And if the mother decides to terminate and not resuscitate, that's a technical term.
The baby's alive and fine.
Then we keep them comfortable while they harvest the organs.
Keep them alive sometimes two weeks.
They have a special ward.
Okay, we took care of your baby.
It's gone now.
It's in a ward.
They wait till the orders come in for the organs.
Keep them comfortable.
And those nurses are making half million apiece because they are carrying out Nazi operations.
Now, I know this all sounds shocking, ladies and gentlemen, but remember Austin, Texas, Dallas, Texas, Chicago, Illinois, New York City, Los Angeles, California.
Remember all the 60 Minutes pieces?
There were five or six of them in the 90s about them caught killing patients for their organs.
A guy would go in from a car wreck talking, but he was healthy and they happened to have somebody that wanted that liver?
Yo ass dead.
So, we're going to find the interview and re-air it.
And we're going to get these nurses back on, but six years ago we had nurses on who again said that they were keeping The baby's in the preemie area, alive.
But then the bioethics board, that's the eugenics board, would order them to be vaccinated when they were three pounds or whatever.
And almost all of them would stop breathing or dying or have convulsions.
They knew how to give them Benadryl.
They knew how to, you know, because it's equivalent of being attacked by a killer hornet.
And they would put them on a respirator and save them.
And the hospitals are like, don't you do that anymore.
Remember the Bayer Pharmaceutical got caught in the 90s.
So again, you've already heard me talk about this.
This is what they put out on national news to say Jones is making it up.
And a month and a half later, it's all confirmed.
Exactly what I told you.
But imagine.
They're in D.C.
at the Media Matters headquarters.
They're literally sitting there laughing right now.
They love it.
To them, that's powerful.
To cover up the killing of babies or old people or homeless people.
That is a badge of power to them.
Ten states now run by blue governors are still murdering old people.
To Cuomo's credit, he has reversed himself.
The other governors have not.
They're murdering people in at least 10 states right now with enjoyment.
And you heard the medical, you know, people come out and say this.
Because we won't face how evil they are.
All right, let me do this.
You know, I can't tell you why Roger Stone has not been on the show after the gag order was lifted.
I'm on good terms with Roger, and Roger's a good guy.
And Roger will be pardoned by the President on or before the time he is delivered to prison on the 30th of this month.
And I know all the inside baseball, and I'll leave it at that.
And I cannot tell you at this time why I cannot tell you.
But let's say in the history of the U.S.
government, This has never been done before.
Because I felt like a jerk a while back when I was like, what the hell's going on?
And then I found out from other people why Roger couldn't talk to me.
And let's just say this, it's going to be a big news story when this comes out.
And I have been sworn to secrecy.
And so I can't tell you.
But what they've done to Roger.
Has never been done in America before.
I never heard of this stuff in the Soviet Union.
When you hear... What this... I can't tell you.
I can't even... I'm not gonna even go there.
Believe me, I'm built to just tell you everything.
And... You know, part of not lying is not calculating.
It's just telling it like it is.
Like Trump said, the deepest thing he ever did was become shallow.
That's a super deep statement, if you understand how things work.
Because it's not shallow, your first approximation.
Women's intuition, first assumptions, first impressions.
It's not your first impression.
It's a huge well of knowledge and psychic knowledge and physical knowledge and just all of it.
I mean, I've got literally 200, 300 articles that are all just insanely important.
But, and the censorship is off the chart.
I haven't even gotten to that.
The religion of Silicon Valley is having sex with children.
They are such sick people, man.
And you know who's sicker?
Those of us that know about it that don't do anything about it.
But I don't even hate media matters, you know, that spends their days defending Epstein and the Clintons and, you know, killing old people in hospitals.
I mean, it's just, can you imagine?
The system goes, oh, you go to the grocery store and try to get a nice piece of fruit or a nice vegetable, you check it, you smell it, you look at it.
Imagine the new order goes into it and says, where's the rotten stuff with roach eggs on it?
That's what I want.
And then I'm going to build a castle out of the most horrible, evil, little, wicked people whose whole worldview is, I'm a victim, you're a right-wing Chad, and I'm the little liberal, oh, the little pink-haired person.
That's their cover, the little non-threatening pink hair.
I don't give a damn about your pink hair.
"It's your black soul I'm worried about."
Now these media managers, as an example, they're nothing but just a PR firm
for the ADL, Southern Property Law Center.
And Soros, it's just that, imagine Scrotum face, George Soros, when he faces God.
You know, Soros thinks he's the Messiah.
All right, Larry Pinckney, one of the original real Black Panther movement individuals,
one of our favorite guests here on InfoWars, had been on with us for a while.
He's going to be joining us next segment.
And to look at what's going on with Antifa.
And the Communist Chinese government funding it and just all the crazy things and Planned Parenthood behind it.
It's just absolutely insane.
And in my view, it's a group meant to frame black people in everybody's eyes as supporting this.
It's just pure evil.
But Antifa releases a list of demands after capturing six blocks of downtown Seattle.
And of course, the white Communist group running it has gotten a black guy to be the head of it as the front guy.
That's not some virtue signaling saying the black guy's a victim.
I think he's a bad guy.
Just it's so leftist that they're like 99% white and they like get one black guy as their front guy.
Seattle autonomous zone warlord creates private police force.
It's dubbed Black George Zimmerman.
The anarcho-communist autonomous zone near Capitol Hill in Seattle, Washington, has reportedly embraced the anarcho-capitalist dream of creating a private vigilante police force to patrol the streets of the commune, which is now beating up people.
The Autonomous Zone, which are apparently currently controlled by hip-hop artists turned warlord by the name of Raz Simone, who has established an armed private police force that does not hesitate to dole out beatings to communal miscreants.
But before we get to that and so much more, let's go to a clip here.
Man hit by statue torn down by BLM protesters in Virginia is now in a coma.
And again, I've got videos where people don't even know who it is they're tearing down.
And by the way, when you're pulling a big giant metal statue down, make sure it doesn't fall on you.
Here's the very saddening video.
And again, you gotta...
Oh wow, you pushed a bronze statue down on top of a crowd.
The Black Lives Matter now?
You just killed somebody, basically.
The guy's in a coma.
And we got another video out of London like, I don't know who that is, but let's just tear it down.
It's like the Civil War Union Black Soldier Glory Monument that got defaced or the Lincoln Memorial.
But again, that's the idiocy of the mob.
And anything old must be bad.
I mean, look, I haven't hit this.
I probably got 20 phone calls about it last night and today.
Alex, you're going to cover the fact that the African-type scarfs that were worn by the Democrat Congressmembers Pelosi and others when they kneeled are particularly of a silk from the slave trade that a particular African royalty wore to show that they were dominant and the silk was more valuable than gold.
They were previously gold traders.
They would sell slaves To the Arabs for the silk and that those literal scarves are a symbol of African slavery to the Arabs than the first transatlantic slave trade.
Now, how did they pick the exact symbol of the first African tribe that's known to have sold slaves to Westerners?
I don't, I mean, a weird turn of fate?
I mean, I don't think Nadler knows what planet he's on, but everybody started looking those up, and it turns out that that's the symbol that wasn't picked up in the 17th century selling black people, by black people, to Arabs and white people for the silk, and they're wearing it.
What a weird twist of fate in virtue signaling.
That's all I can say is, I was like, hey, I've seen that pattern before.
What is that?
That's the slave trade pattern.
You just can't make this up.
I mean, this is the irony, folks.
That's why truth is stranger than fiction.
Larry Pinckney is loaded for bears.
Stay with us.
Back in 60 seconds.
Welcome back.
I am your host, Alex Jones.
All right.
Larry Pinckney is the real deal.
He's a veteran of the Black Panther Party.
The former Minister of the Interior of the Republic of New Africa, former political prisoner, and the only American to have successfully self-authored his civil political rights case in the United Nations under the International Covenant of the Civil Political Rights.
In connection with his political organizing activities in opposition to voter suppression, etc., Pinckney was interviewed again by PBS.
He's been joining us for more than 15 years.
He's the editorial board member of TheBlackComputer.com.
He's written the book, Saying No to Power, Autobiography of a 20th Century Activist and Thinker, and of course, BlackActivistWG.org.
I really appreciate him coming on.
I could ask a lot of questions and bring up what I want to bring up, and I'll do that later, but Larry, what would you call this period we're in right now I mean, just lay it on us, your knowledge, your approximation.
Because I got to tell you, these Antifa groups we know are run by Soros, these so-called black leaders are central casting, I think, to discredit real black leadership for real change.
That's just what I'm seeing.
I want everybody to do good.
I want everybody to come together.
This looks like the opposite of that.
What's really going on, Larry Pinkney?
Well, first of all, thank you very much, my brother Alex, for having me on.
Now, to go directly to your question, you know, what's going on, as Marvin Gaye used to sing, is we are seeing right in front of our very eyes, we are seeing the globalist deep state at work, okay?
Black Lives Matter and Antifa, what a terrible, terrible blight Upon all people.
And I repeat, all people.
Antifa, which they claim means anti-fascist, is absurd, ludicrous, and totally opposite of what they claim to be.
They are not anti-fascist.
They are the fascists.
Black Lives Matter is a ruse It's a ruse, R-U-S-E.
If Black Lives Matter, then why don't we do something about what is happening, Blacks on Blacks, killing Blacks, in places like Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore, Washington, D.C.
It's an endless list that won't be missed.
So, the bottom line here is that it's about divide, confusion, chaos, and conquer.
It's very simple.
It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure it out.
And I'm quite sure that most of the audience, of your audience, Alex, is fully cognizant, is fully aware of what's going on.
No, I agree with you, but explain to people that don't know, most of the audience probably knows, the difference between the Black Panther Party that was actually doing something versus what they created, how they took it over, and now the new Black Panther Party.
Just like the corrupt elements of the FBI were on the White Supremacists, it's the same dog and pony show over and over again.
Of course it is.
Of course it is.
First of all, let me be very clear about this.
I am a veteran of the original, capital O, original Black Panther Party.
Original OG.
Yes, that's right.
Original OG.
I like that.
Okay, it's accurate.
And what's the difference?
I'll tell you the difference.
We had breakfast programs, food programs, clothing programs, medical programs, senior citizen programs, where we served our community.
We didn't burn it down.
We didn't divide it.
And it didn't matter to us whether you were black, white, brown, green, or turquoise.
If you were in need and were in territory that we were in, you were going to be served.
And we said, we said, in the original party, Do not steal even a needle or thread from the people.
We did not say go out, burn loot, attack senior citizens, break into pharmacies, burn senior citizens' dwellings down, terrorize them.
No, that was not our position.
So there's a very, very, very big difference.
Big difference.
But you don't say if we're attacked we'll defend ourselves, which is an absolutely pro-America,
pro-human, pro-reality stance.
And that's why the corrupt system was so threatened.
I had a gentleman that actually ran COINTELPRO on before he died of cancer, bladder cancer.
That's right.
And the fact of the matter is, first of all, I have to give him kudos for that apology.
More than the apology, he set the record straight.
for things he did, putting people in prison, setting people up.
He apologized before he died for that.
But that was a real thing.
That's right.
And the fact of the matter is, first of all, I have to give him kudos for that apology.
More than the apology, he set the record straight.
That's what he did, yeah.
And that's what we need.
Set the record straight.
These lunatics and maniacs running around today have not even cracked the book.
They haven't read.
They don't know about the reality and the details of Cointelco.
I agree.
They're pulling down the statue in England of the British Prime Minister that banned slavery and launched wars to stop it.
I mean, that's...
They attacked the glory black veteran Civil War Memorial.
You talk about ignorance.
Well, it's ignorance combined with arrogance.
It's arrogance.
And this is dangerous, you know?
Next they'll be attacking the statues of the Tuskegee Airmen.
They'll be doing that!
Just give them time, okay?
The Tuskegee Airmen, who are really fighting against fascism!
So, I get a little passionate, because I find this to be not only unacceptable, but despicable!
Keep going, keep landing on us.
So, where are we going from here?
Well, what I think that we as a people, black, white, brown, red, yellow, citizens of this country, we need to say no, say no to the setups, no to the deep state, no to the globalists.
This is our republic.
How many people even know the difference why we call our nation a republic?
How many of these Frosters out there know or even care, and I don't give a rat's petunia what their color or gender is.
They don't know, they don't care.
This is all about fun and games and hurting people and destroying, not building, not serving the people, body and soul, but the exact opposite.
So I plead with, implore with, to all my brothers and sisters of all colors, Get a grip on reality!
Stop this madness!
Stop this insanity!
And those who won't stop it, need to be stopped!
Well, that's my next question.
I'm torn, like, if Trump sends troops out, then they might overreact, and then it causes a bigger thing.
But if he doesn't, I mean, we've had crew members physically attacked.
It's not only dangerous, you're absolutely correct my brother Alex, but it's also insane.
I mean, it's scary to see a lawless mob.
You're driving on the highway and people are blocking your path.
This is dangerous.
It's not only dangerous, you're absolutely correct my brother Alex, but it's also insane.
What we're watching here is insanity.
And particularly the deep state Democrats and their seditious, despicable, lying media are fanning the flames.
They're fanning these flames, okay?
What they don't understand is that these flames will ultimately turn back on them.
So I urge all of my brothers and sisters, don't go for the ghosts.
Okay, don't be duped, hoodwinked, bamboozled, okay?
Understand that we are in this struggle as patriots, as U.S.
citizens, together.
Nobody's saying we're perfect, but this is our republic, and I'll be damned if I will stand back and watch these people, these creatures, tear this republic down.
Well, that's the key, is this is a major global corporate Takeover.
Scientifically dividing us.
Of course we've all got problems and issues, and we've all done things that are wrong.
But the point is, they know we have a soul and a conscience, so they're manipulating that artificially.
So how do we navigate that?
Because so many good people I know think they've got to do what CNN says now, or they're a racist.
Since when did CNN become the master controller?
Folks, you should really visit Larry Pinckney's website.
I know you've got several sites.
Is the best one to visit blackactivistwg.org?
Yes, and I can also be found on Reality Underscored One, Reality Underscored One, the number one on Twitter.
Yes, they are in no position to talk about racists.
Everybody should follow you there.
We're going to come back and talk about a really smart guy who's been through a lot of history since the 60s.
What's coming next?
This is really important, folks.
And remember, they've got this show totally, totally blocked out there.
Only way it gets out is when you tell people how you're listening.
And so Larry Pinckney, one of the original members of the real Black Panther Party, the original one, not the new Black Supremacist one.
He's here with us, and he's seen a lot of history.
He's been through a lot.
He's been persecuted as well, like anybody telling the truth.
But when you look at 30-something veteran suicides a day, they're white, they're black, they're brown.
When you look at the millions dying every few years of fentanyl and other things, when you look at the Depression, and you look at wherever you are, in the middle of nowhere, in the Appalachias or somewhere in Chicago, and the degradation and the shutdown, And then you look at the attempts to make it worse and to use COVID-19 to lock everything down and just to suppress us and these powerful multinational forces doing it.
And then to see them take COVID patients and put them in nursing homes to get the death rate up and to learn they did it on purpose.
Those of us that aren't psychotics have to still get our mind around real evil And somehow get the point across to other people about who we're dealing with.
Because we have a conscience.
So they manipulate our conscience to do what they want, but they don't have a conscience.
Do you agree with that, Larry?
And how do you navigate that?
Because for me, getting people to realize that there is evil existing is one of the hardest things to do because we all project our own humanity on the things.
Does that make sense?
It makes total sense, and the fact of the matter is that you said something that I think is extremely important.
You said, we have a conscience.
We do.
However, those lunatics Those insidious individuals, and collectively speaking, people like Pelosi, okay?
Who comes from an organized crime family.
And Hillary Clinton, who also comes from an organized crime family.
And people like Joe Biden, who had the unmitigated audacity of an alley cat to dare to say to black people, if you don't vote for me, you're not black.
This is evil.
These people have no conscience.
I repeat, this is evil.
Now, how do we deal with that?
We must connect to one another.
We must connect to one another.
We are not alone!
The media, the deep state seditious media, wants us to believe that we are alone.
But we are not alone.
As a matter of fact, we're growing and growing and growing.
But individually, we must connect to others of like mind and like, what's that word?
Conscience and conscious.
We are conscious with a conscience.
Both of those words are extremely important.
So I absolutely concur with you, my brother Alex.
Well, we now look at COVID coming out to be basically a hoax, and how they want us wearing masks and away from each other and alone, depressed.
I mean, this is really an attempt at, like, cult brainwashing.
What would you call it?
Well, it's an attempt to basically use fear This is what has always been an effective weapon, and that is keep people in fear.
That way you can control and manipulate them.
Keep them in fear.
What we have to do is exactly the opposite.
We have to say, I will not be fearful.
I will unite with my brothers and sisters of all colors, whether you like it or not.
And I will continue to be vigilant, watching the moves, the moves, plural, not just moves, but the moves of the deep state globalists.
This is not the end game.
They've got all kinds of despicable, insidious plans ahead.
But what we have on our side is we have each other.
Each other and that's extremely powerful and that's something that the media The Deep State Democrats and the Rhino Republicans for that matter, they don't want you to know that.
They want you to think that you're alone, you're by yourself.
You're not alone.
You're not by yourself.
And there are a lot of people, millions, millions, who think, who are thinking just like you and who are conscious.
So I say these are times for us to take heart.
To gird ourselves, as the biblical expression goes, to gird ourselves, take heart, and take a position in favor of our Republic.
Okay, Abraham Lincoln was by no means a saint, but you know what he tried to do?
And he succeeded in doing, against, by the way, Democrats, Democrat, against Democrat, who were trying to destroy the republic, who were trying to
destroy the union.
And that's precisely what we are seeing today. They are using every insidious, despicable,
low-life trick that they can to destroy the union. We must preserve the union,
improve the union, and make it stronger. I mean, I agree with you, but
How do you, we have an open free society compared to others.
They're using that to do this.
How do, they never get punished for Russiagate, or Ukrainegrate, or now this.
I'm wondering what they'll do next if this fails.
COVID-19 hoax, you know, now this thing.
I mean, what's the, I mean, I gotta say, like, I don't want authoritarianism, but there's gotta be a system through due process where the deep state gets punished.
You're right.
You're right.
And the deep state has yet to be punished.
The expose of what they have done and are doing is out there.
It is out there.
You're not going to get it from CNN or MSNBC or ABC or CBS or PBF.
But you can get it on the internet.
You can get it from InfoWars.
You can get it.
The information is out there.
No, I agree.
So people who know what's going on, the audience gets it.
They've got to realize it's not just like a side thing.
Oh, I need to promote this, this live feed, articles, you write articles.
The people need to know, though.
They really need to know.
And I think right now we're barely winning.
I think we are winning, but people need to know it's very, very close.
It is close.
And because it's close, what we have to do, and I say this all the time, intensify!
We are in a life and death struggle for not only ourselves individually, but collectively for our Republic, for our Union.
And yes, I think we are winning.
You'll never hear that on CNN, but you know, that's like going to the devil and asking the devil to tell you about God.
That's, that's absurd.
That's ludicrous.
Asking the fox who ate the chickens.
We're going to come back and I'm going to give you the floor because you are an amazing person.
Give us a little forte.
We got 30 seconds.
What do you want to cover next?
Brother, I'll go wherever you want to go, wherever you think that your audience wants to go.
No, I'm asking you.
Where do you want to go?
Well, I would like to talk about unity.
I would like to talk about what we as everyday, ordinary, black, white, brown, red, and yellow people can do together.
I would like to encourage my brothers and sisters, because all we're getting is media vomit.
And they do it in the name of unity, disunity.
Larry Pinckney, former original Black Panther Party member, straight ahead, I'm Alex Jones.
We've got Millie Weaver, investigative journalist, joining us in the fourth hour.
I'll be hosting with her.
Stay with us.
Welcome back.
Alex Jones here.
I remember 20 plus years ago reading Ray Kurzweil and others that were hired by Google as their top futurist saying, oh, the post-human world will be here by 2040 and we might let you survive, but everybody else will merge the machines and we're going to get rid of the family unit and do all this.
And back then I'm like, well, those are delusional billionaires.
They won't do it.
But then you read deeper and deeper and deeper and you watch them implementing it.
And you're like, this is psychotic.
It doesn't make sense.
They're doing it.
The post-human future.
And so while we're acting like idiots, debating what color somebody is or all of this, and while the system manipulates that, you know, with real agendas, there's this bigger agenda behind it.
And so I pull back and I look at this and I know the globalists have a post-human world they want.
And then I see Trump and others, at least on the surface, trying to fight it.
And I see all the dumbing down that's going on.
Larry Pinckney, you got the floor of this segment.
One of the founding members of the original Black Panther Party, not to be confused with the new one, about unity and how we transcend this.
Uh, because I can run into a group of brainwashed black people that are racist, or you can run into a brainwashed group of white people that are racist.
That doesn't mean there isn't like tribalism going on, but how do you be able to transcend that to see the larger manipulation?
You take control of the narrative.
And let me be specific.
When I say you take control of the narrative, you stop ingesting the, the, the vomit.
And that's what it is.
It's unmitigated vomit.
That we are being fed.
You know, you don't waste time, energy, or emotions dealing with or stirring up the vomit.
You link to those who like you.
There are many people out there, I've been meeting neighbors recently, that I've been quite surprised to learn that, oh my god, they're actually thinking like me!
Okay, but I had to open my mouth, Gently say some things and see what their responses would be.
They wake us up in our houses because they're scared we're waking up.
Because when we all hear that we're actually thinking the same, we come together.
That's right.
And we are waking up.
I don't care what they say.
The fact of the matter is we are waking up.
We must take control of the narrative.
It's not their narrative.
It's our narrative.
That's why I frankly really like the name InfoWars.
Because what that's really saying is this is an information war.
All right?
We must take control of the narrative that serves the people.
As we used to say in the original Black Panther Party, serve the people body and soul.
Be they black, white, brown, red, or yellow, serve the people body and soul.
And that means take control of the narrative.
All the crap you're going to get.
And by the way, I do expect You know, things like mass shootings.
Oh, this is not over.
They've got more crap coming.
They've got more vomit coming.
But you know what?
As long as we wake up and keep waking up our fellow sisters and brothers, brothers and sisters, it's not gonna work.
We're going to have casualties, but it's not going to work.
And Alex, you and the brothers and sisters at Infowars have been stalwart.
And I mean stalwart.
You've been strong, you've been diligent, you've been vigilant.
And I want to personally thank you.
And every member of the crew.
I love you all.
We love you too.
We appreciate you.
What can the listeners and activists do?
Because they're really who's important right now.
I want the listeners and the activists with all humility to spread the word.
And now, what do I mean?
Spread the word.
We've heard that before.
All right?
This broadcast, for example.
Spread it everywhere!
Not just this broadcast, but other broadcasts that InfoWars does.
Spread it everywhere!
Plant the seed!
Don't give up!
Go just the other way.
You remember that song Frank Sinatra and others used to sing, talking about that ant and that rubber tree plant?
And oh my god, another rubber tree plant.
Who took that plant down?
An ant!
Well, we're not an ant.
We're million strong.
But they think we're ants.
I'm asking Begging, pleading, imploring you, all of my brothers and sisters out there, to spread the word.
Get it out there!
That's why they're trying to shut Infowars down.
That's what they're scared of.
They're very scared.
Why do you think the establishment, who are really evil people, they're anti-human across the board, why do you think they're so scared?
They're scared because the game is up.
They're scared because they know that once people realize what they're doing, there will be true rage and legitimate rage.
They're scared because... This won't be some fake anti-revolution, it'll be the real one.
Yeah, that's why they're scared.
You'd be scared too if you were them.
You know, this is, and you know, the fact of the matter is, is they're like a cornered, okay, dog.
And I like dogs, don't get me wrong.
I love dogs and cats.
But I'm saying, you corner, you kick it, you kick it and kick it, and it finally gets to a point where it says, no more!
And it leaps up and attacks.
And this is what they're scared of.
So, you know, and I want to say this very quickly to the black elite out there.
The bloodsuckers out there.
Yes, I'm talking to you, black elite bloodsuckers.
You are parasitic political pimps.
You are using color and race to divide us.
You don't give a rat's petunia about black people, white people, brown people, yellow people, or any people.
You only care about your own power.
You are pimping the pain of the people, and you will be held accountable.
Yes, there's one!
I don't think people understand how Margaret Singer went out and recruited a generation of black people as Judas Coach.
You want to tell people how they did that?
Well, you know, first of all, I'm assuming and hoping that most people are aware of who Margaret Singer was.
I use one word when I think of her.
It's, it's, I mean physical genocide.
Killing people saying, I'm doing this in your best interest.
It's like somebody saying, I'm going to help you if it kills you.
And this is what Singer, Margaret Singer was all about.
Planned Parenthood.
Give me a break.
How do you plan Parenthood?
That's genocide.
And you know, this goes right back to Joe Biden.
Black people aren't part of the plan.
Poor whites, you're not part of the plan.
That's right.
That's right.
And we need to understand that.
That's why they're trying to divide us, divide us, divide us.
We're saying it's not going to happen.
We're not going to allow it, my brother.
We're not going to allow it.
And you know what?
As I've said before, you know, their plan, the deep state, the globalists, the rhino Republicans, the deep state Democrats, go to you know where, to hell.
Because this is the age of the people, everyday, ordinary, black, white, brown, red, and yellow people.
We will not be divided.
No, I agree.
Listen, I don't like the Republican Party, but we had a populist takeover, a part of it, but it's weird how history repeats, because you've got Lincoln, who had his own problems, as you said, but at least part of that was ending slavery, and it's just weird how people don't even know the Democrats won the KKK party, and now it's the Republican again, that was actually doing policy, trying to bring us together, who they're now trying to create a civil war to stop.
I think it's historically quite ironic.
Think about it.
I think it's historically very ironic.
You know, I've run across so many quote-unquote Democrats who don't even realize that Lincoln, for example, was a Republican!
And I'm praising the Republicans and getting down on my knees saying, oh no, but what I'm saying is at least know your history!
Crack a book, for God's sake!
Know your history!
Because by keeping us dumbed down and ignorant, That's how they control us.
Enough of that.
I know, I've had Democrats tell me, no, Lincoln was a Democrat, or no, I mean, they're just, they're idiots.
I mean, it's frightening.
They're dangerous idiots, though, Alex.
That's what the thing is.
They're dangerous idiots, because they push lies, lies, and more lies.
But we, we are strong.
We read, we study, we unite with one another, and we are not idiots.
No matter what Hillary Clinton may call.
No, I agree.
I'm going to say this, we're winning right now.
Yes, and we will continue to win.
Yes, yes.
So, you know, a deplorable, a super predator, if you don't vote for me, you're not black.
Remember those things.
All I want is to see unity, to see unity between my brothers and sisters, and the rest of these people can go to hell.
And I can't even call them people.
I'll call them creatures.
No, I agree.
Stay there, Larry Pinkney.
Well, that's what it comes down to, is they tell you that you don't count unless you support them.
I say they don't count.
Well, two years ago, Trump said, next they're going to try to take George Washington down.
And now that's official.
CNN and others are calling for George Washington to be taken down.
And Thomas Jefferson.
Well, I mean, you can look at the...
tribal leader garb they're wearing that was silk taken from the East in the sale
of slaves and say you can't wear silk because it was sold in slavery. This is
just a way to connect things to anything to create a new fight. Senate committee
adopts amendment requiring renaming of military bases from any southern
generals. Again that was all done to create unity. Now it just creates a fight
but now other things have got to be renamed.
Other things have got to be banned.
Gone with the Wind's got to be banned.
This is book burning.
I mean, I don't agree with Adolf Hitler, but I can go to the library and check out Mein Kampf.
I read Mein Kampf.
It gave me a headache.
But I read what Hitler wrote.
Does that mean I'm Hitler?
Well, never forget at the bookstore I was buying, I was like 16.
The lady got all, she goes, are you a Nazi?
And I said, is that a joke?
Are you a Nazi?
You're the one selling me the book.
I want to read what Hitler said.
I was into books.
I mean, I've read books by Winston Churchill and Julius Caesar.
Doesn't mean I was working for them either.
But this is the weirdness, the superstition about names and ideas.
Larry Pinckney, one of the former founders of the original Black Panther Party, what is this attack on landmarks and things?
What's it really about?
It's about the destruction of the Republic.
It's about an attempt to confuse.
Confuse people.
Because a confused people are a controlled people.
So keep them confused.
Keep them dumbed down.
Keep them ignorant.
That's what it's about.
It's really not complicated.
Their plan is the same plan that it's been for quite a long time, but now it's on steroids.
I call it COINTELPRO, the Counterintelligence Program on Steroid, okay?
Which, by the way, you were targeted by, on record.
Yes, of course, I was a target of COINTELPRO.
I was targeted to be framed, discredited, imprisoned, and, if necessary, killed.
But, you know, this is something we need to all recognize, I'm glad you mentioned that, because, you know, we're over the target, and by that I mean we are over the target in the sense of Excuse this word, but busting it.
Bursting it.
Busting it.
Wide open.
That's a good term.
They fear it.
They fear it, Alex.
They fear it.
And you know what?
Whether they fear it or not, they're gonna go down.
I don't fear what color somebody's skin is.
I fear what's been put in their head.
I want everybody to come together.
I don't give a rat's ass what color you are.
But then, white people are brainwashed.
Black people are brainwashed.
It's so disgusting to watch the brainwashing done by people claiming they want unity, but you get their WikiLeaks, they want disunity.
And that's why I say crack a book.
We need to share that information with each other.
These lunatics and these idiots out there have no idea that they are... Yeah, what do you make of all these... The left doesn't believe in God, but now they have religious events that say being white is inherently bad.
That's the opposite of what Martin Luther King said.
That's the opposite of humanity.
Not just what Brother Martin said, you're absolutely correct.
But it's the opposite of humanity.
We've got to look at this from its root.
These people are trying to destroy humanity.
That's us.
And we must not let it happen.
What happens when you go to, I know you go to colleges and places and talk to groups of people, are the young people getting this?
Because you say we're winning.
I agree with you.
I don't think we got it in the bag, but I think we're, you know, 55 to 45, maybe 60, 40.
I think we are winning.
That's why the enemy's lashing out, as you said.
But what are you getting from the young people?
Well, the young people that I'm talking to, those who know their history, unfortunately there are a lot of young people who have no clue.
You give them, you could say my background, you know, and you might as well just put some rap music on because they have no clue.
All right?
But the young people who do have a clue, All right?
Who have read, who've cracked a book, who've studied.
They're going, oh, I never thought about that.
The Democrats were the Klan?
The Democrats were pushing Jim Crow?
I thought they were.
Okay, so I have to plant a seed.
I don't try to push it down their throats.
I don't give them steak.
I give them oatmeal first.
And I'm obviously speaking in euphemistic terms.
No, I get it.
They're babies.
Yeah, metaphors, right.
But first, I just plant the seed.
And I let that seed grow.
You know, I was talking to a young black woman the other day on the phone, and she was in North Carolina.
And I said, well, you know, she said, well, Larry, I don't understand.
You say you support Trump.
And I said, let me tell you something, my dear sister.
How would you feel if someone told you that you are not black unless you voted for them?
She said, no, no way.
I wouldn't, I would be angry.
I said, really?
Then let me send you this email and I want you to watch what Joe Biden said.
She said, well, he just lost my boat.
You see, we're dumbed down.
Once we put the seed out there, let it grow.
Let it grow.
What an arrogant statement that is.
You don't have your identity unless you do what I say.
That's slavery.
That's deeper than slavery.
That's actually taking, and I'm going to use your word, Brother Alex, that's actually taking your identity.
It's your word, and you're correct.
Taking, stealing the essence of your soul, the essence of your life, your very identity.
Saying, you are not a such and such human being unless you vote for me.
That is deeper.
That's it, you're right.
That's someone defining, you don't exist unless you bow to me.
That's precisely what it's about.
And we need to get that message out there.
Whether we agree or disagree, get the message out there.
And I think we are.
That's a great example of how she didn't know, because notice these race riots and all this fake stuff covered up for the fact that support for Biden was literally just degrading by the day.
It was plunging when that statement happened.
Now we don't hear about that.
We have to make a big issue about that again, because that really resonated with black Americans that you're not black if you don't do what I say.
What the?
Well, they'll be telling you in a minute, Alex.
They'll be telling you, you're not human.
They're already saying that to white folk.
You're not human unless you agree with us.
It's the same thing.
It's the same thing.
No, you're right.
It's a cult initiation.
You bow down and you do what I say or you're a racist.
And you know what?
This word racism and racist has been used so much.
By these fascists, and that's what they are, they are globalist fascists, okay?
That it's become meaningless.
There is real racism.
Not only in this country, but all over the world.
But they've used it so much.
They have neutralized its meaning.
They have made a mockery of it.
Just like these people out here looting and robbing and killing and hurting people in their own communities have made a mockery of the death Okay?
That they supposedly care so much about.
And they steal people's goodwill to come together, signing on to the Globalist agenda.
Larry Pinckney, you're on fire.
Please come back in the next few weeks.
Come back soon.
We really appreciate you.
Everybody should visit your websites.
Again, what is the best website for people to find your work, your books?
You're saying no to power.
People should all buy it and put it in your local library after you read it.
And what was the other site?
You can find me on Twitter, RealityUnderscored1.
Would love to have your input.
Hope you follow.
But the main thing is, spread the word.
I love you, Alex.
I love InfoWars.
I love the crew.
Keep on keeping on.
All power to the people!
God bless you.
Power to the people.
That's what the Declaration of Independence says.
And that's the people they fear.
People like Larry Pinckney, folks.
I mean, you couldn't get, like, Van Jones or Bill Clinton on and be a tenth as eloquent because they're reading off a teleprompter.
They've got an agenda.
They're slaves to Satan.
And at the end of the day, folks, this comes down to good versus evil.
And if you think you're going to screw any group over because of what color they are and inherit the kingdom of heaven, it's not going to happen.
But then, because you've got a conscience, you can't be manipulated through that conscience to do bad stuff so you believe you're doing good when really you've been enslaved.
So the whole political correctness, the whole race-based thing's got to be completely thrown out.
It's all a giant lie.
And I know the audience knows that.
It's like Larry said, well, why are we telling your audience this?
They already know it.
It's the prodigal son.
You already know what's going on.
We're talking about the 10% that are new listeners today.
Supper's a 10% only tune in a few times.
I'm talking to them because we haven't got them yet.
And they literally believe I'm a white supremacist.
The ADL says it.
They literally believe that.
They literally believe the lies they put out.
People ask me, you know, how do you take getting demonized and attacked?
A lot better than those babies getting chopped up before they get born.
I got it easy, man.
I'm a, I'm a man.
I'm tough.
I'm, I can handle it.
I mean, I'm not asking for more trouble, but I mean, if it comes, let's go.
Think about all the innocent people that don't have a platform and that don't have what you've got to spread the word.
We're speaking for them.
So we better fight hard because God's watching.
Next hour, Billy Weaver's coming up.
Stay with us.
Aaron Olszewski is an amazing lady.
Just telling us about what she saw, blowing their whole conspiracy wide open.
The full interview is at band.video right now.
But right now, let's go ahead and just play a few clips we didn't get to ahead of Millie Weaver, another amazing person joining us on the other side.
Here's the report.
You know, I guess the word traveled after this.
You mentioned earlier that this is a common occurrence where people come in able to speak and they just have low oxygen levels and then they're put on a vent.
So what's going on there?
Um, I don't know.
I honestly, I have no idea how they're assuming everybody is just the same.
There's no individuality anymore.
These residents, I think a lot of them are just stone cold.
You know, there's no emotion, and they don't view people as people anymore.
And it's really sad.
Like, we came, I came a little bit later, you know, after the big rush, but there was still a lot of people coming in.
And a lot of us were just in shock.
Within the first couple days, you could see exactly what was going on.
My bigger problem with this whole scenario is when they intubate people who don't need it.
And it looks very clear to me that they're just pushing it.
You almost feel like you are literally living in the Twilight Zone.
What killed him?
Did the vent kill him?
Oh, yes.
They're so sedated.
He had probably eight or nine drips.
It's all sedation.
It's all sedation and paralytics.
So you are asleep.
It is essentially like you're under, you know, you're in surgery, you know, and they put you under like that for a good month straight.
There's no way you can recover from something like that.
You'll be brain dead if you do.
Same reason they won't use like other treatments that are being successful around the world and I had a conversation with a doctor about this.
Are you guys doing like different sorts of like treatments?
Because I know like... Nothing works.
They have... Yeah but I mean there's you know they're coming out with different things.
I know.
That are in the testing phase.
It's the same thing they come with a platform and that's killing more people than it actually saves.
Uh huh.
So that's one.
And he said that They don't work anyway.
And I told him, well, obviously, what you guys have going on here isn't working.
So what's the harm in trying?
I don't expect any of these people to survive.
90% of them will die.
I mean, it's just maintaining.
So I figured if it's assumed, they're going to die anyway.
Just try not throw a few.
Well, it's, you know, I don't know.
That's always an issue in medicine, whether these destructive things, whether they're dying anyway or not.
But if you could find a cure, Yeah, the UN says so.
We're going to go to break.
The full documentary is at newswars.com and Bandai Video.
Newark nurse exposes that COVID-19 is a criminal mass murdering hoax.
You could feel it, but you know, you have to have some scientific basis for whether
these things are working or not.
It's a strong point.
Yeah, the UN says so.
All right, we're going to go to break.
The full documentary is at newswars.com and video.
Newark nurse exposes the COVID-19 as a criminal mass murdering hoax.
We already know all this, but you heard them.
They drug you out, they innovate you, they kill you.
And they get the cash.
But it's about corrupting the hospitals.
This has been a masterfully put together plan.
Shut down the economy, create medical IDs, enforce world government, corrupt the local hospitals, get them to commit crimes, now you control them for the next phase.
And you promote forced inoculations, you ban cash, you teach people to be locked down, you promote the police state.
I mean, it's just, it's the master key.
And then we have the Rockefeller Foundation, Bill and Melinda Gates documents, lockstep, Event 201, detailing the whole plan.
Premeditated, psychopathic planning of the entire architecture of what's now being done.
And they're still killing people in blue states right now with enjoyment.
All right, Millie Weaver is with us for the rest of the hour ahead of the war with Owen Shorter coming up here on the InfoWars Network.
And wow, I was in a grocery store two days ago and people said, we love Millie Weaver.
I was in a gas station.
Somebody brought her up to me yesterday.
And I just see the comments all over InfoWars.
Wow, we love her reports all over Bandot Video.
This morning I was looking at the YouTube video where somebody did a deepfake as me as Fat Bastard.
I was just kind of looking at it like, oh, Millie Weaver's amazing.
We love her new investigative reports.
More of that.
So she's on fire.
Always on fire, but particularly on fire right now.
She's in fuego, in fuego.
Fire that is on fire.
And so where should we start?
She's got this big underground Democrat project with all this hidden undercover video and hacks and leaks of brainwashing of kids.
She's got evidence of the premeditation and the riots in Minneapolis, St.
Paul, Minnesota.
She's got so much, so I've got a bunch of clips here in different points.
Millie, I think it's best if you just kind of direct us here of where you want to go first.
It's good to have you on with us.
Yeah, there's a lot to get into here.
So we've had an undercover deep inside the Sunrise Movement for about two years now.
This has been a huge project that we've been working on and it's because we always suspected that there's something more going on behind the Sunrise Movement.
The Sunrise Movement has been one of the main Green Party groups that has been behind the Green New Deal.
It has pushed up and helped people like AOC, Ilhan Omar, essentially the squad, get into office.
And it interfaces with Antifa, right, too.
They do, they have allyships with Black Lives Matter and with Antifa, so they're kind of close.
There could be people that are members of both organizations.
Their tactics in many ways are pretty similar.
We know about Black Lives Matter and Antifa, but this is like a group even bigger that's academic, but people don't know about it.
So this is really a shadowy group you're exposing.
Yes, and the scary thing about this group is they operate very much like a cult, but they have a lot of very professional, coordinated training.
When they're training people, their teachers are doing these Zoom chats with a bunch of minors, underage high school and middle school kids.
They're literally reading off of scripts, and we have the scripts.
We have all their documents, their chats, their video chats, their private information.
We have it all, and we are going to be releasing it all.
So far, we've been kind of putting it out in parts because we want to make sure that we give the documents, the evidence, What it needs essentially so people can put it together because there's just so much.
We've got so many gigabytes worth of documents that it would take us days to try to just get this all out on the internet.
So we're putting it out so that people can see it in order and to be able to wrap your head around it because it's very complicated.
Sure, you're giving people time to digest the elephant.
So approximate, who is this group?
This is huge news you're breaking right now.
Okay, this is the Sunrise Movement.
Like I said, they helped get AOC into office.
They work closely with many celebrities.
They're a major green movement.
You see all these young people out thinking that the world is going to end, that climate change is going to cause the world to end in 12 years.
These are the people responsible for that mentality.
They're a cult.
They prey on young school-age children.
They actually have recruits.
They send recruits out to high schools.
That's right, and when children are in a room or in Zoom, elementary students, middle school, high school, being told the world's ending by adult figures, they are being traumatized.
is going to end if they don't do A, B, C, and D in the name of climate change.
They're not just about climate change though, Alex.
They're about climate justice.
So they indoctrinate the youth.
That's right.
And when children are in a room or in Zoom, elementary students, middle school, high school,
being told the world's ending by adult figures, they are being traumatized.
They are believing this.
Oh, yeah.
And they, what's weird is they inject all this weird race stuff into it as well.
Of course.
You have a lot of talk of white supremacy being the reason for climate change.
They make little white kids guilty.
This is serious child abuse.
I've seen some of it.
They do, and they actually separate the groups.
They believe in segregation, Alex.
It's the weirdest thing.
They actually have special chats for people of color.
They're called BIPOCs.
Oh yeah, that's what the universities are doing now is bringing back segregation.
Yes, and they have special chats for the white kids and then special chats for all the other race groups.
And that they're separate and they're given separate information.
Well, these people are total white supremacists.
When I had the New York Times here posing as liberals, they saw our diverse crew and they got, they started shaking because they're like literally Hitler.
I mean, folks, we're up against such a cult, but please continue.
Yes, it's really disturbing to see.
And you have the teachers talking about and teaching these high school kids how to go to get arrested by the police.
Intentionally go get arrested.
Stand your ground.
When the police tell you to do something or whatever, resist them and essentially resist arrest or fight back.
They're teaching high school age kids to... Because then they get you in the system and now they quote save you with a lawyer and now they own you.
And they talk about, look, we can use you being arrested as children against the police and against the establishment to run a bunch of hip pieces.
They talk about it all.
Oh, that's just like they bring kids to violent antivadils to get tear gassed.
Exactly, and they already have the bailout funds.
They already have everything set up in place.
The lawyers, the pro bono liberal lawyers, ready to get them out the second they're in.
It's all a big act.
They're doing it for political reasons.
They're very strategic and very organized.
I could not believe how organized it is.
We've been talking months about this, and I've seen a lot of it.
This is so damn organized.
It's so huge.
When it's in every university, most public schools, most public schools for elementary, middle school, and high school.
They've got these spreadsheets, Alex, of just names and names and names of high school kids and their phone numbers and their contacts, and we have it all.
I'm at the point where I'm just going to start calling parents.
I'm going to start contacting the parents and being like, hey, you know, your child is being preyed upon by a brainwashing cult.
A cult that's telling your child to go out and get into it with police, telling your child that burning down buildings is a legitimate form of protest.
I mean, it's disturbing what they're teaching the kids.
It's very methodical.
They teach them about trigger points, how to utilize trigger points.
So they would say that coronavirus is a trigger point to then induct more of their policies, or the George Floyd death is a trigger point that they can utilize politically.
They give them political flashpoints to get people on the call.
Yes, and they train them.
That's what I'm trying to tell you.
They train them.
I mean, these kids sit through courses and courses and they work their way up the ranks.
So our person who infiltrated had to go through all their course material and work their way up the ranks.
And then finally you get to certain ranks.
You know, that's a good place to start, Millie.
Let's start with your whistleblower.
And you've been working on this two years.
I remember you two years ago telling me about it.
You've got all this inside data, how crazy it is.
Talk about your whistleblower, what they had to go through.
The whistleblower had to, like I said, first of all pretended to be a young underage minor.
A person, you know, something that an identity that they would not be suspected as.
And they work their way up through the course material.
There's all these different Sunrise training courses that they have to go to.
And essentially, finally made it to some of the trusted chats where they allow you into Discord chats.
And then through the Discord chats, they give you more passwords and accesses to their Google Docs and their other things.
It's a cult progression.
It's a classic cult progression.
And you have to answer the questions right.
So, based on how subjective you are, and our person who infiltrated knows a lot about NLP, hypnotherapy, psychology, so they knew how to play that naive, suggestible, young person that just buys into everything and regurgitates exactly what they say to them, and that's how they were able to rise up through the ranks.
and essentially gain access to their Google Docs and other documents.
And what they found once they're in there, this person's very tech savvy,
was able to see that, okay, wait a second, once inside of their Google Docs
and their different boards that they were in, they were able to see that a lot of their stuff was
unlocked and just open.
And I think it's so that people could just drop files in and they could be given files from higher ups within Democrat Party or within other maybe military contracting organizations.
They could drop those docs in there and they couldn't be necessarily traced because it was open.
So because of that, they were able to just grab tons of internal documents, just This is such a giant story.
This is as big as anything.
Veritas is broken.
It's not about competition, folks.
Well, you know, this is ultra huge.
And I've even told Millie she should give this a project.
This is so huge.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
Whether it's challenges to the economy or a system of health care or public education or confronting climate change before it is too late within the 10 years that we have left to us to act.
Millennials and people and you know Gen Z and all these folks that come after us are looking up and we're like The world is gonna end in 12 years if we don't address climate change and your biggest issue is Your biggest issue is how are we going to pay for it?
And like, this is the war.
This is our World War Two.
And I think for younger people, we're looking at this and we're like, how how are we saying let's take it easy when 3000 Americans died last year?
How are we saying let's take it easy when the nth person has just died from from our cruel and unjust criminal justice system?
How are we saying take it easy when the America that we're living in today is so dystopian?
So they're creating the dystopia and telling elementary students, middle school, high school, college, the world's ending.
And then now we know the group programming that and controlling that.
And your parents just turn you over to this and have no idea this is going on.
Millie Weaver, you've got some clips we're going to be playing as well.
What you just heard about Biden in these documents, promoting arson, promoting segregation.
Please continue with infiltrating this organization.
Okay, so our infiltrator, essentially, like I said, very skilled, got his way up through the ranks, made it in, grabbed tons and
tons of documents.
We're talking hundreds of gigabytes of documents, essentially 10 years worth of documents. And the reason why
it's 10 years is because this group of people, this organization, has
flipped face a couple times.
Essentially, under Obama, it was the U.S.
Climate Plan.
And then some of them splintered off and became the Extinction Rebellion.
But this has been the same group throughout Obama and even now.
It's very skilled.
We have internal communications with the Club of Rome, with the U.N., with the leaders of this organization.
You know, when I first saw this Sunrise Movement, they make it seem like it's a bunch of young kids and it's just some organic thing with a bunch of youth.
They're concerned, and it's the farthest thing from the truth, Alex.
It really is.
These are all young kids that they've preyed upon, like psycho, path...
Predators hunted them down at their high schools without their parents knowledge many of them and Inducted them into a brainwashing cult and when you look what's behind it It's very skilled and crafted people that are pushing this agenda and they're doing things like having some of these young people This is okay.
This is one of the things that we are going to be launching in the next video I will tell you more about it It is a bunch of these young people inside the Sunrise Movement coming out saying that Joe Biden sexually assaulted them in their internal private Zoom chats and telling other young kids, many of them minors.
That's why you see the faces blurred on the videos that we sent.
They're minors.
And they're talking about how Joe Biden and other prominent Democrats sexually assaulted them.
But instead of going public, And exposing them.
They've been working to pen letters, essentially an extortion letter, which we have a copy of, okay, to essentially push for Joe Biden to make AOC the leader of his climate... So what you've got is blackmail potentially going on within this environmental Soros death cult against Biden.
Let's go ahead and play a clip.
Biden sexual abuse clip one.
Here it is.
Hi, I'm Sophie.
My pronouns are she, her, hers.
I am currently on the press team here at Sunrise.
And I am also part of a team that's front-loading a movement to make... Let's hit pause again.
Let's start it over.
To be clear for radio listeners, we're looking at one of the controllers, and then the whole top bar is students.
High school and middle school students are blurred out.
Start over.
Hi, I'm Sophie.
I'm sorry to over hear that programming.
Hi, hi.
It's like NPR.
And I am also part of a team that's front loading a movement to make restorative justice
for sexual harm.
So in 2016, actually, this movie I was part of went to the Academy Awards for best original
song that Lady Gaga wrote and performed.
And I helped organize 50 of us school survivors to get on stage there.
And actually Joe Biden ended up being there.
And afterwards, after the performance, he wanted to meet with each of us and it wasn't a photo op.
And I urgently wanted to talk to him because I had just learned that a student had killed herself at the University of Alabama.
As I was telling him this, he put his forehead to mine, which completely took me aback.
Like, I wondered for a split second if he was going to kiss me.
And my friend took a photo of it, and it later went viral on the Washington Post website.
And at the time, I felt conflicted, but I couldn't explain why.
Like, he was supposed to be On my side, not just with me, but with Anita Hill first and foremost, and acknowledging that what he did to her and to me and to other women who came forward was wrong and harmful and to stop doing it.
So when Bernie dropped out the other week, I honestly felt really numb.
So holding these things is really hard.
Um, and I want to.
Offer a tool that I learned from Rachel Shregas and it's really helping me think in more of a both and mindset in this moment.
And to honor the contradictions that we're facing.
My story is one that I was assaulted by a currently elected Democrat in local office.
So what's happening for me, it's like triggering at a whole nother level.
It's like, what do I do?
It's a really big, complicated time right now.
And what the organization is committing to do is publicly reckoning with the complexity of all of this in this time and really being an opportunity, an outlift to support young people through understanding this moment.
And right now what we're really trying to lean into is hearing feedback from folks in the movement, hearing about what people think is the most strategic thing for us to do, and we're really not rushing into anything.
We're going to keep pressuring Biden, and we have a lot of leverage right now to do that.
And we have a lot of leverage right now to do that.
All this sounds like cult-like scripts they're reading.
Little kids are listening to this.
What weird, crazy planet are we on here?
What's really going on here, Millie?
Yeah, it really is truly bizarre.
Now, I mean, you have all these people within their movement claiming to have been sexually assaulted by these Democrat politicians.
I don't find it hard to believe, because we know they're a bunch of creeps.
I mean, we've seen Joe Biden touching girls and women inappropriately.
Sure, but it looks very active and synthetic, the way they're talking about it, as if it's an internal front.
I mean, it just, it looks very prepared.
Oh, it's bizarre.
It's bizarre.
And so these young kids are watching this, and what is it teaching them?
It's teaching them to sacrifice their own moral opinions and their own morality so that they can further push a political agenda such as climate change.
They're being told Biden did this, but still, well just like the Democrats said, I don't care if he's cooking babies.
Yeah, they're like, so Biden did this creepy stuff.
These other Democrat politicians did this creepy stuff.
They sexually assaulted us.
We're just gonna go along and use that as ammo and use that as a way to extort them to further push the Green New Deal.
And as you said, you guys have made some calls.
Most parents don't know this is going on.
Yeah, the parents do not know this is going on with their kids.
Their kids are being targeted.
It's disturbing, Alex.
Millie, stay there.
You've really exposed a major cult.
Soldier Whistleblower will be right back.
Children are unformed.
They can be twisted like hot metal into the form of the weapon you want.
And to do that to children is the highest form of Satanism.
God does not like it.
But now it's being done.
And Millie Weaver and her crew have delved deep into the minds of the New World Order and have brought forward Incredible stuff.
We have Promoting Arts and Promoting Segregation.
We're going to play those clips in a moment, and you're going to host the final segment.
So you have the floor, Millie, coming up here next segment ahead of Owen Schroer in the War Room taking over, but please continue.
One of the things that I want to point out to many parents who have their children in public school is that many of the schools, such as in Oregon, for example, Oregon has made it a mandatory prerequisite to graduate from high school to learn some of the course material that is the environmental curriculum education.
This is learning about things like climate change and Climate justice.
So many schools, especially in liberal areas, liberal controlled states, cities, they've already started injecting this education material into schools.
I mean, as you document, they sign you up and suddenly you're hooked into a weird Soros cult.
You're an AOC cult.
Like, oh, here, put you in AOC cult.
Exactly, it is a cult, but one of the things I'm pointing out here is that the schools are priming the pump by having this environmental education inside the schools to begin with.
They have already lessened plans where kids learn about climate change and the environment.
So they're all primed, they're all prepared, the kids are greased right into the mouth of the new world order.
Yes, so then when these climate youth organizations come to the school, come to the classes, they have recruiters show up.
The kids are more open to it because they're speaking to something they've already been informed about.
You see all these TV shows now promoting green, promoting environmentalism to kids.
This is all a gateway so that then when these more extreme cult groups come around, they say, hey, want to be part of our organization?
They're all being primed and prepared to be put in the bag in Greece.
Exactly, and then once they get put into this bacon grease, so to speak, into this cult, like our investigator, our person who was inducted into their cult, they had to go through all these different layers of training and classes and seminars and chats and they had to pass tests, course material, Alex.
This is sophisticated, and they make their way up through the cult, and whoever can be the most brainwashed cult member gets more access.
And one of the things that's alluring to these kids is that they actually do have celebrities sometimes popping in on their Zoom chats.
So, yeah, so they'll be talking about it, like, oh, this celebrity, I got to meet this celebrity, because we see all these celebrities going along with it.
So incredible.
They get these special privileges so the other classmates hear about it and they're like, oh my gosh, I want to meet celebrities.
Like they have the little stars in their eyes.
I got to talk to Bill Gates with Jeffrey Epstein.
Yeah, it's creepy.
These people are predators preying on children.
Yeah, it's creepy, Alex.
Creepy stuff, man.
It's bad.
It's bad.
And, you know, the amount of sophistication, like I said, that the fact that they have these well-scripted training lessons where the person that's actually talking is reading off of a script and the young high school kids, they don't know that they're reading off a script.
They think that this is just the person talking to them and that it's genuine and organic.
Well, sorry, we have the documents.
We've got the documents.
We see their scripts.
For their lessons, for their talks.
Let's play another clip then.
Here's promoting arson.
Let's play clip number two.
Less than two days after George Floyd's murder circulated on social media, the Sunrise Movement organizers are already calling their young members to action.
We are currently witnessing, you know, an uprising.
I believe it's extremely important that we come together as a movement to look at the roots of this violence and resistance and what our work has to do with ending white supremacy.
We are here to fight back collectively against that system.
So black organizers and multiracial groups of organizers in Minneapolis have been building power in the city for years now.
And part of what they've been able to do with that power is to bring a lot of people on their side.
organizer admit that the apparent chaos is organized and orchestrated, but
suggested that setting buildings on fire is a legitimate form of resistance.
What we are seeing is not just chaos, we're actually seeing resistance and organizing.
And what we know is that uprisings, including actions like burning buildings, are legitimate and powerful forms of
resistance and are resisting brutal and violent and dehumanizing systems like
white supremacy.
And that property is something that can be recovered.
So behind this alleged climate change movement is the goal of abolishing law enforcement and no longer having police.
These are organizations that have built strength and power over the past six years of the Black Lives Matter movement in Minneapolis, running strategic campaigns to defund the Minneapolis Police Department, oriented around a vision of the abolition of police.
So the idea that We're actually fighting for a world without police.
And these campaigns that folks are running are strategic and they're winnable.
And we can make huge gains toward it.
So they want to disarm you, but there's no police, but actually in areas they control, it's like armed gangs beating you up and robbing you of your phone and money.
But it's beautiful because it's liberal.
Here's promoting segregation.
Here's a clip on that.
Notice they are segregationists.
Not much different from the white supremacists they point at as perpetuating systemic white supremacy.
So we are going to head into breakout groups based on our racial identities.
Yep, so white folks, you're gonna stay here.
Just don't click anything.
Just hold tight.
Black African-American folks, here's your link.
And non-black POC folks, Here you go as well.
Are there two separate courses, or is this a breakout of the crash course?
It's like the same content.
More or less the same content, but in a different way.
You're in a church, and they go, black people go here.
Two separate schools.
I, as a person of color, can decide to go to the one for everybody, but okay, interesting.
If you wanted to, you could go to the Green New Deal crash course that is just for everybody, and you would see white people there.
I'm kind of curious.
I want to see how they're different and like, yeah, I'd be curious to do that.
Millie Weaver.
This is the labyrinth of big tech and big money.
This is the banks.
This is them undermining everybody.
This is so evil.
It's really evil, it's brainwashing and one of the sad things here is notice they talk about how the black kids have their own special groups but they're also allowed to go into the white kids or the everyone groups but the white kids aren't allowed to go into the black kid groups or the people of color groups.
They're essentially segregating white people And it's really bizarre because what course material are they then teaching the kids and the black kids?
Are they teaching them about how white people are inherently bad and how white people are to blame for climate change?
I mean, it's disturbing.
This is a cult.
And it makes the black kids feel special.
It's so evil.
I mean, this is... Jim Jones could only imagine this.
Hitler could only imagine this.
It's disturbing.
It's a cult, and it's targeting children.
That's the worst part about it.
Oh, this is cult programming.
You're going to take over in the final segment.
Millie, we were straight ahead.
Please don't ever forget, listeners, the only way we reach new people, because we're not a cult, we're blocked by big tech, we're blocked by big media, because we're not a cult.
Well, we're a pro-human cult, pro-God cult.
Only way the dog hunts is you spreading the links to newswars.com.
Infowars.com, this great nurse that's come out and exposed the mass murder inside the
termination centers.
There are now hospitals.
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The other products are so close to selling out.
These are about to sell out as well.
But beyond buying the products that are great products you already need, We're not a cult.
We're all just up front about empowering you to see cults.
But if you don't fight back, the enemy wins.
So again, thank you all for your word of mouth.
Thank you for your prayers.
And thank you for your financial support at InfoWarsTore.com.
We salute you.
Millie Weaver takes over in the final segment.
Stay with us.
This is Millie Weaver and you are listening to the Alex Jones Radio Show.
Now we're going to be going over more information that we have here about the Sunrise Movement, this organization that our undercover person infiltrated and got into and learned about their brainwashing cult tactics.
Their tactics that are behind these violent riots and protests that we've been seeing all across the country.
That the leftists have been behind, essentially.
Now one of the things that's interesting is they train young people to essentially commit violent acts, to get arrested by the police.
Many of these are high school aged and middle school aged children that these adults are training to go and use as cannon fodder at their protests to further push their political agenda.
They even have kids Uh, segregated into different groups.
They have a green team, where these are the protesters that have been designated to not get arrested.
Then they have a red team.
These protesters were designated to get arrested.
Many of the high school and middle school age kids are put in the red team, and they put them on the outer edges of the protests, so that if the police arrest them, or get into violence with them, they can say, look at these horrible big bad police getting into it with underage children!
They'll have headlines like police arresting a child or police attacking a child.
And I know we saw videos during all these riots of police arresting so-called children, teenage children, and these are those kids.
They're being instructed by a group called Momentum.
That also instructs the Black Lives Matter groups.
This group Momentum was also behind the Dakota Access Pipeline protests.
They're behind many of these groups that you see and they teach training and tactical operations around protests.
So let's go to this clip so you guys can hear it for yourself.
We saw like a lot of people were out of school and we're like, we have school for you.
You're here.
You're at that school.
Does anybody have an idea about what a trigger event is?
Could be, like, you've heard about it before, you're just, like, guessing based on contact clues.
You can drop it in the chat.
Somebody said mass shootings.
That's a really good example.
Trigger events are events that are creating opportunities for, like, mass participation and polarization, um, and can lead to, like, moments when groups or movements become, like, Way larger and more powerful.
There are ways to create trigger events, but there also be times when trigger events happen outside of our movement or outside of our hubs, like the coronavirus.
And it's sort of the left's job and the movement for social justice, our job to connect the coronavirus to other issues of economic and racial justice, to bring as many people as possible into the fight for, say, a just recovery.
How we can organize ourselves, how we can actually take action under Corona.
We want to make sure that there's broad support for government intervention.
With the Green New Deal, we know we need to have big, bold government programs come in.
It's the same with this crisis.
There needs to be bold government intervention.
Right now, the government is not doing it.
It definitely is a through line that can connect.
We also need to make sure that the government has seen us as a solution.
Right now, the right is trying to blame the government, trying to, like, scapegoat folks in the government.
They're going to try to get tax cuts for businesses and push business as a solution.
And we know we're going to need to combat that.
And we know we're going to need to combat that.
And yeah, so each tactic, especially the high risk and high disruption actions, should always be evaluated by the action logic framework.
This thing where you're looking at right here, the little triangle.
Action logic.
The tactic should be aligned with your target, the tactic should be aligned with the tone, and the tone with the target.
And so your tone has to match your target, the target, the tactic, and the tactic, the tone, right?
And these are some guiding questions on deciding what you're gonna use.
So, knowing that there are trigger events, should our hub, like, maybe use this time to plan what type of action we would do if there was a trigger event and just kind of have, like, some rough ideas so that if something happens we can be kind of, like, ready to go?
Getting arrested would, um, it really depends where you are.
I've only been arrested in D.C.
and I think that, um, Yeah, what I've heard in like big cities is often that arrests for protests are, it's often like you go to jail for a few hours and get a citation, which is like a parking ticket.
From what I've seen, Sunrise is a non-violent organization.
So I wasn't sure what the expectation was, say, if there was a protest being held by the Sunrise Movement that escalated with police violence, if the expectation is to disperse and avoid any violent confrontation on our part, or if it's to stay and what happens, happens.
Yeah, I would say in instances of police violence, I guess it's like, it's sort of like a tooth two-track thing. I know there's like people talk about like
a paradox of repression of like if you can get like instances of like state violence or other like
repression of protesters it can like become like a major media event and get like win a lot of
active popular support. So I think if there are people who are part of the action who are like I'm
down to like go through this for the sake of like exposing the cruelty of the police to the
public. Notice how sick this is.
Here in the video you heard the blurred out face girl asking what the expectations are.
She's asking, is there the expectation that I'm part of this group now that I need to get arrested?
You know, she's kind of Juggling around with saying, I thought this was a non-violent group.
What's going on here?
Because see, when they first join, they think it's all rainbows and unicorns and that they're just pushing for environmentalism and, you know, a Green New Deal.
And then further along, they start to say, well, wait a second.
They're expecting us to get arrested.
They're expecting us to have violent confrontations.
And notice the trainer responding and basically glorifying getting arrested and talking about, oh, it's not that bad getting arrested.
And, you know, look at all, you know, they have all these kids displaying that they have these arrest records.
And look, they've got the evidence that they were arrested, like it's some kind of a trophy to prove that they're taking one for the team.
This is a brainwashing cult.
And the scary thing is here, this is a communist cult.
Now they say, oh, we're green.
We're all about environmentalism.
But we all know that Green is actually red.
They're the Watermelon Party for a reason.
They're green on the outside, red on the inside.
They're communists.
This group has a resistance guide that they hand out to everyone, and inside they have quotes from Saul Alinsky, other prominent communist people that they're quoting.
They're essentially communists.
So you can see that the kids, when they first get into it, They think it's one thing.
And then as they go farther, they start to kind of feel like, huh, this is something different.
But you know how that is when you've already invested so much into something, you kind of want to follow it through.
And I think that's what we're seeing here.
Another interesting thing is how they talk about utilizing mass shootings and trigger events.
So mass shootings, COVID-19, the death or killing of George Floyd, those would all be examples of trigger events.
They utilize those to their advantage so they can push their political agendas.
This is very skilled.
So when we think that there's all this outrage, you know, we see there's a mass shooting and then we see all this outrage from the left.
We think that it's organic because we're just normal people and we're just watching it from the outside and we're thinking, oh, these people are all sad.
They're all upset.
And they're all now wanting to ban guns because they're so naive and confused, not realizing that what's behind that.
It's very skilled professional individuals who are training the young people in these organizations and utilizing those trigger events to push their political agenda.
Because at the end of the day, all it really is about is pushing communism.
You know, when you saw that young girl talking about, oh look, you know, burning down buildings is a legitimate form of business.
It's a legitimate form of protest.
And then you hear her say, you know, property can be re, you know, fixed or reacquired.
Thinking that through insurance it'll fix it.
Well, these people don't even care about property in the first place.
They don't believe in personal private property.
So when they're saying that, they're just mitigating the guilt that they're, you know, that these young people might be feeling towards ruining somebody else's private property.
So this is all brainwashing.
This is how these young people can go out, smash businesses, burn them to the ground.
They have no empathy for it because they're being brainwashed.
And there's a problem when we have school systems Pushing environmental curriculum education on kids which also has Green Party or Communist Party ideals inside their own textbook curriculum so that then they can have that as a gateway so that then these scouts come along and induct these children into these brainwashing cults.
It's disturbing!
And America needs to wake up to it.
And that is exactly why we are putting it out there.
And I'm so grateful for our investigator that took the time.
It took two years to gain access to get all of this information.
And we will be doing the data dump.
It's going to take time because we have 10 years worth of data.
And you will be getting that.
So stay tuned, guys.
Please check back on my website, MillennialMillie.com, so that you guys can get that information as we put it out there.
Please support us at InfoWars.com so that we can continue to do this important work.
Thank you so much.
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And what it does for your thyroid and the rest of your body is quote, essential.
Iodine is essential.
Like oxygen, like water.
You have to have it.
And one of the best ways to get it is the original X2 or now X2 in the spray bottle.
I would take advantage of this right now.
I'm very excited about it.
By having it in the car, I don't forget to take it.
Again, we're discounting it out of the gates at 33% off at InfoWarsTore.com.
God, I've tried so hard.
I just... belong to some other age, I guess.
You know, humans don't communicate anymore.
Or they jibber and jabber about stuff that doesn't matter.
And then they send a text message.
And never communicate with anybody about anything of substance.
It's spiritual death.
And then I just come to the realization, out of trillions of worlds, we're gonna probably die.
Everything we did as a species and all of our beauty and all of our goodness will just fail.
And we're going to go down the tubes because a bunch of inbred child molesters in Hollywood had some psychotic dream that they wanted to kill everybody.
You know, humanity just has to fall.
It has, civilization has to fall.
It just has to go down.
And you know it's going to go down too.
And I just have been a fool trying to prop it up.
It's just at a certain point you're like, God Almighty, this is what death looks like.
This is what laziness looks like.
No one has the instinct or the will to execute anything real!
They only execute failure!
I want to be loved by CNN even though I don't watch it!
We have total illegal censorship going on.
We have them bragging about it.
We have them dead to rights.
No one will attack.
No one wants to do it!
Never took action when all the tools were right there in our hands because we weren't meant to.
We couldn't do it.
We didn't want it.
I give my children fish oil every day.
They love it.
it's really good for them.
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When do you think the people should be able to like talk again?
The person?
Yeah, that's a good question.
Well, Alex Jones at least has Infowars.com.
He can do his own thing and people go to that.
And Gavin's got a show still.
Does he?
Yeah, you know, as someone who's kind of It doesn't make any sense because that means you're right all the time.
bad because I have to defend people whose language I don't agree with.
That is what free speech is.
It's not defending everyone who says things that I love.
It doesn't make any sense because that means you're right all the time.
Like if you're only defending the things that you believe in.
You write all the time about everything?
But I have to defend the people who say things that are even atrocious and that I can't, I would never get on board with because that's what free speech is.
Otherwise, and like you said, it is that slippery slope of who gets to be the arbiter of what is said.
Right, and what are your guidelines?
Alex Jones is funnier than Andy Kaufman's ever been.
Alex Jones is fucking hilarious often.
Did you see the whole that he's Bill Hicks?
That's not real.
I went down that rabbit hole.
That's the silliest shit ever.
I know, but there are videos.
But he had one thing we're talking about, like if it's between his family starving or eating his neighbor.
Oh, I know.
He's like, I'll eat your ass.
And so it became this giant, come on.
I will eat your ass!
Do you don't think there's entertainment value in him saying he's going to eat his neighbor?
Stop my dumpster fire!
Right, but there's something to that, like to stop that and ban that.
You're not stopping anyone from anything bad by not having Alex do this entertaining thing about eating his neighbor.
You're not saving anybody.
You know what I'm saying?
Like, what are you doing?
Like, what is he doing that's so awful?
I don't know how to fix any of it.
It's entertaining.
Like, why is it only acceptable if you have some kind of entertainment?
Because there's so many rap videos that you could watch that I enjoy, but they're talking about shooting people and robbing people, and it's everywhere on YouTube!
It's so prevalent!
And somehow or another, that's okay.
Like, it's f***ing weird what's allowed and what's not allowed.
I will eat your leftist ass like corn on the cob.
I'm ready!
I will!
I will eat your ass.
I will eat your leftist ass like corn on the cob.
I'm ready.
I will eat you.
I will eat your ass.
My children aren't going hungry.
I'll do it.
I'll drink your blood, and I'm starting to think about having to eat my neighbors.
You think I like sizing up? Gonna haul him up by chain.
Chop his ass up, size him up.
He would never do that.
I will.
I'm ready to hang them up, gut them and skin them and chop them up.
Let's roll.