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Name: 20200605_Fri_Alex
Air Date: June 5, 2020
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In his show, Alex Jones discusses various topics related to globalism, conspiracy theories, and current events. He warns listeners about the ongoing COVID-19 hoax and its connection to Bill Gates, as well as the dangers of censorship by major corporations like Amazon. The show features open lines for discussions and information sharing among listeners. Jones also promotes InfoWars products for sale and highlights studies and reports funded by Bill Gates that have been proven to be fraudulent or misleading. Jones presents Bill Gates as the most hated man in the world due to his control over national health services and his promotion of a depopulation agenda. He argues that Gates is involved in various programs related to microchips, surveillance, and weather control, which are part of his plan for a post-human world and prison planet. The speaker also discusses Gates' connection with Jeffrey Epstein and accuses him of being a criminal liar. Jones discusses how vetted people are being used to go after criminals and without the police, the country will disintegrate. He mentions that many people around the world are still wearing masks, and businesses and companies are enforcing it. Jones talks about the globalists pushing their agenda and warns people not to fall for their plans. In another segment, Jones discusses various topics including Antifa, Rose City Antifa, the riots occurring across the United States, and the COVID-19 pandemic. He mentions how Antifa requires members to participate in secret lectures where they learn security culture, such as putting phones in bathrooms during meetings for safety purposes. He also discusses the structure of RCA, mentioning its resemblance to a company or business. Jones then talks about the tactics used by Antifa and RCA, including wearing

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They're putting in permanent medical martial law with a psychotic person that ran Jeffrey Epstein's operation.
That's what Bill Gates did.
He ran Jeffrey Epstein's operation to compromise scientists across the board with blackmail for sex with underage women and children and snuff films so they could scientifically take over and have a fake scientific consensus ahead of pushing giant frauds like this.
This isn't going to be business as usual with the leftist and the globalist and they're pushing their agenda but you know we kind of push them back.
They're going to get total power and control or we're going to defeat them and reverse them.
They've launched their main attack.
They've launched their main assault.
The New World Order's here.
And they're going to bring back the mask.
They're going to bring back the lockdowns forever.
It's in the Davos Group's own report that came out two days ago, calling it the Great Reset.
It's over!
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
Friday, June 5th, the year 2020.
150 days out from the historic election.
I am your host, Alex Jones, and the times we're living in could not be more critical for the future of humanity.
The decision has been made to end the Renaissance.
The decision has been made to end
A true liberal world system.
And to undermine that system, they created the counterfeit leftist, left-hand path, French Revolution system to counter the American Renaissance.
And 250 years later, the same players, the same institutions are battling it out economically, culturally, spiritually, genetically.
We are in the crosshairs at a level never before seen and the very pillars of the city, the very pillars of civilization are being undermined so they collapse and on the ashes a technocracy controlled by AI surveillance and robots will be built on the rubble.
And this is the stated plan.
It's one thing to try to build a good civilization and be strong and virtuous.
It's hard, but it can be done.
But it doesn't let tyrants take over.
But if you can undermine and create corruption, well, it's very easy to rule a collapse and then build your armored fortress and your breakaway civilization on its ashes.
I have cleared the deck of guests today.
We'll have open lines and the customary classic style of talk radio throughout the three hours that I'm hosting with Dr. Nick Begich says he particularly wants to host today and he's normally happy if I preempt him so he's loaded for bear as they say in the fourth hour.
I really want to flesh out these ideas.
I really want to get into the information.
I don't want to just go over the outrage and show the evil of the globalists and the stupidity of their minions.
But I want to talk big picture.
35,000 foot view today, but also zoom in on some of the actual effects of this.
But this is scientific destruction that we are facing.
And what's incredible is people that actually pay attention to this broadcast
They say, how are you right almost every time?
How did you know that Bill Gates put out this study three months ago that hydroxychloroquine hurts people and helps no one?
Well, I went and researched that it was a group that he funds that paid for it.
Then I looked at all the other studies.
By all of them, I'd looked at many and I talked to the doctors and we played clips of doctors around the world saying, 100% recovery rate with hydroxychloroquine
And now it came out mainstream news.
Even the Washington Post had to admit.
Study pulled.
Researchers retract botched anti-hydroxychloroquine study, which was used to attack Trump.
Think about how big that is.
The Lancet Journal and one other that published it demanded the source data because the public bucked this and turns out there was none.
Mill Gates is a criminal.
He made it all up.
That's just one huge bombshell COVID-19 hoax that came out today.
There's three others.
Three other mega massive, just one of these would be earth-shattering.
Guess what?
A big book got published by an investigative journalist, very highly respected, worked with some of the biggest outlets in the country, like the New York Times, and that's why they were so scared of him when it was published digitally.
With all the bibliography and all the footnotes, Amazon banned it because it exposed COVID as a hoax and showed all the studies showing that they put the regular deaths in the COVID column that showed that it came out of Wuhan, funded by Bill and Melinda Gates, they banned it.
But there was such a backlash, Elon Musk called for them to be broken up, Amazon should be broken up, like Microsoft or Ma Bell.
And they backed off, so that's the good news is there's pushback.
But it just goes on and on and on and on and on and on and on.
This is so critical to all our futures that people listen carefully, research my claims, and then take action.
150 standard Earth days until the most historic election in world history.
It's Friday, June 5th, the year is 2020.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
And we are setting out again to enlighten and awaken and warn as many people to do their own research, find out we're telling the truth, and then mobilize and take action against the globalist technocrats who are trying to create an anti-human future.
Thank you for joining us on this Friday edition.
We're going to have open phones throughout the entire transmission.
I'll get the number out starting at the start of the next segment, but let me just plow through what is coming up today.
This is Bloomberg.
Researchers retract study linking malaria pill to heart risk.
The entire study lands at reports is a complete and total hoax funded by Bill Gates.
Hydroxychloroquine has an almost 100%
Rate of saving people because it is a zinc deficiency that most people die of viruses from.
Amazon censors former New York Times reporter book exposing COVID-19 lockdowns as a giant oak, even though it used all scientific bibliographies and fact checkers.
But that blew up in their face in a very, very, very big way.
And so now,
Because Elon Musk and others called for Amazon to be broken up.
They have re-allowed the book to be published on the Amazon Reader System.
Talk about 1984.
It is here.
So incredibly important.
On that front and we're going to be laying it out here today.
What's really happening and what's really inside of these vaccines?
And I'm going to be doing that.
Coming up at the start of the next hour, but it really is a huge, huge, huge deal.
That Bill Gates.
Is truly.
The Boogeyman.
And if you look at the word where boogeyman comes from, it's German for goblin.
And so when I tease and make jokes and call the globalist goblins,
That's because archetypally, that's what I see them like.
They operate in the dark.
They're anti-human.
They waylay people.
Drag them off their dens.
It's a nice allegory.
Or let's just say it's a good mascot for them that these folks are goblins.
I don't just pick him out to demonize him.
Every time I dig the bottom of a fetid rat hole, a spider hole, a goblin nest, I find Hare Gates waiting there at the center of the web.
And boy is he pissed.
He's in USA Today, the London Guardian, everywhere saying, I don't want you to have any implantable microchips.
Even though we have MIT saying he paid them to develop
A vaccine that delivers nanotech into your body that can then be scanned and read to prove you have it.
And the man they use as their poster boy for taking the new experimental vaccine almost died and was told by CNN and Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation not to tell the public.
That's mainstream news breaking.
But you know what?
People are still running around wearing the mask.
They're still buying into the hoax.
As the economy continues to shut down, even in areas where they've reopened things, people aren't coming back.
Because you're not a hero.
When you go out and you shop, or go to dinner, or go to the florist and buy your wife flowers, just stay in your house until everybody's bankrupt, and all the police departments are disbanded, and every city's burning, and we're in a total depression, and the IMF and World Bank can come in and take control and bail us all out.
Oh, and guess what?
I missed this.
It broke two days ago.
The crew brought it to my attention last night.
It's a sickening hundred-page report.
I read almost all of it.
There's a three-page synopsis we'll go over.
But you talk about nightmare, it's it.
This is coming up at the bottom of the hour.
Now is the time for the Great Reset.
We kept saying COVID will be the excuse for the global depression with the UN IMF World Bank taking control of the first world just like they've done to the third world.
It'll be the excuse to finally push us under into debt bankruptcy to the world government.
They say exactly that.
But it's wonderful!
Lord Rothschild, and everybody will rule us now, and loan us our own digital money back, and dictate how we live.
And it says, your lifestyle's never going to be the same, but it's for the best.
And you'll have to get permission to travel, and it's officially from the Davos Group World Economic Forum, basically the spokesperson group for the Bilderberg Group.
That ties into Billy Boy Gates, and
He says he's not secretly plotting microchips in a coronavirus vaccine because it's not a secret, it's public.
But they play games.
He goes, well, I am funding a study for you to wear a bracelet or a watch that tracks where you go and what you do for cryptocurrency, but that doesn't have microchips.
Oh, no, no.
We talked about that and then how you also have a Band-Aid that has the vaccine in it that has little tiny pieces of glass.
Little micro slivers that you put on somebody that go into the skin and stay in the skin with nanotech.
And that's officially from the Club of Rome, the Rockefeller Foundation, the Population Council, and we have MIT saying Bill and Melinda Gates paid them to develop the new system.
So that is all coming up.
As well.
We're going to break it all down.
Now obviously the big news that's at hand right now is how many times did we say they're going to try to cause a civil war and call it an insurrection and try to overthrow local government till things fall apart and then demand Trump be driven from office saying he allowed this to happen, he caused this to happen, he's unfit to command.
That's been the blueprint of Antifa funded by Soros.
That's been the blueprint of Black Lives Matter funded by the Democratic Party.
It's all the same group.
And Republicans would say, Jones, they'll never get away with that.
Oh, come on.
2016, Antifa wasn't able to do that.
That was a beta test.
If you look at the Google Trends, as our guest Hotep Jesus brought up yesterday, 2016, the Black Lives Matter Antifa blip
Was 20% of what it is now.
It is a massive off-the-charts spike.
And look at these headlines.
Are we on the brink of revolution?
And they're telling us revolution's burning your local community and killing cops.
Oh, you're gonna have a lot more cops when they're done, boy, let me tell you.
Movement to defund police gains unprecedented support across U.S.
London Guardian.
Mayor slashes LAPD budget as calls to defund police slowly pick up steams.
Minneapolis Council members consider disbanding the police.
ACLU sues over police force.
Protesters near White House.
Vegas defunds the police.
$100 million.
We're going to cover it all and how it ties in to the endgame.
This is an authoritarian model.
We're going to cover this when we come back and how to stop the globalist master plan and how it ties into Black Lives Matter.
Officially tells white people no selfies.
You're here to serve us reinventing slavery.
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Ladies and gentlemen, we are live and we're broadcasting worldwide on this Friday.
June 5th, 2020 transmission.
And I could sit over there with you and I could read you patents and documents and announcements by the IMF, announcements by the world government.
Or I could just look directly into the camera and talk directly in this microphone to radio listeners.
And TV viewers, and ask you, do you want to control your own future?
Do you want a pro-human future?
Because when I say, do you want a pro-human future?
The establishment has decided that you're worthless.
They've decided
To be gotten rid of.
And this isn't just rhetoric.
That I'm up here.
Talking about.
It's the real world.
And it's real things that are happening and civilization and your family's future.
Being undermined.
And so I sit up here on this TV program with this chess set, this skull, these flowers.
A lot of people have asked, gotten emails, gotten text messages saying, what's the point on your show?
It looks really interesting.
Well, the point of it is, is that it's esoteric.
And it allows you, because it isn't a clear message, to project onto it what you're thinking.
If I can tell you what it means to me,
You have the potential of all God's gifts symbolized by a tree.
And a tree of life.
And the red blood of humans that unifies us.
And I'm going to get to that later.
Let's just say this.
The establishment's betting against you.
They think you're done.
And they're going to hurt you really bad.
They're going to hurt everybody really bad.
And that's now extremely clear to everyone.
And I'm going to
Try to break this down a little bit later, what I was going to get to.
Maybe we'll do it that time.
This is a really important special report.
Then we're going to come back and I'm going to get into Bill Gates and world government and the latest on the vaccines being admitted to be a total fraud.
And really what that means and the fact that COVID-19 is now an admitted hoax, but we've moved on to the worldwide riots that are anti-America.
I mean, how obvious is this is a takedown of the country
And of the world.
Let's play Paul Joseph Watson's report, The Woke Virus.
And Paul asked, in his report, why are they out on the street?
The left, well they're the ones saying you shouldn't be outside.
Because it's all about power, it's not about logic.
Here's part of Paul Watson's report.
Remember that whole coronavirus social distancing thing?
Remember how in both the US and the UK the media denounced and publicly shamed anti-lockdown protesters for spreading the disease and killing granny?
Well, they've suddenly changed their tune, haven't they?
Thousands of BLM demonstrators gathered in London today for more.
Peaceful protests that ended with barriers being smashed, objects hurled at cops and police officers punched in the face.
So peaceful.
Boris Johnson urged people to protest in accordance with social distancing.
Yeah, really looks like they're doing that.
Meanwhile, we can't hug our loved ones by law.
It's illegal for us to get closer than two meters to our own parents!
But this is okay.
Anti-lockdown protesters are bad.
Spread the virus and kill granny and you'll be publicly shamed if you take part.
BLM protests are good and don't spread coronavirus at all.
And you'll be publicly shamed if you don't take part.
The same health workers in the US who berated stay-at-home protesters, even though many of them stayed inside their vehicles, for violating social distancing, are out on the streets today applauding far-left protesters for congregating in huge mobs with total disregard for social distancing.
Authorities in New York were enforcing social distancing rules despite the fact that riots and looting were taking place just two miles away.
People aren't even allowed to go to church, yet these rioters are venerated.
We can't even go to the pub to see our friends, yet these people can swarm Downing Street in huge numbers and the media gives them a pass.
Imagine if there was an open the pubs protest in London.
Even if only a hundred people turned up, the media and the left would be outraged.
Attendees would be doxed and harassed.
Thousands gather in London to protest something that happened in a different country.
This is fine!
Remember how much of a big deal they made out of that Atalanta-Valencia football match in Italy before the lockdown that they said was responsible for drastically spreading Covid?
The media called it a biological bomb!
This is London Today.
What changed?
Let me emphasise, this is all in response to something that happened in a different country.
UK police killed just two unarmed, meaning without a gun, people in the whole of 2019.
One of whom was Usman Khan, the London Bridge terrorist.
What are you even protesting?
When an Islamic terrorist blew up a bunch of kids in Manchester, we were told
Don't look back in anger!
But when an American cop kills someone 4,000 miles away, people get angry.
Then there's the whole Dominic Cummings freakout.
The same people who just hyperventilated for over a week because a government advisor broke social distancing to arrange urgent care for his child and now gushing over a mass gathering of thousands of people in central London.
What changed?
Is coronavirus woke?
Does it take a break exclusively for protests that champion left-wing causes?
Or are you all just a bunch of massive f***ing hypocrites?
This Labour MP was whining about Cummings on May 25th.
Just over a week later he's bragging about breaking social distancing because virtue signalling is more important.
Massive f***!
The UK media laboriously keeps telling us that coronavirus disproportionately affects BAME communities.
Now thousands of BAME people are in close proximity, potentially giving each other the virus.
And the media celebrates it!
Many of the protesters in London are school-aged teenagers.
Leftists have aggressively campaigned against sending them back to school because of the threat of spreading COVID.
Attending a protest with thousands of other people cheek by jowl though...
That's fine!
As Ben Sixsmith writes for The Spectator, it's kind of amazing.
For weeks we have been arguing about the minute details of viral transmission.
Can you be outside?
How often can you be outside?
Can you be with other people?
How many?
And how much distance should you keep from each other?
Then masses of people gather in cities across the world for a protest.
Alright folks, the full report is at Bandot Video.
Now I'm loaded.
For war.
When we come back.
So, the biggest villain in the world right now is not Osama Bin Laden, it's not even Xi Jinping, who really, you know, deserves the title, probably.
He's probably even worse than Bill Gates.
But Bill Gates is the most hated man in the world.
That's all over mainstream news.
There's more negative comments, people absolutely hate his guts, they call him a baby killer, a eugenicist, a Nazi, a tyrant, a mad scientist.
Because that's what he is.
He was always an arrogant globalist.
He ran a monopoly scam at Microsoft with stolen software.
And he got his big company broken up back in the 1990s.
But since then, he's been quietly buying up all the major national health services of the planet.
That's not debated.
Almost every country's national health service is a revolving door of Bill and Melinda Gates' appointees.
He controls the United Nations, WHO, along with Communist China.
That's why he's always defending Communist China and attacking the United States.
Well, he's got a charm offensive going.
ABC News, BBC News,
USA Today.
And he's been doing interviews.
He's been doing op-eds.
Here's a big whopper one for you today.
Bill Gates is not secretly plotting microchips in a coronavirus vaccine.
Misinformation and conspiracy theories are dangerous for everyone.
And they do the old-fashioned thing of take one thing he's doing for global satellite 5G controlled cryptocurrency, where you wear a
A chip or a wristband or a watch and then it tracks what you do and when you carry out the task as told, like a robot, you get some more cheese there in your mousetrap.
They then go, oh that's not an implantable chip when he's got all these other programs
Like ID2020 and a bunch of others, where it's a tape you put on your wrist or hand that has little micro glass that has silicon readable nano chips in them.
And Bill and Melinda Gates has funded multiple programs in China and the United States and MIT to do this.
And I'll show you a clip and show you some quotes and news articles on that here in a moment.
But this is the games they play.
They're all over the news saying you need a chip.
Or a medical license to be able to travel in the future and the lockdown's never gonna end until we have a vaccine.
And then Bill Gates funded all these other programs for weather control and 5G surveillance and blocking out the sun and all these weird programs to
Have to have special passes to leave your home or driverless cars.
He's building the post-human world.
That the next phase is a giant panopticonic prison, a prison planet, and that's there as a straitjacket to lead us into the depopulation agenda, which again he admits he heads up.
Bill Gates wants a world government to carry out world depopulation.
And don't forget,
They have the new Jeffrey Epstein documentary series out on Netflix.
I watched the whole thing.
That's six hours.
I'll never get back.
Total whitewash.
Nothing about Bill Gates.
Nothing about how it's an international spy ring for blackmail.
Nothing about how they kill kids.
Nothing about how they have a secret breeding program at Zorro Ranch.
Where they implant these women with surrogate babies.
The word is clones.
Oh yeah, you're a billionaire, what do you want?
You're a clone.
That's been known for a long time.
Because Epstein and others shot their mouths off.
So I'm gonna get to the rest of the big news breaking with Jeffrey Epstein and
Bill Gates flying around on his airplane and all the rest of it.
Staying at his home in Paris.
Staying at his home in the UK.
Staying at his home in New Mexico.
Staying at Epstein's home in New York.
And lying and saying he's never been to his house.
Turns out he basically lives there.
That's who these freaks are.
These psychotics.
Epstein was just a butler who ran private, pervert, pedophile hotels.
That's why he had seven-story buildings in New York worth $75 million.
That's why he had giant palatial estates in Pennsylvania and California and New Mexico and Europe.
Because he stocked them full of women and little girls.
And worse, they like to have snuff parties in the temples.
You don't just think they screw little kids, do you?
They like to chop them up.
They like them to beg for mommy.
And what has General Flynn's respected lawyer said?
She's talked to the NYPD face-to-face, the officers that saw it, and they said the videos on Weiner's laptop are so horrible that they would vomit and could only watch one a day.
Well, when you're watching toddlers get electrocuted and stuff, it's not fun if you're not a Satanist.
Okay, so.
Remember, these guys want to put stuff in your body, though.
Because they want to rape your soul.
It's all about rape.
So here's a little clip from James Corbett's excellent Part 3 series on Bill Gates and the control grid.
And you can pull up all these clips from MIT.
Here it is.
Two ways to permanently store and record the vaccination information of each individual.
The result of their research was a new vaccine delivery method.
They found that by using dissolvable microneedles that deliver patterns of near-infrared light-emitting microparticles to the skin, they could create particle patterns in the skin of vaccine recipients which are invisible to the eye but can be imaged using modified smartphones.
Rice University describes the quantum dot tags left behind by the microneedles as something like a barcode tattoo.
So who was behind this development?
As lead researcher Kevin McHugh explains,
The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation came to us and said, Hey, we have a real problem.
Knowing who's vaccinated.
So our idea was to put the record on the person.
This way, later on, people can scan over the area to see what vaccines have been administered and give only the ones still needed.
The microparticles that form the fluorescent quantum dot tags are delivered along with the vaccine, but they cannot be delivered by a traditional syringe.
Instead, they must be delivered by a patch of microneedles made from a mixture of dissolvable sugar and a polymer called PVA, as well as the quantum dot dye in the vaccine.
It should be no surprise, then, that big pharma vaccine manufacturers, in their scramble to produce the coronavirus vaccine that, Gates assures us, is necessary to go back to normal, have turned to a novel vaccine delivery method.
A dissolvable microneedle array patch.
And again, that's just Rice.
MIT is way ahead of it, also funded by Bill and Melinda Gates.
So, again, big articles about how he doesn't want that, but there they are telling you that's who funded him to do it.
This man is a criminal liar.
And let's just show the news today of him being a criminal liar.
Researchers retract study linking malaria pill to heart attack.
Bloomberg, Bill and Melinda Gates financed the study, saying that hydroxychloroquine would kill you and help no one.
Well, everyone that saw that said it's a fraud.
Who funded?
Oh, Bill Gates, of course.
Turns out it's all fraud, no data, totally made up, scientific scam.
Just like the test that said everybody had COVID around the country, where their facility now shut down.
Total fraud.
Amazon censors former New York Times reporter's book exposing COVID-19 lockdowns hours after Elon Musk says time to break up Amazon after company bans Alex Bernson's book on unreported truths about COVID-19, which shows government documents and proof it's a total absolute giant hoax by Bill and Melinda Gates.
Now after massive pressure, Washington Post reports Amazon reverses ban on book critical of coronavirus lockdown after the decision is blasted by many, including Elon Musk.
Meanwhile, man sickest in his life after taking an experimental vaccine, Robert F. Kennedy writes, he links to it all, the guy hired by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and Fauci to be the spokesperson for the vaccine, took it and almost died and was paralyzed.
Might want to go read that for yourself.
Meanwhile, former MI6 head says coronavirus is man-made, released from a lab.
And why is that important?
Because they own it.
It's a simulant.
You do catch it, you do spread it, you do come up positive for it, but unless you are totally deficient in key vitamins and minerals, you cannot even get sick from it.
We'll be right back with breaking bombshells on this same subject.
So I want this to sink in to everybody.
Bill Gates publicly funded
The studies in England and the United States saying two and a half million dead Americans.
He funded the studies all over the world putting out similar fake numbers.
All of that was a total fraud.
Then they finance testing kits in China and in the United States and the fact-checkers work for Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and run the Wuhan lab coronavirus research and run, again, the fact-checking to control the American people so that we couldn't expose what they've done.
So they launch the crime, they launch the reporting, they launch the hysteria, they launch the fraudulent tests, they control the lab, they control the Facebook, Twitter, Google,
Fact-checkers who are then God.
And so members of the Senate, medical doctors, hospital owners, Cedars-Sinai come out and say, this is baloney, here's our numbers, and they get banned.
So this is a corporate dictatorship, a corporate move, and Milgate said it months after I said it was clear.
I just point that out because it's so obvious.
On Colbert a month ago, he said,
Oh, this is just pretty much a drill.
We're using this for the next big one that'll be a biological weapon from terrorists.
It'll be much worse.
And then him and Colbert start laughing and giggling.
Like I heard your grandma's got cancer.
Oh, I heard hundreds of millions of dollars.
These are sickos flaunting it in your face.
They're totally turned over to evil.
And now, oh, it comes out, doctors in New York, and doctors in California, and Texas, and doctors in Australia, and doctors in Israel, and doctors in Russia, and doctors in France, and doctors in England, and doctors in Scotland, and doctors in Mexico, and doctors in Brazil.
The doctors everywhere!
Doctors in Africa.
See, we have basically 100% recovery rate when people get hydroxychloroquine with zinc.
You can get sick on hydroxychloroquine without the zinc.
It'll pull other stuff out of your cells and put it into your cells.
And of course they financed the fraudulent study.
And we went and looked at it and said they don't even give their data!
But it was shown by the news, oh that hydroxychloroquine, that'll kill ya!
I even had family go, well I heard conflicting stuff Alex, you're not a doctor.
You know, are you sure zinc's okay?
And I'm like, listen, here's the NIH website saying it's essential for cell division, cell operation, and cell defense against viruses.
And my own family member went, wow!
Because people think it's like weird to be informed.
It's weird to go read the study and find out Bill Gates funded it.
It's weird to look at it and it has no data.
So I told you,
Two and a half months ago that that study was a fraud.
It's now been withdrawn and is a total fraud.
And again, I'm not up here saying I'm incredible, I'm smart.
People used to all be like me.
They went out, they did research, they checked into things, they didn't believe the establishment.
If Bill Gates told you the sky was blue, you should question it.
And then a prestigious investigative journalist puts all this together in a book.
Who's published books at Amazon before.
They just agreed to let you publish it.
They've got Nambla on their publishing books about having sex with children.
That's okay.
Drag Queen Storytime's okay, but you, as a famous former New York Times investigative journalist who's highly respected, you aren't allowed to put your book out here.
Because they said the fact checkers have said it is not approved.
By who?
And they said, it's in the article, the WHO.
So the United Nations World Health Organization, almost exclusively funded by Bill and Melinda Gates and the Communist Chinese, since Trump pulled out, rightfully so, is in control of what books you can read.
And Elon Musk is 100% right.
Time to break up Amazon after company bans.
Alex Berenson's book on unreported truths about COVID-19.
They're wrecking the economy.
They're even bankrupting Walmart.
It's a giant, huge monopoly.
He got $30 billion in bailouts.
Jeff Bezos.
He gives in charity each year, 0.01%.
That's like the average person giving, I think it says here, $87 a year.
But, oh, he funds Black Lives Matter, though.
He's a liberal.
And he's going to have the Davos Group tell you about inequities and how to get rid of capitalism and have a better system.
And, Hal, if we just get rid of all the police, well, everything will be wonderful then.
Well, yeah, if we went back to everybody being armed and having the sheriff's department
I think?
They're putting in permanent medical martial law with a psychotic person that ran Jeffrey Epstein's operation.
That's what Bill Gates did.
He ran Jeffrey Epstein's operation to compromise scientists across the board with blackmail for sex with underage women and children and snuff films so they could scientifically take over and have a fake scientific consensus ahead of pushing giant frauds like this.
And if you think it's funny that that monster's coming at you with his poison vaccines and his nanochips... In fact, I didn't even get to that in my stack.
It must have gotten out of my stack.
Will you guys reprint me all the articles about the poison vaccines they found everywhere filled with mysterious nanoparticles?
Here it is.
They're doing all this on purpose, ladies and gentlemen.
I was told by a DARPA scientist 20 years ago that they were putting nanoparticles to track people and vaccines.
I thought it was crazy.
Now it's out in the news today.
This isn't going to be business as usual with the leftists and the globalists and they're pushing their agenda, but you know, we kind of push them back.
They're going to get total power and control or we're going to defeat them and reverse them.
They've launched their main attack.
They've launched their main assault.
The New World Order's here.
And they're going to bring back the mask.
They're going to bring back the lockdowns forever.
It's in the Davos Group's own report that came out two days ago, calling it the Great Reset.
It's over!
And once they've got you poor and destitute, they're going to go to town on you with medical tyranny and forced inoculations.
And so when you see people wearing masks, or you see people playing along with this crap, you've got to explain to them that it's a giant hoax and a confirmed fraud.
Because you see, they launched the riots as phase two.
They already had those ready.
As soon as the COVID peaked, and the pushback came back, and all the doctors and scientists came out and said this is a total fraud, and as a consensus formed that it was the biggest hoax in history, we already had burning buildings all over the world in the West, with third world populations being trained to assault by the UN, and so we moved on to that so we never had the backlash.
And then we'll just be into the election and COVID cases will be back, they'll claim.
And they'll hype that back up and have all their zombies go out wearing their mask again.
And it's all leftists, it's all followers, it's all captives of this that are in a...
mesmerized state and believe that they're winners and believe that they're part of this ruling class when they're actually unconscious zombies.
You wonder why a leftist, black, white, old, young, Hispanic, are disheveled and walk weird and look like zombies?
Because they've been put in a trance state by the television and the culture of suspended disbelief.
They've been programmed.
These are weak people.
And more and more people are falling to mass psychosis.
Mob rule.
This is a psychological warfare system, so when they look like zombies, don't laugh at them.
They're dead-eyed betas.
And they're dangerous.
And as everything falls apart around them, they don't ever blame themselves for being fools or their controllers.
They blame you.
And as things get worse, it's your fault.
And they've got to destroy you.
They've got to make you submit.
They've got to dominate you.
Or things won't get better.
Like a drowning person will climb up on top of you and push you under the water.
You understand?
We're all in grave danger!
All right, I will give the number.
I'll start on the next segment.
We're going to have open phones.
The Project Veritas knocked it out of the park again with undercover inside Antifa for several years.
When you hear just the sliminess and evil of these Soros UN-funded turd baskets, it just makes you sick.
Here it is.
I've been undercover with Real City Antifa since July of...
Depending on the setting, if I were to be caught or found out in a setting where I am present with them, it could escalate to violence against me.
Don't be that f***ing guy with the goddamn spiked brass knuckles getting photos taken of you.
Police are going to be like, perfect, we can prosecute these f***ers.
Look how violent they are.
Not that we're not, but we need to f***ing hunt them down.
So currently I am a prospect for Rose City Antifa and I am about halfway through the prospecting process to become a full-fledged member of Antifa.
If you ruin their day, if you, like, heckle them, you make them feel like they look ridiculous, you make them feel outnumbered, and therefore their whole yay-yay America Trump thing is gonna go by the wayside.
They reached out to me through ProtonMail.
And we went back and forth and there was an interview set to meet up in Portland.
So to verify that it was me, they had me wear a white shirt and have a water bottle and show up at a Starbucks where a person was going to ID me and approach me.
I think so.
They were getting this tradecraft from someone else, someone with much more experience, someone who did this for a living.
Caroline, which is the founder of RCA, moved to Sweden with her husband, who is a dual citizen.
So there's a back and forth with the European connection.
Rose City Antifa holds required lectures for prospecting members in secret, in other words, bookstore, before they open.
And as part of their security culture, they require us to put our phones in the bathroom next door.
This bathroom is not only away from the main room where the lecture is taking place, but also has a fan that muffles any sound from the room.
The whole goal of this, right, is to get out there and do dangerous things as safely as possible.
How violent is Antifa or RCA in particular?
Practice things like an eye gouge.
It takes very little pressure to injure someone's eyes.
They do not hesitate to either push back or incite some kind of violence.
In our classes and in our meetings, before we do any sort of demonstration or black block, you know, we talk about weapons detail and what we carry and what we should have.
What is black block?
Well, this is black block right now.
The term is used to a tactic in which individuals conceal their identity to look uniform so that no one can be identified in an act of a crime.
With RCA, it seems much more structured, almost like a company or like a business.
So, you know, I feel like there is some type of outside funding influence or resources being used.
Consider, like,
I love Project Veritas, but I mean, I've given James O'Keefe two years ago the internal secret documents we got from a brother of an Antifa guy.
When his brother got in trouble, they found it all in the house.
And that's that manager-level guy.
He gets direct orders from Soros.
But no one will go after him.
No one will touch him.
The FBI, no one.
They're just gonna let him burn down and murder everybody.
It's so funny.
It is Friday, June 5th, 2020, with 150 days out from the historic election.
I really like the shows where I take your calls.
There's been so much news and so many guests that sometimes I don't carry out what I'd like to do, but today, we're going to take a lot of your calls in the second and third hour ahead of Dr. Nick Baggage taking over in the War Room with Owen Troyer at 3 p.m.
Central here on the InfoWars Free Speech Pro-America Pro-Human Network.
And of course, Bandai Video, which they hope you don't visit and hope you don't share.
So obviously do that, it pisses off the globalist control freaks.
They're doing everything they can to demoralize us, to make us hate our country and hate ourselves, because they know they're losing and time is running out for them.
But I want to ask listeners a question, because I really want your insight.
You're free to call in.
I'd love to hear your view on the riots and the destabilization and the admitted plan.
PBS, Atlantic Monthly, Reuters, they're all like, yay!
It's a revolution against fascism!
And the police, your local government, are the fascist in Trump!
Get them!
And then the governor's refusing to call out the guard.
And when people attack the police and the police fight back, they're calling it police brutality.
This is an attempted communist overthrow of the country.
But it's billionaire oligarchs financing a communist playbook run by George Soros, run by Alexander Soros, on record!
They publicly fund them!
But there's a Justice Department investigation about who might be behind it, and could it be organized, and we know exactly who runs it and who controls it.
It's funded by Soros, funded by the DNC, and then they
Basically have the academics and their minions go run it, they sign agreements as case officers, and they go out and recruit people from the community.
And down at the lowest level, we'll hire crackheads, meth heads, you name it, to go out and beat people up.
That's what this is.
They didn't used to do that just five years ago, but they couldn't get black people on average to riot.
That's in the documents.
The 2015 documents out of Baltimore, Maryland, the martial law documents that we've been covering basically every week since then.
Those are the Death Star plans that just fell into our hands.
So I watched the Great Veritas Report with undercover people going, yeah, the head guy ran it like a business, like a military operation.
And it just seemed like they were so coordinated.
Yes, we know who runs it.
When you've got that top of the mafia chart, the Don and the Deputy Don and the Capos, and then you've got the soldiers.
We have the organizational chart and I just sit here year after year reading headlines like, Trump thinks Twitter's censoring.
That's like saying Alex Jones thinks Antifa wear black outfits.
Mickey Mouse is an animated mouse, Jones claims.
Exit signs are usually red.
Stop signs are usually red, Jones claims.
I mean, we just sit here always at the first level of like,
Is there a world government?
Are the communist Chinese financing the universities and financing Twitter and Google?
Yes, they are!
It's all on record!
Arrest them!
It's illegal!
It's foreign espionage!
I mean, they've had the FBI crawling all over me for three and a half years trying to set me up as a Russian agent.
And I'm not at liberty to get into it, but I've been in to see the FBI.
Whole nine yards, folks, okay?
Whole nine yards.
Literally, you've seen congressional hearings saying, I am a Russian agent.
I am a Chinese jet pilot from Mars.
I am a ham sandwich.
This is, this is what, they tried to put me in jail?
Tried to put my poor dad in jail.
Because Roger Stone worked here.
And I'm not a victim, I'm just telling you, yeah, there's been a coup in this country by a bunch of crooks?
You bet there has been.
And Americans need to stop being so naive about it.
So here's what I'm trying to get at.
You have the whole COVID-19 hoax that has completely imploded.
The wheels came off a long time ago.
Every facet of organized fraud.
From the models, to the test, to them trying to block studies of therapeutics that are 100% viable.
This has been a huge exercise in blacking out the truth and not letting medical doctors and others come out and tell the truth.
I mean, this has been draconian.
This has been, from Alex Jones getting censored two years ago, to the President's Twitter being censored, and just outrageousness upon outrageousness.
So we've got all that going on.
And then right as the Italian government and the British government and the German Interior Ministry secret panel says this thing is a total fraud.
But it's man-made.
The Australian research labs go, it's man-made but it doesn't kill a lot of people but it spreads really easy.
And they said exactly what Francis Boyle said here four months ago.
He said it in late January.
Five months ago, he said it was probably a weaponized vaccine, but to have a vaccine, you've got to make the weapon that got out.
But regardless, that's why it does kill some people.
It's a bad pneumonia.
But it is man-made, which is what really scared us up front.
But because it's a vaccine, live vaccine ingredient that was being tested that got out, which we know they were testing in the lab, then they tried to say none of that was even going on.
But now even the Australian universities have put their finger on it saying, looks like it was an attenuated live virus in a vaccine trial.
Well, that's happened before where vaccines have caused pandemics.
But again, it's a very light pandemic.
But there are hundreds of thousands of deaths in the United States every year from pneumonia and other things combined.
So there were some deaths, but most of them were gunshot wounds and other things.
They attributed it to that.
People that died in car wrecks, all of it are added to the COVID-19 death list.
George Floyd's been added to it, when he obviously died of a mixture of fentanyl and asphyxiation.
So now that that's all happened, well, what were they going to do?
Well, they just every day have some cop doing something wrong.
There's millions of cops, there's 350 million of us, there's cameras everywhere now.
That stuff always is going on.
Bad things are always happening.
There's bad cops, good cops.
There's good doctors, bad doctors.
Good teachers, bad teachers.
Good farmers, bad farmers.
Bad mothers, good mothers.
And so they could just cherry pick any event that was questionable in Georgia and Minnesota, hype it all up, and boom!
No one's gonna explode by having police stand down when it took place.
And now that's confirmed.
But why was it done?
It was done to cover up the COVID.
The COVID control's in place, the vaccine's getting made.
It was done to cover up the flashback, the rollback, the blowback.
Now that all these medical doctors were coming out against the censorship, and now that people weren't exposing it, and now that the models were proven to be frauds, and that Bill Gates was having his vaccine trial shut down, and Bill Gates was having his vaccine system research shut down, and his testing facility shut down for fraud, and Bill Gates was in so much trouble, and this hadn't gone the way he wanted!
They went ahead and activated the riots they had planned for July and August already set up, already ready, according to Black Lives Matter and Antifa.
They were going to get stirred up at the RNC and DNC and had groups already ready to provocateur police so they could get the events they wanted and have the clashes and have Charlottesville 2.0 on steroids.
So understanding how they ran this scam is critical.
And we have to go back now to COVID-19
And we have to expose the fact that it's a total fraud and push it back out there to the top of people's consciousness, or they're never going to turn the economy back on.
They're announcing all the major movie chains are either closing part of their facilities or never reopening.
You go, oh, who cares about that?
The restaurants around them go under.
Folks, we're a service economy.
They de-industrialized us.
They promised us we'd have a service economy so they'd make us dependent.
Now they're going to take our service economy away.
We have to end this fraud.
It's martial law.
They're going to cycle it on and off forever.
They're going to have forced inoculations.
They're going to have medical IDs to travel.
It's all there.
We must kill the COVID hoax.
It's just as important as exposing the current fraud with the rioting and the rest of it, which we'll get to next segment.
The toll-free number to join us is 877-789-ALEX, 877-789-2539.
877-789-ALEX or your country code 512-646-1776.
I want to hear from you about how we expose COVID, how we expose the hoax, how we prosecute the people that are trying to create this death and mayhem and have already killed more people in these riots that have died in the last year of black folks being shot by police.
And we've got the police call to disband the police departments.
Do you have any idea what that's going to look like?
We're going to break it all down straight ahead on the other side of the global transmission.
Whatever you do, tell people about the live feeds at News Wars.
Monday through Friday from 8 a.m.
to 11 a.m.
David Knight knocks it out of the park on our TV and radio satellites and the audio and video feeds.
And you'll find those feeds at newswars.com forward slash show, infowars.com forward slash show, and band.video.
Then, this broadcast with yours truly, Alex Jones.
Then, Owen Schroer.
3 to 6 p.m.
Central, with The War Room.
Then I come back Sundays, and I'll be here live this Sunday, 4 to 6 p.m.
Central, Lord willing.
Okay, let's go ahead and get into this, and then I'm gonna go to your phone calls.
All over the United States, in blue cities and blue zones, the mayors and the police chiefs are globalists, following Soros' UN playbook, and they're saying, the police are bad, stand down, don't stop rioters, don't stop looters.
When somebody comes into somebody's business and physically attacks them and robs them and they shoot them, the police come and arrest them, like in Omaha.
The guy was being attacked in his business, he shot the guy and they arrested him.
This is a plan to take down civilization.
That's why it's happening in Australia.
It's happening in Europe.
It's happening in the UK.
It's happening everywhere.
In Canada.
Because it's about the communists promised at the universities that you're taking over.
They went and got these degrees to be part of the cult.
That go get the liberal arts education.
But Tucker Carlson, there's a big article on Infowars.com that lays it all out.
Just gets better and better as times get worse and worse.
It brings out the best and strong people.
He lays out that mega corporations are the ones financing Nike and PepsiCo and all the rest of them.
Yeah, let's put it back on screen, please.
Put that Infowars article back up for me, please.
I want to show people the headline with Tucker Carlson.
No problem.
I have my phone.
I have my phone.
I'll show it on my phone.
So again, there it is.
Corporations funding riots that destroy small businesses.
It's such an important article.
I'm going to read it at the start of the next hour and then continue.
With your phone calls.
But, that's what this is!
The lockdown, and then the riots, and all of it is to demoralize you.
And that Project Veritas internal anti-Vividia, what does he say?
We want to make you depressed.
We want to make them sad.
We don't want them saying rah rah America.
We want them to give up.
We want to demoralize them.
That's all this is!
The ugly art, the ugly literature, the drag queen story times, pedophiles going after your kids.
Dudes dressed like women on the street, simulating cutting babies out of their stomachs.
All the ugly TV, all the murder, all the death, all the drugs, all the fentanyl, all of the suicide is designed to demoralize you.
That's all it is.
And they admit it is.
So don't let them demoralize you.
Go out when they say they're gonna beat you up if you have free speech.
And you defend yourself when they attack you.
Go out and support freedom and build others up and understand that we're not going under learned helplessness here.
But look at this article out of Australia and the very same thing is done at Evergreen College on the West Coast and other colleges around the country where they teach people that whites are inherently bad and it's communist white professors literally teaching people that this is the way to go and now they've actually found black people around the country to actually now lead these events, countless videos telling them you are inherently bad because you are white.
And you are to serve black people and keep your mouth shut.
This is the official Black Lives Matter of Melbourne.
Again, they bring in populations from outside the area, teach the populations to hate each other, and then say police, even though most of them are minority in Melbourne, aren't even allowed to carry out their job or they're racist.
So you make the invading force the victim.
Important information for this Saturday protest is officially put out by Black Lives Matter with 40,000 members.
White folks guide to protesting.
Copy and paste.
Do not share.
If you are a white person, consider joining a protest this week.
Here is a list of rules put together for you.
Friends of color, if they have forgotten anything, please add.
Number one, follow calls only.
We're good to go.
The true narrative is told.
Number three, be helpful.
Hand out water and snacks.
Make sure protest leaders are hydrated and fed.
Oh, take care of the leaders.
This is exhausting work.
Help keep their energy up.
Number four, follow directions.
If a black person tells you to do something, you do it immediately without question.
You respect the authority and the decisions of the black protesters at all times.
This is a new class system.
Number five, stay in the back until you are called forward.
If you hear white people to the front, white people to the front, or allies to the front, step forward and link arms with other white people to form a human shield.
Man, this is incredible.
Number six, when you are at the front, you are silent.
This is in all caps.
When you are at the front, you are silent!
I should have been reading this right.
Remain calm at all times!
This is difficult work.
You will be emotional, and your system will be flooded with adrenaline.
Remember, this is life and death for the protesters.
Save your emotions for home.
Do not agitate.
This is not a game.
Joining a protest is a serious decision.
Make sure you are there for the right reason.
Support the safety of black protesters at all times.
Copy and paste only!
Is that clear, scumbag?
They didn't have that part.
This is cult brainwashing and this is standard operating procedure.
Look at this poor little three-year-old white girl told she's privileged and bad by her very parents.
That's how sick and evil this is and it just goes on from there.
I'll cover more of this after I take your phone calls.
But then, meanwhile, it revealed Philadelphia police pulled a Protect Rioters, Not Neighborhoods.
That's now official.
Los Angeles to strip over $100 million from police budget.
Redirect to communities of color.
Churches are being robbed across Europe by the Islamists.
It's all there.
But the thing I wanted to hit, after I take your phone calls, is this.
The way mob rule works to create
Martial law atmosphere, so that if Trump doesn't act, we go under leftist martial law regardless, just like they did with the leftist cities activating to shut down all the facilities.
So Trump had to then act, or it looked like he was not caring about the COVID.
That's the psychology.
Well, now we have martial law by mob rule, and by the left, and by the blue cities doing nothing.
So when Trump acts, he's a fascist.
When he doesn't act, he's bad.
This is the plan to drive him out, 25th Amendment.
All right, we're going to come right back, ladies and gentlemen, and go right to your phone calls directly.
And then I've got the Tucker Carlson piece that is so critical.
And I've got this breakdown of how the New World Order actually operates and how to stop them.
And then I said I'd get to it this hour.
I'll have to get to it towards the end of the next hour.
The official world government plan to bring in total collapse permanently and how great it is has been announced by the Davos Group.
It's called the Great Reset.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
Alright folks, Alex Jones, your host here back live.
We're going right to your phone calls.
If I seem irritable and upset, it has nothing to do with the crew.
I am just so angry that this is actually happening worldwide.
They are trying to overthrow local governments to break down civilization so that the major central banks can come in and take control.
And that's their admitted plan.
That's in the World Bank and IMF documents that came out in 2002 that Greg Powell of the BBC released.
But since then, these mega corporations have taken over all the media, and you just don't see this information anywhere.
Except out of the mouths of the Club of Rome, of the Davos Group, and of the big corporations.
That's why you see every major corporation, from Walmart to PepsiCo, to Nike coming out and saying, we do not support traditional families, they're bad.
And it's good to break up,
Glad you guys found that.
Print me that article.
I said 2002, that's when it went super viral, I guess.
Broke in 2001 in April.
But they actually got the IMF World Bank documents where they go in and foment rioting and distressed economies and foment things with the media.
Then things collapse and then the real police state comes in.
This is so incredibly cold-blooded.
All right, I'm gonna go to your phone calls and then next hour I'm gonna hit these definitions and how they tie into this.
The definition of oligarchy.
The definition of terrorism.
The definition of slavery.
The definition of submission.
The definition of blockade.
The definition of siege.
The definition of learned?
And how they're using this on us.
The Social Contract.
The Milgram Experiment.
The Stanford Prison Experiment.
Stockholm Syndrome.
You understand this?
You understand exactly what these psychological warfare experts are doing?
But what did Tucker Carlson hit last night?
Quotes from Black Lives Matter.
Saying we are here to end the traditional family.
What have they done to the black community already by design?
That destroyed the black community.
They destroyed the family.
And now, the mission of Black Lives Matter is Planned Parenthood.
Abort the black babies, break up the black families, and abort your babies, and break your ass up too.
It's pure evil!
They're running a pirate flag on us!
They're run by a lying criminal named Bill Gates!
Alright, I'm going to your calls.
I just want to say this.
I've been so busy with the riots and the insanity and all the attacks and everything that's going on that we've not ended the big mega sale we had.
I just expanded it and just said, you know what, gut level.
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And a new product we're going to launch on Tuesday that I'm behind on launching that's very exciting.
But this is a great deal.
Please take advantage of it.
Okay, I'm going to stop.
I'm going to go to your calls.
I appreciate you all, but to get to all of you, no need to thank me.
Just get to your point because I'm going to use the next person because I respect you all.
Let's go ahead and go to Mike in Northern Ireland.
Mike, thanks for calling.
Thanks for holding.
You're on the air.
What do you think about what's happening?
Totally disgusting, Alex.
And what I'd like to say is it not possible for the likes of Donald Trump to get together the best team of editors and researchers, put together a six to eight hour video.
That's right, Trump could do a couple hour fireside chat where he presents
All the hoaxes they've run, all the lies, expose Soros, expose Antifa, and they would all be done.
You're absolutely right.
And I know Trump more and more is moving towards doing that.
It needs to be done, Alex.
It needs to be done.
Can you believe how fast they're moving?
I think they've got a shot at actually overthrowing everything if people don't take this seriously.
It's scary times.
It's end times.
I don't know what it is that's going on.
I sometimes maybe think Donald's a part of it because if you look at the Illuminati card game,
An update on what, sir?
The Illuminati card game.
One of the cards.
And I know people that know him.
He has like a house, it's like a castle.
And I've heard he's pretty nice.
He's always refused to come on the show.
He made that card game and stuff in like 95, 96 when I was first on air.
And there's a guy that looks like Ron Paul, a guy that looks like me when I'm middle-aged.
And there is a guy that looks like Donald Trump.
I'm not involved in any of this.
I'm not the Illuminati.
But maybe the guy's got a time machine or something.
What do you think?
I don't know.
I just know we live in crazy times and that we're totally deceived about everything.
I don't know if there's time machines, aliens, you know, who knows?
But Donald is at the precipice of power.
He has the potential to out everything, but he doesn't.
Is he a part of it?
Does that card relate to him?
Enough is enough.
Well, I know he's been moving as hard as he can with the people he's got under him, but I wish he would do more.
I hear what you're saying, brother, and I appreciate your call from Ireland.
You know, I've meant to go over to that guy's office.
I forget his name.
He still has an office, still sells these board games, and I want to know how he knew all that stuff.
I want to get the Deuce X-Makers on that predicted so much.
I mean, people ask why I'm in that game.
Well, I think by like 2000 or so, they were big fans.
There's a Donald Trump lookalike, and they were
Putting me in there as well.
All right, let's not shortchange anybody.
Let's go to break and come back with Justin, Chris, Judy, Bruno, Chase the Patriot, Dixie, Mountain Patriot, Russell.
There's so many callers.
I'm going to get to all of you on the other side.
Tucker Carlson, again, is absolutely knocking it out of the park with just the truth.
People say, man, it's like Tucker Carlson became Alex Jones.
He's figured out how it works.
And if you go look at these corporations, they all say they want to end the family.
Well, statistics show you end the family three, four times the crime rate, suicide, drug use.
They want to destroy you!
They're evil!
The globalist philosophy is to kill, steal, and destroy.
They're not malevolent.
They're malevolent.
They're bad.
And if you study history, you see all these leaders that became psychotic and murderous and had an evil group under them that did this.
They decide to be evil.
They don't want to be good.
They don't want to fix things.
That's too hard.
They just decide to hate everybody and just ruin everything and kill everybody and not give a damn.
Well, guess what?
I'm not here to be run over or walked on like a doormat.
And you New World Order globalists are going for broke.
A lot of it's because you've been exposed and you're cornered.
You're trying to fail forward.
Well, guess what?
You're going to burn in hell.
Be right back with your phone calls.
All right.
Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
This is the InfoWar.
I am your host, Alex Jones, and I really appreciate everybody calling.
We've got loaded phone lines.
I want to get to everybody.
Who is up next here?
Let's go ahead and talk to Justin in Iowa.
Justin, thanks for calling.
Go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
Anyhow, I just wanted to, uh...
Actually, real quick, I've called in twice, I have not plugged any of your products.
I wanted to say real quick about bodies.
66-year-old father had been able to make a fist in either hand for three plus years.
After three weeks, or almost three weeks of taking bodies, the arthritis in not only his hands, but other places has tremendously decreased.
So I love your iodine products and everything, but bodies has done just wonders for him.
So thank you very much for that.
Well, thank you, brother.
We set out and went to four different big companies to find the strongest curcuminoid extract.
So it says on the label, because that's what they make you do, just turmeric, but it's turmeric concentrate, and it's very, very well known for its anti-inflammatory properties.
So we're bringing you the very best we can, and thank you so much, sir.
It is amazing.
So real quick, I just wanted to touch on something.
I did actually go to some of the protests related to the lockdown for COVID in Columbus, and
So quickly it changed into, you know, the protests slash riots or the whatever all you want to label in these.
But I just wanted to throw out there, and I should probably apologize to Dave and Knight.
I kind of went off on Twitter the other day, but I was just pointing out that I feel like a lot of people on our side of the fence are
Speaking about things like we wanted to go back to the way it was, but I'm not in that group.
I am so tired of the two-party system, and I believe as long as the two-party system is here where one group can blame the other continuously, I don't see anything ever getting better for the actual republic.
So yeah, I wanted to throw that out there.
And I do know that there are a lot of people, unfortunately a lot of them, that engage in the violence and the looting and destruction of private and public property.
It makes everybody else look bad.
But there are some good people out there that have good motives.
Justin in Ohio, I hear you and I appreciate your call.
Tell your father God bless.
Obviously there are bad cops.
Obviously some departments are out of control.
Obviously there needs to be checks and balances.
But the globalists are using the fact that people see police as the top of the government, and that if you overthrow the police, you've somehow fixed things.
All you've done is wreck society.
I have the IMF World Bank documents right here.
They do this all over the world.
This is a plan.
And so absolutely I'm sick of the two parties.
I don't like a lot of Republicans.
But right now, we've got globalists trying to overthrow the entire country.
And there are riots going on in Mexico suddenly everywhere.
This is a global destabilization.
By the richest, most powerful people on Earth.
And that's the issue at hand.
And now the governors... I've got an article right here, let's get to it next hour.
Utah National Guard troops deployed to D.C.
evicted from hotel, Senator Mike Lee says.
He discovered 200 that were thrown out last night.
Now he says it's 1,200 confirmed.
They literally say, we don't want your kind here.
So the virtues signaling by corporations are, we don't want police.
We don't want military around.
Legos pulled all of its toys that have police in them.
And now the left says, that's not enough.
We want fire department ones pulled.
We want all, and they're like, yes, we'll pull those too.
Now the fire department's evil.
You're like, wait, the left's all about big government.
Not when they finally take over, they gut everything.
By the way, that's not satire if you just tuned in.
Lego has pulled all its toys with police in it, and they said that's not enough, and they gave a whole list now.
One that just said donut shop, because that's associated with police, was pulled.
The fire department ones were pulled.
That's a cult, folks.
And these corporations know what they're doing.
They want to create a stampede.
There it is.
Leftists are angry that LEGO hasn't virtue-signaled hard enough.
They're like, you don't just pull the police, you pull the fire departments!
All right, let's go back to your calls here.
Let's go ahead and talk to Chris in Canada.
Chris, welcome.
Yes, sir.
Can you hear me, Alex?
Sure do.
Hey, thanks for taking my call.
I'll make it quick since I know you want to get through a lot.
No, no, no.
I want you to talk about comments.
You just don't have to thank me.
I want to thank you for calling, brother.
Go ahead.
Oh, thanks.
So, first of all, love the product, especially Supermeal Vitality.
Just wanted to give you a shout out on that.
Great product.
Secondly, it's a bit of a long story, so I'll just try to make it quick.
About, well, over a decade ago, I was teaching English overseas.
And I had an executive at one of these big Korean megacorporations that was my student, and he was telling me all about this dot tag technology.
And I was thinking, why is this guy going on about this?
And he told me in the future there would be scanners at every single airport, and you wouldn't know they're there, but you'd walk through them, and if you were wearing like a Gucci bag or something like that that didn't have one of these authentication dot tags on it, they'd pull you out of the line, and they would
They confiscate the bag.
And I said, well, what if it's your clothes?
They're like, well, the law is going to be that they confiscate whatever isn't authenticated.
And I thought, well, that sounds pretty bad.
But then when I heard that Corbett report that you played earlier, just a snippet, where that's actually the technology that's going to be the tattoo in these vaccines, it just clicked on me.
Because what are all these looters taking?
They're taking all of this high-end stuff.
And this guy was telling me that they were already testing it.
They'd already secretly been testing it for a long time.
And that it was companies like Louis Vuitton and Gucci that were leading the way.
Yeah, that's another big point.
It's even better than the tile technology.
And you're right.
Almost all the high-end products for at least a decade have had hidden microchips inside of them.
So think about this dot tag technology being on these products already.
Because he was telling me they were already adopted on these products.
Now you've got probably thousands of tens of thousands or millions of dollars worth of this material that's been stolen and you've got the perfect rollout for these scanners on everybody's phone to find out if you're buying stolen goods or you're buying authentic goods.
Oh, you're dead on.
That's why Gates and all of them want this revolution of this micro-tagging or what they call smart dust of the Internet of Things is to not just stop crime but to stop any underground economy and to have total control and it'll all be enforced by robots.
Excellent points.
Well, thanks again, and God bless, Alex.
Keep going.
It definitely helps me with just overall mood.
It helps me with weight loss and I definitely get a better workout and I have used it with the other products
I'm not sure if you still sell it in AnthroPlex.
I have used it with that as well, and you just feel like supercharged.
Yeah, no, I mean, personally, AnthroPlex was so strong, I can't even take it.
But it's apples and oranges, and we are going to re-release AnthroPlex.
We ran out of it.
That becomes another issue.
Sometimes when you've got these high-quality ingredients, if you're not buying it from China, you can't even re-fulfill it.
That's why we sell a lot of stuff.
God bless you.
I appreciate your call, sir.
All right, let's go ahead and go to Mountain Patriot in the great state of Colorado.
Welcome, Mountain Patriot.
Thank you, sir.
Can you hear me okay?
I sure can.
I'll tell you what, man, that alpha power is something else.
That is some high octane stuff.
I'm out of it right now.
I hope you get it back in because I really love it.
We're working on it, brother.
So what's on your mind dealing with the revolution that they're trying to launch?
Well, I will say one quick thing.
Earlier, you were talking about definitions, and I just recalled an incident a few years back.
I ran into this gal who worked at a lab in Boulder, Colorado, and she worked with anthrax.
And we were talking, and she told me she had a master's degree in biology, and here she was at this lab working with anthrax, and something didn't add up.
It seemed... I don't know.
So, I just kind of challenged her, and I said,
What is your definition of science?
She was a deer in the headlights, man.
She had no clue.
She couldn't even give me a bad answer or a wrong answer.
And it just shows what's going on nowadays.
People don't even have the ability for critical thought or reason.
Nobody even understands what science is anymore.
I've run into a lot of these people that work at these labs and they can't even talk a lot of them.
I had a mentor who described it this way.
Um, these people are not scientists, they're not, they're, they're just, uh, technicians.
They just, which is basically a, you know, another word for a bureaucrat.
They just do what they're told, they just... Alright, you called in about revolution, documentary, Ukraine on fire, and Oliver Stone.
We're gonna come back to you in two minutes, let you finish up, Mountain Patriot.
So I wanna hear what you have to say, and then, Dixie, Judy, Bruno, Chase the Patriot, Anna, Russell, Hoka Shield, everybody.
Welcome back, folks.
You know, if I seem angry and upset, it's not with the listeners, it's not with the crew.
I'm just upset about what's going on because this system is so predatory and so evil and a handful of megabanks
A hundred and twenty years ago or so, on record, could not dominate Europe or the United States.
People were wanting freedom.
The serfs had just gotten their freedom.
That was white slaves all over Russia and all over Europe.
The abolitionists had banned slavery pretty much everywhere in the world except in the Middle East and Africa.
The average person was super literate.
Even people that didn't even have high school diplomas could read.
I mean, you try to read a newspaper from 100 years ago, 150 years ago.
I mean, I can barely read them, and I've got a very high vocabulary.
Very high.
And I try to read newspapers from 200 years ago, I can't even read them!
And the big bankers got together and they said, what are we going to do?
I mean, I've read the letters of the National Banking Association here on air from like 1889 and stuff saying, we're going to make education public.
We're going to dumb these people down.
And man, they've done it now.
And then all these big corporations were financed by just a few big banks.
The Rothschilds and the Rockefellers, they own it all.
And man, now they're just saying, we're getting rid of your families, we're getting rid of everything, and we're taking your wealth, and you're gonna be a slave, and they're the damn enemy!
We need to have our government break up these trusts and stop this crap, and liberalism and leftist garbage needs to be outlawed, because it's not a free speech system, it's about enslaving us, just like slavery got outlawed, this modern form of slavery better get outlawed!
I'm pissed, man!
And let me tell you, this is a normal behavior.
The average person's like, thank you for getting pissed off.
Well, thank you for getting pissed off.
We need to be pissed off for a damn reason.
Why do you think Christians 200 and something years ago, abolitionists were 1% of the population in 1800?
And slavery was ended 60-something years later.
Didn't mean there wasn't other evils that had to be fixed, but people looked at other people being treated like slaves, and they knew it was evil, and they knew what would happen to them!
And we sit here and watch what the New World Order does, and now it plays us off against each other.
We're in a lot of danger!
And I don't know how much longer we'll even be able to be on the air to fight.
It's so bad.
I'm telling you, man, we're in a lot of trouble!
It's like when you're getting your ass kicked and nobody's coming to help you.
You just gotta get up and start stomping some ass.
And I mean that as an allegory.
I don't want offensive violence.
I'm saying you better get aggressive.
Mountain Man, you got a minute and a half.
Thanks for holding over.
Make your point about Ukraine on fire, Oliver Stone, you name it.
Go ahead.
Algorithmic contraction of a database.
It's never settled because the database is always growing.
I just rewatched Ukraine on fire.
The whole blueprint.
The whole playbook.
The same snake.
It's all right there in front of everybody.
These people are just absolutely incapable of seeing the light.
It reminds me of a story I read.
That's right.
Explain it.
The globalists destabilize, cause riots, blow up the government, and then bring in a dictatorship.
I read a story once about these explorers in early Africa, and they took these pygmies out of the jungle and used them as guides to climb, I believe it was Mount Tanzania.
Well, the pygmies got up on top of that peak,
And they couldn't understand.
Their whole lives they'd been in the jungle.
They'd never been able to see more than 20, 30 feet in front of their face.
And they got up on that peak, and all of a sudden they could see all the animals down on the plains, on the Kalahari, and they couldn't understand it.
They thought that they could reach out and grab the tiny little animals.
They had no concept.
They had no clue.
People are living in their own tiny little bubbles in this jungle of confusion.
And nobody has ever climbed a peak to see the big picture.
I mean, people are just incapable of critical thought.
Or even...
Brother, that's the perfect allegory.
They've taken people that have been blind for 20 years now, they're able to put microchips in the brain and have people actually see optically, but they can't teach them because they never grew up and saw the shapes.
They don't even know what it is.
So even though they're now physically seeing, it doesn't work because they weren't born like a baby and slowly the brain programmed to be able to recognize it through the optic nerve.
You made an incredibly good point.
I hate tyranny!
And I hate Bill Gates, and I hate Hillary Clinton, but I don't fight them because I hate them.
I fight them because I love my children.
But now I've got this huge feeling in my stomach and my chest when I see them, and I see what they're doing, and my very soul says, you better do something about these people.
You better raise the alarm.
Well, that's what I'm trying to do.
I know you're here doing that as well.
And I salute you all and I thank you because you are the InfoWar.
And now, this late in the game, we're still on air, still fighting with more credibility than ever.
Because we were tracking what the globalists were actually saying and doing, and now the New World Order is so pissed that our understanding of the system is being mainlined.
From our perspective of the globalist actual battle plans, not from the perspective of the propaganda they put out at the grassroots against the public, but from the high mountain vantage point of how the New World Order is actually operating.
And how this isn't just a mere chess game, this is a fight, this is life and death.
How you doing Alex?
I know.
I wanted to talk to you about how I think the left is going to sabotage George Floyd's case.
Just so it doesn't get any justice, the officer gets caught free, so then they can have the revolution that they want, because then they will be able to blame the justice system.
I agree, and they're talking about that getting derailed before the election.
Let me guess, they're overcharging them for what they can prove.
Is that what you're about to say?
Yes, sir, exactly.
And they want injustice.
They want the officer to go free.
So then they can say that America is systematically racist.
That's the end result that they want.
And just to add on the very first video that you showed, it's funny about how Sweden keeps coming up in some of the conversations.
That lady's husband, he's from Sweden.
And I was listening, I don't remember where I listened to, that Sweden, the Swedish government was involved in the African Revolution.
I don't know.
Those are my two thoughts.
Thank you so much, Alex.
I'm from Brazil.
And also, I think the two-party system is way better than what we have in Brazil.
A bunch of parties that, like, once they go into the city and they mess it up, then we don't know who to blame.
At least here, we know that in Minneapolis, the Democratic Party has been in control over for 50 years.
So we can show, like, OK, you see, they are the problem.
In Brazil, it's so hard because there's so many parties.
Well, I would rather stick with the two-party system.
It's a lot easier.
Boy, I tell you, how awesome is Bolsonaro?
Oh, I like him very much.
Well, I had a chance to meet his son and found out that one of my old producers never told me they'd called.
And they thought it was like a diss.
And I'm like, no, I never knew this happened.
We went and found it in all the emails that they're huge fans, awesome folks.
And I'm going to probably interview his dad here pretty soon.
I'll leave it at that.
Bolsonaro's even better than Trump.
I mean, I'll just say it.
He just said, this whole thing's a damn hoax up front.
It's a bunch of crap.
But you're right.
And that'd be a two-hour show, three-hour show getting into parliamentary systems versus two-party systems.
I don't like the two parties.
They become corrupt.
But the founders set it up so it'd be very simple to know which side, you know, to choose when things happen for the separation of powers.
Then they use the separation of powers in government to make sure one party didn't get too much control.
But if you look at Germany, Merkel's been in power for 15 years or whatever because every time her party loses an election, a new coalition of others give her power because she's still in government.
And so, exactly, England's a wreck because of the parliamentary system, and if you have to argue about it, we should replace the Democratic Party with a new populist party, or the Republican Party should split in two.
But one of the parties has to go.
God bless you, I appreciate your call.
I agree with the two-party system.
I agree with the system we have.
I totally believe in the electoral process and the electoral college.
It's a genius system.
It's the best system in the world.
And it's designed to keep the people in control but not have mob rule.
We are a small-R democracy.
We are a republic where we have basic rights, basic freedoms.
We elect leaders.
There's checks and balances.
But you can't have 51%
Vote to make Socrates drink Hemlock.
In the pure democracies of Greece, if the people voted to kill you, you die.
So if 51% of whites voted, let's say, to kill all the brown people, when whites were the majority, you'd kill the brown people.
That's an extreme example, but that's now 51%.
Brown people kill the white people.
That's what the left teaches democracy, democracy, democracy, because it's oligarchy.
People think of oligarch as a bunch of top bureaucrats, but it's always them controlling a mob.
That's the definition of oligarchy.
I have it right here.
Or mob rule is the role of government by mob or a mass of people.
And it goes on.
Okay, let's get some more calls here.
Let's go to Judy in Florida.
Thanks for holding.
Go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
It's good to talk to you.
The last time I was speaking on your program was with Owen.
It was during the lockdown.
And I dissed my own son.
I said basically that he was brainwashed.
And I want to clear that up for my own edification.
And I wanted to speak to what, you know, I think a good portion of the silent majority is all about, like my son.
I think there are people that are getting prepared and they know a lot of what's going on.
There's only so much information that a person like my son, my daughter who's completely in denial, people like that, you know, she's of the left right now.
Um, but I really think that, uh, there's the mind control that we are experiencing, uh, on the left.
It's been a result of a massive MKUltra experiment, this whole COVID mess.
Uh, what, what, what threw us into the current carnage, um, that that's happening, that is George Soros funded.
Um, I, I think that it's just,
It's biblical in its nature, and I wanted to submit to you, it's going to sound strange, but I think in terms of the color purple, you have blue being the color of law, and red being the color of Jesus' blood, and the reason why his blood is so important is because he's fully God as much as he's fully human, so it means it's God's blood.
And you mix those and it's purple, and I think in terms of
You know, what I just described in, like, My Son and The Silent Majority, particularly of Christian men, because you have passive Christian men, you have those that are really speaking out, like many of your guests that have been on the program, Steve Quayle, you know, there's a whole list.
By the way, let's get Steve Quayle back on pronto.
Doug Hadman, you know, John Moore.
There's a list of really good Christian men who are speaking out, but that doesn't mean that there are many that are not good bravos, what you call betas, who are looking for leaders.
I think later on, as the kinshi keeps hitting the fan, because let's face it, it's already a done deal, these men are going to come out of the woodwork working righteously, following the leaders, the actual leaders.
And, you know, they're a major part of the answer right now.
No, I agree.
The average man's just trying to make money and take care of their family.
We're about to lose everything and go into full tyranny, and that is going to cause a giant response that is going to smash the left.
But the IMF doesn't care, because that'll just wreck the economy further.
They just buy it up and then continue the process.
That's why these oligarchs, these globalists, need to pay.
They need to pay.
And the first step in that is identifying them as the enemy.
That's our job, is lazing the target in a peaceful, loving, political way so that it can be politically targeted.
Latin for mob rule in the rule of government by mob or massive people or the intimidation of legitimate authorities.
But really, I find that oligarchs will actually create the mob to then overthrow the legitimate government and bring them into power.
So I find that oligarchies grow out of the anarchy of mob rule.
And our founders were more worried about that than anything else.
An incredible document was brought to my attention by one of the crew yesterday.
And then I went and read the actual full document last night, and I suggest you do as well.
It's on the Davos Group website.
It's on the UN website.
Now is the time for the Great Reset.
And right here it says carbon taxes, a new type of capitalism, changing our lifestyles, learning to be poor, to stop greenhouse gases, getting rid of fossil fuels, basically mass death, ladies and gentlemen.
And how COVID taught us as an opportunity
How to do this and how to give up our lifestyles.
This, the trillion-dollar companies are telling us that own slave camps in China.
You have the head of the Davos group saying, the pandemic represents a rare but narrow-window opportunity to reflect, re-examine, and reset our world.
And they go over the plan.
And they talk about getting rid of the family, which is the bedrock of civilization.
So they say they want to help you, but if you read the IMF and World Bank documents that Greg Palast got in 2001 at the BBC, it's a 21-part plan, but it's four steps he breaks it into.
How they'll come into a conservative, libertarian, liberal government, they don't care.
But if it's legitimate and prospering, they will finance uprisings, police crises, and start overthrowing cities, start having an anti-government sentiment, and finally implode the country, overthrow it, and then bring in
I think so.
John Perkins of The Economic Hitman exposed that as well, but here's Tucker Carlson talking about PepsiCo, talking about Nike that owns the slave factories.
They're the moral authority like Apple.
Oh, you actually have millions in slave camps?
I mean, it's in the news that Apple has slave camps at the Uyghur facilities for the Muslims building iPhone components.
It's like, but he's Tim Cook!
I mean, it's okay, right?
I mean, if he was a Republican, that'd be terrible.
Tucker Carlson knocks it out of the park again last night.
There's full videos on InfoWars.com.
I suggest you share it.
Corporations funding riots that destroy small businesses.
And he goes on and admits they're targeting the family.
Here's part of the report.
A city that's really been turned upside down by the riots.
But, and you've heard this a lot recently, riots are the voice of the unheard.
How dare you criticize them?
You're hearing that message from virtually every American corporation right now, every university, every major media outlet.
The rioters burning down your city, with the support of virtually everyone richer than you are, are quote, unheard.
You, by contrast, are the oppressor.
And if you disagree in any way, we're gonna fire you and wreck your life.
But corporations aren't simply tweeting their support for the riots, they're paying for them, too.
Recently, the CEO of Cisco announced that his company is donating $5 million to the Black Lives Matter Foundation.
Airbnb is donating half a million dollars, so is Dropbox.
Video game maker Ubisoft is giving $100,000.
Intel has pledged a million dollars to assorted anti-racism groups and is pressuring its employees to donate more of their money to the foundation, the Black Lives Matter Foundation.
And then there's Pepsi.
Pepsi's donating too.
This revolution is brought to you by your local PepsiCo bottler.
Tired after a long day of looting?
Try Pepsi.
So the question is, now that it's getting all this corporate money, what exactly does the Black Lives Matter Foundation believe?
Well, less than a week ago, the group launched a petition to defund all police departments nationwide.
The group's co-founder, Patrice Cullors, says we should abolish all prisons.
So does Intel want 1.7 million felons released onto America's streets so they want all 700,000 cops fired tomorrow?
It's not clear what they want, but they're paying for that.
Maybe they think they can look good for the mob by funding the cause.
Who knows what they want, but they're responsible for this.
On the other hand, the Black Lives Matter Foundation says that one of its other goals is to, quote, disrupt the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure.
That's certainly a goal major corporations can get behind.
People who aren't encumbered by families won't be distracted from being the dutiful little worker bees they like most.
Married children, stop!
Get back to work.
Some companies are donating to or encouraging employees to donate to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund.
Right now, that group's Twitter page denies that the riots even exist.
Instead, they're blaming police for the violence.
The NAACP fund is also promoting bail funds.
Those get violent rioters out of jail immediately.
So with all this money flowing out of this country's most profitable corporations, it might be a nice gesture for those corporations to donate some money to, I don't know, rebuild some of the small businesses that have been destroyed over the past week.
There are a lot of them.
They desperately need the help.
Oh, but they're not going to do that.
Because for a lot of big corporations, the total annihilation of small businesses is one of the best parts of this new revolution.
There's always an angle.
Someone's always getting more powerful.
And by the way, it's not just big corporations.
Tomorrow we will name the celebrities who are donating to get the looters, the destroyers, the violent thugs out of prison so they can keep doing it.
Be sure to catch that.
We have the list.
All right, more of that is in the story at newswars.com.
I suggest you share it.
And that's the truth.
This is all cold-blooded megacorporations that have the worst slave factories on earth, actually have factories next to death camps, on record, and suicide nets around them, prancing around, skipping around like evil elves, telling you that they love black people.
Meanwhile, Trump put $100 billion into black communities for new businesses.
And what was it, another $50 billion into black colleges last time I checked?
Doubling the funding over the next four years.
None of that matters.
He wants to kill black people.
He's a KKK member.
And let's all just kill each other.
When you go out to one of these events, it's 90% white meth-head people.
And I'm not against white people, but I mean, I'm ashamed though that where are they growing these white people?
Because they look like they got grown with a bunch of mushrooms or something.
I mean, they're dull-eyed, they look like zombies, they're ugly.
Well, you've seen the videos.
I'm not exaggerating.
These people look like a big spiritual spider stuck a straw in their soul and sucked it out.
They're in a trance.
You heard a caller earlier.
A lady called.
I forget her name.
She said it's like they're under MKUltra.
They are under MKUltra.
They are mass-programmed.
First, the colleges and the universities.
They are the elite.
They are the rulers.
They're the ones that care.
They're the good people.
And then they get caught into that and, well, things just keep getting worse.
And then things keep falling apart under globalism.
So it's not globalism's fault.
It's America's fault.
And it's white people's fault.
And if we would all just say that we were bad,
That we could fix the world.
Meanwhile, Xi Jinping literally owns four of the six big Hollywood production houses that have turned out hundreds of movies.
Every major star has made one.
Matthew McConaughey, everybody, about how white people are bad, and about white people leading an uprising of black people to kill the white people.
This is all a sick, psychotic joke by these dirtbags.
Because Hollywood and the New World Order have been held unaccountable.
But guess what, Bill Gates?
You're all over the news whining that people hate you!
Because we know you ran Jeffrey Epstein's pedo operation, you slimy maggot!
We now take you live to the Central Texas Command Center.
In the heart
You're listening.
We've been running that promo for 15 years.
People used to tune in to this broadcast and they thought, this is like a cartoon show.
It's like a comic book.
And I'm like, no, they've got these plans, they're building them, they're launching them in other countries already.
Get ready!
It's coming, so crank it up!
It's time for you to stand up and be counted!
For what you are about to receive!
You gonna roll over?
Are you gonna stand up and fight?
Cause now the games are over!
Ha ha ha!
All you yuppies.
All you trendies.
The thoughts you duck this, you're gonna have to be tested.
Oh, hang on to the good times, because they're gonna go away.
And now they are.
Just like those babies getting killed, but nobody came to help them.
Well, now you're gonna pay.
All right, let's get serious here.
I want to go to your phone calls.
I want to cover some other news I haven't hit.
Dr. Nick Begich, the guy that exposed so much of the technicals of the new world order is coming up.
Let me just cover this right now.
This is taught at all the major universities by the leftist, and it's pure cult programming where
Whites are taught, you don't talk, you are evil, you're there to serve black people and it's the definition of slavery.
I read this article from Infowars.com earlier in the start of the show and it's in a screaming voice in all caps, important, IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR THIS SATURDAY'S PROTEST!
Copy and paste, do not copy.
If you are a white person considering joining protests this week, there is a list of rules put together for you.
If they have forgotten anything, please add, FOLLOW CALLS ONLY!
Do not initiate or lead calls.
Your job is to follow and add your voice when it is called for.
Ask to take pictures or videos of individuals.
You are there to witness only.
Film the police as much as possible.
Be helpful!
Hand out water and snacks.
Make sure protest leaders are hydrated and fed.
This is exhausting work.
Help keep their energy up.
If a black person tells you to do something, you do it immediately without question.
You respect the authority and the decisions of the black protesters at all times.
It goes on from there.
This is real what I'm reading.
That's because the globalists want whole voting blocks to not talk, not have views, and just whatever cult leader Antifa or Soros says, you just go, yes master.
They've got names of this.
Do what we say or we're going to terrorize you.
That's the definition of terrorism.
Threatening violence or carrying out violence from political aim.
What's the definition, ladies and gentlemen?
And it goes on from there.
Examples of slavery.
Definition of submission, compliance, conformity, obedience, support nation.
Is this not the left, folks?
Oh, but it's for a greater good that they do all of this over and over and over again.
Definition of blockade.
The isolation by a warring nation of an enemy area such as a harbor by troops or warships to prevent the passage of persons and supplies broadly.
A restrictive measure designed to obstruct the commerce and communications of an unfriendly nation.
What did the globalists do with the lockdown?
Definition of siege.
A military blockade of a city or fortified place to compel it to surrender.
Trump's trying to turn the economy back on?
They launch riots everywhere.
When the military tries to come in to break the siege, we're told their martial law and they're coming to siege us.
In fact, guys, it's in the computer.
I saw Darren McBrain getting it yesterday.
He showed it to me.
Don Lemon saying Trump's a dictator trying to overthrow the government when that's what they're doing.
Please grab me that clip.
Thank you.
Now, Learn to Help Us Us.
We talk a lot about this.
Learned helplessness occurs when an individual continually faces a negative, uncontrollable situation and stops trying to change their circumstances, even when they have the ability to do so.
They're trying to break you with learned helplessness.
If you give up to pressure, your muscles atrophy and you die.
If you fight back against pressure, you become stronger, you overcome, you adapt, you win, win, win.
So don't just bow to all of this.
Social contract is what they're breaking right now by making you give up.
Milgram experiments where they did psychological tests where students thought they were shocking people to death.
And they found at the Yale University study that under the orders of their professors, a higher rate of people were willing to kill than even the Nazis.
Because they were followers.
They were taught following was good.
The Milgram Shock Experiment, look it up for yourself.
Stanford Prison Experiment, where they even found liberal trendies were the most likely to become vicious, hateful, abusing jail guards when given authority.
And then of course with the general public has Stockholm Syndrome, where you begin to serve and worship your abusers and convince yourself that it's all good.
You're being put under all of this to bring in, in closing,
The Cloward and Piven Stratagem, a communist plan adopted by the Democratic Party, developed in the 1960s by the professors Cloward and Piven, to undermine the pillars of the city and make society collapse using racism, using police brutality as the pretext to finally bring down society, and on it build communist dictatorship.
Might want to go read about it, might want to go find out about it, might want to say no to it, because this is the plan, and this is what these dirtbag globalists are carrying out.
It's that simple.
Now, I'm going to go to your phone calls.
I just want you to remember that if you try to break up a family in communist China, you're executed for undermining the state.
Here, they try to undermine the family.
Why is that?
Because they want us weak, they want us broken.
Once commies take over, like Sweden, oh, have your family.
Oh, we don't need lockdowns in Sweden.
There's no COVID.
COVID-19 doesn't exist.
Look, the Chinese only had it for two months and said we don't.
They were only teaching us how to be slaves.
It's all about being followers, and Americans were known as being rugged, individualists, and trailblazers.
We're now the opposite.
Okay, let's go to Dixie in Florida.
Thanks for holding, Dixie.
You're on the air.
Hi, Alex.
I'd really love to plug your apparel in just a minute.
The reason I called is that I am a former occultist, but I'm proud to say that through the power of Jesus Christ, I am now a born-again Christian.
But because of my past, I do recognize some things, so... Sure, having been in the occult, you see how everything's a big occultic ritual with these people.
Oh, absolutely!
Um, and that brings me to something that concerns me, um, and that is something that your camera crew has been panning to the right of you and putting as the center of focus instead of you multiple times now.
And I recognize that that could be used as something that the voodoo, a buddhan, santaria, and people who have, um, ancestor altars, uh, uh, and that they, they worship.
So, so it concerns me.
Um, but ma'am, I put that out there.
I don't know if you were tuned in yesterday.
I was going to put a chessboard out here and I was going to... Let me explain this to you.
I was going to put a chessboard out here and explain how they're playing both sides off against each other and the way to win is not play the game and be aware of the whole thing.
And then my dad's a doctor.
He has a skull.
I thought the game is death.
Put that there.
And then Max Kaiser and his girlfriend, as a joke,
sent me flowers that got delivered right as I was setting this up.
And I said, oh, we'll put some flowers out here and then we'll ask the Cube people what's the secret message showing how the esoteric stuff and the occult and Gnostic stuff is all about people projecting onto things what they want to see.
So that's the whole point of this is this little ensemble all came together that way.
But I'll come back to you, Dixie, and we'll get to your point.
And then we'll get to everybody before Dr. Nick Baggage takes over.
That means we're gonna stop covering stories, I'm gonna go right to you.
But that is just a cool art piece right there.
I'll assure you, I'm not into voodoo or santeria.
I'm into art types, and it's very thought-provoking art, isn't it?
A lot better than what some people come up with.
Everything they accuse us of, they themselves are doing.
They are financing and fomenting the overthrow of our republic to replace it with a nightmare world government system modeled after communist China.
And here's Don Lemon of CNN saying that Trump is bringing us into a dictatorship
And that Trump is causing all of this.
Here it is.
From the commander-in-chief, for this very moment that just happened in front of our eyes, why were we pretending otherwise?
Open your eyes, America.
Open your eyes.
We are teetering on a dictatorship.
This is chaos.
Has the president, I'm listening, is the president declaring war on Americans?
What is happening here?
He's saying he wants to protect peaceful protesters at the same time, sending law enforcement and military into the streets to push peaceful protesters back.
To be aggressive with peaceful protesters.
He is doing the exact opposite of what he said.
That's when they had just, uh, were torching and climbing the White House fences, and they said, we've got to push the perimeter back.
There's lawlessness all over the country, murders, death, police being killed everywhere, and the governors won't call up the National Guard because they're too busy taking a knee, and then you say he's a dictator when Soros and your murderous organization, CNN, are behind this whole thing, criminal.
They already tried the Jesse Smollett thing to cause a race riot, you know, last year.
That's all these crooks do.
All right, Dixie, go ahead and finish your point about the Great Reset.
Go ahead.
Oh, yeah.
Part of the Great Reset, of course, is indoctrinating our young children.
And one of the things that came across my email was that school districts are using a program called Teaching Tolerance
I guess educate everybody, teachers and students, about race and other things like that.
And it comes from none other than the Southern Poverty Law Center.
Oh, absolutely.
They're teaching white kids they're bad and teaching five-year-olds that they can be a girl or a boy.
I mean, it's totally a sicko globalist group trying to get their hands on your children.
And what's funny to me, it's not funny at all, is that the people who are promoting this from school districts across the country, they don't even realize what they're doing.
They have no idea.
They just see that that is their white contribution to helping children understand.
Yeah, people think they're helping.
It all sounds good, and they don't know it's really drag queen story time.
Hey, just from a cult perspective, because I just thought this would look cool, and then Kaiser trying to get me to do his
We're good
First of all, you do have the black and white, and we know that that's been used by occultists, those colors.
And then, of course, you have a prepared surface.
In this case, it's a checkerboard.
The offerings to whatever spirits or whatever demons or whatever, and of course, they wouldn't consider them demons necessarily, would be maybe the chess pieces, flowers, of course, and certainly the type of flower or the color of the flower.
But the most disturbing thing would, of course, be the skull itself placed on the altar.
So if you are an occultist, that might be something that you would use specifically to gain the favor of some demonic entity.
So it kind of makes me a little nervous that it's on your desk.
I know you probably didn't do any invocations or anything like that.
Yeah, sure.
I don't have that intent, but my intent was that to be striking.
And so I'm thinking they want to kill us all.
They've set up this system.
We're playing a game.
They control.
The way to not have death is to not play the game.
And I went, oh, got a skull.
My dad's got a skull in his office.
Went and got the skull that he's had since before I was born.
And so it's a family heirloom.
And then the roses is we could have life rather than death by not playing the game.
So see, you get kind of a reverse ritual that just came out of my subconscious mind.
Thank you for the call.
So there you go.
I don't involve myself in the occult and voodoo.
I have the Holy Spirit.
Nice little art piece I think we kind of threw together.
All right, let's go ahead and take another call here.
Who's been holding longest?
Let's go to Hoke Achille from South Dakota.
Welcome, go ahead.
Hello Alex, how you doing?
This is Hoke Achille.
Hoke Achille, good to hear from you.
What do you think about the whole situation?
For me, I find it kind of interesting, just a quick side note, that this came at a certain time in which the COVID lockdowns ended up getting broken up by this event.
And so I think it's going to be very difficult for them to try to re-institute these lockdowns after these mass gatherings.
But that said, what I wanted to share with you is what's going on in South Dakota still with the martial law, just to give a heads up.
That's right, the Native American areas are the most clamped down.
So on our reservations, we've got checkpoints.
And what they've established, at least on the Cheyenne River Sioux Reservation, is basically a medical tyranny under an illegal Tribal Ordinance 83 called the Public Health Ordinance.
And they're actually now requiring tribal passes to come into or leave the reservation if you're a tribal member.
And for those that don't know, Adolf Hitler got his plan for the concentration camps from what was done to Native Americans, and so what's done on these tribal reservations, not just here but around the world, is the beta test for everybody else.
That's why it's even more frightening.
And there's just one quick thing I wanted to share real quick, and it's to the occultists that are watching this, that are orchestrating this.
They are not able to shield themselves from the karma of their intention.
We are all part of the Great Essence, which is the Creator.
You cannot escape from it.
They have no control.
Once they die and cross into the spirit world, they will be judged and sentenced to the appropriate afterlife they've earned from themselves.
So what they're doing is completely insane and they will not win.
Well, I totally agree with you because I've studied the globalists, snuck into Bohemian Grove and things.
They really do rituals believing they're going to get out of reap what you sow, or their karma.
That's insane.
Anybody that has common sense can see in the universe that you get stuff instantly, but you also get it later.
I just wish the globalists would stop it.
Why do you think Bill Gates and all these people have such a crazed desire to kill people?
I honestly think that what's happened to them is that they have slipped so far into the path of darkness spiritually.
Because see, your body physically lives in a realm of physical matter, which you talked about, which is kind of like a hologram.
But your soul vibrates in different dimensions.
That's right, and when you become satanic, you enter the satanic dimension and they're able to get you.
They don't understand.
They're completely out of touch with reality.
And that's why they get possessed by it and want more and more and more because they get deeper and deeper into it.
And everybody that's just connected to God knows that.
God bless you.
I appreciate your call.
Let's go ahead and take another call here.
Let's jam in.
Who's been holding the longest here?
Oh, Anna just called in and she was talking about Antifa coming to rural areas.
I was about to go to her, but she hung up.
So I guess up next is Chase in California.
Has his own show, Chase the Patriot.
Go ahead, Chase.
Alex, we've got some unintentional great news here.
So Bill Gates has been trying to get these digital tattoos on everyone, but you beat him to it.
You have officially digitally tattooed Bill Gates.
If anybody goes to Bill Gates' Wikipedia page, if you scroll all the way to the bottom, it talks about Infowars and Alex Jones and the conspiracy around the COVID-19 coronavirus.
Yeah, I saw that.
I kind of enjoy that.
Oh, it's great.
And when they start following the breadcrumbs, it leads them to the conspiracy of the Wuhan lab.
So really now you think there's going to be all these kids that do school reports on all the entrepreneurs and all the big billionaires and they're going to go and find Bill Gates now and they're going to find InfoWars and Alex Jones.
You have officially digitally tattooed Bill Gates.
Well, you guys have done it, spreading the word.
I mean, he digitally tattooed himself, because right here we have Rice University, MIT saying he paid them to come up with this, and then he's running around using another thing he funded to claim we're lying in the news, but that's just not the case.
And as you said, folks are going to find out the truth, aren't they?
Well, you said it.
The more that we spread the truth, the more that we have conversations, the more that we use our First Amendment rights protected still, we're going to be able to fight.
And so, that's what we have to do.
Spread the truth.
By the way, when I saw that entry somebody sent to me a few weeks ago, I meant to go look at the wiki editing.
Somebody at the crew, if you can, look and see who edited that and who put that up that I'm the bad guy and Bill Gates is innocent and he loves everybody.
Hey, how about we have a few entries about him and Jeffrey Epstein and basically Bill Gates living with him?
Or funding the genetic experiments at Zorro Ranch.
I see you, Gates.
I see you.
Alright, Chase the Patriot, tell folks when your show's on.
Yeah, every night at 10 o'clock on YouTube, Pacific Time, I go live, still an hour show, and you can see me on iTunes.
I got my website, and I appreciate everything you do.
Check me out.
Brother, I appreciate you.
Chase the Patriot.
God bless you.
All right!
Coming up, Marcos in New York, Matt, Cliff, and Jeffrey.
I'll get you all, but let me tell you, Begich is great.
He's like, oh, take as much time as you want.
Today, he's like, I want the full show.
So he's ready to go.
Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen, taking your phone calls on this live Friday edition.
I'll be back this Sunday.
That's right.
4 to 6 p.m., and wild horses can't drag me away on this time.
I'm either going to go live tomorrow, sometime in the afternoon, or I'm going to come in here and tape a special report, so look for that, because just things are so critical, obviously, and I want to get more into this global reset.
We predicted they'd have a global reset and call for all this, world government, carbon taxes, they've now officially done it, the U.N.
and Davos.
It's just crazy how predictable everything they do is.
If people just admit the truth,
We can stop all this, but you have to get in their minds and realize how evil they are.
Until you do that, you don't have a hope.
Neither do I. By the way, we knew this was coming.
Paul Joseph Watson wrote an article.
We've been asking, okay, the nurses come out and praise the Black Lives Matter white people running around promoting communism and the end of the family.
They've already done such a great job for the black folks.
But then everybody else should stay locked down in the economy.
We should stay locked down to hurt the economy, to hurt Trump and America.
But now they've officially said, if you're protesting, you're allowed to go out.
Everybody else needs to stay in.
The left says that fighting white supremacists is a bigger threat than COVID-19.
And so you're only allowed, if Black Lives Matter or Antifa says to go out, and they're going to keep you in your house and beat you so you don't spread COVID-19.
But they're allowed to be out.
So it's like an animal farm where they say,
At first, four legs good, two legs bad, but once the pigs take over, kick the humans out, they move into the house, they go, oh, actually, two legs are good, four legs are good, but by the end, they're like, four legs bad, two legs good, and they're walking around like humans.
So, there you go, ladies and gentlemen.
Four legs bad, two legs good, true animal farm, George Orwell comes true.
Only Antifa is allowed to walk the streets.
They are the chosen academics and methads.
They are the kings.
All of you are Nazis in your houses.
White allies, shut your mouths!
Cliff in Florida, you're on the air, welcome.
Hey Alex, thank you for taking my call.
I really appreciate it.
And I wanted to say one thing.
I want to preface what I was going to say.
Anybody who's been a victim of police brutality or any type of violence, my prayers are with your family.
But for two years, I was a content moderator for Facebook here in Tampa.
I just resigned on February 14th.
Yes, sir.
I'm listening.
In fact, I'd like to get you on as a guest, sir.
Guys, get his name and number.
Get him on for 15 minutes or 30 minutes tomorrow, because I want to hear what this... I can tell this is going to be important.
Please, lay it on us.
Yeah, this is very, very important.
Okay, let me preface this a little bit about me.
My mom and my dad are from Haiti.
I'm a first-generation American, and what's happening is disgusting.
I can tell you basically everything about Facebook.
From the way they censor people, Faith Goldie, you, Gavin, the Proud Boys, and I'm saying all this to say this, that there were people that worked there in that facility in Tampa, and we said Antifa should be designated as a terrorist group.
We said this years ago.
I said that this is crazy what they're saying online.
So I'm going to preface it again.
I was a content moderator.
My job, and I was in a high-priority queue, my job is to watch Facebook Live videos.
I know what the protocols are, Alex.
The minute, as a moderator, you're watching what's happening on that screen, I'm going to say it again, the media and Facebook is lying to everybody.
They're harming everybody unintentionally.
Because I know what those protocols are.
Cliff, listen.
Don't hang up.
Cliff, Cliff.
This is amazing.
I can hear the reality in your voice.
Can you come on the show tomorrow at 11.30 for 30 minutes?
Um, sure thing, whatever you guys want.
Like I said, I'm trying to, um, I need to turn down my volume.
I'm sorry about the passion.
No, no, your voice, no, your phone's crystal clear.
What I meant is I can hear how pissed you are because you've experienced the lies.
I've got to hand the baton to Nick Baggage, Dr. Nick Baggage, but guys, get his name and number.
Promise me you'll come on tomorrow at 1130 Central.
Yes sir, I'll be there.
And I already bought... Hold on, I'll come back to you.
Defending the Republic from enemies foreign and domestic.
It's Alex Jones.
All right, Dr. Nick Begich has got some big medicine for us, some big mojo.
He's taking over here in a few minutes, but I promise to finish up with these calls so I can just give each person one minute, and the war room's coming up in about 55 minutes from now.
Cliff, we got his name, his number.
He was a Facebook moderator, and he's going to be joining us at 1130 Central tomorrow, 30 minutes into the show, so he has at least 20 minutes of air time or so.
To be able to break down exactly what's happening.
But I hear your anger.
I hear your concern.
You'll be joining us tomorrow, if the planet doesn't blow up.
But just in 60 seconds, we'll encapsulate what's really going on at Facebook.
Antifa, right now there's a new Facebook Messenger feature that they're promoting.
I haven't been on that platform really for the last couple years because I've been censored since I've been trying to raise awareness about what's going on.
But this Messenger feature, it allows you basically to have Facebook groups that's totally private.
So only the members, but it's not like a public group.
And when I went on the messenger earlier today, just for curiosity sake, I just put Antifa in the search bar.
There's Antifa.
It's broken down in regions and stuff like that.
I don't recommend anybody go communicate with these people if they're designated terrorists.
You're probably talking to a cop anyway.
But Antifa has a heavy presence.
They've had a presence.
And I'm going to say it again, when Faith Goldie, Alex Jones, Gavin, Tommy, all you guys were getting censored, I was like, look, this is not fair.
Antifa is wilding out.
They're promoting violence.
I think that they're responsible for information being spread on the internet, with all the trains being derailed.
I spoke up about it, and they blew us off.
They've been blowing us off.
Facebook is one of the most horrible places to work for, much less as a minority.
And I'm a Republican.
Listen, I don't even... We're out of time, Cliff.
Promise me tomorrow you're going to be on the show and be able to tell us all about it, alright?
Oh yeah, definitely.
Thank you and have a great one.
No, no.
Thank you, sir.
Have a great... Oh, not tomorrow.
No wonder the producer's like, okay, Alex, we'll have him on tomorrow.
Come on with me... I forget which day it is.
I work all the time.
You want to come on Sunday at, say, 5 o'clock Central, 6 o'clock your time, or you want to come on Monday?
Um, it's on you.
Um, yeah, Sunday's fine.
But definitely, you might want to, like, definitely you guys could vet me if you want to do a pre-production type of meeting.
Sure, I mean, I can tell you're credible and we already have all the Project Veritas stuff confirming all this, but if you want to shoot us over your stuff so we know, so we can prove who you are, in fact, I was going to do that.
God bless you.
We'll talk Sunday, hour two of the show.
God bless you.
Thank you so much, Cliff.
Make sure that happens, guys.
Don't let me forget, because I forget what day it is.
Everybody knows now.
I need a vacation, folks.
Dr. Nick Begich is about to take over.
He's got so much to cover.
I want to go to Marcos in New York on Cold Springs Harbor Lab has its own YouTube channel on eugenics.
I did not know that.
Tell me the channel on this, Marcos.
I got to know about it.
Hey Alex, yeah, thanks for taking my call.
Yeah, I just wanted to tell people that yes, Cold Springs Harbor Laboratory has its own YouTube channel.
I encourage anybody to look at a video on their YouTube channel called Eugenics, A Historical Perspective.
They go over the fact that they've been, they admit Alex, that there is an international eugenics movement and they influence lawmakers.
Oh yeah, Bill Gates' dad's involved.
That's what I'm telling you.
It's not even hidden.
The head of Cold Springs Harbor said black people aren't humans.
David, I know Alex, and none of these eugenicists are black, and they act like the local cops are enemies when everybody in America has friends and family who are local police officers or military.
No, exactly.
The globalists are telling us the cops are the enemy, and then Cold Springs Harbor basically runs Microsoft and IBM and literally wants to slaughter everybody.
Absolutely, Alex.
I woke up to this as a young science student because I was reading the scientific literature.
And I said, dude, this is wrong.
I had a Christian background.
I said this is wrong.
And I started looking at it from a different angle.
I found out about you.
And Alex, it was only very recently that I found out that the person who wrote the book that I thought was perverting the natural order,
He's funded by Bill Gates.
Like, it's all connected.
Every time there's a... Oh, it's the eugenics cult, brother, and that's what's so scary about it.
And then you find out they're all sickos.
They're involved with Jeffrey Epstein.
They're doing secret breeding programs.
They're out of control.
And that new Netflix show is a total disgusting whitewash.
It's meant to put the whole thing to bed that it's Jeffrey Epstein.
No, he's just a frontman.
Marcus, I'm out of time.
Dr. Nick Begich has taken over.
I'm sorry to Matt.
I'm sorry to Jeffrey.
If you guys will simply call me back on Sunday, you'll go to the head of the line.
Dr. Nick Begich, again, is a top scientist, researcher, author, who was exposed 26-7 years ago.
The whole architecture of this is predicted at coming, and he says he's got big news, analysis, and also good news today.
So I'm going to be listening.
He takes over right now.
Please do not forget, ladies and gentlemen, that without you, we're not going to be here.
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I want to thank you all for your support.
Dr. Nick Begich now, ladies and gentlemen, taking over.
I can't wait to hear all the things that he's got to talk about.
Dr. Begich, thank you.
Hey, thank you very much, Alex.
And hey, it's great to be here on this particular Friday afternoon, you know, in my world, still in the morning before noon.
But, you know, this week I have had like this incredible week of activity and a lot of different venues and a lot of different things.
And this is the message for the day that I want to get into.
And Alex hit on this point when he read the definition of a slave.
A slave.
I want you to think about that definition we heard earlier.
But this is what I want to talk about.
Three levels of slavery.
And we're going to put this in context.
The levels of slavery are the physical form, the body that carries our awareness.
That carries our soul.
Slavery of the mind, in terms of what we think.
Slavery of the feeling, the heart, the mind, and the soul.
These three components.
Body, mind, soul.
All three require healing, all three require attention, in a different way, with a different force, a different look at what we're doing.
And so today, to set the context, how do I get ready for a show?
People wonder about that sometimes.
I'll tell you how I do.
I pray a little bit, I pray a lot actually, and I end up crying usually because of not grief, not sadness, okay?
None of that.
But out of gratitude for the opportunity to use my voice.
I'm 61 years old.
I've known my entire life that it's about the Word.
Creation begins with the Word.
I know that is an absolute truth.
What I'm trying to do today is I want to equip you with knowledge that will fortify you in a way that's different.
That will hopefully even create a bit of transfiguration, a bit of transformation, a bit of recognition of what we each are.
And so I want to do that today.
I hope I can achieve that today.
That's my intention today is to change our direction.
A bit.
Just a little bit.
Not in terms of what we do, how we do it, but a direction that goes a little bit inside, a little bit of self-reflection, so that what we manifest as a light from the inside out can be seen again, can be touched again, can be felt again by anyone in your presence, because that is the beginning of the change.
That is what is needed right now.
Right now, in this very moment.
And so I made a bunch of notes, and I'll try to refer to them a little bit, and I usually don't.
And the notes are just like these flashes that I want to make sure I don't miss.
And so you'll see me looking away from the camera, and that's what I'm looking.
Here's my notes.
They're not really complicated, but there are a few words that remind me of what I know I need to deliver today.
So that's what that's about.
And so this show is about that.
I would like you to really, really
Go in with me.
Go deep with me.
Have this conversation with me.
And when we go off the air, I want you to reflect on what's said.
Consider what's said.
And I mean no offense if I offend anyone in what I say.
God, I ask for forgiveness right now, because that is not where my heart is today.
So I want to touch you in a special way.
This is Dr. Nick Begich in the Impa Warps.
And welcome back.
You know, it's so good to be here.
And as we left off, you know, talking about the message for the day, you know, I want to get into this a little bit, the voice and the word.
I want to talk about that and why I take this so seriously, what I do when I when I am in the public, because what I say, if it changes someone, I carry responsibility.
You see, I'm responsible for the words because I'm created in the image and likeness of God, which is what I believe.
This is what Christians believe, what Jews believe, and what Muslims believe.
This is what we believe, okay?
If we really believe that, and I do, I truly do, if we really believe that, then it makes us have to act a different way and see through a lens differently when we look in the eyes of another soul.
Now, there's two parts to that.
When you look in the eyes and you look deep, you can see the full potential of that, the pureness of the creation of that, the image, the reflection of God that is in that human being.
When you look deep into their eyes, you can see this.
I saw that only until I was 52 years old.
Nine years ago, I had an awakening in the moment where I realized that I was seeing the truth, but I was missing
Flesh, you see, what the Bible calls the flesh, the shell, what I call our carrier, our body, our physical form in the world.
And it's finite.
It has a time clock attached to it as a beginning and an end.
And it's really brief.
It's about 80 years, maybe 100 if you're really, really lucky.
And here's the deal about that.
That makes time extraordinarily precious.
If you really contemplate it.
So the closer you get to the end of your time, the more valuable the time becomes.
And in that last second, your last second on the planet is worth a million dollars at a minimum, right?
And then when you leap to the other side and you drop the shell and the pain that's associated with it, and you leap to the other side, you fall into eternity where the marginal value of time goes to zero.
It has no value anymore because you have an infinite supply.
This is extremely important to recognize because so much of the fear that we experience in life is the carrier worrying about its exit strategy.
You know?
And the timing of it, usually.
And nobody gets to control any of that.
My dad died when I was 14 in a very unusual way.
You can see a video on it.
It's called Breaking the Zombie Trance.
It's on Band.Video.
Go look at it, and it'll tell you that story.
But it was a transforming moment.
It was the biggest tragedy of my life when my dad disappeared when I was 14 years old and was lost.
Never found, never recovered.
It's a long story.
I won't go there today.
But it was a transformative moment.
There was another one I had that I don't talk about very much, and there's a lot of pain associated with it.
But when I was 19, I lost everything financially.
I collapsed the business.
I failed miserably.
I hurt a lot of people because
I was a very compelling and convincing person with my voice.
And I learned something about my voice that I could not use it until I had the wisdom that was necessary so I would not do damage with my voice.
Because I realized the damage I had done.
And I was broken in every way.
And I hitchhiked out of Alaska with the last $101 I had and I slept under bridges all the way to Dallas.
Where an uncle of my first wife
I'd taken her and my two children in long enough for me to settle my affairs in Alaska and try and start over in Dallas.
And I did.
And I lived under the poverty level for three years because I would not accept help from my family.
And I would not do it any other way.
And I would not use my voice to make money, to make a living, to do anything.
And I learned a lot.
And I prayed for three years for wisdom.
And had I known the price of wisdom at 19, I might have asked for grace, and I really recommend it highly.
Because the pain associated with learning anything is extreme, and it hurts a lot.
But it only hurts the shell in the time zone we're in, and we have a bigger time zone coming.
But my son brought this to my attention as we talked about this yesterday.
This idea of the timeline and why I feel anxiety so long because I know the time grows shorter and shorter and I don't know when the end is when the last million dollar second is going to happen and when the leap to the other side where I got all the time in the world to chase whatever I'm interested in.
And I'm doing some projects in Anchorage right now for the homeless, and I brought together three legislators, two assembly members, two commissioners from the state level, and a whole bunch of other people around an issue that I really don't want to get involved in on a lot of levels, so I have things I'm really excited about in my life.
But I got tapped on the shoulder and said, you got to go be a voice for this for a little while.
So I said, okay, and I'm doing it and I'm doing it and it's coming out really well.
And I'm doing some things there that are really cool.
And it's intervention2020.com and people can go look at that and it doesn't mean much to the rest of the nation.
But the point of the matter is I stopped everything I was doing because I heard the call and I understand when it happens.
And even if I don't like it, I do it.
And then I know that all the other things I think are so important to my life that have a clock on them.
I don't know.
That I give in life.
And I never, I never, I don't draw a dime what I do in the public, you know, anymore.
I do this for free.
This is, this is what I do because this is my gift and we all have one.
And our gift begins with our word, the beginning of creation.
Our reflection of the creator is our word and how we decide to use it.
Because the word is a sword that we can keep sheathed
Where we can use responsibly in a way that changes things.
And people want to judge the way we use our words.
People condemn me sometimes.
And people get all over Alex a lot too.
And I don't like that one bit.
Not one bit.
Because Alex has a different way of delivering the message that certain people need to hear.
And most people hear that message who understand the frustration.
That comes out of the core of who Alex Jones is, who my friend Alex Jones is.
Because he's passionate and he cares.
And the time clock keeps getting shorter for all of us.
We've been at this a very long time.
And we need your help.
And I hear him use that phrase.
We need your help, Frank.
You need your help, Frank.
And I'm sure Frank feels like crap right now.
And maybe he should because sometimes the truth wakes us up.
But I forgive Frank because I forgive Frank for this reason.
He doesn't know what he's doing.
It's not that he's mean-spirited or means badly.
I don't think he does.
I don't think most people ever do.
But Frank does not have all the information.
That's the thing that's missing.
We need to be the deliverers of information, which means we have to find a better delivery system, all of us, one that fits everybody.
And some people respond to a loud, strong, powerful voice, and others respond to a different voice.
And the voices that we have on Alex Jones are all of those voices.
And these voices are meant to do two things, to awaken and to heal.
And in the awakening, sometimes it is judgment.
And those of us making judgments,
We are called to a higher court.
We are called to a very high court when we judge another soul.
God is the judge of all souls, including our own.
Let him do his work, please.
Let God do its work.
Let God make it happen in terms of judging our souls.
Let's judge our internal soul.
What we're doing right now and how we're doing it.
Are we the best?
Are we trying our best?
Have we made mistakes?
Have we forgiven ourselves?
for those mistakes as a beginning point and ask for the forgiveness of those we've damaged.
This is the InfoWar.
It's time to change.
And I'm back.
And you know, I always forget to run my own commercial.
I got to at least say this, OK?
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I'm going to reactivate those as a way to communicate to people a little more efficiently with written things so I can kind of take some of this at least and get it out in that form.
And I really want you to sign up.
I won't burden you with a bunch of garbage.
I will only do it once, once every few weeks or even a month.
Because I'm really busy, but I need that vehicle to talk to you and to give you tools so we can use those tools to hand out to others.
So earthpulse.com, go there, there's a sign up where you can get on my list, and please do that, it's free.
And the information I send is free, I'll never charge you for it, I ask you to distribute it, get it out there the same way the InfoWars does, because that's how it happens and that's how it goes.
Now the other thing I'm working on that I want to tell people about and the reason you want to be on that list is I'm going into some long play video where I'm going to spend some hours dissecting some of these important issues and I'm going to make them available for free on the various platforms.
YouTube's banned Alex and that's a bummer and I'm going to go there but I'm going to go on Spotify and every other one
That the team I began to talk to here in Anchorage that are going to help me do this because I can't do this alone.
I can't do it.
It's just me sitting in Anchorage.
I need some help and I got it arriving.
So I got some local production talent that we're talking about how to do this.
And again, what I told him is I said, look, I want to show up.
I want to give my content.
I want to get it out.
So help me in that way, get on our list so I can let you know when that's going on, and then you can dial into those.
And I want to link them up through the Info Wars, make them available every way we can, and distribute them every way we can, and they'll be for free, okay?
I don't want anything, I just want to make sure you have what I need to tell you, at least what my heart is saying.
So I want to get back to the topic of the day, and let me jump into this.
Before I lost everything when I was 19, I had configured this concept of a mastermind, and it was the idea of linking a bunch of people together, that we would get together, we'd talk, we'd have conversations, and then from that something unique would happen.
And what I learned over the last 25 years is this is called human resonance, and here's how it works.
When you link people together, like
Gather together, you know, two or more, you know, something happens.
Here's what happens.
X plus X is in brackets with a 2 outside the bracket squares it.
So you have to multiply that sum by itself.
It doubles it up.
It's power, see?
It doubles it up.
So the more you put in that link and square it, the more
It just goes like a funnel, man, and the big end keeps getting bigger and the action keeps getting larger.
So what we do together, we really do this, and I mean this, every conversation I have with every single person I have, every moment and every breath I take comes into my awareness and it gets projected right out of my mouth.
That's how it all works.
You see, and when we couple our head with our heart,
Things happen.
And you know the faith of a mustard seed?
We all go, gosh, I wish I could find that mustard seed.
Let me tell you what gets in the way of the mustard seed.
One single mustard seed of doubt.
Let me say that again.
The things that kill faith is one single mustard seed of doubt.
A grain of the mustard seed of doubt.
An atom.
of the mustard seed of doubt kills it right out of the gate.
So you cannot do what you doubt.
And if you try, that begins your internal lie, you see, because in your head you know you can, in your heart you know you can, at least at that moment, but you're going to do it anyway.
What is that?
It's called a train wreck about to happen, you see, and this is how we conduct most of our lives, because the flesh, the meat,
What we identify with, what we look in the mirror and see, we think is us.
It's not.
Every cell in your body is going to be gone.
You know, I'm not the body I was born with.
It went away.
You know, these cells replace each other.
It's gone.
But what's still hanging on the carcass?
What's still hanging on my carrier, as I call it?
And the Bible calls the flesh.
I call it the carrier.
And then what happens is we get layered up by all our experiences, all the things that people are telling us we are and the culture tells us what we are.
And then you have all these differences in the world.
So you have people wearing black bags as uniforms and women hiding under them and thinking that's OK.
And it is OK.
It's OK for them because
Somehow, they've identified so much with this culture and this world and the things in the world that they begin to reflect all that and think that's who they are.
And we get lost in the world.
That's called getting lost, ladies and gentlemen, in the world.
And the smarter you are, the more easy it is to get lost.
Sometimes I wish I was just dumb as a rock because in the simplicity of it all, it makes so much easier sense.
But the smarter you are,
I think?
Is because I know the power of forgiveness, because I've received it.
I know the power of forgiving and what that means.
I know when I look in a man's eyes and a woman's eyes and I see their soul, but I also see the flesh, the thing that holds them back.
And what I hope to do, what my total intention is, as I lay my foundation for the next 20 years of my life, is to try to awaken
This so you can, again, your awareness and see your ego and see your flesh and see that part of you that is associated with the powers of the darkness.
I wrote a book about this that I never published.
I made a tape about this, a music tape, a music tape of my voice saying some words that have power in them.
And I wrote the manuscript.
I wrote it.
I didn't know I was writing it.
Here it is.
The unpublished manuscript and it's called Nicholas, Out of the Darkness.
And it's a reflection of my last nine years and a transformation that happened to me in this last nine years.
No, I didn't become a Christian last nine years.
If you haven't seen that in me for the last 35, you missed the point.
And I'm not, I do not like this name.
And the reason I don't,
It's not because of what it represents in my heart, in the minds of people speaking and listening right now.
It's the branding that's gotten screwed up, you see.
The branding is failing, you see, because we think we need the bullets and God needs no help to kill anyone.
God is not calling us to that.
God is calling us to look inside ourselves.
And find our divinity again.
And project that into the world again.
Because each of us has this incredible gift.
And we so underestimate it.
And we so fail ourselves in that.
And we fail the reflection of God in that.
And we condemn so easily ourselves.
And this is a blasphemy against the creation.
And I say it that boldly.
And I mean it.
Yes, to self-reflect.
Yes, to improve.
Yes, to see your flaws and change them.
That's the transfiguration you see.
That is the message you see.
That is a transformation you see.
When Christ hung on the cross dying, what did he say?
He said, God forgive them.
They don't know what they're doing.
Can you forgive them?
Because you don't know what they're doing.
Ignorance is not stupidity.
Ignorance is a lack of knowing.
Knowledge comes from God, and the wisdom to apply it also comes from the same source.
Each of us have the power to change the world with every breath we take, if our intention is to do that.
Because writing on our voices, you see, and this is why I produce the tape, the music, and I can explain it, but it's not enough time today.
It's because the vibration, the center of my intent, is carried in those words that I wrote because of the way they came.
And they're carried in the way they're spoken.
And the science, see, I know the science carries the submodulations of my intention right into the center of your soul.
And you're hearing my words today, and if they ring true, I'm appreciative of that.
If you don't know, and they don't ring true,
Don't worry about it.
Everyone has a path.
Yours is perfectly fine.
And I'm not going to judge it in any way.
I'm just going to ask one thing.
Don't settle for warming the bench.
Don't settle for the grain of doubt.
Whatever you're doing, know absolutely that it's the truth for who you are.
This is Nick Begich.
We'll be right back after these brief messages.
Thank you guys for bearing with me.
I need that little bit of a break.
Sorry about that.
I just get pretty emotional about some of this because I really want to make sure that it's flowing in.
And I want to talk about a couple of things.
You know, leadership.
I want to talk about leadership.
I want to give a verse about leadership, actually, you know, for
And if the guys will bring it up, the people perish, you see, for the lack of leaders.
And this is what's happening in the country, in so many places.
Where there is no vision, the people perish.
You know, it requires vision.
It requires a new vision, a broader vision.
That's Proverbs 29.18.
And wisdom, you know, it didn't start yesterday, and it doesn't start tomorrow.
It's with us, you see.
Again, going back into what we are.
What are we?
We're creating the image and likeness of God.
That says something.
Now, what does that mean, maybe?
Maybe give us a couple ways to see that, maybe visualize that.
Think about a cell in the body.
We hear about that, right?
You know, you can't have an eye without a leg.
You know, all this goes together.
But think of a cell also containing the DNA, which is the blueprint for the whole.
OK, so all of us that that part of us that's creating the image and likeness is that part that's the hologram of the whole is, if you will, by analogy, by comparison.
It's this connection so that when we actually look in each other's eyes, you know what else we're seeing?
We're not just seeing their soul.
We're seeing our own, because in this sense, we are also connected under one creation, one thing, one thing.
One creation and we're within it.
And within that creation we have this ability to choose freely.
And so what does that mean?
You know, what is this?
How do you get your head around this?
But here's the other thing that we know from physics is that everything that we think is running on a time clock actually happens.
Like that.
In a second.
In a flash.
And we perceive it in this timeline that lasts billions and billions of years.
But the fullness of the experience is in a flash.
If we could be in that flash, we would understand it.
And I believe, I believe that connecting to that is when we fall into our fullness.
You know, when the Holy Spirit connects with us is how it's illustrated in Christian philosophy.
But think about this from this perspective.
Mind and soul.
There's these three parts.
This trinity of who we are in the world.
Isn't that interesting?
The soul part, you know, is kind of connected to the Godhead, right?
And then they have the mind and emotion part kind of connected maybe to the Holy Spirit.
Maybe the body part is connected to Christ, you know, and how that's manifesting in its fullness.
So part of our
Mission on the Earth is to bring back the body and the heart together, and what we call the heart and mind, and then get the spirit back and sing.
And what happens is the flesh, as I was talking about before the break, kind of takes over the programming, and we start to identify with that.
And then it takes us places, you see, because it takes control of our emotion and our intellect.
And let me tell you what happens to that.
So you get angry, and then the angry just takes you, you know, and you do all kinds of crazy stuff.
We're watching it play out all over the country right now.
You know how to stop the anger in yourself?
As soon as you notice the anger rising, you recognize it.
You give it legitimacy because there's a root to it.
You want to know the root.
But the moment that you notice it, you take control of it.
Simple as that.
That's when awareness, the higher part of you, takes control of the flesh.
Because negative emotions are generally associated with flesh, but it's part of our
Oscillation between the world and and the non world that we live in when we live in the world.
So we got to recognize those oscillations and learn and learn from them.
The power of our delivery because this is also a very important point in this.
There's two kinds of energy and they are distinct and different.
But you can become addicted to these energies and they can move you in a way that is not so good.
And there's a very fine difference that you can discern.
And that difference becomes more and more able to be seen as you discern it.
So discernment becomes a part of this and you need, all of us need, to look inside a bit and start to reflect and start to alter our course and kind of rethink what does it mean if we hold these beliefs
And if we still hold doubt, it's OK.
It's OK.
Don't feel bad about any doubt.
But ask to be revealed the information that will help you with this, because here's what happens when you begin to doubt and then you begin to voice something that's not the truth.
You see, if you say you believe, but you still doubt, then you're lying first to yourself and then everyone that hears you.
And the thing about human beings is, well, we know it consciously or not.
We know when someone is lying and the penalty is great.
Don't do that.
It's better to be silent, you see, and then to know that you still are needing knowledge, and then to seek that knowledge because I can assure you, you will find it.
Now I want to talk about judgment, you know?
Judging not lest ye be judged, you remember the verse and the part that kind of follows it, you know, don't be worrying about the sliver in someone's eye when you got a log stuck in your own, you know, and what does that really mean about judgment?
The fact that making judgments about people, oh they're not a Christian, they're bad, or they're this and they're bad, they're this and they're that, you leave that to God, okay?
And you be the example of goodness without having to
Branded, you know, because the brand has gotten a bad name for lots of reasons, you know, and I can point to all kinds of groups and organizations that have kind of given it a bad name, but I'm not going to do that because there's no construction in that.
What I want to ask people is, are you?
Are you that reflection?
Because God will do the judging.
I've said this before on the air, you know, King Solomon, the wisest man that ever lived, you know, conjured up spirits, dabbled in the occult, did all that stuff.
You go read it yourself.
You go read the story yourself.
And if he were walking around today without the name King Solomon, there'd be a lot of Christians want to burn him in the parking lot.
You know, want to tell him what he is and tell him where he's going and give him the message from God that they know they got.
That ain't your message to give, ladies and gentlemen, except under very rare circumstances.
I had one of those yesterday with the mayor of Anchorage, where I had to deliver a message to him in a way that was very uncomfortable for me.
Because I jarred his soul yesterday a little bit, and I did it deliberately because I want him to really think about what I said.
I didn't want to hurt him, and I did, and I didn't mean to, but I did.
I know I did.
And I regret that in a lot of ways because that has never been my intention, but sometimes the truth is going to hurt.
And if you know you're called to deliver it, and in this instant, the way it all happened, I don't have time to talk about it today, but I knew.
And I got the tap and I did the job and I'm accountable for everything and every breath I took and every word I said.
But I know I did it correctly and I only do that about every 10 years.
I don't get that elevator very often and directed at an individual soul.
I just don't.
I can't.
It just doesn't.
It's not who I am.
I can't do it.
But it doesn't mean that it shouldn't be done occasionally, you know, I'm just not the guy, you know, so I do it differently, that's it.
And this is the important thing about judgment again that I want to get to, because I hear criticism of Alex from all kinds of people I know, and I'm sick of it.
Because sometimes the method
And the way it delivers is what awakens people.
We all awaken for different reasons in different ways.
And I know everyone would kind of wonder what science is going to be today.
That's usually where I come from.
But, you know, this is science because all the science is based on who we are.
And where it goes and what it does depends on who we are.
See, all the mess in the world, all the things that we can point to are symptoms, you see.
They're all just symptoms of people behaving badly and failing to remember what we are as living souls.
If we could just start doing that just a little bit, if we just start remembering just a little bit, we will begin to discover
The power of each individual soul.
And when we link together and as we are right now, in this very moment, I feel it as a hairs on my arms rise.
I always do.
I know it right now.
We are connected in a way that brings about change.
Hold this together.
Hold this truth together that we are the light.
We can be that light and we can trigger a flame.
From a flicker to a flame, not that destroys but purifies.
We can be in that fiery furnace like those three guys were thousands of years ago when the other guy appeared, and that appearance was a reminder that we're never alone.
I've been walking through the valley of shadow of death my whole life, fearlessly, because I do know God is directing the path.
Sometimes I forget, I screw it up,
But my intention is still pure.
If I screw it up, I'm responsible.
I will do everything I can to fix it.
And I encourage you to do the same.
But be the leader today, in your own life first, before you dare to affect another.
Be that leader.
And then be that bold leader that knows with absolute confidence, with no doubt, not a fragment of what you're going to do next.
And just do that.
Don't do what you can't do.
Don't do what you can't believe in.
Do what you believe in and make it the creation of your word.
Let the word be the power in your life today.
Your word.
Your voice.
Because it's the voice of millions that will make the difference.
The calm voice.
The strong voice.
We told you what was going to happen, and it did.
Now we're telling you what's coming.
The United States is under attack.
Our country's not perfect, but it's our nation and has a Bill of Rights and Constitution.
It's been very successful and has been the number one country where the average person has a chance to become successful and to become happy and to live out their dreams.
Powerful multinational corporations that exploit human populations all over the world to levels beyond any horror movie or H.P.
Lovecraft novel.
Are the very ones now setting up this tyranny in America and knowing that we care about race relations and knowing that we care and we have a basic Christian ethos still, they play on that and say, you're racist, you're bad.
And when out of 350 million people, something sad happens to somebody,
At the hands of police officers, like George Floyd, even if they're all charged, and even if they all go to prison, it doesn't matter, it's your fault, because you're white.
But it's white billionaires controlling things, saying that they want to divert from their crimes, their corruption, their illegal surveillance of the population, on to
Telling us that we're all individually bad?
And now after three months of a lockdown and top scientists coming out and saying COVID-19 is a giant hoax designed to destroy the economy, now they move on to destroying the economy with looting and rioting and race war.
It is absolutely evil.
And now Senator Cotton of Arkansas has come out.
And said that President Trump is absolutely right.
We should invoke the Insurrection Act because all over the United States, more than 20 states run by blue governors and blue cities say riot, kill, attack.
And will not call out the National Guard so the police are overwhelmed.
This is an attempt to further stall the economy and bring down the country.
And this will hurt the most disadvantaged Americans the most.
And this is a diabolical crime that absolutely must be punished.
The Justice Department has announced its opening criminal investigation of who's behind Antifa.
Soros and Alexander Soros.
And these organizations they fund like refusefascism.org.
Are the groups that run this.
We have all the documents.
We have all the proof.
Friends of Democracy.
These are the organizations that operated under Obama and the Clintons with impunity and are engaging in a massive criminal takeover.
But we've got General Mattis and George W. Bush and all and George Will that said he didn't care about the primaries for Trump.
That it should be overwritten because the plurality of the people didn't matter.
These are monsters.
And they're launching this attack on you and your rights and your freedom.
And they're deadly dangerous.
So see the chessboard.
And see that they're using you as a pawn.
And decide not to play their game.
Expose the entire game.
With the truth.
With the justice.
With freedom.
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When do you think the people should be able to, like, talk again?
The person?
Yeah, that's a good question.
Well, Alex Jones at least has Infowars.com.
He can do his own thing and people go to that.
And Gavin's got a show still.
Does he?
Yeah, you know, as someone who's kind of
I think so.
It doesn't make any sense, because that means you're right all the time.
Like, if you're only defending the things that you believe in, will you write all the time about everything?
But I have to defend the people who say things that are even atrocious and that I can't, I would never get on board with, because that's what free speech is.
Otherwise, and like you said, it is that slippery slope of who gets to be the arbiter of what is said.
Right, and what are your guidelines?
Alex Jones is funnier than Andy Kaufman's ever been.
Alex Jones is f***ing hilarious, often.
Did you see the whole that he's Bill Hicks?
That's not real.
I went down that rabbit hole.
That's the silliest s*** ever.
I know, but there are videos.
But he had one thing we're talking about, like if it's between his family starving or eating his neighbor.
He's like, I'll eat your ass.
And so it became this, come on.
I will eat your ass!
Do you don't think there's entertainment value in him saying he's going to eat his neighbor?
Stop my dumpster fire!
But there's something to that, like to stop that and ban that.
You're not stopping anyone from... You're not stopping anybody from anything bad by not having Alex do this entertaining thing about eating his neighbor.
You're not saving anybody.
You know what I'm saying?
Like, what are you doing?
Like, what is he doing that's so awful?
I don't know how to fix any of it.
It's entertaining.
Like, why is it only acceptable if you have some kind of entertainment?
Because there's so many rap videos that you could watch that I enjoy, but they're talking about shooting people and robbing people, and it's everywhere on YouTube!
It's so prevalent!
And somehow or another, that's okay.
Like, it's f***ing weird what's allowed and what's not allowed.
I will eat you.
I will eat your ass.
My children aren't going hungry.
I'll do it.
I'll drink your blood.
And I'm starting to think about having to eat my neighbors.
You think I like... Size it up, I'm gonna haul him up by a chain.
Top his ass up, size it up, I'm gonna haul him up by a chain.
Top, top, top, top.
Barbecue your ass.
I will cook your ass up so fast, I'll tell them, boy I killed a cow out back, baby.
You think Christ would eat somebody?
He would never do that.
I will.
I'm ready to hang them up, gut them and skin them and chop them up.
You know what?
I'm ready.
I will eat your leftist ass like corn on the cob.
I will eat your leftist ass like corn on the cob.
If it's the last thing I do, I'm gonna get my hands around your throat.