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Name: 20200604_SpecialReport_Alex
Air Date: June 4, 2020
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Seismologists from around the world agree.
California, that is on the Great Ring of Fire in the Pacific Ocean, is way overdue for a massive earthquake, or the big one.
In fact, it's more overdue than any other place in the world.
They've been having record numbers of earthquakes.
A 5.5 earthquake just hit yesterday.
Now, why is that important?
Well, many estimates have it that if a large earthquake hits the right spot, large parts of California could break off into the sea.
In fact, there are many islands off the coast of California that they believe broke off thousands of years ago.
They've even found the bones of extinct elephants on some of the islands going back more than 30,000 years ago.
We're talking about what's happening right now and something just unfolded yesterday in Norway that gives us a microcosm of what it could look like in California because you have some of the very same geological elements taking place there not just tectonically and seismically but also from erosion.
So here is the incredible footage in Norway where a large part of the beach and surrounding a farm and
Houses slides off, spills out, and then collapses into the ocean.
Imagine something like this a thousand times that scale or a hundred thousand times that scale.
We know that's happened historically before with pieces of California and we could witness it in our lifetimes.
Another reason to flee California, not just the socialism, the communism, all the leftist brainwashing, but also the fact that the place seems to be cursed.
An amazing state in the past, a lot of great people, but the pioneer spirit that founded California is now, by and large, dead and gone.
But there's an even bigger problem now.
They're traveling like locusts to Texas and other areas.
And bringing their Marxist-Leninist way of life with them.
So, it's not the tectonic plates and magma that really endanger us here on Earth.
It is the poisonous ideology of the New World Order.
The United States is under attack.
Our country's not perfect, but it's our nation and has a Bill of Rights and Constitution.
It's been very successful and has been the number one country where the average person has a chance to become successful and to become happy and to live out their dreams.
Powerful multinational corporations that exploit human populations all over the world to levels beyond any horror movie or H.P.
Lovecraft novel are the very ones now setting up this tyranny in America and knowing that we care about race relations and knowing that we care and we have a basic Christian ethos still, they play on that and say
You're racist.
You're bad.
And when, out of 350 million people, something sad happens to somebody at the hands of police officers, like George Floyd, even if they're all charged, and even if they all go to prison, it doesn't matter, it's your fault.
Because you're white.
But it's white billionaires controlling things saying that they want to divert from their crimes, their corruption, their illegal surveillance of the population on to telling us that we're all individually bad.
And now after three months of a lockdown and top scientists coming out and saying COVID-19 is a giant hoax designed to destroy the economy, now they move on to destroying the economy.
With looting and rioting and race war.
It is absolutely evil.
And now Senator Cotton of Arkansas has come out and said that President Trump is absolutely right.
We should invoke the Insurrection Act because all over the United States, more than 20 states run by blue governors and blue cities say riot, kill, attack.
And will not call out the National Guard so the police are overwhelmed.
This is an attempt to further stall the economy and bring down the country.
And this will hurt the most disadvantaged Americans the most.
And this is a diabolical crime that absolutely must be punished.
The Justice Department has announced its opening criminal investigation of who's behind Antifa.
Soros and Alexander Soros.
And these organizations they fund like refusefascism.org.
Are the groups that run this.
We have all the documents.
We have all the proof.
Friends of Democracy.
These are the organizations that operated under Obama and the Clintons with impunity and are engaging in a massive criminal takeover.
But we've got General Mattis and George W. Bush and all and George Will that said he didn't care about the primaries for Trump.
That it should be overwritten because the plurality of the people didn't matter.
These are monsters.
And they're launching this attack on you and your rights and your freedom.
And they're deadly dangerous.
So see the chessboard.
And see that they're using you as a pawn.
And decide not to play their game.
Expose the entire game.
With the truth.
With the justice.
With freedom.
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