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Name: 20200602_Tue_Alex
Air Date: June 2, 2020
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A speech emphasizes creation over destruction, cooperation instead of contempt, security rather than anarchy, healing in place of hatred, and justice above chaos. The speaker takes immediate presidential action to stop violence by mobilizing all available federal resources. Measures include stopping rioting and looting, ending destruction and arson, protecting the rights of law-abiding Americans including their Second Amendment rights. If mayors or governors refuse to defend residents, the military will be deployed. The speaker discusses protecting Washington D.C., discovering Acme Brick as supplier for bricks in over 20 cities, and warns organizers of terror about severe criminal penalties. They emphasize self-defense after dark, keeping focus on George Floyd's death rather than creating a civil war. Millie Weaver talks about Momentum's plans to hijack the Republic using violence and protests, billionaires funding these protests, and calls for government action against foreign insurrection. Alex Jones discusses InfoWars Life products, increasing violence during protests, lack of police action, globalist agendas under COVID-19, a communist organization grooming children through encrypted chats, military involvement in protests, social media spreading misinformation about Trump's policies, and public shaming for not supporting Black Lives Matter. The speaker criticizes large corporations enforcing uniformity of thinking, lack of mainstream media coverage for certain incidents, economic collapse, food shortages, and promotes discounted products at InfoWarsStore.com to support the network.

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The rights that's protected in the Constitution is a right that says Congress shall make no law abridging the right of the people peaceably to assemble.
So if people are out there and they're burning down police precincts and destroying malls and assaulting people and so forth and so on, they are not protected by the Constitution of the United States.
What they are actually doing qualifies as insurrection.
And when insurrection becomes widespread, which it has been lately, I think we need to remember that the President is the Commander-in-Chief.
What's he the Commander-in-Chief of, Alan?
He's the Commander-in-Chief of the Army and Navy.
People know that.
But he's also the Commander-in-Chief of the militia of the several states.
When called into the actual service of the United States.
And people have been talking as if the only people who can mobilize the militia are the governors and the president must ask their permission to mobilize them and so forth and so on.
Not true.
Because at the end of the day, it is also stated in the U.S.
Code that the president can, under certain circumstances, when the states have failed to act,
In order to secure that protection required by the 14th Amendment incumbent upon them and stated in the Constitution that no person shall be deprived of life, liberty, or property without due process.
So he's following the Constitution 100% in his statement yesterday.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
America needs creation, not destruction.
Cooperation, not contempt.
Security, not anarchy.
Healing, not hatred.
Justice, not chaos.
This is our mission, and we will succeed.
One hundred percent, we will succeed.
Our country always wins.
That is why I am taking immediate presidential action to stop the violence and restore security and safety in America.
I am mobilizing all available federal resources, civilian and military, to stop the rioting and looting, to end the destruction and arson, and to protect the rights of law-abiding Americans, including your Second Amendment rights.
The following measures are going into effect immediately.
First, we are ending the riots and lawlessness that has spread throughout our country.
We will end it now.
Today, I have strongly recommended to every governor to deploy the National Guard in sufficient numbers that we dominate the streets.
Mayors and governors must establish an overwhelming law enforcement presence until the violence has been quelled.
If a city or state refuses to take the actions that are necessary to defend the life and property of their residents, then I will deploy the United States military and quickly solve the problem for them.
I am also taking swift and decisive action to protect our great capital, Washington, D.C.
What happened in this city last night was a total disgrace.
As we speak, I am dispatching thousands and thousands of heavily armed soldiers, military personnel, and law enforcement officers to stop the rioting, looting, vandalism, assaults, and the wanton destruction of property.
We are putting everybody on warning.
Our 7 o'clock curfew will be strictly enforced.
Those who threaten innocent life and property will be arrested, detained, and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
I want the organizers of this terror to be on notice that you will face severe criminal penalties and lengthy sentences in jail.
Ladies and gentlemen, we've now discovered who is delivering bricks to more than 20 cities.
It's Acme Brick, owned by Berkshire Hathaway and Bill Gates.
Can't make that up.
That is the arrogance, that is the civil war we're in.
We're in a day, what, 78 of the lockdowns, and then now they trigger all these riots, and all over Twitter, Facebook.
We're good to go.
And if you try to show it, it's deleted.
Tucker Carlson talked about that last night, that the media is acting like this is good, this is all peaceful.
Remember the MSNBC idiot last Saturday saying, oh, there's nothing violent, this is all very peaceful, with a building, a 10-story building behind him in flames.
So this is the PSYOP, and then when the military ends up killing people, shooting looters,
They're gonna act like it's another race war crime.
It's insane.
And I gotta tell you, I know a lot of people have been robbed in their homes, have been robbed in their cars, have been robbed.
I was saying earlier, go out with COVID-19.
It's basically a hoax.
But I will tell everybody now, you should not be out after dark in any major urban area and you should be packing and you should be locking your doors and you should be watching your ass.
Because I just learned before I went live that my son was going to visit my parents
And there was looters in the store attacking people, and he had to kick their ass.
And we've got that dramatic footage.
It's unbelievable.
It looks like a movie.
So that's how crazy all this is.
And I guess it happened a few days ago.
He didn't even tell me until now, because he got the footage from the security camera.
I mean, that's how bad this is, folks.
They're robbing two gun shops I go to have been robbed.
I mean, it's just a total bedlam.
We'll be right back.
I have been playing air raid sirens for seven months, before COVID, before all this, because I'm telling you they're making their move.
We are now under martial law.
And if we make one wrong step, not just the country, but the world is going to plunge into a giant new military conflict.
We're at war with China and with collaborators inside the government and multinational corporations.
These people are insane.
They are not war makers.
They don't have the real history behind it.
They've gotten away with so many crimes, but these corporatists believe they can pull this off and not
We have received information in social media that some of the criminals were going to take their criminal conduct into the neighborhoods.
I would tell them if you value your life, you probably shouldn't do that in Polk County.
Because the people of Polk County like guns.
They have guns.
I encourage them to own guns.
And they're going to be in their homes tonight with their guns loaded.
And if you try to break into their homes to steal, to set fires, I'm highly recommending they blow you back out of the house with their guns.
So leave the community alone.
And we'll do our best to support the community.
But ladies and gentlemen, make no mistake about it.
All of that ugliness has taken away from what we're united about.
We're united about the conduct that you saw with George where his life was taken with the need of the net.
It's horrific and there's not enough words to explain that.
Let's keep the focus on that.
And the fact that they've now come up with a medical examiner report that he had enough fentanyl in his system to kill four or five people and he was resisting and he was out of control and the police were scared and didn't pay attention and put their knee on his neck and he had a heart attack and died.
It's not defending what the cop did.
It's not about that.
It's about the PSYOP to create a civil war in this country.
It's June 2nd.
The year is 2020.
On this Tuesday transmission, 153 days out from the election.
And all of this is about the globalist corporate system and their...
And the Democrats and the Globalists and the EU are on record saying, this is to punish you!
This is to teach you to cut your carbon.
This is to teach you that you're bad.
This is an atonement.
They have three or four purge movies where the whites go out and kill black people every time they have one of these purges.
And of course that's the inverse of what's happening.
This is the media going out and telling black people, go out and purge white people.
Random old lady in a wheelchair, homeless lady, knock her teeth out.
White dude walking down the street, kill him.
There have been cops, more than 10 police shot in the last 24 hours.
I can't find one of their names because the media will not humanize them.
And it's not about worshipping police, it's about worshipping reality.
There's a cop in a coma dying in Vegas right now.
Randomly shot in the head.
They won't show him.
They won't say his name.
Because they will not humanize people.
But we all know George Floyd's name.
Clearly a drug dealer.
Clearly involved in the rackets.
Clearly involved with those cops that knew him in some weird behavior.
Dropping a white baggie out of his pocket.
When they've got him in handcuffs, he's fishing it out.
And we exclusively broke that footage yesterday.
Everybody knows it's there.
Not one outlet covered it.
Because that's not politically correct.
And it's not defending it, it's showing the craziness we're all involved in.
And now the medical examiner comes out and he had overdose levels of fentanyl, the Chycom weapon.
Oh, but nobody cares about the Chycom weapon killing hundreds of thousands of people a year.
Black, white, old, young.
It's all just about, oh, the cop kills him, he begs for his life.
It's very poignant.
But Facebook, Twitter, Google are removing videos of white people being beaten and being killed and being shot and racist black people programmed by the media to do this.
Do I then blame all black people that, oh, there's some racist black people out there that are idiots?
No, because I'm not a moron myself.
It goes back to Martin Luther King.
You judge somebody on who they are.
Now there are so many of these videos, but I just want to get to these now.
Two of the seven or eight I've already seen this morning of black people all over the United States.
Coming up to looters in Texas and Minnesota and Illinois and going, oh, it's a bunch of fancy pants, antifa girls, college girls, probably college professors, wearing their Rolexes, you name it.
And these people literally are very wealthy on average.
And this is them going out and getting their military
This is them going out to piss on America and the black people are walking up saying, hey, why are you putting Black Lives Matter on these businesses and knocking the windows out?
You're just, you're doing that to try to stir people up.
And we've got the videos all over the country.
Antifa goes up and knocks the first windows out at the Louis Vuitton or the other luxury shop and then gets the black teenagers that are out on the street to go in and do it.
And that's what's in these Homeland Security documents.
And these reports right here.
Remember two years ago?
Remember Brian Stelter and CNN and ABC News saying Alex Jones is insane?
Alex Jones says that there's a planned uprising by Antifa and trying to cause a race war.
Remember all those clips?
Maybe our archivist can find them.
I probably said it 500 times.
I was going off their own action plans, their own documents, where Alexander Soros funds hundreds of millions of dollars a year to try to cause race wars, and how they train the Antifa to go smash buildings and then encourage blacks to join them.
Literally preying on black people like they're stupid, trying to trick them.
This isn't about defending black people, because they're doing it, it's wrong, and it's terrible.
The point is, is that here, you want to indict somebody, Attorney General Barr?
You want to have the proof of the criminal conspiracy?
Here it is, open and shut.
Run as a military action plan.
With an HQ, and commanders, and radios, and codes.
These are professional criminals.
No need to charge them with terrorism, even though that's what they're doing, politically trying to shut down our speech.
Threatening us, they're engaged in organized crime racketeering.
They should all spend 50 years in prison.
I mean, this is, people are dying because of this and these swarmy academics believe they rule America with their arrogance so they can dress up in black uniforms and go out and target black people to get them to go commit crimes to create a race war.
And let me tell you, there are a lot of mentally ill people, folks.
Mentally ill black people, white people, you name it.
I've been downtown this morning, driving around, looking at what's happening.
I see a bunch of mentally ill, homeless, white, Hispanic, and black zombies going around crazy, and they are attacking people, and it's just bedlam.
So full-page New York Times articles, advertisements, calling for overthrowing the government, triggering a race war.
And they literally came out in the national news when I said this and said, Jones is insane.
It doesn't exist.
It's not happening.
So here's the document you need to send to the White House and send to the Attorney General and send to the FBI.
They know all this.
You got FBI agents, it turns out, that are in Antifa running it.
Documents to tell plan for civil unrest and martial law in Baltimore.
And this is the blueprint for the whole damn thing with the documents.
And they have fought like the devil, and Soros has funded all these lawsuits and all these dirty tricks to get us off the air.
That's why I show you this every week.
Where they go, what cops are in on it with them, how the police captains have already organized where they're allowed to stage stuff to try to trick the black people.
It actually says it, and they're doing it.
This is sick, man.
This is sick.
This is the blueprint for the crime, and they're doing it.
So when we come back, we've got folks catching them, including
One of the top UFC fighters in the world, John Jones, going up and catching a bunch of chicken-necked white people trying to trick black folks into rioting and looting.
And he just takes those paint cans away from them.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
Let me just get this out of the way as a declaration.
And again, everything we talk about here is very important, but if we could highlight this.
And have red neon on it, that would be good.
Maybe some fireworks going off behind it.
I think everybody understands now, we can't live in peace with Democrats and leftists and the pedophiles and the devil worshippers.
They have a hunger to conquer us because they don't have anything inside.
And they're always trying to create a cataclysm or a crisis out of which they get power.
And they've done it in Russia, and they did it in Nazi Germany, and they've done it in China, and it's the very same group of megabanks that financed the great wars of Napoleon and the British that are behind it.
It's the Rothschilds 100%.
And the Rothschilds are just the scum of the planet.
It's the worst people you could ever imagine.
And they're absolutely bloodthirsty.
That doesn't mean all Rothschilds are, but the head Rothschild group, and the Rockefellers, and just all the names you know, it's them, man.
They are just cold-blooded killers.
And they're funding a giant anti-human agenda.
It's beyond racism.
It's just death.
It's a satanic agenda.
Kill, steal, and destroy.
And the names mean nothing.
They run the Catholic Church now.
The Globalists have got all the major players in place.
And so they're making their world government move.
And we're in a lot of trouble.
And so denying this is only going to make things worse.
We're going into planetary shutdown.
The depression is already going to be really, really bad in the third world.
Very bad here.
I don't know if they can turn things back on, and they don't want it turned back on.
You started realizing that COVID-19 was a giant fraud.
The German government's internal reports, Interior Ministry said it's all regular deaths were being attributed.
We have the same amount of deaths.
This is a bad pneumonia.
But it's man-made so Gates and them can own it.
It's sick.
They don't care.
They're making their move.
They're all in because they're slaves.
Gates is a slave to this evil force.
And so, let me just say this.
Everyone else wants to be a follower.
All these big police departments and governors are bowing to the looters.
All these corporate systems are doing it because they were all put in place because they followed the corporatist directives.
And it always sounded good, it sounded reasonable to get them over and over again to agree to what came into their inbox from the organizations and political groups that control them.
And so now they've followed their orders so many times to do bad things that they are ready to bow.
Just like in the old Superman movie, T'Zot.
In fact, can you guys cue that promo up for next segment?
It's about submission to Islam, to all of it.
And the cops are like, sure, I'm a confident good guy.
My chief tells me to bow to some black people.
But when you're bowing, you're not bowing to say, I'm in solidarity.
How about you shake somebody's hand?
How about you get a cup of coffee with somebody or invite them over for barbecue?
Instead, what you're doing
Is bowing to say you're bad, you're guilty of something because of the color of your skin, the inverse of what Martin Luther King said.
This is so racist, so evil, so backward, so bad, and it's a war on Christianity, and a war on the abolition movement, and it's a war to make us all tribal and kill each other.
Because let me tell you, while controlled groups are bowing, and saying I'm bad, I'm sorry, I'm white, because of what another white person did, or didn't do,
You are green lighting this idea where everything is based on what color somebody is.
It is unspeakably dangerous, unspeakably evil.
So when you submit to a leftist in any way, at a job, or at college, or anywhere, when you give them your money, when you support Nike, when you support the Chi-Coms, you might as well just cut your fingers off, or stab yourself in the eye.
Or cut your balls off.
Because that's what they're coming for is everything.
The globalists do care about black people.
They want to kill them.
That's their favorite group.
That's their testing group.
And the very globalists that have been hammering Africans all over the world, and doing a number on them psychologically as the beta test, are now saying they represent them while they lead them like a pied piper into the river to drown.
I for one am not going to be part of this evil.
And I declare total war on the New World Order and all their systems.
And any leftist I see, any trendy, I love it when they open their mouth in a restaurant.
I love it when they try to intimidate me.
In fact, when I just see them now, I get in their face.
Just everywhere.
I'm done.
I'm not playing any games with any of these people because they are the enemy.
You want to see incendiary footage, folks, I've got 50 videos of white people being shot, killed, beaten, tortured.
I'm not even really getting into all those, because I'm not even trying to inflame people.
I'm trying to get folks to understand that above all this is an orchestrated group.
There's an article in InfoWars saying there's some group orchestrating this.
Yeah, we know!
Soros and the Rothschilds are on record doing it!
I've got all their battle documents!
Just like I've got
The man that died in Minnesota, George Floyd, on video, dropping what looks like fentanyl out of his pocket.
I mean, we got it all, banned on video.
But the only way this truth gets out is when you tell the truth.
Well, here's video you're not going to see on CNN or MSNBC.
In fact, they're taking this off everywhere.
There's a whole bunch of these videos.
Black protesters catch white Antifa members red-handed.
Here it is.
I can't believe it.
Not encircling?
I want you to know this is not, this is not a black woman who's put in Black Lives Matter.
I just want you to know that we're doing that for us and we didn't ask you to do that.
In their $300 jeans.
Their $1,000 phones.
They hate capitalism and they're saying we speak for blacks.
Spray painting and knocking out windows.
All brainwashed their local college with their little pink purses.
All right, let's go ahead and go to this video.
This is the heavyweight champion of the world, UFC, John Jones.
And he didn't put this out himself.
He didn't want the attention.
He saw people looting his town and burning up and attacking black, white storage units, spray painting.
He said, you're not doing that.
Here it is.
This is Albuquerque, New Mexico.
Give me the spray can.
Give me the spray can.
It's not the way man.
Give me the spray can.
So he's out there covering the protest, looking at it.
He's interested.
He sees white meth heads.
And I just, it's the truth, man.
When I was down there this weekend, they were attacking our armored vehicle with oil and attacking me and throwing bottles at me and steel rods went right by my head.
They're trying to kill me.
It was all glow-in-the-dark is what my dad calls them.
White people that never go out can almost have a green skin.
And they all looked all messed out and they'd like get out of their cars and go, I'll beat your ass.
I mean, I could literally take on a hundred of them.
And I'm not, I mean, I'm seriously just literally as much as I could punch them or just kick them, knock them over.
I mean, I mean, if I'd have got out, I'm not bragging.
I probably could have killed 20 of them with my bare hands.
And that's what these people are.
It's truly disgusting, ladies and gentlemen.
And then you've always got the token black guy there with their Black Lives Matter thing.
I mean, these people are idiots.
They have no idea what's going to happen if they actually breach that vehicle and got in there.
I mean, there were a bunch of trained killers inside.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
You are the one they called President?
I am.
You are not the president.
No one who leads so many could possibly kneel so quickly.
I'm the man they're protecting.
I'm the president.
Kneeling is not a symbol of solidarity.
Hands shaking.
But Fauci says, the UN says, don't ever do that again.
We can't trust each other up behind glass barriers, can't go outside.
But if you want to go out and riot and hurt a white person, well then it's virtuous.
Because you know, America's evil and this is a Marxist movement of a bunch of Harvard billionaires.
Nike famously had the worst sweatshops in the world.
Slave camps.
Now, Apple has topped them with suicide nets and forced abortions and 18-hour workdays.
But again, Tim Cook is effeminate and literally just goes around going, I'm gay, I'm gay.
Seriously, he just goes, gay, gay, gay!
And people go, oh God, you're gay, it's okay, you're on death camps.
That's all this is, is a cover.
I have death camps, but uh.
That's all this is, folks.
That's why Gates wears a pink sweater.
Oh, look, pink sweater.
It's like John D. Rockefeller I would hand out dimes to people, and, oh, I'm your friend, let me hand you dimes.
You all get something free.
And so we sit here and we watch this, and our country's flooded with drugs, and flooded with propaganda, and flooded with evil culture.
And things are just breaking down, and people are lazy and stupid, old, young, black, white.
We are a fallen country that's drunk on the blood of 62 million dead babies we've aborted.
And now it's all over the news, like, oh, the most human-like mouse ever.
And you look at it, and it's a little human.
And they're just going, yeah, we made human mice.
Oh, and we've got, remember just five years ago, Jones is insane, it doesn't exist.
Now it's like, oh yeah, we're gene-editing babies, and we've got a mouse that's 80% human.
Oh, but it doesn't have any rights.
We medically test on it.
I meant to cover that.
You can put a little human face on a mouse.
And that's now just a kind of just a side issue, you know, because, because you know, George Floyd, he died.
Yeah, there it is.
Human-mouse hybrid hailed by top scientists as the most human yet.
And they, they keep the chimera stuff quiet, but you can actually find the photos put up by some of the research labs.
And man, is it scary.
In fact, put that up.
Notice it's called chimeras.
There they are.
Integrate developing mouse embryos and generate functional cells in the mice, the postnatal mice.
Oh, but George Floyd bombed out of his brain on fentanyl, died, and so, oh, four cops shot in St.
Vegas cop on live support, brain dead.
Other cops shot, but it's like, oh, that's a cop.
We're not going to show them bleeding to death.
We're not going to show them dead.
We're just going to show you George Floyd.
And then if you try to show the cops getting shot, Twitter and Facebook and Google, they all take it down.
And then as society breaks down and the dogs come out and the military comes out, oh, the media is like, oh, the military's attacking!
It's white people!
To bring the country down, to destroy your prosperity, to destroy your future.
America is fighting for its life.
This is a Chaicom Globalist-directed attack.
Here, let's play this lady bowing to Black Lives Matter, funded by Soros, funded by Nike, funded by Jeff Bezos, on record.
The guys that actually own slave factories, where people are like locked up in containers at night.
Where if a woman gets pregnant, they force abort.
I mean, you're talking about prisoners.
But it's like, oh, but Jeff Bezos has an eye that points the wrong direction, so it's okay!
And you've got people living off the fumes of America, one of the most open, free countries the world's ever seen.
And boy, everybody's about to get a taste.
If America goes down, they're gonna beg and plead for it to come back.
But it won't, because you're a real slave now.
And all the commies and all the people that went and got two or three degrees that can't get a job but are told, once we overthrow America, you'll have a job in the new economy, they won't have a job or it won't be paid!
But at least they'll be able to kick us around.
And believe me, when I go out to these events, you see them, they go, we're gonna take over, we're gonna arrest you, we're gonna kill your ass.
No, that won't be you, my friend.
You'll be the first people that are gotten rid of.
I'll be put on a private jet and flown in for an audience with his lordship to finally see if I'll make a deal.
I'll be served caviar while you're in a death camp, dumbass!
But then I'll say no and I'll get killed on the spot.
That's how it really works, dumbasses.
The globalists don't collect you like baseball cards.
They collect people like me like baseball cards.
They want me to join the New World Order because I have value.
You don't have value in their eyes.
You're what they call a useless eater.
A useful idiot.
You're a dumbass.
All you meth-head white people with your degrees that are bagging groceries and you're mad that we won't pay your loans off because the very bankers that run you set your ass up.
You can never admit that you were a chump!
And it's because you love lies.
You love your father the devil.
That's why you're a loser.
I'm done talking about that, but you want the latest BS?
The galactic level BS?
This is on Infowars.com and Newswars.com, along with the other great video with Jon Jones out there.
You're not going to see that black man out there trying to stop riots, because that's not the image.
That's not the hero they want.
The hero is the meth head getting black people to break into business.
Only way that video gets out is you share it.
What are you going to do?
Obama National Security Advisor claims Russia is funding rioting in the U.S.
with no proof, with Wolf Blitzer on CNN.
The Democrats are all endorsing it.
They're saying it's great.
They're saying go out and riot.
And then they turn around and they say, but Russia runs it.
San Antonio radio station, San Antonio TV, Dallas, Austin, the BBC, RT, are all saying Alex Jones burned down the homeless camp.
Doesn't matter we got all the raw footage, we didn't do it.
Doesn't matter where they're covering it.
They all, see, because I'm the establishment, right?
I'm the one burning down the homeless camps.
That's what I do in my free time.
Because the Antifa meth heads, they could never do anything wrong.
We're going to go to break and come back with that.
Oh, Zuckerberg claimed he wasn't going to censor Trump.
Oh, now he is.
Oh, Trump's so fascist, calling out the military.
Zuckerberg's going to have to shut Trump.
Oh, see, now the fight really comes down to the line.
Because who's Zuckerberg work for?
Bill Gates.
And who's Gates work for?
You bet.
Maybe Satan?
We're going to break, though.
We're gonna come back.
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I don't know how long I'll be around, folks.
Seriously, stay with us.
Welcome back.
We have massive news breaking at InfoWars.com that is so critical.
Welcome back.
I'm your host Alex Jones.
The globalists are always about titrating the dose of the poison.
You can take cobra poison or other snake poison and slowly build up the amount in your system until you become quasi-immune to it.
You can take a much bigger dose that would kill a normal person.
But see, the way their psychology works, the globalists personally have told me,
In one conversation, I've talked about quite a bit, that you don't get it, Jones.
The public adapts to enslavement.
And so instead of the titrated dose going up, making them resist, it makes them submit.
And so all the censorship, all the control, now in the browsers, in the private text messages, which means they're surveilling you.
That's totally illegal, separate from the censorship.
Apple that has three million Uyghurs in China, many of them in death camps.
Mainstream news admits that they're making components for iPhones.
And then in mainland China, or in the heart of China, old China as they call it, you have slavery going on and suicide nets and forced drugging and just stuff beyond any nightmare you've ever imagined.
And now, in solidarity to push this, it's not just Nike and Amazon virtue signaling as they get looted, Apple freezes browser feature of Music App and replaces it with F the Police playlist from N.W.A.
So yeah, that was fun to listen to when I was 12 years old, too.
The point is, is that this is a mega corporation, super cold-blooded, scientifically taking over the planet, and they want you to believe that they're the super cool trendies that, you know, F the police.
And what does the F the police mean?
It means local elected government.
This is a global technotronic technocracy coming in, like a giant alien mothership blocking out the sun over our cities.
And it's like, I will teach you to be free!
Kill your police!
Overthrow and burn your infrastructure!
Because America was deep into the New World Order, the Chinese century was here, and we said, no, actually, we don't want to jump in the oven.
We don't want to jump in the wood chipper.
We don't want to go bye-bye.
And so they went, oh, you're Russian agents!
Because they're the globalists that want to say no borders, no wall, no USA at all.
They're the ones that say get rid of the country.
They're the ones that say America's permanently broken and it's over, all over the news.
We're depressed.
We're done.
It's all over.
And anybody that signs on to this is going into real slavery.
I don't care what color you are.
Obama's National Security Advisor has climbed out from under a rock after 78 days of having us locked down under martial law.
In a bizarre claim, Barack Obama's former National Security Advisor, Susan Rice, said that the rioting and violence being witnessed in major cities is right out of the Russian playbook.
She then goes on to say,
That the Russians are doing this with no proof!
After locking our government up for three years with Russiagate crap, they're back!
It's not the Democrat governors.
It's not the Democrat police chiefs like Art Acevedo saying, How dare you be mean to brown people!
It's our country!
The whites are the enemy!
I mean, whoa!
In Houston!
Oh, it's not the virtue signaling.
It's not the media or all the race war movies.
None of that.
No, no, no, no.
It's not Antifa burning down the homeless camp.
It's Alex Jones.
You see it all over the news.
No proof.
They just say I did it because they're going for a broke.
Because we're loyal Americans that care about everybody and just want justice and freedom and we're Christian.
And so Susan Rice climbs out from under her rock, obviously always drugged out of her damn mind.
She's the front person for these people.
And she's saying the Russians, the Russians, the Chinese government is praising the rioters.
The Chinese government is all over Twitter not being fact-checked.
The Iranian government not.
But the president's being banned and we just sit here while the president can't communicate in modern communication systems and we're totally shut down except for your word of mouth.
Ball moves down the field when you share the link at Banned.video.
The power you've got is the power to destroy them now!
And when are you going to wake up that it's not Kansas anymore?
That it's not a game?
This is real!
Infowars is real!
You're real!
I'm real!
And now that they've destabilized and Trump's got to launch the troops, he knows they're setting him up.
The troops are going to kill some people.
That's what they do.
And now it's going to be, oh, Trump martial law, when he didn't want the martial law and they made him institute it.
You're going to look back, folks, if we lose this.
And you're gonna wish to hell you spread the word, you've gotten involved now.
All the candy ass churches, everybody on the fence, God said you were hot nor cold, I spit you out of my mouth.
Get off the fence!
Get off the pot, man!
Take a dump or get off of it!
But I'm here to tell you, ladies and gentlemen, you're getting Bolshevik revolution right now, and they're gonna put you in a camp, and they're gonna torture the living hell out of you.
Because that's all these people want to do, is gouge your eyeballs out.
And as soon as you figure that out, you're going to grow up.
But boy, everybody knows why we got guns, and that's the good part about it, is we're not like the poor Russians or the poor Chinese that were serfs before, who didn't really have a long history of being free.
And who were always being attacked by outside forces so they never got their own solidarity.
This place still has an armed camp.
And we still know what's going on.
And so I got news for the New World Order.
You better run your asses to Switzerland and New Zealand.
In Kauai, Hawaii, because you're going to fail, and you can launch and try to get everybody else, Zuckerberg and Tim Cook, to go kill people and kill the cops and have the government break down and bow to you and kneel to you.
It's not going to happen.
And I assure you that you're going to pay severely for what you've done.
And Bill Gates is going to pay severely for what he's done.
And Ward Rothschild is going to pay severely for what you've done.
You're politically defeated, and you know that.
That's why you're trying to overturn everything and overturn the chessboard.
But there could be 1% of thinking people you're still going to lose.
It's more like 30% now.
And the word's spreading really fast.
Your whole COVID blew up in your face.
So the big question we've got to ask listeners is, what is their next fiasco?
Mass shootings, race war, maybe a stronger bioweapon, economic collapse, physical war with China over Taiwan, Hong Kong.
Assassination of the President.
I mean, anything could happen right now.
Get ready, folks.
You're not in a normal period anymore.
The games are over.
You're as helpless as a baby in their mother's womb when that Planned Parenthood death operator is coming to kill unless you start speaking out.
You sit there like a baby in the womb.
That baby didn't have a chance to fight.
You've got a chance to fight!
Are you going to fight or are you going to sit there and kiss ass all day?
So here's Susan Rice looking like she's
Loaded like a freight train, flying like an aeroplane!
Telling us that the Russians are the ones doing it, when their own damn channel she's on is pushing the thing.
Here it is.
I would bet, based on my experience, I'm not reading the intelligence today or these days, but based on my experience, this is right out of the Russian playbook as well.
But we can't allow the extremists, the foreign actors, to distract from the real problems we have in this country that are long-standing, centuries-old, and need to be addressed responsibly.
So these are all CIA leftist foundation folks?
They're sociologists?
Anthropologists, and they look at the culture and they play it off against each other.
What a sickening evil woman that supports radical Islam, all the rest of it.
She's a dirtbag.
She's an elitist.
She loves playing people off.
She loves the public not being informed.
And then she just goes on into how the Russians are running everything.
That's all she's got, because she's the globalist, she's the anti-American, she's the person who wants to get rid of the country, she's the enemy, so she's all, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, the Russians are doing all this!
You're doing it, Rice, and we all know it, you dirty piece of crap!
You gotta deal with God, though, you ugly witch.
This Apple thing, though, is unbelievable, folks.
And I went and checked it.
They literally hijacked the browsers of the Apple app that over 100 million people last time I checked out and are playing.
Kill the police, basically, music.
It's all just like, oh, wow, look!
Let's go kill cops!
While the biggest corporation in the world told me to!
They don't slave camps!
Yes, sir, Tim Cook!
And Trump's up there with Kushner telling him Tim Cook's his friend.
You know Apple is a technocracy.
Stuff doesn't happen unless Tim Cook says it.
Tim Cook said two years ago in Beijing, he said, I want to help you censor, and I want to censor Americans.
He's a B.D.I.
drug addict who's gonna burn in hell.
And not because he sticks his tallywhacker in other men, but because he hates humanity and runs death camps.
Burn in hell, Tim Cook!
Burn in hell, you maggot!
Burn in hell, you little turd!
The left, Soros, the globalists, the shycoms, trying to fund
President Trump is a conman and the ultimate narcissist who wants the world to revolve around him.
It's fascinating to me that George Soros has a foundation dedicated to political activism, left-wing activism, anti-American activism, I believe in many examples, and he gets to do it through a tax-exempt foundation.
What are you, are you kidding me?
Yeah, and isn't it amazing that you have these smallish Tea Party groups that get persecuted, prosecuted by the IRS, but I've never heard George Soros even have a nasty letter from the IRS for all this political activity.
He's running through a C3 foundation.
So that when buildings are being burnt down, people are being killed, security guards at federal buildings are being shot dead, the media gives it almost no coverage.
So that when local and federal government responds, they can tell the public this is tyranny.
Attack them.
President Trump and Attorney General William Barr blamed left-wing anarchist groups for the national violence.
And Barr delivered a warning after both Minnesota's Democratic Governor Tim Walz and President Trump suggested some demonstrators in Minnesota were out-of-state antagonists.
Claims they did not back up with evidence.
It's Antifa.
It's a lot of radical left-bad people.
And they've got to be taught that you can't do this.
This is an attempt to trigger a civil war.
The globalists can't defeat America.
But if they can trick us to fight each other over made-up or exaggerated issues, they win.
What should the President of the United States be doing right now?
President of the United States.
Should be the office that he serves.
He should be a unifying force in our country.
We have seen that with Democratic and Republican presidents all along.
They have seen their responsibility to be the president of the United States, to unify our country and not to fuel the flame.
Not to fuel the flame.
And I think to take his bait time and time again is just a gift to him because he always wants to divert attention from what the cause of the response was rather than to describe it in his own terms.
Get inside!
Get in your house now!
Let's go!
Light him up!
Go inside now!
Get in the house!
Get in!
Get in!
Get in!
Get in!
Get in!
Get in!
Get in!
And this is being boosted to the top of Twitter.
And I don't like it.
It looks like a police state.
But they've been ordered there, and lawlessness created this.
And so all the trendies that want civil war and want all this, they're getting what they asked for.
Now notice, the Imperial Stormtroopers are precise.
They actually shoot the woman in the chest.
From 60 yards away.
Because that's what they're trained to do.
This is what Soros and the globalists are conjuring.
Is the actual military, the actual police.
And they use a bunch of meth-head idiots out there to poke the bear to do it.
And then these people are ordered to go out and clear the streets.
What's gonna happen?
A disaster!
The cop's arrested, he's indicted.
So what's all this so-called rioting about?
It's not about injustice.
It's not about standing up for what's right.
It's about control and power.
And it's all led, if you go out on the LA streets, or the Austin streets, or the Minnesota streets, I've been on the Texas streets the last two days.
But I see the videos from all over the country, man.
It's a bunch of white people.
And I'm not trying to bash white people.
But you know what?
We don't have a Mexican problem.
We don't have a black person problem.
We got a white crackhead problem!
Defending the Republic from enemies, foreign and domestic.
It's Alex Jones.
Alright folks, Alan Keyes has got a lot to say coming up and I don't want to make this show the center of attention either, but we have really been set up bad by mainstream media again, so we've got to take care of that when we come back in 60 seconds and set the records straight about what's happening.
You know when the enemy is launching an attack because you see the propaganda increase and you see movement on the street.
The major corporations that are globalists that think they can conquer every nation state that want hegemonic planetary control, allied with Communist China, are making their move right now.
And they are lying at levels never before seen because they're behaving like
It's the end of the world, because it is the end of their globalist system if they lose.
And that's why Trump's got to act decisively to shut all this down, because they're just going to keep escalating what they're doing to the point of destruction and war if the collaborators with Communist China and the globalists are not dealt with, and I mean decapitated, however the constitutionally elected executive branch sees fit.
This is the wheelhouse we're in right now.
All Apple audio devices with extreme music have been taken over with F the police, kill the police menus.
That's all being done by Tim Cook that owns slave factories in China.
I just had my daughter call me, my oldest daughter, and she goes, Dad, it's all over Twitter.
And I looked, it's being force fed onto Twitter.
Old Jane Doe fake lawsuits.
Fake lawsuits in Houston and in New York City.
With women that don't exist, saying Trump raped them with Jeffrey Epstein, back when it was coming out the Clintons had been involved and Clinton was on the airplane and Bill was going to Lolita Express and going to the island.
Those were put out years ago, proven to be fake, turned out they were fraudulent.
That's being flooded at the top of Twitter.
What else is being flooded at the top of Twitter?
That I sent crews downtown to burn a homeless camp.
They took a little clip of a homeless guy when everybody runs when his mattress is being burned.
Our camera people don't run because they didn't do it.
He yells and says, why are you people burning my stuff?
We have the footage of Andy for doing it.
We released hours of footage of them burning the whole camp.
That's a banned video, but we're not allowed to put that on Twitter.
Only the lie.
That I burned a camp, and now we're getting the threats.
And now it's in RT, and BBC, and San Antonio News, and Dallas News, and I have family calling saying, did you burn the homeless camp?
Because you know, people think, okay, the media doesn't lie like that.
Alex Jones burned down a homeless camp.
We're going to go to Alan Keyes for the Balance of the Hour and get his breakdown as a former head U.S.
Ambassador to the United Nations about this UNWHO New World Order Constellation attack on America and the fact that this is the modern war and everything that's unfolding.
But before we do that, let me just give you a snippet.
Of what we're dealing with right now.
This is the type of stuff that's all over Twitter being boosted to the top of Twitter.
That Trump's raping little girls with no proof.
That I'm burning down homeless camps.
This is a congressional candidate response to mattress burning.
Richard Rowe.
And this is the type of stuff that's being boosted by... I mean, I wasn't even down there.
My crew was there.
We were covering it.
We would never commit a crime.
We don't... It doesn't matter.
They don't care.
They just say because we broke Antifa, burning the homeless camp.
And Twitter had their people put out that I did it, that this is the type of guy, very scary guy, looks like he's had a lobotomy, and I'm not being mean about it, I mean, a very scary individual.
This is the type of mentally unhinged people that believe that I'm burning homeless camps.
Here it is.
Hello, Richard Rowe, candidate for Congress, Florida's House 23, news out of Austin, Texas.
Infowars apparently filmed themselves.
Setting a homeless man's mattress on fire to frame Antifa protesters in order to get footage for their video website.
Toward the end of said footage, the homeless man came up screaming, begging, asking why.
InfoWars is of course saying it was Antifa.
No one f**king believes you, you piece of s**t!
No one believes you!
Not just because of Sandy Hook and all the other disinformation you spread.
Not just because you're a disinformation outlet with Russian ties who just spreads Russian Trump propaganda.
It's because we know how you kind of institutions work.
I know Infowars very personally because I've ran into them in many rallies.
I know exactly what they do.
They start s**t.
They create fake news, and then they call everything else fake news because that's what Orwellian fascists do.
They do whatever they accuse the other side of doing, in this case, false flag.
They create false flags.
They do whatever they say the other guy was doing.
Look, the guy's face is on camera.
It's on camera.
You're gonna say it wasn't one of you?
Okay, he's on camera.
Then take it to the cops, and when they tie him to you, I hope they string every f***ing one of you up.
Oh, why is he screaming at you, Alex?
Why is he screaming at your video crew?
Please, stop.
Please, stop.
Why is he saying that to your video crew, Alex?
Maybe because you were the ones doing it, huh?
And why did the director suddenly yell, cut, cut, cut, the minute he started screaming?
Oh, that would be a perfect opportunity to frame the lives.
That'd be a perfect opportunity, except that guy knew it wasn't them.
He knew it was you.
That's why you yelled, cut, cut, cut.
Because you got caught.
Everyone knows you got caught.
And I hope when they catch you, when that judge ties you to the guy who burnt that homeless guy's mattress, I hope they string every one of you f***ers up with arson, criminal mischief.
I hope they crucify you.
So that's a little sampling of what's going on.
No one says cut.
Twitter only lets us put out short videos on our crew that has little accounts that are getting banned all the time.
And we released the raw footage.
And this guy, by the way, we sent him and tweeted him the stuff.
He won't stop.
Because it doesn't matter to him whatever he says.
We have the video of people running in, burning it.
Then they go, oh, well, the people are wearing InfoWars gear.
Then you look, they're not wearing InfoWars gear.
It's a Spurs hat.
So again, ladies and gentlemen, this is how the left spins everything.
We show people burning a homeless camp, and I did it, and this is what they're doing, and now they say, here it is right here.
Troubled woman with a history of drug use who claimed that she was assaulted by Trump at Jeffrey Epstein's sex party.
Age 13.
Made it all up, she now admits.
But this is all being recycled, folks.
And being pushed.
They're making their revolutionary move right now.
We're seeing more globalist propaganda and activity in an hour than I used to see in five years.
So, Alan Keyes, former U.S.
Ambassador to the United Nations under Ronald Reagan, best-selling author, talk show host, former host of Crossfire and so many other great programs, Deep Six and The Memory Holes, he's so effective and truthful, joins us, and I really appreciate him coming on, but what would you call this point in time, Ambassador, that we're in right now?
I want listeners to understand, I've been on air 26 years.
We've never entered anything like this, in my view.
What would you call this period?
Well, I think it's the period in which we're going to decide whether or not our constitutional self-government survives or is overthrown by a little clique of ideologues who are seeking to subject the people of the United States, and indeed the world, to their ideological cant.
Uh, so that at the end of the day, uh, everything that we have stood for and helped other nations to arrive at will be destroyed and we'll see the world subjected to a totalitarian, uh, communist-style tyranny.
Uh, their model seems to be communist China these days.
Uh, but, uh, but we should believe, I guess, from what you're saying, that only the Russians are involved since they have actually, uh, at least by their appearances, gotten rid of communism.
Therefore, they must be to blame.
Not the folks who are actually practicing that regime's excesses now.
And you just hit the total key there.
I think that's where we are.
You hit the total key.
The American system, not that we ever realize it, but our ideal of humanity and empowerment and all this, the globalists can't compete.
They're authoritarian.
That's what they want to say.
Freedom is slavery so that we give up on it so they can just have free reign because the American system threatens their hegemonic rule.
Well, I think there's no doubt about that, and we're also, we have also been the most successful country in the history of the world, because we tapped into the remarkable energy that comes with a people that are both free to make choices and decisions and take responsibility, but also disciplined by a sense of right.
And that's what our commitment to God-endowed rights is really about.
It's about accepting the discipline that there's a standard of right and wrong, and together we stand on the common ground of agreeing that when you do what's right, it is the job of the community and the government it establishes to make sure that you are secure in your exercise of right.
And I think that that combination of the moral standard, ultimately appealing to God, and the commitment to respect individual rights and responsibilities, it has unleashed a great success in this country.
You're right.
That's the secret formula.
And the Satanists can't handle it.
So when we come back with former ambassador of the United Nations, Alan Keyes, one of the smartest guys on the planet who didn't serve evil, what comes next?
How do we stop this martial law?
How do we stop the race riots?
How do we go after the Democrats that are openly triggering it and then claiming Russians are behind it?
They're all over the place pushing it, all the big corporations want it, and then the Russians are doing it.
All right, Alan Keyes, former ambassador of the United Nations, our guest.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
And I was just in the break room right there getting a cup of coffee and I was watching Senator
Ted Cruz talk about how Antifa is terrorist funded, working with foreign governments to overthrow the U.S.
and how they don't have U.S.
citizens' rights and how we're in a fight for our lives.
And it wasn't rhetoric, because we've been saying that.
I mean, it's the truth.
But I'm just sitting there watching this.
We've had so much normalcy and so much freedom for so long that people don't get how much danger we're all in.
These big megacorporations are very arrogant and they've not had due process as bad as our government's been.
It's had corrupt problems.
These are bigger than governments now.
And they're very autocratic.
And they're very evil.
And so, folks, you need to understand, I'm a libertarian in that I want a very small government.
But I want a government that protects my liberty, because there's always another government trying to come in and take over.
And so this is the greatest threat we've faced in our whole history.
And it's not just about America.
I know Alan Keyes and everybody I get on there, great patriots, they're always like, America, America.
And I get that, but everybody needs to know around the world, this is about true evil on a planetary scale.
Corporations that have gotten away with whatever they want, who now think they're God, and to have Apple that owns these slave factories with the worst abuses on record, they make Nike look like humanitarians, lecturing everybody and saying, kill the police now, and hijacking everyone's browser.
They're getting you used to being raped.
They're just, oh, my private message has been intercepted.
Oh, my app now has a message for me.
This is a takeover.
So Alan Keyes,
You're dead right that they're trying to destroy the American system.
I just have been so alarmed for so long knowing this was coming.
How now, at the actual point of war, do we telegraph to people that you better hit the knee and ask Jesus to open that channel up, like you were saying, and then take action?
Because, you know, God's there, but God helps those that help themselves.
How do we quantify for people that this is game time right now?
This isn't Little League, Bush League, this isn't the playoffs, it's the Super Bowl for the whole future of humanity.
I think the first thing we have to do is make sure that the people who are representing us are doing their job.
Um, and I have been watching a lot of these people talk about the violence that's occurring, and they act as if this is some protest that's protected by the Constitution.
It amazes me that people never go back to the Constitution and read it, because... The protest is not beating people up and burning things.
The rights that's protected in the Constitution is a right that says, Congress shall make no law abridging the right of the people
Peaceably to assemble.
So if people are out there and they're burning down police precincts and destroying malls and assaulting people and so forth and so on, they are not protected by the Constitution of the United States.
What they are actually doing qualifies as insurrection.
And when insurrection becomes widespread, which it has been lately, I think we need to remember
That the President is the Commander-in-Chief.
What's he the Commander-in-Chief of, Alan?
He's the Commander-in-Chief of the Army and Navy.
People know that.
But he's also the Commander-in-Chief of the militia of the several states when called into the actual service of the United States.
And people have been talking as if the only people who can mobilize the militia are the governors and the President must ask their permission to mobilize them and so forth and so on.
Not true.
Because, at the end of the day, it is also stated in the U.S.
Code that the President can, under certain circumstances, when the states have failed to act, in order to secure that protection required by the 14th Amendment incumbent upon them and stated in the Constitution, that no person shall be deprived of life, liberty, or property without due process.
So he's following the Constitution 100% in his statement yesterday.
When he says that the governors won't act, I will.
Well, when you go out and burn down malls and so forth and so on, and the police are standing around acting like they're doing nothing because the governor says so, or you mobilize the National Guard and then act as if you want to have a big prayer meeting rather than stop the violence, and it continues night after night and so forth and so on, and it gets worse, the president is supposed to look at that and make a determination.
They have failed to deal with the insurrection.
The law then says that he shall then turn to the, and it's not just the military, and this is what's been bothering me a little bit about the response.
The first thing the president has to do is he has to assert his role as commander-in-chief of the military, yes, but of the militia when called into the service.
So he has to call them into his service.
He has to basically say, you guys aren't doing this job, I'm taking over the National Guard, I'm taking over the militia.
By the way, the LMO was getting torn up and citizens had to go protect it.
That's what you're saying is, we as citizens constitute government to carry out our operations, but we inherently still have that right.
In fact, it's the prime right.
No, no, no, I'm sorry.
That's not what I'm saying.
Let's be clear about this.
You're saying the President has to be in command.
Let me finish.
The President is the Commander in Chief.
His word now should be governing every response throughout the 20 or so states and the more than a hundred cities that have been under attack.
He then needs to be the head of the chain of command deciding what's to be done by the National Guard, by the militia.
By the way, the word militia is not used in some sense that is not constitutional.
It's supposed to be those between 17 and 45
Who can then be called into action under regulations that the President is going to determine to help restore order.
To help take up tasks that might be needed to support the forces in the National Guard, maybe eventually in the military, who do so.
But the first task of the President is to make sure that everybody understands there's a single chain of command.
Because if he brings the military in and people are pretending that the National Guard answers to the governors, that's going to lead to confusion.
So he has to do it in the right ordering, and in the past... Alright, so let's talk about that.
I mean, I get what you're saying.
I'm bringing up that citizens are filling the gap that Trump hasn't yet gone into going out and defending, you know, the country.
But I get what you're saying is, the President has to declare himself as the Commander-in-Chief under the Constitution, which he's already begun to do yesterday, and sweep the governors aside that want to verse his signal.
Well, he sweeps them aside on a lawful basis, because they have failed to deal with the situation.
And having failed to deal with the situation, he steps forward to deal with it, and he takes over, and he says, the National Guard is called into service under the United States to make sure that no person will be deprived of life, liberty, or property without due process, which has been occurring.
That's the specific requirement in the U.S.
And he can now evoke it, because they have failed.
Sometimes by willful failure, not acting.
Sometimes they've tried, but they haven't succeeded.
It doesn't matter.
He can take responsibility.
And if he then feels that they must be supplemented in one way or another by military forces, the actual authorization in the U.S.
Code says that he can mobilize the Army, the Navy, the militia, or any other means necessary.
To deal with the violation of the Constitution.
But Ambassador Teague, there's no doubt though, this is the global assault.
Americans need to know Trump didn't start this, we didn't start this.
This is the attempt to overthrow the country.
We'll come back and talk about...
I know you get into technical stuff and that's great, but where do you see this going if Trump doesn't act, and how he acts, and how they obviously want to get some people killed by the military, then create a bigger race war.
It's just so disgusting.
How about cutting the head off the snake?
Going after the Antifa organizers, the terrorist funders, the Soros people.
I mean, that's the most logical thing.
The FBI raids five people.
They'll stop.
It's a few people.
Obama, Hillary, the globalists, they're running this.
So instead of just having a huge martial law war, why not just send in the FBI to arrest these people?
And whatever comes our way.
Just about a week ago, I was praying to God.
I was like, man, God, why do I have so many nightmares?
Because your brain's working out problems.
I said, can I have some good dreams?
And man, I had this dream that was like ecstasy three days ago.
And this song was playing on an endless loop.
Whatever it means, I'm just telling you what's going on.
But getting serious,
Alan Keyes is a smart guy and you can hear the impetus in his voice when he was like, that's not what I'm saying.
I'm saying this.
It wasn't about him slapping me down and saying, no, my point is this.
Trump must be the commander in chief.
He must stand up in this moment.
That's what Tucker Carlson, who I know well, even with that, is just desperate to get Trump to just do the right thing and stop listening to Jared Kushner.
And he came out against him last night.
The full video is on Infowars.com.
Kushner's bad news, folks.
And Carlson's been in the meetings.
He's been around and he's seen it for himself.
I'll just leave it at that.
And this, this time is going to bring the best out of people.
It's going to bring the worst out of people.
Cause I mean, this is, this is do or die.
This is game time folks.
I cannot tell you what it's going to be like if this country goes into a full physical civil war and how stupid that's going to be and how bad it's going to be.
We'll talk to Alan Keyes in a moment.
Then we have Millie Weaver and Paul Watson joining us.
I'll just say this.
We're only here because of you.
In fact, their attacks, as Nietzsche said, that which doesn't kill you makes you stronger.
They took all our sponsors 10 years ago.
So I went out and re-engineered the products to sell them.
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All right, back to former ambassador to the United Nations, author and talk show host, Alan Keyes.
Start over, then.
Your message to the president of his office and what he needs to do now in the Constitution with what we're facing.
And then, you love to focus on the positive.
I want you to answer this, though.
What do you see happening if Trump doesn't take action correctly?
Because I get it.
I'm trying to talk about the general audience.
Give the audience info.
You're mainly a message to the President, and I get that.
So what are you saying?
Well, what I'm saying is that he first of all has to stop the violence.
And that there is no excuse for that violence, no constitutional protection for it.
It must simply stop.
And if there are governors and mayors who are dithering around, the president has the constitutional authority and responsibility to step in and make sure that no person is deprived of life, liberty or property absent due process, which is the requirement of the Constitution imposed upon the states, which he then is authorized to intervene, take over the National Guard and whatever other means are necessary to restore order.
And that's what he must get about doing right away.
It's his responsibility to do that on behalf of the nation as a whole, especially when things go beyond the scale of one state, one city, and you're dealing with what is now, quite obviously, an orchestrated attack on order throughout the society.
On the excuse, by the way, of an episode that was dealt with, I think, as expeditiously as you could have imagined.
Faster than I've ever seen it, in fact.
Because the minute the autopsy had established the cause of death, they had already fired the police officer, then arrested him, and are moving now to see whether others who stood by and did nothing would also be prosecuted.
You can't really observe due process without waiting for the autopsy report.
That's all they did.
They waited for that report and then they moved ahead.
They didn't go through the usual procedure, which is an internal police investigation and all of that.
And I thought that that expedition was in response to the strong public outrage that I and pretty much everybody else who saw the episode was sharing.
I did not understand and neither did a lot of other people.
Something was not done in response to that situation way before this man was even in danger of death.
Especially since he wasn't apparently suspected of a violent crime.
But, once you get the message...
That this is something being used by others to attack the country.
The president must thus then respond, and if the governors and mayors are not acting with expedition to deal with the violence, if they're talking as some of them have, as if there is some constitutional protection for that kind of violence, then he has to intervene and set them straight.
And do so by means that establish the order of priorities.
He gets to take over the process of law enforcement and make sure that the Constitution is respected.
And he needs to do that now, immediately.
I think that it has been, to me, kind of dismaying that he hasn't moved.
I'm wondering whether his advisors haven't been going through the code in order to make it clear that he not only has, where you have the authority, the operative word is shell, when this kind of an abuse of our rights is taking place.
Then the president shall intervene if it appears that the governors and others have failed.
And I think the continuing violence certainly suggests that they have.
No, you're right.
And it's Kushner that's telling Trump to do nothing, which is insane.
Well, it's not only insane, it's going to be, I think, deeply harmful to the country.
And that is crazy.
The president cannot allow that to happen.
The part that I think is important is that he can look at the means available and decide which ones.
And I think it would be appropriate, by the way, for him to bring in the sheriffs.
For him to use the sheriffs to call out the able-bodied people, 17 to 45, within a certain criteria that could be useful to helping to guard buildings and restore order in that sense, as a supplement to the National Guard.
I think we also have to be careful to keep in mind that you bring in military forces at a present time like this, we are also in danger of other kinds of attacks and I hope they're taking account of that.
Some people in this country, in our media, have clearly been working in concert.
With China and other... Let's talk about that next segment.
...in order to undermine our country.
I agree.
This is all admitted to be foreign orchestrated now, and that's the real way to cut the head off the snake.
I want to talk about that, but here's the Polk County Sheriff in Florida talking about the power of the militia.
Here it is.
We have received information in social media that some of the criminals were going to take their criminal conduct into the neighborhoods.
I would tell them if you value your life, you probably shouldn't do that in Polk County.
Because the people of Polk County like guns.
They have guns.
I encourage them to own guns.
And they're going to be in their homes tonight with their guns loaded.
And if you try to break into their homes to steal, to set fires, I'm highly recommending they blow you back out of the house with their guns.
So leave the community alone.
And we'll do our best to support the community.
But ladies and gentlemen, make no mistake about it.
All of that ugliness has taken away from what we're united about.
We're united about the conduct that you saw with George where his life was taken with the need of the net.
It's horrific and there's not enough words to explain that.
Let's keep the focus on that.
That's right.
I mean, nobody wants to watch somebody beg for their life and die because of Minnesota is the only, those cities, the only two cities in the country that allow that.
They banned that decades ago because it killed some people.
And so idiotic police training and now the whole country has to burn.
We have to have a domestic collapse.
But who's really behind it?
And how do we say no to that straight ahead?
So there's a viral video out right now, it's on Infowars.com, of a pigeon battling with an escalator.
But that's the same thing we see.
There's a cardinal that for years came to my window and pecked it every morning.
He's gone now.
Phil all left alone.
I'm actually wondering if he died or whatever happened.
For three or four years, he pecked at the window.
And, you know, here you've got the pigeon running on the treadmill and, you know, attacking it and trying to control it.
And who knows if it's 5G making it upset.
All the birds have been going crazy.
But this is racism.
This is fighting with each other over what color we are instead of our ideology.
We should be fighting with each other over what we stand for.
That should determine us, what we believe, what we build, what we do.
I've said this a thousand times.
I go to a restaurant
Because they've got good food.
Because I like Southern cooking.
And the North's real racist about Southern cooking.
They call it soul food if it's just Southern cooking.
I'm like, oh, that's black people food.
I just go to the black soul food places.
They got the best chicken fried steaks and sweet potatoes and, you know, food like that.
To me, I don't walk in there going, oh, these are black people.
I'm virtue signaling going in here to eat at a black restaurant.
I'm going there because they got the best chicken fried steak and the best sweet potatoes and the best black-eyed peas and the best cornbread and the best whatever.
Because that's just what I grew up eating.
To me, that's not black food.
That's just Texas food.
But again, it shows how the left politicizes every issue, and instead of it being food, they turn it into a new symbol.
And that's what the psychologists and the people running things have done.
And now, we have Communist China openly funding insurrection, openly allowed to do whatever they want on Twitter and Facebook, but the president censored
And you talk about a day late, a dollar short.
Look, Trump only with 156 days left.
It's 153 now.
Announces an executive order against Big Tech citizenship.
But Trump can't do it all.
I get that
Our guest is right saying Trump should take action.
He's in the prime position to do it.
But what do we the people do to put pressure on everybody to realize the simple decision that bankrupting America, having a race war, locking everything down.
Now the German interior ministry comes out and says COVID-19 is a hoax.
I mean, everything they do is a fraud.
So what I'm getting at here is we can push the president all day.
And that's good and that's important, Alan Keyes, but what else can we the people do to try to turn this around and not go down this road?
And what happens if we don't?
Is that a question for me?
Yeah, and that's a lot of questions.
I mean, there's so many points.
Do we pressure Trump?
What do we do?
Well, I think the two things are actually never separable.
Because at the end of the day, we elect our officials to represent our responsibility to do certain things.
And the Second Amendment's a good example, by the way, though everybody forgets this.
The Second Amendment isn't just about the militia.
It's about a well-regulated militia.
Part of that regulation is taken care of by the Congress and the National Guard and all of that.
And everybody knows about that.
But when I say that the president has to move in and start dealing with the militia in that larger sense, he then has the responsibility to say we're faced with this situation and here's what the folks starting at the grassroots can do.
To help restore order in this situation.
What you're saying is that infrastructure died.
It went away.
It became vestigial.
No, it didn't die.
No, I'm not saying that.
I'm not saying that.
Well, let me say what I said.
It didn't die.
Since we're arguing about the point, let me get to it.
The Constitution actually gives the President the leeway.
To adapt the unorganized militia.
Let me just stop you.
I'm not trying to get an argument with you here.
What I'm saying is they have killed the nerve endings.
I'm not saying the law is dead.
I'm saying they have extincted it.
You're saying when you say regulated, it means there is a governmental bureaucracy of the people being civil defense that should be brought back.
And you're saying it was never taken away.
But how do you activate something that's been put in carbon freeze?
Well, see, I think bureaucracy at the moment doesn't enter into it.
What enters into it is the President of the United States appealing to the able-bodied males, 7 to 45, in different parts of the country, pointing, for instance, to the county sheriffs, and saying, here's a responsible official, and I would... Can I finish?
I would like this responsible official to become a focal point
For organizing the response of communities against this violence.
And I will give them some instructions about how they go about doing this, so that, in a regular fashion, people can come together and organize in defense of their communities.
We need to restore that sense which was always part of this understanding.
That part of what needs to be done when there's local insurrection or organized insurrection targeting the local level.
No, I agree with that.
I'm saying if there's atrophy to that, how does the president carry that out?
He must ask for it and he must give instructions as to how it is done.
And then he must allow the sheriffs, who are quite familiar.
You saw that sheriff.
I think that sheriff has the right spirit, has the knowledge probably of how it needs to be done or implemented.
At least what he needs is the direction.
And that direction would then come in these circumstances, for these circumstances, from the White House.
And he needs to task people around him, in the military, to come up with that organization so it can be implemented right now to deal with this situation as a supplement.
She was saying the President must call on the power of the people.
I agree with that statement.
That's right, but he must call on it in a way that helps to designate who's going to be responsible for organizing it and take responsibility for making sure that it is done in a way that's consistent with the mission, which is to make sure that order, which means respect for the simple fact that no violence is to be done and no threat is to be posed to life, liberty, or property without due process.
That's the mission.
And that's the mission that is not yet being acquitted by the governors and the mayors.
Partly, I suspect, because some of them are so committed to this leftist ideology, that they actually think that violence is a proper means for expressing our passion.
Oh yeah, listen to this.
My son, we haven't aired this yet.
He got the footage up two nights ago.
He went into a convenience store and there's a guy attacking everyone and beating them and stealing.
When the cops come, they let him go because the guy said, I'm a protester.
So when you in law are explaining the media, as you said, and Republican governors too, not just Democrats, are saying, oh, robbing and burning things is an act of protest.
No, it's not.
No, it's not.
That's something that I think needs to be gotten across quite quickly.
And introducing his role in this, the President could actually, in his statement, make that part of the introduction.
This understanding that somehow protest is protected when it crosses the line into violence, that's a wrong understanding.
My responsibility, he should say, is to make sure that the Constitution and law which requires that no person be deprived of life, liberty, or property.
And remember, all the way back to the Declaration, all the way back Alex, to the Declaration of Independence, the primary role of the institution of government is to secure these rights.
Among them, the right to life, liberty, etc.
That means that that security is a goal for government overall.
It's a goal recognized in the Constitution in specific terms, life, liberty, and property.
It's the prime directive.
Yes, and it has to be respected.
The Democrats, the ideologues, the leftists... That's my next question.
I know you want to focus on us, but they're really going for broke.
What do you expect them to do next?
This is very ominous.
They just seem to be going for broke.
Well, they seem very willing and anxious, in fact, to induce chaos and bring the country to civil war.
That's their goal.
The way you avoid civil war is by imposing civil order instead.
That is to say, to take steps in line with the Constitution and the laws that restore order, using and relying upon what's already been demonstrated.
Some people hate it.
But I think what the American people demonstrated in the first part of this whole quarantine period was that when they're asked to do something that makes sense to them, they do it.
Even when it doesn't make sense to them, they'll do it if they think it's going to be good for the country.
But when they see that they're being snookered, they will start to resist.
But that's a combination of common sense and law-abiding character that needs to be mobilized now by the President.
Have faith in the grassroots.
Have faith in your own powers.
And don't listen to Kushner.
I agree.
Alan Keyes, imtv.us, imtv.us.
What other sites should people visit to find out what you're doing?
Well, I think IMTV.us is it.
We also have all of our shows up on Brighteon, and so you can access us there, but there's a link at IMTV.us that goes to all of those shows.
Well, I hope the President listens to you, because you're dead on.
I think he's listening to you and Tucker Carlson and our listeners.
Thank you so much, Ambassador Keyes, one of the smartest guys we have on the show.
Thank you for having me on.
Thank you, sir.
All right, we've got Millie Weaver, we've got Watson.
I wanted to take calls, too, and I've got all these clips I haven't gotten to.
This is just insane.
This is a totally foreign, globalist operation, and I just have horror to think the mass shooting they're about to stage, or the new virus they're gonna release.
I mean, I'm just telling everybody, it's on, folks.
It's all, we're in the new world order now.
I mean, there's no more games, no more jokes.
In a way, I don't even, I feel actually quite free now.
I mean, I just, but I'm carrying a gun around now.
I mean, I've never done that, folks.
I'm a confident guy, I'm not afraid.
I got my riot shotgun out at the house at night.
I got it all.
In case the left comes with an armored truck, I got a .50 cal armor-piercing.
I mean, we're just in that house now, folks.
I don't do something unless I have to.
The weapons are out.
I like that line from True Grit.
And I hope when I'm done, they put that on my tombstone.
He's fearless and double tough.
Millie Weaver's gonna come in the next two segments.
Alan Keyes is amazing.
And he's so optimistic if we would just follow the Constitution and Bill of Rights, which are the weapon systems of freedom, that he just wants to keep hammering those and gets pissed when I bring up the problems.
About, okay, I get all that, but what if we fail?
Well, let's not talk about the failure, let's talk about the victory.
And I get that.
I'm not criticizing him.
That's why I love having him on.
He's amazing.
He knows his stuff.
And that's why they buried him out there where you can't hear him, except on broadcasts like this.
But man, it really came home from me when I learned that my son was in a store and there was a person there assaulting everybody.
And my son said there was like a six foot six big dude.
My son's like six two now.
We're going to get this footage coming up and
The big guy wouldn't go help the shopkeeper being beaten up by the crazy person.
And so my son had to go do it.
And it just really came home to me that that's how screwed up everything is.
I mean, I know two gun stores I go to that one they attempted to rob and shot up, the other they robbed.
Two I go to!
I only go to like four or five.
And everybody I know has been stuck up in a parking lot or robbed.
And man, I go over to my parents' house, man, I catch their doors open and I'm just like, listen, I know you, just lock your damn doors.
Because let me tell you, it's on right now, folks.
Crime is insane.
And every criminal, they could be old, they could be young, they could be male, female, black, white, they're out there robbing, robbing, robbing.
But the media has put out this message to black people that
Oh, it's a protest if you go rob some black person's store, white person's store, Asian person's store, and it's just disgusting.
And like, watching Antifa chump people, and watching trains being robbed, and just the breakdown of civilization and society.
I mean, I can't even keep track of it anymore.
Hundreds of years at work, it's all being flushed.
And all these dumbasses, when it's all gone, are gonna go, well, I remember, used to, I had electricity.
Used to, I could go to the doctor.
It's all gone.
It's being taken away from you because you sold out the unborn.
I sold out the unborn.
We sold out all these innocent people.
Yeah, here, let's show this white lady, bow down to Black Lives Matter.
Like, what does this do?
Back it up and start it over.
Here it is.
Excuse me.
Hey, excuse me.
I work for Black Lives Matter.
I'm sorry.
I work for Black Lives Matter.
I'm sorry that I scared you.
But since I work for that company, my CEO has told me to come out today and to bring you on your knees because you have white privilege.
So if they see that a white person is getting on their knees, that shows solidarity for the situation.
The situation.
And could you just please apologize for, you know, for your white privilege?
Just apologize?
I am.
I'm trying to think of the right words to say, because that's a big thing to say.
It's big.
It comes from... It's large in this country.
I'm incredibly sorry about that.
You know, with this country, we have that President Donald Duck, that clown in office.
You know, he's brought a lot of bigotry, and you're not a part of it, right?
And so, you know, just...
Okay, you have a great day.
You know, living on your knees is hard, isn't it?
I'm not doing it.
I'm going out.
Guns blazing, politically.
And that feels good, doesn't it?
In fact, you know what?
I'll be honest with you.
I've been sick the last few months with what's happening.
But the last few days, I decided I'm not gonna be sick, but I like it.
Because let me tell you, all you trendies and all you people that have lived off this freedom and pissed on it, I swear to God, before we're done, you're gonna pay bad!
You wanna fight?
You're gonna get one!
You know you are, too, when I get my hands around your neck slurls.
All of you!
You want war?
You're gonna get war!
You want war?
You get it!
It's time for humanity to stand up in the Info War and say, I don't know what's going to happen at the end of this, but you want to fight?
You better believe you've got one!
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
America needs creation, not destruction.
Cooperation, not contempt.
Security, not anarchy.
Healing, not hatred.
Justice, not chaos.
This is our mission, and we will succeed 100%
We will succeed.
Our country always wins.
That is why I am taking immediate presidential action to stop the violence and restore security and safety in America.
I am mobilizing all available federal resources, civilian and military, to stop the rioting and looting, to end the destruction and arson, and to protect the rights of law-abiding Americans, including
Your second amendment rights.
Therefore, the following measures are going into effect immediately.
First, we are ending the riots and lawlessness that has spread throughout our country.
We will end it now.
Today, I have strongly recommended to every governor to deploy the National Guard in sufficient numbers that we dominate the streets.
Mayors and governors must establish an overwhelming law enforcement presence until the violence has been quelled.
If a city or state refuses to take the actions that are necessary to defend the life and property of their residents, then I will deploy the United States military and quickly solve the problem for them.
I am also taking swift and decisive action to protect our great capital, Washington, D.C.
What happened in this city last night was a total disgrace.
As we speak, I am dispatching thousands and thousands of heavily armed soldiers, military personnel, and law enforcement officers to stop the rioting, looting, vandalism, assaults, and the wanton destruction of property.
We are putting everybody on warning.
Our 7 o'clock curfew will be strictly enforced.
Those who threaten innocent life and property will be arrested, detained, and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
I want the organizers of this terror to be on notice that you will face severe criminal penalties and lengthy sentences in jail.
It was 25 years ago that I was contacted by members of the military and emergency management systems and police chiefs, who I'll interview on record, that Bill Clinton had a plan to use the Army to trigger civil unrest, martial law, and gun confiscation.
And I was so green back at the time that I was getting documents from the FBI and from the Army
About the Delta Force being trained for this.
And I went on air and was like, the Delta Force is planning to overthrow America.
And like years later, they're like, we understand, we gave you the documents.
We didn't want to do this.
We understand we're being given the orders.
Hey, I was 26 years old.
I had a talk show.
Who got that?
I just went and got it.
And now I get it all later.
So I get how these young people get manipulated.
Because even when I was given the information to stop it by the people in the Pentagon that didn't like it, I didn't even know what to do with the information.
It's like pearls before swine.
And so, all these years later, here we are, with the globalists and the chi-coms openly trying to destroy the country.
The police aren't our enemy.
They're just average people like us.
Some are good, some are bad.
Most are good.
The firefighters, almost all good people.
There are a few bad ones.
But they're Americans.
And the globalists are trying to tear us all apart and manipulate us to stall the economy because the COVID hoax is failing and the economy is starting to come back and they're just so pissed, man.
I double checked it.
It's Acme brick of Berkshire Hathaway in more than 20 cities delivered pallets of bricks everywhere.
Just dumped them off.
They just, with a computer, they hit a button.
Delivered everywhere.
Apple just took over and said kill the police on their main feed.
Everybody's phone was taken over, like kill the police, murder everybody.
These are the big dirty corporations doing this.
They're making their move.
They think they're going to defeat Americans and defeat you.
They think we're that stupid.
And you know what?
I know at a spiritual gut level that they're going to lose.
But then that's when I get the chill up my spine.
You understand they're going to escalate.
And at a certain point, we have to stop and ask ourselves, he is not shutting them down, aiding them.
And so I'm the anti-fascist.
I'm the anti-police state.
I tried to stop all this.
We're here now.
This is where we were brought.
You understand that if the Pentagon and what's left of the Justice Department and the President doesn't start decapitating the enemy last month, we're going to lose.
They're already setting up their whole civil war.
They're going to sit it out in New Zealand and Hawaii and Tasmania and Switzerland.
I'll assure you, you're not.
Let's just not go there.
Because I don't want to kill these people.
I don't want the globalists.
I don't care about them.
I just want them to realize.
But see, they're not going to stop.
All they respect is their teeth knocked out.
And so, I'm telling them now, as a representative of the people, if or anything were that,
Do you really want us to kill you?
Because you just keep asking for it over and over again.
And you keep... I know you hate yourselves.
Why don't you just commit suicide?
Just kill yourselves.
Or repent to God if you've got any soul left.
Why do you want to burn everything down and all of us all kill each other?
Because we're not like trillionaire jerks like you.
God, kill them!
You know, you're the great avenger.
The vengeance belongs to you.
I get it.
Believe me, you got to humble us for what we've done.
We've killed all these babies.
I get it.
I'm not questioning God.
I'm just saying, sitting here watching scrotumize Soros and all these other people that just like, that they want us to die because they're already dead.
And I just want to tell Soros this, you need to die.
I'm not going to kill you.
I don't want anybody, because I don't turn you into a martyr.
I'm saying you're going to burn in hell.
It's a universe of your own creation, jerk.
And I just want the world to know that you are to blame.
How's that sound?
Because I'm really pissed off at you, man.
You're a dick!
You're a jerk!
You're an asshole!
You're a goddamn piece of shit!
Alright, I gotta stop.
And the same thing goes for the Clintons and all you people.
Like, what is your problem, man?
You want to piss on people forever and create war and have us kill each other so you can play God?
A God creates planets.
A God gives people power.
A God revels in our success and our dreams.
You're not a God!
You're a devil!
That's all I got to say to you.
You're a twisted freak.
A jerk.
A cancer.
And I want you to know that no matter what you do, God's gonna win.
And no matter what you do, you're gonna burn in hell!
You're gonna burn bad.
And not because God wants to burn you, but because you chose your own Satanism and you will be imprisoned in a cell with your own soul to look at yourself FOREVER!
And you won't have us to feed on or kick around anymore!
So you are damned to hell!
You are committed to hell in the name of Jesus Christ!
You and all your people are now committed to the pit of hell forever in the name of Jesus Christ!
We'll be back.
Nickelodeon is now brainwashing kids with George Floyd propaganda.
Live from Austin, Texas.
Megan the Space Jump.
All right, Millie Weaver, great independent journalist.
Millennium Millie joins us.
She was there covering so many crazy things yesterday.
She's got a lot to cover, a lot to go over.
But Millie, just your prime approximation with you and your great crew about what's happening in 2020 with 153 days out.
What do you expect to happen next?
I mean, what is this period of history we're in right now?
Well right now we're seeing an armed uprising of leftist organizations that is being run by military generals and swamp creatures.
This is an uprising.
It's going to be similar to what we saw in Ukraine.
We have had the opportunity to... You said it's like Arab Spring and it's all run by globalists.
You're absolutely right.
Okay, so this is breaking news.
It's a little bit premature.
We were hoping to get it out later and get it out with more detail.
But the problem is, is they started off this uprising sooner than we had anticipated.
We have had an infiltrator inside their Green Movement.
You told me about this weeks ago.
Are you ready to start talking about this?
We are going to start releasing the documents.
We've had an infiltrator.
He, she's been in there for two years now.
And by the way, I've seen it, folks.
This is Project Veritas level.
Next level.
I mean, this is just devastating.
It's huge.
By the way, Millie, you didn't tell me you were ready to do this today.
So you just sprung this on me.
We've been talking for months about this.
You're... Go ahead.
We're going to be releasing this.
I'm sorry to spring it on you, Alex.
No, I'm not mad at you.
I want people to know, like, this is crazy.
It needs to get out.
AOC, all these Democrat leaders have been working with the Sunrise Movement.
This is the same movement that pushed the Green New Deal.
They have been training high school and junior high school aged children for the past couple years.
Kids as young as 7 years old.
That's right.
They call it a Maoist movement.
They've done it.
You've got hidden video inside the classrooms brainwashing the kids.
Hidden video of Zoom conferences, AOCs in these videos, the leaderships in these videos talking about the riots, talking about escalating and continuing.
So while you're at work and your nine-year-old daughter is home, they're being brainwashed by the Communist Party.
They are brainwashing the youth.
That's what they're doing.
And not only that, Alex, we have their entire mirrored servers.
We have it all.
We have all their internal communications documents.
We've got the receipts of them buying stuff.
It is insane what we have.
We have the connections where they're actually getting direct communications from military contract groups.
There's a military group called Asymmetrical Systems.
Actually, their CEO,
Uh, of the Sunrise Movement, Aaron Berger.
He is also the CEO for Asymmetric Solutions, which is a private military and cybersecurity contracting company.
Many of these contracted groups also have contracts with the military.
They're teaching them tactical military maneuvers, organization strategies, communications.
That's like Bernard Couric, former
You know, NYPD Commissioner said, this is military precision.
This isn't just terrorism, this is organized overthrow of the government.
I mean...
People are like, oh Trump's gonna respond and arrest him, he's a tyrant.
It's the only thing he can do.
They should send the Green Berets in to literally just deal with the, and I don't mean the idiot protesters.
You cut the head off the snake, it's done.
But you've got these arrogant contractors that are funded by China that literally think America is a chump and is over.
So since you're gonna get to it Millie, I didn't know you were gonna do this today.
I knew you were getting ready for it.
Start over right now.
Begin at the beginning and tell people what you've got.
Okay, so we have had somebody infiltrate the Sunrise Movement for the past two years.
They've went under as a- This is an NGO, globalist, overthrow America group.
Yes, it is the same group that Bernie Sanders was endorsed by AOC.
They're communists.
Yes, these Democrats are in league with these groups.
They say that they're a- And all because they're candy-ass leftists, they just think they're allowed to do this.
They're progressive communists.
Many of these same groups, Black Lives Matter, all of them, if you follow the leaves up to the same branch, it's all the same.
This is being run by the World Bank, by the Club of Rome, and believe it or not, the internal documents we have show that AOC is a member of the Club of Rome.
Of course.
I mean, these people aren't who they say they are.
It is worse than we think.
They are terrorists like Ilhan Omar.
I mean, this is going down.
They are doing an armed overthrow.
No, this is a literal Muslim Brotherhood New World Order takeover.
Absolutely, Alex.
And they have the military on their side, so that is why it's so planned and coordinated.
We've seen pallets of bricks being delivered.
We've seen them interfering with police communications.
They have a large slice of the military command under their control.
Yes, and they use Discord chats, they use Google Docs, they use all of these private encrypted chats.
Well, we use 556.
Well they use it to communicate their orchestration of their plans.
Does that make sense?
And we were able to get inside, we got servers, we got everything, we've got their internal documents, we have their plans.
They've got a graph that says the momentum cycle, how it talks about the different periods of the uprising.
They know they want to hijack our revolution to restore the republic.
And so, and you've gotten, just like we got the critical documents, I'm not bringing this up to go, oh look, we have documents.
Just like we got documents about how they planned the uprising and how it's all admitted now, we're trying to expose this to people that we have their plans.
So yes, Trump must act now.
Please continue.
Well, one of the things that I found kind of shocking is inside when they're communicating about the new normal, their new normal is a code word and it doesn't have anything to do with Code 19, Alex.
It has everything to do with this uprising.
And the new normal is going to be this uprising, the violence that's going to continue and escalate, their new normal.
That's one of the weird things we saw in the documents.
New Normal is actually a code word, and them pushing for all these masks, everything, it was part of their plan.
They can use the masks to be able to go out there, conceal their identity.
It's an art type of, now they're, everybody's antithet was to make them feel powerful.
Look, everyone's, exactly, everyone's wearing a mask.
I think I got a call from
A high-level, really smart guy, he goes, two weeks ago, he goes, listen, the mask or the cover of the criminal takeover, the mask is meant to make Antifa believe this is their code.
See, we're in charge.
Everyone's wearing a mask.
You just said it, Milly.
There's a group called Momentum.
It's an organization that has been training these people how to protest, how to riot, how to overthrow, how to use these tactics.
They have different names like Fire Mage, Light Mage, where, you know, Fire Mages are the ones that throw the multi-youth cocktails.
They have different people, Alex.
It's all coordinated and organized.
They have the medics.
We hear them in the video footage, medic, medic.
It is all coordinated.
They have assigned
They have roles for all these protesters.
They have peaceful protesters as one of the roles, where they just go act like they're just peaceful people getting hurt.
Well, the only action is not by we the people, but I mean, it's decapitation.
I mean, the government, if it's legitimate, needs to stop this foreign insurrection, and it needs to decapitate the leadership.
This was pre-planned.
I've been looking at last night.
I was going down a rabbit hole.
I was up late.
I was just looking at all these private communications, these tweets.
Even some of these tweets are public where they're posting, oh, thanks for the money for the supplies.
I'm going to be putting it up on the Discord.
I'm going to be put up on the Google Doc.
And it's all Hollywood and billionaires and Warren Buffett just funding it.
Oh, they just don't care.
They're proud of it.
They're funding it.
And some of these same groups were previously in the months prior, they were putting these funds to bail out prisoners and people from jail to get them out of prison because they were saying COVID-19 was endangering them.
So we saw all these releases.
Well, the good news is they started the war.
Now they're going to get it.
I'll be right back.
Stay with us.
They think we're going to prison camps.
You're going into graves.
originates from the seed of determination.
I don't normally go off what fortune cookies have to say, but I got some Chinese food today and I said, let me open both these up and see what they have to say.
Just now during the break, I was scarfing down an egg roll and it says, everything originates from the seed of determination.
If impulse has one thing, it's determination.
And it's that understanding that we just can't turn our wills over to others.
At least unconsciously.
Consciously turn it over to God, that's great.
God doesn't take control of your will, God empowers your will.
That's a big secret the Satanists don't know.
They think, oh, Satan empowers the will.
No, it's the other way around.
Another one, dreams are extremely important.
You can't do it unless you imagine it.
Two really good points.
They didn't come from J.J.
Millie Weaver, I know you've been working on this for months.
You've got an infiltrator inside.
You've got all the data.
I told you weeks ago, I said, just give it to Project Veritas.
They're really good at getting stuff out.
I mean, hell, we don't want the glory.
This is a really dangerous thing you guys have done.
Um, I've seen a lot of it.
It's, it's very damning.
And to realize they've got the kids.
They're not just doing drag queen story time out in open with convicted pedophiles, bouncing six year old girls on their knee and little boys.
They are in there, man.
They are brainwashing.
This is Marxist.
This is Maoist.
This is hardcore.
And this is their big push.
That's why.
Uh, what do you expect them to do next?
And then, and then, and then get back into these documents.
And when are you guys going to put these out on the internet so folks can see them?
Because you've announced it now.
They're coming for you.
Oh yeah, they've already been coming.
They know that we have them.
So we're trying to get them out as soon as we can, Alex.
They're going to be out within a day or two.
I mean, we are getting it out fast.
And we've already put out a little bit of a clip.
Again, it's a blueprint for the total takeover of our children.
While your kid's at school, you don't know they're literally being taken over.
Oh yeah, and I already put a clip out on my Twitter, Millie Weaver, Millie underscore Weaver on Twitter if you guys want to see that.
But yeah, it is, it's bad Alex.
They actually have some teachers in league with this group, the Sunrise Movement.
So you have actual teachers grooming and then directing underage children to these Green Party organizations that are communist organizations.
So these children are being secretly groomed behind their parents' back.
Orchestrating and coordinating with private chats, encrypted chats with children, private Zoom conferences with children.
We had to blur out some of the faces in the video we just released because they are underage kids, Alex.
It's that bad.
You have people using NLP, high-level, exotic NLP on kids.
And this is literal pot-bellied communist brainwashing children without their parents knowing with extreme pleasure.
Oh yeah, and they're brainwashed.
And they're all well-meaning liberals.
That's why you see the police chiefs and everyone going, oh, America's bad.
Yes, kill white people.
And it's a white guy saying it.
It's all a cult of guilt.
It's a literal cult takeover.
It is.
It's like, it's alright we secretly talk to your kid without them knowing.
Because it's, of course, they all add the LGBT sexualization.
But look at the cult leaders that are running it.
I mean, this is who's secretly talking to your children.
And these young kids think that this is an organic uprising, an organic movement.
It's not.
It's being run by the military-industrial complex.
It's being run by military-contracted companies.
Yeah, get back to that, because you guys track this back to some top generals.
Oh yeah, okay, so the IIA operations that we're seeing on Twitter and on social media right now, that has been tracked back to military generals, General Hayden, General Jim Jones.
These are Obama, people that worked in the Obama administration, Alex.
These people, they are planning to do an armed overthrow, a violent overthrow.
They have their hands in this, it is insane.
So an IIA operation, an Interactive Internet Activities operation, that is basically where you have these systems.
You have a system called Shadownet.
Patrick Berge, he was one of the pioneers.
He developed this software for the military to be used in Iraq and Iran.
Some of this technology, because these private corporations were able to keep it after the contracts were up, that same technology was used in the Ukraine to help with the Ukraine uprising.
And for folks that don't know, for folks that don't know, if you just type into a search engine, Obama legalizes CIA propaganda in the United States.
You'll get foreign affairs, all these articles, and so this is
Taxpayer money being used by stay-behind networks in the government, the bureaucracy, to engage in this and then mobilize the riots, the murder, the death, everything you see.
Oh yeah, it's pretty bad, Alex.
So basically, military weapons are being used on American citizens.
The social media is in on it.
These terrorist activities... Well that's why they're so arrogant, because Kushner knows all this.
I mean, have you noticed that Tucker Carlson's come out against Kushner?
And it's just totally, I mean, risking his job, everything, to say that.
Kushner works for the deep state and is literally sabotaging Trump.
Yeah, you have people within the deep state that are on the right-wing side of things, and right now they're trying to tell President Trump not to have a strong response.
Oh, you don't want to be called a dictator, President Trump.
You don't want to be seen as too harsh.
The left will criticize him anyway.
President dictator, Trump dictatorship is trending.
So they don't care.
They're going to use any way.
They'll gaslight, they'll lie, they'll smear him.
He needs to come down hard.
He needs to declare the Insurrection Act and he needs to get the National Guard in here.
Exactly, because this isn't martial law.
We're being put into globalist martial law where we have no rights.
This is duly elected government needs to challenge this foreign globalist operation and stop it dead in its tracks.
Oh yeah, and we have Democrats, like for instance, on the Hunt Hill Bridge in Dallas last night.
The military, the National Guard... Now put up her tweet guys, Millie's tweet.
Yes, they were able to actually corral the rioters onto the bridge.
They had both sides of the bridge closed off.
They were trapped.
So the military police were able to make large arrests.
They arrested everyone, hundreds of people, about 300 people.
Rioters, terrorists, okay, were arrested and apprehended for breaking curfew.
That's what they were able to get them with.
Of course, the leftists are all on social media saying, these are peaceful protesters, they're peaceful protesters.
No, they're not.
They're criminals.
Peaceful protesters don't break the law.
They don't commit crimes, okay?
They wouldn't be out there because they wouldn't be wanting to violate a curfew.
That's not true.
Look, the whole point is, is if somebody's caught on tape doing something, they're a criminal.
This is done by foreign powers.
It's one thing if citizens do stuff.
Is it lawful?
Isn't it?
We look at each case.
This is a globalist literally saying they're overthrowing the country.
And like you said, they don't care anymore.
They just brainwash kids.
They just put out fake news.
They say, Millie, that we burned down the homeless camp.
Totally made up!
So as soon as myself and other law-abiding Americans were applauding this, you know, capture of these rioters, these terrorists, sooner than we could even, like,
Enjoy the fact that these people are being apprehended and we can sleep peacefully and rest peacefully.
We hear that the Democrat DA, John Cruz, decides he's going to release them.
So the military police take all these rioters, these terrorists down to the courthouse.
You have the blue states and blue cities encouraging insurrection to kill the economy.
And that's the bottom line.
The COVID hoax, this whole thing is about depression, folks.
Wrecking the country because we didn't go along with the new world order.
All right, Millie.
It's great that you let this out today.
I know you've already released some of it.
When are you going to start releasing the cache that shows the brainwashing of America's children at school while parents think they're being taught about Bill of Rights, Constitution, mathematics, reading, writing, arithmetic.
They're being taught Mao Tse Tung and kill your parents.
When is that going to start coming out?
Well it's going to be released in waves and we're going to release stuff tomorrow.
We already released video today of private internal conferences where Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is calling for more uprising and more continuation of the riots that we're seeing.
Even though publicly she's saying to not.
She's saying everyone should not be rioting.
So we've got that out today, but we're going to continue to get more out and we're going to be releasing the docs because it's going to take days.
We have the Gigabytes and Gigabytes and Gigabytes.
So tell folks if I'm at Millennial Millie on Twitter right now on YouTube.
Yes, Millennial Millie on YouTube, Millie underscore Weaver on Twitter, Millennial Millie dot com.
I'm going to be releasing it all.
It needs to get out to the public.
All right.
Thank you, Millie.
Great job.
Join us again tomorrow.
Thank you.
Thank you, Alex.
Thank you.
She's amazing.
I was trying to look it up a few weeks ago.
The stuff is so horrible, though, that I started crying watching it.
Like, weird, pervert-looking dudes, man, with your kids.
I mean, we're talking like...
Jeffrey Dahmer looking people like, commie perverts, man.
While your kid's at school, they are literally under commie control.
When this footage comes out, it's way worse than the PedoGate stuff.
I mean, this is just, they're molesting their minds.
Live from the InfoWars.com studios, it's Rex Jones.
Well, we knew this was coming a long time ago.
We made preparation for it.
And now it's just exactly as nasty and ugly and disgusting as we thought it was.
But we're not caught flat-footed.
And the generations of Americans continue on.
And my son!
Who's been on air for 18 years here, popping in and out.
Rex Jones is here.
You know, he's in a little bit of trouble with me.
He came in this morning.
He showed me this video right before I went on live on air.
And he said, yeah, this happened Sunday, two days ago.
And I bet he got the footage today from the local convenience store by my parents when he was over there visiting.
But this is bigger than Rex Jones or Alex Jones.
It's that two gun shops of the three or four I've ever bought guns from have been robbed in Austin.
Everybody I know is that their house is broken into, their car, or they've been carjacked.
I mean, my phone rings off the hook with crime.
And it's zombie, black people, white people, you name it, attacking other people because the green light, like the purges go out and attack, but it's not white people giving the green light to attack black people.
It's just a lawlessness.
Over the past two or three years, I have personally seen Austin go dramatically downhill.
And these riots and the COVID thing, it's an excuse for these people to just go out and be crazy.
And that's what I saw.
That's what I had to deal with.
It was completely insane.
The dude runs in, just starts screaming, I'm protesting, I'm protesting.
I gotta fix your earpiece.
It's driving me crazy.
Let's just fix your earpiece.
There you go.
Like popped out of here.
You go ahead.
There's your earpiece.
It's fixed.
Anyways, my little baby's here, my firstborn.
No, but I mean, because they tell people be homeless, use drugs, then they take the welfare check and buy drugs.
This is a Democrat formula to bring things down.
So we're going to play this video here in a second.
And talk about what happened when the police said no, he's a protester, he's allowed to loot.
He tried to take the cash register, the... They cut, so what happened was... Let's start over.
Let's start over.
Start at the beginning.
It's like 11pm.
I walk into the gas station.
I buy ramen.
I go to the counter to pay for my ramen.
About halfway as I walk... Very trashy, you're eating that.
Whatever, man.
Whatever, I was hungry.
So, I'm walking to the counter with my ramen.
This dude runs in... Don't say ramen again.
With my food.
This dude runs in, just starts yelling, I'm protesting, I'm protesting, I'm protesting, and grabs everything in sight.
He's running around the store.
So one of the clerks calls the cops.
The other dude tries to stop him.
He goes for the lottery ticket, starts trying to break into the plastic lottery ticket thing.
At that point, the store attendant with the man bun puts his hand on him, and then the crackhead proceeds to drag him over to the open beer thing over there, and starts smashing his head into the side of it.
And, as you can see there, I jumped in, and I stopped the crackhead.
I hit the crackhead about eight times hard on the side of the head, and he looked up at me with, like, gerbil eyes.
He was clearly whacked out on, like, PCP or something crazy.
And proceeded to run to the front of the store and threw a carton of fruit on me.
I punched him in the face again.
I broke his nose at that point.
He ran out of the store.
Cops come.
Cops cuff him.
He tells the cops that I assaulted him, that the store owners were trying to steal from him, and that he wanted me arrested and that he was protesting.
The cops hold him there for like 5 or 10 minutes.
They let him go.
He proceeds to pass out bloody in front of the store.
This is America.
This is America in 2020.
This is America where rioting and looting and pillaging is totally normal because George Floyd, who in my opinion was murdered because this happened, because this one dude was murdered, it justifies the looting and pillaging and robbing.
By the way, it's coming out now though that this bar they ran was like a whorehouse drug dealing facility.
And the cops were involved, Floyd was involved.
It looks like some kind of like gangland stuff that went on.
I don't know the whole situation.
From what I saw, I don't like it.
But my point being is, even if he was a bad person, which I don't think he was, my point being is this whole situation, that does not justify this kind of behavior.
The killing of one man justifies protest, justifies outrage, but doesn't justify the burning of cities.
It doesn't justify this.
You know your only problem is you were hit in the back of the head.
You should have uppercut it.
One hit, that would have been a lot better.
Yeah, I was scared in that situation.
I didn't know what to do.
You can see me there.
Go back to the video.
You did good.
No, no, no, no, no, no.
I'm being honest.
Not bad.
Maybe I should hit you in the face.
Look, look, in that situation, I was scared.
There was like a six foot six dude standing there.
That guy is huge.
The camera doesn't do him justice.
I kept on looking over to him thinking he would do something.
And then at one point I was just like, all right, I guess I had to jump in and do something.
And, I'll be honest, I was terrified.
But, I mean, I had to do it.
And now that I've been in that situation... All I know is we love our Somalis.
Oh, they're so good.
Oh, they're so sweet.
We love our Somalis.
We love our Muslims, too.
Oh, they're so good.
Oh, they're so sweet.
They're gonna stab your daughter at the mall.
Gonna stab your daughter at the mall.
Your wife, your son.
Say it.
Your wife, your son.
And then the police chief's gonna say, we love our Somalis.
We love our Muslims.
Oh, they're so good.
Oh, they're so sweet.
That's good stuff right there.
You're in a good mood today.
I am.
Well, you're threatening to beat me up.
You're in a good mood for all this.
Let's get back to talking about the horrible stuff going on.
I personally know people, not friends of mine, I know people, and I've seen their posts on Snapchat, Instagram, social media.
I know like juniors in high school that are going out and looting liquor stores.
It's just fervor.
I'm telling you, I want listeners to know, because I know you're all in your community, you're seeing what you're seeing.
I'm here in Austin, Texas.
It's robbery land.
I mean, because I'm not a paranoid guy.
There were dudes chasing my house out the other day.
And I'm like, get out of the car, start reaching for my shotgun.
I mean, it's getting bad.
You are not safe unless you are armed.
And I think that the gun control argument, for one, is dead after this.
You can't say there's no reason for you to need an AR-15 after cities are on fire.
I mean... But as long as the police bow to the BLM, everything's okay.
And why haven't we heard anything about COVID-19?
Why haven't we heard anything about coronavirus?
Because the German government came out and said it is an official hoax.
This is America, 2020.
Cities are on fire.
Jobs are lost.
We're entering a depression.
Well, here's the deal.
I'm with the critical police when they're going under globalist control and being nanny states, and I've got problems with them, just like government.
But they're the bottom of the government.
You know, the rubber meets the road, so I don't make it about them.
Like, I'm against the TSA doing stuff, but I'm not against the TSA agent.
But these leaders of the police, I mean, what are we paying you for when you sit there and they're doing
Contact tracing and six degrees of separation.
Enforcement in New York, in Texas, in California, I have all the videos, where the police are making sure social distancing is happening, arresting people while two miles away, buildings are burning!
It's completely insane.
I mean, do you remember when, you remember when in Richmond, Virginia, remember when there was the gun, when there was the gun protest?
That was seen as terrorism, but this is protesting?
Cities are on fire.
That's right, going and exercising.
50,000 gun owners, not one crime committed, only one leftist arrested.
And that's when the globalists launched COVID-19 and this, they got so pissed they went, oh my god, they're gonna have 50,000 gun owners together and they all act in unison and a third of them are probably black or a bunch of Asians too.
That made the globalists crap bricks.
All these racist leftists, they're obsessed with race-based narratives, but whereas being unified by the right to self-defense.
This wasn't even like the store that got robbed.
I love the lady in the
In the
If this doesn't turn into a civil war, people will forget about it.
But in six months, when David Hogg and all those freaking people are tweeting about how we need gun control and there's no reason for you to own large capacity magazines, you need to show videos from this whole incident.
Because when cities are on fire, when stores are being looted, when people are being stabbed and murdered in the streets and killed, when people are being beaten to death by hordes of angry leftists,
This is why the Second Amendment exists.
I agree.
So let's go back to this guy.
You only got some of the surveillance footage.
You're just in there and he starts attacking people.
I'm just in there.
He starts attacking people.
So first off, his pants are down to his ankles.
He starts throwing literally everything he can get.
Chips, drinks, whatever, in his pants.
And then he makes a beeline.
It's like Santa Claus's bag now.
It was insane.
No, it was completely insane.
And he runs over and starts trying to break into the lottery ticket thing.
He's going for the lottery tickets.
The guy with the man bun there, the guy with the man bun there, on the right side of the screen, he tries to stop him, he pulls it over by his hair and starts beating his head into the side of the open beer container thing.
I don't know what it's called, but it's where they keep the, like, poor locos and stuff.
It's really bad.
It's really bad footage.
I mean, you had to be there.
That guy had a, had gerbil eyes.
Like, I hit him in the back of the head eight times really hard.
I'm like, I weigh, like, I weigh 205 pounds.
Like, it hurt.
And he, like, reared his head up like the Terminator and his, he had no iris, all pupil, runs over to the front of the store, throws a, like, box of fruit at me.
I punched him in the face.
I broke his nose.
He runs out of the, he runs out into the street.
And escapes.
Like, two minutes later, the cops come.
He comes back to the store, pointing and screaming at me and saying that I assaulted him and that he was- You actually can't be around this type of stuff.
You should- What do you mean I can't be around it?
I was at a gas station getting food.
No, I understand, but I mean- I was nowhere near downtown.
This is my fault.
This guy's a crazy crackhead- I'm not blaming you.
Your life's too valuable.
Do not engage the crackheads.
Do not engage the crackheads?
Unless, you know... I had no choice, man.
Here's where I'm at.
I'm carrying a gun, and so if somebody attacks me, you're gonna talk to bullets.
I'm too old.
I'm not using fists anymore.
Be right back.
Well, I can see the headline.
Alex Jones' son burns down gas station.
Murders innocent man in wheelchair.
That's what they say.
They say we burned down the Antifa camp.
Doesn't matter.
We have all the HD footage.
We didn't.
I'm sure I'll be accused of committing a hate crime.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Alright, look, in closing, Paul Joseph Watson's about to take over.
This is a very dangerous time right now.
It's a very, very sad time.
And all these criminals have been given a green light to go crazy.
What do you think's coming next?
You know what?
I have never felt this generally uneasy about, like, I have this big fear of a really horrible mass shooting happening in the next couple of weeks.
I think Owen and you are right.
I think they're going to stage a mass shooting.
I think that there's going to be at least 30 people dead.
They're going to say a white supremacist kills a bunch of black people to trigger the martial law.
It'll be some guy that's whacked out on SSRIs.
He's going to kill a whole mob of people.
It's going to be really bad.
I have this horrible feeling about what's coming up because this is the perfect storm.
This is what they've always wanted.
You've had people locked in their homes for two or three months.
You have people that are angry and outraged about the death of this man.
You have people out in the streets burning and looting and pillaging.
It only takes one person to go out that they might set up.
This is the perfect time for a false flag.
That's what I'm trying to say.
We're in the season of it.
This is exactly what they need to get the focus off of them and get the focus onto the issues that they want to press.
So we should start fake, hashtag fake, mass shooting right now because it's coming.
I 100% believe in the next week or two there are going to be at least 10 people dead in some major city in the U.S.
Well, they already killed a bunch of cops.
All day we looked for the names of the police.
They wanted to put the names out of the cops they shot.
Think about that, because they won't.
And it's not about worshiping police, it's about humans.
Alex, their lives don't matter.
Alex, you're supposed to say daddy.
Alex, go say papa.
I'm confronting racism right now.
Their lives don't matter.
Do you understand that as a white person, you're not allowed to speak about the issues of people of color?
You're supposed to, all your job is to be an ally, and you're not being an ally right now.
I'm supposed to say I'm bad?
You're supposed to change your Instagram profile picture, because that's how you stop racism.
I mean, everyone I went to high school with, everyone I'm still going to high school with, every person- You're out of high school now.
No, I haven't graduated yet.
You've got like one more test.
Yeah, whatever.
Everyone I went to high school with, everyone I know that's in college, everyone in my- Don't contradict your dad, John.
Everyone I know in my age group.
Not respectful.
Everyone I know in my age group.
Stop interrupting me.
You love to interrupt.
There he goes.
You're going to join- How about you and Alan Keyes do a show?
You fund this whole operation, you and Alan Keyes.
I want to interrupt.
Let's not interrupt.
Rex, you're going to be interrupted right now.
You're going to be interrupted right now.
You're going to be interrupted right now.
Stop it.
Everyone I know in my age group is just virtue signaling on social media.
Everyone I know.
It's like that video of the woman getting on her knees because the person told her to.
Like, as a white person, I can't speak to what's going on.
No, it's about saying you're bad.
You're a bad person.
All right, Rex, good talking to you.
Appreciate you coming in.
Hold on just a minute.
We're going to end this transmission.
We got Paul Joseph Watson, the illegitimate ninth son of Queen Elizabeth II.
By the way, that's not true.
No, he's part of the royal family.
Yeah, that's a big secret that Queen Elizabeth mated with Prince Charles and they had Paul Watson.
You're a funny guy.
I love you.
I love you, Dad.
Also, Rex...
We burned down the homeless camp.
I know.
I actually, oh, we got a little bit of time left.
I have received at least 10 messages from people I went to high school with accusing me of burning a homeless, of burning a homeless camp, of setting a homeless man on fire.
That's how leftist propaganda works.
They lie about me, not about you.
Hey, listen.
Paul Watson is not related to Queen Elizabeth II, though he was her major consort.
And as the father of Prince Charles.
But seriously, 60% off across the board.
Flash sales gotta end the next day or two.
Superventil-vitality, knockout, brain force, buttress.
I gotta say, personally, I've been taking the turbo force, and I feel so much better.
Not your plan.
DNA Force... I'm quoting Baron Harkinen right there.
DNA Force PLUS 60% off ever before done.
Think about that.
All right.
The son of Queen Elizabeth II, Paul Redcombe!
Memorial Day is here.
We are live, and where to start?
I tweeted this earlier.
We live in an era where truth is not determined by objective reality, but by fear of consequences from the mob if you don't accept and amplify their version of it.
And I got a little taste of that because we have our own Black Lives Matter protests going on in London right now, of course.
We had anti-lockdown protests a couple of weeks ago.
The media publicly humiliated and shamed the people involved in those, and many of them were arrested for not social distancing
But thousands of Black Lives Matter Antifa protesters descended on the U.S.
Embassy on Sunday afternoon to protest against the death of George Floyd.
And I had the great honor to be stuck right in the middle of that protest in a car on a boiling hot day with a massive hangover for two hours solid.
And this is what happened.
Basically, they blocked the end of the road where the U.S.
Embassy is, which is like nine minutes away from where I live.
Blocked the road.
There was a line of police, probably about 20 police officers, doing absolutely nothing, of course.
They were probably, you know, the rest of them were probably busy arresting people for mean tweets, arresting fathers of grooming gang victims, because apparently that's more important.
They were doing nothing.
The protesters were blocking the road.
And the protesters, both black and white,
We're walking in between all the cars as they were stuck.
You can find this on my Twitter, by the way.
There's a video of the protest near Westminster.
There's another one.
If you scroll right down on my profile, there's a video where there's a US flag in the video and all these protesters and all these cars.
That's where I was stuck.
And the protesters, again, both black and white,
would go in between the cars glaring at the people in the vehicles to check for evidence of face crime.
Now, what is face crime?
Well, it's something that was enforced by the party in George Orwell's 1984.
And it was described as to wear an improper expression on your face.
Of course that meant if you weren't showing enough fealty, enough enthusiasm for the party, for Big Brother, enough hatred against Goldstein in terms of the two minutes hate, then you were deemed to be suspect.
And that's exactly what was happening during this Black Lives Matter protest down there at the U.S.
So they were glaring at everybody in the cars, the white people in the cars, again both black and white demonstrators,
If you didn't show fealty, if you didn't give a thumbs up, if you didn't beep in support of Black Lives Matter, then you were harassed.
We had to roll up the windows because they were trying to get in the windows.
They were trying to put flyers in the windows because I had an improper facial expression because I wasn't supporting their protest.
Literally did a massive hangover and three hours sleep.
Whoever was there with me stuck in a boiling hot car for two hours, I wasn't going to be very happy about it.
But they were banging on the windows, they were harassing people, they were trying to put flyers through the windows and saying, you're not showing the proper support, you need to check your white privilege.
Here's a flyer, you need to read this.
So I got a little taste of that on Sunday.
There you see the video.
And I was right in the middle of that.
And now, today, that's spilled over into Blackout Tuesday, which the guys are talking about there before the break.
Headline out of The Guardian, Blackout Tuesday, black squares dominate social media and spark debate.
There's millions of white girls posting images of black squares on Instagram.
It's surely going to end racism, right?
And what's even more interesting is that I know people, like Rex was talking about before, I know people
From my past, I don't really speak to that much anymore, but you know, still follow them on social media, on Instagram, and they know all about Antifa, they know all about Black Lives Matter, they know all about this looting, this rioting, these beatings of innocent people, setting fire to businesses owned by black people, they know all about it, but even they have been kowtowed into amplifying this mob message
of supporting Black Lives Matter, of supporting Antifa with this Blackout Tuesday.
The protest movement sparked by the death and police custody of George Floyd in Minneapolis spread from the music business to social media on Tuesday as major institutions around the world posted black squares and stopped online activity in solidarity.
And again, this is also being led by the celebrities, some of whom have donated up to $200,000 to get these criminals, these rioters, out of jail.
In fact, I'm going to go on to a story in the next segment where there's literally a woman crying her eyes out because her sister was killed by a protester.
How many celebrities?
Is Seth Rogen going to donate to that family?
Her sister was literally shot by another protester and is now dead.
As she was leaving a protest in Ohio, is she going to get a single dollar from these celebrities who are paying up to $200,000 to bail criminals out of jail?
Are any of those businesses owned by black people going to get a single dollar from these celebrities who are donating up to $200,000 to bail out rioters and criminals from jail?
Not so far that I've seen!
There was a GoFundMe for the guy who lost his business back a couple of days ago and went viral.
But again, that was, you know, the donations came straight from the people.
I didn't see any celebrity supporting that.
Didn't see any major corporation supporting that.
On that subject headline, Apple freezes browse feature of music app and replaces it with F the Police playlist.
Yes, now you can't even choose your own music on the Apple Music app.
If you go to the Browse feature or the Radio feature, they're completely inactive today and have been replaced by an F the Police playlist.
You don't know what F the Police is, it's a song by N.W.A.
and it includes these lyrics.
Remember, this is the Apple Corporation endorsing this.
Quote, beat the police out of shape and when I'm finished bring the yellow tape to tape off the scene of the slaughter.
Punk police are afraid of me.
A young N-word on the warpath.
And when I'm finished, it's gonna be a bloodbath of cops dying in LA.
This message is endorsed by Apple.
Bear in mind Apple, the same corporation that uses Chinese slave labour in factories where they literally have to put suicide nets around the factories because the workers are so abused and want to kill themselves on a regular basis.
But yeah, they really care about injustice.
This is the same corporation.
That removed an app from their store that was enabling the Hong Kong protesters to organize in their protests against Chinese Communist government oppression.
Removed the app that helped them organize, but they really care about injustice.
Absolutely incredible.
Now they're controlling what music you can listen to on their app.
And again, it goes back to, you don't fall in line with the mob.
Virtue signalling is now not enough.
I'm going to get on to another story of a fashion designer who didn't donate enough money to Black Lives Matter, so now he's being publicly shamed.
So silence, if you just don't say anything about it, the mob will come after you anyway.
If you do say something about it, and if you support it, but not vehemently enough, the mob will come after you anyway.
This is mob rule writ large.
Absolutely incredible.
And in fact, we'll play it after the break.
But there's a clip from Doctor Who from about 10, 15 years ago, where everybody's receiving the same information on their phones.
And it's eliciting the same reactions and it's parallel with what Apple's doing today with this feature on their app.
Meanwhile, Nickelodeon frightens children with I Can't Breathe virtue signal.
We're going to play this clip after the break as well.
And the woman who posted this clip, by the way, who is a Trump supporter,
It's a video of a promo played on Nickelodeon where they play this creepy, heavy breathing sound and then, I can't breathe is the text that's flashed up to children.
The kid's crying in the background saying he's scared, please turn it off.
This woman's on the video, which was uploaded to Twitter, saying, no, I just want to see what this message says.
That went viral overnight.
I think it got about three million views.
About an hour ago,
She had to delete her entire Twitter account because, again, she was getting death threats, violent threats, intimidation from the mob.
If you don't support their message, they will come after you like never before.
I'm going to get into that and more and also talk about the origins of the Black Lives Matter movement because, of course, CNN still tells us that they're all peaceful, loving, tolerant people.
Yeah, if you look at who their inspirational guru is, it suggests something very different.
We'll get into that and more on the other side.
Summit.news, don't go away.
So, virtue signalling has evolved from people echoing social justice dogma for brownie points, to people echoing social justice dogma because they're so terrified of their friends
Their colleagues attacking them, but not loudly proclaiming that they share the same opinion as everyone else.
This enforcement of uniformity of thinking is perhaps one of the most chilling things to come out of the past few days, because below the rioting, looting and rampant violence that we've seen across America, we also have transnational entertainment corporations currently prostrating themselves to support protests in America
They were noticeably silent, weren't they, when protesters were demonstrating against Chinese Communist oppression in Hong Kong.
And in fact, many large corporations like the NBA openly supported China during that vicious oppression of protesters in Hong Kong.
Almost like the billions they make from China is more important than supporting justice.
And we see another example of that today with Apple, which again,
Users slave labor in China where at the factories they literally have to have suicide nets around the entire complex because people try to kill themselves on a regular basis.
But they care about justice.
Now they've literally hijacked people's phones.
Apple has frozen the browse feature on its music app and replaced it with a playlist that includes the song F the Police, which is about killing police officers in case you didn't know.
The stunt is part of Blackout Tuesday with celebrities and corporations bombarding social media with messages.
Blacked out squares about how much they support the violent riots, I mean protests, taking place across America.
It's funny though now because within about three hours of this Blackout Tuesday trending, they turned on each other once again and said, well no, putting a black square on Instagram isn't really going to do much to address racial inequality.
So now those people are being attacked for doing that.
When a user tries to access the browse feature on the app, they are met with a message
That says, in steadfast support of the black voices that define music, creativity and culture, we use ours.
I've checked it on my own phone, you can check it for yourself.
And one of the playlist tracks is F the Police, which is about killing cops.
Faith Goldie tweeted, so Apple Music won't let me listen to my own music while I remain quarantined against my will, but it's forcing me to listen to rap music about burning down American cities.
Then you have Nickelodeon, which has also jumped on board with this massive corporate virtue signal, because suddenly they really care about justice.
A video clip shows a frightened child asking his mother to turn off a Nickelodeon promo, which features the sound of heavy breathing and the words, I can't breathe, as a corporate virtue signal to recognise the death of George Floyd.
And we have that clip.
Let's play it now.
Stop it.
I hate it.
Stop it.
I will.
I just want to see what's happening here.
Don't be scared.
Don't be scared.
Okay, I will change it.
So there you have children being frightened and brainwashed with this message that black people are being indiscriminately targeted for death by cops, which I'm going to get into the next segment, is completely not true.
The very basis of these entire protests is completely erroneous.
But after the clip went viral that you just heard, the mother was completely ripped apart by a hateful mob of respondents on Twitter, because of course she was.
In fact, Nickelodeon was trending.
The words that she used in this tweet were trending.
Got about 2 million views on the video and she deleted her entire Twitter account because no doubt she was getting violent death threats in the messages.
In fact, I remember I did a viral video about the Pittsburgh riots, I think it was back in 2016, which got about 19 million views on Facebook, woke up the next day to about three dozen direct death threats because these people are very tolerant, very loving.
Hashtag be kind.
And of course, Apple, changing your phone so you can't use the radio function or the browse function, you have to listen to this pro BLM playlist, very reminiscent of a Doctor Who episode, which somebody flagged up to me earlier, which was broadcast about 10 years ago.
We also have that clip, and we're going to roll it right now.
Here it is.
Like I said, parallel world, gingerbread house.
We need to get out of here as fast as we can.
What are they all doing?
It's the earpieces.
Like Bluetooth attachments.
It's on my phone.
It's automatic, look.
It's downloading.
Is this what we're all getting?
News, international news, sports, weather.
They get it direct.
Downloaded right into their heads.
TV schedules, lottery numbers.
Everyone shares the same information.
A daily download, published by Cybus Industries.
So a dystopian alternate reality where the uniformity of people's opinions are enforced by mob intimidation, as I've just talked about, and automatic downloads to your phone by giant corporations.
So glad
That that isn't happening to us.
Oh, it is.
Despite corporate virtue signaling, Nike and Amazon both targeted by rioters.
Now, yesterday or a few days ago, I believe it was, Nike got on the board early.
They got on the bandwagon early with this corporate virtue signaling.
Again, Nike of, you know, third world sweatshop fame.
They care about injustice.
Tweeted a video in which the company urged people, don't turn your back on racism, don't pretend there's not a problem in America, unless you're paying children slave wages in the third world, then it's fine.
Be part of the change!
Then Amazon also echoed that by tweeting this, the inequitable, brutal treatment of black people in our country must stop.
Together we stand in solidarity with the black community.
Nike stores all over America are being looted, as you can see right here.
So that didn't really work, did it?
And then Amazon pledged their support for the rioters, even as their own employees were being targeted by the mob.
And in this article you can see video footage out of Santa Monica, California shows an Amazon truck being ransacked by a group of what the media will no doubt describe as white nationalists.
Because of course that's the narrative they're running with.
You can see the mob looting the Amazon delivery truck and knocking what looks like an old white lady to the ground while ripping the purse out of her hands in this video.
Again, a vicious attack by white nationalists.
So, didn't work for Nike, didn't work for Amazon.
Their stores are getting looted.
Their employees are getting attacked.
Don't reckon Nike really gives a damn about that, though, because of course they sponsored Colin Kaepernick, who started the whole Take A Knee movement.
And from that 2018 ad in which Kaepernick asserted, believe in something, even if it means sacrificing everything, just do it, they made $6 billion.
So is it really worth a few stores getting ransacked?
The loss of some stock for that $6 billion corporate virtue signal?
You bet it is.
Absolutely incredible.
We're going to come back and talk about the woman whose sister was shot dead at a Black Lives Matter protest.
Next to zero media attention as you would expect.
We'll be back.
So celebrities and ordinary people alike are being publicly shamed and cancelled for not virtue signalling hard enough.
That's the stage that we've reached.
The actress Emma Watson is trending on Twitter at the moment because
She posted three black squares on Instagram, not the one that was demanded by the mob.
And then she also posted three white squares on her Instagram page, so it wouldn't ruin the aesthetic.
Now Emma Watson is being publicly humiliated and cancelled on Twitter by the mob.
By the way, in the UK, where we had the clap for the NHS every week for the past six weeks, the same NHS that
Moved all the coronavirus victims, elderly coronavirus victims, out of hospitals and into care homes and killed thousands more people.
Yeah, that NHS who we applaud every week because they're so good.
Now there's going to be a take a knee for George Floyd.
That's going to take place from Wednesday 3rd of June tomorrow at 6pm.
I presume it'll be more silent than the applause and the fireworks and the bagpipes that we've seen for the NHS, but I'm sure after they take a knee for George Floyd, they will be applauding themselves afterwards and posting it on social media, because they're such good allies.
Speaking of that video, woman kneels on demand in the street to apologise for her white privilege.
The video clip shows a woman immediately obeying a black man's request to kneel on her feet in the street and apologize for her white privilege.
I think we've got the clip.
Let's play it now.
I'll speak over it.
It's fine.
So basically, he's pointing at her.
He's giving her like hand gestures like he's training a dog to roll over.
Runs up to her on the street.
I think he's probably trolling because he says I work for Black Lives Matter and that the CEO of the company has told him to come out
Tell white people to get on their knees.
So whether he's trolling or not is not the issue.
The issue is her reaction.
She immediately gets down on her knees and prostrates herself, genuflects to this powerful Black Lives Matter activist, and apologizes for her white privilege.
Although, at the beginning of the encounter, she seemed quite afraid of the black man.
A little bit of racism shining right through there.
So we have that going on.
We have cops across America literally taking a knee as their cities are burned and looted to the ground.
We love our law enforcement officers.
And we have this headline out of New York Post.
Luxury designer Virgil Abloh slammed for donating a measly $50 to protesters' bail fund.
So because he only gave $50 to bail out criminals and looters that beat people up in the streets viciously, now he's being publicly humiliated.
Protesters ignited by the death of George Floyd are dragging luxury designer Virgil Abloh for being cheap in supporting their cause.
He's the artistic director of Louis Vuitton menswear.
He posted on his Instagram stories that he had donated $50 to protesters in need of bail money.
And after that, or before that, he'd made some other comments on his Instagram which got him in some hot water again.
He wasn't showing enough vehement praise.
He wasn't prostrating himself enough.
He's black, by the way.
Two Black Lives Matter protesters.
He donates cash to bail out literal criminals, but it's not enough.
So now he's being publicly humiliated and shamed.
Meanwhile, speaking of cash,
This is in Minnesota, I think.
And he explained, that was in LA, LAPD, he explained why he was looting the store.
Was he trying to get justice for George Floyd?
Was he just angered by the mistreatment of black people?
Now, I'll let you listen to his explanation for why he was looting the store.
Let's play the clip.
We saw a looter actually get taken down by LAPD a short time ago.
So we're at Wilshire and 26.
There's a new balance store on the corner.
We saw a group of looters breaking in.
They tried to flee.
They got into a car and took off, but they left one guy behind who wasn't fast enough.
LAPD saw and began pursuit.
If we can pull up that video right now, we'll show it to you.
We started rolling as soon as we saw LAPD see them.
You're going to see
An LAPD cruiser immediately take off after one of the looters who was running on foot trying to get away.
He tries to turn a corner.
LAPD catches up to him.
They get out and he immediately surrenders and gets taken down without incident.
Now, I had the chance to interview this guy just a short time ago and he was very candid about why he's out here.
Take a listen to what he had to say.
Alright man, we saw you at the New Balance store.
Why are you out here?
Uh, man, period, point blank.
Just like all my real ones trying to do, trying to get some money.
Explanation, that's it.
Trying to get some dough, that's it.
Just out here for the money?
Yeah, pretty much.
Anything to do with the protests?
What happened in Minnesota?
I mean, a little bit to do with that too.
You feel me?
But not really.
I'm out here for the dough.
Was it worth it?
Obviously not, I'm right here hemmed up.
Yeah, y'all see it.
Man, if y'all gonna get some money, do it right.
Don't do it the dumb way, do it the smart way.
Thanks for your time, man.
Best of luck to you.
Boy, you've gotta admire him for his honesty, right?
I'm here for the dough!
Are you here for the protest, George Floyd?
No, not really.
I'm here for the money.
That's where the money's going, to bail people out of jail like him.
Some of these celebrities donated up to $200,000 to bail out looters, some of whom have literally burned down stores owned by black business owners.
Those are the nice, tolerant, peaceful protesters.
Meanwhile, we've got another video clip here.
One of you shot my sister, protester killed by another protester in Iowa.
This was a video uploaded to Twitter earlier today.
Let's go ahead and roll this shocking clip.
I'm waiting for everyone to get on.
So I know, I hope y'all know what the f*** you did!
My sister is gone!
And it's not from a cop!
It wasn't from no f***ing cop!
I don't get on live and I don't care about this Facebook s***!
But my sister is gone because one of you, a protester, shot my sister!
A protester!
Not even the police!
Because you guys, I lost my sister!
I was my sister because you!
You're so mad at the police!
You're hurting everyone else!
You're so mad at the police!
You guys killed my sister!
For those who don't know, it wasn't the police who shot my sister!
It was one of y'all!
And I swear to God, we will find out who the f*** did it!
And I promise to God, that will be the last thing y'all ever remember!
It wasn't the police!
Y'all are wild as f**k!
Y'all walk around with guns, and you act, and you pretend to be tough, and you pretend to be something you're not, and you got my sister killed!
Not by the police, but by your ignorance!
By your f**king ignorance!
I gotta bury my sister!
I gotta bury my sister because y'all brought guns!
It wasn't a rubber bullet!
It was a f***ing gun!
So I hope y'all know this wasn't the police!
This was the ignorance of every single one of y'all!
They decided to shoot into a f***ing crowd!
And that bullet just happened to hit my sister!
And I'm getting off live because it's not, nothing more needs to be said.
But I'm gonna keep it up because it wasn't the police, it was you!
And no, I got to bury the only person I had in my life.
The person that took care of me.
The person who took beatings for me so I didn't have to.
The person who was there for everything when I had my seizures.
When I don't know, I don't have nothing else to say.
I just hope you know that your ignorance and your
So you'd expect that to be a national news story, right?
A protester shooting another protester.
No, there's literally a hundred times more anger today on Twitter over that woman who filmed the Nickelodeon stunt which made her kid cry than this poor woman losing her own sister to another protester.
There was one Associated Press report I saw on this that named the victim as 22-year-old Italia Marie Kelly, who was killed as she was leaving a protest in Davenport.
She's biracial.
Her and a friend were getting into a vehicle to leave around midnight.
She was shot and died basically immediately.
Once again, celebrities the likes of Seth Rogen, Justin Timberlake, Chrissy Teigen, who have all vowed to bail out those arrested for rioting across the country.
Is any of that cash, which is up to $200,000 in some cases, going to go to bailing out somebody, a murderer?
Who literally killed another protester, and is the mainstream media ever going to make this into the national story that it should be?
Don't hold your breath.
We are, in the final segment, going to get into some final news stories.
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Now, the entire basis of this rioting, this looting, these vicious attacks on innocent people, the claim that black people are indiscriminately, disproportionately targeted in killings by white police officers, is of course complete bunk.
It was bunk during the Ferguson riots, it was bunk during the Pittsburgh riots, and it's still bunk to this day.
Lanidas Johnson, and I tweeted this earlier, retweeted it, who is black by the way,
Got all the stats from the FBI crime statistics.
We've shown them many times before, but he compiled them once again.
He tweeted this.
For every 10,000 black people arrested for violent crime, three are killed.
For every 10,000 white people arrested for violent crime, four are killed.
And then idiots in the thread were saying, oh, but there's many more white people in America than black people.
Equal measures.
10,000 black people, 10,000 white people arrested for violent crime.
The figures show from the FBI, three are killed in the case of black people, four are killed in the case of white people.
So again, completely undermines the entire basis of this protest.
There you see his tweet right there.
Brandon Tatum tweeted today.
He's also black by the way.
There's about 44 million African Americans in this country.
Last year, 245 were killed by cops, 9 were unarmed.
If my math is correct, that's 0.000006% literally.
What are you all doing at this point?
John Miller tweeted, he's also black.
Anyone going to talk about how police shoot and kill twice as many white people as black people?
Does that ruin the whole, oh lord, we are being hunted narrative?
And of course,
Stats put out by US News and World Report using FBI data show that interracial killings, whites killed by blacks, is at least double blacks killed by whites and has been for the past 15 years.
But again, hate facts don't matter when the truth is determined by a mob which intimidates people into having uniformity of opinion.
The facts don't matter.
The objective truth doesn't matter.
It's what you are intimidated into not only believing and accepting, but as we've seen with this Blackout Tuesday trend, also amplifying.
If you don't amplify it, then you're part of the problem.
Meanwhile, five years ago I wrote this article, which is basically impossible to find now because Google broke its own search engine to censor us,
Headline, inspiration behind Black Lives Matter is on the FBI's most wanted terrorist list.
Yes, the literal spiritual guru cited by the founders of Black Lives Matter is literally a cop killing domestic terrorists on the run.
Oh, but it's a peaceful movement.
The inspiration behind the Black Lives Matter movement, the individual cited by its founder, regularly quoted by its supporters, is a convicted cop killer who's on the FBI's most wanted terrorist list.
As far as I know, still is.
Black Lives Matter was founded by militant feminists Alicia Garza, Patrisse Cullors, and Opel Tometi.
Garza, widely recognized as the most influential of the three.
In an article which details the philosophical foundation of Black Lives Matter, Garza cites, quote, Assata's powerful demand in my organizing work.
Who is she talking about?
She's talking about Assata Shakur, otherwise known as Joanne Deborah Chessimard, a radical feminist and Marxist revolutionary who escaped from prison in 1979 while serving a life sentence for the murder of New Jersey State Trooper, Werner Forster.
That's right, on May 2nd, 1973, along with two other accomplices, she killed Forster, execution style, at point-blank range during a routine traffic stop.
Again, this is the spiritual founder of Black Lives Matter.
For Shakur, the shooting was a culmination of years of militant radicalism, during which she joined and left the Black Panther Party because it was not violent enough.
And then the rest of the article goes through
Numerous other examples of her militant violence, why she's on the run, why she's in exile in Cuba, and why, last time I checked at least, she's still on the FBI's most wanted terrorist list.
But BLM, it's a peaceful organization.
Of course, during the 2014 to 2016 era, there you see her most wanted page on the FBI's terrorist list website.
But it's the peaceful movement.
During that whole era, before Trump was elected, in the two years before Trump elected, we saw much the same scenes as we're seeing now.
Maybe we didn't see them in as many cities, because you remember the Ferguson riots, the Baltimore riots, the Pittsburgh riots.
During those riots, BLM protesters marched down the street in one case in New York and chanted, what do we want?
Dead cops!
When do we want it?
But again, it's a peaceful movement.
And as I document in this article,
Last December, this is talking about December 2014, Ishmael Brinsley, you probably remember this one, shot two NYPD officers in the head as part of a, quote, revenge attack for the death of Michael Brown.
So these are literally terrorist attacks done in the name of Black Lives Matter.
Does that mean the entirety of Black Lives Matter is terrorist?
No, that's never been the argument.
But at its core, it has a violent ethos and its spiritual guru is literally a cop killing terrorists.
In June, again this is 2015, two Black Lives Matter supporters admitted to masterminding a plot to blow up a police station and kill numerous cops in Ferguson, Missouri, again in an effort to avenge the death of Michael Brown.
Armed Black Panthers also called for the murder of police officers during an open carry march at the South by Southwest Festival in March 2015, chanting, The only good pig is a pig that's dead.
But again, this is a peaceful movement.
You, of course, probably remember the horrific on-air shooting of those two news reporters, Alison Parker and Adam Ward, by a gunman called Bryce Williams that occurred back in 2015.
Why did he shoot them?
Well, in his own words, to inflame a race war.
And as I document in this article, both the NYPD killings and the deaths of Parker and Ward were celebrated by supporters of Black Lives Matter.
Then you fast forward to 2016, of course, right before the election season really got into high gear, we had the killings of police officers in Dallas.
Headline, Police Chief Suspect Upset About Black Lives Matter Wanted To Quote Kill White People.
This was the guy
who killed five Dallas police officers back in July 2016.
You probably remember the horrific scenes during that time well.
Dallas Police Chief David Brown said the prime suspect behind the sniper attack on police was a Black Lives Matter sympathizer who, quote, wanted to kill white people.
This is what he said, quote, the suspect said he was upset about Black Lives Matter.
He said he was upset about the recent police shootings.
So we have numerous examples of Black Lives Matter supporters literally carrying out terrorist attacks, calling for dead cops, killing cops, including that horrific event in Dallas.
And as you see from last night, this video, several examples, three that I linked to just in the one article of
Quote, protesters literally running over cops, making their bodies horrifically contort and fly up into the air.
Another police officer in this instance being beaten by two protesters on the streets.
But again, it's a peaceful movement.
Meanwhile, New York cops enforced social distancing despite riots just two miles away.
Which reminds me, in the UK last week, we had an entire week's news cycle of the media whining about one government advisor because he broke social distancing rules to provide urgent care for his child by driving up north.
A few days later, literally thousands of BLM Antifa protesters congregate in London.
Suddenly, all concerns about social distancing, remember they said to the anti-lockdown protesters in America that they were literally killing granny by going out on the streets and protesting, when thousands of people, riot and loot, concerns about social distancing have suddenly been dropped, haven't they?
Meanwhile, Las Vegas cop on live support after being shot in the head by a rioter.
That's not getting very much news attention.
There were also four cops shot in St.
Louis last night.
They're still in hospital.
Thankfully, it looks like they will survive.
Meanwhile, some good news.
Poll finds clear majority of Americans want military to help police deal with riots.
And even a majority of Democrats want that.
So again, the silent majority is maybe now having its voice.
That's going to wrap it up.
War room coming up next.
We told you what was going to happen, and it did.
Now we're telling you what's coming.
What's coming.
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When do you think the people should be able to, like, talk again?
The deep person?
Yeah, that's a good question.
Well, Alex Jones at least has Infowars.com.
He can do his own thing and people go to that.
And Gavin's got a show still.
Does he?
Yeah, you know, as someone who's kind of
Well, for free speech, I often get told that I'm bad because I have to defend people whose language I don't agree with.
That is what free speech is.
It's not defending everyone who says things that I love.
It doesn't make any sense because that means you're right all the time.
If you're only defending the things that you believe in, will you write all the time about everything?
But I have to defend the people who say things that are even atrocious and that I can't, I would never get on board with, because that's what free speech is.
Otherwise, and like you said, it is that slippery slope of who gets to be the arbiter of what is said.
Right, and what are your guidelines?
Alex Jones is funnier than Andy Kaufman's ever been.
Alex Jones is f***ing hilarious often.
Did you see the whole that he's Bill Hicks?
That's not real.
I went down that rabbit hole.
That's the silliest shit ever.
I know, but there are videos.
But he had one thing we're talking about, like if it's between his family starving or eating his neighbor.
Oh, I know.
He's like, I'll eat your ass.
And so it became this giant, come on.
I will eat your ass!
Do you don't think there's entertainment value in him saying he's going to eat his neighbor?
Stop my dumpster fire!
But there's something to that, like to stop that and ban that.
You're not stopping anyone from... You're not stopping anybody from anything bad by not having Alex do this entertaining thing about eating his neighbor.
You're not saving anybody.
You know what I'm saying?
You gotta, like, what are you doing?
Like, what is he doing that's so awful?
I don't know how to fix any of it.
It's entertaining.
Like, why is it only acceptable if you have some kind of entertainment?
Because there's so many rap videos that you could watch that I enjoy, but they're talking about shooting people and robbing people, and it's everywhere on YouTube!
It's so prevalent!
And somehow or another, that's okay.
Like, it's f***ing weird what's allowed and what's not allowed.
I will!
I will eat your ass!
I will eat your leftist ass like corn on the cob!
I'm ready!
I will eat you!
I will eat your ass!
My children aren't going hungry!
I'll do it!
I'll drink your blood!
You think I like sizing up?
I'm gonna haul him up by a chain.
Top his ass up, size it up.
I'm gonna haul him up by a chain.
Top, top, top, top.
Barbecue your ass.
I will cook your ass up so fast, I'll tell him, boy, I killed a cow out back, baby.
You think Christ would eat somebody?
He would never do that.
I will.
I'm ready to hang them up.
That's why I want the globalists to know, I will eat you.