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Air Date: June 1, 2020
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In an interview with Alex Jones, he discusses various topics including the potential for civil war or race riots due to COVID-19's impact on society. He also talks about concerns regarding food shortages and economic collapse, blaming entities such as the UN, Bill Gates, and the Democratic party for orchestrating the situation. Jones highlights corruption within law enforcement and emphasizes the need for citizens to protect themselves.


Let me just succinctly tell you what is coming up.
The German Interior Ministry had a panel of top scientists that looked at COVID-19 in the last three months, and they came out and said it is a total hoax, that all the normal seasonal deaths from other things have been attributed to it, and that it's just a cold virus, and that it's destroyed civilization and society, and that it was a, quote, a false alarm.
A global false alarm is what the report says.
Well, yeah, it's a crying wolf to shut down civilization.
If you fire a gun to panic wild bison and make them stampede and run off the edge of a cliff, it's not a false alarm, it's a false flag.
Now, how ultra massive is that?
And see, that's why they then triggered the race riots they already had ready to go.
They've always got some event that they could use.
It's constantly happening.
The lockdown served to get people tightly wound, ready to blow.
Sick of the police doing the wrong thing, making people stay in their houses for a hoax.
And then finally the detonator went off.
All the Hollywood movies about race war, all the purge movies, all the pushing didn't work.
Obama was trying it eight, nine years ago.
Didn't work.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
If you thought InfoWars was in the Zeitgeist before, this is one transmission you're not going to want to miss because I have extreme clarity on exactly what's going on, what the globalists are up to, what their next move is going to be.
On the surface, we know why.
Antifa, funded by the Communist Chinese, George Soros, and the criminal networks of Obama and Hillary have launched the attempts at civil war across the country that have so far been extremely successful.
I can tell you that crime has exploded massively.
In the last 24 hours, four people I know have been brutally robbed, broken into, or attempted to be robbed.
Mr. Cargill of Central Texas Gun Works had thugs come and break into his facility, but they were unsuccessful at being able to steal any of the firearms.
That's just down the street.
He'll be joining us coming up in studio with exclusive surveillance camera footage that Fox News has asked for, but we're getting first.
We appreciate him bringing that in.
Remember this headline a couple years ago?
Full page ad in the New York Times saying, overthrow the government, Antifa, it begins.
And then the next July, they said we're going to overthrow the government July 4th, start the riots.
They actually had mainstream news say that I made this up and this doesn't exist.
And that's because Trump said, is that true?
And so they actually had articles written so they could show him to the White House Chief of Staff.
I was told could come down and say, see, Mr. President, it never happened.
Well, is this attempt to overthrow the duly elected government happening or not?
Is it?
But that's the type of stuff we deal with.
You know, I was sitting up here yesterday reviewing hours of raw footage that the great crew got led by Savannah Hernandez.
And I told her, I said, you need to stop going out there without the security.
She said, well, that brings them down on me.
And I said, well, I might have to get you in a lot of trouble.
She said, well, I'm doing this on my own, then you're not stopping me.
I said, okay, whatever.
Very dangerous stuff.
And she saw people get beat up, you name it, went over and confronted full grown men and stopped them.
It's powerful.
But I'm watching footage and I go, what is this?
This is them raiding a homeless camp under 35, isn't it?
I know the homeless camp well.
Can't go downtown without seeing it.
And they go, yeah.
I go, is this footage not out yet?
Of the homeless camp being burned?
I said, you gotta put that immediately and say, Antifa burns homeless camp.
Well, they put out one little clip of the camp being burned.
That's the number one clip on Twitter.
Over 20 million views right now.
So, we're gonna premiere for you the actual burning of the homeless camp.
Oh, there's not just one thing getting burned, it's Antifa burning the whole damn thing!
With mentally ill women, like, lying on the ground shaking while there's fires going off behind them.
And I say that because a lot of those homeless are mentally ill down there.
They basically burned an open-air mental institution to the ground.
We're going to show you all this coming up.
We're going to have Savannah Hernandez and Zach.
He's been here five years as a camera guy.
I don't know if he wants his last name on air, so we'll find out when he comes on.
But he was down there.
He's now been accused by the Twitter mob of he's the one that burned the homeless camp.
Because when they're burning it, one old Marine who's homeless goes and says, how dare you?
Antifa runs off like cockroaches when the lights turn on.
They run up to Zach.
Zach doesn't run because he didn't burn it down.
And the guy starts screaming, saying, why have you done this?
Because he just sees him as a protester.
Top of Twitter, Alex Jones stages attack, burns homeless camp.
That's the type of crazy we got going on, but I haven't even scratched the surface yet.
We have so many exclusives here today that my head is officially blown.
We have George Floyd exclusive intel that is bombshell to the max.
You think him being a porn star quote is big?
You think him knowing both the cops is big?
We just solved the case of what's really going on, and it's going to be broken here exclusively, right now.
Ladies and gentlemen, with only 154 days out from the election, we are live and we are broadcasting worldwide.
In defiance of globalist tyranny, in defiance of their attempts to shut us down, it is the final countdown on this June 1st, 2020, Monday transmission.
Okay, let me just tell you what's coming up today.
We have George Floyd exclusive video, exclusive analysis, exclusive information that when I learned 30 minutes ago, we had
And that Rob Dews' intrepid son, who as soon as he's out of high school, well he's got a golf scholarship or whatever, but we need to get him working in here.
Finding this hidden in plain view.
That's gonna come up.
At the start of the next hour.
We'll release that next hour.
And quite frankly, it's so big, I'm gonna have to go off air here in a moment with a special report I was already planning to air.
So I can just go make sure that this torpedo gets lined up and fired down the tube correctly.
The crew's great, but I just need to, like, say a few prayers over it and kiss it and write a little message on it.
Because I'm serious.
I'm gonna say a little prayer over it.
Because this is, this is gigantor.
And again,
Because we're open and we're conscious and we're aware.
We continue to break the huge exclusive intel that devastates the globalist.
Now, as big as that is, it's a distraction.
This morning, I got up at 3 a.m.
and couldn't sleep again and did deep research till about 6 a.m.
when I went for a hike.
And it absolutely hit me.
Why they formulaically triggered these riots now, they had all sorts of incidents they could already use, and it was to cover up the fact that the COVID-19 hoax has completely collapsed.
And it turns out that the German Interior Ministry, that's the third most powerful position in the German government,
Had a panel of top scientists that secretly reviewed COVID-19 for over a month and found it to be a hoax.
And everything that's in the report, you've already heard here.
They count every regular death as that.
The UN is directing it.
Why is the UN directing it?
The Germans ask.
This is top scientists.
They got a big problem.
Because there's still integrity in our scientists.
In China, scientists do what they're told or they're killed, so you get disasters.
We've got big enough problems here, but we still have a lot of integrity with our scientists and our doctors and our nurses and people and in law enforcement to a great extent.
The West is virtuous.
You think we're bad?
Go look at other countries and then you're like, wow, we're really good.
So, this is so big that it's sending chills up and down my spine.
I knew about this on Friday.
I was going to come in and do a special report Saturday on it, but I didn't because I was so busy dealing with the break-ins and the robberies and the buildings on fire.
I've had people bow up on me in parking lots and threaten me and say, we're going to get you just because of who I am.
It's bad.
Hell, there's hours of footage of it.
Yesterday, we put out live feed.
We have our own live feed systems now at BandNotVideo.
Thanks to your support, we built the infrastructure for this exact time.
It is insane.
We could sit here and cover the riots.
We could cover George Floyd.
We could cover the martial law and Trump saying that, you know, Antifa's a terror group, which they are.
Still a dangerous, slippery slope.
The COVID hoax collapsing, but now they've already got us into the next reason to have the economy shut down, and the next reason to demoralize us, and the next reason to tell us America sucks.
In the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Atlanta newspaper, the Seattle Times, America is in a low ebb, shaken by multiple blows, and Trump adds to the distress.
That's right.
This is those people trying to strangle us politically, and make us submit.
To their out-of-control tyranny.
But that's not even the tip of the iceberg.
I already, and so does Matt Bracken and many others, know what's coming next in the playbook.
Just as sure as sun goes down at, you know, 8 o'clock at night right now, or 8.30, and you know sun comes back up at 6.30.
Like night follows day, I know what the next move is.
And if Trump and the military and the police and the people don't do the right thing, we're going to be muscled in on by the Chi-Coms and their collaborators and they are going to bring the country down.
They'd like to do it the next two months.
So everybody better do the gut check and reach down and see if you got those huevos anymore because
Submission to this is enslavement.
All the cakewalks, all the candy-assing, all the going along to get along, all the subservience, all the bowing, all of the following political correctness has made the establishment believe that you are done.
The oven goes ding and the goose is cooked.
I don't believe that.
I don't think that.
But they are going to make their full deathblow move now.
And it doesn't just include attempts to kill the president.
It doesn't just... No, no, no.
They want to kill the whole thing and break our morale, and I know how they're going to do it.
And this is probably going to cause a giant war.
But the CHICOMS...
And all the people they're involved with just are spiritually so committed to destroying what's left of a once Christian nation that it truly is an act of Satanism.
They can't help themselves.
It's like Hitler couldn't just stop attacking everybody.
Or the commies couldn't stop trying to take over.
This is the same.
They just can't help it.
They're maniacs.
And so I'm going to tell you what's coming next.
And they're just trying to set the table for it right now.
And I'll break it down.
Last segment of this hour.
And then let's just do this.
Let's get Savannah Hernandez and Zach in here.
Bottom of the next hour.
I know I was going to have them bottom of this hour, but let's have them bottom of the next hour so we have time to line up all the videos and all that, because it's bigger than just Twitter trying to say we staged burning down a homeless camp.
It's bigger than their attack on Infowars.
It's the criminal will that Twitter has.
Chi-Com funded to let foreign governments attack America, let foreign governments run all their propaganda, but then not let the president tweet.
So that's going to come up next hour.
And it's huge as well.
It's amazing.
Can you believe we caught Antifa burning down the homeless camp?
And our guys have just put out a short clip.
We've got the whole camp being burned down.
And Twitter boosted a guy's tweet to the top saying, we did it.
Wow, man.
But again, they're going for broke, ladies and gentlemen.
There's nothing they won't do.
You think Jack Dorsey is really a little wimp with a little beard and he acts all effeminate?
That's a cover.
These are scientifically evil people committed
To absolute destruction.
And as soon as you wake up to that, you'll be able to defeat him.
But until you realize you're dealing with homicidal criminals, you don't have a damn hope.
Okay, so that's all coming up.
And I'm just gonna throw this out here because it's so critical as well.
As you've noticed, we've been a little busy.
And so, I have not come up with new specials.
So I just doubled down because things are so insane.
I just have a gut level feeling things are gonna get so bad.
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It's total commitment.
And boy, let me tell you, your prayers are essential and you promoting the live feeds, your word of mouth is king.
So tell folks about the transmission now.
We are live on this June 1st Monday transmission.
I'm your host Alex Jones.
Where should we start?
Because I'm doing the best I can.
Let me just succinctly tell you what is coming up.
The German Interior Ministry had a panel of top scientists that looked at COVID-19 in the last three months, and they came out and said it is a total hoax, that all the normal seasonal deaths from other things have been attributed to it, and that it's just a cold virus, and that it's destroyed civilization and society, and that it was a, quote, a false alarm.
A global false alarm is what the report says.
Well, yeah, it's a crying wolf to shut down civilization.
If you fire a gun to panic wild bison and make them stampede and run off the edge of a cliff, it's not a false alarm, it's a false flag.
Now, how ultra massive is that?
And see, that's why they then triggered the race riots they already had ready to go.
They've always got some event that they could use.
It's constantly happening.
The lockdown served to get people tightly wound, ready to blow.
Sick of the police doing the wrong thing, making people, you know, stay in their houses for a hoax.
And then finally the detonator went off.
All the Hollywood movies about race war, all the purge movies, all the pushing didn't work.
Obama was trying it eight, nine years ago.
Didn't work.
And so they had to lock us down, get us ready, then know the cases would come up, know the cases would unfold.
You had the jogger that was really casing places.
He gets killed trying to cause a race war with that.
That didn't work.
Now this didn't work because it's all white people.
I've been all over Austin and I've watched the videos.
During the day it's 90% white people out there trying to lead black people into an uprising.
And days ago, there were pallets of bricks being delivered in Dallas in places in the black neighborhoods and into the main shopping districts.
People said, oh, that's just an accident.
Now, from Louisiana to New York to California, the pallets of blocks or bricks are being delivered.
And they're just sat down there.
So Trump doesn't even need to declare a terrorist group.
Sure, go ahead.
Because they're politically trying to shut down speech.
They're politically trying to intimidate people.
They attack folks physically who've done nothing to them.
That's the definition of a terror group.
Threatening violence or carrying out violence for a political or economic gain.
They are the definition of it.
And they wear Cobra Commander outfits.
They're terrorists.
They're bad guys in masks.
But under racketeering,
Under organized crime, they are out there coordinating with their radios.
They have HQs.
They're commanded by Alexander Soros.
On record, we got the secret documents two years ago.
And all hell broke loose.
Soros financing lawsuits against us since then.
Well, guess what, you old Nazi?
We beat Hitler and we're going to beat you.
Soros wants you to hate black people, folks.
The Democratic Party wants you to abort black people.
That's why they're financing all of this, because they think they own black people.
And it's totally sick, and it's totally evil, and it's totally transparent.
Anybody wants to read the documents?
2015, Obama planned martial law in Maryland.
Antifa was working with the police captains to order the police to stand down and let them loot and attack in a hope that black Marylanders, Baltimoreans, and others would riot, triggering a nationwide uprising.
And that's why Democrat mayors and governors are promoting it and saying it's good and endorsing it.
Because that's what they want.
To destroy the faith and confidence in the dollar.
To say America is a failed nation.
So that Communist China, and North Korea, and more than anybody, Iran, are all celebrating all of this.
And there's a big case, Paul Watson tweeted it out, maybe we can pull it up, of a famous Major League NBA player
Who said go out and attack the white stores, go out and loot.
But when they came to his neighborhood, his gated community, which was full of people of all colors, and tried to burn it down, he's like, get out of here!
I saw you attacking my house!
What the hell?
I'm black!
You think people that are gonna come loot your neighborhood be black or white or are good people?
And so they're gonna not pass your house over?
And what happens when the civilization breaks down?
We'll be just like all those third world hell holes.
Where people riot and kill each other constantly.
Everybody's fighting to get into America.
Everybody's fighting to get into this nation.
To be oppressed.
Now I will tell you, in the looting footage, it's about 80% black.
In Austin, we shot the footage.
In other parts of the country.
Because the black folks are poor and they're told, hey, it's time to go out and loot.
But when it's the leading the instigation and going out and pulling the police forces away, it's the Antifa who are a bunch of Ivy League trash and university garbage, white people that are in a giant sociology experiment, manipulating folks.
And you talk about evil.
You talk about corruption.
You talk about black people caught in the spider's web of the left that literally on record wants to kill them.
And they can't even break free from it because they've been in the bondage so long.
It's disgusting and it's sad.
It's very, very dangerous.
Now, I'm really controlling myself because in the last segment,
Of this hour.
I am going to lay out the big master plan of what's coming next because we can analyze the riots and the looting and it's very interesting and it's very frightening and it's very concerning.
We can argue that all day long and we're going to cover that.
Because hell, I have to.
If they're successful saying I'm burning down homeless camps, I'm even in more trouble.
That's all over the news right now, that we went and burned down a homeless camp.
The Democrats did it, we shot video of it, so we're guilty.
Don't worry, I'm going to cover that some next hour, so I can show you what really went on.
But we know how all this connects together and what the globalist plan is from their own admissions and our own research.
And so I'm going to tell you what's coming next.
And really the normal listenership counts because you boost the show and you share it.
But I'm really talking to the Pentagon.
And I'm really talking to the military and the police and the local constabularies because you're not where America used to be.
You can't just sit back and laugh at all this and oh, we'll defeat the globalists and the commies.
This is their real move.
And they've got a good chance of winning if you are arrogant about this and don't have decisive action.
So, I am having to prepare evacuation, okay?
And I don't do this because I want to run.
But if Americans are so soft and so stupid that we can't stop this, that's pure evil, then we deserve what happens to us and we can't be helped.
And the very same globalists that wrecked and robbed Russia in 1917 are going to have their way with us in a way you've never imagined.
So the party's over, folks, unless...
The globalists are decapitated.
And I'm not the one that's going to do that, and citizens shouldn't do that.
But now is the time, the house of war, we need Trump decisively and the military to take action now.
Well, we always knew the globalists would make their big move with concerted destabilization of the planet.
And I always knew it would be hectic when it all went down and they launched their main assault.
But man, we're now in the hurricane.
We are in the typhoon and it's gonna just get crazier from here on out.
And I gotta tell you, ladies and gentlemen, if you're in denial about how evil these people are, it's just gonna hurt you bad.
Only chance you've got is getting hardcore.
Only damn chance we've all got is to stop caring about the house and the boat and the getting along with the neighbors.
That's all gone, ladies and gentlemen.
We were fat and dumb and let them kill 60 plus million babies and now we're killing all the old people and now they're putting COVID inside the nursing homes knowing that it's a bad pneumonia so they could get some death numbers.
I mean, imagine the diabolical nature of just one of the things these globalists do.
And it's because they're a bunch of psychopaths that are totally cold-blooded.
And they all get together in rooms and convince each other that what they're doing is normal or okay.
Obviously, it's going to blow up in their face.
Obviously, they're all going to be destroyed.
But in the process, we're probably going to end up having major power outages, starvation, mass riots, nuclear war is on the table.
I mean, I'm somebody that can handle this stuff.
I'm pretty mentally tough, okay?
And I'm literally looking at my children every day and already saying bye-bye to them and just praying with them.
That's how bad this is, ladies and gentlemen.
But I use the analogy of a dodo bird.
On Galapagos Island.
And they were gone in a couple years.
The western whaler ships show up.
There's big fat dumb birds, fattered turkeys.
They've never been around a predator.
No coyotes, no wolves, no weasels, no humans.
And these dodo birds, you'd hack one on the head with a club and the other dodo bird walk right up to you.
Just didn't even have any instinct.
Because they've proven experiences are passed on by those that survive genetically encoding.
And there's a sixth sense that once animals begin to get hunted and attacked, it takes a few generations normally for them to develop instincts.
And see, we don't have it!
We're always told we're so bad.
America's been incredibly free compared to other nations.
And now, we have no experience with communism and globalism and Islam, and we are like dodo birds, man.
God help us.
And Drudge has the headline, Trump hides in bunker as protests rage.
That's the message the left's putting out to go attack Trump's hiding in a bunker.
No, that's where Trump directs the COG response.
Let's go back to that headline.
Calls Governor's Week fools and jerks.
And now we need slave reparations.
And now we have white people in Washington State and other areas, the police department kneeling to black people and apologizing for being white.
That's pure communism.
Total mental illness.
That's one police chief kneeling for a prayer.
There's another video of white people kneeling along with the police apologizing to black people.
Totally separate.
So this is all the mindlessness that goes on.
I mean, if the white people kneeled down and said, sorry, we didn't work harder and let Margaret Sanger abort all these people, then I'd say, oh, that's reasonable.
But this is all, again, this perception, ladies and gentlemen.
There it is, videos up on Infowars.com.
Video white people, Portland cops, take a knee to ask forgiveness for racism.
The white people bow to the black people.
The idea is you bow down because my ancestors had to bow down, even though only 2% of the South had slaves, even though most American, European immigrants came here after slavery.
If my grandfather committed a crime, though, I don't bow to you because he did something wrong.
This is about shared guilt you don't have to bow down to a political agenda.
It doesn't give those black people any future to bow down to them.
It's a virtue signaling fraud.
It's a lie.
And it's not about being humble, it's not about saying you're sorry, it's about buying into an agenda of getting on your knees, not to the black people, but to Nike that owns the slave factories in China, and Amazon that's financing all this, while they take all of our rights, and all of our futures, and all of our jobs, and while they shut us all down,
They say, though the new religion is bowing because you're bad because you're white.
And that's really what they just said.
Martin Luther King saw that.
He'd say, this is the most evil thing I've ever seen.
You don't judge somebody on the content of their color, but the content of their deeds, which is common sense, ladies and gentlemen.
Which is what the abolitionists said.
You don't just say the black people are all bad.
You judge people on the content of their character and who they are.
And if they were given a chance to have an education and have a future, how would they perform?
And it shows you people like Alan Keyes and countless others that got a good education, traveled the world, are the smartest people out there.
But see, the left made sure black people didn't get educations.
They made sure they couldn't have guns.
They made sure that drug dealing only happened in their neighborhoods.
Those were the red light districts, and it's all been set up by them, and now they're playing us all off against each other in the most sickest, freakish thing I've ever seen.
But let me just stop right there.
I have footage from all over the country, there's an article on InfoWars.com by Steve Watson, that shows pallets of bricks, and they're the same gray brick all over the country, the same company, the same 18 wheelers.
Delivered and put right there in the districts by the stores.
And we have the documents where Alexander Soros has run similar things before.
And so all over the country, they've been dropped off and prepared.
We don't need new laws to go after Soros as being a terrorist.
We have them in a giant mafia operation directing criminal activity, as Bernard Couric, the former New York Police Commissioner said, and as the head of the Justice Department Attorney General has said, I mean, this is organized crime, ladies and gentlemen.
Cut and dry, open and shut, with the documents, with the proof, indict them now.
Go after them now.
But the Justice Department, about 60% of them,
We're put in by globalists.
And so they're all got Antifa coffee mugs, man!
Half the FBI's got Antifa coffee mugs.
I'm not joking.
There's articles on Infowars that show all these senior FBI and attorney generals with Antifa coffee mugs and Antifa literature.
Who do you think funds this?
This is their domestic security force.
I was out there in Austin yesterday, ladies and gentlemen, and there were people wearing
Not the current Communist Chinese uniform, but the LARPing Maoist Revolutionary Youth Brigade uniforms.
Full-grown men.
We have video of it.
It's in my live feed by the Capitol guys.
You can find that later.
I got a shot of it as I was up at the top of the vehicles.
They were throwing bottles of water and metal rods were clacking off the side.
My security guys were trying to make me get back in the vehicle.
And that commie looked right at me and he said, we're going to kill you.
He was right down there, 10 feet from me.
He looked up this big fat basement dweller.
He's wearing this LARPer outfit and the Malice Youth Brigade uniform.
He looked at me and goes, we're going to kill you, Jones.
Well, not without a fight, you sack of crap.
Because we're not the poor Chinese peasants under 5,000 years of serfdom.
And the difference is you're dog manure to me.
So I don't want to have to wipe you off my shoes, but I will.
It just went on, and on, and on, and on.
And they're all wearing commie outfits.
They're all gonna get you.
They're all so tough.
They're all so powerful.
They're all such big men.
And they've all been promised a position of power over you in the gulags.
Yeah, it's about five minutes, ten minutes before that video.
I'm videotaping, driving by the crowd, and there's people in Mao outfits.
All right, folks, let me tell you what we're going to be breaking when we start the next hour in the video we're going to be playing for you.
It just went live on Infowars.com.
It's the top story on the site.
We're going to pull that up and we're going to put that on screen for TV viewers and radio listeners here in just a moment.
George Floyd tried to hide white powder
During arrest, this bombshell reveal corroborates coroner's report of Floyd dying of a heart attack and not asphyxiation and having a panic attack.
That caused him to die.
I still think that the Minnesota training is wrong.
One of the few, Minneapolis-St.
Paul has training.
Most cities do, of chokeholds that were banned in the late 80s by the LAPD because they did cause some deaths, particularly in patients that were on cocaine or methamphetamine.
We're going to be playing you that exclusive video that they released.
This is on ABC News.
You name it.
And you can see that he is dropping a baggie of white
Looks like cocaine, methamphetamine, MDMA.
Fat little baggie.
That just went live on Infowars.com.
I still don't like the fact that he's got his knee on his carotid artery.
Normally you have to hit both to kill somebody, but it could definitely cause somebody to panic and have a heart attack.
Now he knew both the police officers.
He made porn movies.
These cops worked at this nightclub with him in security.
The whole thing really is shady.
And now you add this to it.
It's a big deal.
We're going to air that footage and cover all that when we start the next hour.
And again, it's not legitimizing this poor guy dying.
The media has sieved on this event, though, to say that all the police and all white people deserve to have problems.
And black folks didn't even buy into this until the white liberals went out.
And you go to these events, and I watch videos around the country, and it's 90% white people.
And again, I'm not demonizing white people.
But it's a giant manipulation.
Okay, let me do this.
That big story just broke on Infowars.com, a global exclusive.
Another big exclusive.
Yesterday, I'm up here reviewing footage and I go, hey guys, you know, that's pretty powerful that Antifa's burning down the homeless camp.
You'll want to put that footage up.
And they put a short clip of one guy having his stuff burned out.
We've got three different camera angles and
Twenty minutes we were at the homeless camp while Antifa was just burning everything and people were begging him and Antifa was punching him in the face.
And so, Twitter really screwed up, the left really screwed up, when they said, we attacked the homeless man, we burned his bed, we staged that.
You really screwed up, we've got all the angles, it slowed down, and we've got you guys burning the homeless camp.
And again, we have our own media platform with millions of people visiting a day, so you can't just lie about us all day long.
Imagine, the media is saying my camera guy, Zach, who shot this footage, is the guy that was burning people's mattresses, because they burn it and then run away from the guy, and then he runs up and starts yelling at the line of people who my camera guy is in the front of.
Because he sees everybody as protesters that have come to his house where he lives under a bridge in downtown Austin.
So he runs up to my camera guy after they burn his stuff 50 yards away.
They all run off.
And they come over and get in his face.
And again, this isn't about Infowars.
It's about the lies of the left.
Jack Dorsey had this pinned to the top of Twitter.
Top story today.
Alex Jones caught burning up homeless camp.
All because the homeless guy runs over to my camera guy, who was the only person left from the group that ran off because he was their covering.
We're going to air all that raw footage coming up next hour when Savannah Hernandez and Zach, the camera guy, join us in studio.
The evil criminals that have committed all these crimes.
I said this segment, I had a message to Trump and a message to the Pentagon and a message to everybody else, and I do intend to get to it.
Let me have a gun shop owner.
That's a good friend of mine who had his shop broken into last night.
Oh, and I just don't think to tell you, by the way, he's black.
I don't just, I'm not going to left.
It wasn't about what color somebody is.
I just thought, Oh, they're trying to steal guns.
And then now Fox news is calling.
Oh, we got a black shop owner being attacked.
So Cargill is going to be in studio with us coming up.
But this George Floyd tried to hide white powder during arrest.
I've gone and watched the porno movie he's in.
And I've gone and researched him and you know, he was bombed out of his brain all the time on drugs and alcohol.
And he knew the two cops.
He worked with one of them at the nightclub and
The whole thing's very suspicious, and I think excessive force was used, and I'm not happy the guy's dead.
But the media's seizing on this and covering this up.
CBS, NBC, all of them have released, as of yesterday, the surveillance footage.
This is all over the internet.
No one noticed bigger than Dallas, bigger than L.A., bigger than Chicago.
I mean, bigger than Godzilla's brass balls.
Because I went and checked multiple original footage that was released, because I didn't want to put something out that somebody doctored.
And it's him, man, with a bag of drugs.
And my point is, he doesn't deserve to die of that, but he could have died of that.
Because you can cause brain damage shutting down one side of the carotid arteries.
You've got to do both sides to normally kill somebody.
But it's still a bad move by the police.
And when I found out that it was their training
Nobody in the United States teaches this stuff.
This is MMA stuff that the police used to do a long time ago that they stopped doing because there were so many deaths.
So I'm not defending it.
And the cop's been charged.
But everything you see is about this.
America is at a low ebb, shaken by multiple blows.
And Trump adds to the distress.
They want you to moralize.
They want the country collapsed.
Because the globalists picked China to be dominant into the future and America to be done.
And we've pretty much gone to second place until Trump got in.
And like a race car driver, he took us back into first place.
People said, well, who cares if we're first?
If China wasn't an authoritarian state, it wouldn't matter if the United States wasn't first.
They're the worst state on earth, killed way more than Hitler and Stalin combined.
And it's, it's, it's, it's, they're taking us over.
It's a cancerous authoritarian regime.
So I'll tell you what I'll do.
Savannah and Zach are coming in here at 15 after.
Then we got Cargill and Owen.
Cargill and Schroyer in studio.
And I do want to open the phones up some too, but I'll do my message on the big picture when we start at six after.
And I will do it.
It will happen.
I'll be completely frank with you.
People can notice sometimes even around here why my wife's like, man, you sleep a lot more than you used to.
And like, I've always had this incredible energy and I do.
The problem is now my understanding is so much greater that now I look at a problem, it connects to everything and it's exhausting to say, hey, I've got a message for the president and the Pentagon.
Cause I know they got some smart people in there, but they need folks that really cut through it all and admit really where we're at.
And I know people listen to me and it's stressful to know that I know all this stuff and I live this stuff and I know what's coming next.
And then just to open my brain up and look at all the angles of this.
I'm just like you, man.
I want to run away and hide.
I don't want to do this.
I don't want to fight these people.
I didn't want to go downtown yesterday and have thousands of white liberals say, we're going to murder you.
We're going to kill you.
F your family.
You don't have your children.
We're going to put you in prison.
We're going to shoot you.
We're going to, we're going to put you in a camp.
Because I couldn't believe all the sacks of garbage, just the filth, the dumbness that, I mean, we were driving back to the office and the crew and the security guys are like, man, this is who lives in our city.
This is who we're around.
It's shameful.
And all the videos I've watched of Antifa beating up women and children and stabbing police in the neck and shooting and killing federal security guards whose names you don't even know because the media is a footnote.
All these dead beaten people, all these businesses burned down, all this crap had nothing to do with anything.
All injustice.
And nobody even knows these people's names, because they don't matter, because it's all George Floyd, who was a drunken, drug addict, security thug, who obviously had the M.O.
of a drug dealer, and I'm not glad he's dead!
But, why would the cops do something like this?
Well, it turns out they knew him!
And they had disregard for him, because I bet you money they worked with him, or probably his bosses.
Corrupt police is what I smell.
I think you all smell it too, and everybody else I've talked to in law enforcement does as well.
So, yeah, a bunch of thug cops.
Another thug?
What do you expect is going to happen?
Thugs act like thugs.
We're going to go to break.
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Please get the great products.
I feel like a purpose of humanity.
I feel the will.
And I hate how all these stupid attempted race riots funded by a bunch of demonic meth-head white people are obscuring the fact that the Falcon 9 heavy lifter, bigger than the Russians, bigger than anything anybody ever imagined, the heaviest lifter by far, it was victorious and heavy lifted that giant payload into orbit.
That just puts another big check in Elon Musk not being a fraud.
Sam, one of our other great camera people, did some great interviews and breakdowns.
Here's a few minute boil down he just did, and then I'm going to come back and try to address what's coming next.
And I really don't want to say this.
I don't enjoy saying alarmist things like this, but I think everybody's figured out by now that
I don't just say alarmist stuff.
Just say it.
And I have so much, not even anxiety, but pain, pain, when I think about what's coming next to this country.
And I feel like a failure, quite frankly.
People keep saying, oh, you're doing such a great job, everything you said is coming true.
It's like, like your grandpa gets cancer, and then they predict they're going to die, and they die, and you feel good about that?
I don't feel good about this.
I feel sick.
I feel sick.
I don't take any pleasure thinking about how Soros and the New World Order, they're all going to get it.
They're not going to get away with this, but it doesn't matter.
They're already going to hell.
They're already sacks of crap.
There's no victory in the fact we're going to beat them.
Except we get them off our back.
I mean, I guess there is a victory to it.
I just, it's so stupid to act like this and to go down this road.
Let's go to Sam's report and then I'm going to come back and I'll address the big picture.
Please stay with us.
Are you asking if you can go clean up?
Yeah, man, of course.
It's our city.
Why would we want to trash our own city?
I get the whole message and everything, but this is just chaotic at this point.
We're hurting each other by hurting each other's businesses here.
It's pointless destroying each other's cars.
If we're getting the message out, you know?
Right on.
Do you feel like maybe this is an effective way right now?
Not at all, man.
It's like the opposite, you know?
It just gives it like a whole bad view.
Instead of us being peaceful, you know, lined up on a sidewalk, you know, holding hands or, you know, another kind of idea.
But this isn't the right way.
Like, violence is never the answer.
And it's kind of turned violent at this point because we're getting in front of others' lives, you know, by running into cars and like, so...
Yeah, I heard there was a car that was on fire somewhere.
That's pointless and meaningless and like, you know, maybe this person worked like three jobs to get like their car payments done, you know, so it's like... Yeah.
We're hurting more than causing more good.
I moved from Miami and I've only been here for like, less than two years.
But like, all of this is like, these people just want to go back to their families.
And they're just like us.
They care.
But it happened over there, not here.
So all of this is just pretty unnecessary.
Like I said, we could have lined up on the sidewalks.
And I just got here.
I just got off work.
I work at like, St.
Medical Center.
So it's like,
All of this is just noise.
There's no meaning behind it.
Sure, it's loud noise, but look how chaotic this is.
People are trying to get home.
People are trying to leave Austin, but we won't let them.
And I get it.
If it were to be peaceful, sidewalks lined up, then wow, just imagine.
You're so peaceful and so tranquil and so quiet.
That's loud.
And that's what speaks louder than all this noise.
Do you have any message maybe for anyone who might be watching what's happening here tonight?
I would say
You know, the first step to communism is socialism.
And that's all I can really say because we don't want to fall into these influences and these states of emotion, you know, when justice is being taken and we just have to give it some time while showing support for the families and the people who they lost.
Because it's still a broken system that we need to fix.
We are live, my friends.
We are broadcasting worldwide, despite the fact that the forces of evil have done everything they can to silence us.
Thanks to you, the lone star still burns brighter than ever.
The North Star is alive, and only your voice carries the light in the dark, frigid terror of the night.
So, no one came to defend the 62 million babies we aborted.
No one came to defend when all the old people had their houses taken by the IRS.
No one came to defend while communism was taught in schools and pedophiles were given attention with our children.
And so now the globalists have tapped on us like we were a piece of fruit or vegetable, a cantaloupe, and said, I do believe that these people are ripe.
I do believe
All the spoiled meth-head trash that we've been breeding and preparing can boil out of their holes, trained in their community colleges, run by their harbored high priest, to overthrow America!
Because there's a score to settle.
And the globalists want to conquer this nation.
Now everybody told get in a group and go loot the Louis Vuitton shops or the Nike shops.
They're the useful idiots.
But we have the footage of the Antifa literal professors out telling people what to rob, what to do, directing the black people.
It's all incredible.
You talk about patronization.
You talk about corruption.
I famously caught the head of Handgun Control Incorporated for Texas.
Giving black men $400 a piece after they testified that, I'm a black thug and I'm gonna kill you if you don't ban the Second Amendment.
And then I walked outside and he was paying them each the money.
And the Austin American Statesman called me after I put that video out, before YouTube existed.
I had to pay 30-something thousand dollars for the 500, 600,000 people that linked to it and downloaded it.
The NRA linked to it.
And the statesman said to me, they said, are you a racist?
Because if that was a white man paying off white people, would you have talked about it?
And I said, no, the racism is hiring black men to go in and say, yo, yo, I'm a thug.
I'm gonna kill your white ass if you don't.
They literally said this.
If you don't ban the guns, I think you was a black thug for, for giving me guns.
I mean, they literally, and then they walk out and they're like, Urkel voice, thank you very much, sir, for the money.
And he's like paying them $400 a piece going 100, this little hunchback, 200.
We got to find that footage somewhere.
But, but that's what I've been through.
That was 25 years ago.
We caught that footage.
Front page of the Statesman, racist Alex Jones tries to frame blacks in payoff video.
And there was a whole congressional state hearing about it, and Hena Hosa, the head of the committee, got knocked off the committee because of it, because he got caught.
I mean, the Democrats are the ones that stage things.
They're the ones that, that's why they're at the top of Twitter today.
Jones caught burning down homeless camp.
We've got three different camera angles showing Antifa doing it!
But that's what they... Oh!
You staged it!
You're the Homeland character!
Never really watched Homeland, but it must be back, because... Everybody walks up to you on the street, they're Democrats, they go, F you Homeland, man!
Little newsflash, I don't need to go burn down homeless camps, Antifa does it.
I don't need to go beat up women, Antifa does it.
I don't need to go stab police in the neck, Antifa does it.
I don't need to go rob black businesses, Antifa does it.
But oh, every time they get caught or they get declared terrorist, oh Alex Jones, he did it!
His Hispanic and Asian film crew did it.
You know, they're white supremacists.
InfoWars did that right there.
That guy that got almost killed in Dallas.
I did that.
I robbed all the FedEx trucks, all the Amazon trucks.
I burned down the black businesses myself in Minnesota.
This is all footage of what InfoWars did.
Our crew did all this.
I mean, just watch Showtime and Homeland.
I mean, they told you.
Antifa never did anything wrong.
All right, let's get serious ahead of the guests joining us.
Here's my message.
I have looked at all the angles of this and we've asked, what comes after Russiagate hoax?
What comes after Ukraine hoax?
What comes after all the Kavanaugh, MeToo hoax?
And the answer is civil unrest, funding riots.
Antifa and Soros and all of them in full-page ads have told us the plan.
We've covered this ad nauseam.
And when I warned the president about it, the media attacks me because they know we're over the target.
So here's what you need to know.
Let's start at the beginning of the latest hoax.
When the headline today says, German government confirms COVID-19 hoax.
It doesn't mean it's not a real virus.
It doesn't mean it's not a bad pneumonia.
But it's the normal amount of deaths every year attributed from other things to it.
And so the German Interior Minister's own elite panel unanimously put a report out saying the response is a hoax, the deaths are a hoax, they're putting people in the column that died of gunshot wounds, just like here, heart attack, you name it.
This is meant to shut down the economy and stop political unrest, which is happening everywhere.
And so the more authoritarian a country, North Korea, Spain, Germany, the more they had a lockdown.
So the Swedes are going along with the socialism.
They love it.
No lockdown.
They're like, hey, everybody's accepting the takeover here.
No need for a lockdown here, baby.
We're in full control.
It's anybody trying to get loose if the new world order gets the lockdown.
China's lockdown's been over for months.
So German official leaks report announcing COVID-19 as a global false alarm, close quote.
And it goes on in the report put out by the Interior Ministry Elite Scientific Advisory Panel, the highest panel, that the dangerousness of COVID-19 was overestimated.
The people who died from coronavirus, essentially those who would statistically die this year.
No more than 250,000 deaths from COVID-19 compared to 1.5 million in Germany during the influenza wave.
The danger, obviously no greater than that of any other viruses.
And they explained that in Germany, 1.5 million died in 2017-2018.
Same thing happened here.
That was a bad year.
The 93-page report titled Analysis of the Crisis Management has been drafted by a scientific panel appointed by the Interior Ministry and composed by external medical experts from German universities.
The report?
...was the initiative of the Department of the Interior Ministry called Unit KM4 and in charge of the protection of critical industries.
This is also where the German official turned whistleblower, Stephen Cohen, worked and from where he linked it in the media.
And it goes on with the report.
But we're being told by the UN, Yahoo Finance, masks are here to stay, even after COVID goes away.
Now, why does this tie into what's happening?
They know the COVID hoaxes are falling apart.
They already had their race riot stuff ready for at the end of the summer.
August was when their go time was, the hottest part.
All the rest of it.
People have already been locked down.
They're going to be pissed.
They didn't want things to open up till August.
Remember, that was what the Democrats said.
They unleashed everybody in August.
You're not locked in your house anymore.
And then they'd use whatever the latest police thing was to go crazy.
But because the lockdown's starting to end, they went ahead and went with it now because the riots make you forget about COVID and how it was a hoax.
And now the businesses are locked down, the same corporations, all the big ones, lock everything down to create that image that things are still shut down.
Then Antifa goes and attacks all the police departments and federal buildings, so they all get encircled, and then crime can explode, further demoralizing people, so that the general public actually gets freaked out and says, yeah, Trump sucks, which is now happening, because the crime rate is just off the bonkers right now.
So, what's about to happen next?
I'll tell you, and then our guest will be here.
What's coming next after this?
Attacks on infrastructure using narco-terrorist squads controlled by China and the Deep State, MS-13 controlled by Pelosi.
Alright folks, we are back live broadcasting worldwide and Zach Drucker, one of our great camera people over the last five years, and of course Savannah Hernandez are here in studio to account for one of the top Twitter stories out there that they went and they burned down a homeless camp.
I thought they covered it and showed it, but you know how Jack Dorsey and Twitter operates.
But let me just finish this statement on where we are and what's about to unfold here.
There's a multinational combine of corporations that want to dissolve nation states and they don't want people involved electing governments that get in the way of their larger global plans.
And they're very authoritarian, that's what the New World Order is.
And they want to get rid of the people being able to have any say.
It's that simple.
So Communist China is their dream scenario.
And so they were given one-sided trade deals the last 50 years.
They were set up as the golden child.
They were set up to have the new century, the CFR, the globalists, David Rockefeller.
They all admitted that.
The UN was there to serve them.
This was their plan.
And along comes Trump and Bolsonaro and others saying no to that.
And in just a few years, it all turns around and the Communist Chinese
Are no longer in charge of everything.
And so we get Russiagate.
If you're a bunch of globalists that are traitors against the country, you don't say we're traitors, you say, hey, Trump's with the Russians!
Which is a side group.
And it's the same thing now.
So they're financing the race war, they're taking events that happen, and they're hyping them up.
Real events, some of them not real events.
And it's all on record they're doing this.
So I just want to say what's coming next.
And that is going to be things that are going to boggle the mind.
We know this globalist combine controls major narcotics rings.
Much of the Mexican mafia out of Mexico is now under the control of China because of the fentanyl and the opium being brought in.
Similar to how 200 years ago, Western elites took over China.
So they're doing the same thing back, even though America wasn't involved in that.
And so they are planning and they are preparing
To attack transformers and infrastructure and the grid.
And they are planning to attack the police so that when there's not essential services, criminals feel free to rob, which then again destroys people's confidence.
That's why you've got headlines all over the news saying America's done.
We're in a depression.
It's all over.
We're showing footage here.
I shot yesterday of people wearing
Malice, uh, you know, uniforms that are out to bring down America.
This is truly sick.
So it's such a big deal that the German interior minister ministry had a report that COVID response is overdriven, a hype, a power grab.
But again, this rioting is the cover to cover up that last hoax.
And then this rioting will be the distraction for an attempt to assassinate the president, for taking down different power grids.
So we're in a very, very dangerous time.
And I think the Justice Department has had its own corruption, its own issues.
Nothing's perfect.
Needs to understand that taking the gloves off and going up against the New World Order
And taking down the Chinese communist networks, and going after the leftist networks, and really going after the head of the snake, going after the specific mob bosses and leaders of this will cause a domino effect and collapse of confidence in the operatives beneath them.
So you can all day sit there and be afraid of the mainstream media that's going to come after you when you go after mob bosses.
But if you actually go after the kingpins of the new world order, it'll all collapse like a house of cards and we can turn this around very quickly.
If not, you can see in the tea leaves that the establishment is planning to go for broke.
So that's what I wanted to say.
And that's the next phase of this.
And if they can't get the power grid off, if they can't shut down the economy further, if they can't start a war by invading Taiwan or Hong Kong,
Then the globalists are going to try to steal the election with mail-in ballots.
We know all of that.
And I know that people that are loyal to America and want freedom understand all this, but the audience needs to know it and people on the fence of the government need to know it.
And I think everybody's figured out by now that we're not making this stuff up.
This is people that really spend their lives, our guests, our researchers, all of us on what's really happening in the world and
This is a new type of warfare we're all facing.
Zach Drucker and, of course, Savannah Hernandez are here.
Before we go to break, just in general, Savannah and then Zach, what would you call the period of time we're in right now?
I would say that it's definitely a historic turning point for us right now.
Everything that I witnessed is something that I'm witnessing for the first time in my lifetime and again it's a turning point because we've gotten to the point now where we've been lied to so much and now our whole entire nation is in chaos and people are finally standing up and realizing that they need to stand up for themselves, defend themselves and
Yeah Alex again.
I haven't done as much historical background and research as you have, and I don't have that, but just what I'm seeing now is.
Insane to me.
But your view, just a snapshot as an American, this is historic.
Yes, it is.
This is a real game-changing time right now.
It's a turning point.
It really is.
Especially after all of this COVID-19 nonsense and everyone is waking up too and seeing that this is all a hoax.
We've all been lied to.
There are thousands and thousands of people in the streets in every single city.
And where's the mainstream media calling them disease spreaders?
Where's the mainstream media saying that they're biological terrorists?
They're nowhere to be found.
You leave your house, you're a terrorist.
But oh, they're communists, they're burning down homeless camps, they're good.
And that's okay, exactly.
It's complete mayhem, complete chaos, and I don't know where we go from here, but people are definitely waking up and starting to realize that they need to start utilizing their Second Amendment, and they need to utilize their First Amendment as well, and both of those things need to be protected.
And the American people are going to start doing that themselves.
We've got a lot of footage of that coming up as well.
Zach, you have been, we've all been accused, but you particularly, did you know you burned down a homeless camp?
Yeah, apparently all it takes is me to just look at the homeless camp in order for me to light it on fire.
It actually just burst into flames as soon as we started recording.
Yeah, that's what happened.
So, I mean, honestly, I think overall that something's going on.
And I think the media is doing a really, really, really, really giant job of going after all these events, all this stuff, and kind of pushing a giant narrative to kind of rile people up.
I went down there, honestly, kind of on a whim.
We were all thinking about it.
I ended up meeting up with Savannah.
I was telling Savannah, don't go down there.
Yeah, Savannah was... I was actually surprised to see Zach.
I like turned around and he was there.
I wasn't expecting you to be there at all.
Yeah, it was one of those things where I was actually going to meet up with a couple of co-workers.
And you showed up with gasoline and burned everything down.
Yeah, so... I mean, in a nutshell, we were out
I came around, we saw a bunch of different bits of footage.
I actually have a whole GoPro.
I recorded the whole thing.
So even though I have HD, more cinematic footage, I record everything on the GoPro.
And we've got it coming up.
We're not going to tell people that you and Savannah didn't burn down the homeless camp.
We're going to show people who did it.
So we ended up walking up to the homeless camp.
As you see here, I've got footage of the guy.
This guy with the hat here.
Actually, you can see it now.
It's zoomed in.
I slowed it down.
This is my GoPro footage.
You can see the hat, the guy.
We have no idea who this guy is, first off.
Stay right there.
We're going to come back.
If we're ready, our listeners will narrate this.
But the national media claims, because we exposed Antifa burning down a homeless camp, that we did it.
And that Zach did it.
So we're going to play all the footage.
Raw coming up.
We have the exclusive George Floyd video.
I mean, they officially put out the squad car and then the surveillance footage, but it shows him dropping this white bag of what looks like methamphetamine or cocaine.
That's on Infowars.com as well.
Stay with us.
Here is the original footage that last time I checked had 14 million views on one channel, 10 million on another, 5 million on another of footage.
I'm up here yesterday in the morning.
Reviewing raw footage and I said, hey, them burning down the homeless people stuff's pretty viral.
Why don't you put that on on Twitter?
So they put it out and it goes viral and a day later it's got 20 million views or more.
And so they start saying, oh, because the homeless guy runs up to Zach.
Everybody else runs away.
He's just yelling, how dare you do this?
He sees him as another protester.
And the media says that's us, but you can see in the footage the people running up with the stuff, burning it, but it turns out Savannah and the rest of the crew had shot Antifa burning more of the homeless camps.
We're going to show you that exclusive footage here in a moment, but here's the raw, super viral video.
I live here!
You're a bunch of motherfucking assholes!
I live here!
What are you doing?
What the fuck are you doing?
Yeah, those are supposed to be bleeped out, but maybe that last F-bomb got out there.
But it's okay, the Democrats can cuss on all their channels.
We're just not supposed to be able to cuss on ours.
So, Savannah, you guys are being shot with rubber bullets while this is happening.
Everybody else has run away from the guy.
That's why they came over to Zach.
Yes, so Drew, Greg, and I were trying to make our way over to this situation, see what was happening, and we were getting shot by rubber bullets.
So we ended up having to retreat, and Zach got this footage.
But I went over there directly after that, after everything kind of cleared out, and he was also screaming at my camera too.
He was screaming at all of the cameras, anyone he could to get his message across of, you know,
Why are you doing this?
Why are you burning down my home?
And my footage, the audio was corrupted, but I did find another clip of it.
But the guy, this homeless man, he was screaming in support of the APD.
He was saying, the police are the ones that keep us safe.
You people get out of here.
You're burning down my home.
And I was asking a lot of people as well.
Are you guys from Austin?
Are you from this city?
And they were saying, no.
Sure, so he was yelling at us because you were the only ones that didn't run away.
And he was the only, like, we were the only ones who would get his message across.
And he knew that.
And that's why he was going up to any camera he could see and saying,
His message.
By the way, before we go to Drew's angle of this, and Greg's angle of this, and the video before showing Antifa grabbing their stuff, bringing it over, let's go to Savannah.
Ten minutes before, up on I-35, the highways shut down, and this white dude comes up nicely and says, I support Black Lives Matter, but let me please cross.
He gets cold cocked, loses his glasses, you bow up and stand up to these guys.
We're going to play this clip right now.
Here it is.
The white nerd walks up and says, I worship you because you're black.
I'm sorry I'm white.
Can I just please not shut the highway down?
And the guys beat him up.
And they keep beating him.
Now he's trying to find his glasses.
Now imagine if the National News was showing this.
We have hundreds of attacks, black on white, we could show you.
Women being beat up.
Old people.
Now Savannah sees this and stands up to them.
Think about this, a female reporter stands up to what, like a 6'3'' thug.
He looks more like 6'5", 6'7".
How big was that guy?
He was tall.
He was pretty tall.
He was a NBA player.
You're not short.
Well, he may be an NBA player, but his punches aren't that good.
But still, he's punching the guy hard as he looks like he can for no reason.
And you interviewed the white nerd.
He's like, I worship you.
I'm white.
I'm bad.
I love you.
You're my master.
Oh, please.
Oh, slave, die!
It's like... You want to comment on this, Savannah?
I'm just so upset at the state of our world right now that we keep pulling out our phones and watching our fellow Americans get attacked.
I don't give a damn about your political party.
If I see someone getting punched like that, it is not in my nature, and it should be in nobody's nature to stand by and watch this happen.
And it's disgusting to me that InfoWars is being blamed right now for the fact that the homeless people, their camps are getting burned down, when InfoWars was the only people who stood up for those that were getting beaten out there.
Nobody else stood up, but I did, and I'm a part of InfoWars, so there you go.
What do you want to say to the Democrats saying you burned that place down?
You know we're going to sue them, right?
They're laughing.
I threaten to sue them.
They're laughing going, sue me, sue me, F you.
I can't wait for you to see them, Alex, because again, who's over there standing up for what's right?
No one out there except for InfoWars.
We were the ones out there for 12 hours trying to get these damn people's message across.
That it's okay, yeah.
You know what, Alex?
I interviewed a black business owner, and she goes, it's fine if these looters and rioters burn down my small business, because I understand the cause.
This is the mentality of these people, and it's disgusting.
And I stayed out there for 12 hours to get this footage, and get these people's message across, but they were violent, and they were disgusting.
And I was fully ready to get punched in the face, Alex, but he didn't punch me in the face, and I got lucky in this circumstance, but these looters and rioters are taking over our country, and everyone is just standing by while their fellow American gets attacked.
And it's disgusting.
This businesswoman, this female business owner, just got freaking attacked by plywood, and someone stood there and took that video.
Why the hell are people not standing up for other people?
What's going on?
Wow, I'm glad Savannah was hard to get on air.
She wanted to be a video editor a few years ago.
I'm trying so hard not to curse, but I'm so disappointed by my fellow Americans right now.
And I'm so disappointed by gun owners who aren't standing up right now and going out to these cities and defending themselves.
But not only are they not standing up, they're saying you and Zach burned down a homeless camp.
Twitter put that to the top.
They have no shame, Zach.
Yeah, I mean, and the worst part about it is that we go out there strictly to just cover it.
All we want to do is cover it.
You just went out there to burn it down.
We want to see what's going on.
Yeah, and that's the problem, is that it turns into this thing where my main concern about the whole thing was that the fact that it was just everybody there was doing it because it was cool.
It was because it was the popular thing.
Everyone was taking selfies.
They were burning down the cars and taking selfies.
I have videos of this girl, like, getting down, getting selfie shots with the fire behind her back.
It's like madness.
And so, that's the thing that I wanted to see.
I wanted to see how far people would go and how far, when the camera's in front of them, what's going to happen.
So when I show up and see the car getting smashed, the moment I pulled up, they got more hyped up about it.
And that was the whole thing.
Well that's the thing, how the left celebrates violence against innocent people, and then when they get caught burning down a homeless camp, we have that footage coming up,
They point at you and say you did it.
They won't even take responsibility for what they're doing.
Alex, and you know what else?
I was there earlier today.
Look, here's pallets of bricks set out.
And Antifa kept coming up to me and calling me an agitator.
All the FBI's got to do is get the surveillance footage.
Who delivered that?
You find out who made the order, you arrest them right there.
Sorry, go ahead.
No, so, and this is what Antifa does.
They kept coming up to me throughout the day.
I wasn't really doing interviews because I didn't want to get attacked and mobbed.
Antifa kept coming up to me all day and calling me an agitator and trying to start stuff.
And I said no.
And this group of people ended up mobbing me and I talked them down and I said, I'm here to get your story across.
Please continue with your protest.
But Antifa is the one that was following me around and trying to agitate these people and make them violent.
This is Antifa.
All I saw was white people who were attacking me at these rallies and protests, except for that black guy.
I mean, he didn't attack me, but obviously he attacked that guy.
Well, he was the guy they manipulated into this.
It's ridiculous.
We need to stand up against it.
I'm not lionizing black people.
I'm just saying what we saw.
I mean, you need to stand up against it.
Zach, don't worry.
You're going to have the floor.
Keep going here.
I'm sorry.
No, it's all fine.
I was just even saying, we were over at the blockade right before that kid got punched in the face and they were trying to light couches on fire.
That started with a white father and his young little kid.
He was like 10 years old.
What happened?
11 years old.
You can see it.
I have it on my HD compilation B-roll.
You see right around the time, right before the homeless man.
Actually, keep this clip up guys because it's going to pan to that kid.
You'll see it on there.
It's crazy.
What happened?
So see this little kid right here?
That's the little kid.
There's his dad.
They started it.
There's me filming it.
This guy took his kid out there?
That's child endangerment right there.
That's the thing.
It'll start with a couple of white people trying to get the party started and then everyone gets riled up.
And then next thing you know, you've got cars on fire.
I guarantee you that guy's an academic.
I bet he's an ACC professor.
The funniest part, the car got smashed by a little white girl.
Look at those homeless women asleep while they're burning their house.
It's just a mess.
And it's crazy.
And when that guy screamed in front of my face, it was, it shook me to the core.
And I mean, at the end of the day, like, he was mad at everybody, and I was the only one who stood there and watched the whole thing.
And that's why I got screamed at, and that people wanted to blame me.
And now Twitter, Jack Dorsey says, you did it, Zack.
You burned it down.
Zack attacked it.
He didn't, folks.
This is the end.
My only friend, the end.
All right, so, Savannah Hernandez is here.
We got Zach over here who's on fire.
And what's crazy is, we've got the raw footage.
For radio listeners, you'll just hear the audio.
For TV viewers, we always forget the TV viewer is actually a small part of who we are.
That's why they thought they could take us off air, but we had hundreds of radio stations.
That's the main audience.
But radio listeners, we have live feeds at InfoWars.com.
We have Bandai video.
You've got to see this, because if anybody knows anything about this place, we've got
The luck of the Irish and a lot more, and God's on our side, the force is with us.
But when it comes to calculation and pre-planning, it's not going on around here.
I mean, it's just seat of your pants, getting the job done.
And to see, this morning I woke up at like, you know, 3.45 in the morning, and by 6am I'm getting media calling, did you stage it?
It's all it would say, like, did you, did you burn them?
And all of a sudden I find out, top of Twitter, that you guys are burning down homeless camps, even though you can watch the footage we put out.
You see the Antifa running over with the mattresses, grabbing it, but then I learned you guys had more footage.
What is it like, Zach, to be blamed with a crime of attacking homeless people by Antifa sympathizers that are bragging all over the news, it's time to burn everything down?
Well, honestly, it's really been, um, it's been surreal because it's been fast.
And the first thing I had to do was realize that, I mean, the only way I'm going to ever deal with this situation is to pull and comb through the footage.
Uh, so just like I found the fact that the guys that started the mattress fire are sitting there hanging out, watching the fire beforehand and there they are hanging out.
Um, and this is the type of stuff I was focused on this.
Describe it, and we're going to roll the footage that clears your name.
Please continue.
Yeah, so in a nutshell, I mean, listen, I've been working here for a long time.
Ever since 2016.
Politically, I've always stayed the same.
I've been with the same girls this entire time.
I see you're pretty neutral.
I'm very neutral.
I'm very unbiased.
I try to keep journalistic integrity the best I can.
You know, you get the...
Deal with a lot of different topics and things.
Yeah, we're not a cult.
You don't agree with me on a lot of stuff.
And yeah, exactly.
I mean, it's about an open debate.
It's about getting the actual information.
That's like the whole point.
And that's why we're out there.
And so to see this happen and to see that it was going to get swung the other way is not something I'm not used to.
You know, between friends I've lost over social media that have no idea who I am and just assume that just because I work here that it's just an immediate nail in the coffin.
People just don't understand.
And so that's why I knew that I just needed to be focused on making sure that people saw what really happened.
And so this footage shows, you know, this is me walking up.
Raw GoPro right here.
You can see that this is us basically approaching the fire as it was lit.
This is in the homeless camp for radio listeners under I-35 at 7th Street.
Yep, right next to the police station, and you can see it, well you can't really see it, it's dark back here, but in the back corner, right behind, right in front of where this guy in the gray shirt is, is actually the four guys that threw the mattress on top later on.
You can see more of the homeless camp just right there.
And the gentleman, the homeless gentleman that actually is really upset about the whole thing, you'll see when this cameraman goes by.
So they're already burning part of it, and they need some more fuel, so they start grabbing the homeless camp.
And it's actually because he's upset.
Here he is, he's upset.
He's super upset.
Look, here he comes.
He's mad the first time.
This is the first time I capture him being really mad.
And so he tries to stop them burning down his stuff.
And then I have a zoomed in shot of him just freaking out.
He's pointing at all the protesters right now saying, screw you, get out of here, this is my house.
Because if you want to battle the elite, you don't burn down homeless people.
This is not the castle.
And so, I mean, that... This is so dramatic footage.
It's crazy.
And it was just... So where do you get his mattress and burn it?
Because, you know, Twitter said you did.
So, yeah, so, and this is me walking away from the whole situation and just trying to talk to... Because, meanwhile, rubber bullets are being fired, right?
Yeah, well, this is prior to that.
So this is just prior, about a minute or so.
I walked away.
Uh, you can even plan... Let's add a little bit of audio here while he talks.
Go ahead.
Um, yeah, and it's just, this is just raw audio, just the crowds yelling and screaming.
And I think I was trying to meet up with Greg and Drew at this point.
Yeah, because we were all getting separated as well.
And the maniac Savannah that just took on like a six foot seven black dude.
Yeah, and we're all getting like fireworks are being thrown all night.
People are starting dumpster fires near the gas station.
Like it's madness out in these streets.
People are posing for selfies while they're screaming profanities at the police.
It's just insane!
And so, we're getting separated throughout this whole entire thing, and that is why, too, Zach is the only person who's up there able to get this footage, because me, Greg, and Drew were back behind getting sprayed by rubber bullets.
What's actually funny, this shot right here, which I'm taking HD and I'm zooming in through it, and I just had an itch, I was like, something's going on over there that I don't really know, I can't really see it, and that's when you could see that I started realizing, I think I'm gonna go walk over there.
And so I tried to wade my way through the crowd.
This is amazing footage, by the way, for TV viewers to see at Radio Loosers Camp.
Tightening up on basically whatever was going on and that is when, around this time, there's Drew.
And you could see he was kind of checking it out.
There really wasn't much going on.
And I kind of stuck around.
And then I noticed as I was standing here that some Antifa guys were walking to my shot in just a couple of seconds.
And this is the point where you supposedly burned down the camp.
Yeah, we're going to see the loving antifa, the little angel cakes.
Yeah, because originally I was about to walk away.
They've got all their media people out here.
There's another guy just randomly throwing some stuff on.
So people were piling on eventually.
And yeah, from there you start to see that a crew of three guys on the left will come in.
There they are.
So they start to show up.
I'm looking at the footage and I'm just trying to film the camp here so you can see the camp is right next to this fire.
So here's a couple of tents.
Yeah, a lot of these people are just like in the other footage, they're sleeping, they're going about their regular night while the city's burning around them.
And here's the Antifa guy.
He starts to pull his buddies over.
This is some young UT assistant professor.
Yeah, who knows who these guys are.
And this guy I've recognized many times with the blonde hair.
We can't identify anyone because everyone had masks on for COVID-19.
Skinny jeans, everything else.
Yeah, these guys are in every rally and every video, so they get very recognizable after a while.
And there's the guy trying to pour water bottles into the fire to try to stop it.
There's more guys piling on.
And then soon enough, in about three seconds, you see the hands go up on this Antifa guy because he's all pumped about the mattress.
Here it comes.
Oh, so there's Antifa HD proof.
Throwing, and now he gets mad, and now we have Greg shooting footage from in front, and this turns into us burning it down.
Yep, and then right here at this point, he's so upset, he's out of his mind upset.
I haven't been anywhere near the guy, as you can clearly see, and then I'm the only one who stands around.
Except for the girl, ironically, in yellow, waiting for the moment that she can take her selfie in the background.
Which is so, so telling of society right there.
In a nutshell.
She's waiting for the moment.
Well, I don't want to do a virtual signal, but I want to go buy that guy a week in a hotel.
Honestly, Alex, what I was planning to do today was go find him and interview him today.
Yeah, we were talking about that earlier.
That's what I plan on doing.
Well, after you burned down his thing.
That's what I plan on doing today.
Because, again, let's go to the source.
Who is actually there?
Because the people on Twitter right now saying that InfoWars started this fire, they were not there.
They're all lying trash.
So who is there?
Let's go to the homeless man and let's go to the source and ask him who burned down his building.
But we just showed the footage.
And should we show Drew's footage of this too?
We just showed it's not you burning it down.
It's a skinny jeans, you know, group of gay models.
Nothing against that.
Yeah, this right here, actually, this is more of it.
I want to say this is Drew's footage right here.
This might be his live stream actually.
And yeah, that just shows that we were hanging out across the street and you could see the fire being started right there.
And we go, oh man, it's time for us to skip ahead and see what's going down.
Yeah, that was... So it just shows from all points and angles, and there I am even injured shot.
Yeah, so we were way away from the fire.
And again, this is bigger than InfoWars.
We're not just doing this to defend ourselves.
This was the top story on Twitter, at least it was a few hours ago.
27 million views of our video, and the top thing is Alex Jones burns up Veterans Mattress, and it's all a lie.
It was dirty, filthy, disgusting Antifa trash.
And then they went after poor Zach,
Who's a great guy, and poor Savannah.
And it's not about us being victims, but we're not going to take it lying down.
But if we didn't have Bandai Video, if we didn't have Infowars.com, if we didn't have these great radio and TV stations, people wouldn't know the truth.
But because of this, they're going to know the truth.
Now let me tell you how we finance the armored vehicle to cover protests, and the reporters, and the crew, and the great people.
It's you buying products.
Wear an Infowars shirt loud and proud.
You'll meet a lot of great people.
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Now, I know we got Cargill here.
We got to get his video downloaded.
And we got Owen Schroeder coming in.
We'll have them for three segments.
45 minutes.
But I want to finish up with Savannah Hernandez and with Zach on the other side because
This is crazy.
I want to move on from this now, into the footage of George Floyd and the cocaine or meth bag, and what that means that the media all had this footage, but nobody reported on it.
And we're going to look at where the Globalists go next with our guest, and we've got other footage we haven't played yet, in hour number three, three, three, three.
No, I get really stressed out every day before I do the show now, and this didn't used to happen.
20 years ago, I'm like, let me find enough cool stuff to cover that's interesting.
Now it's just like, what the hell?
There are so many tapes today out of, we'll play them next segment, a few of them, of just a family has an American flag on their business they get torched.
A guy's got an American flag, they get beat up.
Women getting beat up.
And again, there's something about men beating up women.
There's all this footage we'll show next segment of women getting beat up, man, by thugs.
And it's so lawless, it's so dangerous, and a lot of it's racial attacks on whites.
And the media just promotes it.
Meanwhile, CNN got torched and blown up.
That only got covered one day.
They shut that down really fast, Savannah.
They did, and a lot of people, too, were just like, you know, this is so ironic because this was the creation of CNN.
They have stoked so much division and so much anger and fear into society, and that was the result of it, so it kind of just came back around.
By the way, can you guys roll that B-roll of CNN we showed where they're taking it over?
That is so dramatic.
Sorry, go ahead.
No, I mean, it's definitely, it's not, I wouldn't even say karma, but it's what they created, and it came back to bite them in the ass.
Yeah, exactly, it's not even karma, it's like Frankenstein makes the monster, and it kills him.
Yeah, and the ultimate irony is when Don Lemon is like, having huge diatribes on air about how everyone needs to like, go to the streets, and then they do, and they end up burning down their own headquarters, so he basically invited them to
It's like all the celebrities who are funding and letting all these people out of jail right now, all these thugs who are looting and rioting, and then they're like, oh my gosh, the looters made it to my gated community and they're burning down my house.
I can't believe this is happening right now.
Oh yeah, in fact, Watson has that, and you tweeted it too, and so did Cernovich.
I meant to cover that today.
There's a famous NBA player, I forget his name, but he's like, literally, go burn, and they're like, wait, you're at my house?
What the hell?
When I'm not here, not my house, go to your own city and do this.
And it's just so ironic.
And again, like Chrissy Teigen, she donated to get these looters and rioters out of jail, so let's take the looters and rioters to Chrissy Teigen's house and see how she likes what she's paying for.
Well, I just want to tell the rioters, I don't want to fill out the paperwork.
Please don't come to my house, because let me tell you, you're coming to the guns at Navarone, man.
I mean, you don't want to come there.
Definitely not.
It's not going to go too well.
I mean, I don't want to kill a bunch of people, but if you come to hurt my family, you're dead.
And see, that's what the left and the globalists want.
They want to kick off this chain reaction.
And I think, and it's funny too, you know, that's another thing too about why it was so tragic that it was dealing with the homeless camp.
It's like, yeah, I get it.
It's across the street from the police station.
You know, I do.
I understand that.
But it's also one of many other places that have police stations.
By the way, let me interrupt you, but they finally put it up.
There it is.
Chris Martin.
Palmer, burn that bleep down.
Burn it all down.
They just attacked our sister community down the street.
It's a gated community and they tried to climb the gates.
They had to beat them back.
They destroyed a Starbucks and now in front of my building.
Get these animals the F out of my neighborhood.
Go back where you live.
What do you think you're doing, Chris Palmer?
Sorry, go ahead.
And you know what Alex?
I'm sorry to butt in Zach, but I took footage of a store being looted on 6th Street.
Apparently this is a small business.
It's incredible footage.
It's a black owned business.
So a lot of people on Twitter are really upset.
And I said, this is what you guys are supporting.
This is the reality.
By the way, which tweet is that?
Because that was from yesterday and we'll get them to put it up.
What tweet was that?
What was the name of the tweet?
We'll pull the video up.
Um, the name of the business is Private Stock.
I'm not sure what the tweet says, but I mean, you guys will find it there.
The audio, all of it is just incredible, the looting you got.
Yeah, I was right there right when they started and it was so satisfying.
It's the best looting I've seen.
Yeah, there it is.
Because they just pour in en masse and then pour out.
They loot it in like two minutes.
And that's the whole point.
It's the hypocrisy of it.
It's like we're in a situation where you're rioting and you're protesting because of this injustice, yet it's the most hypocritical point of view.
You're only going after homeless people, and you're only looting black-owned businesses.
And small-owned businesses.
And small-owned businesses.
It's madness.
And more than 50% of the people aren't even wearing their, you know, coronavirus-mandated masks.
Anyone not wearing a mask is a demon, but now these are heroes.
Yeah, exactly.
All smiles.
Look at this footage.
By the way, the crews do an incredible job pulling this up as fast as we're moving here.
All right, so when we come back, we've got a bunch to cover in the final segment with our guests.
Then we've got another black owned business they tried to rob last night, a gun shop.
Central Texas Gun Works.
We've got exclusive footage for you on that, which we're downloading right now.
So stay with us.
For TV viewers, you'll be able to see all this.
For radio listeners, I'm going to narrate it.
We've got 50, 60 clips.
I mean, it's totally insane.
Let's roll the jewelry store in Bellevue that ended up being broken into and looted.
And then we'll go to the looting of CVS, calling for getting the Vicodin's carts set up with rocks, white suburbs, looting Belvedere Square.
We've also got looters completely ransacked.
Square Mall.
It just goes on.
There's hundreds of these videos.
Here it is.
Can anyone get that car license, please?
What's up with mattresses?
Like, they're attacking to get the mattresses.
They just burned the homeless guy's mattresses.
I got it.
So, this is how you battle the establishment.
Oh, my God.
My heart is going out.
And by the way, all these idiots pulling up their cars doing this, they're going to get indicted because it's all getting picked up on security camera.
You're going to have a lit-ass night tonight.
So the white folks go out, the anti-funds say protest, get whitey, and then this is what it triggers.
Let me get out!
This is a breakdown of civilization.
And the globalists are hoping somebody starts shooting these people.
And that's the most frustrating part too, Alex, is as soon as one of these people gets shot, it's going to be turned into making them the victim.
It really is.
Yes, none of this has to do with the man that was shot and killed, or the man that was run over, or the man that had a cop on his neck.
Do you want to put that back?
And you've got the leftist again, like the so-called white intellectuals always leading it.
These are literally university professors running all this.
Yeah, here's footage of a cigar shop, people looting it, and then the guy shows up with his guns.
I love how she had to go through the window and they just opened the door.
I don't even know what to make of 2020 anymore.
Complete chaos.
You know, they tried to loot Target here in Austin yesterday, but the police shut it down real quick.
Really quick.
They didn't do that much damage.
There's so much other footage here, but just both of you guys.
Where do you see all this going?
I mean, honestly, I see it getting worse if this continues like this.
I mean, the next narrative probably will be that we're now going to be in phase two of coronavirus lockdown because everyone's going to say that these, which is so ironic because we've been going to rallies all this time.
And I still have yet to see a report of a coronavirus patient that came out of our, uh, you know, open Texas rallies that I've been in this entire time.
But yeah, but it's a permanent state of martial law.
So they go out of Corona into race war back into Corona.
Yeah, so I think it's a loop.
And then the economy shut down, and everybody goes bankrupt.
It's a loop.
And then, yeah, on top of it, it's like, yeah, we opened up stores.
It was like Black Friday all over Austin, and they needed a new narrative to kind of keep things in check.
So I feel like that's, we're just leading to the next situation.
And again, it makes everybody further racially divided, which is exactly what the globalists want.
Exactly, Alex, and that's what this has all been about, is racial division.
Because if you look up to what led up to this, we saw Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, Jimmy Fallon got cancelled for his SNL clip from the early 2000s for Blackface.
Then we saw the Central Park video.
Then it was George Floyd.
So it was just more and more and more racial division.
And you know, Alex, you asked where we're going to be going next or what happens now.
What happens now is a lot of people are going to learn the hard way that when you attack someone in their vehicle, you get run over.
A lot of people are going to learn the hard way that when you attack someone's home or business owner who's a gun owner, you're going to get shot and you're going to get killed and you're not going to be the victim.
And America is not going to defend you because this is not defendable behavior at all.
So a lot of people are going to learn the hard way because they're so dumb that they're going to die because of their dumb actions.
That's where we're going next.
Yeah, and people need to pay close attention.
They really do.
Like, they need to pay really, really close attention.
This footage is always going to be cut up.
There's so many versions of HD.
Well, look how they blamed you.
You guys saying you had burned up a homeless guy.
We haven't even shown Savannah's full footage where they were the ones burning even more of.
I mean, even with George Floyd, there was one of the protesters, they were trying to portray him as getting hit by a cop car.
And if you watch the footage, they smash the cop car.
They're riding on top of the cop car.
The cop is freaked out.
He drives away and the guy falls off the cop car.
And you know, this is a perfect example too of what's going on right now with the whole us burning the mattress thing.
This is a perfect example of social media and how quickly and how easily people are manipulated and people just want to jump onto the next thing that is going to further cause division and war in America.
People do not want us to be together.
People don't, these people are not doing this because they want to come together for George Floyd.
They're jumping on any story they can to further divide America because this is what they want.
And this is political at this point too.
And they've been talking, they all go to community college, that a communist revolution is going to empower them.
We'll move to North Korea now.
Let's hit this exclusive on Infowars.com that we broke towards the end of the first hour video.
George Floyd tried to hide white powder during arrest.
Let's go ahead and roll that video for TV viewers.
He also fought inside the police car.
We're not saying he deserved to die, but it turns out he worked with both these police officers at the nightclub.
Now it's both of them.
It was all very incestuous.
I don't mean they were having sexual kids, but they were all very close to each other.
And boom, there is the white powder.
He's reportedly, they said he died of a heart attack, not of asphyxiation.
I'm not defending what the cop did.
The guy says he can't breathe.
But a lot of experts say he had a heart attack because he was panicking.
And I get it, being put in handcuffs or cops sitting on your head will do that.
I'm not defending it.
But this, again, we're learning the rest of the story.
They waited a long time to release this camera footage.
This is on CBS, ABC, all of it, but none of them are pointing out what's on the raw video.
That he's pulled it out of his back pocket, boom.
On the ground.
And the cops don't even pick up on that.
They take him over, he fights in the car.
We've got footage of that, I guess we can play in a moment, get that ready.
Zach, what do you make of this?
Yeah, I mean, it... I mean, no matter what... They're fighting getting him in, right here.
Yeah, that's... I mean... I mean, I think we... He definitely did not want to be arrested, for sure.
I think that's clear.
And it's... I mean...
This footage is, I don't really know if this changes any more of the narrative just because of the fact that, I mean, the cop obviously knew the guy.
He obviously knew that this guy, the cop felt better than him, for sure.
And obviously this guy might have been going through some things and was probably trying to avoid it, but at the end of the day, you know, they're gonna want
It's because of the knee on the neck, more than anything else.
But the cops indicted, so this whole thing that go beat up a white lady outside her business because she's white, that two wrongs don't make a right.
None of that makes any sense.
It doesn't make white people, Newsflash, want to be nice to black people on average.
It makes white people become racist.
It makes me feel like, you know, what are you going after?
What agenda is there by burning it all down at the end of the day?
And again, why'd they call the cops on him?
Because he was bombed out of his brain passing fake 20s.
I'm sorry the guy's dead.
But, I know don't resist the police if I don't want to get hurt really bad.
I mean, yeah.
Well, that's what this comes down to, Alex, is people want to break the law and then when the police come and try to arrest them, they resist and then they get hurt.
At the end of the day, if you do not resist arrest, you're not going to get killed.
And that's a fact.
Well, exactly.
And if the left takes over and organizes the police to come pick our guns, I'll organize people and we'll fight.
They're now the enemy, let's get organized, let's boom, you know?
It's not the cop who I hate, though.
It's the corruption giving them the illegal order.
But this was the illegal order.
Somebody called on him.
He was reportedly drunk, out of control, passing fake 20s.
They fought to get him in.
They put him down.
They put their knee on him.
A combination of drugs and that killed him.
And now we've got riots all over the country.
Yeah, and the generalization of the fact that this man had prior history of being violent, the cop.
He had prior history of having aggressive behavior with all sorts of different assailants.
It wasn't just about one black man, and he worked with that guy.
So they had a past relationship that they don't even address.
And we don't humanize all the other people.
So they make it one blanket, every cop is bad, but this guy was clearly the one truly terrible person in the band.
And he's been indicted.
All right, guys.
Well, thanks for clearing up that we didn't order you to go down there and burn down the homeless camp.
It was Antifa because they're terrorists.
Thank you so much.
Great job.
All right.
Two great American patriots are with me now.
Michael Cargill and Owen Schroer.
And both of these guys are living right here in Austin, Texas, one of the main epicenters of the protesting and rioting and bizarreness going on.
And I just tell it like I see it.
The instigators are about 90 percent
White middle-aged men and women, university types, trying to foment stuff, and then the actual looting and stuff.
It's about 50-50 different racial groups doing it, and there are white people being racially attacked.
There's so many videos.
I'm not trying to inflame people, but if you want to talk about racial attacks, I don't like seeing this guy die of
George Floyd.
It looks bad.
But I don't like seeing white people get beat up either racially.
It's very upsetting.
But that's what the media knows they're doing.
They're trying to create this flashpoint.
But separate from that, I've got a call from four different people in the last day.
Now, with Cargill, I didn't get a call.
I got sent a message by another friend saying, hey, you know, Cargill, they tried to rob his place.
I've had three other people I know that have had their garages, their houses robbed, and one person mugged downtown, and it was because of what color they were.
So, this is very, very dangerous.
This is all Soros Fund, and we've covered it.
But Michael Cargill owns Central Texas Gunworks.
He's 12 years U.S.
Army patriot, studied criminal justice at Troy State University.
He trained me with Mike and Syl Kerry.
He's a good friend of mine.
Everybody knows him.
That's a routine listener.
But then I learned from his Facebook this morning that he, they had tried to rob him.
Now, another gun shop did get robbed.
No one knows this yet.
We're not going to say the name, but just know that's how bad it is that when the police are having to guard their own facilities and the National Guard's surrounding the Capitol, crime is super high.
And the media, well, the government's not going to tell you because they don't want the criminals to know they're winning.
But this is a very dangerous destabilization of the country right now, ahead of the election.
So, Michael Cargill and Owen Schroer are with us a little bit at the next hour, then Gerald Cilente takes over, then Owen's back.
Good to see you, Mr. Cargill.
Yes, sir.
Good to see you, Mr. Schroer.
Where do you want to start?
With what happened to your facility down the road?
Or with the big picture?
So the headline should be, Texas gun store shot up by thugs.
Show that footage in slow motion if we can.
Keep going.
And so they made an attempt.
They tried to ram the door.
They tried everything possible to get inside the shop and we missed them by 30 seconds.
Another 30 seconds and we would have had them.
So luckily, you know, I think God was looking out for them.
In fact, I should have just come in live saying, our good buddy Cargill's office just got shot up and rammed by thugs.
And so you almost showed up.
Yeah, we almost got there.
Got there in 30 seconds and we almost had him.
And it was not just us.
You know, quite a few gun stores in Austin area were actually hit last night.
We were lucky.
We were able to stop them.
They didn't get anything.
They didn't get inside the store at all.
Our countermeasures actually worked.
So I'm grateful for that.
But then some other gun stores weren't as lucky as we were.
Some places lost quite a few dozens of guns.
Quite a few dozens.
And they shot into your building?
Oh yeah, they shot into the building.
I'm glad my employees were not inside at the time, because one of my employees could have gotten shot.
This is getting insane.
Have you gotten calls from friends and family about the crime increasing?
Yes, and it's increasing all over the country.
And just like you said, Alex, what it is, is you have National Guard, you have police, they're concentrating on their buildings, state buildings and stuff like that, their infrastructure.
They're not worried about, you know, private businesses.
So we have to- And it goes back to the law.
It's up to us.
Explain that to people.
It is up to us to make sure that we take care of ourselves.
You're going to have to take care of yourself.
You have to take care of your family.
It's going to be up to you.
And so, you know, you got to arm yourself.
You know, this is where this is.
This is for real here.
This is this is it.
This is what we train for.
This is what we've been talking about, you know, from day one for 20 years ago.
This is what we're getting ready for because it is upon us right now.
Police are not going to come and save you.
You're going to have to come and save yourself.
By the way, I've never slept with a rifle out.
I do it now.
Is this on?
Well, we'll keep going.
It's madness, you know, with the protests around the country.
I just don't understand, Alex.
I don't understand, you know, why... They indicted the cop.
Yes, within days.
So if he did something wrong, I mean, he's indicted.
So let's let, you know, let's let everything, you know, work out.
Were you expecting though to have your shop robbed?
We were prepared.
We were actually watching the place that night.
They caught us just as someone taking a break and they just got lucky.
Lucky for them.
It was lucky for them because another 30 seconds it would have happened.
Someone taking a break and they came back.
We saw them before the alarm went off.
And then we started rolling in that direction, and if it wasn't for that, we would have caught him in just a few seconds.
Well, don't these dumbasses know how dangerous it is to hit a gun shop?
Because we have countermeasures, we're prepared.
We're prepared to respond.
I'm prepared to respond because I don't know how long it's going to take law enforcement to get there.
So it's not a matter of if, it's a matter of when it's going to happen.
And notice you are in a much better position today than some of the other gun stores out there because you took those precautions.
That's right.
And you have to.
You have to lock your stuff up.
You have to, you know, put it behind.
I know you can't get into it and give it away, but a major gun store got robbed last night.
That's right.
So what they got, they got away with, you said 40 guns.
About 40 guns.
Well, what were you told?
And so, about 40 guns are out there on the streets.
And not only just one gun store, you know, multiple gun stores were actually hit.
Federal Farms License dealers.
So the ATF is on it.
You know, they're looking for these guys.
And it was the same group.
I saw a guy's case in my house two days ago.
The left has activated their local terror cells.
They're launching everything.
All activities that they've been coordinating.
And you know the scary thing about this, Alex, I was sitting here with you, what was this, 48 hours ago, and it was me and Tim, and we said, hey, you know, if the cops don't make hundreds of arrests within the next six hours, there's going to be looting and rioting in this town.
Sadly, that was easy to predict, and it ended up happening.
And so, for us to be sitting here... Because the mayor's endorsing this.
People are starting to realize how personal this is getting though, with people showing up at their houses, showing up at their businesses.
This isn't just showing up at some bank.
They're going to Cassandra Fairbanks' house, they're going to everybody's.
And so I want people to understand...
This is why John Brennan needed to have his security clearance removed two years ago.
He has continued to use logistical databases that he gets access to, that he can give access to, to locate and track your address, your phone number.
They've got us all on maps.
They really do.
And they hand-feed that down to these people.
Now it's a lot easier to go into a, you know, boutique or some store that doesn't have armed security or there's nobody there that can even defend it.
It's a lot easier to do that than say show up at somebody's house where they know they're going to be met with a firearm.
So I don't know if it'll ever get to that point, but that's the next level.
But here's, Alex, you were talking about this too.
What are they going to do next?
You know, it's so easy.
These people are so easy to predict now, Alex.
I don't know how we didn't see this coming.
They're going to attack the power grid.
If you're the mainstream news, how do you come out of a fake pandemic?
How do you come out of a pandemic that you just faked?
Well, that's easy.
Race riots.
Race war.
And so why do they come out of this with?
Mass shooting.
100% bona fide, guaranteed.
Mass shooting.
A white supremacist.
Now the good news is, because the schools and everything are out of session, and sports leagues, they don't really have anywhere to get away with it.
So that's going to be interesting, is what venue are they going to choose to have a mass shooting and then blame whoever they want.
Because this stuff will boil over probably within a month, I would guess.
It's going to boil over, or it's going to become an all-out civil war.
I don't think we're there yet.
I've never had this many calls about people getting robbed.
I mean, it's bad.
I'm sure Michael can tell us the next segment.
I mean, you can't even buy guns or ammo anymore.
It's hard.
Stay with us.
We'll be right back.
By the way, folks, people have noticed in the last 26 years I've been on air that I don't just get up here and say alarmist stuff for no reason.
This is communist China and corrupt multinational corporations that believe they can overthrow the U.S.
Our government's got problems.
I've been anti-corrupt police.
I'm the guy that's against violating posse comitatus and our rights.
I'm not against cops.
Being anti-police state means you're against unconstitutional things that are dangerous.
And so, of course, now that we've got Trump and we're trying to turn the country back on, we're trying to kick out the foreign powers, of course I'm for law enforcement, as long as they're in their constitutional role, because they are duly sworn to protect and defend us.
But at the end of the day, it's our job to protect ourselves.
They're just there to respond after the crime's committed.
If they have a chance to stop the crime, they're duly supposed to do something, just like we are under common law.
So Michael Cargill really lays this out well in the interviews he does with us.
But I said, where do you want to go next with this?
And he had a point we'll get to in a second.
But Owen, I want listeners to understand we're not in a normal season here.
And America's got its problems all day long.
But man, the Chi-Coms are the most evil people on the planet.
What they've done to their own people.
What they've done to the Uyghurs.
People need to just, they need to get the facts that this is a globalist takeover and Trump is arresting the Chinese spies.
Trump is going after them.
This country's fighting for its life right now.
Yeah Alex, I think the problem is the corruption that we're dealing with is so complex and this world is so complex and it's so well disguised and it can morph in an instant and we're so enslaved to the television media they can
Yeah, like, we're smart and we can barely get it.
Yeah, it's like, and they can do a three-card money on us at any given time.
And so, the biggest problem I think that Americans are having is, we can't even be honest with ourselves.
And if you can't even be honest with yourself about what's going on in this country right now, then how are you going to face the larger issue of China stealing the prosperity of United States' inner cities, and politicians and business owners selling out that potential prosperity for Americans to other countries?
By design, to make us controlled.
So if they can't, if they, how are they going to possibly grasp that reality if they can't sit here and look at this and say, okay, yeah, Antifa has been a terror cell in the United States for four years.
Yeah, you know what?
There's a lot of black racists out here beating white people.
Hey, there's police officers that are clearly out here not doing a very good job.
And you know what?
This is some, some bad incidents we've had with police.
Maybe there's a way we can fix this.
Guess what?
These are all issues and maybe we could deal with all of them, but we're not even honest about any of them.
We can't even sit here and face them, Alex.
Why are police constantly in our businesses?
Why do the police always pull people over?
Why do black people feel like they're targeted by the police?
What is really at the stake of that?
Is it the war on drugs?
Is it that there's more crime in inner cities where there's impoverished people?
We all know this!
But it's the left trying to go out and stir this up.
I agree.
So let me ask you again.
What's coming next?
I agree.
A mass shooting.
Yeah, I think, uh... Either stage or wound up, and I think attacks on infrastructure.
Cargill, what do you think is coming next?
It's election time, so, you know, all the cards are on the table.
They're trying anything they possibly can.
All bets are off.
That's right.
So you have, you know, we throw coronavirus at us, and now we're all in a flux right now.
So it's like, now, you know what's gonna happen?
What we should do is, hey, let's, uh, you know...
Let's cause some type of a disruption or something like that.
You got, now you have law enforcement or military on our streets right now that are overstepping their bounds.
Our soldiers, they spent time in Iraq and Afghanistan, done things that you, you know, that no one wants to know about.
And now here we are, we have the same soldiers right here on our streets right now doing the exact same thing.
There's a video of them, man, rolling down the street.
Let's roll it with audio.
Roll it right now from the beginning.
Get inside!
Get your heads down!
Let's go!
Light him up!
Go inside now!
Get in the house!
Let's watch that from the start.
Here it is.
Look at this.
They just keep coming.
Go inside!
Get inside!
Get inside!
Get inside!
Get in your house now!
Let's go!
Light him up!
Go inside now!
Get in the house!
So again, the left knowingly has conjured this to hope things get out of balance to trigger a real revolt, is what you're saying?
Yeah, and what country are we in where you're, you know, this is the United States of America.
We have a constitution here.
You don't have the authority to tell a family or anyone to get inside their house.
They're on their property.
You don't have that authority.
But COVID created that idea.
Yes, and now we're talking about, you know what, they're going to come out next and they're going to say, hey, we need, the police need more.
They need more equipment.
They need more, more, um, you know, more tactical equipment.
You know, they need bigger equipment, tanks and stuff like that.
That's what's going to come next.
And then they're going to come with some types of- So the left knows what they've done?
Oh yeah, they know exactly what- Well, that's the argument.
You say, oh, designate Antifa as a terrorist, but what the left gets controlled, they'll designate gun owners as terrorists.
My issue is use the racketeering laws against them.
And by the way, Antifa will just morph into the next Alphabet Soup, you know, front Soros group.
You know, whether it's... Condors come.
They'll just morph into the next, you know... No, I agree.
So how do we thread the needle, Cargill?
Man, I don't know.
We're just gonna have to... We need to train ourselves and get ready for this.
You need to make sure you have... That's the bottom line, is that if the citizens are armed, the criminals won't be able to break down society and bring in martial law.
That is absolutely correct.
You know, you gotta get all the things that you need to protect yourself and also your family, get your firearms, get some ammunition, and make sure that you're training, you're proficient in all that.
Listen, I'm a pretty confident guy, and you trained me for my concealed carry years ago, but...
I'm not the type of guy that only carries a gun.
I'm carrying one now.
Because you can just tell it's go time.
It is.
And you should be.
You have to.
In the time that we are right now, where you have people that are, you know, just showing up at your home, you know, unannounced.
I mean, that is just crazy.
You know, I shouldn't have to sit there and watch my cameras.
I shouldn't have to do this.
But that's where we are today.
That's just what's happening right now.
I carry this right here that I got from Central Texas Gun Works all the time.
That's right, that's right.
And now's the time to talk to your neighbors, isn't it?
You need to know your neighbors.
I actually, I've trained all my neighbors.
That's good, yeah.
I did this years ago.
Yeah, talk about that, you talked about that on air.
Yeah, years ago, I brought them into my house, we sat down, we talked about, you know, security plans, talked about what happens inside the home if someone was to break into your house, talked about your alarm system, monitoring things upstairs on the second floor and all that stuff.
And that's normal.
People think that is weird.
It is not.
No, no.
We spend time about insurance, about the yard, about the car, about grandma.
How about security?
Yeah, absolutely.
Make sure you use your alarm system.
Make sure you have cameras.
Use those cameras.
What are you going to do if something happens in the middle of the night?
You know, you need to see what's going on.
You don't want to run outside your door to investigate.
What you need to do is have a little safe room, a little area where everyone's to meet.
You don't want to accidentally shoot one of your loved ones.
Right in my closet in my bedroom.
I've got cameras right there around the house.
I've got instant access, pencil safe.
I can just look at what's going on.
Because you don't know how many people are involved in all this stuff.
It happened with my parents with three or four people.
Yeah, tell that story.
Three or four people actually tried to do a home invasion on my parents' house.
My parents had to secure themselves in the bedroom.
They actually got a ladder, climbed onto the second floor of my parents' house while they were sleeping at four o'clock in the morning, and they crawled through the master bathroom window because that was the only window that was open.
At 4 o'clock in the morning.
And so my dad actually woke up, heard the noise, saw the light, went into the bathroom, shot this guy right in the face, stopped him.
He fell right outside the door and died.
Right outside, on the ledge there.
And people just don't get how dangerous it is until it happens to them.
Very dangerous.
And my parents never thought in a million years that someone would actually try to climb on the second floor of their home, a house they lived in, for over 20 years.
But your dad was like the guard dog.
He was... Yes.
You don't expect that.
You don't think that.
You wake up in the middle of the night.
When you fire a gun, that flash is going to blind you.
It's going to take you a couple of seconds to get your bearings.
The ringing.
Your ears are going to ring.
When you go out to the gun range, you have eye protection, ear protection on.
We don't have that stuff in the middle of the night when someone tries to break into your home.
There's no eye protection.
There's no ear protection.
There's no instructor saying, you know, ready on the left, ready on the right.
Would you like a cup of water?
You know, it happens at 4 o'clock in the morning.
It's pitch dark.
Gotta keep your eyes on the prize.
Like, I mean, I don't want to rob anybody, but I wouldn't just randomly run up on people in parking lots.
No, no.
Like, where does this come from?
And be prepared to use it.
Don't threaten someone that you're going to use it.
Don't pull the trigger.
Pull the trigger.
You have no choice but to stop them.
If they're committing aggravated kidnapping, murder, sexual assault, aggravated sex assault, aggravated robbery, then you use force or daily force and you stop them.
And explain, aggravated robbery means they've got a gun saying, give me your money.
That's right.
They're either causing injury to you, or they're using a weapon.
And Antifa says, you try to exercise free speech, we're going to kill you.
That's terrorism.
That is the exact definition of terrorism.
Remember they did that to me in a park four years ago, Alex.
Remember when we made a huge deal of it?
In fact, I'm not mad at the crew.
You guys are great.
There's too many videos.
Can you find Owen Schroer?
Antifa threatens Owen Schroer at Austin Park.
They have guns.
They say, you're not going in there, boy.
We'll be right back with that.
And of course, Michael Cargill, straight ahead, centraltexasgunworks.com.
Give me back my bullets!
I didn't even know this, and there's an article up on InfoWars.com, and I was watching the videos during the break, the Alamo's under attack?
And you got a bunch of leftists trying to burn it down?
I mean, because, oh, it founded Texas.
Because the headline is, Armed Texans Defend Alamo Monument Amid Civil Unrest.
You scroll down, it's Alamo under attack!
Our headlines aren't even strong enough, folks.
I keep scrolling down for what's going on.
The brainwashing of the left believing anything that's America or Texas is bad.
Then why is everybody trying to get in here if it's so incredibly bad?
This thing is breaking down very, very quickly.
Oh, and Schroyer, Michael Cargill.
We got a lot of stuff to cover here.
Mr. Cargill, your place last night got attacked.
We should roll that footage again, surveillance footage.
I know National News is calling you, asking for it.
I appreciate you coming here exclusively first.
They're shooting up your business, and you were pointing out this is just criminals knowing that you were saying during the break, repeat what you were saying.
Yeah, so what you have is, you have the riots going on downtown, and so these criminals know that police are tied up, their hands are tied, they're busy dealing with all the rioters, so they're not able to move away from that area, so they know that, hey, they're busy, so that's their time to go in.
This is a guy shooting your front door, how many times?
Yeah, so he fired three shots at the front door.
He tried to shoot the lock, he tried to shoot the bottom of the door.
We had rounds go through, hit the floor, rounds hit the ceiling.
These guys, and they had bags, they were thinking they were getting ready to go in and just grab a bunch of guns and run out.
But no, the place is secured.
We have good countermeasures and everything worked.
But other gun shops got hit last night, so what happens once the criminals get the guns?
Now you have guns on the street.
You have at least about three dozen guns that are on our Austin streets right now in Texas, and we don't know what's going to happen with those guns.
In the hands of criminals.
No laws will stop that.
Without getting into the shop, others were mentally robbed, the one you know about.
How did they get in?
How did they get in?
The police didn't respond.
Do you know anything else?
Like I said, with law enforcement being busy, they can't cover everywhere.
They can't respond as quickly as possible.
And in that area, you had a lot of different places that were hit last night.
And so, police just couldn't get there in enough time.
And so now we have three dozen guns or more out in the streets.
And now you have protests.
We have stolen guns.
This is going to be a good night tonight in Austin, Texas.
How long, Michael, do you think this is going to keep going crazy?
This is going to keep going until we have our mayor, your local city government's got to, you know, let the police do what they need to do when it comes to these rioters.
And by the way, that same mayor tried to close you.
A month ago.
Tried to shut us down because he tried to have code enforcement, law enforcement, and also the fire marshal come down and shut us down to tell us that we were not an essential.
And you told them no, and then the governor came out and signed an order saying you were right.
That's right.
Cargill, you're always at the center of everything.
I am too, but how are we doing?
And so is Ellen.
What's going on with us here?
Like the Three Musketeers or something?
But how are we always at the center of everything?
It's just men that take action.
It's really not even that dynamic.
It's just men that want to take action.
Men that care about the future of this country.
No, it's simple.
We're being overrun.
All we're doing is saying no.
That's right.
We're alpha dogs and we're leaders of the pack.
And we're not followers and we're making sure that, hey, we're going to stand up and say this is enough.
Enough is enough and this is what we're going to do to stop it.
You know, Alex, in speaking of law enforcement, I want to point out the fact that...
And by the way, the New York police are pissed today.
Because they found out, and they were wondering why.
And I said this the other day, and I kind of stand by this to be honest, because I don't know what other option the police have at this point.
Police did not sign up to be a punching bag for rioters.
And that's what they're being asked to do right now.
They're not being allowed to kneel.
And so I'm dead serious.
Like, I wouldn't want black people or anybody kneeling before me because of what color they are?
Since when does this?
I mean, this is insane.
I mean, I don't think cops should turn their badge in because they're bad people.
I think cops should turn their badge in because they are not punching bags.
They're being told to sit out here and take these rioters, take the bricks at their head, take the projectiles, take the fireworks, and have soft action, and now they find out this is going to tick them all off, Alex, I'm telling you.
Keith Ellison's son, a member of Antifa.
Ilhan Omar's daughter, supporting Antifa.
Former governor of Minnesota.
The mayor of New York's daughter arrested.
So all the Democrat local politicians' kids are in with the rioters.
And now you know why they're telling police to go lightly.
Because their children are rioting with the mob!
And so believe me, police are going to be pissed off about this.
And again, hey, I'm against police brutality.
I want to end the war on drugs.
We all know that, Owen.
This is a communist takeover.
But let's go on to the next level of this, Alex, because I think there'll be a mass shooting or something.
These are the craziest times ever.
There'll be a mass shooting.
Everything's accelerating.
They just faked the pandemic.
We'll get back to that in a minute.
But so there'll be a mass shooting or something and we'll detract from the riots and that'll all calm down.
But then in about two or three months,
The officer, I forget his name, Chauvin or whatever, he's probably going to get acquitted for this murder.
Because it's going to come out that Floyd was severely intoxicated and died of a heart attack, not asphyxiation.
And I guarantee you the cops are sitting on police footage right now that they can't release of the resisting of the arrest and the original arrest.
It's in the car, yeah, you see the fight going on.
Imagine when that sparks off.
Imagine when round two of this sparks off in July or August.
Then it's, I mean, then it's really going to be, you better be... And this changes the subject of COVID being a hoax.
It changes the subject.
I agree.
So how do we bypass this, Cargill?
I don't know, but it's crazy how you have New York City, which was ground zero for COVID-19, and now you have people, you know, in thousands.
When you looked at, you know, New York City last night, you would have thought it was New Year's Eve.
There's so many people in Times Square.
That's right.
Nobody's allowed to go out until this.
And now, oh, you're heroes.
Right, right, right.
Alex, remember, you had me on air, it was like three weeks ago, how I'm getting banned everywhere, attacked for organizing anti-lockdown riots.
Now they're all promoting damn riots!
Right, right.
What about social distancing?
All that stuff they were talking about.
You know, one that shut us down because of social distancing.
Well, let's just say this.
The economy shutting down has already created death in the third world, depression here.
And they want to just change the subject when the depression totally comes home?
Into a race war.
I think it's going to be both.
But here's what we're not seeing done correctly.
And I don't even know what the President can do.
His hands are so tied in this deal.
But look, folks are mad that he's in a bunker.
That's where you run the command systems.
Trump's just staying out of this right now.
Because what is he supposed to do?
In fact, John, John is over there.
He's mad at Trump.
And I'm not blaming him.
Bring him a wireless mic.
Run the boom.
What should Trump do, John?
I'm not mad at you, I'm asking.
Somebody get John a mic.
But here's what I think Trump needs to do.
If you don't get John a mic, I'm going to smash his face.
I'll answer that question first, Alex.
Trump needs to go after the deep state running this whole damn thing.
Obama needs to be behind bars.
No, I agree.
I'm sick of this damn thing.
I agree.
We don't arrest former presidents who says, he committed damn treason!
They would kill Trump deader than a hammer tomorrow if they could!
Why do we play games with these commies?
I'm sorry, I'm sick of it.
No, no, that's it.
You're right.
We're in a war.
We're not in a normal situation.
And that's what it comes down to, is we've been brought into this.
So, you're going to get your wireless mic.
By the way, Obama, did you see Obama's new piece today?
No, no, no, no.
What was it?
Obama wrote a new piece today how we need more activism.
We've got to get back out in the streets.
Yeah, more community organizing, more New World Order.
Alright, let me just go to break here.
We're going to do two more segments with you guys and John is going to get a microphone.
Did we get him?
Or he's fired.
Hey, seriously though, seriously though.
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We're probably going to turn the corner.
I'd give it about a 60% chance we're going to win.
And then we're still in a bad situation.
We'll be back with our guest.
Stay with us.
Well, Michael Cargill had armed men attack his gun shop in South Austin last night.
Other gun shops got raided by criminals.
Others got attacked.
We can't even say their names.
It's not public yet.
Next segment, John, who runs The Boom, has been upset at Trump.
He'll be popping in with us.
He's declared war on Trump.
No, but seriously, Cargill, what else do you want to impart to the listeners about where we are?
You know, it's it this is the time that you.
This whole pandemic thing really upset me because when people are trying to purchase firearms, you had the ATF, the Knicks delaying people from their transactions for over 30 days.
You have things that are happening right now that should not be happening.
You have our different government agencies that are just violating the law, the Brady Law and things of that nature.
When you walk into a gun store to buy a gun and you get delayed, you should only be delayed three business days.
You should not be delayed 30 days or 20 days.
Yeah, they're violating the law.
And so yeah, and so that, you know, things like that.
Because the law says if they can't do it, then it default turns off, right?
So after three business days, you get the gun.
And so that's how it should happen.
And we shouldn't be 20 days out, 30 days out, and you're still waiting to see if you can get your firearm.
That's not what the law says.
And so, you're going to have, out of this pandemic, out of these protests that we're having right now, these riots, you're going to have some type of legislation come out.
They're going to give themselves some special powers to be able to do something.
You've already seen it happen with the, you know, giving special powers to, what, the FBI to be able to, you know, look at your browsing information.
And so, more stuff is... Without a warrant.
Yeah, more stuff will come out.
Do those dumbasses that were trying to break into your business, playing like they were all gangsters, realize that you were like 30 seconds away from the end of their world?
No, they didn't have a clue.
Didn't have a clue.
They better hug their mothers tonight and thank the Lord that I didn't make it there 30 seconds earlier.
And I think all the people rioting and looting and protesting need to be thanking their lucky stars that this hasn't really popped off yet.
And I don't think any, none of us want it to, but.
No, exactly.
I don't have anything to prove.
These people keep looking for a fight, man.
They're like.
Well, it won't even be us.
I mean, look, we're, I mean, if they want to come here, it'll be us, but it'll be the business owners, Alex.
It'll be, it'll be the police.
Eventually a police officer is going to step up and say, you know what?
I'm going to stop you from looting this.
He's going to shoot him.
And it's going to be another national discussion, and the media... Yeah, but there'll be so many deaths it won't get picked up.
And the media... See, this is what is really upsetting to me, Alex.
We want to point the fingers at all these people.
The police, or white people, or these people.
Okay, you know what?
Everybody has issues.
Look at the damn media.
They just faked a pandemic, and they're going to get away with it.
They literally faked a pandemic, man!
They took away everything!
They took away people's livelihoods!
They took away their confidence!
Decades to turn this around.
They took away their confidence just to walk outside their house and breathe air!
I mean, this is a total crime against humanity!
And what is the truth, Alex?
The truth is, it came out of a bio-research lab in Wuhan, China.
Obama transferred the material.
With Fauci.
And by the way, yeah!
When it got out, it was really bad.
It went directly to Italy, because there's a direct trade there between fake Italian purses they claim are made in Italy, even though they're really cheap Chinese products, but they make them.
So they had direct flights going there.
Okay, there was an outbreak.
Once it mutated, after about a month, it was barely deadly at all.
Now people get it, they don't even have a damn symptom!
But the media won't tell you any of that, because they faked a pandemic, and now they're getting their real ruse.
What do you make of the German interior ministry saying it's all a hoax?
This is big.
You know what I make of it, Alex?
I make of it the same thing I've made of everything for a long time now, and that's, you know what?
We told you before everyone else, when are you going to start listening?
When is Trump's administration going to start listening to InfoWars?
Alex, honestly, we're so on the cutting edge, it almost hurts.
It almost makes you sick.
It's kind of like being on a one-track roller coaster, and you know you're about to go down that hill, and your stomach's going to drop.
That's like what it is for us all the damn time.
It's almost nauseating, Alex.
I'm going to be honest.
It's nauseating half the time, knowing what we know and seeing no action.
Let's not be mean.
Imagine being the average person, his administration is like 70, and they just came from a different world.
They cannot, we're at least a little bit younger, so we can deal with this.
They just, I just can't deal with it, man.
They just can't understand it.
Or even, honestly, and same thing with the people out here on the streets rioting and everything, they can't deal with it either, man.
They don't, they don't have a clue.
I feel bad for them.
Well, imagine if they successfully shut down civilization, what they'll be thinking.
But let's come back, let's come back with this video we've been talking about.
With Mr. Cargill and Mr. Schwartz.
Alright, John is operating the boom camera right now.
And he's mad at Trump.
He's saying Trump's in a bunker.
What is he doing during this whole crisis?
And I hear you.
That's because his quote, advisors are divided.
Obviously what happened to this poor black guy, we're not for it.
With the media hyping it.
That's a fraud, all the racial attacks.
We've got Michael Cargill here of Central Texas Gun Works that gave us the dramatic footage of guys, thugs, last night shooting up his business, trying to break into it.
Other places got robbed, others repulsed attacks.
Almost no coverage of this, which shows you how bad things really are.
But John, go ahead and turn your mic on.
We're not a cult here, and Trump's not perfect.
Why are you angry at President Trump?
Go ahead.
We got you.
I want to know why he's allowing them to burn down a church like a hundred yards from the White House and then not doing anything about it.
Doesn't that seem like... Well, that's another thing.
We had a bunch of churches burned because they had services.
With the whole COVID-19... I mean, I hear you.
So what's your... Is that the Secret Service?
Here's the problem.
Is the Secret Service jurisdiction?
And I'm... Listen.
I get... Once we get rid of jurisdiction, we got a big problem.
But I'm just saying, how is it the Secret Service's jurisdiction?
I just think it's dangerous to let them get that close to the, you know, pretty much the most protected place in the country and it just, it encourages them nationwide.
Well I think, that's going to be more the DC Mayor though, you know?
I think I know, I think I know the answer though if there, if any of this falls on Trump or the people inside the White House with them.
I know what their approach to this is.
Their approach to this, this is how they think and this is what I'm- Let everybody act bad and then it'll make them look bad.
But it's, but it's, it's really, it's more than that.
It's two things, and they're placating to the liberal media, and that's what makes me so mad about this.
The first thing they say is, we can't go after Obama, we don't do that to U.S.
Well, I was drawn to that.
They would do that to Trump in a heartbeat.
They'd put a bullet in Trump's head tomorrow if they could.
Why are we giving them any of the graciousness they would not give to Trump?
And then here's the second one, which they could always say, and always get away with, it won't work anymore.
They say, if you arrest Obama, they will riot.
Well, guess what?
They're already riding.
So what is holding Trump back from arresting Obama and Brennan and Clapper and Comey and Rice?
I agree.
Until Trump takes action against the deep state, it only encourages... Let me ask Cargill this, Michael.
What's the next escalation?
I've asked Owen that.
I mean, not acting.
I get hoping they just go away, hoping this stops.
Obviously, Trump's trying to be a good president.
The left just only escalates.
So in a way, it becomes a dereliction of duty if Trump doesn't take action.
But then what is that action to not look like a dictator?
Because when folks are trying to create civil war and martial law and all this, you respond to it.
The only way to respond to it would be something very draconian.
Yeah, you know, the coronavirus is over.
That's all done.
So now we've moved on to riots.
And now they're going to have to, just like Owen said, they're going to have to escalate it to something else.
There's going to have to be some type of mass incident, whether it's a shooting or something like that.
Some kind of mass incident is going to happen.
Or they'll stage someone to drive a truck through a protest or something.
So what do you... I mean, so what should Trump do?
Well, it's not a whole bunch you can do.
You're going to have to, unfortunately, at this point, we're going to have to bring in National Guard, which I don't like, and you're going to have to, you know, shut it down and stop this.
If the local law enforcement are not doing it, the mayors are not allowing it.
And exactly, and the globalists are hoping National Guard goes too far and shoots at women on their porches.
Not a good move.
Not a good move at all.
Not a good move at all.
So do you think the move for Trump is to really take the bully pulpit and place the blame on Democrat leadership, which is totally accurate?
No, I think that's the answer.
Just to say, hey look, I'm sorry US cities are burning.
I know you're upset, but look at the mayor of Chicago, Lightfoot, who said, stay indoors or we'll arrest you, until people started looting and burning things and rioting, then nobody got arrested.
Or, you can let the people handle it.
You know, once the people are tired of, you know, putting up with this stuff, and then, hey, you don't have to worry about them coming after your guns anymore because everyone's going to want a gun.
And that's what we're already seeing.
We're seeing people right now that have never wanted a gun, never wanted a gun at all.
They're now walking into a gun store saying, hey, I want to learn how to shoot.
I want to purchase a firearm.
And that's what I'm seeing happening right now.
Well, and we were talking about a great deal in California.
I mean, because they vote against guns.
Now they're all getting their businesses looted.
They probably want guns more than anybody.
Michael, what's the parallax for you?
Because that's what, I mean, I know a lot of liberals that are like apologizing, going, okay, I bought a gun, you're right, what do we do?
And I'm like, I'm telling you, the Bill of Rights Constitution is common sense protection, but now that may be eroded.
But I agree with you, what do you think the inverse of this is, or the blowback, now that people see the police can't protect you?
You're, what you're saying, you're going to see, and I'm already seeing this, there are people that argue with me that would just staunch against firearms altogether, didn't want to have anything to do with a gun whatsoever.
I'm seeing them right now, call me, contact me, send me a message on Facebook, Twitter, whatever.
And they're saying, hey, I'm interested in getting, you know, this type of gun here, a .22, a .45, a Glock 19, an AR-15.
I need to get myself a Smith & Wesson M&P, you know, a Sport II.
I need to get something for home protection.
What do you think the best gun is to get, you know, for home protection?
Should I get a handgun?
Should I get a rifle?
Should I get a shotgun?
I'm saying you need to get an AR.
That's going to be the best thing.
Get yourself an AR.
Make sure you got at least, you know, a few thousand rounds because that's the only thing that's going to protect you.
And by the way, my parents had liberal friends who were major newspaper editors.
My dad had like a gun safe, you know, a gun closet in one area.
They could see them.
They would get scared of those guns.
I just feel good that you're there with that AR-15 or M4.
Like, since when do we not trust citizens with guns?
We should, you know, and I'm actually, personally, I'm more proficient with the NAR than I am a handgun, you know.
Tell us about the particular AR you got.
Oh yeah, absolutely.
So this right here, this is, it's for the people, you know, that complain about firearms in the first place.
So this one, I'm going to flip this sucker over, you can shine down on this.
It's a Snowflake.
It's a Spikes Tactical with a, has a little snowflake emblem on it, you know.
So those people that were, you know, that afraid of guns,
That's nice, they gave him one for a minute.
That little unicorn?
Yeah, got a little unicorn on it.
I like that actually.
All those snowflakes out there.
Hey, snowflakes have a second amendment too.
That's right.
And you are seeing snowflakes now get guns.
We're seeing a lot of snowflakes now, they're getting guns now.
Ain't that crazy?
Is that not crazy?
Why do you think they think to fight us they gotta get guns?
Don't they get they just joined us?
Yeah, well, like I said, you have people that are wanting to get that training now.
They want to learn the basics of firearm warning.
Can I see that?
That's a really pretty rifle.
Yeah, they want to learn all that stuff.
Get all that stuff out there.
That snowflake.
I actually want a snowflake rifle.
Because, like, you know, all the Greek helmets and stuff aren't cool, but a little unicorn, that's kind of cool.
That suits you, Alex.
Can I come get a little unicorn gun?
I bought a few guns from you.
Yeah, yeah, you have.
You got a ton of guns from us.
Well, that's a ton of you new helmets.
I got a little too many.
But, you know, it's funny that you mention that, Alex.
And I know that Michael feels the same way, based on his testimony earlier, when he talks about protecting his store.
What was the first thing he said?
He didn't mention the guns that could have potentially been stolen.
He said, I want to make sure my employees are safe.
I got to make sure that the people in there are safe.
I got to protect them.
You know, you have that same mindset here.
You know, you hire security.
You make sure that we're safe here.
I have the same measurement.
The reason why I come every day on air to the war room with this pistol at my hip is because if something happens here, I want to protect the crew.
And we're in a dangerous climate.
Let's not lie.
We're in a war for America right now.
That's right.
That's right.
That's right.
I mean, we're not trying to put a picture on this like it's an epic.
Folks, it's epic.
No, turn the TV on.
Everything's epic.
Yeah, the real people that are on the front line, you have your private security.
Those are the people that are really on the front lines that are protecting everything right now.
You're not hearing anything from those guys that are working downtown.
Well, we now know, before we got security two years ago, we had a lot of harassment, a lot of problems.
Since we did, they went away.
We learned it was all coordinated.
And they'll do that to you, just to spook you and scare you.
But you have to, you know, show a force and they'll back down.
You know, I get letters, you know, I received a letter on one Christmas.
It was a Christmas card with a little poem on it.
And it, you know, gave me a little scripture, a little poem.
And then, you know, I opened it up.
When I opened it up, it said, it actually had a picture of gunshot wounds, victims shot in the face.
It said, Merry Christmas.
That was sent to my house.
They love creeping around, don't they?
Because they're not trying to save people, they want to disarm you so they can run over you.
Right, right.
Alright, Michael Cargill, great job, my friend.
Yes, sir, thank you very much.
Owen, great job.
We're going to have the one, the only, Gerald Cilente take over.
It's been a powerful broadcast, folks.
A lot of exclusive video.
The media trying to frame us, saying we burned down a homeless camp.
Hello, hello.
Great being on the Alex Jones Show.
And what a time it is.
Oh, how sad.
What's going on?
So as you well know,
I had forecast the greatest depression.
Let's see, it was a year ago, March on David Night Show.
Of course, it was escalated because of the.
Covid crisis.
The hysteria crisis that was created by politicians.
And now, of course, Covid is out of the news.
And the riots and protests.
From the killing of George Floyd are now the major news.
The convergence of these two issues are beyond what anybody could predict.
People say I'm a futurist.
I'm no futurist.
There are too many wild cards.
Whether they're man-made or made by nature.
And we just saw two wild cards play.
One, of course, is the COVID hysteria.
While it was made by whoever, the prostitutes built it up into something way larger than it is.
You look at the numbers and the news from around the world, and you can see how deadly the COVID crisis is.
In terms of the amount of people that it's going to kill.
People are going hungry.
Pandemic effect could leave 54 Americans without food.
This just came out yesterday.
A record number of Americans face hunger this year as the catastrophic economic fallout caused by the coronavirus pandemic
Looks to leave tens of millions of people unable to buy enough food to feed their families.
This is prestitute BS.
It's not the catastrophic economic fallout caused by the coronavirus pandemic.
It's the catastrophic economic fallout caused by low-life pieces of garbage, scum, crap called politicians.
Many ticks sucking the life and blood out of us.
The deaths of the coronavirus, as we've been reporting in the Trends Journal since the hysteria broke out, adds up to a bad flu season in terms of the amount of people that's killed in the United States and around the world.
The politicians closed down the economy.
And now, of course,
With the black people out on the streets, and who did this affect the hardest?
When they closed down things, and by the way, more people died in proportion blacks and Hispanics than any other group.
And now they're out of work.
The hospitality sector is dead.
Now you have one city and one state
After another, being locked down.
And as you see the violence, whether it's Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, whether it's Alex Jones, or whether it's the Financial Times, which I subscribe to, politicians blame outsiders for U.S.
The Internet has chastened
Christened him Umbrella Man, a video shows him wearing a gas mask, strolling along the windows of an auto supply store in Minneapolis and knocking them out with a hammer.
And one after another, and of course they're blaming it on, who most likely it is, the Antifa, anti-fascist activists.
Anti-fascists, yeah.
It's out of control.
This is going to be worse than it was when I was a youth.
Well, almost.
Back in the late 1960s.
Actually, I was 22 years old.
When the riots and demonstrations broke across the country.
But it was very different back then.
It was no depression going on.
People were still working, as bad as it was.
And now they've closed down the global economy.
These little, slimy, low-life pieces of garbage crap who made this stuff up.
Social distancing.
The New York cops arresting people, or fining them, I should say.
We're not socially distancing.
Well, there's no social distancing going on as these riots and protests are going on.
Stand six feet away.
Wear a mask.
We'll make up any kind of garbage we can, and the morons are going to swallow it.
Just like they hire Hitler, march to Mussolini, and salute Stalin.
They follow Cuomo, bow down to gruesome Newsome, look up to a Conte in Italy and a Sanchez in Spain, a Merkel in Germany, and follow their orders.
The global economy is in the greatest depression.
With now these riots and protests escalating around the United States, this is going to be a summer
That will be remembered in history.
It can be changed.
And one of the ways of doing it, people say to me, Salenti, you say what's going on, but you don't give solutions.
That's not true.
I give many of them.
Open up the economies as soon as possible.
Get people off the streets and back to work.
Start a new program.
Work Progress Administration.
Get the people off the streets and rebuilding our third world infrastructure.
And most of all, push for peace.
We need a real peace movement.
I'm not talking only about the wars abroad, but the civil war that's going to break out in America.
The COVID war and the civil war.
Our New Trends Journal will be out tomorrow and the artwork done by Anthony Frieda.
Two gas tanks.
You buy, you know, those two gallon ones being poured over and everything on fire.
And media and politicians pouring the gas on it.
Dividing us.
Causing hysteria.
The COVID war.
And Civil War 2.0.
If we don't unite for peace and harmony and real justice and beauty, we're going to go down hard and fast.
We'll be right back.
Stay tuned.
Hello, hello.
Great being on the Alex Jones Show.
And remember, do what you can to put your money where your mind is.
And support InfoWars.
Now, you know, this is very important time for freedom to ring.
And 1776 has to come about.
2020 is a year that no one could have predicted it'd be so out of control as we are right now.
This lockdown of the governments, lockdown by the governments of businesses around the world, is devastating.
Just as I say, just as these psychopaths start wars with no exit strategy, they started the COVID war and all bragged about calling it the COVID war with no exit strategy.
And now, with the killing of George Floyd by that cop in Minnesota, yeah, Minneapolis, it's going to be much worse.
Again, because the people that are being hit the hardest are at the lowest level.
Throughout the crisis, lower-income people have struggled more with unemployment, food scarcity, low-wage jobs that don't allow them to work from home, and that offer few financial and fiscal protections.
The findings by, you ready?
The Census Bureau echo growing evidence of accumulating mental harm
Among Americans.
Nearly half of Americans reported the coronavirus crisis is impairing their mental health, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation poll released in April.
A survey by the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention found people are experiencing anxiety and sadness more often than before the pandemic.
They are talking about mental health issues more frequently.
Researchers have projected
Without intervention, the country is poised to experience a rise in suicide, substance abuse, and overdose deaths.
Again, the language they use here, they're experiencing anxiety and sadness more often than before the pandemic.
It's not the pandemic, it's the politicians.
Blame the politicians for what they've done.
They've destroyed the global economy.
Again, this is unprecedented.
With all of these states closing down, where Alex Jones is over there, Texas, Arizona, Georgia, Missouri, Minnesota, have all declared statewide states of emergency over the ongoing protests.
This is from insider.com.
One after another.
So now,
Businesses were closed down already because of the slimy, low-life, moronic politicians that decided to do it.
And now, states of emergency closing them down even further.
And who's it going to hurt the most?
You know who.
The lower income you are, the harder it hits.
It's just a fact.
And why is there violence like this?
Why is there police violence, people violence?
The fish rots from the head down.
I don't like that Qaddafi.
I want him out of there, said the Nobel Peace Prize winner Obama.
I don't like that guy Hussein.
I want him out of there.
I'll make up a story of why he should be killed and overthrown, said George W. Bush.
I want that guy Milosevic out of there, said Clinton.
I want that guy Soleimani out of there, said Trump.
So violence could happen at the top.
It just sweeps down.
Again, that's only the way I see it.
And the motto of the trends journalist, think for yourself.
And I have to say, we've been on top of this right from the start, knowing what was going to happen and how bad it would be.
And we warned about these riots and protests.
Go back and read them.
We said a flashpoint incident would trigger it.
And now that flashpoint incident has.
When people lose everything and have nothing left to lose, they lose it.
And now, of course, with the agents provocateurs making it worse,
They do it all the time.
Name the country.
You know, people forgot, particularly those liberals.
It was a thing going back in the late 1990s.
I always believed it was 1999.
When Slick Willie Clinton was president.
The Battle of Seattle.
Hundreds of thousands of people took to the streets.
You know what they were protesting?
The World Trade Organization.
They were going to have a meeting there.
Because they knew we'd lose all our jobs.
And there you saw it.
These guys, you know, in great shape.
Lean and mean.
All dressed in black.
Can't see their face.
Smashing windows.
That's where the focus went.
Not on
All the people that were demonstrating peacefully, but for the agents provocateurs.
And that's what's going on.
The COVID hysteria created by the prostitutes has not killed
The two million people, that another little slimy piece of garbage crap over there in the UK, the F-you-know-what-K, the guy Ferguson, from the Imperial College, the Imperial College, Imperial far greater than us, the slimy little piece of crap said two million of us would be dead by the virus.
And they keep quoting that lousy, slimy, nothing little college of more disaster ahead.
And another little jerk, Fauci.
That's what Fauci means in Italian.
The jaw boner.
Selling fear and hysteria.
The expert.
Another lying little piece of stupid crap.
They closed down our economy for nothing.
Because they're power hungry.
And they've destroyed it.
German officials leak report denouncing Corona as a global false alarm.
Not printed in the mainstream media.
A fact.
This isn't made up.
This isn't a conspiracy theory, Zuckerberg!
Or Gorsy Dorsey, or other little... All you little boys were the first ones to close down the economy!
We're gonna have everybody work from home!
The meek little geeks!
Not a man among you!
All based on your lies!
And now look what you've done.
You've destroyed America at levels we haven't seen.
The COVID war and now Civil War 2.0.
I'm a visionary.
I've written books, Trends 2000, Trend Tracking, a magazine now since 1991.
I'll put my work up against anybody's.
Just show me what you got.
If you don't have the data that I have in a compilation, I don't want to talk to you.
But I can tell you this.
What we're going to see next is unprecedented in world history.
And when we come back, we're going to talk more about it.
In the meantime, do what you can.
To support InfoWars.
Hello, hello!
Great being on the Alex Jones Show!
And remember, you know, what they're not talking about out there is that to beat the virus, and it's a virus, like a flu, a virus.
How about building up your immune system?
How about staying healthy?
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It's like when you're in an elder care home in a nursing home, you know, you're on your way out.
You know, it's not like you're going to be coming out and partying.
You reach a certain age and then you die.
And so, unfortunately, that's the ones that are going.
But the other people are diabetics.
The information's coming out.
We've been writing about it since it happened.
Lung diseases, respiratory ailments, heart.
So it's really important to stay into shape.
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To stay healthy, that's what it takes.
Building up your immune system.
Yeah, I get my vitamin D. I like going out in that sun.
You know, I got that Italian blood in me.
So do what you can to support InfoWars.
I was mentioning before about the outright fraud this whole coronavirus hysteria has created.
And the little clowns, the Cuomones, the Newsoms,
Whitmeres or Whitless, whatever her name is over there in Michigan.
One after another, the wine, the wine, the vine, the cline, the jerk over there in Ohio.
One after another, this thing is going down.
And by the way, these are the Governor Cuomo who forced people that were in hospitals to go into nursing homes who had COVID-19.
The dictator.
An arrogant boy along with his little brother, Chrissy, on the Cartoon News Network.
Two little boys born on third base and thought they had a home run.
They'd be nowhere, nowhere if Daddy wasn't Mario.
Hey, Cuomo, come over here and put a mask on me.
You're making up this mask crap.
Oh, by the way, he did an interview and he left his mask on the desk after he told everybody
To wear one.
And leave your little boys behind and come to do it man-to-man.
I won't wear a mask.
I won't go into places.
I won't be humiliated by it.
Because I also read the data.
They're not good for you.
They don't work like they say they did.
And the Centers for Disease Control flip-flopped on it when they got pressure.
Senior Trends Journal!
Anyway, so we heard the German official leaked reports denouncing Corona as a global false alarm.
They went on to say, you know, what a fact it was that the dangers of COVID were overestimated.
Probably at no point did the danger posed by the new virus go beyond the normal level.
And it's a fact.
You got it right there in InfoWars.
And then there's one that just came out today.
Another conspiracy theory.
Oh, this one came from Reuters.
New coronavirus losing potency, top Italian doctor says.
The new coronavirus is losing its potency and has become much less lethal, a senior Italian doctor said on Sunday.
In reality, the virus clinically no longer exists in Italy, said Alberto Zangrillo, the head of San Rafael Hospital in Milan.
The swabs that were performed over the last 10 days showed a viral load in quantitative terms that was absolutely infinitesimal compared to the ones carried out a month or two months ago.
He told RAI television.
And that's what we have, a bunch of infants telling us what to do.
And then, you see in Italy, you go to Pompeii, they're taking temperatures of everybody.
Everywhere you walk in, they're taking temperatures.
They're complaining that people aren't social distancing.
When you see how easy the people follow someone, again, it's no surprise why they hiled Hitler, marched to Mussolini, and saluted Stalin.
The Italians were the first ones to buckle under.
I was ashamed of them.
But again, good and bad comes in every nationality, race, creed, color.
Look at that slime of Fauci, he's Italian, marona me.
So too was Mussolini, you know?
So good and bad comes in everybody.
So now, this doctor goes on to say, we've got to get back to being a normal country.
Someone has to take responsibility for terrorizing the country.
They terrorized the country.
And they're terrorizing us.
Intelligent people, I know.
I just had a conversation with somebody.
I said, look, I know the data here.
I'm not, I'm not, I'm not involved in politics.
Well, I am!
I said, okay, that's fine.
That's fine.
End of the conversation.
If you line yourself with a poly-tick, that like, you like to suck the life out of you, knock yourself out.
No conversation here.
If we don't fight for freedom,
Liberty, love, joy, and beauty.
As I was saying earlier, I'm a visionary.
That's my business.
We have now entered the greatest depression that's gone worldwide.
The numbers are there.
And now, an outbreak of what may become a civil war in the United States.
But it's not only in the United States, it's global.
Emerging markets collapsing.
Countries going deep into recession.
There were outbreaks before this happened.
India, Chile, Bolivia, Peru, Colombia, South Africa, France, Hong Kong, Lebanon.
One place after another.
When people lose everything and have nothing left to lose, they lose it.
And now this violence is going to start spreading across borders.
And then you're gonna hear some low-life piece of slimy crap politician like a Clinton.
Or an Obama.
Or a murderer Bush.
We gotta get over there and stop that government from doing what they're doing to their people.
We're gonna send Americans over there to kill them.
Like we've done before.
But this time it won't work.
If we don't stop this, history is repeating itself.
Go back to the 1930s.
Currency wars, trade wars, Great Depression, World War.
Fast forward now, 2020.
Currency war, trade war, Greatest Depression, World War III.
It'll be the end, the world, the war to end all wars.
As Einstein said, they'll be using sticks and stones to fight the fourth world war.
He didn't know what they used to fight the third.
So support InfoWars.
Do what you can to support peace.
And of course, subscribe to the Trends Journal.
The history before it happens.
We told you what was going to happen, and it did.
Now we're telling you what's coming.
What's coming.
Listen, I had my lawyer on the phone, my family lawyer, really nice guy, smart guy this morning.
He said, so you really... His mother's a nutritionist, retired.
He goes, so you are taking your zinc and taking your vitamin D3 and taking all this?
And I said, yeah.
On a regular basis because they're called essential.
You know, the media's like, Jones claims he's got a COVID-19 cure selling zinc pills that I've been selling for years.
No, it's not a cure.
Oxygen is not a cure for asphyxiation.
You just asphyxiate if you don't have it.
Somebody already hung you because you're a traitor.
Well, no, oxygen's not going to help you because your brain's dead.
But they play these little games like, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, you see, you see your krill oil has D3 in it.
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