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Name: 20200531_Sun_Alex
Air Date: May 31, 2020
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Alex Jones discusses the unrest in America with deliveries of bricks and firebombs being made to various locations including City Hall and police stations. He believes that these actions are orchestrated by George Soros and globalists, aiming to create a police state in America, trigger a civil war, and ultimately overthrow the government. The article highlights the hypocrisy of media coverage as events promoting the riots receive more attention than the actual violence taking place. Jones shares footage from Austin, Texas, where his crew was attacked by "white meth-head idiots" who were trying to provoke black people into a civil war. In another video, Alex Jones rants about the riots and protests going on, stating that the true instigators are not black people but rather "meth-head, devil-worshiping white people that are all university professors and government workers". He mentions a pallet of bricks being delivered to protestors in Dallas and how the media is pushing a narrative that it's all about Black Lives Matter and police brutality when in reality, it's about controlling and causing chaos. He criticizes the left for wanting a communist uprising and questions why there are no actual black people leading these protests if it's truly about justice for them. Jones talks about his show being banned on various platforms but still having millions of viewers due to their listeners keeping them on air through tough times. He also promotes a new organic hand sanitizer product made by InfoWars Life. In another monologue, Jones discusses how the media uses certain events to incite anger and division among people, specifically between white and black individuals. He mentions that the average black person is not bad, but statistics show that there are 10 times more instances of black-on-white violence than vice versa. Jones argues that these statistics are ignored by the media in favor of promoting a narrative of white oppression. Jones also highlights incidents where bricks were strategically placed near protests to instigate riots and looting, which he believes is being orchestrated by foreign powers who have control over the U.S. media. He emphasizes that people should not be manipulated into following orders based on moral arguments, as this is a tactic used by leftist systems similar to cult religions. In another discussion, Jones talks about how people are being manipulated by larger forces, such as George Soros, into believing that they're fighting for a cause when in reality, they're just attacking their own police. He also mentions that InfoWars is still on air because of its audience and emphasizes the importance of fighting against this manipulation. Moving forward, Jones discusses how the United Nations has declared the COVID-19 emergency to last for five years. According to him, the UK government has mandated that people must carry cellphones outside or risk being arrested due to social distancing measures. He also talks about how the globalists are trying to control us with an electronic straitjacket before implementing their endgame of global depopulation. The video ends with Jones mentioning President Trump's declaration of Antifa as a terrorist organization and his call for exposing and fighting against these authoritarian forces. In another podcast, Alex Jones discusses various topics including the Glor 9000, an alien mask that keeps its wearer and baby safe; the use of Halloween outfits as a form of expression; Memorial Day sales on various products; protests in Austin, Texas involving leftist crybabies; the role of social media in coordinating violence and riots; and the distinction between Black Lives Matter and the meth-head white people who claim to represent it. The podcast also features an armored vehicle attack by leftist protesters and highlights the importance of freedom and respect for the First Amendment. Jones begins his show by stating that there are black people in the nation who want to stop looting and riots, and this is not meant as a virtue signal. He calls the rioters "a bunch of dudes out of their mommies' basements" and claims they are backed by foreign powers. Jones says InfoWars has become a symbol of American freedom and that it represents people around the world who stand up for human rights. He talks about the collapse of food supply chains and economic systems due to COVID-19 restrictions, and warns listeners to stock up on essential products while they can. Jones discusses the designation of Antifa as a terrorist organization by President Trump, which he sees as a significant step in combating the globalist agenda. He emphasizes that a police state is not about individual police officers but rather about policy and enforcement. Jones talks about how the left targets police and free speech, attacking Infowars and other conservative media outlets, and concludes by praising Trump for his actions against Antifa and the

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There's an article at Infowars.com that tells it all.
Pallets of bricks delivered in front of the Dallas City Hall and police station.
Firebombs delivered in Minnesota.
The left, Soros, the Globalists, the Chi-Coms, trying to fund martial law in America.
So that when buildings are being burnt down, people are being killed, security guards at federal buildings are being shot dead, the media gives it almost no coverage.
So that when local and federal government responds, they can tell the public, this is tyranny.
Attack them.
This is an attempt to trigger a civil war.
The globalists can't defeat America.
But they can trick us to fight each other.
Over made-up or exaggerated issues, they win.
There's footage in Minneapolis-St.
Paul of the National Guard called out to clear the streets.
They've been giving orders to make people go in their houses, firing rubber bullets at people.
And this is being boosted to the top of Twitter.
And I don't like it.
It looks like a police state.
But they've been ordered there, and lawlessness created this.
And so all the trendies that want civil war and want all this, they're getting what they asked for.
But here's the footage being boosted nationwide right now.
Look at this.
They just keep coming.
Go inside!
Get inside!
Get inside!
Get inside!
Get your house down!
Let's go!
Light them up!
Go inside now!
Get in the house!
Get in, get in, get in, get in, get in, get in!
Get in!
Go inside now!
Go inside the house!
Now notice the Imperial Stormtroopers are precise.
They actually shoot the woman in the chest.
From 60 yards away.
Because that's what they're trained to do.
This is what Soros and the globalists are conjuring, is the actual military, the actual police.
And they use a bunch of meth-head idiots out there to poke the bear to do it.
And these people are ordered to go out and clear the streets.
What's going to happen?
A disaster!
And then the government itself's blamed when a foreign globalist government is taking our government over.
Our government's got problems, but man, you think it's bad?
Let's go to this compilation.
of just some of what happened in Austin the last 24 hours.
We're into day two of the riots with the Austin mayor ordering the police to stand down.
Here it is.
Again, I'll voice this for radio listeners.
From footage we shot of the useful idiots, about 90% are white.
On average, about 50-year-old pot-bellied men and women.
And they are there, believing it's a communist revolution, trying to invoke blacks to go out and riot.
It did not happen the way they wanted it to.
And I was there today.
But so many did follow what Soros wanted.
This is all footage shot by our crew.
Who got hit by the rubber bullets?
Savannah got hit.
Drew got hit.
White people were attacked on site.
The left celebrated it.
And none of these whites being racially attacked are going to be lionized or built up as victims.
It's all original footage.
You won't see anywhere else until they want M4 shut down.
None of this is boosted like the National Guard.
They just show you a National Guard shooting a rubber bullet at you and go, well, what's the point?
Why are they doing this?
They're ordered to go into areas where there are looters and clear the streets.
And again, the average cop's just an average person.
I don't lionize them, I don't worship them.
Yeah, they're following a lawful order is my question.
And so to make the average cop or National Guard soldier, who's very diverse, by the way, racially, to make it all them, like they triggered this, like they did this, it's just not reality-based.
It's like I'm mad at the border being opened and Islamists being brought in, and then they want to search me at a TSA checkpoint.
I don't blame the TSA agent.
It's Congress allowed that.
That's how you get stuff done, is who's in charge.
So this is the next globalist move.
We predicted it.
It's why we bought the armored vehicle.
We had to have that armored vehicle to be able to engage in the press freedom today.
History is happening.
America is fighting for its life.
We're 155 days out from this historic election.
It is May 31st, 2020 on this Sunday transmission.
And I'll tell you, America is fighting for its place as first nation in the world.
Who cares about the economy?
It's about basic human freedoms.
And as we lose that first place to the Qaikom Dragon, the authoritarianism of China, the surveillance grid, the social credit score, all the evils, the three million Muslims in forced labor, death camps, working for Apple and Nike.
They become the precedent.
They become the leader.
They become the spirit of the world, not 1776.
Thank you so much for joining us on this live Sunday Transmission.
In over 50 cities, people have died, police have been killed, security guards have been murdered, citizens have been beaten to death.
It's barely footnoted in the news.
Rioters throwing Molotov cocktails at point-blank range.
You got a bottle of gasoline,
In a big beer bottle, and you throw it right at a door at two feet away, and it catches you on fire.
I mean, it has just been an exercise in insanity.
But after the fake Russiagate, and the fake Ukrainegate, and the fake impeachment, and now COVID-19, that giant hoax, in that it's any worse than the flu.
After all of that, we said, what's next?
Race war.
So they can always cherry pick
Out of 350 million Americans, there's always some police officer doing something wrong or questionable.
And that's a whole other story we'll get to next hour.
This man that dives in porn, he's at a dance club, he knows both the officers that are there when he dies that worked with him.
I mean, this thing is stinky.
Just like the Smollett case.
Just like so many others.
I'm not saying he didn't die.
I'm saying it looks like some type of organized crime battle going on from what we see at the preliminary level.
So, it's all coming up.
It turns out he is a major porn star.
And worked with both the officers that were there that killed him, basically.
So something weird's going on, that's all I'm saying.
That's all coming up today.
But here's what's happened where I'm at in Austin, Texas broadcasting worldwide.
We send Owen Schroer out in the armored vehicle that we bought over a year ago because we knew that there'd be martial law and race riots and craziness because already trying to go out to a Trump event, we get bottles thrown at us and rocks thrown at us.
And they're literally on video in Austin attacking us with hammers and clubs and metal rods and everything on just a city street.
It's almost all white people, by the way, leading it.
The virtue signalers.
When they do all this.
The media doesn't cover it, or the media sits there and promotes it like it's a good thing.
Oh, look!
The major Democrat site said, the fascist Alex Jones was attacked.
He deserves it.
And all Owen did was write up and say, hey, we're Americans.
We're against police brutality.
The guy that did this has been charged, arrested.
Let's come together.
And a bunch of weird white meth heads
Because that's who they are.
All came up and attacked who were out there busily trying to provoke black people into a civil war.
Which Soros' own documents that fell into our hands two years ago show how they have hired white academics, most of them government and academic workers, trying to go out and start all this.
But let's go ahead and go to a few of these clips.
Let's just go to this first one, here it is.
This is the armored vehicle, five blocks from the protests, being attacked by white virtue-segglers, beta males that are supposedly super-powerful warriors.
They're not snorting methamphetamine.
They're not dressing as women.
And you've got an obese black lady there.
She's trying to stop folks attacking, actually.
And you've got, again, dudes that have all left their mother's basement.
Attacking the vehicle, and trying to climb in the back, and trying to knock the speakers off, because they kept shouting, you're censored!
You're not on the internet!
You don't count!
Shut up!
Shut up!
They kept saying, like, you're banned!
You're banned!
Ha ha ha!
We banned you!
They revel in anti-free speech.
And they attack the police, put anti-police slogans over the American flag.
They spray paint it all.
And they've got some, you know, super powerful tough white dude hammering the window.
And then the left announced, oh, we destroyed their tank.
No, we had the vehicle to go down and expose how you're violent.
We knew it was coming.
We were proven right.
Now, the next clip is very, very important.
Let's just go to that clip.
Here it is.
Antifa leftist sites on YouTube are celebrating the attack on this vehicle and saying, ha, ha, ha, and all the rest of it.
They're supposed to die.
But that's why we got this armored vehicle, is because these terrorists won't let us go and cover events without being attacked.
That's the whole point.
Listen, I'm a big gun enthusiast.
Everybody knows that.
But I don't normally, in fact, I don't ever carry firearms.
The demonstrations are out in the media.
I didn't even have security or an armored vehicle.
But now I'm actually carrying a 9mm because these people will probably try to maul off cocktails or attack us.
They'll try to kill us if they were able to get in here.
So that's what we have to do in America now.
Arm ourselves to go on the streets of America.
Because you can't count on the police because they're surrounded and outgunned.
So just think about where America is and think about where the world's gone.
That literally for the first time in 26 years on air, I'm gonna carry a firearm now.
Gotta have security.
And an armored vehicle.
It's more white yuppies.
Look, it's more leftists out telling the black people to ride it.
We know George Soros is funding the COVID-19 lockdown and the martial law.
We know it's all these white trendies trying to get the black folks to riot.
To see these scumbags all failing, the left want to shut down America, just like they're blocking traffic right now, to try to shut up my free speech.
Look at this right here, the National Guard having to protect
We know the left really want to kill as many black babies as they could ever since the Democrats founded the KKK.
Oh, you're so... Ooh, had to look over your little commies down in Central America.
Oh, you're such a big man.
Hey, how the Chi-Com's doing, dirtbags?
America still lives.
Xi Jinping thanks you for helping him put 3 million Muslims in concentration camps in China.
The Democratic Party that founded the KKK, the Democratic Party that founded the KKK thanks you, Democrats, for aborting your babies.
Whatever you do, word of mouth free, so use your word of mouth right now to trump the globalists.
They're counting on you not taking action, but I know you're going to take action.
I'm Honorable Paul Ramirez.
Thank you.
All right, there's hours of the Savannah video, but let me get to Savannah Hernandez now.
So Savannah, who I told go with security, said no.
She's down there, and it's mainly white protesters, but actually some black racists are beating up white people that are blocking a major highway.
A guy's a liberal comes out and says, hey, please, you know, I support you, but don't do this to me.
These big guys start beating him up.
Savannah goes and stands up to him and stops him.
Here's that footage.
Yeah, these guys got major huevos, man.
Just blocking traffic for hours.
You get out and you say, hey, please don't block me, and you get hit in the head.
That's all these transplants from New York everywhere where there's no guns.
And the poor guy's been knocked... He's trying to find his glasses down on the ground.
But he's not allowed to because he's white.
He's a bad person.
In the head again.
Here comes Savannah.
Savannah used to be a very restrained girl, but in the wars that didn't happen.
Funny thing about war, makes people wake up and take action.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
We're so jam-packed today, you don't want to miss a single second.
We align ourselves with the truth.
And it's time for you to choose a side.
You're listening to Alex Jones.
We were actually all born for this.
I know I was.
And now the mission's clear.
And all the preparation is leading us all to this confrontational moment with evil.
This is the time that all of us were created for.
All right, let's lay it out right now.
We're at total information overload just like you are.
There are so many videos of black people all over the United States who are the majority in their community saying the police on average are very helpful.
There are some bad cops.
Every time they do something wrong, they go to jail basically.
The people financing all this rioting are not even from the town we're in.
I've got like 15 videos without even trying.
Right here I can play.
You've all seen them.
And that doesn't mean there's not bad cops.
I've had bad cops.
I've run into bad cops.
I had cops when I grew up in Dallas that were corrupt.
You know, mess with me.
I mean, I get it.
But they're just like people anywhere.
There's bad people anywhere.
Who's pushing all of this?
What's the larger agenda?
If you think cops are where the buck stops and they're the ones you should attack, well, that's just people trying to break down society.
I'm not for offensive violence, but if I saw people attacking Democrats' houses or going after them or going after globalists, I'd say, well, at least you're going after who runs it.
But it's the Democrats saying, go to Republicans' houses, you notice.
So, they're trying to cause a civil war because they're losing, and they totally bet on Communist China and try to transfer all our power there.
And you've got, again, the Minneapolis police chief, you've got all of them coming out, including the governor, saying these are out-of-town people.
Well, it turns out the governor's daughter was caught directing Antifa and busloads of out-of-town people actually attacking.
So it doesn't mean that what happened to this poor man that got killed isn't wrong.
They're using that as the pretext for the breakdown of society further.
And that doesn't help anybody.
The cop's arrested!
He's indicted!
So what's all this so-called rioting about?
It's not about injustice.
It's not about standing up for what's right.
It's about control and power.
And it's all led, if you go out on the LA streets, or the Austin streets, or the Minnesota streets.
I've been on the Texas streets the last two days.
But I see the videos from all over the country, man, and it's a bunch of white people.
And I'm not trying to bash white people.
I'm not bashing any racial group.
But if I saw it was mainly black folks doing it, I'd say it's black people.
If it was Hispanics, I'd say it's Hispanics.
I'll just tell you what I see.
It's a bunch of meth-head, devil-worshiping white people that are all university professors and government workers that think they're going to run everything, and they just think black people are stupid.
And they're literally there telling you you've got to have a communist uprising, and there's going to be this great panacea when these basement-dwelling, cave-dwelling meth-heads take control of the world.
So if I went to one of these events and I saw a bunch of Mexicans running it, I'd say, we got a Mexican problem.
It's the Mexicans.
But you know what?
We don't have a Mexican problem.
We don't have a black person problem.
We got a white crackhead problem!
All right, I'm starting to go.
I got all these clips.
I need to get these clips.
Because let me tell you, man, I spent hours last night and today.
There's so much amazing stuff at Infowars.com, which is only there.
We're banned on Twitter, Facebook, Google, everywhere.
Everywhere we drove around in the armored vehicle today, the left went, F you!
You're off Twitter and Facebook!
You don't matter!
Our listeners think we matter, and they matter, and you know what?
We get millions of views a day outside of your ass!
And that's why they successfully hacked NewsWars.com today.
Antifa did, and like posted pictures of pigs, and the police, and said we're gonna kill the police, and then the Unabomber crap.
Yeah, they took over one of our sites today.
Because these people are anti-free speech, fundamentally.
Yeah, there it is.
So it just goes on and on and on and on.
This is the big commie takeover.
Financed by billionaire Jeff Bezos and the Clintons and the globalists and the shycomps.
I mean, people thinking, the most authoritarian, evil folks in the history of this world.
Are the guys trying to save him?
You think some cold-blooded multi-billionaire that's funding communism cares about you?
They know communism will control you and get you out of the way.
Trump wants a true economy and to empower you.
And by the way, I said I'd get to all these clips this segment.
I'll get to them next segment.
And boy, do we have a lot.
We have the deep state delivering pallets, 15 bricks tall, in front of the police department in Dallas.
And the black folks, the people, see right damn through it.
And so this is not about kissing the black people's asses, because I just cover the facts.
I kiss the truth's ass.
Black folks on average aren't doing this.
You've got some thugs and gangsters and mentally ill people like in every group that are out there, but it's like 5% of the rioters are black?
So if a movement's about justice for black people, where are the black people?
It's not the black people.
They're like, what's this pal of the bricks doing right here?
We got footage in New York, and not all police are corrupt, but some false flag, and New York's classic for this.
You got very creepy footage, looking like the police were setting fire to vans.
I'm not saying that's what they're doing.
We're going to cover it all, folks.
We're going to ask the questions here tonight.
Because the truth is my North Star.
Asking those questions is the North Star.
And I'm not gonna sit here and watch black people, and it's not some virtue signal for me.
It's the truth.
I'm not gonna sit here...
And watch a bunch of black folks scapegoated for what a bunch of meth head left us to with a bunch of Soros funded trash when I have all the documents that in 2015 Soros tried to get black people to riot nationwide and hired groups of people working with blue city police departments to actually stage it to cause an uprising that would cancel the election.
That doesn't take away that there are some racist black people that are out of control and need to be dealt with.
There are some racist white people that have to be dealt with.
I'm talking about the big picture here, folks.
And if you really want to defeat the globalists and defeat these slime bags, or whether you want to keep playing to their tune, you want to be real or you want to be a puppet, I'm going to go to break.
And we come back.
We have pallet of bricks being delivered to protesters in Dallas.
We have St.
Paul mayor, everyone arrested last night was from outside town.
We have a protester melting down and we have, it's like a 20 minute video but I'll play like a minute of it, a poor homeless guy where Antifa grabs his tent and bed and is burning it and he's begging them and they just punch him in the face because he's white.
But they're white too!
It's all coming up, man.
This is insane.
And this is real.
And we're not supposed to be here.
We're supposed to be gone, in the ditch, not have TV satellite, not have radio satellite on the roof, not have millions of viewers right now.
We're supposed to be gone already.
But we're here because of you.
You did this, listeners.
And this isn't about kissing your ass either.
It's about kissing the truth's ass.
You kicked butt.
You kept us on air through hell the last few years, and I'll give myself credit, I went through some stuff too, but you know what?
They're not gonna drive me off the truth.
And we did it, and now we're on air, and we're about to do stuff that they never wanted out there!
Because they want white people hating black people, and they want black people hating white people, and they want all this!
Well guess what?
The best laid plans of mice and men often go astray.
Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back.
I'm Alex Jones, your host on this live Sunday show.
So, we've seen every multinational corporate attempt through the media to overthrow the United States.
We're the big prize.
They have no respect for us.
We've put up with them telling us that boys can be girls, girls can be boys, that world government's good, that Jesus doesn't exist, that George Washington was a bad person.
And they've set up one-sided trade deals with Communist China to totally de-industrialize the United States.
And so now they sit there and they cherry pick any event out of 350 million Americans where they can then say, oh, a white guy did something wrong to a black person.
In fact, I had this yesterday, guys, and I haven't covered it for over a week.
Will you pull me the black on white statistic numbers from yesterday, please?
And again, the average black person is not bad, but it's 10 to 1 against whites.
That's the statistics.
But the media would have you believe that white people are running around like giant fangs to eat the black people.
So, here's in Dallas.
Protester identifies a pallet of bricks set in front of the courthouse as a setup for people to get in trouble.
It turns out this is happening nationwide.
Here it is.
This right here?
Yeah, they put them there on purpose.
This is the setup.
They put them there on purpose, bro.
Y'all know where we at.
They gonna set them up right up on the rail.
Y'all know what building this is right here.
I ain't even gonna say what name it is.
Hey, where do them bricks go to?
Where do them bricks go to?
This is the setup.
Where do them bricks go to?
We gotta do better.
Ain't no damn construction.
Gotta do better.
Ain't no damn construction around here.
I see.
Ain't no damn construction around here.
You're just gonna set up a pile of bricks right there.
Listen, I did jury duty three months ago.
Y'all don't keep no bricks right there.
Do better.
So there's bricks just laid out for everybody.
Here's the St.
Paul mayor.
Everyone arrested last night in the city came from out of state.
Here it is.
I like that build-up.
We got a clip broken in the computer.
No big deal.
Um, whenever we're ready with that, clip 21, the St.
Paul mayor, everyone arrested last night in the city.
All right, well, we'll go to clip, a protester absolutely melts down screaming at Fox News asking, why are we looting?
And then the next clip is in Austin, a homeless man having his bed taken away and burned by antifa.
Here it is.
Okay, so you can see just how angry this crowd is, Shannon, as they're kind of sort of pushing us around.
So again, ladies and gentlemen, they can show you one image of a black guy being killed when there's seven and a half billion people on the planet and say, like, you need to go out and burn stuff down.
You need to go out and do all this.
Who's doing that?
Who runs the U.S.
Well, the U.S.
has been an open economy.
And so it's a lot of foreign banks, a lot of foreign countries.
And so I'm just asking everybody, do you think rioting when the foreign banks say so is a good idea?
And the answer is no.
I'm just up here.
My job is very easy.
I just promote freedom.
I see something I think's wrong, I expose it.
I see something I think's good, I talk about it.
But we sit here as a society and as a culture and they know we're moral people.
So they use the fact that we care about moral issues against us.
And so all day, like, oh, don't you want to be moral?
Do what I say.
Don't you want to be moral?
Follow my orders.
Don't you want to be moral?
Follow my edicts or I'm going to say you're a bad person.
This is like religion.
And that's what leftist systems are.
It's like a weird cult religion.
So here is, now loading, the St.
Paul mayor saying everyone arrested last night is from outside the state.
Here it is.
We didn't make an enormous number of arrests.
But every single person we arrested last night, I'm told, was from out of state.
What we are seeing right now is a group of people who are not from here.
As I talk to my friends who have been in this movement for a very long time, who wake up in this movement every day, and I ask them what they're seeing, what they're feeling, what they're hearing, to a person, I hear them say, we don't know these folks.
We don't know these folks who are agitating.
We don't know these folks who are inciting violence.
We don't know these folks who are first in to break a window.
And those folks who are agitating and inciting,
Are taking advantage of the pain, of the hurt, of the frustration, of the anger, of the very real and legitimate sadness that so many of our community members feel.
You know, what's weird about the sign language thing is they have a button you can push on any computer or TV to like bring up the sign language box.
Like always you gotta have it there.
It's like a distraction from what they're saying.
Here is the video we were talking about.
We now have that for you.
We'll just go to the next clip.
Here it is.
This is the homeless man.
His antifa needs more stuff to burn to act powerful.
So they grab a homeless man's bed.
And he comes over later and explains.
And antifa says, sorry, you're white.
You deserve this.
So this is the meth head party.
What are you doing?
What the f*** are you doing?
So that's where we are on this Sunday night.
That's where we are.
As a society.
As a culture.
Now let's air this piece.
Media fans the flames of race war in Minneapolis.
Let's play that clip as we go to break.
Here it is.
I have never seen anything like this.
The building's beginning to collapse!
The building is collapsing!
The building just exploded!
Oh my God!
And it just collapsed.
There you go.
The building just collapsed in the midsection as well.
People are taught the collapse of civilization is victory by Soros.
Because they already bought the planet up.
This is mostly a protest.
It is not, generally speaking, unruly.
It is not unruly.
When we start coming to the suburbs, when we come to the government center, then what's it all gonna do?
You see what I'm saying?
So, hey, that's just what's gonna happen, you know?
Civilization had to fall.
And it will.
Don't worry.
That's why you gotta move the country and dig in and get ready, folks.
It's all gonna collapse.
It all fails.
Satanism is now what we do.
Trying to support people only makes them hate you more.
You have to withdraw from the system.
It is not incumbent upon black people to stop racism, to stop this.
It is incumbent upon people who hold the power in this society to help.
He means submit to his views, not about black people.
He pimps blacks.
Who is that, Chris?
White people.
White people, Cuomo.
Good job, Cuomo.
Our young generation is clearly lost, man.
Clearly lost, man.
Like, I don't even know what to say no more, man.
Like, New York is just going around, just busting guns in crowds.
Kids getting killed.
You know, and it's clearly the generation after us, man.
It's so lost, man.
Don't worry, folks.
The free society you've been pissing on is gone.
It's all gone now.
It's all gonna be gone soon.
One day it's gonna be you and God.
You going up or you going down.
You know what I'm saying?
That's gonna be it.
I can't breathe!
I can't breathe!
I can't breathe!
I can't breathe in these Fauci masks.
All right, let's hear from a communist.
In Austin, Texas, was Savannah Hernandez, reporter, interviewing him about the dream
Where do you think we go after this?
What do you think happens next?
Well, there's another demonstration tomorrow.
Like I said, these demonstrations are a way of showing solidarity, but the only way to actually change the system is to increase self-governance.
So that means it involves organizations like Food Not Bombs,
The communists have the plans!
They know how to make it all work.
I'm living in a twilight zone right now.
Here's just one of the many videos of white people being beaten to death or near death for just being white.
Here is the clip from Dallas.
That man is now in a coma in Dallas, but he's white, he deserves it.
Okay, let's move on.
SpaceX was supposed to launch Wednesday, didn't because of tornadoes.
And I was here in Austin, I can tell you they were real major storms.
And so they launched the first time in over a decade.
The U.S.
has had its own major booster.
It's the heaviest launch booster in the world, bigger and better than the Russians, bigger than a Saturn 9.
It's a major accomplishment.
So I'm very proud of this, but it got totally overshadowed.
So Elon Musk has gone from
Quasi-con artist zone to Mac Daddy.
Here's the launch.
10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, zero.
Liftoff of the Falcon 9 and Crew Dragon.
Go SpaceX!
Nobody had a heavy lifter would do that.
That's the heaviest rocket in the world right now.
America has it!
Heaviest lifter there is.
Look at that.
And again, folks, they told us, oh, human spaceflight was over.
Oh, it's all drones, it's all computers.
No, this is revolutionary.
Falcon power telemetry nominal.
M1D, throttle down.
We're throttling down to get ready for the period of maximum dynamic pressure.
We're in the throttle bucket.
Reports say all systems are go.
Vehicle is supersonic.
We've exceeded Mach 1 on the Falcon 9.
M1D, throttle up.
We're throttling back up to full power as we're through Max Q. Copy one Bravo.
Coming up is going to be the triple.
We'll have main engine cutoff of the nine first stage engines, stage separation, and then ignition of the second stage engine to continue to carry astronauts into orbit.
Things looking good though, getting good callouts, nominal propulsion on that second stage.
Bob and Doug continuing to make their way into orbit.
Meanwhile, we're supposed to all kill each other here back on Earth.
Oh, what can Soros do?
He can get bricks delivered, hoping black people throw them.
Because if you read the document that's on Infowars.com, Obama plan, martial law 2015, Maryland, it's literally written like, get the blacks to blow stuff up.
Like that does something?
Hit the blacks to burn stuff down?
Because then you get control.
So here's a clip of, again, folks waking up in Dallas.
Why are there like pallets of bricks being delivered?
Here it is.
This right here?
Yeah, they put them there on purpose.
This is the setup.
They put them there on purpose, bro.
Y'all know where we at.
They're gonna set them right up on the rail.
Y'all know what building this is right here.
I ain't even gonna say what name it is.
Hey, where do them bricks go to?
Where do them bricks go to?
This is the setup.
Where do them bricks go to?
We gotta do better.
Ain't no damn construction.
Gotta do better.
Ain't no damn construction around here.
I see.
Ain't no damn construction around here.
You're just gonna set a pile of bricks right there.
Listen, I did jury duty three months ago.
Y'all don't keep no bricks right there.
Do better.
Let's look at clip 17 now, as we end the first hour of the transmission.
Wow, what an hour today.
I've played more clips than I've ever played.
Let's look at clip 17.
Protest outside the White House.
The media totally promoted this, like, overrun the White House, kill everybody.
And then now, didn't go the way they wanted.
Here's that clip.
Look at these dumbasses.
They think they're getting America ahead of things doing this.
So again, the general public is taught that the average police are their enemy.
How is this political change?
It isn't.
When you attack the police, it makes government fund the police more.
Which then creates more of a governmental control force.
I mean, that's the reality.
But these people think
That it's tough to go throw bottles at police who are ordered to be at their post at a certain place and have bottles thrown at them.
He tried to tell the average leftist, hey, you're being manipulated.
It's a larger plan.
They look at him and go, oh, shut up, racist.
That's all they were for George Soros.
It's truly sickening.
All right, we're going to go to break and come back and start the next hour.
We've got Millie Weaver coming on.
We're going to probably open the phones up.
We're going to cover it all.
People ask, how is InfoWars still on the air?
How are we still here?
How are we still fighting?
It's you.
It's the only way we're on air.
So, I've been busy the last few weeks with what we're doing on air and what's happening, and we had a couple big sales, and those have ended.
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But I'll just tell you right now, ladies and gentlemen, I'm exhausted.
I've been in this fight so long.
And I can see victory right now because the president has declared Antifa as a terrorist organization.
And I'm so mad at myself.
I should have started the whole broadcast off with that.
But I will start the broadcast off with that right now.
And then go to Billy Weaver straight ahead.
We'll be right back on this live Sunday, May 31st, 2020 Global Transmission.
Stay with us.
President Trump came out, and I'll cover it next segment, and said, we're going to count the Antifa folks as terrorists because they work in concert.
They want to overthrow the country and the people.
They're not for free speech.
They're not for due process.
They're not for democratic process.
They're criminals.
We have tonight's the night, comrades.
I saw him today in Austin wearing Mao Zedong Chinese communist outfits.
Tonight we say F the city and we move into the residential areas.
The white hoods.
The KKK.
And we take what's ours.
Twitter allows that to operate.
But no one else has free speech, including the president.
Communists openly pushing race war on Twitter, and Jack Dorsey's so arrogant, he thinks he's about to win.
I'm going to cover this next segment.
I'm just totally stunned by all this.
Because America's got its problems, but when it comes to taking care of people of any color, we're the best there is.
And just to watch these dirty globalists get away with all this,
And now do this makes my head spin.
Now yesterday morning, I had some fun.
My daughter wanted to go buy some toys at Target.
She likes Target.
She likes the toy section.
I don't go to Target for other stuff, but I go there for that maybe a couple times a year.
So I called Drew up, one of our camera guys, and I said, okay, I've not been in a store yet.
I'm not wearing a mask in three months.
But I said, I'm finally going to a store.
And so I'm going to wear this mask.
I'll make a joke out of it to show how it's a cult, how they make you submit.
So he came and he covered it.
So here's that report.
And we're going to post it to Twitter.
We're going to post it to YouTube.
We're going to post it wherever.
They don't try to block us, but here it is.
It's time to be a hero.
It's time to wear the most advanced anti-COVID mask available on the market.
The Glor 9000.
It's for them.
It's totally normal to wear Halloween outfits.
This is our world.
When the urge comes, it is time to procreate.
We must find a quiet place.
May I lay my egg here?
No, you may not.
I don't care what that mean woman says.
It's my right to lay an egg here.
The mask not only keeps me safe, but my baby as well.
The humans are not communicating with me.
Bill Gates will now block out the sun.
And I will build this rocket and escape your planet.
I've conquered a lot of planets.
This one's pretty easy to conquer.
Thank you.
We kill everything.
Ladies and gentlemen, no gores were harmed in the filming of this.
Oh my God.
I am literally living in the Twilight Zone right now.
Everything is hallucination.
Alright, we're gonna continue to look at the globalist attempt to overthrow the country and replace it with some nightmare globalist operation on the other side.
And we have Millie Weaver, don't we?
She's coming up.
Thank God.
Alright, so...
We sent the crew yesterday to downtown Austin, and the left goes, oh look, they've got a tank.
We're going to destroy it.
And they attack you, and they go, look, we destroyed your tank.
Well, A, you did destroy our tank, and B, we know you're a violent communist funded by the Chinese globalists, and you were going to do this.
That's why we got an armored vehicle, so that in this election year, we could go show what you're up to and what you're doing.
So let's go ahead and go to this video for TV viewers and radio listeners.
I'll break it down.
But here is the armored vehicle blocks away from the protests around the police department and a bunch of white methods.
Because there's bad black guys too, but I'm just going to be honest.
A group of white social justice warriors show up out of their mother's basements to attack.
Here it is.
I mean, for radio listeners, it shows up.
Oh, it's like, let's come together, let's have freedom.
They're like, ah, die!
No, we're not Americans.
Don't, don't try and tell them that.
Yeah, it's just so much believing we had to turn it down.
So it's a bunch of weird
White dudes streaming FU Nazis attacking the American flag.
So John Bowne put out a report on this that breaks it all down.
We're going to air that report right now.
Here it is.
Forty-plus cities face an army of mainly leftist crybaby millennials that have descended on America.
Rather than respect the First Amendment that states Congress shall make no law respecting the right of the people peaceably to assemble and to petition the government for a redress of grievances, that cherished freedom doesn't include setting up piles of bricks for the protesters to hurl at will, as we saw in Dallas, Texas.
Y'all know what building this is right here.
I ain't even gonna say what name it is.
Where do them bricks go to?
Where do them bricks go to?
We gotta do better.
Ain't no damn construction around here.
This mob of the unemployed due to the pandemic are destroying the very hand that feeds them as they torch our stagnating economy.
Reducing small business owners lives into ashes just as we were on the precipice of beginning to climb out of this economic hole.
Egged on and coordinated by social media forces deeply rooted in the George Soros leftist machine, looters and rioters disguised as protesters utilize the George Floyd murder to destroy more lives and ultimately themselves as facial recognition software is going to be their worst nightmare, if it wasn't everyone else's already.
In many places it appears the violence is planned, organized and driven
By anarchic and left extremist groups, far left extremist groups, using Antifa-like tactics, many of whom travel from outside the state to promote the violence.
In that regard, it is a federal crime to cross state lines, to use interstate facilities to incite or participate in violent rioting.
And we will enforce those laws.
They have completely lost their fear of God.
These kids are in front of burning buildings.
These kids are looting, taking selfies.
That is what just pierces me, is that you're watching these kids go out here and create this violence, taking selfies and going on Instagram Live.
And this has become kind of a cultural fad now.
I think of the Black Liberation Army, the Black Panther Party, the FALN, the Weather Underground.
These were domestic terror groups back in the 60s, 70s, and 80s.
They didn't have the communications networks that these kids have today.
They didn't have the ability to move the way they do today.
They didn't have cell phones and social media.
So it's easy for these groups today to get a message out and be somewhere within an hour.
In Austin, Texas, a streamer made it obvious that they weren't from Texas, and neither were the majority of protesters.
Austin City Hall.
Oh, it's only half a mile.
Oh, really?
Oh, so we're good.
Oh, that's an InfoWars trick.
Yes, it is.
When the roughly thousand finally arrived at the Texas State Capitol, they panicked and concluded that they were going to be locked in the Capitol grounds.
Oh, they're planning.
They're planning.
That's what they like to let us do.
They like to let us settle and then they plan to shove us out.
Real Texans know that you can't be locked down on the Capitol grounds.
John Bowne reporting.
You know
That's what's sad about this is these people are so pathetic.
The Capitol grounds are completely open.
No one was there.
They're a bunch of cowardly meth-heads.
I'm actually ashamed of white people right now because I'm not... They say this is Black Lives Matter and all this.
It's not.
It's a bunch of white meth-heads who live in their basements, who believe MSNBC and CNN, who believe that they are marching out for this holy war to take everything over.
And they'll attack you if you're a Trump supporter, they'll attack you if you're a Republican, they'll attack you if you're a police officer, for no reason!
They don't even know who you are!
And then they hear somebody turn a siren on, on a bullhorn, and you watch that, that full footage is a banned-out video, because our crew shot it.
It was like 30 minutes of it.
And they all run, like 3,000 people, just, oh, oh, we're locked in!
We're gonna run!
Meanwhile, we went right in there ourselves and let them attack us.
Because we're showing you who these people are.
They're followers.
They're not leaders.
And... I'm not a virtue signal man.
If black people do something as a group wrong, I'll come after their ass.
This is a bunch of meth-head white people.
And so, Black Lives Matter is not a bunch of weirdo meth-head white people that are scared of their own shadow, but as a group will beat up our vehicle with hammers and stuff.
And obviously we could have got out of the truck and beat the hell out of those people.
Give me a break.
But the point is we were doing it to illustrate these are anti-free speech dirtbag monsters.
Like there's one black person in the shot and she's trying to stop people.
And this isn't some virtue signal.
The point is these people do not represent black people.
And let's get that straight.
It's a bunch of dudes out of their mommies' basements, and mommy's a liberal, and she'll put money in his account if she sees Junior out there attacking somebody.
Alright, well, here's the problem.
You guys started this.
And you're backed by a major foreign power.
So you're gonna hurt.
You're gonna get hurt now.
I mean, there's no other way to tell you, and I'm not even proud about it, but
We'll make sure that, I mean, I'm gonna get out of the way.
Let me tell you something.
You started this fight, and when your asses are getting shipped off to Supermax prisons and getting your asses, I mean, you asked for this, man.
You really started a fight with the wrong people.
So it's not with me.
It's not some big power trip.
I'm actually scared of American power.
Because once America's under attack and once we're unleashed, there's not anywhere you people can hide.
And finally, folks have figured out that there's no safe way to play games with you guys.
So, you wanna fight?
You got one.
Hope you're ready for it, dumbasses.
Hope you're ready for it.
The year is 2020.
The planet is Earth.
And amazing things are happening every day in front of everybody.
Well, here's the headline.
President Trump tweets, The United States of America will be designating Antifa as a terrorist organization.
But they are a foreign power.
We're getting Millie Weaver on the line.
As soon as we've got her, let me know.
We'll go right to her.
But look at this headline.
Trump tweets antifa to be labeled as terrorist organization as rioting, looting, and arson attacks grow.
And I've got AP Reuters.
I've got them all with the same headlines.
As President Trump declares it a terrorist organization.
How big is that?
Because here's the thing.
People say to me, when I was out there belonging Antifa today, almost every person that knew who I was
Every third or fourth person would say, you were against the police state!
That doesn't mean the police and the ignorance of these people is amazing.
A police state is where there's no rule of law and we're under martial law and due process is thrown out.
That has nothing to do with a cop.
The police are like tires meeting the road.
It's where
Policy meets reality.
And so if the globalists are trying to train cops to take guns and break up families and forcibly take your seven-year-old for a sex change, I'm not personally mad at that police officer coming to do that, but I'm gonna fight them.
It's where the rubber meets the road.
And that's why the left want to bully the police, sue the police, attack the police, just like they attacked free speech.
Just like they attack InfoWars and sue us 50 plus times and attack us because they're mad about that power of speech and the power of communication and the power of enforcement that you have a county, you have a city, you have a state, you elect people and
Your crazy neighbor's truck attacks your house, you call the cops, they come.
Or you've got burglars at your house, or you've got a fire, you call the fire department.
You paid for that fire department.
That's your extension of your will.
Your money, your will, made that fire department.
Made that police department.
And when that extension of your will does not follow your will, you elect a new fire department.
You elect a new police department.
You elect a new city council.
But when you in general say, the cops are Nazis.
When 60, 70 years ago we kicked their asses.
And George Soros, a Nazi collaborator?
Like a Nazi is telling me that our police are Nazis?
When the average cop is scared to death about not doing the right thing and being arrested or being sued, and they're crippled by it.
That's the reality.
And so we sit here in the year 2020.
Have you ever had any questions?
Man, three nights ago I stayed up all night long and I looked at everything Trump was doing and I wasn't ashamed but I looked down.
For about 30 minutes I had my eyes closed and I looked up and I went.
I couldn't do one-tenth the goodest job as the president did.
And every time I've second-guessed him when he's been surrounded, he was right about everything.
And he stood up against all of them.
And then, the President took on Google, and took on Facebook, and took on Twitter, and took on the Chai Comps, and declared war on the World Health Organization that did all of the lies!
And then he went further.
If we don't back the president now, because let me tell you, I'm a doubting Thomas.
If we don't back the president now, we deserve what we get.
So I literally had a moment on Friday, I told listeners, I said, this is my gut, my spirit.
Because while we're in this fight, I keep checking the president.
Is he bright?
Is he perfect for my position of not being in the middle of where he is?
And my gut told me, just back the President 100% no matter what now, because if he doesn't get 100% backing, spiritually, culturally, economically, metaphysically, we're going to lose.
Trump needs full backing right now.
He is 1000% what we asked for.
He is the champion of the Republic.
He has done, it's unbelievable that God
We're good to go.
I am pure, pure of heart.
I'm not perfect, but I believe in God and I believe in my mission.
And they were so scared of Alex Jones and Donald Trump, two pure people that believe in power of the people and America and that destiny.
And they did everything they could to punish us and destroy us to stop us from supporting the president.
But we didn't do it.
And now, in the final equation, the chi-coms of the enemy, they're openly waging war, the left's trying to cause race wars, they're trying to destroy the economy.
It's so clear, because God always gives his people a crystal clear choice.
Do you want success and freedom and justice and honor and success and pride in yourself?
Or do you want to crap all over it and deny your birthright?
And it is now not in Trump's hands.
It is not in my hands.
It is in the people's hands.
What choice we take.
Donald John Trump is 100% real.
100% committed.
You don't just think there's evil in the universe, do you?
There's good as well.
So Millie Weaver takes over with all her great work she does on the other side.
And President Trump declaring anti-terrorist.
Of course they're terrorists.
They don't want free speech.
They don't want America.
They hate our government.
They hate our institutions.
They hate our due process.
They fundamentally are funded by a Nazi collaborator piece of garbage, who right now, living in Connecticut, is shaking in fear.
This is everything.
All the lines connecting.
Everything is a crossroads now.
This is it.
We'll be right back with Millie Weaver.
Stay with us.
I'm Alex Jones.
Whatever you do, don't share those live links.
I'm Alex Jones, your host on The Sunday Show.
And there's not words to describe to listeners and viewers how critical this period is.
There is no joke.
There is no debate about what we're facing if humanity doesn't make the right choice.
And you have Antifa, this literal meth-head, demonic, Soros-funded group that has threatened our own reporters on video with machine guns in Austin two years ago.
Owens-Troyer, nothing happened.
I mean, if I had some group out with guns threatening protesters, I'd expect to be arrested instantly.
It's so un-American.
And meanwhile, Antifa has put out on their Twitter.
Notice, they have a Twitter.
I don't have a Twitter.
But they have a Twitter.
Tonight's the night, comrades.
Tonight we say, F the city, and we move into the residential areas, the white hoods.
Total race-based.
I mean, think about that.
And we take what's ours.
That's just out an hour ago.
North Korea.
Communist China.
They can do whatever they want on Twitter, but you can't.
Because we're chumps.
And our government
Hasn't stood up for us.
You know, the average libertarian is like, oh, I'm an anarchic capitalist.
You know, we're going to have the state with her away.
But the reason we have a state is to stand up to other states.
I agree if we defeated North Korea and communist China and all these other systems, it'd be great to shrink government down.
I get it.
Could be unbureaucratic.
Cut it down.
We're not there.
And so you want us to get rid of our government?
Or have it run by these same people, so...
Millie Weaver joins us here.
Millie and Millie does a great job reaching tens of millions a week to talk about Trump saying we're declaring anti-post-terrorist.
Everything we asked for.
He doesn't not just say something and then not do it.
And then what's happening going after big tech censorship.
I mean, Trump has finally, with 155 days out, Millie, taken the gloves off.
I know that's what your sources, your own research say.
Millie Weaver, thank you so much for joining us.
What are you expecting about to see?
Well, first of all, I think it's great that Trump has finally declared Antifa a terrorist organization.
It's been a long time coming.
And second, anyone that's watching these riots and protests right now can obviously tell that what's happening aren't typical riots and protests.
This is something else.
And there's much more behind what's going on right now.
Yeah, they're trying to stop our right to protest.
They're there to block the Bill of Rights.
They're like the KKK.
Yes, but there's more to what's going on.
This is more than just protests and riots.
This is actually a military insurrection that's going on right now.
This is a classic IIA operation that's being run, Alex.
It is an internet interactive activities psychological operation that's being run on US citizens.
This is technology, the same technology that they used in Ukraine, through Wikistrat, that they are deploying on U.S.
They are utilizing social media.
You're right, you hit the key.
Trump isn't in control of the government.
Deep state elements are launching this right now.
Oh, absolutely!
This is an attack because they know they have used their predictive program software to know that Joe Biden is not going to have a chance to win the 2020 elections.
That's right.
They have prediction software, Alex, where they can use their AI programs to scour the entire Internet.
Sure, I agree.
Their algorithms show they're losing.
And they're using illegally obtained NSA data bridges to collect all, like, private corporations.
So the same folks that ran the whole Russiagate hoax, this is their new scam.
Yes, John Brennan, General James Jones, many more.
They are running an operation on the American people right now.
And one of the whistleblowers that came forward to me, his name is Patrick Bergey, I had him in my video the other day.
He actually was one of the pioneers and creators of these psychological software programs, one of which called Shadownet, that was deployed in Iraq and Iran on the people there using social media.
So he is basically telling us this is happening now.
Sure, that happened like eight years ago.
Quote, Obama, type it in guys, legalizes propaganda against Americans, foreign
Not in Foreign Affairs, it was a Washington Post publication.
Okay, so basically, what is an IIA operation?
An Internet Interactive Activities Psychological Operation.
They utilize social media.
They have an entire dashboard and command and control system through ShadowNet, where they can be multiple users all at once.
They have all these fake accounts, fake identities, where they have one person managing and stoking people to go out.
So again, Trump is not in control of the sock puppets.
No, he is not.
This is a deep state operation and if you really trace it all, who's behind it?
Barack Obama.
That's who's behind it.
Of course.
The deep state is behind it.
They are trying to overthrow President Trump because they've ran their predictive program software and they know that they don't have a chance unless they can create race riots because they have this predictive program software.
They're using the NSA databases, all the information that's being collected on the various platforms.
Millie, I totally agree with you.
It's confirmed that's what this is.
I don't even see this working.
What do they do next?
They're trying to see if they can get a violent overthrow to happen.
And how are they doing that?
You really think that these videos are all going viral all at once, coordinated by accident?
Oh no, all ours get blocked and then theirs get promoted.
They can push the videos out.
Like all the footage of the National Guard isn't being promoted, but footage of them beating up people is not.
We're seeing old videos from years ago of police brutality being brought up, Alex, and going viral all of a sudden.
It's not on accident.
And then these idiots go, oh you're for the police.
What does that even mean?
The average cop doesn't want to get arrested or lose their job.
It's not reality based to say the police are out here trying to kill everybody.
They figure if they can get enough violence going on, they'll get enough people to go out and attack other people and maybe right-wing people or Trump supporters to then stoke racial... Well, that's it.
They're trying to trigger our response.
So how do we not do that?
How do we... I mean, how do we thread the needle?
Well, as what Trump said earlier, he tweeted that as long as the American people can be awake to what's going on, they can avoid stepping in the traps and the pitfalls.
And that's what's key.
It's hard for us, Alex, like you know, to keep the American people awake to what's going on when we are being censored at every avenue.
And that is why President Trump is finally now doing something about the social media censorship of conservatives.
By doing this executive order that he just did.
Now, it's not a 100% fix, it's not a magic wand, but it's a step in the right direction.
It shows the fight's on.
Yes, it shows the fight's on.
It's going to kick off a lot of other agencies to start digging and doing their due diligence.
Hey, maybe it will even result in, once more of this information comes out, more whistleblowers come out, which I know of.
Well, I'm going to tell the so-called agency something.
America's done.
It's over if you don't cut through the red tape and stop all this.
I mean, this is ridiculous.
I mean, this is ridiculous.
The CHICOMs are openly brainwashing people and trying to cause a race war, and we're going to put up with this?
The problem is Alex, it's not just the Chi-Coms, it is our own.
It is these generals, General Hayden, General Jim Jones.
These were former Obama advisors.
I know Hayden's bad, so you're saying Jones is bad too?
Yes, General Jim Jones, former National Security Advisor to Obama, he is behind a lot of this.
He owns Clearforce and manages Clearforce for the federal government and they use the technologies, the AI technologies, where they can
We're good to go.
Obama appointees and Obama holdovers are still there in positions of power.
No, I mean, I know he was the National Security Joint Chiefs of Staff head for Obama.
I would love to identify somebody that's actually running this, but do you think General, from your sources, General Jones is running this?
He's part of it, and let me tell you, I know people that used to work for John Brennan.
We'll be right back.
Let's talk about this, Amelia Weaver.
Live from Austin, Texas, broadcasting worldwide, it's Millie Weaver and Alex Jones.
Well, let's hear it from the computer.
From Austin, Texas, broadcasting worldwide, it's Alex Jones.
All right, look, let's get serious.
I'll be back tomorrow, 11 a.m.
Central, David Knight, a.m.
Kicks it off.
Millie Weaver's here.
The great work she does.
Millie, we have the president saying we're at war with China.
We have the president saying don't invade Taiwan or Hong Kong.
We have the president pulling out of the World Health Organization that ran the whole COVID hoax.
We have the president admitting that they've been scamming us and running a new world order.
I mean, Trump has totally delivered now.
There's no doubt.
But other angles, other points you're making here, Millie, about where this is going, who the players are, what you expect to happen next.
Well, I expect a lot more whistleblowers to come out because they know that what's happening right now is the make or break moment.
The deep state is making its move.
They're running these military operations on the public right now.
They're inciting the race riots.
They're using the military grade weapons.
And software against the American public to create these riots and tear down our institutions.
This is a war they're trying to overthrow the president.
It's important to know that, you know, when you have these, we have these databases, like I said, the NSA database, they have these data bridges that were illegally created and they're running all that information.
Well, Millie, explain that.
They've got databases at Google, Facebook, Twitter that was set up by the US government
They're able to run propaganda.
This is all admitted, by the way.
The public doesn't know this.
But it's on record that they're using social media.
It's still in the hands of globalists, not Trump.
And by the way, I wouldn't want it in Trump's hands.
It should be the people.
But the point is, is that Trump is fighting AI big tech.
Well, he's fighting AI big tech, but he's actually fighting military-contracted private companies that these generals that were appointed by Obama are running, as well as the same people who were involved in the Russia collusion hoax and the witch hunt against President Trump, like John Brennan.
So, when you have companies like Dianology who- And that's why they're so arrogant.
No matter what we do, they just laugh because they're still in control of everything.
My source, Patrick Berge, that created Shadownet, that runs these IIA operations, the psychological operations on the American people now, the way they got a hold of this technology is the military contracts out private corporations to create some of its weapons and its AI programs.
Sure, they've all got back doors.
William Benny's been on record that like there's 800,000 private contractors that have more access to the government.
There's 800,000 contractors have more access than the President.
They have full access to everything, and they shouldn't.
And they don't even have the clearances necessarily to do it.
And what they're doing with the information are illegal activities.
It's all just a raw power exercise.
So what should Trump do?
They can predict civil unrest and what the outcome will be.
They can predict it all with these AI softwares.
That's why they're so obsessed with timelines and predicting the future with their AI technology.
It's creepy.
Sure, so what should we do?
What should Trump do to counter this?
Trump, I really think that Trump needs to crack down and try to, like he's doing, deploy the National Guard, but he needs to do it in all these other states.
Listen, they already brought Chinese control.
They're already ruling us, so we're not, he should send the army in to literally grab control of all this AI that we built.
That's default.
Take it away.
Because the Chinese are in collusion with the globalists.
So it's a foreign power.
So default is, literally in five hours, Trump could raid a few dozen people that have control of this and turn it back to the people.
And if he didn't do that, I'd go after Trump.
Well, he should utilize the fact that now Antifa is a terrorist organization.
That's official.
They've declared it.
That's the beginning.
Yeah, I know that.
Yeah, we're behind it financially.
Go after the politicians.
Go after the deep state that were behind this.
If it's their technology that was being used to do all of this, Alex.
There are people using DARPA technology for globalist functions.
If any of them talk to Chinese agents, just like Ted Cruz said, they're now guilty.
It's simple.
Espionage, Daria.
I've told the crew.
I've told you.
I've told the producer, Daria.
I've told all the guys in there.
I've told you.
I've told Paul Watson.
I've told everybody.
I've told the president.
I've told everybody.
We're sitting here and we're looking at
People, Millie, that are literally working for this multinational corporation.
We've got to stop them.
Who else should we try to reach out to?
Well, you definitely should have Patrick Berge on as a guest, Alex.
He can get this information out way better than even I can.
There are whistleblowers who are inside.
They don't want their country to burn.
They don't want to see America die.
And they're coming forward with information.
He used to work for Dynology and Jones Group International, Alex, and these military-contracted companies.
No, he can only say so much.
He can't give us classified information, but he can point us in the right direction and spell out what's happening.
If we have more people like him and others come forward and we can utilize this evidence against the deep state, have all these people arrested that are doing this to our country.
So I agree.
So whether it's Steve Watson or Paul Watson or whether it's Darren McBreen or Rob Dew or you or the crew, what can the listeners do to expose us?
The best thing the listeners can do is continue to support the President, first of all, because he is being attacked so hard by propaganda and fake news out there.
Oh, there's no doubt that Trump's for real.
Yeah, they need to support and stand by their president.
They also need to keep their heads cool.
Don't go out there and start getting violent and engaging in the exact thing that the psychological operation wants you to do.
They want you to go out there and get violent.
Don't do it!
Obviously, all of this is to get us to be violent.
Of course!
And we're not that stupid.
We're a lot smarter.
I have faith in the conservative people out there, the patriot people out there.
They're smart.
They know that this is a trap.
They know that this is an operation being run.
They need to support the president.
If you want to go out there and do good, go join the army.
Go enlist in the military.
Go become a police officer.
Get deputized.
Do it the right way.
Don't go out there and get in fights in the street, because then it's only going to be bad press for everyone.
And the worst thing that we can do right now is go in and
No, I agree.
In closing, Millie Weaver, what do you expect to come next?
Because it's such an amazing point in human history.
It's only going to get crazier, Alex.
They tried to buy a weapon.
It wasn't enough.
They tried a bogus impeachment.
It wasn't enough.
I mean, they have hit him with everything.
They've hit the American people with everything.
I mean, is it any coincidence that these rioters, as soon as businesses are about to open up, the economy is about to start booming again.
They know it.
As soon as that happens, oh, they all go out and hit all these businesses, break their windows, stop them from opening.
This is a hit on the economy, as well as to try to further divide the nation.
It's only going to get worse, Alex.
People need to buckle up and get ready, because it's going to get worse.
And please share information.
It's important to be sharing information so that we can get that true information out to the right people, to the Americans.
Oh, you're right.
It's so precious, every person listening, however listening on local radio stations, TV stations, the Internet.
We're all meant for this moment right now, and it's so crazy that this is the globalist attack.
They're actually trying all this, and it's just wild for me, Millie, to know that we're all living in this time.
It's surreal.
I mean, what's been happening is not normal.
We all know that.
It's not normal.
This is an attack on America.
Notice these Antifa.
You know, they call themselves, oh, we're anti-fascist.
We had this tweet trending, hashtag, I am Antifa, after the president said Antifa was a terrorist organization.
All these people defending it, saying, oh, we're anti-fascist.
We don't want fascism.
That's what we are.
No, you're not.
Antifa is not anti-fascist.
They are communists that are using a bunch of useless idiots out there
To go and help them with their communist revolution.
They're burning the American flag.
The American flag.
They're not burning Nazi flags or, you know, they're burning the country's flag that actually stood up to the oppressive fascist regimes, the most oppressive in the world.
America was the one who stopped those fascist regimes.
I love watching the protesters, the videos we just played.
Wearing masks while they're looting buildings.
It's all just the conformist.
Doing whatever they want is totally sick.
All right, Millie Weaver, thank you so much.
Your videos are at Millennium Millie on YouTube and other places.
Thank you so much, and please join us tomorrow for the weekday show.
We'll try to cover all this, but I gotta tell you.
I'm completely blown away right now by how dangerous society is, how crazy it is, and how our own government is caught flat-footed because it's not authoritarian, dealing with this.
So, at the end of the day, whatever happens, it's your choice, America.
It's your choice.
I appreciate the crew.
I appreciate the listeners.
I appreciate the radio stations, the TV stations, the folks that pick up our broadcast, because
I've been doing this 26 years.
And I gotta tell you, I'm just blown away right now because it's so real.
It's so out of control.
It's so corrupt.
It's so anti-American.
It's so stupid to serve this thing.
Thank you all for tuning in tonight.
I want to thank the crew and the listeners and all the radio stations.
And that's it for this transmission.
Lord willing, I'll be back tomorrow at 11 a.m.
David Knight before me.
Owen Schroer after me at 3 p.m.
Thank you so much and God bless you all.
But seriously, proud of the crew hitting the push-ups during the break.
Rob's gonna get an extra set in right now.
Just hammering them away.
He's at like 500 now, I think.
Pretty decent number.
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