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Name: 20200530_SpecialReport_Alex
Air Date: May 30, 2020
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Tomorrow's news today.
It is Saturday, May 30th.
The year is 2020.
156 days out from this election.
It is 2 p.m.
We are live.
We have a great skeleton crew that came up here as volunteers.
The only day that we have off from our 24-7 news coverage would be Saturday.
And we've also got much of our crew
Where I-35, one of the biggest highways in the United States, has been shut down by communist-led anti-police protesters.
And you can see some of the footage that our crew has already sent in.
We have some of our crew there with drones right now that are sending back footage.
Those live feeds are at InfoWars.com and NewsWars.com.
There have been security personnel shot and killed.
In different parts of the country, police have been shot.
The media, including CNN, is saying they deserve it.
But when CNN's center in Atlanta got taken over and people were waving Mexican flags over the CNN symbol, suddenly CNN has changed their tune.
Here's the big takeaway.
There are globalist forces allied with Communist China against America.
This is the equivalent of a new world war, but it's being done through proxies.
And the media takes real events where police are in the wrong, they blow it up and exacerbate it, and then say that white people on average are statistically out there killing black people.
And Ice Cube and everybody else comes out and pushes that, even though black on white crime is 10 to 1.
And the media then legitimizes the type of explosion you're seeing to further destabilize the country.
You had the White House almost overrun last night.
You've got the president being censored by big tech openly now.
You've got Twitter and others censoring other nationalist presidents, but letting Iran promote their propaganda.
Everything is coming to a head now.
America is being plunged into a crisis.
You know, we said, what'll be the next thing after COVID?
Well, it'll be the race riots and the media taking any event they can and hyping it up to be as insane.
As possible.
So again, we are going to go to a very important announcement that was made by the president last night from the Rose Garden.
And when we come back from that, I'm going to lay out just the incredible amount of information that's unfolding.
But the Globalist and their Democrat-controlled minions are launching everything they've got.
And they are attempting to devalue the dollar.
They're attempting to break the borders.
They're attempting to trigger race riots.
They are attempting to absolutely flood this country with fentanyl.
They are allied with Communist China.
I remember the Washington Post last year said China's Xi Jinping, their dictator, must, quote, destroy Trump to save America.
This is really who they are, a party of bringing down the nation, because they believe they're the conquerors with the globalists that they're allied with.
This is true treason.
You read them in the history books about people that would open the drawbridge up to let the enemy in.
You say, why would you do that?
Because they wanted to be in control.
Now, always the idiots that open up the drawbridge were the first ones that the new conquerors would kill.
Because you don't leave traitors like that alone to keep operating.
So this is an incredible time to be alive.
We've got Owen Schroyer downtown in the armored vehicle.
We're going to be covering that.
We've got Savannah Hernandez down there covering it.
Protesters stop traffic on I-35 amid angry demonstration outside of APD headquarters.
APD endorsed the protest, and so APD is being attacked.
This is not about justice for a poor man that got killed in what I think is an illegal chokehold.
This is about hysteria.
And this is about mindless violence.
But the big issue and the big takeaway for everybody on this live Saturday transmission, where we've preempted all the radio and TV satellite feeds we've got, the re-feeds we've got of three different shows going, we've preempted all those, because this is so important.
We hope that you, those that were there on the spot watching the live feed, will share and say, hey, Communist China
Working with globalist traitors is trying to overthrow the United States and Trump came out yesterday and said, we're rounding up and we're arresting the communist Chinese spies that are all over the United States, which is true.
That's really going on.
Finally, we're admitting the attack we were under.
And he wanted to say, we're leaving the WHO.
We're not just going to cut its funding.
We pay for more than half of it.
We're out of it because China runs it.
And it's directing this fake COVID response.
And Trump's going after the big tech censors with a real executive order that has real teeth.
It's very strong.
So Trump, if you ever had any questions, is the real deal.
But is it a day late and a dollar short?
Well, it's not just up to Trump, it's up to us.
And so the average person's questioning what's going on right now.
And they're really open to the truth, but the only way they find out is you breaking the back of big tech censorship and sharing the live feed from BandOnVideo, InfoWars.com, and NewsWars.com.
So let's pull up InfoWars.com if we can, and I'll show you the live feed article right now.
Titled, going from memory because I just wrote it 10 minutes before we went live, Shy Comps, Emergency Saturday Live Press Conference.
Emergency Saturday Live Press Conference.
Communist Chinese back violent protesters, push civil war.
Communist-led protesters are burning buildings and killing innocent people in more than 30 cities.
Tune in live to find out the latest developments in what's coming.
And by the way, you got cops and you got security guards killed and shot all over the country.
It's barely footnotes.
In fact, I sent that to some of the crew right before we went live.
Can you get your messages and print those for me?
I need to have that for folks.
Drudge Report has a good running tally of it.
But when we come back after this important press conference or announcement the President made last night, we're going to go through it all, but this is the globalists trying to nullify the election of three and a half years ago.
This is the new world order.
This is everything Hollywood's pre-programmed.
This is everything they're pushing.
The cop has been fired and arrested and charged with third-degree murder.
Which against manslaughter didn't obviously know he was doing it.
I don't give a rat's ass about that idiot guy.
But how is that then?
I mean, I can show you videos all day at WorldStarHipHop where they celebrate whites getting killed just because they're white.
And some of the racist black folks are on there loving that.
I don't blame black people in general because there's a bunch of racist black people on WorldStarHipHop getting their jollies off that.
I can show you footage all day of white people getting beat up, stabbed, shot by black people and then say, well, I'm going to go out now attack black people randomly.
You judge people off of what they do individually, not off what color they are.
But the left and a lot of folks have forgotten that.
And so.
There's this idea to go out and burn everything down.
All that does is help the globalists.
All that does is hurt these communities.
We've got the footage that's up on DrudgeReport.com.
We're going to play for you coming up as well.
And that is folks saying, oh, now we're coming to the suburbs.
We're coming.
We're going to get you.
So that's coming up as well.
So we're going to go to this announcement by Trump.
Terminates relationship with World Health Organization.
And ends the Taiwan deal, giving them special treatment because they're now run by China and so much more.
Then we will come back on the other side where Ted Cruz talks about criminal investigation of Twitter for aiding and abetting foreign governments.
Stay with us.
Thank you very much.
Good afternoon.
Thank you.
I'm here today to talk about our relationship with China and several new measures to protect American security and prosperity.
China's pattern of misconduct is well known.
For decades, they've ripped off the United States like no one has ever done before.
Hundreds of billions of dollars a year were lost dealing with China, especially over the years during the prior administration.
China raided our factories, offshored our jobs, gutted our industries, stole our intellectual property.
We're good.
Like no one was able to get away with before because of past politicians and, frankly, past presidents.
But unlike those who came before, my administration negotiated and fought for what was right.
It's called fair and reciprocal treatment.
China has also unlawfully claimed territory in the Pacific Ocean, threatening freedom of navigation and international trade.
And they broke their word to the world on ensuring the autonomy of Hong Kong.
The United States wants an open and constructive relationship with China, but achieving that relationship requires us to vigorously defend our national interests.
The Chinese government has continually violated its promises to us and so many other nations.
These plain facts cannot be overlooked or swept aside.
The world is now suffering as a result of the malfeasance of the Chinese government.
China's cover-up of the Wuhan virus allowed the disease to spread all over the world, instigating a global pandemic that has cost more than 100,000 American lives and over a million lives worldwide.
Chinese officials ignored their reporting obligations to the World Health Organization and pressured the World Health Organization to mislead the world when the virus was first discovered by Chinese authorities.
Countless lives have been taken and profound economic hardship has been inflicted all around the globe.
They strongly recommended against me doing the early ban from China.
But I did it anyway and was proven to be 100% correct.
China has total control over the World Health Organization, despite only paying $40 million per year, compared to what the United States has been paying, which is approximately $450 million a year.
We have detailed the reforms that it must make and engage with them directly, but they have refused to act.
Because they have failed to make the requested and greatly needed reforms.
We will be today terminating our relationship with the World Health Organization and redirecting those funds to other worldwide and deserving urgent global public health needs.
The world needs answers from China on the virus.
We must have transparency.
Why is it that China shut off infected people from Wuhan to all other parts of China?
It went nowhere else.
It didn't go to Beijing.
It went nowhere else.
But they allowed them to freely travel throughout the world, including Europe and the United States.
The death and destruction caused by this is incalculable.
We must have answers, not only for us, but for the rest of the world.
This pandemic has underscored the crucial importance of building up America's economic independence, reshoring our critical supply chains, and protecting America's scientific and technological advances.
For years, the government of China has conducted illicit espionage to steal our industrial secrets, of which
There are many.
Today I will issue a proclamation to better secure our nation's vital university research and to suspend the entry of certain foreign nationals from China who we have identified as potential security risks.
I am also taking action to protect the integrity of America's financial system, by far the best in the world.
I am instructing my Presidential Working Group on Financial Markets to study the differing practices of Chinese companies listed on the US financial markets.
With the goal of protecting American investors.
Investment firms should not be subjecting their clients to the hidden and undue risks associated with financing Chinese companies that do not play by the same rules.
Americans are entitled to fairness and transparency.
Several of the most significant actions we're taking pertain to deeply troubling situations unfolding in Hong Kong.
This week, China unilaterally imposed control over Hong Kong security.
This was a plain violation of Beijing's treaty obligations.
With the United Kingdom in the Declaration of 1984 and explicit provisions of Hong Kong's Basic Law, it has 27 years to go.
The Chinese government's move against Hong Kong is the latest in a series of measures that are diminishing the city's long-standing and very proud status.
This is a tragedy for the people of Hong Kong, the people of China, and indeed the people of the world.
China claims it is protecting national security.
But the truth is that Hong Kong was secure and prosperous as a free society.
Beijing's decision reverses all of that.
It extends the reach of China's invasive state security apparatus into what was formerly a bastion of liberty.
China's latest incursion, along with other recent developments that degraded the territory's freedoms, makes clear that Hong Kong is no longer sufficiently autonomous to warrant the special treatment that we have afforded the territory since the handover.
China has replaced its promised formula of one country, two systems, with one country, one system.
Therefore, I am directing my administration to begin the process of eliminating policy exemptions that give Hong Kong different and special treatment.
My announcement today will affect the full range of agreements we have with Hong Kong, from our extradition treaty to our export controls on dual-use technologies and more, with few exceptions.
We will be revising the State Department's travel advisory for Hong Kong to reflect the increased danger of surveillance and punishment by the Chinese state security apparatus.
We will take action to revoke Hong Kong's preferential treatment as a separate customs and travel territory.
From the rest of China.
The United States will also take necessary steps to sanction PRC and Hong Kong officials, directly or indirectly involved, in eroding Hong Kong's autonomy and just, if you take a look, smothering, absolutely smothering Hong Kong's freedom.
Our actions will be strong.
Our actions will be meaningful.
More than two decades ago, on a rainy night in 1997, British soldiers lowered the Union flag and Chinese soldiers raised the Chinese flag in Hong Kong.
The people of Hong Kong felt simultaneously proud of their Chinese heritage and their unique Hong Kong identity.
The people of Hong Kong hope that in the year... Alright, ladies and gentlemen, it is May 30th on this live Saturday transmission.
It is 2.18 Central Standard Time.
There's always a lot of magnitude here on the broadcast.
You notice it's next year's news today.
You notice that we really know what we're talking about.
We've got our nose to the grindstone when it comes to understanding what's unfolding in society and civilization.
But we really are at war with Communist China.
The globalists set up one-sided trade deals the last 50 years to transfer basically 90% of our industry to China.
Same thing with Europe.
So that the political elites that had deals with the Communist Party
Could dictate what companies could flourish and what companies couldn't because if you don't have access to the communist Chinese with no environmental standards, no workers comp, slave labor, stealing all of our intellectual properties.
Well, that's like a totally stilted playing field where you're playing football at a 90 degree angle uphill.
You can't win.
And so now we finally got a president in who has totally won the trade war.
So they launched COVID-19 to shut things down.
China was only shut for a month and a half.
We've been shut for three months.
All this is designed to shut us down.
Communist China has been caught running Twitter, literally running all this anti-America, anti-gun, anti-Christian, anti-family, anti-reopen propaganda.
And I've just kept saying, we better just declare we're at war in a 21st century system, economically, culturally, and now militarily with China.
They've taken over the South China Sea.
They're attacking U.S.
I mean, we're at war.
They started it.
No one wants the war.
It's like Hitler back in the late 1930s.
It took the West a couple years, when he was invading all these countries, to figure out that appeasement, like Neville Chamberlain was doing, was not going to fix the problem.
So let me just give you the announcement, like I've been giving you for about a year.
We're at war with Communist China.
And they've got infiltrators and collaborators throughout this government.
And they are, when you go and look at the big six movie houses,
Production houses in Hollywood, four are dominated by Chinese money and run by them.
The other two are almost bought up by them.
By the time Trump got in, there was like American bandstand was left.
And that doesn't sound big.
It was actually in the top 10 and Trump blocked that.
We are literally at war with the chai comms, the globalists, Hollywood, the controlled corporate media, the communist EU.
And all of their idiot cohorts.
And Trump has announced that they're arresting and expelling tens of thousands of Chinese known agents, university heads, faculty.
Trump bans Chinese students, researchers from entering the U.S.
That's New York Post.
Trump hammers China over Hong Kong.
China responds with, what about Minneapolis?
Well, in Hong Kong, they have a deal that you don't take it over for another 26 years or whatever.
You come in with secret police and burn down newspapers and kill people.
In Minnesota, a bad cop that knew the guy who was a bouncer together, and who knew the other cop, and all this weird stuff, gets on his neck, kills him, and then that's Trump and America's fault?
So let's burn everything down?
And the cop's been arrested and charged?
That's not Communist China.
Guys, pull up Communist China.
Rolls troops and tanks.
Remember just four months ago, our crew was in Hong Kong.
Hundreds of thousands of troops, tanks, shooting women and men.
Chinese soldiers just shooting protesters.
It'd be like Ken stayed on steroids.
We did that.
This is China taking over Hong Kong and threatening to invade Taiwan and the Washington Post.
Oh, Trump's bad.
China's allowed to put three million Uyghurs in slave camps.
China's allowed to invade and shoot women in the chest and men in the chest in China because, oh, a cop did something wrong in Minnesota.
That's what we're talking about.
And you look at how China funds and controls Hollywood.
Every time I see some show about whites being racist and race war, I go, let me see who the movie production house is.
And it'll be produced by a Chinese firm put out through a US company owned by Chinese.
The Chinese are funding race war.
Every channel you turn on, they're funding CNN.
They're funding Twitter on record with massive advertisement.
And it's not called
Campaign finance violation.
It's not called espionage.
It's just, oh, well, Communist China is allowed to say and do whatever they want.
So is Iran.
So is everybody else.
But meanwhile, I've learned there's a frontline special coming out in September where they say, I'm a Russian agent.
I've never gotten a dime from the Russians, never been to Russia.
And I'm the Russian agent because I love America.
When you're globalists that have sold your country out and you know that the people are waking up that you're traitors, you then point at the patriots and say they're the spies.
In every old movie where you catch the spy, and you've got him, and as soon as you catch him, they go, no, he's the spy!
Whoever catches the spy, he's the spy.
So who's the spy?
Is it CNN?
Is it MSNBC?
Is it Bill Clinton?
Is it Hillary?
Is it David Rockefeller?
Is it the New World Order?
Is it Bill Gates?
Or is it me?
Who do you think's the Russian, folks?
Who do you think's the Chai Kom?
Who do you think?
No, no, no.
Everybody knows it's not me.
It's not Trump.
In fact, the globalists think we're mentally ill because we're loyal to our country.
And the Russians were always the distraction.
The very same globalists took control of Russia and ran it in the ground and killed the Christians and enslaved them.
And the real globalists went to China and set it up because it was never Christian.
And it's been the engine of evil the entire time.
And now finally, America knows who did it.
America knows who was behind it.
So no matter how many riots, or even if they kill Trump, or even if they kill me, or even if they kill you, they're not going to stop the truth coming out.
So we've hit a point today, really yesterday, I'd say Friday, May 29th, is a demarcation line.
Where we hit the curve where we're never going back.
We broke with the New World Order and we've hit that point.
And I can just announce to them, you're done.
You've lost.
It's like Hitler, 1942.
He still thought he could win, but anybody that is real math knew he was going to lose.
Might take a while, but you're losing and you've lost.
Because the initiative is on our side.
We don't want to conquer anybody.
We want to kick your ass out of our country.
And it's going to happen.
So, you can sit there, and you can play patty cake, and you can play games, and you can persecute people all day long, but your ass is getting handed to you now.
Now, it's in yesterday's stack, and I had it all week long, and I never got to it.
Will you guys pull me the FBI statistics on black-on-white crime that was in yesterday's stack?
And, uh, I never got to, because I'm going to show this and look, it's still very low crime, but it's 10 to one black on white.
I mean, that's a fact because the media promotes it and they say whites deserve it.
And the black leftist leaders say, go get a white person.
Don't rob your own people.
How about you don't rob anybody, but it's mainly black businesses getting burned down in the LA riots.
And now in these riots, there's all these videos of crying business owners, restaurant owners going, why'd you burn down?
I mean,
What does that do?
The restaurant owner, whether he was white or black, didn't kill that man.
But again, it's the media gets people pissed and then CNN was praising it.
MSNBC said, this is a protest.
This is nonviolent with burning buildings behind them.
I played that clip on Friday, yesterday.
So this is the media winding up people.
Remember the Homeland Security documents.
Remember those numbers where George Soros' son was trying to create race riots in 2015 in Baltimore, Maryland with white activists in black block uniforms.
I wonder why BlackBlock covers their faces and wears all black because they're trying to get black folks to burn stuff down and they want to cover up the fact they're white because it's so ridiculous.
A bunch of college professors, you name it, in black outfits trying to get blacks to riot so that then that can be the pretext to overthrow the country and then blame the black people.
The article is 2015 Obama planned martial law in Maryland under Soros funding.
So everybody's being manipulated here by the manipulators.
I don't care what color you are, how old you are, where you came from.
If you don't see that, you're crazy.
And that article on Infowars.com pissed him off two years ago.
Documents to tell plan for civil unrest and martial law in Baltimore.
The documents, and it was later confirmed, purport to show to tell plan to trigger nationwide unrest following Obama to declare martial law in 2015.
But the plan failed.
So here's a short clip that's gone viral from Summit.News.
It's up on DrudgeReport.com of a man saying, we're coming to the suburbs next.
What does that even mean?
Like, oh, well, you're in a suburb.
You deserve to have your house burned down.
This will really fix what happened to this guy.
And then what some of the brainwashed folks are saying, and then we're going to go right to Ted Cruz on Fox Business explaining the total double standard
Of taking American speech, but promoting communist Chinese and Iranian Islamic speech, and just how sick the leftist globalist plan is.
Here are those reports.
We'll come back with more news.
It's real bogus.
They got to get it right.
I mean, otherwise, this was going to happen.
Ain't nothing left here.
So when we start coming to the suburbs, when we come to the government center, then what y'all going to do?
You see what I'm saying?
So, hey, that's just what's going to happen, you know?
Hey, fuck the police.
It's your boy Kunta Kinte.
Hey, we out here.
Now, Senator Ted Cruz tweeted this in the last hour.
He wants a criminal investigation into Twitter, saying they violated sanctions on Iran, and the Senator joins us now.
Sir, would you elaborate on your case?
Over a month ago I sent a letter to Twitter along with several other senators asking them to explain why they continue to provide a platform for the Ayatollah Khomeini in direct violation of U.S.
sanctions laws.
The United States Congress has passed a law making it a criminal offense to facilitate the oppression of the Iranian regime, the leading state sponsor of terrorism in the world.
Twitter sent back a letter that essentially said their company policy was to allow as much discussion as possible, and they apparently believe they are exempt from the criminal laws of this country.
And so today I asked the Department of Justice to open an investigation.
Those sanction laws are designed to stop
companies from facilitating Iranian terror.
And Stu, the irony of this is at the same time that Twitter, that Jack Dorsey is publishing worldwide the anti-Semitic threats of violence from the Ayatollah Khomeini, Jack Dorsey is also trying to censor the President of the United States.
He's trying to silence genuine political speech by Americans while facilitating terroristic threats by Iran.
Are you wrapping in your lawsuit, your criminal investigation of Twitter, you're wrapping that into Twitter's fight with the President of the United States?
Is it all one thing?
Well, they are separate insofar as the sanctions on Iran are U.S.
law, passed by Congress, signed by the President, actually signed by Barack Obama.
They've been long-standing U.S.
But the two are related in a couple of ways.
One, big tech, the Silicon Valley billionaires, have an arrogance that they don't believe the laws apply to them.
They believe that they are the new kings of the universe.
I sent them the letter asking them to cease and desist violating U.S.
law and they essentially said pound sand.
companies don't get to ignore American law.
At the same time, you can see Twitter, you can see Jack Dorsey getting ticked off at the president.
And so initially, initially he put a warning on one tweet and then last night he got mad that the president was tweeting trying to stop the violence in Minneapolis.
And so they're now blocking the president's tweet.
I think Big Tech needs to get the hell out of the censorship business in terms of Americans.
The First Amendment protects American speech and Twitter has no business deciding which politicians they like and which they don't.
They should be a neutral public forum and let free speech and the American people decide.
That, sir, is fascinating, because that draws a distinction between us, Americans, and our freedom of speech expressed on this public platform, and foreigners, notably the Mullers, and what they're allowed to say, because that's the first time I've heard that distinction, that difference, made clear.
Well, and Stu, the reason that matters is the First Amendment to the Bill of Rights, to our Constitution, protects Americans.
It doesn't protect the Ayatollah Khomeini.
He has zero protections under the First Amendment.
He's not an American.
He's not in America.
He is a foreign enemy and a terrorist.
And so we don't protect his free speech rights.
We don't protect the free speech rights of Communist China because they're not protected by the First Amendment.
Constitution is about protecting Americans' rights and we are fighting against our enemies that in the case of the Ayatollah have killed.
All right, so let's talk facts here.
This approach by Cruz is dead on, you know, he's a top lawyer, top of his class, but I had three different major law firms.
By the way, it's not about credit, it's about action.
Anybody could have done this.
With the Supreme Court cases in the last 20 years about the town square and about private corporate town squares that they cannot stop speech.
But they've advertised as an open square and never done open square behavior.
And about how let's not go after them on free speech.
Let's do the racketeering.
How it's organized between all these big tech companies to do this.
How they admit they've had these meetings and done this.
And let's look at how they're taking foreign government money in advertising, which is the equivalent of campaign finance money, and circumventing all of this.
And how they allow Communist China to have total speech, and Iran to have total speech, and not put these provisos of fact-checkers on top of it.
I mean, it'd be bad enough if they did that to everybody, but they're doing it to the President of the United States.
They started out with yours truly.
Two and a half years ago, Twitter started putting fact-checks on me.
And it was like, oh, let's demonize Jones first, then no one will stand up for him.
And then once that domino falls, everybody else's domino falls.
And remember, at the time, people said, Jones, how are you taking it?
You're being silenced.
And I'd look at people, I'd look at family, and I'd say, I'd love to think I'm this important to have thousands of articles a week sometimes, usually hundreds, news TV shows lying about me everywhere.
They were doing it to demonize me so that when no one stood up for me, it would set the precedent to then ban everyone else.
And you notice there was more coverage of Alex Jones being banned two years ago than everybody else being combined.
And I've learned how they operate.
So I was on air saying, I'm not this important.
They see me as a populist.
They see me as a guy that got Trump elected.
They went to the RNC and saw half the folks wearing Infowars shirt.
They got scared.
Rolling Stone wrote about that.
So the New York Times.
I remember the New York Times was like shaking, going, we had no idea your audience was so big.
People I knew from the New York Times, like openly uncloaked, like demons, like Grimer Wormtongue from Lord of the Rings.
I'll get you!
They were so delusional and had no idea about the power of the grassroots.
So they finally figured out at the RNC and then when Trump got elected that the people are done with them.
And so they said well let's demonize the image of the archetypal American the populist.
And then once we destroyed Jones, which they were not successful in thanks to you supporting us, literally.
I mean, that's not me just thanking you.
I mean, I'm like thanking you, like a man thrown overboard from a ship finding a piece of driftwood to lay on.
Thank you.
And through that process, they then attacked everybody else.
And now here we are.
The Communist Chinese are all over Google and its subsidiaries.
And Twitter and Facebook live time.
I mean, the Senate's having hearings now where they themselves, the Senator goes and types in Communist Party bandits, pirates.
That's what Chinese call crooks, pirates.
And they hit publish and in live time it's deleted.
And US Senators are like, what the hell was that?
There's video of this.
Well, of course!
What do you think's been going on?
People go, but wait a minute, YouTube's banned in China.
China doesn't care about China.
It's got control of that.
This is about the world.
And it's about the special interests that set up China, the globalists, that are commanding China to project their influence onto the West and onto America.
I mean, they've bought off Italy, they've bought off
France, they've bought off Spain.
I mean, it's on the news where the leaders of those countries say, thank you, China, you run us.
I mean, the Communist Chinese Party pays for the guns and the ammo of the French police, the Spanish police and the Italian police.
The uniforms of EU police are paid for by Xi Jinping.
That's in the news.
Think about that.
That's how communists do it.
They oppress their people, leverage them in slave factories, and then weapons and uniforms and propaganda to exploit the country they've got control of.
It's communist party doctrine to take the next country over.
And I remember General Benton K. Parton, former head of Air Force Weapons Development, original head of the Secret Space Command, telling me in a conversation, every conversation on air going, Jones, listen to me.
You think communism is some outdated deal and just some plan of the new world order?
It's the plan and they'll take your country over and then exploit it to the next country and it's a program.
It's a communist program just like a play and he was an engineer and you have to understand if you have the engineering
You know how to blow it up, but if you don't start addressing it as a communist plan, you'll never defeat it.
The New World Order is funding the communism, but communism is the blueprint.
It's a blueprint, folks, that David Rockefeller funded and who bragged in the New York Times that he was going to bring communist Chinese communism to America.
And man, you look at the Confucius societies and everything going on, that's what it is.
I know for the average arrogant American, I'm arrogant too.
I mean, let me tell you, Benton Parton was telling me this in a Luby's eating chicken fried steaks 25 years ago.
And I knew he was the head of space command.
I knew he was the head of secret operations.
I knew this guy was a three-star general, the most black ops the world's ever seen.
And he kept saying, listen, forget the new world order, Jones.
That's just their talk.
They're communists.
And they got a program.
And he would just go, fight the program!
Fight the program!
And I thought, this is just an old general who's still obsessed with the communists.
No, he knew every damn thing he said.
And he was sitting there tolerating people like me and going all over the country, spending every dime he had, living in a tiny house and literally eating the equivalent of dog food to travel seven days a week, 365 days a year to warn everyone he could.
Churches and assemblies and groups.
And I'm not trying to bring up General Parton, the great patriot who recently died.
The point is, is that that's the type of people America used to be made out of.
And if we don't start realizing what we're up against, we don't have a damn snowball chance in hell.
And if you want to know their operations, these people down here protesting, saying, kill white people, kill the cops, all this stupid ass crap, it's all Maoist, Chi-Com funded, on record!
And so I'll say this, I have bitched at Trump
And I've gotten mad at Trump, but I couldn't do one-tenth of what he's done if I was in that position because I know what it's like to actually have money and have crew and have people that want to get the job done and you can't get it done.
Imagine Trump totally surrounded.
So we should just thank God for President Trump and just trust in President Trump.
And I got to tell you, at this point, I'm just totally behind the President because this country's in war.
This country's under total attack.
And you've got a bunch of brainwashed people that don't realize what they're up against.
That's okay.
It's up to us that are informed, that are leaders, to stand up and tell the truth and not back down in the face of this.
But Trump is pulling us out of the UN.
That's what the WHO is.
It's the heart of the UN.
It's a scientific medical dictatorship.
He is battling the CHICOMS at point-blank range.
I mean, he's swaying for the damn fences.
We're basically at war with China right now.
There are collaborators running around trying to burn the damn country down.
And all people need to know is this is not business as usual.
This is the globalists and the Democrats launching everything they've got against
I don't know.
And the globalists are pure evil and they're trying to shut your economy down with this COVID hoax to teach you that you're not essential.
You know what?
Somebody telling me I'm not essential is not essential.
You tell me your little robot is essential and I've been replaced?
How about I smash your robot and smash you?
So I'm a very racist person.
I'm pro-human race.
I am so racist against globalist programmed robots and globalist programmed algorithms and globalist programmed people that are anti-human.
So everybody's designed to be tribal to stand up for your own interests.
Stand up for red blood, ladies and gentlemen.
Stand up for humanity now and know that you're being conquered by an outside usurping force and stop being naive because we are in the zeitgeist.
We are in the fulcrum.
We are in the crossroads.
We are in the zenith point.
We are making the decision now!
You've got all these crackheads and methheads and most of the protesters are white, you noticed out there, the communists, the antifa, trying to get black folks to riot.
And burn something down to show us that we know the cops are bad.
The cops are way down here in the power structure.
The globalists and their big corporations trying to destroy our country are way up here at the top.
And Trump's down here trying to get control of that.
And everything he's done has been legitimate and uphill and incredible and Spartan and Beowulfian.
George Washingtonian.
I mean, there's no longer any doubt.
Day late, dollar short.
Don't matter.
He made the decision like that thief hanging on the cross at the last minute to hit the buttons because he finally gets it.
And let me tell you something.
It's on, ladies and gentlemen.
So you better know Antifa, if you're a major leader, is watching your house.
And you better, and it's not just the meth-head.
Those are the decoys.
If they gotta come at you, they're gonna blame the meth-heads later if they lose.
You need to know they're coming for you and your family right now.
And you better understand, ladies and gentlemen, that you better be frosty and awake and involved right now because this is a 250-year-old country that the globalists think they can just push over and take over and sack and then turn you all into slaves and rob every damn thing you've got!
So, you think about that long, and you think about that hard, because this isn't a game anymore.
Does our government have problems?
Does it got people that are out of control?
Damn right it does!
You put communist New World Order satanists in charge, you think you've got a government out of control?
You think you've got a police state?
You think you've got a New World Order?
You think you've got tyranny?
You have not seen a damn thing once the Republic's gone and these satanists are in charge!
I'm going to play a few special reports here just to calm down.
And then I'm going to come back and Millie Weaver's got a lot to say.
She's going to pop in.
And I do want to be able to take your calls, but our crew is so skeleton because the crew we've got's down there at the I-35 shutdown and the footage you're seeing and everything else.
And I've got crime statistics I want to go over to show you the facts here about what's really going on that are so incredibly important.
All the white liberals out, hands up, don't shoot.
Let's look at crown statistics from the FBI itself, okay?
Look at these right here.
And all these white liberals, their hands up, oh don't shoot me, don't shoot me. 547,000.
948 black-on-white crimes.
Black-on-Hispanic, 112,000.
White-on-black, 59,000.
White-on-Hispanic, 207,000.
Hispanic-on-white, 365,000.
Hispanic-on-black, 44,000.
Like I told you, it's a 10-to-1 ratio of black-on-white crime.
And you can argue, well, it's over-reported or whatever.
Look, anybody being realistic and being honest knows that it's seen as a leftist thing.
Go ahead and attack white people.
They deserve it.
The average black person is not like that.
I don't blame them.
I'm not stupid.
But to sit there and say, because you've got a cop on some black guy's neck who he turns out they're bouncers together and the Asian cops hooked in and knows them.
I mean, there's a little something going on here.
But there's still crazy cops.
There's bad cops.
There's bad white cops, bad Hispanic cops, bad black cops.
Everybody knows that.
Power gets abused.
Nobody ever denied that.
I don't give a damn about that cop.
He's going to prison.
Oh, that's a white guy.
We don't want him getting in trouble.
What the hell does that mean?
Turns out Minnesota's the only, Minneapolis-St.
Paul's the only jurisdiction that teaches that since the 80s, since L.A.
Bandit, putting your knee on somebody's neck.
Again, leftist policy.
That's actually authorized policy.
That cop will probably get off for this.
Because the policy says he can do it.
That's dumb.
But see, it doesn't matter.
Nike and all that has the slave factories in China and then sells black people shoes that are ten times more than they should be as a status symbol that preys on black people.
Oh, Colin Kaepernick!
Oh, Nike!
Oh, so upset about what happened to this one guy that died.
Doesn't give a damn about the millions of black people aborted.
Doesn't give a damn about the fentanyl killing millions of Americans.
Doesn't give a damn
About the old people dying by the 50-something thousand with them shipping the people that had the COVID-19 in on purpose?
None of that matters!
Not real justice, but the media and CNN told me!
That was the right thing to do, but as soon as CNN started burning the articles up on InfoWars.com, you should share it.
Oh, suddenly their tune changed.
Let's show that color shot right here if we can.
Can we pull up that tweet?
Attacking CNN, Mexican flag, this riot is all over the place.
I assume there are signs for abolishing capitalism.
And again, nothing against Mexico.
I kind of like the fact that some Mexicans that are here don't want to be U.S.
citizens and love their country.
I wish Americans had that same type of fervor.
But what is Black Lives Matter?
It's a creation of Soros and the globalists.
They don't give a rat's ass about black lives.
Everybody's trying to get into America because they have a Christian ethos.
We have a lot of problems.
But the point is, why is everybody trying to get here if we're so bad?
No, it's a fraud.
It's a lie.
But I'm going to calm down now and come back to you on this live Saturday transmission that we're going to run right through.
Owen Troyer's down there with the armored vehicle covering all this.
People said, why did you get an armored vehicle?
Because I knew this was all coming this year.
I said, civil unrest, you name it.
I said, bioweapon attack and civil unrest and race war.
And we're on record.
I don't need to play that for you again.
You all heard me because I know the New World Order's toolbox.
And they're launching everything they've got.
Trump now has blasted Antifa and the radical left for coordinating nationwide riots.
We'll cover that.
The president's taken the gloves off.
He understands he couldn't get the establishment to be reasonable.
He understands he can't back down.
He understands what's really going on.
And so now it's on like Donkey Kong.
It's on now, folks.
You think you're going to have a boring 156 days?
This is the time that defines who we are to the future.
This is beyond epic right now.
And so I'll ask everybody watching us live or watching this as a tape, tell everyone you know, tune in in full wars.com forward slash show, band out video news wars.com forward slash show that URL doesn't get banned as much news wars.com forward slash show.
And that's the Paul Revere.
You don't have to ride through the night with British shooting at you.
Don't have to do all that.
You just gotta say, hey, there's live coverage of what's really going on, how the Communist Chinese agents are being arrested, and how Trump's going up against him, and how they're trying to storm the White House.
It's incredible.
And you won't get this on CNN.
It's commercial-free.
That's how we trump their New World Order.
Wow, this is footage in downtown Austin right now.
God, this is insane.
Live feeds coming in with people attacking the police.
And again, there are some good cops, there are some bad cops.
They're following the Constitution, they're an officer of the law, and other people.
But every footage I see, these are live feeds, is police being attacked.
So it's getting serious, folks.
And I see a bunch of white people.
I'm not about demonizing white people, but it's a bunch of leftist white people that believe this is the revolution.
They're the smart guys.
They're going to trick the black people.
That's in all the Soros documents.
Look, a bunch of fricking commie hippies, man.
And all the chicks that think they're sexy.
I mean, look at this.
These folks that are so upset about this dead black man and these Antifa are as white as a piece of Wonder Bread.
Bunch of...
A bunch of fat white people, man.
Look at these people.
Look, it's all a bunch of white people.
And they're all strutting around like they're the saviors.
None of these people ever worked a day in their life.
And the IQ is about 70 on average.
Oh, and all the liberals love Islamic love, women in burqas, gays thrown off buildings.
These are the anti-intellectuals, folks.
These are the scourge of the damn earth.
So I stand with the Bill of Rights and Constitution, and I stand with legal, authorized, sworn officers who are following the law.
The guy that did something wrong, his ass is going to prison!
That's called justice!
But again, nobody ever wants to talk about these statistics.
And I don't even crow about these, because these make me sad.
But the new Black Panther Party teaches this.
You know, black-on-white crime in the 40s was higher white-on-black, but it's not since then.
It's 10 to 1, folks.
10 to 1.
Because it's supposedly okay to attack whiting.
Everybody knows it's true because white people are known as wimps.
And I just want us all to live in peace like Martin Luther King said.
I really do.
And I didn't sign on with the Bill Gates program to kill everybody and depopulate folks because, you know, the real racists are the leftists.
People should know that.
All right, let's do this.
We're going to get Millie Weaver on.
I want to just air these in order.
CBS local report, no masks, no service.
That's the government going to use corporations to control you.
That's ahead of the Fort's inoculation.
That sign of submission is the next sign is that you've had the inoculation.
Minnesota governor says riots no longer about George Floyd.
That's the truth.
We'll look at Minnesota government's white supremacist fault that they're rioting.
That's amazing.
The shoot white folks clip.
The Somali cop, who we always forget about, killed a white lady.
I don't think we should burn down buildings because a Somali cop killed a white lady.
That guy was sent to prison, just like the other crazy white guy is going to be sent.
And CNN attack, 33 seconds.
We've got those reports.
And then I'm going to come back and hit the real espionage of the Chai Kams, the Globalists.
Again, I'm not just saying that.
It's like I'd say 16, 17 years ago, China owns Hollywood.
The CFR controls them.
They're going to take over.
It's going to be the Chinese century, malice youth brigades.
And man, they would, the right wing would laugh at me.
They'd go, Jones, what do you mean China?
And I'm like, I'm reading what the CFR says.
They talked to the establishment and it all came true.
It's not the poor Chinese people!
My God, they're the biggest victims of this!
Oh man, if we'd have kept Chiang Kai-shek in China, and turned that on as a big old free market system, I'd probably be living over there.
But instead, the commies took it over, folks, and now we gotta fight it.
Like, hey, if Hitler wouldn't have run Germany, I'm sure Germany would be in a great place, right?
It never came out of what Hitler did.
The authoritarianism always stayed there now under a leftist thing.
It's like Venezuela used to be richer than the U.S.
It's a cesspit.
You'll never fix it.
And if we go down, we're never going to get fixed, folks.
I'm telling you.
This is, this is, this is bad.
And so we're live on the Saturday transmission.
And we've got Owen Schroer down there with the armored vehicle and the drones and the crew and Savannah Hernandez.
And those feeds are up on InfoWars.com.
But just remember,
Only way we reach more people and get around big tech censorship, everything that happened, that was set up ahead of this happening.
They had to silence us before this happened, but they didn't.
We built Bandot Video.
You took action.
We're on all these radio and TV stations.
And so when you take it serious, that it's your job to understand that they don't want people to see the truth and get in a real paradigm of what's happening.
They need the race war.
They need the collapse.
They need to say Trump's a traitor.
They need to not let you know that China is at war with the U.S.
But because of you,
I salute you all.
I salute you.
I salute you.
I salute you.
It's just not enough to say I salute you.
Think about the position we're in.
Ragtag, wounded, bleeding, but man and way stronger than ever because of you!
It's like in V for Vendetta.
You guys can find that if you can't.
It's like the scene we played about a month ago about releasing a bioweapon and V is talking to the police detective.
V talked to the police detective.
And he goes, why did you do this before?
And he goes, I was waiting for you, Inspector.
I was waiting for you.
What do you think?
You think I've been trying to like just sit here?
I'm trying to finally get people to know what's going on here.
I was waiting for you!
And you show up now as listeners and viewers that are activists and you thank me?
You understand that the globalists hated Russia because it was Christian and wanted to gang rape it, and they did.
The New World Order hates us even more, folks.
They are going to hurt you so bad.
They're going to hurt me so bad.
If they get the next phase, if they win, we have to go to total war.
That's not tough guy talk.
It's what's going to have to happen.
And if that's the way the duck walks, the way it quacks, that's the way the cookie crumbles, so be it.
But none of you that shoot your mouths off about violence are going to deliver in the crucible, in the crunch time, if you hadn't fought hard now.
Because it takes preparation and research to know who the enemy is.
It takes networks.
It takes true inculcation into reality.
Because the New World Order will play us off against each other in a civil war, and we'll act like idiots.
We have to know it's the globalists.
We have to know who the enemy is.
We have to understand that if we go to blows, it has to be targeted decapitation.
Have any of you ever even thought about that?
Well, Trump just decapitated the UN main tyranny, the WHO.
And he's now arresting the Chinese agents.
He's delivered.
Are we going to deliver?
Before it's too late?
That's a question you've got to ask yourself right now.
This isn't a freaking game, folks.
It's not up here for hyperbole.
This isn't like all the BS stuff about White Hats and Q and imaginary Puff the Magic Dragon stuff.
And I'm not attacking folks that are into that.
I'm just saying, this is real!
And you can't count some magic group out there.
You know, Q tells you don't go out and protest.
And maybe Q's great.
We got Billy Weaver coming on about it.
But Trump just said he wants demonstrators at the White House for America, for Trump.
I'm thinking about going on a plane tomorrow morning.
So, so, so, some groups say don't do anything, don't be involved, it's all handled by magic folks.
You heard the president tweet today, come to DC, surround the White House, protect the White House.
Are you going to respond to that?
Trump fires the bat signal.
Are you going to believe the Orange Man?
Or 8chan?
I'm going with Orange Man.
Not 8chan.
And I'm not at war with all that.
There's some good people and good research.
My point is, is that we understand what's really going on here, folks.
We're fighting the new world order.
And we're not backing down.
And people need to understand how real this time is.
My God, how huge is that?
In fact, pull those tweets up.
I forgot to get to that.
Trump calls for protesters to surround and protect the White House.
Got people trying to break in, trying to kill everybody.
I mean, it's on, folks.
And notice there's not some magic black helicopters lowering troops down to protect it.
Trump needs that image of the people out there, too, when the communists send their throng like the Bastille for the French Revolution, and no one's there.
They're the globalists.
They're the French Revolution.
They're the people trying to overthrow our elected leader.
It's actually trying to give the people cake, and he says, come help me!
I need you!
You're powerful!
You're important!
Don't help the president, trust the plan.
Well, I know the plan.
It's called God versus the devil.
I'm gonna follow the real plan.
Nothing esoteric, but what's written in stone on our hearts.
And written in blood.
Let's go to these reports, then we'll come back with Billy Weaver.
Stay with us.
Tomorrow's news today.
No mask, no service.
That's the executive order today from Governor Cuomo for local businesses who are dealing with some people refusing to cover their faces.
CBS 2's Christina Fan has this.
Screaming and yelling, Trump doesn't wear a mask, neither do I.
Todd Mendiola was riding the M42 Tuesday when an argument erupted over face masks.
He said the bus driver asked a passenger to put one on, and that's when the man started making a scene.
That's when he got really agitated and just started yelling really loudly, it's my American right to not have to wear a mask, there's no law.
To wear or not wear has sparked a polarizing debate.
Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation's leading infectious disease specialist, said on Wednesday that wearing a mask shows a sign of respect for anyone around you.
But as warmer weather brings people outside, believers and skeptics prepare to clash.
I do just try to keep my distance and stay away from those who don't wear masks.
If you want to wear a mask, wear it.
If you don't, you just don't.
I think it's your personal preference.
Governor Cuomo, concerned by the number of unmasked New Yorkers, brought in Brooklyn natives Chris Rock and Rosie Perez Thursday to convince people to take CDC recommendations seriously.
He also signed an executive order giving store owners the power to refuse customers who don't wear one.
Everyone needs to get on board.
Everyone, put your arrogance aside, put your ego aside, you know, and come together.
In New Jersey, face masks are already required inside essential businesses, but Governor Murphy mentioned another problem seen more frequently.
It's called mask droop syndrome, where people leave their noses uncovered.
You got to do the whole shoot match here.
You got to make sure it's over the nose and it comes in under your chin.
It's really not about saving yourself.
Those who wear masks agree they are doing it to save others.
Christina Phan, CBS2 News.
Last night is a mockery of pretending this is about George Floyd's death or inequities or historical traumas to our communities of color.
Because our communities of color and our indigenous communities were out front fighting hand-in-hand to save businesses that took generations to build.
Infrastructure and
Non-profits that have served a struggling community were torn down and burned by people with no regard for what went into that.
So let's be very clear.
The situation in Minneapolis is no longer, in any way, about the murder of George Floyd.
It is about attacking civil society, instilling fear, and disrupting our great cities.
A couple of nights ago, some white supremacists
have come to Minnesota and are causing some of the destruction.
Can you address, are there white supremacists causing destruction in the city?
Yeah, well the unconfirmed reports, and again we're trying to get that, but we've got intel from all the different agencies.
Of course, this is where the federal government helps us with some of this.
I certainly can't confirm personally on this.
My suspicions and what I've seen on this, yes.
It gets worse than that.
The cartels who are wondering if there was a break in there,
Their drug transmissions are trying to take advantage of the the the chaos that's there, too That's what this situation is on a federal level.
You're seeing it highly coordinated across the country So that will happen and I think this is the conversation we're having with the president that we're having together here To be very clear with Minnesotans in the dangerous situation of those who are going to legitimately grieve George Floyd's death are going to gather here It is a highly volatile situation and these folks who want to do this
Blend in.
And when you look at those pictures as you see at night, oh, it looks like they're just strolling and eight o'clock's coming and we'll see if they go home.
They didn't come to stroll.
They didn't come to go home.
They came and I think asking where the guard is, how they're responding.
Think about a rule of engagement in a civilized society where these people have no rules.
Their one goal is that destruction or to hurt or to entice those folks to come in.
And our folks are the professionals that that is not our intention.
Our intention is to restore.
We want them to do nothing more than go home.
We don't want them arrested.
We don't want to try and have violence on the street, but that's who they are.
So I don't know if John can speak anymore on unconfirmed reports, but I think it's very clear by now when you have a situation.
Like this across the country, elements that want to do that are certainly gathering.
And then they are professionals on some of it.
Like John said, we're seeing evidence of a pretty sophisticated attempt to cause problems.
CNN promotes rioting and everything, and the geniuses that buy into the propaganda attack their mommy.
You gotta love it.
I'm not calling for attacking it, but they kept saying Trump would attack the media.
And now the mob that CNN's helped create is attacking.
Recently, Linda Gates wore an upside down cross pendant on an interview for television.
Make everybody take COVID-19 vaccine.
And I think that's outrageous.
I can't believe she wore an upside down cross pendant on the TV.
Hey, you gotta snopes that, man.
That's probably fake news.
Okay, let's see what we got here.
All right, here's Snopes.
All right, here's Snopes.
Did Melinda Gates wear an upside-down cross?
Critics claim the billionaire philanthropist purposely donned the symbol in an interview about a COVID-19 pandemic.
Well, let's see what Snopes has to say.
Scroll up.
There you go.
Oh, boy.
All right, here we go with the claim.
The claim is that Melinda Gates wore an upside-down cross in a broadcast in May 2020 to denounce Christianity.
That's the claim.
I heard it.
They say it's mostly false.
They say it's mostly false.
What's true?
Based on our examination of the videos in question, Melinda Gates did wear a necklace with a pendant in the shape of a cross in the interview.
So they admit it!
They admit it!
What's false?
According to the Church of Satan, an upside-down or inverted cross is not an official symbol of loyalty.
You know what this means?
Melinda Gates is so scary, not even the Church of Satan wants to claim her.
That ought to make you think a little bit.
Notice, Snopes doesn't even show you a picture of the pendant.
Why would they need to show the source of the claim?
Let's go to that video now.
What keeps me up at night are the families and the women I've met in Africa.
How would you grade this administration's response to the coronavirus?
A D minus?
You know, we need leadership at the national level.
Far more is needed for a vaccine.
We are on this issue every single day.
There's a huge need at the global level to make sure we're funding well a vaccine.
You're not going to be able to get this economy back going and on cycle and you're going to keep seeing more and more and more of this disease spreading over time.
And that's why this data is so important.
We have to collect it.
Even in the United States, we have to collect.
We should be putting far more money into testing and tracing, having health workers who can go out and trace contacts, and then money to where we can quarantine in the United States.
Bill and I are on this.
Due to low resolution of the video footage and lack of explanation against itself, it cannot be proven whether the cross had four equal arms or one arm longer than the other.
If the latter is also true, it is true also unknown whether the cross was intentionally or unintentionally flipped as I sat down.
So, we had to believe that explanation from Snopes!
I didn't say you had to blame me.
Somebody said you got out of Snopes and stuff, so I just brought that up.
You're right.
We are on this issue every single day.
Melinda Gates is a bad person who wants to see you suffer before she kills you.
I don't want to interrupt, then I'm leaving.
You've been doing great, Owen.
You're going to finish up with these calls within Gregory's.
And, of course, Harris and Smith are going to take another hour of calls.
The crew's volunteered to do it.
So we're here live covering this, hoping everything de-escalates.
So the live coverage continues.
Everybody spread those links.
The Globals are hacking us, trying to shut this down.
Don't let them win.
No BS.
Let me tell you, everything's straight shooting here.
See, I don't have some Machiavelli manipulative view.
With me, it's all straightforward attack.
That's the real power!
Don't act so surprised, Globalist.
You didn't think you could silence the American people, did you?
Join Bandot Video, and I will complete your training.
Together, we can overthrow the Emperor and restore the Republic.
All right, joining us, and I really appreciate her doing it on short notice today, is Millennium Millie, Millie Weaver and her crew do a great job reporting all over the country.
And she has got just so much to get into with Trump coming out against Internet censorship, against Communist China, rounding up the Communist Chinese agents.
I mean, this is getting almost no coverage.
And then just like this, the riots all over the country and the media ignoring the police officer has been arrested.
Millie, thank you for joining us on this.
Live Saturday transmission out of the gates.
You've got the floor.
You've got a lot of great sources, too.
What's really going on?
This seems like a very momentous occasion in America, really in the midst of a civil war.
Well, what I see going on here, according to my sources, is that there is an IIA briefing going on.
There's internet activity going on where we see contracted corporations that are working for the intelligence company.
Millie, we're going to do this.
You've been on the line 10 minutes, crystal clear.
And now as soon as we went to you, talking about conspiracy, it totally cut out.
Let's reconnect with her.
I'm going to come right back to Millie Weaver.
That is not a cliffhanger.
We want to hear from her.
Crystal clear.
Now it's messed up.
We're going to reconnect.
I've been on air an hour and 13 minutes and I have not plugged yet.
We are running the biggest sale of the year for the last two weeks.
And I just said, you know what?
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I don't
Much bigger job, a much bigger job, not a better job, a bigger job.
But because of all the attacks, it's okay, we're still here.
And it's been a total thumb in their eye, fly on the ointment, it's totally pissed the globalists off.
They cannot stand the fact that we're still on air.
They cannot stand the fact that millions of people visit Band.Video every day or InfoWars.com.
They cannot stand the fact that you still exist.
And it is a beautiful, beautiful, beautiful thing.
So thank you all for your support, and we salute you.
Your word of mouth,
Your prayers, your financial support, getting great products at the same time.
OK, we do have her.
We have audio.
I see her crystal clear right there.
So we are going to go to her.
We've had a guest on who was a male nurse, 20 something years, and then his Skype banned him.
Saying that it was unauthorized activity.
So now the device level censorship's gotten crazy.
A lot of times it's a quirk of ours, whatever.
Millie, you're back.
How big is what's happening right now?
What is your intel?
Trump arresting the Chinese spies, going after tech censorship.
He's really proven he's the real deal.
I mean, that's my view.
What's your view?
So again, it's okay.
It's how the internet works.
We're live on Saturday.
Got a skeleton crew.
We're figuring it out.
And I'm not mad about it.
I'm actually really cool about it all.
I just, she was like crystal clear for 10 minutes before I went to her.
Then it goes, you saw her.
You couldn't hear what she was saying.
We got her back.
We're going to keep working.
I love it.
It's fun.
Let's go ahead and cover some of this right now, because I've been mentioning this.
I've been, I've been talking about this and
Again, if you're a globalist, you want to bring down a free country that is the dominant force on the planet, that was only 200 years old or less, you set up an authoritarian country with an amazing people under its control, the Chinese, smart, hard-working folks, and you use that to leverage and take over, and you set up trade deals that are one-sided, so you are in a position of total power.
And that's what they have been able to do.
And now as this one-sidedness comes out, and now as China says they own the world and control everything, as the backlash starts, it's not just the American people that have a chance at a better future.
We have been wimps and candy asses living under freedom for so long.
China and the people there have been under hell on earth.
And so I'm just so excited from the bottom of my heart to be in a position to try to see that change because the Communist Party can only be propped up by one side of trade deals.
The globalists can only be propped up with systems like that.
And as it all begins to come to a head, the globalists just don't know what to do.
You know, there's an amazing report.
And when I say amazing, people forget that Bill Gates wants to control the sun and control the weather.
But that he's on record saying all of that.
And that he's involved in weather manipulation and he's involved in gut flora and autism research and knows everything he's doing.
The vaccines are causing the autism, causing the gut flora problems.
So here's a special report while we get Millie on.
Why does Bill Gates want to block out the sun?
Why does Bill Gates want to block out
The sun, and we are a live Saturday transmission.
We have our crew, Owen Schroer, Savannah Hernandez, and the armored vehicle.
Knowing this is all coming up, just bought it like eight months ago.
They are downtown right now, covering the lockdown of I-35.
We got our own feeds up on InfoWars.com, but we're gonna go ahead and go to this report.
Why does Bill Gates want to control every aspect of life?
Here's that report.
Can Microsoft founder Bill Gates control the weather?
When you hear the name Bill Gates, you probably think Microsoft founder.
But now the billionaire may be known as the Hurricane Tamer.
Gates is listed as one of 13 inventors on a patent filed for hurricane prevention methods.
So, while the idea of controlling the weather might sound like science fiction, because billionaire Bill Gates is involved, it's a Category 5 idea that some can only hope comes true.
Now comes Bill Gates, like the comic book character The Weather Wizard.
Gates and a team of scientists have an ingenious plan.
Bill Gates is among a dozen individual donors and 14 foundations backing the first stratospheric solar geoengineering experiment out of Harvard.
It's called Stratospheric Controlled Perturbation Experiment.
There is a line of research on what's called geoengineering, which are various techniques that would delay the heating to buy us 20 or 30 years to get our act together.
Why does Bill Gates and his foundation want to control the world's weather?
On December 5th, 2018, Forbes published an article titled, Harvard Scientists Begin Experiments to Block Out the Sun.
Our author Trevor Nace explains that, quote, a group of Harvard scientists plans to tackle climate change through geoengineering by blocking out the sun.
With funding in part by Bill Gates and his foundation, the project is designed to spray tiny particles into the stratosphere that block out the sun, reflecting its light back into space.
In addition, on July 25th, 2019, the Council on Foreign Relations published an article titled, The World May Need Geoengineering, and Geoengineering Needs Governance, where the globalist think tank stated, quote, Injecting particulate matter into the lower stratosphere could help cool the planet by reflecting sunlight into space.
Such measures are not panaceas.
And a deluge of ethical and practical questions cries out for governance.
This same sentiment is repeated at the end of the piece, claiming, quote, Failing to study and develop geoengineering techniques would be irresponsible.
Failing to govern them properly would be even more so.
On September 20th, 2017, Bill Gates asked former President Obama about the need for global government to help bring his foundation's vision to life, concerning both global pandemics and his sun-blocking weather modification.
Over the next 10 or 20 years, do you think these global institutions, in terms of reform or creating new ones, for pandemics and climate change, can they step up to play the role we need them to play?
We're good to go!
The upside-down cross is symbolic of the inversion of everything Christ stood and died for, meaning an anti-Judeo-Christian theology that purports Jesus to be an evil entity, while Satan is the true Son of God, according to the inversion.
Although Satanists and Luciferians refuse to lay claim to this symbol, esoteric circles within these groups know it to be true.
And even the basic principles of symbology and the meaning of symbols would suggest that yes, an upside down symbol represents an inversion of what the original symbol stood for right side up.
The ruby has historically been associated with the sun, and is said to conquer darkness.
Some ancient cultures believed that rubies, as well as other gemstones, grew on trees, just like fruit.
The rubies would begin budding as small white gems, and would slowly grow and ripen, turning red in the light of the sun.
When the ruby was saturated with red color, it was ready to be plucked.
So a ring of rubies represents a complete sun.
And the pairing of the ruby sun with an upside-down cross would symbolically mean the inversion of Christian values, as well as the inversion of the sun's purpose to give light to the world.
Similar to how Christ is described as the light of the world in the New Testament.
In other words, her symbol conveys the darkening of the light-giving sun, or sun death.
So in conclusion, it seems the meaning of the symbol on Melinda's necklace charm is synonymous with the Gates Foundation's plan to prevent sunlight from reaching the Earth.
How could the Gates Foundation find blocking out the sun to be a good idea without fully understanding the unintended consequences of adding sulfur and other chemicals to the atmosphere?
And why is Melinda Gates signaling her and her husband's plan to the world on NBC's Today Show?
Perhaps they got their idea to brazenly broadcast their sun death intentions to the world from the fictional Simpsons character Montgomery Burns.
Since the beginning of time, man has yearned to destroy the sun.
I will do the next best thing.
Block it out.
Good God!
This is Brian Wilson with InfoWars.com.
All right.
For whatever happened, Millie Weaver is amazing.
We can't get her Skype paired up with ours.
It just didn't work.
Maybe she'll be back with me tomorrow on the Sunday Show, 4 to 6 p.m., but we'll see what happens.
So they're trying to get her hooked up.
I go in there in my office, get a cup of coffee.
I'm walking back.
I see the armored vehicle that we bought only like six, eight months ago.
As I said, I feel like this is going to be riots and breakdown of society.
I told listeners, I said, we rented this truck.
I was going to go to a Dallas Trump event like eight, nine months ago.
And they go, we got a suburban or an armored vehicle.
They're both the same price.
What do you want?
I'm like, well, I want to be low key.
Give me a suburban.
Then my security guy goes, this thing has a turret on the top.
You can pop up at the top of it.
And it'll be great.
So we did it and it got a huge coverage and paid for itself with just a couple of events, you know, in the amount of clicks and products sold, which our mission isn't to sell products, but we got to sell the products to stay on air.
Just like gas in your tank.
It's kind of like my mission isn't to put gas in my tank, but I want to get someplace.
You know what I mean?
So the crew got down there, they covered it and they attacked the vehicle.
We've got the footage coming up next segment.
So, that's coming up next segment.
Again, we're up here doing a live Saturday show with a very small crew.
They're doing a great job.
So, point is, is I'm out here and I see the truck getting pulled in.
And I'm like, why are they back?
Why aren't they covering the demonstration and the shutdown of I-35?
These peaceful people that if they see a white person, they attack.
And by the way, I'm not patronizing black people.
We didn't see hardly any black people down there.
I've seen the footage.
It's a bunch of weird, fat hippies.
And what's weird is they'll walk up and go, you're an effing white male.
Remember that famous footage to Owen?
And it's white dudes to him like, shut up, white person!
And you're like, but you're white.
What the hell is this?
It's an attempt
By the universities and others to use minorities as the trigger for the communist civil war.
And I just can't state again to all of you how epic these moments are.
I mean, we're at war with communist China set up by the globalists.
This is all complete insanity that's unfolding right now.
So the crew put together a little compilation of the rioting going on in Austin and other areas and we're going to come back and I'll have the raw footage for you of
The armored vehicle, I told you, I said, we bought this because we think this will be a crazy election year.
We're going to need this to go in and cover things.
And now I was in a discussion two months ago, three months ago, should we buy another armored vehicle?
Even though we don't have really have the money for that, just to get to events.
Because I'm not going to be like Tropic Thunder and put blackface on so the left, white people don't attack me.
Because again, it's not black people doing this.
It's weird, pot-bellied, weird, commie white dudes go, it's white people!
Kill them!
And you're like, what the hell?
I mean, this is what it's like, folks.
This is the revolution of the globalists.
This is what's going on.
This is insane.
So here's this special report.
on all this and we'll come back with the footage of the uh Gurkha is what it's called an armored vehicle everybody's mad at me it's made in Canada they don't make these in the U.S.
here it is
This whole area here, this whole city block here has been a hot spot all day.
They're starting to throw Molotov cocktails.
It is so hot.
I can't breathe!
Please leave me!
I can't breathe!
I can't breathe!
There are allegations that some of the people who started some of the break-ins, leaving businesses, were folks outside agitators.
We've been hearing people all over social media right now.
Any leads on that?
We continue to follow that information at Intel.
I'm keeping the mayor briefed on that as we speak.
I will just say that it was clear to me and also hearing from our local community leaders that many of the people that were involved in the criminal conduct last night were not known Minneapolis to them.
And so yes, there were certainly people who were involved in activities last night that were certainly not recognized as being here from the city.
This is for everybody out there that's trying to use their brains, okay?
Before it actually became a riot, the media was calling it a riot.
You find that there are hundreds of people that are being arrested that have been bused into Minnesota.
They don't even live there.
The police commissioner actually said it.
The mayor will tell you he don't care.
You have 400 years of slavery.
Go ahead and destroy everything going on around here.
But let me tell you why he's saying that.
Oh, these f****** rules are devils.
He's saying that because you're not riding on his block where his house is.
That's why.
I ain't got part of that.
Those cops will come for you if you're pulling off the crap.
This guy just came with a hammer and smashed the window.
I'm going to fight you right now.
You want to go?
What's up?
Somebody hold my balloon.
Somebody hold my balloon.
I'ma keep it real.
Hey, hey, hey!
Are you a f***ing cop?
What's up?
What's up?
What's up?
What's up?
We're good to go.
My name is Anthony.
There are people riding around with motorcycles.
They are police instigators.
I rode with them last night.
They tried to get me to break into the Mall of America.
They wanted me to break into... What?
There's a group of motorcycles riding... I'm not even joking.
Yep, okay.
Tell me what's going on.
Listen, listen, listen.
I'm on a Ninja 300.
I kept up with a bunch of Yamaha 650s last night, okay?
They wanted me to break into the Mall of America.
I'm Tony Cordes Eklund, Anthony Ocean Cordes Eklund, here tonight.
It sounds like some crazy s**t. I've been here since the first night, okay?
I'm from here.
I'm sad my target's burned down.
Where am I gonna shop?
Where am I gonna get my groceries?
Alright, we've got incredibly important information to cover on this live Saturday emergency transmission.
But while we're about to cover what happened to our crew being attacked, Savannah Hernandez being attacked, Owen Shorter being attacked, the armored vehicle being attacked,
And I-35 still shut down in just total hysteria in Central Texas.
And federal officers, security guards gunned down at federal buildings.
The media is celebrating.
They deserve it.
Just standing in front of buildings to dying.
Before we get into all that, remember Trump has announced we're at war with China.
Economic war they've taken over.
He's kicked out the Chinese spies.
He's pulling us out of the WHO that staged the whole COVID-19 attack on the U.S.
with Bill and Melinda Gates.
So if you ever had questions about Trump,
They're gone.
He's the real frickin' McCoy, 110%, but it's a daylight and a dollar sword.
156 days out from the election.
So, Tim, he is here with us, with our security, was there witnessing it.
Owen Schroer is here, went down there, got attacked.
I was here 20 minutes ago during a break, like, where's the armored vehicle back?
Well, we've got the footage of that, we'll show you in a minute.
Owen Schroer, tell folks what just happened in downtown Austin.
That is a scene of a bunch of weird pot-bellied white people running around trying to lead brown folks in.
I've seen the footage.
I mean, you were there.
So basically, you know, obviously these protesters, or riders, disruptors, whatever you want to call them, have been out there probably for about three or four hours now, and they decided, we pulled up, we probably weren't even downtown for maybe but five minutes, and we just pulled up in the truck, we weren't even looking, we were just kind of trying to scope the scene, and they ID'd us, they marched towards the truck, and immediately started engaging in physical violence.
And we've got this footage in some TV stations, we don't have time to
Leap this out so if it's cussing you're going to have to hear it.
That's Infowars!
And I was just amazed at how vitriolic they got immediately.
Because I was not even, if you listen to the footage, I'm on the PA saying, hey we're all Americans, we're all in this together, we just launched a rocket to space today, let's be celebrating, we're all in this together.
I was trying to be uniting, I wasn't attacking them, I wasn't trying to belittle them.
Oh wow, so Falcon Heavy was successful.
Yeah, yeah.
Wow, I didn't even hear about that.
Exactly, exactly.
I didn't even know that happened.
And so I'm sitting here too, like, you know, 30 years ago Americans on a beautiful Saturday like today in an afternoon would be sitting at home.
Sitting back, barbecuing.
Barbecue, watching the rocket go to space, waving flags, you know, hitting chimes and stuff, celebrating.
No, today we're out burning down cities.
And this is all what the left and the media has done.
But Alex, here's what's amazing too.
These people have... I mean, nobody is stopping them at all.
They're ripping street signs out of the ground.
They tried to impale us.
Literally, they tried to impale us with the poles from street signs.
They put street signs under the vehicle to try to stop us from moving.
I see that right there.
They had hammers that they almost got through the impenetrable glass.
They became probably a centimeter from just banging on it with a hammer for five minutes.
And there's just no checks and balances here.
There's no police presence or anything.
This is a rioting mob that is just out to cause destruction.
And again, I had a message of, hey, let's come together.
Let's be happy.
We just launched a rocket into space.
But you ran into a bunch of communists.
Tim, what's your view on this?
Yeah, what was surprising to me is if you watch right here, these guys, these are not peaceful protesters.
These are rioters, okay?
And they came prepared.
They had hammers, they had metal bars that they could use to throw underneath tires to block vehicles in, and that's exactly what they did.
And they sat there, they blocked the vehicle in, and then at that point, they began attacking from the sides.
And as Owen said- With deadly weapons!
Yes, absolutely.
So they had metal rods, they had hammers, and they were literally trying to breach the glass, hitting on it as hard as they could, trying to open the doors, trying to get us out of the vehicle.
They were literally javelin throwing, like spears, street signs at us that they had torn apart.
But you remember when we finally got the vehicle, I said, I feel like this year is going to be so great.
You predicted it.
I did.
I did.
I said before the end of the year we'll probably get some Molotov cocktails and things like that thrown at it and today they hit us with pretty much everything just short of a Molotov cocktail.
You know Alex, I gotta tell you though, it's weird experiencing this because even though this like really breaks my heart to see this happening in America,
They predicted it.
There's such a level of calm to my soul right now.
I guess it's vindication.
I'm not happy that this is going on, but it's just like, Alex, it's like, what else can we do?
I have no qualms going to bed at night knowing that I've done everything I possibly could have.
You were right.
And so were you, Alex.
We didn't want to predict all this.
Of course not, but that's what I'm saying.
I basically, when I'm watching this happen, I have no qualms, I have no guilt.
Well, I watched the footage Savannah shot, and that's why we had to get out of there.
They're like, the police are doing nothing, they're throwing bricks at them.
They're not even there!
And the cops were taking it!
We saw zero police officers during our incident.
Like, there wasn't a single police officer.
You weren't there.
The footage up on the road, they're like attacking the police with rocks, they just take it!
And I'm gonna make a prediction right now.
So since when do police, I guess it's not about kissing police's ass, since when does anybody gotta take assault?
Well, exactly.
And I think Owen made a good point on that, that if they don't get this situation under control, and I'll let Owen comment on that, but I think it's important that APD, Chief Manley, and the mayor get this situation under control now before nighttime.
If you wait until night, Owen, what's your view on that?
It's a time bomb.
If they don't start making hundreds of arrests immediately, there's going to be massive rioting and looting in Austin.
They're probably going to burn.
You know, it'll be interesting because kind of the main hub of activity is what we call Dirty Six.
There's Sixth Street here in Austin.
Folks, keep rolling that footage of the truck getting attacked.
And that's right where they're going to go.
I mean, you're going to have Communist Democrat rioters out in Austin, Texas.
Look how much they hang in for.
Burning and looting.
Unless hundreds of arrests happen immediately.
All of these people should be arrested.
I mean- And look, they see the- start over in a minute, but look at the- they see the American flag, it's like piranhas.
Oh yeah, they try to spray paint over it.
Start over.
If there are not hundreds of arrests of all of these violent Democrat rioters immediately, tonight in Austin, Texas is going to look like Minnesota and Oakland and LA and Atlanta and all the other places.
And I really don't understand the lack of response.
I don't understand how you can allow this to happen in a
I mean, we claim we're a first world country, really?
This looks like a third world communist hellhole that I'm seeing right here.
But we foresaw this was coming.
We didn't want this, but we knew it was happening.
Because we knew to go and cover something in 2020, we're going to need a tank.
And that's pretty much what it takes now, and I never thought I would see that day in our country where the media can't even safely cover an event in our country.
CNN's being burned down?
Yeah, yeah.
It's unbelievable.
Yeah, roll that footage of CNN, folks.
I mean, they set fires in CNN.
And what's baffling to me is that these mayors of these cities think the answer is to restrain their police and have their police abandon their posts, that that somehow is going to calm things down.
As soon as everybody saw the police run two days ago in Minnesota?
It was a free fall around the country.
You cannot do that.
And see, these people don't understand that the only reason they feel so robbed in life is not because of... There were people casing my house today.
I saw them.
They're probably getting ready to, you know, they went to Tucker Carlson's house.
They're probably getting ready to.
They ain't gonna be Tucker Carlson's house is my house.
But I'm saying, you know, they're...
Here's my problem.
If these people were real political protesters, they would actually have some message or they'd have some goal.
They don't know what they want.
People just got a list of people.
They're just sending orders out to like felons.
Well, they wouldn't be walking around with weapons specifically designed to damage property, which is hammers, metal rods, all these things that this crowd was literally carrying in their hands.
It's the statecraft of them.
That's exactly right, and I honestly believe the only reason they haven't gone full-blown on downtown yet is because the sun is still up.
Like you said, it's a test.
That's exactly what it is.
So you're predicting in hours, what, four hours, the sun sets?
If Mayor Adler and Chief Manley don't start taking this serious and get their police out there to make arrests for whatever criminal activity they see, tonight is going to be that.
Instead, the police department yesterday was endorsing this.
Right, this is absolutely unbelievable.
So what do you predict is going to happen?
I think it's going to be a rough night unless APD starts mobilizing.
And I think a few innocent people will get killed.
That's on the mayor.
That's exactly right.
It's on the mayor and it's on the chief.
Happened in Oakland.
People got killed.
And a police officer too.
That's exactly right.
But nobody seems to want to report on that.
Well, they just shot the federal security guards.
I mean, it's like, well, they're cops, you know.
The black guy gets killed.
That's terrible, which it is terrible.
But now, oh, the cops die.
Well, you know.
No, they deserve it, even though it's in a completely different city.
But seeing them, black lives matter.
They shot all those cops in Dallas.
Well, you know, you're bad, I think.
I predict that by 10 p.m.
tonight, buildings are going to be on fire in Austin, Texas, if there aren't arrests made.
I don't think there's any.
That's 100% bad.
Cars are burning for sure.
And it's sad because, again, it's going to be an interesting... By the way, I watched this footage.
Now I know why you guys were like, should we get out of here?
I'm like, yeah, get out of there.
This is horrible.
It's going to be an interesting situation.
There's going to be a congregation tonight in downtown Austin, a violent Democrat protest.
By the way, have you noticed, though, like Minnesota, it's almost all black.
This is almost all white.
And the sad fact is this, right?
The people that were going around, and I made Facebook posts about this over three weeks ago when we started seeing City Hall being vandalized, all the spray paint, and there was zero, it was all communist stuff, and there was zero response from Matt Adler, there was zero response from the chief.
That was a probe!
That's exactly right.
And now, these communists, they're not going to be outdone by these other cities.
The communists in this city, they're not going to be outdone.
They've got cans of gasoline right now.
That's exactly right.
I'm just appalled that there isn't some sort of leadership in this city.
I agree, but I'll just be honest.
I said this to crew and some of you guys have been refusing.
We only just pulled back tonight.
We don't need to be involved in this to get one of our people shot because they're looking for us.
They know who we are.
Well, Owen and I had that conversation and we said, if we go back out here, it's probably likely that we'll have to use force to defend our lives.
That's the point it's gotten to.
I'm not Mr. Tough Guy, but you're hammering my car.
I've got a problem.
I mean, and they're lucky.
I mean, let's be perfectly honest, Tim.
I mean, they're lucky they were dealing with cool-headed individuals in our vehicle today.
Other people would have run off.
Oh, yeah.
Would have run them over.
Would have, you know, done anything.
They're very lucky.
We were just sitting there like, all right, let's, okay, what are they doing now?
Okay, all right, we got this window has a problem.
Okay, you know what?
Let's move forward.
Hey, you want to... This is Charlottesville on PCP.
There's Savannah.
Is this a live feed right now?
I mean, I tell you, I hope she's not out there again.
Oh, no, that's from earlier.
Yeah, that's from earlier.
Savannah's got big huevos.
I think you got to get out of there.
I'm going back down there.
I tried to stop her.
She wouldn't.
I couldn't.
I don't think anything could stop her at this point.
But you know, I mean, how dare an American want to stop their cities from being burnt to the ground?
I mean, you know, like I was talking to another one... The cop's been arrested and indicted!
Within four days!
That never happens!
That literally never happens!
That's unheard of!
There's a process!
And they basically went the whole thing!
And by the way, you know, there's still some stuff that needs to be talked about with George Floyd.
Should he have died?
Maybe not.
But you know what?
He was on drugs.
The autopsy said that he actually died basically from an overdose and not asphyxiation.
But it's like that doesn't even matter.
Now again, I mean, you look at that with a cop on a guy's neck for nine minutes, that's never going to look good, especially when the guy dies.
But none of these details matter because this was all organized from the beginning, folks, and this is what's so frustrating, but it's also weirdly calming to me because we knew it.
They picked this event and they ran with it.
They could have picked Mike Ramos a month ago.
They didn't do it.
They had their fake pandemic going.
The fake pandemic didn't work.
It didn't work.
It didn't stick to Trump.
It didn't get whatever they wanted accomplished.
And so now they've moved on to their race riots.
They've now moved on to their Democrat riots.
And notice how pathetic the media is going to be.
Remember, a week ago, what did the media say?
Stay inside.
Social distance.
Wear your mask.
Oh, second spread inevitable.
Where's Bill Gates commenting on these riots?
Bill Gates said pandemic two is going to kill even more of us.
Pandemic two is coming.
Second wave is coming.
Where's the wave?
Where's the spread?
We've got mobs of rioters out here, yelling, screaming, touching each other, throwing things, but no spread.
So in a weird kind of ironic way, the Democrat riots have actually exposed the Democrat fake pandemic.
But it won't even matter.
The media won't call it out.
The media won't make that connection.
And they'll just continue to hype all this up and then more people are going to go out.
But you know, Tim, I am afraid of
What you said earlier, there is kind of like this competitive nature, I think, to some of these groups.
And it's like, oh, you saw what they did in Oakland.
We have to do it even bigger here.
That's exactly right.
Or at least we have to get that same kind of footage so that our organization, the money and the donations and everything pulls in to support our cause.
And really, if you look at...
Right, and if you look at that, it's a playbook straight out of Guerrilla Warfare, right?
The more attacks guerrillas launch, the more money they get from their state sponsors, right?
So that's exactly what's going on here, except the sponsors are these big private individuals, right, that donate to their causes.
I want to get back to that, but what Owen was just saying while I was taking a piss is absolutely critical.
And I'm just going to say it's that tough, folks, just being real here with everybody.
We're live commercial free here on this Saturday night.
Their Russiagate failed, their Ukrainegate failed, which was about saying all of us that were pro-America were traitors.
That all imploded when they're the CHICOM double agent traitors.
Trump is literally arresting people.
And by the way, they're not just arresting people.
I mean, the right thing's going on right now.
The default's been punched.
So we're at war right now, and everybody has to understand that
When you look
First, it's Russiagate.
Now, it's UkraineGrate.
Now, that failed.
Now, their whole COVID thing is... I talked to... I don't just say this.
I am neurotic.
My children are like, please.
I was in a store.
I was in a gas station.
I was in Target.
I talked to everyone.
I told them it's a... They said, yes, it's a hoax.
I got 90% saying it's a hoax.
So what I'm saying is, I sample real people.
I don't just sit up here in my own lunatic world.
I sit there and that's like a workout talking to every person I talk to.
And so exactly, they want us to forget the last hoax now with the new race riot hoax they've been preparing.
I don't think the dog's hunting.
No, I don't think so either.
And hopefully enough good Americans are going to wake up and sit there and take a stand against this.
Because locking ourselves in our houses and just hoping that this is going to go away is not the answer.
I think people figure it out now.
The old quiet American deal is over.
That's done.
Nothing's going to change that way.
And this is a good example.
You know, the good people right now are trying to stay out of downtown.
They're trying to stay away and everything else because they trust that law enforcement is going to do the right thing.
But again, as we saw when we were on the street, where is law enforcement?
Well, they're just going to get demonized all day.
And that's what, you know, that's another kind of people's backing.
They feel like.
I mean, I absolutely get it, right?
APD only has so many officers, right?
And they had to protect their headquarters, and I get that.
But if I throw a cop at a brick, they attack me, and they should.
I'm watching bricks bounce off cops' heads.
They're taking it.
If they start kicking some ass when they're assaulted, it's going to stop.
And quite frankly, that was policing in the 1990s and earlier, and we've gotten away from that.
And especially here in Austin, right?
Which the communists have done.
They know that leads to this.
That's exactly right.
It's been from one administration to the next, putting more and more to handcuffs on law enforcement.
And unfortunately, these chiefs, because they want to keep their job, they want to stay in that position, they allow this to happen.
They don't make a stand.
They don't draw a line in the sand and say, no, we're not going to sit back anymore.
We have to be proactive.
Otherwise, we lose this seat.
Well, look at the governor of Minnesota.
First endorsed it, then he sat back and he went, actually, this is not good.
Yeah, because he probably didn't realize how real this was going to get.
You know, they don't realize how much they've hyped these people up.
Listen, we have the documents.
They have all the Soros groups spending hundreds of millions.
It's a joke.
Bob Kramer got caught with the DNC planning riots.
Project Veritas literally caught the Democrats.
They plan these riots, folks.
These are literally Democrat media coordinated riots.
This is not a joke.
Listen, this isn't a... I've had the army come visit me when I was like 25 because I said I'm planning to overthrow the corrupt.
And they had ARMY visit me!
The point is that no one even visits these people.
They're just running around.
We're going to overthrow everything.
We're going to kill everybody.
And then no one does anything.
I remember seeing a video from Atlanta last night where there's a police line and they had to kind of spread out a little bit so they were kind of a little thin.
And some guy walks up to a big, big police guy and he just bumps him and he's like spitting in his face.
And I'm sitting here, you know, if that officer didn't have a badge and a uniform on, he'd stomp that guy's dick in.
And that's exactly what he deserves.
Part of me is like, you know what, police should, maybe tomorrow, police should be like, okay, you know what, we're going to turn in our badges, but we're going to go back out on the streets and we're just going to wear our police hats.
But then the radicals will indict every one of them like it's a virtue signal.
And the Democrats and Soros already put all the state attorney generals and all the PAs in.
They've got, they've got, we can't get into it yet, but they've got...
Letitia James, man.
She literally ordered COVID-19 patients in nursing homes to get a high death.
So did Cuomo.
And she's literally trying to get me criminally indicted.
What's the guy's name?
The Antifa guy from the Obama administration who's the AG of Minnesota.
Is it Ellison?
Keith Ellison?
Known Antifa guy.
You had Ilhan Omar.
She was at an Antifa riot.
She was literally in an Antifa mob.
Her daughter promoted them.
They always want to fight, but when we try to fight them, they say we're illegal.
Yeah, like, oh, I want to spit in your eye and poke you, but yeah.
Let me ask you this in closing, because we've got like five minutes left before we end this two-hour special transmission, and both of you guys are welcome back tomorrow on the Sunday Show, 4 to 6.
I know we've got crew downtown, incredible footage on InfoWars.
Just in closing, this is all part of America Under Attack.
I mean, that's what this is.
Yeah, I agree 100% and the only thing I'd like to say to that is if there's ever in the history of this country been a critical election coming up, it's this November.
This is important in 1776.
Exactly, because this is how they're winning in the Democratic cities.
They're getting these liberal Democrats in there and you're seeing what the result is.
So the only way we truly win is to take those seats back and for that we need conservatives and upstanding Americans to get out there and vote come November.
We gotta go on the offense, folks.
I have just a weird, I don't know what it is, Alex, it's just a weird phenomenon because, again, I have some sense of calm, like, I've done everything, you've done everything, we've done everything, this audience, we've done everything to try to stop this.
And there's other people in the media that have too.
We've done it all.
We called it.
It's like the only hope, I guess, that I have now is that maybe, you know, the rest of America is finally waking it up and saying, huh,
Maybe InfoWars was on to something, you know, maybe that Alex Jones was on to something now.
Maybe I should be listening to the predictions he's been making that have been coming right for decades because I don't know what else it's going to take.
I mean, let's move past that.
Let's move past that.
Trump has now, we're at war.
He just, I mean, everybody should just get behind the president.
And folks, I don't just say that like some cult deal.
We have to get behind the president.
He's proven he's real.
You got to get behind him.
But what does getting behind the president mean?
Well, I don't know.
You know, the election is a short 156 days away, but that's also a long 156 days away.
There's going to be a lot of activity.
The point is, we're at war with globalists and shycoms.
Get behind the president.
I think it's that simple.
I think Trump has the people behind him.
He's got to mobilize them.
He needs to take a leading edge and then let the people catch up.
He tweeted and said, citizens should be around the White House.
The media said, oh he wants a brawl, so they said don't do that.
No, I think invite that at this point.
They want to keep going on this road.
Well, I think, first of all, all Americans have a right to protect themselves, right?
And so I think the president needs to make it clear that lawlessness is not going to be tolerated in this country.
And, you know, part of the way we can support the president is not tolerating lawlessness.
The good people need to get out there as well and encounter what's going on.
Because while this is happening in a lot of cities, at the end of the day, it's not the majority in the city that's doing this, right?
It's still a minority.
And the way you overcome a minority...
That's exactly right, and so, you know, it's time for the good people to speak up.
And think how racist that is, that the literal, we have their own internal documents, they send white professors out en masse to manipulate black people.
But it's even worse than that, Alex.
Think about this, they had a fake pandemic, kept everyone shut in for four months, shut off their ability to make an income, so these people are already built up with all this angst, getting out on the street.
Oh, it was all pre-programmed.
Closing comment on that.
Yeah, like I said, the one thing I would like to say to people is, do not underestimate what's going on right now.
Had we not been in an armored vehicle today, had we been in a regular vehicle... You would have been dead?
Yeah, we... You would have had to fight.
We would have had to use force.
We would have had to use force to defend ourselves.
So people need to be prepared and they need to make sure... Yeah, somebody was about to get hurt.
If they head out, make sure that you're careful out there.
All right, great job.
God bless you all.
We'll have live coverage at InfoWars.com.
Remember, you are Paul Revere.
Spread these links.
We're all red-blooded together.
Owen, great job.
Great job of the crew.
That's it for this transmission.
You built this operation.
We salute you.
If I was selling now, containers full of air,
And you funded those.
You're funding something real that promotes a pro-human future.
But we're not selling containers of air.
I can get krill oil for $2 a bottle.
And it still has great effects.
This krill oil cost us more than $10 a bottle.
It is ultimate krill oil, and the health effects of what it does are incredible.
I could sell you a synthetic PQQ or CoQ10 for $20 a bottle.
But there's way more than that in each bottle of DNA Force Plus.
I could come out with some AM, PM, 13 different pills for probably $5 a package.
Instead, this cost us
$25 a package because the AMP impacts in here have the very best quality.
Because I metaphysically cannot sit up here and claim I'm doing all this big important work and then give you hot air.
So you all built InfoWars.
You believed that I was telling you the truth.
You believed I stood for what was right.
And now you've seen all this incredible change we've done together, and now you know we're all real.
You're real, and I'm real.
And so the next question is, what are we gonna do now?
And the answer is, the enemy knows we're for real.
The enemy knows we love justice.
And so the enemy's coming to destroy us.
But that's okay.
Because in the final equation we're going to come together and we're going to win.
This is our greatest test.
So I thank you all for supporting me and supporting yourself.
Because that's the essence of victory.