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Name: 20200529_Fri_Alex
Air Date: May 29, 2020
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Alex Jones discusses various topics including predictions of war between China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and America; leaked documents outlining civil unrest and martial law in Baltimore; Joe Biden's statement about China taking over the United States; Trump's initiatives against internet censorship and mail-in voting to steal the election; food shortages caused by COVID-19 pandemic's impact on farms and ranches across the US; Minneapolis situation regarding the death of George Floyd and the protests that ensued; President Trump signing an executive order calling for new regulations under Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act to make it that social media companies engaging in censorship or any political conduct will not be able to keep their liability shield. The podcast also discusses the negative impact of COVID-19 lockdown measures on people's lives; how Big Tech monopolies have been given immunity by the government while controlling public spaces; influence of big tech companies, focusing on their power and control over information dissemination; Chinese- controlled apps operating freely in the US while alternative news sources are censored; a more decentralized approach to information sharing; call for resistance against the New World Order; food shortages, economic collapse, clean air, and social media platforms like Gab and Parler.

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Ain't nothing left here, so when we start coming to the suburbs, when we come to the government center, then what's all gonna do?
You see what I'm saying?
So, hey, that's just what's gonna happen, you know?
So in the black community, which is the target of the globalist operation, and I'm not defending segregation, it was another evil, this was an even greater evil, you had less unemployment and less illegitimacy in the black community in the 1940s than in the white community.
And now you've got almost 80% single parent homes in the black community.
You've got about half the people in the black community on welfare.
Well, after you burn down all the black stores, who's going to have jobs now?
So see, he's saying, oh, well, we'll come to your neighborhood and burn it down.
And burn it down, and burn it down.
Who wants that?
The globalists, the chi-coms, the new world order.
China is financing all this Hollywood stuff about race war and the rest of it.
China is the most racist country other than probably North Korea on the planet.
China doesn't let one Muslim into their country.
China literally looks down on black people.
Xi Jinping admires Hitler on record.
And believes black people aren't human.
Think about that.
We don't win this in 157 days.
It's going to be decades of hell.
We're going to be in the Soviet Union like the Russians.
We may be under 80 years of them kicking the snot out of us.
We'll come out on the other end, but man, they're going to kill tens of, they're going to kill everybody.
I mean, they're going to drink your freaking blood.
They're going to rape your children.
I mean, let me tell you something.
You go, people, people live in America.
They're like, that sounds crazy.
Get ready, they're gonna stomp your guts out in a gulag for decades!
Because that's what they want, is to rape good people!
The very same scum that did that in Russia are like literally just sitting there salivating over what they're about to do to you and your family.
So, whatever energy you got, whatever it is you need to do, you need to decide, hey!
You want to bend over and take it or you want to stand up and fight?
This is where we fight!
This is where we stand!
This is who we are!
We're not backing down!
And we got Jesus Christ on our side!
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
We don't have time to go back.
And pull up all the clips in the last few months where I said, as the COVID-19 hoax, at least phase one, begins to dissipate, what are the globalists going to launch?
And I said, they're going to launch war between China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong.
And they're going to intensify economic warfare and try to trigger race riots in America.
Now we're on record.
Documenting this, and here's an article that I've promoted probably 500 times on air since 2018.
Documents to tell plan for civil unrest and martial law in Baltimore, Maryland.
Leaked documents show to tell plan to trigger nationwide unrest allowing Obama to declare martial law.
One month after we got these documents, it was confirmed by federal law enforcement they were accurate.
The media never disputed them.
Trends of Democracy run by Alexander Soros.
Trying to trigger with Antifa operatives, black Americans, rioting as the cover to overthrow major city governments so Obama would have a pretext to declare national martial law ahead of the election.
It did not go the way they wanted to.
And later it came out that the Justice Department would cherry pick cases of questionable police shootings or questionable police action.
Some cases the police were wrong, other cases they weren't wrong.
I'm not here lionizing the police.
It's a tough job.
There's some good people, there's some bad people.
But the local police are not our enemy.
Anybody that's lived long enough on average knows that.
But cops don't put up with bad cops very long.
And what happened in Minnesota that the media has hyped up now is becoming more and more suspicious.
Turns out these two knew each other very well.
Worked as bouncers at a club together for several years.
And anybody with half a brain knows you put your knee on the carotid artery of somebody.
That's not a police-trained tactic.
That's how you kill somebody.
And I've got a friend who's been a police officer.
He's been in the
Army and the Marines and Blackwater and State Department and everything else, three-letter agencies.
And he never wants to go on air.
And he said last night, he said, I want to come on the show.
And now he's got the 911 call that no one's covering because it really exposes some bizarreness.
And to me, this looks like some type of inner gang operation.
And you're probably going to find there's corruption going on.
And this is some kind of weird police gang hooked into organized crime.
So, because, I mean, why would you kill somebody on camera?
I mean, why would you just go to a report of somebody passing fake twenties and then kill them on camera?
And so all the feds and you name it, I've talked to, they're smart people.
We're patriots.
They say, no, this looks really bad.
And you're not going to hire a cop to kill somebody on camera to trigger martial law.
But there's going to be criminal events going on.
You're going to have dirty cops.
You're going to have weird stuff going on.
And that's what this looks like is gangland execution.
Because nobody's trained to put their knee on somebody's carotid artery.
That's how you kill somebody.
So why would a cop on camera kill somebody?
Well, he's crazy!
You know, why would that black dude beat up old white men and all this stuff?
I mean, I don't blame all black people, because there's some crazy black people out there.
I don't blame all white people, because there's some crazy white people.
And when the media says this inherently is the fault of all police, and police in Austin that I know are being threatened, and they're having letters put on their cars threatening them, saying you're all guilty for what this dude did, that's sick!
You know, if my father had committed crimes, which he didn't, but hypothetically, am I to blame for the sins of the father?
Or what if my great-grandfather was a bank robber?
Would I be guilty for that?
And you're like, absolutely not.
So, if a white cop does something wrong a thousand miles away from me, whether I'm a white guy or a cop or whatever I am, how am I to blame for that?
And the answer is, I'm not.
It's a fundamental assault on reality.
We're going to talk about it all coming up.
But this is the globalist surprise.
This is what they're gonna, this is the next thing is gonna be race war.
They've been priming the pump for it.
And that's what it's all about.
We're gonna lay out all the facts straight ahead.
It's real bogus.
They gotta get it right.
I mean, otherwise, this was gonna happen.
And ain't nothing left here, so when we start coming to the suburbs, when we come to the government center, then what y'all gonna do?
You see what I'm saying?
So, hey, that's just what's gonna happen, you know?
Today, we found Corboy Bala, who invested his life savings into opening this sports bar, cleaning up.
While our camera was there, looters came back to try to steal his safe.
Trying to steal the safe!
I don't know what we're gonna do.
We worked so hard to get here.
Of course.
I want to be clear in how I characterize this.
This is mostly a protest.
It is not, generally speaking, unruly.
But fires have been started and there's a crowd that is... And then here you go, folks.
You got the fireworks going off in celebration of the police station burning down.
And then the businesses and the community will just move out of that area and you've got another dead zone.
Another group of people that can't get a job and have to go on welfare and the deep state wins.
You're now domesticated.
You're now controlled.
That is the total plan.
So, there are a lot of facets to this.
We're going to go over them all today, but remember that while we're all focused on Los Angeles,
And Minneapolis, St.
Paul having riots and murders and attacks and massive racial attacks on white people.
Nobody's covering that.
While all that's going on, video has come out of Joe Biden in China saying, we need China to take over the United States.
That's coming up.
Now, folks, when he went and said that in 2012,
You're like, that's wild.
Listen, if you were reading the Council on Foreign Relations, Foreign Affairs, or any big global publication, they said, it's the Chinese century.
America's done.
China will teach us.
They're virtuous.
They're going to come here and run things.
It's very China-centric.
You've heard the term Anglophile.
It means you worship all things English.
Or a Russophile.
It means you love the Russians.
Or a pedophile.
You like kids.
You're a arachnophobic.
You don't like spiders.
So you've got files and you've got phobics.
Well, the Rothschilds have bet everything on China, so have the Rockefellers.
They all brag about it.
There's their publication.
Rothschilds openly own.
The Economist.
I mean, you want to get your marching orders.
That's why Joe Biden and Bill Gates and all of them say, I read The Economist cover to cover every month, and that's my Bible.
That's the Rothschilds telling them
How to wipe their ass.
And so I'm sitting here, 27 years ago, doing research, about to get on air, and I'm reading Council on Foreign Relations documents, and it's, we're gonna end America, we're gonna leverage it out with China, one-sided deals, America's a joke, and I've been warning the public that long, and now it's all here,
Kudlow's come out, the White House Chief Economic Advisor, and said, no, we're at war with China.
We're very angry.
They're criminal.
China is in the news threatening to invade Taiwan now, not just Hong Kong, militarily.
China threatens to attack Taiwan.
That's the headline in Reuters, headline Daily Mail.
I mean, so while we're busy watching people loot AutoZone and Target,
And then mainly black businesses, because these are black neighborhoods, and it's mainly black neighborhoods.
These people are like, I own this liquor store, I own this gas station, I own this grocery store.
Why'd you burn my store?
Oh, well, a white cop did something wrong, so I'm gonna burn down this apartment building that an old black lady owned that her and her family had worked for decades to pay for.
And then they burned down the police station.
Turned out, half the cops I saw on the news that worked at that precinct were black.
Doesn't matter, it's burned down.
It's stupid!
It'd be like if, again, God forbid, somebody did something to one of my daughters.
And let's say the guy was white, did something to my daughter, and I just went and found a random white guy and hit him in the head with a hammer.
He'd be like, you're an idiot.
That's not the guy that did something to your daughter.
I'd go find the guy that did it.
You know, that's not justice.
We need justice to, quote, play out.
But if, say, justice didn't play out and the cop didn't get in trouble, if somebody went to the cop's house and, you know, something happened, I wouldn't really agree with it, but I'd say, hey, at least you targeted who you thought was bad.
Here's an analogy.
Hitler was a white guy, and he went and killed a bunch of Jews and other people.
And then, at the end of World War II, imagine if Jews that had run to the U.S.
went and, say, went to some army vet's house that had fought Hitler and lost a leg and shot the dude in the head.
Well, you've got a German last name.
Your last name's Gruber.
Well, there was a Nazi jail guard that had the name Gruber.
You probably aren't even related to him, but I'm going to shoot you in the head because you're an American German and Hitler did something wrong to Jews.
No Jew would do that.
I mean, no sane person.
But see, that's this craziness where a white cop... I could show you videos from WorldStarHipHop all day that are celebrating attacks on white people.
It's disgusting, it's sick, it's evil.
There's like hundreds of these a day.
Because there's 350 million people in this country.
And I could sit there and show you horrible stuff happening to white people, and I don't do it very often, unless it's illustrative, because I'm not trying to create racism.
I could show you a white lady getting attacked and stuff thrown in her face and hit with a bunch of stuff and all the rest of it, but what's the point?
Oh my gosh, we've got an old white lady in a wheelchair.
Let's attack her because she's white.
Let's spray a
Fire extinguisher in her face.
When I walk in a store today and there's a black person in there, do I go, a black person attacked a white lady?
I saw that video.
I'm gonna hit this black person in the face.
I would be the biggest idiot on the planet to do that.
But you see, here's the documents, ladies and gentlemen.
We're gonna cover these here today.
No one has covered this.
In the two years since we broke it, secret documents confirmed a family member got these out of their family member's house.
They were a commander in Antifa working directly for Alexander Soros, trying to get blacks to riot so Obama could cancel the election.
Soros back plan to incite civil unrest in the Baltimore area.
Well, finally, Candace Owens has come out and said, these groups are paid to do this by white activists, communists, and that's exactly what this is.
And so this is the next phase.
And with two, less than 200 days, 157 days left, you know the globalists are going to throw everything they've got now against the wall to see what is going to stick.
Now, we've got the China sellout, and China expanding major wars.
We've got Trump going after the internet censorship, and what that really means, finally.
Thank God.
And we've got the mail-in voting to steal the election, and we've got so much to cover.
In studio.
David Knight was on fire this morning with all these Supreme Court rulings that what Big Tech's doing is illegal and wrong, and so the idea that what Trump is doing is toothless is a lie.
He's going to be in studio.
Robert Barnes, constitutional lawyer, is going to be in studio.
Tim Inlow, who's a good friend of mine, also does security work for us, he's going to be in studio talking about his experience as local police, federal police,
Army, Marine Corps, Blackwater, State Department, all of it.
What he sees going on here, and with what happened with the case of this poor man that was killed, but how suspicious some of the different angles of the George Floyd death are, because none of it, none of it, none of it added up.
People were like, they must have known each other.
It must have been an inside deal.
And now it turns out they worked as security together at a nightclub.
And you know what goes on at nightclubs and what a lot of the security does.
A lot of security at nightclubs, traffic, and narcotics.
And that's who the dealers are, is who the security is.
And I'm not saying that George Floyd or this copper is that.
I'm just saying the chances of this starts to really get down to some questions we've got.
All right, big transmission lined up on Friday.
I'm Alex Jones with NewsWars.com and Band.Video.
You share those links, we win.
You don't, we're dead in the water.
Welcome back.
I'm your host Alex Jones, and I'm really happy that the Gateway Pundit is smart and they get it.
They have a new article that just went live.
Friendly reminder Soros funded violent Ferguson protest movement and paid Black Lives Matter protesters.
And again, out of 350 million people in this country, you got black folks doing bad things.
You got white people doing bad things.
You got brown people doing bad things.
But to say that
That if one black person does something wrong or one white person does something wrong, we focus in and we say, well, because a white cop looks like he did something really bad.
He's been fired.
He's going to get charged.
Turns out they worked together as bouncers at a nightclub for a couple of years.
Before you burn down the city and the black businesses, how about you have a little bit of a discussion?
Because, you know, before I'm going to go burn something down or kill somebody,
I'm going to get my ducks in a row.
But if I knew somebody did something to my family and they got away with it in court, well, let's just say I'm not going to be going around burning buildings down to random businesses.
I'm gonna go find the person that did it, and I'm gonna take out justice.
Because I can't sleep at night if I don't, but I'm sure as hell, again, not gonna run around burning stuff down, but the media hypes it, and the media says it's okay.
CNN, MSNBC are up there going, they're angry, they deserve it, they're mad!
And they beat up a bunch of white people.
And who do you think's in those poor neighborhoods?
It's a bunch of disabled, homeless white people, people in wheelchairs.
You're a black teenager, and you saw a black guy killed on TV, and I get it.
I don't like to watch the footage of anybody dying like that.
It tears at your heartstrings.
Somebody's begging for their life.
What happened to George Floyd looks terrible, and I think it's wrong.
But now you burn down your own neighborhoods.
Oh, the answer is, don't worry, we're coming to your suburbs.
Well, who lives in those people of every color?
This is so racist, and it's the media and the leftist mayor
Playing along with it like, oh yeah, this is because of 400 years of slavery.
Really, who sold us the slaves?
And whites had slaves back then that were white.
I mean, I can go back in my family tree and find out something like that and go, well, you know, because somebody enslaved me 300 years ago, I can do whatever I want.
What does that even mean?
What does that even have to, imagine if I work with somebody and I go, let me check your genealogy to see if your ancestors did anything wrong.
Cause I'm going to hold you accountable.
You look at somebody like they were crazy.
Truth is everybody wants to get into white countries because white countries went through a Renaissance and became Christian and said, we want to treat people good.
And so compared to other places, we've been really good.
And that's why the globals want to overthrow the European ethos of Christianity, because if you can get rid of that, people won't stand up for each other, and it's the law of the jungle.
It's not about race, it's about the spirit of the people.
And that spirit's being overturned.
So, there's a bunch of these videos, but let's go through some of them.
Here is Rioter.
We're gonna start coming to the suburbs.
Well, let me just tell you something, my friend.
If you come to my house, you think you're going to burn my house down?
It's not going to happen.
That's what Trump tweeted yesterday.
He said, listen, the riots need to stop pretty soon.
We're going to have to shoot rioters.
That's what you do when you're trying to burn things down.
That's a weapon.
Twitter banned Trump for that.
Blocked that.
So here's that clip.
Here it is.
It's real bogus.
They gotta get it right.
I mean, otherwise, this was gonna happen.
Ain't nothing left here, so when we start coming to the suburbs, when we come to the government center, then what's all gonna do?
You see what I'm saying?
So, hey, that's just what's gonna happen, you know?
So, in the black community, which is the target of the globalist operation, and I'm not defending segregation, it was another evil.
This was an even greater evil.
You had less unemployment and less illegitimacy
In the black community in the 1940s than in the white community.
And now you've got almost 80% single parent homes in the black community.
You got about half the people in the black community on welfare.
Well, after you burn down all the black stores, who's going to have jobs now?
So see, he's saying, oh, well, we'll come to your neighborhood and burn it down.
And burn it down and burn it down.
Who wants that?
The globalists, the chi-coms, the new world order.
China is financing all this Hollywood stuff about race war and the rest of it.
China is the most racist country other than probably North Korea on the planet.
China doesn't let one Muslim into their country.
China literally looks down on black people.
Xi Jinping admires Hitler on record and believes black people aren't human.
Think about that.
I mean, have you looked at the Chinese folks?
I mean, man, they look just alike for a reason.
So, you sit there in the belly of freedom, in the belly of Christianity.
We got our own problems, but we climbed up the mountain towards God a lot, you know?
We're still not there, but we're trying to be good, and you sit there and use the goodness and say that this is the crap hole and that we're the people that hate every- B.S.!
We had a civil war that millions of people died in, in slavery!
Nobody else does that!
The British government, under Christian control, had over 20 years of war against dozens of countries.
They would attack you if you had slaves.
The United States and England ended slavery.
Christians ended slavery in the West.
And it's still practiced all over the world by the brown people that we're told are superior to white people.
That's more racist crap!
And that Nazi collaborator George Soros is funding every damn bit of it and laughing his way with his little degenerate demon son all the way to the bank.
So I'm glad people are finally getting this because you talk about an FBI indictment.
I mean if I was running around funding billions of dollars to burn stuff down and kill people and I mean I would expect to be SWAT teamed.
I should!
They've got all these TV shows where I'm this mastermind running all this stuff and it's all a projection of what they're doing.
I can't even get my email to work properly.
I'm just up on air talking about the truth.
Oh, but I'm a mastermind.
I secretly run everything.
But these guys, they do actually run it.
Here's another clip.
Black business owner invests his life savings and they destroyed his restaurant and bar.
Here it is.
By the way, if I've got a business in a safe, if you're white, if you're brown, if you're black, you're in my business trying to steal my stuff, I'm gonna kill you.
Everybody, because the mayor and the police evacuating, the mayor's like, it's the white people!
He's a white guy, of course.
He's a commie.
We deserve it!
We're bad!
So that now you go in your business, people are looting it in front of you, and you're too scared to even beat their ass.
That's called submission.
That's called brokeback.
You're crying?
I'm not against this guy.
Because I get it.
I mean, maybe I'd do the same thing.
Like, nope, they're just gonna arrest me if I shoot people in my business.
Okay, damn, take it all!
Maybe that guy's right.
But I mean, when you run up a flag like that and just say, oh, just burn down my business, just take everything.
We got a black guy that got killed, so we're gonna take your business away.
What the hell does that even mean?
But the media says it's good, you see.
They're the ones.
They're the ones legitimizing this.
These are sick people.
Remember the Los Angeles riots?
The media said it was good to shoot at firefighters?
Alright, let me do this right now, then I'm gonna get into all the big breaking news and what's unfolding.
This is the media and the establishment with what's happening in Minnesota that's now expanding nationwide.
A microcosm of how the establishment controls people.
And we have the documents, we have the admissions, we have their internal reports.
This is how they do it.
And it's a criminal conspiracy.
And it's a perception that justice isn't being carried out.
Now as I've said, the COVID-19, the Russia gate, the Ukraine gate, China trying to start a war with Hong Kong and Taiwan, this is modern warfare.
Where you don't do it up front with tanks and planes and battleships and aircraft carriers, you do it through propaganda and internal manipulation.
And so that's why I've told everybody, COVID-19 itself is hyped up, but the collapse is real.
And the economic degradation that's going to happen in every community now, and the mass starvation in the third world, is going to put huge migrant wave pressure on the West.
Now it's happening.
And it's going to cause major, major civil unrest and crime to increase.
And that's now happening as well.
So the breakdown of society purposefully, so that we collapse and so we can be remade, the New Orleaner image is now happening.
So, I'm here to tell you with 157 days out of the election,
I believe we can win.
I believe we can defeat the globalists.
I believe if the President comes out against China and admits we're at war with China, economically and culturally and through intelligence agencies and through collaborator traders, if the President calls out the globalist minions as Chaicom operatives, which is now happening, if the President takes the gloves off and says it's a bait and switch, Section 230, that the big internet companies are violating our rights and involving election meddling, if he does all of that very boldly,
We have a good chance of winning.
But if he doesn't, if he falters, if he wavers, if we waver, things are going to really go downhill very, very quickly.
So we are on a razor's edge, and that's why.
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And that's not with me, that's not courage.
I've tried to explain this, it's total fight.
Because I am so concerned and so upset by these people, I don't know how to run, I just know how to attack.
And so all the desperateness and all the energy and all the scrabbling, and they're like, where the hell is it?
This is me, this is me.
It's not scared because that's running, it's the opposite, it's attacking.
I just cannot even begin to imagine turning and running and waiting in some hole.
For them to come dig me out.
I'm not doing it, but the only way this dog is in the fight is your funding, and your word of mouth, and your prayer.
Those things are the trifecta.
The prayer, the word of mouth, and the funding.
The funding actually is important, but compared to prayer, and compared to then your action in the universe, taking action with your voice, like lightning from Zeus.
Prayer, and then your action, and then your financial support.
I'll tell you, financial support is way below it.
You'd think it was the most critical.
Without the prayer, there is no action, there is no support.
But it all just comes down like lightning.
Look, I know I'm right about all this.
I've read all their white papers.
I've shown them to you.
Believe me, it's made me crazy.
I know you're going crazy.
We're like, why create race war?
Why kill all the babies?
Why worship Satan?
Because you ain't in love with the devil!
So think you're lucky stars, you're not.
Because you may have a lot of problems, and Lord knows I got a lot of problems, but man, at the end of the day, the North Star is Jesus Christ, and we're like, Lord, we know we're not perfect, we love you, we want your help, get us out of this.
These damn people hate Jesus!
They think they're gonna get out of this with Satan in control!
Can you imagine that?
Can you imagine?
The Rockefellers and the Rothschilds have been given trillions of dollars, but all their kids are mentally ill and insane.
They're the most unhappy, crazy people.
Almost all of them have to have butlers in the bedrooms with them at night, holding their hands.
They're so scared of the demonic attacks.
Let me tell you, I already ran into some of these people, and I already knew some of them.
I got a guy I've been working with for eight years that grew up in Pennsylvania that was really good friends, and he actually later showed me with the DuPonts.
And I didn't need to know what they were into, but it was the same.
It was the same.
I mean, devil, worship, you name it.
Pedophilia, you name it.
I mean, folks, it's default position.
Is death.
And so I said I'd cover news.
I didn't really this segment.
I'm just going to finish with this.
People say, man, you're a marketing machine.
Well, if I didn't sit here and promote products that are already great, we wouldn't be on air.
You know how much money it took to beat 50 something lawsuits by the Democrats?
You know how much energy you know, how much you gave it to us.
And you got something in the mail that was great for you at the same time.
I'm just saying, do you understand?
It's not rhetoric when I get up here and I tell you this is the fight.
This is 26 years of work and us together all to this moment to still be on air during this point.
This wasn't supposed to happen.
We were supposed to be gone.
You were supposed to be gone.
What you put into us, all that energy to keep this thing spinning until it's unstoppable.
And now we're right there at the edge of that point.
So I'm gonna say again, you need the prayer.
We're in this together.
That isn't something where I'm telling you we're in this together.
So we have like, you feel like we're together.
We're together.
You did this.
It's a spiritual connection.
I can feel it.
It's so strong right now.
It's amazing.
You pray.
You promote.
You support.
We're unstoppable together.
And I'm telling you, now is the time.
You think you put some energy into this before?
Now is the time to not even try to summon the energy.
Just do it.
Just get it done.
However you spread the word.
However you warn people.
Whatever you do.
Now is the time.
Okay, so I'm sitting over there last night in the office and we're like, yeah, we've almost sold out of all the best selling products.
You got to end the special.
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And I just said 60% off.
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I just want to get everything out of the warehouse.
That's just what my gut tells me.
So 60% off, across the board, flash sale.
Infowarrestore.com, our biggest sale of the year with 60% off top products.
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Alexa Pure Breeze, $100 off.
Swirlable Foods, available again.
Just gut level, I'm just like, expend everything, because let me tell you.
We don't win this in 157 days.
It's going to be decades of hell.
We're going to be in the Soviet Union like the Russians.
We may be under 80 years of them kicking the snot out of us.
We'll come out on the other end, but man, they're going to kill everybody.
I mean, they're going to drink your freaking blood.
They're going to rape your children.
I mean, let me tell you something.
People living in America, they're like, that sounds crazy.
Get ready, they're gonna stomp your guts out in a gulag for decades!
Because that's what they want, is to rape good people!
The very same scum that did that in Russia are like literally just sitting there salivating over what they're about to do to you and your family.
So, whatever energy you got, whatever it is you need to do, you need to decide, hey!
You want to bend over and take it or you want to stand up and fight?
This is where we fight.
This is where we stand.
This is who we are.
We're not backing down!
And we got Jesus Christ on our side.
CNN is CHICOM funded.
CNN is Muslim Brotherhood funded.
You ask why the police finally understand what's happening and the rest of the CNN reporters, the intel is they're operatives behind the scenes.
We're obviously directing things.
You've got other MSNBC reporters, others saying there's no rioting happening, with buildings on fire behind them.
It's like Mars Attack.
They're shooting and going, don't run, we're your friends.
This is so in your face.
And again, I just showed you the documents earlier.
The smoking gun.
Soros funding plans for race-based martial law with out-of-town groups brought in on buses.
Almost all white leftist communists.
I don't want to bash white people, but I mean, it is almost all white people that are trying to manipulate black people into rioting and doing this to get it to go nationwide to then stall the economy for the chi-comps.
Here is the local police in Minnesota actually announcing this.
We're hearing from our local community leaders that many of the people that were involved in the criminal conduct last night were not known Minneapolis to them.
And so yes, there were certainly people who were involved in the activities last night that were certainly not recognized as being here from the city.
You can't take America on head-on.
You take our wounds, you take issues we've had, you exacerbate them, and you use a cop who deserves to be charged, in my view, putting this knee on somebody's carotid artery.
Manslaughter bare minimum.
Well, he's already been fired.
The word is he's going to get indicted.
So why, when a black person kills a white person, everybody doesn't riot?
Because the media is telling everyone to do it.
Let's go back to this.
Minneapolis rioters set fire to the precinct and again they shoot off fireworks and celebrate it.
Here it is.
Oh, but the mayor came out and said, make sure you social distance yourself for that whole hoax.
And he let all the little trendy white guys out there, the allies, they're like, we agree.
We don't care about the half the black babies being aborted.
We don't care about real issues.
We just, oh, this guy died.
So the media told us, burn everything down.
So we did.
Now, let's show what happened right before this.
Minneapolis police officers abandoned the 3rd Precinct.
Because when people are coming with mall-off cocktails to commit attempted murder, to burn you up, the answer is run!
And now the answer is we're coming to your suburb to get you white people.
Imagine a group of white folks saying we're coming to your neighborhood to get you.
And you got all the rappers going, it's time to fight back.
They never say a damn thing about abortion.
They never say a damn thing about eugenics or all the autism of boys.
One in 35,000 had it.
Now it's 150 something.
How boys are under attack.
It's all about taking that one thing when the media says, because Joe Biden, you know, is out there saying, you're not black if you don't vote for me.
That's a big faux pas.
So now this gets triggered.
Minneapolis police officer abandons, the police officers abandon the third precinct.
Here it is.
You know what statistics really show?
Cops don't take black guys to jail for almost anything, or women.
The statistics show they're twice as likely, per capita, to shoot whites.
In most cases, the white person is trying to hurt the cop.
It's justified.
In some cases, it's not.
The point is, is that the police are just going to evacuate your area, and then you're going to have total crime.
But Ice Cube, how many cops have to kill black Americans before we strike back?
You know, it's funny Ice Cube, I have the statistics, I'll get to those next hour, but the fact that there's 10 to 1 black-on-white attacks, 10 to 1, it's still a low statistic, but compared, I mean, let me tell you, the IRCA limitation of a white person is pretty accurate.
The average white person is not out there looking for trouble.
That's just what I've experienced.
Now, I grew up in Dallas, I had a lot of black friends.
And I also got attacked because I was white.
Now, did I then blame all black people because of that?
No, no, I didn't.
But let me tell you, the average black person whining and bitching about all the things whitey did to them.
Give me a break.
You know, that's not true.
You know, white people on average, a bunch of insecure people that kiss your ass all day long.
And you know at the end of the day who you're scared of when you're walking down the street at night.
Because that's what's happened in the degradation and the Democratic Party plantation.
That wasn't happening in the black community 70, 80 years ago.
I've got the statistics.
They were some of the most orderly, successful groups.
Their own hotels, their own restaurants, their own everything.
And I'm not saying go back to segregation, but that oppression made them stronger.
Instead, oh, the man gives you money now to not have a man in the home.
What has it done to your community?
It's destroyed it.
It's the same formula for us all.
What did LBJ say about his great society?
He said, we're going to get these n-words on welfare.
We'll own them and control them for 100 years.
Well, it's been 60 years.
So you want another 40 of this?
Because I tell you, Donald Trump's not trying to enslave you.
Donald Trump gets this as a time bomb.
He's trying to fix this.
Donald Trump wants to sell you golf memberships no matter what color you are.
He really likes you.
So do I. I want success, man.
I don't want burnout cities and everybody killing each other and acting like a bunch of idiots.
But that's where it's going.
Now here is the disgusting clip.
The Minnesota mayor
Minneapolis Mayor, Jacob Frey, anger shown as a result of 400 years of slavery.
So you're going to burn down mainly black businesses to show whitey?
Oh, you're there encouraging it, you see?
Here it is.
What we've seen over the last two days and the emotion ridden conflict over last night is the result
Of so much built-up anger and sadness.
Listen to what a fake he is!
And sadness that has been ingrained in our black community, not just because of five minutes of horror, but 400 years.
If you're feeling that sadness and that anger, it's not only understandable, it's right.
Well listen son, you're not getting an Oscar for this.
of course.
would be to ignore the values we all claim to have.
You know, if black people found out that Planned Parenthood and the Democratic Party targeted them and killed 30 million black people or whatever, then I could see kind of burning down Democrat facilities.
I'm not saying do that.
But this guy's saying this is all legitimate to burn down black neighborhoods.
Because he wants you totally controlled.
He's a dirty communist trained by Soros.
Look at that little oily turd.
He's the controller.
There ain't no black people live around him, I guarantee you.
Get him off the screen.
This is just getting insane.
Let's go to clip 14.
Armed citizens stand with protesters but defend stores from looters.
Yeah, the protesting is one thing.
The looting and burning is another.
Here it is.
So, tell me who you are.
Well, I mean, free Americans, yeah.
And what are you doing today?
We were out here yesterday, too, down on the original protest site.
So basically, you've seen the records that cops keep.
And cops are a lot less likely to try and tread on people's rights when there's other armed Americans with them.
So we figured it's about damn time that some... That old boy's got a half a can of Copenhagen in his lip.
Fellow citizens.
And why are you protecting this store?
Well, I mean, this wasn't exactly a specified action.
We need to get tobacco, so we just kind of ended up here.
We've been moving around and just trying to see what's what without getting necessarily completely slapped by massive groups of people.
And while we were walking, somebody mentioned that there were some guys at the back of the shop who wanted to know if they were over to go buy something.
And they said that they're closed and they're defending their businesses.
By the way, if you're going to burn something, I'm not saying burn anything, but Target's a good place to start.
I mean, that is a globalist leftist.
It's kind of funny that that's what people are burning when they're funding this whole race war thing.
It's such an evil company.
Don't burn anything, folks.
You're only going to hurt innocent people.
I don't know.
We've got a very informed person coming in to talk about this coming up.
Then we'll look at Trump and his move against big tech censorship that Yahoo claims is toothless.
Well, it's only toothless if the president doesn't press the attack.
Spread those live links.
The collectivists, the anti-God forces have been preparing their assault.
They're beavering away like
Termites in the walls of humanity.
But now they're emerged.
Now there's not going to be any more sneaking around, folks.
All the party time is over.
The games are over now.
And President Trump came out yesterday.
We got more of it coming up with lawyers and others here in studio and said, I'm going after big tech.
Well, are there really cases to do that?
Yes, there are.
And yes, this is not a toothless attack.
The choices that Twitter makes when it chooses to suppress and it
Our editorial decisions, pure and simple, they're editorial decisions.
In those moments, Twitter ceases to be a neutral public platform and they become an editor with a viewpoint.
And I think we can say that about others also, whether you're looking at Google, whether you're looking at Facebook and perhaps others.
One egregious example is when they try to silence views that they disagree with by selectively applying a fact check, fact check, F-A-C-T, fact check.
What they choose to fact-check and what they choose to ignore or even promote is nothing more than a political activism group or political activism.
And it's inappropriate.
You look at what's happened.
You look at where they're going, where they're coming from.
I think you all see it yourselves.
The censorship and bias is a threat to freedom itself.
Imagine if your phone company silenced or edited your conversation.
Social media companies are vastly more power and more reach than any phone company in the United States.
More reach, actually, than your newspapers, by far.
More reach than a lot of your traditional forms of
Thank you very much.
My executive order calls for new regulations under Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act to make it that social media companies that engage in censoring or any political conduct will not be able to keep their liability shield.
That's a big deal.
They have a shield.
They can do what they want.
They have a shield.
They're not going to have that shield.
My executive order further instructs the Federal Trade Commission, FTC, to prohibit social media companies from engaging in any deceptive acts or practices affecting commerce.
This authority resides in Section 5 of the Federal Trade Commission Act.
I think you know it pretty well.
Most of you know it very well.
I would think you know it quite well, right?
Additionally, I'm directing the Attorney General to work cooperatively with the states.
He's going to be working very much and very closely in cooperation with the states to enforce their own laws against such deceptive business practices.
The states have broad and powerful authority to regulate in this arena, and they'll be doing it also.
And we encourage them to do it if they see exactly as we've been seeing
It's what they're doing is tantamount to monopoly.
You can say it's tantamount to taking over the airwaves.
Can't let it happen.
Otherwise, we're not going to have a democracy.
We're not going to have anything to do with a republic.
Finally, I'm directing my administration to develop policies and procedures to ensure taxpayer dollars.
Are not going in any social media company that repressed free speech.
The government spends billions of dollars on giving them money.
They're rich enough.
So we're going to be doing none of it or very little of it.
As president, I'll not allow the American people to be bullied by these giant corporations.
Many people have wanted this to be done by presidents for a long time.
And now we're doing it.
And I'm sure they'll be doing a lawsuit.
And I'm also sure that we're going to be going for legislation in addition to this.
And the legislation will start immediately.
And I tell you, I've been called by Democrats that want to do this.
And so I think you could possibly have a bipartisan situation.
We're coming for the suburbs next, says the Soros-funded operative in Minnesota.
It's real bogus.
They gotta get it right.
I mean, otherwise, this is gonna happen.
Ain't nothing left here, so when we start coming to the suburbs, when we come to the government center, then what y'all gonna do?
You see what I'm saying?
So, hey, that's just what's gonna happen, you know?
I wanna be clear in how I characterize this.
This is mostly a protest.
It is not, generally speaking, unruly.
But fires have been started, and there's a crowd that is-
So it's not unruly.
And they did burn down the police department.
And the media is all out there.
We know Soros is publicly funding it.
That's now major gateway pundit articles Candace Snowen's covering.
We got the original documents that are just total smoking guns for the White House, where Soros is funding these plans going back years ago.
And Tim's a friend of mine.
He's been in the Army, in the Marines, in Blackwater, in Austin Police Department, in the federal stuff, everything else.
And he works around here with us some.
And he said, you know, I'm ready to go on air, even though he doesn't go on air a lot.
So he's here to talk about this.
So many questions, so many things surrounding Minneapolis arresting Officer Floyd.
Worked together at a restaurant, at a nightclub as bouncers.
A lot of weirdness, but without getting into that story up front,
Just in general, the police evacuating, the mayor saying we deserve this.
Clearly the left is trying to initiate this and incubate this in a leftist city, I think, for a larger event.
So if you wonder what's after the COVID-19 hoax, I think it's burn, baby, burn, and replay the 60s.
I think that if you follow this, the playbook is the exact same thing we saw with Michael Brown, with Trayvon Martin, with so many different incidences that have occurred.
There's an initial narrative that's set.
They want to keep that narrative going no matter how many news stories come out disputing that narrative afterwards.
They go with the initial narrative and they stoke the fears, they stoke the hate, they try to create a racial divide.
And make these incidences about race.
And some are, but some aren't.
And in this case, there's absolutely zero proof or evidence that I've seen that would indicate that this case has anything to do with race.
Well go over that because we talked last time this morning what the officer is doing is not a recognized normal technique.
I mean it's obviously something's wrong there but the point is is that now we know they work together things really get weird from that point on.
Yeah and that just shows right?
I mean the first thing that everybody saw obviously is a white officer kneeling on a black suspect's neck.
For an extended period of time, okay?
It was hard for me to watch.
It's hard for anyone to watch.
All my police officer friends that I've talked to have all expressed outrage at the technique and the way it was applied, okay?
Now, it becomes cloudy when you look at the Minneapolis use of force policy and you realize that they teach that.
They teach that.
And do a document cam shot.
You and your other officers have never heard of this.
This is crazy.
So what we have here, we have the city of Minneapolis use of force.
We printed that out today.
Under section 5-311, use of neck restraints and choke holds.
Then it goes into the definition.
So a neck restraint is defined a non-deadly force option defined as compressing one or both sides of a person's neck with an arm or leg without applying direct pressure to the trachea or airway front of neck.
Only sworn employees who have received training from the MPD training unit are authorized to use neck restraints.
The MPD authorizes two types of neck restraints, conscious neck restraints and unconscious neck restraint.
Which, I've never even heard of a police department teaching a unconscious neck restraint.
What does that mean?
Well, so that's, they go into the definition.
A conscious neck restraint, the subject is placed in the neck restraint with intent to control and not to render the subject unconscious by only applying light to moderate pressure.
A unconscious neck restraint.
The subject is placed in a neck restraint with the intention of rendering the person unconscious by applying adequate pressure.
So, it's taught.
It's taught in the Minneapolis Police Department.
Have you ever heard of that?
Um, in MMA.
Uh, you know, it's very rare.
We need to find out who is... They taught the cops to choke people!
Yeah, that's absolutely right.
Folks, we don't know.
A lot of times you can knock somebody out in five seconds, but about 1% of the time they die.
This dude's on him for like five minutes.
So again, these idiots were taught this.
They were.
At least it appears they were.
Now we don't know if this particular officer went through that training.
Sure, but you've got the documents that they're teaching potentially lethal force stuff.
And calling it non-lethal.
That technique is sat there and taught at the Minneapolis Police Department.
Because you know, you said I was right yesterday.
You were listening to the show.
You've been in a lot of different agencies.
You've never heard of this.
We're like, yeah, you don't put your knee on somebody's carotid artery.
And especially, you know, we talk about some of the things that we know come along with this, right?
We know since the 1990s, police departments have been trained to look for the dangers of positional asphyxia, to look for the dangers of excited delirium, right?
We know that when people use drugs, when people use alcohol, and they go through the stress of an arrest and the stress of being restrained, that excited delirium is a possibility.
And that excited delirium can wind up killing that person.
If they remain restrained and without... Namaste!
A panic attack!
Yes, that's basically, yeah.
So the heart starts beating, the heart increases at such a rate that finally they wind up having a cardiac arrest.
If you look at the 2016 death of Tony Tempa in Dallas, that's exactly what the coroner ruled killed him.
Uh, if you look at, uh... There's video of that right there.
Right, exactly, right?
So, you see here, the officer is not placing his knee on the neck, but instead in the shoulder blade, right?
Most agency would say, okay, that's acceptable, right?
But, then the paramedics give him a sedative to try to calm him down.
In, just like in this case with Mr. Floyd, this person was saying, I can't breathe, I'm having trouble breathing.
The officers didn't take him serious, they laughed about it.
But the coroner in the autopsy ruled that it was a homicide and that the victim died of a sudden cardiac death due to the toxic effects of cocaine and a stress associated with physical restraint, right?
It's like a rabbit dying.
He just died of being scared.
So we see this for 20 years now.
We've known that this is a possibility.
And to me, the disturbing part of the George Floyd video is that the officer doesn't seem to recognize, wait a minute, this guy could be
Experiencing the symptoms of excited delirium, even if he's not, we need to at least in law enforcement be on the lookout.
Well the difference is, it's not hands pushing the guy down on his back.
His knees on the mat.
Sure, which exasperates the, and even let's say for a second, let's say that the pressure applied was that the blood flow wasn't cut off from the brain.
Right, let's just say for a second that the pressure was light enough that it didn't stop the blood flow.
But, what causes excited delirium is not just necessarily the actual physical actions of the officer, it's what that person who's handcuffed on his stomach is perceiving.
So if he perceives that he is struggling for breath, and that's what I'm saying, that induces the panic, that increases the panic, and at that point, in my opinion, he should have been placed in a recovery position.
But I ask the question, why do they just taser him?
You see the cop there with the taser.
He did.
At least one officer that I saw on the scene did have a taser.
You know, it's controversial and again, some people feel that tasers work in situations where people are in a rush.
Well, I'd rather be tased than some cop with his knee on my neck.
Sure, but again, we're talking about, if you look at the 9-1-1 call, right?
The caller who made the 9-1-1 call requesting the police to come to the scene said specifically that they believe that George Floyd was drunk.
And not in control of himself, right?
The quote says we tell him to give us their phone to put things back and everything and he was also drunk and everything and returned to give us our cigarettes back so he can so he can go home but he doesn't want to do that and he's sitting on his car because he is awfully drunk and he's not in control of himself.
This is what the 9-1-1 this is what the person called 9-1-1 told the dispatcher.
It's possible in that case, if that information was relayed to police, that they felt perhaps maybe tasing him wouldn't be effective.
Sometimes when people are on drugs or alcohol, they don't necessarily... Sure, I get all that.
My whole point is, the cops didn't just randomly go grab this guy.
I'm not defending what they did.
I'm saying, this isn't some big master plan to kill the black dude.
And I don't even believe right now that there's enough evidence or enough facts to show that race played a factor here.
Well, now that you have that the city trains this MMA crap, now we know it's the city that's liable.
This is big news, folks.
We'll be right back.
Welcome back.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
We've got Tim E. here with us.
And I meant to cover this yesterday.
I'll do it now.
Do you remember the mass riots and looting after Muslim cop Mohammed Noor shot Justine
I don't care if she was black or white, it's wrong.
The guy's a crazy person.
And we have the footage right here.
Where are the riots there?
People know mistakes are made.
We know police aren't angels.
They're just like us.
As long as they get charged or do something wrong, that's the issue.
Why is the media then pushing this?
Because it's all they've got.
By the way, the police officer that kneeled on George Floyd's neck and appears to have killed him was just taken into custody and is about to be charged.
That news is breaking right now.
Former officer Derek
Chauvin, have you pronounced that right?
Arrested for death of George Floyd.
Turns out the two work together.
I can't, I'm not defending the guy.
I don't want a black guy to die or a white guy to die.
The point is, why would you, Tim, like you said, we talked yesterday about this, we talked today.
You've got tons of training, your firearms instructor, armor, all of it.
You've never seen this training.
Everybody knows you don't put any on the credit order.
Now we learn it's an authorized training.
So my big takeaway is not defending this guy.
But if the official training is that, it should stop of the leftist city.
What type of weird coup do you have?
I think this is MMA, where you choke somebody out in five seconds in an arrest situation.
To me, that's the big takeaway here, Tim.
Yeah, absolutely.
And what's baffling to me is if you look at the LAPD as far back as the mid-1990s, that's when they did away with their chokehold.
This was mid-1990s.
That was huge news, I remember.
That was huge news at the time because they were having so many deaths during arrests.
Like you said, the average healthy person is not going to die from being choked out, but if you've got heart problems, you're on drugs, you're dead.
It exasperates the condition, absolutely.
So, I mean, I don't mean to hype this up to defend the cop.
I'm not defending him.
He was trained to do that.
You've got it right there.
Well, the Minneapolis Police Department trains that.
It's going to remain to be seen whether he took that training or specifically trained in that, but definitely that they train a number of their officers in this technique.
Why would they bring that back?
I don't know.
I really can't fathom why they felt like this would be a good technique to use when there's so many other options out there.
Well, anybody that's ever been in a street fighting knows, you don't start chugging people out until you're getting your ass beat.
I mean, it's a dangerous thing to do.
Well, and again, with the guy already being handcuffed, right?
If we're talking about he's just refusing transport, like he doesn't want to be allowed to be put in a police car or whatever the case may be.
It appears, at least from the facts that I saw, that EMS had been called.
So that at this point now the police are simply waiting for EMS to arrive to check this guy out.
And why you would have to apply a neck pin this entire time while you're waiting for EMS to arrive is baffling to me.
By the way, explain that to the average person out there that doesn't know.
The average police don't want to kill people that have problems.
Absolutely not.
You don't want to go to jail.
You don't want to get sued.
Absolutely not.
Like the average white cop especially, if it's anything, the studies show slow roll.
They don't respond to black areas.
Yeah, well, I mean, if you talk to any cop out there, if they're honest, they're the last person who want to do something that's going to get them thrown in jail because, quite frankly, they know they're not going to do well in jail.
They're not the most popular people in jail.
So, there's a big incentive to do things the right way, right?
And I think that most people that come into law enforcement come into law enforcement with the right reasons.
And that is to help.
To help people.
That's why I came in.
That's why all my friends that I know came in.
We want to make a difference and we want to help out.
So, it's troubling when we have bad apples, but as in any profession, we're going to have those bad apples.
Let's shift gears away now.
The left's hyping this.
The mayor says everybody deserves this.
They're burning down the black neighborhoods.
Now they're saying we're going into everybody's neighborhood.
They are now saying we're going to get the cops.
You know you're going to see a string of cops getting shot randomly around the country.
What about the crime being committed there and the left funding this and hyping this?
Because now we move on past the officer.
We know that they were trained in this.
It's wrong.
It should be changed.
What's going to happen next, though?
Well, first of all, I believe that's a complete failure of leadership.
When you encourage people to go out and loot and steal and rob and commit crimes, it doesn't matter what the justification is, it's wrong.
By the way, roll the footage of the police evacuating the precinct.
And I can't even second guess that.
Are they supposed to shoot people that are throwing Molotov cocktails?
But if that keeps happening, the whole country collapses.
And that's why they're in a really, really difficult position right now, because quite frankly, if they react too harshly, it's going to increase the riots.
If they don't react harshly enough, more properties burn down.
So either way, it puts the police in a terrible position right now, and the leadership right now is failing the police.
The Minneapolis leadership, the state leadership, is 100% failing those officers.
I mean, look at this.
There's white guys, black guys, Hispanic guys strutting around.
Sure, absolutely.
And here's what we see, right?
The reason they feel emboldened to do this is because these people who are doing this
Yes, right now.
They watched the Ferguson protest.
They watched that police allowed that to happen.
So with each incident like this, the rioting becomes quicker and quicker and quicker and more intense.
And Americans need to get this.
Globalists, the Chinese government, it's in the news, are funding this to break us down.
They're bad cops, great, go after them politically, whatever.
This is a plan to bring us down, folks.
Discredit the dollar, bring the whole stock market down.
So the people that are involved in this, you're not fighting the man burning down an empty police department with a bunch of liberal police.
This is happening because these are liberal cities where half the police believe you're BS.
Absolutely, I agree with that.
So what else in closing, Tim, is going to happen, do you think?
Well, now I think obviously this is the first officer charged.
I think some additional officers may be charged for failing to... The Asian guy that watches it?
Yeah, I mean it's pretty clear in their policy and their use of force policy.
They write it out that officers who see a suspect being mishandled or mistreated in any way have a duty under their policy to intervene.
So I'm guessing they're probably going to go that route.
Whether they'll be successful in that or not remains to be seen.
Well, watching the cop, what about the weirdness of how he knew this guy and they were bouncers?
That is bizarre.
Now, I'm hearing two reports.
I'm hearing that they overlapped shifts for years, but then now the owner of that club apparently is backpedaling a little bit and saying, well, there was upwards of sometimes maybe 20 bouncers working there, so she's unsure if they actually knew each other in person or not.
But it's hard for me to believe that if their shifts overlap for years at a time, that he wouldn't at least recognize them in passing.
What about Austin Police Department actually hosting Justice for George Floyd events?
I don't think this is going to go too well.
That's very troubling.
Again, not enough facts have come out, right?
And I get it, right?
They're trying to do damage control even here in Austin.
Even though the incident didn't take place here, they want to do damage control.
But I think, again, it's a mistake on the part of Austin's leadership, including the chief,
To sit there and basically make insinuations that we don't have all the facts on yet.
And that's troubling.
It's dangerous because we know the overarching plan, we have the documents, is to cause a civil war, race war.
Of course there's real stuff going on, there's real wrongs, but we weren't 350 million people.
There's all sorts of wrong going on.
And so you don't just take one wrong and then burn the country down because of that.
It's inexcusable.
Two wrongs don't make a right and all the looting and robbery and everything else that's taking place right now is not going to bring George Floyd back.
In fact, in my opinion, it dishonors his memory.
Well, even his girlfriend says don't do this.
His brother as well, yeah.
Everybody's been speaking out about it and saying, please stop.
But CNN acts like the looters are the good people.
Yeah, that's on par for CNN.
All right, Tim.
Powerful interview.
Thank you so much.
Coming up, we've got lawyers and experts in studio to talk about Trump's action against Big Tech.
Stay with us.
Here's what the Attorney General just had to say yesterday about the move against Big Tech's bullying and suppression of speech in America.
And again, we're going to be doing this.
We're also going through Congress.
Well, as you mentioned, Mr. President, one of the things that I found has the broadest bipartisan support these days is the feeling that this provision, Section 230, has been stretched way beyond its original intention, and people feel that on both sides of the aisle.
This was adopted 25 years ago to protect the fledgling industry, and its purpose was to allow websites that were serving
As essentially bulletin boards for diverse third-party content coming on to say that you're not responsible for the content of that third-party information.
And it also tried to encourage these companies to take down things like child pornography or human trafficking advertising and things by saying if you act to remove this kind of objectionable material you won't be liable for taking it down.
Now it's been completely stretched to allow what have become really bohemoths who control a lot of the flow of information in our society to engage in censorship of that information and to act as editors and publishers of the material.
So when they put on their own content like fact-checked
Thank you very much.
Now, this executive order is a very strong step toward addressing this problem.
It sets up a rulemaking procedure that will eventually be under the FCC to try to get back to the original interpretation and understanding of Section 230.
It also empowers the Attorney General
To work with state attorneys general to come up with model legislation that addresses this at the state level.
And we're preparing federal legislation, which we will be sending over shortly for review at the Office of Management and Budget.
So this is an important step to get back to the original understanding.
I know there's a bit of a bait and switch that's occurred in our society.
These companies grew because they held themselves out as public forums, as free public forums where a variety of voices and diverse voices could come on and be heard.
That's how they grew.
That's how they attracted the eyeballs.
That's why people joined them.
But now that they have become these very powerful networks of eyeballs, now that they've grown by holding themselves out as free public forums, they've now switched.
And they are using that market power to force particular viewpoints.
And that's wrong.
And it has to be addressed not only through this executive order, but I think litigation going forward, and by further action on Capitol Hill.
Thank you, Mr. President.
Mr. President, do you have any questions for the Attorney General?
Yes, actually, I do.
Mr. Attorney General, not only have you been against Section 230 and the President has been against Section 230, the Vice President has said he's against Section 230.
Do you believe that the executive order that the President is about to sign in any way repeals or amends Section 230?
No, it doesn't repeal Section 230, and I'm not against Section 230 if it was properly interpreted and properly applied, but it's been stretched, and I don't know of anyone on Capitol Hill who doesn't agree that it's been stretched beyond... Does that make me crazy?
I think this will help get back to the right path.
All right.
We've got David Knight, host of the David Knight Show here on the InfoWars Network, 8 a.m.
to 11 a.m.
Central every weekday morning.
We've got Robert Barnes, famous constitutional lawyer, host of the specialty show we've been doing, that is American Countdown weeknights, 7 to 9 p.m.
Central here at InfoWars.com on the radio and TV satellites as well.
Huge attempts to cause racial division and race war.
We'll get to that next hour.
I'll also try to open the phones up.
But while we've got these gentlemen here with us, up front, how big is this move by Trump?
Is he actually doing something?
Does his announcement with his executive order have teeth?
David Knight's an engineer, but a great researcher.
He's got his research.
Yeah, he thinks, yeah, if it gets enforced, yes.
Robert Barnes has been advising, I know, the Republicans and talking to him about what they should do.
He's had a chance to see the executive order.
We're going to lay out the facts here because this is bigger than just free speech.
This is about big cartels together oppressing people, coordinating and surveilling us to engage in the censorship.
So it's like breaking and entering.
You have to break into somebody's privacy on their private text messages, you name it, now that Facebook's doing.
So is YouTube and others.
You've got to be surveilling them to commit the robbery of their freedom.
So we're going to break it all down here today.
First off, constitutional lawyer Robert Barnes is going to have you in the studio with us.
Is this a toothless attack?
Or on a scale of 1 to 10, how strong is what Trump and Barr just launched?
It's about a 7.
In other words, it's definitely not a toothless attack because it's more than the rhetoric that's come before, it's more than the promises that have come before.
It has specific teeth in that it's going to defund aspects of, it could have gone further in its defunding attempts, but it's going to defund at least any government spending, any federal government spending that involves marketing on any social media engine that is not compliant with the purposes and policies laid out in the executive order.
It does do a good job of explaining the legal history and what the intention of Section 230 was.
It basically followed the same script we talked about a year ago on here.
So it's basically almost identical to what we said.
Even the cases you cited and David cited.
I was watching David this morning and I was like...
Wait, I remember we cited those very cases about Town Square.
There's been a competing doctrine out there.
There's been four or five different interpretations of Section 230.
Four or five different arguments about how it should be approached.
Ultimately, both Attorney General Barr and the President adopted the one that we made a year ago in various emergency broadcasts from InfoWars last summer.
And it's almost an entire replication.
Yeah, I don't want to take credit, but I actually had three law firms send him stuff two years ago.
It's crazy how much it's in line with what we did, but it just shows he did the original research.
Yeah, exactly.
And that it was the right argument.
It's the right argument from a policy perspective, right argument from a legal precedent perspective, right argument going forward in terms of a persuasion perspective with the public.
So at all those levels, it's the right argument to make.
They're explaining Section 230 was meant to be for if you're providing the platform in the public square, not controlling who it is that's publishing content in the public square.
That's who is supposed to be given broad-scale ownership.
And we're going to go over all of it.
He also hits the bait and switch, Al.
Oh, we're open, we're free.
And then they say, oh, the key is they say we're not censoring while they got it in place.
That's also fraud.
David Knight.
Yeah, you know, as we see the pushback from people like George Napolitano, people like Mike Lee, why not look at this?
Let's just say it, nothing against Napolitano.
No, no, nothing against Napolitano.
But he's totally compromised.
I mean, listen, listen.
We could end this all right now with Napolitano.
So Napolitano doesn't even count.
Well, it's not just... I say that because Napolitano and Lee are making the same arguments that I've seen from the Cato Institute, from the Heritage Institute.
A lot of these people are saying, look, this is a private corporation.
The talking points we see.
They're saying this is a private corporation, they can do whatever they want.
This is not a competition between their private rights and my private rights.
Because when we start talking about Section 230, I think the best analogy I can think of is when we go back and we look at what happened in the Great Depression.
When we came up with FDIC insurance to insure deposits.
We also had restrictions on what the banks could do.
And we said with the Glass-Steagall Act, you cannot then continue to participate in risky, speculative investments.
You've got to diverse these two things, right?
And so what we're allowing them to do is the same thing that we allowed the big banks to do when we removed the Glass-Steagall Act protection in 1993.
And we know what happened with that, right?
It didn't take long to blow up.
There are a lot of people on both sides.
Here's another example.
Big Pharma has merged with Big Tech, and so now how are they allowed to control reviews of drug companies they own?
There are so many ways to skin this cat.
I would just say one thing.
With great immunity comes great responsibility, right?
That's the bottom line.
They can't get immunity and not have any responsibility to be a fair public speaker.
Well, exactly.
They wouldn't have gotten away with any of this if they hadn't grown slowly and given immunity.
But now it's either the government is going to be ruled by big tech or the people are going to take control of the government and rule big tech.
We're back with Robert Barnes, David Knight, I'm Alex Jones.
This is historic information we're about to cover as Trump finally, hallelujah, takes on Big Tech.
You asked for it, you're good at it.
It's a bold move.
I agree with Barnes.
A 7 on a 10 scale.
This is very well measured.
I remember about a year ago Atlantic Monthly put out by the leftist arm of the CIA said Trump's a joke, he'll never stand up against Ukrainegate, he's going down.
And I remember
Brennan and Clapper and all the rest of them being up on national TV saying, don't worry, he'll be gone in 2017.
He'll be gone in 2018.
Well, now Twitter has little to fear from Trump.
Yahoo Finance, he has nothing he can do when they're breaking the basic
Laws of America, the basic confines that are surveilling us.
They're working in concert.
They're election meddling.
They're lying about how they suppress us to Congress.
It's on every front.
They believe they were untouchable.
So like a fish on a line, they've run out a thousand feet, but they're out of line.
So we got to either cut the line and let them win, or they're exhausted, reel them in.
So what is, Robert Barnes, constitutional lawyer, what is the historic moment we're at?
Am I wrong or am I right?
And what does Trump need to do right now on the day of the night?
Well, it's very equivalent to what the big trust positions were in the late 19th, end of the 19th century, like the railroads were.
These are companies that have grown up never being, never facing consequences ever.
They've never faced any consequences in the court of public opinion, never faced any consequences in the court of law.
And the net effect of that, as you're seeing there, arrogance is extraordinary.
Because we were talking about it last year, that the president was sending the message that he intended to do this, he was starting to accelerate his... And they're like, you'll never do it!
You'll never do it!
And now when he does do it, what do they do?
They double down the day.
Twitter's trying to ban various of his posts or block them or say even more salacious things about him.
I mean, don't they get where that leads?
It's like asking for it.
It's because it's a kid who's been completely spoiled, totally protected.
He's now out on the playground and he thinks nothing bad's going to happen because mommy's going to have his back.
Like a six-year-old beating up his three-year-old sister.
He's finally on a playground.
He's always gotten away with it.
He's about to start a fight with an eight-year-old.
And he thinks because he's never faced consequences before, he won't face any consequences now.
What you're just talking about, one of the most important parts of the executive order, was finally using the Federal Attorney General Department of Justice power, with the states, to go after them.
And you always said that.
And to go after them in particular on the fact that they lied.
So what was that meeting last year in Omaha with Barr?
And all 50, Attorney General?
It was to build this.
And the goal is to go after them not just on antitrust grounds, but what I always thought was the best argument, I initiated this against Twitter two years ago, was to go after them on consumer protection grounds because they lied to get their monopoly power.
It was false advertising.
They promised everybody.
Everybody used their advertising money to promote Twitter, Facebook, Google.
I mean, we did as well.
We spent millions.
I probably spent $20 million.
People go, oh, you make all this money.
Yeah, we spend it to get the word out.
And not only that, you brought millions of people to those platforms.
How does YouTube get so many people?
Over 10 years, we looked it up, over $20 million.
And they just stole that amount of promotion.
We paid for all of that.
We sent our people there!
And they monetized those individual subscription services.
So they lied to get their monopoly.
Nobody's asking them to be treated any differently than any other private company.
In fact, it's just the opposite.
They should be treated like every other private company that lied.
You buy an ad in the phone book, you buy a phone number, that's yours.
So all these companies, from restaurants to bars to cleaning places to salons to clothiers to farms, you buy ads, you run them, you think it's your URL.
They're like, no, it ain't your URL.
We're taking that, David.
That's right.
And that's a question I have for you, Robert, is why didn't they use the FTC, the Federal Trade Commission, instead of the FCC?
Because we're talking about tortious interference, we're talking about, you know, unfair business practices.
I think he talked about using other agencies.
Yeah, it's a three-fold approach.
So one is, they're using the FCC for regulatory purposes to change the rules.
They're using the FTC to go after him on consumer protection issues, but FTC is technically independent, so they can't really, the president can't really require them to take action.
He can only request it.
That's why they went to the third step, which is to use the U.S.
Attorney General with the state attorney generals, because the states have much more powerful consumer protection.
And he's green-lighting the state attorney generals that if you do it the way we want, the feds won't block you.
Oh, in fact, he's saying he's turning the states loose.
In fact, he's ordering it to be done.
So part of the executive order is that the state attorney generals with the U.S.
Attorney General will use their consumer protection laws of the states to go after big tech that's been violating their promises if they keep violating.
And then Twitter responds by banning a bunch more of his tweets.
Oh, yeah, they're stepping it up.
And I think that's part of their strategy.
I think that's probably the weakest thing about this is the fact that they're going to say this, and you know they're going to say this whether it's true or not.
They're going to say, you're just doing this simply because you don't like me, right?
And you've singled me out.
And so I think they're trying to goad him into doing that to a greater extent by what they did today about the tweets about Minneapolis.
You know, before they said, well, we're going to fact check you.
Today what they did was they said, they completely covered it up and said, this is hateful, it's provoking violence and so forth.
We'll let you see it in the public interest, but we're going to completely cover up his tweet.
I think they're trying to poke him into even more things.
But when we talk about this, these two Supreme Court decisions that they've got, and they're both unanimous decisions and they're fairly recent.
And this second one that's out of California, the Pruneyard Shopping Center case.
What they're talking about, laying the groundwork there, what the Supreme Court said was that the states must protect your individual liberties according to the Constitution, but they can go further.
And that's where I'm going to shut up next segment.
You guys host the next segment.
I'll be in there.
Literally in the control room drinking coffee, but it's kind of fun for me to bow out sometimes so I don't interrupt.
Let's go into precedent, because I heard him mention a bunch of cases this morning when I was exercising on the bike trail, hiking for like an hour.
I was listening to David, and everything was cases you brought up.
And as a layperson, it's like this is fundamental.
This is decided.
We're not like striking out here saying what they're doing they shouldn't be allowed to do.
We know that this is
Classically fraudulent what they're doing, but they try to bamboozle Trump and the media and the culture that what Trump's doing is outside of regular behavior, that they could somehow really set a precedent that this is allowed.
So there's really two different sets of precedents.
One's out of California, and all of these companies, of course, are based out of California.
So that's the Pruneyard Doctrine that David was just mentioning.
And what that is, it says, look, if you effectively control or monopolize a public square, then you're under the same requirements of First Amendment obligations as if a public entity controlled that public square.
And so Pruneyard was a private mall, and they said the public parts of the private mall had become a public square in that local community.
And even though a private mall owned that space, they could not discriminate on First Amendment grounds from political activities such as circulating petitions or circulating pamphlets inside the public part, the public square part of that private mall.
They could ban it from the retail stores, but not from the public parts of it.
The U.S.
Supreme Court approved the California court's ability to do so, and yesterday that was one of the two decisions recited by Attorney General Barr and the President inside their executive order.
Now, the U.S.
Supreme Court has not gone that far.
Originally they did.
Originally they said if a company town owned the public square, then that company town was obligated to abide by First Amendment obligations.
They were asked to similarly extend the First Amendment to private monopolies over the public square, and they backed off from doing so.
Now the question has always been, in my view, the Pruneyard Doctrine is good doctrine.
It would not apply to every little mom-and-pop company.
So you have people like Ben and Shapiro.
But anybody that sets up their own corporate town, where it's like a big building and it's got a big square and it's bringing you in as a human event.
It's a string that attaches to you if you decide to seek and obtain monopoly power over part of the public square.
That's it.
If you decide to, it would not apply to every... If you build a city,
It's got a public square.
Human rights apply.
That's it.
First Amendment applies if you decide to control the public square.
Alright guys, come back and cover this.
I'm going to give you both the floor for at least two segments to take over here and I'm going to be here watching.
Then we'll go on to the next hour and take calls and a lot more.
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We're good to go.
Folks, it's bigger than free speech.
It's about cartels surveilling you and controlling what you do and what you say.
And then we'll look more with both these gentlemen when I come back in 15 minutes after I leave.
We're going to, with both of them, look at the riots, the next move towards race war, and how we stop it straight ahead.
Stay with us.
All right, we're back.
I'm David Knight, and I'm here with Robert Barnes, and we want to talk a little bit about these cases that were referenced in President Trump's executive order, because, Robert, you know all about these.
You know this backwards and forwards.
I know a little bit about it.
I've done some study after I saw this in the case, and of course, there's some others that I'm...
So the North Carolina case referenced was the recognition by the Supreme Court
We're good to go.
The idea that the public square could be privatized was simply inconceivable.
That was not even in their thought process.
The goal was, let's make sure that the public square, and there literally is a public square that's popular in the UK and London, that this whole concept of public square derives from.
Speaker's corner.
High five.
Yeah, I talked about that this morning.
An interesting place.
I don't know if that still holds today.
It still does.
Last time I was there, things were getting a bit dodgy with the Muslims.
They weren't too tolerant of speech because most of it is religious or political, right?
It was that anybody could literally, that's where the word platform comes from.
It's online.
Soapbox or whatever.
Yeah, exactly.
In the U.S.
it was a soapbox.
There it was a little wooden platform you'd step on and you could just share whatever you wanted to share.
Oh yeah, I love it.
Every time I've gone, we go there.
Oh, absolutely.
It's fantastic.
It's one of the fountains of a physical location that is a fountain of ideas, of free thought, free speech, free expression.
And that's, it's not just about the person's right to speak.
Most importantly, it's about the audience's right to hear.
That's right.
That's what people forget.
And they engage them.
They shout back at them.
And so the police will stand there just to keep violence from...
You can heckle, you can do this, it's all free.
It's meant to be the truest, most honest expression of ideas.
Because the idea is that ideas themselves need freedom to grow, need freedom to be nourished, need freedom to be able to find themselves, to find their truth.
And in that context, and so that's where it comes from, and what the Peckingham case recognized is that in the modern age, the public square is now digitized.
That very few people go down to the local public park to do their public discussion, debate, and dialogue.
They do it in the digital space of Facebook, of Twitter, of YouTube, of Google.
And the Supreme Court's recognition of that was very important because it meant, okay, there's now a judicial acknowledgement.
That the digital, this digital social media space is a digital public square because from that flows a wide range of legal and political concepts that are important policy wise.
And let's talk about this quote, the opinion of the court, and again it was unanimous, but this was the majority opinion that was the liberals, Kennedy, Ginsburg, Breyer, Sotomayor, Kagan, and so they said a fundamental principle of the First Amendment
Is that all persons have access to places where they can speak and listen and then after reflection, speak and listen once more.
And if you're prohibiting that, you know, this guy, as his lawyer pointed out, he can't even respond to statements that other people are making about him.
Which is basically where we are with Alex Jones now.
He's been banned off of all these different platforms and people can trash him.
He's not even allowed to defend himself.
And so, this particular case, this is a guy in North Carolina.
He had been convicted of sex offense with a minor.
And so, as part of that North Carolina statute, they said, you cannot get on the internet, period, to do anything.
And they said, that's too restrictive.
And that's what the conservatives of the court said.
They said, well,
We'll let them have the right to put some restrictions on, but certainly not here.
So they had a unanimous opinion, and it was really about being able to get onto that digital public square, which is why I was kind of surprised that they didn't tie this back to the 1946 case, you know, Marsh v. Alabama, because that was one where you had a physical public square that was owned by a company town.
You've talked about this many times, you know, we're getting into this company town aspect
of the Internet.
So we'll talk about this when we come back.
We've got to go to a break.
We'll also talk about the other case because actually they had a very good train of argument in this.
We're going to review that when we come back.
David Knight with Robert Warren.
Stay with us.
We'll be right back.
Welcome back, David Knight here with Robert Barnes.
We're going to be joined by Andrew Torba of Gab in just a little while here, but we're talking about the Supreme Court decisions that were referenced as part of the Trump executive order.
We were talking about the decision that essentially was held three years ago, the Supreme Court unanimously said.
That social media is the digital public square and as we're going to break I said I'm kind of surprised I didn't go back and tie this to the physical public square the 1946 case where the Supreme Court there said you can't kick a woman out who is handing out flyers even though you own the public square because it is the public square we're not gonna let you take away her individual rights and you know Robert we've gone full circle now to the extent that
If we don't nip this in the bud, if we don't understand that government is there to protect the individual rights, the God-given rights, the natural rights, the human rights of us, then we're going to have these corporations rule us in every regard because now we've got Google, one of the worst of these censors, is now working on taking over the physical space, right?
They're going from cyberspace to physical space with their smart cities.
So this whole thing is going to go full circle if we don't nip it in the bud.
No doubt.
And really what they've done is they've laundered liability and laundered control.
So, like, I'll give an example in the nursing home context happening currently with COVID-19.
What the government does is the government, or in the vaccine context, what the government does, they take some activity they want to occur, but don't want to be sued for.
So they outsource it to either private nursing homes in the COVID-19 context to take infected patients or to Big Pharma to make vaccines.
So that's the first part of the laundering and then that's the activity that they want to have occur where they want the government to not be liable.
But then they turn around and grant immunity
We're going to let you control and own the public square, and then we're going to grant you Section 230 immunity so that you can't be held responsible like any other private company or private person would.
That's whenever you hear this argument, oh, these are private companies.
No, these are private companies that are monopolies, and these are private companies that have been given special immunities.
That makes them different and distinct from any ordinary mom-and-pop operation.
And that's what distinguishes them.
And this is something that I've seen happen in the political sphere as well.
Because when I was working with a third party back in North Carolina, we would go the extra mile to get on the ballot and then they would not allow us to participate in the debates because they would take the position that the people who were controlling the debate were private.
And so those private individuals are going to be allowed to restrict who they want to have in their debate.
We knew that they were operating, it was pretty obvious that they were operating on behalf of the two major parties, but they had the pretense that, no, we're going to, we have the sole, and of course it was the National Association, the North Carolina Association of Broadcasters.
So it's the very news people who are now trying to push any other viewpoints off of social media that we're basically pushing off independents.
Well they want those monopolies.
So we've got Andrew Torba coming up with us for a couple of segments and we'll continue on with Robert Barnes and David Knight.
We've already done the job, the listeners have done the job of getting Trump awake, getting the Justice Department awake, and so we're kind of analyzing here, which is good, why they've done wrong and what's happened, but let's talk about this before we go to Andrew Torb in the next segment.
The head of Gab, who's been under total attack for just trying to create an alternative, which shows these monopolies aren't just like, oh, do your own thing.
No, when you do your own thing, they jealously come after you.
How are they going to strike back in their arguments in Yahoo News that, oh, don't worry, Trump will do nothing to Twitter, nothing to Facebook, nothing to Google?
How do they try to block us?
What do you see in the next 157 days of this election where they've taken our weakness as weakness, as they've taken our acquiescence as weakness?
What do you expect is about to happen next?
Well, their allies are in the judiciary and the press.
So they'll fight back there first and within the legal academy.
They have co-opted so much.
If you see some professor somewhere on TV or in the press saying, oh, you can't do this, this is not legal, this is a private company, First Amendment doesn't apply, da-da-da-da-da-da.
Nine times out of ten, they either receive money, their law school receives money, their university receives money, or they personally receive money from big tech in some respect.
Big tech is- Well, I disagree.
I've never seen a time where they don't.
I think it's 100% of the time.
Oh, you may be right.
So that's the nature of it.
So what you're seeing is people, put it this way, if they haven't yet, they're going to be on the teat soon.
So that's the nature of it.
They're begging to get on the milking.
And that's the nature of it.
So that's where they're going to resort to.
I think their weakness right now, and it's also the barrier to being able to make meaningful change quickly, is their arrogance.
So they're so arrogant they don't think any consequences will come.
They've never faced it from the judiciary, from the press.
They haven't faced it really from the political class, who's talked a lot but not done a lot.
And so we're going to see whether that changes.
And so they'll be pushed back on the legislative front to try to block any legislative changes that the president's going to push to implement this agenda.
They'll try to fight it on the regulatory arena with a lot of lobbying money spent in Washington, D.C.
They'll launch a counterattack in the press and with the legal economy.
No, exactly.
So let me ask this question.
When you're at, I think the espionage angle of Twitter, Facebook, Google, working with foreign governments and taking money from foreign governments to cover up their crimes, I think that espionage is the quickest way to just swat team them down.
I think it's bifurcated.
So I think the, that is, I think their most personal exposure is the criminal exposure because of their in-depth relationship, in-bed relationship with the chi-coms in particular.
And that's why... Exactly.
Nothing against Barr and all of them, but we're not in the normal house, normal season here.
We're like literally losing the country, everything.
We're under total war against us.
They're foreign agents!
I mean... Yes, there's no doubt.
The irony that someone like General Flynn gets targeted under the Foreign Agents Registration Act, but Big Tech is never even looked at when they are by far... I mean, Big Tech's also facilitated ISIS.
This has been well known, well documented.
They've been sued for it in a wide range of contexts.
Got out of it because of Section 230 immunity.
So they've been facilitating a wide range of foreign agency action, but I think the reason why the president, even within the executive order, laid out the problems with their relationship with the CHICOMs in particular... He laid out, I've got you by the balls.
Exactly, put in there that you've been... So why did they respond, David Knight, the next day with FU?
Well, I think they're trying to make this, I think they're trying to goad him into personal attacks so that they can use that to defend themselves, and I think that's why they stepped up the attacks today.
But you know, there's another power center in this, just besides the media, besides the university professors and so forth, and that is the military-industrial complex.
And we have to understand that one of the reasons why you have these big tech monopolies and why they've been allowed to run roughshod over people is because that's what they were created to do.
Once the internet became practical, you had all these different venture capital firms.
The CIA came out of the closet.
Well, exactly.
They built the infrastructure that's now being used by the left, the chai goms, the controllers.
Yeah, and so they're going to defend that.
There's going to be factions within the government.
Because they're fighting over control of that.
And if we go back and we look at October, November 2017, and remember we were pushed off in August of 2018, but in 2017, November 2007, actually October 2017, you had Clint Watts, a former U.S.
Army officer, former FBI agent, he was saying civil wars don't start with gunshots, they start with words.
America's war with itself has already begun.
We've got to stop
False information.
We have to silence the big guns on social media.
And so he's calling for censorship.
And this was after Facebook, Twitter, and others had left.
And he's talking to the Senate.
Nobody, Republican or Democrat, had a problem with that.
They're in there saying, silence Alex Jones.
That's right.
That's right.
We were the test case.
They even sat us in the hearings.
And so that's precisely what they did.
And they want to make sure that they can control the narrative about all these other issues.
Let me ask this question to both of you when we come back.
What are they going to do now that it's all failed so far?
Because these people don't give up.
They just keep doubling down, doubling down.
What is the doubling down?
Each of you, 20 seconds.
David Knight and Barbara Barnes, how do they strike back?
Well, I think right now they've pretty much got us under a lockdown, obviously, and so all of this stuff, this is something, this is an argument that, frankly, we should have had a year ago.
Right now, the argument is also what happens with lockdown.
And I think one of the things that President Trump needs to do, as I've said before, besides firing Fauci and Birx, he needs to come out and have people who've been right about this from the very beginning, and they need to undo
The panic that has been... No, I agree.
He brought up all the real experts, all the real doctors.
And just doubled down and said, they're the traitors or CHICOM agents.
They would all be defeated instantly.
And the other thing he could do is use his power and go to another platform like Gab or something like that or create... Alright, Robert Barnes, stay there.
You'll come back with your response on the other side.
I'm Alex Jones.
And we've got Mr. Torba of Gab straight ahead on the other side.
We appreciate him.
Wow, what a time to be alive.
This is a very exciting time.
Make no mistake.
And we're here on air despite all their attacks, thanks to you.
Thanks to you.
This provision, Section 230, has been stretched way beyond its original intention, and people feel that on both sides of the aisle.
This was adopted 25 years ago to protect the fledgling industry, and its purpose was to allow websites that were serving as essentially bulletin boards for diverse third-party content coming on, to say that you're not responsible for the content of that third-party information.
Now it's been completely stretched to allow what have become, really, bohemoths who control a lot of the flow of information in our society, to engage in censorship of that information, and to act as editors and publishers of the material.
So when they put on their own content, like fact-checked content onto other people's content, and when they curate their collection... How did you decide to ban Alex Jones?
What users want from us, and what we've always provided them, is a curated platform.
We think that what the user wants is someone that does review these apps.
Someone that does review the podcast.
Someone that, on like Apple News, where a human is selecting the top stories.
And that's what we do.
We don't take a political stand.
We're not leaning one way or the other.
You can tell that from the stuff on the App Store and in podcasts, etc.
You'll see everything from very conservative to very liberal.
And that's the way I think it should be.
But at what point were you like, okay, that's it, Alex Jones has to go?
You know, I don't want to get into a singular kind of event, but I think there's enough there.
That reasonable people could agree that if you're going to Chirag camps, that that should be all.
And when they start censoring particular content, including in many cases in the direction of foreign governments like Communist China, they become publishers.
And they shouldn't be entitled to the same kind of shield that was set up earlier.
We haven't played this yet.
We'll play it next segment.
Andrew Torba is with us for two segments.
Constitutional lawyer Robert Barnes is here.
Engineer and researcher and Infowars host David Knight.
But we have Joe Biden pledging allegiance to Communist China on video coming up.
Andrew Torba heads up Gab.
They've tried to shut him down.
They've demonized this great patriot.
And he's here to watch Trump finally beginning to take action.
I've had a lot of legal scholars I weighed in with on the phone and in person.
They say this is a very strong move by Trump.
What do you think?
I actually totally disagree, Alex.
Section 230 not only protects, yes, big tech, but it also protects companies like ours, right?
It allows us to compete against these people.
More regulation is not the answer.
The free market is providing, and GAB is proof of that.
Over the past 48 hours, we've added 150,000 new people to the site.
We're exploding in growth right now because people are sick of it.
No, that's beautiful.
So correct me if I'm wrong, isn't Trump talking about Section 230 on a case-by-case being stripped?
Uh, yes, but I think focusing on that in general is the wrong approach.
Section 230 not only protects the companies, it protects small website owners.
It protects your own website with a comment section, for example.
No, no, Andrew, I totally agree with you.
You're a smart guy, smarter than I am when it comes to tech stuff, but this is what they're using to play both sides, so that's the enacting power.
Well, I mean, we'll explain what the President should do then.
Well, the president should get on Gab, Alex.
It's that simple.
He should get on Gab, he should get on Parler, he should get on Minds, he should get on Bitchute.
With one tweet, he could turn the entire tech media landscape on its head.
And I know, of course, I'm biased, right?
No, no, I hear you.
I think you're actually right that his bully pulpit, if Trump created his own Twitter, it would be huge.
Yeah, I mean, I think, well, I think as to that question as to how to protect small companies,
It would have been good, I think, if there would have been one additional component in the executive order, which is simply to separate out those big tech companies that have a certain high, what's called a monopolistic market share.
Yeah, those that have monopolies may lose $2.30.
And that's 75% or more of the market.
Go ahead.
That was my problem with the EO, right?
My problem with the EO was there was no protection for companies like Gab, like Bitchu.
So the EO should have said something like, you know, you have to have over 100 million users in order for this type of action to be taken or this type of... Because if regulation comes down, right, how are they going to determine that a website is being held politically neutral, right?
We're going to have to have lawyers.
We're going to have to have probably third party auditors.
How are they going to actually police this and make sure that the tech companies are being politically neutral?
I don't see how they accomplish that.
I don't see how a small company like us, especially... But listen, this is why Trump hasn't taken action, is that it's a whole gray area.
The point is, he's clearly declaring war on big tech, though.
I mean, I get that legislatively they're going to be turning around against you, but I think overall this is positive.
Yeah, why can't they just be neutral?
Why can't they just allow people to speak like they do at Speaker's Corner like we're talking about?
I mean, what we're talking about here is when they start censoring and controlling speech.
If they're going to have immunity, they need to be neutral.
Well, we know through corporate power who's exercising power.
So we're all being censored already.
So I know, I agree with Tor, but you can look at what Trump's doing and say it's not going to be perfect.
Well, this is just the beginning.
Well, I think, due to Orba's point, there is a way to protect small entities aside from requiring the monopoly component, which they can add in the process.
The second is that what Trump is asking is the FCC to have any tech company propose rules for how they regulate their process that include due process and viewpoint neutrality.
And the idea is that in the way they exercise editorial privileges, and you can correct me if I'm wrong, GAAB doesn't do editorial privileges outside of the Good Samaritan provisions of Section 230.
Is that right?
Right, correct.
We only remove illegal content.
Threats of violence, child pornography, etc.
But what I'm saying is, we've been asking Trump to take action.
They believed he was paralyzed.
It's positive that the Godzilla's moving.
I agree entirely.
I understand the concern of the small companies is that they don't want to get caught up in something that's supposed to target the attack.
And you're right.
The Google lobbyists will write it where Gab can shut down and they don't.
Yeah, the risk of regulatory capture is a problem.
Believe me though, they're crapping bricks right now.
This is, just believe me, it's going to get sussed out.
Alex, you're right.
You know, something's being done, right?
This is fantastic news.
After five years of this stuff happening that we've all experienced, you know, InfoWars and Gab in particular, something is finally being done.
He's talking about this issue.
He's taking action on this issue.
That is a good thing.
But what nobody's really talking about is the App Store duopoly, because Apple and Google control 98% of the mobile app hardware and software distribution market.
No, you're right.
It's the app entrance point.
And I think that's the antitrust angle that's coming down the pipeline, or at least I hope so.
Can you explain how that's an antitrust violation?
Because they should give access to any legal app.
Oh, absolutely.
And they're politically discriminating and market discrimination.
They're curating.
Yes, curating indeed.
It's like someone who's stolen all the art, putting up something at an art show.
Andrew, can you explain how it impacts Gab and the ability of what Gab can do by this antitrust app monopoly, this duopoly that's taken place?
Right, so Apple and Google, like I said, they control 98% of the mobile app store distribution.
It's 100% a duopoly.
There's no question about it.
And not only are they preventing apps like Gab, Bitchute, others from submitting apps into the app stores, but they're also propping up their own apps ahead of other competitors.
So, for example, they prop up their Apple Music app ahead of Spotify and other music services.
And actually, the New York Times, I'm not a big fan of them, but they did an excellent report on this where they highlighted all of the competitors that Apple pushes down in the search results in favor of their own apps.
This is anti-competitive behavior.
This is where the DRJ needs to focus.
Yeah, no doubt about it.
And my understanding is these are not exclusionary options.
What I like the most is that GAAB has actually kept its promises.
Big Tech has not.
And that's why Big Tech can be sued by state attorney generals with the attorney general.
That's the best part of this order is let's use consumer protection to go after these fraudsters and liars that Big Tech has been to get an economic advantage and edge over companies like GAAB and free up the free market.
And let's break this down.
This isn't just like your power company, okay?
This is everything.
And so Big Tech's the whole future.
So the debate about Big Tech is the debate about the whole architecture of humanity going forward.
We'll be right back.
Andrew Torb is our guest.
I'm Alex Jones.
With InfoWars, we have Robert Barnes, constitutional lawyer, day to night host of The David Knight Show, weekday mornings, 8 a.m.
And look, I can sit here and academically look at
I can look at what Trump's doing.
I can look at what's happening with the riots in Minnesota.
But when you pull back from it, the Communist Chinese are threatening to attack Taiwan right now.
They're threatening to invade Hong Kong.
You've got all hell breaking loose.
So let me ask Andrew Torba.
Let me ask David Knight and Robert Barnes.
Real politics, using Henry Kissinger's term, where is the world right now, separate from our political views and what we want?
Who are the players?
What are the factors?
Andrew Turber, why shouldn't we want the Communist Chinese to run things?
Well, Alex, as a Christian, I certainly don't want the Communist Chinese to run things.
Christians are not treated too hot over there.
Listen, you know, they're subverting these big tech companies.
And, you know, these American companies are bending over backwards to appease these Communist Chinese.
No, exactly.
Congress, the intelligence agencies, act like if it's Chinese, it doesn't exist.
Like, oh, the Chinese are taking over.
Well, that's fine, because they're Chinese.
I mean, if I tried this, I'd be killed.
But it's like, so where did the green light become that if it's Qaikom, we're just supposed to bend over?
I guess it's about money, Alex, like everything else.
It's about money, it's about power, it's about who's paying who.
If you follow the money, I'm sure we can find the answer.
Really, what I'm most concerned about is these apps like TikTok, you know, Chinese-controlled.
Yeah, you were getting into the app monopolies.
Let's talk about that, because you're right.
They're trying to make the whole web about accessibility on a phone via an app, and then that's really where they're building the false paradigm.
It's a delusion of choice, Alex, and this is what it's been for the past decade.
You know, you have the top 20 apps in the App Store controlled by about three companies, right?
So there really is no choice, and they're all in Silicon Valley.
And when InfoWars was the number one in news, was going to number one period, they banned it.
Same here.
Gab went to number one on the Google Play Store, and the second that happened, we were banned, right?
And they allow... Oh, it's about choice, though.
No, it's not about that, is it?
No, absolutely not.
I mean, you see them censoring the President's tweet this morning, the same tweet from the actual White House account, which is absolutely incredible.
And at the same time, you see, you know, dozens and dozens of people calling for violence, calling to burn down the country, calling to kill cops on Twitter, and Twitter does absolutely nothing about it.
So, there's this double standard, there's this hypocrisy.
Well, it's more that it's an informational human control arm.
Where we don't allow people that don't want death to have a speech.
Those that do want we allow to have speech.
It is a giant criminal coup.
It is a big tech coup over information, over human communication.
It is a giant
Informational takeover, David Knight.
You know, Alex, right after you were kicked off of all the social media places, and you went to the hearings that they had, and Marco Rubio was there, and Rubio said, uh, I don't know who you are, right?
Then later he admitted he did.
The only thing he was concerned about, I mean, here they're gonna have free speech hearings, and they've got the highest profile individual in the world who's been kicked off, just happened, and he pretends he doesn't know anything about that.
But what he said in the hearings was he was only asked these people, Facebook, Twitter, and so forth.
Now, if the Chinese government does X, you're going to stop that, right?
And that's really the issue.
As Robert Barnes was saying, they've gotten so arrogant now that they are allowing the Chinese to, essentially, they're playing ball for the Chinese.
The military-industrial complex set these guys up.
The military-industrial complex was behind a lot of the censorship.
Two months after they moved against Infowars, they took out 100 other sites.
So how are our intelligence agencies backing China and not Americans?
Well, I think this is going to be an internal struggle with them.
And I think when you look at what's happening, you look at the struggle with 5G, for example, right?
Both the American government and the Chinese government want 5G.
They don't care about our privacy.
They don't care about our health.
They just want to be the ones who are in control.
And so you've got this competition that's going on between China and between a lot of elements in the military-industrial complex.
And as you're pointing out, they're moving against Hong Kong, against Taiwan, also in India, also in the South China Sea.
The question is, where are they going to have a hot war first in terms of their aggression?
And these people in Hong Kong
Revolution, Alex.
We're winning.
That's the thing.
As I always say when I'm on the show, we have God on our side.
We have truth on our side.
And we have the people on our side.
And I think, you know, Gab is proof of that, right?
Like I said, we're exploding in growth.
We've literally doubled our traffic in the past 48 hours.
We have hundreds of thousands of people coming to the site.
I think this is the tipping point.
This is the tipping point for big tech.
And we're probably going to see the attacks start to ride up against Gab again.
We're going to see hip pieces come out against us.
You know the drill.
You've been through it, right?
But you know, this is an information war.
This is, this is a time of revolution.
And I'm glad that I'm a patriot and I'm on the right side of history.
I agree.
You know, I've asked a bunch of questions here, but in the time we have left Andrew Torbo of Gab, what else do you want to impart to the viewers and listeners?
Guys, we got to fight back, right?
We got to build our own platforms.
Alex spent, you know, 20 some years building his own platform.
And with the power of the Internet, with the power of open source technology, it's never been cheaper.
It's never been easier to build your own website, to have your own voice and to start your own social network like I did.
So you guys can all do this.
You can all stop using these big tech
Yeah, I think so.
Right, like I said, they're pushing hundreds of thousands of people over to Gab, or over to Bitchute, or over to any of these other alternatives, right?
People are building and people are exiting.
Right, exactly.
Yeah, Banned.Video's got five times the traffic this year it had last year.
It's incredible.
And, you know, people are supporting those of us who are building.
This is only possible because of our users.
We're fully funded by our users, and we have been for four years.
By the way, explain that.
It's not a pat on the head.
They're like a volcano coming up.
Like, they're it.
Like, it's not like, oh, you're part of it.
No, it's like, the people supporting spreading the word, you're it.
Yes, exactly.
You know, we sent out an email asking folks to ask the President to get on GAB.
And there are now thousands and thousands and thousands of tweets and Facebook posts and whatever of people doing just that.
You know, we have a mobilized... Yeah, that's a great question.
Why doesn't the President... Oh, they'll say a white supremacist put a message on there.
Well, white supremacists put messages on every platform.
That's right.
That would turn everything on its head.
Robert, if you want to go off on that, because I don't want to, you know, toot my own horn here, but that, that is the ultimate, you know, F.U.
to Silicon Valley is stop using these products, go over here.
And it's not to say that he's going to quit Twitter or quit Facebook.
Obviously, he's not going to.
No, no, he should use Twitter to tell them about Gab.
Exactly, exactly.
And that will shake up everything.
Well, I predict the President will do that.
I mean, I think they can manipulate and play games, you know.
I think they're going to really get a surprise now.
He could transcend these people and he could do that without anybody shutting him down at any court or, you know, anything.
He just does that move to alternative.
Hey, I'm just saying, I get Andrew being somewhat critical, but at least it's action.
Oh yeah, and it is actually in the right direction.
There are risks in it that Andrew has identified, but those risks can be remedied as they develop the implementation.
Well, the man in the arena ain't got all the answers.
He just climbed in the arena.
Right, exactly.
He did it again.
We want it?
He just did it.
Yeah, agreed, agreed.
So now he's going to listen to us.
Go ahead, Andrew.
Yeah, no, he's swinging now.
He's doing something, right?
Again, Alex, this is a problem that, you know, God blessed me to have the foresight and the vision, you know, almost four years ago to see this stuff coming.
And to build and to prepare.
You know, it's like I'm building the ark over the past four years and now it's ready and people are coming over and flooding over.
And, you know, this is the future.
This is the future.
The future is on us.
The future is to build.
That is the solution ultimately.
I totally agree.
We built Bandot Video.
You built Gab.
It's all beautiful things.
Thank you so much, Mr. Torban.
Join us again next week.
Will do, Alex.
Have a great day.
So we'll talk about how to stop their next level on the other side and then we've got Owen Schroer and others taking over.
I'll be back this Sunday 4 to 6 p.m.
Lord willing and I say Lord willing because every day above ground is a good day and the only reason I'm still here is God.
I'm not the man in charge.
Alex Jones here back live on this Friday edition and I'm a father, I'm a human, I'm a patriot, I'm American, I love God and I'm just sitting here
Watching truly evil forces try to bring down society.
Try to turn us against each other.
And so, in the final equation, we consider and analyze data points all day long, and talk about this factoid or that factoid, but it's really all about power, and those that decide to not care about anybody but themselves, even though it brings down the whole civilization beneath them, they believe they'll transcend it as being gods.
Barnes, what is behind the New World Order?
What is the real world political system?
What is, I mean, when you go to sleep tonight, when you think about the power structure, what do you see?
That it's a fight for control.
That it's a fight for centralized elites wanting to have control over the rest of the population.
Money is just another means of power, which is just another means of control.
And sort of Bill Gates personifies the mindset probably better than anyone alive today.
But he simply personifies it.
He is not the sole arbiter or provider of it.
The Zuckerberg other people have the same kind of mindset, same kind of mentality, same kind of approach, and it's all about fighting for control.
They want a monopolistic control over aspects of the economy, aspects of political life, aspects of social life, sort of lockdown economics and culture is very much sort of a big tech dystopian dream.
And it's the same mindset mentality that pervades them throughout.
So if we're going to resist that, it's allowing a little piece of freedom against this centralized concentrated control that these sort of oligopoly of the big tech giants want to impose in their cartel economics and view of politics and social life.
And then these tech heads are just such disgusting people.
You were saying before the break, it's been Zuckerberg, at least on the surface, that bucks it the most.
We have a clip of that.
Here's Zuckerberg with Dina Perino, Mrs. Perina, last night claiming, oh, I don't want to censor anybody.
Here it is.
Twitter decided for the first time ever to fact check one of President Trump's tweets.
I wondered if you thought that Twitter may have made the wrong decision here.
We have a different policy, I think, than Twitter on this.
You know, I just believe strongly that Facebook shouldn't be the arbiter of truth of everything that people say online.
I think in general, private companies probably shouldn't be, or especially these platform companies, shouldn't be in the position of doing that.
He said last year,
When I said that Biden had neurological problems, they said, you can only mention Alex Jones if it's a negative connotation.
So they didn't just arbitrate what truth was.
They said, in a cult two minutes of hate, you must say it's bad, David.
Well, you know, he just banned a conversation from the president of Brazil who was talking about hydroxychloroquine.
And so he's going to try to control every aspect of this.
But, you know, Alex, when you talk about what's behind this,
Look, it is a conspiracy, but it is a satanic conspiracy.
I believe, like you do, that this is a spiritual battle.
And this is why it's consistent, and this is why... Generation to generation, it's the same program.
Just put a different person in there, bow down and worship me, and I will give you the kingdoms and the keys to all of this stuff.
And oh, by the way, this is what I want.
I want to eradicate mankind.
I want to destroy people and, you know, have depopulation and so forth.
So, we see these types of programs... Kill, steal, and destroy.
That's right.
We see these programs consistently being pushed forward.
The faces change, but the agenda remains the same from person to person.
That's why when you talk to people and they don't look at this from a spiritual standpoint... They don't get it.
They say, well, you know, so who's running the strings?
Who's pulling the strings?
Well, we know who's pulling the strings.
Well, the Bible calls it the mystery of evil, because you said it's generation after generation.
Because I was never, I mean, I was a kid, and I loved God, and I believed God was real, but I hadn't really.
When I got into politics and saw it face to face, I was like, my God, this is real.
And it's why you see all these people like Epstein and all the rest, it's why there's all these pedophile connections, all these satanic rituals.
Because they've got to commit evil to go against, they've got to, like, get in the club.
Yeah, exactly.
And so when you look at people like Bill Gates who, you know, doesn't have any kids and he wants to kill everybody else's kids, I mean, he gets power from that.
That's, that's, you know, he likes the power and he's willing to do this and he is basically, you know, these are the approaches that he's taken.
But what I'm concerned about here as we look at it in the immediate standpoint here, how are
How are they implementing this?
And the thing that I still come back to, yeah, we should be having this discussion about free speech.
One of the reasons that they were allowed to lock us down was because they had silenced everybody else.
They had a monolithic narrative out there.
Oh, they got that in place up front?
Yeah, exactly.
And so we have to be able to push back against this.
We have to do it from the local level, but this has to be rolled back.
And even from the standpoint of President Trump, he's got to realize that if they, they are doing this for political purposes as well as to destroy us individually.
And he's not going to win re-election if he's got a Great Depression on his hands.
Oh, he knows.
He knows.
And he's going to have to undo the PSYOP.
I agree.
So Barnes, you're a constitutional lawyer.
Transcending all this.
Who are the players?
What do you see happening?
What should we be doing?
Well, the two key components to the announcement yesterday was that they're going to use not only the approach that they did with Microsoft, which did ultimately discipline Microsoft and anti-trust.
Broke it up.
The last time a trust got broke up.
The last time that the big tech threat was really present.
The last time the Sherman Antitrust Act was meaningfully used and employed and disciplined a guy who completely was arrogant.
Oh, talk about arrogant.
Yeah, I mean there's nobody like him when it comes to Bill Gates.
And then the second component of it is use the big tobacco strategy to go after big tech in the same way.
Use the state attorney generals
Going after their mass consumer deception of ordinary people whose assets... What happened is they said, hey, you come in and join Big Tech.
You give us your personal and private information that we are going to turn around and monetize for our personal profit.
And in exchange, we'll protect your speech.
Total fraud.
That's what it is.
At its core, Big Tech was built on massive fraud, the way Big Tobacco's profits were built on massive fraud.
So use the same mechanism, the same methods, the same means, the same mode to take them down the way we took down Big Tobacco.
Use the same strategy, same approach, and that's what was announced.
That was the biggest thing announced yesterday.
They've got articles going, oh don't worry, Trump's easy.
Twitter has little to fear from Trump.
That's been at the top of Yahoo all day.
That's the opposite.
They have a lot to fear.
Probably the biggest case is going to come right here in Texas.
But use the Republican Attorney Generals to go after them to establish the precedent.
And those juries, everybody's going to see it.
Like they literally have engaged in fraud.
Oh, no doubt.
I mean, first of all, there's really two levels of fraud.
The main level of fraud was, hey, come in, bring your friends, bring content.
None of these big tech platforms... Run your advert?
Oh, not only just the advertising, but even... You know, when I said I spent $20 million on advertising, I wanted to wake up the world.
We spent almost all our money.
But even more... Like six, eight, nine years ago, my family's like, Alex, you're making no money.
You're spending all the money on advertising.
I said, I want to wake the world up.
But even... We're not here to make money.
But exactly, I spent all that money with big tech, and now they're going to say, oh, it doesn't matter you spent $20 million with us, you're nothing now.
Well, and the thing is, if you look at it broadly, even if you hadn't spent a penny in advertising, you brought probably billions of dollars of revenue.
No, but I mean, I paid the money.
Oh yeah, you did.
But I'm saying on top of that... Because I just wanted to wake people up!
Well, think about it this way.
Every other broadcasting platform, at some level, pays for the content they produce.
What happened is the big tech said, please give us your content for free.
We're not going to pay you for your content.
That's right.
And in exchange, we'll allow you to have complete freedom so that you can reach a broader audience.
And I remember when you were about one of only about a half dozen people with Facebook Live, right?
They came to you first and you helped to build that function.
Well, they wanted me to meet with Zuckerberg in New York.
That was an off-record meeting, but yeah, they tried to get me to, yeah.
When you look at it... They used you to build that.
And then kick you off.
If all these people hadn't joined it, they would never have developed Monopoly power.
Our first Facebook lives had millions of viewers every time.
Oh yeah, I remember.
Well, if you look at it conservative, probably you yourself helped contribute 10 million people to big tech platforms, which they value on average.
And I paid them all the money we made.
Because I want to just reach more people.
And then finally when we hit the zeitgeist, they said, no, I mean, it's like...
And if you look at the monetary value of those people coming in and subscribing and supporting, and you providing that content free of charge to them, the net effect of it is billions of dollars.
And the point is, whether you were a plumber or whatever, they took everybody's ads, they did it, and now they went, no, you don't matter.
It's a combination of consumer deception and unjust enrichment.
An old legal concept where somebody gets rich by some unjust mechanism and means by making a false promise to someone else.
So the principles of equity require that they reimburse those funds.
So you could completely, if the government wanted to, the attorney generals could completely bankrupt every big tech company tomorrow by simply pursuing legal theories that currently exist.
And again, big tech is so big they believe they'd buy everyone off if government could
Just do it right here in Texas.
In Texas, there is a good Texas Supreme Court.
There's a good Texas Attorney General.
There can be good Texas juries.
Let's be clear though.
They're not benevolent dictatorships.
They're malevolent.
They're not going to stop.
They're like the Rockefellers of the 19th century.
You've got to spank them for them to wake up and do the right thing.
I'm going to ask you both when we come back ahead of the guests taking over, then how does big tech strike back with David Knight, Robert Barnes.
I'm Alex Jones.
All right, we can sit here and rearrange deck chairs on the Titanic, but David Knight was making some great points.
You have all these 25-year-old leftist mayors put in by Soros, calling for race rioting, all of this.
None of it's about justice.
It's about overthrowing the country.
It's about slavery.
And if you want to wake up inside the Soviet Union, Americans, you're very close to that.
We've got a clip coming up that's bone-chilling on Infowars.com.
Rioters blast the purge message through loudspeakers.
Any and all crime, including murder,
Will be legal for 12 hours.
So they're trying to trigger the Civil War.
You're making some points, David Knight.
Well, you know, Alex, when we look at pent-up demand, you know, you've got this mayor in Minneapolis who was saying, if you're within five hours, come here and protest.
Well, they're not protesting.
They're looting, they're burning, they're getting violent, and that's exactly what he wants because you've got a lot of pent-up frustration with a lot of people, and it's going to get worse as this Great Depression continues if the lockdown is not removed.
And it's the mayor running the department that taught the cop how to choke somebody to death.
Yeah, well, I mean, literally, the mob boss in charge is saying, come burn things down.
They've had a lot of problems there in Minneapolis.
I mean, you go back to Philando Castile, and I can't really... And the Somali police guy killing a lady.
That's right, killing the lady from Australia.
So, they've got a training issue, they've got an accountability issue, but then he is putting himself out, virtue signaling like he's going to be the savior.
But again,
He's talking about 400 years of pent-up frustration because of slavery and so forth.
He is stoking this to try to get a race war because they don't want you to get upset about the lockdown.
That's fundamentally the frustration that both sides are feeling right now, and they want to have both sides fighting each other, and they're doing a pretty good job of pitting black against white because, you know, it's happening.
It's spreading out of Minneapolis.
I mean, what is happening in Minneapolis is not staying there.
And it's discrediting civil rights movements.
So you remember from Seattle, the same thing.
When you had legitimate organic civil protests, they came in with the NWO, brought in the black clad anarchist.
Antifa's present in Minneapolis as well.
It was Clinton's Delta Force that ran that.
Remember, they were coming in and they were breaking windows and all the rest, and then they went and maced those kids in the eyes and all that stuff, and all those Seattle Frontline protests.
The methodologies, and this goes all the way back to the 1920s, 1930s, when street violence became political theater in Europe.
They learned, okay, this is how we can orchestrate political chaos.
This is how we can create divide.
You can hear it talked about in the 1960s, when they infiltrated Cohen's Helper.
And now we have the Soros documents, they're doing it.
So Trump should just go on air and point out Soros is funding it.
Because he can show the groups sponsoring these protests are the very groups doing this.
Let's go back to Bill Ayers, right?
He was the one who was popularizing this whole white skin privilege is what he called it at the time, right?
He realized that an economic division wasn't going to fly here at the time.
Right, so he wanted to make this about race, and that's where he focused.
And the goal is to be divisive.
Because you look at the George Floyd case, that's a case that could be a uniting case.
People see somebody with a knee on the back of a guy, with no justification, no warrant.
And what I told people in advance, if he's a bad cop, he'll have a record.
Turned out he had a record.
A lot of complaints, lots of issues.
That's a case where the, that does happen to white people, Latino people, people all across the country.
That could be a unifying case.
So what they do in any of those circumstances where they have a unifying case, is they create something to divide people once again.
That's right.
And you see the riots the next day, and the riots, there's outsiders on tape, outsiders involved in it, outsiders, and people that are going to be connected to politically motivated organizations, there to in effect discredit civil rights by increasing the divisiveness in the local community from a case that could otherwise be uniting in the public sphere.
Yeah, the Australian lady who got killed there in Minneapolis had marched for reform after the Philando Castile situation.
Yesterday, I went through a whole list of different cases right off the Free Thought Project because they focus on a lot of police brutality and so forth.
I said, OK, here's this case, this case.
You've got people who are innocent that are beaten or killed.
And I said, guess which ones are white?
Which ones are black?
They don't want to focus on that.
Instead, they want to focus on the skin color of the victim.
And that's really where they're at.
Because they need divisiveness.
Divisiveness only works for the political partisan purposes that they want to see.
The uniting cases bring people together, show the success of the legal system, show the world that we're all human.
It's a pro-gender agenda.
Sure, there's an attempt to bring down America.
And it's not that America's perfect, but they've got something really evil ready to replace it.
It's called the New World Order.
Final segment straight ahead with both my guests and the next talk show host takes it over in the last three segments of the Alex Jones Show.
But right now, Robert Barnes and David Niner with us.
We've got a Trump clip straight ahead.
I'll see you again!
All right, so they got the Purge movies, like three or four of them, where white people go out and kill black people.
So the poor black folks brainwashed for the New World Order are riding around playing it.
So we're going to kill white people.
Because there's racism, so we're going to be racist and kill people because of what color they are.
The opposite of what Martin Luther King said.
And by the way, Martin Luther King didn't invent that.
What he said, what they stand for, the character of their deeds and actions, yeah, that's how the universe really works.
So here's a clip of that and a clip of Trump talking about all of this.
Here it is.
Thank you for watching!
So the left puts us into martial law, puts us into a lockdown, promotes all the hype, and now they bring you into it.
And out of this collapse, you won't be empowered, you'll have total slavery.
Ever done before.
Hundreds of billions of dollars a year were lost dealing with China.
Especially over the years during the prior administration.
China raided our factories, offshored our jobs, gutted our industries, stole our intellectual property, and violated their commitments under the World Trade Organization.
To make matters worse, they are considered a developing nation, getting all sorts of benefits that others, including the United States, are not entitled to.
But I have never solely blamed China for this.
They were able to get away with the theft like no one was able to get away with before because of past politicians and frankly, past presidents.
But unlike those who came before, my administration negotiated and fought for what was right.
It's called fair and reciprocal treatment.
China has also unlawfully claimed territory in the Pacific Ocean, threatening freedom of navigation and international trade.
And they broke their word to the world on ensuring the autonomy of Hong Kong.
The United States wants an open and constructive relationship with China, but achieving that relationship requires us to vigorously defend our national interests.
The Chinese government has continually violated its promises to us and so many other nations.
These plain facts cannot be overlooked or swept aside.
The world is now suffering as a result of the malfeasance of the Chinese government.
China's cover-up of the Wuhan virus allowed the disease to spread all over the world.
By the way, I don't take any pleasure in this.
I've been doing this 26 years.
But it's all come to a head, boys and girls.
All the games are over.
All the jokes are over.
And we do have a president that's an American president, but we are infiltrated and we are down.
We're up against a lot of evil forces and we're going to war with China.
I don't know how big that war is going to be.
This isn't some war kicking a bunch of Muslims around.
This isn't.
This is a real war.
So David Knight and of course Robert Barnes, you want to make any closing comments about where we are right now?
Yeah, well, you know, when you look at the fourth turning, Strauss and Howe wrote in the early 90s, the same people who came up with the, you know, they'd look at it as a generational view, cyclical view of history.
They were the ones who coined the term millennial.
And they said in the early 90s, I think it was 93, they said sometime around the mid-2000s there'll be some kind of a global economic issue.
It'll take a while for this to roll through.
The fourth turning should be completed by 2029, and at that point we should have a
Big change in society like we've seen 80 year cycles.
The last one was the Great Depression and World War II.
They're trying to hijack that turning.
Well 2030 is what they've been focused on.
They understand the cycle as well.
But I would say we're in command of the turn.
Do you agree?
I think humanity is in the initiative to win this.
I don't know.
When I look at the lockdown, I'm not sure that we're in control.
No, I see the weakness of followers, David, but we're not followers.
I think that what we have to do is we've got to stop this lockdown.
It is imperative to stop now.
No, I agree.
This is the slave training for the future.
And if we don't stop that, we have lost, because it's going to continue to go down into a greater depression, and then that's going to put more pressure on the politicians to start a greater war.
No, no, I agree with you that the lockdown is their main assault.
It's a non-military attack that is a military attack.
Yeah, and the lockdown has established what the endpoint was going to look like.
In other words, all the stuff that we've seen imposed on us... Exactly!
They're putting victory up front.
And they're getting us conditioned to this.
They may pull it back, but then they'll be able to put it back on again.
Very sophisticated.
Well, it's a real live Milgram experiment to see how people respond and react in these kind of circumstances, and they had far more success than they ever imagined.
At the same time, the answer to evil people is always good people doing good things.
So the fact, and people resisted, people pushed back, people protested, people took action, people engaged in civil disobedience, and we often saw them capitulate and fold when that happened and occurred.
So it shows the power of the individual spirit is far from
Well, exactly.
Their attack, though, was so over the top and so reckless.
We submitted up front because we weren't used to it, but we're getting a learning curve.
I think it's very important that we get free speech back, because you look at how effective this has been to the people who simply look at CNN and Fox News.
Oh, I think the establishment that isn't self-defeatist gets now, oh wow, this is a real takeover.
I think they realize speech being cut out really was bad.
Well, there's a lot of people who are willing to stand up and not comply, but there's a lot of people who are fully into this PSYOP.
They really are.
Yeah, no doubt.
Well, it's not called Unite and Conquer, it's called Divide and Conquer.
That's right.
And so once the lockdown did not achieve the full success that they wanted it to, once they weren't able to push the
Sort of new modern version of WMDs or incubator babies in exaggerating the scope and scale of the threat of this virus and weren't able to get people to believe the lockdown even had any relationship to it and large parts of the public refused and resisted.
That's when now they've resorted to a backup strategy of other divisive form of politics where they have African-Americans scared of every white person in the world between the Ahmaud Arbery case and the Minneapolis case and now they're through the riots and making them appear to be race riots
Make white America scared of African Americans.
So, is their actions a sign of strength or weakness?
A sign of weakness because they wouldn't be resorting to these kind of desperate, dangerous tactics.
You don't unleash pandemics that you can't completely control.
And race wars.
And you don't unleash race wars that you can't completely direct.
Yeah, I mean, I respect you.
You're a smart guy.
And I get you're being pessimistic.
It's good to be truthful about how bad we've gotten.
But I mean, let me tell you, I see a lot of positive signs.
I think it's very imperative at this point that we pay attention to what the next phase is, and that is the rollout of testing and contact tracing.
And the secret police.
We're going to finally have the officers come to us.
It won't be cops.
The model here is the Cuban system.
So that's why they're using it in Italy and other places.
They wanted to do mass informants.
That's why D'Stasio in New York and the good mayor of L.A.
How do you not beat the hell out of somebody coming to your house?
Well, I mean, I think ordinary people just resisting.
Or just don't talk to them.
Yeah, there's all kinds of ways of civil disobedience that can be very effective when you're within your constitutional and legal rights to do so.
We've already seen it.
The Dallas salon owner said she was going to open and what happened led to national outrage.
I'm going to predict this now.
I'm betting on humanity.
I believe this Soviet New World Order Nazi attempt to suppress us will create the greatest bloom of resistance ever seen.
I hope so.
I hope they've gone too quickly and too far.
And that's the key thing, you know, doing it gradually.
This is why I think it's even more dangerous.
Well, let's remember, just because they get a bunch of sheeple, just because they get a bunch of people that howl Hitler doesn't mean it's... Yeah.
Oh, well, I think it's even more dangerous when you have a situation like we got here in Texas, where the governor is putting $300 million into contact tracing, and yet I think that's more dangerous than what's happening with Whitmer or with Cuomo or these other people because it's obvious what's happening with them.
No, I agree.
Why is the governor doing that?
It's a virtue signal?
I don't know why he's doing it.
Quite frankly, there's people on both sides.
People who think that it needs to be done and people who don't think that it needs to be done.
They're both questioning why this small company would get a $300 million contract.
This company has a very tiny office in Texas.
They're the ones doing contact tracing for New York, for New Mexico.
Go to their office!
Yeah, about 15, 16 hundred feet.
Where are they located?
Frisco, Texas.
Oh, that's Frisco.
That's a CIA operation.
I don't think so.
All right, Robert Barnes, David Knight.
I'm Alex Jones.
Coming up, Matt Bracken, former Navy SEAL, best-selling author.
He'll tell you all he thinks about having the riots and then the war room with Owen Schroer, Savannah Hernandez, and others.
Straight ahead.
God bless you all.
It's good to be back.
What a conversation there.
That's a couple of great minds when you can have Alex and David Knight and Robert Barnes.
I mean, we're talking some pretty deep insights there.
And then Torba of Gab coming in.
I've been on Gab for a number of years now, and I just wanted to mention that if you haven't been there, say, in the last month, their platform has been just massively improved over the last couple of weeks.
I mean, almost all the features that you'll find in Facebook or Twitter running just like that
Very slick, very smooth operation.
My hat's off.
The engineers at Gab have done fantastic work.
Parler is also good, and I do encourage the President to start parallel posting on Gab and on Parler, and possibly even just post links to his posts on Gab and elsewhere.
So that people that look for him on Twitter are just going to get a link over to Gab or Parler.
If this happened, this would be like a hundred foot tsunami hitting social media.
And I think that Trump, the showman, you know, the master of ceremonies, the guy that really understands
The ins and outs, I think, of American psychology better than maybe anybody.
For all of his flaws, he is obviously a barroom brawler, throws a lot of wild punches, but he is a fighter.
But he's the guy that was running The Apprentice.
He knows timing.
He knows how to tease an idea into being, and then pull the rug out from underneath his enemies.
And I think that's what he was doing, picking this fight with Scarborough, and which, for whatever reason, instead of going after him on that, Dorsey at Twitter decided to start fact-checking his mail-in ballot tweets, which obviously is setting up this entire
battle over censorship on Twitter and Facebook, or as they like to call it, their curatorship.
They're just trying to pick the best ideas for us peons to see, not censorship.
It's being a curator.
So anyway, we're in momentous times today.
Obviously, currently the big story is Minnesota.
And more and more is coming out.
It's getting deeper and deeper.
It's possible that George Floyd and Derek Chauvin, the police officer, actually knew each other.
They were both security guards at a club called El Nuevo Rodeo Club, you know, a Spanish nightclub, which is like two blocks from the precinct that was burned.
It's around the corner from the Target and the Wendy's that were burned.
They both worked there in 2019 for a year.
Officer Chauvin was an outside off-duty officer security guy, and George Floyd was inside security.
It's hard for me to imagine that they didn't know each other, like a door bouncer and the outside officer.
If these guys had a beef, and this took it took itself to the curbside justice level with the knee on the neck, I mean, just imagine
This country is a tinderbox and any random spark, like what might have been a personal beef between a bad cop, I mean he had something like 20 complaints against him for excessive force violations, was never fired.
He had 19 years, and I don't know how long he had to go to getting a pension, but I think he's going to be getting his pension in the hotel Graybar for a long time to come, and I don't envy his experience there.
He'll probably have to be in protective custody.
One of the things that's worrying me the most, now looking to tonight, Friday night in Minnesota, I watched the press conference with the governor and others today.
The Minnesota National Guard Major General, he said that they are being issued weapons, which I assume means also live ammunition.
And when questioned, said they, you know, he didn't want to get into their rules of engagement, but he said that they will be able to, you know, use themselves to use self-defense.
Then it all comes down to where will they be positioned.
If they're on the outskirts, not blocking looters, if they're just in force in trucks, you know, far away from the action, it won't make any difference.
But if they station, you know, National Guard and Humvees in the areas where the looting and the burning has been taking place, then we might see a use of force incident.
And what's worrying me, I'm harking back now to four years ago,
In Dallas, there was, following Ferguson riots, there were riots in Dallas.
They were turned into a march.
The Black Lives Matter and Antifa did a march and a guy named, named, what was his name?
Micah Johnson, a 25 year old, took a rifle up on a parking garage and he shot and killed five Dallas police officers.
Did not do anything last night that the National Guard didn't even deploy.
It's like, oh, it was dark.
We didn't want to show up in the dark.
It was pretty scary.
So we decided to wait for daylight.
So the Minnesota National Guard sat out last night, even though they knew what was coming.
People are very upset.
They're going to want to see a stronger police reaction.
And at the same time, you've got anarchists and antifas coming in from around the country, radicals.
I've seen the graffiti spray-painted, the Anarchist A in the circle.
So this is not just homegrown, you know, black people who are upset about the George Floyd death, but you've got people coming in from out of the state to take advantage of this movement, and it won't be very hard to see a situation where somebody shoots at police or shoots at rioters just to stoke
A much larger explosion than what we've already seen.
If you put a Dallas event on top of what's already happened, this is going to go completely out of control.
In that case, they'll need to bring in a lot more than the Minnesota National Guard.
You could see either a Kent State type of a situation where a National Guard troop does something stupid with a magazine load of ammo.
I wouldn't expect anybody in the Minnesota National Guard to be issued a 30-round magazine with 30 rounds in it.
I'll bet if they get issued live ammo at all, it's going to be maybe five rounds, one magazine each, and that's it.
Enough for deterrence, but not really enough, you know, to cause total mayhem.
But the potential for this going off the rails is enormous, because bad actors from all sides can just now lob a brick into this boiling cauldron, and it's going to explode all over the place.
And when we come back, we'll talk about this some more.
Yeah, I just saw a couple of my book covers up, so I'll mention my books are all available in printed, e-book on Kindle, and audio book on Amazon Audible, as well as you can get signed copies straight from me and cut Amazon out of the deal.
You know, this situation in Minnesota, it really is like a bubbling cauldron, you know, with steam and little pops and explosions coming out of it.
And this is when some really evil people can move in and for whatever reasons, whether they just, you know, want to see things burn.
Some people just want to see things burn.
Some people want to become famous in their own mind, even for like changing the course of history.
And it wouldn't take much.
You know, the first night of the riots, there was a group of, they were called the armed rednecks in the mainstream media.
That were just like volunteers that kitted up with their hard plates and ARs and took up station.
They even referenced the LA Riots rooftop Koreans.
So you can see from the right and from the left, the left would be the Antifa and anarchists, the black block guys coming into town to break windows and throw Molotov cocktails and fire big fireworks into stores and at cops.
This is a situation that is fraught with peril, to put it mildly.
Then you've got the Minnesota National Guard on a very short leash, everybody very afraid of what would happen if there was some sort of a Kent State situation, particularly at night, you know, with somebody lighting off a magazine.
And in a situation like this, it would be especially easy to do a false flag operation
Something that would be blamed on the armed redneck vigilantes, for example.
And, you know, the mainstream media, all they need is a pretext for a narrative.
It doesn't really matter what the facts of a case are, as we saw from the Russian collusion hoax.
They're willing to run with lies as long as there's a, you know, barely plausible hook for a narrative, they'll run with it.
So if there's a shooting in Minnesota,
It'll be blamed on, you know, the white vigilantes and be used as an excuse to crack down on the Second Amendment.
Now, fortunately, we don't have an Eric Holder or a Loretta Lynch in charge of the Justice Department.
Now we have Robert Barr.
And there's a part of the U.S.
Code called U.S.
Code 2001, or excuse me, 2101, 18 U.S.C.
And it's the Riot Act.
Anybody that comes to Minnesota and is arrested rioting could face some pretty serious federal time.
And under, you know, Loretta Lynch or Eric Holder, it wouldn't have mattered.
They would have been given medals, you know, and probably a plane ticket to and from in a hotel room.
But under in the Bar Justice Department, these guys could face some serious time.
So anybody who's considering crossing
State lines, you know, to fire fireworks at police or throw Molotov cocktails.
They could be facing a real hard time federal time.
There's not no no probation.
You do it all you like 90% minimum, but there are people I think that are willing to do this and it's something that all sides have to be on alert for personally stay away from riots, you know, stay away from large crowds pandemic or not.
I want to
I want to switch gears from Minnesota a little bit and talk about the state of our country.
I think that the deep state is extremely concerned now.
The worm has turned.
It's, you know, justice is grinding very slowly, but it's grinding.
We saw with the U.S.
attorney named Jensen, he's the one that was looking into the Flynn situation.
Well, there's also Durham in Connecticut building the bigger case, and another U.S.
attorney has been assigned to look into all the unmasking, which is going to be very embarrassing for a lot of Democrats and for some Republicans, because they're going to be seen as colluding in this coup, in this silent coup against Trump.
All of these players now are going to be unmasked.
The unmaskers shall be unmasked.
Next week, Rod Rosenstein is going before the Senate.
Some of the questioning is going to be very difficult.
How many times did he talk to Mueller before naming Mueller as the special counsel?
Not to get into this too deeply, but the deep state actors that were
Perpetrating this coup before the election of Trump and for the three years after, trying to kneecap him and sabotage him.
They're going to face justice.
Some of them could go to jail.
A lot of these people are not going to do a G. Gordon Liddy and go to jail quietly.
They're going to say, I was following orders, and it's going to go up and up the chain of command to the Comey, Brennan, Clapper, and then Obama level.
So these people are freaking out and they would absolutely love nothing more than to create conditions of total mayhem and chaos in this country.
And they're also going to continue the lockdown as much as they can in the blue states.
Hoping to continue to stifle the economy, thinking that this is going to hurt Trump in November.
I think that's going to have a completely backwards effect.
I think that all the, you know, the middle class, small entrepreneurs, they're blaming their Democrat politicians.
They're not blaming Trump.
They're blaming the Democrat politicians.
But they're going to keep this
The entire coronavirus panic going because what they really want, the big game here, is the mail-in national election.
They want to do what they've been doing in California and mail ballots to every registered voter in the last century, living or dead, at every possible old address that they've got.
Just flood the country with mail-in ballots.
And then harvest them en masse.
They're just going to be bringing in truckloads of ballots and dumping them out.
And no matter who wins in November, it's going to put the entire election under a cloud of doubt as to whether it's legitimate or not.
This is the deep state.
These are the globalists going for broke.
Actually trying to discredit an American election.
If they can't win it, they want to discredit it.
And we see in Minnesota, the pot is being stirred to the point where we could have a hot summer of riots across the country.
In 1968, when Martin Luther King was killed, it spread from city to city until about a dozen cities were burning the way we see in Minneapolis.
So this can continue.
This isn't by any means over.
And all it's going to take is somebody firing into a crowd of policemen or a crowd of protesters who wants this to go up an order of magnitude.
And the globalists, the deep staters, they are in a panic about their high-ranking members literally going to prison for what they did against Trump before and after the election.
And they would rather see this country in flames than go down like that.
They would rather see this country in flames.
This is the stage in the poker game where the lights go out and the table gets knocked over.
All bets are off.
We've got a pandemic going on, an economic lockdown that's just crippling people's businesses and livelihoods.
We've got the country divided between the masks and the no masks, the lockdowns and the defying lockdown people, and it's going to come to a head.
And Trump can't even have rallies because we can't put all the people into an arena that close at this point in our understanding of this virus.
So now we're going for other options like these flotillas, the Trump-tillas, other ways of showing support.
Where you don't have to get people that close together.
But at least for the time being, all eyes are going to be on Minneapolis.
Because you've got, you've got Minnesota, Minneapolis Police, State Police, National Guard, Antifa's, armed blacks, armed whites, and it's not going to take much to send this entire boiling pot, you know, right across the floor to burn everybody's feet.
And, um,
I'm going to get back to this just in the other side of this break.
This is some momentous days that we're coming into.
You know, when there's a crisis underway, it's easy to just focus down on it and just study Minnesota as if it's just a unique event or maybe a follow-on to Ferguson and Baltimore and other events like that, even going back to the L.A.
riots or
Martin Luther King rides.
But there's a, you know, you have to force yourself to focus, pull the focus back out and look even beyond national and look global because we're not the only country in the middle of a crisis right now.
There is truly a global crisis right now, even before this pandemic.
You know, in economic terms.
But with this pandemic, on top of everything else, you know, countries from Brazil to Russia are struggling with this thing.
And we're not through with it.
You know, it would be nice to say we're just past it.
South Korea has tried to, has done about as good as any country could.
They had breakouts after nightclubs were open.
They opened schools back up and now they're closed again.
So it's glib to just say, hey, you know, it's all a hoax and we can just ignore it.
We can't ignore it, but nor can we allow this, you know, lockdown panic to keep us shut in our houses and turn us into slaves.
We have to learn how to live with this thing that China unleashed.
And China did unleash this thing, whether they did it intentionally or accidentally, or accidentally on purpose by having very lax and unprofessional standards
In their Wuhan P4 Virological Institute, they let it out.
And once they let it out, they let it spread to the rest of the world.
They could have fallen on the hand grenade, so to speak, and the world would have been appreciative if they had said, we're locking down China and Wuhan and warned the country even back last December when they knew what was going on.
They completely knew what was going on, but they didn't.
So once they decided
To lock down China, but allow the flights to the rest of the world.
They turned the coronavirus, this COVID-19 into a bioweapon against the war.
And I want to talk a little bit about parallels that I see between the 1930s and Japan and the 2020s in China.
And you can even roll Nazi Germany into it because in my opinion, China
China has turned from being a Marxist-Leninist country that it started out under Mao, it went through just an authoritarian phase, now it's going into a national socialist phase.
Even Hong Kong Chinese and Taiwanese, they're saying what's happening in the mainland, they're not Chinese communists anymore, they're Chinese Nazis.
They're building up their national racial Han Chinese identity as like a superman.
Really smart.
We deserve to run the world.
And in some ways, this is worse than the 1930s.
Yeah, in the 1930s, we had a lot of communist fifth columnists in the U.S.
and in Europe, but nothing like today, where our universities have been basically turned into
Into, you know, communist training grounds under the rubric of social justice warriors.
You know, but it's hate America, America stands for evil, and so many of these colleges, to get the dollar from the Chai Kom government, who is paying for these students, we have our universities full of essentially Chinese communist agents.
They come to learn the technology, but they also come to learn our country.
They come to commit espionage.
They even have Chinese intel officers, in my opinion, and in the opinion of others,
They actually have them do training exercises in our country knowing that we're such a non-serious country that there won't be any bad consequences.
A couple of months ago they had a couple of quote-unquote Chinese students infiltrate the Navy base in Key West all the way into the communication site and knowing once they're caught
They'd just be slapped on the wrist and sent home.
And I'm sure when they got back to China, they went back to their Intel Officer Training Academy, had, you know, celebrations all around, high fives, you know, where they can tell all the other students in Intel Officer Training.
America is a joke.
It's wide open.
You can do anything.
You can sneak right into their secure bases and nothing will happen to you.
So this is all a part of what Americans have to come to grasp with, which is something that the Chinese call unrestricted warfare.
You've heard of this.
It was written in 1999 by a couple of Chinese communist colonels.
But unrestricted warfare to the Chinese means kinetic warfare, like Pearl Harbor.
That is the last resort.
Thank you.
They'll use propaganda, they'll use bribery, they'll use what they call lawfare.
While you can use these international organizations and force us to, like Alinsky, force us to obey the letter of the law of all of these international agreements, while they break them all.
And even to the point where we've seen them use biological warfare, because that's what it is when they sent it to the world while they restricted it within China.
It was biological warfare.
And something that really upsets me is that we have this pandemic in our country, and instead of being angry at the people that launched it at us, the Chinese communists,
We turn against each other.
So from the Chinese perspective, think about how brilliant this is, how perfect this is.
When the Japanese launched the Pearl Harbor attacks, it unified us against them.
Four years later, we dropped an atom bomb on Hiroshima, utterly defeating them.
The Chinese drop a biological bomb on America, and we attack each other.
We go at each other's throats.
So, I mean, from their point of view, think about how brilliant that is.
If you can divide your enemy, if you can cause your enemy to fight within itself, then you may not even have to go to war, a kinetic war, because your enemy is going to fall under its own weight.
So, think about this all as unrestricted warfare, Sun Tzu for the 2020s.
This is what China is doing.
They are doing a full court press in every area, you know, all around the world.
I wish I had a good map of this, but I haven't been able to find one because it's mostly written here and there.
The Chinese have hundreds of major construction projects going on all around the world, particularly in Southeast Asia and in Africa.
They have literally hundreds of thousands of quote-unquote construction workers spread all over Africa and Southeast Asia, working on giant projects, living in barracks under military conditions.
And I can promise you, as a former special warfare officer, anywhere that there are 500 Chinese workers, there is a platoon of Chinese SEALs
And there is a platoon of intel officers.
They now have the ability across Africa.
I mean, it's been in the news recently that they're building buildings out of the goodness of their heart for these African governments, but they're completely infested with bugs and eavesdropping equipment.
Well, they're not only doing that, they are bribing and threatening politicians across the third world, and now with
Now having spread their pandemic, having spread their bioweapon, they're coming into countries like the Philippines with rescue packages where they're going to help these third world countries recover from the biological weapon that they unleashed.
And the help is going to come in the form of aid packages and loans that these countries will never be able to pay back.
And if we ever do go into a kinetic war, the Chinese already have hundreds of thousands of troops distributed around the world, you know, in place.
I mean, this is something that the Japanese could never have dreamed of in the 1930s.
And meanwhile, our country is completely disunited, you know, at our throats, at each other's throats, and we can't even identify the enemy.
So, and the globalists, they see China as a way of wrecking, you know, the USA and the West.
China sees the globalists as useful idiots to help weaken and cripple the West.
But together, they're formidable, the globalists and the Chinese communists.
And we've got to see what's going on and get over our infighting and our own civil war because the real war is coming.
We told you what was going to happen, and it did.
Now we're telling you what's coming.
What's coming.
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When do you think the people should be able to, like, talk again?
The person?
Yeah, that's a good question.
Well, Alex Jones at least has Infowars.com.
He can do his own thing and people go to that.
And Gavin's got a show still.
Does he?
Yeah, you know, as someone who's kind of
Well, for free speech, I often get told that I'm bad because I have to defend people whose language I don't agree with.
That is what free speech is.
It's not defending everyone who says things that I love.
It doesn't make any sense because that means you're right all the time.
Like if you're only defending the things that you believe in.
You write all the time about everything?
But I have to defend the people who say things that are even atrocious and that I can't, I would never get on board with because that's what free speech is.
Otherwise, and like you said, it is that slippery slope of who gets to be the arbiter of what is said.
Right, and what are your guidelines?
Alex Jones is funnier than Andy Kaufman's ever been.
Alex Jones is f***ing hilarious often.
Did you see the whole that he's Bill Hicks?
I went down that rabbit hole.
That's the silliest s**t ever.
I know, but there are videos.
But he had one thing we're talking about, like if it's between his family starving or eating his neighbor.
He's like, I'll eat your a**.
That's what became this giant... Come on.
I will eat your a**!
Do you don't think there's entertainment value in him saying he's going to eat his neighbor?
Stop my dumpster fire!
Right, but there's something to that, like to stop that and ban that.
You're not stopping anyone from anything bad by not having Alex do this entertaining thing about eating his neighbor.
You're not saving anybody.
You know what I'm saying?
Like, what are you doing?
Like, what is he doing that's so awful?
I don't know how to fix any of it.
It's entertaining.
Like, why is it only acceptable if you have some kind of entertainment?
Because there's so many rap videos that you could watch that I enjoy, but they're talking about shooting people and robbing people, and it's everywhere on YouTube!
It's so prevalent!
And somehow or another, that's okay.
Like, it's f***ing weird what's allowed and what's not allowed.
I will!
I will eat your ass!
I will eat your ass!
Eat your leftist ass like corn on the cob!
I'm ready!
I will eat you.
I will eat your ass!
I will eat your ass!
My children aren't going hungry!
I'll do it!
I'll drink your blood!
And I'm starting to think about having to eat my neighbors.
You think I like?
Size it up, I'm gonna haul him up by a chain!
Top his ass up, size it up, I'm gonna haul him up by a chain!
Top, top, top, top!
Barbecue your ass!
I'll tell him.
Almost, you know.