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Name: 20200528_Thu_Alex
Air Date: May 28, 2020
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Alex Jones discusses various topics including political systems, megacorporations' actions, and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. He encourages unity rather than fighting among each other and criticizes those who only care about certain issues while remaining silent about others. The speaker also talks about the plight of the Uyghur people in East Turkestan and the effects of COVID-19 on the global economy, emphasizing the need for action and resistance against the New World Order.

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So they're working with a foreign power, ladies and gentlemen.
They're working with a foreign power.
And submitting to this gets you tyranny.
Even The Verge is like, wow, YouTube is deleting comments critical of the Communist Party China.
Yeah, and they're deleting the Hong Kong protesters.
And they're now telling you that Trump is where the virus came from.
Remember, Cuomo said the European virus.
It doesn't make any sense.
Because it's all about disinfo.
It's all about lying and conditioning you to accept that they can lie as much as they want.
But the good news is...
Trump is preparing an executive order.
We have several drafts of them that are posted up on InfoWars.com.
And it ramps up and orders the federal government and federal prosecutors to go after examples of bias and election meddling and suppression of speech.
For me, I'd say go after them on sympathizing with the chi-coms, censoring with communist Chinese keywords, things that criticize Xi Jinping.
I mean, that's confirmed!
See that's the thing, if the government doesn't stand up for speech, other governments come in and they dictate.
That's what I've been saying.
And now Senator Hawley and others get that.
This isn't about speech, it's about espionage, ladies and gentlemen.
It's about racketeering.
It's about a bunch of companies getting together and creating a cartel.
It's bigger than a trust.
It's bigger than a monopoly.
It's a total thought control system.
And the average person that's 60, 70, 80, that's not a big internet person like Trump's like, oh, the internet, it's that side thing.
Trump doesn't understand the internet is hundreds of times bigger than Fox News.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
I know that there's a lot of different political ideas and political systems out there in the world.
But you see, what I do is I actually study what the mega corporations and the big banks and the robber baron dynasties actually believe in and are up to.
So that's the reason world leaders listen to this show.
It's the reason all the major intelligence agencies listen to the broadcast.
It's the reason that millions of people, despite all the hurdles, come here every day.
Because I know what I'm talking about.
Our guests know what they're talking about.
Our callers know what they're talking about.
And this is real, and this is unfiltered.
Now, it has now officially come out, not just in Australia, not just the UK, but now the US has come out, the State Department, and confirmed they knew they were doing bioweapons development of coronaviruses at that lab.
Now, that's old news.
Now it's confirmed mainstream.
You know what that means?
That means the deep states losing their war against America.
Because when even the official mouthpieces start telling the truth, more and more of the time, it's kind of like an old car, only got eight cylinders and three or four kind of start up, then five, six, and all eight start going, and the black smoke shoots out the back, and the engine starts running, and you know you've got this old, old hunk of junk starting to move down the road again.
And that's where we are.
And there's black smoke coming out, baby, and the engine's clattering, but the more we drive, the smoother it's starting to go.
Now, that doesn't mean we're out of the woods.
The damn engine could blow, we could throw a rod any minute, but at least we're not dead in the mud up to our axles, sitting there taking it.
This old girl, this Republic, has got a lot of heart.
And they may have brainwashed and put a lot of people into a trance, but I'm telling you, the spirit of 1776 is coming back and I can feel it.
And that's why the enemy's running around like a bunch of zombies on deck, like a bunch of chickens with their heads cut off trying to demoralize us and trying to steal everything not nailed down and trying to kill as many people as they can.
And trying to just absolutely exercise evil in front of us so that we give up to demoralize us.
And the only thing we have to fear is letting these people demoralize us.
And believe me, I see the evil.
It upsets me.
I get down.
And the answer is, I was praying hard this morning, woke up at 4 a.m.
And God just said, be positive, talk about the positive, and talk about what unifies us, because that's why they're pushing all this race war stuff all over the news, and using an example of a cop that doesn't know what he's doing, looks sadistic, sitting on a guy's neck for fun, and kills the poor guy.
And you can see that humanity of somebody begging for air for eight minutes, then dying, and all of us feel for that man.
I don't care if he's black or white.
There's been similar cases of white cops sitting on top of white guys' heads while they bang and say, I can't breathe.
It's terrible footage, and the officer's an idiot.
He doesn't have this knee on the guy's head, he has it on his carotid artery.
You block just one of those, you kill somebody.
It's torturous, by the way.
One is open, he's getting air on this artery, but the other side's not getting it.
That's why you talk about eight minutes of torture, that guy's like, man, I can't breathe!
One side's locked up, you're out.
The other side's getting you blood.
Man, that is painful, I'm told.
So yeah, watching somebody tortured to death, if you have any empathy, you don't like it.
Kind of like all the people dying in nursing homes with tubes down their lungs, blowing their lungs up.
Black, white, old, young being killed.
Or crazy COVID patients that are black beating up white patients.
And vice versa.
It's all going on because we're an evil, fallen country.
Not everybody, but in general.
And so you can look at those images and then look at all the idiot images of people burning down targets and beating up old white ladies because they're white.
It's all stupid.
It's all ignorance.
And the people perish for lack of knowledge.
Burning down, targeting, beating up an old white lady isn't going to bring that guy back.
We have to transcend this or the globalists are going to win and they're coming after everybody.
So we've got huge news when we return.
But yeah, you got LA's on fire, Minneapolis is on fire.
I mean, it is all happening right now, just like the globalists want.
Stay with us.
The quickening.
That's an ancient term for forms of singularities.
And time is now compressing.
What is going to happen in the next month is going to be more important than what happened in the last 10 years.
And then it compresses more and more and more and more and more and more and more as we accelerate into the future.
Every action you take now will determine the course of not just you and your family, but the entire species, and the ultimate destiny that Satan believes he can block.
Satan will be removed from the doorway.
We will enter.
We will go to the next level.
But some will not go with us.
This is the great quest.
Get behind me, Satan!
Only that can free us.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, it is Thursday, May 28th.
The year is 2020.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
We're going to be live here for the next four hours ahead of the War Room with Owen Schroer with Savannah Hernandez and Harrison Smith that have been sitting in doing an excellent job while Owen takes some well-deserved time off to visit his family back in the show-me state of Missouri.
Let me just do this.
We've got about 50 of these clips, but let's just play for TV and radio listeners.
Four or five clips of the looting and the rioting and the racial attacks on white people in LA and in Minnesota.
In California, in the main city of LA, in Minnesota, in the main city of Minneapolis, St.
And just the idiocy of all of this.
It's not going to bring back the poor man that out-of-control police officer killed.
And the police officer's been fired, he's gonna get indicted.
And, you know, he should.
Because you can't... You can't just sit there and put your knee on somebody's carotid artery and not know they're gonna die.
They're gonna die.
And so, okay, you didn't know that.
But to in general say that the police are doing this, the police are acting like this, that is just ignorant.
And it's not about a defense of the police.
It's about the mainstream media and the corporate culture.
Trying to get us all to fight with each other at this critical point with 150 days out from the election, while Trump undoubtedly is trying to heal racial wounds and unify America and empower the average American.
The Democrats don't want people off the plantation, whether they be white, black, Hispanic, old, young, male, female, gay, straight.
So you know what I actually want to air right now?
Let's air a few minutes of the last minutes of George Floyd's life.
That has touched so many people's hearts and really should.
Let's humanize this man who, okay, somebody thought he was passing fake twenties.
Is that a death sentence?
Handed out on the side of the road?
And I'm glad people have some humanity when they see somebody pinned down, begging for their life, dying, and somebody callously, ignorantly killing him.
Because I guarantee you that cop didn't know he was killing him.
That dumbass doesn't know about anatomy.
You got the guy's head turned to the side, your knees right on his carotid artery, bubba!
You think that cop wondered what's about to happen to him?
He's a dumbass, like so many other people.
There are dumb cops, there are good cops.
There are dumb doctors, there's good doctors.
There's bad, evil people, and there's good people.
But that's not somebody being evil, that's somebody being a bully, dumbass.
You can see he's enjoying it, sitting there like he's in charge.
And really all he's doing...
Burning his whole life up, along with George Floyd's.
So let's play a little bit of that and then I'll tell you all the stuff that's coming up.
Bill Gates' vaccines got shut down, making people sick and killing the monkeys.
But they tried it on.
But he's got other vaccines that have passed animal trials right to humans.
So that's all coming up.
There's so much.
Trump's announced a big executive order.
We got a draft of it.
I can't believe nobody's covering the draft.
They're going after him, you know.
This is some good news because it's not about censorship.
It's about bullying and dominating and election meddling and riding herd on the American people.
And the globalists have nothing to lose.
And so Trump's acquiescence is green lit.
Incredibly criminal activity.
So Trump can go after him on the censorship front, but that's not the one.
It's the espionage front.
That's where you can really skin the Google cat and the rest of them.
But let's go to the man, George Floyd, begging for his life with an idiot who doesn't know that when you put your full weight down on the side of somebody's neck that you kill them.
Here's how to be an idiot right here.
My stomach hurts.
My knickers.
Everything hurts.
There's water or something.
I can't breathe.
Shut up.
They're going to kill me.
They're going to kill me, man.
Bro, with your feet on his neck, man, you get out there.
His nose is bleeding.
Like, come on now.
That's Ralph right there with his feet on his neck.
Look at his nose.
Yeah, he got your feet right on his neck.
I cannot breathe.
He's a tough guy.
He's a tough guy, huh?
He's a tough guy.
He's not even resisting arrest, bro.
Bro, look at him.
He's not responding right now, bro.
Bro, are you serious?
You're gonna just let him sit here with that on his neck, bro?
Is he breathing right now?
Check his pulse.
How long do we have this conversation?
Check his pulse.
Check his pulse, Kyle.
Kyle, check his pulse.
Kyle, check his pulse, bro.
Bro, check his pulse, bro.
You bogus, bro.
Don't do drugs, guys.
Don't do drugs, bro.
What is that?
What do you think that is?
So you call when he's doing okay?
You call when he's doing okay?
Get off of his neck.
You're still on him, bro.
Yes, look at that, bro.
Get back on the street.
Are you serious?
Bro, are you serious?
And you're gonna keep your thing on his neck?
I'm a first responder from Minneapolis.
The fact that you guys aren't checking his pulse and
doing compressions if he needs them, you guys are on and
on about it.
My God, bro.
They just ragged him like, come on now.
Yeah, okay.
So you just watched a public execution.
You just watched him kill a man.
You just watched him kill a man.
Now, I want you to take what you just saw, and I want you to think about the 56,000 people that were black, white, old, young, but mainly old, in hospitals, being murdered by them bringing in COVID-19 patients on purpose, and then sticking a hose down their neck and blowing their lungs up to get money.
And all the doctors tell them, don't do this, it's a death sentence.
And they ordered it in four states, the majority of the deaths.
Oh, but there's no video of that.
People fighting to not have that run down their lungs and taking days to die.
Just as painfully as you just saw that poor man die.
So you think about that.
That's why Stalin said one man dies.
It's a tragedy.
10,000 dies a statistic.
So see, I'm pissed off.
I'm ready to burn stuff down.
But not Target.
And I'm not going to burn anything down, but let me tell you, I get being pissed because I can visualize what's going on in those hospitals.
I can see it without being shown it.
That's why they made it all secret inside the hospitals and secret inside the nursing homes, where they're in there killing people right now, and they know exactly what they're doing.
And Bill Gates brags, hey, there's too many people.
They think it's funny.
And then they're going to use those deaths to take all of our freedoms and bankrupt our economy.
And they're going to show us the footage that they cherry-picked of that police officer committing manslaughter bare minimum.
Manslaughter, again, is when you kill somebody but didn't intend to.
And that dumbass cop did not know he was killing him.
And I'm not defending him.
You know, his ignorance is almost worse than knowing he was going to do it.
Because with great power comes great responsibility.
And we have to empathize for everybody that dies.
So I want you to now think about the 62 million babies we've killed, the tens of millions that have been kept alive and harvested after they're born, and I want you to think about them because they don't have voices to speak out.
So yeah, be upset about George Floyd.
Have empathy.
That's good.
But you think about all those old people and all those babies, then you ask, Where are the people pissed and upset about that?
And where's the targeted action?
And I'm not calling for targeted action, but you go burn down Target because a bad cop killed a black guy?
What about the people killing all the old folks and killing the babies?
They're the ones that think they're getting away with it all.
Evil is now throwing its full weight on humanity.
Every trick to divide us, every trick to make us hate each other, every trick to make us kill each other, every trick to make us forget God and give up on hope, is being thrown against us.
And it's only the beginning.
Here's the good news.
The universe is made by God.
And for every action, there's an opposite and equal reaction.
Newtonian physics is true.
And so, rejoice, my friends, because As you see great evil manifesting, know that God is coming into the world even stronger.
But we have to receive that power and ask God to be our defender.
You can't do it yourselves.
You have to ask God to lead God and direct you.
But then you've got to decide you're willing to confront people that are doing evil and get in their face.
It's not because you enjoy it, it's because you have to do it.
So if you're not speaking up and if you're not standing up, you're dying.
All right, let me just do this.
I try this for 20 something years on air and I can never get to it.
First five or six years on air, I was kind of good at having my stack of news, my newspapers.
I'd go get at the local newspaper shop that had like 20 newspapers from around the country.
I'd have to pay a lot of money for them, but you know, they had the old fashioned newsstands where you can get all the newspapers.
And I have all my stacks ready and I'd mentioned everything I was going to cover at the start of the show.
But it's been probably 20 years since I ever actually listed even 10% of what I was looking at.
Let me just list some of it right now.
Bill Gates had his testing facility with fake COVID-19 tests, where everybody was positive, by the way, of course, to create the hysteria.
That got shut down a week ago by the FDA.
You know, raided by them.
Not just demonized politically, like we've been.
Another Gates vaccine bites the dust.
Sick monkeys everywhere.
He experienced a severe reaction to Madeira's COVID-19 vaccine candidate.
He's still a believer though.
So we've got all that coming up.
Draft of President Trump's social media censorship executive order.
We've got that.
That's up at InfoWars.com.
And how Trump is planning with 158 days out to try to stop this.
He prepares his executive order.
We've got Josh Hawley in Congress pointing out that big tech basically works for the Chinese.
And see, that's the big enchilada right there.
This isn't about censorship.
You can argue all day that private companies can surveil you in real time, and if you waive your rights, it can censor you.
It's immoral, it's evil, it's horrible, but you could argue that in a sick way.
But once they work with other companies together to create censorship, that's called racketeering.
That's called coordination.
But when you work with foreign governments, like the Communist Chinese, you take investment money, and then you start censoring Americans, criticizing the Communist Chinese government, you just became a spy.
You just involved yourself in espionage.
It's levels above racketeering.
So, evil is making its move right now.
We're going to cover all of that.
And then we've got what's really happening with the economy.
And we've got all the crazy day two of protests in Minnesota and California and all the buildings burning down.
And the State Department cables warning of safety issues at Wuhan lab.
That's all coming up now.
and German officials say children who don't submit to the COVID-19 health
certificates, it means forced inoculation, will be taken from their parents.
You've got Governor Cuomo quietly making it a law that it's a felony in New York
if a police officer runs somebody's driver's license, they're giving legal
aliens driver's license, and the person's a criminal, wanted under a federal warrant,
it's a felony.
If you tell the feds there's a federal warrant for murder, arson, drug, it doesn't matter.
You go to jail for 10 years.
I mean, you put up with Cuomo, why not?
Hell, he ordered the nursing homes!
Where the majority of deaths in New York happen to take COVID patients, known as the death sentence.
To jack up the numbers and make up to $53,000 per person, they whack.
That's a good contract on each old person.
And now, he is saying that they are going to Arrest all the nursing home people because they killed the old folks.
Oh, you're going to complain and order you to kill them?
I'm going to put your ass in prison.
Oh, and by the way, you pull over somebody and they've got a warrant out for murder for hire?
Maybe doing some work for old Cuomo or meth dealing, whatever it is.
And guess what?
If you have a police officer or a magistrate or a constable or anybody tells the feds, you get 10 years in prison!
Cuomo's command.
And people are like, that's outrageous.
Well, I mean, he just got away with killing tens of thousands of old people.
Why the hell would he stop right there?
People go like, why did Hitler do all that?
Why did Stalin do that?
Because they're evil!
It's like a pit bull.
A bad pit bull eats some three-year-old kid for no reason.
They're like, why'd that pit bull eat that kid?
Because they're evil!
They gotta screw loose!
It's what they do!
It's the old story of the toad, or the frog, and it's about to go across the river, and a scorpion comes over and says, can I have a ride?
And the frog goes, you know, you might sting me.
You're a scorpion.
And he goes, oh, I promise.
I'm reformed.
I love you.
I'm going to be nice.
Just carry me across, please.
Because he knows a frog's nice.
Frog goes, climb on my back.
Climbs across.
Says, all right, thank you.
He goes, oh, thank you.
And the frog's sitting there dying.
Oh, why'd you do that?
He goes, because I'm a scorpion, dumbass.
And the governor of California And the governor of Pennsylvania.
And the governor of New York.
Governor California, Michigan, New York, and Pennsylvania, they want Brownie Points to be president later.
That they would send COVID patients, when all the doctors say it's a death sentence, to kill people by the tens of thousands.
They want to show, just like the Mexican Mafia or MS-13 will go kidnap a seven-year-old girl and rape her and carve pentagrams in her and then slit her throat and then put her head on their mom's porch.
You go, why would you do that?
Because these little low-level gangbangers want to prove to the capos that, man, I will kidnap a girl out of their backyard, and I will carve pedograms in her while I rape her, and I will chop her head off, and I will put it on the front porch of their mama as an offering to Satan, which means to the gang leader.
MS-13 doesn't have nothing on Newsom, and on Cuomo, and on Wolf, and on all these people.
You get it?
Don't you understand that?
They killed all those old people, not for that money.
They killed them to get off on it and show everybody that they can kill people!
People they get control of, just like that psycho chicken-legged, chicken-armed cop, you know, getting off on killing that dude.
It's the power to do it!
That's what they want!
It's spiritual!
And it's evil!
We'll be right back, stay with us.
We are back live.
We are broadcasting worldwide.
I am your host, Alex Jones.
Look at these headlines.
CDC mortality counts show more pneumonia deaths than coronavirus deaths, while media reported 20,000 more deaths than the CDC.
Absolute fraud.
The CDC slashes the COVID-19 fatality rate to a fraction of early estimates used to justify lockdowns.
Social distancing based on high school science fair.
Fauci says he wears a mask as a symbol of what you should be doing.
A symbol of respect of subservience.
Now he warns about hydroxychloroquine because he's all invested in all the other stuff.
Meanwhile, there's footage out of the UK.
Hospital patients complain about waiting for hours and hours while the National Health Service get clapped to and shoot hour-long TikTok videos.
It's all on footage.
Meanwhile, college students soon welcomed back to campus by virus-testing robots.
The robot controllers that follow orders are here.
Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey stands by the decision to fact-check Trump when Trump said mail-in ballots are a recipe for disaster.
Even though all the studies and history show it, the Washington Post said, we haven't had the election yet, so there's no proof of that.
It's like saying you haven't smoked five packs of cigarettes a day for ten years to see if it hurts your lungs.
You haven't taken cyanide yet to see if it kills you.
You haven't poured gasoline on yourself yet and lit it.
We know that's false.
Having Governor Newsom and all the rest of them mail out ballots to everybody and have no proof that it's even real or let people have fake ballots, that's totally normal.
There's nothing to see here.
Jack Dorsey, he has a little beard.
He said so.
Beijing overwhelmingly passes law to crush dissent in Hong Kong, hails coronavirus as it would turn the tide.
That old coronavirus sure helped, didn't it?
Los Angeles, when schools open, students must wear masks, eat alone in classrooms, self-isolate at recess, and they say it's never-ending.
Like Fauci said, you'll never shake hands again, you'll always wear a mask as a symbol of your bondage to the New World Order and Bill Obama negates endless vaccines.
In fact, there's a graphic Down on the lower right-hand side of InfoWars.com.
Can we go pull that up?
It's today's cartoon of the new sheeple person.
And it shows all the things they're announcing.
It's not even a joke.
Tracker chips and bracelets and forced inoculations.
I mean, that's really where we are.
But don't worry, Disney World to reopen in July with high-energy squads roaming park to make sure people wear masks.
Boy, that sure makes me want to go.
Yeah, there it is.
Let's put it on screen, please.
Sheeple of the new normal.
You have a brain blocker.
You have a satellite tracking.
You have a muzzle mask.
You have a chip implant.
Social distancing.
You remove the gender.
Endless vaccines.
Mandatory phone tracking.
Vaccine ID.
Travel license.
Social score.
Digital wallet.
You have a rubber spine.
Isn't that wonderful?
That's the new Uber mention!
Meanwhile, German schools threaten to abduct kids who show up to school without health certificates, and they say that by the end of the year, next year, that means forced inoculation.
To get the health certificate, they say, you'll have to have the new phone that tracks you and the digital health certificate that you've been vaccinated.
So, translate the headline, German officials prepare to take children from parents who don't accept Bill's gift of death.
And speaking of Bill Gates' loving little gifties, another Gates vaccine bites the dust!
Sick monkeys everywhere!
Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Chairman of the Children's Health Defense.
And it's in the news!
It was announced yesterday.
Last week they shut down his testing company because they had fraud going on.
Well, now, ladies and gentlemen, they've had the monkeys getting sick and dying.
A 20% rate.
So Bill Gates had said, oh, 1 in 10,000 will have an adverse reaction.
So we'll have 700,000 people get sick or die.
But 20% is not 1 out of 10,000.
It's 20%.
So, let's do the math.
We have 7.5 billion people.
Can we do the math on the calculator, guys?
7.5 billion people and 20% have an adverse reaction.
What's 20% of 7.5 billion people?
We all know the math, don't we?
and a half billion people.
We all know the math, don't we?
It's 700 plus million people.
It's even higher than that.
Let's do the math here.
I'll pull it up on my phone right here.
On my little digital tracker beast system that loves me so much and cares about me so much and is always there to help me.
750 million.
So it's a hundred and you gotta double that.
It's 20%.
I was thinking in my mind 10%.
So that'd be 1.5 billion.
Okay, so, see, I'm just doing this back of an envelope.
1.5 billion people under his own statements will get sick or die to save us from something that's killed 300,000 people worldwide if you believe all the fake numbers.
Because now they just count all flu deaths, car wrecks, gunshot wounds.
It's the same.
It's the UN.
And again, that's the big enchilada, isn't it?
The U.N.
tells us what's law.
The U.N.
tells us what's reality.
The U.N.
tells us what's about to happen.
We're going to go to break.
I'm going to come back into Hollywood's celebration of Twitter censoring the president and how the president plans to strike back with the upcoming executive order that is way overdue, but I still say hallelujah, even if it's a dollar short, a day late, or a day late, a dollar short.
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Because it works.
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RainForce has got all these known ingredients that absolutely get you going.
TurboForce is like really clean hour energy, 10 hours of it, it's amazing.
Take some, see if it's real, I mean, what does that even mean?
Infowarsstore.com or 888-253-3139.
Order it.
The sale's gotta end today, folks.
I've extended it like a week.
We're running out of a bunch of products.
Thank you.
Imagine the United States.
It's the year 2020.
And the United Nations, in coordination with major governments, tells us that tens of millions are going to die unless we all stay indoors and wear masks and submit to them.
Then it turns out that things are on average 20 times less severe than they said, and they're taking all the regular deaths from other diseases and gunshot wounds and car wrecks and saying it's COVID-19.
And then we learned that most of the deaths, more than half, were nursing home patients who died from pneumonia when they put pneumonia patients in there on purpose and counted them all as COVID-19.
They said they did it, though, to Keep everybody safe, remember?
Remember they did it to keep everybody safe because the hospitals were going to be overwhelmed by the giant amount of COVID-19 patients.
So asymptomatic people that were quarantined, meaning they could spread the virus but weren't sick, they'd be sent to the nursing home, which was a total recipe for death.
So this is all premeditated.
And these governors are auditioning to be a Fauci-level demon, a president, a senator.
Because if they'll sit there and cold-bloodedly kill old people, they'll do absolutely anything, won't they?
Oh, but it's all about in-justifies-the-means.
Oh, some vaccines cause damage, but it's for a greater good.
Then you study, it's not even for a greater good, but it's all that idea.
Well, we do some bad, but for the greater good.
The true essence of authoritarianism.
Google has moved to China.
They're building China's whole infrastructure.
And then through subsidiary Chinese companies, the Google executives are becoming fabulously rich.
And I've got articles right here where the left has come out, the heads of Google and others, and they have pledged, just like they did the two days after Hillary lost, they've done it again, that Trump will be defeated.
And they will deliver the election to Joe Biden, who's a placeholder for whoever they want to put in after that.
There's big articles on Infowars.com about it.
But imagine, they're out there bragging they're going to stop Trump.
And the American people are going to bully us, suppress us, do all this.
And then they go to Congress and say, oh, we're not doing any of that.
Hollywood vapid celebrities celebrate POTUS being censored by Twitter.
And you read it, it's like, finally, we're going to purge you.
None of you people deserve speech.
Wow, what a bunch of nice liberals.
Yeah, scroll down, show some of the quotes.
Foaming at the mouth!
Twitter says it will put a warning label on the lies and disinformation tweeted by Trump, since Trump is incapable of tweeting without lying!
Adios amigo!
and don't let the door hit you on the way out.
So that's Rob Reiner that celebrated yours truly being taken off Facebook and Twitter.
But I think that's a really good point.
Oh, there's no fact-checking Rob Reiner here.
Let's go to the next person.
Of course, Trump was totally right about tens of millions of mail-in ballots in California being sent out to everybody for fraud.
So that's just how these people operate.
It's what they do.
Your incompetence led to the unnecessary deaths of tens of thousands of innocent Americans and destroyed the economy that Barack Obama built.
You're a racist birther, a puppet of Vladimir Putin, and a con man!
You're destroying our future.
Fact check that!
You malignant narcissist.
That's Brandi Whitford.
And it goes on and on.
Now imagine, did anybody fact check the Russiagate being a fraud?
Do they fact check saying he's a racist?
Because they're allowed to say what they want.
But Jack Dorsey, he stands by what he did.
And it just goes on from there.
Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey stands by decision to fact-check Trump.
Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has defended his platform's decision to fact-check U.S.
President Trump for the first time ever over his comments on the upcoming election.
Czech millionaires are plotting sweeping secret plans to boost Joe Biden.
Vox News celebrates!
Senator DeGoogle, kowtowing to communists, China is unacceptable, Infowars.com.
Senator Josh Hawley, Republican Missouri.
Zuckerberg knocks Twitter for fact-checking Trump, says private companies shouldn't be the arbiter of truth, but he's actually doing all of that even worse than they are, but then he acts like, oh I'm with you Trump, I agree with free speech, but please don't regulate me.
Let's play a clip.
This is, again, for mainly TV viewers, but this is LiveTime YouTube blocking criticism of the Communist Party of China in the rest of the world.
YouTube's already banned in China, but they want to get on good terms with them, so now whatever the Communist Party tells them to ban, the bots in LiveTime delete it.
So here it is.
See that?
And you type in the terms you're not supposed to say, about the Communist Party being bandits, About the Communist Party being a 50-cent party.
And in live time, it refreshed and it goes, bye-bye.
And YouTube admits that they are doing that.
So they're working with a foreign power, ladies and gentlemen.
They're working with a foreign power.
And submitting to this gets you tearing.
Even The Verge is like, wow, YouTube is deleting comments critical of the Communist Party China.
Yeah, and they're deleting the Hong Kong protesters.
And they're now telling you that Trump is where the virus came from.
Remember, Cuomo said the European virus.
It doesn't make any sense, because it's all about disinfo.
It's all about lying and conditioning you to accept that they can lie as much as they want.
But the good news is Trump is preparing an executive order.
We have several drafts of them that are posted up on Infowars.com and it ramps up and orders
the federal government and federal prosecutors to go after examples of bias and election
meddling and suppression of speech.
It's so important.
And what I'm going to do is I'm going to start the next hour, and I'm going to read some of it, and then I'm going to go to your calls.
The riots going on in Minnesota, California.
Falcon 9 canceled from the tornadoes and stuff.
Let me tell you, Texas was wild last night.
I've never seen such thunderstorms.
The censorship.
Trump finally saying he's going to take action.
How they admit now that they just lied about every level of COVID-19 on purpose.
When did they get in trouble?
All the old people being murdered.
More than half the 100,000 dead are in nursing homes.
I mean, this is insane.
The doctors said you don't bring people with an aggressive pneumonia in a nursing home.
They tell you, if you have old folks you're going to visit, if you've got a cold or pneumonia, don't go.
I mean, that's not rocket science.
Oh, I've got pneumonia.
Let me visit my 85-year-old grandmother in the nursing home.
Because you got nice nursing homes and you got bad nursing homes.
You got the places where people care about the patients, the staff cares, and your family goes and visits.
And hey, my mom's going out of town.
She usually visits grandma twice a week.
My grandma's dead now.
You know, hey, mom's going out of town.
I visit grandma every couple of weeks.
I should do it more.
But her nursing home was right down the street here.
We used to have Weldon Henson and folks go play music for him.
Local country bands and stuff.
She loved it.
Put on little parties for him.
But I mean, every two weeks or so I visit her.
Sometimes more often.
We'd make her get in the wheelchair, come to the house.
She died at 92, but... My mom would visit her twice a week, three times a week.
So when she's out of town, I go visit her twice a week.
But the point is, is that... A nursing home's fine if you got eyes on it.
But under COVID, they locked them all down and said, oh, family can't come.
Only if you have COVID can you come.
Oh, family can't come.
You might bring COVID in.
But if you have COVID, you can come in.
That's a war on logic, folks.
But it's because there was $50,000-plus per person that they whacked.
And it drove up the numbers and it was all just about too many damn old people and Cuomo and people like Psycho Newsome.
They just think communist socialists always kill old people.
It's like I killed some old people.
I don't understand that.
But you can break their back.
You could expose them.
You can override their censorship.
They're launching their whole plan.
But if you simply take the live feeds at Infowars.com forward slash show or band dot video and the live feeds on the left hand side of the Alex Jones Show and the other shows, if you simply in your email, in your text message at the grocery store go, Hey, COVID-19's a hoax.
They're killing old people in nursing homes.
They tell you don't go there because it's the truth.
Infowars.com forward slash show.
And that absolutely is what keeps the globalists awake at night is you realizing how powerful you are and how incredible you are and taking action.
Especially if there's local AM and FM stations.
Man, you're listening to us on local AM or FM, you pull up the red light, say, hey!
How you doing, brother?
Big COVID-19 news you need to know is on the station.
FM, AM, tell them!
Alex Jones is on local TV!
And there's another local talk show host telling the truth.
Tell folks about them.
Get up in front of your church.
Go do your own talk show.
Just do it!
My God!
It's not heroic to stand up for old people getting killed.
Let me tell you, what a nightmare to be left in some nursing home by your children and then you've got, you know, they bring a COVID patient in because they're going to get you sick and then snake a tube down your throat as soon as you get a fever and kill your ass.
And the average nurse just follows orders.
They're the ones speaking out saying this is crazy!
161 days out from the election and Joe Biden wants you to know that he will beat Joe Biden.
I'm prepared to say that I have a record of over 40 years.
And that I'm going to beat Joe Biden.
Biden has set himself up for disaster.
He is clearly an old-school racist from a bygone era.
His latest statements have created a never-ending storm of criticism.
Do you have a problem figuring out whether you're for me or Trump?
And you ain't black.
That is the most arrogant, condescending comment I've heard in a very long time.
1.3 million African Americans voted for Trump.
He's saying to 1.3 million African Americans that you're not black?
It was precisely the kind of thing that a lot of Democrats are worried about Biden doing again and again on the campaign trail.
I've been fighting against this notion that you're not black enough unless you think a certain way, you vote a certain way, you speak a certain way, you do certain things my whole life.
It is black voices for Trump and their statement.
I'm just going to read the first couple of sentences.
White liberal elitists have continuously dictated which black Americans are allowed to come to the table and have a voice.
It is clear now, more than ever, following these racist and dehumanizing remarks, that Joe Biden believes black men and women are incapable of being independent or free-thinking.
He truly believes that a 77-year-old white man should dictate how black people should behave.
Democrats are scrambling to normalize the damage as their schizophrenic ideology clashes within their own ranks.
I've never, ever, ever taken the African American community for granted.
I shouldn't have been such a wise guy.
Nothing has changed in America for Black America.
And in order for us to vote for Biden, we can't be taken for granted like we always are because we're supposed to be Democrats or because people are afraid of Trump.
It's whoever's going to take care of our community.
Our vote is not for free.
Whoever wants to make a deal, it's business at this point.
You know, we can't trust politicians.
The level of hubris it takes for a white man, an old white man, or any white person, to even ingest, you know, say that he can determine who is black and who isn't, is clearly outlandish.
But even ingest, these are kind of the kind of comments that could be problematic, but he clearly knows his audience.
I have had the privilege of working directly with the Vice President.
Actually, he swore me in as U.S.
Ambassador to South Africa.
I know that he's a conscious Regardless, everyone knows that Joe Biden doesn't stand a chance.
We're all just patiently awaiting what will be the most embarrassing presidential debate in U.S.
No man has a right to raise a hand to a woman in anger.
And so we have to just change the culture.
And keep punching at it and punching at it and punching at it.
Ukrainian foreign minister said on Thursday that the United States ambassador did not link financial military assistance to a request for Ukraine to open up an investigation into former vice president and current Democratic president.
Can you believe?
Like, we need help to beat sleepy Joe Biden?
I don't think so.
President Trump has helped create a $75 billion investment into the poorest communities, and now Lindsey Graham and the President are working to bring broadband into those poorest areas.
The ability to connect people who today are unconnected for learning, for medicine, and for jobs of the future.
What has Joe Biden done in the last 20 years?
And the answer is crickets.
John Bowne reporting.
He's a placeholder for Hillary and Obama and that's now admitted.
Everybody keeps laughing at Joe Biden.
You're going to be laughing when they have that DNC event and Joe Biden announces he's got a brain tumor or something and they're going to hand the baton right there.
And they're going to have their new candidate who's not been criticized anything ready to attack.
Oh, by the way, the candidate is known as Hillary Clinton and the VP is Barack Obama.
That's the current plan.
I told you that a while back.
Now it's admitted.
And they've almost got Michelle Obama, Michael.
Long, long silver, ready to do it.
We'll be right back.
I have the keys of destiny.
I have the keys to the future.
I have the keys to everlasting life.
I have the keys because they were given to me by Jesus Christ.
I didn't win those keys.
You didn't win those keys.
God humbling himself into human form did.
And it's real, and you can feel the time-space-continuum electricity.
When you make that spiritual choice to reach out to God, God will reach out.
And then, that moment happens.
That moment all Satanists fear.
When what is hidden is revealed.
All right.
This is not about taking credit.
It's about taking review.
Taking stock.
I knew that everybody was afraid to advise the president because if you did, all hell would break loose and they would come after you and your family.
But I thought, hey, why go half hog?
Let's go full hog.
So I financed three major law firms separately from each other.
Three of the biggest in D.C.
paid them a lot of money.
To not just write up drafts of how the president could sign executive orders
and another plan was a commission that's what one of the law firms came up with
and it wasn't just the money to write these plans up including with advice from some of the top people in telecommunications.
Folks, very close, oh I mean like in the chair, you know.
I'm not bragging, it's just so easy to take action when you do it.
And we got all this into El Presidente's hands two and a half years ago, and that's when you saw the headlines.
John Kelly's main mission is keeping Alex Jones material out of the President's hand.
Because see, I wasn't trying to lobby him to get some subsidy for nuclear submarines I was building, or I wasn't trying to get subsidies for a golf course, or I wasn't trying to get subsidies for some... I didn't want something from the president for me!
I wanted him to take action for everybody, and I knew that anybody Including Trump's sons that advised him properly, like Don Jr., who's an info warrior, would be attacked.
Now, I only tell that story because it's true and it's illustrative of how real Trump is.
100% real, folks.
Also 100% pigheaded.
But he believes he's president, which he is, and he believes he's doing the best interest, and he really is trying to be the president, and not let a bunch of people tell him what to do.
For whatever reason, he tends to listen to us.
Tucker Carlson, like, is the most influential person in America, other than Trump.
I mean, Trump, like, literally listens to everything Tucker Carlson says, which is good.
So that just shows you who Trump really is, because, I mean, I can tell you something.
I've gotten messages from Trump, or I've talked to Trump, and I've watched him a day later with notes he's got word for word on national TV, and you know the globalists are listening to my phone lines, listening to those conversations, and then they see him say it the next day, and they are crapping bricks, man.
So again, is Trump real?
You're damn right he's real.
100% folks.
100% folks, 100% real.
And Trump is an idiot savant.
And I don't mean he's an idiot, he's a savant in that he does whatever he thinks gut level is the best move.
And most of the time that's right when he's given the right information.
Like Roger Stone always says, if Trump's given the right information, the right briefing, and he already knows a lot of it and he clicks with it, he makes the right decision every time.
But if they can distract him, Put him in a bubble and confuse him.
They can slip stuff past.
But now the 158 days out and he's got the new national director of intelligence and he's gotten all his people in place.
The system, he's pulling the troops out of Afghanistan.
He's winning the trade war with China.
He's reboosting the economy.
And of course he's doing it fiat.
That's the only weapons he's got.
He's winning.
But I can tell you this.
This is a discussion we should all be having.
Just like back in December, it was clear that they weren't going to pass the impeachment.
They didn't have the votes.
And then into January, I said, listen, I put it up on screen, an image of an astronaut on Earth with bioweapons in the air, and I said, I believe, we found the clips, that they're going to release a bioweapon or something.
And I said, look, Bill Gates is doing drills of this.
I know their next move.
My God, it's not that hard.
And just as sure as the colors for the University of Texas at Austin are burnt orange, And just as sure as your grandma loves you, and just as sure as the sun came up this morning, they did exactly what we thought.
So we better start asking all the callers, and myself, and all the guests, what comes next?
Because the depression's here, and it's going to be bad, but Trump's not getting the full blame.
Yeah, the internal polls, they brought him down from like a 60 to a 55, so he sees loss.
It's hurting.
But what are they going to pull next?
Because if you think with 158 days left, when he starts going after big tech censorship, and he starts going after the deep state, and he starts releasing all this, what are they going to do next?
Well, I'll tell you what they're going to do next.
They're going to try to kill the president.
And they're going to try to start race riots.
Which you now see going on.
And of course they used a real event to do it.
They've always got that ready.
There's 350 million people in this country.
You want a Chinese guy killing a white lady?
You want a black guy killing a white dude?
You want a white guy killing a black dude?
Anything you want's on video now every day.
And you can decide when to pick it up and when to promote it, when to push it,
and when to get the burning down buildings you want.
So, race war.
They're going to have women come out and say Trump raped them.
They're going to try to kill the president.
And they're going to have, I think China's going to move on Hong Kong.
In fact, they already are moving on it, but I mean, they're saying they may invade.
So you got that going on.
You got the big banks may try something again to drive down the stock market.
I mean, this is, this is a, all I'm trying to say is everybody better be watching their six, their 12, their nine, their three, their four, their seven.
You better be watching every point of the compass, because every day that goes by now is like 50 years.
I mean, this is zeitgeist, quickening, singularity moment.
So I'm going to open the phones up, and I'm going to get some of the transcript of his executive order.
The draft is on InfoWars.com and NewsWars.com right now.
But I do see little shmiblets of what we sent out.
And again, it is satisfaction.
Not for my ego that I'm a big shot and I'm having a big effect, but you know what?
I've gone through some hell.
I've took a couple of knots on my head.
And then when I sit back and I see that it's had an effect, you know what?
Now those scars become trophies.
Sigils of victory.
You know, I got a lot of scars on me.
And back at the time that happened, I didn't like them.
Man, I look at the...
Stab wound I had.
I look at other stuff, my scars, and now every one of them is valuable because that teaches me an experience.
It takes me back to that moment when you taste that blood in your mouth and those switches flip.
And everything you are is on the line.
And let me tell you, staring into that abyss, you're proud of what you are because you're fire breathing.
You're alive.
You got red blood and you're coming for the Satanist.
You're coming with God's vengeance.
Vengeance is the Lord's, but God has his swords, his weapons, his devices, his tools!
I'm gonna give the number out on this live Thursday global transmission on any subject you want to cover.
First-time callers, long-time callers, you agree, you disagree.
Belly up to the bar and let's go!
Or if you're calling outside the U.S.
and can't call 1-800 sometimes, country code 512-646-1776.
These are epic times, and I'm charged up.
Because everything they do is about showing you horrible, incredibly evil things, simulated and real, and getting you To where you just don't care anymore and you're desensitized.
So that's why as horrible as George Floyd being slowly murdered by that police officer is, the fact that people saw that humanity and saw someone begging for their life and got pissed is a good thing.
But the target shouldn't be empty stores and looting.
You become what you claim you're fighting.
The target should be the globalists and the training and the idiocy and the things that allow this type of stuff to take place.
And the media playing on racial division to try to sabotage civilization.
And the footage of LA that we'll play in a moment of the burning auto center, huge auto zone, it's like the size of a Walmart, And you've got the National Guard with their guns up on top of the police station.
Well, see, what does that show?
You don't care how many robots you got.
I don't care how many troops you got.
If people want to start burning stuff down, they don't need guns or anything.
Now, again, are most of the people out there just gangbanger idiots that want to rob something?
Is it wrong they're going after the average cop?
Is it wrong they're beating up old white ladies?
Yeah, whatever.
It's not good.
The point is, though, that the natural instinct, when you see somebody begging for their life, and they're killed for no reason, is to go out as a military and say, well, what is it I see?
Well, it's uniforms.
Or, these are white people.
That's at least the first step to understanding the New World Order.
I'm not endorsing anybody, I think it's terrible.
But at least the first level of fighting back is there.
And if I can get that first level and point it at the real enemy that's engineered all of this, and if people politically stand up and say no, and verbally stand up and say no, and aggressively put the type of energy into politics and life that it takes to go burn down a building or attack the police, well, our problems will be over very, very quickly.
Because that's what information war is.
That's what info wars is, is aggressively, with the truth, burning down lives.
And if I'm going to get ahead in life and my kids are going to have a future, I want that poor black lady with her kids or that poor white lady or that poor Hispanic lady.
I want them to have opportunities in the future.
The globalists are making you dependent to take away your opportunities.
I want to empower you and I know you want to be empowered.
And I know that I'm not going to sit back and look down on poor people that aren't as advantaged as I was and then feel elitist about myself because I'm more informed and I've got more success than them.
I need to build them up.
But that doesn't mean build them up with a welfare check that keeps them in a subservient level and make sure they're slaves.
It means I build them up by true education, true access, true information, and a level playing field of competition That allows people to thrive and discover their own personal power in whatever area they have with gifts because God Gave us all gifts Some of us have more gifts than others some are stronger in other areas but all of us have a role to play in God's Garden of Eden and it's when you value everyone and their skill and their special gift that
And when you value that we're made in the image of God, whether you're white or brown or black or yellow.
And sure, there are brown people that say whites are bad.
And sure, there are whites that say that brown people are bad.
And sometimes we're killing each other and it's a real thing when you're fighting somebody that doesn't like you.
But at the end of the day, it's a natural course of things being manipulated.
And if you want to play chess instead of checkers, you gotta rise above it, you gotta transcend it, and you gotta see what it is, and then realize they don't care if you're black or white, old or young, they're putting fluoride in your water.
They don't care if you're Chinese or German or Mexican, they're trying to put deadly vaccines in you that are tainted.
They don't care where you came from or what you're doing.
There's a New World Order club, not even a thousand people are in it!
And like George Carlin always said, there's a big club and we ain't in it.
Gotta come back in with that.
Hello, Texan George Carlin.
People don't know that.
George Carlin was, I think, born in New York to an ad executive dad.
He lived most of his life from his kid in Texas.
Good guy.
Listener of the show.
Could never get him on, though.
Got one interview with him.
We'll take your calls on the other side at 877-789-2539.
And we've got all these clips I haven't gotten to, and we've got so much to cover, and so much breaking at Infowars.com, and we'll get into some of the transcript now, the draft of Trump's executive order that he's going to sign today or tomorrow, they're saying.
You talk about, he finally figured out the par scale, so I'm not against Did not get him elected.
And Trump finally has figured out the internet and how everything's undercut.
And he put up with so much that now they're censoring him in live time.
It's taken us a year to let Trump know he's been shadow banned on Twitter.
Now they're publicly doing it because he put up with it.
And so, again, the President does not need to go after these folks on the censorship angle.
It's the racketeering.
It's the Chinese agent angle.
All right, let me plug for this hour, then we'll come back and take your calls.
I have a special guest joining us.
We'll continue the calls.
You know the guy that did the take on my wear my sunglasses at night?
Well, on the COVID-19 excellent piece.
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Well, I'm reading Trump's executive order and it's strong.
the globalists are.
Don't look for it.
a hill of ants that have been stirred up. We're going to your phone calls here in a
moment but since I mentioned it, here's George Carlin on the Globalist Club and we ain't in it.
It's never going to get any better. Don't look for it. Be happy with what you got.
Because the owners of this country don't want that.
I'm talking about the real owners now.
The real owners, the big wealthy business interests that control things and make all the important decisions.
Forget the politicians.
The politicians are put there to give you the idea that you have freedom of choice.
You don't.
You have no choice.
You have owners.
They own you.
They own everything.
They own all the important land.
They own and control the corporations.
They've long since bought and paid for the Senate, the Congress, the State Houses, the City Halls.
They got the judges in their back pockets.
And they own all the big media companies, so they control just about all of the news and information you get to hear.
They got you by the balls!
They want obedient workers.
Obedient workers.
People who are just smart enough to run the machines and do the paperwork, and just dumb enough to passively accept jobs with the lower pay, the longer hours, the reduced benefits, the end of overtime, and the vanishing pension that disappears the minute you go to collect it.
And now, they're coming for your social security money.
So they can give it to their criminal friends on Wall Street.
It's a big club.
And you ain't in it.
And you said recently, quote, when you give, they do whatever the hell you want them to do.
You better believe it.
So what specifically did they do?
If I ask them, if I need them, you know, most of the people on this stage I've given to, just so you understand.
A lot of money.
You and I are not in the big club.
The owners of this country know the truth.
It's called the American dream, because you have to be asleep to believe it.
But I'll tell you what they don't want.
They don't want a population of citizens capable of critical thinking.
They don't want well-informed, well-educated people capable of critical thinking.
They're not interested in that.
That doesn't help them.
That's against their interest.
That's right.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
They were planning on leaving the old system into one even worse and Trump's trying to block that.
We're trying to block that and go back to the Renaissance.
A system never completely realized but partially realized that created incredible freedom.
I will get to this executive order.
I've been reading it's up on Infowars.com.
Here's Business Insider.
Trump's executive order is pushing social media titans Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey to clash over how they handle free speech.
Let's play a clip here in a moment.
Then go to your calls of...
Zuckerberg saying, oh no, our platforms shouldn't be publishers.
We shouldn't control what people say unless it's illegal.
But he's already doing that.
So he's playing the good cop.
Jack Dorsey, who was Mr. Free Speech, Twitter was the free speech bastion.
He's now playing the bad cop.
Here it is.
To fact-check one of President Trump's tweets, I wondered if you thought that Twitter may have made the wrong decision here.
We have a different policy, I think, than Twitter on this.
You know, I just believe strongly that Facebook shouldn't be the arbiter of truth of everything that people say online.
I think in general, private companies probably shouldn't be, or especially these platform companies, shouldn't be in the position of doing that.
If anybody is data from Star Trek, it's Zuckerberg.
I mean, wow.
Oh, but he's the savior now.
It's one of the worst out there, censoring.
So, that's the game they're playing on Trump.
Let's go to your phone calls right now.
For me, I'd say go after him on sympathizing with the Chai comms, censoring with communist Chinese keywords, things that criticize Xi Jinping.
I mean, that's confirmed.
See, that's the thing.
If the government doesn't stand up for speech, other governments come in and they dictate.
That's what I've been saying.
And now Senator Hawley and others get that.
This isn't about speech, it's about espionage, ladies and gentlemen.
It's about racketeering.
It's about a bunch of companies getting together and creating a cartel.
It's bigger than a trust.
It's bigger than a monopoly.
It's a total thought control system.
And the average person that's 60, 70, 80, that's not a big internet person like Trump's like, oh, the internet, it's that side thing.
Trump doesn't understand the internet is hundreds of times bigger than Fox News.
So they tried to use that blind spot on Trump, but now he sees what's happening.
And his constituents, everywhere he goes, and the emails and calls he gets are, do something!
I can't send out a link to your speech on Facebook or Twitter, and Trump then sees it himself!
Not much time, El Presidente!
They're gonna steal that election from you, just as sure, just as sure as the Nile is a river in Egypt.
Gonna happen!
They're making their move, they're bragging about it, buddy boy!
Carlos, in Canada, is a long time caller, always has a lot to say.
Carlos, you're on the air.
Thanks for calling.
Hello, Alex.
President Trump has had a weakness from the very, very beginning, and that is that as an independent candidate coming into an election for the presidency of the United States, he didn't have the personal infrastructure that comes along with being senator or being a politician, you know, in the business.
He didn't have a history of people he could trust, a network.
Yeah, he didn't have a lot of people.
As a matter of fact, he's still relying on the very few people, family members, basically to rely on applying division.
This is not something that makes the presidency of the United States strong.
So they, from the very beginning, those who opposed it... And that's why they flipped out on him trying to bring Flynn in, because he was about to bring in a bunch of loyal Americans.
Yes, that's correct.
And it's taken four years, and he has done an extraordinary work because he really is
the president of the people, the president of the United States.
There's no question about that.
The Democrats, as you know, in the car race, when you have a car that comes out of nowhere
and gets ahead of you, and you're leading, and now you're second, the last thing you
do is to do stupid things.
You just get the draft behind the leading car.
You follow everything, and from time to time, you wait for the opportunity to pass.
The Democrats should have done that.
Simply follow the President, be supportive when he's wrong.
They should have become him.
That's right.
But they did not.
They decided to go opposite.
And it raises some questions.
Questions that today are very relevant.
And to me personally, I always wonder why don't we look at the birth certificate of people like, let's say, I don't know, Madam Obama.
I'd like to see her birth certificate.
I'd like to see, you know, Things like a t-shirt that says, you know, Joe Biden, you know, hands off children.
Or, you know, something like that.
Because, frankly, the media is in cahoots with people who are questioned.
Very questionable.
And this background is not... Oh, it's very obvious.
You've got a bunch of blackmailed perverts, pedophiles.
This is a party of pedophiles.
And in my opinion, The President of the United States right now is facing the largest challenge, the greatest challenge.
You know, the days of a president running in a convertible are gone.
If you wanted to physically kill the President of the United States today, you only have one basic alternative.
I put that through my algorithm.
You know, I have a little computer algorithm that I developed years ago.
There's a semantic analysis.
And two words came out.
Hariri was one and Carrero Blanco was the other.
Why did these two words come from all of the, you know, semantic analysis?
And it was that these two people were blown up from underneath the road.
The car threw in the air.
You said it.
I swear, I was thinking they would either blow up his car or his helicopter earlier.
I almost said that exactly.
IED is what we got to worry about.
Yes, and I'm very worried about that.
And you know, there are certain sinister people that have come into the equation.
I don't want to mention or insinuate anything.
Believe me, I don't.
I don't question their integrity or anything.
I'm just saying to you that General McChrystal, very suspect, okay?
He was involved in two instances of a journalist that hits a tree at high speed at night in California.
Michael Hastings.
You know?
And, you know, just because he was the one that outed him, in a sense, and a football player that was killed with friendly fire, you know, in Afghanistan, you know?
A very famous football player.
That's right.
Mr. Tillman.
And, you know, and I'm wondering, why are these people coming to the scene right now against the President?
I really wonder.
Because, you know, and I'm not saying anything, Mr. McChrystal, General McChrystal... I just don't think anything happens to Trump.
We know who's the enemy.
All right.
Carlos, what an amazing call.
Ha ha!
We'll be right back with more of your phone calls and a special guest pops in.
Then more phone calls.
Tomorrow's news today.
We don't want to get behind the curve here.
COVID and the Chi-Com operation is still wreaking havoc.
But America and the people now have the upper hand.
The hoax is beginning to dissipate.
I want to continue to expose it hard, though, but we've got the initiative.
And the enemy can see that we've turned the tide again, thanks to God.
Thanks to God's impetus to make us take action, the animating spirit.
So, we better start asking the enemy's next move.
Because by the time the bombers have left that are bombing us now,
you better believe the next sortie has been launched.
And I think Carlos is a very smart person.
And I think, yeah, that's how they'll get Trump, is in improvised explosive devices that have already been buried in hundreds of spots months ago with operatives inside construction crews on normal construction routes.
The Secret Service should, I think you've probably already thought of this, route the President around any recent construction sites the last six months.
I'm serious.
Obviously they've got decoy helicopters and a lot of other things, but I don't want to say this to be dramatic, folks.
They're going to try to kill Trump.
They're losing their piss.
They don't know what to do.
There's a lot of things Trump could do to go on the offense, which I'm not an offensive guy.
Use the cheesy analogy, use the force for knowledge and defense never to attack.
We're under attack.
So the idea that when someone's attacking you, you don't fight back, you just wait for the next attack and only make one move after you've been attacked.
Once you open the attack, everything else is defense.
May look like offense, but it's defense.
You open the begini bottle, you open the gate, you get it.
And... Trump's just surrounded by cowards.
He's got some good people, but...
I mean, I'll just tell you this.
Having Phil Mudd walking around on CNN, you know, when he used to run CIA assassin teams, saying he's going to kill the president.
I mean, come on, that dude shouldn't be.
I mean, the fact that he's walking around is like a green light to everybody.
Oh God, the president's an idiot and he's weak.
I mean, this guy says kill the president.
He's still walking around.
I mean, if I got on there and said, kill Trump, and I said, go get him, and I'd run CIA kill teams, I mean, I should be arrested within hours.
And the fact that that guy is walking around right there, it's everything you need to know right there.
Something happens to the president though, your name is mud, buddy.
He never killed anybody himself though, he just sent people to do it.
He shoots his mouth all day about how tough he is.
But uh... All the bravado and all the chutzpah of the globalists, I'm so sick, I want to call their bluff, man.
This whole operation is about doing that.
And I know you're calling their bluff and I love you, but man, I just...
They teach people to go burn down targets and shoot cops as a protest.
That's not how you do it.
And I don't want any violence.
But for everybody out there that wants to know, I mean, obviously you don't burn down a local police station or fire department and burn down somebody's business if you're going after the establishment.
You find out who are the bad guys that did bad policies that screwed your rights and your freedom, and then you go find them.
And I'm not saying do that.
But this is a time to be like Santa Claus.
He's got a list.
He checks it twice.
He knows who's been naughty and nice.
They want this world of civil war?
They want this world of assassinations?
They want this world where they're gonna kill Trump?
I'll be your Huckleberry.
Just pull your pistol.
Fill the hand and see what happens.
I know what America is going to do to you.
But I'm worried about the nuclear weapons and the bio and just all of it.
We're so damn surrounded.
And I just wish the average American would just wake up and join the Republic and throw off the chi-coms and all this race war crap and come together and have a future.
But no, oh no, the dirty universities and the robber barons had their dream of world government.
So to have their world government, they had to set up America and take us down and do all this.
Well, guess what?
America ain't lying down and dying.
Like you knew all the folks want.
All right, I'm going to go to your calls.
I'm going to your calls.
Let's go ahead and talk to Baker.
Says, what is the next move for the Globals?
I want to hear what you think from California.
Tell me.
What up, Alex?
I normally call in as Matt from California.
I'm going to go with Baker now because it's a little bit more noticeable.
My opinion is that the Contact Tracing Selective Enforcement Program will be coming And I've already seen it happen.
They'll say, oh, the church, there was a church service.
That's just their cover to send political agents to your house.
It's just, it's just, it's their secret police, secret army, domestic security force bigger than our military Obama plan.
It's community organizers with law enforcement power.
And then they had the Blue Angels fly over the hospitals, and they had big crowds outside, and there was never any talk about that.
And I can bet you there's probably not going to be any talk about the riots.
Because it's all total crap.
And then we go, oh, you're against the Blue Angels.
The Blue Angels all knew it was BS.
Yeah, this contact tracing thing has to be the number one thing that we have to take down.
It's the number one enemy to America right now.
I'd like to just switch gears, if you'd be so kind, to The Marvelous Beast real quick.
When John was on Patmos and he had his visions, we talk about the Fallen One, okay?
Now, a lot of people talk about that possibly being an alien, okay?
So an alien lives a really long time.
Is it not possible that that was in fact predictive programming?
Consider that it was not actually in the original Bible, that it was written in later.
They said, when the Mark of the Beast comes, it's going to be great because then Jesus will come and save you.
It's like Q. It's like Trump.
It's when the final key to the door, when you see the prison guard locking the gate, that's when you know it's all going to be okay.
And so they set it up, and then when it's happening, the Christians stand down.
The Q stand down.
The Trumps stand down.
We are Q. We are the answer.
We have to do this on a personal level.
Well, no, I mean, I hear what you're saying in that definitely with the Q thing, oh, don't worry, it's all being handled for you.
And definitely with the pre-rapture, which isn't in the Bible, it says that, you know, there's Armageddon.
and the archangel ties up Satan and puts him in the pit and then the dead in Christ are risen.
A five-year-old can understand that. So definitely pre-tribulation rapture is a Q-type deal.
And so yeah, you're talking about a missionaria protectorate pre-programming.
I mean, what do you think?
Well, I got something to say because Bill Gates is on the phone now and he wants to talk.
What I want to do is I want to take my vaccine and I want to impregnate everybody in the world
with a fragment of my RNA DNA so I will be like the Anunnaki of the days of old
where I will change the genetic code of every human being.
And what's wrong with that?
Well that's what him and old pervert Hey Alex, I think they telegraphed already what they're going to be doing.
said he was murdered. Of course we know he was murdered. He was planning to fight the
case and bring everybody down with him, so they broke his little chicken neck. All right,
I appreciate your call, Baker. Let's talk to Rudy in Connecticut. What's happening next?
What do you think their next big move's going to be? Rudy?
Hey, Alex. I think they telegraphed already what they're going to be doing. It looks like
there's going to be a second wave and a new release of a new bioweapon, and that's going
to come close to the fall.
Not just race riots, not just economy war, but a second spike, and then they have this patented new, more deadly version, and then we all deny it and say it's not a problem, and then it really hits.
And then Fauci's a hero wearing that little mask.
Well, Fauci is a pure intellectualist.
You can see with the race riots, uh, this is just Ferguson, uh, you know, 2-0, you know, Ferguson 2, and, uh, they didn't, it didn't work with the Ahmed Aubrey thing, so they had to start something else, and launch a new offensive, start a race riot, hit us with a second bioweapon, and, uh, by the winter, or by the fall, and if Trump is re-elected, it's gonna get even worse, uh, and let's just hope that, uh, Trump does get reelected and Trump does something to stop it before...
I totally agree with you.
So many people think now, oh, it's okay.
Oh, they're starting to turn the economy back on.
They did that after they knew it was going to be a depression.
And so it's going to get very, very intense.
And that's what we have to all expose it as a hoax and say, no matter how bad this next thing is, it came out of Wuhan.
You guys covered it up.
Fauci and Obama were involved and just keep exposing them and Gates as the ringleader.
And they may back off because they don't think they're gonna be able to sell it.
Yeah, absolutely.
And I also want to mention that the American leftists and the postmodernists have left the door open for the communist Chinese.
And we're completely infiltrated.
The more that Trump and most people talk about how the Communist Chinese have infiltrated the United States, I think more people are going to wake up to that fact.
And people should really be aware of how close we are of losing the whole story.
Oh, yeah.
This is the Third World War.
This is the globalist takeover.
This is everything.
It's now.
This is modern warfare, folks.
You're in it.
That's why I'm so excited and so crazy.
I mean, this is just over-the-top dangerous.
People need to understand that.
Stay with us.
More calls straight ahead.
So, Dr. Faustus Fauci has come out and told us what we already know.
The mask is a sign of submission, like Islam.
A sign of slavery.
A sign of respect to the fraud of the NIH and the National Health Services in Europe and the UK.
There's a video on Infowars.com, it's a long video, of them doing TikTok videos while people die in the emergency room waiting area.
Everyone's clapping.
It's so Marie Antoinette-esque.
Let them eat cake.
But here's Dr. Fausti.
Here he is.
I wear it for the reason that I believe it is effective.
It's not a hundred percent effective.
I mean, it's sort of respect for another person and have that other person respect you.
You wear a mask.
They wear a mask.
You protect each other.
You wear a mask.
They wear a mask.
You protect each other.
Take the U.N.
Don't have children either.
Don't shake hands anymore.
That's a bad... All the studies show it actually makes you sick to not shake hands.
When doctors come out and expose the real science, he has them banned off YouTube because Fauci gave us HIV.
Fauci works for Bill and Melinda Gates.
Let's hear from Fauci again.
Start the clip over, please.
I wear it for the reason that I believe it is effective.
It's not 100% effective.
I mean, it's sort of respect for another person and have that other person respect you.
You wear a mask, they wear a mask.
Be respectful and do what I say.
Millions are gonna die.
Okay, it's not true.
Okay, we're killing old people.
I recommended we put them all in there with COVID patients and kill them.
It's okay, though.
You're doing well.
I'm your daddy now, okay?
No Fauci, you should be up on charges of capital premeditated murder, you little snot-nosed rat!
And you're not going to get away with any of the crap you're pulling, you little monster!
Let's finish up with this punk.
And have that other person respect you.
You wear a mask, they wear a mask.
Pause again.
You send somebody with COVID to the nursing home, that's who it mainly kills.
We get higher numbers and we make money!
I respect the old people when I send the COVID patient in there, even though the doctors say don't do it.
Forget the doctors, I control NIH.
I am Faust-y.
I am Faust.
You do what I say, oh!
Finish up.
Oh, yeah, it's very dangerous.
It's still very scary.
Sounds like a Looney Tunes character.
that a) I want to protect myself and protect others and also because I want
to make it be a symbol for people to see that that's the kind of thing you should
be doing and when I walk around the street in the neighborhood where I live
in Washington DC which still has a considerable number of infections
oh yes very dangerous that many people are doing that it's still very scary
sounds like a Looney Tunes character he's deadly dangerous
you want to protect yourself like Listen, we're gonna protect the old people.
We got something that mainly only kills old people, respiratory.
Let's put the patients in there with the healthy ones.
But, oh, family can't come see them.
You might have it.
But if you have it, we're going to put you in there, and then we're going to make a lot of money out of it.
And once we corrupt all the hospitals that went along with it, we control them now.
I am Fausti.
I am your boss.
I am your master.
And now the lockdown never ends.
And I have shots for you.
I am Fausti.
We got a guest joining us for a couple segments to put up this amazing... I like that original song.
Who put that out?
I wear my sunglasses at night.
What's that meant?
Put it on screen.
You guys always have your mics turned up so high, it's unintelligible.
Corey Hart.
That's who originally put out the music?
Well, we'll see what happens here coming up, folks.
We'll see what happens today.
We're going to try our best on the other side.
We're going to come in with the music video.
No music before it.
We're going to come in with the music video, and then we're going to go to our guest, who wears his sunglasses at night.
Maybe we can put him on screen for folks?
There he is right there for you, as you can see.
Lightning speed.
A thought criminal!
Do not visit.
Do not spread.
Do what Fauci says.
Lie down and die!
I wear my face mask in my car so I can, so I can Virtue signal in my neighborhood
And I wear my face mask when I walk so I can, so I can Make sure they all know I'm really smart
Keep your distance While they're deceiving me
It cuts my immunity TV's got control of me.
I turn it on, they say.
But this is not over yet.
Don't trust a man with the orange skin, oh no.
No, it comes from China.
But there has to be some form of punishment.
Don't mess around with the CDC numbers.
Oh no, I can't believe it.
We gotta make him a billionaire.
And then the final solution, which is a year to two years off, is the vaccine.
I wear my face mask in my house so I can, so I can stop a symptomatic disease spread to myself.
And I wear my face mask when I bike, so I can, so I can, placate all the Karen's at
the park.
And now the zoo is deceiving me.
Tweet freedom for security.
TV's got control of me.
I turn it on, they say.
Don't take it off till the vaccine's here, oh no.
Get microchipped and go back to work, oh yeah.
Oh no, I can't believe it.
He's not just a nerd, he's like a doctor too, oh yeah.
The contact tracer's knocking at my door, oh no.
i'm just a number well rarely does an adaptation or a cover surpass the
original but i have to say sunglasses at night Song by Canadian singer Corey Hart has been eclipsed by media bear.
Our next guest is an example of dutiful preparation met with outspoken righteousness.
He made an instrumental video that inadvertently has become the anthem of mass people around the world.
Some have accused him of being a immune system denier.
The adaptation of such a rigid application of PPE, personal protection equipment.
But at the end of the day, he isn't selfish.
In fact, he doesn't protect all of us in mankind.
Please clap for Governor Lordship Fauci, David Rockefeller, and of course Bill Gates and Media Bear.
I'm wrong, you're right, you're a hero.
The kids are saying, they say for three years in L.A.
everyone's going to wear a mask.
Europe's saying it.
No more lunches, no more playgrounds, we're all prisoners.
You're heroes.
It doesn't matter all the numbers are fraud.
Here's to you, Media Bear.
You know, I'm just doing my part to Fred, how important it is that we stop the spread of this disease that we may not know that we have because we may give it to somebody who may never know that they caught it.
Well, yeah, most are asymptomatic and they're counting all the regular deaths from everything else is this.
But I mean, you're such a hero, though, the way you wear that.
I mean, who knew that we suddenly men would wear burgers as well?
Well, it's true.
You know, it's important that... I'm not sure why you're not wearing your mask right now, Alex.
This disease has been proven to spread through photons now through the screen, so... I would appreciate you to mask up for me.
Okay, I'll tell you what.
Next segment, I will go get my mask on, okay?
Will you virtue signal and tell me I'm a hero if I do it?
Of course I will, Alex.
You'll be protecting all of us at that point.
Did you hear what Fauci had to say earlier, how he does it to teach us to be good and be respectful?
Yeah, you know, the whole thing is actually completely ridiculous and was made from after days and days of arguing with people on Uh, on our neighborhood website, ultimately.
Yeah, let's get serious for a moment.
Tell us who you want to get thought crown.
You make us into prison in Europe, actually arrest you if you question it right now.
But I mean, what made you make this great video?
Had you done this before?
What made you stand up against this, this wonderful freedom?
Well, yeah.
So, I mean, I guess I had been arguing with people about this mask situation and, uh, you know, Yeah, tell us what's happened now.
neighborhood website. This thing was ultimately made to kind of have fun with me and a few
of my friends and my wife and whatnot and play on our neighborhood website to mess with
some of these people. And when I posted it, my channel had 45 subscribers. And the rest
is kind of history.
Yeah, tell us what's happened now. People are hungry for art and for truth.
Yeah, it's awesome.
I mean, I've gotten so many people that have been really enjoying it and showing it to everyone that they can.
And it's actually a pretty humbling experience to see how this thing is, how so many people have enjoyed it.
It's really awesome, actually.
What about censorship?
All these medical doctors, scientists, you know, former head of the Rockefeller Hospital went public.
They banned him, saying it's all basically an overdriven hoax.
Because, I mean, you're saying it's real, we should all just worship those that wear masks.
Have you had problems?
I've seen, you know, tens of millions of views of your video.
Have you experienced the love of the big tech protecting us?
You know, I don't really know enough about a lot of that stuff to really have much of an opinion on it.
I know that the video, you know, it probably feels to me like it's been viewed more times than it actually has.
But I mean, there's, you know, hundreds of mirrors, lots of people sharing it, probably in places that aren't racking up views and stuff like that.
So where did you pick this song?
Because it's just, it's genius.
I mean, are you in marketing already?
Or how'd you think of this?
So, I'm glad that you asked.
Um, we, I mean, I've made several different little spoof parody, you know, absurd edits and stuff like that on my channel in the past.
And, uh, so after the arguing with all of these masked people, um... Hold on, you gotta hold, you were breaking up, you were sending some COVID at me.
Just now, it caused a break, um, uh, oh!
How... Yeah, yeah, you just hit me with some COVID, sorry.
Cause you're right, they now say it comes through the TV screen.
Sorry, go ahead.
Yeah, no, it's fine.
I apologize.
This is a new mask, though.
So, yeah, my wife, actually, we were going through and trying to figure out what song would be really good to use, and we were about to do She Blinded Me With Science for Dr. Birx, but we decided, ultimately, when we were scrolling through and looking at different options, she saw sunglasses at night, and she said, I wear my face mask in my car, and the rest is history.
So, your wonderful wife was the inspiration for this?
The choice of what song we chose, it all was absolutely 100% meant to be.
We sat down and wrote the lyrics in about 5 or 6 minutes.
My best friend did the singing for it.
And, uh, yeah.
You have done well, Lord Vader.
We're going to give you the Emperor Palpatine Seal of Approval.
That's a very rare It's kind of like a Michelin star for your restaurant that's like the Emperor Palpatine silver approval.
I have not yet received that.
But someday I'll make something as good as you've done that's perfect.
I can't thank you enough, Alex.
I'm really glad that you liked it.
I hope that your audience likes it.
We're actually working on something in the same vein right now.
I think they told me you have something else you made.
I haven't seen it yet.
There's been one or two that we've released since then.
Nothing that's terribly, you know, the same level of production and stuff, but we are working on something now that will be kind of a quality follow-up to the face mask and the car song.
Now that we're on the Star Wars angle, can Darth Vader remove his mask or that's just too dangerous when we come back?
Because you could infect everybody watching if you took your mask off, right?
It's dangerous out here and in here.
The disease is literally everywhere.
I mean, the common cold is a coronavirus.
Out of respect, like Fauci said, you're going to leave it on.
I have to.
They're making arrests in England of husbands that kiss their wives.
So please, keep the mask on.
Please, please.
Don't act so surprised, globalist.
You weren't on any mercy mission this time.
You know, they say wear a bandana.
Wear a piece of paper.
It's about the respect.
It's about the submission.
Not to Islam, but Fauci-on.
Bill Gates-i-on.
So I'm wearing the Alex Jones mask.
The Alex Jones Halloween mask.
Does it matter?
Just show respect.
I'm doing it right now.
Another mess coming up next segment.
But getting serious, I was just watching the White House spokeswoman destroying them on Twitter, fact-checking the president on Newsom, going to send 38 million Californians a ballot even though they're not registered, knowing it's all fraudulent.
They're going to accept them?
I mean, that's total fraud on its face, media bearer.
And now, quote, they're fact-checking the president.
He's got his executive order.
Is it too little too late?
What do you think about the situation?
Getting serious.
Uh, well, I'm, I'm just standing by to see the next, uh, heavily censored tweet from Donald Trump that'll let us know, uh, where this whole situation is heading.
What do you make of Hollywood and the left going, yeah, ban him, get rid of everybody's speech?
I mean, they've totally converted it like what we always heard Phil Castro was like.
But we're like, oh, Castro doesn't really censor.
They're like, yeah, we're like Mao Zedong, censor everybody.
Yeah, well, uh, I'm actually well-versed in, um, Hollywood, uh, I'm a crew member of the illustrious IATSE Filmmaking Union here in Georgia, so I know it well.
Where do you think it's all going?
I think it's all going for them to basically just capitulate to China completely, sell every single movie studio and TV station, and just basically just hand over the rest of our culture to China.
I totally agree.
Here is the spokesperson, who I think is doing a great job for the president because she knows how they're going to attack.
She does her pre-research.
McKinney, breaking it down.
here it is.
An egregious one that our US military was responsible for the spread of the coronavirus
and that tweet, that disinformation, it took all the way until today when we raised concerns
about it to get a fact check.
So they appear to be very hastily eager to censor President Trump and some of his employees, but a little reluctant when it comes to China.
It's a bit befuddling.
But no one believes in the First Amendment more than the President.
The President will take action to ensure that big tech does not stifle free speech and that the rights of all Americans to speak, tweet, and post are protected.
And finally, I just want to note one other action of Twitter that I learned just before walking out here, that on the Mueller report, their anti-Trump headlines were anti-Trump by a ratio of 76 to 1.
That's extraordinary, and it's not just bias aimed at President Trump and his employees.
It's also aimed at everyday Americans.
It's aimed at the movie Unplanned, as Twitter suspended their account and then came up with
an excuse in the aftermath.
And then just another example, that liberals are allowed to incite violence against the
Covington kids who were in the end proven right, and their video was taken out of context.
And yet these individuals were allowed by Twitter to incite violence.
It's very disturbing to see.
So those are some of the president's concerns.
And with that, I will take questions.
Yesterday, the U.S.
hit 100,000 deaths from the coronavirus.
That happened at around 6 o'clock yesterday evening.
It took until about 9 in the morning for the president to recognize that on Twitter.
The attack is, half those died in nursing homes in four states that Democrats ship COVID patients in.
Oh, it's the one group it'll kill.
And they count shark attacks and gunshot wounds.
Just annihilate them.
Stop buying into the whole thing.
Destroy them with the truth.
These reporters are like, yesterday, it hit 100,000.
Took the president until the morning to respond.
It's his fault.
I mean, just listen.
All they want is to plunge the economy and create hysteria.
Here it is.
After all, it was the impetus behind him lowering the flag to half-staff.
He did that for several days.
I mean, and that was an acknowledgment of that number.
And he acknowledged it in a tweet this morning.
We hit 100,000 yesterday evening and it took 13 hours, some odd hours, for him to recognize that and tweet about it.
I'm John Costa.
I'm Bane.
Don't you think Sunglasses at night, media bearer?
That we should go on the offense about this?
I mean, this is... I've got the numbers right here.
30 to 1 on average was the estimates of the death.
Then the death ratio is at 3.2%.
Now we know it's, you know, .03.
percent now we know it's 0.03 I mean this damn thing is a big hoax yeah it's
The last number I saw was 30 deaths per 100,000 here in the U.S.
Yeah, so what's the, how do you, what is that?
It's like the zero point... Zero point zero zero four.
So it's even, okay, so I'm overestimating, yeah, because the, yeah, wow, I mean, wow, you got a better chance of getting struck by lightning.
It's legitimately true that you have a better chance of getting struck by lightning.
That's from the CDC.
Well, they're in the news saying gunshot wounds, car wrecks, mountain climbing accidents.
Everything is COVID.
Good luck finding flu statistics for this year.
Well, they admit there's no flu deaths.
It's all been moved over to this column.
So again, shouldn't the president just go on the offense about this and expose?
But again, you're like, well, he's your... Fauci was waiting like a time bomb loaded in there.
Yeah, it's absurd how... I mean, Fauci has already confirmed that hydroxychloroquine Works on SARS, and now they're pretending that they need to go through all these tests again and stuff, and it's purely a drama and an opera for a bunch of masked people and idiots in the country.
Well, that's because he's invested in Resvesivir.
Resvesivir, however you say it.
I mean, it's ridiculous.
What do you make of Gates's vaccines in humans and animals getting banned because they're killing so many animals?
Well, let's just say that We're working on something for Bill Gates.
Something absurd that will perfectly ridicule his attempts at vaccinating the entire world.
I wear my Nazi armband at night, so I can, so I can.
Something like that?
Something like that.
It'll be a completely different tune, though.
Look at those teeth.
Nothing more dangerous than a psychotic nerd.
Yeah, I can't get enough of seeing him get hit in the face with a pie.
I'm just glad I wasn't a baseball bat with nails.
God, that'd have been terrible.
Yeah, me too.
That's true.
Like, big ol' like six-inch long nails.
Like, just wham!
Right in the... But you know what?
Seriously, the last thing I want is anything bad to happen to him.
I want him to live a long, good life in a pain induction chamber.
That looks delicious!
Look at that.
That looks absolutely delicious.
Well, maybe he'll commit suicide to make room for the rest of us.
You know, he says killing old people gets jobs.
Well, he's kind of old now.
Or his dad's 95 in that nursing home.
I mean, you know, I don't wish any harm against Bill Gates Sr., head of Planned Parenthood, eugenicist, Nazi.
I'm just saying, like, hey, you know, save the Earth, Bill.
How about we put some COVID patients with your dad, huh?
Well, and that's the policy, right?
I love it.
That's an excellent point.
Media Bear, we got you surrounded.
Approach your door with your hands visible, your gloves on, and your mask tight.
You've been reported for having contact with somebody that's been infected with an asymptomatic disease.
Hold on, what's going on there at your house?
We're gonna stick a needle in your arm and vaccinate you.
So facts don't matter.
Reality doesn't matter.
What matters is I'm wearing this mask.
That means that I am morally superior to everyone.
I have submitted to Fauci and Bill Gates and the UN.
I am here on air.
I am supreme.
I am moral.
Never shake hands again.
Never kiss again.
Everyone must be raised in test tubes.
All babies must be born in test tubes.
This is the promise of the New World Order.
We have a hero on with us right now who Who only wears his face mask at night everywhere he goes.
He's a hero.
Tell us more, my hero, Media Bear, about what you're doing.
Well, in my opinion, ridicule is the best antidote for this absurdity.
So, I'm just going to keep having fun making fun of these people and trying to spread more of the word of how absurd and ridiculous all of these
things that they want to do to our society really is.
Well, we've got another music video you put out a little short one, but what else do you have coming out soon?
I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I was being rude to you. I want to go.
I want to I want to support you doesn't matter my mask is fake like everybody else's.
Like people wear the same people also wear the same gloves, which means nothing.
Have you ever worked in medical stuff?
You take gloves off during every procedure, but now it's just you wear a glove, it's another sign of how good you are, right?
Sure, I... I don't know if you're wearing a glove.
I mean, I've got hundreds of thousands of these, so why wouldn't I just change them every few minutes and just stay safe?
I'm just trying to do this to protect everybody else.
Yeah, you're just...
Just get off the fence, you said, right?
So what's coming next here?
Because in LA they say the kids never go back without, they all stay alone, there's no more touching ever.
The left already wanted to get rid of like playing tag and sports.
So this is just like bubble people.
Isn't this a great new future?
No, it actually is.
Um, I've, I've completely separated from my entire family.
I live that way.
I can't spread it that way.
You mean you can't spread the humans that way?
Oh, God, that mask is great, Alex.
Well, it keeps you safe.
You want to tell me I'm a hero?
Well, no, you're doing this to save and protect your entire crew.
I mean, any amount of droplets could escape from you and potentially infect the entire crew.
What about vaccines?
You need those.
You need me to put a special shot in you, my friend.
A vaccine isn't going to be enough.
It's going to need to include a microchip, or a quantum tattoo, or some sort of digital certificate.
Which has all been announced, my pretty.
Well, I mean, you know... And anyone that doesn't do it is a bad person, and should be imprisoned.
Well, you know, I'm glad that you mentioned that.
Before the last break, I had a contact tracer knock on my door, and they said- I saw that happen!
I'm a hero!
Yeah, they, um, it's- I'm just busy being a hero right now.
I'm a hero!
Ah, I love it.
You're doing your part, Alex.
You really are.
Tell me about the contact tracer.
I'm going to give it a thought crowd and take this off real quick.
Sorry, I'm exposing everyone.
Biological weapon release.
Biological weapon release.
Humanoid DNA.
Well, it was a very short meeting.
They knocked on the door.
They said, you know, that I had potentially been in contact with someone who was infected with You know, a disease that they didn't show any symptoms.
And so if you were infected, though, we'd have sent you to a nursing home right away, though.
Well, right.
Family can't visit in case you have COVID, but if you haven't, we send you there.
Well, they said that they would allow me to wait until I finish with you, and then I'm going to be remanded into their care.
You know, we joke about that, but you've seen the footage out of Europe and out of Canada and here, where they're grabbing people that criticize COVID lockdowns.
Yes, absolutely.
I have a feeling that that's not why they've come for me.
Oh yeah, this is all a cover just to be arresting and grabbing people.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
This is to keep everybody around me safe.
They just want to take me.
They said that the microchip implant would take only moments, it would be painless, and then I could go back to Kroger.
Alright, well we love your song and we appreciate you.
People can find you at Media Bear for now at YouTube.
Where else can people find the work you're doing?
Everything's there on my YouTube channel.
As far as the other stuff that's out there that we're doing, we've got a couple different things going on and they can all be found out there.
Including this new little piece you did called Hydroxy Clean.
Take it or you're a racist.
Here it is.
You may have heard about a virus called COVID-19.
It's a virus that is extremely contagious.
You may have it now with no symptoms and may pass it off to someone who may never even know they caught it.
That's why we made Hydroxyclean!
It's amazing!
Watch how Hydroxyclean unleashes the power of hydroxychloroquine, making engineered viruses disappear like magic.
Without vaccines or microchips.
For boomers, Hydroxyclean is a must.
It goes deep down into the circulatory system, gets rid of the rona and the cough.
Have you ever spread an asymptomatic disease to someone who didn't know they got it?
Well, Hydroxyclean is tough on man-made viruses, without the damaging effects of sterilizing hundreds of thousands of Indian children.
Some talking heads say, No Hydroxyclean.
Orange man bad, but Hydroxyclean safely removes the virus, even on boomers.
It's the Rona Remover for the people you love.
Add a scoop of Hydroxyclean to every dose of zinc and azithromycin.
It'll boost the Rona removing power.
Don't just clean it, Hydroxyclean it.
Works great for COVID too.
So we know that'll get serious.
that Z-Pak kills the bacteria that can carry the virus.
If you have zinc, it takes out the glycolytic chloride when it pushes in the cells.
That's what all the studies show.
They're trying to like say vitamin C isn't good to stop scurvy,
or oxygen isn't good for humans, or that plants don't need water.
We all know they need Brondo, it's what they crave.
I mean, this war on the fact that this is a disease of deficiency of vitamin D3, of zinc and C,
I mean, how evil is it they're trying to cover that up as well?
Yeah, it is actually pretty disturbing when you consider that these are things
that we could be doing preventatively.
A lot of people already were taking vitamin supplements and washing their hands and stuff like that to stay safe and healthy.
I don't see why it's such a... We're being taught this giant new phobia with Fauci saying, don't ever shake hands again.
What a cult!
Completely absurd, and I don't think that people are going to accept it.
I think they've overplayed their hand on this, and I think that when they try to roll it out again, there will be massive pushback and that they'll never, ever be able to do this again.
No, I agree with you, but if they get away with it, then they may try a new scam.
So that's why, I mean, I think they should really be punished for what they've done.
I mean, all their models were wrong.
They were all lies.
The fact that they organized it is how you can bring them down.
I mean, they've really been caught red-handed.
In closing, what do you make of Trump's executive order saying he's going after big tech?
Do you think this is actually going to happen?
Yes, I think it most likely will happen.
I mean, he's the president, right?
So, yeah, I think that he'll... Well, if he wants to lose, he'll sit there and do nothing.
I mean, we're pretty far behind the eight ball here.
Doesn't matter how popular he is, they're mailing out hundreds of millions of fake ballots right now.
Yeah, it's a pretty disturbing situation.
You've got all these CEO little chicken-neck people that are working with the Chai-coms that have literally hijacked the country, and they're all so arrogant, they think we're going to just keep taking it.
That's not how this works.
Yeah, it's our duty to point out the absurdity and to resist it at every angle.
Well, can't wait to see your next work, Media Bear, at YouTube Media Bear.
We'll talk to you again soon.
God bless you, my friend.
Thanks, bud!
Oh, you like Super Blue?
Yeah, I wanted to mention that this was what I was brushing my teeth with in the video.
Well, hold on to that, because the Democrats tell me if I try to sell that again, they'll arrest me, even though it's totally legal.
But hey, it's the same Democrats up in New York that ran the death camps for the old people, so we got a surprise for them.
Thank you so much, sir.
All right, your calls, Trish and April and Hokushio and Patrick and Michael.
All right, we have Jason Jones coming up with three or four guests.
Always a powerful hour.
Then the War Room.
Right on, Alex Jones, your host.
I want to go to April, Hoke Sheila, Trish, Patrick, and at least Michael before we end this hour.
We're going to go to the order the calls were received.
I guess up front would be Hoke Sheila, if I'm pronouncing that right, South Dakota.
Go ahead.
Thanks for holding.
Oh, yeah, you're pronouncing that right, Alex.
Thank you.
So what are you making?
What's going on?
Well, partner, last time I called you, you were mentioning about the Marshall Law that you had been reading about that was going on in South Dakota, and I wanted to give you an update on what's happening on one of our reservations.
So, the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe just passed a tribal ordinance, number 83, which suspends tribal sovereignty, allowing the state to come onto the rez and control traffic, suspends HIPAA laws, and can Get people put in jail if they're found to be COVID carriers or committed, and it can even control what people are distributed to eat.
So everything they do to the American people, they test first on the American Indian.
Oh, yeah, absolutely.
That's the beta test.
So what's happening to you is for everybody, which they admit is the plan.
Total surveillance, total control, suspension of your rights.
They basically have passed a resolution, which they can't do.
Under the 1968 American Indian Civil Rights Act, no tribal council can pass any law that violates our constitutional rights.
Well, I was about to say, I mean a state or even the feds aren't supposed to pass something that does that, so how can another nation do it?
Yeah, and that's what they're doing right now.
They're beta testing it on Cheyenne River.
So what you're seeing in the news about all these checkpoints, That's to get us into a martial law state in South Dakota on the reservations.
They're doing it now.
Well, we know about the sterilization on the reservations as well.
It's really been, and again, it's all compartmentalized.
It's not the average person doing it, but it doesn't give an excuse people aren't involved.
Our acquiescence, now that we know it's going on, makes us parties to it if we don't say no to it.
And so what they're saying now is that they're bringing down the ratcheting of these lockdown orders.
I don't believe it.
I think it's, as you said, the second wave, maybe the biotech, but they just instituted this on the reservations.
It was Cheyenne River, anyway.
Well, you saw Gates say three weeks ago with Colbert, he said, oh, this is really just a test.
The real one's coming.
So, again, they get us locked down on the test, then the big one hits.
And I think if people don't expose that, we have no hope.
I mean, this is big, folks.
This is real, and this is deadly dangerous.
God bless you, sir.
Thanks for calling, folks.
Okay, let's go to Patrick in Texas, then Michael.
Patrick, go ahead.
Yeah, so this is a call to reference to a national plan for Trump.
We've talked a lot in the past, but the thing we really do is just-
Your phone's a little distorted.
Can you back off of it?
Is that better?
Go ahead and try again.
The big thing we need to do is just have an all-out front attack on the globalists.
And you need to come at them with multiple parameters.
It needs to be, you know, no less than, say, five to ten different major items that they hold here.
And, you know, a lot of things...
That rule would get to him.
It's like with Flynn.
Who cares what's going on with the corrupt judge and all the other crap?
Hire him back immediately.
It would have been a role.
Give him a title.
No, I agree.
Hire Flynn back and make him chief of staff and then just bring in the whole military.
It's not the military's perfect, but let me tell you.
Trump brings in the military.
They're loyal to America.
They're going to do what they're told.
Just kick all the bureaucrats and the lawyers out.
Get away all the little corrupt pieces of social trash that we don't need in that environment.
The other thing is, go on a statement.
Make an issue.
It's executive order.
You know, it's our intent to deport all illegal aliens immediately due to an imminent threat to our election integrity.
You know, put something out there, let them know we're not playing around.
You're going to take out a huge percentage of their fraudulent voting data.
No, I agree.
Trump has to go.
And again, it's not even illegal to the enemy.
They're just trying to get a better life.
They're used as a weapon.
The Democrats are using them as a weapon.
So yeah, exactly.
Block it all.
I totally agree, Patrick.
Sorry, but your phone's breaking up.
You made good points, but it's hard to pick up.
Thank you.
Call me back again when your phone's better.
Michael in California, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hey, it's great to finally talk to you, Alex.
Great to talk to you, brother.
What's on your mind?
Okay, this is very important.
I live in Hollywood, and the New World Order system has been set up here for a very long time now.
And I think it is because of the fact that I'm half black.
They have targeted me and my family.
My neighbor was Ed Buck.
Oh, well, no wonder you got targeted.
You didn't know what you saw.
That was, again, one of the main procurers for their satanic rituals.
You know what?
They've been doing this to my family for way longer than everything that, you know, has been exposed about him.
But, you know, the good thing is, is I found out exactly what's going on and how they're doing it.
And they have people everywhere.
They're all around us.
And we are being watched through our phones and monitored.
And if we take down this... Listen, it's on record.
The five Silicon Valley companies are in your email, in your text messages, in your live feeds.
They admit, quote, watching you.
Now, they're in the news like, oh, we watch what you text message.
They're in our phones.
If the NSA did that, they'd be arrested and they should.
But the left doesn't.
It's like cutesy.
It's a giant mafia that gave themselves this power.
But as long as we expose them, they have no power.
You know what, uh, I don't know if you remember when, uh, Trump gave a speech, um, after the Iran incident in the beginning of the year.
Uh, he was slurring a lot of words and he almost, um, he looked like he was going to fall or something.
I remember that.
Yeah, he looked, yeah.
You know, this is the way they, uh, kill people here.
And I know because they've been doing it to me, they first put something into your food that makes you susceptible to what the people they have everywhere around you.
It's like a big chess game.
He put a binary weapon.
Well, if you don't think world leaders get hit with binary weapons, then you're... I mean, it definitely goes on.
And we know Trump's been jacked with... I talked to people in the White House, and they have to literally have the Secret Service randomly go out and get him food.
He's not into fast food, like they say.
They just randomly go to this store, go to that store, don't know who's... But you don't think the left's trying to poison the president, folks?
They're all over the news saying, kill him.
I mean, let me tell you something.
Sean Hannity can't even go out to eat in New York now.
I'll leave it at that.
I'm not supposed to tell the stories.
But the left, like, takes steaks he's gonna eat and wipes their asses with them and everything else.
I mean, this is war.
Michael, thank you so much for the call.
April in Michigan, thanks for holding her on the air.
Hi, thank you.
I would like to talk about the elderly murders.
My mom was murdered January 1st in a nursing home.
I tried everything I could to save her.
She was drugged to death.
I filed an emergency petition in court to save her, and I have recordings of everything.
The judge didn't have time to hear it.
The nursing home lied on the stand.
APS lied on the stand.
So he rescheduled the hearing for two weeks later.
I knew she wasn't going to be alive, and she was dead.
The insurance companies pay to kill old people.
And what you just said is key.
She knew what was happening.
What did she say to you?
She was so scared, she didn't want to die.
She said she didn't want to be on hospice.
Like, these are sick people and they falsify records and there's a bunch of lies.
The insurance companies pay to kill old people.
And what you just said is key.
She knew what was happening.
What did she say to you?
She said, "Why are they doing this to me?"
And I'm like, she said she didn't want to die.
Point blank, period.
Well, it's just like the black man begging for his life.
George Floyd, he said, you're killing me.
He started laughing.
He goes, he's like, God, you don't kill me.
That's like a really strong, endearing point.
Like, he's like laughing.
He's like, man, you're going to really kill me.
And like, she was sitting there begging for her life and they just kill her, huh?
And I tried to get an autopsy.
They wouldn't allow me to get an autopsy.
I called the police to investigate it because I have all the evidence.
They won't do anything.
Well, they've got actuaries and the hospital just gets, or the nursing home gets told, this is the care you get by computer.
They go, oh, it's a computer, so it's okay.
And then that person's money has run out.
They just kill them.
Yeah, that's what happened.
And that's what Bill Gates said.
He said, hey, we got to kill grandma.
Well, hey, how about Bill Gates goes first?
You know, I don't wish any harm myself, but if Bill Gates wants so much death, I'd respect him more if he pulled out a knife and just went, like, you know, show me what a big man you are right now.
Let's see it, man.
Let's see you cut your ear to ear, man.
Or let's do seppuku, like, boom, all the way.
Let's show me what a big man you are.
Oh, no, no, no.
You want me to die?
You want everybody else to die?
Well, I'm sorry to hear that about your family, my friend.
I'm fighting for justice and letting people know what's going on.
That's all I can do.
You know, go pick it out in front of where they did it.
And people driving in just say, beware, they're going to kill your family.
You don't know the power of third dimensional war.
Believe me, I don't know the power.
The power is transcendent.
We must hit the first wave, third dimension warfare.
We all have to physically put the skin in the game because it's going down.
And there's going to be some white people do bad things to black people.
There's going to be some black people do bad things to white people.
There's going to be brown people do bad things, whatever.
It doesn't matter.
We know the manipulation behind it.
We have to come together for human dignity and freedom.
We've got our own scores to settle.
We'll do that.
Don't worry.
But the New World Order is the big threat.
It's the alien threat.
Hour number four, straight ahead.
Trish, stay with us.
All right, one more caller.
Trish in Michigan, and then we're going to hand the baton over to Jason Jones.
And then we got the War Room coming up here for that.
But man, what an incredible time.
I mean, the next 158 days is just so insane.
And beyond that, we're going to look back on this as easy times.
This is biblical, what's going down.
Trish in Michigan, thanks for holding it on the air.
Hi, Alex.
Can you hear me okay?
I can.
Thank you for calling.
Okay, great.
Hey, first of all, let's do a proper greeting like Paul the Apostle would.
Grace and peace be unto you and all the callers and listeners out there worldwide.
I called you back on April 22nd and I'm the lady who works at the warehouse and was telling you about the food coming in and out.
Oh yeah, we're having problems getting it out, yeah.
Yeah, anyways, it's the Meijer Warehouse that I work to, and everybody knows I support the show.
I wear all kinds of different shirts everywhere I go, and I do, of course, have the InfoWars mask that I wear under my nose, but I make sure if I have to wear one somewhere, it's an InfoWars mask, and they require us to wear them at work.
The day they initiated it, I said, OK, well, when you guys are going to start forcing I'm plugging a little bit for you.
No, you're incredible.
be working and I didn't get it and I just quietly said I talked to my
supervisor after that shortly I said you know I'm just I talked to him on the
side let him know different things so everybody knows I support the show
there along with my son Tate that works there I have most all of your shirts I
buy all kinds of the product I'm plugging a little bit for you.
You're incredible, always when we're on air it's because of you so thank you.
Oh and I'm glad you're on there doing what you do Alex and everybody that's on there.
And my heart goes out to April.
Remember, I don't, you probably don't remember.
Maybe you do.
My dad passed away in February.
No, you called.
I remember he talked about it in Michigan.
Well, um, he had dementia and he was not in the third stage.
He was like in the middle stage and it took, uh, I was always daddy's girl.
Cause I was always the one that helped him change his semi tires.
Hold on a second.
Um, anyway, I did everything I could to keep him out of there because I wanted to always do what I could for him.
And I finally put him in there because it was a bit much for me.
I was working two jobs.
No, I know.
Taking care of old folks is hard.
But I figured he would be safer in there and things seemed to be okay.
He started with ill one week and I was just being precautionary like everybody else.
But, you know, with listening to the show like I do for longtime listeners, second time caller, I believe that's what happened with my dad because they called me and said, oh, he's not going to be around very long.
They wanted to know if I wanted a hospice.
It was like a shock to me.
I'm like, no.
The symptoms he was having was he was having a hard time breathing.
Of course, he had a pre-existing condition.
Which, you know, I know now that that's probably what happened with everything that's getting exposed.
And I know that, eventually, what we all do comes around, goes around, and we're all going to get old someday, just like seeing that gentleman beating that other gentleman at the other home was heartening, too.
But hey, if you really do come to Michigan, Please get in touch with me.
I'll make sure I can gather everybody I know to be there to support you.
I don't want to just shoot my mouth.
I'm really mad at the governors of California, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and New York.
They sent those people to die.
They know exactly what they did, cold-bloodedly, to boost their numbers of COVID.
And I know they're evil, but to see them actually do it...
Because they kill kids and they kill unborn babies, but man, like watching them do it on purpose to old people, it's
something like, it doesn't make me hate them, it makes me feel ashamed that I can't stop them.
And I'll be honest, I'm losing sleep about it. I mean, I, you know, I don't have violent feelings. I just feel like
that we're joining their crime at this point if we don't stand up.
So, you know, that's where this is all headed.
Well, our strength... I'm sorry, I was cutting you off.
Our strength is knowing who we are in Christ.
I listen to Joyce Meyers a lot for encouragement and she preaches about Christ-centeredness and it's like I do get encouraged by that.
I totally agree.
I'm out of time.
Jason Jones is taking over.
I love you and I appreciate you.
All right, I'm going to let him take over.
But I mean, folks, it's going to get so obvious now.
There's going to get more and more evil by the minute.
Just get ready.
Aloha, InfoWarriors.
Thank you, Alex Jones.
This is Jason Jones, host Of the Jason Jones Show and it is a privilege to be coming to you from the west side of Oahu on the most important broadcast in the world.
You know what Alex said is true.
These are biblical times and to hear that woman in the last hour's tragic story about losing her mother.
How many thousands and thousands of New Yorkers know how she feels just in the past couple of months because of the mistakes made by Governor Cuomo.
And Alex was also right when he said the next 18 months is when the real work begins.
Now as we begin to reopen our states, the government can handcuff you like they handcuffed me and throw you in the back of a police car.
to close your business, but they cannot arrest you to make your business grow, to make your business resurrect,
to make your business a success, to make our communities a success.
That's something all of us are going to have to do.
And they're calling this the new normal.
I wrote a book called "The Race to Save Our Century"
with five principles of a healthy culture, a healthy civilization, a healthy nation state.
Number one is you respect the inviolable dignity of the human person.
What we saw in Minneapolis this week shows an absolute disrespect for the dignity of the human person.
What we've seen in New York City with Governor Cuomo sending people with COVID into old folks' homes shows an absolute disrespect The Inviolable Dignity of the Human Person.
What we're seeing with business owners being arrested and thrown into jail because they want to cut hair denies the intrinsic dignity of the human person.
Number two, in a just society is acknowledging a transcended moral order.
As the Reverend Martin Luther King always used to say, a just law is a man-made law that corresponds to God's will.
We no longer even have elected officials that want to conform their will to the Constitution.
Let alone thinking about what's above the Constitution.
Governor Cuomo said, I'm taking red hospitals, hospitals in rural communities.
I'm taking your ventilators.
I don't care if it's unconstitutional, sue me.
So that's number two.
Acknowledging a law above the laws of man and acknowledging the Constitution.
That's number two.
Number three is subsidiary.
This one is key.
A healthy society Those institutions that are non-governmental and closest to you have the most influence in your life.
Your family, your church, your neighbors.
Distant, unelected bureaucracies like the CDC and the World Health Organization should have zero influence in your life.
We've seen that turned upside down.
See, in the new normal, your dignity is not respected.
In the new normal, a law above the laws of man is not acknowledged.
In the new normal, Distant, unelected bureaucracies is what controls your life.
And intermediary institutions, if they're allowed to exist at all, is to be functionaries of these distant, unelected bureaucracies.
Number four is your right to private property is the foundation of a just social order.
We see now that your private property, and we're going to talk to Stephen Herriot about this, your business, your liberty, and how you make your livelihood is not being respected.
And number five is solidarity, that we share the burdens of the vulnerable.
That we don't scapegoat or attack the vulnerable, which is what we're seeing today.
So those five principles of a healthy society have been turned upside down.
Stephen Harriot is my first guest.
He is a writer, one of my favorite writers, but he's also one of the leaders of the Reopen Wisconsin movement.
Stephen, welcome to the Alex Jones Show.
Thanks for having me.
Good to be here.
So you've been one of the leaders of the Reopen movement nationally.
What's happening in Wisconsin now?
So in Wisconsin, we're learning.
Here's a hard lesson.
The Supreme Court case about two weeks ago, a Supreme Court case in Wisconsin, shut down the governor's statewide lockdown order, right?
But what that did is that it brought it down to the county level.
Now, I live in Dane County, the county in which the Capitol is, and it is the most progressive, the most new normal of all of the counties in the state, probably.
And it's amazing how, you know what, the law is overrated in a way.
You can't, you know, Gavin McInnes has a bit on this where he says, you know, come to my house in an undisclosed location in New York City after I've been banned from every major social media platform and I'm not sure I'll be on YouTube for much longer.
Come to my house and tell me that I have a constitutional right to free speech and I'll laugh bitterly, essentially.
It doesn't actually count for much if in this new normal, as you call it, in this setting where our culture and the people, our neighbors even, are enforcing a new normal that, as you mentioned, calls down higher authorities against us, right?
Because we may have a constitutional right, we may have constitutional rights, those delineated in the First Amendment, but if everyone in the culture is hostile to it, Doesn't end up counting for much, does it?
So we have a huge responsibility to affect our neighbors, to spread the word about not being vindictive, not being people who call the cops and become contact tracers against their own neighbors.
So in Wisconsin, the Supreme Court said you can open up, but are you saying that they're not opening up in your county?
Well, no.
It devolves down to the local level, and counties still have the Well, they've taken upon themselves the right to really, really aggressively regulate what we're doing.
Playgrounds are closed down.
People are still not going back to work.
On the night, actually, of the repeal of the stay-at-home order on a national and on the state level, immediately tons of bars opened and people piled into them to celebrate.
And I thought that was neat, actually.
But there was such an outcry afterwards, especially in Dane County in Wisconsin.
That it became, I mean, it became like you were an absolute animal and a total savage if you were one of these people, and shame on you, and don't show your face at church anymore.
So those of us who are really committed to liberty is shrinking in our country.
I think that's something that shocked me, that there are a lot of folks that are perfectly fine snitching on their neighbors.
They think this is acceptable.
Yeah, no, it's a big cultural shift, but I don't lose hope, because you know what?
I think every generation is born with the principles you just outlined.
Those five principles are intuitable.
They're knowable.
The Bible even says they're written on our hearts, because they're based in what's called the natural law.
So, you can talk to any person and, you know, you can educate them, not in a preachy way, but the word educate actually means to draw out of.
It doesn't mean to instill in, right?
So you can talk to your neighbors and you can help them to see what they already know in their gut.
That this vindictive, punitive culture that we're seeing form up, especially among young people, is not going to work out well for anyone in the long run.
Well, and I think with this Generation Z, you see a rebellion more than any generation against the shutdown.
And they're the ones that have the most to lose.
They're the ones that are being told the new normal, less free, less prosperous, less healthy, less secure is going to be the rest of your life.
And I believe and I hope that they're understanding that they're going to be robbed of this unless they fight back.
That's right, and they need to be told and encouraged.
I think really what they need to be told is, hey, you're not wrong to feel like there's something very wrong going on here.
You're not wrong to feel uncomfortable with the fact that you're being surveilled by a little piece of machinery in your pocket, that you have zero privacy, that at any moment somebody could really call the police or something, or the mob.
It doesn't matter whether it's the police or the mob.
The two are both a form of government, in a way.
When somebody sees me not wearing a mask in the grocery store and they post it on social media, that might actually result in the end of my career, right?
It could really punish me just as severely as any cop could.
So that's something we need to take responsibility for.
And the culture is just as important, is what I'm getting at, as our form of government.
Well, we had here in Honolulu our mayor, Kurt Caldwell, When he was asked, how are you going to enforce the mask rule and the social distancing rule?
Are you going to have the police do it?
He said in a press conference, I'm counting on mob justice.
I'm counting on mob justice.
When you have a mayor who has the police, people with guns at his disposal, inciting mob violence, this is like Dertay in the Philippines, where they're shooting people who leave their house.
That's right.
Yeah, but we can also take responsibility and realize, you know what, there's an alternative to mob violence and something we can do.
The biggest thing I recommend is business owners who have suffered because of the lockdowns should be suing the authorities who were responsible for what they lost for damages.
I want you to talk about suing them right after the break.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I am Jason Jones, your guest host, and with me is Stephen Harriot.
Stephen, before we get to your strategy to reopen Wisconsin, make sure that our state governments are fearful before they do anything like this again.
I want to put it in perspective.
A couple of weeks ago, I was handcuffed and thrown into a police car because I was at a Reopen Hawaii event.
In Brazil, we now know the police are cracking down and arresting people and journalists who are supporting the president and his policies to keep Brazil open.
We've seen people in Wisconsin, People in Hong Kong, people in Chinese-occupied East Turkestan.
We're going to be talking about those later in the show.
Every corner of the globe, people are suffering because of the commands of distant, unelected bureaucracies.
But if you're in Hong Kong, you can't fight back.
If you're in the Kibera slums, you can't fight back.
If you're a journalist in Brazil, it's going to be pretty hard to fight back.
But if you're a small business owner in Honolulu or Wisconsin, We have the ability to fight back, and because we can fight back, we must, right?
This is something we have to do.
We need to be that city on a hill.
So, Stephen, what is it that you're suggesting is the next step for small businesses in this battle to reopen our states?
Yeah, no, I absolutely agree with what you're saying.
The thing that you can do, one thing you can do very easily, surprisingly easily, you might not know this, Is you can find the local officials responsible for the closure of your business and your losses since that closure during the lockdown and you can sue them.
So what you do is you sue your local officials responsible for the lockdown for damages in the probably significant amount of money that you estimate you lost as a result of the shutdown on constitutional grounds.
So with reference particularly to the rights enumerated in the First Amendment.
Now, you've got to remember, the Constitution is a legal document, right?
So this will be a real pushback, a really substantial pushback, in my opinion, against the officials responsible for this.
And the important thing about it is you're sending a message to them, and it's going to also dissipate throughout the culture that, don't you ever try this again.
Now, big important point.
You don't have to win.
I'm not saying win your money back, right?
You might just be out of luck there.
I'm saying file.
So imagine if 75 businesses, each of which it took the owners some 10, 15, 20 years to build up, they could easily be suing.
I mean, they sunk how many millions of dollars into that out of their own pocket over the years?
They could easily each be suing for 5 to 10 million dollars, right?
Probably more.
So if you imagine 75 businesses in a small county suddenly filing suit And this would go onto the same desk and this one official, or these few officials, are going to look at those documents and they're going to back the heck down.
It's going to scare them because they realize, oh, these people are serious.
And they're not going to try this again.
Never again.
When I was a boy, I grew up in a rough neighborhood.
And in the third grade, by the third grade, I realized if anyone called me a name, tried to pick on me, I fought them every time.
Didn't mean I had to win.
Like you said, you didn't have to win, but people learn one joke at this kid's expense, you're in a fight.
People don't want to get in fights all day.
So then they leave you alone.
And I know here in Honolulu, we're gathering businesses.
We are suing, I'm suing already the mayor, the governor, the chief of police, and the attorney general.
And if all of us do this, If your business has been impacted, you have to fight back.
And later on in the show, we're having a gentleman from Chinese-occupied East Turkestan to talk about what's happening in Hong Kong and what's happening in East Turkestan.
We're going to have a friend of mine who's a filmmaker from Brazil talking about the crackdown and the persecution of journalists that are trying to communicate the truth against this global homogenous world state's dictates in Brazil.
They have a harder time fighting back.
You know, when I was being handcuffed, People joked that I was smiling and as I was being put in the car, I said to my wife, do you have the car keys?
Well, I knew that I was safe.
Unlike that poor man in Minneapolis, I knew that in broad daylight with all these cameras around, I was going to be okay.
Although the two people they arrested with me, they kept in the car till they had heat stroke, which was a bit disconcerting.
But I knew relatively I was relatively safe.
I had nothing to worry about.
When you're a small business owner, the inconvenience of this lawsuit is such a small thing.
But we are privileged with the ability to fight back, so we must fight back.
That's right.
I think a big element here is that people have a misunderstanding of what fear is.
Fear has a purpose, right?
It's one of our passions.
It's something given to us by God, built into our nature.
And it should be governed by the virtue of prudence, right?
It's not that you shouldn't have any fear, it's that you should fear the right things, right?
So, for example, you're so fearful of hell that you are willing to die rather than sin gravely, or something like that.
Well, similarly, we should be more afraid of the consequences of these lockdowns going unanswered and uncomplained against.
We should be far more afraid of that and the effect it'll have on the posterity of our country and the future of our country than we are of getting
Getting arrested is not nearly as fearful as consigning all future generations
into a merciless slave state.
So get your priorities straight. Yes, you should fear, but you should fear the right things.
Yeah, fear being ignoble.
You know, I tell my children, if the future is concentration camps, I want nothing but a world of concentration camps, I would prefer my posterity be in them than guarding them.
We have to be noble.
But it's up to us to make sure we don't have the slave camp future like they have in Chinese-occupied East Turkestan today, like it's being put in place in Hong Kong as we speak.
And we shouldn't take this for granted.
Stephen, how many more, are you still doing events?
We're looking at putting together a second wave, right?
Because we tested the lockdown, the lockdown was rescinded.
And yeah, there's much more to be done for sure.
And Kirsten Lombard is a local activist here.
I've been learning a lot from her.
She's local here and she's just been terrific.
I'm more her disciple.
I'm her apprentice and following her lead in a lot of ways.
And she's terrific.
She's a libertarian activist here.
Are you signaling to your local sheriff to arrest her, not you?
That's what I'm getting at.
Yeah, because you know what?
I've got things to do.
Yeah, the gyms are opening up again.
So, Steven, you know, as we are fighting to reopen our Businesses here at home, we're seeing a crackdown in Hong Kong.
And what's also disconcerting is how the media is covering Hong Kong and East Turkistan as if it's sort of ancillary.
If it's not a big deal or if it's just a... Have you noticed the strange coverage of what's happening in Hong Kong?
I've noticed a lot of strange coverage that there's a total lack of balance in the coverage of everything.
In other words, there's no consistency.
There's no single principle that they can apply to each situation.
Every single situation is just an opportunity to take advantage of it and use it to promote an agenda.
And to bash Trump, I was watching CNN yesterday, which is something I normally don't do, and I recommend doing it maybe once a month, just to remind yourself, I was watching Don Lemon, to remind yourself that this is not media, this is not news, this is pure propaganda.
And like you said, everything is taken as an opportunity to propagandize and advance an agenda that they never are interested in getting at the truth.
Well, and God help the victim.
I mean, the poor man in Minneapolis who died was a security guard, upstanding citizen, totally ordinary guy.
And look what he's being used for.
Just abominable.
It's tragic.
Well, coming up after this break, we're going to have Arsalan Hudaya, who is from Chinese-occupied East Turkestan, to tell us the truth about what's happening now in China and their occupied territories.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show, Hour 4.
I am your guest host, Jason Jones, broadcasting from the west side of Oahu.
I am also the host of the Jason Jones Show, and thanks to the InfoWar audience, in the past couple of weeks we've cracked the top 100 podcasts on Charitable, so go on over, subscribe, give us five stars and write a review.
I really appreciate you guys coming to the show and helping us grow.
And one of the things we do on the show is cover those stories that the mainstream media fails to cover.
And for years now, I've been writing about and covering in detail the plight of the Uyghur and Chinese-occupied East Turkestan.
And I want to commend our Congress because they've run ahead of the media and they put on the President's desk A bill, the Uyghur Human Rights Bill, and Arsalan Hudaya is, from the other side of the world, is joining us on InfoWars to give us an up-to-date report on what's happening with the Uyghur during the shutdown, what is this bill going to mean, and we know the President's going to sign it.
He's been a leading advocate for the Uyghur, and Arsalan, what's strange is the media usually leads a campaign and then the politicians follow behind.
But when it's come to the Uyghur, Congress is ahead of the mainstream media.
Welcome to the show.
Thank you.
Thank you so much for having me, Jason.
Well, as you said, Congress has really stepped up.
They've realized that this is not just for show, that the media hasn't been covering this, as you've mentioned, and like the Alex Jones Show, like your show, has been covering this.
It's really To an extent, sickening that it's not getting the attention that it deserves.
So this legislation that you're talking about will constantly update US policy towards China to address the human rights happening in Chinese occupied East Turkistan.
It will direct President Trump or whoever is President, regardless of whether they're right or left, when it does come to pass, and it will make the President impose visa bans and financial sanctions on those Chinese officials who are directly responsible for the atrocities against the Uyghurs under the provisions of the Global Manitsky Act.
So this is a great move, yeah.
Well, Arsalan, many people aren't even aware of what's happening in Chinese-occupied East Turkestan because our media fails to cover it.
What are those atrocities that Congress has been responding to?
Well, very shortly, very quickly, it's the worst human rights violation happened to an ethno-religious group since World War II, since the Holocaust.
So I've gone out on social media and said, I've called this the Uyghur Holocaust, and that's how we should be treating it.
Upwards of a thousand camps, perhaps even more.
And in these camps, according to one detainee who stayed there for three months, she witnessed nine people die in a three-month period.
And according to the US State Department, somewhere around two to three million people in these camps.
So we can only imagine the number of deaths.
It's not simply a cultural genocide like everyone's saying.
There's a physical genocide that is happening and people are being slaughtered en masse.
But because China is such a sophisticated, economically powered, with their AI surveillance
state, they are able to keep these things under wraps, not letting journalists in, not
letting foreign investigators in.
And people need to wake up to this because eventually it will reach their doorsteps and
in a way it has with the virus.
We can just see the way that the CCP has controlled the narrative of the Chinese virus and the
the amount of people that have died.
In the United States, it surpassed 100,000.
So, in a way, people need to wake up to the CCP, the common enemy of all of us, regardless whether you're on the left or on the right.
People all over the world are locked in their homes because of the dishonesty of the CCP.
What they started in East Turkistan, they're continuing to do now in Hong Kong.
We should look to see more aggression against Taiwan.
And, you know, they came for the Uyghur first.
That's what they're going to say 100 years from now.
And we said nothing.
Now that we see Congress stepping up, does this give you hope?
I do.
I hope others do follow the world and these countries that claim to champion human rights do follow in the footsteps of President Donald Trump regardless of any sort of personal thing that some of these countries that may have him.
He's doing the right thing or the Republicans are doing the right thing in this manner.
And people need to step up and you can talk all day about protecting the people and speaking for the voiceless, but if you're not actually doing it, then it's all lip service.
Yeah, no, it's really strange now how we're all connected, how we in the United States have taken our liberty for granted.
But, Arsalan, this might sound strange to you, but when I was at the Reopen Hawaii event in my state, it was more for the people of Hong Kong, more for the people of East Turkestan, more for the people in the Horn of Africa, because they're the ones that are really suffering from this WHO-CCP global shutdown.
And now that we see Congress moving in the midst of this, it's very hopeful.
I know the President has signaled he's going to sign it.
Do you know what day that you expect him to sign it?
No, I'm not sure exactly what day he'll actually end up signing it, but according to US law, as long as he doesn't veto it, this law should automatically come into play in the next 10 days.
So we are hopeful that he won't veto it because it's been pretty much almost unanimous, both in the Senate and in the House of Representatives.
So it's a matter of actually, I look forward to the future where this is actually put into and implemented, put into place and implemented.
Well, he signaled at a press conference two days ago that he had a surprise for the Uyghur and he said they're going to be very, very, very, very happy.
So that makes me think he's going to want to sign it and speak on it.
I know Pompeo made a very brave speech several months ago where he called on China to close the camps.
Ambassador Brownback, the President's Ambassador-at-Large on Religious Liberty, you know, when he flew to China last year, his first words when he got off the plane, he says, China has declared a war on religion and China will lose.
And he also spoke up personally on behalf of the Uyghur.
And then for the rest of Ambassador Brownback's events, no one showed up.
So he just flew to Taiwan.
I appreciate his spirit.
What Can we do?
Those of us sitting in our homes, you know, I still find a lot of my friends, my neighbours, people in my church have never even heard the word Uyghur.
What is it that we can do to help bring awareness to the plight of, like, as you said, it's the greatest cultural genocide and real genocide since the Holocaust.
I would say get educated.
Google the word Uyghur.
Who are they?
Are they who the Chinese government or the Chinese regime say they are?
Are they really these dangerous people that are set to destroy the lives of many?
So I would say educate yourself.
Once you've educated yourself, educate others.
I mean, we have this amazing tool, social media.
Get on Twitter.
Get on Facebook.
Follow the work that I do.
Follow the work that my Facebook page Talk to East Turkistan does.
Get educated.
And because there is so much Chinese propaganda, soft power of Chinese propaganda happening in your own American universities, in your own American newspapers, they are able to, China Daily, People's Daily, Global Times, they are allowed to print articles in your own American newspapers.
So against this narrative of lies, people need to find the truth.
They should follow your podcast, find out what's happening on Infowars, on the Alex
Jones show, get educated and don't be deceived by Chinese communist lies.
This is Cold War 2 in the making.
We're probably already in the midst of the Cold War and hopefully the United States,
the free world, the voiceless come out on top.
You have to be relentless.
I, on social media, I've shared articles from like The Economist on the plight of the Uyghur, and it's been removed from Facebook for violating community standards.
So I'm not only hopeful that Congress has got this bill on the President's desk, I'm excited about the President's war with Twitter, Joe Rogan moving from YouTube to Spotify.
I'm hoping some of these moves open up And they soften their censorship so we can begin to communicate.
Have you found that the big companies like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube have been blocking accurate information on what's happening in East Turkestan?
Yeah, so especially on our Talk to East Turkistan page, we have been shadow banned.
So there'll be periods, periods throughout the year, normally when we share something, where we get thousands of views or thousands of shares, but suddenly we'll only get tens of shares.
And we realized that Facebook does this, Twitter does this as well.
And we recently found that many of my friends who are Uyghur activists have been having their accounts blocked or temporary banned.
We've got nine seconds.
Make sure everyone follows Arsalan.
Follow this and share the news.
Welcome back to Hour 4 of the Alex Jones Show.
I am your guest host, Jason Jones, coming to you from the great state of Hawaii.
And pretty soon, I hope you'll be able to visit us again.
But we do have a nitwit leftist governor as Tucker Carlson referred to our governor, Governor Ige, as last night.
We have the least COVID deaths, actually zero COVID deaths, I think less than 20 COVID related deaths, but the most draconian shutdown.
And we're approaching 35% unemployment, but I hope someday soon you can come and visit us.
We're going to need everyone we can to come back and help us rebuild our economy.
What I love about the privilege of guest hosting this show is that this is a global, influential audience.
And so to be able to bring on Arsalan to speak for the Uyghur who have had no voice through the mainstream media onto this show and speak to this huge audience, this influential audience, is a privilege.
When a friend of mine who is a documentary filmmaker from Brazil contacted me yesterday and was telling me about How fearful it is for people in Brazil to show public signs of support for their president, Bolsonaro.
How afraid journalists are for accurately covering the story in Brazil.
It doesn't toe the WTO line.
Journalists have literal fear for their life.
I said, Guto, you got to come on the Alex Jones Show and share what's happening in Brazil with the world.
Hey brother, welcome to the show.
Hey Jason.
How are you doing?
Can you hear me?
Yeah, I'm hearing you.
I'm hearing you.
You hear me?
I can hear you perfect.
So what just happened in Brazil?
And what is the fear?
Why do journalists have fear?
Why has fear been instilled in them?
Well, I'm living, as you know, we met last time in January.
And I'm living in Italy.
I'm living in Europe last 10 years.
And even though I'm in contact with Brazil all this time, through the work as an artist, I'm a musician, and I'm producing my first documentary, as you said.
And well, the thing is, I was here in contact with some friends in Brazil yesterday, and then I just read that A friend of mine, I was working with him in a project in Rome in October.
He said, you know, the federal police, they just came to my place today and they took my computer and my mobile and everything.
So I was completely surprised about that.
And actually yesterday, the highest court of the Republic, the Supreme Federal Court, Actually, in a very unexpected movement, they brought out and inquired the number 4781 and they searched and made search and seizure warrants in the residence of 29 people in Brazil, between journalists, businessmen and everyone
Every, these 29 people, they were somehow connected to a public support of President Bolsonaro.
So it's something very, uh, I mean, it's, it's, it's, you know, it's reminiscent of what happened here to Roger Stone.
It's hard to believe that people could be persecuted because of their friendship with the president.
And that we see this happen in Brazil.
It's because, and where is the power and influence coming from inside of Brazil to arrest journalists, to raid their homes?
It's coming from globalists.
A very powerful, we've already seen what Soros has done to Brazil, by the way.
He has a long history of being very savage to Brazil.
So we see the globalists, their influence in the courts.
And how if you are trying to report accurately, because the COVID narrative for Brazil is part of the global scare tactic, right?
They have to control.
Bolsonaro wanted to keep his country open and didn't follow the draconian suggestions from WTO.
So now he needs to be the example.
So those narratives have to be consistent.
So any journalist trying to get accurate reports, accurate numbers, you're saying is now finding their homes raided and the court upheld those seizures?
Yeah, exactly.
So, for instance, there's a channel in Brazil called Terça Livre.
That came out actually even before Bolsonaro was elected.
It's a conservative channel, independent, and they have like millions of followers.
And when, just to explain, yesterday when they were doing a live, you know, talking about what happened yesterday, they had like 10 more audience than CNN in Brazil.
I mean, it's huge.
The independent media in Brazil is growing.
And just to understand how bad it was yesterday, Alando Santos, he lives in Brasilia, the capital of Brazil right now.
He rents a place where he lives, where he works and everything, you know.
His channel is growing, but he's working really hard.
You know how it is, working as an independent journalist or a filmmaker and so on.
But Alain Dessens has two kids and his wife is pregnant in the ninth month.
And the police came with the guns into his house, you know.
So this is a global French revolution, Guto.
From Italy to Brazil to East Turkestan, this is, as Alex was saying, For over 20, 30 years now that there's a one for our minds that this is a prison planet.
We now officially live in a prison planet.
I think it's fair to say this is now a prison planet.
And the reason I wanted you to have you on is I wanted people to know what's going on in Brazil, but to inspire Americans because we are, of everyone on the planet Earth, we are the ones that are in the best position to fight back.
You know, great thanks be to God we have InfoWars.
And we have alternative media.
Is there something like Infowars in Brazil?
Is there alternative media trying to tell the truth in Portuguese about what's happening?
With this new world order?
There is?
Yeah, absolutely.
Well, I was telling, talking about Alain dos Santos, that it's, they're really, they're all day long with, with, I think Alain actually met Alex, Alex Jones personally.
Less years, I guess, but there is one of the roots of this, let's say, let's call revolution in Brazil, of this answer to the liberals and to this new order.
It's a philosopher from Brazil that lives in the U.S., Olavo de Carvalho.
He's living in the U.S.
Actually, One of the reasons is because he has much more freedom to criticize his living in the US since the government of Lula.
And he has much more freedom to criticize the government living outside Brazil.
Because probably, Olavo de Carvalho, this great philosopher, if he was, if he lives in Brazil, he would live in Brazil right now, he probably would be, you know, has One of these 29 people, he would be one of those, you know?
And I think it's really important you talk about, you know, this connection.
I'm living in Europe here, but just to understand how this is not new in Brazil, when I composed the music for a documentary about Olavo de Carvalho, about this philosopher, like four years ago or five years ago, And since the moment I was connected, you know, I'm an artist first of all, and I was connected, my name was connected to his name.
We have about a minute left, Guto.
Yeah, so just to explain, I lost a lot of jobs there, you know, I lost a lot of jobs in Brazil because they connected my name to a guy that is conservative.
So, and yeah.
Well, Guto, and that's why I wanted to have you on.
You know, we have just about a minute left because From Hong Kong to East Turkistan, to people who now are not allowed to farm across the Middle East, in India, in Africa, they're going to starve to death.
Bolsonaro has been fighting for his people.
Food insecurity is a real problem, has been a real problem in Brazil.
Famine is something that they would really have to worry about, not COVID.
So, to have a president who's resisting this globalist, homogenized state, and to find that even Brazilians in Brazil can't defend their own president, Guto, I want to thank you for being on the air because I wanted that to be the message of this show today, guys.
Thank you.
This is a new normal.
This is a new normal.
We're being fatigued.
We're being maybe lulled a little bit to sleep.
We're being rope-a-doped.
We need to stand up.
We need to reopen our economy.
We need to fight for our free speech.
We need to get the stories out there that the media are censoring, like what's happening in the courts in Brazil, like what's happening in the streets in Hong Kong or in Minneapolis.
And we need to promote the incomparable dignity of the human person, the law above the laws of man, and we need to kick distant, unelected bureaucracies out of our communities.
From Hawaii, Jason Jones.
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When do you think the people should be able to like, talk again?
The person?
Yeah, that's a good question.
Well, Alex Jones at least has Infowars.com.
He can do his own thing and people go to that.
And Gavin's got a show still.
Does he?
Yeah, you know, as someone who's kind of It doesn't make any sense, because that means you're right all the time.
bad because I have to defend people whose language I don't agree with.
That is what free speech is.
It's not defending everyone who says things that I love.
It doesn't make any sense because that means you're right all the time.
Like if you're only defending the things that you believe in.
You write all the time about everything?
But I have to defend the people who say things that are even atrocious and that I can't, I would never get on board with because that's what free speech is.
Otherwise, and like you said, it is that slippery slope of who gets to be the arbiter of what is said.
Right, and what are your guidelines?
Alex Jones is funnier than Andy Kaufman's ever been.
Alex Jones is f***ing hilarious often.
Did you see the whole Bill Hicks, that he's Bill Hicks?
Yeah, no.
I went down that rabbit hole.
That's the silliest shit ever.
I know, but there are videos.
But he had one thing we're talking about, like if it's between his family starving or eating his neighbor.
Oh, I know.
He's like, I'll eat your ass.
And so it became this giant, come on.
I will eat your ass!
Do you don't think there's entertainment value in him saying he's going to eat his neighbor?
Stop my dumpster fire!
Right, but there's something to that, like to stop that and ban that.
You're not stopping anyone from anything bad by not having Alex do this entertaining thing about eating his neighbor.
You're not saving anybody.
You know what I'm saying?
Like, what are you doing?
Like, what is he doing that's so awful?
I don't know how to fix any of it.
It's entertaining.
Like, why is it only acceptable if you have some kind of entertainment?
Because there's so many rap videos that you could watch that I enjoy, but they're talking about shooting people and robbing people, and it's everywhere on YouTube!
It's so prevalent!
And somehow or another, that's okay.
Like, it's f***ing weird what's allowed and what's not allowed.
I will.
I'll do it.
I will eat your ass.
I will eat your leftist ass.
Like corn on the cob.
I'm ready.
I will eat you.
I will eat your ass.
I will eat your ass.
My children aren't going hungry.
I'll do it.
I'll drink your blood.
And I'm starting to think about having to eat my neighbors.
You think I like size it up, gonna haul him up by chain, chop his ass up.
♪ Size it up, gonna haul him up by team ♪ ♪ Top, top, top, top ♪
♪ Barbecue your ass ♪ ♪ Flat ♪
♪ I will cook your ass up so fast ♪ ♪ I'll tell 'em, "Boy, I killed a cow out back, baby" ♪
♪ You think Christ would eat somebody? ♪ ♪ He would never do that ♪
♪ I will ♪ ♪ I'm ready to hang them up ♪
♪ Gut 'em and skin 'em and chop 'em up ♪ ♪ You know when I'm ready ♪
♪ I will eat your leftist ass ♪ ♪ Like corn on the cob ♪
♪ I'm ready ♪ ♪ I will ♪
♪ I will eat your ass ♪ ♪ I will eat your leftist ass ♪
♪ Like corn on the cob ♪ ♪ I'm ready ♪
♪ I will eat you ♪ ♪ I will eat your ass ♪
♪ Eat your ass ♪ ♪ That's why I want the globalists to know ♪
I will eat your ass first.
I swear to God, if it's the last thing I do, I'm gonna get my hands around your throat.