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Air Date: May 24, 2020
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This passage is from The Alex Jones Show where he discusses his belief that COVID-19 is a hoax created by the media to control people's lives. He claims to have real numbers and actuaries showing that lockdowns do not slow down the spread of the virus, and the real cause of death for those who passed away due to illness during the pandemic is misattributed as COVID-19. Jones also talks about medical workers going viral with videos exposing the truth about the pandemic, and encourages viewers to speak out against the hoax and share real news like a judge blasting Governor's stay-at- home order or the Supreme Court of Brazil releasing a video discussing Communist cities within their country locking things down. Jones believes that citizens have both the right and duty to change or abolish current systems if government actions become destructive to pre-existing rights. He also mentions Brazilian President Bolsonaro criticizing lockdown measures, expressing his desire for people to arm themselves against potential dictatorship.


Tomorrow's news today.
Crashing through the lies and disinformation, it's Alex Jones coming to you live from the front lines of the InfoWars.
It is Sunday, May 24th.
The year is 2020.
We are 162 days out from this historic election.
162 days out from this historic election.
If you are a TV viewer or radio listener, you have to understand that when I say that you are the Paul Reveres in this fight, that is not to patronize you or pat you on the head and make you feel important.
It is because obviously you are extremely important with 162 days left till this ultimately important election.
Now, I'm going to cover news coming up at the start of the next segment that is very important information that if it gets out to other people, we will be able to really turn a lot of things around.
And of course I'm talking about all the real numbers and real actuaries coming out of big banks and insurance companies in the United States, South Africa, Japan, Europe, showing that the lockdowns are a hoax and that COVID-19 is a hoax and that everyone dying of other diseases is counted as COVID-19 and is the biggest fraud the planet has ever seen.
Daily Mail.
Lockdowns fail to alter the course of pandemic, JP Morgan's study claims.
Well, they don't claim that.
And then it ties in to all the real numbers.
But the neuroses and the mental illness that it's manifested is going to take generations to go away unless we all start speaking out against the hoax.
Now, there is a real virus that came out of a weapons lab.
And it has great gain of function, so a lot of people get it.
So you can all be suspect.
And so that in test it will match regular coronaviruses, one of the most common forms of death, so they can create fear.
It is a fear weapon.
97,000 deaths in the United States, and almost all of those
Were individuals that were over 85 years of age and had up to three pre-existing conditions, and most of the tests were fake.
And that's all in the details.
And when medical doctors and scientists, epidemiologists and virologists all go public, they get silenced.
We have a guest joining us who's gone viral, coming up in the second hour, who's a medical worker.
And of course their videos have been getting sidelined and blacklisted as well because the system is desperate to keep this hoax going.
So we're going to expose it all here today, but I cannot relay to you enough how important it is
That you understand how powerful you are when you are silent.
You give total acquiescence to the enemy and let them take over our lives.
When you speak up and say no, you are powerful for all of us and for a pro-human future.
So that's coming up as well.
We have a lot of really good news.
Judge blasts Governor's stay-at-home order, overrides it, says Americans don't get ruled.
That's coming up also.
The Supreme Court of Brazil has ordered a Bolsonaro video to be released from a private cabinet meeting he was having, and it shows that he's just as real as we all knew he was, talking about how the communist cities within the country are locking things down to create a depression and martial law, and how they're a bunch of pieces of garbage, and a bunch of MFers, and a bunch of criminals that must be stopped.
So that's all coming up.
Speaking of that, in Communist China, they're using the fear of COVID-19 to openly talk about a military invasion of Hong Kong.
So it is all coming up on this live May 24th, 2020 Sunday transmission with only 162 days left.
Please tell everyone you know about the local AM and FM stations you're listening to, the little TV stations you're watching, and Band.Video, and the live feeds, as well as the easy place to find the feeds, InfoWars.com, Ford's live show.
Ladies and gentlemen, we are live on this May 24th, 2020 Sunday transmission.
Only 162 days left until this incredibly important election.
I am here on this Sunday, the day before Memorial Day, because I really value the fact that there are people, even on a day when a lot of people are out barbecuing and having fun, that are so concerned about the country and the world that you're tuning in to try to get the latest information and analysis, and I will do my best to not let you down.
Well here's the good news.
We have judges in Illinois moving to override the unconstitutional continued lockdown order of the bureaucrats.
We have Trump coming out on Friday and saying that he is saying the states are open and that religious services are essential or he will override the governors and that is a federal issue because it is the First Amendment.
That's how the First Amendment begins.
For those that don't know, Congress shall make no law respecting an established religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof or abridging the freedom of speech or the press or the right of the people peaceably to assemble and petition the government for redress of grievances.
And so Trump said that on Friday, the Brazilian counterpart to Trump, who's even more hardcore than Trump, has come out and said, this is communist martial law.
And he's going against the very same blue cities that we have here, the same types that are using it as a permanent lockdown to bankrupt the economy and make people dependent.
We're going to play that clip in a moment from Bolsonaro.
But first, this is what President
Trump had to say on Friday that has the left freaking out so bad.
Let's watch.
Thank you very much.
At my direction, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is issuing guidance for communities of faith.
I want to thank Dr. Redfield and the CDC for their work on this matter and all the other work they've been doing over the past what now seems like a long period of time.
Today I'm identifying houses of worship, churches, synagogues, and mosques as essential places that provide essential services.
Some governors have deemed liquor stores and abortion clinics as essential, but have left out churches and other houses of worship.
It's not right.
So I'm correcting this injustice and calling houses of worship essential.
I call upon governors to allow our churches and places of worship to open right now.
If there's any question, they're going to have to call me, but they're not going to be successful in that call.
These are places that hold our society together and keep our people united.
The people are demanding to go to church and synagogue, go to their mosque.
Many millions of Americans embrace worship as an essential part of life.
The ministers, pastors, rabbis, imams, and other faith leaders will make sure that their congregations are safe as they gather and pray.
I know them well.
They love their congregations.
They love their people.
They don't want anything bad to happen to them or to anybody else.
The governors need to do the right thing and allow these very important, essential places of faith to open right now, for this weekend.
If they don't do it, I will override the governors.
In America, we need more prayer, not less.
Now, if President Trump said if a state banned abortion,
And if Trump said, I'm going to override that state, he couldn't do that constitutionally or vice versa.
But if a state said we're going to confiscate the guns, he could override that because that's in the Bill of Rights.
And it's the same thing when it comes to churches.
It's the First Amendment and it's federally protected 100%.
We don't get the rights from the feds.
The Bill of Rights was set up to enshrine the rights that were already there and to say the government's job is to be a guarantor and a defender of those rights.
And if it becomes destructive of those rights or aims, it is not just the people's right, but their duty to change or abolish, by any means necessary, those forms of government to which they've become accustomed.
We've all heard of it.
It's why we have July 4th and the fireworks going off in the sky symbolizing explosive cannonballs raining down shrapnel on British ships.
It's called the Declaration of Independence.
And Bolsonaro understands it.
Big article on Infowars.com.
And you know, I'm proud of our audience.
I'm proud of your activism.
I have met with Bolsonaro's son, who's a major member of their Congress.
And we got an invite to go down there.
We haven't been able to do it yet.
I'm going to try to get them on the show via Skype.
Ran into them at CPAC and they said, you know, you helped inspire us and we're one of the main movements to this happening.
I'm like, okay.
He goes, no, I'm serious.
And you know, why didn't you get back with me earlier?
And I handed it off to a previous crew member that didn't get it done, so I'm handling it myself.
But we're very proud of the fact that this whole operation, our crew, you the listeners and viewers that spread the articles and videos, you're responsible for the rebellions against the New World Order all over the world.
UKIP's head has come on the broadcast, or founder, and said that they were getting almost no traction until about 15, 16 years ago.
Suddenly, Nigel Farage would knock on doors and UKIP exploded.
Because InfoWars was in the top 50 websites back then in the UK, according to Alexa.
Again, it's not me bragging about InfoWars, it's about bragging about you.
That this broadcast, and the feet and legs you gave it, we're in this together, has put Bolsonaro, thanks to his incredible courage and that's brutally stabbed and survived, the guy is amazing.
And quite frankly, I think more hardcore than Trump.
He's more direct, he's just, uh,
He's Trump 2.0 and I'm not kissing his ass just because we helped energize their operation.
It's the truth.
Listen to this guy.
Why are you voting for Gema?
He's a citizen who's working, a man who's going to work for the government, and you think you can't say anything?
You have to say something!
How long are we going to stay quiet?
Or do I have to keep answering?
You have to say something!
Get out!
Get out!
You can't vote for Gema!
It's the Supreme Court's decision!
And how long are we going to stay quiet?
That's the goal of our people.
Why is that?
It's growing.
People keep betting on me.
I voted for you.
You have to do something.
I voted for you so you can make decisions.
So you can learn.
And it's true.
I'm screwing myself with the election.
And all of us have to think about this.
What if... Son of a bitch.
That's why I want, from the point of view of justice, from the point of view of defense, that the people get armed!
That every day there's going to be a son of a bitch showing up to impose a dictatorship here!
It's easy to impose a dictatorship!
You make a mess of the president, you make a mess of the government, you freeze it, and you leave the people at home!
It's easy, man!
If you had a gun, you'd go to the streets!
And if I were a dictator, right?
If I wanted to, I'd go there!
We're good to go.
Armament, freedom of expression, free market, which in fact is in the wrong government.
Wait for the 22nd for Oswaldo Dias, wait for Alckmin, wait for Atadi, or maybe for Lula, right?
Who will be happy with them?
In my government it's wrong.
That's what this armament thing is all about.
I want everyone armed.
Because the armed people will never be escalated.
The Grid, a digital frontier of slavery, of dehumanization.
Alright, I want to get into
Massively important news.
JP Morgan has a big actuary that's come out that basically shows the same type of things that South African insurance companies show.
29 times the death caused by the COVID lockdown than actually caused by supposed COVID in South Africa.
That came out two weeks ago.
Well, lockdowns failed to alter the course of pandemic.
JP Morgan's study finds, Daily Mail, that's coming up
Next segment.
I want to get back to Trump saying time to open the economy.
I want to get back to all these federal and state judges saying time to open it up and making very clear statements that governors and governments don't have the power to do things like this, but they are doing it.
And then the numbers and the graphs and everything they base this on was a fraud.
What these sons of bitches want is our freedom, Bolsonaro vows, to arm Brazilians to prevent dictatorship.
Videos of a private speech delivered by Brazilian President Bolsonaro to his cabinet about freedom and guns went viral.
On Saturday, after a court order, the release of one of his private meetings.
Bolsonaro's son, Eduardo, released a video about the Brazilian Supreme Court issued an order on Friday to release one of President Bolsonaro's private staff meetings, this one particularly.
The video shows President Bolsonaro going on an expletive-laced rant against the communist and radical mayors in Brazil who've stripped away the people's rights, culminating in the endorsement of gun ownership.
Which he ran saying he would do.
70-76 worldwide.
Why are they putting handcuffs on citizens that's working or a woman in a public square?
Talk about the lockdown.
Bolsonaro said translated English.
And the Justice Department doesn't say anything.
You have to effing speak.
They keep on humiliating our people and that's growing.
What these sons of bitches want is our freedom.
Look how easy it is to impose a dictatorship in Brazil.
How easy it is to continue.
The people are locked in their homes.
This is what I want.
That the people arm themselves.
That's going to ensure that the mother effer is not going to show up and impose a dictatorship here.
Because it's easy to impose a dictatorship here.
Too easy!
A effing mayor makes a effing decree, handcuff people and keep everyone at home.
If they were armed, they'd go to the streets.
And if I was a dictator, I'd want to disarm people, just like all the other disarmed people before they imposed their respective dictatorship.
Because I don't want a dictatorship, he said, and it can't be postponed anymore.
I want people armed because an armed people will never be enslaved, he added.
Man, this is George Washington 2.0 right here, baby.
This is better than Trump.
And again, they've stabbed him viciously in the liver and kidneys.
Everybody's seen the footage.
We should pull that up.
Bolsonaro's stabbed.
He's a total patriot.
He's done everything he said he would do, but the cities that are left as controlled, they use a free society against it, are locked down martial law, bankrupting the normal businesses and normal people for control.
And Bolsonaro understands that.
They've only had 20,000 people die of COVID-19 there.
They had three times that die of the flu.
And so, the media is saying he's rocked by it.
This is going to totally blow up in their faces.
People want realness.
People understand what's happening.
The Supreme Court there has been after him.
I predict if he doesn't back down or apologize, this will just make him stronger.
By the way, talk about rocket fueled him and his family and they're all like, let's just say alpha males.
They know what they're doing.
They're risking their lives.
It's beautiful, and I'm very proud of the fact that InfoWars has inspired them.
And others, and they inspired us as well, greatly.
But this whole lockdown is being used to destroy open, free societies.
The Democrats now, Bernie Sanders has admitted it.
Other Democrats have admitted it.
Just this last week, Hillary came out and admitted it.
There were all these news headlines.
USA Today, you name it.
Oh, it's so good for the Earth and the environment that we've had this lockdown, and it's teaching us to change American society.
It's teaching us how to live differently.
It's all a bunch of billionaires that live on giant estates.
They're telling us if we don't live the way they want us to live, all the ice caps will be melted by 2013 and 2017, and the same ones that constantly give us all these fake numbers and all these fake diagrams about how we're all dead unless we all stay locked up in our houses.
But now, that is not the case.
But if you look at it, whether it's communist China going after Hong Kong or their own people in mainland, or whether it's the corrupt EU, or whether it is socialist and communist cities and states that are within free nations in the US or in Brazil, every communist mayor, every socialist mayor, every leftist mayor has used this to lock their people down and then call their globalist businesses essential
Which is the ultimate form of discrimination.
But the race-based system is coming to an end.
People get that it's about individual rights and freedom and all of us being essential.
That's why when Joe Biden came out with Charlemagne Tha God radio show and said, you're not black if you vote for Trump.
That that created a giant exodus of people who didn't want to be talked to like they were a plantation slave.
You see, we're all on the New World Order plantation, ladies and gentlemen.
And it's time to get off of it.
But when I come back, I'm actually going to burrow into the numbers here that I was mentioning that are so huge that we already know, but now it's JP Morgan saying it, that, okay, yeah, the lockdown's been a fraud.
It didn't protect people.
The cities that have the ongoing lockdown have the highest levels of COVID-19 and the highest death rate.
Now, they don't extrapolate out why that is.
I will, with the anecdotal prima facie evidence.
That's all coming up.
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We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
So Trump did a powerful Sheryl Ackeson interview that's posted in full at InfoWars.com, where he led a lot of really important issues.
It's a 24-minute interview.
We won't air the whole thing here, but here he is talking about having a chance, if he gets re-elected, to break the Deep State, which is an organized group of globalist criminals in the bureaucracy.
Here it is.
I'm fighting the swamp, and I said I was doing it, and I'm exposing the swamp.
If it keeps going the way I'm going, and Ratliff is fantastic, if it keeps going the way it's going, I have a chance to break the deep state.
It's a vicious group of people, it's very bad for our country, and that's never happened before.
You happen to be a victim of the deep state, I hate to tell you, whether you know it or not, but they've treated you horribly over the years, and so have they treated many other people.
They never thought I was going to win, and then I won.
And then they tried to get me out.
That was the insurance policy.
She's going to win, but just in case she doesn't win, we have an insurance policy.
And now I beat them on the insurance policy.
And now they're being exposed.
Comey is a dirty cop.
McCabe, bad guy.
These are all bad guy.
Lisa Page and Strzok, these are the two lovers, right?
Yeah, we forget that they used forged documents to get the FISA court.
To allow the illegal spying on Trump, because even then it was illegal.
And I forget that it was William Benning two and a half years ago that called me and he said, you know, the federal court, the FISA oversight court has come out and said that this was fraud.
No one's covered it.
You should cover it.
And we exposed what the Nunes memo was.
Nunes was saying, oh, I'm going to expose this incredible
Federal court oversight, dealing with the unmasking and dealing with the crossfire hurricane.
But there it was.
And I had to have the former technical head of the NSA call me up and tell me, Alex, go look at this.
There it is, February 1st, 2018, over two years ago.
And again, it's not that I'm even that smart.
We have a little platform here that people that are good in the government and good in corporations use to get stuff out.
It's not that I'm that special they want to get us off there.
It's that I will tell the truth and I will have whistleblowers on.
And that scares the living daylights out of the establishment who have hijacked this country.
But there's the ongoing head of the FBI.
I'm not sure why we threw him up there, but there he is.
There's the director of the FBI currently.
Now, let me go ahead and get into this next piece of news and information.
And I'm not mad that they put the current director of the FBI up.
It's just that they're in there pulling up whatever I talk about.
We don't pre-script the show.
I get ready, then they hear me talk about stuff.
They just type stuff in and pull it up.
And I want to create some new Q thing or some cryptic deal because we randomly put that up there.
Let me hit the, since we did that, let me just hit more about what we were just covering.
And in the next segment, I'll get into the JP Morgan admitting that basically COVID lockdowns are a hoax.
It's a big deal.
I mean, we already know this.
We can look at the same numbers they're looking at, and it's just absolutely on its face, open and shut, two plus two equals four.
It's ridiculous.
But let's get back into what they were just talking about.
Trump has now removed
Five so-called inspector generals.
Because you've got these agencies, and you go, oh, well, they're not rogue agencies because they've got inspector generals over them.
But when the inspector generals are globalist, and when the inspector generals go along with three attempted coup attempts on the president,
You have to remove them.
Most presidents come in, they remove all the inspector generals, they remove the attorney general, they remove whoever was there because it's a part of having who you got elected put in.
So the people you know, you trust.
The American people elected Trump.
We respect him.
We trust him.
So, Bill Clinton.
I didn't like Bill Clinton.
I didn't trust Bill Clinton.
But you know what he did?
He fired every U.S.
attorney the first day he got in office.
Trump didn't fire anybody.
Because he didn't know what he was really up against.
And that these people had all been put in place by the Clintons, and by Obama, and by the Bushes, and were globalists.
And so everything he did, they were going to leak.
Everything he stood up for, they were going to undermine.
And so we've said, purge them!
Don't purge them like the communists do, marching out in the field and shooting in the back of the head.
Communists aren't elected.
We elected Bolsonaro to defend the Brazilian people.
They did.
We elected President Trump.
We, the people of this planet, elected Trump to go back to a pro-human future.
And so for him to remove people because he's found out their allegiance isn't to America, their allegiance isn't to the people that voted Trump in, their allegiance is to the global New World Order.
And because Trump's never been a sellout to globalists, he just can't believe it.
They lie to his face.
So now Joe Maguire has been removed as the acting director of National Intelligence.
And Trump has put his guy in that will get the job done of ferreting out the fifth column out of the United States.
So, we've had Intelligence Community Inspector General Michael Atkinson, bye-bye.
Department of Defense Acting Inspector General Glenn Fine, bye-bye.
Health and Human Services Acting Inspector General Christine Grimm, goodbye.
State Department Inspector General Stephen Linick, goodbye.
Department of Transportation Acting Inspector General, Mitch, B-E-H-M, gone.
And now we've got this latest, Joe McGuire, gone, gone, gone, gone.
And don't let the door slap you on your New World Order arse.
The globalist coup.
Is being removed.
And all these globalists like William McRaven that ran the whole fake Navy SEAL bin Laden crap and all the rest of this politicizing the Navy Special Warfare and ruining it.
This, this joke!
Talks about patriotism, and talks about traitors within, and Edmund Burke quotes, the only thing necessary for triumph of evil is good men do nothing.
They have presided over the destruction of the Republic, the sellout to the Communist Chinese, the New World Order, a drag queen story time federally funded, Hollywood hating America, Hollywood funding race war,
All the demoralization, all the one-sided trade deals to shut our economy down, letting the radical Islamists in, the list goes on and on and on and on, allowing criminal elements of the CIA to ship narcotics in.
You know why everybody's really pissed at Trump on the dark side, on the New World War side?
Because Trump's cutting all that off.
He's removing the governmental narcotics traffickers.
Trump is a big anti-drug guy and he's like, this is a joke.
And so it's all being ended right now.
And it's absolutely pissing them off to no end.
And I love it.
I mean, Trump's totally for real in that he really wants to be president.
He believes he's doing the right thing.
He made a lot of mistakes, not getting rid of all these globalists when he got in, but he didn't know who they all were.
He counted on others under him to go out and get him good staff.
Well, the first thing they did was blackmail and threaten everybody around Trump.
I mean, I'm down the line from the top of the pyramid with Trump, at least two levels.
And they have been on me, my whole family, dirty tricks, lies, New York Times, Washington Post, assigned dirty trick reporters, private investigators, foreign intelligence agencies, attempted blackmail operations, sex operatives.
I mean, and I'm...
I'm down the hill, man.
I mean, I'm in Texas not trying to be in the swamp, not trying to parlay power, not trying to get favors done.
I'm just trying to promote freedom.
And they have had an army on my ass.
So let me tell you, anyone in that White House
...has been under total surveillance and assault within each state.
But finally, it's being turned back against them.
And finally, they're getting in trouble for it.
And finally, they're being shown to be the anti-American traitors they are.
So when they sit up there and say, I'm a traitor, Trump's a traitor, BS!
You're the traitors, and everybody knows it, scum!
Alright folks, we are back live.
We're broadcasting worldwide.
And, you know, we have a very special guest joining us next hour, who I'll tell you about in a few minutes, but let me just throw this out.
If you've got some baseball player signing a five-year, $100 million contract, or some NFL player, or basketball player, I don't care.
But when my old friend Joe Rogan, I've known 22 years,
Moved to Spotify.
It wasn't about the money because I know the contract details.
He's making the same amount he was.
He did it because he wanted freedom and didn't like the fact that YouTube had been censoring him.
And Joe told me that.
And Joe said, you can talk about that Thursday.
He just didn't know how big it would be and how that would kind of overshadow that the stock was up $5 billion.
And so it wasn't that he didn't want that out there.
It was that they didn't want that to be the story.
Is that how great Spotify is going to be and how it's going to be free speech going forward?
So I'm going to leave it at that.
But everything I said on Thursday was what Joe told me, but with my own view on it.
Like, Joe didn't say, I'm the real Alex Jones.
No, I said, wow, Joe, you really are coming out against the globalists.
You're coming out against Obama.
You're coming out against all these people and what you're telling me.
This is beautiful.
And now look at Fox News today.
Joe Rogan would vote for President Trump over Joe Biden.
I don't think he can handle anything.
They want to say it's an insult to put somebody up this brain damaged.
Well, I mean, that's what I came and told you Thursday Joe was saying.
But I get it.
I'm so attacked or whatever.
Let Joe say it himself.
Here's another one.
Joe Rogan, Obamagate is real, illegal, and basically Obama's a criminal.
That's been put up.
By the way, Thursday when I talked to Joe at Link, I mean, I've talked to him obviously every day since then, but... He just taped those shows.
Look, I'm gonna leave it at that.
There was obviously hyperbole in there for me, and my view on what Joe was doing, and the fact that we need to see other platforms, not just let Google, Facebook, and Twitter censor everybody.
And so if Spotify does that with Joe, that'll open the way up for so many others.
And Joe said, you can say, I'm really upset by all these medical doctors that are censoring off the air.
They don't want people to hear from who are talking about the models being all fraudulent, COVID-19 not being very deadly, and all the other deaths being attributed to COVID-19, which is confirmed!
People have the right to say whatever they want, but they certainly have the right to say what's true!
And so Joe said, oh sure, yo, go, yeah, go, great conversation, and I'm like, man, you're really amped up and excited, and yeah, stock's up two billion, and I just want to have free speech, and I'm like, great, I can say all this, yeah, just don't say these few things.
I didn't say the few things he told me.
Like, Joe's like, yeah, I'm looking at moving to Texas, and blah, blah, blah, and some other things, and can I say that?
Yeah, just don't say these particulars, and then I said that, and I was talking to him, and he goes, hey,
Told people I'm coming to Texas.
I said, dude, do you forget you'd already said that on your podcast?
He goes, oh, yeah.
So, you know, Joe's a really great guy.
He's a smart guy.
And I know he's a patriot, but it doesn't matter because it's not Alex Jones saying it now.
They released this podcast yesterday where he says that Joe Biden is an embarrassment and a joke and an insult and a slap in the face to everybody.
And so that's all over the news now.
And that's great.
Just exactly what I told you on Thursday.
That Joe is pulling away from this because he knows it's so destructive.
Here's the clip Fox News is playing.
I can't vote for that guy.
I can't vote for him.
I can't vote for him.
I can't vote for Trump.
I'd rather vote for Trump than him.
I don't think he could handle anything.
I mean, you're relying entirely on his cabinet.
Like, if you want to talk about an individual leader that can communicate, he can't do that.
So, there you go.
So, what I said on air was 80% of what Joe said and then my view on what it meant.
And then I get having Alex Jones become the spokesperson for this big move away from YouTube to Spotify.
That's probably not what they were looking for.
I just don't think Joe realized how we get seized on and put out the news.
But it's all on its face.
I mean, look, let's just move Joe Rogan out of the equation.
Everybody is in an exodus away from control.
I don't care if you're liberal, conservative, old, young, black, white.
People want freedom.
And speaking of that, here's a little five-minute segment
Of the individual that's going to be joining us in the next hour, Josiah Dan, who is a registered nurse, who went out and gave a viral interview with millions of views, 20 years in healthcare on COVID-19.
Here's what he had to say.
Here's a boil down that he'll join us live coming up in the next hour.
We'll look at all the numbers.
JP Morgan admitting that the lockdown made it worse and so much more, but here's what they don't want you to see.
I stand before you as a practicing medical professional that questions the validity of the claims leveled about this pandemic.
I stand with many of the doctors, PAs, nurse practitioners, and a host of other medical professionals who dare to question the narrative as it has been presented to us by the media.
I have taken care of many patients who have tested positive for COVID-19 and have assisted to intubate them, manage their medications, and get them to whatever level of care they need to get to.
As I have cared for these patients and attempted to keep up with the latest information as best I can, I have discovered that much of what is stated by the media outlets and state leaders does not match up with reality in the workplace and according to the scientific peer-reviewed literature.
So what do the experts say?
Is the view of the sciences and the healthcare community a consensus as seems to be portrayed by the media and state governments?
The answer to this question is a resounding no.
I stand here as proof that the healthcare community is not of one mind.
I have had many conversations with my colleagues who have expressed dissenting opinions from the apparent mainstream view.
Should we mask?
Should we open businesses?
Should we be in fear of our lives?
If we listen to the media and the governor, like our own, the answer to this question actually stands in defiance of the data and history.
Our country has largely shut down its workforce and hidden in fear from an invisible enemy that has claimed in the ballpark of as many lives as a bad, severe flu season.
Today we collectively suffer from broad business closures, violating both the Constitution and our individual rights.
Mandatory masking policies are in large part a spurious attempt at best to gain PR for the state officials seeming to act as if they are doing something to protect us as individuals, while in fact may very well be putting us at higher risk for illness.
Wearing masks outside of enclosed spaces, i.e.
in nature, is ridiculous and asinine.
Quarantining the healthy has never been mandated on a mass scale such as this.
And we are seeing the profound economic effects with record unemployment levels.
We are being told that we need to start contact tracing to limit exposure and track those who have been infected or affected by COVID-19.
Now listen to me very clearly.
Listen clearly.
Just, let's just cut the PC speech out and call it what it is.
This is Big Brother.
I don't know about you, but I don't want the federal or state government meddling in my affairs any more than they already are.
My home is my own, and the government tracers are not welcome to come into it.
They're not welcome to come to my home, nor to come into it.
Say no to contact tracing laws, and don't comply when they push you to do so.
These programs ultimately are driving to control you at your most foundational level, your body.
The Contact Tracing Bill, HR 6666, seeks to destroy these protections, ultimately opening the door to mandated tracking, which violates our right to privacy, and forced vaccination, which ultimately is forced medical experimentation.
These oversteps and tyranny do not go unnoticed.
We are a freedom-loving people and we abhor tyranny.
We will not back down when threatened.
Cease and desist of your current course of action!
And this is for all of us.
We stand at a precipice and have before us a choice.
From behind comes a torrent of destruction.
A new normal that threatens the very freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution and by the Bill of Rights.
Alright folks, we're going to stop right there.
We're going to come back with the rest of the speech next hour and then Josiah Dan will be joining us.
Look at this MSN article.
Undercover agents enforcing state health rules at restaurant bars.
This is how they get you used to secret police being tracked by your cell phones.
This is the UN Globalist Takeover.
Bill and Melinda Gates admit themselves.
He joins us live next hour.
I know that over a million people on the Sunday Show are tuned in right now.
What happens if you get excited and get angry and take action and call friends and family and tell them to tune in to BandOnVideo and Infowars.com.
What happens if you send them text messages?
What do you say?
Hey, a major health care worker is about to expose the fraud of COVID-19 and JP Morgan admits COVID-19 lockdown is a fraud.
Would you take action to be free?
You are the answer.
This isn't some side issue.
You are Optimus Prime.
There have been hundreds of doctors, medical workers, nurses come out and tell people what they're seeing.
Many of them have come out.
I mean, I've seen probably 20 doctors at least.
You've seen them too.
And they always get taken off YouTube.
They always get taken off Facebook.
They get taken down everywhere.
Saying, yeah, this old lady came in dying of heart failure at nine years old.
They put COVID-19 on the deal.
And doctors saying, we get pressured by the hospital.
First time ever to say COVID-19.
It's a car wreck.
But let's go to this little piece ahead of Josiah Dan joining us.
Myself at the shooting range today with the crew, having a little bit of fun.
And I channeled, I was possessed by Bill Gates at the end.
Here is that report.
We'll go to break.
And then we'll come back with Josiah Dan unfiltered live broadcasting worldwide.
Alex Jones here in Austin, Texas with my buddy Tim, and he's a little bit better shot than I am with handguns.
I'm a pretty good shot with most handguns and revolvers, but with this Smith & Wesson 500 I bought about four years ago, I just can't seem to hit the side of a barn door.
And yes, a lot of people claim that handguns and rifles have big kicks.
I've not experienced that even hand-holding barefoot decals and shooting them repeatedly.
But this baby does hurt my wrist, so hopefully he can show me how to shoot more accurately and how to not hurt my wrist.
So first I'm gonna shoot it how I normally would, and then Tim's gonna give me some tips.
That clacked my teeth.
I'm going to be a wimp today.
You've seen me shoot once, now Tim can't.
We're going to test out this made in China double barrel shotgun.
If anything ever is going to blow up in your face as this hits, we pray to the good lord it doesn't happen.
Pretty fun.
He was so close the winding went through, except for a few pellets wound up.
That's a good group.
Greg Reese from Infowars.com.
Just got kind of my dream gun right here.
It is a Galil Ace pistol in 5.56 Israel IWI Middletown PA.
Very excited.
This will be my first time shooting it.
I just rough sighted it in with a laser barrel bore sight.
And now we're going to see how the sights are here and how it shoots.
So the idea, Tim, is to hit the head, not the body.
It's like the body's a hostage.
I'm gonna try to shoot the bad skeleton man and not the hostage.
First I was dead on, only hitting the hostage taker.
Until I realized there were too many people that Bill Gates
And the Clintons and others are right.
Jeffrey Epstein's right.
Everybody has to die, including the children.
That's why I decided to go ahead and kill this archetypal child to save the Earth from humans.
Both the adults and the children must die.
Hail Bill Gates!
Hail the post-human error!
Death to all!
We need more child death!
Uh, things like reducing child to death.
Uh, things like reducing child to death.
Uh, things like reducing child to death.
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Again, thank you all for your support.
We are all in this together.
We are 69 days out from the Homeland Security CDC announcement.
That's over two months of complete lockdown.
And already the global depression has begun.
Josiah Dan is a registered nurse with over 20 years experience working in healthcare industry and he gave a very powerful speech.
It's posted to Band.Video and InfoWars.com.
It's being banned off YouTube, other platforms, anything viral, medical doctors and others exposing the fraud, they get banned.
But here's the conclusion of what he had to say and we'll go to him live on this Sunday transmission.
So here is Josiah Dan.
Cease and desist of your current course of action!
And this is for all of us.
We stand at a precipice and have before us a choice.
From behind comes a torrent of destruction.
A new normal that threatens the very freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution and by the Bill of Rights.
This torrent is actively washing over all that we hold sacred.
Our families, our heritage, our faith, and our freedom.
By God, our very way of life!
Will we allow ourselves to be washed over the edge into the fathomless, desolate pit of tyranny, oppression, degradation, and moral decay?
Or do we fight the flowing current and grasp others along the way to get back to the shores of liberty, justice, and the American way?
With the great almighty Lord in heaven as my witness, I will not go plunging over the edge without fighting with every last breath, striving with every ounce of my being to arrive on the other side for the sake of my child, my wife, my family, my people, my nation, and my God!
Alright, Josiah Dan joins us now to talk about the situation and where he lives and what he's witnessing and what he sees unfolding.
But just remember when I was talking to Joe Rogan last Thursday, that's big international news now, what was the final straw for him to leave YouTube?
It was that they were banning doctors and nurses and others that came out and said, look at the CDC's own numbers.
This thing kills less than the flu.
So what is this all really?
Well, they now admit from Brazil to Europe, it's about shutting down capitalist countries.
And it's the blue cities and blue states, the communist states.
That's how they reverse the colors that do this.
But see his full speech at Connecticut RN speaks out about tyranny and the COVID hoax.
That's at newswars.com.
Joining us now is Mr. Dan Josiah.
Thanks for coming on with us.
One of the few platforms that is free.
Thank you.
One of the few platforms that is free so that people like you actually have a platform.
Before we get into why you went public and why you're speaking out and what's happened since you went public and what's been viral, what do you make of the attempt to silence medical professionals in America and in Europe from your speech?
I think that there's a lot of things going on with media outlets to suppress truth.
Because once people figure out what's true, you can't just stand around and do nothing anymore.
And so they're really preventing the flow of truth to come from basically anywhere.
I could ask a lot of questions, but where do we start?
What was your process of waking up or going to a rally or speaking out?
What is your overall view on where we currently are?
Uh, my view on how I got to where I am is that I support lots of different organizations like Open States and Convention Estates.
And that's actually how I found out about the rally that I attended was I got an email from Open States about a Connecticut Liberty rally.
I was like, Oh, I'm really interested in checking this out.
So I talked to my wife and she was comparable to going with me because we have a six month old child now.
And, uh,
So we attended the event and I heard some speakers say things that I knew were true and it was about everything going on.
And I was really appreciative of the event and the people that spoke there.
And so I went and talked to the gentleman that had sponsored and started the event and the organization itself, ConnecticutLiberty.com.
He had a conversation with him about being able to speak because my wife inspired me to get up there and actually do something rather than just be a passive, you know,
Watch her.
Could you imagine five years ago, even a year ago, hearing, oh, if doctors or nurses get up and say what they've seen, they'll be banned on YouTube, they'll be banned on Facebook, because it's on record.
If the president tweets what a doctor says, they'll ban it, saying, well, that's not what the UN says.
I mean, this is getting crazy.
So about three years ago, maybe three or four years ago,
I had an event happen in my family where my mother was diagnosed with cancer and it drove me to search out alternate methods of treatment.
It was at that time that I really realized that there's a lot of censorship when it comes to actual health freedom and understanding the truth about how your body works and that there are people out there, medical professionals out there, doctors, that treat things a different way and that they actually don't have a platform to do so in states in this country.
Yeah, I probably would have thought, nah, that's crazy.
Three, four years ago?
I had a very different opinion and that's kind of some of the things that started to open my eyes about what to look into and I'm a digger.
I spent a lot of time in nursing school digging through resources online and books.
I used to piss my wife off a lot because I would stay up to 3-4 in the morning finding detailed information about things that I thought were kind of crazy at the time.
So, uh, yeah.
It's that search for knowledge.
It's like when you find the UN's own website with thousands of pages about sterilization vaccines they're testing on people all over the world.
And then you turn to the news and go, Oh, that's a conspiracy.
And you're on the UN's website and they admit they're doing it.
It's craziness.
Uh, and there, there are things that over the past 10 years, since I went to nursing school and, uh, uh, graduated, I, uh,
That was kind of the event that made me really start looking at healthcare issues because I was learning about it in school and learning about how to care for patients well.
And I had questions about why I was expected to do particular things for myself, like flu shots.
Like, I don't receive a flu shot.
I choose not to for my own medical reasons because I understand... Spend a few minutes on that without me just blurting out why.
I mean... Sure.
When you receive a flu shot, the purpose of it, at least what we're told, is to try and protect the community at large from receiving the flu as a virus and having any detrimental impacts from it.
And as a medical professional, they tell us, like, this is your duty to receive this vaccine so that you're protecting your patients.
And in so doing, you're benefiting the community at large, not just in the hospital, but outside of the hospital and society.
But when you look into research on the flu vaccine itself, you come to an understanding that things aren't as clear as what they tell you they are.
So if you receive multiple seasons of flu shots, you actually, so say you get a flu shot two years in a row, you're more likely to actually get the flu on year three than you would have been if you had never gotten a flu shot in the first place.
And you're actually more likely to have a more detrimental impact on your system.
Than you would if you'd never received the flu shot.
And it's because you're actually not receiving a conference of immunity from natural exposure.
So when you're exposed to a flu virus, you're exposed to it and your body recognizes it.
It defends itself.
It defeats it.
And then you get conferred immunity to yourself, which is what we're talking about with like natural herd immunity.
When you receive a vaccine, you receive a small snippet of that virus.
And it doesn't have the whole stranding out there to allow your body to recognize that there are, you know, more bits of DNA or RNA, depending on what kind of infection you're talking about.
And so you don't get the conferred immunity to all the different or multiple different variants.
It never works.
The studies show it lowers your overall immunity and then they can add Trojan horses or have mistakes and they have liability protection.
It just works from there.
So let me ask you this when we come back.
Where do you see all this going?
Because you have the UN coming out last December admitting, okay, vaccines are hurting people, there's been a cover-up, what are we going to do?
And now you see this big explosion, this big takeover.
Now they have the mRNA vaccines that should go into the cell and change the body's makeup.
So there seems to be a failing forward, a panic because they're being exposed to just power grab all of reality.
He is our guest.
We are live.
Live from Austin, Texas, broadcasting worldwide, it's Alex Jones.
So if you had a sheet of, say, 20 checkboxes for tyranny, COVID-19 clicks them all.
A world currency, a tracking system, a way to get rid of cash, a way to control people's movements, a way to go after their free speech.
The list just goes on and on
And now we're told, oh, if it's not the WHO, who's funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, that are a front for vaccine companies that have been given liability protection, well, you don't have that speech.
So now, hundreds of medical doctors and nurses that have come out, talked about their practices and their patients and what they've seen, they've been silenced.
What was it like for you, Josiah, Dan, again, a nurse that gave a speech a few days ago that's gone viral.
What was it like for you to watch all these, many of them well-known, Cedars-Sinai, probably the top hospital in the U.S.
arguably, came out and said, Trump's right.
We have light therapy for viruses in the lungs.
They just banned their YouTube channel.
I mean, what's behind that?
What was it like watching that for you?
Like I said, it's a suppression of truth.
It's a suppression of peer-reviewed data.
When you realize that there are treatments out there that are effective for things and you tell people that they don't exist or that it's craziness or quackery, even though you know that the data actually demonstrates that there's truth and reality to how they function, we as citizens of this country particularly, but citizens of the world that see these things, we should severely start to question our governing authorities.
The governing authorities of organizations like the CDC and the FDA
And the WHO, because there are problems with their authority figures.
Many of their authority figures go back and forth between industry and then as regulators.
So if you're a head of the CDC and you work for a pharmaceutical company, and then you become the head of the CDC, well, you have a bent that is different than someone that never worked for a pharmaceutical company.
And then if you go back to the pharmaceutical industry after you've worked for the CDC for a couple of years, you know, your likelihood to
Advocate at the CDC for particular vaccines.
It's a total revolving door.
Look at Fauci.
He's not just involved with the vaccine company making all this money.
He got $100 million from Bill and Melinda Gates just last year.
He helped run drills for the takeover.
And then he's heavily involved controlling NIH funding under Obama to the very Wuhan lab on COVID-19 chimera viruses.
I mean, wow!
Yeah, it's crazy.
It's insanity.
So, as a registered nurse working, I mean, what are the other nurses and doctors, I mean, what percentage of them are saying, yeah, this is BS?
Because most of the ones I've talked to are just like, yeah, this is way overblown.
So, I think very differently than most of my peers.
There are some people that question things.
They're questioning about this particular event.
Some people are, and I wouldn't say the majority of them are.
I've had conversations with some of my peers that are
More advanced in their education than myself being PAs or in other levels of health care that are questioning like, why are we doing all this stuff?
To limit people's ability to move around and to get in contact with other people.
They ask those types of questions because the data doesn't seem to make much sense with what's happening with COVID-19.
Here it is right here.
Lockdowns failed to alter course of pandemic.
JP Morgan study claims.
Why do you think it's the areas with the lockdowns that have the highest death rates?
Because JP Morgan's done the numbers with their big supercomputers and they say it's a fraud.
So yeah, like I said,
The people that question are probably fewer in the healthcare community than the majority.
You know what I mean?
The majority of people don't question exactly what's going on.
They kind of get caught up in the hysteria and they look to the CDC and they take what the CDC's recommendations are and don't actually look at the fact that, well, the CDC, as a governing organization, is supposed to dispense good information.
So you're taught in medical school or in nursing school to trust what the CDC says.
And unless you're doing what I'm doing and digging around, you don't actually have a reason necessarily to question until you see something blatant like what's happening with this.
Like we know that the CDC sent out test kits that had problems that were either contaminated with the virus or were not giving us accurate data.
And that started to make medical professionals question, well, what's going on at the CDC that this is actually happening?
And, you know, you've got the president of Tanzania receiving testing kits and then you're getting goats testing positive for COVID-19, which, okay, that might happen because it's potentially an animal disease, but why the heck is a piece of fruit, a pawpaw fruit, testing positive for COVID-19?
That guy's a famous biologist.
He figured the UN funding was fraudulent, so he sent the papaya and goat to get tested, and the kits found they were positive, showing they want the highest number possible in these tests.
I agree.
I agree in general with that.
Since your video went viral, the speech you gave about reopening the economy, have you gotten any negative feedback?
From who?
Well, no, I mean, have you got any trouble at work or anything happened since your video got millions of views?
I've been trying to not be very vocal about it at work.
I've had some people come to me and congratulate me on what I said.
Personally, I, at this point in time, my wife has been furloughed from her position.
And I am the only breadwinner, uh, right now in the home.
So I don't want to make a bad spot for myself and get fired.
Hey, listen, you're an American.
You have a right to come out as a citizen, not about your job.
You have a right to say as a citizen, what you think of COVID-19.
That is true.
Uh, but I also don't want, when I, when I announced in my speech who I was,
I made sure that I said I'm not speaking for any corporation or organization, and I don't want to... That makes sense.
When we come back as a citizen, but also as somebody that's informed, then I want to give you a chance to give a short speech again about, just to the viewers, about your points instead of me asking questions.
Then I've got some other important points I want to hit as well, but I've got to tell you, folks, that's why we're live here on this Sunday.
I was thinking about doing a rebroadcast today, but I found out we could get Mr. Dan on the show.
I wanted to get him on because...
His words, again, resonated with people, and they resonated with common sense.
And now, as we learn, the Democrats never want to reopen cities, and socialists and communists don't want to open cities anywhere in the world.
It's really an incredible time to be alive.
We're going to go to break here in just a moment, come back with our guest, and he can cover whatever topics he wants, and give us his own little speech, which we look forward to seeing.
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All right, Josiah Dan, the evil nurse that exercises free speech.
We'll let everybody have it.
Give us a speech.
On the other side of this quick break, stay with us.
It's Sunday Live, free, uncensored, unfiltered.
Josiah Dan is a registered nurse.
He gave a speech up in Connecticut about reopening the economy.
It went viral.
He's here with us talking about why he did it on this live Sunday show.
But pulling back and just believing it's the most deadly thing since death.
It's the Grim Reaper on wheels.
It's blue cities and blue states and communist and socialist countries that are using this for a permanent martial law lockdown.
The projections were millions dead, not 100,000 dead.
They're putting the names of other people that died of other things on it.
We know it's a fraud and they said, oh, 15 days to bend the curve and flatten the curve and make sure the hospitals could have beds.
It turns out the hospitals are empty pretty much.
And now they tell us it's about getting rid of President Trump and getting rid of capitalism and the new green deal and saving the earth.
Speak to that, Mr. Dan, and any other points you want to make.
You've got the floor here the next nine minutes.
All right.
So first off, what I would like to say is, regarding my comments before with vaccines, I am for vaccine freedom of choice.
I'm not going to tell you what to do with your body.
But I would gladly give you information as to how to make a good choice when it comes to choosing if you're going to vaccinate yourself for anything.
My first word of advice would be to read vaccine pamphlets.
Read what's in the vaccines and read what they say about what can happen in your body because they're required to give you that information when you receive a vaccine.
Most facilities, they don't necessarily give you the vaccine
We're good to go.
Take over when we're not alive anymore.
We want them to be able to function effectively in society.
That includes being not mentally handicapped and potentially autistic or having mood disorders or a number of other things that may actually be a byproduct of over vaccination in general.
The direction that you had asked about before where I see things are going.
I mean, I'm a religious guy.
I'm a Christian.
I look at what the Bible says and I kind of evaluate things that I see in society based on my beliefs.
What I see as true is happening around me.
And then I look at what does the Bible say about it?
Some very interesting comparisons about what is prophesied in the Old Testament and the Book of Revelation.
Yeah, I said I was going to let you roll in and interrupt, but you're so on target.
If the Q people, nothing against them, a lot of them are great people, they do some great work, but whoever the supposed Q people are, I don't trust that.
The Q followers, they're a lot of nice folks.
If Q was one-tenth as on target as Jesus Christ and John the Revelator, I would be following it.
I mean, what Jesus said and what John Revelator said is like, it's not like we're having to twist it.
It matches exactly every time.
That's the craziness.
And that's what I was getting at.
It's like, you know, when you see somebody advocating publicly to the entire nation and to actually the entire world,
I don't know.
You can get sick from passing around paper currency, so we're going to eliminate that and use everything electronically.
And they cut to the MIT scientist going, Bill Gates hired us to have this chip that, you know, gets in the skin.
And I mean, exactly.
It's all happening.
And, you know, in the book of Revelation, it says there's going to be a mark placed on people's wrists and hands and forehead.
And so there's direct linkages between what you see in the Bible,
And what you see is happening currently in society, and it's pretty wild to see it happening in my lifetime.
And those that are lazy will take it right on the head.
Those that aren't will be on the wrist.
Yeah, yeah.
Who knows what that headpiece is going to look like, but I think it has a lot to do with what we think.
You know what I mean?
Like this mark on the head is potentially like what he's actually believing.
Yeah, maybe it's a check.
No, I'm saying the mark is your social credit score.
Your brain, your action must agree to them.
That means your head is in action with them and your motion and your dynamic is in league.
You're following in step with what the world system wants you to do.
Which is what the Bill Gates patent says, is we'll be tracked by 5G, our every movement, and we'll be paid money according to following orders exactly.
I mean, that's definitely the direction I see things going and I hope that my willingness to stand up and say things about what is true, what I see happening in society around me and looking at the history of my country and what happened with the writing of the Declaration of Independence and the writing of the Constitution and subsequently the Bill of Rights that gives us a lot of
Abilities to protect ourselves from federal and state government overreach.
Looking at what's happening with that and seeing that we're having those things destroyed and advocated, particularly by the left, that we get rid of them, and some on the right doing the same thing.
I think we need to really evaluate who we're voting for, number one.
Number two, we need to educate ourselves and remember our history.
And that's what my next speech, which I'm going to plug right now, is going to be about.
So if anybody wants to come out and videotape me again,
I'm going to be presenting another speech at the Connecticut Liberty Rally on Saturday, this coming Saturday, 5.30, that being the date.
And I think this speech is going to be even more poignant than the first one that I gave.
There's a lot of good information in this speech.
There's a lot of things to hopefully make people think about and analyze what's happening in our society.
And we need to think about what's best, not just for
You know, the community of people that we live in.
What is actually good for us as individuals, for human beings, for us as family units?
Because that's where society starts.
The foundation of the family.
Well, exactly.
They're building a post-human world saying humans are bad and people going along with the thing is for a greater good.
They're heroes.
No, they're not.
You're going along with a deindustrialization plan that makes humans obsolete, the globalists admit in their own words, and they're now admitting, oh, this is about the New Green Deal, this is about the post-human world, this is about cutting carbon footprint, this is about you can't travel if you're non-essential, and the establishment decides who is non-essential.
That's beyond racism.
It's the ultimate form of tyranny.
Yeah, and we still have a constitution and we still got a Bill of Rights.
And, you know, that Declaration of Independence told us a lot of information about what happened in Britain.
And look at what's happening now.
But if we don't enforce it, it's a dead letter.
And that's what you're saying is we've got to enforce this.
We as citizens in this country need to get off of our butts and stop sleeping.
We need to realize that they're trying to destroy the very foundations of who we are as a country and subvert our sovereign authority to a global governance board.
That makes zero sense.
What do you make of Bolsonaro coming out and saying, he has his own communist cities.
They're just locking everything down, arresting mothers, trying to sell fruit for their kids to eat.
And he's ordering the police, stop arresting them or I'm going to arrest you.
I mean, this is crazy.
Uh, you know what?
I think you guys should listen to my next speech.
I'm going to give you a little excerpt of a little teaser as to what it is going to partly contain.
And then you can kind of ask me another question if you want.
All right.
So these are the abuses and the usurpations of which we speak.
The will of the people has been usurped and the voice of our representatives in the state, my state of Connecticut,
Our stores have been closed.
Our livelihoods declared not safe.
By the way, I had to do this as a cliffhanger.
We have a couple of breaks an hour.
They fired a certain time.
Come back.
Start over with the speech you're going to give next week.
Josiah Ryan is our guest.
And real quickly, is the best place for people to find you CTLibertyRally.org?
So that's the organization that I'm actually presenting at.
For me, if you go to my Facebook page and shoot me a message, so Josiah Dan is what I go by on Facebook.
You can look me up that way if you want to send me a message.
We're going to come back, my friend, because the person at the grassroots is the most important.
The bottom is the top, ladies and gentlemen.
You're doing a great job.
And then we've got tomorrow's show coming up, which is going to be a rebroadcast.
We'll be back live Tuesday, Lord willing.
Please pray for us.
Every day we're still on air is a blessing, but knowing people like Josiah is out there and that you're out there makes it all possible.
Black, white, old, young, doesn't matter.
You got red blood, you love God, you love justice.
We're brothers and sisters together.
I appreciate this great crew coming in on Sunday night to run this show.
I love each and every one of you.
All this great crew.
From Savannah to Zach to Scott to everybody else, you're awesome.
Every time I sit down in front of this microphone and I realize that there are literally millions of people tuning in, including our enemies, I just think, how do I explain to people, I'm not up here trying to say this to scare you.
I'm just telling you what the globalists are really doing.
And for those of us
Like, I'll be honest.
I mean, like if I've got a buddy who's got a super hot wife, I feel guilty that I'm sitting there at dinner with him just thinking, my God, this woman's hotter than hell.
And I feel guilty.
My wife's incredibly sexy, but I mean, God made me this way.
You know, King David was less than people's wives.
I mean, I can't help, but that's the kind of thing I have guilt about.
It's like women, like just, and I don't mean jealous of guys that have super hot wives or whatever.
I'm just kind of like, I want your wife.
And I'm being honest about that.
I would never want to have power over people or make them poor so I felt big about it or put poison in their vaccines or enslave people.
But when you study globalists, they want control over everybody.
I want prosperity.
I want freedom.
I want justice.
And other parts of me
The point is, is that I'm definitely a sinner.
I'll admit it.
But when you study the globalists, they're so evil that those of us that aren't like that, we have a blind spot.
Well, you better get acquainted with the devil because he's acquainted with you.
I mean, you better get acquainted with Jesus, because this is real, folks.
And I got a big story I didn't even get to.
NASA discovers parallel universe, where time flows backwards.
We already told you all of this.
That's in Forbes today.
This is a simulation.
It's a real simulation, but it's controlled by God.
So I can rant and rave all day in there.
I just told everybody, what any red-blooded man knows, that we love women.
It's just the final equation.
The church tells you all day that's sin because they know every man sitting in the peuge has lusted after somebody's wife.
But they don't make it about banking cheating with Christ beating the money changers.
They don't make it about
Enslaving people, keeping them dumb to control them.
Christ said, several little children, treat them as if they're me, because I will destroy you.
That means not just children, but people that aren't as smart as you.
We have to build people up when we are given more gifts than they are.
Those gifts have been given to us to help others, not to be used against them.
So, that's my statement, but you my friend,
Here with us, the registered nurse up in Connecticut, who's gone super viral, exposing this tyranny.
Another big speech coming up this Saturday.
Mr. Dan Josiah, give us a prelude of the speech that's coming up.
I didn't even know you had the speech ready.
I said, give us the speech.
Give us the speech now.
Give us the prelude.
Yeah, I've been working on this one since I gave the first speech, I guess.
So here's an excerpt for you.
And I would love to have you listen to the full speech.
When it gets posted, okay?
We will, don't worry.
These are the abuses and usurpations of which we speak.
The will and the voice of the people have been usurped, as has the voice of our representatives in the great state of Connecticut.
Our stores have been closed, our livelihoods declared non-essential, our personal finances put in shambles, and our many cases completely decimated.
Our children have been forced out of our schools, funded by our tax dollars,
And their access to the promise and guarantee of public education amidst their peers suspended for who knows how long.
We have been denied access to private businesses to which we would otherwise have regularly frequented, many of which may never reopen, having gone out of business as a byproduct of these usurpations.
The life's work of many of our small business owners and entrepreneurs have been destroyed, or at least severely frustrated and drastically decreased.
The guaranteed rights of the people to peaceably assemble have been frustrated.
Freedom of religion to peaceably assemble has been unequally applied, labeling churches and religious institutions non-essential while allowing corporate interests like Home Depot, Walmart, Burger King, McDonald's, etc.
to remain open for business.
The faithful have been denied access to the sacraments while fast food vendors freely distribute food to purchase.
Let me be very clear.
I'm merely setting a precedent as to what has happened in our history by
And yeah, I didn't read this to you, but it's about the Declaration of Independence.
And we demand redress for our grievances, and that logic and rational discourse take precedence over irrational media and government-induced hysteria and fear-mongering.
If churches be allowed to open, the apparition is forced to have temperature screenings and decreased capacity of meeting spaces, and the equal application of the law would dictate that corporations be subjected to the same.
Otherwise, churches and religious centers would be unequally discriminated against and the law... Exactly!
It sets the precedent to violate the First Amendment.
There is no jurisdiction.
It's a direct assault on the First Amendment.
To the religious leaders of our communities, the pastors, priests, preachers, teachers, rabbis, clerics, imams, I have something to say.
In the movie The Patriot, there is a scene where a pastor removes his wig and declares, a shepherd must tend his flock and at times fight off the wolves.
Your flocks are being scattered and no longer grazed in the fields that were common to them.
They are scattered in the foreign places depicted on their television screens, and the wolves are waiting at the gate.
Please stand with your choice.
Stand with your flocks.
Follow the president who, not yesterday, but the day before now, has declared houses of worship essential and should open right now.
Worship together as soon as possible.
Follow the guidelines.
Put open.
There is indeed an unseen and invisible enemy at work amongst this nation, but it is not the coronavirus.
I would submit to you that it is fear, spread through media outlets by often well-intended men and women, and the division that seeks to prevail over us.
We all desire to attain safety and mutual respect, to care for our loved ones, and to make rational decisions as self-determining adults.
Despite what you have been inspired to believe, we are one human race.
Everyone is essential.
We are in your communities and we will frequent your businesses, be your patrons, and stand with you against the unconstitutional overreach of executive orders that keep you mentally barred from opening your business doors.
Beautifully said.
All right.
Well, I like to build up the people that are in the grassroots having a big effect.
You've done a great job.
Just as important as President Trump or anybody else out there.
And I really appreciate you joining us, Mr. Dan.
We've only got about a minute or two left.
Anything else you'd like to add to viewers and listeners out there on this live Sunday show ahead of Memorial Day?
Because a lot of people sacrificed their arms and legs and their bodies so we'd have some basic freedom and it's all being just thrown to the wayside like it's garbage.
That's right.
So first thing I'd like to say is anybody that's out there that is a Christian, a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ and God, I would ask for you to pray for me because I'm probably going to get under some severe attacks after all this goes down.
Um, I hope to not lose my job.
I hope to not have problems because I say things that my employer may not like, even though I'm not mentioning who they are.
Um, I, um, I want to take care of my family.
I want to be a good dad and I want to be a good husband to my wife.
Um, you know, you're going to lose it all if you don't speak out now.
And so other people left, you're going to lose it all.
We're going to lose it all because playing it safe, you've not played it safe, but playing it safe was the old system.
Now playing it safe is death.
So I would ask for your support that you would pray for me.
We will, brother.
And I think that people that are listening here that are willing to spread this message need to do so.
Share it in whatever way you can.
Send it out via your email
List that you have all your friends because you know what?
It's going to get blocked on social media.
So send it out to say that it's like the only way this dog hunt or the bird flies in the wind as you take action.
All right, Josiah.
Dan, thank you so much.
We'll talk to you again next week as this unfolds.
And we thank you for your time.
God bless you.
You're going to be great.
Thank you, Alex.
Thank you.
All right, folks, I'm out of time and I didn't hit the NASA news and didn't hit the Joe Rogan news.
I didn't hit all the rest of it, but we hit most of it.
Great broadcast today.
I want to thank the crew for the great job they've done.
I want to thank the listeners and viewers and radio stations and TV stations that pick us up, despite all the threats and all the demonization and all the lies, that no, we're just telling the truth.
We're standing up for what's right.
COVID-19 is a patented cold virus, so that when they released it, everybody would get it, and they could make us all suspects.
So it is a real virus, but why is it weaponized?
It's only man-made.
and Bill and Melinda Gates and the Chi-Coms, so they can control the response to it.
By the U.N.
And that's why now everybody gets infected, and then anybody that dies of car wreck or being old, they say is COVID-19.
That's the conspiracy.
We've cracked the code.
We know what they're doing.
And now Fauci's admitting, open the economy, because they know we probably are already in an irrevocable depression.
And so now they don't want to get the blame for keeping us shut.
That's when you know the goose is cooked.
When the U.N.
goes, open up now.
Too late, bitches!
That's not too late for us.
It's too late for you, New World Order.
Too late for Soros and Xi Jinping and Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.
You're the ones going to prison.
You're the ones that get the blame.
You did it!
Nobody listens to your horror media.
Burn in hell, globalists!
Tomorrow's news today.
I'm here to tell you I don't need you to thank me and tell me I've done a good job.
I've done nothing but my duty!
I discovered a bunch of bloodthirsty scum coming after innocent people and I've been fighting them for 13 years and I'll never stop while I'm drawing breath!
For 24 years, Alex Jones and InfoWars have been sounding the alarm for patriots worldwide.
Waking people up to the New World Order, Bohemian Grove, the American Deep State, the rise of Communist China, the plan for global depopulation, and global elite pedophiles who prey off of our young.
The enemy has done their best to destroy us, but because of your support, our fight continues.
Join us.
Support the Info War, and together, we will slay the dragon.
Keep fighting, Alex.
You're the gladiator.
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