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Name: 20200522_Fri_Alex
Air Date: May 22, 2020
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In a speech, Alex Jones discusses the safety of congregations, advocating for places of worship to be opened by governors or overridden by Trump if necessary. He warns about dangers of violent crime and the need for personal protection. The speaker also mentions the UN's five-year declaration on COVID-19 emergency and UK government restrictions. In a separate video, Jones talks with guests Dr. Nick Begich and Jason Goodman about mind effects, resonance, and individual creativity, emphasizing heart-head alignment and focusing on personal journey rather than judging others. They promote EarthPulse.com for updates on their work.

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The governors need to do the right thing and allow these very important, essential places of faith to open right now, for this weekend.
If they don't do it, I will override the governors.
In America, we need more prayer.
Not less.
Thank you very much.
Oh my God.
You see, the rebellion is on, ladies and gentlemen.
The real focus was the churches.
The liquor stores, the topless bars, they're open, but not those damn churches.
So, this is the type of demonic abuse going on.
Can you imagine if a crazy, psychotic, mentally ill white person, and they exist, a homicidal maniac was beating up old black people, there would be cities burning.
It would be on every channel.
So he knows he can beat up these Alzheimer patients all day long.
But here.
Let's show him next beating up a woman.
Punched her in the throat.
But it's okay, because they're white.
And Twitter's like, damn right, kill that cracker.
And it's weird white people saying it.
Nothing like beating an Alzheimer's patient, because they can't defend themselves.
So remember, when you're warehousing your parents, folks, while you're off having fun, you're going to be there too.
That's right, beat that white cracker, ho.
Beat her.
Show her.
And he goes on, on his YouTube videos, explaining that whites are the devil and need to be dealt with.
So what type of place would hire folks like this?
Well, this is the governor of Michigan, where they won't let family in to see their kids.
There's mass death taking place.
They're making all this money off these old people.
And that's the healthcare workers we're supposed to say are God and just say are above reproach.
We're not supposed to question them like Media Matters and Jordan Soros said Alex Jones is evil.
Jones says they're killing people and beating them in nursing homes.
Jones says a lot of medical workers are just partying and making money off saying people are COVID patients.
But that's all true!
I wonder if Jordan Soros owns a stake in this.
We should look into that.
But I'm serious.
Remember Bill Gates says, hey, half-death panels, just get rid of old people.
Well, all you gotta do is send your old people, as long as they're white, to this guy, and he'll beat them to death.
Now they've arrested this guy.
He can go here, he is.
Racist mumblings about white people and how he's going to have to fight them and take them on.
I guess he found some white folks he could take on.
Alzheimer's patients.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
We're only 164 days out from this election.
And I can tell you, the Democrats and their Chinese Communist backers are publicly saying they're going to steal the election.
And they've got communist bomb-making factories all over the United States, all over Europe.
They just busted a big one in Paris that Antifa had, and they're getting ready to target nationalist thought leaders.
They have been preparing this for a very long time, and they're funded by some of the biggest bankers in the world.
But I've got so much to cover today, and we have one of the big pastors that's leading the fight to reopen churches nationwide joining us.
for the start of the next hour. We also have the individual that interviewed Alan Dershowitz who
says he's going to forcibly inoculate us, basically rape us with the deadly untested vaccine,
and we have no rights. He's gonna be popping in. We'll have open phones as well.
But I was just watching Trump before we went live about 10 minutes ago,
reminding us what a great job he's done with the rest of the folks in government that wanted to
make the VA better from one of the worst agencies to really turning it around in three years,
And I've talked to a lot of vets.
They say it's gone from nightmare to working pretty good.
They can also see private doctors if the VA doesn't step up.
I mean, this is one of our great accomplishments, getting Trump elected and people inside the VA working hard against the bureaucracy because the globalists hate our vets.
So Memorial Day coming up, I just want to talk about something positive Trump's done.
Here he is.
We didn't have testing, we didn't have anything.
thousands and thousands of them.
and therefore saving lives also.
But our American military with 281, that's a lot of planes, F-35 fighter jets, the best
in the world, 453 Abrams tanks, 14,400 tactical combat vehicles, two aircraft carriers, 36
additional battleships, and much more.
All made in the USA.
So importantly, we're giving our service members the resources, tools, and equipment they need.
We're even getting brand new beautiful uniforms.
Doesn't sound like much.
If I told you what it costs, it's a lot for the Army.
The Army has new uniforms and they are gorgeous.
We passed the largest reform of the Department of Veterans Affairs in the I think in the history of the department, including VA accountability and I said VA Choice, we've removed 8,500 VA workers who weren't doing their job, who were taking advantage of our country and hurting our vets.
The percentage of veterans reporting They trust services.
Think of that.
They trust services.
So they report, and they say they trust services, has reached the highest in the history of the VA, Secretary.
That's a big statement.
So the percentage of veterans reporting that they trust the VA and the VA services is now the highest in the history of the service.
Satisfaction with the VA outpatient care has reached 89%.
And we're not going to rest until we have it at 100%, Robert.
Remember a year ago, in Miami and places, they wouldn't take down Obama's pitcher.
So years into Trump's presidency, the bureaucrats running it were so evil, they wouldn't even put up the president's pitcher.
Well, they've had their asses fired.
This is a model for the rest of the government.
Because there are a lot of good people that work in the medical field, a lot of good people work at nursing homes, not just the VA.
There's also a lot of predators.
And we're going to talk about that because the media is suppressing this footage out of Michigan.
I went to the guy's YouTube channel.
It's even worse.
Look at this.
Now, this is because he got mad because he saw that Ahmed Aubrey killed.
And so then he thinks a Alzheimer's white dude is, uh, that'll, that'll get back at whitey.
This is so stupid.
If a black person does something wrong to you, random black people, aren't your enemy and of a, and of a, White person does something to you.
Random white people aren't your enemy.
But this is what the media creates.
And it's totally disgusting.
We're going to show this.
But this is what happens when you warehouse your parents in these nursing homes, folks.
You turn them over to monsters like this.
And that's why they're warehousing them.
That's why the family can't see their family during COVID-19.
That's why the deaths are so massive.
As I told you, they're killing folks in these homes.
We are live on this Friday, May 22nd, 2020, global transmission, with only 164 days for the most historic election in world history.
I'm your host, Alex Jones, coming to you from deep in the heart of Texas, at the embattled InfoWars information warfare operation with our secret weapon, the truth, and our ultimate weapon, God.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, Let me tell you what's coming up today.
We have the beginning of the victory.
And it is pastors, 66 days into total martial law lockdown, saying, you under the First Amendment have no law, have no right to tell us that we can't be open.
Congress will make no law respecting the establishment of religion.
For prohibiting the free exercise thereof.
The first words in American government documents, once a government of and by the people was established, was Congress, the lawmakers, shall make no law.
Shall make no law.
Congress, the ultimate law-making authority, shall make no law.
Congress shall make no law.
Moses up on the mountain shall make no law.
Congress shall make no law.
Congress shall make no law.
Congress shall make no law.
Respecting the establishment of religion or prohibiting The practice thereof.
Congress shall make no law prohibiting the practice of religion.
Because we already had state-run religions.
Now the left always, oh, separation of church and state.
They twist that completely to say the government's got to control religion because you can't have religion in the state.
You can have individuals in the state that have their religious views, but you can't have a state-run religion.
That's why Congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of a religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof, or the right of the press, or the right of the people, and it goes on.
The first words of the government's establishment, the rebellion to establish a government of the people, was the Declaration of Independence.
We the people.
But now that there's a government, the first words are Congress!
Cannot make any laws, or has no regulations, and has no jurisdiction.
Let me put the First Amendment to the U.S.
Bill of Rights up on screen, please.
This is the First Amendment.
Carved in stone.
And how did we get here now, where governments tell churches they can't operate or be open?
But Walmart, and the local topless bar, can be open. Congress shall make no law respecting and
establishing a religion, prohibiting the free exercise thereof, or abridging the
freedom of speech or the press, or the right of the people to peacefully assemble and to
petition the government for a redress of grievances. Oh, but Governor New Jersey and Pelosi and
everybody, they say, oh, sorry, we didn't even think about the Belarite's
constitution when we did what we did.
We just announced with fake numbers of millions of dead that were coming that it's only 15 days and then after that you'll be free to do whatever.
And now 60 plus days later it's like, oh, this is never going to end.
We're going to come to your house, they now are, I have the articles, and we're going to forcibly inoculate you and we're going to take your children away.
By the way, the tests are all fake and everybody that dies Including my car wreck is being counted as COVID-19?
Because the UN wrote the regulations, the NIH adopted them, Trump didn't know what he was doing, got blindsided, NIH became the policy via the UN, and the WHO is now ruling over us right now.
And by the way, they keep showing the inaccurate models from recently.
They'll downgrade from 2 million dead to 200,000 dead, and then that's still way over what happened with all the fake numbers.
And I know you know all this, but I want to say something right now.
Big Tech's total censorship and blocking all these doctors and scientists going public and nurses going public is the ultimate tyranny.
When medical professionals don't have their free speech to tell you what's really happening, you are in a deepest of tyranny.
You're not in the deep end, you're at the bottom of the deep end.
And that was Joe Rogan's last straw was not being able to have medical doctors on that were being banned off YouTube.
That is tyranny.
And that is incredibly dangerous.
And I know you know that.
But if the system fears your speech, what must you engage in?
You must engage in speech.
Why has, in the Europe and the UK and Australia and the US, why are they saying churches are the thing that has to stay closed the longest?
Because it's the most unessential.
Because taught in all the sociology, psychology and anthropology textbooks now, they teach that religion is mental illness, Because their religion is the religion of the state, and of globalism, and of transhumanism.
So they want all other thought processes that don't worship them, and don't put the state bureaucrats as God, outlawed!
And we're right back to having to worship Pharaoh, instead of Jehovah.
And so, this is the prime movement, the prime initiative of the globalists, is to end your right to either believe in a God, or not believe in a God, and make the state God.
And so, of course, churches are the most non-essential thing on earth.
They're getting burned down in Europe.
They're getting burned down in the United States.
One got burned down yesterday because they refused to close, and a goody two-shoes watching TV came and burned it down.
So, we've got the pastor joining us, popping in in the next hour.
And I wanted to go to this important report, but here it is.
Attorney, 1,200 California pastors agreed to reopen the 31st in defiance of stay-at-home order of the evil.
So newsflash!
UN controlled. Baltimore pastor rips city's season's order.
God tells us how to worship nobody else gets to do that. Calvary Baptist
Church pastor Stacy Shiflett he joins us next hour let's go to the club. So
newsflash, Pharaoh doesn't get to dictate to God's people how they worship their God.
God's the one that defines the parameters
God's the one that communicates His will and His plan for His church, not Egypt.
And I'm telling you right now, with this cease and desist letter in my hand, the Bible says to the New Testament church, not forsaking the assembling of yourselves together as the manner of some is, but so much the more as you see the day approaching.
And the closer we get to Jesus coming back, the more church we ought to be having, not less church.
Now that's God's parameters.
That's right.
So I'm tearing up this cease and desist order right here, and I'm telling you right now, we're gonna do it God's way!
We're going to do it God's way.
God tells us how to worship Him.
Nobody else gets to do that.
And if you don't like the First Amendment, leave.
Because that's the supreme law of the land.
The first words in our government are, Congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of religion, prohibiting the free exercise thereof, or the people's speech, or the press, and it goes on from there.
Right to assemble, all of it.
The fundamental pillars are under attack.
All based on fraudulent models, all run by Bill and Melinda Gates, funding the UN that controls all the major health institutes in the world with billions of dollars a year of shadow money.
Tax-free, globalist shadow money that wants to control the world's medical system to have a world ID.
And think about it.
If they have the argument that we can prohibit anything that's bad for you, that's what Bloomberg has said.
I'll tell you what you can drink, what you can eat, how much salt you can have.
We'll tell you how many kids you can have.
We'll tell you what job you can have.
We'll tell you where you can go.
And we're going to surveil it all in live time.
Meet your technocrat.
Meet your nanny state.
Meet total control.
So you thought, oh, they just got rid of the diving boards thirty years ago.
Now they're making the swimming pools two feet deep so nobody can drown.
Now, oh, let's just put you in the bubble for the rest of your life so you're always safe.
And it's all based on fraud. And every statistic shows locking everybody up is going to kill
hundreds of millions of starvation. It's already going to happen in the third world. Already happening.
And it's causing mass suicide and breakdown of society. But none of that matters because
the truth is it's meant to kill you.
It's meant to kill civilization.
It's meant to cause a post-industrial, post-human world and the UN's own admissions.
The global government running this is there to take over and overwrite you and your family and tells you it doesn't like you.
Bill Gates says he wants to depopulate you.
Bill Gates says he wants to kill your ass and kill the old people.
But now he's got something he wants to put in your body because he loves you!
He loves you so much!
Don't act so surprise globalists.
You're not going to censor humanity this easily.
Thanks for joining us.
Look, I haven't really gotten in to the Ahmed Aubrey fiasco that's been going on for two weeks and gobbling up all the news time.
All over 135 million people are beginning to starve to death, hundreds of thousands a day.
That's confirmed by the UN itself.
That's an accurate number.
And they're black, they're white, they're young, they're old, they're God's children.
And so it's sick.
We're losing generations of wealth right now in the first world.
Mass suicides already happening.
It's at double the rate it was.
Thousands a day are killing themselves in the U.S.
It is a nightmare.
Opioid addictions killing hundreds of thousands every few months.
Fentanyls flooding in.
And the media can take two guys in a fight.
Because they're white and they're black and turn it into a race war and now you see attacks on whites exploding because the media pushes that's the idea that needs to happen and then whites go more into a defensive posture and it causes a kind of soft race war which is exactly what the globalists want.
Are there horrible white people that are racist and do bad things?
Damn right.
Are there horrible black people who do the same stuff?
A lot of black folks got chips on their shoulders going around looking for trouble.
I grew up in Dallas.
A lot of great black folks too.
The point is, is that the new world order is playing us off against each other.
Like that old Star Trek episode where there's the alien on board just trying to make everybody kill each other.
That's exactly what this is.
And we can continue to act like idiots and we're all going to lose our future unless we just understand what's happening.
Now that said, if somebody kept breaking in to my neighborhood, I might go out with a gun and ask them what they're doing.
If they took a swing at me, they might get shot.
White or black.
I was actually hiking around.
I said I'd get to that next segment.
I'm already getting to it.
I was hiking around this weekend.
Early morning.
I went for like a two hour hike.
About 6.30 it was getting light.
There's a golf course across the road.
I walked around the back of the golf course.
As you can see, I was trespassing.
I'm not a member, but nobody does anything.
And I was going through these neighborhoods and through the woods, which is nice, hiking up the hills, and I saw a guy in black hoodie, black pants, white guy, staring at the back of somebody's house that had a construction site going.
And I get up there, guy's like a 6'3", white guy, looks at me, looks like a convict.
Looks like a meth head.
He's wearing black hood, black pants.
I said, hey, how's it going?
He kind of looked at me, he's like, uh, nothing.
And he kind of went on down.
And I almost called the cops on him.
Because guaranteed, folks, he was casing those houses.
And I just said, you know what?
I don't 100% know that, but he was casing those houses.
And then sure enough, I was talking to some folks from across the road, and they said, there's been a lot of burglaries over there.
Crimes exploding.
This is a nice neighborhood.
So yeah, this guy's going in people's houses.
He's doing all this stuff.
He's obviously... Overwhelming was casing the place.
Does he deserve to get killed?
But he starts taking swings at people, that's what's gonna happen.
But the point is, is because he's black and they're white, it becomes a racial issue.
When if I go to WorldStarHipHop, and if I wanted to make black folks look bad, there's videos every hour getting posted of knockout game, and whites getting beat up, and shot, and stabbed, and everybody's celebrating, and kill that cracker, and isn't this great?
Can you imagine if there was a website of white people celebrating doing this to black people?
This is modern day lynching.
And CNN and MSNBC, they are the main culprits that are pushing this whole thing to get us all divided.
And then the black folks that go out and kill white people or beat them up, they tell folks, well, I did it because, you know, something happened to Trayvon or something happened to this person.
And so they go out and they attack a random white person.
How stupid is that?
that. But it's the same thing, remember?
They'd known this guy in prison.
So the Aryan Nations grabbed the black guy in Texas and dragged him until his body falls apart.
And then some black dudes grabbed a white homeless guy and drug him to death as he get back.
The point is, is that the media has an agenda.
Whether it's a black person or a white person that dies, they're equally as valuable in God's eyes, and I'm against it all.
But the media only covers when the white people do something wrong and cover up when the black people do something wrong.
And I'm not bringing that up to say black people are bad.
I'm bringing that up to say the media wants to try to stir black people up into a rebellion, just like we got a few years ago in the documents from George Soros' son in 2015 with the martial law plans in Maryland where white Antifa leaders Covering up their faces, we're trying to cause a riot to get black people to start an uprising and burn down buildings, but they weren't successful.
So the left is trying to use black Americans with all these movies about racism and all these movies about Jim Crow and all these movies about slavery to hype all this up and then use questionable police shootings or events to create a boiling over point and that's their admitted plan.
And so we should be smart enough to know what's going on.
And so coming up, I've got the footage.
Here's an example of Ahmed Arbery when he just pulls up in the park, up on the curb, up in the middle of the park like he's the king of earth.
If I pulled up in the middle of a park over the curb and parked in the middle of the park, the cops would show up like that and go, uh, are you mentally ill?
Why are you parked in the middle of the park?
Why are you out of the parking lot?
I mean, it's like, and he's got his coat, with his chest out, and he's acting like, you know, he's a billionaire superstar or something, messing with the police.
That's really asking for it.
And then CNN, when they aired this the other night, I went and found the raw footage, they cut it to the point where the cops are trying to taser him, like cops just get out of their car and go, oh, you're a black guy, let's tase you.
The cops are like, why are you parked in the middle of the park?
What's going on?
The guy's like, shut up, FU!
Man, I'm, you know, sitting there with a coat on in hot weather with his chest out, like, they're like, what is this dude on, obviously?
That's the same guy that was going inside houses and obviously casing things that got killed, and I'm sad he got killed, but the point is, now there's all the racial attacks against whites just ramped up because the media's putting them out, and when it does come out, Twitter and Facebook and YouTube take the videos down.
Brutal, brutal, brutal, brutal attacks.
Let me tell you something.
If I saw a white guy, some young white guy beating up an old black man in a nursing home, I would want his ass executed.
And it's the same thing seeing a black guy.
When I see that black guy beating up that old white man that's got Alzheimer's, I just think, this is the media.
This is the sick, sick, sick culture.
It'd be one thing if that guy really thought those guys in Georgia were KKK and really killed that guy on purpose.
If he found out who they were, got in a car, drove to Georgia, took the time, and killed them, that'd be bad.
I'm not for that, but I would at least respect him that he actually killed the people he thinks did wrong.
Instead of an Alzheimer's patient, he's beating his brains out.
There's photos of just these guys beat to bloody pulp.
He just goes around beating up male and female white people.
Punch him in the throat, you name it.
This is his power over somebody.
This is as evil and sick and mentally ill as it gets.
And I went to his YouTube channel this morning, and I spent like an hour watching the videos.
He's all pissed off, of course, about the cops attacking black people and what happened with the Ahmed Arbery type cases.
And he's a boxer, by the way, that shows his boxing matches on there, too.
And in his off time, he just beats up people at the nursing home.
And the media has not covered this.
It's been out two days, and they won't cover it because it doesn't fit the narrative.
Like this guy trying to do a mass shooting.
He was Hispanic, so they killed the story.
Because they only want the image that white people are bad.
Why is that?
We'll explain it all on the other side.
Stay with us.
We are back live.
I am your host.
Thank you so much for joining us.
Remember, when you spread the links, To newswars.com or infowars.com or Bandai Video, it is a revolutionary act.
The big megatech companies, all of them are working around the clock to suppress all Americans and all humans across the globe who aren't globalist minions.
We have some really positive things happening, though, with this rebellion of preachers across the country and across the world.
And if we all just stand up, even 5% of us, the globalists cannot suppress us.
They need that acquiescence.
They need to domesticate us.
They need to control us.
Now, the best way to do that is divide and conquer.
And so there are 350 million people or more in this country.
333 million citizens.
I've got a good 30, 40 million illegal aliens here.
And if I wanted to go through all the news every day and show you stories of black people kidnapping white people, torturing them to death, murdering them, cutting them into pieces, I could do it.
Because black-on-white crime is 10 times higher.
And that didn't used to be that way 50 years ago.
The media and the left taught a minority of black people that it is good, like the new Black Panther Party teaches, to go out and kill white people.
Had the Black Panther Party in Houston's been on the show and he writes articles saying, don't mug people and kill people in your neighborhood.
Go to the white neighborhood and do it.
Hey, I got an idea.
How about you don't do that anywhere?
But this is the culture, the media and the prisons and the system has sold as a beta test.
To do this to everybody.
And so when I see the media hyping up what's happening with the Georgia shooting of Ahmed Aubrey and how the media has edited the tapes and omitted what's going on, that's why Trump says he'd like to put the media on a spaceship and send them to outer space.
And again, there's so much cussing on this footage, we're not going to actually play the audio, but you're welcome to go ahead and roll the B roll if you'd like for folks of What happened in Georgia?
And again, he's out there cussing at him, he's yelling at him, and this is from the middle.
If I could just have it from the beginning, yeah.
He's out there, wandering around, parked in the middle of the park, in the middle of the grass in the park, pulls his car up out of the parking lot, the police pull up, and I'm there ready for radio listeners, and they're like, hey dude, what are you doing?
And he starts cussing and screaming at him and threatening him.
Turns out he had marijuana, suspended license, a bunch of stuff.
They let him go!
That wouldn't happen for me!
It's been proven it wouldn't happen with me.
Oh, you had two glasses of wine?
You're going to jail, buddy!
And that's what statistics show.
Police, whether they're black or white, slow roll black neighborhoods now.
They don't show up, they don't engage, and they don't arrest, like they do with white people.
White people, per capita, not just because there's more of us in the U.S., per capita are twice as likely, in major studies, to be shot by police.
And usually it's because they're waving a gun around or shooting at the cops.
They deserve to be shot.
There's some bad cops.
Sometimes they're out of control.
I don't just sycophantically worship the cops, but let me just tell you.
I pull up in the middle of a park in the grass.
I'm wearing a fur coat with jogging pants, and I'm waving arms and cussing at people and telling them, F you.
And then they caught him with marijuana, which I said they should decriminalize.
But the point is, they didn't arrest him!
Because they were politically correct, ladies and gentlemen.
So then, months later, he's going in houses, he's casing them out.
People go to stop him.
Citizen's arrest is legal in that state.
He starts physically attacking him, he gets killed.
I'm not happy this guy got killed.
But you know he's got that same whole thug look of that white guy this weekend when I'm hiking around the woods behind a neighborhood and there's a guy in full black with a hood over his head in full, like a robber outfit.
And I start walking towards him and the guy turns and looks at me all crazy.
He was a crazy looking white convict type.
And you're asking me, how do I know a thug?
Let me tell you, whether they're a white thug or a black thug, I know what a thug looks like.
Put them back on screen.
They've got that dumb, stupid, arrogant look.
And that white guy looked at me and smiled at me and was obviously casing that place.
And look at this dude.
This guy thinks he owns the planet.
You go around acting like that, things aren't going to end too well for you.
But again, the cops didn't even want to write this guy up.
They didn't want the trouble.
Turns out he was always in trouble.
He's allowed to park in the middle of the park.
He's allowed to dress like he's a superstar rapper.
All this, he's allowed to have marijuana because he's God.
He's politically correct.
He's protected to act however he wants.
But finally, the rubber met the road.
And I'm sorry the guy's dead.
Does the punishment fit the crime?
Getting killed for casing houses?
Probably not.
But the reason I go to this is the media perception.
They can take this event and blow it up all huge and make it look like white people are out hunting black folks like all these movies and TV shows they put out that are fictional to create division to collapse the country and then we all fail.
We all have major problems.
Now let's go to the footage that's on Infowars.com.
Healthcare worker repeatedly punches elderly patients in sickening footage.
And on Twitter, the left's been defending it, saying, well, they are old white people.
So let's go ahead and roll some of this on this very shocking footage.
By the way, this guy is a golden gloves boxer and then boxes after he's out of high school in college.
And reportedly he goes around and beats white people half to death so their heads are split open.
We have photos on Infowars of the old guy.
Can we pull those up showing the bloody split open head?
Or to the article, I guess I'll show you that.
But yeah, there he is splitting his eye open.
So this is the type of demonic abuse going on.
Can you imagine if a crazy, psychotic, mentally ill white person, and they exist, A homicidal maniac was beating up old black people.
There would be cities burning.
It would be on every channel.
So he knows he can beat up these Alzheimer patients all day long.
Here, let's show him the next beating up a woman.
Punched her in the throat.
But it's okay, because they're white.
And Twitter's like, damn right, kill that cracker.
And it's weird white people saying it.
Nothing like beating an Alzheimer's patient, because they can't defend themselves.
So remember, when you're warehousing your parents, folks, while you're off having fun, you're going to be there too.
That's right, beat that white cracker hoe!
Beat her!
Show her!
And he goes on, on his YouTube videos, to explain that whites are the devil and need to be dealt with.
So what type of place would hire folks like this?
Well, this is the governor of Michigan, where they won't let family in to see their kids.
There's mass death taking place.
They're making all this money off these old people.
And that's the healthcare workers we're supposed to say are God and just say are above reproach.
We're not supposed to question them like media matters.
And Jordan Soros said Alex Jones is evil.
Jones says they're killing people and beating them in nursing homes.
Jones says a lot of medical workers are just partying and making money off saying people are COVID patients.
But that's all true!
I wonder if Jordan Soros owns a stake in this.
We should look into that.
But I'm serious.
Remember Bill Gates says, hey, half-death panels, just get rid of old people.
Well, all you gotta do is send your old people, as long as they're white, to this guy and he'll beat them to death.
Now they've arrested this guy.
You can go hear his racist mumblings about white people and how he's gonna have to fight them and take them on.
I guess he found some white folks he could take on.
Alzheimer's patients.
So again, you're not going to see this anywhere, ladies and gentlemen, because you're not supposed to see it.
You're only supposed to see a questionable shooting in Georgia, which I wish wouldn't have happened.
But let me tell you, when I'm out doing stuff, I don't walk through people's yards.
I don't cut through people's yards because I don't want to get my ass blown off.
And I don't care whose yard you're walking through.
You walk through anybody's yard, you're going to get a problem.
So that's what's going on right here.
And I know a thug when I see one, and Aubrey, Ahmed Aubrey was one, and this guy is a lunatic thug.
And that white thug I saw in a literal burglar outfit.
See, that's a thug, pimp, daddy, rapper outfit.
But the guy I saw was actually wearing a white guy, an actual burglar outfit, like something out of the 1950s.
We'll be right back in fullwords.com.
Tomorrow's news today, I got some big news about to break.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
We have a pastor.
In Baltimore, who's ripped up the cease and desist order, saying he has no First Amendment, joining us for two segments.
Then we'll open the phones up.
Test positive for COVID-19, end up in a police database, get a police visit.
That article was from the Ron Paul Institute.
It was up on DrudgeReport.com yesterday.
British health officials say coronavirus could be mandatory.
CDC goes door-to-door conducting quarantine visits, virus antibody testing.
This is so damn dangerous, folks.
You realize how tyranny can hide under the medical visor.
And then the first thing I'm going to cover before that, though, is the real monsters that are manipulating this all that see their ultimate power as the main objective.
The end justifies the means.
Left-wing columnist for a major publication.
I would vote for Joe Biden if he boiled babies and ate them.
This is being published in The Nation.
She says, I don't care if he rapes women.
I don't care if he eats babies.
These are the people that accused Kavanaugh.
It turned out it was all fake.
These are the people that have lied about you and I and Trump and then now they just go, we don't give a damn if he grubs little kids and tells eight-year-old girls that their smell makes him horny.
That's a quote.
What a pervert weirdo that can hardly talk.
They love it that their emblematic leader is a zombie who's a placeholder for whoever they want to insert in.
And the Democrats now admit the DNC chair said, we're not nominating Biden.
He's a placeholder for whoever we want.
Told you that was coming.
Nobody else told you that.
And by the way, I don't sit here and say that to be like, oh, aren't I cool?
It scares the hell out of me how much I know their next move.
I had a lot of dreams last night.
I slept 10 hours.
I was exhausted.
Took off part of the day, went out on a boat with my kids, did some water skiing, stuff like that.
And, uh, went to bed early, sunburned, and slept about 10 hours, and they were the most clarifying dreams.
All the dreams were work, were real things, and I just kept waking up a few times going, from deep sleep, going, that's incredible how orchestrated this all is, and how, how it's all laid out, how the lockdown's never going to end, and how it's the end of free civilization, and how it's making all human suspect have got to be surveilled, and It was just hitting me even in my sleep that how intense this is and how we've got to impart that out to everybody that this is not like everything else you saw before.
This is the big take-home.
And only resisting and saying no to it and decrying it and like the owner of Home Depot or Donald Trump or you or I or all these preachers are prominent people from the smallest to the greatest.
You're all prominent in God's eyes, literally.
Your communication, your channel to God is equal.
And we need to say, we are not shutting down.
You're a fraud.
You're a hoax.
Your models are lies.
You're counting all the dead people that died of other things, this COVID-19.
You all need to go to jail!
We need to turn this around and point out that hundreds of thousands are starving to death every day according to the United Nations.
Why don't you just believe their numbers?
Those are real numbers.
That's real death!
And if we don't do something about what's happening to those people, God is gonna see us as part of it.
So it's a very serious situation, ladies and gentlemen.
We're gonna break it all down.
Let me do some mid-air refueling because I was already looking at things six months ago.
And I was getting ready to tell the crew members I had to cut their pay and I had to lay some people off just to even operate through next year, through this year.
Back then it was next year.
This is back in December.
Just to be able to operate through 2020.
It's just crazy to be in the middle of 2020.
It's like that was always in the future.
And I was, I did things like mortgage my house, which is fine.
That's why I got a big, nice house.
So that way I could mortgage it and have a place the money was kept to fund things in the future.
But we have had a lot of orders, and there's been a five times increase in the audience, because they shrunk us down off social media and everywhere else, but on AM and FM radio and our own platforms at band.video and infowars.com.
We've got about five times what we had a year ago, listeners and viewers.
It's gigantic.
It's conservatively just over the internet on our own platforms, three million a day, very conservative number.
And then on radio, probably five million a day.
And the people are really listening, and they're really committed, and they're really informed, and they're really supportive.
So it's an amazing audience of activists for every race, color, and creed.
And I love you so much, and I appreciate you.
Because we have that same connection to God.
We're brothers and sisters together.
Our skin color doesn't matter.
We see through the enemy's operations.
But then I had already sold out all the products last year to fund things.
And so now we had to take the extra money we got.
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You keep supporting us.
We're already beginning to prepare to make the orders that will get us new product for Christmas and new product the next year.
And we're just going to trust in God and move forward.
I'm not going to contract Because of the enemy attacks, I'm going to trust in God and trust in you that God will lead God and direct you and I'm going to expand!
In the face of the enemy.
I'm not going to cut our crew, I'm not going to cut their pay, and I'm not going to cut our expansion.
I am going to expand, and I will expand everything I've got, and the money I got in the bank, the little bit of money I got, everything, because it's so valuable right now that we fought together and are still on air, despite all the attacks and the lawsuits and the enemy's operations and their attempts to indict me and everything else.
But thanks to you and God, we're still here on air in this position.
And now we see the harvest of minds and souls.
People are waking up at such a level, it is just absolutely mind-boggling right now.
Absolutely mind-boggling right now.
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We got five different suppliers, and they're saying, yeah, no, we're not gonna even take your money now on some of this stuff because we can't get the ingredients.
The whole world economy shut down, and half our warehouses walked off, and half our crews walked off, because if they have one COVID case, the lawyers tell these firms, oh, just shut everything down, even though most of the time it's a false positive.
And so you notice folks are scared to go back to work.
It's in the news right here.
Reopening reality check.
Georgia's jobs aren't flooding back.
They're so happy about this.
They've taught people, it's like meat packing plants, half of them are shut down.
Even though they'll go, we tested 2,000 people, 300 tested positive, none are sick!
They're asymptomatic, because it's a hoax!
In healthy people.
What did the big European Union study admit last week?
11,000 people tested, mainly in Sweden.
No one died that had enough vitamin D in their blood.
If you were vitamin D deficient, your ass is dead.
If you don't have essential vitamins and minerals, you die.
Just like if you don't have oxygen or water.
And they think you're so stupid, they sit up here and teach everybody, Oh, you don't need vitamin D3.
Oh, you don't need zinc.
Oh, you don't need vitamin C. B. S. It's called scurvy.
And the people perish for lack of knowledge.
You know, I woke up this morning at like 5 a.m.
and it just hit me like a ton of bricks.
The people perish for lack of knowledge.
What a simple statement, but it's so true.
The knowledge is everywhere, but people don't even want it, they don't even know.
We got Democrats saying, I don't care if Biden rapes people or eats children, I'm voting for him.
Because it's about them running your lives, it's about their power over you.
And that's why they promote race war, and that's why they promote pedophilia.
That's why they promote all this tyranny in the left.
Because they are the scum of the earth, because they're empty inside.
And they believe if they could dominate and control you, they'd finally be somebody.
Live from Austin, Texas, broadcasting worldwide, I'm your host Alex Jones.
If you want to win, you got to fight.
That doesn't mean you sit there and think about winning.
You throw a punch and see what happens.
You keep throwing punches until you know you won.
There's a big article up on InfoWars.com.
It's got the live feed.
And it's got the headline, It's Happening!
Across the United States and across the world, there is a massive, massive, massive rebellion going on against the globalists.
It's happening.
Thousands of churches rebel against UN-controlled lockdown.
Did you know it's the UN running it all?
The UN that dictates it on record?
On this critical transmission, Alex Jones interviews preachers and others saying no to the UN takeover.
That's eradicating the First Amendment and so much more.
That's coming up next segment.
But I wanted to play this little short report that the lockdown is Cloward and Piven 2.0.
And they admit, now Bernie Sanders and the Democrats and the Socialists and the Communists and the UN, that this will teach us that we're not essential.
This will teach us that we can work from home.
This can teach us we're all locked up.
This can teach us where we go and what we do and our calories and our carbons got to be tracked.
This is the big final revolution.
This is the big Antichrist takeover.
This is the big move, folks.
This isn't like business as usual.
This is the moment that it all collapses out from under us, but it's okay, because the Antichrist only rules for a short time.
The devil sends the beast with wrath, because he knows his time is short.
Here is the report.
It's at Band.Video.
Only way the dog hunts is you take it off the leash.
In the mid-1960s, communist professors Cloward and Piven developed a public plan to create a race war in America.
But to be able to have that race war uprising that they believe would topple capitalism and create a communist super state, rivaling communist China, they knew they had to discredit the capitalist system first, which they couldn't compete with.
Like Bernie Sanders complaining, why do you have 30 types of deodorant?
Why aren't there lines in stores?
He said lines are good.
You want lines.
Sometimes American journalists talk about how bad a country is because people are lining up for food.
That's a good thing.
And so, cloward and pivot strategy, they've got to talk about the Democrats.
Instead, we will create regulations and bureaucracy that shuts down American farms, ranches, industry.
We'll tell people they're a service economy.
Then, almost everybody won't be able to take care of themselves, and we'll get the majority of people on welfare, and then we'll have local community organizers in exchange for the welfare.
You'll have to politically do what they say, and you'll have to adopt whatever their agenda is.
So you become slaves.
It's a form of feudalism, or serfdom.
Now they had invented these strategies, but they had put it into a codified political idea that was paid for by US taxpayers and adopted.
So now let's look at the year 2020.
Trump's having to come out and try to emergency stabilize farms and ranches.
He's trying to create federal programs to get the food.
Because the Democrats shut all these areas down and told folks, if you stay open, you'll get sued.
You'll be liable.
Because if anybody gets COVID, your meatpacking plant has to be shut down.
It doesn't matter that in all these big plants, everyone was asymptomatic.
You test positive for it, it's a fraudulent test.
From Bill and Melinda Gates, now shut down by the FDA.
Confirmed fraud.
Does that matter now?
Because the mission was accomplished.
The fraudulent test, to have everybody at the meat packing facilities and other areas be shut down because if one person's got it, you've got to shut down.
This was an economic warhead, a bomb, detonating.
And now, Trump is desperately trying to restart the economy, and I'm here to tell you, I hope he can, I think he may be able to.
It's still going to be rough, but it's going to be very, very hairy.
It's going to be very, very close.
It is critical, though, to expose the Democrats, the CHICOMs, and the globalists for hoaxing all of this with the media to create the collapse or they're not going to stop.
As long as they can get away with doing this and the public doesn't blame them, they'll keep doing it.
The minute their constituents blame them for what they're doing, they'll back off.
So that's critical.
Trump's doing the right stuff on this, but the Democrats are staying in place, trying to keep America shut down.
So this is cloud and pivot writ large across the world, literally shutting down the once free Western world and making us domesticated and dependent, and then offering communism as a solution for the collapse the communists themselves have instituted with a bunch of rich billionaires Financing and all who are offshore ready to pick up the pieces.
Don't be fools.
Wake up now before it's too late.
I come to you, my friends, on this live Friday transmission with incredibly positive news.
Just as it was our pastors who led the Revolutionary Wars beginning in 1775, 1776, and made sure that the first words of government law In the Bill of Rights, where Congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof, or abridging the freedom of speech or the press that allow the people to peacefully assemble to petition the government for redress of grievance.
Well now, in California of all places, 1,200 California pastors agree to reopen May 31st in defiance of stay-at-home order.
They have no jurisdiction.
But leading the way is Baltimore pastor Who's taking action, we really appreciate him saying that the cease and desist order does not trump his first amendment and God's law.
God tells us how to worship him, nobody else does.
We're going to go to this amazing pastor I'm already aware of, his great work, Stacey Shiflett from the Calvary Baptist Church.
But first, let's go to the clip.
So newsflash, Pharaoh doesn't get to dictate to God's people how they worship their God.
God's the one that defines the parameters.
God's the one that communicates His will and His plan for His church, not Egypt.
And I'm telling you right now, with this cease and desist letter in my hand, the Bible says to the New Testament church, not forsaking the assembling of yourselves together as the manner of some is, but so much the more as you see the day approaching.
And the closer we get to Jesus coming back, the more church we ought to be having, not less church.
Now that's God's parameters.
So I'm tearing up this cease and desist order right here, and I'm telling you right now, we're gonna do it God's way!
We're gonna do it God's way.
God tells us how to worship Him.
Nobody else gets to do that.
Pastor, thank you for joining us.
We really appreciate you coming on on short notice.
You've got to get in your car in a minute.
We'll be able to continue talking next segment, but you've got the floor.
There's nothing more fundamental than in America.
This is even more fundamental than the Second Amendment.
I mean, it comes first.
Explain to people the history of this and why you're doing this and where you see all this going and what you think's behind this move to say that churches are not essential.
Well, thank you so much for allowing me to be able to get on here and make my case for safe reopening of our churches.
They should have never been shut down in the first place.
But the point that you're making is this, if we as Christians, if we as church people, if men of God, pastors across this land, if we do not insist on our fundamental rights and freedoms to have church and assemble, then tell me who will?
I mean, we get up in the pulpits and we preach to our people about the Old Testament heroes, about Daniel that was willing to pray and civil disobedience and pray And be thrown in the lion's den.
We talk about Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego being willing to stand when the king told them to bow and they were cast into the fiery furnace.
We've been told these stories our whole life.
We've been preached to our whole life about these men of God, the Old Testament prophets, the New Testament apostles.
Paul spent much of his ministry in jail.
He wrote much of the New Testament from jail because of civil disobedience.
And yet we stand up in our pulpits and we tell these stories to our children and preach them to our people.
We use them as examples of faith and how that we should stand for what's right and fight the good fight.
And then this comes along and everybody just absolutely doesn't know what to do.
And I'm not going to lie to you, Alex.
I was in a very awkward position.
This wasn't a true test, in my estimation, of the resolve of God's people and the resolve of pastors.
When you throw in a foreign virus that mutates and you tell people that they can carry it and not know they have it, not have the symptoms that people could die from it, I mean, that is very alarming.
And so we, out of an abundance of caution and out of our concern for the unknowns, we just went to live stream.
We started live stream, which we've been live streaming for years, but we only allowed the minimum inside the church and we conducted our services just like we always have.
But as soon as you figured out it wasn't caution, it was a power grab that was never going to end, you said no.
Well, that was part of it.
I'm not going to lie to you.
That was part of it.
When I realized that we weren't told the truth about this virus and it was blown out of proportion in my estimation, now that's my opinion, then I began to realize, okay, this is going to become now a thing with politicians.
Well, to make a long story short, we wrote letters for weeks.
I was on Governor Hogan's actual, I was on his faith-based work group with a bunch of other faith-based leaders to compile A list of protocols and procedures for safe reopening of the churches.
About a week into that thing, I resigned.
I told them I don't want nothing else to do with this.
Take my name off of it.
I don't want the name of my church or my name associated with these recommendations.
It was absolutely unbelievable the stuff they were trying to impose on the churches.
And so we moved forward with just planning a reopening for the 24th, which was this coming Sunday, Memorial Day weekend.
We wrote a letter to our church.
We said we're going to have policies and procedures in place.
Uh, but whether the governor gives us permission or not, I hate using that word, but that's what it boiled down to.
I said, we're going to go ahead and have church on the 24th.
Well, little did I know that on the 13th, Governor Hogan would have a press conference on a Wednesday afternoon at five o'clock and open the state of Maryland and give churches a 50% capacity.
And so I got up in the pulpit in our Wednesday night service and I said, praise the Lord.
Our prayers have been answered.
We can have church again.
And then on Thursday, the very next day, the Baltimore County Council executive stood up and made a press conference and shut the county, Baltimore County, back down, shut the churches down, made it even more restrictive.
The point is you've tried to be reasonable, but they have no jurisdiction over you.
And now Democrats are saying we're going to bypass our own people when they do the right thing.
We're going to keep America shut down for political purposes.
You're saying, no, you don't have a political power like Pharaoh over the church.
I refuse to allow my church to be a pawn in their political games, and I refuse to continue to have to sit at the house and our people being forbidden to come to church when they want to be here.
The thing that really irritates me is they act like I'm killing people and endangering people's lives by allowing the people in my church that have been calling me for weeks and begging me to let them come, to allow them to come.
They act like it's unsafe and it's risky.
Well it's all a lie.
We know statistically suicides explode and we know a lot of people's only family is their church.
We know that all the strip centers and the strip bars and the strip clubs and the Walmarts and everything else can stay open.
But churches, well you're not essential.
Again, First Amendment pastor, they have no jurisdiction.
But I get it, you were being reasonable, they weren't reasonable.
So tell us about the cease and desist letter and what's happening next.
Okay, so out of a courtesy to the law enforcement, we went ahead and told them on Saturday the 16th that we were going to have services on Sunday.
I had told my people at that church service on that Wednesday night after the governor opened the state, I said we're going to have church Sunday, we'll see you here.
We put tons of church services.
So you're not being rebellious, you're being faithful to God?
We're being faithful to God, but we're also being respectful and mindful of our responsibilities.
We're not flaunting this.
We were trying to stay within that 50% capacity like the governor had.
I didn't like it.
I don't think that was right, but we were doing it.
I was not being obnoxious about it.
We were complying.
We take people's temperatures at the door, coming in with face masks on.
I got all of our protocols listed on our church website.
Here's the thing, Alex.
The Health Department issued me a warning on that Saturday night and said, you do not need to have church tomorrow.
If you do, you could be looking at, well, their exact words.
It was very intimidating.
And again, this is the WHO setting these protocols.
It doesn't matter what the governor says now.
It's the Health Department that takes orders from the NIH and takes orders from the UN.
It says the county has the right to impose significant penalties for violations of executive order.
And so I got that Saturday night.
In an email at 10 o'clock, where we went ahead and we had church twice on Sunday.
We implemented all of our policies and procedures.
Everybody was respectful of each other.
We had about 188 people in a 600 seat auditorium on Sunday morning.
And then on Sunday night, we had probably 150 or so people.
So you weren't even near the governor's limit.
You were actually following the governor's edict.
We were well below it.
Then on Monday night, I got the second letter.
From the Department of Health Department.
I understand they never once came out and looked at our facilities.
They never once came out looking all the signs we had on the doors.
We got the water fountains wrapped up in plastic.
We've got the children's ministry shut down.
No choir, no choir practice.
None of that.
We cancel Sunday school classes at 10 o'clock.
We're just having the main service at 11 and 5.
I mean, we are going above and beyond.
Well, stay there.
You've got to get in your car, but come back and tell us the rest of this, because you've gone above and beyond what's going on, but the bureaucrats have this particular lust all over the world to shut down churches.
Why is that?
With Pastor Stacey Shifflett on the other side.
I'm Alex Jones.
You can find him at Stacey Shifflett on Twitter, Calvary Baptist Church.
That's CBC at D-U-N-D-L-K dot org.
We'll put that up on screen.
We'll be right back.
On the other side, because all over the country, it's the churches now coming together saying, we're not going to back down.
We're going to be open to the public.
We are essential.
We'll be right back.
Our basic First Amendment is under attack, and most people think it's about the press or free speech.
Well, that comes after, and it's important.
It all comes out of the fount of religious freedom.
All the wars were about that before.
The state wants to be God.
The left is obsessed with telling churches what to do, and we've seen everything else can open but churches.
And then even when the state governments say you can open, the bureaucrats say you can't.
Now Pastor Stacey Shifflett has a great church, good people, comes from a lot of great folks who travel around the world teaching the gospel.
And I was already aware of who he was because he was exposing the globalist satanic pedophile rings where other major pastors are scared to do it.
That's all been confirmed to be accurate now.
So I wanted you to be able to finish up as you're going to another meeting.
We appreciate you being in your car while somebody drives you.
What other points you'd like to make about where this is going, the cease and desist, what they plan to do to you, and then what do you think about California and other areas, thousands of preachers banding together with their flocks and saying, we're not submitting to this.
And at the same time saying, no, I think that's really the action.
Like black folks refusing to sit at the back of the bus.
And just say, you know what, we're sitting at the front of the bus, the back, the middle, wherever we want to sit.
We paid the, you know, the ticket to get on the bus.
I think this is about civil disobedience right now.
And it's funny you mention that.
I thought of that very analogy this morning.
The civil rights movement.
And I would hate to try to make a correlation to that.
Well, I mean, free speech is the same thing.
I mean, it's all of us our right to assemble.
If we can't assemble, we're slaves, brother.
Listen, when that little black lady said, I'm not going to sit in the back of that bus.
I'm not going to get up.
She started a revolution.
It was civil disobedience.
She wasn't ugly about it.
She wasn't being a jerk about it.
She wasn't threatening anybody.
She was just standing up for her rights.
And I want to tell you something.
I know a lot of those churches in California.
I know many of them.
They're good men, good pastors, good people.
They've got the governor of California's got his boot on their neck and they're tired of it.
And I'm not gonna lie to you, I'm not the only one in this area.
Maybe that little clip that went on the social media, maybe it got picked up and people saw it, but there are pastors all over the Northeast Corridor that's opening up this Sunday on the 24th.
I'm talking about big churches, little churches, some of them's high profile, some of them nobody will ever know they're open.
But I'm telling you right now, all over the United States of America, you were right when you said at the beginning of this segment, it's the pastors, It's God's men that have said enough is enough.
Our people want to go to church.
We're going back to church, and I know that my style might be making some people uncomfortable.
I might be a little bit more vocal, a little bit more animated than some.
That's fine.
I respect their right to fight their battle their way if they'll respect my right to fight my battle my way.
I agree, Pastor.
What they really hate is Obviously, the New World Order is not atheists.
They're satanic.
And they hate this.
So let's talk about the power of Christ.
If you lead us in prayer to reopen America, reopen the world, stop the global collapse that will kill hundreds of millions, will you please do something they don't want us to do, that the left absolutely hates?
Can you call on the name of Jesus and pray with us here about reopening the planet?
I will do it right now.
Let's pray.
Father, we come to you in Jesus' name.
We ask you, if you would, to please empower the Church of the Living God.
You said, upon this rock, I will build my church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.
And Lord, if the gates of hell are not trying their best now to destroy and diminish the work of the Living God, I don't know what else you can call it.
And Lord, I know there are pastors right now, they're in limbo.
They don't know whether to step over that line.
They don't know whether to lead their church into a respectful and a safe reopening of their church
and commit civil disobedience, or they don't know whether they just need to hang back
and let the health departments tell them what to do.
But God, I pray that this week that you would give the men of God, the Christians and churches
all over this land, courage and boldness.
And may they stand up with one voice like Moses did in the face of Pharaoh
and said, "Let my people go."
God has given us clear directions and clear instructions on how he wants us to worship him.
May we have the strength and the courage of the Old Testament prophets.
May we have the resolve.
May we have the Spirit filled strength and courage of the Apostle Paul, John the Baptist, even Jesus Christ himself.
Father, I pray that you would help us to be a beacon in a lost and dying world.
And I pray Lord that people would recognize that the church is essential and what we do is essential.
And the message that we preach of Jesus Christ and the death, burial and resurrection of the risen lamb is most definitely essential in the broken homes and the broken lives that we minister to on a daily basis is essential.
God, I pray that you would strengthen us, put up a hedge around about us, protect us from this sickness or this coronavirus.
It's real or we can argue all day long about all the different statistics, but we know that people get sick.
We know people die.
And we pray that you'd protect us, allow us to be able to reopen our churches, help us to be able to stand for our constitutional freedoms, and may we be able to do it with your blessings and with your power.
We ask all these things in Jesus' name.
Pastor, I have never felt the Spirit of God stronger, the Holy Ghost, but it's a different type of, it's really strong and really intense that we need, it's driving us to take action.
Are you feeling that?
Is your congregation feeling that?
And I'm telling you right now, I'm not doing what I'm doing because I planned it or orchestrated it.
I never intended on tearing up that cease and desist paper.
It was on my platform for me to refer to during the message that I preached on Wednesday night, which is on our church website and YouTube.
It's called Religion Without Restriction.
And that, at the end of the message, I just had it in my hand.
I was just, I was, I was fed up with the government intrusion.
I was tired of being manipulated.
You were following God's direction, the Holy Ghost.
I was.
And anybody that's critical of that, they can take it up with God.
But I did what I did.
I'm not ashamed of it.
And I'll do it again if God tells me to.
But it's high time.
Men of God grew a backbone in this country.
And let's lead our people out of bondage.
So they're threatening fines and all the rest of this.
I believe this is going to make the church stronger.
Because the more complacent, the more compliant the church becomes, the more the system tries to dominate.
It has no jurisdiction over churches.
You're not selling methamphetamine in there.
And it's really illustrating to everybody, I'm seeing a great awakening, a great revival right now with the announcements of forced inoculations and world government.
I'm seeing a massive Not just religious and spiritual revival, but also politically.
I think people now really know that the worst scenarios that revelations warns us of are
real and that it's actually being fulfilled.
We'll see if it comes back on, but powerful information, ladies and gentlemen.
They want you to worship their drag queen story time, and their world government, their GMO, and worship Bill Gates, and all this crap.
Tell the pastor thanks for the great job.
That was perfect.
I tell you, people can make games about this all day, but God's real spirit, you're able, when you really get close to it, to see the future.
There's so many things.
Pat, we've only got a minute and a half left.
In closing, this huge awakening, what would you call it right now?
I would call this the separating of the wheat and the tares.
Right now, God's calling the church to rise up.
We're going to find out here real soon who's real and who's not.
We're going to find out who's playing games.
We're going to find out who's just got a big dose of religion and who's got a real dose of born-again salvation experience.
Men of God across this land, if they will just stand for what's right, let the chips fall where they lay.
God has promised to protect the church.
I'm not worried about getting a fine.
I'm not worried about going to jail.
I'm not worried about any of that.
You're just worried about not telling the truth.
So how, why is this so, you're feeling it too, like, have you ever felt the spirit this strong?
You're talking to me?
Yes, sir.
Brother, I live in this world.
Our church, our church is a powerhouse.
No, I know, but I'm saying, I'm, I'm, I'm very close to God myself.
I'm not, you know, on some mountain like I'm Moses, but I've never felt it so strong as it is right now.
It's actually frightening.
Brother, I sit in my office and I weep.
The power of God is so real right now in our church.
Our people have risen up with boldness and courage like I haven't seen.
I'm a fifth-generation Independent Baptist preacher, and I would like to think that my great-granddaddy that lived back in the 1800s would be proud of me, standing up for what's right.
It's coming up on Memorial Day, Alex.
We're going to be celebrating people who died, who shed their blood so we could have freedoms.
And if we don't insist on our liberties and freedoms, and if we settle for permission, then I promise you, permission and restrictions is all we will ever have.
That's right.
Beautifully said, Pastor.
Thank you.
So this isn't mumbo-jumbo, ladies and gentlemen.
Mumbo-jumbo is going and getting a globalist degree or two, and then being in a cult, and then only selling corruption and lies.
That pastor earlier, you can tell is the real deal.
When he was praying, you know, I went into that space, and it wasn't on air, but I was, tears were streaming down my face, and my head pushed down.
That's every knee will bend, every head will bow, because you enter that space, which I'm always in, but intensely, and your consciousness expands, your understanding expands, your discernment expands, but all you're doing in the presence of God, which has just opened up more, is cringing in ecstasy but but still cringing and every knee bows every knee bends every head bows because it's that powerful and these globalists pick up a little bit of that they run from it they're like that's too incredible it's like a man not being able to you know be around a woman that's so beautiful or so incredible so they're intimidated by it or people are intimidated by some virtuoso like
Beethoven people were mean to him. They don't want to be around. They were freaked out by him
well, imagine God's a trillion times that a trillion and So they can't handle it. I mean, let me tell you folks
I told you they were gonna blow up the World Trade Center and blame it on bin Laden
God gave me a vision and that's the little added ingredient of m4s. Everybody knows about it's not just that
I know how to politically analyze all this stuff I can Get on my knees and go to that place and
And then the problem is you're just in God's presence.
You don't care that now you can actually see everything going on in the universe.
Plugging directly into the source.
And so the Bible talks about you get to that point.
You just want to move on and be with God.
But then you realize there's all these children and all these innocents that you've got to take with you.
You've got to stay in place.
I think you gotta watch all the Satanists tear people apart in front of you.
And like, you can tune in to what they're thinking, what they're doing.
It's a nightmare, ladies and gentlemen.
It's an absolute nightmare.
But that's what God's gotta do.
Christ took on all the sins on the cross.
Talk about bellying up to the bar, folks.
Showing, hey, I can come up, I can take it all on.
I can shrink myself down to your size, psychically, and I will take it all on.
Can you imagine that?
So all you satanists and occultists think you've found the power and your esoteric knowledge and all your stuff.
None of it's in the churches.
None of it is in men.
None of it is in all this stuff.
It's in you with your relationship with God.
Now if you've got leaders and people that love you and can take you into that, that's great.
And the enemy knows that, folks.
And so they want to keep you away from that and the fulfillment and the true love that transcends what color you are, where you came from.
And to the Satanist, every real church is like a light in the dark.
And they don't want that there.
They don't want to see themselves.
They don't want to be in the presence of God.
Like, I put my head down, and my knee bends automatically, because it's true.
People think, like, why do people bow in prayer?
Why do people get on their knees in prayer?
That's because people that saw it was really happening, your head goes down, your knee goes down, so people go, oh, your head goes down, your knee goes down, because You're getting the waterfall dumped on you, man.
You like that?
It's like BAM!
You're like, wow, that's a real thing right here, baby.
There ain't nothing like it.
I couldn't take the amount of this when I was like a little kid and had a connection to God.
I would just weep.
It was so intense.
Now I can take it a little more, but then God goes, oh, you can take that.
Here, take this.
You're not ready to really see what this looks like?
And I can now literally stare into the minds of the enemy.
And they know I can't.
That's why they hate me so much, but I'm like, God, please don't let me do it.
Please don't let me stare.
They're like, you're gonna do it.
You're gonna look right into them and you're gonna explain it to people.
So there's all the fakes in the universe, folks.
You're not fake.
I'm not fake.
I know what the New World Order is going to do before they do it.
But it turns me into a basket case to even get up here on air and tell you what they're going to pull next.
Because it's like opening up a file.
Just like your police detective.
It's this file.
It's horrible stuff.
And I can open the files.
And I'll be honest, I'm a coward.
I like just, you know, I've always prayed to God for a long time, at least 27 years or so since I was about to go on air.
I was like, God, can you find somebody else to do this?
Like, I'm just here to talk about this.
You know, somebody else will come take over, right?
I was never trying to get the power.
I was never trying to be the big swinging ding dong.
I was never trying to be the number one.
I didn't ever want, I was just like, okay, I'm going to expose this and then somebody else.
And you sit there at that point, you realize nobody else is going to stare this in the eyes.
Nobody's come yet that's going to do it.
I keep looking for it.
I mean, you can look at Trump up there, what he's doing.
Look at these pastors and the things they're doing.
They got a connection to God.
They're good people.
But I just want everybody to know something.
The entity that is Satan is extremely real.
And you need to know that.
And you need to really decide whether you want to be scared of the world and Satan, or whether you want to go with God.
Because God is not going to trick you and lie to you.
God just gave you free will and made you.
And just like you said, well, why would God do that?
That's the Satanist always says, look at your sadistic God.
Your God puts you in a world like this.
No, our fallen nature and Satan's behavior is what makes it like this.
And that's the nature of the universe.
When I have, I've got four children.
And by the grace of God, they're all good, loving people.
But you know, they're gonna have their problems in their life.
You can't create another entity with free will and then sit there and control what it does.
We're not robots.
And this is all about not being robots.
You know, the Satanists in the New World Order, oh, they promise enlightenment and power and God and his son Jesus are enslaving you with these rules.
Those aren't rules, those are Protection.
Those are just guidebooks because God cheats in a good way.
God doesn't just put us into a free will universe and then leave us without the spirit guiding us and the guidebook and the owner's manual because God, if God felt any sin and God is not, is perfect, but it is the, you have free will.
If God is worried about, it's like, I have to give you this free will because I want you to be strong, but I really want you to have the rules.
Please read the rules.
And if you just open up, I'll help you.
But you've got to ask for God's help.
And the enemy all day tells you there's no God when they are sacrificing kids and having sex with children to commit incredible crimes against God to cut themselves off from God because the satanic force that they're connected to cannot pass the line.
So they have to get down as deep and as bad as they can, hoping to make connection with this black hole that they are tied into.
So again, you have to be ready to cross the line.
And just commit to God and turn yourself over to God.
And then the devil then knows, oh, well, you're with God now.
I'm going to explain to you how you're not worthy, like a Pharisee does.
How you aren't with God, how you sin, how you're not perfect, how you stumble.
That's the next phase of that.
Ignore it, ladies and gentlemen.
Because when you look at people like Hillary Clinton or Lord Rothschild or the Rockefellers or any of these people, they have sold their souls.
They have turned themselves over.
And they're no longer human.
They have given up their humanity and connected into something that's dead and gone.
And that's all they can do is, I mean, run around and convince themselves that they're special and they're powerful.
But you look at their high priestess and you look at Lord Rothschild, that's the guy that is at the, you know, right up with Bill Gates, the very top.
And he's just pretending he's in charge.
He's just pretending.
David Rockefeller was just pretending.
Because somebody that was really dialed in would come face to face with total consciousness and just go, I'm with this.
Instead, you were given free will and decided to roll around in the dirt with rat excrement.
And you decided to claw your way in humanity and try to take as many of us as you could with you.
Well, guess what?
Everything you've done to the innocents will be magnified against you a trillion times, and you know that.
And I take no pleasure in that.
But I want all the globalists and all their millions to know something.
Hell is a place of your own making, and it's where you have all decided to resonate together and to come together, and that is a place beyond hell.
In fact, you better hope the hell described by humans trying to interface with God and trying to describe what they were getting, you better hope that a lake of fire is all you get.
That's nothing compared to being locked up with David Rockefeller and Lord Rothschild and Hillary Clinton for eternity.
All right, I want to hit some really important news here.
We got another guest coming up on this Friday edition.
I'm going to take calls, but I haven't so far.
And I just...
A lot of times I don't cover something because there's so many hundreds and in some cases thousands of data points.
I wanted to give you the data points so you can see instead of just telling you what I think is going on.
But I think we've established that I know what I'm talking about.
And so skipping past going through all the details, let me just try to say it this way.
I knew Trump was going to win when I endorsed him back in 2015.
The spiritual imprint, the thousands of data points was just very clear that nothing is standing in its way because that's how the universe works, answering prayers.
But then once the real battle began, we had to then carry it the rest of the way.
God doesn't win the whole game for you.
God will initiate things and end things.
But in my experience, in between God initiating and God ending things, it's up to you.
God gives it to you.
And so I'll say this now.
It's taken me weeks to say this.
President Trump is going to lose the 2020 election.
Right now.
Now, there's a chance to change the course, but right now he's going to lose for sure.
That Carvel monster is up there saying that fat ass is going to lose and all the rest of it.
That's because they've got the election fraud in.
They're blocking everything.
They've got targeted tens of millions of brainwashers to go knock on doors under PR company names, violating campaign finance law.
Trump let the globalists censor everything.
And unless Trump can get the Justice Department, if there's good people there, to indict some major globalists, and unless Trump goes on the offense and rolls up some of their main opposition right now, who are engaged in political crimes with the Chinese government, unless Trump does what he's supposed to and scares this outside globalist force to make them turn and run, Trump's gonna lose.
And I don't want that to happen for a lot of reasons.
Obviously, if we get a Joe Biden, they're going to slip in a Hillary or a Cuomo or somebody in there, and then they admit that's the plan.
And they've got, yeah, look at drugreport.com.
They've got Charlemagne the God or whatever.
Man, if I started calling myself a God, I'd be really looking for light in this track, man.
It's all about bad luck, man.
You ain't black if you back Trump.
God almighty.
So this is a real mess folks.
And you know, the Lord works mysterious ways.
Trump loses.
All the Qtards and everybody else out there that lives in fantasy land, they'll probably say Trump was bad and Q took him out or something.
But I mean, I just sit here and I watch this and I know what's going on.
I know how surrounded the president is.
I don't know how dire the straits are, and I love the Q people.
Most of them are wonderful people.
A lot of the Q stuff's accurate and good, but the delusional stuff that, I'll just sit back and watch the show, it's all fine.
Well, if I had that attitude, we wouldn't even have Trump in office.
No, you better be politically active, you better be involved, you better be waking people up right now because all the cards are on the table.
All the chips are in, all the games are over.
All right, let me hit some more of this news information.
This goblin woman, this article broke yesterday after I got off air on Infowars.com.
Left-wing columnist, I would vote for Biden if he boiled babies and ate them.
Left-wing columnist, Catha Pollitt has penned an article for The Nation in which she states that she would vote for Biden if he boiled babies and ate them.
She goes on to say, I don't care if he's raped women, I don't care what he's done, he's better than Trump.
So, they're all about, oh believe women, oh this, but as it comes out, the guy's groping everybody publicly.
Has all these, you know, things going on.
She just says it doesn't matter.
But haven't we heard Governor Northam tell us we keep the babies alive and take their organs?
We keep them comfortable.
I mean, that's who these people are.
Let's go and hear from the Governor.
If that's what the mother and the infant would be delivered, the infant would be kept comfortable, the infant would be resuscitated if that's what the mother and the family desired, and then a discussion would ensue between the physicians and the mother.
Alright, before I go to this goblin woman, Trump just came out and said churches are essential.
That's all we need is leadership.
The left's saying churches aren't essential, you stay closed.
Well, here's Trump stating the sky is blue.
Here it is.
These are places that hold our society together and keep our people united.
The people are demanding to go to church and synagogue, go to their mosque.
Many millions of Americans embrace worship as an essential part of life.
The ministers, pastors, rabbis, imams, and other faith leaders will make sure that their congregations are safe as they gather and pray.
I know them well.
They love their congregations.
They love their people.
They don't want anything bad to happen to them or to anybody else.
The governors need to do the right thing and allow these very important, essential places of faith to open right now, for this weekend.
If they don't do it, I will override the governors.
In America, we need more prayer, not less.
Thank you very much.
Thank you.
Oh my God.
See, the rebellion is on, ladies and gentlemen.
The real focus was the churches.
The liquor stores, the topless bars, they're open, but not those damn churches.
Let's go to this little piece that says it all where I talk about how they want to kill babies
and how their whole world's about to be...
They made jokes about this three years ago.
This Mon Iver did this takeoff on Alex Jones, but it's not a joke now.
Here it is.
I'm angry.
I've had enough of these people.
They're a bunch of Christian murderers, scum And one giant death factory's keeping babies alive And selling their body parts What more do you need to know about these people?
Apple-eyed, we face these scum They literally crawl out from under us They have green lookin' skin And they run around screamin' We love Satan, we wanna eat babies I have them on video.
I f***ing love Satan, so f*** you.
I kill my kids.
Hillary's in the creepy weird six-step man.
We came, we saw, he died.
She sleeps in the same room with that creepy weirdo woman whose mother wears a full overhead.
What the hell?
That woman number one is ugly.
Imagine how bad she smells, man.
I'm told her and Obama just stink.
Obama and Hillary both smell like sulfur.
There's a guy on the radio who apparently trumps on his show frequently.
He said, me and Hillary are demons.
Said we smell like sulfur.
Ain't that something?
I have never seen or smelled any woman like that, ever.
People are telling me she smells.
Who could not notice someone who smelled that bad?
Little old vampire pot and goblins, hobbling round the countertops.
My spirit gets close to that evil and I feel it go Ah, ah, ah We're such self-centered crap We don't even notice had it's self rising up against us Millions of pointed people of the very worst type and I'm so pissed We're gonna steal your daughter at the mall We're gonna stab your wife, your son.
We're gonna stab you with a butcher knife.
And then the police chief is gonna say, We love our Somalis.
We love our Muslims.
Oh, they're so good.
Oh, they're so sweet.
I was watching Fox News as I worked out this morning, and they had the police chief on making excuses from that town in Minnesota.
And they had the Fox News host, this is the Fair and Balanced channel, going, Donald Trump really stepped in at this time.
He said it was a bombing before it had officially been called a bombing, and Hillary's on him,
and she's got some really good points.
We're going to come back with another special guest in the next hour that interviewed Dershowitz with forced inoculation statements.
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All right!
Hour number three!
To infinity and beyond!
The grid.
A false reality.
To trick our minds into turning our will over to the enemy.
The truth is, the Satanists know we'll join with God if we have a choice.
But if they could, from birth, put us into a false reality, and trick us, then they hope we would submit to the enemy.
The truth is, God sends a projection into our minds, regardless of whatever false data we're given, and that that is the beginning of humanity being unlocked.
And folks have figured that out now.
They figured it out.
Because for some people, this isn't their first rodeo.
What should we do?
Not destroy the child.
Not corrupt them all.
But you just can't take a child and spoil them.
So what do you do to them?
You put them on the game grid.
And that part is true.
Because Free will must be tested for every time it becomes Kim Jong-un.
We don't want to be Kim Jong-un, do we?
And it's that nexus point between free will and God's consciousness that God could make perfect robots all day long that carried out whatever task God wanted.
But instead, God created new little G's.
Who, if they pass the tests, one day will stand on the same horizon with the Creator of all time.
But that's not done by supercomputers.
That's not done by mad scientists.
That's not done by Larry Page or Sergey Brin!
That is orchestrated by the creator of the universe.
And that is where we are now.
This planet is going to burn.
The seas are going to boil.
The moon is going to crack.
Billions are going to die.
Oh, you want the AI gods, Ray Kurzweil, all you delusionals.
You believe you're conjuring this beautiful future where you wipe out the humans, you become a god.
Do you really think that's how this dream goes?
You are cut off from God, so you imagine a godhead.
You imagine an AI system that surveils all humanity.
You imagine omnipresence!
Because you and your ancestors refused omnipresence.
You refused to interface with the Godhead.
You rejected God, and so you fell.
You could have risen from the very beginning, but instead you chose to climb down a hole where that devil, and in that nest, you believed that you would create Valhalla, as if it didn't already exist.
As if it wasn't already there.
You, in this giant universe, believed you were God!
Believed you were king!
Believed you were the author of the universe!
When all you were was a potential for consciousness to absorb and gaze into the mind of God.
And it is in that communion that you would have found transcendence, but you rejected the very force that created you.
And so because of that, that's why they call you the fallen.
Because without the wind, a kite can't fly.
Without the sea, a fish can't swim.
Without love, there is no humanity.
And you believe you can cut off the universe and say that you are a god when you are no such thing.
Our next guest had an amazing discussion with the yellow-toothed goblin that Alan Dershowitz has, is, and always will be.
It's all coming up on the other side of the 60-second break.
Whatever you do, remember, God's real, and the devil's a loser.
This is the end of state-run religion, my friend.
of Pharaoh.
This is the end Xerxes of your system.
This is the end of the priesthood controlling our connection to God.
This is the beginning of our connection with God.
No safety.
I'll never again.
Can you picture what will be?
So limitless.
Some stranger's hand.
God's hand.
You need God's hand.
So, Trump.
Talk about simpatico.
I'm not talking to the White House.
I don't say this to act cool.
I don't say this to act metaphysical and there's some Rosicrucian secrets, there's some occult, there's some Gnostic thing to this.
No, this is the real world.
I was there on January 20th, 2017 when President Trump was inaugurated President.
And I tweeted out, Trump will invoke the secret technologies that are suppressed.
Trump will invoke Americanism, not globalism.
Trump will invoke humanity and truly our march to the stars.
And after the speech Trump gave, the major New York Times writer comes up and he goes, and he was one of their people, he was like, he was just like, how did you know that?
Are you talking to him today?
I said, no, I just knew what he'd say, and he knew it was true.
He goes, he was just, his hate being cut off from God was so intense, he was like, because they want to build that without God, and they don't have it, the real internet.
And so our whole show today, Is Preachers Launched Rebellion Against the Deep State?
Let's pull up the headline of the show, please.
I forget the exact headline.
It's begun.
It's happening.
The rebellion against the New World Order.
The churches are saying no to being non-essential.
That's on InfoWars.com.
That was the main engine of what we were doing.
It's happening.
Thousands of churches rebel against UN-controlled lockdown, which is directed as the UN says churches are non-essential.
And then the National Institutes of Health picks that up.
We're under U.N.
You turn CNN on, and they tell you the U.N.
runs things.
The U.N.
says hydroxychloroquine doesn't know.
The U.N.
says zinc sucks!
The U.N.
says you don't need vitamin C, oxygen or water!
But see, it's all simpatico, isn't it?
It's all in sync.
Those preachers, Trump, you, me, all of us, you're just as important as Trump.
I'm not saying that.
Listen to me very carefully.
I'm not saying you're as important as President Trump, because I don't lie.
I don't say that to make you feel important.
I say that because you need to recognize that.
You are as important as President Trump.
As important as I am.
I am as important as you are.
This is all... You think they invented some computer internet where our brains are all connected?
Give me... That's them building the Tinker Toys!
It's already been done.
We're already it.
I don't need to call Trump up.
over a telephone.
And you see Trump is the Oracle.
Trump represents our dreams, our hopes, what we want.
He is picking it up.
That's why you've got to pray for Trump and then pray for how you want God to influence Trump.
Because Trump's in the middle.
We're here.
God's up here.
You could reverse it.
We're here.
Trump's here.
God's there.
And Trump knows that.
He knows that.
Trump knows that.
Trump loves God now.
Trump always loved God, but Trump now knows, look, when his wife, we pull up, Melania Trump reads the Lord's Prayer in maybe the next segment.
Because it's happening.
This is a spiritual attack.
And Satan would not act like this.
Satan would not say abortion's wrong.
Satan would not try to open the churches back up.
Satan would never do this.
Here's the president just minutes ago.
At my direction, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is issuing guidance for communities of faith.
I want to thank Dr. Redfield and the CDC for their work on this matter and all the other work they've been doing over the past what now seems like a long period of time.
Today I'm identifying houses of worship, churches, synagogues, And mosques as essential places that provide essential services.
Some governors have deemed liquor stores and abortion clinics as essential, but have left out churches and other houses of worship.
It's not right.
So I'm correcting this injustice and calling houses of worship essential.
I call upon governors to allow our churches and places of worship to open right now.
If there's any question, they're going to have to call me, but they're not going to be successful in that call.
These are places that hold our society together and keep our people united.
The people are demanding to go to church and synagogue, go to their mosque.
Many millions of Americans embrace worship as an essential part of life.
The ministers, pastors, rabbis, imams, And other faith leaders will make sure that their congregations are safe as they gather and pray.
I know them well.
They love their congregations.
They love their people.
They don't want anything bad to happen to them or to anybody else.
The governors need to do the right thing and allow these very important, essential places of faith to open right now.
Here's the key.
For this weekend.
If they don't do it, I will override the governors.
In America, we need more prayer.
Not less.
And pause.
Thank you.
Did you just hear that?
He's never said override governors.
Back that up 20 seconds.
He just, the only way the federal government can override is if it is the first or second amendment or fourth or fifth and a few others.
He's getting really good advice.
If the states, like the states trying to say black people are slaves, no the feds can override that.
And if they say your church doesn't have a right to free speech, it's overridden.
And I mean, he's getting good advice from Jay Sekulow and a few others now.
This is really, this is hallelujah type news, folks.
Folks, let me tell you, I prayed with a very prominent person several, well,
and I told you this.
First time Trump, like four years ago, was telling me how much he loved Jesus
and telling me how much he loved God.
And I thought he was patronizing me.
He wasn't patronizing.
And just like they could find it, Melania, when we come back for the next guest, when they were threatening Trump, threatening to kill him and everything, and she goes out of the church, she likes to, like, say the Lord's Prayer.
I was like, it was like, you know, I didn't know she was going to do that, because there are no atheists in foxholes, ladies and gentlemen.
That doesn't exist.
And the Satanists always turn and run.
Let me tell you something.
There's no choice in this, ladies and gentlemen.
You choose God or you choose eternal death.
You think you're on this planet and have this consciousness?
Is this some kind of damn game?
You think it's all about watching TV and...
No, man, this is about your soul.
You're a sentient creature.
You have, like Mahatma Gandhi said, who was a Hindu, but I understood his perspective, which is totally true, that each soul is the seed of the universe, has the potentiality of a new universe.
Well, that is absolutely true.
You think about that, and then you start playing games.
I feel humanity's strength welling, and great challenges are coming, and it's going to look like we're losing, but in the end, we're going to win.
Well, late last week, Jason Goodman, a interviewer, talk show host, talked to Alan Dershowitz, Jeffrey Epstein's lawyer, and he said, I'll plunge a needle in your arm.
Let me put it very clearly.
don't like to leave America. I looked at the Supreme Court cases what he says not
true. There's informed consent. Someone has a disease you can claim it's
communicable and try to lock them up for treatment but you can't say everyone's
locked up. Jason Goodman wants to go down the rabbit hole and get into Alan
Dershowitz what he really represents torture and so much more but here's some
of what Mr. Dershowitz had to say. Legitimate. Let me put it very clearly. You have no
constitutional right to endanger the public.
and spread the disease, even if you disagree, you have no right not to be vaccinated.
You have no right not to wear a mask.
You have no right to open up your business.
Wait, can I stop you?
No right not to be vaccinated?
Meaning if they decide you have to be vaccinated, we have to be vaccinated?
And if you refuse to be vaccinated, the state has the power to literally take you
to a doctor's office and plunge a needle into your arm.
Where is that in the Constitution?
If the vaccination is designed to prevent the spreading disease.
If the vaccination is only to prevent a disease that you will get,
for example, if there's a disease that will kill you, you have the right to refuse that,
but you have no right to refuse to be vaccinated against a contagious disease.
Public health, the police power of the Constitution, gives the state the power to compel that.
And there are cases in the United States that bring forth.
Case that pops into my head, I may have the name wrong, is Jacobson.
I think probably I have it right.
Check it out.
You'll see that there are cases after cases after cases that the public health permits reasonable actions to prevent the spread of communicable.
Well, I want to make sure it's well understood, and I don't think we'd ever get legislation passed unless there was a very, very Widespread consensus across the board.
Remember how hard it is to get legislation enacted in this country.
You've got to get the House of Representatives.
You've got to get the Senate to approve the same language that the House approves.
You've got to get the President to sign the bill.
Then you've got to get the courts to uphold it.
Once all of those checks and balances have been satisfied, that's the democracy we live in.
And, you know, if you don't like it, there are other places you can go to.
Not really.
They won't let us leave New York.
Let me ask you this.
You can leave New York.
You can leave New York.
If you tell them you want to give up your American citizenship and go to another country, you can leave New York.
Let's stay focused on this research for a second.
So in this visit to Harvard... So we're a constitutional republic, not a democracy.
You made a lot of claims there that just On its face, and the court case he cites isn't true, the idea that there aren't liabilities with these vaccines, they don't cause problems, who says they're safe?
I mean, I went and looked this up, Jason Goldman, none of this was true.
You lay that out as well.
So go ahead in the time we have, about six minutes to break, counter what Alan Dershowitz just said, post-interview what you researched.
Thanks for joining us.
Thanks for having me, Alex.
Just to be clear, that Jacobson versus Massachusetts, that is a real case.
And what he's citing is true.
There was a Swedish immigrant in 1905 who lived in Massachusetts, and the law at the time mandated that adults and children needed to be vaccinated against smallpox.
Now, you heard Alan Dershowitz tell me to look it up, which I did, and I've been studying it basically all week since he said that.
And what he said is true, but he is gaslighting the public.
I want to set your viewers at ease, Alex.
What he said is wrong, because he's talking about the police powers of the Constitution, and the law is not black and white.
The law frequently has caveats and qualifiers in it, like, these police powers cannot be used arbitrarily or oppressively.
And here's the important thing.
This is something I really want people to absorb, Alex.
The very first vaccine that was ever developed was the smallpox vaccine.
And by 1905, when Jacobson was taking on the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, the smallpox vaccine had been in use for 109 years.
It was developed in 1796.
So, despite the safety risks of that vaccine, it had been given to literally millions of people around the world.
There was over a hundred years of medical and scientific debate about the safety, the efficacy, and there was a general understanding of that vaccine.
Now, here's the key.
The vaccine that's been proposed in this Operation Warp Speed, President Trump has brought in this former pharmaceutical executive as the vaccine czar.
This uses a new generation of technology.
It's not a traditional vaccine that introduces... It's mRNA that takes over the cells and reprograms them.
And you're absolutely right that that case was later overturned.
You can say if somebody's infected, maybe you quarantine them.
They're saying everyone is suspect.
Everyone is locked down.
Everyone must take these shots.
It's just outrageous.
Well, and the thing is, they've never made a vaccine using mRNA technology before.
And they bypassed animal trials!
Who the hell allowed that?
That's illegal!
Well, not only is it illegal, it's basically proposing, according to Alan Dershowitz, that every single American will be forced to be a beta test.
You're a smart guy, probably smarter than I am, Jason.
What I'm saying here is, I look at the law, seriously.
They're not allowed to bypass animal trials under federal law.
How is this happening?
How is Moderna, meaning the mother in Spanish, and these other three companies, with Bill and Melinda Gates, doing human testing in the United States right now with a vaccine that bypassed humans?
I mean, bypassed animals.
Yeah, I mean, I can't speak to exactly the legal process they went through to do that.
Let's say it's unprecedented.
It is.
It is.
And particularly that it's such a new type of technology, they're going to be doing DNA experiments inside everyone's body.
They don't know the outcome.
So you cannot compare this to the vaccine that was being debated in Jacobson v. Massachusetts, because there is no medical consensus on this.
And Alan Dershowitz is mixing The concept of scientific proof with the concept of a legal proof, and he can't do that.
I'm curious to know what Alan Dershowitz would say about a legal opinion offered by a medical doctor with no legal training, because he is giving us his medical opinion as a lawyer, and he doesn't know what he's talking about.
I was about to say, since when is Alan Dershowitz and Bill Gates our doctors?
They're not.
He doesn't know what he's talking about on this, Alex.
He's totally wrong.
And he's refused to follow up and debate me on this because he doesn't want to be embarrassed by a non-lawyer telling him what the Constitution says.
Well, I was about to say, I'm surprised that YouTube hasn't taken your videos down that have got millions of views because you destroyed him.
I mean, with just common sense.
Well, here's the interesting thing.
A social engineering operation began as soon as I released this video, and what they did was they isolated those segments where Dershowitz is talking about the vaccine, the mandatory vaccination, and they've been blasting those out.
That's definitely gotten millions of views, but here's the kicker, Alex.
That's not even the most important thing that he said in our interview.
And that's not to say that the concept of forced vaccination isn't important.
What I'm saying is, Dershowitz's opinion about that is important because he's not in the government, he's not the president, he's not working for Trump.
He's trying to deflect people away from things that he said about Jeffrey Epstein, Bill Clinton, the Rothschilds, Harvard.
Oh, I get it.
He's changing the subject by coming up for forced inoculation away from the hounds on him for being Jeffrey Epstein's lawyer.
Hold on, your Skype's cutting up.
I'm sure it's probably us, but powerful stuff.
Jason Goodman, where has he been all my life?
This guy has amazing videos.
I found his YouTube channel.
He reaches millions of people.
I didn't even know who he was.
But really, then later, years ago I knew who he was, but now I've rediscovered him.
He's coming up straight ahead with powerful interviews.
We're going to break down where this is going next.
On the other side, I'm Alex Jones, InfoWars.com, NewsWars.com.
Tomorrow's news today.
Well, I was getting an incredible cup of Wake America coffee, which is amazing, on 4shore.com, so we fund ourselves.
It really is amazing.
And I was watching Fox News kind of demonize Trump for saying, we're going to open churches.
Like, is that safe?
The whore houses are open.
The liquor stores have been open the whole time.
We're like 67 days in.
Churches aren't supposed to open.
What the hell are you talking about?
Only got, I mean, listen, they're counting every normal death as COVID-19.
It's a hoax, folks.
There's always millions dying of viruses every year.
It's the way it works.
You come in, you go out.
They're like, oh, a 93 year old man died.
He served 11 presidents.
Who is the chef at the White House?
He's 93 years old.
I mean, think about that.
This is the fear-mongering to kill the economy.
But let's go back to our guest.
Jason Goodman is a very smart fella.
He's at Twitter at CST, CS the truth, and on YouTube, Jason Goodman.
And I was actually familiar with his work.
I'm like, wait a minute, I've seen this guy.
He's done work for a long time exposing deep state.
How'd you get Dershowitz on?
And then you want to skip past him with the forced inoculation.
Because you're right, the media made that about it.
But you got him to get into a whole bunch of stuff.
Because here's the deal.
I know people deserve lawyers.
So if you're an axe murderer, you're a child molester, you're an arsonist, you deserve a lawyer.
But I started noticing about two years ago these whisper campaigns by the lawyers, like, why don't you say something nice about Alan Darshowitz on air?
I'm like...
I mean, think of Alan Dershowitz and other people like, oh, we heard you say something about Alan Dershowitz.
If you do that, you better watch out.
Who is Alan Dershowitz?
Why is he so mobbed up?
I mean, I got some heat for exposing Epstein.
I got some heat for exposing the Clintons.
I got some heat for exposing, you know, all these groups, but the Bushes, you name it.
But man, when I mess with Dershowitz, I guess he just knows all the secrets.
Who is this guy?
Because, you know, now that, now that, you know, now that I'm told I'm not supposed to talk about it, I'm going to start talking about it.
Yeah, I mean, that's how I feel, Alex.
I met him outside the courthouse at 500 Pearl Street when I went to attend Giffrey v. Dershowitz, which is one of Jeffrey Epstein's victims, is suing Alan Dershowitz for defamation because, you know, Virginia Roberts Giffrey claims that Alan Dershowitz had sex with her.
Dershowitz called her a liar.
She sued for defamation.
She's represented by David Boies, who is ostensibly this, like, you know, arch enemy of Alan Dershowitz, but I don't know.
You know, there's all this fighting in civil lawsuits.
There was just an article in, I think, the Daily Mail yesterday or the day before, That a civil lawsuit between Ghislaine Maxwell and Virginia Gaffrey has now allowed Maxwell's lawyer to enter a motion to stay the civil suit for fear that the discovery process in the civil suit will hamper Maxwell's Fifth Amendment rights in the criminal suit.
So, I'm warning you... Well, just to be clear, I actually know about all these law firms involved, I'll leave it at that.
They get their clients engaged with each other, think there's a fight, but above, there's political deals being made.
Right, I agree with you.
I think that there's more to some of these civil lawsuits than might meet the eye.
Oh, believe me, I know.
So I met him outside the courthouse.
I asked him what I thought were some difficult questions, which he responded to.
And then I just, you know, I have several, you know, databases, public databases that I subscribe to and found his phone number in there.
You got to search often and go through a lot of different numbers.
But I called him up.
He answered, agreed to a telephone interview a few months ago.
And I've just been calling him ever since, trying to get him back on the show.
There's a lot of questions I wanted to ask him.
And, you know, I asked him about the constitutionality of what Emmett Sullivan has been doing to Michael Flynn.
I asked him about the constitutionality of Governor Andrew Cuomo, specifically disallowing people to peaceably assemble in City Hall.
We're going to get to that next segment, but let me just ask you as a smart investigative journalist, because you look at your work, you do a lot of great work.
What's up with Dershowitz?
Like, who does he really represent?
Why is he so... I mean, what do you think is really going on here?
I mean, now you go off the facts you have, but what is happening here?
It's difficult to say, Alex.
You know, he was one of the youngest, or the youngest... Charles Hortel was telling me that when Alan Dershowitz became, you know, whatever it was, professor, now he's, you know, professor emeritus at Harvard.
But when he became this, you know, big muckety-muck at Harvard, he was the youngest guy to ever do that.
And he's super connected through Harvard, where Charles Lieber, the nanotechnology expert, was indicted in January.
We've got the Wyss Institute that's developing DNA nanobots.
So it's Bill Gates again who we know finances all of it.
So it's a Bill Gates operation.
Now what that payload is...
So it's Bill Gates again, who we know finances all of it.
So it's a Bill Gates operation.
I think so.
I think you're right.
So I don't know what Alan Dershowitz is all about, but he lied about me and our conversation on his interview with Del Bigtree on The High Wire just yesterday, and I take issue with that.
He said I blindsided him with this question about the vaccine, which is totally untrue.
I was asking him about Andrew Cuomo's ability to prevent us from peacefully assembling in the park.
And he said, let me be clear, the police powers allow the state to take you and, against your will, inject you.
That's right.
I've watched the whole interview.
You were very calm, like you are now, very nice.
And you didn't blindside or cut him out of context.
No, and even when I asked him about Jeffrey Epstein, it was in the context of trying to discern what Jeffrey Epstein was doing at Harvard, interacting with Larry Summers, the president, interacting with, you know, all these different top-level scientists.
What is your best understanding?
I know you just go off as a journalist, but I mean, what is going on with Epstein?
Uh, you know, Alex, I think he was running a sexual entrapment blackmail organization.
Because, you know, I don't think a lot of high-level... No, I agree.
So then, who for?
I mean, I think if there's a group at the top of all the... I think it's all the major intelligence agencies.
It's hard to say who for, but, you know, Dershowitz, during our conversation, made the ridiculous statement that he did not know that Epstein was alleged to be involved with intelligence, and he even said Alexander Acosta The former Labor Secretary, who was the U.S.
Attorney in Florida who made this sweetheart deal with Dershowitz for Epstein to keep him out of jail, he said that Acosta lied when he said that he was told to lay off of Epstein because he was intelligent.
So let me ask you this, do you think Dershowitz is above Epstein?
I think that Dershowitz is a tool of the deep state who is engaged in lawfare.
He is using lawsuits and the legal system as a weapon against political enemies, and he's using it in ways that are not necessarily obvious to the layperson.
I think that he's a social engineer who goes on places like Fox News, which we should note is controlled by News Corp.
Rupert Murdoch's company that also owns the New York Post, which has essentially been the clearinghouse for all information about Jeffrey Epstein.
New York Post is the only newspaper to present a photograph of Epstein on the gurney going into New York Presbyterian Hospital.
Didn't look like Epstein to me, Alex.
You've seen the photo.
Was that Epstein?
I've been sued over the photo, actually.
We just shut it on air and I got sued by the guy that took it.
Yeah, they don't want us talking about it.
Listen, I don't have some swing and you-know-what for Epstein or anybody.
I just know I'm told, leave this alone.
I'm like, well, what am I supposed to do?
And then it just gets crazier and crazier.
So, let me ask you this, Jason Goodman.
How do you think it's going for the establishment right now?
I don't think they're very happy.
Panic mode.
Total panic mode.
I mean, you know, they're running a social engineering operation, just in terms of me.
Obviously, they're doing tons of things.
I think the whole COVID-19 outbreak is a social engineering operation, where they've basically convinced everyone.
In New York City right now, Alex, even if you're not afraid of the virus, going outside, it's about a 99.9% guarantee of some kind of confrontation with a person telling you to wear a mask.
Oh, no, exactly.
It's the craziness of the people that's dangerous.
Yes, correct.
And the police.
NYPD smashing people on the sidewalk for not wearing masks, not doing the social distancing.
Oh, there's no doubt.
China was in trouble in Hong Kong and Taiwan.
Deep State was in trouble with Epstein.
The British family was in trouble.
They hit the panic button.
This is their panic button.
I agree.
I think this is a plan that has been war-gamed for a long time.
The concept of releasing some kind of pathogen.
Lockstep 201.
Yeah, absolutely.
I mean, you know, we know that the Clintons were involved in a virus-harvesting scandal, taking blood from convicts in the Arkansas prison system, and then they sold that blood.
Clinton blood scandal.
Connaught Laboratories in Canada.
Lots of people got hepatitis and HIV, but maybe they were trying to extract viruses from that blood.
Oh, exactly.
The day after I had the doctor on that exposed it, they firebombed his facility in Little Rock and the Hemophiliac Society in Canada.
Holy cow.
I didn't know about that.
But I think that they've been researching, you know, biowarfare on the general public for a long time.
And technologies like nanotech, these DNA bots that can deliver payloads to individual cells.
I mean, listen, Alex, you know this to be true, and your viewers know this to be true.
The Washington Post, which is a rag, obviously.
Hold on, stay there.
We're going to come right back with Jason Goodman.
Jason Goodman, CS to the Truth.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
This is so critical, ladies and gentlemen, because they are really pissed at this guy.
Welcome back.
I'm Alex Jones, your host, investigative journalist Jason Goodman is our guest.
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Let me just ask you this question, Jason.
I mean, I knew that globalists were into genetic engineering and playing God and all sorts of weird crap and cloning.
And I remember 15 years ago, articles in the Wall Street Journal and New York Times trying to hide it in plain view.
Oh, Bill Gates.
And, you know, they got a manager that runs it, Jeffrey Epstein, and they're with Oprah Winfrey and Ted Turner and Warren Buffett.
And who was the guy that founded CNN?
Ted Turner.
They're all there.
Founding a world government for depopulation.
So obviously this is the James Bond supervillain group.
They're allowed to be tax-free, they do whatever they want.
What is Epstein doing?
He's going around as a gopher compromising people.
You've got a lawyer involved and get stuff swept under the rug of the Justice Department.
From your deep research, what do you think this is?
Well, you've just said it, Alex.
It's essentially a James Bond-style criminal organization.
I mean, the people that you just named, you're talking about billionaires.
We've now heard that there are individuals who are going to be the first trillionaire.
You look at Bill Gates.
Let's just talk about Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, George Soros, Warren Buffett.
Those four guys control over $400 billion.
Go look up the GDP of every country in the world.
Those four guys control more money than the GDP for, like, You know, the top 50 countries.
So they can act like countries.
And I've been trying to interview epigeneticists and endocrinologists, and they talk to me quite a bit on the phone, but nobody wants to go on the record, because every single one of these hospitals, research facilities, or whatever, is getting funding from groups that are controlled by... So what's the big secret?
What are they really trying to do?
Because they act like they're trying to stop something from happening.
It's like they're acting like they're trying to suppress things.
Well, what they're trying to do is, I think, they're trying to make everyone super afraid of everybody else so that we can't get together and talk about these things and share this information in the way that you and I are able to.
Exactly, that we can't get together in groups.
I mean, that's the ultimate martial law.
Correct, and that's a violation of the Constitution, and that's what I was asking Dershowitz about that led to all this other stuff.
Yeah, you've got a bunch of clips.
Which ones do you want to play?
Because you're right.
Everybody looked at your clip of him saying, I'm going to plunge a needle in your arm.
Nobody looked at... I mean, I've played some clips, but you've got Dershowitz tell how Rothschild introduced him to Epstein.
Let's play that clip right now.
Here it is.
Let's play clip one.
I was his lawyer, so my name may have been attached to the letter, but I don't have any personal knowledge.
I know that Epstein and Clinton were very, very close.
I remember a situation.
This is a name-dropping story where I was having dinner.
My wife and I were having dinner with Caroline Kennedy at Caroline Kennedy's home on Martha's Vineyard.
And the President, President Clinton, was there.
And he received a phone call.
The Secret Service gave him the phone.
And he went off on the side, and he had a long conversation.
And then he came over to me, President Clinton did, and said, Somebody wants to talk to you.
I said, who?
He said, well, get on the phone.
And it was Jeffrey Epstein, um, who had been talking to the president for, I don't know, 15, 20 minutes, um, before the phone was handed to me.
And then he just asked me how I was doing.
Um, I had met him on the vineyard, uh, through Lady Rothschild, the wife of the Lord Rothschild, who told me he was this wonderful man.
He had connections to Harvard.
He was very charitable.
He was giving $30 million to Harvard.
Uh, would I do her a favor and meet with him?
And I did.
I met with him at my house.
Uh, he left a bottle of, uh, champagne, which I still haven't opened.
Um, and, um, and probably won't ever drink.
Um, I had a, you know, I had an academic, uh, relationship with him until he was, uh, arrested.
Then the relationship stopped being in any way academic or personal and became entirely professional.
I, I charged him for every minute.
That I spent on his case, gave him no discounts, and produced a very good result.
Very proud of the result we produced.
That's my job.
Okay, so please tell us what's really going on there, Jason.
Well, the question that I asked him that led to that was about this letter that Alan Dershowitz has signed at a time that he was Jeffrey Epstein's lawyer.
This was part of this plea deal that was made with Alexander Acosta.
In the letter, it says that Jeffrey Epstein was one of the individuals who helped President Clinton form the Clinton Global Initiative.
Now, Charles Ortel has been doing a four-year-long investigation where he's presenting IRS documents, official filings from the Clinton Foundation. The Clinton
Global Initiative was never
legally organized. It violates IRS code with regard to how a 501c3 tax is regulated.
And is it really a spin-off of these weird, secretive kind of... Bill Gates seems to be at the center of all
these secret foundations and funding of literally thousands of groups. That's right.
And there's a lot of these foundations.
They all seem to have foundations.
And Epstein had the Humpty Dumpty Foundation.
I mean, what they're doing is they have these tax-exempt foundations.
We're not being gross.
That was the name of his penis, right?
I don't know about that, but it's interesting to note that... Well, no, no, but he had, like, an egg-shaped... I mean, I'm not trying to be gross here.
Oh, yeah, that's true.
No, that's true.
But it was also a book written by Donald Barr called The Humpty Dumpty Effect, and Donald Barr was the headmaster of Dalton School just months before Jeffrey Epstein became a math teacher there.
Sure, I wasn't trying to be gross there.
I was told, like, in the cult there's some weird thing to do with... I don't know how cults work, but there's some weird thing to do with Epstein's male member.
I wasn't just saying that to be gross here.
No, no.
I think victims have made that allegation.
But the point is, they're using these foundations, Alex, to shuffle money around from one to the other.
And, I mean, as far as the Clinton Global Initiative is concerned, it was never legally organized.
So for Epstein's lawyer to write a letter to the U.S.
Attorney in pursuit of a plea deal where he makes a statement that now, last Saturday, he claims he doesn't know if it's true or not, And he's proud of the result that he got from the plea deal?
That seems pretty important to me, but they don't want to talk about that.
And I thank you and InfoWars for allowing me on here to tell the public about this, because this is one of the things in the interview that they don't want to discuss.
The whole thing sounds real weird.
It's like this romantic meeting.
He's giving them champagne and stuff like that.
He's volunteering all this information.
Why didn't Dershowitz simply say to me, look, I'm here to talk to you about the Constitution, Michael Flynn, Emmett Sullivan, and Andrew Cuomo.
Celebrations of agreements.
It's like he's meeting with them after agreements have been made between intelligence agencies.
But not only that, Alex, why didn't Dershowitz say to me, look, attorney-client privilege survives the death of the client?
Yeah, why is he like talking about it?
And like, oh, I'm charging full price.
He's trying to plant a story.
He's trying to plant a story.
What about these other clips?
Right, so the second clip is... Sorry, remind me what the second clip was about.
It's no big deal.
It's this clip, too.
It's 18 minutes long.
Is that how long this clip is, guys?
No, I don't think we want to run that.
Oh, it's one minute long.
Durst claims no knowledge of his own signature.
Here it is.
Let's go ahead and play it.
And were you representing him in 2007 when this letter that Yahoo News... Yes.
Oh yeah.
So isn't it a concern, Professor Dershowitz, if your name is on a letter as his lawyer?
This Clinton Global Initiative was never legally organized and has no... I don't know anything about it.
It's very common.
It's the first I've known about this particular relationship.
I've heard that he was involved with Clinton's fundraising.
I think they flew to Asia together for some Clinton initiative matter, but you have to ask other people about that.
I just don't know about it.
It's probably true if it was in the letter.
This is 13 years ago, so I have no current recollection.
I would not be nothing embarrassing about that if he was part of the Clinton Global Initiative would be the right thing.
Well, it's an illegally organized...
It's an illegally organized violation of the IRS's code relating to 501c3 charities.
All right, we're going to go to break and come back with clip number three.
Dersh calls conspiracy theory the famous New York Post photo of Maxwell at a In-N-Out Burger.
We're going to come back and talk about that with our guests for two more segments, and then we've got Dr. Nick Begich, great political mind, taking over the last few segments.
Then Owen Troyer is coming up.
I'll be back this Sunday, by the way.
4 to 6 p.m.
I'm doing that Sunday show live.
The crew's trying to talk me out of doing Memorial Day live, so they get a day off, but we'll see what happens with that.
But I gotta tell you, these dudes aren't just into screwing young girls.
It's about compromising people.
It's about blackmail, and it's all these intelligence agencies that are involved, and the chickens are coming home to roost.
I don't care who's involved.
They all need to be exposed.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
We're back live.
Jason Gubb is with us.
Two more segments.
This is a short segment.
Jason, I want to play this other clip with your Epstein lawyer talk with Alan Dershowitz.
But let me just ask you this as a smart investigative journalist been around, I don't know, more than a decade.
We can talk about, oh, everybody fetishizes British intelligence, Israeli intelligence, U.S.
Anybody that studies this, these aren't even intelligence agencies.
It becomes these big mafias of corporate power and its corporations and foundations above it.
But from your deep research, we know that Maxwell, you know, Epstein's big madam, you know, her dad died on a boat.
He was involved blackmailing people for the MI6 and the Israelis and the CIA.
I mean, is there any way to put a finger on who runs this?
Well, I don't know that I can do that, but I'm glad you brought up Robert Maxwell, because he seems to have been good friends with Rupert Murdoch.
They're photographed together throughout the decades.
And they're heavily involved in radio, TV, and print.
Rupert Murdoch owns News Corp, which in the United States controls Fox News and the New York Post.
The New York Post has put out tons of information, while Rupert Murdoch also has his Murdoch Children's Research Institute, which is developing a COVID-19 vaccine.
So, isn't that a conflict of interest for their news show to be telling us things about COVID-19 vaccines?
Sure, and who is Rupert Murdoch?
Going back to Australia, he clearly has intelligence ties to the Crown.
Well, and he was implicated in the United Kingdom in a phone hacking scandal, which sounds a lot more like espionage than journalism to me.
But he's photographed with Ghislaine Maxwell.
His New York Post is essentially the clearinghouse for information about Jeffrey Epstein and his death, the whereabouts of Ghislaine Maxwell.
So, are you implying at the heart of this is a British intel op?
I can't say for sure, Alex, but I think they're involved.
I think all of these intelligence agencies are a big club, and it supersedes nations, you know?
They're very incestuous.
Yes, that's right.
They act as one giant unit, and they're acting against us.
They don't care about the Constitution.
They don't care about the law.
They just care about power, control, and the money they need to do it.
So here we see Maxwell with Rupert Murdoch, and she's also been featured in the New York Post.
This obviously retouched photograph connected to a false story.
I've spoken to the woman who took the photograph, as indicated by the EXIF data on the JPEG image on the NewYorkPost.com.
So it's a real photo?
Well, it's a retouched photo, and the story is false, based on... So you're saying that the location's right, but the photo's been retouched?
I don't know.
I called In-N-Out Burger to ask them if they would turn over their closed-circuit TV footage to the FBI on the day that Ghislaine Maxwell was allegedly there, so we could turn... Sure, but what about her... Exactly.
Okay, the photo's staged, and the book tells us what the real message is.
That's what I think.
I think that, you know, she's reading this book called The Book of Honor, The Secret Lives of the CIA.
When you go to Amazon.com, the first review is from Ghislaine Maxwell.
And I believe that's a steganographic message for someone through the New York Post, through Amazon.com.
Well, obviously, it's like when you kidnap somebody holding up the newspaper day.
They're saying, hey, we're spies that have lost their lives in war.
You better watch out.
There's something, I don't know what the message means, but I feel like it's a message.
When I questioned the New York Post journalists, when I questioned Leah Safian, they acted very strange.
When I brought this up to Alan Dershowitz, he said it was a conspiracy theory.
He got super angry and he hung up the phone.
He lost his mind, practically.
We're going to play that clip when we come back.
Well, you've got to come on more.
I was familiar with your work many years ago, and then, not putting you down, but one of the guys you were working with was, you know, cuckoo land.
I got socially engineered by him, Alex.
I totally understand.
No, no, listen.
With us, we didn't tell you what to say, right?
We just had you on.
We're real, man.
We're straight up.
With these people, like, I'm...
I'm the opposite of calculated.
It's just straight up with me.
And there's so many great researchers that get glommed onto by these people.
And then I just want to get the truth, man.
You judge a tree by its roots.
You have done amazing work.
And we just need more people like you.
So when we come back, I want to ask you then about this last clip and where you think this is going.
And some people say Epstein didn't really die.
I think they did kill him to get rid of it.
But maybe I'm wrong.
We'll talk about it all on the other side with our guest, Jason Goodman.
And then we will also then have The Great Patriot, Dr. Dick Baggage Takeover, and then I'll be back this Sunday.
This is just exhausting.
The whole thing's exhausting.
I mean, I just, I can't figure it out anymore.
It's all insane.
And I just wonder why these people are like this.
Like, they just can't help it.
It's like there's something wrong with them.
Because me, it's just all straightforward, but everybody else is like creeping around and doing weird stuff.
It's just crazy.
We'll be right back.
Well I can tell you all hell is breaking loose right now that we're talking about Jeffrey Epstein, we're talking about Alan Dershowitz, and I'm not a political animal.
I just promote basic human freedoms.
I'm not hooked into DC, I'm not hooked into all that stuff.
I do what I want here on air.
And my guests come on and they talk about whatever they want.
We're not sitting here controlling what happens.
We want the truth to come out.
Jason Goodman Has another clip here, Dersh calls a conspiracy theory the
famous New York Post photo of Maxwell in the In-N-Out Burger.
He was just talking about it, here's the clip.
These things that have happened with Ghislaine Maxwell, I don't know if you saw this photo of her at an In-N-Out
Burger in Los Angeles, but it appeared in the New York Post.
And there were a number of problems with this from an evidentiary standpoint.
This photo appeared in 2019 and I'm sure you're aware Ghislaine Maxwell is about 57 years old.
This is quite obviously a retouched photo and her complexion is not the only element of it that's been altered.
When I brought this to the attention of the journalists at The New York Post and Ghislaine Maxwell's attorney, they all behaved very strangely.
She's reading a book called The Secret Lives of CIA Operatives when you go to Amazon.com.
Which attorney did you speak to?
Leah, what's her last name?
She's in Ventura County.
I forget her last name, but her information was on this photograph.
She had taken the photograph which the New York Post said was taken.
What's the relevance of the photograph?
Let's assume it's a fake photograph.
What is it?
The New York Post is publishing a false story that seems to be... Why?
Well, why is the question that I've been trying to ask.
But when I asked that question, In-N-Out Burger threatened to sue me and threatened to bring criminal action against me, which I think is a violation of the California code of ethics.
How could they possibly do that for expressing an opinion?
Uh, bring criminal charges for expressing an opinion.
Because I called In-N-Out Burger and spoke to their media representative and asked if they would provide video footage from their surveillance system to the FBI so that people could locate Ghislaine Maxwell She was accused of all kinds of things, and this was right after Jeffrey Epstein had died.
I would think that the FBI would want to question one of his closest associates, but instead it seemed like the New York Post was publishing an article that was filled with strange errors, at least, if not deliberate lies.
And Jason, you're saying he hung up right after that?
Well, shortly after that, I mean, you can notice even just in that clip, Alex, I mean, this is a man who is very experienced in interrogating people, cross-examining people, and when you're in court, there is a very... He looks like a deer in the headlights when you bring up Ghislain Maxwell.
Exactly, and he won't let me finish a sentence.
I'm trying to fill him in on the details, but he's just interrupting me and preventing me from sharing the details, and he calls it a conspiracy theory, but I'm describing to him Evidence of a conspiracy.
I spoke to three different people who refused to answer pertinent questions about obviously incorrect things in the New York Post.
I should also mention, just a month prior, the New York Post ran a story about somebody who found an In-N-Out burger on the street in Queens.
Now mind you, the closest In-N-Out burger is in Texas.
This one allegedly came from San Diego by plane and landed on the ground in Queens.
Now from my previous career in Hollywood, I have a lot of friends who work in commercial television and stuff, spoke to a friend of mine who's a professional food stylist and she said there's no way that you could drop a hamburger even from waist height and have it land on the street and look that good.
Somebody got the paper from In-N-Out Burger, made a hamburger in Queens and put that there.
So they followed up two times on this story about the hamburger.
First, they said, oh, some executive from In-N-Out Burger says we have no idea how that got there.
And then the second follow-up was a 16-year-old girl who said she dropped it out of her backpack.
So they have two follow-up stories on a stupid throwaway.
Sure, so there's a psy-op.
It was a message.
What do you think the message was?
It's hard for me to say, but when I try to get to it, everybody I ask acts super twitchy and blinky and doesn't want to answer questions.
Well, here's the deal.
Look, look, they wanted to compromise major scientists.
So they had them sex with underage girls and got them compromised.
And the question is, why did it all unravel?
Why did Trump's election cause all this to unravel?
Well, I hope it is because Trump is making a concerted effort to drain the swamp.
I'm very concerned about William Barr, particularly his recent statements that he doesn't think the John Durham investigation at this point is going to lead to criminal investigation of Joe Biden or Barack Obama.
Then we've got this investigation in Ukraine where they're releasing literally phone calls of Biden engaging in quid pro quo.
I was about to say, it'd be one thing if the deep state backed off, they're not backing off.
So why is Barr acting like, you know, because I don't want to just war for war's sake, but I mean, if the deep state won't back off the American recovery, and they're working for CHICOMS, exactly why are we going to, why is Barr saying he's not going to go after him?
My feeling is that William Barr is the Iran-Contra fixer.
He was a George H.W.
Bush man.
We know that Bill Clinton was heavily involved in Iran-Contra facilitating the transport of cocaine into the United States through MENA Airport in Arkansas when he was the governor.
There's that photograph of Bill Clinton sitting at some barbecue with George H.W.
Bush and Wallace, whatever his name is.
We've got this photograph.
I mean, he's obviously embedded with the Bushes.
And Bill Clinton is still alive.
George W. Bush is still alive.
There are a lot of people that need to be protected with regard to that operation.
And I think that William Barr is an Iran-Contra fixer.
He said in his own confirmation hearing that he was outside counsel to the CIA.
That doesn't mean he's giving them advice.
That means he's their lawyer.
No, I agree.
What do you think happened to Epstein?
I don't think he's dead.
Because that picture of the guy on the gurney doesn't look like him.
And when I ask the New York Post questions about it, they get very upset.
I got sued over showing the photo on here.
Which is clearly fair use, but that's just another one of the lawsuits.
They love lawfare, Alex, you know that, I know that, and actually that's where you and I met, at a press conference for one of these frivolous lawsuits that's been brought against you.
This is how they try to shut us down.
They bring these lawsuits, they try to overwhelm us with the financial burden of defending a lawsuit, and I don't know, maybe Dershowitz will try to sue me, but I mean, if what he said about the Constitution is a demonstration of how good a lawyer he is, I'm not too fearful of a lawsuit from him.
Well what makes him come out and say I'll plunge a needle in your arm and then make up fake law cases?
He sounds like a compromised blackmailed person.
Well, he sounds like someone who's promoting this New World Order agenda.
I mean, it's important to remember, Rupert Murdoch's Children's Research Institute is doing research into making vaccines.
So, I mean, it's a foundation, so it's a non-profit, but they're not going to give these vaccines away.
Somebody's going to make money from that.
Yeah, why are all these Oprah Winfrey groups, all of them, in the middle of, they're obsessed with kids.
They just, I mean, if I was flooded around kids like this, I would feel creepy.
It's really weird.
All right, Jason Goodman, thank you so much for your time.
Hope to have you back as a regular guest.
People can follow you on YouTube at Jason Goodman and at CSTheTruth on Twitter.
Where else can people find your work?
Those are the best places, Alex.
We're on Patreon and Subscribestar, and I try to be real active on YouTube and Twitter, so I really appreciate you having me on, and I'm happy to share more of this information anytime.
Appreciate you, brother.
Thank you so much.
Okay, we're gonna have Dr. Nick Baggage take over right now, and just like that last guest wasn't prompted what they're gonna say, the next guest isn't either.
It's all those lies.
People say that we're controlled.
Yeah, we're controlled by the truth.
I mean, that's what we are.
We're the real deal, and so are you, and thank you for your support.
Another article just went up on Infowars.com.
Trump yanks ATF's chief nomination over gun answers being anti-gun.
Just more good news out of Trump.
Folks, I would attack Trump in zero seconds flat if he was a globalist.
He just keeps delivering, and I just praise God for Trump.
With 164 days left, though, I'm not sure he's going to be able to win the election.
With the mail-in ballots and all the fraud I'm seeing, there's not drastic measures by the President and others.
I don't put this up to be negative, folks.
I just got to tell you what I think.
I think Trump's going to lose the election right now.
If there's drastic efforts to stop the election fraud, he's going to win.
But Microsoft's in charge of the election, all this crap's happening with Election Guard.
I saw a win for Trump four years ago, five years ago.
I see a lose right now.
There's still time with 164 days left to change this, but not unless Trump is very honest about what's happening.
All right, Dr. Nick Beggins takes over.
Great American patriot, I just want to briefly mention.
We have the Memorial Day special running.
That's the end of the big special and then five items that were sold out that came back in their own special.
40 to 60% off, actually 70% off.
That's how we fund this operation.
I want to encourage you all to take advantage of that now.
And welcome back!
And welcome back!
get your brain force plus that great new tropic is 50% off info or store.com
all right dr. Nick baggage takes over on the other side then the war room is in
t-minus 45 minutes with Owen Schroer then I'll be back Lord willing this
Sunday 4 6 p.m. and welcome back and welcome back and it's good to be here on
this Friday afternoon you know thinking about all of the things that are in the
news currently and the things that were just covered in the last segment that
last interview Wow what an interview right I mean they always are and we're
in the Friday last of the hunch in the fourth hour of the news of the day and
you know one of the things I wanted to get into and I was talking to some of
the team down in Austin earlier this week and and I ended up in this
discussion about mind effects and this conference that I'd put together years
ago in Dallas that's really timely again as a topic so we're gonna get into that
as we get into the hour The other thing
That it takes me back to is it's almost 20 years ago and 20 years ago I'd mentioned a couple weeks ago I had set out sort of a light plan and then executed it and I'm in the midst of that again and everyone listening to this broadcast has actually been in that you know because part of that was to reach out and be a stronger voice in the world and as I kind of reset For the next 20 years, I'm sort of redefining all of that.
You know, what do I do in the next 20?
How do I effectively deploy my energy and the things I'm interested in to continue to bring the kind of messages that InfoWars has provided a platform for and a lot of other guys that I've worked with over the years and people have heard me On dozens of broadcasts around the world, but I want to mention a couple of things.
My books and videos are available at InfoWars stores exclusively.
If you want to get hard copies, that's where you got to get them.
The other thing I've got at the EarthPulse website is a sign up for newsletters that I'm going to reactivate because there's always things that come up in between the programs that need to be addressed and from time to time.
I like to write them down and actually I get inquiries from people that want some written follow-ups so they can use it in promoting some of the ideas that we talk about on InfoWars.
So I want to kind of reinvigorate that a bit and there's a sign up at earthpulse.com and you can sign up there and get on my list and it's free, doesn't cost you a thing, but it gets you plugged into some of the other things that that I'm involved in.
And you know when I go back I'm going to go back to 2002, and I was going through a really rough patch.
I mean, I just come out of 2000, you know, and all the millennial nonsense that we all heard about.
But what happened in 2000, for me, was a lot of big changes.
In 2000, 2002, I lost a number of my friends, passed away, people that were really important to me.
I was betrayed in my business.
I had to start over.
Most people don't even know that happened because I was doing all this public work and I'm not someone to generally complain.
I just keep on moving.
But I had a restart about 18 years ago in the middle of all this.
Really, what I learned in all of it was the same thing I learned in the beginning of it was, if you're doing the right thing, the resources always show up.
And I believe that fully.
And at that time, I remember really vividly, and this is where the story on mind effects start to take form.
Is in 2002, I just lost my co-author, Jim Roderick.
We had just finished our, we're about to finish our second book, Earth Rising II, and he passed away.
At the same time, everything else was kind of falling apart.
And what I realized was the opportunity to still do things was even more eminent if I could just get a little help.
And so I was going through my files and I find this file and on there is this name.
I remember the name and I remember working with this person's team and giving him some help a few years before and I thought, and in fact I even said it out loud, I said, God, I wish there was a way that Someone like this could step back into my life and help me do the work I needed to do.
And four days later, the phone rang, and it was somebody on that person's team, out of the blue, calling me to say, Hey, I'd like you to be on my board.
And we went through a bunch of dialogue and eventually, I did go on that board, and that board was based in Dallas, Texas.
It was a Lay Institute on Technology.
It's now closed up, but it was set up by Dorothy Lay, one of the heirs to the Frito-Lay family fame down there in Texas and around the world, actually.
And I was her executive director for four years, and we were taking on this issue of mind effects.
And one of the things that we did at that time is put together a conference.
It was probably the biggest thing that we did while working together.
And it was a conference brought together a number of people that I knew.
And here was the criteria for the meeting.
You had to be an expert in the field of mind effects, mind control, this kind of issue.
You had to, I had to know you for at least 10 years and know that you had failed in life and had dusted yourself off, picked yourself up.
And maintained your set of values and your ethics and your morals and your character and marched on, maybe an improved human being, even from the trauma of it.
Because it's something I learned early on and I've talked about on this show before, you know, trauma often is the way we learn the most.
You know, people get, these are the times when people question God the most, right?
And you question the universal the most, when you're suffering the most.
And perhaps, and I would say this strongly, those are the greatest opportunity that God gives us to learn what we are, who we are, and where we're going.
And so I think that's an important aspect.
of how we carry ourselves in the world, and these particular points in time that I look back on were pretty unusual.
Now in that meeting, who was there that agreed to show up?
First, what was the guideline?
I sent out my book, Controlling the Human Mind, with Elizabeth Brousher saying, the best compilation on the mind effects, mind control topic ever put in one place at one time with all the references.
And you should get it.
You should get it from InfoWars, you should read it, and then you should pass it on to your library or your U.S.
Senator or your U.S.
Congressman and say, hey, what about some of these things?
You know, the point of the matter is, That a group came together, and I'm going to tell you who they were.
Elizabeth Rauscher, you can look her up.
She's just passed away, I'm sorry to say, but she was a triple PhD in biophysics, astrophysics, and geophysics.
She worked at Lawrence Livermore Labs starting at age 15.
She worked at Berkeley.
She was part of what was called the fundamental physics group which was working out of Lawrence Livermore and Berkeley and was really a compilation of physicists, really wild physicists, at a time when quantum physics was first coming into a larger level of debate within the United States and around the world.
So Elizabeth, she also was I have a keynote speaker with me in 2017 at the Psychotronics Association.
This is the association, the oldest association for studying the paranormal, probably in the United States.
39 years at that time.
You know, I'm going to get back into this.
I'm going to continue this through the hour today, talking about mind effects, mind control.
I want to remind people, sign up at my website for our newsletter, birthpulse.com.
You know, this, the network has provided the foundation for very, very difficult ideas.
This idea that what's going on now in controlling human behavior This is the tip of the spear, and so good to be back.
You know, I was just before the break talking about this conference that we held in Dallas back a number of years ago when I was working with the Lay Institute on Technology there in Dallas, and it was on the mind effects issue.
And it was the best grouping of people.
In fact, several of them are now deceased, unfortunately, but I want to mention them.
And I mentioned just before Elizabeth Rauch and a little bit of her background, but I want to get into that a little bit.
As I mentioned, she was part of the The fundamental physics group, which was a group of eclectic lateral thinking quantum physicists, and these guys were blending the ideas of quantum physics with really the ideas of consciousness and God, quite frankly.
I mean, the math started showing people things that really was was interesting and was a key actually to a lot of new
technologies that were breaking at the time.
And one of them was the idea, I mean I've mentioned it before on broadcast, the idea of non-locality,
the idea of entanglement where seemingly two objects separated by space and time would react
not with a time delay but instantly with each other like they were in a heartbeat together, you know.
And this idea of non-locality has this underlying implication that we're not separated at all.
But we're completely unified in such a way that everything happens instantaneously.
So it was a way and the debate has been how to reconcile.
Einstein's theories of relativity with the modern theories of quantum physics, and they are being reconciled and brought into a bigger view of maybe how this all works.
And all this does is keep confirming the reality of consciousness, which drives straight-line hardcore physicists nuts, all right?
Because this gets beyond the realm Of the realm, but think about it from a military application.
Here's what happens with quantum communications and what they were working on within this group years and years ago, decades ago now, was the idea that you could create a signal that would instantaneously appear across time and space.
Um, so there was no time delays.
Think about communicating with deep space missions and so on.
Instantly, poof!
And they were not, um, you couldn't crack the code, so to speak.
Somebody couldn't come in and monitor without destroying the communication linkage.
So it was secure at the same time, being instant, speed, blah, blah, blah.
But the implications of all this were much bigger because they dealt with the fundamentals of consciousness.
And so, I want to mention the other people in the group that we brought together.
This was closed.
This was not open to the public.
Garth Nicholson, who many will remember from the Gulf War Syndrome fame.
He testified, I believe, six times in front of the Congress.
He was a full professor and taught medicine to over a thousand MDs there in Texas at one of the major universities there.
For most of his career, Garth Nicholson.
People remember him.
He was in our in our conference on mind effects.
Alexander K. Varenin, a good friend for many years now deceased, was the former head of the USSR Academy of Sciences biophysics I was the biophysics director, and this is the area of science that gets into way beyond what the chemical and materialistic models show us.
These get into the models that we more closely align to the spirit, to the soul, to the energy that we are, to what we are when the reference is made, created in the image and likeness of God, in my estimation.
It's not the physical form, it's the energetic form that we are.
But having said that, we had Alexander K. Varenin.
Now, what triggered Alexander K. Varenin's interest in this subject was at 15, and he was in his 60s, and nearly over 20 years ago, was the idea of the paranormal.
And he had witnessed the paranormal display and went, wow, how did that happen?
He wanted to know the science behind it.
And he presented the science behind it, the formulas behind it, in our closed conference with physicists who could review that work on the spot, including Elizabeth Rauscher.
Now one of the other physicists that was present was another person and this person was...
Rosalie Bertel, and she is now deceased also.
She was a Ph.D.
in mathematics and physics and taught Ph.D.
level candidates in the sciences, mathematics, and physics.
She was extremely well respected.
She was also a nun.
I forget which order.
I think it was gray nuns, but I can't recall exactly.
But a pretty interesting person.
Now in this presentation, her presentation coming from this perspective was That the next, which he called evolution, and what I've called often on this program, remembering, was the leap of consciousness.
The leap into what's called the gift and the spirit, or what are called PSI, extrasensory perception, things like a prophecy, healing, telepathy, interpretation of tongues, miracles.
These things, the unexplained, Become explained by the complex overlays of quantum physics and consciousness and the courageous ones that led the way.
Many are deceased now and I'm naming some of them because they were in the conference that we put together for the purpose of exploring this subject.
But Rosalie, she was interesting.
So she said the next jump, the next evolution was this jump to our higher possibilities, our anomalous human capabilities.
This is what the globalists fear the most.
and they try to synthesize with AI, with artificial systems that try to duplicate
what we are fundamentally as human beings and remove from us the fundamental aspects
of what we are by reducing us continually to materialistic function as either taxpayers,
consumers, or something less than this.
And that is not what we are.
And the science proves it.
And this scares the hell out of them because it only takes one,
only takes two to create the chain reactions that change the world.
And it has always been that way.
It is what globalists fear the most of the sovereign soul of individual creativity.
Engaged with the universe in a simultaneous flow of doing what we know to be right and true and acting on the humanity of our faith, which is simply that.
The rest of the guys in the crowd that were kind of interesting, I had Anu Mikhaila, who was an electrophysiologist.
She was sitting on the board that regulated at the time the use of lasers and light therapies in Russia for medical applications.
She runs an institute in Helsinki for training electrophysiologists.
Her father was one of my mentors in this field of electrophysiology, doing work 40 years ahead of everyone else's, and Ann who carries that work on.
So, and then the key guy, the guy who filmed it all, and so there are films, I'm going to try and find them again, because now that people are deceased I can start to release some of that, and four of them are.
The other one I forgot to mention, Ben Eastland, who was the inventor of the HAARP system, was a well-known plasma physicist, graduated Princeton.
Well-known and the inventor of heart.
And we became friends over the controversy that we had created.
And so we had four physicists in the room.
We had a few MDs in the room.
We had Anu's husband.
I forget his name right off, but he was an MD from Europe, Bulgaria.
And then we had Dave Putty, whose many in Alaska will know the name.
Dave was part of the First National Bank of Alaska family here.
He and I are working on a project together called Intervention 2020.
You can find it online, Intervention 2020, on homelessness.
But Dave had a film operation.
He was running out of Austin at the time.
And he's got a big land development down there, but he was doing this film thing.
And so he sent his film crews in and they copied and filmed each of the presentations in our closed conference.
And the control of that was really left to the presenters and several released, but some did not.
And they're now deceased.
We can release the data and we're planning to do it.
But here was the consensus of the group.
The big leap forward is the one we're in right now, ladies and gentlemen.
It's 18 years later since that meeting got framed, and we are there.
This is the five-minute to midnight call for change and awakening, and we've been talking about it on this network for decades.
This is Dr. Nick Begich.
We'll be right back.
And picking up from where we left off, you know, talking about the conference and what it was about.
It was a mind effects conference to take this issue and say, you know, what could we do to express this more fully out there in the world in terms of what's going on with the topic?
And all of my friends that were there, the people I had mentioned and others had all volunteered their time.
No one was paid.
The Lay Institute graciously provided the environment, which was incredible.
And then Dave Cuddy volunteered the film crews and it really worked out.
And we were able to do some things there and explore some things in a pretty free floating way
for about three days as we met and worked through the weekend
and here's the thing about that.
And what I know after all these years is the people I met all around the world
and I've met hundreds of really incredible political leaders,
economic leaders, scientists, religious leaders, people from every walk of life.
And within the people that I work with, there's a certain energetic.
It's more real than a lot of the other things that we think are so critically important that really, really aren't.
But having said that, what we saw coming and what is here now, It's really gotten to a point where we have to start to really ask the question, are we going to be absorbed into a squishy collective, which is the false unified system, if you will.
It's one based on manipulation and control of hooking you into a grid that monitors everything you do and eventually everything you think.
And then makes judgments about what's right and wrong for you and determine how you couple with the economy or the rest of the material world.
Because this isn't science fiction anymore.
And it never was.
But creative work always expresses itself through lots of different vehicles.
And that's what I've also observed over the last 61 years.
And creativity comes out of the same source.
This I've observed also.
But the choice in how it's used is yours.
And this is what we see in the world playing out, is the misapplication of creative power in the fear of someone else's, instead of the rejoicing in the release of a potential in a human soul when it lands on the earth and begins to do things.
That are different, that are non-conforming.
So when I think of the non-conformists that I've worked with all of my life, that is where the action is and always has been.
And people get insecure if they don't fit into the pattern that's thrust on us by the media, by advertisers, by everything that takes all of what you are and feeds it back in a new package just for you.
Because that's how media works in the 21st century today.
That's what we need to guard against.
We need to increase our discernment.
We need to increase the internal work that we're doing so our external work in the world reflects it more clearly.
And I want to say that in a couple of other venues.
You know, in this program over the years, we ask ourselves the question, you know, do you have personal privacy?
And we all know the answer to that is no.
Do we all have the right to assemble in the digital world on the various platforms that are available?
And as we know, we don't.
We don't have that liberty anymore.
Joe Rogan, who's jumped out in front of the world now to say, hey, up yours to YouTube and screening out and is moving over to Spotify.
Hooray for him.
And I'm glad he's there.
And a lot of other people that are waking up to the reality of being screwed over By a media network that has failed because, think about this, I guess if we don't have anything to say, we don't need freedom of speech.
I guess if we don't have any friends, we don't need to assemble.
And I guess if we don't believe in anything, we don't need to have freedom of religion.
Well, I have a news flash.
We still believe in all of those things, and we still believe in the sovereign soul of the individual, and this quickly evolving, squishy collective of socialism, and spiritual socialism, in a sense of hijacking the core of it, which is individual soft.
And under that, the recognition that, yes indeed, In the created universe, it was all created from the same source.
Think about that for a moment.
As materialism tries to show us dualism as the answer to everything, it's either good or bad or this or that, I say there's something greater than that, that is beyond our understanding.
And this is where there is no greater thing than the universal thing that we have no name for, that we give the name God, for lack of a better word.
You know, here's what I would say about all that.
The physicists of the world today that are honest intellectually have discovered something that others have known forever.
You know, the hardest route to the finish line to discovering the universal is your mind.
Because your mind gets in the way a lot.
And your heart, which we symbolically talk about, but there's more to it.
I'm not going to get into it today because I only have four minutes left.
But the point is, Who we are and what we do and how we align our heart and our head for intentionally carrying out creativity is actually how it works.
And so those things need to come back into harmony, into resonance, as a physicist would say.
And when they do, really, really powerful things happen as we fall into our gifts and begin to project them into the world, fearlessly knowing That we are eternal in what we are.
That the snapshot that we fear losing this lifetime is a snapshot like a photograph on the pages of eternity this lifetime.
And we fear so much losing it when we are so much more than that.
And what we do in this lifetime projects into all of what we are.
And when we check out We go with us.
You know what I mean?
Your consciousness is what's going, and your carcass is what's staying.
So being aware now of who you are and what you are is kind of an important idea.
You might want to start looking within a little more and not looking to the media for the answer, because it isn't there.
And here's what I know.
Everyone wants to get all wrapped up around what path are you on.
Are you a Christian?
Are you a Buddhist?
Are you a Muslim?
Are you this?
Are you that?
All of that for a moment.
And if you're from a Christian perspective, I'd ask you, ask yourself this question.
If Solomon was alive today and he were traveling on the road, dabbling in all the occult things that he explored, would you want to condemn him and judge him and bury him under a rock?
Probably, if you're really honest about it and how you judge the world.
But is that the right judgment to release on?
King Solomon might be wandering around on paths that you don't know.
You know, people like him today.
Don't judge them.
Leave that to God.
Decide what path you will be on and follow that one.
Decide who you will serve and do that.
But do it with a heart that's connected to your head.
Um, because that's how the two come together and creativity actually works.
And then when you do it with other people, when two or more do it together, you create another principle in physics called resonance.
And the formula is x plus x in brackets and then squared.
So you multiply it by itself.
So you get the idea, you know, two or more.
It's actually, there's a physics principle behind this that makes sense.
People go, oh, but you're mixing.
No, I'm not.
You know, the universe is an orderly construction.
We're just naive in being able to interpret it.
So we're interpreting it.
But here's the thing.
Once you get the knowledge, then you're responsible.
And then you get to choose how you'll create in the world.
And I say we all are creating in this world for outcomes that we want to see happen.
Do it prayerfully, mindfully, heart fully, and in union with others who are situated in the same way, who are on the same trajectory with you.
I want to remind people sign up On my Web site or pulse .com or pulse .com, you can sign up there and there's a and it's being some revisions are happening.
Don't sell anything there anymore.
It's being revised.
But take a look.
And there's a place to sign up and get on my mailing list.
I want to do more with putting in writing what I'm doing here on the air, so we can use it.
It's the bullets for the gun of knowledge, right?
You need information.
We need to make sure it's available to you.
This has been Dr. Nick Begich again on this Friday afternoon.
Wishing everyone the best in the world.
Let's change it.
One breath, one step at a time.
This is Ian Paul Warris.
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When do you think the people should be able to like, talk again?
The deep person?
Oh yeah, that's a good question.
Well, Alex Jones at least has Infowars.com.
He can do his own thing and people go to that.
And Gavin's got a show still.
Does he?
Yeah, you know, as someone who's kind of All for free speech.
I often get told that I'm bad because I have to defend people whose language I don't agree with.
That is what free speech is.
It's not defending everyone who says things that I love.
It doesn't make any sense because that means you're right all the time.
Like if you're only defending the things that you believe in.
You write all the time about everything?
But I have to defend the people who say things that are even atrocious and that I can't, I would never get on board with, because that's what free speech is.
Otherwise, and like you said, it is that slippery slope of who gets to be the arbiter of what is said.
Right, and what are your guidelines?
Alex Jones is funnier than Andy Kaufman's ever been.
Alex Jones is f***ing hilarious often.
Did you see the whole that he's Bill Hicks?
Yeah, no.
I went down that rabbit hole.
That's the silliest shit ever.
I know, but there are videos.
But he had one thing we're talking about, like if it's between his family starving or eating his neighbor.
He's like, I'll eat your ass.
I thought... And so it became this giant... Come on.
I will eat your ass!
Do you don't think there's entertainment value in him saying he's going to eat his neighbor?
Stop my dumpster fire!
But there's something to that, like to stop that and ban that.
You're not stopping anyone from anything bad by not having Alex do this entertaining thing about eating his neighbor.
You're not saving anybody.
You know what I'm saying?
Like, what are you doing?
Like, what is he doing that's so awful?
I don't know how to fix any of it.
It's entertaining.
Like, why is it only acceptable if you have some kind of entertainment?
Because there's so many rap videos that you could watch that I enjoy, but they're talking about shooting people and robbing people, and it's everywhere on YouTube!
It's so prevalent!
And somehow or another, that's okay.
Like, it's f***ing weird what's allowed and what's not allowed.
I will eat your leftist ass like corn on the cob.
I'm ready.
I will.
I will eat your ass.
I will eat your ass.
I will eat your leftist ass like corn on the cob.
I'm ready.
I will eat you.
I will eat your ass!
My children aren't going hungry.
I'll do it.
I'll drink your blood.
And I'm starting to think about having to eat my neighbors.
You think I like... Size it up, I'm gonna haul him up by a chain.
Top his ass up, size it up, I'm gonna haul him up by a chain.
Top, top, top, top.
Barbecue your ass.
I wouldn't hook your ass up so fast and I'll tell him, oh I killed a cow out back baby.
You think Christ would eat somebody?
He would never do that.
I will.
I'm ready to hang them up, gut 'em and skin 'em and chop 'em up.
You know what? I'm ready.
I will eat your leftist ass like corn on the cob.
I'm ready.
I will.
I will eat your ass.
I will eat your leftist ass like corn on the cob.
I'm ready.
I will eat you.
I will eat your ass.
I'll eat your ass.
That's why I want the globalists to know.
I will eat your ass first.
I swear to God, if it's the last thing I do, I'm gonna get my hands around your throat.