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Name: 20200520_Wed_Alex
Air Date: May 20, 2020
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Alex Jones discusses various topics related to COVID-19, vaccines, politics, and society in his broadcasts. He believes that there is an alien takeover being attempted through nanotech vaccines developed by Bill and Melinda Gates for the purpose of merging humans with machines. These mRNA vaccines go into every cell and reprogram them to produce a virus's protein in order to give immunity, changing the DNA of humans in the process. Jones warns viewers about products like krill oil while supplies last and mentions how Arthur C. Clarke's book "Childhood's End" serves as an allegory teaching that Satan is actually a friend. He also talks about the side effects of vaccines such as reduced fertility and cancer-like reprogramming of cells.

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This is taking over your children's bodies and turning their cells into factories with engineered nanoviruses!
Completely alien!
This is the alien takeover, ladies and gentlemen.
This is the New World Order.
This is the reality, and that's why they want us off air, because they want you to get blindsided by this, this evolutionary takeover.
Just like The Thing.
The Thing grabs you, takes over each one of your cells.
This is all done through vaccines very slowly.
They're testing it.
They go in.
You know, with thermal populations, they test the really dangerous stuff.
Then they refine it.
They bring it back here.
It's got soft kill.
It's got time release.
It's got Trojan horses.
It's everything.
It's Big Pharma jumping on us.
With its tentacles and sucking us in and taking us over and telling us it's all okay.
This is the alien takeover.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
It is Wednesday, May 20th.
The year is 2020.
I am your host, Alex Jones.
And we stand at the precipice of the end of humanity.
The information we're about to cover in the next four hours is the most important information ever revealed on air in the history of human communications.
That is not a joke.
Engineer and researcher David Knight coming up in 15 minutes.
He's going to be in studio several hours with Owen Schroyer and we have investigative journalist John Rappaport joining us as well.
Now, you know you get next year's news today here.
You always think of aliens via Hollywood coming from far away star systems, or coming from another dimension, or coming out of a black hole.
But what if humans made new life forms here on Earth that had never existed?
Those would be, by their definition, alien.
Now, this is hiding in plain view.
And doing deep research on this, it hit me this morning.
About two hours ago, what this really is and how to define it.
We'll put the article up on screen from InfoWars.com, the live feed.
World exclusive.
There is a alien takeover via nanotech vaccines now happening on a planetary scale.
Imagine if you are Bill and Melinda Gates, the supposed computer geniuses.
It's set atop Microsoft.
It's really a global front group.
What's the next frontier?
They've told us it's humans merging with machines.
Oh, we're going to be cyborgs.
Oh, we're going to live forever.
But really, what's happening is these so-called mRNA vaccines go into every cell and reprogram the cell to produce a virus's protein to supposedly give you immunity.
Instead of introducing a weakened virus or an attenuated virus,
to your body that it learns how to defeat.
That still has autoimmune problems and other things and they've been caught adding things.
The vaccines that sterilize people and all the history of secret experimentation.
They just hope you forget all this.
Well, Bill and Melinda Gates represent all that big money and the robber barons that Hitler was just a spinoff of.
The mighty oak is Bill Gates' people.
Hitler was a little side tree.
They pruned the bad sun.
And now
They have a whole class of vaccines that reprogram your brain, reprogram your cells, and overwrite your body.
And researchers at Vanderbilt and others call just this one class of mRNA vaccines.
They're rolling out worldwide against all of us, saying we can't travel till we take these.
Gates says this is the one he wants you to take.
It goes into the cell.
And changes the cell itself, and then Gates lies and says, oh, but it doesn't change your genome.
Yes, it does, and we have those studies.
But ladies and gentlemen, this is overriding every cell in the body, just like the 1980s Thing movie.
That thing didn't want to be that dog.
That thing wanted to be us!
And it makes it a civilization!
Within just 30-something days, there'll be no more original human life on Earth because it's gonna override it and become all of it.
That's a movie.
This is the real thing.
It's now.
It's not coming later.
It's now.
And, of course, this first wave will be, oh, just rewrite your cells to create proteins that, quote, protect you.
And then there'll be some side effects.
This guy developing it with Gates headed up the Gardasil and got that put out worldwide, even though it killed masses of people and sterilized women eating their ovaries.
So it's all been a test to see what they get away with.
And when they got away with sterilizing hundreds of millions of women, that's what's coming out now.
They're sterile.
But they're little girls, and later it turns out they can't have kids, most of them.
Now you see they're bringing you the next level.
So this is alien programming with lipids that are nanotech, that carry the nanotech synthetic, says it right here, out of Bill Gates' mouth.
Synthetic nanotech lab-made virus that takes over your cells.
It isn't putting in a virus for white blood cells to learn how to beat it.
It's not that.
This is overriding you.
Just like that with the COVID freakout, the hysteria.
Every article is how great it is.
Turns out he's financing the PR.
And it is literally the end of humanity.
The overriding of humanity.
And it's going to sound great.
Oh, these go in and fix your eyesight.
Oh, these go in and fix your brain.
Oh, these make you.
That's what they're saying.
This is the next big tech takeover.
The end of humanity.
Stay with us.
Arthur C. Clarke was at the highest levels of the true Illuminati.
He was the inventor of the telecommunications satellite, not just a best-selling author.
But the first big book that he put out in coordination with the OSS was Childhood's End.
The aliens come and they give us technology to fix broken backs and let the blind see and the next generation of children are told you're never going to die.
One problem.
Got to upload, the cube shows up.
Then it blows the earth up when it's done.
Now, there's another thing.
The cube's got folks that work for it, 12-foot tall red devils.
Now, it gets into psychic imprints, it gets into how this is the plan for humanity.
It's an allegory.
And it teaches you that Satan's really your friend.
Here he's 12 foot tall and has big giant horns and looks just like the devil in Legend.
Maybe pull that up with the Tom Cruise.
Or even pull up, for anybody that wants to look it up, the new remake of Childhood's End that came out on national television.
Owen Schroeder's about to take over.
And I wasn't even going to be here today.
But I came in because studying
The mRNA vaccines.
The term vaccine you've been taught is learning immunity by being given a damaged amount of the bacteria or the virus.
Your body learns how to beat it and learns how to recognize it.
And it's got side effects, and it's got problems, and it's got fetal tissue in it, and it's got whole human genomes, and it's got cancer viruses, and it's got HCG, female hormone, in it, so your body then sees that as the antigen that's also part of the virus, and then attacks the proteins in that hormone, and then attacks your ovaries, then attacks your uterus.
And you can just type into any search engine.
Anti-fertility vaccines and the UN developed it and had them since the 80s and it's the it's the HCG when they got caught giving people.
You can go well we got too many Africans or we got too many folks in Pakistan or whatever.
Well that's an immoral thing.
I disagree with saying let's just kill them.
But see that's 50, 60, 70 year old technology.
Moderna and two other groups working with Bill Gates
That brought you the Gardasil shot that just so happens to make women's ovaries where they can't grow follicles every month to release an egg.
Just a little side effect that it reduces fertility massively.
Well, ladies and gentlemen, the new mRNA class, the Vanderbilt scientists and others, right out of mainstream news, go, it's incredible!
We're rewriting the cells.
Instead of you learning immunity, the nanotech, the artificial synthetic nanotech-like particles go into your cell nucleus, like cancer does, usually viral.
And it starts having you produce it.
Oh, and it can go after proteins associated with heroin, or nicotine, or alcohol, which your body has receptors for for a reason, because it produced natural endorphins.
When you stand up to the bully and kick his ass, or you finally marry the woman of your dreams, or you see your son or daughter become successful and do the right thing, you get endorphins, because you're designed to feel good.
They want to cut that off from you, don't worry.
This is a total takeover.
So there's whole classes of these.
Behavioral, you name it.
It's going to be miracle-like, though.
They can have it go in, these viruses, this nanotech's here.
The secret is it uses nanotech to use your cells to reprogram them.
They admit, they say, we can't do this in the lab.
We kept trying for 50 years.
Gates has been trying for 30.
We can't produce all these things in a lab.
We have to use your cells to produce it.
And so your body is now a factory of these people.
Beyond the communist Chinese just taking your organs.
And it's all about the post-human world, because they're all going to be gods, you see.
And here's the other big secret.
When Elon Musk, who I think now is a good guy, he came up with the brain chip stuff to warn people.
When Elon came out and he said, beware tech lords that dream of AI gods, because that's what they believe they're going to be.
He says, I don't want to be part of this cult.
They're on record.
This is their plan.
And you're the guinea pigs.
I'm the guinea pig.
My children are the guinea pig.
For their operations.
All of this is guinea pigging on us because they know out of 7.5 billion people, every one of us has different proteins.
Starting 45 years ago.
A worldwide program of the UN taking everybody's blood at birth, saying it's for a protein test for a blood disease.
It all goes to the United Nations.
We first exposed that with nurses in 1997.
There were lawsuits, became national news by 2000.
That's something going on 45 years.
And it turned out the companies bought your blood sample, patented the original protein.
When you go to get gene therapy, people are being told that'll be a million dollars.
We own your own body's protein.
Every one of us is different, just like a snowflake.
It's like every fingerprint's different.
And they're playing God right now.
And that's what COVID and the lockdown is.
And you'll all be superstars.
You'll all be wonderful people.
You'll all be the coolest when you take the shots and you're the pioneers.
And Gates admits these vaccines are going to hurt a bunch of people.
He says 700,000 people are going to get hurt or die from just one of the vaccines.
But it's OK, because we've got to make humanity perfect.
OK, folks.
I'm going to have Owen Schroyer take over and then David Knight's going to be coming in here.
And he's an engineer and a smart guy to go over all this for you.
They also have nanotech lipids.
They admit are artificial oils that are bringing the nanotech viruses, viruses, into your cells.
We reprogrammed them.
And again, if these guys were God, they'd know how to do this.
But instead, they're globalists.
Think of the mistakes and the problems.
Oh, and then you learn they want depopulation and they're bad people.
This isn't going to be mistakes, and this isn't going to be problems.
This is going to be them testing all of this on us, en masse, to then take our blood and take our tissues and create systems for them that they have purified.
So this is like the Skeksis sucking the energy of the Gelflings archetypally, but for real.
This is the next level of slavery.
You think the globalists are into the royal families and taking kids' blood and having transfusions of it?
That's all admitted.
I told you about that 25 years ago.
Didn't believe it.
Now it's mainstream news.
This is beyond that.
This is taking over your children's bodies and turning their cells into factories with engineered nanoviruses.
Completely alien.
This is the alien takeover, ladies and gentlemen.
This is the New World Order.
This is the reality, and that's why they want us off air, because they want you to get blindsided by this, this evolutionary takeover.
Just like The Thing.
The Thing grabs you, takes over each one of your cells.
This is all done through vaccines very slowly.
They're testing it.
They go in.
With thermal populations, they test the really dangerous stuff.
Then they refine it.
They bring it back here.
It's got soft kill.
It's got time release.
It's got Trojan horses.
It's everything.
It's Big Pharma jumping on us with its tentacles and sucking us in and taking us over and telling us it's all okay.
This is the alien takeover.
These nanoparticles are alien.
They take over each one of your cells.
They end who you are.
But it's run by people who believe they've got to end humanity to become this new god.
They believe they are aliens.
So is there a dark force directing them?
Yes, an alien force that settled this planet, that is not even advanced enough to get off of it, but is using us to build its system for escape.
And that's why they're so pissed, because we've cracked their entire code.
And they throw it to us in allegories like the thing.
It's trying to get off.
Now, it's not going to do that until it's absorbed us and taken everything we've got, because we're more advanced than it, just at a baby stage.
This is the transmission.
Humanity can save itself with God's help if you face the reality of the alien takeover.
And if you financially support us, the enemy's trying to shut us down.
Huge mega sale will finally end today, because we've just got it in.
There's a bunch of stuff selling out, infowarrestore.com.
Owen Schroeder is going to take over.
Everyone, call everyone you know.
Tell them, tune in now.
The vaccines are synthetic nanotech that rewrite the body.
This is an alien takeover of humanity.
This is beyond Mars attacks.
The aliens came from the psychotic, satanic dreams of the Satanist with modern science building the systems now to use us to be the engines to create these new life forms while we are absorbed like a spider sucking dry its prey.
Oh, I'm not a damn fly and I want you spiders to know
We're aware of your operation.
We've got the jump on you.
So you go ahead and fill your hand, because you're going down.
Tomorrow's news today, Owen Schroer, the Destroyer, with David Knight, takes over.
Stay with us.
Well, ladies and gentlemen, I'm not sure how you follow up that segment.
And so we're going to have David Knight in studio coming up in the next segment to really get into the ins and outs of this with a much better understanding.
I'll just say this.
The next evolutionary leap, or step, but it really is a leap, of mankind, of humanity, is being planned right now, synthetically, because the people that have recognized this and seen where this technology goes have decided they want to be out in front of it, they want to build it so that they can be in control of it.
And so imagine you got a pregnant woman and you say, well, we're going to speed up the biological process and we're going to pump that baby out in two weeks.
And so you speed it up and the baby comes out, but it's not even recognizable as human because you didn't go through the natural biological process of making a baby.
So that's what this is like.
Overnight, in a flash, we're taking a giant evolutionary leap, merging with this technology, except it's going to be sold to us as a miracle cure, as a be-all end-all, and it doesn't matter that they won't even be honest about any testing or prior rollout to this that they've had.
We'll all take it because A, we're either afraid of a virus that the TV told us to be afraid of, or you may be blind or have some other degenerative disease and you may want it.
But then what happens in the second generation or the third generation or the fourth or the fifth generation?
Well, then you're not even human anymore.
And you see, then you don't have any rights because you're an alien.
But Bill Gates and all the people at the top, they never took the vaccine.
They're still human.
Now they rule the planet.
And so when they destroy the planet and then think they can jet off to space, you'll get left behind because you're no longer human.
And so that's their plan.
That's what they're doing.
They've had to move it forward faster than they wanted because America, about 10 to 20 to 30 maybe max percent of us are not totally asleep and are trying to fight back against this.
And then you've got some people in Europe and some people in Australia, but I mean,
Everybody's looking at the West and the United States, because the way of the West so goes the way of the world at this point.
Because the Chinese people will take whatever vaccine they're told, they won't have a choice.
So we're gonna get into this nanotech vaccine that's about to be forced upon us, with David Knight coming up.
And you know,
I've got some pretty incredible news stories out here today.
I hope I'll have time to get to them.
But, I mean, my goodness, the corruption of Barack Obama.
As more is coming out.
And then the lies from Comey and the rest of them.
Just totally exposed.
And where is the media?
Nowhere to be found.
An excellent story out of the Wall Street Journal, which really is actually a couple weeks old, or a week old.
Which really tells the main story leading into the 2020 election year, politically speaking.
Compare Florida and New York.
On all fronts, Florida and New York.
Florida, mostly conservative, run by Republicans.
New York, mostly liberal-progressive, run by Democrats.
Look at the budgets.
In New York, the budget is unbalanced.
They're bankrupt.
Billions in debt.
They also have much higher taxes than Florida.
So they tax their citizens more.
On average, in New York, the quality of life is lower, the income is lower, the rent is higher, your taxes are higher, your budget is not balanced, and by the way, you have a massive outbreak of a coronavirus.
But then you go down to Florida.
Florida has a higher population than New York.
No state income tax, yet a balanced budget.
Lower taxes, balanced budget.
No coronavirus outbreak.
No state massive debt that they can't even run a budget on.
Now why is this so important?
Because going into 2020, there is no debate, ladies and gentlemen.
I'm not a Republican.
Quite frankly, I think there's very few real patriots, real Americans left in our Congress.
Most of them happen to be Republican.
But it's a small handful.
But if you can get the average American to see how the Democrat Party is just an abject failure on all fronts.
They can't stop an outbreak.
They spread it.
They can't balance a budget.
They can't figure out a tax system that works.
And so their response to all of that is just to take your freedoms.
And so, there's actually an update now.
This is from Town Hall Finance.
I haven't seen this one.
New York vs Florida Round 4.
Now, I'm wondering if this is going to play out for the rest of 2020.
With states like California staying closed, Texas reopening.
States like Illinois staying closed, Missouri reopening.
States like New York staying closed, Florida reopening.
Because the story is obviously going to go
The economy is going to collapse in those states, drastically.
It already has, but it'll be fully exposed now.
You won't be able to avoid the effects.
And then in Texas, people will be working, economy will be booming.
Florida, people will be working, economy will be booming.
Missouri, people will be working, economy will be booming.
But Illinois, California, New York, dead economy.
Forced vaccinations, no freedoms.
And this is the path that we're on.
And so it's very important for people to understand how much of a total failure the Democrat Party has been for this country.
Now, you can sit here and talk about how that's intentional and get into that, but most people can't even get that, folks, quite frankly.
I mean, if the average American can't see
In a compare and contrast between the Democrats and Republicans, and then they end up going and voting Democrat year after year after year.
It's going to be tough to get them to understand some basic stuff, but the more basic you make it, the more on its face it is, the better chance they have of understanding.
Again, I'm not a Republican.
I'm not up here stumping for the Republican Party, but I mean, I am for freedom.
I am for a good economy.
I am for the free market.
And right now, that's the side of the Republican Party.
It's not perfect.
It's not all good.
But you look at the Democrat Party?
It's all bad.
And I've got this whole stack of news I hope I can get to as David Knight is coming up to talk about the nanotech vaccines that are about to force upon us.
But folks, there is no doubt anymore.
There is zero doubt.
The coronavirus pandemic has been a giant hoax, and it's now being used politically by the Democrat Party.
And America's pissed.
So it's time to start calling out for what it is.
It's a giant political hoax.
And the Democrats are using it to take your freedom.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
Owen Schroer, David Knight in studio at the Infowars World Headquarters in Austin, Texas.
And so, David, for the next hour, is going to be getting into the ins and outs of
How viruses function and bacteria function and also the technology that comes along with these new nanotech vaccines.
And then we'll also get into the financial aspect of this because there's that involved as well.
Hey, some people are in this straight up for money.
Other people are in this for power.
And so we're going to separate the two.
And all I see here, David, is to me what's clear as day.
Is this is a giant power grab.
Oh yeah.
There's zero doubt about that and the fact that they've used the coronavirus is more of a confirmation but you know a lot of people would say that this is a conspiracy theory they couldn't even believe it but this is all official Moderna text here you know there's no conspiracy here they're they're celebrating what they're doing they think this is a great feat of technology and I'm sure it will be for them but for the rest of us to become slaves after this is not going to be so much so do you want to start
Briefly getting into the difference between a virus and a bacteria and then how they're going to be using viruses with technology to get into our bodies.
Let's talk a little bit about how this is a different kind of vaccine.
This is not your grandparent's vaccine, right?
A vaccine, as most people think about it, it's a weakened, if it's still alive, pathogen.
Or maybe a dead one so that your body can understand how to fight it.
This is not what this is.
And of course, you know, the problem with that is, of course, they've added adjuvants, things to irritate your immune system, and that creates problems.
Also preservatives that are in it, so contaminants and toxins and so forth that are in the vaccines.
All of those things have been issues.
But now we're with a, we have a new paradigm.
And this is what this company, Moderna, is really about.
They began by calling themselves Mode
RNA and what they were referring to was messenger RNA.
The idea behind this is that instead of manufacturing a vaccine and injecting that into you, what they would do is they would inject some RNA fragments and that would make your body turn into a vaccine manufacturer itself.
And so in this particular COVID-19 vaccine, the idea is that they're going to encode with RNA fragments
The ability to reproduce the spike that is associated with the coronavirus.
Remember, you see the coronavirus and it's got a ball with all the... You've seen all the pictures.
Everybody is celebrating it like it's some kind of, you know, holiday or something.
Anyway, you've seen the spikes.
So it would encode just that spike and that presumably would cause your body to produce antibodies to fight that.
And so we'll talk about the finances behind this because you have to understand Moderna has been around for about 10 years.
Within the pharmaceutical industry, there's a lot of concerns about the company.
They've been highly secretive.
They don't write papers, which is unusual because most of the pharmaceutical companies like to write papers.
It's kind of a PR thing for them, so it's a very different pattern.
You've seen this once before.
With a company that was very secretive and ultimately it turned into a massive scam.
So we'll talk about that.
A lot of people are concerned that Moderna has been more hype than anything else and they've been roundly criticized for years, four or five years.
People have been calling them out saying, I'm not really sure that this is a legitimate company.
I think it's more of an investment scam than it is a scientific operation.
The guy who is now the White House vaccine czar, Monsef Slaoui, was formerly on the board of Moderna.
He left just days ago.
He'd previously worked for decades for GlaxoSmithKline.
He'd been head of vaccine development there.
He'd developed an HPV vaccine and so forth.
And now, within the last 48 hours, he's made a killing in the stock market, more than $12 million exercising options there.
But it's important to remember,
That no mRNA vaccine has ever been approved for use for humans, which makes it very, very concerning that they're going to push this thing out at Operation Warp Speed.
They're going to do it very, very quickly.
They've accelerated it, and they have eviscerated the approval and the testing aspects of this.
And we're going to get into that in a moment.
By the way, just real quick, the irony of that is, of course, they're sitting here attacking hydroxychloroquine, which by all studies has a 90% success rate.
That's right.
They injected with this vaccine 8 of the 45, they say, produced antibodies, and on the basis of that, you saw the entire stock market go up by a thousand points.
They made a killing, and Moncef Slaoui made a killing on that as well.
How convenient for him.
And I think it's just important for people to point that out when we're addressing the vaccines, because they see hydroxychloroquine being attacked all day long.
From, you know, call it the hate Trump media, hate American media, communist media, Chinese media, but oh, when it's the vaccine, we need that vaccine, we're going to push that, even though we don't know if it's a 90% success rate, 100% or 0%.
You got Piers Morgan writing a hateful op-ed piece, you can probably see it on the Drudge Report, I think it was there, saying Trump is going to be responsible for people dying because he said he's taking HCQ.
That's like if I shoot myself in the head and then someone else commits suicide that it's my fault.
That's right.
But the thing is, you can't get this without a prescription, right?
And the effects of this, and there are effects, every pharmaceutical drug has negative side effects.
Serious things that you should be aware of.
It is a prescription drug, but it's been used since the 1940s, first for malaria, now for a variety of things, and so the negative side effects and the risks are very well known after 60 years.
We're rushing off into a vaccine that hasn't been tested, and not only that, but a vaccine technology
That has never worked and has never been cleared for humans.
We're going to rush into that and make things like remdesivir, which has never worked.
They've tried to push that for HIV.
They tried to push it for Ebola.
They never found that it was effective for anything.
So they're going to rush into these other drugs, but then pretend that this thing, which again has to be done with a prescription and it was Trump's doctor who prescribed it for him.
As a preventative.
Exactly, as a preventative.
So, the first thing we ought to always look at is the safety of something.
First, do no harm.
And if we know that something has been used for years, and we know it's got certain risk factors, then you take that into consideration.
You do that with all prescription drugs.
But you know, that's convenient for them too, is whenever something happens, just push Remzivitvar, whatever it is, and then I'm sure they make millions of dollars even though it's a totally ineffective thing.
But you know, the other big lie here too is, you know, they act like hydroxychloroquine is the cure or is what you're using.
No, that's just...
The channel or the gateway to get the zinc into the cell.
And so they don't even tell you it's really the zinc that's doing it.
The hydroxychloroquine is just the tool, the method.
And so that's why it doesn't work for everybody.
But it's just more lies.
They did some quick studies without zinc and said, see, it didn't help with this, right?
And then it came out too.
They pushed that and said, oh yeah.
And then the VA said, no, that wasn't even our study.
So they lied about that study.
It wasn't even a real study.
But see, there's other things, too, that they're not talking about.
I mean, you talk about this and they say, look, you've got thousands of people.
They and their doctors swear by this combination of hydroxychloroquine, zinc, azithromycin for secondary infections.
They swear by that.
They say it's really worked.
They've had thousands of patients that they've done.
But don't pay attention to that.
Don't talk about intravenous vitamin C injections.
Don't talk about a stem cell treatment.
Again, in China, you had, this is, remember the entire stock market moved a thousand points.
Moderna shot up like a coronavirus spike.
And all of this happened because they had eight people out of 45 that they said had some positive results with this.
Let's get into this on the other side.
Let's go to Alex Jones real quick before this break to weigh in on this.
Are we ready guys?
Go ahead.
Okay, he doesn't have them just yet.
Okay, take us a break, David.
Well, real quickly, they had nine people, elderly people, who were on death's door, and they treated them with stem cells from umbilical cords, and they found they got 100% of them survived, and not only that, but it repaired the damage to their lungs.
Nobody wants to talk about that.
Nobody wants to talk about that.
So it's like known effective treatment.
No, don't talk about that.
It's all about the money.
Unknown treatment that can make us billions.
Let's do that.
That's right.
That's right.
All right.
So we got to go to break.
We've got and then Alex Jones is going to be joining us.
And then we're going to talk about the mechanisms of how this works.
You need to understand the difference between bacteria and virus, how they operate.
You need to understand the connection between viruses and cancer.
You need to understand the connections between virus, cancers, and vaccines.
And that especially applies to this mRNA vaccine.
We'll be right back.
Well, ladies and gentlemen, when Alex Jones takes a vacation, that just means he shows up to work in a t-shirt.
And so he's here today breaking down this incredible news, which is that we're going to be turned into vaccine manufacturers for Moderna, and it's going to be forced upon us using the coronavirus.
And so, Alex, you were explaining this during the break, how important this is for people to understand.
And I am literally on my knees, figuratively, over the phone
Today, talking to very important thought leaders, all of them household names around the United States and the world, that they need to understand what these new so-called vaccines are.
And you and David are doing a superlative job next hour.
David is going to lay out all the science of it and all the records of how the regular vaccines are causing cancer and autoimmune disorders.
And, you know, they grew vaccines in peanuts, peanut proteins, and now you have people dying of peanut allergy that didn't exist.
Already the mad scientist testing has been incredibly evil, incredibly out of control, all the history of secret testing.
But I just want to impress on people, I didn't put the headline out today that
Big Pharma pushes mandatory vaccines with nanotech alien lifeforms to take over your cells.
That's what they're calling them, is new creations that go in and then turn our cells into engines that they, the corporations, are programming.
And all of this is mass testing on us.
This is all being done by supercomputers, and they're already 30 years ahead of what they're telling us.
And so, this is the globalist takeover.
And notice these big Ponzi scheme companies, they don't get in trouble.
Like the woman that had the company saying they could test for cancer and all these diseases, she got billions of dollars, it was all a fraud.
She didn't get in trouble.
Because this is the authorized crime syndicate.
And this is so criminal.
And so when Dershowitz says, I'm gonna plunge a needle in your arm, you have no right to get away from it, he was involved with Epstein, and with the Clintons, and with Bill Gates in the secret project, with all the top biologists they had to get
Sex co-opted so that they could blackmail them to be able to carry this out.
That's the whole point of the Caribbean Island and the Zorro Ranch and the secret breeding programs.
And oh, Epstein was a weirdo.
You know, he was into spreading the seeds of the elites.
It's a cloner operation, folks.
We're really in the year 2050 or so when it comes to technology.
The future's here.
It's just not evenly distributed.
And so, that's what's really going on and happening.
And so they had to compromise the scientific establishment to get them to go along with this giant criminal operation.
Now, Dershowitz himself, you know, he's a lawyer for these guys.
I don't know if he knows all this or any of this.
I'm not saying he had sex with these kids.
What I'm saying is he is a lawyer for a guy that did, and now he says he's gonna plunge a needle in our arm and we have no right to say no.
This is not even your normal horrible vaccines.
This is an alien takeover.
This is not a joke.
I'm going to stop now.
It's just this is so incredibly intense and it's all dawning on us now how serious this is and how they're already doing massive human trials, paying people to be guinea pigs to test this because they're going to test a non-harmful version.
Then they roll out the Trojan horse version later.
This is their same M.O.
Gardasil did
...create autoimmune responses and attack the ovaries of women that take it.
It did kill a bunch of people.
So they know what they're doing.
Folks, there's nothing more insane, nothing more dangerous.
David Notwell at All The Science, Owen Schroer here as well.
They're doing a great job.
They're just in there covering all the background and the fraud and the scams and the evil.
But it's not just about the money.
It's about the power over your body to go in and reprogram what's actually going on inside of it.
I'm gonna shut up.
You guys take over.
But everybody,
Has to tell everyone they know about newswars.com forward slash show.
That link doesn't get censored as bad.
Newswars.com forward slash show and banned on video with the live Alex Jones feed.
You are the only way we get around the censors.
And now they're starting to censor text messages and emails in live time as well.
So fight while you still can.
It's only going to get worse.
It's going to get so damn intense, and it's going to get so horrible, many people are just going to submit to it, because you're going to be given a universal income when you become a guinea pig, and when you allow yourself to be sterilized.
Then the mass death is going to get so bad, and the deformities, and all these new humanoids, just like they're going to program women, and have designer babies that aren't really human, but they're going to have all these rights, and it's going to be absolute just...
And I think their biggest
We're good
Well, they care about your health.
Well, no they don't.
They obviously don't care about their health.
They've been lying about your health for forever.
They've been hiding all these things from you forever, so it's not about that.
So, what is it really about, David?
It's really about money.
I mean, the bottom line is money and power for these guys.
Yeah, some of them have a different agenda.
That's what Gates wants.
But these guys right here, these people have been around for 10 years.
They've never produced a product.
They have a very dangerous approach to this that has been abandoned by the large pharmaceutical companies because it is so dangerous.
And this is the thing that we are rushing at warp speed to implement and to roll out to every individual in the country.
President Trump says by the end of the year he wants 300 million doses of this vaccine.
And Moncef Slaoui, who is with Moderna,
Uh, said, yeah, we can do that.
And so they get half of the money for this, uh, vaccine development.
And, and this is, uh, I just want to lay out what is the basis behind this and why nobody else is doing this.
Because, uh, when he had the meeting and he was talking to pharmaceutical company executives, they were saying, well, it might take me years.
Another one says it might take me months.
Next guy says, Moderna says, well, we got it done in 45 days and Fauci's already got it and we're going to start trials.
All right, you got it.
And half of the money, about a half a billion dollars, goes to these people for this.
What is this messenger RNA, this Mode RNA was the company, now they call themselves Moderna.
Well, this is something that instead of creating a vaccine externally, then injecting it, what these people do is they create RNA fragments, introduce them, and then let your body start to manufacture this.
Now, that sounds kind of odd, isn't it?
But that's really kind of the way that a virus works.
It's really kind of the way that cancer works as well.
There's a connection between all three of these.
First of all, they put in this mRNA that they transfected into human cells.
That's their term, transfection.
Then they differentiate that, they de-differentiate that into stem cells.
Now stem cells are very important and it's kind of interesting to me because I have family members who have autoimmune disease.
There are promising, very promising treatments from stem cells using your own stem cells.
They call that biologics.
The FDA has never said that they have any authority to stop that and yet they shut that down.
Because there are other things that are coming using stem cells from aborted babies, using stem cells that are patented like we see here.
A stem cell can become any kind of cell.
It can become anything essentially.
So they can differentiate that into the desired cell types.
And so when we look at this Owen,
And we go back and we take a look at what viruses are.
I mean, part of the absurdity about all of this mass stuff, and I've pointed this out, is that, you know, as I think it was Dr. Andrew Kaufman had the best analogy.
He said, if you think you're going to stop these virus particles because you're wearing a bandana, that's kind of like putting up a chain link fence and saying you're going to stop the mosquitoes.
They are so small.
They're very different from bacteria.
Bacteria took a long time for scientists to find that, but even after they discovered bacteria, they would start to see kind of infectious diseases moving along and they didn't really understand.
They said, well, we're looking at this, we don't see any bacteria.
Because the virus particles were so tiny they couldn't see them.
It took a lot of advances in microscope technology before they could see the viruses.
And the viruses are not alive.
They're typically fragments of DNA or RNA, which is exactly what they're producing here with this vaccine, with Moderna.
And when a virus comes into your body, what your cell does is it takes it in, and it starts to replicate that RNA, and then replicates a bunch of it, it kills the cell, and then all these things head out.
It's kind of like a chain reaction, like a nuclear chain reaction.
And that's how your body is taken down, in the same way that this happens with cancer.
I had a sister who died of renal carcinoma, kidney cancer.
And what happened was the kidney cells, they start, they go aberrant.
Something happens with their RNA, their DNA, they don't start, they're not operating the right way, but they start rapidly reproducing.
And they don't die like a normal cell does after a certain number of reproductions.
They're kind of eternal cell lines.
And interestingly enough, they have eternal cell lines that they grow a lot of these vaccines on, another connection to cancer.
But anyway, the cancer cells will then start to multiply.
And that's essentially what a virus is doing as it's starting to multiply.
So we go back and we look at how all this stuff is tied together and how a lot of viruses
I think so.
Because the very things that cause viruses to turn into cancer are the things that we need to be worried about with this mRNA.
For example, it can directly damage the DNA.
You know, we have all these CRISPR-Cas9 approaches to do editing of DNA, and what they found is that it's not a scalpel, it's more like a chainsaw, and when they try to do an insertion in a particular spot, they wind up altering things elsewhere.
And so it's not a precise thing.
We've got other things coming up
Yeah, let's take a break, we'll be right back.
Let's go to this break, but you know, when you hear all this, it kind of reminds me of the James, uh, Jim Jones Kool-Aid.
It's like, this is drinking the Kool-Aid, it's gonna kill you deader than a hammer, but drink the Kool-Aid.
Folks, this is why it's so key for InfoWars to be on air, because guess what?
We don't have any money coming in from these big pharmaceutical companies.
And I'm not gonna attack, uh, individuals or personalities at Fox News that I think may be good people.
They're never gonna be allowed to talk about this.
This is like one of the things even the best people at Fox News will never ever be allowed to talk about any of this stuff that we're highlighting here today with David Knight, Alex Jones, and myself, Owen Troyer.
We're gonna get back into all this, but you know...
Again, that's why we need your support at InfoWarsTore.com.
The massive sales have just been extended one more day.
Some of the top supplements, 50% off folks, a lot selling out.
So get to InfoWarsTore.com to keep us on air and take advantage of these big specials.
But you know, I'm thinking about how all this is playing out, David, and I'm putting some of the pieces together, listening to you, and I'm thinking,
You know, here's Bill Gates, this guy that they push upon us as this be-all end-all.
And yes, he does go do public forum talks where he talks about how all humans have to die.
I mean, that's his own words.
Get the population down to zero and then they kind of laugh and he giggles and he's in his little pink sweater and he's, you know, it's all fun and games to him.
But I realized, too, with the media, how they could actually pull this off, David.
Bill Gates will martyr you.
Bill Gates wants to martyr you.
You see, you're killing the planet, you're evil, you're a parasite, but that's okay, because you're going to now be a martyr for Gaia.
You're now going to be a martyr for Mother Earth, and you dying with this injection is a good thing.
It's the Kool-Aid, but it's good because you're a parasite, and so this is your chance to redeem yourself and become a martyr.
And as I was saying in the break, David, the reason why I think they're pushing it so much, and this is why you're talking about phase two,
The fear of the coronavirus is dying for the most part.
People are going out and the spread is false.
The hoax is out.
They have to push this as hard as they can now until their hoax has been 100% exposed.
Well, you know, the first part of the hoax was to say we got this new disease, it's novel, it's invisible, you can't tell you got it, and it's got a very high case fatality rate.
You're all going to die.
A high percentage of you are going to die.
Then when that turns out, that's not true.
The next stage, and I said this a long time ago, they're going to start, they're going to hold that back.
Once that lie has been exposed, they're going to go out and they're going to start testing people and say, look, now it's going everywhere.
Now you've got to go back into your hobbit holes, stay there because this is too dangerous to come out.
But you know, when you're talking about depopulation,
It's kind of interesting looking at how the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainability was all based on saving the environment, right?
And saving Gaia, as you referenced.
And when they talk about Gaia, Gaia is the idea of Mother Earth, this sentient nature and so forth, and they always portray humanity as a virus.
And we have to be eliminated.
And so when you look at the front end of this, the justification of it, we have to save Gaia, we have to save the Earth from this human virus.
On the back end,
You look at all the different things that they wanted.
We've got to eliminate meat, we've got to eliminate travel, we've got to eliminate airplanes, we've got to pack everybody into the cities and control and monitor everything that they do.
We eliminate, you name it, you know, freedom, put everybody on universal basic income, eliminate the middle class.
What they wanted for both saving the environment and now for saving humanity from COVID-19, well, we've got to save Gaia and the environment and we've got to do these things.
And so both ends of those are exactly the same.
The reason for doing it and the end result that they're going to impose on you were the same.
What they've done is they've exchanged what's in the middle.
And they've just very rapidly pushed this in.
And this is what's dangerous about all this stuff.
How rapidly this happened.
And let me tell you, what they're trying to do now with this Operation Warp Speed and the rapid deployment of this vaccine is really what you need to fear.
You need to fear how quickly this is being done.
Because if it's not being done at warp speed, you're going to catch on to what's happening.
And we're going to try to get you up to speed here with what the real danger is of this vaccine.
Yeah, that's a good point.
It's a small window of time that they have to get this fully implemented like they want.
That's right.
And that's one of the reasons why they've got to roll it out to everybody at once.
If they start rolling this out gradually, people are going to say, whoa, wait a minute.
We had some adverse effects over here.
Look at what's happening to this person that got paralyzed from this, or whatever the side effects are going to be.
And then you're going to say, well, we're not going to do that.
They've got to rapidly roll this out to everybody.
The rapidity of what this is going to be, how this is going to be done, and the fact that it's going to be rolled out to everybody all at once on V-Day or whatever, Vaccine Day, this is what you really have to fear.
Cause the panic, cause the hysteria, get people afraid of death, and then come sweeping in with your magical vaccine that's actually going to kill you deader than the coronavirus ever could.
David Knight.
And myself are talking here during the break just because they've got to rule this vaccine out within a month or two, folks, and they're going to use the reopening of your favorite sports team or your favorite bar or whatever as the excuse.
So it'll be, oh, there'll be people in fear.
I want the vaccine.
And then there'll be people who say, I want to go watch a movie or watch a ballgame.
I'll get the vaccine.
So that's how they're going to mainline this.
I think they have to do it in about I mean, I think, David, I give him two months.
I don't think they have much time after that.
The coronavirus fears are dying.
The spread is obviously not happening.
The whole hoax has been exposed.
They don't care.
They still got their media.
They're getting their vaccine lined up.
But, you know, you were pointing out how Fauci acts like, oh, we can't have this vaccine.
He's done it before.
And they've ruled it out unsuccessfully.
Yeah, 2009.
He did it in four months.
And then also you've got a clip here of a Moderna spokesperson, you know, giving you the real the real plan.
Yeah, here's their PR clip.
Let's let them explain to you what their diabolical plan is, in my opinion.
Go ahead, roll the clip.
In many ways, it's digitalizing vaccines.
We're going from external, very old-fashioned approaches to using the body's own machinery to do exactly what the body does when it's infected.
What mRNA gives us is real precision, which allows us to really create the vaccines we want to create.
We can do it very, very fast.
If those pathogens change, we can change it.
It's highly adaptable.
And we can get to a scale, a very large scale, very quickly.
So that means that in theory we can get to far more people more quickly with more vaccines and adjust if we need to adjust.
Because we're producing these vaccines in exactly the same way each time, it means we can put together vaccines that we might not have been able to put together before simply because they weren't compatible before.
It's a whole level, a whole new paradigm compared to existing vaccines which are
There's a much greater component of art in today's vaccines than mRNA, which is much more engineering and science.
Yeah, there's actually testing too.
The ultimate promise is
It's going after these unmet needs.
There are so many hundreds of thousands, millions of people suffering from diseases that vaccines so far cannot prevent.
I think mRNA vaccines, they offer a tantalizing prospect of going after some of these worldwide scourges that traditional vaccines haven't solved.
The idea of reinventing vaccines is incredibly exciting.
Any other biotech company would be thinking one product, one disease at a time.
We're able to think, how broad can we go?
How fast can we go?
How big a difference can we make?
It's an amazing and unique opportunity.
As a matter of fact, I played Moncef Slaoui.
A couple years ago, talking about how they're going to roll this out, they said, look, we've got at least 77 different diseases that we've got to rapidly roll things out.
And then when there's something that gets modified and we have to respond to a pandemic, we need to be able to do this rapidly.
And so this is our, our program.
And as you hear these guys, it sounds like they've got, they've really done this.
And you know, they've never have.
They have never gotten an MRN, an MRNA vaccine approved for human use.
And this was years ago.
And so this company has been rolling from one, you know, overstated promise to the next.
And now they've been given a half billion dollars to roll something out very rapidly by the end of the year.
And you need to be very concerned about this.
Let me talk again about the, in a little bit more detail, about how this is all tied together.
The mechanisms of viruses, of cancer, and of this mRNA vaccine.
They are all very similar.
And that connection
Should make you very concerned.
When I talk about the different ways that a virus can cause cancer, and again, there's a lot of different viruses that are highly associated with cancer.
The most well-known that many people have is HPV, but there's also hepatitis B and so forth.
These viruses can result in particular types of cancer with a high degree of association.
So how do they cause cancer?
Again, the viruses are fragments of RNA that your cell, they'll attach themselves to your cell, and then your cell brings it in and starts to reproduce it in an aberrant way, in the same way that a cancer cell starts to reproduce.
It kills that cell and then it creates a chain reaction.
So you have direct damage to the DNA.
That's one way that you can cause cancer.
You can also alter the immune system so that it's not able to fight off cancer cells.
That's another reason that viruses can cause cancer.
You can get chronic inflammation or you can disrupt the body's normal regulation of cell division.
And so, understand, viruses are not like bacteria.
They're not living organisms.
They're just RNA fragments like this vaccine.
And viruses can cause cancer.
So, is this a risk for this?
Most large companies, pharmaceutical companies even, they're not necessarily known for being that concerned about health effects.
Most of them have abandoned this approach.
But again, Moderna thinks that they can very rapidly put something out and that's all we're looking at right now is how fast can it be done.
Money is no object.
Safety is not a concern.
We're just concerned about the speed at which we can deploy this, right?
And so when we look at the past history of some of these vaccines, remember that one of the most famous ones, you've probably all heard of SV40.
It was in the polio vaccine, 1955-1963.
Simian virus, number 40.
It was a type of cancer.
They said, oh, sorry about that.
They pulled it out after that.
1976, we had the swine flu vaccine.
Produced GBS, Guillain-Barre Syndrome, about one case per 100,000, estimated by the CDC, and of course that's probably low.
1998 we had a Hep B vaccine that created multiple sclerosis.
We had a meningitis vaccine.
2005-2008 created Guillain-Barre Syndrome.
The swine flu vaccine that we're talking about, Owen and I, that was rushed to market by Fauci in 2009, in just four months, that resulted in a lot of cases of narcolepsy and some of Guillain-Barre Syndrome.
So we've had this long history and then in addition to that, you've had a lot of third world countries, India, Africa and others have accused Bill Gates of sterilization and death from HPV tetanus shots and so forth.
That's pretty well documented.
Hundreds of thousands of people in India that have had bad results from that.
But when we look at the way that vaccines are developed, many of them are developed along the lines of immortal cell lines.
One of them, one of the most famous one, they even did a movie about it.
The Henrietta Lacks cell line.
This is a black woman who at John Hopkins University, they just seem to keep coming back into these vaccine stories.
At John Hopkins University, she came in with cancer, they misdiagnosed it, she died, but
They created an immortal cell line.
And as people like to say, if you've had a vaccine, you've probably got a little bit of Henrietta Lacks DNA in your body.
They call it the Hella line.
They put her name together there.
And it is a biologic material.
When you have biologic material grown on these immortal cell lines, it's grown on a bed of cancerous cells.
Because the cancerous cells can continue, the reason they call them immortal is because they can continue to reproduce.
They're not like normal cells that stop dividing after a certain number of replications.
And when he starts talking about how lucrative this is going to be, first of all, it's going to be fast, right?
And then secondly, they've got a large array of diseases that they want to deploy this mRNA vaccine on.
And already, you've got school kids taking over 70 doses of 16 different types of vaccines, but that's nothing.
You ain't seen nothing yet.
Monsef Slaoui, our new vaccine czar.
Why are these coronaviruses mutating or developing new strains so rapidly?
Again, it's because they are constant.
It's the RNA that causes mutation, that causes cancer, that causes all these different things.
So these very adaptations that are happening with the different coronaviruses is because when these viruses are replicated by the cells,
They're not always replicated in exactly the same way.
So you get new RNA strains, and they say, well, that's a different strain, and so we have to vaccinate for that.
These things are all tied together.
This is why this is so dangerous, and it's why they have to roll this out so quickly.
And when we look at the financial aspect of this, Owen, this is very disturbing, what they have done.
In terms of the pump and dump in the stock market, again, based on a short test, they said, well, we're going to test 45 people.
They said, we found antibodies in eight of them.
This has not been peer reviewed.
It's not been reviewed by anybody.
Moderna is famous for being very, very close to the chest, very, very secretive about all their research, not having produced anything.
And as Alex was talking about this other company, actually, the name is Theranus.
That individual, they operated exactly the same way, and eventually she was under criminal investigation.
But now these people are running the Operation Warp Speed vaccine program.
So, just putting two and two together here, folks, they're going to roll out a vaccine that literally gives you cancer, so that they can produce their next vaccine with your cells.
You know, looking at this from a layman's perspective, approaching it from common sense, I have to ask the question,
Why are these individuals from Mode RNA, Moderna, sitting here talking so just openly and brazenly about this?
Like there's some sort of demand.
There's no demand.
There's no demand for vaccines.
People aren't lining up down the block for vaccines.
Hell, Bill Gates, Melinda Gates show up in Africa, people hide in their homes because they know Bill and Melinda Gates' vaccine is going to kill them.
And that's the only place where they're really rolling these out, which is the irony here.
So they sit here and they project their vaccines onto you like you want them, even though there is no demand, and they're taking your money to make them, and then they're gonna take your DNA and RNA to make them, and then they push them in the third world where there actually is some disease and outbreak, but that's just an excuse that they use to test them.
The people that know about them run and hide when the people in lab coats show up with the vaccines.
It's sad, but that's the truth.
And then they just sit here and they just do it all, but the story is hiding in plain sight, David, and we already knew it.
Vaccines cause cancer, and they cause autism.
End of story.
Quit hiding from that fact, folks.
But now they're taking it to the next level, though.
They're taking it and they're gonna say,
We already know the vaccines are causing cancer.
We're not going to tell you that.
But now we're going to manipulate the new vaccines with the ability to cause cancer.
And we're going to call it an immortal cell.
So now you're constantly, with your new cancer that they injected into you, you're constantly now producing their new proteins and whatever they want to take out of you to produce their next vaccine.
And they sit there and they tell you it like it's a good thing.
And like you want that.
Their new vaccine is actually a virus itself, is really what's happening.
Because when you take a look at bacteria, they are going to multiply.
The cells divide and multiply and so forth.
But what happens with the virus is it's got this RNA strand, it goes in, the cells reproduce that, that genetic material from the virus.
It confuses the cell.
The cell then rapidly replicates it, and it gets destroyed in the process, very much like cancer.
And so that's exactly what they're doing.
They're going to turn your body into manufacturing their virus, their synthetic virus.
And part of the things that are being questioned by the rest of the medical community, one of the reasons why the large companies are not getting involved in this, is because of the nanoparticles that they use to surround
The mRNA fragments that they inject into you, and those things have their own issue as well.
But it's very similar to the way that cancer is created by genetic mutation when you are hit with a virus.
Again, it can damage your RNA, it can damage your immune system, and it doesn't happen in all cases.
Even when you've got something like HPV that's highly associated
With cervical cancer and some other types of cancer, there's about 90% of the time they find these RNA fragments in there.
So it's only about 10% of the viruses that cause cancer.
There's usually a delay when this happens.
And so that's another part of it.
They're going to rapidly roll this out.
There'll be a delay for the effect for this to happen, just like there is a delay when a virus itself causes cancer.
And so the reality is that when we look at this, Owen,
And we look at the push, again you pointed out, there's no demand pull from the public.
This is a government push.
And this is not only the Trump White House, this is the Federal Reserve.
You've got Powell saying over the weekend, we've got to have a vaccine so we can reopen the economy.
You've got DARPA partnering with Moderna.
And so the Pentagon is also pushing this out.
The Pentagon is also saying, we're not going to have a vaccine until 2021, so you're going to have to stay locked down until we get a vaccine.
Everybody is saying you've got to stay locked down until we get the vaccine to get people to beg them for the vaccine.
And by the way, that is such a dangerous precedent, David, because they know
That we can reopen tomorrow and there's not going to be a spread.
That's right.
And so anybody who goes along with that, and again, Trump is kind of going along with it, and I get it's like, oh, yeah, he needs the economy to reopen.
That's his biggest election, you know, point to vote for.
So they're kind of like, OK, well, we need to reopen it.
And they say we need the vaccine.
So go ahead and take the vaccine.
There is no spread.
I've been to dozens of events.
I've been to thousands of people.
We've had Super Bowls, NASCAR events, WWE events, sporting events.
No spread, David.
We had in Florida, we had a Super Bowl.
We had Spring Break.
Hundreds of millions of people in Florida during this deadly pandemic.
No spread.
There is no spread.
It's all a lie.
That's right.
And so you have to push back against this psychological control.
And President Trump is being given this false choice.
You either find a cure, that's why he's talking about other things like HCQ, you either find a cure, well, HCQ, vaccine, I don't care, just do it quickly so we can get the economy open.
That's not the way to look at this.
You've got to look at this and say, we have to open up the economy at warp speed, not get a treatment at warp speed.
We've got to restore the Constitution at warp speed.
We've got to do that quickly.
We have to, as a population from the grassroots up, folks, we have to rejoin or die.
Go back to the meme that Franklin put together, the chopped up snake.
That's what's happened to our society.
They're trying to atomize us, chop us into fragments, and we will die unless we can rejoin as a society, as a community, as an economy.
We have to join together, and we have to do that rapidly.
That's what has to be done rapidly.
Not deploying a vaccine, not even coming up with a treatment rapidly.
We have to pull this back together.
And the thing that concerns me is the fact that you have all these different groups that are pressuring President Trump.
You have the military-industrial complex, you've got DARPA, you've got Fauci and Birx, and you've got the Federal Reserve chairman.
All of these people are saying we've got to have a vaccine.
This bogus information that came out of Moderna that caused a spike in the stock market
Everybody who is investing in the stock market, all the bankers and so everybody that all the money is out there waiting for a vaccine, as long as they can get any kind of positive information about Moderna's vaccine or about remdesivir from Gilead, that causes a surge, a momentary surge in the stock market, but it's not real.
And this stuff is very dangerous.
And the real thing that is being killed is our society.
Our communities.
Our lives.
Our liberty.
Our constitution.
And that's what we've got to restore very rapidly.
This is a false dichotomy.
It's a Hegelian dialectic.
It's a manipulation.
And you know, when we look at this, and I look at the way this stuff is set up, my background is really in computers.
And I'm looking at the DNA and the RNA and the mRNA, the messenger RNA.
It kind of reminds me of higher level code compilers and the assembler code and so forth.
That's kind of the analogy that I look at and I'm reminded about the fact
That this model that destroyed the world that came out of the Imperial College of London was based on perhaps the worst software that was ever produced by mankind.
I mean, this is a model that every time that they would give it the same input and it would give them a radically different output.
Now you want to be able to run randomized input so that you see what's going to happen for various scenarios.
We're not talking about that.
We're talking about software that was so messed up, so buggy, that they would get a different answer with exactly the same input.
And the idiots, when they were questioned about it by Edinburgh University, they said, well, run it on a slower computer.
They said, that shouldn't change it.
These people are so computer illiterate.
And yet Fauci and Birx, the people that Trump referred to as two very smart people, they are the ones who shop that
What's going on?
Who are supposed to be the cutting-edge state-of-the-art?
This is why you should be very concerned about this.
These people who are still writing computer models in Fortran now want to manipulate the software in your body.
That's what you should be very afraid of.
And by the way, the coronavirus models that they wrote were never meant to be accurate.
They were meant to be hysterical to collapse the economy.
The exact same thing is done with climate change models.
It's the exact same thing.
You know, I think it's a paradox actually, David, because Trump's greatest strength in some ways is his patience, but it's also his greatest weakness.
You can't have patience with an enemy of America when you're the president.
And I feel like that's kind of what's going on right now.
I think his greatest weakness is that he never talks about the Constitution.
I think his greatest weakness is he's never been focused on liberty.
My problem with Trump when he was running was the fact that he embraced torture.
Torture is not only unethical, it's not only a war crime, but it also is not pragmatic.
Well, we're all being tortured now.
Yeah, exactly.
The very data
That was used for the fake weapons of mass destruction in Iraq was a product of torture.
And when people found out, people in the Pentagon, White House found out about it, said we've been had.
And the person who covered up for that, who pushed that through, was Gina Haspel that Trump made the CIA director.
And so we had torture that produced weapons of mass destruction that got us into the war with Iraq.
And now we've got scientists, quote unquote,
Like Fauci and Birx and these idiots at the Imperial College of London torturing the data to get the answers that they want, inflating the data, rigging the data, presuming that people have died from COVID when they haven't even tested them!
They're putting the numbers out and we get the counts out there that say, look at this, it's going to go over 100,000 and so forth.
And see, we told you it was going to go over 100,000.
Well, of course!
They're just making this stuff up!
Yeah, they manipulated the data like you were talking about, just like the climate change models.
And here's the other thing, too, because this has been stuck in my crawl.
We've been in the Middle East with troops in Afghanistan and Iraq and Iran, but the enemies of America are in America, folks.
They're in the halls of Congress.
They're at these academic institutions.
They're at the NIAI.
I mean, they're here.
Like, they're here.
They're not in the Middle East in a cave.
They're not in the slums of Iraq.
They're right here, folks.
They're on TV every day.
And so it's very frustrating.
But, you know, I think it's going to be interesting to see, because Trump's taking hydroxychloroquine.
He said it the other day.
The media said, you're basically going to die now, Trump.
Well, he's not going to die.
He's not going to get COVID either.
So it'll be interesting to see how they do that.
What we really need, and here's the danger, and you were getting into this, and let's get back into this, David.
You know, the beauty of the free market is the danger of the free market.
And that's why I'm just a total free market.
In the free market, you can be a communist.
You can be a communist free market.
You can go start a little commune and have your little communist thing.
And guess what?
That doesn't affect me.
I can be a free market capitalist.
But the danger is, guess what?
There's going to be people that want to sell you a dangerous vaccine, and a deadly vaccine.
And they're going to use marketing tactics to do it.
But if it's a free market, I still have the conscious choice to say no.
And that's fine.
That's the dangers and the beauties of the free market.
They're eliminating the free market now, David, in the name of a fake viral outbreak.
Yeah, and one of the things that has been suggested by some individuals is like, look, if they're going to come at you with a mandatory vaccine, one of the things you might be able to do short term,
Is to produce a document and there's some various forms of this out there says, you know, I want you to assign this doc this document doctor or nurse saying that you are going to indemnify me against any injury that is caused by this vaccine.
And of course they're not going to do that.
Can you imagine somebody sitting over you with a needle, like Bill Gates, like, do you give me, do you sign this waiver before I inject you?
You're sitting there like, where's the door?
Well, you know, and this is why the key thing is, it's about force, it's not really about authority.
There really isn't any authority in the Constitution for a mandatory vaccine.
Alan Dershowitz is just blowing excrement at you.
We've had, in the past, we've had the Supreme Court with the Dred Scott decision saying you've got to send the slave that escaped back to the master.
We've had the Supreme Court
In 1915, about ten years after that case that Alan Dershowitz was talking about, where they told a guy, yeah, you gotta get a vaccine in Massachusetts.
I don't know what the thing was, if it was smallpox or whatever it was in 1905.
But nevertheless, ten years later, we had the Supreme Court send a film producer to jail for ten years and gave him a massive, massive fine.
Because they didn't like the film that he had produced.
The film was The Spirit of 76, and it showed the British as bad guys.
And at that time, you had Woodrow Wilson trying to get us into World War I on the side of the British.
So they censored it.
He put it back together and showed it again, and they put him in jail, and they gave him a fine, and the Supreme Court said, no, you can do that.
There's no First Amendment for movies.
How about that, Hollywood?
And that stood for 40 years.
So we've had the Supreme Court be wrong about a lot of things.
And if the Supreme Court, and the Supreme Court got it wrong with the 1905 decision, there is no right to strap you down and to give you a vaccine.
But what we have to understand, I spent a lot of time this morning on the program
Take a look at Bandop video at the show because we've got a lot of clips that we put together.
One of them was very powerful.
A guy in California who was a Marine.
He had taken an oath to the Constitution and he had big demonstrators in California
And at the beginning of the video, you had these guys in full riot gear.
I mean, body armor and helmets and truncheons and everything.
And they're pushing young women with signs and everything, pushing them off the edge.
And he gets there with a bullhorn and he says, I took an oath to the Constitution.
You took an oath to the Constitution.
Let me tell you, you have to do the right thing.
Are you going to go tell your kids tonight?
What'd you do today, Daddy?
And you can tell them, well, you know, we beat up this pastor over here on the side, which they had just done.
He said, is that what you want for your life?
And he talked to them about his master sergeant that he hadn't talked to for 10 years.
And his master sergeant was saying, you do not do that.
You follow the Constitution.
Ethics and morality trump the orders from your commanding officer, if they're telling you the wrong thing to do.
Even if that commanding officer is the governor or the president, it trumps those orders.
And we have to get that message out.
We have to have a rise of the oath keepers.
We've got sheriffs here and there that are doing that.
We've got police officers here and there that are doing that.
Marines that are talking about that.
We have to do that because they don't have the authority.
And they only have the force if people will submit to that.
And they still can't do that if the mass of us will not comply, even with people entrunchions, they do not have enough people to force us to comply.
If we refuse.
And that's what I was going to say.
I was just going to add on to that.
It takes every citizen at this point.
That's right.
I mean, because here's the other thing too.
Join or die.
Join or die.
And the police are going to eventually, I mean, you're going to have some bad cops and you're going to have some bad eggs and every, you know, any big...
I don't know.
Uh, and the cops are kind of like, yeah, we can't really stop it.
They still arrested 80 people, which is ridiculous.
All those cops should resign or be fired immediately.
Still no spread, by the way.
But if all of America just said, no, we're reopening.
No, we're not wearing masks.
No, we're not taking the vaccine.
Then, David, that's when they would literally have to come to your front door with a gun and force you to do it, or they lose.
That's right.
And you have to know what your rights are.
If you don't know what your rights are, they can lie to you, they can intimidate you, they can gaslight you.
And if your focus is not on the Constitution and Liberty President Trump, they can get you to do anything to the people.
You have to have that as your central focus.
But so do we.
And I had Eddie Craig on a couple of days ago, and he talked about what you can do if you're a business owner and they come after you with these fines.
Understand that if there are fines and jail terms associated with that, that they have to give you a jury trial.
If they take your business license as punishment, they have to give you a hearing.
We have to stand up for our rights or we lose them.
It's very important right now for everybody to stand together, to stand with these business owners, to understand that these people are revolting against the Constitution.
And they're revolting as in disgusting.
And we cannot allow them to do this to us.
We cannot sit down and allow this to happen.
We've got to have the pastors, we've got to have the oath keepers who stand up
Or we're going to wind up with a full-on civil war because a lot of us are not going to comply.
We have to get people on our side.
We have to explain to them why this is in their best interest.
And it's in the best interest of President Trump not to force a vaccine on people, just like it's in the best interest of Trump and even the Democrats to not try to force gun confiscation on people.
And look, it's kind of a fight fire with fire thing.
I mean, I would have a real lawyer with you if you want to open your business up, but even if you don't, I mean, just say your sister's a lawyer.
Say, I'm going to sue you.
My lawyer's right here.
They don't know the difference.
It doesn't even matter.
They don't have the right anyway.
This whole thing is a giant lie that you have to shut down.
So yeah, say your dog's a lawyer.
Hey, my dog will sue you.
They don't want to be involved in a lawsuit, but nobody fights back.
Welcome back into the Alex Jones Show.
Owen Schroer, David Knight with you in studio.
We've got this segment and the next with some very important news here we're going to break down.
And then we're going to have an interview with Roger Stone airing coming up in the entire third hour before John Rappaport takes over for the fourth hour.
But you know, David, here's the reason why I think what you're about to get into is so important.
Not just for the information value, but sadly, most people hearing this stuff about vaccines either can't wrap their head around it.
I mean, heck, it's hard for me to wrap my head around it, and I'm in this.
It's just very complex stuff.
Or they just can't even believe it.
It's too out there for them to understand.
They'll cast off as a conspiracy theory.
When you get into the money aspect, people can understand that.
People can relate to that.
People have kind of seen that play out.
And you're going to get into that right now.
But you know, the one thing I really want the audience to understand, which is this is why the money is so important.
It's not about them getting rich.
People can get rich doing a bunch of things, scamming you or running a legitimate business.
The problem is they have so much exorbitant wealth without producing anything, and they use that to control the media.
InfoWars may be the only media organization that's self-sustaining.
I mean, literally, it might be one only.
And so they have all this money and they use it for quote-unquote advertising.
And so all these media corporations that need advertising money to run their programs, well guess who their number one buyer of ads are?
Big pharmaceutical companies.
And so talk about the massive money grab that comes along every time they're trying to push a vaccine.
Yeah, you know what they've been able to do?
They've been able to raise massive amounts of money on Wall Street with an interesting narrative.
And now they've got an interesting narrative to multiply that out, and that is the COVID-19 situation.
You know, we look at this.
We look at a con game, right?
It's based on confidence.
That's what a con game is.
But of course, there's also another kind of con.
That's the conspiracy.
Criminal conspiracy is going on.
I'm not saying that they're engaged in a criminal conspiracy, but there's been a lot of people that have been questioning this company for quite some time.
As a matter of fact, when you saw this report come out that they said, look, we've released partial results.
Of a non-peered review test, 8 of 45 candidates appear to have generated a response to this new type of vaccine.
That sent the stock market soaring.
And of course, this guy, Monsef Slaoui, who is now the vaccines czar, picked by Fauci and Trump, he sold $12 million worth of options.
People were saying, hey, wait a minute, you left this company, but you still got all these stock options.
You've got a basic conflict of interest.
And he goes, well, I'll sell it.
And Zero Hedge was saying, he might be very happy to get rid of those.
And he did it that very day.
And so he made $12 million off of that boost.
So wait, so let me get this straight.
Big pharmaceutical companies create a drug or a vaccine, they then push that information out to all the people they advertise on, the media covers it, and then their stocks boom!
Yeah, their stocks boom.
That's amazing!
And then they raise a ton of money, but they still haven't produced anything!
That's like the wolf of Pharma Street.
That's right, exactly.
This company's been around for 10 years.
They haven't produced anything except they have raised massive amounts of cash, as the Wall Street Journal pointed out when that first report came out.
It said, be careful handling white hot Moderna stock.
Uh, STAT, which is a medical publication, said vaccine experts, say Moderna, didn't produce data critical to assessing COVID-19 vaccines.
So, did they retrace today?
Nevertheless, when we take a look at their history,
Go back, and there's been a lot of comparisons, even four years ago, to the company that was called Theranos.
And the CEO, Elizabeth Holmes, was the subject of an FBI criminal investigation.
They claimed to develop a revolutionary blood testing technology.
It turned out to be, as Thrillist put it, total BS.
And so, when you look at this, they said the same types of things are happening now with Moderna.
You have a lot of hype, you have absolutely no scientific papers that are published, no products that are put out, and you have, as Stat News pointed out, ego, ambition, turmoil inside one of biotech's most secretive startups.
And these are the people who have a half a billion dollars that have been given to them by Operation Warp Speed to develop this vaccine.
So we should be very, very concerned about this.
And again, if we go back and look at this, their approach
10% of the cases we have viruses, 10% of the viruses cause cancer.
And that's one of the ways that they do this.
And so this is a tactic that they admit, they say we can deploy this very quickly.
What they have with this coronavirus vaccine is they're introducing RNA fragments surrounded by nanotech, essentially it's nanoparticles that are lipid to protect.
The question is
Why wouldn't we support our immune system?
God gave us a very complicated protection system called the immune system.
And we've got scientists from NIH, from CDC, talking about how effective things like vitamin C or vitamin D can be.
You know, if you have a deficiency in vitamin D, they said they've already associated that with a higher risk of negative side effects with coronavirus.
So, if you have a deficiency in that, they said they've also identified, the NIH said they've identified a deficiency in vitamin D with the onset of autoimmune disease.
And they said they can correct and mitigate a lot of the symptoms of autoimmune disease if they get the levels of vitamin D up.
So, when we have a deficiency in certain natural things, or even things like zinc that we're talking about, in conjunction with hydroxychloroquine.
Very natural things that are missing can cause your immune system not to operate effectively.
So why wouldn't we try to take a different approach, rather than trying to inject RNA that we don't know what it's going to do to the cells, we don't know what it's going to do to the body, we don't know what kind of damage it's going to do, we don't know if it's going to cause cancer like viruses do, because it is a virus in and of itself.
Instead of doing that, why don't we boost the immune system?
But of course, Owen, they will always pull back.
From these remedies, even though you've got the NIH and the CDC saying, yeah, yeah, they agree with the natural health industry on these particular issues, and yet everybody wants to pretend that's not a thing.
We've got to have a vaccine.
No, we don't.
No, we don't.
Well, I think I can answer your question.
Why wouldn't we be, you know, talking about vitamin D or vitamin C or zinc?
Well, the answer is obvious, because right now you can go to InfoWareStore.com and buy, you know, supplements with zinc in them or vitamin D supplements for pretty cheap.
It's pretty cheap.
They're on sale right now.
One of the things people are really deficient in, iodine.
Leads to all kinds of immune problems.
So you can go get iodine, nasaniodine, Infowarshore.com, very cheap.
That's why they don't want you to know about these things because
We can sell you iodine at a very affordable price, very high quality iodine at InfoWorthStore.com.
You can then get it for an affordable price.
The person that wants to distribute that can also create their own business.
But with vaccines, I mean, this is the incredible thing, David, and I'm almost not even believing this, but this is how it goes.
The vaccine companies make billions of dollars essentially selling their vaccines and it all goes to the hospitals and the insurance companies, but on the outset of it though, they don't even have to fund their own research.
They don't even have to fund their own development of these things.
Taxpayer-funded grants and all these programs.
So it's like, it's already a billion-dollar industry.
They don't even fund themselves!
That's like saying, you know what, Jeff Bezos, which we already do bail Bezos out, but it's like, you know what, Bezos, you're worth billions of dollars.
Let's just give you some money so you can make Amazon even bigger.
Screw the billions you already have.
Just here's some government cash.
Make Amazon even bigger.
That's what we're doing with these vaccine manufacturers.
Hey, you already got billions of dollars.
You know, don't even worry about manufacturing your own vaccine.
Here's some government money that you can use that to manufacture your vaccine.
Well, and they don't have any liability if they harm anybody.
Of course, Fauci was there in 1986.
He came into the NIH and he was head of the
The division that he is right now where they focus on vaccines.
He was there with Reagan when they gave legal immunity to the vaccine companies.
So if by design or even by manufacture, they harm you with their product, they don't have any liability.
I mean, nobody else has any kind of a business model like that.
I mean, you can make a bicycle and you would have liability if you hurt somebody with a bicycle, but not these guys.
And so the pharmaceutical companies, if you look at their combined revenue, it's more than twice what the media and entertainment revenue is.
So obviously they can own the media.
And look at all the commercials that you see when you watch mainstream media.
They own them.
They can buy these people.
They can buy the time to push their drugs and to make sure these guys lay off of them.
And that's why no one in the media can ever cover it.
And by the way, you know, this is like, if you're a weatherman, David, and let's say you're, uh, you also own a weathershed company.
And so you go on air every night, there's gonna be a massive tornado!
You need to shelter in your weathershed that's buried underground!
And every night, tornado, tornado!
And then there's never a tornado, and then they find out, wait a second, this guy's selling storm shelters, making millions of dollars.
That's Fauci!
That's Gates!
That's what they're doing!
Ladies and gentlemen, it's incredible.
There's other developing news stories out there.
Now they're pushing new models with Fauci, saying 5 million could die if we reopen.
You've also got Joe Biden about to be totally exposed for his corruption in Ukraine.
That's right, lawmakers in Ukraine are calling for Biden.
As part of the perpetrator of massive crimes that have happened.
That's coming out of just the news from John Solomon.
So, uh, just incredible developments there.
But again, folks, the major stories, they're trying to force a vaccine right now that will literally give you cancer so that they can then reproduce without any end their next wave of vaccines, which you will literally become a factory for.
This is not my words, this is right out of the Moderna model that we've been covering here now for two hours.
The spread is non-existent, ladies and gentlemen.
So when they start talking about models and spreads and second wave, it's all fake.
Or they're getting ready to actually hit you with some sort of massive radio frequency weapon that interacts with whatever heavy metals are already in you.
Whether it's the food or a forced vaccine.
Otherwise, there is no spread, and it's not the coronavirus.
But of course it would be the coronavirus, the crown virus, to crown the New World Order, the king of you, making you its slave.
And so that's all rolling out.
The crimes of Obama, also all being exposed right now as well.
The fake news media just cannot beat a bigger pack of bold-faced liars than you've ever seen.
Democrats are forcing states to remain closed while giving hundreds of millions of dollars to non-citizens.
It's incredible, folks, and I'll just leave it at this.
The enemies of America are not in a cave in Afghanistan.
They never were.
The enemies of America were not in the streets of Iran, they weren't in the slums of Iraq.
No, ladies and gentlemen, they were in the halls of Congress, they were on television, and they were at some of the biggest news publications in America.
That's where they are, that's where they've been, and that's where they will remain until they are properly removed.
Now, we've got coming up
A very important interview with Roger Stone that was done by the National File, the great reporters over there, Patrick Halley, Tom Pappert, and we're going to be airing that coming up here in about three minutes in its entirety for the remainder of this hour before John Rappaport takes over.
But ladies and gentlemen, understand this.
There are not many
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Alright, Tom Pappert, Patrick Cowley, Roger Stone, coming up in 60 seconds.
Welcome back to National File.
I'm Tom Papert, Editor-in-Chief, here with senior reporter Patrick Howley, as well as the one, the only, the legendary Roger Stone.
Now, as you know, Patrick has been busy these past few months really doing what nobody else is willing to do, actually speak to Roger Stone and find out what happened, this attempted deep state takedown of one of President Donald Trump's longest and most trusted advisors.
So, Patrick, I'll let you take it away with Roger Stone.
Roger, it's great to have you here.
You're, of course, a legend in the field of saving America, and we really appreciate your time.
Well, it's great to be here with National File because, in truth, you are one of a handful of national media organizations that has accurately covered what has happened to me, the odyssey that my family and I have been through for the last roughly two years.
And I'm grateful to have this opportunity.
As you know, Patrick, the judge in my case gagged me.
I was not allowed to post anything whatsoever on social media.
I was not permitted to speak about anything relating to my case, the Mueller investigation, the Russia investigation, in any public forum whatsoever.
I doubt the constitutionality of that.
I also doubted the purpose of it.
The judge's contention was that it would taint the D.C.
jury pool.
What could taint the D.C.
jury pool more than the Washington Post, whose coverage of my trial has been completely and totally dishonest, but has urinated on me virtually every day for two years?
So, it's great to have the opportunity to tell the people the facts.
Because of the news blackout and the gag, most Americans have no idea how flimsy the charges that I was ultimately indicted on were, how politicized my trial was, how biased the judge was, how corrupted the jury was, and how much prosecutorial misconduct there was in my entire case.
So I'm glad to have the opportunity to lay it out there for the American people.
Well, Roger, we hope that we're not going to have to smuggle you some cigarettes in there, but just know that I am willing to do so if need be, because we want to see you running the cigarette game.
We want to make sure you're protected.
But it might not come to that because you might get a presidential burden from your old friend Donald Trump.
Now, let's just start at the beginning here.
You are going to prison because you would not lie about the president.
Is that correct?
Yeah, I mean, essentially, after the mainstream media, particularly CNN, but also the New York Times and the Washington Post, said for well over a year, Roger Stone will be indicted for treason.
Roger Stone will be indicted for conspiracy against the United States.
Roger Stone will prove to be the missing link between Russia and the Trump campaign.
Roger Stone will prove to have smuggled emails from Julian Assange and WikiLeaks to the Trump campaign.
None of those things turned out to be true.
The prosecutors went to the number of judges and federal magistrates, charging not only with those crimes but also cyber crimes such as the receipt and dissemination of stolen material, aiding and abetting a felony, accessory to a felony before the fact.
Wire fraud, mail fraud, violation of the foreign campaign contributions ban.
No evidence whatsoever was found of any of those crimes, despite the fact that they conducted an extraordinarily deep, legal, proctological examination of every corner of my life.
Going through two years of emails, text messages, phone calls, they could find no evidence.
So they basically jerry-rigged this lying to Congress charge.
And even that is ridiculously thin because the items that I'm accused of making misstatements about, I had neither intent nor motive.
In the end, I was convicted of lying to Congress about the Trump campaign's interest
In the WikiLeaks disclosures.
Now, that's a perfectly legal activity.
In other words, there was no underlying crime for me to lie about.
Everybody in the American political game, starting in June when Assange announced on CNN that he had substantial information on Hillary and that it was sensational, wanted to know what it was he had.
I never found out in advance.
There was never any evidence whatsoever that I knew the source or the content of the WikiLeaks disclosures that came in either July, when I really wasn't paying attention, or in October, when I didn't want them to be swept under the carpet by the mainstream media.
So yes,
I went on my Twitter feed to tease constantly to make sure that whatever it was that Wikileaks had and would disclose would have a devastating effect.
And it did.
So these charges were pasted together and then, as you know, on January 25th at 6 a.m.
in the morning, 29 heavily armed SWAT gear clad assault weapon bearing FBI agents arrived in
17 armored vehicles with a government helicopter overhead, two amphibious units with frogmen pulled up to the canal at the back of my house to serve a warrant for not only my arrest, for a search of the premises.
They brought an enormous battering ram up to the front door.
They had a canine unit, these very scary looking dogs,
And of course, I opened the door and I was immediately arrested.
And then I was frog-marched out in the middle of the street to make sure that the CNN cameras that were allowed to set up a tripod 25 feet from the front door were able to catch the entire thing.
By the way, tipping a media outlet in advance to the execution of a search warrant is a felony.
Which is why, to this day, the FBI, under Christopher Wray, refuses to hand over to Judicial Watch all of their emails between FBI and CNN in the days and weeks before my arrest.
The whole thing was a show.
It was put on to not only vilify me for the American people and potentially for a jury, but also to intimidate me.
And I would find out later what it was they wanted to intimidate me about.
The whole experience is Kafka-esque.
It's really extraordinary because they justified this over-the-top, Gestapo-style raid
Uh, on the fact that I was a flight risk.
Yet three hours later when I was arraigned in the federal courthouse in Fort Lauderdale, the government asked for no cash bond.
In other words, I was released on my signature, which meant they never really thought I was a flight risk.
They knew I didn't have a valid passport.
They knew that I did not own a firearm, even though I'm a strong supporter of the Second Amendment.
I live on a canal, but the truth is I can't really swim.
And my face is instantly recognizable.
So where was I going to go?
Then they said, well, if Stone knew we were coming in advance, he might have destroyed evidence.
I destroyed nothing.
But the media had made it clear for two years I was under investigation.
Why would I wait till January of 2019 if I were going to destroy anything, which I did not?
The special counsel's office spoke to my lawyer on the phone the day before my arrest.
All they had to do was say we're charging your client and I would have come in voluntarily and I could have saved the taxpayers $1.1 million for this over-the-top raid on my home.
You know, if this can happen to me, it can happen to anyone.
Roger, I think that's a really important takeaway.
Patrick, we're just getting ready to come up against a break, but when we come back, I do want to hear more about how the tainted jury might have impacted it, as well as the tainted judge, who we now know, of course, is a Obama hack partisan.
And I want to deeply explore this whole idea that the FBI and CNN, well, CNN is basically the propaganda and media arm of the FBI, which of course has been totally
Disgraced in recent years.
I'm Tom Pappert, editor-in-chief of National File, here with senior reporter Patrick Halley interviewing Roger Stone, a deep state, soon-to-be political prisoner.
Don't go away.
You are watching National File.
We'll be right back after this short break.
Welcome back again to National File.
We are here with Roger Stone.
And Patrick, we had to cut you off for a break.
I'll let you continue.
Well, you know, I think Roger could end up being sort of the Nelson Mandela of saving America here.
And I think the reason really is because he is possibly headed to prison simply because he would not lie about President Donald Trump.
Is it true, Roger, that the Mueller team tried to coerce you to lie about the president and offered you no jail time?
Yeah, I think that's actually what this was ended up being all about because the Mueller investigation indicted me long, long after they knew there was no Russian collusion, specifically on July 24th of 2019.
Genie Rhee, who headed the prosecution team inside the Mueller Organization, against me.
By the way, she was Hillary Clinton's personal attorney in the Clinton missing email case, representing the Clinton Foundation.
She lied to the judge in that case, telling the judge that all the emails had been turned over to the court, when of course they hadn't.
She was also a maxed out donor to
Hillary's two campaigns for president, but of course, Judge Jackson saw no conflict of interest in that.
She proposed to my attorney that if I would come clean and if I would confess
Uh, about the content of some 29 telephone calls between candidate Donald Trump and myself in 2016, all of which were over 30 minutes long.
She said there were numerous other calls, but they were much shorter, uh, that they could, they might be able to see their way clear to recommend no jail time.
Now, this was just prior to the Mueller report being issued, and I suspect they wanted me to be the ham in their ham sandwich since they had nothing.
It wasn't hard to decide.
I said no.
I should point out that they threatened to issue a superseding indictment to hit me with additional fabricated charges, and I still said no.
I was not going to bear false witness against Donald Trump.
I had said it consistently for a year, and there was no way that I was going to be flipped
If they thought that I was Michael Cohen, then they had the wrong guy.
And that's why I'm looking at, you know, a very stiff sentence.
I'm looking at 40 months in a federal prison, two and a half years on probation, supervised probation, in which I would be subject to random drug testing.
I think it's 320 hours of community service and a $25,000 fine.
I have appealed my conviction, not only because I believe I am not guilty, but because I believe that my trial was corrupted and to a certain extent rigged from the very beginning.
So you might ask, Stone, you were charged with lying to Congress.
What about Comey, Clapper, Brennan?
McCabe, Strzok, Page, Rosenstein, Mueller himself, Hillary Clinton.
All of these people lied to Congress, although they lied about substantive matters, material matters, but of course they were never charged.
The judge would not allow us to use that line of defense.
It was specifically prohibited.
And then there's the question of prosecutorial misconduct.
Judge Jackson specifically prohibited me from raising any misconduct by the Special Counsel, the FBI, the Department of Justice, or any member of Congress, Adam Schiff.
So, in other words, I was unable to raise any of those things in my defense.
We doubt the constitutionality of that ruling, by the way.
Then, additionally, and I think this is probably the most important point, my entire indictment was based on the premise that the Democratic National Committee had been hacked by the Russians and that the information had been transferred to WikiLeaks.
I wanted the opportunity to disprove that.
I wanted to bring in forensic evidence and expert testimony from former NSA officials like Bill Binney and former CIA officials like Ray McGovern to prove definitively that nobody hacked the DNC.
That was the underlying premise of my indictment.
Judge Jackson denied us that opportunity.
We actually got the FBI to admit in discovery that they never inspected the servers of the DNC and that they relied entirely on a draft, redacted report from CrowdStrike, a Democrat-connected IT firm, for that assertion, for that conclusion.
Jesse Waters covered this yesterday on Fox.
The government, specifically Jonathan Kravis, came in with a surreply saying Stone is incorrect.
We do have additional proof that the Russians hacked the DNC, but we don't have to show it to you.
That was a fraud upon the court.
Mr. Kravis has defrauded the court in that filing.
You'll hear more about that down the road.
But again, Judge Jackson would not allow us to mount that defense.
So I was not allowed to talk about the misconduct of anyone in the government.
I now believe almost definitively that the Mueller prosecutors shared the fruits of their search of my computer messages, my emails, with Adam Schiff, and that Adam Schiff fashioned a series of gotcha questions, none of which were material, none of which masked any underlying crime,
Uh, in an effort to entrap me.
But I was unable to raise that question at trial.
And of course, Adam Schiff is immune to being summoned to trial as a member of Congress.
It was very, very frustrating.
The trial was essentially set up as a Soviet-style show trial, a kangaroo court.
It would be like going to a prize fight with both hands tied behind your back.
And, you know, it is an experience that no American should have.
When we get to the other side, I'm going to tell you about some of the shocking things that happened at trial, because I believe that every government witness lied under oath.
I believe the prosecutors suborned perjury at my trial on several occasions.
And if we end up going to appeal, all of these matters are preserved and would be opened back up.
I mean, Roger, this man Henry Greenberg, the Russian, was actually an informant for Robert Mueller's FBI and this is the guy who tried to set up a meeting with you?
Yeah, I was definitely, around the same time the FBI was approaching Carter Page and George Papadopoulos, they sent an undisputed FBI informant in to try to compromise me.
Fortunately for me, I didn't take the bait.
I turned him down flat.
You know, the only publication in America that has covered this is the National File.
Well, Roger, part of the reason why we're so interested is because this doesn't sound like a trial at all.
It sounds like a witch hunt from the 1600s.
And I think you said something very important.
If this can happen to you, who's to say this can't happen to me or Patrick or the viewers at home next?
So when we come back, I want to hear more about just how insane this trial was, if you can even call it such a thing, and what they were able to get away with.
Don't go away.
This is National File with Roger Stone.
Welcome back.
This is National File.
We are joined by Roger Stone.
So, Roger, in the last segment, you unpacked a bit of this show trial, this absolute kangaroo court that you were subjected to over the course of two years, and it sounds absolutely insane, but I understand that's not the entire story.
Tell us a little bit more about what the prosecution was allowed to get away with by this lovely judge.
Well, we learned something really shocking last week when the House Intelligence Committee
Uh, declassified the testimony of everyone who testified before that body, including my testimony, which I invite people to read.
They declassified the testimony of Steve Bannon.
And the problem with that is that Steve Bannon's under oath testimony to the House Intelligence Committee
We're good to go.
And he completely lied.
In other words, he told the House Intelligence Committee specifically that he never had any conversation with me regarding WikiLeaks or Julian Assange on any occasion whatsoever.
But on the stand in my trial, he said that we talked about it numerous times on the phone, and that he considered me the campaign's access point regarding WikiLeaks, which was certainly news to me.
Now, I didn't speak to Steve Bannon all that often during the 2016 campaign, but the few times I did, it was about the issue of getting the woman victims of Bill Clinton out front, because it wasn't just
Bill Clinton's serial sexual assaults on women, it was more importantly Hillary's efforts to intimidate and bully and silence those women that I thought would be important to women voters.
You can't be an advocate for women if you are bullying and threatening and intimidating women.
I had written an entire book on this subject, The Clinton's War on Women, which you can still get at StoneColdTruth.com store if you want to sign copy.
So it shocked me because
It means that either Mr. Bannon committed perjury before the House Committee, the exact thing that I'm charged with, or he committed perjury at my trial, which would be shocking.
Will he be held responsible?
I have no idea.
But this would happen again and again.
Rick Gates, who committed the same crimes for which Paul Manafort got seven years, he testified at my trial that he overheard a conversation
From a timeline point of view, he says he couldn't hear the conversation.
He said there were two secret service agents in the car.
The government produced neither one of them to corroborate this story.
It simply never happened.
But Mr. Gates got a 45 day sentence rather than the seven years.
That Manafort was sentenced to.
He was also able to skip out on the non-payment of taxes on millions of dollars that he had embezzled from his partner Manafort.
And then, of course, there's Randy Credico, who we know, definitively, three separate witnesses went to the grand jury and confirmed for the grand jury that Credico himself, the nutty, progressive, impressionist radio talk show host, who's the one who told me that whatever Assange had was big and it was coming in October,
Critico had told three witnesses to their face, and in writing, which was provided to the grand jury, that he was my source.
Yet those exculpatory witnesses were entirely ignored, and the government claimed, without ever putting up any proof whatsoever, that Dr. Jerry Corsi was my source, which he was not, and which he denies to this day.
And of course, had I had a fair trial, had I had, you know, a fair shot, I think I might have disproved those things.
But to be very clear, this jury was made up entirely of Democrats.
Juan Williams on the Five on Fox said, well, there were Trump supporters on Stone's jury and they voted to find him guilty.
No, I'm not allowed to tell you who was on the jury.
That information is sealed.
But I can tell you the character of it.
There were no military veterans.
There were no Republicans.
There were no blue-collar workers.
There was no one with less than a college education.
There were activist Democrats on my jury.
I'm not sure that Perry Mason could have gotten me off.
I'm not sure Clarence Darrow could have gotten me off.
But after the trial, it was not shocking when I was convicted.
The media mocked me for reading from a Bible while we were waiting for a decision.
But it was not shocking that I was found guilty on all charges.
But after the trial, we would learn that the jury forewoman, whose name is Tomika Hart, I'm not outing her, she outed herself on CNN,
She had in 2019 posted attacks on me by name starting on the day I was arrested and subsequently on Twitter and Facebook.
Her MO was to place something on Facebook and then put the Facebook link up on Twitter.
Now, that was the basis for a motion for a new trial.
She also attacked Donald Trump throughout 2019, but the judge had already ruled that your political views had no bearing on your ability to be an unbiased juror.
I don't agree with that, but that is evidently the law.
But it was still the basis for a motion for a new trial.
It wasn't just her attacks on the president, it was, even though she called him a racist and said that all of his supporters are racists, that would presumably include me, but it was the personal attacks on me.
Shockingly, Judge Jackson held, in her opinion, that that did not constitute bias against me and that I was not entitled to a new trial.
Legal experts from Jonathan Turley on the left to Judge Andrew Napolitano on the right, and I would say Alan Dershowitz in the center somewhere, all said that that was ridiculous.
The president himself said this was a tainted jury.
And this juror had misled the court in order to get on the jury.
She knew fully who I was.
She had an animus against me.
She had posted it.
And the charge that, well, your lawyer should have known that, there was no way for them to know it because their social media platforms were on private settings during and prior to the trial.
After the trial, she would completely delete the Facebook page that she had had since 2008 and open up a new one.
The judge denied us the right to subpoena Facebook to try to retrieve that deleted information.
Obviously, this would be the basis of a very strong appeal, unless the president, as an act of both justice and mercy, will end this horrific nightmare for
I don't know.
I'm having trouble keeping groceries on the table.
People who want to help me can go to StoneDefenseFund.com if they want to help finance my legal fight, or they can go to StoneFamilySupportFund.com if they want to help support my family.
I have not lost my spiritual faith in God.
I've only strengthened it.
And I think at the end of the day, he will step in and ensure that the president does the right thing.
I pray for that.
It hasn't been promised to me or assured to me.
But at this point, I think my future is in the hands of God.
And I believe at the end of the day, justice will be done.
Welcome back to National File.
We're in our last few minutes here with Roger Stone.
And by the way, I just want to say that we at National File are big fans of Roger Stone as well as The Truth.
And I'm personally a big fan of his book, Stone's Rules, would highly recommend.
And it is still available on his website.
So I know, Patrick, you want to get into a little bit of just more of the misconduct that really happened here.
It's an absolute travesty of justice.
I don't know how these jurors sleep at night, Patrick.
Well, we've heard about the Russian setup agent, who is actually an informant from Mueller's FBI, according to an affidavit that we published from inside the Durham investigation, by the way.
We've heard about the politically biased jury foreperson, Tamika Hart, who was against Roger Stone, against President Trump.
We've heard about Judge Amy Berman Jackson.
But now the left is actually claiming that Attorney General William Barr somehow intervened improperly in your case, Roger.
How do you respond to that?
Yeah, that's completely incorrect.
Those people obviously have not read the transcript of the sentencing hearing.
First of all, let's talk about who prosecuted me, because they submitted a sentencing memo which specifically accused me of involvement in foreign interference in our election.
We know that I was never charged with that, nor was I convicted of that.
Then they included a group of other offenses that I was never charged with.
For example, Stone violated the gag order when he published his book on the Mueller investigation that was critical of the investigation.
Well, my book came out on February 9th.
Uh, and the gag order was put in place February 12th.
Should I get an extra six months for that?
Or, uh, still Alex Jones announced the morning of the verdict that he had spoken to Stone and therefore Stone violated the gag order and he should get an additional six months.
Well, actually that is a total miscommunication.
That never happened.
So, uh, the fraudulent
A sentencing memo put forward by the prosecutors called for a stunning seven to nine year sentence, which is entirely out of whack.
To the actual crimes for which I was convicted.
Now, the misnomer is that Attorney General Barr stepped in, withdrew that memo and replaced it.
That's not true.
Actually, the four prosecutors who quit in protest actually quit because they got caught lying to the U.S.
Attorney, who was never expecting a seven to nine month recommendation based on a whole series of falsehoods.
But just the same, the new prosecutors specifically said at my sentencing hearing that they were not withdrawing the original recommendation.
They added an additional recommendation saying that the seven to nine was still valid if the judge chose to go there, but that they thought three to four years was more in line.
Let's be very clear.
The judge was not bound by any of this.
These are guidelines which she had the full authority to ignore.
So, there was no effort by the Attorney General to fix my case.
The corruption was in those four prosecutors.
Now, the mainstream media keeps calling them non-political, career-line prosecutors, quit-the-stone case.
In protest.
Let's go through them.
Jonathan Kravis, Associate Counsel to Barack Obama in the White House.
Not a lying career prosecutor.
Certainly not political.
Look at his prosecution of the three aides to Congressman Ron Paul for campaign election violations while he raided one of their homes at 6 o'clock in the morning.
How about that?
Again, a whole series of abuses there in that case for which he should be disbarred.
And he lied to the court in his surreply regarding the Russians hacking the DNC.
And then there's Aaron Zelinsky, this pompous, arrogant windbag bully who bullied virtually every witness in front of the grand jury and who threatened witnesses.
This guy was a deputy counsel to Hillary Clinton at the State Department.
He had a direct interest in my case because his emails inside the State Department were among those documents that Julian Assange released.
They were quite embarrassing to him.
Again, not a non-political career prosecutor.
So this dog won't hunt.
Attorney General Barr is absolutely correct in recommending that the Flynn case be dismissed based on the egregious misconduct of the FBI and the DOJ in withholding exculpatory evidence that proved that General Flynn was set up, that proved that he committed no crime.
There is no intercession in my case.
The original, over-the-top, I think inappropriate, sentencing memo that sought to hold me responsible for foreign interference in the election, which I was not convicted of or even charged with, was allowed to remain in place by Attorney General Barr.
So, if Jonathan Kravis, who wrote a long piece
Where the Washington Post op-ed were really concerned about the rule of law, then the outrageous conduct in the Flynn case would lead him to the reasonable conclusion that General Flynn's case should be over.
That this American hero was set up and tortured financially and politically and legally for no reason.
But he doesn't really believe in the rule of law.
And to say that
Attorney General Barr has politicized the Justice Department.
That's laughable.
That's precisely what Loretta Lynch did in the fixing of the Hillary Clinton email case.
What could be more blatant or more egregious?
So, this idea that I got off easy is absurd.
There are many constitutional issues on which my appeal could be based.
But in all honesty, at 67 years old, being sent to a federal prison that is a hotbed of the coronavirus, I have a legitimate fear for my safety inside.
And I don't expect the judge to grant, say, a stay of the execution of my sentence pending appeal.
I don't expect an appeal bond, which is
Highly uncommon anyway, which is why I've been very, very clear about the fact that I am praying, as is every member of my family, for some executive relief from the President.
As I said in the last segment, I've been promised nothing.
I've been assured nothing.
I have made no formal application for a pardon.
My lawyers have not talked to the White House lawyers about a pardon.
But based solely on the President's tweets, he understands that my conviction is an act that is a miscarriage of justice.
He understands the jury was rigged.
He understands juror misconduct when he sees it, even though Judge Jackson didn't.
And when Alex Jones and Tucker Carlson and the President himself criticized the judge's actions, she went out of her mind at sentencing.
Let's be very, very clear.
The First Amendment of the United States Constitution allows any citizen whatsoever, other than me at the time because I was under a gag order, to criticize the decisions of a federal court or the actions of a federal judge.
That's not interference in the judicial system.
It's an American right.
But not if you're Judge Jackson.
So this is my situation.
I'm looking at, at this point, surrendering to the Bureau of Prisons, May 30th at the earliest, subject to possible revision based on the coronavirus situation at that time.
My appeal is filed, but that appeal is not likely to keep me out of prison.
I have appealed to Americans and 65,000 of them have come through by going to StoneDefenseFund.com, StoneDefenseFund.com to finance my appeal.
If you want to sign a petition to the President, you can go to FreeRogerStone.com
More than a half million Americans have signed there.
There's another petition site where another quarter of a million Americans have signed.
Or you can go to the StoneFamilySupportFund.com to help us keep groceries on the table, to keep gasoline in our tank.
We're not living lavishly, folks.
My wife has serious medical issues.
We've lost most of our insurance.
We are struggling to get by.
They seek to crush you and make you plead guilty, but I have refused to do that because it is essential to re-elect the greatest president of my lifetime.
What bothers me more about all of this, gentlemen, is that I might be, you know, incarcerated during a presidential election.
That I will not be free to do everything within my power, legally, to help re-elect the greatest president of my lifetime, Donald Trump.
That bothers me more than anything else.
So I hope folks will rally to my side.
I want to thank you guys at the National File.
First of all, for your coverage, which has been outstanding.
You've been the only guys willing to dig and get at the truth.
And secondarily, for this opportunity to tell the American people what really happened in my case and make it clear this can happen to you.
Thank you, gentlemen, and God bless you.
This is John Rappaport here.
How you doing folks?
A lot on the plate today.
Handy dandy little weapon here, my magnifying glass, just to make sure I get it all in.
First of all, last week, as many of you know, had a power outage in my house 10 minutes before ready to go on the air to do a knockdown drag out show on Vaxxed 2.
The film, the real film about real vaccine destruction and damage.
So, bang!
Lights went out, power went off, the whole thing was dead.
I was not able to contact the producer of the show.
Just sitting here in the dark, cursing.
Friend with a cell phone, much calmer than I was, set it up with the producer and I did the show.
via Skype on a cell.
And we got in five of the six clips from Vax2.
And that video, that segment that I did, has gone out all over the world.
So actually it was a good thing.
It was a good thing.
And the stories of these parents and children, the horrific truth,
Is now known by more and more and more people that cannot refute it, that cannot peddle their fake science, which is really murder.
We have the science.
Yeah, you have the science of murder.
It's been the case since the beginning of all vaccines.
The whole thing is a fraud.
It always was.
It always will be.
You know, some people don't like me to say that.
I'm sorry.
I'm 82 years old.
I'm going to say whatever I want to say.
The whole thing is a fraud.
It was always a fraud.
The natural immune system works OK.
If it's not working OK, vaccines are not going to fix it.
They're just going to make it worse.
And when they say that vaccines have eliminated all kinds of illness, they're lying through their teeth.
Because the only thing that vaccines can eliminate is the visible symptoms of a disease.
So they can say, well, we don't see nearly as much measles as we used to because we don't see the rashes and so on.
Yeah, that's right.
Because the immune system is no longer able, under the assault of vaccines, to mount an all-out acute inflammatory response.
In the face of measles.
And that response is what causes the rashes.
So when the immune system is weakened by the vaccine, you don't see the symptoms anymore.
And then these fake doctors and fake research can say, we prevented a million cases of measles.
They haven't prevented anything.
They've just detoured the destruction around into other avenues.
And some of those new symptoms, they will call by other disease names and treat them with drugs and develop new destructive vaccines and so on and so forth.
That's the way the game has always been played.
So when I get emails and I get very few from pretend scientists, people, in other words, who think they're real scientists and they, oh, how can you say this?
And you don't know what you're talking about and so on and so forth.
They never offer any
Actual debate or facts or evidence, etc.
Never do that.
They are the machine people that are trying to take over the planet and make all of us into bio-machines because that's what they think we are.
That's what's going on.
That's the current brand of fascism that we're dealing with.
All under the guise of very reasonable science and the interpretations of the Constitution.
And yes, the latest research shows this and that and so on.
And we're here to protect you and, you know, all of that.
It's fascism.
It's global dictatorship.
And we're going to explore that here in this hour.
And we will be back after the break.
All right, so let's go into Moderna, the company that's now the leader in the clubhouse for making the COVID-19 vaccine.
I know this has been talked about earlier today, but it bears some close announcements from me as opposed to Moderna.
Oh yeah, they produced antibodies.
Ooh, let's all get up on our hind legs and cheer.
Their RNA vaccine, which is highly dangerous, causes autoimmune reactions, meaning the body attacks itself, as if this is what everybody wants, right?
Yeah, okay, so this is a curious case of this company here, all right?
Now, they've existed for 10 years.
They're a biotech company out of Cambridge, Massachusetts.
All right.
So screw in your brains real tight and listen to this.
They've never made a product that they brought to the public or to market, as they say.
Ten years.
They've never done it.
Never made a product.
Now, the
The technology that they're using to supposedly produce this COVID-19 vaccine is called RNA technology.
That technology has never brought a product to market.
Not a drug, not a vaccine.
It's unlicensed for use.
Complete unlicensed for use.
Are you following me so far?
So last year, Moderna lost 514 million dollars.
You can look it up, Forbes has the article.
514 million dollars they lost this year, last year, and they made, I mean, they took in 60 million.
And most of that was, you know, government handouts and so on, right?
Now, they are partnering with the National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Diseases, headed by our good friend, Anthony Fauci.
They're partnering to produce this vaccine.
See any red flags yet?
But back in April, they got a federal handout of $500 million.
To produce a COVID-19 vaccine.
This company, Moderna.
Never brought a product to market in 10 years.
Lost $514 million last year.
Using an RNA technology, destructive technology.
Never been licensed for use on the public.
For drug or vaccine.
They made a pathetic $60 million last year, mostly in government handouts and money from other pharmaceutical companies.
And they're partnering with Anthony Fauci.
And this we're supposed to have faith in.
This is what's being pawned off on us.
Oh, Moderna, terrific company and so forth.
How the hell did they get in here?
Well, those of you watching here see how.
Fauci decided, okay, I'm going to work with this company.
I'm going to see what we can do with this company.
Because Fauci and Gates and the World Health Organization and the CDC are itching, get this now, to introduce RNA technology into the marketplace for the public.
This is what they are just drooling to do.
Aside from its destructive capacity.
Because you can make vaccines much quicker that way.
Manufacturing process is not nearly as long.
You can turn them out.
Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom.
And of course, this is what they want to do.
They want to have a vaccine for every imaginable virus under the sun that they shoot up everybody on the planet with and turn them into zombies.
Complete zombies.
Those that are left.
And the RNA technology just happens to work well in the vaccine factory where they make the vaccines.
Much easier to do.
And that's why they are partnering up here with Moderna.
Because Moderna is this little outfit that's gotten all these investors on board.
One ex-employee of Moderna said something like, hard to tell the difference between, is this a drug company or an investment?
Are they raising money?
But you see, with a company like Moderna,
Somebody like Fauci, he can shepherd this company.
He can say, look, if I give the green light here to you boys, you're in clover.
Understand that, don't you?
And we want to bring RNA technology to the market.
So you stick with me.
I stick with you.
We'll get this rolling here.
You're the leader in the clubhouse.
And they've got one of these hard-charging, tough-guy CEOs who's always, you know, if you're not on board with what our mission is, then we get rid of you and blah blah blah.
And yes, I'm tough and intense because I'm doing this to save the world.
Yeah, you know.
Otherwise, why in the world
Would you be even looking at a company like Moderna?
They've got nothing.
They've got no track record at all.
They've got a minus track record.
Because you can use them.
And if Fauci gets his wish, which is to ram and jam this destructive RNA technology for vaccines into people's arms all over the planet,
Then Fauci's status as the hero in the eyes of the dumbed-down masses and public is elevated even to a much, much higher degree.
How do you guys do this?
I've always marveled at the InfoWars crew in the studio.
I can say mules and within two seconds they've got a mule on the screen.
So there was Fauci receiving an award.
His reputation will skyrocket even beyond what it is now for the dumbed-down public.
Yeah, there's another picture about you.
So, that's personal gain for him.
Tremendous personal gain.
Who knows?
I mean, he's already been acting as interim president of the United States, taking charge of destroying the economy in the United States through the devastating, completely insane and unnecessary lockdowns.
So maybe he has political ambitions.
Maybe he wants to be Joe Biden's vice president.
Think about that.
Who knows?
Who knows?
Could be.
Now, Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
has made a claim, apparently.
I see the quote delivered there on Gateway Pundit, an interview they did with him where he says that Fauci and Bill Gates, but in this case we're talking about Fauci, stands to gain a tremendous amount of money from a coronavirus vaccine because he has patents in that area.
I'm still tracking that down to see if I can find any hard evidence of that.
I've looked at a list of Fauci's patents.
I don't see one for vaccines in the list that I saw.
I see other kinds of therapeutics, which for all I know might be able to be turned into vaccines.
Not sure about that, but regardless.
A no-name company is suddenly vaulted into the spotlight here to deliver a crushing
Vaccine to the global population?
Yeah, there's the link.
To Kennedy.
Talk to you after the break.
John Rappaport back here.
Let's talk a little bit about Jay Inslee.
The governor of the state of Washington who has issued this fascist proclamation to one and all in his state that
If a person refuses to get tested or rebels against contact tracing, then they're isolated in their homes and they can't go out even to pick up groceries.
So at a press conference, he was asked, well, how do you plan to enforce this?
And he said, well, if the person doesn't have any friends who go out to shop for him, then we'll have support people.
Man, they're hiring, baby, in Washington.
We got support people, yeah, that'll come to your house and do their grocery shopping for you, really.
You know, I mean, where do they get these fascists?
Well, let me tell you where.
Not many people understand this, but Jay Inslee, the governor of the state of Washington, used to work
For Bill Clinton, when Bill was the Prez, and Jay was a regional director of the Department of Health and Human Services.
I would assume that's the Northwest region of the United States.
Now, the Department of Health and Human Services is a cabinet post that oversees the CDC, the National Institutes of Health, Fauci's agency, etc, etc, etc.
So you see, Jay Inslee is already a public health official.
That's what he is.
You know, he isn't just the governor of the state of Washington.
He isn't just taking dictation from a public health official about the lockdowns, which is happening in most states of the country.
No, he is a public health official.
So he's there already with the boots and the hat and the orders and the commands.
Jay sees it clearly indeed.
Control over the population.
They're letting the strings a little bit looser, you've noticed, you know, in the lockdowns and so on and so forth.
Just don't go back.
Don't go back.
Come out and don't go back.
That would be my motto.
Come out and don't go back.
Never again.
Never go back.
Not happening.
What is a patriot in the face of all of this?
What's the Constitution say?
What are the founding principles?
I mean, if people don't know them by now, they're hopelessly lost, as they see their freedom being
Screwed away, tighten, tighten, tighten, tighten, tighten under this fake guise of a fake pandemic, which I never tire of saying, been saying it since the beginning, been investigating fake epidemics for about 30 years now.
And I keep telling people, fake, fake, fake and fake.
The whole thing is a fake on many, many different levels.
And they're just simply using that with the parade of ignoramuses to destroy freedom, which is their goal because they think that we are bio-machines and they want to make us into more of a bio-machine through their therapies.
Through their therapies.
They can put whatever they want in a vaccine.
I mean, come on.
And they say, well, you see, we have the RNA and synthetic RNA.
What does that mean?
Synthetic RNA?
You mean you just manufacture it from what?
Snake oil?
Synthetic RNA.
And we put it in the cells and that turns the cells, you see, into their own little drug factories and they make their own remedies.
And so, oh yeah, this sounds
Absolutely fabulous.
Like in a science fiction story that was rejected from a pulp magazine as being too ridiculous.
That kind of thing.
But this is what they're floating.
And aside from, as I say, the admitted risk, because companies have tried to bring this technology to market and failed.
That's the other thing when you talk about Moderna.
Not only are they trying to bring a technology to market that's never been licensed and never been used in any product before, but other companies have tried and failed.
Why have they failed?
Because of serious adverse effects, as they say.
Heavy problems, such as autoimmune cascades, as they like to say.
What does that mean?
It means the body begins to recognize itself as the enemy and self-destructs.
That sounds like a pretty good model of what they would really like to do.
Depopulation should be the highest priority foreign policy towards the third world, Henry Kissinger.
Except now, everybody is the third world.
I mean, it's pretty simple.
So you've got to come out of the house.
Got to go back to work.
Businesses have to reopen.
We have to go back to making a living.
I mean, what's the alternative?
Well, we're not supposed to do that.
What are we supposed to do?
No, Mr. Bond.
Remember in Goldfinger?
You're supposed to die.
That seems to be the project.
Don't you think?
Wouldn't you say?
Don't you know?
Oh, but you see, it's not okay for us to go outside and just flop around and enjoy the sun and talk to other people and relax.
No, no, no, no.
We can't do that.
We're not permitted to do that.
No, there's Goldfinger.
No, we're not supposed to do that.
We're not supposed to have that freedom.
Too dangerous, they say.
So what if they say it?
Gotta go outside, gotta come out, gotta go back to work, gotta have business, gotta have the economy.
Protests are great, but gotta go back to work, gotta earn a living, gotta have an economy.
Now I understand all about the currency reset and the destruction of the currency and how
Uh, we're all being made slaves to the government because the government is saying, well, you know, we give you a check even though you have no job, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.
There's that level of the whole thing, but there's a, there's a basic level.
The basic level is got to go back to work, got to open up businesses that can reopen, got to have commerce, got to have an economy, got to do it.
Guy standing there with a mask on and a sign that says, this is ridiculous.
Well, that's ridiculous.
We'll be back.
Remember the end of On the Waterfront?
Marlon Brando?
He leads the guys on the dock on the waterfront back to work.
Let's go back to work.
Because the workers decide they're going to follow him rather than the mob boss.
Played by Lee Cobb.
That's kind of the way it is.
The mob bosses are saying, you gotta stay inside.
There he is.
Let's go back to work.
Man, you guys are fantastic.
Here's Terry Malloy, right?
Leading the men back in.
At the end of... On the waterfront.
Karl Malden, Yves-Marie Saint.
So... The mob bosses are saying, no, no, no.
You gotta do what we tell you to do.
You don't work until we tell you to work.
You don't make any money until we tell you you can make money.
You can't go outside until we tell you.
No, no, no, no, no.
You don't tell us.
You don't tell us.
Can't use some words here.
Would really like to.
Itching to.
Look at these pathetic creatures.
The machine men rule the world as a machine.
If you survive, you fit into a slot.
Wall-to-wall surveillance 24 hours a day.
We're selling it to protect you and China comes to the rest of the world.
I wrote this right at the beginning.
I said, China is now being praised as the model.
Oh, China is fantastic.
Look what they did.
They locked down 50 million people overnight in three cities and then they raised the ante up to 100 million.
That's marvelous and this is what we have to do too.
Is that right?
Well it turns out that's what they wanted all along and that's what they did at the CDC and the World Health Organization.
And all these little scumbag public health officials who live
Inside governor's offices and yammer day and night about the virus.
The virus is going to kill everybody anyway and sir, and you'll be responsible for the deaths unless you lock down everybody and so on and so on and so on.
Off with their heads!
Get out of my office!
It's the sheriffs, if you want to look to public officials, who need to assert control.
So if there's any sheriffs that are listening now, you are the basic law enforcement authority in your county.
You can decide what to do and what not to do.
Just as the sheriff in I think it was Maricopa in Arizona said, I'm not going to lock down.
Not going to do it.
This is not the America I grew up in.
We get people coming across the border
Still, on vacations, you think we're going to lock down all our businesses and just go broke and die?
I'm not going to do that.
Well, what about the governor?
Well, the governor does what the governor does, but I'm not going to lock down this county.
Where are the sheriffs?
How many?
Sheriff in Maine.
Sheriff Mack.
Where are all the other sheriffs?
Too many of them are just faceless bureaucrats.
They're not in touch with the people who actually elect them.
They have nothing to do with that.
They're just career bureaucrats and politicians who, you know, are machine people.
They are part of the machine.
We are taking you over.
We are part of the machine.
There is a Michigan sheriff who won't enforce.
Not going to do it.
California Sheriff.
So let's have, I don't know, two or three thousand more sheriffs right away who do this.
Not going to lock down.
That's on one level.
On the other level, out of the house, back to work, open the businesses, got to do it, got to earn a living, not taking the vaccine,
Don't try to push it down our throats.
Let's see you take it on television first.
We'll have our people go in there independent to make sure you're not just injecting yourself with water and shoot all of you machine lunatics up.
And then we'll see, you know, does it do you any good?
Does it do fall over?
Do your eyeballs suddenly roll up in the back of your head?
Do you develop sores all over your body?
Do you walk out into the middle of traffic not understanding where you are?
You know, we need to track you.
We need to track you.
We're not the ones that need to be tracked like the Chinese slaves.
You're the ones who need to be tracked.
What do you do every day?
Where do you go?
Who do you talk to?
Who's paying you off?
Because look.
As far as Fauci is concerned, whatever the truth is about whether he's got patents on this or patents on that, whether he's officially going to make money on this, backdoor deals are the easiest thing in the world.
If you want the money, you get the money.
Simple as that.
This whole thing.
It's an illusion backed up ultimately by force, right?
That's what fascism is.
That's what dictatorship is.
That's what they're doing in China.
They've already built all these smart cities in China and they're building more.
Why do you think they're doing that?
Because they're ushering in the age of technocracy and they're telling their own people, hey, you got a cell phone.
If there's a red stripe on it, you got to stay at home.
In the smart city, everything is a computer, and it's all going to be watching you and tracking you all the time, and you are anybody who lives in the city, everybody who lives in the city all the time.
It's coming.
It's here.
It's in America.
The mega-corporations in America are doing it as we speak.
There was an audio podcast in the Wall Street Journal, 11 minutes,
They spelled it out!
Mega corporations in America are reconfiguring their offices so that when the people come back, not only the social distancing, but the cell phones.
Carry the cell phone.
We track you all day long.
At the end of the day, you get a score on your cell phone as to how you did.
Oh, well, how did you do today?
Well, I got a six.
What did you get?
Well, I got a seven.
Oh, well, I don't know.
Why did you get a seven?
I got a six.
I have to go complain.
I mean, really, how can they?
And what did you?
I got a four.
Well, they're gonna have to stay home.
There's something wrong with you.
Put on that mask and don't get near me because your grandma might have a disease.
You live with her at home.
You told the company about that, didn't you?
Yes, they asked me.
And this is happening.
I'm not making this crap up.
Who do you live with?
They're gonna, they ask their employees.
Any old people?
Any people that are sick, that have a history of illness and disease and so on?
Oh, well, okay.
You're going to be in the cast system of the new employees.
You're going to be at the bottom, which means hopefully the job you do can be done at home because we don't want you in the office, right?
And then the other casts, two and three, well, they're a little healthier and
They don't have the red stripes on their cell phone.
No, they're going to get a green stripe or whatever it is.
Oh, you got a nine today.
Credit score at work.
I think that's just wonderful.
Let's take Bob out for supper because he got a nine at the office today.
These are the robots we're dealing with, folks.
I'm talking to you patriots out there.
These are the numbskull idiots that we're dealing with.
Out there in the world.
Oh, we have to follow the orders.
Oh, we have to get vaccinated.
Oh, we need antibodies.
Oh, we got to be afraid of the virus.
Oh, it's the contagion, the transmission, the contact tracing, the testing.
It's all pathetic.
Oh, Lonely.
Here we go in the last segment, the hour.
Just want to remind you about Neil Ferguson.
Remember him?
Talked about him on the show.
He's the scientific fraud who made the prediction that 500,000 people were going to die in the UK and 2 million in the US with one of his abysmal, ridiculous, fake, absurd computer models.
And supposedly
Fauci used this to turn the screws on Trump, and Trump said, well, two million are going to die.
Yeah, I mean, I got to do something.
Yeah, well, Trump keeps saying this.
Yeah, well, two million, they told me.
So we had to do something, and we did, and it was great.
Yeah, OK, fine.
Except the computer model was fake.
Everybody should have known it was fake.
Nobody asked about it.
Boris Johnson in the UK started out saying, we got to just let people live.
And, you know,
Develop natural immunity and so forth.
It'll be okay.
And then all of a sudden, when Ferguson's model came out from the Imperial College in London, oh no, we can't do that.
Well, so Ferguson's a total fraud.
I laid this out chapter and verse.
For example, in 2005, which people would not like to remember, when it came to bird flu, he predicted, uh, what was it?
200 million people could die.
Now, the final result, according to official figures, was several hundred.
Not two hundred million, but several hundred.
Well, you would think, okay, Neil, you're fired.
I mean, you know, pack up your bags, get lost.
Pump gas, whatever you want.
But no, no, no, no.
Not only does he keep his job, but he's praised a genius by his associates and colleagues who are in the same fake business that he's in, which is making computer predictions and models, which everybody admits, even those in the business, that, you know, we're just basically guessing here.
We don't have a crystal ball.
Don't blame us.
They say the government acts what
However they act based on what we feed them, but we're not the ones.
We take no responsibility.
It's like, you know, the petty bureaucrats who say, okay, so 5,000 more people have to die.
Is that?
Yeah, I guess so.
All right.
Well, I didn't do this.
I'm just signing the order and passing it along.
Yeah, sure.
We understand.
So Ferguson, his model was used.
To lockdown.
UK, France, Germany, US, and then other countries followed suit.
So, you know, he's an arch fraud.
I mean, how can you possibly, you want, I want to say live with yourself, but obviously he's doing just fine.
So all of a sudden, as you might recall, a week or two ago came out, well, guess what?
His married girlfriend, she's married to somebody else, comes from her big house to visit him during the lockdown.
Not supposed to do that.
They have their ongoing affair, blah, blah, blah, blah.
And oh, mea culpa, he says, yeah, I messed up.
I didn't follow the right rules.
I should have, and so forth.
And oh, and he resigns from his position.
And for a day or two, it's a big scandal in the newspapers in London and England.
And then he's gone.
Everybody forgets about it.
Conveniently forgets about him.
It's called pleading to a lesser charge.
I'm not guilty of destroying all of these lives through lockdowns that are completely unnecessary and total crap based on my crap predictions using a crap model that was used to convince idiots to lock down nations.
That's not the crime.
The crime is, had sex with my girlfriend.
I'm resigning.
I'm sorry.
You won't hear from me again.
Bye bye.
And of course, most people, Neil Ferguson.
Who's he?
Pleading to a lesser charge.
Just another threat of the fraud that we're exposing here.
The lockdowns were based on a prediction.
The prediction was insane, made by somebody with an abysmal track record.
I've laid this out chapter and verse over the years of making stupid, idiotic, unreliable, meaningless predictions.
Neil Ferguson.
You would think that when he made the prediction about, oh, 500,000 people are going to die in the UK and 2 million in the US, unless we lock down everybody, you know, somebody would have said, well, how'd you come to that decision, Neil?
Come on into my office and sit down and explain it to me in language that I can understand.
Well, I don't know whether I can do that.
Well, you're going to have to, Neil, if you want to keep your job.
Because we in the government take this kind of thing, you know, fairly seriously as to whether we're going to lock down the entire nation or live free.
You understand, schmuck?
This is what we're dealing with, schmuck head, lunatic Neil.
That's why I brought you into my office.
So I want to talk to you about this.
So tell me, how did you come to your
Your number here, predictions.
Well, it's very complicated when we do this and the formula.
This is the same kind of model used in 2005, right?
To predict 200 million people could die from bird flu and official stats are only a few hundred.
Use the same basic model, predict, right?
Well, yes.
I see, Neil.
So in other words, you're a fraud, right?
You're fake.
I mean, come on, just the two of us, have a drink, you know, let's smoke a cigar.
And we'll just laugh the whole thing off because, you know, you're just full of it.
It's coming out your ears, oozing out of every pore.
And I'm not locking down the country because, you know, why should I believe you?
Because you're just an idiot, a total frigging idiot.
And everybody ought to know it.
And I think, make sure it gets in the papers that I decided that you were a complete idiot, a fraud, but you'll keep your job at Imperial College.
That's funded, your institute there, by the way, by Bill Gates, tens of millions of dollars a year.
Billy likes you because you make these dire predictions that make it easier for him to sell his idea of destroying lives all around the world through vaccines.
Because every time you predict a virus is dangerous, then he can say, we need a vaccine.
We need a vaccine.
We must have a vaccine.
So we get the picture, Neil.
We know what you're doing, right?
I mean, come on.
Drink up, Neil.
It's not going to be that bad for you.
I mean, we're not going to put you in prison, exactly.
Although locking you down might be a nice idea.
Why don't we do, actually, you know, now that I'm, Tony Fauci, come on in, Tony.
Yeah, you schmuck, sit down, listen to what I'm going to do here.
Because you're the one, Tony, as I recall, that relayed what Ferguson said to me.
As a president to try to convince me to lock down America.
So Neil and I have been talking here.
He's a complete fraud.
You know that, Tony, right?
Come on.
We're all men.
We know what's happening, right?
So what I'm going to do is I'm going to lock down Neil.
We're going to let America stay free because that's what this country is based on, in case you remember, Tony, remember?
That's the whole idea.
That's why we had a revolution.
Remember that?
Well, you know, do some reading in your spare time while you're in isolation and running away and so forth, you know.
Go ahead, Tony.
Meanwhile, Neil, we're gonna lock you down.
Completely lock you down.
You know, we're gonna put you in a little apartment, a rat-fested apartment.
No job, no work.
Uh, you'll exist on, uh, you know, maybe we'll give you a little money to buy food, but you can't go out.
Can't go out.
Gotta self-isolate, like Jay Inslee says.
You gotta, uh, maybe you have a friend who can come over from England and go shopping for you, get groceries, whatever.
If not, we'll send over somebody from the military, you know, to make sure you get your groceries, whatever.
But we're going to lock you down, Neil, and we're going to put a camera on you all day, all night, and we're going to broadcast live on a TV channel so the rest of the world can see what a fraud really looks like and everything you do.
You're sitting there, you're scratching your behind, you're doing whatever you do.
You take a shower, you sit there, you stare out the window, you play with numbers.
We'll give you a laptop.
You know, you can amuse yourself, whatever.
You can make up models till the cows come home.
But you're not going to force us to lock down the country.
That's something you're not going to do, Neil.
So, and don't give me any crap about, you know, how you're not locking down anybody.
You're just supplying numbers to the government.
We know that's a total sham.
You know, come on, Neil.
Have another drink.
Before we lock you down.
Bring the boys in with the weapons to make sure that Neil doesn't get away.
And we want to call Boris, get Boris on the line from London, because tell him that we're locking down one of the, well, we've got to say it, he's an arch criminal.
One of the arch criminals in England, in the UK, really.
I mean, right?
I mean, we're doing Boris a favor.
Keep the open society, Boris.
Keep it open.
We'll keep it open.
We'll lock down this schmuck.
And keep them locked down, and that'll be it.
But it isn't it, so we have to unlock ourselves.
We told you what was going to happen, and it did.
Now we're telling you what's coming.
I'm cutting this ad on May 10th, 2020.
And within a week or so, many of the best-selling items that we're selling at InfoWareStore.com will no longer be at 50% off.
In fact, last year I said I can't get 50% off anymore because our markup just isn't enough for us to be able to get enough profit to operate this operation.
But I want you to get the ultimate krill oil.
I want you to get bazzo beads.
I want you to get DNA Force Plus.
I want you
I think so.
I don't have to tell you that we are in the most important point in human history.
The globalists have taken the gloves off and they've taken the mask off.
And they're like, yeah, you're taking implantable chips.
Yeah, we're into pedophilia.
Yeah, we're into world government.
Yeah, you're obsolete.
You are non-essential.
We are shutting your ass down.
Yeah, we told you don't be farmers and don't be ranchers and don't work in industry anymore.
You're going to be the service economy.
And now the globalists are telling you that there's no more service economy and you're obsolete.
So you better bow down to them and get your universal pittance income so they can dictate your life.
The handcuffs are going on right now.
We have to resist and say no to the New World Order.
And that takes you understanding you were right.
And understanding I was right.
And getting in people's faces and raising the alarm now while you still can.
Now is the time for action.
Now is the time for you to shine.
And be the Paul Revere's you know you are.
It's now more critical than ever to keep InfoWars on the air.
Everything we warned of for decades is now emerged.
It was always there, but now it's uncloaked.
It's out in the open.
And our credibility, your credibility, has gone to the stars.
That's why they want to expunge and erase every documentary, every film, every article, every report, every interview.
That's why they don't want to just silence Infowars.
They want to silence medical doctors and scientists and members of Congress and leaders who tell the truth.
But humanity is rallying against this threat.
And now, ladies and gentlemen, is the time to spread the word like never before.
I know I get up here and I say you are the Paul Reveres.
But you know what?
The evil we're facing is much more wicked and much more diabolical than King George III.
260 years ago.
These globalists want to dominate and take control of our very genetic code.
They want to sterilize us.
They want to erase us.
They want to destroy our seed.
They want hegemonic domination over every life form on the planet.
They want to override it in their selfishness.
And we can't let them do that.
So I'm telling you, ladies and gentlemen, however you can,
Realize you're a leader.
Listening to local radio stations, watching local TV stations, going to NewsWorks.com, going to Band.Video and finding the articles and the videos that you think are most important and most informative.
And sharing those at the grocery store and at church and to your neighbors and to your friends and saying, hey, here's what's banned.
Here's what they don't want you to know about.
That's changing the world and that brings hope into the world.
And people that weren't ready to wake up years ago, they're ready to wake up now.
That's why the globalists wanted to shut us down all these years.
That's why they wanted to silence us all these years.
Because they knew that once their system emerged, we would have massive credibility.
And so they hope people forget about what we said.
They hope they forget about all the warnings.
But people aren't forgetting.
People are remembering.
And remember what Jonathan Gruber said six years ago about Obamacare, who he wrote Obamacare.
He said, Obama chose me.
Because I came up with the best plan to triple prices and rip everyone off.
And I was the most deceptive person.
And he said, thank God they don't have memories.
Thank God they're so stupid.
But you do have memories for baseball or movies or things you like.
We'll start focusing on politics and the world and the globalists, not because you like them, but because you want to defeat them and remember what they've done and expose them and celebrate exposing them and celebrate the First Amendment and the free speech that veterans fought and died to defend.
Because those veterans and our forebears didn't create those rights, but they fought and bled to enshrine them and to get them openly practiced.
So that they would become part of our culture and so that freedom would not pass from the world and so that we would not be slaves.
So I tell you again, exercise these freedoms or lose them forever and tell everyone you know about the fight for freedom that goes on here, now more important than ever at InfoWars!
We're going to be true until the end.
I'm not going to back down.
I'm not going to compromise.
And I'm asking you not to back down or compromise because compromising with this, submitting to this, is worse than living death.