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Air Date: May 18, 2020
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In this segment of The Alex Jones Show, various topics related to the COVID-19 pandemic are discussed including arrests for not adhering to social distancing guidelines, the UN declaring that the COVID-19 emergency will last five years, InfoWars being in a civil war with the Deep State, and empathy. Guests share personal stories of encounters with individuals enforcing COVID-19 rules excessively. Products available at InfoWarsStore.com are promoted. The contrast between the US and Communist China is also discussed along with the introduction of a new relaxation support formula called Chill Force.

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You think I like discovering they're setting up a world government to carry out the orderly extermination, and now they're going to have robot sentries to forcibly inoculate us by the year 2030?
This is in UN documents I've made films about showing you.
And then you're like, you tell people on air this stuff, you show it, and they're like, yeah, but that'll never happen.
I'm like, yeah, I hope you're right.
And it's starting to happen.
This has all been choreographed.
You shouldn't have a crazy person that says he wants to depopulate the earth on every TV channel saying he's God and you're all going to have to take a shot before you go outside.
And then Alan Dershowitz, the supposed lawyer of America that represented and hang on at the house of this super creepazoid demon saying I'm going to plunge needles in your arms.
No, you're not!
Those are fighting words, sonny boy!
You have no constitutional right to endanger
And if you refuse to be vaccinated, the state has the power.
...to literally take you to a doctor's office and plunge a needle into your arm.
And you wanted my guns in 2003, and you want them now, but you don't have to worry about guns, Dershowitz.
And Bill Gates doesn't have to worry about guns, because I fire projectiles of truth.
And the last thing I want is anything happening to Dershowitz.
It's you, Dershowitz!
That's coming with your vaccine, telling me I will submit!
You're assaulting me, asshole!
You goddamn fucking piece of shit!
All right, see, I told you I can't be on air now.
Did you delay that out?
I may have to go off air right now.
You're trying to attack me!
You think I'll take that?
I'm sick of your crap!
You come with a bunch of medical crap and pink sweaters and white lab coats.
But you can't ever shut your mouths.
You're always talking out of the other side about how there's too many people and how you're going to control the masses.
And now that you can't control us, you need to make us all retarded and have cancer.
So with your hunchbacked, skexy ass, you feel good looking down from your pile of crap on us.
Well, guess what?
You're not dragging us down anywhere.
It's going to be you.
InfoWars presents the David Knight Show, the Alex Jones Show, and the War Room with Owen Troyer.
InfoWars.com forward slash show.
It is Monday, May 18th, the year is 2020, and this is the emergency transmission for the pro-human future.
And we have a great responsibility here on the broadcast to really lay out the enemy plan.
And I dare say, if you choose to accept this mission, you have an incredible responsibility.
Because we have a real chance of stopping the new world order that is a nightmarish authoritarian
Post-human plan in their own words.
I know total genocide against the species sounds completely alien and why would they do that?
They're humans.
They're on a power trip and believe they've taken control of human evolution and are building the Uber Mansion.
That's what Hitler was building.
These folks aren't Nazis.
Hitler was a spinoff of their group.
This was Hitler's daddy.
And they snatched him ball-headed like a wicked stepchild.
We're gonna lay it all out today.
But something very interesting happened that really crystallized a lot of things, and I was so busy I didn't notice this happened five days ago.
Melinda Gates went on today, one of the big morning shows, wearing an upside-down cross.
Now Snopes says, well we don't know it's satanic, it is an upside-down cross, but that doesn't mean affiliation with the Church of Satan, because they supposedly are the authority, so Snopes checked with them, and they said, is she a Satanist?
I'm not kidding.
And they went, oh well, an upside-down cross isn't necessarily affiliated with us, and
We've blown it up.
We're going to show you some shots of that coming up in the last segment of this hour.
And it is an upside-down cross, clear as day, with a ring of rubies around it, like a corona.
And I actually said, you know, I've seen that symbol before.
And I went and did some research, and I sent it over to the producer this morning, but that producer is off today, so I didn't see it in my full stack, but I'm going to resend it to the new producer, and I'm going to show you actually where that symbol comes from.
I said, where have I seen an upside-down cross with a red corona around it?
And where I thought I'd seen it, I'd seen it.
Very horrible sign.
Symbolizes the death of the sun.
So it's beyond a pentagram.
It's about as satanic as you can get.
Oh, notice he's wearing the pink sweater.
Just like he wears it, now Zuckerberg wears it.
It's this non-threateningness.
Oh, pink sweaters, all PR.
These are very evil people put in charge by Satan because they are ready to carry out the operation against you and your family.
You know, why just stop with an upside-down cross?
You know, the bills they're sponsoring in Europe, in African countries, and in the United States, and the patents, are all 666.
And I've printed them off for you.
And it's admitted they're sponsoring it.
So, by the way, I've looked up the order of bills.
No one's even sure how they got them done this way, because they're out of order.
That's how much power they got.
They're like, we want 666 on it.
Because that's part of the magic is they have to piss in your face.
It's called lesser magic.
They have to show you that they're going to absolutely murder you and your family before they do it.
Then Bill Gates gets to laugh at you and rub it in.
All right, we'll be right back.
I'm Alex Jones, InfoWars.com.
Tomorrow's news today, there comes a time
In any stealth war that you begin to enter the final phases and then there can be no more stealth.
Suddenly you're in a permanent lockdown.
Suddenly they're coming with forced inoculation.
Suddenly the world's going bankrupt.
Suddenly your savings are gone.
Suddenly there's trained domestic political police contact tracers
And suddenly they're all over Congress and all over state houses saying, we're coming in your homes to make sure you're safe.
We're going to take your temperature and take your blood.
We've got all these college students ready to wear arm bands.
That's right.
They've passed laws in Alaska and other US states where to show the contact tracers and the EMTs are good.
They must themselves wear a government armband that is certified that they have been tested by the special government testers.
After all, they've all been tested.
They wear the armband to show they are pure and good.
You must wear the mark as well.
So the total cult control is here.
Snap, you're in the trap.
But we hope we could back this off.
Phase one of the extermination operation.
We haven't.
But we're not caught flat-footed.
And so, there is a firestorm of galactic proportions going on, of truly colossal proportions, gigantor proportions.
That every video about Bill Gates on YouTube is 99% of not 100%.
I read probably 300 comments this morning about his wife on a Today program where she's wearing the upside down cross.
And I could not find one person supporting her.
So these are on sites that are being force-fed out the sheeple.
They're being driven at the people on censored YouTube and still everywhere the people are aware of everything and it sounds like Alex Jones has possessed them.
And now you have Japanese and Italian members of Parliament coming out and medical doctors coming out and saying this is a planetary takeover plan.
I don't
Up to speed a little bit.
And then everybody trying to suppress it.
And all these incredible scientists and medical doctors and Nobel Prize winners coming out and saying the same things.
They're all being banned.
Their videos are being banned.
And you think they lay down when that happens?
More scientists, more doctors go public.
So, in January,
In early February, one of the most prestigious Indian biomedical university labs, with electron microscopes and gene editing equipment, scanned it and said it is conclusively man-made.
It has P-Shuttle injection points.
It's been given gain-of-function in the HIV delivery system.
Not HIV content of the virus, the delivery system.
Then the discoverer of HIV came out, Luke Montagnier, and said he scanned it, and it's totally man-made.
I'll show you guys a document cam shot, please.
So, now, we have just incredible developments unfolding, and the story's up on InfoWars.com.
Maybe we can just pull it up from there.
Austrian study finds sign of human intervention in coronavirus.
And that is a InfoWars.com report that links to the mainline Australian news and university.
And they talk about the gain of function and the HIV delivery system added on to the coronavirus.
A study led by Nikoli Petrovinsky, a vaccine researcher at Flinders University.
The scientist and his team discovered that the coronavirus is optimized for penetration to human cells rather than animal cells, which means that the theory that it emerged from an animal market and jumped into humans is
Naturally unlikely.
Then they go into more the characteristics of it.
But here's the deal.
You have to put it in to a petri dish.
And then you have to see which of the cells have mutated and will attack a human.
And then you have to take those out and continue to culture them in more cells.
So Australian study finds, a very respected university and scientist team,
Coronavirus man-made, says the discoverer of HIV.
I mean, go listen to him in a radio interview.
Indian scientists discover coronavirus engineered with HIV's AIDS-like insertions.
And the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation threatened their money, threatened India, who's, by the way, banned their foundation, but they still have money there through front rows, and told them
That you better withdraw that paper.
And so people are going and looking at this.
They're like, this is Frankenstein.
Now, the next statement is, well, Alex, wait a minute.
If it's a hoax, then why is it a bio-made weapon in a lab?
They have to own it and it's got to spread fast.
And it's got to create fear so everyone gets infected so that now everyone can be suspect and bad and everyone can be pushed to have a vaccine to then have the antibodies so that you can go about your life.
It's all engineered to do that.
And they want to get rid of old people.
And it is a souped up cold virus.
It does exist.
That's clear.
And if you don't have vitamin D and zinc and vitamin C at high levels, even Yahoo News said this last Thursday, everyone they studied in Sweden and other EU countries that had died had low vitamin D.
I mean, the NIH website says if you don't have enough zinc or vitamin D, your cells are penetratable by viruses.
If you haven't, they're virtually impregnable!
That's on the NIH website!
This is just basic biology!
So it is a disease of malnutrition.
Well, who's malnourished?
The third world is malnourished.
Old people get malnourished because their guts don't absorb things good anymore, and they're fed all that crappy nursing home food, and that's what's going on!
And that's why they don't want you to know about vitamins and minerals.
That's why they don't want you to know about sunlight and natural vitamin D. And now the NIH has had to admit.
Stop on Infowars.com.
Health and Human Services Secretary.
No coronavirus spikes in reopened areas, only closed areas.
And that's because people are locked up in high-rises with the ventilation system circulating it.
They're not getting vitamin D. They're eating crappy food.
They live in canyons and don't get sunlight.
And the blue cities are on the globalist payroll under total World Health Organization control, under UN NIH control.
And so they are now there.
And when they do go get sick, they slap COVID on it right away to get the money.
Could be flu, could be COVID, could be heart disease, could be... Again, they're putting it on people.
That died in car accidents and gunshot wounds.
I'm not joking, look it up.
Because they want the money.
So that's why you're also seeing it in those areas.
And this is so diabolical.
But the good news is, it's coming out.
But then you tell people, hey, did you hear it's confirmed to be man-made?
Well, there's some debate about that.
You know, Snopes, Snopes says,
And of course the Pentagon says we don't think it's conclusive because if China did this on purpose, it's an act of war.
And also they know that Fauci and Bill and Melinda Gates are involved.
Bill and Melinda Gates have bought off a lot of the higher brass at the Pentagon, folks, because they're the front group for the globalists.
And so, yeah, a lot of people want to cover this up and go, it's just China.
China's the problem.
China's the big globalist command base.
It's the big enemy.
It's the big monster, the big robot.
But the little creature up at the top of the robot running, the little gremlin, is the new world order.
Make no mistake, the men on your screen are the people you need to understand are in command.
We'll be right back.
Well, Alex Jones here, back live.
Bernie Sanders has joined
Many on the left are saying the lockdown's great.
It's cut the planet's carbon footprint.
It's getting us used to a universal income.
It's teaching us to be dependent on the state.
It's creating a clouded and pivoted collapse.
We'll play that clip coming up.
I also want to open the phones in the second and third hour.
Dan Lyman will be joining us from EuropeWars.com.
Interpol says EU faces second migrant wave as coronavirus crisis takes hold, and the UN says, and the EU says, the migrants, the invaders, are welcome.
So the globalists collapse the third world, and then flood us with them using them as a weapon, while they also carry out the sterilization of the third world.
So the globalists are attacking in a 360 full-spectrum dominance operation.
That's all coming up.
But here's something that's really, really chilling.
And you're seeing this in all the blue state and socialist and globalist areas.
CDC promoted training materials say quarantine children of sick parents.
And we've got all these clips of aldermen in Chicago and Democrat legislators in California.
Everywhere saying, and UN officials are the ones that have been pushing this for months, that they need to go into our homes
And make us take a test.
A test, by the way, put out by Bill and Melinda Gates that has all these false positives.
That's now been confirmed.
The FDA just shut down their big Seattle lab that's been putting out the fake test.
And it was confirmed.
They were just completely fake.
Everyone is infected that has it.
The CDC got caught with Chinese-made and Bill and Melinda Gates-made ones.
Remember this a few months ago?
A few weeks ago it ended?
That we're contaminated with COVID-19.
Bill Gates has got a test for you.
Just stick this swab up your nose and put it in a container and ship it back to us, dum-dums.
Yeah, let me stick something up my nose Bill Gates sent me.
That sounds like a real good idea.
Well, the FDA shut down their operation, which by the way, the FDA's been run by Bill and Melinda Gates.
That is a very good sign that
Trump's really starting to move against these people.
Promoted training manual says quarantine children of six parents up on nationalfile.com.
It's also on infowars.com.
And this is what the CDC is pushing.
Meanwhile, the Dow soars 700 points on the hope that we'll get a vaccine soon.
And meanwhile, you ought to see the folks that are moderating and running all the censorship of conservatives right now.
We'll get into some of that incredible footage coming up.
But I want to play a clip from a Millie Weaver report that's really good, that's about 12 minutes long.
Let's play a minute or two of it.
He's just got the best version of Trump explaining that he does not want forced inoculations.
The clip I was able to find was very grainy and there's a big trucker protest going on.
So it sounds like air raid sirens.
We have not added air raid sirens to this.
Even sounds scarier than our air raid sirens.
And this did not get promoted in the media.
The media said that Trump was going to go along with Fauci and forced inoculations.
So here's the deal.
Bill and Melinda Gates are competing to be the presidents of the world.
And they're trying to come in and take control of the CDC, which is full of all their people in the NIH.
Like Birx and Fauci and all the rest of them.
And so it's good that Trump is sidelining them more and more.
He's figured that out now.
When he talks about the military coming and delivering it, with the background and with the bureaucrats saying they want forced inoculation to be able to have a job, to go in a store, to have a special ID passport, later it's going to be an implantable ink inside the vaccine, ID 2020.
This has all been announced.
With that climate, it's a fair thing to say, hey Trump, you better back off on forced inoculations because the people around him are pushing it.
But it is not completely accurate to say he is pushing it, but the concern is there.
And I did not know that he had that same day said, no, it does not need to be mandatory and people shouldn't be made to do it.
That is extremely positive.
But we need to see more sidelining of the globalist and their removal.
And we need to see discrediting of the vaccines that we know have never been able to help you with a respiratory issue.
And so what is in the vaccine is the question when the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation have been caught and banned in at least seven countries from giving vaccines because people were getting paralyzed and dying and they were caught buying off the local officials.
They were just banned in two different African countries, Tanzania and Kenya.
They were banned in India a few years ago and they killed a bunch of people.
I mean, this is mainstream news.
This is, you know, Times of India.
But you won't see it here, folks.
They keep it all quiet.
And they promote and fund, since the 90s, a fertility reduction vaccine.
And I showed you that last Friday on the show.
I've got the folder right here.
I mean, this is incredible.
And by the way, we're at UN's website.
And then you follow who funded it, and it's the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation or a bunch of foundations they funded.
Go look at it for yourself.
Don't believe me.
Type in HCG vaccine, HCG anti-fertility vaccine or anti-fertility vaccine.
You'll be on the UN website.
Go look at the foundations and every one of them is funded by Bill and Melinda Gates.
You say, who died and made them king of the earth?
They are a front group.
IBM was the chairmanship of the eugenics board because Thomas Watson was above Hitler.
Look this up.
I mean, in the actual hierarchy, Edward VIII was above Thomas Watson, and then under Thomas Watson was Hitler.
And then British intelligence and Roosevelt triple-crossed him and beat him.
And then the King had to advocate, and then the head IBM had to just, you know, shut up.
But this all went underground, ladies and gentlemen.
I'm telling you mainline history.
The King of England was to rule the European Union!
They had a plan in the early...
Excuse me, you're going to have to remove it.
You can't hear through your...
No, we're looking for a full vaccine for everyone that wants to get it.
Not everybody's going to want to get it.
But we're looking at a full vaccine, is that a correct statement?
Yeah, we'll- I'm not joking about all these 666 bills, okay?
These people just don't wear pentagrams and upside-down crosses on TV.
Believe me, they're not atheists.
They are the most hardcore Satanists the planet have ever seen.
They want your life, and they're gonna get it, too.
Don't you worry, because you're gonna submit to them.
You're gonna let them rule you.
Prepare for your convulsions.
All right, next segment.
I'm going to tell you what Melinda Gates, on today's program, was really wearing on national TV.
Was it just an upside-down cross?
No, it was far worse than that.
What was the red circle of rubies around it?
What does that mean?
It's a corona.
The sun is yellow, the crown is red, and then the occult
You wear that symbol hoping for the death of the earth, which is about the most satanic spirit there is, the spirit of Satan, to kill, steal, and destroy.
When you believe in the occult, these different demons and different entities, different things with different attributes, different curses, different things they do, and she's up there doing a death ritual.
And of course,
What does Bill Gates say?
We want more childhood death.
So, next segment, I'm going to show you these symbols.
We have the HD video.
We blew it up.
It's bigger than Dallas, where Miss French is from.
But it's an upside-down cross with a red Corona around it.
But of course, they did Event 201 last October.
And they even handed out Corona doll plush toys.
And it turns out there were more than 40 programs funded by the NIH and Bill and Melinda Gates at the Wuhan lab.
There were deals funded by them from Chapel Hill and Fauci in 2015.
It was a scandal in the scientific community.
People said, you're giving gain of function, weaponized cold virus to the Chinese when it should be banned.
And of course, it's them!
It's them!
It's them!
And of course, Snopes goes, well, it is upside-down cross, but that... We ask the Church of Satan, they're the authority.
That's how it works.
They are the authority.
As if the Church of Satan and that carnival barker, Anton LaVey, are the top satanists.
I mean, give me a break.
Those aren't even real satanists.
Those are pop satanists.
Antonio, they didn't know anything about satanism.
The real satanist wouldn't get within a thousand yards of that guy.
Oh, but they say it doesn't mean you're a satanist to wear an upside down cross.
Oh, no, no, no.
You're the authority.
Whatever fat slob runs that organization now.
Satanists aren't about having sex with hot women.
They're about killing the planet!
They're about murdering all life!
Draining the oceans!
And all you idiots that think you're part of something cool better get the hell out of what you're involved in right now.
Because the party's about to be over.
And you're going to be crying for your mommies.
I can tell you that right now.
Now let's lay it all out.
It's good news that InfoWars has five times the listeners we've ever had on our platforms and visitors.
And we've had some growing pains because of having to get even bigger servers and systems.
And we've had, obviously, Bill Gates and The Globalist have done a lot of stuff behind the scenes.
And I am not at liberty to tell you the things that are going on behind the scenes yet, because I have
Been given information and confidence.
And I'll just leave it at that.
But this stuff will all be coming out soon.
Just know this, there is a civil war going on inside the government right now.
And it really breaks into two camps.
People that are just common sense and want a pro-human future, and those that are psychotic killers.
And they're using just mentally ill mafia types, control freaks, morons, that just through their leftist ideology, they really believe tearing down America and tearing down capitalism is going to rebuild some utopia.
They have an army of useful idiots trained in the colleges that actually believe that Christians and conservatives and nationalists are Nazis.
They're cult brainwashed fools and you cannot get through to them.
And then their bosses come from the groups that literally created Hitler as a side project, a dialectic.
Wind him up, tell him he's going to rule the world, blow him up, and then bring in the scientific dictators.
They didn't want a king of England who was really German over EU world government.
They weren't going to let the Saxe-Koburgs run stuff.
But they gave Hitler the whole plan, the go-ahead, the money, the weapons, the General Motors and Ford factories.
They gave them everything!
Bill and Melinda Gates' family, the grandfathers, all of them, look into them, are in the inner club that ran the computers in the death camps.
Yeah, these are some serious hombres.
You know, you think of the Gambinos as the tough mafioi.
They run hookers.
And they run illegal gambling facilities.
And then later they dealt drugs.
Oh my, what tough guys in their black Cadillacs and their big cigars.
They're so scary.
When the real mafia gives you injections of time-released cancer viruses, that as soon as your hormone levels drop to a certain point, right around menopause, you die.
They already had it time-released by the 50s.
Viruses that were hormone-triggered.
To be embedded in your cells and then to start replicating when your hormone levels change.
They tested them out on guinea pigs, rats, rabbits, and then human trials in the third world and here in the United States.
And then they all gave it to you in your polio shots.
And then we had the cancer epidemic and grandma and grandpa and now the kids die of cancer.
It's just so much fun!
Oh, but oh, the Crips are a scary gang.
Oh, MS-13.
Oh, they do devil rituals and kill little kids sometimes.
Oh my, they're the hardest dudes.
Oh, but Bill Gates is wearing a pink sweater.
And he acts effeminate.
That's all an act, ladies and gentlemen.
Behind the scenes, Bill Gates is literally hopping around like a gremlin.
I know people that know him is going, yeah, I got work done now.
18 hours a day, he used to take everything over.
He's just, there you go.
Well, we got one of the most evil ones ever here.
He was a totally satanic demon by age 10, reportedly.
He is a monster unleashed on you with savage will, little cunning eyes, attacking, attacking, attacking, attacking, attacking, attacking, attacking.
Like a pit bull, just, never stops, never sleeps, never backs down.
But he's got a pink sweater, liberal.
It's called camouflage.
If he was in a black uniform with SS twin lightning bolt runes on him, wow, you'd mobilize against him, but there he is.
I'm just a nerd who really wants to put things in your body.
And did I tell you there's too many people?
Aw, look at the little, aw, he's so, aw.
So, here's the deal.
Bill Gates believes he's a guardian of the earth.
But he knows he likes the power over people.
And he loves running the orphanages where they test deadly stuff on kids.
Where they got thrown out of Africa and India.
But the lower-level people beneath them, they're all like, yes, we have to, we have to mitigate the wild human infestation.
That's what it's called in the documents.
Free-roaming humans are a major problem.
It's tough.
And there's a lot of gallant people against us because they don't understand the larger good.
We're doing an emergency triage for the Earth.
Let's do it!
I know there's tariffs on the shots, but we've got to do it for Earth.
And Bill Gates is like, good job, you understand, but he's like, ah, Satan!
This is why he's wearing upside-down crosses.
Beginning in the midst of history.
In the first recorded instances on hieroglyphs in Sanskrit, we learn of civilizations rising after being given knowledge, they said, from the gods.
But then always, cults would begin to form after a civilization was built that worshipped gods that demanded blood.
Gods that demanded human sacrifice.
Gods that created civilizations based on slavery.
Was it some sick psychological implant or a artifact from another world, another time that made all humans?
Black humans, white humans, yellow humans, brown humans, every human group that didn't even have contact with each other.
We build pyramids and start chopping children's hearts out and drinking blood and worshiping snake gods.
Why did they do it?
Well, let's not debate that.
It's a historic fact.
We don't know why.
Let's not go to the Bible or other texts that tell us why.
Let's just say we know this is going on.
No one debates that.
And then let's fast forward.
Where China has aborted 400 million children
Most of the little girls.
And killed, reportedly, several million after they were born.
They're the good guys, aren't they?
They're socialists.
They build a utopia.
They care about humanity.
They tell us on the news that Xi Jinping must crush Trump to save America.
That's a quote from the Washington Post headline.
So let's look at Melinda Gates.
And you know, I miss this, that it was such a huge topic five days ago.
She went on the Today Show in the morning.
And I even played the clip of her.
I just didn't even notice what she was wearing on her shirt where she said, oh, Trump's a terrible job.
There's no leadership.
You know, we're the best.
We need to run things.
The U.N.'
's wonderful.
China's wonderful.
But then, an article attacking me I found yesterday, it mentioned that, you know, Jones and his conspiracy theories, that they're devil worshippers.
So I'm like, wow, I didn't know I was the one that said she was wearing an upside down cross around her neck.
And so I found the HD video on the Today Channel's YouTube, and I blew it up, and sure as anything, it's not that the cross fell over, it's hooked on wrong, you can see the loop, it's hanging upside down.
I'm gonna blow it up here for you full screen for TV viewers, please.
But when you zoom in on it, you notice that it has a red ring.
Can we do what we did earlier in the start of the show, guys?
Just full screen it, please.
It has a red ring of rubies that's behind it, and it's a Corona.
Oh, and notice she's wearing the non-threatening, like Bill does, pink uniform.
You know, she's non-threatening, but she's got that upside-down cross bigger than Dallas, symbolizing Christianity on its head, Christ on his head.
The cross is a symbol of life, of rejuvenation, also a sun symbol.
And the corona's a sun symbol.
The sun is yellow, but the corona is red, and rubies symbolize the corona.
And if you get into black magic and things, a red circle and all other connotations is a symbol of the sun.
And you have that with an upside down cross saying death to the sun.
S-O-N instead of S-U-N, but it's all death to Christ, death to earth, death to rebirth.
It is such a black magic symbol.
Death to the sun.
He is the sun.
Bring in the darkness.
Upside down.
But hey, let's not worry about that.
Let's look at the facts.
They have sponsored and funded the groups pushing the contact tracing.
They pushed that in event 201.
The Rockefeller Foundation does as well in lockstep.
HR 6666.
A hundred billion dollars to set up an army of leftists to come into your house and take you away.
And that's actually in the CDC documents.
We just covered last segment.
Oh, but that's okay.
Here's the patent for a wristwatch or a phone or a chip in your arm or a bracelet that makes you a currency when you go around and follow the exact task like a robot of cryptocurrency to track you and to be a world ID.
This is World Patent 2020-060606.
I'm sure just an accident, right?
Just keeps 666-ing.
An invisible quantum dot tattoo can be used for ID vaccinated kids, so you can travel it out.
Invisible ink tattoos can be used in ID vaccinated kids.
He's got all the patents, but let me show you some of the symbols right here.
Now again, why would you throw an upside down cross in people's face like that?
It's called lesser magic.
It's called counting coup.
The occultists believe that if you show it in a model first and show people, and they don't understand what's happening, that you get even more power over them when you actually carry out the act.
So, why do the Nazis wear a skull and crossbones on their cap?
Because they're coming to kill your ass!
Let's continue.
Peace symbol.
Talk about throwing your face.
The peace symbol
Is at least a 10,000 year old Norse symbol for death.
Now by itself it means death.
With a circle around it, it means total death.
Complete death.
A ritual of death.
A covenant of death.
They don't tell you that on WikiLeaks though, ladies and gentlemen.
Or Wikipedia, excuse me.
No, they don't tell you that this is a symbol of total death.
It's a tree that's dead.
And it's a circle.
It means complete.
The circle is non-complete.
And you can go into all this for yourself.
And the Nazi's black sun symbol.
If the sun's black, it means total death.
The fall of the sun.
And that's what she had basically around her neck is a black sun.
It can be black or it can be red.
So you might want to learn about this, folks.
You might want to begin to understand it.
But that's what they're doing.
But the best part is people are really waking up fast and understanding what's going on.
So here's the YouTube site of Today Show.
Melinda Gates on pandemic.
We haven't had any leadership at the national level.
It's chaos.
No, they've created the chaos and the fear and the hysteria.
Every comment.
I'm not kidding when I said I probably read 500 of them.
I sped read them this morning.
I mean, this is incredible.
Not one comment's for her.
She's wearing an upside-down cross.
We will not take your vaccine, Amanda Wrightwell said.
Paul says, why does she have a satanic upside-down cross on her neck?
It's clear as day these people are evil.
Tamer says, why on earth is she an authority in the interview?
Believe says, I don't trust transgender men wearing upside down crosses.
They created a problem, now they have a solution, says DJ in the UK.
Doc Brown, she talks like she's been trained and these phonies aren't even doctors.
We reject you, your evil husband and everything you stand for.
Never trust a man with a vaccine who wants to reduce the population.
Hannah made a great point.
Catherine Kirkpatrick.
Is she wearing an upside-down cross?
Is it like they want to show us they know they're basically the Antichrist?
Michael Knight says, no thanks, keep your poisons, call vaccines.
He's a Satanist, that's why he wears an upside-down cross.
I mean, folks, I tell you every comment, okay?
This is just like a hundred of them.
The Satanist is openly wearing an inverted cross.
She's wearing an Antichrist cross as a necklace.
Wake up, people.
Planned dymic.
We do not consent.
I like how the news tries to make these people seem like little angels.
Ha ha ha ha ha.
Sandy boy.
It's a dude!
Wake up!
She's wearing a satanic upside-down cross.
Skylar Smith.
I'm not sure why you think Bill and you are, but stay out of our business.
No vaccines, no chips.
It just gets better and better, folks.
And again, it's every video about them.
So, they
Thought they'd get away with this.
Now they're flaunting it in your face.
And they're these ultra-rich, crazy people that represent all the big robber baron money of the European elite and other globalist elite.
China's on board with them.
And Bill Gates runs around openly saying, we need to depopulate the Earth.
And China's great, America's bad.
And now they're just up there saying, we're going to do this to you.
Let me show you the runes here.
This is the Allgis Life Beginning Protection, a tree that's alive and reaching up to the sky.
Death, the end, and war.
And that's what she's wearing around her neck, is the sun setting into oblivion.
And he said event 201 was just the beginning.
This is just a drill.
The real ones are coming.
He is going to preside over our annihilation and the greatest satanic mass sacrifice ever seen that will make Aztecs killing 10,000 a day seem like a drop in the ocean.
Your blood is Bill Gates's.
Bow to your God.
All right, here's what's going to go down.
I'm going to try to be as judicious as I can because we have a lot of incredible information to cover.
On the economy, on the world, and what's happening when we come back.
But we really should be rejoicing that you, the heart of the resistance, and it really is true.
I know you don't want to be lauded.
You want freedom.
But you need to recognize the position we're all in.
You know a man, you know a woman by their enemies.
And you know them by their friends.
And we have been the genesis point, the seeds,
Created the understanding of this, and the horror was so great that people wouldn't have been able to believe it if we told them what was happening when it emerged.
Only by hearing it for years, laughing at us, and when it emerged does everybody wake up now.
Let's go to this report.
It is important for us.
The American people want the economy to open up.
We all do.
We want our societies to open up.
We all do.
And in order to do that, we have testing, tracing, treatment, and isolation.
And that is the path.
It's what the scientists advise.
That is what we do in the HEROES Act.
Pelosi's Legion of Doom called for a second round of the 1,800-plus-page $3 trillion coronavirus relief package, the largest in history.
Pelosi says the broadly written second stimulus will focus on recovery while her neglected district in San Francisco plunges into a third world abyss.
San Francisco has a new plan to keep COVID-19 from spreading through an at-risk community.
Part of the solution could be these white boxes being painted on some city streets.
More tents taking up sidewalks with hardly any space to get through.
It's the kids, there's schools around here, you know, there's women and families that have to go through here to get to work.
The mayor's announcement comes on the heels of a new lawsuit filed this week in federal court by UC Hastings Law School and residents demanding the city clean up the crowded streets.
You've been there longer than a year.
Things should not get worse under your control.
Things should be getting better, and they're not getting better.
They're getting worse.
And the U.S.
national debt hovers around $25 trillion.
The Democrats have wrapped this bill up in disinformation, titling the legislation the HEROES Act, creating the illusion that the relief is geared completely
We're good to go.
As the Washington Examiner explains, a provision in the bill would allow people to receive stimulus funds if they file taxes with a taxpayer identification number, which is issued by the IRS to those without a social security number.
While TIN holders, including unauthorized immigrants, were ineligible to receive funds under the CARES Act, the HEROES Act
...would retroactively provide funds to those using TINs under the CARES Act.
According to the Federation for American Immigration Reform, the Health and Economic Recovery Omnibus Emergency Solutions, or HEROES Act, also includes a provision that would protect banks that service marijuana businesses from being penalized by federal regulators.
The measure includes language requiring research on minority-owned and women-owned marijuana companies.
Who and what are the Democrats fighting for at a time when the average American faces an economic cliff steeper than the Great Depression?
As Senate Majority Leader McConnell pointed out, the word cannabis appears in the bill 68 times.
More times than the word job, and four times as many as the word hire.
The bill will likely die in the Senate, but it shouldn't go unnoticed.
It is a representation of the decadent aloofness of the Democratic Party.
What are you going to share with us from your home?
Chocolate, chocolate candy.
Oh, wow.
And... Oh, my... Wow.
Other people in our family go for some other flavors, but chocolate, and then we have some other chocolate here.
A party only interested in building its own caste system and strengthening its twisted resolve to destroy American prosperity and freedom.
John Bowne reporting.
Stay in attack formation, we shall return.
Trump has come out in two different statements and said he is not for forced inoculation, but the cohort surrounding him
The permanent bureaucracy he inherited from Obama, the Bushes, the Clintons and others, are all servants of the medical tyranny, eugenics depopulation, world government, Rockefeller cabal.
They represent the families and money that created the UN.
It's a world government goal, not human peace and space exploration, but total extermination.
The price, they've been promised by their God, of eternal, synthetic life.
Here's the President.
Do you mean a fully approved vaccine for everyone, the full public, or a partially approved vaccine with emergency use?
No, we're looking for a full vaccine for everyone that wants to get it.
Not everybody's going to want to get it.
But we're looking at a full vaccine.
Is that a correct statement?
So the answer is yes.
We're working for a fully approved vaccine, but we'll also use the tools we have.
For instance, emergency use authorization as appropriate.
We use all of our regulatory tools to bring vaccine available for the entire American population by January.
So in case anybody missed it, let's play that clip one more time.
And you hear the ominous air raid sirens.
We didn't add those.
That is the truckers going, why don't we get the diesel tax cut while we're here?
Oh, you know, diesel costs a lot more on average than regular gas, even though it's cheaper to make.
It's all a scam, folks.
And so I'm not for bailouts, but I'm all for cutting people's taxes.
That's a real bailout.
But no, the trucker's actually going bankrupt during this crap.
So they're out there honking their horns.
Let's go back to it.
Do you mean a fully approved vaccine for everyone, the full public, or a partially approved vaccine with emergency use?
No, we're looking for a full vaccine for everyone that wants to get it.
Not everybody's going to want to get it.
But we're looking at a full vaccine.
Is that a correct statement?
So the answer is, the answer is yes, we're working for a fully approved vaccine, but we'll also use the tools we have, for instance, emergency use authorization as appropriate.
We use all of our regulatory tools to bring vaccine available for the entire American population by January.
Okay, and again, the media talks to us like we're five years old.
And they go, people go, hey, Zink, you'll coach the cells and gets inside of them and then you can't have
Mitochondria being taken over to create viruses.
And the NIH website says that.
That's like biology class.
Like you go to biology class in sixth grade and they teach you that a frog is an amphibian.
I'm like, hey, a frog's an amphibian.
Shut up!
You're not a biologist.
You're not a wildlife specialist.
You're not a zoologist.
Shut your mouth.
And I'm like, okay, but
A frog is an amphibian.
Shut up!
I'll arrest you!
So basic scientific understanding is now under attack.
And the UN.
Oh, the WHO says there's no treatment or no cure.
But in another clip I'm going to dig out of Trump, he talks about therapeutics being key.
In fact, that was the full clip I saw and really wanted to get.
I guess there's three of these clips because I've seen two now that we've played, but there's another clip where Trump goes into the fact that therapeutics are going to be more important because the vaccine may not work.
The NIH and the HHS have also been working constantly with private industry to evaluate more than 100 potential treatments.
Notice he's emphasizing hundreds of treatments, not vaccines alone.
The Food and Drug Administration has swiftly approved more than 130 therapies for active trials.
That's what we have right now.
And another 450 are in the planning stages and tremendous potential awaits.
I think you are going to have some very interesting things to report in the not-too-distant future.
That's 500 possible treatments other than vaccines.
What we do know about this is
The media is covering up what the president's really saying.
But regardless, we need the president to take action.
We need the president to take action against Fauci and the globalists up to their eyeballs at the Wuhan lab, and now Australian universities come out and scan the virus and say it's man-made.
This is ridiculous.
So it's not just about China's gonna have to pay for what they did.
China then releases, oh really?
Fauci and Obama are involved with this.
Well, just because they blackmail their own deep staters, good!
Politically burn them all, because they're trying to crash the global economy, take our freedoms, and then blame Trump and America for this.
I don't just believe, I know, that if the President levels with the American people about this,
If the president levels with the American people about this, they will understand and they will get it.
Because the deep state globalists get all the countries to get corrupted by the same corporations, they can always blackmail each country against the other with, oh, you're all involved in the same corruption that paralyzes governments for ever doing the right thing.
This is the secret of globalism.
I have to remember every day to type my name in and then see what the stuff is.
If not, my house could burn down.
I wouldn't know about it.
I mean, I mean, hell, my whole Austin could blow up.
You know, we wouldn't probably report on it.
That's just how it is.
And that's good because we're not pretentious globalists around here.
But this was a pretty big story and it ties into a bunch of stuff.
So who knows?
I might get to that and I might get to a couple other important things here.
Who knows?
Probably not.
But separately,
We had a big sale we ran last week and I told you the sale has to end by Sunday or Monday because a lot of the items are going to sell out.
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So we'll see what's coming up here, ladies and gentlemen.
You might want to stay with us.
You might not.
So whatever.
It's super stressed out.
Everybody is overwhelmed.
The globalists are trying to destroy civilization.
They're trying to undermine the pillars of the city.
They are the traitor within that Cicero warned of.
That's why they're now saying the homeless will take over actual major streets in San Francisco and Los Angeles to further encourage more people not to work, to encourage more people not to have a job and to be on drugs that the Democrats then sell them.
An extractor welfare check.
This is a scientific plan of evil.
And then we've got Alan Dershowitz, who's quite the cult leader.
You know, Alan Dershowitz once said that I should not be allowed to own a gun because I yelled and argued with Piers Morgan.
He was in the green room coming out as the guest next.
And then we have him being Jeffrey Epstein's lawyer.
And I'm like, hey, even child molesters deserve lawyers.
I believe in that system.
Now more and more information's coming out.
And we have Alan Dershowitz now.
Well, just hear it for yourself, saying there's no law or no right for you not to have an inoculation, when it's 100% in law that they can't put things in your body.
That's why we don't have forced inoculation.
They don't have that in India or Japan or Australia.
They're trying to get it.
But he just goes, oh, you don't have a right.
Did Jeffrey Epstein rape underage girls?
We don't have proof of that.
Did the system try to cover it up, what Epstein was doing for blackmail?
But is Alan Dershowitz trying to rape our rights and rape our bodies and inject into our bodies, not his semen,
That could possibly have HIV or hepatitis or God knows what in it.
He isn't wanting to hold us down and rape us vaginally, rape us orally, or rape us anally.
I'm sorry to talk like this, I'm dead serious.
He's gonna rape us with a piece of steel into the side of our arm and put into us an experimental vaccine
For a virus made in a weapons lab during a martial law lockdown.
So he says you have no right not to be raped.
Alan Dershowitz is saying you don't have a right not to be raped by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.
You don't have a right not to be raped by Big Pharma and the virus out of the Wuhan lab.
With all the history of secret experimentation, and all the history of vaccine damage, and the Vaccine Damage Fund, set up in 86, has paid over $4 billion to people hurt, maimed, or killed by it.
So we don't have any proof that Alan Dershowitz ever was involved having sex with some of these women, though some have said that.
But what we do know,
Is that Alan Dershowitz is a pimp for Bill and Melinda Gates and the UN and the CHICOMS and their stainless steel penis.
That they want to run into our arm and run into our children and rape us with an experimental concoction made God knows where, when most of the vaccine is coming from China.
So no, you're not sticking your metal penis in me, Dershowitz.
And you're not going to inject your poisonous semen into me, Dershowitz.
Don't rape me!
My body is mine, Dershowitz!
So we don't know these women are right about you, but I now know you're saying I have no right to not be raped by Bill Gates's metal pecker!
And people can laugh about this all day.
This is deadly serious.
I don't want to be a rape victim!
And that's what forced inoculation is, is a rape.
And when they force women to have abortions in China, it's a rape murder.
I know you're God, Dershowitz, you're up there on planet nine and magical above all of us.
Mere humans, but listen to me!
You buzzard!
You chicken-necked establishment pimp!
Keep your dirty, filthy hands off my children, my wife, and me, and the American people!
It ain't gonna hurt.
Just a little pinprick.
There'll be no more.
Now it's time for the show.
Dershowitz says we have no right not to be raped.
Here he is, in his own words.
Let me put it very clearly.
You have no constitutional right to endanger the public and spread a disease even if you disagree.
You have no right not to be vaccinated.
You have no right not to wear a mask.
You have no right to open up your business.
Wait, can I stop you?
No right not to be vaccinated?
Meaning if they decide you have to be vaccinated, we have to be vaccinated?
And if you refuse to be vaccinated, the state has the power to literally take you to a doctor's office and plunge a needle into your arm.
I'm very troubled by the legality of what you're suggesting because it seems like we're very close to a government mandate that we must all be vaccinated.
Let me take you in another direction.
I would like to see a government mandate.
If a safe vaccine is developed for COVID-19, I hope it's mandated and I will defend it and will argue that in the Supreme Court of the United States against your views.
And you would get it if they came out tomorrow and said there's a vaccine that's ready.
My kids would get it.
My children would get it.
Everybody would get it if we felt it was safe.
The Constitution doesn't give you the right to spread your illness to other people.
And you can disagree.
You can be a dissenter.
You can leave the country.
You can go into a bubble.
But what you can't do is say, I don't disagree.
I don't agree with Fauci.
Therefore, I'm going to take the law into my own hands.
Oh, if he feels it's safe, then you've got to take it.
There is no safe vaccine.
The inserts say you can't.
Bill Gates says it won't be safe.
He says 700,000 will get sick or die.
But he needs indemnification.
You know damn well what's going on, Dershowitz, so again.
You're going to plunge a needle in my arm?
No, you're going to send cops to do it.
That's what all the grabbing kids away from parents and it's in the CDC's own documents, we'll cover when we come back, that they want forced inoculation and taking kids if the parents have it.
That's what contact tracers are and most of the tests are fake to create this hysteria.
So I've left Jeffrey Epstein's lawyer alone because I respect people having a right to counsel.
But now, him doing this, everybody on the Epstein train, the Jack Posobics, and the... I mean, just all those people.
Mike Cernovich and all these folks.
They're just like, oh, Epstein's lawyer's good, Epstein's lawyer's good.
I'm like, oh, okay.
Benefit of the doubt.
Even though he said I should have my guns taken.
Now he wants to plunge a needle in my arm?
Stay away from me and my family.
I mean, you're a dangerous person.
You're creepy, and now you've just really jumped the shark.
And I don't know about this cult of Dershowitz.
This cult of all the brilliance, all the, I know the Constitution Bill of Rights.
I know medical consent.
I know all this.
They have vaccine damage fines for people that agree to take it because it's got liability protection because it's so damn dangerous.
So, tell you what, you stick to protecting foreign triple agent spies of Israeli intelligence, British intelligence, the CIA, in their giant blackmail rings.
You just stick to that.
And you're not my doctor, and neither is Bill Gates.
So you and Bill Gates can go to hell.
I will stay in Texas.
Herr Dershowitz!
Infowars.com lives only through you!
Throughout history, powerful elites, kings, lords,
Ruling classes became obsessed with dominating and controlling their serfs.
And now Alan Dershowitz has come out and said, if you don't like taking forced inoculations, leave America.
That's the WHO.
It's worldwide.
They're forcing everyone to.
He said, I'm going to plunge a needle in your arm.
We're going to take you to a hospital.
Medical tyranny.
We're going to make you take it.
Because it's safe.
But it's not safe.
So Alan Dershowitz says if we don't let Bill Gates put in our body what he wants us to have put in our body, that we should be forced to do it.
Well, forcing you to take something into your body via an object that's thrust into it is the definition of rape.
You're not going to rape me, Alan Dershowitz, and neither is Bill Gates.
You're not going to plunge anything into me.
You globalist, diseased, rotten-brained New World Order wannabe elitist.
You're mad at America waking up to the New World Order.
You want to teach us to live under martial law.
You want to bully us into submission.
The world's waking up to you and Bill Gates.
And your system's going down.
Oh, and Jeffrey Epstein didn't kill himself.
We've got incredible video coming up next segment that's at Infowars.com, just broke.
Video, crowd cheers after police refused to enforce New Jersey lockdown order at gym.
It's begun.
Just like in V for Vendetta, when they order the police to mow down peaceful protesters who were about to go into that government building and remove the dictator, just like Ceausescu in Romania.
And the police stand down.
That's what's really starting to happen, and it's beautiful.
It's not for lack of news that I've been choking out a couple times a week and I did it second segment of the Sour and it wasn't the crew's fault.
There's so much news and information now and each piece of news I have a whole brainstorm that I'm ready to talk about and
I'm gonna take some days off.
In fact, I was gonna take off Wednesday.
I'm taking off tomorrow now.
Already told the crew.
It's because, uh... I gotta go in for a pit stop.
I gotta go lay out in the sun.
I gotta go hike.
I gotta spend time with my children.
And I gotta lock my cell phone up and just not do any work.
In fact, I was gonna come in and work on a Bill Gates film just because you can't drag me away.
But I'm not gonna even do that now.
I just, God, I can't look at these people anymore.
I can't look at Merkel or Hillary or any of them.
They're just damn criminals.
Here's the thing, folks.
I talk about myself because it's the only way I can describe the vision of what I see.
I know you're the same way.
You think I like discovering they're setting up a world government to carry out the orderly extermination, and now they're going to have robot sentries to forcibly inoculate us by the year 2030?
This is in UN documents.
I've made films about showing you.
And then you're like, you tell people on air this stuff, and you show it, and they're like, yeah, but that'll never happen.
I'm like, yeah, I hope you're right.
And it's starting to happen!
This has all been choreographed!
You shouldn't have a crazy person that says he wants to depopulate the earth on every TV channel saying he's God and you're all going to have to take a shot before you go outside.
And then Alan Dershowitz, the supposed lawyer of America that represented and hang on at the house of this super creepazoid demon saying I'm going to plunge needles in your arms.
No, you're not.
Those are fighting words, sonny boy.
And you wanted my guns.
In 2003, and you want them now, but you don't have to worry about guns, Dershowitz.
And Bill Gates doesn't have to worry about guns, because I fire projectiles of truth.
And the last thing I want is anything happening to Dershowitz.
It's you, Dershowitz, that's coming with your vaccine, telling me I will submit!
You're assaulting me, asshole!
You goddamn fucking piece of shit!
All right, see, I told you I can't be on air now.
Did you delay that out?
I may have to go off air right now.
You're trying to attack me!
You think I'll take that?
I'm sick of your crap!
I have watched my friends and my family maimed and killed by your damn shots.
But you're smart.
Hitler came with bullets to kill people, so we killed him.
You come with a bunch of medical crap and pink sweaters and white lab coats.
But you can't ever shut your mouths.
You're always talking out of the other side about how there's too many people and how you're going to control the masses.
And now that you can't control us, you need to make us all retarded and have cancer.
So with your hunchbacked, skexy ass, you feel good looking down from your pile of crap on us.
Well, guess what?
You're not dragging us down anywhere.
It's going to be you.
Now you know why I'm talking about not doing the show, because I just cannot control myself.
But you know what, the time for control is starting to go away, isn't it?
Running your fat mouth, how you're going to grab me and take my kids to some facility and plunge, you didn't say, they will lovingly, I'm going to plunge a needle in your ass!
You're going to submit to me or I'm going to tie your ass up and get a bullwhip out and bust your back open!
That's the kind of crap these people are talking about.
You catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar, and with that type of stuff, you're not gonna catch anything except the end of your New World Order.
Jack, that's how you evil people always are.
You always push it and push it and push it and push it, and then you always cry.
When you get the horns.
You just can't help it.
Cuz you got a one-inch pecker.
See, it's a family show, but I just, the veneers... I'm the opposite of an actor, folks.
But I'm a nice guy, except when I'm on air.
I'm sitting here looking at these people raping the hell out of us, raping our rights, our future, our money, our pensions, our health, our lives, and just demanding more, and always grandstanding at how good they are, how much they love us, and how we need to kiss their asses!
And really, you're just self-destructive, so you're demanding we stop you.
That's the criminology.
Alan Dershowitz wants to inject me with a deadly vaccine that some smiley face lunatic.
Oh, I forgot, Alan Dershowitz and Bill Gates hang out at Jeffrey Epstein's house.
It's the same group, and they got some Zorro sex cult super breeding clone facility out there in New Mexico.
And I get you're a bunch of rich, crazy people that think you're God, but I'm just telling you, son, keep your damn hands off me.
Keep your filthy hands off me.
See, we know Alan Dershowitz is blackmailed.
We know Alan Dershowitz isn't his own man.
Alan Dershowitz is a pimp.
Alan Dershowitz is a snot-nosed piece of garbage.
He's a confidence man.
He needs to know that he's not going to put things in our bodies that we don't want there.
But they already pioneered the Gates Foundation, GMO, and Monsanto.
And they pioneered forced inoculation.
They're just, oh, we just need to put this in your body right now.
I'm going to behave myself, because I want to get into the Secret Service thing.
I want to get into the huge.
Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
keeps getting attacked.
It's not real.
He's not a real patriot.
No, he was real, but he was scared.
Now he's real.
They've been killing a bunch of his family, by the way.
Oh, he's real, he's real, he's real, he's real, he's real, he's real!
He's real!
And you don't like that either!
I was gonna take calls, and we'll probably do it some next hour.
Dan Lyman on the latest Islamist UN-run invasion of Europe is gonna be popping in from EuropeWars.com.
I want to hit this article because it got a lot of attention last week.
Somehow, I didn't even know about it.
It got picked up by a bunch of publications.
And it really ties into everything.
It's the Washington Times Secret Service interviewed Infowars Alex Jones over claim of plot to kill Trump.
And it turns out, I hadn't talked about this in a couple years, but I just mentioned it two weeks ago and I thought,
That they'd heard me talk about it and tell the story and it just put this foyer in.
No, they put this in in 2017.
And they just got it last week.
And I guess the Washington Times thought I just made it up.
That we discovered a plot to kill the president and that I'd made it up that the president told the Secret Service to call me to get briefed on it.
I mean, I told the president
Over the phone this, too!
And that's what irritates me about the Q stuff.
There's a lot of great Q people.
They do a lot of great things.
But then anybody can pose as Q. It's kind of like anonymous.
You can have thousands of anonymouses out there.
People go, are you with anonymous?
And I go, no, because it could be anybody.
Are there some good anonymouses and some bad?
But, like, I'm really talking to the Defense Intelligence Agency.
I'm really talking to high-level CIA.
I'm really talking to the President.
I'm really doing all that.
But I'm doing my own thing.
Most of the time, they're getting information from me.
But I did have the Secret Service approach me.
And I was at the RNC, and the night they tried to approach me, I had been drinking.
And I didn't even meet with them, because I'd been up all day and didn't do it.
And they were kind of insulted.
So then they approached Joe Biggs.
And Biggs is like, yeah, she's got a black ambulance, she's having seizures every hour, and they say, we've got reporters, we've got to follow, and I go, Biggs, I believe you, but I said, I want to meet with the Secret Service.
And they said, well, you didn't go to the meeting or whatever, and I said, okay, man, I was tired, it was like nine at night.
I'm being totally haunted by everything right now.
And I don't drink that much now.
A lot of times I quit for months and months, but I did get a little sauce that night, they wanted to meet with me.
And my God, who I was already having dinner with that night, the planets aligned, it was like Nigel Farage,
Remember the former police commissioner in New York?
It was crazy.
This basement restaurant was crazy, but... I say drunk.
I had a bunch of Italian food and red wine.
I mean, I was tired.
And then they sent somebody to Texas from another federal agency and said, yeah, man, a black ambulance.
She's having seizures all the time.
Why don't you send your reporters out to catch it?
And I said, I only have a few reporters.
Well, Millie Weaver went, she caught her in Ohio collapsing, but was behind the tents and all the rescue stuff.
But then somebody else in New York on 9-11 a month or so later did catch it.
Her famously falling down that probably cost her the election.
So I think the Secret Service, like anybody at the FBI or any agency, on average, they're hardworking, good people.
So I went on air and I told that story back at the time, 2017, that you've got all these Democrats and Phil Mudd, who used to run CIA assassination teams for the CIA, now FBI under Mueller, saying they're going to kill the president.
And you had an Aspen Institute where they said, we're going to take the president out, Clapper and Brennan, by December.
So in October, November, December 2017, I was
Like the time Trump called me, sir, you gotta watch out.
I'm telling you, have you heard how they're threatening you?
You know, on CNN?
And it's like, just a minute, and they cut on when I say that, and then come back, and yeah, yeah, yeah, mud, mud, you know, and McCain's a big problem.
Oh, yeah, McCain.
So imagine, that's why I was in the news, like get Jones, get Jones, get Jones, because I'm like, hey, Fiona Hill, and these guys are betraying you, and they're Bilderberg, and Stone was telling me that, and all the lines are tapped, folks.
And then, you know, William Binney, former technical head of the NSA, calls up and goes, get Trump this document.
This was actually, the FISA court released this.
They were spying on him illegally.
We broke that!
And it wasn't that we broke it.
No one else would touch it.
So, the Secret Service calls up, and I invited them over.
They said, yeah, we might come over, but they didn't.
And they just said, can you send us where these threats are being made?
I'm like, are you joking?
You don't know Phil Mudd threatened.
So the guys at Foggy Bottom are going to go after Trump.
The government's going to kill this guy.
He goes, no, he really said that.
And I said, yeah, I'll send it to you.
So I did.
I don't know those guys got Secret Service visits.
But if you're like an auto parts salesman and you say you're going to kill the president, you get a visit.
If you used to run assassination teams, you say, I mean, you should go to prison.
This is a guy in the government saying they're going to kill the president.
So that's what I said on air.
It's what I said to the president.
It's what I said.
So the president told him, yeah, get this stuff from Jones.
And don't tell me the Secret Service didn't already know this stuff.
Maybe the guy that called me didn't know.
And so the Washington Times thought I must have made that up or whatever.
So they got the foyer, took years to get it in.
And they spin it like, oh, and Jones had been looked at for Obama deception, and Jones had been looked like, like, like, they turned like I'm the bad guy.
Like, oh, you know, Jones is crazy, so they came and checked what he said.
We just saw an entire attempted coup against the president, and Infowars was the first to call it Obamagate and Spygate.
We did it all.
And again, not because we're the smartest.
We are willing to put it out.
So here's a short compilation.
You know, the guys this morning, when I said, hey, get me all the clips where they threatened to kill the president or murder his family.
And they go, well, it's like 50 minutes of it.
And I said, can you boil it down to two minutes?
And so they just got it done.
This is boiled down to two minutes.
Of the deep state saying they're going to get Trump, going to kill Trump, the Democrats, the communists, the CIA assassination squad head.
I mean, that's the arrogance because they say that to make their operatives feel strong.
That's why they say, get him, like Comey last week, just keep attacking, just get Trump!
These people believe they're in a resistance, because they're good Comeys, and we're all Russians.
Even though they actually work for the shycoms.
So, a lot of people are like, wow, the Secret Service really called you for a briefing?
It's so amateur, folks, that you think, like, we're up here, like, well, you don't have a magic cue card, so you're nobody.
You've just been around 26 years and, you know.
You know, had family in Iran-Contra.
You know, we don't listen to anything you say because you're not a magic secret guy on the Internet.
You just talked to the president.
What is that?
Chopped liver.
But again, I'm just saying this is an example of I don't make this stuff up.
They got the foyer.
It's all there.
And of course, it's all blacked out page after page after page.
It's all about the coup and Fiona Hill and McMaster and the Soros people and the wiretapping and the FISA.
It even says the article.
One area not blacked out is Jones claimed there was a coup attempt to politically overthrow the president, and that General Flynn was set up by the FBI.
Three years later, exactly what I said.
You think I play games?
My God!
And of course the Secret Service listens, because all I do is study this.
Here's a clip.
Last night I was with a very high-level Republican lobbyist with very, very close ties to the Bush family and to Jeb Bush specifically.
He had just had lunch with Jeb and Jeb told him confidently, Trump will be gone by December.
Trump will be gone by December.
If he's fired, and he's the President of the United States, he could tell Rosenstein to fire him if he wants.
But if he's fired, what would you want Congress to do?
First of all, I think it's the obligation of some executive branch officials to refuse to carry out some of these orders that, again, are inconsistent with what this country is all about.
I'm going to say one thing.
F*** Trump!
It's no longer down with Trump, it's Trump.
With this kind of inspiration, I will go and take Trump out tonight.
No peace!
No peace, no Trump!
No peace, no Trump!
I believe with all my heart and soul that this is a party that will lead the revolution, to take the White House down, that will make the United States of America a socialist country.
The young people in this room will see it.
The young people in this room will build it.
So all power to the youth,
You take on the intelligence community, they have six ways from Sunday at getting back at you.
Let me give you one bottom line.
As a former government official, government's gonna kill this guy.
It's an actor dressed to look just like President Donald Trump as he's assassinated on stage.
Look as his character is stabbed to death.
So they tried to hype up some idiot to do it.
None of them will do the killing themselves.
But now they've done the economic collapse.
And that, they think, is their ace in the hole.
That's why it's critical that we expose.
It's the Democrats, the globals, the deep state that engineered the financial collapse so they get the blame.
And so we turn the economy back on as quickly as possible.
And don't forget,
We have the big mega special, only extended a few more days while I create a new special.
So much stuff selling out.
I want to thank you all for your support.
Whether it's Ultimate Krill Oil X2 or Vitamin Refusion or DNA Force Plus, it's all available at InfoWarsTore.com.
How can he continue to insist that African children get that shot when he knows it's probably killing millions of kids?
He's the most powerful man in public health because he owns the WHO.
CDC is actually a vaccine company.
CDC has a total budget of about $11 billion a year.
It spends $5 billion of that buying vaccines from those four companies and making sweetheart deals that are much higher, where we pay, with taxpayer money, much more for the vaccines than they pay for the exact same vaccine in Europe.
And then they distribute those vaccines to the American public.
So they're approving the vaccine.
They're mandating for them for the public.
They're buying them from these companies who they're friends with.
And then they're basically forcing 78 million people to take an untested product.
The CDC also owns patents on many of the vaccines.
In fact, across HHS, which is the mother agency,
FDA, CDC, and NIH, which all regulate vaccines, different parts of the vaccine industry, are all parts of HHS.
And those agencies are allowed to hold patents on the vaccines that their scientists work on.
And then collect royalties.
And in fact, officials in those agencies who worked on the vaccines can also own part of the patent and collect royalties of up to $150,000 a year.
Let me ask you, this is intriguing to me because some states have been aggressive with reopening despite predictions of potentially dire consequences from some health experts.
I'm thinking specifically of states such as Georgia or Colorado.
They began reopening weeks ago and it seems, at least so far, that we have not seen a dramatic spike in new cases from those two states, Georgia and Colorado.
What have you seen from those states?
Is there any cause for concern that they reopened early?
Is it still too early to tell?
Or are they taking measures such as social distancing and masks that make this reopening work?
Yeah, Jake, I think your question is very insightful.
We are seeing that in areas that are opening, we're not seeing the spike in cases.
We still see spikes in some areas that are in fact closed, very localized situations.
And so this is going to be really important for us to watch the circumstances on the ground.
But you know, with reopening, what's the key to reopening?
First, we need to have good surveillance.
So we need to look for influenza-like illness and other respiratory disease.
We've got a great surveillance system for that.
We look for spikes in early indicators.
We have adequate testing capacity.
We surge that in.
We need to make sure anybody who's symptomatic is tested and that we have adequate asymptomatic surveillance in
Let me put it very clearly.
You have no constitutional right to endanger the public and spread the disease even if you disagree.
You have no right not to be vaccinated.
You have no right not to wear a mask.
You have no right to open up your business.
Wait, can I stop you?
No right not to be vaccinated?
Meaning if they decide you have to be vaccinated, we have to be vaccinated?
And if you refuse to be vaccinated, the state has the power to literally take you to a doctor's office and plunge a needle into your arm.
What if a young girl's been grabbed from a bus stop and she's in Jeffrey Epstein's place and she's 14 years old and he wants to stick his disgusting egg-shaped penis in her?
I mean, does she have a right to say no to that?
Or what if it's safe?
If he doesn't have a disease, is it alright?
But you'd have to talk to Epstein's lawyer to ask that question.
I guess not Dershowitz.
I'm sorry, Dershowitz, you didn't represent him.
I shouldn't answer that question.
At least you didn't do that, right, Dershowitz?
Hell awaits.
We'll be right back with Dan Lyman from Europe Wars, with the ongoing globalist invasion.
And I'll stop it.
I'm Alex Jones, unchained, 100% real, and committed to humanity for eternity.
What is the secret of silent greatness?
It's official, COVID-19 is a United Nations world government fascist takeover of humanity.
Once world government is in place, the orderly extermination of humanity will be carried out by the AI genocide grid.
You tried to warn us about this pandemic and we didn't listen.
What's the next thing you're warning us about that's going to happen five years from now that we're not listening to at the present?
Well, I didn't want to be right.
What I wanted to do was... I understand.
I'm not saying you won.
Everybody loses.
Nobody wins with us.
And I'm not saying that this is not an end zone dance.
I'm just saying, what else are we not listening to that we need to take action on now?
The idea of a bioterrorist attack is kind of the nightmare scenario because there, a pathogen with a high death rate would be taken.
Now the good news is, not going to depress you, it's tough enough right now.
Too late!
Most of the work we're going to do to be ready for Pandemic 2, I call this Pandemic 1, most of the work we'll do to be ready for that are also the things we need to do to minimize the threat of bioterrorism.
Well, um, Mr. Gates, thanks so much for being here.
Thanks so much for the efforts you and your organization are doing to try to find the cure for this.
And, uh, we'll see you again.
Stay safe.
All right, folks.
Yeah, stay safe.
They need a total medical tyranny in place and a total censorship grid so that once their world government is in place, they can, with electromagnetic waves, with radiation, with chemicals and biologicals,
Accelerate the extermination of humanity.
And once they get a stampede going, once they get a mass collapse going, once they know with probability and have the smart grid in place to track your execution,
They will then release bioweapons and other systems knowing that you will just simply shelter in place waiting for the driverless trash truck to arrive with the robots that will offload, go in and put your bodies in bags, take you out, throw you in the back and take you for processing.
So this whole system is a human extermination grid.
This is the police!
What they need most is Soylent Green.
The supply of Soylent Green has been exhausted.
Return to your homes!
Bill Gates, already in 2018, prophesied a pandemic, then simulated last October in the event 201, in agreement with friends of Davos.
And now, for decades, the development of plans for depopulation and dictatorial control on global politics.
If we do a good job with the new vaccines, health and reproductive health, we can reduce the world population by 10-15%.
The Club of Rome, the CFR, the United Nations, the UN Biological Diversity Assessments, UN, Agenda 2020, Agenda 2030, they state that they want to get the human population down to 500 million
The quote, live in harmony with the earth.
Now, that's what they tell people that are in the outer court.
When you get into the deeper cult, they say, no, all humans must be gotten rid of.
Humans are inherently bad, and we're going to merge with silicon and become gods.
Now, I'd tell you that 26 years ago, and it sounded crazy, because you people are crazy.
Now you're like, yeah, I saw that on CNN or ABC News, or I read a book about the world without humans, and they teach school kids that we're bad.
And NBC News says there'll soon be no humans left by 2050, because we're going to merge the machines, and then they will get rid of the humans.
This is really their plan.
And so, of course when they said we'll be locked down for two weeks, it was permanent.
Of course, they are counting on you believing you're complying because you're told you're a hero, when really all you're doing is collapsing the global economy.
The third world is totally dependent on us?
We are dependent on the third world.
You cut the two, the global structure falls.
A war, a world war could not bring us to our knees like this is going to do unless nuclear weapons were used.
But nuclear weapons will kill the planet for the establishment.
So they're not using nuclear weapons.
They're using economic warfare and psychological warfare to carry all of this out.
And I'm not trying to scare you.
Dan Lyman joins us for the Balance of the Hour from EuropeWars.com.
By putting all this out, I'm showing you the real plan.
And Dan Lyman has the latest.
He's covered Bilderberg Group.
He's covered Davos.
He's written for other major sites.
He's done a great job with EuropeWars.com for us, though.
And he gets into the weaponized third world that has been taught to hate Europe, hate America, that's been taught to be anti-white, and that are just basically, many of them, like brown Nazis.
But see, that's part of a larger dialectic, folks.
Why do you think that Bill Gates official at the CDC said whites are bad?
We need to teach minorities to get rid of whites if she's white.
It's a collision.
We're all fighting with each other while the AI takeover happens.
So you don't lay down to an Islamic invasion or an invasion forever with military-age men hyped up and trained at UN training facilities.
No, no, no.
But we also don't go forcefully inoculate them and sterilize them.
Because that's immoral and evil.
We help people, we build up, we promote free governments in those areas, and then we promote the people that work hard and have high scores to come here.
And you can turn those areas into beautiful, wonderful places, but the globalists have absolutely exploited them.
So, a lot of people ask me, they go, Alex, what's this paradox?
You're like, hey, the UN's running giant Islamic invasion and third world invasion because they admit replacement migration.
On the other side, they want to get rid of the third world?
Shouldn't we just support Bill and Melinda Gates?
It's way more sophisticated than that, ladies and gentlemen.
Bill and Melinda Gates are targeting everyone for dehumanization and sterilization.
If you study real eugenics, here's a parallel in the animal kingdom.
A lot of male lions and tigers will go look at the cubs, especially the lions, where they're in a pride, because tigers aren't a pack cat.
The only pack cats are lions.
That was done under pressure.
And they will go and look at all the different male babies that are born in the spring.
And boy, that really big one jumping that strong, usually even the head male's baby.
He'll go over and eat him.
Because he doesn't want him unseating him in a few years from the pride.
Grizzly bears do it too.
They'll find the sow.
I think you call a male
Bear, the bear, and I think you call the female a sow.
Guys, look that up.
But the point is, the female bear will even defend the cub.
But he'll sometimes hurt her, kill her, to eat that male.
Even though it's his son!
Because he wants to run things.
So, real eugenics is about taking the best people and killing them.
And controlling the intelligency, because there's a ruling class in Africa.
There's a ruling class in Europe.
Everybody knows there's a ruling class in Asia.
Everybody knows that the average people aren't that smart, but they're good at things and have emotions and have a connection to God, and that there are different cast of people.
There's usually super brainiacs that are mathematicians, but they've got their own problems.
They're kind of retarded.
Then you've got other people that have other skills.
This is what makes all of us in the garden come together and build something great.
The globalists target the most intelligent in Africa, the most intelligent in Latin America, the most intelligent in Europe, the most intelligent in Asia, to dumb them down and or control them.
Everybody gets fluoride put in their water.
Everybody gets GMO.
Everybody gets 5G.
So to even people out there that go, hey man, I don't want to kill black people or people in India, but if you've been there, it's scary.
Yeah, there's some areas that are huge populations, obviously over, it's crazy, but you've got to have a plan.
Be honest with folks, pay them to only have two kids, build industry, but don't just keep them poor, dumb them down and then wipe them out.
And then you learn Bill Gates is a creep.
And then his family and their grandparents and all of involved with the Nazis and all this stuff.
It's about power.
It's not about saving the earth from overpopulation.
And again, are you going to go into that Appalachian poor area and kill those white babies?
Or go into poor area Africa and kill those black babies?
No, you're not.
You can feel God get mad at you even thinking about that.
So, we're supposed to fix these problems, not just poison and kill everybody.
What do they do when they kill somebody?
They give them a little card, a little calling card from Uncle Sam, the Ace of Spades.
Oh, and he's a globalist.
To realize the Ace of Spades card is for them as well.
And it comes for you.
The United Nations is openly declaring world government is here!
And there is a dialectic.
They collapse the third world, weaponize them against the West, indoctrinate military men at UN training camps that white people are bad!
Then they launch them with Soros funded money into the United States and Europe!
Even during the COVID collapse, we're told you must have them there.
And they're allowed to rape and kill and steal, while the globalists collapse the very third world and give them the inoculations that are sterilizing them.
What is the dialectic?
I want to talk big picture with Dan Lyman of EuropeWars.com, great journalist, great researcher that heads up EuropeWars.com.
And again, in the latest developments,
Interpol says EU faces second wave of coronavirus crisis, takes hold.
The UN says, oh no, you can't deport.
We need to bring in more.
You can't leave your house if you live in Spain.
You can't leave your house if you live in San Francisco.
But the homeless can do whatever they want.
So what's the dialectic here?
Obviously, giant masses of military-age men from Africa, Middle East, Latin America, spending years sometimes at UN camps, usually months, brainwashed, coming.
They're a threat.
They're horrible.
It's like a Nazi invasion because they're racially based.
But then as Christians and people that want justice, we don't hate the people in those countries.
We understand what the globalists have done.
The globalists admit they've created replacement migration and created this racial and religious ethos against the West.
What's the dialectic though?
How does Bill and Melinda Gates and their depopulation program come in with the Chinese who are taking over Africa into this system?
And what is the humane, Christian, proper thing to do to navigate this and still survive?
That's a great question.
It's definitely one for the ages right now.
Last time that we were together a couple months ago was right at the beginning of the coronavirus crisis really hitting Europe.
And we had just, just about, we're about to go into lockdown.
And right at that time also, Turkey was flushing migrants, trying to flush them across the border into Greece.
Thankfully, they were quite unsuccessful because there was quite a concerted effort to stop them from making their way into Europe at that time.
Migration has been quieter in the past couple of months due to a lot of the border closures, but it's still going on.
There are still migrants pouring across from France into the UK.
That has really picked up now.
And actually, Nigel Farage has really stepped up to the plate to expose that.
And due to his reporting, he got a visit from the UK police for reporting on that.
Just since the beginning of lockdown in the UK, they've had over 1,000 migrants have reached the UK on record from Calais setting sail across the channel there and typically they get picked up.
by the border force and brought the rest of the way, which basically border force acts as a ferry service.
And another interesting tidbit that I just learned today because I was reading this Europol report and it was saying that one of the new routes that they think that the migrants will be taking, the human traffickers will be using, is actually from the coast of Africa over to the Canary Islands, which is on the northwest
Coast of Africa and it's actually owned by Spain.
And you know, I never hear much about migration there.
I know it happens a little bit, but I happen to look into it.
And apparently since January 1st, that route, the traffic is up on that route over 700% and they've had 1800 arrivals since January 1st.
And that's with these lockdowns, of course.
So the human traffickers always find a way.
And now with the warm weather coming and with also kind of the easing a little bit of the border restrictions, I think we're about to see a whole new wave start pouring into Europe again.
Well, that's the big problem with this global collapse.
The UN that runs the collapse and orchestrates the WHO with the COVID lockdown numbers and false information.
They're the same ones saying, oh, but leave your border open.
And then as the third world really collapses, now we're going to see hundreds of millions, not tens of millions.
Even the UN themselves says that they demand more money and power to stop the problem they themselves have created.
This is very orchestrated when you look at it, Dan.
Yes, absolutely.
And the timing of this new Europol report is interesting because last week there was a similar report that came out.
Actually, the Washington Examiner was the first to break it.
They interviewed the head of U.S.
And basically, I guess the U.S.
government is preparing for waves of migrants to potentially come up from Central and South America, also as a result of the economic fallout of these lockdowns and the
That's right.
Uh, out of desperation and most of the time to seek, um, greener pastures and that will force them into our country.
And then the Democrats are handing out all the oxycontin you want and all of the fentanyl and blocking streets all over the blue cities and just inviting homelessness.
I mean, they clearly are trying to collapse things.
They admit they want to collapse things and I guess then create a new order on top of that.
It's insane.
Yes, absolutely.
We can take a case in point to be San Francisco at the moment where the agenda that leftists have been pushing for for a while now is to put the homeless and migrants into hotels.
And they've been successful to a small degree so far, but now with tourism basically at a standstill and a lot of the hotels empty,
They basically commandeered many of these hotels in places like Germany, San Francisco, and they're providing all sorts of benefits to people that are... Oh yeah, Newsom's done it all over the state.
So what's the endgame?
Why don't their constituents, when they're throwing old people out of their government housing for military-age Muslim men, I mean, what won't people pull it up with?
I know Germany just six months ago was on the edge of rebellion, and Merkel was in deep trouble, but now what has COVID done?
Well, things are heating up again in Germany, especially in the last few days.
The protests across Germany have grown in intensity quite considerably, and a heavy-handed response from the police to crack down on what essentially are peaceful protesters in most regards.
The ones that the media always touts as these peaceful protesters when they're not, like in Ferguson, these are actually generally pretty peaceful protesters.
They're just
Not obeying the social distancing guidelines put out by the government.
And so the German police are arresting en masse hundreds and hundreds of people quite violently at times.
And it looks very reminiscent of what was going on with the Yellow Vest protests not too long ago.
And on that point as well, the Yellow Vest protests actually tapered off and ended on March 15th when France went into lockdown.
They've announced now that France is starting to ease up on those restrictions that the LOS are planning to kick off immediately, right away.
Wasn't WHO-directed lockdown convenient for communists?
China and Hong Kong and Taiwan, with Macron that was super unpopular.
But look at Spain.
They've now got numbers out.
The government's even more unpopular after lockdown.
So they thought this lockdown would make folks love the government.
Looks like it's backfiring.
To some degree, definitely.
There are certain people that, as we've seen some of these ridiculous polls out of the UK, where you have a large portion of the population... 90% want to stay on permanent lockdown!
Right, exactly.
But yes, in Spain, the protests are kicking up.
They've gotten a lot more aggressive even today, actually, and in the past couple of days this past weekend.
So I think the backlash is brewing.
I'm actually surprised it took this long.
I thought there would be more pushback sooner, that people would be taking to the streets.
Yeah, in Spain, one person in the family can go to the grocery once a week.
You can't even walk your dog.
I mean, I would go crazy in like two days.
Here in Switzerland, we never got a stay-at-home order, thankfully, and we've had, you know, we've had a pretty decent run of it in comparison with some other places.
But there's other people and people in France and Italy and Spain.
I mean, these people have been indoors, essentially, for two months.
I don't know how you do that.
I felt like I've gone a little crazy, even though I had the liberty to go and come and go as I pleased, just from the lack of human interaction and the lack of the regularity with the schedule.
But I can't imagine having been indoors, especially as the weather gets nice here in the spring.
Well, imagine people with children in these high-rises.
I mean, this is just... I mean, I know well-to-do people that live in high-rises in New York, and they say they're ready to kill themselves.
And a lot of people are getting divorces, you name it.
I mean, it is just insane.
Yeah, absolutely.
I can't imagine being in that situation, especially with no income coming in and food being scarce for a lot of these people as well.
Imagine folks that don't have the money.
Wow, Dan Lyman's with us.
Let's look at what's happening in Europe and the latest numbers coming out and how that's going to affect us and what's happening in Latin America because when the first world collapses, well, you collapse into the third world and now you're third world.
Ah, Bernie Sanders is happy as a pig, and you know what, though?
Oh, what a piece of trash.
We're going to be talking more to Dan Lyman about something really important, the exodus from this evil.
How do you get away from it?
That's next segment, but right now, talk about the big picture.
First off, we have a sale going right now that I'm going to extend till Thursday or Friday.
It's all of our best-selling supplements at 30 to 60 percent off, and I'm just continuing the sale.
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But just sitting back looking at how crazy the world is and how insane things are at a gut level, I just feel like we should get as much funds in as InfoWars can now.
Because six months a year from now, I'm not even sure that there'll be internet.
It's that bad if this total global depression collapse continues, if the stampede that the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is triggering continues.
It's going to collapse the first world into the third world.
It'll be a global disaster, total shutdown of society.
And the crisis of the breakdown of services will be so bad, we'll be begging for martial law.
And of course, that will drive populists like Alassaro and Trump from power.
That's the admitted Financial Times of London economist Rothschild plan.
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But already I've sent off purchase orders where you gotta pay a quarter down or whatever.
They're like, oh sorry, that's not gonna be two months now, it'll be five months.
And so the breakdown's very real.
You see that in the food shortages, the meatpacking.
Because you'll have a warehouse with 50 people and one person gets COVID, they're not even sick.
Oh, the whole thing has to shut down.
It's a hysteria inflicted.
And now that things are opening back up in red states.
People don't want to go back to work and the leftists are causing trouble in the companies because they've learned to be the victims and go on the news and talk about it.
This was all set up to shut us down in communist China.
Well, they're open for business.
They were open a month after this happened.
It's all a setup, ladies and gentlemen, and now we have to face it.
So prepare for the worst, hope for the best.
Hope for the best, prepare for the worst, but I've been on air 26 years and we've been self-funded for about 15.
We used to have sponsors, but they harassed them.
So I said, hey, we'll sell our own products and you've responded.
So we're an example of survivors thanks to you.
You are the info war.
That's not rhetoric.
Baby, that's the truth.
But I would lie to you if I didn't tell you we're all staring down the barrel of a gun.
And if I could tell you about the civil war in the U.S.
military and with the deep state, if I could tell you what really happened to General Flynn and Roger Stone and others, I would.
But there's things that no one knows about yet that I just have to stop there.
I'm sworn to secrecy.
But just believe me, we're winning like in a football game at halftime by one touchdown.
We're winning.
But we could lose this damn game.
I'm not going to lie to you.
It's that bad.
And this isn't the game where you lose the game, you get kicked off the team, or, you know, the cheerleader doesn't give you some poontang.
You lose this game, then it goes into the real dark times, the real dark ages, the real New World Order total oppression technocracy.
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So I'm done ranting about that, but these are the times that try men's souls, and this is the place we're at.
So secondary, you know, the products are secondary.
You're spreading the word now while folks are ready to wake up.
The next six months, the next year, but really the election, 168 days, is the catalyst for the future.
Now is the flux time.
Now is the battle that's going to decide the future.
So your word of mouth and your action, for whatever you think is important news and information, isn't just some side thing you do now.
It's total war.
You're under attack.
All your freedoms, what your ancestors fought for, and your ancestors paid in blood and treasure and sweat and pain and lost loved ones.
Worse than their blood, the blood of their families.
And they built this and we can't let them down and I know you won't.
But stop caring what your neighbors think and get in their face lovingly.
Stop caring what your boss thinks, your employees think.
It's time, ladies and gentlemen.
Dan, talk about inspiration.
I don't want to hit something big, the exit is next segment, and get to know what's happening in Europe and the rest of the world.
But, I mean, you had a successful career, what you were doing.
What made you, in the last six, seven, eight years, you know, become a journalist, do what you're doing?
I mean, you made a lot of sacrifices.
People need to know, I mean, this is do or die time.
Being politically active isn't like some hobby now.
It's about survival.
Just the basic background is that I was in a music career in Hollywood for many years and really deeply entrenched in that.
You know, doing a band there, running a little record label there, and you know, kind of had that red pill moment.
Like Elon Musk said yesterday, take the red pill, as he really freaked everyone out with that statement.
And I did one day and then kind of realized that none of it would really matter if this is all taken away from us.
And in a way, it feels like it is being taken away from us right now that that process is accelerating.
But the things that you've been warning about for decades now and the things that I've been warning about for a much shorter period of time, just
Um, on the timeline there, um, you know, they're, they're coming to pass now.
And I think you've been vindicated so much and so much of what you said and warned about and, uh, many other great people out there, you know, the Pappy cannons of the world and the, you know, even the Trump, Trump has, you know, many ways has warned about a lot of these things for, for a long time about trade, about the way that our, that our economy is being pillaged and shipped off overseas, essentially, and jobs.
So, and I think now we're starting to see a quickening.
I think that it's very apparent that in the last few years, the globalists have lost a lot of ground with the election of Trump, with the populist uprising in Brazil and Europe and Brexit.
They really lost a lot.
So now we get that Hail Mary COVID with the giant third world assault.
They need to make up a lot of lost ground very quickly, and I think that they are.
But at the same time, they are throwing their game plan out the window in a sense that they're not doing as much of a steady creep as much as they are just slapping us in the face with it.
And it is having the consequences that they fear, that a lot of people are waking up really fast and people are getting really sick of
Of what they're seeing and a lot of people are realizing that the reality that they've been living in is a false one.
Like that Instagram model that you were talking about the other day with millions of followers who basically said that she was embarrassed with herself that she's allowed herself to live in this false reality, this kind of a daydream, this fake blue-killed world.
It's not empowering.
Living in the reality is empowering.
She was dead before.
She's like, I can't believe I was dead before.
It's plastic.
Once you don't care about all the crap anymore, it means nothing.
All that matters is our basic freedom.
And for people like you and then down the line, people like me walking through that fire to the other side of the fence, it's very trying.
You lose a lot of friends.
You get ostracized, you know, by friends and family and by, for me, the entire industry that I was in.
But once you do it, it's very liberating.
And now at this time, I think it's easier to do it.
There's less on the line that, you know, the choices are very black and white at this point.
I was about to interrupt you.
Leadership already happened.
Now it's all out in the open.
Now it's just a choice.
Everyone needs to make a break for the exit at this point.
And you know, and just get out into the real world and live in reality.
And really, what that entails once you do is you realize you need to start fighting back, whether that's spreading articles or becoming a journalist.
Dan, I agree with you.
So here's part of it.
We'll come back and talk about this.
It's been impressed on me for years, but an instinct to get away from the cities, at least get to a semi-rural area and try to build a community.
And again, not a cult, just a culture, a community.
And then now I've had to do it.
I mean, I'm already moving out of Austin.
It's already begun.
You're outside it.
And then I was just out there during the earlier break and I saw Dave Rubin saying, I'm leaving California.
Elon Musk is coming to Austin.
It's all happening.
Joe Rogan says he's coming to Austin.
I'm going to leave it at that.
I mean, it's all happening.
Everybody finally going, damn, there's no way to live and coexist with the New World Order.
I got to get the hell away from it.
Well, that's the first move.
Then we build the new city.
Then we attack.
Dave Rubin was just on Fox News, another bellwether, talking about he's got to leave California.
Because it's a sickness.
It's an evil.
And when you're there, the government is going to parasitically rip you off.
They're going to take all the infrastructure and steal it.
They're going to oppress you.
They're going to be on the track on payroll because they're gone.
Not like Republicans are perfect, but they're not out to destroy civilization.
They haven't broken the social contract.
And Trump tried to re-extend that social contract.
And many Americans went along with the hype.
But now people are starting to wake up.
Here's some of what Mr. Rubin said.
Why I'm worried about the August 1 situation here in California is that the longer this goes we will forget every little bit of what it was like to be a human just two months ago and you know when they say August 1st it's like well I have a pretty good feeling that on July 28th that Gavin Newsom or Eric Garcetti or one of the guys here in California is gonna suddenly say hey you know what guys didn't didn't flatten even more so now we're doing this through the election I mean that's that's really the problem we don't have a
There are adults in the room who are honestly explaining things to us.
The three months sounded so extreme because it's like, well, where is the data telling you that in three months you would need to have it closed down?
Dave, tell me, you love California, but you are seriously considering leaving the state.
Yeah, I hate to say it, Dana.
You know how much I love it.
This is my garage.
I've got a great studio here.
I've got a great life here.
I've built my career and family here.
I don't want to go, but you know, at some point the rubber meets the road for all of us that talk for a living.
And it's like, if I live in a place that is so out of whack with the things that I talk about,
Yeah, it starts not feeling right.
So I'm considering all sorts of things and it's unfortunate but you know Abbott and Abbott in Texas the governor of Texas obviously and DeSantis in Florida they're doing a nice job they're not just saying hey open up everyone run around and nobody put masks on and do whatever you want they're saying right we're
Trying to figure out a way to move forward.
And that's the thing.
If you listen to much of the media, they make it sound like, oh, they're opening up and everyone can do whatever they want.
It's going to be spikes in two weeks.
And it's like, no, they're trying to let us be free.
I thought the United States had something to do with freedom.
Wasn't that in one of the founding documents?
There was something about freedom in something, wasn't there?
I think so.
I think so.
We'll have to see.
I know that you've invited... So let's go back now to Dan Lyman of EuropeWars.com.
And again, amazing articles posted there every day.
Millions of readers every month, but it could get millions every day if folks spread them, about the whole invasion of Europe and the globalists orchestrating that.
What is the system going to do about that exodus?
Is it right to stay in the belly of the beast and fight it?
I don't think so anymore because they just take your money, they ignore you, there's always election fraud in Democrat areas.
Don't we have to, like the Israelites leaving Babylon or before that leaving Egypt, really just pull out and then, I mean, because it used to, I was at Bilderberg more than 10 years ago covering it in England and they sent this MI5 guy over to the hotel.
I don't
He goes, exactly.
You're Mr. Anti-Globalist.
He goes, you're the globalist.
And this guy was a leftist.
He goes, I'm a real liberal.
You're a right-wing idiot.
But he was still nice to us and had our event and gave us the police protection and all that.
But it was always a very challenging moment where he was like, you claim you're against big corporations.
Well, I'm not against big corporations.
I'm against globalist corporations.
But how do we thread that needle?
How do we?
Because now I'm to the point where I won't go to Target.
I won't go to Walmart.
I won't.
I mean, if anything's globalist, I don't do it because they're literally trying to use that to make me submit to them and make me take an inoculation and make me turn my kids over to their pedophiles.
That's a great question.
You know, listening to Dave is such an interesting, it brought so many thoughts to mind, but I had my own moment of exodus from California in 2013.
It hit me that I didn't have a future there.
I couldn't raise a family there.
Not that it's not a beautiful place, not that it's just got, you know, amazing scenery and beaches and has many things to offer, but realizing the state of the state and realizing where it was headed, I had to get out.
Now, the problem with exodus, especially mass exodus,
From a place like California, as we've seen now, is what they do to the places that they go to.
Because it's not typically your, you know, your blue-collar hunting types that are going from California to Idaho not too often.
No, it's more... Exactly!
They leave, but bring it with them.
So how do we stop that?
There isn't a good way to stop that.
Unfortunately, if you have California come to Texas and Idaho and Montana, you're going to get California in those places inevitably.
So that really is a conundrum.
And by the way, I live in Austin.
It is ruined.
It is worse than LA now.
Yes, I used to play shows in Austin a lot, South by Southwest every year.
And when I used to start going there in 2005, 2006, it definitely had a different vibe.
It still was holding on to some of its Texas-ness.
But when I've been there in recent years, to be down there at the studio or visit friends, it feels like a completely different place.
And that happened essentially overnight.
That's just a few years.
Why does LA and San Francisco and Austin now, when you're in the liberal downtown, it has an empty feeling.
What is that spirit?
What is that?
It feels very corporatist trendy at the same time and I think it's these types of people that are drawn to that that don't mind living in a tiny little apartment as long as it's downtown and they can, you know, get to the yoga studio and get some cool food and they don't mind that and they can say, oh, we're in Texas and it's a hip place and Austin's super cool but, you know, look what it's done to that city, look what it's doing to Boise, Idaho as well.
They don't know how much Texans, black, white, Hispanic hate them!
And it's not because they're outsiders.
We have great hospitality.
They're like fake little retards.
Right, and Austin has that reputation now.
When you see people talking about, on message boards, I look at comments, people from other states, they say, I'm moving to Texas, I gotta get over there, what's the best place to go?
Every person will say, Austin's like the coolest city, but you don't want to move there because it's basically just California transplanted into Texas.
So that is a big problem with the exodus that we're inevitably going to be seeing.
Oh, it's like a giant LA mothership landed on me in the last 10 years.
It's like it just landed on me.
They'll come up to you in Whole Foods, where I won't even go anymore because of Bezos, and they'll literally say, you got three kids, that's bad for the earth, or they'll get mad at my Ford truck.
I mean, these are sick people, man.
Right, they're definitely changing the landscape of Texas, as are people coming in from Mexico, and you know, you're really seeing a huge change in Texas now.
The whole ethos there has changed a lot.
Yeah, but I'll tell you, the Mexicans like my truck.
But I understand, nothing worse than these
They're not even Californians.
They're the locusts that went to California and ruined it the last 40 years.
I mean, 40 years ago, California was redder than Texas.
Now they've come here.
It's like they're zombies.
Yeah, and some of the most authoritarian police behavior that I've seen out of this lockdown has happened in Texas, which I just find to be shocking, like what happened to the salon owner, Sherry, from Dallas.
Brother, all the cities are blue now, man.
Deep blue.
It's disgusting.
Yeah, I think that, you know, back to your question about what do we do?
Do we stay in the belly of the beast?
I don't think so.
I think we're entitled to go and live a good life and we can fight this fight thanks to the internet and thanks to... No, I agree, but we have to 100% remove ourselves from the parasitic left.
They need us, we don't need them.
And that's what I'm saying.
Don't give... Folks, I won't give a leftist organization... I look up things.
Restaurants, anything.
Who's owns it now?
If they have any globalist affiliation leftist, I will go hungry before I give them one dollar
Shop local.
Make sure you're checking for Made in America and definitely look for the Made in China and avoid Made in China at all costs.
Don't support that regime any longer.
And, you know, if you have to buy it from, buy something made in Vietnam, if you have to go for that route, but don't buy it made in China.
I like thrift shops and stuff, but I literally go into them now and I go, are you a bunch of leftists?
They're like, no, we're not.
And one good thing is a lot of leftists right now are still act like they're leftists.
But behind the scenes, they go, oh, we hate it.
We get it.
Yeah, I think that this, what they've seen, what the, maybe the more classical liberal types that would have called themselves leftists has seen, what the left really is now.
They've seen the Gretchen Whitmers, and the Cuomos, and the Jay Insleys, and how that they really want to rule with an iron fist, and then, you know, they could be, technically, they could be the ones being called the fascists at this point, and that's the way that they're behaving.
Were you always a nationalistic conservative or just what made you?
I know you were successful before.
I looked up your bio and know you are.
I've known you for many years but before that we looked into you.
Was there a flipping moment or was it a process?
I don't
We're good to go.
Dan, let's do five more minutes and let you finish up, and then I'm going to open the phones up.
I'm hosting the fourth hour today, ladies and gentlemen.
I want to hear from first-time callers, long-time callers, people that disagree, people that agree.
It's a free-for-all.
We don't screen your calls.
Because real screening means that we don't agree with what you're saying.
You get cut out.
We do get where you're calling from and make sure your phone sounds good.
So, that level we do screen them, but we're not censoring your speech.
You hate my guts?
Man, I want to hear why.
That wakes me up.
We'll be back with our number 4, 4, 4, 4, 4, 4.
Dan Lyman of Europe Wars.
And sure, you're dialed in, you're awake.
A lot of listeners are smarter than I am on many subjects, and I mean that.
That's why I apologize to the show sometimes when I restate basics and talk to leftists directly.
I'm trying to wake them up because most of them don't know what they're signed on to.
Most of them have no idea how much danger they're in.
But it's begun.
Massive ridicule in England where, you know, a man helps a woman fix her car, gives him a kiss on the cheek.
The police see that image of love and decency and normality, and they want to arrest him.
And it creates that final moment of backlash.
Or in New Jersey, the gym's been closed for two months.
They're going bankrupt.
By the way, as a test, we did it.
It took, and I even hired a law firm to do it.
Because the CPAs couldn't do it.
It took us three weeks to get logged into the business thing, which cost us tons of money.
And the way it all set up is we can't even get the money.
And I wasn't going to take it, but we couldn't even get it.
Jeff Bezos got $33 billion.
And he's cut the pay of his employees.
And I'm not trying to demonize Bezos.
It's just a sick joke.
So, the answer to fear is 1776.
The answer is not having fear.
As Roosevelt, who I didn't like politically, but he said, the only fear we have to fear, the only thing we have to fear is fear itself.
I mean, if there was something killing 5% of people for real, I'd be locked up in my house.
And you'd have the cops wouldn't be out arresting people that are dumb enough to be out.
They'd be hiding out too.
No, man, this thing doesn't even kill .03.
It's a hoax.
And when doctors expose it, they get banned.
So here is the beginning of the worm turning.
Even in authoritarian New Jersey, the cops finally get it because their moms and dads and brothers and sisters are going bankrupt too.
And then who's going to pay the taxes?
Here it is.
We are and we're only here for everybody's safety today.
We plan for the worst, hope for the best, and it seems like that's what we have out here today.
So the police get sent to kick him out, the police refuse to arrest him, and then he will say USA.
On that note, have a good day.
Everybody be safe.
So, okay, you're violating some executive order.
That's the dumbass governor who said, I don't care about the Constitution.
Like that dumbass mayor in Chicago got caught getting her hair done, but says she'll arrest you.
And she said, well, I'm important.
I've got to get my hair done.
See, how discriminatory is that, Dan?
We think about race all day or religion.
But when governments tell who's essential, who isn't, isn't that the ultimate form of classism right there?
They've chosen winners and losers.
Obviously, these big box stores get to stay open.
Here in Switzerland, things have started to open up a bit.
It's nice, but the ridiculous lengths and measures that people have to take if you want to go sit down at a cafe, go to a restaurant, go to the gym now at this point.
They're such asinine, ridiculous things.
They don't add up at all.
For instance, I just saw this announcement on Long Island the other day.
You can play tennis
But you have to bring your own balls, and you can't touch your opponent's balls.
You have to use your own.
But you can go to the grocery store and touch all the products there that have been touched by the people stocking the shelves.
So, none of it really adds up.
It's all just on a whim, everything, and I think it's just to make our lives... It's all training us in compliance ahead of the forced apps this year and next year.
That's really what it is.
Like, oh, it's simple now.
The app tells you what to do.
It's about accepting a social credit score.
Absolutely, and they have plenty of people here on the ground, the people among us, who are happy to enforce that as well, to rat on us, to make videos about us, and also to, you know, for instance, Paul just published a story about these people at the cafes in Germany.
One of them, they have to wear pool doodles on their head to enforce the social distance.
And when I saw that video, the picture posted, virally originally when it was posted,
The first comment was, the most popular one, was someone saying, good, that's what they should have to do, and they should feel ridiculous for being out and having the gall to go to a restaurant in this crazy time.
And that was the most popular comment.
So I think there are many among... We've got to go to break, but do five more minutes with us from EuropeWars.com, because I actually saw that.
I want to pull that article up.
Because a month ago, China started with the kids having to wear dowels three feet on either side of their head.
And then now Israel wants you to take a chip to make sure you stay separated.
Yeah, there it is.
Public humiliation.
Cafes make customers wear stupid hats to enforce social distancing.
This is all a giant Milgram-Stockholm syndrome horse manure operation.
We're going to show this in the article at InfoWars.com and NewsWars.com with Dan Lyman.
Then we're going right to your phone cards.
Gerard, Meredith, Jimmy, Greg, Peter, Jim, Francis, and others.
We're back in T-minus 60 seconds going directly to this article that Dan Lyman mentioned.
And I gotta tell you too, folks, I never quit winning.
And you know why?
I may come off like a crazy bear sometimes, or a tiger, but it's because I'm not backing down.
The reason I've never lost
It's because there's other people like me that believe like I do.
You're old, you're young, you're black, you're white, but you love freedom and you love justice and you love God.
And we've come together.
So when I say that I appreciate you, I'm like a man, again, thrown overboard an ocean without a piece of driftwood.
And that driftwood was looking up at me saying, thank you so much for hugging me.
I'm like, would you please quit saying that?
Thank you!
Empathy builds civilization.
Because if I empathize for my family and somebody messes with them, I'm gonna stand up like a man.
But also, I see somebody else treated wrong, I'm gonna stand up for them.
Empathy doesn't mean you're a wimp.
It means you're actually strong.
And it means when you see your country being invaded by the third world attacking you, you stand up to it.
You see the globalists annihilating them, you stand up to it.
You stand up for what's right, instead of always being Machiavelli.
And you find out things really start working out good, like Jesus said they would.
Do unto others as you'd have them do unto you.
That's the beginning though.
And then others begin the next level of lay down your life for others.
See, that's really sold as this incredibly altruistic thing that's done.
But if you're going to lose your whole family, your whole tribe, your whole people, and you get to live a month longer,
Is it really heroic to die in the service of your people?
It's selfish.
And I don't take that to be a blasphemer.
I believe in God and I love the Bible and I love Jesus.
But, you know, God loves his children.
He wants us to live and to be good and be strong and not be evil.
And so the idea that it's heroic to stand up for what's right, I think it's common sense.
I just don't get the ways of people that
Get off on screwing people, because earlier in my life I was never evil, but I had evil inclinations and I'd cut corners and sometimes gloat about things.
You know, maybe somebody started a fight with me and maybe they got me down and I got up and put them in a coma.
Then I got to see their mom a crime and they had a tube snake down their throat.
My dad would make me go see people in the hospital and say, stop doing this.
You could have just gotten them off you.
You didn't have to break their neck.
And so that's the difference.
See, those of us that have power, like Spider-Man gets told by his uncle, have great responsibility.
And that's the balance of power, ladies and gentlemen.
Bill Gates has no governor on who he is.
And that's why he's such a joke and everybody hates him.
Because he's given up his humanity.
Dan Lyman brought up some great points.
I'm glad he reminded me of this.
There's so many articles on InfoWars.com and NewsWars.com and EuropeWars.com.
A month ago, I don't know if the crew during a one-minute break could find it, but I think the headline was like, Chinese children ordered to create their own social distancing.
There it is.
China implements social distancing hats for elementary students.
Now look, I said a month ago, scroll down, let's see if my memory's right, about a month ago.
Yeah, April 28th, so it's May 18th, so three weeks ago.
Almost four weeks ago.
And they're wearing
Pool noodles on their heads and cut out paper.
Now, as Dan Lyman said, Paul Joseph Watson article, public humiliation.
Cafes make customers wear stupid hats to enforce social distancing.
What is this instinct?
Well, we're allowing people in a cafe, but we're going to wear pool noodles on our heads, dunce hats.
This is all about submission and the left breaking our will.
Dan Lyman, they've really crossed the Rubicon.
Where do you think this is going next?
It seems like an effort to dehumanize us and to basically break our connections with other people.
I'll give you an example.
I was just out at a cafe at a restaurant in Switzerland a few days ago, and there was a table of four elderly folks.
They all clearly knew each other.
They were having a grand old time, and two of their friends showed up.
They all clearly knew each other.
They may have even been related.
And the two people that showed up tried to sit down with them to sit and have a tea with them and immediately the staff had to come over and it became a very contentious situation.
They had to split them up into different tables and some of the people had to go sit with other people and that was what they had to do in order just to sit.
Six people on two different tables and they all clearly knew each other and probably walked out of the restaurant and all hung out together without any social distancing as soon as they left.
Oh yeah, that's why people don't want to go out.
I followed him to a restaurant with my wife last week, the steakhouse, and they had like eight tables and we were in the middle and everybody's wearing masks and it's like, it's all BS!
It is.
And you know, you told a funny story a couple weeks ago, or last week, and it rang so true with me, because it had just happened to me as well.
You said you were out at, I think, Barton Springs, and some woman saw you approaching without a mask on, and she basically dove into the bushes, and she was like 20 feet away from you.
A bunch of people did that.
Yeah, it happened to a bunch.
It sounds like a ridiculous story, but I was running on a trail in the woods, in the middle of the woods, and there was a woman and her, I guess her husband, walking towards me, and as soon as they saw me, they happened to be on a bridge at that time, the woman leaned over the side of the bridge and was up on the, up on the railing, uh, to get away from me, and the husband was covering her, like, like as if there was live fire going around as I was running by, and that was the reaction.
Did you see the woman in England with the long cane pole hitting people?
And she goes out of her way to go, not social distancing!
I mean, here it is.
Yeah, I mean, we hear so much now about mental illness and how much that needs to be addressed.
All these people that are being fed this constant propaganda that if they're not six feet away, two meters away from other people, that they're going to get sick and die.
What is that doing to all these people who are mentally ill?
It's creating an entire army of crazed zombies who, in many cases, we've seen a lot of- That have an excuse to mess with people.
Exactly, and be violent, call the police, and shaming, and try to get people fired.
Oh yeah, they're teaching the malice brigades, and next month it won't be social distancing or a mask, it'll be your political views, just what Maxine Waters said.
Don't let them get gas, don't let them be at a restaurant.
Right, these are the foot soldiers of the coronavirus revolution, essentially, and they're very happy to chip in because they feel like they have a little bit of power.
There was a woman out of California, she just released a video, it kind of went viral, where she was filming families on the beach and shaming them and saying, you know, this is ridiculous, you know, that you would have your kids out on the beach in this crazy time.
I hope they die of cancer.
Exactly, and then you see the police approaching these families and giving $1,000 tickets.
They don't ever go after the tattletale.
In fact, in Hawaii, I've seen the videos where, and it's nothing against brown people, but they think a woman's white with her white son.
So the natives go, oh, you're not allowed to be here.
And the guys come and arrest him.
She goes, I live here.
And he goes, arrest them.
They go, no, the people complain.
We're not arresting them.
So again, the complainants like this God in Nazi Germany, because they want to reward them.
Yeah, they had their little access, a tiny bit of access to power, and they're exploiting that now.
And I just don't think that it bodes well for the future of society in general.
There's just this new schism, as if things weren't already polarized enough.
You have new schisms that are very prevalent now at this point, that I think are only getting worse.
And the most sickening part is...
My dad's an oral surgeon and all the rest of it.
And yeah, one year in college, I went and did the little tests and got a quick thing to be an assistant, assistant in dental stuff.
And I learned about autoclaves and you change the gloves.
And if you didn't change gloves every time in the operatory, you'd get yelled at.
And I was good about it.
You change gloves every time you leave the operatory.
You have to change the gown every time you do a new procedure.
When you go in the auto club area to clean all the bloody equipment, that's a whole other shift like half the day.
You're cleaning bloody equipment all day in there and you gotta change every time you transfer it.
So these people wear these gloves all day.
The statistics even spread.
They're like, I'm wearing my gloves and it's total BS.
Yeah, it does.
You know, when you're around these other people, you feel like you have to give them extra space so they're going to think, you know, less of you.
And, you know, I just try to be considerate of other people's space, especially if they're elderly.
But it creates this constant paranoia, both on their side and your side.
They use all of us trying to be hospitality towards the other person as a way to enforce the neuroses.
Right, exactly.
You know, you walk into all these places, there's a spray disinfectant for your hands and all that, and you know, I'll do the song and dance just to keep other people at ease, but I'm totally sick of it.
And I think many people are going to become sick of it.
Will we take the app?
Will we take the vaccine?
That's what gets like, hey, it all ends when you take the vaccine, but give me liability protection.
What do you think?
30 seconds left.
Bill Gates, man, he is like the most hated person on earth now.
I don't think he thought it'd go that way.
I don't think he did either, and even in these protests in Germany against the lockdown, they're holding anti-Bill Gates signs, so the movement against Bill Gates is, I mean, it's reaching even the lawmakers in Italy.
They're calling for his arrest.
I'd love to see it.
I think the man's evil.
He needs to be investigated thoroughly, but we'll see if it happens.
Amazing job, Dan Lyman at EuropeWars.com.
Thank you so much, sir.
We're going to be back with your phone calls to balance the hour, and then, Owen, the destroyer, Troyer, stay with us.
Would you do this?
Would you get in one of those little tables and bump around?
When I first saw this, I'm like, we've needed these for years!
Come on!
You're at a bar, you've had a few too many, you're a little wobbly, these drinking tubes are gonna save lives!
It's perfect!
You just bounce off your friend!
And then, then I started thinking, where have I seen these before?
These look familiar, and they look like those little toddler walkers, you know when you have an infant that doesn't know how to walk yet?
You just flop them in one of those things!
That's when I'm out.
I haven't thought of it this way.
Oh, absolutely.
I haven't thought of it that way.
I just don't know how do you get out from under it.
Okay, folks.
This is not satire.
This is not a joke.
On Fox News, they're promoting a bar called Fishtails in Maryland, where you wear a giant size inner tube around you.
So that you don't bump into other people as part of the social distancing.
This is a giant Stockholm syndrome, Milgram experiment, Stanford prison experiment.
This is pure evil.
So communist China a month ago had kids wearing
Styrofoam noodles on their heads.
We're like, oh, look at the Chinese communists.
And now this is what goes on in America.
And now in Europe, public humiliation cafe makes customers wear stupid hats to enforce social distancing.
Well, they're not calling it fishtails anymore.
They're calling it dumb fucks.
For the dumbest fucking people on earth.
You know, I don't normally use non-Kings English here, but
You got Alan Dershowitz saying, if you don't take this forced inoculation and leave America, we're going to take you to a prison facility.
We're going to forcibly inoculate you and jam a needle in your arm or rape you.
I use a little profanity for that.
You got to denote it by that.
And now this.
This is dumb dumb dumbs.
Dumb dumbs is the name of the new bar that everyone should go to.
All right, we're going to take calls here a few segments.
And then there's a banned video that's going up at Banned.Video.
Wow, I knew Banned.Video would be big.
But it's getting really big.
We got lots of videos like every day with a million views or more.
And it's all these banned medical doctors, heads of virology at Rockefeller Hospital, and heads of virology in Australia, and heads of... Nobel Prize winners for virology coming out and saying COVID-19's a hoax.
They'll have a million, 10 million, 15 million views, they get banned.
I just had the crew, I go, hey, any medical doctor you see with a half million views, they'll be banned.
Go ahead and grab it.
And we have it, and we post it.
And the globalists are so pissed because we weren't supposed to be here, and it's only been the fire hoses of money.
That you've given us to fight the leftist Clinton-funded Soros lawsuits and their operations with intelligence and our counterintelligence.
I mean, it's been a war here, and it's been beautiful, and you've kept us in the fight.
And they are so pissed!
Alright, let me go to your calls, but these aren't just names I'm throwing out to sound smart.
Look into Stockholm Syndrome.
That's what this is.
And they've got a certain number of followers that will follow any order they're given.
They're called idiots.
Oh, we're open, but it's okay.
You're wearing these inner tubes around you.
Learned helplessness.
Oh, that's really important.
You want to look into that.
That's what leftism and being a victim is all about.
That's the most important thing.
Milgram experiment.
They got the average college student over 90%.
They think they killed other people under orders.
That's what you're seeing right now.
The authority figures give orders.
Stanford prison experiment.
The prisoners acted just like guards within a day of training.
Well, the training's important.
They get into their role.
Right now, let's go to your phone calls on this Live Monday.
May 18th, friends, Michonne.
That hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars of your money has gone into to keep on air.
Hundreds of millions.
You know, most talk show hosts that have a show
A third my size had private $50 million, $25 million jets and 20 room mansions in there, just a big plastic wife and all this other crap.
I took all that money and put it right back in there.
You know what satellite uplinks and bandwidth and 100 crew members for all the systems and all the legal and all the rights you gotta pay for and all the streaming and all the stuff and all the, all the.
In 26 years on air,
I did the math about a year ago.
It was a staggering amount of money.
It was something like $400 million.
But you know the New York Times and CNN and all them, they cost something like $800 million a year to run a piece.
But think about what we've done together.
Oh, by the way, that's a gross number.
I did that with sponsors and selling products, so we only get part of that number.
$25 million a year of actual funding, we've done what would take them $100, $200 million to do.
And that's why they hate us too, because of the fact that we're fast, and we're light, and we're real, and it just totally pisses them off.
So I'm gonna go to break, and I promise I'll go to your calls in the last two segments.
I'm gonna get to Caleb, and Meredith, and Gian, and Carlos, and Gabriel, and Jefferson, and Jason, and Noel.
When I throw out those numbers, it's not like, oh, hundreds of millions of dollars, I'm big, powerful.
No, it's not that, it's that the people built something,
And thank God I didn't buy that private jet.
They tried to sell me a couple of them.
We did all this and it's so valuable how we've changed the course of the world.
Just a few good men and women supporting the truth and spreading the word and standing with what they knew was true, even though you were attacked and demonized for it.
And now we've changed the world together.
It's incredible.
And we've paid the crew members well as well.
Something all Hollywood and all the scum don't do.
I mean, we've done it right and proven against all odds that people want freedom, and that's why they're so angry that while all this evil's taking over and all these horrible things are happening, they just think it would be Bill Gates on every channel smiling down in his pink sweater with his wife with an upside-down cross, just telling you we're coming, there's no hope, there's no choice.
You're getting a shot, and I've got liability protection, so say bye to your testicles.
But because of all of you, it didn't happen that way.
So I'm going to plug for 30 seconds.
We're going to go to break, and that's it.
I'm not going to plug the next two segments.
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And you're just amazing keeping us in the fight, so I'm just very blessed and thankful.
Alright, enough of me!
I've seen news articles about Native Americans being particularly locked down by their own tribes and local state governments.
Well yeah, they never left martial law, so let's see what Hoke Sheila
This is South Dakota Native American on what's going on with the COVID-19 lockdowns.
Thanks for holding.
Hoke, you're on the air.
Hello, Metaki Ape.
Thank you, Alex.
Thanks for holding, sir.
Go ahead.
I wanted to share with the people a message that was given to us in Lakota Sweat March ceremony.
What the spirits told us is that if people up in the northeast of the United States and in Chicago, if they don't get out on the streets soon and start marching on city halls,
To demand that this lockdown stop.
They're not going to be able to do it in the future because they're going to try to keep them in their homes, particularly once the military are on the streets.
People will not be organized, be able to organize to resist.
And they said all it takes is just one person or a group of people to just start walking on the streets and calling out people to go.
So I just wanted to get that information.
Well, that's profound.
I've had dreams about that.
Literally just people when we have small demonstrations, government back down because they realize the government doesn't want to do it on average.
It's the evil on top.
We have to make the example for others.
We have to be leaders.
So a lot of us that are leaders don't want to be arrogant, like, oh, I don't want to go out there and lead something.
Someone might get hurt.
Everybody's going to get hurt unless we have to do this.
We have to be leaders.
Oh, oh, it's very true.
And they were what the spirit said.
Is that if people in those areas don't act soon, they're going to get into the situation where they're not going to be able to free themselves.
It's going to be difficult.
Well, there's no doubt because they're going to make you stay in your house to get food.
What else are you guys seeing on the imprint of the universe?
Well, what we were told years ago as well in ceremony, we were told that this would be one of the first incidents.
It would be a pandemic.
And what they said is that the big one that you're talking about, that Bill Gates was referring to,
We're good.
A bug out bag?
Some stuff that you... Well, exactly.
In fact, we just need to get out now.
And, you know, I don't intend to be patronizing a virtue signal.
It was Native Americans at first and the British manuals.
They would take the smallpox blankets and give them to you.
So this has been done before.
And, exactly, Gates now admits this is all a drill for the real lockdown.
Yes, and that's what they told us.
The spirits, they said.
That people will only have 30 to 45 minutes to get out of the city centers, and after that they won't be able to escape.
It'll be complete quarantine on the big cities.
So your particular, is your ancestors spirits, or is it the great spirit through your ancestors?
You said the spirits, what are the spirits?
What we believe in the one God, we're monotheists.
We call him Huan Kuntunka.
And the spirits over our tribe are basically in the Christian religion, the equivalent of angels.
We call them the Tukashilale.
And so they're communicators and messengers between the Creator.
We don't worship them.
We worship only the One God.
I wanted you to tell people that, though, because you're right about the name American teachings are very similar to Christianity, the Great Spirit.
And this is the big one, though.
I mean, everybody, I call it the imprint, the psychic imprint.
Whether you're in a sweat lodge or you're praying, I mean, it's so intense that this is evil, this is coming to kill us, and even people that aren't spiritual, are you noticing, understanding, and are really waking up?
It's actually very positive.
I'm seeing a major awakening right now.
Yeah, and I want to thank you for what you're doing, because I want you to know that our traditional spirits and our culture, they have confirmed what you're saying is true.
And this is the big move that they're making now.
We have to act soon or we're not going to be able to stop it.
Pure death, brother.
God bless you.
This is the big one, folks.
This is training us to be locked down when they really hit us all.
And not to use the Native American riff, but it's true.
It's the concentration camp.
It's the reservation.
And it's, it's, it's, but this time the cities are the concentration camp.
So, the meek will inherit the earth.
All those that want to be in the cities and act cool, they're done.
And it's a very frightening time, folks, but we're scared to take action.
We should be scared and take action.
Let's go ahead and talk to Carlos in Canada, then we'll go to Gabriel and others.
Carlos, thanks for holding.
Go ahead.
Thank you, Alex.
I just wanted to mention to you that
In the context of the art of war, you must know your enemy, but you must also know why you're fighting your enemy.
And it seems that the Antichrist is really the enemy.
It has been for some time.
It's been something that happened many, many years ago.
Yeah, why would Melinda Gates wear an upside-down cross?
I mean, these people are sick.
Well, that's because she is a member of the Antichrist.
And if you know why these individuals are the way they are, it's straightforward.
There was a period of time which most people don't understand.
It's rooted.
It's not simple.
It's not coming from Mars or from Plato's, you know, arguments.
It's coming from a fact that a number of international financiers in the year, three years before 1776,
In 1773, they got together.
These people were atheists.
They weren't of any particular religion.
They were acting against the principle of their own religion.
But they got together, and they said, we must destroy, because we have money from them, but we have no power.
We must destroy both the Church of Jesus of Nazareth, and we must destroy the estates
That at that time after the the peace of Westphalia all the governments of the of Europe basically had agreed Exactly the governments of Europe had capitulated to Christianity in the Renaissance And so the evil needed to to absolutely destroy those governments now, which they're now doing again That's right And and what they decided was and you see it all the way to if you want to call it all the way to the present
All the way to Libya.
They destroy countries.
They don't care who rebuilds them.
They want to destroy civilization.
And that's the thing.
The left claims, oh, we're going to take over and build something.
No, you idiots.
It's a literal weapon to destroy humanity.
But it's essentially to keep in mind that this is strictly
No, Carlos, you're really smart.
Let me ask you this.
I don't want to be over positive, but I don't want to be over negative.
I've been really depressed the last month, but now I'm really feeling good.
I'm seeing a huge awakening.
I walk in stores now.
People are high.
I'm not bragging.
It's a bellwether.
I walked in a grocery store this week.
I was mobbed.
People say, screw Bill Gates, we all know it's BS.
I was mobbed, people grabbing on me.
So I, I mean, and I'm just a bellwether.
The average person doesn't know other people, so they don't know how pissed folks are.
I don't think this is going like the devil wanted it to.
Well, it's not necessarily the devil, it's the Antichrist.
You see, the Antichrist is against the value systems that Christ imposed.
Nagar, but isn't the Antichrist the son of the devil?
To a very large extent, it is a 666 individual that was mentioned and exists in the scripture.
But, you must understand... Oh, you're a smart guy, Carlos.
You've been calling for 15 years.
Explain to me.
I respect you.
What's the difference in your eschatology from the devil and the antichrist?
Very straightforward.
The devil is a fallen spirit.
It is a spirit based on material world.
And the devil sends the beast with wrath, so the creation of humans with evil, our Congress with Satan creates the beast, is what you're saying.
What I'm saying to you is that the devil always tells you and tells Jesus, look, you're very persuasive and people follow you.
Just look, give me the honor of allowing you to conquer the world and it's all yours.
And Jesus turns to the devil and says, hey, you're boring me, Satan.
You just don't get it.
Get behind me.
Movement, you see?
And they are in a material world.
So the Antichrist looks to take your money to control you by debt.
And with this virus, it's better than a war!
They've gotten trillions of dollars, on which people will have to pay... So the devil's one entity, but the Antichrist is a system?
The Antichrist is the material expression of that which Jesus Christ tried to tell everybody.
If you have spiritual life, you must help each other to find eternal freedom.
And they even had Jefferson on their side for a while.
Alright, you're a smart guy.
Always impressed, Carlos.
I'm rampaging through your calls on the other side.
We're gonna go bam, bam, bam.
I'm getting to Noel and Jason and Jefferson and Gabriel and Ken and Jimmy and Jim and Meredith and Caleb.
And I'm gonna give each person one minute.
So be ready.
Start your engines!
I really respect your calls.
And I'm looking at like 15 on the board.
I guess we should just say that we're going to have open phones the rest of the week.
But I want to go to Jim Law Enforcement on the endgame of vaccines in Caleb in Ohio.
Jim, thanks for calling, thanks for holding.
You're on the air.
How are you doing?
You know, I knew all this stuff was going to happen because I read the Globalist Blueprints, but I can't believe they're actually doing it.
How are you doing?
I'm all right.
I sent you guys a letter.
I've called in before a number of times.
In fact, you took my number the last time.
And, uh, what it was about is that, uh, they have sent out a letter.
I'm walking outside.
They've sent out a letter, uh, from, uh, the head of our department, uh, talking about all this that's going on.
And he flat said, we're not changing anything that we're doing.
We're about safety on highways.
We're not pulling anybody over because they're not wearing a mask or they're too close or we're not stopping to do anything like that.
But the, the, uh,
The purview of our department has not changed one bit, and it will not change.
Well, that's great news.
In fact, we have a small crew.
We get about 10,000 emails a day, conservatively.
Send it again to showtipsandinfowars.com.
What was the subject?
Because I really appreciate your tips.
We don't take them for granted.
We're just overwhelmed, like, you know, drinking out of a fire hose here.
What was the subject?
That's what it was.
What I did was, it was from me, and I put, you know, just a law enforcement update, I think, is what I put on it.
Okay, well I definitely want that.
So what is it, a California law enforcement letter on not enforcing the shutdown or what?
Well, what I have to do in order to keep myself legal is I redact out all of their stuff and just take the body of the letter and copy it and put it in one of my emails.
I understand Jim, and it's pearls before swine.
I'm the pig around here.
There's just so much information.
We've got all these other great callers too.
Maybe we should transfer them over to Owen coming up.
But what is your view on this whole thing and what's coming?
Well, I am also a minister as well, and I don't know, I identify with you so much because for 35 years I've walked door to door and talked to people and they'll call me names and threaten to turn the hose on me and, you know, and I said, I'm trying to tell you the truth.
And now finally that we get down to the end, it's amazing how many more people are listening and go, yeah, I guess since over 100 years your group has come and talked to us and knocked on our doors and we threw you off the porch.
But you might be on to something.
I'm like, no kidding, really?
So exactly, you're seeing a big awakening.
And the one thing that I brought out, I wrote down a couple little notes for me was, one thing you've got to remember is that according to Isaiah, the earth will always be inhabited.
It's because God didn't create it for nothing.
He created it to be inhabited.
And by the way, I was watching a show last night and they go, you know, we've looked, it's one out of like quadrillions that the moon perfectly
Is 40,000 miles away or whatever, and then with the sun so it perfectly eclipses?
The Bible says God's proof is in the firmament.
All of it is perfectly calculated just to show us that God built it.
He said he put two luminaries in the sky.
A brighter one in the day and a darker one in the... I mean, you know, one that was less bright in the night.
So I guess I know who put it there.
But think about it.
Within centimeters, the moon perfectly blocks the sun and eclipses.
Think about that.
Oh, but they're like, we think it's the only planet that all the satellites have seen in the galaxy like this.
Well, because it's all perfectly done.
There's, there's so much more information that's now coming to light like that.
Even the Noah's flood, people are figuring out more and more with the, uh, with the, uh, fossil record.
Oh, they've now proven there was a worldwide flood, just like it says.
But that it didn't happen that long ago.
That this thing that happened millions of years ago is not true.
And there was one other thing I wanted to bring out to you, because once in a while I hear you get down.
So I just wanted you to remember this.
Something that a friend of mine gave me a long time ago.
It says, the next time you feel like you can't be used, remember this.
Gideon was afraid.
Rahab was a prostitute.
Jeremiah and Timothy were too young.
David had an affair.
Isaiah preached naked.
Jonah ran from God.
Naomi was a widow.
Job went bankrupt.
Peter denied Christ.
I don't know.
You don't know how that's going to come out.
Don't, don't discount anything, especially what you're saying.
God bless you, Jim.
I appreciate your call.
No, it's not that.
I just get so mad at these globalists that I just feel weak that I can't get, get them defeated.
You know what I mean?
But I understand it's up to God.
All right.
Caleb in Ohio, trying to release second wave.
I totally agree with you.
They're already hyping this.
You know, China says where, whatever you call those things you swim in the pool with, what are they called?
China says wear noodles on your head, now we do it in the United States and Canada.
And so they're our God.
Caleb, what do you think's coming?
I think it's going to get a little worse.
I think China may release a second strain of this, and it's just kind of all a test.
What do you think about that?
I mean, there's a bunch... No, I totally agree.
And Gates has said, oh, the big one's coming.
This is just the test to lock us down.
Yeah, and that's what I've been thinking too, you know, I've been listening to you a bit, and I just think that this is a perfect time for them, you know, to think about doing something worse than this.
You know, maybe a second wave of this virus is more deadly, or just cause more of an economic meltdown.
I mean, this whole virus has already caused an economic meltdown.
I can't imagine what's going to be worse than this, you know?
Thank you, Caleb.
Your phone's breaking up.
Call me back.
Gabriel in California.
We're going to talk about Terror Storm, endgame.
Go ahead.
I was just going through some old tubs back in my storage and I found Terror Storm and 9-11 Road to Tyranny.
Everything Alex has said that was going to happen in the mid to late 90s is happening now and I'm sick and tired of these popcorn profits popping up all over YouTube and Instagram saying, oh look, we've got a prediction, it's going to come true.
Alex has already said this.
But most of all, Alex, I want to talk about the men of God.
Why aren't they opening up the churches?
Why have they succumbed to the state, to the government?
Why aren't they living by faith, Alex?
I want to know your take on that.
I'm not concerned about PBN, but I'm talking about the local... I'll tell you why.
I'll tell you why.
Because they've taught us submitting... When you get bit, submit the pitbull unleashes, but it doesn't.
So now that you're finally in the trap, they just think with their big church groups and their money that, oh, they're being part of the community, they're being helpful, they're leaders with the government.
And then now, no matter how ridiculous it gets, oh, have Drag Queen Storytime in, just be nice, that they think that submission will fix things when submission is deaf.
So, I mean, that's it.
They're just not leaders.
A lot of them are just kind of pop star PR people.
And so they're not real preachers.
I mean, I'm not trying to put them down.
That's really what it is.
What do you think's the reason, Gabriel?
I think they're trying to do the right thing.
They're trying to teach the public.
But Bible says that you'll be known by your fruit.
So if the children of Israel had just shut up and listened, then we would never have a movement that we have now.
We believe Jesus because righteous men stood up.
Look at Paul, Peter.
You were just talking about it.
That's right.
They all got killed.
They all got crucified upside down or burned alive or put in oil.
I'm just, hey, we're pretty much all on our own.
All we can do right now is just cling to your faith.
They'll be coming for the Bibles next.
They're going to cut off the power to the electricity, the water supply.
Oh, that's it.
They're going to use this crisis.
This is it.
I totally agree with you.
People need to know, man.
That's why I'm telling listeners, like, we may not be here in, like, six months.
Folks, I mean, I'm serious.
This is, like, you need to get ready and prepared because this is the main assault.
Remember, oh, 15 days to curb it.
Now it's like months.
Oh, we're not turning anything back on.
And Trump's like, yeah, turn it back on.
They go, no, we're not turning it back on because this is their full assault.
They're moving the Gold Coast, Alex.
God bless you, man.
God bless you, brother.
I could take 50 more calls, but we're out of time.
We got Jason.
We got Noel, we got everybody here, I don't want to say everybody, who's been holding the longest?
I guess Jason in California, go ahead.
Alex, the awakening, it's happening, and you can really feel the Holy Spirit strong, especially in the last, excuse me, 48 hours.
Oh, it's strong, in fact, the tide turned in the last 48 hours, it turned, didn't it?
Boy, it came in like a blast.
Oh yeah, and you feel it.
I mean, we can feel it.
I mean, even my parents have been down and depressed.
They look like 20 years younger, on fire right now.
It's like electricity went right into them, like cobra bites.
It's a beautiful thing.
It's a beautiful thing.
And, you know, I just wanted to bring some good news here.
So, you know, we all know how much of a disgrace California has been when it comes to handling things professionally.
But yeah, I wanted to bring something to light that's beautiful happening here.
And I live in Newport Beach, and this entire time, the law enforcement has not been enforcing anything.
There's no mask.
There's no mask law.
Well, it's not about kissing the cop's ass.
It's true.
The average police officer is a good person.
It's the evil above them.
Evil doesn't have a lot of power, but it's good at getting the top.
It puts all its energy, and that's why them saying no is beautiful.
Oh yeah, no doubt.
Even with the people running Orange County, there's no mask laws.
So nobody here is wearing them.
And when you see, you know, when these beaches were, you know, air quotes, closed.
We still had people coming in and nothing was being... Sure, they do photo ops in certain key areas.
I'm out of time.
I apologize to Noel and Jen and Meredith and others and Jefferson, but I'll be back tomorrow.
So is the rest of the crew.
Owen Schroeder takes over.
You've got American Countdown with Bob Barnes, 7 to 9.
And I can't tell you enough how powerful you are.
The dog don't hunt if you don't share the links.
Thank you.
There's a lot of false things in the universe.
There's a lot of frauds.
There's a lot of face.
But you know, there's always the Bonifidi.
The real McCoy.
And since I was a little boy, all I ever wanted to do was be the real McCoy.
Now the real McCoy is not perfect.
But the real McCoy wants to deliver what it promised to you.
Well, I'm asking you all to be strong.
I'm asking you to face the truth.
I'm asking you to stand up against evil.
And I'm asking you to look at everything InfoWars has done over the years and to double down your bet.
We're good to go.
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