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Name: 20200517_Sun_Alex
Air Date: May 17, 2020
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In a segment from InfoWars, Alex Jones discusses various issues related to vaccines, censorship on social media platforms, and the role of Bill Gates in global health initiatives. He expresses frustration with ambiguity surrounding Trump's stance on mandatory vaccinations, praises Trump for publicly opposing forced inoculations, and highlights recent developments where several Parliaments have criticized Bill Gates for his involvement in eugenics organizations and vaccine-related controversies. The speaker discusses censorship of top scientists, doctors, and Nobel Prize winners on social media platforms who question the origins of COVID-19, accusing big tech companies like Twitter and YouTube of censoring content from renowned virologists who challenge lockdowns. The podcast then delves into actions of Bill Gates and his alleged ties with globalist elites supporting eugenics, population control, and medical tyranny. The speaker accuses these individuals of using division tactics to create animosity between different groups for their benefit. They also criticize the recent FDA shutdown of a vaccine trial by Gates, an Italian politician's accusation against Gates as a "vaccine criminal," and manipulation of COVID-19 statistics by blue cities and states to receive more government funding. Lastly, they mention reports of parties and orgies among medical professionals during the pandemic, suggesting that some healthcare workers are falsely coding patients as dying of COVID-19 for financial gain. The video discusses censorship of free speech and how private companies like YouTube are using their platforms to suppress information they disagree with or find uncomfortable. It highlights recent cases of individuals targeted for their beliefs and supports alternative media outlets like Banned.Video which share content banned by other platforms. The podcast also touches on the topic of mandatory vaccines, censorship in Canada, and false coding of COVID-19 deaths for financial gain.

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Tomorrow's news today.
There's a man going around taking names.
And he decides who to free and who to blame.
Everybody won't be treated all the same.
There'll be a golden ladder reaching down.
When the man comes around The hairs on your arm will stand up
Do you mean a fully approved vaccine for everyone?
Excuse me, you're going to have to remove it.
You can't hear through here.
Do you mean a fully approved vaccine for the entire general public or a partially approved vaccine for emergency use?
I can't hear the mic.
Sorry, let me repeat that now I'm closer to the mic.
Do you mean a fully approved vaccine for everyone, the full public, or a partially approved vaccine with emergency use?
No, we're looking for a full vaccine for everyone that wants to get it.
Not everybody's going to want to get it.
All right, a lot of people really got excited and were very, very appreciative.
On Friday and on Saturday, when I got very upset with Trump's statements about using the U.S.
military to deliver a vaccine nationwide, because the implication was it would be forced because Hillary Clinton, Obama, Fauci, Bill Gates, the deep state have all been saying, you're gonna have to have this to rent a car, to go to a restaurant, to go to the grocery store, to get on a plane.
And so we want to see repudiation of this.
We want to show that the vaccine doesn't protect you.
That you can't ever create a vaccine for the, quote, common cold because it mutates.
And so many other points.
That they've been taking all the regular deaths of heart attacks and cancer and the flu and putting it in the COVID-19 column.
We want to see all of that exposed.
So to see Trump going, hey, we'll have a vaccine for you, don't worry.
And the military is going to carry it out.
It just adds to the whole fascist authoritarian dystopia.
And then the media ran with it and said, yeah, Trump will make all Americans take it.
Well, how many times have I seen CNN or ABC tell a total lie?
So I got upset by that.
And I went on air and I said, sounds like he's saying forced inoculation.
That's a deal breaker.
Well, then
This morning, I spent several hours trying to find Trump saying that he would not do forced inoculations because I saw comments on InfoWars going, Jones, you put out a deep fake.
This isn't real.
He didn't say that.
No, he did say it, but it's out of context.
Then I saw other commenters going, no, on a press conference on Friday, Jones, he said that it would be voluntary.
I looked for hours and hours.
My wife got mad at me.
She said, spend time with the kids.
I said, fine.
And then about one o'clock, I couldn't help it.
I went back to InfoWars in the comments.
There was a link and it was him saying it.
So you'd think that'd be pretty newsworthy.
The president's saying, no, we're not going to enforce inoculations.
Thank you, Jesus.
And so when I go off Havcock,
When I'm wrong, I'm the first person to say it.
And I am so pleasantly, enthusiastically, euphorically, bordering on ecstasy that Trump is going to stand against Fauci and against Gates and against them all, because they're coming with the forced inoculations.
They're going to have corporations and groups do it.
That's how they're going to try to force it, just like they triggered the lockdown doing it.
And so,
We need the President to stand with us, and this is constitutional, this is common sense, and I know Trump knows Barron got hurt by vaccines.
I know Trump knows that they are not good.
And so, this is really good news, and I wanted to start the broadcast with it.
Now, Friday and Saturday, the main reason I went ahead and attacked the President, because it was a little ambiguous and I wasn't sure, and I wanted him to come out clearly against it.
Well, it turns out he already did.
But the straw that broke the camel's back is the issue of the purge going on right now of the First Amendment.
And how we've become comfortable with this and how the president hasn't done anything yet.
And with 169 days, he better do it last year.
Ladies and gentlemen...
We are living in the most interesting, dynamic, fast-paced, dangerous times in all of human history.
We are at the crossroads.
I'm your host, Alex Jones, and we are 169 days out.
The most important election in world history.
A referendum on the future of the planet.
1776 worldwide?
An expansion of the Renaissance?
The pro-human future?
Or the post-human technocracy?
The machine takeover.
With the overlords of big tech ushering in the new evolution in their power mad delusions of grandeur.
Again, we are live broadcasting worldwide on this May 17th, 2020 transmission.
Well, let's get right into it right now.
I have a lot of really good news for you today.
And a lot of people turn to the show and they say it's dark.
They say it's depressing.
And they say that they just can't handle it.
And they say, why are you so negative?
I'm not negative.
If I have a mole on my arm that's cancerous,
And I go to the doctor, and it's totally operable, and they say, yeah, we're gonna have to cut that off.
But that's good news!
The doctor's not giving me bad news.
The doctor's giving me good news.
And again, here's an example.
If I see guys in black masks and outfits casing people's houses out, and now I see them climbing over the fence and breaking into the house, yeah, it's bad they're robbing, but it's good because I'm gonna call the police on them.
I'm not negative in that I'm calling 9-1-1, I'm seeing the problem and dealing with it.
So, I'm an optimist.
Now let me give you the good news, and there's a lot of it.
The Japanese Parliament, the Hungarian Parliament, the Italian Parliament,
And others are coming out and saying Bill Gates funds a eugenics organization and he's been banned in multiple countries for killing people, sterilizing people, and giving them polio.
Now by the way, oh and I forgot guys, you bring me the blue folder in that I had from this week on the history of secret experimentation by the Melinda Gates Foundation, Lundin Guardian, NPR.
I mean this was all in the news 10 years ago.
He's just spent billions on PR now, and pink sweaters, and you know, all the little touchy-feely things.
But now, it has become mainstream news, and the full videos are up on InfoWars.com, with the member of the Italian Parliament from Rome.
So that's like, you know, being the congressperson from DC.
It's important.
Just gets up there in a 30-minute speech,
And devastates Bill Gates.
It sounds like Alex Jones is up there and she's rattling off all the facts and she's very respected.
So Italian leader demands he be arrested on the floor of the Italian Congress for war crimes against humanity and then lays it all out.
And here's the thing, Bill Gates hadn't done a good job hiding all this stuff.
So people hear me, new listeners, they go, Bill Gates, Microsoft, is a eugenicist?
And he's been caught sterilizing people everywhere?
So again, later in the broadcast, I've got my blue folder, maybe it's in my office, it's somewhere around here.
And it's got all the articles, all the documents, all the reports.
That I'm going to show you, I did this earlier in the week, of just mainstream news where Bill Gates banned in India, Bill Gates banned in this country, Bill Gates banned in Kenya.
Because he's been caught.
And you can sit there and argue, you know, all day and say, well, you know, there really are too many people, so somebody's got to do it.
Folks, they're locking us down with this stuff.
And Bill Gates came out last week on Colbert, and he said,
To the world.
That, oh, this was just like a drill.
This is only event one.
Event two's coming.
It's going to be a terrorist bio-attack.
It's going to be a terrorist bio-attack.
And so the lockdown's never going to end.
And now the UN says it's never going to end because they're all running it and they're getting power out of it.
Since when did we wake up and Bill Gates has the key to the planet?
Not the key to the city.
Since when is he your doctor?
Since when does, if the UN says, oh, this medical doctor or this former head of
The Rockefeller Hospital, or this top scientist, or this discoverer of HIV with Nobel Prize, this person says something that the WHO says is not official, so you're banned.
They're blocking articles and videos of the discoverer of HIV, because he says it's man-made in a lab.
They're blocking top scientists and doctors all over the world, the most prestigious, coming out saying this is basically a hoax, because they're making
Their move.
So we're going to be going over all of it here today, but yeah.
You know, back in April, it was the two doctors that own clinics across California reading CDC numbers that it has a lower death rate than the flu.
And explain that you can't live in a bubble, that makes you sicker.
And that you need sunshine.
And that all the other health officials they talked to agree, but Governor Newsom is taking orders from the WHO, so we need him to stop doing that.
That video had 5 million views, it was banned!
And now every day, I'll see some new whistleblower, or virologist, or scientist, or doctor, and I'll go, oh, that won't be up long.
And usually by the time I text message to one of the producers that I'm not at work, saying save this, a lot of the time, by the time they try to get it 30 minutes later, it's already gone.
Because by the time it goes viral, and I see it, it's got, oh, this has 100,000 views, and like an hour later, it's got 500,000 views, you know it's going bye-bye.
But their problem is more and more doctors are standing up in Europe, in England, in Africa, in Latin America, in Asia.
The president of Tanzania is a famous chemist and patented scientist and big brain.
He figured out that the UN was funding their national health group, and he said, okay, have them test a papaya, and have them test a goat, and they both came up positive.
Because the national group got more money every time it did, and now they're in trouble.
Snopes came out and said, he's an African, literally.
They said, oh, Africans doesn't have good testing.
Talk about racist, folks.
That's what I'm talking about, ladies and gentlemen.
Is like, oh, well, you know, this guy was the head of the hospital virology department at Rockefeller Hospital, but Snopes says he's not the head professor.
Guy never said that.
Ban his YouTube videos.
That's the latest.
So Trump vows to strip radical left of total command over Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Google.
And they ban the video the President sent out of Michelle Malkin talking about how horrible it is.
We'll play that coming up next segment.
Then there's this.
Trump tweets video warning of big tech censorship.
Twitter immediately censors it.
YouTube censors epidemiologist Kunt Wachowski for opposing lockdown.
And this guy, I looked him up, he's like in the top ten virologists in the world.
I mean, he's like
Santa Claus is, you know, associated with Christmas.
Superman is associated with Superman.
I mean, the guy's like world-renowned, and they now banned him.
Because he said, this is not even as bad as the flu.
Oh, and he's also said,
And that's what other scientists, like the Nobel Prize winner is French that discovered HIV, who scanned it, has the electron microscopes, and said it's totally manufactured.
You can see the viruses put together, the actual insertion marks, the scars.
They're pointing out that it is man-made, so that the groups involved, the Chinese government, Bill and Melinda Gates, and others,
They can now own the test and own the treatment and own it all because they've now made their own new cold virus.
So it's all coming up.
But the other good news, and I'll tell you more about that when we come back, is President Trump has been very clear now.
We have the audio and video.
He said, no, no, no, no, no.
The military will be there to distribute it.
He doesn't trust Bill Gates.
If you want the vaccine, you'll get it.
And it's going to be free.
But if you don't, that's your right.
So, yeah, you want to hurt yourself?
Take it.
Have your seizure.
Get in a grave quickly.
He aligns himself with the truth, and it's time for you to choose a side.
You're listening to Alex Jones.
Alright, let me just stop right here.
Alex Jones here back live.
Thank you so much for joining us on this live Sunday transmission.
I want to be very clear with everybody that there is a planetary takeover happening and denying that the worldview that I'm putting out is real will get you killed.
If you were a psychopath, if you were a sociopath, and cold-blooded, you would want to do what I'm talking about to resist the globalists, because it would be better for your future.
There's not a lot of seats at the table for the psychopaths up there at the top.
A good, open, free society, a pro-human society, should be what even the average criminal wants.
Because the globalists are building a future that we're not in.
But evil people that resonate with that spirit, they go along with it even though it's going to destroy them.
Because it's the spirit.
And so when I get up here and I tell you Bill Gates wants more childhood death, I don't just have him slipping up and saying that on national television.
I have where that's what he finances and that's what he does.
And then you ask yourself, why is this guy so powerful?
It's because Bill Gates is the front man for the Rockefeller, the Ford, the Carnegie, the Annenberg, the IBM, and over a hundred other foundations.
He's not a philanthropist.
Their money's all tax-free.
They are a global government whose aim is depopulation.
And that's in the Wall Street Journal,
And ABC News 15 years ago when they were coming out admitting all of this and saying we're building an alternate world government to carry out stealth sterilization.
And I have Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation dinners.
Where they're giving people awards for carrying out depopulation.
Now listen, you can go to places in Calcutta, India, or you can go to places in Nigeria, Africa, and you see squalor and crime and hellishness.
And you can say, wow, somebody ought to tie the tubes on these folks.
But it's the power to do that and to have a global government to carry it out that is the real threat to everyone.
And to then live in denial while they're setting this up and doing all this and denying to you on the news the agenda when they've been publicly building the consensus and the agenda the entire time.
And from the level of the Rothschilds and the British Royalty and the Vatican,
Write down to your local Planned Parenthood, they are an anti-human death cult.
And so the reason Bill Gates doesn't hide what he's doing is he knows he's got most academics.
That have bought into this.
They're not liberals, folks.
They're control freaks.
And they're targeting the smartest people in the world to try to disadvantage them as well.
And they're fluoridating the water to lower IQs.
And they're feeding us GMO that poison us and lower our IQs.
And they're giving us vaccines they know lower our immunity to general pathogens and lower our fertility.
And it's all admitted!
And so you've got all these people playing along with this who aren't even part of the power structure and it's madness.
And so we have to force a real debate about this.
The globalists aren't trying to build up the third world.
They're not trying to empower the third world.
They are going into the third world and putting in the worst governments and undermining their populations and dumbing them down and making sure they get the lowest calorie diets they can so that their brains don't develop.
And in the western world, going back a hundred years ago, the same psychiatrists and psychologists funded by the robber barons who wanted manageable people to control said, dumb them down.
Put babies in cribs.
Don't hold your babies.
Create formula.
Don't give them mother's milk.
And then they have the studies that the average formula ends up causing your baby to have a smaller brain and a lower IQ.
Everything they do is to make everybody dumb and controllable.
Because real eugenics isn't about improving the race.
Real eugenics is about annihilating their competition for survival of the fittest, social Darwinism, and however they do that, they see as good.
They don't try to raise everybody up and have a level playing field, and then exalt and promote the strongest.
They build a system that holds back the strongest who are altruistic and good.
That dumbs down everyone, so they, these alpha rats, these hunchback, dandruff-covered, globalist, sicko psychotics, who believe they're the ultimate elite on the planet, can rule and control.
And they've hijacked the Renaissance, and they've hijacked Western culture, and they've hijacked our entire system, and are turning it in on itself.
So when we come back, I have a major CDC official saying we need to exterminate all the white people.
Of course, she's white.
Now, if you're a real scientific dictator, why would you say that?
Because she's teaching the blacks and Hispanics to hate whites so that whites hate them.
It's called divide and conquer, folks.
It's very elementary.
Now, why is she one of Bill Gates' favorite people?
Because that's the agenda they're pushing.
A divided house cannot stand.
And they just want the arbitrary power to put in your body what they want, when they want.
And to tell you, hey, there's going to be side effects, and hey, you're going to get sick, and hey, this will probably sterilize you, but be a hero, go and volunteer to do this.
And it's going to be the virtue signaling left trying to make you go out and get this, because they've all passed the word.
They all know it's a sterilant.
Because if Bill Gates can't kill you in the womb, he wants to kill you when you're a child starving to death.
And if he can't do that, he wants to kill your mind because he's a cold-blooded killer.
A smug, hateful, nasty demon.
A crook.
But he has what Hitler called the will to power.
And that's why he was chosen and selected to manage this whole damn show.
Most powerful person on earth.
If Trump stood up to him, he'd be the most important powerful person on earth.
But Bill Gates is as close to Satan incarnate as you're ever gonna see in your life.
That man is pure hate.
Total will to annihilate you.
And if you study history, whether it was Genghis Khan or Adolf Hitler, that's the spirit of these people.
But we are not a spirit of being defeated.
We're a spirit of overcoming.
And they have only summoned the resistance.
They've summoned you.
They've summoned me.
They've summoned us all at this great time.
Because when the enemy comes in like a flood, the spirit of the Lord lives up a standard against it.
The clips are straight ahead.
Tell folks to tune in right now.
The devil went down to Georgia.
He was looking for a soul to steal.
He was in a bind because he was way behind.
The devil went down to Georgia.
He was looking for a soul to steal.
He was in a bind because he was way behind.
He was willing to make a deal.
When he came across this young man sewing on a fiddle and playing it hot.
And the devil jumped up on a hickory stump and said, Boy, let me tell you what.
I guess you didn't know it, but I'm a fiddle player too.
Alright, let's just get into it right now.
Anybody that opposes this that is well-spoken, they come and buy off.
And most people just take the money.
Other people, they start threatening your family and sue you, and most people just quit.
A lot of people we've had on as guests, you know, just say, listen, they called up and they told my wife what kind of dog we had and where she went to lunch today with her girlfriends and threatened to cut her head off and kill our kids.
I'm done.
And the threatening to cut the wife's head off thing, I probably had five people that's happened to, one recently.
We're just gonna tell you this once.
Tell your husband to shut up and stop doing what he's doing, or bad things are gonna happen.
Who is this?
I saw you and your bleeping friends at that restaurant today, you slimy whore.
I will cut your head off and murder your children if you don't shut your filthy mouth, you understand me, bitch?
That's the kind of phone calls you get.
Oh yeah, you go to Bilderberg, you cover it, you get those phone calls back at the house.
And I don't tell you all that to act tough.
Oh, but look, this goes on.
This is the real world, okay?
So everybody needs to grow up!
And decide if you want to live on your knees or these people.
I don't!
And I fight these monsters not because I have a death wish, it's the opposite.
I cannot live
The living death of being buried alive serving these people and the suffocation I feel when I even turn my consciousness into those realms and think about serving them.
If they weren't evil, I'd join them.
You cannot join them.
It is a feeling of absolute emptiness to serve these people.
All right, let me just stop there.
It is very satisfying, though, that if you are being tortured and attacked and demonized and lied about for the truth, because you know the alternative of submission is far worse, to finally see the world awakening at an incredible pace is a beautiful thing.
And people are now going down the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation board membership, and who they appoint to what company and how.
Almost every government in the world is giving hundreds of millions of dollars a year through the intelligence agencies and through the foundations to the hospitals and the systems to control because the way of world government is a medical tyranny.
There's shocking footage out of the UK, Germany and
Canada in just the last week, without even looking, I just see it everywhere, where police come in jackbooted outfits to people protesting the lockdown online!
And they tell them!
There's long videos on Infowars.com right now.
You have been on Facebook, criticizing the lockdown, and you hear that people are well-spoken.
Yes, this is terrible.
We don't agree with it.
And the virus is a hoax.
They go, well,
You're mentally ill, we're taking you to a psychiatric facility.
And the police are in Nazi-style uniforms, and they're just all fake and leftist, and they grab them and handcuff them and take them out, and they take their kids.
Because you see now, believing in Jesus, and saying, this is the mark of the beast, I'm not taking inoculation, is mentally ill, see?
Because they say all Christians are mentally ill.
And the churches, they know, aren't going to speak up now, so they've got to, you see, because they're not churches anymore.
We've got that footage coming up, but here is a Bill of Melinda Gates honoree.
She's on the CDC board, put there by Obama.
She also heads up the Texas medical operation, or did.
And the Texas Medical Board has responded to a complaint about Gates honored get rid of the White's doctor, Dr. Carol Baker.
Now, of course the vaccines are really targeting everybody here, but particularly non-whites.
And I've got those documents, I'll show you that coming up.
But she's doing this to sow race division.
These are very sick, sick evil people.
But every rock you turn over with a Gates person, folks, we've played the clips here, where they're like, we honor Bill and Melinda Gates for funding global depopulation!
Don't believe me, Lizards.
Type in, Billionaires meet in secret to discuss world overpopulation.
And you'll be reading Wall Street Journal, London Guardian, about, oh, thank God for Bill Gates.
He's got a plan to sterilize the third world.
But India, India's kicking him out, and it's really wrong.
You know, there are too many Indians.
The point is you're doing it, and you're coming after everybody, and then you're acting like that's not what it is.
Billionaires try to shrink world population, report says, Wall Street Journal.
And he says, we need vaccines to lower population, because it lowers your fertility.
And then because I know how to read a book or read a Bill Gates Foundation report, people are like, oh, I don't know, that's real.
I mean, you read reports?
What's that?
Like I'm a rocket scientist or something.
I'll be sitting there telling Trump advisors about this, and they're like, really, really?
Send that over to me.
And then Trump gets it, and look at the response.
And I'm not giving myself credit, folks.
That's how blind people like Trump are, because they're not in that club.
Trump's never been in the blue bloods.
He built his own thing.
That's why they can't stand him.
And Trump doesn't care what color you are, he wants to sell you golf course memberships.
He's just, hell, we'll just expand on forever.
We don't have to kill everybody.
That's why they don't like you, because he doesn't have a big raging heart on to kill your ass.
So, here is the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation honoree on the CDC board.
Here it is.
The battle is being fought.
One family, one physician, one health center.
That's why we're doing as well as we are.
We're talking about the minority and strategies against the minority.
So I have the solution.
Every study published in the last five years, when you look at vaccine refusers, I'm not talking about, well, hesitance, most of them we can talk into coming to terms, but refusers.
We'll just get rid of all the whites in the United States.
She goes on to be serious about that.
She goes, you Hispanics are so good.
You take all your shots.
You're so good.
And you blacks, you're so good too.
Good boy.
Here's your lollipop.
I've talked to the doctors in Texas that are ordered to give the black neighborhoods live polio vaccine filled with SV40.
You might want to find out what SV40 is.
And you know what happens when your kid doesn't fight it off and they have that seizure a couple days later after the virus replicates?
They go, oh, your 12-year-old had a stroke!
A lot of black folks in the neighborhood had strokes!
You drive by, there's all these kids that are on canes and everything, because they got hit real good!
And again, who the hell's gonna really sign on to this?
But the left is the one running it all, because they're the ones with the abortuaries in the black neighborhoods, and they're the ones, they're giving them the live SV40, right here in Austin.
They got special warehouses of it just for you.
And remember, they're called Democrats, and they love you.
Oh, they love black people.
Oh, they're your friend.
But they see you like roaches.
And you know those roach motels, they have a smell that smells good.
That's how all this is.
Oh, come on in, everybody.
Come on in.
It's tasty.
And all of a sudden, you're stuck in it.
See, I don't think you're a roach.
I think these globalists are the roaches, and they're projecting onto you what they are.
And I got an idea for that demon hag.
Hey, listen, you old, ugly, New World Order piece of crap.
How about we ship your ass over to Africa, and then we give you all the childhood vaccines at once?
Oh, no, you're like the Monsanto executive when they said, here, drink the Roundup.
He goes, I'm not crazy.
But you've been telling people 30 years you can drink it.
Well, yeah, you drink it, and you die.
We're laying out the facts here, but I want to give you the really good news.
Trump had been taken out of context.
We talked about the military getting a vaccine.
He's trying to create hope.
And those of you that want it, well, the military will deliver it, so it's not the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.
Because I didn't even know this, and I forgot to tell the crew.
I forgot to send it to you.
The FDA shut down one of Bill and Melinda Gates' vaccine trials because they were trying to cover up stuff.
I forgot about that.
So type in FDA shuts down Bill and Melinda Gates vaccine trial.
So again, a lot of really good things are happening.
And Trump came out last Friday and said, hey, we're going to have a vaccine for you and the military will be there to carry it out.
That sounds, with this whole background of the Clintons and the Obamas and Bill and Melinda Gates saying it needs to be forced to be able to have a job or go to the store to buy and sell or get on an airplane, New York Times.
So a lot of folks were like, whoa, he's saying forced inoculation.
I said, yeah, he better be clear about this.
Turns out that very day he'd already come out and said that no one should be forced to take the vaccine.
And he said it the day before as well in a press conference, but the media didn't run with it.
It took me hours to find it.
But we finally got it posted to Infowars.com.
And here's part of the audio and video.
Yes, go ahead, please.
Hi, do you mean a fully approved vaccine for everyone?
Excuse me, you're going to have to remove it.
You can't hear through here.
Do you mean a fully approved vaccine for everyone, the full public, or a partially approved vaccine with emergency use?
No, we're looking for a full vaccine for everyone that wants to get it.
Not everybody's going to want to get it.
You got Fauci up there wearing his little bandit mask, all playing to the fear, just keep it going month after month to shut the economy down.
And now the White House has come out and said that.
Eric Trump's come out and said it.
First, Infowars says it three months ago because the globals were plotting it.
Then, Limbaugh says it.
And then, Trump says it.
Which again, I'm not up here going, oh look, we're so important.
That's why they want us off air, because they know we actually do the research.
And so now we know, folks, they're taking all the regular deaths, even people that don't test positive for COVID, and they're putting them in a COVID pile because they get money.
Now, many states and counties and cities are not corrupt.
They're not doing it.
And that's most of the red cities.
Because people don't even think like that in Republican areas where I've been from.
I mean, hospitals don't go, oh, you didn't die of COVID, but we're just gonna get the money.
But that's how blue cities and states operate.
They're cesspits.
And they even admit that's why all the deaths are in those places.
And by the way, when I told you about the orgies and the porn and the vodka drinking contest, there was articles last week about porn, orgies, and vodka drinking contest.
Exactly what I was told by multiple family members that work in the medical field.
They're just like, I'm like, how's it going?
Well, we haven't had one patient and nobody's here and we're just playing drinking games and, you know, some of the nurses are getting wild.
I go, I mean, you know, I know it goes on the medical field.
Just be left at that.
Everybody gets very comfortable with their bodies in the medical field.
And the doctors are promiscuous, the nurses are promiscuous.
I mean, it's like a frat house or something.
And the media about it is like, how dare Jones claim they're having drinking games and having sex?
What do you think doctors and nurses do when no one's in the hospital and the administrators are gone and they're there getting paid?
They start partying.
But look, I'm digressing.
The good news is people understand what's really going on.
And I know that EMTs are hardworking.
I know police are hardworking.
I know nurses and doctors have tough jobs in many cases.
And they are heroes sometimes.
But doing TikTok videos and drinking vodka and, you know, having sex and really Netflix more than anything.
Watching TV.
And then falsely coding patients that didn't die of COVID as dying of COVID, because you get money for that, tens of thousands of dollars more than you would, like, what is it?
$39,000 and $13,000, do the math.
That's just the beginning for each patient.
It's incredible.
But let's go ahead and play this report.
Italian, member of parliament from Rome, announces Bill Gates as a vaccine criminal and urged the Italian president to hand him over to the International Criminal Court for Crimes Against Humanity.
And this is Sara Canale.
And again, it's like a 30-minute speech she gave.
I'm going to obviously don't speak Italian, but it's got footnotes.
It's got the text there.
And so I'm going to be able to read that here on air along with the Italian, so go ahead.
You take away our freedom and say that we look for it.
It is our children who will lose more.
We are... Back it up again, guys.
She's reading too fast.
We'll start it over again.
We may have to pause each time.
She says, it is our children who will lose more.
We are rape souls raped with the help of the so-called guarantor of their rights.
His way, the right to school be granted only with a bracelet to get into school, to get them used to slavery and voluntarily treatment and virtual education.
All this in exchange for, and it goes on to describe the whole Bill and Melinda Gates.
And I guess she's reading really fast in Italian, so I'm not gonna be able to read it all to you there because she's talking so fast.
But it's a powerful video and it's getting a lot of support in Italy and it's gone totally viral.
As of this morning, it had a million views on Facebook, even though it just happened yesterday, and it had a half million on YouTube.
I predict it'll be taken down by tonight.
Yeah, now you can't have a member of Parliament speak, because they're banning all these doctors, they're banning everybody.
Now, speaking of banning people's speech, when we come back, I'm gonna air Michelle Malkin, who's been banned on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, everywhere.
They called her a Nazi, folks.
She's pro-Israel and married to a Jew.
That's what they do.
And they have now taken off Twitter the video that the president tweeted that someone else showed from a major conservative conference.
And when the president tweeted it, Twitter killed the video.
She's saying totally true things.
She's at a major conference.
She's speaking and this is Soviet or Chinese Communist level censorship and it's absolutely out of control.
That is in the second hour.
And then we're going to look at so many other big issues here on this live Sunday transmission.
But Trump is vowing to strip.
The radical left that has total, quote, command over the internet away from them.
Yes, this isn't private companies doing their own thing.
This is private companies racketeering together to suppress speech, election meddle, and absolutely take the modern communication systems.
And not let us have access to them.
That's how people communicate now, is over these things.
And now they're in the private messages of Twitter censoring.
And the private messages of Facebook censoring.
And now, when you try to type a cuss word into your iPhone or your Droid, it won't let you do it.
Because that's AI, live time, training you that you can't say bad words.
Like mother or father.
Those are dirty words.
So this is a total artificial
Take over, but when you share NewsWars.com, when you share InfoWars.com, when you word of mouth tell people, hey, see the Michelle Malkin speech that they censored off of Twitter.
It's at Banned.Video.
And more and more folks, Banned.Video is just exploding because we take all these banned videos of medical doctors and scientists and members of Congress and speeches they give that are being banned and we're putting it up at Banned.Video.
And that's why George Soros, the rest of them are calling for my arrest.
And demanding that the Mueller stay-behinds in the government take me down right now.
There's a civil war in this country, ladies and gentlemen.
And they're going after everybody.
We just posted that Michelle Malkin video late last night.
It's already got 85,000 views.
They can't stand it.
So, see the censor Michelle Malkin video that Trump tweeted.
And see all the other stuff they don't want you to have access to.
See the married couple snatched from their home by Canadian Thought Police for protesting the lockdown online and saying they believe a forced inoculation is part of the Mark of the Beast.
And they said, the police said, that is mental illness.
There is no Jesus.
That's how they take them to the mental institution.
They're like, hey, we saw you online, you're protesting.
We're taking you to the mental institution right now.
They're well-spoken and they're Eastern Europeans saying, we moved here to escape this.
This is tyranny.
I've got friends and folks that, you know, grew up in the Soviet Union and in Poland and other areas, and they say the lockdown's worse than what they had under the Soviets, folks.
We're gonna go to break.
We have our big mega sale, by the way.
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Whatever you do!
Tell folks to tune in to hour number two.
It's a revolutionary act.
Yes, go ahead please.
Do you mean a fully approved vaccine for everyone?
Excuse me, you're going to have to remove it.
You can't hear through here.
Do you mean a fully approved vaccine for the entire general public or a partially approved vaccine for emergency use?
Over here.
Oh, sorry.
Let me check near the mic.
Sorry, let me repeat that.
Now I'm closer to the mic.
Do you mean a fully approved vaccine for everyone, the full public, or a partially approved vaccine with emergency use?
No, we're looking for a full vaccine for everyone that wants to get it.
Not everybody's gonna want to get it.
By the way, we did not air that super ominous Martians are attacking sound.
That's like some train in the background.
We've had a few different versions of the clip.
Some of them are louder than that.
It's like a... While he's talking about it.
And so there's a video up on Infowars.com.
A Billy Weaver, and exposing the fact that Trump never pushed a mandatory vaccine agenda.
The media misrepresented that.
I sometimes still don't get how the media spins things, and I am so upset about the Clintons pushing it, and Alan Dershowitz pushing it, and CNN pushing it, and Bill and Melinda Gates pushing it, and the UN pushing it, and them saying, oh, you will take the vaccine to be able to go outside your house, that I see Trump going, oh, the military's coming, and I got really upset.
I listened to all the idiots.
That are going to say, we want you to wear a badge or a bracelet, which they're now proposing to show you've had an inoculation.
If it supposedly protects you from COVID and the hundreds of mutations, which any scientist will tell you, they've never had something for a respiratory illness because it never worked.
They've tested thousands of them.
It doesn't work.
It doesn't work.
It doesn't work.
It doesn't work.
It doesn't work.
It doesn't work.
It doesn't work.
Even Fauci's had to hedge his bets and go, this probably isn't going to work.
And there's too many mutations of it and it could hurt people.
Now, a few months ago, he's like, oh, when there's a vaccine, it'll be great.
It's gonna be really, really good.
You're really, really gonna like it.
But now they're getting up to the human trials have started and people are getting sick.
Guys, will you get me off the stack that article about Bill and Melinda Gates, FDA shuts down their lab, developing vaccine and testing systems.
I need that printout, thank you.
So this is the exciting stuff that's going on.
They've tried to act like, what?
Bad reaction.
I've never had before.
Safe and effective.
That's the PR, folks.
And I know our general audience knows that.
But you need to tell your neighbors, your friends, your family, say, hey, listen.
You're always hearing vaccines are safe and effective.
Have you ever heard anybody get real sick?
Well, I got real sick once.
Or when the military, my buddy died.
Or yeah, my mama got polio from it.
I mean, come on.
Well now they tell you there's no problem!
Why don't we go to Walgreens together and I'll buy a cup of coffee and you walk in.
Hey, can I have the insert for the flu shot?
I might want to take it.
They go, here's the fact sheet, sir.
The fact sheet says, save and effective, blah, blah, blah.
Might make your arm sore.
That's not the insert.
The insert is all folded up.
It folds out the size of two phone books laid out.
And you will read, Guillain-Barré, narcolepsy, cancer, autoimmune disease, death, seizures, type 2 diabetes.
Can give you diabetes.
Can give you pancreatitis.
It says it!
And now every year they know a certain percentage of kids get the flu shot, and MMR, and they have pancreatitis.
So now they crank up Dell Medical Center and the rest of it.
And when the kids go in, they go, yeah!
Funny, type 1 diabetes doesn't run in our family, but suddenly you're, yeah, you got type 1 diabetes because your pancreas is gone.
They don't even tell you that most of the time it bounces back.
They put you on the shots, though, and it never comes back.
Got your ass!
Got your ass!
Got your ass!
Got your ass!
One of my good, good friends.
Daughter got the vaccine about two, three weeks later.
She was losing weight, super sick, three years old.
They go in, they go, oh, sweetie, you got type one genetic diabetes.
But then they're like, why is Dell Medical Center full of all these kids?
Oh, they all got it, too.
A little bit of a special shot for you.
You don't need that pancreas, do you?
We'll take it.
And all so far, it's all just been a test.
Two people that work in this office, children, died from vaccines on record.
So get ready, all you out there, cause you're gonna die too!
You are listening to an InfoWars.com Frontline Report.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
We now take you live.
Coming to you live from the InfoWars.com studios in the recaptured state of Texas.
It's Alex Jones.
Okay, when I make corrections, I make them many times for many days because a big mistake is not a very common thing here.
A lot of times I'll get a number flipped around in my head or I'll say somebody's name wrong.
That's just because I'm teleprompter free.
But when I screw up and when I get something wrong, I am going to correct it over and over again.
Especially when it's really good news and I'm glad I'm wrong about it.
The president scared a lot of people Friday when he came out and he said, oh, don't worry if you're scared, the economy will be great, we've got hope, we're gonna beat COVID.
I know why he was doing that.
We'll have the military go out and get everybody the vaccine.
And the media spun that like, oh, see, forced inoculation like Fauci once and David Rockefeller once and Alan Dershowitz once, I got a clip of him, and the New York Times just called for it.
So I said, well, it's pretty creepy saying the military, if that's the case, I'm totally against it.
If he doesn't explain this, it's a deal breaker.
Well, it turned out the day before and that day in the press conferences, he had made it clear.
I've already played that clip three times.
I'm not going to play it again.
It's up on Infowars.com.
But I remember the first time they called me a Russian agent in 2008.
The games were going on in China, the Olympic Games, and I got up at six in the morning and I was literally
Getting some breakfast ready for my middle daughter, who was a baby then.
And my ex-wife runs in and she goes, she just turned the TV on in the bedroom, she goes, the Russians have attacked Georgia.
Well, I knew that could start nuclear wars.
I'm like, holy Hades.
And I run in there and I run in and I get on and I mean, I'm driving in and CNN's on the radio and I get in and
I'm at the office, watching this for about an hour, and I'm going, Russian forces have poured into Georgia, and they're attacking and trying to take the Capitol, and Dick Cheney is, you know, sending U.S.
troops, the airborne troops out of Germany are going in, it's going to be a war, and I went, wait a minute, let me just go to the computer.
But for about an hour, I'm like, you know, running to the office and watching TV, because I believe the lie.
Because who would tell a lie that Russia just attacked Georgia?
I mean, even CNN wouldn't do that, right?
That's 2008.
That's 12 years ago.
I go and I pull up German news and French news and even British news.
It's like, well, the Russians are disputing it.
They say that South Ossetia and Abkhazia got attacked and they're showing footage of these blown up military bases on the Russian border.
And then I watch it CNN and CNN and others are like, well, yes, it's true that
They had to liberate a base.
And so the Georgians did try to liberate a base.
And I went and looked up the base.
It was in a UN-held Russian area on the border.
And I went, oh my God, they attacked the Russians!
And the Russians go, we're not taking Georgia.
We're pushing the troops back and leaving.
And they did.
They left in two days.
I go on air and I go, my God, I cannot believe CNN said that Russia attacked Georgia and tried to start World War III.
And Obama was on the news saying that they'd attack.
And that weird president over there in Georgia was like eating his tie on TV.
He's going, help me!
I'm like eating his tie.
Pull up, Georgian president eats tie.
They say five day, well they're really in for two, then they push about halfway down and pull back for three days.
But what I'm getting at here is, is that I'm not a Russophile.
I'm an American, dyed in the wool, cult member of America.
I love America.
But I love the truth, folks.
And see, I got suckered again.
It's been a while since I got suckered.
But they're on the news saying, yeah, Trump's gonna support forced inoculations to get on airplanes.
I'm like, that piece of filth!
And they got me again.
They got me again.
And they get us all the time, don't they, man?
And that's why they're constantly trying to keep everybody off the air so they can lie about us.
So when they lie about us, no one knows what really happened.
And that's where the censorship is so dangerous.
So now they're censoring Trump tweets where he sends out a clip of Michelle Malkin at a major event talking about the censorship because she's a victim and it's wrong.
And so now they censored him because they don't respect him because he's done nothing.
He's promising strong action.
We'll see if that happens.
I'll read what he said when we come back.
But here's part of Michelle Malkin's censored speech that now lives at Bandot Video.
This is what Twitter won't let the president show you.
But they'll teach five-year-olds how to sit on the laps of convicted pedophiles.
Here it is.
Yesterday, as you all know, open borders anarchists raised the Mexican flag over the Aurora illegal alien detention center as this summit's evening speeches were underway.
I tweeted it as it was happening.
And the juxtaposition of these two events is rich with symbolism, and I'm going to tie it all together for you.
Because the assault on our borders, the assault on the rule of law,
The assault on our First Amendment rights to the freedoms of speech, religion, press, peaceable assembly, and the right to petition our government for a redress of grievances are all of a piece.
If we cannot communicate freely in defense of our nation, if we cannot publish vital information about the threats that we face,
Who is funding them and how we can stop them?
If we cannot gather in public places without a high risk of violence, if we cannot appeal to our government for help without fear of reprisal or punishment, we will no longer be a sovereign nation.
So, I did something that the open borders press is not going to do.
I looked at who is funding and who is sponsoring the paroxysms of protest against our law enforcement, our interior enforcement agents, and our border patrol agents this weekend and this coming week.
Here are some of the sponsors and hosts.
And, you know, we live here in Colorado and we wonder, where do these people come from?
Who are they?
Among the hosts and sponsors of events like the one in Aurora last night, the Border Network for Human Rights, the Florida Immigrant Coalition, a group called We Count, the American Friends Service Committee Homestead, the Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service,
The Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service, helping to advocate and embrace and facilitate people who want to raise foreign flags.
Above the American flag.
14 years ago, and I like Michelle Malkin, she's been on the show before that, and I want to invite her back on the show because we are some of the most banned people out there, and she's been a real champion of freedom.
So I apologize to her for being really mean to her 14 years ago, but her bodyguards did get in my face and elbow me, and so I did punch one of them back, elbowed him, he didn't like it, almost broke his arm.
I really want to mend fences with her.
And so Michelle Monken, I have a big platform.
I want to get her back on the show.
She said I had a fake video of Marines throwing a puppy off a cliff.
She said it was a robot dog.
It was a real puppy.
And she said I faked it.
And I didn't fake it.
They ended up court-martialing the Marine that threw the puppy off the cliff.
And I like dogs!
I like the Marines too!
But don't be picking on a puppy, man!
It's your ass kick doing that anyways.
The point is, is that
You got a dog that's starving, you can tear it, but shoot it.
Just don't torture it.
Anyways, she went too far, I went too far.
Her PR people put it out nationwide that I attacked her.
Now I was arguing with the people and they said stuff to me first, but that doesn't matter.
Let swamps be swamps, bygones be bygones.
When we come back, they'll actually play what Trump tweeted.
My fault, it wasn't clear with the crew.
I'm gonna get into all this other news, and believe me, this is so vital to understand the big picture, because this is a globalist revolution taking over.
It's not like they have the lockdown and then they take it off and that's it.
This is the beginning of really bad stuff, and I have a Bill Gates clip where he's admitting all that.
That's so chilling.
So if you want to have a future, believe me, listen to what I say, research it, and find out it's true.
Because knowing this stuff is the most valuable thing you can know, okay?
I mean, believe me, we know what we're talking about.
All right, we are back live.
Here's a story up at nationalfile.com.
It's also at newswars.com.
Twitter bans clip of Michelle Malkin on big tech censorship after Trump retweets it.
We were playing you part of her speech before, but this is actually what was banned.
The president isn't allowed to send this out, according to Twitter.
They said it violated terms of service.
And now hundreds of doctors and nurses, prominent virologists, discoverer of HIV, Nobel Prize winners are being banned.
Telling people that the craziest thing on earth is to lock up the general public when something's spreading, and that not getting sunlight, and that telling you a vaccine's gonna be available when they've never had a respiratory vaccine that works.
I mean, this is just hands-down fraud!
But see, they were willing to go with this takeover to test to see how much control they could get.
This is a giant test.
And I have Bill Gates in a moment admitting that.
He was on Stephen Colbert.
But here is the Michelle Malka that the President isn't even allowed to show you.
Here it is.
And I have to say that these days, I'm not merely worried about my ability to do that and my fellow patriots to be able to do that.
I'm terrified.
I've witnessed friends and allies stripped of their platforms and their reputations and their voices.
Some can no longer communicate on social media.
When I planted my little flag in the social media world on the internet almost 20 years ago, I never thought that I'd have to wake up one day and wonder if my entire website was going to be unplugged because of an opinion that I expressed.
And yet there are many of my friends and allies, your compatriots, who not only can no longer communicate on social media, on Twitter, on Facebook or Instagram, but who also can no longer gather peacefully at hotel conferences to discuss their ideas.
Still others are now forbidden from doing business with their banks.
Their payment processors, online retailers, and even ride-sharing services.
There is no more safe space.
That we can feel that we are guaranteed the right to communicate our ideas with each other, not in restaurants, not at homes.
And you've seen over the last couple of years since Donald Trump took office that there are many elected officials in Washington, D.C.
who can no longer walk on the streets without a threat or risk of violence to themselves or their families.
All right, the full video is posted at Banned.Video with Michelle Malkin.
You definitely need to go watch that.
You need to see that for yourself.
Now, let's actually read what the president said.
Trump vows to strip radical left of total command over Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Google.
Remember, three years ago, they were denying they were censoring anybody.
Then they went, oh, we only want to censor Alex Jones.
And they attacked me and lied about me to get other people to go along with it.
Once that precedent was set,
They have now banned and blocked basically everybody.
And Project Veritas got footage two years ago under cover of Twitter and Facebook employees.
High-level managers saying, well, what do you ban?
Anything pro-patriotic.
American flags get you shadow banned.
These dumb hicks think they're communicating with each other, but no one can see what they're saying.
Yeah, when you try to send it out to your group, they don't see it.
You have to use Facebook, Twitter,
As a page you forward to someone via instant message.
And so the people figured that out.
So now they're like, we need to ban people being able to send Alex Jones or President Balassaro private messages on Twitter.
That was the headlines.
Oh, and then they said, oh, and Jordan Peterson too.
And Alex Jones, we can't let Facebook people use their private messenger.
And so it was in the news two months ago that Alex Jones and
Jordan Peterson links were being banned.
So people then hide the links and change the names.
I mean, this is beyond the Soviet Union.
This is beyond 1984.
And so, Trump did not say for his inoculation, he did say the military would come with a shot if you wanted.
How creepy is that?
And the virologists admit it won't even protect you, but whatever.
If people want to hurt themselves, I'm a libertarian on that front.
Just don't try to make kids take it.
Because they're not of age to be able to make that qualified decision.
That responsible decision.
Same reason kids shouldn't have pedophile drag queen story time.
You know, to train them and groom them as the pedophiles admit they're doing.
Leave the kids alone, as Pink Floyd the Wall says.
Hey, teacher!
Leave them kids alone.
Which means leave the innocents alone.
Stop abusing people.
The system, as Christ said, suffering little children.
And so, Trump has failed when it comes to censorship.
And he has greenlit and said two years ago, I'm getting ready to take strong action.
It's illegal what Twitter is doing.
Because his campaign manager thinks he's who got Trump elected.
He thinks the ads they bought on YouTube and Facebook did it.
It was the giant activist hordes of patriots promoting everything Trump said, in fact checking the enemy in real time, and they admit that and they made MIT models and Oxford models how to defeat Trump's base and had huge internet models of take this person out and take them out and shut them down while going before Congress going we never censored anybody.
And now Soros and the ADL and Media Matters, all Soros funded, are running it.
And Trump now has come out in these tweets and said, it's Soros running it.
And now Hungary's leader has come out and said that it's Soros running Facebook.
It is Soros!
They admit it!
Facebook has introduced a Soros oversight board to censor conservatives.
People are like, incredible!
Folks, it's admitted.
In fact, the Southern Poverty Law Center is actually more powerful than the ADL or Media Matters when it comes to this, and they're also Soros funded.
They're the ones that trained, get ready for this, 25,000 people on censorship to go work for the big tech companies virtually, and then they hired another 50,000.
Last time I checked, it's over 100,000 people trained as leftists
With hardcore leftist ideology that then virtually have access to your private messages on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and they admit they're in their live time having fun, the power trip of these pedophiles and perverts and communists.
So the real crime is the surveillance of letting outside groups, not just the companies, but outside political commissars, political
Officers coming into America, coming into Europe.
Hell, remember five years ago, no one believed it.
Facebook hired former Stasi commanders to go recruit their former employees and they, Google, last time I heard was moving in to the Stasi headquarters in East Germany.
Folks, this isn't satire.
I'm serious.
And so former intelligence agency operatives, leftist, every scumbag you can imagine,
Are in there, not just they're stealing your private company secrets.
It's a gang.
This is a robbery.
This is an organized crime operation.
And the Pentagon is being taken over by Microsoft Cloud.
And the FBI is like on 2005 computers and can't even find their ass with both hands.
And instead run around persecuting American patriots that deserve medals, not prison like General Flynn.
Oh, and it turns out the FBI agent that ran the whole setup of Flynn?
He's got a lot of explaining to do.
Yeah, turns out this guy lives like somebody making 10, 20 million dollars a year.
Oh, I heard, I heard the, I heard the Pentagon's not gonna be let around on their nose anymore by the deep state.
So, hey!
You globalists are in your little Hitler bunkers, aren't you?
And you think your intimidation works on us?
Piss up a rope and burn in hell!
Burn in hell, globalists, with your Chaikom murdering buddies!
Burn in hell!
Burn in hell!
We are back live, last segment.
Really appreciate all the great stations and viewers and listeners.
I appreciate the great crew putting up with me, too.
I'm really upset by this.
I feel dirty even researching all this.
And so I lash out, just in general.
Because it's therapeutic to fight these people, but I do it too much.
And so I'm going to take a few days vacation later in the week to work.
When I take vacations, it's to do work.
To work on the Bill Gates film.
That'll be therapeutic for me to do something I haven't done in years.
With all the clips and things I have to do some interviews.
I'm going to just churn this out very quickly.
It's very powerful.
And I've been working on it a couple hours every day in the last couple weeks.
Owen Schroer on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday is going to be hosting the show.
Because I'm going to be vacationing in one of these editing booths over here.
I believe that will be a vacation.
Because I don't like hearing myself talk.
I want to really put something powerful out in his own unbelievable words.
And we'll put it out on DVD, too.
I've decided, at cost.
So we can just flood everybody, because they're going to try to censor this, so you'll have that hard copy.
You can share and make copies of.
The old-fashioned way, hey, this isn't allowed online.
Make copies like the old days.
We used to get tens of millions of our videos out that way.
Okay, with loose change and endgame and 9-11, the road to tyranny and police state.
Remember all those?
We'll do it again together.
What's old is new again.
Okay, let's talk about this.
You've heard of the Duke of Earl, that old 50s song.
Duke, Duke, Duke, Duke of Earl.
Well, this isn't a nice Duke of Earl.
Prince Andrew, the Duke of Earl pedophile friend, Jeffrey Epstein, also best buddies with Bill Gates, procured girls from Britain and flew them to the US on his private jet to be abused.
Maria Farmer, the first person to ever file a complaint on Epstein says, and she's put out some new shocking paintings that we can show you a color shot of.
They've got some of the players on there and some of the folks that she says are the bad guys.
And again, Epstein was just a butler.
He was a concierge.
She was a maitre d'.
You know, he's like the guy they celebrate.
Oh, thanks for putting the party on!
But he was the nexus between Israeli, British, and U.S.
intelligence at the highest corrupt levels to compromise people.
And that's what this whole sickening can of worms is about.
Oh, and who first exposed Jeffrey Epstein?
We're on record.
And I didn't expose him for the pedophile rings.
It was him running the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation events
With Oprah Winfrey, who has interesting proclivities.
Folks should investigate those orphanages in Africa.
And the old Zorro Ranch.
Let's just say she's seen more tail than a toilet seat.
And these are some sick people that are really into themselves and the power they have.
And they're all just in love with themselves like they're gods.
There's old Bill Gates!
Old Billy Boy!
And look how evil those men look.
Get him off!
People always counter, oh yeah, well Donald Trump's been seen at parties at Mar-a-Lago.
Yeah, it's like a club.
And I wouldn't defend Trump in two seconds if I found out he liked Epstein.
I went and looked into this five years ago.
No connections to that.
And I happen to know Trump's sexual proclivities are pretty well-known bombshell models.
Very intimidating women.
I mean, I've met Melania Trump and I'm not, it was like...
It was like, am I on Krypton?
This is like Superman's mom or something?
I'm like, you know, she definitely got the juice going, man.
I mean, you know, and the pedos aren't into powerful women.
They're intimidated by that.
I'm definitely into it.
Um, and so is Trump.
I mean, I like the full goddess model, big and juicy, you know, all the good stuff.
Anyways, I mean, Melania is a little too skinny for me, but she's definitely a presence.
But I looked into Trump.
He's not part of the pedo train.
So there you go, ladies and gentlemen, it all ties together.
There's a lot I didn't get to today.
I over-prepare for these shows a lot of times, but they're coming with forced inoculations, they're coming with total tyranny, and I'm very, very pleased to see that from Japan to Italy, major leaders are coming out, seeing what this is, and Bill Gates being thrown out of India and other countries for giving people polio and sterilizing little girls.
I mean, these are some sickos.
He said he wants more child death.
But let's get to some good news here.
Trump is pointing out that the people that launched the attempted coup against the President, including Obama, should be in prison for 50 years.
Here's the President.
This is the greatest political crime in the history of our country.
If I were a Democrat instead of a Republican, I think everybody would have been in jail a long time ago.
And I'm talking with 50 year sentences.
It is a disgrace what's happened.
This is the greatest political
Hoax in the history of our country.
And people should be going to jail for this stuff.
And hopefully a lot of people are going to have to pay.
No other president should have to go through.
And I'll tell you, General Flynn and others are heroes.
Hear us, because what's happened to them, they weren't after General Flynn.
They wanted him to lie about me, make up a story.
And with few exceptions, nobody did that.
There were many people.
I watched KT McFarlane the other day.
I watched where she was knock-knock FBI, you know, the FBI, okay?
This was all Obama.
This was all Biden.
These people were corrupt.
The whole thing was corrupt.
And we caught them.
That's right.
Now let's go to the new Press Secretary, McEnany.
And she's a cute woman.
She's good looking, but that's not why I like her.
She's smart.
She does her research.
She knows how they're going to attack.
She's the best yet in there.
I really like it.
Here she is laying out these criminals.
Here she is defining to the national press, Obamagate, a term we coined.
Here it is.
Also in his interview with Maria Bartiromo the other day, the President suggested that people should be jailed for what he said earlier in the week was a very obvious crime.
You're an attorney and the President's spokesperson.
Perhaps you could lay out the elements of this crime.
What crime was committed and in what way?
I assume you're referring to the Obama administration and the unmasking and... But the President calls Obamagate.
What is it?
What are the elements of that crime?
Yeah, I'm really glad you asked because there hasn't been a lot of journalistic curiosity on this front and I'm very glad that you asked this question.
Look, there were a number of questions raised by the actions of the Obama administration.
The Steele dossier funded by the Democratic National Committee, the opposition political party to the president,
We're good.
Um, we know that there was a lot of wrongdoing in the case of Michael Flynn.
The FBI notes, for instance, that said, um, should we quote, get him to lie as they pontificated their strategy.
We know that the identity of this three decade general was leaked to the press, a criminal leak to the press of his identity in violation of his fourth amendment rights.
These are very serious questions.
They've been ignored by the media for far too long and I'm very glad that I think that is the second question that I have fielded on Lieutenant General Michael Flynn because justice does matter.
Those questions, they matter.
To be clear, I heard you mention one thing you said was criminal and that was what?
The one thing that I've said that was criminal?
The leaking of his name and the very real questions that have been raised.
But if you want to start talking about wrongdoing in the administration, happy to go through Andy McCabe leaking to the Wall Street Journal and then lying about it.
Happy to talk about James Clapper lying before Congress saying the NSA does not monitor phone calls.
That was an inaccuracy, to say the least, if not a lie.
John Brennan telling Congress that the bogus Steele dossier played no role in the Russia
The full thing is on Infowars.com, but let's talk about flip-flopping.
I want to like Steve Bannon, but he has done some flip-flopping that's been really bad.
Look at this, Steve Bannon flip-flopped on Roger Stone's WikiLeaks connection under oath.
He told the Senate Intelligence Committee
That he never talked to Wikileaks or to Roger Stone about Wikileaks.
But then under oath, again, in the D.C.
court where they were doing their whole kangaroo operation, he said he talked to them all the time.
And that Roger Stone was their connection to Wikileaks, which I can tell you was not true, and Roger Stone was not telling people that.
Why is he allowed to lie either to the federal court or to the Senate under oath when Roger Stone was charged by accusations that very committing that he lied and said he never talked to Wikileaks?
Think about that.
So I don't want to see Steve Bannon charged.
I want to see
Him to come out and explain himself so that Roger Stone's exonerated.
Because we all know Roger wasn't talking to Julian Assange.
We weren't cool enough like the New York Times back then.
And so, we know that he didn't.
So we know.
You told the truth to the Senate, then the FBI threatened you, so you lied in Roger's trial, didn't you?
That's a scumbag move, buddy.
That's a scumbag, lyin' narc move.
Tomorrow's news today.
I'm here to tell you I don't need you to thank me and tell me I've done a good job.
I've done nothing but my duty!
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Waking people up to the New World Order, Bohemian Grove, the American Deep State, the rise of Communist China, the plan for global depopulation, and global elite pedophiles who prey off of our young.
The enemy has done their best to destroy us, but because of your support, our fight continues.
Join us.
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