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Name: 20200513_Wed_Alex
Air Date: May 13, 2020
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In this text, Alex Jones discusses vaccines being used for sterilization purposes globally and criticizes mainstream media for not reporting on it. He promotes his own product, an organic hand sanitizer with essential oils. Jones then interviews Rich Renvell about topics such as General Flynn's prosecution, corruption in the judicial system, Dr. Fauci's potential involvement with China, and the need for citizens to support President Trump and trust in God. They emphasize the importance of taking action against those who oppose Trump and his administration, such as signing letters supporting individuals like former FBI Director James Comey, and the need for citizens to stand up and defend their rights. The conversation touches on themes of loyalty, patriotism, corruption, and the struggle between good and evil in modern society."

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If you study psychotics like this, they... Their target's not poor, starving people that have had low diets their whole life so their brain mass is small, so you can look at them and go, oh, look, they're dumb.
Yeah, because they've been starving.
That's not their target.
Their target's you.
Just like the lockdown, you're the producer.
They want control of you.
You're competition to them.
And if you study psychotics, low-functioning psychotics, high-functioning psychotics, idiot savant psychotics, they go out and kill people a lot of times just to mess with the cops and send them letters telling them you can't catch me, I'm superior to you.
The whole thing is about how they're better than everybody and how they're gonna get us.
You think these things want the poor Africans?
They want you!
They want you!
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
It is Wednesday, May 13th, 2020.
I am your host, Alex Jones.
And I got on my knees at about 3 a.m.
this morning when I woke up and just asked God to give me the guidance and the direction to not get angry on air and to just calmly report this information to you as best I can and give you the evidence.
If you go to InfoWars.com right now, you'll see the live show feed titled, Global Bombshell.
WHO confirms
Vaccines are having sterilants added to them on a planetary scale.
I have an entire folder that is only the surface of this with the United Nations admitting they're doing it.
Now think about that.
Global Bombshell Who Confirms Sterilants Added to Vaccines Globally.
Watch live.
Something of this magnitude can only be hidden in plain view.
And I'm risking my life bringing you this information.
But none of us have a life regardless if we don't beat this.
So please, every broadcast is important.
But I'm asking you to call everyone you know and say, listen,
You need to know what's gonna be in the vaccine.
You need to understand.
Now, understanding my thought processes on this is a way for you to understand your thought processes and to get out of the trap.
And what am I talking about?
Last night, I was laying in bed with a tablet, and I thought, let me go see what David Knight's up to, because I had watched the show yesterday.
And I saw him play a video that I meant to play that I didn't get to yesterday by a group like Project Veritas called Go Vote in the UK.
That's a credible group.
Kind of leftist, but they mean well.
And they're talking about interviewing a big pharma whistleblower about HCG being added to vaccines to sterilize women.
And then folks were all on YouTube saying, oh, we don't know this is true.
Oh, you know, they wouldn't dare do that.
And then of course this morning, the YouTube video was gone, had like a half million views.
Well, all I did was type in HCG vaccines, and I was on the UN's website saying they added to vaccines to sterilize people.
But see, no one cares when it's totally admitted, when Bill Gates says he wants to depopulate.
But when it's someone saying, I'm gonna talk to a whistleblower soon, because it's speculation, it becomes this golden thing that everybody hyperventilates over.
So I got up at 3 a.m.
and I sent David Knight about 10 links or so, sent his son about a dozen more who produces his show.
And David did his own research, but here's the thing.
We've known this since the late 80s, they've been doing this.
And so there's that frustration that I've known so much information for so long that I just get up here and I tell you, yeah, there's steroids in a lot of the vaccines.
People go, oh, that's just Alex saying that instead of going, hey, here it is.
Here's the URL on the UN website.
Now as soon as we point this out, Google will bury it.
That's why you want to use Yippie or something else.
But it takes a lot of will to read these white papers and reports.
And then to read Bill and Melinda Gates' name all over it, funding every damn bit of it.
And then to read how he got thrown out of India because they caught him sterilizing people over there.
And that was even in the London Guardian five years ago.
Mainstream media has gone down so bad.
They were always bad.
They were always leftist, but now they're just committed to pure evil.
And so we're going to lay it out here, folks.
And by the way, you're not going to have to be in the third world to get sterilized.
They're coming to sterilize you.
And by the way, the side effects will greatly reduce your life.
Bill Gates might as well put a gun to your head and blow your brains out.
We're not going to put up with his assault.
This means war.
The date is May 13th.
The year is 2020.
173 days out from the election that's already been canceled.
The mail-in ballots, the ballot stuffing has already begun.
The deep state is moving against President Trump.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
Thank you for joining us.
I've been up since 3.15 this morning doing research.
And I was simply going back and pulling up what I already knew.
But it was so much more horrible than I had even remembered.
So I've got about four hours under my belt reading from the UN website, reading from the London Guardian, reading from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.
What I am going to present to you at the bottom of the hour as studiously as I can.
What have I told you?
The UN admits they're adding sterilisers to vaccines across the world, around the globe.
And again, I've known all this for 25 years, 26 years.
But I only now actually went back and read it in the context of what they're coming at us with.
You know, if Bill Gates walked up to you with a .357 Magnum and shoved it into your temple and pulled the trigger and fired a projectile through your skull and blew your brains all over the wall, he'd go to prison for that.
But if he got you through pressure and through intimidation and through hostage-taking, through siege,
To go into Stockholm Syndrome, Mast-Stockholm Syndrome, and got you to take the shot yourself, even though he's now telling you it's gonna hurt a lot of people, and Fauci says it might hurt a lot of people.
Well, that, you know, is the endgame.
And that's why I said we've gotta really soup it up, jazz it up, ramp it up, so it, quote, works on old people,
And on the young, but ooh, when you soup them up, when you ramp them up with adjuvants, that's called an autoimmune response.
You know, a bee stings an adjuvant.
That's why if you take a vaccine and just so happen they've got studies, get stung by a bee the same day, you usually die.
Bee stings an adjuvant.
Why do you think they're suddenly all over the news saying, this vaccine's gonna hurt you real bad, but see, if you wanna get your job back or travel, you gotta take it.
Because they're not gonna be able to hide the fact that a lot of folks are gonna die, a lot of folks are gonna get paralyzed.
There are two people in this building who lost their children to vaccines, and they admitted the vaccines killed them.
They're not going to give you some weak soft kill this time.
You're going to get hurt real bad.
And they're going to say, well, it's for the global good.
Because they can't hide it anymore, ladies and gentlemen.
That's why Gates came out and said, yeah, vaccines really don't work for the flu.
He said, because there's not enough adjuvant in it.
You have to guess the exact flu mutation for it to work and it's never worked because the flu mutates thousands of times a year.
Same thing with the coronavirus.
So how could he patent it?
Release a biological weapon version that is a souped-up cold.
But not much.
It's like a 350 horsepower car you put a supercharger on and it pushes up to 450.
It's not like a Dodge Redeye Hellcat with 800-plus horsepower.
But it's a... it's a souped-up baby.
So, some are out there saying, oh, it doesn't exist, it's a total hoax.
No, it's... they own it!
They made it!
Fauci and Gates and the Chi-Coms made it!
And by the way, it's in the news today!
The usual suspects.
The damn Clinton Foundation is involved.
Of course they are.
Contact Tracing Group, funded by Soros and Gates, has Chelsea Clinton on the board.
Gee, why'd you think Bill Clinton came out in his foundation two weeks ago and announced, we need millions of people with federal funding to go around and make sure you've been contact traced.
Oh, and it gets better!
Turns out, Apple, Androids, as they announced two weeks ago,
...have unified when it comes to tracking and have put the app to contact trace on your phone whether you like it or not.
And when you turn it off, they turn it back on.
And guess who runs it?
Oh, I forgot.
The World Health Organization.
And it's administered by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the Clinton Global Initiative.
And of course, Media Matters and all the other criminal organizations will now have access to your phone in live time, just like Microsoft with the neocons set up NewsGuard and ElectionGuard, where private corporations and intelligence agencies are in your phone, live time, and your election.
This is a total technocracy takeover.
This is a military takeover of our military,
Of the cloud, of the satellites, of all the phones, of all the devices, of everything.
And the technocrats are all one group.
Apple, Google, Facebook, Twitter, they're all one unified criminal syndicate.
And if anybody wants to save America, not that our government's perfect, but this is the time for government to get involved because
The major corporations are the global government.
They're not libertarian, they're not free market, they're vertical integrators, and their operating system and in-game goal is depopulation.
And when you get around rich people, really rich ones, the types that don't show it off, they'll always start signaling to you, and they're usually quote liberals, that they don't like brown people.
And when you explain to them that you're a Christian and you might not like it that brown people have been turned into an enemy against you by the left, you don't want to kill them.
And you'd like to be their brother.
And then they hate your guts from that point on.
And Bill Gates wants to exterminate almost everyone.
So, they learned with Hitler that people fight tanks.
But they don't fight dudes in pink sweaters.
Now, India threw his ass out, and so did Pakistan.
They figured out what was going on.
And look, I get it.
There are a lot of folks in India, man.
But do you really want to sign on to sterilizing them?
And you know, Bill Gates has his angle.
He has, you can see it from his perspective until you realize that they're after everybody.
High IQ, low IQ, they're poisoning everyone, and they believe in a post-human era, merging with machines, and they're crazy.
And I've been really researching Bill Gates for years, but I've been researching him in more depth, and he is completely insane.
And that's why he is the science officer on the committee.
And there is a global committee.
It has rotating members, just like a Politburo.
And there are 12 of them.
And I know who at least 8 of them are.
And this information is the most secret information on the planet.
And so I commit myself into God's hands bringing this information out.
And I'm not being dramatic, ladies and gentlemen.
Everybody knows that.
But you need to understand that this is not theories.
This is not games.
This is dead on, dead on what's going on.
Remember what I told you the last three months.
And for years before that, but intensely every day for three months, four months, I've told you since late January that they release a small bio-simulant that does kill people a few million, globally.
Then once they practice the lockdown, then they'll hit you with something that kills hundreds of millions next, they'll claim terrorists did it, and then big bio-weapon attack comes after that.
If we buy into it and submit, they'll do it the next year.
If we resist, five years.
But most of you will be dead within five years if we don't turn this around.
You understand?
Now the clock is ticking.
Get ready, they're coming for you and your family.
Welcome back, I'm your host Alex Jones.
This is an emergency transmission coming to you from deep in the heart of Texas, broadcasting worldwide.
Now you remember back in November and December, I commissioned one of the crew here, one of the graphic artists,
To create an image of an astronaut standing in a national park with forest around him.
And I explained that if you look at the image we had made that there's all this what looks like pollen in the air.
And I said the archetypal image that I see in 2020 is a future where humans can't live.
In their own environment, where the Earth is made to be so toxic to us that we have to go into bubbles or into spacesuits.
That's the enemy's plan.
Now you can call that psychic, but it's beyond that.
It's an imprint of all the millions of data points you get and then being able to integrate that together to understand the signals you're getting.
And that's one of the versions they made with the space shuttle.
There's another version that has all the toxins, all the biological systems in the air that have been released on the Earth to make it impossible for humans to live on the planet.
So that we then have to go into the globalist corporate system and into these artificial bubbles.
The bubble cities.
The bubble suits.
And now it's all over the news.
Oh, cool rocking spacesuits that you're going to wear to go out to clubs now.
And it's the idea that humans are bad, humans are evil.
You can't trust anyone, any virus, any bacteria is bad.
Even though if you don't have viruses, bacteria, you get sick and die.
That's known germ theory that's been proven.
But let's look at this article.
If we can pull up the Infowars.com article.
That's from 1962.
Life in 2022.
Image depicted everyone trapped in pods.
So no one gets sick.
Now, if you look into Isaac Asimov and all those guys, they were actually programming the public for what was coming in the future.
Arthur C. Clarke and others admitted that, and Arthur C. Clarke basically said childhood's end is an allegory for what he believes human evolution will be like.
Well, in 1977,
DARPA created a classified report saying to end war under the Carnegie and Ford and Rockefeller endowment, the only way to end war would be to take humans out of their environment completely and basically make sexless humans that were manufactured in factories or get rid of humans altogether or put people in pods with virtual reality jacked into their brain
For the rest of their life, and having a simulation run by an AI computer, so that it could control the environment and end war that way.
You may have heard of that.
They then made a movie out of it called The Matrix.
And again, Philip K. Dick, before he died, had some of his books stolen.
And he was in the San Francisco area at the time, in the 60s and 70s.
Hanging out with people that were involved in these DARPA projects.
Some of the same people worked in some projects that later I learned about when I was a child, because some of them visited the house and were openly talking about some of it in front of me.
So again, this is a real science cult, okay?
In San Francisco, one of the most powerful groups on the planet.
And they've come up with this whole thing.
So now, officially in China, they have plastic bubbles.
In fact, I sent that to one of the producers, to Daria.
It's in your tweet.
I actually sent it to you last night about 3 a.m.
It shows that the Chinese children now in bubbles.
And so you're being shown this, that humans are so bad.
Humans aren't just bad for the earth.
Humans are so toxic and so diseased that we can't even touch each other.
Well, prisoners in a medium security prison can shake hands, or lift weights together, or pat each other on the back, or pray together at chapel.
But now you're living like someone that lives in a Supermax.
Yeah, there it is in China, they're proposing these pods, but there's actual
We're good to go.
And you're scared, everyone's wearing the mask, and no one can go to a job, and, oh, sorry, it's only 15 days to bend the curve and make sure the hospitals aren't overwhelmed.
And now it's, oh, it's two months, three months, six months, and Fauci now says, sorry, there's not gonna be school next year either.
And then the cowards, or the uninformed, they lead us now.
The sheep that run off the cliff are our leaders, like, yeah, you're not opening that school!
My kid's not going to your, we're not going, you're not opening that mall, I'm gonna sue you!
Oh, and the meatpackers.
No one's died at a meatpacking plant.
Thousands and thousands tested.
You know, 300 at one plant all have COVID.
None of them got sick.
Because it's a fake test, folks.
That's why they're like, testing, testing, testing, to show we have the most cases.
And all it is is really old people dying.
95% of the people dying are above the age of 75.
All the others have serious cancer, heart failure, deformities.
I mean, they're in wheelchairs.
They're quadriplegics.
And then they just say, COVID when they die, because they get a big, fat, juicy check.
And look, I know all of you already know that.
But if we don't get the word out and expose it, they got all the censorship in place before they did this.
They were going to do this when Hillary got in.
You think Hillary's global initiative with Chelsea on the board of this just cooked up contact tracing and all this money and the forced inoculations in the last three months?
All this was pre-planned.
All this was pre-prepared.
And I'll cover it next segment.
And now Apple and Google
That have over 90% of the phones in the West.
All decided two weeks ago.
Oh, we have an agreement now that we're going to have in our operating systems, a joint system with each other to track everywhere you go, whether you like it or not.
And we're giving it to law enforcement and the WHO.
That's in the news today.
The WHO.
And guess who runs it?
Guess who's going to run it?
The Global Initiative.
Bill Clinton's in your phone!
And Mr. Ed, his daughter.
Webster Hubble's daughter, look at this contact tracing group funded by Soros and Gates, has Chelsea Clinton on board.
National file on Infowars.com.
But Muslims for Progress say they love it and want virtual systems.
Oh, busted!
Contract tracing data sent to the WHO and law enforcement.
Used to quarantine people, come and grab them.
And China says, oh, there were five cases in Wuhan.
Oh, you not leave your house now.
So now we are, oh, we can't open up either.
China say second wave come.
They're all open for business, but we can't.
Sweden's communist now, so they stay open.
Because once they've conquered you, it's OK.
Yeah, there's some of the, there it is.
They're the kids in the bubbles in China.
I'm going to go to break, and I'm just going to tell you this right now.
I tried to hold this back.
And I thought that we could get people in the government to actually look into this and not want to go down this road.
But the public is so cowardly and so into being slaves that it's avalanched into mass hysteria.
And thank God Trump now understands this and is bucking it.
But if you don't have storable foods and if you don't have a bug out point with your family, I don't care if it's five acres in the middle of nowhere, you're insane.
Because the New World Order is here.
And if you're in a city, you're crazy.
That's all I'm saying.
We have storable food ready to ship out to you at InfoWareStore.com.
Almost no one else does, or they're lying to you, or it's crap.
We have high-quality food at InfoWareStore.com, and it funds our operation.
It lasts 25 years.
It's something you need on that checklist.
Don't wait anymore.
Get it today.
And we have huge sales that end this weekend running right now.
Welcome back, I'm your host Alex Jones.
If you're listening to us on local AM and FM stations, please thank them and please spread the word about those stations and please become a sponsor or support their sponsors now more than ever.
So many stations pick us up at night, they get good ratings, people support the show, they call and they thank the station, they get a couple sponsors, they put us on weekdays, we get top ratings for them and we change the country and the world and defeat the globalists.
And something's happening.
A lot of new radio and TV stations are picking up the show because I get people used to tune in and say, this guy's completely off his rocker.
They're planning a world government and forced inoculations and they're gonna have pedophiles come to the schools and the kids will be made to sit in their lap even though they're crying.
No, that's 2020.
Those of us that aren't into evil don't understand it because we're not evil.
We're sinners, we're fallen, but we're not pointed towards evil.
We don't like it.
We don't worship it.
We don't enjoy it.
Well, if you're not like the globalists, you've got a blind spot.
And I'm here to tell you, folks, when I discovered all this stuff, hiding in plain view, I couldn't believe it.
And I just say thank God my parents were into history and had a lot of history books laying around.
Because like I told you, I liked comic books and science fiction and sports stuff when I was a kid.
Until I started reading history books when I was about eight.
And I got addicted because this was real.
This stuff really went on.
And it was way cooler than the stuff in science fiction.
And then I realized that my ancestors have been part of it.
My grandfathers have been part of it.
And then it got even cooler.
And then I realized I was part of it.
And I wasn't just some passive thing.
I was living in a real world that had real consequences.
All right, you know, I said I'd get into this news, this segment, and I'm not doing this to build it up.
But it's so momentous that I have to get my brain completely focused to be able to do this.
And during the break, I was doing some work and taking care of some things and I got distracted.
Nobody's bad for coming in here.
I told them to, but I was busy doing some work.
So I'm going to have to do it next segment.
Get back in the zone.
But here's what I'm trying to get at for folks.
You can't pretend like you're part of the power structure.
You're not.
And even Bill Gates and Lord Rothschild and these individuals are not in charge.
They are slaves.
And that's a whole nother subject, how tortured they are, how nightmarish their lives are.
I spent about an hour yesterday watching Bill Gates' videos and videos where he doesn't want to be there.
And where it's not scripted.
And I had some of the guys go around and dig around for raw footage of him.
And man, it's exactly what I knew I'd find.
He looks like he is totally depressed and absolutely being tortured in these videos.
And he is just disgusted with everybody.
He hates everybody.
And he is completely nasty.
And he is driven.
He is a haunted, tortured, possessed man.
It's Avatar, folks.
The bad guys are jacking in.
And everybody knows that deep down.
And when Billy Boy's not doing bad stuff,
He's not alive.
These things only live to kill.
What does the Bible say?
Kill, steal and destroy.
And they build the world to be as nasty and ugly and horrible and stupid and they create a giant population.
To get the rest of the population, who's enlightened and who is good, to sign on to exterminating the dumbed-down third world for survival, and that's how they trick us into making the deal with evil.
So I know why Bill Gates does what he does.
I understand how he was indoctrinated, how he was brought into the scientific dictatorship at a young age.
I just want everybody to know who serves Satan that most of you are low level and so you think it's fun, you think you're part of the winning team, you're part of the losing team.
And for those of you that still haven't forfeited your chance, you need to turn back now.
You need to ask the Holy Spirit to come into you.
I pass the fake churches, all that's designed to make you turn away from God.
And you need to really
Ask for the cavalry to come, because it's the only hope you have for eternity.
You do not want to join the Satan.
It's madness.
All right.
Like I said, I am particularly prepared for today's show, and I'm the one telling David Knight not to kill himself by doing five, six hours of preparation every day for his show, and I've done that much myself today.
And, man, it's all just totally come together.
It's exactly how we analyzed it, but it's not a surprise.
We're following their operation.
They are really planning to execute this thing to the hilt.
So, I had really hoped they'd back down.
I'd really hoped that it was all just a bunch of crazy eugenicists trying to one-up each other, but they're gonna carry this out.
You better start getting ready to decide what you're going to do, folks.
And it's going to get really bad.
They're going to carry out false flags and blame it on us, and it's going to be nasty, but just thank God and your lucky stars that you, for whatever reason, are awake and aware and have a relationship with God, the living God, because these guys worship the God of death.
I mean, I'm really ashamed of myself.
When I saw Bill Clinton come out for armies of contact tracers and all the police state things that means and grabbing children out of mother's arms, why didn't I go look it up and find out they're running the whole damn thing and making money off of it and getting taxpayer money?
Well, sure enough, here it is.
It's always worse than we even thought.
It's just so naked.
It's so out in the open.
It's so ridiculous.
But that's how evil works.
It's like, all the denial's over, and add the little cherry on top.
Facebook, run by the same group that Gage runs, deletes Michigan Anti-Lockdown Group with 380,000 members.
They're telling Americans, you can't organize and say you believe you're essential and that your business is essential.
Only Walmart and Target are.
You know, I will never shop at Walmart or Target again.
I still don't do it very often, but sometimes it's convenient.
I will.
This is war, folks.
You have to 100% cut yourself off from all these people and all these groups and these big globalist corporations that are anti-God, anti-family.
They're waging war against us.
We have to totally cut them off.
They're trying to cut you off and bankrupt you.
So remember that.
They're gonna use every bit of their power to muscle you and dominate you and then medically inject you with poison to sterilize you and give you cancer.
All right, I'm gonna go to break.
I'm gonna come back and I'm gonna read the documents here on air.
And all I can say is...
Do I need to get on my knees and tell you to call your friends, call your neighbors, call your family, random people, however you're listening.
Or if you're listening on radio but your family doesn't have radio in their area, Infowars.com, Newswars.com.
They're already starting to block text messages now with Infowars and things like that.
So you've got to physically call people and tell them to go there.
You've got to download all these shows because once the enemy moves in their next operation and we're taking off the air and everybody's taking off, it will be
Recordings of this information will be solid platinum because it'll all come true.
You have to understand that.
It's going to get so bad, folks.
I mean, they're going to come and people are going to be dying left and right around you when they're giving these shots.
And they're just going to say, it doesn't matter.
We're doing it.
We're heroes.
We're heroes.
They're not going to hide it anymore.
They're not going to hide it anymore.
This is a death cult, ladies and gentlemen.
And submission is death.
This is not fiction.
This is real.
And all of you are living on this deadly stage.
The entire destiny of humanity hangs in the balance.
I fell down the rabbit hole more than 30 years ago.
I know many of you are just now waking up.
Many of you were awake before I was born.
But now we're going to have to choose which direction we go because we have reached the fork in the road.
Now, I'm just going to show you right now 18 documents.
I'm just going to read the headlines and tell you where they came from.
And then I'm going to explain to you that
This is one one thousandth, is my estimation, of what is publicly available.
Now, remember Chuck Todd came out and said, Bill Barr, the AG, said he doesn't care about rule of law in an interview.
Then they played an edited tape with jump cuts.
In the actual tape, in the same sentence, he said, I believe in the rule of law.
So, remember the criminal nature of the people we're talking about because all of this is public at an academic level.
Just like the plan to feminize boys with chemicals that I told you about 20 years ago and now you see it's going operational.
So when they deny all this, remember that's just a tactic to bypass them getting put in handcuffs.
In computers they call it a slow loris attack.
Where they don't even try to hack your machine, they put their hand out.
Their machine puts its hand out, and then you keep trying to shake it, and they go and comb their hair, and then you do it like an idiot over and over again, and it uses up the resources of the computer.
They make your computer interface with them.
It's a very simple attack, but it's also a very, very successful attack.
Well, that's what they do.
We're like, hey, you say you want to sterilize people and bring in world government.
No, we don't!
Hey, well, here's where you say it right here.
No, I didn't say that.
They gaslight you.
So, understand, this is literally one one thousandth of what, because I looked it up, there were tens of thousands of hits with vaccine birth control, vaccine sterile.
And it was exactly what the Project Veritas style group in the UK said.
Oh, we're going to interview a guy at a big
Pharma company that says they're adding HCG to the vaccine to sterilize people in the current one.
And that group's like, we don't know if it's true, but this guy does work there, high level.
Well, it's a big sensation.
Oh my God!
An unnamed person says it!
You can type in HCG vaccine and you will get 1985 test
With Fauci, of course, NIH.
Adding that hormone so that a woman thinks she's pregnant all the time.
It's a pregnancy hormone.
And so you can never get pregnant because your body attacks with antibodies.
Well, where do you think HCG gets released from?
It gets released and commanded from the brain and the ovaries.
The brain and the testicles.
And so it attacks your body!
And that's in the literature!
So they don't just sterilize you, they give you a debilitating disease.
Isn't that nice?
So imagine if you got caught putting poison in your neighbor's milk, you go to prison for 20 years.
If they didn't even die, just if you got caught doing it, if they died, maybe life in prison.
Because it's premeditated.
We don't like premeditated evil.
It's one thing if you get in a fight with your, you know, a guy's cheating with your wife and you get in a fist fight and, you know, you knock him down, he hits his head and he dies.
You might serve two years because you were pissed and you had a reason to do it and you didn't mean to kill him.
But if you go over and you put antifreeze in your neighbor's lemonade,
That happens, you know, that's one of the ways women like to kill folks.
You're gonna get the death penalty, Jack, because we don't like people that creep around, do we?
That's how cowards do it, is they jack it into things.
But see, antifreeze will make your kidneys shut down in a couple days.
No, no, no, no, we do it with a vaccine where it kills you in a decade or so.
And there's all these new diseases and nobody knows why, and it's all right here.
The clock is ticking on Mr. Jones.
So I just want listeners to understand that I've made the decision to go whole hog against these people, but I'm begging you for my sake, your sake, our children's sake, do whatever you have to to get this out, okay?
So let's start getting into it.
Let me just show you headlines.
Overhead shot, please.
This is from the NIH.gov.
Birth control vaccine is on the horizon for family planning.
This is from many years ago.
It's here now.
Anti-fertility vaccines.
How they work.
Trends in immunology.
Unwanted sterilization and eugenics programs in the United States.
The very Democrats supposedly battling are the ones running it.
You gotta love them.
India mass sterilization.
Women forced into camps.
Say relatives.
London Guardian.
You know who funds the camps?
Oh, you may have heard him.
He likes to wear pink sweaters.
India cuts.
Some funding ties with the Gates Foundation.
That was years ago.
Because they caught them doing what they do best.
Fertility regulating and
Immunotherapeutic Vaccines Reaching Human Trials.
That's 23 years ago.
Oh, here's an investigation of a sterilization camp by the Population Research Institute.
Want to read all about it?
I read this whole thing at 4 a.m.
Contraceptive vaccines.
Here's another one.
Special program research.
Development and research training in human reproduction.
World Health Organization.
It's all right here.
I read that.
I read it all.
Research into anti-fertility vaccine continues despite protest.
The Lancet Medical Journal.
Oh, and what's the main one?
And, of course, HCG.
HPV just so does happen to lower fertility and looks like it kills your ovaries and it never grows follicles again, but that's okay.
You know, La Raza tells me I'm bad because I'm white, but they're funded by this group.
They never tell all the Mexicans they're getting sterilized.
See, because I'm in the human race, so I don't want you sterilized, but your Raza, they didn't tell you because they're communist and they're killing your ass.
You'll never hear Raza tell you.
They're not in your family.
I am in your family.
I'm telling you you're being killed because we're in this together.
The communists are not your friend.
Let's continue.
Review anti-fertility vaccines.
Oh, ink cartridges sterilizing you.
The receipts.
They don't have to, but they choose that chemical to sterilize men.
HCG found in WHO tetanus vaccine.
And it was confirmed, but there's all snopes as well.
It's inconclusive.
Oh, yes.
The UN admits they ran trials of the sterilant in Kenya and paid women to do it.
Ten dollars.
But they went, oh, but the government, when they tested and found it, we weren't doing it.
We were doing it, the UN website says, in Kenya, and then they noticed that the women didn't just get sterilized, they got real sick, because the body starts attacking their ovaries.
And they went, it snubs, they went, Africa doesn't have good labs.
Ooh, the black people don't know how to test for it, even though they're the ones that called it out.
Not people in America, but the black people figured it out.
Oh, but they're so stupid, right?
How sick is that?
At least the Africans know what's going on, while all you elitist whites wander around like idiots going along with this, and kind of wink-wink while there aren't too many people.
Well, your dumb ass is in the crosshairs, too.
Oh, look at this!
The Sunday Guardian.
Ethical questions surround vaccine to reduce fertility.
Oh, and it's the HCG.
HCG found in who?
Tetanus vaccine.
Here's the government report.
But those, again, those are black people.
You know, it's like the Tanzanian president's a famous biologist.
He invented a bunch of stuff.
He had it tested, a papaya and a goten, and found out the COVID-19 tests are fake.
But again, he's a black guy, the liberals say, like, oh, you know, oh, can't listen to those black guys.
You know, we're liberals.
We don't listen to them.
We'll be right back with more of this.
Stay with us, folks.
They're going to kill you dead in a hammer.
I'm not putting up with this.
What about you?
All right, some stations don't carry
This little five minute piece, but I'm going to talk about something important here and then I'm going to get back into what I was covering and actually lay out what's happening and why they're doing it.
And the fact that unless you actually address these people head on, they don't respect you.
And now is as good a time as any to have a message to Donald Trump and a message to Bill Gates.
And I respect Bill Gates and I respect President Trump.
Because they're both very intense, focused, dedicated individuals.
And so I don't want to say I kind of choke when trying to address them.
It's not that.
It's that I know they'll watch it.
And, you know, I need to measure my words very, very carefully.
Because I don't say these things to be braggadocious or act powerful.
I want them to know and I want Gates to know
That he's gonna pay.
And not at my hands.
But nevertheless, it needs to be said.
And the thing is, something like that's so dangerous that I'm like a moth to flame.
I get very excited when I start doing the things that the spirit wants me to do.
And so, I have to control myself and I've promised to be very calm and focused today.
And I'm going to be calm, and I'm going to be focused, and I'm going to be a good boy.
That said, let me cut a three-minute ad right now, live on air, that we can run, or we're going to go bankrupt.
We're going to do it right now.
Here it is.
InfoWars has delivered.
Because of you, the supporters of the broadcast.
And when I get up here and I thank you for your word of mouth and your prayers, your financial support, it's not a pat on the head.
I'm like a man in a raging ocean with 50 foot waves in a typhoon holding on for dear life like Jonah on his way to Nineveh.
And so your support isn't even something I'm thanking you for.
I'm holding on to you like dear life.
And as all this evil comes out into the world in our face,
I just hold onto the wheel and just pray to God to make it through this storm together.
And I'm committed to do this, even if they kill me or put me in prison, which they're threatening to do right now.
I can't.
I'm not at liberty to get into it right now, but it's very serious.
Because I know there's nothing there if I sell out.
That's a form of living death.
But I do want to be as effective as I can in this time.
And so, please,
Don't shop at the big box stores if you can help it.
Support InfoWars and get products that are really amazing while you still can.
And one thing we have a giant glut of, because I love to design t-shirts, and some are crappy and some are awesome.
I design most of them, which is the problem, which is also the solution.
Go to InfoWarsTore.com and get the limited edition shirts.
And you know, get the classic shirts and just realize that in the future, if we fail at this level, all there's going to be is third dimensional word of mouth and things you wear and things you do.
Cyberspace is going to be totally AI controlled.
And also realize that we're running a special that's got to end absolutely by Monday or Tuesday.
I said, you know, five, six days left because a bunch of these products are very close to selling out.
And then I've got to sit there and decide which products we're going to reorder.
We've discontinued five or six products, even though they were decent sellers, just because things are so serious and the supply chain's broken down so bad that it's very hard to even get the ingredients for the products now.
So we've just discontinued five products that were good sellers.
I'm involved, you know, in the whole supply chain and I know how serious it is.
So get your storable food, get your supplements, get your X2, get your DNA Force Plus, get it all while you still can at InfoWareStore.com because
The enemy's moving very, very fast.
Now, this is a lightning war.
They've been building up to this, but now this is their full assault, and they've been telegraphing that they're gonna release a real bioweapon very soon to try to quiet their critics.
Oh, you thought COVID wasn't bad?
How about COVID 2020?
And then it'll actually wipe out millions.
And I don't just smell that coming, I see it coming, so get ready now.
Folks, I'm gonna tell you, these next four months,
are going to be a veritable war like we have not seen.
The American left, the Democrat Party, is going to do its best to keep this economy shut down, to extend and expand that shutdown, and blow up their own country's jobs just to ensure that Trump loses.
But here's the thing about that.
Let's do a little hypothetical.
Let's say this continues.
As it is.
And let's say that more and more red states open up and the economy in these states starts to return and revive.
The blue states stay locked down.
These are populous places.
New York, Massachusetts, California.
So they stay locked down.
All for the express purpose of cancelling out the increase created by the red states.
The economic activity that will happen to the red states going back to work, the blue state governors are going to try to cancel it out by keeping their people at home.
They're going to wreck the economy.
Their objective is to wreck the economy and get rid of Trump.
So let's say that, well, hard as it is to
Imagine, let's say they succeed.
Let's imagine they do this.
They keep the economy in such bad shape that Trump is sent packing.
What do they expect when that's all over?
They expect us just to forget it?
They expect all these red state people, oh well, nice fair fight you guys, great to see you, we'll see you in the next election, put all of it aside and try to all just get along again?
What do they expect is going to happen?
With this effort of theirs to ruin the US economy?
Do they think people are just going to sit by and let it happen?
And I'm telling you that they do.
These are the same people that pass tax increases on the rich and then end up shocked that the rich find a way around it.
So here they're going to be engaged, these blue state governors and the entire Democrat Party.
And by the way, we predicted this here.
We predicted that it wouldn't be long before the Democrats would start blaming Trump for the rotten economy because of the way he's handled the virus.
The full Rush Limbaugh hour is at InfoWars.com.
You know that station owners call me and they go, hey, we like how you play Rush Clips sometimes, but you know, aren't you in competition with him?
No, I'm not in competition with Rush Limbaugh.
I pray for Rush Limbaugh every time I see him in the news.
Last week, around the table, we all joined hands.
My wife and Rex was over visiting.
He's already moved out.
We all joined hands and prayed for Rush Limbaugh.
God, we don't need to lose him.
He's had problems.
He didn't have all the answers.
Nobody's perfect.
But he's a great guy.
He means well.
And he's got so many listeners.
20 plus million a week.
We need him.
Please, God, don't let him die.
It is such a bad omen that he's fighting for his life.
He's a tough guy.
But they told him he's got late-stage lung cancer.
You know, when they're really shutting everybody down, man, you, you, because I always see other people like, you know, James O'Keefe's amazing, but it's kind of like, wow, I wish I got that big story.
But that was like five years ago.
Now I'm just like, oh, good, please fight him hard.
Oh, it's just, it's purity now in that things are so serious, all the crap's to the wayside.
I mean, like I said yesterday, I was never a big Hollywood fan.
I wasn't enamored with Hollywood stars, but now I can't stand them.
But you think about so many people still are enslaved by this.
I am enamored by people that tell the truth and stand up for what's right.
But there's also a paradigm there in that people that have done incredibly good things and have all this goodness in the bank, that even when they go sideways, I have trouble being mad at them like Matt Drudge.
Matt Drudge had incredible courage to boost InfoWars and get Trump elected and everything else.
And, you know, I even know what happened with Drudge.
Hell, I knew two years ago before it happened.
It would be a huge story if I told everybody what happened with Drudge, but I'm not going to do it because of loyalty.
But Matt Drudge's
Fuel in the tank is going down.
There'll be a certain point where I won't break any confidences, but where I have to do what I have to do.
Watching Jack Posobiec give Bill Gates a blowjob is hard for me to put up with because I like Jack Posobiec.
So see, there's that personal thing about that.
Like somebody you like and you admire stabs you in the back.
It's not hatred, it's disgust.
Oh, God help us.
Please, God help us.
It's so horrible.
It's all so horrible.
I told you I was going to be nice today and I'm not going to blow up.
And I'm going to do it.
But I'll tell you my big problem is that I'm not going to do anything violent because they've got it all set up to make themselves the victims.
But coming at you with a deadly vaccine they're admitting is going to kill a bunch of people and make hundreds of thousands sick and
The fact that they cooked it up in Wuhan and China with how it behaves dictates what we do.
That's a fate worse than death.
And so I don't want listeners to do anything offensively because the enemy has killed common sense and will turn it into a heyday.
But my brain
Cannot be turned off.
And my brain is saying, son, you claim you're this guy that does the right thing and you're not a coward.
People are coming to inject you on purpose to sterilize you and your family.
And all these media people are going along with it and they just keep looking for a fight.
They just keep asking for it, man.
And so I just say to the President and the Justice Department, the Pentagon, do your goddamn job!
Excuse my French.
I love God, but I mean it.
Do your job.
Get these people off our backs, man!
Get them off my back!
Or, you're with them.
Everybody smells the death.
And we're going down this rat hole into hell.
Everybody knows.
You can go to the squalor in Calcutta or the squalor in Nigeria or wherever and look at all the starving kids and go, hey, we gotta fix this.
But that's how evil gets you.
Oh, we gotta sterilize these people, but it doesn't stop there, does it?
We gotta teach our sons how to take drugs and cut their testicles off, and we gotta worship the devil, and we gotta... No.
They help create these problems, and then they point at them and say, we need to kill these people to fix this problem.
They're not even trying to do that!
They're not trying to fix the problem.
They like killing people!
They like playing God!
Well, let me tell you what happens to people that play God.
You know what happens, right?
Because here's the thing, I don't want to play God.
I don't want to be God.
I've seen... The hem of God's garment was enough.
I just want to do what God says.
And I can tell all you people that serve Satan and think you've got some utopia coming.
Everything you do to these poor people, like God said about the children.
He was talking about poor people, dumb people, retarded people.
He said, you've done to me and I'm gonna hurt you bad.
So just remember, there's a God in this universe and He's gonna tear you apart.
It's not me He's gonna do it.
God is gonna give you everything you did to these children a trillion times over.
And there'll be no mercy.
So you remember that Fauci and Bill Gates?
There's been a plan from the beginning, and it's been done before.
I should open the phones up.
I should take your calls.
You know, I don't know what I should do.
I remember when I was a kid, when I was young in Dallas, and when a new movie came out, they had spotlights up at night.
At a movie premiere.
Or when a new car dealership opened.
Or when they had a new car.
They'd have spotlights and you knew, wow, go to that!
And so that's what I'm trying to get at here is, I just want spotlights in the air.
Kind of like, you know, we're shooting the spotlight up for Batman.
The United Nations has run trials in India, in Peru, in Brazil, in Mexico, in Pakistan, in Nigeria, a bunch of other places, hundreds of countries.
You can go read it on the UN website.
Oh yeah, we did a test.
We paid the women $10.
Sometimes they paid them $50.
To get sterilized by a damn shot!
And they actually say in the articles, they go, Oh, it's much better than just cutting out their uterus or their ovaries.
You know what it does to a woman to cut their ovaries or uterus out?
It's not a walk in the park.
I've seen it in women in my family.
It's not fun.
Do you know what they, when they created autoimmune response to your ovaries, what that's like?
Your white blood cells start eating your body?
That's what I mean.
It's like, it's like when you're smart, there's a thousand trillion data points that just go, it's like, ah, this isn't, but for Bill Gates, he's like, there are too many people.
So we put HCG in the tetanus shot and it sterilizes them.
Waterboarding is nicer.
Because that's just done once.
Like, where's the bomb?
Where's the enemy?
And that's bad enough.
Some woman goes and goes, yeah, she wants $10 for her kid back at the hut.
She goes, oh yeah.
And they give her this shot.
And then her white blood cells start eating.
And by the way, they eat everything that's got the hormone in it.
So they start eating the inside of the uterus, endometriosis.
I had nightmares reading this yesterday.
It starts eating the ovaries.
Imagine a horror movie where you, like, release a rat-like creature and it crimes up a woman and eats her ovaries.
You'd be like, that alien must die.
But as long as it's a shot, it's like, oh, Bill Gates has got a big sweater on.
It's like, oh yeah, ladies, how's it going?
I'm not going to rape you.
I'm just going to eat your uterus and your ovaries.
How's that sound?
People are like, hey, you better shut up.
We're going to kill you.
Kill me?
What the hell planet are you on, dude?
You'd be, it'd be nicer to shoot those women in the back of the head!
And Bill's like, yeah, I agree with you, we can't get away with that.
So, you give them an agonizing life.
You jerks.
You pieces of crap.
I don't even have words to describe these people.
And like, I'm up here
Not covering this because I'm a hero.
Oh, Alex, thank you.
Oh, you thank me?
Psychotics are running around doing this and it's some noble thing to fight it.
I'm not noble, ladies and gentlemen.
I'm not stupid.
You think psychos like this, if you study psychotics like this, they
Their target's not poor, starving people that have had low diets their whole life, so their brain mass is small, so you can look at them and go, oh, look, they're dumb.
Yeah, because they've been starving.
That's not their target.
Their target's you.
Just like the lockdown, you're the producer.
They want control of you.
You're competition to them.
And if you study psychotics,
Low-functioning psychotics, high-functioning psychotics, idiot savant psychotics, they go out and kill people a lot of times just to mess with the cops and send them letters telling them, you can't catch me, I'm superior to you.
The whole thing is about how they're better than everybody and how they're gonna get us.
You think these things want the poor Africans?
They want you!
They want you!
And they want you to buy into wink wink.
Yeah, there's too many of those Indians.
Yeah, there's too many of those Africans.
Yeah, yeah.
Yeah, there's too many of them.
Let's just get rid of them.
And once you do that, once you engage in human sacrifice, because that's what this is,
They've got you.
Because then the hedge of protection is lifted.
And now, you're in the room with the planet killers.
We're supposed to be leading the human race to the next level.
We're supposed to be empowering everybody.
We're supposed to turn these continents into paradises.
We can do it.
But instead, we're leading humanity into death and into destruction!
The Pentagon put out a report today saying the collapse of the third world, tens of millions already starving to death, will create a global depression and will collapse our borders.
Because that's the truth.
And I'm not glorifying the Pentagon, but at least it was born and bred supposedly for America and has a mission to free the captives.
At least the name is on the building says that.
It's been influenced by evil, it's got problems.
But let me tell you, big tech is now ten times more powerful than our intelligence agencies and our Pentagon.
So we're all taught by Google that the intelligence agencies are what's bad and the Pentagon what's bad.
Oh my god, they're like angels compared to these globalists.
There's not much time for the President and the Pentagon to do what must be done and decapitate the leadership of the globalist operation, politically or however is seen fit.
I will back it.
America will back it.
We need to take control of big tech now with executive action or there's no hope.
And I don't get up here on air and say things like that to act powerful and authoritarian.
We're burning down!
The ship's going down!
The whole damn planet's going down, by design!
You think getting up here and hitting the S.O.S.?
You know, use the nuclear weapons.
I don't mean literally, the nuclear option.
It's because we're down to that moment.
The games are over!
It's us or them!
Decapitate the CHICOM agents, decapitate the Deep Staters now, or we're all going down.
It's not my job.
Citizens shouldn't do this.
But those that are known dead to rights, President Trump, execute.
Alright folks, I'm gonna open the phones up and take your calls.
I got a bunch of clips I haven't gotten to.
A lot of huge news to cover.
But, at the end of the first hour,
I covered all the mainline admissions that the U.N.
since the 1980s has been testing sterilize inside vaccines in many cases on unwitting third world populations.
And so all the rumors about them adding HCG to the vaccines are absolutely true.
It's another big report we're going to get to in a few minutes.
That is Obamagate all roads lead to Wiener's laptop.
That's actually on the list.
In fact, we'll just go to that right now.
Let me give folks the number there on the list so they know where it is.
It's clip 7.
And it's Obamagate All Roads Lead to Wiener's Laptop.
Maybe I should just quit and shut the show down.
Maybe that's like the mic drop here.
Because everybody's just gotten comfortable with living under this evil.
You think I want to get up here and talk about some murdering kingpin like Bill Gates all day and have them try to shut us down constantly?
You think this is a damn game?
You think it's a joke?
This is not a game!
This isn't all the other cowards and all the other followers and all the other BS!
This is the real world!
This is the real world.
This is where the buck stops.
People need to come out of their trance.
They need to get out of the trance the television and the media creates.
They need to get back to what's basic.
Maybe I should just leave for a month.
Maybe that's the answer.
I'll just leave for a month.
And just let everybody do whatever they want.
Because I'm not pissed at anybody.
I can't sit here with stacks of UN reports on their own website, how they're shooting Kenyans up to sterilize them, and then turn on Snopes and they go, it doesn't exist.
I mean, those are damn criminals!
Those are our enemies!
Why don't other people have fight in them?
Why is the fight going out of us?
That's a big question.
When did it happen?
How did it happen?
Oh, not having fight in you means you're compliant.
I mean, I know so many men who are like 6'1", 6'4", big badass men, but they like think it's like powerful to grovel to their girlfriend and act all passive and weak.
It's like it's a virtue because everyone pats them on the head.
Dude, you're being primed for destruction.
You're supposed to be a leader, but you're not a leader.
But you can be five feet tall and a woman or five feet tall and a man.
If you want freedom and justice, you're a leader.
Act like it!
Complying with this thing doesn't empower anybody.
It's death.
And I'm just trying to figure out how to not comply with it.
I mean, I got a good idea how to fight it in the third dimension.
And that's really the quandary.
Like, how long do you wait?
God almighty.
John Brennan.
We are coming for you, John Brennan.
Let's go to this report.
We'll come back with phone calls.
At 877-789-ALEX.
Here's the report.
We've all been saying it for years.
All roads lead to Obama.
What was once speculation of the obvious has sent the lunatic left scrambling.
It's so disappointing to look at what we're seeing from right-wing media these days where there's such an obsession with the deep state and these revelations about the Russia probe and the decision about Michael Flynn.
They're treating the Michael Flynn story like it's a bigger deal than the deaths of 2,000 Americans a day.
You know, there are all kinds of conspiracy theories about how he was entrapped.
The FBI agents didn't do anything wrong here, so I think that's important because there are a lot of sort of conspiracy theories.
They all work together and, you know, the Fox News people in the White House fuel these sort of rumors.
Do they send these around with fax machines?
They come up with these conspiracy theories and they send them around on fax machines?
They should just knock it off and realize that their ridiculous conspiracy theories are going to be knocked down.
Stop with the conspiracy theories!
When history looks back on this decision, how do you think it will be written?
Well, history is written by the winner, so it largely depends on who's writing the history.
I was struck, Peggy, by the cynicism of the answer.
It's a correct answer, but he's the Attorney General.
He didn't make the case that he was upholding the rule of law.
When history looks back on this decision, how do you think it will be written?
Well, history's written by the winner, so it largely depends on who's writing the history, but I think a fair history would say it was a good decision because it upheld the rule of law.
Over the last 24 hours, I think it's been somewhat downplayed about the Justice Department dropping charges against Michael Flynn.
And the fact that there is no precedent that anybody can find for someone who's been charged with perjury getting off scot-free.
That's the kind of stuff where you begin to
Our basic understanding of rule of law is a risk.
He says, and if you don't do it, I will.
And then later says, I've got my pen and my phone, and if you don't act, I will.
Those who agree with the president's policies can sit back and say, well, I don't need to enter into tough negotiations about what needs to be done to enforce the law or to reform the law.
And instead, I'll just wait for the president to act.
The rule of law is not, before the government can do something, we must find some not completely absurd interpretation of existing law that allows us to do it, but actually looking to the law first.
Figuring out what does the law say, objectively, and then figuring out whether you can do what you can do.
Not putting the cart before the horse, so to speak.
A release of real evidence from the Department of Justice tying Obama to the coup of the next administration had always been slowly seeping out.
Those texts, totally candid, unvarnished, just raised an awful lot of questions.
Republican Senator Ron Johnson's Government Oversight Committee released an interim report including the FBI text messages that draw new connections to President Obama.
In September 2016, two months after the FBI closed the Clinton email case and two months into the Bureau's Russia probe, then-FBI agent Peter Strzok texts FBI lawyer Lisa Page using Bureau shorthand.
Talking points for Director Comey?
Page replies, yes, because POTUS wants to know everything we are doing.
That POTUS, of course, is Barack Obama.
While the coronavirus intensity played cover for the scandal in April of 2020, the DOJ released this telling email saying, We need to discuss what happens if the Department of Justice directs us or directly tells us, V. POTUS or anyone else about the redacted specifically with regards to what we do directly with him.
I think it will be very difficult not to do some sort of overt step with him.
A defensive briefing or interview under light defensive briefing pretext, unless White House specifically directs us not to.
These directives would later become the basis for what is now General Michael Flynn's exoneration.
And now Richard Grenell, the Acting Director of National Intelligence, moved to declassify information about the Obama Administration officials who were behind the unmasking of Michael Flynn and their names could soon be made public.
Fox News confirmed that a new round of documents is expected and the unmasking concerns events between the November 2016 election and Inauguration Day 2017.
But beyond the political sinkhole that the Obamanites have found themselves standing on, there is a far more sinister element to ripping the Band-Aid off of this scandalous power play for the ages.
And that can be found in the laptop of disgraced politician Anthony Weiner.
Right, so James Comey... Alright, full report at Band-On Video.
John Baum will be right back with your phone call.
Stay with us.
It's kind of hard to be overdramatic right now because this is the crescendo.
This is the takeover.
This is the globalist assault they've been planning for hundreds of years.
Quite frankly, it's pretty weak.
Looks bad.
Billions will die.
But we will transcend.
Look at this article.
It's up on InfoWars.com.
They've announced contact tracing run by the UN, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, George Soros run by Chelsea Clinton.
They can't make this up.
To use mass surveillance to quarantine anyone crossing paths with COVID carrier.
So now you get what it is.
Oh, it's not just a COVID patient with her fake test.
No, if you cross paths, the police are coming to grab you so they can test and see who will follow orders, who will do this.
This is meant to cause a civil war that'll bring the country down.
Which is all the chi-coms and globalists want is America in a civil war.
That's why they're like, race war, COVID war, Bill and Melinda Gates, Clinton Global Initiative financing the contact tracers.
That's in the news today.
With taxpayer money.
This is it?
Toe to toe with the new world order.
What an important article.
And we just spent...
The last hour covering all these documents where the UN admits they're sterilizing people with vaccines.
But again, if I said, oh, whistleblower, no one's sure.
Oh, oh, who knows?
Oh, that's incredible.
No, but it's like, oh, here's like 20 news articles, UN documents.
Who cares?
Because there's that thing with like, oh, that's like a that's like a bill coming in the mail or like having to do a test.
Oh, that's confirmed.
Oh, we don't want that.
We just want, like, what's speculative.
What did Q say today?
Oh, Q said, you know, maybe two years ago, everybody arrested and everything fixed.
Hell, I want to believe in Q. Can Q stop them giving me a forced inoculation?
Oh, Q, save, Q, save me here.
Oh, Q, save me, oh.
I'm like a beetle on my back, like, please, Q, can you keep them from forcibly inoculating me?
They're like, stick with the plan.
There's a secret injection.
You'll be able to see Trump in the third dimension once you take the shot.
Like those jerk-off globalist intelligence agency people that run that.
How uncool are you, man?
You think you've got a future in this thing?
You're idiots.
If you could really see out the future, you'd know undermining freedom, undermining checks and balances destroys us all.
But you're evil.
So you only think one step.
I get it.
It's checkers brain, not 3D chess.
I don't know if Trump's playing 3D chess, but I know I am.
And 3D chess is truthful.
It's right out in the open and it tells you where you are, where you're going, and where you're going to be in the end.
That's the beginning.
There's evil in the universe, but there's also the real McCoy.
And you out there listening, you know you love God, you love freedom, you care about people, and you're smart.
Well, you're the real McCoy.
So don't let anybody ever tell you you're not the real McCoy.
Anybody tells you that is either stupid or working for the bad guys.
All right, Justin and Aaron and Ahmed and Frank and Nick and Travis and George and Austin.
We're going to everybody.
We're going to everybody right now.
Justin in Ohio, you're on the air.
How you doing?
I am fit to be tied, my friend.
How are you doing?
Oh, I feel as stressed as you sound, and I'm sure, you know, because of how much
More responsibility and knowledge you have than I. I'm sure that my stress level isn't anything near yours, but just on a personal note, I mean, I am, you know, as zonked as it can get, I feel.
So, real quick, I just wanted to throw a couple things out there.
I am a pro-Trump person from 2016.
I'm from Appalachia.
I feel that most of my area was pro-Trump.
However, in the recent year or more, I mean, it has become quite clear to myself, at least, that I can't name anything that he has done for the common man.
I mean, the federal government's become larger.
Everybody likes to bring up the stock market.
Well, that's if you already had money.
You know, I just can't.
I have turned...
And unfortunately, in this two-party system, it makes me sound like I'm at the other side and I'm not for the other side.
But I have turned against Trump at this point.
Hey, no, I get it, brother.
Listen, Trump inherited a collapsing system.
And China was pumping trillions a month into their system, so Trump said, we'll beat them with that.
Because he kind of inherited a collapse already.
But I totally get what you're saying, and I understand it.
You know, I get what you're saying a hundred percent, but just very basic, very basic things.
I mean, I was a, I actually called you, I believe.
Well, the very basic stuff is, why doesn't Trump stop big tech censorship?
Why does he stop election meddling?
Why does he stop Microsoft running the election?
Why doesn't he?
No, I mean, I, I mean, I get what you're saying.
I called at the end of March.
I had mentioned to you about a small pig cloning laboratory outside of Ohio University in the middle of nowhere.
But anyhow, I have been a microbiologist for years and I worked for nine major respiratory viruses.
I worked in vaccine research for years.
So what do you make of what's currently going on?
To myself?
Myself and six others have co-wrote a letter to the governor of Ohio, as well as Jim Jordan, and we just pointed out the basics, and this is kind of what I was touching on with Trump, just the basics of immunology, the basics of science, is what I would call it.
So I don't work in the vaccine research anymore.
I actually moved more into chemistry and I manage a chemical lab.
But my friends that are still working for one of the companies that I actually contracted to make some of these testing kits, I've been in contact with them.
They will not text.
They will not do anything except speak on the phone with me because they're scared to death to lose their job.
But, you know, just the... I don't understand why
This isn't being called out where everybody's putting hope in a vaccine.
But to my knowledge and to others' knowledges in my field, we've never had a successful respiratory vaccine.
Well, that's well known.
Yeah, exactly.
There's no pneumonia vaccine.
And we're just being told.
So, obviously, it's the carrier for something much bigger.
And Bill Gates says it's going to be the steroids.
So, how does he think he's going to get away with that?
That's what I mean.
They're just doing it.
They're like, we're saving the Earth from the humans.
There's too many people.
Let's just do it.
And if he wasn't having such glee, like, ah, everyone's gonna die soon, and he wasn't so excited about it, I could go, okay, well, there's a basic sickness to all this.
I agree, and I believe, so I'm 100% on board with the idea that Americans, or maybe this is everywhere in the, call it the developed countries, but I think we are
So desensitized and so dumb on so many levels, and then those of us that have knowledge, and I know this from a friend from Mexico, a friend from Cuba, they were willing to put up with about whatever to maintain their standard of living.
And I feel like that's what we have here as long as people...
The things I have are chips to stay in this fight, to stay in this game.
I need more chips, folks.
And I got products you need.
So go to InfoWarsTore.com right now.
We got a sale that's got to end Sunday or Monday at the latest because a bunch of stuff is selling out.
X2, X3, Real Red Pill, Real Red Pill Plus, Vitamineral Fusion, Pollen Blocks, like a thousand bottles left or something this morning.
And that's what funds this operation.
These are great things, great products that God gave us from Mother Nature.
Infowarsstore.com or 888-253-3139.
All right, I just spent a whole segment with one caller, but he was a great caller.
We're gonna go to everybody else, but I can't give you that long.
That feller had nine minutes.
He talked.
He made some good points.
So we'll be right back with hour number three.
And then in the fourth hour, he has got a bunch of big guests coming up.
John Rappaport.
Look up there in the sky!
Say, Chinese virus!
Look at the plane!
Chinese virus!
Look at the plane!
Say, Chinese virus!
San Antonio!
Home of the Alamo, an American and Texas free speech now hangs under a shadow of tyrants and communists claiming there is no free speech in San Antonio.
And other maybe tyrants would have you believe that you have no free speech.
But you do have free speech to say things that are true and that are not true.
That's what the First Amendment's all about.
Say ChineseVirus.com.
It came from Communist China.
And your city council
...believes that you do not have any free speech like Hitler did, like Stalin did, like Mao did, but you do have free speech, San Antonio.
And we're here in front of your tyrannical, wicked city hall that should report anyone that says Chinese virus.
My name is Alexander Emmerich Jones of America in Texas, and I am here to report to you the virus came from Communist China.
So go ahead and try to lock me up, you tyrants, run by the ADL and the Southern Poverty Law Center.
What they have said is illegal to say Chinese virus, and they'll arrest us.
I say you're dangerous thugs!
I say you're dangerous tyrants!
I say you're un-American!
And this city council should go to North Korea!
Communist Chinese virus!
Communist Chinese virus!
Communist Chinese virus!
Alright, let's roll it out of the yellow vote.
And now we're here in San Antonio, the birthplace of Texas freedom, and the city council is working with the Democratic Party and the CHICOMS, saying it's not a Chinese virus.
Well, they're right.
It's a communist Chinese virus.
But even if speech is wrong, you have a right to say it.
But it's true.
It is a communist Chinese virus.
Nice to meet you sir.
What's your name?
Nice to meet you Andrew.
How you doing sir?
Good to see you.
God bless.
Tell us why you're out here.
I heard you come so I cut off work early and came out.
God bless you brother.
And now that they're trying to censor my thinking, my thoughts.
Kung-Fu fighting?
You know, Chinese virus?
I can't say that now.
Ron Nuremberg controls this?
Who does he think he is?
I think that they're trying to control our food in order to try and control us as a population and all of this is fearful.
So, Mayor Ron Berg, he did a lot of activism with Texas Organizing Project.
Texas Organizing Project does block walking for him, call banking for him, and they work directly with Bernard Sampson of the Texas Communist Party, headquartered out of Houston.
Ron Norberg is a tyrant!
Chinese virus!
Chinese virus!
It's a communist Chinese virus meant to take down America!
And the city council is so evil in this town that they believe that you don't have a First Amendment, they want to arrest you for your speech.
That is so dangerous, America.
It's so dangerous.
We need to liberate San Antonio.
From the tyrants that have seized control of it, that are annihilating the First Amendment.
The clear and present danger here in San Antonio, one of the oldest, greatest cities in Texas, is to throw these criminal city council members out that don't think they live in America, they think they live in communist China.
But I salute everyone that's out here, and the answer to their tyranny is 1776 and 1836!
America and the world is waking up to the COVID-19 Chinese fire assaults!
This is the end!
Of our elaborate plans, the end.
All right, we're back live.
I'm going to go to your phone calls.
We have a special guest coming up on the hour in studio, the owner of Yippee, one of the freer search engines out there to talk about what's happening.
So I want to go to your calls here in just a moment, but I want to talk about Fauci right now.
Fauci said back in late January that COVID-19 wasn't a threat because
They were planning to say Trump didn't respond properly.
We got that right.
And then when Trump tried to block China flying flights in, Fauci tried to block him.
And he flew people that were infected in to create the hysteria.
So he's a deep stater and Trump more and more is sidelining Fauci and understands that.
They're going to count every death now, heart attack, cancer, as COVID-19.
You heard the caller earlier that works in the medical field.
There has never been a respiratory virus vaccine.
It doesn't exist.
There's too many viruses.
So there's something a lot bigger behind this whole deal.
And we showed you the UN documents where they're adding sterilisers to the vaccines.
So these issues are so magnificently huge.
If you don't get upset about them, we're almost helping the enemy covering these topics like they're no big deal.
We're actually conditioning you to accept it unless you get fundamentally pissed and motivated to say no to it.
So here's Fauci saying it's not a major threat a few months ago, and then we'll cut to Fauci saying no guarantee vaccine is gonna work.
Why is he doing that?
I'll explain in a moment.
Bottom line, we don't have to worry about this one, right?
People are trying to blame President Trump.
Half the country, even.
Certainly the media.
Blame Trump.
Blame Trump.
Why doesn't he just listen to Dr. Fauci?
And we want to show you what Dr. Fauci was saying in the earliest stages of this situation.
Overall, is this something to worry about or not?
What are you thinking in terms of this virus spreading here in the United States?
Well, those people were probably at a very low risk.
And how many people are coming from Wuhan, China to the United States on a daily basis?
Do you know that?
Yeah, about 75,000 per year.
Okay, so manageable numbers.
Bottom line, we don't have to worry about this one, right?
Well, you know, obviously you need to take it seriously and do the kinds of things that the CDC and the Department of Homeland Security are doing.
But this is not a major threat for the people in the United States, and this is not something
That the citizens of the United States right now should be worried about.
No, I am glad to hear that.
Probably should have established that much earlier on.
If Adam Schiff has his way, there will be some sort of 9-11 style investigation into all this at some point.
Well, the first person they should talk to is Dr. Fauci.
And what he told the President, when he told the President, if he was telling him that,
I think we know the whole story, and it might just be a great big waste of time.
A couple of things that I think are inherent in all vaccine development.
First of all, there's no guarantee that the vaccine is actually going to be effective.
As you well know, because we've discussed this many times in the past, that you can have everything you think that's in place, and you don't induce the kind of immune response that turns out to be protective and durably protected.
So one, the big unknown is it will be effective.
Given the way the body responds to viruses of this type, I'm cautiously optimistic that we will, with one of the candidates, get an efficacy signal.
The other thing that's an unknown, that's of concern, but we'll be able to get around that by doing the tests properly, is that do you get an enhancement effect?
Mainly, there have been a number of vaccines, two in particular, dengue and respiratory syncytial virus.
When the vaccine induces a suboptimal response, and when a person gets exposed, they actually have an enhanced pathogenesis of the disease, which is always worrisome.
So we want to make sure that that doesn't happen.
Now here's the big takeaway.
Up until December,
Of 2019, they said there are no side effects, vaccines are totally healthy, safe and effective, they've never had one problem.
Even though there's been a hundred years of crises and death and secret payouts and multi-billion dollar funds and, you know, secret experimentation injecting black people with syphilis and... I mean, they're just like, there's no problem.
Now they're like, oh yeah, it's gonna kill some people, cause some problems, may not work.
Because they know they failed to cover it up.
That's why I was like, is the UN good now?
They came out and said vaccines are killing people and don't work!
I was like, they're like, you don't leave your house until you take it and it may kill you.
They're just like, okay, we're not going to have the debate about whether it hurts you now.
Okay, it causes autism.
Okay, it causes cancer.
Okay, it sterilizes you.
You want to leave your house, you're going to take it.
Because they know when they do this en masse, it's going to cause incredible bad reactions and death.
The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, where the Clintons run the global system with Apple and Google on your phones.
That's in the news today.
Tracking you.
The Clintons are tracking you.
And if you were around somebody that had COVID, you're being taken to a FEMA camp.
But listen, we're not taking, you know, it's not a police state or anything.
It's just that you were around somebody that had COVID, all right?
I had to send somebody to arrest you, all right?
Now you see how it works.
Chelsea is on the board.
She looks like Webster Hubble.
They just can't stop pushing because we put up with them every time.
Nick in New York, you're on the air.
Thanks for holding, Nick.
Good afternoon, Alex.
Thanks for taking my call.
I'm not going to ask how you're doing because I already know how you're doing.
I wanted to offer up an idea.
I think that one of the things that we're looking at definitively
For a large portion, you know, it's just not very friendly or they're not hospitable to nationalistic conservatives.
Yeah, the internet is a giant electronic straitjacket of slavery.
Exactly, exactly.
So, I think that one of the things, and the first call that you had on was interesting because, you know, his thing is he was stressed.
He doesn't have the information that
You and many others have now this is a this is I mean this is huge this thing is so so big that how do you and you know this is the takeover this is the assault it's here now it's like the enemy assault in the castle it's here it's not like probes or it's not like frontline people uh scouts this is a big attack
That is, you're 100% correct.
So as I see it, and I want to give a quick picture if I can, we ourselves here on the nationalistic front, or on the, you know, those who want to conserve, conservatives who want to conserve.
Yeah, those that don't want a post-human future.
Exactly, exactly.
Those that aren't psychotic, crazy people.
But we're coming to, we're finding ourselves more and more coming to the Merovingian of control.
The people who are the traffickers of information, the people who control all these things.
And so basically... The scumbags that want to play God.
We're seeing ourselves right now in, as you say, the post
You know, the post-economy versus the new digital economy.
And the question is, how do we bring these two things together?
What is the solution?
Well, they're telling you, you do what we say or you don't have access to the digital economy.
Because it was always, oh, be a service economy.
But now that's obsolete.
That's not essential.
So now it's digital economy.
And you've got to submit.
And the first sacrament is chopping your son's balls off and putting them in a dress.
Yeah, exactly.
You're 100% correct.
That's the first offering is a human sacrifice of your son.
I agree with that.
I'm not disagreeing.
I agree.
No, I mean, that's what this is.
We're right back where we were.
But now the question becomes for us, sitting at home in these lockdowns, as we're seeing this thing play out, which you've been speaking about for many, many years,
Uh, you know, unfolding itself and we're seeing this and we have to make a choice.
That's what it comes down to.
Yeah, no, I agree.
And the choice is here.
And we've also got to call God down through us into the earth.
We have to literally, we have to call on Christ right now.
Let me ask you this quick question.
Do you believe that there is any possibility
Of us having a presence in this platform without actually having to go to some kind of war over this because we're talking about... No sir, we're going to be completely taking off everything and then they're going to start starving us to death and they're going to send robots to kill us.
But at that point, their whole system is going to be collapsing.
Their people will be desperately trying to serve it more and more to prop it up and the whole thing's going to go down.
Look, we told you.
Three months ago, they were going to lock the economy down and that they wouldn't allow it to reopen in blue states and blue cities.
It's a strike.
It's a form of protest.
And as they bankrupt things, they think we're all going to pay for it.
That's why now it's childhood's end.
All the games are over.
Everything we warned of is now confirmed.
Our worst case scenario turned out to be a
Positive outcome analysis.
If anything, it was worse than we said.
And so now, between you and I in eternity, we now have to decide as men and as women, what we're going to do before God and everybody else.
It's all happening, world government, Mark of the Beast, the whole thing.
I wouldn't fear Beelzebub if I was you.
Because the devil can kill your body, but I'd fear...
You'd be cut off from God if I was you, and I think you all know that.
And that's why they hate this audience, because you're not an audience.
You're a group of activists.
You know, I haven't hit this yet.
I have a guest coming in the studio with us, but I want to take calls.
For days, I meant to cover this, Stockholm Syndrome.
I talk a lot about it, but what is Stockholm Syndrome?
And what is learned helplessness?
Because they go together like a horse and carriage, like hand and glove, like a man and woman.
Let's go to your phone calls though.
Austin in Illinois.
You're on the air.
Go ahead.
Alex, thank you so much for taking my call.
Let's get right into it.
I'm reporting from what I like to call the California of the Midwest, the state of Illinois.
Alex, we don't know when things are going to go back to normal.
We have J.B.
Pritzker, our governor, on Twitter talking about how the only way that we can cross into the final phase of restoring our state
Yes sir, that's correct.
And also he does state that at any time they can just pull these restrictions back, move us back into phase 3, back into- Oh yeah, no, it's called martial law, brother.
We woke it up inside of it.
They've been planning it for a long time.
They finally- we were struggling free from them, so they said, hey, implement the operation.
That's right, Alex.
And right now, Governor Pritzker does not deem churches as an essential service.
So we currently, the pools are closed.
But you know what to do.
I mean, nothing against Illinois, a lot of great people.
Exit us.
We have to go to the free zones.
I mean, I'm going to leave Austin.
I've already begun to sell my house, already mortgaged it.
I'm leaving.
I mean, I, it's just, you must leave Babylon.
You must leave Egypt.
That's correct.
Unfortunately, the state of Illinois has been completely weaponized.
And it's just unfortunate.
I've been out of work for about two months now, sheltering in place, doing what the people of the church and the local community think is virtuous.
But Alex, the book of 2 Timothy says that God has not given us a spirit of fear, but one of love, power, and a sound mind.
And I just urge the people of Illinois to wake up.
Oh, it's all slavery.
This is the Marshall Law Plan.
They didn't use terrorists as the excuse.
They didn't use, no, this is their ace card.
God bless you.
I appreciate your call.
Speaking of that, Michigan, Facebook is banning anyone in Texas, Michigan, you name it, that says, hey, I think we should reopen.
I think my business is as important as Walmart.
They're like, no!
You don't do that!
Zuckerberg says no and he works for Bill Gates.
So let's talk to Aaron in Michigan.
Tell us what's happening in Michigan.
Hey, Alex.
First time caller, man.
Glad to get through.
Yeah, we got Governor Whitmer going after a Second Amendment.
There's another protest going on up at the Capitol.
That's right.
Canada announced they're banning all semi-auto.
Now she wants your guns, too.
She's saying that if anybody shows up at this protest, you know, she got with the state police and said anybody shows up with a gun, you know, arrest them.
And then you got
Barbara up in Owasso, you know, the... Oh, they're just begging for a war.
They're just begging for a war.
And, you know, like I was saying, the, you know, the Barbara up in Owasso that opened up, you know, the judge dismissed the case, but the state still went after him and took his license away from him today.
So he can't even operate now.
Police officers that have refused to arrest people that run their own restaurants, their own barbershops, they're being fired.
I mean, you know, I say you throw out the mayor and you make that police officer the mayor.
That's what we need is pro-human, common sense people.
Exactly, and it's sad to see that nobody in Michigan's waking up to it.
Everybody's just all, oh yeah, you know... Well, that's because they were living on the fumes of what forebearers fought and died for.
People fought by the millions that died for what we got.
And we're just pissing all over it.
Yep, and, you know, everybody... And I know you're not pissing on it, brother, neither am I, but all these idiots
Have no idea what due process cost.
800 years of war, brother, for that.
800 years.
Millions dead.
Millions dead for that.
That alone, the right of the jury.
Millions dead in England.
They had 14 wars over that, brother.
They had wars where 10%, 20% of the men died just for free speech.
And we just pissed on it like it's a joke!
Exactly, man.
It's a shame that everybody's just forgetting their constitutional rights and just bowing down to everything.
But here's the difference.
Those men lived under slavery.
That's why they were ready to die for it.
So let me tell you, there's going to be a storm, my friend.
There's going to be the opposite end of this.
And I, and I, here's the problem.
Taking out globalists is like stepping on dog crap.
I don't even want to, I don't want to destroy them.
They just keep summoning the whirlwind.
You understand, brother?
Yeah, I understand completely, man.
I appreciate everything you do, brother.
Well, look, they think we're idiots, and they think if a civil war starts, we're gonna go out and kill the cops.
The cops, on average, are as awake as the public.
I don't want to kill anybody.
But when the globalists start the fight, it's globalists.
That's why most of them have already hotel-ed out of the country.
So, I appreciate your call, my friend.
Alright, let's go ahead and talk to George in Connecticut, then we'll go to Ahmed and others.
George, you're on the air, go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
I think we should take the battle where they have the weakest points and where they congregate people anyway.
Take them to Walmart, steak and whatever.
Bullhorn them, hand out papers, put flyers on every single car.
I'm good.
I don't know.
Think about it George, the globalists are involved in open siege against us and now admitting it's to punish us for Trump.
This is, all Americans should unify against this!
And the bottom line is, why don't people realize, why did Obama come after Trump so bad?
Could it possibly be that he questioned his birth certificate?
Could it possibly be the person who basically couldn't find the birth certificate in Hawaii, dropped out of the sky, and the hearings could never be held?
No, you're right.
All roads lead to Obama.
May he burn in hell.
All right, well he heads up yippie.com, and I'm glad he came to Austin before he flies off to another meeting.
Rich Granville is a really active fellow.
I'm not going to read his long bio here, but he's done a great job helping Infowars get the truth out.
He actually stood up a few years ago, a public service announcement.
Yippie CEO Rich Granville alerts Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and BOD for free speech censorship of conservative users and disturbing content and knocked their stock down.
Now it's out in the open that they are going after basically every nationalist, every conservative medical doctors that come out and expose COVID-19 is overblown.
I mean the censorship has now just become across the board and I'm a big fan of Trump but I have to say I'm really mad that he hasn't taken action.
I get these are quote free companies but these are utilities and in live time they're surveilling people.
Forget the censorship, they're surveilling to be able to censor.
Well, you know, Alex, I agree with some of that.
What I think that Trump is doing is allowing the deep state to come out, not only at the government, D.C.
level, but now we're seeing it to the state, city, and county level.
You're saying it's 3D chess.
He's got it.
It's about to be checkmate.
Okay, well then you've got the floor because I'll run on forever and I'll let you talk.
Tell us about Yippee.com.
Tell us about what you're doing.
Tell us what you think is really happening.
You're a smart guy.
Well, I mean, so, you know, Ivan Ranklin's been on your show many times.
He works with me and my company.
You know, we are a data intelligence company, open source intelligence company.
We basically know what's going on in real time by following, you know, major news events and things are happening all over the world.
And we cumulate all this information and we're able to derive
I think so.
So, uh, actually... It's like the old Google.
I could actually go there and actually find real stuff.
It's not like it's tailored for patrons either.
It's just kind of a good snapshot.
It's just a highly advanced search engine.
Much more advanced than what Google is.
We run multiple different algorithms at the same time.
Unweighted, unbiased.
Didn't Google break themselves the last two years?
It doesn't even work anymore.
It's like a fraud.
It's like a phone book where only globalists get listed.
Well, yeah, so I think that the whole premise of Google now is to exploit information and push up what's relevant to them and to their ideals to the top and not what really is true and honest information.
So instead of human intelligence, the old Google is what we liked went to the top.
What was about two, three years ago, they totally changed.
So, I mean, they went off the reservation, right when about Trump was elected.
They went totally blitzkrieg against you and every other conservative voice that's out there.
They started underweighting sources in their master index, meaning that if you went to go look for a news relevant story and use the rat taxonomy and you're the one that had the best story, you'd never show up in the top results because they've underweighted you.
So your search results are going to end up on page 25 when it should be on page 1.
I put the quote, authoritative stuff.
You got it.
Which means Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton.
You got it.
Well said.
But you started Yippie before that.
What was the mission of Yippie?
So it was to provide a conservative, unbiased relationship to information.
Sorry about that.
No, we're just moving your mic in front of you.
Go ahead.
And to do it in a way that promoted, you know, good ethics and information, right?
We want everybody to be able to look at the same information.
So Yippie is very unbiased.
We don't control our algorithms.
Let it have what we call free will algorithm, right?
It goes and creates the information and it stacks it.
And Google knew that that was what was power.
Turn loose human intelligence into the internet instead of bureaucrats pre-programming.
Well, human intelligence is a little bit different.
Human intelligence is more of you and I face to face.
Open source intelligence is what Google was really used for by the federal government.
Then they turned and they bit the hand that made them.
The U.S.
government made Google.
Google turned on the U.S.
They turned on everybody.
By the way, because they think they're more powerful than it.
Explain that to people.
Like, In-Q-Tel, all of it, what founded Google?
Yeah, so In-Q-Tel is a company that basically uses CIA money to fund new operations.
You know, our government is very, very good at bringing new technologies to light.
But what happens is these technologies get real big and then they get
I'm not going to ask a lot of questions, but you're a smart guy on the inside of all this.
Where would you say we are in the fight right now?
For human liberty.
It seems like we're getting our ass kicked.
I think we're in Revelation.
I think we're in 6-6, Revelation 6-2.
I think the white horse is running.
I think the corona, the crown virus is the crown given to the white horse rider and they're out conquering and to conquer.
I'm a born-again Christian and I totally believe that you're correct in your assumptions of where we are in the world right now and that people need to get right with Christ soon because this is going to turn bad soon.
Can you feel the evil?
I feel it.
And I feel the presence.
And uh, you know, Yippie's always been about doing the right thing, right?
And uh, you know, being a Christian CEO that's turned the cabal down.
I've been approached by Chinese intelligence, Russian intelligence, every single intelligence, major intelligence has tried to recruit me and my technology to go work for them.
By the way, the average person out there thinks that, let me tell you, when you're actually influential, you're a thinker, you constantly get approached.
Yep, I have been, and I've stayed loyal to my country.
China made a very, very big run at me.
Actually, in Sue's term, we're going to make you a crazy rich American.
And I turned them down.
Well, you've got the floor.
I could ask questions all day, but we've got the CEO of Yippie.com here with us.
For me, I know it's choose-your-own-adventure.
Revelation's fulfilling, but I know it's going to happen, but we could almost go another route where it's not as bad.
We could, yep.
And I think the United States can get through this.
You know, Europe's done right now.
They're finished.
Their economies are completely broken.
So the only way that we're going to get through this is through a God-chosen president like Trump.
Who is playing 3D chess at a level of superiority that no one else can even get to.
Like, they're so mad because he's so smart.
And if we're able to control our own destiny, which meaning we gotta get out these deep staters in the city, the county, and the state level.
We gotta vote them out this time so that Trump can do what he needs to do.
And we gotta turn our manufacturing capabilities inside.
And be able to put the people who are out of work, the 15 to 25 percent of small businesses that are going to be gone in the next 90 to 180 days, right, and turn that into a win by turning on the same charm that happened in the greatest generation, the World War II generation, and to be able to take ourself into a manufacturing sprint and dominate the world.
Well, you just said it.
They think when Americans lose everything, we're going to bow, like Hitler started bombing Britain and the civilian targets.
That turned them against Hitler.
As long as Americans know it's a globalist thing doing it to them, they're going to go with America.
They don't care if they're starving.
But how do we get that message to them?
Well, I think, you know, we need to know that I think the Trump administration is working on something about a made in the USA task force.
Needs to be spun up very, very quickly.
I know most of your products are made in the USA.
I think all of them are made in the USA.
None of the supplements are from China, yeah.
Yeah, yeah.
So, I mean, what we have to do is we got to turn into ourselves and stop... Which, by the way, is hard.
Like, any drugs or supplements, it's like 90% China.
Yeah, oh yeah.
I mean, we have people like, we have to pay three times more just to have it made in America.
A lot of it's made in Canada.
We just, it just, it doesn't exist.
It's like you have to go pay people to do it here.
Wait, but you know what you're getting, you know what you're getting is pure, you know, you're getting the right stuff.
And that's why you do it.
That's nothing, nothing from China passes the test.
It's all toxic.
Well, how about the KN95?
The KN95 brouhaha now.
They got all these millions of KN95s coming in the country and they're finding out they're defective, right?
There's three or four manufacturers.
It's like, why can't China ever deliver something that works?
Because they lie.
They're liars.
They're a country of liars.
They're a government of liars.
That's what they do.
And they buy everybody.
That's what they do.
They're not about making anything.
They don't develop anything.
They just buy the leadership off.
And they steal it.
That's what they do.
And they approached me about doing the same thing.
They approached me about turning on my own country.
And offered a lot of money.
Bought it.
You have these weird-ass people like Crypt Keeper Pelosi up there who says she wants $3 trillion more.
I think they're so disconnected from reality, they may jump the shark.
We'll be right back with the CEO of Yippee.com.
Stay with us.
My eyes are blind, but I can see.
Boy, isn't that true.
You better believe it.
The sunlight no longer sets me free.
Rich Granville of Yippie.com is here.
I noticed the CEO of it, it's one of the biggest alternative websites, search engines.
I'm like, let's talk about Yippie.
And he's like, no, I don't want to talk about Yippie.
Let's talk about the revolution against the globalists.
Which is exactly the way we do it here.
But I mean, you're a smart guy.
And of course, you know, your chief counsel is a really great patriot and works with General Flynn.
Notice, for people that don't know.
Yeah, I have General Flynn's coin for you right here, by the way.
It's beautiful, I appreciate that.
A good patriotic American, defense intelligence, the Army standing up for America.
Army's not perfect, but it's not a shy com traders.
We have a situation here where
Judges, for those that don't know, when prosecutors drop cases, judges are supposedly these non-bias arbiters of the defense and the prosecution.
The federal judge says, we're continuing the prosecution!
When they released Manafort, who was railroaded, they're making, I mean, these people are doing things never before done.
First of all, General Flynn was stuck up with a handgun to his head by Comey, holding up Mike Flynn Jr., a very fair and honest guy.
I mean, I love little Mikey.
And I think the world of that family, what they did to him was the most corrupt thing that I've ever witnessed.
And to a three-star general, it's unheard of.
Like, this is something that's never happened before.
Mafia tactics.
It's mafia.
It's Obama.
Between me and Defense Post, they've already gone after my dad to get at me.
My dad just said whatever.
But that's what they do now.
They said your son's going to prison.
How many times have you been intimidated?
Over the last 15 years.
I'm kind of retarded.
The opposite of an attack.
Attacked, right?
When they try to intimidate, it doesn't work.
It's not like I'm even a tough guy.
What I'm saying is, when they try to intimidate me, I go on the attack.
But no, I agree.
Most people, they go, hey, we're going to put your son in prison.
Unless you plead guilty.
It's like the manly thing.
We'll all plead guilty.
And Mike Jr.
just had Travis, his grandson.
So they had him.
Right, so they're basically going to take, they're going to, they're talking about putting Mike Jr.
in jail as well.
So they're talking about taking not only the general, but we're going to put your son in prison too for something.
No, that's what I meant is they held his son hostage.
Just like the old Roman Emperor.
And with a new grandchild, they knew they had him, right?
Because what's Flynn going to do?
Flynn's a patriot, Flynn's a great father, and he took a bullet for his family is what he did.
But he recovered.
The wound has recovered.
And it's about... And Brian Stelter and all of them are so, and Obama is so upset.
Like their intimidation is failing.
So, I mean, if Hillary Clinton wins, Flynn, this thing never happened to Flynn, right?
Flynn would have never become the National Security Advisor.
I think Flynn would have just stayed on as a three-star and got his fourth star.
I'd like to call for the President to give Flynn his fourth star.
Flynn deserves his fourth star.
No, I agree.
Instead of being ashamed of the attack, give him the award.
Give him the Presidential Medal of Freedom.
Madame Freedom and give him his fourth star.
I mean, you should start a hashtag.
Rub it in their face.
Give him his fourth star.
Because he does deserve that.
He does.
And I don't want to hear anybody else talking about it, so I want to be the first one to talk about it.
Give Flynn his fourth star.
Well, you know, Tucker Carlson covered it on, like, it was Monday night.
Flynn's like, okay, Russia's a declining power.
Okay, great.
Then give us a problem, blow them up.
China's the threat.
That was the real crime.
A hundred percent.
So, I mean, and we got Fauci.
There's reports that I can't specify to whom, but, you know, Fauci's in bed with the Chinese.
Oh, he's a Chinese agent.
He's a Chinese agent.
And the whole coronavirus itself could have, I'm just going to say could have, to protect myself from legalities, but could have been created by Fauci in conjunction with the Chinese government.
Well, he funded the coronavirus research there.
So, at the end of the day, you said it, and I'm concurring with you.
I believe that you're correct.
Well, that's my problem with Trump.
Trump's really smart when he faces each problem, but his background research, and I get like he doesn't even think NIH is going to be political, but then of course that's like the group that made the run at him.
Well, I mean, so Trump has got, Trump is fighting off like 15 different battles at the same time.
I think that we have to give him just a little bit more time.
I know everybody wants to see Comey swinging from a rope.
Everybody wants to see Page struck and all the rest of it.
No, I agree.
I've got two or three battles, not 15 like him, and I'm going crazy.
And I'm 46.
And you and I have not dealt, we've dealt with intimidation, we've dealt with attacks in person, eyeball to eyeball, where we were maybe even pull our guns.
I've had it on the streets where I've been intimidated on the streets about don't go in that direction.
I said screw you.
The bottom line is this.
He's taken it all on.
You and I aren't dealing with anything compared to what he's been dealing with.
No, I agree.
Every time I get pissed at Trump, I go, I couldn't do what he does.
Yeah, and I know President Trump.
God, is he not a badass though?
He is a badass.
He is a Billy badass.
You're talking about Providence.
Look at God gave us that.
I said this, I think it was to Millie interviewed me back a few months back.
Absolutely, Trump was ordained by God to be our king right now.
And that is
Translates all the way down to his family.
He served, he did in the 1980s, he went to counseling for Pettit.
And literally we get the deliverer, but do we accept him?
Yeah, and now we have another one.
So we have Big Mike, we have Obama, you got Biden, Hillary, you got the whole soup of Luciferians directly connected to the cabal over in Europe and to all the things that you've been doing for the last 15 to 20 years in an astounding creed.
And by the way, your greatest achievement, I think, just of what you did, brought me to you, was the Bilderberg thing.
That was just off the Richter scale.
That was the best journalism I've seen ever.
Well, I appreciate the support, but I...
My big thing is, what are we supposed to do next?
I'm always, like, angry that, like... Get out.
We gotta get out.
We gotta get out of our houses.
We gotta stop being afraid.
We gotta start trusting in Trump.
We gotta start trusting in God.
Trump's like a lion surrounded by hyenas.
And we're, like, going, hey, you oughta bite that hyena, and you oughta... No, we've gotta get out there and support him.
We have to.
It's 100%.
If we don't support him, we don't vote out the... Like I said, he just rooted out
All of the deep staters in every state down at the city level.
And 2,000 of them just signed a letter, as Senator Paul said, saying, we support Comey and don't want... That's an enemy's list.
They just listed themselves.
I mean, we have the hit list.
You know, this was old Russia.
We'd probably take up arms and go take care of them ourselves.
But this isn't the 1867's cowboy days.
Good for them that it isn't, because a lot of them will be dead.
Well, that's the thing, is they keep using our...
Our culture and our chivalry is weakness against us because we don't want to be like that.
But they're bringing the game where we'll win that game.
Can you imagine what a moral man does versus an evil man?
I think the people in Michigan already showed that they're willing to stand up with arms.
In fact, I want to ask, how did that happen without the Michigan Intelligence Service or their Bureau of Investigation understanding that a bunch of people were heading down to the Capitol with guns?
To tell them that they want their state reopened.
How did that happen?
How did they get that far?
Nobody asked that question.
Well, and that's the thing, nobody, we don't want to kill anybody.
No, no, no, no.
But when you shut our economy off, what do they think is going to happen?
They're idiots, you know.
If they don't... Because the competent people in America
No, no, no.
On the rampage?
They don't stop.
They go on and on and on and on.
I don't think they realize what they're conjuring.
It's the resilient and it's General Flynn's calling card.
It's the resilient patriots.
That's what it is.
And we're not going to stop.
There's not a lot of guys in tech like me that actually are Christian and read the Bible and actually believe and are born again and baptized.
Almost all of them are either converted to Muslim or they're part of the Luciferian cult.
Yeah, what's up with that where so many weird, like you'll have like a big tech gay dude who's a Muslim.
Islam would kill him.
Well, what is that?
Well, I mean, let's put it this way.
We're talking about, you know, ugly tech people.
Let's talk about Sundar.
Why is Roger Stone about to go to prison when all he did was just a little bullet BS with the Congress, but Sundar went in front of him and lied his ass off.
He said, we don't track any users.
He lied his ass off.
That's like saying Santa Claus doesn't wear a red outfit.
Yeah, exactly.
Sundar lied.
Trump should ring up Sundar and pardon Stone immediately.
I agree with that.
So let me ask you this, the head of yippie.com, when we come back.
What happens if the globalists win?
I don't do this to be a fear porn person.
They're very close to winning.
What happens if the average person doesn't realize how important they are and doesn't get politically active involved?
Because you can get censored on Facebook and Twitter and you know all that all day long, but they can't stop you going to a city council meeting.
We're a county commissioner meeting, or a state house meeting, or Nancy Pelosi going to some event.
If you simply get motivated like we did with Bill Clinton's rapist, remember that?
They were saying Trump was a rapist.
We're like, well, hey, you settle rape cases.
If you
Decide to get pissed and take action.
There's nothing on earth can stop you.
So, everybody calls me up saying, Jones do this, Jones do that.
I'm telling this audience of activists, you are the resistance.
Rich Franville is our guest.
Yippee.com, he's the head of it.
John Rappaport's coming up in about 15 minutes.
So, you were getting into some of the great things you're involved in right now.
Laura Loomer and others for Congress.
Yeah, so I'm involved directly with the Laura Loomer for Congress campaign.
Another great patriot, another heavily censored, probably the most censored woman in America.
And yes, you were the most censored man in the world.
She's probably the, I would say she's lateral to you in that regard.
She's right up there, yeah.
Yeah, so I'm working with her and I like to call all the people that are listening to this that are actually watching it online or later on today.
If you're in the West Palm Beach area and you're in her congressional district, get involved.
She has a real shot at winning.
Can you imagine the fireworks?
I think she's gonna win.
I don't think she has a real shot.
She's going to win.
She's running in President Trump's district.
So the West Palm Beach district, she's running for that district.
They're definitely scared of her.
Yeah, yeah, and she's raising a lot of money.
She's doing fantastic.
I was just out there doing a little student work with her and her team.
She's got a great team and I think they have a real... I mean, I'm calling it.
She's going to win.
I'm going to be there.
She's going to win.
We're going to have a Patriot like that taking out a Dem.
And the other one I'm working with also is Chris Cox for Bikers for Trump.
I mean, he's another guy.
He's in Charleston, District 1.
The biggest district, the most populous district, and anyone that's in the Charleston, Hilton Head, Mount Pleasant area, get out there and support Chris Cox.
Get out because he needs help.
Big Tech is suppressing speech because we're powerful.
You're 100% correct.
And I'm not just like, oh, we want to be powerful.
Conservatives and Christians, we're all reserved.
I get it.
The time for being reserved is over.
Hold on a minute.
When did being a Christian mean you were a pussy?
I don't remember.
I don't recall that.
I remember it called Christian soldiers, right?
I don't recall that we have to get stepped on and kicked on.
Onward, Christian soldiers marching into war with the cross of Jesus.
So, where does it say?
People go, oh, cross of Jesus.
Well, what are you going to believe in, folks?
The new world order?
Big tech?
What made America, folks, Jesus did?
You better believe it.
So, where does it say in the Bible that we're to forgive and forget?
It doesn't say that.
Or not to forget.
Well, it also doesn't say, Thou shalt not kill.
It says, Thou shalt not murder.
Murder means kill an innocent person.
Damn, the whole Bible's about kill people trying to kill you.
I think there's plenty of, well, I mean, look at the Saban Legion, the greatest Roman legion of all time, right?
Never lost the battle, and the Caesar said, go kill these Christians, and they decided to martyr themselves.
So, when you have the banner of Christ in front of you, you're unstoppable.
And they know that.
Why do they fear Christ so much?
Because, literally, the Satanists, all of them fear Christ.
Because they're Luciferians.
They worship the... And what I'm saying is, if Christ is BS, then why are they so upset by it?
Well, hey, if they're following Lucifer, then Christ must be real as well.
So, there's your double-edged sword, and that's the way God designed it.
You have your choice.
You can go with the light, or you can go with the darkness.
But, you know, I've had spiritual experiences, I know God's real, but now to see it all manifesting is like...
It's going to be so clear at the end.
You're going to decide.
People think you're over the top.
I think you're right on the line.
You're exactly walking the line.
You are not overstating.
You are being honest and a true Christian.
And I admire you for that.
That's what I try to do.
The truth is so fantastical though.
It is.
Well, I mean, it's not that fantastic if you have a little bit of a brain in your head and you're able to understand the messages.
I mean, the Revelation 12 sign happened in September of 2017.
Follow the moon triads, follow the... So what is the left going to do as it's like all manifesting?
Um, they're going to do exactly what the Luciferian cult wants to do.
They're going to fight everything that's good, and they're going to bring darkness to the world.
And we all know, in the end, that's what's going to happen, right?
But, then Christ is going to step in and with... So the good news is it ends?
It ends.
And it ends good for those who believe it's going to end great, and for those who don't, well, you know, you made your choice.
I don't know how you read Revelation and then look at it happening and like, no, this is like a divine transmission.
We're here.
I mean, this is real, folks.
This is like... And I agree with Alex 100%.
Stay right there.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
We'll talk about what's coming next.
Rich Granville is our guest.
He heads up Yippee.com.
I'm Alex Jones with InfoWars.com.
And boy, do we have...
John Rappaport ready to take over here in about T-minus 15 minutes.
But I've been asking the questions here, brother.
You've been saying a lot of really intelligent, smart, provocative things.
What do you want to say in the next 10 minutes we have to folks out there?
So, I mean, let's all talk together here, right?
This is a Christian audience.
I'm a born-again Christian.
We're in desperate times.
I've just traveled the United States, Alex.
I've gone coast to coast for the last 30 days, and this is what I can tell you.
America is closed.
And we gotta end that right now.
I've been staying in four-star, five-star hotels for the prices of Motel 6.
America's being brought to its knees.
To its knees.
We're talking businesses closing.
You know, I'm the only guy on an aircraft, right, flying around.
I mean, I've flown 30,000 miles during the pandemic, right, and I'm checking things.
You have all of United Airlines, I'd say 25% of their fleet is IAH.
Wrapped in plastic.
The engine cells are wrapped.
They know this is going to go on for a long time.
These engines are, these planes are what's, and I was, I'm third generation U.S.
Navy, and I was in aviation.
So, cryptology guy.
Oh, Fauci said, we're closed next year.
It's over.
So, my father retired from United Airlines.
I love United Airlines.
I also love American, one of my favorite airlines.
They're mothballing airplanes now.
They're not coming back.
So they know, like, oh, you want freedom?
Permanent shutdown.
I think this is going to be, I think there's another head fake coming.
You know, I know from Congress.
Oh yeah, phase two, wave two.
Well, it's already started in China.
So that wave has already started in China.
The EU's done.
You know, Ivan and I have privy to information that probably most people
Don't get to go here.
It's so there's a second way of coming.
So by the way, as you know, I'm not a violent person.
I'm not some guy that talks about big fancy things.
Big tech is bigger than our government.
It's bigger than tech.
It acts as a government.
We need Trump and the Pentagon to take over big tech that they financed and created.
And I'm not a big government guy.
We're in such a crisis.
Look at this, look at this dick, this jerk.
I mean, it needs to stop, man.
They're in CHICOM coordination shutting us down.
They're going to starve us to death.
I say,
Send in the Green Berets.
I'm serious.
We can't turn our forces on Americans, but what we can do is... But they're not Americans!
Ma'am, by birth they are.
Okay, so we're going to let them work with the shycoms and piss all over us.
Unfortunately, I've had the same conversation.
That's not something that we can do anything about, but here's what we can do.
Here's something.
So we're just going to let these people.
I have the articles right here.
They're giving our data to China and the Clintons and they're spying on Americans.
They shut the economy down on purpose.
I mean, German bombers in World War Two couldn't even strike us.
They're shutting us down like bombers blowing up our power plants.
It's you.
If you knew if we nuked, if let's say the Russians nuked for morbid L.A., Chicago and New York.
It would be far less damaging to our economy than what just happened.
In fact, we should pay the Russians to do that.
That's a good idea, actually.
Putin, please nuke!
That's a joke.
Go ahead.
Of course it's a joke.
So, I mean, people need to get out and start recognizing that this coronavirus, you've got a better chance of getting a car accident and dying than contracting coronavirus, right?
This is fear.
No, but that's what I'm saying is,
We're going into cardiac arrest.
We are in cardiac arrest.
We're already there.
Like I said, I just went to five major markets and I don't know how many I drove through rural areas just to survey what's going on.
I did it too.
It's bad.
I mean, it's really, really, really bad.
So there's no way to sure... And Trump's trying to open stuff up and like, oh, Fauci says we're all dead.
Fauci's been proven to be a fraud.
Fauci is a fraud.
Fauci needs to be gone.
But Trump is letting him do what he's got to do because he has to have that other voice.
I think Trump's got a play here on Fauci.
And I'm going to say with high probability, Trump knows Fauci's in bed with the Chinese.
Oh, of course.
But remember two months ago?
We're like day 61.
Oh, 15 days!
Fifteen freaking years, brother!
Yeah, I'm with you.
A hundred percent.
I mean, listen, Alex, you're on point with 99% of what you bring to the airwaves.
So, you know, I'm not going to bring anything that you haven't said.
All I'm going to tell people is that I'm going to give them another viewpoint from a guy who, you know, speaks in very big circles privately with very high power individuals.
We're in big trouble.
We got to fix it.
Believe me.
Believe me, I'm not up here, like, telling Trump to frickin' kill these people for no reason.
I mean, I'm not saying kill them, you know what I mean?
Like, politically kill them.
I mean, we're in, like, crash and burn stuff right now.
The plane has already crashed, right?
Not everybody's burned up yet, but the plane has already crashed.
Okay, so... Why do we the people do that?
You better, you better, you better pray.
You need to pray without ceasing.
Pray without ceasing.
Exactly, because the average person thinks, oh this is like every other, no, no, no folks.
It took hundreds of years to build us up to this point.
Decades of progress has been blown up already.
Six, seven trillion dollars of GDP gone.
New trends.
21 days it takes to make a trend.
21 days of the greatest economy that ever was and the greatest president that we ever had has been destroyed.
Now we have to rebuild.
Because they told us.
I think that's why Trump needs to level and say, I believed in you, you believe in me.
Here's who the enemy is.
They did it and Americans will totally get it.
I agree, but I'm not a vindictive person.
But when you're under military economic attack, I want action.
I mean, I'm not, I'm anti-police state, folks, but when you're under CHICOM attack to wreck everybody's, I mean, starve to death?
I don't know what I'm supposed to do at this point.
Let the USIC do their job, and let's let, General Flynn is a key piece of this.
Because he saw the CHICOM attack.
Flynn knows where all the bodies are buried.
Yeah, he knows what's going on.
Let's let him step up.
Let's not let him go into private sector.
Let's give him his four star.
Let's put him back in the service for our country.
Let's all rally around him and give him money.
No, I agree.
That's the move.
Let's take off his legal bills.
Let's bring him back.
Let's get his legal bills settled, right?
Everybody, if a million, you have a million viewers.
If everybody gave Flynn five bucks, he's got five million dollars, right?
He's out of debt.
By the way, folks don't know what this costs.
A dollar ain't worth what it used to be.
We spent five million dollars last year beating the Democrat lawsuits.
And that's huge for your organization.
For you personally, I commend you.
You have taken it on the chin so many times.
Let's just say I haven't made any money the last few years.
Which is fine, I don't give a damn about that.
But God provided.
The crazy part is, it's always just what we need.
There will be an exact amount, and that comes in.
That's God like going, hey.
Brother, I'm with you 100%.
I've seen it myself.
Is that not crazy?
Or the exact amount comes in?
You don't get what you want, but he always gives you what you need.
What is that?
What is that?
Because it's true.
You like...
It's how the Creator, it's how our Master, God, works.
Because, like, hundreds of times, each month, it's exactly what we need.
And I go, well, I'll be with the accountants, I go, wait a minute, the exact amount to the cent?
And it's like, God's like telling you, like... You're on the right path, brother.
Well, it's the listeners.
Talk about the Lord works in mysterious ways, like, they're buying stuff, and it's literally matching up.
Each time, like, God, can I have that green zone?
Can I have that reserve?
And God's like, He is your reserve.
God's the reserve.
He's your reserve.
By the way, folks, we're not just saying this here on air.
I'm telling you hundreds of times, the exact amount comes to independent bills.
And you're like, have other accountants run this?
And they go, yeah, it's the same number.
And I'm like, the exact amount we need just came in again.
Praise the Lord.
It's real.
It's real?
Even if you're not a Christian, it's like this weird sixth sense, the community, like, people just know, they know.
Praise God.
Well, Rich, you're at yippee.com, we really appreciate you coming in.
We have the great
John Rappaport about to take over the next three segments.
He's loaded for bear.
Come back next week.
Tell us about Yippee.com.
I tried to get this guy to talk about his website.
He wouldn't do it.
We'll be right back.
This is John Rappaport.
About 15 minutes ago they cut the power to my house.
That's because somehow they knew that this is the segment I would be doing.
So I'm coming to you on a cell phone and I hope it holds out for the rest of the hour.
I'm not kidding you.
Just after I got off of Skype setting this all up on my computer, the power went out in the house.
There's no storm here.
All right.
I'm here to talk about a film called Vaxxed 2.
Vaxxed 2, directed by Brian Burroughs.
This is not optional viewing.
This is mandatory viewing because, as everybody knows, what Bill Gates and his psychopathic warriors are intending is to vaccinate everybody on Earth.
That's what they want.
The comments that I'm going to make on the film clips you're going to see in the next minutes here are my comments.
They are not part of the film Vax2, but you're going to see clips from the film.
Do not go anywhere.
Watch these clips.
There is no vaccine that is safe.
There never was, there never is, there never will be.
I've explained this in thousands and thousands of words for the last 35 years, over and over again.
And I will keep explaining it.
And we are under many guns here.
And one of the biggest, if not the biggest, is the poisonous vaccine that they are directing our way, that they are trying to bring to market as we speak.
Vax 2 is a film directed by Brian Burroughs, produced by Pauly Tommy, which went around the country interviewing the parents and the children.
Vaccine damage.
Vaccine destroyed.
The real story, the real truth, not in the labs, not in the studies, not anywhere except in reality.
Do not leave your screen until I don't know when.
Stay with me.
All right, let's run clip one right now.
Robbie looked like he was hit by a bus.
Robbie from that moment on had a stunning look on his face.
If you asked or said his name, he still acted deaf and acted like he couldn't hear, although they did have normal hearing.
I had it all tested, but he lost his happiness.
This is a first year pitcher?
First birthday.
Three months after the shot.
Three months after the shot.
They were no longer engaged in anything or anyone.
They lost their smiles.
They just were in their own little separate worlds.
They never held hands again.
They never looked at each other again.
All right, that's the first clip.
Do not try to contact me and ask me, which vaccine was this?
I'm talking about, I am talking about all vaccines, all the time.
Toxic chemicals, many germs laden, directly injected into the body, bypassing the normal channels of the immune system, destroying live.
That's what I'm talking about.
These lies destroy what you just saw.
This is not something scripted.
This is not something that was put together as fiction.
This is real.
This is one story among the many, many, many endless numbers of stories.
The Vax 2 film crew have a gigantic bus.
They have gone around the country.
They have talked to people directly, and they have filmed them, and this is what you're seeing.
Play clip two.
Well, Colton was a 13-year-old healthy, strong boy.
He loved baseball, motorcycles, anything that has to do with an adrenaline rush.
He was going to go to Scout Camp.
For Scout Camp, you have to have a physical.
So we went to the doctor's office and the doctor said, Hey, he's the age that you should get the HPV vaccine.
I said, Okay, how come?
Well, it can help prevent cancer.
And even if he's not promiscuous, he can still give it to his wife when he gets married.
I said, Oh, that sounds like a pretty good thing then.
So he was administered the
On the third round Two weeks after he started having a really bad neck ache the next day he he went motorcycle riding with his dad and That day he came home.
He was hell Starting to feel nauseous really sore neck.
It didn't feel good.
He went to bed and
The next day, I checked on him.
He still didn't want to get out of bed.
I just thought, man, you're just really weak and exhausted.
And that evening, when he sat up to take a drink of water, he says, Mom, can you give that to me in my left hand?
I can't use my right arm very good.
It's weak.
And he tried to lift up, and all of a sudden he just flopped back.
And his head just hit the pillow, and I went, do you have spinal meningitis?
You know, it was my first, like, really bad fear.
So my husband took him in to Instacare, Monday morning, February 17th, 2014.
Holding his head for him because he couldn't get out of bed.
The paralysis just went down, down, down after the first four to five days.
Where he was completely paralyzed from the neck down.
Had no movement at all.
Give me your eyebrows.
You were doing them better than that the other night.
There you go.
Show me yes.
Show me yes.
Show me no.
But you have to have this breathing apparatus with you the whole time.
It's about 15 pounds, so I always have to have someone with me to carry it.
It's a literal ball and chain for him.
The whole time, watching this box on his side with this hose going to his throat, breathing for him to...
And then he could speak, waiting for that breath to come from that box.
And it was a realization that changed my life forever.
I remember staring at this and watching this movie go on and watching this box and thinking, we say we got rid of the iron lung.
Vax 2, the film.
It's not optional.
You have to watch it.
Everybody has to watch it.
Everybody has to sit through it.
It's nothing compared to the suffering of the parents and the children.
The direct effect of vaccine.
They may say to you, the doctors, oh, this was a coincidental occurrence.
By magic, something just fell out of the sky at the very moment we vaccinated your child.
The genetic this, that, and the other thing.
They lie, they lie, they lie.
They destroy and they kill.
And this is what they want to bring down the pipeline at you as the hammer at the end of this operation called Pandemic, which is the vaccine, the killer.
And the power just went back on in my house.
We're going to take a break.
Don't go anywhere.
John Rappaport back here talking about Vax 2 and the vaccine, which is the hammer of the whole operation.
I do want
Your mind for this hour and your attention, please, to understand what it is that I'm talking about here.
More important, what this film faxed to is showing you directly.
This is not only something that you should watch in the privacy of your own home.
This is something you should get everybody to watch.
Everybody to watch.
All over the world a hundred times over and over because it's only by mass refusal to take these vaccines and especially but not exclusively when and if this gigantic COVID-19 hoax of a poisonous vaccine comes down the pipeline at you and me and everybody else.
It's the same mass refusal is the only option
To throw back, what are you going to call them?
The psychopathic killer.
That's just a kind phrase.
Sitting here playing clips from Vaxxed 2, directed by Brian Burrows.
A film like nobody has ever made before.
You're just getting hints of what's there.
Play the next clip.
So she had a baseline physical, but it was also the same day she got her second vaccination of Gardasil.
The doctor detected a heart arrhythmia.
In all of her 20 years, there had never been any heart arrhythmia.
She never had any symptoms or any indication of any difficulty.
No one in the family ever had a heart problem.
So we were really surprised.
I started having severe leg pain.
I couldn't move.
I couldn't get up out of bed.
Could not move my arms.
My leg joints would feel like my leg was about to come out and it would be in like excruciating pain.
Moments where I couldn't move my legs.
She just matter-of-factly says, I can't walk.
And I'm like, what are you talking about?
She's like, my legs don't work.
Her legs in particular hurt really, really bad.
Her hips and her knee joints were very, very painful.
It would be like feeling paralyzed.
Sometimes it was one leg, sometimes it was both legs.
And that was it.
He never regained his ability to fully walk.
We would go out.
He would walk very, very little.
And I would see his legs just start to collapse like an accordion.
She had lost the ability to walk.
She couldn't see very well.
Her vision was doubled and blurred.
She couldn't read anymore.
She began to regress.
She became like a nine-year-old child.
Just a sample of one vaccine.
What can you say?
This is happening all over the world.
It's been happening all over the world for a long time.
Obviously, they cover up the damage.
They do everything they can.
They control the media.
They control the public health services.
They control the little sociopaths walking around
With their pronouncements taking over governments, locking down people, preparing them for this.
Preparing them for this.
A destroyed and ripped apart planet.
It's only the refusal.
It's only the complete refusal under any circumstances whatsoever.
Two, knuckle under and take these vaccines.
That's going to save us.
Because the liars are going to keep lying.
The people who are destroying lives are just going to keep destroying the lives.
They don't care.
They make themselves blind.
They pretend.
They fake.
They construct whole structures of science
To explain their mission of destruction.
And the doctors go along.
But increasingly, the doctors are beginning not to go along because their consciences are being awakened.
Some of them were dragged along to see this film, Vax 2, and made to sit there.
Strap yourself in, buddy.
Watch what you're doing.
Watch the effect it really has.
You see that on the screen?
It says, Vax 2.
Stop what you're doing.
Stop what you're thinking at the moment in all of the distractions that surround us.
And just focus on this, okay?
Just slow down your adrenaline enough to take in what this is about.
It's about
The ongoing destruction of human life.
Play the next clip.
After all the struggles and fights and we thought she was finally getting a little better.
She went to sleep.
She wasn't feeling good during the day.
And I went in to check on her.
And she looked like she was very still.
She was in her bed.
And she had passed away.
And I tried to revive her.
But she was gone.
I loved her so much, I would've given my life for hers.
She was just a good kid.
And her mom made a bad choice.
The last hug I gave her, I was standing on the step hugging her, and I wanted her to stay longer.
I just said, no mom, I'm, you know, I want to get back to school.
Okay, I'll see you in a couple weeks.
But in the interim, the police came to our door one night.
So I said to them, is this about my daughter?
And they said, yes.
And I said, was she in an accident?
They said, no.
They said they found her dead in her bed at school and that they didn't know what happened.
And so, you know, I don't know if anyone's ever had somebody
I think if there was one vaccine that should be eliminated out of the schedule immediately and there would be no, absolutely no ramifications, no problems with diseases cropping up and people dying, that one, that vaccine has to go.
Yeah, my comment, they all have to go.
They always have had to go.
They always will have to go.
So, people around the country just started showing up when the bus vaxxed to film, the one film that you're going to see.
I mean, don't even talk to me.
Never talk to me.
The bus
Vax2 goes around the country and people show up.
They just show up.
They have stories to tell.
These stories are the truth.
This is the truth.
This is not what the doctors are saying.
This is not what I'm saying.
This is not what you're saying.
This is not what anybody's saying except people who are there, the parents, the children themselves.
And this is not just children.
Don't get the idea, oh well it's just the kids.
No, it's everybody.
It's everybody.
The whole thing is a foul, disgusting, stinking, horrendous, hideous mess.
Back here for the last segment, we're looking at clips from Vaxxed 2.
A friend said to me, responsible parents think they're being responsible by vaccinating their children.
Yeah, because they're listening to doctors who have been brainwashed to the hilt, feeding them propaganda masked as science.
They claim, oh yes, very safe, very effective.
Just watch these clips as you've been watching the clips.
You see how safe and effective this is.
Pull it to the brain.
That's how safe.
That's how effective.
And this again,
Crazy Bill Gates.
Oh, we can't end the lockdown until we have the vaccine.
He funds the World Health Organization.
He funds big media.
He funds everybody in sight.
Buys off half the planet with his money so that he can vaccinate every human on Earth.
Vaxxed, too.
Play the next clip.
So tell us from your point of view.
Well, it does suck, like, not being able to play sports anymore.
Because I did, I did do a lot of sports and it was my favorite.
You were awesome at sports when you were 15.
Yeah, I have to sit in the sideline to watch everybody.
But I'm getting used to it, so it's not as bad anymore.
The one thing about Colton is he does always smile.
And, you know, he's an awesome kid that way.
He doesn't complain.
You're good, huh?
Yeah, I guess.
What do you think of that?
So this is what we're faced with.
Thousands, millions, facing what you just saw.
That's the truth.
Nothing in the medical journals is the truth.
Nothing the doctors say is the truth.
Nothing that the public health officers running around say is the truth.
They're all brainwashed.
Well, they couldn't all be lying.
Yeah, they're all lying.
It happens.
But how could they all be lying?
Because they're all brainwashed by something called medical school.
There's another part which, in Batch 2, the film, which you don't see here, we don't have the clip, but you see doctors, doctors who have stopped vaccinating, talking about their medical school training, and they say, well, what if, you know, what did you learn about vaccines?
We're told they were safe and effective.
We were told how to implement the recommended schedule of vaccine.
Which, when you think about it, is about as difficult as, you know, screwing in a light bulb.
But all of the training about the germs, and the viruses, and the bacteria, and the diseases, and the infection, and this, and that, and that is about, and how we have to stop it, and whatever, whatever.
That's the brainwashing.
That's the brainwashing.
So they ignore all the historians and the analysts who say, guess what?
The decline of all the so-called infectious diseases historically happened, A, because of better nutrition, and B, because of increased sanitation.
Had nothing to do with anything medical.
Had nothing to do with
Rockefeller Medicine or any other kind of medicine.
It had to do with improvements in basic living.
But what about all the diseases that have been eliminated by vaccines because that's the evidence, that's the proof that it works and so forth and so on.
No, it's not.
Let's take measles.
In the couple of minutes that I have remaining, how do you recognize measles?
The spots, the fever, etc.
Oh, he's got measles, okay.
Where do those spots come from, do you think?
They come from an acute inflammatory reaction of the body, of the immune system, to the presence of something other than the body.
And when that powerful, powerful, listen to me, inflammatory reaction occurs, that produces the spots.
So if you give a vaccine, we're going to eliminate basal structure, and you reduce the power of the immune system, which happens when you give vaccine, that acute, very powerful, natural reflex of the body, that inflammatory reaction
Is dampened, dampened, dampened below the ability to respond.
And so you don't see the spots.
And so all of the public health analysts say, well, we've eliminated the disease.
No, you haven't.
You're destroying the body.
There are no studies that are done in the mainstream, believe me, that are aimed at saying, well, in the so-called cases
Of people who've been inoculated against measles, etc., etc., etc.
What is their general health from that point on?
Who cares whether the spots have been eliminated?
That's irrelevant.
The so-called science, you would say, is a complete joke except for what you've been watching here from Vax 2 for the last 45 minutes.
And that's just the beginning.
of what this film records and reports.
We should be thanking our lucky stars that these people had the courage to go out there and do this.
Brian Burroughs, Pauly Tommy, all the others connected to the film.
You'll see them.
You watch this because it's going to change your life.
Don't get back to me and say, well, I already knew this.
I already knew all this information.
There's knowing and there's knowing.
And there's deeper knowing and there's deeper knowing.
Just watch it.
Make other people watch it.
Strap them down.
Strap your doctor down, if you have a doctor.
This is what they should be showing in emergency rooms and ICUs, to doctors and nurses, day and night, day and night, in airports, in hospitals, everywhere.
Just show this film over and over and over a hundred thousand times to everybody, everywhere, liquor stores, 7-Elevens at 3 o'clock in the morning, I don't care, wherever, airport, train stations, bus stations,
And the world would never be the same after that because the truth would come out.
The truth that is spoken by the parents and by the children, by the people who are affected.
They're the people to trust.
They were there, are there, will be there for the rest of their lives with what these vaccines have caused.
So yeah, I know all about it.
Okay, so congratulations.
You get a gold star on the blackboard from the teacher.
You know all about vaccines and vaccinations.
You don't know this unless you've been there, unless it happened to you or your family.
And in the remaining seconds here, just think about what this does to basic families.
All over the world.
All over the world.
Thank you to Vax2.
Watch the film.
Thank you to the InfoWars crew for making this possible.
John Rappaport.
See you next time.
We told you what was going to happen, and it did.
Now we're telling you what's coming.
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I don't have to tell you that we are in the most important point in human history.
The globalists have taken the gloves off and they've taken the mask off.
And they're like, yeah, you're taking implantable chips.
Yeah, we're into pedophilia.
Yeah, we're into world government.
Yeah, you're obsolete.
You are non-essential.
We are shutting your ass down.
Yeah, we told you don't be farmers and don't be ranchers and don't work in industry anymore.
You're going to be the service economy.
And now the globalists are telling you that there's no more service economy and you're obsolete.
So you better bow down to them and get your universal pittance income so they can dictate your life.
The handcuffs are going on right now.
We have to resist and say no to the New World Order.
And that takes you understanding you were right.
And understanding I was right.
And getting in people's faces and raising the alarm now while you still can.
Now is the time for action.
Now is the time for you to shine.
And be the Paul Revere's you know you are.
It's now more critical than ever to keep InfoWars on the air.
Everything we warned of for decades is now emerged.
It was always there, but now it's uncloaked.
It's out in the open.
And our credibility, your credibility, has gone to the stars.
That's why they want to expunge and erase every documentary, every film, every article, every report, every interview.
That's why they don't want to just silence Infowars.
They want to silence medical doctors and scientists and members of Congress and leaders who tell the truth.
But humanity is rallying against this threat.
And now, ladies and gentlemen, is the time to spread the word like never before.
I know I get up here and I say you are the Paul Reveres.
But you know what?
The evil we're facing is much more wicked and much more diabolical than King George III.
260 years ago.
These globalists want to dominate and take control of our very genetic code.
They want to sterilize us.
They want to erase us.
They want to destroy our seed.
They want hegemonic domination over every life form on the planet.
They want to overwrite it in their selfishness.
And we can't let them do that.
So I'm telling you, ladies and gentlemen, however you can,
Realize you're a leader.
Listening to local radio stations, watching local TV stations, going to newswars.com, going to Bandot Video and finding the articles and the videos that you think are most important and most informative.
And sharing those at the grocery store and at church and to your neighbors and to your friends and saying, hey, here's what's banned.
Here's what they don't want you to know about.
That's changing the world and that brings hope into the world.
And people that weren't ready to wake up years ago, they're ready to wake up now.
That's why the globalists wanted to shut us down all these years.
That's why they wanted to silence us all these years.
Because they knew that once their system emerged, we would have massive credibility.
And so they hope people forget about what we said.
They hope they forget about all the warnings.
But people aren't forgetting.
People are remembering.
And remember what Jonathan Gruber said six years ago about Obamacare, who he wrote Obamacare.
He said, Obama chose me.
Because I came up with the best plan to triple prices and rip everyone off.
And I was the most deceptive person.
And he said, thank God they don't have memories.
Thank God they're so stupid.
But you do have memories for baseball or movies or things you like.
Well, start focusing on politics and the world and the globalists, not because you like them, but because you want to defeat them and remember what they've done and expose them.
And celebrate exposing them and celebrate the First Amendment and the free speech that veterans fought and died to defend.
Because those veterans and our forebears didn't create those rights, but they fought and bled to enshrine them and to get them openly practiced.
So that they would become part of our culture and so that freedom would not pass from the world and so that we would not be slaves.
So I tell you again, exercise these freedoms or lose them forever and tell everyone you know about the fight for freedom that goes on here, now more important than ever at InfoWars!
We're going to be true until the end.
I'm not going to back down.
I'm not going to compromise.
And I'm asking you not to back down or compromise because compromising with this, submitting to this, is worse than living death.