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Name: 20200512_Tue_Alex
Air Date: May 12, 2020
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Alex Jones discusses various topics such as WHO’s recommendation to remove family members from their homes during the pandemic, Bill Gates’ idea of tracking people with digital tattoos and Microsoft's patent for a cryptocurrency surveillance system connected to the human body; H.R. 6666 bill authorizing grants to conduct diagnostic testing and contact tracing through mobile health units; an asteroid potentially colliding with Earth in six months; globalists' beliefs in merging with silicon and becoming gods; Bill Gates’ involvement and predictions about COVID-19; mainstream media lying to deceive the public; a huge sale on supplements at InfoWarsStore.com; Obama attempting to create a narrative that Donald Trump might be a Russian agent during his presidential transition; COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on society, including the origins of the Russia conspiracy hoax; Dr. Fauci being accused of being a fraud by the speaker; Bill Gates discussing population control while avoiding discussions of where the virus came from; an economic collapse and backlash against tyranny; open discussion about the real state of the world not influenced by establishment talking points; unacknowledged special access projects hidden from public knowledge dealing with UFOs; a post-human era where people will be put in cages and robots will take over; technologies involved in secret government projects far more advanced than what people imagine; covert programs controlled by a transnational elite for power and wealth concentration; Dr. Steven Greer discussing interdimensional beings, extraterrestrial life forms, and advanced civilizations concerned about Earth's future; the shift towards an independent global system allowing homes and businesses to be self-sufficient while controlling institutions try to maintain control over technologies like energy and propulsion systems; and the power of human spirit and consciousness threatening the current system.

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There is an illegal, outrageous, unconstitutional, and frankly criminal There are many corporations that are running these projects without the supervision and approval of the President or the Congress or of we the people.
You're talking about a breakaway rogue civilization.
Here's the problem with the presidency.
I've done a put a briefing together for every president since Clinton when I was a young medical doctor and what I have found is that a bubble gets put around them by the National Security Act.
And they deceived the president, and then they manipulate them.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
The World Health Organization recommended forcibly removing family members from their homes and putting them in
Now we need to go and look in families to find those people who may be sick and remove them and isolate them in a safe and dignified manner.
Queen Elizabeth seemed to be echoing this idea to the UK.
It reminds me of the very first broadcast I made in 1940, helped by my sister.
We as children spoke from here at Windsor to children who had been evacuated from their homes and sent away for their own safety.
Today, once again, many will feel a painful sense of separation from their loved ones.
But now as in, we know deep down that it is the right thing to do.
Bill Gates has been pushing the idea of tracking people with digital tattoos.
And Microsoft was recently granted patent number 060606 for a cryptocurrency surveillance system connected to the human body.
Now enter HR6666.
To authorize the Secretary of Health and Human Services to award grants to eligible entities to conduct diagnostic testing for COVID-19 and related activities such as contact tracing through mobile health units and, as necessary, at individuals' residences and for other purposes.
On May 1st of 2020, Illinois Congressman Bobby Rush introduced H.R.
This act is essentially setting up a nationwide contact tracing and quarantine program run by Big Pharma.
Section 2, COVID-19 testing and contact tracing using mobile health units, will allow Bill Gates loyalist Alex Azar and the CDC to fund eligible entities to conduct tests, trace and monitor the contacts of infected individuals and to support the quarantine of these contacts via mobile health units.
Who are the eligible entities qualified to receive this funding?
Health centers, non-profit organizations, high schools, and anyone else that Alex Azar deems eligible.
The amount of taxpayer dollars being asked for to trace the public and force quarantines is $100 billion for 2020 alone.
And whatever may be necessary as long as the emergency period continues.
For InfoWars.com, this is Greg Reese.
The naivete of our best political minds that are pro-human is very dangerous.
But I understand what's happening.
They are projecting their own humanity onto the decisions that the establishment's making.
And that is a grave mistake.
A very, very serious mistake.
Like clockwork, Barack Obama, the United Nations, the WHO, Bill and Melinda Gates all opened fire on the President, all scientifically prepared, in the last 48 hours.
We have plotted their operations with precision, because I'm inside their head.
It's actually very easy to defeat them.
And that's why they are so scared that if President Trump listens to me, it's over for them.
But the truth is, no matter what happens to me, you understand the paradigm.
I didn't tell you what to think.
You see what I see.
And once you see it, you never go back.
I'm Alex Jones.
Remember, the way we defeat the globalists is your will and you taking action.
It's an info war.
174 days out from the election.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
Thank you for joining us on this May 12th, Tuesday, 2020 transmission.
We've got a lot of big guests coming up today.
Your calls and so much breaking news.
Mr. Fauci, Dr. Faustus, is in the Senate right now, like a snake, attacking the President as much as he can, without being removed from his position of power, bringing America into hysteria and collapsing the United States.
He, of course, is testifying from his home, because the Earth is so toxic and so evil and so bad, and then humans are so bad that we must all No longer shake hands or love each other because, again, biology is bad, only silicon is good.
Carbon bad, silicon good.
Post-human world.
Extermination of the parasite humans.
We come in peace.
For those of us that understand the globalist plan, and who have actually read what the Council on Foreign Relations and the Club of Rome and the Bilderberg Group and these other organizations have said, we know how the book ends.
We know as we turn each page what we're going to see, because it's their world, we're just living in it.
Because we have Dialed into Hollywood, dialed into sports, dialed into all the bread and circuses and distractions that they've laid out for us.
the poison buffet, that we've given over our destiny.
But for anyone that actually studies The globalists and how they operate and what their endgame is and what makes them tick and what their philosophy and ethos is.
This is like shooting fish in a barrel.
It's like two plus two equals four.
It's absolutely elementary, my dear Watson.
But you've got to have the courage to admit what's coming at you.
And I liken it as an allegory or an analogy or a parable.
Most big comets and asteroids that end up being found aren't found by the big radio telescopes, they're not found by the big observatories.
Most of them are found by the millions of amateur astronomers that have high-powered equipment now, thanks to capitalism.
What would cost $100 million 50 years ago costs $5,000 today.
Telescopes that can aim at stars, constellations, planets, asteroids, Kuiper belts.
And even follow objects in real time with just a few numbers you dial in to the keypad.
Back in 1993, I had to go down to a university warehouse and pay $25,000.
for a 12-inch refractor telescope that had just come out, that had the McDonald Observatory technology in it, that had cost tens of millions of dollars, but now it was miniaturized, and I could aim it at Jupiter, aim it at Saturn, aim it at Unirus, aim it at Pluto, aim it at Venus, aim it at Mars, and it would track for hours through the night sky tiny servo motors that go out in the hill country.
Sometimes by myself with a six-pack of beer and spend all night looking at the stars.
And so imagine today you can go to Walmart and buy one for like $1,000, what I paid $27,000 for.
That's the empowerment of technology.
That's the good side of technology on a double-edged sword.
So imagine if you're like Shoemaker-Levy, Amateur astronomers, they were professors, but with their telescope found the big comet that was going to slam into one of the gas giants 30 years ago.
And you become world famous because the establishment isn't really looking.
They're just posing like they're scientifically curious.
And imagine you see coming out of the Kuiper Belt, out past Pluto, a 10th planet, a 20th planet, a 100th planet.
There's hundreds of them out there now they've scanned.
And it's coming in!
And you see it, and you're like, I'm an amateur astronomer, and I've taken photographs of this thing entering our solar system.
It's now past Pluto, it's coming in at a million miles an hour, and it's gonna get here in six months.
And you go tell your local news, you tell the FBI, you tell the local astronomer club, and they laugh at you.
But more people begin to aim their telescopes up at the sky, and they pick it up, and they see it coming, and then you ask the question, how did all the government and industry observatories not see this?
How did the CIA not see this?
How did NASA not see this?
And then you come to the realization, oh my God, they know this planet's coming in to our solar system.
Why did they make the decision not to tell us?
And then you come up with the realization, with the mathematicians, that it's gonna hit Earth.
And you go, oh my God, they don't want us to panic.
But if we panic, we could put spacecraft out there and go out and meet it with nuclear weapons and blow it up.
Then you hit the realization they want humanity to die.
And then you look at that planet a little bit closer.
And you notice it's got a ion trail behind it, and it's got a propulsion system behind it, and it's not a planet.
It's a planetoid weapon aimed at Earth to kill us.
It's an alien attack.
And then you look at your leaders and you say, who are you with?
Why are you doing this?
Now that's an allegory.
They'll have headlines today that Jones believes a 10th planet's coming to kill the Earth and aliens running.
No, I don't believe that.
What I'm telling you is, the biologicals, the GMOs, the 4G, the 5G, the 6G, they've already got 7G being tested.
All of it makes Earth uninhabitable to carbon-based lifeforms.
And then you study what the globalists are openly saying, they believe they're going to merge with silicon and become these gods.
And then you have the realization that a decision has been made for an evolutionary path that we didn't choose, and that we're being overwritten, not genetically, but chemically, by silicon.
And so you can debate who came up with it.
Is it the devil?
Is it aliens?
Whatever you want to call it, it's anti-human and it's the philosophy of big tech and the philosophy of the ruling scientific dictatorship that resonates with psychotic coldness.
And so that's the InfoWars story.
Imagine if you were an astronomer, and you saw this planet coming towards Earth, and you tracked it, and you knew it was gonna hit Earth in six months.
And you knew within just a couple months it'd be visible to everybody, and you wouldn't be able to deny it.
So, the government comes and arrests you.
Would you feel bad being in jail?
Like you were a loser?
No, you'd feel sad for everybody, because everybody's gonna die!
And see, that's the allegory.
I'm not worried about Alex Jones.
I've read the white papers, where Bill Gates says he wants to kill everybody down to 500 million.
Ted Turner, all of them have said that.
Jeffrey Epstein managed the group.
But every time I kind of get concerned, like, hey, these guys are psychotic killers and are coming after me, I'm kind of like, well, it's okay.
At least I won't have to watch my children die.
And really, that's where I've mentally gotten.
So I want everybody to understand something.
I'm not a hero.
If an asteroid or a planetoid was coming to Earth, and we had a year to stop it or six months to stop it, I'd say, we need maximum effort.
Put spacecraft up there, ten to one.
I don't want backup plans.
Blow that thing up.
Let's send one mission out there on a suicide mission.
You know we've got astronauts that would do it, that would want to catch it way before it got to Earth.
They'd drive the missile in themselves and save their family.
And then let's have backup plans if that fails to blow it off course before it gets here.
We would all line up and be ready to die for that.
Because we get there's something bigger, our families, our culture, the future of humanity.
That's what matters, not our individualism.
But the collectivists, they're all a bunch of selfish people who actually aren't collectivist.
They're actually satanic individualist.
But that's that paradox dichotomy.
I am the ultimate individual and then I'm the ultimate collectivist.
The satanist are individualist who are anti-freedom, anti-group.
That's why they tell you all day they're for the group because they're not.
This isn't a simulation, it's not a drill, it's not a joke, it's not a game.
I'm covering real issues here on air and everybody knows it.
That's why they want us off the air, but thanks to you, thanks to you, we're still here and still fighting.
I'm gonna reset and next segment, I am gonna launch into their master plan and what's currently happening and what's unfolding, but you notice we lay out exactly what they would do.
And that when Trump didn't lock down, they would say it was all his fault.
When he did lock down, at first they'd say, great job.
Now keep it locked down or you're a bad guy.
Then they'd start blaming the economy on Trump and try to remove him, thinking you don't have logic and aren't smart.
And that's why you see Fauci and Bill and Melinda Gates and the UN all coming out against the United States and Brazil and the UK of all places, because they're not going along with the globalists completely.
Obamagate's coming out now, but Obama isn't attacking Trump to cover up Obamagate.
They were always planning to emerge and blame President Trump for this.
And now, right on time, you see that happening.
You know, I thought about talking about the President, what really goes on in the White House, from my sources, to give you a bird's eye view, or a fly on the wall view into just how interesting Trump is.
But I don't even know if I can do it justice.
Because it's actually, a lot of it's critical of the President, but then a lot of it's positive of the President.
You know what?
Last segment of this hour.
Remind me to do it, guys.
I will.
I'll tell you what's really going on with Trump.
It's very, very sad.
It's very, very pathetic.
It's also very, very empowering and real.
And freaks me out even more.
But how to explain this properly?
I mean one could spend months writing a speech about something this big and I've just got to
lay it out and do the best I can here so I will.
But what folks do now understand is we're not in Kansas anymore.
Let me just do this.
Let's... I already played this clip a couple times, but there's so much new news, but sometimes the new news is a distraction, right?
Let's play Bill Gates last week with Stephen Colbert with the monkey see monkey do.
They're both at home in their palatial mansions.
And Colbert is groveling to Bill Gates, who's the front man for all the big robber baron money.
And he's saying, "You predicted everything."
You're incredible.
Tell me what's coming next.
And Gates goes, well, I'm not happy about this.
Because see, they know it all backfired, his gloating and his predicting what he himself did.
What his group did.
But he goes, yeah, this is event one.
Event two is coming.
It's a bioweapon attack.
Now remember, I told you when event 201 came out last year, I said, this is the beginning of all the new events.
And COVID-19 is named that, like each year you get a new virus.
And your savior, Bill Gates.
And you do what they say, you take the chips, you take the inoculations, and you get to go outside.
We told you years ago that was the plan, because they wrote about it, and now it's here.
In fact, he's in the news today going, I told Trump right after he was elected in 2016, get ready for lockdowns and get ready for all this, and he didn't listen to me.
He didn't agree with that.
He's not good.
But separately, people go, yeah, Gates did predict all this, and he did basically finance the Wuhan lab, and so did Fauci.
Wow, they stand to gain.
And he wants to depopulate people, but now he wants, oh, I don't want to depopulate anybody, and I didn't predict anything.
They have all these articles now that he didn't predict anything.
He's trying to tell Colbert, hey, hey, stop it.
I'm not invested in all this, and I'm not involved, and I didn't predict it.
Shh, stop, stop.
But I will tell you, the next one's going to be a lot worse.
How many times have I told you how this works?
It's common sense.
They launch a stimulant they own, they put vaccines in you that are binary weapons that lower your immunity, and then they start releasing the real stuff.
So, I just want everybody to know, party's over, they've decided to drop the hammer, and it's only going to get worse from here on out until we totally overthrow these people.
These unelected criminals that think they run our lives.
In fact, we come back, pull up a David Knight's pinned tweet.
It may not be pinned now, but it was pinned this morning when I saw it from a couple days ago.
Bill Gates isn't a doctor.
He's not an epidemiologist.
He's not a virologist.
Who gave him the keys to the universe?
Why does he rule our world?
Because he's the front man.
His mother and his father were in the boards of the World Depopulation Society, the World Eugenics Society, Planned Parenthood, the World Birth Control Forum.
Gates is not a doctor.
He's not an epidemiologist.
He's not elected.
Gates is not even a lifetime bureaucrat.
So why is he the authority?
Is this a planned, DEMIC, DARPA-funded news guard and election guard now running your elections?
Meet your master.
So here is Billy Boy tipping his hand again because criminals love to brag.
That's 101 in criminology.
Here it is.
Well, since you tried to warn us about this pandemic and we didn't listen, what's the next thing you're warning us about that's going to happen five years from now that we're not listening to at the present?
Well, I didn't want to be right.
What I wanted to do was... I understand.
I'm not saying you won.
Everybody loses.
Nobody wins with us.
And I'm not saying that you're... This is not an end zone dance.
I'm just saying, what else are we not listening to that we need to take action on now?
Well, the...
The idea of a bioterrorist attack is kind of the nightmare scenario because there, a pathogen with a high death rate would be picked.
Now the good news is, not trying to depress you, it's tough enough right now, that most of the work we're going to do to be ready for Pandemic 2, I call this Pandemic 1, most of the work we'll do to be ready for that are also the things we need to do to minimize the threat of bioterrorism.
Notice they're wearing the same glasses.
Get boss.
And notice all the MSNBC and CNN hosts now wear the same glasses.
And so does the head of the World Health Organization.
And then all the subordinates now wear the same glasses.
It's all little uniforms.
It's all little cutesy behavior for you.
These are sick freaks.
Like a Nazi armband.
So you want to know your enemy?
There they are.
He goes into forced inoculations, tracking systems, can't leave your house, martial law, permanent martial law, and Fauci.
Just gave Senate testimony to that.
We'll come back and play that.
But I thought you should want to see that for yourself, because Bill Gates is just so happy there.
He talks about collapse, never coming back.
He gets all happy when he talks about this horrible bio-attack that's coming.
He gets real happy.
And he can be on with a comic.
He can be on with CNN, with Fareed Zarkari.
It's all the same.
So this is their plan.
And they think you're dumb and won't resist it.
That's why they're all wearing masks in the Senate hearings.
It's all just to show you it's a power grab.
But you can fight back, your word of mouth is paramount.
And I can't describe to you how powerful you are when you just tell friends, neighbors, families, every day, random people about InfoWars.com forward slash show, and Band.Video, and about the local radio and TV stations that carry the show.
That's how we change this, is your power.
And by the way, people are waking up.
We're on the razor's edge, though.
We could go either way right now.
You could tip the balance.
I tell ya, this song from Van Halen, 1980, Four is it?
Is kind of hard to turn off right now.
Yeah, it's running a little bit hot tonight.
Reach down between my legs.
Ease the seat back.
It's good stuff.
Those were the good old days.
Still a free country.
Credible opportunity out before us.
We gave up on the freedom, gave up on our rights, and now, click!
We're inside the tyranny.
Maybe we should come in next segment with the part where he's talking about, I can barely see the road from the heat coming on.
That's good.
Shut it off there.
Let's get serious.
We all know that mainstream corporate media lies.
We all know that ABC News shed the Trump green lit.
Turkey blowing up a major Turkish city.
And instead they showed a machine gun shootout in Knob Creek, Kentucky.
And said the 10 foot tall plumes of fire from gasoline cans being shot was 4,000 foot mushroom clouds as skyscrapers were vaporized.
The Kurds didn't have skyscrapers.
There weren't 10,000-foot, 4,000-foot plumes of fire.
There was 10-foot plumes of fire.
And you've got the Smollett, and you've got all the other lies, and there's too many to go over all.
You've got CBS News caught with fake lines of cars, the employees of the hospital, to show lines there, and people in hazmat suits lined up around the block to get in and get health care when it's empty.
We told you that two months ago, and we're attacked.
I even had some of my own crew come to me and say, Alex, you really think in New York and places they'll really stage fake lines of cars and fake people in hazmat suits?
And I said, yeah, locals went and shot video and showed it's fake.
I believe them.
I could look at the tape and see it was fake.
And it's now confirmed.
But see, it's just a blip.
And the line between entertainment and fiction and reality has been blurred, where a lot of people just decide now what they want to believe.
Well, Bill Barr, the U.S.
attorney general who's proving to be more and more independent of the
globalist every day at least pro-american trying to unseat the
communist Chinese influence over America they had
Chuck Todd and NBC News take a CBS news piece where in the same sentence he says, we have the rule of law and that's why we're doing what we're doing.
And I believe in the rule of law.
And the rule of law was violated going after General Flynn, so that's why we entered this investigation and admitted it was a travesty of justice.
Prosecutors shouldn't continue something when it's been proven to be a fraud.
That's what will produce belief in the system again.
That's not perfect, but at least not known to be a fraud and predatory.
But he went on to say, but history is written by the victors.
And you know, if the deep state wins, they'll, they'll say all this is legitimate.
In the same sentence, he said, this is about rule of law, so Chuck Todd didn't just edit it down, he said, Bill Barr doesn't care about the rule of law.
And when asked about the rule of law, he said, F it.
So he didn't just edit it deceptively when someone specifically said,
"I believe that we shouldn't be racist."
Chuck Todd turned it around and said, Bill Barr in that speech said, I love Hitler.
So they didn't just lie.
They then put words in his mouth that weren't true on top of it.
And I don't feel guilty.
For being nasty to the globalists because I research what I say about them and I can prove what I say about them.
But sometimes it does feel nasty to say stuff I know is true about Bill Gates.
That he's a eugenicist and a depopulation person and someone that says kill old people and kill Africans.
But I have the damn quotes in video clips.
But with these people, they have the clip in the same 10 seconds saying, rule of law, I believe will win.
And Chuck Todd says, well, he doesn't believe in the rule of law, he said.
That's the thing about these liars.
They're uncreative.
They'll take the truth you said, and they invert it.
It's unbelievable.
But that's who these people are.
They've been caught with fake numbers on COVID the entire time on purpose.
They've been caught putting the names of everybody that died of something else on COVID.
And the same liars now don't give up.
They triple, quadruple, quintuple down.
And out of the side of their mouth go, by the way, we want to shut the economy down to stop Trump.
Ha ha ha, these dumbasses don't get what's happening to them.
Well, I get what's going on, buddy boy.
And I don't like it, Chuck Todd.
Tucker Carlson did a good job on this last night.
He pointed out Chuck Todd's wife's a big media consultant and a government consultant.
Chuck Todd worked for Obama!
What do you mean?
There are these political hacks up there acting like they're telling you the truth.
Here it is.
They repeat it verbatim with solemn faces.
Over the weekend, Chuck Todd of NBC accused the Attorney General Bill Barr of gutting the rule of law, of ignoring it completely.
And to prove that, Chuck Todd used what seemed to be quite a damning quote.
Watch this.
I want you to listen to this Bill Barr answer to a question about what will history say about this.
Wait till you hear this answer.
Take a listen.
When history looks back on this decision, how do you think it will be written?
Well, history is written by the winner, so it largely depends on who's writing the history.
I was struck, Peggy, by the cynicism of the answer.
It's a correct answer, but he's the Attorney General.
He didn't make the case that he was upholding the rule of law.
Struck by the cynicism.
Chuck Todd, who is married to a political consultant, was just struck by the cynicism.
He could barely believe it!
He was stunned!
Bill Barr didn't even mention upholding the rule of law.
Kind of a major admission, omission for an Attorney General.
But wait.
It turns out that Bill Barr did mention the rule of law.
It was at the center of his answer.
That was a CBS tape.
NBC got a hold of it and edited out the words to distort Bill Barr's meaning.
We have the real tape.
Here it is.
When history looks back on this decision, how do you think it will be written?
Well, history is written by the winner, so it largely depends on who's writing the history.
But I think a fair history would say it was a good decision because it upheld the rule of law.
To be clear, Katherine Harridge did not edit that tape.
She did a straightforward interview.
NBC News edited it.
Alright, let's stop there.
So the heart of what he said is, I believe in rule of law.
They invert that and say, he said he doesn't believe in the rule of law.
Think of the magnitude of these criminals, because think, this was on national CBS news.
And CBS is the second most powerful network in the world, after ABC.
You can argue which one's bigger.
So this is like in front of 50 million people, the real clip.
They edit the clip and don't just play an edited clip.
They then lie about what was said in the full clip because they believe they have censorship power and control.
And that's why they want to censor everybody so that you can't challenge these ridiculously gigantic frauds.
Now, I've got Fauci testimony.
There's a bunch of it with horrible martial law announcements.
I've got, I want to get into what's really going on with Trump and how he's surrounded when we come back.
And then I've got a Bill Gates compilation we haven't aired yet, and I've got a special guest I haven't told you about yet that's coming up too.
And I've also got to fund this operation.
We've got great products everybody already needs.
We've got a big sale that's going to have to end on Sunday.
It's got to end then because a lot of these products are selling out 30 to 60 percent off.
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You ever been driving down kind of an empty highway late at night?
And you just say, I don't care, the police pulling me over.
You're driving that really fast sports car.
You just lean back, push the seat back and press on the accelerator, crank it up.
Reach down.
Between my legs.
Ease the seat back.
Now I'm going 170.
All right, a little nostalgia here.
I don't drive fast anymore, but I have had a car up to almost 200 miles an hour.
It's fun.
You just gotta get on a stretch that nobody's on.
Like, I-30 out here?
Oh my gosh.
Midnight out there.
There's not a damn car.
Three, four lanes.
Absolutely smooth.
I was one about 150 a while back.
There's one hump about 20 miles south of Austin and the car just goes vrooom!
Like, Duke's a hazard, man.
Duke's a hazard.
All right, let's stop right there.
I don't tell these stories to act cool because acting cool is the most uncool thing there is.
I only tell these stories to demystify them, and to get everybody down to what really matters.
Your family, yourself, and your relationship with God.
Because I was never a huge Hollywood fan, but I mean, I had a chance at a couple years on air.
To be scooped up and to be put into Hollywood and to get to meet a lot of big famous people and hang out with them and stuff.
And it was kind of interesting until I saw how unhappy they were unless they were rejecting Hollywood and didn't want to be part of it.
Those were the cool people.
People like Woody Harrelson, Matthew McConaughey, you know, the list goes on and on.
And I got to meet all those folks through Richard Linkletter.
And then I got called out to Hollywood and they wanted to, you know, Mark Cuban and Harvey Weinstein and all of them.
I mean, I've been in meetings with those people.
And they were so unhappy and so weird.
That I didn't want to have any part of them.
I didn't know they tried to indict Mark Cuban for meeting with me.
He even came out in the New York Times later.
Mark Cuban released the emails of the U.S.
Attorney, Southern District, threatening to arrest him if he put one of my films in movie theaters.
Mark Cuban had already not done the deal.
So, I don't tell you those stories to go, "Oh, I know Hollywood people."
It's like saying, I once saw a dead dog in the ditch, or I once saw a dead possum in the ditch.
I once wallowed in metaphysical feces.
It's not some proud thing.
But what I want you to know is, because you've never been there, people always think the grass is greener on the other side.
Like, oh, there's that place over there.
If I was just in Hollywood, how many women and men go to Hollywood, they get in a TV show, they get in a movie, they make a few million dollars, and they commit suicide?
You know, Hollywood stars have the highest suicide rate there is, because it's empty.
And they were talented, real people, and they went and gave themselves to something that was destructive.
So the reason I tell that part of the story is, that's how you get the entrance into it.
And so, I'd already rejected Hollywood completely 10 years ago.
And the crazy part about it was, it's like a woman.
Once you don't want them, they really want you.
It's like, okay, here's a $3 million deal to star in this movie.
It's a space fantasy movie.
And you're a space captain.
And I remember they told me the movie, And like six years later, I'm in the theater watching this big, huge movie.
And I'm like, wow, it would have been cool to play that guy.
But it's like the most valuable thing in my life, other than my children and doing the right thing.
Well, it's not most valuable, but like for things like that, is that that's a big, giant franchise.
You know, Kurt Russell was in the second one.
And I turned it down!
How freaking cool is that, man?
That is like incredibly valuable to me.
That in the final equation, they were offering me major huge movies just to join Satan.
I remember Mark Dice called me up about eight years ago and he goes, he goes, it's a, it's a, he goes, it's crazy.
You know, you're involved in the same TV production company, I know, because they put out Jesse Ventura's show.
I got up in this meeting with the head guy and he wanted me to worship Lucifer.
I said, yeah, I know, Mark.
He goes, well, I refuse.
I said, I know.
He was going to have a show with Nikki Sixx.
National TV show.
And Mark Dice is a good guy.
He told him piss up a rope.
He wasn't getting on his knees in that conference room to the devil.
I mean, the general public has no idea how all this works, ladies and gentlemen.
No idea.
So if I was going to tell you about Donald Trump, I'd have to tell you about that, wouldn't I?
So should I tell you about Donald Trump?
It's not like I'm even holding it back or like wetting the appetite.
It's like, how do I explain this correctly?
Because I've described this a thousand times, I'll do it again.
If you're at the Grand Canyon and you've never, you're trying to tell a family member who's never been to the Grand Canyon about being at the one, one of the main lookouts.
You've never seen anything like it.
Like you're looking 20 miles at a canyon.
It's like, then you've never seen anything like it.
You're like telling family, yeah, you gotta go to the Grand Canyon, it's incredible.
They go, what's it like?
You gotta see it.
One time I was somewhere in Colorado, I forget driving, and I came to these mountains and this pass, and it looked like Valhalla with these green fields and the mountains and the clouds and the sun, and it was so beautiful with a rainbow.
I like pulled the car over and I was like, this isn't even real.
You know what I mean?
It's kind of like those moments.
Everything Hollywood has to offer is like eating glass coated in rotten meat.
And then everything God has to offer is like Valhalla and your beautiful wife and your amazing children and everything that's strong.
And it's like, why would it?
Because people want the grass on the other side.
So I've got all this news, and I've got a big guest coming up, and I really wanna be able to cover all this.
But I just want you to know that rejecting the system is the answer.
And rejecting the establishment is the answer.
And the idea that you drive an old crappy car, and all the rest of it, you got varicose veins on your hips, that isn't you.
Your connection to God is you, and that's beautiful.
And I see people that have the most wrecked, old, messed up bodies, but they've got God.
Their eyes are beautiful.
I can see their spirit.
They are amazing.
And I see the most beautiful people that don't have God, and their eyes are dead.
And they're not attractive.
It's like a woman that has God is, even if her body's not that good, it doesn't matter.
They're beautiful.
A woman that serves Satan could be the most beautiful body you ever imagine.
It's like a plastic mannequin.
It's not real.
Speaking of that, I'm not some angel.
I just love justice and freedom.
And I gotta fund my operation against the enemy in this world and all the systems they have.
And it's your financial support that breaks the will of the globalist.
And so everyone needs storable food.
We have the best, highest quality you're going to find out there that's ready to ship to you and your family at InfoWarsStore.com.
We have a big super sale that's going to have to end on this weekend.
Some of these things are going to have to get taken off the next few days because they're about to sell out.
Like InfoWars Protein Bars, 8-Pack Power Stack, X2 DNA Force Plus, Living Defense, Real Red Pill, Real Red Pill Plus, Ultra 12.
This is all 30 to 60% off.
These are all great products.
Stuff made by God here on the planet.
Well, that funds our operation.
I suggest you take advantage of it.
But I've got so much news to cover here.
But I just first wanted to get up here and say I reject Hollywood, and I reject Satan, and I reject their system, and I don't need them to be whole and be empowered.
In fact, embracing them is like living death.
Instead of not needing them, it's like you're about to go swimming and somebody goes, can I tie a giant lead weight 100 pounds to your body?
And you're like, I don't need that effect.
I don't want that.
But it's a lead weight.
I mean, it's it's cool.
CNN said so.
I don't want that bowling ball tied around me.
Reject the globalists.
Reject Microsoft.
Reject Bill Gates.
Reject Satan.
Renounce Satan.
Embrace Christ.
Jesus Christ.
The full 10-minute segments at Bandon Video.
But last night, Tucker Carlson destroyed the Obama globalist coup against Trump like no one has before.
On Inauguration Day 2017, it's likely that not 1 in 100,000 Americans was thinking about Russia.
It was the last thing most people were thinking about.
The Cold War had ended peacefully more than 25 years before.
Moscow was no longer America's main strategic rival, as it had been for 50 years.
Russia had been downgraded instead to the status of a regional power, consumed with disputes with obscure places like Ukraine.
In the American media, there were more stories about Russian alcoholism than there were about Russian ICBMs.
But in the White House in Washington that morning, Russia was very much the main topic.
It was January 20th, the last day of the Obama administration.
Outgoing National Security Advisor Susan Rice sat down at her desk to write her final memo.
Rice described the presidential transition, which had been underway for months.
Then she wrote this, "During a meeting two weeks before, President Obama said he wants
to be sure that as we engage with the incoming team, we are mindful to ascertain if there
is any reason we cannot share information fully as it relates to Russia."
Now Rice did not explain why Obama's staff felt it might not be possible to give intelligence
on Russia to Donald Trump's staff, or for that matter, why the Obama people thought
they had the right to withhold national security information from an incoming American president
who had just won a national election.
But Rice didn't need to elaborate.
There was only one possible explanation for this.
Donald Trump could very well be a Russian agent.
Barack Obama himself said he believed that was possible.
In Rice's words, quote, the president asked Jim Comey to inform him if anything changes in the next few weeks that should affect how we share classified information with the incoming team.
Comey said he would.
Now what exactly does that mean?
Here's what it means.
The President of the United States turned to the head of the FBI, the most powerful law enforcement official in America, and said, continue to secretly investigate my chief political rival so that I can act against him.
Comey's response?
Yes, sir.
That's what Obama was saying, openly.
In any normal period in American history, this exchange would define Barack Obama forever.
Obama would be known as the disgraced former president who used federal law enforcement to hurt his political enemies.
That's what he did.
Unfortunately, this is not a normal period.
Already today, Obama's order that Comey investigate Donald Trump has been relegated to a little-known footnote.
Joe Biden happened to be sitting in the room when this happened.
Has Biden ever been asked about that?
It's possible he never has been.
Most media outlets have ignored the origins of the Russia conspiracy hoax completely.
And as a result of that, Barack Obama's plan to derail his successor unfolded with very little opposition along the way, including from Republicans.
The entire country, therefore, spent the first three years of the Trump administration hyperventilating about Russian collusion that did not exist.
Susan Rice assiduously did her part to help it along.
Here's Rice in July of 2017, a year and a half later, suggesting on network television that the President of the United States was indeed working for Vladimir Putin.
He's taken a series of steps that had Vladimir Putin dictated them, he couldn't have mirrored more effectively.
Um, what his motivations are I think is a legitimate question.
One that I trust that the special counsel is investigating.
But the policies that this president has pursued globally have served Vladimir Putin's interests in dividing the West, undermining democracy.
Does that mean you think it's an open question whether or not he's compromised by Russia?
George, I don't know what his motivations are.
I think that's a legitimate question.
In fact, it was never a, quote, legitimate question.
It was a reckless slur, the most reckless possible slur, the kind that damages a whole country along with a politician it's aimed at.
Rice knew perfectly well there was no evidence at all that Donald Trump had ever worked for Russia.
We know that she believed that because she admitted as much, under oath, in a closed-door hearing in Congress.
As Rice explained to the House Intelligence Committee, the reason she was willing to accuse Trump officials of treason against their own country was that some of them seemed unduly worried about the rise of China.
Here's what Susan Rice, for example, said.
Alright, that's good.
The full report's on Bandai Video.
He exposes other CHICOM agents.
If you're a traitor against your country, you try to then save those trying to stop the traitors.
You know, I feel pathetic that maggots like Susan Rice almost destroyed America.
So, thousands of flights a week fly into the United States, thousands into the UK, hundreds of thousands of people in the UK, millions into the United States, but you're told, stay in your house, you're a criminal, we've got to watch you, you're all suspect.
Well, Fauci's ongoing with his Senate hearing right now.
In clip 15 we're about to play, Fauci, this Bill Gates funded creature, says that checkpoints and guidelines, identification, isolation, contact tracing, is the key.
And remember, they put all normal deaths, heart attacks, cancer, the flu, gunshot wounds, skydiving accidents, If you fall and hit your head, die in your shower, COVID-19.
That's all confirmed.
Oh, but Fauci, who's self-quarantining.
Oh, because the White House has a contagion.
Eight Secret Service.
They have thousands of meatpacking employees that tested positive.
No one's sick, asymptomatic.
Because the tests are a fraud.
New test, new disease.
Going along with the fraud when the media says, you're a hero!
Well, you're a hero for Hitler.
You're a hero for eugenicists to depopulate the world.
Because a first world collapse means death for the third world.
Here's Fauci announcing his reasonable martial law.
I've said many times publicly, what we have worked out is a guideline framework of how to safely open America again.
Let's start it over.
What we have worked out is a guideline how you safely, I will tell you how you're safe, you take a Bill Gates vaccine, you wear a mask and get hypoxia.
It doesn't matter all my graphs were 50 times wrong.
You do what I say.
We're making a move.
Let's hear from him.
I've said many times publicly, what we have worked out is a guideline framework of how to safely open America again.
And there are several checkpoints in that with a gateway first of showing, depending on the dynamics of an outbreak in a particular region, state, city or area, that would really determine the speed and the pace with which So these private groups that are in control, they decide when you reopen.
And big corporations always stay open.
You don't stay open.
Virginia. I get concerned if you have a situation with the dynamics of an
outbreak in an area such that you are not seeing that gradual over 14 day
decrease that would allow you to go to phase one. They said five million dead.
They said 2 million dead.
They said if you don't lock down for 15 days, it all happens.
Then when it didn't happen and it was 50 times lower, they went, it's because you locked down.
But now there's not a decrease because it's a tiny little graph at the bottom that goes up and down because they count all deaths.
You see, oh, oh, it's not the big thing they said.
They're totally wrong.
Now it's like, oh, it's an increase.
So they zoom in on this little hump down here to where it looks big.
This is total fraud!
This guy's the biggest fraud I've ever seen in my life!
Oh, he gets concerned!
He got $100 million from Bill Gates last November.
Let's hear from him.
decrease that would allow you to go to phase one and then if you pass the
checkpoints of phase one go to phase two and phase three.
What I've expressed then and again is my concern that if some areas, cities, states
or what have you jump over those various checkpoints and prematurely open up.
Hit pause again. He knows you're lazy.
He knows you don't pay attention.
They said it'd be up at 5 million dead, then 2 million dead, then a million dead.
And now they're like, it's bigger than we thought!
It's 80,000 dead!
Oh my goodness, you can't ever go out again!
We went over the number we thought!
We're like, it's not 5 million, it's not 2 million.
I'm sorry, you don't want anyone to die, do you?
He sounds like some weird Bugs Bunny character.
It's about shutting our economy down.
It's about control.
It's about driving Trump from office.
And we know it.
And now Obama and Hillary and Bill and Melinda Gates.
First, it was his wife attacked Trump this weekend.
Oh, you get a D minus.
Because you didn't keep things closed.
Bill Gates is like, we're never reopening.
He gets so happy.
Here, let's hear more from Dr. Faustus.
Here, back it up 20 seconds.
effectively and efficiently, my concern is that we will start to see little spikes that
might turn into outbreaks.
So therefore I have been...
Here, back it up 20 seconds.
Because I told you fake numbers about 5 million dead and 3 million dead and 2 million dead,
instead of admitting I'm a fraud, now we're going to look, "Oh, we have five cases.
We have five cases in South Korea."
They got a close.
Oh my gosh!
We've got 15 cases in Germany.
It's a spike!
It's a spike!
We're all deads!
Sorry, you can't ever open up again.
Let's hear more from Fauci.
And prematurely open up without having the capability of being able to respond effectively and efficiently.
Here, stop me.
Remember, we got a 15 days so the hospitals aren't overwhelmed with the 5 million dead.
Governor Newsom said we had 5 million dead in California.
It's like 4,000.
God, these people are a fraud.
But you get into the emotion, like, I'm a hero, I'm wearing a mask, I'm a hero, I don't go to work, I'm a hero.
Look, Fauci self-quarantining.
Did you hear?
They had a breakout in the White House.
Some of the Secret Services had it.
Are they sick?
Well, no, but it's scary.
Bill Gates said, I gotta take a shot.
And I'm gonna take it so I can go out again.
Let's hear more from Fauci.
clear in my message to try to the best extent possible to go by the guidelines
which have been very well thought out and very well delineated.
Hey, pause again.
To go by the guidelines that have been very well thought out and very well delineated.
If I said Austin, Texas would have no rain today, and it's raining cats and dogs like it is right now,
I'd be a bad weather person, a meteorologist.
They put out the fakest numbers the galaxy's ever seen.
And we're supposed to sit there, and we're supposed to take it.
Let's hear now more from the doctor.
Consequences could be really serious, particularly, and this is something that I think we also should pay attention to, that states, even if they're doing it at an appropriate pace, which many of them are and will, namely a pace that's commensurate with the dynamics of the outbreak, that they have in place already The capability that when there will be cases, there is no doubt, even under the best of circumstances, when you pull back on mitigation, you will see some cases appear.
It's the ability and the capability.
Oh no, and pause again.
We can't ever let anyone die.
And we have a test that says everyone is positive.
You have to stay in your home and do what I say.
Let's hear more from him.
The ability and the capability of responding to those cases with good identification, isolation, and contact tracing will determine whether you can continue to go forward as you try.
Oh, we will decide if you can't go forward with our fake test.
We're going to take you and arrest you.
We are doing a good job for you here.
Let's hear that again.
Return of infections occur.
The ability and the capability of responding to those cases with good identification, isolation, and contact tracing will determine whether you can continue to go forward as you try to reopen America.
So it's not only doing it at the appropriate time, appropriate time constraints, but having in place the capability of responding when the inevitable return of infections occur.
The inevitable return because they chose a test that says everyone has it.
You're all guilty.
You're all bad.
I run your life now.
I worked for Bill Gates.
I ran the Wuhan lab.
But never mind that.
Facebook and Google and Twitter and Apple will ban you if you question me.
I am your god.
I am Fauci.
China wins.
Fauci wins.
If you're receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
So look!
Watching the Senate hearings with these corrupt, evil senators, most of them, and watching them all, oh, their homes, it's so deadly, it's so dangerous, and everyone's wearing masks in the White House, and, hey, Secret Service have it, but nobody's sick, and thousands of meatpackers have it, but no one's sick.
Why is it all old people?
Usually new viruses kill young people because of autoimmune response.
Like bees normally kill young people because of an autoimmune response.
Or allergies.
It's because they're putting it on the death certificate and that's confirmed.
Why is it a bioweapon?
It's patented so Bill Gates owns it.
So here's Senator Paul.
The article's up on InfoWars.com and NewsWars.com.
Rand Paul blasts lockdown, tells Fauci, you're not the end all.
Oh Fauci, you're a medical doctor!
Involved in the AIDS scam and involved in all the AZT drugs that killed people.
Here's part of that video.
I respect you, Dr. Fauci.
I don't think you're the end-all.
I don't think you're the one person that gets to make a decision.
We can listen to your advice, but there are people on the other side saying there's not going to be a surge and that we can safely open the economy, and the facts will bear this out.
But if we keep kids out of school for another year, what's going to happen is the poor and underprivileged kids who don't have a parent that's able to teach them at home are not going to learn for a full year.
And I think we ought to look at the Swedish model, and we ought to look at letting our kids get back to school.
I think it's a huge mistake if we don't open the schools in the fall.
Thank you.
Mr. Chairman, can I respond to that even though there are only 32 seconds left?
Yes, and you might make it clear whether or not you suggested that we shouldn't go back to school in the fall.
Well, first of all, Senator Paul, thank you for your comments.
I have never made myself out to be the end-all and only voice in this.
I'm a scientist, a physician, and a public doctor.
I'm a scientist?
He attacks the president when he doesn't.
He put out fake numbers!
The guy told you that the Pop Warner Football League was gonna win the Super Bowl.
They don't even play high school football!
They play elementary school!
You're a frickin' fraud, Fauci!
Fauci stands for fraud.
We're effing America over.
The Democrats are so delusional.
He's a Democrat.
You know, Elon Musk is like, you shut us down for months, we're going bankrupt.
And the Democrat legislature went eff you, Elon Musk.
Now he's moving to Texas.
These globalists are delusional.
I didn't say I was the end-all be-all.
I'm just in control of all the policy and undermining the president.
Oh, but I'm on lockdown because, oh, I might have been near somebody had the COVID, the COVID!
All you schmucks buying into this, man, you make me sick.
Let's continue.
Dear comments, I have never made myself out to be the end all and only voice in this.
I'm a scientist, a physician- Pause again, back it up.
The media acts like this guy's the second coming of Christ.
I've never made myself out to be the end all, be all.
I put all these fake numbers and you bow to me.
Let's continue with President Fauci, Bill Gates' butt boy.
Thank you for your comments.
I have never made myself out to be the end-all and only voice in this.
I'm a scientist, a physician, and a public health official.
I give advice according to the best scientific evidence.
There are a number of other people who come into that and give advice that are more related to the things that you spoke about, about the need to get the country back open again economically.
I don't give advice about economic things.
I don't give advice about anything other than public health.
So I wanted to respond to that.
The second thing is that you use the word, we should be humble about what we don't know.
And I think that falls under the fact that we don't know everything about this virus.
And we really better be very careful, particularly when it comes to children.
Because the more of the children... Hit pause.
Because I made it in the bioweapon lab with Bill Gates.
Oh, they've got different... Oh, exactly.
Remember Bill Gates said the bad one?
I told you hundreds of times, the bad one's coming.
Because they're gonna make you go, oh it was a hoax, oh it was okay.
They're gonna hit you with a real one soon.
But they're the ones behind it.
So just remember when you're dying, Bill Gates loves you.
Let's hear from Dr. Faustus again.
Studies in China or in Europe, for example right now, children presenting with COVID-19 who actually have a very strange inflammatory syndrome, very similar If we are not cavalier in thinking that children... Oh, if we don't do what he says and shut off the whole world, we're cavalier now!
You're cavalier?
How about your hundred million dollars you got from Bill Gates last year?
Oh, so cavalier, Fauci.
Continue with Fauci.
Be careful if we are not cavalier in thinking that children are completely immune to the deleterious effects.
So again, you're right in the numbers that children in general do much, much better than adults and the elderly.
He's got something special ready.
Oh, I am very careful and hopefully humble in Because he cooked it up at Wuhan.
I told you, it's paste.
You're gonna get used to COVID, folks.
It doesn't just eat men's balls.
Oh, it's coming.
Oh, it's coming.
Oh, he's gonna get you good.
He's so liberal!
But everyone bow to him.
Wear your mask.
Learn to be locked down.
Bill Gates and Fauci are coming.
I have a Bill Gates compilation we're going to play when we come back.
And then we do have a special guest I haven't told you about yet.
It's on infullwars.com, who the guest is, the live show feed.
Will you guys print me the live show feed article, please?
I want to print that every day.
Here, I'll pull it up.
Here's the name of the live show feed today.
It's on infullwars.com.
You might want to share it with people.
Only way we reach new folks is when you do that, or you just roll over to Fauci and let him, let him be God.
Live coverage of Fauci Senate testimony, plus new hashtag Obamagate bombshells, and we have Dr. Steven Greer also joining us to discuss a possible fake UFO invasion.
That's what I told the crew today.
I'm glad I read that.
It's fake.
Fake, fake, fake, fake, fake, fake, fake, fake, fake, fake, fake, fake, fake, fake, fake, fake, fake, fake, fake, fake, fake, fake, fake, fake, fake, fake, fake, fake, fake, fake, fake, fake, fake, fake, fake, fake, fake, fake, fake, fake, fake, fake, fake, fake, fake, fake, fake, fake, fake, fake, fake, fake, fake, fake, fake, fake, fake, fake, fake, fake, fake, fake, fake, fake, fake, fake, fake, fake, fake, fake, fake, fake, fake, fake, fake, fake, fake, fake, fake, fake, fake, fake, fake, fake, fake, fake, fake, fake, fake, fake, fake, fake, fake, fake, fake, fake, fake, fake, fake, fake, fake, fake, fake, fake, fake, fake, fake, fake, fake, fake, fake, fake, Fake!
So remember that FAUCI stands for fake.
FAUCI stands for fraud.
FAUCI stands for effing up America.
And everything this little lying scumbag has said is a fraud.
And despite all the internet censorship trying to protect this little monster, he is being exposed big time.
But the problem is, PA Governor threatens to withhold federal stimulus from non-compliant counties.
Your salons, your five and dimes, your shoe repair stores, your farms, it's all shut down.
Only big corporations can operate.
How discriminatory.
But see, again, it's all fighting over black or white while they discriminate against the little guy and build the post-human world.
That story's up on InfoWars.com.
Meanwhile, YouTube's CEO admits users don't like boosting of authoritative, that means establishment content, but they do it anyways.
And she's heavily invested in blacksmith's coin with her evil sister.
And their other director of content came out and said, we don't care about our users.
They're a bunch of basement dwellers.
This is the trash that runs the planet.
But Limbaugh has come out and said that, oh, Obama's attacking Trump now because Obamagate came out.
Bill and Melinda Gates, Obama, they're all attacking because they were always planning during the Senate hearings to blame Trump for COVID-19.
That's why Cuomo called it the European virus.
And you're like, that's ridiculous.
It didn't come from Europe.
I mean, if it came from Europe, you call it the German virus or wherever it first was found.
That's what you call things.
It's like Rocky Mountain spotted tick fever coming out of the Rocky Mountains or Spanish flu first showed up in Spain.
The Black Plague is called Black Plague because it makes black spots on your skin.
I mean, that's, you know, yellow fever makes your skin turn yellow.
But they turn that into this because they don't want where it came from discussed because it came out of a bioweapons lab run by Fauci and Bill and Melinda Gates, and that's now in the news.
But ahead of our special guest, on the next big hoax the globalists may run, a fake UN invasion, Project Blue Beam, which is real, declassified, Let's go ahead and go to this compilation of some of the nastier things Bill Gates has said recently.
The issue that really grabbed me as urgent were issues related to population.
Issues related to population.
In 1998, Dr. Zabin became the founding director of the Bill and Melinda Gates Institute for Population Control.
Dr. Zabin became the founding director of the Bill and Melinda Gates Institute for Population Control.
We see a lot of things Uh, that are going very well.
Uh, things like reducing childhood death and, uh... Uh, things like reducing childhood death and, uh... Uh, things like reducing childhood death and, uh... First we've got population.
The world today has 6.8 billion people.
That's headed up to about 9 billion.
Now, if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, we could lower that by perhaps 10 or 15 percent.
Now, if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, we could lower that by perhaps 10 or 15 percent.
Is spending a million dollars on that last three months of life for that patient, would it be better not to lay off those 10 teachers and to make that trade-off in medical costs?
But that's called the death panel, and you're not supposed to have that discussion.
But that's called the death panel.
By the way, pause.
See, it's called ambient warfare or soft kill.
They have Pentagon papers on this.
Silent weapons for quiet wars.
Colonel Alexander and others have written about it, but they didn't invent it.
You want to kill somebody, but have them wander off and not know what killed them, so you don't get the blame.
You want to weigh down society with a weapon.
So see, that's what they're doing.
And you can argue, hey, there's too many people, let's do this.
But the point is, is they're targeting you.
All these delusional yuppies and people think, oh, we're just going to kill off Africa and Latin America.
No, they're going to kill you off, too.
So I just say to all the leftists who say there's too many people, kill yourselves!
I mean, I don't want you to die, but I'm saying.
Before I die and my family dies, before we wipe out a bunch of poor people, how about you belly up to the bar first, champ?
And I'll have a little respect for you when leftists start throwing themselves off buildings and blowing their heads off and taking pills or drowning, you know, burn yourself, pour gasoline on yourself, light your ass on fire, show us!
And then like say, I'm here, there's too many people, my name's Bob Smith, pour gasoline on yourself.
I'm like, whoa, I respect this.
Like, I'm Bill Gates, there's too many people.
You know, when I see that, then I'll go, oh, well, you're really committed.
You walk the walk, man.
You don't just talk the talk.
You're hardcore!
But you never do that, do you?
Ha ha ha ha ha!
Ha ha ha!
We're supposed to go first.
No, Gates.
You go first.
Because there's a thousand worlds waiting for us right now.
There's plenty of room.
And you're not God, sonny boy.
You're not God, you understand me?
*snort* *evil laugh*
Don't even pretend you are, sonny boy!
Let's finish up with this enemy.
Would it be better not to lay off those 10 teachers and to make that trade-off in medical costs?
But that's called the death panel, and you're not supposed to have that discussion.
But that's called the death panel, and you're not supposed to have that discussion.
Today, the greatest risk of global catastrophe doesn't look like this.
Instead, it looks like this.
If anything kills over 10 million people in the next few decades, it's most likely to be a highly infectious virus, rather than a war.
If anything kills over 10 million people in the next few decades, it's most likely to be a highly infectious virus.
And he teaches you what's going to kill you, so he's the savior.
can get this down to zero.
Oh, someone might stab you.
(imitates stabbing)
Gonna have to get pretty near to zero.
Okay, so like, someone might stab you, and he's stabbing you,
and you're like, you're so smart, how'd you know?
Probably one of these numbers is gonna have to get pretty near to zero.
Now malaria's, of course, transmitted by mosquitoes.
I brought some here, so you could experience this.
We'll let those roam around the--
(audience laughing)
See, the psychotic does it to you.
I brought some here, so you could experience this.
We'll let those roam around the auditorium a little bit.
There's no reason only poor people should have the experience.
Don't worry, you're all gonna have it now.
Did you come to reproductive issues as an intellectual?
When I was growing up, my parents were always involved in various Uh, volunteer things.
My dad was, uh, head of Planned Parenthood, and it was very controversial, uh, to be involved with that.
My dad was, uh, head of Planned Parenthood.
The ultimate solution, the only thing that really lets us go back completely to normal, and feel good about setting an example.
My late Planned Parenthood, lauderly funded Hitler.
is to create a vaccine and not just take care of our country, but take that vaccine out
to the global population.
Take that vaccine out to the global population.
We clearly need a vaccine that works in the upper age range because they're most at risk
of that.
And doing that so that you amp it up so it works in older people and yet you don't have
side effects, you have one in 10,000 side effects.
That's way more, 700,000 people.
Folks, I apologize to Jack Posobiec.
He's right.
Bill Gates loves me.
And you should all take his shots.
But we should kill a third world too.
Jack Posobiec actually taught me how to love Bill Gates.
Bill Gates, I'm sorry and I love you.
Thanks for getting rid of all those black people, Bill.
Thank you, Jack Posobiec.
Defending the Republic from enemies, foreign and domestic.
It's Alex Jones.
All right.
In the next hour, we're going to go to him in this segment.
Dr. Stephen Greer, who doesn't need any introduction from Documentaries, TV shows, films, Coast to Coast AM, Art Bell, George Norrie, he doesn't need any introduction.
Medical doctor that worked in secret black projects.
He's on the show.
He's got the number one documentary right now on all platforms.
Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind.
We'll talk to him in a moment.
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So, please support us.
Now, I've been listening to Dr. Steven Greer for 20 years, and I've read a couple of his books and I follow what he has to say, and I never got into UFOs and all of this because I knew a lot of it was real, but I couldn't get people to admit there were FEMA camps and shadow government and the CFR and all of this.
But the public now is ready for this, and so he'll be with us the whole next hour and hopefully come back again for a couple hours next week.
And so he's on with us, DrStevenGreer.com.
And he wants to get into his new film and what's happening with COVID-19 and so much, you know, as a medical doctor here today.
But I wanted to air something from many years ago, and a film he was involved in, dealing with the fake alien invasion.
Because Project Blue Beam has been partially declassified.
They admit that a fake alien invasion and holograms in the sky is something the CIA and Pentagon really looked at.
And so let's go ahead and start before we introduce him with a few minutes from that film where he broke this down.
November 12th of 1988 was their dog and pony show, a classified military exhibit at Norton Air Force Base.
And then off in a separate section of the hangar behind a curtain, which was opened up once everyone had gathered, were three of these so-called alien reproduction vehicles, or ARVs.
The craft itself was hovering off the floor with no landing gear underneath it, nothing supporting it from above.
To see something, you know, travel across 12 miles of airspace in under a second and a half, make a couple of right angle turns, and not make a supersonic shockwave of any kind, no sonic boom, which I've personally witnessed on a number of occasions, I mean, it's just, it changes your whole perspective.
There are people who've had experiences with the technology that we're not able to handle it psychologically because it just, it defies reality.
And in this document, the CIA director Walter Smith says, I am today transmitting to the National Security Council a proposal in which it is concluded that the problems connected with unidentified flying objects appear to have implications for psychological warfare.
As well as for intelligence and operations.
We have to take a step back from all the jargon and all the paranoia in Star Wars movies for just a minute and realize that it's very easy to set up a false flag operation.
A false flag operation, also known as a false indication and warning, is a military tactic in which you create the illusion of a threat.
Often by attacking yourself and blaming the desired enemy.
It's proven extremely effective at uniting the public around a perceived threat.
Have you been exposed or did you come across in your career, in your network, the false I&W or the deceptive indication and warnings projects related to this?
They could pull it off.
They could definitely pull it off.
Right now, they have the technology to mimic the form, fit, and function of extraterrestrial UFOs.
They have the technology.
It's seamless, and you could never know the difference.
So, if they wanted to hoax an alien invasion, they could do it, and they could do it in a way that's 100% believable.
They started doing all kinds of psychological warfare entrainment of the public by staging
hoaxed events such as cattle mutilations.
Oh, it's a flying saucer that did that.
It's a covert paramilitary program, human.
So if you wanted to start indoctrinating people into a false threat from outer space that
Wernher von Braun warned us about, you would start staging events that look alien, but
that are completely man-made, that are scary and scare the hell out of people.
Interstage left, you got these sort of anti-gravity devices with creatures that look like ETs that are actually man-made robotic systems.
That's from unacknowledged 2017 three years ago and now it's on Fox News or showing cockpit footage.
I remember like eight years ago I was in Montana and I'm sitting out there at night clear sky and these are up at satellite level and they're doing 180 degree turns at thousands of miles an hour.
So, we know this is going on.
The question is, what's the bigger agenda?
Dr. Steven Greer is here with us.
He has courage coming on the show because, obviously, anybody that comes on is demonized.
Thank you for joining us, sir.
We got a break in about four minutes.
I wanted to air that before we get to the next trailer for your film that's number one across all platforms, Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind.
Congratulations, but I know you particularly wanted to come on about COVID-19 and just everything we're facing.
So, thanks for joining us, doctor.
Happy to be here.
One of the things people need to understand, you know, there's a lot of discussion about the deep state in our society now.
What people don't understand is what people are calling the deep state, the proper term is an unacknowledged special access project.
Now, I've dealt with these since for the last 30 years.
And as many of your listeners may know, I'm an emergency doctor, got dragged into this through a number of things we don't have time to go into, and began to brief people like the director of the CIA, the head of the Defense Intelligence Agency, members of the Senate Intelligence Committee on this problem.
And what I discovered very quickly is that there is an illegal, outrageous, unconstitutional, and frankly criminal and corporations that are running these projects without
the supervision and approval of the president or the congress or of we the people. You're
talking about a breakaway rogue civilization?
Well it's a breakaway rogue very tightly controlled operation that it that doesn't fit
the normal stereotypes of what most people think of in terms of this kind of of operation. In other
words I would say that out of a thousand people even in the military if I were to if you were
to go to them and say there are operations dealing with UFOs that are so tightly compartmented that
your boss who is a four-star general is denied access to them they would think that you'd lost
your mind.
But that's what we discovered.
And now I have about 985 Whistleblowers, top secret, corporate and CIA and Pentagon folks on my team who are providing us with information and documents about this.
No, I agree with you.
And I know you're not defending Trump or pro-Trump, but is it, from what I've seen, Trump's trying to decompartmentalize that.
At least on the surface, it looks like that.
Yes, well, here's the problem with the presidency.
I've done a put a briefing together for every president since Clinton, when I was a young medical doctor.
And what I have found is that a bubble gets put around them by the National Security Act.
And they deceived the president and then they manipulate them.
I mean, here's a quick course in this for your listeners.
George W. Bush had 9-11.
Which was completely a contrived situation.
And that caused his presidency to go off the rails.
And we invaded Iraq.
So they always create a crisis to take control of the presidency.
And then the next one, of course, was the financial crisis.
The gangbangsters, the big banking people, came in and held a gun to Obama's head.
2008, 2009.
Yeah, 2008, 9, 10.
And then you say print up trillions of dollars in fake money and bail out the big banks.
Meanwhile, average people lost their homes.
Now we have the coronavirus, which is like the president has seen a ghost here.
And they said, we're going to dump two million dead bodies on your doorstep if you don't do the following.
And so a whole bunch of policies have gone out.
But all of this, this is the key point I want to make.
All of this is basically a dress rehearsal for what's coming.
And people need to wake up.
I agree with you.
So you'll have the floor, sir.
We'll have about 50 minutes of air time when we come back with breaks cut into that.
Dr. Steven Greer is our guest.
And this is going to be one hell of a transmission straight ahead, because whether you want to believe in UFOs or not, the globalists believe they're getting off world or interdimensional communications.
And I'm just going to leave it at that.
We'll be right back in T minus two minutes.
Everybody, you know, tune in now.
Alright, this is a short segment, long segment coming up.
Dr. Steven Greer, famous medical doctor, best-selling author, has the number one film out right now, Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind.
We'll talk about that at the bottom of the hour.
Take over, my friend.
What are we facing?
What's happening?
I want to get into the endgame coming up, but please continue.
Well, the whole problem is that, you know, Wernher von Braun, back in the 70s on his deathbed, told a member of my team that there was a long-term agenda to hoax a threat from outer space so that sort of the uber global elite, who are really fascists, wanted to take over the planet and unite humanity,
not in love and peace or spiritual development or anything nice,
but around a fearsome, sort of, police state conditions, and that they would go through a number of protocols to do
sort of police state conditions, and that they would go through a number of protocols to do that.
First, there would be, of course, the Cold War, which they would wind down, replace it with
First, there would be, of course, the Cold War, which they would wind down,
replace it with global terrorism, and then global financial chaos,
global terrorism, and then global financial chaos. And then the big one, which is the one that
they're working on most, that's been very covert in these unacknowledged special access projects,
is this hoaxed alien threat. Now, I want to clarify, the word alien is a very poor choice
of words, frankly. There's a number of things going on that are dumped into that category.
There are extraterrestrial biological life forms that have bodies,
spacecraft from other star systems.
There are things from other dimensions that are not ET, but that present as alien.
And then there's all the hoax stuff that your clip earlier was showing.
You know, we have a man who's Air Force Intelligence, also Special Investigations, who is on our show, and it's in this new film, Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind, where he absolutely states, without a question, that covert programs have hoaxed alien encounters, made them look like abductions and what have you, for their psychological warfare values.
value, but also, which is interesting, to cover up other events that people have
witnessed. For example, one of these was a person, a group of people who saw a
classified anti-gravity man-made, a human object that's like a small disc, lift off
from a facility, an Air Force facility in Washington State.
They should not have seen that.
They sent out a team of people who abducted these poor innocent people and basically tortured them and gave them the whole full-on alien abduction experience.
Now, this sounds like something like a bad example out of the X-Files.
Sure, they're creating a backstory to cover up what's really going on and to make it fantastical, but we know that, like, they've used holograms and things to, like, create fake, you know, UFOs to then cover up what's really going on.
Yeah, and that's about 80% of what people see.
Now, you know, the Pentagon, a couple weeks ago, re-released the footage of the gun camera, footage chasing a UFO off the coast of California.
Well, we knew that was going to be released, and it was two and a half years ago initially, by a team of disinformation masters out of the Pentagon and CIA, and I know who they are, I've known them for 30 years.
And the narrative that they attached to that footage Which is the key point here is that it's a national security threat.
They're invading our airspace, et cetera, and so on.
Well, there's a very high likelihood that that particular footage was one of our Lockheed Martin Skunk Works highly classified aircraft.
That they put up, and those brave guys chasing it in this Navy jet fighter—my dad was World War II Navy—had no idea.
It could have been one of ours.
There it is.
You're showing it now.
So that footage, of course, went wide.
It was on CNN.
But you notice that there was a narrative attached to it.
This is the key part where it was presented multiple times as a national security threat.
I think people better realize that if you think 9-11 was bad or the coronavirus situation is bad, what they're planning to do with this is an order of magnitude worse.
You've been saying it for 20 plus years that Project Bluebeam is the ultimate hoax and now we're seeing it.
They're even talking about viruses from Mars about to kill us.
We'll cover it when we come back in 60 seconds with Dr. Stephen Greer.
Dr. Stephen Greer, medical doctor, expert on off-world activities, brought up the fact they keep presidents in bubbles using crises and I remember Three years ago, getting death threats and other incredible things that happened.
Offers of massive amounts of money, you name it.
And they just said, listen, stop talking to Trump and stop telling him about the deep state.
And I was like, okay, I'm a talk show host.
I had Trump on some.
I'm not that important.
It's not that I was that important.
Everyone else in the corporate and military world knew you don't talk to the president.
You let the establishment do that.
And so we can put the headlines up, Washington Post, Media Matters, all of it.
General Kelly's main job was keeping Alex Jones away from President Trump.
Because I'd say, sir, Fiona Hill, she's a Bilderberg group.
She works for Soros.
It's in 60 Minutes last month that I did that.
They're like, he called up the president and said Fiona Hill was a globalist.
Hell, she runs the website globalist.com.
But the point is, it's not that I'm powerful.
It's that the Emperor's New Clothes.
No one will call it out because they come after you if you do.
So Steven Greer was bringing that up.
DrStevenGreer.com, medical doctor who worked on black projects.
Please continue, sir, with what you're saying.
If you think COVID's a big hoax, if you think all this is a big hoax, wait till the big hoax Project Bluebeam.
Maybe you should tell folks about what's admitted about secret government projects to hoax and alien invasion.
Well, it involves a whole array of very sophisticated technologies where they could make people think that we're under some kind of attack that is actually being orchestrated by people trying to seize power, not just in the United States, but around the world.
Remember, the name of the game is global power and control.
And a lot of things that have happened over the last 20 years since 9-11 have been a sort of beta testing of how the public would react.
Since your show is called InfoWars.
How the media will.
Now you know one of the people that we have on our new film Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind is a man who worked with the New York Times on the Pentagon Papers who saw this Project Mockingbird document that listed 42 people who are major editors in the big mainstream media that were on the payroll of the CIA.
Number one, it's illegal for the CIA to do that by law and its mandate to do anything domestic.
But number two, it means that what people think they are getting in the media as sort of the pure truth is never the case.
It's actually the scripted line, the party line, that these folks want you to hear.
And that's become more clear now than ever.
It's completely clear, and anyone who says otherwise is, frankly, banned.
You mentioned being offered a lot of money years ago.
People can't believe this, but in 1992, the head of Army Intelligence I personally offered me two billion dollars if I would shut up and not do what I was doing because I knew that we could make a lot of trouble.
My uncle helped design the lunar module, put the first man on the moon, Northrop Grumman.
So, you know, we knew about a lot of projects and I had a lot of contacts with folks who had firsthand knowledge who were, you know, these weren't the UFO crazies.
These were generals and aerospace engineers with Northrop Grumman, Lockheed Martin, CIA folks.
And you know, they were coming to me saying, look, we have a huge problem here.
And so they offered me $2 billion and then he went behind my back to my wife, tried to convince her.
And I finally said, look, I'm not for sale.
And then here they come.
Every kind of defamation of my character.
I literally put out that I wasn't a doctor.
I had to send out to the public my license and literally my medical degree because people, henchmen for the deep state, as you call it, were going out there defaming me like that.
So, you know, if your listeners think that this stuff doesn't happen to people who blow the whistle on this level of Yeah, I'm embarrassed.
I was only offered $10 million.
But I get it.
They give engineers and people the chance to run projects, is the point.
Yes, you know, one of the members of this committee that deals with this called the Majority Intelligence Committee, or MAGIC.
that deals with this subject, M-A-J-I-C, told me in 1993, right before I briefed the CIA director, he said, look, we have given over 10,000 people at least $10 million and more in black budget money to secure their cooperation with the CIA.
You're talking about individually?
It's massive.
People have no idea.
And so that's when you look at what their capability.
Now, here's the other problem.
Whatever you think these classified projects have in terms of technologies, you're probably thinking 20 generations ago.
So the technologies that exist are fearsome in terms of... Is that what creates the arrogance in Silicon?
Let's cut right to the chase.
Whatever you want, Dr. Greer.
Obviously, this is an anti-human agenda.
They admit it's a post-human agenda now.
They're externalizing the method.
Silicon Valley obviously didn't just come up with this on their own.
It's a very anti-human agenda.
Who's behind it?
Who are they?
What is this?
Well, there's a committee of folks and everyone thinks it's The word globalist can be used in a lot of ways, but it really is transnational.
So let me define that for people.
Everyone thinks of international.
So you have the U.S.
border and you have Canada and Great Britain and Russia and China.
That actually is the Truman Show.
That's what they want people to think is operational.
What's actually operational is a transnational elite.
That run these projects that they don't really give, frankly, a rat's ass, excuse my language, about whether it's American, Chinese or anything else.
They're only interested in the power and the concentration of enormous amounts of power and with that wealth.
So, for example, we're still using fossil fuels and centralized electric grids when the technologies to replace that have been around for about 100 years.
I'm going to give you a date that's going to curl your hair, and that is October 1954.
That's the date a man on my team who is the top scientist at the Naval Research Labs, the largest Department of Defense lab, his name is Rick Bosch, he's passed away from prostate cancer, so I can mention his name.
He was in the vault and saw a document that literally dated October 1954 when we mastered gravity control, what the public would call anti-gravity.
So we have not needed a rocket Or a jet aircraft since October 1954.
I mean, my dad was just top of his class in Plan 2 in high school, already in college.
And this was low-level stuff.
He said they had CD-ROMs, computers.
When I was like a kid, he said, oh, they'll have these computers and it'll call the internet.
And he wasn't even near anything that was establishment.
He was on the edge of it.
They already had computers in the 60s.
I mean, exactly.
It's like he said, the future is not evenly distributed.
That's right.
And one of the problems is that we have a whole, multiple generations that have lived up in a society where we have been miseducated, diseducated.
Yeah, so we're like the cavemen that they just give things when they want.
They just give us little things with Trojan horses.
Well, and even the media, you know, Bob Schwartz, you may have heard that name, he was on the board of Time Life, it became AOL Time Warner.
I was with him in New York in the 90s and he says, you know, older gentleman, he says, look, Dr. Greer, We the media have become basically scribes taking dictation at the right hand of the king, referring to these covert programs and large transnational corporations.
And he says, you really can't report the truth on much of this.
And he talked about how he was good friends with Mike Wallace at 60 Minutes and had given him a a document that listed some of the people involved in the
UFO cover-up and these top secret programs that are unacknowledged special access
projects, the super deep black ones that people refer to, and that's the proper name is a USAP.
And he said basically 60 Minutes executives told Mike Wallace, their star alleged investigative
reporter, you can't do this story.
Now this was from the mouth of Mike Wallace's friend, Bob Schwartz, to my ears and that
man was on the board of Time Life at the time.
Now I believe you.
I remember growing up as a kid hearing about DMT and all the stuff they were doing and now it's all over the news with Joe Rogan.
We'll be right back with Dr. Steven Greer.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
All folks tune in right now.
I'm Alex Jones.
I am your host.
Look at these articles that are on Infowars.com right now.
Leaked study from inside German government warns lockdown could kill more people than coronavirus.
Fauci claims number of US coronavirus tests are actually higher than official toll.
So that's doubling down as it comes out.
They're adding all the people that die of other stuff to the coronavirus number.
He keeps boosting it because he works for the dark side.
Washington state requires restaurants to collect personal info on diners for contact tracing.
Just getting us ready for the control.
Now, Dr. Stephen Greer is here with us.
He's got a documentary that's number one across all major platforms right now.
His website is drstevengreer.com.
We'll get a next segment into his Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind, but as he said earlier, I just go off what I can prove.
And I've not seen Papa Smurf, I've not seen a leprechaun.
But I have gotten involved in high-level Hollywood and other things,
and they really believe it's skull and bones in New Haven, Connecticut,
or in some Hollywood event that they are interfacing with interdimensional beings
that are giving them advanced knowledge.
You can roll your eyes at that until you realize that Thomas Malthus and Francis Galton,
all these guys that envision modern science, believe they got it from gods and goddesses.
They believe from outside entities.
So was that a way for them to have confidence to plumb their incredible mind or was it real?
It doesn't matter because it's manifesting.
So this is a short segment, long segment coming up with Dr. Greer, but you've got a lot to cover and I want you to have the floor here, sir.
But let me just ask you from, you know, you are a medical doctor, you do work in black projects, that's not denied.
I get a good feeling talking to you.
You know, you come off as credible.
I've been listening to you 20 years.
And it feels like now is the time to expose this, but we are on a planet two-thirds of the way out of the spiral arm of the Milky Way Galaxy.
Obviously, we're not alone.
From your deep research, who are the players versus the BS?
Who gave us the advanced technology that crashed here?
Was it, obviously, Promethean fire on purpose?
I mean, what's really going on?
What's really going on is that the dominant narrative on this subject has to do with what you refer to as interdimensional beings, as opposed to extraterrestrial beings.
And those have been conflated and confused.
For example, when I was, you know, I had a great discussion with Monsignor Balducci at the Vatican back in the 90s, who was the chief theologian and demonologist for Pope John Paul.
He says, look, angels, neither angels nor demons need flying saucers.
That's a very succinct way of putting this.
So what has happened is that yes, there are people who have had experiences with things from other dimensions, other spirit worlds, other conscious entities from other dimensions.
There are extraterrestrial life forms that people confuse with those because if you're going from one star system to another at multiples of the speed of light, which is the only way you can do it, You are crossing through those dimensions.
So I use the term transdimensional interstellar civilizations.
These are interstellar that have reached technological capabilities, but in order to go from point A to B, they're going through these other dimensions.
But that's why there's an enormous amount of confusion, which the intelligence community and disinformation specialists have exploited.
So people are... That's right.
For folks that don't know, you don't need to travel a trillion miles.
It's interdimensional fold space, which again, the occult knows.
Frank Herbert knew that.
So from your deep research, where is the establishment getting the advanced technology?
Is it transmitted through the ether or is it actually physically crashing?
Well, they don't physically crash.
You don't go through light years of space and then navigate an electrical storm in New Mexico.
So everyone's heard of the famous, it's cliché, Roswell event.
That actually did happen.
It was an early electromagnetic weapon that we had in a radar dome.
That was fired.
And I have an FBI document from a field agent.
By the way, my grandmother who died two years ago, my grandfather worked for a major oil company.
They lived in Roswell.
She saw the 18-wheeler with something under it there in town that next morning.
She doesn't know if it was.
She just knew that there was army was there.
There was stuff they were taking out of there.
Yeah, not a weather balloon, my friend.
And so, what happened is that a technology transfer program happened.
Sure, so get back to this dome.
I mean, this weapon.
What happened?
Well, they fired this electromagnetic weapon, which is the type of very high-tech weapon.
It was in 1947.
It was early, and they were experimenting with it.
It caused these three E.T.
craft to lose their guidance system.
They collided.
Two went down near Roswell, and one wasn't found until 1951 up in the northern New Mexico desert, far away.
Now, I have multiple people on my team who've seen the documentation of this, who worked those projects.
It potentiated research that Adolf Hitler had been doing on high voltage systems that cause lifters or electromagnetic lift, so-called anti-gravity.
And so projects that were being experimented on all the way back to the 20s, 30s and 40s got greatly potentiated because they got a cache of interstellar technologies.
But it's a bit like giving a calculator to a caveman.
back then. They had to do a lot of work to figure out even what these things did.
They found a lot of objects. Did that piss anybody off that we fried a bunch of these things?
Well luckily these civilizations are so advanced socially and spiritually that
they are not violent.
They're very concerned about us and the fact that we're on the verge of destroying humanity and this planet and what that portends for us going into space, frankly.
But obviously, and this is a conversation I've had at the Pentagon a number of times, if these civilizations were hostile towards us, we would know it, my friend.
It would be point, set, match, over.
Because you're talking about us doing crazy things targeting these objects and downing
them for decades and they have technologies that are orders of magnitude beyond what we
have or could even dream about.
So are these biological robots they're sending in though?
There are two types.
Some are actually what you're describing.
Some are actually the native life forms.
And I know a man who was at Fort Huachuca, which is Army Intelligence Headquarters, who's on my team, who was in an underground facility there where there were nine different ET crafts stored and where the bodies had been autopsied.
And those were native extraterrestrial life forms.
So, to get back to your question, that technology began to be studied very heavily.
And as you know, Colonel Corso wrote the book, The Day After Roswell, because he had been involved in this technology transfer project in the 50s.
Listen, I can listen to you, I can listen to whoever.
My grandmother wasn't a liar and she said there was an 18-wheeler with army troops guarding it with something under it.
What was under it?
What was under it was a disk, a domed disk, that was seamless.
One of them got blown to smithereens.
Another one was kind of fractured.
And interestingly, it had a type of bio-nanotechnology where the skin of the craft was trying to heal itself, like when you saw a time-lapse of someone's cut healing.
These technologies that are interstellar are extraordinarily sophisticated.
Well, we're sure lucky that when we kill them, they don't get mad.
that is it. Oh yeah, I mean obviously if they were the type of, if they were
violent and oriented that way it would have been all over but the shouting my
friend. But you know obviously these civilizations have evolved not only
spiritually and socially but technologically.
Sure, they wouldn't have this technology and not blow themselves up if they hadn't gotten past violence.
We'll be right back and talk about the big picture and alien invasion, staged alien invasion, Project Blue Beam.
Welcome back.
Dr. Steven Greer is our guest.
We got two segments left with Dr. Steven Greer, who I really hope will join us again for two or three hours.
Maybe do a commercial-free podcast.
We air clips on the show.
We're geared towards radio and TV.
But we're still on air, despite all the censorship.
So I've asked a lot of questions here, but I'll be honest.
My grandmother died like 92, three years ago.
She was about 80, and we went out to Sedona, New Mexico in an RV.
We'd been there about a week and a half.
We came back and we stopped in Roswell at a Denny's.
And I was saying, oh, that made up stuff about a UFO, a bunch of BS.
You went, oh, really?
When it happened, your grandfather, Bill, who just died, works in the petroleum building right there.
It's the only big building in Roswell.
Modern looking building, but built in the 40s.
And I worked right over here and, you know, my uncle who just died a few years ago, he was a little baby.
My mom wasn't born then.
She was born in 1950.
And she described this to me.
And so I was like, wow, that has some credibility.
Because I mean, that's grandma telling you.
That's not Steven Greer telling you.
So, Steven, moving past that, in the two seconds we have, about 20 minutes left, you've got the floor.
What else do you want to impart to people about COVID-19, Project Bluebeam, the whole nine yards?
Because this audience is ready to hear it.
Well, as a medical doctor, one of my big concerns is that this pandemic is being managed in a way that maximizes deaths.
And what do I mean by that?
Not only some of the medical advice has happened, there's some question whether even ventilators are as productive as they were initially thought.
But it was greatly exaggerated in terms of its lethality.
That has caused people not to come to the ER with heart attacks, strokes, pulmonary emboli, all kinds of problems.
So there's this spike in deaths unrelated to COVID, which is going to exceed the number of deaths from COVID.
That's number one.
Number two, about 874,000 people die every year in America from poverty.
We are going to triple or quadruple the poverty rate.
Those deaths alone are going to outstrip COVID.
So we need to find a smart way to do this, where we do not shut down all of civilization and turn our country into a police state.
Because if we burn down the entire country that way, it's like burning down a barn to get rid of the rats.
We're going to lose more people from other causes than COVID.
And obviously the establishment knows it.
So I get you say it's humans posing as off-world, but where's the off-world nexus?
Who's got the anti-impetus?
Who are the bad guys?
The bad guys are a group of sociopaths and psychopaths that have seized amazing amounts of power in the post-World War II era.
And what Hitler couldn't do overtly with the Third Reich, these guys are trying to do covertly with what I call the Fourth Reich.
And that is, it is just that simple, frankly.
I didn't believe it as a young doctor when I started encountering him.
By the way, I have met with a number of these people.
I was about to say, how did you get, because they tried to recruit my dad as well, what makes them try to recruit you?
I mean, maybe one out of, one out of 10 million or what, 50 million?
I mean, what number do they, it's a very small number.
How do they, why do they recruit somebody and not?
Well, I don't know.
I believe in my case, they thought I could be a lot of trouble down the road.
And ultimately, I had three people on my team assassinated, including a former director of the CIA, Bill Colby, who was CIA director for Ford and Nixon.
And he was going to hand off to us one of these.
Yeah, kayak accident.
Oh, allegedly.
Now, the week that happened, what you may not know, Alex, is that he was going to meet with a member of my board
to hand off an operational zero point energy device.
We can get into this another time, but it basically pulls energy out of the space around us
that would run your house and business or factory with no pollution, zero energy costs, et cetera.
This is not an urban myth.
It like taps into the dark energy, right?
Or the--
Yeah, well, it's actually called the zero point energy.
Dark matter, though.
Which is the energy field that all of matter and space and time is fluxing in and out of.
So that is a quantified amount.
In fact--
That's what my dad told me when I was a kid.
He said, "I know people in the government.
"We can put power plants right in the ground and pull power."
It doesn't have to be in the sun.
You don't need solar panels, wind, any of it.
Now, let's talk about free market.
How do you have a free market if the most important discoveries in the last hundred years are being denied to the public?
This is absolute totalitarian nonsense.
But that's what we've run up against.
So when the CIA director was going to hand this off to my team, That week they found him floating down the Potomac River.
Made it look like a canoeing accident.
And by the way, I'm not doubting you, Stephen.
This makes perfect sense.
What's the weird logic, though?
You're left alive, he's killed, because you were never actually part of the club.
It's like, once you sign on, then they can kill you.
But if you never join them, then you have this metaphysical protection?
Yeah, I've had a couple of near-death experiences with this, and I have other people on my team who have as well.
All I'm saying is that... That's what I'm saying is, what protected you?
What protected you?
...knowledge of God, why I'm still alive.
I will say that there are people in classified projects who Want us to try to get this job done, who have had our backs since 1998.
So initially... That's key.
So there's not just bad guys in this whole thing.
No, there are some really, really heroic white hats.
And frankly, the upper echelons of a lot of the military folks I've worked with and briefed, they are victims of this cabal of sociopaths.
And can you imagine... Exactly.
There's a shoehorned cabal in between the top and the bottom.
Well, and they actually are sort of seeded everywhere, but in a very compartmented way.
So, you know, you will have one CIA director who may be read into these projects or briefed on them.
Another one won't be.
And people say, well, what's the difference?
The difference is whether you're willing to go along with an absolute criminal and outrageous conspiracy or not.
So, if you're a good guy, they're not going to tell you.
It's like I told Lord Hill Norton.
A five-star admiral, Sea Lord, who is head of the Ministry of Defense in Great Britain.
And I was at his home and he said, why would they never have told me, Doctor, about this?
I said, because if they told you, you wouldn't have gone along with the agenda and then you would have been a problem for them.
Because they did a psychological workup on you and knew that you are a stand-up, patriotic, honest, God-fearing, Exactly.
They'll even park you in a position of power so you think you're doing good so you don't challenge them.
Well, and that's the other part of the Truman Show, as I call it, the movie that Jim Carrey was in, that we all live in, and that is, you know, people think, oh, you become the president of the United States, you have an all-access pass.
Not quite.
I mean, let's remember that it's not left or right here.
Jimmy Carter ran on a campaign to get this information disclosed because he had seen one of these objects when he was governor of Georgia.
I have his actual report for him about that, signed Jimmy Carter, governor of Georgia.
And when he got to the White House, got elected, the outgoing director of the CIA, George Bush Sr., told him, we're not going to tell you anything.
You don't have a need to know.
Go see if you can get it from the Congressional Research Service.
And that actually happened to an incoming president of the United States.
The same thing happened to Bill Clinton.
George W. Bush, baby Bush, was actually betrayed, unfortunately, by Cheney about this.
And Cheney was on the committee dealing with this issue, but George W. Bush was never read into it properly.
Who knows then?
Who's the priesthood?
I mean, how do they get access to it?
The priesthood, you actually come up through the system often.
Some of it is lineage and family.
A lot of it is they test you out.
They will give you a little bit of information and see if you will stay inside your compartment and not violate the secrecy.
If you step a nanometer out, you're done.
You're finished.
And so it's a process.
It's an iterative process of recruitment.
Now, just to clarify, I have never worked For a covert program, I'm a private citizen that has run a public interest group to penetrate those programs.
So we actually are the biggest whistleblower group in the world on unacknowledged special access projects.
But I have actually never worked for the government or for any of these covert programs.
And again, there's not just these governmental projects, there's other private projects as well.
The big action is actually in the private money sector.
Yeah, let's talk about that.
Let's talk about who runs a show with Dr. Steven Greer straight ahead.
Stay with us.
Well, I've been aware of Dr. Steven Greer for 20 plus years, listened to him many times, and he always came off as credible, but talking to him in person, you know, it just makes a lot of sense.
And again, Alex Jones here back live for joining us.
We're on a planet in the middle of space.
We have all these dimensions above and below us and we sit here and we let the system tell us what to believe.
And boy, do they want to keep us here.
But it's like staying in your front yard.
There's a whole world outside of that.
And we should have a discussion about that.
And the people running things, they don't want us to think outside that box.
So, we've got a little ten-minute segment here and a five-minute segment, and you've got to go.
We've got Paul Joseph Watson taking over.
I guess if we transcend the establishment and realize there's a bigger universe, they're not so big anymore.
Fundamentally, why isn't the establishment truthful with us?
Because if we admit there's a big giant universe and God's got all these creations, that ends racism, it looks like.
That ends all the petty crap.
It seems like it makes us transcend, doesn't it?
Yes, it does, but it also empowers both the individual and each local community, because what happens when that occurs?
We become at once a functional world, which is a good thing.
I mean, at that end of being a global civilization, it can be good.
But you have then cut the ties for the dependency on a large, transcendent national security state, but also an international order where what I call the petro... Well, sir, let's be clear.
An independent global system, not an artificial global system.
Yes, an independent one.
And where, I mean, literally with the technologies that have been suppressed, that are energy and propulsion systems, every single home and farm and business would be completely self-sufficient.
Well, that's not a good thing if you're at the top of the heap of the pyramid in this 0.00001% of the uber-global elite.
So they're battling to stop the metamorphosis?
They're trying to maintain control.
It's all about global control.
And the biggest thing that we haven't talked about that's in this documentary, Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind, about two-thirds of the film is about the power of the human spirit and consciousness.
Let's talk about what really scares them.
Get into the film.
Well, this is what I'm going to talk about now as some people say this doesn't sound like hard science for a doctor to be talking about.
and every single human, like a hologram photo within us, has the totality of the conscious creation within us.
So that's the seed of the universe that Gandhi talked about.
Precisely, or the great spirit of Native Americans, or the beatific state that the early Christians spoke about
in that state of enlightenment.
This is a universal experience.
And what's interesting is that every single conscious being, both on earth and elsewhere, have the ability to connect to that, the greatness of the all, let's call it, that this sort of the God factor.
And, you know, I was, I was raised, frankly, an atheist, but when I was 17, I died.
Had a near-death experience and boy did I find out I was wrong.
And it opened up an entire understanding of who and what we are and what the human potential is.
But here's the zinger.
There are studies in... Let's just take a moment to talk about science.
There are studies in science dealing with what is called quantum mechanics, where they have found that if you pull a container of helium down to absolute zero, Just before you get that, about 1% of the helium atoms become coherent and aligned.
At that 1% point, the entire container transforms.
So it turns out it takes 1% of humans also, who are in a state of consciousness and intent and higher consciousness.
It's that enzyme point of that hundredth monkey.
Yeah, and it changes the whole 99%.
If all of your listeners understood how powerful each individual was but also coming together in coherence and in sort of an intent to change the current system and the current state of the world to one that's functional and enlightened but also peaceful and that is... So that's what threatens the system is that we're individuals but we choose to become collective in our own will.
That's power.
you're giving well people are giving up their power to the high priests of whether it's government
or priests or whoever and and we have lost touch with the power that we have within ourselves.
So I think that each individual finding that but then coming together to make a change.
They've done studies at Princeton at the engineering school where Dr. John had people putting their awareness on random number generators which just spit out random zeros and ones on a quantum computer basis.
I was about to say, I saw a study 10 years ago where looking through telescopes, that it affects what they're visually seeing, even with an electron scanner, what your intent is.
Like looking at something at a distance changes it.
What is that?
Yes, it's because the mind, whereby you and I are conscious, is actually a singularity.
It's like Ernest Schrodinger, the father of modern quantum mechanics, said, the total number of minds in the cosmos, in the entire universe, is one.
It's a singularity.
It's like a God machine.
We're not God, but we're almost a vision of God.
And it's literally true, like we're made the image of God.
What we envision, the universe can't stop.
Yes, we're absolutely made in the image of God.
But see, that knowledge is also something they don't want to recognize.
And you know, I'm a scientist, but there's this force that happens where you have to deny anything that has to do with the true spiritual nature of not only yourself, but the world.
And because of that, we get into this reductionist paradigm where everything sits in little separate pieces.
And by separating, they can then dominate and control.
So there's an enormous power that we have, and you know, the whole last two-thirds of Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind is about the science of consciousness and how to transform the current situation into what this E.T.
told Colonel Corso, a new world if you can take it.
So, you know, we have been trying to emerge into an advanced civilization for decades, But it keeps getting stopped by people who want all of us to be dependent on the big state and big institutions rather than in creating a world of, I mean, this world could be a paradise.
So it's really a consciousness shift.
It's a huge consciousness shift that's happening now and it's coming.
And we're right at that tipping point.
You know, I told you the story about the super fluidity in helium, where you get 1% of the molecules and it shifts.
Right before it shifts, everything's chaotic.
So again, that's why they want us in fear.
That's why they want us hating each other and saying, don't shake hands, don't come together.
It's so satanic.
Yes, fear is the mind killer and the spirit killer.
You can't have much love and generosity of heart if you're a coward in fear.
And that's the card they played on 9-11.
It's the card they're playing now.
That's why they pushed the race war.
All of it is to make us separate.
Well, they want people to do it.
They need to have people in conflict so that they can control the people.
You know, this has been demagogues and leaders, if you go all the way back through human history, have learned how to sort of divide and conquer different populations.
And that's it.
And they want us to not know there's unlimited resources a second away.
That's why they want to make us poor.
So we're always scared of resources and worried about the other person.
When, like, we hit the next level, we already see it.
It's unlimited resources.
You know, everyone wonders why this conservative Republican president named a five-star general, Eisenhower, said on his last speech to the nation as he left office, beware the military-industrial complex.
He wasn't talking about his brethren in the military rank and file.
No, he said a technological elite in control of it.
And that's what we're talking.
See, people don't realize that Eisenhower, on his watch, Lost control of the technology transfer issue around ET spacecraft.
They circled the wagons and cut him out because he was wanting to do what you and I are talking about.
By the way, come back and do five more minutes and talk about that.
Come back next week.
We really love you, Dr. Greer, because I saw him at 21-minute speech.
I have the HD of it.
They drop a book.
He gets scared.
He was saying something so revolutionary because they took control from him at that point.
We'll come back in two minutes with you.
And by the way, folks, I love you to death.
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You can also find his new film, Close Encounters of the Fifth Type.
We'll come back and do five more minutes with him.
Finishing up and then Paul Joseph Watson from the UK is ready to take over and then the War Room with Owen Schroer will be right back in two minutes.
All right, Dr. Stephen Greer with his new film Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind is here in the last five minutes.
Your new film, what it gets into, where the planet is right now, what the people should know.
We really appreciate you joining us.
Thank you.
Well, what it really is, is a tour de force through where we are and what these unacknowledged super secret projects are doing, as well as their plan to hoax an alien threat, which is frankly non-existent, to what is the solution?
And we started talking about this in the last segment, is the solution is actually, luckily, folded within every single human.
If we would realize what it is that we are.
And so, you know, the film takes people on a journey.
I started an organization 30 years ago where we go out and make contact with these civilizations using some admittedly controversial protocols and experimental techniques, one of which involves the use of the conscious Well, I got news for Mr. Musk.
interacting with the communication systems on these ET craft.
We haven't talked about this yet, but here's a hint.
There's a man named Elon Musk who has a company called Neuralink, and he's trying to develop
a technology so you can think to your computer and turn it on.
Well, I got news for Mr. Musk.
We have those technologies, 10,000 generations more developed on these ET craft that interface
with directed conscious thought.
Now, it's not hard to do it.
You can sit, meditate, become centered and quiet, do a prayer, and then see where they are in your mind.
The CIA had a program called Remote Viewing, and one of the people in that program is on the film, Dr. Russell Targ, who's a PhD laser physicist, and he worked for 23 years with the CIA Doing this.
So we go through a whole journey where we teach people that you can make this contact.
And we also have an app that just came out.
It's called CE5 Contact App.
That's an entire training course for people in meditation, remote viewing, contact, and what the techniques are that are being used to make contact.
Because I tell people, I'm an empiricist as a doctor.
Don't take my word for it.
Go out there and see for yourself.
Let's be clear, the globalists and deep staters, you go to Skull and Bones, they say they're communicating with, quote, gods and goddesses.
So they're all obsessed with this, that's what they're doing.
They're getting their divine in a way that we'll see what we're saying is that every single human being can unlock that.
No, but I'm asking you and you'll come back next time.
Who are the bad guys and good guys?
I know you say advanced species.
They're all good, but there's obviously some evil impetus driving these people.
Are you saying that's who we are?
Sure, but they are humans and there are some other let's call them interdimensional beings.
That are extremely troublesome.
I'm talking about extraterrestrial biological life forms.
Those are not.
But I think they've been mixed together under the term alien.
So alien has come to mean everything that people don't really understand.
I'm just sort of joking.
But the folks that are really troublesome are people who have enormous power.
And by the way, if you've only got $100 billion, it doesn't register for this crowd.
You know, as much as people like to pile on to the billionaire class.
Sure, it's all about institutional power and how many people you can kill.
Who controls that?
So that's where I get into the Majority Intelligence Committee, MAJIC.
It's pronounced magic, ironically, or not ironically.
And that is a blend of both corporate and government programs.
And I've met with a number of them.
Uh, who are involved at that level.
Uh, you know, and some of them are folks you would never expect, like Prince Hans-Adam von Lichtenstein, the Crown Prince of Lichtenstein and the banking empire there.
Um, all kinds of unusual characters.
And, and, and they all have this agenda to want to control the world through one calamity after another.
And the big one they've been planning is to hoax sort of an alien threat from outer space.
And, you know, I hope we won't be fooled again like we were on 9-11.
Unfortunately, the way we're responding to this COVID outbreak, where we're destroying our entire civilization, when we should be doing it smartly, I mean, sort of in a way that's measured.
Great point.
Dr. Steven Greer, thanks for the time.
Join us again soon.
Thank you so much.
Paul Joseph Watson takes over in 60 seconds.
Well, the biggest fake conspiracy theory about coronavirus is that China wasn't to blame for it.
That's the conspiracy theory that has been pushed by the mainstream media for the past two months, despite the fact that we have yet more evidence that the lockdown itself across Europe, across the United States, could prove to be more deadly than Covid-19.
Headline up on summit.news Leaked study from inside German government warns lockdown could kill more people than coronavirus.
We've talked about this numerous times before in terms of other countries.
South Africa doing a study where they found that the lockdown could cause 29 times more deaths than the coronavirus itself.
We have cancer victims, heart attack victims, stroke victims in the UK and many other countries refusing to go to hospital Because they're afraid of getting the coronavirus or simply because the treatment is just not available.
It's been withdrawn.
We have experts saying that global TB infections will cause 1.4 million deaths due to the coronavirus lockdown.
And we have more evidence on that today.
A leaked study From inside the German Ministry of the Interior has found that the impact of the country's lockdown could end up killing more people than coronavirus due to victims of other serious illnesses not receiving treatment.
Now this was leaked from inside the German government.
Which has come out with the backing of the media, of course, and immediately denied it.
They're blaming it on one individual within that ministry and saying it's not representative of Germany's official stance.
But it's all over the German media.
The first English translation of this was posted by The Spectator's Toby Young, who has a great website at lockdownsceptics.org.
He got the English translation from The Leak, which was leaked to Titchy Einblick.
A magazine in Germany and it says, quote, the lockdown and the measures taken by the German federal and central governments to contain the coronavirus apparently cost more lives, for example of cancer patients, than of those actually killed by it.
This is the result of an internal analysis by the Protection of Critical Infrastructures Unit in the Federal Ministry of the Interior, which has been made available to members of the ministry's crisis team and leaked to this German magazine.
This is an 86-page paper with its critical valuations of the data submitted by the Robert Koch Institute, as in the meantime already been dismissed by the ministry as the expression of an isolated individual opinion.
And the witch hunt for this individual who leaked the study, the impact assessment, to the media is now in full swing.
According to information from Tichy Einblack, the paper's author, a senior official at the ministry has by now been suspended.
Because again, he leaked the information that they had discovered the lockdown in Germany, which has escaped the worst of the coronavirus outbreak if you compare it to other European countries, would in fact claim more lives than the lockdown itself.
Something we've been stressing here for weeks and weeks on end.
Now the The reader who sent this English translation to Toby Young's website said, quote, I don't think there can be any doubt that the report is genuine and the real issue is how damning it is.
The obviously pretty cack-handed cover-up that is underway.
Again, absolute pure awe in Germany today over this leaked report.
And they're targeting the individual who leaked it.
The German government is desperately coming out and trying to cover its tracks and saying, this is the opinion of a lone individual, this is not our official policy.
Remember back a couple of months ago, or in fact I think it was early March, Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor, said, after warning by one of her coronavirus modelers, That around 70 million Germans would be infected with coronavirus and that potentially hundreds of thousands would die.
That hasn't come to fruition, because Germany is one of the best case outcomes in comparison to countries like Italy and Spain.
So now this individual from within the Ministry, the Federal Ministry, Interior, in Germany, said the lockdown could kill more people than the coronavirus itself.
As we reported on Monday, in the UK there have already been up to 10,000 excess deaths since the lockdown as a result of seriously ill people avoiding hospitals due to Covid-19 or not having their hospital treatments available.
Professor Richard Sullivan also warned that there will be more excess cancer deaths.
This is literally the Professor of Cancer.
That's his title at King's College University.
Warning that there will be more excess, that's excess, that's in addition to the cancer victims who already would have died, excess cancer deaths in the UK than total coronavirus deaths, again due to people's access to screenings and treatment, chemotherapy being restricted as a result of the lockdown.
These experts are not being listened to by the UK government, which is still basing its response and its continuation of the lockdown on the discredited model of Professor Pantsdown, Professor Lockdown, Neil Ferguson, who of course predicted that half a million people would die in the UK if they didn't follow his strategy.
That easing of the lockdown Which was heralded as this big sea change was nothing of the sort.
It has very material change whatsoever.
Now in the UK they're saying you may not even be able to visit the hairdressers until late August.
We already have countries throughout Europe opening cafes, opening bars, trying to reopen their society.
Of course, Sweden didn't really have to, because they never locked down in the first place, and they had a lower death rate, and now a lower R infection rate than the UK.
But a lot of countries, Austria, the Netherlands, Sweden, of course, the cafes, the bars are opening again right now.
We're being told we're not going to be able to get a haircut for three months.
Big difference!
They're saying that the hospitality industry may be allowed to start to open sometime in July.
So now this is being shifted later and later and later.
Meanwhile, the economy is on its knees.
Who knows how much of it is going to be left.
And people are dying because they're not getting hospital treatment, because they were told the hospitals would be overwhelmed with coronavirus patients.
That didn't happen.
The nightingale overspill hospitals throughout the country.
Some of them didn't even open because they didn't need them to open.
Some of them are now already being closed.
We were told, stay at home, save lives, protect the NHS.
We were told that we needed to flatten the curve to get back to normal.
Now the curve has been flattened, they're saying no.
There is no getting back to normal.
This is the new normal.
We say jump, you say how high.
Despite the fact that people are dying, if you care about saving lives, maybe you should care about the words of Professor Carol Sikora, who works as an NHS consultant oncologist, who said there could be 50,000 excess cancer deaths as a result of routine screenings being suspended during lockdown in the UK.
Which is more than the current total of coronavirus deaths, of course.
Not even including all the other serious illnesses going untreated.
Experts have also warned there will be 1.4 million deaths globally from untreated TB infections due to the lockdown.
We had that story last week.
So again, we're being told, observe the lockdown.
We were told we needed to observe it for a limited amount of time.
Everybody thought it would probably run until the end of April.
Now they're saying you're not going to get a haircut until August to save lives.
Well, we did that.
We followed the orders.
Now all these experts are warning that more lives will be lost.
As a result of the lockdown, the government isn't listening.
They're completely committed to this debunked model from this raging hypocrite who broke, violated his own lockdown twice to have his married mistress, mother of two, come and visit him for a bit of hanky-panky.
Meanwhile, WHO claims the US and Brazil ignored warnings about coronavirus.
Going to get into that after the break.
Also going to get into The NHS itself as a religious institution.
This was seen as some kind of jokey cliche a few weeks ago.
Now they literally have NHS flags flying above churches in England and in other places throughout the United Kingdom.
So we're going to get into a little bit of the history of the NHS.
The so-called envy of the world and how great it is in comparison to other European healthcare systems which, as anyone will know who's experienced the NHS in comparison to those systems, Is not really much to envy.
Get into that and more.
Get into the treatment of Rand Paul after he confronted Dr. Fauci.
Being bombarded with violent threats on Twitter.
Don't go away.
Now of course, as the decline of Christianity accelerates throughout Europe and the UK, we have been replaced by a new religious institution which has received massive boost During this coronavirus pandemic, that is the NHS, the National Health Service, government-run healthcare.
Headline up on summit.news, new religion church replaces Vatican flag with NHS flag.
This is a Catholic Church in England, it's in Bath, which has removed its Vatican flag and replaced it with an NHS flag, illustrating once again how the National Health Service is akin to a religious institution in the United Kingdom.
My uni parish has taken down the Vatican flag and replaced it with the NHS flag, remarked the Twitter user who posted the image, who subsequently deleted her entire account.
The NHS flag is being flown by the St John the Evangelist Church, which is located in the southeast section of Bath city centre, one of Britain's most historic and iconic towns.
The worship of health workers amidst the coronavirus pandemic is stronger in the UK than any other country in the world.
Because if you don't know, every Thursday at 8 p.m.
and it will happen once again in a couple of days time.
It will probably happen for the next six months.
At 8 p.m.
every Thursday, everybody emerges from their homes, from their front doors, from their balconies, and they engage in a, what started as a one-minute clap-a-thon for health workers, NHS workers, doctors, nurses, and it is now extended to about 10 to 15 minutes of genuflecting, worshipping the NHS.
You have bagpipes, you have fireworks, you have people out banging pots and pans.
And this has led for those people who either refuse or simply forget to engage in this weekly religious observance, being publicly shamed on social media.
We had a case of a mother who had a problem with her difficult son trying to get him to sleep, She then went for a nap, missed the 8pm clap-a-thon and she was publicly shamed by her entire community on Facebook.
Because she didn't pay penance to the new religious institution.
And in fact, as I point out in this article, somebody else tweeted, several of these have appeared around my village.
Someone even left flowers at the foot of this one and he's talking about yard signs that say thank you NHS and all the key workers.
There's over the weekend there were houses flying NHS flags and many more have posters in the windows.
On my road where I live there's a giant banner hanging over someone's balcony saying we love the NHS.
This is the new cult and it's based on this fallacy of course that the NHS is the envy of the world and that somehow before it existed I guess people were just dying on the streets.
We've seen this in other countries too.
Headline, nurses at hospital in Paris recreate Last Supper with themselves as Jesus and his apostles.
We've seen it in Romania.
Headline, posters depicting medical workers as saints insult Christian iconography, Romanian Orthodox Church says.
So there's actually some pushback in other countries.
Not really a lot of pushback taking place in the United Kingdom against the worship of the NHS.
It's gone so cringe that to the level that I was talking to my friend the other day, he said he was in a supermarket, obviously observing social distancing rules on his, you know, government-permitted shop.
There was an NHS nurse in uniform doing her grocery shopping, the entire supermarket, or at least the people who were in her sight, Stopped what they were doing, turned around, and they all engaged in a spontaneous round of applause for this one woman, who looked quite nervous and quite embarrassed by the whole procedure.
Which is what I'm reading from comments from doctors, nurses that I've seen in response to some of my videos, where even they're saying that now it's simply gone too far.
Of course, if you look back into the history of communism, This clapping for communist dictators was a speciality.
In fact, there are famous tales of Stalin's inner circle, you know, having these.
In fact, it happened in Romania with Ceausescu as well, where they had this mass clap-a-thon for the communist dictator.
And it went on, in some cases, for literally hours.
And the first person to stop clapping from the inner party was purged, sometimes violently.
The first one to stop clapping, which is interesting given that these weekly Thursday 8pm NHS Clapathons seem to be going on for longer and longer and longer.
Theodore Dalrymple, a British author, has written a great series of articles on his website TheodoreDalrymple.wordpress.com where he points out that the NHS propaganda quo has been so successful that it now accords with the sentiments of the population The triumph that no communist regime achieved despite Herculean efforts at indoctrination.
Because for the past 50, 60 years we've been told that the NHS is the envy of the world.
The facts would kind of suggest otherwise.
As Dalrymple writes, quote, The NHS has failed even in its egalitarian goal.
The gap between the health of the richest and poorest in society has only grown under its dispensation.
He points out that being ill and seeking treatment is a more unpleasant experience in Britain than it is in many civilised countries.
And if you've lived in Britain and you've tried to get a doctor's appointment with the NHS, it's basically a lottery.
You call up when they open at 9am and you join a queue of God knows how many other people in the mad scramble to win a priceless lottery ticket to get a doctor's appointment About five past nine in the morning, all the appointments for that day are gone.
And in fact, you have to lie and say that your condition is serious, because if you say it's not that serious, they'll simply tell you to hang up, get off the phone.
That's how great the NHS is in the United Kingdom.
He also points out Theodore Dalrymple.
Survival from many serious illnesses such as cancer, heart attacks and strokes is lower in Britain than most European countries.
The sheer unpleasantness of the NHS is reassuring to the British population, writes Dalrymple.
It evokes the Dunkirk spirit.
We're all stranded on the beach of illness together.
And if we cannot all live in luxury, at least we can all die in squalor.
Justice is served.
He talks about between 1914 and 1975 in Spain, even under Franco, their healthcare system performed better than the NHS did in Britain.
He talks about comparisons to France.
When the NHS was founded, when British healthcare was among the best rather than the worst in Europe, the population of France had a life expectancy six years lower than that of Britain.
It is now under the Envy of the world, the NHS, two years higher.
Again, the health of the population in Spain improved more under Franco than that of the British under the NHS in the same years.
So again, we have a lot of immigrants coming to Britain, lauding the NHS, and those are the people who are often featured on, you know, news reports.
They're the ones who are quoted.
People coming from countries such as Somalia or Bangladesh, And they praise our healthcare system in the UK as being far superior to theirs.
Is that really something to brag about, that our healthcare system is better than Somalia's or that in Bangladesh?
Now we literally have flags, Religious flags being replaced above churches with NHS flags, as we all trot out every week on a Thursday at 8pm to clap and applaud the government healthcare system, which is apparently the best in the world, the envy of the world, yet if you look at the actual details, has failed us time and time again.
But the propaganda is so strong that everybody believes it is the envy of the world.
Talking before the break about the weekly NHS Clapathon that we have here in the United Kingdom.
Because I live in London, we had articles over the weekend of people in London and Brighton, which is basically the most left-wing area of the United Kingdom, all out on the beach, sunbathing once again, not engaging in social distancing.
These people are, generally speaking, from what I saw in the photographs, aged, you know, 20 to 40, left-wing hotspots, London and Brighton, the very kind of people who will get out every Thursday at 8pm Graciously applaud the NHS.
Of course, we know they're really applauding themselves so they can get the little Instagram selfie to prove what good people they are.
Very self-serving.
Those are the kind of people who are big sticklers for observing these social distancing rules and imposing them on other people if they see other people misbehaving.
And of course, applauding the NHS and demanding that we protect the NHS.
While they violate the very social distancing rules proposed by the NHS.
There's also this high priest class emerging of mask wearers which I've talked about several times before and in regard to that we have a headline here.
Mask wearers are littering streets and countryside with used PPE.
Anecdotal evidence Suggests many people who wear masks to protect against coronavirus are discarding them as litter on the street and countryside with little regard for safe disposal.
So, of course, we had over the past couple of months a big controversy in the UK about there not being enough personal protective equipment, PPE, available for nurses.
The very people buying up those masks don't seem to be that concerned about infection if they're then disposing of them on the street and in the fields of the countryside.
Now there's a woman in Lincolnshire who contacted lockdownsceptics.org and she pointed out that a lot of these masks, a lot of this PPE equipment is being basically thrown away as trash and it's littering the environment again.
Many of the people, the Virtue Signallers, were big supporters of the NHS, big supporters of lockdown, big supporters of social distancing, many of them of course big supporters of environmental activism, are the same people throwing away their masks on the side of the street.
She said, quote, every time I go out on my bicycle round here, I find bits of PPE scattered by the side of the road, usually the giveaway blue gloves.
Here's today's find.
A PPE mask evidently hurled out of a car window and decorating the verge near the village of Ropsley.
There's a picture of that right at the top of the article.
Who's the culprit, she asks?
No idea, but it's presumably a health worker or some sort who's quite happy to chuck used PPE into the general environment rather than dispose of it safely.
The website reports on another reader in Malta who's noticed a similar trend.
He said, the first day we were allowed to go out, everywhere was nice and clean and tidy.
But every morning I go out, there are masks and gloves littering the sides of the roads and in the hedgerows.
I wonder what on earth goes through these people's heads.
Clearly not very much.
And as I point out in the article, the irony is obvious.
Many mask wearers are very sanctimonious about how they are playing a key role in stopping the spread of COVID-19 and will chastise others who they perceive as violating social distancing rules.
In fact, we had another article yesterday of a woman, I think it was in America, holding a six foot long stick, a tree branch, walking down a narrow path, holding it outstretched to enforce social distancing.
She is the new petty enforcer.
She had cyclists whizzing past her, joggers whizzing past her, basically almost hitting them with this stick, as you can see in the video here.
And I've noticed a similar thing with the mask wearers in the park.
I went out for my government-permitted exercise in the park today.
The people whizzing past me on their bikes were the very kind of people you'd expect to be out applauding the NHS at 8pm every Thursday night.
The very kind of people who will chastise others for not adhering to social distancing rules.
So it seems if you wear a mask, then you're part of this high priest class that is totally immune to the rules which you're then enforcing on everyone else.
It appears that for some, the idea of obeying authority and enforcing it against others is more appealing than actually trying to prevent the spread of the virus.
So once again, they prove to be massive hypocrites.
Imagine my shock!
And on that score, headline, ABC chief news correspondent tries to mask shame John Roberts gets owned.
This is ABC's Chief News Correspondent, Jonathan Cole, who yesterday, in a tweet, tried to mask-shame Fox News' John Roberts, only for someone to point out to Cole that he didn't wear a mask when he was out in public last week.
One rule for you, another rule for him.
He tweeted, quote, almost everybody in the Rose Garden is wearing a mask.
Almost everybody.
And he tweeted an image of Roberts from Fox News not wearing his mask.
However, as the Photographed below shows right there on screen, Roberts was in fact in possession of a mask and had only briefly removed it.
But that wasn't the most embarrassing comeback aimed at Karl, the ABC Chief News Correspondent.
Turns out he's been in an even more public area while failing to wear a mask.
Somebody responded to his tweet, You didn't wear a mask on Cinco de Mayo to pick up your tacos from Mia Vida.
Why not?
So again, this guy is lecturing others in the Rose Garden, other reporters.
Reporters somewhat more friendly to President Trump, I might add, that they're not wearing a mask.
And he's out buying tacos in a public street.
Just last week, he's not wearing a mask.
This is more proof I write that mask wearers are wearing the face coverings as a status symbol to signal their own virtue.
Allowing them to judge people who choose not to wear masks, while their own behaviour proves them to be total hypocrites who don't actually care about spreading the virus.
Now again, let's be clear.
Obviously, all people, people with illnesses who are at risk of catching this virus, should wear masks.
And I've got no problem with that whatsoever.
But if you're aged 20 to 35, you're out applauding the NHS on a Thursday at 8pm, Then, on the Saturday, you're having barbecues on your balcony with ten other people.
Little bit of hypocrisy there.
Meanwhile, another reporter wearing a mask removed it while asking President Trump a question, defeating the whole purpose of wearing the mask.
And we played a clip of that video just before.
Of course, that was the Chinese reporter who got triggered and offended about Donald Trump blaming China for the coronavirus, which is completely true.
Andrew Sarabian tweeted in response to this mask controversy that swept the White House, so are we really expected to forget that the same journos now sanctimoniously policing and attacking others for not wearing masks literally spent the last two months at briefings on national TV not wearing masks themselves.
No one lives in a bigger collected glass house than the mainstream media.
So this whole mask high priest status symbol continues to be enforced even amidst the rank hypocrisy of those people trying to enforce it.
Meanwhile in the UK, a UK lecturer says colleagues want lockdown to continue so quote racist Brexit will be cancelled.
This is a senior lecturer at a university in the United Kingdom who wanted to remain anonymous for obvious reasons because they would viciously cancel him within five minutes.
He said, I'm a senior lecturer at a UK higher education institution.
And he works amongst a group of typical identitarian, fair trade, falafel munching academics.
He says, it probably won't surprise you to learn that my colleagues really don't want this magic money tree fuelled piss about to end.
They cheer up along quite happily to each other on Microsoft Teams about how it might bring down the Tory scum government and thus also cancel racist Brexit.
Part of the ongoing appeal for the lockdown for them is the opportunity to spend all day safe at home baking Nordic-inspired loaf cakes, knocking out virtue-signalling blogs about sustainable living, while simultaneously planning their next foreign holiday of course, and angrily taking to social media to demand more white deaths from Covid-19 as a form of reparation for colonial injustices.
And yes, that is a debate currently going on in the United Kingdom too.
So again, This lockdown, which we all agreed to at the start, has now been completely politicised to the point where big academics in the United Kingdom are rubbing their hands together in anticipation of how it can be exploited to bring down the, quote, conservative government, which is conservative in name only, and to cancel Brexit.
Once again, they don't really care about the spread of the virus.
They care about exploiting it for political power.
Don't go away.
Be right back.
We have some big final news stories here in the last segment.
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Now, Brian Adams is in trouble.
He's facing a backlash over rant about the origin of COVID-19.
This is posted up on Twitter.
It says the Canadian singer-songwriter is facing criticism over a social media post in which he blamed, quote, Fat-eating, wet-market, animal-selling, virus-making, greedy bastards for putting the world on hold, including post-burning concerts he had scheduled in the UK.
So, Brian Adams is currently being cancelled on Twitter for telling the truth.
Again, they said, you can't say it comes from the wet market in Wuhan and that they eat bats, even though they do.
That's racist.
Also, you can't say it comes from a lab in Wuhan, despite numerous intelligence reports suggesting that.
That's a conspiracy theory.
You can't say anything.
So he's being cancelled for that.
Of course, Rand Paul had not, I wouldn't even describe it as a confrontation.
He had a conversation during a Senate hearing earlier today with Dr. Fauci.
In which he said, this is out of Axios, he doesn't believe Fauci, the government's top infectious diseases expert, is the end-all for coronavirus decisions.
Arguing that there are people on the other side who say there will not be a surge if the US reopens its economy.
He said, quote, as much as I respect you Dr Fauci, I don't think you're the end-all.
I don't think you're the only person who gets to make a decision.
Fauci responded.
It wasn't even that much of a vicious back and forth, they were just responding to each other.
But now Rand Paul is, last time I checked, trending number one on Twitter, and he's being bombarded with violent, hateful threats.
Interesting, isn't it?
I've noticed that some of these same people, who are so vehemently pro-lockdown, some of the same people who only purport to care about saving lives and want the lockdown to continue indefinitely, Will, if you challenge their opinion on the lockdown, immediately resort to thinly-veiled violent threats?
I've had several of them myself over the past few weeks.
So they'll violently threaten people's lives while saying they care about saving lives.
These are really nice people.
And in the aftermath of Rand Paul having a back-and-forth discussion with Dr Fauci and saying, basically, there are tons of counties, tons of areas throughout the United States, That we're not really hit very much at all with coronavirus and that they should be treated separately to New York in terms of when to lift these lockdown restrictions.
Perfectly cogent, reasonable point.
The response?
Well, he's trending number one on Twitter and he's getting bombarded with violent threats based on his violent assault from his neighbor, which of course happened back in November 2017.
If you don't remember, Rand Paul was out mowing his lawn.
He had the big ear defenders on so he couldn't hear his attacker coming.
His neighbor came up behind him, viciously attacked him, left him with five broken ribs, left him having been forced to have an operation to have part of his lung removed.
And of course he was seriously ill for a very, very long time.
People on Twitter, three years later, are celebrating that.
In fact, here's a sample.
In fact, not even the tweets.
There are numerous accounts on Twitter called Rand Paul's Neighbor, where again, people celebrate this violent, vicious attack on a U.S.
Here's a sample of some of the tweets.
Quote, still team Rand Paul's Neighbor.
Somebody else said, Rand Paul out here today reminding everyone why his neighbor beat the S.H.I.T.
out of him.
Somebody else says, I will always be on the side of Rand Paul's Neighbor.
Somebody else says Rand Paul's neighbor could solve a lot of problems.
Every day Rand Paul speaks, we relate more and more to his neighbor.
And somebody else says, Rand Paul steady reminding why his neighbor gave him those hands.
What an a-hole!
Again, Rand Paul was viciously and violently assaulted by somebody who broke his ribs and left him having to have an operation to have part of his lung removed.
Bear in mind this was mere months after James Hodgkinson, a left-wing terrorist, tried to massacre a bunch of Republican congressmen at a baseball practice.
One of those congressmen thankfully survived, as all of them did.
Senator Rand Paul.
So he has a conversation with Fauci in which he says the economy in these areas which are not overly infected by coronavirus should be allowed to reopen.
He's viciously attacked with hateful threats on Twitter.
These are the people who care about saving lives.
They're nice people.
Meanwhile, The Blaze reports ice cream parlour shuts down just one day after reopening because the public harassed employees.
Again, these are nice people.
Massachusetts Ice Cream Parlor was forced to close its doors just one day after reopening amid the COVID-19 crisis.
WFXTV reported Mark Lawrence's Polar Cave Ice Cream Parlor in Mashpee, Massachusetts made the decision to close its doors Friday after customers reportedly harassed and disrespected the store's young employees.
So the people who are trying to reopen their businesses, trying to put working class people back to work, they're the ones being harassed.
They're the ones being threatened.
These are the nice people.
Meanwhile, YouTube CEO admits users don't like boosting of authoritative mainstream channels, but they do it anyway.
Of course, a few years ago YouTube announced that it would bury independent content creators under a wall of mainstream media, because those mainstream media networks were struggling to compete, despite the fact that they had massive financial backing.
So basically, YouTube gamed its own algorithm, broke its own search engine to the point where you can type in the exact title of a video made by an independent creator and it doesn't even come up.
You'll get a wall of New York Times, ABC News, CNN.
Well now, in an interview with the New York Times, Rabbit Hole podcast, Susan Wojcicki, the CEO of YouTube, said the decision to push authoritative search results was made after the Nice massacre, but that even after the change, these results were performing poorly in terms of engagement.
The YouTube engineers told Wojcicki at the time, quote, the users don't actually want to see it.
Wojcicki refused to listen and told them it doesn't matter, we have a responsibility, something happened in the world, it's important for our users to know.
And again, I go on to explain how last week, the company's disdain for its own user base is also underscored by its chief product officer, Neil Mohan, who insulted non-mainstream YouTube creators as basement dwelling idiots.
That's what they think of people who literally helped build YouTube.
Are they going to end up being as distrusted and loathed as the mainstream media?
That remains to be seen, but if they continue to behave like that, it's a definite possibility.
Congressman Paul Gossar asks AG Barr to investigate censorship of Laura Loomer and Paul Joseph Watson.
That's me!
Rep Paul Gossard of Arizona has written to Attorney General William Barr and urged him to investigate Facebook over its May 2019 decision to ban the Congressional candidate Laura Loomer and political commentator Paul Joseph Watson.
And boot them from the platform.
Yes, that is right.
They literally put us in the same bracket as terrorists and sex traffickers to classify us as dangerous individuals and ban us from the site.
Of course, months after that, They also said, and this was quickly reversed after a couple of days, but they initially said it was okay to make violent threats against people that Facebook had deemed to be dangerous individuals.
So they literally put a fatwa out on myself, Laura Loomer, and others by allowing people to exploit and abuse their own platform to violently threaten our lives.
Well now, Gosar is demanding an investigation from Attorney General William Barr, who I'm sure is monitoring the situation.
Meanwhile, still about a minute left here, WHO claims US and Brazil ignored warnings about coronavirus.
The same WHO that amplified Chinese state media propaganda that there was no human-to-human transmission of coronavirus on January 4th, they're the trusted authority, Now say that the US and Brazil ignored warnings about COVID-19.
However, as we highlighted last month, the WHO blocked its own doctors from urging countries to impose border controls to stop the spread of coronavirus.
And of course, every step of the way, the WHO praised China's actions on coronavirus, despite US intelligence reports revealed by Fox News that they were complicit in helping China cover up the disease.
So, the WHO blames Brazil and the US for not paying heed to warnings when they refuse to pay heed to the very same warnings.
Gonna wrap it up.
War Room's coming up next.
Don't go away.
We'll be back.
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I don't have to tell you that we are in the most important point in human history.
the most important point in human history.
The globalists have taken the gloves off and they've taken the mask off.
And they're like, yeah, you're taking implantable chips.
Yeah, we're into pedophilia.
Yeah, we're into world government.
Yeah, you're obsolete.
You are non-essential.
We are shutting your ass down.
Yeah, we told you don't be farmers and don't be ranchers and don't work in industry anymore.
You're going to be the service economy.
And now the globalists are telling you that there's no more service economy and you're obsolete.
So you better bow down to them and get your universal pittance income so they can dictate your life.
The handcuffs are going on right now.
We have to resist and say no to the New World Order.
And that takes you understanding you were right.
And understanding I was right.
And getting in people's faces and raising the alarm now while you still can.
Now is the time for action.
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It's now more critical than ever to keep InfoWars on the air.
Everything we warned of for decades is now emerged.
It was always there, but now it's uncloaked.
It's out in the open.
And our credibility, your credibility, has gone to the stars.
That's why they want to expunge and erase every documentary, every film, every article, every report, every interview.
That's why they don't want to just silence Infowars.
They want to silence medical doctors and scientists and members of Congress and leaders who tell the truth.
But humanity is rallying against this threat.
And now, ladies and gentlemen, is the time to spread the word like never before.
I know I get up here and I say you are the Paul Reveres.
But you know what?
The evil we're facing is much more wicked and much more diabolical than King George III.
260 years ago.
These globalists want to dominate and take control of our very genetic code.
They want to sterilize us.
They want to erase us.
They want to destroy our seed.
They want hegemonic domination over every life form on the planet.
They want to override it in their selfishness.
And we can't let them do that.
So I'm telling you, ladies and gentlemen, however you can, Realize you're a leader.
Listening to local radio stations, watching local TV stations, going to newswars.com, going to band.video and finding the articles and the videos that you think are most important and most informative.
And sharing those at the grocery store and at church and to your neighbors and to your friends and saying, hey, here's what's banned.
Here's what they don't want you to know about.
That's changing the world and that brings hope into the world.
And people that weren't ready to wake up years ago, they're ready to wake up now.
That's why the globalists wanted to shut us down all these years.
That's why they wanted to silence us all these years.
Because they knew that once their system emerged, we would have massive credibility.
And so they hope people forget about what we said.
They hope they forget about all the warnings.
But people aren't forgetting.
People are remembering.
And remember what Jonathan Gruber said six years ago about Obamacare, who he wrote Obamacare.
He said, Obama chose me.
Because I came up with the best plan to triple prices and rip everyone off, and I was the most deceptive person.
And he said, thank God they don't have memories.
Thank God they're so stupid.
But you do have memories for baseball or movies or things you like.
Well, start focusing on politics and the world and the globalists, not because you like them, but because you want to defeat them and remember what they've done and expose them and Celebrate exposing them and celebrate the First Amendment and the free speech that veterans fought and died to defend.
Because those veterans and our forebears didn't create those rights, but they fought and bled to enshrine them and to get them openly practiced.
So that they would become part of our culture and so that freedom would not pass from the world and so that we would not be slaves.
So I tell you again, exercise these freedoms or lose them forever and tell everyone you know about the fight for freedom that goes on here, now more important than ever at InfoWars!
We're going to be true until the end.
I'm not going to back down.
I'm not going to compromise.
And I'm asking you not to back down or compromise because compromising with this, submitting to this, is worse than living death.