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Name: 20200510_Sun_Alex
Air Date: May 10, 2020
1320 lines.

Alex Jones discusses Infowars' new product Super Male Vitality and criticizes tech giants for censoring vaccine harm information. He warns about a potential dystopian future where vaccines are used for population control, and the uneven distribution of advanced technology. The speaker encourages people to take action by funding their cause, sharing information, purchasing products, and considering moving to rural areas for safety.

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We see a lot of things that are going very well.
Things like reducing childhood death and improving the nutrition.
So, we see a lot of things that are going very well.
Things like reducing childhood death.
Things like reducing childhood death.
The headline on InfoWars.com is not clickbait.
It is a real-world warning.
Sunday Show, now live.
If you have the courage, find out what's coming next.
Force inoculations, world government and 7 billion people dead.
That's what the UN, the Georgia Guidestones and all the globalists admit is their goal.
500 million.
That's how they keep the earth in harmony with humanity.
We've got about 7.5 billion people right now.
So that's 7 billion dead if they actually get to their goal.
And many years ago, I thought, well, maybe the globalists don't mean it.
Maybe they're not going to actually carry it all out.
Now we see they really do intend to carry it all out, and it's up to us to stand up and say no.
This was a very special broadcast we did this Sunday.
We lay out the hue in admitting that vaccines are killing people and they're covering it up.
We lay out the plan for children to be implanted with microchips to be able to leave their houses.
We lay it all out.
This is a very special transmission.
Please watch it.
Please research it.
Check it for yourself.
When you find out it's true, share it with everyone you know while you still can.
From our own platform we built for this great time of censorship, Bandot Video.
Thank you all for your support and God bless you.
Tomorrow's news.
You have to do every single thing I say or we will not make it.
Do you understand?
Come with me if you want to live.
Come with me if you want to live.
Sunday, May 10th, the year is 2020, 176 out from the election.
Yeah, we're told stay in your houses if you want to live, but then they take all the regular deaths, whether you fell off a cliff, or died of cancer, or died of pneumonia, and they say it's a COVID-19 death.
That's confirmed!
And I sat there at a little grocery store down the street from my house this morning, ordering eight tacos for my wife, myself, and my four children.
And most people weren't wearing masks anymore here in Austin.
And I'd look at them and I'd say, did you hear about Tyson?
And how they had 300 plus employees test positive for COVID?
One guy goes, yeah, how dare him make them work.
But did you hear they were all asymptomatic?
The guy goes, that's even worse.
That means they spread it and we don't know.
And I went, no, no, no, no.
It means it's not that deadly.
And the guy's like, I don't believe it.
So I try not to carry this little globalist tracker around me, but it was out in my car.
I went and got my phone.
The guy was sitting on the front porch, I guess waiting for his food.
And I walked over and I pulled it up for him right there out of the Associated Press.
He went, oh, I get your point.
It's really not that deadly.
And I said, yeah.
Did you hear about those doctors out in California that own a bunch of clinics saying it's a lower death rate than the flu off the NIH's own numbers?
And he goes, no, I didn't hear about it.
I said, well, you can't hear about it now.
YouTube took it down.
Does that sound right to you?
The lady behind us goes, I saw it and I saw they took it down.
You're right, Alex.
I used to think you were crazy, but now my husband and I know you're right.
We were just talking about you this morning.
I go in to get my tacos.
It's a little grocery store.
They make them at the back.
I go, you think this thing's a hoax?
Hispanic guy goes, damn right.
Go up to the front.
I say to the guy behind the counter, you're not wearing your mask.
He goes, no, it's all BS.
And I said, I'll tell you what's BS, brother.
Horse inoculations next year.
They're trying to make us take tracker apps on our phones that are already been activated, whether you want them or not, but make you accept it, be able to travel around and live your life.
This is their full revolution against us.
This is the globalist move.
And so we don't want to have Stockholm Syndrome and learned helplessness.
And I'm going to lay it all out for you today.
Did you know, starting five years ago in Sweden, they also do it in other countries, that you get free bus rides if you take an implantable microchip.
And last time I read, more than 10,000 people in Stockholm, yeah, where you get Stockholm Syndrome name from, submitting to tyranny, Loving your captors.
More than 10,000 people, I guess, have Stockholm Syndrome.
In Stockholm, the pilot's sitting and took implantable chips.
Well, look at this!
Look at this little juicy!
Benjamin Netanyahu says he wants every child in Israel next year to get chips.
And the Israeli intelligence agency will run the whole thing.
Just like that, you're inside the New World Order.
What does USA Today say?
You will take a microchip soon, two years ago.
You want to leave your house?
You want to go to a restaurant?
You want to get on an airplane?
You're going to take a chip, and you're going to do more than that.
That chip's going to say you've taken the new DNA vaccine, which is a reprogramming mutagen that goes into the nucleus of your cell and reprograms it.
And they admit the trials, it kills a lot of the animals they tested on, but that's okay because Bill Gates said a month ago, we played the clip probably 30 times, he said, yeah, a lot of people are going to get sick and die, but it don't matter because you're going to take it.
They got some new vaccines that go in and eat parts of your brain, but it feels so good.
Yeah, you're not gonna have to wait anymore, all of you in denial.
It's here now.
Oh, and the globalists are Satan worshippers too!
And pedophiles!
Well, of course they are!
Because we got a transmission 2,000 years ago warning us.
You see, there's not just devils in the universe.
There's somebody a lot more powerful.
Do as we say.
Do as the WHO and UN say.
Or you're all dead.
Do as we say.
Even though we get caught lying to you constantly and we support global depopulation.
Trust us.
Take the microchip.
You have to do every single thing I say or we will not make it.
Do you understand?
Come with me if you want to live.
Come with me if you want to live.
You know what's happening.
(suspenseful music)
If you study the Romans, or if you study the Babylonians, or if you study the Egyptians, if you study ancient Celtic tribes in Europe, or Mesoamericans, they would always get elites in charge.
Who would start at having a few human sacrifices just to make sure the population would follow orders, but it always escalated until they were sacrificing thousands of people per city every week.
And then the civilizations would decline and fall apart.
And if you go study the Aztecs or these other cultures, they all believed that there were gods that demanded human blood.
Now, why did that happen in every culture, according to archaeology, that got developed and got built up?
You could say that psychopaths would get together, they would form guilds, they would take control.
I mean, with the old Vikings, a lot of the Viking tribes, when a man died, they would take his wife, and sometimes his daughters, because he owned them, and they would tie them up on a boat, a ship, and send them
out in the water on fire together so they could go to Valhalla together.
Now why did people act like that?
Why did every culture end up setting things up like that?
Well, I have the answers.
History and research has the answers.
The modern ruling classes believe there are too many people and believe they've got to carry out the soft kills or the depopulation in stealthy ways.
And that's exactly what they do.
And so now you hear world government's been announced and 200 Hollywood quote stars, cockroaches, came out last week.
Robert De Niro and Madonna and Hanoi Jane, Fonda.
And they all said, this is good.
This is a reset.
There are too many people.
We need you to be poor and realize that you're non-essential.
These are quotes.
They're not giving up their jet airplanes or their They're palatial palaces.
That's what this whole thing is, is the post-human world.
And it's not really because they want to save the environment or doing that.
It's because they want power and control over everyone.
And so now my phone rings off the hook with all these people over the years thought I was crazy.
And now it's all out in the open.
They're like, how did you know this?
Because the New World Order, the Globalists, the Club of Rome, the Davos Group, the Bilderberg Group, these major universities, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the groups they represent have all written books and articles and given speeches.
I could play you Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation meetings from 10 years ago at Vassar saying, thank God Bill Gates is setting up a global depopulation operation.
And then Snopes, funded by him, comes out and says it's not true.
This is all being carried out, ladies and gentlemen.
So here's the name of the show today.
We have an article at InfoWars.com and NewsWars.com that has a posting of the live feed, the audio and video feeds, if you'd like to share those and hopefully raise the alarm for your own future, for my future, for all of us collectively together about this monstrous plan.
Sunday show, now live.
If you have the courage, find out what's coming next.
If you're listening to local AM and FM stations, please tell folks about those, because that's how we get around the censors and reach new people.
And it couldn't be a more important time to raise the alarm.
So let me just do this.
Let me give you some of the headlines, and in the next hour and 50 minutes, I'm going to cover pretty much all of this.
Benjamin Yettenyahu suggests microchipping children slammed by experts Jerusalem Post.
But it's all for COVID-19, of course.
Your every move will be watched.
Post-COVID offices to resemble China's social credit score.
ZeroHedge.com up on Infowars.com.
Coronavirus pandemic virus conspiracy video spreads across social media.
BBC reports, New York Times reports, it's being taken down everywhere.
So top virologists that work with Fauci exposing that normal vaccines lower your immunity and that fetal tissue with cancer viruses is in most vaccines.
That's an admitted fact!
And I pulled up studies showing it.
And I pulled up articles showing that if you take the flu shot year after year, it lowers your normal immunity.
I'll show those to you, but see, oh, BBC and New York Times said it's fake, so they took her down.
Even if she was fake, the video had 7 million views on YouTube when they took her down.
And it's not fake.
It's all real.
We have her coming on in a few days.
But the point is, Remember all those medical doctors came out and said COVID-19 kills less than the flu.
They showed the numbers.
They had 5 million views.
Taken down.
Cedars-Sinai came out, most respected hospital in the U.S.
arguably, and said, no, Trump's right.
There is such a thing as light therapy in the intubation tube into the lungs.
They banned them.
Now it's the doctors, it's the virologists, it's the Nobel Prize winner for discovering HIV.
Said it came out of Wuhan, it's man-made, he looked at it under an electron microscope.
They're now blocking that guy's interviews.
The French scientist.
This is a total takeover.
Snap your fingers, we're inside the matrix.
Big article at National File.
They've got a great headline, but it should have been this.
NSA has communications between Seth Rich and WikiLeaks.
Attorney claims.
I read the article.
Cy Hirsch, two-time Pulitzer Prize winner.
Most respected as you can get.
He's now talked to the FBI agents and others.
They've seen it.
They all know it.
Seth Rich was the leaker.
Not the Russians.
Huge article.
Jamie White.
That's all coming up.
Police beating up women and children all over the world because they dare protest the lockdown.
The media blaming Trump for COVID-19 and using inflated fake numbers.
The president strikes back.
The economic implosion causing millions to already begin to starve to death will break it all down.
And speaking of that, ladies and gentlemen, when the first world collapses, the third world dies.
And that's already happening.
If you don't have high-quality, affordable food for the election, for the economy in the future, for all the insane things that are going on, you haven't checked off that T-box of things you need to be prepared.
Like a firearm and knowing how to use it to defend yourself.
Or like having your family's head screwed on straight to know what's really going on.
And having friends and neighbors you can work with.
And realizing that you need to start moving off the grid as much as possible.
All us preppers were right.
I've never followed my advice.
I've been too busy in the fight.
I've begun the exodus out of Austin.
I hope we can just turn this around and not have to go down this path this bad.
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It is believed that humans are going through a metamorphosis and will emerge on the other side as a new species.
The controllers of the planet openly speak of the fact that they are accelerating
the metamorphosis of humanity and that most of us will mutate and die.
But they believe out of this forced mutation that will be carried out through the vaccines, the Superman, or the Uber mention, will rise.
This is the promise of their dark god, Lucifer.
Now, let's just get into the news right now, shall we?
Benjamin Netanyahu suggests microchipping kids slammed by experts.
Now, I didn't just believe the Jerusalem Post.
I went with my crew a few hours ago and I saw this article, well I saw it this morning, but came into the office and we pulled up the video in Hebrew of him saying that Shin Bet, the domestic intelligence agency of Israel, tracks every car with a chip and that children should have it so that it beeps when children get too close to each other and he has their human rights commission looking to see if it's a good plan.
Sweden is already moving forward with this.
This is what the globalists want you to do.
Now let's just tie that little tidbit into this article that's up on Infowars.com.
Congress introduces bill to allow government to mass test Americans for COVID-19 in their homes forcibly.
And ladies and gentlemen, let me give you The bill number, shall I?
Now, Bill and Melinda Gates, four months ago, five months ago, got a patent on 2020-06-06-06
to track you with either a chip or a bracelet with satellites and 5G, to where if you carry
out the exact task as a robot, you get cryptocurrency.
They have another patent for a digital tattoo given in the vaccine under the skin to make sure you've had your vaccine.
That's what Netanyahu is getting ready for.
He says they have the plan ready, but their intelligence agency has not released the plan yet.
The name of this video, and it's on Band.Video, you might want to share it, HR6666.
The Bill of the Beast.
Here it is.
Here's the report.
The World Health Organization recommended forcibly removing family members from their homes and putting them in quarantine.
Now we need to go and look in families to find those people who may be sick and remove them and isolate them in a safe and dignified manner.
Queen Elizabeth seemed to be echoing this idea to the UK.
It reminds me of the very first broadcast I made in 1940, helped by my sister.
We as children spoke from here at Windsor to children who had been evacuated from their homes and sent away for their own safety.
Today, once again, many will feel a painful sense of separation from their loved ones.
But now as in, we know deep down that it is the right thing to do.
Bill Gates has been pushing the idea of tracking people with digital tattoos.
And Microsoft was recently granted patent number 060606 for a cryptocurrency surveillance system connected to the human body.
Now enter HR6666.
To authorize the Secretary of Health and Human Services to award grants to eligible entities to conduct diagnostic testing for COVID-19 and related activities such as contact tracing through mobile health units and, as necessary, at individuals' residences and for other purposes.
On May 1st of 2020, Illinois Congressman Bobby Rush introduced H.R.
This act is essentially setting up a nationwide contact tracing and quarantine program run by Big Pharma.
Section 2 COVID-19 testing and contact tracing using mobile health units will allow Bill Gates loyalist Alex Azar and the CDC to fund eligible entities to conduct tests, trace and monitor the contacts of infected individuals and to support the quarantine of these contacts via mobile health units.
Who are the eligible entities qualified to receive this funding?
Health centers, non-profit organizations, high schools, and anyone else that Alex Azar deems eligible.
The amount of taxpayer dollars being asked for to trace the public and force quarantines is $100 billion for 2020 alone.
And whatever may be necessary as long as the emergency period continues.
For InfoWars.com, this is Greg Reese.
Now, a lot of you probably noticed Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, Bandot Video was up and down quite a bit.
We're not Google.
We're not Facebook.
We don't have anywhere near $10 million extra to work with, much less billions like they do, through all their stock market fraud.
And so, cobbling together, we've got probably five times the traffic we had a year ago at Bandot Video, double the traffic at InfoWars conservatively.
So we had to move to even bigger server systems and cloud systems.
And now, for now, it's working.
But that's why you can't take it for granted.
All this stuff has been banned off YouTube, Facebook, Twitter.
When we come back, you're going to see one of the top doctors at a major Hamburg hospital that runs forensics for the police in the city saying COVID-19 is a giant hoax and a fraud.
There's like five doctors a day I see saying this.
They said this on national German television.
This has been removed off YouTube.
Do you understand?
Every medical doctor you find out there that actually has a big practice says they're telling us put it on the death certificate COVID-19.
The joke is you die of a shark attack, they'll test you.
And remember, the Tanzanian president is a famous biologist.
He's invented a lot of stuff.
He's a top biologist.
He had a feeling because he knew the U.N.
was paying off the Tanzanian National Clinic.
So he said, send a goat and a papaya last week to test.
They both tested for COVID-19.
They test for genetic material.
That genetic material is in everything that's biological.
It's fake tests, folks.
That's why you see it not going up or going down.
It's just the death rate.
They take all the death rate columns, heart attack, cancer, car wreck.
And even if you haven't been tested, they admit that they Engage in that activity and count it as that.
And there you go.
He blames it on faulty tests and he proved it.
And what is Trump saying?
Trump has a hunch the fatality rate for coronavirus is fake news.
Guys, pull up the article when we come back.
300 plus Tyson employees test positive.
2,000 employees at a meatpacking plant.
300 plus test positive.
Not one got a fever.
Not one had a cough.
That's called asymptomatic.
Of course they tested positive.
If you've had a cold in the last decade, you test positive.
There it is.
It was 300 something.
298 workers at Tennessee Tyson plant test positive COVID-19.
All asymptomatic.
And they got a bunch of other tests.
It's a hoax.
It's a hoax.
But it's super deadly.
Because it's shutting off the economy worldwide.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
All right, I want to play some of the new scientists, some of the new doctors
around the world, prestigious ones coming out saying that they're counting
regular deaths as COVID-19.
I'm going to get to some of that here in just a moment.
But I want to play these doctors from two weeks ago.
Dr. Erickson and his colleague, they own a bunch of clinics.
They were reading NIH numbers that no one will read on air, that it kills less people than the flu, that they're attributing other deaths to COVID, that the tests are faulty, that people that haven't even been tested that die, that they're saying they died of COVID because they get $39,000 plus extra dollars, $13,000 on top of that to say it's COVID.
This is all incentivized.
Well then why is COVID made in a lab?
Why is it a bioweapon?
Because then Bill and Melinda Gates, who cooked it up, can profit from it.
And by the way, when I say Bill and Melinda Gates were involved in this,
there have been hundreds of articles come out that of the hundreds of projects going on at Wuhan,
the NIH was funding most of them.
Illegal stuff that the NIH couldn't do in the United States was done at Wuhan and Bill and Melinda Gates control and finance most of the research.
And it's back in the news today that a Bill and Melinda Gates scientist was running major operations.
So I'm going to get into that article.
Here on air as well today.
I'm not just here to villainize Bill and Melinda Gates.
funder ends coronavirus research with Wuhan lab and political pressure.
Now that's just a few days ago, coming out, along with the NIH, and the Obama administration, and Fauci, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.
And that was mainstream news.
Put that back on screen.
That's an article I hadn't seen.
Give people that source, please.
What source does that scroll up for me?
That's chemistry world.
See, that's what's crazy.
This is all on record.
The discoverer of HIV, Nobel Prize, put it under an electron microscope, said it's man-made, you can see the P shuttle gene insertions.
That's where they inserted a new virus into it.
Imagine, you see scars from surgeries, on viruses and cells they're even bigger, because they're so small.
You just, it's there.
But again, we knew that 12 weeks ago before the top scientists said it, because the top Indian scientists came out and said it.
But then you turn on the news, they go, no one says it's man-made, no one says it came from Wuhan.
Well, we did 13 weeks ago, and now we've been vindicated.
But I digress, folks.
Here's some of the doctors who had tens of millions of views online, and their hour-long speech, their press conference that was carried by local news, was banned by YouTube for violating community standards.
Because, see, they're telling you all the doctors say COVID's the most deadly thing on Earth.
All the doctors say it's the end of the world.
All the doctors say the end of civilization.
All the doctors say don't leave your house.
All the doctors say it's not man-made.
All the doctors say it didn't come out of Wuhan.
Really, I've got the scientist 2015 saying, Why are we giving it to Wuhan?
The University of Texas is under FBI investigation for giving it to Wuhan.
There's the scientist right there.
Creation of Chimera, SARS-like virus, has scientists discussing the risk of gain-of-function research.
So, before I put the new scientist, new doctor coming out saying it's all a fraud, let's see the guys they don't want you to hear from, just so you remember them.
Here it is.
After testing thousands of people in their county for COVID-19, doctors Dan Erickson and Artin Massini, owners of Accelerated Urgent Care in Bakersfield, California, held a press conference to share their data along with official CDC data.
Dr. Erickson reported that hospitals in California have become empty as a result of allotting all resources to the COVID-19 pandemic.
The hospitals, their ICUs are empty, essentially, and they're shutting down floors, they're furloughing patients, they're furloughing doctors because we just don't have the volume.
So we're busy with paperwork for COVID, and we're all focusing on COVID.
He then went over the COVID-19 numbers for the state of California.
We've seen 1,227 deaths in the state of California.
That means you have a 0.03 chance of dying from COVID-19 in the state of California.
And for the state of New York?
you have a 0.03 chance of dying from COVID-19 in the state of California.
And for the state of New York.
19,410 out of 19 million people, which is a 0.1% chance of dying from COVID in the state of New York.
And then compared these numbers to the seasonal flu in...
45 million total cases in 2017 with about 62,000 deaths or a 0.13 chance of death from flu in the United States.
cases in 2017 with about 62,000 deaths, or a 0.13 chance of death from flu in the United
States. So the lethality of COVID-19 is much less.
He then went on to report what is happening as a result of the shutdown and millions of
hard-working people losing their jobs.
Child molestation is increasing at a severe rate.
We could go over multiple cases of children who have been molested due to angry, Family members who are intoxicated, who are home, who have no paycheck.
These things last a lifetime.
This isn't about a seasonal flu.
These are things that will follow these people and affect them in a negative fashion for their life.
And these are for me talking to ERs, talking to my doctors, and talking to people... Alright, let's stop right there.
If you go to Bandot Video, the full hour and five minute long press conference has 1.4 million views.
It needs 50 million views.
But every day we have doctors like this.
Now here's a new clip.
It's at Bandot Video as well from David Knight Show Friday.
Let's put that on screen.
German forensic professor calls out COVID lies on TV.
He's the top forensics expert in Hamburg over the hospital, the police departments, everything.
And there he is on national German television.
And David Knight covered it and read over the German subtitles on Friday.
The full piece is at Band.Video.
This needs to go viral as well.
Let's hear from Professor Dr. Klaus Puschel.
Here it is.
So she's introducing him, talking about his credentials.
They autopsied everybody who died of COVID-19 in Hamburg.
In his opinion, the fear of the virus is exaggerated.
COVID-19 is a comparatively harmless disease.
She's my guest now in the studio.
A very warm welcome to you, Professor Puschel.
Thank you for joining us.
You think the corona is affecting us and society in a completely inappropriate and exaggerated way.
Is that right?
I stand by that.
To make it clear, I'll say that I think it's completely exaggerated.
For example, when this virus is referred to as a killer virus, when people are very afraid of it, I think it's really completely inappropriate when a president tells his people we're at war.
Or when the German Chancellor compares the situation to the last World War.
We have a virus here that we already know in principle.
However, this is a new version which came to us as a pandemic.
So we have to react to it in a very special way.
It's the fear that always eats souls.
Oh, that's good.
The fear that always eats souls.
We don't have to be particularly afraid.
There are many other dangers occurring in life that affect us far more.
Ten days ago, she says in an interview with a major newspaper, you said that you hadn't had a single case of COVID-19 on your dissection table.
Not one had died from the illness of COVID-19 without another pre-existing condition.
Is that still the case?
Yes, that remains the case.
All COVID-19 deaths for this region, which have now passed 100, have been autopsied and each one had serious pre-existing diseases.
They were between 50 and 100 years old.
The average age is 80 years old.
This indicates clearly these people, these are people who aren't in good general condition.
Here I must add that they all had at least one special or rather even several diseases.
The same thing we heard from Italy.
Cardiovascular disease, heart attack, enlarged heart, constriction of the coronary arteries, calcification of the arteries, chronic obstruction... All right, calm it down.
The full reports at Bandai Video.
Now, when I come back, I'm going to explain why this is so important.
This is the Hoax of Hoaxes.
This will take down all of civilization, all of society, forced inoculation, implantable microchips, total control.
This is the rollout of the Chinese communist social credit score.
This is the excuse for the post-human world.
Listen to me.
This is an emergency.
Tell everyone you know, tune in now.
we can stop these people.
(upbeat music)
And I may get to some of it next hour, but really, you have to understand that this COVID-19 thing is the launch of the new World Water Take-Up.
So everything else is just a side issue.
I mean, in Georgia.
The original police report said that somebody been robbing the houses, taking guns, taking fishing equipment, stealing four-wheelers, and that this dude went into the house and they saw him and then they got in a fistfight with him and they shot the guy.
I think that's too much lethal force and I wouldn't have done it, but that's what happens when people, you know, look like they're robbing houses and the media is trying to make a race war out of this.
Do I think these guys need to go to prison for what they did?
Probably not.
Because the guy took swings at him.
And let me tell you, I don't care if you're black or white, especially in places like Georgia or rural Texas, you start getting in people's houses and stuff, you're going to get your ass shot.
I mean, I won't even cut through somebody's yard because I get it.
But to me, I've transcended all this race business.
It's the human race.
But is there an entitlement in the left?
I mean, I saw the comments on Twitter about the guy that got killed now that it came out that he was going to people's houses and doing things like the police report originally said.
Oh, well, he doesn't deserve to die.
Well, you wait till your house gets robbed.
I don't care if you're black or you're white.
If I catch you in my house, I'm going to shoot you.
It's that simple.
But again, that's the big story right now.
30 million extra people are starving to death right now, according to the UN.
And I don't just believe their numbers.
I follow these.
That's accurate.
Normally, 10 million are starving to death a year.
It's going to be three times that, four times that.
135 million are on the edge of starvation.
200 plus million could starve.
The third world is almost completely dependent on the first world.
That's real.
But you don't hear the Black Panther Party Or the Democratic Party talking about that.
They're like, oh, be a hero, keep locked down.
You want to talk about killing brown people in India and Africa and Latin America?
It's happening right now.
And so let's just bypass all this.
But when you do take millions of African migrants right off the streets of Nigeria, you name it, and dump them in Georgia, it's not going to be pretty.
Because in places like Nigeria, in places, you either are part of a clan and a group or you starve to death.
Or you run around and rob people.
And I know a lot of liberals, man, that were liberal, but they went to Africa and experienced it for themselves.
I'm talking about black liberals.
And believe me, they got a nice appreciation for America after they went to Africa.
Go to Africa, see what it's like.
The Africans hate other Africans so much in most areas, it'll make your head spin.
And they kill each other constantly, and it's very sad.
But if you teleported yourself back 800 years ago, 1,000 years ago to England, you'd have the Britons and the Scots killing each other.
This is what goes on, and it's called the Law of the Jungle.
So, let me do this.
I'm gonna start the next hour, and I'm gonna get into what's coming next in the New World Order.
And why we must not comply with any of the COVID hysteria.
I got most of this right 13 weeks ago, but it took us time to analyze it and study it and look at Event 201 and look at the Rockefeller Foundation reports like lockstep.
But now, about 95% of what we thought they were doing, it turned out was accurate and exactly what they wanted to do with the global ID, the forced inoculations, it's all happening.
And again, I want to explain something.
This is not your normal RNA learned immunity.
Vaccine just means put something in your body.
You know, they could call cyanide a vaccine.
People roll their sleeve up, get a shot and die.
And it's like, well, it's the, it's the vaccine that saves the earth.
So it's all being announced.
And so it's critical for folks to understand what's coming next.
And if anybody knows what's coming next, it's myself.
Because I live this.
I eat, drink, and sleep it.
This is who I am.
And I've studied these people so much that I know more than most of their top people because most of them are just into partying and compartmentalized and they follow orders.
It's only a very select few at the top that run this thing, and I've studied their writings and what they've said and what they've done, and we know what their school of thought comes out of.
Eugenics, Sir Thomas Malthus, Francis Galton, Sir Francis Galton, the robber barons, the social Darwinists.
And we know their plan.
And that's why people go, my God, how does Jones know all this?
He must be psychic.
We're all a little psychic, aren't we?
But that's not where I get this information.
I get it through research and having the courage to admit the truth and what we're facing.
So I'm going to lay out for you next hour, What's going to happen if you don't say no and where this is going to lead?
And I want to talk to the prodigal sons out there, because I don't want to talk to the audience that are great activists that get what's happening from your own research, your own discernment, your own spiritual connection.
But I do care about the lost sheep.
Those we can still get to wake up, because I want you to know, if you're pretending like you're part of the power structure and you think going along with this will get you some monetary gain in the short term, That's not actually how this works.
Those of you that serve the system now are going to be destroyed first.
All that previous behavior where submitting got you ahead, that's over now.
Now submitting is going to get you dead.
Because now they're admitting, oh these vaccines are actually going to hurt you.
But if you want to travel, leave your house, or have a job, you're going to have one.
It's all being announced right now.
There's no way out of this but to be honest and be based in reality.
And I'm sorry, to quote the Matrix, all I'm offering is the truth, nothing else.
You take the blue pill, you go back into Wonderland and have your soul taken and die.
Take the red pill, show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.
And believe me, folks, I've been way, way, way, way down the rabbit hole
or up the waterfalls, actually, what I should say.
But I'm going to leave that to another time.
Just understand this.
This is a jumping-off point.
The third dimension is a very important place in the universe.
And it's the intersection of good and evil.
You're at the crossroads.
You can call Earth crossroads.
Jump point.
The portal.
And you're not going to go to the next level unless you've been tested.
And God is perfect.
But if God was ashamed of anything, it would be the fact that you have to be tested.
But that's just the way it is, isn't it?
Because giving you free will and making a new sentient being that has the seed of the universe and your potential to create whole universes yourself, to be given that gift, you must then be given the gift to fail and succeed.
I'm going to go to break.
We are Lister Supported.
We're under the greatest attack we've ever been under.
You notice everybody else is shut down.
No one else has their own multimedia platform that's pro-human.
It's like watching the tyranny rise like an ocean and we're a tall mountain.
Now we're just a hill and now the water is lapping up.
We're like a lighthouse now on a promontory in a storm.
The water's rising, but when you financially support us, and when you spread the word, and when you pray for us, it's like the mountain grows.
So even though the sea rises, we rise above it.
But the waves are crashing in now, and actually foam is hitting me in the face now.
And others I watched beneath the waves, all those that incrementally submitted and thought they were winners and thought they'd be, you know, in charge.
All those that compromise the New World Order will be destroyed.
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All right, our number two, and the secrets of the New World Order and what's coming next.
Choose your destiny.
When we come back, stay with us.
Attention American slaves, you are not allowed to say Chinese virus or we will arrest you.
The local San Antonio News reported the tyrannical violation of free speech like it was business as usual.
San Antonio City Council unanimously passed a so-called anti-hate resolution regarding COVID-19.
Deliberate use of terms like Chinese virus and Kung Fu virus encourages hate crimes against Asians and spreads misinformation.
While the liberal echo chamber reverberating around the San Antonio City Council was oblivious to the volcanic outrage declaring, as San Antonio, Texas, investigator-reporter Jai Avila described on Twitter, resolution being voted on by San Antonio City Council this morning labels terms, quote, Chinese virus and, quote, Kung Fu virus as hate speech.
And all persons are encouraged to report any such anti-semitic, discriminatory, or racist incidents to the proper authorities for investigation.
Chinese virus?
Yeah, it doesn't add up.
Why do you keep calling this the Chinese virus?
There are reports of dozens of incidents of bias against Chinese Americans in this country.
Your own aide, Secretary Azar, says he does not use this term.
He says ethnicity does not cause the virus.
Why do you keep using this?
A lot of people say it's racist.
It's not racist at all, no.
Not at all.
It comes from China.
Texas Senator Ted Cruz lambasted the San Antonio City Council, saying, this is nuts.
San Antonio City Council behaving like a lefty college faculty lounge, triggered by Chick-fil-A and the words Wuhan virus.
If they want to investigate someone, start with the New York Times and CNN, who both repeatedly and rightly referred to it as the Chinese coronavirus.
The measure was passed unanimously by the San Antonio City Council moments after Senator Cruz's tweet.
Council member Manny Pelaez said during the voting process, hate speech is more dangerous than the virus itself.
Actually, tyranny is far more dangerous than the virus itself, but even pointing that out may become the next criminal act.
As the Rutherford Institute discovered after defending the right for pro-immigration consultant Evelyn Zainang Smith, who was charged with and convicted of violating an immigration statute, making it a crime to encourage or induce an alien to reside in the U.S.
in violation of the law.
On appeal, she argued that she had not misled the workers, and that statute's ban on encouraging another to stay in the country violates the First Amendment.
Whichever side you may stand on the issue of immigration is moot, because in refusing to strike down an overly broad Law criminalizing pro-immigration speech, the U.S.
Supreme Court has now paved the way for the government to punish anyone engaging in so-called
anti-government speech that encourages resistance to tyranny through civil disobedience.
The Rutherford Institute, in conjunction with the ACLU and the Service Employees International
Union, filed an amicus brief in the case, arguing that the statute is overbroad and
could serve as a model for laws used to punish anyone who urges resistance to government
I'm looking for that 5% that's willing to stand up.
We're rapidly approaching that momentum point.
America has not been sold out by Americans.
America has been sold out by traders.
And we've sold out America in that we haven't punished traders.
The rug is slowly being pulled out from under us.
Is it not those with which we have entrusted with wielding the acumen of governance,
who are promoting their own hate speech toward the foundations of our individual freedoms?
Displayed like the one that we saw at our Capitol is not representative of who we are in Michigan.
There were swastikas and Confederate flags and nooses and people with assault rifles.
We're hearing a lot of reports around here and I know I've seen some stuff going on statewide.
It's not a contest to see what you can get away with.
It's a contest to see how well you can stay at home.
I'm seeing a lot of rebellion out here against your orders, which have been called tyrannical,
against local health department orders, being acquitted to Nazism.
It's not a contest to see what you can get away with.
It's a contest to see how well you can stay at home.
By what authority did you nullify the Bill of Rights in issuing this order?
How do you have the power to do that?
That's above my pay grade, Tucker, so I wasn't thinking... Welcome, my friends.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
We're live on this Sunday, May 10th, 2020 Global Transmission.
So the Democratic Party, the UN, they've come out and said, you know, this lockdown is really good because it's going to kill the consumer society and the whole service economy.
And that's so bad for the earth.
So wait a minute.
We were told don't have industry, don't have farming, work in retail or work in service.
And that'd be good for the earth.
Remember in the 80s and 90s and 2000s.
And now we're told, oh, no, no service economy is obsolete.
It's non-essential.
And then 200 quote Hollywood stars led by Robert De Niro, Hanoi Jane, and the usual suspects like Madonna came out.
And now Tom Hanks has joined them.
I have a video of Tom Hanks talking about, you're the chosen ones that don't leave your houses and don't go to school.
You're the chosen ones in the reset to save the earth.
Now it's about cutting the carbon.
They didn't choose toxic waste or genetic engineering or Burning down the rainforests is their latest thing to try to get money and control.
No, no.
It's carbon dioxide that we exhale, that plants breathe.
Part of the carbon cycle.
Sunlight, water, oxygen, carbon dioxide is what you need for life on Earth.
Don't have one of those things, bye-bye.
Carbon dioxide, oxygen, water, sunlight.
Well, we all know water's good.
We all know sunlight's good.
We all know oxygen's good.
Even the dumbest person doesn't think that's toxic.
So carbon dioxide!
Talk to the average leftist, they think it's carbon monoxide.
I used to go out and use the technical name for salt.
Sounds really toxic, and I'd get... Lee and McAdoo got a guy going, I'm a chemist, I agree, baby.
Let's ban the technical name of salt.
That sounds poisonous.
So, they know what they're doing.
And so they say an element for life on this earth is bad.
So let's talk about that, ladies and gentlemen.
What is the big picture?
You know, they had the Attorney General, who is known as being a clown, but a very aggressive political communist, Letitia James, come out a month ago and say, Alex Jones says he has a cure and a treatment for COVID-19.
There's no video of me saying I have a treatment for COVID-19, no video of me saying I have a cure for it.
But she said that.
And she said I'm a criminal.
Because she gets her walking orders from the NIH and from Fauci, who don't want you to have any hope, and they're pissed that I'm up here saying this virus is like the common cold.
But it's been patented by Bill and Melinda Gates.
That's come out.
It's been prepared so they own it.
Because they couldn't get a vaccine for the common cold.
But if they make a new common cold that's got some other facets to it, now they can own that and control that and have new versions of that that come out that I believe will be more deadly in the future.
And I'll get into that in a moment.
But imagine that.
I'm up here saying, have hope.
This isn't as deadly as they say.
And of course, I've been proven right.
I told you 12, 13 weeks ago that it's not as deadly as they say.
And now all the bell curves from Sweden to the U.S.
show it 30, 40 times not as high a death rate as they said.
And that's what all the graphs.
Now I've got a bunch of the graphs right here.
That's what all the graphs show.
That's what the reality shows.
They said 5 million dead Americans if you don't do what we say and never leave your house again.
Oh, then it was 3 million, then 2 million, then a million, then 800,000.
And now, oh, it might hit 100,000.
Way worse than Trump thought.
Way worse than we thought.
That's all over the news today.
Oh, it might be at 100,000.
We can never leave our houses.
It's worse than we thought!
And you're like, I don't have a memory?
I do have a memory.
You said 5 million.
You said 3 million.
You said 2 million.
Why have we stayed in our houses?
Maybe a million!
We'd be lucky!
And now we learn that they plan to keep us locked down seasonally forever.
But that's okay.
Because Senator Murphy The Democrat senator that openly says I should be taken off the air, he says 70 million Americans died in a tweet.
And people thought that they would remove the tweet.
Haven't, as of Showtime.
Because that's the face of a lunatic criminal, an anti-American danger right there.
He says to save America, we must remove Alex Jones from the air.
Yeah, so you can say 70 million people died.
Hey dude, 100,000 haven't died yet, and they're counting every death.
Car wrecks, electrocution, drowning, cancer.
And even Fauci has to admit that.
Then I got a stack of articles right here.
400 workers at Missouri Pork Plant.
All asymptomatic.
Fox News.
None of them sick from it.
Because the tests are fake.
Triumph Foods.
70% of workers test positive COVID-19.
Almost all have no symptoms.
On and on and on and on.
But this guy says 70 million dead.
What's that?
20% of the U.S.
Guys, average $70 million into $350 million?
Give me the exact number.
What does $70 million average into $350 million is about what our population is?
Officially, it's $333 million.
But we know there's a bunch of illegal aliens, so let's use conservative numbers.
$350 million.
So, again, this is what we're fighting is total lies, total fraud, but the fraud can't survive if we're on air.
The fraud can't survive if you're speaking out.
The fraud can't live in that environment, politically.
So the fraud, the scam, ambulance chaser lawyers, they want you and I silenced so they can run roughshod over all of us.
Oh, but Trump, it's much worse than we thought.
It could hit 100,000.
Oh, it's all Trump's fault.
It turned out COVID was worse than we thought!
It might be 100,000 dead!
And now forever, anyone that ever had the flu or a cold.
He's testing positive just like papayas and goats test positive when major biologists tested on the testing kits because they're designed as frauds.
And they pay off the hospitals $13,000 plus to have a COVID patient, $39,000 to snake a tube down your throat.
So my mind hit it.
I said 20%.
I don't think about it.
I get it right.
So $70 million out of $350 million is 20%.
So the senator from the Junior Citizen, the junior senator out of Connecticut, the one quarterbacking the lawsuits against me publicly, the bunch of former federal prosecutors who work for Obama running it, what nice people, he says 20% of America is dead.
Let's do the math.
Let's do 80,000.
Let's round up from 78,000 they say are dead right now.
Let's say 80,000 divided into 350 million.
Let's say 80,000 divided into 350 million.
What is that?
It's not even 1%, ladies and gentlemen.
But see, it doesn't matter, because Senator Murphy said 70 million are dead, and he's God.
So shut up, America.
All right, so let me go over the horizon with you when we come back.
It's 0.022857142857143.
Well, it's 0.02.
But see, it doesn't matter because you go around the general public
I heard 70 million died, yeah!
Trump did it, yeah!
I'm like, hey, millions are starving to death because of it.
I don't care about them!
I'm wearing a mask!
I'm a hero!
The news said I'm a hero!
I survived COVID-19 like it was... Tom Hanks is like, you're like people that survived World War II or Vietnam.
You're just the biggest heroes I've ever seen.
Pat yourself on the back!
I got the Tom Hanks video.
It's sick.
You need to know what heroes you are that you live through it.
You live through them taking every flu and every pneumonia death.
We've got the graphs of normally happen and put it in the COVID stack.
That's why they came up with a normal cold virus, but engineered it so they own it, so they can patent it.
And then now anyone that ever has a cold is suspect and bad, and you gotta have microchips and vaccines to leave your house, and it's all being announced!
My God, they're going for everything!
They're taking us a trillion miles!
If we give him an inch, we say no, no, no!
Submission is death!
And Bill Gates admits the vaccine will hurt a bunch of people!
My God, he's coming with a weapon!
Welcome back, I'm Alex Jones, your host.
There is a section on the New York Times now called Information War.
And in it, they attack a famous virologist that worked with Fauci and exposed him for fraud and the whole HIV situation and drugs that actually killed people that he and others made a lot of money off of.
That was all in the news at the time.
I mean, but they just think we're stupid and don't have memories.
Well, they went on in those articles to say that, you know, she's just a absolutely terrible, horrible person.
I'm a terrible, horrible person.
And they go on to say, it's just not true.
That vaccines can lower your immunity when you take them to other pathogens, even though I've got a stack of studies here where they fact-check Dr. Judy Mikovits.
Getting flu shot every year.
More might not be better.
All these big studies that lowers your immunity.
Major German, Canadian studies.
Getting flu shot two years in a row may lower protection.
And it just goes on.
Oh, but the New York Times.
Virus conspiracy theorist.
Like we're in a conspiracy now.
Elevate a new champion.
Oh, oh.
There's the French Nobel Prize winner.
COVID-19 made in lab.
When I first reported this a month ago, they went, it's fake news.
Then the fact checkers went, actually, it's true.
But again, I didn't first say that.
Top scientists did.
But they don't want to discuss because Fauci and Bill and Melinda Gates and the NIH are on record when it became illegal here in 2015 to give gain-of-function to SARS-Corona family viruses, meaning it spreads worse, spreads easier.
That's definitely what this virus adds, is bigger legs.
Then they would get the blame.
And now even Newsweek reports Fauci funded controversial COVID research.
Coronavirus research.
They don't want you calling it coronavirus, so they change it to COVID-19 to confuse you and get you off the track.
So what's coming next, ladies and gentlemen?
There isn't a lot of media left.
Everything is completely censored now.
Other than, say, Tucker Carlson on mainstream news.
Everyone's being kicked off Twitter, Facebook, YouTube.
It's just a reign of terror.
Medical doctors, scientists, hospitals, Cedars-Sinai can't come out and say Trump's right.
It's just total control.
And this is true authoritarianism.
And the fact that Congress won't act because they're just conditioned to go, oh, it's a private company.
And the fact that the public doesn't even value speech shows that we're in a lot of trouble because now they're going to have the corporations and the blue cities and the blue counties, the blue states say, whether it's Germany or whether it's South Korea or whether it's the United States, the UK, they're just going to say, Canada already announced they want forced inoculations as soon as the vaccine comes out, even though scientists go, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Any vaccine can have bad side effects.
That's an RNA vaccine.
A little bit of the bad thing in your body learns how to defeat it.
So to have it, you know, be unattenuated.
It still has side effects, still has problems.
Still lowers immunity in general when you learn to be immune that way.
It's a fact.
It has side effects.
It's on the damn insert.
Don't believe me?
Go get the insert.
Not the fact sheet Walgreens or CVS or Walmart gives you.
Or Target.
Or the pharmacy.
You want the insert.
They've got laws they're introduced, by the way, to ban getting the insert.
Big Pharma doesn't want to have to have the insert anymore.
So they've already got the drug trials of seven different vaccines that Bill and Melinda Gates are funding alone.
And it's a DNA vaccine that goes into your cell nucleus like a virus.
That's what it is, actually.
It's an engineered virus.
It's live.
And programs your cell to accept it and then know how to defeat it.
I mean, this is This is 21st century.
And in the trials, it just kills the pigs, the cows, the rats, or it does nothing.
I've read this, look up the studies yourself.
It either does nothing or it penetrates.
Woo baby!
And that's why Bill Gates famously, let's cue that up, said three weeks ago, we need liability protection because if one in 10,000 gets sick, it's more like one out of three, we'll have 700,000 people that get sick or get hurt.
You know, like autoimmune disorders, or... You know, if a baby got stung by a bee, a lot of times they have an autoimmune response and have convulsions and become brain damaged or die.
Why would you put dozens of shots into a baby?
Because you're trying to create an autoimmune response.
What do you think a bee sting is?
But when your baby has the convulsion in the hospital, they've got to admit, okay, your baby's brain damaged for life, sorry.
You get a secret vaccine payout that Fauci set up in 2000, in 1986, the vaccine damage fund that's paid out $4 billion, last time I checked, in secret courts to people whose kids died, or, or, but that's only if you have the convulsion there at the hospital.
If they convulse in the car, the SWAT team comes, because there'll be blood on the brain, they'll do a CAT scan and say, this child has blown the brain, you beat your baby, or you beat your 18-month-old that came in for their third round of shots.
You're like, no I didn't, they're like, You're going to prison.
Grand jury?
And the grand jury says, Howl Hitler and indict your ass.
But Australia found 10 years ago in a big national study, shaken baby and sudden infant death syndrome was the vaccine.
So did Japan.
And Japan said, stop giving it to kids under 18 months.
But we're not going to stop here.
The vaccine makers are going to double down with enjoyment.
And Bill Gates, we have the clip ready.
Couldn't hear you over the mic, say it again.
Oh great, here it is.
Here, we clearly need a vaccine that works in the upper age range because they're most at risk of that.
And doing that so that you amp it up so it works in older people and yet you don't have side effects.
You know, if we have, you know, 1 in 10,000 side effects, that's, you know, way more 700,000, you know, people who will suffer from that.
Really understanding the safety at gigantic scale across all age ranges, you know, pregnant, male, female, undernourished, existing comorbidities, it's very, very hard.
And that actual decision of, okay, let's go and give this vaccine to the entire world, governments will have to be involved because there will be some risk and indemnification needed before that can be decided on.
I just showed mainstream news articles about $4 billion paid out to brain damage your dead kids' families, and recently $6 million for Gardasil for little girls that died when they were given the shot.
Be a good girl when you're 11.
Get your shot.
Attacks your ovaries, attacks your brain.
It's a live virus.
So, they're going to have real trouble covering up all the death and everything, but this is about depopulation.
And they can put in Trojan horses into this DNA vaccine where there's no telling what they're going to do, but you know with the history of secret experimentation that's gone on against populations that it's going to be absolutely devastating.
And in trials, Already of COVID-19 in New Guinea, where you get the term guinea pig, no joke, they've already had mass death on the local news.
They come in, they inject the children and the women, and they just start convulsing and dying everywhere.
That's okay!
Because again, there's too many people, right?
And then they tell the health departments, well, some people do die, but let's just, uh, you know, not make a big deal out of it.
So, I personally know people that have been sterilized by Gardasil.
Oh, and now they give it to little boys, too.
Alright, we'll get into even more hardcore information straight ahead.
I'm sorry this is so hardcore, folks, but you deserve to know what's coming next.
They're coming to kill you and your family.
I've got a tiger by the tail that's plain to see.
I won't be much when you get through with me.
He never gives up.
He's Alex Jones, broadcasting from deep in the heart of Texas, worldwide.
So I'm breaking down what's coming next.
And look, I'm sorry this is a dystopia.
And I'm sorry that the Soviets were an evil group of masterminds wanting global domination.
I'm sorry the Nazis were another group wanting that.
And I'm sorry that any culture they took over, they would exterminate the useless leaders.
Well, the globalists are building a world where humans are obsolete.
We're allowing them to phase out everything that's pro-human, everything that's manufactured by humans.
They're making us worthless.
They're training us to be a bunch of entertained evil slobs that don't care about unborn babies or third world populations.
So now we give up our birthright and become slaves and then become obsolete so we can be phased out.
They're building a dystopia for power and control.
When it's actually so easy to empower humanity and see us go to the stars.
They are a globalist virus inflicting us with failure.
So that they can manage us and control us.
It's the ultimate form of selfishness.
And now there's no more denial.
They're all over the news saying children need microchips to leave their houses.
Bill and Melinda Gates do have patents and are proposing a digital ink.
In the vaccines before you can leave your house.
It's on the news.
And they'll come out and announce it and then come out and say, oh, it's not true.
Don't listen to Alex Jones.
Here's USA Today.
You will get chipped.
Meanwhile, as death from Mount Trump tries to convince Americans it's safe to inch back to normal.
And Hollywood says There is no normal.
It was supposed to be 5 million dead, 2 million dead.
It's all BS.
Everyone dying is old.
Everyone dying already had multiple conditions.
How many hospital heads have to come out and tell you that?
But then they get banned.
Let me say this right now.
The globalists can't have all the vaccine adverse reactions when that's really what they're meant to do.
They can't have all the mutations and all the cancer and all the infertility and all the sterilization and all the autoimmune disorders that are on the damn inserts doing it to you.
And all the billions secretly paid out by the secret courts in Europe and here.
And all the governments starting to ban it overseas.
So they've got to have internet control.
I remember the old Google that would put to the top Everything that was most prestigious by people clicking on it.
And it was all these studies from major scientific institutions.
Most of them aren't evil, they're compartmentalized.
Saying, you know, Canadian studies, German studies, French studies, Russian studies, U.S.
studies, Brazilian studies, saying, we find that vaccines are giving people allergies.
We find vaccines are lowering fertility.
We find vaccines are contaminated with fetal material and cancer viruses.
Remember the troops getting given the experimental anthrax shot and how many of them died?
And then it stopped?
Remember all the congressional hearings?
Remember the swine flu vaccine killing over 10,000 people back in the 70s?
And people remember this.
They remember when they got sick taking a vaccine or seeing their kid get sick.
And so then they see Bill and Melinda Gates in the last five years patenting all these coronavirus chimeras with Wuhan for a vaccine.
They've got the ingredients now.
And they play all these games.
What's crazy is, used to you could type in, studies show vaccines lower immunity the next year.
All those are gone.
I spent an hour today.
While my children play with my wife in the pool, I wanted to be out there, but I had to find the articles and I went and found three big studies from just a few years ago about it lowering immunity.
But folks, I had to go 50 pages deep.
I had to find old articles and link through.
It's all nothing, but there is no side effects.
Vaccines are perfect.
No one ever got hurt.
They're totally good.
It's all lies.
And all these fake doctors and their little, you know, lab coats.
When I say fake, they're fake people, you know, in their little outfits telling you, oh, vaccines are perfect.
There's no side effects.
Everything's wonderful.
Oh my God, it's the worst pandemic on earth.
all this emotional crap that I'll get to next segment.
Because they can't allow you to see what's really going on.
But you go to a Walgreens and you tell them, I want the flu shot insert, not the fact sheet, the insert.
They gotta give it to you by law still.
It's like Bible paper.
It's real thin.
You have to unfold it.
It's a little cube.
And you go, but we've got to do a project.
We start a new website that goes and finds all those studies that are hidden, that are up there for you, because this is total informational suppression, ladies and gentlemen.
Now, here's just a compilation of a two-day event, December 2nd and 3rd, 2019, at the UN World Health Organization, with their top scientists, including the director of vaccines, admitting they're untested, they're dangerous, and doctors think they're bad.
Here's what they don't want you to see.
We really don't have very good safety monitoring systems in many countries and this adds
to the miscommunication and the misapprehensions because we're not able to give clear-cut answers when
people ask questions about the deaths that have occurred due to particular vaccine and this always gets blown up in
the media.
One should be able to give a very factual account of what exactly has happened and what the cause of deaths are
but in most cases there's some obfuscation at that level and therefore there's less and less trust.
The first accusation is it is the adjuvant.
And yet, without adjuvants, we are not going to have the next generation of vaccines.
And many of the vaccines that we do have, ranging from tetanus through to HPV, require adjuvants in order for them to work.
When we add an adjuvant, it's because it is essential.
We do not add adjuvants to vaccines because we want to do so.
But when we add them, it adds to the complexity.
Causes an autoimmune response.
And I give courses every year on how do you develop vaccines, how do you make vaccines.
And the first lesson is, while you're making your vaccine, if you can avoid using an adjuvant, please do so.
Back it up 10 seconds.
Did you hear that?
These are the directors of the whole program.
Did you hear Gates earlier say, ramp it up!
Ramp it up!
That'll hurt young people even more!
They're getting you ready to die!
Develop vaccines, how do you make vaccines?
And the first lesson is, while you're making a vaccine, if you can avoid using an adjuvant, please do so.
It seems to me that adjuvants multiply the immunogenicity of the antigens that they are Added to.
And that is their intention.
It seems to me they multiply the reactogenicity in many instances.
And therefore it seems to me that it is not unexpected if they multiply the incidence of adverse reactions that are associated with the antigen but may not have been detected through lack of statistical power in the original study.
The major health concern which we are seeing are accusations of long-term effects.
It's also the subject population that you administer the adjuvant to because we've seen data presented to us where In adjuvant, in particular adjuvant added to a vaccine antigen did really nothing when administered to a certain population and it's usually the elderly, you know, compared to administering the same formulation to younger age strata.
So these are things which need to be considered as well and further complicate safety and effectiveness evaluation of adjuvants combined with vaccine antigens.
I cast back my mind to our situation in Nigeria, where at 6 weeks, 10 weeks, 14 weeks, a child is being given different antigens from different companies.
And these vaccines have different adjuvants, different preservatives, and so on.
Something crosses my mind.
Is there a possibility of these adjuvants, preservatives, cross-reacting amongst themselves?
Have there ever been a study On the possibility of cross-reactions from the panel members that you can share the experience with us.
We have a very wobbly health professional front line that is starting to question vaccines and the safety of vaccines.
When the front line... Stop there.
We have hours of it at Bandop Video.
The top scientists, they get into people dying from it.
Why do you think people are allergic to peanuts when they never were?
Because they grew vaccines on peanuts.
They admit that.
That's just one of the things.
These people are killing us with enjoyment!
And I'm banned for warning you!
I want all listeners tuning into the Alex Jones Show here in the final segment of the Live Sunday Show to understand something.
Back in December, we put out large clips of the UN official WHO vaccine summit, where they admitted that vaccines are killing and hurting people, that there's obfuscation, that means a cover-up of it, and that most doctors now know the vaccines are hurting and killing people and there's a cover-up.
YouTube religiously bans this video that you just saw last segment, even when it's just them talking.
And they're banning medical doctors everywhere.
So is Twitter and Facebook that are speaking out against COVID-19 and the lockdowns and the overhyping with deaths and putting other deaths on the list of COVID-19.
This is a takeover and this is criminal.
And Google and others let the truth come out about vaccines so that Big Pharma came to their knees in the last five years and they now have merged with them.
So, big tech and big pharma are all merging.
They're all, all big six tech companies, really big five, are merging with the big six or seven pharma companies.
And now they're just not letting consumers have info.
It is, it is beyond T.S.
Lewis' The Jungle, the level of abuse of the citizens, the level of the abuse of consumers.
And then, and then remember, they have the Attorney General of New York wanting me criminally indicted.
Saying I'm selling coronavirus cures when I never said I have a cure or treatment for coronavirus.
Because it's Big Pharma selling vaccines that don't even protect you and has secret vaccine damage funds for the liability of them killing us.
And I just showed you all of that.
So here's Bill Gates, a few clips of what he's been saying recently.
Here it is.
It's a chance for us to share things like reducing childhood death and improving the nutrition.
So it's a chance to travel to Africa, meet with scientists.
We see a lot of things that are going very well.
Things like reducing childhood death and improving the nutrition.
So travel to Africa, meet with scientists.
We see a lot of things Uh, that are going very well.
Uh, things like reducing childhood death and, uh, improving the nutrition.
So, it's a chance to travel to Africa, meet with scientists.
We see a lot of things, uh, that are going very well.
Uh, things like reducing childhood death and... Uh, things like reducing childhood death and...
By the way, when I showed Drew one of the crew members that day, he thought, that's got to be a deep fake.
He went to the raw video of him on national TV.
He did say producing childhood death.
And we have clips of him saying we need to kill old people, death panels.
And we need to reduce the human population to 500 million.
I mean, and that he runs a depopulation operation.
You want to see all those clips?
I mean, he's saying it to you.
There's too many people, but he's got a shot to save you.
Oh, and his dad ran Planned Parenthood.
Oh, and his mom ran IBM with the IBM Trust when the head of IBM was a top Nazi.
Can't make that up.
These are all facts.
This is scientific dictatorship and we're not in the future of it.
Now there's a show that came out five years ago on Channel 4 in the UK.
It's been bought.
It's being remade right now by Amazon.
It's called Utopia.
It's about a dystopic future.
And in one episode, they talked about a binary weapon where there's one amino acid protein in the food.
That then, taken with what's in the vaccine, sterilizes you.
Well, it just so happens in real studies, in Russia and the US and China, that just GMO corn does this to the pigs they feed it to, and just the GMO soybeans fed to rats was creating 100% sterilization.
But again, they put it out in movies so that when it really happens, you're just conditioned to accept it all.
Let's go ahead and roll a piece from the show Utopium.
It was a protein that we bred into foodstuffs, okay?
A modification of corn!
We bred a corn with a softer husk.
It could be... It could be broken down.
Used in animal feeds.
Saved farmers billions.
Everyone wanted it!
Called Starlake.
It doesn't do anything.
Contains a modified amino acid that helps the softening process, but it's not necessary for it.
The amino acid is absorbed harmlessly into the body.
So you went through all that trouble to get this amino acid in food, and it does nothing?
Look, I'm just a cog!
I was paid!
I was just doing what I was told.
Janus consists of a protein and an amino acid.
Independently of each other, they're harmless.
But when they're brought together in the subject, they act as a genetic trigger that prevents chromosomal division.
The cell targeted can no longer replicate itself and is thereby rendered useless.
The change is permanent and hereditary.
And which cells are targeted?
Those that control fertility, Becky.
The purpose of Janus is to sterilize.
The purpose of Janus is to sterilize the entire human race.
One of the Bourne Supremacy movies, the Origin one, I forget the name of it, is very accurate and got into some really secretive research that's been going on since the 70s, but it's now public, that they can have viruses that are tailored to only eat certain receptors in the brain, and they do tests on these to eat the receptors that say, you have a governor where you can really bench press 1,000 pounds, but you can only bench press 400 pounds.
Or you can really squat 2,000 pounds, but you know, you're a weightlifter, you think you can't, so you can only squat 700.
And so it turns, so now you're superhuman.
Now, it's not that exact thing, but they did that on animals and things, and they can do it on humans, where they give you a vaccine.
It's really a live virus that goes in and eats certain parts of your brain.
They have nanotech viruses now, where they just purely design.
That's what a virus is, is nanotech.
It's RNA.
It's not technically alive.
It reproduces, but it's not alive.
In the classical sense.
And so you see that in the Bourne... What's the name of the Bourne movie that's the prequel?
The point is, is that that's real, folks.
And 30 years ago, they admitted again, vaccines that control behavior.
Oh, you'll never want to use heroin again because it goes in and eats those receptors.
Well, what do you think heroin and alcohol and nicotine and cocaine and caffeine hit different receptors because you're supposed to be able to receive that?
Because when I release an incredible, powerful documentary that reaches 20 million people, I get an endorphin high because I know that I'm doing a good job for humanity and I'm designed to do that.
It's called my conscience.
I'm following God's programming.
But if they can go in and destroy those areas that came over, that's stuff they admittedly have 30 years ago.
What's the name of the Bourne movie?
The Bourne Identity, that's right.
The Born Legacy.
So, there you go, ladies and gentlemen.
I'm telling you, this is all 2020.
But the future's here, it's not evenly distributed.
We're really like in 2060.
And they've got stuff way more advanced than the human clones and human chimeras they had 40 years ago.
I mean, Hitler was cloning rabbits in 1943.
The equations for atomic weapons are from Max Planck.
We're not in Kansas we never were.
And I want a pro-human future, and I want access to life extension.
Instead, our IQs are going straight down, cancer's going straight up, our life expectancy is going straight down, infant mortality is exploding.
We're dying!
And we're mesmerized by the TV!
But oh, I saw it in the Black Mirror episode!
China, 10 years ago, was already beta testing social credit scores and face scanning before Black Mirror ever came out.
So people see the exact Chinese credit score, that's the exact dial and the exact system because they use the real thing!
Just like Utopia!
They're telling you!
Because subconsciously, psychologists and psychiatrists know at the high levels, not your pop psychologists and psychiatrists, that if you pre-program somebody and they've seen something in the comfort of their home, that a decade later when they actually see it happen, they'll be comfortable with it because they were eating chips and pizza and having sex with their girlfriend while they learned about something horrible, so their brain files in an area that's non-threatening.
That's why my dad's dad saw a lot of combat in World War II.
And they'd be in a movie when he was a little kid that had violence, he'd say, we're leaving.
And it wasn't because he couldn't handle violence.
He'd seen a bunch of violence and starving people and arms and legs blown off.
He didn't think it was funny.
But when you've never seen real violence and you see a bunch of simulated murder, your brain starts thinking it's funny because your brain didn't pay any consequence for it.
So now when you're hit with the real thing, you don't know what hit you.
You're all dead unless you wake up to the scientific dictatorship that created Hitler.
I need funding, too.
I'm not backing down in the face of this.
We knew to build this.
I knew to build our own infrastructure.
I knew we'd be shut down if we couldn't hold them back and if they went into the emergence phase, going out of beta into operationals.
So I'm here.
I just want to try to turn this around.
If you don't share the articles and videos, you're insane.
We're doing the best job we can.
I don't need financial funding.
And I got great supplements and products and t-shirts and stuff that we need to fund our operation.
And you should be getting storable food for the long haul.
If I wasn't going to stay on air and fight these people, I would be bugging out, moving to the most rural area to go back to subsistence farming.
That'd probably move to West Virginia or Kauai or New Zealand under the globalist nose, because that's where you'll be somewhat safer, is right under wherever they're at.
They're already been evacuating for 20 years, preparing for the mass extermination.
And all these lockdowns are beta tests for when they release the real bioweapon in the future.
That all of you that have had the vaccine, binary weapon, won't be able to resist.
It's all binary weapons.
Get in there and wear your colors loud and proud.
Get a 5G Kills t-shirt or a Space Force t-shirt or an Infowars t-shirt today.
You have been warned!
Tomorrow's news today.
I'm here to tell you I don't need you to thank me and tell me I've done a good job.
I've done nothing but my duty.
I discovered a bunch of bloodthirsty scum coming after innocent people and I've been fighting them for 13 years and I'll never For 24 years, Alex Jones and Info Wars have been sounding the alarm for patriots worldwide.
Waking people up to the new world order.
Bohemian Grove.
The American deep state, the rise of communist China, the plan for global depopulation, and global elite pedophiles who prey off of our young.
The enemy has done their best to destroy us, but because of your support, our fight continues.
Join us.
Support the Info War, and together, we will slay the dragon.
Keep fighting, Alex.
You're the gladiator.
Everywhere I go, I'm now mobbed by people apologizing to me, saying, Alex, you talked about government pedophile rings and blackmail rings, you talked about GMO poisoning people, you talked about engineered bioweapons that would be used to bring down the world economy and bring in tyranny, you told us decades ago that drones would fly around policing us, shouting orders, and now it's all happening.
How did you know this?
Because the globalist think tanks are very public about their plans.
They think you're animals.
They think you're stupid.
So they talk about all this stuff in their reports to each other.
The end of the family.
How they could sterilize kids in the name of transgenderism.
How they're going to bring in world government.
How they're not going to let us leave our houses without smartphones that give us authorization.
That was 20 years ago.
And now, it's all rolling out at once.
That's how wars happen.
The enemy builds up the big corporate globalist system.
And then it launches its attack all of a sudden.
It's called a lightning war.
It's called a blitzkrieg.
And so, now we're under globalist attack.
Their weapon is fear.
Their weapon is panic.
Their weapon is economic collapse.
Their weapon is giant third world populations they've already exploited, using them as weapons to come in and bankrupt the countries even further.
Cloward and Pivot.
But we know their battle plan.
We understand their globalist operations.
And when you go anywhere on the internet where comments are allowed, almost everyone knows that Bill Gates is a eugenicist, depopulation operative, and is behind a lot of this.
And people know that the UN is lying and evil.
And they know that the CDC purposely brought in people that had the coronavirus.
And it's just exploding, the awakening right now.
The globalists did this because they were desperate.
Not because they're strong.
And if we speak out and expose the agenda and how they're behind most of this and using the crisis to take more of our freedoms, it will blow up in their face.
Infowars.com, Newswars.com, Band.Video is the modern Paul Revere system.
And when you spread the word, you are the modern Paul Revere.
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