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Name: 20200508_Fri_Alex
Air Date: May 8, 2020
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Alex Jones discusses how Trump is taking control away from Fauci and the rest of the NIH and WHO criminals. He believes they are trying to count every death in the country as a COVID-19 death to make the depression worse. Jones also talks about how the Obama administration targeted an innocent man, which he finds disgraceful. Additionally, he discusses a report questioning the science behind vaccines and argues that natural herd immunity may have played a role in smallpox outbreaks. He encourages listeners to share this information to defeat the hoax.

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Governor Newsom has gone too far.
Governor Newsom has stepped on our liberties and our freedoms.
As a physician, I can tell you, yes, this virus is dangerous, but as we see the statistics come in, we're realizing that the fatality rate of this virus is in the ballpark of a bad seasonal influenza.
What we're also knowing is that just like other respiratory viral illnesses in the past, we get over this virus by achieving herd immunity.
We can never achieve herd immunity by keeping the herd quarantined.
It's time that we protect the vulnerable and the most at risk, but we allow the young and the healthy to open the doors and go back to work.
Well, he spoke about it in the Oval Office yesterday.
He brought this story up, but the media responded by taking down their entire broadcast of what they did.
But I can tell you that we have a story coming up on
A big tech story, a huge tech story coming soon, and we're going to go right into the belly of the beast with these big tech firms and catch them in the act and get them to admit their political motivations, Alex.
So, we hope the President responds to that one when it comes out too.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
Trump is now doing the right thing, taking control away from Fauci and the rest of those NIH New World Order, WHO criminals.
He is now turning the economy back on.
They are going to count every death in this country, whether it's from shark attack or car wreck or heart attack, as COVID-19.
And the American people must expose the hoax or the depression that's already unfolding will destroy us all.
Here's the president last night calling out the human scum.
I didn't know that was happening at this moment.
I felt it was going to happen just by watching and seeing like everybody else does.
He was an innocent man.
He is a great gentleman.
He was targeted by the Obama administration, and he was targeted in order to try and take down a president.
And what they've done is a disgrace, and I hope a big price is going to be paid.
A big price should be paid.
There's never been anything like this in the history of our country.
What they did, what the Obama administration did, is unprecedented.
It's never happened.
Never happened.
A thing like this has never happened before in the history of our country.
And I hope a lot of people are going to pay a big price, because they're dishonest, crooked people.
They're scum.
And I say it a lot.
They're scum.
They're human scum.
This should never have happened in this country.
A duly elected president.
And they went after him by going after fine people.
And those fine people said, no, I'm not going to lie.
I can't lie.
He's not the only one.
There are many of them.
And they all said, I can't lie.
They could have said something like, oh, make up a lie.
Trump loves somebody or something or some country.
And they said, no, you wouldn't have any problem.
That's what they were trying to do.
And it's a disgrace.
The Obama Administration Justice Department was a disgrace.
And they got caught.
They got caught.
Very dishonest people.
But much more than dishonest.
It's treason.
It's treason.
Very powerful press conference.
We've got more of that press conference coming up today.
History is happening before our very eyes.
We're learning who's on the side of good.
We're learning who is on
The side of bad right now.
But on this Friday, May 8th, Global Transmission, we have a whole bunch of really exceptional guests as well.
We have Ivan Raiklin, a Defense Intelligence Agency former officer and lawyer and Green Beret and good friends with Michael Flynn, senior and junior.
And he, of course, brought Michael Flynn's son,
To our D.C.
event to lay out the treason just a few months ago.
We're going to air that speech here today as well.
He's going to be joining us at the bottom of the hour.
You know, folks, the inside scoop on what's coming next and the general, what he's planning next.
I'll just leave it at that and let Ivan Raiklin lay it out for you.
James O'Keefe doesn't need any introduction.
One of his greatest coups yet, exposing, indeed, that CBS and others are staging fake hospital lines.
Steve Pchenik, former head of psychological warfare operations for the State Department and the CIA, will be joining us to talk about the psychological operation being run against us by the Deep State.
And of course, Dr. Nick Begich as well, one of the top experts on the globalist takeover.
One of the first people to expose it in great detail 27 years ago.
We're exposing it.
His brother, of course, has been a famous U.S.
So that's all coming up today.
You want what's going on?
Tomorrow's news today.
You want to understand the trends?
You want to be able to call in with your views that we cherish and relish as well?
That's what this place is about.
That's what InfoWars is about, and that's why you have put us in the field, and that's why your support leads us into information warfare combat with the weapon, the Sword of Truth, and the shield that God's given us of your prayers.
I am Alex Jones, your host.
Whatever you do, remember, you are the hope.
When you spread the word about the broadcast, whoever you're listening to it, it breaks the globalist's back.
When you don't, we all lose.
Ladies and gentlemen, last night, San Antonio passed a completely 180-degree opposite of the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and common sense law, saying that if you say Chinese virus, you will be arrested and put into prison.
They also said anything the ADL deems as bad is arrestable.
So we now have the ADL ruling San Antonio and most other blue cities with their reign of terror.
We have Sacha Baron Cohen last year at the ADL, or I guess early this year, saying that anyone that says the UN wants replacement migration, that's third world populations to overtake the first world, which is an official UN plan on their website, should be arrested.
We're good.
Guilty plea, that's all come out.
Comey is scrabbling around trying to rally the deep state moles to continue to try to overthrow Trump in a tweet he put out.
Trump is taking control of the operation where they're trying to destroy the economy and is now ignoring the NIH, which is run by the WHO, which is a very good move and we should all be celebrating that.
But will he be successful?
Is it too late?
Buchanan's calling it his pivot and saying that it's very FDR-ish.
We're going to cover it all coming up.
But first, a powerful report that just went live at Bandot Video.
The pseudoscience of vaccines.
Big Pharma's final solution.
And again, this is a very powerful report.
Only way the dog hunts is if you share this on your email with friends and family, on your text message, word of mouth, Facebook and Twitter.
If you want to defeat these people, and we're very close to being able to defeat their whole hoax, then now is maximum effort.
Here it is.
In 1796, Edward Jenner extracted a small sample of an infected child's smallpox postule and injected it into a young healthy boy.
He then gave the boy a large dose of smallpox, and the boy remained healthy.
Jenner concluded that the risky treatment had granted the child miraculous immunity.
But that's how the immune system works already.
So what granted the child immunity?
His healthy immune system?
Or the injection of foreign infectious tissue?
The science is not conclusive.
Smallpox spread as a result of European colonization.
And it slowed as herd immunity set in.
This timeline coincides with the introduction of the smallpox vaccine.
Was it the vaccine?
Or was it natural herd immunity?
In some cases, the smallpox vaccine resulted in immunity.
In others, it resulted in death.
It also created smallpox outbreaks where there were none.
The 1902 Biologics Control Act classified vaccines as biologics.
This allowed the U.S.
government a loophole to bypass stringent testing and fast-track vaccines.
Ever since then, vaccines get approved once they produce antibodies.
And to this day, the efficacy tests are done on the general population after the vaccines are distributed to the public.
The Nazis were experimenting with vaccines on the German people, and the U.S.
decreed this to be a war crime when they signed the Nuremberg Charter after the war.
And yet, the practice of experimenting on the public with dangerous vaccines continues to grow in America.
In April of 1955, known today as the Cutter Incident, more than 200,000 healthy children in the USA received a polio vaccine that resulted in 40,000 cases of polio, leaving 200 children with paralysis and killing 10.
Today, the majority of polio is caused by the polio vaccine.
By the 1980s, vaccine manufacturers were losing money due to the amount of lawsuits they were paying out to victims of death and disease caused by vaccines.
It was well understood that negative reactions and fatality were unavoidable consequences of vaccines, and so they were given legal liability protection.
In 1986, the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act was passed by Congress to protect vaccine manufacturers from private lawsuits and to create a fund to compensate victims of vaccine damage and death.
In legal theory, vaccines are recognized as being unavoidably unsafe.
After the NCVIA passed, there was zero consequence to the vaccine manufacturers if their products killed or harmed the public.
This created a gold rush for vaccine companies.
A new vaccine accepted onto the CDC schedule is worth about a billion dollars a year for the manufacturer.
In the early 1980s, children received three vaccines.
In the decades following the implementation of the NCVIA, the CDC has increased their childhood vaccine schedule to almost six dozen doses.
During this same timeline, diseases began spiking, such as peanut allergies, asthma, eczema, and autism.
But because these possible outcomes are listed on the manufacturer's insert, the vaccine companies can never be found liable.
Studies have shown that the DTP vaccine is killing more people than the disease it was intended to prevent.
But the vaccine companies are not liable.
The four companies that produce the 72 scheduled vaccines, Merck, Pfizer, Sanofi Pasteur, and GlaxoSmithKline, are all convicted of felony crimes involving falsifying science and defrauding regulators, and killing hundreds of thousands of people.
And yet, they continue to make billions off of selling their experimental mandatory vaccines.
These same companies are also earning hundreds of billions of dollars by selling medications to treat all the emerging illnesses that have appeared since the increased vaccination schedule.
The U.S.
has some of the highest infant mortality rates in the world.
Scientific studies have shown a direct correlation between infant mortality rates and the amount of vaccines mandated to children.
The more doses mandated, the more children died.
The United States ranks the highest for the amount of experimental doses of children's vaccines mandated to the public.
And the third leading cause of death in America is due to medical errors.
Is this science denial?
Or is this science?
Starting in 2016, Bill Gates invested millions into vaccine manufacturer Moderna.
With zero profit and no significant clinical data, Moderna went public in 2018, valued at $7.5 billion.
In late 2019, Moderna's stocks were falling by 30%.
But was soon propped up by Anthony Fauci's NIH to develop a new experimental mRNA vaccine.
Traditional vaccines are made up of small doses of a disease-causing organism introduced into the body to provoke an immune system response.
mRNA vaccines trick the body into producing some of the vital proteins itself by rewriting the DNA inside a cell.
They have never before been implemented.
Even though the coronavirus is turning out to be less dangerous than the seasonal flu, the NIH is working with Bill Gates to vaccinate the entire global population with a new experimental type of vaccine that will rewrite our DNA.
And no matter how dangerous it turns out to be, Big Pharma will only continue to thrive.
For InfoWars.com, this is Greg Reese.
That's right, folks.
And Bill Gates is already pushing for liability protection worldwide for the DNA vaccine that reprograms your body.
And you know it's a Trojan horse.
The full report that you should share if you want to live seriously is the Pseudoscience of Vaccines, Big Pharma's final solution at Band.Video.
You are our only hope.
President Trump is betting on America.
Pat Buchanan has an article out saying President Trump's strategic pivot is like FDR saying the only thing we have to fear is fear itself.
Well, Trump's betting that you're not cowards, that you're not idiots, that you're not fools, and that when you were told, hey, lock yourselves down so that there's hospital beds for a couple weeks, you're like, sure, that sounds reasonable.
You didn't do it out of fear, you did it out of wanting to help.
But when you saw it wasn't about hospital beds, the hospitals were empty and they were attributing every death out there, from heart attacks, cancer, pneumonia, shark attack, automobile accident, gunshot wound, drowning, to COVID-19, which is now confirmed by Fauci.
And they said, oh, we're never closing.
And now 200 Hollywood stars, along with a bunch of billionaires, say, oh, it's good for the earth, never reopen.
And it's a death sentence, 135 million extra set to starve to death.
30 million starving to death right now, U.N.
And that Hobson's choice, that false dichotomy, that catch-22 that, oh, every death that happens is Trump's fault and is your fault if you don't stay in your house and wear your mask.
When our economy shuts down in the first world, the third world dies.
And that's a fact.
And so Trump is betting on the American people.
You know, I'm not a fan of Franklin Delano Roosevelt and some of his socialist policies.
I understand the country was in a collapse and that's what they did.
But when he said, the only thing we have to fear is fear itself, that was true then and it's even more true now.
Because we were fighting Hitler and the Japanese.
They were formidable.
This thing isn't even as strong as the flu!
But it's the vaccine that you should be scared of.
That's why it's man-made, so this deep state can own it.
Here's what Roosevelt had to say in December of 1941.
This is a day of national consecration.
And I am certain that on this day my fellow Americans expect that on my induction into the presidency I will address them with a candor and a decision which the present situation of our people impels.
So first of all, let me assert my firm belief that the only thing we have to fear is
And of course he said that at the beginning of his inauguration when he was coming in the middle of the depression and he said it again in 1941, the day after the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor.
Now, President Trump understands this and that's why when you're going down the hiking bike trail like I do almost every morning,
And people are 15 feet away and they get up against the bushes.
You just say, come on, it's not even as bad as the flu.
It's killing the third world.
Just stop it.
And I might go by 30 people before one person does that, but I go over and start having a conversation with them.
And a lot of times they go ahead and listen.
Sometimes they say F you Alex, because they're usually a leftist.
They're almost always a guy in a pink or green shirt.
I think it's pink or green shirts, but you know what I mean?
They're just into how they're gracious and they're good and I'm bad and they understand it's for the greater good.
No, the greater good is not acting like a bunch of cowards.
And of course you should take vitamin D3 all the time.
You should take zinc all the time.
Of course you should take vitamin B12 all the time.
They're all essential.
You die without them.
How do you die?
Your immune system shuts down and a regular cold or flu kills your ass.
Why do you think old folks die?
Their stomachs, their guts don't absorb things anymore.
But I digress.
People should get prepared in case Trump isn't successful because a lot of actuaries show even I said this last week I said this will take decades to recover from just in the actuaries and JP Morgan came out today and said 10 to 12 years for US economy to return to where it was.
Now I believe with
Confidence, people getting back in the economy.
We could stop that, but not if it doesn't happen quickly.
Because what they're finding is, here in Austin and other cities, I don't need to read statistics to know this, but I went and looked it up, it's true.
When the restaurants opened up, people didn't come, folks.
And when they ask them why, they go, I just feel like I'm not helping if I do.
They're not even scared of the virus, they just feel like shame.
Because you wear the cone of shame, the mask, and when you go to the stores, they boss you around and stuff at the big box stores.
You know, they're the only ones where you're allowed to go now.
So they're already in just a few months, what, 56 days, 57 days, we're habituated not to go to Mom and Pop's and to go to Walmart, Target, or other big stores and be bossed around by minimum wage jerks.
So here's the headlines.
Trump tightens grip.
Oh, the NIH and WHO are unelected.
The WHO calls the shots.
How about WHO tries to keep its grip around the U.S.
economy when the Chinese economy is already open?
Trump tightens his grip on coronavirus information as he pushes to restart the economy.
He tightens his grip, that dictator.
AP, Trump administration buries detailed CDC advice on reopening.
And he sidelines this scum now that he knows how bad they are.
The president didn't even know about Bill Gates and eugenics and his dad and the whole thing.
He does now.
He does.
Media Matters is so pissed.
With their Nazi collaborator, patron, Soros, this is all coming out.
Oh yeah?
Burns your ass down again.
So, politically, they'll say, Jones is threatening to burn us down.
No, I meant burned your lie down.
Because your lie may go halfway around the world before truth puts its pants on, as Dwayne said, but once it gets its laser eyeballs on you, nothing can stop it.
Because the very same NIH that gets its walking orders from the WHO is the same crew of miscreants and knuckle-draggers
And scallywags that told you it was going to be 50 times the death rate, and then 30 times the death rate, and then 20 times the rate.
They said, oh, if you lock everything down, you know, the curve will be up here with 2 million dead.
But if you don't lock it down, it's 5 million dead.
And then it's like, well, if you lock it down, it'll be a million dead.
All of it lies on purpose.
All of it directed with extra money.
What is it, 50-something thousand dollars? 50?
$3,000 total to say somebody's a COVID patient and then snake a tube down their throat.
Whatever it is, $13,000 to say they're a COVID patient, $39,000 and a bunch of other funding.
It's insane.
A bounty!
On your head!
To get you in that spider's web in those blue city hospitals where they're as mafioso as it gets, but they're a guild in their scrubs, so they're above the law.
Most doctors aren't evil.
They're speaking out and they get silenced.
Most nurses aren't evil, but let me tell you, they follow their orders in those hospitals.
Medical systems are dictatorial because you're in a stressful situation.
People aren't arguing with you in those situations, but that's why it's prime for corruption.
We're going to go to break and come back with one of the folks that works with General Flynn, with him at the Defense Intelligence Agency.
They're now out of the Defense Intelligence Agency.
And in the American intelligence agency called We The People.
And he's going to give us his take on what's happened and where the general goes next.
Is he going on offense?
And please don't forget, hope for the best, prepare for the worst.
You can still get high quality storable food at InfoWarsTore.com for the election, the civil unrest, all the stuff they're trying, the race war they're trying to start.
Get your storable food now at InfoWarsTore.com while you still can.
Well, President Trump came out yesterday and called Comey and the criminal leftist Soros Cabal inside the FBI trying to overthrow the election of 2016, knowing President Trump was innocent of any Russian collusion, knowing that General Flynn was a loyal war hero and American patriot who got into the military to defend this country.
Trump called him human?
Here's the President.
I didn't know that was happening at this moment.
I felt it was going to happen just by watching and seeing like everybody else does.
He was an innocent man.
He is a great gentleman.
He was targeted by the Obama administration, and he was targeted in order to try and take down a president.
And what they've done is a disgrace, and I hope a big price is going to be paid.
A big price should be paid.
There's never been anything like this in the history of our country.
What they did, what the Obama administration did, is unprecedented.
It's never happened.
Never happened.
A thing like this has never happened before in the history of our country.
And I hope a lot of people are going to pay a big price, because they're dishonest, crooked people.
They're scum.
And I say it a lot.
They're scum.
They're human scum.
This should never have happened in this country.
A duly elected president.
And they went after him by going after fine people.
And those fine people said, no, I'm not going to lie.
I can't lie.
He's not the only one.
There are many of them.
And they all said, I can't lie.
They could have said something like, oh, make up a lie.
Trump loves somebody or something or some country.
And they said, no, you wouldn't have any problem.
That's what they were trying to do.
Now we have an article up on Infowars.com, now that Michael Flynn is free, Trump may be tempted to push the Russiagate and punish the Russiagate conspirators, but now Comey has come out directing their stay-behind networks of moles still in the DOJ.
He says the DOJ has lost its way, but career people, please stay, because America needs you.
The country's hungry for honest, competent leaders, but it wasn't honest how they went after General Flynn and threatened General Flynn's son if he didn't say he was guilty.
An old authoritarian tactic.
Ivan Reikland has been on the show before.
He's been at some of our events and spoken at the one where General Flynn's son spoke a few months ago in D.C.
He's a former Green Beret recovering lawyer, ultra-marathoner, operating at the intersection of national security startups, politics, and law.
He is General Counsel at Yippie.com and he is at Twitter at R-A-I-K-L-I-N.
So, Ivan, thanks for coming on with us.
Where do you want to start?
I know you're friends with the General, friends with his family.
You know a lot of the inside baseball, can't get into all of it here, but this is a big deal.
What are your observations?
What are little birdies out there telling you that's going to happen next?
First off, I mean, yesterday was a glorious day, I just want to say that.
Finally, we can have a little bit of faith that the wheels of justice are turning in the right direction.
Most of it, thankful to Sidney Powell, who is General Flynn's attorney.
As far as what's kind of going on, I mean, a lot has been going on the last week.
We've had a lot of motions and a lot of documents that have been disclosed to the public that were previously under seal.
And a lot of people are still digesting those.
One of the big things that came out yesterday, in addition to what the Department of Justice filed a motion for, which was to withdraw their intention to prosecute General Flynn, the other piece was the DNI, Rick Brunell, disclosed 53, I think it was, transcripts from the Russia investigation that was spearheaded by Adam Schiff.
So all these things, I mention these things just to say that
There are a lot of, all of it really overlaps.
And we're going to start to see the unraveling of how everybody at the senior levels within the FBI, Department of Justice, National Security Council, and up at the White House during the Biden-Obama administration were all involved in ensuring their insurance policy was going to come to fruition.
Fortunately, the freedom fighters that were, you know,
The incoming administration, we had enough people to be able to push back on that.
And that's what we're starting to see now.
So the first three and a half years was essentially defensive in nature.
And as of yesterday, my prediction is that we will be going into complete more than nuclear option offense.
So expect that.
And when I say that from a legal perspective,
That's right.
And of course, you are a lawyer.
You also were at the Defense Intelligence Agency, I guess, when Flynn was there as well, but you can't get into all of that.
Why were they so scared of Flynn?
I mean, we now know from a lot of the documents, they thought that he was, that Trump would then have somebody that would bring in a group of pro-Americans that would kick the Chai comms out.
So I say this, I mean, President Obama appointed General Flynn twice during his administration to senior posts confirmed by the Senate.
Last one being the director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, and as you can imagine, as a director of one of the 17 intel agencies, the one that actually leads the entire defense intelligence enterprise, he is privy to information that most people are not, many people are not, to include the insights of the Obama administration.
As we, you know, viewers and you of the show know, during that time we had, what?
2014, when he was the director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, that's when the Ukraine crisis kicked off.
So right after the Ukraine crisis thing kicks off, you have Joe Biden, along with John Brennan, heading over to Ukraine to try to resolve or help Ukraine in their situation.
And then the result of that is they send, Joe Biden sends his son to go ahead and advise Burisma on how to, in unconventional ways, improve their economy.
I don't know.
His expertise obviously wasn't... So that's another reason Obama was so freaked out, is that as the head of the Defense Intelligence Agency that actually was running real operations, not just sitting around like some of the other agencies, and had knowledge of what was really going on internationally, and had access to all the other 16 agencies.
Anything military related, he would have visibility on.
Ukraine crisis, and then it transitioned later into that summer where ISIS started to run roughshod over northern Iraq.
And the main reason why he was fired, I say he was fired, resigned, whatever you want to call it, is that he was speaking truth to power in the sense that ISIS, the fundamental Islamist threat, was out there to retake Iraq.
And it was Obama's policies that... That's right, he warned right before the whole Arab Spring what was about to happen.
With that, as he was pushing back on the administration, because the previous administration didn't want to hear anything about the failures of what was going on with the policy of pulling all troops out of Iraq, he was released.
And then a few months later, I can't recall exactly, but he had a meeting with now President Trump at Trump Tower asking him, if you're serious about running, I'm a serious guy.
And President Trump convinced General Flynn that he was also serious and he was on board.
And I think that was really the initial trigger point that infuriated Obama of being a director of defense intelligence agency, moving over to support a president that supports the America first agenda.
And he backed him and that's what infuriated Obama.
And I think what, what really probably tipped, tip things to where crossfire hurricane and all, all these different deep state actions occurred within the legal
I'm guessing, educated guess, that's when the deep state started to go after Flynn in a substantive legal manner.
By using all of the resources available to the Department of Justice and FBI.
Ivan Reikland, stay right there.
We're going to come right back on the other side and talk about this.
I was there at the RNC when that happened, and I was like, oh boy, it's on now.
Stay with us.
Now, we've got James O'Keefe coming up at the bottom of the next hour.
Dr. Steve Pachenik, Dr. Nick Begich, and others.
But Ivan Reikland's a really smart guy.
We need to get him an external microphone so he won't be in the room with us here when he's on Skype.
But his audio is okay, but the points he's making are really important.
We're going to go back to him here in just a moment, talking about the whole General Flynn thing.
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I don't know.
The first year and a half, Trump fighting for his political life.
Now he's beginning, if he can stay in office, past his next 178 days to go on the offense.
What does offense look like?
The offense looks like, uh, first thing is it was yesterday.
The transition offense is going to transition into the legal, uh, filings that should be occurring with John Durham, the, uh, U S attorney based out of Connecticut.
And I would expect that in the next week, probably next week would be the earliest where you'll start seeing criminal referrals and then criminal indictments on folks like Andrew McCabe, James Comey, Peter Strzok, potentially Lisa Page, and then it's going to escalate from there.
That's probably the initial phase of the offensive operation.
Now for folks that don't know, we've been hearing two weeks forever, the last few years, but now with the election coming up, with Durham's investigation, Durham has come out and said, we believe we have material for indictments, but we're still investigating.
With a statement like that, I mean, he pretty much has to indict, especially with all these documents that have come out.
Right, there's so many documents coming out.
We still don't know all the documents that were uncovered by the Eastern District of Missouri.
Attorney that was assigned by Attorney General Barr to go ahead and review the Flint case.
The initial documents came out, and then as those documents start to come out into the public light, there will be political pressure as well as, you know, the pressure from the American public once we start to learn what are in those documents that's even worse than what we've seen.
And depending on how those prosecutions go, again, once you prosecute someone,
There's something called discovery and it's going to open up even more risk to those players.
That we're out to get President Trump via General Flynn.
And so that's really Trump's October surprise, is to have all this opened up right during that point.
My concern is, using the virus hysteria, we now know the Chinese hyped it up to hurt our economy.
Even the New York Times had a report that two weeks ago.
We first said it 12 weeks ago.
They're racing to try to kill the economy, hoping the American people blame Trump, but I don't think that's going to be successful.
So one point I want to make before we talk about the China virus is that the other phase that's going to happen is it's going to really depend on how General Flynn wants to proceed.
Because there's probably going to be some civil matters that he can take up against those individuals that will also be criminally prosecuted by the Department of Justice.
So that would be the second component of going on the offense.
So financial ruin to these individuals.
Uh, as well as he has the ability to go after his previous law firm that was in, you know, conspiring essentially with the previous attorney general, two previous attorney generals ago, uh, Eric Holder, who was a senior partner, I believe at the law firm Covington Burling.
And at the end of all this, I would not be surprised if General Flynn will be owning a law firm called Flynn Covington Burling based out of DC because he's going to go, he has the potential to go after him on their,
To the maximum of their policy.
Well, I remember when this was unfolding three years ago and I was like, what is he doing using that law firm?
And now we know the FBI came in and was basically investigating the lawyers, claiming they might've done something criminal to get them to do a secret deal to basically turn on Flynn.
I mean, that is unbelievable.
This is unbelievable.
This is the, this show, there's so much evidence out there right now showing this is probably the most corrupt
FBI in the history of its existence.
At the top level, like you said, not the not the line agents that are trying to do the right thing.
They're following the rule of law, trying to make sure that their FISA warrants are done in the most professional legal manner.
But when you have 17 out of 17 FISA warrants that were involved in this crossfire hurricane, having some sort of issue, it's not coincidence.
When you're 100% wrong, that's not a coincidence.
Well, here's what's also crazy.
Of the 15 or so DOJ lawyers that were in the Mueller operation, most of them are still, other than Strzok and Page, running operations against pro-Trump people.
We can't get into this yet, but I know you know about some of it off-record.
I mean, they're beavering around harassing some of Trump's top people right now still.
If you can, Alex, if you can pull up the tweet by James Comey from yesterday.
I've got it right here.
I kind of want to use the exact wording of it.
Here it is.
The DOJ has lost its way.
Here it is.
Right, the DOJ has lost its way, but I'm going to interpret this for you.
But career people, please stay because America needs you.
The country is hungry for honest, competent leadership.
The translation of that is, please stay because if you don't, we are, and I can't use the next expletive behind that, and it starts with an F, we are pretty much screwed.
And that was the theme of the, just to kind of give context to this, on Tuesday,
The first hearing after the China virus closed down Congress, the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence was having a hearing to confirm Congressman John Ratcliffe.
And to the numbers, the Democratic side was asking the question, are you going to protect the whistleblower?
Because if you don't, we are, they're done.
We are done.
And it turns out Eric Ciaramella was above his eyeballs in the whole gas deal and Hunter Biden.
Eric Ciaramella, Sean Misko, who went over the day after the Mueller hearing flopped, he went over to work for Adam Schiff.
And then Adam Schiff, they created the next narrative to go after Trump with the Ukraine call.
It's just non-stop.
Here's why Trump and the Justice Department, if there's any good left in them, have to stop this, is that the deep state's not going to stop this.
They're going to keep new attacks that just keep escalating.
And that tweet called for a continued attack of the president.
Stay where you are so you can continue to do what you're doing.
And their hope is that if Biden wins, which
I mean, seriously?
I'm not even sure if he's going to be losing or not.
Well, they're going to do it via election fraud.
The plan is to shoehorn in Obama and Hillary.
They're already saying that.
All right, stay right there.
Stay right there.
Stay right there, Ivan.
We'll be right back with hour number two.
All right, Ivan Reikland is our guest here for another five minutes.
Coming up at the bottom of the hour, we're joined by Project Veritas's, you guessed it, James O'Keefe.
Well, Ivan's been a Green Beret.
He's a lawyer.
He also has worked for the Defense Intelligence Agency that was headed up by General Flynn.
He's friends with the family.
I'll leave it at that.
And he brought Flynn's son to one of our events.
He's a great guy.
I look forward to having him on air once they're able to do that.
But just in closing, people need to know there's a civil war inside the government.
And it's not like North versus South, where both sides had claims to why they were doing this, that we were still all Americans.
This is foreign, outside, chi-com, globalist money.
The Chinese communists admit they're involved in Twitter, Facebook, Google.
They own Hollywood.
They own the debt.
And I think the most exciting thing happening is that Trump and Pompeo are taking the gloves off and really just saying that the Democrats are now a fifth column of China.
I mean, that's why the Democrats were so desperate to make it all about Russia.
Which, I mean, nothing against Russia, but they can't keep their stoplights, you know,
You want me to react to that?
Yeah, so I agree with most of what you're saying.
I think one of the key points that needs to really be rehashed is that we're not really sure, based on all the reporting, on whether or not the virus was intentional, whether or not the virus was accidental.
I can say this.
Uh, China definitely used it to its advantage, uh, once the virus was out and it started to Hillary said, don't let the crisis go to waste.
Blame it on Trump.
In fact, cue her up, please.
Keep going.
So depending on how it played out, I mean, at this point they are trying to provide all of the PPE and masks and, and all the healthcare items required in order to defend from this, this virus, uh, by, you know, production,
I'm an entrepreneur as well and I'm seeing some of the shipments being log jammed at entry point into the United States so that we can actually produce some of that equipment here in the United States and distribute it for the long term effect of being able to have leverage over China
Let's talk about, not officially, the Defense Intelligence Agency's posture and what you think Trump should do.
Let's do a few more minutes on the other side of this.
I think so.
Tell folks about the mask you're producing.
As the President essentially said, he wants to start production, the Defense Production Act, to make sure that folks are producing the necessary goods we need in order to get the economy back started.
I'm not really a big fan of masks.
Right now, I'm a healthy person, knock on wood.
But for those that are potentially in a different situation, if you want to be able to go out in the economy and do it in a safe way, as per the Surgeon General when he did the video clip a few weeks back on how to create your own mask,
You can either do it with your shirts at home or you can use something, you know, something similar to this patriotic American flag.
You can breathe through it.
And then you essentially... And tell folks about the company that Laura Loomer and you guys are using because I really like the mask.
I've got a bunch of them coming in.
Yes, republiclegion.com.
And then, like I said, if you want to go on the offense, you can get one of these, maybe.
All right, we'll be right back.
Stay with us.
Well, the Communist Chinese and the WHO, also run by a former leader in the Communist Party in Africa,
has come out and said China did a perfect job, we did a terrible job.
That's a quote.
Bill Gates, who funds most of it, through these private foundations, actually said China's done perfect with their lockdown, we haven't done as good.
So welding people inside their homes in a dystopic nightmare, shooting women at checkpoints, covering up the severity, all of that is perfect, according to Bill Gates.
Well, now we've seen the governor of California banning people
Going to the beaches.
We've seen YouTube banning medical doctors that own big clinics.
You know, saying that it has a less death rate than the flu when he was using the NIH's own numbers.
They're trying to prolong the hysteria and the crisis to create a bad economy to drive Trump from power coming up in 178 days.
And the Democrats and Hillary and people on HBO like Bill Maher have admitted all of that.
This is incredibly transparent.
They hope we forget that and don't point out who triggered the hysteria.
The blue states.
The blue cities.
First Big Tech.
South by Southwest.
Run by a horrible globalist piece of trash named Louis Black.
They created the precedent and then said, oh look, Trump isn't doing enough.
Just shut down for 15 days.
We said it won't be 15.
It'll be years.
And now Bill Gates goes on CNN and says, that's right, it's never going to come back.
And JPMorgan Chase says 10 to 12 years of depression, it's never coming back.
Because when we go down to zero, the big banks can buy everything up.
This is like the Soviet Union before it got started with the Bolshevik Revolution, bringing the country to its knees so they could then be enslaved.
And first the communists took control of the cities, locked down the infrastructure, and then took over the farms.
San Antonio City Council passes resolution declaring Chinese virus to be hate speech.
The ADL, the Southern Poverty Law Center, the Democratic Party are doing this.
They passed similar resolutions that are totally unconstitutional.
In New York, they claim they'll arrest you if you say the words illegal alien.
I am going to go to San Antonio sometime this week in front of the Alamo with a bullhorn.
I may do it this weekend, may do it Monday or Tuesday, and I'm going to say Chinese virus, Chinese virus, Wuhan virus, Wuhan virus, and I'm going to see if they arrest me because folks, it's the First Amendment and we have a right to say it.
Here is a minute, there's 30 minutes of them praising themselves.
In the empty San Antonio City City Council, because citizens are all obsolete.
We're all non-essential.
We're not allowed to be there to challenge things now.
There's no citizen's communications now, you see.
This is the bum rush that authoritarians everywhere are using for their power grab.
Here it is.
This item whereby you're claiming that persons are causing hate speech, hate crimes, by means of simply saying that the source of the big virus that we are all experiencing came from China, and thereby call it the China virus, well, you're saying that I'd be committing a hate crime by saying that.
Five is a resolution affirming the city's commitment to the safety and well-being of all community members and combating hate speech.
And whereas COVID-19 will not be stopped by political boundaries and was not created or caused by any race, nationality, or ethnicity, and the World Health Organization has cautioned against using geographic descriptions that can fuel ethnic and racial discrimination, and whereas COVID-19 has infected people from all racial
National and ethnic backgrounds.
And whereas the City of San Antonio is fully committed to the safety, security and equal treatment of its residents as it confirms confronts the COVID-19 pandemic.
And whereas each individual has the ability to promote inclusiveness, celebrate diversity, support all fellow community members, prevent the spread of misinformation and reject hate and bias in all forms.
And whereas hate crimes, discrimination, and aggression against Asians and Jews are on the rise throughout the country, as these groups are being blamed for the COVID-19 outbreak and spread.
And whereas, as our history has shown, times of great fear, uncertainty, and unrest can lead to the demonization, blaming, and scapegoating of groups as the other.
And whereas extremists are taking advantage of COVID-19 to spread their hateful ideologies, including anti-Semitism, racism, Islamophobia, and xenophobia, all persons are encouraged to report any anti-Semitic, discriminatory, or racist incidents to the proper authorities for investigation.
Section 3, the City of San Antonio will continue its efforts to promote, protect residents,
At a time of crisis, the city has always shown that we stand united, we stand together, and there's not room for discrimination or hate when we see it.
So we shout it out collectively.
uh... that san antonians as a community will not tolerate it and that's what this resolution is and so i would ask for your support you know they're trying to say it's illegal
To say it's the communist Chinese virus, even though you always say the name of where something comes from.
But even if it was wrong, people have a right to say it.
Ivan Reikland, former with the Defense Intelligence Agency, a lawyer, Green Beret, friends of the Flynn's, all of this in the last hour, getting into General Flynn being exonerated.
What do you make of what you just saw?
I mean, a lot of these folks that are at city council and even up through governors, they have no clue what the U.S.
Constitution is.
I mean, there's something called the First Amendment.
Freedom of assembly, freedom of the press, freedom of speech, right?
And those are things that we need to remind them.
I think it was the governor of New Jersey that, when he was questioned in an interview, asked, well, don't you think you're violating people's First Amendment right to assemble?
And he said, well,
My decisions were made, not even factoring in.
I didn't even think about the First Amendment or the Constitution.
These are the types of people that are, that are leading these cities and towns, uh, and to include governors.
That's the New Jersey governor you mentioned earlier in the segment.
What about the Democratic States that are headed up by governors, uh, that are from the Democratic Party, such as, uh, Cuomo in New York?
If you start to look at the policies between Republican governors and how they actually implemented
And remember, it was the Democrats who tried to block Trump blocking Chinese flights.
Say that again, Alex?
The Democrats tried to block Trump blocking Chinese flights.
I mean, they said, again, they said it was xenophobic.
It was racist to block folks coming in from China.
And then when he made that decision, when quite a few people said that that was not necessary, the next target was, oh, you didn't do it in time.
You should have done it earlier.
Meanwhile, the entire left wing media industrial complex was saying the same thing that, I
Nancy Pelosi, she was having her Chinese Lunar New Year, excuse me, Chinese New Year in San Francisco at the time, asking everybody to come out and party.
Same thing Mayor de Blasio was doing in New York City.
They think we don't have any memory.
Consistent epic failures at every level.
It's just ridiculous.
In closing, do you think America is winning right now or are we going to succumb to the fear?
No, so actually I've been traveling still and this week alone I've been in Iowa, I've been in Georgia, I've done about four flights.
And while the first flights that I've been on it was a little bit, not too many people, there was maybe five or ten of us.
It was two days ago as I was flying from Chicago to Atlanta.
You can start seeing a pickup and an uptick in folks coming out at the airports as well as here in Georgia.
I agree, and I think Trump showing leadership and ignoring the NIH's garbage is important.
Ivan, Raiklen, thank you so much on Twitter at R-A-I-K-L-I-N.
Thank you so much.
We look forward to talking to you again.
Thanks, Alex.
Appreciate it.
As always.
All right.
Take care.
All right.
We've got Project Veritas coming on with their bombshell developments.
And I mean bombshell.
Stay with us.
We'll be right back.
Obviously President Trump knew they were trying to set him up and we're going to try to blame him for the Chinese virus.
The left and the globalists are making their move on every front.
So he had to respond to some of it and not be caught flat-footed.
He couldn't just completely, I believe, up front.
Defeat the hysteria, plus we weren't sure how bad it would really be because China was so deceptive.
Now that we know that it's bioweapons so they can own it and patent it with a vaccine, but still not that deadly, designed to take out old people, we understood that they were going to try to keep things locked down.
So we had to be ahead of that explaining, hey, they're going to lock us down pretty much permanently, then Trump's got to expose that.
And we can't be locked down more than a month and a half, two months.
Well, you notice we're almost locked down two months, 57 days right now.
And he's like, we got to reopen now.
He's ignoring the NIH that's run by the WHO, that's run by the big robber baron foundations, controlled by Bill and Melinda Gates at the top.
But I was just thinking during the break, and then I'm going to get to what the president was just talking about moments ago in an ongoing live press conference, and very important what he said.
I wanted to show people something.
I hope Trump succeeds.
I hope we succeed and can reboost the economy.
But shutting things down like this for even two months is devastating the third world, and it's going to hurt us really, really bad.
Because people are timid and they're scared to go back, even when it reopens.
And the left knows that.
They're trying to scare people as much as possible.
So it is critical to go out to restaurants, even though most restaurants I want to go to are still closed.
The movie theaters are still closed in Austin because the mayor is ignoring the governor.
Kind of like that judge up in Dallas ignored the governor.
So this is a big problem.
They know what they're doing.
But I wanted to say this.
I've got a bunch of storable food right over there, extra food I bought for myself, and I've got so much stored at my house that my garage is filled with it, so I've got some stored here in the studio that I've got to put somewhere, and it's over there in the dark.
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That lasts 25 years, the food inside of it.
It's sealed where you can even bury it.
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Some of the boxes are just full of all these goodies and things you wouldn't think about that you'd want during an emergency.
It's not just macaroni and cheese.
It's not just rice.
It's not just
Beef Stroganoff and all these other great meals.
It's all the little tasty things you like as well.
And this food is the lowest price you're going to find for quality food.
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So, I should probably, in the next few days, do a whole segment busting open the six-month food supply that I ordered for myself and had delivered to the office.
That I'm planning to probably just give to families so they have a backup.
Because I've got quite a bit.
I've got like a two-year food supply.
But this is just such high quality, and they've actually got the food.
They're packaging it right now, and you will actually get it delivered to you.
In fact, I have some family in East Texas that ordered food, and they told them six weeks.
About eight weeks ago.
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And they've been eating it, and they love it, and they're already digging into it.
But this is something you have, you put in the attic, you put in the garage, you put in the closet, you know it's there, it lasts 25 years, and that checkbox is handled, that's taken care of.
But I'm telling you, folks, I'm telling you,
They've got such diverse foods, specialty foods, specialty diets.
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And so much more.
Take action today.
But let's go out to break before we're joined by the amazing James O'Keefe with his latest coup with what the president just had to say about reopening.
It was windy and beautiful and we have a great country and we're rebuilding our country.
We had the greatest economy in the history of the world.
No country had anywhere near us.
And we had the best we've ever had.
But we've had the best ever in the world.
China is a very good competitor, but we were doing much better than China.
And that's before Covid, before this plague came in.
We were doing much, much better than anybody.
Best we've ever done.
And we had to close it down.
It was an artificial closing.
We had to just close it down.
Never happened.
A thing like that never happened before we did the right thing.
It's horrible what's happened.
It should have been stopped.
It should have been stopped where it came from, which was China.
It could have been stopped easily and quickly.
And for some reason, they were unable to do it.
I think they tried, but it got away from them, I guess.
But it's a shame and so many hundreds of thousands of people around the world have been killed 184 countries.
But we're going to build our country back and we're going to build it back fast.
This group of people, we all did it before and we'll do it again.
We created something that has never been seen before.
And if you are somebody that likes history, and I think everyone in this room likes history, you wouldn't be doing what you're doing.
You would see that and you would remember that this was the year that China was going to overtake us in the economy.
If you go back two months, you would see that they weren't anywhere close, that we were going to be there many years of a very, if the right person sits in this seat, it will never happen.
The wrong person sits in this seat.
It'll happen in a period of a few years or less can happen almost immediately.
So we are in a position where we have to start all over again.
And we will start all over again.
And we'll build something that was even better than we had before, recognizing that so many people have died.
So many people have died.
That's the one thing we can't do anything about, unfortunately.
What I can say is if we did it the different way, if we went herd, if we just said let's wing it, we would have been talking about numbers that would have been unsustainable and unacceptable.
You look on the screens, you look on television today and you see body bags and you see mass graves and we may be talking about
95,000 people.
Ultimately, we may be talking about something more than that.
But if you take a low number, one and a half million, so you multiply whatever number we're talking about times 15.
It would not, it would not be acceptable.
It would not, it's not acceptable now.
We've got James O'Keefe coming up.
We're going to come back with a conclusion.
We're going to get some of the positive information as well.
Please stay with us.
Infowars.com, Newswars.com, Tomorrow's News Today.
Stay with us.
So much incredibly important news breaks about how they're counting every death as a COVID-19 death.
They're counting people that don't even test positive for COVID-19 as COVID-19.
They are demanding that we get all hysterical and never go outside again, even though civilization and society is breaking down.
This third world is starving to death.
We're going to all be bankrupt pretty much.
But the big mega banks and the billionaires, they're licking their lips.
They're going to be able to vertically integrate and consolidate total control and come with forced inoculations and ID cards to prove we've been inoculated.
You just wake up and you're in a dystopia, but then Project Veritas,
And James O'Keefe go out and do professionally what citizens trails trailblazed on.
Remember two, three months ago, people were going to hospitals all over Europe, all over Asia and showing them empty while they were claiming.
That they were full, and then in the U.S.
the last few months, totally empty, and then they'd see photo ops going on with people dressed up in hazmat suits and looking like lines going in, but they would loop the people in and out, and now Project Veritas caught it all on tape.
They have like a 30-minute report on their website, but here's just a few minutes.
I mean, I know this broke last week, or I guess on Monday, but you just can't talk about this enough.
They want everybody to forget about this, but we're not going to let folks forget about it.
Here it is.
You're telling me, you're 100% certain, that CBS News, CBS News Corporation, National, staged a fake event, they faked the news, they faked the reality, and broadcasted that to all of their audience, last Friday, on CBS This Morning.
100%, absolutely.
Only six states have reported more cases than Michigan, but fewer than 2% of its people have been tested for the virus.
In our series on the state of coronavirus testing, Adriana Diaz shows how Michigan is trying to improve a system that has failed some of its people.
But the governor says testing above all else will help determine when to fully reopen.
Apparently, the news crew wanted
Well, we knew they were coming.
We had no clue that we were going to have to, like, do face-to-face.
Did she tell you guys, like, hey, you're not actually getting tested?
Yeah, she did.
Just to make it look easy.
That's crazy.
Is this the fake line?
So the people in the cars are not patients?
Majority of them.
I do know from talking with the testers that one of them, one or two of them were real patients which added to their frustration because this line sat there for a while so they could organize the shot.
You shouldn't be afraid to say the truth, because in the end, you know, truth always wins.
And by the way, citizens first went to that very hospital they saw on the news claiming they had lines around the block and they were there and saw there'd be nobody there for days and as soon as media showed up there'd be a line of 10-15 people going in and a bunch of cars backed up and it was the hospital workers in the empty hospital being told go out and do it and there they are admitting it.
Undercover video inside saying we were told to do this for CBS.
So of course we have to question every big event.
Because it's not just Jesse Smollett trying to stage something with two dudes by himself.
There are major institutions and groups that said all those babies were thrown out of the incubators to start the Iraq War in 1990.
None of it was true.
They used a woman, a young teenage girl from a local PR firm who'd never been to Kuwait to say she saw them killing the babies.
None of it happened.
There weren't babies in incubators.
It didn't happen.
But that's how you launched a war that then over the years killed millions of people, killed tens of thousands of U.S.
troops, hundreds of thousands of troops from the coalition got hit by gas when we blew up their bunkers.
And just the chain reaction of this continues on.
And there's so many hundreds of examples.
But then, if we question other big events, we're bad.
The Democrats also do things like hire
AstroTurf, just people to come as demonstrators.
And then they will also hire right-wing AstroTurf to have collisions and have fights.
And we got Antifa documents out of Maryland from 2015, exclusively from Antifa, funded by George Soros' son.
It's his group, with the Maryland police in on it, where they were supposed to burn a trash can, where they were supposed to attack a Starbucks.
I always wonder why it's a Starbucks, why it's a McDonald's.
They're part of it as corporations, they don't prosecute.
And so they have targets, they script it.
Okay, you go burn a trash can here, the cops will, you do that, you go attack a McDonald's here, you knock out a window, and then you try to get the black folks to riot.
That's in the documents to cause a race war, but the black folks didn't do it.
And there are real examples out there, there are a lot of them, where you will see people questionably shoot a black person or kill a black person, and in many cases, it's wrong.
But statistically, it's still very, very low that whites are doing that.
The media blows that up, though, like zooming in on a grain of sand out of thousands of deaths, and then ignores, oh, when the black cop shoots a black guy or beats up a black guy.
Okay, well, we've got James O'Keefe popping in with us here to talk about this latest development.
Absolutely incredible.
A lot of citizens, James, as you know, went out and saw this for themselves, but you guys were able to get undercover and document this, so congratulations again on defending the truth.
Thank you, Alex.
Thanks for having me on.
Well, we've only got a few minutes here.
He's had some phone issues, but thanks for joining us.
What should people know about this?
No, this is the hospital in Michigan that staged a fake COVID testing line.
They've admitted to it.
The president talked about it at the Oval Office and there's some contradictions between the statements from the hospital staff, but basically they claim that they did this and the board of directors of this hospital in Michigan says he's going to get to the bottom of it and try to hold people accountable who staged this news, who faked the news, and CBS broadcast it on the National Morning Show.
Well, it's obvious this is going on all over the Western world because they're incentivized to get more people in there and create hysteria.
That's right.
So they wanted to make it look busy, they said, according to the statement.
But what's remarkable about this, Alex, is that they took down... CBS Morning Show National actually did take down the broadcast.
For a large national broadcast to take down their entire segment is kind of a concession that something really went wrong here.
So it's not just that they did it, but they got caught doing it, and now they're having to admit that they did it.
What's coming next?
I know you've always got a lot of irons in the fire.
You want to give us a little sneak peek prelude?
I mean, what's not coming next?
I mean, we've got hundreds of insiders across the country in these hospitals that are contacting us, and I think we really have to just expose the fraud.
Anywhere you go, every single place has various lies and fraud hidden from the public view.
It's just we caught them this time.
The insider recorded their colleagues admitting
That they were creating a fake line using fake patients for purposes of looking busy on CBS News.
And the tragedy is that there were some real patients that couldn't be treated because of the staged event.
James O'Keefe, in closing, how is the mainstream media going to respond to this?
I guess with more censorship.
You've had your video censored off YouTube.
Medical doctors that exposed this are being censored.
Doesn't President Trump need to act against this censorship?
Well he spoke about it in the Oval Office yesterday, he brought the story up, but the media responded by taking down their entire broadcast of what they did.
But I can tell you that we have a story coming up on
A big tech story, a huge tech story coming soon, and we're going to go right into the belly of the beast with these big tech firms and catch them in the act and get them to admit their political motivations, Alex.
So, we hope the President responds to that one when it comes out, too.
And if you're on the inside, anyone listening right now, it's Veritas Tips.
That's V-E-R-I-T-A-S Tips at Protonmail.com.
We can send you a camera and you can help expose what's going on in the places where you work.
Well, it's beautiful what you guys are doing and I'm glad that somebody's got an organization together and organizational skills to take action.
That's James O'Keefe.
Well, you just heard James O'Keefe.
They're set to release a huge big tech bombshell.
I sleep better at night knowing there's a James O'Keefe out there.
I sleep at night good knowing there's other folks popping up that have courage as well, just like you.
And more and more medical doctors from Michigan and Texas and Florida and California and Wisconsin and Iowa and Arkansas.
I mean, there's so many.
I mean, I'm thinking about actual doctors that we've played clips of.
So many, I can't even get to them all.
Every day, I'm up late at night watching clips of doctors coming out saying, we're ordered to put on the form if somebody dies of a heart attack, COVID-19.
And there's two types of tests, and the main test finds biological leftovers of a supposed COVID-19 fight, but it turns out any coronavirus infection within 10-15 years, depending on the person, will tell you, you know, get your boosters every 10 years because you can lose immunity supposedly.
No one's sure if that's true, but the point is, is that
He's had tetanus shot last 10 years.
The point is, is that if you've had a corona infection, which is the most common viral infection there is, you test positive for COVID-19.
That's in the literature.
And on the press conferences up there, they admit at the NIH that they're counting everyone that dies as a COVID-19.
And you look at that death rate down there, that's the normal death rate every year of just people dying.
But oh, we got all scared over it being a man-made virus, and the discoverer of AIDS says that, and the Indians say that, and I don't think they're lying because they've got scanners beyond electron microscopes that can look at these and tell you it's man-made.
Why is it man-made?
Because you release it so that everyone with a common cold you now own, because it mirrors the common cold, but it's something that's new, so you can patent it.
It all makes perfect sense now, doesn't it?
Hindsight's 20-20.
And we saw most of this 12 weeks ago.
And we saw almost all of it 5 weeks ago, but now we see the whole stinking enchilada.
So there's another video, just went up, Kellan McBrain article on InfoWars.com and NewsWars.com.
Remember those two doctors 3 weeks ago that sent shockwaves across the internet?
8 million views on Facebook, 2 million views on Twitter, 5 million views on YouTube.
They own a string of clinics.
They show the death rate from the NIH even lower than the flu, with the inflated numbers, still.
And they go, listen, how this works is you learn immunity by touching things and putting it in your mouth.
People that live in bubbles get sickly, that's well known.
That's all facts.
They banned them!
They banned cedar-sinai when they went, no!
We told the president, here's the
New fiber optic system with clean light, doesn't have the UV in it, but it kills viruses and we put it down the throat and has huge responses.
Instead, Fauci comes out with something that eats your testicles, that has an 8% improvement rate in his study, and of course he owns a position in it with a bunch of NIH people.
Oh, but that's okay, because he's Fauci, and no one can question the great and powerful Fauci behind his curtain!
Operation Toto is exposing the whole thing.
So video.
Another doctor speaks out against quarantining healthy Americans.
Here it is.
This is not New York.
And thank God this is not San Francisco.
Governor Newsom has gone too far.
I should tell you, a family practice physician from Newport Beach, California named Dr. Jeff Brake.
This is not New York.
And thank God this is not San Francisco.
Governor Newsom has gone too far.
Governor Newsom has stepped on our liberties and our freedoms.
As a physician, I can tell you, yes, this virus is dangerous.
But as we see the statistics come in, we're realizing that the fatality rate of this virus is in the ballpark of a bad seasonal influenza.
What we're also knowing is that just like other respiratory viral illnesses in the past, we get over this virus by achieving herd immunity.
We can never achieve herd immunity by keeping the herd quarantined.
It's time that we protect the vulnerable and the most at risk, but we allow the young and the healthy to open the doors and go back to work.
Do not let your voices be silenced.
Make sure that your elected representatives, who apparently are essential, hear your voice loud and clear.
They'll ban him off YouTube, but that's the good news.
We took the doctors whose video was banned and put it up on Banned.Video and it's got 1.5 million views last time I checked.
You know how pissed they are though?
That the average video is getting about 100,000 views, and we're posting 50, 60, 70, 80 videos.
The average is about 60 videos a day to BandOnVideo.
And now the average is up at 100,000.
We're routinely having videos with a million, million and a half views.
And it's absolutely driving them crazy.
There it is, 1.418.
So it's a little under 1.5.
Memory did not serve.
So there you go, ladies and gentlemen.
They cannot stand it, but we're of course posting that video at Banned.Video.
It's a resource for you to get what's being banned or what we believe is about to be banned, like the documentary Doctors in Black, The Scandemic.
But one thing I wanted to get to earlier when I played at two minutes of the city of San Antonio tyrants banning saying Chinese virus or Wuhan virus or Kung flu virus.
You can't do that, tyrants.
That's illegal.
That violates the First Amendment.
That's the real danger.
And every time someone goes after speech, everything follows.
And we see that now.
But notice when they're reading out the resolution, when the woman says,
The W.H.O.
said it's not Chinese.
It's like the U.N.
is like, oh, like the Lord has come down and landed in front of us.
And we're just supposed to just, oh, my gosh, the U.N.
I've had friends, family, neighbors in the last few months when I'm telling them something like, hey, you really need zinc.
You really need.
They're like, oh, you.
The W.H.O.
says there's no treatment or cure.
And I'm like, I'm not engaged in medical activity!
Can a mother say, drink your orange juice, vitamin C is good?
It's a cult of idiots!
They have the FBI out ignoring MS-13 and child kidnapping, with task forces raiding medical doctors that have always been there for decades with vitamin C, intravenous.
And I'm not a doctor type person, but I know how good it works.
I go to those.
I mean, I can feel like I'm dying.
And when I walk out of there, they got this one amino acid they've given me a few times.
So when you're looking out the window at trees, you start hallucinating, because you're supposed to do it for like five hours.
I'll go give it to me in an hour.
Push it in me fast.
I got to get out of here.
And they're like, are you sure, sir?
And I'll be like, whoa, start hallucinating for like, you know, a couple of minutes or like, hey, let's back off on that a little bit.
But you know what?
I'm bouncing off the walls and I'm not selling that.
I'm not pushing that.
I'm telling you what I've experienced.
I don't like needles.
I can't stand them.
But I'll go get one shoved in my arm because it works.
It works, ladies and gentlemen.
And again, most people sit there for like four or five hours to take those.
I don't do that.
I go in there and get it all in one big thing, and I just go push it in.
And they're allowed to do that.
If you can handle it, you can do it.
But I don't have time.
The point is, is that I haven't done it in about six months.
I've been too busy.
I used to do it like once a month the last few years and it's incredible and I'm gonna go do it.
My point is, is that imagine this folks, where they now are saying medical doctors can't get up on TV and tell you this stuff.
I was talking to a very well-known person this morning and he was worried about his wife.
She has an autoimmune issue and I said, has your doctor told you to take zinc?
I mean, you know zinc's essential, and if you take 100 milligrams of it, it's like really powerful for your body.
He goes, no, my doctor hadn't told me that.
And the guy's son, he reminded me, is a doctor.
In a New York ER.
And I'm like, well then call your doctor's son.
Go to the NIH website where it says zinc is essential.
It's just crazy, folks, how dumb they want us.
The people perish for lack of knowledge.
It's insane, ladies and gentlemen.
They want you to be absolutely desperate, listening to Fauci, who's got this drug that eats your testicles.
I'll be right back.
All right, Dr. Steve Pachinik.
It's going to be joining us coming up at the start of the next segment to cover the waterfront.
You don't want to miss that.
Believe me and remember, without you spreading the word, we don't reach anybody and this dog doesn't hunt.
But right now, I want to talk about preparedness and I want to talk about being ready.
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And then, let me show, listeners, I actually forgot to do this.
Get back in here.
It's got these oxygen packs in there as well, so water doesn't get into it and cause any problems.
So, Trump's saying he's going to ignore the NIH run by the WHO, who says we can never reopen, but Communist China already is.
He knows that's causing mass death in the third world and total depression here.
But if Trump is not successful getting it fully reopened because the public's so scared and won't go to stores, because the governor said stores could open a few weeks ago, nobody's there.
Places aren't really reopening.
And everybody's so neurotic and so into fear, I'm really concerned.
And all the economic numbers are coming in.
They're hellish.
So, with them trying to start race riots, and the craziness of the election, and the wars, and the quickening around the planet, everybody needs to get storable food now, so that you have that checkbox covered to be ready and be prepared.
Have a rural place to go.
Have family you can work with.
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Have your gut and spirit ready.
That's most important.
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I just randomly opened one of these tubs up and had all the little kind of tasty goodies in it, a lot of the other staples.
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Whatever you do and have it so that you're prepared and you're ready.
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The only way you lose is by not taking action.
So get prepared.
The grasshopper doesn't prepare.
It dies in the winter.
The ant prepares.
We'll be back with Dr. Steve Pucinich.
On the other side, he's laughing at my joke about it.
It's true.
I like that shirt.
Very nice.
You can see his shirt on the other side.
You can see my cool hair.
Look at that.
My stylist took hours getting it ready.
Stay with us.
We are now into our number three today.
Dr. Steve Pucinich is going to be joining us here in a moment.
But I wanted to play this clip again of the president talking about human scum, criminal elements of the globalist deep state, trying to overthrow the election and President Trump and how it's all starting to come out.
And Comey putting out this tweet to his people saying, stay in place, keep the overthrow going.
Stop the American people.
It's just so criminal.
And then they've still got stay-behind networks in the FBI, beavering away, trying to bring down President Trump and those that are seen as his most ardent supporters.
This is a campaign of terrorism, racketeering, in my view, going on by the Democratic Party and their operatives masquerading as government agents.
Here's the president yesterday talking about it.
I didn't know that was happening at this moment.
I felt it was going to happen just by watching and seeing like everybody else does.
He was an innocent man.
He is a great gentleman.
He was targeted by the Obama administration.
And he was targeted in order to try and take down a president.
And what they've done is a disgrace.
And I hope a big price is going to be paid.
A big price should be paid.
There's never been anything like this in the history of our country.
What they did, what the Obama administration did, is unprecedented.
It's never happened.
Never happened.
A thing like this has never happened before in the history of our country.
And I hope a lot of people are going to pay a big price, because they're dishonest, crooked people.
They're scum.
And I say it a lot.
They're scum.
They're human scum.
This should never have happened in this country.
A duly elected president.
And they went after him by going after fine people.
And those fine people said, no, I'm not going to lie.
I can't lie.
He's not the only one.
There are many of them.
And they all said, I can't lie.
They could have said something like, oh, make up a lie.
Trump loves somebody or something or some country.
And they said, no, you wouldn't have any problem.
That's what they were trying to do.
And it's a disgrace.
The Obama Administration Justice Department was a disgrace.
And they got caught.
They got caught.
Very dishonest people.
But much more than dishonest, treason.
It's treason.
It's treason, which it is.
And they even had a former CIA agent who's a Democrat on.
Maybe cue that up for next segment.
Saying that Comey, if found guilty, needs to be executed.
All I know is, I don't want anybody to get executed.
I want them to stop trying to overthrow the election and set up a police state here.
That's what I want.
Dr. Steve Pachinick of stevepachinick.com is a best-selling author.
Co-wrote books with Tom Clancy as one of his main sources.
Of course, in psychological warfare, the State Department ran a lot of the most famous
Kidnapping and hostage situations and he's done psychological warfare operations and regime change.
And he's an MD and PhD and an American psychiatrist from a State Department official.
And he also came on the broadcast first 12 weeks ago and said COVID's already been here since last year.
That's now confirmed.
And so here to cover the waterfront is Dr. Steve Pachinik.
I can ask a lot of questions, go a lot of places, but
First off, it looks like we're in a civil war with the Deep State.
They're not stopping, they're not going away.
What do you see happening in the next few weeks and months, Dr. Buczanek?
Well, let me put it this way.
Number one, it's not as desperate as you might think.
Flynn was released because I and others in military intelligence said months ago, and I said it in your show and in other shows, under no condition will Flynn be incarcerated for anything.
In other words,
What was coming out is the fact that military veterans would not allow this to happen.
A message got through the Department of Justice, in particular Barr, who's been in the CIA, understands exactly what we were saying from a military point of view.
This will not be tolerated under any condition.
Flynn was subsequently exonerated.
We, in the military and the intelligence community, support Trump.
There's no question if and in but.
But what's happened since you and I have talked, and I said from the beginning in January, we had to get rid of Fauci, we had to get rid of CDC, and this was a coronavirus where I had the pneumonia, other people already had it, and the system was broken.
But let me go into more specifics.
You've been called to New York.
I have been banned by certain people.
Four power centers arose very quickly in the United States, none of which anybody understood.
One was Nancy Pelosi.
Totally accumulated power without bringing the House of Representatives together.
She has been the most powerful speaker in the United States.
Not one congressman has shown up.
Secondly, Andrew Cuomo, the governor of New York State.
Thirdly, Blasio.
Both saying that we will have vaccines, we will have martial law.
And lastly, Dr. Fauci and Dr. Gallo.
What do we have in common?
I'm not a racist.
All of them are Italians.
All of them came from what we call the Italian fascist background.
Nancy was born of a father who was ruthless and I knew of him in Baltimore.
Tony was born of a middle class family, but was trained by the Jesuits to be ruthless, manipulative.
There's no accident that Tony and I grew up with friends in the beginning, but then when I provided $16 million for the AIDS examination under Henry Waxman,
Tony went out and self-promoted himself.
I have never seen a doctor, forget he's not a scientist, he was not trained at Harvard or MIT in science, he knows nothing about science.
He's just a simple medical doctor who was pretty good as a clinician.
But in terms of Machiavelli, he can equal Nancy Pelosi, Benito Mussolini.
He has, under his auspices, talked to every reporter, every media, constantly, as if this were Benito Mussolini saying to you, we're going to unify, but you can't go outside, because if you go outside, you're going to kill other people.
That was absolute nonsense.
And the henchman in New York State, you had Cuomo giving you advice and psychotherapy while his brother, an idiot, was in the basement.
And de Blasio, another idiot, basically said, everybody here will remain in the house.
There will be no people going out.
What happened is the four power centers came up and defied President Trump.
Those power centers, by chance, are also Democratic.
By chance, they've been there 20 to 30 years, and Trump has done the best he could.
Everybody was criticizing Kushner.
No, he did the best that he could with what he had.
Everybody was criticizing Pompeo.
By the way, he is Italian, but he's done a great job.
We have a great Italian governor in Florida who knew exactly when to release the people from protection and house sitting.
This is where we are right now.
Is there an attempt to overthrow Trump?
There is.
Will it succeed?
Because the body politic of America understands very well.
I told you where the power centers are.
The South, Southwest, the Midwest.
We would not tolerate any attempt by the Democrats or the major cities to take over the power.
As it is now, I want to take away the powers from Pelosi.
From Fauci, I have asked for months that Fauci not be put in the presence.
I have asked for months that de Blasio and Cuomo be restricted.
They will defy Trump.
But at present, no.
It's mobilized all of us veterans.
It's mobilized all of us in the intelligence community to say, you're not going to take down Trump.
If anything, he's going to be reelected.
Here you have Biden, totally senile.
And then he has to pick a vice president.
Let's see what happens.
You said he's clearly having dementia.
Well, now everyone admits that.
When we come back, I want to talk about how you see the election playing out.
Other tricks that the globalist deep state ally of China might take.
Trump really getting on a war footing with China.
I think that's a positive thing.
And really leveling with the American people about what we're facing.
I know you're confident.
That's great.
Because confidence breeds confidence.
But I've got to tell you.
The Democrats in the deep state behind the scenes are just reckless.
And even if they're going to be defeated, they can't just be allowed like loose cannons to continue to try to blow the country up, in my view.
Dr. Steve McKinnick is a famous psychological and military strategist.
He's here.
He's also a best-selling author.
The brain's behind a lot of the plots for Tom Clancy's best-selling books and movies.
And let's look at big picture.
I mean, obviously, Trump is a pragmatist.
He's pro-America.
He didn't like seeing one-sided trade deals with China.
He's done the best job he could.
I mean, in fact, he's done a better job than I could imagine, knowing all the treason and the traitors and what he's working with.
How does he, with 178 days, how do we defeat the narrative that he didn't respond right to COVID?
Every death is his fault.
We know in the blue cities and states, they're coding deaths from other things for COVID to get the money.
I think he demands a prosecution of those people.
I mean, look what Cuomo's doing.
Look at the Democrats, like leeches, making money.
He's got to go on the offense.
Barr's got to go on the offense.
Durham, we've heard all this talk.
Now is the time.
They shouldn't wait till July or August.
They need to drop the hammers now and start the prosecutions now and go on the offense.
I agree with you, but remember one thing.
You never want to correct your enemy's mistake, as Bonaparte once said.
I do not want to correct the mistakes of the Democrats.
The Fauci's and the Pelosi's and the liberal states.
I want them to continue.
In turn, what has been going on, and Trump understood this, and we understand this in the deep state or the intelligence service, Trump swung around and made an overture to China.
As a result of that overture, when in fact everybody was talking about potential war, Trump said, uh-uh, not anymore.
We're going to open up business with China, we're going to bring back our factories, we're going to start up the factories here, and we're going to have a trade agreement.
Guess what happens?
The economy speaks the loudest, even during the unemployment crisis.
No, I get the pivot.
Instead of saying war with China, Ad Fiorati brings out the stick, then he brings out the carrot, and that brings up the markets.
Now you got it.
And never underestimate the power of the economy of America and our ability to go back online and produce economic and psychological wealth.
This is where we're formidable.
We're based on entrepreneurship.
Do you think Trump is the man, even though they say decades of wealth's been lost, it's all basically still, if we get it turned on soon, it's still all what we believe in, it still is intellectual, it still is confidence, and there's still time to turn it back on.
You got it.
Basically, you're an entrepreneur, I'm an entrepreneur.
80% of America have their own businesses.
You saw that brave woman in the salon saying, I'm not going to go to jail.
And the judge, who has a pension and is a political appointment, like all of them, Nancy Pelosi, Fauci, all of them are political.
By the way, shouldn't these idiots that never had a real job and are never generating wealth know that if the small businesses go under, their pension's going to be worthless?
No, because they don't care.
They have been spoiled.
They have been entitled.
And this is what we created.
What you're seeing now is not the disappearance of the American entrepreneur class or capitalism.
What you see is the eventual death of bureaucracy, Pelosi, Fauci.
So you're saying their attempt to hijack us and hold us hostage you believe is going to blow up in their face and bring them down?
Self-destructive, Alex.
I said it six months ago.
Now Trump understands we have to move fast.
And by the way, I have to give credit to Mike Pence, who turned out to be incredibly effective as an executive.
In the beginning, I had my doubts.
I expressed it.
But now I know for sure, not only will we come back with Trump, we will come back with Mike Pence right after Trump.
And after Pence, we will have another eight years.
Let me explain something to you.
America is fundamentally a republic based on American values that you and I know.
It's the Second Amendment.
It's the First Amendment.
And aren't you saying we have to end the Democratic Party and create a new second party?
The Democratic Party is a criminal, anti-American, just cesspit.
I don't see how that party has to be gotten rid of.
You want to know, you don't have to do it.
It's like having a cesspool and you just let the cesspool fester there.
Nancy Pelosi has been self-destructing.
She was standing in front of a, what do you call it, a freezer, talking about ice cream when people had no food and nowhere to go.
You talk about Fauci saying, no, we're going to have another epidemic.
Let me explain.
She's totally disconnected saying it's okay stay at home forever when people don't even have money to feed their kids and she's standing in front of a $20,000 refrigerator.
But what's even worse is Fauci and no one else talked about the fact we have an increase in TB.
6.3 million people are going to develop tuberculosis.
1.3 will die.
We have an increase in opioid crisis.
50% of a town, Franklin, Ohio, is now without any drugs whatsoever.
Suicide's exploding.
So this is what Fauci, the Democratic Party, has done.
All you have to do, Alex, is put those numbers out there for TB, narcotics, alcoholism, 600,000.
Coronary artery disease, 600,000.
And that's all you have to say.
And the American people understand it.
We go back to work.
That's the background of what we're about.
Europe will take a lot longer.
I mean, there's been the model with Sweden.
It is not a model.
England was supposed to have herd immunity.
That did not work.
In effect, we will not have a vaccine because we don't have a vaccine that works.
Fauci has never created an entity or product that was effective.
The AIDS issue has nothing to do with Fauci.
It was $16 million I gave from Henry Waxman to Tony.
And the rest of it was he was a disaster.
Tony has repressed all kinds of legitimate research underneath him and put away a woman in jail.
I don't know why.
But the more important issue now is let the enemy self-destruct.
And they're doing it beautifully.
Let us just move around as we did.
Well, I guess I get a distorted view because I'm run by a Democrat Party cesspit.
Austin is now the escape valve for all the locusts out of California and other areas.
I'm not saying everybody's bad in California, but the very worst are fleeing.
And the businesses are told by the governor to reopen.
They're all too scared to do it.
And everything's falling apart here.
But I guess it's true.
Most of the deaths, the collapse, the blue cities will only make themselves exit zones, I guess.
And then the red cities that are open will then bloom.
It's like you said, I'm not a psychiatrist like you, but what is up with this self-destruction?
Well, because that was inbred in them.
By the time Nancy, she's in her late 70s, she's been in the business of manipulating and forcing others to do what she wants.
Now she had total power.
When you have a woman who's not totally there mentally, has total power, she will self-destruct.
Her narcissism, her self-sense is already on a road to destruction.
Not one congressman has come back.
She doesn't need them.
In contrast, what we have is here in the South, even in the Florida North, we're a Baptist community, Christian community, gun-toting, everybody's working.
We're working here.
The places that don't work are the places like University of Florida, where the doctors need to wear masks.
I also love how when the grocery stores don't have meat, suddenly all over the South and everywhere else, everybody just goes to their local farmer, they butcher a cow and do it right there.
Yeah, that's exactly it.
We don't have a deficit of meat.
We don't have a deficit of anything.
Actually, people have been working here.
The house has been going up all through this episode.
We have the workers.
They love their own businesses.
They have small businesses.
We have big businesses.
So the answer is just ignore the hysteria, ignore the fear like Roosevelt said.
And go into the highest potential, which means our government, our ability to do business and do exactly what you... Dr. Steve McChenick is our guest.
We have Dr. Nick Magich, always informative, who's going to be hosting the fourth hour.
Then the war room with Owen Schroyer takes over after that.
And I've got a lot to say.
I'll probably do a special report this Saturday.
I'll be here Sundays, like I always am, 4 to 6 p.m.
with the Sunday transmission.
Here are the headlines.
Trump tightens grip on coronavirus information as he pushes to restart the economy.
Trump administration buries detailed CDC advice on reopening.
Stops listening.
To these WHO Bill and Melinda Gates minions.
So yes, if we restart now, we can get things going again.
And yes, they obviously hyped this up to try to hurt the economy and hurt Trump's re-election.
The Democrats have come out and bragged about it.
200 Hollywood stars signed a letter.
Robert De Niro, Hanoi Jane, the usual suspects, Madonna, all these has-beens, that, oh, it's for the earth, don't turn the economy back on.
And I know, Dr. Pichinik, you focus on America.
But, the third world, when the first world collapses, the third world dies.
The UN's numbers are 135 million or down, going on to starvation.
30 million currently starving to death.
I look up those numbers, people think that sounds insane.
No, that's the type of numbers I think are real.
Usually what, 10 million starve to death a year?
They're saying it could be way above that.
The very UN hyping the end of the world, but this virus is also hyping, give us billions to feed the third world, they just starve to death.
And I sit there and I watch this and we see how they used it.
It came out that Chinese intelligence was, you know, using this to try to create fear here to kill our economy.
It's very obvious what's been done with the deep state working in concert with others.
I mean, it's just it's a serious crime.
Can you speak to the other agendas out there?
The eugenics, the depopulation agenda, State Department memorandum 200.
You know, things that have been pushed about depopulating the third world, because we can argue all day, maybe there's too many people in some places, but who's really going to pull the trigger and starve these folks to death?
I don't want my name on that.
I don't think anybody's going to pull any trigger, with all due respect.
The third world is an issue that has to deal with itself because Europe has investments, the British have it, the French still in Africa, the British are still there.
There are all kinds of interests that they have in the third world.
We're not as interested.
What Trump has done is to reconfigure us to basically deal with
Canada and Mexico and the United States.
He's minimized the amount of interactions that we need in the third world and quite frankly, Venezuela, Argentina and all those other countries are not as relevant.
I'm not going to be saying, I don't, at this point I can't address the issue of millions of people dying.
I don't believe that's going to happen.
I think all kinds of numbers have been made up in order to
We've mapped this out repeatedly.
It just means Corona means a spike.
And as I said, we have higher problems with other issues.
The real problem now is to refocus what we do into the economy and into beginning to understand what we don't need and getting rid of all the bureaucracy in Washington.
I don't need 75,000 people in the State Department.
I don't need 16 intelligence bureaus.
I was about to say, why is the current Marine Corps leader
Trying to invest in future amphibious landing assaults, when if anybody knew, you would just have, you know, an aircraft or a ship deliver a hundred drones.
I mean, it's ridiculous.
Everybody admits everything's going to robot warfare, humans leading robots.
But I mean, what the hell is the Marine Corps doing?
They're irrelevant.
And again, what we're getting at, Alex, and I'm trying to press that point, the House of Representatives have become irrelevant.
Our military standing army, and the Marines in particular, are irrelevant.
Why is Trump doing exactly what he's doing and I supported it from the beginning?
He's pulling troops out of Afghanistan.
If I had listened to my idiotic generals who went into Afghanistan and couldn't rationalize why they were there,
18 years later, thanks to Zalmay Khalilzad who brought us in and let him do the agreement, we're pulling them out.
We don't need these troops around the world.
I do not need the Marines.
I do not need a floating Navy personnel.
Why do the globalists hate Trump so much?
Because they just can't...
Just siphon off constantly and screw the economy and the people and freedom just so they can... I mean, why do the globalists hate America so much?
Why do they have a... The left has a real true ethos of hating freedom.
What's wrong with these people?
Because they never really served.
When did Bill Gates ever serve our country other than his own narcissism and he said, oh, I develop Microsoft?
No, your father gave you over a million dollars 35 years ago.
You are spoiled brat.
You're still a spoiled brat.
You're not very bright.
You're an idiot savant who likes to go around and make believe that you're going to say something, but it has no relevance to the real world.
Then you have WHO.
Totally worthless.
When I came out of the State Department, they tried to recruit me as one of their senior officials.
I said, you don't do anything.
So what I'm getting at now, Alex, is it's time for these institutions
To be denigrated financially and politically.
We do not need that.
And you've been saying that and people say, oh Barr's hurt the FBI.
No, he's helped the FBI by shutting down a fraudulent operation and that's what they need to do is say no to these political persecutions.
How do they get such arrogance that they thought they'd overthrow a president and overthrow a war hero general who'd done nothing wrong?
What's their problem?
The problem is that nobody's ever bitch-slapped the Maliks.
It's like a spoiled kid.
One of the reasons I would always be brought into an administration was to bitch-slap anybody who was out of control, to fire them summarily, and to say, I want the people that I need.
You don't need the FBI.
Totally useless organization.
Barr knows that.
Anybody who's worked with him knows that.
Bar knows very well where he comes from and what the CIA can and cannot do.
Bar understands he's going to have to clean out the Justice Department.
But let's be honest, the CIA's been a bunch of factions.
There's been globalists at the top of the CIA, are you saying?
I'm saying to you, I don't need 16 intelligence units.
We're in a new world.
What I need is the young kids coming out of these
Yes, it's cyber and space my friend.
Those two elements and that's what we're preparing for.
So Trump gave you a space warfare capacity.
I know kids who are now going to the Air Force Academy, they're designated to go to space, and they're the other ones... Oh, by the way, we didn't play that ad a few days ago.
Guys, cue that up for next segment, where they say, we're looking for people that are ready to go off-world.
That's what I like, is hearing about a human component in space, instead of it all being a robot component, like Elon Musk keeps talking about.
Oh, humans are over, human language is over.
No, we need to build a world for humans, by humans.
You gotta understand what Elon Musk is for.
I invested in South Africa as he has invested in America.
He's Afrikaans.
And Afrikaans comes out of 300 years of Dutch reformist history in South Africa.
He comes to the United States, he thinks he's smarter, he's better.
He's good at certain things and he's terrible in the other ones.
I know he's at NASA.
I know he's doing a space center.
So is Bezos.
But the point of fact is that Elon Musk garners too much attention.
Well, I'm not even trying to attack him.
I like him saying open the country up.
He just says we're all getting brain chips and human language is about to be over.
He says we'll all be cyborgs in 10 years.
That's baloney.
Elon Musk is dreaming.
You know, he wants a science fiction film.
The truth of the matter is, what you said is correct.
Hollywood is under.
I've said it for a year.
They're finished.
Well, let's talk about what the collapse of the establishment and then the new...
The whole new America when we come back.
I'm going to play a few minutes of Bill Gates that you talked about when we come back.
Literally becoming excited when he talks about financial collapse and the economy never coming back.
Why the hell does that make him look like he's having an orgasm?
We'll be right back with Dr. Steve Pucinich, stevepucinich.com.
I'm Alex Jones with InfoWars, InfoWars, InfoWars.com.
Here's what Bill Gates had to say last weekend when he was on CNN with Bilderberg group member Fareed Zarqari.
If you're a radio listener, you can't see it.
Bill Gates, when they talk about the economy being in shambles for a long time and being really hard on the people, looks like he's having an orgasm.
Let's watch that video one more time, where Bill Gates becomes visibly
Joyful, excited, almost having an orgasm when Fareed Zarkaria, the other fellow globalist of the Bilderberg Group, on CNN talks about how horrible the economy is and how we better get used to it.
It's going to take a long time to recover.
It's going to be, you know, people are going to be surprised at how slow and how fruitful this is.
In the video, Gates gets more excited.
We're putting a whole film together with this right now, a short documentary.
We're good to go.
And you know about IBM, and how Thomas Watson got the highest award from Hitler, and how he put his money into a trust to carry out race hygiene, and then how Bill and Melinda Gates head up these big foundations, a lot of which put their money in, you know, to carry out the whole race hygiene thing.
I mean, really, Bill Gates is like a form of baby Hitler, and since when did he get the keys to the planet, the keys to the city?
Since when did we wake up and Bill Gates is all over TV telling us how we're supposed to operate and telling us that President Trump is wrong and that Communist China is good, Dr. Steve Puccini?
Well, there always will be what I call the idiot savants.
I mean, you've got Secarious, you've got Bill Gates, you've got De Niro, all of whom have the same background.
Spoiled, entitled, they were told they're special.
De Niro went to a nice little red school in Greenwich Village.
Gates was never really very bright.
He's just what we call an idiot savant who knew how to do a computer.
And the rest are not relevant.
What happens is, and no offense to you, by giving them amount of attention that you're doing, you're feeding into their narcissism.
Remember, I left the CFR.
I left all of this junk because it's not relevant.
Not only did I leave it because they're not relevant, they were dying and they're dead.
And what happens is the alternative media, guys like you and me, we get listed by the Journal-Marshall Fund as one of the top 10 fake news.
So I want to congratulate you, Alex.
You are just listed at the top 10 as a fake news by the German Marshall Fund, which is ridiculous to begin with.
So the economy is changing very fast.
You got Mnuchin, who did a brilliant job of getting the cash flows out.
Right now, I had a good story.
One of my cabinet makers just got his backup.
Funding from the government, from Trump.
The Dennis friend got a backup funding from Trump.
It works.
These guys who you're talking about, they don't work.
They don't do anything.
They're not even relevant to the storyline of America.
So by giving them that attention, as opposed to Alex saying, this is where I come from.
This is what I did.
Here's a man who stands out and this is what it took to build a business.
That's where we should be going.
And by the way, we're going to have jobs.
And now we're going to open up the state.
DeSantis did a great job.
He, you know, he turned North Miami, Dade County, Broward, and he let the rest of the state go into business.
And that's what we're doing.
We can't stop this.
The Bill Gates, all of those nonsensical things that are occurring are just a false flag for you to be spending time on.
The real issue is, where do we go from here?
And where we go from here are the businesses that have to come back up.
If we don't expose who's behind the forced inoculation plan and the medical ID cards to travel and the whole agenda and how they lied about the numbers, how they faked hospital visits, how they're stealing money, they will still be in power and will try to lock the election down and will keep attacking.
Let me put it this way.
I'm not arguing on that, but let me put it this way.
When did a President of the United States say the following?
I never respected or particularly cared for what Obama did.
He destroyed our economy.
I don't care what Bush Jr.
has to say.
He was a disaster in foreign policy.
Bill Clinton was a disaster as a president.
Which president of the United States correctly identified... No, you're right.
So describe to me with all your, you know, contacts.
We're our own citizens just reading and researching.
We're just as important as anybody in the...
FBI or CIA or the Defense Intelligence Agency or anywhere, but who is Trump then?
And why is he wrecking them?
Because all these people are sure he's with some faction.
I know I'm not with a faction.
I'm with a faction of success and wanting to be free.
And I believe Trump is in that same faction.
That's just we the people.
That's exactly it.
But there is one element that's very important.
I am a refugee who served my country.
Trump, in a way, is a refugee who's serving his country.
His father was from Germany and his mother was from Scotland.
Both had a major influence on his work ethic and his ability to take calculated risks and build assets.
Not theories, not processes, not Hollywood bullshit, not the processes of government.
He couldn't care less.
He built hotels, condominiums, golf courses.
Those are hard assets.
Guys like me grew up with that and we were thankful that they were the businessmen.
Explain that most people going to Harvard and MIT and all the places you went, they get into the process of the cult they're in and milking numbers off the top and they're what my buddy calls aliens.
Not like they're from space, but these multi-generational rich people don't know how to wipe their ass.
No, you're absolutely right, Alex.
I have no love for Harvard.
I spent three years in psychiatry and I didn't even know what I learned.
I got the two top awards and I said, you're a waste of time and you're going down.
They went down four years later.
MIT was formidable because it was filled with guys who were on here 15 years ago saying Harvard will soon be a joke and the East is going to collapse.
Now everyone I know goes, oh Harvard's a joke.
Harvard's a joke.
Since when did they just, everyone suddenly knows they're a joke?
Because the universities aren't relevant anymore, my friend.
Because of you and others, the alternative media and the internet, that one and zero was so important that we're knocking out going to Harvard.
How much?
$40,000, $50,000 a year?
Or you want to go to the University of Florida in Gainesville?
Oh, that's $30,000 a year?
Every university now, including Stanford, Harvard, Yale, and all of them, are scared because they know that the buildings are not worth anything.
That online education has become the premier entity in terms of the narrative.
And so all their wannabe emperor's new clothes, elitism, it's Hollywood, all of it.
Everyone I know hates Hollywood.
Everyone I know is just sick of celebrity.
It's all gone.
It's all evaporated.
It's gone.
I'm watching Turkish films.
I'm watching Spanish films.
I'm watching Muslim films.
American films are gone.
It's finished.
The William Morris Agency is finished.
As soon as they sold out to China and gave up their soul, it's just all gone.
Well, it's not only China.
They were in the process of denigrating and being self-destructive.
It's like an entity.
Their time had come, my friend.
Our time has not come.
Well, exactly.
How does Robert De Niro and Madonna and all them come out and say, we love the collapse, it's wonderful, and you should all be poor, while they're all filthy rich?
Didn't I say something about Italians?
Robert De Niro, Madonna, both Italians who are not very bright, who have that fascist instinct.
De Niro always thought he was a tough guy, but he only paid tough guys.
But did you see whenever his car doesn't pick him up, he starts crying?
Well, but that's my point.
Underneath it was nothing.
The same thing with Fauci.
If you didn't give him $400,000 a year, he couldn't develop his own company.
Think of it.
We're giving him $400,000 a year for 30 years and his wife works at NIH.
He's done nothing except process and bullshit.
This is what we're about.
I've built 28 companies.
Some of them went well, some of them didn't.
You built a company.
You built a whole system.
Now we're going to be in the forefront because that's where the alternative media, the New York Times, gone.
Washington Post, gone.
Wall Street Journal, gone.
What else?
We're not the alternative media.
We are the media.
That's what people... And they think getting us off the air will make them pertinent again.
No, they're done.
It made you more powerful.
You were brilliant.
What did you do?
You go off the air.
What did you do?
Because paradoxically, you did exactly the way I think.
You called it the banned video.
Which TV station wants to say I'm the banned TV station?
None of them.
You did more business now than you've done 20 years ago, I suspect.
I don't even have to ask you.
But that's the paradox of success in entrepreneurship.
That's America.
You're part of it.
I'm part of it.
Well, it's our listeners.
It's the people that are hungry for freedom that do it.
They can find your books, your essays, your amazing videos.
Find Steve Pachinick there without the Alex Jones jumping in at StevePachinick.com.
Thank you, Doc, for the time.
God bless you.
And now we know he was right, yet again.
I hope he's right that we can turn the economy on, because if we don't, we are screwed, blued, and tattooed.
Hour number four, straight ahead.
I've got more to say and more breaking news.
And then, Dr. Nick Baggage!
It's now more critical than ever to keep InfoWars on the air.
Everything we warned of for decades is now emerged.
It was always there, but now it's uncloaked.
It's out in the open.
And our credibility, your credibility, has gone.
To the stars.
That's why they want to expunge and erase every documentary, every film, every article, every report, every interview.
That's why they don't want to just silence Infowars.
They want to silence medical doctors and scientists and members of Congress and leaders who tell the truth.
But humanity is rallying against this threat.
And now, ladies and gentlemen, is the time to spread the word like never before.
I know I get up here and I say you are the Paul Reveres.
But you know what?
The evil we're facing is much more wicked and much more diabolical than King George III.
260 years ago.
These globalists want to dominate and take control of our very genetic code.
They want to sterilize us.
They want to erase us.
They want to destroy our seed.
They want hegemonic domination over every life form on the planet.
They want to overwrite it in their selfishness.
And we can't let them do that.
So I'm telling you, ladies and gentlemen, however you can,
Realize you're a leader.
Listening to local radio stations, watching local TV stations, going to NewsWorks.com, going to Band.Video and finding the articles and the videos that you think are most important and most informative.
And sharing those at the grocery store and at church and to your neighbors and to your friends and saying, hey, here's what's banned.
Here's what they don't want you to know about.
That's changing the world and that brings hope into the world.
And people that weren't ready to wake up years ago, they're ready to wake up now.
That's why the globalists wanted to shut us down all these years.
That's why they wanted to silence us all these years.
Because they knew that once their system emerged, we would have massive credibility.
And so they hope people forget about what we said.
They hope they forget about all the warnings.
But people aren't forgetting.
People are remembering.
And remember what Jonathan Gruber said six years ago about Obamacare, who he wrote Obamacare.
He said, Obama chose me.
Because I came up with the best plan to triple prices and rip everyone off.
And I was the most deceptive person.
And he said, thank God they don't have memories.
Thank God they're so stupid.
But you do have memories for baseball or movies or things you like.
We'll start focusing on politics and the world and the globalists, not because you like them, but because you want to defeat them and remember what they've done and expose them and celebrate exposing them and celebrate the First Amendment and the free speech that veterans fought and died to defend.
Because those veterans and our forebears didn't create those rights, but they fought and bled to enshrine them and to get them openly practiced.
So that they would become part of our culture and so that freedom would not pass from the world and so that we would not be slaves.
So I tell you again, exercise these freedoms or lose them forever and tell everyone you know about the fight for freedom that goes on here, now more important than ever at InfoWars!
We're going to be true until the end.
I'm not going to back down.
I'm not going to compromise.
And I'm asking you not to back down or compromise because compromising with this, submitting to this, is worse than living death.
Now, we're going to come back and I'm going to do one more segment and then Dr. Nick Megich is going to take over.
And I'm going to get into Elon Musk, who I've been wanting to talk about the last few weeks, but I just can't figure him out.
And I've attacked him some, I've supported him some, and I've done a lot of meditating on it and a lot of thinking about it.
And I didn't watch Joe Rogan's podcast.
I've been too busy yesterday when he came on for a second visit, but I have watched some clips.
There's some new articles on InfoWars.com about it.
I pretty much already knew this, but now I figured out what's going on.
And so I'm gonna do my best when we come back to talk about this and then hand the baton to Dr. Nick Baggage on the other side of this quick break.
Remember, there aren't many outposts of freedom left, but that's because we're telling the truth and we're a threat.
But those outposts are now shining brighter than ever.
Why do I call globalism a post-human world and a form of living death?
Because that's how the New World Order mad scientists describe it.
Where they take over humanity, they take over the entire planet, all the biospheres, and they overwrite the genetic code of every plant, every animal, every insect, and humans as well.
I remember back in the 2000s, 15, 16 years ago, covering DNA
And how it would cause death in the rats, death in the pigs, or bizarre mutations.
But most of the time they would do nothing because the cell is designed to keep foreign RNA or DNA from getting into its nucleus.
These vaccines reprogram the cells.
They don't go in and teach your body how to recognize a virus and have immunity to it and attack it when it sees it.
So you don't have that big autoimmune response when it doesn't know what it is and die.
But then it has all those side effects.
And now, the article's up on InfoWars.com.
Medical elite.
Think mad scientist out of control with liability protection.
Rush to create new era of high-risk genetically engineered vaccines.
And Bill Gates wants it to be mandatory.
And when you read this article, DNA vaccines are intended to penetrate all the way into the cell's nucleus, according to biotech scientists.
This is an incredibly difficult task, given our nuclei have evolved to prevent any foreign DNA from entering thick viruses.
And it goes into what it did to the lab animals.
Read the article!
Share it!
Now they've got MRN vaccines and others and they want liability protection.
And Bill Gates tells you it's going to hurt you.
But that's okay.
It's for the greater good.
Ladies and gentlemen, they are coming to depopulate the planet.
They are admitting that that's their plan.
They're admitting that's their operation.
Now, Elon Musk has come out in the past and said,
He believes in human empowerment.
He's come out and said, beware tech billionaires that talk of AI gods.
There's a plan to have a post-human world, and that he doesn't want that.
Well, that's because the Bill Joys and the Ray Kurzweils of the world have also spoken of the plan that the elites are going to merge with machines and depopulate the planet or step on us like we're a bug.
Illusions of grandeur.
Well now those very tech millionaires are censoring us and controlling our lives and merging with big tech.
With big pharma.
Now the big tech companies are enforcing the WHO's edicts upon the people of the world that doesn't matter what medical doctors say about coronavirus being hyped up and mainly a hoax.
If they say that, they're banned off YouTube when they get 5 million views.
And now they live, the Larry Pages and the Sergey Brins with their 70 million dollars apiece.
On their giant palatial estates with their helicopters and jets and their mistresses and all their power.
And they say that you're obsolete, that you don't have a future.
And 200 quote Hollywood stars, Skeksis, come out and say,
Well, you're obsolete.
You're non-essential and you don't deserve to have a car or go on a vacation.
You shouldn't have children, but they are.
Marie Antoinette didn't really say at the start of the French Revolution, let them eat cake.
She wasn't even paying attention to the tens of thousands starving to death outside.
But that was a metaphor for what she'd done.
Well, these people are not just saying, let them eat cake.
They're saying, no, you don't get bread and water.
They truly are self-destructive, disconnected from reality, and they are summoning their destruction.
You can feel the danger and the peril as the third world collapses and dies, and as we sink to third world capacity.
One cannot overestimate how dangerous our peril is, not from this virus, but from the fear that they have invoked into our minds.
And so, I said I liked Elon Musk, and I know some people that work with Elon, and we've had Elon, through his people, reach out before, but it never happened.
Just like the Kanye West reached out, then we reached out, and then his security did want him to come on the show, and then later you see Kanye talking about Infowars and Alex Jones, and we didn't make that up.
It's not like we need to be recognized by Kanye West or Elon Musk to be important.
I just don't say those things just to say them though.
So I wanted to say, okay, Elon went on the Joe Rogan podcast and talked about the dimensions and what the elite are doing and mirrored what I said and people were like, wow, Elon Musk is like saying what you said.
But then he came out and said, oh, we'll put it in these kiosks and put microchips in your brain and everybody's going to get them and you can't stop it and the AI is taking over.
And I got mad at Elon and then I started thinking maybe he's doing reverse psychology, throwing it in our face so we wake up because when he went on Joe Rogan two years ago and exposed the globalists,
They raided his company.
They attacked him.
They talked about criminal indictments.
They talked about bankrupting him completely.
Soros tried to take his company over.
And then he came out and said, I'm for the New World Order.
I'm a socialist.
AI is going to put chips in your brain.
Resistance is futile.
Because maybe sometimes we need the image of Jean-Luc Picard stumbling forward, part robot saying, resistance is futile, you will be assimilated.
Resistance is futile.
And now that I've talked to folks that know Elon, they say, no, he is for real.
And now he's so mad about the lockdown and the rest of it, he's going to go public.
I was told this two weeks ago.
I got several phone calls, leave Elon alone.
He's a good guy.
Well, he went on Joe Rogan and said the lockdown's wrong.
He went on there and said he sympathizes with anti-globalists.
He went on there and attacked the big AI control system.
So I think he's a conflicted guy, but I don't think he's evil.
But regardless, here's what he had to say for himself yesterday on Joe Rogan.
Yeah, I mean, I hope the future is more fun and interesting, and we should try to make that way.
I hope it's more fun and interesting too.
I just, you know, I just hope we don't lose anything along the way.
Yeah, we might lose a little, but hopefully we gain more than we lose.
Yeah, that's the thing, right?
Gaining more than we lose.
Something that makes us interesting is that we're so flawed.
It's not for sure.
I mean, you look at civilization through the ages, most of them, you know, they rose and fell.
And I do think, like, the globalization that we have,
At the sort of, like, the meme sphere, is there's not enough isolation between countries or regions.
It's like if you get a, if there's a mind virus, that mind virus can infect too much of the world.
You know, like I actually,
Thank you.
But that's what globalism is, is a hive mind, one thought, one control.
Nations are firewalls from diseases, from war.
They're bulwarks in case something bad takes over something else, you can block it.
Oh, the pure libertarian can say zero state.
But an evil people have to have a big government.
A good people can have a small government.
You got to have one, though, to block the other corrupt state that's going to be coming at you.
So, he's had a lot of other good things in the interview.
The full interview is at newswars.com, in the article titled, Elon Musk says he sympathizes with anti-globalist movements.
So definitely a positive move.
In closing,
In closing, it's only your support and your word of mouth that keeps us on the air in the face of the New World Order trying to shut us down, and that threat is very, very real.
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And welcome back.
It's good to be here today.
You know,
I'm thinking about some of the things that Alex was just talking about during the last segment, you know, and thinking about sort of where the globalists would like this to go.
It really takes me back to the beginning of my work, you know, and I go back into my teens, really, when I started thinking about a lot of these things.
And that's a pretty long time ago, over 40 years ago, 45 years ago.
And, you know, one of the things that just intrigued me
To what a person could make happen, right?
I mean, all you did is do what you do and stuff happens.
And because I grew up in that.
Isn't that the weirdest thing?
And most people think they don't have any power to do anything.
And this is the great news.
You know, it's like breathing once again.
If you don't know it, if you don't know that everybody doesn't do this, you kind of forget.
Or you don't know, right?
You got to remember, not forget.
You got to remember.
And so unbeknownst to me, for most of my life, I went around doing things, creating things out of my head into reality, thinking that, oh, everybody does that.
Did it everywhere I worked, everything I ever did.
I did it usually five or six times a day, all at the same time in a half a dozen different pursuits, right?
And I just thought everybody did that because we're all intended to do that.
And in a certain way, we do.
It's just whether we do it consciously or unconsciously, directed or undirected.
You know, and so when I think about the compilation of my work, going back to the teens and sort of what does it mean, you know, and why am I even talking about that today?
Well, you know, every so many years, a couple of decades, every 20 years, I set out, lay out my plan.
And I'm in the middle of that right now for the next one.
You know, I kind of finished the last and you guys have all been in it.
You'll probably be in the next 20 with me, too.
But here's what
What I'm thinking about in all this is the possibility that we can trigger in each other this idea that we can create more constructively.
And take that away from globalism, which deconstructs the sovereign soul.
You see, because globalism works against the sovereign.
See, we have a planet, one world, that's what they say.
What they forget is we have 8 billion plus or minus a few hundred million sovereigns.
That's you and me and everybody else.
Sovereigns, okay, at the fundamental level.
And, you know, royalty thought they were the sovereign.
They were the chosen few.
But no, you're the chosen many.
Everybody's in the same boat.
And we're all rolling around the planet together thinking we're so important.
And we are.
Equally so.
Remembering even.
And here's what globalists take away from each and every one of us.
The very essence of what we are in our humanity and creative capacity.
I just grew up in it.
I thought everybody did it.
Like breathing.
But I have news for you.
If you're not doing it consciously, you can.
It's called choosing.
You know the fundamental?
You get to decide.
You know and so it really kind of makes sense to me and I talk about this stuff on the radio and I had a few calls because I actually return a few calls a week because I try to and this week I returned a couple and learned a lot in those calls and then the other thing I I try to do is uh man I try to trigger activity and sometimes I
I do.
And then I fall down and I did it this week.
I fell down in one of those things and people would put some effort in.
I let him down.
And you know what?
Everybody has that happen, too.
And that's OK.
And, you know, here's the thing I would say about all of it that we forget.
We're highly critical of ourselves.
We all are.
You know, I've been down there, spent time with the team and spent time with Alex.
And you know what?
You know what Alex is always doing?
Criticizing himself for not doing enough, right?
I mean, come on.
Can you believe this?
He is so down on himself for not doing enough.
I don't do enough.
I need to do more.
And sometimes, you know, maybe you need to breathe.
A little bit.
And it's OK, because all of us can lift a little bit for each other.
So the other guy can breathe a little bit.
And sometimes keeping 10 percent for yourself might be a good idea instead of always running at 100 percent.
We do it.
We do it.
I do it cyclically.
Everybody who's doing anything does it.
And then we got up and what we're doing and we do more of it.
So here's what I want to say about
You know, everybody knows compound interest and everybody budgets their money.
And I got a better idea.
Budget your time and your life, because that is where the real value is.
You see, it's not in money, in fiat or anything that transects between them.
Although that's the fuel for the fire, right?
So you got to remember that.
To do that, too, because that's physical reality.
But having said that, what I want to say is we can do this so effectively if we start to recognize our individual power and we recognize the compound interest of living.
You know, the last 10 years of your life, wherever that is, wherever that falls, is going to be the most important because that's where all of the knowledge and all the accumulated information, perhaps a little bit of wisdom, is granted you at that point in time where you can really do something.
With the compound interest of experience.
Concept my oldest son gave me.
Nicholas was talking to me about this whole concept.
Compound interest of experience.
That's what we all have out there.
And to collectively add that up, you know, and it's millions of years between us.
And we can apply that.
We can deploy that as sovereign souls, as individuals, in each and every way that we can, each and every day that we choose to do whatever it is that we're doing, with intention.
Not unconsciously, not sleepwalking through life, warming a bench, and thinking we're doing something because we're parroting all the right words, and parroting all the right phrases, and saying all the right things that are going to get us our tickets out of here.
And that isn't what it's about, you see.
It's about creating what we are here, constructively.
Not falling into the flesh of who we are and what the world is, but recognizing we have something to do here, each and every single sovereign soul.
All of us.
Not later, not tomorrow, not when we retire, not when something else happens.
But right now.
We get to choose what we do every day.
We can redirect this into a reconstruction of what we see by acting on what we know to be right and true.
And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the simplest concept of all.
And it's called faith.
Believe you're creating the image and likeness of the Creator.
And then you might even start behaving that way because it will change the way you think of yourself.
And the way you decide to create in the world.
So let's create constructively.
This is Dr. Nick Begich on this Friday afternoon in most of the country.
Still before noon in mine.
We'll be right back.
And welcome back.
And it's good to be here again on Friday afternoon in most of the country and around the world.
You know, talking, thinking about all this before the break in talking about the concept of reality creation.
And I want to roll back again.
Um, historically for me and sort of what, what does that all mean?
You know, and there's, there's a lot of dimension to this.
And most people know a lot of the work I've done over the years, dealing with technology side, uh, the technocracy and what it would look like and how it would be shaped and formed and created and all that.
It's all right here and in all of our faces right now.
And Jim Roderick, Gene Manning and others who worked with me and researched with me way back when saw it all coming.
And we wrote about it and we published it.
And it's now here.
And no surprises.
OK, but I've been an optimist the whole time.
How can you do that?
You know, and the whole time, everyone who came at me, I mean, believe me, everyone came at me and in all different ways.
And a lot of times they were victims.
That's how they started the conversation.
I'm a victim of whatever, you know, and they get into their dialogue.
And I appreciate that.
And I have empathy and compassion for every victim of anything.
But most people are the victim
Of deciding how they would react to whatever's befalling them, because I can tell you every living soul I've ever met has had trauma, misery, have fallen down, been beaten up, and stood back up, or they're dead.
And a lot of my friends are dead.
Unfortunately, they lived long lives, most of them.
A few of them didn't.
But what I can say about all that is, it's in the living.
In your time and how you deal with it and what you do with it, not on the station that you think you hold in life, because I've seen it all, ladies and gentlemen.
I've seen it all in terms of wealth.
I've seen it.
I've seen some of the wealthiest people in the world have been my friends, and I see how they live.
It's not how I live, not how I would want to live, actually, having seen it.
A lot of things people wish for.
If you ever get a chance to see it, you might not.
But what I do know...
Is where you're standing is where you need to be.
And that's where the game begins.
If you decide to do something, whatever it is.
And here's the biggest secret of all.
There are no small things.
And I've said it a bunch of times and people go, Oh yeah, there are.
And you fall right back into the trap again.
But there aren't.
There's things that require doing, and part of the reality creation thing is that intention.
And when people join together with an intention, then things happen.
If you take an action, step into what you know to be right and true as an action thing, you know, that's faith.
Acting on something, not just theorizing it in your head or parroting a bunch of words.
It's doing something.
And learning by that doing in the reality of where we live.
Now what
Eldon and these other guys are talking about in the multiverse, you know, the multi-universe and what it's constructed of, is what physics is telling us today in the 21st century.
There's nothing new or mysterious.
There's not a cult and evil.
It's just the math of it, okay?
And we figure out the math of it.
Like, you know, there's gravity and electricity.
You figure the math out, it doesn't take anything away from God.
For goodness sakes, anything.
It just helps us see a little more form.
But here's what happens is people confuse the form with the essence of it.
And this is where we all get screwed up.
And start evaluating the thingness of it instead of the essence of it.
And this is what we're doing in our world, what we call our world, this thing that we keep screwing up in a million different ways.
You know, we have fake food, fake news.
Fake whatever, you know, make the list, make your own list.
How about that one?
Fake medicine, fake government, fake politics.
You know, we're all sick of it.
You know what?
Why Donald Trump won?
It wasn't because he was the greatest, most articulate speaker in the world.
It was because he was the most authentic.
You know, he was the most believable because at least you knew absolutely what you were going to get.
And so far, you know, by and large, I think a lot of it's been achieved.
Although, boy, are they working hard!
That's globalism, because it works against that type of radical change that's unscripted, unrehearsed.
You know, because that's what they cannot defend against.
The spontaneous truth of who we are.
And that's what we're each called to be.
True to who we are,
Even if it's ugly, messy, and a little disheveled, it's okay.
If you're true to who you are, and you're interested in remembering what you are, maybe behaving a little bit differently, because I think we can learn from some of the things we're observing, too.
And sometimes it's good to have a different voice, and there's a lot of different voices in the world, and I'm not going to say one is better than the other, because they're not.
They just need to be heard.
And then we get to decide what we're going to do, each of us, and not be pushed along like a wave.
But, you know, not even being an obstacle in the way, but knowing that you're on the wave and you're surfing on it and not being towed under, you know.
And so that's really it.
And so when I'm thinking about when I go into these programs, I think about what do I know that I really want to convey?
I could talk to you about science.
Which is where a lot of people get lost, you see, because then they get all excited about that science and all the magic they think it can do.
But here's what I know is the essence of what we are is that so-called magic that they're looking for.
And that's a crummy word.
I really hate that word.
It denotes too many things that have too much garbage attached to it.
But let me just say the miraculous nature
Of things, when we begin to discover it in the small things is what leads to the possibilities.
And when we do that independently as living souls, as sovereigns, then the world changes one breath at a time by us changing the way we see it and doing it with intention.
Because here's what I learned about words and why I take this work so seriously.
When I say something that's going to try and change the way you behave or the way you think or what you think about, I'm partially responsible for that.
I'm not CNN.
I'm not the mainstream.
I'm a human being and I'm responsible for what I say and the influence that it carries.
And I want to influence you to do what you personally believe is right and true and to do it in an honorable way and in a way
That honors the belief system that you say you embrace, if you say you embrace it.
And if you don't, I feel sorry for you.
Because there's a lot to be said for what can happen, what is happening.
Because on the other side of all this bad news,
Is the other side of the bad news, right?
Only it's greater than that.
It's not just a dual, dualistic system.
That is not it.
That is a really poor representation of it.
And that's the part that breeds all the fear that causes globalists to think the way they do and do what they do.
Because they think this is all there is.
And then they discover, wait, there's this other thing.
And the physics showed them there's this other dimension.
And now they're a little bit nervous, you know, because
What's over there?
You know, and what people don't realize is we're standing in the middle of it.
We just, our tuner, these senses that we have, only can see a part of that.
And the other part of this is something deeper, something we need to remember.
It's the core of who we are as created living beings.
And here's the big fear of globalists, is that enough of us will find that in us and begin acting in this way, individually knowing we're in concert already.
No group to form.
We're already standing in it.
The majority already exists.
It's a majority of one, and it starts with you.
Each and every one of us.
Take the breath of life and express yourself in this world in a different way.
This is Dr. Nick Baggage.
We'll be right back.
And welcome back.
You know, I always forget to mention my website, earthpulse.com.
You're welcome to go there.
There's a lot being done there right now in the background.
You don't see it.
I'm not marketing anything there.
If you're interested in my books or videos, it's the InfoWars store where those are available.
I'm making my website just informational, so that's going to change pretty
Quickly, probably in the next week or two.
You know, when I think about all of this, and you know, in the context of preparing for a program, you always, I say this every week, you know, I always think I have a program planned, but this happens, and it always works out just fine, and I so appreciate the ability to do live radio, and for those who get the video feed, the TV feed, and
We're good.
And you need to go there, and you can do a search under Beggage, B-E-G-I-C-H, do a search, and you'll find all the stuff we've done in the last couple years while I've been doing these broadcasts, and there's a lot there.
And all the other hosts are there as well, and we cover a lot of different topics.
I try to cover things that others don't because I think being informed
Really kind of returns a little bit of our power back to us.
And I think that's what InfoWars has always been about.
Why Alex and I work together for a quarter of a century.
And I've worked with everyone.
You know, I work with over 200 radio and television producers in my
We just do our thing and it happens.
People envision this big production and on Alex's side it is.
It takes a lot to run that.
I got the easy side.
I show up in front of a camera here in my home and poof!
Everything happens.
The magic happens.
The guys in the production side get the graphics styled in.
They get the sound just right.
And we get to do this together, all of you, together with us, we do this.
And that's what makes it so incredible and why I keep doing it, you know, and why Alex keeps doing it, why we all keep doing our bit.
And here's the thing that we also know, it has made a difference.
It continues to make a difference individually and collectively in terms of how things go.
Now is the hour.
You know, I mean, if there ever was a time for us to start acting a little bit, you know, everyone has been in neutral, right?
We've been sort of on involuntary lockdown.
You know, we've been, what do they call it, house arrested, whatever you want to call it, you know, quarantined or whatever.
Nice words to give you a different picture.
But here's what I would say about all of it, is we certainly had time to think.
We're good to go.
Of anything anymore.
Let's figure out what has real value.
And here's part of the delusion that we've been given by the world.
That fiat money is how we have to plan our lives.
So we budget our money and we budget our luck.
We budget all this stuff.
But we don't think about the fact that we're spending, we say it all the time, we're spending our time.
We're spending our time.
Yep, and the meter's not getting any fuller.
You know, your money, your bank account goes up and down, up and down, up and down, but you expire like me and everyone else on the planet, because we're all in this together and no one gets out of the physical reality alive, at least.
But here's the point of it.
It should have a point, right?
For you.
Your point, your calling, your mission.
You go, I don't know what it is, is this or that.
How about it's just what you're doing and now you need to reform it, consciously take control of it and choose how you're going to guide yourself through your life.
Because no one's going to do it for you.
And too many people are standing around waiting for someone to tell them what to do.
See, when I started, I wouldn't form a group.
I wouldn't form an organization.
I wouldn't do any of that.
I wouldn't because I had done that all my life.
I'd seen all that.
And you know what happened when you start doing that?
People get confused about what they're doing.
And then you got a hierarchy and someone's at the top.
And I don't believe in that.
See, for this kind of work, I do it differently.
I flip that upside down and the leader is at the bottom holding everything else up, you know, and he's shadowed by everything else.
You don't even see him.
That's the real leader.
That's you.
That's you in your house, in your family, with your friends, in your workplace.
That's you in the shadow of a greater thing that you get to participate in.
That's what I am.
You just think I'm standing up here.
I'm not.
I'm under this thing.
Because that's where it happens, where the rubber meets the road.
I'm in the shadow of this thing.
And you guys, all of us together, are that thing.
You know?
That consciousness is changing the world by doing stuff together and not getting confused about our part in it, thinking we have a big part when all of them are small.
All of them.
In the universe's perspective, you think God thinks anything we're doing is big?
You know?
Get real.
You know, that's so ridiculous to even think about that.
All right.
I mean, it's so ridiculous when you put it in that frame of thinking.
And that's part of what I do see, because words, words help us see the picture that I'm trying to convey.
And that's I think that's my gift.
That's why I do radio.
That's why I talk to you about what's important to me and you, I think, I hope.
And as long as I have something to say, somebody said,
You know, what do you have to say?
And that's kind of what I started with today.
I thought, you know, what am I going to call this program?
I wrote it down.
It says, what do I have to say?
Is it worth saying?
Why do I do it?
You know, those were my notes for the day, right?
Part of them, anyway, that I got through in an indirect sort of way, but
I do it because I know it matters.
It makes a difference.
I know that I can help us see things maybe a little differently.
Not that I want you to see it my way.
I just want to make sure at least I'm saying it the way I'm meaning it and that it's registering in the way I'm intending it and not offending you because that would never be my intention ever.
Um, but what I do intend to do is to move you, to wake you up, to shake you a little bit with thinking.
And a lot of my work in the past, I go, boy, aren't you afraid?
Aren't you afraid?
Revealing and discovering all this, which never was once.
I discovered that
A long time ago.
I thought, you know, like breathing again, you know, and it's fearlessness, which a lot of my friends have in common.
Now at a younger age, it was a little bit reckless along with fearlessness.
And as you get older, you get a little less reckless, but stay fearless, you know, but you're, you gain hopefully a little wisdom and a little tap on the shoulder along the way by, by God to wake you up a little bit.
And usually it's trauma.
We all experienced it.
And I say that a lot because we're in it right now again, all of us from the thick of it.
And now is a time, and this time I'm taking as well, and I've mentioned it in the last segment, is to plan, to lay out where you're headed.
You don't have to have a big detailed plan.
You know, I'm working on mine.
I did one 20 years ago.
What does the Dr. Nick Beggar's plan look like?
You know, that must be a big, thick volume.
No, you know what it is?
My 20-year plan turned into four pages, half a page for each five years, and they're statements of intention.
Where am I going?
What am I doing?
What am I trying to do and why am I doing it, you know, in those increments?
And where do I want to be at this point in my life?
And then how do I want to carry what I'm doing, what I believe my calling is and what I am, how I express myself.
These are what I'm talking about.
We can each do this right now.
And now we can be effective creators.
In the world if we actually have a plan we can begin to chart a course and it doesn't have to have all the details filled in but a direction and then here's how the detail part works.
Step in to the next step.
The thing you know will carry it for further and farther that you believe in that you know absolutely with full faith
of your individual sovereign soul that you can do it.
And you know that you're not walking alone.
You walk with the creative force of all creation when you step into what you are intended to do.
And I mean you're not going to stumble around every once in a while.
You will.
But your brother will be there and your sister will be there to pick you up.
And this is the tip of the spear.
And this is to lift you up on this 24th hour.
A few moments to midnight.
But we're still breathing.
We're still standing.
And have a great weekend.
Think positively about what we're doing.
And then execute your plan.
We told you what was going to happen and it did.
Now we're telling you what's coming.
What's coming.
We've known this was coming for a long time.
The Club of Rome.
Stay Apart Memorandum 200.
And hundreds of other documents like Lockstep from 2010 and Event 201 from 2019 had the Rockefeller Foundation, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and other powerful globalist organizations saying,
That a plague is coming and that they would use that plague to lock down an in-free society, bring in total surveillance, and starve the third world to death while putting an authoritarian system in place.
I began warning 12 weeks ago, desperately, that the Chi-Coms were hyping up COVID-19 to create hysteria here in the United States and that blue states and blue cities would announce lockdowns to force Trump to follow suit saying,
If he doesn't, every death is his fault.
And now that's happened.
We're already in a depression.
The numbers show a very deep one.
And if it continues, the global supply chain will completely break.
And the UN now admits that this year, in the months that are left,
We're looking at 135 million people starving to death instead of the normal 10 million that is still unacceptable.
Now most of those people are in the third world and it's very, very sad because when the first world collapses, the third world dies.
When the first world becomes a third world system, the fourth world is called death.
It's called mass starvation.
It's called societal
And now all over Latin America, all over Asia, all over areas of the Middle East, and even Eastern Europe, people are beginning to starve to death.
And even AP has come out talking about people in the United States that don't have money for food, and how the food banks have run out, and how they're unable to even take care of themselves.
And now the food shortages have begun that, again, we predicted.
I wouldn't go on air and tell you
Twelve weeks ago, you better get your storable food right now.
It's going to all sell out and the prices are going to go up if I didn't really believe that was going to happen.
And yet again, I've been proven right because we know this is a premeditated plan by the globalists.
They've written all these white papers, all these exercises.
This is global corporate government engaging in economic warfare against free nations like Brazil, the United States, and the UK.
And now the world's waking up to that fact.
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