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Air Date: May 7, 2020
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In this passage, Alex Jones discusses the economic collapse caused by COVID-19 and criticizes celebrities who support lockdown measures without considering their impact on ordinary people. He warns that the endgame is building a post-human world through global medical tyranny and promotes products available at InfoWarsStore.com to support a pro-human future. Jones also addresses being censored by mainstream media, plans to take legal action against big tech companies for acting like public utilities, and encourages content providers to set up their own platforms. He discusses the power of love as a tool for change, General Spalding's viewpoint on U.S involvement in an asymmetrical war with China, and David Icke's strength in standing up to the enemy. Jones also addresses issues such as UN Agenda 21, race wars, famine caused by lockdowns and shutdowns, religious freedom and reopening churches during the COVID-19 pandemic, division created through race-based news stories, and the importance of skepticism towards mainstream media narratives.


These platforms are still coming after us, playing all sorts of reindeer games behind in the background.
But again, you're the blueprint, Alex.
We're trusting the process.
And this was the final message that David Icke had on Sunday.
He said, look, act out of unconditional love.
Do the right thing that your heart tells you to do.
And move forward.
You're always going to be proud of that decision.
And the right thing will happen.
Even though the fear holds most people back.
And the pandemic is a great example of that.
The fear is making people play small.
And if we push through that, we're going to do things we're proud of.
We can tell our children and our grandchildren what we did in 2020.
And I'm trusting that whole process.
And Alex, you're all about that as well.
You trust your instinct.
You go forward with your heart.
And let the chips fall where they may.
And that's what we're in the process of doing.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
It's Thursday, May 7th, 2020.
179 days out from the election.
And I knew this was coming.
In fact, I'd already admitted it.
But now, a consortium of 200 billionaires and Hollywood trash
Has come out and said, hey, we never want to go back to normal.
This was about depopulating the earth.
It's about ending consumerism.
It's about ending a middle class.
But of course, the very people pushing it are billionaires and have private jets and huge estates all over the planet.
Stories on Infowars.com.
Celebrities call for world to not return to normal.
Radical transformation of economies.
This is not just idiot celebrities coming out, 200 of them, and signing this petition.
This is their plan of selfishness and true evil.
And it's all coming up.
First, here's the beginning of a report that's at man.video where Bill Gates becomes what appears to be sexually excited.
I mean, just pure joy and ecstasy on his face.
His eyes gleam like he's a red-eyed demon when they talk about
The global collapse that they now admit is going to kill more people this year than World War II did.
World War II killed over 50 million people, by the way.
Here is part of that report.
The economy is not going to be anything like it was.
It's going to take a long time to recover.
It's going to be, you know, people are going to be surprised at how slow and how fitful this is.
Let's watch that video one more time, where Bill Gates becomes visibly
In the video, Gates gets more excited than Beto O'Rourke did when he learned about the mass shooting at the El Paso Walmart.
Why are these guys so happy?
Because they know it's moving their agenda forward.
With Beto O'Rourke, it's disarming the population.
With Bill Gates, he's on record wanting to starve the third world, wanting to depopulate Africa, Latin America, and Asia.
But now we're supposed to forget all that and say,
He's the new dictator of the world, the unelected leader that controls all the major health institutes of the planet and the UN's World Health Organization.
But it's not just that clip.
In every interview he does, we have hundreds of these from the last few months, when he talks about forced inoculation, when he talks about we're never going to unlock the planet again, when he talks about depression, he gets very, very excited and very, very happy.
But when he's talking about President Trump or America or the free market or success, he looks very, very upset.
It's only when he talks about planetary collapse that he gets excited, because he believes he's saving the Earth by artificially using this panic to shut down the world economy.
Here are a few more clips of Bill Gates in the last few days with Trevor Noah, the supposed entertainment show, and the Financial Times of London.
Also getting visually excited when he talks about financial collapse, when he talks about world government, when he talks about forced inoculation, and all 7 billion people having to be forcibly injected before the world could ever, quote, go back to normal.
It's called holding us hostage.
The ultimate solution, the only thing that really lets us go back completely to normal and feel good about sitting in a stadium with lots of other people is to create a vaccine and not just take care of our country but take that vaccine out to the global population and so that we have vast immunity and this thing, no matter what, isn't going to spread in large numbers.
What do you think the right balance is between the trade-off of protecting people's lives and... And then he goes on to say that China is the perfect model, and he goes on to say that you have no choice, you will take the forced inoculation.
Oh, and it's coming sooner than they thought now, this year!
Oh, how interesting!
We, of course, didn't predict that.
We knew they were doing that.
This whole thing is a psychological warfare operation, publicly designed to depopulate the planet and collapse the Western world, and now 200 celebrities have signed a petition saying just that, when you depopulate people and make folks poor.
But, of course, they're not going to give up their riches. $1.79.
179 days out from the most historic election in world history.
A referendum on open free societies and Americana or globalist tyranny and the long dark night of planetary collapse.
This is an incredibly historic time to be live.
I'm your host, Alex Jones, and we are launching this live May 7th, 2020 Thursday transmission.
Okay, let's get right into it now.
Let's lay it out right now.
The stakes could not be higher.
If individuals know about history and know about governments and know about geopolitics, what's happening is crystal clear.
Like a clear blue sky.
You're up on a mountain top, you can see for a hundred miles.
But if you're unaware of how the world works, it's like having your head underwater in black ink.
You can't see a millimeter in front of you.
The very United Nations, WHO, that ran with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the NIH,
University of Texas, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, the weaponized Camira program that was a huge scandal here five years ago in the U.S.
was then illegally moved to China by Obama and Dr. Fauci are now the ones telling us the lockdown can never end.
Remember, 15 days to bend the curve?
And then when it wasn't even one-tenth of what they said it would be, they went, oh sorry, it's so devastating because it's not even one-tenth of what we said, we never reopen.
They just wanted to get you to accept it up front, like a kidnapper does.
Puts the gun on you, so we put the handcuffs on you, and we put the gag on you, and then everything will be alright.
Just put the handcuffs on, put the ball gag in.
Look, you're getting taken to a basement to get tortured and raped.
You're gonna die.
You don't put the ball gag in and the handcuffs, but you did it!
You like it!
You think compliance is love.
Compliance with tyranny is death, but here's the deal.
The ball gag isn't completely in and the handcuffs are on, but you could...
With your elbow, hit the latch and jump out of the car when he slows down at that little 20 mile an hour turn by that farmhouse.
And then you could run towards that farmhouse, even though your hands are tied, even if your legs are tied.
You could, help me, help me!
But you're not going to.
You want to go to the farmhouse a mile down the road and get taken to that basement.
You want, you want to get raped.
You want Ted Bundy to bite big chunks out of you.
You need it.
And don't worry, you gonna get it.
Your compliance is death.
And so the spokespersons for the Rothschild, Rockefeller, Gates, IBM, Eugenics Combine, 200 filthy celebrities, Madonna, Jane Fonda, Robert De Niro, have slithered out from under their rocks.
To say we're never going back to normal.
This is about cutting carbon.
Well, they've had the globalist on TV saying, oh, the good part is this is stopping global warming.
COVID-19 is stopping human activity.
Oh, it's a good thing.
And you're going to learn what's essential.
We're going to tell you.
We're going to own three or four jets apiece and have five or six big palatial houses and estates.
We're going to have four or five kids a piece.
We're going to have yachts.
We're going to have helicopters.
We're going to have surrogates having our kids.
We're going to get organs from Chinese dissidents.
But you that own a little salon
That employs a dozen people, you're going to go bankrupt and there's no bailout for you because you are a dirty consumer.
You've got a nice dress.
You've got a nice little house you work to get with a little pool in the back that you saved a decade to have.
You go on a couple vacations a year.
And so now you're going to go to jail.
And even when the Supreme Court orders her released in Dallas, Shelley,
Luther, the judge, Democrat, says, I'm ignoring the Texas Supreme Court.
And I'm ignoring the governor and the attorney general, even though that's the law.
They have to let her out.
He's grandstanding and wearing his mask and saying she's a bad person.
So let's walk through this and let's understand what this is.
The UN's robber baron Rockefeller created globalist depopulation planetary government.
Always designed to carry out eugenics through a global health department depopulation program.
The health departments were started in England and the United States in 1900 by the Rockefeller Foundation.
Run by Margaret Sanger to carry out racial hygiene.
That means getting rid of the poor black people, white people, everybody.
That's what set up health departments in the health service.
It's not Western medicine.
It's a globalist program of total control.
They got embarrassed by Hitler, so they had to go underground.
But now they're rolling out their operation today.
And Paul Watson wrote the article, Pointless Celebrities Call for World Not to Return to Normal, Radical Transformation of Economies.
And he goes into how they're pathetic and no one listens to them.
Well, the point is they're the spokespersons for the new world order.
They're the spokespersons for what they're going to do.
And you've seen them again on CNN, you name it, the scientists going, oh, COVID-19 lockdown has cut the global carbon, is helping global warming.
Type it into a search engine.
Global lockdown is helping the animals.
Global lockdown is slowing global warming.
Oh, the reason the ice caps didn't melt by 2017, like they said, and are bigger than ever, is because of the two-month lockdown.
It's day 54 in the U.S., but it's longer in places like Spain.
And here's the United Nations.
The U.N.
calls for billions in coronavirus aid for fragile countries.
Oh, but it's not even food they want.
It's billions to pharmaceutical companies to go shoot them up right now and give them, quote, drugs.
Watered-down drugs that Bill Clinton and others have been caught making profits off of.
The aid money goes to them to make money, not to help the Africans.
And this is how it's done over and over and over again.
But here's the head of the UN Food Program again, saying 135 million could die this year, 30 plus million are starving to death right now, 300 plus thousand every day.
Those are real numbers.
That's happening.
But according to Madonna, this is good.
According to Robert De Niro, it's good.
According to Jane Fonda.
But again, these are just puppets.
They just say what they're supposed to say.
And 200 of them have signed this letter saying it never needs to go back.
They love it seeing everything locked down.
You don't get to go to the bowling alley.
You don't get to go have that wedding.
You don't get to go on a trip once a year.
You don't get to go eat a steak once a month or something in a nice restaurant.
You will die!
Society will break down.
You will starve to death.
And they, the rich, beautiful elitist, they will inherit the planet.
This isn't science fiction.
This is happening.
They're showing footage of the collapse right now in areas of Africa and mass starvation.
Let's go ahead and go to the clip of the head of the UN Food Program.
There are a further 135 million people facing crisis levels of hunger or worse.
That means 135 million people on earth are marching toward the brink of starvation.
An additional 130 million people
Could be pushed to the brink of starvation by the end of 2020.
That's a total of 265 million people.
Our analysis shows that 300,000 people could starve to death every single day over a three month period.
But that's okay because Jane Fonda says it helps the earth.
See, Bill Gates says he wants to depopulate.
Using vaccines, then he has a vaccine for you and his family runs these eugenics groups on record.
And then Media Matters comes out and says Jones is a liar.
Bill Gates is connected to none of that and Alex Jones wants Bill Gates dead.
I never said that.
I said that Chinese communist agents inside the United States
need to be dealt with as foreign spies and that needs to be done by the President and by the Pentagon.
We're at war with China.
I don't want anything to happen to Bill Gates because that would turn him into a martyr.
I want Bill Gates publicly exposed and his agenda stopped.
And you know what?
It is happening.
Praise God and thank all of you for spreading the word.
We're going to come back and get into Bill Gates and the next shoe to drop.
And how bad is this global collapse going to get that the Democrats and the Hollywood trash are now celebrating?
I'm not the only one taking notice.
The internet has been on fire the last month, saying, why does Bill Gates frown in things when he talks about an American recovery, when he talks about President Trump, when he talks about Communist China, he goes, they've done a perfect job, and when he's talking to a reporter and they go, you know, this lockdown's never gonna end, it's gonna, global depression's inevitable, and Gates starts going,
I can't even look as happy as he does.
In fact, I don't think I've ever made a face so just... Yeah!
It's so inappropriate.
It's way beyond Beto O'Rourke.
When he would talk about dead kids, he'd be like, yeah, a whole bunch of people got killed.
And start smiling.
It's just truly disgusting.
And he does it in video after video after video.
But remember Bill Maher said famously, I love abortion, I love death, I say more suicide, I say euthanize everyone.
He said, I want the highways cleared.
I want to be able to drive down the highway and not see anyone.
In fact, that's in the Swimlet Green intro.
Let's try to excise that out too for the next segment if we can.
And now you're seeing it.
And now it's not just me telling you they would come with a deadly virus and cause a supposedly lockdown to kill the supply chain that'll actually kill billions of people in the next decade.
The UN now says 130-something million this year for sure.
Perhaps even 200-plus million will die.
300,000 a day right now dying.
I know Africa and Latin America and Asia and the Middle East are like another planet, but they're over there.
And their collapse is because we're collapsing.
And then you get Madonna, and you get people like, I can't even say her name, Jane Fonda, and Robert De Niro, and they're having orgasms over this, and how great this is, and how you're not essential.
Marie Antoinette, in the French Revolution, when they stormed the Bastille, didn't really say, let them eat cake.
They used that to enrage the starving mass.
The Jacobins came out and they said, what does she say?
We've petitioned her to open up the grain stores.
And they said, the Queen says let them eat cake.
The truth is the Queen just didn't care and was out playing.
Sports badminton, whatever, in the back, literally.
You've got hundreds of thousands of people from all over the country starving to death.
They come to town, a giant raging horde wanting food.
And you're just hopping around at Versailles playing badminton.
Oh, I don't need to hear about them.
And it's the same thing, Jane Fonda, Robert De Niro.
And I'm going to read you what they had to say about how glad they are you're starving, how you're not essential.
You know, I did the Jonathan Swift satire a week and a half ago on Big National News last week, where I said, if things collapse, I'll eat my neighbors if I have to, because things are going to get that bad down the road if we let this continue.
And I went on to say, this is satire for the lawyers, everybody.
But the media cut that out.
It was in the same segment.
And said, oh Jones is serious, but these people are really saying they want to collapse and kill all these people and feed off of them economically.
And I said all that hoping it would get picked up to point this out.
And it has now triggered a debate and people are finding out what I really meant by it.
And so good job listeners getting the word out, but that's what satire is for, to illustrate things so absurd people won't get upset about the real thing, but they'll get upset about somebody talking about it.
So here's Bill Maher talking about how he hopes to implode the economy a year ago, and well, they've done it.
The economy is going pretty well.
We have to... What?
Why is that funny?
It is going well for now.
For now, right.
That's my question.
Thank you.
That's my question.
I feel like the bottom has to fall out at some point.
And by the way, I'm hoping for it.
Because I think one way you get rid of Trump is a crashing economy.
So please, bring on the recession.
Sorry if that hurts people, but it's either root for a recession or you lose your democracy.
And they had this martial law plan
Oh, and you didn't get your republic or your democracy.
No, no, notice now you get martial law.
But he promised you freedom, right?
Here's a short clip of him from a larger intro we have where he's talking about more death.
Clear out the highway, here it is.
I'm consistently pro-death.
I'm for assisted suicide.
I'm for regular suicide.
I'm for whatever gets the freeway moving.
Well, let me tell you who'll get the freeway moving for you, ladies and gentlemen.
And his name's Bill Gates.
Here he is, three weeks ago, saying he needs to be indemnified for all his front companies putting out seven vaccines.
Because let me tell you, not everybody gets the same vaccine.
It's a little too obvious they give it here, and like, a third of us die.
And the rest get sterile.
We just get a little bit lighter one, but then the next three or four sterilize us and kill us.
In Africa, they got something really special.
On record, he's being sued in Africa, Latin America, Asia for doing it.
Here he is saying, 700,000 of you will get sick and some will die, but it's for a greater good.
So he's coming with something to force you to take something he admits can hurt you or kill you.
But, oh, Media Matters says I want to hurt him.
Oh no, no.
I want Bill Gates to be exposed and I want to stop him.
Here it is.
The efficacy of vaccines in older people is always a huge challenge.
You know, it turns out the flu vaccine isn't that effective in elderly people.
We clearly need a vaccine that works in the upper age range because they're most at risk of that.
And doing that so that you amp it up so it works in older people and yet
You don't have side effects.
You know, if we have, you know, one in 10,000 side effects, that's, you know, way more, 700,000, you know, people who will suffer from that.
And that actual decision of, okay, let's go and give this vaccine to the entire world, governments will have to be involved because there will be some risk and indemnification needed
The new priesthood is doctors, and a lot of them are good people, but a lot of them are psychotics.
And that's why you see the archetype of the crazy doctor, the mad scientist.
And if you're a radio listener, you don't see Gates's face when he talks about side effects and 700,000 being hurt or killed.
He begins to get very, very excited during that.
It's very, very sick.
But here he is just this last weekend with Bilderberg Group, Fareed Zakaria member.
They're both members.
They've actually attended together.
They're best buddies.
And Fareed's like, hey, this is a big depression.
This isn't going to get better for a long time.
And Gates is looking like
He is the most happy man on earth.
Here it is.
So you can hear, they're talking about things aren't going to get better, things are going to get worse, and then you get to see him getting so incredibly excited.
So that is all coming up in the next segment.
I intend to open the phones up for the entire transmission today, and I'm also going to get into the Hollywood celebrity's call for world to not return to normal ever, radical transformation of economies for the earth, austerity, and that you are non-essential.
Wait until you hear their declaration of total war on you, their new Green Deal, and you ain't in it.
This is Zardoz, this is Moonraker, this is Logan's Run, this is absolute global depopulation, this is exterminism, this is mass murder.
And you go, why?
Well, every culture, when it becomes corrupt, tries to exterminate its neighbors and or its poor.
And now they're like, oh no, we're just going to get rid of everybody's wealth except for ours.
Of course, they're useful idiots.
You don't think in the final equation, Madonna and De Niro and Fonda will get any part of this, do you?
I know why the general public thinks I'm crazy.
It's because I actually study the ruling class and they're crazy.
If somebody was firing a laser beam at you, and you had a mirror, and you held up the mirror, it would hit that, and it would bounce.
But someone looking off in the distance wouldn't see the laser beam coming at the mirror, they would see the laser beam hitting the mirror and going at them, and they would think the mirror was firing the laser beam at them, and not the laser projector.
That's the analogy.
I'm here telling you these are homicidal, psychotic, decadent, evil people that have organized themselves into power,
And who are setting up an authoritarian system to dominate and control your family.
And if you've grown up in America with relative freedom, or Europe, or a few other areas, like modern Japan, you don't think that's possible because you've seen checks and balances.
Well, you're like a dodo bird.
Everybody knows the story of the dodo birds on Galapagos Island.
They were only around a few years.
They were big, giant, juicy birds with tons of meat on them.
They would simply pull up in the ships and they would run up and beat them over the head with oars and eat them for dinner because the dodo birds had never seen a human and had no predators.
So they had no instinct to learn to run.
See, because you don't just learn an instinct.
When your ancestors had an experience, it imprints on the cells.
Epigenetics, that's now been proven.
And the globalists are obsessed with trying to brainwash us and program us, but it doesn't work because the epigenetics, we know what's bad.
But still, in America and other countries that have been quasi-free, we don't recognize classical, hardcore tyranny when it hits us.
And that's what's going on right now.
But if you look at every other culture and every other system, they always end up getting taken over by authoritarians.
They always end up getting taken over by corrupt psychopaths who then get replaced by more out-of-control psychopaths and more oppressive people like you've seen in North Korea.
The dictators don't get nicer, they get worse.
And so yes, it sounds extremely insane.
It sounds extremely scary to sit up here and say all of this was coming.
So I know why people couldn't believe it.
Well, now that it's here, folks are really upset and you should be upset.
And I'm very, very, very upset.
And I'm trying to govern myself and be measured in what I say and I do because
The establishment is trying to elicit a violent backlash.
Instead, we need a focused, loud, but also very aggressive and very determined legal, cultural, economic, spiritual assault against them.
And just expose them politically and culturally and get in their faces everywhere and just denounce this hoax on every front.
So here's a couple clips repeated of Bill Gates on CNN getting very, very excited with Fareed Zakaria says this shutdown basically is never going to end.
And then we go to Bill Maher again.
Here it is.
The economy is not going to be anything like it was.
It's going to take a long time to recover.
It's going to be, you know, people are going to be surprised at how slow and how fitful this is.
Let's watch that video one more time.
It's going to be, you know, people are going to be surprised at how slow and how...
This economy is going pretty well.
We have to... What?
Why is that funny?
It is going well for now.
For now, right.
That's my question.
I feel like the bottom has to fall out at some point.
And by the way, I'm hoping for it.
Because I think one way you get rid of Trump is a crashing economy.
So please, bring on the recession.
Sorry if that hurts people, but it's either root for a recession or you lose your democracy.
I'm for assisted suicide.
I'm for regular suicide.
I'm for whatever gets the freeway moving.
So, everyone has to come to grips with... We're up against a group of people who've currently engaged in a global economic shutdown that will collapse the first world, put everybody into massive debt with the globalists, transfer trillions in bailout money to themselves, arrest people that have restaurants, bars, and salons, because you're not essential,
And starve the third world to death at numbers currently the UN says, and I believe those numbers, I've seen the actual numbers that are public, at about double what died in World War II.
And then you see the virtue signaling leftists wearing their mask, getting into the quarantines, getting into the lockdowns.
They have no idea what they're even part of.
We've got to educate them.
Here's a article from Mises Economic Institute.
When governments switch their story from flatten the curve, it was just a couple weeks to make sure the hospitals had room, to lockdown until vaccine.
And the article details it.
Again, just put the handcuffs on, put the gag on.
Submit and I won't hurt you.
Just get in the van.
I don't
Criminology Show is about a third of the women or more.
Okay, okay.
He goes, good.
Just put this on.
Just put this on.
Handcuffs, okay.
Let me tie your legs.
I'm gonna kill you, bitch, now.
You're dead, bitch.
You're dead, bitch.
I'm gonna... And he drives you to the torture dungeon.
And right now, Fauci and Gates, they've got us getting in the van.
And you can see the wild look in Gates's eye and Fauci, they're like... Because they are already getting to wipe out a hundred million people.
And that gets them hard.
Seriously, Bill Gates is creaming himself right now.
So they know what they're doing.
You want to get hurt?
You're gonna get hurt real bad.
It's all here.
Everything you've ever wanted.
All of you that love abortion, all of you that love death, all the weird trendies that are into killing their babies and pissing in their pants, that's a big trendy thing right now, and all this stuff, don't worry, it's all gone.
It's all gonna be over.
Your welfare, your free goodies, all of it.
But not before you're first sterilized.
They're gonna make you to get your welfare and everything, get your vaccines, get your sterilization, and then it's all gone.
It's all over.
All of it's ending.
So all of you that bet on the system, all of you that have gone along with this, I'm talking to everybody in the system, from corporate people, to government people, to private citizens.
They're telling you that you're obsolete.
They're telling you that you are non-essential, and you're accepting it at your own total destruction.
And Trump is trying to say, turn it back on.
Trump's trying to say, we're tough, we can do it.
And it's probably already too late.
Unless the whole hoax is exposed and the people perpetrating it are arrested.
But instead, if you're a radio listener, you missed it.
Bill Gates, there's a whole bunch of these videos, we're getting a compilation together, of when they talk about something horrible, mass death, collapse, forced inoculations, side effects.
He is gleeful.
And gets really predatory looks in his face.
Like smiling, but while he's got a murderous look in his eye.
And I told you, that's the real look of these people.
I've told you for years behind the scenes.
That's nothing.
That's Gates turning on 10% of the demon.
Man, boy, I know the make and model of that one.
That's a really nasty, nasty one right there.
You would want to actually see what he looks like.
That guy can... Looks like Fright Night when he smiles.
That guy can pop it on, and boy, he's got the yellow eyes the whole nine yards.
You walk into this room at your own risk.
Because it leads to the future.
Not a future that will be, but one that might be.
This is not a new world.
It is simply an extension of what began in the old one.
It has patterned itself after every dictator who has ever planted the ripping imprint of a boot on the pages of history since the beginning of time.
It has refinements, technological advances, and a more sophisticated approach to the destruction of human freedom.
But like every one of the super states that preceded it, it has one iron rule.
Logic is an enemy and truth is a menace.
This is Mr. Romney Wordsworth.
In his last 48 hours on Earth, he's a citizen of the state but will soon have to be eliminated.
Because he's built out of flesh.
And because he has a mind.
You've been under investigation, Mr. Wordsworth, for the mandatory period of one year and eleven months.
You're found to be obsolete.
The purpose of this hearing is to make a finding in the matter and make a sentence accordingly.
Do you understand that, Mr. Wordsworth?
How could they have an episode back in 1961 called The Obsolete Man, written by Rod Serling, and then you look at it today and they're actually setting it up?
They're gonna kill over 100 million people this year.
They admit. 300,000
A day!
It's already begun!
We've got all the news reports, the videos, just a little footnote.
And we've got Hollywood folks telling us it's good!
We need to depopulate, it's good for the Earth!
Well, Rod Serling was in the Airborne in World War II, and he was there in the occupation of Germany, and he was there for the Nuremberg Trials.
And that'll get your head screwed on straight, won't it?
So, when he came back and became a screenwriter,
Put it into the Twilight Zone episodes.
And so, if you look at something based on what the Nazis were doing, and based on what the Soviets were doing, and you look at it today and you go, how did he envision that?
He didn't envision that.
He saw that.
It's not a world that is, but it's a world that could be.
That's where we are now, ladies and gentlemen, and you better recognize it, because evil doesn't look like Stalin or Hitler today.
It looks like Bill Gates.
And another Nazi collaborator, George Soros, in his media manners, coming out and saying, I need to be arrested.
Because I came out and said Bill Gates is a eugenicist and a depopulationist, and I could sit there and play you all those clips.
In fact, I decided last night to make a short, say, 20-minute documentary.
I'm not going to wait.
I'm going to shoot it the next couple days, edit it this weekend, and we'll put it out, say, next Wednesday.
Haven't figured out the name yet, and it's just going to be Bill Gates and his own words.
How there's too many people, how he wants to depopulate the third world, who his mom is, who his dad was, the IBM funding.
I'm just going to show it to you.
We've shown it all here in pieces and pieces there, but I don't just get up here and say all this.
I do a lot of research.
So here we are.
They told us two weeks, 15 days to flatten the curve.
Fauci just said just that.
That's all we need.
But they had a whole plan already been rolled out in Europe and other areas.
We knew it was never going to end.
Until you have forced inoculations and ID badges that show you've been inoculated and they're going to have the corporations enforce it along with the blue states and blue cities.
And they don't care how many bad reactions there are.
They don't care if it doesn't protect you.
They don't care.
They're moving forward.
Just like this judge in Dallas doesn't care if the governor said release the woman on the salon.
It doesn't matter if the Attorney General said it.
It doesn't matter if the Supreme Court told him.
He's an activist judge.
And he's in rebellion against the Constitution and against the Bill of Rights because he's a virtue signaler.
Doesn't matter if COVID-19 isn't even as powerful as the flu.
It doesn't matter if they add all these other deaths on the list.
It doesn't matter because the media told this judge he's special if he acts like a Nazi thug.
He's a follower.
You got a bunch of followers following the Pied Piper of the New World Order.
And this New World Order created the communists.
It created
The Nazis.
You know, Cold Springs Harbor, that Bill Gates' father's family worked in and around, still operating today in New York, created all this.
It's not America.
It's a criminal network that's international.
Look at that headline right there.
Governor Abbott yesterday afternoon said release her.
He could release a murderer.
He banned jailing citizens for lockdown violations.
They're not stopping.
And the judge told the governor, piss up a rope.
Because this is the globalist revolution.
And it's on.
They're not following laws or anything.
They're coming to snuff out industry and to tell a woman, your salon's not essential.
But Walmart is.
And once you accept that, you're done.
I want to take your calls.
There's also a banned documentary.
I like to air things that are banned.
It's very powerful.
Doctors in Black.
Owen played part of it yesterday.
I want to play part of it.
Today we're going to post it on at man.video.
As well, a woman that worked very closely, it was award winning, with Fauci.
And she's exposing his criminal activities and for that, they tried to destroy her and put her in prison.
That's who these people are.
They're the top of the food chain.
But we have to stand up against them because there's no future if we don't rally together.
There's only destruction, impoverishment, enslavement, humiliation, unless we finally find our courage and say no.
I'm gonna go to break and start the next hour.
I get into so much news we haven't even hit yet and read the sickening quotes by the 200 Hollywood globalist trash about how wonderful this is to save the earth and shut down the economy and how it's for the environment.
Now the shutdown will never end.
Just get in this jail cell, get in this cage for two weeks and I'll let you out.
And then now they're like, you're like, hey, the thing was much less than what you even said it was.
Like, you're not getting out.
See this key?
And they're not just people that want to be the bosses.
They're globalists.
They want to impoverish you and make you a slave and then give you injections so you slowly get sick and waddle off and die.
And then whatever money you got left as you're dying, they suck, suck, suck, suck, suck out of you.
We're gonna go to break.
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What does Jim Morrison say in that song, Riders on the Storm?
He says, if you give this man a ride, we're all gonna die.
And boy, have we given him a ride.
But he hadn't got us right quite where he wants us yet.
And if you're in denial, and if you don't fight back now, they're gonna get us all.
But you know, maybe we belong getting our brains sucked out like those little babies that Governor Northam keeps comfortable.
So maybe that's what we deserve, huh?
You know, I used to always be growing up and hear about the New World Order and the Mark of the Beast and the One World Government.
And then as I studied politics, I saw more and more of that actually going on.
I was always like, I will stand against Satan.
I'll be willing to have my head cut off and I'll take the Mark of the Beast.
And then you grow up and you get married, you have children, you don't really think about it for a while.
Then all of a sudden, one day you're like, I'm willing to do whatever it takes and not back down.
And you go, oh my gosh, I've got children.
What are they going to do to them?
And now, you know, while no one in the EU has children, the EU leadership and why the globalists don't have children, because they're willing to do it for themselves.
But even the most evil of these people are super selfish and don't want to take care of children.
But really, it's because they're scared.
But what will I do to fight this system so my children aren't destroyed by it?
Or there comes a point where they're going to be devoured by the system, but they do the right thing and keep their soul.
That's my greatest wish, is to be with my children in eternity.
That our spirits, our energy might mirror each other and so that we resonate together, because that's really what this is, and that we go to the higher plane with God.
I like the flesh, and I like being alive, but I tell ya, I'm certainly not gonna cry when my mission is complete.
And there is a God, there is a spirit world, it's all real.
You can take heart in that,
Because if you resonate with the truth and if you want justice and if you want freedom, then you care about other people and it upsets you to see what's happening.
But if you don't resonate with God, you slowly degenerate like Gollum from Lord of the Rings until you are unrecognizable from what you previously were.
And I don't want to be one of those people.
I've experienced evil energy.
I understand why these people get into it.
But it's like a drug.
You need more of it each time, and it makes you weaker, not stronger overall.
When you watch Bill Gates, he looks like he's in hell.
When we're talking about prosperity and a prominent future, but boy, when he's talking about collapse, when he's talking about mass death, when he's talking about how it never is going to get better, he looks like he is happier than a possum eating pumpkin pie.
We can make jokes about him in the Dark Crystal and stuff, but who he really is is so fantastically devoid of God and so removed from the life force energy.
That we should all just get on our knees before our Creator and thank the Creator every millisecond that we, however in God's plan, did not end up being part of these people.
But believe me, we don't need to think about violence against them or do anything like that because God, God's gonna do that.
God's gonna do something really special to these people.
Really, really special is in store for them.
So let God take care of that.
The globalists strike back.
May 7th, 2020.
We are live broadcasting worldwide.
I like to break things down.
I like to expose these people.
But this 30-minute documentary film is so important.
That I really think we should play a lot of it right now.
It's posted at ban.video.
It's been banned on YouTube.
It's been banned all over the place.
YouTube censored Doctors in Black forward slash plannedemic.
I'm gonna get this lady on.
She is who she says she is.
And this platform, more than just being about the listeners or myself or the other great guests, is also about people that have been massively persecuted
We're telling the truth.
So I'm going to play some of this, this segment next, and then I'm going to get into something that I woke up early this morning at like 6 a.m.
and read this Paul Joseph Watson article and it like punched me in the stomach because I already knew all this, but to read them doing it publicly, oh, the COVID is wonderful.
It's going to save the earth, lower the carbon footprint.
The average person lives too nice a lifestyle.
You're not essential.
And it's all these filthy, stuffed,
Taxidermied things like Robert De Niro and Jane Fonda and Madonna.
Telling you, you need to be poor and die, while they're filthy rich.
And of course, they're doing this the best they can.
So now, oh, it's bend the curb for two weeks, stay home, the hospitals don't get overwhelmed, then nothing really happens.
CBS got caught staging the lines at a very hospital we exposed.
Listeners went and said there's no one there.
And then look, no one would be there for two days.
People stake these things out in New Jersey, Alabama, New York, you name it.
Hell, our own Tyler Nixon went out and showed it.
And they're on the news going, look at this line, body bags.
And you get there and it's like all these dudes in hazmat suits standing around for cameras.
No one ever goes in because they were actors.
And they now admit it.
CBS has been caught.
Let's see now the panic, the hysteria is here.
We need governors to wake up.
We need judges to wake up.
We need city councils to wake up.
We need county commissioners to wake up.
We need Congress to wake up.
We need President Trump that knows all this and is coming out yesterday and saying, I think the virus will be gone soon.
It's just got to be exposed, ladies and gentlemen.
So it's all going down, folks.
And Veritas even caught undercover them admitting they're actors.
Doesn't mean there weren't some real cases.
Doesn't mean there isn't a real virus.
But they're hyping it and creating the fear at the hospitals.
Because they were ordered to do so to get the money.
So the video is up.
I'm gonna make a featured video.
On Bandon Video.
Doctors in Black.
Planned Endemic.
Only way this gets out, only way these people that have been suppressed get out, these heroes, is you.
And let me tell you, it's not heroic for you or I to share this video by word of mouth, by email, by text message, it's still available, getting sent everywhere else.
It's survival.
If I was in a car wreck, there's a car hit me and I ran off a bridge and went into water and I hit my head and the car's starting to go underwater and water's coming in.
I'm not a hero opening the door up and if one of my kids is in the car getting them out and trying to swim to the surface.
It's called default position.
And these predators that are part of this think they're, they're low-level minions think they're gonna be part of this.
I want them to know you're gonna get screwed by your bosses.
You're crazy.
And there's still time to turn back and not be part of this.
But let's not worry about those working for evil.
Let's worry about those of us that know what's going on.
What are you doing to expose this?
Here's part of the video.
Dr. Judy Michovitz has been called one of the most accomplished scientists of her generation.
Her 1991 doctoral thesis revolutionized the treatment of HIV-AIDS.
At the height of her career, Dr. Michalowicz published a blockbuster article in the journal Science.
The controversial article sent shockwaves through the scientific community as it revealed that the common use of animal and human fetal tissues were unleashing devastating plagues of chronic diseases.
For exposing their deadly secrets, the minions of Big Pharma waged war on Dr. Michalowicz, destroying her good name, career, and personal life.
Now, as the fate of nations hang in the balance, Dr. Mikovits is naming names of those behind the plague of corruption that places all human life in danger.
So you made a discovery that conflicted with the agreed-upon narrative.
And for that, they did everything in their powers to destroy your life.
You were arrested.
And then you were put under a gag order.
For five years, if I went on social media, if I said anything at all, they would find new evidence and put me back in jail.
And it was one of the few times I cried.
It was because I knew there was no evidence the first time.
And when you can unleash that kind of force to force someone into bankruptcy with a perfect credit score, so that I couldn't bring
My 97 witnesses, which included the heads, Tony Fauci, you know, Ian Lipkin, the heads of the public health and HHS, who would have had to testify that we did absolutely nothing wrong.
And so what did they charge you with?
But you're in jail.
I was held in jail with no charges.
I was called a fugitive from justice.
No warrant.
Literally drug me out of the house.
Our neighbors are looking at what's going on here.
You know, they searched my house without a warrant.
They literally terrorized my husband for five days.
They said, if you don't find the notebooks, if you don't find the material, which was not in my possession, but planted in my house.
Yes, it was intended to appear as if I took confidential material names and intellectual property from the laboratory and I could prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that I didn't
Heads of our entire HHS colluded and destroy my reputation and the Department of Justice and the FBI sat on it and kept that case under seal, which means you can't say there's a case or your lawyers are held in contempt of court.
So you can't even get a lawyer to defend you.
So every single due process right was taken away from me and to this day remains the same.
I have no constitutional freedoms or rights.
Yet you sit here.
I think a lot of people would probably have just taken the retirement out early, laid low.
But you have decided to come forth when your gag order has been released to write a book called Plague of Corruption, Restoring Faith in the Promise of Science.
And you are naming names.
Apparently their attempt to silence you has failed.
And I have to ask, how do you sit here with confidence to call out these great forces and not fear for your life as you leave this building?
Because if we don't stop this now, we can not only forget our republic and our freedom, but we can forget humanity because we'll be killed by this agenda.
Stop right there.
And this woman is, who she says, one of the top scientists, probably the top female virologist in the world.
And she's in there, and they're like, you're putting cancer viruses, you're putting whole genomes in people, and she was seeing it kill people.
Why do you think we're getting so unhealthy?
And they're like, whoa lady, you're not supposed to tell people this.
But you heard her.
It's the end of humanity.
Now I can tell you, the very same forces that put her in prison,
Have told me that if I don't shut up about Bill Gates and the rest, the same thing's gonna happen to me.
Everybody knows who you are with General Flynn.
Everybody's seen what you've done to this lady.
People are done with it.
And they know.
About Waco, and all the rest of it.
So, if you think you can take on the American people, and then you're gonna let Bill Gates come in here and shoot up 330 million Americans with a deadly vaccine, he admits it's gonna hurt a bunch of people, well, you're on the wrong side of history.
And you're in a death cult and you're crazy.
But it doesn't matter.
They select these people, these government positions, because they're yes-men and they follow orders.
It's incredible.
This is biblical, ladies and gentlemen.
We're going to come back with more of this powerful, powerful information.
Tell folks to tune in now while you still can at band.video and infowars.com forward slash show.
If you don't, nobody will.
I want to be clear.
I'm very sad to have to report these things to you here on air.
But you can't choose your reality.
You can change your reality with hard work, determination, but the fact that we've been so disconnected watching movies, watching science fiction, horror movies, and dystopias, while the real one was unfolding around us, has allowed this evil to grow.
But here's this woman, well known.
I was told about this film a couple days ago.
I'd already heard about her book, was already talking about trying to get her on.
And then I watched the film last night.
And as I sat here, all these people were sending me text messages of it.
And I just hope you don't let her courage fall onto unfertile soil.
And if they weren't admitting that was his plan, if I didn't know all about it, his family, and about the IBM trust he runs, then I wouldn't be exposing him.
And again, it's not a macho man thing.
At a subconscious level, I'm very mad at myself doing this.
Because I like to live.
I like to not be in prison.
But you know, my spirit's stronger than my flesh.
And it's in full command.
And my spirit says, you're not doing enough, son.
Are you with the enemy?
And it's not even that I fear God.
That's what people call it.
It's more like I can see God.
And it's no debate about joining these Satanists when you know God's there.
You're just like, you feel God's hate of them, and that's what you call God.
You're like, whoa, these people are screwed, man.
They think they got power in their short life?
Whoa, you pissed off the universe, Jack.
You can see it in this woman's eyes, this famous scientist.
She's empowered by all the persecution.
She's not scared.
And she's telling the truth.
I don't just believe her numbers about the fetal tissue and the cancer viruses and the side effects and the sterilization and that Gardasil did this and that.
It's true!
Alright, go back to her.
Here we go.
And I have to ask, how do you sit here with confidence to call out these great forces and not fear for your life as you leave this building?
Because if we don't stop this now, we can not only forget our republic and our freedom, but we can forget humanity because we'll be killed by this agenda.
So Anthony Fauci... My name is Dr. Tony Fauci.
I'm the director of the... The man who is heading the pandemic task force was involved in a cover-up.
He directed the cover-up.
And in fact, everybody else was paid off.
And paid off big time.
Millions of dollars in funding from Tony Fauci, Tony Fauci's organization, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease.
These investigators that committed the fraud continue to this day to be paid big time by the NIAID.
And the whole world is listening to his advice for how to handle this current pandemic.
How do we know that what he's saying is what we need to be learning?
What he's saying is absolute propaganda.
And the same kind of propaganda that he's perpetrated to kill millions since 1984.
We know from this study, quite clearly, that there will be a delay in progression significantly greater than for individuals who do not take the drug.
It started really when I was 25 years old.
I was part of the team that isolated HIV from the saliva and blood of the patients from France, where Luc Manginier had originally isolated the virus.
This was a confirmatory study, but Tony Fauci and Robert Gallo were working together then to spin the story in a different way.
At that time, Dr. Rossetti was out of town, and Tony Fauci says, you know, we understand that you have a paper in press, and we want a copy of it.
And I said, yes, there's a paper in press and it's confidential and no, I will not give you a copy of it.
He started screaming at me.
Then he said, give us the paper right now or you'll be fired for insubordination.
And I just said, I'm sure when Dr. Rossetti gets back,
You can have the conversation.
And so Frank comes back, you know, several weeks later and is really bullied into giving Fauci the paper.
Fauci holds up the publication of the paper for several months while Robert Gallo writes his own paper and takes all the credit.
And of course, patents are involved.
This delay of the confirmation, you know, literally led to spreading the virus around, you know, killing millions.
Perhaps no one expressed the anguish of AIDS better than New York writer Larry Kramer.
But he was even more angry at the federal government and the pharmaceutical industry.
One person who felt Kramer's fury was NIH doctor Anthony Fauci.
He called Tony Fauci the Bernie Madoff of science.
It's still been crushing to me to think that I didn't know my work in 1999 was something that had been avoided.
From 83 and 82, when the virus was isolated, the virus didn't have to wait until 84 to be confirmed.
Think of how many people, the entire continent of Africa, you know, lost a generation.
Because they were spreading it.
This virus was spread through because of the arrogance of a group of people, and it includes Robert Redfield, who's now the head of CDC.
Oh, hit pause.
Back that up.
You see the billboards in Africa?
Thank you, Mr. Gates.
Back that up.
Radio listeners can hear this.
TV viewers, obviously you're seeing it.
And again, ladies and gentlemen, this makes me physically ill, but we have to sit here and we have to expose this, okay?
And I'm not being dramatic when I tell you that they have basically told me, it's a shot across the bow, that we're going to do to you what we've done to this lady if you don't shut up.
How do I shut up and join killing everybody?
It's like, I get people say, Jones, how do you have all this courage?
I'm trying to explain to listeners, this is not courage.
This is sanity.
It's too evil to fail, is what they predict, is what they hope.
What did Joseph Goebbels say?
He said the big, it's always attributed to Hitler, it's not Hitler, Joseph Goebbels, his propaganda minister, who said, if you're going to tell a lie, tell a gigantic, super, ultra, massive, big one.
He said, just tell a huge one, because people will believe it's so fantastical and so big that it must be true.
It's got to be over the top, like saying there aren't two sexes.
The full documentary is at man.video while we're still able to get it out to you.
We've had server problems because of massive traffic again on the live streams, but we have the audio streams.
We have the radio stations, TV stations, and we have the archives that are still up and running.
But there's a lot of stuff going on.
So this is the quickening that everybody's witnessing right now.
Their house of cards must go down just like Bernie Madoff.
Fauci must fall or the planet falls.
Hundreds of millions will die if he is not stopped.
I'm sorry.
It has to happen.
That documentary, Doctors in Black, is up at Bandot Video for free.
Hope you spread it to everybody you know.
Then she gets into the fetal tissue, the cancer viruses, and the vaccines.
Now don't just go off what that lady says, even though she was an award-winning, prestigious urologist.
We live this.
We study this.
It's all confirmed now.
But she was going to expose how they knew it and did it on purpose.
So they had 100 FBI agents in paramilitary gear and armored vehicles raid her little house.
So the public watched TV and went, well, she must be bad.
Man, that woman and her husband with no criminal records, she must have had a nuclear bomb.
Just like they did at Roger Stone's house.
Same story over and over and over and over again now.
I want to talk, but there's so many powerful reports.
I need to go to them.
This is a report up on InfoWars.com.
Roll up your sleeve, America.
The swine flu fraud of 76 has arrived.
Why Americans, or will Americans learn from history?
It's a very big brain piece, and it ties into a 60 Minutes report from back at the time.
So I tell you, no bad reactions from vaccines.
They're wonderful, even though they've been covering up what's really in them.
Cancer viruses, human genomes, just all
All sorts of horrible allergies.
Where do you think all the allergies exploding came from?
Our immune systems are being turned off by the vaccines.
Every study says on vaccines that they lower immunity.
They might teach your body about some other pathogen, but other than that, everything else is lowered.
They're making it where we can't live in the normal environment, just like most babies are born cesarean now.
They have a formula.
They're carrying it out.
They tell women, don't breastfeed your babies because they know it makes the brain smaller, makes you stupid.
They know what they're doing.
It's a formula of control.
Here's this report.
It's powerful.
Again, only you can carry the ball.
Please spread it.
Here it is.
Remember the swine flu scare of 1976?
That was the year the U.S.
government told us all that swine flu could turn out to be a killer that could spread across the nation.
And Washington decided that every man, woman, and child in the nation should get a shot to prevent a nationwide outbreak, a pandemic.
I don't need another flu shot.
I had a flu shot last year.
A swine flu epidemic may be coming.
Swine flu?
Man, I'm too fast to let it catch me.
You'll want to be protected, especially if you're elderly or chronically ill.
Get a shot of protection, the swine flu shot.
Well, 46 million of us obediently took the shot.
And now 4,000 Americans are claiming damages from Uncle Sam amounting to $3.5 billion.
Because of what happened when they took that shot.
By far the greatest number of the claims, two-thirds of them, are for neurological damage or even death.
This virus was the cause of a pandemic in 1918 and 1919 that resulted in over half a million deaths in the United States, as well as 20 million deaths around the world.
See how easy it is to... Thus, the U.S.
government's publicity machine was cranked into action to urge all America to protect itself against the swine flu menace.
Influenza is serious business.
During major flu epidemics, millions of people are sick, and thousands die.
Well, this year you can get protection.
The vaccines are safe, easy to take, and they can protect you against flu.
So roll up your sleeve.
Protect yourself.
One of those who did roll up her sleeve was Judy Roberts.
She was perfectly healthy, an active woman, when in November of 1976, she took her shot.
Two weeks later, she says, she began to feel a numbness starting up her legs.
By the following week, I was totally paralyzed.
So completely paralyzed, in fact, that they had to operate on her to enable her to breathe.
And for six months, Judy Roberts was a quadriplegic.
The diagnosis?
A neurological disorder called Guillain-Barre syndrome.
This disease can even kill.
Indeed, there are 300 claims now pending from the families of GBS victims who died, allegedly as a result of the swine flu shot.
Judy, why did you take the flu shot?
I'd never taken any other flu shots, but I felt like this was going to be a major epidemic.
And the only way to prevent a major epidemic of a really deadly variety of flu was for everybody to be immunized.
As part of informing Americans about the swine flu threat, Dr. Sensor's CDC also helped create the advertising to get the public to take the shot.
There's only one thing I can think of that hits harder than us.
What can that be?
The swine flu.
It could knock you flat.
So what's the defense for it, Harvey?
Like our philosophy.
You gotta hit it before it hits you.
You mean the shot?
You got yours?
You better believe it.
If swine flu wants to challenge me, I'm ready.
Oh, me too, brother.
Me too.
Get the swine flu shot.
Time is running out.
Let me read to you from one of your own agency's memos, planning the campaign to urge Americans to take the shot.
The swine flu vaccine has been taken by many important persons.
President Ford, Henry Kissinger, Elton John, Muhammad Ali, Mary Tyler Moore, Rudolph Nureyev, Walter Cronkite, Ralph Nader, Edward Kennedy, etc.
Did you talk to these people beforehand to find out if they plan to take the shot?
I did not know.
Did anybody?
I do not know.
Did you get permission to use their names in your campaign?
I do not know.
Mary, did you take a swine flu shot?
No, I did not.
Did you give them permission to use your name saying that you had or were going to?
Absolutely not.
Never did.
Did you ask your own doctor about taking the swine flu shot?
Yes, and at the time he thought it might be a good idea.
But I resisted it because I was leery of having the symptoms that sometimes go with that kind of inoculation.
A man with my government, because they knew the facts, but they didn't release those facts because if they had released them, the people wouldn't have taken them.
And they can come out tomorrow
And tell me there's going to be an epidemic and they can drop off like flies next to me.
I will not take another shot that my government tells me to take.
Meantime, Judy Roberts and some 4,000 others like her are still waiting for their day in court.
So roll up your sleeves.
Protect yourself.
Guys, back that up 20 seconds to show that poor lady who's got leg braces on to walk.
Because there's another sweet lady who died a couple years ago named Benny Grace Hammond.
Her maiden name was Pope, and she was my mother's mother.
She was my grandmother.
And in the mid-1950s, when my uncle was eight and my mom was four,
They said, come on down and get your shot for the polio.
And they called a month later and said, come back down and get your second shot.
And they gave it to her and then it ate most of the nerves in her body and almost killed her.
They had her set up with her iron lung for a while.
And the doctor told her, Benny, it was the live polio vaccine we gave you.
We're sorry.
This isn't perfected yet.
And she was on crutches for the rest of her life, in an excruciating pain.
But I'm supposed to see Bill Gates up there, telling me that it's all safe and effective, but yeah, 700,000 of you are gonna get sick or die, and he smiles about it.
And then I'm not supposed to get mad at him.
I'm supposed to say, yes sir, Mr. Gates.
I'm gonna do what you say, Mr. Gates.
You're my boss, Mr. Gates.
Because now they say it's safe and effective everywhere.
They say there's no problems with vaccines.
But see, that backfired because doctors know there are.
And so that's why they're panicking now.
That's why they know they've got a big problem.
You see, but it's not just a side effect, ladies and gentlemen.
None of these vaccines protect you from anything.
It's about corrupt, scientific dictatorships being able to put in your body what they want, when they want.
And that's the reality.
Just like they lied to you about the numbers in COVID-19.
It's like they lied about you where it came from.
Just like they lied to you about everything.
And put on those charts, in every blue city and blue county, some red areas, but you notice it's all the blue areas, that admit, yeah, we're counting everything as COVID, even if we didn't test you.
We want the money!
The money is just the incentive to get all the corrupt local officials to go along.
This isn't about money.
This is about sterilizing your ass and implanting you with time-release cancer viruses.
If you look it up, that's exactly what they do.
Oh yeah, that polio shot my grandma got, the second one?
It had SV40 in it too, a very aggressive cancer.
I'd like to call to order this secret conclave of America's media empires.
We're here to come up with the next phony baloney crisis to put Americans back where they belong in dark rooms, glued to their televisions, too terrified to skip the commercials.
Well, I think... NBC, you are here to listen and not speak.
I think we should go with the good old-fashioned public health care.
A new disease!
No one's immune!
It's like the summer of the shark, except instead of a shark, it's an epidemic!
And instead of summer, it's all the time!
Now, I hate to be the guy who derails what everybody else loves.
He loves being that guy.
But, Janice, we do have standards.
This can't be a made-up disease.
The only moral thing to do is release a deadly virus into the general public.
We do have something we've been holding on to, but it hasn't been tested.
Get over here, NBC.
Well, we certainly believe in testing, but I... Oh!
Oh, yeah!
So, we've got our deadly disease.
Now, we just have to blame it on something that's in every household.
Something that people are a little bit afraid of already.
House Cat Flu is coming, people!
The Center for Disease Disinformation predicts with some degree of probability that the House Cat Flu might spread in the following hypothetical outbreak pattern.
So petter beware, that warm body on your lap just might be ready to destroy your tender fiddles.
Springfielders are advised to stay tuned for more information if they experience any of the following symptoms.
Mild thirst, occasional hunger, tiredness at night.
Now you could take that minute and a half piece and you could teach a college degree on it.
Every one second would be a semester.
It's a PhD level.
Let's just take one facet of this million-faceted gem.
Why, in 1993, would the Simpsons put out a piece like that?
Well, it's one of the highest-paid shows for writers.
And they want to show the establishment and the writers that write the news propaganda and that write the big hoaxes, the new wars, the new diseases, that they're even better.
Because the writers at The Simpsons and that level know that they're supposedly the highest paid writers.
But they talk to colleagues that leave and they know there's a level above it at the CIA and at the foundation level that write the scripts for say COVID-19 and the rollout and see previous scripts have been written on how to roll something out.
Let's say it's a rat.
Let's say it's bugs.
Let's say it's your cat.
Let's say it's people you can't trust.
And then they put out fake models.
to create more fear.
And everything is in there and you're like, how is this exactly the same parallel?
Because it's a plan.
Well, how do they cook up a plan like this on the phones and at board meetings with each other and not get busted by the government?
Because let me tell you, you got a bunch of yes men in different agencies, you got problems, but the average person, let's say at the FBI, is not a megalomaniac mastermind criminal.
They're just doing their little cases and beavering away at what they're doing.
Same thing with the CIA.
Federal marshals are, you know, doing protective details.
It's all compartmentalized.
But if you study these big events, the UN has a drill.
John Hopkins has a drill.
The British government has a drill.
All these other groups have drills, and then they look at all the drills they've had, and they debate the scenarios, and they go, oh, let's create a new drill.
That say in 2020, 65 million people die from a coronavirus that escapes the lab.
That's in 2018, they had those drills.
And then, right as it starts, in November, October-November, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, with John Hopkins, who created the main global models, with the Rockefeller Foundation, who created the original lockstep document 10 years before,
And then they have the disease ex-UN drill two years before, and then right as they launch it, they call it Event 201.
A dancing Kissinger's plan of Event 200.
It's in Memorandum 200.
Look it up.
Memorandum 200.
Second part of Memorandum 200.
Code, Title 50, Chapter 1.
I have to hit it fast to remember it.
Code, Chapter... My brain keeps working so hard.
Code, Title 50, Chapter 32, Subjects 1,528, Paragraph B.
And that all legalizes lethal biological, chemical, and radiological testing on you if it is for research or law enforcement purposes.
Code, Title 50, Chapter 32, Subsection 1528, Paragraph B. And then later, they got so much attention, they changed Paragraph B to another subsection they still operate under.
But that's the reality of all of this.
And so,
You're going to launch an operation.
You've got your operatives over the key hospitals, the key national laboratories, the CDC, the NIH, the National Health Service, the WHO.
Most of their underlings don't know what's going on.
It's compartmentalized.
And then you're sitting there taking part in a drill in October, launching the operation, and your very people are there right next to you in the command centers, not knowing in the video conferencing that you're actually implementing the plan.
And they show you how they do this in movies like Ender's Game.
I never read Ender's Game.
I didn't see it when it came out.
And Harrison Ford's so obnoxious, I can barely watch it.
But notice, the super genius kid thinks he's doing a drill to go to the top of the class, and really he's defeating the aliens.
And he thinks it's a drill he's running, and that's kind of a metaphor of the joke of how this is not a drill, this is not a game, this is not a simulation.
So, that's how they run it.
And as soon as we grow up and admit all of this, we wake up.
And of course, anybody who watches that movie knows how it's going to end.
They blow up the alien planet, which is supposedly the genius master move that no one had thought of when it's the elementary move of these psychotics to engage in genocide and total extermination, which is the purest form of war.
Oh, they're such geniuses.
They blow up the ant planet.
Oh, but he's good and sneaks off with the baby queen to make a new one.
Which is them playing God.
We destroy you, we rebuild you.
We destroy you, we rebuild you.
More of this Illuminati crap.
No, thank you, Ender.
Demon Spawn.
Bill Gates.
So if you want to know how it really runs, that's how the cow ate the cabbage.
Okay, I said I'd go to calls today, but I've got a guest joining us at the bottom of the hour and I meant to take your calls, but...
I've got a ton of news and things I haven't even hit yet.
Now they're trying to trigger a race war again.
We're going to break all that down next segment.
And then I will take a few calls.
Let's take five, six calls, but I just want to have 20 people on hold and make you hold.
Let's take seven calls ahead of the guests at the bottom of the hour on what do you think about Hollywood scum coming out and admitting that this is all about depopulation and cutting the economy off to teach you to be poor to quote, save the earth.
I'm going to cover that next segment as well.
What do you think about that?
877-789-2539, 877-789-Alex, 877-789-2539.
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All right, hour number three is straight ahead.
And then, Jason Jones, always powerful, takes over before Owen Schroer.
And we've got our reporters on the ground in Dallas, where the woman's still locked up.
We are back live.
Your phone calls are coming up next segment.
We're going to be joined by London Real's Brian Rose.
He has updates on the massive censorship unfolding at the bottom of the hour.
Right now, I wanted to hit this.
In Texas, the governor can order someone's sentence commuted if they're a murderer.
If it turns out the governor thinks they're innocent.
And the lieutenant governor has offered to pay the lady's fine and all the rest of this.
The Supreme Court actually ordered her released.
This judge needs to be sanctioned in Dallas, calling her selfish because she didn't shut her business down.
When all the other establishment businesses can stay open, which is by design to destroy the people's economy.
So after all this is over, folks, only shop with mom and pops.
Or only shop with, you know, say Chick-fil-A at least is pro-God and not anti-American.
Do not shop with globalist institutions.
Don't stay at globalist hotels.
The left has said, if you're a Trump supporter or pro-American, we don't want you staying at our Airbnb.
Tell us we're not welcome.
You know, put a 1984 on your Airbnb deal so we know and we can stay away from you.
But here's the weird judge in Dallas and then here's the lady responding, Shelley Luther, who's still in jail right now.
That you now see the error of your ways and understand that the society cannot function where one's own belief in a concept of liberty
Permits you to flaunt your disdain for the rulings of duly elected officials.
That you owe an apology to the elected officials whom you disrespected by flagrantly ignoring, and in one case defiling, their orders, which you now know obviously apply to you.
What is this called?
That you understand that the proper way in which in an ordered society to engage concerns which you may have had is to hire a lawyer and advocate for change.
An exception or an amendment to laws that you find offensive.
That you publicly state that this is the way that citizens in the state should behave.
And that you represent to this court that you will today cease operation of your salon.
Judge, I would like to say that I have much respect for this court and laws.
And that I've never been in this position before.
And it's not some place that I want to be.
But I have to disagree with you, sir, when you say that I'm selfish.
Because feeding my kids is not selfish.
I have hairstylists that are going hungry because they'd rather feed their kids.
So, sir, if you think the law is more important than kids getting fed,
Then please go ahead with your decision, but I am not going to shut the salon.
I notice he doesn't treat her with any respect.
Total arrogance.
He needs to move to North Korea.
You have a hundred and plus million people starting to starve to death.
300,000 a day dying.
That's confirmed.
It's like, oh, that's 300,000.
Not even 300,000 dead worldwide with made up COVID numbers, but they don't care.
It's about wearing the cult mask, which is a gag.
A burka, where you can't even hear what people have to say.
They have to give them special microphones.
Like, bam.
This is all a sick cult joke.
We become domesticated.
This is all a test of power and control.
Now there's the Obama judge right there.
So that's what we've turned into, folks.
And the freedom's gone.
And they're collapsing everything, and to cover up for the millions of Africans that are starving to death, the media's turned on the race war drums again to distract from that.
So we'll cover that coming up on the other side of this quick break.
And then your phone calls, Brad, Matt, Jonathan, Michael, Jeff, Dave, and Ron.
And let's stop there, because I don't want to have any callers stay on hold.
We're going to those callers.
We'll be right back.
Infowars.com lives.
Freedom lives.
But only when you exercise it.
Use your free speech now or lose everything.
Conform and die!
We were told it was only 15 days to bend the curve.
It was all fake numbers put up by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.
30, 40, 50 times what they claimed they would be depending on the graph.
Then they went, oh sorry, it's a month, it's two months, it's two years, it's never ending.
And Bill Gates laughed and said, no, it's a global depression.
And Hollywood has now put out a report where they 200 quote stars, the usual suspects, Madonna, Robert De Niro, the disgraced Hanoi, Jane Fonda.
Saying it's good for the earth!
It's good!
They're actually admitting what it's all about right now.
And they admit it's about killing the economy and punishing Trump and stopping consumerism.
Well, I tell you what, give up your private jets, lady.
Well, the Texas governor came out yesterday and said, you need to release that woman to the judge, the Obama judge in Dallas.
And he didn't do it.
So now the governor has issued an executive order.
It's red-linked on Drudge.
It's up on InfoWars.com as well.
Texas Governor Abbott issues executive order freeing salon owner Shelly Luther from jail.
And that means everybody else now, folks.
We're not being buffaloed by this.
And again, the shutdown is already killing 300,000 a day, the UN says.
But oh, they want money for COVID-19 treatments for people around the world.
Throwing Texans in jail who have had their businesses shut down through no fault of their own is non-essential, and I will not allow it to happen.
This is why I am modifying my executive order to ensure that confinement is not punishable for violating the order.
This order is retroactive.
April 2nd supersedes local orders.
And correctly applied should free Shelley Luther.
And some county judges advocate for releasing hardened criminals from jail, prevent the spread of COVID-19.
It's absurd to have these business owners take their place.
And you can't say one business is essential and another isn't!
It's good for the people and the businesses.
And then it turns out it's a hoax!
With fake models!
And now they say we're never reopening!
And the world's going into a depression!
First world collapses, we turn into third world.
Third world dies.
Owen Troyer's back in the Austin ATX today, but Savannah Hernandez and Harrison Smith are up there reporting when the lady comes out today.
We've already been talking to her family.
We're gonna get her on.
The war room's coming up today at 3 p.m.
Central, but Owen was there last night, got back early this morning.
He went to the judge's house.
Here's that report.
Owen Schroer here from InfoWars.com, and I am on my way to Dallas, Texas, where there is a rally planned for tonight for Shelley Luther, who has been illegally arrested, detained, and fined
For opening her business and not adhering to illegal mandates that you have to close your business and stay at home.
Sadly this is the answer to the tyranny and that's having to be a hero and a legend like Shelly Luther for daring to stand against this tyranny.
She's a hero.
And I'm on my way to show my support for her, and that all of the InfoWarriors out there support her, and we support Americans' right to be essential.
Ladies and gentlemen, Owen Schroer here from InfoWars.com, and I am outside of the jail where they are illegally
Holding Shelley Luther.
The Governor and the Attorney General have both demanded the immediate release of Shelley Luther.
Why are they still holding her?
Have you ever seen this before?
A Governor and an Attorney General both demand immediate release of a woman being illegally held, yet she's still behind bars in the building behind us.
Well, the problem is, is the judge was enforcing the governor's order.
The governor's playing both sides of the political fence.
They should be here themselves right now, going and saying, I demand the release, I rescind my order, free her now.
Shelley's a no-nonsense person, and she is not gonna take Clay Jenkins
Like doing some communist crap.
She needs to make a living and that's what she's about.
She's about helping anybody that needs help.
And so I did this because whenever she got put in jail last night, I said, I said, I'm not going home.
We will sit here every single day and annoy the crap out of the city of Dallas because if she's in jail, we're going to be here.
Is everybody ready to go demand that Shelly Luthor be freed?
Shelly Luthor has been detained and now held illegally!
We demand you immediately release Shelly Luthor!
Free Shelly Luthor!
Free Shelly Luthor!
Free Shelly Luthor!
The Governor and the Attorney General have both demanded you release Shelly Luthor immediately!
You signed off on the Constitution!
You are violating my vote here this evening!
Free Shelly Luther!
Free Shelly Luther!
The Governor and the Attorney General have both demanded the immediate release of Shelly Luther.
Why the hell are you officers not
Stop doing your damn job!
So where do we have to go to get Shelley freed?
Because the governor demanded it.
So what are y'all doing here?
Yeah, why are you guys stopping us?
Are we a threat?
If we can at least get a statement tonight, I will disperse this crowd.
But can we at least get a statement as to why she is still in jail?
So until we receive a teletype giving us that order, we will do so then, sir.
So what is that exactly?
A teletype from the court.
So basically the judge is now responsible for her being illegally held?
Alright, so here's the deal, ladies and gentlemen.
They cannot release Shelly until the judge signs off on some document to do so.
So we're gonna leave these officers alone, and we're gonna go ask the judge to do his damn job and release Shelly Johnson.
So thank you to the officers here tonight.
Alright, ladies and gentlemen, we're now gonna go picket the judge's house right now.
So we are now walking up to the personal residence of the judge.
You can avoid jail time, but all you have to do is come out and apologize.
Until you do your duty and release Shelly from jail, people will continue to harass you.
And even if you don't release her in the next seven days, the rest of your life is going to be a living hell because you will be known as a tyrant.
I don't want this to happen.
I want you to do the right thing and release Shelly and apologize for what you've done.
This has been Owen Schroeder for InfoWars.com.
And these protests are not going to stop.
And I don't expect this judge to release Shelley in the next, let's say, 12 hours.
So I will be in front of the governor's mansion in Austin, Texas tomorrow, demanding he do what I did tonight, and that's go to the jail to get Shelley out or come to this judge's house and demand he sign the documents to do it.
For InfoWars.com, this is Owen Schroer.
By the way, the governor signed an executive order now, didn't happen, so I guess we're going to have to send the state police in.
I mean, that's how insane this country is.
The left is in rebellion and mutiny against the country, trying to sabotage the economy, trying to keep it locked down.
They said two weeks, I told you it would be through the election at least.
And then they're coming with forced inoculations, that's been announced.
Everything we warned you about is now happening because it was all in blueprints that are public.
That's why I've been so crazy.
That's why I've been so desperate.
Because it's real!
We're not making any of this up!
I know it's insane.
I know it sounds crazy.
Believe me.
But if you'll just go read.
Look at this.
Look at this.
Look at this folder right here.
Look at this folder right here.
It's all Bill Gates in his own words.
About world government and event 201.
And depopulation, and Operation Lockstep, and Disease X, and all of it.
Just please, please, please go look it up.
Please, everybody, look it up.
This isn't a game.
All right?
I'm begging you, please.
For heaven's sakes, you just gotta research this for yourself.
You gotta go look at it.
These people are so dangerous.
And no one can believe it because, you know, the average psychopath, everybody thinks about like a disorganized psychopath that just grabs people off the side of the road.
These are organized psychopaths, ladies and gentlemen.
And you gotta wake up till this, or it's just, you know, there's no future.
It's all we can do is just do what we can.
I just want everybody, but everybody, I'm just telling you, you can't be stopped if you spread the word.
Alright, phone calls are straight ahead.
Got a special guest popping in.
And then we've got Jason Jones hosting the fourth hour on Alex Jones.
Don't forget NewsWars.com and Bandai Video.
You're the only way those videos get out.
But you've been doing it, so the site is exploding right now with traffic.
Great job, America.
Great job, world.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
The Democrats, the U.N., Hollywood trash are all public.
They now say it's about cutting your carbon footprint in the New Deal and getting rid of capitalism.
The articles are on InfoWars.com.
And they posted letters in major French newspapers bragging about how they've done this on purpose.
Michael says he's law enforcement in Ohio on the shutdown.
Thanks for holding her up first.
What do you think about the situation?
Hey, how are you, sir?
First time caller.
Man, I'm pretty freaked out, actually.
I mean, this is a chain reaction.
I'm just... I don't think the public realizes how hard this is going to hit us.
Well, I couldn't agree with you there, sir.
The reason I'm calling today, I've been listening to you for about six years now, and I appreciate the things you say, and you're one of the reasons why I'm so awake.
So thank you for that.
Well, thank you.
What's on your mind today?
Well, I'm calling because I'm a little concerned about the things I'm seeing on the news, things I'm reading, in regards to law enforcement.
In some of these law enforcement videos I'm watching on TV,
Well, yeah, there's 340 million people in the country.
There's millions of police.
And so yeah, the media is definitely trying to take the bad examples to try to condition us that the police state is normal.
And it's not.
Most of us go to work every day just like everybody else.
Most of us go to work.
You know, there is no way... No, no, you're being... A lot of jurisdictions are being given illegal orders right now.
Look at this Dallas judge.
He's ordering police to arrest people.
They don't support that.
It's the judge.
It's the politicians.
Well, and that's correct.
And what I was getting to is, you know, if any of us would get to work and they would give us an illegal order, most of us would take the right up or the firing before we take away somebody's right.
It just won't happen.
Well, what do you make of the judge?
The governor tells him to let her loose and he won't do it.
Well, I can't tell you.
That's just like judges ignoring Trump saying they're above him.
That's not how it works.
In my jurisdiction, we have good judges and bad judges.
By that, I mean, you know, they're law-abiding, but they let their own opinions get in the way of the law.
And by that, I mean, you know, we go out and enforce these laws, and when we go to court, the judge will let their own personal opinion affect the outcome of the trial.
You know, sometimes the law enforcement, we stand in front of the judge and we just shake our head.
Like, you know, what else do you want us to do?
Well, where do you think this is all going?
I mean, if we don't end the lockdown, it's going to be total collapse of civilization.
It already is.
I think that's where it's going.
I think the best thing we can do now is keep doing what we're doing.
Open up more and more people's eyes.
I've been listening to you for six years.
I've never called.
Today I called, and I called because of the things I'm seeing on the news.
I don't want people to start looking negatively on law enforcement as if we're going to take every order we're given.
It's just not going to happen.
That's where we're coming down to, because what the deep state's doing is illegal, and they're trying to say it's through law.
It's not.
And I think they've bitten off more than they can chew.
I think Alan Keyes, Ambassador Keyes, was right a few days ago when he said, just because the globalists have attacked doesn't mean they're going to win.
We're going to counter-strike politically.
God bless you, Michael.
Be safe.
Let's talk to, I'm telling you, the police are the ones that got to really worry when stuff collapses.
I don't want your job.
I tell you.
John in Maryland, you're on the air.
What do you think of Hollywood openly coming out and celebrating the collapse?
I think that Hollywood, obviously they have a lot of communist tendencies, but if you study my generation, 30 and younger, the rappers that used to be in the late 80s, they weren't like
Pop icons from back in those days.
That created short stories like Electric Sheep Counting.
Do electric sheep count or whatever?
I can't remember.
Yeah, that's where they got the name for like Google Chrome, like Burning Chrome and other short stories.
It's a classic science fiction novel from back in the day.
It's got Johnny Mnemonic in it, which later went on to become like Merged in the Matrix and stuff like that.
I believe Burning Chrome is actually
Like the prequel to The Matrix, before The Matrix even came out.
Anyway, Hollywood, like kids these days, are listening to Marvel movies and stuff.
Hollywood came out with all this stuff that, like, the technocratic elites are going to run the world.
These guys, when they were 10, 20 years old, and they started reading comic books and all this stuff, they became conditioned to this.
They really believe it, just the same as, like, someone cosplays as Captain America.
They really have the same fun about it.
But it's deeper than that, my friend.
The science fiction societies were actually luminous.
They were pre-programming the next generations to actually carry this out.
Because they know humans are master builders, so we build what we envision.
So they programmed us with the dystopia to then build it.
That's why it mirrors it.
So it's not just that, oh, they happen to read this stuff and then happen to want to build it.
They were told and given the blueprints to build it.
Hey, that makes perfect sense to me.
Believe me, brother, I know about it.
I've seen some of the connections.
In fact, I'm going to segue into this.
So, you know, why does Hollywood and the politicians and all these corporate elites and the school systems all sound the same?
Well, taking the General Flynn case, I can connect Hollywood to General Flynn in like 10 seconds or less.
The law firm he worked for is a law firm that I worked for, or the law firm that he had representing him.
Yeah, he thought because he was a Democrat previously, and because he was nice, they would get him out of it, even though he didn't do anything, and his own law firm burned him.
Well, I used to work for that law firm.
Qatar Airways is in the same building.
The NFL is in the same building.
The American Healthcare Association is in the same building.
Look, there are a bunch of globalists that have chips on their shoulders against America.
And their religion is hating America because our ethos was Christian and it's a satanic system.
God bless you.
Now we've got a special guest joining us for two segments.
Brian Rose had one of the biggest streams ever.
Over a million plus people on his own platform watching it once.
We helped promote it.
You helped promote it.
We all did this together.
David Icke III.
Rose like three and it was really awesome.
So he's coming up next segment and then and then I'm gonna take a little bit of Brian.
I mean after Brian leaves with a little bit of Jason Jones's time so I can finish these callers.
I'm going to Jeff Dave Ron and Brad then about 10 after next hour.
Jason Jones will take over but very exciting.
Brian Rose is doing not bowing to the intimidation, not buckling to YouTube and Google and Facebook and Twitter, but saying no, I'm gonna build my own thing, and instantly having massive success.
This is the model.
What InfoWars has done, what Brian Rose has done, what you should do, what others should do, is the model, because it's about the people
Getting excited about something and building something new that's free and open and pro-human.
And so we'll talk about that when we come back.
And then I will quickly, at the start of the next hour, get to Ron, Dave, Jeff, and Brad.
And then as I said, Jason Jones, arrested for protesting in Hawaii, will be hosting and doing a great job.
And then the War Room with Owen Schroyer.
The governor of Texas, Mr. Abbott, has ordered this tyrant, mini-tyrant judge, this Obamabot, up in Dallas to release this woman, and the judge so far says, go to hell!
You know, there are more resources per capita in Mexico than there are in the United States.
There are more resources in Venezuela, in many ways, than there are in the United States.
Much of the United States is barren wastelands.
Why then, such a small area geographically compared to other parts of the world, such a small population compared to other parts of the world, how did we have half the world's wealth by 1950?
4% of the world's population.
96% more people than the rest of the world, 4% had over half the wealth.
It was because we had freedom compared to other nations.
We had freedom of speech, freedom to contract, freedom to own things, and our taxes were much lower.
In other areas of the world, under feudalism, under crony capitalism, under communism and socialism, you have an elite that keep everybody else down.
They don't want innovation, they don't want competition, and they reward their sons, their daughters with the positions of power, and those societies become stagnant and fall.
We have a new royalty, Big Tech.
And you have Page and you have Brin coming out of one out of the Soviet Union, one out of the United States and setting up a tyranny of Google.
And you have Zuckerberg and all these other people and the individual that heads up Twitter.
Jack Dorsey all creating horrible authoritarian censorship systems where now even medical doctors that have 5 million views and are putting out real statistics are deleted because they say the death toll from shutting down society will be much greater than COVID-19.
But now the South African government and major insurance companies came out and said the death toll is 29 times in South Africa from the lockdown what COVID-19 is.
But still we're told, as Bill Gates smiles, we can never open again.
And Hollywood puts out a letter, 200 quote stars, saying it's good to save the earth to cut the carbon.
Well, how do you counter this?
Well, it's called courage.
Two years ago, when I got banned off almost every platform, people said, how are you taking it?
And I said, you watch.
I'm lucky I'm banned up front.
By the time they banned you, no one was even going to care because we're going to be conditioned to accept it.
Well, when it came to David Icke being banned on Facebook and Twitter and YouTube and everywhere else, it was because he had two mega successful interviews with Brian Rose, who was already very successful, but doing a podcast and TV show for eight years, got out of banking.
But the reason we've got him on for two short segments today is because it's not about us crowing about successes.
It's about crowing about victories as a blueprint for others.
That when they were starting to censor and ban him on platforms, because he was having David Icke and myself and others on, he doubled down, set up his own platform quickly, and it exploded because you got interested and excited.
So it's about that dynamism and that connection between we the people and our desire for freedom and innovation.
That's the answer to these tyrants.
Because America may be overrun and globalist now, but freedom in 1776 lives in our own hearts.
And he does London Real from London, a great international city, but as he said one time on the show, it took an American to do it.
So to talk about that success in this segment, and then about the big picture in the next, LondonReal.tv Brian Rose joins us to look at this blueprint of victory.
You wanted to hit a million, you hit 1,336,138 people, every one of them super important, and your success is my success.
My success is your success.
Our success is all together.
And I'm so excited for you and all of us that made this a success, Brian.
Alex, you know, the people have spoken and they have said loud and clear that they want their freedom back.
We had an epic day on Sunday.
It was the largest live stream of a conversation in human history.
And look, I stood at the plate just like Babe Ruth and I pointed my finger into the stands and I said, we're going to have a million people streaming, not on a trillion dollar
Technology platform, but on our own site that we created in 10 days with the help of 25,000 people called the London Real Army.
We raised a million dollars, Alex, in this economy to put this stream on and we delivered 1,366,000 unique users.
We are submitting this to the Guinness Book of World Records.
And here's the other headline, Alex.
Two-thirds of those people was from peer-to-peer sharing.
Just think about it.
People telling their friends not getting it from any major platform, and it was three hours long I think you watched it Alex.
It was it was just truly epic and you know I was just honored to be a part of it Again even bigger than the content which was over-the-top good it
Shows the desire of the people and how they word of mouth took action even though all the big platforms were trying to block the spread of this.
People did it person to person and I walked in that afternoon after I watched at the office.
I was working late that day and my wife again had it on while she was cooking dinner watching the restream of it.
That is so beautiful and again that's what these globalists fear.
Yeah, I mean, they really tried everything to stop it, you know, Alex, but we made it happen.
It was not easy to do, but we had the funding.
We actually got the same guys that live streamed the Super Bowl last year, and we cranked this thing up to the max, and it just delivered.
And really, the content delivered as well.
I've got people stopping me in the street from young kids up to older people, and they're saying that this was important information they're not getting.
They want it.
They want to hear these conversations.
Alex, they trust in their gut.
They're not getting all the information and they're looking to alternative sources.
And of course, the mainstream media is still attacking us.
I'm playing reindeer games with some of these tech platforms.
We all know how that's going to end.
But you know, I've seen the light, Alex.
I've seen the light at the end of this tunnel.
And we're going to do it ourselves with the people behind us.
And it's exciting.
It's really exciting.
It is exciting.
Talk about the persecution and what came with this, though, for people just to get an idea of what they did to you, to David, to others.
I know they artificially took half your subscribers away on YouTube as a punishment.
They banned David everywhere.
And then I see these articles, other, quote, journalists rubbing their hands together going, oh, yes, it's so good to silence these evil people.
I saw John Ronson climbing out from under a rock saying, oh, yes, Jones is nothing now that we deplatformed him.
That's total crap.
These guys are legends in their own minds.
Yeah, I mean, some people don't remember.
I mean, about three or four weeks ago, we streamed Rozike 2, which was the second in the trilogy.
You know, on the day, it was the second largest live stream in the world.
30 minutes later, the video was banned and deleted.
We thought that would have gone on to be watched 40 million times, the biggest video podcast in history.
And it was suppressed.
And again, the next few weeks, everything about my channel was suppressed.
And then two days before this epic broadcast last Sunday,
David Icke was deplatformed and deleted from Facebook.
24 hours later, deplatformed and deleted from YouTube.
And so we were going into this with just so many things against us.
Mainstream media pushing back.
Ofcom here in the UK trying to stop it.
And look, you know, we had to make a few moves.
We pretended it was going to happen somewhere else.
We brought David through the basement entrance.
We just didn't know the forces that would want to stop this.
But, you know, the people wanted it to happen, and it was incredible.
And this is just the start.
The Digital Freedom Platform is now real, and we've followed it up with subsequent broadcasts, and we are basically using it every single day.
To produce uncensored content.
And Alex, the conversations change.
Because when people know what they're about to say isn't going to be banned or deleted or get them in trouble, we're having conversations I've never had before.
And this is what freedom really is.
Well, one thing you're going to run into next is they even have operatives inside the big streaming companies so that not even the company officially kicks you off.
They have left us inside companies.
We've learned our streaming's been down because of actual sabotage the last week.
And now we've learned that that's going, we're having to migrate services over.
So this war is getting so intense right now and they are just doing everything they can to keep us silent because we're telling the truth and it's powerful and we're winning.
Yeah, and let me tell you a quick story with that.
We had another Silicon Valley company, I'm just going to say it, it was JW Player, had completely agreed, you know, we had basically cut the check for six figures.
Friday night, the CEO calls us and says, nope, we cannot play ball with you.
We are going to drop you.
And we had to completely find a new platform on Saturday.
Now imagine in America, you've got money, you're doing this, it's a famous guy, he's not even saying cuss words, but then it's everywhere.
Yeah, and that's what we're going to have to look out for going forward.
We're going to have to be careful of every platform, just like you, Alex.
And now we're trying to push further.
Now it's all about the Digital Freedom Fund.
We've raised money now to go after them legally.
We've got people here.
We think we have a precedent of private companies acting like public utilities.
And we're going after them, Alex.
We need to bite back here and show them that I'm just not some YouTuber that's waiting for a revenue stream.
This is the opposite.
We're going to fight to get this content re-platformed.
That's our next mission.
That's right.
Let's talk about that when we come back, going on the offense.
Because if more content providers left YouTube or set their own thing up, it'd be over for them.
Did you see the head of content for YouTube come out and call us basement dwellers and say, we're all scum and they don't need us?
Did you see that?
I missed that.
I can't wait to see it.
You guys pull up Watson's article about it or print me that article from two days ago.
One of the head YouTube guys said, I'll screw them.
We don't need the public.
YouTube said they don't need you.
They don't want you.
Brian Rose is here with us.
I'm Alex Jones.
We'll take a few calls after he leaves us in 10 minutes and then Jason Jones is going to come in with a special report and a few guests.
I'm your host Alex Jones.
Ryan Rose is a smart guy and he's got, I mean I've been watching the show for years, but what I really like was the courage that he got excited when they tried to shut him up and intimidate him.
And he didn't just fight, he fought and win.
It's like the man in the arena, Teddy Roosevelt's speech that the man that knows great triumph, you know the great energies you pour into it and you know at best at least knows that you strive even if you're defeated, to paraphrase.
He's like Babe Ruth telling him where the home run's going, and he just did it.
And that's because of all of you and all of us together.
But you've got to have the focal point who's already built the platform, who's in the crucible, in the crosshairs, and at the right moment, when the stars align, then pulls the trigger.
And, you know, I like Joe Rogan.
We talk quite a bit.
He's a friend of mine.
I respect him, I know he's really smart.
But I do get mad at Joe because Joe wants to try to quote, play it safe.
But playing it safe in the aggregate is what's going to bring everything down.
The globalists aren't playing it safe, they're going for total power and control.
So we have to say, damn the torpedoes and go straight at them.
Somebody like Joe Rogan could change the whole face of the internet and defeat these people very quickly with the right speech.
He's got the skills, the platform, the background, everything right there.
But it's seen as really intelligent to, quote, play it safe when all of civilization is collapsing.
And I'm not even criticizing Joe.
That's his decision.
But Brian Rose, what was the decision-making process?
Because I was talking to you off air three weeks ago, not even knowing you were about to do this.
And I'm like, you got to go in for everything.
You got to go on the attack.
And you're like, well, don't worry.
That's what I'm already planning.
And you told me what you were planning.
Was there a thought process in this or did you just know gut level was the right thing to do to say, go ahead and de-platform me everywhere.
I'm going to say, damn the torpedoes, go straight at them.
Well, you know, Alex, when this whole coronavirus madness started, I made a conscious decision that I was going to expand and not contract in this environment.
I've been through crises before.
I was in New York City for 9-11.
I've been through the financial crisis, and I know how a lot of people react.
And I was determined to act the opposite.
So my mindset was already there.
And when we were banned on Ike, as we spoke about before, my initial reaction from my lizard brain was to just fight back, say, no, we're not taking this.
And luckily, I found a massive support structure out there that we call the London Real Army.
We spoke as well, and you said, Brian, you've got to ask for help, which is something I've never done before.
I'm a proud man.
I always try to do it myself, but I couldn't do this myself.
And rallied behind these people, the funds, the sharing, and we went in and we just pulled this thing off.
I mean, honestly, Alex, you're a model.
You know, I've seen what you've done without these platforms and you're giving us the courage to follow in your footsteps and just say, you know what?
There are other ways.
And I think people are getting hip to the fact that we don't need these platforms as much as they would like us to think that we need them.
What we do need is the listeners that are activists standing with us.
I want to explain this.
You've got courage, I've got courage, David has courage, but it's like electricity being able to have like wire to go down.
If the public doesn't resonate and support, nothing happens.
When they do, so I'm really proud of this because I thought you were already basically thinking of that.
I remember pushing you, you've got to raise money, you've got to build infrastructure.
I knew you were already doing that, but that's great that you're saying it was critical, my encouragement to actually do this.
Oh, very much so.
I mean, like I said, I'm not one that has ever asked for help.
I never asked for a single donation in nine years.
But there was no way I could have done this myself in so many ways.
Not financially, but also, like I said, two-thirds of our audience was peer-to-peer share.
So we would have never had 1.3 million people.
Brian, I want to be clear, though.
You didn't ask them for help.
You're a soldier that's shown you have courage.
They want to provision you with what you need to carry the fight.
They don't see it as support, brother.
They want to carry you into war.
Do you see that?
Yeah, you're right, Alex.
You're right.
I mean, they see action that resonates with them and they want to follow.
And that was my gut reaction.
It still is.
I still want to charge into the gunfire right now.
And, you know, it's still hairy out there.
These platforms are still coming after us, playing all sorts of reindeer games behind in the background.
But again, you're the blueprint, Alex.
We're trusting the process.
And this was the final message that David Icke had on Sunday.
He said, look, act out of unconditional love.
Do the right thing that your heart tells you to do.
And move forward.
You're always going to be proud of that decision.
And the right thing will happen.
Even though the fear holds most people back.
And the pandemic is a great example of that.
The fear is making people play small.
And if we push through that, we're going to do things we're proud of.
We can tell our children and our grandchildren what we did in 2020.
And I'm trusting that whole process.
And Alex, you're all about that as well.
You trust your instinct.
You go forward with your heart.
And let the chips fall where they may.
And that's what we're in the process of doing.
Well, I've never seen David get so emotional.
He can usually hold it together with a stiff upper lip, but he started crying there at the end.
Well, I mean, that's the thing.
You know, the globalists want him to come out of the very end and tell people to burn 5G towers or tell people to go to violence.
And instead, he says, go into your heart, use unconditional love to extinguish fear.
And they don't know what to do with that because they can't attack it.
They can't vilify it.
And literally, I heard people
Walking around London talking about that love message.
That's what's been resonating through the community and then of course the mainstream media then goes in and does their attacks.
But if you watch that thing for three hours, there's one message there and that is an empowering human message that love is the answer.
Go with your heart.
Do the right thing.
Well, there's a yin-yang to all of this and I'm on the air four hours a day or more and I don't want to say I've made mistakes, but I tend to get in a dark place when I'm watching hundreds of millions set to starve to death and I did my whole
Modest proposal deal.
They took it out of context to make it sound like I'm this raving, hateful, mean person.
And then I also say things like go after the communist Chinese agents.
And I'm talking to Trump about that because I want our warriors to protect the innocent people.
But you're right.
Love is the answer.
I don't want any violence.
And I don't want any of our listeners to be offensively violent.
I want them with love to stand up with justice and freedom and explain to people what this whole COVID hoax is, what this takedown is, and the fact that it's an attack on civilization.
Yeah, very much so.
We're all about education as the process, and that's what the people in the streets are telling me that they want.
And look, we haven't stopped, you know, since Sunday.
We've continued to broadcast and put out, you know, very controversial messages, people talking about the vaccine agenda, people talking about the Chinese government, you know, had General Spalding on last night saying that they were complicit in the spread.
And again, all of these things are going to be banned on these trillion dollar technology platforms.
We have to use the digital platform.
Talk about General Spalding.
He's come out and said we're in an asymmetrical 21st century war with China and there's a fifth column in the U.S.
Oh, it was incredible listening to him.
And this is a man who spent many, many years in China, fell in love with the people, but he can see exactly what that totalitarian government is doing.
And he made a great parallel.
He said, technology companies and totalitarian governments are the same.
They have the same agenda.
And it was amazing talking to him.
And he specifically said that the government knew on January 7th exactly what was going on, and they allowed the virus to spread.
And they were doing it so it would hinder other countries around the world.
But that whole plan probably backfired on him and he went on to talk about all the other six-front war that they're conducting against us.
It was eye-opening.
From a man who's really been on the inside.
So we're continuing to put these messages out there and it's important information.
And that's what's beautiful is they've made me so radioactive by design that a lot of folks, I haven't talked to Spalding yet, are scared to come on.
That's fine because you do a better interview than I do and you've got a huge audience and I just love watching them try to silence everybody.
And I wouldn't say you were mainline, you're a self-help guy and have a lot of diverse guests on and cover freedom.
But now their tyranny, it seems like, has forced you.
Oh, you want me to shut up?
I'll be even more hardcore.
And now you're exploding even faster.
And it's just a good feeling in this dark time, this war, to see so many other beautiful souls stand up.
And I'm seeing all these other filmmakers now, like Doctors in Black, and all these things exposing the agenda.
It's like humanity's really standing up and showing its strength.
Because as the Bible says, when the enemy comes in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord lifts up a standard against it, and all of us are that standard of love and justice.
Here's what David Icke had to say.
He spent 30 minutes on love, unconditional love, but here's a little piece of that.
I'm powerless.
Poor me.
Little me.
The cult.
When you open this, I'm all there is, has been, and ever can be, having an experience.
And I'm not going to let some little prat in a dark suit dictate my life.
Thank you very much.
That ain't having it.
David, I want to live in this world where everyone opens up their heart.
I want to be in this place.
It sounds like an incredible place.
It is an incredible place.
And it would solve all of these immediate problems in a matter of hours, if everybody could do that.
That is the problem.
That is the solution.
Absolutely, folks.
You have to open up and God's there like electricity, but you have to open up and then it's there.
Ryan Rose, LondonReal.tv.
Thank you so much for the time, my friend.
Alex, I appreciate you.
Again, you laid the roadmap.
You know, you are showing us how to do this stuff and how we don't have to live in fear to these technology companies.
So, thank you.
And thanks for the encouragement off camera as well.
You're a big part of this.
No, brother.
We appreciate you.
Believe me, I feel.
I get exhilarated watching you.
I want to get Watson to do what you do.
I've been begging him for years to do this type of thing you're doing.
Maybe we can get Watson to do that because we need him as well.
God bless you, my friend.
Alright, thanks so much Alex.
Thursday live!
The globalists have publicly admitted, big link up on Infowars.com, that the lockdown is meant to destroy the world economy, kill capitalism for the average person, and starve the third world.
They're gonna kill more people than Hitler ever dreamed of, and they're gonna get away with it unless we expose them.
Let's go to Jeff in Canada.
Jeff, thanks for holding on the air worldwide.
Yeah, thanks for taking my call.
I just want to talk about the clash of two systems, two operating systems in the world.
And you see the Hollywood and the elitist and the illuminist, they're all lining up on their side.
And, you know, the Bible says it's an anti-Christ system.
It's an anti-love, anti-human, anti-God paradigm that they're in.
It's a predatory, destructive system, that if it had success, Satan would finally commit suicide at the end of it.
It is total destruction.
It is, you know, and it's said many times that, you know, we need to be all in for this.
I just want to spread some good news.
You know, the Bible says that they defeated him, which is the devil, by the blood of the Lamb, by the word of their testimony, and loving their life not unto death.
And that last part, they're all equally important, but that last part of loving your life not unto death, it's paramount that as Christian people, as people of goodwill, stand together.
We'd be willing to die.
We'd be willing to die.
I'd be willing to go right now if that was the... Oh, to stop this, wouldn't even think about it.
If there was a button to stop all this evil, I would just be... Yeah, exactly.
And as we do that, we are guaranteed by God for eternal life.
A resurrection body, just the same resurrection body that Jesus is in.
But doesn't that make sense to go to the next level?
God doesn't want to be with a bunch of creeps.
Of course this is a horrible test.
It's to see who we are.
Yeah, it is really so obvious.
So just in wrapping up, I just want to say that list of 200 needs to be people that
That we boycott, that we stand against, that we push back against in an aggressive way and really stake our claim.
200 people, like two people that agree together are greater than that crowd of 200.
So I just want to encourage everybody else.
That's right.
I mean, you think about what maggots these people are saying, never go back.
You know, poor people don't deserve food.
And you just look at these people.
They're so evil.
And they all are so into themselves.
I mean, what jokes?
Madonna's like an old woman with a plastic body.
She's so disgusting.
Yeah, they're all into the pedophilia.
They're all... birds of a feather are flocking together.
But at the end, we win.
Thanks, Alex.
God bless you, brother.
Dave in Ohio.
Thanks for holding her on the air.
Go ahead.
Thanks, Alec.
Talking about Hollywood and the UN Agenda 51 type of people here in southern Ohio, Athens, particularly where we're from, Hillary Clinton's made multiple visits here.
We're a small little rural college town, but we have a lot of people with power that come here and push us kind of like a beta site.
Or the Green Agenda.
The Clinton Global Initiative has funded Upgrade Athens County, which is a push for solar energy and for carbon taxes in our area.
And also, if you look at some of the beta sites they're doing for using us as a driverless car testing site for rural America.
Well, exactly.
It's about removing humans from the environment, making us obsolete.
Yeah, and we are a beta site for it.
Want to check that out.
Oh, I'm aware, sir.
They have battle maps over key areas they want to take over as spokes for their completion.
Austin's their main takeover point in Texas.
Yeah, and we're a road trap for that.
I mean, the former assistant director of the CIA under Leon Panetta, Steve Kappas, is from here.
Atul Gawande, he's the guy heading up the healthcare company for Bezos, Buffett.
Jamie Dimon is from here.
A lot of it is tied to just the connection to this area, and a lot of it is a blueprint being used right here in southeastern Ohio.
You're absolutely right, brother.
God bless you.
Ron and Brad, straight ahead.
And then I'm going to hit how they're trying to cause a race war again.
Like tens of millions of Africans are about to die and LeBron James is running around talking about two white dudes that shot a black dude.
All right, let's get into the good news.
AP exclusive.
Justice Department dropping Flynn's criminal case.
He was totally set up, he was railroaded by the Mueller criminal operation, but the criminals are still in the FBI, the Democratic Party crime ops, and they've been given orders to destroy high-level Trump supporters.
And they're so arrogant they haven't even covered their tracks.
I'm gonna leave it at that.
I'm gonna leave it at that.
You know, General Flynn's son came to our event, along with folks from the Defense Intelligence Agency, and I'll leave it at that.
We've been talking to those folks.
And let's just say, the Army is awake, the Marines are awake, and Trump is awake, and the CHICOMS better watch out.
And a lot of Chinese agents, and I don't wish any harm upon them,
And I'm not going to hurt anybody myself.
I'm not going to direct anybody to hurt anybody.
But the President, in a time of war, and we're in an undeclared war with China, has the power and the responsibility and the duty to protect this country.
And so, a lot of Chinese agents have been disappearing.
And, well, I just want the globalists and deep staters to know that
The sands of time are running low, and are going through that hourglass right now, faster and faster and faster.
So you think we're afraid?
I don't want to make you afraid.
I want you to leave America and freedom alone, and I want you off my back.
But know this, we will not deviate in our course.
In fact, we're ramming the pedal down.
Towards this epic destiny of collision.
So you want to bang heads?
I can tell you we've heard a lot of talk about indictments and a lot of talk about the deep state.
And as of now, they launched COVID-19 and all this because they know Trump is intending to rouse the deep state and defeat them.
The criminal globalist deep state.
I have said to folks that do not wait for an election surprise in July or August.
Do not wait.
They're going to cause too much mischief and too much crises trying to throw the president out of office.
The president must pull the collective trigger now.
Now is the time.
Launch everything now.
Indict them now.
Go after them now.
Destroy them now.
We can't wait anymore.
My God, they've already released this bioweapon simulant and the deep state has locked down the country and caused a global depression trying to stop us.
We can't sit here any longer with these mass murderers.
There's no more time to play games.
There, I've said what needs to be said again.
All right, I want to hit a few of your calls, but let's hit this first.
The thing about perception is Stalin said one man dies, it's a tragedy.
10,000 dies is a statistic and that's true.
South Africa's government with actuaries says 29 times people are dying of starvation and suicide and death and murder now that this COVID thing has happened that are dying from COVID.
UN says 135 million starving up this year, 30 million are dying right now.
Society's totally breaking down all over the world.
Five and a half, almost 6 billion people live in third world conditions.
LeBron James sees this video that is suspicious.
It doesn't look good to me.
Two white guys in Georgia that think a black guy's trying to rob something.
So they get in a fight and they shoot the guy.
That's wrong!
I've been in Northern California that's as hillbilly as it gets.
Pulled off on a side road just 50, 20 feet down a little dirt road to take a piss.
And I had hillbillies shoot at me with a shotgun and they hitting the plants above me, the trees above me.
Like right above me, a foot ahead.
The pellets were hitting leaves right on top of me.
Those were white dudes shooting at me.
That's what hillbillies do.
The point is, is that you got millions starving to death, LeBron.
Why don't you talk about how the COVID lockdown's killing millions already?
A lot of them black people.
No, you don't do that because you're a puppet of the globalists.
That's people in South Africa lining up for food.
No, he just wants to make it about white people because that's the race-baiting, CHICOM-funded narrative he's given, even though China's the most racist towards black people on the planet.
But they're also showing all over the news, shock video shows white cop repeatedly beating a black man for no social distancing.
Let's show that video.
And it's wrong that a white cop walks up and starts beating a black person for no social distancing.
It's wrong a black judge put a white woman in jail for not shutting down her salon.
It's wrong.
And here's the cop with the, tackling the guy.
And that's bad.
But the black guy doesn't want to get off the street.
And that's how I'd be.
Where's his free speech?
Where's his right to travel?
Now, that's nothing compared to this black cop in New York beating up a black guy.
But because it's a black guy on a black guy, because this black guy does nothing.
The other black guy with the white cops pulling back, kind of pushing him, I'm not saying he deserves to be beat on the head, but look at this New York footage.
Turn up the audio.
Comes up with a taser.
And then starts punching the black dude in the face and then jumps on top of him again.
I'm narrating for radio listeners.
And then more cops come and jump on the guy.
They brutally assault this guy.
Here comes white cops jumping on top of him as well with the black cop.
That's wrong any way you slice it.
But the media is not making a big deal out of the black cop assaulting the black guy.
But they're making a big deal about the white cop assaulting the black guy when he's been ordered to do it.
It's all wrong.
It needs to stop.
The point is, obsessing over a few cases while ignoring the mass death that's happening is just like obsessing over a few COVID deaths and not talking about the shutdown causing mass death.
That's the reality.
That's what the media is pushing.
Race narrative again.
Let's take two quick calls, and we'll turn it over to Jason Jones.
We're on in New York.
Thanks for holding.
Go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
So good to listen to you.
I used to be a Democrat, but then, like my friends, I grew a brain, and I became enlightened and educated myself.
I live in a blue city here in New York, and it's crazy here.
It's not easy.
I used to be a Democrat, like I said, but after 9-11,
You know, I became suspicious of the government narrative.
So, you know, this whole thing with the Hollywood, you know, I truly believe they are sincere, or at least the co-signers as usual, Madonna, Robert De Niro, you know, and company.
I believe that they are sincere in their belief, but they want reduced carbon taxes.
They want a more greener Earth, whatever.
Like I said, I used to be a Democrat.
I believe in that myself.
But I'm more right of center, not where I'm at.
Well, sure, some of the people mean well, but the master plan, you cut the carbon, people die.
Right, right.
And you talk about, you know, you always talk about Promethean technology.
They have, you know, they have life extension, they have the technology, they're not giving it to the public.
So I believe if we, if whoever is responsible, the US Patent Office, Trump,
Getting this technology out to the people.
I mean, I believe this can solve a lot of these... It'll get us out of the debt, it'll create new industries, and Trump has tried to do that, they're trying to block him.
Amazing point, Ron.
I'm sorry I gotta jump, I wanna give Brad at least 40 seconds.
Brad, Pennsylvania, go ahead.
Hey, thanks, Alex.
I think we've got to focus on Gates.
Event 201 especially.
I mean, like the 9-11 supposed drills going on, the exact same drills that happened on 9-11, which could never happen.
Event 201, same scenario.
He had this drill set up, or a conference like a drill, of the same pandemic that breaks out four months later.
I don't buy it.
No way.
And again, they do that so they're being spied on.
They go, oh, it's just a drill, when they're actually planning the criminal act.
It'd be like planning a bank robbery.
You tell the cops, oh, I'm just LARPing.
Call me back tomorrow, Brad.
I appreciate you.
Jason Jones, coming up.
Aloha, everybody, and welcome to the Alex Jones Show.
It's my privilege to be sitting in for the rest of this hour.
My name is Jason Jones.
Movie producer.
I run a human rights organization called Movie to Movement.
We produce movies that promote a culture of life, love, and beauty.
And we have the program, The Vulnerable People Project, that seeks to advance the interests of stateless,
Thank you, Alex.
We have a good show for you today.
At the end of the show, we're gonna have Gerald Moody, host of This, That, and The Third, the New York-style podcaster.
He's been the COVID man on the street, checking out the hospitals in New York.
And we're gonna have Chaps.
We're gonna have Pastor Klingenschmitt on to talk about how we can open up our churches.
But since I talked to you last, I had an exciting week.
I was arrested on Friday.
And I was in jail only for a couple of hours.
When I got out of jail, I had hundreds of texts and emails.
And I'm like, how does everyone know so fast?
What I didn't know, it was above top of drudge.
And so everyone I knew, knew I was in jail.
And they were all reaching out.
And a member of Congress, a friend of mine, messaged me.
And he said, Jason, what in the world are you doing?
Why are you out there?
And you have a reputation.
You have friends.
You just embarrassed yourself.
And I replied, I did not embarrass myself.
And I want to tell you why I was at the Reopen Hawaii event and what led to me getting arrested before we get to our great guests.
You know, I love my country.
And I love the state of Hawaii, and I always say our state is like a family.
I moved here when I was 17.
I was a young high school dropout, a soldier in the army, quickly had a young family, had two children from a local girl, got married when I was 18, had two children by the time I was 19.
And everything rich and beautiful in my life comes to me from this beautiful community.
And so I was there for three reasons.
My primary reason wasn't the Constitution.
It wasn't the Bill of Rights.
My number one concern and my number one reason for being there was that if this shutdown continues in the United States and across the Western world, we are going to see a global food shortage, which the ambassador to the United Nations Food Program said, like, we haven't seen since World War II.
And the most vulnerable community in the developed world is the state of Hawaii.
We are the furthest place in the world from any other place in the world.
And any contraction of food production leads to a spike in prices.
We're near 50% unemployment.
Do you think food's going to make it to ships even if ships are moving to reach us out here in Hawaii if we see this catastrophic
Famine that people are anticipating so my number one reason for being there was my concern for my community that we may we may suffer through starvation and famine and Then it was also for the people around the world through my organization the vulnerable people project I'm working 16-hour days with people in the governments across Africa in the Middle East in India Bangladesh
They are already seeing the signs of a spike in hunger.
And David Beasley from the World Food Program says an anticipated spike in 135 million deaths.
We, you know, Alex in the last segment was talking about racism and violence in America and Black Lives Matter and they're using race to divide us.
That is 100% true.
In fact, they used me as race bait in Hawaii as this howly who isn't listening to the laws, is not respecting authority.
And they were trying to divide our community.
And I was the bait.
Easy bait, right?
I was the bait on a race baiting hook.
But I think Black Lives Matter in New Jersey, in Waianae, in Nigeria, in Ethiopia, in Kibera slums in Kenya, and this shutdown will lead to starvation there.
That was the second reason I was there.
And that is an urgent reason.
Look, it's already too late.
There are going to be countless millions of deaths because of famine.
This is just about making it not something like we've never seen.
The third reason I was there
As like Alex said, most people... Governments, our founders told us, were instituted among men to protect their rights.
But in most places, governments are organized thieves.
They're pirates.
They brutalize their own people.
In the 20th century, the number two killer of people
Was direct violence by the state against their own citizens.
In Russia, in China, in Cambodia.
We've seen it across the world.
The number two killer in the 20th century was famine.
Most of those famine deaths were caused by the state keeping people off of their farms.
Did you know that?
In the Ukraine and the great famine in China.
In Ethiopia when they destroyed the grain surplus.
So really, government, abusive government, was the number one killer.
They used direct violence, and they used famine.
That was the 20th century.
Now we are seeing a global shutdown like the world has never seen.
So that's why I was there.
And I have this quote from Martin Luther King.
Guys, if we can put that up.
To me, just sums it up.
One who breaks an unjust law must do so openly, lovingly, and with a willingness to accept the penalty.
I submit that an individual who breaks a law, that conscience tells him is unjust, and who willingly accepts the penalty of imprisonment in order to arouse the conscience of the community over the injustice, is in reality expressing the highest respect for law.
And I would say, with Reverend Martin Luther King, yes, I have a respect for the law.
Because law is what creates order, prosperity, peace.
It's why our children can live in safe communities.
But when you pick the police officers like in Hawaii, they came in an organized military cordon.
And I might have overreacted if you saw the video.
I wish I could have lovingly expressed my dissent.
I was a bit spirited.
Hopefully tomorrow, when I'm going back, and they can arrest me again and again and again, and they can keep me in jail or prison for as long as they want,
I'm going to keep going, not only because of my respect for the law, but because of my passionate love for my community, for my state, for the state of Hawaii.
So again, people without names or identities through social media will use me as unfortunate race bait to divide our community.
But my hope is eventually everyone in Hawaii will see
That this is about our health, this is about our well-being, this is about our prosperity, and this is about our freedom.
Not just our freedom, but the freedom for our posterity.
They keep telling us we are entering into a new normal, where we will always wear masks, where we will never get to go to church and community, where police are brutal, where police wear masks.
I saw a meme.
It's a strange time we live in where the police wear masks and the criminals show their face.
That says it all.
Reverend Martin Luther King would always quote Thomas Aquinas, a just law is a man-made law that conforms to the divine will.
We have to ask ourselves,
Are these laws?
Is this brutality?
Is this inciting of race hatred?
Does this conform to God's will?
Did my overly enthusiastic response to the police conform to God's will?
But maybe I'll be better tomorrow, after the break.
We're going to be with chaps.
Let's open the churches.
How cool is this?
Thank you guys so much.
I'm a little overwhelmed, and I don't want to scare the kids.
I'm okay, but I just want to thank all of you who I just barely met, and now you're all my friends.
You mean so much to me, and this would have been nothing without you.
Thank you so, so much.
And I'll have more to say when I can gather myself, but I'm a little overwhelmed.
I just want to say thank you.
Thank you, Kelly!
Thank you, Kelly!
Info Warriors, that was you.
That was you.
You are in the middle of the fight, and I think she raised half a million dollars.
What a hero.
You know, when I... Who is standing up against this tyranny?
To me, it's amazing.
I'm a conservative.
Catholic, Christian, and I would think that all conservatives, all Republicans, all Christians would be united.
No, it's a minority.
You would think it's all this type of person or that type of person.
The people are coming from everywhere.
Hairdressers, bar owners, a pastor here, not a lot of them, or a pastor there, a farmer over here, a police officer made a video yesterday, you saw that, in his police car over there.
These beautiful people standing up for freedom, and there's still enough of us.
We are going to win.
I think they're going to bite off more than they can chew.
You know, when I was handcuffed, thrown in the back of the car, I'm sitting there, they arrest another guy.
They put him back there with me, I'm handcuffed.
I'm like, hey brother, what do you do?
He's like, I own a bar.
I said, hey, I want to come to your bar when this is over.
What's the name of your bar?
You said the name of his bar and I realized it wasn't my type of bar.
I'll leave it at that.
I said, I won't be going to your bar, brother, but I love you.
Thank you for being here.
All these beautiful, unique, diverse people standing up for freedom, for liberty, in solidarity with the vulnerable who are suffering because of the shutdown.
We just saw this hero released from prison.
We need more of this.
Joining me is a hero, Chaps.
Pastor Gordon Klingenschmitt, welcome to the Alex Jones Show!
Thank you, Jason Jones.
I told my wife I'm going to be on the Alex Jones Show, but Jason Jones is hosting and she said, well, I should tell you to say hello to your father.
Yeah, he's not my dad.
I'm older than him, first of all, and that would be impossible.
We've never met such a gentleman that allow me to share this platform.
You're a hero.
I first met you in a Senate private meeting 20 years ago or so.
What year was that?
You were in the Navy.
Yeah, 2005 I was a Navy chaplain and the government wrote a bad policy saying chaplains cannot pray in Jesus' name outside of church.
You can pray to God, you can say amen, but if you say the J-word you can be punished at court-martial.
So I demanded my own misdemeanor court-martial and I was found guilty of worshipping in public.
But the good news is, Jason, that 300,000 Americans, many of your viewers,
Petitioned Congress, and I was vindicated by Congress who changed the law in 2006.
The Secretary of the Navy repented, rescinded the policy, and now the other chaplains can pray in Jesus' name, even in uniform, even in public, seven days a week.
That was the beginning of my career in politics, but that was the end of my career in the Navy.
I lost a million dollars pension.
Well, but you know what?
I'll trade your pension for religious freedom for all of us, and you did.
I don't know if I'd have the courage to trade my pension, but I thank God for heroes like you.
And there are a lot of police right now doing awful things because they're afraid of losing their pension.
Maybe it just takes one or two.
It took you.
And I'm so grateful for you.
And it was Senator Brownback who led the charge for you.
And I remember on the Hill at the time.
And now he is our ambassador at large for religious freedom.
And he's throwing punches, fighting hard for the Uyghur and others suffering religious persecution.
Just a handful of heroes.
Now here you are, all of us now, can't even pray.
At least they were going to let you pray in the name of Jesus in your church.
They're not even letting us in our church!
You know, I don't do a lot, Pastor.
You know what I do?
I go to the boxing gym, I get smoothies at the protein shake place down the street, I go to church, and I go to a used bookstore.
That's it.
I bet you the church is going to be the last place they open.
How do we get our churches open?
How does everyone here, even those of you who don't go to church, you should help us kick open the doors of the church.
How are we going to do this, chaps?
A poll just taken, I believe by Reuters, says that 35% of Americans want churches to be open first.
Only 21% said bars and restaurants, only 14% said basketball and movie theaters.
So churches are the number one priority for reopening, and everyone should call your governor today.
No matter what state you're in, no matter whether they're Republican or Democrat, but Google their phone number and call them and say these words.
Place the churches on the list of essential services.
Follow the example of Texas Governor Greg Abbott, Ron DeSantis of Florida.
Those two states were the first to reopen the churches by declaring them essential services, and it's easy for a governor to do, and here's two reasons they should do it.
Churches are spiritual hospitals.
And did you know in Tennessee the suicide hotline calls are up 800% this month because of the coronavirus.
People are committing suicide and churches can be spiritual hospitals to minister to their soul.
Food kitchen centers.
A lot of churches have food pantries but the line at your local food pantry is a mile long and people do not have food with the rising unemployment.
The churches must be open because they are essential food distribution centers and not only that
We have religious freedom.
A federal judge in Kansas blocked the Democrat governor of Kansas from limiting worship services or activities to 10 people or fewer to check the spread of the coronavirus because that violates the First Amendment, religious freedom, freedom of speech rights, and the Religious Freedom Restoration Act.
The law is on our side, and it's morally right to open the churches.
Call your governors today.
You know, Chaps, and I'll give you another reason.
The reason totalitarian regimes despise religion is religion points to a law above them.
Religion reminds them that we have somebody more powerful than them in our corner.
The all-knowing, all-loving creator of the universe.
And so they don't want to be reminded that they are not all-powerful.
They don't want to be reminded that there's a law above their special orders.
And so when we open up the churches, that's going to remind these totalitarians like this schmuck we just saw in Ventura County, who really he's recanted now, but he said he wants to come and take you out of your house.
He's going to come and take you out of your house.
I don't know if you saw that.
So it reminds these petty tyrants.
There's a law above the laws of man.
There's a law above the special orders of man.
There's this beautiful movie.
A Hidden Life came out last year from Terrence Malick.
It's on Amazon now.
And it's on this farmer who refuses to take the loyalty oath to Hitler.
And this SS officer who, like this man, is Catholic says to him, do you think you have the right not to say this oath?
And he says, do you think that we have the right to say it?
And the state does not have the right to stop me from going to church.
And as a Catholic,
The law of the church is I must go to church on Sundays.
So the government does not have the right to stop me from going to church, and I have the duty to go to church.
And so we need to open up these churches immediately.
You know, imagine if Netflix stopped streaming.
People would be out on the streets.
Well, Christians, if the bread and circus is stopped, and they're gonna, and they're gonna, that's when hell's gonna break loose.
We as Christians need to stand up now.
I'm totally agreeing with you.
I do want to plug my book.
Maybe I'll be back after this segment, but I wrote a book, How to Liberate the World, a step-by-step guide to take back your country, available on Amazon and everywhere books are sold.
We have sent five million petitions to Congress over the years.
We have helped change bad laws or policies in 13 states.
We always win because there are more of us demanding liberty than there are tyrants
Thank you, Chaps!
Get that book!
I got it!
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I am your guest host, Jason Jones.
It's a privilege to join you as we fight our way out of this prison planet.
And my next guest is Gerald Moody.
Now, the reason I wanted to have him on is we're seeing these news stories erupt about violence, violence against black men by white cops.
And we see that they're trying to divide us.
We've seen violence against white people by white cops last week.
In Honolulu, when I was arrested, I saw the mainstream media, our own newspaper, use me as bait to inspire racism.
My family, my kids are only half me and they're only half white.
My family, my nieces, nephews, children and cousins are Hawaiian, Filipino, Chinese.
And to see the media using me as race bait, I knew the game!
They're trying to divide us.
So I wanted to get my man Gerald Moody on the show.
Gerald is the host of one of my favorite podcasts, This, That, and The Third, and it is a New York-style podcast.
He has been a COVID reporter, the man on the street checking out the hospitals of New York.
Gerald, welcome to the Alex Jones Show.
Yes, what's up, Jay?
Thanks for having me, man.
Thanks for having me.
Really appreciate it.
Well, I appreciate you coming on.
You know, when I saw this story break, I'm in Hawaii, so I find things out a little later, because I'm waking up a little later, the way the sun moves and all.
So what's going on?
We see this footage.
Is this racism by the cops?
Is this the media trying to use race to divide us as we're already being divided?
Man, here in New York City, man,
Certain areas are policed differently.
That's just a fact of life here.
So, downtown Lower Manhattan by the World Trade Center, the former World Trade Center, a lot of parks over there and not barricaded.
If you go down there, you could see people picnicking, you know, social distancing not being enforced and everything's going on because people are enjoying the great weather.
But when you come uptown, when you come to Harlem and different neighborhoods,
The parks are barricaded.
You can't get in the park.
And if you don't have a mask, you may be accosted by the police.
But if you are downtown, you won't be accosted.
You will be actually given a mask.
So it's a different policing, and it's always been that way here in New York City, unfortunately.
I mean, this is really unbelievable.
You know, something we're seeing in Hawaii is, I asked a friend of mine in California, I said, what's uniting these people, Gerald, that are resisting?
What's uniting these people that are resisting?
We're getting a little bit of feedback, brother, I think, on your mic.
But my question is, what is uniting the people that are resisting these orders?
You know, at the event that I was at, it was every ethnicity, but the news crews wanted to make it about white people being uppity and not wanting to go along to get along.
But the truth is, Hawaii was there.
And so the media was using race there to divide us.
The truth is we were all there.
They weren't all Christians.
I was pushed in a car with a guy that owns a, what do they call them, a gentleman's club.
So it was a diversity of our population.
I asked a friend of mine in California, who's fighting all this in Orange County?
And she said, you want to know the truth?
It's the surfers and it's the skateboarders.
And then now we see in New York City, guys in Harlem's like, no, I'm not wearing a mask.
What is the common thread that's uniting everybody who is calling BS on this tyranny?
I think people are skeptical of the mainstream media.
I think a lot of people are becoming more aware of the staging events of the media and a lot of social media is pointing it out.
So people are now opening their minds
To, well, you know, CBS, NBC, all that stuff.
It's not written in stone.
It's not concrete.
These are not credible sources.
So when they come outside, they feel like, yo, this is what it is.
And you can't make me wear the mask.
And that's why I think it's because they don't believe the media like they used to.
And people are now grabbing that and taking it on like, yo, we don't believe you, basically.
And that's what's happening, and the cops are going at the kids and going at some of the, you know, young men, and they're fighting back based on not believing the media.
That's what's happening, man.
I say, even me, I mean, I always knew the mainstream media was BS, but I used to pick up my morning paper when it was outside my doorstep every morning.
I bring it in and I'll read it.
Now I look at them pile up.
I don't even want to touch it.
I see three, four, five days in my newspaper and I'm like, why can't I just grab the paper and bring it in?
It's like, I don't even want to bring myself to touch it because I know it's just all lies now.
It's like all lies.
Did you see the big one in New York is the center of it.
Today, my wife called me and she goes, honey, you got to hear this nonsense.
They're talking about a COVID related disease attacking children.
But when you pay attention to the story,
It's not even been confirmed, there's no evidence of it.
Lots of kids that don't test for COVID are getting it.
Have you seen this new narrative they're painting about a COVID-related mystery disease in New York?
Oh no, I'm not up on that one yet.
They come out so fast.
Cuomo, the governor of New York, Cuomo said 66% of the new cases that they got, the COVID, have come from people sheltering in places.
This is a joke.
This is what I called it.
I called it a plan-demic.
This is a complete joke, but they understand that the public is very gullible.
They will believe anything.
So, thank God for YouTube.
Thank God for guys going out there to these hospitals and seeing that nobody's in the hospital.
So, it's crazy.
Yeah, well, you did it!
You did it in New York.
So you went to where they said is the epicenter of it all.
And we broke that lie.
We broke the lie that they didn't have enough respirators.
We broke the lie that the hospitals were overwhelmed.
They have seamlessly shifted from let's flatten the curve to like, let's wait for a vaccine.
Now new mysterious diseases.
And you know what we need to do, Gerald, is I posted on my Facebook today,
Watch me on InfoWars.
I'll be guest hosting for Alex Jones at the 4 o'clock hour.
And then during the break I looked at my feed and people said you're being censored.
They have removed me posting.
People can't see me posting just saying I'm going to be on the show.
Not even linking to it.
And we need phone trees like in the old days.
You make a tree, all your friends you call.
Hey, we need email trees.
We might need to start sending smoke signals because
We and we have this network of beautiful people like your podcast.
I love it because you don't come to things you don't come to things with this ideology.
You don't have you don't have an axe to grind.
I think you started out your show really wanted to be about music and your community and you weren't looking to social justice warrior and all of a sudden I saw your show shift.
It was like that Malcolm X quote, my favorite quote in the world.
He said, I didn't land on Plymouth Rock, it fell on me.
I feel like you wanted to do a podcast on hip-hop culture and then this rock of the deep state fell on you and you're like, I guess I gotta fight back, but I have the best music in the world on my podcast while I'm fighting back.
Was that kind of what happened?
Yes, man.
You know, after, you know, you just get tired of
The narrative, and you know how the media works, and then you talk to people and they seem like they're brainwashed.
And I said, you know, a lot of people listen to this podcast.
Why not just expose these guys for what it is?
Why not just put it out there so they can think for themselves?
Once you think for yourself and you really have your own thought and you're free, you could detect and read between the lines with this media.
And I just wanted to expose it so people could just think.
I wanted to provoke thinking.
Think for yourself.
These are all liars.
The question is, what's the point?
What's the major motivation?
What's the objective that they hope to accomplish?
You know, that's the scary thing.
Yeah, well, you know, I don't know what their goal is, but I know what the end result will be regardless of their intention.
It's going to be famine from the Horn of Africa.
It's going to be civil unrest in the United States.
It's going to be hunger in the state of Hawaii.
So we need to unite.
All of our communities need to resist.
From Brooklyn to the west side of Oahu, all of this.
This hairdresser in Texas just won a big battle and showed them what's what when she raised $500,000.
If all of us, where we are, have the courage, you know, police officers, National Guard officers, you say, I'm done, I'm not coming into work, enough, I'm not following these orders.
Celebrities, religious leaders, if they had your courage and Alex Jones' courage and this hairdresser's courage, this would be over tomorrow.
Every doctor in my life, in my neighborhood, they all say this is a crock, but none of them say it privately.
They go, this is a crock.
We all need to say this out loud.
That's what Americans do.
You gotta fight this.
This is not right, man.
Gerald, we got 30 seconds left.
You're a fighter.
I want them to find you on Twitter, and I want them to find your podcast.
So how do we find you?
On Twitter, I'm GeraldMoody15601560 on Instagram.
I'm GMoody, M-O-O-D-Y, underscore TV, and the podcast is called This, That, and a third with
We told you what was going to happen, and it did.
Now we're telling you what's coming.
We've known this was coming for a long time.
The Club of Rome.
Stay Apart Memorandum 200.
And hundreds of other documents like Lockstep from 2010 and Event 201 from 2019 had the Rockefeller Foundation, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and other powerful globalist organizations saying that a plague is coming and that they would use that plague to lock down an in-free society, bring in total surveillance and starve the third world to death while putting an authoritarian system in place.
I began warning 12 weeks ago, desperately, that the CHICOMS were hyping up COVID-19 to create hysteria here in the United States, and that blue states and blue cities would announce lockdowns to force Trump to follow suit, saying if he doesn't, every death is his fault.
And now that's happened.
We're already in a depression.
The numbers show a very deep one.
And if it continues, the global supply chain will completely break.
And the UN now admits that this year, in the months that are left,
We're looking at 135 million people starving to death instead of the normal 10 million that is still unacceptable.
Now most of those people are in the third world and it's very, very sad because when the first world collapses, the third world dies.
When the first world becomes a third world system, the fourth world is called death.
It's called mass starvation.
It's called societal
And now all over Latin America, all over Asia, all over areas of the Middle East, and even Eastern Europe, people are beginning to starve to death.
And even AP has come out talking about people in the United States that don't have money for food, and how the food banks have run out, and how they're unable to even take care of themselves.
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I wouldn't go on air and tell you
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