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Name: 20200423_Thu_Alex
Air Date: April 23, 2020
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In this episode of InfoWars, Alex Jones discusses the ongoing global crisis caused by COVID-19, emphasizing the dangers posed by the globalist agenda. He warns his audience about potential consequences of lockdown measures and forced inoculations. Jones encourages listeners to support InfoWars sponsors who offer high-quality, affordable food products that can sustain families during challenging times. He also introduces a new product developed by InfoWars Life, an organic hand sanitizer with essential oils for moisturizing purposes. Jones interviews Brian Rose about various topics including the pandemic, trusting oneself, communist influence, and the need for individuals to take action towards their freedom. In another interview, Kevin Sorbo talks about his new documentary "Before the Wrath" which explores current events in relation to the Gospel of Matthew and the Second Coming of Christ. Alex Jones interviews Taylor Marshall about the deep state's infiltration of the Catholic Church through the Vatican Bank scandal involving Cardinal Pell. He then discusses sexual and financial scandals within the Catholic Church with guest Brad Martin who has made a documentary about the occult presence within Hollywood and its connection to corruption in the church. Jones promotes InfoWars Life organic hand sanitizer and discusses the globalist onslaught attempting to control society during COVID-19 pandemic. He also interviews a Generation Z woman named Tiana who has transitioned from being an anti-Trump protester to a conservative. Rudy Giuliani criticizes the way citizens are being urged to film non-compliant individuals during the pandemic and compares it to tactics used by the Cuban government. He discusses how elected officials enjoy gourmet desserts while millions of Americans struggle with issues such as unemployment and putting food on the table. In an interview, Jason Jones discusses courage and highlights five principles: promoting the incomparable beauty of the human person, recognizing the transcendent moral order, advocating for subsidiarity to pull power away from distant bureaucracies, supporting a humane economy based on private property, and fostering solidarity by helping vulnerable members of the community.

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And so people say, man, Jones used to not be as good on air, but he used to be happier, and now he seems crazy.
And you're damn right, I'm real crazy now.
Because I read all this and saw them saying all this, and I saw them beta testing it, and I couldn't believe people didn't stop them.
And now they're pulling the trigger, going operational.
You know, beta phase is over.
Beta is over.
And now we're into phase one world government AI robot takeover with forced inoculations with a DNA vaccine that alters your DNA and programs you for death.
Something's building up here where you're going to see a major decision that he makes.
Either that, or the public are going to get to a point, and you've seen the protests in Austin and everywhere around the world, where people just won't have it.
Because they're going to be marginalized, this is going to have a generational effect on the class system, on people's wealth, on their livelihoods, and at some point, they're going to snap.
And I'm seeing it.
I'm feeling it.
People are asking me.
Strangely enough, people are joining my courses at record levels so they can learn how to take advantage of this information economy that we're in now, as opposed to this old industrial economy.
So people are looking for ways out, Alex.
They're clamoring for them.
And I'm asking them, you know, how are you going to be remembered in 2020 as someone who is fighting in the front lines?
You know, I'm sure you're going to get damaged, you might bleed, you might die.
Or do you want to be known as someone that lets someone else fight for their freedom?
That's the question you need to ask yourself.
We need to get back to work.
We need to find a way.
That's my message.
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
Problem-reaction-solution was defined by the philosopher Hegel more than 200 years ago, but he didn't invent it.
He just quantified it into philosophy.
That's why we see so many episodes of The Simpsons from decades ago, this one from 1993, coming true today.
I'd like to call to order this secret conclave of America's media empires.
We're here to come up with the next phony baloney crisis to put Americans back where they belong in dark rooms, glued to their televisions, too terrified to skip the commercials.
Well, I think... NBC, you are here to listen and not speak.
I think we should go with the good old-fashioned public health care.
A new disease.
No one's immune.
It's like the summer of the shark, except instead of a shark, it's an epidemic.
And instead of summer, it's all the time!
Now I hate to be the guy who derails what everybody else loves.
He loves being that guy.
But Janice, we do have standards.
This can't be a made-up disease.
The only moral thing to do is release a deadly virus into the general public.
We do have something we've been holding on to, but it hasn't been tested.
Get over here, NBC.
Well, we certainly believe in testing, but I... Oh.
Oh, yeah.
So, we've got our deadly disease.
Now, we just have to blame it on something that's in every household.
Something that people are a little bit afraid of already.
House cat flu is coming, people.
The Center for Disease Disinformation predicts with some degree of probability that the house cat flu might spread in the following hypothetical outbreak pattern.
So petter beware, that warm body on your lap just might be ready to destroy your tender fiddles.
Springfielders are advised to stay tuned for more information if they experience any of the following symptoms.
Mild thirst, occasional hunger, tiredness at night.
Ladies and gentlemen, thank you so much for joining us on this Thursday, April 23rd transmission.
There's so many huge things to cover, as usual, but it's more intense than ever.
The quickening works that way, that I am at a loss for words yet again of where to start.
You know, I've been aware of something for a very long, long time.
And I've talked about it some.
I've done my duty and talked about it.
And I've turned down a lot of money.
From folks that have come along to sell out to him.
But you know, not selling out yourself is one thing, but if you don't expose other people that have sold out, aren't you kind of selling out yourself in a way?
The only thing I've got is my integrity.
But that's another issue.
This is so big.
And it ties into everything and it's like a Rosetta Stone, a skeleton key, a window into the universe.
And I was sitting there right before I went live just a few minutes ago with all these huge things I was going to cover.
And then I thought to myself, why don't you talk about this?
Why don't you talk about this?
And what is this?
Well, this is a key that opens the door that frees America and the world.
And there are many doors this key opens as well.
And it's not that I'm scared to cover this topic.
It's just that if I just come out and put it out there, mixed in with all the other big things we're talking about, it gets lost in the shuffle.
They always say if a tree fell in the woods and nobody was there to hear it, would it make a sound?
How about you're in the forest and all the trees are falling down?
And it's just a din, a cacophony, and you don't hear that one important note, though.
The Tree of Liberty that's dying.
Um, let me just say this.
I am certainly not bored.
This is the most incredible time ever to be alive.
It's just going to get wilder from here.
This adventure is real.
This is not a simulation, and it's just going to get more amazing from here on out.
I'm going to launch in 60 seconds.
When we come back, I'm going to lay it all out straight ahead.
Stay with us.
Ladies and gentlemen, we are live on this April 23rd, Thursday global transmission with 193 out from the election that looks like they're gonna probably cancel.
And we have a lot of big irons in the fire that are all caused by the same thing.
And so here's a headline that really gave me an epiphany.
London Guardian, coronavirus pandemic will cause famine of biblical proportions.
Between 30 and 100 million set to starve to death in the next 18 months.
Now, that's an incredibly deceptive headline.
The Coronavirus Lockdown.
Coronavirus Lock.
Published by Let's Get It.
Coronavirus lockdown will cause famine of biblical proportions.
Think about that.
And think about the Attorney General coming out and saying this is a form of house arrest.
House arrest!
And now San Francisco is closing many of its major streets.
This is another condition of martial law to train you to accept all of this evil.
What is a lockdown?
Put the definition right here.
What happens when you're in a prison?
And it's when you've had your commons time and you've been able to go outside in a minimum or medium security prison.
And the lockdown is when you're put back inside your jail cells for night.
Lockdown, L-O-C-K-D-O-W-N.
And it goes down, down, down.
The confining of prisoners to their cells, typically after an escape or a regain control of a riot, a state of isolation or restricted access
Initiated as a security measure, the university is on lockdown and nobody has been able to leave.
It's called martial law.
It's called the definition of a blockade.
It's a form of war.
The isolation of a warring nation.
of an enemy area through the harbor by troops or warships to prevent passage of persons or supplies broadly as restrictive measures designed to obstruct commerce communications of an unfriendly nation.
Let me just tell you what's coming up today during this lockdown.
Lock down.
We have the leader of the Senate coming out that controls the purse strings saying, we know the left wants to bankrupt the country to bring in total control and that they all want bailouts that they'll steal.
Hell, Bezos has already gotten $30 billion of taxpayer money because, you know, he needs it on top of the $160 billion he's got.
But if you want to keep the country locked down and you cause the total depression that's already here, how deep and bad it gets and how long is now being determined, we're in it now.
Instead, if you want that, you're going to just have to declare bankruptcy.
Because we told you you were in charge of this and you just say we're never opening again and already your pension funds are going bad and already you're falling apart and all the rest of this is happening.
So we're going to cover that.
And we're going to cover the United Nations and the really big news and my message to the President that
Tens of millions of people are starving to death and starting to die right now because of this, but it's not fashionable.
It's not cool, it's not heroic to care about them.
It's more important to salivate over every COVID-19 death, even if it's a 90-year-old person with heart failure, or just have convulsions of glee and orgasms over somebody that dies in a car wreck but tests positive for COVID-19, and just fetishizing the death and arguing with those of us that say this is a psy-op to make us go into a depression.
That's all admitted!
But none of those telling you that this virus is the most deadly thing to ever hit the planet, and that we can never leave lockdown, none of them will discuss the mass starvation and death that's now unfolding, including the Pope, because the microchip and the forced inoculation, that's all gravy for Bill Gates.
But currently, the shutdown, the lockdown,
He's putting the world into a cardiac arrest.
185,000 people have died supposedly from this virus.
As the regular flu virus, or the regular cold virus.
Yeah, the flu is also making false positives.
So, clearly, there's an agenda to overblow the numbers, and we know from the start.
They said 5 million dead, and those should do what we say.
Then only 2 million will die in America.
And then it was, oh, 2 million, but if you do what we say, only 100,000.
And now, it's 2,659,000 worldwide, we're told, of these faulty tests created by an American woman named Danielle Anderson that works at the Wuhan lab, who also runs fact-checking for Facebook on the COVID-19 story.
It's not a conflict of interest.
And as the numbers go up, as the testing increases, we learn it's a very small morbidity number.
But still, when you talk about it, people go, oh, you don't care about
The thousands dying every day in America?
Like thousands die of car wrecks, thousands die of heart attacks, thousands die of cancer, thousands die of flu?
It is a PSYOP, the way they're fear-mongering, and it's come out it's a PSYOP, and that's really the big news I'm gonna hit.
That now what's left of the American government, the American people, understand this is a deep state Chi-Com operation to create fear.
And it's coming out, what was already known, that this has been financed and this has been paid for and this has been prepared by the globalists using China as a cutout to cover the funding to create total, absolute fear.
And now it's even in the New York Times of all places, what I told you months ago, the communist Chinese are paying for the hype, saying it's the most deadly virus on earth.
Obviously they staged most of those videos that were fake.
Obviously they pushed all that fear and now it's come out to devastate our economy.
That's how they tried to defeat us when we won the trade war.
And the question is, will they defeat us?
That fight is ongoing right now.
But here's the headline, Chinese agents help spread messages that
Sowed virus panic in the United States, the CIA says.
Well, I watched Twitter and Facebook and Google push official Chinese government propaganda while Americans were banned everywhere and while videos of Alex Jones and Rush Limbaugh saying it was being overhyped were being banned saying you're not the WHO, you don't have speech, dirty American.
The UN on the payroll of the CHICOMS helping cover up the lab release, they have speech, you don't.
And the head of YouTube went on Brian Stelter's show.
Unreliable sources this weekend and said anyone disagreeing with the United Nations will be banned.
So just like that, the UN, through big tech overseers, tells Americans what they can and can't say.
Wow, that's even worse than I thought it would be at this point.
They're just walking all over us because we put up with it, but not for much longer.
What's next for the coronavirus maelstrom?
Meat shortages.
Bloomberg is reporting hundreds of National Guard personnel are being activated in Iowa as coronavirus sweeps through meat processing plants in a state that accounts for about a third of U.S.
pork supply.
Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds said 250 National Guard members have been moved to full-time federal duty status and could help with testing and contact tracing for workers at plants operated by Tyson Foods Incorporated and National Beef Packing Company, as the meat packing plants affected are stacking up nationwide.
Coronavirus cases in Iowa's Black Hawk County have doubled in recent days to 356.
And public health officials say 90% trace back to employees at this Tyson meatpacking plant.
Their outbreak is not an isolated case.
CBS News has confirmed COVID cases in at least 17 meat processing plants in 10 states, 13 of which have temporarily closed or are operating at reduced capacity.
Back in 2013, when President Obama was re-engineering U.S.-China relations to reflect the emerging Chinese century, Obama made statements like the one published by the left-leaning think tank Brookings Institution, stating, Obama understands that leadership comes with a price and thus the United States cannot have leadership without strength.
At the same time, he recognizes that the United States
Yes, folks, it's 300 years of tradition and taste you savor when you ask for a Smithfield BBQ, James River Brand, at our refreshment center.
Bought out by what was then known as Shanghai Group for $4.72 billion in 2013.
It was the largest Chinese acquisition of an American company to date.
The acquisition of Smithfields' 146,000 acres of land made Shanghai Group, headquartered in China's Hainan Province, one of the largest overseas owners of American farmland in the world.
In addition to owning over 500 farms in the U.S., Smithfield contracts with another 2,000 independent farms around the country to grow Smithfield's famous holiday hams.
Is the food supply going to be protected?
At the end of the day, is China going to pick the Chinese versus America?
Because they'll now control
What percentage of the U.S.
pork production?
That would be a very large percentage.
I think to your constituents back home, it's the same old Smithfield.
Nothing's going to change.
This is going to be an American company.
We're going to continue to operate like an American company, and we're going to continue to protect these brands.
Shangui is buying Smithfield for its brand name.
And to assuage the horrible reputation that China has so far as food production goes and exports of food, it's gene technology.
Competitors will now be dealing with a Shanghai Smithfield that's as inscrutable as any other Chinese company.
Any other, any sorts of information will not be made public, for example.
It'll go through that morass of Chinese dissemination.
China's looking at this as an opportunity to feed their people.
One of the concerns or questions I have is whether or not your brand, which will be put on Chinese pork, which has been less than stellar, is going to be a problem for your brand down the road.
I have spoken to people in China and this acquisition is being very carefully monitored.
There are other companies that are waiting in the wings to buy more companies.
However, as Reuters reported, Arnold Silver, Smithfield's Director of Raw Materials Procurement, said at a recent industry conference that sales to China could eventually create bacon and ham shortages for American consumers.
The outbreak of African swine fever has killed up to half of China's hog herd since August of 2018.
And push prices so high that Chinese importers are willing to pay hefty tariffs.
pork producers say China's losses from the disease have created a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for sales.
Officials in Shanghai are weighing in on the effects of thousands of dead pigs that have been discovered over the course of last week.
And they've admitted that the quality of the drinking water was in fact affected.
Shanghai authorities are going back on statements last week that the water in this river is safe to drink.
More than 9,000 pigs have now been found floating down the Huangpu River.
Initial water samples revealed trace amounts of a common pig virus, the novel coronavirus.
Shangwei could insert local hogs and re-export processed food back to the US under the Smithfield brand.
The shipping off of American pork to China during a pandemic caused by the Chinese shouldn't sit well with any American.
But now the World Food Programme analysis shows also, due to the coronavirus, that an additional 130 million people
Could be pushed to the brink of starvation by the end of 2020.
That's a total of 265 million people.
Meanwhile, China just reported another case of African swine fever.
Just one in a dozen cases in the last two months.
Devastating the Chinese herd and increasing demand from U.S.
pig farms.
And now the Chinese coronavirus threatens American food producers.
China's coronavirus is nothing short of an act of war disguised in no-fault propaganda, putting millions out of work, decimating small businesses, bringing our education system to a standstill, and undermining our food supply, while China openly celebrates the death of American democracy.
John Bowne reporting.
By the media, controlled by the government, controlled by the elite, is nothing more than house arrest while they construct the 5G towers.
Every single day patients are lining up outside here, many of them with cold and flu-like symptoms.
They come here to be tested.
This is bad.
People are dying.
We don't have the tools.
People waiting in the cold to get care.
The hospital tells us every day they're working to increase the capacity of this hospital by flooding it with nurses and doctors and equipment.
Outside, it's swamped with New Yorkers waiting in long lines to get tested for the coronavirus.
This is the emergency room and you would expect if you believe the mainstream media that this emergency room would be overflowing with people and as you can tell
There are no people here.
I quit my job today.
I went into work and I was assigned to a COVID patient on an ICU unit that has been converted to a designated COVID unit.
It's like a war zone.
None of the nurses are wearing masks, not even surgical masks, in the hallways when they're giving reports to each other.
Everybody is terrified.
I had my own N95 mask.
I told my manager I understand we're short on supplies, but let me protect myself.
Let me feel safe.
I have family that I have to come home to.
And the way things are looking... This isn't gonna get any better.
America is not prepared.
And nurses are not being protected.
And once you get in, you never go back.
It is April 23rd on this Thursday Transmission.
I'm your host Alex Jones.
And the lives of millions and millions and millions of people right now.
They're mortal souls.
Are in our hands right now.
So we better get out of the comas, get out of the dream state, and get conscious right now because this isn't a drill.
It's not a simulation.
It's the jumping off point into the universe.
All right.
More and more you're probably noticing when we start the broadcast that I hear a lot of the special reports and things and it's it's I just keep telling you the truth.
I am choking here on air.
Because all of the theoreticals all the things we knew the glove was for planning that we predicted are now here and
We already can't save millions of people that are starving to death and gonna die because of this.
And the tens of millions that are set to starve to death, and that's really the prime objective of turning the world economy off, is to starve hundreds of millions to death.
And on the one hand, the leftists and the globalists celebrate that, and say that's a good thing, and on the other hand they tell us, do whatever we say, lock down your economy to save a few people, when they're the ones locking it down to kill people,
And it's so incredibly crystal clear and obvious and admitted and not even debated by them what they're doing.
It's mind-boggling.
It's mind-blowing.
Imagine you're at the park.
And there's a neighborhood by the park.
And there's a waterfall spillway coming off a river into the lake.
And you're sitting there cooking hot dogs and hamburgers with your kids.
It's like, you know, 11 o'clock on a Sunday, and you see like a two-year-old come out from behind a fence at a house.
You go, oh, who's watching that two-year-old?
You see the two-year-old run over to the spillway.
And you see the two-year-old starting to get in the spillway.
You just start running the 200 yards.
And you see the two-year-old in the spillway, and the two-year-old's under the water.
And you know, you had the instinct, you cared.
You ran over there, you jumped in, the child sucks in water, they're underwater, 30 seconds, you get them out, you know, back when you were on the swim team, 30 years before you got a fire department basic course on CPR, you pump the water out of their lungs, they cough it up, you save them.
But imagine seeing that two and a half year old toddler that got out of the unlocked back gate while mama was watching sitcoms or whatever her daddy was, you know, tuning up his engine on his race car or whatever was going on in the house.
Imagine you saw that two year old.
He said, ah, there's too many people anyways.
And you sat back and you put a big juicy slab of beef with cheese on that bun, put onions on there.
That's Bill Gates!
But Bill Gates isn't just sitting back grilling a hamburger while he watches that.
He's the one unlatching the back gate.
He's the one midwifing the AI dehumanization takeover.
And so people say, man, Jones used to not be as good on air, but he used to be happier, and now he seems crazy.
And you're damn right, I'm real crazy now.
Because I read all this and saw them saying all this, and I saw them beta testing it, and I couldn't believe people didn't stop them.
And now they're pulling the trigger, going operational.
You know, beta phase is over.
Beta is over.
And now we're into phase one, world government AI robot takeover with forced inoculations, with a DNA vaccine that alters your DNA and programs you for death.
When certain wavelengths are then energized into yourself.
They have the patents on that.
But you know, I shouldn't be negative because last night I was driving home and I pulled up to a red light and a black woman in her Ford F-150 rolled down the window and said, we love you, Alex.
And Bill Gates is going to burn in hell.
Then this morning, I was walking through a parking lot, and a guy drove by in a plumbing repair truck.
It wasn't a van, it was a truck.
And he rolls down the window and he goes, F. Bill Gates, we're winning.
Alex, keep it up.
A good old boy.
That's in a 24-hour period, folks.
And I'm not out on the streets.
Very much.
I put my head out.
People ride by and go, Bill Gates is the enemy.
You are our champion.
Destroy him.
Well, I'm not your champion.
You're your champion.
Price is your champion.
But that's the solace I've got.
I walk in the office this morning at 830.
I walk in to the business side of the office.
We're doing accounting.
And I look at the accountant.
I go, how you doing?
He goes,
Bill Gates is being destroyed online like no one's ever seen.
Everything we've talked about is now openly being discussed.
We're winning.
And I looked at him and I said, yeah, prepare for the main assault.
They're about to attack us really bad.
But thanks to the listeners, thanks to the viewers, thanks to all the radio stations, thanks to Matt Drudge, whatever he did back in the past helping us get this point.
You know, it may be another world over there now, but you know, it doesn't matter.
Thanks to all of you and what you did, we together are in a real fighting position.
And the globalists are freaked out, man, because they're coming with the drones, they're coming with the robots, they're coming with the forced inoculations, and Bill Gates is on TV going, 700,000 people are going to die and get sick from my vaccine.
He's already, he's being sued in Africa and in the subcontinent of India.
He's being sued in Russia and Japan by governments because the kids get sick from the vaccines and die.
So he's on TV saying, we need to get laws passed to indemnify me worldwide.
Talking about Bill Gates.
So here's how it's happening.
They thought on Good Friday to rub it into Catholics.
You can say what you want about the Catholic Church and its problems, but the people of the Catholic Church are good people on average that I've met, great people.
On Good Friday to rub it in your nose, to rub your nose in it, they came out and they said,
We're gonna put a satanic high priestess on TV and all this for Microsoft ad.
Everyone rejected it, they pulled the ad.
So again, they keep thinking they're running the old playbook and we're here putting up with it, but we're not.
So as crazy it is to be in the zeitgeist.
At least Globalist would love power.
They'd love people to actually listen to them.
Because they're totally cut off.
It means nothing to just have power for no reason.
As I become more Christ-like, and believe me, I'm far from Christ, I realize the pain, actually.
Because as your consciousness increases,
And as you become more engaged with the universe, at this level with all this evil going on, you can feel and see it, and it tortures you.
And so you want to fix things and make it good, which is the Christ energy on the earth.
But first you've got to feel the pain, and I feel the pain now.
Oh my God, I wanted enlightenment.
I prayed for it a trillion times.
And now, as I've become closer to it, I could just not even imagine the infinities of pain Christ went through, because we're not even a universe away from where Christ went, and I can feel the pain.
We have 160, almost 160 million jobs in this country now.
The most ever, by far.
By far the most ever.
The number of jobs, almost 160 million.
So we can't turn that off and think it's going to be wonderful.
There will be tremendous repercussions.
There will be a tremendous death from that.
You know, you're talking about death.
Probably more death from that than anything that we're talking about with respect to the virus.
Well, there you go.
That was from over five weeks ago.
You know, while we sit here watching TV, listening to radio, the country has been put into artificial cardiac arrest.
And I read these articles, not just by mainstream media, but also read these articles from someone called Patriot Grips.
And they love the publicity that, oh, they're the heroes.
They're standing up to the virus.
And if you just wear the mask, and if you just stay indoors, and if you just do what you're told while we go into an endless depression, it'll save some lives.
And if you don't do that, you're killing people's future.
You're a murderer.
But the truth is, it's the people pushing this that are the murderers.
It's called triage.
You can look that up in medical parlance, in medical nomenclature.
And triage is where you've only got so many beds and so many doctors and so much medicine.
And so if you walk up and there's 30 people that just got bombed by a truck bomb.
And some are totally dead, you know they're dead.
Others are flopping around, arms and legs blown off.
And you can only help so many when you first get to the people you think you can save.
And so the whole primary mission of this war-gamed, globalist, worldwide lockdown was to devastate the third world and cause mass starvation and death.
And that's now confirmed.
The U.N.
says it was 2 million a month ago.
Now we're saying it's 30 million starving to death.
It'll be 100 million starving to death in the next year and a half if we don't do something, give us money.
But of course, the United Nations isn't going to help.
Here, here's a shot right here for you if you want an overhead shot.
Coronavirus pandemic will cause famine of biblical proportions.
But that's not sexy.
Nobody's writing about that.
All their talk show hosts that are supposedly patriots aren't.
They don't give a damn about Africans starving to death by the millions or people in the Middle East or Asia or Latin America.
No, no, no, no.
Let's put up on the board the global amount of infections and fetishize that when it's based on what did the White House task force say?
Feds classifying all coronavirus patients deaths as COVID-19 regardless of
Maybe we can show folks a shot of that?
I mean, there that is right there, see?
Government's classifying all deaths by patients with coronavirus as COVID-19 deaths.
That's Fox News.
But see, that's not sexy.
Wearing a mask, getting into the fear.
All this is sexy, it's fun, it's cool.
And you're patted on the head and people say, you're a hero!
Good job!
Here's what I'm going to do.
I have intended to want to take calls today.
We also have a guest joining us.
And I have not yet done what I came here to do today because this is really, really important information.
I got taken off balance by a lot of stuff today.
And I'm not going to blame anybody here in this office for it.
But this is just not normal times.
This is not the build up to the new world order.
We have days to turn this around before it's an irrevocable worldwide depression and hell on earth.
And incredibly positive things are happening too that I haven't even gotten to and there's a lot of hope.
But I look at the general public and they have no idea how much trouble they're in or the situation this planet has entered.
This is a globalist death sentence to the third world.
And whereas I don't want to be overrun by the third world who's weaponized, and have my wages dropped because of them, I'm not their enemy.
And if you just go, oh, that's the third world, and just kind of go along with them being wiped out, that's an ultimate sin right there, folks.
It's abortion to the next level.
And it's happening right now, and this is all part of this globalist, satanic seduction that's taking place right now.
So when somebody tells you, oh, we can't open America back up, we've got to keep the economy shut down.
Remember, hundreds of millions will end up starving to death in the next few years.
30 million dying right now.
And they go, oh, but if we lock everyone down, we'll save thousands.
You go, yeah, but millions are dying.
And they just go, oh, you don't want to save people.
I'm with the mainstream media.
And they just repeat that sick statement back at you because they want the praise of the media.
And they know they're going to be praised for saying it.
AOC says we need a national work
Yeah, how about folks walk off from the nuclear power plants?
How about we have blackouts?
How about the reactors blow up?
How about folks at the power stations leave?
How about folks at the hospitals walk off?
This is a communist, a globalist move to shut the country down, and AOC has never been happier.
Speaking of communism, I'm not a communist.
We're funded by viewers and listeners like you.
And we have storable food available again.
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FDA inspected all that stuff, and they said, I talked to them a few days ago, and they said, well, if it keeps like this in a few weeks, we'll have to pause orders.
I talked to them this morning, and they said, we might pause orders by next Monday.
Because it's just crazy what's going on.
It's absolutely insane what's unfolding and I don't have a tick fixing my collar.
This collar keeps singing into my jacket.
It's just time
I'm selling snow cones in frickin' hell, man.
I'm like a snow cone operator in Hades, and I've got ice cold, delicious snow cones here.
You need to get these.
We will be in the position where you won't even be able to order the food soon.
The food lines are already starting.
The food banks ran out of food weeks ago.
The warehouses are almost empty.
The farms are breaking down.
Most farms are factory now.
If two people out of a hundred get sick with COVID-19, just show they have a fever.
They just, everyone panics and flops around and pees on themselves and shuts the company down.
And that chain reaction is just devastating.
We've been put into an economic cardiac arrest.
It is absolutely totally insane.
It is absolutely out of control.
And I just want to encourage people, while you still can to get Storable Foods, head to
I mean, I hope it doesn't happen.
I've never been in defense mode.
I've just, for my children, I'm now moving into defense mode.
You may be an atheist and you may not believe in Holy Scripture, but that does not change the fact that the mark of the beast is upon us.
For those unfamiliar with the Mark of the Beast, it comes from Revelation 13 in the Bible.
It also forced all people, great and small, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hands or on their foreheads, so that they could not buy or sell unless they had the mark.
Which is the name of the beast or the number of its name.
This calls for wisdom.
Let the person who has insight calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man.
That number is 666.
Whether it is biblical prophecy or not, the evidence suggests it is a very real agenda.
Every universal barcode has three guide bars, each one representing a six.
When the inventor George Joseph Lohrer of IBM was asked of this, he replied, Yes, they do resemble the code for a six.
There is nothing sinister about this, nor does it have anything to do with the Bible's Mark of the Beast.
It is simply a coincidence, like the fact that my first, middle and last name all have six letters.
Perhaps it was a coincidence.
Or even a joke.
But look at what we have today.
In 2004, the FDA approved a chip that is implanted into a person's hand.
In 2019, Elon Musk and Neuralink have announced that they are planning on implanting computer chips into people's heads so that we can merge with artificial intelligence.
MIT, under funding of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, has developed a quantum dot ink implant that can be monitored by a smartphone.
And in 2020, world patent number 060606 was published by Microsoft Technology, titled Cryptocurrency System Using Body Activity Data.
It outlines a technology wherein human body activity associated with a task provided to a user may be used in a mining process of a cryptocurrency system.
The human is given an activity to accomplish, which is sent from a body sensor to the cloud and to the cryptocurrency system, rewarding the human with money.
And while this is happening, the world is being told to stay at home until a vaccine can be developed, while the 5G needed to run artificial intelligence is rapidly rolling out worldwide.
Let the person who has insight calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man.
Humanity is being asked to abandon a world based on God's law and accept a world based on man's law.
In other words, the law of the state.
Whether you believe in biblical prophecy or not, the mark of the beast is becoming very real.
And at the speed of which things are now going, it seems we will soon discover how many people will accept the mark and how many will resist.
For InfoWars.com, this is Greg Reese.
Tomorrow's news today.
And I'm here to tell you I don't need you to thank me and tell me I've done a good job.
I've done nothing but my duty!
I discovered a bunch of bloodthirsty scum coming after innocent people and I've been fighting them for 13 years and I'll never stop while I'm drunk!
For 26 years, Alex Jones and Infowars have been sounding the alarm for patriots worldwide, waking people up to the New World Order, Bohemian Grove, the American Deep State, the rise of Communist China, the plan for global depopulation, and global elite pedophiles who prey off of our young.
The enemy has done their best to destroy us, but because of your support, our fight continues.
Join us.
Support the Info War, and together, we will slay the dragon.
Keep fighting, Alex.
You're the gladiator.
The time for waiting for the New World Order is gone now.
A lot of preparations we exposed to the main officers and controllers of it were.
And so we've not been caught completely flat-footed.
But compliance to this dehumanization system is destruction.
Resistance is victory.
Compliance to tyranny is death.
So, my answer is
Victory or death.
I saw a headline!
Yesterday for the David Knight Show on InfoWars.com and NewsWars.com and BandOffVideo put out the headline, the live feed for people to share and send out.
Hopefully you are.
If you want to win, you want to be slaves.
Hell, don't.
If you're not awake now, not involved, not engaged now, when will you be?
I know a lot of you are, but other folks on the fence, this is entertainment.
It's not a... So many millions tune in.
They estimate in some of these big PR firms, half the audience tunes in for entertainment value.
Okay, well.
You're pretty sadistic then if you think this is entertainment because it's not.
I try to illustrate how evil the globalists are by laying out their own statements and their own words in a theatrical way because the theatrics don't do justice to the real thing.
It's way worse than I can tell you.
Let me try to back this up.
The bear trap closed in the last two months.
It's on our leg.
And if we don't either get our leg out or cut our leg off, we're going to die.
And so this is not a good position to be in.
But if I can't get my leg out of this thing very, very quickly, I'm going to pull a knife out and cut my leg off.
I'm going to tourniquet it up and I'm going to drag myself off.
And I'm not looking forward to hacking through my own ankle.
But I can see over the hill a couple dozen wolves 300 yards away coming at me.
And if I don't cut this ankle off and scrabble in the woods and at least climb into a hole where I can find a sharp stick and jab at the wolves, I have no hope.
And you've got a shot.
Hey, leg!
I didn't want us to step in the bear trap.
I really tried to keep us from it.
I know you did as well.
But the time for that's over now.
We're in the trap.
And every minute, every second, every millisecond that we sit here lying to ourselves about this, things only get worse.
So let's talk about the reality of where we are.
We have a consortium, a syndicate, an alliance, an axis, a combine, a confederacy.
Of big corporations that have never gotten in trouble for what they've done, through the lawyers and the corporate systems of deniability.
These councils and authoritarian governments and absolutely mind-blown degenerate media barons who have been raved on hating America and Jesus and freedom and manhood because they're scum and they're threatened by that.
I mean, if you're Bill Gates, or you're Warren Buffett, or you're Sumner Redstone, your fear at 2 a.m.
is that men wake up.
White men, brown men, black men, they don't care.
They don't want men to wake up.
So you teach men to fight with each other and hate each other, or what color they are, while you're selling a system that's destroying their very genetic code, regardless of what color they are.
And the big foundations he represents have been at the heart of this entire dehumanization operation.
And so it's with very heavy heart that I realize that I just have to trust in God and turn it over to God at this point because the last two months with the lockdown and them rolling out the plan exactly as we predicted they would confirms to me that they're going to execute the next phases of their plan.
So they're coming with forced inoculations next year.
They're coming.
That's a little bit of in-game initiated that's up on Bandot video.
And do not share this video.
Just submit to it.
Take the forced inoculations.
No, I'm being sarcastic.
So, let me be a good boy.
We'll go to break in like four minutes and then we'll come back and I'll
Try to lay this out, but God Almighty.
Maybe we're not supposed to change this.
I mean, maybe all the leftists, everybody that want the economy shut down and fetishize wearing masks and fetishize lockdowns.
Maybe they need to see the full-born, decade-long depression, hundreds of millions starving to death, to not trust the globalists.
But the globalists are openly saying that this is already going to kill 20, 30, 40, 50 times what COVID-19 does in the next year from starvation
But there's that underlying sickness of, well, there's too many people anyways.
Because this isn't being done to save the Earth.
It's not being done to save the third world.
It's being done to kill people!
And that's the real math!
And that's the reality!
And all these people out there that are on the Chai Com payroll... You know, I should be jumping for joy this morning.
I should be running around on air doing backflips, standing on my head, because incredibly good things are happening right now.
But I've just looked into the abyss too long, and I don't even know what to say at this point.
I can't believe that we've let things even get to this point.
And then I ask myself,
If I really hate the leftists and what they do, I should be supporting them because they're going to be the ones that are the first to go under this.
But then I sit back and I realize so many children will be hurt in the process.
It's the right thing to do to just tell the truth and try to save everybody, even if they don't deserve it.
This audience of amazing activists, they do deserve the truth.
And so I will do it.
I mean, I haven't even hit the big news yet.
Imagine the start of the show today.
Finally, the Pentagon comes out and realizes that big tech was a mouthpiece for Communist China and created the COVID-19 hysteria from the beginning to shut down the U.S.
That's all confirmed.
Hell, Google, Facebook, Twitter, they all would shovel official Communist Party English speakers at you.
They sponsor everybody.
While Americans that are loyal citizens are banned.
And people say, oh, you poor baby, I'm not a victim.
I was banned because I was an alpha male that didn't want to be a slave.
And all these people that think one-dimensional go, oh, you're being banned, too bad for you.
I'm being banned?
What the, you are the target.
I'm the schmuck that thought you'd want freedom.
That thought you'd want to stand up against this, but you know I'm not a schmuck.
Because I'm doing this before God.
And that's the only audience that matters.
It doesn't matter if no one listens to me.
It doesn't matter because God's watching and that's who counts.
But you know what?
A lot of people are watching and taking action.
And I salute you.
It is Thursday, April 23rd, 2020.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
Thanks for joining us.
Okay, so here's the facts, the reality.
You have 185,000 deaths worldwide of this coronavirus, and the United Nations is reporting that about 10 million people starve to death a year, and now they're saying it's going to be 30 million.
So that's 20 million extra dead people, and that's how mathematics works.
So none of the folks pushing that it's the end of the world, keep the lockdown going, all of this, want to address that.
They just want to debate you about, we could save somebody if we stay locked in our houses.
Even though they admit more people are dying of cancer from not getting treatment, suicide rates, all of it, drug abuse skyrocketing, bankruptcy, all of that, on top of the starvation, is dozens of times bigger than COVID-19.
But see, those that buy into it get praised by the media when they write the articles about how America can never reopen.
So, Mitch McConnell came out and said, look, I know the Democrats and the Globalists want to bankrupt the economy, and we're already leveraged to the hilt, and it's the blue cities and blue states that are the problem.
So if you make us continue to do this, we just won't be able to bail out the states.
Because they're the ones trying to bring the whole country down.
That is a normal, good response.
Just like the Attorney General saying, this house arrest is martial law.
This is illegal.
This is dangerous.
Trump saying, go out and protest against the shutdown.
He needs us to not be cowards.
He needs us to learn how to do basic math and go, okay, 30,000 dead in the United States.
Imagine if Americans acted like this before.
We lost millions of people in our wars.
Millions in the Civil War.
So black people had rights.
Imagine people back then if they'd have been told, oh there's a plague, you can't go outside.
And this plague is incredibly weak.
So can we put up the number of deaths for the United States, please?
deaths, please.
And again, these are deaths counting everybody that died from car wrecks, gunshot wounds, heart attacks, cancer.
They're now claiming it's 46,972.
And what a genius operation.
They count everyone that dies that test positive for the cold, whoever had a cold, and whoever had the flu.
It's a test put out by the woman that runs the Wuhan Bioweapons Lab, Danielle Anderson.
She also runs the Facebook fact-checking show.
Let me hit this big piece of news before our next special guest joins us.
Through public relations firms and through major billionaires, almost every major news site that was pro-Trump has taken money.
I would imagine you'd want to know those names, wouldn't you?
So I want you to think about that and understand that.
Here it is.
Chinese agents help spread messages that showed virus panic in U.S., officials say.
I'm not against U.S.
intelligence agencies if they follow the American way and if they promote freedom.
We, the people, control the government.
And if our will in the legislators and the president we elect is executed dutifully, if there's mistakes made, I understand.
But if you've got the spirit, you're on the right direction, then, you know, a few broken eggs, I'm not going to piss myself.
But I've been an enemy of U.S.
intelligence agencies and law enforcement for decades because they've been run by the globalists.
The minute they began to come under U.S.
control, well, I'm their biggest fan.
That's not a paradox.
That's not a contradiction.
That's called common sense.
Because nobody was more pissed than U.S.
intelligence operatives and law enforcement at carrying out evil.
People at the grassroots want to carry out good.
People want justice.
That's why the globalists don't like common sense and human decisions.
They want technotronic, technocracy-making decisions.
So this isn't a revolution of the elite through the people.
This is the people taking control.
That's why InfoWars is so damn sexy.
It's because we are the people.
And I get my orders from common sense.
And yeah, when I wake up and feel the Holy Spirit at 3 a.m.
and get on my knees, and then just... And I'm like, why can't it be like this during the day?
Why can't I stay here forever?
Why can't I have all this peace and understanding?
And it's like, because you're not there yet, you only get it for one second.
Now, carry out the operation.
So that I've got something to sound off of versus these devil worshippers.
But people that don't have God can't even imagine because they've never been able to bounce it off of that.
It's not that Infowars tells Trump and patriots and the government what to do.
It's that we're a key that fits the lock or we're a lock that takes the key.
I'm American.
You're American.
But we're all human as well.
We all have kinship.
And we didn't just come to this party.
We were born into it.
And that gives us standing.
And so, the globalists only carry out an operation if it gives them success in every level.
Well, at the first level it gives them more power and control, brings in a technocracy, bans cash, brings in drone control, surveillance, has medical tyranny to force me to inoculate you.
But what's... Those are all side dishes.
What's the big ribeye steak?
Immediately stalling the world economy, makes people dependent, not free market, not successful themselves, makes them accept communism, socialism, centralization, they go into deeper debt, and...
What else does it do?
What else does it do?
Think about that hard and long.
It makes them dependent.
It makes them easily controlled.
But what else does it do?
Because if you have the answer to that question, you have the answer to all the questions.
They're not just trying to make you dependent so they run your life.
They're making you dependent so that you're obsolete.
So that you're non-essential.
You're being seen as a cancer on the billionaire's planet.
And that you think you get a house and a life and a wife and a husband and a family and kids.
We're good.
It's like a brick wall.
I'm about to release... I'm not allowed to.
There's no government telling me not to.
I'm about to release massive stuff and I was about to do it and God's like, nope, not yet.
Seriously, that's one of my greatest frustrations.
I'm not allowed to tell you yet.
Hopefully, I'm praying to God to let me tell you.
But I'm not allowed to right now.
This isn't a game.
This is the real world, and from birth in this modern world, we've been trained to submit and not be our own men, our own women.
But now here we are.
The Communist Chinese, a garden state, a farming community of the globalists, a giant programming point to test tyranny.
And here's the New York Times telling you exactly what we told you three months ago.
Chinese agents helped spread messages that showed virus panic in the U.S.
People go, Alex, you believe the New York Times?
No, I don't believe the New York Times.
They've been forced to report this because Trump is fighting back and they've been caught.
I know for a fact that through ad agencies, the Communist Chinese have bought off most of the major news websites.
We got approached by one of the richest men in the world.
Last year.
To sell out.
And we didn't.
And it was a contract.
It was a private meeting.
I signed a non-disclosure.
Wasn't criminal.
I can sell my soul anytime I want.
It wasn't like Devil Went Down to Georgia and a Charlie Daniels song.
Where he jumps up on a hickory stump and says, boy, let me tell you what.
You might be a fiddle player, but I'm a fiddle player too.
And I bet a fiddle of gold against your soles.
I think I'm better than you.
But I've had those experiences and you know what?
It was easy not to sell out.
But here's the difference.
I can't get up here and not sell out to the devil and then not get you to support us.
Because that's what this comes down to.
Money for me was never something I worshipped.
And when they tried to shut me down 15 years ago, I came and set up a bigger operation and said, I'll show you.
You try to shut me down.
I'll really go big time.
And that's why it's important for you to go to m4store.com and get great vitamins and supplements and books and films and t-shirts we've got.
T-shirts that I designed with the crew two weeks ago, they're now in, made in Texas, that show 5G, 5G kills.
It's got the image of the gorilla, the monkey, the gorilla, the caveman, the man, and a skeleton being fried by 5G.
Those shirts are now in.
We've got storable food that nobody else that we know has it.
We're ready to ship that.
We've got a lot of other great products, and that's what it takes to keep us on air and to keep this big crew
People and all these other shows on air and I'm not a victim.
I'm not bitching or complaining.
I'm just simply saying I didn't sell out to The richest people on the planet which was not on by the way, it was not hard to not sell out by the way It was like you ride down this razor blade into alcohol and destroy yourself and we'll give you 10 million dollars personally, you know, no you're like
Is that a joke?
But you see so many people that are willing to do that, and they did take the money.
And some of the folks were good people before, but they were alone.
No one supported them, so they sold out.
I'm not even judging people that did that.
And the minute they sell out, they go from having all this worth, that magicness of authenticity, to worthlessness.
They go from being real gold to being pyrite.
Fool's gold, just like that.
But I'm just saying, thank you, listeners.
Don't thank me for keeping InfoWars in the fight.
Now with Mitch McConnell saying we're going into a global depression if we don't turn this around, he's saying to the states that are globalist run, hey, you want a depression, you're not going to get a bailout because it doesn't exist anyways.
So we've reached just an incredible moment, ladies and gentlemen, and Trump coming out and exposing all of this and the attorney generals coming out and saying house arrest is martial law and is wrong.
But see, it's not that the establishment's perfect.
The establishment, with separation of powers, had a little bit of fight.
America sold out to China.
The CFR said it was the Chinese century.
We were all done.
And then when it came down to finally turning the lights out in America, America said no and elected Trump, who actually wants to be president.
He's got his own problems, but he wants to be the guy in charge.
And he actually isn't out to get us.
And so they're so pissed.
They're so upset.
They don't know what to do.
And so they threw their own fit and said, we'll turn the whole economy off and make you submit to us.
And all that did was make people support what's happening even more.
And I go back, we'll go to break, come back with our special guest for the next hour and a half, and I'm really blessed to have him, very, very blessed to have him.
He's been around for a decade, one of the biggest up-and-coming superstars exposing tyranny and not backing down under pressure.
And that's the man from London Real and all the great work he's doing, digital freedom platform of the people, by the people, for the people, Brian Rose coming up.
Again, I'll just say this because when I ask for your support, we get it.
So many times I don't.
You need to get the products at InfoWarsTour.com because vitamin D3 is going to help you and your family and boost your life and make you better.
Getting the great multivitamins we have is just a total win.
You're funding freedom.
You're getting a great product that's certified and high quality.
And getting storable food that lasts 25 years, you've got it in the closet, you've got it in the attic, you've got it as a backup, and it's the mindset, it is metaphysical, of being prepared and being ready, changes everything.
So we have that as well, and I just want to encourage you all to go to InfoWareStore.com and do that.
But here we are with Mitch McConnell, who I want to go to break with and come back with our special guest.
Saying we don't want this, but if the states are going to keep stuff locked down, it will be a Great Depression, so we're not going to bail you out.
They go, oh, you're holding us hostage, but it's the blue cities and blue states that are globalist-run that are holding us hostage.
So the moves Trump's making are exactly what I would do, and this is crazy.
Here it is.
I have great respect for Lamar Alexander.
A lot of the state governments are going to be smashed up by this.
But there is no Chapter 8 in the Bankruptcy Code.
Who are you going to, you know, for states, no states can go bankrupt.
Local governments can go bankrupt and reorganize.
Who are you going to task to lead the effort on deciding what to do or not to do for the states?
Yeah, well I think it's going to be a broad discussion throughout the conference.
We all represent states, we all have governors regardless of party who would love to have free money.
And that's why I said yesterday we're going to push the pause button here because I think this whole business of additional assistance for state and local governments needs to be thoroughly evaluated.
You raised yourself the important issue of what states have done, many of them have done to themselves with their pension programs.
There's not going to be any desire on the Republican side to bail out state pensions by borrowing money from future generations.
So this is a much bigger conversation than we've had providing assistance for small business because the government shut them out, put them down, put them out of business, or assistance to hospitals which are overwhelmed by the COVID-19 disease.
This is a very different decision.
These are all taxing authorities.
Just like we are.
And I think that's why we need to have a fulsome, conference-wide discussion among Senate Republicans before we go down this path.
I agree.
I think people do not understand how badly mismanaged some states have been and their unfunded liabilities.
And if they were in the private sector, they would have to reorganize.
The fourth clip is at NewsWorks.com.
We'll come back with our guest Brian Rose of London Real.
But that's really what this is.
Is holding America hostage, bringing us into collapse, and then getting giant bailouts to blue states and blue cities who then say robots and drones are going to police us and we've got to take forced inoculations.
Remember what Trump said last week?
Tell the Democrats.
The Democrat governor's that Mutiny on the Bounding was one of my favorite movies.
A good old-fashioned mutiny every now and then is an exciting and invigorating thing to watch, especially when the mutineers mean so much to Captain Too Easy.
So now you see it.
They're coming out saying the Chi-Coms ran it with Bill and Linda Gates.
Bill Gates is getting demonized everywhere.
The whole thing is starting to turn against them.
So, it looked like they had it all beat, like when Hitler invaded Russia, but all of a sudden, things get turned back very quickly.
We've now reached that magic point.
The founder of London Real, Brian Rose, straight ahead, stay with us.
All right, Brian Rose is here.
I've been a fan of his work three, four years.
I've watched a lot of it when I'm on the treadmill or, you know, out hiking or whatever.
I tend to listen to it.
He's at LondonReal.tv, but he just is a very real guy, like London Real.
So I've always liked him, just had an immediate affinity with him.
And early on, he's done a lot of David Icke interviews.
I really enjoyed those.
But I liked all the interviews he did because, unlike me, he shuts up and lets folks talk.
And then when he does pipe in, he really has
Insightful comments.
But what he really has is something that is the fifth element.
And it's courage.
And it's being a leader and realizing that you can go along and get along and be empowered monetarily early on in a corrupt system.
But in the end, you destroy yourself and everybody else.
What really matters is integrity.
So I'm going to try to shut up for the next hour or so while he's with us.
Brian Rose of LondonReal.com.
I've got a lot of questions for him about COVID-19 and the New World Order and his show and his big David Icahn interview that they had in literally thousands of publications saying, this is the most evil thing on earth, but we've banned it.
You can't see what they actually said.
And it was just because David Icke was like electrical.
I mean, I've always been a David Icke fan, but I was like, like cult follower at that point.
So Brian Rose, great to have you here.
You've got another big David Icke interview.
You've been warned not to have him back on, but you've doubled down the essence of male leadership.
I'll just say it.
I'm not gay, but it's sexy, okay?
Men not backing down, women not backing down.
There's nothing more sexy than knowing you're right and having the will.
So, thanks for joining us.
Tell us about where you're at right now and what you've been through the last few weeks on this roller coaster.
You were a successful banker and had a show for 10 years and reached millions every week, but now you've taken a rocket ship up to the next level.
Well, it's great to be back, Alex, and I love that song, The Devil Went Down to Georgia, and I feel like that's been playing in the back of my head the last couple weeks with a few of the trillion dollar Silicon Valley behemoths because they've been trying to tempt me with the cash flow that usually gets most people to shut up.
But they picked the wrong guy to fight with because I'm deciding not to play their game.
And like you said, for the last nine years, we've been a platform for free speech, you know, having these long form, nuanced conversations.
And I emphasize nuance.
Because you have to really listen to someone to understand that point of view.
This isn't just a clickbait headline.
And two weeks ago, in what was the second largest YouTube stream in the world, a show that was going to go on to be watched probably 30 or 40 million times, potentially the most watched video podcast in human history,
I was subsequently banned from YouTube 30 minutes later.
I wasn't consulted.
It wasn't discussed with me.
I found out the details in a BBC article the next day.
And from there, as you know, Alex, the next two weeks I've been banned on LinkedIn, on Vimeo, on Dropbooks, on Facebook, on Twitter.
But we have decided to fight back.
They picked the wrong person to fight with.
And I don't know about you, Alex, but as a kid, when someone told me what to do, I never appreciated it.
But we have decided to stream what we're calling Rose Ike 3, the end of the trilogy, on May 3rd, 2020.
And we're gonna have a million people watching that livestream simultaneously.
It'll make us the largest livestream of a conversation in human history.
But to do that, I can't wait and kowtow to these Silicon Valley companies that we've had to create our own platform, Alex.
And we've had to create our own war chest.
And that's what's been super exciting about the last 48 hours.
And that's what's so beautiful is we made YouTube powerful.
We made Google powerful.
We made Facebook powerful.
And you're the talent.
You're the host.
You've got the guests.
You built the studio.
You've got the crew.
You did it all.
Since when do these people sit in judgment over you like they're God?
And so you've done it, just like InfoWars did.
You've built your own platform, and you're building it, and they are coming.
Very much so.
And, you know, I think they've been shocked by the way I've behaved.
I think they expected us to, you know, behave like a little good little boy, to go away and be silent and never mention Ike, COVID-19, 5G, you name it.
But we have continued to put everything we possibly can on that platform.
I continue to publish and post this Rose Ike 3 coming up on May 3rd.
And we are really pushing the envelope here and building our own digital platform with the capital.
Five billion views, unlike these stupid Gangnam Style videos.
I mean, seriously, I want to see people like... I think we're in competition.
We don't, but other people do.
We're not in competition.
We're in competition against the forces of globalism that want to suppress free speech.
Every victory for people that stand for free speech is our shared victory.
Your victories are my victory.
My victories are your victories, Brian.
I want all of us to be seen, to be known.
And the better you do, the better I do, the better David Icke does.
I mean, we just want free speech.
We want adults to make their own decisions, Alex.
And, you know, we're losing the sovereignty of our own bodies.
What to put inside them, what to put inside our ears and our eyes.
And, you know, Ofcom came out with a statement the other day.
And by the way, the television station that aired my first interview with David Icke had to publish a retraction.
And Ofcom said, this is dangerous material to broadcast, implying that we need to be coddled.
As adults, and we can't make our own decisions.
This boggles my mind, and we're fighting back against this.
Oh, the head of YouTube came out with Brian Stelter on Unreliable Sources and said, we're banning anyone that doesn't follow WHO orders.
So suddenly we wake up and the UN, unelected bureaucrats funded by China, are now in control of what we can say.
And she said, you will not promote zinc.
Zinc is not essential.
I mean, this is another example of the Silicon Valley companies having a completely different line than the government of the countries they're located in.
And now, you know, the U.S.
is pulling funding from the WHO, a lot of people questioning their leadership, and now YouTube decides it.
I was about to say, isn't it exciting to finally see pushback, Brian?
Oh yeah.
And you know, Ike has been talking about this for a long time, questioning that authority.
But you know, Alex, with a name like the World Health Organization, you know, 99% of the public just assumes it automatically has authority.
But when you start looking at their decisions, it's shocking.
And I've been very impressed to see Trump's pushback on that.
And of course, he's gotten a lot of flack from it as well.
Well, that's right.
But again, 99% of folks roll over where you haven't rolled over.
And again, as you said, we won't get into details, but they come.
I didn't talk to you about this, but I know how it works.
We got a big deal for you.
We got a big sponsor.
Just do what we say.
And then you didn't do what they said, Brian.
Yeah, you know, I've had a lot of people reach out for sponsorship.
We've never had sponsors, and I don't want them at this point, because I don't even want to hesitate for a second to think about what I'm going to publish.
You know, and so that way we've continued to do whatever the heck we want around here.
Well, you just said it though, because hesitation holds back the purity.
People think like, no, we want unfiltered.
What is it about unfiltered that's so magic?
Yeah, and that's exactly it.
And all these people that are still on these platforms, they know in the back of their mind, maybe there's something they can't say.
And so maybe they just better toe the line a little bit, not mention that COVID-19 thing, because they'll lose their cash flow, maybe lose their entire business.
But I am not scared.
I'm willing to put it all on the line.
And let me be clear, if we get banned from YouTube, this company's revenues drop down to zero.
I don't care.
Whatever's on the other side, I think we can deal with it.
Honestly, Alex, you've been a trailblazer in that way, and I'm trusting the process, and I'm trusting what we're calling the London Real Army, which is millions of people that have mobilized around the world.
Alex, I saw posters in Austin, Texas at the courthouse with London Real Army on them.
Blew me away.
Oh that's it because you're the man in the arena and you didn't back down it becomes a standard for others and we don't want to be banned we won't want to be persecuted but if you make us do that we will build our own system and it's that spirit that the people resonated with that it would take all the power from big tech overnight because the people it is called YouTube right still?
Yeah, you're exactly right, Alex.
And I see people in the streets constantly shouting at me.
I've got guys in garbage trucks, guys in delivery trucks that are yelling out, Brian Lowe's going to keep doing what you're doing.
Fight the power.
There's a lot of people out there that want to do this pushback.
And maybe now is the time where we can finally show them that we have a voice.
You know, we ended up getting back on LinkedIn after thousands of my followers deleted their accounts.
I don't know what got their attention, but they're starting to notice.
And I think with this new platform that I'll talk about shortly, and this Rose Eyck 3, I think we're making a statement.
We'll get into that right now.
We're about to start the next hour, but you have this big David Icke interview coming up in just like a week or so.
Yeah, so to stream concurrently with a million people, not on a major platform of one of the trillion-dollar Silicon Valley corporations, requires a lot of money.
My technical guys ran the analysis and it's $100,000 for that one two-hour stream.
That's right.
Alex, I've never asked for a dollar in the history of London Real.
Nine years, never asked for a donation.
We started a crowdfunding platform yesterday, and in just over 24 hours, we've raised a quarter of a million dollars for the Digital Freedom Platform, which is
That's real voting money.
Let me explain.
For folks that don't know, he puts it out on HD.
He's got a good streamer for what he said, $100,000.
You want to get 10, 15, 20 million views like we get every few days now?
Folks, it is huge amounts of money.
That's where all your purchases are going.
I can tell you what he's saying, and they made him do this, but that's what's beautiful.
They're making us innovate.
They say that necessity is the mother of invention.
That's why you need to go to London Real right now and donate.
It's so beautiful.
That's why.
They put me in prison soon because, you know, I can't talk about it yet, but they've told me if I don't back down and I don't support Trump, they're gonna put me in prison and that's okay.
I'm ready for it.
I think Brian Rose will be there while I'm in prison supporting me and my family.
We'll be right back with the next hour.
Stay with us.
Well, Brian Rose of LondonReal.tv is the example that if other men and women acted like him,
We wouldn't be in this situation, but that's okay.
That's what leaders are about.
And it's not about kissing his ass, but he's been around nine, 10 years.
He's been successful and he's been censored.
He hasn't backed down.
And so his example of saying, we're going to have the biggest live stream ever.
We're going to have the biggest event ever.
We're going to quadruple down.
That is the spirit of victory, and that's what they fear so much, is someone that knows that when other doors close, this happened to me when I wouldn't censor myself, I had the number one show in Austin, it was already syndicated, and it was like Jay Leno was talking about me, and I was like 27 years old, I've been on there like four years.
And I didn't sell out and they fired me and like, I knew it was okay as I drove home and like, all these doors just flew open.
We have to know that's how the universe works.
So this is a short segment, long segment coming up.
Brian Rose of London Real, an American there in London with his hit TV radio show, these big David Icke interviews and others.
You don't want to talk about yourself, but let's talk about the energy and the decision.
Next segment when some stations join us, we'll get into the big event you're having because I want it to be the biggest ever.
This is our event.
It's all our events.
What was the thought process as they start to shut you down and censor you and try to punish you where you decided to just take the leap?
Yeah, well, you know, Alex, it was just a knee-jerk reaction.
I think it was in my DNA growing up in San Diego, California, this concept of freedom of speech.
It's just something I thought was normal.
So my first reaction when we were banned on YouTube was to upload another version and upload a vlog complaining about it with a link to the banned episode.
So, for me, this is a natural reaction.
I never had to question it.
There's been a few times where I looked at potentially the demise of my business, but I'm trusting the process and the energy of the people in the London Real Army.
That is the purest answer ever.
It's who you are.
You're not bowing.
You're not dying.
It's not even a decision.
It's who you are.
It's a spirit.
Yeah, it is.
I just, my first reaction was, no, you cannot do this.
This is not fair.
This is not right.
And as I further analyzed... And if everybody had that attitude, we'd already be 20 galaxies out.
If good people just didn't back down to the intimidation and just said, I don't care what happens.
You want to fight?
You got one.
And this is what we talked about at the end of the last conversation with Ike.
What are you going to tell your grandchildren you did in the great reduction of human rights of 2020?
Did you sit at home and do as you were told or did you fight back?
It's time for us all to step up and do the right thing.
And it's just the fear that gets in the way.
It's been magnified by these governments.
It's frightening here.
Most people in this country are terrified to leave their house, even though it makes no scientific sense.
We'll talk about it when we come back.
People are so depressed that submit, but when you rebel against the basic programming of the universe,
When you rebel against them trying to suppress the basic programming, it's empowering!
It feels good!
The ultimate drug, is it not?
Brian, have you ever felt better than you do now?
We haven't even talked before the show, but I'm guessing you feel the best you've ever felt.
I mean, it sounds strange in this time of coronavirus, but it's true, Alex.
I've never felt more empowered.
You know, I think I'm a wartime conciliary.
I'm a wartime general.
That's where I do my best work when there's a fight.
That's good with a startup.
That's good when you're battling things out.
But right now, I feel
Honestly, I feel like I am just channeling a better and other force.
That's what it is.
It's not even me.
This is not about Brian Rose.
It's not about London Real.
Even this digital freedom platform is not ours.
It's some separate entity that's owned by the people and it's going to continue on even if I have my demise.
And Ryan, it's that authenticity.
And the courage they feel.
That's what they fear, my friend.
Is that you're not trying to put an act on.
You just said the whole key to it all.
It's my DNA.
I just did it.
You didn't have to muster this.
In fact, let me guess.
You want to go further.
You are holding back what you want to do.
I mean, they call it poking the bear around here, and they said, Brian, would you please stop poking the bear?
Every day, I want to poke the bear.
I like to push the envelope, and I don't like being told what to do.
Well, exactly, Brian, because they poked us.
We'll be right back.
You walk into this room at your own risk, because it leads to the future.
Not a future that will be, but one that might be.
This is not a new world.
It is simply an extension of what began in the old one.
It has patterned itself after every dictator who has ever planted the ripping imprint of a boot on the pages of history since the beginning of time.
It has refinements, technological advances, and a more sophisticated approach to the destruction of human freedom.
But like every one of the super states that preceded it, it has one iron rule.
Logic is an enemy and truth is a menace.
This is Mr. Romney Wordsworth.
In his last 48 hours on Earth, he's a citizen of the state but will soon have to be eliminated.
Because he's built out of flesh.
And because he has a mind.
You've been under investigation, Mr. Wordsworth, for the mandatory period of one year and eleven months.
You are found to be obsolete.
The purpose of this hearing is to make a finding in the matter and make a sentence accordingly.
Do you understand that, Mr. Wordsworth?
Your occupation, Mr. Wordsworth?
A librarian, sir.
A library!
Having to do... with books!
Yes, sir.
Since there are no more books, Mr. Wordsworth, there are no more libraries.
The field investigators in your sector have classified you as obsolete.
Your rights are as follows, Mr. Wordsworth.
You are to be liquidated within a period of 48 hours.
You are obsolete, Mr. Wordsworth.
No man is obsolete!
You have no function, Mr. Wordsworth.
You're an anachronism, like a ghost from another time!
I am nothing more than a reminder to you that you cannot destroy truth by burning pages!
You're a bug, Mr. Wordsworth!
A crawling insect!
An ugly, misformed little creature who has no purpose here, no meaning!
I am a human being!
Delusions, Mr. Wordsworth!
Delusions that you inject into your veins with printer's ink!
The narcotics that you call literature!
Essays of all kind!
All but an opiate!
You have nothing but spindly limbs and a dream!
And the state has no use for your kind!
I don't care!
I tell you, I don't care!
I'm a human being!
I exist!
And if I speak one thought aloud,
That thought lives, even after I'm shoveled into my grave!
The Chancellor, the late Chancellor, was only partly correct.
He was obsolete.
But so was the state, the entity he worshipped.
Any state, any entity, any ideology that fails to recognize the worth, the dignity, the rights of man, that state is obsolete.
We are not non-essential.
We are not obsolete.
The Nestle Hour, joined by Brian Rose, LondonReal.tv.
I could ask you a thousand questions, Brian.
I'm well-known for interruptions.
I've got a lot of things to say, but take over.
What do you want to say right now to everybody?
Well, first of all, I love watching those Twilight Zone clips, man.
Nothing cuts through the soul like black-and-white Rod Serling telling you exactly how it is, and, you know, those words really reverberated with me.
You know, for me, what's been saving me this last week has been the mobilization of what we're calling the London Real Army around the world.
They've really come out of the woodwork and said, Brian, we completely believe in you.
We know we've been watching you for nine years.
We feel your authenticity.
And like you told me, Alex, when you were a guest on my show last week, that's what scares them, is the authenticity of a conversation between two people.
In a room that's unedited, unscripted.
That alone is the scariest thing in the world.
It's the human, I said I wouldn't interrupt, but it's the human interaction they want to shut down.
It's that magic.
You need to social distance your show, buddy.
Yeah, exactly.
There's energy in that show and people feel it with their gut.
I think you said that to me, Alex.
And that's the most dangerous thing because people know there's something there.
And now it's the most banned piece of media on the internet.
And what has been interesting is seeing them
Pull out their credit cards and actually vote with their dollars.
And my grandpa was a hard-working cattle rancher from Arizona.
And when I was a kid, he said, Brian, money talks and BS walks.
And to see them in these times on the brink of a global recession that we haven't seen in a hundred years.
To put out $250,000 with some 7,000 plus donors in just over 24 hours.
It's blown my mind.
By the way, I keep interrupting.
I said I wouldn't.
That sounds like a lot of money.
Just the servers cost that.
The cost, so when you're, people need to support you, support everybody, to have your own platform.
This isn't allowed.
You've got to build this.
Google has $700 billion.
Yeah, it's so true.
There was a comment on one of my feeds the other day that said, I can stream for free.
And I said, yeah, I used to be able to stream for free until I was banned.
And now I've got to do it myself.
And again, $100,000 for one stream.
And so we're building a war chest for freedom.
We're building a digital freedom platform that's its own entity.
And that way if they ban me, if I go bankrupt, if I disappear from this planet, this thing will continue.
People have to get used to investing in alternatives because we've been at YouTube forever investing in their evil.
Yeah, it's so true.
And Alex, you said something earlier, which I appreciate.
You are not a victim, and I am not a victim.
And I put out a video about this recently because, you know, in this culture these days, it was different than when you and I grew up.
We celebrate the victim, not the hero.
And I don't want to be celebrated because poor old Brian has been mistreated by the Goliath.
No, no, that's not how I do it.
I want to be celebrated.
You want to dominate Goliath and rip his heart out?
Yeah, and I want to, I say thank you to YouTube, because you've just provided me a solution and an army with financial banking that I didn't even know I had, Alex.
So thank you, YouTube.
You just put a quarter million dollars in this war chest for freedom, and you've just helped us fight this fight.
So I look at every problem as actually an enabling act, like it's happening.
It's like a victim mentality.
It's like you're powerless instead of understanding judo.
No, this attack, if you reach out to others, becomes power.
And I want everyone following us to feel the same way.
You know, it can't just be you and me at the front lines.
We need everybody to step up and be leaders in their own life.
In all ways.
And I'm telling the Londoner Army to get ready, physically, mentally, for a fight, financially,
Because we need everybody out there leading and they are showing it with their credit cards.
And this is blowing people away.
You know, I think it's got people scared at some of these big networks.
And now, I mean, now try to ban me.
I mean, you've got a lot of people there.
You've got a lot of resources.
This makes us strong.
And again, I'm just a vessel for this message.
That's all I'm trying to do.
Honestly, Alex, every morning I get up and say, how can I step out of the way?
Of this human force that does not want to be oppressed anymore.
Well, Brian, that's it.
I don't want to get into your points.
I don't want to interrupt.
You make great points.
I have to add things.
I've watched your show a lot because I like watching a, you know, yogi leader or some, you know, guy out of Russia or somebody out of Japan or Africa.
I love the different topics.
I don't want to just hear politics.
You're pretty progressive pro-human, not liberal progressive, but you know, your show's not even threatening them except it's real and they don't like the fact they don't own you and your show's getting more popular.
So they're just kind of coming by and saying, we own you, and you're saying, no, you don't.
But, but, but, I mean, that's what they're afraid of.
That's the strange part, Alex.
This isn't a political show.
This isn't anything about conspiracies or protesting.
I have human conversations of all different kinds.
And at the end of the day, we come to a final conclusion, which is this, we are all one aspect of humanity.
It's a theme I hear from you a lot, Alex.
And this is the message we're putting out there.
And everyone needs to come together and move this forward.
And if you really love yourself and humanity, then you've got to fight for these basic human rights.
You know, that's what we want to do.
This whole freedom of speech fight, the freedom of the press, I've never felt so vested in this.
And everyone is responding alongside of that.
So we're pushing forward.
It's nice to have people out there that are warning us of this Hunger Games Society and these other issues.
It's good to put that front and center so we can act now so it doesn't happen.
Well, that's the thing.
They didn't ban your David Icke interview because it was lies.
They banned it because it looked way better than some $200 million production, you know, of something they celebrate like Hoffa or whatever.
I mean, you watch it, you go, man, that was really fulfilling.
Ryan did a great job.
David looked great.
It's just the whole thing.
I watched it with my wife, like I told you, in the hot tub, the pool, cooking dinner.
We're first cooking dinner and the kids were watching and they're like,
Man, that was really good.
And I looked at my wife and I said, this will get banned.
The next day she runs in and she goes, it's banned, it's banned.
How'd you know?
And I said, well, anything that good's banned.
I mean, they just can't deal with the authenticity.
The human to human.
What he just said earlier is what they fear.
It's human to human.
I'll do a podcast called Human to Human.
You know, I'm not some bleeding heart.
That talks about tens of millions of extra people starving to death right now, the UN admits, in the lockdown.
But I'm a person that's definitely rooted in reality.
And I know the globalists want to get rid of the population.
And I know that when they get me to accept killing old people, and they get me to accept starving the third world to death, that that's really myself and my family that are targeted.
So I care about those people that are being killed, but I care about them out of self-interest.
Brian Rose is our guest at LondonReal.tv.
Been around a decade.
Millions of people reach every few days.
Does some David Icke interviews.
Done them before.
They go super viral.
They're set to go to number one.
And they kill it.
And almost everybody else I know, including some of the biggest names out there, that I won't mention, they get threatened and they roll over.
And so, I'm not gushing over Brian, it's just good to run into people, so many talk show hosts that are big out there, that are well-known names, who were told, don't go on Alex Jones' show, or don't talk about these issues, or we'll ban you, and they rolled over, and then it's always, more, more, more, more, and like, what's your soul worth?
Because, I mean, for me,
The feeling of having somebody call me up from YouTube or from some syndicated radio network and tell me every week, Oh, um, we don't like this thing you did.
We want you to do that.
And then pretty soon it's like, Hey, my cousin's got a product.
We want you to plug it.
And you're literally talking to somebody who doesn't even run the network.
They're just there telling you what you're going to
Yeah, it's almost like the Great Awakening, you know, combined with
The great recession that's pending, and I'm really concerned about this economy.
I really think it's about time we get, you know, hardworking people, you know, back to work.
And you talked about some of these collateral damage that's going to start to be seen around the world.
And I'm worried about that.
And I think people have gone from fearing the virus and fearing death, to fearing for their own livelihood, for their family and for the future.
And people are worried and people are asking me, Brian, what do I do?
And I've been trying to put on these master classes and teach them how to digitize their businesses and, you know, trying to give them that hope.
But I really think we'll look back on this time in 10 years and find out what did we learn and did we grow or did we cower?
And I see signs everywhere, Alex, that this is going to be one of our greatest moments.
But it takes that leadership.
And I keep trying to put it back on, you know, the people that watch me, the London Real Army.
I need you to lead.
Even in small ways in your life.
Anything you can do, you have to resist the temptation.
They need to quit thinking of like a Brian Rose or an Alex Jones or a David Icker or Donald Trump is up there doing it.
No, they're literally the electricity down the power line.
They're not just part of it, they're everything.
We're just a small focal point or a little manifestation of a river going by.
We're a little eddy pool that looks like a face for a moment, but then we disappear.
But it's that river of all of us together that's the power.
Very much so.
And you know, I've always been a guy that doesn't ask for help.
I do it myself.
And so this was a real learning experience for me to do this whole crowdfunding piece.
But I understand because I was giving them an opportunity to step up and even give five bucks, which I know they don't have or they could use.
By the way, I'm not bragging, but we were talking a few weeks ago and I said, Brian, you always fund this off your own money.
And like, it's bad.
I said, I said, I said, they tried to shut me down, too.
You need to ask them for support.
They want to support you.
Yeah, I mean, Alex, you've led the way in showing capital.
Well, I wasn't trying to get attention.
I'm just saying, I was in the same position as you 15 years ago.
We're like men.
We're like, I can do this myself.
I'll fund this.
No, we have to ask for help.
I know.
It's the hardest thing to ask for help.
It really is.
Talk about that, because you were a big banker, successful.
What was it like to ask for help?
Doesn't it feel good?
Because we're not weak when we ask for help.
We're all together here.
Yeah, I mean, one of the big components of my show, if you watch, is that vulnerability.
You know, I'll have championship boxers on that will cry 90 minutes into the show because they're reliving a moment in their life that actually made them so powerful in order to win that title because they owed a promise to their dying grandmother, because they were abused as a child.
So I'm all about that on my show.
Embracing it myself was really new, Alex.
But again, it's about me getting out of the way.
And empowering those people.
And now it's our fight.
And now it's, literally, it's a thousand times stronger.
And what is it like when you have done everything yourself and you're finally desperate?
It's not about you, it's about the mission.
You reach up for help and the arm that reached down is even more powerful than you thought.
And all of a sudden it's like electricity.
You're like, oh my God, I want other people to experience this.
I need help.
They need help.
We come together and it's incredible.
Again, it's a feeling I've never felt before.
It's real human connection.
I mean, to have people that actually have your back, you know, it's not about the money, but to just see that piling up.
Well, it's a symbol of their support.
Yeah, it quantifies the love and support out there.
And I've never felt that in nine years, Alex.
I've never felt it.
Well, we were talking, and if we can do this on record, I'll do it.
Two weeks ago, you were like, I'm going to go forward.
I don't know.
They're trying to bankrupt us.
I said, just ask for the support.
It's going to be bigger than you knew.
And I'm not saying I did this.
We were having a discussion.
But people behind the scenes, this was a real discussion.
And you made the right decision.
And you're going to get persecuted for this.
It's just going to get better and better.
That's what people to know is they shouldn't be scared of the persecution.
Yeah, it's rough up front, but it just gets better every time you go through that storm.
Yeah, you know, with with love, you're going to have hate.
And, you know, I think that hate is actually just a slight perturbing of the frequency of love.
I think it's someone that really wants to love you, but their ego is getting in the way and they have to say, oh, that guy's that rich banker.
He's just trying to get my money.
But I think really they're like, wow, I wish I could be like you and I appreciate you standing up for my freedoms.
It just gets a little twisted.
And look, when you and I were young men, Alex, I'm sure we had those same feelings about some figures.
So I just look at it all as energy.
And yeah, I have taken flak.
Oh, exactly.
I remember as a child looking up to movie stars and looking up to Arnold Schwarzenegger and like, but hating him at the same time.
When you grow up as a man, you realize how powerful and how weak we are at the same time.
That becomes a joke.
Is that what you're getting at?
Yeah, I mean, look, hate is just love that's been slightly perturbed.
So, it's all energy and it's all interaction.
So, when someone's out there hating me, I'm like, oh, I see where you're coming from.
I used to be there, too.
At least they're hating you.
At least they're focused on you.
Yeah, very much so.
And I represent something that they aspire to.
And that's great.
And again, I want everyone to come along on this journey.
But yeah, it's that's why I feel so alive right now, Alex, because this has been incredible.
I've never felt this support from people.
I literally it blew me away yesterday.
You know, I woke up in the morning and there was like 15000 rays.
We hit the hundred thousand by six o'clock and literally we were all jaw drop shocked around here.
And so, it's just been amazing.
Well, you know my joke statement, I'm not bragging, and I know you do this on your own, but I told you, I said, I'm embracing and I don't care, and I said, you need to ask for support.
I mean, you were already planning it, I know, but I mean, it's good.
People want to do this.
They want to fight back, brother, and they want leaders that aren't backing down.
They want leaders.
Well, yeah, and I asked you off camera, I mean, you've got the roadmap on this, and I just said, Alex, what can I expect to happen?
Because I don't see what's coming.
And it's the shot you don't see that knocks you out.
And you said, look, Brian, these are a few things that are going to happen and this is what you can do.
This has been one of the greatest moves we made.
It's just so empowering.
And it's still blown me away, but it's giving me even more energy if that was even possible.
What I'm saying is, like in Viva Vendetta, when they knock over the dominoes, everybody has to make the decision in life.
To make the right decision, then God will carry it the rest of the way.
We'll be right back with Brian Rose.
Welcome back I'm your host Alex Jones.
So is Trump a savior or is he a devil?
Is he a saint or is he in league with Satan?
Now I know Trump and you know it means nothing
Big wake-up call 20 years ago, more than 20 years ago.
Immediately, Hollywood collects people like baseball cards.
And, I mean, 25 years ago, I was at major directors' houses.
I was at major parties.
Brad Pitt was walking by, and I'm like, why am I here?
And it was because they were collecting intellectuals, what they saw as intellectuals, and they saw the potential.
And then I sit there,
And I watch this hysteria.
And by the way, I'm out here on air going, oh, Hollywood tried to get me involved with them.
Like, that's cool.
It's like saying I rolled around on a dead animal on the side of the road or something.
It's like, once I, you know, took a nap in a bathroom on the side of the highway, you know, it's not like I'm like bragging about something.
But they put that up there like it's this unattainable magic world.
None of that fulfilled me.
And that's why I didn't go along with it.
People are like, why are you in these big movies?
Well, I had no idea what was even going on until I did.
And once I figured out what was really going on, I was like, you couldn't pay me all the money on the planet to be part of this.
But see, not fighting it is the same as going along with it.
That's what the Bible says.
You were lukewarm, so I spit you out of your mouth.
If you fight it, you're against it.
But if you don't do anything, it's the same as going along with it.
I wanted to ask Brian Rose, let's get some political questions with him.
What does he really think about President Trump?
Because that's the big zeitgeist.
And what does he think about this lockdown?
He's an economist, he's been a successful banker.
And this headline, coronavirus pandemic will cause famine in biblical proportions, UN says.
London Guardian.
But that's not true.
It's the lockdown.
The lockdown.
That's what's causing it.
And sure, there's real deaths, but they're so small compared to what the mass death's causing.
And then I try to mention it, and the people attacking me have no idea that I know about the advertising firms that paid them money.
And that's another thing.
I intended to come on air today because it was the right thing to do.
And talk about some of the groups I know are getting communist Chinese money.
And I don't know why, Brian, I can't even say their names.
Maybe I will tomorrow, but that's an example of this whole metaphysical thing.
Sometimes I consciously decide to say something, but then there's this other force comes in.
It's always right.
That's why I've learned to follow it, because I can override that force.
I don't even know what it is.
I mean, it's God, but it's like,
People say, what does this mean?
I don't know, that's why I'm saying to listeners, what is it where I'm ready to say something, I can say it, I'm not scared to say it, but then I don't say it.
I guess that's God's mystery.
Again, I'm babbling here.
What do you think's really behind this virus?
What do you think's really behind Trump?
What do you think's behind crude oil at zero?
And 30 million starving to death, the UN says right now, but nobody cares.
And I mean, what is this time we're in, Ryan Ross?
Well, you mentioned trusting your gut, Alex, and I think that's really an essential component here.
But it's so hard to do when your brain is being scrambled by all these mixed messages.
And when I see Trump at these nightly news conferences, and I watch him every night, I find them quite soothing and calming somehow.
I see a man that's trying to trust his gut, and yet he's surrounded by people that are giving him conflicting logic.
And he knows deep down inside that getting America back to work is the ultimate solution here on so many levels.
And yet he's battling lots of strange forces, sometimes the same ones on that stage in the press room that all obviously have conflicting agendas.
And the many are being punished for, you know, what's happening to the few here.
And there must be another way out, Alex.
It's just madness.
When you take a bird's eye view of what's happening, it makes no sense.
But in a microscope, we've been convinced that it does.
And so I think it's something's building up here where you're going to see a major
I think so.
And I'm seeing it.
I'm feeling it.
People are asking me.
Strangely enough, people are joining my courses at record levels so they can learn how to take advantage of this information economy that we're in now, as opposed to this old industrial economy.
So people are looking for ways out, Alex.
They're clamoring for them.
And I'm asking them, you know, how are you going to be remembered in 2020 as someone who is fighting in the front lines?
You know, I'm sure you're going to get damaged, you might bleed, you might die.
Or do you want to be known as someone that lets someone else fight for their freedom?
That's the question you need to ask yourself.
We need to get back to work.
We need to find a way.
That's my message.
Wow, that's incredible.
I'm going to play that every hour of the next week here.
Ryan Rose, you're absolutely right.
And you can see at a spiritual, at a genetic level, Trump's for real.
He's not perfect, but he's really trying to be president.
He's really trying to empower people.
And he's just surrounded by a bunch of liars.
And he's gone through so many tribulations, but every tribulation we go through together with him, it just gets worse.
There's got to be some point where you cut the head off the snake.
You know, Alex, you've seen what I do here.
It's two hours of long form conversations where you get to see the real person because we don't edit anything.
And funny enough, Alex, that's what these new news conferences are.
You see Trump for 90 minutes, two hours being real.
And I can see inside a man who deeply cares about the American people.
I don't care what anyone says when he describes those doctors suiting up to that hospital, going to that hospital in Queens, which is next door to where he grew up.
He feels he calls them heroes.
He's almost breaking into tears.
So, for anybody that says this man isn't genuinely aligned with their interests, I don't believe it.
And that's been the most eye-opening thing for me ever, to see that real, authentic person.
And there's nobody else I'd rather have.
Oh, that conversation with Trump I've never put on air.
Because I don't have words to describe how authentic it is.
Like, you think Trump on TV is authentic.
When I've had these long conversations with Trump, and he's like, listen, I always believed in God, but I've been prayed for at these churches, these black churches.
Have you felt it, Alex?
I've never been at a rock concert that has that much spirit.
You know, we're going to free American Christians.
And I'm like, sir, that's not my big lobbying point.
He's like, I know.
I just, what do you think about the spirit of those rallies?
I want to talk about the spirit.
I go, well, sir, I feel that I'm a Christian.
I know.
Again, I was never not a Christian, but I feel it so strong now.
When you see him on TV going, I'm a changed man, I felt God.
He literally has not getting holy roller here, but he's got the Holy Spirit.
Trump never had this till I think he was like running for president.
He wasn't a devil worshiper, but he was kind of in between.
I think like Saul on the road to Damascus, Trump got hit by the bolt of lightning.
I think so, and I think these difficult times has made it happen even more.
It's elevated his consciousness, his energy, and he is a spiritual guy, you know?
I'm expecting him to get emotional at one of these things, and I think that's a powerful thing.
Again, back to what you said, you know, vulnerability can show you that someone's real.
It's where the fight comes from in people, and this man deeply cares, and he's working so hard on this.
Well see that's the thing, when Trump listens to my show, and I know he's going to watch this probably later, and I'm not bragging about this, this is real folks, he feels the spirit of authenticity.
And that's what I'm saying is the more you have it, the more I have it, the more he has it, the more we all have it, that's what is the spirit.
It's being real.
Like sin is lying about who you are instead of just coming together and not being insecure.
Yeah, that's what we need to do.
And that's the ultimate lesson today, I think, is be authentic, be yourself, speak your mind.
That's one of the things that David Icke always says at the end of my episodes.
He says, Brian, speak your mind.
Say how you feel.
Don't worry about what Twitter says you should say or the politically correct thing to say.
Go with your gut.
Be authentic and just say it.
And move forward like that.
And I think that's just incredible advice.
We all self-censor way too much these days.
I think that is one of the paths forward.
That, taking action, and moving into the fear.
Alright, let's get Brian Rose's predictions straight ahead here, folks.
You gotta go to LondonReal.tv.
Support him.
I know what it's like when they censor you, like happened two years ago.
We had to spend everything we had just to launch the servers.
Please go support him.
It's hard to tell the truth.
Help him get up on his feet to really fight the enemy.
You know, there's a lot of people tune into this syndicated radio TV show, over a million conservatively tune in every hour and they'll say, man, Jones is sure praising this Brian Rose guy a lot.
What's the point of that?
Well, you know, when we celebrate courage, we celebrate what's good in all of us.
And it's the celebration of truth.
That we're all engaged in, and nothing has value like courage.
Nothing has value like truth.
Nothing has value like the genuine.
And that's why they always tell you, I'm not genuine.
I'm so damn genuine, it's ridiculous.
And I'm not bragging, folks, but I mean, I'm genuine.
And you all have discernment, you know that, and you're genuine.
And Trump is genuine.
Why do you think they're so scared?
Because there's not just the fake in the world, the Hillary's, the Pelosi's, the Maxine Waters of the world.
There's the Angela Merkel's.
There's the real in the universe.
But see, the counterfeit doesn't want you to know the real.
And so I want all viewers and listeners to know something.
I grew up
With parents, and the parents that grew up in the depression, and no matter how much money we had, I had to go out and have jobs when I was 10 years old, I had to buy my own shoes, and I had to, and I got it now, my kids are spoiled compared to the way I was, but it was almost always this guilt that we were even successful or we were smart.
Instead of the job we had, the mission!
That we were smart and successful, that we should go out and help others.
Instead of the evil going around using the fact that they're empowered, but they're using the fact that they're aware of what's going on against the general public, it's our job to expose that.
And so that's what I've tried to get into here today, is that, yes, everyone is freaking out right now, because world governments here, forced inoculations here, the attack on the families here,
The Cashless Society embeddable microchips are here, and people are getting scared.
And I just have to say to folks,
What Franklin Delano Roosevelt said, the only thing we have to fear is fear itself.
I remember David Icke used to come on my show 25 years ago and just harp that you are living in fear.
Not me, but the listeners.
But I was coming off like I was scared.
It was actually aggression against it.
And saying, get past the fear, get past the fear.
And I wasn't getting it because I didn't have fear.
But that message to the public that's paralyzed by fear, that's the worst place to be.
So, Brian Rose, you say you didn't get past the fear.
But studying what happened with you, because you're so rare with a prominent person, millions of people you reach every day, you know, 10 years on YouTube, your own media thing, you're very successful.
You don't brag about it, but you're very successful.
Everybody knows that.
You didn't come as a business model to challenge the New World Order.
You just thought out of all your interviews, interview who you want.
They tried to punish you and you didn't back down.
And in that is the essence of the thought process.
But you just said the truth.
There wasn't a thought process.
It was spiritual.
It was default.
So what about folks that don't feel like it's a default?
I think they don't know it's default.
I think they've let their
Their fears get on top of that and the emotion and the propaganda.
But I think if they really focus in deep down, that it is their default to not be a slave.
How do you elaborate on that?
Well, first of all, I just want to say, Alex, you know, I posted on social media the other day that you're a legend and you are and I appreciate your authenticity and your courage through all this stuff.
It's been really powerful for me to watch.
You know, on the other hand, fear.
That is the only thing that's stopping us at the end of the day.
And I think if you can see your own relationship with fear, and ask yourself some simple questions, there is a way through.
Even if your knee-jerk reaction is not to step up, to fight back, to go into the gunfire.
And ask yourself, what are you scared of?
Even to the level of, are you really scared of dying?
Are you really scared of being broke?
Are you really scared of all of these things?
What is the worst that can happen?
And start asking yourself, would you rather, you know, live free or die?
What is the story of your life going to be?
What is going to be your greatest moment?
I think people start asking themselves these questions right now, and they can understand the way that they're knee-jerk reacting and behaving here, because 99% of us act in a way
Brian, I agree with you.
But it's not an overnight process.
People have to realize revolutions aren't won overnight.
This is a globalist revolution against our revolution, a counter-revolution.
I believe they're failing.
But when you talk about it backfiring, get into that, because I really respect your view.
I see that as well, but your perspective on how it's backfiring, because the fact that this hysteria hoax, the virus is real but overblown, the hysteria hoax is only two months old, and as Mark Twain said, a lie goes halfway around the world before truth puts its pants on.
But the reaction is so explosive already.
I would expect a reaction in six months, a year.
It's coming on stronger than I thought.
Quite frankly, it scares me, though, because you put these two forces together.
I mean, when I say scared, I'm just... This is not a time to be sitting back saying we're bored.
Yeah, and look, I think this lockdown will no longer be tolerated.
I think two months out from now, you are going to see some real civil unrest.
You're going to see people push back.
And I think it's time to open this economy up.
I think it's time.
To put your faith in the innovation of the American worker.
I think there is so much more we can do here.
So much more we can innovate on everywhere.
It's going to take us to the next level.
Much more than we fear.
Again, we're all in fear that what's on the other side is even worse than it is now.
I'm the opposite.
I think what is on the other side is a massive recovery.
New businesses, new ideas, new ways of dealing with something that looks like, you know, a two-dimensional foe.
It's not.
It really isn't.
By the way, you just said it.
If they convince us we're done and it's over, it is.
But we can do unlimited things with our potential now if we just know that's the truth.
Yeah, and people have to step into that.
Everyone is powerful enough to do it.
It doesn't happen overnight.
You're right, Alex.
It comes through an entire daily practice.
It comes through building that sense of self through listening and learning, but then taking action.
That's always the missing component.
And we see it out there, Alex.
We see a lot of people that hear these messages of ours, and they don't actually take the action.
They don't, quote unquote, pull the trigger, as we say, and step into that unknown.
But if they do, they'll realize that 99% of what they thought was going to happen doesn't.
And there's real bedrock there.
Oh, absolutely.
When you take action, it's always better.
Maybe not first level, but third, fourth, fifth level.
It just gets better.
Brian Rose, then LondonReal.tv.
Final statement, then, about action, about living in your own destiny, not somebody else's program destiny.
What is your parting words for this audience?
You know, I think this is an incredible time of reflection.
I think this is potentially the greatest learning experience of our entire life.
And honestly, this is a dry run, Alex.
Let's be honest.
This could have been much, much, much worse.
We could have been seeing 30% fatalities.
Oh, it's a beta test.
You're dead right.
You know, we lived through the plague in this city.
You know, we saw just complete devastation.
That's not what's happening here.
This is a test.
This is a way to prepare yourself for the real one that's coming.
This is a time to prepare your business, to prepare your personal life.
Stop waiting for the handout from the government.
Stop waiting for the handout from your employer or from anyone else.
You need to bulletproof your own house.
And that comes from your physical presence,
That comes from your financial future and your spiritual mindset.
To where no one can run the show in the future.
Because that's what's coming.
That is what's coming.
The Hunger Games Society, the Mind Programming.
You just said it though.
This is a fire drill from what's really coming.
Instead of this being the globalist takeover, this is our opportunity to get self-sufficient.
This is nothing.
This is literally like, you know, in the old days where they would put the dead virus in you and you would build up to it when the big one would come.
So we are in preparation.
I am getting ready here.
I am literally building myself for the big fight while everyone else is saying, wow, that was tough.
I mean, this is nothing that's happening right now.
And the people that build now are going to be the ones that dominate in the future and liberate the rest of us.
So that's why I'm excited, Alex.
I can see your supercharge right now, because I know that I'll be having to lead in the future, and I'm ready.
Now, you're right.
It was in 2008.
They had the dot-com bust.
I had a million-dollar house, $100,000 in the bank.
I sold my house.
We moved into an apartment and I said I'm putting it all into the info where no one else was.
And I just knew it would do all this and it happened.
And now is the time, like you said, don't pull the horns in, put the horns out.
I'm impressed, Brian.
I've always loved your work.
I've watched you at least three or four years.
And I love you and I appreciate it.
I can't wait to meet you in person.
And your courage is a total inspiration to all of us.
Thank you, Alex.
I appreciate you.
It is a time to expand, not contract.
And again, I appreciate your courage and authenticity.
It's helped me through a few difficult days over here.
We love you, brother.
That man has strength.
He's very successful.
He didn't back down.
That's the spirit.
That's the fighting spirit.
Hour number four with Jason Jones and more.
I'm Alex Jones.
Stay with us.
Everything I do is aligned with the truth.
Doesn't mean I have all the answers, doesn't mean I'm a perfect person, but anything I promote is something I already intrinsically believe in.
And you could say, well, that's empathy that I feel bad that 30 million people extra are starving to death because of the shutdown of COVID-19.
Not because of COVID-19, because of the UN shutdown.
And yes, the way God built me, as I feel for them, I'm upset.
I imagine those starving children, I get angry about that.
I think about the left saying there's too many people and I say well then you die first.
But see that's God's perfection that we don't even know why we think that we just feel that way because that's the way we're designed.
The people cut off from God they don't have those feelings and we should feel very sorry for them but there's also this weird guilt I have and I'll be honest my whole life is ruled by guilt even though I'm a pretty good person
I always look into every aspect of everything I do.
Like, I'm selling vitamins and minerals that are great and high quality, but I'm still like, are they the lowest price?
Are they the very best?
The media said I'm bad selling these, and I actually like, and I go, wait a minute!
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We sold out of all of our inventory last year.
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To be able to stay on air and not have money to buy a new product.
And then COVID-19 happened and we sold enough products to buy products for the next six months.
So you talk about the widows, Mike.
That was the experience we were having.
That's how close.
I've mortgaged my house, which is fine.
I'm happy.
My God, I love the smaller house in a normal neighborhood before I moved into the Richie Rich neighborhood.
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I mean, you heard the guest on earlier, he's putting out from London Real, his own videos with millions of views.
He's like, my God, that's like $100,000 for 3 million views.
And we're trying, believe me, that's what I'm saying is, people are like, oh, build your own website, do your own thing.
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And then I can't just turn the show over to amazing individuals like Jason Jones, filmmaker, humanitarian.
He's got a huge TV and movie star.
Who cares?
The guy's a patriot.
That's what really matters.
The guy's a Christian, fighting for the unborn.
If we're not here, who will be?
So I just want to thank the listeners again for your support because I love this work and that's all I care about.
I'm willing to die for this work.
In fact, I'm more than willing to die.
It's kind of sick.
I just need you to keep me in the game, so I salute you and I thank you.
So, Jason Jones is about to take over.
On the other side, he's amazing.
He exposed all these empty hospitals.
That's now confirmed.
We're not seeing the virus as a hoax, folks.
We're just saying it's way overblown.
Jason Jones is taking over.
He's got a huge list of incredible guests today.
So believe me, you do not want to miss the next 54 minutes of transmission.
Then Owen Schroer takes over with the War Room.
We'll be right back, folks.
Keep the faith.
We're going to win.
Welcome to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm your guest host, Jason Jones, and thank you to Alex and his team for giving us this hour.
I know how precious this time is, and so I worked hard to get the best guests for you with the information that you would need, and we have a great show today.
We have Kevin Sorbo, I think arguably the biggest TV star,
Of the 90s, he was Hercules.
He's had an incredible career.
And we fell in love with him, not just because of his acting, but because of his courageousness and standing for Christ.
And why does it have to take courage?
In Hollywood, Kevin Starr would have said, you love America.
But it does take courage.
Welcome to the Alex Jones Show.
That's a good question.
I don't know why.
I mean, in an industry that screams for tolerance and screams for freedom of speech, it's pretty much a one-way street.
It's been an interesting ride.
You know, Hollywood owes me nothing.
I had two great series running for 12 years, and since then I've been very busy doing independent movies.
I've shot over 60 movies in the last 15 years.
Not all of them are winners, but I've done a lot of good ones out there.
You know, like God's Not Dead and Soul Surfer and Abel's Field, Let There Be Light.
And my newest documentary, Before the Wrath.
So I'm staying busy, thank God.
I got three new movies to come out.
It's just, when are they in movie theaters again?
You know, we gotta wait until we get that okay before people get to see those movies.
Well, you're in all of my family's favorite movies.
We actually have a saying.
It's my favorite movie that doesn't star Kevin Sorbo when we talk about other films.
And you have a new movie, Before the Wrath, and a lot of people in the entertainment business were lamenting the lockdown, the closing of the theaters, but this seems to be one film that's timely because in this lockdown,
Where, you know, this lockdown is going to give us fortitude, it's going to give us empathy, and it's going to direct us towards God.
And your documentary was at number one on Amazon, I think it's still at number four, and I want everyone watching, you have to see this powerful, intriguing new documentary that's yours, Kevin.
Tell us about Before the Wrath.
It's a wonderful, educational documentary dealing with perfectly what's going on, really, in our world today.
It deals with discoveries through the Gospel of Matthew, which a lot of the scholars are looking at now to show, you know, talk about the Second Coming of Christ.
Obviously, you don't know when and where that's going to happen, but it's an interesting look at it in an educational way.
It's also a love story.
I mean, it's actually sort of like a, because it deals with a wedding to sort of relate to
I'm looking at my
I left California about a year ago.
I live in Florida now, but we used to have Pastor Rob back in Thousand Oaks.
And he said now that he's doing what most pastors are doing.
They're doing it by the internet.
And he said they're getting five times more people, five times more people watching him, listening to his sermons than would normally come into the church there.
So it's incredible.
People are looking for answers right now.
They're searching.
They want to understand why this is going on.
Um, you know, having to go through what we have to go through.
And, uh, do we have to deal with all this fear?
Because right now the media loves the fear, right?
They love to keep us, uh, tied up in bondage.
And I think I'm not to poo-poo what's going on out there right now, but we're not getting all the facts, folks.
And I think most people are realizing that now.
Well, yes.
We're being driven to fear.
Here in Honolulu, the news said we have a 7% mortality rate.
Even by their own statistics, it's .7, but if you really do the math, it's probably .007.
But they had, you know, a big card on the screen.
I mean, a 7% mortality rate.
New York has the siren.
And Alex's last segment was all about courage.
My favorite quote is Marcus Aurelius.
Learning how to die is learning how to be a free man.
And scripture always calls us to silence, to quiet.
When we're quiet, when we're silent, we inevitably start thinking about God.
And I think we're all tired.
Everybody, I don't know about you, my family, we binge watched frivolous, entertaining things for the first two weeks of the shutdown.
And now we're over it.
I don't want to watch anything without meaning.
And this is something I think everybody is going to want to watch.
Kevin, you brought up that this is a love story.
I'm privileged to be friends with you and your wife, Sam, and it's a beautiful love story.
Right now, we're hearing that domestic abuse shelters
Are full across the country.
Domestic abuse is at a higher rate than ever.
Families are, they're not paying their mortgages.
Their refrigerator's running out of food.
Meanwhile, Nancy Pelosi has all the ice cream in the world is in her big $20,000 freezer.
You and your wife are doing something tonight that I think is really beautiful.
And it's really needed.
It's a date night.
And can you tell us, tell everyone about what's happening tonight?
Well, I hope you can join us.
It's 8.30 p.m.
tonight, Eastern Time, so judge accordingly to the time zone you're in.
I think that, what are we, six hours behind you?
What is it, 2.30 there in Hawaii?
Yeah, no, it's 9.00 now, so that's advanced math for me.
Oh my gosh.
So it's a couple hours here in Hawaii, but this is all over the world.
So it's, what time is it?
It's 8.30 p.m.
It's gonna be 8.30 p.m.
though tonight is what I'm saying.
For the event.
So I know it's only three o'clock here and it's nine o'clock where you are, but go to Homegrown Generation.
That's one word.
HomegrownGeneration.com slash date.
HomegrownGeneration.com slash date.
Get all the information.
Log in.
And my wife Sam and I are going to be on there and we're going to do a bunch of Q&As.
We're going to talk about marriage and faith and love and life.
And I hope you guys can join us.
It's going to be a wonderful event.
It's going to be, you know, we don't have, who has the perfect marriage?
No one has a perfect marriage, but it really comes down to faith and fighting through the negative times in life to get to the positive times in life.
Because the good always outweighs the bad.
And to think that life is going to be, there's a greener side, it's not true.
It's not true.
You got married for a reason and you got to find what that reason is again, if you're having problems in your marriage.
But really, this is just going to be, it's going to be a fun evening.
It's going to have a lot of laughs.
We've got some good stories to tell, true stories about my own relationship with Sam.
And I hope people enjoy this and find out that we're pretty much just like anybody else out there and the problems we go through.
But we know what you just mentioned is a rough time for people and our government's got to do something.
I'm so, it blows my mind that even something like this,
They use to politicize their own agenda.
It's unbelievable.
No, they don't.
What's interesting about people who love people, they look to serve.
They look to solve a problem.
So you hear that families are being torn apart, marriages are struggling, and you and your wife create a date night.
And you don't try to politicize it.
You try to serve those vulnerable families.
But it's hard to believe that there are people who hear this and go, ooh, another opportunity to shove our agenda down America's throat.
This is not, there's no agenda here.
This is just to have a good time, be a positive time in a negative world right now, guys.
And we know that people are hurt and we know that people need help.
And, you know, we got to get back to work.
We got to get our country moving again.
You know, we got a minute 30 left, Kevin.
I'm sorry Kevin, there was a little bit of a delay.
We got about a minute 30 left and I just wanted to let you know that in my family, we homeschool and so we're studying Greek mythology now.
Part of what our children are watching now is Hercules.
I think a good place for people, if you're looking for things to watch, you got The Date Night Tonight, you got Before the Wrath, but a good place to start is your IMDb and just start with the most recent films, work your way down, and maybe by the time you're done watching Kevin Sorbo movies, they'll free us.
From our homes.
And I want to thank you for your courage.
I first met you maybe over 10 years ago at an event in Hollywood.
And you give, you embolden people like me to stand up.
In the earlier segment, Alex said, when you do the right thing and you think you're risking your career, actually, funny thing how that works, it blesses your career.
And I think you're an example of that.
Someone, you and your wife have been daring, you've taken risks and you've had this big, beautiful career.
Because you've taken those risks.
And I want to thank you.
Your Twitter is one of my favorite Twitter accounts.
I love following you on Twitter.
How do people follow you?
They go to KSORBS.
Hashtag KSORBS.
They can go to KevinSorbo.net.
All kinds of information.
I got a book, True Faith, that just came out.
Just follow up to my book, True Strength.
You can order autographed copies there if you want, or my DVDs are there as well, but I'm telling people they should definitely check out.
I got a lot of family movies in there.
I think people will enjoy it.
Thanks, brother.
Thank you.
Take care.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I am Jason Jones, host of the Jason Jones Show.
My next guest, Taylor Marshall, is an author.
He's an academic.
He's an intellectual.
He is the most disruptive Catholic commentator, blogger, YouTuber,
In the world!
And I brought Taylor on to talk about the Vatican Bank scandal, the infiltration of the deep state into the Catholic Church, and a lot of this is going to be coming to light now that Cardinal Pell has been released from prison in Australia, who is leading the investigations into the Vatican Bank scandal.
Taylor Marshall, welcome to the Alex Jones Show!
Jason, great to be back with you.
So, brother, the reason I wanted you on, you wrote this incredible book, Infiltration, on the deep states, even really darker maybe than the deep states, infiltration of the Catholic Church.
And we've known about this from scripture.
Saints like Ticonius wrote in the 3rd century that there would be an anti-church within the church at the end times.
This is a big topic.
Can we enter the door of the infiltration of the deep state into the church through the Vatican Bank scandal as maybe our door?
Yeah, I mean the big news really the past week is Cardinal Pell, who's the Australian Cardinal, was released from prison after allegations and he's back and he did an interview and he talked about how he'd been appointed, he's one of the nine Cardinals appointed by Pope Francis to reform the Vatican Curia and he was over finances, he was over Vatican Bank and he talks about billion
Billion, not million, billion in discrepancies, scandals, and this is big news because when he was first appointed, this is kind of the risky job when you're auditing Vatican Bank accounts.
Is he going to get killed?
Is he going to get framed?
Is he going to be put in prison?
We joked about it, Taylor.
When he got the job, people were joking Cardinal Pell didn't kill himself.
Cardinal Pell is going to get framed up.
Then he gets framed up and then the Australian government forbids journalists to cover the trial.
Really unprecedented in the English-speaking world.
Yeah, it was a crazy situation, and now that he's out, and he's saying, yes, there is corruption, and we don't know how high or deep or long it goes is the language, and he says that the corruption doesn't go quite up to the Pope himself, but almost.
To the Pope.
So this is sort of reopening the scandal because in 2012 there's a major scandal in which the Pope's butler was releasing documents and it was published in print, it was published in a book.
That butler was tried by the Vatican.
He was found guilty and then he was pardoned by the Pope and it was just weeks after all that happened that the Pope himself
And really a historical moment announced that he was going to resign from the papacy and that night the Vatican was struck by lightning.
And the next day the Vatican ATM machines and all that started working again.
So there's something going on.
There's something very rotten in the Vatican finances going back as far as 2012.
Taylor, that Vatican being struck by lightning, if you're not Catholic, you may not know that this happened.
When the resignation was announced, it was live, they had live cameras there, and two huge lightning strikes strike the Vatican, unlike anything you've ever seen.
And the only thing that has been unusual is when
When Obama, I was in Illinois when Obama was elected and the winning six, the winning three was 666 and the winning four was 7779.
And when things like this happen, you're just like, that's really unusual.
It's a sign.
It's a sign.
So, you know, people are now, you know, that, that story kind of died down since 2012, 2013.
But now with Pell release, we're realizing that there has been
Like you said, a deep state infiltration into the Catholic Church.
That's the thesis of my book, Infiltration.
My argument is that this financial and moral and doctrinal corruption and infiltration doesn't just go back to the 80s or even the 60s or 50s, it actually goes back to the mid-1800s.
And that's the argument I make in Infiltration, all the way up to the major Vatican Bank scandal that happened in the 60s and culminated around 78, 79.
We're good to go.
You know, 2018-2019 was sexual scandals in the Vatican and in the Catholic Church worldwide.
We're going to see more of that, but we're going to now start seeing the dominoes falling in a cascade of financial scandals in the Catholic Church, going all the way up into the walls of Vatican City.
Taylor, I'm glad you brought up the sexual scandals because our next guest made a documentary called Out of Shadows.
And it's about the sexual scandals in Hollywood and the occult in Hollywood.
And your book is about the occult in the Catholic Church, sexual scandals in the Catholic Church.
Wherever this deep state goes, I don't know what you would call it, whether it's in Hollywood, whether it's in the Catholic Church, it brings with it child sex abuse.
It brings with it violence, financial crimes, the occult.
But people will point to the entertainment industry and everyone in it or they will point to the Catholic Church and they will condemn the church or they will condemn the entertainment industry by the deep state.
What would you call it?
The occult really, right?
It's the occult working through instruments of influence.
Yeah, in the Catholic Church, I mean, we see this as Satanism, we see it as the occult, we see it as Freemasonry.
All of these groups are focused on, we are not saved and redeemed and elevated by Jesus Christ dying on the cross and rising again on the third day.
They believe that we can reach into our own human nature by divination, magic, spells, and lift ourselves up to become our own gods.
That's the lie from
From Genesis.
Genesis 3, that's what the serpent, the devil, tells Adam and Eve.
You can be your own gods by your own agency.
So anything that's, I mean, ultimately that is Satanism, that is Freemasonry, that is the occult.
We're going to lift ourselves up.
We are going to do the alchemy of turning our leaden human nature into divine gold.
But it's a lie.
And it's a lie.
And it always brings with it the child trafficking, the sexual immorality, and the financial corruption that we see in the political sphere and in the Christian sphere.
So what would you say to people who point to the scandals and judge the church by it?
Well, I mean, there's always been infiltration from the very beginning.
I mean, as Christians, we believe that of the angels, a third of them fell.
Satan was one of the good guys and he betrayed his king, his God.
We see Judas Iscariot.
And then even our Lord Jesus Christ is repeatedly saying, in the kingdom of God, there'll be wheat and there'll be tares.
There'll be wheat and weeds.
He says there'll be false prophets.
He says there'll be false pastors, false leaders, false Christ.
I mean, if you look around and your church doesn't have wheat and tares and falseness in it,
You're not in the church that Christ was talking about, the Kingdom of God that he was talking about, because he tells us there will be infiltration and betrayals, even betrayals with a kiss, within the Kingdom of God, within the church.
So this is to be expected.
Satan is never going to let off.
He's going to continue to attack from within.
It's always better to attack within than without.
It's more sinister that way.
And so we always...
Taylor, we're down to our last 30 seconds.
I want people to get your book, Infiltration.
How do they follow you on Twitter and watch your show?
Twitter, my name is Taylor R. Marshall and I have a big podcast on YouTube called the Dr. Taylor Marshall Show and you can get the book, Infiltration, at Amazon or bookstores, wherever books are sold.
Taylor, thanks for your courage and thank you for fighting the deep state in the church.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
And I can't believe that I was able to get this guest, Brad Martin.
I actually, after the Out of Shadows documentary came out, I had been doing podcasts on Q and questioning Q. Everyone was sending this to me.
I messaged him through Facebook.
I looked him up on IMDb.
Brad Martin is clearly one of the most successful stuntmen and stunt coordinators in Hollywood history.
Knew he'd be a busy guy, an important guy.
Didn't think he'd message me and he got right back to me.
And I didn't know what connected Kevin Sorbo, Taylor Marshall, and Brad until listening to the last segment of The Last Hour.
Listening to Alex talk about courage.
And what Kevin Sorbo have in common with Taylor and Brad is courage.
And Brad has had a career.
Every day he had to develop courage by doing some of the most daring stunts in Hollywood history.
And without of shadows, that might have been the most courageous, daring move of his life.
Brad, welcome to the Alex Jones Show!
Thanks for having me, Jason.
So brother, here you are.
You have a career that's set.
It's in motion.
It's getting bigger and bigger.
You're growing in the industry.
And then you are exposed to these uncomfortable truths.
You could have looked the other way.
You could have ignored it.
But yet you did this very unusual thing, this daring and brave thing, and joined the Out of Shadows documentary team.
Can you explain to me your thought process in that?
Yeah, well a big step happened prior to doing the doc.
I woke up in 2015 and I realized what I was lending my efforts to.
I was disgusted with the message I was putting out there.
I realized that everything I was putting out there was, a lot of it, especially for me, the action and violent action, for that matter, was desensitizing people.
When I realized what I was doing then, I quit the business.
I left for three years.
I was disgusted with myself.
Send a good message to my kids.
And I realized that I'm not leaving, I'm not doing that at all.
So I left and then my buddy Mike Smith called me a couple, like a year after that.
And he found out that I was awake and he had woken up at the same time.
As you can see from the documentary, it happened while he was having, while he had an accident and he broke his back.
And I was all in.
I just,
I grew up in the industry loving the business.
Obviously, I was a very well-known stuntman.
I climbed the ranks up to the point where I was action directing some big movies.
When I walked away, I turned down three of my biggest jobs of my life.
I love the craft, I love what I do, but I want to send out a better message.
I wasn't getting the offers and the options to make movies that
Did so.
So, yeah, I told Mike I would do the doc and my reason for that was to, well, a couple of folds is obviously to enlighten the people in the world as to what Hollywood is all about, but also to hopefully I can shake things up a little bit and maybe I can put my name out there for the good people in Hollywood that want to make good movies that would like to use me because that's where I want to put my efforts.
Well, you know, you and I were talking about this offline, that below the line, the working people, the working class people that make these movies, really, from the Teamsters driving the trucks, to the art department, to the construction coordinator, to the stuntmen, to the writers,
So many of these people share our values, and they caffetch.
We complain.
And that's how I became a producer, and all my producing partners became producers.
Some of them were working for the studios.
They walked away because they couldn't stay in the Hollywood system and make the types of movies they would be proud of.
Now here you have Out of Shadows that I don't even need to set it up.
I think everyone watching now has seen it.
How many millions of people have seen Out of Shadows just on your site?
Just on our side, I think it's over 10 million by now, and I've heard numbers somewhere upwards of 80 plus million on all the reposts and translations that we've had.
It's been two weeks, it's been 13 days.
It's coming to me from every direction, from my liberal friends, from my conservative friends, Christian friends, atheist friends, everyone's sending it to me, asking me, what do you think about the occult in Hollywood, the ritualistic abuse of children in Hollywood?
And that's why I'm glad that I watched it.
Now, what's next for you and your team?
You have this documentary.
It's exposing the reality of these crimes that are taking place in and around the entertainment industry.
While most people are doing the normal day business of making movies, sort of the people that control the industry with their agendas and what they're about.
I even just saw an ad for this
Lady Gaga special that was just horrifying with its occult imagery for this one world symbol.
So what's next?
Where are you guys going from here with this?
Well, going back to what you said before about just talking about the crews on these movies.
Yeah, we, as a crew member in film, a lot of the time we work
Sometimes upwards of 16, 17 hours a day and sometimes seven days a week for months at a time.
And the crew puts their heart and soul into these projects.
And we don't have time for politics.
We don't have time to research what's going on in the world.
We wake up in the morning, go straight to work.
And by the end of the day, we're exhausted.
We go home and go to bed.
And these are just hardworking people.
And I just want
People know, you know, there's also people higher up that have the abilities to make great movies, such as myself and Mike Smith, that can do this kind of things.
And what I'm hoping for is this just opens the opportunities for us.
So where are we going with this?
We obviously are just trying to open up these opportunities for us.
We are reaching out to
I mean, people, investors and other people have reached out to us, but at the same time, we're also putting it out there that we would like to be connected and contacted by these people because we still have a passion for this business and we still want to send a message.
We're very good at what we do.
We're very good storytellers with the film medium.
And let's send out a good message.
Let's change the industry.
I think that I can speak for many of you out there as well, that we're all tired of this Hollywood propaganda.
We're all tired of this violent,
Action, it's not, it doesn't send a good message.
Yeah, we're tired of going to Amazon, going to Netflix, going to Hulu, going to the theater, looking up, not anything that you wanna watch.
Or even if there's a beautiful story, they always have this commercial, this reprobate commercial, maybe just 30 seconds or 60 seconds in the film.
My producing partner, Eduardo Varaski, calls it hair in the soup.
But he said, they're always hair in the soup, but if you have hair in the soup every day, you're gonna die of a hairball.
Yeah, and something that we touch upon in the documentary, and I hear Alex say all the time too, is choice.
You think you have choice, but there's only five companies that own basically all the media in the world, or 80% of the media in the world, and most of Hollywood as well.
The choice that you think you have is very thin.
You talk about Disney, Lucasfilms, and Fox, and Marvel.
I mean, that's all one entity right there.
You think you have four choices, but that's one choice right there.
You know, on that note, I'm a big MMA fan, and I saw Dana White.
He was like, we're going to hold the UFC.
We're going to find a place.
There'll be no audience.
We're going to hold the fight.
We'll test our fighters.
We'll do everything.
Then he came out on the news a couple days later.
The UFC, he said Disney, turns out Disney in a way controls ESPN, which controls, owns, has this deal with UFC.
Dana White said, I got a call from the president of Disney and I canceled the fight.
And I heard that the day after I watched your documentary.
And I said, here we go.
Who would imagine that somebody from Disney would make Dana White have to take a knee?
And that is, that is the reality.
That is the reality.
Yeah, these entities are so powerful.
Yeah, these entities are so powerful.
Well, first of all, they control the distribution.
They control where the content comes out from.
So you can make, you can have the intention of making the most awakening, the most awoke movie in the world, but no one's going to distribute it.
It's not going to get out there.
And I just got to say this about Out of Shadows that
I've never seen anything like this before.
In my 30 years in the business, I mean obviously the internet is around in the last 20 years, but the explosion that this movie has had is unbelievable to the point where I can't think of anything else other than a higher power and the connection with the Spirit and God that's connecting with everybody and sending this out to the world.
I'm humbled and it's unbelievable.
Well, Brad Martin, thank you very much.
I hope everyone follows you on Twitter and shares out of shadows.
Thank you for your courage.
Thank you, Jason.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
So for this segment, we did something different.
We did something special.
I have become the biggest fan of Generation Z. Their scrappiness and their commitment to American-style freedom.
I discovered through my son, my 13-year-old son, he's always on TikTok showing me these videos, fighting back, fighting the globalists, fighting for freedom, fighting for the Second Amendment, standing for life.
Little videos made by young people.
And I said, this generation is special.
And then I became friends with a young woman, Tiana.
She had a show called Left to Left in Hawaii.
She was the biggest anti-Trump person in the state.
She would lead these protests in Waikiki.
They would disrupt tourists.
And they were on the news every night.
And then all of a sudden I see that she became a conservative.
She's a typical Gen Z-er.
She realized she had been lied to.
That upset her.
She looked for the truth.
And now she's fighting back.
So we've created a segment we're going to do for you every week.
Every week that I have the privilege of hosting an hour, it's called OK Zoomer because I want Zoomers to tune in to InfoWars.
I want Generation Z. They are the InfoWars Generation because I'm halfway to the end zone at best.
You need to have all the beautiful freedom that I have had my entire life.
You need to take it.
We're gonna help you, but you need to take it.
And so, this is just for you, Gen Z, and for those of you parents and friends of Gen Z. OK Zoomer, with Tiana, from Left to Left Show.
What's up, guys?
My name is Tiana Ilasara, and welcome to this week's episode of OK Zoomer, where I talk about the most interesting stories in culture and politics today through the eyes of a Gen Zer.
Today, we're going to be covering nude photographs and ice cream.
Yeah, what more of a combination could we possibly want in our news cycle among the biggest pandemic my generation has seen yet?
Usually it's not good etiquette to pull down the pants and snap a picture of your most prized possession.
Usually that'll either, you know, get you wound up in handcuffs and put on a list, if you know what I mean.
Maybe even ignored by your office crush.
However, with this particular situation that just happened in New York, I think we can collectively agree that this is one of the only cases where this move is hilariously patriotic.
And that's only if you're saying a big
Last Saturday, Mayor Bill de Blasio of New York City urged as part of a new city effort to curb the coronavirus for its citizens to snap photos of each other who weren't complying with the social distancing law.
Yeah, you heard it right.
He wanted people to start snitching!
De Blasio said that you could simply snap a photo of an offending person or crowd, set the location on the image, and text it to a hotline number.
Repeat offenders could face up to $1,000 in fines.
However, the response was not exactly what he was asking for.
Here are some of my favorite responses.
First up, we got quite a creative arrangement of gummy bears that I had to censor because you can probably guess what it is.
And a sign that says, eat a bag of
Very creative.
Next, we have a text graphic reading.
Here's a number to report people for fishing or enjoying the outdoors.
Also fitting.
Someone texted a picture of Hitler with the words, to those turning in your neighbors and local businesses, you did the right thing.
Solid analogy.
And lastly, just someone is fed up with the hotline.
It was also confirmed that there was a bunch of d**k pics sent to the text hotline as well.
I'm pretty sure we can leave that one off the screen.
As silly as the pictures sent in sound, it's still kind of alarming that the mayor of New York City thinks it's okay to use tactics from the Hitler-esque era to govern his people.
Former NYPD Sergeant Joseph Giacalone warns that pitting stranger versus stranger with such high stakes could result in acts of random violence.
The former mayor of New York City, Rudy Giuliani, also joined in the chorus of criticism, saying,
Ah, the beauty of technology.
Funny how it works, huh?
In other news, while millions of Americans are getting laid off, families struggling to put food on the table, and people literally dying from the coronavirus,
It's good to know that our elected officials are bragging about how well-stocked they are on gourmet desserts.
Out of that $350 billion fund to help small businesses and its workers get through the shutdown.
It will be up to Congress to restock it.
But Democrats blocking that move this morning.
They asked for a quarter of a trillion dollars in 48 hours.
I said, well, I don't think so.
They objected and I congratulate the Senate Democrats.
Speaker Pelosi, what are you going to share with us from your home?
Chocolate candy.
Thousands have been forced to wait for hours at food banks all across the country.
This is chocolate and then we have some other chocolate here.
We just got to restock the ice cream.
You don't want to eat up everything all at one time.
I can't do it much longer.
I'm trying so hard.
We're, shall we say, enjoying.
Having to admit that, yeah, we're starving.
And I like it better than anything else.
Taping this segment, there are 22 million people out of work.
This specific program is about stopping job losses today.
This is hurting people.
This is Nancy Pelosi on a late night show showing off her $24,000 fridge stocked up with a plethora of gourmet ice cream and expensive chocolates.
This video comes after she blocked funds for America's suffering small businesses.
House Republicans have attempted for over a week now to pass a clean funding bill to replenish funds for the Paycheck Protection Program.
Pelosi called it a stunt, however, and claimed that there was no data as to why we need it.
So picturing how she wants to totally, you know, not help small businesses and families all around the country, what I'd like to do is propose a name change.
Nancy Pelosi to Nancy Antoinette.
There is a glaring similarity to Pelosi and the Queen of France during the French Revolution, Marie Antoinette.
As her famous words, let them eat cake, can now be dubbed as Pelosi's let them eat ice cream of today.
As the story goes, it was the Queen's response upon being told that her starving peasant subjects had no bread.
The anecdote has been cited as an example of Marie Antoinette's obliviousness to the conditions and daily lives of ordinary people.
I just wonder...
And no, no, no.
Don't think that there wasn't a shortage of memes here, too.
First off, one says, We need help and we're starving!
And here is Pelosi saying, I have lots of chocolate ice cream!
There's also a picture of Nancy Pelosi.
Whoever did this Photoshop was awesome.
They said go on his show.
It will humanize you, they said.
The public needs to see that you are suffering too, they said.
I wish I was suffering with a freezer full of ice cream right now.
Nancy, I can't even go to the store if I don't have a face mask on.
I can't even go to the store to buy ice cream past 11 p.m.
Or else I'd probably be arrested.
Yeah, I'm glad that your freezer is stocked.
The rest of us are suffering.
Just letting you know.
This is just another example of how the elites of our government are going to be taken care of while the country they claim to serve burns up in flames with a spoonful of rocky road in their mouth.
Thank you Alex Jones and Jason Jones for having me on and I'll see you next time.
Well, thank you.
Well, thank you, Tiana, and I hope everyone subscribes to At Left the Left Show and you support the Zoomers, Generation Z, as they march against the globalists and as they march to have the same freedoms that you and I have enjoyed and that Americans have enjoyed for generations.
To have an hour of the Alex Jones Show is an unbelievable privilege.
And to offer you my thanks, we're giving you my book for free for a donation of $20 at thegreatcampaign.org.
This audience has been so overwhelming in their support that we're going to be about two weeks behind.
We just had to order a whole new shipment of books, The Race to Save Our Century.
I hope you follow me at the Jason Jones Show.
My podcast on YouTube at the Jason Jones Show and my Twitter is at Jason Jones Show.
I love the conversation I've been having with Alex's audience and with all of you InfoWarriors.
And the line of gesture with all of my guests today is courage.
Like the previous guest said on Alex's show last hour, what are we afraid of?
The one thing I fear is that my posterity lives in tyranny.
The one thing I fear is that my posterity suffers through war and poverty.
But it's up to us.
We can leave our children and grandchildren a culture of life, a culture of love, a culture of beauty.
We can leave them freedom.
To do that, there's five principles.
Number one, we need to promote the incomparable beauty of the human person, the inviolable dignity.
Number two, the transcendent moral order.
There is a law above the laws of man.
There is a natural law and we have rights that the government must kneel to.
We do not kneel.
We need to pull power away from distant, unelected bureaucracies.
Should not be telling my local surf shop they can't rent surfboards.
Number four, the humane economy.
Freedom is grounded in private property.
We are the kings of our castle.
And finally, solidarity.
If all of us
Seek to shoulder the burdens of the most vulnerable in our community.
We advance all these five whole life principles.
Our posterity's safe.
Thank you, InfoWarriors.
Thank you, Alex Jones.
You have incredible producers.
And God bless you.
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