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Name: 20200419_SpecialReport_Alex
Air Date: April 19, 2020
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I'm going to tell you to clean that citation nice and good.
What are they going to do if we have events like this all over the country with thousands of people showing up and the virus doesn't spread like they told us to?
What are they going to do then?
I was looking around and I was trying to find out if there was any mainstream news out here.
I see a couple of workers right over here to my left, over here, and we should tell them to put this on TV so that Americans can see that they're not living in fear and the government doesn't run our lives.
Put this on TV!
Put this on TV!
You just got to reopen your business.
I know they're going to threaten to arrest you.
I know they're going to threaten to fine you.
They can't do it.
It's illegal.
Sue them if they do it.
If you get a jury trial?
And if everybody opens their business, what are they going to do?
See every small business in the city in court?
No, the judge is going to throw them all out.
America needs to go back.
They tell you that you're a virus, and then when a virus is killing you, they claim that they want to stop the virus, even though they hate you because they think you're a virus on planet Earth anyway.
I'm just trying to give you shit back.
What'd you think of the turnout?
I'm so pleased with the turnout today.
It was a good number of people, I think probably around 500 overall.
But the energy was strong, and based on talking to a few people, I think we made enough of a ruckus to get the attention of at least the local community.
A couple people said, hey, I was just walking, wanted to see what was going on.
Another lady was like, oh, I was at my place, and I saw some noise, and I headed down here.
So that's good.
I hope this continues.
So I want to thank everybody for tuning in.
I want to thank everybody for coming out here.
Remember, the Alex Jones Show is live at band.video and infowars.com slash show.
And Owen Schroer is live at band.video.
That does it for this livestream of the You Can't Close America rally in Austin, Texas.
Thanks for being with us.
Please spread the word.
Please spread the word that Texans are not living in fear.
Texans are ready to reopen.
And it's time for this movement to go nationwide.
Stay classy.
Thank you man.
Thank you.