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Name: 20200413_Mon_Alex
Air Date: April 13, 2020
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This report discusses the current global situation, stating it is the most treacherous and dangerous time in human history, as a result of the 21st century war between Globalists and their Chinese Communist Party (CCP) collaborators against the free world. The CCP recently admitted that COVID-19 resulted from work conducted in the Wuhan Institute of Virology, which was funded by the U.S. National Institute of Health (NIH). The NIH outsourced this gain-of-function research to the Wuhan lab after a moratorium was enacted in the United States due to concerns over the creation of a chimeric SARS-like virus. This revelation comes as the world increasingly blames China for the COVID-19 outbreak, and the CCP has fired a warning shot against their American deep state collaborators. The report also warns about the potential for a global depression due to the economic consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic, which is causing mass starvation and death across the world. China has fired a warning shot at globalists by admitting in a Daily Mail article that COVID-19 resulted from work being done at the Wuhan Institute of Virology and was paid for by the U.S. National Institute of Health. The virus is a man-made hybrid created through gain-of-function research, which involves genetically increasing the transmissibility of deadly pathogens. This type of research was outsourced to China when a moratorium was enacted in the United States. The Wuhan Institute of Virology received $3.7 million in research grants from the NIH for gain-of-function coronavirus experimentation on bats. It is still claimed by the CCP that COVID-19 was an accident but it is admitted that it came from the Wuhan laboratory and was directed by Anthony Fauci and the NIH. Depression has hit third world countries and the UN estimates that an extra two million people will starve to death this year. It's worth it if it saves a couple of hundred thousand people globally because big tech surveillance powers and big pharma medical tyranny powers are given through this virus release. The globalist main takeover system is happening, with checkboxes being ticked for lockdowns, cashless society, surveillance, arresting power, fear, starving third world countries and forcing things into your body with binary weapons systems that will eventually kill you. Western governments have been stampeded by the WHO and other corrupt powers into believing this is a permanent emergency that will never end. A vaccine is not forthcoming and this release of the virus was planned to lower immunity, according to Bill Gates who wants people dead. The situation is causing starvation among the poor, with an estimate by Lord Monson suggesting that under carbon taxes, one billion would die in a decade, while under this global depression for a decade, hundreds of millions of people are predicted to die. In the InfoWars show, Alex Jones talks about triiodine and its benefits. He mentions that purchasing from Infowarstore.com funds their operation. Jones encourages listeners to prepare by stocking up on storable food from Infowarstore.com as other areas are experiencing food shortages. Jones discusses the dangers of 5G, stating that it lowers immunity against viruses and has caused increased cancer in rats, according to major studies. He criticizes YouTube for banning accounts that criticize 5G, even if not connected to coronavirus. Jones claims that peer-reviewed journals support these findings. The show then discusses the concept of rugged individualism and people who think for themselves, arguing that they create free societies while those who blindly submit create stagnation, corruption, and tyranny. Jones shares a report from InfoWars.com about how the Communist Party in China has fired a warning shot at their Deep State collaborators, which should be sent to the White House and Congress. The report states that after four years of denial, the CCP admits that COVID-19 resulted from work done at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, funded by the U.S. National Institute of Health and directed by Anthony Fauci. This information implies that the virus was man-made and could potentially make all talk of deep state corruption vanish

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The efficacy of vaccines in older people is always a huge challenge.
You know, it turns out the flu vaccine isn't that effective in elderly people.
We clearly need a vaccine that works in the upper age range because they're most at risk of that.
And doing that so that you amp it up so it works in older people and yet you don't have side effects.
You know, if we have, you know, 1 in 10,000 side effects, that's, you know,
And this is a guy that openly says we need to vaccinate people to lower the world's population and that says kill old people but now he really cares about them a lot.
This virus release
We've always said on air for several decades, is the globalist main takeover system.
Because it gets every checkbox they need of locking things down, getting rid of cash, surveilling people, being able to lock up arrests wherever they want, being able to create total fear, being able to absolutely starve the third world.
And be able to force things into your body that then slowly debilitate you with binary weapon systems and kill you.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
It is Monday, April 13th, the year is 2020.
We are living in the most incredibly treacherous and dangerous time the world has ever seen.
This is 21st century war between Globalist and their Chi-Com collaborators against the free world.
Ladies and gentlemen, we are about to premiere a three-minute report that details that China and the Communist Party that runs it has now fired a warning shot against their deep state collaborators as Trump
And patriots in our government.
And the American people close in on their operations.
Here is the report.
In the intelligence community, a limited hangout is the deliberate revelation of some information about malfeasance to try to confuse and or prevent discovery of other information.
In a recent Daily Mail article, the Communist Chinese admit, after four years of denial, that the COVID-19 virus resulted from work being done in the Wuhan Institute of Virology.
And was paid for by the U.S.
National Institute of Health, run by none other than Anthony Fauci during the Obama administration.
In the article, the CCP admits to harvesting their bats from a single cave in Yunnan, China, thereby vindicating the work of Indian researchers who scanned its genome and found evidence that COVID-19 is a man-made hybrid, also known as a chimera virus.
Controversy sparked in 2015 over the creation of a chimeric SARS-like virus at the University of North Carolina and a moratorium was enacted to end gain-of-function research in the United States.
Gain-of-function research involves genetically increasing the transmissibility of deadly pathogens.
Immediately following this moratorium, the Obama administration and the National Institute of Health under Dr. Anthony Fauci outsourced the work to the Wuhan Virology Lab in China.
The NIH awarded 3.7 million dollars in research grants to the Wuhan Institute of Virology for gain-of-function coronavirus experimentation on bats.
The Wuhan Institute lists the NIH as a partner as well as the University of Alabama, the University of North Texas, Harvard University, and the National Wildlife Federation.
The CCP still claims that it was an accident, suggesting that the innocent bat experiments may have gotten out of control.
But the admission is that COVID-19 came from the Wuhan laboratory and it was paid for and directed by Anthony Fauci and the NIH.
The very same Fauci who is now suggesting extended lockdowns and mandatory vaccinations in the United States.
As the world increasingly blames China for the COVID-19 virus, the CCP has fired a not-so-subtle warning shot across the bow of their American deep state accomplices.
A massive war with China could potentially make all talk of deep state corruption vanish.
Reporting for InfoWars.com, this is Greg Reese.
As I said before they cranked this up, I said the impeachment against Trump will fail, the removal will fail, but they're going to launch something big, probably a bio-attack or a physical war.
It got almost no attention Saturday and Sunday when warships and fighter planes flew over Taiwan, and China officially said, in fact reprint me that article please, that they are preparing for military action against Taiwan.
We are now in a new world war.
It's economic, and it's with collaborators in our media and our government.
I am beyond angry now.
I am so disgusted that they're doing this, they're trying it, and it's so reckless, and it will lead to war.
Mark my words, we're at war with China.
I wouldn't be surprised if we don't launch nuclear attacks within months.
Or they launch attacks on us.
It's on, folks.
And the left, like the Washington Post said, Xi Jinping needs to destroy Trump.
That's the headline.
No, it will be you who are destroyed.
America is now fighting for its life.
But we will win.
The war.
The physical war.
The economic war.
began a long time ago between the globalists and their Chinese communist cohorts against what's left of the West.
And now it's entering the phase of explosive growth in the conflict by every measurement.
I've worked as hard as I can to try to not have things get to this point.
Now they're here.
And all the America haters, and Christian haters, and God haters, that signed on to the Hollywood anti-America, anti-family, pro-Chicom, pro-EU, pro-pedophile agenda.
I hope you enjoy what is about to happen.
The depression that's already been triggered by the deep state working with the Chinese communists launching the COVID-19 bio-attack,
And the ensuing stampede of scientifically directed hysteria has already guaranteed a global depression that has already set in across the planet.
And what is a inconvenience for the average nouveau riche westerner is a death sentence to people in India, the Middle East, Africa, and Latin America.
I have a stack of even the UN reports here admitting that billions are going into starvation and that millions will starve to death and millions are dying now because of the breakdown of the economy.
More than half the world's population lives at a hand-to-mouth subsistence where close to half and in some cases 80% of their money goes to food.
And so while everybody's getting into being scared of the virus that is a weaponized cold virus and that is killing more than the flu does every year, it looks like a lot of the projections will be right.
Probably 80,000 or so this year.
Mike Adams' original projection, dead.
The hysteria is the real weapon, and it will kill millions of people this year.
And I'm going to, later in the broadcast, last segment of this hour, read to you where the people are starving to death, en masse, because of this, all over the world.
And then the sick, evil Pope says that, oh, this is because it's nature's revenge for ignoring climate change.
And saying we need to cut our carbon, which would kill over a billion people in the next decade, the UN's models show.
So the UN's running this global government, telling all the nation states what to do, while they're the ones actually cutting the food off.
But even the Daily Beast and even Fauci have had to cover their bases.
They have a very powerful clip coming up, bottom of the hour.
Where Bill Gates went on TV this weekend and said, Oh, well, we'll have hundreds of thousands of people get sick and die from the vaccine because we're going to give it to every person on earth.
And he admits that there will be side effects in young people, especially.
And so he says, we need governments to indemnify the companies that are bringing forth the vaccine, which are run by Bill and Melinda Gates.
Boy, when they're even telling you, like the drug commercials, hey, this drug can kill your ass, but it shows happy people dancing or whatever, while they say that, juxtaposing it, you know it's deadly.
And he already patented it two years ago, the actual COVID-19 virus.
It's the same.
It's a chimera right out of China.
That's where they developed it.
And now they've just got to put it in the vaccine and have the trials.
That's how they hit the ground running.
And this is a guy that openly says we need to vaccinate people to lower the world's population.
And that says kill old people, but now he really cares about them a lot.
Because you see, when you take the COVID-19 vaccine on average, it will lower your immunity, according to all the studies of other similar vaccines, at least 50%.
Look up, flu vaccine lowers immunity.
To flu.
And that's why they now have studies that people that have been vaccinated don't live as long and die of the flu.
That's in studies.
That's why they're like, oh, actually, if you're old, you've been taking the flu vaccine too much and it's not effective.
Stop it.
It actually lets the flu kill you the next year.
Because it covers that mutation.
But then it lowers your immunity to all the other flus.
That's how it works.
But if your body learns to beat something naturally, it boosts it against all of them.
And again, I've had medical doctors on to explain this.
We've had virologists on.
There's never been a flu vaccine that was picked that was the right mutation for the next year.
Never happened.
And that's why they never had one for the common cold.
Because there's thousands of them every year.
They now admit there's hundreds of COVID-19 versions.
Now, there is a lot that we're going to be breaking down here today, but there's a report I want to go to that's very, very important that Gregory's just put out that will be posted on Infowars.com within minutes.
And this deals with the Communist Party.
China fires a warning shot directly at the globalists.
Here it is.
In the intelligence community, a limited hangout is the deliberate revelation of some information about malfeasance to try to confuse and or prevent discovery of other information.
In a recent Daily Mail article, the Communist Chinese admit, after four years of denial, that the COVID-19 virus resulted from work being done in the Wuhan Institute of Virology.
And was paid for by the U.S.
National Institute of Health, run by none other than Anthony Fauci during the Obama administration.
In the article, the CCP admits to harvesting their bats from a single cave in Yunnan, China, thereby vindicating the work of Indian researchers who scanned its genome and found evidence that COVID-19 is a man-made hybrid, also known as a chimera virus.
Controversy sparked in 2015 over the creation of a chimeric SARS-like virus at the University of North Carolina and a moratorium was enacted to end gain-of-function research in the United States.
Gain-of-function research involves genetically increasing the transmissibility of deadly pathogens.
Immediately following this moratorium, the Obama administration and the National Institute of Health under Dr. Anthony Fauci outsourced the work to the Wuhan Virology Lab in China.
The NIH awarded $3.7 million in research grants to the Wuhan Institute of Virology for gain-of-function coronavirus experimentation on bats.
The Wuhan Institute lists the NIH as a partner, as well as the University of Alabama, the University of North Texas, Harvard University, and the National Wildlife Federation.
The CCP still claims that it was an accident, suggesting that the innocent bat experiments may have gotten out of control.
But the admission is that COVID-19 came from the Wuhan laboratory and it was paid for and directed by Anthony Fauci and the NIH.
The very same Fauci who is now suggesting extended lockdowns and mandatory vaccinations in the United States.
As the world increasingly blames China for the COVID-19 virus, the CCP has fired a not-so-subtle warning shot across the bow of their American deep state accomplices.
A massive war with China could potentially make all talk of deep state corruption vanish.
Reporting for InfoWars.com, this is Greg Reese.
Hi, I'm your host, Alex Jones.
Very grave things are happening right now.
Let me do this.
Let me lay out what's going to be covered today.
And then we're going to open the phones up in the second and third hour.
Then Gerald Cilente is in the fourth hour out of the war room with Owen Schroer today.
You're on the InfoWars radio TV network.
3 to 6 p.m.
ahead of Robert Barnes doing America Countdown.
Dealing with the plan to implode the economy and bring in global depression.
Even JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs are saying if we're shut down more than four more weeks, depression is absolutely confirmed.
Depression is already hitting in the third world.
People are starving to death en masse.
The UN estimates an extra two million people will starve to death this year.
But it's worth it if it saves a couple hundred thousand people globally.
Because it gives big tech surveillance powers.
It gives big pharma medical tyranny powers.
This is a giant takeover.
So let me say this now, then I'm going to elaborate on it next segment after I cover some of the news.
This virus release, we've always said on air for several decades, is the globalist main takeover system.
Because it gets every checkbox they need of locking things down, getting rid of cash, surveilling people, being able to lock up arrests wherever they want, being able to create total fear, being able to absolutely starve the third world, and be able to force things into your body that then slowly debilitate you with binary weapon systems and kill you.
And so it was easy to predict this would be their main assault.
They said it would be their main assault.
And even though every country isn't under globalist control, like Russia,
Or Iran, or North Korea.
They have their own corruption problems and evil problems, and they like the power grab as well.
And so the World Health Organization coordinates it, the Chi-Coms duplicate how you're supposed to behave.
They set the precedent, the most evil regime in history.
The media and others and universities and big corporations stampede Western governments into getting behind it.
And then, I told you 10 weeks ago,
I said watch!
They'll say it's a permanent emergency and will never end.
And they're going to have to cycle it on and off.
And now JP Morgan's put out a cycling chart for the next two years and we'll get a vaccine within a year and it'll be forced, but if you're hurt, you'll be given a payment.
Bill Gates is coming up saying that.
So they know the UN came out two months ago, three months ago and said, we can't cover this up.
Vaccines are killing people en masse and hurting them bad.
Our own doctors know it's bad.
So now they're just going to go, you know what?
It does hurt you, but it's for a greater good and you will take it.
But that's a lie too.
They released it, it doesn't protect you, and it's right here in the news that people that tested positive before now have it, and people that tested negative now have it, and people that, and the tests don't work, and most of them are faulty, and it picks up normal cold viruses and says it's corona, because it is corona.
It's like, is that a Jersey milk cow?
Or is that a Santa Gertrudis beef cow?
It's a cow.
And so there is no damn vaccine.
It is only to lower your immunity.
Bill Gates wants you dead.
He's on record.
And that's what's so crazy about this.
You know, you notice we've obsessed over Bill Gates for 20 plus years and everybody goes, why do you do that?
Why is he in your films?
Well, he's just a Microsoft guy.
And I'm like, you watch, he'll one day be on TV telling you they're coming with forced inoculations and microchips and world government.
And now they are because he is the chief science officer.
I'm not up here blowing smoke up your rear end, folks.
Bill Gates doesn't finance TV shows attacking me and finance lawsuits against me because he likes me.
I've got his damn number!
You think I'd mess with somebody like that if it isn't true?
He's a murderer!
He's a psychotic James Bond villain!
And I thought, as Americans, we'd get pissed about somebody like that and do something about him.
And I think we are.
But this is a weapon system aimed at poor people to starve them.
It is a bio-weapon because it cuts the economy and the food off, and they're going to die.
Over 2 billion people are at starvation level, and Lord Monkton's done excellent analyses of this and estimates that under the carbon taxes they wanted, a billion would die in a decade.
Well, now they're admitting this will end up killing billions if the global depression stays for a decade.
It's going to kill hundreds of millions of people.
Let's go to a very important special report, and we'll come back.
Let's go to the New Normal Will Destroy America.
The Republic is coming apart at the seams.
You're violating a governor order.
I highly suggest you go home.
A defiant paddle boarder found himself in over his head in hot water when sheriff's deputies surrounded him near Malibu Pier.
I ain't breaking no law, ain't selling no drugs.
I'm just preaching the word of God.
And look at all these police cars here.
The sign at Donaldson Park says closed, but in smaller print says, in groups of no more than four persons, parks remain open for walking, hiking, biking, running, and similar activities.
Matt was just there with his wife and six-year-old.
He says it was the officers who were violating social distancing guidelines.
During this whole contact, you know, none of the officers had masks on, none of them had gloves on, you know, and they're in my face, handcuffing me, they're touching me.
I certainly don't think it's appropriate for
All in the name of a new normal which defies our inalienable rights and is plunging the U.S.
into a recession.
Once the facts are laid bare, couldn't those aggressively pushing for it be committing open treason?
It's enough to make Attorney General Barr shudder at the long-term consequences.
Generally speaking, there are occasions where liberties have to be restricted during certain emergencies, such as war.
Or, in this case, a potentially devastating pandemic.
But they have to be balanced.
Whatever steps you take have to be balanced against the civil liberties of the American people.
And it cannot be used as an excuse for broad deprivations of liberty.
So, as things proceed, you know, we're going to be interested in both what the federal government is imposing, and also making sure that that's justified, but also what the states do.
Once this is over, will we analyze the globalist Hail Mary pass to take out Trump and American economic success, after all of the Russiagate impeachment nonsense?
Or will we face a new wave of attacks as the Department of Homeland Security has eerily predicted?
Politico reported the Department of Homeland Security has warned the faith-based community that the threat of attacks against houses of worship may be higher once religious services resume due to stressors caused by the coronavirus pandemic.
Is this truly a threat?
Or is it a threat against the First Amendment?
And now, as all 50 states are under a major disaster declaration for the first time in U.S.
history, the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis president, Neel Keshkari, has declared that without an effective vaccine for the coronavirus, the U.S.
economy could face 18 months of rolling shutdown.
So I have studied the globalists and the eugenicists and their operations for 35 years.
I kind of fell into it when I was a teenager, researching.
It was so fascinating.
I was always into comic books and science fiction.
I started reading history books around the house about World War II, World War I, ancient Rome, and I was like, wow, this is much better than fiction.
Truth is stranger.
And so, instead of being like a fake professor, you know, that gets a degree studying one area, I studied a wide range of things.
And so now,
Watching the globalists launch their full assault.
I mean, there's their takeover, their AI, anti-human takeover, their medical tyranny takeover, their wipe out the third world, uh, devastator weapons.
And seeing America flat-footed and not knowing what's going on, and seeing the Pentagon and the CIA and the President following suit with what we recommend six weeks after we do,
Quite frankly, freaks me out.
Now, it's not that the Pentagon, the President doesn't know all this.
But they're in this echo chamber of globalist BS.
And so, just having something to ping back on that's saying exactly what they're in secret meetings saying.
They're like, how does this guy know it?
How do I know all this stuff?
The damn New World Order's out in the open, naked as a jaybird!
And so, I don't even have a feeling of anger anymore, and it's gone from anger to disgust to just sorrow.
You know, if America's this pathetic, we don't care about 62 million babies, and we think it's cool the left says kill old people and don't take care of them, and that we're this selfish of a society, then fine, just burn it all down.
But I want Bill Gates and others to walk the plank first.
Oh, I haven't forgotten about them.
I mean seriously folks, if we would throw our birthright away and act like this, and let people do things like this, I mean, look, all I have is honesty and I'll tell you what Trump should do.
They've already arrested the head biologist for being a Chinese spy at Harvard, and getting tens of millions of dollars secretly and running all these operations.
What do you think Epstein did?
What do you think Bill Gates does?
What the hell is Microsoft doing running the Pentagon Cloud?
We're under attack by a foreign military with collaborators.
And it wasn't on the news in 1941, you know, when the Marines just went around in plain clothes killing all the Nazis, okay?
And killing the collaborators.
And they'd come and say, we know you're working for the Nazis because you're in a German community.
You're gonna go help us and lead him to a spot where we're gonna kill him in this barn, or we're gonna kill you.
And we just killed him!
It was only 10 or 15 thousand we had to kill.
Took about a week!
You know, you don't play games with this stuff.
Kill the Chinese spies!
Kill them now!
I want them dead!
No more games!
I want Trump to issue death warrants now against all these people.
I want them killed.
I want them dead now.
And that's not some big shoot-my-mouth-off-act-tough thing.
I'll bring them down on me for that, but I don't care.
I will not sit here and watch this country gang-raped and the planet gang-raped, and more importantly, the giant third-world populations that are going to die by the hundreds of millions in the global depression.
It's all admitted in the numbers.
While we bitch and complain that some old people might die of a weaponized...
The CHICOMS with the Deep State launched it.
So there, that's why I've been pissed off.
The crews asked me why I've been so upset in a few days.
Because somebody's got to say it and tell it like it is.
That Harvard professor who's a CHICOM agent doesn't get a trial.
You know, here's the thing.
We're not getting trials.
America's having all its freedoms lost because we won't stand up to authoritarians and foreign governments.
When your country is in war, overrun, on the edge of total collapse, and these people hide behind due process while they piss on ours and close our churches and engage in all this crap, it's BS.
Now, I'm not going to kill anybody because that's not my job.
I'm just saying, when you sell bioweapons sequencing systems and nanotech technology on how to deliver and give gain of function to bioweapons, you get your neck broken.
So easy.
That's what you do.
You do not sit there and let this go on.
I'm not calling for anybody to kill this guy.
We need to roll him up and find out who all the Chinese spies are.
But China got pissed with their deep staters when Trump started rolling him up.
So they got with the deep staters and said, all right, you gave us this weapon.
You develop it with us.
That way you won't blame us.
You won't.
Blame you.
This is China having a discussion, you know, back in November.
We don't have the votes to get rid of him.
Go ahead and do the impeachment while we buy time, while we incubate the virus.
Keep your borders open.
We'll order Chinese citizens that have it to go into your country.
That's why there was just huge waves coming in and leaving of rich Chinese.
I saw it all over Austin.
I'm like, what the hell?
It's all these rich, arrogant Chinese with diamonds and all over and Gucci bags and $200,000 Mercedes laughing at people.
They were bringing it in.
They were releasing it.
You've seen the videos of them touching all the laptops at Best Buy and wiping their feet with the mask they ship you, you know, to take care of.
And they order the first responders.
Here, Xi Jinping brought you a mask.
It's a bio attack.
But they made an agreement with Obama and Hillary and those and Fauci that shipped them the weapons eight years ago and again five years ago.
It's all on record, by the way.
And they said, we'll get Trump, we'll plunge the global economy, bring in the depopulation, we'll do it all right now, we'll worship Xi Jinping and communist China, and then we'll blame Trump and say it's his fault the economy goes under.
Why do we sit here and take this?
Because it's a new type of attack?
Like aircraft carriers in World War II?
We're supposed to be ahead of all of this stuff.
All this you do is covert action!
We don't have time!
I mean, they'll do that with the Mexican Mafia or MS-13 and give them an acid bath.
Why aren't we taking the gloves off and sending in the Army and the Marines to kill these people?
Kill them!
Kill them now!
And again, it's just as simple.
Why are we going to sit here and take bio-attacks against our country?
Why are we going to sit here and take an economic warfare attack with Democrats smiling like the Cheshire Cat of what they just did to us?
And they're bragging how they were going to do it and they've been caught doing it.
We don't need to disrupt the economy.
We need to turn the fear off so people take basic precautions, deal with the bio-attack, and not let the people that launched it at the NIH and Bill Gates and all of them get away with this!
It's a coup against America!
And they manipulated Trump with, oh, don't let Bezos, who's your enemy, get control of the cloud for the Pentagon.
Let Gates, he's a good guy.
They've been manipulating Trump into all of this.
We're at war with Communist China, but Communist China is run by the globalists.
And we are dealing with this right now.
And it's not the American people's job to go out and be violent.
Because literally, that's not your job.
I'm telling the President, and I'm telling the Pentagon, you keep letting the deep state do all this, and they've endangered the whole planet and everything now, and they intend to bring everything down and make hundreds of millions of people starve to death.
Are you going to sit there and let this happen?
Because I'm not a violent person, offensively.
I feel ashamed that we're allowing this to happen.
I feel like their blood is on my hands.
And so, my business is sticking my neck out there, okay?
That's what I do.
I'm not worried.
But the globalists think they're gonna kick our ass!
So I'm gonna tell the president again.
You're in a fight for your life.
I'm in a fight for my life.
America is.
No more games.
They started it.
They did it.
We're in a hot war.
Take Hollywood over, the CHICOMS already did.
Take the Federal Reserve over.
The globalists have control of it.
Take control of the country now and restore the Republic now.
George Washington would have a stack of death warrants two feet tall.
And when he's done kicking ass, he goes back to the farm.
That's what we want.
So, the President needs to do his job and launch covert, direct action now!
Kill the enemy, President Trump!
Kill them!
By the way, all I said last segment is that when your country's under attack by powerful, multinational acts of evil,
And they're using the openness and freedom of your society against you.
It's a military power.
They're enemy combatants.
Take the gloves off.
And the president has to start thinking like that and not worry about the Democrats, who are Chinese spies, on average, about 90% of the time, on record.
Stop worrying about what they say and do.
You cut off the Chinese agents.
You arrest the collaborators, the foreign operatives that are here.
I mean, the Chinese kill our operatives in China.
We don't have any over there.
We're a joke, so we're treated like it.
And so now they've launched a damn bio-attack on us with the deep state to remove the president and people loyal in the government.
Everybody's like, man, that's a radical statement.
That's where we are.
When you're fighting for your life, you're fighting for your life.
Again, this is just... Let me show you the type of stuff here in the stack, because I look at all this before we go on air.
I don't just put this out every day to act like I'm looking at it.
Look at this.
China announces plan to invade Taiwan.
Concern grows over China's invasion threat.
Taiwan says Chinese carrier drills close to island.
China sends aircraft carrier to Japan.
Taiwan as U.S.
Navy struggles with coronavirus.
Oh, give me a break.
They're not struggling with it.
They're just, oh my God, 50 people on the ship have it.
One guy's real sick.
I mean, and then he didn't get to wear pink underwear.
I mean, it's just this ninnying.
You know, China has giant death camps.
The left's like, oh, we love death camps.
Don't talk about being mean to Chinese agents in the U.S.
Give them bubblegum to chew.
Pack them on the head.
Taiwan scrambles warships as PLA Navy aircraft carrier strike group heads for the Pacific.
And China says, the headline was Saturday, we are now in a physical military posture and are preparing for the invasion of Taiwan and it's hardly in the news.
Imagine if Trump said he was getting ready to invade, you know, Cuba.
China released the bioweapon in conjunction with the deep state.
To shut down Taiwan, to shut down their political enemies, and then to direct it against the West.
And they've been, and the UN and the whole media has been concerted.
And the Washington Post had the headline, Xi Jinping needs to destroy Trump.
You know, the Nazis had a big cult in America before World War II.
They had some national polls that showed up to half of America supported them.
Because our media told us they were good guys because the robber barons were supporting Herr Hitler.
Henry Ford.
The list goes on and on.
There's the Washington Post.
Gee's Choice.
Destroy Trump or save him and weaken America.
That's the sicko freakazoids we have in our government, in our media.
And then you've got the Harvard chemistry chairman charged for working with the Chi-Coms.
And again.
These guys were told by the Council on Foreign Relations that that was their job, the transfers of China.
That's how they were going to defeat America militarily.
This was a globalist takeover plot.
And I'm saying we're fighting for our lives.
So you might want to take the gloves off.
At least fight with fists when your enemy's got a machine gun and a dagger in the other hand.
They got a machine gun and a dagger.
They're doing all this.
And we're just sitting there going, oh, can I fight you with a powder puff?
I'm the guy that tried to stop the globalist takeover.
I'm the guy that tried to stop the police state.
Because I knew if the globalists got control of America, they'd use the police against us.
But we have a fighting chance now, and on average, the police, at least in our country, understand what's going on.
And the globalists want a civil war.
You go, well, if they come for the guns and keep things locked down and there's a depression, there'll be a civil war.
Not if there's an invisible enemy.
That turns the people against each other.
This has all been war game.
It's all been prepared.
There's one thing that stops them dead in their tracks.
That's Trump coming out like he did last week and saying the World Health Organization has been put in charge by the Chinese.
They got their own director in for a decade.
He put all his people in.
They control it.
They've bought it off.
It's a fraud.
They don't direct our response.
America's not scared.
This killed a million people.
We can handle it.
We'll take basic precautions, but not shut down our farms, not shut down our factories.
He'd show the numbers that a half billion just went into poverty.
Two billion are at almost death rate, and they predict millions will starve to death this year.
The UN's own documents, I'll show you next hour.
And we're just going to let the third world starve to death?
And all this because the virus and the media and then don't forget the big news story.
The Communist Chinese came out this weekend and said, okay, probably didn't come out of that market.
Okay, the U.S.
government under Fauci and Obama gave us the virus.
It's just like we told you nine weeks ago.
And leave us alone.
Don't blame us because we'll blame you.
Well, forget good.
Expose Fauci.
Expose Obama.
But see how they've got the guy right there next to Trump who comes out and keeps saying Trump's a liar.
Let's play these clips right now.
Here's Fauci.
has more coronavirus tests than any other country.
That's because they do more tests than anybody else.
Then they always say we're not doing enough tests.
Here's clip five.
Fauci blames Trump for not responding to coronavirus in February.
This is from a few days ago.
But here he is.
Back in February, what he said, advising the President to stand down.
Oh, don't stop the Chinese coming in.
Don't stop the flights, sir.
Everything's fine.
But he thinks you don't have a memory.
Now, he says the opposite.
Here is the man, the globalist agent, the man behind the HIV, so much of the actual devil incarnate.
Here's Fauci, blames Trump for not responding to coronavirus in February.
Here he is.
The New York Times reported yesterday that you and other top officials wanted to recommend social and physical distancing guidelines to President Trump as far back as the third week of February, but the administration didn't announce such guidelines to the American public until March 16th, almost a month later.
You know, Jake, as I've said many times, we look at it from a pure health standpoint.
We make a recommendation.
Often the recommendation is taken.
Sometimes it's not.
But it is what it is.
We are where we are right now.
It is what it is, you little piece of crap.
You advised the president not even to stop the Chinese flying in on record, you little monster.
You little goblin.
Let's go ahead and play what he actually said back then.
So, Dr. Fauci, it's Saturday morning in America.
People are waking up right now with real concerns about this.
They want to go to malls and movies, maybe the gym as well.
Should we be changing our habits, and if so, how?
No, right now, at this moment, there is no need to change anything that you're doing on a day-by-day basis.
Right now the risk is still low, but this could change.
I've said that many times, even on this program.
You've got to watch out because although the risk is low now, you don't need to change anything you're doing.
When you start to see community spread, this could change and force you to become much more attentive to doing things that would protect you from spread.
And that's why he was busy flying the thousands in, making sure they didn't get tested, making sure it spread well, because he works for the UN, the globalists, Bill Gates, Rockefeller setup, Mao Zedong, so that they had Xi do this.
But Xi said, OK, give me a weapon.
So we both have it.
So I got it from you.
So when I use it in the future for a global government power grab, you don't blame us.
Well, Trump starts blaming him because he got into power.
They're like, oh, we got this from Fauci.
Just like I told Trump, go after Comey.
Just like I told him, go after all these guys.
You have to go after him.
Just destroy him in public.
Get him up there next to you.
Don't even tell him.
And then they start going, by the way, I'm having you arrested for being a Chinese spy, you little piece of crap.
Just, they'll all run, just like rats.
But instead, we just rope a dope and go through this whole thing.
It's unbelievable.
Arrest Fauci.
Don't fire Fauci like Ron Paul's saying.
Arrest him for crimes against humanity.
And call for the indictment of Obama and all of them for what they've done.
They're on record and I'll cover that next hour as well.
And show you Bill Gates saying we need liability protection.
The vaccine is going to kill a lot of people.
But we need liability protection, so they're getting you ready, because this is going to be out.
Just like Gardasil killed a bunch of people and sterilized them, you're going to love this one.
By the way, ladies and gentlemen, with all the craziness going on, I suspect the Globals will probably launch another bio-attack even worse than this, because we've bowed down so well to this, just on this low-level one.
Who knows what's going to happen?
I personally am doing everything I can to boost my body's defenses, and it funds the InfoWar.
Get Real Red Pill, Real Red Pill Plus.
Still 50% off at InfoWarshore.com with the zinc.
I think so.
X3, very close.
I've been telling you for selling out.
Won't be back in for months.
Well, the triiodine, the deep-earth crystalline and two other types.
I told you, like the scientist told me, come out with that.
It's even better.
You even heard, you know, that MIT doctor had on saying the triiodine is the way to go.
Well, we've got it.
Infowarsstore.com and that purchase funds the operation.
So please take action today.
But whatever you do,
As you know, I rarely air something twice in the same show, but I never air something three times, and we're only an hour
And one minute into the transmission, and I'm about to air this for a third time, then I'm going to come back and dutifully just report to the American people and the President in very concise packages what is going on and what's coming next in my perspective, which I really wish wasn't so dead on.
It's nightmarish, actually.
But it's very clear when you sit here and immerse yourself constantly in this and don't pretend to do research but actually live it.
I've never
I've never dreamed.
I've never dreamed all night long for eight hours about problems and about how to deal with things.
And it was vivid waking dreams, researching all this to get on air today and do a good job breaking it down.
That's how serious all this is.
I mean, I might have a few dreams where I'm working on things, but now it was all night like I was in a classroom, like I was just absolutely just
Breaking my mind, trying to just warn people on how serious this is and how incredible it is and what's going to happen if we don't stand up.
So we're going to air this special report that's on Infowars.com.
Communist Party China fires a warning shot at their Deep State collaborators that must go viral, must be sent to the White House.
You want to stop the globalists?
Get this intel to every member of Congress, get it to every talk show host you know.
It's on Bandot Video as well.
Here it is.
In the intelligence community, a limited hangout is the deliberate revelation of some information about malfeasance to try to confuse and or prevent discovery of other information.
In a recent Daily Mail article, the Communist Chinese admit, after four years of denial, that the COVID-19 virus resulted from work being done in the Wuhan Institute of Virology.
...and was paid for by the U.S.
National Institute of Health, run by none other than Anthony Fauci during the Obama administration.
In the article, the CCP admits to harvesting their bats from a single cave in Yunnan, China, thereby vindicating the work of Indian researchers who scanned its genome and found evidence that COVID-19 is a man-made hybrid, also known as a chimera virus.
Controversy sparked in 2015 over the creation of a chimeric SARS-like virus at the University of North Carolina and a moratorium was enacted to end gain-of-function research in the United States.
Gain-of-function research involves genetically increasing the transmissibility of deadly pathogens.
Immediately following this moratorium, the Obama administration and the National Institute of Health under Dr. Anthony Fauci outsourced the work to the Wuhan Virology Lab in China.
The NIH awarded 3.7 million dollars in research grants to the Wuhan Institute of Virology for gain-of-function coronavirus experimentation on bats.
The Wuhan Institute lists the NIH as a partner as well as the University of Alabama, the University of North Texas, Harvard University, and the National Wildlife Federation.
The CCP still claims
He claims that it was an accident, suggesting that the innocent bat experiments may have gotten out of control.
But the admission is that COVID-19 came from the Wuhan laboratory and it was paid for and directed by Anthony Fauci and the NIH.
The very same Fauci who is now suggesting extended lockdowns and mandatory vaccinations in the United States.
As the world increasingly blames China for the COVID-19 virus, the CCP has fired a not-so-subtle warning shot across the bow of their American deep state accomplices.
A massive war with China could potentially make all talk of deep state corruption vanish.
Reporting for InfoWars.com, this is Greg Reese.
Defending the Republic from enemies foreign and domestic.
It's Alex Jones.
The globalists and their chi-com cohorts and their Hollywood allies have been trying to crash the economy for the last three and a half years.
They've been trying to remove President Trump with hoax after hoax.
Well, that didn't work.
They launched the UN's Pride.
The ZZACs, which they said would bring in world government.
And they're so arrogant and so evil, like master villains are, just like in cartoons or movies.
They bragged in all these white papers and books how they'd do it.
That's how we have all these documentaries and reports and films at Bandot Video that are going viral.
You know, we're talking the average video now we put out on this has like 500,000 views on our own third party platform.
Unheard of.
A lot of them have over a million.
They're being copied everywhere.
And believe me, they're being watched at the Pentagon.
They're being watched at 10 Downing Street because they're like, how does Jones know this?
It's not like I'm even telling him stuff that I really don't know.
It's just unheard of to have this on air.
That's why you saw three weeks ago, Tim Donahue came out and said, OK, looks like it's a bioweapon.
Looks like certain elements in the West worked with him to release this to bring down the economy.
China's going to have to be brought down for this.
The CCP.
Time is party, China.
It's incredible.
America is fighting for its life right now.
And I've got all the numbers here that we're going to go over that if we don't reverse this, the depression's imminent.
It's already here.
It's already destroying the third world.
Talk about mass starvation, talk about mass death.
As the president said, you want mass death, this is it.
And then there's just the bombshell, bombshell, bombshell.
Everybody overuses bombshell, but I mean global bombshell.
That the Chinese government releases that, okay, we were working on gain-of-function COVID-19 at that lab in Wuhan, down the street from where they said it broke out.
We were funded by Obama and Fauci.
What you gonna do?
That is total blackmail.
And that's why they used a weapon they've been given by Obama.
And it's not like we just started saying that yesterday when it was picked up in the newspapers.
We told you, I looked it up,
February 4th.
So how many months ago is that?
That's two months and over a week.
So that's nine weeks ago.
That specifically Obama and Fauci and the NIH in 2015 transferred a gain-of-function chimera coronavirus
That is nanotech that they're able to manipulate and weld things onto.
The CHICOMS couldn't figure that out.
They had to be given it by Obama.
And I had the head lawyer, the Harvard lawyer that prosecuted world dictators, Somolajevic, and wrote the U.S.
bioweapons law and the world treaties and all of it, on 9 Weeks to Go saying, they sold it to them, they gave it to them, it's gain of function.
And then you watch the scripting and the choreography and the architecture of the exactness of how the Chai Coms rolled it out, how Hollywood rolled it out, how the media was lockstep and how
This thing was pushed.
It was launched on purpose.
It didn't leak out of there on accident.
Obama had given that to them.
The globalists had given that to them at some future date to release this to create the world lockdown for the UN World Health Organization to take over with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.
Boy, do we have something for you coming up at the bottom of the hour.
We will air it.
Wait till you see this.
Microsoft has put out a two and a half minute ad literally worshiping the head of the church of Alistair Crowley.
Wait till you see this.
And it's all, oh, don't worry, you're in virtual reality now.
You can
Now that you're locked up in your house, Microsoft wants you for free, when you open it up, to look at their Grand Falloon.
Kurt Vonnegut, a big listener of the show.
Not bragging, it's just cool.
We had a few conversations before he died, and he sent me some art and things like that, but...
Grand Faloons are how established, especially rich people, will celebrate some stupid person or some dumb thing.
A Grand Faloon would be Leslie, this horrible, nasty drug dealer, a guy with a beard with diarrhea running down his legs, that has been around Austin for 20 years.
I had an office by him, didn't know it, had to see the stuff he was doing every day.
I mean, he was a very sad person.
The left celebrated him as a Grand Faloon.
This devil worshiper lady, who said in a Reddit post, no I really do Crowley Rituals, I believe this.
For you it's art, for me it's ritual.
This woman is a grand falloon.
You know, why would they want to buy a $500 million painting of a skull, a bloody skull with semen on it?
Because if children are starving and you could feed 100 million children with that money, over and over again,
If you can put it on some devil worshipper that poops on a skull... See, that's satanic.
Maria Abranovich.
I mean, that's what they believe this woman is.
Even though she looks just like a... fat old lady.
And they worship this giant sack of trash.
That's coming up, bottom of the hour.
And you know, that's my ongoing frustration that Bill Gates is a devil worshiper.
I mean, Bill Gates' best buddies with Jeffrey Epstein.
I told you that years ago, it all came out.
And then we have to sit here and like a little devil worshiper hopping around that like worships this clown woman who'll burn in hell?
It's incredible.
So all I'm saying is,
These people are a joke.
Okay, let me, let me do this.
I said I'd get into Bill Gates announcing that everyone's gonna be given forced inoculations worldwide and that hundreds of thousands of you will die.
I think that's a pretty, you know, hundreds of thousands haven't died worldwide from COVID-19, but he says hundreds of thousands have died from the vaccine, but that's a good price to pay.
You're gonna see him say that out of his little, little gremlin mouth.
You know, where I come from, we recognize those things real quick.
Anyways, the point is, is that we're going to talk about all that, coming up and show you who your enemy is, and then give the number out right now.
That's 877-789-ALEX, 877-789-2539.
Country code, if you're calling international and can't call 1-800, most of you can, but you can't.
Country code, and then 512-646-1776.
5, 1, 2, 6, 4, 6, 17, 76.
And then we've got 8, 7, 7, 7, 8, 9, Alex.
I'm going to go to break.
I'm going to be a good boy and come back and cover all this.
But God abhors a vacuum.
And us all acting like a bunch of jellyfish is a vacuum.
And so if you really want evil,
God's gonna give it to you.
China's openly getting ready to invade Taiwan, openly saying it.
America's outgunned with traitor spies all over it, trying to bring the economy down.
And all I'm saying is, is if Trump's the big man he says he is, he'd do what any U.S.
president would do before, whether it was Andrew Jackson, George Washington, or even hell, Eisenhower.
And before him, Teddy Roosevelt had him go around and grab the Nazis up.
I mean, you know.
Tom, that's just what you do when you're overrun with- I mean, citizens have rights to say and do whatever they want, as long as they didn't call for violence.
But when you have foreign powers financing groups for the overthrow of the country itself and the enslavement and the taking of rights, well, that's when you roll the sleeves up and say, okay, time to get your fight.
So that's where we are.
And Trump's been arresting the Confucian Club people and a bunch of the CHICOM agents and the head of Harvard running this stuff.
That's good.
That's a good start.
That's a good start.
And I, again, personally don't want anybody to not go out and do those.
I want the president to sign death warrants, and then I want it carried out properly, legally.
I'm not calling for any violence.
I'm just simply saying, if the President doesn't start acting, there's going to be more violence than anybody could ever imagine, because we're going to have a depression and total war, and probably World War III and the end of the planet.
So, I'd just like to stop this now.
Please, Mr. President, I warned you that when the impeachment failed, they were cooking up a bio-attack, and I'm on record.
I'm on record.
I'm on record.
So listen to me now.
Listen to the Oracle of Austin.
We'll be right back.
Mario Abramovic, the swollen pig-like maggot that the devil worshippers bow to, had a disgusting Microsoft Worship Ad, because they always worship her.
Again, worshipping something ugly, something stunted, something diseased, is an inversion of Christ.
They worship this shrunken head of Satan.
It had 99% downvotes.
We've got screenshots coming up.
Because I was going to premiere the video next segment for you.
They pulled it!
Microsoft thought when Gates is so scared he goes, worship Satan in public!
Lesser magic!
Because she prays with him.
I've met with people that used to be in her church.
She prays and they do rituals and they're all scared.
They go, oh Alistair Crowley, oh please help us!
Just because Satan gave you the power to rape everybody doesn't mean you're a powerful scum.
And that's the thing with these Satanists, they live in such incredible fear.
So I just love it.
Bill Gates, who hangs out with her and hangs out with Jeffrey Epstein, we'll show you photos of that coming up, is absolutely running scared.
In fact, I'm not going to premiere this next segment now because I want Bill Gates with Jeffrey Epstein.
I want articles about him lying about it, being caught living there, living with him in Europe and New York.
I mean, he lives with him, months on end, along with the Prince and all the weird stuff they did.
And then, Bravanovich, Abranovich drops by, and they like, you know, wallow around, and just, ugh!
And like, imagine her telling Podesta, come to the meeting, we have the sperm and the milk and the blood!
And he's like, I can't help it, I've gotta go to that!
And then his brother is in the 2007 Washington Post about his avant-garde art, and it's all pedophilia and tied-up children, three-year-olds in dungeons hanging out by their legs.
And one of them, of course, is Anderson Cooper.
I mean, that's why, like, stop it already!
Come on, man.
Come on.
Come on.
I mean, I never get sick of beer and watching a movie with my wife and hanging out with my kids in the swimming pool.
I mean, it never crosses my mind to tie kids up and then much less put it on in the Washington Post.
Yeah, get it off the screen.
I don't want to.
He goes, yeah, this is the dungeon I hang the kids up by their feet in, you know.
We can't show this.
You know, we have radio stations and TV stations, you know, call up and say, can you talk about this?
Well, especially the TV stations.
They go, can you show that?
I'm like, the Washington Post had a whole spread on it because it's called lesser magic.
Satanists have to show you what they're doing to normalize it.
They believe that's kind of like Mario Brothers, Mario Kart or Super Mario Brothers, where you like
Get a bunch of jewels and you get the mushroom and you get superpower.
It's like a bonus level.
You've got to tell people what you're doing and then you get all the bonus levels.
We got Trevor.
We got Daniel.
We got Don.
We got David.
We got Paul.
We got Brian.
We got Chase.
We got a lot of folks.
We're going to take your calls.
But I tend to get up here and get a little aggressive about this.
I either get really depressed or really angry or really almost manic about it.
And the truth is that
I have to kind of make a sick joke out of all this, or I'm going to start bawling on air.
And I'm going to start having an anxiety attack.
Because you know what my brain's telling me, right?
It's like, son, you ain't supposed to be up here talking about this.
You're not a talker.
That's just one of your little sidekicks.
You're a head smasher.
And I try to control my instincts, because I understand we're in a new war.
I use information war.
But I'm just here to tell you.
It's sweet as pumpkin pie that they're so disconnected from reality that they thought if they did a ritual externalizing her and worshiping her, they believe that she can send power back to Bill Gates.
Oh yeah, she sent a lot of power to Anthony Weiner.
She sent a lot of power to Jeffrey Epstein and Hillary, didn't she?
Oh yeah, a lot of power.
You talk about deceived.
I mean, this is one of the number one worshipped people.
Because she's connected to the Rothschilds and the royal families of the Satanism.
And so they all just festoon her as the Grand Falloon.
And they roll this out and wear some bloated pimple head.
Oh look, you laid in a pentagram.
We're so scared of you.
They'll all drown in lakes of blood.
You know, it's the most valuable thing in my life that Podesta got Bloomberg and Bill Gates to put into a money fund and sue me.
They couldn't get the other big billionaire to do it.
I mean, I'm, you don't understand, I'm so proud of that.
That's like my most valuable thing, that devil-worshiping child molesters
Hate me and I'm renting space in their mind.
That's like when I get that little eek from God.
Like God's like, hey, let me show you something.
I'm like, whoa, why do I get this?
Well, I like what you're doing.
But you got to be ready because they're going to tear you limb from limb.
I'm like, yes, sir.
I'm ready for that.
Because I want more with the big guy.
And that's what these Satanists don't get.
If they ever had an enemy, look how pathetic and hunchbacked and diseased and with spoons of blood.
Oh, children's blood.
Oh, spoons of blood.
I'm so powerful.
A scorpion on your head.
Oh, and all these rich scum weirdo neurotics trying to act powerful.
You will all be destroyed very soon.
You want blood?
Blood on the streets and up to your ankles.
Can we cue up the Dwarf Song?
Alright, I gotta stop.
See, I haven't even scratched... I literally did hours of preparation last night.
I did hours of preparation.
I did 10 hours of preparation yesterday.
10 hours!
And then I got up here and did preparation.
And I don't want to go to your calls.
I just... They are flaming criminals, man!
And then there's the paradox.
How are they dominating us when they worship bloated blobs?
And then they try to, every video they put out, everyone rejects and hates them.
And so then they try to doll it up again and go, well, if we all have a big black altar, we all wear white suits and we simulate eating someone's body for the real thing and see who's into it, won't that scare them?
Will that make them go away and hide if we tell them that it scares them?
No, it doesn't scare us.
I will assure you.
But this is the best they've got.
So what does that say about us?
It says we've been asleep in a coma.
And we've allowed these Satanists to rule over us.
And so, for us to be able to get to the next level in God, we have to get through these people.
That are like...
A log jam of feces.
But we still have to get through, and I know you don't want to, that's the truth is, you don't want to go through it because that's why they put it there.
You're like, gosh, that's, I don't want to fight that.
I thought that was even powerful.
It's so revolting.
You're like, you just got to say, you know what?
I'm taking this jacket off.
I'm diving into this.
I'm going to get my hands around your throat.
You want to fight?
You're about to get one.
That's what it takes, ladies and gentlemen.
That's all I know is you want to fight my God.
God is giving me so much power I can't even contain it or believe it.
And I see you Satanists that aren't even in the same dimension.
I'm like, why the hell are they wanting power and going with this?
They can have eternal life and unlimited creation and be given God-like power, but they're pieces of crap that come from crap because their father is a loser!
A loser!
Those that live by the sword, die by the sword, thank God.
Because what you look for and what you love is what you get.
All right, let's get serious.
I went sidetracked off into the Devil Worshipper and how pathetic they are, but I'm going to play that start of the next hour.
Because they pulled the video where Microsoft jumped the shark, man.
And they literally, in the weirdo New York Society devil worship stuff, keep promoting this lady because they think they literally, she can save them.
And we have the video they banned and we've done something special with it.
I'm just going to leave it at that.
Let's just say I should stop it.
Because it's like giving a dead cockroach in the corner too much attention.
It kind of becomes, you kind of become the thing.
Like, do not stare into the abyss too long unless you become the abyss.
So let me just stop right there.
Let me be a good boy.
Let me be a really good boy.
Let me actually go to your phone calls.
But let me just briefly, I've never been able to do this.
26 years on air.
But let me just read you a few headlines.
I always kind of stick on one.
I'll read three or four or five.
I've said this a thousand times.
It's kind of like the old Tootsie Roll commercial.
In fact, can we start the next segment with that?
How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Roll?
And the wise Alan goes, a one, a two, a three, a three.
Well, I mean, how many articles can Alex Jones get through without stopping on one?
Former FDA head says China lies over COVID-19 should be investigated.
That's interesting.
India to probe Wuhan Institute of Virology.
Beijing tightens grip on coronavirus research amid US-China row over virus origin.
Global bombshell!
China admits to harvesting and testing COVID-19 like coronavirus is a Wuhan lab.
Deep economic suffering has erupted all over America, but guess who's Federal Reserve's helping?
They're rolling out the architecture of repression now because they fear the people.
Wuhan lab is performing coronavirus experiments on bat from cave where the disease is believed to have originated.
Well, that's Trump's fault.
Do it for Big Mama.
Surgeon General slammed for telling black Americans to stop drinking and doing drugs.
I don't just think it's black folks call their grandma Big Mama.
I guess in the South, a lot of white folks call their grandmother Big Mama.
In fact, I teased my mother and called her Big Mama.
Kids are around.
Let's keep going here.
Iran probe theory that coronavirus outbreak as they get bigger.
You know, America is a pretty prosperous country.
Mama ain't big.
Something's wrong with her.
Let's continue here, ladies and gentlemen.
Coronavirus vaccine hunt.
Could go horribly wrong.
Is that Alex Jones?
No, that's... PissFeed, BuzzFeed saying that.
Wow, really?
Oh, and that's the clip I haven't gotten to yet.
I'll have to cover that later.
Flight attendants and pilots ask, is it okay to keep working?
So that's the total shutdown.
No, you could die of the flu, too.
You could die in a damn plane crash.
It's this idea that someone's gonna keep you totally safe.
That's a way to paralyze you, cause a depression, and end up killing you, lady.
Oh, I kind of just bit the tootsie roll, didn't I?
I'm doing good though, John, right?
Harmon's been running the show for 17 years.
I mean, I've ever gone this far?
I don't know.
Let's keep going.
Kremlin says Moscow hospitals flooded with coronavirus deaths, though.
Passes 100!
I looked it up.
Moscow usually, in a month, loses about 400 people to the flu.
But again, it's like, whoo, whoo!
It's a perception, like 100 kids got killed in mass shootings this year.
That's super rare still, but it's like, ah, ah!
Well, you better turn your guns in!
You better stay in your house!
You better see it's a perception!
You better not get in the ocean!
A guy got eaten by a great white shark five years ago, right out there by that buoy!
My dad was out at his family ranch about a couple weeks ago, and this local guy, the property's right there by the little lake they got, and he goes, I'd watch you out in this little big mountain lot on that dam about a week ago when you're over there walking your dog.
Mountain lions have 40 to 100 mile ranges.
It's not around there.
But again, there might be five mountain lion attacks a year.
People are scared of them.
Let's continue.
Oh, let's talk about this.
I haven't hit this yet.
First Amendment.
All these lockdowns of churches.
Why does the government have such a hard-on for that but says the gay pride parades can go ahead and everything else?
I say let those go ahead, too.
Congress shall make no law respecting an established religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.
That's how the First Amendment starts.
It has no jurisdiction.
Kind of like a cop from one county can't go in the next county.
That's a beautiful thing, jurisdiction.
But they got jurisdiction now, don't they?
Or abridging the freedom of speech, or the press, or the right of the people to peacefully assemble, and to petition the government for redress of their grievances.
That's the first aid, brothers and sisters.
Have you noticed how much delight they are taking in shutting down churches all over the United States?
When worshiping God becomes a civil disobedience, the Democrat governor now bans American flag sales, and it gets worse.
Let's all see what they can do.
That's not a joke, folks.
That's in Michigan.
French doctor claims solid results in the study of hydroxychloroquine.
Well, don't listen to that.
UK shopper receives fine for buying wine and potato chips.
They say that's not essential.
See, it's always more, more, more, more.
You go, well, what level will they stop?
Whatever you put up with.
You watch these videos all there after we take calls of these arrogant police running around the UK.
They're the worst.
They knock a dude's door down.
He's sitting there going, no one's here.
They go, we got a search.
And when no one's there, they just leave.
The door's broken down.
shopper receives fine for buying wine and potato chips during COVID-19 lockdown.
police break in man's house to check if he's not having social gathering.
police force brags about hiding in the shadows to catch picnic goers, which you'd catch all the pedophiles and jihadis raping kids.
Big compilation on InfoWars.com.
Authoritarians run rampant during coronavirus lockdown.
Sweden faces stricter quarantine.
PM admits measures were not enough.
Oh, it'll never be enough.
I've got the Democrats right here.
I've got England.
Coronavirus headlines.
No end in sight.
May last year, says UK government.
Oh, you're damn right, man.
It's never gonna end, because you bent over real nice and pretty.
Now, we're going to go back to break here and then come back and take your calls.
I have not gotten to the starvation and mass and the actual millions starving to death because of this.
But that, again, that's okay.
Wear your mask, though.
Seven deaths last time I checked in Austin.
Total hysteria.
You go to the grocery store, people are cussing at you for not wearing a mask.
So I'm going to the local grocery store in the next few days wearing a Zor mask, a big lizard mask, with a mask.
They complain, I'm gonna say this is the latest technology.
But again, Bill Gates came out with the most incredible statement this weekend.
I haven't played it yet, I should have started the show with it.
And he said, forced inoculations are coming.
He's also got a digital vaccine, has an ink in it that puts microchips, nanochips in you.
Yeah, that's 1970s, that little grain of rice in you.
But he said, he said, hundreds of thousands will die from the vaccine, but that's okay.
Their families will be paid money.
Wait till you see this.
Let me tell you, anybody trying to forcibly inoculate me is going to get their own forced inoculation.
And can you guess with it?
I like full metal jackets, so it'll be brass and not lead, but seriously, folks.
You want the protection taken away?
Crank this up.
All these devil worshippers that wanted the hedge protection taken away?
They're gonna be the first fed, feet first in to the spiritual and physical wood chipper.
Nothing moves.
High noon.
Blacktop rolling before the asphalt.
All right, I'm gonna go to your calls and all the news, but I just want to explain why I tend to get aggressive and jovial on air.
When you metaphysically start with a large audience, it's a spiritual event connecting with our souls.
It's like a mass prayer event that's scientifically proven to release incredible resonance within the minds, within the souls, and the bodies of those involved in it.
It's just, we're electrochemically connected.
And we interact with each other off those signals.
And the system knows that.
So they always tell you it doesn't exist, it's not happening, because they don't want you to tap into that power, because they want to use artificial systems to try to override it.
But if you tap into the source, it can absolutely modulate and just hammer back the enemy like nothing else.
So when I go up against the Satanists and the globalists,
I get euphoric, I can peer into things, my mind speeds up, and I get high on the Holy Spirit, basically.
But that is projecting through my rose-colored darkly.
The Bible talks about my own fallen state.
So a lot of it's good, but there's also some evil.
Coming through the stained glass window from the sun outside.
God is an archetype, not worshiping the sun.
And that's why they get so freaked out and so upset.
And you can do that as well.
All of you do that.
And so the globalists spend all their time trying to suppress that incredible potential you have.
And the more you resonate with God, the stronger you get.
That's why they want us off the air, is because when you actually start interfacing with God, particularly while evil's making its move, God comes into the universe even stronger.
That's Newtonian physics.
God created that.
Newtonian physics is just a tunnel, tiny, and a tunnel, a tiny microcosm of that.
Every action is an opposite-equal reaction.
So they want you to feel powerless and lay down when they come in to attack you, even though when they're coming in to attack you, that's when you energize.
That's when you become your strongest.
The enemy doesn't think multi-dimensionally, they think only one-dimensional.
And they're willing to do things nobody else would do because they're cut off from God.
Their cancerous activity is not a symbol of their power.
Their lack of restraint is not a symbol of their power.
It's a symbol of their weakness.
So I'll go to your calls.
I just want to tell listeners something, and I'll be completely honest with you.
If I would have gone on air and said tens of millions are going to die and it's the end of the world, we would have sold five, ten times more storable foods and more supplements.
I said the globalists are making their move.
They're going to try to start massive wars, probably with Taiwan.
Depression, you name it, you should get ready because of that.
And sure, you know, 100,000, 200,000 might die.
Looks like, you know, those original numbers, 100,000, 80,000 or so, still terrible.
But the freaking out and getting hysterical, having phobias about it and shutting everything down will kill hundreds of millions in the next few years.
I've got all the articles.
After I take calls, I'll cover them.
So the virus is real, but hyped up to create the hysteria.
I know you get that.
And sure, my issues with funding and expanding would be handled if I just got up here and said, you know, it's the end of the world, get this now.
They've even had paradoxical articles in Mother Jones and others going, Jones has coronavirus cures, which I don't have and didn't say.
But it's weird.
In the same breath, he says it's not a big crisis and that it's overblown.
If I was really saying that, then I would say I had a cure.
I was this immoral person.
So again, they can't even get their BS together, folks.
Nothing I advertise is meant to treat or cure coronavirus.
That's all a hoax.
Because once you get it, once it's able to replicate according to everything I've read and seen, that's when you've got a big problem.
But what do the doctors and everybody talk about?
They talk about zinc.
They talk about vitamin C. They talk about vitamin D3.
They talk about vitamin K. They talk about vitamin A. They talk about sunlight.
And so get it wherever you do or however you do it.
All I know is it's not a panacea.
It's not a silver bullet.
But I've been sick one time in the last five years and
It's because I exercise, I drink a lot of water, I'm very positive, and I take a lot of vitamins and minerals, and I see the difference between my children and other people's children that don't take organic vitamins.
Real Red Pill Plus, Real Red Pill, still available, high quality multivitamin mineral.
We have the
I don't think so.
If there wasn't this crisis going on, I'm saying, hey folks, you need to boost your body's natural defenses with all the craziness going on.
These are the building blocks that are essential in your body.
So the fact that we've got one of the best PQQ CoQ10 formulas out there is a reason for you to get it from us.
If I wasn't a talk show host telling the truth and exposing the globalists and creating the counter-narrative talking points for patriots in the White House and other agencies, spontaneously recognized, which is true, as an oracle, as a fount of the people's knowledge, the guests, the callers, myself.
It's real, folks.
We really know what we're talking about.
We have a sense of things.
So keep us in the game.
Get your products at Infowarsstore.com.
Get your books, get your t-shirts, get your films.
Go there, shop, and that's how you fund the operation.
I want to thank all of you that have been shopping there and supporting the transmission, because without you we wouldn't be on air.
And the best shows I do is when I don't plug and then no money comes in.
They're like, hey, we were doing okay, but now we're kind of getting low again.
Don't lay us off, please.
I want to expand.
I wanted to put more reporters in the field.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Like in full wars.
You talk about behind the scenes, underground stuff.
We're above ground, we're below ground.
We're doing it all.
Because that's our mission, is to fight 110%.
I'm gonna die or get put in prison doing this.
I'm gonna fight to win, and I am fighting to win.
I want to thank you all for keeping me in the game.
Folks, we're holding 30 minutes.
I'm gonna go to you now.
Who's rolling along?
We got Paul and Joe and David and Don and Daniel and Trevor and Alex and Marcus and James and Chase and everybody else.
Let's go ahead and go to David in California.
You're on the air.
Welcome and thanks for holding.
The Oracle of Austin, Mr. Jones.
I hope you're doing well in these stressful times.
I'm alright, my friend, but I'm certainly in the war just like you are, brother.
How are you doing?
Oh, I'm doing alright.
Got my bags on right now.
Still trying to hammer it out out here.
This coronavirus ain't stopping us from taking my precautions and my zinc.
But you know what?
We're still out here hammering away.
Beautiful, brother.
What's on your mind today about China, Bill Gates, trade wars, attacks against Trump?
That's what I see on the board.
Yeah, so basically, it's just kind of
Coincidental that you get somebody like Bill Gates who, you know, the media and Vox, they try to come out and promote as the savior of, you know, this whole situation.
But I get the feeling that it's more so basically showing you who exactly is responsible for the whole thing.
I mean, obviously.
Oh, absolutely.
The people behind are the ones that are up there as the savior.
I mean, his fingerprints are all over it.
He's suspect number one.
He has a history, he's all over it, he stands to gain, he's grandstanding, and now he's got a forced inoculation for you.
Yeah, and you got Governor Cuomo saying they're not going to allow people back out in the public unless they take an antibody test.
That, to me, just kind of shows me their trajectory and I think what's next is forced vaccination.
Oh, sir, they've said in England, Europe, they've said here now, Gates has said, you're not going to be able to go to a mass gathering unless you've had a vaccine or have a job.
You're going to go to a store and they're going to want it on your iPhone.
Did you hear last week Google and Apple merged to create a new ID to make sure you've been vaccinated and they're tracking you in live time.
And then you got China, who's basically reaping the rewards of this whole situation.
They're losing a trade war.
As soon as Trump came in and leveled the playing field, they started losing the trade war.
And, you know, it's just coincidental that, you know, this whole thing happened.
And now look where they're at.
They took minimal damage in their stock markets while we're over here dealing with the rest of the world.
Because our own media praised Xi Jinping, but says Trump's doing a bad job.
Did you see all the articles where they now admit that the U.S.
government, Obama, gave them these viruses and they did all this testing?
They're using that as blackmail now against Trump.
He's saying, of course Obama did it.
Arrest Obama.
There's no more playing patty cake with this.
Yeah, like you said, it's time to take action, time to take the gloves on.
I had one quick question before I let you go, but I had to ask about the children's fish oil, the honor roll.
When is that supposed to come back up?
You know, it's a great little small pill of high quality fish oil.
We have not reordered it.
We need to reorder it.
It becomes a financial issue.
Like I told people last year, I said, I can't keep doing so 50% off because that's like a 30% markup.
We can't fund to buy it again.
We haven't repurchased it yet.
And you're right.
It's hard for kids to swallow the big fish oils.
By the way, I think krill oil is back in.
We haven't relaunched that.
Krill oil is the very best out there.
But thank you, sir.
God bless you.
And yeah, that's how we stay on air and they can't stand it.
InfoWars is like the mascot against the enemy.
You did it, listeners, with your support and your word of mouth.
I cannot tell you how amazing you are.
I salute you.
The Wicked Flee When None Pursue.
Welcome back, I'm Alex Jones, your host, taking your phone calls.
We have the pulled, shocking Microsoft ad that actually worshipped and admitted high priestess of Alistair Crowley.
Devil worship and blood drinking.
Coming up.
And a lot of other news, but... Does anybody care that Communist China is now fingering the U.S.
for giving them the coronavirus and admitting it came out of the lab?
I mean, that's major blackmail going on.
We told you the Deep State's involved.
Trump's not involved.
He can defeat the Deep State and the Chi-Cons by exposing that anytime.
Trevor in Wisconsin.
Thanks for holding, sir.
You're on the air.
Yes, Alex.
Two thumbs up to David Knight's show this morning.
Always over the top, as always.
And my question to you is that, you say you talk to Trump, Trump listens to your show, but ever since January, you and Dr. Boyle have been laying out all the crimes against Obama, laying out all the crimes against Fauci, the CDC.
We're going to play a clip in a moment of Fauci in 2017 saying Trump will be faced with a major biological crisis.
And now Trump's talking about firing Fauci.
This is how it works.
Trump has got all these agencies and all these things under him.
He's just busy trying to turn the economy on.
They kept him distracted with Russiagate, UkraineGate, all that.
And Trump hasn't called me in a long time.
He's called a few times.
I missed the call.
But I haven't talked to Trump in a long time.
I've had a few people that work with Trump call up and say, hey, the president's going to tweet some stuff.
What do you think we should tweet?
And I send them some stuff.
They pick one of them and tweet two other things.
That's kind of like a pat on the head.
That's fine.
I appreciate it.
I didn't ask for that.
I was like, Trump, get off your ass and fight Internet censorship.
You know, a guy calls up and works with the President and says, hey, he's going to tweet some of your stuff tonight.
He's on it.
He's trying.
What do you want?
It's kind of like, hey, I'm still here.
Don't worry.
Press the plan and not in a Q way.
But if he fires Fauci once he gets into it and Fauci lies to him and says, sir, no problem, you know, three months ago, two months ago, sir, no problem, even in February, and then suddenly turns on him, then Trump learns
About it now says, I don't want any never Trumpers.
I don't want any Soros people.
I don't want any Democrats.
Now he sits there himself and Googles their name.
That's why they're so pissed.
He's becoming the president.
So Trump's not perfect, but in defense, I have about a hundred crew members, you know, a nice janitor, custodial and accounting and, and, and editors and researchers and customer service and any of those a hundred people about.
He's just counting on what generals tell him and what heads of agencies tell him.
And then Fauci knows that Trump doesn't watch CNN and stuff a lot, so he'll run over, or MSNBC, talk crap about the president on that channel, then run back over here, and then Trump gets it.
And so Trump's now seeing Fauci talk smack about him and lie about him.
And so yeah, Fauci is on his way out.
He just doesn't want, when they've built Fauci up like a god,
To get rid of him without a reason or then it hurts the stock market.
So Trump, Trump has got a balancing act.
But at this point with the globalists and with the shy comms and launching bio-attacks and trying to kill the economy, gloves got to come off.
People want strength.
They want action.
Trump doesn't want to be a dictator.
We know he's fighting the globalists and we're not going to get mad.
They're always calling him a dictator because they're dictators.
They're with the damn Chinese communists.
And so, if they were citizens and if they were Americans pulling this, I'd say, hey, if it's illegal, indict them.
But when it's chi-coms and globalists trying to, who are about to invade Taiwan and are like, I mean, we're here.
This is like, if Hitler had spies on our government, they were openly saying, we want Hitler to crush Trump, or we want Hitler to crush Roosevelt in 1941 when the war already started.
No one would put up with that, but the Washington Post is, G.G.
Ping must destroy Trump now.
It's not Americans, they're anti-Americans that say no borders, no wall, no USA at all.
So Trump is surrounded.
I'm surprised he's done this good.
I get pissed at him like a baby, instant gratification.
Then I'm like, wait a minute, Jones, you know what it's like to run stuff at a small level.
And I'm just like, how's he even doing this?
He's like a superhero.
160, almost 160 million jobs in this country now.
The most ever, by far.
By far the most ever.
The number of jobs, almost 160 million.
So we can't turn that off and think it's going to be wonderful.
There'll be tremendous repercussions.
There will be a tremendous death from that.
You know, you're talking about death.
Probably more death from that than anything that we're talking about with respect to the virus.
America is under globalist attack publicly.
The Chi-Coms with the Deep State launched COVID-19.
You now are seeing that mainline news.
The Defense Department knows that happened.
That's why China said screw it.
They're preparing to invade Taiwan.
They've got ships massing around it off the coast of Japan.
They said they're now preparing a physical phase for physical invasion.
That got almost no news because most of our media is bought off and paid for by the globalists who are allied with China.
That's a great disservice to say it's just China.
No, China has been set up as a proxy for the New World Order.
Of course, we reported last year China's secret plan to invade Taiwan by 2020.
It's actually 2017.
Well, now that's been announced and almost no coverage of that.
Alright, I'm going to go back to your calls here, and then at the bottom of the hour I will get into what Trump was just talking about a month ago, the death caused by the shutdown.
So you want to talk about death, starvation, it's not as sexy as a virus, but people in Africa, Latin America, Asia, the Middle East, already starving by the millions because of this depression.
Half the planet lives at a subsistence level, 2 billion right at starvation.
That's the UN's own numbers, I'll show it all to you.
When the Pope says it's Mother Earth cleansing the planet, that's pagan by the way, not Christian.
And not original Christian, as the term Catholic would mean.
When he talks about that, well I guess the Earth with the globalists cutting the food off is about to cleanse the third world, totally sick.
So what you have is Satanist taking over everywhere.
Well, Marina,
He is a high priest in the Aleister Crowley Loser Club, and she told Reddit forums that no, her rituals are real, she's an occultist, and she, you know, holds these satanic covens.
And she hangs out, of course, with Podesta and his brother that publicly promotes pedophilia, Tony Podesta, in the Washington Post, 2007, because that's the lesser magic to externalize the hierarchy and the method.
And so they put out last night
A video that got 99% downvotes on YouTube with a Microsoft ad talking about, oh, since you're locked at home, wear these VR goggles and you can see her.
You can see a tubby witch in a red dress laying in a pentagram.
But they didn't tell you all that.
They tell you to dial into her app.
They're not telling you it's Satanism.
So I thought we'd actually show you when you go to the app.
Because they're not telling everybody watching this all over CNN, Fox News, they're hearing this ad, that, hey, when you go there, this woman drinks blood, and they collect women's semen, men's semen, and women's milk, and do rituals, and she's in the spirit cooking, whiffy leaks, and all this.
They don't tell you any of that.
But again, why would Bill Gates be doing that?
Well, let's show him first on screen.
Bill Gates is best buddies with Jeffrey Epstein.
And he lived with him when he would come to New York.
There he is with Larry Summers and other weirdos.
And there they all are.
So there's Bill Gates and there's Jeffrey Epstein, who carried out secret cloning programs.
And that's who these dudes are.
So when your daughter comes up missing, well, just remember,
So, you can also talk about Bill Gates and this Romanovic character and the rest of them, but this is who they worship and the fact that they thought they'd put this out and it wouldn't blow up on them, just like Bill Gates is totally hated on his Facebook, his Instagram.
99% negative.
The good news is their BS isn't selling.
It may sell with some of the yuppies and people that want to stay home and watch Netflix, but we know it's starving to death, the third world.
We know it's overall a bunch of hype and the world's waking up.
You know, a lie goes halfway around the world where truth puts his pants on.
As Mark Twain once said, he's absolutely right.
So here is the ad that they pulled after it was up a day, over a million views on YouTube, 99%
And they pulled it, but we've actually updated it, upgraded it.
Here it is.
I believe that art of the future is art without objects.
It's just pure transmission of energy between the viewer and the artist.
To me, mixed reality is this answer.
She's so incredible.
This was a unique opportunity to take the most legendary artists working now and capture them in such a way that they are translatable.
Most legendary.
If you're a collector, you're trying to find works that break new ground.
We here at Christie's believe that this is that.
And it will be the first time that a mixed reality artwork is sold at auction.
There was always a question of what you buy when you buy performance.
You buy the video.
Bag it up and play it from the beginning.
Again, they had to put value on something worthless.
I remember reading an article in the Wall Street Journal like 20-something years ago.
It was like, why do these rich Wall Street people pay $50 million for a bloody skull with semen on it?
And they go, well, it's just part of how we blow money and how they're starving children.
We don't help them.
It's part of us being powerful.
Remember the clips I played of major comedians and so-called leftists going, I killed my baby.
I waited until she was eight months old and she had a whole future and I enjoyed snuffing her out because it's about me playing God.
Remember all those clips I played?
Not just Michelle Wolf, but a bunch of them.
That's all this is.
It's like we're gonna worship some hunchback creature who is publicly the Aleister Crowley head lady.
It's like pot-bellied demon Aleister Crowley.
It's part of the joke.
You worship the fallen.
You worship the ugly.
That's greedy and feeds on people.
And then she's at the center of the spirit cooking and Podesta and promises delivering little kids to them.
And people are like, whoa, what is this?
Here it is.
I believe that art of the future is art without objects.
It's just pure transmission of energy between the viewer and the artist.
To me, mixed reality is this answer.
This was a unique opportunity.
They're claiming that if it's VR, it's real reality.
Oh, it's so pure.
When you look at me and Gaga, you're better than anything you get.
All of it's a fraud, let's continue.
Show them in such a way that they are translatable forever.
If you're a collector, you're trying to find works that break you down.
And it will be the first time that a mixed reality artwork is sold at auction.
There was always a question of what you buy when you buy performance.
You buy the video or you buy the addition of photographs.
Here, you actually can have the artist's presence in your collection.
He's a doctor.
White lab coat.
Then a demon appears.
Must all be a ritual.
They're like, I'm seeing the demon.
Look at these nerds.
Who'd want to be these people?
The purestness is these nerds.
You can be like Podesta.
A bunch of decadent, crazy, drugged-out women.
Simulating a human murder.
And Sackler went bowing down to her.
What a bunch of empty jokes.
Because the work of art can continue.
In performance, the piece is only in the memory of the audience and nowhere else.
Here, I am kept forever.
Here, I am kept forever.
That's the scam that you're uploaded digitally to this big mine.
That's the beginning of that.
And then they all move real slow, like, Oh, we have something you don't have.
Oh, we put VR goggles on you, Worship.
Fat woman in red dress.
Look, I drink blood.
Does it make you scared of me?
I give you special power to destroy children.
Oh, sounds like fentanyl.
Hello dumb Americans, hope you enjoy your depression.
Phone calls straight ahead on the other side with stupid Americans.
Infowars.com, do not visit.
I tell you, my crew is on fire.
Global martial law lockdown now taking place.
I notice they're saying it's going to go on for years, it never ends.
China's over for business.
The bioweapon release, the plan to bring us down complete.
It'll cause hundreds of millions of deaths in the next five years.
I'll cover this in the last segment of this hour.
In the third world, but that's okay.
Because it gives power to the beast.
Power to Bill Gates.
Power to the globalists.
And our subservience to them gives them power over us.
It's time for that to stop.
Let's go to your calls right now.
Who's been holding longest now?
Joe in New Jersey.
Joe, you're on the air.
Hey Alex, I just wanted to say that, you know, as the Chinese are preparing to go to war with the U.S.
and the U.S.
has been saying that they're also destroying inside.
And instead of fighting a two-front war like we did in World War II, we'll fight an internal war with each other where mass food, people won't be able to get food.
Yeah, because they have so many collaborators in the government and in the media that they're even bragging they're doing this.
America's in war right now and we're losing because President Trump doesn't just rally the public and say, look, the Democrats are CHICOM agents.
I'm sorry, we'll fix the stock market later.
They're going to destroy everything.
This is all a giant hoax of fear.
I mean, yeah, the virus is real, but the way this flu kills this many, it's disproportionate.
They're hyping it.
It's all done by design.
And notice the Democrats love it.
They can't even contain their glee.
That's right, and you know, they have Bill Gates, who supposedly invented something great through Microsoft, supposedly, and he's telling everybody, he's not a doctor, and he's telling everybody, get your vaccines, do this.
Why are we listening to him?
He's not a doctor, and if he wanted, it's your choice.
Well, that Gregg Reese video that I worked with him on, he did an excellent job,
Communist Party China fires warning shot at globalist collaborators for COVID-19.
It's on newswars.com, infowars.com, and band.video.
It is so important to get out because just in three minutes it lays out, I mean, how big is it that China now admits
That they got grants from Obama to develop COVID-19.
That's admitted now.
They're saying that to get Trump off their back.
That doesn't get Trump off your back, because you'd get it with a deep state that wants this and is openly promoting you.
I mean, this is like, puts all the pieces together.
Oh, they love it.
They're just throwing it in our face.
And everyone who's not awake, they're eating into it.
They're buying into it.
They're more into the Trump, the economy, and what Fauci's saying.
And the Chinese are just laughing all the way.
They're just throwing it all back in our face, saying, hey, you internal people did this too.
Again, they're working with us against you, and no one's seeing it.
Well, you know how it works with America, and we pray and get right with God.
We always lose the first quarter, but we win by the halftime.
And by the halftime, things have turned, and the enemy's scared.
And I don't, I'm not against the Chinese people, but the Chi-Coms were put in by David Rockefeller on record, and they are absolutely evil.
They've got to be defeated.
And America now gets it.
They're not going to stop trying to impeach the President.
They're going to try to wreck the economy and overthrow stuff and have a depression.
You want to see death, as the President said, this will cause it.
Critical segment, last segment.
Please tune in then, folks.
Please share it, my God.
There are so many people.
If you could be in one of those villages with one of the hard-working mothers and fathers that, you know, have their own business and, you know, have a couple cows and are raising things and rebels come through the globalist front of the Chi-Com's front and kill their cows and
Now you know they're living subsistence as fishermen or whatever and they barely got enough food and they get sick and they die.
And you don't hear about their names because maybe dad or mom works at a local flower market where they grow a lot of flowers in Africa to ship to Europe.
Those have been shut down with this.
And so that maybe half a dollar a day he earned that he could get medicine or maybe a book once a year for his kids or maybe a pair of shoes for his kids once a year.
You know, the kids pass the shoes on.
Instead, they die.
And that's why I've been so pissed and felt like I should come on air in the first hour and say, this is war.
We bet the president better start getting serious because I feel guilty that I haven't done enough.
I'll be honest with you.
That's why people call in and say, thank you.
Alex Jones makes me feel sick because we've been born into all this wealth and all this power.
And we're worried about we're losing something.
We can't go to a restaurant.
This is a death sentence for billions of people.
Total, this continues.
Appreciate your call, sir.
Don in Michigan, go ahead.
Alex, I can't believe I've never spoken before.
I've been behind you since the Janet Reno days, Michigan militia.
Well, thank you for being behind us, Don.
We couldn't be here without you.
Yeah, it's so great to hear to talk to you.
But the reason I'm calling is I'm in Michigan.
And as you know, you had a communist governor, Whitmer,
I don't
Pouring their milk out onto the ground.
Because no one will buy it.
The media is like, why are you throwing the milk away?
It's perfect communist.
Why aren't you delivering the milk?
Because the trucks won't come because the distributors are shut down, you dumb commies.
They're turning us into Venezuela in a matter of months.
I should have led the show.
You're right.
I think that's in my stack about the breakdown, about how the meatpacking and everything is shutting down because we're in martial law and the left loves it.
And when they're totally homeless, they're going to be begging for a bunch of free crap.
Don't you love it?
Well, we have the 14th Amendment limiting state powers to violate our God-given rights.
I suggest that, as Americans, we stand up for them.
And you're right.
We need to stand up and stop rolling over to China.
What we need to do is expel every single CCP member that is on our soil
We need to seize their property, put that in the National Treasury, cease all debt payments to China, and make the world choose which side are you on.
And Americans need to demand this, not because I love war, I hate the military-industrial complex, I hate the technocratic elite, and I know that's what they want, but if we did it
Properly from a defensive stance.
It's the military-industrial complex that's globalist-controlled that did this.
We're taking control of that right now.
But the difference is at least America literally understands.
Look, we're under attack because we got a real president.
We're under attack by the globalist proxy state, the Chi-Coms, right now.
We would be welcomed into China with open arms.
I think the Fu Lung Gong, the Chinese, Uyghurs,
The Chinese Christians that are all being persecuted, they're all ready to blow up.
That's right, the Chinese aren't our enemy.
The Chinese Party, the Communist Party said in the 70s, we love a nuclear war, we hate our people, we want to get rid of half of them.
In their culture, the elite hates the general public.
Absolutely, brother.
Beautiful what you said.
Anything else, Don?
Um, just I want to get people aware of their own worth.
Get out there, defy Governor Whitmer's orders.
Plant some seeds.
You gotta get heirloom seeds while you still can before they rope off more.
Oh yeah, I noticed they're roping off the seeds nationwide and in Europe.
They're planning a long, dark lockdown until we submit.
And people go, well Trump will turn it back on.
The corporations, the states and cities are just ignoring him.
This is their final move.
He's shutting, holding us hostage.
And they're literally taking CHICOM orders.
You have to fight from the home front.
Spout every seed that you have.
Distribute them to your neighbors.
Promote gardening because you may have to fall back on that.
Get your canning supplies around now before they're all gone.
You know, back in December, or November, as we were putting up that image of the guy in a spacesuit at a national park, and I said, I feel like it's a bio-attack.
Soon they're going to make it unnatural to be outside.
We're going to be forced indoors.
And again, I had that psychic image, and I told everybody on air.
China drops a bombshell on the Deep State, says they were given the bioweapons to release on America.
Oh, you might want to check the video out.
It's at Bandod Video in the John Bounds section and Infowars.com.
Because if Trump gets out ahead of this, the truth's horrible.
I know it sounds crazy, but it's what's happening.
And now the Senate Intelligence Committee and they're all coming out saying China did this on purpose.
Well, yeah, and they did it with Obama and Fauci ran it.
But see, everybody's seen Fauci up there.
Go to DrudgeReport.com.
Click on that headline.
We'll cover it next segment.
We're gonna go to calls right now.
Trump set to fire Fauci.
What is all that about?
Since when did Fauci, this literal George Soros slash Bill Gates minion, become God?
White House says no for now, but that little monster needs to be indicted, not fired.
All right, let's race through your calls now here.
All right, who's up next?
Let's go in the order they were received.
Daniel in Kentucky, thanks for holding.
Go ahead.
Alex, I'm looking over the hills here in Kentucky and I see a swarm of our enemy coming over the hills.
And I'm asking General Trump, when are we going to attack?
When are we going to attack?
When are you going to let us fail here?
No, I hope he takes action quick.
No, I hear you, man.
I mean, we literally are in a war with criminals in the government and the system, allied with communist China and Hollywood, to literally cut the economy off.
And China's open for business.
And it'll be... If you've seen the numbers, the third world already has millions starving to death right now because of this.
Who cares about them, right?
I mean, this is crazy!
Yeah, we... I want to give you the mission statement of the Antichrist world government.
It's this.
To destroy the health,
Labor, prosperity, freedom, and souls of mankind.
That's the mission statement.
As a pastor of a small church, I'm trying to wake people up.
Telling preachers, you need to start telling people just how it is.
Notice there's a big revival happening, that's why they're making sure churches stay shut down, even though they have no jurisdiction over churches.
They're seeing what we will put up with.
Some point in time, if this continues, they will be mass disobedient.
People are about tired of it up here in Kentucky.
I don't know about other states.
We're getting tired of it.
Ask me a little bit more than mass disobedience, and I just feel sorry for the idiot enforcers because they're following illegal orders.
And, uh, you know, uh, I know I used to believe that God was going to take us out of here before anything bad happens.
But the Bible says all that live godly will what?
Suffer persecution.
So, pastors, you need to tell them what's coming ahead.
The only thing that could stop it is mass repentance and turning to God.
That's the only thing.
If you look at Jonah, you know, God was going to destroy Nineveh, but Jonah went down.
Finally, he had God's will and went down there.
Well, by the way, that's the paradox everybody hears, that if you stand up for God, you get persecuted.
But the Bible also, and I've experienced it, once you go through the fire, the blessings are incredible.
And then God gets you ready, and a bigger attack comes, and then sometimes you need to be killed, you know, for the message.
But that's okay, you're ready for that.
But God always builds you up to the point you're ready.
And so as a pastor, would you like to explain to folks that trying to avoid persecution is the surest way of being a slave?
And you know, there's a lot of Christians out there, they'll say, well, you know, if God don't rapture me out here, I'll just lay down my life for Jesus Christ and get my head cut off.
But, you know, I don't think that's going to happen.
I think the majority of people are going to fall in line and take the mark of the beast.
Oh, of course, it's not going to ever be called that.
It's called your digital vaccine in the vaccine as an ink to make sure you had it and sure they track you with it.
But it's COVID-19, pastor.
Oh, the pastor had to be taken away.
He was crazy.
But Jeremiah 12, 5, I don't know if you've ever read this, "...if thou hast run with the footmen, and they have wearied thee, then how canst thou contend with horses?
And if in the land of peace wherein thou trustest they wearied thee, then how wilt thou do in the swelling of Jordan?"
If you can't take a stand now for Jesus Christ, you'll never put your head down there on that guillotine and have it chopped off.
People get so afraid of this life.
We are energy.
It's been scientifically proven.
It's all real.
Do not fear death, folks.
Fear spiritual death.
Serving Satan.
God bless you, my friend.
That's a beautiful verse.
I've read that verse many years ago and I've forgotten it.
But what was it as he's gone now?
If you can't walk right now, it's like we're like fighting the enemy in slow motion right now.
Do you imagine trying to race horses?
I mean, this is... Once the war starts, man, there's no more time for patty-kicker games.
And we're having our prosperity sucked out.
Sucked out.
Trump came in, he tried to end abortion.
People didn't do it.
He's not like some perfect guy either, but he's like, okay, let's do it.
Oh, no, no.
And Schumer said, you try to end abortion, we'll kill you.
He told the president, you're dead.
Just like Brennan and Clapper.
Said, well, we're going to remove the president outside of law.
And they, I've seen them a hound ago.
I mean, watch, you know what I mean?
That's, all them up there strutting around, how they're going to kill people and how big they are.
But you know what?
We bow down to their ass, so what do we expect?
You bow down to some hunchback Abramovic lady, some hunchback witch,
And you get what you deserve.
As for me, I don't bow down to that demonic slug.
She's already burning in hell.
Her life is a tortured existence.
Serving her master.
She's a slave, not me.
I willfully serve my God and my God empowers me like so much wind and sails.
I'm like, can you cut that back?
I can't handle this.
God says that's growing pains.
Get ready.
God starts giving me a discernment understanding.
I was like, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
It's an honor to talk to you brother.
It's you standing behind us is the reason we're here.
I salute Alex and all the other patriots.
Absolutely, man.
Well, I hope you have enough time for me.
I got a lot to lay out.
Go ahead.
We know these people are guilty.
The NIH, the World Health Organization, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.
We know who these people are.
I mean, there's obviously enough information and evidence out there to start going after Kissinger, which we now see all the articles popping up.
We're going to go after him.
And when you look at the marches of 63 with MLK and 69 against Vietnam and even 2004 with the White House.
Yeah, all those aren't allowed though.
No, it's meant to stop our revolution.
That's why I thank God every day that this happened after what happened earlier this year.
You know, in January with Virginia, when everybody went and mobilized to defend our Second Amendment.
That was powerful.
And, you know, I want to... That's what scared them.
It's what made them launch the timetable.
So that's why I have this idea.
Like, why can't we mobilize hundreds of thousands?
Because you have millions of listeners, not only in this country, worldwide.
And we're listening to you, brother.
We're here.
We're ready to do something.
And we're not going to let these people get away with it.
And I'm over here thinking, you know, with our military being awakened stronger than ever, and everybody's aware, and we have such a strong president right now, why can't we just go into the streets, we have their number, we have their card, we know who these people are, let's mobilize, let's go after them!
Like, we need to defy all... No, we do!
And, you know, I... We absolutely need to discuss that and talk about that.
What's next?
100% because China's mobilizing and we need to be mobilizing, not only in our country but strategically.
Now I know we have about 30,000 troops in Europe right now and probably to go after a lot of these heads that are, you know, globalist worms.
Yeah, and listen, that's not authoritarianism.
When you're down under bio-attack with enemies inside your country and they're trying to bring the whole economy down the engine that'll kill tens of millions and kill hundreds of millions in the third world, I'm not a guy that gets off on violence.
But, you know, like taking a piss, I know how to do it real well.
I'm just saying to the system, if you're not evil and crazy, you better do something right now.
I mean, because there's, it's like a train going over the edge of a cliff.
And if you had a crazy conductor trying to, and you wouldn't stop, you got to hit him in the head.
I mean, you got to stop him or the whole damn train goes down.
That's all I'm saying, man.
And everybody else is too scared to say it.
I'm so scared.
I got to say it.
It's the opposite.
I see where this is going and I'm here like going, you know, I feel guilty, you know, if I don't call for Trump.
To just say, take the gloves off, Mr. President.
We just need to start hearing about... You know what we need to start hearing about.
A lot of folks need to start dying.
You know, folks are fighting back.
Hashtag Reopen North Carolina with that demon governor that closed all the churches.
It's all where they have the moral high ground and say, don't go to your church.
I mean, Austin has like seven deaths.
A couple thousand cases.
I mean, again, it's a real virus.
It's weaponized.
We told you that.
It's been confirmed.
It is weaponized.
Common cold, but that's because then when they test everybody, it shows that they have it, which are false positives.
That's all confirmed.
And the Bible says my people perish for lack of knowledge.
And it's totally true.
Bricks, you know, Scarf Lady, on the payroll of Bill and Melinda Gates.
She admitted last week, yeah, we count every death that tests positive for COVID,
And then I have articles today where they admit that, oh, the majority of the tests that say you're positive aren't.
That's why they're finding this now and saying, what are we going to do?
See, it's all about you're all suspect now because of a cold bug that all of you have antibodies for.
They want antibodies for the genetically engineered special chimerical bug that, like HIV, is a creation.
It's owned by Bill and Melinda Gates.
They have the patent on it.
So now everyone that gets it has to be tracked through their apps.
Everyone that can spread it.
And see, they made a novel virus that they can now freak everybody out about.
The testers aren't good enough to separate which one it is.
You know they've got the other test about to come out.
They're saying until you've got an antibody for it, you can't go out and have a life.
So you've got to go to them now to have a life.
What a load of crap!
But I remember reading 30 years ago, the ultimate bio weapon would be weaponized cold virus.
And see, here's the thing.
I've really thought about this.
If it lowers your immunity to take the vaccine, they've got studies on similar ones they've tested.
They've done this before.
Cold viruses.
If it lowers your immunity to the regular cold, that's really the weapon, see?
It lowers your immunity.
I'm going to go back to your calls.
Gerald Salenti's coming up.
I need to hit, though.
What I did a bunch of... I'll be honest.
Here's the...
I'm not a morbid person.
So after I look at a bunch of studies, and look at little kids, and read the numbers of the millions that are gonna starve to death, or are already starving to death in the next few months, and then I see the left going, oh, we're so scared for every person that dies here, when thousands of times that are gonna die from the economy imploding around the world, I get violently pissed.
Because I really do care.
It's not like some fake virtue signal with me.
And then I'm gonna start talking about,
How those doing the shutdown need to pay for it.
But they're just a bunch of useful idiots to begin with.
Look at the stack of notes right here.
Oh my god.
But we got another special report we're going to premiere right here that really doesn't have words to describe it.
So I think it's just best we play it.
It's a nice CG Joker that introduces it.
Here it is.
Many believe this house quarantine
By the media, controlled by the government, controlled by the elite, is nothing more than house arrest while they construct the 5G towers.
Every single day, patients are lining up outside here, many of them with cold and flu-like symptoms.
They come here to be tested.
This is bad.
People are dying.
We don't have the tools that we need.
People waiting in the cold to get care.
The hospital tells us every...
That's something I haven't even gotten into.
The hundreds of TikTok videos at huge hospitals that they claim are overwhelming, everybody's dying, and then they match them up and it's like totally empty and everyone's dancing around.
Because most surgery is elective nowadays.
And then people go to the hospital where they say everybody's dying, and no one's there the very day it's happening!
Because they're counting every death of someone that has a cold virus, who happened to have cancer, or happened to have lung cancer, or happened to have a heart attack, or happened to have diabetes, or happened to have an infection, to this.
And so I've had some go, Alex is even more sophisticated.
They have the Chinese put it out, a man-made one that isn't really harmful to make it look deadly and create a hype.
No, no, no.
They put it out because Bill and Melinda Gates own the clone of the virus.
They sold it to North Carolina, it was given to the Chinese, so they can own the vaccine and own the tracking of it.
This is about a global ID and tracking.
That's why the virus is real.
And if you are zinc deficient, vitamin C deficient, or vitamin D3 deficient, or any of those combined, it'll kill your ass dead in a hammer.
Just like if you don't have vitamin C, you're gonna die from the common cold.
That's the paradox.
Yeah, if you're undernourished and run down, it'll kill you.
And you know, every year, 35,000 people die of the flu.
It's a big deal.
But see, we just know that's part of life.
It's what we do.
But now it's like this phobia.
And I always said that, man, what would they do?
We have 100 kids die a year on average.
The average really is like 67, but some years it's 100.
Of a mass shooting.
It's still too many, but it's this phobia, and all our guns are bad, and we're all to blame.
What if they did that with the common cold?
I've even said that before.
Like a phobia of that.
Because some people have those phobias.
And yeah, you're not getting out of this world alive.
Might as well press down the accelerator, man.
Because those people who are waiting to die, die first.
Those that aren't waiting to die live long lives.
The good die young too as well, but in my experience, those fighting death are the ones that find it.
Those that aren't afraid of death truly live.
And, you know, what does it even matter anymore?
I kept wondering, why do I feel so guilty?
What is it I'm missing?
And then it hit me about three days ago doing research.
I was like, yeah, you subconsciously are mad at the third world because they've been dumbed down.
They've been made poor by the globalists.
They've been weaponized against you.
And now they're being projected against the West as a weapon, but still they're not the bad guys, and you know this is really a target on them, because if you cut out the first world, it will starve billions over the next decade.
We have the numbers, and that's what it was, is that they had subconsciously programmed me, even though I wasn't consciously tribal and against those people.
They had been billed as my enemy, so I was kind of halfway not worried about them, you see.
Because while they're busy trying to change the name of a dormitory from Lynch Hall, an Irish name as it might hurt somebody's feelings, the globalists want to kill the third world, folks.
And there's the bigger truth.
So now I feel a lot better.
Because it wasn't conscious, but I was mad at myself last week, going, what is it?
What is it?
And right before the show, it hit me and went, it's already what you're researching.
This is going to kill hundreds of millions of people, already is killing millions right now, starving to death.
We're a race, color, and creed, but mainly brown people.
And do you really want to sign on to that leftist because you're so afraid of a virus and this crap?
The shutdown of the economy is not about protecting you!
It's about bringing down the world economy!
All right, play the Joker piece again.
Sorry, go ahead.
...in the cold to get care.
The hospital tells us every day they are working to increase the capacity of this hospital by flooding it with nurses and doctors and equipment.
Outside, it's swamped with New Yorkers waiting in long lines to get tested for the coronavirus.
This is the emergency room, and you would expect, if you believe the mainstream media, that this emergency room would be overflowing with people.
And as you can tell,
There are no people here.
She was a fake nurse.
Same lady.
It's a dummy.
Alright, let's stop right there.
I'm gonna play the whole report.
When I end the transmission, I want to hit a few more calls.
But first off, can you guys cue up Cuomo from yesterday?
I'm doing this on short notice if you can.
Cuomo came out and he said, every model's been fake.
Yeah, because it's 98% lower than what you said.
And still, you know, half the coronavirus deaths in the U.S.
are in New York.
That's still, man, you're talking, you know, a lot of folks.
Let's play the audio.
Here it is.
By what we're seeing today, because all of the projection, by the way, all the statisticians have been 100% wrong.
And we've been following the models because that was the only blueprint, but they haven't turned out to be correct.
It's sort of like in the old days when we tried to predict a storm by listening to the weather forecast, right?
But what we're seeing right now are fewer new cases.
Yeah, and he goes on to say, and some are not dying because you're not putting them on a ventilator when they're having an autoimmune response.
It's not air they need, they need Benadryl.
We've had medical doctors on.
We've had doctors saying that.
So, and the Global is starting new from China that ventilators kill people.
That's why they're like, we need more ventilators!
Kill these people!
Because you can tell a doctor, here's the treatment.
You know, again, it's all a murder operation.
But the New York doctors are like, hey, these ventilators are killing everybody.
This is an autoimmune response.
Give them Benadryl.
And they give them the Benadryl.
And it's like, oh, they're fine now.
It's an autoimmune response, just like the Spanish flu.
But they don't want you to know that because Bill Gates wants to murder you and your family.
Got some good news for you.
In England, the police are fining people that buy potato chips.
The law doesn't say under the fake lockdown you can't do that, but they chose to virtue signal.
And the local governments are saying that's insane.
That's the type of people they've hired in those areas.
Well, in Kentucky, a judge stopped Kentucky police from recording churchgoers' license plates to fine them.
As the backlash explodes and as people showed up to church everywhere saying, we're sick of your crap.
You know it's a chi-com-op.
Piss up a rote.
Since when does China set the precedent of how America operates?
And thank God the governor of Texas is set starting later this week to reopen the state.
I never got to this graph put up by JP Morgan showing how two years from now we'll still be on lockdown.
The banks are making their move and when you're totally bankrupt, they're gonna loan you money and then take your house.
Let's go back to your phone calls.
Let's go to Vincent in Chicago.
Vincent, thanks for holding her on the air.
Go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
How are you doing?
Man, I am wound up.
How are you doing?
I hear that.
You get wound up frequently.
It's awesome to listen to.
Hey, I'm a big fan.
So, I just wanted to hit some highlights here quick.
Do me a favor.
Talk right in your telephone.
What's that?
Just talk right in your telephone.
Are you on speakerphone?
No, no.
I got a headset on.
Oh, sorry.
Go ahead and talk.
Go ahead.
Can you hear me okay?
I can hear you pretty good now.
It's a little bit distant there, but go ahead.
All right.
Well, let's try this.
So, I'm a nurse living in the Chicago area, finishing up my PhD right now.
I'm also a veteran, so I've got a little bit of experience with military weaponry.
So, I just noticed some things, overlapping events, that were going on with this whole thing.
So, we're obviously aware of the COVID-19 thing, and it started in Wuhan, and that's what we're told with that.
And you're also, of course, already familiar with Event 201 at this point, which laid out how the coronavirus would transmit, and everything is kind of going according to plan as far as that goes.
Am I on with that?
Well yeah, globalists always do drills to coincide.
So when they get caught directing it by military or police, they go, oh, that's just a drill we're running that just happens to mirror this.
That's the cover while they're saying it's a drill.
Oh, the drill is overthrow the government.
Oh, no, I wasn't really doing that.
It's in a tabletop exercise.
You understand how that works?
And at the same time, at the same time that that happened, you know, the COVID-19, it's real.
I absolutely believe it's real.
It's a coronavirus.
Yeah, just like shark attacks or the flu is real.
They're just hyping up a response that's disproportionate and not normal to set a new absolute hysterical precedent.
At the same time that this is happening, 5G rollout is happening, and you're of course aware of that, and it's a big race to implement 5G.
Now the thing is that the COVID-19 thing we found is being funded by Bill Gates.
And I don't know if you know, but in December, Bill Gates bought up 5.3 million shares of Crown Castle, which actually they developed and built and sell the components for the 5G network.
So he's making money.
He's funding both sides.
He's making money out of both sides.
Oh, absolutely.
Insider trading.
200 CEOs dumped their money in December and January.
Totally rigged.
Giant drills of exactly this happening.
He's involved in cloning the virus two years ago.
Owns it.
Funded things for the NIH.
Fauci gave the weapons to the CHICOMS.
Now the CHICOMS are blackmailing them with the info.
Trump tries to bring it out.
I mean it is just absolutely insane.
Let me elaborate a little bit further here because the signs and symptoms of radiation sickness are the exact same as the signs and symptoms for flu or COVID-19.
Now this whole thing rolled out, both of them rolled out at the very beginning of flu season.
And if you take a look at the path of the COVID virus.
It's in the areas of F5G.
Exactly, exactly.
Now you also... Listen, Vincent, I gotta jump.
I appreciate your call.
You must not tune in very often because we've been all over that and I agree with you and we actually documented it in May 4th, 2018, predicting that Wuhan had a system.
It doesn't cause the virus.
It displaces oxygen out of the lungs, creating these type symptoms.
So the virus is real, but it's augmented.
We have 160, almost 160 million jobs in this country now.
The most ever, by far.
By far the most ever.
The number of jobs, almost 160 million.
So we can't turn that off and think it's going to be wonderful.
There'll be tremendous repercussions.
There will be a tremendous death from that.
You know, you're talking about death.
Probably more death from that than anything that we're talking about with respect to the virus.
You know, this is so important.
I probably should have led the broadcast with it.
But let's go ahead and hit this now.
Most incredible information ever.
That was the president a month ago saying, hey, I tried to block the Chinese flights.
They wouldn't let me.
The judges tried to block me.
I overrode it.
And now they're saying it's my fault.
It's like the Fauci clip from February, saying, I told the president, no problem, don't stop the Chinese flights, everything's fine.
The president wants to, but I told him not to.
Month and a half later, it's all President Trump's fault.
He blocked us from doing anything.
Well, look at this stack of articles.
If you're a TV viewer, radio listeners, I'll read over these.
Farmers dump milk, break eggs as coronavirus, restaurant closings destroy demand.
Now, the grocery stores aren't buying it.
There's no one getting it.
They don't have a truck to pick it up.
That's in the Wall Street Journal.
But the left is all over MSNBC saying, arrest these farmers.
That's perfect commie talk, man.
Make sure they get it to the stores.
How do they even know where to take it?
I can just pull up at a restaurant that's closed.
Here, buy my eggs at a grocery store.
They do it through distributors.
So now that only there's certain distributors that grocery stores know to deal with, they're charging more for the eggs because they know all the other people that they would have bought from are out of business.
Walmart used to famously come in 20 years ago, 30 years ago to towns.
And tell people, uh, produce eggs, and they would get too many to produce eggs, wage level's a glut, and then get another business in debt, make the others go under, so they'd only have a few suppliers, so no one could get eggs in the area.
Well, this is on a mass scale, so you're about to learn how it is to be in Venezuela.
Smithfield Foods to close Sioux Falls plant indefinitely amid coronavirus-19.
Got a couple of people with it, gotta shut down.
So the power plant has a few.
Nuclear power plant.
Gotta go home.
Let it Chernobyl.
Doesn't matter if it kills a million people.
It's like, well, we gotta have a million die.
Two people had it.
Well, okay, let the reactor blow up.
You know, that's how it works.
It's liberal.
And by the way, I'm not joking when I say that.
A half a billion people just went on near starvation and now they're starving.
Worldwide with this.
Because the third world depends on us.
The tourism, the businesses, the, again, the food we grow down there.
Africa alone, three countries are mainly dependent on flowers that are grown there and flown out to Europe and America.
And now those are all shut down because that's not essential.
When you say service isn't essential, bye-bye, Bluebird.
Remember, we were supposed to all be service.
We don't need industry anymore.
We've got service economy.
Now they say under Agenda 2030, it's non-essential, so die, die, die.
There's AP, half a million people in poverty, and it reads two million set to starve to death.
But that's okay.
Starving to death's good for Mother Earth.
The Pope even said so.
No, this is about killing people.
This isn't about saving people.
And the moral high ground of big tech spying, and everybody buying into it, getting into it.
Remember, you just signed on to hundreds of millions that'll starve to death in the chain reaction.
But now the task force is warning the very Democrats that shut everything down that it may have food shortages.
Don't worry, they'll oversee it all now.
Like Bernie Sanders who just dropped out and endorsed Joe Biden said, There are too many foods and deodorants.
We need lines.
Because then we tell you who gets food.
I decide who eats.
I am your ruler.
Those are actual quotes.
People looking to become more self-sustainable amid food shortages.
KOKH reports, but the left is calling for that to be allowed.
You must share your food.
Ah, the Soviet gulag.
Continuing food shortages.
Oh, yes.
Oh, yes.
Now, here's a great rant by Mark Levin pointing out the slavery of it.
I don't have time to get to it, but he just said, you want slavery, you got it.
Locust invasion creates food crisis for 1 million Ethiopians.
Thousands dying a day from no food.
French news agency, that's okay.
New York, new debt.
Virus creates perfect storm for slavery in India.
Slavery exploding.
Reuters reports thanks to this.
Chernobyl's on fire again.
No big deal.
But the Pope says we need a uniform economy and everybody gets a virtual income, but there'll be no food to buy with the money.
And it just goes on from there.
I've got a whole area I want to get to right here.
Here it is.
Pope says pandemic could be nature's revenge for ignoring climate change.
Yes, you deserve to die.
Well, don't worry.
Plenty are going to die.
Lockdowns are fine for the rich, but millions too poor to shelter from coronavirus will die, NBC News.
But, but, but then so in the lockdown?
Well, if five people die in the West, it's too many.
Let a thousand die in Africa.
Liberal, liberal, liberal.
I am so afraid coronavirus isolation brings grave new hardships to the world's poor.
The woman decides which child she'll feed and which will die.
Can you imagine what that's like for her?
But it's okay.
It's so fun to go to Whole Foods and wear your maneuverish mask and get all upset and go, oh god, we're in a war.
It's so scary.
Go back and watch Netflix and play with yourself all day.
Climate apartheid to push 120 million into poverty, UN says.
We didn't pay our carbon tax, they're all gonna die, but now the U.N.'
's done just what'll kill them.
Half a million more people face poverty due to virus.
ABC News.
Around 400 million Indians have slipped deeper into poverty due to coronavirus.
Millions have starved to death from malnutrition where normal viruses just kill them.
But that's just a normal virus, not as sexy as corona.
The poor will starve to death under quarantine in developing countries.
That's okay.
In Zimbabwe, hunger wins out when coronavirus fears.
He's not going to be starved to death, just stay away from him.
Some countries face an awful question, death by coronavirus or hunger.
All these little girls need to die, little boys, a little malnourished.
There's too many of you, it's for the earth.
The Pope said, Mother Nature's killing you.
The old degenerate Pope, he's not going to die, you're going to die.
Nigerians face starvation as Africa's largest city enters lockdown.
It's okay!
You don't want to die of that virus if a hundred times die of starvation.
We will starve Zimbabwe's poor.
It's okay.
It's okay.
Just die.
It's liberal.
Okay, it's all... It's okay.
Look, I'm sorry I can't get to Steve, Sue, Dominique, Johnny, James, and Chase.
I got to like 30 calls.
Did the best I could.
I was gonna take a few days off of my children just because I need to.
But who knows if I will.
I don't know anymore.
But I know this.
This is a weapon to depopulate.
This is a weapon to kill the economy and make those in the West subservient and poor to be in position for extermination later.
But for the third world, their time is here.
Their time for euthanasia has begun.
So Gerald Cilente takes over.
We're going to air the swillent green intro and come back on the other side from like six years ago.
Totally pertinent.
Because when they teach you not to care about yourself or care about others, you've been taught to be a slave.
Please remember, too, your word of mouth is king, it's paramount, it's the coin of the realm.
When you tell folks about Band.Video or Infowars.com or Newswars.com, or you share an article, you share a video, it transcends their censorship and totally pisses off the globalists.
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And who knows how long this stuff will be available?
I mean, I told you that.
You see them trying to shut us down, but as long as you provision us into the future, we'll be able to keep on and operate as long as we can.
I want to thank the crew for the great job they've done.
I just want to thank all the listeners for what you've done as well and just remind you that
Just because they're over-hyping this doesn't mean it's not a real threat.
It's a threat against the economy, the culture, everything.
And before this was going on, I said, get your vitamin D3, Winter Sun, get your DNA Force Plus 50% off back in stock.
Get your, so many other great products like the Living Defense.
But I promise Sue and Steve and Johnny, we never do this.
We always promise to never do this.
It's the one thing I lie about.
It's not on purpose.
I always say, we'll call these callers back tomorrow, but they never answer actually.
But I appreciate you holding and I'm sorry we didn't get to you.
All right.
The Soylent Green piece with Charlton Hessen from The Grave and then Gerald Salente takes over.
Aborted babies incinerated to heat in UK hospitals.
Soylent Green, ladies and gentlemen, is made out of people.
But now, children are literally being passed through the furnace in order to fuel hospitals in the UK.
They're being sacrificed on the altar of efficiency and prosperity.
What is the secret of Soylent Green?
The powdered flesh from dead babies.
Some people believe they can cure disease.
Because of its enormous popularity, Soylent Green is in short supply.
Remember, Tuesday is Soylent Green Day.
The supply of Soylent Green has been exhausted.
You must evacuate the area.
The federal court ruled that the shareholders of PepsiCo, Big Bilderberg Group Company, are not allowed to know what they're using the baby parts for in the flavoring, but we already know.
So enjoy the flavor!
We're going to get the real solution, which is going to be a combination of death penalties and sales taxes.
I'm consistently pro-death.
I'm for assisted suicide.
I'm for regular suicide.
I'm for whatever gets the freeway moving.
...is spending a million dollars on that last three months of life for that patient, would it be better not to lay off those 10 teachers and to make that trade up in medical costs?
But that's called the death panel, and you're not supposed to have that discussion.
They told me to say that they were sorry, but that you had become unreliable.
Is this the kind of society that you want to live in?
Any kind of society that would do this to its children will do it to its senior citizens.
It will do it to its dissidents.
That kind of society will also eventually turn on its police, on its army, on its prison guards, on the quizlings and the collaborators who make that possible.
This is nothing but a suicide cult.
The scoops are on their way!
The scoops are on their way!
I repeat, the scoops are on their way.
You will find out why Soylent Green means life.
You will find out why Soylent Green means death.
We've got to stop them!
That is our secret name, Soylent Green.
Soylent Green is people!
Next thing, they'll be breeding us like cattle, for food.
We've got to tell them.
Hello, hello.
Great being on the Alex Jones Show.
And here we are in the midst of the pandemonium panic, being brought to you by the prostitutes around the world, spreading fear and hysteria.
And so all this is, as I see it, and only going by the numbers.
And the numbers add up to, at this time,
Over 100,000 people dead around the world in a global population of 7.7 billion people.
And how many people are dying over there in Yemen of cholera and Ebola?
About 10 million of them starvation.
And we won't talk about that.
Again, these numbers are tiny, but this is the way the media escalates it.
This is from the toilet paper of record, the New York Times.
Worldwide death toll surpasses 100,000.
All right, that's the headline up here.
How come you didn't say worldwide death toll surpasses 100,000 when an estimated 650,000 died of the flu last year?
No, hello, I'm back, I'm back.
But I'm only on a cell phone and I don't carry one of these things.
And up there's a guy walking down the street.
We lost our power here in Kingston.
Yeah, third world country over here.
We had a little rain storm and some wind.
So all the power's out, all the landlines are down.
And this guy, there's nobody out in the street over here.
And you know, this is in a pretty, it's not a bustling city.
And this cat's walking down the street with a mask on.
He sees me.
Goes across the street to get away.
Everybody's freaking out on this thing.
The freaks of one.
I was reading to you the headlines from the toilet paper record, the New York Times, the coronavirus update.
Worldwide death toll surpasses 100,000.
But they don't tell us when, you know, 650,000 are dying from the flu each year.
They don't have that coming up every day.
How about the 480,000 people in America that have died of the, uh, from smoking them cigarettes.
More doctors smoke Camels than any other cigarette.
And that's what they used to promote when I was a kid.
Some of the predictions that it would be a devastating week turned out to be true!
Validated by a terrifying six-digit number!
The worldwide death toll in the coronavirus pandemic.
That's the New York Times.
Do you need any more proof of that hysteria that they're selling?
Hey, you slimy little lowlives, as I was saying before we went off the air, how about all the murders going on, huh?
When Obama was bombing 4,000, you know, with them drone strikes.
Hey, how about that million killed in Iraq by George W. Bush?
You want to know how ignorant and stupid the people are?
And how you're seeing all these politicians popping up in the poll ratings?
That guy Newsome, Doosome, Screwsome, whatever he is over there in California.
Holder, Holding, Hanchoff, whatever his name over here in, uh, down here in Maryland is.
And another governor up there in, uh, Michigan.
Well, the one in New York, all their polls, oh, they're really going up.
People love them.
Oh, yeah, they're doing a great job.
They're doing a great job, and the people are just enamored with them.
And look what they're doing, robbing us of our rights.
Low-life politicians telling us what to do.
Nobody cares.
We got them bragging on a great job they're doing.
One after another.
Lobbing us out of our rights.
Little daddy's boy over here, Andy Cuomo, named the bridge after his papa.
His father's better than mine.
No, no, no.
Take it easy, Andy boy.
Going on third base.
They are selling the fear and hysteria.
And the facts don't buy it at all.
The facts are there for everybody to look at.
And I went back to Cuomo.
I did this on our Trends in the News broadcast, and remember, you can follow me on YouTube, subscribe to the Trends Journal at trendsjournal.com, the only magazine that tells you what's going on, and spread the word!
We have to band together.
New law expands Cuomo's power during coronavirus outbreak.
This goes back to March 16th.
March 3rd, excuse me.
Governor Andrew Cuomo signed a law Tuesday that expands his emergency management powers.
A move that drew bipartisan criticism.
But that the Democratic governor said is justified.
Oh yeah, the Democratic... This is what I was saying.
The Democratic governor.
To show how stupid the people are.
And I'm going through all the names.
Millions of people being killed in wars and everything, and that's not news.
The people are so stupid!
They're so ignorant to follow these politicians, and you see now their poll ratings going way up.
Get this in your head.
How about a low-life piece of stupid garbage, when you look at them in the face, you say, how could anybody with a brain bigger than a pea think that this stupid moron with a pair of cojones smaller than a moth balls
No, not the ones you put in your closet.
Smaller than the ones on morph.
How would anybody believe George W. Bush?
Saddam Hussein has weapons of mass destruction and ties to Al Qaeda.
Oh yeah, remember when we landed on that aircraft carrier?
Yep, we won.
Just like they're doing now.
That's how stupid the people are.
That little slimy, low-life, murderous, piece-of-garbage crap Bush.
His popularity rating scored, soared to six, eighty percent following 9-11.
Taking us to war against Afghanistan, they didn't do anything to us.
Yeah, you know, Sir Milton Rodman's there!
And we got a cause there!
There's so long a sworn American history, and we don't have an exit strategy, it's like we don't have one for this!
But we're sick!
We're sick, demented people!
We're politicians!
Someone that's manipulative and devious to politicize and to ask for an organization.
Yeah, them!
And they're doing the same thing now, and the little sheep are following, one after another, bowing down to politicians.
And here's what else has happened.
As my friend Stephen Green has put in my mind and made very clear to me, the morons are on a power trip.
They're giving us a go into the supermarket now to stick our feet those shields up now.
They're telling you to put money down, they yell at you.
They told us we weren't allowed to bring, we had to be bringing reusable bags in New York.
They weren't giving out bags anymore.
You had to pay for a plastic bag when you went shopping, a paper bag rather.
Now you can't bring a reusable bag in after they were selling them to us for 50 cents a bag.
Now it's reusable, you bring it in the virus, and now you've got these little low lives everywhere getting your orders.
Don't they love it?
This is how communism goes.
This is how Stalinism, this is how Hitlerism, Mussoliniism, and now we have Americanism with a K in there.
And the little people telling us what to do and how to do it.
Stand in line!
My employees yesterday, the day before, went to get some things on Saturday, and you're not allowed to go in the stores, they meet you outside, curbside service.
You go up to the store, she's standing behind the line, she's standing away from the guy, the guy says, you're not six feet away from me!
She says, yes I am.
No you're not.
So am I five feet away?
She says, yeah.
She says, why don't you call the police?
The morons, the idiots, the gutless little people are now on a power trip.
Starting from the top, a low-life like Cuomo giving himself the power.
How about that Whitmere?
Witless Mere!
Witless, jerkless Mere!
The miskin.
Residents will no longer be able to jump in the car, or cross the street to visit friends or relatives inside the state.
These are the sick people that are running and ruining our lives!
The Communist Chinese have won!
Surveillance everywhere!
We are people of the Communist states of the world!
We'll follow the orders of your dictators!
We'll do what you are told!
Freedom is dead.
And so too will we be if we don't stand up and fight!
Support InfoWars!
Subscribe to the Trends Journal!
Do what you can!
Buy their products!
Speak up!
Freedom reigns when we stand.
The globalists are using COVID-19 to launch the globalist takeover.
If Trump understands this, and if everybody understands this, we can defeat the entire new world order right now instead of have them have their takeover, which is implantable microchips, forced inoculations, world government martial law.
It's all being announced as the solution.
The communist Chinese on Saturday morning
Released to what is probably one of the biggest publications in the world, the Daily Mail, a document stating that they did indeed test with bats in the Wuhan Level 4 Bioweapons Lab, coronaviruses that they took out of bats and injected into piglets.
And when the piglets died from it, they ground up the piglets
And fed it to other piglets.
So what did the author of the U.S.
biological weapons law, who practices law at The Hague, represents presidents and prime ministers, you know, the guy with three Harvard degrees.
He said nine weeks ago that it's a U.S.-made bioweapon given to the Chinese to be spliced with these airborne
Coronavirus is the bat jab to give it gain of function, and that while it's all being blamed on Trump, what's going to happen to the economy, he predicted that, that it's Obama and Hillary and Fauci who are over it at the NIH, who allowed the programs from 2012 to 2017, because Obama funded into the year Trump was elected and got into office, that they allowed the transfer of this to the Communist Chinese
To develop this airborne bioweapon.
What in the hell is going on here and what do you expect to happen now?
If President Trump doesn't understand that this is an extremely dangerous, offensive, biological warfare weapon that we the American people are facing, a lot of us are going to die.
There's no doubt about it.
Because all the people Trump have around him, not counting Vice President Pence, have been lying and covering this up from the get-go, and have been promoting their own interests and their own agenda.
And right now, that is the direction in which we are moving.
And now, the Communist Chinese come out, and they release this document to the mail,
Saying yes, it turns out we lied to you, we said we weren't working with coronaviruses or bats in the laboratory, that it wasn't zoological.
It is, but the U.S.
government and Obama funded us.
This morning, the headline on that article from the Daily Mail read, Wuhan lab was performing coronavirus experiments on bats from the caves where the disease is believed to have originated with a three million pound grant from the USA.
That was the headline this morning.
I have audio files I sent to all the writers and everyone saying, I predict, prime projection, that they will later change it to make the focus the U.S., that this is a mistake in the article, that the main Chinese thrust of the document is to blame America, but the article didn't blame America, it blamed China, so I predict they will change the headline.
Boom, Rise to Go Live, they put the article up, they changed it as I foresaw.
Because I have learned how they operate.
The global crisis that we've all been witnessing in the last 10 months, that we've all been living under, is planetary martial law.
It is the technocracy, the big corporations and authoritarian governments, working in concert to bring out a world ID through your phone.
And in a moment, I'm going to show you the headlines breaking this Saturday, where Google and Apple have announced they are merging.
Yes, they are merging to create the World ID to save us from COVID-19.
But first, let's look at this little tidbit.
The governor
The Democrat in Michigan is following suit with all other green cities and states and tightening the noose right when Trump prepares to start reopening the economy in most areas of the nation before a Great Depression is assured.
She now says, don't even walk across the street to say hi to your neighbors.
You can only walk one way down the sidewalk, not the other.
And you can't visit your other home or your cabin in the woods.
You have to stay in the city.
I'm not kidding.
You've got to read this for yourself.
This is 1984.
Remember, we told you two weeks ago from our sources that blue states like California, Michigan, and others, but we predicted Michigan.
We're going to then, as soon as Trump tries to reopen, say, oh no, no, no.
We're tightening down more and you've only got two days to get food, water, and medicine.
That's exactly what she's now saying is coming next.
Serbia just did this as well.
Communist China and the World Health Organization are the ones advising this and Communist China took over the World Health Organization more than a decade ago by putting their people into the institution and buying them off.
So Communist China is running
Blue State, Blue City responses and is holding America hostage in the most ancient form of war called siege.
You are under siege and your rights are under siege.
Some good news, Abbott here in Texas, the governor, is bucking this mind control.
And he's coming out and saying he will have an executive order out within three days that will then phase out this hysteria.
There have been about 230 people that have died in Texas.
Again, the flu in Texas kills more than 5,000 every single year.
This, ladies and gentlemen, is total hysteria and mind control.
And now let's move to this.
And I'll be doing a whole separate report on it for Man.Video on the Sunday show.
Apple and Google are teaming up to fight COVID-19 with contact tracing.
The so-called rivals never worked together but now they're merging with the federal government.
The ID tracking system, the locator systems with GPS in your phones to let you know where people that have COVID-19 or might have had COVID-19 are, which then violates their privacy and gets us all used to being tracked.
These systems are already in place.
And how did I predict nine weeks ago this was coming?
Communist China again runs it.
There they used Alibaba, the biggest shopping system in China, bigger than Amazon.
So that it's tied to your purchases to track you and your movements.
And in the future, they say, if you're not a good little globalist, you won't be able to buy or sell or have a job.
And in China, they're already doing it.
It's the social credit score.
So this is the rollout of the AI takeover, the drone surveillance, the social credit score.
Beyond 1984, in your face, and it's all being done.
Outside of the law, even outside of government, the corporations are just implementing it.
And when Trump tries to end all this, the big corporations, big tech, and others are going to say, no, we're not reopening and hold the nation hostage.
This is a 21st century civil war with globalist forces battling American forces and using this invisible enemy of COVID-19 to scare everyone into submission.
Ban.Video and Infowars.com have a lot of other key reports on this that are vital to the future of you and your family.
Please watch them, research them, and share them while you still can.
Hello, hello.
Well, we're back again.
The power keeps coming on and off up here in Kingston, New York.
So here's something to make this really quick.
Don't have a lot of time.
Watch gold prices.
You know I was the first cat out there calling the gold bull run on
June 6, 2019, gold was at $1,332 an ounce.
As we're speaking now, gold is at $1,713.
Almost $400 up.
I believe when gold solidifies over 1730, 1740, it's going to spike to $2,000.
I was saying earlier about how these dictators have taken over the country.
We've become Communist China worldwide.
They're in total control.
I'm going to give you something from another low-life piece of garbage.
This guy Conte, who's the Prime Minister of Italy.
They announced on Friday that they're closing the joint down again.
This is one of the first countries to close down until May 3rd.
Like, they know what they're doing.
Over here in America, you gotta be six feet away.
Hey, wait a minute, over there in Europe, they say a meter or three feet away.
Yeah, but we're making up stuff just like everybody else.
If you sneeze, it goes over there.
You know, again, this is all a lot of baloney.
Here's what Conte said.
This is a difficult but necessary decision for which I take all political responsibility.
For which I take all political responsibility.
Someone who's manipulative and devious, typically to gain advancement within an organization.
That's the fact.
I take?
Who the hell are you?
How about we, the people?
Yeah, as an Italian-American, I mean, it's a shame to the Italians, as I am to the Americans, and they were the first ones to go down.
Just like you marched to Mussolini!
You bowed down to Conte!
The same thing going on.
You got this little clown there, Cuomo, over here.
I believe the worst is over.
I believe!
I believe!
Hey, you believe this thing was never anything?
The numbers are small.
Some 20,000 people died of what? 300?
Now it's easier than ever to have Band.Video on your iPhone.
Simply go to Band.Video with your Safari browser.
Then you click the Share button at the bottom of the screen.
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I suggest BAN.VIDEO.
You will now have BAN.VIDEO app on your home screen, despite the fact that Tim Cook tried to stop it.
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I'm gonna see where I was, what I was doing.
He was like, oh absolutely, you can't find zinc anywhere.
I'm telling my patients, you know, take zinc.
I said, well how much?
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But, you know, they're giving 250 to people that already have it.
That's not good for your kidneys, but it's better than dying.
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