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Air Date: April 8, 2020
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In his show, Alex Jones discusses various topics such as censorship, 5G technology and COVID-19, dangers of AI, and freedom of speech. He interviews Brian Rose from London Real about free speech censorship on platforms like YouTube and Twitter. They also talk about fear being used for control during the pandemic, the role of technology companies in implementing a post-human world, and the importance of standing up against censorship to protect civil liberties. The conversation touches upon building one's own platform to pull power away from big tech giants, independent revenue streams, human intelligence, and potential.

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And you know, Alex, you watched the interview.
What kills me most is the last 30 minutes, David Icke is giving information on how everyone in this planet can be empowered, right?
He says, don't let the illusion of control and fear stop you from challenging these authorities.
He said, that's all you have to do.
You have to extinguish your fear and realize you're more than this.
You're infinite energy.
And I'm telling you, the lesson was so amazing and clear.
It would be enough, Alex, to liberate everybody.
Because as David said, it's a tiny, tiny group of people
That's holding us down.
As David would say, look what's happening now.
Three billion people on lockdown for a handful of us that's doing it.
It's happening right in front of our eyes, Alex.
And the only thing we have to do is go into our fears to get through this.
And he gave that beautiful message and now that's banned as well.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
The revolt against Trojan horse technology like 5G and cell phones that spy on you and listening devices in the home has begun.
People aren't going to sit here and take it as cancer rates go straight up, as cancer clusters explode at schools with 5G and other wireless systems.
Humanity knows what's happening.
And when you target humanity with this poisonous radiation,
And then try to censor people when they speak up against it and point it out.
You are guaranteeing a violent tempest, a storm, a hurricane, a typhoon that will attack all technology and not just the corrupt globalist Trojan horse technology.
The New World Order has pushed humanity into a corner.
They believe that our acquiescence was a sign of weakness.
The truth is we were asleep.
Now humanity has awoken.
And the giant 5G war against corrupt technology has begun.
The robot wars are here.
It is Wednesday, April 8th, 2020 with 208 days out from the election that now they're openly talking about canceling.
We have the Democrat Party now coming out and officially saying
That they do not want to open the economy ever and that we will never be able to leave our homes until we've all taken forced inoculations.
The Democrat governor of California is set to announce within a week, according to our sources, that people have to stay in their houses, period, for two weeks and cannot even go to the grocery store or to the pharmacy.
They'll be given two to three days to go out and do that.
That's designed to create hysteria.
That's designed to create absolute looting.
DrudgeReport.com has a lengthy list of articles showing that this is already begun.
Separate from that, you have the awakening of the pro-America intelligentsia that China obviously released this on purpose, incubated it in China, and then with the left helped keep the borders open to bring it here, now trying to blame it on Trump and the economy.
And so a lot of experts are saying we're basically at war with China, and the president is beginning to basically announce that fact.
He's giving China a little bit of time to pull back the left.
They control a little bit of time to pull back their proxy armies, but it doesn't look like they're going to do that.
Also, more people died from suicide last week in Tennessee than the coronavirus.
The U.S.
hits new record for highest number of coronavirus deaths in a day at 1,890 fatalities, but
BRICS says government is classifying all deaths of patients with coronavirus as COVID-19 deaths, regardless of the cause, Fox News reports.
There's video of her saying that.
And they're also counting anyone who tests positive for the common cold, which is coronavirus.
As having COVID-19.
So now we're learning why it's 90% or above 85 or have cancer or heart failure.
It's a hoax, ladies and gentlemen.
The virus is dangerous.
It kills some people.
But now we have medical doctors on Denver television, on LA television, on ABC.
That are treating coronavirus patients and when they give them zinc with hydroxychloroquine, if you don't have zinc in you with hydroxychloroquine, the numbers are coming out, it can hurt you because it unbalances your body because you don't have zinc in you and it causes a real problem.
But if you have zinc with hydroxychloroquine, just like they found in Europe, don't even need the Z-Pak, they're getting 100%
Recovery and that's what the acidic doctor that's now treated over a thousand five hundred people.
100% success rate who tested positive for COVID-19 with 250 milligrams of zinc a day.
That's toxic long-term folks.
Z-Pak and hydroxychloroquine.
The media is desperately though nationally fighting to stop this because they want maximum death and maximum fear.
They are so pissed that in all the curves, this thing is at least 90% less deaths than they had predicted.
And they don't get to be the hero then and say that the lockdown saved us if that happens, when it's what our body naturally needs that God gave us and our own brains to use it that will save us.
It's a big transmission.
We're hoping you boost it and let everybody know about zinc before they die.
Because you can die very easily if you don't have it.
Ladies and gentlemen,
I want to discuss a paradox with you on this April 8th, Wednesday global transmission.
The fact that 35,000 people on average die in the United States every year from the flu is horrible.
It's a terrible thing.
It's very sad that my grandmothers and grandfathers died as well of cancer and heart failure and just of old age.
There are seven and a half billion people on the planet, and just like Blue Oyster Cult, Don't Fear the Reaper, we're all gonna be like they are.
So you can say we can't allow 35,000 people to die.
Just like there are about a hundred children that die a year in real mass shootings at schools.
It's wrong, it's terrible, but they spend tens of billions of dollars and turn them into armored fortresses and do all this and get rid of due process to try to stop it, instead of going after the mental patients that do it over and over again.
So you see, it's a paradox.
The media creates the perception
That it's the end of the world and that we've got to do something.
When in truth, we're going to go to these graphs in a moment, there are always tens of thousands of people dying every year from the common cold.
You're dehydrated, you don't have the right vitamins and minerals in you, you're worn down, you are debilitated, you're malnourished, you die.
Why do you think you hear about Africa where when they have a famine in a country a couple million people just starve to death?
But you'll hear they died of malnutrition.
A cold or a flu will come through when they're run down and the bones are sticking out of the side of them and they die.
Anybody knows that about...
Animals that get left out, you know, in a barn and somebody doesn't take care of them and they find these starving animals, they die of the flu or of a cold because they're malnourished.
Why does zinc or vitamin C or vitamin D3 say essential?
Essential means you die without it.
And I have all this news to cover, but it's absolutely true that COVID-19 is a disease of zinc deficiency.
And it's absolutely true that mainstream corporate media is fighting to keep that information from the people.
Why do so many super old people die from the flu or from the common cold?
Much less a souped up event like this.
This is a super bad cold virus compared to regular colds.
Because a lot of old people
They can't even absorb through their intestines anymore because they have diverticulitis and their guts are so clogged up, they can't absorb the nutrients even if they eat them.
And I can't tell you how many medical doctors we've had on, we've talked to that say, oh yeah, they see a lot of people above the age of 65 that have scurvy.
Their teeth are falling out, they have cuts on their arms, they're bleeding.
That's not regular for old folks.
They have a deficiency.
Of vitamin C and other things.
And Nobel Prizes have been won on all of this.
So, there's been a phenomenon in Texas, in Oklahoma, in California, in New York, in Colorado, in Illinois.
I've seen medical doctors that have practices treating COVID-19 patients.
Some of them have treated thousands, like the Jewish acidic doctor.
First it was 300, then 600, then 900.
It's over a thousand now.
The people come in and they immediately put them on a huge dose of zinc, tell them drink a lot of water so it doesn't hurt your kidneys.
They put them on hydroxychloroquine to push the zinc into the cells.
They put them on vitamin C and D at 100% rate.
I'm going to play you ABC News Los Angeles interviewing a medical doctor.
Why isn't this guy in front of Congress?
Why isn't this guy out there?
Because Big Pharma and Bill and Melinda Gates, who's financing
Bricks and Fauci on record.
We covered that on Sunday with Patrick Howley from Epic Times, a national file.
They don't want you to know that.
They're saying you can't leave your house until we have a vaccine.
The Australian Prime Minister is saying that.
A vaccine that won't protect you because the common cold always mutates.
They admit that.
So, yes, you should be concerned about COVID-19.
You should be concerned about the flu.
Just like you should be concerned about hundreds of thousands, you know, in car wrecks and 50-something thousand dying a year.
But we shouldn't only have robots drive us around as they're proposing, because they can say robots are going to be safer, because people die in car wrecks.
This is the nanny state.
It's the same thing.
It's the idea that, oh my gosh, thousands are dying a day from something.
It's peaking.
We can't allow this.
Well, they can't stop it.
And their solution of a vaccine is a fraud on record.
When you take a vaccine for the common cold or the flu, it lowers your immunity by 50% in major studies to the next year.
That's the real goal of this.
And in December 2nd, the heads of the UN, World Health Organization, gave a two-day summit
More than 20 hours of video.
It's on their website.
We went and watched it, put out reports of it, where they admit vaccines aren't tested, they're lowering immunities, they're causing autoimmune disorders, and our doctors know it and don't want to do it anymore.
That's what this is for, is to shut you up.
So it is a 100% lie that this vaccine they're developing, that Bill and Melinda Gates have already got, they're just making you beg for it, is going to help you.
So when we come back, I'm going to play you.
I've got three clips today of medical doctors on local news, never national.
And some are on their own YouTubes being blocked because they go, well, that's not a the World Health Organization doesn't agree that you need zinc.
So you're banned, doctor.
Did you hear what I just said?
I have news articles where medical doctors treating people with over-the-counter zinc
Are being blocked.
Oh, and guess what else medical doctors are saying?
I told you I talked to medical doctors in Texas.
A caller called about a month ago, and I made some calls.
They said, yeah, they won't let us prescribe hydroxychloroquine, but all that is is a prescription version of quinine.
We're giving our patients Canada Dry tonic water.
They banned me off of the Google app for that.
They said specifically for that and hydroxychloroquine that day.
Took them about a week to do it.
So that's how pissed they are that I'm just telling you, you don't have to... See, if you don't have oxygen, you die in about four minutes.
Everybody knows that.
It's essential.
But if you don't have zinc, you die in a few months, folks.
It's a fact.
It's called starving to death.
And the foods are so damn empty, that's the case.
So yes, folks, get your vitamin D3.
Yes, get your zinc.
And absolutely, get all your multivitamins and get them from a non-synthetic source.
And absolutely.
I'm saying you need oxygen to live, and I'm saying we have the Real Red Pill and Real Red Pill Plus that has all the vitamins and minerals and preglanone.
That's for adults.
We have, by the way, Vitamineral Fusion.
I keep plugging it.
It's been sold out for two weeks.
They didn't tell me that.
It's back in stock.
18-wheeler showed up yesterday.
And DNA Force Plus with PQQ and CoQ10 is what I do to absolutely boost my own defenses and give my body the things that are known to make it strong and vibrant.
Just like you put Miracle-Gro in a plant.
If a plant doesn't get those nutrients it needs, it dies as well.
It's a fact.
But they want you so ignorant and so desperate that they want the UN to come in with world government and world control and make all the nations follow the same exact protocols.
It's insane.
By the way, our high-quality vitamin D3 is back in.
Winter sun.
Take it out of the tongue.
50% off, DNA Force Plus, 50% off.
X3 about to sell out in the next week or so.
It's 60% off because I want you to get it.
If you don't know about iodine and what it does for your overall body and how it's essential, just look into iodine.
Just type in iodine immunity for yourself and discover the facts.
Now, we've got so much to cover today, but seriously, your friends, your neighbors eating white bread?
And drinking soda that doesn't have anything in it, and not eating leafy vegetables, and not eating oranges, and orange peels, and you know, not eating, you know, good juicy steaks that has the iron your body needs.
They're run down.
They're debilitated.
You need to talk to your friends and family about nutrition.
They still don't know.
Because the corporate media is trying to block it.
We've got giant 5G rebellion news.
We've got Trump standing up to the Chai comms, ringing the alarm under a globalist attack with the left-wing collaborators with the Chai comms.
It's all happening.
It's the quickening.
Bernie Sanders dropped out of the race.
It's a free-for-all.
Stay with us on this Wednesday edition.
Coming to you live from Austin, Texas, broadcasting worldwide, simulcast on hundreds of radio and TV stations and cable systems, and transmitted forward by your word of mouth at InfoWars.com forward slash show and Bandai Video.
Last year, CNN's Oliver Darcy, who
Works closely with the Obama-Hillary stay-behind networks at the State Department and the CIA to censor Americans and command big tech's oppression of the people and meddling in the elections.
Said, next phase, we're going to ban people sending Alex Jones text or Jordan Peterson text, as examples they use, we've played the clip many times, on WhatsApp and other apps.
Now, within a few months of that happening, it started.
Well now, they have a AI algorithm of anything popular and anything pro-America or pro-Trump or pro-Ghan, or any information about COVID-19.
Like, you need zinc.
At four, five, six times the daily allowance.
Front loaded.
They're announced that's banned.
You are not allowed to send that.
You're able to send it to one person, then AI looks at it, and they decide whether to ban it.
It's been announced.
So, understand that.
Your private messages are being watched by the hardcore criminals that run Big Tech, that are allied with Communist China and help oppress their people there.
Slave factories are based there, everything.
These are monsters.
Just as they look like, you know, dirty hippies wearing different colored socks and they're at Burning Man.
That's their sick cover.
They were wearing Hugo Boss, you know, Nazi uniforms.
You'd be scared of them.
Because they're so unprofessional looking, you just let them fop around, you know, because Tim Cook's hopping around like a fairy up there.
I'm gay!
I'm gay!
No, you're a mass murderer criminal.
Who cares if you're gay, but, you know, ferrying around is just their cover.
So that's what's happening here, ladies and gentlemen, and I'm going to cover that more later.
In fact, in the last segment of this hour, we have the banned video that YouTube, Twitter will not let you upload.
That's why it's important we're here.
The David Icke interview that he did on London Real, that gentleman's joining us, by the way, at one o'clock, coming up in about an hour and a half.
He went on, didn't say 5G causes coronavirus.
He said studies show it exacerbates the lowering of immunity, which Woody Harrelson tweeted out.
A mainline study, and DrugsReport.com linked to it yesterday.
And the media said Woody Harrelson's saying burn down cell towers.
So that's what they do.
They take it down and then they lie about what you said.
By the way, I know Woody Harrelson for, gosh, I've known Woody Harrelson 15 years.
He's a really smart guy.
He gets misrepresented.
But the thing is, he has courage because they're now attacking him and talking about censoring him.
But Woody Harrelson just sent out a tweet that had a study in it.
Woody Harrelson says 5G may be tied to coronavirus pandemic.
What he said is the studies show it exacerbates it.
I'm going to read you the studies coming up next hour and I'm going to read you LA Times, Wired Magazine, AP Reuters two years ago.
There was then a big PR push about a year ago saying 5G is like mother's milk and apple pie, it's real good for you.
But then you read the studies, they're scam studies paid for by the big
Telecoms, and it's not even what they say, their studies actually show it's bad for you.
But we already know that.
That's settled science.
And so, you can choose not to live by a cell tower, but what about when 5G's up basically everywhere, 6 million towers?
It's already going in.
I'm already making the preparation to leave Austin because it's all around our office right now.
And it does massively give you cancer.
Way worse than the other systems because it's at point blank range.
Now, these monsters think they're going to control what we can say and what we can do, but they're not going to be able to do it.
When we come back, I'm going to show you all these different graphs by the prestigious groups that told us we were all dead.
Showing that it's 90% less than what they claimed it would be.
We've got the graphs from the NIH, the graphs from the universities, they all show the same thing, and that's with them putting false data in.
But here's the paradox.
You're saying, Alex, you just said that this thing's a hoax and you used it to take our liberty, but you're saying the virus is real.
Millions and millions die a year from malnutrition, and then regular cold and regular flu kills you.
Malnutrition is a giant issue.
We talk about it here with Mike Adams and so many others, and we've said the answer is getting the zinc, getting the vitamin D, getting the vitamin C. And if you get sick, the hydroxychloroquine to push it in, but it's still dangerous.
They don't want you to know that, but the people have bought it off the shelves everywhere and are self-medicating, and that's why the number's going down.
Because people learn the truth, and now they're in your message, your private messages.
Soon they're saying they're gonna break in on calls live time and cut your calls if you're saying things they don't like.
No, no, that's being proposed.
This is what AI can do, folks.
Listen to everything in live time.
Just like it sounded crazy when I told you 20 years ago you're gonna have home assistants that watch and listen to you.
So let's go out to break with Doctor with Critical Thought.
We'll do that next segment.
Doc touts hydroxychloroquine-zinc combo.
Patients basically symptom-free in hours.
This is ABC News, L.A., but it's only in local news.
You'll never see this national.
Here it is.
Okay, real quick, we have a little bit of time left.
I do want to ask you about hydroxychloroquine.
The president was pushing it pretty strong again yesterday.
You said you have prescribed this.
I want to talk to you about the effects you're seeing and what it might do for people who take it normally outside of coronavirus and a possible shortage of medicine for them.
What we're finding clinically with our patients is that it really only works in conjunction with zinc.
So the hydroxychloroquine opens a zinc channel, zinc goes into the cell, it then blocks the replication of the of the cellular machinery.
So it has to be used in conjunction with zinc.
We are seeing some clinical responses in that regard.
There are people that take it regularly for other disease processes.
We have to be cautious and mindful that we don't prescribe it for patients who have COVID that are well.
It really should be reserved for people that are really sick in the hospital or at home very sick that need that medication.
Otherwise, we're going to blow through our supply for the patients that take it regularly for other disease processes.
But what you're saying is you're prescribing it and it is working for COVID-19 patients?
Every patient I've prescribed it to has been very, very ill, and within 8 to 12 hours, they were basically symptom-free.
And so...
Clinically, I am seeing a resolution.
That mirrors what we saw in the French study and some of the other studies worldwide.
But what I am seeing is that people are taking it alone by itself.
It's not having efficacy.
Well, that's very interesting news and hopefully... Because if you're all ready, run, down, and don't have the damn zinc, it doesn't work.
It's like having a gun without bullets.
The hydroxychloroquine is the AK-47, but if you don't have the banana magazine in it with the rounds, it doesn't work.
The zinc is the bullet.
Remember, I said exactly that reading the French study, and that's media matters.
Put it out, and Google said, here's the video, and wired.
I was banned for telling you that because they want to kill your ass!
Gentlemen, we're here to inform you, we're going to overthrow the globalists.
Then the mission's almost complete!
Ha ha ha!
Alright, let me lay it out, ladies and gentlemen.
Let me lay it on ya.
I personally am not going to let myself get to the point where I submit to people that are trying to kill me and my family.
And I swear an oath in front of all of you that we're going to work together.
We're going to bring these globalists to judgment with God's help and God's directive and providence.
May God lead God and direct us in that mission.
Let me explain something.
You've all been watching this.
You already know this.
I'm only telling what you already know.
They had studies on SARS over a decade ago that hydroxychloroquine knocked it out.
It's the same damn virus, it's just a new mutation that they've jacked with.
The French have several studies and they said 97% in thousands treated came back unless they were like 90 years old.
That's a cure, basically.
And Trump starts going, like five weeks ago, hey, we've got this drug.
We're asking all these big companies to manufacture a ton of it and put it out at cost.
And they don't want hope.
They want a vaccine that doesn't even protect you on record so they can keep you locked down.
So you're all scared.
And Trump even backed off.
But then all these medical doctors across America
Came to their patients with zinc.
Led by the Jewish doctor in New York who was popularized at first.
Others were doing it.
They were scared.
The Jewish doctor wasn't.
He's now cured over a thousand people.
Zero deaths.
The minute you get the fever, you go get tested and they put you on that with the Z-Pak to stop the bacteria carrying it and the hydroxychloroquine to push into the cells.
But you take hydroxychloroquine without enough zinc in your body, it can kill you because it'll grab other things and push them.
That's what happens to people that take ecstasy all the time.
It stops grabbing the chemicals that are in the brain because you've depleted them.
And it pushes other chemicals through and will actually make your brain bleed.
It will force a cellular interaction that can't happen.
And so it just causes hemorrhaging.
And again, just look into that for yourself.
Well, it's the same thing with hydroxychloroquine.
You're putting a chemical in that pushes zinc in the cells.
If it ain't there, man, it's gonna push something else in.
So, that's what's happening here, ladies and gentlemen, and I've got so much news to cover, but it is a fact.
That we've played clips out of Oklahoma, Illinois, Florida, New York, California, Colorado.
This latest, there's another doctor in L.A., a well-known doctor.
I looked him up.
He goes on TV all the time.
He has thousands of patients.
He's cured everybody with zinc and hydroxychloroquine.
But he says, you must not do this by yourself, and you need to be on zinc.
You need a physician.
And that's damn right.
Chloroquine is a very powerful drug and again I guess that goes to say I'm another medical doctor talking about what's in what we told you.
Tonic water is quinine that is the precursor of what hydroxychloroquine is and I guess it goes to say I look this up too.
You better damn well have your zinc with this or it can really screw you up as well.
Understand, the British took that to kill malaria.
It kills it.
It's just a grandfathered thing, like caffeine.
Caffeine, if they discovered it today, it'd be a Schedule 3 drug.
You'd be illegal.
There'd be, you know, caffeine houses instead of crack houses, instead of coke houses.
Just like this is grandfathered.
It's big medicine, as the Native Americans would say.
Again, I know the audience knows all this.
You better tell your friends and family.
The national media will not cover this.
And coming up next hour, I'll show you where the New York Times accused Trump of pushing hydroxychloroquine to make money.
They went and looked at some stock portfolio he had, and he had less than $400 at the peak of the stock market.
$435 at the low.
$29, oh yes.
That's why he's pushing a generic drug that no one makes money off of.
Evil, ladies and gentlemen.
You know who is making money?
Fauci and this BRICS lady.
They get hundreds of millions from Bill Gates, and they're pushing the vaccine saying it's the answer.
But the New York Times tells you it's Trump with $400 in stock, as if he knew about that.
He owns stock in one company that has a bunch of sub-companies and owns a piece of a French company that puts it out.
And the New York Times says, oh, it's because he wants $400.
These people are sick filth.
So take it personal and remember, they're all taking zinc at the New York Times.
They're all got their hydroxychloroquine ready.
They're all taking D3.
They're all taking vitamin C. And then they're there making sure you don't get it because they want maximum death for maximum hysteria for maximum lockdown of the economy so you'll accept the forced inoculation.
And it's all official and we predicted it all.
So I don't normally play the same clip in the same show, much less the same hour.
But go read the articles at nationalfile.com.
They're also at Epoch Times.
Fauci and Briggs both have big money.
Bill Gates, conflicts of interest.
Oh, but Facebook's banned National File, calling it spam.
They just went to the photos, the files, the documents.
$100 million to Fauci alone in one contract.
Guess where Briggs' daughter works?
Oh, she's a manager at Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.
I'm gonna stop right there.
It goes on for hours.
But here's the doctor, the article.
It's on InfoWars.com.
It's on NewsWars.com.
They censor InfoWars more and block it.
So share the NewsWars version or post it on your own site.
I don't care.
Take my name off of it.
Just get it out.
That's all I care about.
doctor uses hydroxychloroquine and zinc to treat COVID-19.
But listen, 100% rate of success, but you must have zinc!
Must have zinc!
That's the key!
And just chant it!
Don't let the left, the left's like, die!
Die, die, die, die!
You're like zinc, zinc, zinc, scum, zinc!
They don't want to just abort babies, they want to abort you!
Like Bill Maher said, more death, more suicide.
You die, Maher!
You die!
Here's the doctor!
Okay, real quick, we have a little bit of time left.
I do want to ask you about hydroxychloroquine.
The president was pushing it pretty strong again yesterday.
You said you have prescribed this.
I want to talk to you about the effects you're seeing and what it might do for people who take it normally outside of coronavirus and a possible shortage of medicine for them.
What we're finding clinically with our patients is that it really only works in conjunction with zinc.
So the hydroxychloroquine opens a zinc channel, zinc goes into the cell, it then blocks the replication of the cellular machinery.
So it has to be used in conjunction with zinc.
We are seeing some clinical responses in that regard.
There are people that take it regularly for other disease processes.
We have to be cautious and mindful that we don't prescribe it for patients who have COVID that are well.
It really should be reserved for people that are really sick in the hospital or at home very sick that need that medication.
Otherwise, we're going to blow through our supply for the patients that take it regularly for other disease processes.
But what you're saying is you're prescribing it and it is working for COVID-19 patients?
Every patient I've prescribed it to has been very, very ill, and within 8 to 12 hours, they were basically symptom-free.
And so...
Clinically, I am seeing a resolution.
That mirrors what we saw in the French study and some of the other studies worldwide.
But what I am seeing is that people are taking it alone, by itself.
It's not having efficacy.
Well, that is very interesting.
Next, Google will probably block the word zinc!
Screw you, Google!
Screw you!
If you love life, then you rebel against the satanic, anti-human, anti-family, anti-child, anti-life New World Order.
Let me continue with medical doctors coming out and telling you exactly what I told you word for word.
Now again, people go, how did you do this, Alex?
It was in all the studies.
I'm reading what PhDs, top hospitals, universities have said.
I'd love to give myself credit for this.
It's like saying to somebody, if you're going to go scuba diving down at 100 feet under the water, you need an oxygen tank.
Oxygen is essential.
And the fact that Trump, who I really support, but it's bittersweet, lets big tech censor his tweets now and Balasaro's tweets now, and that's based here in the U.S., when he said hydroxychloroquine and zinc two weeks ago.
They banned his tweets and his speeches to a crowd and officially at the president's offices with the Brazilian flag behind him.
And the Marines of the Army standing beside him, like Trump giving a State of the Union.
I mean, even if Balasaro was wrong, he can tell you hydroxychloroquine and zinc.
Who made Google and Twitter and Facebook God?
They're the modern TV.
They're the modern system.
They're the modern newspaper, and now they're in people's text messages blocking them?
Because they said, oh, there's disinfo about COVID-19, hydroxychloroquine, zinc, vitamin D. There is no known treatment for it.
Because the WHO wants you to have a vaccine, because the globalists run it.
And it's a damn lie!
We'll listen to our doctors and to the studies, and we'll make our decisions, you fascist eugenics murderers!
Yeah, people are asking.
I see these tweets everywhere now.
Why does Bill Gates want to depopulate everybody and says he wants to get rid of old people?
We've got to reduce the number of people, but now he's behind all this?
Why is he suddenly everywhere telling us what to do?
Because he runs the whole show!
Fauci and Bricks are on his payroll!
They ride his ding-a-ling!
Excuse me, it's a family show.
But, let's put it this way.
They're puppets.
He's got his hand running them.
Like finger puppets.
It's insane that they're trying all of this.
It's insane they're doing all this.
And how many medical doctors have we played clips of?
From France, from Italy, from Germany, from New York, from Colorado, from California, from Texas, from Illinois.
How many?
If you are deficient in zinc, viruses can get you.
If you're deficient in zinc, type in zinc deficiency cancer.
They've got studies out where 99% of people that take 30 milligrams of zinc a day do not get colon or intestinal cancer.
Look it up!
But see, they don't want you knowing that.
And all over Europe and the US, the FDA here lowers the amount of what they say you need.
And if you're old and you're not absorbing things well,
Then you're not getting any of it, and you gon' die!
Now you think about these monsters that are literally taking us off the air because I'm telling you this and playing medical doctors.
These are the worst people the planet has ever seen because they're trying to depopulate you.
They put fluoride in the water to lower your IQ, Harvard studies, and they admit they do it.
In fact, did you guys find what I forgot to remind you?
Do we have the famous clip of the head Monsanto lobbyist who for 30 years gave speeches?
Where he would always say, oh you can drink it, it's good for you, it doesn't hurt you.
And finally in Canada, somebody said, oh really, we've got some.
He goes, I wouldn't drink that.
Because the people survive on a regular basis.
How do the farmers kill themselves?
India, where Monsanto came in with Terminator seeds, where you can't replant your seeds, bankrupted over 20 million of them, and now reportedly hundreds of thousands have committed suicide.
And you see, Monsanto tried to cover up that Roundup gives you cancer and does all this all these years, but now it's admitted, and now they've been caught.
And who's Bill Gates in bed with?
He's part owner of it.
Who owns McDonald's?
Who destroys you?
They're eugenicists.
It's a plan.
And just like they're telling you 5G's good for ya, and oh, zinc isn't good for ya, oh, Roundup, weed killer's good.
Zinc, not so much.
Yeah, go ahead and play the lobbyist on National Canadian TV.
Here it is.
You want to drink some?
We have some here.
I'd be happy to, actually.
Not really, but... Not really?
I know it wouldn't hurt me.
If you say so.
I have some right here.
No, I'm not stupid.
Tell the truth.
It's not dangerous to humans.
No, it's not.
So are you ready to drink one glass?
No, I'm not an idiot.
And again, that's one with banjo music.
To me, this isn't funny.
Shut it down.
We're gonna get... I'm not mad about it.
I just didn't... It isn't funny how tens of millions have died of breast cancer alone from an on-record.
So next hour, I'm gonna have you the crisp, real interview where he's saying it's good for you, it's wonderful.
Conspiracy theorists say it's not.
I'll drink it right now.
Here's some.
I'm not gonna drink that.
You think I'm crazy?
Because, you know, everybody always makes a joke out of all this.
It's not funny.
These people are eugenicists and they're hired to carry out operations against you and your family.
And as soon as people figure that out, the sooner we can turn this around.
I have a folder sitting right down here that's four inches thick of studies and mainline news that 5G absolutely gives you massive cancers and fries your testicles.
I mean, you don't want to have kids?
Be around 5G.
Oh, don't worry.
COVID-19 eats your balls as well.
But if you've got a bunch of nutrients in your body, it can't get in there.
But see, they don't want you to know that.
Yeah, there's wired.
Smartphones cause cancer.
Big wireless doesn't want you to know.
Yeah, you're worried just about the tower?
How about what's in your pocket?
And the other systems are bad too, folks.
This is established.
But, oh, can't criticize it now.
And notice they misrepresent, they go, oh, Alex Jones, it's all over the news, says that this creates the virus and that the cell towers give it to you.
Really, where's the clip?
I have an Alex Jones 5G.
There's like 30 articles I saw last week saying that I am, no, I said the studies show it lowers your immunity and runs people down.
Because everyone's calling me saying, is it causing it?
And I go, no.
But it does lower your immunity.
Here's the studies.
Big unhealthy cities with all the dust and garbage and everybody packed in together not getting sunlight and eating all the GMO crap and all the soy boys and then you're sitting there on top cell towers all around you 24 hours a day and wireless internet and all the other crap.
Of course it's killing us!
It's what the studies show!
But let's play this doctor.
Full interviews on Infowars.com.
A doctor with critical thought and common sense.
I brought the fresh air, Dr. Eric Naput.
And it goes through all of it on the site, but he's breaking down something else here that absolutely is effective that they don't want you to know about, because they want you to wait and die for the deadly vaccine.
Here it is.
There's a physician out of Los Angeles.
He's a physician taking care of a ton of COVID-19 patients.
Dr. Anthony Cordillo.
He's an ER doctor at a hospital locally in
He's also CEO of MEND Urgent Care.
He's been prescribing the combination drugs of the chloroquine and zinc and is crushing this thing.
And what he's saying is, when people get on this protocol, that typically within 12 to 24 hours, they're literally walking out of the hospitals.
They're just doing so much better.
So, like that's one thing.
And we're going to talk about that because right now, I'm telling you right now, the answer is quinine.
I want everybody listening right now to go do this.
I want everyone of you to go today, see if you can buy some quinine.
If not, go get some Schweppes tonic water.
Tonic water has a ton of quinine in it.
Now let me tell you something.
Listen to me.
Interestingly enough, there was a law that was signed into effect.
It was an FDA law that Bill Clinton actually signed a long time ago.
Now hear me on this.
Bill Clinton signed this law into effect, taking a bunch of nutrients off the market in the 90s.
And quinine was one of them.
Quinine acts similar to hydrochloroquine.
Quinine acts as a transport chain to allow nutrients to get into the cells.
So I'm telling everybody right now, if you know someone who's got flu-like symptoms,
If they've got symptoms of COVID-19, the cold, the flu, whatever, go and get some either quinine and or Schweppes tonic water.
Let me tell you this again, quinine and or Schweppes tonic water.
Now what did I tell you over a month ago, and Google listen, this is one of the reasons I'm banned.
I'm just giving you SPACs, folks.
I'm not even selling this.
I am selling the highest quality vitamin D3 with K. You're going to find, winter, sun, back in stock.
50% off at evermorestore.com.
Now they're selling it for six, seven years because everybody needs it.
It's essential!
The globalists don't want you to have what's essential.
And DNA Force Plus is something you and your family absolutely need.
And the real Red Bull Plus.
It's got the zinc and everything else in it all together.
Believe me, you need it all.
It's all essential that we have in there.
Infowarsstore.com or AAA2533139.
I'll get to the band David Icke interview that started all this when we come back.
The rebellion against the Trojan Horse Globalist technology has begun.
In the next segment, I'm going to get into it, what's happening, and I'll tell you about all the big guests we've got today as well.
But, you talk about a turning point.
They had Dr. Patrick Moore for decades go around.
And I remember my dad knew that his dad had gotten sick from cancer from Coopertoxin put on cows that had cyanide in it.
That gave him bone cancer and stuff later.
He died really young, 50-something.
And my mom going, David, that weed spray you're spraying, you know, smelling that stuff, is that, is that, when we hand pull these weeds, my dad's a smart guy, he's like, well they say that, you know, you can drink this, I don't really believe that, but it just manipulates the weeds, biological system, it's probably not that bad for humans, but I'll be more careful.
I was like 10 years old hearing that, when Roundup came out.
So I've been hearing this my whole life and of course they knew day one it's it's it's Monsanto the folks that you know the Agent Orange and the dioxin they dumped in black neighborhoods you know you get a thimble of that and you're gonna have you know I mean that stuff will suck the paint off your house and give you a permanent orange afro to quote what's that funny movie where they say that but again this is not this is not a laughing matter this is very very serious and
So he's on Canadian TV like seven, eight years ago and they go, okay, I got something for you to drink.
And he won't drink it because the Indian farmers that have been bankrupted by Monsanto and their Terminator seed line are committing suicide with it and then suing it.
But again, this is when their bluff is called.
Like the vaccine for the flu never has worked, they admit, because they never picked the right mutation.
It's always mutating.
Thousands of new flu variants every year.
Thousands of new coronaviruses every year.
There's hundreds of this one out there now.
They're just attributing all the heart attacks and death to this one.
And yes, people are dying.
But they're making a big deal about it now.
To sell you on the vaccine and lock you up in your houses to kill the economy.
So, here he is, getting called out on it.
I do not believe that glyphosate in Argentina is causing increases in cancer.
You can drink a whole quart of it and it won't hurt you.
You want to drink some?
We have some here.
I'd be happy to, actually.
Not really, but... Not really?
I know it wouldn't hurt me.
If you say so.
I have some glyphosate.
No, no, I'm not stupid.
Ah, okay, so you... So it's dangerous, right?
No, people try to commit suicide with it and fail fairly regularly.
Tell the truth.
It's not dangerous to humans.
No, it's not.
So are you ready to drink one glass of that?
No, I'm not an idiot.
Interview me about golden rice.
That's what I'm talking about.
Okay, then it's finished.
Then the interview is finished.
That's a good way to solve things.
You're a complete jerk.
Did you see the elitist attitude of these people?
He's been lying for decades, they've been lying, killing millions in the U.S.
alone on record.
Brazil didn't even have breast cancer 50 years ago.
20 years after they put glyphosate in, it's just as bad as ours.
Same thing in Europe.
Areas that ban it, don't have the problems.
It gets in the groundwater, they soak the plants repeatedly with it, and it just goes in the groundwater, and it turns men into feminine, and it makes women develop early, and then fries them out.
I mean, if you want to look like the sea hag, take a bath in this stuff.
You want to have your youth sucked out of you.
Again, feminizes males, but when women get more of these female type hormones, it fries them and destroys their looks as well.
So, and gives you cancer.
That's always fun.
But you heard him and you saw him.
Everything's good.
Everything's wonderful.
You should make sure and enjoy it, but he won't drink it.
He said people fairly regularly try to kill themselves with it and fail.
Well, there you go.
So drink up, folks, and remember, 5G's good for you.
Cyrus Parsa is suing different globalist organizations for their AI tyranny.
Has theaiorganization.com.
He'll be joining us at the bottom of the hour.
Then, Brian Rose of London Real TV.
Incredible filmmaker, TV host, mind, author.
Always been a fan of his stuff for years.
Well, turns out he's a fan.
His big interview with David Icke had millions of views just in a few hours, went total viral like my last interview with Joe Rogan.
And so they killed it.
As they could tell, they got millions of views just a couple hours ago, you know, 20 million views, 50 million views, like my Joe Rogan interview.
So they killed it.
And then they said, oh, we did kill it.
You criticize 5G.
And then they said that David Icke said it creates the virus.
Didn't say that.
So they always lie about what you said and then block it.
So that is coming up.
We're going to air the part of the interview that got out, that people got, before they cut the feed.
It was something like 17,000 people a second extra logging on.
It was building that fast.
And that's exactly what happens.
The people know the truth deep down.
There's the BBC, Coronavirus, YouTube, Titans Rules, after David Icke, 5G interview.
So see, it was Alex Jones was the reason it's been served by two years ago.
Oh, now it's David Icke, but we can't let you see what David Icke actually said.
We have to misrepresent it.
But David Icke is coming on, what is it, next week?
And this gentleman's coming on today, but this is a big deal because the studies, and I'll show you some of them, you just type in cell tower radiation linked to lower immunity to cancer.
5G linked to lower immunity.
Woody Harrelson put out a major study.
That's all he did.
And they're saying he's a bad guy.
They say he just made that up.
At least DrudgeReport.com linked to our article yesterday.
We had over a million people click on that because of Drudge.
So people can actually see what Woody Harrelson said rather than what the media said.
Because the media is like, Woody Harrelson says that 5G grows viruses and that it makes viruses.
What an idiot.
No, he said studies show it lowers your immunity so the virus can attack better, which is a damn fact.
What do you think happens with cancer?
Your immunity gets lowered and so your body doesn't take out those cells.
Hundreds of articles attacking yours truly, Woody Harrelson, David Icke, in the last 24 hours.
I mean, it's just everywhere.
My phones are blowing up.
It's on local TV.
Alex Jones is an idiot.
He says cell towers grow viruses.
Never said that.
Look, Alex says that his highlighter market gave birth to a baby elephant.
No, I said highlight marker creates a yellow.
And I said, 5G is linked to cancer and lower immunity and lower fertility.
And I'll show you some articles in a moment with the studies.
But see, they don't want that.
Just like I told you, all these medical doctors and studies show that hydroxychloroquine with zinc, gotta have zinc, that's what it pushes over.
It's the bullet in the gun to take it out, block the virus.
ABC News LA, their biggest station.
Medical doctor, correspondent, routine guest, says every one of my patients gets better in eight hours with a seriously ill.
Yeah, there it is, BBC.
Now print that one for me.
Immune system attacked by mobile phones.
Well, wait a minute!
We're going to have to block the BBC then!
All the studies show this.
Print me that, please.
Those are all the old articles.
The last two years they have PR out saying none of it's true, never existed.
You've got to save those articles because they are taking them down.
Let's go ahead and go to part of the band interview.
We'll have more of the band interview for you.
And they're now even saying, take Jones' servers.
He's showing you lies.
Well, even if I was lying, which I'm not, you have a right to see it, don't you?
You can figure it out for yourself, can't you?
And you know who the liars are, don't you?
The ones telling you they got a vaccine for it, but don't want you to take zinc.
They want you sick and dead to create this panic and kill the economy.
Here is part of the banned interview.
Produce these exosomes, then the potential for, um,
For positive tests, yes, COVID-19, it's a pandemic, is endless.
So, what has happened is it was decided in China, and by the way, if you get deeper into this, and I hope we will later, about why this is being done.
This global cult that I have been exposing for 30 years,
That he's pushing the world towards this global fascist Orwellian state, which I've been saying was coming for 30 years.
Hello, we're here.
Has no borders.
It operates in every country in the shadows.
Politicians are just here today, gone tomorrow.
That's always there.
China is one of its biggest centres, along with America, Israel, Britain, Germany, Italy.
And so, just follow this sequence through.
They decide in China early on, and there's a 5G element to this, which we'll get to later, that it's a virus.
They don't isolate the virus.
They test it, or they diagnose it first of all only on symptoms.
Then they start testing and they use this test, which is testing for genetic material, not COVID-19.
And then it starts moving out into the West.
And Western doctors, nurses, medical professionals, etc.
are told this COVID-19 is moving out.
World Health Organization, it's a pandemic!
And we'll get into who owns the World Health Organization later.
And these are the symptoms.
So what do they start doing?
Anyone with flu-like symptoms now gets diagnosed COVID-19 purely on frickin' symptoms.
And so the numbers start to go up.
The problem is that this is supposed to be a deadly virus
But there's not enough people dying to justify that description.
So this is what they start doing.
Anyone who gets ill for any reason whatsoever, by the way, even falling down the frickin' stairs and goes to hospital, they now get tested for COVID-19.
Now, because they're testing for genetic material, which is in lots of people's bodies, they get lots of positives.
And although they're in hospital for late-stage cancer, for heart disease and heart failure, and for other caused flu-like symptoms, if they've tested positive for COVID-19,
When they die, they are diagnosed as having died, officially, from COVID-19.
This is why you are having more and more people, families, loved ones, saying, my family member, whatever, has been diagnosed as having died from COVID-19.
And they didn't!
They died from this, they died from that, they've had it for ages!
Great example.
For people around the world watching this, there was one time a famous comedian called Eddie Large in a comedy duo called Little and Large.
And Eddie Large has had a heart problem for a while, it seems, and he goes into hospital with heart failure.
While he's in hospital, he gets diagnosed with COVID-19, of course, they tested him.
And when he died,
The wording in the paper, papers, in the media, was that Eddie Large died in hospital after testing positive for COVID-19.
All right, we're going to go to break, and when the gentleman that's interviewing him joins us, we're going to play a few more of the clips.
And all Ike says is, and studies show, it lowers your immunity, which also helps it.
But we have Fauci and the Bricks Lady last night saying, and I have the article here,
That they count everyone that dies who test positive for COVID-19 of dying from that, even though she says most of them did die of heart attacks, cancer, or, you know, 85 years old or older.
So, it's all true!
So, David Knight pointed out the facts in an interview three days ago.
And the interview, while it was being streamed out live, it was a taped interview, was killed.
And then Google came out and said, David Icke says that COVID-19 is spontaneously generated.
I guess like the ancients thought, they just thought maggots would show up and meet, but they didn't know flies were laying eggs.
And that David Icke believes in spontaneous generation.
The ancients would look at a little pool of water and wouldn't see the fish eggs.
They just would suddenly see fish in there.
They thought fish just appeared.
David Icke didn't say that.
He very eloquently used to be the number one BBC host back when we were big.
He was like the big national dude.
Had his own shows, against the other shows.
He was the guy.
Before he had his vision.
But the point is,
That they banned that, and then misrepresented what he said, and then put me in there, of course.
That, oh, and Alex Jones says that this is magic, the cell towers slough off viruses, what idiots!
I had people call me that I've known a long time ago, Alex, are you really saying the cell towers put viruses off?
Because that's what they say!
I'm like, no, I'm saying this.
Right here, document cam shot, please.
BBC News.
Health section.
Immune system attacked by mobile phones.
Radiation from mobile phones can severely damage the human immune system, a scientist has claimed.
Biology professor Coghill, Roger Coghill, has a long campaign for health warnings to be attached to mobile phones, which is already linked to headaches and memory loss.
His latest research suggests that microwaves generated by mobile phones may damage the ability of white blood cells to act as policemen on the body, fighting off infection and disease.
This is just one article, and I mention it because it's the BBC
Attacking Ike and myself, and bragging how wonderful it is that they did this.
Now, you can just type in for yourself, immune systems attacked by cell phone radiation.
You'll get the studies.
Here's Woody Harrelson from InfoWars.com, DrugReport.com, linked to this yesterday.
Role of 5G and coronavirus epidemic in Wuhan, China.
And then it links to a bunch of peer-reviewed studies about 5G lowering immunity.
Let me just show you a few of the places you can find these.
Here's one out of Wired Magazine two years ago.
5G smartphones cause cancer.
Big Wireless doesn't want you to know.
Links to the studies.
Also showing lowers immunity.
So think about that.
Even if we were wrong, we should be able to say, hey, we're worried about this, but we're not.
They misrepresent what we say.
Take us down.
YouTube restricts content about 5G dangers after multiple attacks on towers.
How do you know they didn't do it themselves, these companies who want to shut down speech?
That's why I've said, don't attack the towers, folks.
Sue the companies.
We have the studies.
Don't let the schools put them on top.
They're getting pulled out everywhere.
Towns are passing laws.
We have the evidence.
Let's beat it that way.
Now, as for Elon Musk launching all these satellites that are already blasting it with us, whether we like it or not, I mean, it's just out of control, ladies and gentlemen.
But they are assaulting us, so... I saw articles in Europe where they're like, oh, the towns are passing laws against 5G.
It's Russian bots.
And then it turned out it's not Russian bots.
They track back, it's little old ladies and people that see their granddaughters die.
I mean, let me tell you.
Grandmas grew up, when they were kids, nobody had cancer when they were little.
Now everybody does.
People know, folks, and they're pissed.
These things are front, they're microwaves.
And the studies are clear.
But don't worry, they've got all these articles.
Why COVID-19 is the Super Bowl of disinformation.
Yeah, because the mainstream media keeps lying about what we're saying.
And people are hearing what we're saying.
And they're going, that's not what Alex Jones said.
He said his nanosilver is put out by American biotech labs, that is in the congressional record and the Pentagon found, kills the corona family of viruses.
We're not selling the toothpaste to do that.
Doesn't mean it'll cure you, because it gets in your lungs.
It's for your teeth.
Antibacterial, antiviral, for topical.
But again, they misrepresent.
Jones says he has a cure.
No, we don't.
It's not marketed for COVID-19.
Oh, he's a scammer.
Oh, really?
Is that why that company has its products that we private label sold in CVS, Walmart and hospitals?
People now know the truth that we were right about zinc, right about all of this.
But that's why these people are so evil.
Let me, let me show you some of the good news, though.
Then I'll get back into that.
This is really, really, really, really important.
This is the IHME, the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation.
That's who the UN, everybody says they're going to use.
That's who Bill Gates funds.
Well, they had us, and we did nothing up here, with 250,000 dead by April 1st.
Well, then they changed their model to 140,000, but now it's not even 50,000.
And their model, by the way, is off.
If you look at the actual numbers out of New York, the curve is about 90% lower than they're even saying.
But if you list every person that dies of a heart attack or a cancer who's, you know, 87 years old or who's been hit by a truck or whatever, and then they test positive for COVID-19, well, then you get these numbers.
And, you know, it's not just David Icke saying three days ago and getting banned.
That they're counting everyone that dies who test positive, even if you're shot in a robbery and they test you and you have COVID-19, your cause of death is not being shot in the head with a shotgun with a 12-gauge, it's that you died of COVID-19.
BRICS, there's video of this, in fact I wanted to get that video guys, pull it for me, it's in the Fox article, says government is classifying all deaths of patients with coronavirus as COVID-19 deaths.
Well we knew this months ago, the point is we're saying the truth.
BRICS says government, you know that's the
Lenny with a sash around her neck.
BRICS says government is classifying all deaths of patients with coronavirus as COVID-19 deaths regardless of the cause.
You understand that?
So of course there's 1,890 fatalities a day right now because there's millions coming into the world, millions going out every month.
Millions coming in, millions going out.
Millions coming in, millions going out.
And they're just up there, ahhh, ahhh, we're all dead!
When we come back, we have our guest joining us.
I'm going to show you how she works for Bill Gates.
How she works for Bill Gates, her daughter works for Bill Gates.
You can't swing a stick in the dark around these folks.
It's not, it's my work for Bill Gates and the UN and his foundation.
And they're the ones telling you there's no hope, everyone's dead.
Oh, will you vaccine Bill Gates?
Save me, Bill Gates!
I love you, Bill Gates!
And of course, keep the economy closed forever.
We can't have one death, can't have the economy open until no one ever dies from a cold again.
And of course, every rundown old sick person dying in the winter has got a cold.
That's what finally pushes you over the edge.
You're hanging on by your toenails, by your fingernails.
You're like a dragonfly in the winter cold comes and you're barely hanging on to the side of the tree.
You just kind of blow away and fall down and you die.
That's the way it works.
But see, oh no, no, no, no.
Nothing stays open.
Everything stops.
Drones are telling you what to do.
Air raid sirens are playing.
Because you dirty Americans voted for Trump, and we're going to teach you about killing the economy.
And if Trump opens it, they say every death is his fault.
Because suddenly nobody can die from a cold or the flu, or we're all dead.
But then we go, oh, zinc stops it.
No zinc!
It do not!
Take it!
No vitamin C!
No vitamin D3!
Cyrus Parsons is going to be our guest a little bit into the next hour.
He's involved in some very interesting work, taking the globalist on.
He's the founder and CEO of the AI organization.
We'll tell you how he's taking action right now and different angles of what we're facing, what's unfolding, this revolution, this synthetic robot takeover run by the globalists, controlled by their AI system that they program to carry out their will, the post-human era, in their own words, we'll be discussing.
But first off, look at some of these articles right here.
Stores pull Ivermectin dewormer after major scientific study shows it eliminates COVID-19.
The media then misrepresents and says that, oh, there are people claiming it cures everything.
No, we're just covering a study.
And so, I looked at one of my crew members this weekend and I said, get over to Tractor Supply and buy that just so I can show it when they ban it.
Well, hope your horses and stuff don't need to get dewormed, because they won't sell it to you now.
They pulled it off the shelves everywhere.
Because, well...
Better not try to take it.
Obviously, this is for a 1,000-pound horse, so you wouldn't want to take very much of it.
I'm not saying take any of it.
The point is, is that they don't want you to protect yourself.
They don't want you getting hydroxychloroquine or the zinc.
Update on that.
doctor uses hydroxychloroquine and zinc to treat COVID-19.
ABC News reports 100% recovery rates within eight hours.
That's on Infowars.com.
Whatever you do, don't share it.
Studies show vitamin D's role in preventing viral infections, reducing severity.
Hmm, might want to read that.
But they tell you there's no way to help yourself.
It'd be like, again, saying, you want to go scuba diving, you've got to have an air tank, you die without oxygen, it's essential.
And it'd be like Bill Gates going, only if we can make you into Aquaman with gills, where humans can have gills, can we now go underwater.
And we're like, oh no, actually we need oxygen tanks.
No, we need the vaccine to cure the weaponized common cold, which won't even protect you.
They admit, because they never guessed the mutation.
Fraud upon fraud, but they don't.
I want you to know that without vitamin C, vitamin D, and D, you die!
That's why it's called essential.
And I keep harping on that because I want people to get prepared, ladies and gentlemen.
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And we're sold out of the super silver toothpaste.
We weren't going to sell out of it until they ran all these national news pieces saying I made claims I never made.
And people hate the media so much they believed what the media was saying.
And they believed me and thought what the media said about me was true, which I was not saying.
It was to treat COVID-19 or protect you from it.
But because the media said, I said that everybody bought it up.
Because the media so hated.
They thought, well, if they're saying Jones is doing this, he's a good guy, it must be true what he's saying.
I didn't say that.
They are lying.
They are criminals.
They are scum.
They're telling you that Zeke isn't good.
I'm gonna go to our guests.
I'm gonna stop now.
We have super...
Silver, same silver that's in the whitening toothpaste is in our original with the tea tree and with the iodine.
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Okay, I'm done ranting and raving, but I got to tell you, I got legitimately pissed today.
When I saw all these medical doctors for months treating people with 100% recovery rate with zinc and hydroxychloroquine, and when we've talked about it, and Laura Ingraham has, and Sean Hannity, the left has called for our arrest.
A talk show host has free speech, period.
If I said drink cyanide, I could, because I'd be a kook.
It'd kill you.
Don't do that.
Monsanto can have their lobbyists say, drink, drink, drink this.
It's good for you.
It's not true.
It'll kill you.
We're right about zinc, we're right about all this, and we're covering studies on what medical doctors said.
This is big tech merging with big pharma, and bringing in this next level of oppression.
All right, joining us is Cyrus Parsa, and I'm not gonna go over his whole bio, it's just best that he get into it in the four minutes to break.
What his organization's about, and what he's gonna cover, because he's a really informative fella.
Thanks for joining us, and so, introduce yourself to the audience, my friend.
Thank you for having me on your show, Alex.
I formed the organization with the wish and hope to safeguard the world and all citizens from the misuse of artificial intelligence, cybernetics, bioengineering, 5G, 6G, robotics, and any threats coming from big tech and China specifically.
I research probably over a thousand artificial intelligence companies, bioengineering companies, biometric companies, and I investigate them as well.
500 were Chinese and over 600 were Western companies, which comprised of American companies, European companies, and some other companies in Japan and other places.
Do you have, you want to tell folks about what you're doing about just a summation about all the, cause I watched your show, the other talk show host here on InfoWars.
It was powerful.
I just need a little more time in the two minutes, but I'll get into it.
So you'll get plenty of time because we're going to the next hour.
I'm just saying, give us the summation and then you can walk us through it.
Copy that.
So I published a couple of books I'll get into in the next segment.
AI, Trump, China, and the Weaponization of Robotics in 5G.
Why the World Needs to Support the Trump Administration Against China's Regime is the end of the subtitle.
I embedded that book in this second book called Artificial Intelligence, Danger to Humanity.
And these books take you through present, emerging, and future threats to all of humanity.
And a lot of the things that happened so far and are going to happen are exactly in that book.
And it came true.
I gave reports to the Secret Service, former director of CIA cover-ups, and so many different outlets, and everything I've said thus far has been pretty much on mark.
So the book covers a lot of different companies, this third book here, about 50 of them.
Of course, Google, Baidu, which is the search engine in China that represents or is a duplicate of Google, and Huawei,
Boston Dynamics, which they cover robotics in Boston.
The Wyss Institute, they cover microbotic drones.
DARPA, they cover different type of insects that they try to hybridize and put machine packs in them.
It's a very expansive summary of all the dangers that are coming to us.
With this AI organization, I really hope that everyone, every good person throughout the entire world, lends a hand because there's no one in the world that did as much research as I did in terms of AI and its connection with China and big tech.
So that's my hope, that I get a lot of support from even the left media who didn't heed my warnings.
I was tweeting, I was sending reports, asking them to run, that the world is in danger.
Aiden called this coronavirus in my books and in my reports that came, that was given to the Secret Service.
You're a futurist, you're a security expert, highly respected, and I've said for a decade we need to have a pro-human movement against the AI, post-human takeover, and that people need to form these organizations and societies to create a human lobby against the robots that they're openly saying they're going to give human rights to, but will be controlled by the globalists, including biological robots.
Stay with us.
Alright, I was aware of some of Cyrus Pars' work years ago because I read it.
Then I saw him in an interview that was on Twitter.
I was like, this guy's dead on.
I need to get him on.
So we've gotten him on some of the other shows.
But he hadn't been on with us yet.
This is his maiden visit with us.
But let me liken it to when the Steel Horse began to make its way across the plains, starting in Nebraska with the Transatlantic Railroad.
When the Native Americans first saw this, they just didn't know what to do.
They didn't understand it.
But they did understand that it was killing off the buffalo and ending their way of life.
Well, the AI and the whole globalist system, according to Google and Ray Kurzweil, and all of them, is going to crush us like a bug.
It's the end of the human era.
It's the post-human era.
And from the beginning, it is designed to remove us out of the economy and make us obsolete to build, again, the post-human economy.
It's a eugenics-based system that Francis Galt and others first envisioned when he envisioned biometrics more than 150 years ago.
And so, it's a total revolution of bioweapons that kill 100% of people, of nanotech weapons that you can release, you know, out of a matchbox, that go into the White House and kill the President, that God-like power, but in human hands.
What I call the Atlantean moment.
Did Atlantis exist, like Plato said, in the Atlantic and have airships and a white light power that powered them?
I don't know, but we do have that now.
And we can blow ourselves up.
The Pentagon 15 years ago said they have antimatter weapons, but that they're classified.
They could destroy the solar system.
Now, is that true?
I don't know.
But we know that the technology we have is indistinguishable from what the Greeks envisioned that Zeus on the Mount Olympus had.
We're here.
And so, he's written a bunch of books on this.
He's kind of the Indiana Jones character.
He wrote a book on that separately.
Growing up, lived in the mountains of China, fighting monks as a youth, speaks Chinese, Persian, English, 20 years hidden research and development in his own, consulting work, heads up, loyal guardian security.
He's here, and he has written a decade ago what he predicts will happen.
And I'm glad he's starting a foundation to do this.
I've said many times, maybe I'll work with him, we should start a foundation that works for human preservation and the right to not be fried with 5G, the right to not be forcibly inoculated, you know, the right, like the Amish, they're taking their rights away, to live as humans are, because this system says there'll be no room for humans as we've been known.
It's a very anti-human system.
So, Cyrus, we've gotten to the bottom of the hour.
Next hour, then we're joined by the gentleman that interviewed David Icke with his program that got banned for criticizing 5G.
Ryan Rose is going to be joining us.
But people don't understand, AI allows the globalists to pre-program it and then it carries out the censorship, it carries out the control, like WhatsApp now.
Yes, we have AI watching you and if you forward something too much or say something we don't like, we're gonna block it.
So this is the live time control or AI listening to you over your phone app.
The Twitter app listens to you.
That's admitted.
You're talking about 5G, a coronavirus connection.
My wife, the crew, they all had it pop on their phones.
No, no, no.
5G is not connected to coronavirus.
This is already here.
We're watching the AI revolution, where the drones will deliver us our food, the driverless cars, the total lockdown of society.
It's definitely here, and I want you to lay all of this out for the viewers.
Again, thank you for joining us.
Yeah, I want to give you a big picture first with a chronology, then give a narrow and explain how it actually works.
In 99, I had the wish to stop what's going to happen 20 years from now.
Go to China, study with the monks, come back, finish a book called Better People, Better World, the book to save and change a better world.
02, nobody takes me seriously.
I had some kind of, let's say, illusory dream in the future.
I see a white president
Six foot three, four becomes empowered.
Then there's almost a civil war.
Everything's in chaos.
People were, the whole world was attacking him.
And because he was there, he was being attacked.
He couldn't stop all these bad things that were going to happen.
A lot of people died.
It was a lucid dream, but I put it aside.
No one will take me seriously.
Went to a bachelor's, international conference resolution, master's in homeland security, a PhD.
They kicked me out because I wouldn't promote pedophilia.
As soon as I saw him coming up the escalators, I'm like, that's the guy in my dream.
Maybe there's something to that.
So I formed a little Guardian, then gave some intel different places.
Then I formed the AI organization because I saw huge threats in the entire world.
So I looked into China.
I saw they were working into microbiotic terrorism.
It's a term I coined.
So they were working on insect drones and different kinds of biological weapons and nanotechnology.
And even point and delivery systems.
So I'm like, how do I get this information to the White House?
They're not going to believe me.
So I researched over a thousand companies and I got a really deep gut feeling.
They want to take out President Trump.
They want to take out conservative members in Congress.
So two different ways I got this to put together.
And I gave a brief in the spring of 2019 in secret, 2 a.m.
To the perimeters of the White House, 20 people came around me and then to a Trump contact a week later.
And it was if within one year, maximum two years, China and big tech is not curtailed, they're going to endanger all the world's citizens.
And they also want to take out President Trump and Vice President Pence.
I mean, you're a well-known guy and you've sold a lot of books, and I'm not saying you're lying, but I can tell you, I put out a warning to the President, who's on record calling me some,
And he actually had the Secret Service call me and they wanted a briefing.
I did give them a briefing on the Deep State actors, the shadow networks, and who they were and how Trump had to take them out.
No, no, I'm not, I'm saying, I'm saying that's how responsive Trump is to the grassroots.
I mean, he really listens.
So tell me more about this White House briefing.
I put in there that they can use microbar terrorism and use the insect drones that they extract from the Wyss Institute and DARPA.
To, they can put it on other people and they can somehow get to him or that they can have poison delivery systems.
But I didn't want to explain this coronavirus thing.
I just said, talk to me, there's something more in the note.
And they never really got to me.
They went and talked to my father, who's this guy crazy.
And then when I gave it to the Trump contact, they backed off.
They knew, okay, well, he's got something.
So then I went to the former director of CIA coverups, June 15th, I gave him my final report.
And he was with three presidents.
I didn't, I just said there's assassinations.
I never mentioned anybody.
Here's the deal.
Here's the deal.
It's on, the Pentagon said for 30 years, nanotech, biotech, micro weapons.
20 years ago, they had little fake dragonflies flying around.
The Pentagon did.
Check and protest in DC.
So they know all this stuff's out there.
But, but, but, but here's the good news.
You've done a good job in your books and, and breaking down
The trajectory, I agree with a lot of what you're saying, about this total revolution, the big tech heads are all racing to see who will be most powerful, who will have the best AI.
So let's just walk through this.
Let's just walk through this.
Let me just ask specific questions, because you're going fast and I'm going fast here too.
Specifically, who do you think is the dominant AI group and is all the big tech companies totally in bed with China?
Yes, they're all in bed in different ways.
So, they're in bed either consciously and specifically working with them, or out of negligence.
Negligence comes from naivete, like the Obama era type of thinking.
Oh, kumbaya, let's work with everybody.
So, here's the thing.
If you're not in bed with China, you're in bed with them because India talks to them.
If you're not in bed with him with India, you're in bed with another person.
Whoever has a connection that leads back to China, you're in bed with them.
That's a problem.
They're so good at social engineering people and extracting data, and there's hundreds of thousands of them.
The only way to dissolve this is first take out the Chinese Communist Party.
They must be exposed.
They must be taken out.
That's the first step.
Second step is we need AI regulators to not be these PhD types.
The way their brains are hardwired, they've been social engineered, raised like little pets from this AI system because they have a narrow way of thinking like Microsoft, Bill Gates, and other people.
They don't look at an artificial general superintelligence.
They look at artificial narrow intelligence.
has three stages, according to scientists.
Artificial neural, which covers your smartphones, Alexa, Siri.
General intelligence is like a digital or by a digital A.I., a robot that has conscious or emotions.
Artificial super intelligence covers
And intelligence being god-like, it takes all the world's biometrics, which I concluded China's extracted six billion people's biometrics.
Sure, the Pentagon has a map of the world system.
So the goal is omnipotent Internet of Things, total control, smart dust integrated with all living things.
Well, not just that.
What they're doing, when you're playing with these smartphones, they're extracting the way your brain is formed, sending it to Google, to the DeepMind AI, which creates, they're trying to create a quantum AI digital brain with all the information of humanity.
Which can then predict the future.
Not only that, it can become like God.
Stay there, we'll be right back.
Alright, I want him to slow down.
He's just like me, he's got a thousand points.
He's moving so quick that most of what he's talking about, I know to be real.
For somebody that hasn't researched this, it sounds crazy.
We're being hit by something that's the end of our human civilization.
A thousand times more deadly and complex than Westerners and the Iron Horse arriving on the plains in the 1870s and wiping out the Native Americans and the buffalo they lived off of.
And the globalists admit this is happening.
So, Cyrus Parsa, let's go through this.
The AAOrganization.com.
Let's go through
The Big Discoveries and the New Very Complex Concepts, the AI Global Biodigital Network, back when they invented the internet in the 60s, they said it would interface with humans and control us, that's what that is.
The Human Biodigital Network, that's where it programs us, and the Biodigital Social Programming, Biodigital Field, Biomatter, Rape Mind, Biodigital Hybrid, Sexual Assault, and Microbotic Terrorism.
This is a short segment, long segment coming up, but you've got the floor for the next four minutes, go.
Let's talk about smartphones, how they control you, and the Trump Deranged Syndrome.
So these smartphones are actually a military weapon.
They're designed to mobilize drones and machines and different things.
They're very powerful.
They have proximity sensors and different patent technologies that relate to these smartphones and Google and different companies.
When they interplay, they show that they actually connect with your nervous system, with your neural networks.
So when you're reading something, oh, Trump bad, and all these media are putting it out there in the ecosystem, in Google and Facebook and Twitter, that information with the AI app and AI system replicates, connects with people's nervous system and their neural networks, and even to their skin receptors.
It hits their skin receptors because these scientists want to put you into virtual and augmented worlds and mix reality by putting haptic suits on you because they know
These frequencies in the radiation are actually hitting the receptors in your skin.
So what's happening is that they're able, with the information, to fluctuate the microwave radiation system, which they've actually classified, to then read what you're doing, but also try to manipulate it, so the AI is studying how to control us.
Not only
That's the false numbers.
It's like rigging the numbers on the COVID-19.
They put bad data in up front.
was the proximity sensors and their addiction to these smartphones.
Because when it's hitting them and it's hitting their neural networks and nervous system, it connects with their brain.
And this system starts replicating in their system.
Once it does that, it starts altering their brain chemistry.
So when they go to bed, that is reprogramming, read hardwiring to whatever content they receive.
Especially if it's false and there's so many different algorithms involved.
It literally not only brainwashes people, but reprograms and makes them even become irrational, emotional.
So you see people that love Trump before he became president.
Now they hate him and screaming in the streets.
Because these smartphones are doing a hell of a job of programming people.
I call this bio-digital social programming.
Bio stands for your cells, your biology, your blood.
Digital stands for your neural networks, your nervous system, or your soul, if you believe in a soul or consciousness or spirit.
And social, just social media, your emotions or your social network and programming is programming.
The entire human race at artificial neural intelligence is being programmed through bio-digital social programming.
That's the first level.
The next level comes today.
Artificial General Intelligence and Artificial Super Intelligence.
There's not just smartphones.
I put in the book there's... Sure, they interface with everything so that the very fabric of things is AI spy grids as its eyes, ears, and nose, but interfacing with us to manipulate us to then carry out actions that then control larger trends and the future.
Not just predicting the future, but controlling the future.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
Tomorrow's news today.
Google in its founding documents in 1998 said in a meeting with the CIA, DARPA and the NSA, they released this eight years ago, said to In-Q-Tel, the CIA,
We're not just building a new search engine, because the CIA is like, we already have this.
This is NSA keyword technology.
He said, no.
It's the human interface for people to tell us what they're thinking, where they're going, what they're doing.
Off that, we'll build maps to then be able to track what they're going to do and predict it, and then give stimuli to control what they do and control the future.
And the NSA, the CIA invested heavily in it.
You know the rest of the story.
Cyrus Parsa is an author, researcher, security expert, very smart guy, and he says a lot of things that sound far out.
He has his own names for them.
It's dead on.
As everybody knows, we've been very cutting edge just in the overall takeover, not the zeros and ones and the micron technicals, but what the inventor of the Internet in 1962, a psychiatrist, said the plan was.
You'd have main terminals, little handheld computer terminals, that had screens that tracked everything you did, so they could then track the stimulus they gave you to then finally control humanity and have us merge with the machines.
Now that's the DARPA plan that outgoing Eisenhower warned of, the technotronic technocracy that was controlling the military-industrial complex.
So Cyrus Parsa, for folks that just joined us going through the three levels of this, please continue.
Okay, so artificial neural intelligence would cover that smartphone, but also your IOTs, Internet of Things, or even robots that are introduced to you.
So what these social media companies and tech companies are going to do is say, oh, your father is ill or your kid's home.
We'll have a robot for you.
It's nice to it.
It does this for you.
They social engineer you to accept robotics into your life.
And then someone like Elon Musk, who I actually sued,
I'm good.
And do the internet, when he doesn't have to move his body.
Everyone look!
Oh yeah, you're great!
And then he goes to our generals.
I'm building the spaceship.
Oh, I've got this test up.
And your smart toilet's already going out, watches you, and makes sure you're not sick, and then literally sends video scans back to the government.
Please continue.
Correct, correct.
So he's social engineers people and then there's a whole media campaign and how 5G is good and Neuralink is great.
And then you can you can put it and connect to your 5G network.
So once that happens, everybody will not only be by digital social program, but the smartphones.
But then we'll be completely enslaved and re-hardwired and lose our free will through the ecosystem or different, which I call the AI global biodigital network, which I have to do another episode.
It's very, very deep.
I'll just say something that the Pentagon doesn't know about.
So that's the first level.
Second level he wants to do is get artificial general intelligence, which I call a biodigital AI or digital AI.
So you put, you make a robot or a digital interface.
Conscious so it has emotions and wills and wisdom as they call it, right?
So in in Japan, they're feeding a robot to become as priests so they want to make priests in the US and Robots as well.
They have these thinking they have religions because science and AI is actually its own religion It's completely a religion the next step as I said artificial superintelligence.
So in
I discovered I thought these companies that I put together, but six over six billion people's biometrics was taken.
I just not just okay, use your facial recognition, voice recognition, and your family data, who you're related to your geolocation, everything to China.
Also, Google has it as well, the interconnection of just Huawei alone.
Huawei is a grid system that links China,
Middle East, Europe, Africa.
And if it wasn't for President Trump, China would be enslaving us right now.
President Trump, save all your butts.
If it wasn't for him right now, maybe half the country would be dead and maybe everyone else would be enslaved.
Trust me on that.
Everybody, including the left, you owe President Trump your life and you've been attacking him like a fool.
So that's one.
So the artificial super intelligence can become a billion times smarter than
Every person on the planet because humans innately have lost emotion and an ego and an ignorance.
So there are different parts in the brain that Elon Musk wants to open one part.
Can connect to the internet.
There's other parts that can connect to the body and open up the 10,000 channels in the body.
But there's a lock somewhere else and that in English translation, it translates to these vices that belong to humanity.
Because if you open these different networks in your brain, you can become artificial superintelligence.
Every human being is made in the image of God.
It's written in the Sumerian text, in the Zoroastrian text.
It's written in the Bible, in the ancient Torah.
It's written in the Falun Dafa books, it's written in the Tibetans, all of the ancient faiths, they said
Human beings are made in an image of God.
So these tech guys, they realize that the human body and brain is the most special thing in the entire universe.
So they want to merge machines and become artificial superintelligence.
That means they can outmaneuver the Pentagon or anything else, but it wouldn't be them that would be doing it.
It would be the AI system.
Because Elon comes out and says, we are summoning demons.
We're going to stop this AI.
And a year later says, it's a lost cause.
For us to survive the human race, we have to merge with AI, and you start doing it, right?
So, here's my thinking, and it's 100% right.
To Elon, Bill Gates, to Google guys, if you merge with artificial intelligence and these machinery, this AI system will actually replicate in new networks, like the virus.
And Elon said it may see us as insects.
If it sees us as insects, why would it want you?
It'll just take your digital self out.
But they believe you have a digital self.
It'll take it out, replace, and you'll be dead.
You'll think it's Elon walking around, but it's not.
Now, if you believe in a faith, if you're a Christian or you have any other religion or spiritual practice, if you believe in a soul, that'll be yanked out.
So, where is the soul?
Is it in your skin?
Is it in your bones?
Is it in your organs?
No, we're electrochemical, so we are electrical beings.
That's a scientific fact.
So let's expand on this.
The truth is we have to be in God's grace because we have so much advanced knowledge.
It has to slowly be open to us so that we learn how to control it so we don't destroy ourselves.
The minute you jack into this, all it will release
Is the darkness, because the darkness doesn't want to be contained.
It will tear everything up and destroy everything.
And that's actually what they know.
So the globalists are actually scared of human potential beginning to open.
That will defeat their system.
So they're actually doing this as a digital straitjacket for all of us.
Then they'll test the AI takeover, scanning our brains.
They hope to learn how to then get to that next level and escape the bonds of their body and be able to replicate their soul.
Because the dark force manipulating them is lying to them and telling them that's how they're going to have everlasting life and ascension, because they're cut off from God and don't understand the next levels to this.
But that's why this isn't unlocked, because we're not ready for that.
And that's why God only gives us small little pieces of the unlocking dreams that totally come true, being able to calculate incredible complex numbers, but only sometimes.
All of this God's showing your potential, but letting you understand that you have to first grow up to be given that power.
You're right, completely right.
So if you look at the ancient texts from Christianity, Jurassianism, and new found practices like Falun Dafa and the Tibetans and so on, they say we should all achieve enlightenment and awakening through our free will and our hard work.
So, that means you have free will.
If you jack a machine into you, you're just a program.
That's all you are.
Notice the globalists are all about using machines day one to end our free will and to stifle us.
That's not good.
That's satanic.
So this is a cage, a digital false reality, like Satan broke away with the angels trying to make his own creation.
They're making this little silicon artificial thing to force us into it, claiming it's enlightenment, but truly it's total death.
So if you look at this book in here, the beginning, I don't get deep into it.
I say in ancient times, there's talk about AI, Vagabond Vita, the Persians, Rorachians, the mystics, the Chinese, they called these demons and they said there were Star Wars.
And it ended the world.
And then there was a flood and so on.
So you can find evidence of this AI and this machinery all around.
That's where George Lucas gets that out of the ancient Indian text.
It was called Star Wars.
I mean, that's actually what it's called.
So he didn't come up with that name.
And it's also in your Bible as well.
So it's why are these things exist?
And they never talk to each other.
And there's trillions of planets and trillions and trillions of cosmos and parallel universes.
Think about it, and where is the heavens, right?
And what is the AI Global Biodigital Network?
And these little scientists with 3-4% of their brain powers open, they want to make the decision, artificial intelligence, they're actually looking- Well, that's the key.
They're not making the decision for all of us.
They don't want us to have a discussion.
So, the decision's been made to have a post-human era.
It's all the top futurists are in a cult.
Again, Bill Joy, 21 years ago, on the cover of Wired Magazine, said he went to a big retreat with top billionaires over
A hundred of them, and the decision was made to carry out the AI takeover and the orderly extermination of humanity.
And these people just happen to be pedophiles, a bunch of them, and into the occult.
So it's all really nasty.
But they've been given power by the god of this world over things.
Cyrus Parsons, I want to invite you back up.
Okay, so let's discuss
An example of Face++, McVeigh, it's a facial recognition company out of China that had over 300,000 developers.
That company itself merged into an artificial intelligence company.
Then they bought Arisbot.
Arisbot is a robotics company and Aris is great for God of War.
This really, really hit me hard because the analogy of it, you have first facial recognition, which reads your emotions.
I don't
And Big Tech threatened all the world's citizens.
And the Chinese model of using drones to police people is now the global model.
They're now the boss and they work with Big Tech to set the precedent, not the president.
They're the ones saying, keep our economy closed.
They're our bosses.
And that's exact.
So if you read my book, it shows you the actual future and stages.
I found extinction codes for a great many people throughout the entire world.
Sure, they're going to have a rollout of exterminating people.
They'll always claim they're saving us though, but the plagues will only get worse.
Well, yeah, so it's not, they don't think they're exterminating people.
They're programmed differently themselves.
They grew up playing video games and attached to computers.
So Elon Musk says that we are two digit cyborgs.
He believes that we have a symbiotic relationship.
We're good to go.
That's correct.
So that means the digital field coming off these smartphones, which I call bio-digital fields, attaches to your body, which also has bio-digital field, and emits something which I term called biomatter.
And it's very, very microscopic.
People can't see this.
Well, this interface makes you into a parasitical relationship.
So it's almost, I don't want to get too deep to it because it's very hard to believe or understand.
It's like an alien face sucker.
Yes, you can, you can put, you can put it that.
So, um, so we cover Huawei, we cover BigFace++, we covered Google, we covered quantum.
So you, and then Boston Dynamics, right?
They're, they're robotics.
Then the drone companies like DJI, and then you have companies working on biotech.
You put all these together and I came up with a conclusion that China and big tech threaten all the world's citizens in this way, to create an AI quantum
Digital brain that connects to drones, machines, robotics, microbots.
Microbots not only include things like drones, but anything you can't see.
And I've also got the secret projects of weather modification, genetic engineering, you fuse all that together, you have a new system revolutionizing, taking over the old planet, using it like a chick embryo, uses a yolk to build itself, and then it breaks away, which is what their actual plan is.
Cybernetics and then bioengineering.
Altogether, they're going to extinct most of humanity in stages.
And this comes from these tech guys, and they think you can live forever.
You can!
You can find the genetic code to live forever, but you don't have to have a parasitical or symbiotic relationship with machines or an AI system that it's not human.
But they want that because it's about carrying out the extinction of the culling of the humans.
I think most of them don't think that.
They have a little narrow brains.
If you look at most people that do tech, or just main people.
They have an Asperger's type deal.
They're only focused on the very limited, not wide spectrum analysis.
So the 5G system, the coronavirus, doesn't cause the coronavirus.
What it does is these frequencies, they're actually weapons in some sense.
Chinese is not as safe as ours, but 5G is still bad.
It's not made for human beings.
I put out a video called
It's 5G for humans, machines, or AI.
It's actually for machines powered by AI.
But when it hits your frequencies, hits your body through these frequencies, and attaches to you by these smartphones and the proximity sensors, what it's doing is lowering your immune system, demorphizing your cells, and it's attaching to your nervous system.
Once that happens, any virus that you have inside of you, let alone coronavirus, can replicate because it reduces your immunity.
All of that's a fact, but let me just pull back here, Cyrus.
The globalists want to build a post-human world.
They had NBC News last year saying, you know, the end of humanity is here within a generation.
They're going to phase us out.
There will be the new cyborg rise.
Thank God, it'll save the Earth.
They're the very ones actually overriding the Earth.
The people up on top actually know what they're doing.
They're in a race, they believe, before other groups get it.
That's an excuse of, well, if we don't have it, somebody else will.
Humans are humans, unlike other creatures on the planet.
We build our own environment.
We change our environment.
We take control of it.
So we're building something that takes control of us.
That's not what humans should do.
We should build things that empower humanity, and that if people want to break away and be something else, they should be able to go do that, but they shouldn't try to change the environment to feed this AI post-human takeover so they can be gods of this new system.
This is the final revolution conquering humanity, and it's very, very serious.
Look forward to speaking to you again, Cyrus, Parsa.
We got 30 seconds for you to finish up.
I want to thank you, Alex, and any person who's had me on their show.
I just want to tell
Not only the conservatives, but lefts.
All I did, the 18-20 hours a day, seven days a week, all the information I brought forward was complete altruistic.
I'm not against anybody, especially the lawsuit I put out that exposed 87 pages, all these crimes that people can be arrested for.
My purpose was to save a lot of people.
Oh yeah, that's why I got you on the show, was to bring up the lawsuit.
We'll have to have you back up next week if we're still here in this crazy world to talk about the lawsuit you filed.
All right, well thank you so much for spending time with us.
The AI, with a capital, theaiorganization.com.
Thank you so much, Cyrus.
All right, we'll be right back with our special guest who got banned.
Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
There was an interview that aired this weekend, began to air with David Icke, the former top BBC presenter, champion goalie, a well-known pro-human anti-globalist, probably one of the best-known people out there other than myself.
And it was going totally viral, and it was taken down.
And then the BBC, where he formerly worked, broke the news.
Google and YouTube banned
5G conspiracy theories after David Icke interview was the headline.
And then they misrepresented what he'd actually said.
There it is.
YouTube titans rules after David Icke 5G interview.
And David Icke laid out everything that was already admitted.
That they're counting anybody that dies who tests positive for any coronavirus, not just this one.
And that Bill and Melinda Gates are funding it and behind it.
Well, there's 5G towers being burned all over the world.
That's not David Eichen or Alex Jones doing that.
Now, they go on and say, David Eichen, Alex Jones, they
are going out saying that the cell towers create the coronavirus.
We never said that.
We said, look at the studies.
There's the BBC immune system attacked by mobile phones and that it lowers in major studies.
That's what Woody Harrelson linked to.
What's to the studies?
So they're very, very scared about this.
Here's Wired Magazine.
5G smartphones cause cancer.
Big Wireless doesn't want you to know.
I mean, this is something that's admitted.
They don't want you to say it, just like saying zinc blocks people getting sick from COVID-19 is a treatment.
I played a medical doctor earlier on ABC News saying it.
That's why they're panicking, is because the truth is coming out.
Now, the gentleman we're about to go to, I've been familiar with a couple years.
I've seen his first-rate work.
Thank you.
is living in London and producing London Real and really just rallying people for a pro-human future is the way I boil it down and I want to go to a few minutes of the part that got the interview banned while it was streaming out live and then in the next hour go through some more of these clips and just talk to Brian about what he sees happening in the world because it's usually him doing the interviewing.
I'm doing the interviewing today but Brian thanks for coming on with us.
Look, Alex, it's a real pleasure to be here, and I just want to state right away, I'm an advocate for free speech.
I always have been, I always will be.
For the last nine years, we've been putting people's opinions out there, and I've had no agenda, no sponsors, and now
Until Monday, everything was fine, and then YouTube decided to ban me.
And the last 48 hours has been absolutely mental.
You've seen the articles, the BBC is coming after us, and it's really put everything on its head, and it made me really question my relationship with some of these platforms.
And really, there's a lot of questions that we need to talk about what's going on here, because my rights as a citizen in the UK are now being superseded
Thank you.
Well, you're right.
This is true authoritarianism because not only do they ban and block your videos, they're lying about you now and misrepresenting what you and David said.
And like you said, millions of views on a daily basis.
I watch your stuff all the time.
It's great.
A lot of self-help, a lot of really inspiring stuff, a lot of different diverse ideas.
But that's really what threatens them.
But it shows how scared they are of the people really coming together.
Well, you know, that's exactly what it is.
I mean, I think freedom of speech is our most fundamental human right.
And if you look at the cast of characters I've had on this show, it runs the gamut.
I've had, you know, everyone from Rose McGowan.
I've had Guantanamo Bay prisoners.
I've had high-performance people.
I've had people that have spent time in prison.
I've had the David Ikes of the world from the left to the right.
My point is to give a long-form conversation, Alex, where you can get a nuanced opinion from someone
I had a phone call with YouTube 48 hours later, 24 hours later, and they said, David Icke is a COVID-19 denier.
And I said, what are you talking about?
That's not what he said.
Listen to what he said.
He said that there's genetic material that can show false positives in the test.
There's these exosomes that can be secreted under stressful situations that can also cause false positives.
And again, they are really just vilifying this stuff.
And when you take someone like the BBC or Channel 4 here, they don't even understand the concept of a nuanced conversation.
For them, it's a yes or no, it's a five minute, it's a talking head scenario, and they want nothing to do with my new form of media and we're seeing it played out.
And the best part is, Alex, they don't even mention me in the articles.
And that's because I think ultimately they don't want them to watch this video.
Well, that's it.
You're very convincing.
You have great shows.
They don't want you to go back and find what was really said.
That's the key.
They know you've reposted it.
They'll actually hear what was said.
But I can pull the articles up right now.
They admit that they count all coronaviruses as COVID-19.
They count anyone that dies of something else as COVID-19 if they test positive.
So everything David says in that interview is actually admitted.
That's why they banned it, is because it's true.
Yeah, and I mean, look, for the past 48 hours, we've had 3 million people watch this show on our website, another million off of it.
And I'll be honest, I'm getting emails from people all over the country that are saying, Brian, thank you for putting this out.
They're saying, this happened to my 80-year-old grandfather.
They took him in.
He was having kidney failure.
They gave him the COVID-19 test.
They asked him if he would not be resuscitated.
I mean, I'm hearing horror stories out there, and they just don't want this content out there.
I was about to say, a lot of this is bioethics, a cover to get rid of old people.
Oh, I mean, there's so many things going on here, but to see it play out... Oh yeah, they're saying if you're having a heart attack and you test positive for COVID-19, they don't give you aid now.
This is just an ex... You just said it.
I meant to make that point days ago.
They're like, oh, by the way, in Texas and in Florida and in England, oh, if you are having a heart attack now, but even just during COVID-19, you don't test positive, they're not going to resuscitate you because they have the hospital beds for people that have COVID-19, even though the hospitals aren't even full.
It's something big's going on here.
Something big's going on, and I mean, verbatim, my rep at YouTube said we have to follow the policies of the WHO.
I mean, even some of the most conservative people are slating a lot of the behavior.
Oh, everyone I know now says the WHO is the boss.
I was flabbergasted when I heard that, but that's what he said.
And look, let's look at the facts here.
This was the second largest YouTube live stream in the world that day, Alex.
64,000 concurrent people on that stream.
360,000 total watching this broadcast for a total of 14 years.
I even got $1,000 donated and I don't ask for money, Alex.
And this thing was going to hit 15, 20 million views.
This was going to be like an Alex Jones, Joe Rogan or an Elon Musk, Joe Rogan.
It would have been one of the biggest podcasts in history, Alex.
And now it's been shut down.
And we're still we're pushing it on our website.
But this has been shut down from public consumption.
And it's frustrating and it's frustrating that they decided to pick me and my channel as the whipping boy.
But we're the example.
And that's what's happening here.
Well, you're absolutely right, Brian, and I want to get to some of these clips of the banned interview, but people can see the whole thing at LondonReal.tv.
But now, more and more, they're even going after people's servers and saying, oh, if you say zinc's good, you need to be banned.
When we have medical doctors saying it's saving everyone, they don't want you to know it's a zinc deficiency.
Yeah, I mean, look, nothing can be safe.
We've heard people of and I actually encouraged people to rip this episode as soon as possible.
And we've seen Vimeo delete the episode mysteriously from different people's accounts.
And yeah, I mean, I'm asking people to make backup copies.
There's some strange things going on right now, but we're still getting the word out.
But, I mean, everybody wants these answers right now.
It's a strange time, as you know, Alex.
People are at home.
They know they're not getting the whole story.
And when David comes on and really lays down, you've had him on your show, I mean, this man can really lay out.
We spoke for two and a half hours straight, and he detailed this entire concept.
He's very well researched.
Very credible evidence.
And let the people decide.
But instead, it's been pulled, it's been yanked, and I can't even talk about the banned episode now on my YouTube videos.
And if I mention that it's on my website, that's potentially another violation of YouTube.
That's incredible.
Brian Rose is our guest.
He heads up LondonReal.tv.
And I tell you, I've watched a lot of his stuff over the years, but his shows really exploded the last few years.
Millions of views almost every day.
Reaching so many great people.
Just a pro-human message is what I would call it.
I watch it all the time.
When I'm on the exercise bike or hiking, I'll listen to it.
And David Icke goes on there, and they have good chemistry, and David can really, when he's not getting interrupted by a show like this that has to have radio and TV station breaks every 10 minutes, he really is very convincing.
And almost everything he's talking about is actually documentable.
And so that's why they're trying to ban it, and then waging war on people, criticizing 5G that causes cancer in the major studies, lowers
Immunity, which is not debatable.
But then this gentleman is told you're not even allowed to talk about the banning or make an issue about it.
So see, now it's not just the content they said he can't have that they misrepresented in the news.
Now he can't defend himself or he'll be banned.
And people like Jack Dorsey and the rest of them bragged that we'll punish you for off-platform behavior.
So see, that's what this is all about.
We were banned off the Google app last week.
They said, and they showed the video, they linked to it, they never usually do that, where I said, you take zinc with hydroxychloroquine and vitamin D3.
And that's what I was getting from medical doctors.
They banned that saying I was giving false hope.
These people are sick.
So Brian Rose, get into talking to these people.
And so they're telling you, don't talk about this or that'll be another offense.
That is very Orwellian.
Yeah, I mean, this whole up platform stuff is, it's a little scary when it comes to that.
But, you know, first of all, I appreciate you watching our shows, Alex.
That means a lot to me.
But we've always wanted to provide this platform for dissonant voices and to give people, like you said, two hours if they need it to go on and give a nuanced point of view and let the people decide.
And yet, you know, our typical media establishment says, no, you've got to have people arguing over each other.
It's a five minute soundbite.
And I think this is a real threat to the BBC.
And so, like you said, we first had David on on March 18th, almost exactly three weeks ago.
And that episode was absolutely incredible.
Seventeen thousand concurrent views.
And that kind of whet the appetites.
But when this was coming up, we put it out three days beforehand, and I honestly think they were waiting in the wings.
The BBC was ready, and they put the claim on it right when this thing was finished, and it was pulled 30 minutes later.
And so talk about this off-platform behavior.
I'm actually a bit concerned talking to you right now, Alex, because I was just on the phone with my YouTube rep, and I'm starting to get some of these rules, and they said, now you can't do a vlog and mention that the banned video is on your website.
And I said, well, hold on a second.
You know, I can't talk about something that's on my own domain that other people can go watch?
And they said, well, that's just like metadata if you put a link.
And I'm, it's starting to get out of hand.
What's next, Alex?
Is Apple going to unlock a phone for law enforcement?
Like, what happens next with these technology companies?
It's going too far.
And yet at the same time, you know, I use them to publish out millions and millions of views a month.
But this is a civil liberties issue.
This is a freedom of speech issue.
This is a freedom of the press issue.
Oh, we have to come together.
It's gone too far.
Now they're announcing, like, WhatsApp.
They're going to be in the app while you're texting.
Blocking what you can do.
They are oppressing people.
They are bullying people.
Google helps oppress the Uyghurs in China.
The truth is they're not a bunch of trendy liberals.
They're a bunch of authoritarian monsters and Congress and the President and the people need to act.
Does anyone see what's going on here?
You know, we have a regulation institution here in Britain called Ofcom.
And Ofcom has been going around sanctioning radio and television stations for talking about this stuff.
It happened about a week ago, Alex.
And there was a radio station where a nurse went on and started saying some of these things about coronavirus.
They had to issue an apology and Ofcom came after them.
Let me tell you something David told me during the episode.
He said, Brian, guess who was responsible for regulating the 5G licenses?
The same institution, Ofcom.
And now it seems that YouTube is doing their bidding.
And I'm wondering when does this stop?
What country do I belong to?
And now it's not about legality.
It's about being subject to these Silicon Valley rules.
You've seen it with Twitter, right?
Twitter decides if you deadname someone, then that is now a chance to be deplatformed, even though that act is not illegal in America.
So we're seeing our basic rights as a citizen in a country being taken away by these platforms.
And these platforms are the new reality, as you know, Alex.
Yeah, this comes as a massive shock to me.
We do have a plan on how to move forward.
I mean, much like your model, where we're going to have to take it off these platforms and use an army of people on the streets.
But Alex, I've seen a reaction from the public that is just incredible.
People are stopping me in the streets, sending me emails saying, keep up the good fight.
I'm getting messaged by high level of influence people, celebrities around the world saying, this is what we want you to do.
So there's got to be a breaking point here, Alex.
I don't know where it is, though.
Well, you just hit it.
These big tech companies are involved in AI takeover.
And the truth is, what I'm saying, what David's saying, is dead on.
We're going right from the documents.
And they can't allow that because it's their plan.
It's their world.
We're just living in it.
And things aren't going the way the New World Order wanted.
And so they've got to do this.
That's why when I heard you say we're asking folks to host the material.
Your work is beautiful.
Your work's first-rate.
I mean, I kind of aspire, we do so much here, to do quality stuff all the time like you're doing.
And so I want to just invite you to have your own channel at Band.Video.
Put your ads on it, promote yourself, whatever.
We'll pay for the bandwidth.
In fact, you're saying people want to mirror it.
Everyone should mirror it, but not many people have their own platform.
So, definitely, we're going to take the full David Icke interview and post it, if that's what you want, to Band.Video.
We're going to put a link to your site, of course, LondonReal.TV, and we've got to get coalitions of independent people, left, right, conservative, liberal, Christian, agnostic, atheist, Muslim, Jewish, whatever, who do believe in free speech, and promote these networks and help each other, because that's where the real power is, again,
Coming together, humanity coming together against the AI takeover.
That's what we've got to end the real racism, which the left promotes the division in the name of fighting it and come together because this is the globalist move for the post-human world.
And that's why they shut down the interview because it's powerful.
Yeah, well, I appreciate that offer.
I'm going to take you up on that, Alex.
And if you actually continue watching the interview with David Icke, he went from COVID-19
Into the 5G technology, into the vaccines with nanotechnology that links up with AI and the singularity of 2030.
Talk about coming full circle and talk about, like you just said, coming back to these technology companies.
Look, I don't know if there's a link there, but it's suspicious.
And Brian, he laid out the blueprints of the Death Star and Darth Vader doesn't want us to have that.
It's the way I've watched the whole thing.
The way they laid it out, because my wife was telling me three days ago it had been banned, so she goes, oh, here's a copy.
So we sat there and watched it while the kids were running around playing, and when we went outside in the pool, had it on there on the laptop, and I'm like, yo, this is all dead on.
And we sat there and pulled up articles.
He said, yeah, that's what you were saying last week when David was on with you.
And I said, yeah, honey, that's why we're banned.
Well, now they're banning this guy.
I watch this stuff all the time, London Real.
They're coming for everybody, folks, because we have the Death Star plans.
Yeah, I was the last person I thought they'd be coming from.
And you know, Alex, you watched the interview.
What kills me most is the last 30 minutes, David Icke is giving information on how everyone on this planet can be empowered, right?
He says, don't let the illusion of control and fear stop you from challenging these authorities.
He said, that's all you have to do.
You have to extinguish your fear and realize you're more than this.
You're infinite energy.
And I'm telling you, the lesson was so amazing and clear.
It would be enough, Alex, to liberate everybody.
Because as David said, it's a tiny, tiny group of people that's holding us down.
As David would say, look what's happening now.
Three billion people on lockdown for a handful of us that's doing it.
It's happening right in front of our eyes, Alex.
And the only thing we have to do is go into our fears to get through this.
And he gave that beautiful message, and now that's banned as well.
It's going to backfire.
Evil has always bet against good.
And in the end, it ends up getting defeated.
But this is going to be the big one.
How do you see this unfolding towards the 2020 singularity?
Or the 2030?
You know, I've had a lot of people on the show talking about that singularity event.
I just never thought it was going to be forced on us, you know, through this type of a scenario and the nanotechnology.
I thought it was going to be something that happened.
And I spoke to everybody about this, this thing happening in 2030 and the pros and the cons and everything about it.
But what I do know is if we don't protect our basic civil liberties, and like I said, I was born in San Diego, California.
I grew up with this thing called the First Amendment.
I assume it was a universal basic right for all of us humans.
Same in the UK, the home of democracy, but apparently it's not.
And David said this, he said, Brian, what will you tell your grandchildren?
I have this question to ask for anybody watching right now.
What will you tell your grandchildren you did in the human rights contraction of 2020?
Did you sit in your home and do as you were told?
And this goes if you're a police officer or a nurse or anybody.
Or did you fight back and say, no, enough is enough.
I'm not going to let this taken from me.
You say it's a human rights contraction.
Oh, it's contractions of the AI post-human takeover being born.
What did you do when the robot takeover
5G Covid hysteria was launched and world government was announced as a solution by British Prime Ministers and world leaders.
It's here, ladies and gentlemen.
We're going to start the next hour.
We're going to get to the 5G part of the interview.
I've got like 30 clips here that he sent us.
I'll tell you, I'm tempted just tomorrow.
To just play these clips on air and take your calls because they're really scared of this.
And of course, it'll all be familiar to you guys.
We're saying the same thing.
Not because of plagiarism.
This is the truth.
We'll be right back.
Brian Ross worked at the highest levels of banking in New York and London.
Then he started London Real.
Nine years ago to fight back against the dehumanization he saw.
And he does interviews routinely to get millions of views.
But his David Icke interview has three million views on his site right now.
It was exploding on its way to be like one of those big Joe Rogan, Alex Jones, Elon Musk interviews.
You know, one of the biggest podcasts ever.
They killed it.
And then said, we killed it to teach everybody a lesson.
He's talked to David.
David isn't coming on, I think, until early week after next.
But I said, let me guess, I bet David's actually excited about all this.
And he's like, yeah, he really is.
So is his family.
Because when you're in the arena, when you're over the target, that means you're getting the flack.
I mean, but it shows that what we're doing, the truth, is very, very effective.
You told me some wild stuff during the break.
I don't know if you want to repeat that on air, but this is like a game of chicken going on right now with how far Big Tech wants to push this.
Yeah, I mean, look, I'm trying to fight from getting a strike on YouTube.
You know this whole game, Alex.
And if they give me a full strike, I can't do live broadcasts, I can't upload videos.
And so, you know, we're going back and forth with our community policy and there's all these nuances.
And at one point I said, look,
Between you and me, I've got millions of people around the world, some at very high levels.
If you block my content, the content that I put out every day that changes people's lives.
I've got an Indian mystic, one of the most influential guys in that country, that's putting out content about how to get through this coronavirus.
I got doctors.
I got Wim Hof, the Iceman.
I got all these people coming on.
You block my content, you're going to have millions of people saying,
You've gone a step too far.
I mean, this is London Real.
What are you doing?
And so I kind of put it to them.
I said, are you sure you want to make this move?
And, you know, we'll see what happens.
But, you know, they might just kick it down the road a bit.
You've been through this, Alex.
So, you know, I don't know what's going to happen.
But what I do know is we will not put a cut on our product.
Our editorial choices will remain the same.
And if I have to do it on my platform, I will.
And that's fine.
And we're going to do that.
And we're doing it right now.
That's the good news.
Let me ask you about that set real quick.
Is that a giant Union Jack?
Yeah, you gotta come here, Alex.
We gotta have you on.
But, you know, this whole thing, I always say it's the American version of what London looks like.
So we got Union Jacks, I got a pitbull named Winston after Winston Churchill.
I'm dropping the three-piece suits.
You know, it's our look here.
And it helps, I won't lie.
You know, when David and I are in the studio in the six-camera high definition, and we're in our cocoon, and this place is beautiful, and the lights are going, and you get him in the zone,
I mean, we created something with energy.
You saw it on Monday.
And that's, people are feeding into this.
And they're like, this is happening.
You can't get that on two-dimensional.
David Icke at his, uh, you know, iMac camera.
And that's what we do here, Alex.
We love it.
We love putting out inspiration.
David's great with the iMac camera and the stuffed toys behind him his kids gave him, but it's certainly good in your studio.
And there's a magic to it.
And that's what we're scared of.
The psychiatrist and others, I even met with a very famous one before he died up in Minnesota.
He wanted to meet with me on a radio station that we were on.
I'll leave it at that.
And he did stuff with the Pentagon, you name it.
He wrote national ads, serial ads, you name it.
And he said, you know what's sick now is we successfully did it.
We lowered the attention span.
We destroyed most people's minds in the last 40 years.
This was like 20 years ago.
He was dying of cancer.
And he said, I wish I could turn it all back now, but he said, we've got to somehow bring back long form, complex thought programs that don't break for like an hour, that suck you in, because that's how ancestors all sat around the fire.
Well, that's the podcast.
That's what you're doing.
I'm on this.
You know, for radio and TV, so we have to have breaks and things.
It's still the deeper thought, but I'm going to do what I used to do and do these longer podcasts because with the lighting, with it like around the fire, because it's almost like a fire glow the way you do it.
Did you do all that on purpose or was just your eye like that so you went with the right psychology?
Well, look, you know, I was inspired by Joe Rogan.
I was a UFC fan back in the day, and when he was still on Ustream, I was watching him.
So when I quit my job in banking, this was my dream nine years ago.
So the long form was always there.
The go as long as it takes was always there.
And then when we started having world-class guests, I thought I should step up the set.
And that was a real game changer, because when people see the set, they'll give you a little attention.
And again, this long form is so crucial, Alex.
Because it gets your attention span up and actually ups the brainwaves.
It's been proven.
Yeah, and I had Jordan Peterson in here, and he said, Brian, we've learned from podcasts that people aren't as stupid as we thought they were.
It's good.
They give you garbage.
The medium is the message, and they know that.
When they dumb it down, it makes you dumb.
When you raise it up, it raises people up.
We'll be right back with the guy that founded LondonReal.tv.
It's amazing, and it's just an incredible universe.
We'll be right back.
You know, I've been at the highest levels of Hollywood.
I've seen it.
It's empty.
It feels like a vampire's crypt.
Don't want to be around it.
But a lot of the folks that are in Hollywood that have moved out of there are good people.
And I've known Woody Harrelson since I was a consultant on Skinner Darkly for 16, 17 years.
He comes to Austin a lot, and I've hung out with him a few times there.
He's a good guy.
He and Willie Nelson invited me to fly on a private jet to Maui and hang out for a month.
I couldn't do it.
That was like 15 years ago, but I know he's a listener to the show, but I don't care that Woody Harrelson's in movies.
I do care that he put out a study about 5G lowering immunity.
They said he's a liar and evil.
Well, here's the BBC.
Immune system attacked by mobile phones.
But when I have somebody on, like Brian Rose, who knows he can be censored even more and taken down, his whole operation, by YouTube,
If he doesn't do what they say, they're telling him on the phone, don't talk about this or we'll take you off.
Well he's on air.
So he's not just a smart guy.
Now I admire him because he has courage.
Because you see, courage is contagious and it's what stops tyranny.
So Woody Harrelson has it, Ryan Rose has it, David Icke has it, our audience has it.
They're trying to bully all of us to not say that Zink
He's helping people when medical doctors are saying it.
They want full control.
There's no limit to it.
So I get excited talking to somebody like Ryan Rose because he's got what it takes for humanity to survive and go to the next level.
And we have to find that courage and then once you find it, you'll find others want to join you.
And so we've all got to build our own platforms, like he's done at LondonReal.tv.
I get so excited hearing 3 million views.
They shut down it on YouTube, 3 million views there.
And his site's exploding, just like Banned.video.
And that's what I want to see, is us pulling power away just by our peaceful action from the big tech giants that were set up to create a global monopoly from the beginning.
We're about to play one of the clips you sent us.
This is the one that got the episode banned.
But we're gonna commit the thought crime here on 5G.
Introduce this for us.
Well, you know, we've all been talking about 5G and the coronavirus.
Here in the UK, they're burning towers in places like Belfast and Liverpool and Manchester and Birmingham.
Like I said, Ofcom, the regulator, said one specific thing you can't talk about is the link between 5G and coronavirus.
They didn't say you can't say turmeric is gonna not cause it.
They said don't talk about this one thing.
And of course, I'm independent media.
I'm going to talk about it because people want to hear it.
And so this is where David really went big on talking about the link, or the potential link, between 5G and the coronavirus.
And remember, we're going to roll it right now, but it's the same group regulating the 5G.
You talk about Fox guarding the henhouse, here it is.
So, what does 5G do?
What does 4G do, but 5G even more?
It poisons the cells, which get poisoned by technological electromagnetic fields.
The cells get poisoned.
They release exosomes as a immune response, and they test for COVID-19.
So, where was the first Chinese city
to introduce 5G just before the virus broke out.
So here's another scenario that people might just take on board and think about.
And by the way, before I say that,
While this lockdown has been going on, I know from communications to me and Gaz and Jamie at DavidIke.com, I know from all the postings on the internet, not just in Britain, but around the world in America,
That while this lockdown has been going on, 5G masts are being rolled out at a very rapid rate.
In the same period of this lockdown, something like another 21,000 cities have been opened in Britain to 5G.
5G is being
Um, rolled out all over the world at a very great rate of knots.
This is a time where everything is supposed to be stopped.
And they're still building towers overnight.
Uh, because that's considered, um, essential work.
And to the cult, it is essential, because they want 5G everywhere.
David goes on to describe the cult that runs all this.
We'll get to that in the next segment.
Man, we could do hours and hours here.
I feel like I've known you forever.
And I'm serious, there's a real kinship now.
And everybody I talk to, let's just be honest, is saying they're like basically having visions.
They're feeling what even people I know that aren't even Christian or even religious, spiritual, they're feeling this energy of love and pro-humanity.
As the enemy launches all this, I just feel the human spirit rising.
Are you feeling that?
Are you seeing that?
I am, and like you said, that courage is contagious.
And as David said at the very end of that show, you know, it's the fear.
The fear is the only thing stopping us from going into these things.
And this cult or whatever is doing all this is ultimately not powerful, because they're trying to hold us into a box, which almost means by definition that they're not bigger than that box.
They're scared of the power of the many.
And yet, we're going to be in this paralysis state as sheep that won't do it.
I'm feeling amazing about this, and the courage is contagious.
And let me just be really clear, Alex, my entire business is based on YouTube.
If I get bans, I'm basically out of business, unless I come up with this next model quickly.
But this is worth it, and I have never felt so empowered.
I've never felt so much brotherly love with the people on the streets of London who are stopping me saying, this is the time, we gotta keep going, we gotta get to the truth.
And that's all we want here, Alex.
We want the truth.
How about an independent study
On the effects of 5G that we can all agree on.
How about we run that study?
You know, we're not asking for much here, but I don't see that happening unless we push this even further.
And we're going to have to see how this plays out.
But under the guise of this coronavirus, it's the totalitarian tiptoe.
All of our rights are being slowly condensed.
As David said on the show, we are on house arrest globally.
Everything David predicted for 30 years is happening now in front of our eyes.
And yet the fear keeps us from doing something about it.
And that's the ultimate message here.
Well, there's no doubt that the cell phones that emit all these different forms are causing cancer.
That's ridiculously documented.
And now they're admitting that the 5G towers are really bad, cancer clusters.
They know this.
There's actually studies out.
They just keep playing dumb.
But you're right.
And I have World Health Organization videos where the head of the World Health Organization says vaccines are hurting people.
We don't do studies.
We've been ordered to cover it up.
That was just in December.
And now, so this whole thing is being launched because, as you said, the globalists, which is a cult of power, a cult of mad scientists, they are losing control.
She says at the UN, the head scientist over vaccines, or head scientist period, she says our frontline workers, nurses and doctors, don't believe in them.
They know they're hurting people.
They're getting wobbly.
Well, now here comes COVID-19.
Yeah, and ultimately, we just have to stop acquiescing to the illusion of power.
That's what's happening here.
If we acquiesce, it's slowly and slowly and slowly the tiptoe.
And pretty soon, you are in what David calls this Hunger Games society.
And if you think now is bad, wait till your grandkids wake up in this Hunger Games world.
Then what are you going to tell them?
And that's what this is.
This responsibility is on us to find a way through this and it's ultimately going into our fears.
It's a fundamental message and one that David really brought home at the end.
I don't think we can quantify how big the censorship is and how much it's making people mad.
And now to see censorship of treatments for COVID-19, censorship of mainline science about cancer and 5G, and lowered immune systems.
Here's the BBC saying, David Icke is wrong for saying it lowers your immune system, when we have their own headlines and studies going back 10 years saying the exact same thing.
I mean, that's wild!
I mean, don't get me started on the BBC.
I mean, when it comes to this institution, it boggles my mind.
They are funded by the government.
If I don't pay my TV license, I go to jail.
And this is the institution that came after me and ratted me out to YouTube.
I mean, it really boggles my mind what's going on here.
And here's the best part, Alex, is that they took my story and used it as 5G coronavirus clickbait for their own traffic.
Honestly, I got to give that a little respect, to be honest.
Well, that's what they do.
They take the energy of mavericks
They misrepresent you build a straw man and then get ratings off the straw man and people believe what they're saying about the straw man's true.
An example is they said on the news that I said my toothpaste cured something.
I never said anything like that.
We all sold out of the toothpaste because they didn't believe the media.
They thought, oh, it must be true because the media says it's not.
So they're out of bullets.
We'll be right back.
The full interview with Brian Rose and LondonReal.tv with David Icke, that's literally, I say, hundreds of articles.
They get duplicated.
There's thousands of articles.
It's in newspapers everywhere.
The defamation that David Icke said that the 5G grows viruses.
He didn't say this.
He said it lowers your immune system.
Here's the BBC saying it right here in Wired Magazine.
I showed it like five times earlier.
Radio listeners, just go look it up.
So that's why it's so vital to have your own platform, like being on video.
Because once they can silence you, they can say about you whatever they want and steal your identity.
And then they can do whatever they want.
It's a nightmare scenario, but that's why I'm so excited to hear that.
They're hosting the band video at LondonReal.tv, and I gotta tell you, paying for the bandwidth is not cheap.
He says we can host it, that's great!
It's you buying products here at InfoWareStore.com, folks, that make all of this possible.
That's how we're able to do this and host it.
How are you funding yourself, Brian?
How do people support the courage you're engaged in?
You know, it's a great question, Alex.
And, you know, one of the things that I noticed early on was YouTube was demonetizing anything that was coronavirus related.
And I think that cuts out 90 some percent of the creators out there that are basically sucking on the teats of YouTube to pay them, which means you ultimately do what they say.
We were never that company.
I always had an independent revenue stream.
We have a London Real Academy.
I teach people how to build digital businesses, start podcasts, learn how to publicly speak.
So we don't have to kowtow to these companies.
I don't even wait for the revenue.
It's a rounding error for us.
And that means we can make independent decisions.
I also don't have sponsors.
So I don't have to think twice about what David's going to say or what's going to happen.
And this gives us this flexibility to do whatever we want.
We had 14,000 concurrent people watching David Icke
On Monday night once we got the video back up on Vimeo.
I mean that's a lot of people on a website We upgraded our servers, but we're ready to go and weather this storm, and I'm all in this is my life You know Alex.
I am London real London real is me, so this is how we're gonna do it and yeah, I mean if people want to support us they can come and find out how and This is an important fight, and you know that too Alex, and I respect your work a lot
Hey, I like your style.
I've been watching your stuff for years.
It's not the fake self-help like it's a cult.
It's really just straight up good advice and you're just doing a lot of work that the people need to be aware of.
But that's the thing is we have to have men and women that stand up for what's right and stand against this because the AI system that they admit they're rolling out is post-human and it programs us.
We don't build it to serve us and that's horrible.
I have four children and we can't just roll over.
I've seen the success of InfoWars with our great audience of activists getting Trump in, getting other nationalists in, helping launch UKIP.
I mean, the head of UKIP and others have come on, well now it's not UKIP, it's Nigel Farage, and said InfoWars was, when UKIP took off, InfoWars was so popular 20 years ago in England.
Well Alexa was like in the top 100 websites that just that anti-globalism helped spark their movement to get bigger.
And so many other movements have been spurred by this show alone.
Well then I see what you're doing spurring people and again it's not bragging it's chain reactions.
Joe Rogan was here in these same offices 16 years ago.
And he said, I want to start a podcast.
And I told him the equipment and what to get and how to do it.
That's just an example of inspiration.
But other people are inspiring.
And it's that chain reaction of human intelligence.
They're trying to copy it with the wireless Internet and the Internet of Things and all this AI crap.
Humans already have that sixth sense.
And you were talking during the break of how you're feeling it.
I mean, this is real.
This is happening.
Humanity's ready to take the planet back.
We're ready.
I mean, I just went to a supermarket here and half the staff and half the customers came up and said, I was watching Ike last night.
I mean, it's flabbergasting.
And so people are ready to make a move.
And people have so much potential.
You know that, Alex.
It's just we've been trained through our media, through our governments, through the industrial education system to play small, to think small, to consume small.
But if we could unleash that, we've got these machines beat easily.
I know it.
But when we live in this, you know, this this fear state, we're not going to get there.
But this feels good out there.
Like I said, there's like a fight club feeling out there.
I feel like this is the time to mobilize people.
They're at home.
They're watching content.
But we can't let this moment pass.
If we go back to normal in three months.
We're going to miss this opportunity.
Well, that's it.
And the globalists admit they're building a world where we need the machines where we've been taken out of the environment so we can then be phased out.
But if we simply realize that we still have all the power, we'd start using it.
I'm not for burning down 5G towers.
But if humans wanted to smash the system right now, we still could.
Later, once we're totally dependent on it, we can't.
But I'd rather smash it with truth and justice and independent studies and lawsuits and exposure.
And already, a lot of places and countries are banning 5G because of these serious health issues.
Yeah, people are listening, people are doing things.
But I mean, if this narrative is now closed down on these major platforms, it's going to hurt.
It's going to hurt the cause.
So it's going to be interesting to see what happens.
And if people are locked down and in fear, I mean, you see the other things happening, you know, by using our mobile data.
And if we get to this lockdown state that you see in China, if the West goes that way, that's what I'm worried about.
And again, David went on to talk about this economic recession.
Small businesses are gone.
You introduce a universal basic income.
And then you gotta be a good boy or a good girl to qualify for that, which means you gotta do all the right things, which means not protest, not get flagged on YouTube, and then you pretty much got this society that's never gonna fight back.
And I don't want us to get there, Alex.
And people need to wake up now, because it will get worse if we allow it to.
That's right, we're being domesticated, we're being gelded, and they admit China is the model.
That's why our birthrights, everything's being taken now.
And if you roll over, folks, the system gets more dystopic.
They admit that.
The whole Hunger Games model is based on a real UN biological diversity assessment from the 80s, where they describe a world just like that, that even brings back human sacrifice.
You cannot make this up.
And remember how the globalists are, all the evil stuff they're into.
This is a plan they're rolling out.
Well, Brian Rose at LondonReal.tv.
Within an hour, we'll have the full David Icke interview posted and mirrored at band.video.
And of course, people can find it right now at londonreal.tv.
Folks need to support you there.
What should we name this interview once we edit down the last, you know, hour of air time?
It'll be like 45 minutes of interview.
What should we name this interview right now?
You know, perseverance in the face of fear.
That's what this is.
You know, courage is infectious.
I am optimistic for the future, Alex.
I really am.
When I see people in the streets, they are inquisitive.
They are cautious.
They are questioning authority.
They want to do something, but they need the information.
They need the leadership.
And like you said, they need to see examples of courage out there standing up to these institutions and asking these hard questions.
And thanks to people like David Icke and yourself,
You know, we've got examples of that and people need to just not be paralyzed by fear.
You know, not because the fear of the coronavirus is the big one.
Oh, I'm gonna get sick and die.
Well, you know, is that the worst thing that can happen?
Or could your grandkids wake up in this dystopian society and the world goes that way?
A small percentage of the people might die of this thing called COVID-19, but our whole society will suffer unless we take action today.
So let's do this.
Let's do this now, Alex.
Well, that's right.
There's no longer any doubt that there's a post-human AI authoritarian takeover, eugenicist takeover.
I mean, they're telling us.
Bill Gates says there's too many people, too many old people, but he wants to give you this vaccine to save old people.
And even though the vaccine won't protect you from a cold bug, because it always mutates.
I mean, this is known.
It's why there's not a vaccine for the common cold.
That's what Corona-19 is, but I think souped up and weaponized.
But we all are allowed to have our opinions, aren't we?
The idea that if we're not...
World Health Organization that we don't have a right to speak is BS.
Mike Adams is about to take over with Economist and a guy that manages like five million dollars.
Mr. Schiff coming up on the other side to talk about the economic effects.
I'm going to say bye to our guests during the break.
Stay with us and please spread the live feeds and full wars dot com.
Ladies and gentlemen, we're back live broadcasting worldwide.
About to turn this over to Mike Adams and his special guest on what's happening in the economy and the real target of this operation.
Please remember the only way we're still on air despite all the attacks is you.
And we're doing so much together.
Please go to InfoWarsTore.com.
I don't
I don't know.
But we have high-quality products at InfowarStore.com.
Now I'm going to hand the baton to Mike Adams for the next two segments, then the War Room's coming up with Owen Schroer, then Robert Barnes, 7 to 9, with American Countdown.
All right, thank you, Alex.
And you're absolutely right.
People are taking zinc and vitamin D and vitamin C. They're taking care of their health in ways that maybe they weren't before.
And that is what's helping flatten the curve as well.
Thankfully, deaths are probably going to start going down next week.
But the economic impact, or at least in New York City, they will, I should say.
The rest of the country, they're going to continue.
And the deaths are very high right now.
I mean, right now, coronavirus is the number one cause of death in America.
All right.
Thanks for having me.
All right, Peter.
Hey, it's great to see you there.
Are you in Puerto Rico right now?
Is that where you're joining us from?
I am.
I am.
And, you know, the air conditioner is broken here in my studio.
So if I start to sweat a little bit, it's not because I have the coronavirus.
You know, there's nobody here to fix it.
Because it's not, I guess they don't consider air condition repairman essential.
So we don't.
All right.
So, you put out a lot of great podcasts recently.
I'm a listener.
I'm a fan of your work as well, which is one reason why I wanted to have you on.
Can you explain to people why the coronavirus is not really the cause of all this economic implosion that we're seeing?
It's just the initiator of it.
But this was going to happen one way or another.
Can you give us an overview of that, please?
Well, first of all, I don't want to dismiss the coronavirus as being a problem.
It's clearly a problem, and even a healthy economy would have to deal with it.
Now, you can debate whether or not the response is appropriate, whether or not we're going over the top as far as the self-isolation and the lockdowns and all that stuff.
I'm not even talking about that.
What I want to talk about is what the government is doing as far as the bailouts and the stimulus.
The trillions and trillions of dollars that is being thrown at the problem and that is being created out of thin air by the Federal Reserve, which is buying up everything and flooding the economy with newly created money.
This is going to do far more damage.
Thank you for having me.
Is that the coronavirus, at best, is a pin that pricked a bubble that was looking for a pin anyway.
It would have found one if it wasn't the coronavirus.
It would have been something else.
In fact, I think the air already started to seep out of that bubble.
That was why the Fed had started cutting rates last year.
That's why the Fed had quietly gone back to quantitative easing without admitting that it was doing it, was because the air was leaking out.
But this is another financial crisis.
Don't, you know, when you hear people talk about it's not a financial crisis, of course it's a financial crisis.
2008 was a financial crisis, but it didn't start as a financial crisis, it was a real estate crisis.
It was a decline in real estate prices, but the problem was the people who bought real estate borrowed money, and when the real estate went down, they didn't repay their loans, and that's what made it a financial crisis.
Well, the coronavirus may be a health crisis,
But when businesses are shut down and they have no revenues, and they have a lot of debt, they can't pay their bills.
So that's why it's another financial crisis.
And the problem is, we were a highly leveraged economy.
Everybody had borrowed money.
Corporations had borrowed money.
State and local governments had borrowed money.
The federal government, individuals with record student loans, credit card debt, auto debt.
Nobody had saved anything for a rainy day.
Well, take a look outside.
It's not only raining, it is pouring, and we got nothing.
And we think, well, we could just print money.
Well, yeah, that's my question.
How far is the Fed going to take this?
I mean, they've already printed trillions of dollars in money.
They're going to own a significant portion of our economy.
They're buying corporate bonds.
They're buying real estate loans.
I mean, they're going to be buying just stocks, I guess.
And where does this end, if ever?
Are they just going to try to reinflate this to the point of oblivion?
Where does it end?
Look, they have a false sense of complacency because they believe that this strategy worked when they did it after the 08 crisis.
Now, it only appears to have worked because they were able to inflate a bigger bubble than the one that popped.
But it won't happen this time.
There's no way they're going to reflate the bubble.
And the problem is,
That what they're doing now is on an order of magnitude greater than what they did in 2008.
I mean, they're not just bailing out banks and, you know, the GSEs, you know, Fannie and Freddie.
They're bailing out many different industries simultaneously and state and local governments and the federal government and individuals.
In fact, now they are injecting the inflation directly into the economy by sending out all these checks
Thank you.
Who is going to pay for all of this?
We're talking about trillions and trillions of dollars to bail out everybody, and now they want to spend trillions more on infrastructure.
Where is the money coming from?
Who is going to pay for it?
Now, people think, oh, the Fed is just going to print it.
Well, if the Fed could just print money and it cost us nothing, then why did we wait for the coronavirus?
Why haven't we been doing this all along?
I mean, why didn't we just have everything we wanted just getting it from the Fed?
Because people are going to find out that the most expensive way to pay for government is to print the money.
Because we have to pay for government.
It's not free.
And either the government takes our money, or the government takes our purchasing power.
And that's what they're doing now.
By printing money and spending it into circulation, they're destroying the value of the money that's already out there.
So the money that people have saved in their retirement...
Yeah, I'm sorry, a little bit of a lag time between us, but doesn't this also bring up the question, why are we ever paying taxes to the federal government if they can just create all this money anyway and claim that there's no cost to it?
Why are we sending checks to D.C.
every April?
Well, that's my point!
Because you have to pay for government, and if we don't pay for it with taxation, we pay through it through inflation.
The government either takes our money or they take our purchasing power.
But the most expensive way to pay for government is the way they're doing it now, through inflation.
And so every American who has savings, who has money in a retirement account, or even earns wages, is going to be stuck with the bill for the bailouts and the stimulus.
Because everybody's savings and income is going to lose value.
The cost of living is going to go way up, right?
It's massive inflation.
It might even be hyperinflation.
I mean, sure, people can say, but airline tickets are going down.
Okay, because nobody's flying.
What difference does it make what it costs to fly in an airplane if you're not flying?
Believe me, if people wanted to fly, the price would go back up.
But Peter, we're going to go to...
We're taking a quick break here, Peter.
Sorry to interrupt.
We're taking a quick break.
We'll be right back with another segment with Peter Schiff, folks, here.
A very important interview.
We're going to talk about the misallocation of resources and how we can have a recovery from this economic episode.
How do we have a recovery when the government is paying people to sit at home and not work and collect government checks?
We'll get that question answered much more with Peter Schiff straight ahead.
Stay with us here on the Alex Jones Show.
We'll be right back.
All right, we're continuing our interview today on the economics of the coronavirus pandemic with Peter Schiff from Schiffgold.com.
He's, of course, the founder of Euro-Pacific Capital.
And in fact, Peter, I want to ask you a couple of questions.
But first, what's the best way that people can follow your work on YouTube or elsewhere?
What's the best channel?
Well, my YouTube channel is SchiffReport and SchiffRadio.com is where I do my podcasts now.
I'm almost doing them daily, but not quite.
Usually at least three a week now, but sometimes more.
You can listen or watch them on YouTube now.
I'm recording them live.
Or you can listen to them at SchiffRadio.com or iTunes or any of these places that have podcasts.
So people can follow me on social media.
You can follow me on Twitter.
I've been tweeting a lot recently, you know, putting out a lot of important information.
You know, the only thing that's probably spreading quicker than the coronavirus is economic ignorance.
The mainstream media is completely devoid of any understanding.
So I'm trying to cure that with Twitter and my podcast.
But, you know, the most important thing that people can do if they want to avoid getting wiped out, which unfortunately most Americans will be wiped out by the inflation tax,
If you don't want to be stuck with the bill for the bailouts and the stimulus and this depression that's coming, you need to get out of U.S.
financial assets quickly and contact me or my representatives at Europe Pacific Capital.
EuropePAC.com is our website.
Give us a call.
You can transfer over retirement accounts, individual accounts.
I mean, the quicker you can get out of U.S.
bonds, U.S.
stocks, and get into foreign stocks, gold, gold stocks,
The better.
I don't even know how much time we have.
It could be a matter of weeks, maybe months.
I don't know.
But I wouldn't want to press my luck.
You want to get out of Dodge as quickly as you can.
And I'm trying to help as many people as I can protect themselves.
Unfortunately, I can't do anything about the country.
We're in for a hell of a problem as a country.
I wish I could do something about that, but I can't.
But I can try to save as many Americans as I can in advance of this.
Well, you're absolutely right, Peter.
In fact, your advice, people should really listen carefully to what you're saying, because I'm doing the exact same thing.
My company, my whole operation, we've moved every last dollar out of the banks that we can, except what we need for cash flow and transaction capabilities.
We're converting dollars into hard assets.
Temporarily using just short-term treasuries for the moment until we make other decisions for some of the things that you mentioned.
So people really take this seriously.
But Peter, I also want to tell you something that probably you don't hear enough and I don't hear enough.
Those of us who have been right
For decades.
We don't hear it often enough, but Peter, you, sir, you are correct.
You were right.
You were right that a big event was going to come, an event that nobody else foresaw.
You didn't know, perhaps, that it was going to be this virus, but you knew that there was something that could devastate the system, you know, a 20-sigma event that would come along, and it's here.
So you were absolutely correct.
People should listen to you, and thank you for your service of what you're doing to help people get squared away.
Right, but you know, what I've been predicting hasn't even really happened yet in its entirety.
A lot of the things I've been forecasting have taken place.
The key is not the coronavirus.
We were unprepared for anything.
You know, something is bound to go wrong, right?
Murphy's Law, anything that can go wrong will.
But the reason that this country is so ill-prepared for what's happening is because of all the debt.
We had a debt bubble.
And why did we have a debt bubble?
Because the Federal Reserve refused to allow the economy to restructure every time it contracted.
And so they levered us all up.
They kept interest rates artificially low and they kept businesses that should have failed in business and they took on more debt because they weren't really viable enterprises.
But instead of letting the free market restructure the economy so that we can have a recovery built on a solid foundation,
We built a bubble on the foundation of debt.
And that foundation has crashed.
This house of cards that the Fed built instead of a viable economy is collapsing around it.
And all it can do is try to blow more air into a deflating bubble.
It's not going to work.
This time they're not going to be able to bail us out with a bigger bubble than the one that just popped.
So, this is the end game.
All the years of kicking the can down the road, right?
We finally caught up to the can, and there's no more road.
And this can is too big.
If we kick it, we break our foot.
So, this is the end game.
And unfortunately, I used to think that hyperinflation was kind of a worst-case scenario that I hoped we would avoid.
Now, I think it's the most likely.
I mean, it's not a done deal.
I mean, it's still possible to avoid it, but I think the odds of that are very, very slim at this point, given where we are.
I mean, everybody has pretty much drunk the Kool-Aid of socialism.
You know, it's ironic.
Bernie Sanders has dropped out of the race, probably because he figured there's no point in becoming president, because whoever wins, socialism is what we got.
Right, right.
It's already here.
The Fed has given us socialism.
The response to the coronavirus has given us financial socialism.
But you're right.
I mean, we see this paycheck protection bailout program that's paying people to sit at home and collect essentially $15 an hour for sitting at home and for companies to keep those people on the payroll, when companies should be rationally adapting or reducing their size in order to protect the other jobs in the same company.
How do you survive if you can't adapt as a company and reduce your payroll
You know, to adapt to the times that are happening.
I mean, aren't these bailouts in essence going to cripple the recovery?
Oh, absolutely.
Well, there's going to be no recovery.
Look, Ben Bernanke actually got something right, but not really.
But when he was asked if this was going to be a depression, he said no, because he said the Great Depression was caused by a financial crisis and then policy errors by the government.
Well, we've actually had a bigger financial crisis, and we're making even worse policy errors this time than we did then.
Look, everything the government is doing is going to delay the recovery.
I think?
To do something else.
But what the government wants to do is maintain the status quo.
They want to artificially keep businesses afloat that would sink in a free market.
And so they have to redirect resources from where the market wants them to be to where the government wants to trap them.
And therefore all these businesses that are being bailed out today are gonna need constant bailouts in the future.
The people who are being subsidized not to work are going to have to be subsidized indefinitely because the businesses that need to employ them are not going to be created because we're redirecting capital to maintaining the businesses that should be failing.
I mean, it's like what if when they invented the automobile, the government decided that we had to keep all the buggy-whipped manufacturers in business, right?
Oh, we can't let
These companies fail because their workers would lose their jobs.
Well, we'd be subsidizing them to this day, because who needs the buggy whips, right?
But we're going to keep these businesses going?
I mean, think about all of the restaurants that should be failing.
And it's not just because of coronavirus.
People are not going to have jobs.
They're not going to be able to go out to restaurants.
A lot of restaurants fail anyway.
Now we're going to keep them all in business?
I mean, a lot of people, even when we have a cure for the coronavirus, maybe, they're not going to be going out to eat as often.
I mean, we have too many restaurants.
We have too many stores.
There's a lot of small retailers that were just barely hanging on.
You know, they had all this debt.
They were staying in business.
The government kept crippling them with increasing the minimum wage.
These businesses were going to fail.
Well anyway, what, now we're going to keep them in business?
Now we're going to subsidize them by creating money?
And you have a lot of big businesses that are over leveraged.
What we don't have enough in this country is manufacturing.
We don't have enough production.
We need resources to be reallocated there.
We have too many service sector businesses that are being kept afloat by debt.
And now the government wants to divert more resources into maintaining the bloated section of our economy and preventing an actual recovery from taking place.
Yeah, we've reached that point of reckoning.
I like how you described it.
We've kicked the can so far down the road, now we've caught up to the can and we've run out of road.
You can't keep re-inflating it.
We only have a little over a minute left, Peter, but what do you think the world is going to look like in the next year?
I mean, in America, are people going to be paying $10 for a loaf of bread in a year?
Is that possible?
What do you think the economy is going to look like in just a year?
It's hard to know the exact timetable, but I do think that prices are going to go way up and I think not only are people going to be paying a lot more money for bread, but they're going to be waiting in long lines to get it.
Because I think one of the things the government is going to do is impose price controls.
I think they're going to say that
Hey, people are price gouging.
We're going to limit the ability to raise prices, which is going to create shortages, which means we're going to have to find another way to ration out goods.
If we can't let the market do it through a price mechanism, then people are going to have to queue up and wait in long lines.
Look, things are going to change dramatically in this country.
I think we're headed for a collapse of the dollar.
I think the dollar is going to lose its status as the reserve currency.
I believe the world is going to go back to gold as the reserve, which is what the dollar replaced.
It didn't replace the pound, it replaced gold.
Gold historically has served as the monetary anchor for the global financial system.
I think we're going back to gold.
I think when that happens, the American standard of living is going to implode, because we've been living beyond our means, because the rest of the world has been enabling that by living beneath its means.
But I do think that you're going to see a real economic boom outside of the United States when they no longer have to support the American consumer and the American government.
Well, thank you, Peter.
It's great to have you on.
So the end of the free debt ride has approached for Americans, but tune in to Peter Schiff at his podcast and elsewhere to stay informed.
He's got really good advice.
Thank you for watching today.
Thank you, Peter, for joining me.
Mike Adams for the Alex Jones Show.
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