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Name: 20200407_Tue_Alex
Air Date: April 7, 2020
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In this episode of his show, Alex Jones talks about various conspiracy theories related to COVID-19 pandemic including martial law declarations, globalist takeover, and use of the virus as an opportunity for mass vaccinations. He promotes slingbows.com for survivalists and bug out bags, and infoWars.com for information about global lockdowns. Jones also discusses nurses' crucial role in healthcare during these times and promotes Living Defense supplement available at InfoWarsTore.com. He criticizes the media for distorting information about his products and encourages listeners to stock up on supplies as the situation worsens. Additionally, he praises President Trump's decision to put money into small business owners' hands and promotes Infowars Life Protein Bars and various iodine products available at a discounted price on the Infowars Store website. Finally, Jones discusses a video about Bill and Melinda Gates working for globalists and carrying out depopulation and encourages his audience to watch it and share it with others."

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From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
Years ago, I would play air raid sirens maybe once a month on air when I was talking about
something really hardcore.
Then about a year ago, I started playing Air Raid Sirens about once a week.
Then about three months ago, four months ago, right before all this big virus hysteria started, I began playing it every hour on the hour.
And as of late, I've been airing it several times an hour.
And I said a few months ago, this notes in my mind how much martial law we're under.
Well, now that we're under martial law in the blue cities and blue states, and they're openly using it to set the precedent of absolutely no freedoms with extreme enjoyment, I'm now to just play Air Raid Sirens all the time.
Because that's what you hear either when you're under enemy missile bombardment, or bomber bombardment, or when you are meant to stay in your homes.
Now, all across the United States, the reports are flooding in, And the police departments are playing even more frightening sounding air raid sirens than the classic ones used in England in World War II and popularized in Godzilla movies after that.
Here's an air raid siren from last night in America.
That's Crowley, Louisiana.
We'll show you the newscast in a moment.
It is the errant siren from the movie The Purge, of course, just like the big red siren.
It's meant to terrorize you in New York.
This is all done by design.
But here's the L.A.
mayor who sources told us on Saturday, and I made some phone calls to a police officer I know in Los Angeles.
We got this from the department there in Orange County, that within two weeks they're going to say,
do not leave your home, period.
For the grocery store, even drug stores, they plan to close those to create civil unrest,
once the National Guard is fully on the streets. Trump's not doing this,
but the blue cities, blue states are. Here is snitch culture being completely glorified,
where you henpeck your neighbors.
How do you know they're not going to take care of grandma?
How do you know they're not going to take care of their farm?
How do you know they don't work in an essential area?
This is creating the illusion.
See, first, it's just a two-week vacation.
Oh, it's all going to come back to normal.
Oh, then it's a month, then it's two months.
They want to set the precedent.
It's forever.
This is the shutdown of America.
This is the deindustrialization.
Here is the evil, globalist mayor of Los Angeles.
If you've observed recurring violations of the Safer at Home Order, please continue to let us know at coronavirus.lacity.org slash businessviolation.
You know the old expression about snitches.
Well, in this case, snitches get rewards.
We want to thank you for turning folks in and making sure we are all safe.
This is not They Live.
It's not a 1984 remake.
It's America in April 2020.
China sets the precedent, EU rolls it out, Hollywood pushes it.
The blue cities say you must have total martial law.
Then they have the martial law, then the numbers are much lower of death because they hyped the virus bigger than it was and their fake graphs cast themselves the heroes and permanently set stage.
So there you go.
Los Angeles is under authoritarian martial law.
There weren't any riots, there weren't any problems.
They made that happen.
And now in LA, now in New York, the articles came out yesterday, the statistics last month of the lockdown.
Guess what happened?
Crime has gone up 30 plus percent in LA and over 50 percent of property crimes, businesses being broken into in New York.
I've got those articles here.
Crime explodes!
Of course it does.
Of course it does.
And many people won't get their checks for months, and so you're going to see civil unrest, and then the stock market's going down, down, down.
This is economic war.
America is under attack.
They've painted Trump into a corner.
That every death happens is his fault if he doesn't lock us in houses like Pharaoh Kings in our tombs.
They're shutting all the free speech down right now as well.
So spread the links to the live show while you still can.
The Club of Rome, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Rockefeller Foundation, the Carnegie Foundation, the World Health Organization, the United Nations, and countless other organizations have publicly, for 40 years or more, really 50 years if you count the Club of Rome back in the early 60s, have openly said that they would bring in world government with a controlled release of a bioweapon Or a naturally occurring plague that they would crush the nation-state, crush basic liberties, crush due process with it.
But they just need to have a surveillance system in place using the internet, and they said that back in the 60s, to track and control and trace your every movement.
The internet was invented publicly in 1963.
It was actually developed in a DARPA secret program in 1958.
That's all declassified now.
Eisenhower warned you of it.
And it is an Internet of Things to have surveillance and robots controlling everything you do and herding everyone into compact, dense cities.
My film, Endgame, documents this all.
And now, all over the United States, they have robots driving around, they have this in Japan, they have this in South Korea, they have it in China, saying, stay indoors, stay indoors, like literal Daleks from Doctor Who.
This is the revolution against humanity.
This is the globalist takeover.
And so yes, the virus is man-made, so they understand its trajectory.
Yes, it's a chimera, engineered in U.S.
labs, sold to China in 2015.
Now a medical doctor, a microbiologist, Who also worked in secretive areas as a colonel in the Pentagon, dealing with bioweapons, has come out and said, it's a Chimera.
It's manufactured.
It either leaked, or it was released on purpose.
Well, you heard that here nine weeks ago with Dr. Boyle.
So the virus is serious, but the way they've hyped it and the way they've pushed it and the way they've said, we can't reopen until there's not one case, well, that's impossible.
And because this is a chimera, it won't burn itself out quickly.
That's probably why they designed it, many experts believe, so that it keeps mutating through different mutagenic patterns that have already been tested in a laboratory and mathematically prepared.
This is not your grandpa's common cold.
So it is serious if you don't have zinc, vitamin D, vitamin C at high levels.
And even if you get that when you're super, super old, you have problems absorbing it into the cells, and it's why you die.
So it is a threat.
But everything behind it and what they're doing with it is the takeover.
So people say, well, wait a minute.
Should I get prepared?
Should I get ready?
You say it's going to burn itself out.
Looks like they're starting to happen.
They say people are re-infected and it's coming back, it'll be back next year.
Because the Marshall Law is never going away, you're being eased into it, then they'll release it for a while and say, see, you behaved yourself, everything's okay, so that each time they clamp it down even tighter, you won't resist until finally they hit you with the decapitation.
And that's in the special little three-minute piece we put together two years ago, titled, This is Why They Banned Alex Jones.
And we lay it all out and predict it all, including bio attack.
So it's here, but let's bring the air raid sirens back in for the ambiance it gives us.
And now, air raid sirens are airing in Europe, the United States, everywhere.
Australia's airing these.
Why don't you hear from the Los Angeles mayor who's set to announce you may not leave your home, period.
They're going to order grocery stores and even pharmacies shut.
That's their plan in about a week and a half to make Trump look bad when he's trying to reopen the economy.
Well, how is LA saying you can't even leave your house?
The mayor's going to say for at least a week or two, we don't want you to leave your house to stop total spread.
Get your groceries, get your drugs.
You have two days.
That means he's talking about illegal drugs, but he's saying pharmacy drugs.
That's going to cause civil unrest and panic.
They're trying to trigger a panic that Bill Maher and other globalists called for to totally kill the economy, right as Trump tries to start reopening in a week and a half, two weeks.
Now that's from the police what they've been told.
And they see right through it.
But what are they going to do when the orders come down?
It's time to not enforce.
That's why they know police aren't enforcing this.
They do a few PR deals, you know, writing tickets for folks at the beach or whatever who are by themselves walking their dog.
France is not doing the same thing.
But the average cop's not following this.
They know it's BS.
So now they're telling citizens, we're going to pay you $200 per person you report.
And he goes on in the press conference.
Do you know when they went to school?
Do you know they're working?
Do you know if it's really a job they're going to?
Give us the intel.
We want to prosecute them.
But they're letting rapists, murderers, criminals out and pass the law.
You give somebody hepatitis A, B or C or HIV and kill them and it's not even a misdemeanor.
They have a bill to legalize pedophilia in California.
That's okay though, huh?
But you leave your damn house to walk your dog, you're going to jail.
Here is the evil mayor.
If you've observed recurring violations of the Safer at Home Order, please continue to let us know at coronavirus.lacity.org slash businessviolation.
You know the old expression about snitches.
Well, in this case, snitches get rewards.
We want to thank you for turning folks in and making sure we are all safe.
Turning folks in, making sure we're all safe.
How about we turn you in, you bug-eyed demon?
Now, this is Louisiana.
We have similar bleeding alarms that sound like Star Trek alarms in France, like... And they've got other things that sound like fog horns in New York.
A better life off-world sounds just like Blade Runner.
And the blimp's floating by and goes... I mean, you're not in a free country anymore, and if they set the precedent for this, it's over!
They admit that!
You know, one thing though, all the trying to convince you is over with now, huh?
I told you it was coming.
It's all scripted.
It's all prepared.
And of course real people are dying, but they're showing footage of dummies and bloody dummies and footage of people in Italy when there's not enough respirators to create the hysteria.
Turns out Cuomo's got plenty.
Turns out mainstream news is running fake videos of people saying they've seen the dead, and it's all fake.
We're gonna get to that.
Again, the media will say, Jones says no one died, it's not real.
No, I said they're hyping it to create hysteria.
It's like you have a fire in the engine room of a ship.
You're putting it out.
It's put out.
There's still smoke.
And somebody runs around the ship going, ABANDON SHIP!
The boiler blew!
People are jumping off the ship hysterical.
That's the issue.
There is a fire, but the ship's not going down unless we go crazy and abandon the damn thing.
So here's Louisiana last night with the uh...
By the way, unless you think I'm joking, here's a newscast where the police are saying we want
you to know how deadly the virus is. So yes, we're going around at night doing this and no one's even out.
It's all part of the state, terrorizing everyone, wanting to be God.
And, you know, we know this about Louisiana, it's a great state, but it's under Napoleonic law, it's one of the few states that doesn't really have the same constitution at the state level.
Here it is.
That siren, known by many from the movie The Purge, was not received well by some living in Crowley.
Chris Volti spoke to the chief on his decision to sound the siren as a part of the city's curfew.
All right, let's stop there.
Now, let me go out to break with the World Health Organization, saying we're going to go in your houses To make sure you're okay.
So see, we're going to pass your threshold.
We're going to violate the Magna Carta.
We're going to violate your freedom to make sure you're okay.
The troops are coming in your house and the U.N.
says they're the boss now.
What we should do?
In most parts of the world, due to lockdown, most of the transmission that's actually happening in many countries now is happening in the household, at family level.
In some senses, transmission has been taken off the streets and pushed back into family units.
Now, we need to go and look in families to find those people who may be sick and remove them and isolate them in a safe and polite manner.
It is the sabotage of our economy by the globalists.
They admit they're doing it.
And the Los Angeles mayor has announced, we will pay you to make sure your neighbors do not leave their homes.
And they're getting ready to have a total lockdown, saying no one can leave their homes for at least a week, two weeks, including for groceries, including for medicine.
That's why the press corps keeps asking Trump, how dare you let people go to the grocery store?
You see, you can't even do that now, ladies and gentlemen.
It's got to be delivered to you.
This is the lockdown.
They're just tightening the noose.
They can't believe we put up with this much.
Already played real air raid sirens being played around the United States.
Let's play drones in New York.
It's a volunteer anti-COVID drone.
Oh, the volunteers, like in the Maoist system.
They're here to make sure.
Of course, the police don't have a problem.
The FAA doesn't have a problem with that.
It's just if you're fighting back against it, they do.
This is the anti-COVID-19 volunteer drone task force.
Please maintain a social distance at all times here in the homeland.
But the border's wide open and the homeless are exempt and the jihadis are exempt and the Chinese shipped in dirty masks and testing kits giving it to us.
But that's okay.
Don't worry about that.
Now, Tse-Tung and Xi Jinping are our friends.
Donald Trump is bad.
This is CBS News covering it breathlessly.
The anti-COVID-19 volunteer task force.
Please maintain a social distance of at least six feet.
Again, please maintain social distancing.
Please help stop the spread of this virus.
Reduce the death toll and save lives.
For your own safety and your family's safety, please maintain social distancing.
Thank you for your cooperation.
We are all in this together.
Thank you for your cooperation.
So it starts with, oh, if you see any unattended bags, tell the airport.
And, oh, we're going to search you and check you, but we let the jihadis into the country.
You can fly in if you're jihadis from known terrorist countries with a terrorist background, but we're going to funnel your five-year-old.
And see, once you put up with that, well, now you're going to put up with it on the streets and everywhere.
And now that is like something out of a nightmare dystopian film or novel.
But here it is, it's unfolding, just like Walmart has these big towers saying, 6 feet, 6 feet, and of course it's 20 feet, 50 feet, 100 feet.
It's all crap.
It's a power grab, Villa Melinda Gates cooked it all up with the UN, Club of Rome, CFR.
Rockefeller Foundation.
I've named all the white papers.
Everybody goes and reads them and says, we will bring in an authoritarian world government and crush the family and individual liberty with this.
And now there's articles out in Salon and the New York Times.
It's terrible that families are allowed to stay together.
Families are hurtful and hurt children.
And they're the problem.
And we've got to get in the houses, the UN says, and make sure the families aren't spreading it.
Because just because you're in your houses isn't safe enough.
We need armed men in all the houses!
They catch all the public officials out doing whatever they want.
So you need to understand what's happening, ladies and gentlemen.
Let's go ahead and go to what's happening at Walmart.
Please remember to wash your hands often, stay home if you are sick, and practice good social separation of at least six feet when possible.
Loitering inside or outside of the store is strictly prohibited.
Thank you for choosing Walmart.
Now let's...
Talk about how this happened.
They have Continuity of Government, COG, and the InfraGard program started by Bush Jr.
It's still in effect, where all these big megacorporations are seen as essential, but they're really the essential, essential.
In the future, they will be the FEMA camps.
They will be the company store.
So you go back to the old science fiction book, short story written under a pseudonym by Stephen King.
It's actually a good short story.
Most of the stuff's plagiarized.
And The Running Man is set in the future.
Well, in that film, October is bonus recruitment month.
Report a family member and get double credits.
Put on your little digital card.
But if you're caught out after dark, well, you disappear.
So whatever you do, remember, don't be caught out after dark or you'll be permanently detained.
Somebody's got to take all those clips and put it together with what's really happening in Los Angeles in the year 2020.
Running Man is now happening in 2020.
Here it is.
If you've observed recurring violations of the Safer at Home Order, please continue to let us know at coronavirus.lacity.org slash businessviolation.
You know the old expression about snitches.
Well, in this case, snitches get rewards.
We want to thank you for turning folks in and making sure we are all safe.
But illegal aliens that commit serious crimes, they won't help ICE get them.
In fact, they tell them to run, and they've let criminals out of the jails, including rapists and murderers, on record.
But you can go to that and snitch.
How about we go there and report the mayor as being a tyrant and a criminal who needs to face war crimes against humanity?
Piece of filth.
That man is a piece of garbage trying to bring this country into martial law to stop our recovery.
Absolutely unbelievable that we've reached this point.
Now when we come back from break, I'm going to air, I'm going to premiere a report that's not even up on InfoWars.com or Band.Video yet that needs to go viral the only way it does when you share it.
And it is historians.
This is mainline news articles you're going to see.
Exposed Bill Gates' major connection to Nazis and eugenicists and to the COVID-19 release.
And we're risking our lives bringing you this.
You notice he's like suddenly the king of America, the king of the world.
He's more important than Trump.
People are like, who is this guy?
Well, he runs the show.
He's the man.
In a very bad way, like Hitler was the man.
This guy's the man.
And the man's coming around.
Well, someday God's gonna come around, who is THE man, and these globalists are gonna be in trouble, but that's what's going on.
We'll go to break, come back with this.
I know that I've pointed out that the curve is going to be lower than what they say, and now they're having to admit all over the country that it started to curve downward way before they ever got up to millions dead.
We predicted that.
Doesn't mean it's not still a serious virus.
But the hysteria and the breakdown of civilization, that's why you want to be prepared.
That's why you want to be ready.
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Ladies and gentlemen, We are about to premiere a very extremely important piece that's got a lot of really important historical graphics in it that Greg Reese and I put together.
This is a very important piece.
It's going live on Infowars.com and Newswars.com right now, and it needs to go viral.
Pun intended.
Just went live on Newswars.com.
Historian exposes Bill Gates' ties to Nazis and more.
Radio listeners will hear the narrator, Greg Reese.
And myself, but you need to see the articles, the documents, the photos, the graphs.
They go back 2,000 years to understand what we're facing.
This is a very important, basic PowerPoint presentation, is what you could call it.
PowerPoint 2.0.
So this tracks the group we're fighting.
And if you don't know who you're fighting, how are you going to win a war?
So it just went live.
It's at Bandot Video.
Everything we do is trademark copyright free.
Repost it.
Change the name.
Just get it out however you can.
Ladies and gentlemen.
Little tip is you should re-upload it with my name in it.
Some people find stuff that way.
Other versions don't put Info Wars or Alex Jones on it.
And then it makes it pass the censors.
That's why I work with sites and things that don't have my name or voice on them.
A lot of big sites you know and visit routinely.
We're behind it because you're behind us.
We're in this together.
But this video is a major action alert.
You know this stuff.
You do your own research.
You tune into the show.
People don't know this and they need to know that the guy telling them he wants to take their rights to save them is the same guy saying he wants to get rid of those very people.
So where does Bill Gates come from?
Why is he suddenly the president of the world?
Why is he the most important man in the New World Order?
Why is he more important than even Donald Trump when it comes to global power structure?
Why is he calling the shots?
Well, he's got hundreds of years of money and power behind him.
His mother was recruited to bring him in to be an IBM frontman.
Here it is.
Aristotle advocated the use of abortion and infanticide.
In 1798, an essay on the principle of population was written by Thomas Malthus.
He outlined the idea of positive checks, which are diseases, wars, disasters, famines, and genocides.
Malthus believed that these things should be utilized to increase the death rate, and believed that human misery was an absolute necessary consequence.
In 1859, Charles Darwin published The Origin of Species.
In it, Darwin only hinted at the implications of human populations, but his cousin, Sir Francis Galton, became obsessed with the idea.
In 1883, Galton published Inquiries into Human Faculty and its Development, wherein he wrote that his intention is to touch on various topics more or less connected with that of the cultivation of race or, as we might call it, With eugenic.
The term comes from the Greek word eugenis, of noble birth.
In the early 20th century, eugenics became an academic discipline in universities.
Organizations were formed and funded to win public support.
The Kaiser Wilhelm Institute and the Cold Spring Harbor Institute rejected the idea that all humans are born equal and began selling the idea of cultivating a new master race of noble bloodlines.
Planned Parenthood was formed in America by racial eugenics advocate Margaret Sanger.
President of IBM, Thomas J. Watson, established a special subsidiary in Poland called Watson Business Machines to assist in the Nazi invasion of Poland.
This business continued throughout the war, and IBM managed the entire operation from their headquarters in New York.
During the Nuremberg trials, the Nazis quoted U.S.
Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes in their own defense.
They claimed that their eugenics program was being run from the United States.
The Nazis were rightly admonished for war crimes, but not Thomas Watson.
He went on to create the IBM World Trade Corporation and passed IBM on to his son.
His granddaughter ended up marrying Margaret Sanger's grandson.
Bill Gates' father worked on the board for Planned Parenthood, and his mother worked on the corporate board for IBM, who Bill partnered with to create Microsoft.
With no medical background, Bill Gates then went on to become the world's foremost pusher of vaccines and population control.
Do you think this is all coincidence?
The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation funds the WHO, the NIH, the CDC, and the UN.
And now he is saying that until we get mass vaccinations, we might never be able to gather in groups.
And which activities, like mass gatherings, may be, in a certain sense, more optional.
And so until you're widely vaccinated, those may not come back at all.
The president's coronavirus response team are all pushing the Bill Gates vaccination agenda.
Dr. Fauci is on the leadership council for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.
In January of 2017, Anthony Fauci told a crowd at Georgetown University that there would be a surprise outbreak during the Trump presidency.
There is no question that there will be a challenge to the coming administration in the arena of infectious diseases, both chronic infectious diseases in the sense of already ongoing disease, and we have certainly a large burden of that, but also there will be a surprise outbreak.
Deborah Birx is a board member for the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria, which was founded by the Gates Foundation and known for millions of dollars of fraudulent misuse of funds.
In October of 2019, Bill Gates sponsored Event 201, a simulation that estimated 65 million people killed by coronavirus.
In November of 2019, the Peer Bright Institute, funded by Bill Gates, was granted European patent number EP3172319B1 for a coronavirus vaccine that may be used to treat humans.
Today, Dr. Fauci says the virus will keep coming back, and he says the ultimate game-changer will be a new vaccine.
In Australia, the Prime Minister is telling people the shutdown will last months, that it's the new normal, and that the only way out of your homes is to accept the vaccine.
There is no proof that vaccines are the answer.
In fact, the CDC admitted in federal court that it does not have studies to support the claim that vaccines do not cause autism.
A top UN scientist admitted that vaccines are killing people.
It is time to do some hard thinking.
Will you allow your government to impose forced vaccinations?
For InfoWars.com, this is Greg Reese.
Ladies and gentlemen, Trump came out and said a vaccine that's hurried too fast can hurt people.
A lot of vaccines hurt people.
Wow, that's true!
Now, you have to understand that what I showed you is just the tip of the iceberg.
I told Greg Reese, I said, go look all this up.
IBM, funding, the family, eugenics, and it goes even way deeper than what we just put in that six-minute report.
You understand, this is a fact.
This is a fact.
So, they're not trying to make us stronger, they're trying to make us dumber to phase us out.
And they think you're so stupid that it's all hidden in plain view.
I hope for you and your family and the whole racist good, you promote that video to everybody you know right now.
There are a lot of people who want to play God.
You see, for the globalists, their world government's just the beginning.
They want it in place to carry out what they call, in their own words, a technocracy to usher in the post-human world.
They are funded directly by the British Royal Family and the entire IBM-Microsoft fortune that was pledged upon Watson's death to carry out the operations of Adolf Hitler.
That's why the left funds fake Nazi groups that run around and say ridiculous things.
That's the simulation.
The real thing is the group that created the Nazis.
Now, the left has taught in their universities, not science, not knowledge, because they want a controllable idiot mass under them now.
They've gotten rid and sabotaged our educational system the last 100 years, really.
Full control the last 50.
And they produced a group of people, like Jussie Smollett and others, that go out and stage attacks on themselves to create racial and cultural division, show everyone's divided and hates each other, and so that whites finally, outmatched, overrun, surrounded, will turn towards the extermination plan.
But again, the globalists are targeting whites as well.
It's a post-human plan.
You've got to trick all the groups that each group's fighting for its own survival while you're setting up the AI anti-human takeover grid.
But white academics are taught that they have to pose as liberals to control and domesticate minorities to carry out your extermination.
And again, they tried to teach my dad that because he was stopped from his class when he was at UT as a high schooler in Plan 2.
And he said, no, thank you.
Didn't sound too Christian to him.
But most people you get told, you're part of the master group, you're going to be amazing, you're going to be... And of course, it was a Jewish professor, the head of the botany program who was running that Plan 2 at the time, that told my dad, oh, the Nazis were trying to, you know, just get certain groups.
We want to get everybody.
And then only have the elite of each racial group left on Earth.
Kind of like the Moonraker type plan that Ian Fleming wrote about.
So that's the liberal version of Hitler.
The truth is they just want total power and total control, and it's completely psychotic.
And so that's why you're like, well, how's it a bunch of, you know, people of different races?
Chinese, Jews, Germans, Dutch, you know, Spanish at the top of this.
It's just elite groups that are psychotics.
Eugenics means royal or noble blood.
And all these groups believe they're the elites and so they're just setting up this horribly evil anti-human system while dumbing us down on purpose to play God.
So this video came out two days ago.
It was aired everywhere.
I even saw it.
I don't watch a lot of mainline TV, but I even saw it flipping through channels.
CBS aired it.
A bunch of others aired it.
And they could go look on her Twitter and Facebook and see that it was her line.
She hadn't been a nurse in over a year.
But she said she was there and saw everyone dying and it's so terrible because she wants the virtue signal.
She wants to play a victim and then get attention.
Which again is like air.
It's just made up.
It's a mirage.
And because remember Maxine Waters said Jussie Smollett did a great job doing what he did to expose racism.
Didn't matter if it was all fake.
Didn't matter if it almost created a race war.
No matter how stupid it was, you're supposed to believe what happened.
So, CBS?
Apparently refuses to properly vet information before disseminating it to millions of people in an attempt to make Donald Trump look bad.
Last week the outlet used footage of the worst hit hospital in Italy, claimed it was a video from New York Hospital.
Now CBS is promoting a video of a crying ICU nurse claiming her hospital is experiencing a mass shortage and the nurses are forced to work in poor conditions.
However, within 24 hours it came out it was not real.
Here's the fake footage.
America is not prepared and nurses are not being protected.
Trump is back.
I went into work and I was assigned to a COVID patient on an ICU unit that has been converted to a designated COVID unit.
None of the nurses are wearing masks, not even surgical masks in the hallways when they're giving reports to each other.
I had my own N95 mask.
I told my manager I understand we're short on supplies, but let me protect myself.
Let me feel safe.
I understand that I have to come home too.
And the way things are looking, this isn't gonna get any better.
America is not prepared.
We're not prepared.
Please protect us.
Please protect us.
She's attacking Trump on her Twitter.
All fake.
They got masks now.
They got the ventilators.
And doctors are saying, actually, ventilators aren't helping.
This is damage to the lungs being able to absorb oxygen.
It's not an issue of there being air in the lungs.
This isn't pneumonia.
But it doesn't matter.
Because there's a shortage of those.
There's not one for every person.
And coming back next hour, they now admit in all the graphs, even in New York, the acceleration has slowed down, even peaked.
But they're trying to suppress that.
So we're going to show you that and take your calls at 877-789-ALEX, 877-789-2539.
First-time callers in the first round, and then long-time callers, if you want, after we load up the phones.
We'll be able to at least get to that first bank of callers 877-789-ALEX, 877-789-2539
on this subject, on the economy, on the world, on where it's all going.
But if you want to talk about solutions to all of this, it's what Jason Jones did three weeks ago.
He went to get tested because he'd been in LA, flew back to where he lives in Hawaii, had a bad cough, said, well, I better get tested to see if I'm going to get people sick.
He just sees it on the news that The place is full, there's lines by his house, but he drives down, no one's there.
He goes up, they won't test him.
He sees people over three hours come over, nine people, they won't test them.
Now people have done this all over the country.
Doesn't mean there isn't COVID-19.
But it means that there are all these groups getting your DNA, doing weird stuff, getting, we don't know what's going on.
But all these hospitals, they say, all over the country that are full, I've seen videos in Kentucky as well, where this just happened, and they go there and no one's there.
But the news, standing there saying, there's lines, respirators, death, it's terrible, war of the worlds.
And then people go there and there's no one there.
And now they've got footage in New York, other big hospitals, where, and it's smoking gun, where when the news media shows up, there'll be like 10 people show up in masks and hoods, who act like they're in line.
And they're clearly workers.
So, we now know why this happened.
We have the numbers.
We're going to show you next hour.
But go ahead and show some of those graphs that Robert Barnes was showing last night.
And then show just the video of Cuomo's press conference yesterday.
It was about 1 o'clock Central.
They covered it in the War Room yesterday.
They show the graphs.
On hospitalization, on new infection, on death, and it's all going down.
It's either going down or the growth has gone down massively.
Yeah, go to the next video.
Look at that.
They show you the old charts they show, but then they show the real charts.
First what they predicted, then what they said was gonna come, and then when it goes to purple, and then what it really is, the purple.
So right around April 1st it peaked, and it's now going down, and they're having to admit this But it doesn't get picked up.
So, here is a city councilman, David James, in Louisville, Kentucky, District 6.
Boy, they're lucky to have him out there with some of the other folks.
Going up to these people that are supposedly testing for COVID, and when they realize it's a scam, this is what happens.
This is how you stop evil.
You go out, you check it yourself, and most of the time it's going to be a lie.
Here it is.
Yes, everybody, man.
Listen, we've done everything we can to make sure that not only we're employing the people right here in Louisville, okay?
I've done many interviews, many different things right out here.
We're doing things the right way.
We don't have anything to hide.
Y'all ain't even qualified to do testing here.
Yeah, that's what I thought.
Y'all ain't got no answers, do you?
These are the people that are trying to take your own DNA.
Do not allow them to.
How y'all doing?
Where you from?
Where you from?
Where you from, man?
Whereabouts in Kentucky?
Your mama's house.
Oh, your mama's house.
I got you.
How's your mama doing?
Hey, how's your mama doing?
Is your mama doing all right?
What are y'all doing?
Are you trying to rip people off?
So that's the president of the city council, metro council.
Boy, don't we need mayors like that around here that are actually out doing something.
Folks, it's the big hospitals running scams, it's the little groups, it's private groups, it's Bill Gates up at the top.
Scam, scam, scam, scam, scam, scam.
And by the way, I had top scientists on this show, three or four of them, telling you there's never been a vaccine for the common cold because there's thousands of mutations.
Same thing with the flu.
None of it works.
It's all a fraud.
And every study shows it lowers your immunity to the next flu.
Well, you take this cold virus vaccine.
It's going to lower your immunity to regular cold.
And by the way, that's the big news.
Why is everyone getting reinfected?
Turns out, in most tests, they've been testing and saying regular cold virus, that most people already have in their body, is COVID-19.
It's unbelievable!
But the panic's real!
And the economy plunging's real!
But we're still on air fighting it!
Stay with us!
Hour number two, straight ahead!
Ladies and gentlemen, we are back live broadcasting worldwide.
I see your calls coming in.
I gave the number out a few minutes ago.
Ray and Chris and Ryan and Justin and Tim and so many others.
Ladies and gentlemen, we're going to be going to your phone calls.
I heard the guys just pop in my ear but I missed what they said.
Yeah, there's this whole thing online where people think that folks are talking in my ear telling me what to say.
The difference is they occasionally, maybe twice an hour, tell me something or tell me a clip's ready, but a lot of times it's real low.
And a lot of times I say, what clip is that?
Or what'd you say?
And then there's just no response back.
Maybe somebody had a mic open or something, no big deal.
But we will be taking your phone calls coming up throughout this hour.
And then we are joined in the fourth hour By a very, very special guest as well that I'll tell you about coming up at the start of the next segment as well.
But the biggest thing we need to know right now from my perspective is that This is absolutely 100% the globalist power grab, and their answer to human resistance and the awakening happening, and their attempt to vertically integrate the economy, to bankrupt the grassroots economy, to bring in medical tyranny, to bring in forced inoculation, to ban cash, and to have us accept absolutely no due process.
This is their move.
This is their world government attack system.
And it's really being done out of desperation.
But they could grab victory from the jaws of defeat if we don't speak out and if we don't go out and investigate and if we don't go out and see things for ourselves.
But what you have witnessed Unfolding with citizens going out and showing the scams and showing that no one's at the COVID testing sites and that the hospitals aren't full, that they're having to show hospitals in Italy and places that were, is them trying to create as much hysteria as possible.
And so because someone's wearing a white outfit and wearing masks and says they're doing COVID-19 testing on you, With this government and these groups' histories of secret testing, including lethal testing, there are criminal groups hiding within the national security apparatus.
They use that national security grid, they use that system to be able to carry things out by having the secrecy.
And it's under those rocks that these evil things hide.
And so the answer is don't put your faith in Alex Jones.
Don't put your faith in Donald Trump.
Put your faith in God and all of us working together to have an open free society where you go out and when you see something...
You videotape it and you give your angle on it and you talk about what you're witnessing.
So when you see the news saying everyone's dying or it's totally full and there's huge lines here and stretchers everywhere and they're not showing you that?
Or they show it to you and it's another country?
I saw Fox News a week after CBS again got caught running the footage of Italy.
I saw Fox running footage of dummies.
And saying it was people being worked on.
And obviously it's stock footage, but the point is they don't have that footage.
And they were saying this is footage of people overwhelmed, this is footage of people dying.
And I saw Fox News running the Italy footage again.
So, this is going on.
And if I got caught, I would never do that anyways.
Doing what they've been caught doing, why would you ever listen to them?
Again, and there's Fox News reporting on CBS mistake, and I saw them on Fox Business doing it themselves.
And it's just out of control, ladies and gentlemen.
It's out of control, and it's dangerous.
All right, your phone calls straight ahead, a bunch of special reports as well that are breaking, and just so much more.
And I got some more good news for you, too.
Oh, it's actually terrible news.
5G towers being burned down everywhere now.
You're listening to the radio slash TV simulcast transmission that is the most hated, most demonized, most lied about by globalists across this world.
For good reason.
We know what we're talking about.
Now I'm gonna go directly to your calls right now.
So we get to a lot of them and get into the interesting points and topics you're going to raise.
Get them Alex Jones, your host.
But I want to tell you what's coming up at the bottom of the hour and then I'll go back to the calls.
There are citizens all over the world now going out to hospitals that they see on the news saying are full and that there's lines around the block and dead bodies everywhere and there's nobody there.
We're not saying this virus doesn't kill people.
We're not saying folks aren't dying.
We're saying they are exaggerating and hyping it, and now the mayor of Los Angeles has declared martial law and said, don't leave your house for any reason, period.
They're set to declare freedom in the grocery store in Madison.
And they're telling citizens, we'll pay you money to tattle on your neighbors for leaving for any reason, call the police.
This will create civil unrest and a breakdown.
That's their plan to bring down the economy.
When Trump tries to reopen it in about a week or so, he's got the commission going.
Within three weeks, it'll be totally open if he has his way.
Austria is reopening this week.
If we don't, we'll have a depression.
The curve has now begun to go down.
No one's reporting on that.
We have the graphs from the CDC and New York will show you at the bottom of the hour as well.
And we have Trump talking about rushing a vaccine to kill a bunch of people.
That's what medical scientists are saying.
And we've got more microbiologists that are prestigious, including at the Pentagon, coming out and saying it's a man-made chimera bioweapon.
Must be investigated.
Who gave it to China and why China had it.
And that's an army colonel microbiologist coming out saying that and others who's involved in biowarfare research.
It's a chimera.
It's man-made.
It's sliced up a bunch of different pieces.
That's why it's so nasty and reinfects.
And we've got another big report here.
That they're trying to understand why, after having it and then getting well from it, why people are reinfecting and testing positive again for the live viral spread.
Why are so many people that have recovered from the coronavirus testing positive again?
Well, that's because it mutates, ladies and gentlemen.
But it's always a cocktail of reasons.
That when they test for it, we have a medical doctor in Austin told Savannah Hernandez this last Friday, we aired it, that the test pick up regular coronaviruses.
So between 30 and 60% of the time, it's inaccurate.
And then you get locked up for the common cold.
See how it's the perfect weapon?
Because it creates this fear, makes us all suspect, but the state's here with the forced inoculations to save us.
That's all coming up, bottom of the hour.
Let's go to your phone calls right now.
Tim, Wayne O., Steve, Wes, Ray, Chris, Ryan, Justin, John, Brian.
We'll get to all of you in this hour, ahead of the special guest we have next hour.
Please remember, the only way this vital information gets out is when you spread the links from newswars.com,
infowars.com and band.video.
That is an absolute key to this fight.
We got a lawyer on legal challenges, unconstitutional orders.
We've got a Ray who says his wife's a nurse, the virus locked down statewide.
We've got so many great calls.
Let's go to Stephen New York, who's a lawyer, he says, and wants to give us a perspective on that.
Thanks for calling, sir.
Yes, Alex, I want to express my appreciation for the tremendous fight you've been putting up
at InfoWars, and I've supported you in every possible way.
I'm a lawyer in New York City, in New York State, and I am just shocked and flabbergasted every day at the lack of challenges.
These orders by the state governors are completely and totally unconstitutional.
Lawyers in every state of the union that have these lockdown orders, the stopping of cars from out of state, Major provisions of the Bill of Rights, the first, the second, the fourth amendment, no searches and seizures.
There is no constitutional authority in the United States anywhere according to the federal constitution and anything to the contrary in the states would be Invalid for a general medical martial law.
No such thing.
Absolutely unconstitutional.
They have deprived people of their businesses, their livelihood, their freedom, and everything else.
The only way anything of this type can be done is the prosecutors and the state must go to a court.
They must get a judge to sign a warrants with probable cause and the evidence that specifically named people Have these diseases and are doing things to endanger other people and they cannot do what they're doing now.
Well, that's right.
It's an avalanche.
It's a collapse of our entire system.
This is a blitzkrieg war, a revolution against everything back to the Magna Carta, 1215, 800 years.
Of people fighting.
Millions and millions dying for basic human liberty that was taken from the kings by the people is now being torched in front of our eyes.
Absolutely, but the courts are still functioning as far as I know.
Particularly the federal courts and with the constitutional questions there should be teams in every state and I'd be willing to join such a team here.
There's been a total blackout.
The only one I've heard talk about it are the few lawyers you've had on your show and We can't just wait for an order to be signed by Trump.
Well, sir, give us your name and number, and Robert Barnes is hosting that special emergency report weeknights, 7 to 9.
We're looking for lawyers, quite frankly, on that show.
Okay, well, I will talk as long as you want, and I'll lay it out, and I have a long political history.
I've been a right-wing conservative libertarian since 2013, and I'll tell you, before that, I was chairman of the New York State Socialist Party.
The story how that happened is another story.
Well, I'd love to have you on as a guest, sir.
Guys, give his name and number, give him the Barnes.
We could probably have this fellow on as a guest.
Sounds like a really smart caller.
But let me do this, Steve, before you leave.
Play a clip for Steven.
If you just joined us, folks, this is the New York mayor.
We got calls on Saturday from the same guy that gave us the tip on exactly when Newsom would start this three weeks ago, four weeks ago.
Same guy said, hey, they're getting ready to say don't even leave your houses for a week to two weeks to even get food to create civil unrest.
I called a police officer I know in California and he said, absolutely, we've told that that's coming within two weeks.
Well, here we are and now they're getting you ready.
Here is the mayor saying somebody leaves their house, call the police.
How the hell do you know where they're going even under these unconstitutional rules?
Here it is.
If you have observed recurring violations of the Safer at Home Order, please continue to let us know at coronavirus.lacity.org slash business violation.
You know the old expression about snitches.
Well, in this case, snitches get rewards.
We want to thank you for turning folks in and making sure we are all safe.
That's not satire.
That's not Monty Python skit.
It's not 1984 remake.
It's America 2020.
Brief comment on that, Steve.
Yeah, well, that's a statement worthy of a fascist dictator.
There is absolutely no authority under the Constitution, the common law, and some of the other things that have been cited because It's really common sense, under all the laws that we have, under the laws that people have fought and died for in various different world wars, to protect our country and to have the revolution where they were going into peace.
That's right, we didn't have these rights then, we had to fight for them, and this is a revolution against our rights.
Alex, the important thing that people have to understand, they're not self-executing.
The laws only live if we put them into operation.
And every lawyer took an oath, and I took one.
When you become a member of the bar, you take an oath to support the Constitution.
And unless you fight this, you're violating your oath.
God bless you.
Get Steve's name and number.
Get it to Barnes.
He'd be a good guest, I'm sure, with him.
Because Barnes is looking for folks to fall suits all over, and we're trying to work on that.
And listen, the listener was thanking me for putting up a fight.
Steve was.
Guys, I'm very humbled by you and the amount of money you spend with us and your word of mouth.
They're both together the equation.
You spreading the word, overriding the censorship, and you buying the products that are already great that you need, has changed the world.
And I want to stay in the fight.
I don't care about money, my house, my car.
I don't care about status.
I care about beating these people.
And so I didn't used to be into money.
They tried to shut me down 15 years ago and I said, I'm gonna expand and get bigger.
And then I did that and now I'm like money, money, 'cause I wanna fight.
It's fuel, it's like ammunition.
It's like TNT and I'm trying to blow up globalist railways or something.
That's an allegory folks analogy, I'm not literally doing that.
And I just want weapons and money is weapons.
Buy the products, get great products and weaponize InfoWars.
There's nowhere you can spend your money that will go towards the fight better.
We are the tip of the spear.
You are the tip of the spear.
We are invincible together.
What the social engineers don't want is the public talking to each other, interfacing, and checking things out.
When you see the local news say, we're live here and this is happening, get in your car and go see if it's true.
And a lot of the times, it's not.
They have created an army of lying frauds.
They've created an army of criminals who believe it's okay to lie for the greater good, bringing down America and the Nazi Donald Trump.
Meanwhile, they actually work for a famous Nazi collaborator, George Soros, and the son of the man that ran Planned Parenthood and took over the Eugenics Society for Margaret Sanger.
His mother sat on the board of IBM.
Bill Gates.
These aren't Nazis.
These are the creatures who created the Nazis.
And they've got a plan for you.
Or you don't exist.
All right, let's go to Wes in Iowa, paramedic on the virus and the medical system.
What are you really seeing out there and what do you think of all the videos of the news saying this hospital's full and the person goes there sometimes that hour and there's almost no one there?
What is going on?
Well, I can tell you the community I work, my second job was one of the hospitals.
We are seeing people, but our hospital, we have preparations in place.
One of the larger cities that we do go to quite often, Transporting patients, and I do work in, you know, it's a typical day.
They are seeing a high volume of patients, but we're not seeing a lot of the COVID cases from what I understand as of yet.
But they do have preparations in place, and they're ready for it.
But the thing about this is, is this disease is going to decimate our healthcare workers, our first responders, as well as our military.
And if you think about it, If you're going to go after a country or their infrastructure, what do you want to do first?
You want to take down their first responders.
You want to take out their military.
And this is the perfect weapon to do it.
Well, I've got an article, U.S.
Army Colonel coronavirus was leaked from Chinese lab, goes on to say it may be on purpose, may not, but that it's a chimera.
Well, we already know all that.
But the fact is, now that's becoming an established fact that people are understanding, and now they're calling for investigations, not just of China, but who transferred this to them.
Now, none of these guys want to get in too much trouble themselves.
It takes courage to do this, but they're pointing towards the Scientist article and others from 2015, where a gain-of-function chimera, a multiple virus species, cut together, artificial, lab-made, was shipped to China.
It came from China.
But first, it came from Obama in a U.S.
bioweapons lab.
This is massive.
And you start exposing who's behind this and the big foundations.
Who are behind it, they'll stop their takeover real fast.
But again, the people getting the power from this, lo and behold again, are the ones with their fingerprints all over it, Wes.
The thing about this is, it's this malaria drug that they've been using to fight the virus.
Zinc is one of the essential components for cardiac function of the body.
Your heart runs off the electrolyte, the power of the electrical conduction system that makes it beat.
If you take too much electrolyte out of it, even just to help you make sense of what this drug does, You're depleting these electrolytes from the heart and you're causing another problem to fix one problem especially if you're not giving people enough zinc and enough electrolytes to back it up.
So I think what we're seeing a lot of this and a lot of these deaths are actually being caused by the medication that they're using trying to treat it because you're depleting them with their electrolytes to try to treat this disease because like I said zinc helps the immune system And if you're zinc depleted, this drug pulls zinc out of the cells anyway.
And including from the areas that, the cardiac, the heart gas area.
Sir, I'd really love, you're saying some amazing things, but are you using a wireless Bluetooth system or what's going on there?
Call me back when you get a better phone.
I appreciate it.
That's what the literature says.
And some of the smartest folks will be the paramedics or the nurses.
Because they do the real treatment on the ground in the emergency.
They learn how bodies operate.
They're really the ones doing a lot of the surgeries and things.
Especially the nurses.
And they'll tell you.
The number one thing killing 35-year-old marathon runners, 18-year-old basketball players, and they'll fall over dead, and they'll have a heart attack.
They go, what's this syndrome where this young man is having a heart attack at 18, or this young woman's having a heart attack at 35?
When you run out of the electrolytes, like gasoline and engine, it stops.
This is not rocket science.
And so many people are dying from lack of vitamins and minerals.
That's why everyone should take the Real Red Pill or Real Red Pill Plus every day.
A strong multivitamin, multimineral, all of it's there with the preglanone that boosts it all.
Adult formula for children and adults.
We have a vitamin mineral fusion with the zinc everything, but you need all of these and they don't want you to know that because they want the worst possible effect.
But I've been asking what is the side effects of hydroxychloroquine?
Well, if it's manipulating zinc in the body to pull it out and have it be in basically the fluids of the body so that it's stopping the virus, now it's not in the cells or whatever, it can cause a problem.
So you need plenty of zinc in the body.
And you see him in the news saying, don't listen to talk show host.
The president has been so cowed by this that he'll be in the press conferences.
He'll go down.
I'm not being a doctor here.
I'm just saying.
That they're saying hydroxychloroquine helps, and zinc, and vitamin C, and vitamin D3.
And the media's like, you shut up!
And then this woman gets up and goes, you know, you mean to China?
She said, you mean to China?
And he goes, oh, do you work for China?
She goes, no, no, me not work for China.
And we'll play that clip coming up.
And it turns out she works for a state-run, government-controlled, Phoenix television.
And it's not Phoenix in the great state of Arizona, folks.
It's a Chai Com run deal.
But the level of lying, "I'm not from China, I'm not worth what China government, no."
And again, I'm politically incorrect on purpose, folks.
I make fun of rednecks.
I make fun of everybody.
Remember John Belushi famously being the samurai, chopping up everything?
Since when can't we do that?
No, I'm going to exercise my speech or lose it.
And what's not funny is Communist China selling political dissidents organs, having three million Uyghurs in forced labor camps and death camps.
But the left doesn't care about that.
They just don't want you to make fun of anybody's accent or make fun of the Chinese government.
Like Winnie the Pooh.
The Chinese people think Xi Jinping talks like Winnie the Pooh.
And I guess if you hear him talking, he kind of does talk like Winnie the Pooh.
Well, they get executed if they do that.
So see, I don't want to live in a country that's like that.
Okay, I got to two, three calls so far.
That's not good.
When we come back, I said I'd hit all that news.
I will hit the news, and then I'm going to go to your calls as fast as I can.
Please do not forget, ladies and gentlemen, this broadcast is literally supported.
Everything we sell, we were selling before this crisis.
The media is like, Jones is selling toothpaste with silver in it because of the crisis.
Oh no, that's five years it's been out.
Super Blue is the precursor of Super Silver.
Super Silver is the tooth whitening toothpaste.
If you're talking about tea tree oil, iodine, and the same nano silver, For something being antibacterial, antiviral, those all three are factually those on record.
Is it a panacea for this virus?
It's not what it's for!
It's for your teeth to make your gums healthier!
My dad's a dentist and oral surgeon!
He designed it with American Biotech Labs!
That's what it is!
But the media misrepresents what I sell things for and what I'm promoting things for.
It's insane.
But you're absolutely right.
I am brushing my teeth with the high-quality Super Blue that hasn't sold out yet.
The Super Silver has sold out.
This has the same amount of everything and more in it that the whitening doesn't.
It just doesn't have the above seed coral calcium for remelanization.
That's what this toothpaste doesn't have.
It has two things.
The others doesn't.
Welcome back to the InfoWar.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
So, the media jumped on Trump.
Oh, he was mean to that poor lady.
He said, what, do you work for China?
You work for the Chinese government?
She said, oh, no.
No, stupid American.
And then, of course, enjoy your fentanyl.
Enjoy your depression.
And it turns out she works directly for a group not just owned by the Chinese government and the Central Bank of China, but partly owned by the military of China.
So, remember, One American News has been banned from the White House Press Corps because a leftist press private group controls it.
Trump made sure we got press passes.
Every time we'd get there, they would ban us because they're in control of the association.
Trump needs to change that.
So One American News is banned, but the Chinese military is not.
And here they are within striking distance of the President.
Here it is.
I don't know.
of $500 billion, $400 billion.
We had the biggest trade deficits in the history of the world with China.
Now China's going to spend a lot, has agreed to spend $250 billion, many billions of dollars
in our country, much of it going to farmers and manufacturers.
So I'll let you know.
I mean, I hope they're going to honor the deal.
We'll find out.
Are you cooperating with China?
Who are you working for, China?
You work for China?
I'm not.
Or are you with a newspaper?
Who are you with?
Hong Kong Phoenix TV.
Who owns that?
Is it owned by China?
No, is it owned by the state?
No, it's not.
It's a private loan, the company.
Okay, good.
Look, I'll let you know.
I'll give you a good answer to that in a few months.
I wanted to see what they do, because it's time for them to help us.
Why are you in China?
Why are you bad?
And hopefully they do.
And if they don't, that's okay, too.
But we signed a deal.
It was signed in with great goodwill and spirit.
And it's time that our farmers benefited, our manufacturers benefited, and we'll see whether or not that deal is on.
We send you weaponized violence, you not like it, you mean.
I send fentanyl to get you.
If I don't get you, I get your children.
Dumb American.
Let me get to some really good news.
I was just getting a luscious cup of Wake Up America coffee, literally, during the break.
And I'm watching Fox.
And just yesterday they weren't reporting this, but now they are reporting.
That all over the country, and Robert Barnes covered this last night on the 7 to 9 special transmission American Countdown that he does, that's commercial light.
We have the local breaks for local radio and TV stations, but we skip all ours.
So there's less than seven minutes of ads an hour.
And he was just showing hundreds of graphs and documents all over the country where not just the rise in speed is slowing, but in many areas it's crested on April 1st, strangely enough, and it's going down.
So I'll show that Fox News clip in a moment.
On the stock market, the economy, on hopes that it's cresting, which I think it is.
Doesn't mean it might not reinfect or have some other spikes.
That's the thing about social distancing and all this.
You just change the trajectory.
And it just, you know, but regardless, let's go ahead now and go to Cuomo and then it goes into another clip from his press conference yesterday where they show that hospitalizations are down, deaths are down, rates of infections are down, not just in the increase, but overall.
And then they show a little purple graph of where we really are versus where they projected we would be if they didn't do this.
The other graph is where they thought they'd be, but it turns out it's way lower than they thought because they were hyping it up.
Let's go to it.
Total number of hospitalizations are down.
The ICU admissions are down and the daily intubations are down.
Those are all good signs and again would suggest a possible flattening of the curve.
The number of discharged is down but that reflects the overall reduction in the numbers.
Those were some of the earliest modeling from many organizations that it would be at the end of April, around 110,000 beds just for COVID patients.
That's in New York.
There are other models too that we were tracking, one being lower at about 55,000 COVID beds, but again, peaking at the end of April.
We follow now that we have a pretty robust data set to go by for the last several weeks.
The bottom line there, the purple line, is sort of where we are tracking today, which suggests it's a little lower.
And the question was, what could you do to lower those initial projections from $110,000 and from $55,000?
Back it up 10 seconds.
Why in the hell would you say a little lower?
Because I looked up both the graphs they had.
We're going to show you some of the other graphs here in a moment from the government.
The big high one is if you didn't totally do everything they said and jump out of a window, if they ordered you to.
And then the next one was, if you do what we say, here's where it'll be.
And now they're like, oh, this is what we actually have with real numbers, and it's a little lower.
That's like saying my pinky is a little bit smaller than my leg.
No, my pinky's a lot smaller than my leg.
It's like saying the number three is a lot lower than number 100.
It's like saying ice is a little colder than fire.
But they want as much fear as possible.
That's why they did all this.
And they knew damn well the graph wasn't gonna be that high.
This is a nasty, souped-up cold virus.
It'll probably kill more than the flu does every year.
Now they got vaccines.
Now they want to crush the economy.
That's the big issue.
People should be concerned.
The globalists aren't gonna stop here.
And most experts agree, they keep the economy closed, maybe three more weeks, we're gonna come back for a decade.
I mean, we're getting hammered to hell.
And now the CDC's numbers are out for the country, and other sub-areas, and it's showing the same thing.
But California's just getting revved up saying, you ain't leaving your house for medicine, or to go to the store.
Because they want to see how much you'll grovel, and how much you'll tattle on your neighbors.
Now look at some of these graphs.
Right on April 1st, starts going down.
And these are graphs put out by the government.
You've got hundreds of these damn things.
So, that's where they told you it would be.
If you didn't do anything, the dotted line, if you groveled, give them all your rights, and then that's where it really is in the real world.
So, if you're a TV viewer, you're seeing all this, you're a radio listener, we'll post this later from the live show, pimpfulwars.com.
Let's finish up with what the feller was saying and then we'll go to the Fox News clip.
COVID-19 peaked April 1st.
Now, it may go back up, but I mean, the stock market's up 600 points as we speak right now.
Let's finish up with what the feller was saying, and then we'll go to the Fox News clip.
Go ahead.
What could you do to lower those initial projections from 110,000 and from 55,000?
So a lot of the activity was we saw where the statisticians and the folks looking at these types of models said it was going.
So what activities and actions could you take to aggressively lower that overall number?
And the answer really was, and what the governor has been doing, was aggressively enforce and enact social distancing to lower the overall number.
And this number and the current data suggest that that is exactly what's happening.
And it's not settled yet because we are going day by day and the numbers, as the governor says, has changed a lot over time based on what numbers come in.
But this could suggest That we are indeed potentially at the apex or beginning to be at the apex at this moment.
Like the governor has said, there's been a range of models.
Seven days, 14 days, 21 days, 30 days.
It looks like we're towards the earlier side of that time frame based on the current projections and modeling that we've been looking at.
Popular governments are already reopening like Austria.
Ones that aren't popular saying we're never reopening.
Your way of life is over.
are heroes and they're the ones that brave it all and farm workers are caught
between coronavirus fears and feeding the nation. We are very worried. Farm
workers mostly undocumented become essential during pandemic. You know just
just again nothing against the poor farm workers but it's just all this crap. The
globalists don't care about your health. They want power.
They want forced inoculation. They want tyranny. All right I'm going fast
when we come back to these callers.
John works for Pfizer, has stuff to say.
We've got Jordan, mayor's blaming Trump for not doing total shutdown.
Ryan, coronavirus cases are inflated with common cold flu.
That's actually true.
We're going to get to that.
Wayne, Tim, Justin, John, Kenny.
And we've got Jim Hoffman, the Gateway Pundit with big news popping in as well.
But I'm going right to your calls.
So start your engines, InfoWars.com.
Thomas Jefferson said that.
All right, let's get to at least five calls this segment.
I want to hear all these callers.
Let's go ahead and talk to John in New Jersey.
Says he works for Pfizer.
Lay it on us, brother.
If people let government decide which foods they eat and medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as their souls of those who live under tyranny.
Thomas Jefferson.
Those who in willful ignorance act as the shoulders on which to prop up tyrannical giants seeking to destroy liberty don't deserve the rights and privileges she provides to them.
Now, Alex, God bless you.
I know you've got shortcomings.
Hey, brother, I've got to interrupt you.
We didn't pre-plan that.
I didn't know you were going to quote Thomas Jefferson when I just quoted Thomas Jefferson.
That was amazing.
That's serendipity, synchronicity, providence.
That's the Holy Spirit, brother.
That's the Holy Spirit.
Man, I'm feeling it right now.
I don't know about you, but listen.
I've got a lot of things to say and not a lot of time.
Go ahead.
I would love nothing more than to sit down for a few hours and talk with you over a cigar and a glass of whiskey, but I'm a 25-year-old.
Please don't tempt me.
You're punching my buttons now, buddy.
What kind of whiskey?
Single malt?
Oh, here we go.
Don't get me going.
We're in this situation for a number of reasons.
So, liberty is a delicate area of force of government.
Liberty brings freedom and it brings abundance.
And people need to know that!
And flushing it down the toilet brings North Korea!
And it brings complacency and with it apathy.
Now apathy is always going to bring dependency.
And then dependency brings bondage.
And that is where we are at.
And here's another thing.
We have forgotten the command of chance, the command chain, which we as humanity need to follow.
God created man, man created the Constitution, Constitution created government, and government created slavery.
That's right.
If you put government as God, you're a slave, and that's how our system is different.
That's why they want to make the state God.
You're absolutely right.
What's your take on the virus and vaccines?
Everything you're saying, you're dead over the target on about 90% of the things you say, Alex.
And I listen to you every day.
I buy your products.
Man, I would love to work for you guys.
I'm sick and tired of working at pharmaceuticals.
I just graduated from school and I'm just like, I'm fed up with what I'm seeing.
What's your inside view take on it?
Here's what's going on.
We get briefed.
Now, from watching the event 201, I watched all the videos, I analyzed them all.
The only representative at the event 201 was Johnson & Johnson.
Who's the lackey right now in the media being pushed for the leader for the vaccines, Johnson & Johnson?
Now Pfizer's in on this as well because we just got briefed.
We have lectures and our research teams get briefed.
We are being given the upper level research.
It's coming in funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.
It's going to be implemented at Pfizer and then our clinical teams are going to be testing the vaccine in the coming months.
So we aren't even, the vaccine isn't even being developed at Pfizer.
It's being developed externally.
It's being given to the pharmaceutical companies like Pfizer.
Johnson & Johnson is already on the ball.
Because Johnson & Johnson, they've been chosen to carry out this one and be the leaders in it.
More will be coming.
So, that's what you need to understand.
You know, you know this.
You know what's going on.
Did you see the report that just went up where Bill Gates is running the whole show?
Yes, it's a brilliant report, Alex.
And you're right over the target.
We're not just accusing Gates of something he's not doing.
He runs it all.
Bill Gates is in charge of the There's many people in charge of many components of this.
But he's the head honcho.
He's the head honcho of the vaccine part.
He's not the head honcho of the whole thing.
I disagree with you on that, if that's what you believe.
Well, no.
The whole thing is eugenics-based, but yeah, absolutely.
He's heading up the vaccine.
I'm just saying, at the level he is, he's the head science officer of the New World Order.
Obviously, the Rothschilds and folks are the head honchos, but he and the British Royalty.
You're right over the target.
Of this operation, of everything you're seeing, he is the general, the field marshal, running it.
Now here, I got a warning, a couple warnings I want to bring to your attention.
Now, the caller, the first caller you took, the attorney, brilliant man, you should definitely get him on.
He brought up something important.
And now, Michael J. Ryan of the World Health Organization, which you put on, He wants to infringe on our Fourth Amendment rights, and he knows they can't do it.
The New World Order knows that we have the... So they want to trick us through bullying to do it.
We're starting the podcast show, and we're starting the weekend shows where we call back select callers to be honest guests.
Get your name and number, smart guy.
We want to talk to you more as a contact.
Put him in as a Pfizer contact on this, and we'll stay in touch with you.
Make sure we stay in touch with them, guys.
Give his name to Daria.
All right, here we go.
Hey Alex.
So I take five calls, just took one.
But you know why that guy was on for six minutes, seven minutes, because he was making really good points.
We have amazing callers.
I wanna get to everybody here.
Let's go to Jordan in New Orleans.
Go ahead, Jordan.
Hey, Alex.
Go ahead, welcome.
Hey, I wanted to say that here around New Orleans, we've got Mayor LaToya Cantrell, the first female mayor,
and they never had the sewage and water board working properly, the pumps working properly
in New Orleans.
And now she's blaming Trump because he didn't act quickly enough
to enforce the shutdown orders to stop Mardi Gras.
And it's ridiculous.
Well, here's the trap.
Democrats wanted to incubate it.
They're ordered not to make a big deal about it.
They try to get the CHICOMs in to spread it.
It is real.
It is killing some people.
Trump actually tries to block the flights.
They try to block it.
And then when it spreads, they blame them.
That's kind of a trap, then, saying they didn't do enough.
People are always going to die of the flu and stuff, and of flu viruses.
We cannot, and of cold viruses.
We cannot shut down because of this, or they'll launch real bio-attacks on us, and we'll be done.
I mean, this thing is weak compared to the stuff they've got.
And I'm not saying it's not a problem for first responders or others, but you're absolutely right about how the Democrats, Pelosi, all of them said don't have a lockdown when Trump was trying to have limited restrictions that would have stopped it.
They wanted it to get worse so they'd have the massive restrictions.
Yeah, it's the same thing as Nancy Pelosi.
Go and hug somebody or whatever.
You know, here, let's keep New Orleans open.
We can't control the city.
We have, you know, streets that you can bottom out your car in.
We need the money to come in for, you know, Mardi Gras.
Well, we know what the Democrats do.
I mean, they always get the money for stuff and steal almost all of it.
God bless you, sir.
Spread the word, Jordan, in New Orleans.
We really appreciate you calling.
We've got to move quick here.
Let's go ahead and talk to Kenny in Florida.
Kenny, thanks for holding.
Go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
Been a longtime Lister since 2009, brother.
There is a video on YouTube that was shot 10 miles from my house in Pensacola Pass where some boaters pulled up on the beach.
And if you want to see what tyranny looks like and just how close we are to a hot war, watch that video.
The second thing was... I want to see it.
Tell me the name of the video.
We'll pull it up right now.
Coronavirus Just Following Orders.
Coronavirus Just Following Orders.
Click this week for the search on YouTube.
It's on YouTube, sir?
Yes, sir.
We got a few minutes.
Tell us what happens.
Uh, well, it's only three minutes long.
The game warden pulls up on the beach and they start harassing people because their feet are on the sand and not in the water.
And, uh, it's just pure tyranny.
The second thing I wanted to ask you was your opinion on, do you think this coronavirus is going to cause any more birth defects than we already have?
That's a really smart question.
Here's the thing about a man-made weapon.
It's a chimera.
It's at least four viruses.
and it does reinfect and it does attack the testicles of course
and Bill Gates' fingerprints are all over it, he wants to reduce fertility.
So absolutely, if something attacks the testicles and does a bunch of damage to the production of sperm, you're
damn right it's going to cause birth defects.
That just goes without saying, I think you're right.
Yeah, I wanted your opinion on that.
Well, everything they do...
I mean, the Gardasil shot in the trials was sterilizing and reducing fertility in women.
So, of course, I mean, of course they try to make it mandatory.
These are evil monsters, brother.
Where do you see this headed in the next 30 days, Alex?
Because if it does go hot, and the president I love goes against us, what's going to happen here?
Well, that's right.
They want to use, it's not Trump.
Notice he tried to tap it down, do reasonable restrictions up front.
then they want him, California's gonna totally keep locking down
and then say that it's Trump's fault when he tries to open the country
and the bureaucrats and the companies and the states and the blue cities are just gonna refuse to reopen for
months and months and they're gonna try to sack-
Once you don't get rid of Dr. Fauci or whatever his name is, that is the most
plant- planted person you know, I mean, doesn't he see what this guy's doing?
Well, see how that works though, is they snuck him in on him, now Trump knows he's bad
was about to fire him, so Fauci stopped the open backstabbing and that now Trump fires him, it looks like, oh, Trump got
rid of the scientists but yeah, little sneaky Fauci said, Trump will be faced
with a bio-attack starts snickering and laughing and licking his little goblin
lips he is a-
He is a creature.
One grant he got was $100 million for Bill and Melinda Gates.
He's involved in everything.
You're absolutely right.
Great points, Kenny.
And I'm going to ask listeners again.
It's a war.
I'm going to remind you.
When you tell people about Band.Video and InfoWars.com and say, this is forbidden, this is where you find the information they don't want you to have, it's powerful.
So keep doing it.
You are the Paul Revere, so ride out.
Well, real air raid sirens are being played around the country.
Major mayors are saying arrest anyone that leaves their homes.
They'll pay neighbors to snitch on you.
Correct the illusion that we're under martial law.
We're not.
Jim Hoff's been vindicated so far as the curve begins to break way lower than what they said.
He'll be joining us for a few segments.
We'll continue on with your calls.
But right now we're going to calls.
Let's talk to who's been holding the longest here.
Let's go ahead and talk to Chris in Georgia.
Chris, what is the next phase after this pandemic?
Alex Jones, what's up, man?
This is Chris.
I've been listening to you for over 10 years, so thanks for taking my call.
I wanted to, first of all, I wanted to say I've been on your product since 2009, and man, they're a game changer because not only do they provide benefits for you, but they also change your mindset to, hey, I want to live healthier.
I want to eat healthier.
I want to take care of myself better, and it's been a life changer for me.
So thank you for all your products.
Thank you, brother.
Yes, sir.
Now, so that's my question is, I know you're always forward thinking, what is the next phase?
Because I think to me, this seems like just a test, because like you said, it's not near as powerful as some of the things they have in some of these biosafety level 4 labs.
What is the next level?
Because every time they get done with the impeachment, now this comes.
And it's been since Trump's been the president.
Well, I think this has been so successful, devastating the economy, and Americans, on average, have been so pliant, and Americans that aren't pliant haven't been vocal enough, that the chat comms that each state will now launch are more dangerous, a more deadly bio-attack.
Because they found the weak spot.
They took the big guns out with this.
Now they've got bioweapons experts, army colonels coming out saying clearly the Chai Koms probably launched this.
We know it's man-made.
They definitely leaked it.
They're certainly using it.
And the media is certainly hyping it.
So you're seeing that America is literally under attack.
So I would say they'll keep doing more of this.
The Russiagate, the Ukrainegate, the race war garbage, the Trump's a rapist BS didn't work.
And so they'll keep targeting the economy.
And they'll have election fraud.
That's why Kentucky governor said they're gonna let folks vote without IDs.
And that's happening.
Democrats are doing this all over the country.
So I think that's what's coming next to Chris.
And I see that.
I see that.
You know, immediately once it starts coming out, they say, oh, let's have the election by mail.
They're going.
I think there's there's some definite election fraud in the way.
Oh, yeah.
This helps every agenda they want, my friend.
Awesome, man.
Thanks for taking my call, Alex.
Chris, you are awesome for calling.
God bless you.
You're the reason we're here, so I understand, you know, that you're the folks that run the show here.
All right, let's talk to Christina in California.
Got about two minutes with her before Jim Hoff.
What do you think's happening?
Christina from California.
Well, hi.
I've been a long-term listener off and on of yours, and I agree with most of your stuff.
The constitutionality of what's going on is kind of mixed.
In the section that says that habeas corpus shall not be suspended except in case of war or insurrection because the public safety is at issue, the public safety is right there entrenched in the Constitution as an issue.
Now, the Health Department is not enforcing criminal law, but civil and health codes.
Therefore, it's been determined a long time ago they don't need a warrant, though in many cases they may need to give prior notice of inspection.
So, what is going on here is not inherently unconstitutional, but public safety is an issue and when you overdo it and endanger the public safety by overdoing it, that could be the very issue that does make this lockdown constitutional.
Yeah, we have a total depression.
Millions will starve to death and it will be a war.
Yeah, exactly.
I mean, stalling the economy is the guaranteed biggest health disaster you'll ever see.
The second thing is I have a question for you.
You mentioned The years ago, you knew all these people attended parties, rituals, etc.
Did you ever hear of an altar being in use?
That was a slab stone on the ground, not elevated ankle high to a man's ankle about real thick, real heavy.
Has to be lifted by four guys.
Usually has grooves on it, I guess, to catch the blank.
Christina, if you'll hold, because Hoff's got a few segments with us, and I'll come back to you.
I wasn't in a bunch of rituals.
I knew rich people that were in the occult growing up in Dallas.
Then I snuck into Bohemian Grove.
I knew some Hollywood folks.
But I want to be clear, I've not been running around, you know, engaged in rituals.
I mean, I did have sex with Satanist sex operatives.
I mean, I've had sex with Satanists trying to recruit me, but I've not been in Satanism.
We'll be right back.
The Anti-COVID-19 Volunteer Toronto Task Force, please maintain a social distance of at least six feet.
Again, please maintain social distancing.
Please help stop the spread of this virus, reduce the death toll, and save lives.
For your own safety and your family's safety, please maintain social distancing.
Thank you for your cooperation.
We are all in this.
We're all in this together.
Yeah, right.
And then, of course, we have air raid sirens with the police driving around with them.
Jim Hoff joins us after he leaves in about 20, 30 minutes.
We're going to go back to your calls.
And Paul Watson is loaded for bear, as always, hosting the fourth hour today.
They've got the War Room 3 to 6.
Then we'll re-air an hour of my show.
And then Robert Barnes will be in with American Countdown.
And that is from 7 to 9 live.
And they take your calls.
They have a special guest.
I'm told he has a big guest tonight.
Jim Hoft at GatewayPundit.com, and he has been chronicling this very accurately.
I'm not going to re-air it because of time constraints, but we played it twice today.
We can show the graphs of Cuomo yesterday, saying essentially it looks like they've gone over the top, not just crested in hospitalizations, deaths, and the rest of it.
Looks like it started about April 1st, making this the April Fool's thing.
They're going to claim victory that lockdown made this happen.
There may be new infections, but Jim Hoft has been saying this was Hey, great to be with you, Alex.
I think it's always safe to be safe, but clearly the Democrats want this to be bad to shut
the economy down.
They admit that.
They're set to try to keep California shut for months and months and months.
They're announcing to try to hold the country hostage.
So Jim Hoff has been very prescient in this with his sources around the world.
So I wanted to give him the floor of the next two segments to see what he thinks is coming
Jim, thanks for joining us.
Hey, great to be with you, Alex.
Good to be back.
Well, where do you want to start?
I mean, you're being vindicated right now.
I mean, I hope that it continues to go down.
They're just saying that they did this because they shut things down, but it's way lower than what they said it would be if we had a lockdown.
You know what's amazing, Alex, is they've gone from one to two million projected deaths.
That was about nine days ago.
And then they went to 100,000 to 200,000 projected U.S.
That was about eight days ago.
And then over the weekend, these are the same people they're using their model for to shut down our economy.
Over the weekend then, on Sunday night after their other projections blew up on them, they projected now that it's 80,000 U.S.
deaths from this coronavirus.
So they continue to keep, you know, switching these projections and going lower and lower and lower.
And in fact, I looked at the numbers today.
And if you look at the what they projected, even since they since they altered their numbers on Sunday, they're already off by another 20%.
They've overhyped it by another 20% since Sunday.
So they're going to have to lower this again if we don't see these trend lines starting to change. It's really amazing
and Alex, I don't know if you shared this on your show or not, but last week when they
switched their numbers from 2 million projected deaths down to 200,000, you know, a factor of 10.
When they did that, that Dr. Burks went in front of the nation and said, it's wonderful, all
you guys did it, you stayed at home, you're doing social distancing, and that's what
brought us this tenfold reduction.
In our projections.
Alex, they have no science behind that.
They have nothing that they can show us that prove that that's what brought these numbers down.
Well sure, this is scripting like right out of Hollywood, where they script themselves and cast themselves as the heroes.
Oh, absolutely.
So it doesn't matter what happens, they're still going to be the heroes.
And it's just, you know, so as you've been reporting, as we've been reporting at Gateway Pundit, we've already seen 10 million people without jobs.
That number is growing by the week.
And these people are, as you said, you know, what is their endgame here?
When is this going to, when are they going to open up the economy again?
Dr. Fauci said last week that they're going to wait until they have no deaths.
And no new cases and that's somewhere in what, 2059 or something?
So it's insane what's going on.
I'm really glad that you're there to report on this.
You've got a lot of breaking stuff at GatewayPlanet.com.
I mean, I'm actually envious over at Infowars how much you break.
Looking at it and all your sources, I know you're close to the White House.
We've got some folks close as well.
Trump's thought this is overblown and an attack on the economy from the beginning.
He tried to get everybody to settle down, but he knew the hysteria was so bad.
If he didn't go along with some of it, they'd blame him for every death.
So I think he's balanced this quite well, but what's the feeling from your sources in the White House of what the President thinks and when he wants to try to reopen the economy?
Well, I can tell you one thing about the White House.
Alex, as you know, we used to have a reporter who was inside that White House.
And we're getting a lot of news lately that there was a reporter in there yesterday who works for this Phoenix Channel that's owned by the Communist Chinese.
When we had a reporter in there, he was treated like crap.
We see these reporters every day attack this president.
And yet they treat people like you, like Gateway Pundit, like OAN, as, you know, heretics.
That's right, they just kicked OAN out, who the President loves.
That's because the President is surrounded by deep state trash.
All over the room.
And that's just how they treated our reporter when he was in there, Lucian Wintrich, a couple years ago.
They even physically attacked him.
You know, this didn't get a lot of play, but that was, you know, this is how they treat people.
In fact, when I was in the White House press room, And I was there with Lucian one time.
The Canadians were there.
Justin Trudeau was in town.
He was doing a presser with Donald Trump.
And the Canadian reporters said to Lucian and I, they said, hey, you guys aren't from here, are you?
You're different than the rest, they said, because you guys are nice.
The rest of these reporters are just jerks.
I mean, just really mean, nasty people.
That's what we have.
Questioning this president every day.
Trying to, you know, set him up.
Trying to, just one constant attack after another.
Really just awful people in that room.
And I don't think you can overstate that when I've been around the Democrats in D.C.
lining up to go in a committee room.
They are literally the most villainous, rat-like scumbags.
Oliver Darcy, the personification.
And then they run around policing everyone.
A mere complaint by them and you're banned or thrown out of things.
Just, I don't like how he looked at me.
Oh, you're loyalists!
And then they just throw you out.
Well, we see that all the time.
How people get attacked just for being conservative.
And how the left is trying to ruin their careers.
And ruin their, you know, if they have a job somewhere, they try to attack the people who hire them.
It's, you know, this is who the left is.
Of course, Alex, nobody's been more persecuted than you.
But, you know, these people are something else.
I was in a hearing a year and a half ago.
I know we're getting off topic, but I was in a hearing with Jared Nadler and a couple other of these Democrats.
And I swear to God, Alex, it felt like Satan walked in the room when that guy came in.
I felt this dark presence walk in the room.
Oh, you're not kidding.
The first time I felt that was around Hillary and then Janet Reno.
She looked at me and I'm not a person that's easily scared.
I had a chill go up me and it was, I palpably felt the evil.
Yeah, but that's how it was for me.
So, that's who we're dealing with and you know this and I know this.
So we just got to do what we can to push forward.
Let me ask you this.
We're going to go to break.
A segment coming up.
How do you think it's going for the deep state and the media hyping it?
I think, yet again, it's failing what I'm seeing at the grassroots and people are ready to reopen.
Oh, absolutely.
I think they are.
I'm in St.
Louis, Missouri.
I think we had 18 deaths in the whole state of Missouri right now.
People are wanting to go back to work.
But you know, it's kind of frightening too, Alex.
A lot of these people just immediately just fell in line when they started doing all these restrictions on their freedoms.
And that's very concerning.
You know, we put up a story this morning.
Again, we put in how in Hartford, Connecticut, they have a news station there promoting this app so that you can snitch on your neighbors if you see them breaking their social distancing.
So it's really just pure Marxism.
Did you see what the mayor of LA said?
It's good to be a snitch.
Report on your neighbors, we'll give you money.
It sounds like something straight out of the Soviet Union.
Something I used to read about as a kid.
And it's happening here within a month.
It's just shocking.
Well, I'll say this.
We've had a coming out of the left in the last five years.
They are just down and dirty authoritarians.
And I want to ask you, we come back.
Why are they doing it?
Why do they think it's going to work?
Maybe they're just conditioning us.
What do you think Trump should do?
What do you think could happen in the election?
209 days out.
Will they cancel it all together?
How long will this hysteria go?
Jim Hoff, GatewayPundit.com.
Excellent site.
You all know it.
Bookmark it.
Remember, sharing articles From gatewaypundit.com and newswars.com and band.video is a revolutionary act.
You're the only way we get around the total censorship.
And thanks to you doing it, in many ways we're bigger and stronger than ever.
So we salute you.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
And Jim Hoff of gatewaypundit.com.
Look, just because we're here saying, don't panic, this looks like a bunch of hype and they keep lowering the projections.
Doesn't mean we're not saying that there aren't dangerous viruses in the world, but the idea you have a vaccine for the common cold, they've never done it because it mutates too much.
Same thing with the flu.
And so the fact that the media and the system are going to do this, it shows if this doesn't get rid of Trump, because I don't think this is going to work either.
What comes next?
What do they do next, Jim, with all these Democrats, you know, nurses saying, oh, everybody's dying.
Turns out it's fake.
I mean, they don't ever seem to back down.
They just get crazier and crazier.
Where does all this hysteria go?
Yeah, I dread to think what could come next, Alex.
You know, I do pray, and I'm sure I'm one of your many listeners who prays for this president every day and for his safety, because they've done so much to him to try to take this man down.
But they just haven't been able to do it.
This wild virus that we're fighting now that doesn't seem to target any of the children, any of the teens, even people in their 20s and 30s, they're not being hit by this.
I must tell you, Alex, The story in a St.
Louis News a couple, well about a week ago, was this 31 year old girl lost her life to this coronavirus.
Of course that was big news and it was news all over the country.
Well they finally put pictures of this girl out.
She was probably about 350 pounds.
So we're seeing that this is not attacking actually the healthy, you know, under 30, under 40 crowd.
A really weird virus.
Usually they attack, a lot of children die in the flu every year, you know.
So it's strange things that are happening, but the media is doing everything they can to push this narrative that, you know, this is going to wipe out the whole country or it's going to be like a Spanish flu where one in 100 Americans were killed.
And we're just not seeing those numbers.
Well, we had a paramedic call in, and he said, look, if you don't have a proper level of zinc, you take hydroxychloroquine, it can get your levels off.
And I'm not a doctor, I'm just telling the folks, that's what people gotta be careful, period.
A lot of these people that are young, dying, it turns out they had weird treatments, like you said.
They already had cancer, they already had heart problems, it's incredible.
Jim, I could ask a million questions and I've got them.
What else is front and center at Gateway Pundits Radar?
What else do you want to talk about?
Well, you know, daily right now, we're kind of updating the numbers and following that.
They're saying that the peak is going to come, you know, by the 19th.
And Alex, you put this up earlier.
We may have already hit the peak in America.
We're not really sure where it is right now, but we do know that the numbers, since they adjusted them on Sunday, they're already 20% off and they're lower than the numbers that they brought way down.
That were, you know, listed on Sunday.
So not really sure where this goes.
I do know, though, that, you know, God help this president.
He's, you know, walking on a tightrope, trying to balance the health of the, you know, the people in this country with the economy.
It's really an impossible task.
But I think if anybody can do it, it will be Donald Trump.
Well, I've got to say, having over 100 crew members with the media operation we have and being 46 and having four kids and experiencing things, I see the insecure or ignorant Thank God we've got Trump.
say but also folks have never really run anything oh he should do this he should
do that or wave a wand do this wave a wand do that and then I know as a
manager what Trump's going through but at a level 10,000 times harder that you
see how nuanced and genius level he really is to be able to work so hard to
continually be on the ball and to handle this I mean we just thank God we've got
Trump and not so you imagine Joe Biden during this oh my gosh you wouldn't even
know what the hell's going on, you know?
It's really scary, the fact that he's trying to attack Trump now.
I think it's really amazing that, I even saw this yesterday, the Democrats want to start some sort of an investigation on Trump for all the mistakes he's made, which have been zero.
Oh yeah, that was my next question!
They're the ones that bring it in, they're the ones that said open the borders, they're the ones that said let the Chinese fly in, and now they're starting a 9-11 commission with... Sorry, go ahead.
Yeah, yeah.
They're the ones who outlaw the plastic bags.
They're the ones who, you know, have people living on the street and they think that that's okay.
So all these Democrat plans are falling apart and yet now they want to blame Donald Trump.
I did notice yesterday, though, that one of these Democrats said, yeah, we want to start after, you know, after January and February and March, right?
Because that's because Donald Trump You know, ban the flights from China at the end of January, something no world leader would do.
Donald Trump was the first to do it.
That's right.
They even said exactly where to tailor the investigation to after they said, leave everything open.
And federal judges tried to keep Trump tied.
Right, right.
Another thing that happened yesterday, Alex, for your listeners and viewers, that Trump was asked about this, you know, so they tried to, you know, ambush him like they always do.
They asked him about this Inspector General in the Health and Human Services.
He didn't know who they were talking about at first.
So he asked a few questions.
He does this live, Alex, in front of the nation.
This man is so brilliant that he was able to ask the questions and by the end of that, you know, segment, He was able to say, yeah, well, this is Obama holdover, deep state hack.
There you have it.
And he does that live on national TV.
It's really remarkable what he's able to do.
I don't know if anybody would have, you know, the intellect and the balls to do something like that live while they're being questioned.
And you can see him, his brain's resting like a, like a.
Yeah, he's an incredible president and he's the only one who we would want in charge at this time because he's just done a remarkable job.
I've heard people say that even with this plan they put forward to help businesses, Some business owners are already saying it was easy to fill out.
They had everything there.
All the questions that I would have, they were already answered.
And they felt like they had an easy time applying for this business loan that's coming out right now.
So, you know, even in that respect, Trump hasn't covered.
And I like the fact that it's not just a big corporate bailout.
It's direct money and then it's forgiven as a loan.
If you're going to helicopter money to restart the economy, you've got to do it directly to the people if you're going to go down that road.
Yeah, it's a great plan and it's something you had to do.
What about the fiscal conservative argument that, well, this is going down the road to inflation?
They're putting us in a depression by design.
This is kick-starting things to stop a depression.
I understand that you can fiscally poke holes in it, but the world's inflating their currencies.
This is a global system.
So now we have to be in charge on top when the other countries go down so that we have the world currency and not them.
Oh, that's brilliant, Alex.
Yeah, I didn't think of that, but that makes a lot of sense.
And Trump, if anyone can bring us out of this, you know, this crisis we're in, it's Donald Trump.
And again, like you said, putting money in the hands of small business owners was a brilliant move because that's where most of the jobs come from in America.
GatewayPundit.com breaking articles.
How many articles do you guys write and post a day?
It's amazing.
You know, Alex, we're putting about 30 up a day and our traffic continues to grow like you.
We've been attacked by the left.
They target us all the time.
They smear us.
They do everything they can to take away our social media and to take away our influence.
But you know what, Alex?
Our numbers just keep growing year over year.
We feel blessed.
And I know if anybody can relate to what I'm talking about, it's you and InfoWars.
And your great staff.
It's just unfortunate we're living in this time period.
As you mentioned earlier, just a few moments ago, you know, the left has become just some Marxist tyrants.
And you don't even feel comfortable in a room with them.
They're so dark.
And that's what we're up against.
That's right.
They've decided which side they're on.
Jim Hoff, thank you so much.
We'll be back with calls.
Stay with us.
All right.
We went live with the video two hours ago at Bandod Video, and I'm really pleased to see it has 33,000 875 views.
That's great.
But we have over a million listeners an hour, conservatively, just on AM stations, according to the ratings.
What if the million people that listened throughout this hour went to Bandot video and sent that video to everyone they knew and said, this is the group behind the coronavirus and the coming poisoned vaccine.
They're fighting around the clock to shut us down.
They've run espionage operations against us to take us off air.
Thanks to you and prayers, and patriots in the government that have countered it, and proud corporations, they've not been able to do it.
But it's been one hell of a fight because we're over the target.
But what is the name of the video?
We'll put it back on screen for folks.
Historic evidence is clear.
Bill and Melinda Gates work for the globalists and are carrying out depopulation.
Historian exposes Bill Gates ties to Nazis and more.
And I don't know what headline you give, but it's a bunch of historians and a bunch of documents and it just shows the facts.
I mean, did you know his mom basically ran IBM?
Did you know his dad ran Planned Parenthood?
Did you know who they work for?
David Rockefeller.
Thomas Watson's son.
You know who they fund.
You know who these people are.
You know all their fingerprints are all over everything.
This is life and death information.
Alright, I'm going to go back to the calls.
Christine and Tim and Wano and Ryan and Greg and Chris and Nathan and Justin and Tina.
Before Paul Watson takes over next time, we're going to get to all of you.
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Yeah, yeah.
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Okay, let's go down to Christine.
She was asking me, I've researched the occult and the globalist quite a bit, and I did sneak into Bohemian Grove.
And when I was growing up, I did keep running into a lot of real dark occultic stuff in Dallas.
It's more New Agey here in Austin, but there's some of that going on here as well.
And I did, you know, a few times go out with really rich, beautiful, older girls.
It turned out, were trying to recruit me into Luciferianism, basically.
And so I did brush into some of that, but I was never willingly a participant in it.
I did twice get taken to really serious stuff, and I left.
One time had to, well, I'm not going to get into it.
It just doesn't sound like reality.
It's just too incredible.
like everything we do here.
But I have beat people's asses, I'll just leave it at that.
So let's just go to you, you're asking about a low-level altar.
There's all sorts of cults and a lot of witchcraft, a lot of kind of entry door Wicca stuff
has low stone tables that they do rituals on.
I have seen those in documentaries and like on History Channel and things,
but I've never actually infiltrated any group or anything and saw that type of thing.
Well, what's your question getting at?
I'm interested.
Um, 20 years ago, a little more than that, I met him, but I've been with this guy for 20 years.
And over the years, I tried at various times to extract enough information that I could bag him and his friends, but it really wasn't possible.
But I decided to, uh, just while leaving that, leaving the personal relationship out, here's the thing.
He was part of the element that was actually present for human sacrifices.
And the first I got wind of this was a friend's grandson who had been killed apparently as a security leak.
And okay, he was in San Mateo County in San Francisco, which is, I mean in California, which has a reputation as the most corrupt county in the state.
Oh, there's this devil worship from end of end of the state.
But I mean, this one, here's the thing.
This was one of the few counties that did not have the sheriff's office be the same as the coroner's office, which is a pretty common thing across the country and should be illegal.
Because when you have the coroner as a sheriff, but the sheriff's up to something, then, you know... Well, have you seen the movie Race with the Devil?
I think it's the name of it.
It's excellent.
It's like based in Texas Hill Country, and they see a sacrifice, and then the police are chasing them.
Super, super good movie.
I mean, a lot of these towns are actually been taken over by Satanists.
Ted Gunnarsson told me that 25 years ago.
Last year it was released, FBI files on the FBI website, of indeed some of the investigations Gunnarsson was involved, where Satanists got partial control of small towns.
Yes, and for example, in Hollister, California, what I noticed after I did a lot of researching, would recognize some lingo, the webpage for the city, it would have, you know, normal statements, but like something of something else.
The of instead of OF was spelled OV.
And the something or other, the V, was spelled, instead of T-H-E, it was spelled T-H-E-E, which is Genesis P. Orridge's Temple of Psychic Youth Satanist Operation.
Yeah, yeah, all sorts, exactly.
In the French Revolution, they were into changing language and letters and doing things in reverse.
And what it is is just organized crime using Satanism as an operating system, just like MS-13.
To get, you know, become an inner member.
You've got to torture a young innocent person to death for Satan.
And that's exactly what goes on.
All right.
Well, God bless you, ma'am.
I appreciate your call.
Now, I got to get to everybody now.
We'll go to break.
And I'm going to just go to everybody.
I've got to get to you before Watson comes up because he's got a lot to cover.
And I know he wants the full time on air.
We love having Watson on.
He's very, very popular.
He reaches a lot of people and we appreciate it.
That Watson does great work with us.
And so that's coming up.
And again, I just keep saying this because It's, it's, it's, it's everything.
If you get excited, and you spread the word about the local AM or FM station you're listening to, or if you spread the word about the local TV station, or you tell folks about NewsWorks.com, and you tell people, hey, this is a forbidden info, this is what they don't want you to have, people will tune into it, and then tell them, spread the word, and it's a chain reaction.
And we've been doing it successfully, and they are so pissed, but if I'm going to risk my life and do this, I want to do it for the maximum effect, and I know you do as well.
So join the fight if you haven't already, and intensify your Paul Revere operations.
We already played this clip, but it's on Infowars.com.
This is the UN.
And then Tucker Carlson asked, how will Americans respond if health authorities remove family members from their homes?
Oh, you've got COVID-19.
Oh, you've got the antibody.
Oh, you're...
This is just total tyranny.
Government's lack of exit strategy sparks concern.
Trump's health advisor, Dr. Fauci, says we may never go back to normal.
That's a quote!
Well, Bill Gates is running that.
Remember that.
Big article on Infowars.com.
Social distancing.
Man arrested for playing t-ball with his daughter-wife in empty park.
That's in Colorado.
It's all the leftist areas.
All the leftist areas.
MSM continues pushing China.
Coronavirus propaganda.
It's an axis of globalists against you and your family.
Get vocal or get enslaved.
Let's move quickly now.
Let's go ahead and talk to Tina in South Carolina.
Thanks for calling, Tina.
Hey, Alex.
I've been following you for about 20 years.
Great product.
Yeah, we all know that Bill Gates, the Rockefellers, all the elites, was behind creating and are on CDC.
Fauci, he's a sellout.
He's deep state.
I mean, he's been with us since day one.
I'd say he's actually like, you know, like one of David Rockefeller's fingers.
Oh, hell yeah.
And we all know that if Trump does not win, because most Americans will vote for Trump, if they happen to cheat and say that Joe Biden wins the presidency, Do you know, we will have a civil war.
That's right.
They plan to say, again that'll be the next fall, their beta testing saying, oh they'll stay in your homes when they kill Trump or remove him.
This is all about training you for martial law.
Well, you know, they've sent three missiles in the past eight months to try to kill him, you know, on airplanes.
There's just been incredible stuff happening, Tina.
Thank you so much for holding.
Let's go ahead and take another call here.
Let's talk to Tim in Texas.
Go ahead.
Hey, yeah, Alex, excuse me.
You're a great caller.
Before taking so much time, I want to just try to read through mine real quick and let you get on with your great work.
My first point, I got to challenge all InfoWard people who put orders in.
Hit that $10 donate button.
And then when you get down to the shipping, pay for the shipping.
We can push him forward over the top and keep him doing their great work.
Well I gotta say we were gonna have trouble staying on air this year but everybody's come through and we're able to actually stay on air and you know in the face of all these enemies and I don't want to tempt fate but the Supreme Court of Texas of five of the fake lawsuits in Texas before we ever went to the trial before we ever go to the kangaroo stuff in Austin four of the cases have been taken up on the merits which usually means they overturn so These Soros, Bloomberg funded deals, thanks to God, but it's taking a lot of money to get to that point too.
It's starting to come unglued, but go ahead.
Yeah, the other thing is when I get my orders in, you get those little thumb-sized stickers.
I leave a trail of those everywhere I go, on the gas pumps, on the door when I go in a gas station, the elevator button, you know, ATM machines, the checkout machines, they're everywhere I've been.
You know, that's another thing everybody can do with those little stickers that you send in, the little free stickers.
My next point is, Trump needs to replace that farce policy with someone like Dr. Shiva.
We need to focus on nutrition and natural healing like that.
It makes a big difference.
Since I learned about nutrition, I kid you not, I haven't had a cold or flu, I haven't suffered any of that since 2003.
That's a long, pretty good long duration.
It's all about nutrition.
Okay, and then my last point, this is a call, I guess a warning to the globalists out there, that we the people, we're activating.
We're not only activating, but what I can feel is a spiritual awakening.
You know what, I feel it too.
Because for every action, there's an opposite and equal reaction.
So when evil comes in, instead of groveling in fear, go, God, I need your help.
I love you.
I love others.
I want to be strong.
Help me be strong.
But see, God's about free will.
You have to open yourself up.
And it's literally an energetic system.
And it makes me feel absolutely, at the same time, very strong, but also very, very humble to feel God's presence.
Let's just feel God's presence.
Just feel it.
The left makes jokes about this.
This is powerful right now.
You almost can't handle it.
Oh my God.
It's just amazing.
Thank you God.
Oh, it's just incredible.
God bless you brother.
I appreciate you.
I don't know how.
As I get older, I just get stronger and stronger.
I can just, man.
I can just sit there and totally zone in and then I just start seeing everything.
I'll be honest, I can't handle it.
I know why people run towards evil because they just can't handle how real it is to be plugged in to the big guy's presence.
It's like, wow!
Let's go ahead and take some calls here.
Nathan in Utah, you're on the air, go ahead.
Hi Alex, I'm from Northern Michigan.
I'm a truck driver sitting north of Salt Lake right now.
Been sitting since Sunday.
Stuff's breaking down so bad.
I deliver food to distribution centers.
I'm having trouble getting loads because of all this stuff going on.
Well that's what I was told a month ago by truckers on the East Coast.
I guess you're near the West Coast.
They get there and nobody's loading the stuff off the docks or it's empty.
Is that what you're saying?
No, like, I was able... Oh, you mean people aren't even giving you jobs or what's happening?
It's just really hard to find any loads at all right now.
Well, you know, I got a friend who's a truck driver and he called me this weekend.
He said, Alex, he goes, I'm talking to all the truckers.
They said the loads are down by half.
He said the roads are almost empty of 18 wheelers.
That was really scaring him.
What do you think's doing that?
I'm sitting here at a truck stop and It's been packed since I've been here Sunday.
I mean, just over-packed with trucks just sitting, hardly moving.
All the roads I drive, I see very little trucks, you know?
Well, if anybody needs a bailout, it's the truck drivers.
That's essential.
Boy, you talk about essential.
And the railways can't do it.
We're not built for that.
And we keep closed much longer.
We're going to be in a great depression, folks.
Oh, I know.
I've been trying to tell everyone that.
Personally, I'm ready for Trump to use his powers to use the military and I'm pretty sure that most of America would support Trump to go after all these shy commie traitors in our government and globalists and just let's round them up!
Absolutely, Nathan!
Gotta jump!
They're trying to put it into martial law to get rid of him.
So they've already brought us there.
He has to use it to get us out of it.
And that's where we are.
We're in martial law now, my friends.
And the left's going to keep the city shut.
Watch when Trump tries to open them.
We're being held hostage.
Ryan in New York.
Thanks for holding.
You're on the air.
Hey, how's it going, Alex?
Go ahead, sir.
All right.
First time caller here.
I've been listening to you since back in about October.
You know, I love your products.
All that stuff's great.
Keeping my prayers always.
Thank you for doing the show.
So I was listening to you guys over the last week, and I heard something about the corona cases are actually being inflated by the common cold.
Oh, that's absolutely.
I've got the articles right here.
Most of the tests are false.
It's actually for regular corona, and a lot of folks are, you know, sick and old and already are dying of the cold because they're already run down.
They just call it dying of old age, and that's absolutely true, sir.
Right, it's separate from the COVID-19.
Now, you see, All these cities that are going around with smog is lessening and the pollution is lessening.
Do you think maybe the weather change could also be affecting people, getting people sick because the weather is changing so drastically?
Well, you know, that's a good point.
I go out, my allergies aren't as bad, and most of that is the particulate from all the cars.
Like, I went out to a ranch far away from cars last week for a day, and I was out there in the middle of pollen.
It wasn't burning my eyes and stuff.
It's the particulate, and it is true that air pollution is a big cause of death.
Some estimates are like 7 million people die a year from air pollution.
That exacerbates it.
And so, definitely a very interesting point.
Yeah, I know you were saying the 5G also has some effect on the body as well.
Oh, look up all electromagnetic stuff lowers your immunity.
And they're like, oh, 5G smartphones can cause cancer.
Big Wireless doesn't want you to know.
That's Wired Magazine two years ago with big studies.
But now...
British 5G towers are being set on fire because of coronavirus conspiracy theories.
They're gonna say, oh, cell towers don't hurt you.
CNBC, it's good for you.
These things hurt us, and they're assaulting us with these damn things.
And 5G's way worse than the other types.
It's on record.
And what do you expect people to do?
Just sit there and take it?
I love it.
I love the energy, brother.
I really do.
And I love how you speak about God, too.
That energy that he gives you, it's amazing.
I tell you, it's not energy to roll over.
They gotta feel it for themselves, and they can't.
You can't describe it to anybody.
You really can't.
You know, it's amazing.
We're all going through a lot of drastic changes today.
People are waking up.
We got the weather's changing drastically around people.
They're seeing the world in a different way.
We got 5G rolling out.
It's a lot of changes, man.
5G spies on you.
It fries you.
It's banned in countries like Israel that invented it.
Now they're trying to lift the ban.
Switzerland's banning it.
The rich people don't want it around them.
It's bad for you.
Listen, my wife and I, when we were in D.C., were like, why are we dizzy?
Why are we dizzy?
And I looked it up.
That's what 5G does.
We were right by a damn 5G tower on top of the hotel we were in on the top floor.
It was like five feet through the roof on top of us.
And I went and looked it up.
That's what it does.
Like, why are we sick?
A 5G tower!
Waging war on corruption.
Crashing to the lies and disinformation.
It's the vaunted InfoWars transmission.
I'm your host Alex Jones.
Paul Joseph Watson takes over in T-minus six minutes.
It's a good song right here.
Hard to turn this off.
But let's get to your calls.
Wayno from Arizona.
You're on the air.
Thanks for taking my call, Alex.
Actually, I want to get to the point of 5G.
About two years ago, I started hearing these frequencies in my head, and I started playing with them, and it started going higher and higher and higher and higher.
And after a while, they started, something started attacking me.
Then, as I was driving down the street, anywhere I drove during the day, the streetlights would come on, and at nighttime, The lights got so bright that I have to wear my sunglasses at night.
Now, I've recorded two years of video of this happening with the lights.
By the way, people have done this in the UK.
I had the engineer on who worked for MI6, and he showed what they're doing.
When they drive through, they go, oh, it turns on when it sees your car, but it's way, way brighter than it should be.
And then there's a bunch of RF blasting the cars at night when you're out there, and it turns out that they're G5 towers.
I've actually seen those videos.
And I've actually, I'm editing it now, but I've also, this is actually as well as a plea out there for maybe some attorneys to bring a lawsuit against 5G.
Not only do they do that with the lights, but as I'm sitting here talking with you, they're actually taking the air from my breath.
I can't breathe.
Well, here's the problem, sir.
It's hard to distinguish, I'm not saying you're mentally ill, this from schizophrenia, but here's what we know.
The CIA admits they have cell towers they tested in the late 90s to control people's emotions.
Japan, 20 years ago, had soft drink machines that would non-audibly fire a sound wave into your head where you hear it but nobody else does.
So, they definitely have all these technologies.
It's insane.
It's out of control.
And we know that these wavelengths do affect human behavior.
God bless you.
Alright, let's go ahead and talk to Chris in Texas, here on the air.
Go ahead.
Hey Alex.
I'm hoping me and my girlfriend were going to see you in Skankfest.
Unfortunately that got cancelled.
I'm sorry, you were breaking up a little bit.
Go ahead.
I was just going to say me and my girlfriend were looking forward to seeing you at Skankfest.
Real quick, I know you've got a lot of callers to get to.
There's a lot of confusion whether this came from the globalists or this came from China.
I don't see why it can't be both though.
These are the same people that had the Apple keys held in China.
So what's to stop the globalists from working with China to release this coronavirus?
Oh, if the globalists run China, I totally agree.
With China being behind this just means the globalists behind it.
Hey, Skankfest, isn't that something that Sam Tripoli goes to?
Uh, not... he was going to go to it, but it's Louis J. Gomez, Tim Dillon, a whole bunch of awesome comedians, and it's a great political event.
Yeah, but did somebody say I was going to that?
People say I'm going to things I've never heard of.
Yeah, there was a rumor that you were going to be a special guest.
I wasn't sure if it was true or not.
Okay, well people, I just want to be clear that if I'm coming to something, I'll tell you I'm coming, all right?
That's a great point about Apple and all them move over to China.
Trump fights it.
Now big tech goes along with China and our lockdown.
And what do you think is going to happen when they don't turn the economy back on when Trump does and the corporations in California and other liberal areas just keep us hijacked?
I mean, this is going to be a big problem.
Well, not only that, but if you look who's directly benefiting from all this, we're having privacy issues with Zoom.
There's a Chinese company.
My company uses Zoom for our meetings.
So now that everybody's home, we're using this Chinese software, potentially giving our, you know, our... Oh, yeah, that's what the government has said.
Don't have home assistance in your house.
Turn it all off or don't have it.
And the military banned it years ago.
Oh, Jones is crazy.
He says they're listening.
It's in the damn patents.
God bless you, Chris.
I'm out of time.
Greg and Justin, I'm sorry I didn't get to you.
We took 26 calls.
That's what I was asking.
25, 26 calls.
I appreciate the callers.
We're getting better at that.
We're improving the transmission.
Your calls were incredible.
We're in fuego, in fuego, in fuego.
Paul Joseph Watson of Summit.News takes over in 60 seconds.
When we go to break, don't forget we have the Alexa Pure Ion Filter System for $195.
No one has a system this good near that.
30% off right now, limited number, it will sell out within weeks, or maybe even quicker.
Infowarsstore.com, they're back in, it'll be a long time until we get more in.
The same folks that own my Patriot Supply, they've got some horrible food available again.
Infowarsstore.com, but whatever you do, we've now got it back in stock.
Winter Sun, high quality vitamin D3, taken under the tongue for maximum absorption.
Well, it is 8pm on this Tuesday the 7th of April, and I was just, um, Listening out the window because our Prime Minister Boris Johnson is in hospital in intensive care with symptoms of coronavirus which he hasn't been able to shake off for over a week now.
In the United Kingdom we've had this event, this clap-a-thon, this religious worship of a state institution, the NHS, every week at 8pm on Thursday evening.
People lean out of their windows, they come out their front doors, they dare to Attempts to violate the lockdown measures.
They bang their pots and pans.
They applaud.
They even had bagpipes last week.
They had fireworks.
For the second time in worship of the state institution, which is a religious institution basically now in the UK.
And if you don't worship it, you will be punished.
All hail the NHS.
So every week people have been leaning out the window, going on their balconies, applauding the NHS.
Somebody suggested applauding Boris Johnson, the leader of the country, because he's in very dire straits in intensive care right now.
Absolutely nothing!
I was checking for a good couple of minutes.
Didn't hear one person down the entire street on both sides applauding.
Absolutely nothing.
So much for the tolerant left.
People tried to arrange it, but you know.
He's not a religious institution like the NHS, so I guess nobody cares about him.
I mean, he's the leader of the country in this moment of supposed peril, but nobody can even be bothered to lean out of their window or sit on their balconies and applaud him for more than two minutes.
Of course, many of the same people who were on their balconies on Thursday applauding the NHS, these frontline workers putting their own lives at risk of being infected with coronavirus, were Two days later, having barbecue parties with all their friends on that same balcony, in the sunshine, infecting each other with coronavirus.
But, you know, at least they got the selfie that they could put on Instagram to prove what good people they are.
On the Sunday afterwards, they were all out in the park sunbathing in large groups of people, but again, at least they can claim that they're good people because they applauded the NHS for two minutes, and I'm sure they'll do so again.
Nobody applauded for Boris Johnson in intensive care right now.
What a shame.
That wasn't predictable at all, was it?
And then, in fact, there's an article here up on Summit News.
Clapping for NHS reminds author of communist despotism.
And this is Theodore Dalrymple, a British author, who says the country's weekly activity of clapping in support of the NHS reminds him of how party members were forced to enthusiastically applaud communist despots Or face being labelled dissidents.
Now, of course, nobody's comparing this to the consequences of people who refused to clap for Stalin back 80, 90 years ago.
We're not saying that.
But there are similarities between the two.
As you notice in this article, it reminds me a little in its tendency to get longer and louder and almost more hysterical of the applause after a speech by Nikolai Ceausescu, Or other communist despots in which everyone in the audience had to show himself as enthusiastic, as the most enthusiastic applauder, and to continue applauding as long as someone else was applauding, to not be the first one to show a sign of disloyalty and dissent from the official line.
And in fact, it's a well-known trait amongst communist dictators, both Kim Jong-un, Kim Jong-il, and of course Stalin himself, as well as Ceausescu, Many such cases of where, for example, in North Korea, the applause would go on for so long that people would literally be collapsing.
We're talking about members of the government, Communist Party, Stalinist Party members, would literally be collapsing and fainting because they were clapping for so long and didn't want to be seen as the first person to stop clapping.
So echoes of that in this NHS thing, we're not saying it's exactly the same, obviously that would be stupid, but he's right when he says that it doesn't start enthusiastic and taper off, it gets louder and louder and louder as each person tries to outdo the other with this emotionally kitsch fake enthusiasm.
And this is something now that's happening every single week in the UK, Again, many of these people, a couple of days later, were all out violating the same quarantine provisions that are supposed to be in place to save the lives of NHS workers.
But as long as they got the Instagram selfie, I guess that's all that mattered for most of them.
And again, it's this lazy, superficial gesture which in fact helps nobody.
It's got more attention than the hundreds of thousands of people who actually volunteered for the NHS.
And again, many of those people who volunteered are not going to follow through on it, but they're going to tweet.
They're going to tweet that they volunteered and get the dopamine and prove how much of a, quote, good person they are to all their friends.
Now, of course, Dalrymple also notes in his article in relation to the point I was making earlier about the NHS being a religious institution now in the UK, How during the Middle Ages, during the plague in the 1600s in Europe, when the cause of the epidemic was unknown, people went out in the streets and self-flagellated, whipped themselves, tortured themselves, made themselves bleed because they thought it was a sacrifice to God that would provide some relief from the plague, some kind of sacrifice, penance that would make it stop.
He says, During the Middle Ages, when the cause of epidemics was unknown, other than the justified wrath of God, there were long processions of self-flagellating penitents through the streets, who no doubt thought that the blood they drew from themselves and the pain that they suffered would abate the epidemic by causing God to relent.
And of course you've had top mullahs come out in Iran and other countries in the Middle East and say that coronavirus is the wrath of Allah, we need to repent.
We've had clerics in the West saying we need to pray.
And now we have people leaning out of their balconies and trying to outdo each other in terms of enthusiasm to worship the state institution known as the NHS.
And that is their form of self-flagellation.
That is their form of sacrifice.
Because the NHS has become a kind of religious institution.
So, deep down subconsciously, they probably think that that may make this whole coronavirus thing relent and get better, and that is their form of sacrifice.
Meanwhile, BBC reports coronavirus YouTube titans rules after David Icke 5G interview.
So apparently David Icke was doing a live stream with a broadcast called London Real yesterday, about 20 minutes after this live stream ended, during which he talked about his claim that 5G towers were linked to coronavirus, that stream was deleted by YouTube.
And since then, YouTube have come out and said that they're banning all conspiracy theory videos falsely linking coronavirus symptoms to 5G networks.
Now, of course, what this will do amongst conspiracy theorists who believe that there's a link between 5G networks and coronavirus, will make them believe that conspiracy even more.
I'm going to get more into this on the other side, but we also have WhatsApp, of course owned by Facebook, tightens limits on message forwarding to counter coronavirus misinformation.
So now they're limiting the amount of people that you can forward a message from WhatsApp, which is a private messenger app.
They're limiting the amount of people you can send it to, to five.
And this is the beginning.
I predict that within probably a year or two, they will literally start banning you from using private messenger services entirely because of the content of what you're sending across.
They claim that they can't see the content because WhatsApp is supposed to be encrypted, owned by Facebook.
I'm sure you can trust them.
So they're just saying for the moment they're going to detect how many times a message has been sent and then limit it Based on that number.
And you can trust them that they're not reading the content of your messages.
This is Facebook, the most trustworthy corporation in the world.
A year or two down the line, they're just going to ban people from using private messenger apps completely based on what they're saying in those apps.
So it will literally get to the point as to where it would be similar as you having a conversation on the phone with your family.
The phone company terminates your contract because they don't like what you're talking about.
This is the danger and it's coming to these private messenger apps.
Paul, by the way, I don't normally, but when you're doing your live show, you're doing
an incredible job.
I'm sitting around at lunch.
We're not going to cut the video on me.
I'm the one that cannot be mentioned, Voldemort here.
They actually said, remember last year, when they double banned us on Facebook and said,
you cannot say Paul Joseph Watson's name in a positive way or the other evil one.
So Paul Joseph, the evil one, now I can say your name.
They actually said that they're now going to control what's on WhatsApp and they're
they're now banning Alex Jones and Jordan Peterson videos from it.
So YouTube has come out today and said, quote, any content that disputes the existence or transmission of COVID-19 as described by the WHO and local health authorities is in violation of YouTube policies.
And David Icke, who over the past, I want to say two months, has given numerous viral interviews to this London Real Network on YouTube.
I think at one point they said his one yesterday was the second most watched live stream on YouTube across the whole planet that day talking about 5G network linked to coronavirus, which by the way, I don't believe in at all.
Iran has no 5G network, yet Iran has a massive problem with coronavirus.
There are no 5G towers in Iran.
I don't believe the conspiracy theory.
Do I believe people should have the right to express their beliefs and talk about them on the internet without being censored by giant corporations who have a monopoly on information?
Do I think that that is more sanctified in terms of a right of expression than the threat, the danger, of a few idiots going out and trying to burn down 5G towers?
I believe that freedom of expression is more important than a few idiots trying to burn down 5G towers.
Not that anyone should do that.
We're not telling anyone to do that.
But if you introduce the premise that content which disputes the transmission or the existence or transmission of COVID-19, as described by the WHO and local health authorities, and say that's in violation of YouTube policies, you have to ask the question, does that include the WHO itself?
Because the WHO, for about two months at the start of this coronavirus outbreak, as it was occurring in Wuhan, China, Amplified Chinese propaganda, which we now know was certain to be fake news.
On January 14th, the World Health Organization, on their official Twitter account, said there was no human-to-human transmission of coronavirus at all.
And they directly amplified Chinese fake news propaganda in making that claim.
Of course, now we know that there was human-to-human transmission.
At least a month before that, if not in fact in November, never mind December.
Of course you had the World Health Organization saying that countries should not lock down their borders, no border control measures at all should be implemented, and that preventing the stigmatization of Chinese people was more important than national sovereign countries imposing border control.
Something that inevitably led to more people dying from COVID-19.
You had the mainstream media amplifying this rhetoric for two months solid.
They were the ones saying, it's just the flu, bro.
And I've flashed up that graphic, which somebody compiled many, many times, where you had the likes of the Washington Post, the New York Times, Vox, Media Matters, who now accuse Fox News of putting out fake news about the coronavirus.
All of those media institutions in January, and even up until early to mid-February, were saying, it's just the flu, bro.
People say, oh, did they literally say it's just the flu, bro?
No, that's a meme.
They said the flu was a much bigger deal.
Here are the headlines.
BuzzFeed, don't worry about the coronavirus, worry about the flu.
There you see another one from NPR.
Amid coronavirus scare, US counts thousands of flu deaths.
The New York, the Washington Post, sorry, said flu is a much bigger threat.
Those headlines were in January and into February.
That was fake news, that was harmful disinformation.
There's the Washington Post, there's BuzzFeed, sorry, don't worry about the coronavirus, worry about the flu.
That was disinformation, that was fake news Chinese propaganda.
It was being put out by these massive mainstream media institutions for two months solid, not only on their own websites, But on YouTube, because they all have channels on YouTube which are artificially inflated and boosted by YouTube, whereas everyone else's channel gets sidelined and relegated, so are they going to get punished for their harmful, fake news disinformation that they pushed for two months solid?
Are they going to get their videos deleted?
In fact, I'm probably going to go and look later.
I'm going to go through BuzzFeed's channel, I'm going to go through the Washington Post, Try and find if they had any specific videos which mirrored their headlines, which were saying coronavirus is not as bad as the flu, which is basically, you can take that to mean it's just the flu, bro.
That was harmful misinformation that led to people dying because we weren't able to prepare for this quick enough.
in the Western world, because they were amplifying Chinese fake news propaganda.
First of all, saying there was no human-to-human transmission, and second of all, saying that this was not a deadly pandemic, when now we know the proper figures out of China are probably 40,000 dead, if not higher.
They reported officially 3,000 and something dead.
Now we know from US intelligence reports And the urns that had to be produced to keep all the ashes of dead people.
At least 40,000, if not more, in China.
The mainstream media is culpable for amplifying all that fake news.
Nothing will happen to them!
Absolutely nothing.
YouTube titans rules after David Icke 5G interview.
YouTubers banned all conspiracy theory videos, falsely linking coronavirus symptoms to 5G networks.
Fast forward six months when this is all over.
YouTube has banned all conspiracy theory videos claiming that global warming isn't man-made.
You see, it's a very easy step from that to that, isn't it?
It's a very, very short hop from claiming 5G linked to coronavirus is a conspiracy theory, which I would agree with, to claiming that anybody who questions the man-made origin of climate change is also engaging in the same dangerous Conspiracy theory, and then all those videos get banned, all those people who question that get banned, and then maybe it'll move on to something even more obvious.
The Google-owned service will now delete videos violating the policy.
It had previously limited itself to reducing the frequency if recommended, and it's up next section.
Though they already relegated them below a wall of mainstream media videos, as they do with every video now, which is not produced by Washington Post or New York Times or CNN or Jimmy Kimmel or Jimmy Fallon or anyone like that.
And now they're just going to remove the videos entirely.
It went very quickly, didn't it?
From combating hate speech to simply removing videos because you disagree with the content.
WhatsApp as well has announced that it will ban basically the mass forwarding of messages because too many people were forwarding messages about 5G towers being linked to coronavirus.
Which goes back to the original point, and I tweeted about this, the fact that this conspiracy theory raged throughout the UK for the past two weeks, and it did.
Even my parents, if my parents are telling me about this, chances are it's embedded itself pretty deep into normie society, which it did over the past two weeks.
So it was able to spread this conspiracy theory in a viral fashion throughout the entire population of the UK to a great extent, proving once again that Facebook and Twitter and YouTube's war on fake news was never about combating, quote, harmful conspiracy theories.
It was about censoring right-wing political opinions.
Because whatever they did, if you take that as a good faith argument, and that they actually took steps to eliminate conspiracy theories from their platforms, how did this conspiracy theory spread throughout the entire country?
Well, maybe not so much anymore, because they've banned all mention of it on YouTube.
So it remains to be seen how forcefully they will enact that policy, and we'll give you an update on that as soon as it happens.
Coming up, more news about the coronavirus, breaking news at summit.news.
Don't go away, we'll be back.
Now, some countries in Europe Specifically Austria as well as the Czech Republic and others have started to relax these lockdown measures from this week if not next week.
Austria is saying that it will begin to open schools again and then restaurants, bars, etc.
will follow after that.
That's not going to happen in the UK anytime soon, probably not until the end of May from what it looks like and not in America as well with New York suffering, was it over 700 deaths today alone.
When will these lockdowns end?
This is what Tucker Carlson was asking in his monologue last night, because he made the point that people are now, according to some studies, being re-infected with coronavirus after having supposedly beaten it in the first place.
If these lockdowns have to be staggered continually throughout the rest of the year, and maybe the year after that, what is that going to do to an already battered economy?
These are the questions we need to be asking.
We also need to be asking The question about another World Health Organization official and what he said during a March 30 press conference when he suggested that people could be forcibly taken from their homes as we saw in Wuhan, China.
Tucker Carlson asked last night, we're going to roll the video right now, how would Americans react to their own family members being forcibly removed from their homes?
Here's the clip.
So if you've been sick, you know that intensive care is not something that doctors recommend lightly.
Boris Johnson is clearly in danger tonight.
And that's a bad sign.
Johnson is in his mid-50s and hale enough to lead a country.
If this is going to happen to him, a lot of us should be worried.
And we are worried.
Worried enough to endure things that just a month ago would have seemed preposterous.
Last week, Dr. Michael Ryan, he's a leader at the World Health Organization, announced that in response to the spread of this virus, authorities may have to enter people's homes and remove family members, presumably by force.
In most parts of the world, due to lockdown, most of the transmission that's actually happening in many countries now is happening in the household, at family level.
In some senses, transmission has been taken off the streets and pushed back into family units.
Now we need to go and look in families to find those people who may be sick and remove them and isolate them in a safe and dignified manner.
Just so you know, we're coming to your house, seizing your children, and quote, isolating them in a safe and dignified manner, whatever that means.
Now that's not something that under normal circumstances officials casually drop during briefings.
It's the kind of statement that might trigger violence.
People don't respond well when you threaten to take their kids.
But Ryan said it like it was no big deal, and that's how the media treated it.
His threat didn't make headlines in any of the major newspapers in this country.
That's the kind of moment we're in.
So, how long will this moment last?
Well, on Friday, Eric Garcetti, the mayor of Los Angeles, predicted that the first in a series of lockdowns will go on until June.
One of the things that just concerns me, it's not one of those immediate concerns, but is, you know, this draws out through the summer, and then the cold weather comes around, and then there's another wave of it.
How do you, as a leader, how do you think about this?
Early on, when people said, is this just going to be a few days or a couple weeks?
I said, no, I think it's at least two months.
And I said, if we're successful in this, we can expect a second spike in the late fall or early winter.
That's how viruses work.
We better steel ourselves for a second and maybe even third round of this.
But we also need to be nimble enough to know we're not going to flip a switch one day and turn the economy back on.
A quote, second and maybe even third round of lockdowns.
That's a long time.
Former Obama official Jason Furman, who's now an economist at Harvard, predicts the disruption may be even more severe than that.
"We should certainly be prepared for a meaningful level of deliberate suspension of economic
activity for the rest of the year."
Will it be nice to know that there's a good reason for all of this?
And of course everyone wants there to be a good reason, sincerely.
Yet the arguments for a prolonged national lockdown are starting to sound strained.
In a much-discussed article on Medium recently, two academics from Pittsburgh argued that lifting the lockdown at all, even many months from now, would be negligent.
Quote, as long as a large majority of the population remains uninfected, lifting containment measures will lead to an epidemic almost as large as would happen without having mitigations in place at all.
Well, that sounds plausible when you read it.
In fact, it sounds like science.
But is it science?
A large majority of the population remains uninfected, they say.
But is that true?
We don't know it's true.
As of today, nobody can say what percentage of the American population is infected or has been infected.
There haven't been large-scale randomized tests conducted here.
We don't even know when the disease first arrived in the United States.
There's informed speculation that this strain of coronavirus has been here since late November or December.
Authorities traced the first confirmed case to January 15th in Washington State.
An unnamed 35-year-old Chinese immigrant landed in the United States after visiting his family in Wuhan and wound up in a hospital outside Seattle.
Apparently, he recovered.
Now, depending on how you count, the virus has been circulating among us for up to four months now.
For most of that time, there was no systematic attempt to quarantine the population.
How many Americans were infected over that period?
Again, we don't even have a ballpark number for that, but the number could be enormous because the virus turns out to be much easier to transmit than we thought it was.
On Friday, you may have noticed the CDC issued new guidance on mask use.
The government now recommends wearing, quote, cloth face coverings in public.
Why'd they make that change?
Because researchers are learning more about how this virus moves from person to person.
Scientists now believe the coronavirus can be transmitted by someone who shows no symptoms merely by speaking.
Remember when they told you that hand-washing was the key to staying safe?
That recommendation was based on the belief the virus lived mostly on surfaces, and that's not the case.
We're still not exactly sure how the virus is spread, but among some populations, and this is interesting to know, it appears to be astonishingly widespread.
An article in the Italian media last Thursday, for example, described a blood drive in a village in Lombardy.
That's the northern part, the most infected part of the country.
Of the 60 people who showed up to give blood, 40 tested positive for coronavirus.
None had shown symptoms of it.
None knew they had it.
Keep in mind that Lombardy has been strictly locked down by government order since March 9th.
That's almost a month ago.
Yet about 70% of this group got it anyway.
A report from Hong Kong in February suggested that a woman diagnosed with the coronavirus may have infected others 10 floors away in the same apartment building, even though she never came into contact with any of them.
Health officials concluded the virus likely traveled through plumbing pipes to different apartments.
And it wasn't a wild guess.
In 2003, an outbreak of SARS spread the same way.
So it's starting to look like the coronavirus is more transmissible than we expected or were told.
The good news is it also seems far less lethal overall.
People are still dying in large numbers.
Not all of them are sick or old.
And that's terrifying to watch.
But as the data trickle in, there's evidence that many infected people are not sick.
Iceland has tested a larger percentage of its population than any country in the world.
They've tested about 5% of all citizens.
The United States, by comparison, has tested 0.3%.
So far, about half those who've tested positive in Iceland have been completely asymptomatic.
So given all of this, what is a wise response to this pandemic?
Historically, health officials have used quarantines to contain infectious diseases.
Until now, a quarantine consisted of separating the sick from the general population, and then doing everything possible to protect the especially vulnerable.
In this case, that would include the elderly and the immunosuppressed, among other groups.
We have a pretty good idea that targeted quarantines work.
They've been used for centuries around the world.
But that's not what we did.
Instead, the United States, and many other countries, instituted mass quarantines, in which governments shut down entire nations for long periods.
That's never happened before.
Now, a mass quarantine makes sense if you're fairly certain it will prevent mass infection.
But are we certain of that?
Les Tucker Carlson asking when the lockdowns will end.
They're going to end in Austria.
It looks like earlier than any other country in the Western world and that's mainly because they closed their border with Italy on March the 11th before any of the countries imposed major border controls, at least in Europe.
You look at Singapore, you look at Russia, they did similar things and their coronavirus death levels in comparison to other countries in the region are low.
RT reports WHO blew it.
Trump accuses Global Health Watchdog of being China-centric despite largely US-funded.
He's saying there needs to be an investigation of the W.H.O.
I agree with that.
The Director General of the W.H.O., who, as in the next segment we're going to get into, was formerly a member of a violent Communist Revolutionary Party.
I wonder why he's now a water carrier for China.
Some kind of connection there.
He needs to resign.
There's a massive petition out for him to resign.
He's got hundreds of thousands of signatures.
He lied.
He amplified Chinese propaganda.
It was harmful.
It led to a lot of people dying.
We'll talk about it on the other side.
Summit.News, don't go away.
I'm going to talk about WHO director here in a second, his very interesting past and why that explains why he's so genuflecting towards communist China.
First I want to tell you about the great specials we have at InfoWarsStore.com where you can go to build up your immune system, because of course that's never been more important than it is now, where we have massive discounts including on Wintersun plus Vitamin D, the premium quality Vitamin D3 nutritional supplement that delivers a powerful 2,000 MgIu per dose.
Of course, now we're not.
We're only allowed to go outside for one form of exercise a day.
A lot of people aren't getting the sunlight that they need.
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Daily Mail reports.
WHO director faces calls to resign for allowing China to cover up the true impact of coronavirus.
This is Tedros Adhanom, who's facing growing calls to step down.
politicians for trusting the Communist regime's official reporting about the extent of the spread of the disease.
Republican Senator Martha McSally said Tedros should resign over the Chinese cover-up.
Of course, last week we had the Deputy Prime Minister of Japan saying that the WHO should be renamed the Chinese Health Organization because of course at every point they praised China's response despite the fact that China China's response was to cover up the outbreak of coronavirus.
It was to cover up the origin of coronavirus, which now you have top PhDs and former army colonels, as we'll get on to, saying that, yes, it likely emerged from the lab, which was situated just a few hundred yards from the wet market or the Wuhan meat market, which, by the way, the bat that they zeroed in on, which they blamed for the outbreak of this new coronavirus, That specific breed of bat was not sold at the Wuhan wet market.
It was not sold there.
It was located in that lab nearby.
Just a coincidence, though.
The WHO director, let's call him Ted Ross, because his other two names are virtually impossible to pronounce.
Ted Ross has a very interesting past, of course.
He's been the point man, the front man, the figurehead of this coronavirus response.
The past three months, consistently amplifying Chinese propaganda and praising China's response, despite the fact that China's responsible for the outbreak of it, for the cover-up of it, for lying about the number of dead, for lying in saying there was no human-to-human transmission back on January 14th.
And at every step of the way, the WHO amplified that harmful fake news propaganda misinformation.
No action was taken against them by Twitter, Facebook or YouTube of course.
And Ted Ross here, ...has been very complimentary towards the Communist Chinese.
And now we know why.
John Martin wrote up an excellent article called The Crimes of Tedros Adhanom.
I think that's posted over at his website.
It's at roughestimate.org.
It's linked in this Summit News article.
Where he points out that Mr. Tedros, back in the day, was a member of the Tigray People's Liberation Front, TPLF.
A violent communist revolutionary party which was listed as a terrorist organization by the US government in the 1990s.
Now this guy apparently was the third most important member of this revolutionary communist group and later he got the job as the head of the WHO.
Martin writes how the TPLF engaged in systematic discrimination and human rights abuses By, get this, refusing emergency health care to the Amara ethnic group because they supported the opposition party in Ethiopia.
The opposition that had been brutally crushed by this revolutionary communist group, of which Mr Tedros was number three in command.
The Ministry of Health that oversaw these abuses, where they denied medical treatment to an ethnic group, Ethnic cleansing, basically.
The Ministry of Health that oversaw this was, at the time, led by, you guessed it, Mr. Ted Ross.
Birth rates were recorded to be significantly lower in this region where they denied the treatment.
And 2 million Amara people disappeared from the subsequent population census.
This is all in Ethiopia, in the 2000s, when this guy was number 3 in this violent revolutionary communist party.
Now, we hasten to say he's denied the allegations.
He's also denied the allegations that he was involved in another cover-up, and Tucker Carlson spoke about this last week, which centered around claims he had downplayed cholera epidemics in Ethiopia in 2006, 2009, and 2011 by passing them off as acute watery diarrhea, which is a symptom of cholera.
Now, Martin writes, international organizations were pressured not to call it cholera, Despite the UN testing the infected and finding cholera, and were pressured by government employees not to reveal the number of infected, another stunning victory for the Health Minister.
So this guy, even if you don't believe these claims are fully true, there's a lot of evidence to suggest they are, has been implicated in cover-ups of health emergencies in Ethiopia multiple times, has been accused of being involved in Withdrawing medical treatment for entire ethnic groups, leading to deaths.
Is that the kind of guy who you would want anywhere near the head of a global health organization like the WHO?
Just the taint alone of the accusations.
But of course, China is very friendly with Ethiopia, and they're very friendly with this particular revolutionary communist group.
And that's what helped him get the job, according to John Martin, as he explains in this article.
After Ted Ross was appointed Foreign Minister of Ethiopia in 2012, dissidents and journalists across the country were subjected to brutal government crackdowns, leading some to flee to exile in nearby Yemen.
And according to Martin, Tedros was personally responsible for negotiating the extradition of these dissidents back to Ethiopia, some of whom were subsequently imprisoned and tortured.
Now, what does that remind you of?
The imprisonment and torture of dissidents, or in the case of China, Uyghur Muslims, same thing was taking place in Ethiopia, while this guy, who is now the head of the WHO, was apparently arranging the extradition of these dissidents who later went on to be tortured.
And the article goes through a ton of other news.
This is the guy amplifying Chinese fake news propaganda that was harmful and led to people dying for the past two months.
He should be investigated.
World Health Organization needs to be investigated.
He needs to resign.
Meanwhile CNN suggests wearing a face mask in public is, you guessed it, racist.
CNN has published a lengthy article suggesting that wearing face masks to guard against the coronavirus is racist due to African Americans not being able to wear them over fears they will be treated like criminals.
So basically they're saying because the sight of black people wearing masks reminds people of criminals that they're going to be treating black people wearing masks to protect themselves against coronavirus as criminals And that this will lead to discrimination.
And in fact, CNN, in this article, they quote a guy called, a professor called Trevor Logan, economics professor at Ohio State University, who said he's not going to be following the guidance to wear a face mask because he says, quote, we have a lot of examples of the presumed criminality of black men in general.
That's according to Mr. Logan, which sounds pretty racist to me.
This is the supposition that because you see a black person wearing a mask, you expect them to be about to commit a crime.
That's very racist, ignoring FBI crime statistics.
So for CNN to even publish that, to even plant that suggestion in people's minds, is incredibly hateful and bigoted.
Meanwhile, OANN barred from White House press briefings, but Chinese propaganda outlet Allowed In, of course, a couple of weeks ago, OANN, which is an American owned media corporation.
Vaguely pro-Trump.
The only one that is, apart from Fox News.
Banned from the White House press room because they dared to ask a question of Trump that was not antagonistic.
We can't have that.
They were banned.
But the Chinese propaganda news network, Hong Kong Phoenix TV, which as I documented in this article, is basically a state media Communist Party propaganda mouthpiece.
This woman reporting for them yesterday.
They're allowed in the White House.
An American media company owned by an American family.
They're now barred from the White House because, God forbid, they were vaguely pro-Trump.
Don't go away.
War Room's coming up.
We'll be back.
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Only listen to CNN, who's still saying hydroxychloroquine's bad, and there's no hope and you're all dead.
Because only a vaccine will save you.
When there is no vaccine for the coronavirus because it's always mutated.
But that's just 2 plus 2 equals 4.
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