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Name: 20200406_Mon_Alex
Air Date: April 6, 2020
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Alex Jones discusses how medical tyranny is currently dominating the world, with possible perpetrators including The Club of Rome, Bilderberg Group, Dabos Group, and a private world government group led by Bill Gates. Their shared goal is depopulation, and Jones believes that those in power view others as cancerous and see themselves as superior beings who have the right to control the masses. He warns that forced inoculations are on the horizon and criticizes globalists for using authoritarian states as a precedent to shut down industries and economies, eventually discrediting nationalism, populism, and capitalism. The show also discusses how people have become pliant during the pandemic, following orders blindly without questioning them, and urges people to stay informed and question authorities. In another episode, Jones criticizes the media and government for spreading fear and panic in order to implement a global tyranny with measures such as forced vaccinations and constant testing. He accuses Bill Gates of profiting from the pandemic through vaccines and questions Fauci and Birx's conflicts of interest with Gates. Lastly, the speaker discusses how private banks have controlled the money system of the United States for a long time, and the Federal Reserve is not what people think it is; instead, it is a hybrid organization formed when a private cartel converted their agreement into law through Congress.

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From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
It is Monday, April 6th.
The year is 2020.
I am your host, Alex Jones.
When we pull back and look at what's unfolding across this planet,
Clearly, we are being domesticated.
We are being brought into a medical tyranny.
But what is the endgame of the individuals carrying this out?
Whether it's the Club of Rome, the Bilderberg Group, Davos Group, or the private world government group that Bill Gates set up with Jeffrey Epstein, Warren Buffett, Ted Turner, and others, their goal is depopulation.
They see everyone else but themselves as cancers
We're good to go.
But who are actually a negative, like garbage, that has negative value that needs to be taken out and thrown into a rubbish heap.
We're seen as weevils that have gotten into their flower stores.
We're seen as raccoons that have raided the refrigerator.
We're seen worse than that.
We're seen as cockroaches.
And when you go back throughout history, every culture, whether it was the Aztecs, or the ancient Babylonians, or the ancient Druids,
I think?
And would demand the blood of virgins, i.e.
children, and they said that they were getting a dark energy or a dark force from it, and that entities, like the flying serpent and others, would appear and give them sacred knowledge, mathematics, medicine, and keys to this planet and understanding the universe we live in.
This is the classical story that we see in the Old Testament first book of Genesis with this fallen one appearing as a serpent and then giving Adam and Eve the knowledge of not just good but the knowledge of evil.
And evil is again a cancer or a virus, a program of corruption
On how to set up corrupt, twisted, manipulative, parasitic systems.
That is the knowledge of good and evil.
And if you look at every culture at the time, they believed that off-world, advanced species, who had a taste for children's blood in every case, were giving them this advanced power.
But again, not to increase humans' longevity, or make us better people, or have a better life.
To build temples
And civilizations based in and around the killing and sacrifice of children and the innocence to release the dark energy.
So, that's why the abortuaries must stay open across the planet.
That's why China's killed 400 million of its own children before they were born, 50 plus million after they were born.
That's why they have to keep the abortuaries open across the United States.
Because it's seen as a form of sacrifice.
And more and more it comes out in FBI files that abortionists actually say they are high priests and are carrying this out.
Not for Satan, but for the Earth Goddess that demands blood.
Because all of this even predates the cosmology of Satan.
Though obviously it is Satan, they believe they're doing it to save Mother Earth.
Plato wrote about this in his Republic 2,200 plus years ago.
And it leads down through to the modern age.
This is eugenics.
That's why Chuckie Schumer a month ago threatened Trump's life and threatened the Supreme Court's life.
Instead of Trump and the Supreme Court overturn Roe v. Wade and what we're doing, we are going to get them.
We are going to take them down.
We are going to destroy them.
And he actually showed
Some energy in life for the first time in his career because now we're getting close to the apple of his eye the stinking Sacrifice of children the blood of the innocent and that's what all of this is about and now they're going to move against all of humanity with this medical tyranny with forced inoculations They're preparing to shut down
California for two weeks where you can't even leave your house.
I said this yesterday on the show from our sources.
Now it's being officially announced.
They're getting you ready for it.
This is a process of teaching you to be a prisoner in your own home.
Awaken and say no and spread this link to everyone you know across the internet.
Now you have the power to say no.
Economists usually aren't unanimous on something, but I've done a wide survey of economists.
There are several articles just up today with leading economists on Infowars.com saying that if the shutdown continues into late April, early May, that it will cause a Great Depression.
And if you notice, the blue cities, the Democrat-controlled areas,
The authoritarian nations like Communist China and the European Union system are all saying they want to shut down for six months to a year and a half, but China isn't.
They know full well this will wreck the economy, wreck generations of savings, and devastate the medical system in this country.
You think you've seen death so far.
You wait till we're in a real Great Depression and this complex society breaks down.
Back in the 1920s and 30s, more than half the population was self-sufficient, 90% lived in rural areas.
Now those numbers are more than reversed, with about 10% living in rural areas, about half of them somewhat self-sufficient.
So, 5% of the population self-sufficient.
Now I know I've hammered this over and over again, but...
We've been made dependent with over 80% of our drugs made in Communist China, most of our computer components made in China, and now the globalists are showing us that you think you're going to escape our system, you think you're going to win a trade deal, you think you're going to stop the decline of America and the shutdown of every industry that they had set up by one side of trade deals over 50 years?
We will show you, by monkey see monkey do, authoritarian states set the precedent of total shutdown.
And we'll show you numbers of dead comparable to what the flu kills in those nations each year.
But we will personalize every single death of these people and hype it up like they do school shootings.
And we will absolutely have big corporations shut down to trigger the decline of the economy.
Then, once it implodes, and once nationalism and populism and capitalism is discredited, the globalists will just turn the money machines back on.
They'll buy up the entire...
Global market that they all got out of in December and January.
Over 200 major CEOs, over 100 billionaires dumping record stock because you can't all put them in jail for insider trading.
And now then again in unison as a globalist strike against the people in the free market, they hold the economy hostage and shut down.
This is the big issue.
Not, not, oh we're going to start having 2,400 people die a day at the peak by mid-April.
That's terrible.
That's sad, but this is something that's always happened on Earth.
And anybody that tells you that you can stay locked up and you can control things like this is a liar.
Now, I'm not saying if you want to social distance, you shouldn't.
I'm not saying if you want to stay in your home, you shouldn't.
I'm pointing out the whole thing has been contrived from the beginning and organized
Choreographed, orchestrated, and they admit they are.
And now Bill Gates funds Fauci and Fauci and all the rest of them are on TV saying, we're not going to let you out and stop these restrictions until we have the vaccine, until we have the apps ready to roll out, which they already have in the vaccine.
That'll be next year to make you beg for it and that you can never live the same until no one's dying of this virus or other viruses.
Well, this is rule by terror.
This is rule by virus.
This is a biological dictatorship of the medical tyranny.
Everything that we predicted because they were preparing this, they were gearing this up.
This is their move in their white papers and their laws and in their movies and in the culture.
They have absolutely primed the public for this.
And then up front said, Oh,
We're good.
It's just a two-week extended spring break.
You'll all be back after that.
Remember that in March, start of March?
And I told people back then, I said, ladies and gentlemen, it'll be one month, two months.
And if Trump can be hoodwinked into doing that at the two-month mark, we're done.
But we're coming up on that in a few weeks.
And the economists agree, we will be absolutely, totally screwed.
Meanwhile, you've got a lot of the millennials and folks running around engaged in mentally ill activity.
Spitting and licking food and getting tackled and getting attacked.
You've got other people calling the police in the UK and the US and in Spain on families in their backyards barbecuing or families playing frisbee in their front yard or badminton in their front yard or weightlifting in their front yard.
And that's why Newsom said over a month ago when he ordered the first lockdown in California, he said, listen, we need to call it martial law.
The public, with peer pressure, is doing more than we even wanted.
He was laughing about it to see how pliant the people were.
So this is the new enforcement system, and this is what the nanny state has created.
And these people that believe the state is going to take care of them, they want to prove how compliant they are and how good they are.
Here's a microcosm of that.
It's been a big scandal that if a woman goes in and even has a polyp that is precancerous that they could easily just remove with a very inexpensive surgery where she's not even put under, they just numb the area, send in a biopsy point, remove it, make sure it's all gone, make sure nothing's cancerous around it, and they've got a 99.9% recovery rate with it never coming back.
But it turns out those very common types of precancerous growths on a routine basis, if a woman goes in and totally trusts them,
They will do a major surgery, a mastectomy, remove that entire breast, sometimes tell her, oh it's in your genetics to have breast cancer, let's go ahead and remove the other one.
Then they'll hit them with chemotherapy, which gives you cancer down the road, it's the number one cause of cancer, is chemotherapy, look it up.
And then they'll hit you with up to six weeks of daily radiation.
Those women are usually dead within five years.
Causes all sorts of sicknesses and problems.
A lot of times women have heart attacks within four or five years.
I spent a lot of time researching this last night because, let's just say this, I have some not distant family but not super close family that they're doing this to right now.
They're killing her.
And so I did hours of research last night looking at it and just refreshing my memory.
Anybody can type into a search engine
Women given too much radiation.
Women who don't have breast cancer being given breast cancer surgeries.
I mean, it's...
It's crazy when it then comes home and you're watching the mind control of the sheep and of the compliant, where doctors are gods, and meanwhile the hospital's private.
It's just got an actuary to its bioethics board that says if the person complies, hit them with everything you've got, get as much money out of them, they've got great insurance, and then basically kill them.
So that's how this thing operates, and that's how being compliant will get your ass killed.
My grandmother, my dad's mom, super healthy, great lady.
She had a broken blood vessel in her lung.
It came up.
They said, well, it could be cancerous.
We want to cut part of your lung out.
She lived another 15 years, but it made her have a stroke.
It messed up her heart.
And it was just unbelievable to watch it ruin her life.
And they admitted it wasn't cancer.
My mom's mom, they went in saying she had cancer.
It wasn't really cancer.
Then they came back and said, oh, we want to remove the whole breast a few years later.
She said, screw you, and lived over 12 years after that.
Her doctor, quote, fired her as a patient and said, you'll be probably dead in three years.
Well, she lived 12 years scumbag.
That's what we're getting at here, ladies and gentlemen, is that these doctors just do what the hospitals tell them.
They put in the codes in the computer, it tells them what to do, they have no liability, because the big bioethics boards programmed by folks like Bill Gates control it.
There are still some good doctors out there, but the mainline system is predatory and is evil, and it ties into the whole forced inoculation, and that's the other big closing news here before Owen takes over.
Ladies and gentlemen, we got a call on a special Saturday show I got by a man called X in California.
Two weeks before they shut down California and had the lockdown, he said that he talked to the folks, the dry cleaners, and that the dry cleaners, the police uniforms in Orange County, and that they were going to be locking down coming up on that Monday.
It happened exactly as he said.
The same fellow called in and said that he talked to his sources.
And they said that coming up within two weeks, Newsom is going to say, for two weeks, you've got to stay in your house completely, and you've only got a few days to go get groceries, and then you're totally locked down.
It's all a psychological warfare test, a huge open-air experiment, to then set the precedent to say Trump's got to keep the economy closed as well, or he's not doing as much good as the Democrats, that when people die and Trump opens the economy, they're going to blame him.
Well, I made some calls to sources and they said yes, Newsom is looking, and so is Cuomo, to totally lock things down for at least another month and make the Marshall Law even tighter.
So again, this will create a depression.
If Trump bucks it, then they'll blame him for every death.
This is their master plan.
But either way, they're going to blame Trump and America.
Alright, back to Owen Schroer and the live global transmission.
Please tell everybody to tune in.
That's how we reach new people.
That's how we override the censors.
That's how we defeat the globalists.
Tomorrow's news today.
Owen Schroer sitting in for Alex Jones now.
Ladies and gentlemen, even the best captain of a ship or a boat, even the best in the world, if he's out on choppy seas, if he's out on the ocean in the middle of a hurricane,
Like in Timothy of the Cay, well, even the best captain in the world is likely to lose control of that boat and capsize and for everybody to be underwater.
Even the best.
And that's where we're at right now, folks.
Now, I've prayed to God for clarity on this and guidance on this.
And I've got all the news laid out here, organized with all the headlines.
If you guys want to do a dot cam here.
I've got my coffee from InfoWarsStore.com, Wake Up America, Patriot Blend, so you know I'm energized and focused.
So we'll go through all the news.
We'll try to make sense of it all.
We'll see if we even can.
But here's one thing that's clear to me.
There is no debate on this.
America has a choice to make this week or this month what we want our future to look like.
And if we decide we're willing to hand it all over and give it all up out of fear and then let the government run our lives, tell us when we can't
Operate our business when we can or can't work, or drive, or commute, or engage in social activities, or commerce, or anything, well then we've actually handed over America.
And so you're gonna see the death counts rise, and the coronavirus graphics, and you're gonna see it all, and it's gonna keep happening, and the press conferences, and the this and the that.
But it's ultimately going to be the same issue that we're facing, and it's not this virus, folks.
Yeah, is the virus deadly?
Is it going around?
Is it a vile weapon?
We're gonna get into all of that.
But what happens at the end of this debate, whether it's another month, two months, three months, a year, what happens when we wake up and I guess maybe we just decide it's finally over, it is finally over, and then America's dead?
The economy's dead.
And socialism has now taken over and a one-world government infrastructure has taken over.
What then?
What do you do then?
Nobody's asking that.
Nobody cares about that.
No, actually, people do care.
You're just not seeing or hearing them in government, in media,
Because they've all been censored.
Now who, though?
And I promise you, we're going to get through all of this news today, and then the guests coming up, G. Edward Griffin and Gerald Cilenti.
And I'm going to get to all this news, but who?
Or what news organization has had you more prepared for this
Than anyone else out there?
Well, that would be InfoWars, wouldn't it?
So they can say whatever they want about Alex Jones and InfoWars and try to censor us off of everything and demonize us and lie about us and engage in all kinds of lawfare against us, but who had you more prepared for this moment than anyone else out there?
Well, I don't think there's a debate on that, is there?
It's been Alex Jones, it's been InfoWars.
And now you even see UK ministers no longer discounting theory that coronavirus leaked from a lab in Wuhan, China.
Well, who told you that first?
But we don't have that conversation, do we?
We don't have that debate, do we?
Is that because we dared report it first?
So if InfoWars reports something first, then we just don't count it.
Is that how that goes?
So I guess in a weird, ironic way, InfoWars is actually the best and the worst thing in the world.
It's the best thing in the world because, well, we warned you about all this, we're next year's news today, we're the most accurate, cutting edge.
Oh, but then there's the other aspect.
Well, InfoWars reported it, so we're just going to ignore it.
Oh, came out of a lab in Wuhan?
Nobody talk about that!
InfoWars reported it first.
We don't want to give them any credit.
So let's just ignore that.
Let's just not respond to that.
Let's not look into that.
Well, as the days go by, more and more people are starting to realize
You can censor InfoWars as much as you want, but the truth will still get out.
And so now there's doctors, government officials all over the world looking at the bioweapons lab in Wuhan right next to the outbreak.
Probably never even heard of InfoWars or Alex Jones, and they're just saying, hmm, what are the odds of that?
What are the odds that the one most censored news organization in America told you that back in January?
And if you even recall, folks, I remember sitting right here in this studio talking to Francis Boyle when this was first happening.
When we were on the front lines of this, the lines weren't even formed yet, we were on the front lines.
And I remember just sitting there thinking like, my gosh,
Because they always do this, folks.
They cannot... It's like, if we say something, then they just immediately discount it, no matter how real it is.
Hey, Trump's probably going to beat Hillary.
Did you hear what InfoWars was saying over here?
Trump's going to beat Hillary.
99% said the New York Times, Hillary's going to win.
That InfoWars over there.
They were saying Trump was going to get out of the Republican nomination process, too.
They're crazy.
Oops, it all happened.
Hey, those Infowars guys, they said these social media companies are going to start censoring people.
Yeah, right.
Alex Jones.
Oh, wait, they did.
Now they don't even let you put pictures on Instagram or other places of personalities, quote unquote, they've deemed
I don't even know what they've deemed them, but they just can't be shared on the internet.
The Voldemorts of the world.
Did you see those conspiracy theorists over at Infowars talking about a bio-weapons lab in Wuhan?
That made me chuckle!
I also heard them say that we should shut down the borders and stop people coming in from China!
So it's almost like maybe we should just go away and disappear so that other people can report on this news and then maybe they'll take it seriously.
Because for whatever reason, if we report it first, they don't seem to listen.
Are you listening yet?
Here's what we're telling you now.
You better free America or she will die!
You better put a date on this!
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
Sitting in for Alex today, I am Owen Schroer.
The news just continues to pile up on my desk.
I'm going to do my best to get to all of it.
I want to get to a couple video clips first.
Obviously, President Trump is doing daily press conferences.
See, this is the problem.
I just, I say one thing and then immediately it's like, like a million things just went off in my head like an explosion.
Hey, Trump's doing a daily press conference, and then you know what goes through my head?
Why hasn't he been doing this for three years?
Why didn't he do this when the Obama spy gate was breaking, the FISA abuse was breaking, the Comey leaks were breaking, the Hillary email cover-up was breaking?
I mean, we should have been having these daily press briefings for the last three years, dealing with the damn deep state!
And we might not be in this mess right now!
Sorry, I'm ranting.
But see, that's how it works, folks.
I just have to bury that.
Hey, the President should have been doing daily press briefings on all the abuses during the Obama years, and the illegal spying, and the drug running, and the gun running, and the State Department abuses, and Benghazi, and the cover-up of Hillary Clinton, and the emails, and everything in the WikiLeaks, with the kids in the pool for their entertainment, and Anthony Weiner, and Laura Sillsby.
We should have been having daily press conferences!
We should have already been doing this!
It's just like, eh, you know, now I'm dealing with it.
So let's go to Trump, one of the anti-Trump, 95% of them in the media, asking President Trump why he hasn't closed all grocery stores.
Obviously we know anyone can spread the disease, right?
So why even have a few businesses open?
Why not just shut everything down?
There are grocery stores that are open fast, food places.
Why even take a little chance?
Just shut it all down temporarily.
We're going to have to, we'll answer that question later.
All I can say is that right now things are looking really good and opening up with a bang will be a great thing and there's nobody going to be happier than me.
Now, the reporter actually asked a fair question.
But it's the same issue that's been the problem, folks.
How do you decide what gets open and what gets closed?
Hey, we're gonna make grocery stores, instead of 24 hours, just 12 hours a day.
Well, what, the virus only spreads for 12 hours?
And you know what hours it's most active?
Of course not!
That's ridiculous.
So it's all a test.
It's all a rollout.
But yeah, I mean, but again, see, and this is another ripple.
Hey, what do they know about this virus that they're not telling us?
What makes this thing so deadly?
What makes this thing so contagious?
Was it made in a lab?
Do we know that?
Have we investigated that?
Where's the UN investigating China?
Oh no, they just put China on the head of their board.
We'll get into that.
But then you have the issue of the chloroquine, hydrochloroquine, Z-packs and everything.
And I got a little insider information on this as far as why they aren't pushing anything as a be-all end-all because there's so many different complications with these drugs and heart problems and other things where if you take it, it could be deadlier for you than the virus.
And so they don't want a blanket statement to be ruled out.
But they are definitely trying to suppress this as an effective cure, which it is.
And you have the story.
It was on, I believe, the Gateway Pundit.
Yes, here it is.
Dr. Fauci cheered hydroxychloroquine success treating MERS and coronavirus in 2013, but today he's skeptical.
Isn't that weird?
Well, I think everybody's learning who Dr. Fauci really is.
Deep state minion.
I mean, that guy sucks.
All he does is TV interviews.
Why don't you get back in the lab, you twerp?
So here's President Trump addressing chloroquine.
I want people to live.
And I'm seeing people dying.
And I've seen people that are going to die without it.
And you know the expression when that's happening.
They should do it.
What really do we have to lose?
We also have, this medicine's been tested for many years for malaria and for lupus, so it's been out there.
So it's a very strong, powerful medicine, but it doesn't kill people.
We have some very good results and some very good tests.
You've seen the same test that I have.
In France, they had a very good test.
They're continuing.
But we don't have time to go and say, gee, let's take a couple of years and test it out.
And let's go and test with the test tubes and the laboratories.
We don't have time.
I'd love to do that.
But we have people dying today.
As we speak, there are people dying.
If it works, then it'd be great.
If it doesn't work, we know for many years, malaria, it's incredible what it's done for malaria.
It's incredible what it's done for lupus.
But it doesn't kill people.
That's one of the things with a vaccine.
When we have a vaccine, we have to do tests because when you inject that vaccine, when they take whatever it is they have to take, we have to make sure it doesn't have a
Horrible impact.
Destroy somebody.
So we have to test it for a long period of time.
This one, not so much because it's been out there.
Now, I'm not acting as a doctor.
I'm saying do what you want.
But look at all the things that don't add up at the very medical level.
So you have doctors and nurses being told not to wear masks, not to wear gloves, while they're at the hospital.
They're also told not to do a chest compression on somebody that has coronavirus.
I mean, what?
But then you're supposed to wear a mask in public, you're supposed to wear gloves in public,
And then you had another doctor come out and say, hey, look, these ventilators might not be working.
This disease might not be what we thought it was.
And then you have people showing CAT scans and lung scans and all these different scans and, oh, it could be this and the coronavirus.
Folks, I think we have more questions about this than we even know.
And we are just so desperate for an answer because we've been driven in this hysteria.
We just go along with whatever's available.
And just say, oh, we're fighting the coronavirus.
Who even knows what we're dealing with?
The more I see these people running around and having these press conferences, and the more we learn, the more I realize they don't know jack.
They may think they know something.
They don't know a damn thing.
How many of these people dying are actually dying from coronavirus and not other complications?
How many of these people showing you their lung scans, their brain scans, their livers, tests, all this stuff?
How do we know they didn't already have those problems?
Now they're just in a panic over coronavirus.
How is it that some people can get rapid testing, and this is the big global pandemic and we want to figure it out, some people can get rapid testing, but then if you go and try to get tested for coronavirus, you'll get rejected!
It doesn't make sense!
And then there's the ultimate crime.
The government telling you you can't go out on the streets, the government telling you you have to wear a mask, the government arresting you for paddle boarding in an ocean, riding a bike, having a birthday party, hosting a wedding, going to church.
I got news for you.
Tyranny and communism are more deadly than the flu.
Tyranny and communism are more deadly than the coronavirus.
And so, folks, it's hard to believe what we're going through right now.
It's hard to make sense of it.
And I guess that's why so many people have latched onto the Q movement because it's the only thing that makes sense to them at this point.
So I get it.
I mean, it's time for the people in the Trump administration and people in the media.
This is the week, folks.
It's make or break this week.
Okay, we can't go on like this anymore.
Reopen the economy next week, reopen everything next week, or I mean, I really might come on here and start calling for just revolting against this.
I mean, I'm not calling for violence or illegal activity, but I'm saying host parties, go out on the town, in groups, go to your stadiums, say open up the ballgames again.
I mean, America, let's live.
Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back.
Live to the Alex Jones Show, Owen Schroer filling in for Alex Jones.
Sometimes when you're on a mission that is task oriented, you can get distracted really easily and kind of end up floating into another channel that kind of gets you off the main mission.
Even though it's a mission, like a channel of the main mission, you forget to go straight down the middle.
And I just had that moment when I saw this tweet from Brian Stelter, which of course I'm blocked from seeing Brian Stelter's tweets, so I had to have someone share this with me.
And it all came clear to me, folks, what we're really dealing with.
And again, I'm going to go back into all the channels.
You know, what's the truth about the virus?
How we're being lied to?
How we're being put into control?
All the signs that this has been rigged from the beginning.
All the signs that we've been lied to from the beginning.
The numbers don't add up.
All the different stuff.
I'm going to get into all these different channels.
But something just came in during the break and just smacked me right back into the main channel.
Into the mainstream.
Into the agenda.
The task at hand.
Brian Stelter.
Of course, it's not Stelter.
He's just the Creepo messaging boy that just crawled out of the sewer saying, Ha!
Come down here!
We have hot dogs and popcorn!
Pennywise Stelter.
Just announced, CBS, ABC, NBC networks are coming together to air One World, together at home, Saturday, April 18th.
Colbert, Kimmel and Fallon will co-host.
It'll be on broadcast, plus more than a dozen cable channels, YouTube, radio, etc.
What else do you need to know, folks?
You think this is about a virus?
I'm sorry!
It's just like, I'm so stupid, man.
I fall for their crap.
I can't help it.
They're so good.
They are so good at brainwashing us.
We're so stupid.
I'm talking about myself.
Folks, yeah, the virus is real.
It's probably, but so here's the question.
Here's the question.
Are we more concerned over this virus that was obviously man-made and put out and released to send us into one world government, one world New World Order, worldwide communism?
It's not really communism, it's just corporate control!
Call it communism, call it whatever you want.
It's corporate government.
It's worldwide.
You have no freedoms.
You're not a sovereign citizen.
Sovereign nations don't exist anymore.
Now, we'll still have the facsimile and the ceremony of all of this, but in practice, it's dead.
And there it is, folks, the mainstream news.
They're there for you.
Oh, it's the one world together at home, just like what they want for all time.
So again, we're sitting here obsessing over a virus or a disease outbreak, whatever you want to call it.
It's a distraction, folks.
It's a distraction.
Yeah, it's real.
Yeah, people are dying.
Yeah, people are getting sick.
Truthfully, we don't know as much as we think we know about this deal, or at least we're not being told the truth.
We're being distracted by a virus while the worldwide enemy, the corporate world system of control is coming in and mopping us up.
And we're all in fear over a virus.
We're all getting henpecked that if we don't go along with it, we're going to cause people to die.
And we're all giving up our freedoms and our rights because of all the fear that's been drummed up and the death tally that we see on TV every day.
I mean, you can't change the channel without seeing coronavirus.
You can't flip the channel, you can't browse the internet, you can't go out in the streets, you can't do anything that hasn't been affected somehow by the coronavirus.
It's all by design, folks.
It's 110% all by design to take our freedoms, to create a one-world corporate government, period, end of story.
Now, if you want to sit back and say, oh, but people are dying!
Oh my gosh, the hospitals!
But just know, you went along with it.
You went along with tyranny.
And so, you can't see, but that's the thing too.
You can't blame me for people dying from coronavirus.
I'm never going to accept that.
You should neither.
Even if I reject the whole quarantine, whole cloth, and say screw it, go out on the streets, kiss all the strangers you want, I don't give a damn.
You have the freedom to choose if you want to stay home or go out and be free.
That's your choice.
That's not my choice.
If you're going to sit there and tell people to quarantine, tell people to stay home, tell people to give up their freedoms, then guess what, bro?
When we are engulfed in a one-world tyranny, when we're engulfed in a corporate world government, I'm looking straight at you, Jack!
Oh, you want to tell me I can't go on the streets?
Oh, you're going to tell me I have to be afraid of a virus?
Oh, you're going to tell me I have to give up all my freedoms?
And take a vaccine if I want to go out on the streets?
I have to be tracked on the internet?
I got all the news right here, folks!
It's everything we warned you about!
Oh, those InfoWars guys.
Conspiracy theorists again.
Saying that the coronavirus is meant to bring in world government.
Folks, I have literally... I mean...
Brian Stelter and Jimmy Kimmel with their little stupid one-world-at-home stupid BS.
I don't give a crap about that!
I have stories from Henry Kissinger telling you, you're dead, your freedom's dead, the coronavirus has just enslaved you worldwide.
Do you get it yet?
Are you still afraid of a virus?
Now look, if this thing is man-made in a lab, which it probably was, why aren't they telling us that?
Why aren't we going after who made it?
Why aren't we putting China on the table, pointing our finger at them?
You know why?
Because we've been duped, and we've been dominated by the UN.
See, and President Trump is guilty of this too, because he's fallen for it, folks.
They've scared President Trump out of being the strongman American patriot that he is, saying, we're going to make this coronavirus death count as high as possible and we're going to blame you!
And there's nothing you can do about it!
But President Trump, you have to understand, history will print stories about a coronavirus outbreak during your presidency, but guess what?
What would you rather have history print about your presidency?
That there was a deadly infectious disease or that you were the president when America died?
That's not up to me.
I don't have to make that decision.
But when you have Anthony Fauci
Anthony Fauci?
This fraud?
This swamp creature?
Yeah, you know what?
Let's play the video, guys.
Let's flash the clocks back.
This was a week before.
See, I got all the news, too.
It's like, see, now I'm so scatterbrained, I'm unorganized.
I'm going to reorganize in the second hour and really hammer this out.
Because I got the news proving everything that we're going to get into here.
Because they want to blame Trump for this, folks.
This has nothing to do with Trump.
Let's go to Anthony Fauci, 10 days, okay?
Anthony Fauci, yeah, the guy that does 10 television interviews a day.
I'm not sure when he's actually doing any scientific research or anything about this coronavirus or if he's ever in a lab or if he's testing anything, probably not.
But Dan, does he know how to put on makeup and do an interview?
10 a day.
Here's Fauci.
See if you can understand why this is so critical.
Here's Anthony Fauci 10 days before Donald Trump was even inaugurated.
...is that there is no question that there will be a challenge to the coming administration in the arena of infectious diseases, both chronic infectious diseases in the sense of already ongoing disease, and we have certainly a large burden of that, but also there will be a surprise outbreak.
Well, it's not a surprise if you knew about it, is it there, doctor?
And it wasn't just Fauci, you had Bill Gates, and you had the CDC, and you had all these people warning about a surprise disease outbreaking during the Trump administration.
What the hell was Fauci doing?
What was he doing for three years?
So he knew there was going to be a surprise infectious disease, and what did he do?
Did he get America prepared?
Did he get ventilators prepared?
Did he get masks prepared?
Did he get gloves prepared?
Did he get a system quarantine, America economy shutdown prepared?
No, he did nothing!
Anthony Fauci, you're fired!
Oh, I'm sorry.
I thought, oh, okay.
I thought I was President Trump.
Oh, okay.
So this guy still has a job.
Explain that to me.
Explain to me how Anthony Fauci still has a job.
Knew it was coming three years ago.
Did nothing.
You're fired.
I'm gonna do my best to just try to remain calm and get focused here.
It's just, you know, I mean, I'm not afraid of a virus, but boy oh boy, I'm not afraid of tyranny either.
What I am is a man with a beating heart and a soul and a spirit to fight tyranny and to be free.
So it's not even fear of anything.
It's a natural instinct to be free and to fight these tyrants that I know are trying to make me a slave.
All right, we're going to hear from Alex Jones coming up.
I'm simmering down right now, trying to decide what to do.
I just can't even believe this, folks.
I'm going to be able to focus and get to this news.
Probably in about 30 minutes after Alex Jones comes back.
And... I just don't even know where to go.
Do I show how all this hysteria about the hospitals?
Like, I could roll clip four for B-roll.
New Orleans, which is a hotbed of the coronavirus, they set up like an emergency, like FEMA-type camp system.
It's empty, folks!
There's nobody there!
And again, I'm not even saying it's all fake.
I'm not even saying people aren't getting sick.
Obviously people are getting sick, but it's just like they keep building up this hysteria and it's nowhere to be found.
We did a whole, I mean, people, there was a whole trend on Twitter, film your hospital.
Everybody went to their local hospitals.
Nobody can find a panic.
I went to two hospitals here in Austin where they allegedly have coronavirus patients.
No panic, nothing.
People are getting laid off.
Doctors told they can't wear masks around the hospital.
Can't, I mean, what?
This is unbelievable, man.
I mean, it's like, how do you get Americans
To see what it is we're actually dealing with.
Yeah, there's the story at Infowars.com where they have this video that they're showing on the news treating coronavirus patients.
It's a dummy.
It's not even a real person.
Remember CBS?
Remember CBS showing the footage from Italy claiming it was New York?
They knew that was fake.
Hell, I'm even doubting the footage from Italy was real.
I doubt them all!
I think they're all liars!
I just can't even believe that this is what we're going through right now.
But you know what?
Here's what it is.
This is what we have to understand.
This is what we need the President to understand.
And I just don't know.
It may be too late for him to get this.
This isn't an insult.
I'm just calling it as it is, folks.
President Trump has, what do we have now, guys?
Like 200 days till the election.
Six months or something?
So President Trump has till November pretty much to save this country.
But it's not President Trump, it's us too.
But President Trump is the leader, he's the figurehead.
And so it really comes down to whether he goes along with this shutdown, quarantine, or if he finally bucks it and calls it for what it really is worldwide and points the finger to the man-made virus lab in Wuhan.
And I mean, can I get an investigation of Bill Gates?
I mean, is that so much to ask?
Hi, I'm Bill Gates.
I create and kill viruses.
Oh, really?
Oh, please, can't wait to get your vaccine.
I mean, everywhere the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation goes, major outbreak of disease, and then the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation comes in and swaps it up with a vaccine.
I mean, are you that stupid?
Yes, we are.
Yes, we are.
We really are.
I don't know, folks.
I really, I just, the fact that we still fall for this crap is unbelievable.
But it's the TV, folks.
The TV runs your life.
Do you get that now?
Literally, the TV is your master.
The television is the President of the United States.
The television is the leader of the world.
Whatever the TV tells you to do, whatever the TV tells you to be afraid of, whatever the TV dictates reality is, we buy it!
Even though it's all fake!
It's all corporate controlled!
It's all to make you a slave!
It's now more obvious than ever!
The clock is ticking.
It never stops.
Your destiny, our destinies are all intertwined.
So many people tune into the show and they think that it's just one more ideology, one more movement out there, another school of thought, and it's not.
Our broadcast is the most real politic transmission to ever exist.
The guests, the callers, the analysis, everything we do has chronicled who the major players on the planet are and what their ideologies are.
And then I simply point out we should have a pro-human ideology.
We should have a movement of the public becoming aware
of the infrastructure and the social engineering going on on the planet so that we can all be part of that debate and not just see the post-human era brought in by stealth.
And the work we've done at InfoWars has already launched nationalist and populist movements worldwide.
You, the audience of activists, have done that and we cannot overstate the importance of this transmission and the fact that we're still on air.
Almost everyone else now has been censored into oblivion.
Or to the little local TV and radio stations that they're still on.
I was on a fellow's show today who once was syndicated across the country and was as big as Howard Stern.
And he's on one radio station and one TV station.
And he's very popular where he's at.
But none of the articles or videos or
Posty gets out can be seen.
They're all shadowbanned.
Well, if we the people realize that's happening with Big Tech, and every day realize it's a fight, it's a war, it's an adventure, to by word of mouth share information via email, text messaging, face-to-face, we can overdrive and override this entire system.
And we better do it now, because the globalists have been behind, but now they're accelerating
Their whole program for forced inoculation and the sterolins that are in those vaccines on record and the loss of immune system function you get with every vaccine you take.
That's a undisputed fact.
So today I wanted to just remind all of you that listen how really important you are and the fact that you resonate with the truth and the fact that you're aware of what's going on means that you've really
I have a responsibility, because of how you were brought up, what you saw, what you learned, the experiences you had, to try to warn others.
And look, I know you're doing that, but you really have to do it.
And you shouldn't be arrogant about it, but you should be very, very confident.
Because we've been proven right about the New World Order, and the human animal clones, and the Satanism of the globalists, and the human sacrifice, and the pedophilia.
Yeah, I know 25 years ago it was scary to hear stuff like that.
I didn't believe it when I first heard Ted Gunderson, high-level FBI agent, exposing it.
But he had the proof.
And all these years later, it turns out it was worse than he was even saying.
I remember Ted Gunderson, he used to come on the show and he'd just rattle this and that and talk about this and that and how they caught him devil-worshipping here and human-sacrificing there and they took over a whole town here and how they infiltrated the Pentagon and how they... And I'm thinking, this is just cr... But once you get all that knowledge,
It's like an Invasion of the Body Snatchers, the original 1950s that's based in Bakersfield.
And he gets out of the town that's been taken over and he's running towards the highway.
He climbs up the back of an army truck and it's full of the pods.
I'm using that as an analogy.
And he goes, oh my god, they're everywhere!
You're in danger!
That's how the movie almost ends.
Then it cuts to him going into a doctor's office.
He's a doctor.
They listen to him.
They believe him.
And they say, let's call the governor's office.
Let's do something.
Let's stop this.
And then you don't know if we ever stop the alien takeover.
Well, this is a takeover of evil.
Spiritual takeover.
But in the movie, the doctor's like, you've got to listen to me.
I'm telling you, I was just in the town.
It all happened.
And now there's army trucks rolling in with more of them.
They've taken over the army.
And it's the same thing, that once you know this, people say, why are you so excited?
Because I could talk for 10 hours and tell you just about the current stuff that's happening.
Just last night, we got another call from a source who was dead on about the California lockdowns to the day from law enforcement.
I made some calls, they said, yeah, they're looking in the next two weeks to announce, don't go to the grocery store, don't go to even the pharmacy, get it all now, don't leave for two weeks.
So they're just clamping down, clamping down, clamping down.
And then sure enough, I'm on this radio show this morning, I'll just say it, in Chicago, and he goes, did you see where the White House, where Fauci's now saying it?
And so as I was on that show driving into work, I got in the office and pulled it up, and sure enough, they're already getting everybody ready.
Like, oh, maybe you shouldn't go to the bank or go to the store or go to the pharmacy, but you know, once every few weeks, you need to stay in.
They're already pre-programming.
Before that, and you just see the news is closing.
So we're going to go to break.
More of Owen Schroer coming up.
And I want to air this four minute clip of the head scientist at the WHO and others from back in December saying that the vaccines are hurting people.
There's been a cover up.
The front line of doctors is wobbly.
The adjuvants are causing problems.
So you can understand how serious all of this is and how they're not studying the vaccines.
And now this is the ultimate medical tyranny now.
We let them abort all the kids and now, ladies and gentlemen, now they're coming for our health as well.
Alright, InfoWars.com, NewsWars.com, tomorrow's news today.
Please, tell everyone you know, do it daily.
This is an InfoWar.
You are beyond essential.
God bless you.
Here's the UN report.
We really don't have very good safety monitoring systems in many countries and this adds to the
The first
Accusation is it is the adjuvant.
And yet without adjuvants, we are not going to have the next generation of vaccines.
And many of the vaccines that we do have, ranging from tetanus through to HPV, require adjuvants in order for them to work.
When we add an adjuvant, it's because it is essential.
We do not add adjuvants to vaccines because we want to do so.
But when we add them, it adds to the complexity.
And I give courses every year on how do you develop vaccines?
How do you make vaccines?
And the first lesson is
While you're making your vaccine, if you can avoid using an adjuvant, please do so.
It seems to me that adjuvants multiply the immunogenicity of the antigens that they are added to, and that is their intention.
It seems to me they multiply the reactogenicity in many instances.
And therefore it seems to me that it is not unexpected if they multiply the incidence of adverse reactions that are associated with the antigen but may not have been detected through lack of statistical power in the original study.
The major health concern which we are seeing are accusations of long-term effects.
It's also the subject population that you administer the adjuvant to because we've seen data presented to us where
An adjuvant, a particular adjuvant added to a vaccine antigen did really nothing when administered to a certain population and it's usually the elderly, you know, compared to administering the same formulation to younger age strata.
So these are things which need to be considered as well and further complicate safety and effectiveness evaluation of adjuvants combined with vaccine antigens.
I cast back my mind to our situation in Nigeria, where at 6 weeks, 10 weeks, 14 weeks, a child is being given different antigens from different companies.
And these vaccines have different adjuvants, different preservatives, and so on.
Something crosses my mind.
Is there a possibility of these adjuvants, preservatives, cross-reacting amongst themselves?
Have there ever been a study
We have a very wobbly health professional frontline that is starting to question vaccines and the safety of vaccines.
When the frontline professionals are starting to question or they don't feel like they have enough confidence about the safety to stand up to it, to
Do you want to put the world into tyranny?
Step 1.
Worldwide fear and panic.
Drive it home with consistent messaging.
Step one is complete.
You want to know step two for global tyranny?
Well, let's go to the head of the St.
Louis Federal Reserve and find out.
Do you think that this global economy is going to look the same on the other side of this pandemic?
Are those jobs actually going to exist for people to go back to?
You know, I have good news for you, Marvin, because we have a there is a solution using available technology today to fix the economic part of this problem.
The solution is universal testing.
What you want is every single person to get tested every day, and then they would wear a badge like they would at a
After they voted or something like that to show that they've been tested, this would immediately sort out who's been infected and who hasn't been infected.
That would help the health care sector, but it would also help the economy because we could interact with each other with a lot of confidence.
So there you go, ladies and gentlemen, you're seeing phase two of global tyranny being rolled out right in front of you.
Forced vaccinations, forced tests, digital tracking, that's what the 5G is for, which is probably making this virus outbreak worse, if not causing it altogether.
And they just do it right in front of your face, but you're so scared, the fear driven into you by the television media,
You're willing to give up all your freedoms for it, and I'm getting sick and damn tired of so-called patriots and influencers on social media going along with this.
What happened to being a rough and tough, gritty American, land of the free, home of the brave?
Are we just done with that?
Did we just wake up one day and just decide we're just done with that?
That's just, no, not our thing anymore?
All right, I'm gonna bear down here and just start to just rigorously go through these headlines to the best I can to put it all together for you.
Here we go.
UK ministers no longer discounting theory that COVID-19 leaked from Wuhan lab.
Yeah, it's pretty much totally confirmed and so this is a man-made bioweapon and we're not being told the truth about it and it came out of China and we get no investigations and China actually gets put on the UN Human Rights Abuses Board.
That's just great, isn't it?
Oh yeah, by the way, still all the manufacturing and production like for like
What, 75% of the world is all coming out of China still, too, so that's nice.
Don't forget about this, folks.
Harvard professor among three charged with lying about Chinese government ties.
Harvard professor working with man-made diseases.
Charles Lieber from Harvard working with China.
Oh, nothing to see there.
China's disgusting profiteering from the coronavirus spread exposed.
Yeah, a total power grab from China.
Their social credit score digital control grid being implemented worldwide using Google's Dragonfly to do it.
That story is at Infowars.com.
Here it is.
China joins UN Human Rights Council despite ongoing abuses.
Yeah, you know, they just lock you up and throw you in a cage if you believe in God and
They'll, uh, you know, sell your organs for organ harvesting if they can, and, you know, who knows what all this stuff?
They're making weapons and Wuhan bioweapons that leak out and infect the global pandemic, but hey, you know, China, put them on the UN board for human rights abortions.
StoryInfoWars.com from Jamie White.
Video shows hospital using dummies in ER for coronavirus footage.
So they're all faking the footage, folks.
It's like they do this whole hospital war game thing.
You go to your local hospital, it's a dead ghost town.
They set up a whole FEMA camp set up in New Orleans.
Literally not even a soul there.
Journalists threatened and detained as countries on multiple continents restrict coronavirus coverage.
Yeah, they don't want you to go to the hospital and film.
They don't want you to show the fake news.
They don't want you to show how it's all a big hysteria fest.
And by the way, folks, you need to understand this at a base level.
And believe me, I don't like saying this.
I don't like knowing this.
But this is something that is tough and a burden that we just have to accept, folks.
The average Trump-hating Democrat is so committed to their hatred for Trump, they will lie about anything, folks.
They will stage anything, lie about anything, do anything.
Yes, that goes from the top of the power structure, like the Obama administration and all the illegal treason that they engaged in, and it even goes to the bottom.
In the middle with the Jussie Smollett's faking hate crimes.
But it also goes to the very bottom, folks.
People in the healthcare industry, people in the news media, people in all of it, they're all lying, they're all faking, they're all engaging in all of this to get Trump.
Believe that.
Realize that.
You know that's the case.
These are deranged people.
The coronavirus pandemic will forever alter the world order.
Wall Street Journal.
Who wrote that, I wonder?
Henry Kissinger!
Oh, yes!
Oh, but nothing to see here with Henry Kissinger, who's been, you know, promoting a one world government, a new world order for decades, telling you, yep, this is the pandemic to change the world forever.
They're telling you!
Do you understand?
They're literally telling you what they've done?
Hey, we released a bioweapon out of China.
Hey, we made sure that we lied about it so that a global pandemic would happen.
Oh well, guess what?
Now you lose all your rights and now the world is going under a one world tyranny system thanks to China and the communists and the American media.
And now Henry Kissinger has told you all of it in the Wall Street Journal.
Isn't that nice of him?
That's nice of Henry Kissinger to tell us that.
Thank you, Henry.
Times, coronavirus outbreak will change America forever.
They're just hammering that home.
Just telling you to accept it.
Yeah, after the coronavirus, you don't get to be free.
After the coronavirus, you get no medical freedom.
After the coronavirus, well, the government just decides when you can breathe air, or leave your front door, or get on the internet, or anything.
You just have to accept it!
You don't get a choice.
You're not an American anymore.
You're a slave!
Gorbachev, time to revise the entire global agenda.
I mean, folks, they're telling you.
AP News, after virus, how will Americans view of the world change?
They are telling you, folks.
They're broadcasting the message and they're hoping you receive it because that gives them cover when they kill you!
It's like, you know.
Let's move on.
I won't have time for this, Dax.
Let me go over here.
Japanese leader declares state of emergency as coronavirus spreads.
Complete collapse of economy ahead as Africa faces virus.
They haven't really had an outbreak yet.
They also have no 5G.
So we'll monitor that.
Bodies of COVID-19 victims pile up in streets of Ecuador.
Again, though, I mean, who knows?
Is this normally happening in Ecuador?
I mean, it's like, you could pull videos out of Venezuela of people dead in the streets and say, see, it's coronavirus.
And people wouldn't even know the difference.
They're just starving because of communism.
France turns to speedy trains to catch up in virus response.
Like sheep for slaughter, American airline flight attendants speak out.
But wait, how come flight attendants and people on airplanes haven't been totally stricken and devastated by this?
Have you noticed that?
You'd think that that would be the first industry hit, but it still hasn't been, so something doesn't add up there.
Again, it's all about blaming Trump, even though this was all Fauci.
Fauci said in 2017 that this was coming, and he did nothing.
He did nothing.
But yeah, blame Trump.
Oh, and by the way, those months, those quote-unquote wasted months, what were we doing?
We were dealing with fake Russian collusion, fake Ukrainian quid pro quo, fake impeachment.
So the Democrats are running all this fake garbage for three years against Trump while they knew a major viral outbreak was coming and then they still blame Trump.
These are demons.
Ladies and gentlemen, Owen Schroer here sitting in for Alex Jones.
Alex Jones is in the house and he's looming.
So we may be hearing from him.
And look, I got to be honest with you too, before I get into this news, and I got two segments to try to get it all out.
Folks, look, it's like a punch drunk situation up here half the time with me now.
Because I mean, and same with Alex, it's like we can't get a break from this stuff.
And it's just like, we can't, we see the propaganda.
It's like having the glasses on full time, like in they live.
And it's just,
I mean, honestly, if it wasn't for God's grace, I think I'd probably go insane.
But the stir craziness, the shut-in problems, the punch drunk of it all, I mean, it really does wear on the soul, folks.
And if you can't go into suspended animation, it just becomes even harder to deal with.
Let me try to just really focus without getting hysterical, without ranting and raving, and just really get into this news and try to tie it all together.
And I'm gonna need the help with the crew on this one right here.
Coronavirus peak death rate will strike U.S.
in 11 days when 2,600 people will die in 24 hours.
So here's what I want the crew to do.
Somebody back there, I want you to make a sticky note on this.
So on April 16th, I wanna come back
Okay, and let's see if on April 16th, 2,600 people die in the United States as the models are predicting.
Because I'm sick and damn tired of these models being 0% accurate!
You understand that?
That's a 0% accuracy rate!
0% on the models!
And we never call them out on it, they never get scolded for it, and they just keep bringing us new models for fear-mongering.
Okay, so let's actually hold their feet to the fire on this one, because I'm done!
And I'm 100% fully committed.
And everyone has to decide this week.
See, I'm already doing it, but I have to do it.
Everyone has to decide this week, folks.
You can't go on like this anymore.
No limbo, no tightrope walking, no halfway on the fence, halfway off, grass is green on their side.
This is the week.
If you're in media,
If you're in business or if you're in the government and you have any decision or influence upon whether the government reopens or the economy reopens or stays closed, you have to decide this week!
I've decided!
Reopen the economy!
Reopen the sports leagues.
Reopen the bars.
Reopen the gyms.
Reopen America.
I'm double, I'm triple, I'm quadruple down.
And guess what?
If a million Americans die from coronavirus because we reopen the economy, you're not going to put that on me.
And I have no guilt, and I have no holds barred anymore.
You're not going to do that to us.
You're not going to hold us hostage.
This is what they're doing right now.
This is what they're doing.
They're pointing a gun at our face.
And they're saying, you better shut down!
You better stay inside!
You better quarantine!
Otherwise, I'm gonna pull this trigger, and you're gonna get blamed for it.
No, because you know what Americans do?
They take the gun right back out, and they point it in the tyrant's face, and they say, you feeling lucky?
So I'm telling you right now,
Anybody who is still hedging on whether or not the economy should remain open or not, anyone who's still hedging after this week, is a coward and a fraud!
And they deserve to be called out as such, and treated as such, because I'm damn sick and tired of it.
So this is make or break, folks.
This is make or break.
I say reopen.
Most Americans, 90% of America is ready to reopen.
Let's be real.
And to those in media and the government that want to see America continue to shut down until May or June or August, or as Fauci says, forever, Anthony Fauci literally wants it shut down forever, folks.
So does Bill Gates.
They want it shut down forever until they can eject a needle into your ass.
These sick freaks!
These are not Americans!
You think that's an American?
That's a damn traitor!
That's a damn traitor right there!
There's another one!
There's another damn traitor!
This guy's beyond just a traitor to America, this guy's a traitor to humankind!
This guy's a damn alien!
You wanna look at an alien invasion?
Look at damn Bill Gates!
Yeah, he built the windows so he could look into your soul, into your life, into your house.
Why do you think it's called windows?
Why do you think when he merged with Apple, they had the logo of him taking a bite out of the apple?
That's their evil, folks!
They are Satan!
Do you get it yet?
They're going for the digital tracking grid!
Okay, see, I'm already ranting and raving.
Make or break this week, and all the people that want to see the economy continue to shut down, they have to start giving us numbers.
How many, when do we get to reopen?
Give me a date.
How many deaths?
Give me the curve.
Give me something!
Quit giving me models and fear!
It's time for answers!
Let me continue.
Mysterious heart damage, not just lung troubles, baffling COVID patients.
Again, they're just attributing anything and everything to COVID now.
Oh, you have a heart murmur, must be coronavirus.
Oh, you got a kidney stone, must be coronavirus.
Oh, it hurts when you pee, must be coronavirus.
Oh, you got a cramp in your calf, must be coronavirus.
Oh, it's literally everything.
Amazon worker says dildos are not essential items as warehouse remains open.
Dildos are not essential items.
Well, you should tell that to Stelter's wife.
5G coronavirus conspiracy theory spurs rash of telecom tower arson fires.
Now look, I'm not encouraging violence or destruction of property, okay?
But what are you gonna do?
People know the 5G is killing them.
People know it's killing them.
And what?
We get nothing?
We get no investigation?
They just roll it out, force us down our throat?
Because it's all about the next generation of surveillance, folks.
They have to have the 5G to track you and trace you in real time, and they're admitting it now, and I'll get to that.
Representative Mark Green, China trying to force France onto Hawaii 5G in exchange for masks.
Do you understand that?
So China creates a shortage of masks worldwide, and then hoards them, and then says, we'll give you masks if you take our 5G, which is the method of killing you!
Which is the method of spreading the virus!
I mean, unbelievable!
Wake up!
The big question for sports, when will you feel safe around 20,000 strangers again?
How about right now?
How about reopen the sports leagues, the stadiums will be filled, I guarantee it!
I guarantee it!
You open up MLB baseball, sold out crowds tomorrow.
You open up NHL hockey, sold out crowds tomorrow.
Americans aren't living in fear, folks.
Coughing tiger at Bronx Zoo tests positive for coronavirus.
Neighbor calls lockdown police on family for weightlifting in their own front yard.
Jack Murphy, I've reached out to him.
We'll see if he can come on InfoWars.
How dare you?
See, because you're an American, you need to be head packed into staying at home and sitting down and shutting up and watching Netflix and getting fat and lazy and unhappy on your couch like a good American.
Video shoppers tackle man spitting, coughing on grocery store produce.
This is happening nationwide.
This hysteria is driving people nuts.
In Italy, going back to work may depend on having the right antibodies.
So now, you're gonna get a blood test!
And they're gonna test your blood!
And if you have the antibodies, then you can leave your house and go to work.
Oh, nothing totalitarianism about that.
No dystopian future about that.
Coronavirus victims may be given passports so people know they have COVID-19.
Oh, so now you get a little marker!
Oh, it's like in Nazi Germany!
That's nice!
Spanish government aims to roll out basic income soon.
Also, they get their 5G total digital surveillance grid tracking and trace kits in real time all over the coronavirus.
And now they get their basic income too!
Oh, rolling out the government socialism communism structure too.
Oh, isn't that nice?
Louisiana church holds services to find coronavirus stay-at-home order.
We need more of them.
Cops break up Brooklyn funeral for coronavirus victims.
Yeah, how dare you have a funeral?
How dare you have a birthday party or a funeral or anything?
You need to just stay at home by yourself.
Oh yeah, that's right folks!
Total, like I said, I mean who told you all this was coming?
A reporter asked Trump why he hasn't closed all grocery stores.
Yeah, because it doesn't add up.
Is this the deadliest outbreak ever?
Why is anything still open?
Germany developing coronavirus tracking app.
Wants EU-wide system.
Cops broadcast corona rap to make people stay inside.
This is it, folks!
The virus is not corona!
It's tyranny!
It's fear!
Alright, I'm going to try to remain focused here and not get too hysterical, but it's kind of hard not to, considering what we're dealing with.
But you know, there's all these obvious questions that we're just, I guess, too afraid to ask.
Or we just don't bother asking because we know they won't be answered.
So we don't want to have this exercise of futility.
But the numbers keep coming out.
And what do they keep saying?
This is from ABC News this morning.
The United States has by far the highest national tally in the world according to data compiled by the Centers for Systems Science and Engineering at Johns Hopkins University, who was also involved in Event 201 that
Well, they literally practiced this whole thing back in October, but still couldn't figure it out.
So they did the simulations, which by the way, Bill Gates is doing television interview after television interview.
Look, folks, I monitor news and cable news as much as about anyone on earth, I would imagine.
I don't know how you can do it more.
Bill Gates never does TV interviews.
The fact that he's done about five in the last two weeks, I mean, come on.
Come on, folks.
But why is the United States leading the world in cases?
Why is nobody asking that?
Why does the United States have the most cases?
Is it because we have a lot of 5G?
I mean, obviously China's lying.
I mean, that goes without saying.
But why do we have the most cases?
Is it because we have the most 5G outside of China?
Is it because we have the best testing and we're just testing the most people and so we know that?
Is it because we're just assuming everyone that steps into a hospital with a cough or a broken toe has coronavirus?
I think it's all of the above.
To get Trump, folks.
It's not even to get Trump.
It's to kill America.
See, Trump is just not anti-American.
Trump is actually American trying to be the U.S.
The criminal cabal that's been behind the last five presidents, the criminal cabal that killed JFK, the criminal cabal that launched it all, folks.
They launched the fake wars.
They launched it all.
They've done everything.
It's the same group, shadow group of people that now want a corporate government worldwide.
Why is the United States leading the world in cases?
Why is nobody calling out China for lying?
Because it's not about the truth.
It's not about stopping the virus.
It's not about saving humanity from a virus.
It's about killing America.
That's what it's about.
Fauci and Birx, who by the way, Patrick Halley was on
Patrick Halle was on InfoWars yesterday breaking this down.
Her medical license is expired.
So what in the hell is she doing?
Fauci and Burks both have big money, Bill Gates conflicts of interest.
Yeah, Fauci and Bill Gates are like tied at the hip, folks.
When will somebody investigate Bill Gates?
Bill Gates calls coronavirus pandemic a nightmare scenario but predicts lower death toll than Trump.
Well, yeah, as long as he gets to inject you with his vaccines and make a billion more dollars.
But this is the other thing.
People keep casting this thing off like, come on, Owen, Bill Gates has hundreds of billions of dollars.
He doesn't need to do this.
He cares about people.
Okay, A, at a certain level of the top echelon of elite folks, money is nothing.
Money is like a fart in the wind.
The real economy at that level is not money.
It's power.
It's influence.
It's resources.
It's cheese pizza.
It's blackmail.
That's the real economy.
Money is just a digital number to them.
It's all rigged.
They don't give a damn about that.
They don't peddle in money.
They peddle in blackmail.
They peddle in influence.
They peddle in resources.
Why do you think billionaires buy up failing publications like the New York Times?
Because it's not about making money.
It's about influence and power.
Fauci's a total fraud.
Seven years ago, cheers hydroxychloroquine as a successful drug.
Now he's skeptical.
Inside the White House, blow up over hydroxychloroquine.
Here's the answer.
Fire Fauci!
Get that rat swamp creature out of there!
It's really that simple.
I don't know why nobody else can seem to figure that out.
Maybe it's all part of the plan.
As Trump administration... Okay, so now see, and here's where you get to the meat.
As Trump administration debated travel restrictions, thousands streamed in from China.
Well, who was telling Trump not to do that?
It was the Democrats calling him racist.
Remember that?
And now they want to blame Trump?
No, folks.
Trump wanted to shut it all down.
They wouldn't let him.
And now they're blaming him for not doing it?
I mean, he has to see through this.
It's just like...
Trump sees limit of his presidency in avoiding blame for virus.
Again, so it's all about they spread it by telling him he's racist if he won't shut down the borders.
They spread it by launching the 5G networks.
They spread it by literally making it a lab in China.
And then it's all Trump's fault.
Oh, yes.
And then here we go.
State Democrat representative wants Trump in front of the Hague for crimes against humanity.
Now you have multiple Democrats and you have worldwide leaders saying Trump deserves to go to jail for spreading the coronavirus.
But China, Charles Lieber, Bill Gates, and everything that they've done?
No, no, no, no.
No media will talk about that.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
No, you don't touch the almighty Bill Gates.
You don't touch the almighty China that launched this virus and then lied about it and still is to this day.
No, no, no, no.
See, we set Trump up, we frame Trump, and then we blame Trump, and then we use the media to hammer it home and drive the fear to blame Trump, and then we can defeat him in 2020.
That's the plan with the fake election they're about to have.
And so look, I'm not the president and I'm doing my role as a citizen here, but let me tell you something.
If President Trump doesn't move against the deep state and we don't see 10, 20, 30, 100 arrests by November, he's done.
And America's done.
I hope people realize that.
Because again, he can build up the economy.
That was great.
They just crashed it, folks.
It took them a week to crash the whole damn thing.
They shut it down.
Six million people apply for unemployment in one day.
That's a record.
It's not even close.
The second highest.
All right.
Now here's a twist.
Let me try to get into this one.
Navy captain removed from carrier, test positive for coronavirus.
Let me just hit these headlines and tell you what's going on.
Leaders back, Navy firing of ship captain, sailors cheered him.
Well, maybe it was a political thing.
Aboard the USS Roosevelt, sailors braced for the worst.
Theodore Roosevelt captain followed in footsteps of ship's namesake by writing bombshell letter.
We're good to go.
Look at how they treated the military during the Obama years.
US expands Navy presence in Caribbean.
Is military action against Maduro likely?
Now think about that, folks.
As the Navy is actually golfing on some serious missions in Central and South America, this Navy captain was leaking to the media that his entire carrier ship is basically in quarantine.
He tried to dock.
Without permission, he went through the command order.
So, the guy deserved to be removed from the ship.
Just on... Out of the manual, basically.
But there's something else going on here, folks.
There's something else going on here, and I'll be honest.
I knew something was going on here about over a week ago and I didn't get into it because everybody I talked to, this was for whatever reason, it was so sensitive, so fragile, I just decided not to.
And then there's this whole weird thing with military people in the Navy and it's like everybody just kind of craps on the Navy people.
I'm not a military guy.
I'm not involved with that.
But so there's that angle too when I try to answer like, oh, these Navy guys, they, yeah, yeah, yeah, they got their own thing going on, you know.
But so what's going on here?
Well, let's see.
So, Crozier, the captain, who was relieved of duty, is again, breaking chain of command, trying to dock without permission, and then leaking to the media that his aircraft carrier ship is basically inflicted and unoperable because of coronavirus.
Okay, so he's relieved of duty for that, and should have been.
But then you have people saying, oh, he's a hero!
He is a hero!
By the way, this guy's a Democrat.
He's a hero, they say.
Okay, well, why?
Well, he's stopping the spread of coronavirus.
Well, what happened after he got relieved?
A thousand crew members of the carrier went out and cheered him and did what?
Stood shoulder to shoulder, no gloves, no masks, were high-fiving, screaming and chanting and shouting, there's spittle going everywhere, so they just spread coronavirus!
So they just inflicted the entire ship with coronavirus,
Thanks to this naval officer!
So is he really a hero?
I don't know!
Hi there.
Owen Schroer here from InfoWars.
And I want to tell you about a serious problem affecting America right now.
Joe Menchia.
I'm here to ask you for your help.
These are some of the signs that you or someone you know may be suffering from Joe Menchia.
Where you are.
North South Carolina.
Forgetting your boss's name.
Are you going to stick with the president?
Last guy on this issue?
Making up mythical characters.
Corn Pop was a bad dude.
Getting aggressive towards journalists.
Why are you texting him?
Why, why, why, why, why?
Forgetting lines to your speech.
All men and women created by the... You know the thing.
Forgetting what you were supposed to say.
In addition to that, we have to... We are... Well, let me go to the second thing.
Name-calling and hostility.
I'm beginning to see why your wife left you.
Biting your spouse's hand in public.
Unabashed flirtation with young children.
Eleven years old.
Talk to me before we leave, okay?
I got hairy legs and the kids used to come up and reach in the pool and rub my leg down.
If you or someone you love is suffering from Jomentia, please share with them the truth at band.video and the health supplements at infowarsstore.com and together we can defeat Jomentia.
Now ladies and gentlemen, you better believe the fact that the New World Order Deep State
Using the political party of the Democrats as their injector into our political framework is desperate knowing Joe Biden is all they have right now.
Joe Biden is a creep.
He's a criminal and everybody knows it.
And so the Democrats are kind of testing Cuomo right now and they're testing now this Democrat mayor from Michigan with all the interviews she's doing and everything.
So they know Biden is a disaster.
And you know, I really wanted to do kind of an in-depth thing about this too, but I got a guest coming up next.
But folks, you gotta understand that the Obama administration has been caught red-handed, engaged in so many crimes.
I mean, it's unbelievable.
And so they're doing everything they can with Obama and Clapper and Comey and Brennan and Biden to cover up their treason.
And that is a major factor in this game of geopolitical social chess that we're witnessing right now.
Obama got caught red-handed with the illegal spying, his administration with the FISA abuse, the coup against the president from the FBI to the CIA.
It's all caught.
All of it, wide open to the public.
Now, I have to sit here every day and listen to a damn press conference about coronavirus?
I should be listening to a press conference every day about how we're going to bring these treasonous criminals by the names of Barack Hussein Obama, James Comey, John Brennan, and James Clapper in for trial.
That's what I should be getting press conferences on every day, but I don't.
I get Dr. Fauci.
Now here's another Joe Biden funny in clip five.
Easter is coming up.
Make sure Joe Biden isn't around your Easter party.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, so that's just a little funny.
It's just two kids on Easter and then Joe Biden comes dressed as the Easter Bunny and they start panicking and running as well.
I mean, if you saw Joe Biden dressed up, hell, if you just saw Joe Biden, period, at your kid's party, I'd shut it down.
Maybe even call the police, hide your kids and wife type situation when Joe Biden, creepy Uncle Joe comes to town.
He's looking for a kid to grow up, guaranteed.
Crazy time to be alive.
It's everything the globalists would want to do to America happening in the blink of an eye.
The crashing of our economy, the inflation of our system, our monetary system, the complete lockdown order so that you don't even go in the streets anymore.
Yeah, that's right.
You filthy, dirty American pig, you.
How dare you go out in the streets?
And if you do, you better have your badge!
It says you got tested for Corona!
And you better have your mask!
And you better engage in social distancing!
This is what it's like to be an American now!
Land of the free!
Home of the brave!
No, not so much.
But there may be a silver lining to this with G. Edward Griffin, who is my guest from redpillexpo.com.
So we've seen the most ridiculous $2 trillion boondoggle under President Trump, most ridiculous stimulus package in the history of this country.
And it happened under Donald Trump.
Now, there are, again, silver linings to this that people think there may be something else happening behind the scenes, and so G. Edward Griffin is here to explain.
G. Edward Griffin from redpillexpo.com.
We saw the $2.2 trillion stimulus get totally abused and porked by the Democrats.
They're now already suggesting more stimulus.
What's next?
$3 trillion?
$4 trillion?
$10 gajillion?
Where does it end?
G. Edward Griffin.
Boy, that's a good introduction, Owen.
Thank you.
Yeah, where does it end?
I guess that assumes that there is an end.
I'm beginning to wonder if there is an end, because I see this as a continuum that's been going on for so long.
And it's all, I guess there is an end game to everything.
Yeah, you can't keep pumping up a bubble until forever.
At some point it breaks.
But old guys like myself have been predicting that the bubble is going to really splat any day now.
We've been doing that for so long that our credibility is somewhat stretched.
But that didn't change the laws of mathematics or the laws of nature.
It's going to happen.
Yes, it's ridiculous.
But the question arises, do these guys in Congress who are passing or approving of these acts, the Federal Reserve is doing some of it just on its own, but Congress has to come along at some point and sign the paper and say, yeah, that's that's legal.
Do they really think it's going to solve anything or is there an agenda that we can't see?
Well, I've become kind of skeptical over the years.
One of the few things I ever agreed with Franklin Delano Roosevelt was he said that in politics, nothing is a coincidence.
I thought, well, that is true.
And so and especially the bigger the event,
And the more absurd it seems to be, the more likely, in my view, that it's not a coincidence.
So I don't think it's stupidity either, although I have to admit that some of these guys appear to be pretty stupid.
But I think stupidity is kind of an excuse.
They know that what they're doing is unsustainable.
They know it's going to really wreak havoc in the economy, going to put a lot of people into
On to the streets, it may even trigger some food riots like we've seen in other countries.
Could it be that they really are looking forward to that?
That's a heck of a question, isn't it?
Who would look forward to riots in the street and all kinds of calamity and people going hungry and losing their housing and all of that?
Who would want that?
Well, the fact is that there are people who want that and they've written books about it.
These people have existed for
Over a couple of centuries now, they've talked about the necessity to change society.
In particular, the necessity to change the American society, to get the Americans off of their addiction, as they call it, to the comforts of life, to get them away from this dreaded thing called capitalism, get them to join the beehive economy and political system of collectivism.
Sometimes we call that communism, fascism, Nazism, socialism.
But it's collectivism, and they think that's the ideal, and they know, wisely I think they figured it out, that when people are desperate for existence, if they're on their knees begging for help,
Help against some dreaded threat, help against an enemy from abroad, in a war, or a pandemic, or global warming that's going to destroy the planet, or crime, or drugs, or whatever this great threat is, they turn for help.
And they don't ask about whether it's legal, or whether it's right or wrong, whether it's constitutional.
A drowning man is not much concerned about the Constitution.
And they know this.
So yes, the answer to that question is, yeah, there are people who do want to see things collapse.
And they do everything possible to collapse the system so people will be on their knees begging for help and not asking too many questions.
And that's what they're waiting for.
They can move in.
Completely revise the system and nobody will object.
In fact, they'll say, oh, thank you for martial law on the streets.
Oh, thank you for protecting us.
And by the way, where's our food coupon?
And where do we sleep tonight?
And so forth.
So that's how I look at it.
And it's an ugly view.
I wish I didn't feel that way.
You said, here is Griffin.
He'll have a silver lining.
And through the storm cloud, that was not a silver lining.
So what can I say except that the silver lining, if there is one,
Is the fact that this thing is becoming so obvious now that it does not make sense in the normal use of that word.
It makes only sense only in the minds of those who are seeking destruction.
And that's becoming so obvious now that maybe some of us who have been trying to alert our friends to the possibility that we better get off of our
Couches and get out there, getting active in politics and in social events and get involved in organizations and take back control of the system while we still have that window of time.
It's closing, it's closing, it's getting smaller, but we still have time to do it.
So I think that maybe the silver lining, if I may get back to that, is the fact that people are waking up to this.
And if we ever have a chance to change it, it's now.
Well, and going back to what you said, the quote from FDR, there are no coincidences in politics, so there's no coincidence here either.
The fact that it's more prescient for Americans to get active in their local communities, their national government, and everything in between,
It's more important for people to get active now.
It's no coincidence that the virus happens now and they tell us to shelter in place so that you can't get involved, suspending your First Amendment, suspending your Second Amendment.
So that's definitely not a coincidence as you stated.
It's more important for Americans to be active and organized and informed than ever.
So, oh, perfect timing.
Here comes a coronavirus.
Shelter in place.
Watch your Netflix movies and TV series.
And don't worry about America.
It's all under control.
Fauci has your back.
So, obviously, that's not a coincidence, is it?
No, I don't think it is, but then you have to forgive me, I've lived a long time and I've seen a lot of so-called coincidences that turn out to be hidden agendas.
So I'm a little jaundiced on that topic and I don't think that suddenly all of these people in Washington have decided to stop furthering their own personal agendas and put the benefit of the American people ahead of their own personal agendas.
I just don't see that as happening.
So we're about to go to a break, but...
I want to really get into this question in the next segment.
How much do we really know about the Federal Reserve?
And maybe now is the time where Americans are actually asking that question, saying, oh, two trillion dollars.
Like what?
Hey, I'm a fiscal conservative.
I elected Trump as a fiscal conservative.
He said he was going to do something about the debt and mitigate it and the deficit.
It's only gotten worse under President Trump.
Hey, I support the president.
That's a fact, guys.
President Trump has done worse for the debt and the deficit than Obama did.
So you can love Trump till the day is over, but that's just a fact.
And then I think the bigger issue as well that I want to get G. Edward Griffin's take on is the fact that you have to understand, folks, the worldwide control grid through the corporate government trying to take over actual sovereign states, the reason why they have to take over America and hate America, and this is something that's been hundreds of years in the making, if not thousands, folks,
They hate America because it proves self-government works.
It proves that free market capitalism is the most sustainable answer for the Commonwealth and the average citizen to have a high standard of living.
So you see, once that got proven to the world, well, how do you roll out communism now that free market capitalism works best?
G. Edward Griffin, redpillexpo.org.
We're talking Federal Reserve.
And so I ask G. Edward Griffin this because I think, you know, it's a weird thing at a certain age or something where Americans decide to quit questioning their reality.
And I'm speaking specifically about money.
At what point do we quit being curious, where does this money come from?
What gives it value?
Most people couldn't even begin to answer that or even begin to think about the answer to that.
So I asked G. Edward Griffin today, how much do we really know about the Federal Reserve as an American community?
How much do we know even with the most information that is publicly available with a fractional reserve banking system?
And then how much are people learning do you think now as the stimulus bill is passing and people are seeing now communist-style government paychecks coming out?
So you would imagine the curiosities about this are beginning to get flared up again.
What do you think?
How much do we know about the Fed?
How much do we know about the Fed, even if we have the most information?
And then just to the general public, what did they not know that they may be learning now?
Boy, that's a good one.
That's an open field.
I can run any which way with that one.
But I think the short answer, Owen, is that the American people, what do they know about the Fed?
The answer is not nearly enough.
And the fact that we maybe know a little bit more about it, and I say we collectively know a lot more now than we did 10 years ago or 20 years ago, it's not nearly enough.
As you know, I give seminars on this topic.
I've been known to talk about this for a full day.
And at the very end, it's having to rush through the notes that I couldn't get to.
So it's impossible to cover it, but I came up with kind of a
Interviewed by some television station, which doesn't happen too often.
But when it happens, boy, you better get it quick because they won't give you more than about 15 seconds to say it all.
So I developed a talent for condensing these humongous topics into a very few words.
And I found out that I could summarize the Federal Reserve System in three words, as incredibly as it may sound.
The Federal Reserve System.
Well, yes, it's a scam.
Any questions?
All right, there's the hard core of it.
Anybody can understand what a scam is, but now what makes the Federal Reserve a scam and how do they pull it off is a very interesting story and it's a long journey.
But basically it boils down to the fact that a group of bankers in the United States, in fact all the major banks of the United States back in
2013 passed a piece of legislation they presented it to Congress and they lobbied Congress and the congressman voted in called the Federal Reserve Act and in that piece of legislation they convinced the bankers convinced the Congress to turn over to the banking group which was a cartel.
Let me emphasize that.
These banks formed a cartel which is
That takes a little explanation.
It's an association of banks, but they form together to further the interests of the members of the cartel, which means the banks.
And that was their sole purpose.
They're not interested in advancing the interests of the American people or doing what is right for the economy.
Cartels never do that.
Oil cartels, banana cartels, peanut cartels, and banking cartels have just one purpose, and that's to advance the
Benefit and the advantage of the members of the cartel, period.
So they went to Congress, they convinced Congress to give them, the banks, private banks, the power to create the nation's money supply, and to determine credit, and to control the money supply of the nation just as though the bankers were the government itself.
And Congress gave them that power.
In the Federal Reserve Act.
So what you understand now, with that just simple introduction to the topic, what we have in place and have had for a very long time is a banking cartel of private banks that literally control the money system of the United States of America.
And Congress has no power over it, over their decisions or their policies.
Congress can do nothing about it.
Except to amend the Federal Reserve Act or to abolish the Federal Reserve completely.
That's their only power.
And in fact, looking back over the years, Congress has never made any serious attempt to reduce the powers of the Federal Reserve.
The Federal Reserve Act has been amended over a hundred times since it was created.
And each time, with a possible exception of one or two minor instances, the power of the Fed was greatly expanded to the point where today it can do just about anything it wants to do, and it's legal because Congress put the stamp of approval on it.
Now, that's the short answer as to what the Fed is.
It's a cartel, and it's got the power of government behind it, which is why people think it's a government agency.
I mean, if you violate the terms of the cartel agreement of the bank, you go to prison, because there's a law that says you must follow their decisions.
And who can put you in jail?
Only the government, right?
Well, no, not quite so.
If a cartel can get the government to pass a law to make it illegal to violate your personal agreement, well, then private interests can put you in prison.
So there's the background, and you wonder, where is all this money going?
How come?
Where does this money go?
How come it doesn't help the American people?
We know it doesn't, because the more money they throw into the economy, the worse the economy gets.
You might notice that the money always winds up in the banks.
Either they're bailing out the banks directly,
Or they're creating money to give to corporations and governments around the world who owe huge amounts of money to the banks.
They can't pay to the banks.
They're going bankrupt.
And so the federal government passes more laws to send money to those corporations and to those governments so they can continue to send interest to the banks.
The money always comes back to the banks.
There's no surprise here.
The Federal Reserve System was created
By the banks, and for the banks, and of the banks.
That is its purpose.
And so it's only doing what it was designed to do.
Now that's the short flash course on what the Federal Reserve System is, and the American people don't understand that.
That's for sure.
Most Americans think that the Federal Reserve is a government agency, and that they're doing their best to protect America.
They're trying to cool inflation, or to stimulate employment, or something like that.
And they're all convinced that it's really a wonderful thing
And we learn that in school, if we read our textbooks and pay attention to the teachers, that's what they teach us.
But in fact, it's just the opposite.
That's the short answer to your question, Owen.
It's something, and we say in the Red Pill Expo, thank you for that introduction, by the way, the Red Pill is the thing that you take and you realize, oh, this is reality.
Break out of your illusions and see life the way it really is.
Well, the Federal Reserve is not what it appears to be.
When you take the red pill, you find out that it is nothing more or less than legalized plunder.
When we get back from the next break, I want to get into, with G. Edward Griffin from the Red Pill Expo, the fractional reserve banking system, and then the notion of the Federal Reserve.
Is it a private bank?
Do we even know?
And why not?
But I think again, folks, what would be the biggest enemy of a government that wants to control you and the money supply?
Well, it would be examples that communism or that system of government doesn't work and that the free market does, which has been proven time and time again in real world activity.
So they don't want you to know this.
They want full control over you.
With G. Edward Griffin from Red Pill Expo, redpillexpo.org is where you can follow his work.
I want to ask G. Edward Griffin two questions here, and let's hear his take on this.
One, fractional reserve banking.
This is the system that the Federal Reserve goes with.
Most people have no idea how it even works.
They probably couldn't even tell you what fractional reserve banking is, or that's the system the Fed goes with.
And then, beyond that,
You've obviously seen it before.
They say it's a conspiracy theory that the Federal Reserve is a private bank.
Well, there's been no conclusion on that as far as my studies are concerned, but your studies are obviously much deeper than mine.
So, G. Edward Griffin from redpillexpo.com, what do you think about the Fractional Reserve Banking System?
Why don't Americans know about it?
And then, is the Federal Reserve indeed a private institution?
OK, well, let's start with the last one first, because that's the easiest one to handle.
The Federal Reserve System, as I said before, is really a cartel.
And you've got to remember that.
That answers so many questions.
A cartel.
What is a cartel?
It's not one thing.
It's an association of many organizations that on the surface appear to be in competition with each other.
Oil cartel, for example, could be made up of many oil companies within a region or a nation or around the world.
They're in competition with each other, but they come together because they want to reduce competition to improve their profit margins.
And so they come to agreements with each other.
OK, we won't we won't compete on price.
We'll all charge the same price.
We'll divide up markets.
You get North America, I get South America and so forth.
And they they figure out ways to avoid competition so that they
Consumer has no place else to go, so that the consumer inevitably has to pay more for the same product or service than they would have paid if there was real competition in the market.
Free enterprise capitalism, as you so well described it.
That is another way of saying the free market.
So a cartel is a group of organizations.
It's not an entity.
It's not a private bank.
It's a cartel of private banks.
And it's just like a labor union, you might say.
A labor union is not a person.
It's made up of many people who join the union, and they may have officers and so forth.
But the labor union is not a person.
It's made up of many people.
And the Federal Reserve is not a bank.
It's made up of the major banks in the United States who have come together to form a cartel.
Having said that, then there's the answer.
It is neither a private bank nor a government agency.
It is a cartel.
And it's a cartel which has gone into partnership with the federal government because they took their cartel agreement and they convinced the members of Congress back in 1910 to pass that agreement into law.
They took the, mentally, you could see that they took an eraser and erased the heading of the paper that said Federal Reserve Act.
They erased that.
Excuse me, they got it wrong.
They said cartel agreement.
They erased that.
And then they wrote in Federal Reserve Act.
And then they took it to Congress.
Congress voted for it.
And now this private cartel agreement becomes a law.
It's the force of government.
But that's where the government and the cartel came together, is when the private cartel got the government to convert their agreement into law.
So there you have it.
That's what it is.
It's a hybrid organization.
There aren't many like it in the world.
But wherever you have a large cartel, like we see in the health field right now,
A large cartel in the utilities industry, in the banking of course, wherever you look we see cartels, that's pretty much the same agreement that they have and they get the government involved so that the people have to obey the private agreement.
It's a weird and very dangerous and I think a very unhealthy arrangement to have and certainly you can't have it in a free world.
Now that's it, that's the short answer.
The more
Interesting question, probably, is this thing called fractional reserve banking.
Well, that's a little bit of a history lesson there, because let's start off with the words.
What does that mean?
Fractional reserve banking?
Well, we know what banking is.
That's an institution where they handle all your money, and they control the money supply, and they clear checks, and that's the group of people that takes care of your money.
That's banking.
Now, what's reserve banking?
Well, reserve banking is the concept that historically has always been attached to this thing called banking, is that when you take your money to a bank, you put it on deposit.
It's your money.
Historically, at least.
It's not that way today, by the way.
But originally, and we think of it still that way, it's your money.
You took it to the bank and you are making the deposit of your money into the bank and they give you a receipt for it.
And it says, basically, you have an account which is the balance on demand, the deposit on demand, withdrawal on demand.
It's called a demand deposit, meaning that it's your money.
You can go in and say, I want my money back now, as long as it's
You know, Monday through Friday between eight and five o'clock.
You can demand your money because it's your money.
All right.
So the idea is that the bank has to keep that money somewhere in case you come in and you want it and they give it to you.
And the only way a bank can make sure that they have all of the money for all of their depositors is to have a reserve.
They call that a reserve in the bank, usually in the vault, either on their premises or someplace.
The money is there on reserve to protect your deposit.
That's the concept, the pure concept of banking.
Now comes the concept of fractional reserve.
That means that the banking system has evolved the practice and they consider it to be the accepted practice now, today, that they don't have all of your money in a vault somewhere so that you can demand it.
They learn from experience that not all people want all of their money at the same time.
So how silly it is to keep it all stacked up in the vault and never have to
Hand it out completely.
So they've learned that maybe only seven or eight percent of the people at one time really want their money.
So they'll say, let's pass a regulation in the bank and get Congress to approve it.
It says we only need seven or eight percent reserve in the bank in case people want their money.
That's fractional reserve banking.
Now, you might say, well, what's wrong with that?
Well, what is wrong with that is that historically we know what's wrong with it, because every once in a while, whatever happens, there's something that happens in the economy, or maybe there's a war, maybe there's a disease that comes along, unemployment occurs, some kind of civil disorder, and people get nervous, and they want their money.
And all of a sudden, it's not just 6 or 7 or 8%, but 20% and 30% of the people want their money.
And they go to the bank, and the bank says, oops, we don't have it, and they close their doors.
It's called a bank run.
It happens periodically in history.
It's very embarrassing.
And people want their money, and the banks don't have it.
And they can't get it back from those that they've loaned it to, and the banks go belly up.
And many people who have trusted the banks lose their deposits.
The economy goes belly up, and they're wiped out.
It's a very bad situation.
In history.
It happens over and over again because of fractional reserve banking.
And by the way, though, have we not, though, with the coronavirus thing, have we not gone to a no-reserve banking system now?
Because they've changed their monetary policy.
That's exactly where I was going next.
We've evolved to the point where the banks really don't have any reserve at all.
Reserve of what?
That's the thing, you see.
You talk about digital currency.
The national currencies of the world are already digital.
I mean, how much money do you spend in cash?
And not you or I, because I like cash.
But most people rely totally on their credit cards, don't they?
And that's not money in their pockets.
It's a piece of plastic.
It's electronically connected to a computer somewhere, a big bank of computers, and digits go whizzing around.
There's no money.
And even if you get to the cash, the paper
Thank you.
But G. Edward Griffin, I'm sure it's just a coincidence that during this virus outbreak, and then they go to no-reserve banking, and then they want to roll out a digital currency worldwide.
I'm sure that's all just a coincidence, not for total control over the money supply.
Oh, you're so right.
These good, honest people in banking and politics would never dream of doing that, would they?
I'm not sure if his sarcasm is always so witty, but definitely the information is powerful.
Ladies and gentlemen, most companies will try to price gouge you whenever there's a shortage or a demand, an increase of demand of a certain product.
You'll see people trying to price gouge you.
It's very well known.
It's taught in most economic classes.
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Well, InfoWars increases its role and speeds up.
That's just called instinct against tyranny, defiance against authoritarianism.
Okay, I am going to be handing over the platform to Gerald Salenti, who's going to be hosting the fourth hour in the next segment.
I mean, it's crazy to believe we've already been through three hours so far here today, folks.
Harrison Smith is going to be filling in for me on The War Room today.
But let me just kind of highlight everything we've talked about here so far today.
Now, Ron Paul has said to Trump, it's time to end the shutdown.
It's time for resurrection.
Well, really next week's the perfect time with Easter Sunday coming up.
I mean, you couldn't have scripted it better if you wanted to.
So it really makes all the sense in the world.
But here's what I'm going to say.
And I think that this is really important right here, folks.
The time for hedging is over.
All the cards are on the table.
No more cards can come out.
And so anybody who's in any position of influence or power, whether that be in government at any level, or the media at any level, or any type of institution, business, industry, whatever,
No more time for hedging.
This is the week we decide.
This is the week you pick your sides and you stake your claims.
If you want to continue the shutdown and the lockdown and the quarantine and all that stuff, then you have to stake your claim in that issue and you have to own it.
And you have to say, no, we have to keep everything shut down.
And if you do stake that claim, you have to commit to it.
And that means shut it all down, folks.
Now, I want to be clear.
I'm not that.
I'm a reopen everything, quit living in fear, reopen the sports leagues, reopen the gyms, reopen the bars.
Let's get back to life.
Let's not live in fear.
Let's see if we should really be scared of this virus or not.
Or we should be maybe more afraid of the government media tyranny that we've seen forced upon us.
And so I have no qualms with that.
Because that's the choice of freedom, and that gives you the freedom to decide as well.
Hey, I want to be quarantined.
Hey, I want a vaccine.
Hey, I don't want to go to the bar.
I don't want to go to the game.
I don't want to go to the gym.
Then you don't have to!
Quit making the rest of us live in fear, live in tyranny.
And so, but those that do want to continue the shutdown, they have to stake their claim, they have to argue that everything has to be shut down.
No more time, something is essential, open at this time, close at this time.
No, no, no, no, no curfew, no, no, no.
You have to say it's all shut down 110%.
You have to go full bore, folks.
You can't hedge, no more middle ground.
This is causing confusion and it's not helping.
And really it's just these people are cowards and frauds that don't want to commit to anything because
They just want to be liked or they, you know, whatever, want to get along or something.
They really don't care.
They'll play, they'll hedge.
No, it's time to commit.
OK, it's time to commit.
So put your money where your mouth is.
If you want people shut down in quarantine, put your money where your mouth is and say it should all be shut down.
And then those in government, media and industry that do decide that, then you all have to start coming up with some answers.
When can we reopen?
How many deaths a day is too many?
Or how many deaths a day is enough to say we're reopening?
How many new cases a day?
When do we get to reopen?
How much of the crashing of the economy is going to end up killing people in the long run versus the virus?
Now, you'll notice none of them will do that.
Because they're all cowards and frauds, folks.
Now, some of the news we've highlighted today.
The tyranny is here, ladies and gentlemen.
You're seeing it.
The government wants to give you cash so that you stay home.
Google is now admitting they're tracking and tracing your movements in real time.
The next thing's coming.
Putting a tattoo on your arm, or a microchip in your wrist, or some paper you have to have.
Oh, I've been tested for corona.
I'm corona free.
Or, I've had corona but gotten over it.
Or, I haven't had corona yet, but I could get it.
It's like, oh yeah, that's now your new marking.
You just publicly walk around like a barcode that can just be scanned.
You're no longer a human, you're just a barcode and then that decides what activities you can or can't engage in.
So we've seen that.
We've seen now them pushing all of the numbers saying, see, the US has the most cases.
Well, why is that?
Because we test the most people.
And the media is using anything at a hospital.
And folks, you gotta understand, just like Jussie Smollett, just like Nathan Phillips, just like the media, even the lowest level Trump haters are now fully involved in this civil war, lying at every level, making things up at every level so they can turn it around and make Trump look bad.
And now what are they saying?
Trump needs to be held responsible for crimes against humanity.
No, not China that created the weapon, the bioweapon and released it, Trump.
Who, by the way, said we should shut down the border from China months ago, and the Democrats said, how dare you, you're racist.
Fauci said, literally, Fauci said in January, nothing to worry about with this virus.
Schumer, Pelosi said in February, oh, go out to Chinatown, this is racist, don't close the border, that's racist.
And now they want to send Trump to trial?
It's all happening right now.
And they're suspending elections?
They're giving you government stimulus?
They're deciding who and who can't operate when and where?
No, no, no, no, no.
That's not how America works, ladies and gentlemen.
By the way, Judicial Watch strikes again, though.
Folks, it's just, it's game over.
As soon as President Trump wants to win, he can win.
I love President Trump, best president in our lifetime.
But it's time for him to quit playing the whole charades with the coronavirus, quit having the daily press briefings on that.
Let's hear about Hillary Clinton's emails.
Let's hear about the treason of the Obama administration.
We need press conferences on that.
Here's where we're at, folks.
For centuries, really for the entire history of human history, but for modern history, there's a criminal cabal, a technocracy,
A kleptocrat technocracy looking to bring in a one world government, communism as the system, the Chinese model as the rollout.
And so the reason why George Washington and the Founding Fathers fought and created America is because they realized this back in the 1700s.
And they said no.
We're free men, and so you're not going to roll this out on us.
And they created America.
A test of self-government.
A trial of the human will and ability.
And what happened?
Well, it was the most successful political test in history.
And so yeah, are there flaws?
Of course.
But it's self-government.
It's the free market.
And it won.
And it dominated.
And it continues to.
So the enemies of freedom in the 1700s still exist today.
Different names, different faces, same bloodlines in many cases.
And so now what do they do?
Well, they can't let you have America.
They can't let America be successful because the success of America, the freedom of the American people,
And the higher standard of living that we have here is death to communism.
It's death to the one world government model.
It's death to the tyrannical government model.
So they have to lie about it and destroy it.
That's the only way to bring it about.
So now here we are.
What happens?
A bioweapon is created and released out of a lab in Wuhan, China.
China then covers it up and lies about it.
The Democrats in America do the exact same thing, saying nothing to worry about here.
Fauci says nothing to worry about here.
Don't shut down the borders at all.
Don't stop traveling from China.
That's racist.
That goes on for two months.
Then what happens?
Major viral outbreak all around the world.
Global pandemic.
Well, what happens then?
Well, the Democrats change tune.
How dare Trump let this pandemic outbreak?
Well, Trump let this pandemic happen, so now we have to take all your rights.
It's all Trump's fault, even though China lied about it.
And the Democrats did their bidding in the West and said, you know, don't worry, keep everything open for now.
And then it spread and then blamed Trump.
So that's what they did because they have to get Trump out of office because he represents the last real American leader with any political power.
And so that's where we're at today.
And so now, they put the media gun to Trump's head, and they say, if you don't shut down everything, and if you don't let America collapse into tyranny, guess what?
We're gonna tell everybody that you are responsible for all these deaths, and then we're gonna charge you in a world court
For crimes against humanity and throw you in jail, and that's now what they're doing.
Now look, President Trump is not my enemy, and I support him, but let me tell you something right now.
And I know he realizes this, but he needs to start acting like it.
He is in the final death throes for America.
And we can sit here and we can have coronavirus press briefings all day long with that coward and fraud, Anthony Fauci.
But it's time for the president to make a radical decision and start having daily press briefings about the treason committed by Obama.
Start having daily press briefings about how we've had our intellectual property stolen and being just financially raped by China.
Talk about how China lied about these numbers, how it was a bioweapon that came out of China.
Let's have press briefings on that.
Let's stop the fear-mongering, let's stop the panic, let's stop the collapse of America, and let's bring to light the realities of how and why we got here.
Fauci is a fraud!
Fauci is a fraud!
Fauci is a fraud!
Fauci is a fraud!
Defending the Republic from enemies, foreign and domestic.
It's Alex Jones.
Ladies and gentlemen, America was flatlining on its deathbed and then Donald Trump came along and just shocked us back to life.
And so we're still kind of hazy, opening our eyes, getting our sensations back.
And then here comes the deep state globalists to say, no, you're sick!
Lay back down!
Get back in that hospital bed!
You're dead!
And America's believing it.
And President Trump's kind of just standing there watching the whole thing happen, hoping that America will realize, no, we're not sick.
We're okay.
We can be free.
Because that's the real power is that you take it and not rely on Donald Trump.
So Gerald Salenti is about to take over from TrendsResearch.com.
But Gerald, I have to ask you, you know, you're up there in New York.
You have to be so pleased.
With your leadership there, Governor Cuomo and Bill de Blasio, the mayor of New York City, you have to be so pleased with them.
They've released thousands of criminals back on the streets, including child rapists!
So wow!
A big salute to Bill de Blasio, who of course was housing one of the biggest pedophiles in New York.
They called him the next John Podesta.
Zach Schwartz, caught with all kinds of child porn on his computer, just right under de Blasio.
No coincidence there.
So Cuomo and de Blasio releasing child rapists back onto the streets.
I just got to say congratulations to you, Gerald, and all the people of New York.
The pedophiles roam free thanks to Cuomo and de Blasio.
Well, you know, it's thanks to Cuomo and de Blasio, you know, the people are going broke up here.
The whole place is closed down.
The streets are empty.
And again, you know, our magazine, the Trends Journal, I talked about and wrote about it as it was happening with
Little Andy Cuomo, the daddy's boy?
The daddy's boy that named the Tappan Zee Bridge the Mario Cuomo Bridge?
Like, his father's better than mine?
You know, that little boy?
Oh, you mean the little brother over there on the Cartoon News Network, CNN?
Where they're showing him how sick he is, I got the flu, I got... Hey, why am I seeing this little clown?
I don't watch it, of course, but I see the clips coming up.
Who, why, what makes him so important?
I'll tell you what makes me so important.
I'm born on third base, thought I hit a triple, and I'm better than everybody else.
I'm daddy's boy, I'm daddy's boy, I'd be no place if daddy didn't get here.
So now with this little lowlife scum did, as this corona hysteria was breaking out in the media, and hardly, the numbers, by the way, the numbers add up to nothing.
As we're speaking, Owen, what are we looking at?
About 76,000 people dead?
On the global population of 7.7 billion people?
This is going on for three months?
So anyway, lowlife Cuomo, who robbed us of our constitutional rights that the press media won't talk about, as all these little lowlife scum politicians, these little lowlife repulsive kids and democrats around the country, closing down about 80% of our nation, he slipped in a bill, a bill that was going through, he slipped in a clause a couple of weeks ago,
That would give him supreme power over all of us.
And then he took it.
He called a state of emergency.
What constitution?
I heard you speaking a little before.
What Bill of Rights?
Shove it!
They don't mean anything.
And it's not only America.
It's Germany.
It's Norway.
It's Italy.
As an Italian, I'm ashamed of them.
But then again, I thought back.
What's so different?
They marched to Mussolini.
They hired Hitler.
All right.
They followed off a low-life piece of scum, stupid SOB, another daddy's boy, George W. Bush, with the IQ of a moron, an imbecile, a jerk.
That guy Saddam Hussein has weapons of mass destruction and ties to al-Qaeda.
We gotta go into Afghanistan, the longest war in American history.
We gotta get that guy Osama Bin Laden.
All the people tied yellow ribbons around everything that wouldn't move.
Waved American flags everywhere.
The longest war in American history and a war based on lies.
Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction.
The people are sheeple.
And they follow their leaders.
You name the country, it's one after another.
And now hear this.
Now hear this.
History is repeating itself.
Go back to the 1930s.
Markets crashed, right?
Currency war.
Trade war.
Great Depression.
World War III.
Currency wars.
How much have we heard about the trade wars?
We are entering the greatest depression.
World War III.
If we don't fight for our freedom,
If we don't fight for our rights, and I am a warrior of the Prince of Peace, I fight for peace.
We are going to die in war.
You see how the imbeciles, the morons, the Heil Hitlers, the March the Mussolinis, the Salute Stalins, and it's all repeating itself, even to the point.
Welcome back, Stasi in Germany.
It's everywhere.
My neighbor has three people out in the backyard and they're having a barbecue.
Hey, they're walking too close!
They're calling up the cops and ratting everybody out just like they did when the terrorists took over the country.
And that's what's going on now.
You know, it's incredible, too, to be witnessing how they can do this in such a short period of time.
And one thing that I want to piggyback off of what you said, and then Gerald Salenti is taking it over the rest of the way.
You know, I think that the average American, and this probably applies worldwide, but I'll stick to our domestic,
I don't
While most Americans probably don't even know where to look to find where their local judge is or who their local representative is in the House or the Senate, oh, they know how to put the TV on, though.
Oh, hell yeah, they do.
They can put that TV on.
They can flip through channels faster than anything you've ever seen in your life.
And what's on every channel?
If you're watching sports, stay home!
Watch the classic sports games.
It's coronavirus.
If you're watching cartoons, stay home, kids!
Wash your hands!
There's an epidemic on our hands!
You're watching the news, the numbers, the flashing graphics, the panic, the maps!
So it doesn't matter where you go!
Hollywood, sports, entertainment, culture, politics, everything!
It's just constant henpecking, coronavirus, outbreak, you're gonna die, shelter in place, you have no freedom anymore!
That's the only way to save your life and everyone else's life!
It made me realize something I already knew, Geraldine, as you know.
We don't have any real leaders.
All we have is the TV.
The TV tells us what to do.
That's all it is.
As long as they control the TV, they control all of us.
They're prestitutes, that's what I call them.
They get paid out.
They get paid to put out by their corporate pimps and their government whoremasters.
And look, the same thing happened.
Again, we wrote about it in detail in our Trends journals going back to 2008.
We did a whole section on this.
When the Iraq War broke out, the numbers are all there.
They fired guys like that guy Mike Donahue, MSNBC.
The people that they put on were pro-war.
The numbers are right there.
FAIR did a whole study on it.
Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting.
They're doing the same thing now.
They put on officials.
Yeah, official suck-ups, official jerks, official mainstream, we'll do what you tell us to do, people, to give us the data.
As we're speaking now, Owen,
What is it, about 10,500 people have died in the United States?
Yeah, it's about that number.
And a population of, what, 330 million people?
And here's, now hear this.
Now hear this.
All these low-life scum politicians, they're gonna say how successful they were.
By locking us all down, and that's why- Oh yeah, because their models are wrong.
But actually, you know what?
Gerald Salenti's about to take over.
Gerald, I just learned that there's millions of deaths a year in the United States due to heart issues, so now you cannot eat a cheeseburger.
So no more cheeseburgers for you, Gerald Salenti.
Someone might have a heart problem.
Hello, hello, hello.
Great being on the Alex Jones Show.
Can't be happy.
Can't be happy.
You gotta have fear.
You gotta have fear.
Because that's all they're selling.
We wrote about this as it broke out in late January in our Trends Journal.
The headline went something to the effect like this.
A hundred and nine die in China.
This is a headline in our magazine.
Out of a population of 1.4 billion.
New Black Plague?
And now of course they're saying that
You know, they're lying about them numbers over there in China.
All right, now they're saying 50,000 died.
50,000 died out of 1.4 billion.
And as I mentioned to Owen, in America, what do we have?
About 10,500 people have died of this.
You look at the data, it's all there.
For example, one of the highest death rates is in New Orleans.
Way down yonder in New Orleans.
I went to New Orleans, I went to the Mardi Gras, my senior year in college.
Wow, 1969.
I got left back a year, it should have been 68.
Anyway, that way I got to the end of the old New Orleans.
But now it's a different New Orleans.
The people that are dying there, they're dying because of diabetes, obesity, lung disease.
They're chronically ill already.
When Inslee Carrick, the lowlife governor over there in Washington, the state of Washington, closed down the state, now he's bragging that the numbers are coming down, you know?
Most of the people that died were from nursing homes in Kirkland, Washington.
It's the elderly and the ill.
Chronically ill that are dying.
A couple of young people die, but they're blowing this thing way out of proportion.
And it's hysteria that's selling it.
And the people that are buying it the most are the liberals.
The Obama lovers.
You know, Obama, he didn't kill as many as Bush.
You know, those kind of people.
The Obama that, you know, folks, first day I'm in office, I'm going to close Guantanamo.
And he folked us for eight years.
Folk, folk, folk, folk, folk, folk, folk.
Nobel piece of crap prize winner.
Guy with his 33,000 troop surge in Afghanistan.
That guy Qaddafi, you gotta go.
I don't like him.
I want that guy Assad out of it.
Yeah, that Obama that all the liberals love.
The low-life, cowardly liberals are the ones that are selling this the most.
And I could give you the facts on top of that.
Where did the fear and hysteria start?
Washington State.
Washington State.
And where else?
San Francisco.
Look at those tough cats.
That little Suckerberg.
That little junior boy.
How about Cook, huh?
Now there's a real tough guy.
Yeah, with Apple.
One little boy after another.
They're the first ones that started announcing working from home.
They're the ones that started selling the hysteria.
The last time I looked of how many people died in San Francisco, and these are the first places they're closing down, I believe it was around 12 or less to date.
Or a couple of days.
No number.
Out of a population where they got about 700,000 people, a million people.
They're the ones that started this.
And then the prostitutes.
Here we go.
Silicon Valley was first, just as I remembered.
Look at the little geeks!
The little geek freaks!
Yeah, the only thing that changes is the color of their t-shirts, from black to blue.
Those are the ones that sold this.
And the media?
Ratings were going down in the toilet, where they began, belong.
Just like when hurricanes start.
Yeah, there's a tough guy for you.
Hey, wouldn't you mess with him?
Oh, watch out!
Watch out!
Don't meet this guy in a dark alley.
Look at these little boys.
The cowardly liberals.
The lying, low-life, slimy liberals.
Who love their murderers, but don't like anybody else's.
They're the ones that push this.
And the low-life media, like I said, all these guys and gals get all dressed up in their hurricane drag.
Here's a hurricane coming off the coast of California or Miami.
You guys showed the flicks before about how they're faking the whole thing with the wind blowing and the throwing water from behind them and all that.
Create fear and hysteria.
The good news is, but the bad news on top of it,
Is that advertising revenues?
There you go.
Yeah, watch.
Look at this clown.
Look at this little piece of two-bit crap clown boy.
Look at this little low-life prostitute.
This is the same hysteria that they sold.
And they're the people walking behind them, just having another day.
Hey, a good thing they're six feet away from each other.
A good thing they're social distanced.
Yeah, how about making up something new like that, huh?
Social distancing.
Owen asked me about New York.
Everybody's walking around with these masks.
I don't wear a mask.
I'm sitting outside before I was reading a paper in the sun.
It's a beautiful day here, about 64 degrees.
They got everybody locked up.
You don't get vitamin D. Your vitamin D is no good for you.
We know best.
We're low-life, slimy politicians.
Politicians have destroyed the economy and robbed us of freedom and democracy, liberty and love.
The only thing to fear is fear itself, said Franklin Roosevelt at the beginning of the Depression.
Now, the only thing they're selling now in the beginning of the Greatest Depression is fear.
Fear sells.
But again, those advertisers aren't advertising.
People going to Facebook, all this stuff.
They're going there.
They're on the TV.
But no advertising money coming in.
And it's only going to get worse.
Which also brings you to why you listen to InfoWars.
Why you subscribe to the Trends Journal.
And of course, my website, Gerald Salenti, on YouTube.
Or Trends Journal on YouTube.
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There's no reporting.
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We'll be back in a few.
Hey, great being on the Alex Jones Show.
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Products they have, and I believe in them.
As I said to you, what they do is they sell fear and hysteria.
And here's an example.
This is in today's Wall Street Journal.
Breaking story.
Bronx Zoo.
Bronx, I grew up right near the Bronx Zoo.
Bronx Zoo.
Tiger tests positive
You mean a miserable lion that they put in a cage tests positive for coronavirus and that's news?
How about all the other diseases that these poor animals are dying from as they're taken out of the wilderness and locked up into jails called zoos?
I mean that's just the way I see it.
And you know, the motto of the Trends Journal is think for yourself.
I won't go to the zoo.
But anyway, that's the way they keep hyping this.
And it's hype after hype.
Again, today's front page of the Wall Street Journal.
What does it say?
Nation braces for brutal week as death toll nears 10,000.
Okay, so this time already,
This year, from the flu, I believe from like October 2019 to March, the numbers that I'm seeing are between 33,000 and 55,000 people in that range have died of the flu.
That's a lot more than 10,000.
I'm not good at math.
But 10,000 dead in a population of, now it's 10,500.
330 million adds up to 0.0035%.
Which is... I asked my accountant to do it.
I couldn't figure out how.
So thank you, Neil Pacifico.
You know.
I mean, these numbers, when you look at them, the global population of 7.7 billion people, you know, about 78,000 people died
These are no numbers.
And let's not talk about the 10 million people that are starving in Yemen and suffering from cholera and Ebola.
We won't talk about them.
They don't count.
So when we're looking at closing down now over half the global economy and 80% of America's economy, we're going into the greatest depression like we've never seen before.
I just want to throw some numbers at you.
Emerging market economies brace for hits.
Again, we've been writing about this in the journal.
The emerging markets were bracing for a hit before the coronavirus hysteria.
And people, when you read the media, they say they blame it on the coronavirus.
Don't blame it on the coronavirus.
Blame it on the politicians.
That are taking these police state actions to close down businesses.
And again, no talk about our violation of the Bill of Rights of the Constitution.
Or that fact any other country.
Oh, and speaking about other countries, they're not locked down over there in Sweden.
And that's not a third world place.
So, going back to the emerging markets, they were submerging before this.
Now you have the dollar going up.
Not today, dollar down a bit.
Gold prices as we speak today are over now over $1,700 an ounce.
You're up like 60-something bucks just today.
You know why?
Because of all this cheap money that they're pumping in around the world to boost failing markets that were failing before this happened.
The U.S.
growth rate this year was only projected to be like 2%.
That was the same since the Great Recession ended in 2009.
Last quarter in Europe... Gerald Cilente, Alex Jones here with an emergency bulletin.
I was in there having my lunch watching you and then they brought me in the documents and I just wanted to let you know, you know, I never break into you and you're absolutely right that the markets were failing.
They wanted to pump in 15, 16, 17 trillion of themselves.
You're absolutely right.
We were watching earlier today, Rob Dew was, the New York briefing two hours ago.
He brought it to me.
So while I was watching you, I turned you down and watched what he had on the laptop or the iPad.
They admit all over the country that about April 1st or so, making the April Fool's virus, as someone called it, it began to peak.
And there was Cuomo during his press conference showing the projection they wanted versus the projection they first claimed of, you know, all these millions dead.
The little bitty purple projection was where it was at, showing it crested about six days ago.
You finish up the show, the war room's starting, I'm gonna co-host it with Owen Schroer and Harrison Smith today.
We're gonna show that press conference from two hours ago where they hide it in plain view what the real numbers are versus what they hope to bring the curve down to versus what they said it would be if we didn't take action.
And then we have similar numbers all over the country showing it broke even before April 1st.
So this is amazing news and information.
And then we have Trump saying the vaccine
I don't
I'm going to stop now, but the war room is coming up in about 19 minutes or so.
Infowars.com forward slash show and band dot video.
Sorry to interrupt, Gerald.
Just wanted you to know those big developments.
No, thank you for interrupting.
And again, thanks for all that you're doing and putting the facts out there.
This is worth saying.
We said this in the beginning.
These numbers are adding up to nothing.
You look at the countries that are closed down.
It's police state action.
Before going to that, let's go back to the numbers.
All these are based on models.
And the models keep changing.
There's no, you know, there's quantitative data, but it's all built on assumptions.
And going back to that low-life Cuomo, the arrogant Cuomo, this is what he said a couple of weeks ago, that they didn't have enough ventilators.
I want, I think he said, 40,000 or 30,000, and they only came in with 26,000.
How about
How about the 26,000 that are going to die?
All right.
So let's see if 26,000 die in New York.
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
Great being on.
I very much respect all that Alex Jones and the crew does to keep truth alive and give us information and outlooks and observations that are absent in
All of the mainstream media.
You know, the cover of our current trend's journal is COVID-19 blockbuster, a made-for-TV movie.
And that's all they said.
It's a made-for-TV movie.
And the same sick people, the political scum that started this COVID-19 war, are the same ones that start all the other wars.
With no exit strategy.
Hey, what's the exit strategy in Afghanistan?
I don't have to tell you, don't you know who I am?
I'm little Georgie Bush, a little Bush of nothing.
A little Bush of nothing.
How about the Iraq War?
Hey, screw you, I don't have to tell you anything.
My daddy got me here.
I'm a daddy's boy, just like Andy Cuomo.
Again, I'm insulted that he named the bridge the Mario Cuomo Bridge.
Was his father better than mine?
Should have been the Louis Cilenti Bridge, if you're gonna change the name.
But, if I was government, I would have kept it the Tappan Zee Bridge.
And then it costs us all this money to change the signs and everything.
Anyway, going back to this horror show, they have no exit strategy.
These are stupid, low-life
Pieces of scum!
They're politicians!
Got it?
Can anybody add that up?
Don't believe me?
Go to Google.
Type in definition of politician.
Someone who wants to run for his office, blah, blah, blah, blah.
A person that's manipulative and devious, typically to gain advancement within an organization.
Manipulative and devious low-life rotten scum who have robbed us of our rights are in charge.
Where's the pushback?
As I said, currency war, trade war, greatest oppression, world war.
And they'll make up a lie just like they made up... Hey, remember the Maine?
Forgot that one, huh?
How about World War I, huh?
That lowlife piece of mayhe rotten hell, Woodrow Wilson.
Harvard, Princeton, Yale.
Bullets, bombs, and banks.
Yeah, the former president of Princeton.
The Doe Boys.
I'm a Yankee Doodle Dandy.
A Yankee Doodle do or die.
Sends him to war.
Man, he shot the Archduke Freud man!
How about the Vietnam War?
You like that one?
The Gulf of Tonkin incident that never happened?
It killed over 3 million Vietnamese.
Some 60,000 young guys.
I was of that age.
And I did everything I could to avoid the war.
I was too stupid to be against it.
Based online.
I just couldn't imagine me, all dressed up, walking through water that high, carrying a gun over my head with 50 pounds on my back, and getting shot at.
How about the Iraq War?
And the next will be lies too.
Or lies three, and the last lie.
Because when they asked Albert Einstein what weapons will be used to fight the Third World War, he said, I don't know.
This is a guy that, you know, pretty responsible for putting together a lot of that atomic bomb.
He said, with the Fourth World War, we'll be fought with sticks and stones.
These same sick people that started the COVID war will get us into World War III.
And the low-life liberals will be waving the flags more than anybody.
They believe they're Cuomos, they're Inslees, and the other clowns.
That guy Holder, whatever his name is down there in Maryland.
16 people dead from coronavirus.
We've got 6 million people down there.
And if you get caught outside, you get fined like, I forget the exact number, but $3,000 and or a year in jail.
You ran out of toilet paper?
That's what they want to use our Constitution and Bill of Rights for.
Because that's what they turned it into.
And where's the outrage?
Where are the protests?
Oh, you can only protest if you're six feet apart.
Hey, how'd you make up to six feet?
In Italy, it's only three feet.
They're models.
Made up stuff.
Health officials.
This is the New York Times, the Britain, Wall Street Journal today.
Health officials warned Americans to brace for a pivotal week.
In the coronavirus pandemic.
Health officials.
Official pieces of crap.
Political scum.
Little bureaucrats brought in by the politicians that get paid a lot of money to do nothing.
Other than masturbating public like they're doing now.
Fauci, yeah.
Another guy, he keeps changing his lines all the time.
Oh, it's going to be this percent, that percent.
No, this number.
No, that number.
I'll make up any number.
We can make up all the numbers we want.
You read the data.
Some of the toilet paper record.
Some experts are cautiously optimistic that social distancing measures might be flattening the curve.
Some experts.
Cautiously optimistic.
Show me hard data.
What experts?
Some experts.
The experts that we put on!
The little low-life scum that bend down and suck up so they could be on TV!
You want to sit next to Whoopi Goldberg, maybe?
Or maybe that other one?
I forget their names, but I don't like any of them.
Who would lower themselves to go on these shows?
The numbers add up to nothing.
And they're destroying the global economy.
At least a fourth of U.S.
economy goes idle.
Counties that ordered a lockdown represent an estimated 96% of nation's activity.
How am I going to pay my bills?
How am I going to pay my taxes?
How am I going to pay my rent?
I can't cut your hair.
I can't go to work.
You know why the politicians don't care?
Because they got a thing called taxes that we have to pay no matter what.
And these little boys and girls, like a Biden and a bunch of others, Cuomo,
Who never worked a day in their life.
Sucking off the public tit their whole lives.
They don't have to worry about paying their bills.
They don't have to worry about, where am I going to get the money coming in?
They steal it from us!
In the name of taxes!
Aren't they brave to tell everybody to stay at home?
Lose your job.
Lose your businesses.
Lose your future.
Because we tell you so!
And the liberals are leading the charge.
And they'll fight back.
And I'm really happy that Alex Jones came on and showed you those numbers.
Again, the flu season's over, usually around this time of the year.
But the media will keep it going.
They'll keep the hysteria raging.
They'll do anything they can to keep getting people to tune in as they were tuning out by the droves.
ABC, CBS, MSNBC, it was FU, they were going away.
But now they're back.
And we'll be back next week.
And I want to thank Alex Jones and the whole crew for all that they do.
And please, as I said, do what you can to support InfoWars.
Buy the products.
They need it now more than ever to keep you healthy and wise.
And of course, the Trends Journal, we hope to keep you healthy, wealthy, and wise.
The only magazine that tells you what's going on, what's next, and what it means.
History before it happens.
And please,
Go to my YouTube, Gerald Salenti, Twitter, or Trends Journal on YouTube, and let's keep the truth alive.
It's up to all of us.
Keep that American spirit alive that the Slimers are robbing from us.
See you next week.
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Because only a vaccine will save you.
When there is no vaccine for the coronavirus because it's always mutated.
But that's just 2 plus 2 equals 4.
Hey, CNN says men can have babies.
Biological men.
Penises can have babies.
It's not true!
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