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Air Date: April 2, 2020
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Alex Jones discusses how COVID-19 is being used to push for a vaccine and increase government control. He criticizes mainstream media for spreading fear-mongering about the virus and promoting lockdowns. He also promotes alternative health products such as BioPQQ, CoQ10, and DNA Force Plus which he claims can provide benefits in fighting against the virus. Jones encourages people to do their own research and not rely solely on mainstream sources for information about the pandemic and potential treatments. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation held an event in 2019 named Event 201 which simulated a corona-like virus outbreak, aiming to promote quarantines, lockdowns, forced inoculations, robot drone enforcement, and world government. Alex Jones discusses his views on the COVID-19 pandemic, the United States government and healthcare system, and various conspiracy theories. He asserts that the pandemic is a hoax created by the globalist deep state to implement totalitarian control over citizens using tactics such as forced vaccinations, digital surveillance, and population control through sterilization. Jones urges listeners to prepare for the collapse of society by moving to rural areas and stocking up on supplies like water filtration systems and storable food. He also promotes his own products and services related to preparedness, such as vitamins, minerals, and survival gear. The speaker discusses various aspects of the coronavirus pandemic and how it has affected different regions of the world. They emphasize on how China has been involved in shipping contaminated masks to other countries including the US, claiming that this is part of a bigger conspiracy by the Democratic party, which they believe is satanic. The speaker discusses the rapid growth of cases for different countries and how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the world economically, with China being Iran's lifeline under sanctions from the West. He also talks about the two-week lag that is important to understand in relation to the outbreak and its spread. Furthermore, he addresses the possibility of a second wave of coronavirus, stating that it is an engineered bioweapon that doesn't always kill the first time but does on subsequent occasions while wrecking the economy. Introducing Chill Force, a product designed to support relaxation and combat stress. With powerful ingredients and time-tested practices, Chill Force is the solution for those seeking healthy support in these trying times. In related news, InfoWarsStore.com has slashed prices on popular best-selling products such as X3, Real Red Pill Plus, Living Defense, DNA Force, and Super Blue Fluoride-Free Toothpaste. Take advantage of the discounts before they sell out!


From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones!
I told you eight weeks ago that they were going to mimic globally what the Communist Chinese had done with the lockdowns and that it would be a permanent state of emergency because if there's one death, the global nanny state says that they must stop it.
And that's the talking point from the presidents, the governors, the so-called World Health Organization leaders.
And now Fauci last night in that chilling press conference.
He said, we will get rid of the social distancing and the lockdown.
And then he talked to other world leaders.
Once there are no more deaths, and once no one has the cold virus that's been souped up.
Yes, this is it.
The world government bio-attack we always knew was coming from the very medical tyranny, deep state mad scientist led by Dr. Faust.
Are we looking at living with some sort of social distancing guidelines, essentially until there's treatment or a vaccine?
For example, people looking forward to the summer talk about, you know, going to baseball games, going to concerts.
We have political conventions over the summer.
Are things like that possible or safe without a vaccine or a treatment in place?
Yeah, I think if we get to the part of the curve that
Dr. Burke showed yesterday when it goes down to essentially no new cases, no deaths at a period of time, I think it makes sense that you're going to have to relax social distancing.
The one thing we hopefully would have in place, and I believe we will have in place, is a much more robust system to be able to identify someone who's infected, isolate them, and then do contact tracing.
Because if you have a really good
That is a 1 minute 21 second clip that you're gonna hear me play probably 10 more times a day on air because we're gonna analyze every facet of that.
That is the final confirmation that it's all absolutely staged with a real virus and it's the globalist takeover.
Because now they're doing exactly what we said years ago and what I made films about and what they said they do in white papers like Lockstep and the Club of Rome documents that are public and State Department random 200
And now we've got to surveil you, we've got to watch you, we've got to control you.
We can't let anyone have the flu or a cold.
No one can die ever again.
But don't have nutrition.
And we've got to control your life and lock you up.
We've got to have forced inoculations and of course the coronavirus mutates more than flu viruses.
You have to get the exact mutation.
So it'll be a yearly injection of course.
Oh, and all the social distancing.
You haven't had your yearly or monthly shot.
Well, and you criticize it anyway.
You're not allowed to travel.
You're not allowed to live.
And even if you're the president and say hydroxychloroquine's helping, zinc's helping, shut up!
There's no hope except Bill Gates.
Nothing but Bill Gates.
And the hysteria is everywhere.
We've got dozens of clips like this, but here's one of folks telling people not to be in their cars.
Here it is.
When your noisy neighbor, who's also nosy, finds out that you're leaving,
They're outside, but it's okay because they're an enforcer.
They have power now, and they'll take every vaccine, and they'll sit there and oversee death camps if you haven't had them.
I mean, this is it.
They're coming.
You thought that anti-state was bad?
Get ready.
You're slaves now.
Well, we have all lived to see it.
Open, tyrannical world government based on medical tyranny, forced inoculation,
Robot surveillance and the general public turned into Stasi slash Nazi slash KGB.
Malice enforcers.
And Fox Business is the worst.
They have all their hosts at home because it's too deadly for them to even go out.
And they've got Elmo there talking to adults about how to wash their hands.
And I'm going to explain how this mind control works in a moment.
But first, let's go ahead and go to this clip.
It's pedophile Elmo.
By the way, the creator of Elmo, the guy that first played him, is a non-pedophile convicted.
Wash your hands for 20 seconds, just like Elmo.
Just like pedophile Elmo.
Combating the coronavirus.
I'm prepared to do whatever is necessary.
Governments all over the world want power.
The big megacorporations write up the script.
They had their disease X drills two years ago.
They have their event 201 for martial law of the coronavirus.
Pentagon has briefed on it.
200 billionaires and CEOs plus dump all of their major stock, in some cases all of it, most cases large portions of it, in December and January at the very top of the market, knowing full well what was going on.
Now, I have said in the last nine weeks since this really got cranking, when this wasn't even a news issue, I said, you watch their lockdown over there.
This is man-made.
It's coming over here.
This is the new world order.
Because they'd said in the Rockefeller Foundation documents, not just lockstep ten years ago, but other documents, that this was how, by the year 2020, they were going to bring in world government.
Now, in the last segment of this hour, we put together an extremely informative, powerful report.
That is going to premiere here, that lays out admissions by the establishment technocrats that by 2020 they would launch the bio attack.
They said 2020.
We will have world government by 2020, no matter how much money and how much blood it costs.
That is in congressional hearings in the 1980s and 90s.
We will have world government by 2020,
And it will be paid for with money and blood.
That's the exact quote.
Look it up and see who said it.
And there's many other similar quotes.
And now they're announcing world government total surveillance.
They have the apps, they have the phones, they have the drones that tracks you in live time.
And you go in every week and get your finger pricked.
And all these tests are rolling out.
They're already ready.
They make you beg for them first.
DrudgeReport.com, half of humanity on lockdown.
Bill Gates is the savior all over the news.
He predicted it.
He's a hero when he's not hanging out at Jeffrey Epstein's house, getting caught lying about it, or funding secret programs with him.
Or funding TV shows attacking yours truly.
Bill Gates calls for nationwide social isolation policy to slow coronavirus spread.
Yeah, now you can't even leave your house, the army is going to deliver your food.
Notice they tighten the noose, they tighten the noose, they tighten the vice on your head.
And let me give you the big, giant announcement.
I have told you for nine weeks that once they implement this, if we cower in fear properly and grovel, it will then become a permanent emergency by saying, we can't let one person die from this virus.
And so, until there's no death, zero, out of seven and a half billion people, it's impossible.
We are gonna keep the social distancing and the lockdown in place.
And Fauci said just that last night.
And he said, I just talked to all the world leaders last night, all the big world health leaders, and they agree only the vaccine will save us.
Now, they know the public's ignorant, on average, about virology and all of these systems.
And the immune system.
You understand that the coronavirus is the most common virus on terra firma.
It's everywhere.
It's the cold virus.
It's the common cold.
And you always heard, if you read bioweapons manuals and studies in Congress, they were always worried about someone weaponizing the common cold.
Because the common cold already kills, they estimate, around 50 million people a year globally.
Look it up.
So, you can hype up the common cold and show people that are always dying, hype up what's happening in the hospitals, create incredible fear, but it isn't just the common cold.
It reinfects, it comes back, it's a nasty virus.
That's settled.
But the people launching it are ones that said they want world government and want to depopulate.
On record.
And now they're the savers that want to save old people.
And they'll do anything to save old people.
And of course, we told you eight, nine weeks ago that it was mainly killing men.
It's not just old people, folks.
It's men.
We're into those statistics today.
It's a weapon.
But you have to be deficient.
All the evidence is mounting.
of zinc and vitamin D and vitamin C to be able to die from it.
Because those are defenses.
Zinc blocks it inside and outside the cell.
Go to NIH and type in zinc.
They'll probably take it down.
We've saved it.
It says it protects the cell's immunity.
And it's essential.
You die without it.
But they won't give it to children or old people or men.
And doctors could always order it.
In order prescriptions, even though it wasn't a drug, they could have it covered by insurance.
We're getting calls, and I confirmed it.
Guess what?
Suddenly, the FDA is saying, we're not covering zinc and vitamin C. You're not getting it, you dirty, filthy scum!
And Media Matters, George Soros' firm, and the groups that bet against the stock market, like Ackerman, Ackman,
Are out there saying, you don't take vitamin C, and you don't take zinc, and you lay down and you die.
These people hate you and your family.
And they want maximum death out of this to scare the hell out of everyone.
When we come back, I'm gonna play Fauci saying all this, but the first thing I want you to know is this.
My parents are strong, healthy people.
My mom was a master swimmer, didn't even get into competitive swimming until she was 30, and she beat people that got silver and gold medals in the Olympics, so she used to go run triathlons and stuff.
She took a flu shot when UT said she should do it when she was like 48 years old, and almost killed her, and then she never competed again.
Bunch of the team got sick.
She knows all this.
My own mother said, don't come over here with your kids to the house.
So I went and talked to her and she said, well, actually, I don't think it's a big deal, but I just don't want to scare the neighbors and I just want to comply.
And I figured you didn't want to bring your kids out.
And I talked to my dad about it and they go, well, it is just a social thing during this.
And so everyone's showing to the other person, everyone, almost everyone I talked to thinks it's bull.
I talked to an airline pilot yesterday, a bunch of people.
They all think it's bull, but they're still going along with it because they think everyone else is into it.
But national polls show the majority of people do think it's overhyped and fear-mongering.
So see, it's all of us enforcing on ourselves with adult television, with Elmo telling us wash our hands.
That's an ad, you know, pointed at you like you're an idiot.
This is all about the end of the human civilization.
They're now admitting that every fall and every winter and spring, that's three quarters of the year, they're going to lock everybody down.
And you're going to work from home and you'll get passes to travel and do things.
This is it!
This is the AI takeover, the megaopolis, their official plan, everything I said in Endgame, because it's their plan!
And Big Pharma and The Globalist launched it through China.
Fauci's run it since the 80s.
They're all guilty with Level 4 bioweapons labs.
They're the cause.
They're Big Pharma.
They're the tyranny.
They're the enemy.
And here's a bigger key.
Again, they never pick, they admit this, the right flu virus mutation every year to ever give you immunity.
The flu inoculations never worked on record.
All it does is lower your immunity the next year.
Well, Corona's even more out of control.
No vaccine will ever work on record.
So, it's a giant hoax.
Sure, there's always been flu.
There's always been viruses.
There's been bioweapons released in World War II.
On record, the Nazis did.
On the Russians and others.
And there have been bioweapons that got out.
It's confirmed that Lyme disease was a U.S.
government weapon.
Plum Island, the deer swam across a mile or so over to the mainland.
They were carrying the ticks that had it into New York and Connecticut.
And so the very groups that have this long history of doing this, all these Level 4 bioweapon labs, and they admit that at least three times the Chinese have leaked stuff that's become global crises!
And now it happens again.
And we're told it came from a bat.
Yeah, right.
And humans came from a monkey fish frog.
Married a turtle.
Sorry to get into some South Park jokes there, but they told us they would take over, they drilled the corporations, the universities, the governments for the last 30, 40 years, that it would probably be a coronavirus that would mutate and be deadly, more deadly than the usual cold, and that we'd have to end freedom as we know it and have total surveillance because of it.
And that's it!
Because it's not a human attacking us, it's this alien being.
But it is alien because it's man-made.
It's not of this world.
It's not even a naturally occurring virus.
But it's man-made so that they know its trajectory now.
20 years ago they couldn't do this.
Now, in the last 15, it's on record.
So imagine what else they've got.
They can edit and manufacture a virus and know how it's going to mutate.
30, 40, 50, 60 replications down.
So usually viruses mutate and then sometimes get deadly, rarely, and then they quickly burn themselves out.
This baby seems to be getting worse.
Well, I said that nine weeks ago.
I said these universities say it's man-made, it's got all these different systems put on it, it attacks four different parts of the body at least, and it comes back.
Soft kill weapon.
People go, well wait, then I better be scared.
It doesn't matter!
It's here to take your rights!
They're saying now, officially, that if it saves one life, well, let's say they got rid of all the virus forever.
That's impossible.
Then governments would just say somebody died from it.
And now, just one person jumped off the side of a diving board once wrong in 1980.
They didn't jump out, they jumped over like an idiot, six feet to the side, and broke their leg.
They sued the local pool and they got rid of the diving board and more lawsuits got filed.
We don't have diving boards.
We don't have dodgeball.
Now most schools don't let people have tag or they're getting rid of physical education in many places because someone might get hurt.
They're trying to ban football!
And it's that mindset, and now someone might die from a virus.
And so we will end the lockdown, says the head officer running this, who has worked for Bill Gates for 30 years.
Gotten $100 billion grants, Dr. Fauci.
So Bill Gates is operative.
And it looks like Trump's in with Bill Gates, man.
I think Trump overall is a good guy, but I mean, he didn't go with Bezos and Amazon for putting the Pentagon on the cloud.
The Pentagon shouldn't be on a cloud of somebody else's.
That's treason right there.
And instead, Microsoft gets the contract.
I mean, Bill Gates has really cozied up to the Trumplet and the orange man, and it's just out of control, folks.
I'm just telling it like it is.
So, there's all this delusion out there, as people are scared when this happens, they want to believe good news.
Well, Q says we're rounding up all the criminals, and Q says everything's about to stop, and Q says that this is all, you know, a master plan of Trump.
No, it's the same people that have been trying to take Trump out doing this.
He's riding the tiger and embracing it, as we advise him to do, so they don't remove him during the crisis, because the public bought the hysteria, he had to partially go with it, so he's in a leadership position to then dial it back, which he's trying to do.
But Fauci is up there saying, I talked to all the other world leaders over medicine of the major governments, and we can't let there be one death, and the lockdown can never stop.
Well, you notice China announced the lockdown again today.
Oh, because it popped back up.
It's any province they want to round up political dissidents, any province they want to shut down.
It's total power!
And they said they'd do it in all these documents we cover in the last segment of this hour.
Very powerful report.
We're about to premiere.
Very powerful.
Very proud of it.
First rate.
Rob Deuce stayed up super late with Jeremy McBrain and others to get this done.
I'll tell you about that coming up, it's so critical.
But let's go out to break with Fauci, and I want you to listen to what he says, and when we come back, I'm gonna go through this minute, 21 second clip.
It'll take probably five minutes to start and stop, because the whole agenda, and he is as happy as a pig in S-H-T.
I mean, he looks like he's having an orgasm, because his guild, his mad scientist guild, this guy leads the level four bioweapons labs.
A villain.
We told you this, you know, 10 weeks ago.
He started trying to sabotage Trump.
Trump was about to fire him, so now he acts friendly to Trump, but only to stab him in the back later once the depression hits.
And Trump knows that.
And you notice our advice to the President's been dead on, ahead of the curve, and Trump's listening.
That's no brag, just facts.
People understand the importance of this broadcast that you've commissioned, that you've financed, that you fund to keep us in the game, to give the President real analysis when everyone else is scared.
Because you go up against these globalists, and you're not just a yes-man, they will try to kill you, sue you, sabotage you, lie about you.
Well, that's fine, because we're all dead anyways if they get their way.
They've announced a world government depopulation plan.
My God, folks, people keep asking, how's everything coming true?
Jones said, it's not coming true.
If there's a cleaning lady at somebody's house and somebody leaves a file out and she moves it and it falls over and opens up and there's child porn and images of kids being tortured to death, it doesn't come true when she gives it to the police and they go bust them.
It already happened.
It's like finding the plans
Yeah, I think if we get to the part of the curve that
Dr. Burke showed yesterday when it goes down to essentially no new cases, no deaths at a period of time, I think it makes sense that you're going to have to relax social distancing.
The one thing we hopefully would have in place, and I believe we will have in place, is a much more robust system to be able to identify someone who's infected, isolate them, and then do contact tracing.
Because if you have a really good
I think?
Would be a vaccine.
In fact, I was on the weekly conference call with the WHO sponsored group of all the health leaders in the world who are dealing with this.
And we all came to the agreement that we may have cycling with another season.
We'll be much better prepared.
We likely will have interventions.
But the ultimate game changer in this will be a vaccine the same way a vaccine for other diseases that were scourges in the past.
I know there's a lot of psyops going on on the internet.
All the places we're banned, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook.
And you see YouTube, Twitter, Facebook boosting posts that say Trump's secretly taking over, Trump's secretly defeating the deep state.
The hospital ships are really holding prisoners and Hillary's been arrested and she's in Guantanamo.
None of that's true.
That's a psyop show, conservatives.
Don't come out and say this is wrong, what's happening, and this is our Bill of Rights and Constitution being overthrown.
You had 20 governors, last time I checked, now they've all backpedaled, saying, do not give vitamin C, do not give zinc, do not give Z-Pak, do not give hydroxychloroquine.
And they found out doctors were indeed giving people tonic, because it has the natural form of it, the original form of it, British medicine.
That's why it's called a tonic.
They made the troops take.
And you saw all hell break loose against Trump, Malasaro, Tucker Carlson, Laura Ingraham, Sean Hannity, Project Veritas got their videos banned because Oliver Darcy paddled and said, look, they're talking to nurses and doctors and they're saying they think it's hyped up.
You're not allowed to talk to doctors that say it's overblown.
No hope is allowed.
That's a concerted authoritarian move to shut down everybody's speech, and it's deadly dangerous.
And yes, we told Trump eight weeks ago, if you don't get ahead of this, this is really at the economy, they're going to use it to plunge the economy.
Well, now Trump's beginning to go overboard.
So we've known what the Rockefeller Foundation, the Carnegie Foundation, the Microsoft, Bill and Melinda Gates operation wants.
Why they set up the U.N.
Bill Gates' dad was involved in that, not just Planned Parenthood running it.
These people mean business, as I tell you.
And now they're saying no one can ever die, and we've got to, whatever it takes, drones, checkpoints, a phone that scans you, an app, non-essential, you can't go out.
And we're bubble prisoners being herded into the bubble cities, which Microsoft, Apple, Google, Twitter, Facebook, Amazon are all officially now building.
The little inner city smart grid.
And now, oh, we're going to seal buildings so that there's not a problem.
And, oh, we're going to scan you for viruses.
And, oh, we have little fingerprint prick things that are coming out to let you know.
And then everyone gets into it.
And it's like a new form of hospitality or gentlemanliness, manners to go, oh, I'm sorry.
First it was six feet.
Now I can't get 27 feet away.
Oh, sorry.
Oh, my phone says I'm essential.
I get to go out.
I don't know.
We're going to probably have to cycle this and throttle it.
And, oh, you can't go out here, you can't go out there.
They're going to have a county by county thing at first.
And just getting us all trained that we can't go out until we're told.
And that's the way it is.
To keep us safe from the virus.
And we're so domesticated and so soft and such TV heads waddling around now, on average, that people are getting into it now.
Because they don't want to go to work.
And most people at most jobs aren't even working anyways.
Hospitals are empty all over the country because most surgeries are elective and things and people hypochondriac and people get constant medical stuff because they want the pain pills.
There are whole industries where they're doing constant surgeries per finger and people get, you know, surgeries every month so they get their pain pills.
Whereas every time they put you under it causes brain damage.
Now the reason there's so many brain damaged people everywhere is the average person's had like 15 surgeries by 50.
Type in anesthesia, it causes major brain damage every time.
So it's just dementia everywhere, and the flora and the fauna, and people... And they got you almost ready.
And now it's gonna be yearly coronavirus vaccines.
Oh, and the flu's killing tens of thousands too, so you gotta have that!
Or you can't fly, you can't travel, and bosses aren't getting employees, uh, you know, jobs if they don't concur.
I mean, after corona, things changed!
And it's all scripted, it's all admitted to be scripted, but you had to have the censorship before, because you couldn't have me on YouTube right now with 20 million views per video, with everyone going, gosh, this guy talked about it for years, he laid it all out.
No, no, no, you can't have that, you see.
So here's Fauci, there's a consensus, it's going to be a vaccine.
Yeah, we're going to cycle, you know, on and off during the season, the cold season.
Now you can't leave unless we say.
And notice it's first, oh, only bars and restaurants.
No, now it's, you know, you can't be at the park now.
First, like, well, we wanted you to be at the park in Austin, but now you can't.
And they're arresting surfers who, by themselves, are out a quarter mile off the shore in California, Oregon, and other areas.
The police come, and they go out on their jet skis, and they put you in handcuffs.
But the murderers and rapists, actual murderers... I saw an article in New York.
They released a guy that had killed his wife and daughter 10 years ago.
Just murdered him!
Tied him up, slit their throats.
He's out.
But boy, if we catch you...
Selling hand sanitizer that you already had.
You're going to jail, Bob.
Because it's about the general public being criminals.
Because the criminals are taking over the governments.
And the blue cities let it.
And the big media let it.
And they did it all.
And now Trump, everybody else is going along with it.
And everybody I talk to goes, okay, shake your hand.
I go, but you know it's bull.
You know that it's way exaggerated.
They go, yeah, I know.
I just thought maybe you didn't want to shake hands.
So everyone just... We're slaves!
We act like slaves.
We're not laying in the free home of the brave.
They would never try this before.
Now they've got the surveillance.
Now they've got the control.
And we've gone along with it.
And so, they're gonna take everything you've got, folks, and they're gonna slowly kill you with the coronavirus vaccines.
And coronavirus vaccines have already been developed, and they're gonna roll them out after you've begged for them.
Let's go ahead and play Fauci again.
Here's Fauci last night telling you the emergency is never going to end.
Of course not!
It's a power grab!
It's a medical dictatorship that is going to forcibly inoculate you.
Judges in Florida and New York have announced forced inoculations and had rulings.
Judicial tyranny that when there's a vaccine, you're going to take it.
Or the police are coming to give you a lead inoculation.
And the drones are now being weaponized.
Don't give us a... Oh, the robots will enforce.
Here's Fausti.
Here he is.
Possible or safe without a vaccine or treatment?
Yeah, I think if we get to the part of the curve that
Dr. Burke showed yesterday when it goes down to essentially no new cases, no deaths at a period of time, I think it makes sense that you're going to have to relax social distancing.
The one thing we hopefully would have in place, and I believe we will have in place, is a much more robust system to be able to identify someone who's infected, isolate them, and then do contact tracing.
Because if you have a really good
I don't
Would be a vaccine.
In fact, I was on the weekly conference call with the WHO-sponsored group.
This is planet hysteria.
Planet hypochondria.
Planet slave.
That we may have cycling with another season.
We'd be much better prepared.
Oh yeah.
Locking you down.
But the ultimate game changer in this will be a vaccine.
The same way a vaccine for other diseases... Even though they never can guess the right flu or cold vaccine.
Why could they never have a vaccine for the cold?
The coronavirus is the main cold bug.
Because it's always changing!
It's gotta be exact!
But they don't care.
Bill Gates wants in your body.
He says there's too many of you.
He says vaccines will reduce your fertility on record.
And he wants in your body.
And he'll get in there.
They couldn't abort you and your mommy.
They're gonna abort your ass now.
It'll kill you slow.
And the medical system will suck your money out while they do it.
And the taxpayers will pay for liability protection.
But they're talking about giving total liability protection.
Where you can't even get a settlement for vaccine damage.
They're gonna kill all of you.
And you're gonna love it.
Police officers, military, everybody, prepare to die!
The robots are replacing you!
And whatever you do, don't get X3 60% off.
Don't get our ultimate products here, like the real Red Pill Plus with all the vitamins, minerals, zinc.
Do not!
It will not help you!
Only vaccines!
Test them!
Your mission is to get the truth out.
This incredible report that you're about to see just went live at Band.Video and InfoWars.com.
Your mission is to get this report out.
Here it is.
In 2005, the Wachowski brothers produced the archetypal film, V for Vendetta.
And with almost prescient vision, they predicted what is unfolding in the year 2020.
Imagine a virus, the most terrifying virus you can, and then imagine that you and you alone have the cure.
But if your ultimate goal is power, how best to use such a weapon?
A newly elected government seeking power and control develops a secret bioweapon.
and launches it against its own population to establish authoritarian rule and to blame the attack on their political enemies.
Taking pages right out of the 20th century, we see this fictional dictatorship not just seeking to dominate and control the population, but to be seen as saviors of the very people that they are dumbing down
Inslaving, imprisoning, and killing.
The writers had a deep historical well to work from in just the 20th century.
With monsters like Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavez, Kim Jong Un,
Who don't just seek to dominate and control the very lives and thoughts of their minions, but who also want to be seen as the savior by the very people who are their slaves.
Tonight, I will speak directly to these people and make the situation perfectly clear to them.
The security of this nation depends on complete and total compliance.
So, of course, in the film, those that release the bioweapon on their own population that they're preying on also have the cure.
Lo and behold, a miracle.
Some believed it was the work of God himself.
But it was a pharmaceutical company controlled by certain party members that made them all obscenely rich.
But the end result, the true genius of the plan, was the
Fear became the ultimate tool of this government, and through it, our politician was ultimately appointed to the newly created position of High Chancellor.
In V for Vendetta, we truly see art imitating life.
But when you fast forward to the year...
This is clearly an offensive biological warfare
From the beginning, the entire event was carefully choreographed.
Two years ago, the United Nations announces that disease X will soon arrive and that global government will be needed to counter the international crisis.
And that basic human liberties will have to be permanently erased in the name of global health.
And then, in the fall of 2019, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation holds Event 201, where 65 million people die from a corona-like virus.
And the answer is quarantines, lockdowns, forced inoculations, robot drone enforcement, and of course, world government.
From the beginning, the entire event was carefully choreographed.
A man-made virus designed to not just attack four different parts of the body, including male fertility and the lungs, but where did filmmakers like the Wachowski brothers get the idea for their script?
In history, a bio-attack pointed at the population
We're good.
A new disease.
No one's immune.
It's like the summer of the shark, except instead of a shark, it's an epidemic.
And instead of summer, it's all the time!
This can't be a made-up disease.
The only moral thing to do is release a deadly virus into the general public.
Where are they getting these ideas?
Well, it turns out it goes back to Malthus, more than 250 years ago in England, who coined the term Malthusianism, where the elite believes that they should release bioweapons or plagues on the population to reduce their numbers.
But Malthus is not the father of eugenics.
The father of eugenics is Plato, who over 2,000 years ago in his Republic wrote about herding the poor into compact cities and releasing plagues upon them.
So where is popular culture getting its cue?
Well, from the Club of Rome and
Public documents they put out in the 1960s calling for global forced depopulation.
And of course we have folks like Prince Philip, Prince Charles' father, Queen Elizabeth's husband, constantly in interviews saying he wants to come back as a deadly virus reincarnated to exterminate humanity.
In the event that I am reincarnated, I would like to return as a deadly virus in order to contribute something to solve overpopulation.
Prince Philip, reported by Deutsche Presse-Agentur DPA, August 1988.
You see, Bill Gates and Ted Turner and Warren Buffett and people like Oprah Winfrey, when they meet to discuss depopulation and world government, they're celebrated as wonderful, good people.
When Bill Gates talks about getting rid of old people, death panels, so we all, quote, have more money.
Or Newsweek talks about the case for killing Granny.
That's called the death panel.
Uh, and you're not supposed to have that discussion.
Well, he's a savior when he puts up equations about reducing the human numbers down to zero to save the Earth.
Probably one of these numbers is going to have to get pretty near to zero.
Now that's back from high school algebra, but let's, let's take a look.
And he's following the Rockefeller Foundation and Carnegie Endowment plan that's over 120 years old.
In 2010, the Rockefeller Foundation put out a lengthy white paper that's public, and I suggest you go read it, called Lockstep.
And it predicts an authoritarian world government will rise and crush the general public in the name of security and safety.
And now former British Prime Ministers and others are openly saying world government, a technocracy, an authoritarian rule of autocrats is the only thing that will keep humanity and our precious old people safe.
But these are the very same individuals saying we should get rid of the old people.
It was Benjamin Franklin that said, those that will give up their liberties for security deserve and will get neither.
Meaning, you always get enslaved.
When you behave like a sheep, wolves come.
And if you study who's running this whole pandemic hysteria,
It is known eugenicists that publicly say they want to reduce world population to at least 500 million.
These people are hyper predators and it is all about raw power and control.
And as soon as we start recognizing these spiders for what they are, dangerous anti-human authoritarians and not saviors, the sooner we can turn our civilization around.
So when you see the incredible fear in the media of this virus that is a real bioweapon, remember
The endgame is here.
Locking you up in your homes, surveilling you with drones, not letting you leave your house unless you have the right app on your phone.
Total, absolute, big brother AI enslavement.
The good news is humanity is awakening right now to the fact that it is the corrupt corporations and major globalist institutions like the World Health Organization and the CHICOMS that have all these level 4 bioweapons labs that are developing the very pathogens that now plague humanity.
Life is not imitating art in 2020.
The Wachowski brothers and many others like Chris Carter and the X-Files were only telegraphing to you what they were experiencing at elite meetings around the world.
Bill Joy in 1999, one of the co-founders of Sun Microsystems and a major billionaire,
We're good to go.
Fifteen years ago I laid out the globalist plan from their own statements and predicted by the year 2020 they would begin executing their depopulation operation.
This is only the beginning to train you to be locked down so in the future when the really deadly bioweapons are released and billions begin dying you sit there believing governments and corporations are actually your savior and are going to shepherd you and protect you when in truth they're Judas goats leading you into the slaughter.
I'm Alex Jones, and you have been warned.
Being weak has rewarded people the last 50, 60 years, but now we're coming towards the political slaughter.
And being weak and acting like a sheep's gonna get your ass destroyed.
You know, this report I just played is so critical.
It's at newswars.com, infowars.com, and banned on video.
The only way it reaches the sheeple, with all the proof of who's behind this, is when you share it.
So again, the video is titled, V for Vendetta, the Coronavirus Endgame.
And if you minimize that for folks on screen, they'll be able to see it right there.
V for Vendetta, the Key to the Coronavirus Secret.
It's on Band-Op Video.
We built our own system to be able to get this out to you and your family.
Please, you are the Paul Reverends, get it out now!
This is a takeover!
Here's Rush Limbaugh.
Now, of course, we here at the EIV Southern Command are in South Florida.
We're in Palm Beach County, which geographically is a large county.
And so, you would think, look at the case data here for Palm Beach.
The number of cases, coronavirus.
A number of deaths.
But one of the things that interests me is the hospitalization numbers.
Because if you look at Drudge, if you look at the drive-by media, you would believe there's not a single hospital bed in this country, right?
You have been led to believe that every hospital is overflowing, that dead bodies are in body bags in refrigerated trucks that are being parked off to landfills or whatever.
I mean, some of the most incredible reporting I have seen
And it is, it is in New York.
You know what, let's just stop right here.
This is so important.
I meant to get to this at the end of the show yesterday.
He said this yesterday by the third, fourth hour we had it.
I want to come back in the next segment and play the Project Veritas piece and then get to this and show Oliver Darcy getting Project Veritas banned off of YouTube, the videos, for driving up to the military and doctors and nurses and them saying they think it's overblown.
And Darcy says, I think this could hurt people, and I think that's not true.
Doctors and nurses and military don't have voices, and journalists shouldn't be able, you can't have citizens talking!
And YouTube went, you're right, because there's an agreement with CNN and with Media Matters that when, they're fact checkers, so when they go to big media, or they go to big tech,
And they say, I don't want people talking to doctors.
That's not authorizing.
You're right.
Here in the new Soviet Union, that's not, I mean, this is unbelievable.
So watching that, I thought, you know, why not back up what Rush is saying?
Because there are empty hospitals and it's way bigger than just the Apex.
They're all over the country now suddenly empty.
And it's because they told doctors don't do non-essential.
And most of this crap is non-essential.
In Austin, in upper middle class areas, so I can have a gate and all that stuff.
I don't like it either.
I'm gonna move the country.
And man, these women go to dermatologists and doctors like five days a week.
I mean, they cut them up, they slice them up, they laser beam every mole, and it's just, oh, doctors!
And I just, it's kind of fun seeing all that shut down right now, because they don't know what to do.
Because that's part of their, you know, psychology that, oh, I'm a beautiful woman, so, you know, I've got to, you know, go and pamper myself with constant medical appointments.
And they always just fry their faces, inject them with crap, just totally screw these women over.
And that's what this is.
I mean, it's a cult that's scaring everybody and it doesn't want anybody questioning it.
And it's got a guy that looks like a possum that got caught, you know.
Folks, one time I was running a shredder down by Creek Bottom and there was a dead stinking cow there.
And I was supposed to drag the cow out of the watering hole where the other cows were eating because it might make them sick.
And I got out and I went over to tie a chain around it and I told the story, I did this to a horse too, that maggots all over it, but that's just a maggot story.
And I'm dragging it with a chain and a possum comes out of its rear end because it likes to go eat the food that's in there.
Like Darcy likes to eat, you know, and feed us crap.
And it comes that possum out with crap all over it and I go, that looks like Oliver Darcy.
Just like when I saw the guy from Comedy Central, he looked like Chuck E. Cheese, the animatonic rat.
I just suddenly go, it's, it's Poo Poo Possum!
We'll be right back.
Ladies and gentlemen, it is official.
The Globalist, working with their client, Superstate, Thomas China, lunch is souped up.
Novel cold virus, Corona.
That's the most common virus out there.
Most of them are totally harmless.
And if you have high levels of zinc and other things, vitamin D, it's on record in studies.
That's very hard to get it.
But they don't want you knowing that.
They want people to shut up.
Create maximum fear.
And now Fauci has come out.
If you just joined us, we're going to play the clip again.
First here in a moment.
And said, hey, we're going to surveil people.
We're going to cycle into other seasons.
Next year you won't be able to go out either.
So they'll run into the middle of summer, and then let you have a month or two, and then clamp it back down, but there'll be special apps they're announcing, you'll be tracked, China was the model.
They're gonna roll it out like they just got these ideas, but it's all pre-planned.
By the Rockefeller Foundation, Bill and Melinda Gates, the tabletop exercises, predicting COVID-19 in November when it was already launched in China, and incubating.
And Limbaugh is absolutely right that there are thousands of videos, we started playing them two weeks ago, of just empty hospitals everywhere.
But now more and more people from Alabama to Texas to New York to Wisconsin to Ohio to Idaho to Montana to Colorado to California, I mean every state.
It's happening in England, it's happening
Everywhere, they will see on the news, the 6 o'clock news, that there's long lines, people are everywhere, that there's people on respirators, everyone's dying here at the hospital!
We've been posting videos that are like 30 minutes long, 15 minutes long, an hour long, every day, on Bandot Video.
I mean, you can't even watch them all!
And these locals, you go to their YouTube channels, it'll be like a auto parts store, or it'll be like a guy that owns a nursery, or it'll be a lady that, you know, is a maid or a cleaning supply.
It's just normal people, or it'll be a retired cop.
I mean, I'm going and checking their channels, and they have stuff with their kids at the beach and parties, and then suddenly it's all this investigative reporting.
And they say, well, I live a mile from this hospital, and they said there's long lines and people dying everywhere, but I noticed they weren't showing a wide shot.
And I've seen other videos,
This is just a sampling of what they say, because they are all saying this.
Where they're showing newscasts in Hawaii, remember two weeks ago, three weeks ago, we first were breaking this?
We're going to get that Jones fellow, that filmmaker back on.
That's where it all started.
And he sees them on the news saying that there's long lines and no one can get in.
Well, he thought he had coronavirus because he'd been sick.
He just went out of town in L.A.
at a film show.
He's an award-winning filmmaker.
I mean, international filmmaker.
Jones is last name for his first name.
Point is, he goes in, and the parking lot's empty.
He just saw the news an hour before, and he goes, test me.
And they go, no, we're not going to test you.
He parks there for three hours, reading a book, and watches, I think he said nine people come up, and they're all turned away.
But he just saw the news, so he comes back the next day, and they're, nobody's there, but they're saying it's full.
So everybody started seeing that, going, well, they say the hospital's full down the street, but they didn't show it.
So they drive over, sometimes 10 minutes after, they say they're live.
We're here at the hospital, everyone's dying, giant lines, respirators, help us!
The aliens are attacking, we're all dead!
And you get there, and there's nothing.
Crickets, crickets, crickets, crickets, crickets, crickets, crickets.
No one!
So you start asking, why is no one here?
And the hospital goes, we don't know why there's nobody here.
I mean, some of the hospitals might have 15 cars in the parking lot that normally has 1,000.
These are huge hospitals.
Other ones have no one.
And there's hours and hours and hours.
In fact,
I want to ask Kellan McBreener, one of the crew that's here, go get, go talk to Do.
He's the one posting these every day.
I mean, he's probably put together like eight of them that I know of.
And then the fellow we had on, Daria, what's the Jones filmmaker's name?
What's his first name we had on three weeks ago?
Look it up, because I want to tell folks about his video, too.
He was the first, and it just chain-reactioned.
His video got over a million views last time I saw it.
Chain-reactioned, and then everybody just starts going out to see what's going on.
E. Michael Jones.
Can we get him back on?
I really want to get him back on.
Thank you.
And let's get him on tomorrow.
Let's just get him back on.
Or get him in the war room.
Because he was just going to be tested.
I thought, well, there's long lines.
I still better go do it, because I feel sick.
And he got there, ladies and gentlemen, and there was no one there.
Now it's a chain reaction.
So let's be clear.
These aren't hospitals open and waiting for the apex, for the paramount, for the top of the mountain, for the peak.
This is across the board.
They're saying it's full, there are people lined up, there are people on stretchers in the hallways.
Cuomo, we have no respirators!
People are dying right now!
They go, hey, there's a stockpile down the road.
Well, I don't want to discuss those.
Jason Jones, thanks a lot.
I really want him back on.
I really want him back on.
Steven Jones is the professor that exposed explosives in WTC7.
And that's why I begged hard.
I want Jason Jones back on.
I want Jason Jones back on.
I want Jason Jones back on.
I want Jason Jones back on.
I want Jason Jones back on.
I want Jason Jones back on.
I want Jason Jones back on.
I want Jason Jones... I'm not mad!
I just want him back on.
Show, back to what I was saying.
Back to what I was saying here, ladies and gentlemen.
God, watching this country totally butchered and just how everyone's in a sleep state.
And it's like I'm awake and everybody's like in a sleep state.
It gets worse and worse.
People are mesmerized, ladies and gentlemen.
It's absolutely out of control.
I gotta go to rebroadcast.
I'm not even gonna do the show anymore.
Screw this whole place.
The country's gone.
Screw everybody.
We are a nation of devil-worshipping cowards that have killed 62 million babies and we love it!
And that's why they're making their move on us because God is removing his protection from the planet.
Because you want death and you want Satanism, you're going to be killed very slowly.
They're going to inject you with vaccines until you and your family are big, bloated, retarded beasts.
And then they're going to kill you and Bill Gates is going to urinate on your grave.
And you still will do nothing.
Even though I've told you all of this over and over again.
Even though I've laid every damn bit of it out.
Now see, I don't blow up on air like I used to.
I've learned to control myself and channel the energy.
And I'm gonna do that.
I just, you know.
It's the same problems over and over again that drive me insane.
The compartmentalization of everything.
Everything is specialization because no one wants to get outside their box.
They want to be put in a little cube and do one little thing and not be conscious.
And I see it everywhere and it's intensifying and you're dying!
And your spirit is dying!
You are being reduced right now!
America and everything our ancestors fought for is being murdered and people are wiggling around enjoying it like it's fun and it's cutesy.
It's not cute and it's not funny.
You understand it is a 100% undebated absolute fact.
That they have never guessed the right flu virus for the mutation of what the main flu is the next year.
And it's always a whole bunch of flus.
Dozens and dozens of them.
And that it does nothing to protect you from the next flu if it's not the exact flu!
That's why they never ask why they don't have a vaccine for the common cold.
Because it's too varied.
Because there's thousands of them.
And because you have to get it exactly right.
And viruses are always mutating.
But you notice they're telling you they've got a vaccine.
They want you willingly to go take whatever it is that's going to be in there.
And when major German, Italian, and other firms have gotten things like H1N1 vaccine and scanned it, they go, this is super, this is like 10 years ago, super advanced bioengineered thing with a whole bunch of stuff added onto it.
And then they were SWAT teamed, was in the news by the Italian government because the manufacturer of the vaccine and the WHO said, that's patented.
You're not allowed to scan what we put in there.
Trojan horses.
Trojan horses are in the cell phones, they're in the food, they're in the vaccines.
Everything they give you is for another thing to control you.
It's not so you can sit there and jerk off the porn or sit there and, you know, play Tetris.
It's to watch you and fry you and surveil you in the future, be your jail guard to tell you when you can go outside, how much food you can have, what profession you have, whether you can have children or not.
And you all wanna die and you're gonna get tortured to death like those babies!
God is putting us into slavery!
You're gonna burn in hell!
You know, we deserve everything that's about to happen to us.
But our children don't.
They haven't sold out to Satan yet.
They haven't acted like coward jellyfish.
By the way, I wasn't mad at the crew earlier and I wasn't even mad at the listeners when I'm saying you're all gonna burn in hell.
I mean the people that rejoice in killing babies.
I mean, I remember just four months ago when suddenly on all the comedy major shows and all over the news and all the big feminist groups were like, I love killing babies.
I had a baby girl in me and I like to get pregnant and then I've done this three times with my boyfriend.
We like to have sex while I'm pregnant.
We like to think about the baby.
Oh, how she's a little girl, how it's a little boy.
And then I go in there and I've got such power.
They chop that little piece of trash up.
And I feel like God when I'm killing that baby.
I mean, I've played those clips.
You want me to play them again?
And it's just the weirdness of Cuomo's like this crazy dictator.
He's got weird nipple stud rings.
And I'm not attacking people that got nipple stud rings, but you know, when dudes got it, I mean, you know, it means they're catching and pitching.
And then that means they could just blackmail him.
Of course he's blackmailed.
I mean, these people are crazy.
And it's just a psychotic.
We are an evil population.
We are evil.
We are soft, we are stupid, and we're dead.
The globalists are going to kill us.
They're even worse than us, but they embrace that they are the survival of the fittest, and because they're in power, it's their right to do all this to us.
And I'm sitting here watching it going, I don't want to be part of this.
I don't want to join them and be part of exterminating everybody.
And then I don't want to join the giant masses of idiots.
And I just sit there and I look at my children.
They're good.
They're strong.
They love God.
They're a little spoiled and have problems, but they don't deserve all this and neither do your children.
So I started thinking about hours of video I've watched the last three weeks, psychoanalyzing myself.
And that's when I got pissed earlier was that
For three weeks, there's footage pouring into us and pouring in everywhere, hours a day, of people watching newscasts and going to the hospital the same day, minutes or hours later, and there's no one there in the middle of the day.
It's all lies!
Because the globalists didn't get their propaganda perfect.
Because the low-levels aren't involved.
They just kind of give them directives and hope they follow suit, and hoping they over-carry it out.
As Governor Newsom said, we don't need martial law.
The public's already doing it to themselves, he said three weeks ago.
He was laughing about it.
Peer pressure.
People being little, you know, police officers that don't even have any training.
It's not that they're empty for the apex.
They didn't think when they said, no, non-essential.
And most of the healthcare now is non-essential.
It's just people using their insurance and getting into the whole medical thing.
I've gone and had surgeries a few times that I had to have the last few years.
A hernia and torn bicep, things like that.
Because the bicep hurt like hell.
It was a big tear.
And I was talking to the doctors and they were like, yeah, most of these people just come in here and get surgeries for each finger to get a surgery, to get pain pills.
And they're just totally, and I was watching these people while they were putting me under, right before they did, just getting off.
I'm like, oh, the shot.
They go, oh, yeah.
Oh, when they start getting the first, you know, injection of the IV and I'm just like, you know, that causes brain damage every time.
I mean, I'm only getting surgery unless I need to.
I mean, my hernia, I had it for 10 years.
I mean, I had, like, guts hanging.
I had to shove them in when I was on air, like, a couple times, you know, per hour.
Decided I didn't want to have the surgery.
I was too busy.
Then it got so bad with the guts hanging out.
I went, all right, let's get it done.
That's what we've turned into.
And so, I don't know, man.
I just can't join Satan.
I've been around these globalists and they're so creepy and so unhappy and the feeling is so bad and so empty, so dark that I couldn't join them.
But I do get that they trick the general public to be evil and accept abortion and devil worship.
And so the public kind of does deserve to be exterminated.
But see,
The globalists are playing God, though.
They want to carry out the operation of God.
They're the ones that help people be evil, grease the skids, incentivize it, run the whole thing, but then they want to play God, too, at the same time, and then exterminate everybody.
I just want to promise the globalists something, and I know this as sure as that sign over there on the wall is bright red and says exit.
When they make their exit,
They are going to be imprisoned in a dimension with themselves forever.
That's not going to be a nice place.
The hell of their own making.
And their system will fail.
They'll never get their life extension technology the way they want it.
It's never going to work right.
It'll be a fraud, an AI facsimile of who they were, but it won't be them.
They'll say it works.
And their New World Order is going down.
But God is going to allow it to come into fruition to kill, like Revelation says, close to half the world population.
So hey, all of you that think social distancing and doing what they say and taking their inoculations to keep you safe, good, take them.
You take the shots, hell, give them to your kids, kill your kids too, kill them slow.
You're scum, your kids are probably scum too.
So I'm just going to kind of get in the middle, I guess.
I'm not going to be the globalist, but I'm going to start saying, hey, you want to kill yourselves?
You go do it.
But, oh, don't try to make me take your shots.
And don't try to make me eat your GMO.
And don't try to make me submit to you and go, oh, I'm sick because you didn't take the vaccine.
No, dumbass.
If you supposedly took the vaccine, you shouldn't get it.
Now I'm going to be a good boy and get out of this nasty mood here.
But like Limbaugh said yesterday, if he told people what he really thinks, she'd be off the air.
Because he's, it's controlled.
The network will shut him down.
I run my own network.
And the stations that carry us are their own people, and that's why we're on the air and we appreciate them.
But putting perfume on this pig isn't going to fix a damn thing.
And it's all here.
And I saw that Fauci statement and all the other stuff, and I knew it was coming.
Forced inoculations, we're never going to stop the clampdown, it's just going to be on and off, on and off.
Well, you've got that in place, that's a clampdown.
You know, like jail cells open up and let folks be in general population, at night they close, but you're still in a prison.
This is the most classical form of globalist takeover we predicted would happen.
They had other options, big wars, financial collapses, race wars, but the big enchilada, or enchilada like they'd say in New York City,
Is this.
I'm gonna tell you again, these creeps think you're an idiot.
And so they brag about it and got the whole damn thing teed up.
Bill Gates can't shut his mouth how he wants to kill you and your family and kill old people to depopulate.
And again, you've done nothing about it on average.
I'm talking about the audience.
I'm talking about new listeners.
You think this is all funny?
Well, let me tell all the BuzzFeed New York Times folks out there.
They get their plan, the forced inoculations start, most of you in 10 years are going to die of cancer.
But not before they cut your ass up and feed you bug poison and radiate your ass and take every damn dime out of you.
And remember when you're dying, you're taking your last breaths, you remember Alex Jones warned you.
You understand?
Because that's how God works.
He sends people to warn your ass first.
President Trump is being railroaded by total hysteria and by the fact that the American people have bent over and
Begged to be mounted by the globalist spider.
He came out eight weeks ago and said, we're a strong nation.
We can handle deaths.
30-something thousand die a year of the flu.
We'll try to mitigate it, but we're going to stay open.
We're not going to be fearful.
And the media was like, you're going to get everybody killed.
It's your problem.
It's bad.
He goes, well, wait, Pelosi says stay open.
The Democrats say stay open.
And so
He backed off.
He started saying, OK, we'll clamp down.
And now they're like, you're doing good, Trump.
And oh, Jim Acosta's like, Trump gets it now.
We have to stay on lockdown forever in cycles.
And now Trump and Costa are friends, because Jeff Zucker's like, okay, Trump's doing what we want, start being nice to him, because the public doesn't have a memory, on average.
That's what they count on at the globalist level.
And so they know they get that depression that's coming in a month or two if they keep this going, for sure.
All the numbers show it.
The irrevocable shutdown to start something this big up, you just can't do that.
Well, ladies and gentlemen, then they'll turn around and blame Trump for that, as they're already preparing to do.
Mr. Schiff over at the House Intelligence Committee is starting his investigation like a 9-11 commission into whose fault it is, and of course Trump is the main person they're looking at.
And so now you see where it's all going.
So I told Trump and so did Mike Adams, hey, you at least gotta say it's serious and we're gonna deal with it.
Don't just say it's not a problem, it's like the flu, or they're gonna get you.
Well, Trump started doing that, then they gave him brownie points, but the next trap's already set.
So that's what's happening.
You know, I have G. Edward Griffin joining us.
I should have said that.
I wanted to get him on a few days ago, and I saw that Trump basically started nationalizing the Federal Reserve, parts of it.
And it is true, he began to nationalize the Federal Reserve.
That should be under the power of Congress, not the private Federal Reserve.
We'll play clips of the old head of the Federal Reserve, Alan Greenspan, saying the Fed is above the law and all the rest of it, to understand what this is really all about on the monetary front.
And then tomorrow, I'm only having one guest on, Jason Jones, that first exposed the empty hospitals and clinics and testing facilities that's now taken the country and the world by storm.
And I'll be here Friday, and we're going to do a special Saturday show, as we did a few weeks ago, and as we've been doing off and on, from 2 to 4, maybe even longer, live.
It's on the radio and TV satellites, but only has breaks for local stations.
We're pulling our network breaks so that we have more time each hour.
Only about 6-7 minutes of ads, putting on the clock, instead of 14 minutes an hour.
We'll have some special guests, and I always have the Sunday show.
I've been doing that 12 years now, 4 to 6 p.m.
as well, not just the weekday show we've been doing, in this slot for 22 years, this time for 23 years.
And then 26 years total on air.
So, I overheated earlier.
That's an old Alex Jones trait to blow up.
It was 100% real.
And it's because I have been really upset about what's going on because it's all a formula.
It's all a program.
It's all an operation.
By the multinational corporations, the WHO and the China.
It's not the China orders the who around.
China in 49 signed on with the Rockefellers and the globalist operation to set this up as the model state to do this.
And Trump represents a nationalist arm that's trying to take American power back from the globalist.
So that America runs the global system and not China.
It's really a fight over who runs the global government right now.
Not even over getting rid of global government.
Let's be completely honest.
I'll have America run it so we can make it more libertarian, more Americana, with influence, getting patriots and nationalists elected everywhere.
Operation 1776 Worldwide that I launched about 15 years ago.
And then we can defeat the Malthusian eugenics-based globalist program.
And that's why now the globalists are so pissed is they can see that that common sense approach has been picked up by intelligentsia and the intelligence agencies and others that do not want to carry out a homicidal post-human world government system.
Let me introduce a couple terms to you here that are key and then I'll get to the news.
You have BC before Christ.
You have AD after death.
Now they have the common era.
And before the Common Era, that's the modernist thing to get rid of Christ.
Even though that's the historical fact, because ask Congressman Crenshaw, the gay pirate.
He said Jesus was an imaginary person like a superhero.
No, the Roman and Jewish histories report Jesus and the basic things that happen.
You know, they'll tell you someday that George Washington didn't exist.
By the way, you know in Travis County, 60% of births are cesarean section?
Made popular by the surgery on Cleopatra?
Interesting to know history.
Just basic stuff.
I predicted 20 years ago that one day,
They will take children from mothers that try to have babies at home and try to have them vaginally, even though statistically the babies are much healthier, they are vaginally.
Hospitals get more money with the cesarean, they can run it through quicker.
And of course, now that's happened, there's moves to make, by the whole medical tyranny, to make vaginal birth prohibited.
And they always want to keep the baby away for a day so the mother doesn't ever produce milk to get them on that formula.
You get about a third smaller brain, but an IQ 30 points lower, and the fluoride just does its trick.
I walked up to my mom in Target when I was 18 months old.
I tugged on her skirt and I said, mama, kitty.
And then she said, no, no, no.
When we got in the car and I kicked her in the leg, which I never did.
I was a nice little boy.
And she said, that's it, you're weaned.
But see that big brain, that big head, those big bones from the milk my mother produced.
But see, soon it'll be a conspiracy theory that women's breasts ever even were for milk.
I'm not joking!
They're saying you can't say mother and father.
They're saying that men can have babies.
They're assaulting the very fabric of reality.
No bobbing boards.
No dodgeball.
No tag.
No football.
They've already phased most of this in.
No contact sports.
No one's allowed to drive their cars.
They're gonna show the robot cars are safer.
If it just saves one person while we lose 50,000 a year on the roads, well the robots, we got it down in this town that did it by 50%.
Well, okay, you can't drive your car now.
This is their admitted plan!
So I'm gonna come back, cover the news, go to Jim Griffin, and then I'll get to the Limbaugh stuff, and the Veritas, and the possum, Oliver Darcy.
But you need to know this term.
After the human error.
After the human era.
By the way, that is what we're entering.
The end of the human era.
The post-human.
Coined a term here that will, you will hear about.
After the human era.
And the great ones that innovated and caused the new transition into this thing.
But before they kill and destroy us all,
Our humanity already has to be destroyed to remain in the image of God.
We must give that humanity up slowly.
And then, the truth is, Satan never had the power to take our humanity, just like Faust.
Faust died thinking Satan still had power over him.
He could have denounced Satan, embraced Christ, and could have been delivered.
But he didn't.
So, you need to repent.
I'm repenting.
And I know exactly how they're going to roll the whole thing out.
That's what's horrible.
I'm having to really look into the research we've done and what I already know.
And I'm having to look at the next phases and how they're going to roll it out and what they're going to do.
It's terrible.
I see it about five years from now and there'll be some new plague out.
They're not going to stop.
This is so successful.
It's going to be every year now.
They'll be groups protesting and coming out in mass and they're going to release really deadly bioweapons but are only meant to mutate once and then become harmless.
And they're going to go then and spray crowds with stuff that kills them in like three days with pus and blood squirting out.
And then everyone's just gonna totally panic and just absolutely beg to be put in a prison.
I wanna fly like an eagle back to the country that's the land of the free, the home of the brave.
The swine flu vaccine in the 1970s killed more than 10,000 people.
They don't deny it, did they?
They report that the Spanish flu killed between 30 and 50 million people at the end of World War I. No one really knows the true numbers.
People were run down, they were starving to death.
It was soldiers that were run down with their ribs sticking out, brought it back.
They had massive deficiencies in vitamin D, zinc, and all the rest of it.
And that's just a historical fact.
If 100,000 people die from this, it'll be a bad flu season.
80,000 died in 2018 in the U.S., according to the CDC.
And almost all of them were above the age of 80.
They had kidney failure.
They had had limbs amputated.
They were diabetic.
Now it's news that, oh, a lot of really old people and folks with heart failure are dying.
But it also kills some healthy men, and it eats your testicles.
It's not a good thing.
But the point is, is that the idea that you can never leave your house again if anyone's dying, and the governor of Texas, I told you, would go ahead and do it.
He stayed at home order for the whole state yesterday.
This is not constitutional.
Now if we had airborne Ebola that was killing 90% of people, you better have storable food, you better be ready to stay in your house.
And the only essential workers that work at nuclear power plants and power plants and the truck drivers that are getting that stuff, I mean, you'd want to stay there.
This isn't even killing 1%.
I'm not saying that's still isn't a problem.
That's somebody dead in your neighborhood.
The idea that government can control this, and the idea that vaccines are the solution, why'd they never have a vaccine for the common cold?
Because there's thousands of viruses that cause it, and there's hundreds and hundreds of mutations of coronaviruses every year, the main cold bug.
We always knew the ultimate bioweapon would be a reinfecting cold bug carrying other attacks, and now they've done it.
An airborne cold virus.
Coronaviruses are piss hands, folks.
But if you run down and a bunch of them get replicated in your lungs, they can kill you.
Kind of like dumping water in your lungs.
Water's nice for a nice drink of orange-flavored LaCroix.
But you dump a couple cans of this down your lungs, you die.
It goes down your esophagus, into your stomach, it's good.
Not in your lungs.
But it's the airborne nature and now it's 27 feet.
Now they're going, well actually it might go further.
Well then, uh, uh, uh.
See it's, and it's all over the world.
China starts with incremental, then it closes the net.
And here it's the same thing.
Texas is like, we're not going to do that.
You know, even though they had projections of 200,000, we're going to die two weeks ago.
Now it's the same projections, but well, I guess we better.
Because it's the corporate pressure and Trump's getting the praise he's never gotten from the media subtly.
He's riding a tiger.
We are the problem because we're buying into the fear and going along with it.
And so the politicians follow where the people go when we take actions while they can't get our guns because we say no!
It's why they're reversing abortion all over the country.
We're waking up and saying, no, actually, we're coming back to God, and there's been a revival.
And globalism's in trouble, and humanity's starting to do the right thing.
I mean, there's just hundreds of them here.
Look at these headlines.
Half of humanity is under lockdown.
Dems delayed presidential convention by one month.
August 17th.
Texas town clamps down.
Wear a mask in public or face fines, arrest.
Total control, just like Islam.
They say, hey, a man might rape you if you don't wear a beekeeper suit.
Well, then you get arrested if you don't.
Well, now it's a virus might get you.
See, it's how it works.
jobless claims surge record 10 million amid coronavirus lockdown.
Medical teams raise alarm for extra risks faced by diabetics.
It's happening.
Military going after deep states.
Piggy bank.
Trump always said he wanted to put the military in the ocean and on the borders to shut down the drug cartels.
Let me give you a little hint.
They've already been doing it.
And so, absolutely.
One is by land, who is by sea.
Trump has now doubled the amount of troops in the Pacific, the Gulf, and the Atlantic going after the drug cartels, which he says is a real emergency.
Drugs are killing hundreds of thousands of people a year.
Just opiates.
Hundreds of thousands.
Well then, we're going to clamp down on that.
That's not martial law, though.
That's the military in the ocean.
Thomas Jefferson sent the military to fight the Barbary pirates when they were robbing our ships.
But Fauci says lockdown will continue until there are no new cases of coronavirus, and you're going to get your forced inoculation.
Pentagon ordering 100,000 body bags.
Coronavirus is now the third leading cause of death in the United States.
The flu usually is one of the top ones every year.
How are we going to respond to this?
Well, here we go again.
China puts country on lockdown after new corona cluster emerges.
Oh, now the Chinese Communist got a real reason to stop the people from rebelling.
Chinese gave faulty contaminated COVID-19 equipment to several countries.
Told you that weeks ago, now it's all admitted.
But don't worry.
Don't worry now.
China's flying more masks over here to save us.
Even though U.S.
intelligence report concludes China concealed the extent of the coronavirus outbreak.
That's now official.
We told you that nine weeks ago.
So people say, hey, you said it was big nine weeks ago and get ready.
Yeah, for the economic collapse, for the lockdown, and for the man-made virus, but it's just the trigger.
And here we are again, ladies and gentlemen.
You know, I get nasty, I get negative, because I see a lot of compliance and people thinking it's virtuous.
It's not virtuous.
The Chinese rolling over to evil is not virtuous.
The Chai Com's using it to clamp down on Taiwan is not virtuous.
The Chai Com's lying about it, incubating it.
The Democrats saying bring it in is not virtuous.
When Trump said block the Chinese flights and the federal judges tried to block it for several weeks, that wasn't virtuous.
But what's really not virtuous is that people don't cultivate a memory to remember what just happened a month ago.
I talk to people with degrees that are smart, that are supposedly successful, but they're mentally lazy.
And I tell them this stuff.
I go, remember the Democrats saying, don't block the Chinese flights?
Like, no, I don't remember that.
They're the ones criticizing Trump not doing enough.
And you're being mentally lazy.
Don't you remember?
So I pull it up and I show them from a month ago, Pelosi, from five weeks ago, they go, whatever.
They don't care.
They think me trying to show them something is I'm trying to show off to them.
I walk into grocery stores now, and I explain to them it's all a way to take their rights, and that's the real threat.
And most folks go, yeah, I agree with you, I agree with you.
But it has to be done.
I'm going to start the next hour.
I haven't covered 110% of the news.
Jim Griffith's coming up.
We'll get to it all.
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Go out and consult physicians, and they'll, every physician I've talked to, I've talked to a lot of them, I ran into an airplane, an airline pilot, flies for American yesterday, and then I was talking to a medical doctor, I'm not going to say where I was or what I was doing, and he was like, oh absolutely, you can't find zinc anywhere, I'm telling my patients, you know, take zinc.
And I said, well how much?
And he said, hmm, 100 milligrams a day.
He goes, if you taste it later, it tastes kind of acidy, means you're on too much.
But, you know, they're giving 250 to people that already have it.
That's not good for your kidneys, but it's better than dying, but wouldn't do it long term.
And I said, well, I've been taking 30 milligrams a day.
They said, yeah, I'd probably load up more than that.
And I went up to 100 milligrams this morning.
That's what I'm doing.
And I'm, as a human, according to media matters of George Soros, I'm supposed to tell you that that's what I'm doing.
But you can go to the N- because, you know, George Soros is God.
He's a Nazi collaborator, so he is God, I guess.
If you go to the NIH and type in zinc, it'll tell you right there that it's an immune booster.
You gotta have it to live.
Cleans out the cells, protects the mitochondria.
Don't listen to them, you know.
But that's the NIH.
Only listen to CNN, who's still saying hydroxychloroquine's bad, and there's no hope, and you're all dead.
Because only a vaccine will save you.
Ladies and gentlemen, I just saw a video that is undoubtedly real.
How do you know when you're 20 feet away that fruit in a bowl is real?
You know.
How do you know when Hillary's doing a fake infomercial with hired actors?
They said it was a town hall.
It was shot in like 80 millimeter dust going through the air perfectly.
Little kids handing her things.
It was a commercial!
It looked better shot than The Godfather.
And it came out six months later.
It was totally fake.
It was shot over three days.
Well, they just took me in there in the studio, and they said, you think this is real?
And I watched it.
And I said, you bet your ass it's real.
Because I've worked in medical areas, I've seen it, I know people behave, and I knew this was all coming, and it's here.
Forced coronavirus test.
Taking blood.
The old test.
Holding him down, sticking a needle in him.
This is on Twitter.
We're going to premiere it right here, right now.
Here it is.
It don't work like that, man!
This shit ain't right, man!
Nah, don't put the phone down now, mothafucka!
Nah, bro, leave it alone.
I don't need it on my own.
It don't work like that.
Alright, stop.
We're gonna bleep it.
President cusses, the left cusses whenever they want.
PBS, when I was a kid they had cussing on a PBS show.
Showing racist white people cussing at black people.
I remember looking at my mom and said, how do they have cussing on TV?
She said, it's documentary, son.
See, that's the left's allowed to show cussing when they want.
But I'm still going to believe that we're going to have it for your next segment.
It's unbelievable.
Totally real.
So you go in, somebody's coughing.
Well, we're going to test you because, oh, it's big news that we find one of the COVID-19s.
Then we can be all over the news.
You've got the medical tyranny muscling in to grab you and do the test.
And they're gonna fetishize it and praise everyone that acts like this and behaves like this.
We're getting G. Edward Griffin on right now, and then we'll play all the clips of China and people getting grabbed and drug away.
And then we'll have these bleeps and everything ready for it.
We're gonna upload it unbleeped, unbleeped, to Band.Video right now.
Right now.
So China, secret arrest, drones, forced inoculations, forced blood taking, grabbing people, dragging them around.
It appeared on Twitter.
Obviously, when a novice this has done to them, they don't really even like they're not reporters.
I was like, oh, this happened to me here.
They said, look what just happened to me.
But we've got the Twitter handle.
We're contacting the folks that put it on Twitter.
A man refused to be tested for COVID-19 pandemic and fights hospital staff until they force him down and take the blood.
That's collapse post.
Contact them and find out where they got that.
That is real, McCoy.
I bet my life that's real.
It's real.
And now you're going to see more and more of that.
You're going to see people get in folks' faces as they leave their houses and say, let me see your phone app!
And your phone will have a government app or through a corporate app that you're authorized.
And they'll scan it and go, hmm, hmm.
And it's gonna be every season, and every, oh, new viruses, and ooh, ooh, if you had your inoculation, even though it doesn't cover you, and if you say, hey, the inoculation doesn't cover you, they'll go, you're arrested!
That's disinformation!
Oliver Darcy says so.
But remember, when they forcibly inoculate you and your child has a convulsion and dies, they killed your child.
Bill Gates killed your child.
Oliver Darcy killed your child.
Because they didn't let you have free speech in America to say a big secret medical, secret level 4 government weapons system that's been caught injecting black people with syphilis and radiating Appalachian kids and thousands of other secret lethal tests is now doing it out in the open with a PSYOP trying to make us take these deadly vaccines to soft kill us, sterilize us, and destroy us.
So they're coming with force, but saying it's medical so it's not an attack.
See, if Hitler comes with tanks, you're fighting.
But if Hitler would have come with medical workers to help the Russians fight a virus, the Russians would have stood down and Hitler would have taken over.
Same thing with England.
Ladies and gentlemen, we are back live and we're having to bleep it.
And we found a Twitter account that's got all real stuff from the past days.
The FBI raiding masks, fights, shopping malls, police arresting people.
And then they've got footage that clearly I worked as a dental assistant in college.
I've been around it.
You've seen it.
These are real nurses holding a guy down and taking his blood for COVID-19.
Go ahead and scroll down a little bit faster.
And so, we're going to be getting to that as soon as we're able to bleep it for radio and TV, because we're not NPR, we're not CNN, we're not allowed to cuss as conservative Christians, even though we don't want to.
We don't have the same rights, because we're pro-America.
Jimmy Griffin's scheduled to be on.
I wanted to get him on about the Federal Reserve and is Trump really nationalizing it?
I mean, he did nationalize part of it.
That's confirmed.
There's so many other insane facets that are breaking right now on Infowars.com and Newswars.com and just things that illustrate the insanity of what we're facing.
What does he think?
But I want to roll Rush Limbaugh, that I didn't get to earlier, talking about how the hospitals, they say, are full and they're empty.
We have posted more than 10 videos, I said it was eight last hour, in the last three weeks, that are compilations of 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 videos, some of these are like an hour long, of people showing local newscasts that the hospital's full, there's people dying everywhere, and they go there and the same day, in broad daylight, and there's no one there and it's empty.
This is the media hyping this.
I'm not saying people aren't dying, but what have died nationwide?
Can we put the map up from the World Health Organization?
Even if that's accurate, probably not.
A lot of people have died of something else.
Probably exaggerated.
They just say COVID-19 or they're positive.
But 30,000 die on average, 35,000.
80,000 died of the flu in 2018.
So let's say this kills 80,000.
That's what I've been projecting for months.
It's a weaponized cold bug and it's terrible.
What does all this do?
It doesn't even protect you.
And now they say, oh, we got a lockdown next fall.
So total deaths worldwide, 50,000.
Almost a million worldwide, 981,000.
And let's look at U.S.
You just click on that, so I can see U.S.
deaths, please.
Total number of U.S.
deaths, 5,316.
And they say it's gonna peak in a couple weeks at like 30,000, and then they think maybe up to 100,000, maybe 200,000.
And then most of these people are already super ill.
And then I got all these articles from California to New York, the worst hit places, where they're telling nurses, don't wear a mask.
Well, if you're healthy, you just become an incubator for it.
So Limbaugh, who I wish he had a bigger crew, and I hope he survives his lung cancer,
Limbaugh has really come a long way in understanding the New World Order.
And I know he's a listener.
He reads our articles on air now.
That's good.
He said he'd be removed from air if he told you what he really thinks.
Well, I know what he really thinks.
And that this is a total hoax to bring down America and a weaponized system and Trump's been basically
Blackmailed by the nation's cowardice in demanding police state into going along with what we want.
It's not like Pontius Pilate.
He says, do you want Jesus Christ?
Do you want Barabbas, the rapist and murderer?
And it was on the, you know, Holy Jewish Day.
So they got to choose one guy they would release was accustomed by the Roman judge.
And they say, give us Barabbas.
And Trump, eight weeks ago, five weeks ago, said, hey, we're tough.
We can handle it.
We shouldn't shut things down.
We'll mitigate it.
And people said, no, we want to be slaves.
We want to follow how the Democrats did it, how the Chinese did it, how the EU did it.
Give us tyranny.
Give us Barabbas.
And so as the judge, he said, OK, well, I don't want to totally shut down for 18 months.
How about a month?
How about 14 days?
There can't be one death!
And then Project Veritas goes to hospitals, talks to the National Guard, talks to police.
Talks to nurses, doctors.
They say, we think it's way overblown.
America can handle this.
Yeah, the news is saying we're full of people here.
We're not.
That's a fact check.
Oliver Darcy had it removed off of YouTube and is trying to get his videos taken out from Twitter.
He's now being taken off the internet.
Because Oliver Darcy said in a tweet, this could tell people that things aren't as bad and they won't take precautions, and then it'll kill more.
You see, he's the boss, the nanny state.
He's gonna keep you safe.
He decides who can be online.
He's Oliver Darcy.
And now it's the president of Brazil.
And now it's Trump when he said hydroxychloroquine.
How dare you say there's studies that that could help?
But they had to approve it because it's true.
They don't want hope.
These are horrible monsters who think you're weak and stupid and scared and they know what they're doing.
Here's Limbaugh laying it out and we'll roll some footage over it.
But you got to hear it.
People are like, I live down the street.
It was just on the news.
They went live.
There's at least 10 of those videos.
I just drove over here.
In fact, there's the reporter and there's footage.
It's a lie.
I've got to go through these, where people go over to the reporter and go, you just said this place was full!
It's not!
The reporters go, get away from me!
I mean, we have them!
They are absolutely hyping this like it's the end of the world to scare you to accept the end of our way of life and being locked up in our homes.
Here's Limbaugh.
Now, of course, we here at the EIV Southern Command are in South Florida.
We're in Palm Beach County, which geographically is a large county.
And so, look at the case data here for Palm Beach.
The number of cases, coronavirus.
A number of deaths.
But one of the things that interests me is the hospitalization numbers.
Because if you look at Drudge, if you look at the drive-by media, you would believe there's not a single hospital bed in this country, right?
You have been led to believe that every hospital is overflowing, that dead bodies are in body bags in refrigerated trucks that are being parked off to landfills or whatever.
I mean, some of the most incredible reporting I have seen
And it is in New York, it is in Washington, D.C., Maryland, the eastern seaboard states, that there's not a hospital bed around, that the hospitals are overflowing.
If you have to go to the hospital, you may as well just pack it in and die!
So I wanted to find out what the hospitalization rates were here in Palm Beach County, because we've been shut down like everybody else has.
We've been shut down through the middle of April.
They've got shelter in place, and you better not be caught on the beach!
The turtles can go to the beach, so we can't.
You better not get caught on the beach.
You better not be caught within 10 feet of anybody else.
Or they'll write you up.
On the town website.
Anyway, here's the case data for Palm Beach County.
Total cases in Palm Beach County of coronavirus 514.
Of the 514 cases, 488 are residents of Palm Beach County.
24 are non-residents.
The age range, 0-99, men 268, cases women 237, so it's fairly equal.
There have been 11 deaths in Palm Beach County since this all began to be tabulated.
Now, I don't have data for other states.
That will come at some point.
I've got a website here.
This is Florida's COVID-19 Data Surveillance Dashboard.
And it's the latest official numbers from the Florida Department of Health.
I know numbers on the radio are tough to follow, but let me go again.
Total cases in Palm Beach County, 514.
Total deaths, 11.
The number of people who are hospitalized with coronavirus, 57.
Does that strike you as a large number?
I want you to think of the way this is being reported.
Particularly about New York and other places, where there's not a hospital bed to be had.
Where they're putting people in the hallways.
There's no ventilators, there's no nothing.
We haven't got, we're just in bad shape out there.
Folks, we're gonna come right back here.
We have hours of footage of empty hospitals.
It's a hoax.
Not saying the virus isn't real, but out of 337 million plus 40 million illegal aliens, you know, we're up at close to 370 million.
This is super rare that it actually hurts you.
Okay, ladies and gentlemen, I cannot continue the broadcast at this time.
I already knew this and I received this during the break four minutes ago, five minutes ago, and I checked the sources and it reminded me of 30 plus cases of where the UN got caught adding HIV and polio viruses in the vaccines.
And so I'm not going to cover this until we've printed those articles.
The boom operator has a better memory than I do, and he remembered the exact African countries.
And so we're getting those articles printed.
This is like seven years ago, one of the cases.
They also caught him putting in vaccines, a female hormone that's secreted during the beginning of the second trimester.
So it triggers an auto-abortion.
And they caught the UN doing that in the tetanus shot.
I'm going to pull that as well before I cover this.
Now, I already knew this today, and I meant to lead the show with it last night.
Then I saw the Fauci press conference.
I didn't watch it live.
I watched it like when the kids went to bed, like nine of my wife.
We watched an hour and a half, the whole thing.
And I got so pissed about that when they openly announced all that it's the lockdowns forever and forced inoculations.
Because I knew that was coming, but it was just still seeing it as knowing it's coming and then coming is a different thing.
It's like knowing death's coming for your grandma or grandpa or your father or mother, and actually they're dead and, you know, they're gone.
You know, it's a little bit different deal.
We're good to go.
We've got footage of them grabbing people and forcibly taking blood in the U.S.
It's confirmed real.
We're going to air that next thing.
I just cancelled Griffin because this is too important.
He's excellent, but this is too important.
Then I got this new info.
Rob walked in here.
And this morning, I saw this two days ago and didn't even make the point on air, even though I meant to.
See, I'm really mad at myself right now.
That's why I've got to go to a special report or something.
It's not that I don't know enough, I know too much.
People don't understand, I don't just say stuff.
I have thousands of data points coming in right now, okay?
I mean, just total proof of all this.
And I've got to somehow turn the data flow off and just go with the five or six data points I've got in front of me.
Because I have this OCD frustration that I'm not giving you all of it.
Because there's so much.
Actually, it's been in the news for a week that the Chinese on purpose shipped contaminated masks and test kits to give people the virus.
Caught red-handed launching the bioweapon.
It's totally confirmed.
They did a concerted effort from six major cities.
They sent testing kits into Italy.
They sent them here.
And they're sending in masks, used masks, that the left in blue cities are delivering to people to spread it.
And here's why I'm sick.
I, as a man, we're entering a wheelhouse where you can't just sit around and talk about this on air.
And if Trump and the FBI doesn't move against the people doing this, then what are we going to do?
This confirms the CHICOMS did this on purpose.
The good news is the Senate Intelligence Committee has said that.
The President's telegraphed that.
He has put the good cop, bad cop with him.
But when I got this new info, and I said to Rob Dood, let me guess who's behind it.
The latest company on record contaminating people in England with the test.
The pricky on the finger, it's got it in it.
That's in the news.
Billable indication!
It'd be like people here screaming in your house, the neighbors, they call the cops, the cops pull up and you've got a bloody hatchet in your hand with blood all over you and your wife's hacked up or your husband's hacked up and then they go to surveillance footage
Because you did it in the parking lot or something, and there's footage of you killing them.
I mean, it's this obvious.
They rig it, they prepare it, they do it, and then, oh, they're our saviors!
They're shipping in tests and masks!
It's not China anymore, they're saving us!
And Chinese flee U.S.!
All these Chinese that came here to bring it, to incubate it.
And then now there's Chinese all over the Internet celebrating how they did this to us.
Ah, America, literally, America is finished!
Ha ha ha ha!
What is this footage?
This is just so much.
It's Information Overload.
You know something?
I'm not here to candy-ass around and mince words.
And... Are we just going to let the robots replace us all?
The fighting men of the world.
Who the globalists hate and compartmentalize.
You know you're being made obsolete.
You're not obsolete.
But they're making a world where you don't exist.
These technocrats.
And then they're pulling crap like this in front of everybody, while they all run off and hide in their bunkers from the collapse they're creating.
And... Imagine the frustration for me, or anybody else that's informed, that Dew walks in here with articles,
And there it is, mainstream news, that the Chinese gave kits and that there's British firms that have other kits that are giving them COVID-19.
Of course.
You don't just think they shot up tens of thousands of black men with syphilis so they could spread it all over the United States because they like us, do you?
And I only mention Tuskegee because people know about Tuskegee.
You know, there are tens of thousands of operations that are declassified that are just as bad.
But see, they told you about the black people because they thought when they released that in the 70s, been going on since the 30s, that folks would say, well, they're just doing it to the black people.
See, that's the real subtle racism.
I don't care if they're black, white, or polka-dotted.
When you shoot somebody up with syphilis, you deserve to die.
But see, oh, well, they're the medical experimenters.
And then Hillary apologized for doing it in Latin America.
Oh, I'm sorry, as the head of the State Department.
I apologize that for 50 years, we secretly injected
People in Peru and Guatemala and Brazil with syphilis.
What a bunch of jerks, man.
And if you think they've gotten better, it's gotten worse.
And they've got a vaccine for you.
You ready to die of cancer?
You ready to be sterilized?
They're gonna murder you.
Ladies and gentlemen, I'm gonna air a special report that's very important.
Because during that break, I was unable to get all the articles together I need.
Nobody's fault.
But when I cover this next segment, I'm gonna be calm.
I'm gonna be focused.
I'm gonna go in my office, get these articles, say a little prayer.
And then I'm gonna come out here and present this.
It all just came together.
We already knew all this, but red-handed in every country, the Chinese sent testing kits contaminated with coronavirus on purpose
And then we caught other companies, admitted now, that aren't from China, funded by Bill and Melinda Gates, doing the same thing.
He's a guy that releases mosquitoes in South America that give people Zika.
Look it up.
He says he wants to kill everybody and depopulate and get rid of old people in public, but now he loves them!
We've got a lockdown forever to save the old people!
It's gonna get real bad.
Now I've got the stacks of articles here, mainstream news hiding in plain view that the kits and the testing is what's giving it to you.
In many cases.
They don't want you to have the vitamins and minerals, or drugs that could help you.
I mean, this is it.
This is the globalist attack.
And Trump understands that the public's been panicked.
So if he, at first, tried to fight it, doesn't go along with some of it, they'll drive him from office saying he didn't help.
And then how do you go to everybody and say, here it is in plain view, they've launched a bio-attack.
And Fauci's saying, we'll never leave Marshall Law again.
You're all going to get forced inoculations.
Let's go ahead and air, because this is a very powerful report.
There was one little extra clip I wanted to add from V for Vendetta, so this is a little bit of a different report than we aired at the end of the first hour.
The full report is up on InfoWars.com and BandOnVideo, and it is titled, V for Vendetta and the Coronavirus Endgame.
And if you're a radio listener, you'll hear me talking.
If you're a TV viewer, you'll see we have articles and documents and admissions on everything I say.
Rockefeller Foundation.
We're going to bring in an authoritarian world government.
They say authoritarian world government using this.
And world leaders.
We're going to have a world government.
You have no more freedom.
I mean, it's not me saying it anymore.
It's here!
And then I'm going to control myself.
When we come back after the break, I'm going to present to you the devastating news, the most insane garbage ever, but it's exactly what we thought it'd be.
Hiding in plain view.
This is the most incredible information ever revealed on this show.
And it's in plain view because no one would imagine that the NIH and others would do this.
They do the secret testing!
They were over all the radiating foster children to death and the mind control experiments and the injecting white people, black people, poor Native Americans with syphilis and HIV and everything else.
And I'm going to show you mainstream news how they did it all!
And now they're doing it again.
But it's the scientific guild that got recruited by the eugenicists.
It's not the average, not the average FBI agent.
It's not the average.
Presidents aren't even in on this.
But Kissinger wrote memorandums saying they were doing it under Nixon.
To depopulate the third world.
By tainted medicines.
What's that mean?
We're going to show it all to the other side, but here's part of this critical report that you must spread to everyone you know.
Bayer with HIV.
Email, textbook, Facebook, everywhere.
It's your right to do it.
You have free speech still.
Don't let them tell you you don't.
Here it is.
By the year 2020, there will be one world government.
Ray Kurzweil, 1999.
In 2005, the Wachowski brothers produced the archetypal film, V for Vendetta.
And with almost prescient vision,
They predicted what is unfolding in the year 2020.
Imagine a virus, the most terrifying virus you can, and then imagine that you and you alone have the cure.
But if your ultimate goal is power, how best to use such a weapon?
A newly elected government seeking power and control develops a secret bioweapon
And launches it against its own population to establish authoritarian rule and to blame the attack on their political enemies.
Taking pages right out of the 20th century, we see this fictional dictatorship not just seeking to dominate and control the population, but to be seen as saviors of the very people that they are dumbing down
Inslaving, imprisoning, and killing.
The writers had a deep historical well to work from in just the 20th century.
With monsters like Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavez, Kim Jong Un,
Who don't just seek to dominate and control the very lives and thoughts of their minions, but who also want to be seen as the savior by the very people who are their slaves.
Tonight, I will speak directly to these people and make the situation perfectly clear to them.
The security of this nation depends on complete and total compliance.
What we need right now is a clear message to the people of this country.
This message must be read in every newspaper, heard on every radio, seen on every television.
This message must resound throughout the entire interlink!
I want this country to realize that we stand on the edge of oblivion.
I want every man, woman, and child to understand how close we are to chaos.
I want everyone to remember why they need us!
In the former United States, civil war continues to devastate the Midwest.
Scientists attribute this latest water shortage to the lack of rainfall the last two years.
Ministry officials expect water coupon prices to rise.
Police have arrested nine suspects.
Can you believe this?
We've got all summer.
Outside the quarantine zone, a new airborne pathogen has killed 27 people.
So, of course, in the film, those that release the bioweapon on their own population that they're preying on also have the cure.
Lo and behold, a miracle.
Some believed it was the work of God himself, that it was a pharmaceutical company controlled by certain party members that made them all obscenely rich.
But the end result, the true genius of the plan, was the
Fear became the ultimate tool of this government, and through it, our politician was ultimately appointed to the newly created position of High Chancellor.
In V for Vendetta, we truly see art imitating life.
But when you fast forward to the year...
This is clearly an offensive biological warfare agent.
I think?
And then, in the fall of 2019, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation holds Event 201, where 65 million people die from a corona-like virus.
And the answer is quarantines, lockdowns, forced inoculations, robot drone enforcement, and of course, world government.
From the beginning, the entire event was carefully choreographed.
A man-made virus designed to not just attack four different parts of the body, including male fertility and the lungs, but where did filmmakers like the Wachowski brothers get the idea for their script?
Alright, let's stop there.
There's another five, six minutes of it.
It's at band.video.
It is beyond critical that you get that video.
Email it, word of mouth it, air it on local radio shows.
Just repost it on YouTube, everywhere.
Just don't put my name in it and you won't have any issues.
Just get it out.
The enemy thinks you're stupid.
Also, Bill and Melinda Gates had a company they run patent the vaccine virus in November as well.
Of course, but they're gonna make you beg for it first.
Beg for your death.
Welcome back, I'm your host Alex Jones, and we have some very grave information to lay out, but all the pieces fit perfectly together like a jigsaw, and they admit what they've done, and they have a long history of doing secret experimentation on first world, third world populations, white people, black people, brown people.
There are thousands and thousands of declassified tests that the Department of Energy, the CDC, and others did on poor Appalachian white folks, poor Alabama black folks.
And just countless other incidences of this, so why would you trust these secretive groups that run level 4 bio-weapons labs that came out of the eugenics movement in England 170 years ago?
The Rockefeller Foundation that openly funded Hitler, and Cold Springs Harbor, and the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute, and Bill Gates who says he wants to depopulate the earth, and his dad was the head of the World Eugenics Organization and headed up Planned Parenthood.
Why would you trust them when they say they want to get rid of the old people, but now they want to save them by locking everybody down?
It's come out, and it's been in the news for a week that China, more than a week, sent out contaminated masks and testing equipment, and that people have gotten COVID-19 from what they shipped out.
And there's all these videos of their workers wiping their feet with the masks that are being sent to the United States and saying, this is for America, and Xi Jinping lets them do that.
And there's all these new videos of women saying, you know, we're here contaminating the thermometers to send them to you.
Ha ha ha.
They make most of our medicine.
You're like, that doesn't make sense.
Xi Jinping admires dictators.
He admires Hitler, Stalin, and Mao on record.
And his people, many of them are revolting against him, but the others are buying into it.
And saying, we're sending you contaminated masks.
There's videos today of a woman in a factory, a manager saying, we've done our job.
We're sending the Americans a contaminated mask.
When you look it up, masks are arriving from China in rescue planes to Los Angeles.
And now the mayor is saying, you will be ordered to wear masks from China.
Oh, now we understand.
So we have all of this.
And I'm going to show you mainstream news hiding in plain view.
We're not just companies getting Chinese equipment.
But the NIH, the CDC, and companies in the UK funded by, wait for it, the same folks that patented the virus last year.
The same ones that had the drill of 65 million dead from a coronavirus.
The same ones that are worshipped as the saviors for prescience.
Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.
Dr. McCamshot, please.
Lab for coronaviruses.
Test kits may have been contaminated.
A federal scientist sounded the alarm about what he feared was contamination with coronavirus.
An Atlanta lab where the government made test kits for coronavirus according to sources familiar with the situation in Atlanta.
Oh, they want to prick you with it.
It's just an accident that some got on the needle.
Driving the news, the Trump administration has ordered an independent investigation of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
Lab and manufacturer of the virus test kits has been moved.
Sources said.
Oh, well that's just one place.
Los Angeles mayor says all residents should wear masks.
Here's another one.
Now it's going to be fines.
Texas town just passed the law.
Ladies and gentlemen, China gave faulty contaminated COVID-19 equipment to several countries.
From nationalfile.com that links to AP Reuters and how they sent them to the Australian board and how they sent them to Italy and how they just sent them all over the place.
Video Chinese woman brags about buying truckloads of face masks from the U.S.
Now they're shipping them back used.
UK attempts to ramp up coronavirus testing hindered as key components contaminated with the virus.
Oh, and this is in the London Independent, it's in the Daily Mail, it's in the Guardian.
Britain's attempt to ramp up mass coronavirus testing has been dealt a blow after key components ordered from overseas were discovered to be contaminated with coronaviruses.
Oh, how accidental!
You gotta wipe and check and you're bad and stay in your house, but the equipment
Just so happens to all be dripping with it!
Oh my goodness!
Isn't China nice?
Sending us all those masks and all those little needles to prick our fingers with like the little spindle wheel in... What happened in Sleeping Beauty?
On your 16th birthday you will prick your finger on a golden spinning wheel and die!
One of the suppliers, Luxembourg-based film, Eurofins, sent an email on Monday morning to government laboratories in the UK warning the delivery of key components called probes and primers, oh little needles, had been contaminated with the coronavirus.
But you stay in your house.
We got some special... You're gonna get tested though.
We're gonna show you a man being held down and tested in a moment.
He's being given the gift.
This isn't a science fiction movie.
You're in it.
These folks funded Hitler, Stalin, and Mao.
You ready to die?
I don't say that to scare you.
I think you're men and women out there.
I think you're gonna speak out and wake up.
The whole government's not involved in this.
This is a very small cult.
Committing crimes so massive that they think no one will believe they're doing it.
It's in plain view.
Here's another one.
These are all mainstream news.
Eurofins North America purchases contract analytical lab craft technologies.
And they are funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.
That's right.
Eurofins North America Food Division acquired Kraft Technologies, Inc., a contract laboratory that specializes in analysis of nutrients, vitamins,
Bioflavonoids, pharmaceuticals, and received a Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation grant for developing analytical methods.
Isn't that nice?
Just like Fauci got $100 million just in one grant.
intelligence report concludes China concealed the extent of the coronavirus outbreak.
Chinese firm offers to replace faulty test kits sold to Spain, which helps spread it, of course.
That's in Bloomberg.
But don't worry, the U.S.
medical stockpile is nearly out of protective gear.
Reuters reports as demand rises, but look who's helping!
A million N95 masks are coming from China on board the new England Patriots plane!
And more are coming to LA!
And it's the law you put them on!
Put your mask on!
Corona's coming!
Oh, and I've got all the stacks of the UN caught putting HIV, hepatitis in the vaccines all over the world.
Especially Africa.
They do love black people at the UN.
All the CEOs, before all this started in December, January, dumping.
The biggest dump ever of insider trading, and senators too.
But that's okay!
Oh, but don't worry, the UN fights against forced sterilization.
They run the organization over it, and they run the group stopping pedophilia, because they run that.
It's like having Count Dracula be the anti-vampire detective.
Count Dracula would tell you Von Helsing was the bad guy, and probably getting banned off Google.
Let's continue.
Coronavirus testing delayed after kits found to be contaminated by COVID-19.
That's the Daily Mail.
And I've got others here.
Isn't it cute?
Oh, more.
Oh, it's more, more, more.
But let's get into some of the past.
apologizes for Guatemalan STD experiments giving thousands and thousands.
Things like syphilis and letting them spread it all, NBC.
Giving, telling them they're giving you medicine, a vaccine, but it's COVID-19.
Doctors, you in?
Vaccines in Kenya used to sterilize women.
Doctors from around the world tested the vaccines and found they had a hormone added to it that at second stage of pregnancy, second trimester, causes spontaneous abortions in 100% of women.
Killing the baby!
Oh, loving liberals!
Oh, here's another one!
Polio Vaccines Laced with Sterilizing Hormone Discovered in Kenya.
World Health Organization.
Oh, loving.
Daily Caller.
Clinton Foundation AIDS Program Distributed Watered Down Drugs in Third World Countries and They Were Contaminated.
Oh, Blood Money.
Bayer's Inventory of HIV Contaminated Blood Products and Third World Hemophiliacs.
Oh, that's a big national study.
Bayer admits it paid millions in HIV infection cases, knowingly put it in all of their Factor VIII protein product.
And they had documents that the head guy said, well, there's too many hemophiliacs.
The Clinton Foundation dodgy record with other drugs.
Bayer Division knowingly sold HIV-infected protein.
Oh, the Guardian.
Oh, my gosh.
Oh, that's just a small smattering for you.
They would never give anybody COVID-19 to the big pharma that funds all the NIH people with a revolving door.
Got total power and a total takeover and total martial law forever and total surveillance and drones and... Oh no!
But they are!
And I need you to spread the word about this because I know when I've entered the danger zone and I'm not backing down like everybody else.
Everybody else is just kind of backing down right now.
So if anything happens to me, just continue to work on it.
We're all dead anyways if they win, so I'm not losing anything.
I'm gaining everything.
So that I not be counted amongst those timid souls that serve Satan.
Also, you want to fund this operation so I can ram the enemy with full power?
Buy products you and your family need right now at Infowarstore.com while you still can.
Ladies and gentlemen, Alex Jones here back live.
It has now been confirmed in scores of mainstream news articles and major labs that China shipped contaminated equipment with COVID-19 on the test that they used to even prick your fingers and that it's spreading COVID-19 all over the world and they're shipping used masks back into the U.S.
to save us and the Democrat mayors are ordering them handed out from Seattle.
To Los Angeles, to D.C., to New York, and you will wear your Chinese dirty mask.
I'm not kidding.
We're about to lay it all out right now, and the exclusive video just now coming out of people being literally grabbed and held down and blood tested.
Oh, I bet it's one of those contaminated faulty tests from China.
Well, yeah, why send somebody a real test?
You're just sending them COVID-19.
That's how bio-attacks work, and the Deep State's working with them, because the Deep State put the Chi-Coms in power.
This is huge, earth-shaking news.
We've laid out the facts.
We're going to lay it out now in detail.
But here is the latest footage of a man who the medical tyrants are about to forcibly hold down and take blood from.
Please leave me alone.
Here it is.
Please leave me alone.
Please leave me alone.
Please leave me alone.
Please leave me alone, bro.
Not until you get on the bed.
I'm not getting in there.
Man, help me out, bro.
It doesn't work like that, bro.
Can anybody know a lawyer, bro?
Somebody send me a lawyer?
It don't work like that, man!
Come on, James.
This shit ain't right, man!
Nah, don't put the phone down now, mothafucka!
Nah, bro, leave me alone.
I don't wanna leave it alone.
It don't work like that.
It does not work like that, bro!
Y'all need to change mental health awareness?
Mental health help?
All that, man!
Man, no.
No, man.
Man, no, no.
The time is now.
The time is now.
I'm not on drugs, none of that, bro.
I'm sane.
I'm a sane man.
Y'all are the ones that's crazy.
Y'all are the ones that's crazy, bro.
Bro, get your motherf***ing hands off me, bro.
It don't work like that, bro.
I'm a terrorist, b***h. I don't know my mother, b***h.
Get off of me!
Get off of me, bro!
You don't work like that!
I'm not crazy!
You crazy, white man!
Leave me alone, bro!
You say you're crazy.
Yeah, you did!
I'm not scared of nothing, bro.
I'm not scared of nothing, bro.
Please, leave me the f*** alone, bro!
You don't work like that, bro!
Y'all weak as a bitch!
Right here!
Drag, come on!
Come on, bro!
You're choking me!
You're choking me!
You're choking me, bro!
Hitler started with medical tyranny in 1933.
So did Stalin.
That's f***ing right, bro!
Help, man!
I say right!
It's going to be a revolution, yeah.
Yeah, I don't even know what time it started.
Yeah, I think they did the motion.
And that's what this is all about.
It's causing a revolution, the breakdown of society.
And one of my friends was saying during the break, one of the crew here, what we're seeing in China.
Yeah, let's roll some of that B-roll.
People being dragged out of their houses in China.
I really want to do that while I'm talking.
Thank you.
We were talking during the break about how China sets the precedent.
They cover up the virus.
They ship all the contaminated stuff over here in a bio-attack.
We're good to go.
How to live our lives.
Because they're an authoritarian state that the globalists love.
Where they can do anything they want, anytime they want.
And now they've locked the country down again for coronavirus.
And now we're told by Fauci it's going to be happening every year now.
And we're going to have apps on our phones to be tracked.
Everything we told you.
The Chinese are busy wiping their shoes with the mask and shipping them here.
And the Democrat mayors are ordering, as the aircraft lands with the Chinese mask, you will wear them.
Because the left literally wants feces, needles, homeless everywhere, and their cities collapsing.
This is the takeover.
This is Cloward and Piven.
This is 21st century warfare.
This is the New World Order.
It was about
I don't know, 35 years ago, I began to read government documents, reports, books, because it was so entertaining.
It was much more interesting to read a Zygmunt Brzezinski book when I was 12 years old, about how he funded Pol Pot to kill millions of people and how he was so proud of it, and how the government ran the organized crime so they could control it, than reading a comic book or something.
When you read all these PhD-level books, it's all just
How they're gods and you're all animals and how you're scum.
You know, we had that doctor, medical worker at the time on who was in the army and how they saw the troops as guinea pigs to just use and do experimental stuff on.
I mean, that's how they see you.
And it's the medical world that is the most elitist and evil.
Because Thomas Malthus wrote the book 250 years ago for modern western medicine.
And he got his ideas from Plato who believed you should put poor people in inner cities and release plagues on them to kill them.
And Malthus said do that.
Look it up, it's in the encyclopedia.
And so you see Bill Gates hopping around, oh I'm going to save you when he's normally saying kill everybody and depopulate.
And he's giggling and laughing at TED TV about reducing world population down to zero, and they all laugh when he shows an equation of how to do it.
There's one thing psychotics do, and that's brag about what they're doing to you.
You know, you see movies and stuff with the villain.
Lex Luthor has Superman tied up with Kryptonite and he's like bragging to him about his master plan.
I used to think when I was a kid, why would the villain always wait and talk about their plan?
They actually do it.
See, they like to tell you how they're going to do it in a prestigious publication in really fancy language.
It's fine print.
It's metaphysical.
But then be your savior and get you to opt in so they can kill you.
So here's the Daily Mail.
CDC lab for coronavirus test kits may have been contaminated.
Then you read, it is contaminated.
They took it from China, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is involved.
Boy, isn't that just amazing.
You read these articles, and they all say, is contaminated, but the headline is maybe.
It's kind of like, oh, coronavirus might hurt male fertility.
You read the study?
If you get a big outbreak of it, and it spreads and you don't have
All the building blocks to defeat it, like the NIH says, you gotta have zinc and D3, and you gotta have vitamin C. If you're deficient in that, the virus has run wild.
I'll say this again, if you don't have vitamin C, you die in about five months.
Your skin opens up, your teeth fall out, you bleed out your ass till you die.
But see, they're all over the news with Bill and Melinda Gates and everybody, funding groups, TV shows about me saying, Jones is wrong, don't take supplements, they'll kill you.
On the show The Good Doctor.
And I saw it, I said, Bill Gates funded that.
Went and looked at it, the director and producer Bill Gates works for him and Bill Gates funded it.
He was on MSNBC the other day, I go, look, Bill Gates paid for this.
And my wife goes, how do you know that?
I said, what's the MS, sweetheart?
It's Microsoft!
You think I just make this stuff up?
You think I'm just talking about this mass murder because I want to play games?
He's killing my name right now and financing most of this crap against me with Bloomberg because he's got to destroy my name before he kills me.
Fine, I don't care.
I want everybody to understand something.
I didn't exaggerate or make any of this up.
Hitler sent tanks into countries.
People could fight that.
They could see it.
You can't fight people that are your saviors who are really behind the bioweapon until you grow up and admit it.
China doesn't do this on their own.
They're doing it with the globalist deep state and the UN against us and against Trump.
And I'm not here kissing Trump's ass.
He goes against the American people, I'll turn on him in zero seconds.
That's not what's happening.
We're the ones who told Trump he better get ahead of this and say it's a problem because Americans are cowards and are scared and are stupid on average now and love being in fear and being politically correct and virtue signaling.
And they'll walk right into a depression.
So Trump had to act with them and be the leader of the BS so he can divert it.
And he's doing that.
He's like, we'll open in 14 days.
No, no, we're all dead.
Okay, we'll open in April.
At the end of April.
We can't hold on much longer than that.
And this is to destroy America and destroy the West and bring in a world U.N.
tyranny managing everything with virus threats and third world population surges and replacement migration.
How do I know?
It's in all their admissions.
I'm going to say this and I'm going to hand the baton to Matt Bracken.
I know this stuff sounds fantastical and insane because it's the reality.
Now, within a year, you're all going to have to have apps on your phones to go outside if Trump doesn't reverse this.
And it's never going to end, Fauci said that.
The answer is, while you still can, get your ass to outside a town wherever you have to.
Everybody better stop caring about lifestyle and a bunch of extra crap.
And you better get to a place that has well water and high ground.
And you better just get away from the system if you can, because it's all over.
It's all over.
Let me explain.
It's all over!
You're dead!
You understand that?
They're gonna murder you with the vaccines and the chemicals and the binary weapons.
Don't know what a binary weapon is?
You better find out real quick.
And that's the simple way of saying it.
They actually have it where they'll add, like, remember the Joker?
Always liked to put one poison in the water supply, but then only if you bought his cosmetics would it kill you?
That's a binary weapon.
Of course the 5G's part of it.
In studies, it resonates and destroys your immune system.
And you all instinctively know that already.
This is all real, folks.
This is all real.
This is the big challenge.
So, listen.
Yeah, great, buy vitamins and minerals from me.
Yeah, great, get water filtration from us.
Yeah, get storable food from us.
We have it again.
Great, money to fund our operation.
I just want to hold up and stay on air as long as I can to warn people.
I don't give a damn about being on air.
I don't give a damn about a big house.
I don't give a damn about any of this.
I have been sitting here staying in this U.N.
overrun hellhole, Austin, around all these mummies and Satanists and chicken crap people, knowing I had to hold this place as long as possible until they pulled all their crap, which was coming one trillion percent, as I told you, a controlled bioweapon.
So none of the crap matters.
None of it.
You get it?
You were weak.
You were Satanists.
You aborted all the babies.
You love it.
They're going to kill you.
So now all that matters is people that want to get away from it and they're going to bring the white vans two, three years from now and the troops to forcibly inoculate you.
Your kids are going to have convulsions a week later.
Your balls are going to fall off.
It's just, it's war.
They're coming to kill you.
It's war.
So that's it.
And it's all peer pressure.
The cops and the military, they're all just, everybody else is swept up in the peer pressure and the cowardice and the followers spirit of weakness because America's soul is gone.
Now America's soul was coming back and that's why they did this.
And it can still come back now, but subserving and getting into all of it is the creed of slaves.
And these aren't like the Romans that just want to put you out on a plantation.
They want you dead.
Endgame blueprint for global enslavement.
They want you dead.
That's on a shortwave radio I've got at my house.
Little green sticker for promotion from it.
They want you dead, ladies and gentlemen.
I don't know how else to explain this to you.
It's a system that targets old people that Bill Gates says he wants to kill, and your balls.
And if they can't trick people to sterilize their sons because it's the new fashion thing, they'll sterilize your ass with a souped-up COVID-19.
And yeah, it's a real virus, and you're not going to get away from it.
They're putting it in everything.
Enjoy yourselves!
Hey, you're like that baby that never got to live, and they pump that acid in there, or that salt, and that baby burns to death in the excruciating pain over two days.
You're gonna be a lot luckier than that baby, so just be happy.
You didn't stand up for the baby, you're dead!
You're gonna get tortured!
You're gonna get medical experiments!
Just like the black people in Tuskegee, dying for 45 years with syphilis and giving it to hundreds of thousands.
You're gonna be tortured to death, just like those babies, so enjoy it!
Hope you all enjoy yourselves.
All the games are over.
All your candy-ass crap's over.
All your fake Hollywood trash is over.
Hollywood's gonna collapse.
You get it all!
You get everything you want!
Cause you love Satan, and he's gonna knock your teeth out!
Burn in hell, Satanists!
I love all the people that know the truth.
Alright, Matt Bracken is about to take over.
But I want to be totally clear, Alex Jones here back live, when I'm telling people you're going to hell, you need to die for what you did to the babies, it's all coming back on you.
I'm talking about the decadent slime on all those videos we aired this year and last year, dozens of them, of just comedians and Democrats saying, I love killing babies.
And Twitter promoting this sexual fetish that I've never even heard of, about where people like to kill their baby and talk about it.
It's Satanism.
Those are the people I'm talking about.
I mean, they are going to be the first that are gobbled up by this system.
But we played the footage earlier of a man reportedly being forcibly having his blood taken.
Those aren't the ones that give you the COVID-19.
It's the prick ones from China, the little test kits that are contaminated.
That's in the news.
And they're masked.
At the end, he says, this is going to be a revolution.
They go, oh, they're laughing at him.
Because this is the medical tyranny revolution.
This is the NIH level 4 bioweapon revolution, where they can hold us hostage with bioweapons and control our lives.
How many science fiction books did they learn about human society went underground because of the threat of bioweapons?
What they didn't know was the scientific elite releasing them.
That's THX 1138, folks.
That's Brave New World.
They've all...
Aldous Huxley's brother, Julian Huxley, ran the UN eugenics program.
He ran UNESCO.
And his brother wrote a book in 61, before he died, Aldous Huxley, saying it's all real!
And you can go listen to him at Berkeley, it's an hour-long speech at Berkeley, admit it's all a real plan.
Brave New World published in 32, that sounds like what's happening now, was the plan!
And so everybody can comply and get into the virus and get all scared.
The virus is real, but the hype and what they're doing and the idea that we can never allow anyone to die, like Fauci said last night, that we'll end the lockdown when no one's dying, not one person, is the creed of slaves and will never stop.
They can't have a vaccine for the common cold.
It's impossible.
Just like the flu, it's all made up crap, on record.
They said, oh, take Jones off air.
He's putting out disinformation.
Oh yeah, like Hydra.
Like the, all the drugs they've now approved?
Hydroxychloroquine, the rest of it, it's all crap.
Remember, mainstream media has been telling you for months, zinc doesn't help you, vitamin C doesn't help you, vitamin E doesn't help you, hydroxychloroquine, nothing helps you, nothing helps you, but nothing helps you.
Folks, I can tell you, I'd already told you months ago, we got the studio here still in Austin.
People say, why do you live in Austin?
Well, my mom's from here, family from here, I'm from, you know, Dallas, but I mean, my family's been here, but since before it was a state,
And they're all from Texas.
In fact, my second wife's the only person in my family not from Texas.
We never did that on purpose.
Everybody has been married to somebody from Texas, nine generations.
I mean, I never make a big deal about it, but I mean, my family, Colonel Travis, whole nine yards.
Look it up.
You know, just the whole nine yards.
I'm not gonna go through it, it's ridiculous.
Because it's about what I do, not about who my ancestors were, the Revolutionary War or any of it.
But Austin's overrun, it's gone, it's worse than L.A., and the country is screwed up, and we have to admit how bad it is, and we have to totally withdraw from anything leftist.
None of their movies, none of their banks, none of their culture.
You don't talk to them when they're Democrat, or you tell them you know they're evil, and you have to shun them like they try to shun us, because we're the producers and they know it, and they want to dominate us because they are spiritual succubus.
We must come out of Babylon.
But I am going to move out of Austin.
I went and looked at a place yesterday, 35 miles outside Austin, and I will phase out in even being here.
I will not live in the only county in the state of Texas that makes you pay for other people's abortions and sex changes and your property taxes.
There's a franchise tax on our business making me pay for that crap.
It's evil!
And I'm digressing, but you do need to get prepared.
You do need to go to wherever you go and get zinc and get multivitamins.
They all work together.
And anything essential, you need it.
And you need to get X3.
It's 60% off, even though we were going to sell out in two weeks.
I just said, you know what?
I'll do it 40% off, 60% off.
Even though I said I wouldn't do that back in December anymore, 50% off.
I want, if I could give it to you, I would.
It helps us fund ourselves in the future.
Storable food's available again.
Other folks say they have it.
They're lying to you.
We have it.
Get it in now.
They may stop in a week or two again.
Taking new orders.
That's the word.
Because they're just exploding right now.
And food shortages are coming up.
You know all that.
And with the cancel the election, the Democrats have already moved back their deal until the middle of August out of July.
This is an economic war.
That's the big agenda of this.
And Trump's having to ride the tiger here.
I don't know.
And it takes some doing to stand up to these guys.
You know, when Bill Gates is attacking me through surrogates and TV shows and, you know, his wife basically said, if people don't stop saying he's a eugenicist, they're going to kill him.
She said that in Germany six years ago.
That's serious stuff.
And so it doesn't scare me.
When I go over that threshold and do the right thing, I get fired up.
That's what happens, is that I'm so alive that then I see almost everybody else in a fetal position.
Or even if you're not scared, you're not doing anything.
Speak out!
Say it's all a fraud.
Point out it's a globalist takeover.
Point out China is shipping in masks.
It's in the news that they're shipping masks from China that are contaminated to LA and the mayor is gonna make you wear them and give it to you.
And of course they're involved!
These are demons!
Realize it!
The Democratic Party is a satanic group!
They even have a big national movie where the Democrats are officially, it's called Hell Satan, are adopting the Church of Satan as their religion!
And huge chapters everywhere!
Go to a Democrat event!
Half of them will tell you they worship Satan!
Their school teachers, their lawyers, their police, they're everywhere!
You want to see what Satanism looks like?
It's the pentacle upside down.
The pentacle is the symbol of humans.
A star.
That's why they call that person a star.
This person's a star.
The head, the arms, the legs.
It's a pentacle.
What is that upside down?
Humanity going down.
What's the symbol of an airplane going down?
What's the symbol in runes?
It's a cross with the arms up.
That's a tree that's alive.
When a tree dies, its arms go down.
Its branch is full.
The peace symbol is the symbol of death.
They chose it.
The peace movement is a satanic religion.
I know.
Believe me.
All right, Matt Brackentech.
So I will tell you what's coming up, Matt.
We love you, my friend, former Navy SEAL, bestselling author.
Take over.
Well, Alex, what a day to come in.
I'm going to
I'm going to kind of pick up where Jeff Nyquist over on Monday, that's one of the most must-see interviews that I've ever seen on Alex Jones or on any show anywhere.
Anybody that didn't see that, it's on Band.Video as its own like a half-hour standalone interview.
I highly recommend it.
Today I'm going to look at COVID-19 primarily as a biological warfare weapon and where that's going to take us.
Both inside of America and internationally.
And I'm going to try to look at the chessboard a few steps ahead.
You know, the old 3D chessboard.
Because it's so easy to get caught up inside of your own event horizon.
There's so much going on.
That it just looks like storm clouds around and there's not, you know, you can barely see past your own neighborhood.
So I'm going to try to clear away some of that and get a view from our own drone way over the horizon into the future.
That's my goal today is to, you know, explore what I think is happening.
You know, one, two, five years down the road.
Because this, this COVID-19, it's absolutely a deal breaker.
You know, this is blowing up the old world order and what comes next, we don't know.
All right, you've got Matt Bracken for the rest of the hour.
Now, in the next, I think in the next segment, I'm going to talk about COVID-19 as a Chinese slash globalist
Biological weapon, a global biological weapon.
But in this first segment, I'd like to talk about some of the aspects of coronavirus that I still think a lot of people don't understand that will give them a better way of looking at this, a better way of studying the news and analyzing the news.
You'll constantly hear people talking about, what's the numerator?
What's the denominator?
Meaning, you know, how many cases?
How many tests?
Or how many cases?
How many deaths?
We're getting to the point where there's going to be clarity because all we'll have to do is really study deaths.
All of the death figures that came out of China, I think we can just throw them out.
And that's part of their crime, really, in this is
I don't know.
We're good to go.
Now one of the key things that people need to understand when you watch the Daily News is that you have to separate region from region because this is not something like a, you know, a supernova in space that affected half the Earth at the same day.
The way to understand this is like a slow motion global oceanic tsunami that takes weeks in between
City targets, because it takes a long time for it to be seeded and then to spread and then have an outbreak.
The reason that that Tehran and Milan in northern Italy were the first big Western, you know, outside of China targets of coronavirus was that they had so much connectivity to communist China.
In Northern Italy, they brought in hundreds of thousands of Chinese coolies to work in Chinese-run sweatshops so that these globalist oligarchs could stamp Made in Italy, which is the most valuable part of an Italian shoe, or an Italian purse, is the label that says Made in Italy.
So they, instead of having Italians make them, they built their own factories under Chinese management.
Chinese coolies, slave labor,
virtually, but they make enough money that they were flying back and forth to China.
So over their Lunar New Year, the biggest holidays of the Chinese year, there was massive back and forth between Wuhan, China, where many of these Chinese coolies that work in Italy, massive back and forth to Italy.
So the seeding and spreading was huge there early.
Then the other place that was early and massive, but they also lie about their numbers, is Tehran, Iran.
Under the sanctions from the West, the lifeline, so to speak, for Iran's economy has been China getting in there on infrastructure projects, basically hooking China on debt.
If we can look at this graph a second, thanks for putting that up.
There's a guy named Murdoch on Twitter who is a data specialist.
He specializes in making graphs.
This is a log graph.
So on the left, it's logarithmic.
A straight line on this graph means it's exponential.
You have to use log graphs for exponential growth.
Otherwise, the graph would have to be a mile high.
So you can see on this graph, this graph starts when
Any country had three daily deaths reported.
Murdoch does this with all kinds of statistics.
You know, new cases, first death from lockdown.
So all of these countries start at the same relative point.
And it doesn't matter if it's a big country or a small country, because when you're talking about exponential growth within a group of millions, until you've got like, you know, 60% of the population infected, it's going to act in exactly the same way.
So you can see where China was way out in front, but nobody believes China's numbers.
That's a lie.
But Italy, we can start seeing legit numbers.
And we can talk about whether they're smokers or the smoggy conditions, but Italy got there first.
Spain was right behind it.
And this is leading me to this two-week lag that's so important to understand.
If you look at what happened with Madrid following Italy, the socialist government of Madrid
Had scheduled massive feminist rallies, basically, you know, left-wing feminist rallies in cities all over Spain for March 8th.
This is when Italy's already in a breakout, you know, a huge outbreak.
They had these rallies scheduled.
They didn't cancel them.
Spain pushed everybody to go to these massive rallies, hundreds of thousands of people in multiple cities in Spain.
What happens two weeks later?
Huge outbreak.
Similar thing happened with Mardi Gras in New Orleans.
You go back to the Jaws analogy, Amityville Island.
They don't want to ruin the Fourth of July weekend.
The businesses depend on it.
So they say, there's no shark threat.
Well, in Spain, they said, there's no coronavirus threat.
That's Italy.
We got to control of this.
We're different.
They actually suppressed deaths in Spain.
So then you see a huge takeoff.
What's so important to understand is the doubling rate, which in the USA is like two and a half to three days.
In New York City, that's our Wuhan.
New York City is our Wuhan.
So if there's plenty of beds open, you know, a hundred miles from New York, that's the preparation for a New York level of outbreak.
But we're going to see it spreading out from New York.
That's why they're fleeing.
That's why they've got, you know, controls on state borders.
First time I've ever seen that in my life.
So if you look three weeks ago at the number of New York City cases, two to three weeks ago, meaning people brought into the hospital, you know, tested at the hospital with a confirmed diagnosis, then the death appears to spike a few weeks later.
So when you see a number of deaths today, think about what was the confirmed case number two or three weeks ago.
That's how you have to look at it.
That's why people are extremely worried about this all over the country.
We don't want to be the dumbasses in Madrid that said, oh, Milan, that's Italy, it can't happen here.
It will if you don't put the social distancing down outside of the Wuhan, the New York City.
You have to suppress the initial numbers the way they did in Taiwan, South Korea.
You have to suppress it at the very outset.
If you wait till you've got hundreds of cases, then in two weeks you'll have thousands of cases and hundreds of deaths.
So, they're trying to break that cycle.
Now, does this mean Matt's all on board with, you know, mass quarantine for the rest of our lives?
No, but I'm just looking at the disease in this first segment as a disease.
The democrat socialists in this country, the globalists, they don't want to let a good crisis go to waste.
If they can wreck our economy, turn us into Venezuela, destroy the dollar, destroy our banking system, put millions out of work, they would consider that a great victory if out of the ruins we wound up somewhere between Venezuela and China in terms of being a perpetual socialist welfare state.
Once people start getting used to getting this $1,200 check from the government, that's not going to be easy to turn off.
You know, it's going to be a big problem telling people, you know, we just can't do it anymore.
We can't run the printing presses for the rest of your life.
Some people will just say, well, I don't want to work in a bar anymore.
I'd rather just stay home and collect my $1,200.
So it's creating huge problems.
And when we come back from the break,
I'm going to finish up with what's happening inside the United States, where I think it's going, and then we're going to begin to look at coronavirus as a biological weapon, a very dangerous biological weapon.
So on Monday, Alex interviewed Jeff Nyquist, and I think it was one of the best interviews I've ever seen.
And in the interview, Alex asked him, you know, what would be a good title for your segment?
And I was really jealous because Jeff came up with a title right off the bat.
And I thought about it, and I'm going to title this, my segment today, China Plans to Win the Pandemic World War.
That's what this is.
This is a Pearl Harbor using, you know, using germs, using virus.
It's exactly what it is.
Instead of flying in with, you know, zeros with meatballs on the wings and sinking aircraft carrier or battleships in Pearl Harbor, they're
Flying under the radar with biological warfare.
Now, there's a couple ways that China can win.
And one is simply to wreck America, to wreck the West.
Have us so on our knees that we're begging for China's factories to help, you know, come with the aid packages.
Or another way is to sow so much division inside of the USA that we're at each other's throats.
And an example of this would be
Taking these quarantine rules to the absurd, you know, closing gun stores, closing liquor stores, following people with drones out in parks, you know, 100 acre parks by themselves and saying, you know, citizen, return to your house.
I would absolutely draw the line there.
If they say you just have to stay in your house, you can only go out to exercise one time.
And we encourage your neighbors to snitch on, you know, double walkers.
This is absolutely a tyrant's wet dream, and I would totally refuse to go along with that.
If I want to go driving in my car with the people that I live with, or if I want to go out to a park with a few other people and maybe be breathing on each other at one foot, I get it.
We're not totally stupid.
But if they come to the point where they're saying, you just have to stay in your house, because it's not fair that somebody that lives in a little apartment
He has to take an elevator and he's afraid to go down the elevator.
So you that live in the suburb, you privileged person, you know, you just can't go in your backyard or walk around the block.
We should resist that.
But that said, China would love, one victory scenario for China is to sow discord, wreck our economy, you know, turn us into a socialist country because we've ruined the, you know, we've ruined our financial system.
And all we can do is print money, which is the road to Venezuela.
If anybody doubts about the social distancing thing, the reason for it, all they've got to do, and I would encourage you, go on YouTube, or go on Google, or Bing, or DuckDuckGo, and just search for these two words, Guayaquil, Ecuador.
Ecuador is with a C, E-C-U-A-D-O-R.
Guayaquil, Ecuador.
Guayaquil is one of the biggest ports in South America.
It's like a San Francisco Bay in California, where the rest of the coastline is just, you know, very steep and hard, with a fabulous bay at Guayaquil, with total connections to Asia, shipping connections like crazy to Asia.
Guayaquil, it's 80 degrees or higher.
It's on the equator.
So this whole thing about it's like the flu, it's going to peter out in the summertime, forget it.
It is ripping up Guayaquil.
They do not have a first world medical system to respond.
We should be very thankful.
No matter what you think about New York City, they're not all commies, but we should, we at least have the resources and we're strained.
If you want to see what happens with COVID-19 without a first world medical system,
I don't know.
Many consider him now to be insane, like he's got third stage syphilis or something.
They have to hide him even more so than Joe Biden.
If they put him in front of a camera, they don't know what he's going to do.
Well, this guy, Duarte, Duarte, I can't pronounce his name without notes.
Anyway, he is telling China that China is going to come in and rescue the Philippines.
When China comes in to rescue the Philippines, they're going to conquer the Philippines.
All right?
This is going to be a model for quote-unquote saving third world cities.
A place like Guayaquil, Ecuador.
Imagine the Chinese coming in to rescue them.
They will then have a beachhead in one of the biggest ports on the west coast of South America.
They will take over the Philippines.
This is one of their blueprints, one of their patterns for how they will win this biological war.
Not to mention it hasn't even broken out really in Africa.
They've already been seeding Africa with infrastructure projects, Chinese infrastructure projects, and loading them with debt that can never be repaid.
And when the African population start to die off,
Which country is going to have hundreds of millions of people ready to fan out around the world to repopulate these areas?
As bad as it is in the USA, and I'm only talking about New York City for now, because remember, it's Wuhan, then Tehran, then Milan, then Madrid, then New York City.
It's a slow motion tsunami with weeks in between the major outbreaks.
But imagine now,
If we had nothing like what they have in New York and what we're preparing around the rest of the USA.
So this is what's going to happen in the third world.
They're going to be devastated.
They're going to be on their back.
And China is going to come in with aid and colonists.
Now, strictly, you know, in an American military context, we have, we have boot camp, shut down, parasilent, no new recruits.
The recruits that are graduating have to stay.
We have one of our major CVN supercarriers, Teddy Roosevelt, hundreds with coronavirus on it.
Sure, if it was wartime, they could throw him overboard and keep doing the mission, but it's not wartime technically, so it's in port in Guam.
Guam, if you look at it from China's point of view, is on like the second ring of islands, and it's like an American missile and submarine base, and strategic maritime preposition ships.
If it gets loose in Guam, if the carrier can't do its mission, look at how this benefits the Chinese military.
Something that's peculiar to a warship.
If you know about this biological war plan, if you know that you have had nobody on or off of a ship in a month, just bring food to them, that's it.
Then you know your ship is going to be at 100% readiness.
If you're a tyranny,
You can keep people on ships for a year straight.
Nobody on, no liberty, no transfers.
Just the crew.
We don't do that in America.
Our ships have got, you know, a few percent coming and going every week, which means they're all being seeded with coronavirus.
And a Chinese warship that knows this plan will be still mission capable months from now.
And that's when
You know, they'll be ready to roll up all these little islands around the South China Sea permanently.
The Filipinos, the Vietnamese, they'll fall back from them.
The Chinese are absolutely leveraging this coronavirus.
As a World War weapon.
The only argument is, did they do it intentionally, or did they do it on purpose, accidentally on purpose, or were they just so intentionally sloppy it was bound to happen?
But there's no doubt at all, COVID-19 is an engineered weapon.
The horseshoe bat that is the progenitor of COVID-19, the main progenitor, comes from caves 800 miles from Wuhan.
There was never a horseshoe bat sold in a Wuhan wet market.
It came from the Wuhan Bio Laboratory.
And the question is, and this is what Jeff Nyquist on Monday was getting at, this is just COVID-19.
Now that China is shutting down again, now that they've infected the world, and they shut down from outward to inward travel, who wants to stop them from releasing COVID-2020?
You know, the next version may be more deadly.
You know, and while they keep a quarantine around their country, but the rest of the world gets infected with phase two.
I mean, this is very scary thinking.
But I mean, if there's one good thing that comes out of this, of this entire thing, it's going to be the end of globalism.
Anybody that suggests building a pharmaceutical factory in China is going to be seen as a traitor.
You know, a Hanoi Jane, a Lord Ha Ha, a Tokyo Rose, a Beijing Betty, anybody that suggests, buy Chinese, to hell with them.
If nothing else, I mean, we are a continental superpower.
We can power it, we can grow it, we can build it.
We've got the labor, we've got the brains.
We do not need to be infected from Chinese bio labs ever again.
So if we, if our economy can survive this thing, if we don't get turned into a socialist hellhole out of this, if we don't go into a civil war, maybe at the end of it, America will be Fortress America that it can be.
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A lot of listeners and viewers are confused by what I've been saying.
So that's my fault.
They say, Alex, you said this virus is really deadly, man-made, and it's a serious issue eight weeks ago.
Now you're saying it's overhyped and is a psychological warfare weapon, and that everything's okay.
Which is it?
That's not what I'm saying.
This is a complex, fast-moving issue, and it's my fault that I get caught in the weeds and go into a little minutia.
Let me just be very simple.
and boil it down as succinctly as possible.
From our best research, this is man-made, and it was released to distract from the fact that Xi Jinping and the Chai Khans were getting kicked out of Taiwan and had their own big protest on the mainland.
Then it came to Europe and the United States, and it does kill a lot of sick and old people, and that's a big problem.
And we know that it mutates, and we know that it reinfects.
We know there's a lot of issues to be concerned about.
But as we discovered more, we found out the Chai Koms had over exaggerated the number of deaths to create fear and work with Western media that was pro-Xi Jinping and pro-Chai Koms, but anti-Trump, anti-America, and that indeed it was an economic warfare weapon.
That was its main thrust.
Doesn't mean the weapon doesn't kill people.
But if you're going to release a bioweapon, a lot of times you want to release one that's weak so that you know what it's going to do and doesn't blow back on you too hard.
It's more of a stimulant to scare people.
So we now know what's going on.
But when it comes to Democrats locking down states and cities and
Having their own corporate governmental strike against America to shut down the economy.
And with them now saying they're going to hold the states hostage, even when Trump tries to turn the economy back on, and even when Trump sends the stock market back up, you know this is a bureaucratic, corporate, governmental, civil war, and it's the next chapter in them trying to remove our populist president.
And it tells me that with the fake Russiagate and the fake Ukrainegate and now this,
If they fail taking him out with this, they're only going to escalate even more.
And so my prognosis into the future is very bad if Trump and the Pentagon and the Justice Department don't get reformed and start taking out these globalists who are working for the shy comms and foreign powers.
They're not American citizens.
They're trying to create a collapse.
They're bragging they want a depression and the dereliction of duty by President Trump.
I'm just going to say it.
I love Trump.
He's done a great job.
He's been their total attack.
But he can't get control of the Justice Department.
And so we've all done a terrible job there.
And it is what it is.
It's going to get a lot worse.
You can see the escalation, how they just keep doubling down exponentially each time.
And so a lot of people are feeling really good.
Oh, yeah, the virus probably isn't that bad, Alex.
You know, we believe you.
That's not even the issue.
The issue is
They're talking about canceling the election.
The issue is the left's trying to foment riots.
The issue is the martial law and the capitalist society being announced and all of this insane crap and known treatments that doctors try to give patients being blocked by Democrat governors.
It's insane to confirm how crazy and criminal these people are and how they do work for the globalists and are out to get the country.
We've always known that.
But now, it's incredibly obvious.
So in future reports, I'm going to lay out why I'm so concerned, but namely,
Governments and others are hoarding food because I've talked to the supply chain experts.
It's running out.
And when people all stay home, that's what happens.
It could trigger a permanent depression.
And so the next toilet paper is food.
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And just see what happens.
This is insane.
And I hope Trump realizes he's being set up with an over-response.
An under-response is bad.
An over-response is bad as well.
We've got to be balanced about this.
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