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Name: 20200331_Tue_Alex
Air Date: March 31, 2020
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In this segment, Alex Jones discusses the globalists' plan for a bioweapon attack to create panic and hysteria, comparing it to the movie "V for Vendetta" and an episode of "The Simpsons". He mentions various scientific experiments conducted on Americans without their knowledge or consent, including Lockstep by the Rockefeller Foundation which predicts bio-releases of viruses like flu, corona, or other viruses to establish planetary dictatorship. The speaker warns about the dangers of these experiments and their consequences on humanity. Alex Jones discusses his views on antimicrobial toothpaste, hydroxychloroquine as a treatment for COVID-19, and the importance of being self-sufficient. He mentions the censorship that InfoWars has faced and encourages listeners to support the platform at InfowarsStore.com for high-quality storable food at low prices. In another segment, he talks about the COVID-19 pandemic and its implications on civil liberties, arguing that the pandemic has been used as a pretext for power grabs by governors and mayors, infringing upon constitutional rights such as freedom of speech, assembly, and property ownership. He emphasizes the importance of not sacrificing liberties and freedoms while addressing the virus. In another segment, Alex Jones discusses censorship by big tech companies, hydroxychloroquine, and the potential for future lockdowns on his show Infowars. He encourages listeners to grow their own food and consider relocating to areas with fewer restrictions. Additionally, he promotes various products related to survivalism and air filtration systems, emphasizing the importance of clean air in times of crisis."

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From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
Now listen up!
The Globalists are making their move.
But we know their plan.
And we can stop them.
And she'll get her way.
America cannot be defeated as long as we get on our knees before God.
Ladies and gentlemen, we are broadcasting worldwide on this Tuesday, March 31st, 2020.
Global transmission.
I am your host, Alex Jones.
And we've got a raft of incredible guests today, including Paul Joseph Watson.
Whose story is right up at the top of the vaunted Drudge Report, like the Eye of Sauron, a giant red siren, like the Drudge Siren.
Is there like the eye of Sauron to scare the public?
And now we know the Democrats want to replace Cuomo, if Hillary can't do it, in as faltering Joe Biden prepares to collapse.
That is 1 billion percent being done to create panic and total and complete hysteria.
Ladies and gentlemen.
That story is absolutely critical from Summit.News.
Also, there's another Drudge Report link to InfoWars.com and Zero Hedge, dealing with all over the country, boarding up for civil unrest.
We have massive developments, cutting-edge intel, and scuttlebutt inside Fox News and the NRA about the Democrats' plans, if they can steal the election, to shutter the NRA and take over Fox News.
But first, Governor Cuomo with egg on his filthy face.
Were there ventilators found in a storage facility or something that the president is claiming that there were ventilators found that they need to be distributed?
Is there any truth to that?
That is incorrect.
Grossly uninformed.
The point is we have ventilators in a stockpile and we haven't sent them to the hospitals yet.
Of course we didn't.
That's the whole point.
The hospitals don't need them yet.
The hospitals are at their apex.
The hospitals have enough ventilators today.
The numbers are going up.
We're planning for an apex, a high point, in about 21 days.
That's when we need the 30,000 ventilators.
Right now, we're putting them in a stockpile.
So the point is, while they're in a stockpile, you must not need them.
It's just ignorant.
Of course you don't need them today.
You need them when you hit the climax, which is 30,000.
Where are the ventilators?
Where are the gowns?
Where's the PPEs?
Where are the masks?
Where are they?
It is a war!
Well then act like it's a war!
And at the rate they are going, it is not happening.
FEMA says we're sending 400 ventilators.
What am I going to do with 400 ventilators when I need 30,000?
You picked the 26,000 people who are going to die because you only sent 400 ventilators.
We have ventilators in a stockpile and we didn't send them to the hospitals yet.
Of course we didn't.
That's the whole point.
The hospitals don't need them yet.
The hospitals aren't at their apex.
The hospitals have enough ventilators today.
We're planning for an apex, a high point, in about 21 days.
That's when we need the 30,000 ventilators.
Not today.
Right now we're putting them in a stockpile.
What am I going to do with 400 ventilators when I need 30,000?
Of course you don't need them today.
You need them when you hit the apex, which is 30,000.
We're not there yet.
You picked the 26,000 people who are going to die.
Of course you don't need them today.
You need them when you hit the apex, which is 30,000.
We're not there yet.
We have ventilators in the stockpile, and we didn't send them to the hospitals yet.
Of course we didn't.
That's the whole point.
The hospitals don't... Ladies and gentlemen, we are broadcasting worldwide.
We are live in defiance of the globalist censors, in defiance of the chi-coms and Bill Gates.
And Infowars is stronger than ever, thanks to you and your word of mouth that is unstoppable!
In 2006, there was a big movie that came out, titled V for Vendetta.
And in that movie, it's set in a dystopic future in the United Kingdom, where a British chancellor has become dictator by releasing a bioweapon from the government stockpile, tested on human subjects secretly, to then create a martial law clampdown, and then they had a vaccine
To then be the savior of the population.
Now a lot of folks are making parallels to that today.
But it was in 1993 that the incredibly prescient Simpsons released an episode where corporations running the governments
Not governments.
Release a bio-weapon to take control of the population.
And when you listen to what they say, it's exactly, word for word, the formula of the fear-mongering they're now engaged in right now.
Now you ask, how do they do that?
I'm gonna play the clip in a moment.
Chris Carter,
A year before 9-11, he gave interviews to major publications, and by the way, I've talked to Chris Carter and conferred back and forth, I'm just going to leave it at that, years later, that he was approached by the Central Intelligence Agency with a plot for the X-Files spinoff, The Lone Gunman, that then aired six months before 9-11.
He was approached one year before with a script of a criminal group in the government hijacking a jet by remote control to fly into the World Trade Center, but that it would be blamed on Afghanistan and there would be an invasion of Afghanistan.
Now, Carter doesn't know why the CIA gave him that idea and told him it'd be a good plot.
He did it.
But he's got a good idea now.
So when you ask, how does The Simpsons have this?
I've talked years ago in Los Angeles, more than 15 years ago, to some of the writers.
Happened to run into them at a party.
And they said, we're not sure why the government approaches us from time to time with plot lines and things they want.
We don't know if they're warning us of something bad that another group wants to do, or if it's predictive programming, but you're dead on.
Some of the same people told me that the rich folks in Hollywood were all leaving for other parts of the world, like New Zealand.
So, it's even been in the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times, 13, 14 years ago, that Jeffrey Epstein ran a eugenics operation to depopulate the earth for Bill and Melinda Gates.
Ted Turner, Warren Buffett,
And of course, Oprah Winfrey.
Prince Charles is a part of the group as well.
So, you cannot make any of this up.
If you're a radio listener and you're going, this sounds fantastical, they're actually putting on screen while I talk the actual Wall Street Journal article about it.
World government!
And they say out of a bioweapon attack, we will accept vaccines that then have sterilants in them.
Or cause sterilization.
What is COVID-19 doing?
Eating the testicles.
That's how they describe it.
They said lacerating it, destroying it, causing most men to be completely infertile and reducing others' fertility.
So here is the 1993 Simpsons with the newscasters wearing biohazard suits on TV to scare you.
Exactly what you see happening now with New York with a giant red spinning siren to scare everyone into submission to stay in their homes and every media group exacerbating the fear as much as they can.
Find that article at DrudgeReport.com right dead center in the middle of the page.
The eye of Sauron is upon you.
You know of what I speak in of.
An eye, lidless, wreathed in flame.
The eye sees all.
It pierces air, stone, and flesh.
But let's now go to...
The predictive programming, so your subconscious mind sees it and accepts it, and then later doesn't remember it, but your subconscious does, and then you accept the fear when you're seeing it, and accept that it's right, because your mind is already familiar with it.
Make a friend of death, you will one day meet it.
Here it is.
I'd like to call to order this secret conclave of America's media empires.
We're here to come up with the next phony baloney crisis to put Americans back where they belong in dark rooms, glued to their televisions, too terrified to skip the commercials.
Well, I think... NBC, you are here to listen and not speak.
I think we should go with the good old-fashioned public health care.
A new disease!
No one's immune!
It's like the summer of the shark, except instead of a shark, it's an epidemic!
And instead of summer, it's all the time!
Now I hate to be the guy who derails what everybody else loves.
He loves being that guy.
But Janice, we do have standards.
This can't be a made-up disease.
The only moral thing to do is release a deadly virus into the general public.
We do have something we've been holding on to, but it hasn't been tested.
Get over here, NBC.
Well, we certainly believe in testing, but I... Oh!
Oh yeah!
So, we've got our deadly disease.
Now we just have to blame it on something that's in every household.
Something that people are a little bit afraid of already.
House Cat Flu is coming, people!
The Center for Disease Disinformation predicts with some degree of probability that the House Cat Flu might spread in the following hypothetical outbreak pattern.
So, Pedder, beware!
That warm body on your lap just might be ready to destroy your tender fiddles.
Springfielders are advised to stay tuned for more information if they experience any of the following symptoms.
Mild thirst, occasional hunger, tiredness at night.
So, ladies and gentlemen, 1993.
Now, what's really going on now?
You're seeing the maximum fear be pushed.
And you notice first it's, oh, just bars and restaurants are closed.
Oh, then movie theaters, then bowling alleys.
Then, well, you can go to the park, but stay six feet apart.
Oh, now, now it's eight meters.
It was five meters, now it's eight meters.
So now you're supposed to stay 20 feet away from people, 30 feet away from people.
Eight meters, folks.
Five meters is a long, long way.
What is five meters?
That's basically 15 feet.
That's 20, 22 feet, 23 feet.
I mean, do the math for yourself.
It's all just conditioning you.
And now it's, yeah, don't leave your house at all.
So they're just always expanding, expanding.
It's an exact formula.
Starts in China.
Hell, we got the drones.
We got it all.
Maybe it'll move to welding people into their homes.
Maybe it'll move to shooting women at checkpoints.
There's already been some folks shot at checkpoints.
But the same Democrats always wanted those borders wide open and told Trump, don't you dare block Chinese flying.
And four or five weeks ago, and just four and a half weeks ago, Pelosi was still saying, go out, go to Chinatown, go in public, hug Chinese.
They needed to get it to incubate first to rate the fear.
But really, all it is is a very strong form of a cold virus.
That's what corona is.
It's just a common flu.
And it kills a lot of folks every year.
We are on the prowl tonight, today, broadcasting worldwide in defense of liberty.
We are live, live wire, transmitting on a planetary scale.
Infowars.com, Newswars.com, and other great sites we support like Summit.News, growing stronger in the face of tyranny, not weaker, not submitting, but overcoming, with the good grace of God.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, let me lay out some of what's coming up today.
Let me break it down.
If you ask, how could The Simpsons and how could V for Vendetta and how could all these Hollywood TV shows and movies predict exactly what's going on?
How do they do it over and over again?
Well, they're able to do it
Because this is what the Rockefeller Foundation and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, in major public studies by the Club of Rome in the 60s, in the 1980s and 1990s, plans like State Department Memorandum 200.
Go read it!
And then the secret biological and chemical and radiological testing on Americans, black, white, old, young, Native American, Hispanic, Asians, all over the world by these scientific cults, not the full government.
These compartmentalized mad scientist groups that have had projects bigger than Manhattan Project engaged in lethal testing on the population, treating us like guinea pigs.
Secret, illegal,
And then admitting it to you.
In your face.
What they are indeed doing.
In operations like Lockstep by the Rockefeller Foundation, published 2010.
About how a bio-release of something like a flu, or corona, or other virus, will be used for a planetary dictatorship.
And now you see it.
And this is something that does kill people.
It's a souped-up common cold.
Man-made, engineered.
Does reoccur.
Does have HIV delivery system.
Again, doesn't give you HIV.
Has the HIV delivery system cut off of HIV and put on it.
It's airborne.
It's nasty.
So it's extremely important.
That everyone understand this is not a game.
This is not a joke.
And they're just throwing it in your face because the writers of these shows are told to throw it in everyone's face.
And they don't even know why.
And they end up contacting me to ask, what do you think's happening?
I can't tell you the high level research scientists that I've gone on, you know, camp outs on their ranches and, you know, flown on people's private jets and helicopters to their redoubts over a decade ago.
These were liberals.
These were leftists that woke up and saw what was happening and who would ask me, well, what should happen?
What should we do?
Because they were being told any time.
That Bush or Obama was going to release the bioweapons.
And they knew about this and were let in on this.
And they were quitting their jobs.
Many of them had patents.
Many of them had made $10 million, $100 million, $200 million.
All these research scientists are very wealthy, but they're not psychotics.
And they were anti-human and pro-depopulation and in college and thought it was all cute.
Then suddenly, they're in boardrooms with serious hombres.
Having the open discussions about how to roll out a low-level plague that is a drill here by lockdown.
Then if we behave in a lockdown, pass the test, then they release a stronger bioweapon that kills a couple hundred million, not a couple million.
And then if we behave under that and the lockdown is successful,
Then, ladies and gentlemen, they are able to release the super weapon that kills billions.
And the governments and the drones and the AI is able to lock it down, control the spread, where it's at, poses the savior the whole time they're directing it.
And then, in the final equation,
Everyone is in bubble cities run by Apple, Google, Twitter, Amazon, and a few other major combines that are all 5, 6, 7G, forced inoculations, robot control, bio scans to get in, total complete domination.
And within those martial law city states, all of the establishment worker bees will be.
The actual establishment will be in armored fortresses in Northern Canada, in Kauai, Hawaii,
Where another Cheyenne Mountain NORAD type facility is, really the most important one.
And in Tasmania, in Australia, and in New Zealand.
But they got a bunch of them in Northern Canada, just so you know, that are secret.
I'm blowing their operations here for you, because they need to be exposed.
So, you need to understand that as soon as the robots are in place, and this is the rollout, that'll follow the orders indiscriminately and autonomously control you.
When they've got an airborne Ebola that they're planning to release that kills 90 plus percent, and they'll be the ones spraying it, the shadow government will.
The public is going to see hundreds of millions down in Africa, hundreds of millions down in other areas, and they're going to say, I want people killed that don't have the embedded chip that tracks whether they have it or not, that Gates has come out with, the biochip, that's actually sewn into your cells at nanotech level.
And then people will say, kill everyone that tries to leave their house!
Kill everyone that doesn't do what we say!
And then they'll stop that mass plague, probably in Airborne Ebola.
That's what they fetishize and talk about most.
And psychos like to tell you what they're gonna do.
Then that'll kill 100 million, 300 million, maybe half a billion.
And then they'll all give you vaccines that soft kill you, sterilize you, dumb you down to soften you up.
You'll live in the bubble cities where they can slowly poison you and test on you.
They will be in again, underground bases and armored redoubts that then
We'll have elevators up to mountain plateaus and areas and their own fitness centers and their own little towns.
They'll fly in whoever they want.
And that will be the new golden fields of Elysium or Moonraker, not in orbit, but in their own secret bubble cities.
So you'll have the supposed bubble cities everybody wants to pay, who's nouveau riche, to get into so they can control the middle class and the nouveau riche, their real enemy, will be the last to be killed.
They'll exterminate the third world, wipe them out.
You'll all run to the bubble cities.
I told you this 20 years ago.
I have foreseen it from all my research.
Now it's all confirmed.
They officially are building the bubble cities right now.
Toronto, Denver's building them.
Austin's building a bubble city out at the old airport.
And you opt into it at first, and then you'll be in the bubble city, but you'll think you've reached the plateau or the peak, the apex, the paramount point.
But you'll be at the penultimate level, the actual final kill grid, so that when they finally get you and finally have all the robot sentries in place, then they'll
Nerve gas everyone.
I think last week they'll use a chemical or something.
They'll nerve gas you.
You're so afraid of bioweapons.
Then they'll nerve gas the bubble and the planet has been cleansed of you.
I could have joined them, but I want to go to heaven.
I want to, I want my spirit to go to the next level with the big dude.
I don't want to join Satan and his operation, but it's been revealed to you for over 20 years here on Aaron.
Now you see exactly as I said, it's going to unfold.
You might want to go back and find the old shows that freaked him out so bad.
The United Nations, the Club of Rome, Davos, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation meetings, all on record want to depopulate the planet to at least 500 million people.
That is a 90% reduction or more.
And that's in their official documents that we've been flashing on screen from the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, telling you how they have a secret world government that they're now announcing to you.
And now it's all official.
Of course, run by Jeffrey Epstein at the time.
There's 2009 Wall Street Journal.
But you've got to be the saviors while you do it.
So you release limited bioweapons.
You hype it up.
We exacerbate real occurring viruses.
You train everyone to be under drone and robot control and checkpoints.
Everyone complies with that.
And then you incrementally during that crisis, keep ratcheting it down to see how far you can go.
Then a few years later, there's a worse bug that shows up.
And then they do this in five waves and 10 waves, but the final wave will drive the remaining 30, 40% of the population into dome cities.
Everyone else will be outside those cities, and the UN admits that's what they want to go to as a city-state, and then you will be totally surveilled and controlled within those.
And if you don't believe me, just type in smart cities.
Google, Twitter, Facebook, Apple, and Amazon, all competing for the future smart cities that are sealed.
Totally and completely sealed.
And they show children for over a decade in the UK and Europe in school, little documentaries called Megapolis and others.
Now there it is right there, Google's plan for sealed dome cities.
And then you opt into those.
Oh, there's no allergies.
Oh, there's no, there's no viruses because everyone is scanned and medically tested to get in.
You know, there's another movie.
The Island came out, I don't know, 15 years ago or so.
And they're all in this shield dome city for their safety.
It's really out in Nevada, in the middle of the Death Valley.
And they're the lucky ones that have gone to the island.
They think they're on an island.
Because they have plasma screens under the windows.
They're looking out on the ocean, but really it's the desert.
Finally, they find out they're really just clones for rich people.
They have trouble keeping organs alive if they just breed them up in an artificial womb, a tank.
But if they are human, they can live a long time.
The organs stay fresh.
And they tell them that everybody had to go to the island because a virus got released and they're the last people left on Earth.
See, you're so lucky, you're gonna get to go to the domed cities.
And Google and all of them are building them in Denver, in Austin, and in Toronto, and in London.
They've set up their areas in industrial districts, like the old Austin Airport, not the one out at Bergstrom, but the old one, Mueller.
And you opt into it,
And they're even beginning to build the areas where building-to-building is connected, and it's a dome!
Little dome, you learn to go in, and a bigger dome, and a bigger dome, and a bigger dome, and a bigger dome, and a bigger dome.
Alright, I got a lot of news I want to cover and a bunch of guests today, and I want to take calls, but let me just tell you how surreal things are, and how serious things are.
Got a call from a White House advisor, someone that advises the president on a daily basis, about a week ago.
And they said, Alex, you know, the president just really wants to tell you that he appreciates you and he understands the attacks we're all under and just, you know, stay the course.
And the president admires what you're doing.
And believe me, he intends to move on the deep state and is moving against him and that
His main mission is to keep the economy going because if they can kill that, you understand, everything else is going to be lost.
I'm like, okay, well, thanks for reaching out for the president.
And the individual went on to say, you have to understand, we know the Democrats are basically paid for by the CHICOMS and these multinational groups.
And the guy, he was, he was laughing, saying, it's just like a James Bond movie.
Like you say, it's like Spectre.
Where, in those James Bond movies, it's not the Russians or it's not the U.S.
It's an evil corporate group playing them off against each other.
That's literally how this works.
Of course, Ian Fleming, you know, was a high-level MI6, and before that, OSS spy chief.
I mean, he made a movie about the elites releasing a bioweapon to kill the entire human population while they go up on space stations.
It's the same thing.
See, it's everywhere.
But he was a good guy exposing it.
And just the realization that Trump and Infowars are simpatico, not because I tell Trump what to think or what to do, but because we really do the research and Trump's got more and more good advisors from the Pentagon and other places that do see the big picture and know what the globalists are building and understand that it just cannot be allowed to happen.
These are the people that created Hitler as a beta test.
The Kaiser Wilhelm Institute was funded by the Rockefeller Foundation.
Almost 100%.
That and IBM.
Thomas Watson.
And they're the ones running the show today.
And Thomas Watson, his foundation funded Microsoft.
Microsoft is an IBM spinoff to get around trust-busting.
Bill Gates is IBM.
He's an IBM war machine.
And so all the stuff you see about him and IBM fighting, it's total crap.
Bill Gates' dad ran Planned Parenthood, ran secret army operations, Cold Springs Harbor.
These guys mean business.
And so, yes, I risked my life taking them on, but we're all dead if we don't.
And I see their argument.
There's too many people.
People are dumbed down.
People are lazy.
They're getting stupider.
But they're putting fluoride in the water and dumbing down the culture on purpose to make it worse!
It'd be one thing if they just tried to lift everybody up and then told poor people in places, hey, we'll give you money if you only have two kids or something.
But they don't do that.
It's all nasty.
It's evil.
And they target the smartest people because they're in competition with them.
It's bad.
So we're talking real world here.
Well, I got a call this morning from another individual who's also a presidential advisor and who's also a very well-known national talk show host.
I'll leave it at that.
I mean, right at the top.
And they showed me what is being circulated at Fox News.
And there has been an attempt to take over at Fox by the Murdoch brothers.
The attack on Trump during the last election and then early on when he was elected, it failed.
They basically threatened everybody who is pro-Trump, but that didn't work.
But they're being infiltrated with actual spies, corporate spies, but trained in espionage to set people up, to absolutely harass them, to
I'm not going to get into it.
But as you say, a lot of the top posts aren't even there anymore.
They're at remote locations for their own safety, basically.
And that's how hot this war is.
And it's confirmed that as soon as the Democrats try to steal this election,
And the globalists behind them, that they're going to shut down the NRA.
They did an espionage infiltration under the stay-behind groups that Obama and Hillary set up.
You know, the NRA was under investigation of being Russian agents.
There was no truth to it.
But still, they plan on basically killing the leadership of the NRA.
They're just going to kill them.
They'll blow their heads off.
And that's, it's the level it's gotten to that now.
The NRA was already, shut down your media operations, shut down your offensive political stuff, or we're going to shut you down under campaign finance.
You notice they shut down all their operations six months ago.
And they're basically telling Foxhose to the grapevine that we'll shut you down one way or another once we get a Democrat in.
So they're going to go full martial law and InfoWars, it's in the memo, was the beta test.
It's for everybody else after this.
And so Trump's inaction standing up to this is inviting the next wave.
Because every time the globalists lose, they just up the ante.
They've got to be shut down.
We are back live.
We are broadcasting worldwide.
Well, Brian Stelter has a new HBO documentary that they spend at least, I'm told, 15 minutes of lying about me.
I've only seen parts of it, but we're gonna get it and I'm gonna analyze it.
But again, why are we under attack?
Because we are over the target.
Look at this.
Alex Jones bogus coronavirus cures.
And I just scanned over this article.
It's a big story in New Yorker Magazine.
Department of Snake Oil.
Nowhere did I ever say we had a cure for the coronavirus.
They say.
I say we had a cure.
And guess what?
Happened, ladies and gentlemen, when the media all said that I had a cure, that I said that.
Everybody came and bought up the rest of the toothpaste.
I didn't even say it.
But they're so untrusted, people thought, oh, Jones must have a cure.
I never said that, didn't say it was a treatment.
It's marketed as whitening toothpaste.
But it has nano silver in it.
And they said, oh Jones says in studies it kills viruses at point-blank range.
Point-blank range means sunlight does that.
I was explaining that the problem is you can't get into your lungs.
I was separately talking about point-blank means silver is electrical just like copper and is antiviral.
Everybody knows that.
Didn't say it was a treatment or a cure.
It's whitening toothpaste.
Now, we sold out of that.
Super blue.
We've sold for almost five years.
It's incredibly popular.
My dad, a dentist, developed it.
It's fluoride free.
It's got nano silver from the same company.
It's patented.
And it's got tea tree that's well known to be very good for you and an antiviral natural.
British Army's used it for 200 years.
And it's got iodine in it.
And people love it.
It's a concentrate.
Doesn't have filler in it.
It's a popular thing.
We're selling a lot of that.
It'll sell out soon.
Super blue.
And again, it comes out white, turns blue, because it has pure iodine.
The atomic type.
Turns blue, not red.
That's the crappy bad iodine.
It's been even more popular because I guess the tube is fancier and shiny and it's a great
Toothpaste, it has above sea coral calcium that is known to remellorize the teeth.
And people love it.
And quite frankly, it's even more popular than Super Blue.
I don't know why.
Super Blue, if you wanted to get into being antimicrobial, I mean, it's got the same amount of silver in it, and tea tree, and the iodine.
The whitening does not have that.
It's a whitening toothpaste.
This is, for in your mouth,
Just like other toothpaste is, or just like mouthwash is, just like Listerine, you know, it says antibacterial.
That's what it is.
Will Listerine cure you of the coronavirus?
Will it disinfect your mouth?
Do I sell Listerine?
Well, the whole history of it.
Used in the Civil War.
Aerosolized over surgeries.
Really reduced the number of people that lost their limbs or died from gangrene.
So, huge article, now I'm a scammer.
Alex Jones, bogus coronavirus.
Oh look, he's a bad guy selling toothpaste.
They just misrepresent the whole damn thing and then they of course attack Trump because he's putting out fake hope as well.
Oh funny, he was going off the European Union's own statements and doctor's statements about hydroxychloroquine.
And now, yesterday, the FDA approved it for coronavirus patients.
Because the doctors, Fauci said last week, I would prescribe this to someone with COVID-19.
And Trump's like, yeah, well, we'll have some hope.
We're looking into that.
And now it's, boom, approved.
They took us off Google Play with our very successful five-star app.
Look at this video.
Jones is putting out false treatments.
I covered Fox News and Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson showing what medical doctors in New York said about hydroxychloroquine with Z-Pak antibiotic and 250 milligrams of zinc a day, which is a humongous dose.
I'm not saying take that.
That's doctors.
I looked it up.
I think that's toxic.
I was talking to a medical doctor on the phone last night.
He said, well, you front load it.
Okay, whatever.
I'm not telling you about it.
You go talk to physicians.
Don't listen to Governor Cuomo banning hydroxychloroquine last week, threatening to arrest doctors or take their licenses.
Don't listen to the governor of Michigan.
They don't want hope!
They're telling you there's no respirators when they got thousands of them.
They're lying to you.
That shows what stinking villains these people are.
That they want that type of fear.
We're the ones said get storable food.
We're the ones said they'll use a virus for a global lockdown.
We're the ones said they'd use drones to control you when it happened.
Because I'm reading the Rockefeller reports lockstep and others.
I've made three-hour films like Endgame, Blueprint for global enslavement.
That was the inspiration for the Marvel Endgame.
This is the reality, ladies and gentlemen.
InfoWars was the inspiration for the new X-Files.
Chris Carter said it in the news!
And it's not about how great we are, it's about how scared the globalists are that this is the reality.
And these monsters went to the Attorney General of New York and tried to get me arrested.
They tried to absolutely say I was a criminal.
And made up what I said and took things out of context.
And now, Tucker Carlson has had his tweets about hydroxychloroquine removed off of Twitter.
So has Sean Hannity.
They're erasing the President's tweets.
It's not even an issue.
And Balasaro had his tweets deleted yesterday.
For a speech about hydroxychloroquine and how in European studies 97% or higher recovery rates if they get to you early with the chloroquine.
Another thing I said in the video, I don't sell tonic water.
It's called tonic.
That means medical water.
It's just grandfathered in.
It's got chloroquine in it that they make the drug out of.
And I know people in hospitals, doctors, before they wouldn't let them give them chloroquine, hydroxychloroquine, that doctors were giving people this because they can't stop a doctor giving somebody tonic water.
Now that it's approved for the doctors, they're giving it.
They're giving them the drug.
But the drug companies don't want that information known.
They don't want you to have hope.
We're all about you being self-sufficient, you being healthy, you having firearms, knowing how to use them, you having storable food, you planting a garden, and having strong humans for a strong future, a pro-human future.
And these monsters don't want it.
And so they say, I'm a snake oil salesman.
And what's crazy is people hate mainstream news so much.
I had family, neighbors, people calling, the phones rang, going, you've got a cure?
And we had to get on the phone and say, we've never said that.
It's not a treatment.
Silver's antiviral, antibacterial.
And here's the American biotech company that had the Pentagon certified for other things they use it for.
And this is what's really going on.
It's the congressional record.
That the Central Command and Special Operations Command in 2003 and 2005 tested it and certified it's the best thing they use for special operations troops for sanitization because alcohol disappears in about a minute or two, but the nanosilver on the surface stays there until you remove it.
And they're pissed, man, that I'm giving you Department of Army documents, that I'm telling you about all sorts of stuff, like vitamin D3, and sunshine, and pure water, and all this stuff.
They don't want that.
But I'll tell you what I am selling.
That's victory and freedom, and having a spirit of standing up against these control freaks.
They've jumped the shark, trying to say the president shouldn't say hydroxychloroquine's good, and others, and trying to say he was doing bad things when he was giving people truth and hope.
But what is back is food.
We can now sell storable food again.
We had to stop for two weeks because they had to fill out the orders they had.
Had to get more food in.
They opened two more factories.
The prices stayed low.
Highest quality.
Get your orders in now because the economy, the crazy election, the world's never going to be the same.
You need to be prepared.
And you need to get high quality storable food at InfoWarsTore.com.
Anybody else telling you they've got it is lying to you, unless they're charging you grocery store prices.
Then they can get you food.
But this is five times cheaper than you can get at the grocery store because there's no middlemen.
And it funds the InfoWars.
So InfoWarsTore.com, get your orders in now so you get it.
And you get a great price with all the inflation that's coming.
You'll be able to, again, eat your insurance one way or another.
And it's an investment that cannot fail unless you don't take action and get that order in at infowarestore.com.
They are so pissed that we're still on air and that we told you to prep and we've been proven right about all this.
They just don't know what to do.
They're so angry that they're all collapsing.
Everyone hates them.
But you're tuning in and you're spreading the word and overriding these leftist, globalist, anti-human, anti-American, lying scum whose power is over!
Well, last night I watched the two hours of nearly commercial free.
We just run six minutes an hour for the local stations to have some ad time.
of the new TV slash radio show with Robert Barnes, American Countdown, and it was really good.
Here's just a few minutes of it.
I'm going to come back in the main transmission, get to all the big breaking news and special guests.
But here's just a few minutes from the new show, seven to nine weeknights at Bandon Video and on our TV and radio satellites and Infowars.com.
And it is, of course, American Countdown.
Welcome tonight to the very first episode of American Countdown.
We're going to be discussing the pandemic.
Tonight resolved that the pandemic is more panic than play.
Instead, and part of our opening statement, let's look at the evidence.
This pandemic has been used as a pretext, as a premise,
For a power grab by governors, by mayors, by town managers even, all across America in ways that have never happened in American history, that are unprecedented, that are unparalleled.
Our constitutional forefounders determined years, determined way back in the late 1700s,
That our country did not have any exception for national emergencies from constitutional liberties.
There is no reference to pandemics, or viruses, or public health crises, or declaration of emergencies in the Constitution.
There's nothing in there that says that the First Amendment to the United States Constitution, or the Second, or the Fourth, or the Fifth, or the Sixth, or that any of the Bill of Rights
Or that any other aspect of the Constitution can simply be discarded with a politician declaring that we are now in a case of a public health crisis.
And our founders were far more and the founding family and the founding generations
We're far more familiar with the issues of pandemics and plagues and viruses than we even are today.
And yet they chose not to form any exception or exemption, as a federal court determined today in Austin, Texas.
Though ironically, only for Planned Parenthood so far.
So apparently, essential services includes abortion, but doesn't include church.
Doesn't include the right to purchase a gun for your own defense.
Doesn't include the right to have free assembly either in church or for political purposes.
Doesn't include the right to privacy under the Fourth Amendment unless it's for an abortion.
Doesn't include the right to your business or your property under the Fifth Amendment unless of course it's Planned Parenthood.
So the court's decision was right on the Constitution, but those principles of essential services should be extended and applied to all constitutionally protected liberties, not just the ones the left celebrates.
But that isn't the only issue with this pandemic that is more panic than play.
For example, if we examine the data behind the pandemic, we find that not only is it being used as a pretext for a political power grab that's beyond the constitutional constraints and is unprecedented in American legal history, but in addition to that, it is being used, of course, to crush the economy and facilitate Wall Street bailouts of an unprecedented portion, with the Fed committing to printing trillions of dollars to help their friends on Wall Street and corporate America, while ordinary Americans go to record levels of unemployment.
At the same time, it endangers the re-election bid of President Trump, who had done such a good job rebuilding the economy over the past three years, only to see it ripped away from him under this pandemic panic.
But it goes beyond that.
Let's look at the actual data in the pandemic data itself.
So according to the various models that originally came out of places like Imperial College in the UK and other places that were relied upon in the West, this pandemic was going to be completely unique.
This virus was going to be unlike any virus in modern history.
So for example, if we look at and contextualize the information by history, we find that in fact most viruses in the modern medical era, in the last century or so, does not have a wide infection rate over a compressed timetable.
On average, what will happen is that a virus will expand at a rate of the worst version of a virus, the Spanish flu, in 1918.
Over a three-month time period, its highest infection rate in any region exposed was approximately 10% of the population.
All right, folks, we'll be right back.
By the way, I was just watching Fox Business in there getting coffee, and they were showing the fake footage from Italy, saying it was New York.
We are live broadcasting worldwide from Texas.
It is March 31st on this Tuesday edition.
216 days left until this unbelievable election.
And if the Deep State Democrats get back into power, they're going to release more bioweapons, even more deadly.
They're going to lock everything down.
They're going to arrest everybody.
They're going to start a civil war.
We've got to avert it.
All right, in this hour, I'm going to cover all the huge breaking news.
Just unbelievable how clear the picture is getting of exactly what happened and what's coming next.
I want to open the phones up for first-time callers in this hour ahead of Jeff Nyquist joining us, a great journalist, analyzing what's happening.
And of course, Paul Joseph Watson in the fourth hour.
I gave Paul the inside baseball this morning on the presidential advisor and the big national media figure that also advises the president.
And on what they told me in the last week, this morning and last week.
And I went ahead and decided to talk about it today.
Because I think now is the time to get into it.
But it's just so crazy.
But it's happening, and you just can't believe it.
And I'm up here on air saying these things that I know are true, but it just sounds like it's not real.
Like, we're getting locked down, drones are controlling us, we're under AI surveillance, big tech is censoring Trump, Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, Jair Bolsonaro.
Saying hydroxychloroquine has been approved in Europe and did great with people that had COVID-19 and that doctors have been prescribing an off-label with great results and so they took me off Google for saying what the president said and then now they've got huge articles out attacking me and they're now going after Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity and the president and the president of Brazil?
What the hell?!
That's in the news today!
Two weeks ago, a week ago, all these governors shot their mouths off and said, you prescribe that, we'll have your ass arrested or lose your license.
The media's like, President Trump, shut up!
It's doctors that told him that.
Since when can the President not talk?
Only who the media approves.
The same media that says that we're all doomed.
The same media that tells us we shouldn't be carrying or watching the President's
Press conferences, let me just read to you some of what's going around at Fox News.
And again, this isn't even from the sources, this is just a separate thing I was sent.
If the Democrats win in November, they're going to crush Fox News just as they've crushed the NRA.
And we're going to deeply regret letting it happen.
Everyone who thought it was fine when they de-platformed Alex Jones will look like an effing moron.
That's the type of stuff going on in memos at the highest levels of Fox News.
I'm not going to read you the rest.
And I mean, the folks giving me this stuff don't even say, don't say my name.
They just know I'm not going to.
But I'm sure everybody can get a good idea.
But I was told a lot more last week by a White House advisor, the president, that
They understand that the Deep State wants to overthrow the economy, bankrupt everybody, that's in Cloward and Piven, and they want race war, and they're sold out to the Chi-Coms, and they're betting against America, and it's very sad.
It is disgusting.
It is horrifying.
877-789-2539 is for people in the United States and for folks overseas that are able to use 1-800 numbers.
Some folks can't.
If you're on one of those computer lines or whatever, you dial your country code 512-646-1776.
512-646-1776 or 877-789-ALEX.
And I just want to take your calls on all these issues.
You know, I think the best thing for me to do is just read headlines in the rest of this segment.
But do you understand?
That I've got Democrats trying to plant child porn on us.
I've got Democrats trying to put me in prison right now.
I've got them doing dirty tricks that are just over the top and for security reasons I won't get into on air.
A lot of people hear that and they go, oh well I better be scared and roll over.
No, you better politically get in their face.
You can't bow to bullies like this.
And let them piss on you and tell you it's rain running down your back.
It's just going to get worse from there on out.
Things are out of control and we've put up with so much that it's inexorably going to the next level.
It gets worse and worse and worse.
So people say, how are you handling all this?
I expect to be attacked by tyrants, but I expect you to get upset about it and see it's a threat to you and your family, and to politically demand Congress take action and the President take action now.
Because this is concerted, organized crime, now censoring the President's tweets.
Two years ago, I saw them shadowbanning the President's tweets.
Now they just outright delete them.
And now it's the Brazilian President.
And now it's Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity.
In fact, that's the part I didn't get to right here.
They are now censoring.
I've got the tweets right here.
And we're all so used to this now that there's not even articles about this hardly.
About Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity having their tweets deleted.
About an admitted treatment now approved!
There are no ventilators.
There is no hope.
You're all dead.
10 million are dead.
2 million are dead.
100,000 are dead.
They keep moving the number down.
Gretchen says, thank you at Twitter for banning incredibly dangerous news coming from some Fox News hosts like Laura Ingraham during the coronavirus pandemic.
Here's one.
Sad to say a huge part of America believe it.
And then they have a whole article about Ingram talking about a New York City hospital that was prescribing hydroxychloroquine and Z-Pak and zinc and getting great results.
And it's a big article about how it's been flagged and how they're taking down their tweets.
I mean, think about that, man.
You talk about censorship.
The president?
National talk show host, and then the media lies, the media that doesn't have any viewers, and goes, oh look, Laura Ingram and Sean Hannity are talking about this with doctors.
They're not allowed to do that.
That's not approved.
Every time there's been an outbreak or a problem, people look at unapproved, promising treatments and things off-label.
But now you're not supposed to because you're supposed to have no hope.
Well, now it's approved!
But you know what?
It doesn't even matter!
There's still articles everywhere!
They came out with one today!
Attacking yours truly, in New Yorker Magazine, from the Department of Snake Oil, April 6th, just to be in the print edition.
So they're five days ahead, six days ahead.
Alex Jones bogus coronavirus cures!
Boy, you don't have me saying cure, do you?
And it goes on to attack the president for hydroxychloroquine, because they already wrote the article.
Unapproved drug.
Oh, how dare the president, hydroxychloroquine.
How dare him?
How dare you?
Zinc doesn't help you.
Sunshine doesn't help you.
Vitamin D doesn't help you.
Silver doesn't help you.
Hydroxychloroquine doesn't help you.
But Bill Gates, coming up in six months, he's got a vaccine for you that's gonna help you real good.
You don't need oxygen.
You don't need water.
You don't need food.
You need nothing but vaccines.
You can live off nothing but vaccines.
Of course, that's not true, but that's what they would tell you.
Man cannot live by tainted vaccines alone.
From the Eugenics Commander-in-Chief.
Oh, there's the Washington Post reluctantly admitting we're all right.
Oh, sorry, you're wrong again, scum.
On purpose, you were wrong.
Standing high atop the New York skyline from Midtown Manhattan is a red foreboding tower.
No, Sauron's fortress has not descended like an alien spacecraft landing on the
Island, it is the Empire States Building, festooned with a gigantic red siren with a white slit of a cat's eye to terrify and drive New Yorkers into fear.
The red scary lights of the police
Stories up on DrudgeReport.com from Summit.News and Paul Joseph Watson.
And now, what is AP reporting?
President Cuomo!
His new dream for those fretting over Biden.
He's a hero.
As he power grabs massively and lies about the president.
And Maddow says, there's no hospital ship coming to New York.
We have that video coming up later.
She said last week, there's no ship coming.
There's no ship coming next week.
Well, it's there, you lying witch.
Let's talk to Dan in New York.
Dan, you're on the air.
What do you think about this?
Uh, Cuomo is Satan.
He's trying to hide his hooves and his split tongue.
I've been living in New York under his tyranny for a long time now.
Um, you know, there's so much that I want to say, but, you know, I've called you before and I told you about the ten planks of communism, and now that they have a hold on rents, mortgages, and they're working on tax liens as well.
They're getting the final planks of the ten planks of the Communist Manifesto completed.
Guys, please print the ten planks.
Yes, exactly.
And everyone, even conservative-minded people here in New York, are happy about this rent suspension, when it should be a rent renegotiation.
What they're doing is the government is now saying they're the ones in control of eviction.
And now they're going to nationalize everything.
You're absolutely right.
Trump is saying just give all these companies money.
But instead the Democrats want nationalization and that's what Cuomo's doing.
Yeah, and the public advocate, I ran for public advocate.
I called these people out and the public advocate on stage, Jumaane Williams, told me that he is implementing a licensing for landlord law.
It's going to be- there's going to be no more private property.
People got to get ready for that right now.
And the other thing is we're all sitting in our houses, and you know Cuomo, the tyrant over here, is all of a sudden Thomas Jefferson.
He's not going to confine us to the city, but he's got the subway running.
Why the hell else does everyone think the thing's spreading so fast?
It's spreading on the subway.
Shut down the subway!
And by the way, a lot of people, Dan, say, hey, why does it say number four, confiscate property owned by immigrants and rebels?
That means seizing the property of conservatives, Christians, nationalists, patriots, gun owners.
That's the censorship.
That's the deplatforming.
That's taking your bank accounts.
That's what they're doing to everybody.
That's persecuting people that aren't part of your communist system.
What about people that test positive for Corona and don't take mandatory antivirals or these vaccines that Bill and Melinda are going to be giving us?
Well, notice how they don't want you to know about zinc.
They don't want you to know about Z-Pak.
It kills the bacteria that are carrying it.
And yet, they're not telling you about hydroxychloroquine.
That is the big crime.
God bless you.
And that's Cuomo last week said, I will arrest.
One night after the doctor was on Anity.
Who treated 350 patients.
They all recovered.
And he's doing clinical trials right now.
He's cured over 600.
That's in the news.
He says, I will take your license or arrest you if you do that anymore.
Well, checkmate.
So, piss up a rope, Cuomo.
You just got approved.
He wants fear.
He wants people to collapse.
He wants to be your savior, your daddy.
Justin, in Ohio.
Thanks for holding.
Say you're a lab scientist and virus and DNA modification.
Give us your take, please, sir.
Yeah, hi.
I guess I'll start off by saying this, that since 2006 of being in the polycellular biology, biological sciences field, it never ceases to amaze me that most of the time, not even doctors, and of course not politicians, will tell anyone about boosting your own immunity.
That's something that even really before this took hold a few months back,
It was just something that, you know, a few friends that I've either worked with previously or currently work with, including sales reps who sell certain pharmaceuticals and diagnostic kits that we produce to hospitals.
It's kind of a running joke as far as how, and you kind of alluded to this the other day, as far as if a patent had expired, you know, there wasn't
A lot of money to make as far as if a drug already exists on the market.
So that's been a known thing.
A known factor, we'll call it, in my field for almost 15 years.
Oh yeah, take preglanone.
It's been prescribed since the 20s for people with arthritis, you name it.
But because it's so cheap,
They don't even prescribe it anymore, and it's over-the-counter, and it's in our Real Red Pill, Red Rail Pill Plus!
I mean, again, that's how Big Pharma operates, and they want to make money off the dangerous drugs they're developing, and off the vaccine.
Agree 100% and let me throw this out real quick.
I'm kind of a new listener, a little over two years now.
This is the first time that I've ever called into any type of radio show or... And Justin, we're honored to have you.
Explain to us your view on the virus.
Is it man-made?
Is it DNA modification?
We have a special guest joining us.
Did G.G.P.
intentionally release COVID-19 next hour?
Go ahead.
And I would defer to somebody that has a higher education and more experience.
34 years old, you know, I defer to those that have spent much more time as far as in the industry.
I just saw it said virus DNA modification.
What's your?
So what I was what I was kind of getting at was so I was a first-generation biotechnology student, Ohio University, you know, wonderful Athens, Ohio that you guys had that little incident with recently and I would say that
From being the first group of biotech students, there was a secret.
We still, to this day, a couple of us have researched, we still can't find any real leads as far as who knew or who knew what all was involved, but we had a small pig cloning factory right outside, or a laboratory I should call it, not a factory, but right outside of Athens, Ohio.
We know that Ohio University and Hawking College had some
Was any of it cross-species?
Yeah, but not on, you know, people like to get carried away.
They think, oh, if you say pig cloning, they think the entire animal.
No, these are specific cells.
These are either liver cells, kidney cells, brain tissue.
Okay, stay right there.
We're going to talk about this, Justin, when we come back.
Yeah, clothing's totally industrialized now.
It's everywhere.
I mean, again, 30 years ago, they had animal-human hybrids in their reports in China.
Now, did they bring them to full birth?
Who knows?
We'll be right back.
Well, I intended to give each caller about a minute and a half, but this last caller, Justin Ohio, is talking about back in the early 2000s, 15 years ago or so, secret farms involved in pig cloning.
You've got whole pigs getting cloned and dogs, cats, horses, but we're talking about cloning the cells in the body.
And there's all sorts of other things that go on.
And that can allow viruses and other things to jump between species.
I mean, there's just all sorts of problems that come out of this.
And then it's these very industries that are always telling us we need to take forced vaccines, that have liability protection so they can't get in trouble for any side effects.
Or the main effects that's really meant to have, the Trojan horse sterilization is usually what they're trying and these vaccines are always getting caught doing it.
Now COVID-19 in big studies is eating men's genitals, destroying them, bloody pulps, lacerations.
Most men are infertile after they get a serious case of it.
It's why you need to have zinc.
You need to have sunshine.
You need to be healthy.
That's how you beat it.
They don't want you knowing that.
You don't have zinc in dye, folks.
But again, they don't want the president even talking about a drug that forces zinc into the cells.
We'll finish up with his caller and what he was breaking down and then, you know, you can tell he's never called into a show, he's saying, and he's spilling some pretty big beans here.
I know about the secret cloning programs all over the country.
I mean, you can actually get into research papers and find out where they're going on.
Let's just say it's not widely publicized.
And a big part of universities is having students part of secret things.
That's how they seduce them.
I've told the story about my dad in high school.
He was in Plan 2 by the time he was a sophomore and then a junior and a senior.
He was at UT most of the time, not in East Texas at his little school.
And he'd been there about a year and they said, let's show you the secret nuclear reactor under UT.
Now that's still very hard to find in literature.
It's under there, shut down.
They got a big, one of the biggest research ones in the world for a research reactor at the J.J.
Pickles Center in North Austin.
And I have Austinites sometimes walk up and say, you know, there's no nuclear reactors in Austin because they live in fantasy land.
So, that's how the seduction works into the scientific tyranny, is you're given the knowledge of the Manhattan Project stuff going on, and if you prove you go along with it long enough, you get led into the inner sanctum.
And that's why you see all this in movies and TV, preparing you and conditioning you.
So, uh, interesting points.
What else do you want to tell folks about some of the secret stuff?
I mean, how do they tell you it was secret, or how did you learn about it?
So my, the professor, which, so being a first-generation biotech student, so it was essentially two people that were the heads of the entire program.
The curriculum was developed by a, at the time, a small pathogen laboratory that is located right in Athens.
It's since then been bought out by a larger corporation, but anyhow, we had
Because of these two people that were in charge of everything.
One was an Ethiopian, and the other was an American, and they both gave me different information at different times.
And it really wasn't anything that you had to piece together, because they ran over as far as what each other had said.
And I just knew at that time, and given at that time I was a 19-year-old, 18-year-old when I first got in that.
Um, it was, you know, honestly, you just, you don't dream that all the, the possibilities, uh, you don't dream of all the possibilities of this work.
It's just like an interesting thing that's at your fingertips.
But, but now in hindsight, I mean, obviously you were probably doing pretty good.
They probably liked you.
You seemed promising and they, they were testing because imagine you're at the ground floor of this and they're already showing you and telling you about secret facilities, secret cloning.
Can you imagine how deep the rabbit hole goes?
No, I honestly, no, I can't.
I can't.
Just because, you know, who knows how many stones, you know, unturned, who knows.
But a couple of things I just wanted to throw out real quick.
So my maid after, or besides college, I actually went to work for that company before they had been bought out.
They, my job was to inoculate the mammalian cell lines that I had named off a minute ago, to inoculate those cell lines with nine major, or the nine major respiratory viruses which include
Like herpes simplex, different types of influenza, RSV, which is extremely fatal to children or infants.
So anyhow, I inoculated these cell lines with all these different viruses and I would feed them weekly and I would do a bunch of cell staining and a whole bunch of different techniques and assays to see how promising certain drugs were.
And again, were these live virus inoculations?
Yep, live viruses.
Which again, continually leaks and continually drifts genetically.
I mean, you're a scientist, I just read the reports, but so many of the problems come out of these live inoculations and then also cause mutations, don't they?
That is, I mean, it's amazing how easy, well, I shouldn't say for all viruses, but for specific ones, how easily mutated they can be.
I mean, it's, again, I'm not a, I don't have a PhD in this.
I mean, it's just something that, you know, it's my undergrad and something that I've done professionally now for over a decade.
Um, so that's why I try not to form these full conclusions in my head, because I know that I don't know, you know, who knows what percentage of the truth, but... Hey, brother, my dad was an oral surgeon, and he was doing some of the first big implants in the early 80s, and it wasn't like it was something special, because he had that background in some, you know, UT projects and science projects, kind of whiz kid NASA stuff.
He, they tried to recruit him for us to move to Maryland.
He paid $450,000 a year back then.
That's like $2 million today.
And they were, and when he didn't take the job, they recruited a bunch of other oral surgeons he knew that went into an underground base in Maryland to do secret cyborg work.
With humans, my dad was told.
So they have military people volunteering.
Who the hell knows what's going on?
That was like 1983, brother.
Can you imagine the secret thing right under the surface?
No, I mean, no, honestly, I can't.
I also did, real quick, four years in the Army, in W, and most of the time was as a reservist, but anyhow, just seeing, or just cracking the book on the UCMJ, and based on the countless briefings that we were in, there just seems, there are so many things that the public is just 100% blind to, and even if you tell them... Well, as an example, they do experimental drug tests and vaccine tests on troops.
You can order troops to do anything under the law.
And it's illegal.
You do waive a lot of your rights, but you can't make them take experimental drugs and vaccines.
But they do it.
From my account, they look at you as, whenever they have these third party clinicians and everybody come in, they look at you as you are such bottom of the pond scum that they, I mean, I don't, honestly, I have no clue.
And this is the same with about everybody else.
The scientific elite is the most eugenics-based, anti-human, arrogant scum.
You just said it.
But if you're top of your class and are smart, they tell you, you're the elite, we've got to control population, we've got to wipe everybody out.
And then if you accept that, you get brought into the cult.
And so I'm just glad you're letting folks know that just from your, you know, right at the bottom level of the science, what you saw in the Army and at a university.
Can I get like 20 seconds real quick?
Yeah, go ahead, sir.
Okay, so I was ranting and raving, not really publicly, but on the inside as far as whenever the whole thing with OU happened with Kaitlyn.
So anyway, I just wanted to make clear, and this is something, so I'm from the connecting counties right along the Ohio River border in West Virginia, Meigs and Gowey counties.
You're talking about when the university a few weeks ago attacked Caitlin Bennett?
Your alma mater.
Yeah, and so I was so disgusted because I've seen things and been new of things, you know, way before this incident, and I just wanted to tell everybody out there that
You get into Appalachia, especially Western West Virginia, Southeast Ohio.
We are the complete opposites of anything you see on any of those videos from that campus.
It has been a no-no.
Brother, I know it.
I understand the campuses are nest of evil.
We're going to get your name and number, buddy.
I want to get you on as a guest.
God bless you.
Well, you knew it was coming.
Alex Jones here, back live.
Obama drops coronavirus bombshell.
It's all humans' faults.
We deserve it.
It's all due to climate change.
We'll cover that coming up and on InfoWars.com.
Advisor to Trump warns, if Dems win in November, they're going to crush Fox News.
And Paul kind of combined two different people I talked to in one article, but it's just a very, very important thing that's going on.
A very, very important thing that is unfolding.
How big the stakes are.
They already took over the NRA.
That's well known.
They used operatives to go in.
They were going to basically indict people unless they just shut down their news operations.
That's what they're trying to do to us, but I haven't backed down.
Thank you for praying for us, folks.
And please don't forget, we have storable food back in, ready to go out.
You can order storable food now again.
InfoWarsTore.com, not just for the virus, folks, but for the economy and the election and the craziness of the world.
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The Super Blue that has more stuff in it that's good for your teeth and good for your gums and good for your body and that is not too friendly to all those little invaders.
Okay, let's go to Mike in Missouri who is a postal worker on the virus.
Thanks for calling.
First, I like your show.
It's hard to find good news on the, you know, everything's a lie on TV anyway.
You can't believe half of it.
I'd say more than half of it's a lie.
I mean, if it's coming out of a Democrat's mouth, it's about 9% of the time a lie.
Yeah, it's weird, really.
But I was just calling because I just wanted to say, don't forget about the mailman.
You know, they used anthrax in the mail.
I wouldn't be surprised if they tried to spread it around through there, and we are never allowed to take work off.
I mean, that's just, the mail doesn't stop because... And I've seen these reports that they're saying by mid-summer, the Postal Service will go bankrupt?
What's that about?
They cut the shipping cost out because Amazon kind of took over and then everybody buys everything online and you have this free shipping and then the business just takes it out of their own pocket and so we can't ever ever get any revenue to offset our the cost that we take you know the trucks and the employees.
And that's because you're not selling the products yourself very limited products and what Amazon does is it does what Walmart does it makes you sell to them for less or you don't get the market
And then it basically puts everybody out of business.
That's why Amazon now is going into manufacturing.
So they'll control the manufacturing, they'll control the shipping, they'll control everything.
Yeah, they're basically trying to wipe the stamp out, which, you know, and that's just what I wanted to say.
This show is kind of what opened my eyes to a lot of things.
And I learned about the fact that, you know, Post Office kind of started a lot of the American Post and ties into the Army and all these conspiracies that are actually truth because they hide it from us.
And I just want to say thanks for your show, because you guys talk about that stuff, and they don't talk about that on the news.
They talk about community, and blood drive, and stuff that you can't really take as serious.
And when there's actual serious stuff out there, it's hard to find a good news source, so I just appreciate that.
Well, God bless you, sir.
We're all in this together.
And again, people say, oh, we need to nationalize everything, or we need to privatize everything, or we need to have private companies doing it.
These private companies act like authoritarian governments.
They work with authoritarian governments, and they're trying to create an authoritarian system.
Google's bigger than the Post Office ever was.
All of them.
And they're working in concert to create monopolies, spy on us, work with dictatorships and screw us over.
So we need the counterbalance of the Post Office.
God bless you.
I appreciate your call.
There is a corporate move to destroy the nation-state.
And they take libertarian ideas to the extreme that might work in some far-off utopian system once we defeat all this tyranny.
But right now they're using libertarian ideas to open the borders, libertarian ideas to let big corporations undercut everybody, and it's not being done in a free market.
It's being done artificially, using communist China as the engine to create the slave goods that no one can compete with because we're under all these governmental regulations and they aren't.
You'd call that libertarian, but it's really communist because it's called slavery.
It's all been set up to tie us down so that we can't operate.
So we've got to blast our way out of this politically.
All right, let's go now to TJ in Europe on curfews, lockdowns, and the virus.
Yeah, Europe's even more locked down than we are.
Unless you're an Islamic invader, then you're free to do whatever you want.
Come across the border, fly in, burn things down, rape women.
The judges actually say in Sweden and in places like Denmark, it's part of their culture to rape nine-year-old girls.
You're on the air, go ahead.
Yes, Alex, a long-time listener, first-time caller, an American here in Europe, now stranded because they closed the airports.
I'm not worried about that.
I'm actually worried about my country right now, listening to you.
You're my lifeline right now to the States, but I'm worried about everybody right now.
I have an old shirt from you.
On the front, it says, Bill of Rights, and on the back collar, it says, Apathy is Treason.
That is true right now.
We're being too apathetic with everything we're doing and we need to wake up and see what's going on in front of us.
Here, I can tell you that they have already implemented a weekend curfew from 4 p.m.
till 5 a.m.
the next day.
We've been basically ahead of you guys with all the curfews.
Going into the grocery store, they're now spraying you with some disinfectant
Here, there's lines, everything.
And it's just going to get worse.
In America, we need to wake up.
They're coming for everything.
I was in the airports right before they closed everything.
No credit cards.
All cash.
Everything was very... New scanning machines.
I come from a... You mean no credit?
So they wouldn't let you use cash?
Only credit cards?
Only credit cards.
And Alex, I come from a time prior to 9-11.
I remember when you used to be able to walk onto the plane before TSA.
This is all coming out now right in front of you.
You can see this all new security, new kind of scanning things right just now being installed into these airports.
It was all pre-positioned, all pre-planned, and it's being rolled out.
That's right.
In phases, according to the Chinese Communist Big Tech model, they designed it, really Silicon Valley did, and then it rolls out in increments via MIT, was heavily involved, and it's digital tattoos, it's microchips, it's forced inoculations, it's curfews, and then they just keep ratcheting, ratcheting, ratcheting up, incrementally, so that we accept it.
You're absolutely right.
Anything else?
No, you're just doing a great job, Alex.
God bless you.
And this is for the Infrawarriors out there.
Everybody just keep together and keep that compassion alive.
And have love for one another.
I think that's most important right now.
And I hope for everybody.
Thank you so much, DJ.
We're going to go to Elvis before we end this hour.
And we'll continue with calls and have a special guest.
The virus is real, but the response is something we've never done before, and it is about the globalist takeover, and the Rockefeller Foundation admits that.
And we know that it's man-made, and we know that Xi Jinping's fingerprints are all over it to shut down the rebellion he had, and then to be exported here.
And we'll cover that next hour with a special investigative journalist joining us who gets into that.
But let's go to Elvis in New York.
Thank you, Elvis, you're on the air.
Hey, God bless Alex, and God bless your family and everything you do.
I wanted to touch a subject real quick, because this is something I feel like nobody's putting out, and it's crucial.
Are you familiar with a thing called Event 201 that just happened in October?
Yes, October, November, the Bill of Melinda Gates had a deal where 65 million die from a coronavirus, and he had all these TV shows ready to come out about the coronavirus, and it's all scripted, all prepared.
Correct, correct.
So this is the thing, right?
What was the main thing that Trump was running on?
It was an economy.
And then it's funny because the main topic on this was how it would diminish large-scale economic and social societal consequences, you know, to figure out how it would affect the society and the economy.
Now, what I'm seeing is, because I live in New York,
And then when you don't see all the disease, they go, we saved you by doing it.
It's all perfectly scripted.
Yes, correct.
And what I'm seeing for rolling out in almost synchronous... Hold on Elvis, don't leave the building.
I'm gonna go to break.
Come right back to Elvis.
Gotta give Elvis more time.
And that's a cool name.
And then we've got... Elvis gets a lot of ladies.
We're gonna talk to Rob in Louisiana and so many more.
Third hour straight ahead.
Remember the power the people have is to spread the word about this transmission.
The globalists can't stand it.
We are back live.
We are broadcasting worldwide.
And we're talking to Elvis in New York about Event 201, the Bill & Melinda Gates operation last fall-winter, drilling with the coronavirus, killing 65 million people, and the Rockefeller Foundation lockstep 10 years ago about worldwide tyranny being brought in via a bioweapon release or via a pathogen.
I am your host.
So please continue, Elvis, with your points.
So, the first case in China that we know of was in November 17 of last year.
Yes, yes.
So, the event started one month prior, and then we have this happen.
Now, the last time I can remember something similar, very similar, was in September of 2001.
We have an operation, we have everything, everybody told it, it's just practice, and just like every other FF,
We come around, and what do we have?
A month later, suddenly, it starts.
And where does it start?
What have we been having the whole time between China and the U.S.?
An economic war.
And what was the event based on in October?
Exactly on how it would diminish the economy and societal consequences of it.
So, see, what I'm seeing right now is Agenda 21 being rolled out on the red carpet, being put right into the direction of destroying the economy,
Then bringing fear into society and seeing how we cope, and once they see, exactly like you mentioned earlier, once we cope, then they start picking out, okay, who's worthy, who's not worthy?
Who can come out, who cannot come out?
I see a similar system in North Korea right now.
Almost similar.
You know, if you're valuable to the system in place, you get a nice condo, you get nice treatment, and the lower you are in the totem, the farther out you get pushed into the abyss.
We're good to go.
This is the groundwork for the coup.
Oh, absolutely.
And Trump is trying to ride the tiger right now, and they're trying to shut us down as well.
I mean, I was just reading earlier this New Yorker article.
I got one of the top, you know, FDA lawyers, Jonathan Emor.
And we never made the claims they said we made falsely about toothpaste and stuff.
And it's toothpaste we sell as tooth whitening toothpaste.
And I said to the lawyer, I said, yeah, we've complied with what they said.
We didn't say what they said.
He talked to the headlady there.
Well, then here's the Attorney General of New York saying, Jones hasn't complied.
He's still selling it.
Well, the actual letter didn't say stop selling it.
It said, don't say it's a cure.
We never even said that.
I told the lawyer, I said, this is different than any case you've seen.
I said, you watch.
The Attorney General of New York will say that I kept selling it when she ordered me to stop in a tweet.
But the actual letter just said, hey, if you are making these claims, don't make them.
They didn't say stop selling it.
It's tooth whitening toothpaste designed by a dentist.
So that's what's so crazy about all this is that just everything is how the left now is absolutely out to get anybody that doesn't submit to them and it's very very scary and New York is this thing with tentacles flashing out of the country just like LA and just like DC.
But the people in the cities, Elvis, are great folks.
Elvis has left the building.
We'll be back with special guests and more calls.
Stay with us.
Defending the republic from enemies foreign and domestic.
It's Alex Jones.
Well, Jeff Nyquist is going to be with us.
Here in this hour, J.R.
Jeff Nyquist is author of The Origins of the Fourth World War, The Fool, and His Enemy, and The New Tactics of Global War.
He has been a columnist for World and Daily, Sierra Times, Financial Sense Online.
His writing is also published by the Epoch Times, who are Epoch, jrnyquist.blog and jrnyquist.com.
And here are the articles.
He breaks down.
Did Xi Jinping launch and intentionally release the COVID-19 virus and other key reports, the secret speech of General
I think that when this outbreak first happened, I expected, and I was on your show in February, I thought that it was an accidental release from the Wuhan lab.
But now, after analyzing all of the different data points, it seems to me that this release may have been intentional, and I'm going to lay out my reasoning.
Now, Qi Hao Chen, that Chinese general, former defense minister, I have
Put his secret speech from about 17 years ago on my website.
It was translated by Epoch Times in around 2005.
They published it at the time.
It's a speech about using biological weapons on the United States, about China's emphasis on biological warfare, and about China's Liebensraum problem, China's overpopulation problem.
Now, if we analyze this outbreak, this pandemic, there's a number of points that are interesting.
The first one is, China has had a one-child policy for half a century, in which they now have a bubble of elderly to take care of.
Because when you do that for a long period of time, you have... Now, obviously, the people didn't follow their rules because their population has grown 40% instead of growing by more than double in the last 50 years.
They have a large bubble of elderly population to take care of.
And the one thing about this virus is it targets the elderly and the infirm, which in a socialist state system like China, where they take care of the elderly through the state budget, this is a threat.
Tremendous way to get getting rid of a lot of elderly people that they won't have to take care of.
And you've probably seen some of the reports on Twitter out of China about elderly people being put in body bags and cremated while they're still alive.
These terrifying stories are still circulating out of China.
Then we have to look at the timing of the release of this virus.
It happened right after President Trump
We're good to go.
I talked to a friend who teaches in a college in the Midwest, in Chicago, and he told me that now in his school, it's an art school, art college, there's a lot of Chinese students and they're from elite communist families.
And he mentioned to me in January that a lot of those families, their students were going home in the fall.
And he said by the end of the spring term, they were all going to be gone.
They weren't going to have any Chinese students next year.
That's a very interesting data point.
As if somebody in the Communist Party back in China, leading families, knew, all right, get your kids out of America.
Then there's a provocation in Hong Kong.
We had in the late summer, early fall, these independence movement in Hong Kong, which appears to be a provocation because many of the leaders of that movement have had contacts with Beijing, which were very suspicious.
And now it turns out that thousands of Chinese anti-CCP, anti-communists are missing in China.
Thousands of them.
There is this story out of Hong Kong that China's deployed 400 secret police agents in the fall.
They started hunting, kidnapping and murdering anti-communist activists in Hong Kong.
And then you see this testimony from the, I don't know if you saw it last month, our STRATCOM commander gave testimony before Congress in which he said, we are facing the end of the shelf life of our nuclear deterrent and that we must invest enormous amounts of money to maintain our nuclear deterrent in the next few years.
Otherwise, we're going to lose our deterrent.
And his testimony was really interesting.
So, this attack coincides in a moment when our nuclear deterrent has aged.
It's past its shelf life.
We have to make a large investment to maintain it, and now our markets collapse, our revenues collapse.
Do we have the money to maintain our nuclear deterrent?
These are all data points which I'm watching, and there's others that are very alarming that suggest the Chinese government, Xi Jinping, knew exactly what he was doing.
I'm listening to you.
I've been reading your articles.
They're dead on because I'm researching the same stuff.
I mean, it's clearly all pre-programmed, prepared.
The Chinese students go home.
They use this against Taiwan.
They use it against their domestic groups.
Bill Gates, who's big fans of Xi Jinping, has all the systems set up, all the new shows coming out about pandemics.
He's got his Event 201 drill with the coronavirus killing 65 million people.
That's happening October, November.
Yeah, well, it's interesting if you look at the things that are coming out in China,
With the pandemic there, they're claiming they're having no new cases.
This is complete fabrication.
Nobody who's been following China closely believes China's numbers.
There are these stories about them putting elderly in body bags and then in boxes and cremating them.
There's stories about food not getting to the hospitals.
So China has this very interesting information warfare campaign in China.
We're good to go.
Burning enormous amounts of body.
I had this report from Hong Kong last week that the cremation capacity in China is so overused that they are sending bodies to Hong Kong to be cremated, 80 to 90 a night.
So because Hong Kong, which is following sort of strictures like we are, has contained it, but they have excess cremation capacity.
So there's these indications that they, as a totalitarian society, which lies to its people, and also there's a massive purge going on within the Communist Party, there's a kind of power struggle between the black hand and the white hand, the Jiang Zemin faction and the Xi Jinping faction.
And there's been, you know, three assassination attempts in the past on Xi Jinping.
And he is really trying to consolidate his power.
And I believe he is a very ambitious leader.
He has three heroes, Xi Jinping has.
If you look at the literature, if you look at Stephen Mosher's work and Bill Gertz's work, you'll see that Xi Jinping admires Hitler, he admires Mao, and he admires Stalin.
And in the Guineas Book of World Records, these are the three biggest mass murderers in history.
And he admires them.
He very famously has said to one of his American friends years ago, Xi Jinping said, you know what's wrong with you Americans?
You're too nice.
Xi Jinping is not nice.
And I think that it's very possible that this is some kind of plan.
And the main question is whether Russia is going to be on board with them on this plan.
I understand there's a lot of pressure being applied to Russia in Europe because Russia's initial propaganda campaign was detected in support of creating further mayhem in Europe.
In support of China's operation, which is definitely an information operation out of China, too, because the Chinese are accusing us of creating the virus.
And we know for a fact that these bat viruses were something that People's Liberation Army bioweapons... I have Italian TV five years ago showing China admitting that they were injecting it into people trying to get coronaviruses to go viral.
We'll be right back with Jeff Nyquist.
Welcome back.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
Really respected researcher and journalist Jeff Nyquist of JRNyquist.com is with us.
Writes for great folks at Epoch Times and others, World Net Daily.
And he's just laying out the facts.
I'm going to continue to give you the floor right now about where you think this is going, how you think their war is going.
Clearly, it's a deep state, globalist, allied with Communist China move.
We're getting into Xi Jinping.
Anybody can look this up.
He, on record, does admire Hitler, Stalin, and Mao.
He is an autocrat.
He's an authoritarian.
And the left totally protects him because they use China as a command base to carry out money laundering and other criminal activities.
China bombs us with fentanyl.
Enough was seized in Mexico being brought in by the Chi-Coms, as you know, last year to kill 10.6 billion people.
You know, a overdose of it.
That's the type of stuff they're hitting us with.
And to give us the... I mean, any facets you want to cover.
There's so many angles to this.
But getting into G.G.Ping and his psychology and what you think he thinks of Trump.
Well, that's an interesting question.
It's hard to get inside of Xi Jinping's mind, but... Well, let's ask this.
How was he able, even though his father was reportedly tortured by the Communist Party of China and Mao, how was he able to come from where he went and get into power?
Well, of course, in China, they have a very famous political, very deep political history.
You've heard of Sun Tzu, there's Han Fei Tzu.
These are Machiavellis on steroids.
The cultural, political tradition of China is one of intrigue and conspiracy, double agents and infiltration.
They were way ahead in this game.
You know, the earliest story of a false defector in history comes from China in the 19th century BC, in the ancient records.
So, the Chinese have this very rich history of spies, counter spies, infiltration, and they have, for centuries, lionized people who are agents of influence and traitors who get into a government and turn it on its head.
These are the games.
Of course, we know the story of Jiang Zemin.
How he was humbled by Mao Zedong and then after Mao's death emerged, struck down the Gang of Four and took power and led China in a different direction.
Xi Jinping has a similar story because the turns of politics in China with one group, in party group, having the upper hand and then another.
Xi Jinping is a major power player.
The Communist Party of China, of course, as
China, as earlier leaders of China have said, is part of a secret front of socialist communist groups that exist worldwide.
This is controversial to say, but it's very interesting that Russia and China are both supporting communist revolutions and regimes around the world right now.
If you talk about the end of the Cold War, the defeat of communism, wait a minute.
Nepal became a communist country some years ago, taken over by Maoists.
Angola, the communists won the civil war in Angola.
Congo had a revolution in 97.
South Africa, the ANC is a front for the Communist Party of South Africa.
We have Venezuela, Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega is in power there.
Around the world, communist revolutions have been taking place quietly.
Behind the surface and Russia and China both have troops in Venezuela.
They're both supporting Nicaragua They're both supporting Cuba on the 100th anniversary of the Bolshevik Revolution.
You can look this up Vladimir Putin gave a speech before the an organization of communist youth and students And there were like 10,000 of them gathered there at Sochi and he said we are behind you we believe in you you are the future and
We're the words in his speech.
You can watch that speech if you want.
It's a very peculiar speech.
I have talked to defectors over the years.
I have studied this and it takes me back to a defector named Anatoly Golitsyn who wrote a book called New Lies for Old in 1984 in which he predicted everything that happened from 1989 down to the present.
By 1994, nearly 94% of his predictions had been proven correct.
He predicted the fall of the Berlin Wall, the collapse of the Warsaw Pact, the collapse of the Communist Party Soviet Union, the advent of democracy in Russia.
But he said it was all a strategy.
It was a planned collapse.
They planned it for 40 years.
40 years, 30 plus years.
They initiated the plan together with China, that the Sino-Soviet split was part of the plan, according to Golitsyn.
And there are so many things that have come true.
He predicted that after they initiate this plan, if the West believed that the changes in the Soviet Union were legitimate, that we would lose track of our nuclear arsenal.
We would not renew it, which we haven't done.
And that our deterrent would start to become weaker and weaker.
Meanwhile, China and Russia, and this goes directly to the terrifying testimony of our STRATCOM commander last month.
He said, while we were allowing our nuclear deterrent to rot and age, China and Russia have been intensively modernizing their nuclear forces.
And so, if we lose that nuclear deterrent,
The world belongs to Russia and China.
Let's be clear.
Let's be clear about this.
Obama and the globalists have been debilitating the U.S.
and demoralizing us by design and then preparing at the college level the malice operating system.
I don't just say that.
Every college as you know, the public needs to know, this is not hyperbole.
The malice model is the model of a youth rebellion
And Antifa's all Maoist, and you've got the Confucius Societies, and the head chemist at Harvard caught being a CHICOM agent.
I mean, the infiltration's been massive, and they're really pissed that Trump's starting to, I think, turn the tide against them as we identify this.
But if Trump just points out that, no, Xi Jinping's horrible...
He's terrible.
He infiltrated our country.
Obama and others were on his payroll.
Hillary's on the payroll.
Americans will unify behind that because this is real fourth-generational, fifth-generational warfare and I think we can pretty much reverse this quickly.
Yeah, it's interesting what President Trump has done.
I see a kind of strategy in him saying, Putin is my friend, Xi Jinping is my friend, because that makes it harder for them to attack the United States if the President is calling them a friend.
It sort of puts them in a difficult position to commit the kind of actions that they want to commit.
So it's a very clever strategy.
And then to back them into a corner,
Uh, Trump's unexpected election was a game changer.
If Hillary Clinton had gotten in, you can imagine she would have continued the disarmament.
There would have been no, uh, even small program to renew our nuclear warheads.
We're going to start being able to produce nuclear warheads in 2025, and hopefully that can be accelerated.
I think that's what the STRATCOM commander wants, is a bigger commitment.
And the Chinese and Russians, having gained such tremendous advantages, nearing the point where they were tipping the balance of power in their favor, suddenly saw Trump coming in, putting more money into the military, playing the trade war game with them, taking away their unfair trade practices.
Well, it's like Trump said.
He said, we've been in a trade war with China for 40 years and losing.
I'm not starting a trade war.
We're simply fighting back.
That's right.
And of course, this was too much for the Chinese.
So what is their reaction?
Biological attack.
COVID-19 virus.
Flatten our markets.
Deprive us of the money.
And Trump knows what to do.
Flood it with cash, even though it'll cause problems later.
We'd be in a depression right now if he didn't do it.
Right, well we have to, you know, the President is guarding against a deflation, we're going to get hit by a hard deflation because of the bursting of all the financial bubbles.
Well exactly, people are worried about inflation in the short term, it's going to be a deflation, well, you're a smart cookie.
Let's talk about that with Mr. Nyquist.
When the people don't know history, they're doomed to repeat it.
Well I do know about history, and I do know about biology, and I do know about authoritarianism, and I see our media, our supposed big tech companies worshipping Xi Jinping.
I mean, Apple runs slave factories.
They have Uyghur slaves building components.
That's confirmed.
And people go, it's okay, Tim Cook's gay.
I mean, as long as you're trendy and gay, I mean, you can have death camps.
As long as you just wear a little non-threatening black t-shirt and go, oh, hi, I'm Tim Cook, oh, hey.
Basement of dead kids, I guess it's okay.
It's just crazy.
So looking at some of your other points with Mr. Nyquist, who's here with us right now, who writes for Epoch Times and other great publications like WorldNetDaily, when you get into one of the other notes you sent me about the worldview of this particular general you talk about, how does that tie into all of this?
And again, how do you think Trump's doing getting America in a realist footing against what's unfolding?
And now that I think about it, before we went to break, we were talking about the economy and what Trump's done.
I don't like all this giant spending.
I don't like where it goes, but he's starting to federalize the Federal Reserve.
That's a way to take it over, I guess.
I see that as positive.
But I'm not an economist, but I do study these things.
With unemployment exploding, with tens of millions out of work each month that were shut down, and big corporations in the states,
I don't know.
I think that they've balanced it so I think it's hard to say exactly because we've got these bubbles bursting so there's the danger of a deflation a deflationary depression but by this spending bill
And we are not, we have not been as inflationary with the dollar as the Europeans have been with their currencies.
And the dollar, we'll see how it goes, but it should have a counteracting effect on the deflationary cycle.
We're going to have more unemployment, of course, as the economy adjusts.
Remember, economies are based on human behavior, which is habitual, human economic decisions, and those kind of decisions are going to be changing.
So we're going to be in a period of adaptation and it is not going to go back to the way it was.
I think that we can make that statement because Xi Jinping probably released the virus intentionally.
If he did not, if it was an accidental release, he intentionally let it go out from China.
He used the Chinese New Year, the greatest period of air travel from out of China.
To incubate and spread it.
That's right.
You look back at the record of what they did.
They used their agents in the World Health Organization to lie to the world.
And the Democrats followed that and said, keep the airlines coming in, go to Chinatown.
All of them came out and said that, including the Speaker of the House, Pelosi.
And then they turned around and blamed Trump.
That's right.
Which is ridiculous.
It's going to backfire on them.
And I'll tell you what to watch for next.
It's this General Chi-Hao Chen speech.
Very important.
Everybody should study it.
They should look at this speech.
General Chiao Chen, the defense minister, using biological weapons.
When you put that together with the two Chinese colonels who wrote the Unrestricted Warfare book in 1999, this is right out of their book.
This is an asymmetrical weapon.
China can adapt to it because they're a police society.
They can use it to kill off their elderly.
They want to do that.
The government is ruthless.
Here, we're trying to protect our elderly and vulnerable citizens, so it's costing us economically, but
The West is inventive.
It's able to adapt.
But here's the interesting thing.
Both China and Russia have closed their borders.
If we look at this release as the beginning of a biological war, the closing of Russia and China's borders, not letting anyone from the outside, means that they could have prepared a more virulent strain of this virus.
You notice the virus has four inserts.
One that attacks the lungs, the heart, the kidneys and the testicles.
If they have a slightly different genetic version of it, they could unleash this on us.
It could have a much higher death rate, causing a much deeper panic in the country.
And since they've closed their borders, it will blow back on them.
It's very alarming to me that they've totally closed off their borders.
They're still having cases.
They're lying about having cases.
But they're containing it through their own system, as I explained earlier.
That's right.
They let people leave while not letting people come in.
Let's be clear.
Very, very suspicious.
And as you said, then they can release a more virulent strain that's covered by the earlier strain and have their operatives release it.
And that's what the Army Times and others are reporting, because they've been catching all these CHICOMs coming in and out of the United States beforehand.
And the FBI warned, this is American military news,
Well, like I say, a more virulent strain.
The thing is, the United States policy is to launch nuclear strikes in response to a biological attack.
Now you have a situation where deterrence has failed.
I think the U.S.
government now, they know that this virus was engineered.
They're not saying it publicly.
They don't want to scare the public.
But let me stop you.
You're actually right.
You had Senator Cotton and Holly and others come out and say, we think they probably released it.
There'll be a day of reckoning.
Then Ted Downing Street said, we are infuriated.
You will pay.
There will be a reckoning.
We're going to make you a pariah state.
We're going to cut you off.
You never see the British talking like that.
I mean, there's almost in the statements out of the Pentagon and out of the Senate Intelligence Committee is very threatening to China.
And so I think they're telegraphing they know.
They, I think that they know that we're at the beginning of a war.
How much this war will escalate, how, where will it go?
The ultimate end would be if it went completely out of control.
Nuclear, of course.
It depends on how stable Russia and China are, how confident their leaders are, whether the power struggles within those countries devolve and they back away from this kind of strategy.
And if the globalists realize how reckless this is and stop being all in with China.
Yeah, well, it's very interesting because all these big money people have climbed into bed with China.
Look at what they've done.
They have facilitated our enemy getting control of our supply chain.
Right now, Xi Jinping threatened the world and said, oh, well, we'll cut off your pharmaceuticals.
We make your antibiotics.
We make your high blood pressure medication.
If you don't trade with us, if you don't open yourselves up,
You know, you talk about an opium war.
They're using pharmaceuticals.
It's a pharmaceutical war.
But if Trump is just honest that they're holding us hostage, we're not wimps, it will break the G.G.
Pig's political power and if we then focus that on the Democrats and the globalists, they're politically done.
If Trump uses this now with information warfare truth, by being absolutely honest, America will line up behind the President.
But only if he's bold, I believe.
Yeah, and he has to be.
And of course, he's a person of instinct.
He's a guy who, I mean, look at what his sister said about him.
You know, the people who really knew him thought he was going to win the election when nobody thought he had a chance.
His sister said, well, what I learned when I was a child was you don't play games with Donald because Donald always wins.
And his wife said something similar.
And I think that the Chinese have decided to play a game, a very dangerous game with Donald Trump.
And he is, as a
You know, a lot of things in the world, it isn't necessarily how intellectually astute you are.
That's important, of course.
But instinct seems to be the king.
And this president has... Well, because that's the deep reservoir of the entire genetic memory and instincts and learning of the subconscious brain.
That's the total expression of real intelligence, is instinct.
We just call it instinct, as you know.
Oh yeah, and in fact, he shows that in spades and how he was able to defeat his Republican rivals for the nomination and then go on to defeat Hillary Clinton despite the whole process.
We've got to go to break.
I'm going to do a few more minutes with you and then I'm going to take calls, folks.
Stay with us.
Jeff Nyquist is here.
He's going to go in a few minutes.
We'll jam in some of your calls and I appreciate calling that Paul Watson takes over in the fourth hour.
Jeff, in closing, other key points you'd like to add?
Advice to the American people?
Advice to President Trump?
Because you're dead on in your analysis, according to my research.
I mean, we're in the opening salvo of a really serious war, with our corrupt elites throwing their lot in, with the Communist Party that's killed over 100 million people in their own country.
I mean, Xi Jinping, all these guys, in their vision and in their scope of their party, dwarf Hitler and Stalin combined.
Yeah, we, you know, it's very important for us to be unified and to support our leader, President Trump, and to turn against any of these kind of partisan criticisms coming from the left.
The left has got to retreat.
They've got to pull in their horns.
We have to be unified.
We cannot be divided as a country.
That's right.
They're useful idiots, thinking their America-hating thing is going to empower them.
They're the morons that lower the drawbridge for the barbarians.
The first people the barbarians kill is the traitors.
That's right.
Well, they have lowered the drawbridge.
You look at Obama's administration, you look at Clinton's administration.
It was outrageous that Hillary Clinton should attack this president over not being prepared when she and her husband did nothing to prepare this country for a biological war that we are now in.
So, these people were not prepared.
They had their time in office.
They were on the left.
They supported these same regimes.
Look at Chinagate.
Look at what Hillary Clinton and her husband did.
The money they took from China
The W88 warhead going to China, all of the technology moved through the Commerce Department, the suspicious death of Ron Brown that Kathleen Janowski, the Navy medical photographer, revealed about the .45 caliber hole in Ron Brown's head at the Dubrovnik crash.
I mean, we've got so many scandals.
These people are so dirty.
Our country has been so infiltrated by the enemy.
We have to, as a country, pull together.
And I think nationalism, national feeling, the things that Trump has been talking about, a war is going to bring the country together.
And these people are going to be exposed.
And all of these billionaires who've gotten into bed with our enemies are going to be exposed.
That's what's got to happen.
That's what's coming.
So what's the title of this interview?
We're live now, but I'm going to archive it to Bandai Video very soon.
This afternoon, people should spread it.
It's excellent.
The research is all there, your article, the links.
Or Communist Party China?
Or China has initiated biological war against the United States.
Evidence mounts.
Or Xi Jinping has launched a biological war against the free world.
Evidence mounts.
Or what would the headline be?
Yeah, China initiates biological attack on the West.
Prepare for more.
Or World War 4 has begun?
Well, World War 3, World War 4 comes after.
Well, you know, the CIA calls the Cold War, World War 3, so everybody thinks World War 3 is the new one coming, but technically, they're not officially called it World War 3, so I guess it would be World War 3.
It depends, it depends on whether you think the Cold War ever really ended.
If you take the analysis of Golitsyn, if you look at the... There were three defectors who said that they were planning to collapse the Warsaw Pact.
It was Anatoly Golitsyn, Jan Šejna, the high-level Czech defector, and Zadislav Bittman.
They all mentioned this.
They predicted this.
They talked about knowledge of it.
That the Russians were preparing for a liberalization in the Communist bloc.
Of course, in some respects, the Stalinist ideology had failed.
They needed to have a change, but they were not giving up on their attempt to dominate the world, that the party would continue to operate under the surface, the nomenklatura.
We've seen, as the head of STRATCOM testified last month, the Russians never stopped modifying, modernizing their nuclear forces when we, you know, did away with our tritium plants,
Thank you.
Terrible stuff.
Meanwhile, I'm not even gonna get into this right now.
I knew it was coming.
The lawyers are like, top lawyers are like, no, Alex, you're following the law, you've done nothing.
And I'm like, no, I can see the setup.
And sure enough, I told people on air, I told the crew, I told everybody.
They had the Attorney General's Office of New York send me a letter saying, if you are saying you have cures for coronavirus, stop saying it.
Then we contacted the show and they said, okay, yeah, you have a disclaimer.
Okay, fine.
Then the Attorney General's back in the news in a big article saying, we told him to stop selling it.
We're going to have to, we're going to have to take him to court.
So you want to sound reasonable, you see.
Oh, we just, you know, said, and they call me a scammer.
And then I sell a cure.
I didn't say any of that.
It's just amazing.
And by the way, zinc is an antiviral.
People need to know that.
So if I get arrested for saying it, fine.
I mean, at a certain point, this is ridiculous.
Planned Parenthood's still open, they're closing churches and arresting preachers everywhere.
You know, they came to arrest the head of Central Texas Gun Works, and he said, I don't care what your federal law says, I'm keeping it open, we are essential.
And the Attorney General sent a letter saying he was right, and now the U.S.
Attorney General did.
And that's called leadership, what?
Mr. Cargill did.
Like, I want him back in studio tomorrow.
That's... Maybe he should go on tonight.
I was recommended to Barnes the new show, American Countdown, but... You gotta stand for something or you fall for anything, man.
And, you know, if you want your Super Bowl II toothpaste, Super Silver's sold out.
If you want the DNA Force Plus, if you want the Turmeric Ultimate Turmeric Formula bodies, it's all so good for you.
And it really is shameful, and there's gotta be a cold place in hell.
They say in Dante's Inferno, the Ninth Circle is actually frozen.
It's an allegory.
That they tell you hydroxychloroquine won't help you, even though it's now been approved.
I don't sell hydroxychloroquine, but I mean, I covered the president and doctors saying it was great.
Fauci said it.
They banned me off Google last week.
Google apps saying Jones said hydroxychloroquine really helps.
The damn studies say that.
These people are so... I think they actually believe what they say.
I mean, how do you do stuff that evil and just sit there and misrepresent what people do and you want to get them potentially arrested or civilly attacked by government?
Because we go do our own research and then promote things that are sold in Walmart.
I mean, the stuff we private label is sold by American Biotech in hospitals and at Walmart.
They're not gonna go for Walmart, though.
They just don't want us up here talking about all this.
I'll tell you this, we do have storable food able to be ordered again.
All the big companies eight weeks ago were sold out.
Government institutions bought it up.
MyPatriot's the biggest in the country, the best, because people love them.
They've been around 12 years, became the biggest just in the last few years.
And they said if we get too many orders and are going to have problems shipping what we got, we got to stop.
They stopped two weeks for a limited time.
They're able to take new orders again.
And they even attacked that in this article.
Oh, they sell food for crazies that want it, you know.
Look, the left's wrong.
You're dependents.
You're into being slaves, not us.
I'm not the enemy.
Of people that serve evil like this, they're just followers and they're weak and they're sad.
And you know, I'm proud I said get storable food.
I'm proud that I tell people sunshine is good for you and boosts vitamin D. And these are all the things that doctors will tell you.
And now they're trying to pencil whip doctors and people to not tell folks get sunshine, drink a lot of purified water, take zinc.
Immediately if you're sick, go to the doctor, get Z-Pak.
That's what they do!
Bacteria carry the viruses into the damn lungs!
Out of the nasal passage, out of the throat!
Gargle with salt!
I personally talked to three or four medical doctors the last few weeks about this, in case it is as bad as they say.
They're all like, yeah, gargle with salt, gargle with, you know, hydrogen peroxide, gargle with your stuff.
You know, take your vitamin D, get sun, wash your hands, don't go around in big crowds.
And we're just here like good people!
And then they misrepresent that in America, and Pastor Rodney Howard Brown was arrested because his church isn't essential.
But the gay pride parades all over the U.S.
and all over the world are open.
Okay, you have your First Amendment.
Oh, don't touch that!
But your church is closed.
It's unbelievable.
Paul Joseph Watson's coming up, but I want to go to Rob, and I want to go to some of the folks in the holding.
Chris, I really appreciate you guys.
We had that guest come up.
I want to take all your calls.
We're coming up in the fourth hour, but they're coming after us.
Pray for us.
Let me tell you, I don't need you to thank me and tell me I've done a good job.
I've done nothing but my duty!
I discovered a bunch of bloodthirsty scum coming after innocent people and I've been fighting them for 13 years and I'll never stop while I'm drawing breath!
For 26 years, Alex Jones and Infowars have been sounding the alarm for patriots worldwide.
Waking people up to the new world order.
Bohemian Grove.
The American deep state, the rise of communist China, the plan for global depopulation, and global elite pedophiles who prey off of our young.
The enemy has done their best to destroy us, but because of your support, our fight continues.
Join us.
Support the Info War, and together, we will slay the dragon.
Keep fighting, Alex, you're the gladiator.
It is the listeners of the gladiators of the information war.
And I'll risk my life and everything.
Let's go ahead and talk to Rob in Louisiana.
You're on the air, Rob.
Hey Alex, thanks for taking my call.
Real quick, I sell medical equipment.
I do not sell prescription drugs.
There's a lot of small town doctors.
My phone is blowing up.
They do not want equipment.
They don't want ventilators.
They want nutraceuticals.
They want vitamin C packs.
They want Z packs, which I wasn't even selling until two weeks ago.
And it is being cut off.
You know what?
Guys, get his name and number, and the other fellow too, that called him up to cloning.
I want you to be a guest.
I did this yesterday with the trucker.
I want you to be a guest for a segment tomorrow.
Really talk about this, because Europe said huge recovery with massive loads of vitamin C. Linus Pauling won a Nobel Prize for that.
Okay, but it's cheap.
Z-Pak takes out the bacteria that carry the virus.
Hydrochloroquine now been approved.
I mean, what do you make of them?
Governors ordering doctors not to do this.
Well Alex, you know, I've talked to more RNs and I've talked to doctors just in their offices and they do not want equipment, they do not want ventilators, they want nutraceuticals.
And they are getting emails, I have gotten emails, my phone has been blowing up, I don't even sell this stuff and my phone is blowing up for what they can get but the FDA is withholding it.
They are with, uh, it used to be called quinine during the Vietnam era.
You know, each troop in Vietnam, every two weeks, you got a big quinine pill.
A big red pill to take.
And what is in, what is in, uh, tonic?
It was anti-malarial.
It's what kept the troops from getting, uh, malaria.
I know, that's, that's one reason they banned us off Google is that I just, I'm not selling tonic.
It's, it's all these medical articles about it.
Yep, and it costs 50 cents a pill now for the old quinine and these doctor's offices and I'm mostly I do not speak the large auctioneers or two lanes the big gigantic hospitals.
They're going to get what they want, but the smaller towns with 10 to 5,000 people and less, they're not going to get it.
They've already been told you're not going to get it.
I've seen that and again
The way they do it is they go, Jones says Trump says he's got a cure.
We don't say that.
We go, oh, look at this medical info.
In Europe, very promising.
Look what this doctor is saying here in the U.S.
And then they just say, you know, you need to be arrested.
Why do you think they don't want people to be healthy and to know that these viruses basically don't have a chance in almost everybody if you have high levels of zinc?
Well, with vitamin C, vitamin B, vitamin D, and zinc, and quinine, it doesn't cost anything.
All four of those, once a week, would cost you about four bucks.
Exactly, and you're saying the doctors... But listen, three weeks ago I went to the store because I wanted extra zinc, because our formulas are multivitamins, they've got good zinc in them, and I wanted to, you know, boost it, and it was all sold out!
Okay, Alex, I want to say one more thing.
I know you're pressed for time.
Uh, just for your listeners.
Um, I would go ahead... I use several of your products.
I've been about a three-year listener.
I use several of your products.
I would go ahead, because you're not going to be able to go to your doctor's office and get it if you live in these smaller towns.
I mean, you may... Hold on.
Paul's taking over in his time.
Finish up.
We're back in 60 seconds.
I'm going to get the name and number of all these callers, whoever wants me to, and I'm going to call you all.
And Harmon, you don't ask me tomorrow.
You just...
You just call these callers back so they get on because we have 20 phone lines and then I have a guest that I don't get to you, but I want to hear from you.
So we're going to go quickly to your calls in the first hour tomorrow, the people that are holding, I promise.
Unless there's some national, new national emergency, but we're going to go to your calls.
I got to finish up with Rob here and then Paul Watson set, always ready to take over in this hour.
I don't want to cut into his time, but normally I would cut into his time.
I'm going to have to put an emergency report out about this.
This is so big.
Soros is literally on record funding attorney generals and mayors and prosecutors.
He's put in over 400 of them just the last two years.
One of them is the attorney general in New York.
Soros is coming for us, folks, so pray for us.
That's all I can tell you, and I'll tell you later about it.
And it's okay.
I expect all this, okay?
I feel good, actually.
Actually, really healthy and strong and very close to God right now.
So I'm not a victim here.
I'm a warrior for truth in the fight.
But I just need you to spread the articles and the videos.
No matter what happens to us, I need you to continue on.
We must win.
We must continue this fight.
You understand?
But behind the scenes and up front, they're letting me know we're gonna get your ass.
Well, that's what has to happen.
It has to happen.
You'll have to deal with God.
Alright, Rob in Louisiana, go ahead and tell me, you're saying you normally sell medical equipment, and everywhere you go, for stations that just joined us, tell, recap what's happening, and then finish your story.
Okay, Alex, it's the small doctor's offices, the older doctor's offices, the older RNs, they know what people need.
It's not these big, gigantic, corporate hospitals.
Well yeah, they follow orders, and they get to put you on a ventilator, and all that, they make more money.
Well, I'm sure the governor and the health inspector or whoever has called these people and said, hey, don't, you know, don't do this.
But the smaller guys, they're like, hey, I need quinine.
I need vitamin C. I need vitamin D. I need these intravenous packs.
That the government sells, but this is my whole point, the FDA is within two weeks of taking control of that.
They're gonna disperse it out to who they want, not who asked for it.
Exactly, for those that don't know, I occasionally go and get an IV of vitamin C and other stuff that makes you feel so good, and I've been hearing from the doctor's office that it's already sold out and the stockpile is buying it all up.
For those that don't know, there's nothing like intervening us with these things, exactly.
And those are known treatments, but again, they don't want the public knowing about it.
A vitamin C intravenous pack will literally cost the doctor's office $6.
I can sell it for $10 and then they sell it to you for $20 or $30.
That's it.
But just to tell your listeners, Alex, while they can, because people in small towns
They are not going to be able to go and get these things from the doctor's office, from all these little med offices that are open for emergency places.
They're not going to be tested.
They're not going to get it.
They're not going to get it.
So whatever they need, I would order as a user of some of your products, I would just go ahead while it's there.
Because even ADL Labs, which you talk to more than I do,
Which I do talk to them.
They're going to run out soon.
Because the FDA is going to take it.
They're going to take everything.
And they are going to... Well, that's the thing.
Okay, this is off record, but it wasn't off record when they told me.
I just didn't want to get into the inside of baseball.
We want the topical stuff that these companies sell to hospitals.
And I should have always had that anyways, but the really high-powered stuff.
They say, sorry, the government and the stockpiles are buying anything that these companies can produce right now.
So you know what you're talking about.
Please continue.
So tell them real fast and Paul's taking over.
The RNs have told us, you mean, RNs know more than doctors do.
And the RNs... That's right, because they run the show, they gotta have the supplies, they gotta run the hospital.
The RNs have told me in these small, between one and maybe six doctors in these offices, they have said, we can't get this.
The FDA will not send this to us.
We can buy it.
And they will not send it to them.
They don't want people to get well.
And again, for folks that don't know, this stuff's always been for the doctors.
They've always been able to get this.
This is approved stuff.
That's what's crazy is take American biotech labs that we private label.
They're in the news acting like we just pulled this out of a rabbit hat somewhere.
And we're just making this stuff up.
It's crazy.
All right, God bless you, sir.
I really appreciate your call.
Absolutely, folks.
You know what I'm personally doing to boost my body's defenses is DNA Force Plus, Body's Ultimate Turmeric Formula.
And for topical, we're selling out these little one-ouncers.
We're getting more of the 16-ouncers in, hopefully soon, with the American Biotech Labs Nano-Shelver.
But that's for topical.
You can also gargle in your mouth.
They tried to keep the president from saying chloroquine was good because Europe said it was great, and vitamin C and everything, and zinc.
It's crazy.
And now they had to approve the hydroxychloroquine, which is just a drug form of what the anti-malaria drug's been for 300 years, the British discovered with the Dutch.
Speaking of the British, Paul Joseph Watson takes over.
His big story's linked up on DrugsReport.com.
Paul Joseph Watson, we appreciate you.
Please take over.
Thanks Alex.
Yeah I'm looking at a headline up on summit.news which went up about 45 minutes ago.
Spanish government being sued for encouraging mass gatherings right as coronavirus hit.
Now we already know about Nancy Pelosi going out on the streets of San Francisco
At the end of February, and in fact into March, encouraging people to attend the parade in Chinatown.
We know about public health officials in New York City, again as late as February, and into early March in the case of de Blasio, encouraging them to attend parades in Chinatown.
And in fact on March 2nd, and I just put out a video about this earlier by the way, which is going to play in the next segment, de Blasio as late as March 2nd, that's just over three weeks ago,
is saying go out on the town, go to shows, go to the cinema, go to sports games, go and congregate in large groups.
We know in Italy, in February, right as this virus began to spread and percolate throughout Italy,
Which, of course, has been completely devastated by it.
The left-wing mayor of Florence and all these big left-wing activist groups across the country encouraged people in northern Italy, where you have all these tens of thousands of Chinese migrants going back and forth between China and Italy, because they all work in the northern Italy textile industry, so they can use slave Chinese labour but still have it, say, made in Italy on the purse or the bag.
While that was taking place,
They were telling Italians to go out and hug and kiss Chinese people on the street.
How many more examples do we need to see of this?
Well, now we have another one, which I just learned about today.
And this is even worse.
And I'm going to obviously carry this over into the next segment.
But we had a story
Out of Italy, which the mainstream media made such a big deal out of, back on February 19th, there was a Champions League soccer game in Milan, northern Italy.
Again, this was before the lockdown, which was attended by 40,000 residents of Bergamo, which again now is the worst hit individual area in the entire world in terms of coronavirus.
40,000 fans attended this soccer game on February 19th.
The media described it as a biological bomb during which the virus was widely spread across northern Italy.
That was according to the mayor, Giorgio Gori.
So the media hyped up that story massively as one of the primary reasons why coronavirus spread so rapaciously around Italy.
This story they've completely ignored because it was the Spanish government directing its own citizens to go out on the streets and congregate in huge groups of tens of thousands and in fact in the case of Madrid probably over a hundred thousand people to attend
Feminist rallies.
This occurred on March 8th, days after they'd already banned people from going to soccer games, from going to basketball games.
So even nearly a week after they banned them from doing that, the Spanish government got up on television and social media and encouraged hundreds of thousands of Spaniards to get out on the street, congregate in huge groups to mark International Women's Day.
Once again, political correctness proves deadly.
Woke activism proves deadly.
I'm going to get into it on the other side, as well as the latest news with coronavirus, the latest news with celebrities whining about how they have to quarantine in their 10-bedroom mansions.
We'll get into that and more on the other side, breaking news at summit.news.
Now go away.
And we are live.
We're talking about the Spanish government and how they encouraged hundreds of thousands of people to get out on the streets as coronavirus hit just three weeks ago because of the all-important event of International Women's Day and bringing down the patriarchy.
Because surely that was worth the 8,000 plus coronavirus deaths that Spain now has, wasn't it?
Headline, Spanish government being sued for encouraging mass gatherings right as coronavirus hit.
The Spanish government is being sued for gross negligence after it encouraged citizens to attend giant feminist rallies across the country on March 8th, potentially exposing hundreds of thousands of people to coronavirus.
This is a class action lawsuit which accuses the Spanish government, highly ideological by any standard, this is Sorin Kern writing for Gatestone Institute, and their communist coalition partner, Podemos,
Of knowingly endangering public safety by encouraging the public to participate in more than 75 feminist marches across the entire country.
So you had the one in Madrid, which from the looks of the videos that I've seen of it, probably at least over 100,000 participants in that one rally alone in Madrid.
They had 75 of them stretching across the entire country to mark International Women's Day.
Even after they banned people attending sports games.
Again, political correctness kills.
It literally kills.
The rallies were attended by Spain's Deputy Prime Minister, as well as the Prime Minister's wife and mother.
Again, literally willing to sacrifice themselves for political correctness.
In Madrid alone, which has been devastated by the coronavirus outbreak, Reuters reported that thousands of women marched, not just women,
Against gender inequality, to mark International Women's Day, despite concerns the gatherings could help spread coronavirus.
That was on March 8th that Reuters reported that.
And in fact, during this March, one of the protesters even held a sign that said, uh, machismo kills more than coronavirus.
Fast forward three weeks, plot twist, more than 8,000 people are dead.
I think we know which one kills more.
And according to journalist Matthew Bennett,
In an apparent effort to downplay the danger of attending the rallies to the public, the Spanish government failed to report new coronavirus cases between March 6th and March 9th.
So he's accusing them of trying to take it off the radar in terms of new coronavirus cases to encourage people to get out on the streets even more.
Absolutely incredible.
By the way, these officials aren't going to face any criminal penalties.
They're just going to be barred from taking office
for a period of 9 to 15 years.
So they're not even going to be in that hot water, despite the fact that this almost certainly killed people.
Almost certainly.
You think hundreds of thousands of people, right as it's starting to hit its peak in Spain, or at least the beginning of the upswing in terms of coronavirus cases and deaths.
Hundreds of thousands of people not wearing masks in the vast majority of cases, breathing and coughing on each other in extreme close proximity.
What could possibly go wrong?
All in the name of woke political correctness.
It's not a cliché to say it actually kills.
Despite numerous warnings, and the government having already ordered major football and basketball matches to be held behind closed doors with no spectators, the Spanish government's main point man for the coronavirus, Fernando Simon, told the public there was no risk.
He even said, if my son asks me if he can go, I will tell him to do whatever he wants.
So they were pushing it to the extent where they said, we're so confident that you're going to be safe in crowds of hundreds of thousands of people, we will send our own children to the front lines.
That's how keen they were to get people to attend these marches for International Women's Day.
Which is kind of ironic because
It was partly a rally against domestic abuse.
Now they're saying because everyone's quarantined, domestic abuse is going to go through the roof as well.
Spain has now lost over 8,000 people to COVID-19.
That's probably 9,000 by this point.
That was last night's number.
The lawsuit involving more than 5,000 plaintiffs accuses Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez
The Socialist Government, by the way, and its representatives in Spain's 17 autonomous regions of prevarication, which is a Spanish legal term that means lying and deceiving.
The government was allegedly so determined to ensure that the feminist marches took place on March 8th that it deliberately downplayed warnings about the pandemic.
These should have been cancelled weeks and weeks before.
And again,
The media has harped on for the past two weeks about this Champions League soccer game in Milan, Italy, on February 19th.
Three weeks!
Nearly three weeks before the feminist marches in Spain, they said that should have been cancelled because 40,000 people turned up, Italians, and they called it a biological bomb which exposed the residents of Bergamo to coronavirus and that's why it got so bad in Italy.
That was three weeks before the Spanish
Feminist marches, the all-important International Women's Day marches.
Why is the media not talking about this?
Despite the fact that the Spanish government is now being sued by 5,000 plaintiffs.
Again, I read this in Gate Stone Institute.
No coverage in Western media outside of Spain.
Again, I'm going to play the video later, but it's absolutely incredible.
You had the mayor of Florence telling people to go out and hug Chinese people, and there's literally video of them removing masks from Chinese people.
We had 50,000 Chinese migrant workers working in Prato, next door to Florence, in the textile industry, flying back and forth between China and Italy, including, some people claim, directly to Wuhan.
Back to Northern Italy.
50,000 alone in that one area.
So the true number of Chinese migrants in Northern Italy was probably in the hundreds of thousands.
And these people were flying back and forth.
And the mayor of Florence was telling people to go out and hug them.
I mean, on the gravestone of Spain and France after this is all over, after it claims God knows how many tens of thousands of lives, you know, at least they'll be able to say, we weren't racist.
Because that's what it all comes back to.
That's what it all leads back to, right from the start.
Batsuit memes.
When it was only killing people in China, the media, and I put this in my video which we're going to play later on the show as well,
They were the ones saying it's just the flu, bros.
You talk about BuzzFeed, Washington Post, CNN, all came out with articles downplaying it, saying this is basically nothing compared to the flu.
And by the way, if you fear monger about it, if you spread misinformation by claiming it's a big deal, then you're racist, then you hate Chinese people.
And they stuck with that narrative, but then flipped it, and now the same people
Who are against these social distancing measures, like Bolsonaro in Brazil, are saying basically the same thing that the likes of Pelosi, officials in New York, officials in Spain and Italy said six weeks ago, but now Bolsonaro's getting his tweets deleted, people are being banned on Twitter.
Where are the people being banned on Twitter from Italy and Spain?
Don't go away, we'll be right back.
Nowhere to be seen.
And we are live talking about some kind of virus that's been going around the world the past couple of months.
I don't know if you've heard about it.
But what's interesting is to see how celebrities and social media influencers have reacted to this because, again, maybe for the first time ever in their lives, the vast majority of human attention is concentrated on one thing and that, therefore, it's not concentrated on them in any substantial way.
So, of course, we had a bunch of celebrities singing, Imagine, as if they couldn't make it any more cringe, any more worse.
And now we have celebrities starting to whine about being quarantined.
And in fact, I posted a meme on Twitter, retweeted a meme.
And it says, celebrities, guys, we're all in this together.
If I can stay home, so can you.
Their home.
And then it's a picture of like a 15 bedroom tropical mansion with a giant swimming pool, a rooftop garden, a helicopter, a giant barbecue area.
Yeah, most people aren't quarantined in those kind of facilities.
They're quarantined in little tiny flats.
And they can get out once a day for their state-mandated, state-allowed exercise, as I do.
And that's it.
But according to James Corden,
Who is British, but of course hosts a late night show in America.
He spoke of anxiety and sadness over coronavirus.
This is out of BBC News.
James Corden, host of The Late Late Show, says he's been struggling with incredible spikes of anxiety and sadness during the COVID-19 outbreak.
I found it tougher than I ever thought I would, he said, during a special edition of his Late Late Show.
He feels so out of control.
It feels so beyond our comprehension, all of it.
And I find I get sort of overwhelmed with sadness in it all.
He broadcast live from his garage in LA.
So he's broadcasting to millions of people from his garage in LA while whining about being anxious and sad.
So I looked up his house in LA.
Headline out of Hello Magazine.
Inside James Corden's 7.5 million mansion, that's in pounds so it's 10 million dollars, as he brings the Late Late Show to the UK.
This is where James Corden is being all anxious and sad and boo-hoo about being quarantined.
7.5 million pound mansion, again that's 10 million dollars, in the star-studded neighborhood of Los Angeles, three young children,
It has five bedrooms, eight bathrooms, spans 8,609 square feet.
And again, this is in LA.
It is located on a sprawling 20,000 square foot estate, complete with rolling lawns, a swimming pool and spa, a fire pit, a barbecue area, ideal for hosting James' celebrity friends.
And then there's a series of pictures.
Not too shabby!
Not too shabby.
There's a TV room, little cinema room, pool table,
I'm guessing in comparison to other people, James Corden is not doing too badly.
In fact, I would bet a lot of people would be absolutely delighted to be quarantined in his home for a month.
It would be a luxury holiday.
So he's literally whining about being anxious.
Again, a multi-millionaire celebrity for being cooped up in that tiny 8,000 square feet home.
With a giant garden, with a giant swimming pool, yeah.
James, most people don't have access to that.
They're cooped up in tiny little flats with two rooms in them, in many cases, in New York and London.
So again, yet another opportunity to make the coronavirus about himself.
We've seen it with celebrities who have found coronavirus tests quite easy to come by in comparison to health professionals who, in many cases, have found them hard to come by.
They've paid for them.
And they've got out ahead of the story in a way and said yes I've tested positive for coronavirus and splashed it all over social media again making it all about them.
You have other people like Kathy Griffin and Greta Thunberg who didn't even take the test as far as I know from what I last read but claimed they had coronavirus anyway because again they were so perturbed about not being at the top of the headlines for five frigging minutes.
Now CNN's Chris Cuomo has it as well.
But yes, James Corden, anxious and sad about being quarantined in his luxury L.A.
mansion with a giant garden and swimming pool, the world's smallest violin, plays.
Meanwhile, people living in not-so-much luxury try to have a birthday party.
Cops face off with rowdy crowd.
This is InformationLiberation.com.
Cops face off with rowdy crowd after breaking up birthday party in L.A.
to enforce COVID-19 lockdown.
And again, this is another illustration of how some of our more diverse communities are reacting to the enforced quarantine.
Authorities in Los Angeles are having a wee bit of trouble enforcing Mayor Eric Garcetti's new coronavirus lockdown and social distancing mandates.
Unseen TV reports a birthday party for a little girl was dispersed by police amid the state's stay-at-home order enacted to battle the COVID-19 pandemic.
Officers responded to reports of a gathering, including involving 30 to 40 people at home,
In the Hyde Park area, and as you can see from the video embedded in this article, the partygoers were not too pleased about their little celebration getting interrupted by the quarantine police.
And I believe we'll see much more of that if this quarantine drags on for more weekends.
In the UK, they're saying it could last as much as six months.
In America, of course, we've heard similar things.
We're going to see a lot more of this.
And also, we're going to see a lot more of it not being enforced by the quarantine police.
Here's an article from Summit News.
Yes, diversity proving to be a strength once again.
A top government official in France has admitted that draconian lockdown measures being imposed on the rest of the population shouldn't be implemented in the country's migrant-heavy ghettos in order to prevent riots.
In fact, we've already had several stories with videos out of migrant areas of France, where the migrants completely ignore the lockdown, the social distancing, because again, whenever a police car or a fire truck or an ambulance turns up in these migrant areas, they like to crowd around and if not attack it, intimidate the people inside it.
So good luck enforcing measures against them.
In regards to social distancing and staying indoors.
In fact, remember the video out of Naples, Italy, where the people in the apartments from above were shouting down at the migrants to get inside, who were completely ignoring them and continuing to roam around the streets.
In a letter leaked to magazine Le Cunard and Chan, French Secretary of State to the Minister of the Interior, Laurent Nunes, advises, it's not a priority to enforce closings in certain neighborhoods and to stop gatherings.
In a separate video conference call, Nunes told other officials that restricting movement and shutting down shops in France's infamous banlieues risks igniting violent social disorder if enforced too rigorously.
So basically they're saying all those measures that French citizens are subjected to in the rest of the country, where they have to sign, fill in a form to leave the house because they get stopped at police checkpoints and roadblocks saying, why have you left the house?
What is your reason?
That will not be enforced against France's ever so diverse and lovely migrant population once again.
Meanwhile in Sweden, another nirvana of diversity and tolerance.
Like watching a horror movie, Sweden's liberal approach to coronavirus under fire.
Now, Sweden, in comparison to other European countries, hasn't legally enforced any quarantine or social distancing measures.
They've told their population to abide by social distancing, but it has no legal force.
They're not going to get fined.
And in fact, gatherings up to 50 people are still allowed.
Bars are open.
Nightclubs are open.
Cinemas are open.
Borders are open, obviously.
It's Sweden.
Schools remain open.
More people are working from home, but life is pretty much going on as normal.
So they're taking a very different approach.
People in neighboring countries in Scandinavia have said in one case, in terms of a Danish journalist, that it was, quote, a bit like watching a horror movie.
And indeed, if you do look at Sweden's coronavirus cases, 146 people have died so far, which is more fatalities than Denmark, Norway and Finland combined.
So it's too early to tell yet, but it seems as though Sweden refusing to enforce quarantine and social distancing measures because of their liberal outlook is proving fatal once again.
Don't go away, we'll be right back.
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Here it is.
You should not be meeting friends.
If your friends ask you to meet, you should say no.
If your friends ask you to meet, you should say no.
According to a drop in business in late February, Nancy Pelosi encouraged the people of San Francisco to gather in large crowds in Chinatown.
She has been going around to show that it is perfectly safe to be here.
It's exciting to be here, especially at this time, to be able to be unified with our community.
We do want to say to people,
Come to Chinatown.
Here we are.
Come join us.
So having tacitly denied the severity of coronavirus by urging people to congregate in huge groups as recently as a month ago, Pelosi then had the nerve to blame Trump's early denial for the spread of COVID-19.
The president
His denial at the beginning was deadly.
You must stay at home.
Come join us.
We should be taking every precaution.
Come join us.
That's not social distancing!
On February 9th, New York City Health Commissioner Osiris Barbot posted a tweet urging citizens to flock to Chinatown in large numbers to celebrate the Lunar New Year, while suggesting that advice to avoid crowds was misinformation.
She urged people
There is no reason not to take the subway, not to take the bus, not to go out to your favorite restaurant, and certainly not to miss the parade next Sunday.
That's not social distancing!
On the same day, Mark D. Levine, chair of New York City Council Health Committee, lauded how huge crowds gathering in New York City's Chinatown was a powerful show of defiance of the coronavirus scare, tweeting four images of large groups of people gathered to celebrate the occasion.
Most of the attendees were Chinese and some of them had almost certainly recently returned from China.
That's not social distancing!
Now New York is the hardest hit state in the entire country and accounts for over 66,000 corona infections.
On March 2nd, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio
urged New Yorkers to get out on the town despite coronavirus.
He told them to go to cinemas where they'd be in close proximity to hundreds of other people and even recommended a specific film.
That's not social distancing!
As late as March 3rd, London Mayor Sadiq Khan said it was misinformation to suggest large crowds shouldn't be gathering at concerts or on public transport and that they faced no risk.
If people are coughing and sneezing on a crowded tube carriage, that is going to put you at risk.
You know, people might be saying now, as the mayor of the city, should we still be getting on public transport and using the tubes?
Well, it's very important that we don't spread panic or alarm based on misinformation.
What we need to do as politicians is to rely upon the best advice we have from the public health experts and from the chief medical officer.
There is no risk in using the tube or buses or other forms of public transport or going to a concert.
On March 10th, he said there were, quote, no specific concerns about using public transport.
Just over two weeks later, after London became the epicentre of the virus outbreak in the UK,
Sadiq Khan changed his tune.
He pleaded with people to stay at home and revealed that nearly a third of Transport for London staff are now off sick or self-isolating themselves.
Guess the cleaning didn't work.
And despite all of this, many rush hour trains are still packed.
Because Khan made the galaxy brain decision to take half of them out of service.
Social distancing, UK style!
That's not social distancing!
Meanwhile, dog walkers in the Peak District, with no one around them for half a mile, are getting drone surveilled and publicly shamed by police.
Meanwhile, flights from New York continue to land in London, with passengers undergoing no checks whatsoever.
That's not social distancing.
And let's not forget,
Now the left-wing mayor of Florence and leftist political activist groups encouraged Italians to hug Chinese people on the street.
That was last month.
Now Italy has the most coronavirus deaths in the entire world.
Tens of thousands of Chinese migrant textile workers, many of them illegal, are employed in the town of Prato near Florence and across Lombardy, the epicentre of the pandemic.
Many of these Chinese migrants travelled back and forth between Italy and China during the peak of the coronavirus outbreak.
And Italians were urged to go out and have physical contact with them to prove they weren't racist.
According to top Italian virologist Dr. Giorgio Pallu, Italy's left-wing government refused to isolate people coming in from China.
Because it was seen as, quote, racist.
That's not social distancing.
In Spain, the left-wing government encouraged citizens to participate in 75 feminist marches across the country.
This was on March the 8th, just three weeks ago.
The rallies were attended by Spain's Deputy Prime Minister, as well as the Prime Minister's wife and mother.
Apparently, in an effort to downplay the danger to the public of attending the rallies, the Spanish government failed to report new coronavirus cases between March 6th and March 9th.
Despite numerous warnings, the Spanish government's main point man for coronavirus, Fernando Simon, told the public there was no risk.
Spain has now lost over 8,000 people to COVID-19.
And the Spanish government is being sued over its support for these rallies which potentially exposed hundreds of thousands of people to coronavirus.
All in the name of taking down the patriarchy.
That's not social distancing!
So all these Western leaders actually urged against social distancing for weeks as the virus spread around the globe because they saw it as more important to prevent racism.
They were even allowed to urge against social distancing via social media.
Were any of them banned?
Did any of them have their posts deleted by social media giants?
Did any of them apologise?
Yet the President of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, had his tweet censored for encouraging precisely the same thing our leaders encouraged for weeks on end.
Meanwhile, Twitter allows literal Chinese Communist Party propaganda in the claim that the U.S.
was responsible for the COVID outbreak, while Laura Ingraham gets suspended for tweeting about an FDA-approved drug that numerous studies say cures coronavirus.
Throughout January and February, the mainstream media repeatedly claimed
It's just the flu bro didn't question the numbers coming out of China and were more preoccupied with labelling people racists for making batsuit memes.
Were any of them banned?
Did any of them have their posts deleted by social media giants?
Did any of them apologise?
Meanwhile in the UK, this woman went shopping encased in a giant plastic ball.
Extreme measures of self-isolation.
No, it's alright.
You're coming towards me.
That's not social distancing.
That's zorbing.
Brighton's Gay Pride Parade, attended by thousands of people who will crowd narrow streets, is set to go ahead.
That's not social distancing.
God is great.
He has sent the coronavirus.
That's not social distancing.
Hundreds of Egyptian men marching in the streets shouting,
to protest against coronavirus.
That's not social distancing.
Meanwhile, in sensitive migrant-heavy areas of European cities, social distancing will not be enforced by police because that could also be seen as racist.
A top government official in France said that lockdowns shouldn't be imposed and shops should remain open in these areas in order to prevent riots.
That's definitely not social distancing!
A lot of listeners and viewers are confused by what I've been saying.
So that's my fault.
They say, Alex, you said this virus is really deadly, man-made, and it was a serious issue eight weeks ago.
Now you're saying it's overhyped and is a psychological warfare weapon, and that everything's okay.
Which is it?
That's not what I'm saying.
This is a complex, fast-moving issue, and it's my fault that I get caught in the weeds and go into a little minutia.
Let me just be very simple.
And boil it down as succinctly as possible.
From our best research, this is man-made.
And it was released to distract from the fact that Xi Jinping and the Chai Kongs were getting kicked out of Taiwan and had their own big protest on the mainland.
Then it came to Europe and the United States and it does kill a lot of sick and old people and that's a big problem.
And we know that it mutates and we know that it reinfects.
We know there's a lot of issues to be concerned about.
But as we discovered more, we found out the Chai Koms had over exaggerated the number of deaths to create fear and work with Western media that was pro-Xi Jinping and pro-Chai Koms, but anti-Trump, anti-America, and that indeed it was an economic warfare weapon.
That was its main thrust.
Doesn't mean the weapon doesn't kill people.
But if you're going to release a bioweapon, a lot of times you want to release one that's weak so that you know what it's going to do and doesn't blow back on you too hard.
It's more of a simulant to scare people.
So we now know what's going on.
But when it comes to Democrats locking down states and cities and
Having their own corporate governmental strike against America to shut down the economy.
And with them now saying they're going to hold the states hostage, even when Trump tries to turn the economy back on, and even when Trump sends the stock market back up, you know this is a bureaucratic, corporate, governmental civil war, and it's the next chapter in them trying to remove our populist president.
And it tells me that with the fake Russiagate and the fake Ukrainegate, and now this,
If they fail taking him out with this, they're only going to escalate even more.
And so my prognosis into the future is very bad if Trump and the Pentagon and the Justice Department don't get reformed and start taking out these globalists who are working for the shy comms and foreign powers.
They're not American citizens.
They're trying to create a collapse.
They're bragging they want a depression and the dereliction of duty by President Trump.
I'm just going to say it.
He's done a great job.
I love Trump.
He's been their total attack.
But he can't get control of the Justice Department.
And so we've all done a terrible job there.
And it is what it is.
It's going to get a lot worse.
You can see the escalation, how they just keep doubling down exponentially each time.
And so a lot of people are feeling really good.
Oh, yeah, the virus probably isn't that bad, Alex.
You know, we believe you.
That's not even the issue.
The issue is
They're talking about cancelling the election.
The issue is the left's trying to foment riots.
The issue is the martial law and the capitalist society being announced and all of this insane crap and known treatments that doctors try to give patients being blocked by Democrat governors.
It's insane to confirm how crazy and criminal these people are and how they do work for the globalists and are out to get the country.
We've always known that.
But now, it's incredibly obvious.
So in future reports, I'm going to lay out why I'm so concerned, but namely,
Governments and others are hoarding food, because I've talked to the supply chain experts, it's running out.
And when people all stay home, that's what happens.
It could trigger a permanent depression.
And so the next toilet paper is food.
And this you got to have to live.
We're covering it all live at Band.Video and fullwords.com forward slash show.
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