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Name: 20200327_Fri_Alex
Air Date: March 27, 2020
2595 lines.

In this recording of Alex Jones's show, he discusses his views on the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, accusing Democrats and "Deep Staters" of celebrating the outbreak to hurt Trump's re-election chances. He criticizes mandatory quarantine measures, vaccines, and mail-in ballots, arguing that these are tools used by globalists for their own agendas. Jones also promotes various products on his show, including InfoWars food products and other items, while urging viewers to support the website during challenging times.

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From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
Defending the Republic from enemies foreign and domestic, it's Alex Jones.
The date is March 27th.
The year is 2020.
On this Friday Global Transmission, we are 220 days out from the election.
And I can say authoritatively that this is the most informative, well-researched broadcast in the world, and it is the most listened to by people in industry, the general public, and experts in governments everywhere who want to know exactly what's happening.
It's just a fact, and it's a great responsibility, and I am honored to be here and to be your host and for this to be the people's independent media fighting against this post-human
Globalist operation.
These are the times that try men's souls.
Absolutely, most critical transmission ever coming up, but I want to air this little compilation that Rob Dewey did a great job putting together of just some of the Democrats and deep staters celebrating the coronavirus and the collapse of the economy, hoping for it and now celebrating it.
And then there's new announcements by GQ calling America a crap hole country and hoping it all falls apart.
Here's the report.
Mr. President, you tweeted earlier linking the closing of the country to your election success in November.
Is this Easter timeline based on your political interests?
What do you mean by my election success?
You tweeted, you said that the media wants the country to remain closed to hurt your odds of being re-elected.
I think the media, yeah.
Just so you understand, are you ready?
I think there are certain people that would like it not to open so quickly.
I think there are certain people that would like it to do financially poorly because they think that would be very good as far as defeating me at the polls.
Because I think one way you get rid of Trump is a crashing economy, so please bring on the recession.
One woman said, I want a recession because that'll help get rid of Donald Trump.
I call this another Trump slump.
The threat of recession is real.
We would see the global economy entering recession in three quarters.
Perfect timing, I say.
I mean, I've been rooting for a recession.
If the global economy, including the United States, is taking a step toward recession, what does that mean for this presidency?
It's political suicide.
These numbers are irrefutable.
There are people in your profession that would like that to happen.
I think it's very clear that there are people in your profession that write fake news.
You do.
She does.
There are people in your profession that write fake news.
They would love to see me for whatever reason because we've done one hell of a job.
Nobody's done the job that we've done.
The president went on Fox News and lied to millions of people about the coronavirus outbreak as his administration bungles its response to the crisis.
For more on this, it's time for A Closer Look.
With the world on edge, people are looking to their leaders for reassurance and answers.
Unfortunately, we have him.
It's a serious thing that needs to be dealt with seriously.
And right now, the federal government is failing.
Stop lying.
When in the middle of a severe public health emergency, the president just lies about it over and over and over again.
Trump keeps lying to people about the potential threat posed by the spread of the coronavirus.
This may be Donald Trump's Katrina.
Donald Trump is not in charge here.
The governors are in charge.
This is an event that could take down a president.
And it's lucky that you have this group here right now for this problem, or you wouldn't even have a country left, okay?
How dare you!
That man is failing right now.
This may be Donald Trump's Katrina.
Yeah, you kind of have to interpret it because it's my role in that.
Let's just lean into that.
How many deaths are acceptable?
How many?
But as far as the winning economy that the president needs from now until November, do you really see that changing?
If the stock market were to tumble this year, if we don't get near the 3% GDP growth that this administration's been talking about for years, these are all things that Dems can run on, and they pose a problem.
A recession is a survivable event.
What Trump is doing to this country is not.
Fear is freedom!
Subjugation is liberation!
Contradiction is truth!
Those are the facts of this world!
And you will all surrender to them!
You pigs in human clothing!
This is CNN.
That translates to, hope you enjoy your depression!
Go ahead.
No, no, I probably best I don't.
Ha ha!
Stay with us.
We are told it is the greatest threat ever to face humanity.
That when this virus has run its course, we will never be the same.
We will no longer shake hands.
We will now be the Bubble People.
But of course, all the in-depth studies show that folks that aren't exposed to a lot of viruses and bacteria are weaklings.
And that vaccines may actually give you a resistance sometimes against the pathogen, against the virus or bacteria that it helps your body learn immunity to, but that it always lowers the overall immunity.
It's all about forced inoculation.
It's all about medical tyranny surveillance.
It's all about six months in jail if you don't properly social distance.
That's what the Chicago mayor is saying.
And Singapore passed a law.
Stories up on newswars.com.
Don't stay six feet apart six months in prison and the Austin police go down on the Greenbelt with the Barton Creek full of water, more than 30 miles of it, and they tell people to stop swimming!
Don't be outside!
As the hysteria
Expands and now they're saying the United States is the global epicenter.
While the whole country is covered in red the way the model works.
Less people died worldwide from the coronavirus this year than died of the flu last year.
35,000 have died.
21,000 have died from the coronavirus, supposedly.
35,000 in the U.S.
80,000 died, according to the CDC, in 2018 from the flu.
The worst flu in years, despite record inoculation.
The worst flu in more than 40 years.
So there's no doubt that the hysteria spigot has been turned on high like a fire hose.
And the big news is there is a major showdown is now official.
Democrat cities, Democrat counties, Democrat states are going to hold hostage, along with Democrat and globalist controlled corporations and companies and infrastructure, the economy, at least through the election.
And they've got a plan being adopted for mail-in ballots that'll be filled out in the names of lots of dead people.
That will magically defeat Donald Trump.
And so Russiagate didn't work, Ukrainegate didn't work.
They release a virus they know the trajectory of, they know what it's going to do.
It does kill people, it is a threat.
But then the hysteria and the stampede off the cliff is the real threat.
And President Trump is absolutely right.
That the cure is worse than the disease, and that if we have a depression, you want to see death from people having malnutrition.
It'll just be called the flu.
It'll be called an illness.
It'll be called tuberculosis.
But that's how you get run down, like in the 1930s, 7 million people starving to death.
If it happens today, we'll never recover from it.
And this is 21st century war.
How many thousands of people dead in the United States?
How many deaths?
You've got China at 8,000, Spain at 4,000, Italy at 3,000, Iran 2,000.
Let's hit refresh on that, guys.
But we're told
That we absolutely need to give up control of our entire culture and our entire society for a little more than a thousand deaths.
And let's say it hits 80,000.
Did we shut the U.S.
down for 80,000 dead?
It's the way it works.
It's how the planet operates.
Infectious disease until about 1900 was the main cause of death.
But when we got sanitation, laundry detergent, and indoor running water and sewer, when the nation's streets were no longer the sewer line, when the feces is no longer dumped out into the front of your house, we put screens on our doors so the mosquitoes wouldn't bite us.
You can look at the graphs.
Infectious disease goes down over 95%.
Then vaccines come in in the 40s, and actual infectious disease goes back up.
It goes down 90 plus percent, goes back up about 20%.
The same graph in England, Germany, France, Australia, Canada, U.S.
The graphs are famous.
Infectious disease goes down, down, down to the 40s.
And then it goes up, up, up with the vaccines that actually lower our immunity.
And they know exactly what they are doing.
Let me, before I really dig into what the President needs to do, what we the people need to do, and what we're really facing next segment, just give you some of the headlines here.
Texas orders 14-day quarantine for New York, New Jersey and Connecticut and New Orleans travelers saying do not come in to Texas.
That is all the main epicenters.
And that makes sense if you're going to have a quarantine to isolate the places that actually have the major outbreaks.
Also, I want to do an article on this because it's hiding in plain view.
It happened.
The Democrats didn't want us to stop Chinese from flying here when everybody else had banned them a few months ago.
And it's also the Chinese that came here under government orders and bought up all the M-95 masks and the medicine and that stopped shipments of medicine that would already been paid for to the United States, Australia and other countries and actually stole it.
But then the left celebrates, GQ has a story out, GQ writer, saying America's a crap hole because we're the epicenter and it's our fault and we're bad.
So China that progenerated this is the good guy, Xi Jinping is the good guy, we're the bad guys.
The America hating, as a matter of course, as a matter of the very fabric of these people, is just incredible.
And Trump is not up there saying, it's the Democrats' demand that we keep the borders open, and we're not trying to block the Chinese coming in.
He should be bringing that up more.
He should be bringing up all of this, because these people are out of control.
And yes, it's a Chinese virus.
You always say where something came from, like Rocky Mountain tick fever, or the Spanish flu, it first came out of there.
Or any of these diseases, they almost always have the name of where they originated from.
And the idea that, oh forget China, make it Trump's fault so every debt that happens is his fault, that's the narrative.
And they had that scripted eight weeks ago, we let it all out and it happened.
And the fact that they're now gonna hold the country hostage
And have admitted they are, and are not going to open it back up for business.
They're saying at least for the election, maybe 18 months.
It's incredible.
And just to see that more Americans aren't supporting the president, the majority are in polls.
We know it's skewed, so it's even higher numbers than 55-65% depending on the poll.
But still, there's a large portion of this country, a large minority,
They could be old, they could be young, they could be black, they could be white, who really have taken on the ethos of hating this country.
They've really taken on the worldview of authoritarianism, and they think it's cute.
They get off on complying with things that don't even empower them.
They're not part of the power structure, but by acquiescing to it, and then by hen-pecking others, and by tattling on others, if they're coughing or if they're not social distancing, here in the United States, in places like Chicago and Austin,
In places like London.
Yeah, I've got the articles right here when we come back.
Paul Watson's joining us at the bottom of the hour.
They are openly calling the police on people throwing footballs or playing tennis or swimming in a creek.
Even if it's just three or four people and the police are coming and arresting them, even though the law doesn't even say that because everyone wants to virtue signal how compliant they are to the system.
That's not what built this country, folks.
All right, let me just state the facts so that everybody understands where we're really at.
On New Year's Eve, starting this year, ending 2019, every TV channel, every news program, from Fox News to CNN to local CBS, ran tickers
Alex Jones lost a lawsuit for attacking Sandy Hook children.
None of that was even true.
And they do that on a routine basis on every channel, including cruise ships in South Africa.
That's on the little handout at your door every morning.
On the front, Alex Jones attacked people's children.
Why do they do that?
Because the order from the shadow government went out, programmed in to the Mockingbird system, there were congressional hearings about this in the 70s, Operation Mockingbird, to make me a villain.
Now, why are they doing that?
Because when the Council on Foreign Relations, and the Atlantic Council, and all of these other globalist organizations tune into this show,
They know I know about the Organization of Economic Cooperative Development as the main root corporation of the whole world government.
They know I know about the Ex-Im Bank.
They know that I really have done the research and I know what their endgame plan is and it freaks them out.
Because most of their minions only have part of it, even high-level globalists.
And so we're decompartmentalizing it ahead of those phases that are supposed to be rolled out later after they stage new big trigger events like what you're seeing with COVID-19, the QICOM globalist virus.
So you have to understand this broadcast with the guest and the calls and myself and the crew is the zeitgeist.
It's like a The Running Man when they take over the TV station and air the tape showing that it's all fake television and the government's villainous and run by criminals and it's game over.
But it's not that simple.
The globalists tune in and they go, if people ever pay attention to this, if they ever look into this, it's over for us.
Now, before they can put me in prison or kill me, they've got to kill my name as a populist, nationalist, Christian patriot, and destroy that name before they kill me.
But they do intend to kill me.
That's okay.
I'm not worried about me.
I'm worried about the true anti-human evil that seeks to literally sterilize every man-child on the planet.
By law.
That's their admitted Tavistock Institute plan to quote, end all war, you end the male.
That's why you see that in the movies.
You see the feminist groups saying we should abort male babies.
We should outlaw male fetuses.
This is put out now by mainline groups.
You're like, well, that sounds horrific.
It is horrific.
They are eugenicist.
It's not about empowering women.
Once men are removed,
Females are the main target, actually, of their system, and it's the end of humanity.
And so you have to come to grips with what a diabolical world government system this is, and why would Wire Magazine say, and why would CFR members say, and why would high-level CIA operatives say in the news, he is the man who you may not say his name.
It's what I'm saying that they don't want to be known.
And people say, well that's ridiculous.
If you say, don't say somebody's name, that'll backfire.
If you look at the conformity of the ivory towers, the conformity of the universities, the conformity of the left, and how they revel in conformity, and how they believe they're collectivist on some good mission.
They're such useful idiots.
That in their own world and system, they have submission to the tyranny.
And they have submission to the lie.
They're delusional.
They're becoming dumber.
They're dying.
They're becoming bankrupt.
They're not having children.
They're dead.
They're depressed.
They're statistically destroyed.
All the metrics show, but still they delusionally believe in the great quest that if they can pull down America, and pull down Christ, and if they can rearrange the family,
That somehow their university degree, as a liberal, as a leftist, will put them in a position of power in this new utopian vision that they're all going to run someday.
But first...
They've got to make you submit to the model that they have for you, which is an anti-human model.
And you ask, why do they keep trying that?
Because if you are following the real human model encoded in you by God, you will be successful, you will be empowered, you will have a relationship with God and the universe God created, you will interface with it, you will have discernment, you will be fulfilled, you won't need them.
The fallen wish to take you with them, period.
Misery loves company.
And so it's good to be humble.
I'm an extremely humble person.
We don't do this for temporal power.
We do this to empower humanity for the future and not let innocence
And the seed of the universe that is our children be destroyed by these openly wicked people that have now admitted their plan is a post-human system.
And they believe they're saving the earth by exterminating us and that they will then merge with machines and become gods.
That cosmology that I exposed 26 years ago was in their own white papers.
Now it's externalized.
And as David Icke said yesterday, these anti-human operatives
Non-human force, whatever it is behind it, we know it's there, we see its actions, has gone from hiding their plan to emerging.
They're now selling their plan.
And when you don't work, when you don't build, when you don't strive, you become lackadaisical, unhappy, corrupt, decadent, twisted, but more importantly, domesticated and obsolete and ready for the fire.
That's why they're building this world where humans aren't needed.
That's why.
It's not progress.
It is destruction.
They didn't put the Native Americans on the reservations to empower them.
They put them there to exterminate them slowly.
So this isn't progress, this is an overwrite.
This is a post-human world, and President Trump understands that.
And we're not going along with their post-human world, so they're forcing it with this virus.
Here's the President.
We have to get back to work.
Our people want to work.
They want to go back.
They have to go back.
We're going to be talking about dates.
We're going to be talking with a lot of great professionals.
But this is a country that was built on getting it done.
And our people want to go back to work.
I'm hearing it loud and clear.
But, oh, but we're all scared.
Everyone's going to die.
There'll be deaths if he doesn't shut it down.
Yeah, there'll be deaths from flu like 80,000 in 2018 and 35,000 last year.
But now a thousand deaths and we're on our knees shaking in fear.
At least some people are with paramilitary drones flying around telling us stay in our homes.
Bang your head my friends.
A lot of people are in a trance.
Wake the dead.
A lot of people think tyranny is going to keep them safe.
They must not have studied history too much.
I think this is an apt thing to read here as we're about to introduce Paul Joseph Watson.
Thomas Paine wrote this in The Crisis on the eve of the Revolutionary War in 1775.
These are the times.
That try men's souls, the summer soldier and the sunshine patriot, will in this crisis shrink from the service of their country.
But he that stands by it now deserves the love and thanks of man and woman.
Tyranny like hell is not easily conquered.
Yet we have the consolation with us that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph.
What we obtained too cheap, we esteem too lightly.
It is dearness only that gives everything its value.
Heaven knows how to put a proper price upon its goods.
And it would be strange indeed if so celestial as an article of freedom should not be highly rated.
Paul Joseph Watson is in the UK where the Prime Minister has contracted the dreaded Woonan Chai Com.
This is not a holiday!
You are a naval subject of the imperial globalist system!
Get back into your home now and starve to death, you scallywag!
There's a tax on sunlight.
This was shot in England just yesterday.
Paul Joseph Watson read an article about it at summit.news and infowars.com.
Here it is.
Guys, you can't stay on the green.
Can you all go home?
Can you all go home, please?
It's not a holiday.
It's a lockdown, which means you don't just come in somebody.
Can you please just leave?
Rebel scum!
The government has a lockdown in force.
Could you please get off the green?
Go home!
This is North Korea gone big time.
Unless you think that's...
Just the mighty Oceania airstrip one.
It's the same thing in Austin.
They're going up the creeks and going, get out of there!
Well, not the British accent.
You foolish scum!
You knave!
They're doing it in Chicago.
They're doing it in Austin, Texas.
And the governor and the mayor, they're all saying they may just have to close the parks entirely.
Singapore to jail people for six months for standing too close.
That's a Paul Joseph Watson article.
And then UK police.
Force creates tool that lets people snitch on others for not social distancing.
I see them officers!
They're in the park!
One of them's walking the dog!
Ma'am, we'll get one of us right now, thank you!
They're not behaving though, we can roll some B-roll of what happened here in Austin.
The evil women are out sunbathing, people are riding mopeds.
But guess who's exempt?
The illegal aliens and the...
Let's go to Paul Joseph Watson from the UK.
So much to cover.
Boris Johnson's sticking.
But I noticed Cambridge had a big study out.
And they were saying that they predicted 50% of the UK already has the virus and that its death rate is pretty low.
Paul, what do you think?
Well yeah, good to be back Alex.
The original epidemiologist who was advising the British government said that it would kill, worst case scenario, 500,000 Brits.
Now he's saying it may kill 20,000, probably less.
But of course, as he mentioned, now the Prime Minister becomes the first world leader in the entire globe to have coronavirus.
Probably something to do with it might have been the fact that he was shaking the hands of coronavirus victims in hospital three weeks ago.
Probably not the best idea.
But in the UK, Alex, like you have Trump derangement syndrome, we have Boris derangement syndrome.
So we had this big thing last night, Alex, where at 8pm across the entire country, everyone came out on their balconies
Everybody stuck their head out of the window while in quarantine at 8pm in a unified manner to unify the country and mass applauded government healthcare.
This is a big story in the news.
Everybody came out and cheered and whooped and hollered for government healthcare at 8pm and it was heralded as this moment of national unity because everybody applauded it.
So then this morning,
It turns out that the Prime Minister, the leader of the country in trying to fight coronavirus, has coronavirus.
And this national unity soon disappeared, Alex, because of course the leftists were all over Twitter saying, thank God, it's so funny that he's got coronavirus, we love it.
So that national unity that started with the NHS applauding dissipated very quickly.
Now the chief medical officer of the government's response to coronavirus probably has coronavirus and the health secretary has coronavirus so basically the top three people in the UK on the front lines of fighting the coronavirus are leading the fight against it now all have coronavirus so there's some irony in that Alex.
Paul, I have the article right here.
It's at a reason.com.
Half the United Kingdom already infected with coronavirus says Oxford model.
But again, all these models are all over the map.
But what we do see consistently is the number of dead that they predicted, you know, 2 million in the US.
You know, millions dead in the UK.
It's all lowering to now just a tiny fraction of that, but still we're told this is the greatest threat humanity's ever faced.
Run for the hills.
We shouldn't reopen the United States.
The Democrats are having a showdown with Trump, saying they're going to keep all the areas they have under their control closed for the foreseeable future.
What do you make of this?
Well there's an argument to be made that we should have overreacted because then if we didn't we didn't take it seriously it would have been way worse.
There's a big problem with a lack of ventilators and hospital beds in the UK and in London one hospital already had to declare an emergency because they ran out of beds with ventilators.
So there is that problem of a rush of new patients
Then making it people who are already ill not able to get treatment.
So it is a big problem.
But again, going back to these social distancing measures, it's all selectively enforced, as you said, Alex.
You go into the migrant areas, you go into the inner city areas full of urban youth, gangs of them still out on the streets, nothing happens.
In the Peak District, which is a really remote location of the UK, near where I used to live,
They had a police surveillance drone tracking people who were walking their dogs in a field, and then they traced back their license plate to find their address, put it out on Twitter, and apparently this is the main threat, Alex.
Like we're told, social distancing, you have to stand two meters away from somebody.
These people, there's nobody within like half a mile of them, but these are the people who are being shamed on Twitter by a major police force in the UK.
In London yesterday, I happened to look outside of my window on a main road in London, and a group of youths turned up and decided to have, Alex, a rat battle on the street as they were also pissing in the street.
A group of six of them on a main road in London, and of course nothing whatsoever happened.
But if you walk your dog in a remote location in the Peak District in Northern England, then you're bad.
So it's all selectively enforced, and that's why it's going to become quite possible.
And doesn't the UK see through this, where if you're a Muslim, you literally can rape, kill, piss, defecate, stab.
In fact, they're even letting migrants in, they're saying right now.
So is Europe.
But if you're a citizen and you're in some super rural, remote area climbing a hillside, there's a drone shouting at all of us, get off this mountain, you piss!
We rule you!
It's just they want to peck on the regular producing taxpayer population.
Yeah, because they know that they're the only people who are going to obey this.
And a lot of people in this country get off on being obedient to the government.
It kind of gives them like a sanctimonious ego boost.
Exactly, so there's going to be no end to it.
Muslims will run around raping your daughters and just jeering.
And then you get the denunciations of your neighbors, which we can get into in the next segment.
That's right.
Let's talk about that when we return.
My neighbor's coughing.
We'll take him away right now, ma'am.
Don't worry.
Good job.
And this is the front lines.
We're going back to Paul Watson from the UK here in just a moment.
The UK months ago said this was not a consequential virus, not the highest rated of danger.
Russia says they don't need quarantines now, but politically you still see the hysteria ongoing despite what Nobel laureates and the scientists and even the government rating agencies are saying.
We're told it's the end of the world.
Hospitals always have shortages with the flu.
They always keep their hospital beds maxed out.
That's just something they do.
They'll keep people that aren't that sick there just to make the money.
Then when there's a big pandemic, they'll rotate those that aren't really that sick out and keep those that are really sick in.
And they do get overwhelmed sometimes.
That's what happens in a civilization.
The United States has put out the most test kits.
The United States put out the most ventilators.
The United States has done the best job.
But think about this.
Communist China welded people in their houses, shot women in the head at checkpoints, kills their political dissidents, has 3 million Muslims in forced labor camps, killing them.
That's okay.
They're who we're supposed to follow with their precedent of drones and prison time for not social distancing, and now the world's following suit.
Democrat mayors in Austin, Texas, Chicago, Illinois, New York City are saying six months in jail.
We'll talk to Paul Watson here in a moment about this.
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Paul, I want to talk about the tattletale mentality.
And the whole snitch culture and where you see this go in your article about Singapore and China being the model.
But what about the spectacle we're already seeing unfold of the Democrats and the showdown with Trump that are saying they're going to keep things closed for months and months and months and months?
Some say 18 months.
The Democrats will be reasonable just through the election.
How crazy is this going to get when Trump's trying to turn things back on?
Well, they've obviously turned it around and are now exploiting it for political purposes.
Even though it was the leftists, the Democrats and the media, right at the start, when you and I, Alex, are saying, no, this is serious, we need to pay attention, we need to close the borders, we need to have travel restrictions, back in January.
In February, you had the New York Health Commissioner and you had the Chair of the New York Council Health Committee both saying everybody needs to come out and congregate in this large group to celebrate the Chinese New Year.
This was on February 9th.
They were saying it's racist to not go to Chinese restaurants.
It's racist not to want to go to Chinatown and be around thousands of people, some of whom have probably just come back from China.
This was New York health officials on February 9th saying this.
Lest we forget, Alex, on January 14th, the World Health Organization said, there's no evidence of human-to-human transmission of COVID-19.
They amplified word-for-word what the Communist Chinese government was telling them.
Meanwhile, the mainstream media is putting out headlines like, BuzzFeed, don't worry about the coronavirus, worry about the flu.
Washington Post, get a grip America, the flu is a much bigger threat than coronavirus for now.
CNN, a deadly virus is spreading from state to state and has infected 19 million Americans.
It's influenza.
So the people saying, right at the start in January,
It's just the flu, bro.
That wasn't us.
That was the mainstream media.
That was the leftist health officials in New York City.
So now for them to point the finger at people like us and say, oh, how dare you say that this is being politically manipulated, or that this isn't as alarmist and hysterical as we demand you accept it to be.
Those are the same people who in January said, it's just the flu, bro.
Oh, but now you can trust them.
And Paul, we saw the same thing in leftist cities in Italy.
Hug a Chinese while it was spreading.
And then we saw the CDC shipping thousands in that they knew had it and distributing around the country while telling Trump everything was okay.
And then we have Biden saying it's xenophobic to block the airline flight seven weeks ago.
And now they turn around and say every death is Trump's fault.
Can you do one of your viral videos where you show all the proof of, you know, proof Democrats, you know,
The World Health Organization said...
January, we reiterate our call to all countries not to impose travel restrictions.
Such restrictions can have the effect of increasing fear and stigma, which means racism basically.
They said that in January, they said it on February 4th.
By the way, the hug, this is the video you're playing now, the hug a Chinese guy in Florence and across Italy, and in some cases literally removing his face mask and almost kissing him,
Okay, that was in Florence, it was elsewhere in the country, but the mayor of Florence promoted it.
Meanwhile, in a town called Prato, a few miles from Florence, you had 50,000 Chinese immigrants working in the textile industry, many of them illegal immigrants, making products so they could claim that they were made in Italy, when in fact they were made from slave labor.
Oh, I gotta say it!
Mike Adams on this show was the first guy to really raise the alarm, and I agreed with him, that clearly the Democrats knew it was bad.
They were saying it wasn't dangerous to make sure it got here.
Trump bought into that because Fauci told him, don't worry, back then.
He then didn't want to scare people.
He said, well, it might kill some folks, but it'll be OK.
Then they flipped and said, it's all your fault.
We knew that was coming, warned Trump.
So then he did respond.
Now, though, he understands if we overpanic, it'll be too far, which was the Democrats' plan.
Again, all along.
This has been a very scripted setup, Paul.
Well, yeah, which is why I've said, you know, the media went from it's just the flu blow in January to hysterical alarmism in March.
And they did it in January.
They did that in January to protect China.
Now they're doing the hysterical alarmism in March to protect Trump.
I don't think the truth is any of those two extremes.
Yes, I think it's really bad.
But as he said, the cure for it could be worse than the virus itself, with this mass panic shutting off society for months on end.
And then we'll get into the denunciations after the break.
Yeah, they literally had tens of thousands of Chinese migrants in these northern Italian towns and the left-wing political leaders were saying, go out and hug them or you're racist.
Meanwhile, Singapore and Russia closed their border at the end of January to all Chinese travellers and everyone else for that matter.
Less than two, this is both countries combined as of today, less than 2,000 cases of coronavirus, only six deaths in Russia and Singapore combined.
Meanwhile, the source of the Chinese virus in Italy, northern Italy, was two Chinese tourists who visited Rome and then you had those tens of thousands of illegal immigrants who were spreading it as well.
You can look at Hong Kong, Alex, still to this day,
You know, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, but it's in China.
Four deaths, only 518 cases because they quarantined everyone arriving from China from the start of February.
You still have flights landing right now at JFK Airport from Rome.
You have flights landing right now at Heathrow Airport, London, from Rome, and in fact from Iran and all these other countries, with zero checks, even to this day!
And the Democrats are calling for that to be open, but that we can't leave and walk the dog at the park.
They're saying, don't go to the park, but the borders stay wide open and the flights stay wide open.
And Trump's not even hammering that home.
He needs ads exposing them, or they're going to try to hold the country hostage and blame it on him.
We have to get back to work.
Our people want to work.
They want to go back.
They have to go back.
And we're going to be talking about dates.
We're going to be talking with a lot of great professionals.
But this is a country that was built on
Getting it done.
And our people want to go back to work.
I'm hearing it loud and clear.
TCB, baby!
Taking care of business.
Every day.
Every way.
Make no mistake.
We were very concerned eight, nine weeks ago because the virus was man-made.
That's confirmed.
People say, well, then it must be ultra deadly.
Was it man-made?
That's so they could follow the trajectory of it and knew it would only hit certain populations, but would still really scare people and overwhelm things.
It's like the 2-2-3 or 5-5-6 round in Vietnam was so they could carry more of it, was high velocity, would go through body armor, but also had a tendency to really wound people very bad.
And then that would take more energy for the Viet Cong to take care of those folks.
At least that was one of the theories.
Well, this is a soft kill weapon.
And you could argue that it got out of a weapons lab, but we know it was from a weapons lab.
Paul Joseph Watson's here with us this segment, the next from Summit.News.
Paul, I want to ask you in this short segment, next segment, we'll get into the social distancing and the Tattletail Squads.
How are you handling it?
What is London like right now for you?
It's not very much different.
The only thing I've noticed is
You know, when I go out for my state-allowed one exercise session a day, go running in the park, I live right next to a park, you'll notice people, they do practice this social distancing thing.
Some don't.
I mean, within reason, you have to stay away from people, but some take it too far.
I can be running in a straight line, and obviously I'm avoiding somebody by about two meters, and they're walking in a straight line towards me, mainly older people,
And then suddenly they catch your eye and they only see you at the last minute even though you're like two meters apart and they suddenly like swerve and panic and it's like dude if you're that worried about getting coronavirus why are you out in the park?
Like if you're reacting to me like I'm a zombie trying to attack you.
Like, why are you even outside at this point?
So you get a lot of people like that.
What do you make of the police shouting at people and saying, this is not a holiday, do not lay out and enjoy yourselves?
They should be saying, lay out.
Vitamin D, we know, stops viruses.
Well, yeah, it kills the family of flu viruses, doesn't it?
I mean, the law is more than two people, they can disperse it.
Most of the time, you see people sitting down sunbathing, it's two people and a dog, or it's a family.
So, I mean, again, it's all going to be selectively enforced.
How dare them!
Yeah, and then if you look at the reports out of Paris and some of these other no-go areas, the police show up, they try to disperse large groups of migrants, and then just more of them turn up, intimidate the police, and in some cases, if the police then don't leave, they start coughing on the police.
Oh yeah, I've seen the footage where they cough on them, burn cars, run around screaming, but that's okay, because that's their culture.
Yeah, they're completely immune from these measures, so again it's all going to be selectively enforced.
But then, and we can get into it after the break, you do have this tattletale mentality in Britain where people literally think that it's their act of courage, like they're akin to being on the front lines of a
Coronavirus stricken hospital like a doctor saving people's lives.
If they can look at like three people sat on a bit of grass sunbathing and then call the police on them because we've become such an atomized society that generally in the big cities people either completely ignore their neighbors or hate them so as soon as they get a chance to use the powers of the state to crack down on their neighbors who might be having a barbecue in their back garden with four or five people
They're going to use it, Alex.
Don't worry about that.
They're going to use it.
I think that's what we're going to see.
Red Cross is also saying civil unrest within about three weeks in disadvantaged neighbourhoods.
So we've got that to look forward to as well.
And what happens is more of these businesses shut down everywhere.
A lot of them never coming back.
All for a virus that globally has killed less than the flu kills each year in the United States.
Paul Joseph Watson with Summit.News.
Really envious of that site he's got.
We're going to update him for someday it'll be like Summit someday.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
Live from the InfoWars Global Corona Crisis Studios in Austin, Texas, under lockdown!
And we're playing Escape from New York music here, and it's very fitting.
Texas orders 14-day quarantine for New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and New Orleans, which have almost all the cases in the United States.
If you really believe it's that deadly, that's reasonable.
Quarantine the folks that actually have it!
Don't tell counties with zero cases you can't leave your house.
And Trump's got a plan I'll cover after Paul Watson leaves this next segment.
Taxi county by county put out guidelines.
And he can get the federal law changed real quick, the states are following, so the left doesn't hold cities and counties hostage that don't have a problem.
But right now, speaking of Boris Johnson, he has contracted COVID-19.
Oxford has a study out.
They believe half the public already had it!
But they're hiding those numbers because they want to keep the hysteria going.
Here's Boris Johnson.
Hi folks, I want to bring you up to speed with something that's happening today, which is that I've developed mild symptoms of the coronavirus.
That's to say a temperature and a persistent cough.
And on the advice of the Chief Medical Officer, I've taken a test.
That has come out positive.
So I am working from home.
I'm self-isolating.
That's entirely the right thing to do, but be in no doubt that I can continue, thanks to the wizardry of modern technology, to communicate with all my top team to lead the national fight back against coronavirus.
And I want to thank everybody.
Okay, so there you go.
Not hysteria, not end of the world.
He was like Trump and tried to play it down, but then it got caught up in the forensic, because if you don't, then it's all your fault.
This is really the public's
I don't
Yeah, despite the fact that globalism caused this because they refused to shut down the sacred international flow of people for months and months and months, but now they're trying to exploit it by giving the WHO
Executive powers, which would crush national sovereignty, even though it was the WHO on January 14 saying, don't worry, this is fine.
There's no human to human transmission.
We can trust China.
They're the people they want to give executive powers over your country.
Probably not.
The other thing is, in Taiwan, for example, Alex, they now have it loaded onto people's phones, where if they're suspected to have been exposed to coronavirus,
Their phone then pings out their location continuously, and if they're on house arrest, as is the case in many countries, and in one case this guy's phone ran out of battery, his phone was off for like three hours, before he plugged it back in again, the police were knocking on his door saying, have you violated your quarantine?
That's in Taiwan, that's not even China, supposedly more, you know, liberal country.
Well, that's happening.
So again, as Edward Snowden warns, these powers, even if they're legitimate now, they won't end.
The nature of governments is to keep these powers on the books and then use them in the background.
And then that ties into the snitch society.
Earlier today, my friend texted me and said, I'm having a barbecue.
He's got a little back garden, you know, four or five people you want to come over.
I'm like, dude, you know that your neighbor will report you to the police, like it's almost guaranteed that she will report you to the police, which has already happened in the United Kingdom and indeed in Spain.
Where two brothers, I think they were kid brothers, were playing soccer out in their own backyard.
The neighbor looks out of the window and calls the police.
The police come and break up this dangerous gathering of two kids playing soccer in their backyard.
So that's the way it's going because in the United Kingdom
Not only do we have the, like, criminal thug underclass, the Droogs, we also have, like, a nation of curtain twitchers who have nothing to do with their lives.
So their entire life purpose becomes around patrolling what other people can do.
You know, Alex, this is how they get personal validation from this, like, do-gooder behavior of grassing other people up and thinking that they're on the front lines of fighting coronavirus like a doctor or whatever.
So they're going to get the chance now.
To satiate this control freak impulse that they've been begging to do for their entire lives.
Because our society, as I said before the break, is atomized.
Now people not only don't talk to their neighbors, they hate their neighbors.
So every time that they hated their neighbors because they had a party or because they had a barbecue in that backyard and made too much noise, now if they do that, the neighbor gets the chance to call the police and have the power of the state come down.
But Paul, you should go over there and have the barbecue when the police show up.
And this stupid social distancing, they say ten people here, I guess they're saying two there.
Just say, we're a family, we live here.
I mean, people need to start pushing back like the Islamicists.
I mean, at least the Islamicists, when they have drag queen story time and try to teach five-year-olds how to give oral blowjobs, seriously in the UK, the Muslims come out and protest it, and it gets cancelled!
So in a way, do I have to convert to Islam, so that they won't teach my kids how to be prostitutes?
Well, that's the point.
They can't enforce any of this.
Minutes after these lockdown measures were announced by the Prime Minister, the head of the police was literally on the news saying, we don't have the facilities to enforce this, this is completely pointless.
And as I've said before, part of this is because for the last 15-20 years, the police in this country, you know, you look at Spain, you look at Italy, people fear those police because they're strong, they're buff, they're mean, it's not always for the best reason, but they're feared.
In the UK, it's like Benny Hill.
You know, they're all fat and running around after mad people on the street with knives, bailing.
Because for the past 20 years, through political correctness, the police have been completely emasculated to the point where criminals now just laugh at them.
Because, as of recently, they weren't even able to chase criminals on mopeds, who were like stealing people and stabbing people on the street, if the criminal wasn't wearing a helmet, because it was like, oh, poor baby, he might fall off his bike and hurt himself.
So the police, not through their own fault, but through top-down politically correct control, are so...
So made fun of and so emasculated because of what came from central government that they've just got no respect.
Nobody respects them.
So they're not going to be able to enforce any of this and they're not going to enforce it in any of the areas.
By the way, when I was in Spain, I went to that famous, uh, in, um, Madrid.
No, it wasn't Madrid.
It was in Barcelona.
I went to that famous cathedral, that gaudy cathedrals, you know, the artist is gaudy and we just have a camera
Videotaping it and the police want to go anti-terrorism.
You've got to erase, you've got to erase that.
And so they erased our footage but then at night the Muslims were running around robbing people while we were watching off our balcony.
It's just like crazy.
No, and that's what we've seen.
I've put videos about it.
There's literally a video from Naples in Italy where the migrants are just roaming around the streets below, screaming at each other.
The people are filming them above from their apartment blocks, quarantined and shouting at them, get inside.
Police are nowhere to be seen.
We've seen the same thing out of France.
Well, they arrested the guy and suddenly there's 25 migrants surrounding the police car.
They're not going to do anything.
It's all selectively enforced.
Meanwhile, in Spain, my parents went together in the car to the supermarket to buy food.
They said, no, you can only have one person in the car because they've got checkpoints telling old age pensioners that they can't go to the shops together as a husband and wife couple.
So that's who it's going to be enforced against.
And our more unruly demographics, Alex, are gonna get away scot-free.
And what if you're an old person that needs help going to the store?
I mean, but notice first it's only some shops.
Then it's ten people.
Then it's two people.
Then it's you can't leave your house.
They're just seeing what they can get away with, Paul.
It's disgusting.
Yeah and it's strange because in Jordan at the beginning they actually said nobody can leave their house for any reason and they had to get the army to deliver bread and water to everybody's house because they couldn't even go out to buy food.
So it's about making you dependent.
It's all about making you dependent.
Yeah, and it's only going to get worse.
Despite what happens with this coronavirus, the amount of deaths, I think they'll continue to crank up the social distancing to see how much they can get away with.
That's right, it's a total AI takeover training us that drones have to deliver all our food.
This is the force of dehumanization making us obsolete.
Summit.News, Paul Watson writes there and at Infowars.com and Newswars.com.
Paul, thank you so much and please give us more updates.
Okay, thanks Alex.
When we return, I'm gonna give the phone number out, and there's tons of news I haven't hit yet, and a lot of critical clips.
It's Friday.
This is the number one pro-human liberty transmission in the world, thanks to you.
Well, another one of these soulless Hollywood androids.
Actor Michael Rapoport calls for little effing Barron Trump to be exposed to coronavirus.
Yeah, that drug addict son of the Fonda dad, the brother of Jane, he died of natural causes pretty soon after he called for Barron to be gang raped in a cage.
And again,
It was Obama who put them in more like cages, because that's all they had, and you can't just let kids go unaccompanied into the country.
Obama later lifted it, and even the Washington Post Senate report said thousands of children were sex trafficked that Obama ordered released.
But Trump, by then, had built better facilities, better than most public schools.
They gave tours.
The squad went down there and said they saw children drinking out of toilets?
No, they didn't.
There's a sink on the top of the toilet.
It's built in one unit.
Totally different.
But, you see, they blame Trump for what they do.
And I'm not just here defending Trump.
It's crazy how every time what they say Trump did, they did.
All Trump's been doing is delivering on like 95% of what he said.
It's crazy.
I mean, all I can say is, can you imagine if he wasn't there right now?
Can you imagine if he loses in 220 days from fraud?
Or they cancel the election?
I mean, we're in perilous times, and I don't say that to scare you.
I say it because you need to be engaged and involved, and I'm not bitching at you.
I'm saying that to myself.
I'm up here seven days a week right now.
Because everything we do has triple the effect, quadruple the effect, ten times the effect, twenty times right now.
We're in that moment of flux, deciding the future.
And the globalists know it, and they're scared.
They did this virus hype out of fear.
They're losing control.
The Democrats are everywhere.
They've had now 10 governors, I saw this morning, have ordered all Democrats that no doctor prescribe hydroxychloroquine.
Because doctors can prescribe stuff that's off medication.
Trump passed a law saying they can do that too.
Europe had great effects with it.
But I mean, they're the government saying.
Trump says it's great.
He says there might be side effects, but it's at least something, you know, it's something that has 90 plus percent cure rate and they don't want that.
They tell you doctors don't promote vitamin C. They tell them don't promote zinc because it's not been approved.
What the hell does that mean?
It's like if you're a diver and the dive master teaching you, we're about to go down now to 20 feet.
You need this regulator and you need the oxygen to live and all of a sudden the FDA says, are you a doctor?
You don't know you need that oxygen to live.
Breathe water into your lungs.
You're not a doctor, Trump.
Shut your mouth!
Meanwhile, California passed a law you can give somebody HIV or hepatitis if you're gay.
And pedophilia, the same senator has introduced a bill to make pedophilia legal if it's gay, if it's same sex.
Man, these people are out of control.
And you look at the cities they run, they're piles of feces and needles and desperateness because that's what evil flourishes in, is in darkness.
So, actor Mike Rappaport has savagely attacked me before, said he wants to, you know, that I'm ugly, that I'm evil, that he's so glad I'm being censored.
Can you imagine being a biological android like this guy?
A meat suit.
And by the way, they're announcing Hollywood is officially collapsing.
This virus is a cover for the reset.
I mean, look at that gutter worm.
And he wants Barron to die.
Well, in the words of Emperor Palpatine, no, no, no, you will die!
In fact, I bet Mr. Rappaport is dead within 12 months.
I just have a feeling.
I'm not gonna hurt him.
I don't want anybody else to hurt a hair on his head.
But that worm looks like the expiration date ran out on him a long time ago.
Will you be joining Mr. Fonda?
Peter Fonda?
Join him then.
Join him.
I just won't be saying any prayers for you, my boy.
Let's go ahead and hear from this demon.
Here he is.
Back this up.
This is him saying to Trump that he never worked a day in his life.
Ran for office, never had, wins the presidency, turns the country around, did all the incredible things Trump's done, gets up there and kicks ass, and sets up the reporters with someone called it the Kung Fu virus.
Will he say the name again?
Kung Fu.
Kung Fu.
Say that again?
Oh, Kung Flu.
I mean, he just totally runs circles around.
These mental midgets, and then this guy sits there like this fake, big, tough, cold sore, you know, herpes face, and Mr. Herpes, and sits here, and just acts tough.
That's what this guy does.
Here, let's hear from the big tough guy.
The real people want to get back to work, ASAP.
You never worked a f***ing day in your life.
You're worried about the next four years.
You need to be worried about the next four days, mother f***er.
You need to be worried about the next four weeks, the next four months, you mother f***er.
This reminds me of that actor.
Robert De Niro always acting tough, but when his car was, he was crying on the street going, my God!
Like a little spoiled old lady.
Here, here, I mean, these people are has-beens.
Like Hillary, and like Biden, and like Pelosi, they're all just mummies.
They're over.
Here, let's hear from HerpesFace some more.
For months, you mother.
You are the worst possible mother.
We could have in power making decisions, decisions right now.
The real people want to get back to work.
Why don't you send your f***ing son, d***-stained Donald Trump Jr., big-tooth f***ing Eric Trump, little f***ing Barron, f***ing Ivanka, Junkyard Jared.
Let them go out there and test the f***ing
That's enough of him.
This guy wants to bankrupt us.
You heard Hollywood say they want to bankrupt America.
You've heard them over and over again.
It just gets worse from there.
They are so mad America woke up.
They're so mad we're throwing them off our backs.
They're so mad that they're the disease, Trump's the fever, Infowars is the fever, and we are sweating their poisonous asses out.
And the wart-faced, demon-goblin, turd-gobbler knows it, and he doesn't know what to do.
Don't we come back?
Oh, learn who's profiting off this.
Another filthy Democrat.
And GQ says America sucks.
Alright folks, I want to open the phones up throughout the rest of the transmission.
Popping in at the end of the next hour.
We have a local gun shop owner.
Who's refusing to close his doors all over the country in blue cities and blue states.
They are banning gun sales.
They've been saying don't transport your legally owned firearms in many cities like New Orleans.
Using every excuse they can to crack down on law-abiding citizens and the essential right.
and critical infrastructure of protecting yourself.
Imagine letting the criminals out of jail all over the country in blue cities and blue states and blue counties all at the same time.
Restricting access to firearms sounds like a recipe for the breakdown of society.
Oh, the Democrats admits that's their plan.
No borders, no wall, no USA at all.
The toll-free number to join us for first-time callers, long-time callers, agree, disagree, 877-789-2539, 877-789-Alex, 877-789-2539, or you can dial the country code at 512-646-1776, 512-646-1776.
But tell me if you're a first-time caller, you're going to go to the front of the line.
If you disagree, you go to the front of the line as well, because I find that interesting.
I did a video about this guy two weeks ago titled, Meet the Real Life Supervillain Trying to Crash the US Economy.
And I was already aware of this scumbag.
He took over a pharmaceutical company and increased, on average, the drugs 5,000%.
And then he said he was doing that to help capitalize the company, but it was really looting it, and it later screwed the company over and hurt people that needed the drugs.
But it's okay, because he's a liberal from Harvard, and he calls himself an activist investor.
Yes, like Soros.
It's like calling Hitler an activist investor.
Bill Ackman made $2.6 billion by betting against markets after fear-mongering.
Hell is coming.
Interview that every major channel amplified and pushed and promoted two weeks ago.
Isn't that just sweet?
That it's the worst thing ever.
We're all dead.
It's all over.
Hilton's going to zero.
But did he tell you that he was shorting those companies?
See, if I did that, I'd go to jail and I should.
But see, he went to Harvard.
Just like the head of the biology department or chemistry department just got arrested for being a CHICOM agent.
These people are the trash of the earth.
Now we know why Bill Ackman went to CNBC and cried about his father.
My father, I'm worried we're all gonna die, everything's going to zero, the stock market's plunging!
Trump's bad!
While warning that hell is coming if our entire country is not shut down
In response to the coronavirus, when billionaire Bill Aikman went on television last week to tearfully warn that hell is coming and beg the White House to shut down the country for 30 days, he was knee-deep in a bet against the markets that netted him $2.6 billion.
Ought to net him a striped suit!
You know, betting on destroying your pension fund, your whole future.
How about we pass a law that when you bet against the economy on purpose with insider knowledge and try to crash the market, that you get life in prison?
In a Wednesday note to investors of his Pershing Square, what a fake, foppish name, fund, Ackman said he cashed out of the credit hedge on Monday for a profit of $2.6 billion.
He even bragged!
He rubs it in!
The hedge, which he started building March 3rd, yeah, he had it going before that, cost a mere $27 million and score big as stock and debt markets floundered on fears that he helped stoke, and it goes on.
And the video's posted there, Alex Jones breaks down the leftist talking heads blaming Trump for the coronavirus.
That's another video, I think we should add the one about Meet the Supervillain to that article.
Let's move on to some more scum.
Because see, if you're going to sell the country out, you've got to have Harvard and Yale and Princeton and Berkeley teach America, hey.
So as a culture, you feel good about it.
And targeting families and Christians and anything strong.
And the military.
Leftist journo who writes for GQ, takes pleasure in US becoming worst hit coronavirus nation, who's an asshole country now.
This is a lady who helped work with the oligarchs to suck Russia dry, I'm told.
Julia Loaf, a loaf of garbage, a leftist columnist, took pleasure in the fact that the US has become the country with the most coronaviruses after the left called for our borders to stay open and tried to block Trump blocking Chinese flights.
With the most confirmed cases of coronavirus by mocking President Trump and proclaiming, who's the crap hole country now?
Julia Turdloaf, who writes for GQ could be more uncool, tweeted out the inane comment along with a link to the New York Times story on the development.
It's just par for the course with these people.
The scum of the earth, ladies and gentlemen.
Now, I've got a lot of other news here so much it makes my head spin and more is breaking as we speak at InfoWars.com.
Some big stories are coming off the printer right now that I'll cover briefly when we come back and then go to your calls.
But I just want to say something that's really important right now.
Ladies and gentlemen, we told you almost nine weeks ago this virus was man-made, and that it was killing people, and that we should be concerned about the crisis it was going to create when it got here, because if it was anywhere as deadly as the chi-coms were saying, the left was going to seize on it, exacerbate the crisis, and try to overthrow Trump by plunging the economy, which they then did exactly as we said, because these criminals give anything.
are 100% predictable.
They will create crises, they will exacerbate crises, they will let no crisis go to waste.
Then we knew Trump was being set up by trying to stop the stock market plunge.
We said, ride the tiger, go with some of it, mitigate the problem.
The virus does kill some people, but don't let them totally shut down the entire economy.
Now, all of that also unfolded and we laid it out.
We told you that storable food would sell out.
We told you that food would be the new toilet paper and something you actually need.
The supply chains are breaking down.
Most places can't get food.
Food prices are going up.
Those of you that ordered food wisely should be very happy.
You've gotten your food.
Those that ordered it a few weeks ago, it'll be coming very soon.
We're right on target for the dates we told you.
But our major food supplier, the only big one left that actually has high quality food, had to suspend sales to be able to catch up and get all your orders out.
They were able to secure a lot of food they now have and
Turn on two big factories that are essential services.
Because a lot of other folks are just getting out of the business.
It's too volatile.
But it's their Christian mission to do this.
It's what they believe in.
It's how 12 years ago they came from nowhere and now the biggest company in the United States, probably the world, that has storable food.
We're partnered with them.
Your order, when you order at InfoWareStore.com, is their full spectrum, get the best price, and you go right in at the point you ordered to the queue.
We are now able, for a limited time, to open up food orders again at InfoWareStore.com.
If you order, you will get your food.
They have the food, they've got a package that can get it out to you.
You can read all the details at InfoWareStore.com, but I would suggest that you not wait.
Forget the virus.
It's the depression.
It's the ending the election that the globals are pushing for.
It's what they're going to launch next, which I'm going to be talking about a lot in the weeks to come.
We don't just cover what's happening now.
We cover what's coming.
I said three months ago, bioweapon attack.
To bring down the U.S.
I know how they operate.
We have two articles here today.
London Guardian, former British Prime Minister, says world government needed to get rid of nation states to protect us from coronavirus.
Here's the Rockefeller Foundation 10 years ago, openly saying,
In a major think tank that we're going to use a bio release to bring in world government.
So they're on record with all of this, ladies and gentlemen, and this is their plan.
So we know their next move, and it's going to be even more drastic.
So dig in and get ready.
Get your storable food today at infomorestore.com.
OK, we're going to go to break.
That's my half of United Kingdom already infected with coronavirus.
Where is my article?
There it is.
Globalist Think Tank laid out scenario where virus outbreak prompts authoritarian crackdown.
I want to get more into this, but first your phone calls and some new breaking news when we return.
Don't forget good high-quality vitamin mineral systems are good.
We have vitamin mineral fusion fruit punch and the real red pill of pregnant women alone.
Get yours today and get prepared because things are just starting to get crazy.
This roller coaster just started rolling.
I'm Alex Jones.
When I tell you that really bad stuff's coming down the road, I don't do it to demoralize you.
And I've told this story probably a thousand times.
I'll tell it again briefly because it's so key.
I've had globalists to my face.
It's been a long time since I even agreed to meet with them.
Tell me, Alex, we've left you alone and let you operate because we just think you scare the public for us.
And I told them that I believe humanity's a sleep.
And I believe when I tell people the scary stuff that's going on, they're like me.
Their heart's like mine.
They're gonna get pissed.
They're gonna get off their ass and do something about it.
You know what?
I got proven right.
I got proven right when Professor Thomas Barnett, the head of one of the war colleges who preached world government, threatened me during the break in front of John Harmon and refused to come on when he found out
Who I was.
He thought it was Alex S. Jones, who had a radio show on NPR at the time.
He said, you'll never beat us, you're going down.
They'll never wake up.
Ha ha.
America's done.
And then Rothkopf was like, no Alex, I came on on purpose.
We want you to join us in New York and want you to work with us.
And that's just the times I had witnesses and we weren't meeting.
And it was agreed upon.
It was private.
I've met with some of these people.
And, you know, the power of the grassroots is what's so great.
That's why I don't like it when people say, oh, Alex is funded by some government agency or some secretive group.
That's not cool.
Because I'm organic.
I came from Texas.
I did this with our audience of activists.
You did this.
We're real.
I mean, where's the best rock and roll come from?
Out of nowhere.
Where's the best race car driver?
Out of nowhere.
Where's the best of anything come from?
It comes from the grassroots.
We're real.
And we've proven we're real.
And Trump has proven he's real.
I mean, David Icke doesn't trust anybody.
He knows Boris Johnson's for real and says Boris Johnson obviously means well, because he knows people that know Johnson.
He knows Johnson.
Johnson's for real.
People can pick that up, too.
He's not perfect.
He's got problems.
So is Trump.
I mean, Trump's real, folks.
Why do you think they're so damn scared?
I'm gonna explain something.
A rattlesnake's real.
A black widow's real.
A rose is real.
A piece of gold's real.
A Beethoven symphony's real.
There's good and bad in the world, but Trump's his own man.
He really calls the shots.
You know how pissed the globalists are?
That there's a dude in there that isn't out to get America, just like Vladimir Putin.
Vladimir Putin's a Russian.
He likes Russia.
He likes the Orthodox Church.
He doesn't like the globalists and the left that had their foot on Russia's neck for 85 years.
The very same globalists.
That's why they hate Putin.
Does he have to work with other corrupt elements just to keep those folks off his back?
Is he in a swamp?
But when they say we are influenced by the Russians, the only truth is the same spirit of wanting to be free that God has given us, that the Russians now have, is the same spirit we have!
And we are going to defeat the spirit of evil with our spirit of overcoming!
Because the wicked flee when none pursue.
But the righteous are bold as a lion.
And it's time for this crap to stop.
Hollywood hates you.
The left hates you.
The globalists want to dominate you.
They are psychotics.
And so people come to me, and I only talk with this people that understand philosophy, and this is the winning philosophy.
It's a spirit.
They hate it.
And they go, what's it like to be persecuted?
Oh, you're attacked so much.
Oh, we feel so sorry for you.
And I tell friends and family, I say, knock it off.
I am blessed.
All I want is the listeners to keep us in the fight.
You are the people that have commissioned me in this fight.
Like you commissioned an artist to do a painting.
You commissioned a soldier to be an officer.
You have commissioned me with your support and your prayers.
And I feel like I let you down sometimes.
When you call in and tell me how great I am, because I'm just like you.
I want freedom.
I want justice.
You're just as smart and just as strong as I am in many ways.
I believe in you.
And you're stronger in other ways, and I'm stronger in other ways.
That's how God works.
But my spirit is real.
My will for justice and my heartache for the innocent being dumbed down and killed and abused, and my heartache over the absolute evil unfolding on this planet.
Is 100% real.
And my desire to be with God is 100% real.
And my desire to defeat the globalists with God's help is totally real.
And that's why it's happening!
And that's why they fear it.
Look to what we've done together.
This is the model of success.
This is what they fear.
Steadfastness, being honorable, and that's why they constantly want to say I'm a liar, and I'm a fake, and I'm an actor, and I'm dishonest, because they are.
And they don't have the real spark of the universe that you have, that I have.
And so they seek to extinguish it.
I said I'd get to all this news.
I'll get to it after I take calls.
There's so much breaking.
Let's go ahead, because I'm not going to babble all day.
I just want to speak to that.
You're not intimidated.
You were asleep.
And it's not work to fight evil.
The more you do it, the stronger you get and the more high on the fight you get in a good way of love and of justice.
But it's not a feeling of power that we're overpowering the globalists.
But it is power.
Trillions of times the power they could ever imagine but was restrained.
And then you realize it's nothing but a micron reflection of the Creator, and then you feel the awesome presence of God, and then the power doesn't matter anymore, because you're on your knees.
And to be on your knees before the Creator, in awe, is to be ready to fight the devil!
Because the devil's a joke that'll be brushed aside!
But, the devil will be brushed aside by those of us
Who will be thrown against Satan and broken.
And it is a real blessing to have God pick you up and just throw you headlong into Satan's armies.
There's not a better feeling.
I'm not a masochist.
I don't like pain.
But that's the type of pain I'll take.
If God helps me politically take out a million or two million of the globalists, then I don't mind being torn inside out and my eyeballs gouged out and my teeth ripped out and my blood sucked out by a giant black spider.
I've seen the evil.
I've faced it.
I've gone through it.
And all I found was victory on the other side.
The enemy, for all the temporal attacks, has sent spiritual attacks against me.
And in the name of Jesus, it all instantly departs and is vanquished and is weak.
But I've been shown the depths of Satan by the Creator.
I have been dropped like a bathoscape into a sea of pure Satanism to actually be able to know the enemy's mind and to be able to fight the enemy.
And only now am I beginning to have the strength
To even step up into the armor of truth and justice with the sword of God to bring down the enemy.
So you look at the hunchback devils that serve Satan and how their eyes are dim and how they have no humanity in them and realize we shouldn't hate them.
Those are like little bugs in a spider's web that are just husk.
They were already sucked out.
They're dead.
They're already gone.
They live in the spider's belly now forever.
They believe the spider was their mother and was there to give them milk.
They believe the spider was going to give them power.
They believe they were going to be a spider.
But all they ever were was another slave taken away from God's light, who by free will, like a child, tricked out of their backyard to get in that white ice cream truck,
To be taken away forever.
To have their souls stolen forever.
And to meet oblivion.
It's a sad thing indeed.
All right, we're gonna go to break.
I'm gonna stop pontificating.
We're gonna go right to your phone calls.
We'll come back in two minutes.
And there's just so much more of this.
I mean, look at these rocks.
I mean, I knew about this.
You knew about this.
It's in films.
But I'm like, hey, the globalists have white papers where they say they're going to use a bio-attack to bring in world government and authoritarianism.
Ten years ago, Rockefeller Foundation.
Big article.
Up on Infowars.com.
It's called Lockstep.
A world of tighter, top-down government control and more authoritarian leadership with limited innovation and growing citizen pushback.
Rockefeller Foundation.
There's the London Guardian.
And Gordon Brown.
Gordon Brown calls for world government to keep your ass locked up in your house.
Notice, keep telling you drones will be controlling you, robots.
All of a sudden, they're here.
Thank you, Alex.
Congratulations on a terrific challenge to the globalists.
The virus, coronavirus, has shown that globalism doesn't work.
Essentially, the best alternative for mankind is to have local governments where they take care of each area completely, leaving defense to the federal, leaving healthcare even at the federal level.
But at the level of providing for the individual person, as soon as there's a detection of a virus, you deal with it locally, instead of having the whole world put on halt, and all of the other incipient military orders that follow, and violation of rights.
So that's my first comment to you.
It doesn't work.
I'd like to hear what you think of it.
And the second comment I'd like to make is that what was done in 2008, precipitating a federal government bailout, basically,
Burdening the taxpayers with 700 billion dollars to provide what?
The money didn't disappear when the stock market crashed.
The sellers got their money on their way up.
They still have it.
Look at Bezos boasting.
These people are boasting.
I agree that it's all a giant scam.
The globalists are holding the economy hostage if Trump doesn't give them the money.
At least most of the money is being directed at the public.
But let's go back.
I want to be clear here.
I wasn't boasting or anything earlier.
That was not a challenge to the globalists.
That was a
It makes a lot of sense, but Alex, listen, who elected
International financiers to run the world.
No, no, no doubt the globalist banks are, and Mike Adams made that point yesterday when he was hosting, or was it Wednesday?
The globalist banks are nationalizing everything.
They're taking over the planet right now, using these crises.
I totally agree with you.
I'm just, I care more about political power over the government.
And I know they're holding things hostage.
So a trillion wasn't enough, then two trillion wasn't enough, so Trump said four trillion.
At least a lot of the money is going to be forgiven and given to the public.
We're already hyper-inflating into the future, and so I understand the scenario.
I mean, do you think Trump sold us out with this?
What do you think?
Go ahead, let him have it.
I would like to tell you that President Trump just missed a fantastic opportunity to simply say, thank you very much, I know that trillions are needed, but we're going to borrow them from the Treasury of the United States, as specified in our Constitution.
He should get us out of the private Federal Reserve System.
No, no, I agree.
What, it's now 107 years old?
Seems just like yesterday we had the 100th anniversary, 1913.
Yeah, no, you're absolutely right.
5G's bad, he hasn't sold the vaccines like he said he'd do, and he put a bunch of new Federal Reserve people in to do what he wants, but still the shareholders are the ones making the money, and it is private, so you're absolutely right.
And you're right, why don't we just have the Treasury create the credit?
Why do we have a private bank doing it?
It's specified in the Constitution.
In 1913,
Yeah, the only thing is this, that if President Trump was able to do that,
And save $500 billion a year in interest on loans that should be paid back to the Treasury by the avowal of the American people.
It's in the Constitution.
No, you said the smartest thing I've heard this week.
Even if we're focused on him forgiving the loans they give businesses and the checks they send people after ordering them to stay at home, which is again this whole guaranteed universal income, it's a bad rober going down.
But the central banks will still get the interest on that, including with CHICOMS.
So you're absolutely right.
It should be done by the Treasury and not by the Federal Reserve.
Right now, it's $2 trillion from the Treasury, $2 trillion from the Federal Reserve, and it just shows the rubber going down.
Thank you, Carlos.
That's a smart caller.
Smarter than me.
I didn't think of that.
All right.
We're going to come back with Jamal in the land down under and many, many others.
I'm Alex Jones.
All right, Pelosi held it up until she got a bunch of, you know, $300-something million for illegal aliens, $300-something million for Islamic migrants, and $100 million for chopping small children's penises off.
I'm not joking.
I mean, there's all sorts of leftist evil in this.
And now Congressman Massey held it up.
Trump went after him.
But Massey's saying, I don't want unanimous votes with no record of how people voted.
And this is getting really dangerous and weird.
And I tend to agree, you should have a record of how folks vote.
But the aid package has been held up.
We'll check where the stock market is in a moment.
But here's what he said on the steps of the Capitol.
Well, they didn't even give me a minute to speak in a four-hour debate.
There's a big cover-up in there.
You believe it's a cover-up, sir?
Well, they're trying to cover up their votes.
They had enough people there to pass the bill, but they still refused to have a recorded vote.
And they told me they were trying to protect members.
Don't you believe that that's the case, sir?
It's 435 members in a room that can't hold that many.
No, no.
They're trying to protect the members who are there from political ramifications.
Sir, both sides of the chamber, your side as well as the Democrats, as well as the White House, have said that they didn't want you to do this.
Why press forward into a bill that everybody agrees should be passed?
Like I said in there, I came here this week to make sure our republic doesn't die in an empty chamber by unanimous consent.
These people need to do their jobs.
If they're telling people to drive a truck, if they're telling people to bag groceries and grow their food, then by...
By golly, they can be in there and they can vote.
And that's what we did this week.
They came and you can see it didn't delay the vote any.
They sat on their cans yesterday here.
They didn't do a thing yesterday.
They were trying to say this would delay it to have a recorded vote.
The truth, if you're willing to report it, is they don't want a recorded vote.
They don't want to be on record of making the biggest mistake in history.
Is there a response to Donald Trump calling you a third-rate grandstander?
I'm at least second-rate.
Congressman Massey, nicely done.
Yeah, I'd forgotten about Thomas Massey.
He's like a libertarian Republican from Kentucky, a good guy.
And that's absolutely true.
I mean, they really should have a record of the votes.
And so I think Trump kind of went off half-cocked on him, but Trump really does not want the economy to implode.
It gets a little, uh, crocodile-y when it comes down to the last minute.
But, uh, the stock market is down 65 points.
Dow Jones, it was up, I guess, until the news that the package hasn't passed yet.
Talk about being independent, folks.
And all this is gonna do is devalue the dollar further.
I know why Trump did it.
I know the globalists have launched this.
I know we're in a war.
I'm just saying, thank God Trump's trying to put the brakes on the shutdown.
The shutdown's the big threat, but
This kicks the can down the road.
Do we want Trump to lose?
Do we want Democrats getting in?
They're gonna go for broke if they get in.
We got 220 days left here.
And now the Democrats.
States began prep for mail-in voting for presidential election.
That's all over the news.
USA Today, you name it.
So they're gonna go with this.
If Trump lets that happen, he's crazy.
Alright, Jamal in Australia.
What is your view on all this?
Reporting from Sydney.
Thank you for calling.
G'day mate, how are you?
I'm all right, brother.
How are you doing after all the fires and everything else?
Yeah, and they didn't tell you it started raining after the fires and we were all good, but they didn't report that.
No, sir.
And coming at you from the great continent of Australia, long-time listener, my name is Jamel Bookaboo, bookaboo.com.
I'm a musician, obviously out of work now.
They closed down all the pubs here.
And I'm also a two-star executive with the InfoWars Health team, too, as well.
So I've been honored to be using the products and, you know, helping out InfoWars as well at the same time.
The great Gemini products and InfoWarsHealth.com are very popular in the land down under.
That's awesome.
Yes, correct.
And if you want to get in contact with me, I'm involved with Alex and Ted Anderson.
We can support
What Alex is doing, you can contact me at Bookaboo.com.
You know, we have a huge audience in Australia and they're really hungry, you know, for contact.
I don't even know if they'd let me in the country.
I know they're blocking other patriots.
But, yeah, tell people your website again.
It's my last name.
Or if you, it's B-O-U-K-A-B-O-U.com.
That's my musician page.
That's a cool last name.
And Team G'day.
What's the background on that name?
My father comes from North Africa.
Very interesting, sir.
So what's your view on the virus?
My view is, well, my word on the street from my sources are, and I've got friends, ex-military, ex-right squad, they're getting calls up now.
Sunday's the lockdown for Sydney, I've been told.
But I'd like to be wrong.
And I'd love to give a
Shout out to my friend Mick Raven from Conspiracy Oz.
He's been doing a podcast for 10 plus years.
I was a guest on his podcast last week.
And I'd say Endgame is your fine bottle of wine, my friend.
That movie has changed more minds that were set in the left-right paradigm.
Once they see that film,
Not the Marvel Comics one, but your one.
It changes people's perspective because it presents it with facts.
And that's what people need.
Amazon three months ago banned it, saying it was Nazi, that it was hate speech, even though the film exposes eugenics and the Nazis from the start.
And so don't you love it, how they operate?
But the film had 54 million views on Google Video, when they finally got rid of Google Video.
That was 13, 14 years ago.
Then it had about 15 million views on one channel.
They deleted that channel.
It still has about four or five million views on one channel on YouTube.
You can type an in-game blueprint for global enslavement into YouTube, guys.
Do that for me.
And you can still find it on Change the Channel, is the name of the guy.
But, you know, judge for yourself.
It's a powerful film.
We have a limited amount of the DVDs still here at InfoWars.
I'm signing the last ones.
But it really does lay out their plan from their own words.
Yeah, I'm getting BAM.video out to my friends and all my contacts because that is something you can shoot through a video to and they can just click the link on that.
Obviously, we know YouTube doesn't work.
Google's broken.
You know, you search for some information, you're not going to find it.
I think we're all in the same boat here, Alex.
I'm in Australia, you're in Texas.
We're getting all the same thing.
And I love brainstorming too because
The Coronavirus.
It's going to be used to chip every individual on the planet.
That's what we're looking at.
The New World Order.
Once you get past that fear, guys, and if you're a new listener, if you've got enough knowledge and you believe in what you do, the fear goes away.
What would you say to that, Alex?
I totally agree with you, brother.
God bless you and I appreciate your call.
And I guess it's got like six million views or whatever on YouTube, but they'll probably delete that too because it's Nazi, ladies and gentlemen, to be against the Nazis.
Let's go to Dave in Montana.
Thank you, Dave.
Alex, uh, thanks for taking my call.
Thank you, sir.
Hey, it's better to burn out than to fade away, Alex.
That's right.
All right?
She goes, hi, I'm Candy.
I'm Dave from Highlander.
I'm sorry, that's a good line from Highlander.
I'm gonna start over.
Go ahead, sir.
Anyway, uh, I just want to make you aware of some mail that I received from... I live in the middle of nowhere, Montana, Alex.
And it's the Sanders County Election Administrator.
All right?
My father's 93 years old.
He's a World War II vet, and I spent the last 14 years of my life taking care of him.
Good job, Dave.
And this is addressing him, not to me.
Notice of polling place election and option for mail ballot.
No, I'm going to scan this and I'm going to send his show tips.
You know, your guys, I just wasn't ready, you know.
And by the way, always CC it to David Nye because the crew is great, but David tends to break a lot of the whistleblower stuff we get in a lot of the tips.
He's really Johnny on the spot, but please continue.
I gotcha.
There you go.
Anyway, this was mailed to me on March, well, 3-25-2020.
And on the same day, I get this little card, which I will scan and send to you.
Stay there.
I've got an idea where you're going with this.
We're going to explain how the Democrats have got their deep state plan to beat Trump.
You better be aware of it.
They're pushing mail-in ballots big time so that folks can fraudulently get them and send them in.
Stay with us.
We'll be right back with Dave to finish up, then Nick, then Jordan, then Chase, then Lander, then Mike, then JDR, then Travis, then Michael.
We'll get to every single one of you that's on the board right now.
And we have a guest popping in as well.
Stay with us.
Man, you want to talk about
Twilight Zone folks, they just announced their monthly thing that I'm losing lawsuits because they filed like 30 of them.
I mean, there's still like six of them active and we're battling it all in the appeals court before it ever even gets in front of one of their kangaroo courts or juries.
And they're pissed about that, and so it's always Jones losing, Jones losing, and most of the time I'm not even lost a lawsuit.
There's not even a lawsuit they're talking about sometimes.
Jones lost a lawsuit for the book Nobody Died at Sandy Hook.
I'm not in the book.
Never, you know, never read the book.
The AP just says I lost a suit.
My lawyers have.
Because I'm a loser, not a winner.
Because we're such winners.
And remember, there's no world government.
They're just announcing it now.
Former British Prime Minister says we need world government to counter the coronavirus.
London Guardian headline.
Can we put that up, guys?
Gordon Brown calls for World Government.
There it is.
London Guardian.
When I read this new article that I'll cover after I take calls, Google bans InfoWars Android app.
They already banned the Apple one.
It was number one in news.
Google bans InfoWars Android app over coronavirus claim.
And then it quotes the video I got banned for.
With David Icke yesterday, where I said, this is an anti-human system, and under the Georgia Guidestones, under world government, they want to reduce world population to zero, and all of you that serve this are being deceived when you think you're gonna be the few humans left.
Whatever this anti-human, non-human force is, the Bible talks about, wants to kill, steal, and destroy.
They quote that and say, that is coronavirus disinformation.
So my religious belief that the devil's real,
They actually say isn't allowed.
You gotta read this, man.
Front page of Wired Magazine.
And it'll be everywhere now.
This just broke.
Along with the latest BS about Sandy Hook.
We didn't even appeal some sanctions the Democrat judge did.
His best friends with the lady on the appeals court at the local appeals court, not the Supreme Court where it's going, in Texas.
And we didn't even appeal sanctions that if we lose the case down the road, we would have to pay for some legal fees or something.
They just recycle that story again and go, Jones has to pay more legal fees.
They report on the same legal fees every couple of weeks.
It's just the same story.
But they recycle it.
Trump says all Mexicans are criminals.
Not true.
Checking that latest thing as the press is calling me during the break.
Let me type my name into Google.
The popular five-star rated InfoWars app is banned.
And then you read the offending material.
And it says,
Because Jones said that there are humans on the planet that have made a deal with extraterrestrials to set up a kill grid and take out humanity.
And I'm banned for that.
Why would you ban somebody for that?
That's like what a crazy guy on the side of the street says, right?
No, that's what they're into.
You can't make a deal with these aliens, okay?
That the Bible tells you about and ever get off the planet.
Elsewhere in the video, Jones claims that the natural antivirals exist to treat the novel coronavirus.
I'm not selling vitamin C. I mean, I got products it's in.
It's on the news!
The doctors are saying it's promising.
Or zinc.
Or... What's in?
That's what's called a tonic.
It's just grandfathered over.
They didn't grandfather Coca-Cola to still have cocaine in it, but they grandfathered tonic that goes with gin to have the quinine that's antiviral.
That's what doctors are saying.
That's in the news.
But see, that's how the censorship works, folks.
Now you can't even say that, hey, there's hope.
And you have all these governors saying doctors can't prescribe the hydroxychloroquine because they don't want you to have hope.
The Democrats.
Look at this.
Mylan producing potential COVID-19 treatment in West Virginia.
That's WDTV.
They've ordered emergency production of the prescription version of quinine.
I'm just reading what's in the news.
Here's another one.
Norvartis and others that supply tens of millions of chloroquine tablets to fight COVID-19.
I mean, that's what I was reading days ago.
They got us banned.
I gotta sue them over this.
I mean, this is just, because it's like they ban you for reading out of the newspaper.
And I'm not selling that drug.
I don't sell drugs.
But again, that's the idea, that's the perception, that's what they say, so we don't have any hope.
Alright, we got two minutes to break, going back to Dave.
Dave, you were holding over, so just, so your 94-year-old World War II vet father, he gets this thing, and something, he gets this mail-in, or he gets this call to come vote, he gets this, I guess, voter guide or whatever it is, and you got something else.
Tell us what happened.
Hey Alex, yeah, alright.
This is an envelope dated March 25th.
And I live in the middle of nowhere, Montana.
And it's a very small town.
And I know all of these people.
They're friends.
We're drinking buddies.
And shooting buddies.
It's notice of polling place election and option for mail ballot.
So, and again, I'm
I'm taking care of my 93-year-old father, and I have power of attorney, so I get to open his mail.
They didn't send one to me, by the way.
They sent one to my father.
And basically, it's a letter that states that, you know, I want a mail-in ballot because I'm scared of the coronavirus.
Oh yeah, they want to be able to push that there's a huge demand for this so they can get it passed and that states begin prep for mail-in voting and presidential election.
Then they pull his ballot out that's signed, and then they just stick theirs in.
Yeah, that's their secret weapon.
No, and thank you for saying that because that was my next words.
But on the same day, I get this, and again, I'm not going to... Okay, the same day, what came in real quick?
We're almost out of time.
Effective Wednesday, March 25th, 2020, Sanders County Courthouse and Sheriff's Office staff will assist customers by phone or email only.
Please call or email.
Yeah, this is the system.
The corporation's disconnecting from the people, everything going over to AI.
God bless you, brother.
Great points, Dave.
More calls coming up.
I'll get to them all, but I got sidetracked with this.
I told you to get the app.
If you already have the Droid app, then you're able to have it until your phone gets replaced.
But there you go.
Cutting off the truth.
Stay with us.
Well, we've got some good news for you about standing up and saying no.
Michael Cargill has got to be a good friend of mine.
He helped me get my concealed carry many years ago.
And he has a great gun shop and training center here in Austin.
Many of you are familiar with him.
He's been on all the shows here and been part of some documentaries we've done.
The mayor came out unconstitutionally and ordered gun shops and gun manufacturing facilities shut down.
But the liquor stores could stay open and things like that.
And looking at the federal law,
That wasn't there, so he said no.
Everybody else basically submitted.
And now he's got a letter, in a moment I can show people on television after you read it, a letter from the Texas Attorney General.
But you've seen the Virginia governor say they're going to restrict guns, you can't sell them.
You've seen places like New Orleans say you can't carry your illegal gun, even in your car, to protect yourself, and you can't buy them.
We've seen it all over the country, California, you name it, a real crackdown.
So it's a breakdown.
What's going on here, play-by-play?
You and others saying no.
Lawsuits have been filed in multiple states challenging this.
Attorney General reminds Nevada Governor that he can't shut down gun shows.
You've had some good things there.
California, the city attorney said they couldn't shut down gun shows, but the sheriff still fought that.
Coronavirus, Bay Area City, cracks down on gun stores, shuts them down.
Again, lawsuits have been filed around the country over that as well, trying to block it.
But this is just another power grab during an emergency, Mr. Carr-Gill.
I mean, isn't it an essential right to defend yourself?
What you have is you have your different state, local governments are saying that, hey, they're going to do what they always wanted to do.
And that's actually come after your Second Amendment rights.
And so what we're saying here in Texas, in Texas, you cannot do that.
We have a preemptive law that's actually been in place for quite a while.
We also have the Hurricane Katrina bill that's also been in effect.
So you cannot restrict firearms, at least a city, county or state.
And that's what's good that came out of Katrina.
All the guns will be taken, no one allowed to be armed.
Them grabbing the guns, that triggered people passing that law.
And people said back then, oh Texas doesn't need that, you're paranoid.
That's right.
And so we have these laws in place in Texas and basically what they tried to do here in Austin was they tried to, well in Texas that is, because you have an elected official in North Texas that tried to do this, someone tried to do it in West Texas as well, that gun stores were not an essential business and gun stores had to close down.
And so I refused to close down because I said, hey, first of all, people are going to need food.
They're going to need water.
They need medical care.
Whatever they believe in, they'll need that.
And they're also going to need a firearm to protect themselves because first responders are not going to respond.
They're going to have to be their own first responder.
And so we say that we're going to stay open because people need to be able to protect themselves and keep their families safe.
And by the way, the Supreme Court, as you know, has ruled five, six times, we know of, that it's not the police job to protect you.
It's when a crime is committed, it's their job to come.
They try to help you, but they're not there like a genie that comes out of a bottle to protect you.
The Supreme Court ruled that law enforcement have no duty to enforce, to protect you, only general duty to enforce the law.
That's right.
You're absolutely correct, Alex.
Absolutely correct.
Please continue.
Can I see that letter to show TV viewers?
This is a ruling from Ken Paxton.
Thank you.
He's the Attorney General for the state of Texas.
And Ken Paxton released a ruling today within the last 45 minutes to an hour.
So this is breaking?
This is breaking news.
That gun stores and gun manufacturers can stay open.
That your county, your city, municipalities, your state, your county judges cannot shut down the gun store or gun manufacturers.
Please continue.
And so, and basically what they did was they actually someone filed a complaint against us and the local police department as well as the code enforcement as well as the fire marshal came to my business yesterday to try to you know shut us down.
And so we stood firm and said, hey, you know, we have a right to be here.
We have a right to open and do this.
True color of law intimidation.
And I've refused to shut down.
And so we stood firm.
You know, I had my attorney.
That's why I admire you is that you don't play.
You're always fighting for our rights.
Either you believe this or you don't believe this.
You know, people talk that game, but, you know, you got to walk the walk when it all boils down to it.
Because they could have done fake charges on you.
They could have hauled me off, put me in jail, and say, you know what, I'm going to charge you with a criminal misdemeanor.
By the way, please, when you have that footage out, please bring it to us.
I'd love to have it back on Sunday or Monday, or Owen's coming up.
I mean, I know you probably got footage at your office of this happening.
Oh, absolutely.
And so we refuse to do that.
So, hey, we have a right to be open.
We are an essential business.
And I know you're pro-law enforcement, pro-law and order.
It's not even they're being ordered to do this by our evil mayor, we're trying to recall.
But I mean, what was it like?
Describe what happened.
It's not on them.
You're absolutely correct.
Because they're doing their job.
But it's up to us to know what the laws are.
And know that what you can, you cannot do.
And, you know, don't try to get yourself in trouble.
Yeah, don't let an out-of-control mayor, though, have the police engage in illegal operations.
Let them know you're not doing it.
And we are not going to comply.
That's right.
Because that is illegal and the Attorney General just said it was.
And you gotta stand up.
If you don't stand up and say something, then, you know, your rights are just going to be taken away from you.
And I refuse to let someone take my rights away.
I'd rather be judged by 12 than carried by 6.
Describe what it was like though.
I mean, I wanted you on anyways yesterday just about how you were saying, I'm not going to shut down.
I didn't know they showed up.
I didn't know that the Attorney General just did this.
Yeah, so they actually walked up, walked to the door.
I immediately locked the door and refused to let him inside.
And then I eventually unlocked the door, walked outside, closed the door behind me and said, how can I help you?
They told me what they were there for.
They received a complaint and that they needed to check and make sure that we were, you know, we were in compliance with the law and that, you know, we were an essential business.
So I informed them that we are an essential business because the second member is very essential.
You know, it's very important to a lot of Americans.
It's the second amendment, for a reason.
And so, they said, okay.
I noticed right after our speech and our guns.
They just banned me off Google.
I mean, now they banned our app that was super popular, all because I said Trump's right.
All these doctors say this hydroxychloroquine is really helping.
They shouldn't block this.
And it says in the article in Wired, Jones complained and said that there were treatments being blocked.
That's all over the damn news!
I don't know how you deal with it.
I don't know how you put up with it because you're standing strong and I actually like that about you.
Well, I mean, we haven't done anything wrong, so I don't know what I'm going to... Anyways, the good news is you stood up and obviously I think because of your case and others, do we know why the Attorney General had to take action just because there were so many complaints or what happened?
Yeah, so a state representative out of Lubbock, Texas, Dustin Boros, he's actually the chair of the House Ways and Means Committee here in the state of Texas.
He sent a request over to the Attorney General's office asking him to give an opinion on whether or not your county, your city can actually shut down gun manufacturers and gun stores.
The question is, will now the city of Austin, which might as well be run by Mao Zedong, will they comply?
And that's the question because we've seen this before where where an opinion has come down and they refuse to comply and we've had to beat them in court.
I did this just last year where I had to sue the city of Austin to allow gun owners to be able to carry inside the building.
That's right and we're like an inch away from going blue.
Can you imagine living under these people?
Yeah, it's amazing.
It's important.
A lot of Texans need to wake up and stop thinking that Texas is safe.
It's not, people.
I know the listeners get it, but you better talk to your family in Texas and other areas, and they better get up off their ass.
Because as goes Texas, will go the rest of this country.
And we gotta get out there and go vote.
That scares the hell out of me.
Yeah, you're absolutely right, Alex.
I gotta get out there and vote, because here we are.
This is what it boils down to right now, where we are right now today.
If you allow these people that are in office to take away your rights, your God-given rights, right now, then all is lost.
And this is happening right now behind the scenes.
It's happening all around the country.
In California, they're running amok.
They're shutting them down in California.
Shutting them down.
Can we go in there with one of the TV crews and set you down in the studio?
Because I'm sure they're going to want that and obviously read the letter.
Oh, absolutely.
Again, can you maybe come back in Sunday or Monday with an update?
This is a big national victory to have the Attorney General tell a blue city, knock it off, you know, guns are essential.
This is a big national news.
Yeah, this is, it's a really big deal because you have your, and they're doing it all around the state, you know, and so it's good that we stop this right here in Texas and nip it in the bud.
How did it end yesterday?
Because they're there, the court enforcers, the police, who else?
Well, they figured out that, you know, one, my gun is bigger than theirs, and so they eventually figured out that we're doing the right thing, and they went ahead and left.
It was Code Enforcers Police, and who else?
It was actually the Fire Marshal, the Police Department, and Code Enforcement.
All of them at one time.
Just their color or law?
And that's how the game is played.
That's right.
Well, that's the problem.
The federal law on infrastructure doesn't mention guns.
It needs to be changed.
Well, you have what the president actually enacted, the Stafford Act.
Within the Stafford Act, if you go to page 99 on the Stafford Act, it talks about the fact that you cannot confiscate firearms.
Then the Democrats are violating the law.
Thank you, Mr. Cargill.
Thank you, sir.
Well, Alex Jones here back live and I promise to go to your calls.
I have been punished again.
I'm evil.
I'm horrible.
We were banned because we were the number one news app on the Apple Store free app.
And they're saying now that I was saying that there were treatments for the coronavirus and the UN says there aren't.
Well, of course there's treatments.
They use zinc sprayed into the lungs.
There's a whole bunch of studies on that.
It's all over the world.
They tell people to take large doses of zinc.
And they also have the hydroxychloroquine.
We're not advertising that.
I'm not selling hydroxychloroquine or whatever.
Sean Hannity read a letter from a doctor about it, saying they were having big success with it.
I covered that.
And they said for that, I'm banned.
See, they're not ready to ban the Fox News app yet.
But people keep putting up with this, they will.
Even if I'm wrong about something, I have a right.
You have a right to judge it and tune in or tune out.
Google bans InfoWars Android app over coronavirus claims.
On Friday, Google removed the InfoWars Android app from the Play Store.
Extinguishing one of the last mainstream strongholds of infamous conspiracy theorist Alex Jones.
Oh really, are hundreds of MFM stations?
The takedown on the heels of a video posted in the InfoWars app last week, also viewed by WIRED, in which Jones disputed the need for social distancing, shelter-in-place, and quarantine efforts meant to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus.
Well, the president says it's killing our economy.
In fact, cue that up, and we need to get back to work.
And I've said it's a police state, and six months in jail in Singapore, if you're not six feet away, and welding people in their houses is wrong, and shooting women in the head, and mayor saying, you know, you can't go outside and walk your dog.
What the hell?
It's un-American!
And Wired is so authoritarian and so twisted that it's saying, oh, he disputed it.
What in the world does that even mean?
Alex Jones has been banned from Google with his popular 5-star app, it goes on to say, because he disputed what's happening with the coronavirus.
Well, you don't ever do that in America!
You keep your damn mouth shut!
Look what we've turned into overnight!
Drones policing us!
Still flights coming in from Rome and Iran!
But you better not leave your house!
And it's all Democrats doing it.
What a group of criminals.
And they send that message.
Oh yeah, they've got in the UK, people hiking in the countryside, husbands and wives with their dog, with drones, telling them, you don't do this.
It's non-essential.
We tell you what's essential.
We tell you, but if you're an illegal alien or an Islamic running around doing whatever you want, you're shut down.
And then, if you talk about it from your essential media operation,
You are banned off an app because you're popular.
Well, we have a way to get an open source app, and I'll tell you how to do that at Six After.
I would have already done it, but it's just a promo we run about it.
We show it.
It ran probably 500 times, but when we get it, putting our heads together, I'm going to play that for you coming up at the start of the next hour.
But it doesn't make me mad that they're doing this to me.
It's that they're doing it to all of us.
And now in live time, censoring people on Facebook, Twitter, they're censoring what you can say, what words you can print.
First it's the n-word, now it's mother and father on entrance forms for children in school, because some people don't have a mother and father, so don't say that, it's hurtful.
Don't say
Trump can't send out campaign ads saying we're looking for strong women to join the campaign because maybe a woman saw that.
It's not a woman.
I'm not kidding.
Just seeing the word woman is hurtful.
This is a cult of control freaks with helpless people that go get college degrees and learn how to be cult members, not how to do anything.
They're building the post-human world.
They're sabotaging everything.
Folks, that's why we need your financial support.
Plus, we have products you need.
And yes, we have a great
Real Red Pill and Real Red Pill Plus.
I can't seem to say that.
Like, Super Craniofragilisticexpialidocious, I can say that.
But I can't say Real Red Pill, Real Red Pill Plus.
Real Red Pill, Real Red Pill Plus.
Both have great vitamins, great minerals, highest quality, with preglanone underneath it to supercharge it.
And then, it has also zinc, which is so good for everybody.
And of course, sunshine is great as well, but they'll tell you you don't need that.
Infowarsstore.com is 50% off, even though it's going to sell out.
People are cleaning out zinc everywhere.
That is for adults, though, because it's got some stuff in it that's for adults.
I don't
Thank you, Alex.
So why do you have X3 of X2 so good?
X2 is the pure deep-earth crystal, only that type.
Some people can't absorb that, it's a very low number.
This one, the triiodide, has two different types that are slightly bound, but with healthy things, and then it has the deep-earth crystal, iodide helps to carry it across into the cells, I'm told.
So there's just two different formulas.
X2 is stronger, but you need to consult your physician because this is not a joke, okay?
The UN says almost 3 billion people have cognitive disabilities from lack of iodine.
Well, when you ain't had it for a while and you get it, it can be interesting.
So, we're not playing games here.
They're trying to shut us down everywhere, ladies and gentlemen.
Just pray for us.
We're not going to back down.
I expect all this.
And I'm fighting hard to do a lot of things behind the scenes as well.
Again, I'm not bragging.
I just want you to know that we've got a lot of submarine operations and folks we've supported and sponsored that you don't even know we sponsor them or support them.
Let's just say I am a busy little beaver.
This is a war.
And so your money gets you great products and it ensures that they take out old Papa Goblin.
They haven't even cut off one head off this Hydra.
And I take a real pleasure, I mean the enemy knows, but that we've devastated them on so many fronts.
So many fronts.
And is this a war?
I prosecute this like a war.
It isn't about me, it's about the war.
And the globalists can't contend with that.
Now, do I like watching another one of our tentacles cut off?
But you cut off one, two more grow back in its place, as they say.
Okay, I want to get to all your calls ahead of Dr. Nick Begich coming on in about 15 minutes.
Let's go ahead and talk to Mike in New Jersey.
You're on the air.
Alex, what's going on, bro?
Worldwide broadcast.
Really appreciate you holding, sir.
Hey, how's it going?
Yeah, I just wanted to get your take on the article I saw in the New York Post the other day talking about you're going house to house now and trying to arrest people for having parties at the house.
So it seems like what started as you weren't able to congregate in a public place, them shutting that down, now it seems you're coming right to your house to shut down whatever parties you're having.
Yeah, and I forgot to get to this, and I can't find it in my stack.
It's on Infowars.com.
Corporations and governments are telling their employees, do not do government meetings in your house with an Alexa or a Google Assist, because the company has AI listening to it and putting it into intelligence files against the cities and counties and states.
Well, of course, and they're doing it to private citizens.
But that's mainstream news.
It's also on NewsWars.com.
Lawyers to homeland employees.
Yeah, no, I just wanted to point out on a lighter note as well, I'm a little upset you weren't wearing a debate mask.
But don't feel bad because I have a 20-inch neck from bodybuilding, so I can't get it around my neck either, so.
Well, you're awesome, brother.
You know, I saw they arrested Orthodox Jews for having a wedding in New Jersey.
I mean, there just seems to be no end to this.
Yeah, Lakewood.
Not too far, actually, from where I am down here at the Jersey Shore.
Yep, absolutely.
How's the public taking it?
Do they think it's all a big hoax?
Well, I can tell you this.
A lot of people aren't buying into it.
We're still congregating in my house.
We're having barbecues.
I mean, let them come to our house and try to shut it down.
You know, we're not going to capitulate to Phil Murphy and his liberal ideology.
Beautifully said.
God bless you, brother.
Have a great weekend and be safe and spread the word about the broadcast.
That's how you defeat the censors.
Let's go out to break for the next hour with President Trump.
We have to get back to work.
Our people want to work.
They want to go back.
They have to go back.
And we're going to be talking about dates.
We're going to be talking with a lot of great professionals.
But this is a country that was built on
Getting it done.
And our people want to go back to work.
I'm hearing it loud and clear.
You know, the President's the one saying hydroxychloroquine and all that.
And then I just read articles about it.
And they say, you're not allowed to say that, you're banned.
Talk about censorship.
The First Amendment is in tatters and now the right to assemble.
Also part of the first is in tatters.
And now they're coming for your guns.
We're taking your calls in the next few segments to get to you.
We've got some important announcements next segment as well.
But this is a crazy time to be alive, I've got to tell you.
All right, let's go ahead and talk to Nick in New York.
Nick, you are locked down, aren't you?
There in the Big Apple.
Yeah, we sure are, Alex.
Am I coming through clearly?
Can you hear me?
Loud and clear, brother.
I'm glad to talk to you.
That's good.
It's been a long time.
I've actually been listening to InfoWars for about maybe... I had my red pill moment in...
We're good to go.
That you have listening to the show.
The reason InfoWars is so, so, so important is because of all the different viewpoints that are presented on the platform.
And then what happens is that you start listening to the show and your mind begins to make rational, you know, connections.
And you say, well, wait a minute, if this be true, then how could that be true?
Sure, I want to get into that for a moment with you, so we'll get back to you, but I wanted to speak about what you're saying exactly.
Every other program basically has one point of view or two fake point of views that are basically the same view.
Carl Quigley said we'll give them two choices but really they're the same thing with different packaging.
Here we have so many different views, so many different ideas.
We have a real brainstorm, a real think tank, a real debate.
That that gets people who are tuning in to start thinking like that for themselves, which is wide-spectrum analysis.
And that really is the secret of InfoWars.
It's not Alex Jones.
It's not even the callers.
It's not even all the guests.
It's all of us together, that college of ideas, where it's not all just propaganda, one-dimensional stuff that gets people to think one-dimensionally in very simple ways, instead of looking at things multifaceted, multivariate, and how different systems interlock, different schools of thought interlock.
That's absolutely correct Alex, what you just said.
As a matter of fact, I want to jump it into another hoop.
I'm Hispanic by nationality.
I'm Puerto Rican.
Hablo el espaƱol muy bien.
I speak Spanish very well.
And so therefore, I want to just lay out a quick platform here.
You've got many people within the Spanish community, particularly here in the city,
Who are beginning to see and ask questions.
And I'm going to tell you what the questions that they're asking.
They're saying to themselves and to others, we don't understand how it's even a conceivable possibility that the person who's in the White House, the orange man, who's out to destroy the United States is actually the one that's out there saying, listen,
We gotta get this country back up and going because a lot of the people who are being affected by this are small business owners who I personally know that are being affected by this.
What you're saying is it's so transparent that the globalists want to stall the country.
It's so obvious that Trump has our best interests at heart.
That's 110%.
Now some of these people, Alex, they don't even speak English.
And they're saying, I'm going to vote for Trump.
I'm going to vote for Trump.
These are some of the people that I've spoken to.
Now, on another note, there are some concerns that we have.
There are good people in a lot of these blue cities, which are the main hub point of control by the globalists and others.
Sir, I know that they don't have real elections.
I know people hate the globalists in blue cities.
Most folks are great in blue cities.
We understand that.
Exactly, so moving on to the next point from that is, I want to ask our president, I want to ask Donald Trump, because listen, he didn't create this situation, and he's not some, you know, genie or god or whatever.
But I listened carefully to what he said, and one thing I gotta say is, Donald Trump has one big damn ego, in a good way, in a good way, Alex.
He has a very big ego, and I'm gonna tell you one thing, he's not going down with this ship.
Okay, go ahead.
Explain that when we come back.
We're going to go right back to you.
You'll want to hear this.
Modern book burning is now the default position.
And they're coming after the guns, telling you to stay in your houses.
The police aren't our enemy.
It's the bureaucrats.
It's the globalists trying to order them to carry out unconstitutional orders.
Right here in Austin, they told gun shops to close.
And some didn't.
They defied it.
And the globalists didn't know what to do.
So the Attorney General came out and said it was illegal what they were doing.
Modern book burners are here, ladies and gentlemen.
And we've got to say no to it.
All right, ladies and gentlemen.
We're going to go ahead and go back to Nick in New York.
He was saying he's concerned about one thing.
He said Trump's got a huge ego, but he's afraid Trump won't go down with the ship.
Quantify that.
If Trump thinks America is too dumb to be saved, are you saying he's going to pull something or what are you getting at?
Go ahead.
No, no, Alex.
That's not my point at all.
What I'm trying to say is that everybody knows it.
And I'm not going to say everybody.
A large majority of somewhat informed and very well informed individuals know that this situation, you know, it just isn't metastasized like that.
This sickness, it doesn't create itself.
You don't find these elements in just regular organic situations based on a lot of the people you've had on your show that have explained this information and all this other stuff.
So we can see that there's something more going on here.
I don't know.
Trump's platform was, you know, promises made, promises kept.
On that same whole idea was, let's make America great again.
And there's many people that subscribe to that.
Part of that is opening up the country and not letting this thing fall any further into a spiraling effect that's going to destroy the entire thing.
That's what I'm saying.
Do what he says that he's going to do, or rather, if the people that are surrounding him don't make moves to open this up and get this engine going, and then I'm hearing on some other level, you know, by some other people that have been on your show and other places, you know, the blue cities are not going to open up like that.
So there's going to be a stranglehold on a lot of blood flow if we want to use that.
Oh, that's what I called it, is there's a showdown because they're holding the blue cities hostage, which are the main hubs of the country.
That's what the globalists took those over with election fraud to hold the country hostage.
This is a strategic takeover.
You're absolutely right.
All right.
God bless you.
I'm going to go to Jordan Lander and Chase in closing, but I need to go ahead and hit this right now.
InfoWars has chronicled the last 26 years the globalist plan for world government, the globalist plan to replace humans with robots, the system of suppression in a post-human world.
And as everything we warned about, controlled bioweapon attacks, to bring in world government come into place, and world leaders say we want world government to control you, and Rockefeller White Papers come out that say
That they're going to use global bioweapon releases to bring in tyranny.
As all of what we've talked about emerges, it was always true, but now as it emerges publicly, as they go from hiding it to selling it, as our guest said yesterday, they have to silence the voices that were right because the credibility is going straight up.
And it's a message to others.
You keep your mouth shut, and you don't say the things Alex Jones said, or you're next.
And then they silence themselves, and others silence themselves.
They self-censor what's popular, what's common sense, what the people want.
And then next, there's another demand, and more you've got to do.
There's never enough with this social credit score.
So, Google bans InfoWars Android app over coronavirus claims, and it says,
They banned me for saying that I thought they were hyping the virus and that I disputed social distancing, shelter-in-place, and quarantine efforts meant to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus.
Well, so is the president!
Then they go on to say, Jones said, don't be scared, there are a lot of promising treatments.
Vitamin C, hydroxychloroquine, and others, I was reading.
Mainstream news.
Mylan producing potential COVID-19 treatment in West Virginia.
I've got AP.
I've got Norvatis and others to supply tens of millions of chloroquine tablets to fight COVID-19.
Now the Democrats are trying to pass gubernatorial orders saying no doctor can prescribe it because it worked great in Europe.
I'm not a doctor prescribing it.
I just said this fight's going on.
This is promising.
I showed you the studies.
And for that, they said, shut up!
Don't bring hope to the people.
They're coming after everybody, ladies and gentlemen.
But hey, we've got Bandai Video.
They're going after our servers.
They've been hack attacking us.
They're trying to shut everything down.
We're fighting hard.
Just pray for us.
But pray for yourselves and realize they see this is the voice of the people as your voice.
They want to shut you up.
They don't want it coming out that this is a man-made virus.
They don't want any of this coming out.
They don't want it coming out that sunlight's good for your body and boosts natural vitamin D. They want you hopeless.
This is a martial law takeover, and if we bow to this, there'll be viruses every year like this that'll be even more deadly.
This is a test, and I have the UN and Globalist and Rockefeller documents to prove it, and I just showed them to you.
And Gordon Brown calling for world government.
So stand up and let them know that you won't be silenced.
Tell everyone you know today and tomorrow and next week about Bandot Video and that what they're trying to suppress and the truth about the coronavirus, the truth about the New World Order is at Bandot Video and Infowars.com forward slash show.
Tell them, hey, this is the verboten fruit you're not supposed to have.
Find out what they're so scared of, what they don't want you to hear.
The author of the U.S.
biological weapons law.
Coming out and saying it's man-made.
He talked to his colleagues at the UN.
The UN chief scientist saying vaccines are hurting people and they've covered it up.
They don't want you seeing that video we have on there.
They don't want you to know.
And so they want to shut us down.
But you can overwhelm them with the power of your word of mouth.
Telling people about our local stations.
Sponsoring those local stations.
Supporting those local stations.
Taking the videos and articles and posting them on your own sites and spreading them and take my name off stuff.
Just put it out under other names on YouTube and Facebook.
It gets around the AI.
But whatever you do, take action with InfoWars because they fear this information because it's dead on and it's truthful and it scares them.
And yes, you can download our own app directly to your own phone with a couple of clicks.
I will tell you how to do that right now.
It's at infowars.com forward slash show.
And it's at man.video.
We'll put some prominent links up today.
We post this video from the live show with links to it as well.
Our crime was telling the truth.
Our crime was being popular.
Here's the one-minute informational on how to get your own web app on your phone, Android, or you can also do it on iPhones a little bit harder, but here it is.
Now it's easier than ever to have Band.Video on your iPhone.
Simply go to Band.Video with your Safari browser.
Then you click the Share button at the bottom of the screen.
When the menu comes up, you simply click Add to Home Screen.
It will then ask you to name the app.
I suggest Band.Video.
You will now have BAN.VIDEO app on your home screen, despite the fact that Tim Cook tried to stop it.
The globalists think you're lazy, but by taking a little bit of action, you can override them, have the app, and then tell others about it so they can get the app.
So it's up to you whether you want to defy big tech and click the share buttons below on your email, on Facebook, on Twitter, on YouTube, however you want.
Be sure and share BAN.VIDEO.
And again, to be clear, go to Infowars.com forward slash app.
And you can get it for the Android or for the iPhone.
Two different procedures.
Very easy to do.
They think you're stupid.
They think you're lazy.
But do the most important thing.
Tell people about the forbidden app at InfoWars.com forward slash app.
We'll send out an email today with this video from the live show in it to everybody that signs up for the free newsletter at InfoWars.com forward slash newsletter.
And then send that email on to everyone else you know and say, hey, they just banned his app.
We're talking about what's really happening with the coronavirus and how the Rockefeller Foundation admitted
They wanted to use the virus attack for world government and tyranny.
They actually say that it's called lockstep authoritarianism and how to take control.
You need to go read this right here.
It's their paper.
Look at this.
Lockstep authoritarianism and how they're going to take control with cameras and drones.
This is 10 years ago.
Oh, and look.
Lawyers to homebound employees turn off smart speakers during work.
People are listening to you and stealing corporate and government data.
Of course.
It's the general slaves that are supposed to not know about that, but they've got to tell their own people.
We were right again, right again, right again, and that's why we're being silenced by the criminal class that runs big tech and runs the slave camps in China, the scum at Apple, the scum at Google, the globalists, but they are going down!
I think in the next two years, we're going to get the escape pods ready and move out of Austin.
I just, I made that decision, but let's just keep pitching to the left.
Sorry, I had three calls.
We got Nick Magich loaded for Bear, and I apologize for taking time.
It's been a lot of events today, a lot of big things happening.
Jordan in Oregon, thanks for holding her on the air.
Then Lander and Chase, go ahead.
Thanks for taking my call, Alex.
I've been a listener for 12 years.
My whole family takes your products.
They're world-class.
Well, thanks for keeping me in the fight.
They're great products, but you're buying the products that keeps me in the fight, brother.
That's what I don't want to be taken out of the fight.
For sure, for sure.
I'm just a dumb farmer, so bear with me as I lay this out.
Patriots are divided on how to handle the virus.
You got two perspectives.
You got Mike Adams and Gary Haven.
Medical, science, math perspective.
And then you've got Alex Jones.
I want to challenge you, Alex, to debate Mike on this topic this weekend as we all sit at home and Trump's trying to make this decision and have a live poll on InfoWars who won the debate.
Now the critical point that everyone's focused on is the death rate, Alex.
It's a distraction.
It's probably 0.25% give or take.
The real dangerous is the gain of function.
That's 99% of the purpose of this virus.
The blue cities know that.
They know that their cities are going to be overrun because of the overwhelmed hospitals.
The tipping point is when the hospitals are overwhelmed.
It'll crash the economy.
It'll create panic and chaos.
It'll destroy Trump.
It's already divided the patriots.
You and Mike are... Listen, I'm not in a cult, sir.
I'm not divided against anybody.
I've had a bunch of debates, and I appreciate your call, about a bunch of different discussions.
I'm going to get to everybody here.
The hospitals always get overwhelmed by the flu.
They're going to point at hospitals and say we're all dead.
And the fear-mongering and the dripping of the mainstream media is incredible.
They have all these emergency centers set up.
It's all there.
The globalists are using it to take down the economy.
There's not a debate about whether the virus kills people or not.
So, if you want Trump gone and all this fun, get ready, it's gonna happen if you're right.
I think you're wrong, my friend.
I appreciate your call.
Lander in Oregon.
You're on the air.
Thank you, Alex.
Bold as a lion today.
Sounding good out there.
So I wanted to talk about the fact that they keep attacking you for the treatments of the virus.
That has two purposes.
One, if we don't know the treatments of the virus, the hospitals are more likely to be overwhelmed.
Everybody needs to get treatments for themselves and their family members.
Well yeah, you know what they censor you for is what they're afraid of.
I'm not a doctor.
I'm the Trumps up there talking about hydroxychloroquine.
In Europe they said it worked really great.
I'm saying zinc.
I'm saying that's what the doctors are saying.
We're not supposed to say what the doctors are saying.
They want us hopeless.
All these Democrat governors have blocked their doctors with degrees trying to prescribe that.
And the second reason they're so upset with your discussion of the treatment
Is that this coronavirus weapon is not very dangerous in the non-binary configuration.
This, you know, the more important part of this weapon system is the panic.
And the real treatment for the panic is studying the truth.
That's what you're spreading.
And they want people at home, away from their churches, away from the light of the sun, only interfacing with their digital devices.
That's right, this is a globalist AI rape of the public, plugged in with whatever they're sending out on the wavelengths right now, on the flicker rate.
You know a bunch of stuff's going on right now.
This is, this is their attempt, and they're pissed they're losing.
Yeah, we can feel the waves coming in, and it's, you know, being locked in your house, it's not so different from sensory deprivation.
That's a pretty well-known technique.
Well, it's coming out.
We're hearing huge divorces, suicides, fights, breakups, drug overdoses, alcoholism.
This is all a huge unhealthy event.
And so it's either run for the hill, jump off cliffs, or nothing's wrong.
That's not the two camps.
That's not what people like Mike's saying.
That's not what I'm saying.
There aren't two camps on that.
Mike comes and guest hosts the show and probably come on next week.
I mean, it's ridiculous.
It's a false dichotomy.
We're the ones that said it's coming.
It's going to be a big deal.
Get ready.
But now they're trying to hype it to create as much fear to kill confidence.
No, we can handle what happens.
We're going to deal with it as Americans, and we're going to find out what's about to happen.
I think the death rate is going to be 30, 40, 50,000.
They're going to call all the flu deaths the same thing, maybe say it's 80,000, 90,000, but then just fear monger until it's the end of the world.
God bless you, Lander.
All right, Chase the Patriot, thanks for holding your RTL gunner before Dr. Nick Begich of Earth Rising takes over.
Hey, thanks for taking my call, Alex.
You know, whenever these major events are going on, you got all the politicians and all the media, and they want everybody looking over here.
I'm trying to figure out what are they trying to slip under the table?
So, you know, recently, if you think back in 2016, during the summertime and the heat of the election, the debates between President Trump and Hillary Clinton, they released the 28 pages to the 9-11 report when nobody was really paying attention.
And it was Super Bowl times when they always try to release their new budget deal.
They always try to sneak things through.
And so now, you know, I'm trying to connect some of the dots.
And our civil liberties have not been attacked as much as they were from the events of 9-11.
And if you think about it in a way, you know, we've kind of connected so many of these together, but towards the end of the year in December, the University of Alaska just released a report about building number seven contradicting the federal government's report, and there was the victims' families of 9-11 also seeking all the evidence
And there were more and more dominoes falling to really open up and see what was going on for 9-11.
And so I see this as maybe a way to turn the attention, to have everybody looking over here for months at this big coronavirus, and now you know the Senate and the House for months, if not years, will be investigating.
How did it happen?
What was the response?
Who should be held responsible?
And we should do that.
But really, the way they can control the media, control the narrative and try to hide the truth,
That's what I'm trying to figure out.
And so, you know, on my show, people are calling in and they're trying to figure out, you know, what's the big take?
Oh, yeah.
They're trying to redo the Patriot Act.
They're trying to ram through the 20-something trillion missing at the Pentagon.
And they want to get rid of Trump.
You're absolutely right.
Chase the Patriot.
You're dead on.
And one more thing for you.
Earlier in the show, you were talking about finding your sword to attack Satan.
And that's straight from the Bible.
Luke 22, 36.
He that hath no sword, let him sell his garment and go buy one.
God bless you, Alex.
Keep doing what you do.
Chase, tell folks how they find your show.
Oh, thank you.
Yes, I go live every night on YouTube at 10 o'clock Pacific.
Also, chasethepatriot.com.
And I'm on Twitter at Chase the Patriot, also my podcast.
Chase, let's be clear.
I thank you for being there.
We need more people to get on air.
I know you reach thousands and thousands of people every day.
That's beautiful.
We have the initiative.
If all the listeners get involved, and if they all just call C-SPAN, call Talk Radio, call Congress, call these shows, support us, spread the word, start their own little blog, start a newsletter in your neighborhood, speak out at the church, just go speak at the city council, run for office.
It's going to change the world.
God bless you.
Dr. Nick Baggage takes over.
Right now they are persecuting us.
When they start this persecution, more is going to come, but it's okay.
It's because we're effective.
We're over the target.
When I get hurt, when we get attacked, it's not because we're losers.
It's because we're winning, and we chose this path.
But just keep me in the fight.
I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart.
I want to thank the crew for the great job they do.
This is such a beautiful thing we built together, and we're going to keep it on air together.
They are so pissed that you've held us up.
We've done this.
I want to thank you, the audience.
You're amazing.
The Lorim's coming up in 30 minutes with Owen Schroer.
I'll be back Sunday, 4 to 6 p.m.
And welcome back and it's good to be here on this Friday afternoon and we're headed into the afternoon in my part of the world and in the afternoon for the rest of the country.
You know I'm here in Alaska today and we're on this topic of the virus because there's nothing else to talk about apparently in the world right now and this is critical because it's affecting everybody one way or another and I want to talk a little bit about
The perceptions, because I think some of this is really relevant and the caller in the last segment that Alex was talking with it talks about two camps.
There really isn't two camps.
There's just a lot of different perspectives being added into this situation.
I think that's a better way to look at this.
It's not one or the other.
It's like let's get the information.
Let's all make good judgments, but recognize that when these things happen,
People's playbooks come off the shelf, and it's not like people haven't been waiting for the opportunity.
Alex represented the Rockefeller work 10 years ago, Gates' work a year ago.
I mean, there's a lot of people who have looked at these scenarios.
Futurists in the Pentagon have looked at these scenarios and developed
Thank you.
Disaster breeds opportunity for bad actors, which I said the last time I was on the broadcast a couple weeks ago.
You know, when I think about this, again, sort of what's happening with this.
Let's talk about that a little bit, because I talk a lot about the brain and how the brain works.
And the intellectual side, the left side of the brain, is analyzing all the data.
Alex is doing it.
Everybody's doing it.
I'm doing it.
Everybody's doing it.
Mike is doing it.
And as we analyze the data, what we don't have is the experience in this particular set of scenarios.
So we don't have the full right brain connection on the emotional side, because that'll come later.
And that's why people are saying, hey, when you really feel the emotion of it is when the news feeds start telling us there's no room at the end at the hospital.
I believe that's true because then our immediate experience emotionally connects with the intellectual and then the flood happens and we go into the flight or fight response that Mike was talking about with Alex a few weeks ago.
Now, that's important to engage the battle, to get the alert signal.
We all got alert signals now.
So, it's again, stay calm as the propaganda continues and the opportunity for these guys continues.
And here's the biggest thing that happened.
They got mentioned and then got stomped out of the media really rapidly.
And I don't want to see that happen because it's a big thing and it's something we need to remember.
How much money is involved in this fix?
And I'm not saying it's the right amount, the wrong amount.
I just want to make sure everybody knows what it is.
It's $2 trillion from the federal government and $4 trillion minimum from the Federal Reserve.
Okay, that's $6 trillion.
Divided by 350 million people in America and that equals $17,000 per person.
Okay, let me say that again.
That's $17,000 per person.
$68,000 per family of four being thrown into the paper creation of the Fed and the government's contribution to this mess.
Now when you think about that,
That's a huge amount of money.
And then you want to keep in mind the trickle down effect because what lands on the plate of the average house is going to be that twelve hundred and fifty dollars.
So the only reason I raise all this is I'm not saying those are good things or the right things, but this is part of the panic party that's going on right now that that people aren't fully registering.
Per adult.
And where's some of that money going?
You know, some of the pork packed into that program is like for the Kennedy Performing Arts Center.
And before the show, I looked up how much tickets cost and for the tickets are selling for May 15th for the opera.
You can get seats for between $113 and $205 each.
Now, I know most families of four that I know can't afford $113 tickets, even without a virus.
You know, much less $205 each.
But that's what we're dealing with, and money's being forked in, you know.
And the same for the public broadcasting system and a lot of other things that got forked into this bill to inflate it to $68,000 per family of four.
And making sure those families of four have 10 percent or less of that flowing into their actual household.
And yet we're straddled with the debt at the end of the day.
You know, we have to sort out the mess or the inflation that comes after.
So we absorb debt a new way by devaluing the currency of our savings and what's left of them, if there's any at all.
You know, so keep all of this in mind as the panic party moves forward, because panic breeds
The hurting mentality, number one, and it gives powers that be the opportunity to push us around a whole lot more.
And I say stand firm, be respectful, be respectful of what we are.
And I say it every week in one form or another, because by respecting ourselves and respecting others in the midst of crisis, we add calm.
Where panic is all around us.
That's who we are at the tip of the spear.
Everyone listening is the center of that storm.
Calm in the calm while it's all breaking around us so that we keep moving forward.
Not with a herd, but with a plan, an individual plan for ourselves, our families, our neighborhoods, our friends, people around us.
That's how we take back what has been taken from us in the Squishy Collective.
And this actually, you know, trauma, I've talked about trauma in my own personal life.
I talked about my dad's death and other segments on this show in the past and how traumatizing that was for me at 14.
But at the same time,
How transformative it was for me in changing me fundamentally, what I was able to do, how I looked at the world, the choices I made.
We are all in a slow motion trauma right now, no matter how we're perceiving this, real or unreal, illusionary or not, it doesn't matter because it's affecting us and it will for months and months to come, perhaps even years to come.
What we don't want to lose in this is more liberty and freedom.
We don't want to lose more of what our self-created, God-created images of us are, you know, which is about freedom, about liberty, about doing.
We need to retain that at the end of this tunnel and make sure we enhance that.
And now when we're in dialogue with each other, our families, yeah, there's crises in some households.
We haven't talked to each other in a long time.
But for most people, this is an opportunity to come closer to your families, come closer to those that are in your sphere of influence, because now we have the greatest commodity, the most valuable thing that God ever gave us.
Time, our lives, our breath.
Let's use that now.
Let's apply the breath of life that we each have in what we do each day to lift our families up, to lift each other up at a time when everybody's running around fearful and scared.
And we understand it.
We're all going to cycle through that, me included, you know, because you get lost in it occasionally.
You got to remember.
And here's the trick about controlling
This is a really simple technique at a time when we need it.
I taught it to my daughter when she was 10.
It works great.
Works good for everyone.
When emotions begin to overwhelm you, where you feel you're on that wave, being pushed along by this overwhelming fear, stop.
Think about the fear you're feeling.
And as soon as you pay attention to it, you actually gain control of it.
This is where the intellectual side begins to interact again with the emotional side, not letting one run off without the other.
That's why God gave us two hemispheres.
So we have both working with each other.
This is what we need in time of trouble.
We need everything that we are working as it was intended and designed in perfection to deal with crisis, whether it's the lion jumping out or the AI coming at us.
You know, this is an important time.
I've talked about control.
I've talked about mind control and how social control works.
We are at a time when there are big powers about to unleash and have unleashed their game plans.
Coming into the last section of the show today, I want to talk about what that might look like.
I want to talk about some historical context.
This is the InfoWars.
You are the tip of the spear.
This is our century.
This is our year.
Get a vision.
The InfoWars.
And welcome back.
It's good to be here today on this Friday morning in my part of the world, still in the afternoon across the rest of the country.
You know, when I think about all of this, the control that's being imposed, you know, whether it be to control the media and more controls on speech, which is coming, the Democrats attempt to try and create electronic currency.
I mean,
Good grief, you know, I was talking about this a few weeks ago.
I can't remember whether it was on one of these segments or another show out there in the world, but just thinking about all this, you know, I was talking on, I was on radio for an hour and a half in Israel and throughout the Middle East a couple days ago, talking to folks.
Everyone's experiencing this the same way, and the rollout of control is being handled in the same way.
I talked to people in Asia, Europe, the Middle East, all over, and the rollout is the same.
And I've said for a couple years now, everything's being tailored for cultural and political correctness, so it fits into whatever's going on within your sphere.
The thing I would say, too, is a cashless society is going to be a dangerous society.
You know, they have negative interest rates on savings in Europe.
That happens here.
All of your money is going to have the invisible tax of negative interest rates and every transaction that you do under the guise of safety and security is going to be tracked.
And everything that you do is going to be scrutinized by somebody who decides who you are, what you are, what you're about, and then begins to manipulate you at even a higher level as they track every aspect of your life.
The same is true for the initiatives in cell phones.
They already have the ability.
Now they're going to make it
Oh wait, it's important.
You know, Joe Blow got the virus, now we gotta track everybody and everybody that went by him so we can track everybody.
For your safety and security, oh my god, hide under a rock.
Ladies and gentlemen, don't hide under any rocks.
Don't give up your liberty for the illusion of safety and security.
Don't give up your freedom.
Or the BS being pumped out all over the world.
The fact that the economic collapse is happening isn't because of a virus.
It's because of bad policy.
Everybody knew it before this ever happened.
Now the globalists have cover.
Oh, it's not our fault, it's the other guy.
You know, it's a virus.
It's something you can't even touch.
And they're squirting the fire hose of money at it to the tune of $68,000 per family of four in the U.S.
At the federal level alone!
Forget what states might be doing to add on to that, or other countries are doing to add on to that globally.
What a fire hose of money!
And how does money solve a virus?
It doesn't.
It gives you a false sense of security again.
Well, things are being carved away on a wholesale basis, like everything is stood still as everything is carved away.
Don't let it happen.
Stay vigilant.
Pay attention to details and watch your peripheral vision.
What's going on on the sidelines?
Because a lot's going on on the sidelines that's being ignored.
We need to pay attention
Watch for that second and third wave of nonsense because it will come.
I don't know where, I don't know what, but it will come.
So we have to be calm in the midst of the storm.
I want to talk to a little bit about this from a historical perspective, how we're reacting in Alaska.
You know, Alaska during the Spanish flu, a lot of people don't know this, we were the second most devastated population in the world outside of Samoa.
People don't remember this.
More people died in Alaska per capita than anywhere else in the world over a hundred years ago.
One of the tribal governments that I worked with when I was involved in that work heavily in about 20 years ago, more or less 20 years ago, and I worked with two groups.
I worked with Chickaloon Village and I worked with Ionic.
The native village of Tyonic, and I work with the native village of Tyonic's corporate entity, Tyonic Native Corporation also.
Now, what happened here in Alaska is Chief Chickalutian, during the Spanish Flu, went all around this region of Cook Inlet, from the eight tribes that were here, and collected all the orphaned children because so many parents had died.
In my village of Chickaloon, 850 citizens, they guess, existed then.
It was reduced to five.
And that rebuilt our village was those five sisters.
This happened all over Alaska.
So all these orphans went to Tyonic, and Chief Chickalutian made sure they were taken care of.
And no one was allowed, particularly white people, because they were the ones they thought carried this, and they actually were at the time.
And so Tyonic self-segregated, not just along ethnic lines, racial lines,
Because they felt the need to, because the clashing of cultures hadn't served them very well in the early 1900s.
It had delivered syphilis, alcoholism, smallpox, and diseases.
And this was the last in the chain of events that they really didn't want to deal with.
And I don't blame them.
So they isolated.
I was one of the very few Caucasian people for a long time invited in to help, because a lot of us had screwed things up.
And I consider it one of the greatest honors in my life to be asked.
Come in to Tyonic and Chickaloo and work with people I respect highly because of who they are, what they are and their tenacity and what they know, you know.
And here's what I know more than anything about the Native cultures that I work with.
They are a family like you have never seen.
They embrace each other in a way the nation used to embrace each other.
They still do.
That's why I always like tribal governments.
You know, it's kind of the place I interfaced in government the most was with with tribal peoples.
But that's the Spanish flu in Alaska, you know, so Alaskan villages whose elders still remember hearing their parents talking about it have shut down a lot of our rural villages which aren't hooked onto the road system.
Some people are a little worried about that.
They've set up 30-day quarantines.
Anyone leaving, they're not coming back unless they're quarantined.
30 days, not two weeks.
Because they're worried.
They've seen it before.
Now, how bad is it?
There are certain populations that are exposed that are going to be hit very severely, and we've seen that.
The economic picture is already rolled out.
I've been talking about that for over a month now.
The borders were not secure.
This thing has been in the country since probably November.
First cases were back in October in China.
I came through the borders coming from Hong Kong to the U.S.
the 8th of February.
There was no questions and no checks on the U.S.
Forensic came in on that same route into Seattle from Hong Kong on the 29th.
Of February, just a few weeks ago, no questions, no temperature checks, nothing.
But that was happening in the third world as early as January.
So we didn't do anything.
Now, why is that?
The bureaucracy, not the president, the bureaucracy should have already been moving.
It didn't require presidential action to do what you're required to do if you're a federal employee within these agencies.
You need to move forward.
And I think they drug their feet a little bit.
That's too bad.
But we are where we are.
Now, here's the thing about lockdowns across the world.
They're going to lock them down at different times.
They're going to open them up at different times.
And guess what?
All of this, whatever it is, is going to re-blend again.
And so it's not over.
The economic impacts are going to be here for a while.
It will probably get worse because of the propaganda, but we need to hold our calm, be the center of the storm, be the quiet spot in the center of the storm, but be loud enough to be heard.
Be strong enough to be the leader when people are screaming for leadership.
Be that leader.
Rise out of the place that you are and be the calm voice of leadership at a time when it's needed.
And then think of the practical ways to deal with it, because it's here with us, whether we like it or not.
Whether it's the virus of the plague, of the Spanish flu at that magnitude, we will not know for some time.
What we do know is how people are reacting to it has already created so many consequences that cannot be easily put back together.
Now, what is important is to retain the things that are fundamental to freedom and liberty.
To not allow another Patriot Act kind of suppression of who we are.
We need to roll it back the other way and we'll only do it with that calm voice.
They're already pre-setting up the public
Let's not be part of the chaos, let's be part of the calm, and be ready, be prepared for whatever comes our way.
I believe in America.
I believe in Americans, because that is America.
It's not the government, as some abstract thing detached from us.
We are that, and the government that fears its population is the government that is respectful.
And the population that fears its government has lost its dignity, lost its self-respect, and lost who we are as individuals.
We're not some squishy collective lost in the world of chaos.
We're the light in the world if we remember who we are as created human beings, created in the image and likeness of God.
I say it every week because I mean it.
I believe it.
And from that flows respect.
From that flows the power of solution, of creativity, of a combat without engagement in the way that has been done before.
Engage with the force of who we are, of the force of what we are and what we're created to be.
Change the world one breath at a time, one step at a time, by doing what we believe is right and true.
That's how the world changed.
This is the Infowar.
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Good luck, and God bless.
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Real stuff, man.
We're talking about the real deal here.
And I love Trump all day long, but man, I tell you, he sits here and lets these big tech people keep running roughshod over him.
Everybody, I mean, I've got a problem.
And we'll just take the Trump rallies over.
That said, about two months ago, I came up with a plan that I haven't launched yet.
We have a warehouse full of hundreds of thousands of stickers.
Twenty different stickers.
Impeach the Democrats.
Save the Second Amendment.
Defend the First Amendment.
And it looks like duct tape.
It's just a regular sticker.
You put it over your mouth.
You go to a Trump rally.
And you instantly take over without even disrupting things.
People say, why are you doing this?
What's happening?
Well, you go, well, we're being censored.
And, you know, Trump won't do anything about it.
And Dr. Pucinich, let me just ask you what you think, because I've not launched this yet.
You've taken the very element that they try to repress you with, that silence, and made it into a weapon.
You have the loudest sound of all, silence.
And you know what's most disturbing to people?