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Name: 20200323_SpecialReport_Alex
Air Date: March 23, 2020
90 lines.
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You want to see mind control?
You're about to see it.
I was just in here having lunch in this control room studio here at InfoWars.
I do my syndicated TV radio show right over there every day.
And Mule Kabuto came on and said, oh, these great people locked up in Texas in their apartment buildings, they sing songs to each other across the buildings.
Isn't that great?
Meanwhile, all these blue cities have exempted the homeless, illegal aliens, and criminals, and let even robbers and rapists out of jail by the thousands.
They can all mill around and do whatever, but everybody else they're claiming has to stay in your house, when that's not even what
By the way, in Europe,
It's all over the news.
Sweden, Germany, you name it, let the illegals fly in.
The UN flies in the Islamic age men, many of them who have all sorts of diseases.
They're untested, unchecked.
So that continues and they're allowed to go around at night and are above the law as well.
This is about breaking the back of Western civilization and teaching us that we have no due process or habeas corpus.
Here is the disgusting Neil Cavuto report.
Those are some impressive voices.
Denzel Barber led this lead on me sing-along in Texas.
I cannot tell you the number of people who have been downloading this, talking about this, and making a story out of Denzel.
His fellow singer says it was kind enough
I'm doing fine.
I wish I had a voice like yours, but man, oh man.
What started this?
It's funny because I was coming back from a run one day last week and I saw a flyer on my door that one of the other building residents, Bonnie Curry, was putting together a community sing-along.
So I reached out and told her I'd be honored to help and wanted to see how I could assist.
And she reached back out to me and said, hey, I want you to lead it.
So that was pretty surprising.
And I said, OK, let's do it.
So it looked like you started something.
I don't know.
All right, so let me explain what's going on here.
This is meant to look sicky sweet and nice.
These are nice people.
But they're glorifying the false idea you can't leave your house.
Even in California, New York, they just say social distancing.
And the media uses the term lockdown to train you.
You're in a prison.
But the government all has their waivers for it, and so does the media, and so do warehouses, and all the rest of it.
So this is about other corporations in select areas that lobbied for laws to be passed to protect themselves, shutting down the rest of the economy.
This has nothing to do with the virus.
When tens of thousands of people die of drug-resistant TB that's brought in from Mexico every year, when they put those kids that have it next to your kids in school, don't even treat those kids, they're spreading it.
It's cloward and piven to collapse the economy.
And now the Democrats won't pass the spending package to fund the medical emergencies because they don't want it to get better.
They said they wanted to collapse the economy.
They said they wanted to drive Trump from office.
And Fox News won't talk about it.
And it's all this sycophantic garbage where you're on lockdown.
So that's how this works.
China's already back to business.
China hyped up those deaths.
They cover up all the real stuff.
And now we have adopted what they're saying, and Democrats in blue states and blue cities are trying to sell this tyranny.
I'll be in there tomorrow, 11 a.m.
to 3 p.m., covering it live in that studio right there.
Owen Schroeder's live right now on air.
We're going to upload this to Bandai Video.
But here's the good news.
They tried to take us off the air, they tried to shut us down, they failed.
We tripled our audience the last year on our own sites, and now we've tripled that audience the last month, and it's exponentially growing, because our awesome audience of activists that see through this garbage are spreading the links at band.video, newswars.com, forward slash show.
They censor infowars.com, forward slash show, that link gets censored a lot.
Man, it is bright out here on this March, Texas day.
You wear a hat when you're out
Right in the range.
And if you're a surgeon, you don't want to get your patients sick, so you wear an M95 mask.
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