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Name: 20200323_Mon_Alex
Air Date: March 23, 2020
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In this discussion, Alex Jones covers various aspects of the COVID-19 pandemic, touching upon its implications on politics, society, and economics. He criticizes mainstream media's coverage of the crisis and highlights the hypocrisy of politicians. Additionally, he discusses health and immune system boosting supplements available on his website Infowarsstore.com. The speaker also addresses various topics such as chemicals on food, government orders, gold prices, socialism, crime rates, homelessness, liquor stores remaining open, InfoWars suspending storable food sales, globalist attack, and the importance of spreading information. He expresses concern over the state of America and urges people to stay informed and take action.

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From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
Separating fact from fiction.
Piercing through globalist propaganda and the fog of their deceptions.
I'm Alex Jones, your host, on this Monday, March 23rd, 2020, worldwide transmission.
We are 224 days out from the election, which they're now openly saying may be suspended.
We're going to open the phones up throughout the broadcast today.
We've got Robert Barnes, who was on yesterday with a message to the president.
The president responded to that in a tweet.
And so much more here today.
This is America and the world in the globalist crosshairs, but we can defeat them.
Here's an important report, a boot-stomping on Liberty's face forever, and we'll be back.
The world is going into martial law.
And I want to quantify what martial law composed of, the different types of it, around different parts of the world, how it's implemented, and where it tends to lead nations.
The Democrats have followed the lead of the dictatorial EU and the Communist Chinese and their dictator, and they have, by example, established martial law, welding them into their homes,
Making sure to show you the footage to scare you as much as possible.
And then as soon as the West picked up the panic, China said, we're done.
No more virus.
100% back to work.
We were only shut down about a month or so.
But in America, it's going to be 18 months, we're told, which will mean we will no longer exist.
The definition in Black's Law Dictionary is the proper definition under U.S.
For martial law, martial law which is built upon no settled principles, but is entirely arbitrary in its decisions, is in truth and reality no law, but something indulged rather than allowed as a law.
The necessity of order and discipline in an army is the only thing which can give it countenance, and therefore it ought not be permitted in time of peace when the king's courts are open for all persons to receive justice according to the laws of the land.
And the governor of New York, the tyrant, he said, if you're a Christian or a gun owner or pro-life, get out of the state.
He now has declared an emergency and told New Yorkers, don't leave your homes.
We need to bend the curve in the state of California.
And in order to do that, we need to recognize the reality.
The fact is, the experience we're having on the ground throughout the state of California, the experience that's manifesting all across the United States, and for that matter, around the rest of the world, require us to adjust our thinking and to adjust our activities.
And notice they're telling you now, 18 months.
It was two weeks in Europe, then it was a month.
It was two weeks in China, then it was a month.
But now we're told it's, oh, just 18 months.
No, no, no, that's not enough.
Maybe three years.
And then checks will be given to you, even if you didn't want to be on welfare, so that you can go buy at the big box stores.
And you've got to go out with your permission slip that you're going, that you'll get from Walmart or Target, and then you'll drive in, and the police will check you at a checkpoint, and then you'll go in wearing your mask, and you'll get your food once a week when you're allowed out of your house, and you will go home, or you will face six months in jail.
Criminals, armed robbers, rapists, they're all being let out of jail by the tens of thousands a day now.
The homeless are exempt in New York and in California.
And the migrants and homeless in Europe.
The Islamics, they're all exempt.
Sweden's banned all air travel in and out of the country except for Soros UN-funded aircraft that land multiple times daily from the Middle East and North Africa bringing in military-age men.
So the criminals can run around wild.
The homeless can run around wild.
The illegal aliens can run around wild.
The borders can pretty much still be open.
But you are going to stay in your house, you dirty, stinking American!
And this is just out.
Germany closes border to Europeans, but migrants still allowed in.
That's been announced from France, Luxembourg, and other countries.
Bring in the Islamists, but you can't leave your house.
That's right.
Just like all the 62 million aborted babies.
400 million in China.
Rainbow in the dark, getting hacked up by those surgeons.
Nobody came to save them.
Who had empathy for them?
But now, less people died worldwide from coronavirus, the Chinese communist virus, than die from the flu every year in the United States.
We have an extremely important plate here, but I just really want to take your calls.
Robert Barnes was on last night, and I said, what is your message to the president?
And he issued one.
And President Trump responded to Barnes a few hours later.
So he is going to be on the broadcast coming up the middle of the next hour.
But I want to go ahead and just give the number out now to take your calls.
But I'm serious when I say this.
And I'm really going to implement it today so we get to more people.
I'm getting a little bit better, but not where I want to go.
I'm going to give each person about a minute.
Just, I love you to death.
You love me.
If you hate me, call in too, but don't need to even say that.
Just get to, in one minute, what you think about the virus or the topic or the issue you want to discuss in it with the crashing economy and the Democrats openly killing the funding package and celebrating it.
And just, just the fact that this country's at war with the globalists and the Tricomps.
I want to get your take, your first responder view.
You're a teacher.
You're a police officer.
You're somebody in a factory that's been laid off.
You're calling in from France.
You're calling in from Spain.
You're calling in from Japan.
You're calling in from China.
You're calling in from Brazil.
I want to just get your minute and move the next person.
Toll-free number to join us is 877-789-ALEX, 877-789-ALEX or 877-789-2539.
Or if you're calling international and have trouble calling 1-800 numbers, some countries do.
Some plans do.
The country code is 512-646-1776.
And I'm going to your calls next segment.
512-646-1776 or 877-789-ALEX.
I'll play this later next hour when Barnes is on with us and we're taking your calls.
But we can have a debate on whether or not we should add a trillion dollars they announced last week as a spending package.
We direct payments to the American people and to workers with provisions that the big corporations couldn't do.
Stock buybacks and give themselves money like General Motors did when Obama bailed it out when there was no need.
We've gone past the Rubicon here, ladies and gentlemen.
We passed the point of return years ago.
There is a global race to devalue currencies.
There is a worldwide program of devaluing them, and it's going to happen.
And so, it's all about what currency is left standing at the end.
I'm all for fiscal conservatism.
That's all gone.
Now when the trillion-dollar announcement didn't help, Trump announced four trillion.
The Democrats looked at that and they know that would probably prop up the stock market and prop up the economy during this economic attack, and that's what this is.
And they voted it down.
Last night and this morning, they're just refusing.
And the stock market, let's pull up CNBC please.
Last time I checked it was down 300 points.
Let's just go to CNBC.com and we'll see where the Dow Jones Industrial Average is right now.
So, separate from debates about fiscal issues, or is this right or is this wrong, the Democrats are everywhere saying they hope coronavirus tanks the economy, they hope it drives Trump from office, and that's the last few months, and now it's happening, it's down
840 points since I looked an hour ago.
Isn't that wonderful for the Globalist and the Left?
Because they're all just going to buy it up at the end of this huge crash and this big freakout.
And the more crooked elements of Wall Street are all in on this.
So here's the headline.
It's up on Infowars.com.
Democrats sink Senate Republican coronavirus stimulus plan that would send cash to families.
If you're going to have a bailout, don't do trillions to foreign banks and, you know, all the Obama bailouts, and then Bush would send an $800 check to people.
Literally, it was equivalent to like 1% of what the people got to 99% of what the big banks got.
Warren Buffett was the biggest recipient.
He got 400 plus billion dollars to his company.
One company.
And he lobbied for it.
He talks about fiscal conservatism and how he wants to pay more taxes.
What a sick joke.
It's all a game.
Bill and Melinda Gates, all those guys are, quote, philanthropists.
They put their money into tax-free companies that operate with profits.
It's a big club, as George Carlin said, and we ain't in it.
Senate Dems are in this bill to compel Donald Trump to invoke Defense Production Act.
They want nationalization and the precedent to nationalize all the companies.
So that once they remove him, they have full control.
And boy, that's fascism when you've got the government running the companies.
So the Democrats are pushing fascism.
Trump already has the private companies running it themselves.
de Blasio is on TV Friday, Saturday and Sunday saying Trump's not sent troops to New York.
He's not sent medical supplies.
All of it's a huge lie.
The troops entered with huge medical convoys Friday.
He's on the Sunday show with Chuck Todd saying he hasn't lifted a finger.
No troops, no medicine.
That's like saying I'm not wearing a navy blue sports jacket.
It'd be like de Blasio's on TV going, I'm not wearing a navy blue sports jacket.
I'm not wearing a red tie.
It's like him saying, I don't look like a pedophile.
Well, yeah, you do.
But the point is, is that he is wearing a blue sports jacket, he is wearing a red tie.
It's lies so insane, so ridiculous, that it's just the exercise of fraud in your face to destroy confidence.
And that's why at the press conferences and everywhere, they're like, we're all dead!
Everyone's panicking!
Run for the hills!
We're all dead!
You can argue all day how deadly is the virus, and it's great to protect yourself.
I'm not against folks that are really concerned about it.
Time will tell just how bad it is.
But the hysteria is being driven artificially.
Now, separately, the president, the very same Mother Jones outfit, document cam shot please, a few weeks ago that said, Jones is horrible.
He says he has a cure for coronavirus, never said that.
Talking about nano-silver and its properties.
Well, now the very same group, the very same writers at Mother Jones, went after me.
They come out, because there's Soros's mouth, and says, Trump is giving medical advice, he shouldn't do that.
And then now they've weighed in, and they're saying he shouldn't say hydroxychloroquine and Z-Pak.
Has been shown, the Europeans and the Chinese say absolutely, to give you a 90 plus percent recovery rate if you're even already sick.
Now he's just stating what's known.
And they go, you're not allowed, unless you're a doctor, to say that.
He's got all the doctors standing behind him, nodding.
This is a cult of the left, that the president can't even tell you things that are known to help you, and thank God, there's pretty much a cure.
A major treatment that helps almost everybody.
Not a 100% cure.
The idea of that, and then as soon as they tattletaled, the media was all attacking him, saying, there is no hope, you're all dead.
By the way, what does hydroxychloroquine do?
It injects and forces your body to push zinc into the cells, and if you've got enough zinc in you, folks, gotta watch out, though, it can hurt your kidneys, so consult a physician at high levels.
The viruses can't get in and replicate in the mitochondrial engine, and it also coats the cell.
Where is it on the news that zinc is awesome?
Well, the public already knows.
You can't find zinc anywhere on store shelves.
We have it, by the way, zinc in the Real Red Pill, Red Pill Plus, with all the other great vitamins and minerals, and preglanone to boost its effectiveness in pushing all of that into your body, at InfoWarsTore.com.
Check it out today.
Well, for me, the biggest story is the Democrats, the Chi-Coms, the EU, the globalists, big tech, every new world order operation saying this virus is the end of the world, and then saying Trump's not responding enough, and then he tries to get $4 trillion to actually
Order companies to keep people employed and give them their paychecks going out at least three months and give them $3,000 on top of it and they say no.
I mean that's what the Bernie Sanders people, all of them want this.
Separate from a debate about whether you want guaranteed income and all the rest of it.
This is almost what AOC said where you get a couple thousand dollars a month even if you don't want to work.
Remember that in her green plan?
Now, Trump tried to turn the economy back on, did a great job.
I get he's giving us adrenaline when we're going into a coma here.
He's trying to wake us back up, but you can debate whether that's a good thing or not.
But what about them cheerleading the crisis, driving down the stock market, celebrating that, and then killing the aid package when they're the party that always wants to spend all the money?
I say, if we get the word out about that, it permanently ends their party.
It's bold to be on MSNBC, CNN, HBO, saying we want a depression, we want a recession, oh, we hope coronavirus hurts America, it's worth it.
Oh, we hope the president dies from coronavirus.
I mean, that's like a cartoon villain.
I'll get you and your little dog too, my pretty.
Or the witch from Sleeping Beauty.
She's like, I'll get you, and on your 16th birthday, you'll prick your finger and die.
I hope the economy goes down and everybody dies in the streets and there's a civil war.
I hope the president dies.
No borders, no wall, no USA at all.
Keep the borders open, but lock every one of their houses.
Oh, we shouldn't treat the old people.
There's too many of them.
There's too many boomers.
I hope they all die.
Pedophilia's good.
Satanism's good.
Yeah, we're Satanist.
I mean, they've just come out in the open.
All the things I'm saying are real things they do.
How dare the president say that there's a treatment for this that's almost 100% effective?
How dare him talk about chloroquine?
How dare him report what major institutions are saying?
No, there's no hope, my pretties!
I mean, this is getting ridiculous.
I mean, look at this.
I see probably 50 articles a day without looking.
There's everywhere where there are at least 1,000 prisoners here, 200 there, 700 here, rapists, armed robbers, but we catch you outside your house, you're going to prison!
It's all Democrat cities.
And then the latest article.
Germany closes border to Europeans, but migrants still allowed in?
And I've got stacks of these.
This is the latest today.
Germany has closed its border to visitors from Europe due to coronavirus, but migrants claiming asylum from the Middle East and Africa are still allowed to enter the country.
Same thing with France, Sweden, Denmark, all of them.
Aside from exemptions for people from France, Luxembourg, Switzerland, who are providing essential services, German authorities closed the country's border to all foreign citizens last week.
However, according to the German Ministry of Interior,
The Ministry of Destroying Germany.
So-called asylum-seekers.
Military-age men.
A catch-all term that basically describes economic migrants fleeing the Middle East and Africa are still welcome.
Welcome, my pretties, welcome!
At Germany's EU external border, airports and seaports, there has been no change in the asylum procedure, a representative of the Ministry of Interior told the media.
And it's the same everywhere.
What a sick joke.
Alright, here's what's gonna happen.
We're four minutes to break.
I'm gonna take three calls.
Give the hair, lips, the Admiral.
So, and we're gonna come back and take even more.
Let's go ahead and go to Action California.
You're on the air.
Hey Alex, how's it going?
I just wanted to give everybody an update.
I spoke to you on Saturday.
I'm the one that my dad goes to the dry cleaners and do the laundry for the sheriffs and the police and I was up at actually Target this morning at 7 a.m.
thinking it was going to be a line of people just to get some some paper goods and it was empty.
The other thing is, is some of the stores aren't letting you get any cash back as of today.
I tried to get cash back at a few retailers yesterday and they told me that yesterday would be the last day on that.
I've noticed.
The other thing is, is so far I don't see much difference.
I don't see, I really see no police or sheriffs on the road.
Highways are probably about 30%, 35% capacity, maybe 25%.
No, I'd say the roads here are 10%.
God bless.
You got to jump one minute per person.
A war on cash, a war on transportation, a war on your basic rights and liberties, a war on the economy, a war on sovereignty, a medical tyranny, forced inoculation.
It's all agendas.
It covers and hits every base, creates hysteria, creates fear.
Let's go ahead and go to Shannon in Texas.
You're on the air.
Yeah, Alex, I was going to explain to you, I was going on vacation to Hawaii last Monday, made it as far as LAX when my son
He was a little bit autistic, freaked out, everybody wearing a mask on the plane.
So he had a complete meltdown.
They had to take him off the plane, put him in a wheelchair.
None of the stewardesses, none of the pilots had any PPE on.
None of the paramedics that came and checked out my son were wearing any PPE.
Nobody had worked in the airport.
And by the way, they all have that stuff, but they all don't think it's a real threat.
And the other thing, Alex, I'd like to see a shirt.
Now, your phone's breaking up, brother.
You'd like to see a shirt that says what?
Gorka the Orca.
Yeah, well that guy's a failure.
That guy's the biggest, you know, bloated primadon of the planet's ever seen.
I mean, he's a joke.
God bless you, Shannon.
Thank you.
Baldy in New York.
Go ahead, Baldy.
Yeah, thank you, sir.
So, History is going to record this as the April Fool's Day virus, and I'll be glad to explain.
After being behind the curve due to his misplaced trust in the federal bureaucracies like the CDC, President Trump has already moved two steps ahead of the deep state traders who are behind this outbreak.
I started out calling this the Obama virus, not the Chinese virus, because the last time I checked, the University of North Carolina is not located in China.
And it was Obama holdovers and the CDC who sandbagged the President.
It was the CDC who wouldn't test.
It was the CDC who then sent out failed tests, so that now... And the CDC that shipped in thousands they thought had coronavirus and spread it.
But now I agree with you.
I could go on and on.
If it turns out to not kill a lot of people, it's the April Fool's virus.
The president is, again, two steps ahead.
He put out the 15-day way to curve this.
Guess when the 15-day curve is over with?
April Fool's Day.
April Fool's Day, that's right, sir.
And if you don't mind, I would love to go on if I could catch back up where I left off here.
Listen, listen, here's the rule.
Baldy, we wouldn't have gotten you for 20 minutes at my normal rate.
We got to you in like three minutes, brother!
Okay, okay.
Gotta go!
Call me back!
It's a new system!
Some days I'll do the old thing where like, take a call each segment, and they get like five minutes.
Today, each person gets 60 seconds.
60 seconds!
What a powerful call, though, Baldy.
Please call back again.
Mike, Jerome, Jason, Billy, Colum, Big Mike, Headhunter, Joe, Mark, Sean, you're all on the other side of this break!
I don't want to interrupt, then I'm leaving.
You've been doing great, Owen.
You're going to finish up with these calls within Gregory's.
And, of course, Harris and Smith are going to take another hour of calls.
The crew's volunteered to do it.
So we're here, live covering this, hoping everything de-escalates.
So the live coverage continues.
Everybody spread those links.
The Globals are hacking us, trying to shut this down.
Don't let them win.
No BS.
Let me tell you, everything's straight shooting here.
See, I don't have some Machiavelli manipulative view.
With me, it's all straightforward attack.
That's the real power!
Don't act so surprised, Globalist.
You didn't think you could silence the American people, did you?
Join Bandot Video, and I will complete your training.
Together, we can overthrow the Emperor and restore the Republic.
We'll probably fact-check this at Snopes and say Trump did not defeat a giant alien bug in the movie Starship Troopers.
This is fake news.
We're attempting to deceive you right now.
Yes, they now fact-check comedy and memes.
We did not attack Klandathu.
Trump is not a sergeant in the Space Corps.
And he did not kill the bug with zinc.
Do not take zinc.
There is no hope.
There is no hope.
There is no hope.
Again, uh, for radio listeners, this was a meme of Trump as a joke.
Orange man bad.
It starts with Crippers.
It's posted on InfoWars.com.
If you'd like to see it.
It comes from China.
This way.
Golfer retreat.
Nice moves.
Gotta have some fun.
By the way, Facebook has banned that, calling it deceptive.
Anything funny or interesting is spam or deceptive or fake news.
That's right.
They call memes, now, fake.
They even fact-check comics now.
This is the joke of these control freaks.
And Rachel Maddow, I played it last night, I'm not going to play it again.
She said, the president should not be engaged in medical talk.
He's not a doctor.
And no one should cover his press conferences because he's scaring everyone.
No, it's you scaring everyone.
Chloroquine is held like a 70-year-old drug that pushes zinc into the cells.
Just type in zinc and coronavirus, you'll get major studies on the whole family.
They'll say, well, it hasn't been studied on this virus.
I don't
Hydroxychlorine and Z-Pak taken together have a real chance to be one of the biggest game changers in history of medicine.
The FBA has moved mountains even though they're attacking him.
Thank you!
Hopefully they will both work together.
And he goes, from the International Journal of Antimicrobial Agency, links to a study because they're attacking him.
And the left responded, you could take too much of the drug and die!
And all these doctors came out and said, yeah, you could take two milligrams of caffeine, it'll kill you.
Or nicotine or I mean it's just it's just crazy.
Drug title by Trump for possible virus that kills with two grams.
All these medical doctors came out and said uh yeah.
said what's your point two grams of caffeine can kill you too.
Donald Trump Jr.
But no one is planning on prescribing that much.
This BS is as everyone hates it and doesn't trust the media.
They're trying to create fear for clicks with misleading irrelevant info.
You people truly suck.
Here's medical doctors countering David Rothschild and all the rest of it.
So it's just over the top how these people operate and what they do.
They don't want you to know that there are things out there that massively, massively mitigate this virus, even if it's really bad news.
But you've got to have the zinc in your body.
The studies I've seen are three times recommended daily allowance.
Before you come in contact with it or other viruses.
I mean, just type in zinc colon cancer.
Type in zinc lung cancer.
You'll get so many mainline, top prestigious studies, it'll make your head spin.
On the Sunday show I covered some, I did a three hour special Saturday show, probably spent 30 minutes of the three hours just showing you studies and showing you where it says it.
And they've got nebulizers they use at these fancy clinics in Europe where they put this special type of zinc into the lungs and it's incredible with people that are already sick what it does.
But instead they want you to get really sick and be on life support, oh we need more ventilators because you're going to be in a coma.
There it is.
Association between serum zinc levels and lung cancer.
A meta-analysis of observational studies.
Look at that.
World Journal of Oncology.
Literally, when I say hundreds, it's thousands of studies.
Zinc is unbelievable.
But, long-term, taking high dosages of it will eat your kidneys alive.
There's always a trade-off with anything.
With a drug, with a vaccine, with a mineral, with a vitamin.
I mean, there's a Dr. Wolf tweeted back at the media attacking Trump for saying, you know, zinc.
And he said, yeah, too much water will kill you.
Yeah, there's been cases where people run a long marathon, drink too much water, don't have enough minerals, and they're dead.
In fact, some of the highest instances of heart attacks are marathon runners.
And it's not that they, their heart
Couldn't pump the blood.
Their hearts were in incredible shape.
They're out of minerals.
And when you run out of minerals, bye-bye!
And most disease is from lack of minerals and vitamins, or the stomach stops absorbing them.
That's the problem with old people, is they stop absorbing it.
And then a recommended daily allowance isn't enough anymore.
I'm going to go to your phone calls in the next segment.
I've got Mitch McConnell.
Well, I kind of went through that whole segment ranting and playing those.
Let's have a little fun here during all this attempt to make us scared and frightened and depressed, which can lower your immune system in every major study.
Let's look at it.
Let's play a fun little clip here.
It's again for TV viewers.
I'll tell radio listeners the whole point.
We forget we're mainly a radio audience.
It shows a guy going, there's no food in the grocery store.
It's one hour in the parking lot.
And all of a sudden, this guy gave me this, this, and this.
And then he holds up a gun.
You realize he's robbed them.
There's another one we're not going to play because it's got not really cuss words in it, but it's not family friendly.
And I'm sure you've all seen it where the guy's going out there in the barn.
This crack whore came off the highway and she offered me
Well, I gotta tell ya, I went to the store to pick up a couple items and once again, everything's gone because of these damn hoarders.
So I'm walking back to the car.
I see this guy with his cart full of stuff.
So I walked over to him and I asked him politely.
I said, hey, do you mind sharing some of this stuff?
And look at all this gave to me.
He gave me Angel Soft.
He gave me Cheerios, milk, macaroni and cheese, bacon.
You know, we apologize for that fake news.
Again, the media will say we put out fake news.
It's called a joke.
And they know that.
But they want control of all information because people aren't tuning into them and people don't believe them.
Democrats kill coronavirus rescue plan according to their own admissions.
Accelerating U.S.
economic death spiral.
Democrats holding COVID-19 bill hostage over unrelated demands.
Those articles are on InfoWars.com.
They are incredible.
When we come back, Mitch McConnell and some of what he had to say about this situation, and then I will take five of your phone calls next segment, and we will continue into the next hour.
Robert Barnes will join us at the bottom of the hour.
He was on the show, and I said, what's your message to President Trump?
And boom, President Trump then tweeted at Barnes when Barnes tweeted out that information in some of the videos.
So he is joining us, coming up with his amazing analysis of the situation.
Yes, a depression is far worse than the coronavirus, even if it kills 200,000 people.
But you're seeing real live hysteria.
It is the hysteria of 2020.
The great hysteria.
We'll be back.
I'm Alex Jones.
Oh, it's a frontline report.
You are the resistance.
I'm Alex Jones, your host here.
All right, I want to go to your phone calls, but again, the over-the-topness of the Democrats, as they know the whole country and the world's turned against them, as they know they only control the cities they control through election fraud, as they know that their whole corrupt house of cards comes down, they are going to just fight like the devil when they're cornered.
And they're openly trying to crash the U.S.
They're celebrating it.
I want to go to your calls.
I'm not going to play the compilation we played last week.
It's four minutes long of seven or eight different national figures saying, we hope this plunges the economy.
We hope there's a massive depression.
We hope coronavirus is really bad.
National figures saying, we hope this plunges the economy.
It's all Trump's fault.
We hope there's a massive depression.
We hope coronavirus is really bad.
Governor Cuomo and the mayor of New York, de Blasio, have all said that.
I played it last night on the Sunday show.
The Army entered thousands of troops with the huge convoys of medicine and commandeered government buildings and hotels and had thousands of respirators reportedly.
And they're just like, he's not lifting a finger!
That's an outrageous lie.
And I know we all know they lie, but man, it's like saying Central Park is not in the middle of Manhattan.
Well, yeah it is, and you should be discredited when you make statements like that.
The nickname of New York is not the Big Apple.
Well, that's another lie.
These lies are beyond Whopper.
They're Godzilla-sized.
And it's just going to get worse because they want to kill confidence because they know low-information people hear that and they get scared.
The President's like, hey, it's going to be a problem, we're going to handle it.
We've got medicines that treat it really well.
No, you don't!
No, you don't!
People are scared!
What do you say to them?
I mean, that's what's happening.
And of course, there's the videos.
The people see tanks being moved down to the port there in Houston.
Folks, if there's martial law, they're not going to use Abrams battle tanks.
Fort Hood is where they move the tanks to ships and move them out.
And the U.S.
is moving a lot of weapons to Europe, and those are painted up for Europe, you notice.
There are some Bradley fighting vehicles.
They might use those, but they use armored vehicles with wheels on streets.
Tanks tear the streets up.
So no, they're not going to need to have heavy armor if there was martial law.
So there's always tanks getting moved around.
But the Democrats want martial law.
There's martial law.
You've seen our armored vehicle?
That's what you'll see.
You'll see a bunch of those.
Okay, let's go to your phone calls right after I play a few minutes.
The full video is up on Infowars.com.
It's like nine minutes long, but the first few minutes, here's the leader of the Senate talking about what the Democrats just did holding America hostage.
The American people are watching this spectacle.
I'm told the futures market is down 5%.
I'm also told that that's when trading stops.
So the notion that we have time to play games here
With the American economy and the American people is utterly absurd.
So I want to explain what just happened.
Our good friends on the other side would not have been disadvantaged one bit if this vote had succeeded because it would have required potentially 30 more hours of discussion during which these seemingly endless negotiations could go on as long as they would like.
Now the buildup to this, so everybody fully understands, is that we had a high level of bipartisanship in five different working groups over the last 48 hours, where members who were participating were reaching agreement.
And then all of a sudden, the Democratic leader and the Speaker of the House shows up, and we're back to square one.
So we're fiddling here.
Fiddling with the emotions of the American people.
Fiddling with the markets.
Fiddling with our health care.
The American people expect us to act tomorrow.
And I want everybody to fully understand, if we aren't able to act tomorrow, it'll be because of our colleagues on the other side continuing to dicker when the country expects us
To come together and address this problem.
Now, I've changed my vote, which gives me the opportunity to move to reconsider at a later time.
That's all I can do in the face of this obstruction.
Look, I can understand obstruction when you're trying to achieve something.
This obstruction achieves nothing.
Nothing whatsoever.
Other than prevent us from getting into a position where there are literally 30 more hours that they could use to continue to dicker.
So at a time when the country is crying out for bipartisanship and cooperation, and we saw that over the last 48 hours when regular members of the Senate, not in the leadership office, not in the Speaker's office, for goodness sake, she's the Speaker of the House, not the Speaker of the Senate, we don't have one.
We were doing just fine until that intervention.
So I want the American people to fully understand what's going on here.
The markets are already reacting to this outrageous nonsense.
We have an obligation to the American people to deal with this emergency and to deal with it tomorrow.
And if we don't, I want everybody to fully understand you've seen everybody who's on
I've conspicuously avoided trying to turn this into any kind of partisan effort for two days.
But it's pretty clear what's going on here.
And we'll have this closer vote again at some point of my choosing.
And hopefully, some adults will show up on the other side of the room and understand the gravity of the situation.
And the need to act before the markets go down further and the American people become even more depressed about our lack of ability to come together under the most extraordinary circumstances.
We've never been confronted with anything like this before.
It's totally different.
And we're not immune to it in terms of the public health risk.
Coronavirus has hit the Senate today as well.
We have five members.
Five members in self-quarantine.
So everybody understands the emergency, particularly when it hits close to home.
It's not just back in our states, but right here in the Senate.
So I would say to my colleagues on the other side of the aisle, step up.
Step up.
Help us reach an agreement.
So we can do what needs to be done for the American people.
No later than tomorrow.
Here's the deal.
Once they get you in a bubble, and once they overprint money and issue too much debt, then you have to have more and more money to the people or the economy seizes up.
So we're already into this phase that leads in a year to five years to what you've seen happen in Mexico.
It's more of a Mexican model where the currency's devalued, you know, ten times its value.
Not a thousand times or 10,000 times like Weimar Germany in the 20s and 30s or Zimbabwe where it's millions of times devalued.
But still very serious and we're just already down that road.
We can have the depression right now or we can have it later.
The point is the Democrats want it now to get rid of Trump and then really cause a riot in this nation.
Let's go to your phone calls.
Who's been holding longest here?
That would be
Collin in Arizona, Collin in Arizona, you're on the air.
Welcome, sir.
Hey, so I'm not gonna buy into this liberal hysteria.
You see the hype everywhere you go, but communities are coming together like I haven't seen in my lifetime.
Being 27 years old, you walk in somewhere and
People kind of stray away from each other, this and that.
Your friends, you're going to find out who your real friends are.
We're going to go against these globalists.
We're going to beat them because Donald Trump doesn't lose.
He's not going to lose.
He doesn't go to war to lose.
God bless you, sir.
I appreciate your call.
This is all meant to train you to be a slave.
No doubt about that.
Let's go ahead and talk to Mike in California.
Mike, you're on the air.
Thanks for calling.
Do you hear me?
Yes, sir.
So I appreciate you taking my call, and now I kind of want to speak directly to the President.
Oh, great.
And that is, this is how he can take this crisis and put to good use.
Number one, push for smaller government.
Number two, get out the UN.
Do not give them another cent, because we're actually funding the bureaucracy with all the money that we're putting into the UN.
They're not our friends.
Then probably the final thing would be to tighten the border up.
I mean, it's ridiculous what's going on here in California.
It's really sad.
It's still pretty much wide open.
Just like Europe says, people from the Middle East just come in uncontrolled as Erdogan attacks with millions.
But citizens can't leave their houses, Mike.
Yeah, it's a serious problem.
I mean, I don't know what the legality of securing our border
Well, Alex, I believe they've had this
That's my overall analysis.
That's my gut.
I totally concur with you.
There's thousands of points that go into that, but I totally agree that's what's happened.
They've always been pre-programming, getting ready for it in the future, but they launched it early because they're behind schedule.
Go ahead.
And I think we need to ask more questions about these tests and get out the corrupt history of the CDC to people.
And I don't know if this was ever mentioned in the Bilderberg group, but I don't know if they mentioned it last year.
A pandemic or not?
One more thing I want to mention about fentanyl that China's been sending over here.
I mean, they've not also got it on street drugs and killing people.
They're actually using this in the hospitals and they actually killed one of my good friends with a fentanyl dose in a hospital.
Sir, it's out of control.
God bless you.
We'll be right back.
Hour number two straight ahead.
This is the death throes of the globalists and the chi-coms as we route them out of all the universities as every day more professors are arrested for being Chinese agents and charged with espionage.
We're rolling them up!
And Devin Nunes is not one of these guys saying, we're going to get the Democrats in two weeks.
He went on Fox News this weekend.
In fact, I'm going to send that clip to the producers.
And he said, within 76 days, 1776, Hillary Clinton will be indicted.
Very, very interesting.
Yes, things are on the move.
And this is how modern wars are fought.
Billy in Georgia, the next coming depression due to virus.
Well, they're certainly hoping that's the case, trying to block the aid package.
What do you think?
I think what everybody's forgetting is we got out of the first depression by industrialization, factories and farms.
We don't have that anymore.
So when this depression hits, I think it's going to be a permanent one.
And when that happens, like you said, the value of the currency will drop.
And how are the elite going to pay their bodyguards and their soldiers and the cops that protect them?
They're not.
They're going to run to New Zealand.
That's their main escape route.
Well, at that point, then we all just mobilize and start a new government and rebuild society ourselves.
That's what we have to do.
Well, that's what locusts do, is they come feed on you, eat things to bone, then leave.
And as long as we have morality, we can always rebuild overnight, just like the Russians have done by kicking out the Soviet, communist, globalist, leftist New York poison that took them over in 1917, 1918, and rebuilding.
That's why they're the big globalist enemy now in Hollywood.
Hates them so much because they had them down for so long, 80 years, and
Well, thanks again and keep up the good work.
I mean, that was my whole point, is that I don't think that this is going to go the way they expect it to go.
They're going to lose control once this depression hits and it goes into a total crash.
It's not going to end up being a global government like they want.
Well, that's exactly what happened.
Trump's as smart as we are.
Smarter, probably.
And he knew they launched it.
He knew they were going to demonize him.
He knew that they were going to blame him for it.
And so then he shifted right at the right moment, put it on the governors and the Democrats to let them lead.
And then he's going to let them run around and try to cause a depression.
And then I think he'll come in at the last minute and be able to defeat them and stop the depression.
But even if he can't, it's hung around their necks forever.
Well, keep up the good work, and I'm a longtime fan, and I buy plenty of your products.
Brother, you kept us on air in defiance of these jerks.
And believe me, we got a lot of stuff going on beneath the surface in the fight, so your money's well spent, and God bless you.
Thank you, Billy.
Let's talk to Big Mike in New Jersey.
Go ahead, Big Mike.
Alex, how's it going?
Thanks for taking a call, longtime listener.
Yes, sir, Big Mike.
Yeah, I just wanted to get your take on the latest comments by the governor out here in New Jersey.
I saw him, he said don't leave your house or we'll arrest your ass.
Yeah, he said he's getting ready to tighten the screws and that no action is too aggressive.
Just wanted to get your take on it.
How worried should we be here?
And is this the first step towards a full lockdown?
And I'm going to briefly speak to that.
I've actually got your governor's, Governor Murphy vows, action to enforce New Jersey's stay-at-home order.
And I've got just his authoritarian sounding statements.
So I'm glad you brought that up, Big Mike.
In 30 seconds, what do you think?
Well, I can tell you that we're, uh, the residents here in New Jersey, I mean, I know it's got the connotation of being a liberal state, but all the gun stores are empty, everybody's panicking, and everybody's getting ready to pull out.
Brother, everybody knows once Democrats take over, it's all election fraud, they only have token Republicans.
It's not that you're not patriots, we know you got seized by the crooks!
Yep, exactly.
You think the Democrats are really taking Texas over?
God bless you, brother.
We'll be right back.
Better make a friend of death than you're going to meet it.
And the angel of death is sent by the Lord.
And each of us will one day face God and account for the sum of our actions on this planet.
And never forget, God hates cowards.
The globalist fear missiles of economic destruction are already striking and more are coming in.
But we're shooting them down.
I don't
The president responded to it last night, and responded to his tweet.
So we're going to play a clip of what Barnes said last night, and then we got Barnes coming back on, and then we'll continue with calls throughout the transmission.
But let me get this, if you just joined us, we had a caller, Big Mike in New Jersey, and he said, have you seen what our governor said?
That no measure is too strong, and don't leave your house, and if you don't have a place to go, an absolute reason, we're going to lock your ass up.
But if you're a rapist or a criminal, we're going to let you out.
I'm not going to bore you by playing the club, or piss you off I should say, but I could sit here for 10 hours and read you California Declaration, New York Declaration, New Jersey Declaration, Texas Declaration, Austin Declaration, Houston Declaration, Dallas Declaration,
But I get it.
Most people aren't like a news person or a lawyer.
They don't actually go look at it.
And I love my crew.
They're awesome.
But even they, last week, were like, really?
We're allowed to stay open if they do that in Austin?
I go, yeah.
Critical infrastructure is media.
You can't be North Korean and shut that down.
And we have a warehouse with food distribution and all that.
And a whole bunch of food items we sell.
That's in the code.
We got satellite uplinks.
I mean, we just, we got it all.
We got four of like the 15 exemptions.
But I don't even want that exemption.
I heard they closed Academy in Dallas because they didn't sell food.
They sell cook stoves and binoculars and clothing and survival gear and all sorts of stuff you need.
I was planning to actually go to Academy this week.
It's still open in Austin.
That's a great store.
But the point is, is that the city said it can't stay open?
Man, that's BS.
And a lot of companies are like, well, we're allowed.
We'll make more money.
I don't like that.
I don't like getting ahead at the expense of other people's free market.
I don't like that.
Because I'm not a fascist or a communist.
It's sick.
You know, I'm smart.
We had a stockpile of zinc.
Because zinc's an amazing thing.
And people buy it.
It's in our top 20 sellers.
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And it coats the cell.
We've got it.
And a bunch of the other minerals do that too, but zinc is the best in all the studies.
Look it up yourself.
But they're even telling the president, don't talk about zinc.
Shut your mouth, there's no hope!
Well, just do your own research on zinc and antiviral.
Type in zinc antiviral into a search engine in your own study.
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It's an amazing, the best multivitamin mineral with preglanone you're going to find.
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Preglanone, you probably don't want to take preglanone unless you're 20 or older.
That's what I've read in the literature.
It's a precursor to all the hormones.
It's over-the-counter.
And it just basically boosts all the juices.
You know what I mean?
In a layman's term.
Believe me, it's something else.
I remember my dad a few years ago when I got on Preglanone, he goes, man, your muscles have gotten bigger, you've gotten stronger, you're more aggressive.
I said, yeah, POP, Preglanone, and he's a chemist and other things.
Are you taking something?
And he goes, oh, yeah.
Yeah, absolutely.
They don't promote that because it's so cheap, but that's like the biggest, it used to be prescribed since the 20s for all these different types of arthritis.
But again, anything that's cheap and works good, they don't want you to know about.
What do you think chloroquine does?
Pushes zinc into the cells.
And you take too much of it, it can make you go crazy, by the way, because chloroquine will jack your brain.
And by the way, zinc is psychoactive.
I knew this, but I said, and I'm saying from what I read in the literature, 30 milligrams, three times recommended daily allowance.
They say safe, but really antiviral.
That's what I've been taking.
I said, let me see what this is like if I take 200 milligrams.
I took 200 milligrams, which again, you probably shouldn't.
I tell you to do that.
And I did piss green and I did.
Let's just say, you know, I mean, zinc's amazing.
Let's just say I had a good time.
I mean, vitamins and minerals are amazing and the system doesn't want you to do that.
So you take your recommended daily allowance and consult your physician.
But I, as a citizen, I'm telling you what I do.
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So we really do our homework here.
We really care.
I don't want to piss the big guy off, man.
I need all the luck.
It's not luck.
It's grace, okay?
I need all the mojo a big guy can give me.
I mean, believe me, we really bust our ass to tell you the truth around here.
This is great for you and your children as well.
Great tasting, all natural fruit punch with amino acids as well.
Talk about a booster.
And everybody already knows this.
I was like, why is this suddenly a bestseller?
It's always been a good seller because people are not dumb.
You go to the store, the zinc's gone.
Had to go to like eight stores to finally find some.
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Super Silver Topical is going to sell out soon.
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It all sold out.
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We've been selling it five years, but it's excellent.
So, and that's gonna sell out at current rates in a couple weeks, but I'm still discounting it despite that.
Let me, let me hit what I was gonna get to.
Okay, I'm gonna stop now.
This is Dallas County and the emergency edict they put out this weekend.
And this is Section 7.
News media, newspapers, television, radio, and other media services are exempt.
Child service is exempt.
It goes through.
People here are locked down, even in essential businesses.
And I had to go around to my wonderful employees and go, look, you're allowed to come to work.
This isn't even declared yet here.
Look, see?
And we even have an internet service company we run that people don't even know about.
That's even bigger.
It's almost like I did this on purpose, but I didn't.
Then we have a warehouse that distributes food, and a warehouse that distributes... We're all covered, so I share my other subsections, but...
The police and folks don't understand or know all this.
You've got to have a letter at your job that says you're doing that.
And this is a form of martial law.
Police tread lightly as pandemic spreads.
It says they don't really understand or know.
Yeah, because they're not lawyers.
Now they're learning.
Here's the governor.
Murphy vows action enforcing Jersey stay at home order.
Says we'll arrest you if you're caught outside your house.
Just absolutely disgusting.
Here's Homeland Security.
Here's a letter where they're saying that the bearer of this, again, is allowed to travel.
They're part of essential services.
Here's a Walmart letter, Lister Sinish, that explains that.
Again, these are letters given by the company that are essential services.
But if you're a small mom-and-pop grocery store, you should be able to stay open if you sell potato chips.
Don't let local evil mayors tell you that your place shouldn't be able to stay open.
It's their interpretation.
They're power-grabbing.
Here's BNSF Railroad.
It's got the best breakdown explaining the U.S.
Code and all the rest of it.
Very important.
I got a whole bunch more of these.
Association of American Railroads, same thing.
Here's the California newspaper, television, radio and other media services exempt.
I just want to show everybody this.
I'll just keep showing it to everybody.
And I've got all the Homeland Security rules all right here.
I mean, I do my research.
We don't play games around here.
And I have an FDA control number that most people don't have on top of that.
Some would say, why lead a frontal assault?
That's not usually good unless you have overwhelming force.
We have the truth.
Well, we do.
And this is not a physical war.
It's an information war.
I want to draw the enemy out.
I am the gambit.
I am the pawn sent out to be destroyed.
To draw the enemy fire.
To expose their positions.
To let the hyenas tear the flesh from my bones and laugh and laugh so that those watching in the distance who once were lions but slept under the spell of Satan would awaken and remember that they were lions.
Because that's how you break the spell of a sleeping lion.
Is to hear a real lion fight overwhelming odds and win and win and win and win and then fall.
The great archetype of the Alamo or so many other events like 300 and Gallipoli.
That's what's remembered as an example of strength throughout history, not the cowering or the pealing fear.
Big breaking news, and I'm not going to release this segment because I want to get a few things together before I cover it, but just disgusting.
You knew it was coming.
Next segment, Robert Barnes joins us.
We'll continue with calls.
Let's go to calls right now.
Let's go to Sean in Pennsylvania.
Thanks for calling.
Thanks for holding.
You're on the air.
Thank you, sir.
Appreciate it.
What's on your mind, my friend?
What's on my mind is chloroquine, right?
You agree that the president said that it really works?
I've looked at all the studies, and if you're taking it, particularly before you come in contact with it, it's extremely effective.
Yeah, because it has quinine.
It's a synthetic quinine.
Most people in this world, they can get a real one right over the counter.
Anyone in the world, 7.7 billion people can go grab it right now and cure themselves.
And explain what its brand names are, because I was familiar with that.
They've been taking it for hundreds of years, what the British discovered it, and it's an antimalarial you take before you go into the malaria area.
Right, there's several, there's many, many studies.
Anybody can go to Wikipedia, you can look up chloroquine, and on there is, you know, it gives you credit about your zinc, quotes about how it helps the cells, how it gets inside the cells and kills it, it's an antiviral.
Definitely works.
I'm good.
Right side, it's in yellow, it's Canada Dry tonic water.
It contains quinine.
I forgot that!
I remember when I was a kid and my dad said that's why the British would drink it with their gin and the British Navy would issue officers quinine filled tonic added to it with their gin so they wouldn't get malaria because they knew the officers and men wouldn't take the stuff they were supposed to.
You got it.
You're right.
I forgot all that.
That's just like they used to put Limes.
That's why the British have the name Limey.
Because the British secretly discovered hundreds of years before anybody else that vitamin C will keep you from getting scurvy.
So the British sailors were always ready to fight when others weren't.
Spanish, Dutch, Chinese, you name it.
The boobies.
Because the British would come racing up 7,000 miles from home in great shape.
But the men didn't like limes.
They had a superstition that that was bad for you because the doctors wanted to make them take it.
So they would squeeze it into the rum, which was done one part rum, two parts water, the grog.
So I totally forgot that exactly the British would put it into the alcohol, the quinine.
And all you got to do is get Seagram's tonic, not soda water, and it's got quinine.
You're damn right.
Man, I'm glad you called.
...yellow label, it says tonic water, and says contains quinine.
Everybody in the world can go grab it right now and start taking their feed... Unbelievable!
I totally forgot that, brother!
Isn't that awesome?
Because we can save everybody in the world.
Right now all they have to do is go to the store and get Canada Dry tonic water.
It's a yellow label.
It says it contains quinine, not the diet.
But the diet contains aspartame.
We don't want that.
Just like they patented fish oil and make it a $400 drug instead of $40 and $30.
They went and patented, what was it, 67 years ago, the QuantiQuil, or however you say it.
And that's just a prescription version of what's in the Canada Dry.
That's right.
I'm telling you, 24 hours, your fever will be gone.
In four days, you'll feel like a million dollars again.
We don't have to wait for anyone else.
But see, they want everybody to panic, brother.
They want everybody to panic.
It's a shame, but what I'm trying to get on, say to you, so we can get out to as many people as possible, stop the panic.
I know.
Go get this.
Take it for yourself.
Well, see, their argument is Trump's not a doctor.
You can go to Wikipedia.
It says that it's the best malarial thing still, but they don't like it because they don't make money off of it.
That's correct.
You're right.
It's too easy.
And this is FDA approved, right?
It's right on the shelf.
We don't have to look for approval for it.
Our solution's right here.
And one more thing.
I just want to say to dandelions, anybody in the world can go get this.
It's different species of it.
A dandelion has oxalic acid in it.
You're born with it when you come out of your mother.
It's in your bloodstream.
It's there to kill viruses.
And that's why babies have fetal immunity until they're about six months old?
You're a smart guy, I tell you.
No, you're a smart guy to remind me of all this, Sean, because I know this.
Let me tell you.
Dandelion tea.
Everybody should just do dandelion tea.
Again, I've said, obviously there's so many things God gave us, but I get so inconditioned.
Man, the FDA called us up last week in the New York Attorney General saying, you don't say oxygen people need it.
I mean, literally, it's like, you keep your mouth shut, and I'm just like, don't you care about your families?
Nanosilver, quinine, dandelion.
There's a bunch of stuff, too, that's antiviral.
What else?
I mean, hell, vitamin C. Linus Pauling won a Nobel Prize for it.
You can take megadoses of that.
You might get diarrhea, but he was talking about if you take hundreds of times the level, you basically can't get sick.
What do you think about that?
That's right.
The quinine, too.
I also want people to take a look at fevertree.com.
There's a hyphen between fever and the tree.
If you go on there, you'll also read about quinine and what they're doing in their drink, which also contains quinine.
Saving people around the world.
Well, you know more than I do, obviously, because you've got a better memory.
Bring up some of the other things that are documented to be antiviral.
Well, mostly right now for us, because, you know, this virus contains whatever it's made of, or whatever, or whoever put this all together.
It does contain, like, pneumonia.
It does contain a fever.
It does contain coughs.
It does contain body aches and pain, and I think it's as close to malaria as you can get.
That's why I think just the Canada Dry alone, two liters a day, you know, you don't have to drink it all down at once, just drink it throughout the day, you'll know in 24 hours you're gonna go, oh my god, I feel so much better.
You know what makes me mad is I got friends that I care about who are really scared, and I go, who won't even get close to me?
You won't even know why.
And I go, hey, here's zinc, absolutely at three times recommended daily, here's a study.
I don't want it.
I don't want to stay away from it.
I want a vaccine or I want a, you know, I want chloroquine.
And I go, chloroquine.
And I go, you know, that's just what you just pointed out, the natural anti-malarial that they've patented now.
Why do people not want the answers that Mother Nature gave us?
Why are they mad at Trump for telling them?
I think because drug companies aren't making any money, we all know that.
So this is a natural thing and anyone can go get in the world.
7.7 billion people can go grab this right now and save their lives, their families' lives, and humanity.
Well, thank you so much.
God bless you.
Wow, we got to put a special report out on that.
They'll probably arrest me.
You don't tell them.
You don't tell them that.
Trump's wrong.
The anti-malaria drug does not help you.
You're all dead.
It's all over.
Jump off cliffs.
Run for the hills.
Wear a mask.
We're all dead.
Nothing can save you.
Nothing can save you.
A depression.
We're all dead.
America is facing a PSYOP.
But America will take the bull by the horns and do a judo move.
And this
Attempt to bring us down because we are now awake and awakening further will fail.
We're going to go to Robert Barnes here in just a few minutes.
I'll continue with your phone calls as well right through to the fourth hour.
Then Gerald Cilente takes over.
I want to be clear.
This virus does kill people.
It is man-made.
It came out of a lab so they can track and know what it's going to do.
You release a weapon that's been field tested.
It's designed to hit the old.
It's very communicable.
But the hype has been concerted and choreographed to tank the economy.
The Democrats have blocked the attempt to have this rescue aid package that probably would turn the stock market around.
They're trying to destroy our supply chains.
They're trying to have China that's ramped up.
Not cut back now?
Take over!
This is the globalists who have invested in China's desperate gamble with their corporate globalist strike against our economy by shutting off their industries.
It's a strike against we the people, economic warfare, a form of total war known as siege, the oldest form of war.
But first I wanted to hit this.
Everything's been standardized.
Using cell phones to track and control people and their every movement.
Everyone has to have an Alibaba app to move in China, a private company.
The government took it over a few years ago.
And then the Alibaba app has to authorize you to leave your house.
Now Europe's doing that with apps.
Now they're saying it here.
Drones in China controlling people.
Drones in Europe controlling people.
And now, California police to use Chinese-made
Patrol drones!
Ah, battle-tested!
With night vision cameras during coronavirus lockdown.
And it's all the socialist, globalist countries that have open borders and sanctuary cities.
Illegal aliens are above the law.
They're letting the prisoners out.
But boy, don't let us catch you out after the curfews.
That's coming next.
Germany closes border to Europeans, but migrants still allowed in.
So now, Chinese programs, Chinese drones interface with police communications and control, battle tested against other humans.
Now our machine minders are here, rolling out.
A California police department is planning on using drones equipped with cameras
And loudspeakers to monitor a coronavirus shutdown.
The Chula Vista Police Department recently doubled its fleet of drones, purchasing two more of the machines from Chinese company DJI.
The police department told the Financial Times they would be outfitted, said the Financial Times London, with night vision cameras.
We've not traditionally mounted speakers to our drones, but if we need to cover a large area and get an announcement out, well, we'll do that.
So there you go, the robot controllers are here.
Now, I want to play a few minute clip from last night when Robert Barnes was on the broadcast with us, constitutional lawyer, and folks know the White House watches the show.
I'm not going to say exactly who watches and reports the President.
They'll try to fire him.
You see them trying to fire these folks all the time in the White House that are patriots, but everybody can take a guess.
And I said to Barnes, I said, give your message to the President.
The White House also follows his Twitter.
And he said, if Trump saves us from the depression everyone else is leading us into by reversing the country's course on this, I am going to build a statue of him in my front yard, paid for by successful bets.
He has won for me.
Barnes won the biggest bet ever, just an iron loan, 300 plus thousand dollars or the equivalent on betting on Trump.
And of course he was talking about the Democrats killing the rescue package and killing the package for emergency money from first responders and medical equipment while they bitch and say he hasn't raised a finger.
And President Trump responded, Robert, we will end up stronger than ever before.
Thank you.
Here's some of what Barnes had to say last night.
The full clip is posted on Bandock Video.
President Trump responds to Robert Barnes's
Here it is.
Your message to the world, your message to the president, your message on the economy and what you think the president, as you said, the only person right now that might be able to turn this around.
The president has to reverse course within 30 days or we may be sunk.
Our economy is entirely dependent on confidence and credit and often overnight confidence and overnight credit in the Wall Street repo and other debt markets.
And if those collapse, then with it comes capital access and consumer confidence, and with that comes the collapse of the economy itself.
That was the script for 1929.
And people need to remember what happened.
Within short order, not only was there a US depression, there was a global depression, and that birth
Nazism, fascism, communism, World War II, the Cold War, and a decade of depression around the world.
So those people who think you can just turn the engine of the economy back on like you just turn your car engine on, do not understand the scope and scale of what's happening economically.
In addition to that, the liberties that are being lost or endangered are extraordinary.
Right now, your First Amendment right of political activity is being suspended.
Your First Amendment right, you can't do a public protest.
You can't do public association for political purposes.
You can't do religious association for religious purposes.
Your Second Amendment rights are being effectively suspended.
New Jersey, California...
California, New York, Illinois, Pennsylvania.
These states that are imposing shutdown orders are excluding gun shops from those orders.
So that, from being necessary businesses.
So they're not letting them be exempt.
What does that mean?
It means you can't purchase a gun.
And while you can't purchase a gun, we're seeing unique levels of release of prisoners.
There's a judge in Montana talking about releasing prisoners.
Orders out of Philadelphia, New York, California, other places.
They're talking about releasing people from Rikers Island, some of the most dangerous people in New York City.
So while you can't leave, and you can't protect yourself by purchasing a gun, the other thing that's happening is they're basically shutting down background check departments.
So one of the longtime concerns was that background checks were just a guise, both for surveillance purposes, but also ultimately to use them as a pretext to deny people access to guns.
Well, you have state governments across the country in different places effectively shutting down furloughs.
But the Democrats are really, I think, getting caught with their pants down by their own actions, killing this aid package with the stock market down a thousand points earlier.
Let's, while he's talking, pull up CNBC.
What's about to happen?
Where are we at this crossroads in history?
I think that President Trump is taking us back from the precipice.
We were clearly right on the precipice of an economic collapse that we haven't seen since 1929.
There were reports yesterday of 30% unemployment coming in the next month.
The estimated to be 30% in just one quarter, which would be almost half by the time we get to the middle of the year.
This was a disaster.
People were noting the studies and surveys that showed the rate of suicide and deaths that skyrockets when the country simply goes into a recession and when it went into a past depression.
And those numbers of deaths far exceeded the realistic estimates of this virus.
So I think Trump, unlike almost anyone else, I mean there's a theory out there called anti-fragile, that there are certain unique personalities, uniquely situated to handle situations and circumstances like no one else in a common stature would, and that is President Trump.
And because he is reversing course, and I think he will by next week, I think when the 15 days expire, he's reopening America for business, reopening America's economy, restoring our fundamental rights against these local governments trying to infringe it,
And doing so is saving and salvaging the American dream for the future.
I agree that's what he should do, but instead they are going to hype up every single death that takes place.
Just like a school shooting.
Super rare.
Only kills maybe 70 people a year.
Still terrible.
They act like it's the end of the world.
We've got to change all society.
Blame 300 plus million Americans for it.
Well, you're going to have thousands of dead from this.
And they're going to act like it's the end of the world as we know it.
Robert Barnes, stay with us.
And we've got phone calls coming up.
We'll be right back.
We are back live broadcasting worldwide and I want to be one trillion percent clear here.
Infinity clear here.
I saw a joke meme on the internet without looking this morning.
Alex Jones says, don't panic over the virus, panic over the panic.
One of these leftist, you know, radio shows have like a hundred thousand views going, that doesn't make sense.
Either they, either they're stupid, either those guys are super stupid, or they think their viewers are stupid, their listeners are stupid.
That makes perfect sense.
Don't panic over the virus, but you should be concerned over the hysteria.
That's the dangerous thing.
It's like they'd be out on cattle drives on the Chisholm Trail here in Texas that runs up from Mexico all the way up to Chicago.
Kansas City on its way.
And that's what I-35 naturally is, a big rut, a canyon, where the cattle drove
It, like water, created the Grand Canyon.
And you read the history books and articles about it, somebody would misfire a shotgun or something, and one cow would bolt and hit another cow, and you'd have 10,000 cows running for four or five hours, running over everything on their path, running over other cows.
Is the shotgun blast a problem?
Didn't hurt a cow.
Scared them.
And then it causes
A stampede.
And so it is the hysteria, like at a rock concert, where somebody pops a firecracker.
And then everybody stampedes and a hundred people die.
You see that all the time.
So the hysteria killing the economy, the hysteria creating all this fear.
People calling in Texas, in California, in New York, the police on their neighbors because they heard them coughing.
And people not knowing the laws and the rules and saying, hey,
Only Walmart's allowed to be open.
Your warehouse can't be open.
Your studio can't be open.
And little, you know, average people enforcing, because now they feel big, they're part of the system.
But let's get back to the president.
You're on yesterday.
You send the president your message.
I don't get into this, but we're under a particular attack.
Trump will tweet an InfoWars article or tweet one of our reporters.
I know the White House does watch the show.
I know the White House is already aware of your work and you meet up there with some of those guys.
But really, the fact that you're saying Trump's got to act now, they're trying to create a depression, the shy comms are ramping up their economy, we need to get this message to Trump, and then Trump, you know, tweets and says, Robert, we're going to do that.
Robert, we will end up stronger than ever before.
Thank you.
It's just Trump's message to the base that he's the real deal.
But we know he is because the Democrats are trying to blame him.
I don't see how they get away with cheerleading the economy plunging, cheerleading Corona, lying and saying he's not responding, lying and saying troops aren't in New York three days after they're there, the mayor lying.
This is just next level deception.
So what's your latest message to the president and what do you make of him?
I don't think so.
Not going down this path.
They'll be highlighting death stories.
They'll be highlighting hospital stories.
They'll be highlighting virus panic stories.
They'll be putting all those red dots on the screen to terrify people.
They'll be doing worst case scenarios from Italy and Spain.
They'll be attacking the President non-stop.
The Democrats will hold up cash and capital to reach the American public to hope the Wall Street markets continue to crash.
In the attempts to get him to induce him to keep going down this path that they wanted to, which not only would result, as you've talked about, Alex, in an economic depression here in the United States, but would also be a long-term shift of power, as we talked about on Sunday, to China.
Today there were videos from Beijing where everything's back to normal in China.
China is clearly ramping up.
What's extraordinary is all the same media types who said, pay attention to the Chinese data that came out during the first 30 days of the virus, then when all of a sudden the data started showing, actually then the Chinese data after the first 30 days was often not from China, but was from other people who were in China, who had been allowed into China, that showed all of a sudden the virus was dying off of its own accord.
All of a sudden, then the press said, oh, you can't actually listen to data from China anymore.
That's because they want this to be successful.
They think that the pandemic can take out the president, the panic from the pandemic can take out the president, sink the economy and shift power to China.
I mean, remember, the data came out that they grossly overestimated the death rate.
There's now like 100 cases in Austin, Texas.
No deaths as of this morning.
So soon we're going to start finding out what the real death rate is.
No doubt.
For example, a data guy from Silicon Valley simply looked at all the data in the medical reports and stuff that I and some others had been pushing out.
He aggregated it together in a Medium post.
Several of us, including people with InfoWars, pushed it out.
A lot of the mainstream, big establishment types started paying attention to it and sharing it.
Uh, the president saw it, other people saw it, it showed that all of these hysteria, panic hysteria, was an overreaction, that there wasn't going to be a Spanish flu type reaction.
And what happened was media then took it down, and Twitter is now defaming him, whether there's a zero hedge, put it back up, and Twitter's now telling anyone who tries to even look at it, oh this is a dangerous story to even look at.
And all he did was take data from published sources.
People forget, back at the time of the swine flu, the same people who tried to push this pandemic now, tried to push it then.
It just didn't fit as well within Obama's agenda, which was that they said there was going to be 10 times more deaths than actually occurred with the swine flu.
Peter Hitchens talked about that in the Daily Mail.
So the President's on the right tack.
The President's trying to figure out, they're trying to take him out, they're trying to take America out, and he wasn't going to let it happen, and he let the world know he's doubling down, and he's coming back, and he's going to reverse course.
And now there's going to be massive pushback, and he just has to stick with his instincts, stick with his guns, do what needs to be done, in a week's time, re-open America, tell everybody we're re-opening America, require the governors and mayors to re-open America, and don't allow fear and hysteria and media panic to... That's right.
Barnes, stay right there.
I totally agree with you.
Even if it's super deadly, panicking and doing all this is not the answer.
I saw all the panicking and China scripting this and the media getting ready to blame Trump.
I said, you better take it serious, Trump.
They're going to say you didn't respond.
Then he kind of over-responded.
Now he's gotten pulled back.
This is a balancing act.
Big announcement.
Tokyo Olympics, the Olympics, the Summer Olympics coming up, have been postponed.
Next stop, U.S.
They're getting ready for that, Barnes.
How do you see that unfolding?
So the state and local governments control the timing of presidential elections, but the Constitution requires that the Electoral College act in a certain manner within a certain time frame, including the new president be inaugurated in January constitutionally.
So I think there's limits on what the state and local governments can do.
Uh, but I think the president, as long as the president takes a firm tack, they will be hard pressed to try to undermine him.
And the allies of the president have supported me and some others taking legal action against some of the cities and counties and states with these unlawful, unconstitutional
Uh, stay home orders.
And so when you combine those efforts, I believe we'll be able to prevent that effort from happening.
But this is clearly the path they were on.
They were on a path to try to take out the president, take out the economy of the country, sink it to China.
And they were happy with that outcome and happy with that result, even if it meant extraordinary economic, social, civil, and physical pain to millions and millions of Americans and billions around the world.
Luckily, we had a very unique president who was able to stand up to it and stand back to it.
If Hillary Clinton was president, we'd already be doomed and be figuring out, you know, where our new tent was going to be at the FEMA camp.
So it's a radically different mindset that the president has.
If you go to the big tracker sites that are fed into the U.S.
government and the FEMA, I'll show Blizzards and TV viewers some of this, infection2020.com, you can say go to Travis County where we are, 79 cases
And zero deaths.
And you start clicking other counties, there's no deaths.
And then you'll have one person die and it's like international news.
But how does that mesh then with Italy that's had less deaths, if you believe China, than China?
What in the hell's going on over there?
The reason why they were going to highlight Italy from day one is because Italy has a disproportionate problem responding to the flu, particularly northern Italy and the Lombardi region.
And the reason for that is threefold.
First, very old population.
Second, it's a population that smokes a lot and there's a lot of smog in the air, a lot of air pollution.
And third, their social nature of interaction transmits flu-like diseases at an extraordinary rate.
To give you an example, just two years ago, Italy had about 70,000 people die from the flu, which was about a rate five times higher than the rest of the world.
So that's why the media was always going to highlight Italy, because they knew by highlighting Italy, they could scare and terrorize the rest of the world.
Notably, almost all of these deaths are in Lombardy.
I did a comparison to the normal death rate, and the published rate is that for all of Italy, the death rate increase over last year is the same rate of growth as the year before.
So it's only in Lombardy that they have a problem.
Robert Barnes, stay right there.
Information will start the third hour.
We'll talk more with Robert and take your phone calls straight ahead.
Remember, the Globos are working around the clock to shut us down, to try to knock it the word out, but you can overpower them anytime you want.
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All right, Robert Barnes, next segment I want to take calls with you and get your take on the great points they bring up.
But in this short segment, the crew are really doing their own research.
They're like, oh, Barnes is absolutely right.
Look it up.
Just a couple of years ago, they had 4 million people with the flu.
Like you said, 70,000 died.
They're pulling up those statistics right now.
And it turns out it's this big issue that Italy has so many problems.
Italy is in the grip of its worst flu season in 14 years.
And then it happened in 2004, it happened in 2016.
I mean, they have big, big problems.
What on earth is going on there?
Recap that information.
So the first part is that it generally hits Northern Italy in particular.
So Italy has one of the oldest populations in the world, so those are the people most susceptible to flu-like viruses in the first place.
Secondly, in Northern Italy in particular, there's a lot of air pollution, and that air pollution further causes problems and actually tends to be an increased transmission rate for the flu.
Third is that the elderly, the culture of Italy, there's a lot of intergenerational house living styles, so a lot of kids living with grandma and grandpa.
And so kids are often transmitted at a high rate, particularly in very sociable, communicable cultures.
So like, for example, with this virus, it is most highly communicated where people have close, continuous contact with one another, such as in a confined setting.
Well, basically that is the culture of Northern Italy.
They're living in old, rotting castles.
And they're just old people that hug each other all the time, kiss each other all the time, are next to each other all the time.
A lot of intergenerational family communication style.
I have friends that come from that region of the country.
So it is a perfect petri dish for flu-like viruses and even more so for this virus.
Now what's interesting is the media knew all that, yet hid it.
And the reason why they hid it is they knew Italy was going to have a breakout problem.
And so Italy was the perfect place to create a pandemic panic.
I think?
So when Newsom says,
56% are gonna get it, and 20% are gonna go to the hospital.
That is just horse crap.
Not only that, you have the Dallas County guy up there, the guy who runs Dallas County there in Texas, just issued a shutdown order, and he put out a completely bogus chart that said that as long as he did a shutdown order, they would save almost all these lives, whereas if they didn't, all these lives would die.
A disparity that made zero sense altogether.
So you're seeing people predict these.
For example, even the Spanish flu, when we did not have good medical facilities, when we had bad air pollution throughout the Western world, we were fighting a world war in Europe at the time.
I mean, horrible conditions for a flu to spread.
We had millions of men in the Western world run down to just the lowest immune system ever.
They've been getting mustard gas, they were starving to death.
And yet still, only 30% of the people got the Spanish flu.
So the idea that over 50% were going to get this flu, at least in any consequential manner, in other words, any sort of severe illness, hospitalization, or death, was always absurd.
So, the other reason why they always focused on testing too, by the way, is because they knew that flu-like diseases, most people don't know they have it, so testing would panic them.
The flu itself, the CDC estimates, has a hundred times more people that have it than ever test for it.
That's why they focused on testing.
They knew it would create the panic.
And that's what their whole goal has been all the way through.
And luckily, we have a president able to push back.
Well, listen, I hope you're right.
I hope you're right that we can turn this panic back.
But I gotta tell you, it is just bonker land.
And you're really finding out who the boys from the men are and who the... I mean, it's just... I hate panickers, man.
I just cannot stand it.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
I'm Alex Jones, your host, constitutional lawyer, and one of the leading individuals laying out statistics and facts explaining that this coronavirus is being way overhyped.
Is Robert Barnes, and I know the President's listening very closely to what he has to say.
And very closely to what you have to say here on this broadcast.
Again, I'm Alex Jones, your host.
Infowars.com, Newswars.com, Band.video.
All right, we're gonna go to your phone calls now.
We're gonna go to Jerome, we're gonna go to William, we're gonna go to Sarah, Jefferson, Wayne, Joe, John, Heath, Malcolm, and Cornell in the time we have left in this hour.
But the way I get to you, and I appreciate you holding, I respect your time, is that one-minute statement.
You don't need to thank me, any of that.
I love you, you love me.
If you hate me, go ahead and tell me.
But if you like me, no need to tell me.
We're all in this together.
Your statement on this, your gravitas, your true grassroots, not AstroTurf view.
They don't want the show to exist because they don't want this information to be on the air.
They don't want you to have a voice.
They fear the voice of the people.
Jerome in New York, you're on the air.
Thanks for holding.
Hello, Alex.
I'm going to give you this number here.
And this number I'm going to give you is tied to the three major telecoms in China.
14 million.
There's three big telecoms in China.
China Mobile, they lost 7,254,000 accounts in the month of January and February.
Unicom lost 1,860,000 same month.
Unicom Telecom lost 5,230,000.
Now, let me read you this for all you doubting Thomases.
Due to the nature of Chinese telecom, your national ID is bound to your mobile number account, which in turn is bound to your Alpay account, the one-stop mobile app that manages all your monetary transactions, including banking.
It is almost a cashless society over there, because I go all the time.
If you lose it, you lose access to your Alpay, which is basically how Chinese pay for everything from chewing gum, haircuts, groceries, gasoline, plane tickets, train tickets,
Sir, I understand.
It's a mark of the beast.
God bless you.
You got a minute 15.
I gotta move.
That's another great topic.
Let's get Barnes' brief take on this.
The communist Chinese social score has been set up by the big tech companies.
It's the testing ground.
Now they're just moving it to Europe and here.
This is the rollout.
They're admitting it.
I've got stacks of articles every day saying they're getting an app ready through the blue cities for you to be able to go outside your house.
It's going to track social distancing.
This isn't coming.
It's here.
Here's a Bloomberg article.
People in China need a green light from Alibaba, that's their global company store just like Amazon's ours app, to move around the country.
They say you can't go one foot out your door unless you have it and then it tells you if you're allowed to move.
Here's another one.
Singapore's big brother fights against coronavirus.
Same thing on app.
This is all a plan.
It's no longer a debate.
Robert Barnes.
No doubt about it.
In fact, what was on pace to occur was for effectively not only will we shift political, economic and manufacturing power to China, that while our factories were closed, their factories were ramping up and they could replace us in the world market and the supply chain such that when we came back, we no longer had a competitive edge.
But in addition, the Chinese method and the Chinese modus of operation, the social credit system, was already being looked at for applied throughout Europe and throughout the United States.
Like you look at all this talk about look at how the Chinese are helping Europe.
Yeah, why are they helping Europe?
What's their goal and objective?
Their goal and objective throughout the rest of the world
We're good to go.
Where we were going to under the guise of panic of pandemic protection, virus protection was going to be their new scheme for imposing these extraordinary degrees of social control and a social credit system.
Hey Alex, I just had a quick question or possibly a theory about how the
And he released them and they mutated and gave people Zika.
That's confirmed.
Yes, and with this, it seems like the sort of the time of year that that could possibly have been or have been or be used for the same thing.
Oh, you're right, the mosquitoes are coming out right now.
What a perfect time.
Yeah, I wonder if this virus, we know it can be spread by other animals.
I wonder if it can be spread by mosquito.
What do you think, Joe?
I think that's a big possibility.
If not, whatever vaccine he would like to put in there could be used for that.
And it doesn't matter what people want to do to get that by mosquito, you're done.
Um, and at the same time as well, uh, just everything that he seems to be doing, he's, he's, it's been pretty quiet recently from the Bill Gates side.
Oh, he is a real live supervillain.
Yeah, and then, you know, when him, seeing as how he knows everything, I'm curious that he's quiet.
I guess like the, you know, the, the dark that doesn't bark, uh, I guess to say, um, and with everything that's going on, I'm surprised that he's not up there giving the daily briefings because he knows so damn much about the,
Well, his dad ran the eugenics operation for the Secret Army program at Cold Springs Harbor.
He now admits that and ran Planned Parenthood.
He is the real deal.
God bless you, sir.
Real bad.
I mean, you talk about a demon elf, he's it.
The real deal, folks.
That is not a very... He doesn't play well with others.
Barnes, you want to comment on the event 201 and Disease X and all the pre-hyping of this and then all the weird Bill Gates funded TV shows and movies that all just aired perfectly as this happened that have been in production for a year?
Well, those who had concern about the intentions were highlighting the fact that so many high-ranking CEOs resigned or stepped down in just the last six months.
And that struck a lot of people as odd and peculiar.
Bill Gates stepped down from Microsoft this month.
Then there was the unusual connection between him highlighting the fears over a pandemic about coronavirus many months before this virus broke out.
Uh, which you highlighted early on identifying that this may be reason for cause as to whether a pandemic panic will take place within the press and the politicians due to fear and concern that the.
This kind of ideology was being planted in people's minds.
And now we're seeing it come to fruition.
The eager wish with which politicians around the world are using this as a pretext to grab and seize unprecedented power.
But I agree with you, the endgame is the force of vaccine.
Gates, it turns out, has a digital tattoo that's sewn into your skin.
Pure evil.
It's all here.
But there's going to be a huge backlash.
It's already beginning.
You can see it.
Oh, no doubt about it.
I think ordinary people are not interested in this goal.
If there was a legitimate pandemic about a legitimate virus that was not disproportionate in its response, where the cure was not worse than the problem, as the president put it.
And if the politicians weren't openly looking like they're having orgasms, other than Trump, I mean, they are just loving it.
No doubt about it.
The excitement.
I mean, well, the Dallas County was just the latest example.
I mean, the excitement that they have.
They want to be our saviors.
And they look like they've just won the Super Bowl.
And they're just like strutting around smiling.
The governor of Texas isn't.
Trump isn't.
But all these other people are acting like they are on five hits of ecstasy.
The people you would most fear having power, particularly unchecked power, are the ones seeking right now the pandemic as the pretext to seize that power.
And that's what threatens the liberties of people around the world, here in the United States, throughout parts of Western Europe.
And that's why the president's reaction today was key.
The president is the only thing saving us from going off the cliff, from going off the precipice.
He is the only one standing, pushing back.
By the way, that's true.
That's actually true.
But he's not just the only guy in power.
We're here as well, and that's why the globalists are so pissed.
Schumer and them now blocking the aid package totally reveals them, doesn't it?
It exposes their real agenda.
No doubt about it.
Their real agenda had nothing to do with protecting the public.
It was entirely a power grab.
And now the American people get to see it in live time.
That's right.
Barnes, stay there.
More calls straight ahead.
Robert Barnes, top constitutional lawyer with us on fire.
Your calls, you're on fire.
Straight ahead.
I'm Alex Jones.
If you're a TV viewer, the crew put together an amazing background from Dr. Strangelove.
The Stanley Kubrick masterpiece from 1964.
You know, I know the secrets of that movie.
I'm not kidding.
I'm not allowed to tell you.
Pretty wild.
Maybe Vivian Kubrick, his protege, his favorite person, that's on record, will come on the show sometime and tell you what she told me when I hung out with her one time for three days.
But it's amazing.
But I know it's true because I've experienced the same thing she's talking about.
Pretty cool, man.
Stanley Kubrick was a remote viewer, ladies and gentlemen.
I didn't say that, did I?
I'll stop right there.
He had the CIA visit him and they go, how do you know about Plan R?
How do you know about the machine?
Had a dream about it.
Anyway, she said I could say some of it, but a lot of it, I'm not gonna get into it on air, but I believe it.
Some of the other stuff she told me, man, and I looked up some of it, pieces were there, but why he made The Shining, why he made all these movies, but why he made Eyes Wide Shut, and he would not cut the last 24 minutes, and he died.
And they think he was killed.
He was very haunted by the things he knew and he would also like have these basically visions and then he would experience it being around people and later find it was true.
Highly psychic, folks.
Anyways, let's just stop and move on from that area.
Robert Barnes is our guest here.
We're taking your phone calls.
He's been very nice to give us a lot of time here today.
I knew he's a statistician.
I mean, the guy, I know when people are BSing, everything he's saying, we're looking it up and it's true.
I didn't know Italy had the record flu rate in the world.
I knew they had one of the oldest populations, the oldest replacement rate in Europe.
I knew they had problems.
I knew they were the leader in flu deaths.
I had no idea.
That was higher than 70,000 like he said some years.
So of course that's what's happening.
I do know they all live, especially in Northern Italy, in like old houses.
The average house is like 400 years old.
A lot of folks have castles, because you had to.
It was always getting invaded.
So a lot of families live in the family castle.
And it'll be two, three, four generations in there.
Because a lot of them will be really old.
And that's, viruses come through, they wipe you out.
So that's what's going on here.
But, I want to just remind listeners,
I lost my uncle, my dad's uncle, and my cousin who all lived in the ranch houses in our family ranch in East Texas in the same month.
Three different houses.
My cousin died, my uncle died, and then my dad's uncle died.
And my uncle was only 69 and looked like Popeye.
He was in great shape.
Army hero the whole nine yards and it just killed him.
And when I was at the
Palestine, that's the name of the town near their giant hospital.
It's a big Catholic hospital there he was at.
And they were just like, everybody's dying.
They were just like, yeah, they were spraying silver everywhere and there were people in the halls and just funerals everywhere.
That was not on the news.
Callers were calling in from all over the Midwest and Texas and Louisiana and Arkansas going, man, we're burying half our relatives around here.
Nothing on the news.
That was under Obama.
When you've got a real pandemic, you're not going to hear about it in my experience.
That's why you better be taking zinc in the fall.
And the winter and the spring, every year anyways.
That's why you should be doing all these things.
And we sell a high-quality product that has all the vitamins and minerals and the preglanone you need to boost it.
Real Red Pill, Red Pill Plus, that has a good dose of high-quality zinc in it.
Zinc's sold out almost everywhere.
We're shipping within 24 hours.
When you order today, your order will be shipped out.
To you
Same company.
American Biotech is what a lot of hospitals use.
This is it.
And the Pentagon found it 2.5 times better than alcohol.
And alcohol only lasts a few hours.
This lasts until you wipe it off.
It just stays there.
So, this is selling out.
Don't even need to plug it.
It'll be sold out before more comes in.
Going back to Barnes.
Take a few calls in this segment.
But next segment, what else is on your radar?
What else do you want to get into?
Just one other component on Italy.
Italy also has a history of over-reporting deaths from specific causes.
So, for example, if you're elderly and you die of a heart attack, but you also had the flu bug, they will often list both as the cause of death.
And so they're doing it really bad in this context.
Everybody who dies, who happens to have coronavirus, they're listing as dying because of coronavirus, rather than when you look at the underlying details, they usually had three or four other possible causes of death independent of and separate from coronavirus.
That's why outside Lombardy, the overall death rate in Italy is actually growing at a smaller rate than
Then it did the year before.
Now in Lombardy, they clearly have a problem.
But outside Lombardy, that's not the case.
And by the way, I looked that up during the break.
That's Italy's oldest city.
Oldest population.
By far.
Not only that, bad pollution in particular in Lombardy.
And a lot of intergenerational housing dependence.
You have people living in three-bedroom apartments.
Where you've got six people living there, multiple generations.
In close, continuous connection.
And that's because the taxes are so high.
Alright, let's jam in a call.
Malcolm, thanks for holding on the air with Robert Barnes.
Go ahead.
Yes, sir.
Thanks for holding.
Hey, I'm gonna try to be real quick about this.
I got a sticker idea for you.
COVID slash 9-11.
You should make one of those, man.
But I was just wondering,
Could you elaborate more on 5G and how that possibly could make the coronavirus even worse?
Sir, there's no possible about it.
Instinctively, we've gotten more calls, more emails about this than any other one thing, 5G, and the fact that they rolled out 5G first and woo on.
In all the studies, 4G, 3G, 2G, all of this electromagnetic microwave radiation,
Lowers the blood-brain barrier and pushes viruses across and pushes viruses through the cell membranes in every study and increases the incidence of bacterial and viral infection.
Just type in cell phone radiation and blood-brain barrier and infection rate.
It's a fact it does it and so yes, it is a contributing factor.
Yeah, I feel like that needs to be...
I always notice it's the crowd that's engaged always knows what's going on even though they're not sure why.
They always put their finger on it and then we go check it out and that's it.
Yeah I mean it's the equivalent of crowdfunding except in the context of ideas and new ideas in particular and proper interpretations rather than actual cash or currency.
But it totally revolutionizes the nature of
A lot of your best ideas come from crowd-generated ideas and crowd-generated common sense.
The best definition really is common sense.
It's what it is.
It's experience combined with intuition of the masses put together, and you get what real common sense is.
Yeah, you go for what's true for the species, not what's true just to make money.
Because if I came up here and said we're all dead, I'd sell five times more stuff.
No, I'm not going to do that.
Oh, exactly.
And no doubt about it.
And so the key is that, you know, people should be prepared and people should be ready.
Sure, of course.
And that was always smart.
But that's in response to the panic that was always going to come about.
But no question, what's happened here, I mean, there's aspects.
It's not a coincidence that all of this ends up being connected back to China.
Hold on, let's take a little break.
Malcolm, don't hang up.
I'll let you finish up and I'll get to everybody else.
But that was the point I ever got to when I was talking about my family dying.
And then no one's saying it was a pandemic when it was.
And calls from all over the country was, you need to get your immune system boosted for all the real stuff that's out there.
And the real pandemics, they're not going to tell you about them.
Maybe Trump will, but I mean, when it's Obama's watch, he didn't want to panic on his watch.
We'll be right back.
What about the fact that you can go to any store and get the chemical that's in the quinine drug?
It's not in your soda.
No, it's in the other stuff.
The tonic.
They won't even tell anybody that.
You know, that tonic knocks out malaria.
You pretty much can't get it if you're drinking two bottles of it a day.
And I'm not a doctor!
That's like an established fact for 150 years!
Like vitamin C keeps you from getting scurvy.
You know, you don't get vitamin C for a couple months, all your teeth fall out, every old scar you have opens back up, and you get bleeding pustulates all over you until you die.
And then your heart ventricles disintegrate and you have a heart attack.
Only one mammal produces vitamin C, and that's the rat in its gut.
Well, they're the dominant male species.
Rodents do.
We count the number of life forms.
We have to have it.
We don't do that.
We have to ingest it from green leafy things.
I'm digressing, ladies and gentlemen.
We're getting the video right now.
It just happened.
It's bombshell.
Here's the Washington Post.
Democrats block key vote on $2 trillion coronavirus bill as Senate floor erupts with partisan anger.
Democrats blocked a $2 trillion Corona rescue bill from the second day in a row as near pandemonium erupted on the Senate floor.
Pandemonium from Pandora's box.
With lawmakers venting fury about the failed efforts to address the pandemic's impact on the U.S.
We'll get you a bunch of those clips definitely for Gerald Cilente.
But it is just screaming, yelling.
What are the Democrats thinking?
This is no money for big corporations, directly to workers, directly to keep them employed when they're furloughed, directly to the citizens, directly to the medical workers, directly for ventilators, directly for masks, directly, and the Democrats are blocking it.
Barnes, this is...
This is near suicide, except they just want to crash the economy and have China win, because they're all invested in China!
And the CFR says it was the Chinese century, and America was done!
They're paid for by the CHICOMs, half of them have CHICOM agents in there, so they don't care how bad it looks, because they're carrying out a military attack on our main generator!
Well, the Democrats' response makes sense given what their strategy is.
Their strategy is to sink the economy, have the pandemic spread, have it all be blamed on Trump, seize power.
And remember, from the Democrats' perspective, every time there's been a major economic downturn in the modern political era since 1932, Democrats have profited.
In 1932, seeing the economy sink under Hoover, where they also did various obstacles to Hoover during that time period, made sure and guaranteed that they would have a 20 year period of complete dominance across the board.
Then in 1992, the economic collapse or decline led to Bill Clinton.
Then in 2008, it led to Barack Obama, Obamacare, House and Senate big majorities.
So their view is that a Wall Street collapse, an economic collapse, profits them politically.
Secondly, as you note, there are deep ties between various aspects of Chinese investors and pro-Chinese advocates within the Democratic Party.
Trump has been going right at China to try to rebalance our manufacturing, rebalance our jobs, rebalance our economy.
This is how China has retaliated at a minimum.
Even if you don't believe China had any intentionality in the role, there's no question that if China had not hid the pandemic early on, then we would not be in this position at all and could not be in this position at all.
So why would they?
I guess because we're informed.
We have that blind spot.
We forget that half the public literally doesn't know what planet they're on.
I don't see that as an opportunity to screw people.
I see it as a danger to my children and myself and our species with these criminals manipulating them.
But the boldness of saying Trump didn't send troops to New York three days after he did with huge medical supplies, the boldness of blocking the funds, the boldness of saying he's doing nothing when they're the ones doing something blocking it, they are damn villains!
These people are over the damn top!
And I'm sorry, a bunch of them need to hang.
I'm not going to go start a fight.
I'm not going to make them victims.
I'm not going to turn them into martyrs.
I mean due process.
They are Chinese communist spies.
They are criminals.
They're doing insider trading.
The Justice Department, by not acting against the deep state, keeps allowing these insane things to go on that are going to destroy them as well!
It's out of control!
Stop them!
It's a pandemic of corruption within our main political institutions and legal institutions of the kind that has sunk great empires in the past.
Whether we're talking about England in the early 19th, early 20th century, or we're talking about Rome many centuries before.
It's always the any great system tends to collapse from within, not from without.
And here the combined corruption of sort of the deep state administrative government that has taken over large parts of law enforcement, national security and intelligence operations,
Combined with their political patrons in the think tanks and on the halls of Congress, now threaten the well-being of all Americans and the entire world.
Yeah, we're not up here with talking points.
They are the most flagrant villainous supervillains that even are hunchbacked and act like Skeksis.
They even look like something out of a science fiction nightmare movie.
Malcolm, finishing up real quick on 5G.
What else you want to say, brother?
Uh, I do have to ask.
Do you find it very funny that some of these celebrities and politicians are getting this coronavirus?
Oh, they do it to make themselves look like victims.
It's all fake.
But do you think some of them actually do have, some of them do mess with some Chinese operatives?
I don't know.
Maybe, sir.
God bless you.
But I don't believe for a damn minute that Harvey Weinstein has it.
As soon as he got convicted, he quit using the walker.
I mean, what do you think, Barnes?
Well, I think the joke that's going around is that Harvey Weinstein didn't virus himself.
So we'll see how it goes.
Oh yeah, exactly.
This is a perfect way to have more deadly strains that burn out.
You know, they've got those with the DNA engineered RNA now, where they can, for how it hits your DNA, it can only, they spray it in your face, it kills you, but then mutates into hormones right away.
Great points.
William in Texas, thanks for holding your trooper.
Go ahead.
Hello, Alex.
Hi, Robert.
How you doing?
Glad to hear from you guys.
Real quick before you make a comment on a bunch of things.
I'm a sports nutritionist.
I work a lot with a lot of people with illness, but I wanted to make a comment, guys.
Buy Alex's products.
He needs your support right now.
I've been getting your stuff for 21 years, Alex.
Finally took me 21 years to get on the phone.
Real quick, I want to make a couple comments, Alex, on your zinc.
When you guys are buying it, you may suggest also if you can maybe get a copper supplement because zinc and copper competes with each other.
So sometimes add a little copper with your zinc.
Number two, on your nail particles regarding the silver.
Great stuff.
Do you ever talk right into your telephone?
I'm sorry, could you hear me?
Do you want me to repeat that?
I heard most of it.
Just keep going.
Okay, got it.
Alex talking about his silver.
Get the silver.
Silver mainly deals with bacteria, but for some, you know, there's a lot of anti-news out there that try to say, this doesn't work.
Alex Jones is talking about this.
No, no, no.
I know a study, because I do this a lot.
I work a lot with people with these.
There's a molecular science study in 2011, NCBI, that talks about silver with nanoparticles that's used for antimicrobial bacteria and
And against several types of viruses.
Sir, there are hundreds of studies.
The military uses this very stuff.
Again, they just don't want you to know what's out there.
We're not saying it's a cure.
We're not saying it's perfect.
But I mean, the Pentagon says that it's one of the most effective things out there.
Right, yeah.
And the thing with the viral thing is people don't understand how virus work.
Virus has a fiber.
It's very similar like a cancer.
There's a fiber in this coat.
That's why a lot of things can't penetrate it like cancer.
And what happens is the silver can attack the bacteria that contribute to this fibrin layer or a shell.
And what happens when that starts... Well, that's right.
Bacteria carry the viruses through the body, and that's why antibiotics are actually antiviral.
Great point.
So, I used to say, why are they giving you an antibiotic for a virus until I did the research?
We'll come back with Barnes.
Thank you, sir.
Now, we've got to get to Jefferson.
And Sarah, and Cornell, and Heath, and John, and everybody.
I'll go on to the next hour.
Sunday's coming up.
I'm going to have some clips of the explosion on the Senate floor.
Robert Barnes is our guest.
Robert, how do folks follow you on Twitter?
Sure, at Barnes underscore law.
So, at Barnes underscore law.
They sometimes have to do it creatively because Twitter has found every conceivable means to try to shadow ban or not find me.
Yeah, and with the President retweeting you, you're going to get in even more trouble.
You've been a very naughty, naughty man.
No one share his Twitter and no one share him pollwars.com.
Lights out.
If you live in a blue city, don't leave your house without authorization or six years in prison.
Illegal aliens, Islamic invaders, and criminals, feel free to enjoy yourselves.
That's the headlines.
Germany closes border to Europe, but migrants from North Africa and the Middle East, welcome, welcome, welcome.
Can't make that up.
Robert Barnes is our guest.
I'll host a little bit in the next hour.
Then, Gerald Solente takes over.
We've got some amazing highlights, the ongoing fight in the Senate.
Where McConnell says they expect us to act and really exposes the Democrats.
I'll play that at six after.
And so much more.
But I'm pledged to go to your phone calls.
But I wanted to go to this analogy.
We had a guest on, I forget exactly who it was, a few weeks ago.
He said, the way the globalists are flopping around and freaking out is like the android in the movie Alien.
They find out it's a company android.
They're trying to get the species on board and take it back for the weapons division.
And when they start killing it, killing the android, it starts flopping around and spazzing out and, you know, throwing a fit.
And so here is the allegory of the New World Order right now, throwing everything they can at us and the Democrats trying to crash the economy.
Its mission is to destroy the economy.
Can't reason with it.
Get her up!
Get her up!
Get her up!
Get her up!
Get her up!
This is what happens once it gets beaten.
It gets really bad.
This is what the Democrats are doing right now.
Trying to attack the economy, spewing poison in every direction.
This is the point we've now reached.
Even if they bring down the economy, they get the blame now.
But they're following, they're all blackmailed by the Chi-Coms and others.
If the CFR would get them to do deals with Chinese, which is espionage, then they can blackmail them.
Okay, that's good.
Now let's show you another allegory.
This is Press and Blade Runner.
This is a biological android.
That Decker has fatally wounded and it does the same thing.
So here's another allegory of the globalist.
Here it is.
She's flipping towards the economy.
She's going to destroy it.
This is what happens.
Here it is.
And that's all it is.
Hillary's not going to be president!
This is what happens.
I'm bringing down America!
I'm bringing it all with me!
Let me be a pedophile!
We're all being made to step down, because Trump's making them step down.
They go, oh really?
Buy a weapon!
And the real thing is the psychological warfare weapon.
You like those allegories there, Barnes?
Yeah, I think they're all apt.
I mean, I think we were really on the verge of being wiped out in ways that I don't think most Americans had cognizance of.
And Trump saved the country and the world from where we were going, by being the Harrison Ford character, by being the character that steps up at the key moment and acts against all of what the people in power want to have happen.
And that's entirely thanks to him and entirely thanks to him that the country can actually have a future.
But you see the pushback today, the pushback today from the Democrats on the Hill, the pushback from the various deep state institutional operators, the pushback from the press, all trying to coerce him into a different path, the path they thought they had the country on.
That's right.
I was asking why your Skype's so bad.
You were telling me there's so many people on the internet in Vegas that it's all messed up.
Yeah, there's a Vegas shutdown.
So to the credit of the mayor in Vegas, the mayor in Vegas has said that the governor's order is unconstitutional, is vague, and so the mayor won't enforce it.
But the mayor is not as powerful as the governor.
And so basically almost everybody's unemployed right now in Las Vegas.
We would become like a Mad Max kind of world, a Babylon Berlin kind of world, if we didn't correct or remedy these things very quickly.
Thank goodness that Trump did it.
Otherwise, we were going to be in a very different kind of environment.
You know, I had friends of mine who are well-connected investors, who are people that are well-connected to what's going on in China.
And they were, you know, sending me photos of their plane that they're going to be hopping on to get out of the country within two weeks if this didn't change.
And these are people who don't overreact.
So that was on the scope of what we were facing.
But you think it's starting to turn around with Trump saying he thinks the restrictions are too extreme.
He's letting everybody get a taste of Democrat martial law, then saying, hey, you really want to not have an economy?
You really want to live under?
You can't go outside what Democrats want?
And here it is.
Gentlemen, thank you for doing your best to keep our Constitutional Republic alive.
The technocrats and the bureaucrats and the pharmacists are doing their best to create an artificial scarcity of this hydroxychloroquine right now.
They're saying that they have to keep it away from the public because they have to save it for people with rheumatoid arthritis and lupus.
Well, all I know is, is that anybody, and I'm not doing medical things here, this is tyranny to say I can't tell you what the caller pointed out, that vitamin C goes after things like scurvy.
Well, you can go and get any tonic that has quinine in it, and that's what they turn into the drug that is this, and that's the anti-malarial, and that's why the British Army made it a drink.
To have the tonic.
Remember, tonics were the old name of a medicine.
So it's called a gin and tonic because the troops were in Africa.
They were in other areas that had malaria.
And so that's what they gave them with the gin.
The military gave them gin and tonic.
Just like the British gave them limes with their rum.
And said you don't get rum unless you take limes.
So it was a medicating of the troops.
We can turn this around on Tony Fauci, though.
He says he wants a large study before he's going to release this happily.
Well, we already have the population of people that are taking hydroxychloroquine for rheumatoid arthritis and lupus, so let's see if those people are somewhat immune
To the virus.
Oh listen, Fauci is total bad news.
He contradicts Trump constantly.
He's a Hillary Clinton worshipper.
Jefferson, what do you think, thanks for the call Jefferson, what do you think Trump should do about the situation of how the FDA and others are trying to block an emergency?
The president can order a drug open to the public.
In fact, he's the very guy that can do it.
They're acting like the media says he can't even talk about medical stuff.
He just needs to shut his mouth.
Well, the very sort of FDA approach has always been problematic.
I had this debate with Ralph Nader many years ago where he said that he was complaining that all the agencies that he helped create that he thought would protect the public from corporations had become the captive tool of corporations to keep out competition and control the public.
That's right, my friend.
Well, let's go to the call.
No, Sarah's up next.
Sarah in Illinois and then Cornell.
Sarah, welcome.
Hi Alex, it's really great to talk to you.
I actually have a message for Governor Pigface, sorry, Pritzker of Illinois.
I'm a resident of Champaign County, and also for the record, I'm a crippled blind woman.
I'm also asthmatic, so prior to Saturday, I was content to stay home under my own volition.
However, your order for martial law violates your oath and is illegal, and I do not obey illegal orders.
Ever since you issued your edict, I have knowingly and willfully violated your unlawful order on a daily basis in any and every way I'm able.
And I will continue to do so.
Governor, when I finally do fall, be it from virus or government, another will take my place.
Then another, and then another, for as long as it takes until this wrong is made right.
Whether I live till the end of this chaos or not, I will not, under any circumstances, relinquish my freedom.
And I would encourage everyone in Illinois and across the country to peacefully but visibly resist this tyranny.
Alex, also I'd like to say to you that Bodies is awesome, and for those of us who are crippled and in chronic pain, it is a godsend.
So is the real Red Pill Plus.
Thank you for giving me this platform.
Well, Sarah, thank you.
We've got about a minute left, but I want to ask Barnes if we can come back with one more segment with him, then I'll do another segment with Calls, and then Salithi takes over.
If they really start locking everybody down and arresting innocent people saying, oh, you don't have proof you were going to the store, I'm going to have to organize a big demonstration in front of City Hall and get arrested.
Because that's real martial law.
How do they trump free speech when that's never been done in law?
I've got a lawsuit ready in case Trump did declare a national emergency, as they said he was.
He didn't back down.
I don't think he was ever planning that.
We might have been given some disinfo.
But, Sarah, in your gut, what do you think is going to happen?
I have an incredibly bad feeling about this and, you know, if we don't start resisting this now, everybody who's cowering in their houses right now in all the states that have the shelter-in-place orders, what are you sheltering for?
What is worth protecting at this point?
Well, that's it.
Too many people are signaling that they want to bend over.
God bless you.
Call me again, Sarah.
We love you.
What a beautiful voice.
We're going to come back and we're going to have Barnes' take on how do we stand up against this?
Stay with us.
Robert Barnes, I should have got him on more during the pandemic.
I get so distracted thinking of him just as legal stuff.
But his statistics, his numbers are dead on.
We've got to have him do more shows with us where you just get in studio and lay everything out.
Maybe he'll get here before they lock everything down.
But I think we're gonna turn the corner in the next month on this.
I agree.
I don't think the public's gonna take martial law while the illegal aliens who still walk across the border.
But getting back to that point, at an instinctive level,
I don't want to go have confrontations.
I don't want to get arrested.
But if the Democrats seize on this in every city, and even shut down in Dallas Academy, when it sells all the survival gear and is, you know, much more important than a Walmart that's selling frozen pizzas, Academy ought to say, OK, we're selling food now, you know.
This is just crazy that they could shut anything down.
Media is protected under federal law.
So is our food warehouse.
We're covered.
Just the hysteria of this and saying First Amendment and the right of the people to petition their government for redressing of grievances and to peacefully assemble, that's been mixed and that's not in the Constitution or in a ruling, is it, Robert?
Not at all.
In fact, one of the points that I made in the article, I think it was linked today on Drudge, was the fact that the Founders were intimately familiar with pandemics and viruses and plagues, and yet there is not one word in the Constitution that says any of the Bill of Rights, any of our protections, any of our fundamental liberties can ever be abridged
In the name of public health, in the name of a virus, in the name of a pandemic, in the name of a plague.
And those are people that are far more familiar with these things and experience them at a worse level than we ever have.
So that fact is we should not be quarantining the Constitution of the United States from millions, right now basically 167 million Americans.
A little more than half the country currently has no constitutional protection under the First Amendment, Second Amendment, Fourth Amendment, Fifth Amendment, Sixth or Seventh Amendment in their respective jurisdictions as to core fundamental constitutional liberties.
They cannot petition their government in a public protest.
They cannot associate with one another for a political party in a public, physical way.
They cannot join together for church.
And they can't even have any kind of meeting.
More than ten people in some places, five in other places, two in other places.
They cannot purchase a gun in half the states.
Yesterday, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court said that was okay.
But three of the justices wisely dissented and said this is a clear Second Amendment violation.
So that's why what's happening is a clear constitutional violation.
There is an unfortunate history of courts turning a blind eye during pandemics to constitutional violations.
And that's why they're willing to test it and check its power now.
But that's why a legal remedy has to occur.
Have you seen that, Norm?
Norm Pettis' suit they got ready when they were talking about banning interstate commerce.
We need to get our heads together.
There's an article on drugreport.com, not just your great article, but how you predicted weeks ago this tyranny coming, so they posted it.
trying to keep crowds away from cherry blossoms, and it's a Ghana hazmat suit, all just to create fear.
This is all theater.
Doesn't mean the virus isn't real, but I mean in Travis County, 78 cases, zero deaths, and just hysteria is setting in in certain people, and then that triggers it in others.
Singapore is not closing down all of its civil society or its economy.
South Korea is not doing it.
Japan's not doing it.
Russia isn't doing it at all.
Why is it all of these countries are not doing it, yet somehow we have to?
Even Iran didn't shut down its economic structure.
And again, China's back to normal.
But we're told 18 months.
I mean, the Democrats want us all bankrupt under their control.
They want to nationalize everything.
And the ADL, you notice, doesn't just want our free speech.
It now wants this big billion dollar bailout.
They're all going to be looking to get bailed out or to get kickbacks in one way, shape, or form.
Oh, exactly.
It's the corruption of our institutions and our think tanks and our politicians.
And but for President Trump, they would have been sinking our economy within weeks or months.
All right, Robert.
Extremely powerful.
I'm going to call you in about 10 minutes.
Thank you, Robert Barnes.
Talk about some other stuff.
Be glad to be here, Alex.
All right.
Very powerful.
Cornell, Wayne, and John, your calls are 60 seconds away.
Then he's ready, he's informed, and he is going to be a raging bull.
Gerald Cilente, coming up in T-minus 11 minutes.
And we've got our war room here, our council of experts and hosts and listeners, the most important ingredient, the action, the people on the grassroots, the eyes, the ears, the bloodstream, the soul of the operation.
We're going to go to Cornell and Wayne and John to close out my segment of the transmission, then Gerald Salunde comes in for about 40 minutes of live air time, and then, war room!
With Owen Schroyer, and his former guest host can't talk to us, he's politically gagged by the monster judge who packed the jury with known Democrat operatives and said their names were secret, but we released them!
Ha ha ha ha ha!
See how that works?
See how it works?
Keep them comfortable?
Now, let me just say this, because people tune in and some folks don't get it and they say, you just said, don't panic over the virus, but panic over the panic.
Yes, get concerned, worry about the stock market crashing, worry about the globalists making us dependent on them taking over the economy.
That makes perfect sense and that's what's happening.
We saw the scripting, we said this is serious, we said it's a man-made virus, it does kill some people, but the hype coming is why you got to be worried and why you got to get ready because if they're able to have a civil war or a depression, that's why you want the storable food.
And we told you that everybody else was sold out of it.
Well, they were.
We told you we had it.
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Vitamin D3 is always great.
The fish oil.
I want to thank you all for your support.
We're not here to create fear, we're here to create action.
And I think you're gonna see, like the crises they have in Italy, with 70, 80,000, 100,000 dying a year of the flu.
That's triple what we are, and our population is triple.
So that's a six times the full death there.
Why is that?
Well, we've gone over the numbers.
So other viruses that are similar are gonna wreak havoc.
And so you're gonna get 5,000 dead, 10,000 dead, 20,000 dead, 70,000 dead, and they're like, oh my God, it's all over, it's this virus.
It's the oldest population on average on Earth, except for maybe Japan.
And so that's what's going on.
There's a lot of statistical manipulation going on, but you should still get ready for all the reasons I just named.
Okay, Cornell in Illinois.
Thanks for holding.
Hey, what's up, Alex?
How you doing?
This is Cornell from Illinois.
You and Robert Barnes are very impressive.
Barnes, your research is absolutely impeccable.
Listen, like the previous caller, I am in the state of Illinois.
Can you please
Help us to expose this Governor JB Pritzker.
Last week he was on the MSNBC show, the Morning Joe Show, and he stated in terms of what they knew about a virus outbreak.
He said that we anticipated a virus outbreak from Asia.
That's location specific.
Number one, what informational evidence did he have at that time that would allow him to state that?
As an Illinoisan here, he did nothing to help his citizens.
He didn't give any health tips.
There were no town halls.
There was no information, no education put out to the small businesses here.
There was nothing done here to help save the lives that he's now pretending that he cares about.
I don't know if you know this or not, but Trump has been in a nasty political battle with
I agree with you and he also looks like a satanic version of Bob's big boy.
I can't keep track of all these guys.
I follow what he's doing.
It's all a big power grab.
You know more about Pritzker than I do in Illinois.
I just know that
Trump, you know, letting out the former governor is probably getting a lot of dirt on all these people and the reason they probably railroaded him.
What do you think about all this?
You're the expert in Illinois, Cornell.
I think that he is part of some kind of cover-up.
I do think that... Listen, it came out the CDC knew this was going on in November.
They hired a bunch of people.
They definitely didn't tell Trump.
They brought the people in.
And Fauci is bad news.
And it's coming to a head.
God bless you.
Great points, Cornell.
All right, John, thanks for calling from Maryland.
Welcome to the air.
Go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
I was over at the Frederick, Maryland Costco today.
Noticed a guy who came up to the entry and he said, hey, I just got laid off.
You guys hiring?
The guy at Costco said, yeah, we're hiring like crazy.
And you wouldn't think that in the D.C.
metro area, Frederick's about 30 miles north of D.C., that that kind of stuff would be happening.
But you get west into the Appalachia, the western three counties of Maryland, it's probably already getting to the point where people are getting laid off like crazy.
Frederick County is very much an agricultural and root collar county.
It's Trump area, but what I have to say is people like Bill Maher, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Loeffner and others, you know, they may think that they're part of the club as was said by, what's his name?
Anyway, but they're really not part of the club.
They're not the inner circle.
And if they think that Antifa and others aren't going to start a French revolution, if there's a complete collapse,
Well, Gerald's coming up right now, and you know, Trump's all over the news saying, this is killing the economy, do you really want this?
And he's asking the public, do you really want to get into this fear?
Do you really want to get on your knees and just believe all this stuff?
Because it's going to kill some old people.
So's the flu.
So's everything else.
And again, we need to get ready.
We didn't know how bad it would be.
But I hear you, John.
I appreciate your call.
Wayne in Arizona, you're on the air.
Thanks for holding.
Right on, Alex.
You there?
Yes, sir.
Thank you.
OK, yeah.
Let's look at what 1776 did bring us.
First Declaration of Independence.
But I want to define the grand jury, the preamble, the Seventh Amendment, common law.
The grand jury, they're in the middle.
Whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it.
It is their duty, their right, their duty to throw off such government.
I have a sentence here from Frederick Bastus.
When plunder becomes a way of life for a group of men living together in society, they create for themselves, in the course of time, a legal system that authorizes it and a moral code that glorifies it.
The grand jury is the second vote in this three-vote system.
We are not a democracy, democracy being a one-vote rule.
The grand jury is a mechanism allowing the citizens
To indict politicians and government employees who fail to follow the Constitution or commit other crimes against the people and also for other crimes by the system.
There is a grand jury in every county.
Let's test the power of this republic.
Referencing the preamble to the U.S.
Preamble being the pregame show before the three branches of government.
Remember, the three branches of government are a separation of power.
I'm tired of hearing a balance of powers.
We the people, in proper order, we can and will trump their order out of chaos.
Imagine proper statute as evidence being dropped off at any or all county grand jury.
Beautiful sir, we have to re-establish this, because you read about the Declaration of Independence, this is a declaration of tyranny by the multinationals, the chi-coms, the globalists, the Hollywood trash.
Coming up, Gerald Cilente, Trump weighs existing stay-at-home advice to curb economic rout.
That's right, Trump is saying, do you really want this to happen?
Gerald Cilente is about to take over.
Folks, get your zinc.
It's sold out most places.
Get your zinc.
We have it at InfoWarsTore.com.
We are back live and I'm handing the baton to the great Gerald Cilente, the Trump Trends Forecaster, here with us.
But he's been one of those saying that the cure is worse than the disease.
Trump tweeted out last night, we cannot let the cure be worse than the problem itself.
At the end of the 15-day period, we will make a decision as to which way we want to go.
He's saying, you want a depression?
China's back to work.
So there you go.
Gerald Celente takes over right now.
Gerald, thanks for taking over, my friend.
Thank you, and thanks for all that you're doing to keep truth alive, because it's really dying quick.
Thanks for joining our war room here.
You're part of the big roundtable, and so I'm going to be sitting back and listening.
Well, thank you.
Thank you, sir.
You know, here we are in this crisis that, as I see it,
The crisis that is being created by the global governments is much worse than the coronavirus crisis.
I'm going to read to you, this is from an article, an Associated Press article.
It had to do about a week and a half ago when the Mexican government wasn't closing down on everybody and there was still people out there for spring break.
And in the middle of the article they write this.
Almost everyone recovers from the new virus, which often causes only mild symptoms, such as fever and cough.
But for some people, particularly older adults, and people with pre-existing health problems, it can cause more serious illness, such as pneumonia.
So all the data is in there, and people say to me, well, you know, Celente, don't you care about all those people dying?
In Italy.
I care about the people dying in Italy.
Oh, it's almost up to 4,500.
How many died?
Okay, 4,500 people died in Italy.
It's concentrated in one area, which they say is very high in pollution.
They also say that the flu had hit there earlier this year.
And who is dying?
Well, according to the data that's out,
It's elderly people that have been chronically ill.
That's, depending on whose numbers you're looking at, between 87% and 99%.
And that's from the Italian Health Institute.
So they have this big thing going on about closing down the entire world and destroying the global economy when not that many people are dying.
So here's the way I see it.
More people, by the tens of millions, are going to die from what the governments have done to destroy the lives of people than the coronavirus.
How are people going to pay their rent?
How are they going to pay their bill?
How are they going to pay their card debt?
How are they going to pay anything?
How are they going to eat?
How am I going to do?
How am I going to?
How am I going to?
The government destroyed you.
Don't you know who I am?
We got this arrogant guy over here, Andrew Cuomo.
The governor, a daddy's boy, just like his brother.
Chrissy on the Cartoon News Network.
This Cuomo is such a daddy's boy that he renamed the Tappan Zee Bridge.
And I was a kid, like about eight, nine years old when they built it.
It's no longer the Tappan Zee Bridge, ladies and gentlemen.
It's the Governor Cuomo Bridge.
I named it after my daddy.
I'm a boy born on third base.
And thought I hit a home run.
There he goes, wash them hands and stick it up you.
You know what?
Because now it's all clean when you take it.
And everybody acts it.
He knows everything.
80% of us New Yorkers are going to get it, according to him.
I'm closing down all the schools in New York City.
I believe.
He said, I believe we should close down all the schools.
I believe.
Hey, hey, if you believe that, I believe.
Who am I not to believe?
You're the governor.
And then he ends it with period.
You listen to me.
You listen to me, period.
They're destroying... People say, oh, the restaurants are closed, you know, the waitstaff, the chefs, you know, the people at the door, you know, all of the dishwashers, all the staff that's out, they're all going to be out of work.
How about the people that deliver the food?
How about the people that make the food to get delivered?
How about the people that pick up the trash?
From the restaurants.
You got no trash to pick up.
You know what trash you got?
You got a lot of crap to pick up coming out of the mouth of politicians.
That should fill, boy, there won't be any place to dump any more crap if you took all their crap and dumped it.
You got all these local politicians telling you what to do.
We just got to notice, I don't know the exact language of it,
But the mayor, the mayor, another little boy over here in Kingston, another little nobody, arrogant little nothing, who wouldn't be mayor if his family didn't get him in there.
He worked at a children's zoo knowing that much about anything.
And now he's saying, yeah, you don't have to pay your rent, anybody.
Yeah, you don't have to pay your rent.
Yeah, so I have buildings.
They're all closed.
People are like, I'm not paying my rent.
Why should I pay you your rent?
Oh, and that's the other thing.
You close down all these schools, guess what?
Take your school taxes and shove them.
Because why should I pay all these public servants and all the other ones that they're not allowing to go to work?
Why should I pay them when, hey,
People are out of work, but nobody pays our salary.
Why am I paying their salary?
Why are we paying the salary of school teachers if they're not in school teaching?
Hey, we're public servants, and you are our servant.
No, you got it mixed up.
You're public servants, keep it to yourself.
And I'm sick of this honorable crap.
I'm going on a show in Ohio a week ago, Saturday.
Mr. Salenti, we're going to have to interrupt for a minute.
We have the honorable Joe DeWine, DeWine, DeJerk, whatever his name is.
I said, what's this honorable crap?
Public servant.
And everyone is bending down.
I know intelligent people that are swallowing the garbage piece by piece, drop by drop.
Oh, we have to obey our government.
Heil Hitler!
Follow Mussolini!
Salute to Stalin!
Obey a Merkel!
How did Conti?
Cuomo knows best!
This guy gave himself an executive order just a couple of weeks ago, slipped it into a bill, so he could run the show.
And we're gonna be back in a little bit.
Stay tuned.
The future's in your hands.
Hello, hello!
Welcome to the Alex Jones Show, this is Gerald Cilenti, great being here.
I was talking about these arrogant governors.
I don't know the latest number, but I'll make one up.
What do we got?
Let's say 500 people died in America so far.
Out of a population of 327 million.
Yeah, but Salenti, it's going to get a lot worse!
Don't tell me what it's going to be.
I'll tell you what it is.
This has been going on now for what?
Almost over two months?
And again, you've heard the numbers, I'm sure, on Alex Jones, and I've mentioned him as well.
You know, all the people, what, 4.5 million people died of air pollution last year?
Ah, screw that.
Hey, you still drinking that water over there in Flint?
Or anywhere else?
Yeah, heck with that, it's only water.
I was reading today's, starting to read today's Wall Street Journal.
And on the page over here,
Big picture here.
Incineration of chemicals stirs concern.
Group sues to stop burning of compounds linked to cancers and other lethal problems.
East Liverpool, Ohio, from a backyard, Cindy Estelle can see an incinerator, a white complex of buildings along the Ohio River.
Yes, they dump all the crap into the river as well, as you well know, over the years, over the centuries.
Owned by a company with a Defense Department contract to burn more than 800,000 gallons of firefighting foam and related waste.
That's okay.
You know that firefighting foam?
Yeah, it's in all of these, the military bases all over the country.
We got one right over here, not far from me, in Newburgh, New York.
It used to be a military base, now it's Stewart Air Force.
The water in Newburgh's all polluted with this foam.
Philadelphia, outside there, all around the country.
That stuff's fine.
Keep—that's fine.
Keep burning it, dumping it in the water.
Hey, you love those pesticides?
Hey, how about all those chemicals that they put on your food?
Oh, and all you people are staying at home, can't go outside?
Yeah, look at what they're buying.
The numbers are out there.
You want any more Cheerios or Pop-Tarts?
You like those artificial flavors and those artificial colorings?
They're great for you along with GMOs.
That stuff is fine for you.
The poisons that they're dumping in our food and the water and the earth, in the air,
Yeah, they're killing us.
Like I say, you're worried about climate change?
Forget about it.
You're gonna be dead before the climate changes.
All the garbage that they're killing us with.
Look at a label on any of this stuff.
Names that you've never heard of.
And that's what people are eating.
As they're staying on.
Government orders, you do what I tell you to do.
Gold prices, by the way, phew, shoot!
When I came on the air, they were up over $70.
I've been in this business a long time.
$70 an ounce.
Rarely, rarely have I seen a $70 plus bounce in gold prices.
The reason gold prices went down is because people are bailing out all these other markets and they're short on money.
And they're covering their losses.
All this cheap money.
We're getting a stimulus plan.
We need this plan.
And look what they're doing right in front of your eyes.
Right in front of your eyes.
The Federal Reserve is saying that they're going to gump in as much money as needed to boost up the equity markets.
We'll boost up the equity markets because, you know, again, I'm no Bernie Sanders fan.
I'll give you free education.
I'll give you free health care.
I never worked a day in my life.
And if I get elected, you won't either.
I'm full of baloney.
Anyway, they call him a socialist.
Either like him, we're gonna have socialism in America.
Guess what, boys and girls?
We have socialism for the hedge funds.
Socialism for the big corporations.
Socialism, they get all the dough.
Too big to fail.
Too big to jail.
And if you get too close to somebody, and you ain't social distance enough, you'll go to jail.
And that's what they're doing in France, by the way.
They're fining people for being too close to each other.
This little boy, Macron, a caisson Macron, with cojones smaller than a mothball, giving you the orders all around the world.
Newsome, Cuomo, one jerk, slimy, low-life, government official jerk, telling you what to do.
But anyway, socialism for the big corporations.
Socialism for the hedge funds.
Socialism for Wall Street.
Capitalism for we the little people.
You got it?
Look in Italy.
Locked down the entire place.
Who's dying over there in Italy?
As I said, it's mostly the elderly that have been ill.
You lock down the entire place, people are still dying.
It ain't working, right?
You got it?
It's not working.
They have instilled fear and hysteria at levels we've never seen before.
You're going to see crime.
You're going to see crime go through the roof.
Hey, I was just going through some old articles.
This is from February 17th.
Las Vegas anti-homeless ordinance enforcement begins.
Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department has begun enforcing anti-homeless ordinance measures passed
By Las Vegas City Council this past November and January.
The ordinance criminalizes property, making it illegal to sleep or camp on sidewalks or in public spaces.
That was April 17th.
The law was written back in, what did I say, November or January?
Long before Rosie, Queen of Coronavirus, showed up.
You think you got a homeless problem now?
You think you got a homeless problem now?
How am I going to pay my rent?
How am I going to pay my bills?
I can't cut your hair.
Can't, can't, don't, can't do your nails.
Don't come into my beauty salon.
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, to show you a bunch of low lives we got running the show.
You know what you can do?
You know, it's an essential service now in New York.
You know who could stay open?
Can't make this crap up.
Yes, you can, if you're a low-life, slimy politician.
Oh, and remember, I was the assistant to the Secretary of the New York State Senate when I was 25 years old, so I was on the inside.
Anyway, you know what they allow to stay open?
Liquor stores!
Liquor stores could stay open!
No butcher shop.
Everybody else closed down.
Not allowed.
But liquor stores, you know why?
It's the same low-life, slimy, garbage, crap politicians that gave us Prohibition.
They lifted it when the Great Depression came so they could get taxes.
And now as the greatest oppression is here, they're allowing liquor stores to stay open because they're screwing us inside out with the taxes that they put on alcohol, so these slimy politicians who don't have to worry about being out of work, because we're the jerks that they steal our money to in the name of taxes, so they can keep having jobs!
They're not worried about closing everybody else down.
They got their salary coming in because they steal our money in the name of taxes.
And liquor brings in high taxes.
The decline of America in front of our eyes.
And a country near you.
Hello, hello.
Happy to be on the Alex Jones Show.
I've been telling you what's going on and how bad it's going to get.
The greatest depression has begun.
The headline in the toilet paper record yesterday, the New York Times, and boy you could use that toilet paper because they're short on the other stuff.
They say they fear a recession, a deep recession.
It's not a recession, it's a global depression.
This is unprecedented in world history.
Well over a billion people are locked in their homes, locked down.
You're going to see earnings reports that are going to be beyond the unbelievable.
Airlines, you name the industry.
They're destroying the global economy, and it was already in a slowdown before.
You know, I have the facts here.
One after another, the reports were coming out about the slowdown, the government debt, the corporate debt.
Yeah, here we go.
This is from February 21st.
The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, OECD, 36-member body covering world's major economies, has issued a report detailing the rapid rise of corporate debt and the dangers it poses for the world economy in the event of an unexpected rise in interest rates or a recession.
Again, this is before this
All happened.
Interest rates are down to nothing.
We're in a depression.
Hey, how about that shale market, huh?
Again, all this is in detail in your Trends Journal that we've been writing about this on and on and on before this happened.
As you well know, I announced on David Knight's show a year ago that we were going into the greatest depression
I said it wouldn't happen until 2021.
I also said we'd have zero negative interest rates by November, excuse me, October of this year and now we have them already because it was escalated by the coronavirus.
The point that I'm making, it was underway already and now they've made a terrible situation into a disaster.
So where is there going to be growth and where is there going to be decline?
I do not give financial advice, but I want to tell InfoWars listeners some of the things we tell our subscribers through the Trends Journal.
And it's a weekly now.
We've gone from a quarterly to a monthly to a weekly because events are changing so rapidly.
For those who play the market, think about shorting a number of industries.
Think of all the stores that are closed down from the Home Goods, the TJ Maxx, on and on.
Think of all the places that are closed down.
What are they going to do with all of the stock in those places?
They're overstocked.
Now think of all the production that's backlogged, that's all the stuff that's been made that hasn't been shipped out.
What are they going to do to all these products?
Vintage cars.
All the prices.
See you later.
Real estate.
Way down.
By the way.
You know what's happening up where we are?
We're about, there it is, seeing great recession, right?
That's how sharp the toilet paper is.
Thanks for putting that up.
The people are leaving the city.
I was on the phone call last night with someone extremely in the higher echelons of the income bracket.
And of course, they have places in New York City, but also outside the city.
And he said to me, would you go down the city?
What's going on now?
This infectious virus?
I said, man, I said, I'd boogie down Broadway.
But here's the deal.
People are exiting.
You're afraid to be living in these densely populated areas.
So you're going to see a flattening out rather than a steep decline in some areas.
Kingston, New York may be one of those where it's flattening out because this thing was booming because people were already leaving the city to come up here.
We're 90 miles north of New York in the most beautiful area around.
So people are afraid of the cities.
So you're going to see real estate really start collapsing.
I forecast in metropolitan areas densely populated around the world.
Where the prices escalated really quick from Vancouver to Berlin.
From San Francisco to Boston.
Oh, Boston!
Here's another trend.
You know them college towns?
Those college towns are going to go down the crapper.
Closing down all the schools.
How those businesses that used to thrive and survive from college towns going to make it?
They're not.
And I have to tell you, I cry sometimes throughout the day thinking about what's happening to people and talking to people and seeing how hard this is hitting them.
People haven't realized, most people, how bad this is going to be.
Shock hasn't even set in yet.
The other things to start looking at, what stocks are going to go up?
I will tell you one that I would suggest you consider looking at.
In my book, Trends 2000, that came out in 1996, one of my trends was Interactive You, meaning university.
And how ridiculous the education system we have now that's invented from the Germans following the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, when people were no longer making their own products and things.
And they put them in centralized locations and taught them how to read, write, do math, and follow orders.
That system stinks.
It's dead, as you can see, how terrible our education system is.
We don't even win place or show in most of the world's ratings.
Interactive university has begun.
It's a whole new world.
And again, I'm not telling you what to do.
The motto of the Trends Journal is think for yourself.
And by the way, as this whole, everything I'm saying, Alex Jones is saying, anyone else is saying, think for yourself.
Look for the facts.
And the thinking for yourself is why I want to say to you, consider if you're an investor or a gambler at the Asian markets,
Where they've already have in place interactive education.
Because those companies are going to boom.
People are going to be afraid to send their kids to school.
The panic is on.
So these are the kind of things that are going to go up.
And again, those college towns, they're going to go down, down, down.
And all the small entrepreneurs are going to go down with them.
As I said, Cuomo gave himself the right to be dictator of New York State about two weeks ago.
I did it in a Trends in the News broadcast.
When he slipped in this piece of legislation that gave him full authority, and boy, he's playing God and the people swallowing it.
Guess what?
This guy's gonna go down the crapper, man.
Cuomo down the crapper as people go bankrupt.
As businesses fail, as people can't pay wages, or earn wages, and they're out on the street.
Oh, and why are gun sales going up?
Because the smart money knows, the smart people know, we're going to see a crime wave like we've never experienced in our lifetime.
And here's the other part of it.
When eventually things do open up again,
Watch for a lot of theft going on as well.
A big story coming out in your Trends Journal tomorrow.
You ready?
We're going from, quote, dirty cash, because that's what they're calling it, to digital trash.
They're going to steal every dime we have.
So they know every penny that you spent, so they can get their cut of it.
Because every penny that you spent is now going to be digitally monitored by the new dictators running the world.
This is a time to fight for freedom.
And that's what I'm going to do and that's what InfoWars does.
Because if we don't fight for freedom, we're going to die in the new concentration camps of hell.
Call lockdowns.
This is Gerald Cilenti.
See you next week.
Real stuff, man.
We're talking about the real deal here.
And I love Trump all day long.
But man, I tell you, he sits there and lets these big tech people keep running roughshod over him.
Everybody, I mean, I've got a problem.
And we'll just take the Trump rallies over.
That said, about two months ago I came up with a plan that I haven't launched yet.
We have a warehouse full of hundreds of thousands of stickers.
20 different stickers.
Impeach the Democrats.
Save the Second Amendment.
Defend the First Amendment.
And it looks like duct tape.
It's just a regular sticker.
You put it over your mouth.
You go to a Trump rally.
And you instantly take over without even disrupting things.
People say, why are you doing this?
What's happening?
Well, you go, well, we're being censored.
You know, Trump won't do anything about it.
And Dr. Pucinich, let me just ask you what you think.
Because I've not launched this yet.
You've taken the very element that they try to repress you with, that silence, and made it into a weapon.
You have the loudest sound of all, silence.
And you know what's most disturbing to people?
We've got our warehouse here in Austin, and everything we sell is stocked and ready to ship to you.
We're about a day behind.
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But I'm just going to tell you, with what I've been told and what I've learned from executives that are at big companies, they're being told that if we accept the continued lockdown, they're going to go to total lockdown soon.
And just see what happens.
This is insane.
And I hope Trump realizes he's being set up with an over-response, an under-response is bad, an over-response is bad as well.
We've got to be balanced about this.
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