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Name: 20200320_Fri_Alex
Air Date: March 20, 2020
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In this passage, Alex Jones discusses the COVID-19 pandemic and its implications on society, including potential consequences such as economic instability, hysteria, breakdowns in food supply chains, and the possibility of martial law being declared in various countries. He raises concerns over the lack of reliable data related to the virus and speculates on the possible origins of the disease. The speaker also promotes high-quality supplementation for immune support and emphasizes the importance of finding a balance between protecting public health and preserving economic stability during this crisis.

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From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
We are already under overlying fields, crisscrossing fields of martial law.
And I'm going to exclusively lay out to you how martial law is being incrementally implemented and has already secretly been declared by different parties who are putting the planet into a unprecedented crisis to create unrest down the road that they believe will allow the globalists and corporations to gang up with authoritarian regimes on nation-states, on populists, on Christian countries, on patriots, And overthrow those regimes.
This is World War 4.
I agree with the Pentagon that World War 3 was the Cold War.
This is asymmetrical fifth, sixth generation economic culture bio-warfare.
The definition in Black's Law Dictionary is the proper definition under U.S.
for martial law martial law which is built upon no settled principles but is
entirely arbitrary and its decisions is in truth and reality no law but
something indulged rather than allowed as a law the necessity of order and
discipline in an army is the only thing which can give it countenance and
therefore it ought not be permitted in time of peace when the Kings courts are
open for all persons to receive justice according to the laws of the land.
But the courts are closing, the schools are closing, the restaurants are closing.
First it was you can have drive-thru.
Now, all over the country they're announcing you can't have drive-thru.
And the governor of New York, the tyrant, who said if you're a Christian or a gun owner or pro-life, get out of the state.
He now has declared an emergency and told New Yorkers, don't leave your homes, following the governor of California, who gave a press conference last night.
I watched the whole hour and 15 minute press conference.
I couldn't sleep.
So I got up at 3 a.m.
and watched it.
And I sent the link out to some of our writers, and they went, he didn't really say they're looking at martial law.
And I said, no, it's in the video.
Here's an article.
They just couldn't believe me.
They just didn't compute it.
Just, no, we're not doing an article.
Is it true?
So that's the level that we've reached.
I sent it to Watson, I sent it to others, and they're just not computing that you're already in the martial law, and now they're closing the tourniquet.
Here are the other headlines and other definitions.
Marion Webster, the law administered by a military force that is invoked by a government
in an emergency when the civilian law enforcement agencies are unable to maintain public order
and safety.
The imposition of direct military control over normal civilian functions by government, especially in response to a temporary emergency such as invasion or major disaster or in an occupied territory.
And it's the latter.
We're being occupied by the crisis.
But I'm going to explain that with the nuances when we return.
Encyclopedia Britannica.
Oh, and I'm going to show you the governor saying it.
Encyclopedia Britannica.
Temporary rule by military authorities of a designated area and time of emergency when the civilian authorities are deemed unable to function.
The legal effects of the Declaration of Martial Law differ in various jurisdictions, but they generally involve the suspension of normal civil rights and the extension to the civilian population of summary military justice or a military law.
Although temporary in theory, a state of martial law may in effect continue indefinitely.
And notice they're telling you now, 18 months.
It was two weeks in Europe, then it was a month.
It was two weeks in China, then it was a month.
But now we're told it's, oh, just 18 months.
Now they're saying, no, no, no, that's not enough.
Maybe three years.
Don't leave your house for three years.
Wow, that's the most hardcore martial law the planet's ever seen.
They have another name for it.
It's called the population under siege.
So you get in there and you plug into that television set and the drones will deliver you your medicine and your food.
Of course, it's all going to run out in just a few months, they admit, which will cause the Great Depression.
But go ahead and be scared of the virus.
You're gonna really love the Great Depression.
Ha ha ha!
Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for joining us on this Friday, March 20th, 2020
Global Transmission with 227...
227 days out from the historic election that may be canceled now.
Don't even hear about Joe Biden anymore because the world is going into martial law.
And I want to quantify what martial law composed of the different types of it around different parts of the world, how it's implemented and where it tends to lead nations.
But the Democrats have followed the lead of the dictatorial EU and the Communist Chinese and their dictator.
And they have, by example, established martial law, shooting people at checkpoints, welding them into their homes.
Mass pits, burning bodies, making sure to show you the footage to scare you as much as possible.
And then as soon as the West picked up the panic, China said, we're done.
No more virus.
100% back to work.
We were only shut down about a month or so.
But in America, it's going to be 18 months, we're told, which will mean we will no longer exist.
Except the big box stores and those that are part of critical infrastructure.
They're allowed to keep operating and you're going to learn to be very dependent on them and then checks will be given to you even if you didn't want to be on welfare.
So that you can go buy at the big box stores and you've got to go out with your permission slip that you're going that you'll get from Walmart or Target.
And then you'll drive in and the police will check you at a checkpoint and then you'll go in wearing your mask and you'll get your food once a week when you're allowed out of your house and you will go home or you will face six months in jail.
But criminals, armed robbers, rapists, they're all being let out of jail by the tens of thousands a day now.
The homeless are exempt in New York and in California.
And the migrants and homeless in Europe.
The Islamics, they're all exempt.
Sweden's banned all air travel in and out of the country except for Soros UN-funded aircraft that land multiple times daily from the Middle East and North Africa bringing in military-age men.
Those are exempt.
That's at NewsWars.com and EuropeWars.com.
And we have direct links to the Swedish news.
So the criminals can run around wild, the homeless can run around wild, the illegal aliens can run around wild, the borders can pretty much still be open and porous, but you are going to stay in your house, you dirty, stinking American.
And if your neighbor sees your cough, you're being taken away for six weeks.
It's all being announced.
It's all globally standardized.
And then China used it as a pretext to grab their political enemies.
England's announced you'll be grabbed and disappeared for six weeks.
And now they're announcing you'll be grabbed and disappeared for six weeks in California and in New York.
And it's all standardized.
And China's now the savior.
It's not called the Chinese virus or the Wuhan virus.
It's now called COVID-19.
And it's all Trump's fault.
He didn't respond properly.
And as hundreds start to die every week, and then thousands, just like the flu, you'll be told it's the end of the world, and your guns, and your property, and your life, and your business is all forfeit.
And we're just all so conditioned here, and Infowars has been such the tip of the spear.
But last night, I saw this headline, the lone independent, coronavirus, California prepares to enact martial law if necessary, governor says.
So I sent it out.
I'm not criticizing Paul Watson.
I'm not criticizing his brother Steve Watson.
He's in the background.
Just as smart as Paul.
I'm not criticizing all my other riders.
They've all, you know, head for the hills.
Nobody's here at the office, except the crew running the show now.
All run for the hills.
That's fine.
But everybody's just like, oh, we're just used to martial law.
Yeah, it doesn't matter.
We broke it and pioneered it.
Literally, there's a mental block.
No article about it.
I mean, saying 40 million people don't leave your house is bad enough, but then to say we might just enact full martial law, but we're not sure we need that yet.
We're gonna get you really scared, for we call it the big scary word.
So, we're already under FEMA national emergency, and the war powers has been declared, and so that's a form of martial law.
And Trump was pushed into that, because every death is his fault.
And again, we're shut down 18 months, China a month.
It's all an economic weapon.
And the same media that praised China is going to attack Trump at every level.
And at first kind of act like, oh, the politicians, okay, we're not going to attack you.
But once the deaths mount, they'll then say you didn't do enough early enough, plus you crashed the market, and then they're going to trigger civil unrest.
Because when they try to shut down all the businesses and can trick Trump into pure martial law, or let the governors and mayors do it by themselves, that will trigger looting and robbing and out of control behavior because the people are going to run out of food.
And so they're deliberately creating, like with a chemistry set, a reaction that's going to cause an explosion.
And so this is how the West dies.
This is how America dies.
This is how it all unfolds.
I'm a martial law man.
I'm the guy that told you all these secretive preparations are being made for decades by the globalists.
And I know that the globalists don't like Trump.
And we had some patriots in the government, the people that helped get Trump elected.
And he's really tried to right the ship and get better deals for America.
But he's been hit now with total hysteria by the corporations, the media, foreign governments.
And we have whole articles.
Remember three weeks ago, four weeks ago, we're like, why are they flying people from China untested back?
To San Antonio and dropping them off at the mall.
and then they released a woman they knew had COVID-19, the Chinese virus.
They did it on purpose.
They incubated it.
The CDC's got a bunch of globalists in it.
They're the worst of the worst.
They're a bunch of eugenicists.
They're part of this mad scientist cult.
And they did all this on purpose.
So remember, China's fine.
They're open for business.
No big deal now.
But here, it's over.
18 months, it's over.
Your job, your business, it's over.
They've got talking heads everywhere telling you that it is a depression.
Here, here's some of the governor.
We've got more of him.
But here's the little darling of Nancy Pelosi.
He's married into the family.
Here's Gavin Newsom.
Up there, just happy as the American psycho he is.
He's telling you how he's going to save you from the horrible thing that's coming by locking you up in your house and, well, we're not sure if martial law is needed right yet even though we're already under it.
Here it is.
You said you were issuing a directive about bars and nightclubs and restaurants and as well as nursing homes.
Is that an order by the governor of California, by force of law?
It's exactly the same guidance we put out as it relates to social functions that are non-essential north of 250 and those that are non-essential for vulnerable populations of 10 or less.
What happened, you saw, is it was overwhelmingly and positively embraced.
Some communities even went further.
We have absolute expectation this will be socialized in real time.
We've had the privilege of talking to many, many mayors today and county leaders that are hopeful we were moving in this direction.
And I have all the confidence in the world this guidance along the same lines that we advanced on large gatherings will take shape.
The Governor of Illinois and Ohio ordered the closure.
Yeah, we could do that easily.
Why not exercise your authority?
Because it's a nuance and a distinction we can get caught up in.
Because to date we haven't needed to do that.
We've set out guidance, that guidance has been met in every circumstance.
And as I said in the past, if you want to establish a framework of martial law, Which is ultimate authority and enforcement.
We have the capacity to do that, but we are not at this moment feeling that is a necessity.
And to the extent that people do not socialize and support this very directive guidance, I would be surprised and we have all the confidence it will be.
When you're putting handcuffs on a woman, you want to tell her it's going to be all right.
Then you take her down in the basement and torture her to death.
Let us get the handcuffs on them first, and then we're going to hurt them real bad, okay?
We are back live, ladies and gentlemen, broadcasting worldwide.
I am your host, Alex Jones, on this very bleak March 20th Friday transmission.
Well, the New World Order, the big megabanks, the eugenicist depopulation operation has been in a lot of trouble the last five years or so.
People are waking up to them, and they're electing populists and nationalists, and prosperity is taking place, and we're turning the tide against the pedophile movement that powers the Luciferian left.
And they don't know what to do.
And so they're using their economic power through communist governments, authoritarian EU, the big mega banks, and the media to cut off industry, to show the example of shutting down infrastructure, to then have government order it, and it's following an exact choreographed track.
Towards the announcement of martial law.
Now, last Sunday, we put out a headline that Trump considering declaring interstate travel ban.
Well, hell, forget interstate travel ban.
You've got multiple governors, California, New York, saying don't leave your house.
How many millions is that?
Forty million in California and what is it?
Twenty eight million or something in New York.
Last time I checked, what's the population in New York?
Marshall Law.
Trump just expanded coronavirus travel ban to the UK and Ireland.
Hints at domestic restrictions.
That was just in a press conference today.
Hell, he's in one right now.
So I said Trump to announce interstate travel ban as early as tonight.
Experts are meeting with him right now, I said on Sunday, trying to talk him out of it from the Federalist Society.
And that's now been confirmed the next day that Trump was considering it.
I've talked to a lot of military sources, low-level and high-level.
I've talked to a lot of police sources.
I've talked to governmental sources.
I've talked to legal sources.
And they say that Trump is gauging it all and tried to buck China and the EU setting the precedent.
We'd already be under this.
But then they're criticizing him, saying he hasn't done enough.
They want internal controls, not external.
Joe Biden's still saying it's xenophobic to stop Chinese flying here.
Doesn't know what planet he's on.
China shoots you at checkpoints, but we can't stop Chinese flying here.
So, Trump is stuck in this balancing act.
He knows it's going to kill the economy.
He knows they're trying to remove him from office.
He knows that they're hyping this up bigger than it is.
Yeah, it's going to probably kill tens of thousands of people.
Still, we're in Asia, 330 plus million.
And so they're trying to stampede him into this, but through the governors, through the corporations, through the media, They've already declared their own little martial laws.
They've already said don't leave your homes.
They've already said you've got to line up and only come into Costco 20 at a time and stay back 10 feet or security guards will throw you out.
They've already said we're going to shut down all the small businesses and let the big ones stay open.
We're going to bail out to the big ones but not to you.
Or per capita you'll get much less than the establishment does.
This is a globalist takeover.
This is teaching you to work from home, teaching you that you've got to be tracked by a cell phone to go outside.
We talked about China a month ago tracking people with their cell phones before they could leave their houses, making them download a government app.
Well, now we broke on Monday, DrugReport.com picked it up that MIT and Bill and Melinda Gates have a plan to make you wear a bracelet that changes colors and a digital tattoo you take under the skin that shows you've been inoculated and that they'll track you by your cell phone where you go and what you do.
That is in the news today.
COVID-19 tracking bracelets and invisible tattoos to monitor Americans.
Asia deploys innovative If invasive tech to curb virus, and what's it say?
Cell phones that track you, bracelets, digital tattoos.
Yahoo News.
So see, it's a global, standardized, well-planned out operation.
That's why the CDC in November, we reported on this weeks ago, Mike Adams is with us in the fourth hour, did a great job writing a big article about it yesterday, because it's not got enough attention, that the CDC Didn't just bring in people that had coronavirus knowingly all over the country and drop them off when they knew they had it, like in San Antonio.
Then San Antonio declared emergency three weeks ago, four weeks ago.
But they brought in thousands of people out of China and dropped them off.
And now we know That the CDC in November prepared for mass quarantines and hired the most amount of mass quarantine experts they've ever done in one month.
So yes, they were coordinating with the deep state and the globalists.
I don't believe Trump was involved because the deep states all around him, he only has a small beach head up there.
And I predicted eight weeks ago, they would then frame Trump for the virus and say he had a bad response and that it would move on from China.
We'd forget what happened there.
It would all be about us.
And we'd have much greater restrictions and the media would work against the president openly.
Exactly that happened, because we know it's man-made, we know the CHICOMS work with the Global Deep State, we know that they prepared it, we saw all the pre-programming, we saw the disease X that UN announced two years ago that was coming, that would change our lives forever, and the tabletop exercise four months ago with Bill and Melinda Gates with 65 million dead and with the coronavirus.
They scripted it all!
They beta-tested all!
How do you know a new Chevy vehicle's coming out?
You see ads for it.
It's coming.
Well, same thing with this.
A giant, pre-programmed control grid.
And so, Trump looks ineffectual if he doesn't bring in his martial law.
Hey, we're gonna save people!
I'm the American Psycho, Gavin Newsom.
Notice California last year passed a law that you can give somebody HIV that can kill them.
Or hepatitis that can kill them, and it's okay to knowingly, because it's like a cult thing with some of the radical leftist homosexuals, to give each other disease and to spread it.
That's on record.
Called bug chasers, gift givers, gift receivers.
And they just said, hey, it's not a felony, it's not even an issue now.
Just kill people.
That passed.
The same senator now says he wants pedophilia legalized.
Same guy that got that pass says he wants it legalized.
California is set to legalize pedophilia.
By the way, Pornhub, up to 68,000 child rape videos on there, and they say they're allowed to do it, the feds say, hey, you're Pornhub, you're allowed to have child rape.
You see?
So, oh my gosh, we're going to give people hepatitis that kills tens of thousands a year, we're going to give them HIV that kills tens of thousands a year in the U.S., we're going to do all of this, and that's okay, but oh my gosh, if California has a, you know, a 50 people dead or whatever from coronavirus, it's the end of the world!
An American psycho, Gavin Newsom, is going to strut around.
We come back, I'm going to play five minutes of his press conference where he gets into the martial law.
Oh no, no, no, he says, the reporter says, don't we need total martial law?
And he goes, my sweetie, they're socializing, they're accepting it, enforcing it on themselves.
Let's not get too hasty.
Looks so evil.
He goes, we'll get to that very soon.
Because it is martial law.
But again, When you're a kidnapper, let's use the microcosm example, and you try to pick up the 16-year-old girl, like you're Ted Bundy, you tell her, oh, I have a non-threatening yellow Volkswagen.
Hey, let's go eat dinner.
Let's go drink some beer together.
Get in the car with me.
Pulls a gun out, puts it to her head, and he says, I'm going to blow your head off unless you put these handcuffs on.
It'll be okay if you put them on.
See, Newsom's just like, put the handcuffs on.
There you go, sweetie.
Now I'm gonna take you to a nice place and let you out of these.
Let me lead you down.
Let's put this gag on.
Down these stairs.
Right into this basement.
Shows that door and he goes, I'm gonna torture you over three days.
And I'm gonna suck your soul out.
Get ready for me to torture the hell out of you.
Newsom's like, let's get the handcuffs on.
Did you really think that we could abort 63 million babies?
And fund the communist Chinese who kill 400 million of their babies, most of them little girls, and have human-animal hybrids, and just all the toxic waste dumping, and all the corruption, and all the pedophilia, and everything else that is going on.
Do you really think that God wouldn't allow evil to come after us?
Because that's how God judges you.
He just lifts the hedge, the shields go down, and evil can then attack you.
It always happens.
We're going into judgment just like Israel did when they became corrupt and turned away from God.
And the prosperity and the freedom and all the decadence we've had is going to be swept away now.
America is running like a coward dog into a ditch over the edge of a cliff.
Nobody cares about all those babies they're killing.
Nobody cares about all the Alzheimer's patients exploding.
Let's go ahead and go to this clip of the governor, a Californian, Saying, I don't need martial law, it's a subtlety, and he smiles, the reporter.
Because, I'll just arrest you if you leave your house.
Arbitrarily, that's martial law, that's the definition in Black's law.
You see, they never name it and call it what it is.
Here, let's go ahead and hear from the American Psycho.
Gavin Newsom.
Further, we have absolute expectation this will be socialized in real time.
We've had the privilege of talking to many many mayors today and county leaders that are hopeful we were moving in this direction and I have all the confidence in the world this guidance along the same lines that we advanced on large gatherings will take shape.
The Governor of Illinois and Ohio ordered the closure.
Yeah, we could do that easily.
Why not exercise your authority?
Because it's a nuance and a distinction we can get caught up in.
Because to date, we haven't needed to do that.
We've set out guidance, that guidance has been met in every circumstance.
And as I said in the past, if you want to establish a framework of martial law, Which is ultimate authority and enforcement.
We have the capacity to do that, but we are not at this moment feeling that is a necessity and to the extent that people do not socialize and support this very directive guidance, I would be surprised and we have all the confidence it will be.
I'll repeat.
We had this exact conversation with many of you.
We'll go back to Morris in a moment.
That's enough.
The San Antonio mayor was on TV last night.
I got a bunch of calls about it saying six months in jail if you're caught in a group of 10 or more people.
But if you're an illegal alien, or a homeless person, or someone in a jail committed a crime, you go free!
Because it's about YOU learning to do what you're told!
I want to open the phones up specifically for law enforcement.
I want to open the phones up specifically for military.
I want to open the phones up Specifically, for folks to talk about what you've been told and what you've been told to gear up for.
But they've already announced that they're putting the military over key distribution sites.
They're preparing to control state lines.
They're preparing to shut down, quote, all non-essential travel within the United States.
Then you've got to go register with the government and go through a health check to be able to even travel.
This is martial law to the next level.
Now there's a bunch of articles out about how HIV drugs aren't working, though they thought they would because it's got part of the HIV virus in it, it's man-made, that's admitted.
And how all these other things aren't working.
And then we heard a few weeks ago that chloroquine, an inexpensive malaria drug, is having incredible effects on people.
If it's caught before it gets too late, even if you're old.
I've got a bunch of articles and studies and reports here on that that anybody can pull up.
But you know how chloroquine works, right?
French study finds anti-malaria drug chloroquine may be highly effective against coronavirus.
That was Days ago, but again it came out weeks ago.
Well guess what chloroquine does according to the literature?
It pushes zinc into the cells and then when there's zinc in there, the viruses can't replicate in the cells.
Isn't that interesting?
Just like nano silver in Pentagon reports and Countless other Homeland Security congressional reports coats the cell so that viruses can't get in.
And it also fries them.
Because it's electrochemical.
It's conductive, just like copper.
By the way, those on the news saying that silver is a cure.
I'm saying it's established by the army in the Civil War they used it and the Pentagon uses it now and you go to hospitals to visit family they're everywhere they don't spray the iodine that much even more even though it kills stuff too or the alcohol that's not even hardly used stuff everybody's hand sanitizer they are using nano silver from American Biotech Labs, the one that we use.
But the toothpaste is sold out, folks, and I'm not advertising it as something that is a treatment or a defense.
It's sold as a tooth whitening toothpaste.
But yeah, Silver's Antibacterial Antiviral, that's what I brush my teeth with.
But when you hear our advertisements for it, in fact, cue up the one minute ad.
I ever played it last week that we run all the time, even though it's sold out of the super silver ad.
It's just, it's about whitening your teeth.
It's not about coronavirus, but the media misrepresented.
That's what I was saying.
Now I was reading military reports about this particular nano silver.
When you go back to the Kings in Rome and Babylon, they demanded to only eat off silver platters and to drink out of silver taluses, not gold.
Going west, they would put in the buttermilk to keep it longer on the wagon trains, a couple silver dollars.
They didn't know why, they just knew it made it last longer.
Well, guess what has a whole bunch of zinc in it?
The real red pill and the real red pill plus.
The real red pill plus has natural, healthy stimulant in it.
Real Red Pill is the same, just no stimulant, and has multivitamin, minerals, amino acids, and a big dose of high quality zinc.
By the way, you should also look up zinc and what zinc does for your colon.
Just so happens in all these big major studies, they can't even debate it, that people that take a lot of zinc, well, It's a whole other world for the people that don't when it comes to colon cancer.
But again, the system tells you, go out and eat comfort food.
There's an actual article, go eat lots of sugar, party, drink a bunch.
No, that's how you die.
Better stop drinking, better cut back on the sugar if you're really worried about this virus.
But my point is, real red pill and real red pill plus, zinc is sold out everywhere.
So is vitamin C. It's sold out everywhere.
In fact, I have reporters out right now showing multiple stores.
They're gonna report on it.
They're just, it's empty.
Folks are getting it.
Well guess what we've got in stock?
And I've decided, I haven't made this announcement yet, I just decided to do it.
Even though this is going to sell out in just a few weeks, right now it's only 20% off as we speak.
It's 50% off.
I do the opposite of what the globalists do.
I don't raise prices in a crisis.
I lower them.
It's 20% off right now.
I said I wouldn't do 50% off in the new year.
I haven't done it yet.
But I'm doing it now.
50% off on Real Red Pill.
50% off on Real Red Pill Plus because I want you to not procrastinate and I want you to get it as the preglanone as well.
You need to get this now.
Especially if you are over 20 years old.
Get it today.
The way to get them to not implement full martial law and keep it in place 18 months that will guarantee the greatest oppression we've ever seen, all their countries will be open for business.
We'll just be totally locked down, starving to death.
And the media will be saying, you know, Trump's been removed and you never can leave your homes again.
I mean, that's their plan.
They want to conquer America.
The big corporations with the globalists.
This is 21st century war.
It's psychological warfare.
The Pentagon will tell you 90% of war is psychological.
And we are absolutely being scared to death.
Trump said the hype is a hoax.
Yeah, the virus is going to kill some people.
It's been this way since the beginning of time.
Plagues come and go.
We're working on treatments.
But when the media says, when the UN says, like it's the authority.
The World Health Organization says there is no treatment and there is no vaccine.
There's nothing you can do!
And people are like, well, wait a minute.
Chloroquine, the anti-malarial drug they're saying all over these studies really works well.
It pushes zinc into the cells.
And what's it do?
Doesn't mean it'll 100% protect you, but it's a big deal.
So does vitamin C. There's Nobel Prizes for vitamin C stopping viruses and infections.
Two of them!
Linus Pauling!
Well, the World Health Organization says that just doesn't matter.
And again, ladies and gentlemen, they're not on the news telling you, get zinc.
Get vitamin C.
They're not telling you the studies about iodine massively boosting your immunity.
They're not telling you about nanosilver.
They're not telling you anything!
I've got articles going, people are enjoying more alcohol and comfort food, and watching TV, and they're watching so much TV that the bandwidth in Europe isn't high enough, so the EU ordered Netflix and YouTube to cut the bandwidth quality from HD.
That's martial law.
When the government's controlling how much electricity you get and how much bandwidth you get.
Whether you paid for it or not.
It's every level.
It's called fascism.
When the government controls what the corporations do and then gives all the profits to them.
You get socialism and the crumbs down here.
You get a communist style enforcement, but it's fascist flying above you in their jet copters and Learjets.
And Gulfstream jets and jumbo jets.
So it's just incredible to me that we've reached this point.
And now we learn Republican and Democrats, including Dianne Feinstein, she has a Chinese spy around her office, got a classified briefing on coronavirus and how dire it was.
Same intelligence agency saying Trump's a Russian agent.
Trump still hasn't gotten rid of all the globalists.
And they dumped their stock!
And the media, strangely enough, is calling for the Republicans to resign.
But not the Democrats.
I say every damn one of them.
I don't care if you're a Republican or a Democrat.
You get a classified briefing and you go dump your stock.
It's called insider trading.
Stick a fork in them, they're done.
But see, oh!
Don't you know those few Republicans that didn't vote for impeachment?
Don't you know now when there's going to be a new impeachment coming up, oh, you know it's coming, for not handling the coronavirus right.
Give it four months, when the death's peaking, hundreds of thousands, on the high end, 50,000 on the low end.
That's my prediction, from the real numbers.
Oh, they've got their votes now!
Because the FBI is still controlled by the globalists at the top.
And they'll defer prosecution for insider trading, but you're going to now vote against President Trump.
So you can see how all this is coming together.
Meanwhile, a big article on Infowars.com with links to the Wall Street Journal.
Migrant labor was to blame for coronavirus spread in both Italy and Iran.
And the CDC allowed more than 200 flights of repatriated Americans, including those they knew had corona, and let them go in towns all over America.
And San Antonio made a big deal about it and said, don't do it, remember?
But they still did.
And now Anthony Fauci and all the same ones that run the show, they're the good guys.
And Trump gets up and tries to talk the virus down.
Fauci saddles up, sidles up.
And says, it's all over!
Run for the hills!
You're all dead!
Trump's always surrounded by the deep state.
You say, why does he appoint them?
That's who was there.
That's who's been there.
It's every agency.
And they've got their minions, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 below them.
and they'll lie to the president's face.
Oh my gosh.
So, Shemay Nugent is joining us to talk about living off the grid,
and she's written books about it, and her view on a lot of things.
As she said, she's not pulling punches anymore.
She's very bold, and is ready to go on air, and she's a really interesting, smart lady.
That's Ted Nugent's wife, and I really look forward to her joining us the next hour.
And then this is what's going to happen.
I'm going to open the phones up in the third and fourth hour.
Mike Adams is going to be riding shotgun with me in the fourth hour.
We're going to be covering the waterfront.
And I want to be clear, because some people try to say that, you know, Mike Adams and I are fighting over stuff.
We're not.
Mike's been right.
This was hyped up.
It's a man-made virus.
We've covered that as well.
We've been tacking together on that.
And other experts we've had on have been together.
And we can tell this is going to be huge, going to be dangerous.
The virus is man-made.
It is killing people.
But the disproportionate media hype saying Trump did bad and trying to shut down our market Because our market isn't as controlled as China's, and because our media is going to be anti-Trump instead of being pro-Xi Jinping like they were, this is really going to destroy confidence and cause a depression.
And you've got all these globalist cheerleaders on television hyping the fall of the economy, foaming at the mouth.
And so, this is their move.
You wonder what they would do next?
This is it.
And we rightfully said, Trump, you better get ahead of it, at least rhetoric-wise, or they're going to say you didn't respond right.
And I was thinking steps ahead, but then as you actually see it unfold, you're like, gosh, you're damned if you do, you're damned if you don't, between a rock and a hard place.
And so, in the third and fourth hour, I want to hear from military, from first responders, From fire departments, from emergency management, from all sorts of folks, because this type of stuff is going around.
We're already under martial law by the Democrats in areas they control.
They already set the precedent to make it look like Trump didn't act if he doesn't.
But this is the stuff going around in text messages everywhere.
I got it from the Federalist Society directly in the meeting last Sunday with Trump when he was about to come out and announce interstate travel bans, but didn't.
And we said he may do it, he may not.
The best time to do it is Sunday night.
That way there's not a lot of traffic stuff going on.
You can get it in place and then try to block people going across state lines and it's going to be a disaster.
And the lockdowns, it's just going to be out of control.
But this is the stuff going around.
Some of these are fake.
Some of these are real.
But everybody loves stuff that's nebulous, like an Easter egg hunt, like the Q stuff, you know.
Something can be the governor saying, well, we're looking at martial law, but don't leave your homes.
That is martial law.
That's kind of like, oh, who cares about something real and totally bombshell?
Let's just talk about text messages we got.
Dad works for Homeland Security.
He said that they're prepping to mobilize the National Guard.
Preparing to dispatch them across the US along with the military.
Next, they will call in first responders.
He said they're preparing to announce a nationwide one-week quarantine for all citizens and businesses closed.
Everyone at home, they are told to pack and be prepared for up to 30 days deployment, which he said means they may extend the quarantine.
up to 30 days. Oh, it's going to go after that. He told me to notify our family members and have
them stock up and be prepared. They will announce this as soon as they have troops in place to help
prevent looters and rioters. He said he got the call last night and was told to pack and be prepared
for the call today when the dispatch orders. And he said, we'll announce before the end of the
weekend to keep people home on Monday. There's hundreds of versions of these being put out by
shadowy groups that are spamming him. And I think it's think tanks and the Democrats just pushing
the perception so that Trump feels like he has to do it.
And so the public acquiesces to it.
Because when you track most of these, they don't go back to real people.
Meanwhile, they're getting the troops ready to take over and setting up checkpoints.
And I've seen police doing drills and fire departments with dump trucks getting ready to block roads all over Texas.
So, they're declaring an emergency.
They're saying, don't leave your home and set for critical stuff.
They're saying close all the businesses.
Now they're talking about closing them all together.
And now they're announcing in the news, like that headline, military to be used for law enforcement.
That's martial law, folks.
I raised the definition two segments ago.
I just showed you the governor of California talking about martial law.
We're going to play five minutes of that that I said we'll get to next segment and then Shemay Nugent is going to be joining us.
But information warfare of the globalists needs to be countered with wide-spectrum analysis and truth and the people having a voice and experts that we have on.
Well, that's this show.
So I'm going to tell you again.
Take action now, ladies and gentlemen.
Do not stop.
Do not hesitate.
Use civil disobedience.
Anything legal?
The way to stop the globalists is to expose that they're behind it.
But if they can pose as the saviors, they're going to bring the country down.
weapon, but to take down our economy. Get active or become a slave. Expose the
globalists, their martial law plan or America is done. This is America under
attack by a foreign chi-com weapon. Spread the word about the broadcast now.
The way to stop the globalists is to expose that they're behind it, but if
they can pose as the saviors, they're going to bring the country down. Their
heads politically must roll. It's gonna be the Chinese century come hell or high
high water and it couldn't have been telegraphed any clearer.
One woman said, I want a recession because that'll help get rid of Donald Trump, and I think that's, most liberals won't admit that.
One way you get rid of Trump is a crashing economy, so please, bring on the recession.
And here we are, facing the threat of an 18-month shutdown, which would fuel an unemployment rate that could make the Great Depression look like a walk in the park Okay, so look at airline industry, auto industry, restaurant industry, hotel industry.
You know, capitalism does not work in an 18-month shutdown.
Capitalism can work in a 30-day shutdown.
And to not stop the buyback programs, the husband resources, to pull down, draw down their credit lines, because hell is coming.
Regardless of our convoluted global situation, the Chinese just turned their economic engine back on, while the world chokes on a silent wave of their communist propaganda, filtered through American think tanks and eventually the Mockingbird media.
Did this virus originate in China?
But Mr. President, that does not excuse your weeks and weeks of tweeting lies and misinformation about the virus, while the leaders of other nations were taking steps to make sure their populations could be safe.
Do you consider the term Chinese food racist?
Because it's food that originates in China or it has Chinese roots?
No, I don't think it's racist.
I don't think it's racist at all.
It amazes me when I read the things that I read.
It amazes me when I read the Wall Street Journal, which is always so negative.
It amazes me when I read the New York Times.
It's not even, I don't, I barely read it.
You know, we don't distribute it in the White House anymore.
And the same thing with the Washington Post.
They use different slogans and different concepts for me almost every week, trying to catch
Last week it was all chaos.
You see me, there's no chaos.
I have no chaos.
I'm the one telling everybody to be calm.
Forcing freedom to come to a temporary standstill in the wake of the Chinese stranglehold on the availability of basic common medicine.
Even the medicines to care for people who are hospitalized with coronavirus, 90% of those ingredients come from China.
Once we opened up free trade, that's when we lost our last aspirin plant in 2002.
So we can't make aspirin in the United States.
That's when we lost our last penicillin plant, which closed in 2004.
At the same time, we lost our ability to make vitamin C. These are basic things we need for life.
This is about survivability.
So we have to bring that manufacturing back home to this country.
And while the silent majority is away, the D.C.
rats will play.
Now, those that would never waste a crisis are beginning to rear their ugly heads.
As OpenSecrets.org reported, as the coronavirus outbreak began to spread across the U.S.
in mid-February, Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Richard Burr unloaded his holdings and dozens of stocks that would lose much of their market value over the coming weeks.
Around the time that Burr sold his shares of major corporations, including several hard-hit hotel companies, he publicly expressed confidence about the U.S.
government's ability to fight the virus.
However, in late February, Burr privately warned that the virus is much more aggressive in its transmission than anything that we have seen in recent history.
And as Breitbart reported, Senator Lindsey Graham is using the coronavirus recovery bills to dramatically expand the award of EB-5 green cards to wealthy Chinese if they lend money to U.S.
real estate investors and other companies.
The proposal, which could be included in one of the Senate's coronavirus rescue bills,
would significantly boost the number of visas offered annually from 10,000 to 75,000, while
cutting in half the investment required to earn legal residence from $900,000 to $450,000,
they say.
Half the recipients of the EB-5 visa program, investors and their families, come from China,
according to a report by the Brookings Institution think tank.
And while America is distracted, Adam Schiff is performing CPR on three crooked FISA provisions
that lapsed as the Washington Times reports attempts to rein in the government's ability
to spy on Americans fell flat after Representative Adam B.
Schiff intervened to protect the types of powers that the FBI used to go after the Trump campaign
in 2016.
The longer this goes on, the more the veil will be lifted on the disgusting face of corruption
and a coordinated globalist siege of a once thriving United States.
John Bowne reporting.
We're going to an amazing lady here in just a moment.
For the rest of the hour, Shemaine Nugent, Ted Nugent's wife, and most of you know who she is from the TV shows, the books, and more.
She's got a lot to say about the coronavirus, living off the grid, how to not go crazy during this time, and more.
But first, here's the governor of California who said he wanted to trigger this nationwide, declaring martial law, but not calling it martial law, saying 40 million people must stay in their homes.
Here he is last night.
Further, we have absolute expectation this will be socialized in real time.
We've had the privilege of talking to many, many mayors today and county leaders that are hopeful we were moving in this direction.
And I have all the confidence in the world this guidance along the same lines that we advanced on large gatherings will take shape.
The governor of Illinois and Ohio ordered the closure of Yeah, we could do that easily.
Why not exercise your vote?
Because it's a nuance and a distinction we can get caught up in.
Because to date we haven't needed to do that.
We've set out guidance, that guidance has been met in every circumstance.
And as I said in the past, if you want to establish a framework of martial law, Which is ultimate authority and enforcement.
We have the capacity to do that, but we are not at this moment feeling that is a necessity.
And to the extent that people do not socialize and support this very directive guidance, I would be surprised and we have all the confidence it will be.
I'll repeat.
We had this exact conversation with many of you as well last week when we put out the guidelines as it relates to non-essential events.
You saw in every part of this state those guidelines were followed.
I have all the expectation in the world the guidelines will be followed on this.
The same thing that I said then, I'll repeat what I just told Phil.
He puts you into a stranglehold.
He puts you into martial law.
To try to push Trump into that, or Trump hasn't acted, they're saying.
He follows the Qaikom model.
But he says, oh, but it's not a stranglehold.
It's a subtle nuance, as you heard him just say, as they burn down the U.S.
Well, Shemaine Nugent's an amazing lady.
She's an author, blogger, podcaster, healthy lifestyle ambassador, the TV host of 40 Years Experience as a fitness instructor.
She co-hosts and co-produces the award-winning Ted Nugent's Spirit of the Wild TV show, the longest and top-rated outdoor hunting show.
She is on a mission from God to make America healthy again.
Chimane Nugent dot rocks and on Facebook and Instagram at Chimane Nugent.
Chimane is S-H-E-M-A-N-E.
I guess not quite named after the cool lady in El Cid.
That's a true story.
But she's here with us.
Thanks for coming on.
I really appreciate it.
Hey, Alex.
Thanks so much for having me.
I love that music.
I know.
It's one of my favorite songs.
I think you know the guy that plays that.
I do.
I know him very well, actually.
Okay, listen, I can talk all day, so I want you to have the floor here.
The virus, Q stuff, you said you want to just be bold, and that these days you're letting folks have it, because I know in person, you know as much as I do, or more.
I mean, you're on fire, but then you're a little more reserved in public, I get it, but hit them with both barrels, you've got the floor.
Well, number one, I have to thank all of our healthcare workers who are on the front lines of this war right now.
We owe our lives to them.
Thank you so much for doing what you're doing, for putting your lives at risk, and for taking care of us.
I mean, this is scary.
And you've talked about the coronavirus and what's going on and I started to do some research in the past month or so and I started to find out what what's really going on and it scared the crap out of me and I just felt that I needed to share this with my followers.
I mean I say that I'm an unlikely Interpreter and messenger for what's going on, but I've had so many people wake up and my followers and do their own research.
That's what I encourage.
Well, I respect you as a researcher.
I've learned a lot from you on the medical field, you know, on the nutrition side.
I mean, you're really a respected expert on that.
From your deep research, what do you really think this virus is?
Where do you think it's coming from?
What do you think is going to happen?
Well, nobody knows for sure.
I'm sure there's a handful of people who do know, but those of us who are civilians don't really know exactly how it's all going to pan out.
But I want to ask you a question and your listeners, your viewers, a question.
Do you really think this is about the coronavirus?
Do you really think that we're being sequestered for the coronavirus?
And what else is there?
And I have encouraged all of my followers to do their own research.
And I started to become bold and brave.
And you know what, Alex?
I gotta tell you, there's never been a time where I wasn't more proud to be a hunter.
And more proud that Ted and I haven't altered our lifestyle at all.
We just don't go into town, but we live off the land anyway.
And we're totally self-sufficient.
So this really hasn't affected us.
I get to talk to people like you more often.
Well, I've been out to your Texas place and it is a little piece of heaven and it's very
simple as well.
You've got your house up there on the side of the ridge and people would think you guys
have a big mansion or something.
You guys have an awesome little cottage that you would imagine Snow White lives in except
there's about a hundred guns.
A hundred that I can see!
Yeah, that's right.
Yeah, we've always been self-sufficient and it's really important.
I think, you know, since Ted and I got married 31 years ago, I learned firsthand The opportunity to have to take care of myself for my family.
And remember the Y2K fears?
That's when I first started getting into hunting and becoming a responsible gun owner and not taking it for granted, my safety.
I started getting death threats and I started carrying and I never take a day of my life for granted.
One of the reasons that I'm on this mission is because I got sick and almost died from toxic mold exposure between the walls of my home that was once featured on MTV Cribs.
We didn't know what was going on with us.
And Ted and I and our son Rocco just kept getting sicker and sicker.
And I had pre-emphysema, which is why I've been staying home more often anyway.
And I became my own investigative sleuth and found out that both Ted and I had four different types of mold in our bloodstream.
I was diagnosed with pre-emphysema and I don't smoke.
And our son Rocco had severe asthma.
So I had to make a shift.
I think once you get backed into a corner, nobody puts baby in a corner, right?
Once you get pushed into a corner, you come out fighting.
And right now we've got to fight for our health.
We've got to fight for our lives.
And I don't mean to scare anybody.
I want to replace the and stress that it's not about scaring.
It's about being responsible.
But if there's ever a time when America needs to step up, it's now.
I'm just sitting here listening to you.
I want to get into a whole bunch of areas with you, but tell us what you really think, because I don't want to believe that Trump isn't making progress against the deep state, but then I don't want to believe that there's just this huge Things secretly going on where everything's being handled,
but then I do see the head of Harvard science caught as a tri-com agent
I do see all these top people being arrested as pedophiles I do see the deep state getting rolled up and now we're
learning that Hillary server Is in the hands of the NYPD and is gonna be coming out soon
So it does look like that that Trump is on the move But he was already on the move before this virus popped up
So I see them trying to use the virus against Trump saying it's his fault
But at the same time, it's also an opportunity for Trump to mop up the deep state.
So I think both sides are trying to use it right now.
now what do you think? Yeah I totally agree but I think Trump is one step
ahead of him and obviously this is a pre-ordained evolution.
This is unlike anything we've ever experienced before, to biblical proportions.
And it all had to unravel the way that it's unraveled.
I think that we're going to start seeing more of The president helping people, I think there's going to be a takeover rather than bailing out the banks, we're bailing out the people.
And that's the way it should be.
People are going to be sent checks and people are going to, taxes are going to be deferred.
So... Oh yeah, they just announced that you don't pay income taxes now until later in the year, in like July.
It's crazy.
It's an exciting time.
I know what you're trying to get me to say.
Um, I do believe that there is an orchestrated group of individuals that some people have called Q, who have been dropping breadcrumbs, so to speak, for those of us.
And the information is available online.
I have told my people to do the research for themselves and to look up Q Anon and to do due diligence for themselves.
Let's talk about it with Shemay Nugent straight ahead.
We'll be back.
Stay right there.
Shemaine Nugent is our guest.
Really excited to have her with us.
And I'm told Ted might pop in, but I really am enjoying talking to her, because I always love talking to Ted, too, and get his take on this.
And I know you guys pretty much agree, maybe disagree a little bit, you know, on the virus overall, how serious it is, or if it's really just a cover for something larger.
I have said, last Sunday, and I said at the start of the show, that I believe if they declare nationwide martial law officially, that it'll be done on a Sunday night.
Well, I'm reading the Governor of New York's edict that just came out.
Everything's shut down on Sunday night at 8pm.
And so there you go.
And that's what Trump was thinking about doing.
If you want to do it in the middle of the week, or the middle of the giant rush hour, You've got to slowly implement it.
And it just shows how crazy the world is, folks.
We've been predicting this for so long.
Shemay Nugent, there's so many topics I want to get into with you here.
A big part of what you talk about is how to not go crazy while you're locked down.
But I saw the London Guardian demonize myself and James Wesley Rawls and others saying that we've said be preppers for years.
That just means be self-sufficient.
Ants are self-sufficient.
Grasshoppers aren't.
But now I think that shows our credibility is even greater that we've been prepping.
They act like, in the New York Times, London Guardian, that we're bad for being prepared.
But I know you and Ted don't even call it prepping.
You just call it being self-sufficient.
Yeah, that's right.
Alex, if you don't mind, I would like to do something here with you, live, that you've probably never done before on your show.
Are you ready?
You want to try it?
Is it called breathing?
I want you to take a deep breath, and when you breathe in, silently count to four.
me. Ready? You're not doing I counted to four.
Do it with me.
All right.
See how I guessed what you were going to say?
Great mind.
You know what?
You know what, Alex?
Here's the thing.
We don't really know for sure what's going to unravel and when.
And we're all getting breadcrumbs and bits and pieces of information.
But I woke up a couple of weeks ago with an anxiety attack.
Before this all happened, I was in the hospital.
And I started thinking, This is, something's got to change.
I have to change.
I'm, each and every one of us are responsible.
Same thing happened to my wife, who I know you're friends with and talk to.
She, it's happened to her about six weeks ago.
She started having dreams about toilet paper and people having a huge amount, I thought she was crazy.
But a lot of people, a lot of women have been having premonitions.
Is that what you're talking about?
Yeah, and I really believe that right now the only thing that we can do for sure, the only thing that we know for sure, is that each and every one of us has to take care of our health.
For whatever reason, do you want to go to the hospital right now, whether or not you have the coronavirus?
Take care of yourself.
I like to.
This is what I started doing recently.
And it's really helped me.
I shut down.
I unplug.
I disconnect from TV, from radio, from everything.
Two hours before I go to bed.
I take a bath.
I put lavender essential oils in the bath.
And I light the candles and I listen to soft music.
You have to.
You have to take care of yourself because you'll wake up in the middle of the night.
By the way, you're right.
It looks like I've aged 10 years the last couple months dealing with this and it's true.
We've got to disconnect.
We've got to turn our phones off.
We've got to breathe more and not let this make us have a heart attack or get divorced or have all the stress that it's causing because that's really the byproduct of it is the stress of all this change.
So how do I do that?
So fear, let's not overreact with fear.
Let's be over prepared.
So prepare your bodies and your mindset, mind, body and spirit.
All are one.
All are connected.
If somebody says something to you that, you know, hurts your feelings, you feel it in your gut.
So what we need to do right now is do more meditation, exercise.
I'm going to start to do every other day live video workouts on my Instagram.
And it'll just be about 10 minutes.
And you know what?
Ten minutes can make a huge difference.
In fact, in my book, four minutes can make a big difference.
I talk about little things in my book.
I should have brought that book up.
I can't wait to read that.
Little things that you can do in four minutes that will change your life.
It's all right.
And I already talked about this.
I wrote this several years ago that you can go outside while we can and breathe and listen to the birds.
And for Ted, he's got to put his hearing aid in to listen.
Really listen to the sounds of mother nation, mother nature, and let that soothe your soul and ground get grounded in earth and And really, play with your kids, play with your dogs, spend time doing the things that you love to do, but indoors.
And if you've got kids, you might be going a little bit stir-crazy trying to figure out how to entertain them all.
But this is a great opportunity for us, Alex.
This is what we've needed.
We've become so disconnected from our families, and this is a great shift, I think.
I agree.
Get back to the book, because I actually wanted to bring the book up.
I want to read it, because What are the little tricks you can do, people should read the book, what are the basic things we can do to just de-stress?
Well, I cover three pillars, mind, body and spirit, because it really is all connected.
It's not just a diet book, although I do talk about things that you shouldn't eat, like foods that have been prepared and have all kinds of chemicals in them and put on a shelf for months or even years.
Get back to the hoof, the ground or the tree, Like we're going to have to now more than ever.
And fuel your body with clean, wholesome food.
But also taking care of your mindset.
Get right with God, as I've heard you say.
Become more prayerful.
Become more loving to yourself and to those around you.
You're right, because when I do things because I hate the globalists, it makes me physically not happy.
But if I do it because I love my children, because I love humanity, then it's empowering.
Now, I've gotten a little bit more healthy over the years, but somebody that does need your advice, who I know you know well, is the President.
We need to tell him, we need to stop the KFC and the McDonald's.
Man, he's got an iron constitution at his age eating that stuff.
I know.
I think there's something else going on.
He is fueling himself, fueling his body, mind and spirit with energy from us, energy from the people.
And I know for a fact, and you probably know this too, and I know Ted, the reason that we keep going, the reason that I keep posting, the reason that I've recently spoken out about what I know is because I get so much positive feedback, and I'm sure the President does too.
That's the fuel for our fire, our spiritual fire that we need right now.
Well I was about to say, used to, on like mainline comment sections in newspapers or YouTube, about half the comments supported.
Now it's like 90% on videos attacking me, ABC News or CNN.
It's almost every comment.
And I know for Ted and you, that you've been attacked for decades promoting Americana and hunting and freedom.
And now you're seeing the same thing that it's almost completely positive?
You know what, Alex?
I think being married to Ted for 31 years, I've learned so much and I've learned how to grow thicker skin.
And Ted, you know Ted, he doesn't let the haters get to him.
In fact, it fuels his fire even more.
And I've learned a lot from that.
There's always going to be haters.
So I get 99.999% such positive feedback on all my social media.
People that I've literally, I'm not kidding you, I've saved their lives.
So that's what keeps me going and that's what you and I and Ted and the President and all of us who are in this position that we can help other people need to focus on is the positive Spreading the love and spreading the joy.
No, I totally agree.
And I know other people that know you and you've also helped us.
You really care about people and really help folks in their lives.
You've helped my wife.
It's amazing.
And what you're saying is that empowers you.
It's better to give than to receive.
Shemaine Nugent is our guest.
And I'm told that the Motor City Madman might be popping in, but I'm happy to have just you, but I'd love to have Ted as well.
We'll be right back to cover the waterfront, then open phones next hour and Mike Adams.
Well, there's two characters right there.
Never had Ted Nugent on via Skype.
It's cool.
And we got his wife here, the best-selling author of Four Minutes to Happy.
I'm not going to go over her whole bio.
Everybody knows who she is with the hit TV shows with Ted.
So I've got two for her.
I didn't know Ted was going to be on today, so it's great to have him as well.
Wow, it is just so crazy.
We are riders on the storm.
Chimane, it's great to have you here.
It's great to have the Motor City Madman here.
I can just hear the Star Spangled Banner being played during your living room off that guitar.
Nothing like it.
Where do you guys want to go?
Because I got to ask a lot of questions.
I got a hundred of them.
What does Ted think about what's happening?
What does Chimane think?
What it's like to be, I mean, I know you already live out on the land anyway, so this is normal for you.
Where do you think this is going?
Great to have you here, Ted.
Well, back at you, especially to share it with The queen of the forest.
Are you kidding me?
I'm a lucky man.
But Alex, look how lucky I really am.
The bottom line is, I think I share, you know, self-evident truth, ongoing logic and widespread common sense.
Just getting off of my Facebook now, there's a lot of positive energy and spirit.
What I'm witnessing, what Shemaine and I are celebrating here, Is that our neighbors here in Texas and all my buddies up in Michigan I talked to quite honestly on Facebook.
I think I've communicated with all 50 states and all Canadian provinces.
I think a guy from Ireland, a guy from Belgium, a guy from Germany and France and in this horrible uncharted territories.
There is some panic, but majority of my fellow humans are helping their neighbors.
They're already fortified.
The last Boy Scout is alive and well in this country.
And those of us that don't have to scramble in an emergency for toilet paper, we're adequately prepared for at least a few weeks.
The Nugent family for at least a year.
But the people who are intelligent, conscientious, tuned in, they're helping our neighbors.
They're helping those in need right now.
So yes, the pandemic is not the road less traveled.
It's literally a non-road that's never been traveled before.
And I'm watching the press conferences by the greatest president in the history of this country.
And boy is he in his finest hours.
He's not acting presidential because the past presidents gave the control of our life-saving medical and antibiotic development.
To the genocidal, tyrannical, communist Chinese.
So President Trump is fixing this horrific, criminal, deep swamp, deep state abuse of power.
And I think we're going to come out of this, like President Trump said just a moment ago, better and stronger because I hope people learn to be prepared so they can help those amongst us who are less prepared.
Now, I think you're right overall, Ted, but you're kind of up on the mountain.
I mean, I've been to your place.
You're a tough guy.
At 71, you're in a lot better shape than most men that are 30.
You've got an awesome wife.
That's been on her bio.
Queen of the Forest is really who she is.
Amazing people.
And you're prepared, and you're ready, and you can skin a buck, run a trot line, and your neighbors are, you know, out there outside Waco.
Here in the heart of Texas is North Austin, which is enemy territory now.
But when you go to the leftist areas, and the homeless everywhere, and the feces, and the needles, and they don't know how to take care of themselves, during this breakdown in New York and California, they're exempting all of them.
They're letting prisoners out by the thousands.
I'm really concerned about the dark side.
So I'm not trying to be negative here, but let's... I mean, I know from the world of Ted Nugent, who's got his act together, things are looking good because you were prepared.
But what about the leftist?
What about these people that, quite frankly, can't even find their ass with both hands?
Well, we're well aware that we're celebrating the good, and it's important that you and I, and Shemaine does this all the time, we maximize the good, but in order to maximize the good, you have to do what you just said, Alex, and that's spotlight the bad and the ugly.
And the bad and the ugly is what I just said a moment ago, that our past administrations in the United States of America gave our life-saving medical and antibiotic productivity To the genocidal, tyrannical, communist Chinese.
And what you're identifying, the California thesis and needle epicenter, homeless cluster whack of the world.
It was already worse than COVID-19 because of Democrats and liberal power abusers and criminals within our government
that sell off the shares of their travel and hotel stock with insider information.
So we're well aware of the bad and the ugly.
So I think that the good amongst us will indeed help as many of the ill-prepared or even the bad and ugly
that is out there.
But I think we have to be cocked, locked, and ready to rock the clock more now than ever
because these power abusing elected employees are literally making it worse
by letting dangerous criminals out by the thousands across the country.
But I got to tell you, not only do we prepare ourselves with toilet paper and water and fish and meat and medicine and medical supplies and fuel and generators, there's a whole bunch of us out here.
But believe me, we have unlimited Firepower.
And if these released recidivistic monsters want to mess with the good people of America, we will cut them in half.
to protect our families. Write that down.
And that's why I'm glad you're here and I want Shemaine to pop in any time with her views on this.
But, the Democrats...
You know what, Alex? I really think that this is a great opportunity for us to do a reset, a reboot,
to think about what is really important to us, and that's family. God, family, country, and our health.
And I've always been a healthy lifestyle ambassador and I feel like now, more than ever,
those of us who are healthy and those of us who are strong, and those of us who can still get out,
reach out to people in your life, people in your community who might need a helping hand.
There's a lot of good people right now.
might need some assistance and that's where Americans are so great. Exactly, everybody
needs to adopt some people that are in need instead of the welfare system
programming and using them. We all need to reach out and help people.
Yep, I totally agree and it's a great opportunity for us to say, okay let's get
rid of the junk food, let's think about fueling our body with superfood
nutrition, what nutrition we can and...
Because I've met him many times in person years ago, but hanging out at your house, I mean, he was 70 when I was there a year ago.
I mean, seriously, this guy is like a, like a super space alien elf or something.
I mean, he looks like he's about 50.
Can I tell him what we did the other day here in this room?
Yeah, sure.
He stretched me.
Boy, you haven't stretched until you've had this woman stretch you, Alex.
I made him get down on the floor and do some stretching exercises and yoga.
And I said, look, pal, I'm going to need you around.
So you better start taking care of yourself because he was complaining that he couldn't put his socks on.
I'm like, oh no, I'm not going to be putting your socks on for you.
You're going to put your socks on yourself.
So yeah, we need to take care of each other and we need to help one another.
We need to stretch our bodies, stretch our minds.
Stretch our air capacity.
Stretch our instinct to self-defense.
And as she helped me stretch on the floor, Alex, we went right to the firing range and we trained and practiced with our firearms.
And she is such a samurai, zen, aim small, miss small, tactically aware individual.
That's as important as having food and water and medicine for your families, is to be able to defend yourself.
And when our When these different Democrat punks are... Well, that's where I was going.
I'm sure you know this, but it's hardly getting news.
They're banning gun sales in California in most areas.
They're passing laws you can't transport your own firearm in Louisiana.
What in the hell is... We need our guns more than ever during a lockdown.
Well, we train every day.
I just had a bunch of guys out here yesterday.
We're actually testing some new body armor, a Phoenix body armor that is lightweight and it stops much more powerful ballistics.
And it's more maneuverable for law enforcement and military and for civilians.
You know, We don't like to think in terms of mass dangerous, you know, rioting, but it's happened in the past.
I was in Detroit in 1967 during that firestorm summer when the riots were completely out of control.
And it's really interesting to note that people are scrambling to buy toilet paper and guns and ammo.
You should already have toilet paper and you should already have guns and ammo and you should know how to use both.
That's right.
Ted Nugent, tednugent.com.
When we come back in our final segment, again, I got a lot of questions, but I want to find out front and center what else you're doing to get prepared and how long you think this is going to last and what you think President Trump should do.
I got to say, beyond presidential, I mean, I'm proud of Trump, but when they accused him of calling it a Chinese virus, he went, the Chinese government's blaming our military with no evidence.
How about that?
It's from there, don't blame us.
Don't act so surprised, globalist.
You didn't think you'd take all our rights, did you?
By the way, with Shemaine Nugent and Ted Nugent, it's not an act, all their positivity, and I'm not a famous rock star like Ted Nugent, but being on the air for 26 years, I've met a lot of them, and they're just all, even though they're nice people, they're wrecks.
And they don't live, you know, past 55 usually.
Ted's 71, and he does look like he's, you know, a guy who's 60 in shape.
His knees may hurt and stuff like that, you know, things go out.
And his wife, look at her.
So it's not about, "Oh, look at these guys, they're so great."
They live in a little cottage on a ranch in Texas and got one up in Michigan,
and they're so happy.
And so when they're giving you this advice, it's really real.
And I get really negative because I get so pissed off at the globalists.
But I was thinking even last night and this morning, I got to go on air.
They didn't even say they were gonna get positive like this and bring up good things.
And I'm with you, but the positive things are kids aren't in the schools getting brainwashed and drag queen story time and families are together and usually I get so busy, I tell my wife, don't cook or whatever, just order food in.
I've been cooking dinner and with her and having fun and with the kids more and it's just been better and so there are a lot of positive things coming out of this.
I didn't mean to steer us down that direction.
Ted Nugent, Shemaine Nugent, you want to comment more on that or what else in the 10 minutes we have left is on your radar screen that you'd like to impart to the troops out there?
You know, when we are having our kids indoors more often, and there might be a time where we have to homeschool them.
We all might have to do that.
And I homeschooled Rocco for a little bit.
And I know, here are a couple of tips that I can share with people.
Take a designated amount of time that you know you can withstand and your kids can withstand.
And have a designated area for learning only.
That means shut down the iPads and whatever other instruments your kids have, and just focus on learning.
And then, here's another big one, is talk about what they learned.
Ask them questions.
Remember the old show and tell?
Well, ask them to show you what they learned.
Ask them to tell you what they learned, so that you're listening.
Because you know what?
I see a lot of parents that just aren't really You know, it's scary when I go to a store or a restaurant and I look and none of the families are talking.
They're all on their phones and then I catch myself doing it as well.
You're right.
We've got to compartmentalize this stuff and designate the times we're going to do it.
Ted, your take on that?
Well yeah, we're talking truth, logic, and common sense based on the lifestyle of being tuned in and being conscientious of your surroundings.
And being raised in a hunting family, I've always been fascinated and passionate about listening to the birds and watching the habitat and managing the wildlife and feeding my family the
purest, most organic natural food in the world that I hunt every year.
I kill it and I grill it and at 71, not just because I've been clean and sober my whole
life but because I've been conscientious about my diet.
So these are times now with the, you allude to the tragedy of brainwashing in our anti-education
Yes we need to talk more about a healthy lifestyle but parents have to do what I've done with
all my sons and daughters and what Shemaine and I did with Rocco.
Drugs, alcohol, tobacco, vaping.
That is not making ends meet.
That is not quality of life investment consumerism.
I think now, during this dangerous pandemic, now's the time to look at our brothers and sisters, our families, our sons and daughters and grandchildren and go, what are you doing with your life?
What are you eating today?
What are those words on the contents of that package?
What are they?
You know, it's funny you say that because I've instinctively done that.
I quit drinking for about five months 100% and lost like 40 pounds, felt great, started back a little bit and instantly had an issue, you know, a problem.
And you're right, people just ought to hang it up.
I mean, the world's too dangerous.
Things are too crazy.
We need to get back to being, you know, more focused because the world is a dangerous place.
And you know, I gotta tell you, I do a lot of podcasts, a lot of interviews, and I'm on my Facebook.
I'm a communication guy.
I really love the people around me, my band, my crew, my wonderful family, my neighbors, my buddies that come out and shoot, hunt and fish, and we run trap lines, and we go off-roading in our Broncos.
So I'm a real gregarious guy.
But I've also found out that if you don't know about the capabilities, the evil depths of our historical Mankind abuses.
If your children don't know about the Trail of Tears, the Rape of Nanking, the Bataan Death March, if you don't know about Wounded Knee, if you don't know about the atrocities that big government have perpetuated and perpetrated upon civilian ...publics, unsuspecting civilian publics, if you haven't taught your children the tragedies of mankind... I mean, I can't find anybody that's heard about the rape of Nan King, and then you have people that'll literally look at you and go, well, I can't believe that a human being would hurt another human being!
Well, these are the kinds of bad and ugly realities that we have to teach our children and our friends.
If you're not aware of the depth of evil that mankind is capable of, you have subjected yourself and opened yourself up to the naivete that it could happen again.
And I believe that when you give control to elected employees who turn over the life and death control of our medicines and antibiotics, To the Communist Chinese government, the curse of apathy is the most suicidal irresponsibility that Americans have ever committed.
And I hope we wake up to that.
OK, I just wanted to interject, you know, there's a lot of negativity going on in the world right now and a lot of things to be scared about.
But one thing that we can do is learn from history, talk to our kids about it and write about it.
You know, what we're going through now in five or 10 or 20 or 50 years is going is epic.
So, write about it and talk about it with your kids and your family members and get all those hurt feelings out and talk to people about it because we have an obligation to survive and to thrive.
And to spread the love.
I really believe that that's why I'm here.
I'm doing your show and why Ted and I are really talking about spreading the love and being self-sufficient.
So now is a good time to think about what's most important to you and your family and to really take some stock in what you've been doing and reboot.
No, I totally agree, but since Ted mentioned this, because I've been following him since I was a kid, he always had positive things to say about Native Americans, so the leftist media claimed he hated Native Americans.
And I want to just tell you guys this, but you always know, the stuff in the media about me, Many times it's 100% fake, just none of it's even real.
You've experienced it, but I don't think the public realizes that when you promote America and freedom and the Second Amendment and God and country, you get demonized for saying be self-sufficient.
You're a scammer now, or you're a racist, and Trump's been through this worse than all of us combined, but I know the listeners know who we really are, and I'm not whining, I'm just saying we also need to point out that the corporate media literally are the scum of the earth, and you can't believe a damn thing they say.
Before Ted jumps in, because I know he's got a lot to say about this, I want to encourage people, before you tweet something or text something or post something negative on somebody else's feed or page or whatever, take stock.
Those who throw the first stone.
Take stock about what you're doing and why you really need to say those negative things.
Let's try to create a new loving environment for one another.
I totally agree.
I wish the corporate media would stop saying outrageous lies about me.
I'm just pointing out that people don't know how big of liars they are until you've been targeted by them.
I have to do is witness any of my so-called debates, how I completely decapitated Pierce Morgan or even the Texas Public Television when they tried to take me out regarding the Second Amendment.
I am so addicted and I'm so good at delivering truth, logic, and common sense that is just saturated with historical and current evidence.
So all they can do is lie?
That's the thing I stand for.
So they know they can't debate me.
They're absolutely helpless to debate me.
So they have to make up the nastiest lies on the planet.
And I believe that even more than President Trump, I have been lied about and hated more than anybody because my truth, logic, and common sense is untouchable.
And they hate that I'm a hunter.
They hate that I believe in the Second Amendment.
They hate that I'm a cop.
They hate that I'm anti-drug and alcohol.
I live the perfect life, and the left hates rugged individuals.
They hate people who declare their independence.
They hate people who can stand up on their own.
You can see the smile on my face, Alex.
We've talked about this.
I am so proud that the scum of the earth hate me.
They hate me even better than I really am.
I know you guys have got to go.
It's a two-minute break.
I want to just finish up with five minutes on the other side to talk about the tour, to talk about the book, to talk about what you think the next challenge to Trump will be, because obviously this coronavirus is a big challenge, but they just keep coming at him with other challenges, and I just can't believe it's 73.
The only other person I know that's near that age as dynamic is Ted Nugent.
Kissing your ass.
It's just a fact.
Shemaine Nugent is here with us as well.
We're going to break for two minutes, do five more minutes, and then I'm opening the phones up to law enforcement and military about the martial law preparations and what you think about it, and then Mike Adams joins us in the fourth hour.
Then the War Room with Owen Schroer comes up after that.
Remember we're on hundreds of radio stations, but the only way you find our videos and audio online is band on video
and newsworks.com So share those links
You've been doing great, Owen.
You're going to finish up with these calls.
And then Greg Reese and, of course, Harrison Smith are going to take another hour of calls.
The crew's volunteered to do it.
So we're here live covering this, hoping everything de-escalates.
So the live coverage continues.
Everybody spread those links.
The Globals are hacking us, trying to shut this down.
Don't let them win.
No BS.
Let me tell you, everything's straight shooting here.
See, I don't have some Machiavelli manipulative view.
With me, it's all straightforward attack.
That's the real power!
Don't act so surprised, Globalist.
You didn't think you could silence the American people, did you?
Join Bandot Video, and I will complete your training.
Together, we can overthrow the Emperor and restore the Republic.
Yeah, James Earl Jones did that for us.
No, that's actually me.
We've got the Motor City Madman and his Queen of the Forest is true.
And so Shemaine Nugent is here with us as well.
All right, in the four minutes we have left, tell us about everything on planet Nugent.
And then in closing, what do you think the next attack on Trump's going to be?
Well, Mrs. Nugent is the boss here.
We have a great relationship.
We've been married for 31 years.
Nicely done.
So we have quality of life and we earn our own way, we live within our means, and we save for a rainy day.
And that triad of quality of the American dream, it existed when I had zero dollars, and it exists when I have a bunch of dollars.
So I think people have to really intelligently reprioritize how they spend their money.
And I guess the most glaring example is that people with gargantuan student loans are buying $5 cups of coffee at Starbucks.
People have lost their minds in prioritization and quality of life.
And what we're experiencing during this pandemic is a scramble for damage control because somebody didn't have the intellectual wherewithal for quality control.
Quality control always beats damage control.
And that's how we live our life.
We are aware of our surroundings.
We're aware of our cause and effect.
And we dedicate ourselves to make sacrifices so we're in the asset column for our family, our neighborhood, our country, our fellow man, and planet Earth.
It's so simple, it's stupid.
And you know, for me, life is all about being healthy, because I know what it's like to lose my health.
I was diagnosed with having pre-emphysema from toxic mold between the walls.
Know way too much about that, if anybody wants to know.
I'm actually producing a documentary about it.
Can't wait to hear more about that.
Yeah, I'll talk.
I know way too much about it.
People get this book.
Literally, people, Alex, come on my Facebook.
They read Shemane's book and they get all emotional because it's a reminder of life quality 101.
And it's so laid out in a pragmatic, utilitarian way in this book that people go to Shemane's, what is it?
I'm also on Instagram and Facebook.
And my goal in life is to change people's lives and make them happier and healthier.
And that's what I want to do.
I want to spread the love.
I want to spread the joy.
There's a lot of things to be scared about right now, but there's a lot of things to be grateful for.
And I would just encourage everybody to be more prayerful, more loving and kind to one another.
And the healthier you are, the happier you are every damn time.
And to be healthy is so Easy!
You stop doing...
Stupid stuff.
You stop buying stupid stuff.
You stop poisoning your body.
You don't wage chemical warfare on your body.
You don't buy chemicals that have fresh scent of spring in your house that are all chemicals.
Get the chemicals, the sugar, get the crap out of your lives, the drugs, the alcohol, the poison, the vaping, and go back to square one and save for a rainy day.
And I'm not talking millionaires.
I'm talking your average American income.
If you save for a rainy day, you'll never panic.
Hey, I'm totally sold.
And another thing you guys do is you guys get demonized, I get demonized, and a lot of people then get shunned.
That's how the left operates.
You guys stand up for freedom of speech.
We really appreciate your great work, your defense of the Second Amendment.
So again, tednugent.com.
Of course, people can go to Shemaine's site as well, shemainenugent.rocks.
Thank you so much for coming on.
And hey, now that we're all locked down and we were talking during the break, both of you, anytime you want to pop on, give me a call or I'll call you and please come on the broadcast.
God bless America.
God bless the military and law enforcement first responders all across this country.
All right.
Well, absolutely.
They're in for it.
They're gonna be on the front lines right now.
Pray for them.
Thank you, guys.
Ladies and gentlemen, we have a lot of different guests on with a lot of different views, and I want to believe the views from Shemaine Nugent and Ted Nugent that this is a great opportunity for America to get back to its basic values and show how the patriots have been prepared and how we've been right all along, which is true.
I'm worried about warning people about what's coming next, because I got to tell you, we know what we're talking about.
We've proven it.
Our guests, our callers, Our research is just unparalleled.
And Trump's the real deal.
The globalists are after him.
They launched this to take him out.
He has been doing a balancing act, trying to save the economy and things.
At the same time, knowing they're going to set him up for anybody that dies regardless.
Nothing he does is going to be good.
They're trying to trick him into declaring a total emergency now, saying they'll be nice if he dies.
And having a few operatives say, oh, look, he's good now if he just shuts the economy down.
Yeah, we're going to have a depression, but it's not going to be his fault.
He's going to get blamed for that, too, because the globalists operate on this premise more than anything else.
It's their prime rule.
You don't have a memory.
And so you're not going to remember that they said, let the Chinese fly in.
Seven weeks ago, and Trump was trying to block it.
You're not going to remember the CDC under his nose, ship people in that had it.
You're not going to remember.
That's what they think.
But his economic approval rating is up in most polls.
But they can skew those anytime they want.
So I've learned how they operate.
I've learned their tricks.
And if you ask a top baseball hitter how they know what ball the pitcher is going to throw, They can just tell by the pitcher's stance and watching him for years.
And they can't tell you how they know.
They just know.
And it's the same thing.
Thousands of data points go into this.
And we're just totally over the target.
And I'm not saying that to go, oh, I'm cool.
This is great.
Ted Nugent and Shemaine Nugent are so competent and work so hard.
I have folks that know him really well.
And are so happy that I don't want to say it blinds them because what they're seeing is what they're seeing is their perspective.
But it's all where you see something from, the perspective of how you see it.
I'm here to tell you, not to scare you.
Because I remember about 10 years ago, I was in a private meeting with an operative that was trying to hire me and I had the meeting to learn Intel.
And I also had that meeting flying on a first-class flight to be on The View.
I've told you 50, 100 times about where it was the head of one of the largest banks.
Had an off-record discussion with me.
He just said, just don't say my name, but I'll tell you.
Humanity is going to adapt to the slow slavery and control.
We're going to have corporate world government.
You're not going to stop us.
And that's basically what this other globalist told me.
Is he said, Alex, we don't care that you're on air because you think people are like you and are competent and motivated and you're telling them bad things.
You think they're going to act against it and you think they're going to overcome it.
No, they're going to get scared listening to you and they're going to submit.
Now, I think they bet wrong.
Look at Trump.
Look at the Brazilian president.
Look at all the things that are happening.
I think you were asleep.
I don't think you were scared.
But there's nothing like an invisible enemy and watching all those nightmare science fiction scenes out of China to get people to panic.
And I understand why.
You know, we told employees, if you want to work from home, if you can, go ahead.
A lot of them take care of grandparents.
That may be reason to go.
People, some people that have children go, I don't want them to get sick.
Well, no children have died, but okay, whatever.
But you better know that in the aggregate, the panicked wall of people running for the hills, when I talk to top food producers and top supplement producers, they say, well, the warehouses, people are just leaving and the supply chain's breaking down and I'm not kissing the butt of the truck drivers.
They're saying the truck drivers are all showing up.
The managers at companies and places are just running for the hills.
And you see that in the news, that the billionaires are flying off in private jets and they've got armored bunkers that I told you about 20 years ago, because I knew people in Hollywood that had them.
And people, oh, that's crazy.
James Cameron had moved to New Zealand to avoid the apocalypse.
Now he said he did a few years ago.
So, globalism was about being able to choke countries off because everybody was interdependent.
Hell, they made an incredible movie back in the 70s with James Caan, Rollerblade.
And I remember being like 8 years old watching it when it was on TV.
In like the early 80s.
And my dad going, read this as a Brzezinski book when you get old enough, son.
This movie's about what they plan to set up where every nation is independent on the other, and countries and cities, city-states actually control the countries, and then one city produces energy, another produces propaganda and entertainment, another produces weapons, but all of them are independent but interdependent, and it's corporate boards that'll rule the planet.
Well, that's in the movie Network, when he explains to Howard Beale How the world really works.
And in Blade Runner, they show you what they're planning.
But if you go back to Rollerball, James Caan is this world-famous superstar, top rollerballer.
He won't quit.
He's supposed to get defeated in the end.
He's supposed to be torn down.
The corporates even take his wife.
They have that power, like a lord of old, prima nocte, to take your wife or your daughter from you.
And he goes to try to find files about how the corporations took over, and there's this one big mainframe liquid computer.
And he goes to the computer, and they've gotten rid of all the books, they've gotten rid of everything, but for a while, everything was available on this worldwide computer system called the internet.
It's in the movie.
But once it all went onto one AI computer, it began to erase everything.
And so they're talking to the computer, and he goes, yes, he categorizes things, and then he loses them.
And you see, once everything's on the cloud, notice everything's getting lost now.
Back this up with audio.
Back it up.
I want to play this for people.
Because they're telling you everything.
Here it is.
Play it.
Not many people come to see us, you know.
We're not easy to talk to, Zero and I. We're a little confused again here today.
This is embarrassing.
It's embarrassing to misplace things.
Misplacing data?
The whole of the 13th century.
Misplaced the computers.
Several conventional computers.
We can't find them.
We're always moving things around, getting organized.
My assistants and I. But this, this is Zero's fault.
He's the world's file cabinet.
Poor old 13th century.
What about the books?
Oh, no, they're all changed, all transcribed, all information's here.
We've zero, of course.
He's the central brain, the world's brain.
Fluid mechanics, fluidics.
He's liquid, you see, with his water's touch.
All knowledge.
It finds things, and loses them, and confuses itself.
Ask anything.
You found it for you.
Section of the box.
Won't you, Zero?
All right, uh, I'd like, uh... I'd like, uh, some information about corporate decisions.
How they're made and who makes them.
You've heard the question.
Answer him.
You don't have to give him a full political briefing.
This is Jonathan E. He has to know.
Make it simple.
Corporate decisions are made by corporate executives.
Corporate executives make corporate decisions.
I know we have the answers.
We do have the answers.
Knowledge converts to power.
We're in the waters of history.
Energy equals genius.
Power is not knowledge.
Genius is energy.
Corporate entities control fundamental elements of economic life, technology, capital, and labor, and markets.
Corporate decisions are made by corporate executives.
The third decision is to ensure a balance between negative and negative.
Alright, here's what I want to do for the balance of the transmission today.
And I'm going to go to your calls quickly because I know you're busy.
If you have specific information from the National Guard, NORTHCOM, Space Command, Central Command, Army Special Operations, Threat Fusion Centers, State Police, on what you've been prepped and ready for, And what you've been told, I want you to call and we'll talk about it.
And I want to be a trillion percent clear.
They admit they're gearing up the National Guard and regular army to take over critical infrastructure and that they're going to ratchet this up into full-blown martial law.
California and New York are already going under it.
And the Democrats are setting the precedent that Trump must do that or he's the reason people die.
Then they're going to use the unrest that comes when the food and water starts running out in a few months, because the left's saying, 18 months!
Trump's got to go, funny, China only shut down for a month!
Now they say they're back to normal, but we've got to shut down 18 months?
They can have deaths, but we can't?
And it's not going to stop the deaths, folks.
It's going to make the curve go out longer and space it out over more time so it doesn't overwhelm things.
Could the globalists launch some other bio-attack and blame it on this?
There's a lot of variables here, but I told you weeks ago they're gonna run out of food at the grocery stores because I know the big suppliers and now they're announcing that it's running out and the supply chain's breaking.
You know there's a big Guardian article out demonizing yours truly and James Leslie Rawls and others for predicting all of this.
Specifically a virus doing this.
And the left and the globalists seizing on it for control because they said they would.
Big Guardian article talking about how I'm discredited because I said you should prep and get ready and because I predicted what was going on and what was happening.
Disinformation and blame.
How America's far right is capitalizing on coronavirus.
So see, when you tell people don't get ready and you're wrong all the time and you stage fake stuff like ABC saying, you know, that Trump let Turkey blow up a city and it was the Knob Creek machine gun shootout, you're good guys.
But when you're actually trying to defend the Republic and trying to empower everybody, well, you've got to be shut down.
The left openly says they want to crash the economy to remove Trump.
They want the virus to be deadly.
They want a depression and they're everywhere hyping it.
They're the villains.
And they're telling Trump, oh, act nice during all this, work with them.
They're all stabbing him in the back as we speak.
And so as soon as they are done tanking the stock market, and as soon as the food starts running out, they are going to turn on Trump even more than they are now.
And this is their coup against America.
So, I'm the one, a month ago, six weeks ago, going, Trump, you're behind the curve, Limbaugh's saying it's no problem, I get you're saying it might not be that deadly, but the way they're hyping it, they're coming for you, they're gonna frame you that you didn't do enough when the deaths start mounting and show their faces on TV, as if you could stop this, it's always a part of human life.
And it all comes out of China.
the bird flu, the swine flu, the SARS, the coronavirus, the Wuhan virus.
So I want to give the number out and I want to hear from individuals specifically because I
already know that's activated.
I already know it's getting ready.
I already know from the Federalist Society last weekend, they were debating Trump saying, don't declare interstate travel ban right now.
This is crazy.
It'll kill the economy even faster.
And we exclusively reported that, and it came out two days later.
It was accurate.
Of course it was.
My lawyer talked directly to the guy that was there.
We know this.
So we're not asking for secret intel on tactics.
We already know all that.
I want the listeners to hear what you at the grassroots are hearing, who are going to be the front lines of being around the virus.
Because if you're just an average person and under 70 and aren't sick, you're not going to have a big problem.
But if you're exposed to the different variants of it, there's at least two different strains, One is super deadly compared to the other, but is only on surfaces.
The other is not very dangerous and is airborne.
Still, you got to worry about the medical workers, the police, the military, and the rest of it.
But the military is not our enemy.
The police aren't our enemy.
But they're being maneuvered into a position to be our oppressors if this goes more than a few months.
And the left now already thinks they've got us buffaloed.
Newsom is so happy.
This is working great.
Martial law is working wonderful.
We don't have to call it martial law.
It's a nuance, but it is.
The people are submitting.
But in Europe, they're still bringing the Muslims in and all the rest of it.
But, oh, but citizens can't leave their houses.
This is all about a power grab by the globalists.
So the toll-free number is 877-789-ALEX.
That is only for first responders or emergency workers, people in health departments, people in Congress,
folks that want to call in anonymously at 877-789-2539, 877-789-2539 with your first-hand knowledge, not text messages you got
that somebody's flooding out there as spam.
This latest one is exactly what I've said.
I would announce, if I was Trump, there wouldn't be a bunch of disruption.
The lowest time, that'd be Sunday night, so people have a chance to get prepared.
But what's dangerous about this is they keep closing the noose tighter and tighter and tighter.
And at a certain point with civilization, it will make civilization stop.
It will make everybody leave work, it will break down the infrastructure, and as lick in their lips Politico says in a huge report, coronavirus will change the world permanently, here's how.
And it goes over how we're not going to leave our houses now, and it'll be like weather reports, new viruses, and robots will control us.
This is 2020.
This is the dystopic nightmare.
All right, let me just throw this out as well.
There is chloroquine in all these big studies and articles.
An old malaria drug may help the novel coronavirus, ABC News.
This is in big studies.
What does it do?
It pushes zinc, reportedly, into the cells.
And if there's zinc in the cells, the viruses have trouble replicating.
Strangely enough, in big studies, the same thing with colon cancer and things like that.
Look at studies on zinc across the board.
Well, we have a great product that I'm not saying treats it.
I'm not saying saves you.
I'm saying it's what I and my family are doing.
I've been promoting it for years.
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All of this is what myself and my family use to boost our defenses.
We'll be back with your phone call straight ahead.
I gotta tell you, it's this invisible boogeyman.
An invisible 9-11.
Can't get tested, but some people are gonna die in the hospitals.
You better give all your rights up right now.
Can't sell guns, can't buy guns, can't transport your guns.
The Democrats in their jurisdiction set the precedent.
Jacob Ingalls is popping in next segment on huge Roger Stone developments.
Another That's almost all of them now.
We're going to continue with your calls some of the next hour.
Then Mike Adams is going to pop in with new developments.
Wesley, Kay, and others.
The toll free number to join us is 877-789-2539.
is 877-789-2539. 877-789-2539. We already know.
I'm not asking police and military to call in, you know, secret stuff or where you're meeting or what's going on.
We already know.
You've been dispatched to critical infrastructure, to food distribution centers.
There's talk of locking down the interstates.
That's all in the news.
We have governor Newsom saying, oh, we already locked everything down.
You know, it's just a point of term.
We're already under martial law.
Why call it that?
I'm wondering about the timeframe.
I know Trump almost did it last Sunday.
Okay, well the word is it's moving towards this Sunday again.
We'll be here live watching it as it unfolds.
All Californians told shelter in place as it happened over the big signs that we always told you would be used for martial law.
Wesley is a firefighter at Intel and Local Hospitals, FEMA Tent Hospitals.
In fact, there was an article yesterday on InfoWars.com that I should have started the show with.
Yes, scroll down for folks to see photos, please.
And it says, exclusive first look at photos inside Dallas coronavirus quarantine facility.
I got sent these by some folks who were inside.
They're working.
And the rows are just like what we saw in the big Spanish flu outbreak in 1918.
Over 500 beds now in there at the KBLA Hutchinson Center.
And they're telling the public, oh, it's just an overnight shelter.
It's not for coronavirus.
Yes, it's medical beds.
It's for coronavirus.
I called and talked to someone in the police department up in that area.
I'll just leave it at that.
And there's at least three facilities already being set up.
So the government expects this to be big.
And to overwhelm the hospitals.
So we'll see.
We've all got front row seats to it.
And K is in Texas.
Police officer, North Texas, talking about the virus.
Let's go to K first.
K, thanks for calling.
Yes, Alex.
Thanks for taking my call.
Just wanted to first just touch on how ill-prepared it appears that our department is and a lot of these health facilities.
Uh, I was in the hospital up here a few days ago and the nurses are just walking around like nothing's wrong.
They have their, uh, half of them don't have masks.
Half of them are coughing.
They just appear like, you know what?
There's nothing we can do.
So we're just going to just get the virus and just go about our business.
And, uh, you know, out here taking calls and it looks like had a couple cases already of officers.
That have tested positive.
Next thing you know, you got officers just not showing up.
Then you got probably officers that are ready to retire just saying, hey, I'm coming in, you know?
So that's what's going to end up happening.
Officers are just going to suddenly say, what's it worth to me?
I could be at home protecting my family or I can be here just getting ill and dealing with riots, you know?
I can see that chain reaction, because even if 10,000 people die, it's going to be the end of the world with the hysteria.
Hell, one person sick in a town, everyone runs in fear.
Some estimates are in the hundreds of thousands.
The media and press conferences says 3 million.
There's no evidence of that.
The number keeps going down and down.
But if you are over 80 years old, and you've had surgery or whatever, and you've got lung problems, then yeah, it's the grim reaper.
What are the other officers thinking, Kay?
I see a lot of people that are on both sides.
I mean, obviously officers are overwhelmingly supportive of Trump, so they're just trying to say, you know, it's no big deal.
Everybody is going to be fine.
It's all blown out of proportion, which I'm along with you on that note.
But there's just so many things we don't know about this at this point, like with what Mike Adams is saying.
No, you're right.
That's what makes it scary.
And Trump knows it's coming.
So regardless of how bad it is, no reason to panic and tank the stock market.
And so he's really, I think, has a balancing act here.
Totally understand that.
And I do appreciate what Trump's been doing and just trying to appeal to the people.
But at the same time, Make sure stuff doesn't completely collapse, because I have kids.
I don't want that to happen.
Well, exactly.
And listen, listen, listen, listen.
If we lost a million, we lost over that in the Civil War, back when our population was, you know, 20% of what it is now.
If we lost a million, and don't panic about it, it's sad, you know, it's not good, but if you have a Great Depression, you can pull up the University Studies.
Seven million.
Pull up the articles.
University Studies.
Seven million.
Starved to death from malnutrition and Great Depression.
7 million people in the 10-year Great Depression, or 11-year Great Depression, ended up starved to death, they estimate.
So, if the whole society collapses, That is not good, and the food's gonna run out.
So, again, it's like where you get startled and then fall down the stairs and break your neck, because your wife says, hey honey, and you go, oh, and you fall down the stairs and break your neck, or have a heart attack.
And I see that's what is unfolding, and it's just the getting into it, and the hysteria, and the fear, when the explosion of the virus, regardless of how big it's gonna get, is just now beginning.
We'll know in eight weeks how bad this is really gonna be.
Yeah, there it is.
Famine killed 7 million people in the USA.
And that's Pravda.Russia.
In the old days you couldn't believe Pravda, but I don't even believe it because it's in mainstream media, but I read that.
I think it was University of Chicago study a few years ago.
But there you go.
All right, Kay, thank you so much.
Let's go to Wesley.
Oh, there it is, a New York Times article.
Food of basic pleasure is suddenly fraught.
The coronavirus has forced Americans to rethink how to feed themselves from cooking to shopping to ordering in.
Wesley, firefighter intel on hospitals, FEMA tents.
I know up in Georgia, you've got the old forced labor military camp has been opened up and is already putting people in it.
That's right, Alex.
Thanks so much for taking my call.
Real quick, I want to tell all your viewers to do what I've done and that's I took $10.
I got a yard sign and a can of spray paint and some stencils.
I have COVID-19 is 1984 on one side and Infowars.com on the other.
So to all your viewers, we've got to spread the message.
Listen, I'll hold you over so you have more time, but I've been thinking about having callers call in with what's a t-shirt or a bumper sticker or just something we ask everybody to put up in public to describe it.
And yes, COVID-19 is COVID-19 equals 1984.
You just nailed it.
COVID-19 equals 1984. You just nailed it. COVID-19 is 1984.
And the more viewers we can have to put signs up, to put bumper stickers up, it's spreading the message, Alex.
I haven't had people stop by and say, you're crazy.
I've had people stop by and say, oh my gosh, I was thinking the same thing.
Brother, I couldn't sleep last night and literally paced the halls in the dark, walking in and looking at my children as they slept, trying to think of the slogan.
That's it.
COVID-19 equals 1984.
COVID-19 equals 1984 on top and global 9/11.
What else do you think?
Alex, I was at our first emergency operations center on the operations cabinet for the fire department here last night.
And last night, as we were concluding our meeting, I saw a high-level hospital employee packing up on a trailer, large traffic cones like what you would see on the interstate.
And so this isn't some low-level maintenance guy, Alex.
This is a high-level hospital official packing up large amounts of traffic cones from the Emergency Operations Center to prepare to cordon off the parking lot for ten hospitals.
In fact, I read the article open a few weeks ago.
I was already taking a few patients.
It's called the Inmate Labor Park.
It's formerly a forced labor facility.
What's the name of the state park they're using to hold people now in Georgia?
I don't know.
That's up in North Georgia, Alex.
They've already said that they're building, you know, facilities there.
Southwest Georgia has already issued their first shelter-in-place order, but we know that's just a ruse for martial law.
Well, let me tell you what I saw.
I went down to Port Aransas to try to take some time off with the family and I ended up coming back early.
I'm driving in and the fire department's got a checkpoint blocking the road with dump trucks.
It was clearly how you block a road.
And then the day we left, the police were practicing blocking the road, again, at the city limits and blocking the island.
So yeah, they're getting their orders to gear up.
But like you said, when I was driving by, it was all the higher level police.
Just like you saw a hospital official.
They're not telling people under them.
But it doesn't matter because the orders on top are there.
We'll talk to him in just a second.
But Wesley in Georgia, a firefighter, I looked up the name of the park they're now using to put two people they've had in Georgia that have it, and it's Hard Labor Creek State Park in Morgan County, a former area where they use prison labor to cut granite.
So that just shows you what's going on.
So all this is really being set up.
I just wanted to hear what the first responders are being told.
And from what I've seen out there, first responders aren't being told a lot.
That's not good.
That's right, Alex.
I've got one more major point.
Do you remember the Las Vegas shooting back in October of 17?
Yes, I do.
If you remember, Trump banned bump stocks after that.
It went into effect in March of 19.
Well, I know this.
This country is in a fight for its very future.
The president's surrounded by people that won't implement his policies.
He didn't want to push it into all this.
They're forcing him to, and I'm not defending what's happening.
they didn't want you to be able to get bump stocks to prepare for the martial law.
Well I know this, this country is in a fight for its very future. The president's surrounded by
people that won't implement his policies. He didn't want to push it into all this. They're
forcing him to and I'm not defending what's happening. I think it's uh you know out of
control but I get that the president has to sit there the way the public's been domesticated and
and and hand wring and you know go along with whatever the leftists are pushing in their cities
or it looks like he hasn't adequately responded and that's quite a trap.
He tried to speak to the public and say hey this happens it's part of life we're working on it we don't know how deadly it is but They were able to get political shots in there, and I said, Trump, do something.
Well, now, here we are.
So, this is the globalist's ultimate weapon, is a bioweapon attack and total hysteria.
God bless you, Wesley.
All right, we had a federal officer almost of info, but they got cold feet and hung up.
You're not giving out any secret information.
We've already in a form of martial law by the corporations, by the Democrats in their areas, stampeding Republicans into going along with it, or they'll be saddled with the deaths from the virus.
And even the media is taking the Chinese off the name of it, call it the Trump virus now.
Okay, joining us.
He's Jacob Ingalls, investigative journalist.
Central Florida Post.com.
He also writes for GatewayPundit.com and Infowars.com.
And man, has he been knocking it out of the park.
Photos appear to show naked Andrew Gillum on vomit covered towels but he didn't get in trouble at a
reported meth party but that's a side issue
uh... the big one is another individual involved the roger stone show trial
is a democrat party operative show the first four woman work for obama headed up an
agency or husband works for robert mueller report total conflict of
interest textbook
and the new ones democratic party operative ran for national office
protege of uh...
donna brazil and then we did she try to get the other name secret
but as they find out more their names and find out people connected to the
trial it's about democratic party operatives So give us the latest on your excellent gateway pundit article
Absolutely, Alex.
So we discovered that the court-appointed attorney for the jurors, the corrupt jurors, is actually connected to the lead jury forewoman, Tomika Hart.
They served on the same board of the Center for American Democracy and Technology.
A clear conflict of interest, yet Judge Amy Berman Jackson allowed it to happen yet again.
And again, this is bombshell.
I've talked to a bunch of lawyers.
They've never heard of a judge appointing a lawyer for former jurors.
Jurors are supposed to be public, especially after a trial.
She's trying to hide it.
And now, tell us who the individual is.
The individual is Sidney Rall, or Alan C. Rall, my bad, with Sidney Austin, LLP, a white shoe law firm out of DC.
He is a leftist.
He is somebody who has had contact with Tomika Hart, the lead jury forewoman who has had anti-Trump, anti-Stone, anti-Jones posts on her social media accounts.
She is corrupt, and it seems as if Judge Amy When she was reviewing who to appoint for the jurors, called up Tomika Hart and said, Tomika, do you have any friends?
There he is on screen right there.
There's a computer malfunction putting a bar over his face, but click on that, guys, and get his actual photo of Alan Charles Rall.
This is just amazing.
Democrat party operative as their lawyer.
How am I not surprised?
Yeah, and it's really concerning, Alex.
What is wrong with this?
Judiciary system.
It's supposed to be justice is blind in this country.
But if you're a conservative, you're a Trump supporter, if you're an InfoWars listener, you do not deserve fairness.
You do not deserve true justice.
You deserve a kangaroo court, something that Hitler would be proud of.
Sad to say it, but it's true.
Well, it just amazes me how she's trying to keep the names of the other jurors secret because we know they're going to all turn out to be Democrat Party operatives.
Yeah, and there's not one single juror.
Let's just make the bet right now, Alex.
I owe you dinner and Eddie V's if I'm wrong.
Let's make the bet right now that not one single juror or alternate juror is a Republican, an Independent, even Green Party, even a Libertarian.
We know the game.
We know the fix.
And the fix was in from the beginning for Roger.
Well, if folks want to read the Gateway Pundit article, we've got a link to it on Infowars.com.
We'll put it back on screen.
Folks need to go see this stunning.
Corrupt Roger Stone jury foreman is connected to court-appointed lawyer.
And that's a powerful headline, but I would just say stunning.
Corrupt Roger Stone Democrat Party operative.
That's too long.
Corrupt Roger Stone jury forewoman.
Uh, is protected by Democrat party operative lawyer.
I mean, it's just, it's just, it's just too over the top.
We've got to learn those other names.
Not to tamper with the jury, the jury's over.
But to show, I mean, some of them, one of the other guys, went and wrote an op-ed for the Washington Post how bad Roger was and how good they are and how wonderful the Democrats are.
I mean, they've got all their speech, but Roger Stone doesn't have his.
No, Seth Cousins.
Let's say his name, Seth Cousins.
He went to the Washington Post.
He wrote an article for them talking about how fair the jury process was, talking about how wonderful Judge Amy Berman Jackson was.
And Alex, one interesting point in his article that he mentioned that I found quite weird, he felt the need to tell people that Judge Amy never came into our area.
Judge Amy never interacted with the jurors.
That's like a little kid saying, no, mom, I didn't take the cookies after they just got caught taking the cookies.
This judge needs to be reviewed immediately and it's the same process for the president for federal judges.
She should be impeached.
She should be tried and she should be stripped of her robe and ostracized from the legal community and shamed throughout this country.
That's right.
Very dangerous federal tyranny and that's why it's well known that they have got federal judges out to lynch me as best they can.
They're Democrat Party operatives and this is the tyranny.
They've seen it before.
Jacob Ingalls, I wanted to have you on.
Happy birthday by the way.
I wanted to have you on because you're a great journalist.
You've been through a lot.
You got persecuted for telling the truth and being one of the first to expose, in fact, the first to expose what was going on here on the show with the jurors under serious threats.
And this is a threat to us all.
There's huge news with the coronavirus, all this giant stuff happening.
But what's happening to Roger is happening to us all.
And I said, watch, I bet she doesn't send him to jail right away, like she said in two weeks, because she always does the opposite.
I said they're waiting until they try to remove Trump again with the next hoax and of course
that's coronavirus.
I'm not saying the virus itself is a hoax but the hysteria is.
And then they'll try to do that because they just keep getting more desperate as they try
to push things into the future but it's not working for them.
We're about to go to break.
I'm going to let you go.
I appreciate the time but briefly what's your snapshot on the coronavirus and what's going
Well Alex I think you put the nail on the head.
It is something that's concerning.
It should concern us all.
But what is more concerning?
The idea that we're going to catch it and infect somebody else?
Or the idea that the hysteria is going to whip people up into such a frenzy that we're going to start arming one another?
That's what they want.
They want us to be in this mindset that the end of the world is coming.
And I see it at the grocery store.
I see it out in the streets of Orlando here.
People are not treating each other with respect and kindness as fellow humans.
People are shoving and pushing in the grocery store, fighting over Walmart brand toilet paper.
I don't think I would even use that if it were the apocalypse.
And they are not realizing how they should behave as humans.
And all of that is media, corporate media generated hysteria.
You should be prepared at any time for three to six months of not going to the store,
food, water, medical supplies.
That's why it's so important when we watch Info Wars, when we watch other shows, you provide people with the tools for success.
And oftentimes we don't think it's serious enough.
Well now it's serious enough and what kind of situation have you found yourself in?
And we're the ones that predicted where it was all going and how it would unfold and said get ready.
And again, we're the bad guys.
So the word of mouth, getting the truth out right now, that it came from China, that it's a man-made weapon, that it's meant to hurt our economy, that China's already turned back on, but we're supposed to be shut down for 18 months.
This is the globalist move.
Jacob Ingalls, thank you so much.
We're going to go to break, and I promise we're going right to Greg and right to Truther on the other side as we start the fourth hour.
And then Mike Adams is scheduled at 15 after to join us.
He's got a lot to cover as well.
But make no mistake, We predicted the total hysteria, the attack on Trump, the attempt to bring down the economy, and it's happening now.
What's coming next?
We'll put our heads together and talk to Greg, who's a paramedic in Oklahoma and about on the virus, and Truther, a medical worker, talking about what's happening in California.
We'll be right back.
You know, I respect Tucker Carlson, and he thinks this virus is really bad.
And I respect Mike Adams, he thinks it's really bad.
But there's another big study out that China overstated the severity of the virus and used it for political control.
So, again, I'm not denying this virus is going to hurt some people and kill a lot of folks.
It's bad.
But the way the globalists are using it is going to kill the economy.
Truther, Clark, Greg, Phillip, we're going to get to all of you ahead of Mike Adams.
Also, Kyle, one of the great producers in there, and who runs the Switcher, which is a brave job when it's a cheap trycaster like we have.
It's like flying a space shuttle with a Tinker Toy.
But he wants to pop in and talk about what he's seen, and he's a smart cookie.
But let's go ahead and talk to Clark in Denver, wife is nurse manager for Major Hospital, says it's at capacity.
Tell us what you're seeing.
Hi, thanks for taking my call, Alex.
So I'm not trying to panic anyone.
It's been at capacity for two months.
They've had hallway beds and really sick patients.
She's around the most vulnerable of our population, heart disease, elderly people, people with serious illnesses.
And I asked her 10 weeks ago, I said, They tell you about this virus?
Eight weeks ago, they say anything?
And then about six weeks ago, I'm sitting around the table with her and her brother, who's a physician, and his wife is a physician, and I ask all three of them, and they're like, oh, that's just a cult.
That's no big deal.
That's hype.
So then I asked my wife, I said, what are you going to do when this institution that supposedly has your best interest in mind, tells you all of a sudden that you need to worry
about this medical problem.
And you know what? They rolled it out. The same day they rolled it out to the entire country,
last Wednesday. And the panic that ensued wasn't natural.
It was the employees and the patients who started to panic.
By the way, that's what Steve Pachinick said, and he was gone for like three months and couldn't come on.
And then the next time he was on, I told Daria, I said, man, does he have cancer or something?
Looks like he's 20 years older.
He looks better now.
He almost died and believes he got it because he was working with a Chinese student.
He's involved in obviously a lot of stuff.
As a famous master spy.
And he goes to North Korea.
I mean, to North Korea on a regular basis.
I'm just going to leave it at that.
He's actually a... But the point is, is that when he said that, we were like, oh yeah, right.
But now we're learning it's been here since at least last November.
And that's why we know now the CDC massively increased secret preparations for quarantines in November.
But you better believe they didn't tell the president.
They keep so much stuff.
And I'm not just defending the president.
They keep him not appraised of stuff so they can make him look bad.
That's been confirmed.
Two more quick points.
You had an epiphany with that COVID-1984, but you missed it just a little bit.
It needs to be COVID-1984.
And one other thing, I think it's real rich that we've got a bunch of liberal pro-choicers shaming people into conduct to save the most vulnerable among us.
I'm out.
Well, brother, all I can say is God bless you and God bless your wife that works at this hospital.
And I just please call me back with updates.
We're going to be opening the phones up every day now at a certain time for medical workers, police, military first responders to have a chance to call in and tell us what they see happening.
All right, we're going to break in a moment.
I don't want to cut you short.
So Truther and Greg, we're going to take your calls.
And we're also going to have Kyle pop in with what he saw.
Now, here's the deal.
It is the concerted rollout of the PR between the EU, the CHICOMs, the Democrats, and the Deep State that told me seven weeks ago, this is going to be horrible.
I said, I don't know how deadly it is, but I said the response is going to be hysteric.
It's like the Spanish flu.
It killed 50 million people, or whatever the number is.
They say 30, 80, no one knows.
It wasn't the virus killed you.
Your body would have an autoimmune response to it so strong it'd fill full of liquid and you'd die.
And 600 plus thousand Americans die.
And the fact this is man-made, you know, again.
But is it man-made and weak?
They made it so they know how it would mutate.
Or does it mutate to something worse?
Or does it burn itself out?
There's a lot of variables here, but everybody gets it now.
This is serious, and it's everything we predicted.
Global government trying to dominate the nation-state and the individual through fear with a man-made bioweapon.
Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
We have some video that just came out, was just posted to Infowars.com and Newswars.com.
If you're a radio listener and want to go see it, TV viewers were about to play it.
A woman shoots video at FedEx Stadium in Maryland, just miles from the D.C.
border, of the National Guard setting up An emergency center, obviously for people that are going to end up having it.
We have the exclusive photos inside the Kay Bailey Hutchinson Convention Center, the largest in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, showing where they are putting up hundreds and hundreds of beds inside of the facility.
So that article with those exclusive photos is also up on InfoWars.com.
So the government's taking this very serious and is gearing up for something big.
Mike Adams joins us next segment.
And unfortunately, more and more of what he said looks like it's being vindicated.
So we're looking at all sides of this.
We had Ted Nugent and his wife on earlier.
They're being pretty positive about it.
But we've all got front row seats to this right now.
Let's go ahead and talk to Truther, who's a medical worker at clinics in California during lockdown.
The governor has basically put you under martial law.
Forty million people are told to leave their homes unless for essential things.
And the reporter goes, well, why don't you just do martial law?
And he goes, it's a subtlety, honey.
We are under martial law.
Played that clip already three times earlier.
Truther, thanks for calling, thanks for holding.
Hey Alex, this is East Bay Truther calling from FEMA Region 9 here in California.
I'm a medical clinic worker and I'm mobile.
So even though they have this quote unquote statewide lockdown, we're still out and about.
I'm keeping my eyes open and just seeing what's going on.
What do you think's going on?
You know, I think they're not letting the crisis go to waste.
And they already have everybody under the impression that this is like Ebola here in California.
The shelves are being emptied out at many of the supermarkets.
So in my day-to-day duties, I service clinics all over the Bay, from the North Bay to the East Bay.
Luckily, I don't have to go into San Francisco, but every once in a while, I am dispatched in at the City.
But so far, it's been smooth sailing on the highways.
That, I will say, traffic is basically non-existent.
Yesterday, driving home during rush hour, it was like a ghost town on the 580.
That's one of the major intersections here in the East Bay.
And I think the fear is paralyzing people right now.
I agree.
When I looked at Gavin Newsom, I watched the whole, or most of the Hour 15, I skipped ahead a few times, fine, the Marshall Law Club.
He was like gleeful.
And I thought, he's acting so gleeful.
Let me go watch other videos of him.
He doesn't usually act that gleeful.
And his staff, they are loving this.
power grab as their state falls apart, as there's feces and drugs everywhere and fentanyl
deaths and the man just looks like what the American psycho played by Christian Bale wished
he did.
I mean the guy is so disingenuous, so creepy, he makes my skin crawl and then he's up there
just licking his lips.
Yeah, he needs to be called for impeachment.
I mean, you know, there's argument going on right now that the First Amendment right to
to a sample is more important than a quarantine and a lockdown.
Here's the...
His executive order, I believe it was N33-20 California State Code or whatnot.
And I'm questioning the constitutionality of this.
Well, absolutely.
England and Europe's already done it, and it's now coming here.
Six weeks, they grab you to see if the virus pops up when it's 14 days.
So it's a global standardization.
And at that point, folks, it's time for civil disobedience.
This is us learning how to be slaves.
God bless you, truther.
Stay with us.
Greg, we're going to go to you in a moment and then get one of our crews take.
But here's the footage from FedEx Stadium shot today of the National Guard massing.
So everyone, I am live right now.
This is crazy.
I'm alive right now.
I mean, I'm live right now in FedEx Field.
This is what's going on.
They have the military setting up for this quarantine.
They're not playing games.
This is crazy.
These military trucks are here.
This is where they will be stationed, and they're not playing games, y'all.
Okay, so there you go, folks.
This thing killed less than 4,000, they claim, in China.
It's over that now, or getting close to that in Italy.
And we're told it burned out, it peaked there, because they locked down.
No they didn't.
Woonan was over 8 million people, 5 million ran during the thing.
They ran over the world, so again, this isn't making sense to me.
Let's go ahead and go to one of our great producers in there, running the board, Kyle.
Kyle, what did you witness yesterday and today, and what do you think's going on?
Yeah Alex, so about a few weeks ago my gut was telling me that this was all a white coat operation of medical tyranny, the globalists trying to take back power and to regain control.
However, my head was taking just a moment to catch back up to my gut until yesterday when I was at my apartment complex.
I happened to witness a woman about the age of about 75, a Hispanic woman, being taken out of her apartment on a stretcher.
And as she was coming out of the apartment, I happened to notice that the three EMTs who were taking her out, not a single one of them had a face mask on.
And given, yes, this woman could have had any ailment non-related to coronavirus, but you would think in such a time of panic and pandemic that the EMTs would take care of their own safety by wearing face masks.
That's right.
If we're being told you can't go outside your house, And you can't assemble, and you can't buy guns, you can't do any of this anymore, then why all over the country are the hospital staff not doing it?
Because they haven't been told to yet, because the CDC shipped people in that had it, dumped them out on purpose, that's now confirmed in San Antonio News, we broke it a month ago, and let it incubate as an attack on America.
That is what is going on here.
And so either it's a hoax, and pretty much a fake virus, or The system is deliberately spreading it so when it gets bad they can take all our rights.
What do you think?
I personally think that some of these cases may potentially just be the flu and other potential deaths that are taking place.
Yeah, there's old people by the thousands every week dying of stuff when they're old.
That's why a study here, 99% of patients killed by coronavirus in Italy had existing issues and the average age was 85 now.
Yeah, I see this as a last ditch effort for the white coats and for medical tyranny to try and push their vaccinations on us, for Bill Gates and others to try and push this digital ID on us, and to try and regain control from the people.
During a time where we were clearly taking it back and we need to put our feet down now and stop them.
Well, you're definitely right that they're using it for power regardless of how deadly the virus is and that they are licking their lips.
Thank you so much for the great point.
Let's jam in one more call and we'll continue, but Mike Adams is coming up.
Let's go ahead and talk to Greg in Oklahoma.
Thanks for calling a paramedic.
Yes, sir.
Yes, sir.
Mr. Jones, it's a pleasure to speak with you.
So, I work on both sides of the country.
I'm not your normal paramedic.
I've been at this quite a while.
So, coming from Oklahoma, we are highly unprepared for this.
And that is by design.
So, Mike Adams is one of the smartest guys I've ever listened to, but there's only one thing that he's wrong about.
It is true that we have approximately a million beds that are corporate-ran.
Medical facility, hospitals, or whatever.
He said a while back, they keep right around about 200-200,000 of those open.
That's not correct.
They run these hospitals at the maximum amount, so whenever something like this happens, the military will automatically step in.
They keep a lot of these beds full with low-acuity patients on purpose.
So, basically, these big hospitals, they're not making money if they're not full.
Hold on, you're going to get a chance.
I don't want to hang up on you.
Mike's going to come on for a segment, and then I'll go to your call and go to another caller with him, because I'm not sure exactly your point, because I'm not a medic.
Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
Alex Jones here live, still broadcasting worldwide.
We're already under martial law.
They just haven't officially announced it everywhere yet.
The governor of California said, we don't need to call it martial law.
It's just a subtle word game.
We're already under martial law.
So that's where we are right now.
We've got the different definitions of martial law here that I'll be going over, but never forget who's running all this in the background.
The whole system.
The disease ex-fearmonger from the UN and the tabletop exercise of 65 million four months ago and then the virus patented and ready for a vaccine in the background.
Bill Gates.
Here's what he had to say about your grandma.
The trade-off society is making because of very, very high medical costs.
And a lack of willingness to say, you know, is spending a million dollars on that last
three months of life for that patient, would it be better not to lay off those ten teachers
and to make that trade-off in medical costs?
But that's called the death panel, and you're not supposed to have that discussion.
So what you're about to see, whether it's 10,000 or 200,000 that die, is priaging.
They're going to have bioethics boards and decide not to give old people any treatment.
And then it's, were you ever a smoker?
And like in England, they're saying, if you're a racist, we're not going to give you health care.
So Mike Adams is here.
Hadn't been on a couple days with us.
Appreciate him coming on to give us on this Friday edition, his take on all these big developments.
I'm glad he did a story yesterday about what we've talked about for weeks and it didn't get the attention.
The CDC was hiring all these people for a quarantine in November.
They were bringing them in.
Mike and I covered this four or five weeks ago to San Antonio.
And turning people loose, they knew had it.
So it's pretty clear here that this is a deep state operation.
Question is, what does Trump do?
And so with all the developments, is Mike Adams, NaturalNews.com.
Mike, good to have you here with us.
Where do you want to start first?
Well, thank you, Alex.
It's great to be back with you.
And I'm sorry about the delays.
I am planting potatoes and hatching baby chicks in incubators because I believe we need to be thinking about using our stored food to bridge into self-reliance of food production.
That's how serious I believe this is.
Oh, they're saying 18 months now!
In three months, it'll be a depression!
Yeah, yeah.
And if you're not thinking about producing food at some level in order to augment your existing food supplies, then I don't think you're, you know, anybody doing that is well prepared.
Look, the food supply lines are collapsing.
The extra buffer that was in the food distributors, the grain processors, and even farming is now gone.
The excesses are gone.
The store shelves will not be restocked at the levels that you have seen for the last two weeks.
That will not continue.
There's going to be a lot of wipeouts.
And because...
the big news. We said this a month ago as we talked to the big food suppliers and others.
Now it's in the news there's going to be shortages and the supply chain's breaking down. That is
insane. Well absolutely and Alex I'm sad to predict this but I'm predicting there are going
to be food riots in America.
There will be shootings in parking lots over food until, and this is coming, the National Guard is going to lock down the Walmart parking lot pickups, the Costco's, the Target's.
By the way, they announced, as you know, two weeks ago, that's where they're deploying to, and now today it's happening.
Here's New York, and we just showed D.C.
earlier, and Maryland.
Yes, and really the big picture here is, this is my take on it, this is absolutely real.
Thousands of people are dying in Italy.
Europe is the new Wuhan.
And yet, the globalists are piggybacking on this real event with real deaths in order to bring in absolute tyranny and try to crush our civil rights.
And that's the battle, Alex, from here forward.
How do we maintain self-isolation for the period that's necessary to help Trump beat this and help Trump restore America to elections?
I wish I was out on a farm like you pre-positioned the last five, six years.
I've been so busy.
I mean, I literally am sitting here in the middle of town with my family, and I knew it was all coming, but I've been so busy at the information guns that now it's just catch-up.
This is bad.
I mean, they're making their move.
You're absolutely right, brother.
I'm telling you, this is going to get bad, and I know you, at least I hope you've got some bug-out locations in mind that may be necessary, may not.
You have plenty of stored food, I know, but it may come down to more than that.
The thing is, we now have to prepare to fight for our civil liberties as we endure the lockdown and isolation that is medically That's what I've been saying and people try to say we're disagreeing.
I don't.
I've just been saying I'm worried about fighting the power grab.
You're right.
People do need to be isolated if they can.
The problem is they're trying to set the precedent to take all of our freedoms with this.
Yes, and here's my concern.
Important advice for all your listeners.
If you've got stored food, start thinking about micro-caching right now.
Start finding ways to literally hide your food because FEMA may go door-to-door and seize what they consider to be excess food so they can redistribute it.
That's actually a federal law that Clinton put in, hoarding of food in an executive order.
That's right.
So people who plan in advance, and by the way, preppers, they are the ones who are now no longer stressing the grocery stores because they prepped in advance.
So preppers should be thanked for easing this situation, but preppers will be targeted and accused of hoarding in advance, and FEMA can come door-to-door and take your food.
Now, this is why I'm growing potatoes, Alex.
Important advice.
If you grow potatoes, FEMA is not going to come in with shovels and dig the potatoes out of the ground.
So one way to hide food is to grow it and have it in the dirt.
And that may save your life.
That's why we've sold the full spectrum of high-quality seed banks forever.
We have them in stock, ready to ship out right now.
And the spring is here, folks.
Wherever you live, it's easy to plant tomatoes.
It's easy to plant potatoes.
It's easy to plant these type of things.
And exactly, the globalists are so lazy, they won't be able to seize that.
And by the way, your previous caller is absolutely correct.
Alex, my confession and my error in all of this is I have vastly understated the criticality, the extent of this problem.
If you go back to my projections... Yeah, he was saying you're wrong as a guy that works all over the country.
He says there's less bets.
That's right.
See, I overstated the number of hospital beds.
He's probably more correct than I am on that.
I understated the number of deaths that are about to occur.
My current model had only predicted by today there would be maybe 80 or 90 deaths in America.
Now it's way over 200.
My models were optimistic.
They were better than best case.
And that's what we know now.
So if you follow the math on this, this is going to get very bad for a while, even though there have been a lot of lockdowns in New York and California and so on.
Newsom literally licking his lips.
Cuomo, they look like they just won the Super Bowl.
Well, this is... See, I think they knew this was coming.
We know the CDC knew about this last year.
And this is why Newsom was really aggressively taking away the Second Amendment rights of citizens and trying to strip everybody of their ability to defend themselves.
Because tyranny is coming to California.
Now, this is what's going to happen, Alex.
State by state, the people are going to have to decide how much liberty they will defend and fight for during all of this.
Here in Texas, we aren't giving up our guns.
We're not going to sign up for vaccine mandates.
Not a chance.
But will the people of California give up their guns?
Or in the cities, let's say, will they give up their guns and do vaccine mandates?
Maybe they will.
And the vaccines... Well, the Democrats are already talking about that.
In New Orleans, they say you can't have your guns.
That's right.
That's the place they confiscated them before.
That's right.
And wouldn't this be a great time to have a ghost gunner machine and be able to manufacture, legally, your own firearms without serial numbers?
You know?
So, we've talked about that before.
So people who have those, and ghost gunners, you can't get them.
That's my next question when we come back.
I want to get everything you're predicting now.
How about the fact that NewsWars.com and NaturalNews.com and the whole Liberty Movement has been so dead on about this, predicting the pandemic, predicting the power grab, predicting... I mean, it's crazy how accurate, as a community of patriots, we've been.
It's because we saw this before, of course, with 9-11 and the Patriot Act, and now we're going to be facing the Bio-Patriot Act.
That's not my term.
This is going to be a hundred times worse.
I mean, this is the big move worldwide.
They're coming for the guns.
They're coming with forced inoculations.
They're testing out the vaccine.
California and New York set the precedent.
Then the feds will say, can't fly unless you've had the vaccine.
Bill Gates has a digital tattoo that goes under the skin, a microchip.
I mean, it's here.
Mike Adams is our guest.
I'm Alex Jones with InfoWars.com.
Share those links.
Ladies and gentlemen, my head is spinning right now as I think about what is unfolding.
I just got a text from a very smart individual, who I will not name, who talks to the president on a routine basis.
And they said that if the shutdowns continue very long, they believe there's going to be a big depression.
But at the same time, the virus has to be taken seriously.
So that's the Hobson's Choice or the paradox.
And I want Mike Adams to repeat what he just told you.
I told you over a month ago, I said, you better get your food orders in.
It's going to go from 7 to 14 days to 3 to 4 weeks.
It did.
Then I said, it's going to go six to eight weeks, and if it goes past eight weeks, they're talking about suspending food sales, because they're not going to sit there on top of your money that long.
Well, now I got a call on Monday, and they just said, we're out of the food.
We have enough to fulfill all this, but everything's selling out.
The supply chain's broken down.
And then I talked to a bunch of other people that are involved in it.
Well, we knew that four weeks ago.
The other food companies couldn't even get it.
We have the biggest and the best.
It's over.
You heard Mike.
He's involved in industries and other things as well.
Now it's in the news shortages.
They can't supply it.
But here's what's worse.
A lot of people got so scared, even in critical infrastructure, warehouses, farming, distribution, they ran for the hills.
And it's mainly executives and managers that had plenty of money, they think.
They've all headed for the hills!
And so things are already breaking down.
So that's the psych warfare.
That's why they released it.
They incubated it in China.
They launched it.
It's all clear.
And now the media says, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, don't call it the Chinese virus.
Don't call it the Wuhan virus.
Trump has given notes and it says COVID-19.
So, you can see the motive, you can see it all, but I'm not saying the virus is a hoax.
I'm saying the media hysteria over it is the hoax, and China says they've peaked and they're okay now, and Europe's the epicenter.
Okay, well, how many died in China?
Not that many, supposedly, unless they're lying.
Well then, why do we have to stay closed 18 months?
That's what the psychotic left wants.
There'll be no small businesses left.
Notice only the big corporations, Mike, are going to be able to stay open during this.
This is a total plan to lock everything down selectively, in my view.
What's your view?
We're also collapsing into socialism, finance, and mass inflation.
I'll talk about that in a second.
China is not under control.
They're having reinfections.
Hong Kong just had a mini explosion of plus 48 new cases overnight.
Hong Kong doesn't have it under control.
Even though the Asian countries like Taiwan and Singapore have done the best job, and South Korea, they did it through very aggressive testing, surveillance.
By that, what that means is testing the public and having intel on the infections.
That doesn't mean stalking people.
But the other thing is they did contact tracing and they did isolation.
So that's why their growth curves are linear instead of exponential.
They will keep it under control in those countries.
The United States is not yet doing any of those things aggressively enough, and Europe did not, and Italy waited, and Spain had a lot of censorship, Alex.
Spain was covering this up and saying everything's fine because we have all these Spanish festivals coming up, we need the tourists.
So Spain is about to have a very big problem, and the hospitals in the UK are collapsing.
I gotta say, at this point, I think the debate is over.
that whether this is deadly or not, thousands of bodies, truckloads of bodies in Italy,
that debate is over.
The only question is how bad does it get or how quickly can we get it under control.
The New York City hospitals are about to get flooded and it's going to happen in San Francisco
as well, but much of America, geographically, Texas and the Midwest and so on, could get
through this relatively unscathed if people would stay home and actually do what Trump
is suggesting right now.
So the best way we can support Trump, in my opinion Alex, is to stay home, don't spread the virus, let us get through this so we can have a recovery on the other side.
Trump can help us solve this and we can have elections and Trump wins re-election and then he can continue to fight the deep state.
But if people don't stay home, if people go out and spread the infection, it's going to get worse and worse, and Trump's going to take the blame because of the narrative that the media has set up for this.
But financial socialism is now a very big problem, because we're talking about helicopter money to give free money to everybody, much more currency, fiat currency, chasing a very limited supply of scarce goods.
You're going to see price inflation on a huge level, including these massive corporate bailouts that are going to flood money in all these corporations and banks.
Money that's essentially being stolen from us, the taxpayers.
Sure, you've got globalists running around saying, oh, it's going to be a Great Depression, but what about...
What about the denominator?
And I'm not a big math guy, but we don't know the real death rate because we don't know how many people really have it.
We just go off these UN numbers.
And obviously it kills some people, mainly old people.
I'm not denying that, Mike.
What I'm saying is, if we have a total depression, that's going to kill way more people than this virus is.
And I'm not saying people shouldn't try to protect themselves, but at a certain point, we shut down for 18 months?
Or maybe we just end civilization?
We all commit suicide?
The alternative is to just let it burn through the population and aim for so-called herd immunity, which requires really about 83% of the population to either be immune or dead.
So if you go that route, you get a very compressed peak of hospitalizations and death rates skyrocket to 10% or 15%.
What about Newsom's numbers?
Because he's talking about, you know, saying half the public will have it or more, locking everything down.
20% get hospitalized.
Where does Newsom, because I don't believe a damn thing comes out of that demon's mouth.
Well, Newsom's numbers are a projection of what happens if they don't do the lockdown.
So, actually, we kind of reverse-engineered his announcement, and we believe that Newsom believes there are 100,000 Californians infected right now.
And, you know, that doubles really about every four days, but you could say a week if you want to be more conservative.
That's what he said in what?
He said in eight weeks the majority will be infected?
25.5 million is what he said in eight weeks, which would be 510,000 deaths in about 13 weeks in California.
But that scenario will not occur.
So because of the stay-at-home situation, the social distancing, as it's called, there will not be 25 million Californians.
Mike, here's the paradox.
I'm not debating you that the virus kills people.
And it's obviously a bioweapon, and it's a weapon against America, and we see all that.
We don't know the real morbidity rate, because we don't know how many people really have it, because there's not the testing.
So I'm saying, how do you do an equation when you don't have all the pieces?
Well, you're right that we don't have enough testing to know for sure, but we also don't know the numerator of that fraction, which is the people who are dying right now are also in many cases not being tested, and their cause of death is not being listed as the coronavirus.
So, what we do see is truckloads of dead bodies in Italy, hospitals overrun in Italy, nurses and doctors crying, screaming for help.
The UK now has run out of hospital beds.
And now we see U.S.
military arriving at sports stadiums.
That's right, that's right.
There will be mass overflows of dead bodies in America.
Mark my words, that's coming in less than 30 days in certain cities.
But again, most of America, geographically, can get through this if we follow what Trump is asking us to do, which is to stay home.
How do we deal though with the economy imploding?
This is a global reset that we're looking at, Alex.
I'm afraid it's a, this is the black swan meets another black swan.
They have baby black swans.
I mean, this is a black swan.
I agree.
This is a mommy and daddy swans and they've got a whole bunch of little baby black swans.
It's, I don't.
I'm not sure that the Western financial infrastructure survives this.
I have to say, honestly, I'm not sure.
You know, you for years talked about the importance of gold and silver and land and hard assets that can't vanish.
And boy, that advice is really great advice, because a lot of other assets are already in the process of vanishing.
And I know a lot of people that are moving into treasuries, T-bills.
TreasuryDirect.gov, I think.
You can buy treasuries, but eventually the dollar probably is going to be hurt very bad.
You'll lose purchasing power pretty aggressively as this bailout continues.
Well, listen, if I had the time and energy, I should have been smart and followed my own advice when we've got a family ranch in East Texas, but that's three hours away.
I do need to, I mean, I was already looking the last few months before this at pieces of property and just had all in, put all my money back into the info war to beat the globalists.
But, I mean, at a certain point, though, I mean, they're talking about lockdowns.
This is an essential operation.
We have a warehouse that has food, it has supplements.
Media, you can say, is essential, but they can selectively enforce that.
There probably could come a day, if this gets really bad, where they're going to try to shut us down and we'll be off the air.
I won't be happy about that, and I'll fight it tooth and nail.
We've got ways to stay on air, and we'll let the globalists know that.
But still, half of me just wants to bug out of here.
We'll be right back.
We are back live, ladies and gentlemen.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
Mike Adams is with us.
I'm talking to the crew in there.
When should we come in tomorrow, or talk to the other crews who wants to volunteer, if you guys are working your butts off, to come in, say, two o'clock tomorrow and do a two-hour live commercial free show and take calls and war game this?
Because I just, we have to work now.
Mike Adams of Natural News, I've got this question for you.
Trump was behind the curve and I totally agree with you and others that he needed to get ahead of it or they were going to blame him.
And they clearly then did that.
Now they're trying to get him to clamp down more and longer because they know it'll hurt the economy, which they'll then blame on him.
He obviously knows that.
But how do you think Trump's done so far and what do you think they're going to hit him with next?
Actually, I think after he got over that initial curve, he's done really extraordinarily well.
And he's found that middle ground.
He said he's not going to have a national lockdown.
Trump is leaving it up to the states and regions to decide for themselves.
I think Trump is really now doing a very good job on this, although I wish he would recommend vitamin C. I wish he would tell people to start growing food in their own front yards.
He should issue an executive order that legalizes home gardening.
In every neighborhood and every yard across America.
Victory Gardens for America to help the stressed food supply so that people can grow their own food.
So that's what I think.
And also, by the way, he's a little too much friendly with Big Pharma and the vaccine industry and hasn't mentioned the antivirals and the supplements and the superfoods yet.
But on the Big Pharma question here, Alex, this is how we can avoid a vaccine mandate coming down on all of us.
There is this drug.
It's hydroxychloroquine or chloroquine, however you pronounce it.
It's working in many patients in early trials.
It's working very well.
It's a low-cost generic drug.
It does not enrich Big Pharma.
It can be manufactured by anybody.
It's off patent.
This should be made available right now all across America.
And I think Novartis actually just donated Millions of doses of this, which is good on their part to do.
Tell folks what this old, known, very effective anti-malaria drug does.
It somehow pushes zinc into the cells, correct?
It pushes zinc into the cells, interfering with the mitochondrial replication of the virus.
So what this means, everybody listen, Get some zinc, because if you don't have zinc in your blood, this drug can't work effectively.
It doesn't mean that zinc itself stops the virus from replicating, but in combination with this drug, and they also use an antibacterial, by the way, that's off-label, you know, very common, in combination, it stops most viral replication.
Now, there are some side effects.
There is some kidney damage in people who have vulnerability to that.
It's not without risk, but the risks are very low compared to the risk of dying.
Nothing on this world is a panacea.
Nothing is perfect, but you notice there's nothing in the media about zinc, but people know.
Did you know zinc sold out almost everywhere?
Yes, it's sold out everywhere.
Just like potatoes are starting to get sold out everywhere because people are realizing it's time to grow potatoes and things like that.
But look, we can beat this.
We've got that drug.
We've got the zinc.
We've got antiviral herbs.
We've got vitamin C. You know, We can beat this.
We can get through this.
It's going to be hell for a couple of months.
But I saw articles going, people take time to have comfort food, ice cream, cake, and liquor.
That's the opposite of what you need.
That's right.
And also, Alex, America's health overall is very poor.
We have very high comorbidity factors, as they're called.
A lot of people are on a lot of prescription drugs.
A lot of people have a sedentary lifestyle.
We're very similar to the Chinese.
We're very unhealthy.
Well, and even I would say that Italians are healthier than Americans.
And so Americans, I would not be surprised if we have a 5% or a 6% fatality rate in the United States from this.
Perhaps it's too early to tell.
We'll see.
Maybe it's only 2%.
It's not going to be anywhere near zero or the one-tenth of one percent, which is the common flu.
This is going to kill a lot of people, but we could get through this with even, I'm even admitting, this pharmaceutical can help.
Zinc can help.
Herbs and foods can help.
But most of all, folks, get off the junk foods.
Get off the sodas.
Stop smoking cigarettes.
Stop your unhealthy lifestyles, because that's going to get you killed.
Mike, we both together with our expert guest predicted all this happening, the hysteria, said it was serious.
People go, Alex, what you're saying is really serious, but then you're saying don't overblow it.
The effects, the hysteria, the lockdown, the depression, we knew it was all coming, the breakdown of the food supply, all of that, and if it's 1% dies now, people are going to go crazy and run off the edge of a cliff.
That's right.
What about this article?
A fiasco in the making, as the coronavirus pandemic takes hold, we are making decisions without reliable data.
That's from Stat News.
And they just go on to say, we don't have the basic numbers, no one really knows.
So then I go back to anecdotal, the army vehicles, the thousands of dead in Italy, the things we do see, says there is something going on with this.
And then the fact that it's man-made, that's where I really get concerned.
And why doesn't Trump make a bigger deal about that?
He did point out that it came out of China, they shouldn't blame the U.S.
Why doesn't he just come out and say it?
Well, at least he is calling it the Chinese virus, which is accurate.
It is the Wuhan virus, or the CCC virus, as the Epoch Times refers to it.
But look, because of the speed at which this moves, we can't wait for perfect data.
This is part of the issue.
We have to stay ahead of this curve of rapid exponential spread.
So it means we have to make some decisions without full information at our disposal.
And that's, you know, the speed of this is the issue.
If we don't move quickly enough, we end up like Italy.
Or Spain, or the UK now being overrun, or even New York City.
They move slowly.
In fact, America moves slowly because the CDC did it on purpose.
As you well know, we talked about this, the CDC withheld testing kits to put us behind almost a month.
So the CDC created this situation and I hope when this is over and done with, because we
will survive, that Trump investigates the criminal offenses of the CDC, the criminal
negligence of that agency that will cost maybe hundreds of thousands of lives in America
because they couldn't stop diseases and that's their only damn job, Alex.
And they have all these bioweapon labs and sell this crap, everybody.
All right, Mike Adams, NaturalNews.com.
Thank you for all the time.
Really appreciate the work you're doing.
We'll be back Sunday, 4 to 6 p.m.
for sure.
I'm trying to get the crew to come in.
They're willing.
Tomorrow, so I'm just going to say it, we go live 2 p.m.
You can guarantee it at Infowars.com forward slash show and band dot video.
Thank you so much, Mike.
Thank you, Alex.
All right, the War Room with Owen Schroeder is coming up.
I got to most your calls.
I'm going to be up here seven days a week.
My wife and children understand.
This is such an insane time.
The best news I've seen in a while, though, is that... It is from CNN, so I've got to check what they said, but guys, bring in that article, please.
The president says he's not going to have a total lockdown, and he's going to leave it to the states.
Well, that's really good news, because that would kill the economy and have a Great Depression, as the Federalist Society or everybody else is planning on the president.
But that's not currently considering a nationwide lockdown.
I just saw another one where he was saying he's not going to do it, he's going to leave it to the states.
My problem is, they keep ratcheting it up, and these governors are the ones that are doing this, and it's out of control.
And so there's a question where he was asked this, so we'll grab the video, we'll have it on the war room.
This is a big deal.
Even if it kills a million people, folks, which I don't think it will.
A Great Depression is worse than that.
And you just can't live in a cave because there's things out there that are a problem.
And I love old folks, but it's 90 plus percent are above the age of 70.
This has not killed anybody below the age of 30 yet.
And it's just, it's just out of control.
It gives government total power.
Now governments are saying they're going to control the bandwidth and who can have internet.
And it's just going to get worse and worse.
The level of tyranny you will live under is the exact level that you will put up with, as Thomas Jefferson said.
I don't think we'll ever find that necessary.
There is the quote.
That just happened today.
We'll get those clips for the war room coming up.
Owen Schroer, Bandod video, the Owen Schroer clip.
You'll find all the live shows, the archives there, and the way we get to new people is you, and I'm so thankful for you.
This is such a crazy time to be alive.
Okay, in closing.
Talked about chloroquine and how it forces zinc into the cells, the malaria drug, and in the studies it's really effective so far against the coronavirus.
Well, zinc is known, ladies and gentlemen, to be antiviral.
I'm not saying it's a cure.
I'm not saying it's a treatment.
I'm saying if you don't have vitamin C, you die.
If you don't have zinc, you die.
If you don't have oxygen, you die.
If you don't have water, you die.
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We're talking about the real deal here.
And I love Trump all day long.
But man, I tell you, he sits here and lets these big tech people keep running roughshod over him.
I mean, I've got a problem.
And we'll just take the Trump rallies over.
That said, about two months ago, I came up with a plan that I haven't launched yet.
We have a warehouse full of hundreds of thousands of stickers.
20 different stickers.
Impeach the Democrats.
Save the Second Amendment.
Defend the First Amendment.
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You put it over your mouth.
You go to a Trump rally.
And you instantly take over without even disrupting things.
People say, why are you doing this?
What's happening?
Well, you go, well, we're being censored.
You know, Trump won't do anything about it.
And Dr. Puccini, let me just ask you what you think, because I've not launched this yet.
It's brilliant.
You've taken the very element that they try to repress you with, that's silence, and made it into a weapon.
You have the loudest sound of all, silence.
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And just see what happens.
This is insane.
And I hope Trump realizes he's being set up with an over-response.
An under-response is bad.
An over-response is bad as well.
We've got to be balanced about this.
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