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Air Date: March 16, 2020
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Alex Jones of InfoWars discusses the COVID-19 pandemic, emphasizing the importance of civil liberties and self-sufficiency. He warns against globalists and authoritarians using the crisis as an opportunity to take down America and impose martial law. Jones also highlights the significance of discussing the virus's origins, including its man-made nature and HIV delivery system. The show features interviews with experts about public health, civil liberties, and preparedness for potential future crises. Callers share their concerns about COVID-19, and Jones criticizes governments for creating unnecessary chaos and stressing over a small issue while ignoring real problems such as crime rates and financial crises. He also criticizes the media for spreading false news and misinformation about the virus, encouraging listeners to support freedom by being prepared with storable foods and water filters.


From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
Ladies and gentlemen, I am your host Alex Jones.
I come to you with grave information and grave developments.
I have researched what's been happening the last seven weeks in great detail.
I've researched the background of the organizations and groups that are exacerbating and creating the hysteria.
And we've done a deep analysis of the globalist operations, and we are now 100% clear on what's taking place and what is unfolding.
So I'm going to lay some things out here in this first hour as calmly as I can, but I cannot express to you enough the level of danger and seriousness of what we are facing and the magnitude of what we are facing.
We are facing a greater threat than we faced from tyranny in World War II and the Cold War.
And I'm going to lay it all out here today with Owen Schroyer, who's in studio back at ATX.
I'm very near Austin.
I'll be back in two days.
We also have Mike Adams coming on next hour.
We have Dr. Francis Boyle on Wednesday.
We have a lot of other special guests, and we're going to be giving different views, looking at the same problem from different angles.
So we don't get on high talking points here.
We have a lot of great researchers, people I respect, who have different views and different perspectives.
We agree on some things, we disagree on others.
So let me just calmly try to lay this out.
This is a world government martial law on a planetary scale drill.
The virus is real.
It does kill some people.
We called the incredible hype and martial law that was coming more than six weeks ago.
But just because we called it correctly that this was going to be a seismic, ultramassive, colossal event does not mean then that we are for the hype or for the
That response is as synthetic as the man-made virus that major universities
And the Senate Intelligence Committee and others have said it's clearly man-made.
And it's the fact that it's man-made, number one.
Number two, the fact that it has the HIV delivery system, that's a fact.
And that the virus is coming back is the key, the skeleton key to open any door when it comes to this story.
It's a Rosetta Stone.
So, there's no focus on that.
And the media demonizes you if you talk about that because they don't want a discussion of where it came from, Communist China, the fact that they were working on it in Wuhan, and the fact that they released it as they were losing their trade war to try to take down the United States, working in concert with fellow traveler globalists throughout government, throughout corporations, and throughout academia and the media.
And they are now all singing from the same sheet of music,
They are all demanding national gun confiscation.
They are all demanding interstate travel bans.
And out of this, America will never emerge again.
This is the great test of America.
This is a huge hysteria, overblown, overdriven, to try to scare the land of the free, home of the brave, into a total capitulation, monkey see, monkey do.
And I can tell you, it's all over the news.
We told you yesterday that Trump was considering announcing the tri-state ban.
That's another piece of news I'm coming up with that I have confirmed in Connecticut and two other states, with the interstate ban and that he may back down.
He backed down then.
There's another press conference at 3.30 Eastern today.
We'll be covering that.
You see the other countries doing it and the word is President Trump is going to announce that because they have set the precedent forcing him into it.
If he doesn't, he hasn't responded properly.
We'll break it all down the other side.
Stay with us.
The date is Monday, March 16th, the year 2020 that was vaunted to be a year unlike any other has already come out that way.
Global stock markets continue to plunge a thousand points or so a day despite the Federal Reserve's desperate action.
We laid out exactly how this COVID-19 would unfold.
We laid out the monkey see, monkey do of martial law in China and the obvious theatrics they were engaged in to create as much fear as possible.
And the choreographed working with mainstream media, major institutions and other communist and socialist governments to create the precedent for martial law.
Total lockdown in your houses.
That's maximum martial law.
On a scale of one to 10, that's a nine and a half.
To now criticize Trump, if he didn't create a hysteria and lock things down as well, they would simply have the corporations and governors and media and big tech do it, and then say that he hadn't responded.
When the deaths began, each one, they would hype up like it was a million.
Stalin said, one man dies, it's a tragedy.
10,000 dies, it's a statistic.
And so, first, Lancet was saying 15% died.
And then it was 2% died.
And then it was 1% died.
Clearly, this is a world government planetary martial law takeover drill.
Just because InfoWars accurately, with precision, predicted the trajectory starting seven weeks ago till now, and exposed the man-made nature of the virus, and exposed the fact that
It's real danger is that it comes back because it's an HIV attack system with an HIV delivery system.
HIV was man-made.
This is man-made.
We must discuss the providence, the lineage, the bloodline of the RNA of this virus.
That will bring the globalists down.
Only exposure of the fact that they developed these in bioweapon labs, that Obama sold it to China, that it was released now as a bioweapon against the West, with the media and big tech and authoritarian regimes coordinating with total precision to blame Trump and to blame the UK.
If you look at global news, they praise Italy and China's and all the other globalist countries' response.
But, oh, England's doing a terrible job, even though they're very draconian.
And, oh, America's doing a bad job.
It's all in the scripting.
Now, some listeners will say, well, you have Mike Adam is on saying you got to lock down and, you know, all unnecessary travel and all this to stop the spread.
Well, on those models, if you believe those models, they'll potentially millions dead.
And I'm not saying it's bad to have that perspective.
It's good to war game in the dialectic of the most extreme alarmist views.
Which, if it is accurate how bad it is, are reasonable.
Or the other view that the virus isn't very deadly.
None of that is in the real equation.
That is up for debate and we'll discover in the balance and fullness of time.
The issue is the synthetic nature of the virus, its bloodline, where it came from, its history, its artificiality, its syntheticness,
And the fact that's hidden in plain view in major publications like The Scientist and other major publications five years ago.
Why is a chimera coronavirus that's super deadly being given by North Carolina University to China?
We can put all that on screen.
So let's walk through it all and we'll get Owen Schroer's take on this.
And then I have a massive announcement coming in the last segment.
All right.
This morning, I was exercising and he was making a lot of really incredibly important on target points.
We'll probably also get David to weigh in sometime in studio during the show tomorrow with Owen as well.
And again, we have other experts joining us.
We should probably get Mr. Rappaport on.
He's been saying it's a global government drill hoax from the beginning.
Doesn't mean the virus isn't real.
Doesn't mean it doesn't kill some people, but the total hysteria unified and now the National Guard and troops
And already I saw police and others practicing checkpoints here in Texas blocking a highway yesterday.
It is all unfolding right now, but here's what you need to know.
A year and a half ago, the UN came out and said, disease X will show up in the next few years.
It could kill 100, 200 million people.
Then in November of last year, just four months ago,
Bill and Melinda Gates hosted a giant drill where 65 million people died from a Corona-style virus.
And I have those headlines right here.
Again, all of these can be pulled up by anybody that just search engines them.
So they had all this prepared.
They had all this ready.
They had all this in place.
Bill and Melinda Gates patented the virus for a vaccine.
That's all ready.
And then there's all this hype in the movies and TV about giant outbreaks that were already queued up and ready on Netflix and in theaters in November and December and January, and new shows on Discovery Channel and History Channel.
You could see the whole giant rollout right before.
I never needed to get Secret Sorrows documents, even though we got them, to see all the TV shows and movies about race war and whites being racist.
Right at the end of Obama's administration because they were considering trying to trigger a race war and Obama staying in office.
But then sure enough, we got the secret documents from Antifa and Jordan Soros' son funding it.
They were planning just that and coordinating with Hollywood.
You can see the scripting.
Well, the race war failed and Russia gate failed and Ukraine gate failed.
And so Trump was right to come out and say the media's response of total hysteria is a hoax.
That was his original response.
And his advisors.
And then Limbaugh, everybody else came out and said, this is probably as bad as the flu.
This is a bunch of fear mongering.
The left is all supporting this.
That was Limbaugh's cue that it was BS.
We were explaining to Trump that it was a setup.
That if he didn't respond, at least in their rhetoric up front, they were going to set him up for what this virus did because they've got other versions of it that are weaponized that they can release that it looks like have already been released in areas of Europe and other areas.
It's very sophisticated.
You understand?
So this is a huge operation.
We know it's synthetic.
We know it's an attack.
We know it's coming.
But in the fog of war, you can bet and you can see and you can research that they've already got other versions of this ready that mutate quickly and that aren't deadly anymore.
They'll go through a few groups of people, kill a saturated group, create a panic, but then they retrograde out.
And there's also evidence that it's also a binary weapon, that you've got to have other things in the environment for it to be triggered, such as certain heavy metals already in the lungs and degraded lungs, like in communist China, the dirtiest country with absolute no smog controls on the face of the earth.
So there's a lot of data and information going into this.
But when we come back, here's the big issue that we're going to be breaking down.
This is the end of our way of life.
And out of this, if you think the Patriot Act and 9-11 took your freedoms, the left tells us to leave the borders open, let folks with bubonic plague, drug-resistant TB, dozens of other diseases, let them spread it in schools, let it bankrupt our economy.
That's been their plan, cloward and pivot.
But now that this is here, still there's no discussion about our physical borders that are wide open in the South.
It's all about how you can't leave your house, and how you can't go to the store unless you're authorized, and how you can't travel across state lines
But Trump hasn't sealed the borders first.
And so Trump has overcorrected from saying nothing's going to happen.
We're like, no, sir, you're being set up, which didn't start happening.
We knew the scripting ahead of time, understanding the globalist and researching it.
100% that on.
Everybody witnessed it here.
But then he's overcompensating.
Oh, well, I'll go further than Europe.
I'll have a ban on interstate travel unless it's absolutely authorized.
The military taking over food distribution centers.
All of this is being announced.
So, Trump is overcompensating, and if the courts go along with this, it will set the precedent that every time there's some new little virus or something, just like a storm coming into town, everything gets locked down, and then we learn the globalists have a plan for these compact, smart cities to be these literal dome cities of the future, Google says, where you'll, quote, be safe from the new bioweapon of the week.
This is The Global Takeover.
Welcome back, I'm Alex Jones, your host.
What we are witnessing is worldwide mind control.
We are witnessing the stampeding of the world.
And the stampede started in communist China.
And now the lemmings are running off the edge of cliffs.
You've got all these talk show hosts.
You've got Piers Morgan saying, shut all the bars down.
Don't let people out of their houses or everybody's dead.
And that's the same thing that de Blasio is saying.
Democrat mayors are announcing the power to confiscate guns.
They're announcing you can't sell guns.
They're announcing you won't be able to sell alcohol.
It's the lockdown of society.
Everything Infowars always told you the globalists were setting up worldwide and they were going to use a bio-weapon to do it.
It's how my film, Endgame, Blueprint for Global Enslavement ends, that I made in 2007.
And so, they're here.
And you look at the globalists, the authoritarians, they're all using it to grab power.
They're all demanding Trump do more.
And then when there's a hundred deaths, a thousand deaths from this here in the United States, it will all be Trump's fault for not just telling everybody to stay in their homes for the rest of their lives, even though the virus is now part of the environment.
It's mutating and it comes back in many people.
There's no discussion of how it has an HIV delivery system.
There's no discussion of the fact that it's man-made and that it was in major journals in 2015.
Headline out of The Scientist.
Let's put that on screen.
Over and over and over again.
I've got it right here.
Saying, why did Obama allow the sale of this weaponized coronavirus, the Communist Chinese, along with many others?
But that's the reality.
Lab-made coronavirus triggers debate.
That's what these labs are doing everywhere.
But then, oh, the very people that are doing this in the labs are the very ones that stand to get all the power now over society.
Now, here's the key.
I'm going to go to Owen Schroer.
If you go back five years ago, documents began to come out of Google, Facebook, and Twitter, and Apple, how they all had secret plans to compete with each other for their own smart cities of the future.
Or domed cities.
Google wants to build domed smart cities.
Just type that in.
You can put it on screen.
Click images.
And Toronto found out about the plan to just basically take over part of the city and crack everyone.
All of them.
And people are getting upset.
But now they're saying, oh, don't worry.
There's going to be bio attacks and all these things in the future.
You'll need to be in these domed cities to be safe.
And so people will fight to have the smart cities.
There it is.
Minnesota was way ahead of Google in planning a smart city and where it's the domed area where the elite live.
And then everybody else from the outside gets hit with the bioweapons they're actually releasing.
And people fight to get into the domed city with all the 5G and all the control where you've got to be inoculated.
And all these governments in Europe just signed executive orders for forced inoculations.
That's why I've made the decision to oppose all the hysteria and the fear.
The only thing we have to fear is fear itself, as President during World War II said, Roosevelt, and that's true.
And so, yes, it's scripted.
Yes, it's manufactured.
Yes, it's man-made.
Yes, it does kill people.
Yes, it's got an HIV delivery system.
Doesn't mean it gives you HIV or AIDS.
It has a delivery system.
It's airborne.
It's a cover for other attacks.
And as soon as we show that we hit our knees for something that might kill 1% of people, maybe, as soon as we show that we hit our knees,
And then our response is to bend over and say, do whatever you want to me.
Well, now you've set the precedent for the military-industrial-globalist-big-tech-pharma-complex run by the Chai Koms as the model to use this as a tool of social control.
Ever wondered how the Chai Koms would fight back against Taiwan and the Chinese people saying no to all this?
You ever wondered how they would strike back?
Well, it's with an invisible enemy and only the state can protect you.
So yes, we were right telling you all this hysteria was coming.
People didn't believe us six, eight weeks ago.
Now people are like, whoa, what do we do?
And most people I've talked to aren't buying into this and aren't buying into the fear and see right through it.
Though they are getting prepared because the financial collapse and the riots and what happens if the EBT cards don't get filled and the globalists are going to try to exacerbate civil unrest during this, you can bet your boots.
Now they're talking about canceling the RNC.
The DNC, now they're talking about canceling the election.
Just three weeks ago, I said, will they cancel the election?
Mike Adams said that as well.
No one says anything about Mike Adams.
I like Mike, really respect him.
He's been dead on about analyzing how this would happen, how the hysteria would unfold.
He believes in the lockdown to save people because potential projections show it really could be a mass killer.
I'm saying that I don't think it kills 20,000 people in the next year in the United States.
Now the flu kills 35,000 or so.
So again, why is this happening?
It's the way it's all been hyped.
So I think it's good to see Mike's perspective and bounce things off of that.
Okay, and I disagree with Limbaugh saying this isn't a big deal.
No, this is the beginning of the end of everything.
If we bow to this and we don't respond to this right, we act like a bunch of cowards.
Look, if you're scared of bugs and you're going to self-quarantine, that's great.
Most people have jobs and children and they can't.
And the big tech wants us to lock down inside the cities, inside our homes and have authorization via our smartphones when we go out.
China already has that model.
So this is the rollout of the social credit score with big tech.
This is the 5G takeover.
This is the pretext to end our way of life forever and live austere with a small carbon footprint.
You ever wonder how they're going to shut down people's travel?
You ever wonder how they're going to shut down everything?
This is it.
This is the new dark age the globalists said they would create using the threat of bioweapons, locking people down in smart control grid cities, and then everybody else out there could just kill themselves.
All the big mega cities tax everybody and suck all the resources in.
Globalism was never about unifying the world and nations together.
It was about destroying nations, building mega cities.
On the lines of the city of Rome, the Vatican, and other district of criminals.
This is their official model.
We have cracked the code.
We know how to oppose it.
So that's why, ladies and gentlemen, we have to understand that this is the big one.
Owen Schroer, we've got a minute and a half.
You'll be taking over next hour.
Really appreciate your great work.
What is your analysis on what I just said?
Do you agree or disagree?
No Alex, I think obviously there's been a lot of mystery to this over the course of the last month and a half.
And the one thing, despite all the different angles we've been covering in the commentary, the one thing that we've all been looking at and in agreement with, I think has never been more clear.
And that is exactly this.
The coronavirus, the coronavirus outbreak, quote-unquote, is 9-11 on a global scale.
It's a false flag.
It's to end freedom worldwide, to get people in a state of fear and hysteria, and it'll be justified because, oh, you don't want to die from the coronavirus.
So, I mean, Alex, I think that we can try to figure out who's to blame or what's behind it.
If people just understand
We're good to go.
I don't want to cause people to be slaves by making them hysterical.
So there's, I mean, Alex, it's crazy.
We can try to discuss all the different angles, but people need to know that you've been spot on, InfoWars has been spot on.
This is a global drill, 9-11 false flag style to bring in tyranny worldwide.
No doubt.
That's right.
And when we come back, we're going to talk about Trump and his plan to ban interstate travel and then what comes after that.
Ladies and gentlemen, Alex Jones here live on this very solemn
Live Monday edition.
You know, when you're paying attention like I've been doing for 30 years, when you've been on air 26 years, when you've interviewed the former head of the Army's Bioweapons Program, the former head of the Army's DU Program, the former head of Air Force Weapons Development probably 50 times, the head of HAARP,
On air, and I'm not bragging folks, when you've interviewed the author of the U.S.
Biological Weapons Treaty and World Law probably 50, 60 times, when you've interviewed people from the entire spectrum,
of what is the deep state, telling you what's going on.
And then you read Bill and Melinda Gates, and you read the UN, the Club of Rome, and you see them saying 20 years ago, we will use bioweapons and the threat of man-made releases or natural pandemics to bring in world government.
And we're going to build dome cities where the elites live, and everybody else lives outside of them.
And then we're going to depopulate everybody using the microbes.
The Queen of England's husband says that in statements.
So, Bill Gates gets up at TED TV 12 years ago, and he goes, we need to save the earth, carbon's the problem.
No, toxic waste, GMO, nuclear weapons the problem.
And he says, we need to reduce the number of people for the carbon.
And he does the equation and it's people to zero and everybody laughs.
They teach eugenics, they teach the ruling class that they're better than everybody and that there's too many people, they've got to get rid of us.
Well, the public does act dumb and lazy.
And has drunk the Kool-Aid.
And I'm not defending what Bill and Melinda Gates and all them are doing.
I am morally having responsibility.
I had a chance to join them.
I had the Kissinger Group in front of John Harmon, the head of the Kissinger Group, try to hire me.
The guy was unbelievable.
And I had others do that as well because they're just so arrogant.
But I have witnesses to this, ladies and gentlemen.
So when they come to you, because I've had other private meetings that are off record, I haven't violated those confidences.
They talk about actual crimes, then I would violate the confidence.
But I have to be able to talk to these people.
And I've been up in the high rises with top people.
And this is how they get everybody to join them.
Listen, you're an elitist just because you know all this.
Because you understand this and you have such a grasp.
You could be one of our top managers.
I mean, look, Pachinic's not really one of them, but he's been at the CFR and Globalist and run operations.
Alex, you ought to be the head of intelligence.
Why you came up with this, you know, this plan.
That's just, that's just how they pat you on the head folks.
And it's okay.
But, but that's how they get people to join this is flattery.
So, so I've been up in the ivory towers, 50 stories up and I've had them say, everything will be taken care of.
Fox News show, the book deals.
You'll think my wife's hot.
She'd like to bang you right now.
That's, yeah, you want to bang my wife?
You can bang her right now.
Just sign the paperwork, okay?
I have, it's just like Al Pacino and Devil's Advocate.
Let me tell you, just like that, okay?
So, I've been to the top of the stinking pyramid, folks, and it stinks.
So, I'm not joining them, and they've all run to their bunkers that I told you 20 years ago.
About their underground bunkers, and the private air scripts, and the weapons, and that they don't even trust their own security people.
They should, and their security people hate them.
So they now literally have robot guns that pop up with 50 cals, that these guys have video game controllers, or AI that kills anybody that crosses the line.
They've got minefields on their private property.
They've got little villages that they finance, that have locals that, you know, produce wine, and food, and they've got all these self-contained deals.
They all hauled ash.
Let me tell you, I didn't just read about this in a newspaper later.
I was in Hollywood.
I'm going to go to Owen and then just so much to cover here.
I was in Hollywood and I was going to see the studios of James Cameron.
And I was out there, I was invited there and he was going to come up with all these hologram movie theaters and everything else.
And I was talking to one of these big producers and he's like, yeah, he goes, James Cameron isn't really into movies anymore.
He's just moved up, you know, New Zealand and he's got a big ship in case that goes down.
Because the Navy that he writes off is searching for the Titanic.
No, it's his escape bill because he was let in on the plan to exterminate everybody.
And Bill Joy wrote about it in Wired Magazine 20 years ago as well.
21 years ago now.
So why the future doesn't need us?
They're telling us, ladies and gentlemen, that
They think there's too many people and they're going to get rid of us.
And then they have a disease X that's a coronavirus drill two years ago, a year and a half ago.
Then they have a tabletop four months ago of wiping out 65 million.
And then after all this fear, then you see the hysteria in China that's real people dying, but a bunch of over-dramatization and people being gassed and people being shot and welded into their homes.
A real nightmare science fiction movie, just like we saw in all the movies, to initiate the fear and the stampede to end our way of life, right as all this work-from-home virtual reality stuff comes out.
And now they're going to launch all the work-from-home and collapse all the civilization that we've had, except in the dumb cities.
That you have to opt into their rules, their inoculations, their 5G, their 6G, their control.
Do we have Norm Pattis on the line?
All right, we're going to go to Norm Pattis in just a moment.
And I don't want him to get to our big announcement until we come back.
But I wanted him to just tell you what his federal sources high level and state sources are saying as they prepare tri-state martial law.
And the lockdown of everything, just where he's at.
Then we'll come back with the big announcement.
Owen Schroer will be riding shotgun into the next hour.
Mike Adams is coming up.
I'll host a little bit of the next hour because I want to talk to Mike about this as well.
But Norm Pattis, this really is from your legal position.
You thought I was overstating martial law a few days ago, but you're saying, looking at this, that's what we're facing.
It appears to be.
I mean, yesterday afternoon, I got a call out of the blue from someone who's been in touch with somebody in the White House legal counsel's office to say that President Trump was actively considering a 30-day travel ban and that the legal office was pushing back as unlawful.
In the evening press conference, it didn't happen.
There's another press conference today, so let's see what does happen.
And about two hours ago I got a call from somebody well placed in the Connecticut National Guard to say that it would not be surprising to see a tri-state, that is New York, New Jersey, Connecticut lockdown within 24 to 48 hours.
I've received another call since I last communicated with you from a physician in a hospital in northern Manhattan to say that they are becoming overwhelmed at this point with the cases that they're having, and to stay clear of the city, that nothing good is going to be happening there for a while.
And then you look at the op-ed piece by Cuomo this morning in the New York Times, basically asking the president to mobilize military resources to transform
Let's be clear.
We're good to go.
The system or a communist country to have this big freak out.
We don't know the truth of what really happened.
And then now there's a few thousand deaths in Europe or whatever.
And so we're supposed to totally lock down our civilization.
Trump is set to have a press conference at 2.30 Central, 3.30 Eastern.
We're going to come back, get Owen Schroeder's take on this.
We'll do another, this segment, and then one more with this announcement, uh, in to the next hour.
Then I want to talk about this face to face.
Uh, with Mike Adams and his perspective.
Once I make my announcement, I'm going to get Mike Adams' take on this as well.
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The year is 2020.
It's March 16th.
And the entire world is being incrementally locked down and put into house arrest, partial law.
Except as we speak, in Turkey and in North Africa and other areas, Islamic leaders have launched giant multi-million man invasion forces overrunning the borders of Southern Europe and the Balkans.
And the left is saying, let them in.
But they're saying, Governor de Blasio, and here's Morgan, they say they want you locked in your houses.
Schools locked down.
Restaurants locked down.
Gyms locked down.
But don't worry, the border all stays wide open.
No borders, no wall, no USA at all.
Meanwhile, over in Communist China,
This thing popped up, they say, in November.
It's clearly man-made.
They create all of this hysteria.
Who knows what the truth is, but Communist China, now the model of world government, the model of surveillance, the model of social credit scores, the model of globalist-directed, tyrant-directed AI, they are being praised for killing people at checkpoints and welding them into their homes and shutting down whole cities for months, but now suddenly they're fine!
Even though Chinese citizens say folks are still dying, now that it's moved on, it's no longer a Wunan virus, now it's just COVID-19, and China's good, and it's America's fault, and it just moves on, because the globalist psychologists using television the last 60 years lowered the attention span for the average American, or average Westerner, or average person on the earth, from 15 minutes to 7.4 seconds.
7.4 seconds.
It's no longer the Wunan virus.
It's the COVID-19.
So, I prayed about this the last few days.
I really cogitated on it, and it's the right thing to do intellectually, scientifically, historically, but most importantly, at a gut level, spiritual level.
I know how the president got maneuvered into overreacting, because he underreacted.
We said they're going to use that against him.
Mike Adams, I think, gave the extreme end of how we could respond.
I think it's reasonable for him to have that view.
He's a smart guy.
He certainly predicted the trajectory.
So did we and others.
We know what we're talking about.
But as you know, we've been more moderate in this because the other danger is never coming out of this and then having new viruses all the time that are like weather reports of storms coming in where society's locked down.
And that's the globalist model for forced inoculations and for gun confiscation.
And for not being able to leave your homes and smartphones like China says is the model to track where you go and what you do to make sure you're authorized.
They're going to use viruses and other bioweapons as the way to end freedom, depopulate us.
And so because forced inoculation is where this is leading.
First it's gonna block some flights.
Then it's block some transport and then shut down schools and shut down bars and shut down restaurants and shut down gyms and shut down malls.
If you go into a global financial reset, and then they suspend the election.
So when I do this, it's not because it's President Trump.
I like President Trump.
The globalists definitely hate him, but they've maneuvered him into this Hobson's Choice, this rock and a hard place.
The movable object comes in the unstoppable force because
If he doesn't respond, they'll just trigger riots and other crises and the media will trigger hysteria.
Either he comes in with a clampdown or the globalists do it and brush him aside and make him where he's irrelevant.
The left celebrated it.
This will bring down America.
This will bring down Trump.
We said, Trump, look out.
Five, six weeks ago, they're setting you up.
We were absolutely right.
But where Mike Adams and I diverged some, and that's good for debate.
We're not a cult.
Is that now the other end of this, in the dialectic, we have to push back towards what's more reasonable in the Balancing Act.
So here we are.
So that's why I am announcing this exclusively with Norm Pattis.
I was already thinking about what I was going to do, how I was going to oppose this, just to point out our rights and have some pushback.
Doesn't mean I hate the president, doesn't mean I even think he's wrong on every front, but we have to not just pell-mell if all the cows are running off the cliff.
Maybe a few cows could walk over here and maybe not run off of it.
And so I've talked to our audience, I've run into a lot of people when I was going to take a few days off outside Austin.
They're all just, we think it's a fear-mongering hoax, and that the virus is real, but they're using it to take control.
Everyone sees the left pushing it, seizing on it, celebrating it, using it for gun confiscation, forced inoculation.
And so because of that, I will not stand by when we had 600,000 die from the Spanish flu.
They didn't do any of this then.
And our borders are still wide open.
So because of that, to illustrate this and have a larger platform to do it, that's why we're making this announcement.
Norm Pattis, please make the announcement of what we're going to do, what we're going to file.
If the president today or tomorrow or whenever declares this interstate travel ban violating the Constitution and citizens' rights of we the people while the borders are wide open.
Mike Adams.
We'll also be coming up to break that down.
And give us his take on it, as well as Dr. Frances Boyle.
But again, going to Norm Pattis, constitutional lawyer.
Make the announcement, please.
We have drafted a lawsuit styled Alex Jones vs. Donald Trump et al., naming a number of Trump's cabinet officials.
In the event that President Trump announces an interstate travel ban or something like it, we will go immediately into a District of Columbia court and ask for injunctive and declaratory relief.
In other words, a ruling from a judge that the action is unlawful and an order from the judge barring implementation of it.
If that judge rejects our claim, we will go to the D.C.
Court of Appeals.
If that court rejects our claim, we will seek a hearing in the United States Supreme Court.
In our view, while the COVID-19 crisis does present a real and present danger to public health, there is also something significant at stake, and that is our fundamental freedoms and rights as Americans.
The country has weathered many storms
Ranging from World War to other epidemics, I think, of polio in the 50s.
But we've never once resorted to an abandonment of constitutional principles.
So Alex, I think you may be posting this online.
I'm not sure.
The writ is drafted.
The paperwork's ready to go.
We simply await an order from the president and then we hope to be first in court to challenge him.
Yes, one of our great writers, either Don Salazar or Kit Daniels, is going to be writing an article about this.
And we'll post this video once we're not live.
I don't think so.
But when it goes into pure action, you see all the authoritarians licking their lips.
As a constitutional lawyer, one of the top ones out there, and talking to other scholars at the Federalist Society and others, what are your main concerns as a citizen, Norm Pattis?
We have a federal government of limited powers.
The states have general police powers to take care of our needs in health, education, welfare, and safety.
But to say limited powers on the federal level means that when the federal government acts in derogation or against fundamental rights, such as the right to interstate travel,
It has to do so for compelling reasons that would survive strict scrutiny.
In other words, its reasons have to be so strong and its method of doing so has to be so narrowly tailored that it does not unnecessarily infringe on our rights.
An interstate travel ban or something like a lockdown in our homes is unprecedented in United States history.
One of the few amendments that has not been litigated in our history is the Third Amendment, the amendment that prohibits us from being required to quarter the king's soldiers or the government's soldiers in our home.
This is the flip side of the Third Amendment.
It's requiring us to remain in our homes absent government permission.
That, I think, is intolerable as a matter of law and creates a horrible precedent.
There will be other catastrophes, there will be other crises, other turning points in American history.
We've had many of them, but we've never resorted to such dire means.
That's right, stay there.
We're going to come back, Norm.
Norm, we're going to come back to you because I want you to be able to not debate but have a discussion with Mike Adams and see what his take is on this because he's been calling for shutting down all unnecessary travel, period.
And I see his point, but we haven't proven how deadly this virus is.
It came out of China.
Since when do the authoritarians set the precedent of how we respond or how we behave when over a million and a half people, it's estimated, died in the civil war so that black people would have their rights?
Well, how about we all get our rights and, you know, don't capitulate to this one.
It's a lab made virus that came out of Wuhan and we're not even supposed to call it Wuhan now.
Folks, remember too,
It's going to take money to do this and to fight back for all our rights, and they're trying to shut us down, as you see, lying about us and demonizing us all over the news.
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We'll be right back with Hour 2.
Please spread the word.
Ladies and gentlemen, we are go.
We are broadcasting worldwide.
Mike Adams is about to be here for the rest of the hour.
And we're going to have Owen Schroer in the ATX, my great co-host.
In the wings, loaded for bear.
We have Norm Pattis, constitutional lawyer here, if you just joined us.
Trump, we confirm, of the Federalist Society, was considering declaring interstate martial law, banning interstate travel, something Mike Adams has called for here.
And I thought that Trump wasn't having a strong enough response five weeks ago, six weeks ago, that they would demonize him for that, paint him into a corner when the virus did kill people.
I don't
Dependent on strung out supply chains to use the global bureaucracy and the technocracy, and you think it's bad, wait till we're totally in the grid, to lock us down in our homes and throw Trump off their back like a dog throwing a flea off.
So my analysis, Mike Adams' analysis, Dr. Francis Boyle's analysis, that Trump had to come in strong is true politically for him.
But then we come to the question, Dan, we do, Dan, we don't.
Trump doesn't act strong.
He's removed, clearly.
Then you get the leftist as president.
So, I'm taking the moral high ground here, because the only thing I know I can do, it's the right thing to do, and saying, if they come right out with martial law, while the borders are still open, and while the CHICOMs are like the boss directing how we should do it, and there's no discussion of where the virus came from, or how it's mutating, I'm not going to get to the next point of forced inoculations and gun confiscation, which Europe's already passed emergencies to confiscate guns and to do forced inoculations.
And the Democrats are saying they're going to do it, so they're licking their lips.
If Trump goes too far over, we've got to have somebody put the brakes on it.
That doesn't mean my lawsuit is going to stop all this hysteria.
It means somebody's got to just add a little friction going down the slide.
So that we talk about the Bill of Rights and Constitution.
The fact that this has never been done.
Not with millions getting the polio.
Not with 600,000 dying from the swine flu here in the U.S.
Millions dying in the Civil War so black folks, you know, got their rights.
But now all of our rights are lost on the backs of this situation.
So, out of the gates, we'll have the latest coming up next segment on the virus, on the trajectory.
Mike's been dead on about the hysteria, dead on about the death rates.
I really respect him.
I'm just simply saying, in a dialectic, I'm not trying to create a dialectic, everything is a dialectic.
You've got Mike over here on the one end, which he's really agreeing with the Communist Chinese level control.
And I'm not saying he's a Communist Chinese, I'm saying that's where they are.
And then you've got us saying Trump wasn't acting enough, but we've got to watch where it came from, and that they've got tricks up their sleeves.
And then you had Trump over here saying everything's fine.
He said, no, no, no, that's not the response.
So I'm more in the middle of this.
Mike is over here, and I understand why he's there.
Mike Adams, give us a few-minute statement on this, and I want to bring Norm Pattison, Mike Adams.
All right, thanks.
It's going to be a very fascinating discussion.
Thanks for having me on.
You and I do diverge on this.
I'll lay out my position here.
My pandemic projection models that we first talked about on your show weeks ago have been tracking perfectly with the number of deaths that we're now seeing in the United States.
And what those models showed is that if Trump didn't really lock things down, he would be facing literally hundreds of thousands of deaths in America by this summer.
And that is still largely on track to take place.
Hospitals from being overrun, mass death happening in cities like New York City that is now on track.
It is unstoppable.
It's going to happen in the next few weeks.
Seattle, probably a week later.
San Francisco, Boston, the DC area, a few weeks later.
You're going to see mass death and hospitals on the state of, on the verge of near collapse in this country very, very soon.
And remember, Alex.
Listen, I want to lay this out.
I want to lay this out next segment with you because here's the thing, Mike.
I respect you.
And I've had you on a ton, and I'm not disagreeing with you.
I'm saying the Chai Com's hyping it, the left all wanting a giant clampdown.
They're licking their lips.
I understand they want to set Trump up so he's got to be strong or they'll be able to remove him, but the trajectories of the models are hundreds of thousands dead on the low end, 2.16 million on the high end.
Yeah, yeah, that's real.
Those are real numbers, and I think it ends Trump's presidency if he doesn't take immediate action to stop this.
Yeah, but we don't know the accurate number on the death rate of the virus.
I know you're using a low-end number to show that, but how do we know it's not much lower?
Well, first of all, we now see that it's settling around 5.7% according to, you know, not just the WHO, but numbers coming out of Italy are very high.
And the thing that people aren't remembering, Alex, is that America has very high rates of obesity and pharmaceutical use.
Both of those are cofactors for higher mortality rates.
We could be looking at a higher than 6% mortality rate in the United States.
And you really can't have a functioning economy if you start to have millions of people die off.
So, we have to stop this.
It's just a question of how many people do you want to see die before we stop it and shut it down.
I'm not, look... Hold on, listen, we'll break this down when Norm Pattis leaves in a moment.
You're scaring me because I want to believe that we can stop this and the UN,
All of them.
They want these bubble cities.
We always knew they used bioweapons.
What are we going to do when they enforce inoculations?
You know they're already getting that ready, Mike.
Yeah, well, I'm not taking a forced inoculation.
I'm not giving up my Second Amendment.
But I tell you what, Trump could use this martial law to go arrest all the deep state traitors while they're locked in their homes.
You know what I mean?
There are some ways that Trump could use this to restore our constitutional republic.
There's a lot of leftists and traitors.
I want you to talk about that at the bottom of the hour.
I want you to have the floor on that.
I'm going to be watching.
Bottom of the hour.
Let's bring Norm Pattis in.
Norm, this is like a science fiction horror movie.
I sure as hell hope Mike Adams is wrong, but then it almost makes me feel guilty about the file of this lawsuit.
But just gut level, if the president, you know, does all this, that's just not how America works.
We didn't do this before.
No, I mean, the projections, I think Mike may be right.
I mean, I think the death rate may be overstated because we've done so few tests that we don't know how many people actually have it and have been asymptomatic or with mild symptoms.
But regardless of whether it's 2, 3 or 5 percent, it's still going to be a shocking number of deaths.
I think from my perspective as a constitutional lawyer, I want to make sure that the prophylactic measures aren't worse than the disease.
Obviously, I hope no one I know dies.
I hope I don't.
I hope you don't.
My heart goes out to those who do.
But we've had a republic for several hundred years that was based on the concept of limited government.
The federal government's role is to exercise moral suasion and to provide the states with the resources the states need to coordinate activity.
I think the response should be a state law response that may be naive, but my fear is exactly the thing that Mike suggested.
And that is that if you give the government this power, it can use it any which way it wants.
Now we may like, Mike may like, the fact that martial law is used to take out deep state operatives.
I cherish dissent and a wild cacophony of viewpoints.
I will concede that my view, that is the luxury of free speech, may be a luxury in a time of national emergency, but it's a luxury that we've always afforded.
And every time we've trimmed it back, whether it be with the internment of Japanese in the Second World War, whether it be the Red Scares at the time of the First World War, whether it be the anti-labor injunctions of the late 19th century... Or the big tech censorship!
Or the Big Tech Censorship.
All right.
When we come back, I am going to ask Mike a few questions, and then I want him to get into what he was talking about, martial law, go after the deep state.
They were going to put us into martial law.
They were going to trigger civil unrest.
They already brought us into a form of martial law outside of the executive branch.
So I understand that we're in a very, very dangerous time.
That's all I'm saying.
And I hope to God Mike Adams is wrong.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
I'm Alex Jones, your host, coming to you from the road.
Owen Troyer is in the ATX studio and outside Austin, self-quarantining.
He said it was coming months ago.
He's out there self-quarantining.
Mike Adams with nationalnews.com.
Look, I go back to this.
You can't have a word that shy comms say.
It's a man-made virus.
They create the hysteria.
They use the drones.
They weld people in their houses.
Then the communists now run.
Italy does the same thing.
Now France.
Now Germany.
Now Spain.
They all want to clamp down.
They're all on the verge of being overthrown.
And then now it comes here.
We got 60-something deaths.
You do the math on the worst equations.
Okay, millions dead.
But then when they lock everything down, it doesn't kill millions.
It kills 10,000.
Well, then the police state's the savior.
And everybody forgets the hysteria and all the PTSD from the zombie movies and people fighting over the toilet paper.
And then we just never come out of this, Mike Adams.
And then every time there's a new novel virus, everything locks down.
This is the perfect plan for authoritarians.
And then they say, oh, we have the new bubble cities that Google and everybody's racing to build where they go, oh, we'll protect you in these bubble cities.
They've been secretly preparing them for 10 years, announced them five years ago.
This is the whole New World Order model, Mike, of using viruses to lock everything down and to come with forced inoculation.
So Europe's signing executive orders for forced inoculation.
And so that's coming.
That's the next leg of this that you can't travel unless you've taken the coronavirus vaccine that Bill Gates already has souped up.
So they drilled disease X a few years ago.
Then they got the tabletop exercise of 65 million dead four months ago.
And they got all these movies and TV shows and Netflix programs about this happening coming out right in December and January.
The programming is everywhere.
Do you agree that
This is released by the Chi-Coms and the Globalists to bring down civilization.
I'm not disagreeing, it might not kill a bunch of people, but the whole synthetic choreographed nature, it's like watching Olympic-level ice skating, it's so choreographed.
Well, these are super valid points that you're making, and also that Norm made as well.
And I think you should file that emergency injunction attempt, or whatever the proper name is for it, because I think this does need to be challenged, because we need to see what is going to be the structure of our society.
So I hope you do file it.
I'm just saying that we can't change the laws of cause and effect.
So every day that Trump delays halting domestic travel, for example, locking down the border, issuing an emergency lockdown order, especially in the Northeast, every day that he delays may cost 10,000 lives or 25,000 lives later this summer.
Every day will be precious.
And I believe, Alex, that in hindsight,
It will be said that Trump acted too slowly, not too aggressively.
And here's the question.
If we want to have just a completely, let's just say, open, free society, everybody can continue to move without any regard for this, then we're going to have a very sharp peak of infections.
Instead of flattening the infection curve, we will compress the infection curve to a very short period of time.
It will go nationwide very quickly.
We're good.
What the country wants to do with that is up to Trump, and it's up to attorneys like Norm, who knows what he's talking about, and he understands civil liberties, and I'm a patriot too.
I'm just explaining what happens, because we can't change cause and effect.
That's my take, Alex.
Mike, I hear what you're saying, but I'm going to go back to this.
We saw them hyping it six, seven weeks ago.
We said it was going to be really huge here.
We said stuff will get locked down here.
People said we were crazy.
We told Limbaugh and the Republicans four weeks ago, knock it off, guys.
You're only going to hurt Trump.
He needs to respond at least in rhetoric up front.
But by not responding with rhetoric, then it makes it look like he didn't get ready and let the left begin to set him up.
Now they're panicking because he's getting hardcore.
They're going, don't block flights.
So now they're going the other direction.
This should not be a political issue.
I'm just simply saying we know that during a pandemic people that make it to the hospital that are already super sick
Become the body of people they have to then test on who survives.
So that always makes it look like a higher number of dying than actually are.
And I think that's a well-known thing out there.
So I'm not denying math.
I'm not denying science.
I'm not denying that a lot of Americans are really out of shape and run down eating crappy food.
And certainly they admit there's other strains now.
We first broke that.
You broke that in Iran and in Italy and a lot of weird crap going on.
It's just all I'm saying is go back to it being man-made, go back to it having HIV delivery system.
We need to be forcing a discussion about that so the globalists that release this, I think you agree this has been released on purpose, get in trouble and then can't just always keep release this and then take control of the world economy and system.
Does that make sense?
Yeah, and actually you hit upon something that is the big solution, and Trump hasn't even mentioned this, and that is nutrition.
It's the antivirals.
If the entire population were taking vitamin C and vitamin D and eating antiviral foods and herbs and minerals and so on,
Then this virus would have very little capability to spread across America.
You see, America's health is compromised, and that's what's leading to these discussions about lockdowns and flight restrictions and so on, clamping down on civil liberties.
And by the way, please don't describe my position as being anything close to communist China.
It's nothing like that.
I don't want people welded into their buildings, and I'm not giving up my Second Amendment rights.
I'm just saying that if we don't isolate, because our population is so sick,
And they're so malnourished and people are just not healthy and they're hooked on pharmaceuticals nationwide.
This is going to devastate America more than other countries.
You're a good friend of mine.
Mike, I admire you.
I'm trying to have a hardcore debate.
I'm not saying you're with the Communist Chinese and their political views.
Their thing is lockdown, stay in your house.
I'm saying on that extreme, and Italy's following that, everybody else is, that extreme becomes the default of what Trump's about to do.
I'm saying all China's response has become the default.
I said Trump's doing that.
Italy is starting to see a reduction in the daily number of deaths now because of their lockdown.
So we know that lockdowns actually do work after a lag time of about three weeks.
But are we going to have lockdowns for the flu?
It kills 35,000 a year.
Well, no, because the mortality rate is so low.
You don't worry about that.
You don't shut down society for 0.1% fatality rate.
You just accept those deaths.
That's the key.
You really think in your heart of hearts that you're an engineer, smart guy, does the math.
Owns a research lab.
You really do think it has a much higher kill rate than flu?
There's no question.
Absolutely no question, Alex.
Now, in fact, I think that the death rate is going to be higher in the United States, and I think that the deaths that, you know, people talk about, you even mentioned it, that we think we know the number of deaths, but we don't know the number of infected.
Actually, I think a lot of the people who died were not even counted as coronavirus deaths, because they were just counted as pneumonia, because the testing wasn't taking place.
So, if you have that equation, the numerator and the denominator,
We don't really have good numbers for the numerator.
That may be much, much higher because testing was not happening in the United States.
The key is going to be over the next few weeks.
Like ABC News or CNN with like one view that we get told by Jeff Zucker to say, we're having like regular folks, you know, down at the old town hall or down at the square soapbox.
We're having a real discussion.
We'll hear from a doctor.
We'll hear from an engineer.
We'll hear from callers.
We'll hear from a lawyer.
We'll hear from a scientist.
And we're having a big, open discussion about this, because this affects us all.
But know this, the globalists are licking their lips, and they're trying to bring down America with this, and the stock market is plunging right now.
And we're going to be here chronicling it as long as we can.
They wanted us off the air by now.
They wanted to shut down, but we're still here thanks to you.
And we will stay in the fight as long as we can, but spread the word, because people are really listening right now.
Tell folks, they're covering the secrets of the coronavirus right now.
Infowars.com forward slash show and Bandod Video.
Mike Adams straight ahead.
Quite literally crashing through the lies and disinformation.
Here we are, Owen Schroer now hosting for Alex.
Mike Adams is with me.
We're going to hear again from Norm Pattis before it's all said and done.
Before I go back to Mike, I want to just go through my bullet points here of everything we're looking at.
And then make a few comments of my own.
As Alex was saying, if we're like looking at a grid or a scale of, you know, and Mike Adams is over here, I'm probably like over here.
I mean, and I'll explain that in a second.
But the irony of the U.S.
government ignoring hundreds of thousands dead from prescription drugs, millions dead from abortion, hundreds of thousands dead from heart disease and all these other things, all these cancer-causing environments in the
In the soil, in the products we eat and rub on our skin, people die from that.
No quarantine, no shutdown, no panic, no news even!
Oh, but the coronavirus is the one.
Now, let me go through these bullet points here to try to give you a clear picture.
It's 2020, and it's an election year.
The anti-globalist candidate, President Trump, is due to sweep the upcoming elections.
The USA resurgence is happening.
The globalists, the New World Order, can't have it.
You've had dozens of CEOs resign.
And by the way, the reason I'm pointing all this out is because I think it's all connected, folks.
You've had dozens of CEOs resign over the past two months.
Dozens in the top companies, including Bill Gates from the Microsoft board.
You can't get testing kits anywhere, but somehow celebrities and athletes are getting it, and we're able to test them and know that, and so we shut down all the leagues.
You have the emergency bills that they're trying to pass because of coronavirus, including abortion rights, gun control, and an internet takeover.
How convenient.
You have Jews in New York who refuse to be vaccinated, claiming religious
I think so.
You have drills happening in Wuhan, military drills, Event 201, where this exact thing is playing out, just like the U.S.
government tested drills and had pamphlets and everything handed out before 9-11, blaming Osama bin Laden.
You have Google now being praised and asked to track all human activity in real time, working with the government.
That's not scary at all.
That's what's happening in China.
You have everything closed down over, I think it's been 50 deaths so far in the US.
Again, maybe it's bad, maybe it gets worse.
Where's the freak out over all the other things that are killing people?
You have all the elites going to their hideout bunkers in New Zealand and other places.
What about all the stuff coming in from China?
I can still order a dozen things from China today.
Why is that not being shut down?
And so, here's what I'll say.
Oh, and by the way, if Trump would have arrested the deep state years ago, if Trump would have arrested all of these criminals in the federal government years ago, none of this would be happening.
So that is the problem here.
Now, here's what I'll give it over to Mike Adams on, because, again, you know, folks, we're not a cult here.
We're looking at all angles, and I'm probably on the other side of the spectrum than Mike, because I believe I already had coronavirus months ago.
I was in touch with people.
No one else I know has gotten it.
But I'll just say this, and then let's get Mike Adams' response to everything I just said.
Whether this virus kills 100 people,
A hundred thousand people or a hundred million people, who will stand in the way of tyranny?
Who will stand in the way of government tyranny?
And I cannot help but instinctually, at a gut level, feel that that's got to be Infowars' role now, so that we don't lose everything because of hysteria and fear.
Now, Mike, I just laid out all the bullet points.
I didn't really give my low-down opinion on this, but what is your response to all that?
I believe it's all connected, and I believe that if we would have arrested Deep State criminals years ago, this would not be happening.
Well you're absolutely right on that point and thank God Hillary Clinton is not president today as this is happening.
So the fact that Trump is president is the saving grace to all of this.
Now you made some really good points and I honor and respect not just what you said but your courage by the way in the last few months and what you've done for our country in a leadership role to speak out against the tyranny.
A couple things that I would add to your argument, or even challenge, would be abortion and pharmaceutical deaths, yeah, they're very large, and we fight against abortion every day.
But abortion is not a communicable disease, and pharmaceutical deaths are not communicable.
Just because one person gets an abortion doesn't spread an abortion death to another person.
So this is something different.
This is a communicable disease, it spreads from person to person very rapidly, very quickly.
And someone like you, who's younger,
You survived it.
You believe you had it.
You survived it.
But you know how tough it was.
I remember you talking about how painful and how you felt so horrible.
Sickest I've been in 10 years since I had mono.
So imagine somebody who's even slightly immune compromised in their 50s or 60s or 70s.
And by the way, plenty of people are getting this in their 30s and 40s right now too.
So even though you survived it, you might inadvertently spread it to somebody who cannot survive it.
And that's what we're dealing with here.
It's the structure of society.
When people get together, even if they themselves become immune to it, I'm sure I could survive it too.
I'm confident in that because of nutrition.
But I wouldn't want to spread it to someone who would not survive it.
And those might not just be elderly, they might be a lot younger people.
Now to your point about civil liberties, look.
We are in... Trump is at the helm of a tyrannical system that probably needs to be slashed by ninety percent.
We need a much smaller government.
And you're right.
If we would have defeated the deep state years ago, none of this would have happened.
However, why not encourage President Trump to take this opportunity to do that now?
Defeat the deep state now, and then shrink the size of government.
Yes, we need less tyranny.
We need more liberty.
In fact,
There's an argument out there now that why do we even need a centralized federal government at all?
The CDC can't even create testing kits?
That's its entire job, is to stop infectious disease, and they can't seem to do that?
Well, as you know, it's on purpose.
So why do we even have a CDC?
Why do we have this monster of a federal government that now looms over us in this context?
I say we shrink the whole thing, we cut it all by 90%.
We don't need Washington telling us how to live our lives.
I agree with that point.
But if we don't self-isolate right now, millions will die.
And we can't stop that.
Well, this is why I'm a free market capitalist.
And I say free market first because this is key.
This is something that isn't debated enough.
The youth doesn't understand it.
In the free market, you can be anything.
You can be a capitalist, a communist, a socialist.
That's what we have.
We have a free market.
So in the free market, I think that
You're right to say, hey, look, we can look at the science of this and the facts and say, hey, you know what, you should probably stay inside if you think you have a cold, if you think you're feeling sick, stay inside, don't travel, you know, don't do X. That's what I did.
I stayed home for like, you know, 10 days.
Quite frankly, my stubbornness almost had me traveling to D.C.
If I didn't feel so sick, I probably would have been in D.C.
on a plane, maybe even spreading it myself, just because I'm just the kind of guy that just gets out of bed and goes no matter what.
I think that when we're looking at how to deal with this, Mike, self-isolating, self-quarantining is good.
I've got a plan ready to go.
If that goes down, I've got two weeks of food.
If it's a two-week deal, I've got two months of food.
If it's a longer-term deal, I just feel like my biggest fear right now is not the coronavirus.
My biggest fear right now is government tyranny.
I think what you're really asking is, can we come out of this with our liberties intact after the virus passes?
It will pass in a lockdown scenario that would last probably a maximum of eight weeks.
And I think what you're asking is, will we ever have our freedoms after that?
And that's a legitimate question.
And I'm not sure what that answer is, actually.
And the better option may be, OK, just let millions die and keep the government in check.
So that's an option.
So that's, you know, let's call that the Infowars option.
Because the lawsuit that's about to be challenged, filed by Alex Jones, is kind of that option.
Let's just let everything stay open and let people die and then move on, but at least the government won't be a tyrannical regime at that point.
That's an option.
I think it's certainly a measure that we're looking at here, but let's talk about this, Mike, because...
I mean, all this stuff and all the hysteria, most people still don't care.
Most people are still going out to bars.
They're still going out to wherever.
They're still flying.
I mean, yes, travel is down, but they're still doing it.
So, I mean, you know, at what point do we sit here and say, OK, we're just going to see what happens or no, you have to stop?
You know, we can disagree on a lot of things, and it's important to have these debates.
And iron sharpens iron.
But I'll tell you this.
There's no doubt in my mind, and that's why I'm like in a weird place too here, Mike, and we're gonna talk about the potential of martial law and play this video, but it's like...
We're, I mean, I'm almost having trouble facing it, but it's like we're in almost the final battle for USA versus globalism.
It's like this is the moment we've known it's coming.
This is the bioweapon.
This is the attempted takedown of the America.
This is the attempted martial law worldwide.
This is it.
This is what we're dealing with.
We knew it was coming.
Now, how to deal with it, what the facts are and all this stuff, we can debate it.
But we're in it.
We're seeing it now.
And so it's like, do you go into total war mode?
Or do you kind of like, it's like three days in the tomb, where you just wait it out, and then come out on the other side like, yeah, this is what we said.
Mike, let me just get your take on that before we get into martial law and before we play this video.
And that's the other thing, too.
The media has cried wolf so many times.
That's the other thing, Mike.
The media can sit here and talk about coronavirus and try to panic people.
A lot of the people, they've seen the media have been lying to them so long, they just don't even listen to it.
And that's why bars are still crowded.
That's why people are still going to events and flying and all of this stuff.
But do you agree, Mike?
I mean, this is, to me, this is it.
This is the moment.
And so that's why we can debate martial law because it's like, does the president initiate martial law and then go after the deep state?
Keep the streets clean when it's going on?
It's real.
So that's kind of where we're at.
So talk about that.
And then let's play this video of the meeting.
So show an example of why nobody trusts the media.
But Mike, do you agree?
Is this is this the pivotal moment?
Is this the junction?
Well, this is.
And the way we defeat the globalists is to keep Trump alive and in office, to keep America strong and independent, so that he can continue to do at least four more years of fighting against the globalists.
And the way that Trump survives is we have to stop the virus from replicating and taking down America with mass deaths.
And the way to stop the virus from replicating is to institute social distancing measures, strong, aggressive measures, such as banning all domestic flights.
Now that's not martial law.
And, you know, it was Stuart Rhodes that corrected me.
I was using the term kind of loosely.
Martial law this.
Martial law over there.
Stuart said no, it's not martial law unless the military comes in and overthrows the local government.
So just banning flights or even blocking interstate traffic is not martial law.
It may look like it or it may feel like it.
But we're not actually being ruled by the military.
We're still under the Trump administration that's just instituting very aggressive social distancing measures so that Trump can survive.
This is what I'm trying to get across to the Patriot community.
If millions die, Trump is finished, I believe.
So the way to keep Trump in office is to stop the massive numbers of deaths, keep the number of deaths down to just tens of thousands.
And the only way to do that right now is strong social distancing.
So that's sort of the summary of where I'm at, Owen.
And I appreciate you having me on to give my take.
You know, this is not a cult.
We don't have teleprompters.
We have different takes on this.
But that's why InfoWars is real news.
So that's my take.
Well, no, quite frankly, it's actually more exhilarating to have a structured debate with Mike Adams than to just sit here and see everything the same way.
But that's why I feel like we are at the junction, Mike, because when we got to this point, look, I'm sure there were people telling George Washington, hey, don't go across that frozen river.
I'm sure there were people telling, I mean, so it's like we're in the time right now.
We're going to have different opinions on how to deal with it.
But because we are the war generals here,
Like that's why having this discussion is so important and I think it's actually more important for us to disagree.
That way we can really measure out all these angles and think logically and clearly as we see these things play out.
Now again though, and we're going to go to this video, mainstream news
He's now the boy that cried wolf.
It's even worse.
That's right.
When mainstream news comes out and creates all this hysteria, whether it be over Russian collusion or Ukrainian quid pro quo or Trump's a racist or now COVID-19, people aren't listening.
Is that a good thing?
Is it a bad thing?
Here is a media report happening, I believe it was outside an HEB.
Was this in Austin, guys, or in Texas?
Uh, where they were shooting a live report and a gentleman stopped by to tell the cameras how he feels about mainstream news.
Trucks are coming and going.
Okay, now there's somebody who is being, we'll talk to you guys a little bit later.
It's your fault that people are freaking out here.
You all are the ones that are at fault.
This is no worse than the flu.
I'm reacting to other people's reactions.
Babe, you don't have to react.
Okay, bye.
F*** you.
Well, no, f*** you.
F*** your boss.
F*** your editors.
You're the scum of the earth.
Thank you.
You know, and I don't even blame the Chinese.
I don't blame them at all.
They did everything right.
It's you all that are hyping things up.
Have a good morning.
So see, and then there's the other added element of this too, Mike, where it's like,
You have to invest all your chips on one hand.
Well no, the media is causing panic and hysteria, just like they try to do with everything.
That doesn't mean this isn't a potentially deadly thing.
And again, the media lies all day long, so it's like how do you know when to trust them?
Well, you're exactly right, actually.
The media lies all the time.
But occasionally, they will stumble upon something that's true that they think they can use to hurt Trump.
The difference is that I'm a Trump supporter.
I voted for Trump.
I advocate for Trump.
I want Trump to succeed.
The left wants Trump to fail.
That's the difference.
And also, the media doesn't understand science, the media doesn't understand math.
You know, we saw with Brian Williams, can't do basic math.
So yeah, the media is totally discredited.
And whatever they're saying, I mean, who is even watching the media anymore?
That's the thing.
The people at fault here are people watching the media, the mainstream media.
You're an idiot if you're watching the mainstream media.
People should be watching InfoWars to get real news and information.
So, who's even watching the left-wing media?
Why does it matter what they say?
You know, look, the truth is that this is a real virus.
Trump's presidency will be threatened if millions die.
How do you stop millions from dying?
How do you do it?
Well, you know, nutrients, antivirals, and social distancing.
Those are the only options we have right now, and every day that Trump delays, probably many thousands more, maybe even tens of thousands more will die later this summer.
Believe me, Owen, when June or July comes around,
You'll see it.
You will see the death count just exploding by the day.
Even now, even if we do social distancing now, we're still going to lose thousands.
Maybe a lot more.
Especially in New York City.
So, it's not a small matter, but Trump can survive it if he navigates it very carefully.
And that's the debate here.
How does Trump navigate this?
You know, I don't have a crystal ball, you don't either, none of us are perfect, but we're at least giving suggestions of how he might survive this so that he can fight the globalists.
That's the goal.
Well, and I'll just say this too, and I'm going to read this from Ron Paul that we just posted at Infowars.com in the next segment, the coronavirus hoax and authoritarian dream.
Trump has made more measures to stop the coronavirus outbreak than any administration I've seen in the past.
And so you can go back and look at the numbers, the H1N1 under Biden and all this other stuff.
You've had 35,000 deaths a year from that, 26,000 deaths another year.
So whatever the final tally is, I don't even think it'll matter.
Whatever the president does, they're still going to say he's bad.
They're still going to blame him.
Whether there's 10 deaths, 10,000 deaths, 100,000 deaths, they're still going to go after him.
My fear, though, is there's going to be some give and take here, Mike, because if the president shuts everything down,
And the globalists get an economic collapse in America, which is where this is headed right now.
That's a victory for them, and I think that will hurt Trump politically.
But you can't have an economy afterward if your people are dead.
You have to protect human life first to have an economy in the recovery.
You know, how does the stock market ever go back to where it was before a month ago?
The answer is you have to have people alive and working.
And this could kill millions if we don't take the right track here.
So, you know, you have to protect human life in order to have an economy.
That's the whole point.
And by the way, when the economy is going down now, nobody's blaming Trump.
They're blaming the virus.
And that's a biological weapon that was engineered, it was tweaked by China, it was released by Obama-era individuals in U.S.
That's all on Obama.
This whole thing wouldn't have happened if the Obamas and the Bidens and the Clintons weren't involved in sharing secret weapons technology with China.
But don't you think the President has a much better backdrop for all of this if he comes out with that?
Or do you think he's not saying that because it will cause panic?
I think he doesn't want to be accused of being a conspiracy theorist, but that's actually a true conspiracy.
There are many conspiracies that are true.
That's one of them.
And he should come out and say it.
He should fire the head of the CDC and he should follow the advice of Francis Boyle, frankly.
Shut down the death science industry and the scientists who created this thing in the first place.
Tell the truth to the world and then recommend vitamin C, for God's sake.
We could really suppress the number of infections from this day forward.
The solutions are out there, but no one's talking about them.
Yeah, you know, that's one thing that really kind of is upsetting me right now, is that
I mean, I'm not calling President Trump a liar, but I mean, let's call a spade a spade here.
They're not being fully honest about this, folks.
They're not.
And I don't know what is measured about that.
I don't know who's in Trump's ear.
But it would be a lot easier for President Trump to solve this if he said, yeah, this is probably a bioweapon we should hunker down.
I'm going to read the entirety of a Ron Paul piece that we've posted at InfoWars.com.
The Coronavirus Hoax, an Authoritarian Dream by Ron Paul.
Governments love crises because when the people are fearful, they are more willing to give up freedoms for promises that the government will take care of them.
After 9-11, for example, Americans accepted a near total destruction of their civil liberties in the Patriot Act's hollow promises of security.
It is ironic to see the same Democrats who tried to impeach President Trump last month for abuse of power demanding that the administration grab more power and authority in the name of fighting a virus that thus far has killed less than 100 Americans.
Declaring a pandemic emergency on Friday, President Trump now claims the power to quarantine individuals suspected of being infected by the virus and, as Politico writes, stop and seize any plane, train or automobile to stymie the spread of the contagious disease.
He can even call out the military to cordon off a U.S.
city or state.
State and local authorities love panic as well.
The mayor of Champaign, Illinois signed an executive order declaring the power to ban the sale of guns and alcohol and cut off gas, water, or electricity to any citizen.
The governor of Ohio just essentially closed his entire state.
The chief fearmonger of the Trump administration is without a doubt Anthony Fauci, head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases at the National Institute of Health.
Fauci is all over the media, serving up outright falsehoods to stir up even more panic.
We're good to go.
I just added that.
If anything, what people like Fauci and other fearmongers are demanding will likely make the disease worse.
The martial law they dream about will leave people hunkered down inside their homes instead of going outdoors or to the beach, where the sunshine and fresh air would help boost immunity.
The panic produced by these fearmongers is likely helping the spread of the disease as massive crowds rush into Walmart and Costco for the last roll of toilet paper.
The madness over the coronavirus is not limited to politicians and the medical community.
The head of the neoconservative Atlantic Council wrote an editorial this week urging NATO to pass an Article 5 declaration of war against the COVID-19 virus.
Are they going to send in tanks and drones to wipe out these microscopic enemies?
People should ask themselves whether this coronavirus pandemic could be a big hoax, with the actual danger of the disease massively exaggerated by those who seek to profit, financially or politically, from the ensuing panic.
That is not to say the disease is harmless.
Without question, people will die from coronavirus.
Those in vulnerable categories should take precautions to limit their risk of exposure.
But we have seen this before.
Government overhypes a threat as an excuse to grab more of our freedoms.
When the real, when the threat, when the quote-unquote threat is over, they never give us our freedoms back.
That is from Ron Paul at theronpaulinstitute.com.
Again, I think the 9-11 analogy is the best that I've seen.
Mike Adams, 60 seconds, would you like to respond to that?
Ron Paul's article is horribly misinformed, and in eight weeks he will regret writing it.
His title, calling this pandemic a hoax, goes against every pillar of epidemiological and medical knowledge that he should have himself.
I love Ron Paul.
He's a hero for America, but he is grossly misinformed, in my opinion, with this article, and it stands as a tragic mistake to put out that information and call Dr. Fauci a fearmonger
For simply telling people to get prepared.
So I strongly disagree with Ron Paul's article today, and he will regret it.
He will regret writing it.
That's my take.
Alright, ladies and gentlemen.
This is the Alex Jones Show.
This is the only real discussion you're going to have about the coronavirus with people who agree on some things, disagree on other things, looking at all the angles.
But hey, I mean, the reason why we're the experts on this is because we're the ones that told you this was coming.
Whatever it is, we told you.
Ladies and gentlemen, we're into the third hour of the Alex Jones Show today.
It's been very powerful.
It's going to be must-listen to, must-see TV for probably the next month as we watch the coronavirus spread or we watch the Trump administration handle it correctly.
I will say this, and I've kind of been saying this, in fact, I give my credit, folks, because let me tell you.
Being in this position and breaking this stuff down is not easy and it takes a lot of courage to put out what you're thinking, what you're feeling, what your research says because we're in like soft sand here and you don't want to step too quickly, you might sink further.
And so while I may disagree or agree with Mike, believe me, it takes a lot of courage for Mike to come on here and say what he's saying in the face of a lot of people telling him not to say it.
Let me tell you that.
And while I'm not on the far end of the spectrum as Mike is, thinking this is going to be as deadly or as outbreak as much, I will say this, and I'm sure Mike's hearing the same thing behind the scenes.
I don't
They will call for bars to be shut down.
They probably will suspend flights.
They've been getting ready to do this actually for about two weeks now.
So I don't know what it is they're waiting on, but they have had this in the works.
They're buying up food.
They're buying up iodine.
They're buying up silver.
So they're getting ready for the worst of the worst to happen, and they're going to play it out in about two weeks.
So the slow roll of this is interesting, Mike.
What do you make of the slow roll?
What do you make of that?
Of course.
Well again, there's been a concerted effort this entire time to make sure the American people were not prepared.
So the mocking of preppers, the Surgeon General saying don't buy personal preparedness equipment, CDC officials saying don't buy food early on, and then later changing to yes, some people should stockpile food.
Well they didn't want to rush the market, they were buying it up.
Yeah, well exactly.
If people had been preppers all along, over a long period of time, there wouldn't be this rush in the grocery stores.
Understand, the people who are mobbing the grocery stores today are the people who failed to prepare in advance.
There are no preppers in those long lines.
The preppers are at home with the goods they already purchased months before.
So preppers prevent panic.
This is a very crucial point to get out there.
Preppers prevent panic.
It's the latecomers, the people who are surprised by this that suddenly panic because they've been getting bad information.
From the government on purpose this entire time.
So many, many sectors of our government have done a disservice to the American people by not allowing them to get prepared.
Now, but here's the other thing, Owen.
If Trump locks this down, and Alex mentioned this earlier, and he's correct about this, if Trump locks things down, he will suppress the number of deaths down to just maybe tens of thousands of people.
And then we will all be attacked for saying, ah, it was no big deal.
Well, the reason it was no big deal is because he locked it down.
So if you don't lock it down, you get millions of deaths.
If you do lock it down, you get maybe tens of thousands.
So that's the choice we have.
Either way, we're all going to get blamed anyway.
You know that, Owen.
We're all going to get smeared.
We're all going to get blamed.
Even Trump will get blamed, no matter what he does.
So the real question is, do we still have our principles intact?
And yes, I am 100% pro-Constitution, pro-Liberty, pro-Trump, pro-America.
Not giving that up.
Not taking a forced shot.
Not giving up my firearms.
And I'm still fighting for the First Amendment, by the way.
And if we had more protections of the First Amendment, if Trump had gone after big tech before, then we would have had a bigger platform to help people get prepared in advance of all of this.
So that's another argument why we need free speech on social media, by the way.
We could have helped people this entire time.
Yeah, that's a good point because, like I said, we were the only ones talking about this years ago.
I can't say before anybody ever heard of COVID-19 because they were writing about it in books decades ago somehow.
That magical mystery that's going on.
But you know, Mike,
As I'm just continuing to look at the stuff that's coming down here, what would you say?
Because here's the other thing, people want to put everybody into a box.
I guarantee you, Mike Adams' answer to this next question goes far outside of the box that he's already in.
Mike, you've already answered this, but let me just get it on record here.
Would you take a vaccine for the COVID-19 and would you suggest others take it?
Look, I can't speak to each person's individual choice.
I would never take it, because it's going to be rushed and it will be experimental.
And it may end up killing you with the next infection you get.
That's what happened with the SARS-CoV-1 vaccine experiments that they tried to run on animals.
The animals were fine initially, but with a subsequent infection, many of them died.
The fatality rate skyrocketed.
And that's why they don't have a SARS-CoV-1 vaccine right now.
So I would never take this vaccine, not even at gunpoint.
Look, if they want to send government officials to my home to force me to take a vaccine, they better bring some body bags because that's exactly how it's going to go down.
I'm not taking the vaccine.
Now, of course, then they can force me not to take air flights.
I'm not taking flights anyway.
Well, guess what?
But yeah, they're going to try to lock down society and have a, show me your papers about the vaccines.
And I'm going to fight against that, Owen.
I'm going to fight against that vigorously, aggressively, for years to come.
Because I know that's what they're going to try to do with this outbreak.
Mike, as far as I have seen, we have not stopped shipments in mass coming in from China.
And the only basic research I did for this, I mean, you can look up some stories in the news.
I tend to like to, I'm from the show me state, I like to live things out for myself.
Obviously, you can't do that with every measure, but sometimes you can.
I can order right now shoes from China, clothes from China, products from China on Amazon.
I can order it all right now, have it shipped and delivered to my house within two weeks.
Why are we still taking packages from China if that's where the outbreak has been so deadly and so out of control?
Why is there no measure to stop that?
Well, that's from the Obama era, where there was a subsidy of the U.S.
Postal Service to allow China to ship products cheaply into the United States to really suppress local domestic U.S.
That's Obama era stuff.
I don't know.
Mike, I want to get a more focused answer from you here, but by the way, we've become oil independent under Trump, we're relying on Chinese steel under Trump, and he just signed an executive order to stop relying on Chinese pharmaceutical goods.
All good moves.
But again though, I mean, do you think there should be a stopping of all shipments coming from China?
Do you think that is something that needs to be declared?
Are they afraid that will stop supply lines?
Well, it has to be a gradual change.
For example, in rare earth minerals, we have made great strides in the last two years to get away from China, the Chinese monopoly that existed in 2016 and 2017.
That's changed dramatically.
But it has to be gradual, Owen.
Otherwise, you're going to shut down telecom, aircraft, automobile manufacturing, consumer electronics.
You'll shut down every industry right now if you cut off China's supply lines.
But over time, we could get away with that, but it's going to take years.
No question about it.
Well, I guess let me ask this then.
Could the coronavirus potentially still be spreading from China to the U.S.
because of this shipping?
Well, it's very unlikely that that would be a significant factor, even if the coronavirus lives for days on certain surfaces, such as cardboard, up to nine days, according to some estimates.
But frankly, I think the domestic air travel in America is spreading far more numbers of these cases right now.
Domestic air travel and the border both need to be shut down right now, in my opinion.
And look, I appreciate you having me on.
I know we're about out of time.
I'm going to give you my straight-up opinion, Owen.
I'm never going to fudge it.
I'm never going to try to be the popular guy.
I'm just going to give you what I think and what my numbers are showing.
Audience can take it or leave it, but at least you know you're getting what I really believe.
No one's pulling my strings and telling me what to say.
Well, and I'm glad that we're getting different views on this.
It's kind of weird, you know, people in the audience like, hey, you know, some people are saying this, some people aren't.
Well, yeah, I mean, this is a real discussion.
Nobody tells us what to think.
Nobody tells us what to do.
In fact, I'll be perfectly honest.
Last week, Mike Adams told me not to fly.
I flew over the weekend, Mike.
I hopped on a plane, and I flew, and I went out in the mountains, and I shot some guns, and I hiked some mountains.
I did.
And, you know, I don't regret it because, quite frankly, I thought they were probably going to shut it down in two weeks.
I wouldn't be able to take a vacation.
But you said you thought you had the coronavirus before.
That was over a month ago.
Can you still have some?
I've been in contact with hundreds of people.
No one else I know has contracted it.
So from my experience... Oh my.
You know, we'll see.
There really are so many angles to this, ladies and gentlemen.
Owen Troyer in for Alex Jones.
Really so many angles.
I'm just sitting here discussing it with the crew.
Again, I mean, people, I'm not disrespecting Mike Adams.
I think he's courageous with his research and his opinion.
I just, I just don't agree with all of it.
I don't, I don't think it's going to get that deadly.
He says, well, these are the facts.
Well, how do we know these are the numbers?
Again, though, I'm not going to go back down that road.
You already heard from Mike.
I want to go and hear from you.
Give out the phone number right now.
I just feel like there's so many different ways you can play this.
But now, see, this is the factor.
If this is a bioweapon and it's been designed to get into you and affect you and then really outbreak two months, three months later, well then, we need to be told that.
No one from the Trump administration is talking about this being a bioweapon.
Nobody from the Trump administration is trying to figure out where this thing really came from.
And quite frankly, I'm sick of all the commentary just sitting here blaming China.
That is the, that is, it's just pathetic.
That's like blaming Osama Bin Laden for 9-11, okay?
I'm just gonna leave it at that.
But, the phone number for you to weigh in, 877-789-2539.
Let's get your take on all this, the response to everything we've talked about.
Now again,
We've been selling preparedness items for decades at InfoWareStore.com.
And so it's funny to see all these people telling you to panic about coronavirus, then also trying to attack our store.
No, we were selling these products long before you ever heard of coronavirus because we knew the threat of government tyranny, we knew the threat of biological warfare, and we knew how important it would be to be prepared and be ready to be independent with emergency food or water filters or whatever for a couple months or longer.
And so, yeah, you're seeing panic at stores.
You're seeing people go out and buy 500 rolls of toilet paper, buying out stores of hand sanitizer, which at the end of the day, ain't gonna save you.
But this is the panic that's ensuing.
But let me tell you this, guys, Doc Ham.
I gotta say, of all the things that we've done here at InfoWars,
And with the coronavirus outbreak happening, and just being so delicate on how to cover this, I cannot be more proud of what Alex Jones has decided to do with these lawsuits.
And instinctually at my gut level, instinctually at my gut level, I couldn't even help it, folks.
Call it God's will, but instinctually at my gut level, I feel like InfoWars' role in this, again, this is not even commenting on how deadly the virus may or may not be.
I feel that our role in this time is to be the last line of defense against tyranny, because no one else will do it.
And so, yeah, we have lawsuits that are gonna go into effect should the Trump administration
Basically, end the Bill of Rights, end the Constitution, end commerce, end free travel, end the free market.
We've got the lawsuits.
Now, this isn't cheap, folks.
Believe me.
And the reason why we don't litigate
Like this is because it's expensive and we're dealing with so much on the back end.
It's time consuming.
It's expensive.
So we're going to be there like in like the tank man at Tiananmen Square.
That's info wars.
In fact, we got that shirt.
Pull that shirt up.
That's how you can fund us.
We are the tank man at Tiananmen Square.
And you know what?
Maybe the virus is that deadly, just like the communist Chinese will mow down 100 million people.
But we're gonna be standing there against tyranny.
And just, again, I, there's the shirt, InfoWarsTankMan, we are the Tank Man, ladies and gentlemen.
So go to InfoWarsTore.com and fuel this fight, because we will be the last stand against tyranny, believe me.
And you heard Mike Adams.
Hey, we may disagree on how to handle this coronavirus or the effects or anything, but you heard him.
He's not taking a vaccine.
I ain't taking a vaccine.
So, I want to get your take on everything.
Guys, I don't have a... You can just pull the caller list up on my monitor over here.
877-789-ALEX if you want to get into the show today.
What do you think about the coronavirus?
I just feel like it's already come here.
It's been here for months.
Everybody that was getting sick in December and January are now like, oh, that's why I was so sick.
That's why I was sicker than I'd ever been.
And so here we are.
And by the way, well, I won't even get into it because maybe someone else will bring it up, but let's take one call before we take this break, and then I'll continue to go to your calls.
And let's go with Ray in Michigan.
Go ahead, Ray.
Hey, Owen.
Great show.
Long-time listener.
So I went to the Secretary of State today to renew my cab, my truck, and
They've got their place all closed down and said that they wanted you to make an appointment to go in there to see them.
They're all, nobody's in there.
Oh, but you know if you got pulled over, you'd probably get ticketed for not having your updated, you know, registration.
And then, uh, so I'm sitting there saying to her, well, well, why don't you just let me go in there and get my tab?
I mean, give me some kind of,
Of a hand sanitizer or something.
No sir, we can't do that.
In fact, what's the difference between me making an appointment or just coming in there right now?
And then she says, well, these are the rules.
And I sit back there and I think to myself, man, this is such control.
How much control can people have by just total hysteria?
I'm more afraid of government tyranny forever, till the day I die, than of the COVID-19 or any other virus.
110%, that'll never change for me.
Amen, brother.
And you know what?
Everybody I talk to, I try to just drop the bomb.
You guys need to listen to Jones.
Everybody says, oh, well, he's a conspiracy theorist.
I look at him and say, show me which theory
That he's been wrong on.
Yeah, well they struggle with that, don't they?
Boy, I'll tell ya.
They really struggle with that one.
It's like trying to get a roll of toilet paper at the grocery store.
Hey, can you tell me what Jones was wrong about?
Can you get a roll of toilet paper from the store today?
We'll be right back with more of your phone calls.
Great conversation and debate happening in the breaks here.
Some of which maybe I'll say on air, but not today.
But yeah, there is a lot of silver linings happening with this coronavirus hysteria or spread.
But let me, here's where we're at right now.
There is no doubt to me
And we've been kind of teasing this just to see how it would go because of what we're being told behind the scenes.
But folks, they're going to shut everything down.
This is the globalist attempt.
This is the deep state attempt to wreck the economy.
They're going for broke.
That's what we're dealing with.
They're going for broke.
And my guess is they end up shutting everything down probably within a month.
They'll just shut it all down.
Of course, they'll blame Trump.
And then you'll have other people blaming China, like as if that's, yeah.
It's just, it's all really low IQ stuff.
But, I think what we're going to end up facing is, I don't think Americans are going to run in fear.
I don't think they're going to hunker down and do it.
They're already not doing it, and I just don't see that changing.
I'm going to stop myself now or I'll just run on forever.
Let's go back to the phone calls.
Let's go to Lynn in Colorado.
Go ahead, Lynn.
How are you?
I'm a little nervous.
I want to get this out.
Please bear with me.
This is so important.
I think everyone is missing it.
In 2014, the Medicare and Medicaid system was turned over to the Department of Defense, IBM.
For Centennial Care, Conduit Care.
The state of Alaska had thrown them out and the state of New Mexico had adopted them in.
This is for all 10 regions of the United States.
Please make no mistake about this.
When it was turned over, I started looking into it.
Nothing is by accident.
The Department of Defense came up with a super AI computer called Watson.
This super AI computer, the purpose of it
And I couldn't believe my eyes, was that by 2021, the American population would have a medical RFID patch in their right hand and all their information would be on it.
They're banking everything.
This started in 2014.
I challenge all of you and Christians, believers, please look this up.
I have become a targeted individual.
I am 62 years old, but I won't be afraid, and I will stand, and I will tell the truth.
May God be with us all.
Thank you, Lynn.
And everything that Lynn has just said has been even documented at InfoWars.com.
We've been covering it.
We've been warning about the forced inoculations.
We've been warning about the chip, the Mark of the Beast.
We told you they'd use a biological outbreak to do it.
That's what's going on.
And I'm not going to get into some geopolitical thing where I point the finger at China.
This is well and far beyond China, ladies and gentlemen.
This is the international criminal cabal trying to take down the United States, which quite frankly, the ones that we're dealing with don't like China.
Now they may want to use China's model of control and they work with China to develop AI and test it and everything.
But believe me, they don't like China.
They don't have control over China.
So I just don't like the whole finger pointing and blaming China thing.
I think it's very low IQ geopolitical stuff to engage in, like blaming Osama Bin Laden for 9-11.
Maybe you believe that.
Let's go back out to the phones and go to Taylor in Texas.
Go ahead, Taylor.
Hey, Owen.
Guys, are we having trouble with our phone lines today?
Because, like, everyone keeps breaking up.
Hey, just put Taylor on hold.
Let's try Chris in Florida.
Go ahead, Chris.
Hey Owen, how you doing?
Good, thank you.
Have you ever heard of a man named Bill Rhyna?
Bill Rhyna?
I don't believe so.
Okay, in 2010 he did an interview with a whistleblower back in 2005, I believe.
He posted in 2010 on YouTube on AlphaZero and
In detail described exactly what they were going to do with China, with the virus, flu-like symptoms, everything.
Also, the H-E-B stores in Texas, Austin, Dallas, and San Antonio are closing for warehouse space for their stores and they're hiring
Wait a second, wait a second.
I'm a little unclear.
You're saying that the H-E-B grocery stores are planning on closing?
Yeah, they're closing some of their stores.
And I haven't seen that yet.
And the last I saw was that Trump was working with some of the heads of these major grocery stores.
And it's like as if they were prepared for this a while ago, because they're coming out saying, hey, look, we're good.
Even the HBCO said, don't worry, we still got your back.
Well, they're hiring guards and they're hiring police officers to guard them.
OK, so they're just expecting panic to ensue and then them to just be overwhelmed, I guess.
Either that or they're going to be... I heard something about arresting a bunch of cartel members and maybe throw them in there or something.
I don't know.
You know what, I'm glad you said that, Chris, because look, this is what it comes down to.
The president should have started arresting people years ago.
OK, we wouldn't be dealing with this now.
If we don't start having criminals in this international criminal cabal going down, if we don't have people getting locked up and thrown in jail for all the crimes against humanity this year, the coronavirus will win.
And I don't mean the actual virus.
I mean tyranny.
Chris, thanks for the call.
All right, let's try Taylor again in Texas.
Let's see if the line's cleared up.
Go ahead, Taylor.
All right, sorry about that.
Yeah, you're good now.
Go ahead.
Okay, I love your videos, and it's an honor to talk to you.
But anyways, moving on from that, I just wanted to touch bases on, I go to a small church, and people online were criticizing half our members
Uh, just for going to church.
And so I feel like the same tyranny, you know how they did, you know, they kind of bully and rally against you.
They kind of were, you know, they will use that same angle to attack you going to gatherings or any, any types of even church gatherings.
But, um, but that being said, you know, um, I just, I, I agree with you.
I'm not afraid of the virus.
Call me selfish.
I don't think so.
Well, this has all been in the works for a while.
I don't know why they're slow rolling it as far as the Trump administration is concerned.
And let me just be clear too, I'm not disrespecting Mike Adams and his analysis here.
I may disagree with some, I may agree with some.
We need all kinds of people on this team.
If you want to have a winning championship team, I mean, you can't even watch a sporting event, so they're rolling all these replays.
Like, there was this one about why the Bulls got Dennis Rodman.
It's like, well, they needed that piece.
Hey, we need people like Mike Adams.
But guess what?
We need people like me, too, who are going to stand up in Jerry Nadler's face, telling me he committed treason.
We need people like me, too, who are going to stand up in the Senate and say, no, go ahead and arrest me for my free speech.
I'm not bowing down to tyranny, man.
Call me selfish.
I am just convicted to take this role.
I've never been more strong in standing up to tyranny than I feel like right now.
And it's a tough place to be, considering how sensitive this is.
Thanks for the call, Taylor.
But look, I'm telling you folks, we've been telling you this.
They have been ready for about two weeks to just get everything shut down.
They've been making the moves for a while, okay?
Behind the scenes, buying up food, buying up supplements, getting the CDC ready for the worst, getting local police ready for the worst.
I mean, this information eventually trickles back to us.
I haven't wanted to add to the hysteria.
I'm just telling you what's going on, folks.
And again, Mike Adams could be 100% correct, but something doesn't add up.
Why all the panic for this and not the swine flu that killed like 10 times as many people in the same amount of time in that given year?
What is different about this coronavirus that they're not telling us?
Because they're not telling it.
It's all from the internet.
It's all hearsay.
We're not getting anything from the CDC.
What is it about this?
It's exhilarating.
Very controversial, this subject of the coronavirus.
Anybody involved in a bioweapons lab needs to be arrested immediately.
And questioned.
Just like Francis Boyle said.
Because we don't know where this coronavirus came from, folks.
I'm not playing geopolitical chess here and pointing the finger at China.
Yeah, that's where the big outbreak happened that made it a nationwide, worldwide story.
But is that where it came from?
Hey, I don't trust the Chinese government as much as the next guy claiming it came from the US, but...
Do you trust the US government that told you 19 intelligence agencies Trump colluded with Russia?
So let's check ourselves here for a second before we play nationalist geopolitics and just point the finger at China.
No, this is much deeper than that.
This is the final deep state attack to try to bring down Trump.
Now, a lot of people believe, I'm not telling you this, but I'll report you what people believe.
They think Trump is behind this.
To basically go into lockdown, martial law, while the deep state criminals, the treasonous criminals are rounded up and arrested.
I'm not saying I believe that.
There's just a lot of commentary on that.
So you might as well throw that angle out there.
But it just doesn't add up.
Something else is going on here behind the scenes.
And I mean, if you can't tell that, I just don't even know how... It's just instinctual.
It's just a given.
It's just... When the math doesn't add up, when 2 plus 2 equals 5, guess what?
That means that 1 is somewhere around.
Okay, so 2 plus 2 doesn't equal 5, but 2 plus 2 plus 1 does equal 5.
What is that 1?
What is it we're missing?
Let's go back out to the phone lines.
Let's go to Andy in Montana.
Go ahead, Andy.
Owen, hey, I'd like to draw several points together, so bear with me here.
Let's say, hypothetically, that one wanted to create a super vaccine that could train the body
To defend against multiple types of viruses.
One way to do this would be to create a super bug that has different parts from different places that don't occur in nature.
Now, if you remember the 2000 film, Mission Impossible 2, this was the very plot of that movie.
I don't know if your crew can find it, but the lead scientist, he has a line that says something like, we needed to find a hero.
It was his job to create a super vaccine.
So, he says, to do this, we created a monster.
They named that monster Chimera, which as we know, Greek mythology also applies to modern day medicine, combining two different things that should not be together.
What do you think?
Uh, I'm not an... About what?
Well, so hear me out.
Antibodies attack viruses by basically gumming up the works.
So let's say you want to inoculate against HIV and SARS and the common cold at the same time.
That would be the super bug.
Well look, this COVID-19 was obviously made in a lab, okay?
Now, nobody wants to report on this because they don't want to be called a conspiracy theorist or they're afraid they're going to get banned off the internet.
Well, we're going to report on it, okay?
And so, I don't know about Mission Impossible 2, but I know about the real world, and I know that people are making bioweapons in labs.
Now, did it leak?
Was it intentionally released?
We'll never know!
Nobody wants to talk about it!
We don't get anything from the Trump administration!
So, look, I'm not even bashing Trump.
I'm just telling it like it is.
Thanks for the call, Andy.
Let's go now to Hobbs in Nebraska.
Go ahead, Hobbs.
Hey, Owen.
How's it going?
Well, I'm not sick from coronavirus right now, so I got that going for me.
Oh, well, I'd say that your last month's illness probably inoculated you against it.
Well, I don't want to get a reputation of being the guy that calls in off-topic, but I think that while all of this COVID-19 thing has been going on, there's been a lot going on in the world that doesn't have to do with that, that's just been kind of glossed over.
For instance, there's a push to
Put an end to end-to-end encryption through messenger apps.
Yeah, they're trying to sneak that in the bill.
I'm sorry to cut you off, but you're right.
I didn't mention it again.
I mentioned it earlier, but I'll mention it again.
Why are they sneaking in abortion rights into this bill?
Why are they sneaking in gun control into this bill?
Why are they sneaking in an internet takeover into this bill, which Hobbs just brought up?
Why is that in the bill at all?
I meant to bring that up but I didn't have time.
Yeah, I saw that.
Yeah, there's conflicting reports.
The police say that he confronted them and his family and their lawyer is saying that he was asleep next to his girlfriend and they just opened fire.
So I wanted to call in with David Knight on this one because he's more of the civil libertarian, but I didn't get through this morning.
But yes, like given with what this man was involved in with, he was a software engineer.
He was developing a
No one's talking about that.
I don't think that there's necessarily a connection there as far as like they're trying to distract from that story or something similar.
I just think it's just natural.
That's already going on.
We're just, you know, everybody's focused on this coronavirus thing.
Because look, I mean, how do you explain this?
Guys, we're all connected, okay?
God created this entire thing.
He created all of us.
He created everything.
He created the world.
We're all connected here.
So, yes, the media hysteria is causing all the focus.
There's a subconscious thing happening here.
There's something beneath the surface happening here that we all know in our subconscious, but consciously can't comprehend it.
We don't have enough information, but we know it's there.
That's why we're all focused on this.
Thanks for the call, Hobbs.
Let's go to Baldy in New York.
Go ahead, Baldy.
So real quick before I leave the house every day I put a protective layer of super silver wound gel on my hands.
I coat the back of my throat with super blue silver immune gargle and then I smear inside my nostrils a combination of x3 and x2 and then I leave the house with no fear which may be the most important of the four.
People I respect have been calling this the Chinese coronavirus or the foreign virus.
And I'm calling because I have to disagree with that.
Just like 19 Saudis with box cutters would not have been able to shut down NORAD for two hours, China
Could not have our CDC sandbag President Trump like they have been for the last couple weeks.
It was under President Obama's administration that North Carolina gave this virus to China, so I'm hereby branding this the Obama virus.
Now, last we spoke, Road Warrior Owen was on the January 3rd edition of The War Room, actually four days before anyone even heard of the coronavirus.
And I made several predictions, and many have come true, and the rest are unfolding before our eyes.
First and least consequential was that Alex Jones would be the next to join the Baldies
My next strategic guess was that a national pandemic was imminent, a false flag pandemic, and that is because Barack Hussein Obama has declared war on the United States and its citizens.
And again, that is why this is the Obama virus.
And my final prediction was that New York would be one of the first to mandate vaccines, which of course are going to do more harm than the virus itself.
And that is why the UN troops, the gun confiscation troops, are being hired.
Yeah, I think LA and New York will be the first to go into lockdown.
Seattle will probably follow.
And then it's just gonna set a precedent.
It's like, oh wow, if you don't do this, millions of deaths are on your hands.
So, look folks, it's very complicated.
Gatewaypundit.com, coronavirus fatality rate reported by the media is completely inaccurate, less than the flu.
All right, ladies and gentlemen.
I'm about to hand it over to Gerald Cilenti in the next segment.
I will take a couple more phone calls again though.
The story from Joe Hoff at the Gateway Pundit.
Coronavirus fatality rate reported by media completely inaccurate.
Actual rate less than the flu.
So the debate rages on.
Here's a debate I won't have.
I'm a free man.
I don't want to spread any disease.
If I feel I have the disease, I'll quarantine.
I didn't leave my house for 10 days when I was sick.
But I'm healthy, and as far as I know, I haven't been told this is a bioweapon, so it's just another flu bug, so I shouldn't be worried about it.
Let's go back out to the phone lines.
Josh in Florida.
Go ahead, Josh.
Hey, how you doing, Owen?
A lot of that stuff coming out of the Q movement about how this is all going to be used to target the deep state, and it's just more nonsense that comes out of the Q movement.
It reminds me of the churches that just say, hey, don't stand up against evil.
Don't worry about anything.
You're all going to get raptured away, so don't worry about it.
It's very dangerous and it needs to stop.
My take on the whole thing is that I feel like President Trump has been checkmated by the New World Order.
No matter what he does or doesn't do, I think all he can do now is just maneuver.
I'd like to get your thoughts on that.
Think about all the crimes that have been happening against him with the illegal spying, with the abuse of the FISA system, with the whole Russian collusion hoax.
I mean, the list just goes on and on.
The fake hate crimes, the media intentionally trying to collapse the stock market.
I mean, this is all going on.
So let's say, because I don't necessarily disagree, I think they kind of at this time do have Trump in check and he's maybe weighing his options, but he's not in checkmate.
I think the best thing for President Trump to do right now is to move against the deep state.
That's what his focus should be.
He knows who the treasonous people are.
He's put it out there.
He's talked about it.
He's called it out.
Move on him!
Arrest him!
That's his move to get out of this!
Because let me tell you, if this country goes into lockdown over coronavirus, whether it's deadly or not, Trump's going to lose support, folks.
He's going to lose support.
Americans are going to be pissed.
The economy is going to tank, and they're going to blame him.
Now, the viral outbreak, the media can try to blame him.
Trump supporters won't do it.
Trump is not God.
He can't control a viral outbreak.
So, but who knows what information Trump's getting in his ear, and who knows what he's thinking, but I don't believe he's in check, or I don't believe he's in check, mate.
He may be in check!
So, this is the Deep State's last-ditch effort to try to destroy the Trump presidency.
He needs to go with his last-ditch effort to destroy them.
Let's go to John in Minnesota.
John, make it quick.
Yeah, I will.
Hi, Owen.
Can you hear me?
Yep, go ahead.
Okay, it all starts with, is it or is it not a bioweapon?
If it's a bioweapon, Trump has got to point it out.
He's got to trace it right down to its beginning and we got to go from there.
If we got to guess between fat soup and a weapon.
Now, the other day on Joe Rogan, he had an infectious disease expert say it wasn't a bioweapon.
His name is Michael Ousterhoofs from the University of Minnesota.
Now, I'm a young,
Freedom Warrior.
I'm an old Freedom Warrior.
I've got a virus called COVID-19 that also I nicknamed the Boomer Remover.
And so I'm going to have a different perspective about getting to the bottom of this thing quickly.
I have a death sentence coming my way.
Yeah, you know, that's a good point, actually.
And again, we're not getting any of that.
I talked about it last week.
I mean, I don't want to be the guys that's like patting ourselves on the back, like, hey, we told you all this was coming.
But it's like.
It just gets frustrating.
You know, playing armchair quarterback, essentially, but knowing you had all the right moves.
It's like sitting there saying, boy, they should throw it to that number 18 wide receiver.
He's going to be wide open in the end zone.
Then the play happens, he's wide open, and the quarterback takes a sack or fumbles because he didn't throw to receiver.
You're like, well, told you the receiver was there.
Could have thrown the touchdown and won the game, but we lost.
You didn't hit the receiver.
Folks, all the signs are that this is a deep state takeover.
You can sit here and have the debate.
How deadly is it?
How deadly is it not?
Regardless, the deep state's going for full control.
It's happening under Trump's watch.
We're watching it all happen.
They're calling for using Google for live tracking 24-7.
They're already doing it.
They're calling for red flag laws, gun confiscation.
They're already doing it.
They want now martial law.
They're going to shut everything down, folks.
They're going to shut down schools.
They're going to shut down every arena.
They're going to shut down every league.
Believe me, it's all coming.
It's all been rolled out.
It's all coming.
It's all been planned.
Now, how we react to this, how we respond to it, how the president deals with it is yet to be seen.
Now we've got Gerald Cilenti ready to go here and we'll get his unique take on this as well.
I just, I just see tyranny.
I smell tyranny.
I sense a false flag.
And again, I don't even want to sit here and get, I mean, I'll let people tell their story about what they think is the death rate or mortality rate or how that, I don't even want to touch that right now.
Cause quite frankly, I don't think we know.
But what we do know is what we can see happening.
Calling for lockdowns, calling for quarantines, calling for censorship.
It's all tyranny.
Is tyranny the proper response?
Well, if they can put you in a constant state of fear, then you'll beg for tyranny.
I ain't gonna be scared, ladies and gentlemen.
As they say, these colors don't run.
So, Gerald Cilenti, it's been a very active show.
A lot of different angles covered today.
Are you dancing up there in New York?
They're about to shut down the whole state, probably, Gerald.
What are you thinking about?
It's disgusting.
The whole place is shut down.
And it's martial law.
And this has, you know, I heard what you're saying about Trump and Deep State.
It's bigger than that.
Take a look over there in Italy.
I'm ashamed of the Italian people as a Napolitano born in the Bronx.
They got a complete shutdown.
You can't go out in the street without a pass.
You're not allowed to get the cops are all over the place.
Oh, they blow a thousand people died in Italy.
The coronavirus.
Yeah, all elderly people or 999.9 of them are chronically ill.
Oh, and this is, hey, here's the headline.
The Toilet Paper Record.
Hey, this is what all you people out there that are looking for toilet paper, you can't find any, you could use this.
The Toilet Paper Record, the headline is, Fed cuts rates to near zero, virus toll soars.
Do you hear that?
Soars to, what, 52 now?
52 or 60 in America, 6,500 people dead in the world of a population of 7.7 billion people.
Hey, oh, and how many people died of that dirty air, that air pollution last year?
4.5 million.
Hey, how many died in America of pneumonia?
Got it right in my knee, right to my monia.
Hey, how many people died in America this year of the flu?
Oh, only 18,000, Salenti.
But hey, we've got about 60 people here dead in America.
And what about 25 of them died in two old age homes in Washington State?
Yeah, it was all in the same facility, literally.
This is a flu that most people get over.
So what I'm saying to you is that, again, we wrote about this in our Trends Journal right from the start.
We call the coronavirus 9-11.
They're selling this thing as a weapon against the people.
Selling fear and hysteria.
I got some little jerk, some little clown of a boy, some little nothing of low-life crap.
The governor of New York, Andy Cuomo, born on third base, thought he hit a home run like his little brother Chrissy there on the Cartoon News Network, CNN.
That would be nowhere, no place, anywhere, anyhow, if it wasn't for Daddy, if it wasn't for Daddy Mario, telling me what to do.
We wrote, we've been following this in our Trends Journal week by week.
We came out when little, low-life Cuomo pushed his bill through to give him emergency powers.
He did that on a Wednesday.
On a Saturday, he declared that the National Guard should go into New Rochelle, New York, because there were 60 cases.
Do you know how many people died in New York State of coronavirus as we speak?
Just based on the numbers, I'd have to say it's less than 10.
You got it.
Less than 10.
Last number was 5.
Five people out of 20 million!
Could you count?
Could you count?
No Selenti?
It's going to get worse!
It's going to get worse!
Wait a minute.
Only 6,500, 700 people died in the world.
How much worse is it going to get?
This is what's happened.
Again, the cover of our last Trends Journal
Puppet masters.
The one before that.
Global leaders.
Or was it global imbeciles?
Something like that.
If you go to Gerald Cilenti on YouTube.
Global imbeciles.
Political imbeciles.
Government imbeciles are destroying
The global economy.
These are imbeciles!
What, name me, Owen, name me one thing, one thing, that the government has done to help we the people.
Hey, how about those wars you start?
How about those wars you start, huh?
What have you done, and everybody's listening to these low lives!
Hey, look at that low life we got down there in New York City!
Another piece of this and that!
De Blasio, popularity rating of around 30%, ran for president in the Democratic presidential reality show side, booked through him out right away.
Nobody could stand the low-life piece of crap!
They just closed down all the restaurants in New York City.
27,000 of them, gone!
And they make up the damn numbers!
Versus, so I say, I'm the governor of New York.
Not more than 500 people can get together.
I'm the jerky governor from Ohio.
I say 150 can't get together.
Hey, I'm the moron from California.
No more than 250 can get together.
Oh, we're closing school for two weeks.
We're closing school for three weeks.
They're making up the damn numbers!
And the people are bowing down!
You got it?
No, no, no.
Gerald, Gerald, you're going to take over here.
This passion is not lost on me.
Look, here's where I've been at.
I've been trying to ride this wave because I've just been analyzing and paying attention monitoring.
But for me now is without a doubt the threat of tyranny, the threat of global tyranny and government tyranny is now greater than the threat of coronavirus.
Oh, a million times!
A million times!
Hey, how many people are dying in Yemen?
What's a Yemen?
Oh, you mean the ebolic crisis?
The curr- the- the- ah, hell with the Yemenis!
Oh, only 10 million of them are dying from, uh, starvation.
Screw them!
We got, uh, two cases in...
Eighteen cases in Turkey.
That's a damn headline.
Eighteen cases in Turkey.
Gerald, I was in Idaho where they hadn't even had a confirmed case yet.
It was already all over the headlines.
They were shutting down restaurants, shutting down bars.
They didn't even have a case until Saturday!
Gerald Cilenti.
You're not going to want to miss this hour, folks.
Gerald Cilenti is hot to trot.
Did I do it, Gerald?
Did I do it right?
Daryl Cilenti takes over the Alex Jones Show.
Don't miss it.
Hello, hello.
Thank you for having me on the Alex Jones Show.
The course of history has changed.
Never in my lifetime have I seen anything like this, nor in my parents' lifetime.
They have created a war spirit among the people.
You even hear the language from that low-life piece of garbage crap scum
Mayor of New York City, Bill de Blasio, who I would call to his face, saying that, using the words of, this is, using the words like war, warfare, and that's the climate that we're in.
You have little low life pieces of crap, garbage.
Presidents, prime ministers, chancellors, senators, congressmen, mayors,
Telling you what to do and how to do it.
They are destroying the global economy.
As you well know, I had forecast the greatest depression.
I said it wouldn't happen till 2020.
I first did it on the David Knight Show.
David Knight Show.
David Knight in a day.
About a year ago.
That's changed.
The greatest recession has now begun.
It's an economic epidemic, brought to you by the moronic, sociopathic, narcissistic, freaks and fools that the people elect to run their lives.
America, the country of cowards,
The most important item tells you who they are.
That they really need the most in fight and die for.
Toilet paper.
Toilet paper.
They've taken the fight out of the American people.
Hey little boys and girls.
Don't go into the no bullying zone if somebody's gonna pick on you.
Don't learn how to fight.
Don't learn how to protect yourself.
Be a little
And salute.
Here's my salute.
And as an Italian, I'm ashamed of the Italian people.
Mario Conte.
Take out that O and stick another letter in there.
Follows W. Or precedes it.
That's the letter you could use.
A nobody!
Wasn't even elected!
Brought in by the two moronic parties running the show.
You cannot go out in Italy!
They're the highest adult population in Europe.
Elderly are dying.
The greatest depression has begun.
Hey, why is everybody buying guns that has a brain?
Because of Corona Crime!
We're gonna see a crime wave like you've never seen before!
You have all these lowlife scum!
A governor of your state!
I'm on this radio show Saturday, around two o'clock.
And as I'm talking, they saw Mr. Salenti, they announced,
The Honorable Governor, blah blah blah blah, will be on soon.
I said, what's this word, honorable?
What honorable?
How about public servant?
Can you get that?
How can any imbecile look up to Inslee, a Cuomo, or another jerk?
Off there or somewhere else?
Here, some of the headlines.
This is how stupid it all is.
Hoboken closes bars, restaurants, sets nightly curfew and virus crackdown.
Hoboken's mayor announced a nightly curfew to curb outside activity in efforts to minimize the spread of COVID-19.
The mayor!
The mayor!
The mayor!
I'm the mayor!
I'll tell you what to do, you little piece of crap!
I don't care if you need business coming in, I could give a good damn!
If your cooks, your waiters, your waitresses, and bartenders, and waiters, and owners of the business go bust, I know what's best for you, and I have the facts right here.
And you know where the facts are?
The facts are up your noo-yo-what!
Because your facts don't add up to crap.
Oh, way too close for 200 people.
Now it's 50 people.
Can't get together.
Oh, 50 people.
Can't get together.
All right, everybody watching, you ready?
Turn me into, uh, maybe a stupid jerk mayor of Hoboken.
You ready for this?
All right.
You're gonna get it.
And get ready to die.
I was outside.
I may caught coronavirus.
Look at the numbers.
Look at the details.
People that get this get healed.
This is a flu.
The numbers speak for themselves.
I don't want to hear from anybody what it's going to be.
I'm looking at what is.
And what is equals zero when you add the numbers up.
It's a government takeover.
A total government takeover.
It's up to 7,000 debts.
7,100 at a 7.7 billion.
What percent is that?
How about no percent?
And that's what we have.
The no percenters running and ruining our lives.
Political scum of the slimiest order.
Repulsivkins and Dumbo Craps.
Oh, and by the way, the Dumbo Craps buy the crap better than anybody else.
They believe it.
Oh, but how many caught it?
We got to do more tests.
What happens when people get tests?
They sell them all.
Stay home.
Don't give it to anybody else.
The mayor, the governors.
Oh, I love it.
The governor of Maryland.
They got three cases, they had three cases.
Calls emergency.
The Governor of America, what's his name?
Holder, Hanjob, something like that.
How many people got shot in Baltimore last night?
You're gonna see a crime way of life you've never seen before.
When people lose everything and have nothing left to lose, they lose it.
And all these people that have been put out of work by low-life ignorant scum with no data to support one thing that they're doing are putting them out of work.
Pay your rent.
Pay your taxes.
Pay your phone bill.
Pay your electric bill.
Pay your car insurance.
What are you gonna pay it with?
70% of the people.
Can't afford a $400 gig.
Extra expense.
The worst is yet to come.
Hello, hello!
Glad to be on the Alex Jones Show!
Ah, never in my life have I seen a freak show like the one going on.
Man, it's just gonna get worse.
You know, remember when people used to call people like Alex Jones and myself that would prepare for the worst?
They call us preppers and make fun of us.
And you know, one of my sayings is that prepare for the worst.
If the worst doesn't happen and you're prepared for it, you don't lose anything.
But if you're not prepared and the worst happens, then you can lose everything.
Now, all of a sudden, everybody's running to the grocery store.
Besides buying toilet paper, and again, if you need real toilet paper, ran out of any, can't find any, there's always the toilet paper a record.
But anyway, everybody's buying up everything.
Campbell's soup stock is going up.
And you know, people are buying, oh, oh, SpaghettiOs.
Oh, that'll keep you really healthy.
Anyway, so what you really want to consider
Is InfoWars Life Select Storable Foods.
So with the rise of coronavirus and trouble brewing constantly in other nations and more, danger is constantly growing overseas.
So we've been officially notified by our vendor that food prices are on the rise due to dramatically increased level of demand.
And so what they're saying is that
It's already getting more difficult to order storable foods nationwide, and they're facing a five to ten percent increase on every option of emergency food available, and demand for storable food products remains nearly a hundred times normal volume!
But there is progress to report.
As of yesterday, two new food production facilities have been open, bringing
Their new total to four food processing plants.
When this all started in January, there was only one.
So shipping will be delayed on every order that they take, likely 10 weeks or more.
Used to be nine weeks.
Not all, but many cases.
So knowing this, complete checkout to reserve your place in their order queue now, if you're preparing with InfoWars
Shelf-stable foods.
It lasts up to 25 years in storage.
So, 25 years.
I should make it out with that.
So that's what I'm saying.
And prosper.
Again, they made fun of people that were doing this before.
And now they're all running to the supermarket.
Hey, what's going to happen when a real crisis breaks out?
People freaking out over Rosie, Queen of Corona.
What's going to happen when the real crisis hits?
What are they going to do?
What a joke.
What a joke.
Say what kind of joke it is.
I told you the little governor here in New York, born on third base, thought he hit a home run, Andy Cuomo.
Who renamed the Tappan Zee Bridge the Mario Cuomo Bridge after his daddy.
Imagine that.
They've done this all over New York City.
All over New York.
59th Street Bridge is the Koch Bridge.
Triborough Bridge is now the RFK Bridge.
The Tappan Zee Bridge is the Cuomo Bridge.
Boys and girls of the lowest order, don't forget to salute Honorable this and that, my governor.
I believe that New York City schools should be closed.
I believe?
Hey, that's some.
I believe?
Maybe I believe something differently than you believe.
Hey, Salenti, who the hell are you?
You're just some stupid, low-life piece of garbage.
Like all the other people out there, I am the Honorable Cuomo!
I'll tell you what to do.
I believe!
Hey, just because you believe it, don't you tell me I have to believe what you believe.
Oh, no.
Here he goes.
I believe that New York City schools should be closed.
Oh, OK.
OK, Honorable.
He says so.
You must believe what I tell you.
Or else I'll get my little boys out there to rough you up.
They have destroyed the entire global economy.
New York, New Jersey, Connecticut.
They've all closed the bars, restaurants.
The place used to be packed over here, empty.
How you gonna pay your rent?
How you gonna pay your rent?
How the restaurant's gonna pay their rent?
How the waiters, waitresses, cooks, owners, how they gonna live?
Oh, hey, the airline industry.
Ah, forget about it.
All you people that work in the tourism business.
All you people that work in the entertainment business.
All of those sporting events.
To hell with you all!
I'm in control!
Hail Hitler!
March for Mussolini!
You got it!
It's all over the world, it's not just here.
Oh, this is my favorite one out of New York.
To show you what stupid, jerk, low-life pieces of garbage crap.
This is from the Comptroller Scott Stringer.
A string of crap, anyway!
Said that not only essential services should remain open, saying bars, restaurants and movie theaters should be closed.
City Comptroller Scott Stringer said on Sunday, call for a near total shutdown of New York City.
The way to get out of this crisis is to act logically and strategically.
Who the hell are you, Comptroller, to tell me what logically and strategically is?
How many people died in New York State, fat boy?
Oh, five.
Five, gotta be corrected.
All elderly and infirm.
He tells you what to do.
Here he goes.
Logic says we need universal testing.
Logic says.
Hey, his logic, not my logic.
They're gonna force vaccinations on everybody.
They're gonna force testings on everybody.
And we need more social distancing.
No more loud kisses on the cheeks in Italy.
They have lines.
They actually have lines where you have to stand behind when you buy things.
The cops are all over the place.
Social distancing.
A new word they just made up.
You got it.
You're going to get it.
That's why today
Out of abundance of caution, I AM CALLING FOR A CITY SHUTDOWN!
The Comptroller.
Who the hell are you?
Hey, don't you know who I am?
I'm one of the freaks in charge that you vote for.
The Democrats and the Republicans.
It's going down, and it's going down hard.
You better prepare and buy what you need when things get worse.
We'll be right back.
Hello, hello!
Welcome to the Alex Jones Show!
And I'm happy to be here.
This is a very important time in our lives.
If people don't stand up and fight, they're going to die in imprisonment.
We've lost our rights.
The Constitution is dead.
You have these little clown boys and clown girls telling us what to do, how to do it, when to do it, and people obeying them.
This is one of the most disgusting things I've ever seen in my life.
There's pictures out there of people in New York City walking down the streets, getting yelled at, telling people to get off the street, you're going to spread the disease.
They're closing schools.
They're making up the dates on when to open them up again.
Now they're saying again, first of all, you can't get more than 500 people together.
Now 300 people together.
All the events that have been cancelled.
Oh, in Italy?
Not allowed to have a wedding party.
Can't get buried, no funeral.
Gotta wait to die again.
Conte says so!
And the people obey.
They did it before and they did it again.
You look back in history and you say, how can the people follow these freaks?
Take a look at Hitler.
Charlie Chaplin played a better comedy than he did.
And the people hiled Hitler.
And Mussolini.
And one leader after another.
That sends them to slaughter.
You like that Bush?
That dirty, rotten, stinking Bush?
Oh, which one?
Both of them.
Daddy Bush to Baby Bush.
The Baby Bush.
That Saddam Hussein has weapons of mass destruction and ties to Al-Qaeda.
And the prostitutes peddled it.
And the people bought it.
And they're buying it now.
I know extremely intelligent people.
I give them the facts, and this is what they hit me with.
Yeah, but you don't know where it's going.
This could be very big.
I said, don't tell me about the if, because nobody knows.
I'm only talking about the now.
And the now's been going on for two months.
And the now's nowhere.
I want to make this 100% clear for everybody listening.
What's happening in the global equity markets?
And as we speak, the Dow is down almost 10%.
And that's after the Fed's been pumping up trillions of dollars.
1.5 trillion dollars last week.
To boost up the equity markets.
A. Capitalism's dead.
You're putting 1.5 trillion dollars to boost the equity markets, so the gamblers, the hedge funds, can make more money because they're losing it?
And it's not working!
Now, again, as you know, we have a weekly magazine.
The Trends Journal.
We're ahead of this beyond everybody.
The facts are there.
No magazine comes close to it.
What I'm telling you now is very important.
Nothing has ever happened like this in our lives because both Main Street and Wall Street are collapsing at the same time.
In the past, the markets crashed.
Boop, boop, boop, boop, boop, boop, boop, boop, boop, the economy goes down.
This time,
Thanks to the imbecile, psychopathic, narcissistic, pathological freaks called politicians, they're destroying Wall Street and Main Street at the same time.
27,000 restaurants in just New York City closed.
Closed throughout the state.
All around the country, they're closing them down.
Hair salon.
My buddy.
My barber.
And when I get a haircut.
He didn't have time.
He told me this has been the worst week last week in his entire career.
People canceling.
Every place is closed.
Where are you going to get your money to pay your rent?
Again, the numbers are there.
70% of the people don't have $400 in case of an emergency.
How are you going to pay your health care?
How are you going to pay your phone bills?
How are you going to pay your gas?
And very appropriate for where we are and who we are and what's going on.
What was the day that Trump called the state of emergency?
Friday the 13th.
I had agreed 100% with Trump in the beginning that this thing was being blown way out.
And as my magazine says, that the prostitutes were the peddlers.
Ratings are slumping very terribly in the industry.
It's like when they have a hurricane and all of these prostitutes get dressed up in their hurricane drag.
And there they are with the microphone.
And the water splashing over the boardwalk.
And the trees bending over.
And the branches falling.
Hurricanes 300 miles off the coast of Florida.
They did the same thing with... There they are.
You see it.
Doing the same thing.
And they're making it up.
They got that shot.
Where they're making this stuff up to.
It's exactly what they've done and the people buy it.
The sheeple bought it.
Prepare, prevail, and prosper.
Gold prices are slumping dramatically.
You know why?
They gotta sell their gold to cover their margin call and all their losses.
The Trends Journal, we had the breakout points for gold.
Even when it was hitting $1,700.
I forecast the next downtime from $1,700 to $1,650.
If it goes below $1,650, the next one's $1,450.
If it goes below $1,450, the bottom, I'm calling it $1,390.
My goal right now should be well over $2,000 an ounce.
What we are witnessing, we've never witnessed in our lifetime.
Total lockdown.
State of emergency.
And the cops are all enforcing it.
The SWAT team.
In Spain, they could take over factories.
They could take over farms.
They could take over businesses.
They called a state of emergency.
Hey, Franco is back!
Franco is back!
And again, because I study this stuff all the time, I know what a low-life piece of crap garbage this guy Sanchez is.
That's the Prime Minister there.
And now he's in charge.
We've never seen this before in our lives.
If we don't fight for freedom, we're going to die under dictatorships.
They're destroying our lives.
There's a coronavirus 9-11 spreading fear and terror.
Yeah, there's that little boy, Sanchez.
A nothing!
A nothing!
Little arrogant nothing!
Now in total control.
Good thing we don't have Castro around, huh?
You got him back, man!
This is Castro on steroids.
The greatest depression has begun.
An economic epidemic brought to you by the sickest people
That anyone could imagine.
Politicians, look up the definition.
Someone that's manipulative and devious, typically to gain advancement within an organization.
And they're advancing us to the lowest lives possible.
Thank you all for tuning in to InfoWars.
Remember, prepare, you preppers, a lot of you folks who are already prepped up.
And the Trends Journal, TrendsJournal.com, the only magazine that will tell you what's going on, what it means, and what's next.
History before it happens.
Thanks a lot.
Stay cool and stay safe.
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We told you about the FEMA emergency first.
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Whether this virus is super deadly or not, they're using the crisis that has come with it to take over and have power and control.
Trump is not trying to do that.
But there's no doubt that everyone I talk to, including myself, I'm not trying to cough here on air to illustrate this.
I can't stop.
I talked to Tyler Nixon during the break, Roger Stone's lawyer.
He hasn't been sick in years.
He has pneumonia.
He's super sick right now.
Flew back from D.C.
Everybody I know that's flown is super sick.
That's what Steve Pchenik said a month ago.
He said it's already all over the U.S.
That's confirmed now.
It's race-specific, though.
It mainly kills Asians.
Well, that's still a problem.
It's still sad.
We care about them.
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It's man-made right now.
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Real stuff, man.
We're talking about the real deal here.
And I love Trump all day long, but man, I tell you, he sits there and lets these big tech people keep running roughshod over him.
Everybody, I mean, I've got a problem.
And we'll just take the Trump rallies over.
That said, about two months ago, I came up with a plan that I haven't launched yet.
We have a warehouse full of hundreds of thousands of stickers.
20 different stickers.
Impeach the Democrats.
Save the Second Amendment.
Defend the First Amendment.
And it looks like duct tape.
It's just a regular sticker.
You put it over your mouth.
You go to a Trump rally.
And you instantly take over without even disrupting things.
People say, why are you doing this?
What's happening?
Well, you go, well, we're being censored.
You know, Trump won't do anything about it.
And Dr. Pucinich, let me just ask you what you think.
Because I've not watched this yet.
You've taken the very element that they try to repress you with, that silence, and made it into a weapon.
You have the loudest sound of all, silence.
And you know what's most disturbing to people?