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Name: 20200306_Fri_Alex
Air Date: March 6, 2020
2417 lines.

In this broadcast, Alex Jones discusses the COVID-19 pandemic's impact on globalism and the importance of preparing for potential consequences. He criticizes Joe Biden's cognitive decline and talks about government control, panic inducement, and immune system boosting through supplements like Elderberry. Trina from Nebraska calls in to discuss her research connecting 5G technology with COVID-19 outbreaks, and Alex Jones raises concerns about its potential impact on viral spread and human immunity. The speakers also discuss the pandemic's negative impact on the global supply chain and economy, and the importance of investing in real assets for wealth creation.

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So we're signing the $8.3 billion.
I asked for $2.5 and I got $8.3.
And I'll take it.
So, here we are.
$8.3 billion.
But it's an unforeseen problem.
What a problem.
Came out of nowhere.
But we're taking care of it.
All hell is breaking loose.
As we told you five weeks ago, this virus is the big one.
You can see what China did.
You can see what other countries started doing.
That meant that the globalists were going to absolutely promote this like it was the end of the world.
Well, Trump, I think, had a good response, saying, don't panic, but the media's absolute out-of-control behavior itself is a hoax.
Well, now the models are at millions and millions dying.
There's a new computer model out that shows two-plus-a-dead million people by July.
But, again, these are just models.
Other Lancet models, you know, show 15% death rates, not 2%.
This is not like the flu, if it's anywhere near 1%.
The flu doesn't really even kill, in most models, one-tenth of 1%.
It might kill 1% of people that are over 80 or who already have pre-existing conditions, yes.
Regardless, this is a huge, seismic event taking place.
It's Friday, March 6th, 2020.
241 days out from the historic election.
We have several huge guests on today.
Mike Adams will be on in 30 minutes with the latest models on the death rate that we'll see in the United States.
And then Professor Anthony Hall.
He's going to be joining us from the UK.
He's very prolific and his big papers on this have gotten some of the widest traction and circulation with the scientific evidence out there.
So we're going to be laying all of that out for you as well.
In the third hour, I'm going to open the phones up and take as many calls as we can.
There's so much other news also unfolding.
We've got people like Joe Biden, emblematic of the decay of the Democratic Party, who now can't remember
What God is, he goes, you know, that thing.
And now he can't remember Obama's name.
He says, you know, the guy before, the last guy.
So he is in dementia.
He is demented.
He says demented things.
That's where the word dementia comes from, meaning demented.
Because it's sad.
Even very moral, loving, good old people sometimes become very nasty and because the lower brain kind of takes over.
Well, Joe Biden's always been a real nasty person going all the way back to corn pop.
Uh, and so, uh, it's gonna be quite the de- I mean, this is spectacular.
It's been said that truth is stranger than fiction.
Well, you're getting a front row seat to the... Ever seen, like, an old vampire movie?
It's the allegory of the sun hits the vampire and they turn into dust right in front of you, or the Skeksis, the Dark Crystal?
That's what this is like!
We're watching a slow-motion d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d
Four months out or so from the DNC event.
What a freak show.
What a clown car overloaded or a hundred clowns trying to get in a phone booth.
This is going to be crazy because these people are disconnected from reality and they can't help but just keep pushing their power as everything slips their fingers.
So that's coming up.
I'm going to hit coronavirus first in the big developments when we come back.
All hell's breaking loose.
We're good to go.
There's the model right there that we're going to be getting to.
Pandemic projection shows 2.16 million deaths in USA by July 4th.
The articles at newswars.com and infowars.com and the man that did the study and the analysis will be joining us coming up at the bottom of the hour.
You may know him.
His name is Mike Adams.
I'm Alex Jones.
We were not supposed to be on air by now.
We were supposed to be taken off the air.
Donald Trump was supposed to be removed from office already, and now you've got Chuckie Schumer openly threatening members of the Supreme Court saying, we're going to get you.
And we know when he says that, he comes after you with illegal spy networks, both corporate and private and governmental.
They launched clandestine operations against the people of the United States.
What an incredible time to be alive.
Thank you for joining us on this Friday, March 6, 2020 transmission with only 241 days left until the election.
Mike Adams has put together a big report with a computer model.
The pandemic projection model shows 2.16 million deaths in the USA by July 4th.
He joins us at the bottom of the hour with that full report.
With all the graphs and information, the mathematics is up on InfoWars.com and NewsWars.com.
I suggest you check it out.
Other models and the numbers I got from my Pentagon sources are just off what is being said by Lancet and by CDC that they think it kills around 2% of people.
Again, that's the 2% that are already at the hospital and that are already really sick.
So I think it's much lower than that.
But let's just worst case scenario say 2%.
And they are thinking about half the public will be exposed to it, so that's three plus million dead.
Well, this model shows 2.16 million dead by July 4th.
We also have Professor Anthony Hall joining us, Professor of Globalization Studies, University of Lethbridge in Canada, but where he is now, Professor Emeritus.
He's going to be joining us.
He's got a lot to say.
That's coming up.
Let me just say this about the coronavirus.
You can 100% now say that this is going to be a gigantic crisis and a huge fiasco, and that it's designed to bring down the world economy, and the whole thing stinks to high heaven, and we know the virus is man-made.
And I pray that the virus is not very deadly, because I know people dying, and I've got children.
I especially don't want them dying.
And I don't want this to be a big crisis and an emergency.
Nobody does, except the globalists, because they've said we'll use pandemics and big outbreaks to make the world accept globalism.
But it's globalization that has allowed all this to happen.
We've got a big special report that has not even been posted to Bandot Video yet, or Newswars.com yet, that we're going to be premiering start of the next hour.
Coronavirus was reportedly going to be saving globalism, but instead it's going to be its undoing.
If we're there exposing that, but see instead the whole globalist system is blaming Trump and the nation-state and things like that.
And we said if they start blaming Trump, when they're the ones demanding borders stay open, when they were the ones a month ago saying let Chinese flights fly in, when Trump took action and blocked the flights,
Then we know again, they're scripting this whole thing, and they are.
And if you look at the scripting, the President signed this emergency declaration today.
That's what it is, not just emergency funding, it's an emergency declaration.
There's already ones in place secretly, we told you about that on Monday.
And within, I predict within about a week or two, it'll be a public national declaration, but it's already in place.
Trump's quietly been doing a lot to deal with it, but
On the other side, trying to play it down because he understands it's being used as an economic weapon.
It is a balancing act.
But if you look at the drones shouting at people and the public being sprayed on the streets of China and men running through office buildings, up people's desks, spraying them in the face with this toxic chemical that's reportedly killing insects and animals and making people sick.
How many people have gotten sick or died from that?
So it's all obviously a huge hysteria-inducing panic by government to clamp down and get control because governments everywhere are becoming obsolete.
This is the prime reason you're seeing hysteria in my view.
If there was real mass death going on, there is some of that happening, if they weren't in position to be ready to hype it up and take control of it, they would play it down.
There have been many pandemics you never hear about.
Everybody knows, in small towns especially, people know each other like, why is there a funeral every hour right now?
Everybody knows that.
Why are three people dead on my block?
Well, because there's been deadly pneumonia SARS-like stuff that's hit my family six years ago.
Three dead in one month.
And I know I harp on that, ladies and gentlemen.
But they were all the same ranch, three different houses, all got it, all dead, and I was there at the big hospital in Palestine, that's the name of the town, and near our ranch, and
The doctors are like, yeah, there's a giant cover-up.
So, again, if there's a real pandemic going on, they're very good at covering it up.
So we know they're hyping it for maximum effect.
But we know that there are piles of body bags and piles of dead bodies in Iran.
We know all of that has come out.
So, this is very lethal.
For the level of its spread, and how fast it's spread, and the fact that it hasn't even really gotten its legs yet, it's a high death rate.
1%, 2%?
That's still extremely high.
Flu is less than one-tenth of 1%.
Something that Trump said that was wrong was that this is just like the flu, 2%.
No, Mr. President, the flu doesn't kill 2% of people that get it.
So Trump's being set up, that much we know is clear.
But I think he's navigated it well so far, despite all the attacks.
Job growth smashes expectations for February.
His unemployment falls back to 3.5%.
But let's go to a key piece of video now that's posted at Drudge Report.
And people need to go watch this video because the late big globalist corporations and and and leftist companies like Costco and and and now Socialist-run Italy was taken back from the Nationalists are all trying to create the maximum fear It's like Starbucks tried to cause a race war member asking why it's why they were evil people This is what the left does and they use their corporate power to create the hysteria and to create the precedent and and and to create a
Social movements, well they want you right now to be scared.
So the videos at DrudgeReport.com, video, Costco customers sprayed with disinfectant at the door.
And here's that footage.
So people are coming into Costco, and a man is there spraying an unknown chemical out of a water bottle sprayer, like you'd spray your plants, and he's spraying them on the hands, and it looks like it's hitting him in the chest, and they're not asking.
They just walk up, you show your Costco card, and start spraying him.
This is mass mind control.
This is mob psychology.
The virus has been proven to be airborne.
And it's been proven that its main transmission point is through the nose, through the mouth and the lungs, and into the eyes.
So goggles and masks that are sealed are the way to go if you really want to take care of yourself.
But I knew something was big.
Again, five weeks ago when I tried to buy a mask, and they were all sold out.
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Coming up, Mike Adams has got the latest breakdown.
Pandemic projection model shows 2.16 million deaths in US by July 4th.
Ammunition sales soar in response to coronavirus pandemic.
Video on DrugsReport.com.
Costco customer spray but disinfectant at the door.
Journalists shocked at lack of coronavirus checks after returning to U.S.
from Italy.
Already, major cities across the United States are suddenly reporting giant spikes in crime.
I've got the numbers right here out of Fox New York and others.
What's happening?
And how bad is it going to get?
How crazy is this attempt to destabilize civilization going to get?
I said it for the last few months.
I said, will it be an economic collapse?
Will they use a war or a bioweapon to create the hysteria to kill the economy?
And here it is, and it's pointed at Trump again.
And we can sit there and say, is he doing the right thing?
Is he getting people ready?
Do they have the testing kits?
What's happening?
That's all armchair quarterbacking, ladies and gentlemen.
It was Obama allowed China to buy this virus.
That's why we're on air to put out the narrative of all the points and then let you decide what you think's going on.
So I'll have a guest on that doesn't think it's a big deal.
I'll have one on that thinks it's really bad.
Because they're all people I respect who have different perspectives.
People get really confused when they're in listeners.
They go, wait a minute.
You'll have one guest on saying one thing, another saying another thing.
I'm going to say what I believe.
And that shifts as we learn more, but it's always basically, you know, the same approximation.
But if I get information that proves me wrong, I'll admit it.
But you know, most of the time, we are proven right, because we're expert guests, amazing researchers, people with integrity, amazing callers who bring in all sorts of angles.
And most of the time, we come to the right decision.
And all the studies show that.
That the local rule, local human decisions, average people, the knowledge of the crowd, are way more accurate than establishment proclamations.
I was on the street four years ago.
I could tell you that Trump was going to win despite their fraud, and he did.
Because that's where the real intel is, is on the street.
I'm out there in the streets and so are you.
You're the real people, we're the real people.
We don't want to be in the elitist ivory towers preening each other about how powerful we are and how smart we are.
It's disgusting.
Let me shift gears to another big subject that ties into all this right now.
I remember growing up and there would be people here visiting from France or visiting from Germany or visiting from England.
To our church, or to our school.
Or there are people from New York visiting.
And they'd see big, huge buildings, and jet airplanes, and golf courses, and swimming pools, and jet boats.
They're like, we thought everybody rode horses to work.
We thought Texas was a desert.
Well, half of it is.
It's a gigantic state.
Half of it's plains, and forests, and swamps.
It's basically almost everything you can imagine.
In that is where the globalists operate.
Remember Gruber?
He said, thank God the public doesn't have a memory.
He's the guy that wrote Obamacare.
He said it's going to triple prices, but thank God the public's so stupid and doesn't have the memory of a goldfish, which we literally have one lower than them on Averagetown.
So everything's so fractured, people just go on.
That's why Brian Williams can say he was shot down in a helicopter and none of it was true and he's back on air saying it again, basically.
Because his constituency of viewers are in a trance.
Those of us that have memories, it's just, it's like you're a superhero compared to the general public.
And I'm not a superhero.
You're not a superhero.
We're just normal.
We're halfway normal.
The reason I bring that up, another Brian Williams.
First, I'm gonna play this Biden clip.
Another Brian Williams, the New York Times editor, the editor, went on national TV.
We'll get to it in a moment.
And agreed that Bloomberg spent $500 million and he could have given every American a million dollars for that.
No, there's not 500 Americans, Dumbo.
There's 327 million citizens and about 40 million illegal aliens, depending on how you look at it.
So that's not that, brother.
He doesn't have enough money to give anybody that much money.
Let's do the math.
If he's got $78 billion divided into, the illegal aliens get money too, say $370 million.
$370 million divide that with $78 billion.
Let's see how much money he can give everybody.
So, again, ladies and gentlemen,
That's how these people operate, as if you're a total moron.
I mean, they're running Biden who can't talk, and it hit me the other day.
That's on purpose.
They're giving us a mentally retarded, stroke-addled dementia patient.
And I'm sad that that's the case, because we are now a nation of drones and of low IQs.
And so, in the land of the mentally disabled, you're gonna have a king that's mentally disabled, like idiocracy!
This man, I'm not sure, is the smartest man on earth.
I'm not sure about that.
And he's going to fix all the problems in one week!
I love that movie.
So let's get to Biden first, who doesn't know who was the last president.
He refers to Obama as the last guy.
Here it is.
They're going to have a conversion of the road to Damascus.
Because now you say, by the way, are you going to stick with the president on the following president, the last guy on this issue?
And just start naming them, whatever it is.
And so you can say, oh, that's just one little faux pas.
He can't remember anything.
No, it's everything.
Voting Super Thursday.
Oh, that's not, that's my wife.
Wait, that's my daughter.
That's my, he doesn't know where he is.
Now let's go to the next piece here.
New York Times editor Brian Williams, not the one that said he got shot down in a helicopter, humiliated after suggesting each American could receive $1 million from Bloomberg's $500 million.
No dude, that's 500 people could get a million dollars, not $327 million.
Not counting illegal aliens.
And they're not even retracting it!
Because they're doing it on purpose!
They're proud of it!
Here it is.
But you see it as a possibility if he wants to spend a billion bucks beating this guy, he could do it.
Somebody tweeted recently that actually with the money he spent, he could have given every American a million dollars.
I've got it.
Let's put it up on the screen.
When I read it tonight on social media, it kind of all became clear.
Bloomberg spent $500 million on ads.
population $327 million.
Don't tell us if you're ahead of us on the math.
He could have given each American $1 million and have had lunch money left over.
It's an incredible way of putting it.
It's an incredible way of putting it.
It's true.
It's disturbing.
It does, it does suggest, you know, what we're talking about here, which is there, there's too much money in politics.
Um, and it makes it difficult because what we want.
Now I've decided to start doing this.
I've never lied on air, but I decided to see if you'd catch that.
Cause I know you have a memory.
That is the Brian Williams that said he got shot out of a helicopter with the New York Times editor.
But I just wanted to see if... Because Gruber thinks you don't have a memory.
I think you went, wait a minute, that is Brian Williams, Alex.
But the average person...
The average person would buy that.
It's just, it's incredible.
The answer to 1984 tyranny is 1776 worldwide.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
But the broadcast is far more than Alex Jones.
It's all of our amazing guests, our incredible callers, the experts, the investigative reports on the street, the live, unfiltered connection between a powerful media network
And the people, energized by the truth, protected and empowered by God, we are honored to be here at the tip of the spear.
Thanks to your commission, your support of the Infowar, we are ready for duty and fighting as best we can.
Thank you so much for joining us on this live Global Friday Transmission, March 6, 2020.
Mike Adams will be with us about 15 minutes into the next hour.
We're going to him here in just a few minutes with huge news.
As huge as it can get.
We're going to tie it all together and get the best approximation of what's coming up.
First, I want to just finish what I was getting into last segment because I was being a little bit silly there.
The globalists, the CFR, the social engineers, the psych warfare experts, Jonathan Gruber that wrote Obamacare said on TV, thank God you're so stupid and have no memory.
That's how we're going to triple your prices because by the time your healthcare prices triple, which it's now done in the last 10 years, tripled.
You'll never know what hit you because you won't remember that we promised you it would make your healthcare free.
And then it would cost a phone bill.
And then you can keep your doctor.
Well, Biden's out there now.
Can't remember Obama's name.
Doesn't know his wife from his daughter.
Admits it.
And this latest piece of footage, Brian Williams, the disgraced scumbag, it's up on Infowars.com, who said he was shot down in a helicopter and got caught lying about it and supposedly retired, but they brought him back because they know you don't remember.
This audience remembers.
And the New York Times editor, Mara Gay,
And MSNBC host Brian Williams faced humiliation after they erroneously suggested that Mike Bloomberg's $500 million ad spend could have been used to give each American $1 million.
Folks, when I saw that headline this morning at Infowars.com, I thought it was a joke.
And I went and watched the footage.
And no one in the comments was going, this is the guy that said he got shot down in a helicopter.
He wasn't even in a helicopter.
No helicopter got shot down.
Nothing was shot at helicopters.
But again, no one will remember next week that they said that if you spend 500 million and you give each American a million dollars, that's
The Americans you can, that's 500 Americans.
If you give the amount of money that Bloomberg spent, 500 million, you give a million to each person, that you can, that's 500.
That's not 327 million, not counting the illegal aliens.
So we did some math here on the calculator during the break.
Punch it up for me.
If you divide $327 million... I'm no mathematician like Mike Adams, an engineer, but I was able to do this.
I'm like a Superman today.
I'm actually able to tie my shoelaces.
I'm not even good at math.
I'm being sarcastic, folks.
That's what's scary.
It's the general public system down.
If you divide $237 million... See, this is so stupid.
It's so ridiculous, I can't even talk.
If you divide...
$327 million into $78 billion.
You get $238.53.
That's what each American could have gotten.
He spent 200 and something bucks on each person and it went nowhere because he's so disconnected from reality.
He's like spitting on his hands and rubbing food at a buffet and shaking dogs' faces and dressed up like Little Mermaid with the fork and tail on and Mary Poppins.
And I'm saying all this and it doesn't sound real, does it?
That a dude that says he was shot down in combat in a helicopter never did it.
He's on TV saying Bloomberg could have given every American
A million dollars!
Talk about loaves and fishes, man!
I'm gonna stop ranting about this, but just... It actually makes my head not even hurt.
This level of ignorance makes it shut down.
Since I mentioned it, let's just play the clip and we'll go to Mike Adams.
Here's what they said on TV last night.
Brian Williams.
But you see it as a possibility if he wants to spend a billion bucks beating this guy, he could do it.
Somebody tweeted recently that actually with the money he spent, he could have given every American a million dollars.
I've got it.
Let's put it up on the screen.
When I read it tonight on social media, it kind of all became clear.
Bloomberg spent $500 million on ads.
population $327 million.
Don't tell us if you're ahead of us on the math.
He could have given each American $1 million and have had lunch money left over.
It's an incredible way of putting it.
It's an incredible way of putting it.
It's true.
It's disturbing.
It does suggest, you know, what we're talking about here, which is there's too much money in politics.
And it makes it difficult because what we want... This is so incredible that I've... It's made me actually probably lose 100 IQ points.
Do you realize what just happened?
I jumped ahead to the logical fallacy they're involved in that they think he's got $78 billion.
So if he gave all that away, it'd be a million per person.
So we went ahead and just did the equation into all of his wealth.
And of course it wouldn't even be anything.
Guys do the math.
What is 500 million divided by
327 million.
We're talking about pennies!
$1.53, so that's how much you would get in the real mathematical equation.
But again, Mike Adams, we'll get into the huge subject when we come back, and I'm sorry for having you here holding while I went into this, but it's just, it's made me not even be able to operate, that they're up there putting a tweet up that producers looked at, that they pre-planned, that she puts up.
They've got to know that that's not true, so what's the PSYOP now, to see if they can get away with just false math statistics?
Alex, they really are that stupid.
To give every American a million dollars, Bloomberg would have had to spend $327 trillion.
Trillion, with a T. But nobody in left-wing media can do math.
They are mathematically illiterate.
So when they talk about global warming and carbon dioxide and sea levels, they're the same idiots who can't do math when it talks about Bloomberg spending.
They have no knowledge of numbers.
They can't do basic calculations.
I mean, this is really about, what, 7th grade math?
5th grade math, maybe?
And they can't even accomplish that, which is why they don't understand where this coronavirus is going as well.
We're going to get to that next segment, but what is the phenomenon
Where I tune into TV and it's worse than idiocracy.
It didn't come in 200 years like Mike Judge predicted in the great, you know, landfill avalanche.
We're here!
And it's like, it's insane!
Well, and the fact that there were at least three people there at
at that network that could not find this error.
Brian Williams, his guest, and whoever created the graphic.
Nobody looked at that and said these numbers can't possibly add up.
So there's no quality control there, there's no fact-checking, there's no mathematical literacy, and of course they don't understand science or politics or history or health or anything.
I've got a great crew, and I make a mistake sometimes.
They don't control what I say, but they'll tell me and I'll go, oh yeah, I said that wrong.
Everybody does that some.
Yeah, sure.
But how do you sit there and think that $500 million gives 327 million people a million dollars a piece?
That's like saying 2 plus 2 equals 50,000.
Yeah, right.
Well, no, I mean, I make mistakes, too.
On your show the other day, I said I was doing projections of the virus.
I said 1,024,000.
That should have been 1,280,000.
Because I was just doing the math in my head at the moment.
So yeah, we make mistakes.
But these people had a chance to fact check this.
And they still messed it up, and it's such an obvious answer.
It's not like they're doing exponential math here.
It's basic... Yeah, if you're giving one person a million dollars from the 500, that means 500 people get a million dollars.
Well, I guess, you know, with Joe Biden saying half the people in America have already been killed by gun violence, and now everybody gets a million dollars from Bloomberg, I mean, who needs economics, man?
Who needs any education?
Who knew that 160-something million people died of, or 170 million died from guns?
I didn't know that.
Yeah, they're mathematically illiterate.
Everybody at that network is as brain damaged as Joe Biden.
And now their candidate is literally a mentally retarded person, one day away from writing on the walls with their feces.
I'm sorry, it's insane.
We'll be right back with Mike Adams with huge news.
All right, he's with us for another 30 minutes.
We're going to write to him in about 60 seconds.
Mike Adams, naturalnews.com and Alex Jones with infowars.com.
We have Professor Anthony Hall, who's been very prolific on how deadly this virus really is and predicting what was going to happen from the University of Lethbridge in Canada, Professor of Globalism.
And he's going to be joining us as well.
We're going to have open phones in the next hour.
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Our ultimate turmeric formula, bodies, back in stock, 40% off, very high-level curcuminoid, known to boost the immune system, protect the body from so many things.
It isn't a panacea, it's not perfect, but it's amazing.
It's back in stock, infowarrestore.com.
Okay, I'm going to try to shut up the next three segments and try to give you the floor.
I want to just start with this though, Mike.
The video is up on DrudgeReport.com.
Costco customers sprayed with disinfectant at the door.
So the same hysteria we saw in China has now begun here.
Here it is.
This is London.
There's a man there with a spray bottle spraying people, just blasting them across their hands and body.
So now they're building up to what happened in China.
We've got ammunition cells sore in response to coronavirus.
Rationing and robbery, coronavirus outbreaks, sparks, crime wave.
I mean, there's just schools getting shut down all over.
Whether this thing's super deadly or not, the hysteria the CHICOMS began has now set the precedent.
And you've got a huge report.
At naturalnews.com, you're going to lay out now, pandemic projection model shows 2.16 million deaths in the U.S.
by July 4th.
Again, that's not absolutely what's going to happen.
That is just a projection.
The best you can do, lay it out for us.
Well, thank you, Alex.
Look, the rest of the headline of that is that we'll have 2.16 million deaths in the U.S.
by July 4th if nothing is done to halt all domestic travel.
I think it's very important to have the rest of that headline together with that story because this is a theoretical model that shows what will happen if we don't stop domestic travel.
And as such,
It's not a prediction.
We won't actually have realistically 2 million deaths by July 4th because the president will declare a state of emergency, air travel will be shut down, cities will be under quarantine, roadways will have armed checkpoints, and so on and so forth.
So, in other words, what this model shows is with no restraints whatsoever, with no boundaries, with an R-naught value of only 1.82,
This will kill two million Americans by July 4th, again, if there's no lockdown.
But governors and the president will not allow that to happen.
But let's look at the model.
The math is solid.
And you can bank on this, Alex.
The math is rock solid.
Not only did I work on it myself, but I had another scientist review it in my laboratory, who is also an organic chemist and a former professor of organic chemistry.
We're all good at math.
Here's how this begins.
By April 4th,
This model predicts 580 total deaths by April 4th, cumulative.
Now, that 580 deaths from April 4th goes to 10,400 deaths by May 4th.
By June 4th, it's 153,000 cumulative deaths.
And then by July 4th, it's 2.16 million deaths.
Now, at some point, this gets halted.
Because at some point, governors say, okay, no more travel, shut down all the schools, all the universities, all the roadways, everybody's in isolation for 30 days.
That's coming.
Trust me on this point.
The real lesson from this model is that all of you listening and watching right now, you have probably fewer than 30 days
To get prepared, to get everything done.
If you need to bug out of the city, if you need to have a relative move in and live with you so you can care for them, if you need to get your preps finalized, you've probably got less than 30 days to get that done.
There's no question that this is all coming down.
Now this model uses very conservative numbers.
We started the model with only around 600 people infected today.
Think about that.
I believe there are 10,000 people infected, but the model starts with only 600 because we wanted to keep it really very conservative.
The model assumes that people are infectious for 14 days.
It assumes a 98% cure rate and only a 2% mortality rate.
And there's a 14-day lag time.
From the time that people get infected to the time that they die, or get cured.
So by the time you calculate all this in, you get roughly a doubling of the number of cases in a little over seven days, an R0 value of 1.82, which is very, very low.
Many scientists believe the R0 value is really about 4 or 5 or 6.6 even, I've seen in some studies.
So the bottom line, Alex, is that this is going to force the President
To declare what I'm calling kind of a, well, a national emergency at the local level, medical martial law.
There will be quarantines, there will be checkpoints, there will be probably mobile cremation ovens in American cities.
Specifically in Seattle, probably in Los Angeles, probably in New York City.
Just about everything that you saw in China will be translated to America with slightly less draconian measures.
For example, people won't be welded into their apartment buildings in the United States.
Let's hope.
Let's hope we don't see that.
Now, this model, just as another clarification, this is revision one of this model.
It's subject to change as more data become available.
So, for this model, we used data up to yesterday.
As more data rolls in, we will update the model.
The numbers might go higher, might go lower, but the exponential spread of this means it's a massive emergency, no matter which way you try to sugarcoat it.
It also means that the American people are not ready for the isolation that's coming.
The average American person thinks that they're going to be able to just go out and buy groceries and take their kids to school and go to the doctor when they need to and take airplane flights for business meetings.
All of those things will cease temporarily.
It may be months.
So I'm recommending right now
If you thought you needed a 30-day survival plan, you really need more like a 90-day survival plan.
Maybe you need a six-month survival plan.
I mean, personally, I go way beyond that, but it's up to you.
The point is that the shutdown is coming and there will be economic consequences that are extreme from this.
So, you know, again, look, I don't want to, I don't want to crash the stock market either.
We don't want to hurt the American economy.
We want Trump to get through this.
But Trump is going to be forced into these decisions where workers are going to be sent home.
People will have no paychecks.
Many, many Americans.
Millions of Americans.
By the way, Mike, that's what's happening everywhere else.
Why is it so much worse in Europe, we're told?
Or is there an institutional cover-up of the number of deaths here already?
Well, there's a lag time in the United States, a 30-day lag time caused by the CDC.
Great question, I'm glad you asked that.
We have to remind viewers that the CDC set up President Trump to be blamed for the explosion that is about to occur.
So the CDC intentionally withheld testing kits, even today, right now.
And we were saying this weeks ago, now the Democrats are saying that, so they're putting the script out.
This is now confirmed, they're trying this.
Oh yeah.
So, I mean, we had the public health person of Oregon state that he believed there were maybe 500 infections in Oregon days ago.
In Seattle and Washington, as you and I know, there was an outbreak a month ago that was covered up.
There are probably thousands of cases in Seattle and the surrounding areas right now.
That doesn't even count California.
And you said here over a month ago that would be the epicenter, Seattle.
That's what our sources said.
There would be a cover-up, that they weren't putting out the kids, they were sabotaging it on purpose.
And again, that's the deep state left behind.
We're not blaming Trump.
We're not blaming Trump.
In fact, Trump has been set up to be blamed.
I think, look, the CDC has always hated Trump.
When Trump was elected, people at the CDC cried.
He cut their funding massively.
This is their revenge.
This is their revenge.
And look, the CDC just got $2 billion in emergency funding.
He cut their bioweapons BS, which he should.
That's right.
That's right.
Just as Francis Boyle says, the bioweapons research should be shut down.
The CDC is not your friend.
The CDC is the Centers for Disease Communication, in essence.
They're multiplying the disease across America, I believe, on purpose.
All right, stay there.
Let's get back into your study.
It's up on InfoWars.com.
I want to be clear.
Mike's is a
Let's just say there's other big models, universities, other things that are much worse.
The Pentagon, you see this in the news, thinks three plus million dead.
So I hope none of this is accurate.
This is just a model off the numbers we've got.
Hour number two straight ahead.
You might want to tell folks to tune in.
This is important.
America is on the march.
But the globalists are going to strike back.
Mike Adams, naturalnews.com, has done a great job.
Like a weather forecaster on this the last five, six weeks here on air, and people are really tuning in.
We're seeing explosive numbers because they're going, wow, these guys really laid it out.
I've had the bioweapons treaty expert on.
We've had all these other folks on.
We've got this other big professor, Anthony Hall, coming up next hour.
Mike's going to leave us here in about 15 minutes.
Then I'm going to open the phones up and take your calls on this.
But the hysteria and the response to it's massive.
And then there now are deaths, you know, taking place.
I might continue.
Go ahead and host the next four minutes.
This is a short segment getting into the facets of this breakdown of the numbers you've done.
Well, it's really easy to watch where this is going because we can monitor this on April 4th.
If we have fewer than 580 deaths in the United States by April 4th, then we know that the scenario is a better case than this model predicts.
If we have more than 580 deaths, then it's far worse, which means we would have way more than 2.1 million deaths by July if nothing is done to stop this.
And again, I just want to reiterate, please ask your editors to update that headline.
I don't want anybody to think that this is a prediction that has no qualifiers.
This is a model of what happens if we don't shut down the traffic.
Thank you.
Okay, awesome.
No, no, no, no.
So it needs to be updated with what your sub-headline was, and that was, if the necessary emergency protocols aren't put in place.
We need to update it.
That's right.
And what it means is that Trump will have no choice but to shut down much
Nearly all domestic air traffic that's commercial, not private aviation or general aviation, but commercial aviation will largely be shut down.
There's no question now about this.
The quarantines will come in, the roadway checkpoints will come in, there will be social isolation orders, cancellation of every public event that you can imagine, everything.
There's no question that the only way that this can be stopped, barring a sudden miraculous emergence of an antiviral drug or a vaccine that actually works, which is highly unlikely, this explodes.
It explodes even way beyond what my model predicts, unless we have social isolation.
That's the only answer here.
Every governor already knows this.
In fact, remember, Alex, that we were talking about this around Thanksgiving.
The U.S.
military was purchasing massive supplies of night vision devices, and one of my sources told me that's because they know that city quarantines are coming, and they're going to have to enforce the quarantines using night vision devices to stop people from escaping on foot at night.
And we were all wondering, what's that all about?
And that was a month
Before we knew about the Wuhan outbreak, but it was, in other words, there are people, the higher-ups, who already knew this was going to happen around Thanksgiving last year.
So, they've been planning for this for a very long time, and they've been buying gear for a long time, and these are the same people now that are telling you, don't have any gear, you don't need any food, you don't need a mask, you don't need anything.
Well, Mike, that smoking gun right there that the CDC says you don't need masks, well, they've got pinch emergency factories going for the government.
I mean, that's not...
Not good.
No, and look, Trump needs to fire about 20 people right now at the CDC, at the FDA, at the NIH.
He needs to get good people in there who are going to give him honest, transparent information so he can share that with the American public.
And Francis Boyle, oh, he unloaded on your show the other day and he just said that the CDC is criminally negligent.
Stay there!
In the final segment with Mike Adams, I want you to, for folks joining us and stations joining us, recap the study, the other studies that are out there, why it's so deadly, and then the social hysteria it creates.
On the other side, back in 60 seconds, I'm Alex Jones, your host, coming to you from deep in the heart of Texas, broadcasting worldwide from BAYON.VIDEO.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
Mikey Adams of naturalnews.com, owns a major scientific testing lab.
He's a best-selling author, researcher, and other than somebody like Mercola, the dominant health expert in, really, the world, if not the United States.
And he's here with us, accurately, the last five weeks, chronicling that you don't see all hell breaking loose in China for something that isn't real.
Now, are they using it for power grab?
But, then you see other countries locked down and reporting hundreds and hundreds of deaths in Italy, and that's in the early stages.
So, mainline journals and things, the federal government, the Pentagon thinks it kills 2% of people.
I'm hoping that's just the, you know, infirm and folks that are at the hospital, so that's a skewed number.
But it's definitely not the flu, it's man-made, there's something big behind it.
We said this five weeks ago, China covered it up.
Months and months ago, they did.
Their cover-up failed.
So Mike Adams, talk about the study that's at Infowars.com and NaturalNews.com.
Pandemic projection model shows 2.16 million deaths in the USA by July 4th if Trump doesn't take action.
And what could come out of that, what that action is, and the type of social breakdown we're going to see, and how bad you think it's going to get before we see action.
So you've got nine minutes.
Run the tables on us.
Hit us with all barrels.
All right.
The model is rock solid in terms of the math when you look at the exponential spread of this.
The model projects that if nothing is done to shut down travel, to have extreme social isolation across America, then by July 4th of this year there will be 2.16 million dead Americans from this pandemic if nothing is done to shut this down between now and then.
I call this that these numbers I use very conservative numbers and are not value of only 1.82 which is maybe only a third of the real numbers the number of cases doubling roughly about every seven days that's the assumption of this model in reality we know it doubles maybe about every 3.5 days so
The real world case is way worse than this model predicts.
However, there will be interventions.
We're seeing it already.
So in Washington State, schools are being shut down.
Employees are being sent home.
Campuses are being emptied.
Corporate campuses.
That is actually the only answer right now.
And so the implication of this model
Which starts April 4th, 580 total dead by that day, according to this model.
By May 4th, 10,000 plus dead.
By June 4th, 153,000 dead.
By July 4th, 2.16 million dead.
The only way to stop that is through extreme isolation.
So, what's coming for America, and you can mark my words on this, Trump will declare a national emergency, 100%.
It will happen.
There will be extreme, severe restrictions on domestic air travel, road travel.
There will be cities under quarantine.
There will be roadside checkpoints in certain areas.
There will be emptied universities, emptied school campuses.
Corporations will send their employees home in massive numbers, much larger than anything you're seeing now.
We are about to experience a shutdown of American society beginning around...
June, July, August.
This is going to be the summer of hell in America.
And that's the only way to stop this and to recover and get on the other side.
But there's another big problem here.
If Trump doesn't act quickly enough, according to Dr. Fauci of the NIH, roughly 15-20% of the people who are infected will require hospitalization.
The problem is we don't have enough biocontainment hospital beds in the United States.
We only have a few thousand that have the containment facilities.
We have about a quarter of a million open hospital beds that are not set up for BSL-4 level biohazard pathogens, but we don't have very many hospital beds that can biocontain people.
As a result,
The death rate will begin to spike if we have so many infections that the hospitals get overrun.
And that will happen very quickly.
That could happen as early as mid-May or, yeah, that could happen in mid-May, actually.
So when that happens, then the death rate goes up to 10-15% as people are sent home to die.
So I did not factor that into this model at all, which means these numbers are very, very conservative.
The real numbers could be far worse.
It could be five times worse in terms of the death rate.
The decision that Trump has to make is how much do you shut down society to stop the spread versus how much do you let society function to make sure people have food and medicine and fuel and the economy is still running.
And this is the same decision that China's president had to make as well, or supreme leader, whatever you want to call him, emperor.
The same decision.
And China has the ability to force people back to work at gunpoint.
In America, we don't do that to our people, at least not yet.
I hope we don't do that.
So, things are not, you know, we don't have the draconian controls because we are a more free society than China, thank God, because communism sucks, right?
And America is a lot more free than that.
So, it means that the President has very few tools.
To force isolation, to force quarantines, or to even hope that people can get back to work at some point.
You know, the American people are going to do what they want to do, and companies are going to do what they want to do.
Yeah, you can declare emergencies, and you can urge companies and people to do certain things, but we know that in America, people don't like to be locked down.
So it's very difficult to imagine a scenario where people are respecting the quarantines.
So you're going to see very bad compliance with quarantine orders in America, which makes the virus spread even more quickly.
What we're realistically looking at here is an economic nightmare, an employment nightmare, a social nightmare, a law enforcement nightmare, a hospital healthcare nightmare, and on top of that, tens of thousands of dead people easily by this summer, maybe more.
This is now inevitable, but it's going to look fine for the next six weeks, okay?
Because the numbers are very small for the next six weeks.
This is the nature of exponential spread.
So for the next six weeks, or even maybe eight weeks, some people could say this is still no worse than the flu, everything's going to be fine, it's going to disappear tomorrow.
You're going to hear that for the next six weeks.
Trust me that this is not the flu.
This is so much worse, and what are clusters right now in Washington State and New York City and California, they will explode into full-blown infestations or full-blown outbreaks, you could say, in the subsequent weeks.
Now remember, last week on this show, I came on and I said, this week we're going to see, and you can go back and quote me, tens of infections this week.
And that's what we've seen.
Plus 10, plus 10, plus 10.
Plus deaths.
What's that?
Plus deaths.
Yeah, exactly.
Plus more deaths.
Next week, we will see dozens of new infections.
The week after, it'll be hundreds.
And then two to three weeks later, it'll be thousands.
And then it starts getting into tens of thousands.
And a few weeks after that, you're into hundreds of thousands.
And that's when the real hysteria starts.
Because they've already set the table for hysteria.
Let's bring in some wild cards, though.
All right, clearly it's more race-specific.
That's been confirmed.
It's man-made.
It targets Chinese and then derivation groups, Koreans and Japanese really bad.
It's been killing Anglos and others as well.
And it's been killing a lot of folks in Italy and Iran.
So there's something going on there.
We could hope, though, that it's just race-specific.
That's sad, but hopefully it won't spread too bad.
I think we're gonna be finding out very soon about this 2% model that the federal government and others have been saying that you're using in your conservative
Really a serious situation and Trump cannot during this emergency.
I'm not even as worried about the quarantining I'm worried about the left using it to blame Trump trying to overthrow the government and using the hysteria as the model for that and the Pentagon and the president and the Congress better not put up with you know Schumer saying we're gonna go after Supreme Court people you're gonna get it.
They're gonna make their move and you can't let them make the move during this crisis.
I'm telling you that's the issue.
I agree completely that Trump needs to get on top of this, ahead of this right away, because he is being lied to right now by the CDC, there's no question about it.
There's a headline on Drudge right now, fewer than 2,000 Americans have been tested to date.
That is absolutely unacceptable, it's criminal negligence.
That tells you, because you have a conservative model on this, but on the real models we've been talking about privately that you're...
I mean, then how many are infected right now?
10,000 plus infected right now.
And I only modeled 600 plus infected.
So, it's way worse than the numbers I've already printed.
It's way worse.
I just dare not print them because it's apocalyptic.
And the former CDC head says they don't know what's wrong.
They don't know why it's being intentionally botched.
Because they're covering it up from the president to blame him when it explodes.
This is their next attempt to eliminate Trump.
Russia failed.
Impeachment failed.
This is their next attempt.
The CDC is trying to take out Trump.
That's what's happening.
Mike, thank you so much.
Well, hope for the worst.
Prepare hope for the worst.
That's what the globalists hope for.
I hope for the best.
Prepare for the worst.
The globalists are hoping for the worst to try to overthrow America.
It's just sick.
We align ourselves with the truth.
Dr. Francis Boyle has been super accurate on my show for 20 years.
He wrote the U.S.
Biological Weapons Treaty.
Stuff he was saying on the show five weeks ago has all come true.
I've known Mike Adams 15, 16, 17 years, and on this virus thing, he's just been dead on.
And he's been very accurate over the years as well.
He's a conscientious guy.
He's not trying to hype this.
And I see the other guest, we have Professor Anthony Hall, very respected.
He's coming out basically saying the same thing.
He's coming on next hour.
We've had other guests on saying other things.
And believe me, I don't want this to be true.
This is really bad news, obviously.
I think that, we know it's race-specific, and we know that they're oversampling people that are already sick in the hospital.
Most people don't go to the hospital.
So, for those that go to the hospital, who are so sick, 2% are dying.
I mean, I really don't think it's 2%.
But I think with the hysteria we've already seen in Europe, and the hysteria we've seen in China, and the fact that the left and the globalists have pre-positioned this as Trump's water lube, as his defeat, that we've been totally dead on their plan to blend the president with this.
I've been saying that for five weeks, and here's Atlantic Monthly.
They're the establishment globalist mouthpiece, if there ever was one.
The strongest evidence yet that America is botching coronavirus testing, says the former head of the CDC.
Well, there's not botching going on, it's being covered up.
People go, oh, that's Trump's fault.
Let me tell you, I got a great crew here.
I got about 100 people work here, from warehouse to accounting to camera operators and researchers and journalists and everything else.
If any of them decided to secretly not do what I said, they could wreck this place.
But they're good, conscientious folks.
But you get above about 100 people, or units of that, or platoons in the military, it starts breaking up.
That's why things are always broken down in about 100 people in the subgroups of 10.
Trump does not, I mean, he doesn't know half the buildings in DC, neither do I. And so this is not about attacking Trump.
Trump better get out and get ahead of this.
As Buchanan said over a week ago, the globalism is what caused the spread.
Trump shut down the flights from China.
He got criticized for it.
He's got to go on the offense and say, we hope it's not really bad, but we're going to be ready together.
Only way he gets caught flat-footed is if he says everything's fine, everything's okay.
Which he didn't say.
He said the media is hyping it to a level that's a hoax.
He didn't say the virus is a hoax.
And I can tell you, the President is concerned about germs.
He's known as being a germaphobe.
So there's a big article that just went up on Infowars.com and Band.video.
I hope you'll share this video.
It needs to get out, because it's a critical truth and a talking point to counter the globalists.
Send it to WhiteHouse.gov, send it to members of Congress, because they listen to we, the people, and they listen to Infowars, the forbidden fruit.
Coronavirus is globalism's death, not its rebirth.
Here's the Gregory's Report.
25% of the world's generic drugs are made in India.
And India relies upon China for almost 70% of their active ingredients.
Several of these Chinese sources have shut down due to the Wuhan coronavirus.
And as a result, India has restricted exports of 26 ingredients and the medicines made from them.
The United States no longer produces its own medicine.
How did this happen?
In the 1990s, 90% of these fundamental ingredients were produced in the USA, Europe, and in Japan.
But US laws on generic drugs began motivating companies to manufacture in China.
The greatest win for China came exactly three months after 9-11.
On December 11th, 2001, China joined the World Trade Organization, aka the WTO, and immediately began wiping out the competition in the American free market with unbeatable low slave labor costs.
Within two years, the USA lost their last aspirin, penicillin, and vitamin C producers.
Today, we depend upon China for about 90% of our medicine.
China has already amassed a reputation for poor quality, and because they have monopolized the global market, the FDA has been forced to lower their manufacturing standards.
The low standards in China are likely to blame in part for the many explosions at Chinese pharmaceutical factories that have caused global shortages,
Recently, because of the Wuhan coronavirus, masks were ordered to not be exported from China.
There are life-sustaining drugs that China is the sole supplier of to the U.S.
What happens if China declares an emergency and shuts down all medical supply and drug exports?
Like both India and China are already beginning to do.
If the WTO is the father of globalism, then the UN's insidious replacement migration is its mother.
And in Italy, the man believed to be coronavirus patient zero is a Pakistani migrant who works in food delivery.
After testing positive for the virus, he refused to self-isolate and continued to deliver food.
A recent video of migrants holding babies over fires to make them cry in order to deceitfully cross the border into Greece shows several people speaking Farsi.
They are Iranian.
Iran is currently suffering an outbreak of the coronavirus.
Why on earth should Greece allow them in?
The coronavirus appears to be some type of eugenics bioweapon designed to kill the weak and elderly.
But one thing is for certain, it has already killed the philosophy of globalism.
And now, it will be stress-testing the precarious digital grid that our entire society is based upon.
For InfoWars.com, this is Greg Reese.
That is first-rate, world-class reporting.
That's why InfoWars is so precious, and you keeping us on air is so amazing, and I thank you all.
That report is posted to NewsWars.com, InfoWars.com, shared from Band.Video.
Let's just put it this way.
China was positioned to hold us by the short hairs.
I don't
Who probably intentionally contracted it.
In fact, I was told months ago by army sources that we're worried about jihadists getting really deadly viruses and bringing them in.
Remember all that?
It's all over the internet.
Right out of 12 Monkeys.
And then this Islamist comes in and suddenly it's all over Italy where this guy's making food deliveries.
You don't think he just accidentally sneezed on a few people.
No, man.
He was probably putting it into the food.
You don't think he just exploded everywhere for no reason.
Called monkeys, the guy flies around hypothetically in a plane, internationally spread it.
No, the way to do it, would be to get into food delivery.
And then you jack all the food, Mike!
So obvious, ladies and gentlemen.
Good Lord!
Infowars.com, Newswars.com, Tomorrow's News Today.
Make no mistake, they're getting ready to clamp down on RDR in many parts of the world using this virus.
That's the pretext, but nobody's discussing it's man-made, the bioweapons labs that Obama transferred to China.
But we are.
And we're hammering it.
I'm going to go to some of your phone calls, Max and Mickey and Nick and others here in a moment.
We'll open the phones up.
877-789-Alex, 877-789-2539 on this live Friday edition.
Mainland Chinese media demands, that's all state-run, an apology from the rest of the world for the sacrifice China has made.
What of your 400 million girls you've killed, your one-child policy, or maybe the 100 million that Communist Chinese killed out of the womb of just men, women, children?
Oh, now they'll be the big heroes, you see, once we find out how bad it is.
Though it came out of China, not of Wuhan, and is man-made, and you bought it from the U.S.
under Obama.
So, here's that video.
I'll read the subtitles.
Back it up again.
She's talking fast.
I'm going to start over.
Go ahead.
We grounded 1.4 billion people to guard the world against coronavirus, and yet the Wall Street Journal is still not apologizing for calling us the sick man of Asia.
Living under immense ridicule.
Chinese people are making tremendous... The road is just too fast.
I can't read it.
I mean, it's just crazy.
I can actually read you the transcript of it, but that's the whole idea.
No, communist China is out of control.
Its rich elites are leveraging their population in a takeover.
That's what they're engaged in.
When you first don't succeed, try, try again.
I want to start that video and I want to just pause it on each frame so that I can read what she's saying.
So let's just start it now and I'll read the first frame.
We grounded 1.4 billion people.
Yes, a great police state, a great lockdown.
It's the new virtue.
Globalism will teach you to lock down all your cities.
The globalists said this to my film Endgame 14 years ago.
Just to guard the world against coronavirus.
Oh, you were guarding the world.
No, you were bitching, saying the U.S.
wouldn't let your flights in.
While you shot people at checkpoints, everybody else grounded you.
You were using it as a weapon against the U.S.
2 plus 2 equals 4.
Why would you demand your flights come into us but nobody else?
It's all part of your war against the U.S.
with the dirty globalists.
And yet, the Wall Street Journal still has not apologized.
Apologize for what?
For calling you the sick man of Asia?
Your country is completely out of control and abusive and evil and has millions of people in slave camps building Nike and Apple products, but it's okay because Tim Cook's gay.
For calling us the sick man of Asia.
Living under immense ridicule.
We Chinese people are making tremendous sacrifice, yet we are on the road
of stirring solidarity around the world.
That's right.
You're the model of sterilization.
You're the model of world government.
You're the model of public execution.
You're the model of no due process.
You're the model of human-animal clones.
You're the model of mobile execution vans.
You're the model, like David Rockefeller said, of all this evil.
You're evil communist system and you're losing your war with America, your political economic war.
And so now, here comes the virus and you're the victim.
Gadgets for tech giants made with coerced slave Chinese labor.
Associated Press.
You live in a slave camp, you don't work to execute you.
It's just coerced, folks.
But don't look for any Chinese Holocaust museums or the Chinese killed by the communists.
Don't look for any Uyghur events.
Because the left loves China and loves abusing people and loves slaves.
And they've got them now.
All right, we're gonna go to Max and Mickey and Nick and Trina and Jason and Jeremy and many, many others.
Please remember that
Regardless of whether how deadly this virus is, regardless if it's just a little bit deadly, very low-level death, whether it's super deadly, if it kills you, it's bad news.
But whether it's hype or not, this is a big move.
It came out of China.
It came out of the New World Order.
It's man-made.
And they're going for broke with the plans they're going to use to destabilize the world with this and go after the economy.
And it's already happening.
We called it here.
So I would advise listeners, this is your everyday life anyways, to boost your immune system.
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Turbo Force Energy
Hey Alex, how's it going today?
Man, I tell you, I just hope all these people I respect are wrong.
I hope it isn't as bad as it looks, but regardless, they're using it for a takeover.
What do you think?
Okay, I'll tell you what I think.
Here's my question for you.
I watch you and Mike Adams and Stuart Rosen, and I'm retired ex-military, and I really plan my lifestyle around what you guys say.
I believe in y'all.
God bless y'all.
I trust in y'all.
I'm prepared.
I have stored up enough food for a year.
I've stored up water.
I've got a natural spring on my property.
I've got weapons, ammunition.
I'm trained.
I'm ready.
Boy, I wish I was with you!
Okay, I've got it all going on, brother, but here's my question for you, Alex.
I live in the northern town here in upper Arkansas in the mountains.
When do we know when it's time to start bugging out?
I don't want to use the term self-quarantine.
I want to use the term self-isolate.
How do we know when it's getting time for us to just take it on our own to just bug out and get away from the world?
If I was retired and didn't have to be in Austin, I would already be preparing the next few weeks to leave.
Because it's exponential.
And so if it is as bad as they say, and we hope it isn't, then, I mean, as soon as possible.
Okay, well here's what I worry about when I watch your show.
I try to take my cues from y'all, but I still see you sending Owen and Savannah and Millie and Caitlin and all them out to these rallies and conventions.
And they're not wearing masks, and it doesn't look like they're very prepared around thousands of people.
Well, sir, I agree, but see, right now, it's such a small number.
It's deadly, it spreads fast, but you're right.
It's probably worse than they're saying, and we've actually had those discussions now.
We're gonna be watching very closely.
I mean, I've already canceled one trip, didn't tell people that, and I'm already, I mean, we're already having those discussions.
So, I mean, look, you're just as smart as we are, smarter.
What do you think we ought to do?
Well, I think if it's going to get as bad as what Mike says, and we're looking at, you know, maybe 3.2 million dead, uh, if they have to go to these conventions and rallies, maybe it's time to start passing a few masks out.
And, you know, I'm already, I've got my mask.
I've got a P95 mask with filtered respirators and people make fun of me when I, even at my church, I wear my mask and I told them this was my last Sunday at our church.
So, uh, they know that Mickey's taking this serious.
Well listen, with all the crap in the air already, you know all the Chinese toxic waste just rains down over the Midwest from the jet stream.
It's good to wear a mask sometimes anyways.
Sir, you've got more answers, or as many as we do, and I'm listening to you.
I'm looking at these callers on the board.
We're going to Jason here in a moment.
And he says it all.
That's what my gut tells me.
The virus is a cover for the hijacking of the Republic.
That's what it is.
It's the globalist striking back against the nation state.
But it doesn't mean it's a hoax.
But giving up our liberties and freedoms and setting a new precedent like 9-11, but leaving our borders open is not the way to go.
I'm going to go back to your calls here in just a moment.
I spent two segments on this last hour.
I shouldn't have.
But it just, it really captured my attention in a sickening way.
Brian Williams, the guy that said he was shot down in a helicopter and lied about it, was on with the New York Times editor.
Headlines, New York Times editor Brian Williams humiliated after suggesting each American could have received $1 million from Bloomberg's $500 million ad spend.
Now, let's just pull back from that for a moment.
You could give a million dollars to 500 people, not a million dollars to 327 million.
Anybody knows that.
Well, guess what?
The New York Times and others have come out and defended themselves.
So's the Washington Post.
This is a Paul Joseph Watson article.
Blah, blah, math, blah, blah.
Close quote.
Wash Post journalist responds to him, humiliating one million for every American fail, because they were the one that first created it, saying the 500 million he spent, he could give every American a million dollars.
500 million does not give 327 million people a million dollars.
It gives 500 that.
But they're doubling down!
They say he could easily afford to give everyone in America a million dollars.
That was their point, she says.
Well, I knew that was their point, so that's why I said without knowing that was their idiot point, that if he has 78 billion dollars, and you divide that by 327 million, it's 327 trillion dollars.
There's not that much money in the whole world.
I mean, there's no end to these people, man.
But that's why people want to vote for Bernie Sanders.
Because they just don't know math.
They go, well, the guy's got a private jet and I need one.
And then Sanders flies around on private jets, but then says you're bad if you fly in first class.
I mean, he's just, it's okay for him.
He's a communist leader, though.
He's got things to do.
I said I'm going to your calls.
Alright, I'm done.
That's another article.
Mob of teens savagely beat 15-year-old girl in New York.
Of course, it's a racial attack.
It's okay.
It'll be covered up.
We'll play that video coming up next to our medical report on America's first case of coronavirus revealed.
China is the real sick man of Asia.
We're going to get to all of it.
But the last caller was a perfect caller.
Because he's saying to me, when's the right time to do this?
And he's saying to me, well, if it's as serious as some of your guests are saying, why aren't you doing something?
And you know what, sir?
I'm having that same discussion every day because I'm sitting there talking to my wife and I'm like, uh, we're going to have to.
Really look at this and I'm looking at the actuaries and within about two weeks or so, we're going to really know some of the numbers.
And if it's as bad as they say, if 2% of people that get this die, yeah, I'm not playing Russian Roulette with my kids.
Then I got to talk to my ex-wife and try to figure that out.
And like, you know, which house do the kids want to quarantine at?
They're with me most of the time.
And, and, and then what are the, and it just, it turns into a nightmare.
It's a nightmare situation.
I got four kids, one with my new wife, three with my ex-wife.
I'm not going to wait around until a bunch of people are dying.
Because what I'm saying is, I could talk for a thousand hours on this with you, we're down to decision time.
Mike Adams has integrity, and I respect Mike Adams, and I respect Dr. Francis Boyle, and I respect the next guest, Professor Anthony Hall, coming up, that just say this is an incredibly horrible scenario.
And we know the supply chain nightmare is totally real regardless, and it's here.
So this is definitely a big deal.
You can feel it in your bones, not just intellectually see it.
But I just don't believe that this new virus popped out of nowhere that's man-made, they'd release something that kills 2% of people.
Because let me tell you something, the NIH and the CHICOMS and the globalists, they're not getting it.
Let me tell you something, you get 3 million dead Americans, or whatever the numbers are going to be, there are going to be some people getting hung.
If it's man-made.
And the fact that it'd be obviously man-made, and they admit it's man-made, but no one wants to talk about it.
That's the elephant in the room.
They'll never cover that up.
They'll never hide that.
This isn't a science fiction movie where the virus gets out.
It's the real world.
So let me say something.
I know communism's horrible.
I know Satan worship is real.
I know the left loves to kill babies and it's a religion for them.
I said it 20 years ago.
Now they're public about it.
I know thousands of things just like you do that are dead rock certain.
But I don't know what's going on with this virus.
And I'm not gonna sit there and tell you what you should do.
It's that simple.
But I would be boosting your immune system, and I'd be getting right with God, because regardless, this is a big move.
Alright, Jason says it's a cover for the hijacking of the Republic.
Oh, it's that 100%.
Who are the players?
Who do you think's behind it?
What do we do, Jason?
Well, a few weeks ago, the World Health Organization came out and said that they wanted to, first of all, thank you for taking my call, but they wanted to put the U.N.
in charge of all the quarantine centers around the world since it's a global pandemic.
And remember, Trump said Americanism, not globalism, is our credo.
So I just wonder how this virus not only plays a fact of trying to affect us, but I believe that's why the DOD and the military bases started to have all their quarantines
Man, that's why I love taking calls.
You're absolutely right.
You can see Trump is outflanking them.
He knows what's coming.
Exactly, and so I think the day that the VA gun rally went on, the globalists crapped their pants when they seen all those American arms peacefully, and it shows their dystopian future of, no, guns don't kill people, people kill people, and you guys are crazy, and God forbid we give you guys any
Oh my god, this guy needs a show.
I'm gonna start that show soon with the podcasters.
Get Jason's name and numbers, Jason.
Because you just crystallized everything, you're right.
And they got, even Mother Jones said there was 30,000, 40,000 people with guns, nobody got hurt.
It was a diverse crowd.
The leftists themselves melted down and said, maybe we should all have guns.
They didn't even know how to compute it!
So now they're trying to project that fear that they had on us.
And when you show that footage yesterday of Costco and their workers putting the toilet paper, it's like bullcrap.
This is the American spirit.
We know what's going on and we're taking back our country.
This is a war and it's hot.
And if we have to lose people, God forbid, look at the Russia that lost 20 million people, 10 million people.
22 million in World War II.
22 million, yeah.
But I'm not ready to give up my way of life.
No, I agree.
We're not giving our guns up.
We're not going to be good little chi-coms.
Because it's not going to save people anyways.
I agree with you.
We need to then say what's reasonable and what will we not put up with.
If you're off in some rural area and some government comes and says they need your food or their guns, they're criminals, they're unlawful.
We should be discussing right now with Joel Skousen and others, when this all goes down, if it is as bad as we think it may be, what the rules of engagement are.
I just know this, you're not coming to my house and taking my stuff.
It's not happening.
Ronald Reagan said the scariest words in the English lexicon is, I'm here from the government and I'm here to help.
I believe that.
Damn right.
So what's your gut on the virus?
I mean, obviously it's a power grab.
Obviously it's a globalist move, as you said.
That's admitted now.
The left's all scripting and saying it's all Trump's fault.
And saying, oh, what's going to happen with guns in America at checkpoints?
What's their next move and what do you think Trump should do?
I cannot say I understand their mindset because they are evil and they're Satanists.
They kill babies.
I don't know what their next thoughts are.
But I tell you this much, we need to stand with our president and we need to stand with our neighbor.
Get to know your neighbor, get to know your area, and at the same time, just be more loving.
I hate to say it like that, but what's going to help us is God.
No, I agree with you.
I went to the grocery store the other night and people were all being mean and hateful and it was weird.
Everybody's filled with hate because we watch the television.
It's tell lie vision.
And what is it?
They tell lies to our vision.
So seeing is believing.
And if they're not telling you the truth, like, hey, this is a bioweapon, then guess what?
You're falling into their trap.
I love InfoWars because... Jason, don't hang up.
I'm going to let you host the next five minutes because I've got this rule now.
All the callers are amazing.
With callers like you that are on fire, I want you to come in.
You're going to host five minutes.
We've got our guests coming on, but I'll continue with your calls after that.
And I'm a host a little bit into the fourth hour, and then Dr. Nick Baggage can't wait to get his expert take.
You talk about a trailblazer.
Fourth hour, Dr. Nick Baggage.
Stay with us.
Hour number three, straight ahead.
Who or what started the Wuhan coronavirus epidemic?
A lot of folks are saying, people I respect, the best thinking out there has been put out by Professor Anthony Hall.
He's coming up next segment.
We'll also continue after that with your calls.
The article's up at ZeroHedge.com.
It's also on Infowars.com.
And it's big, it's lengthy, it's got a lot of documentation.
We'll be talking to him in just a moment.
But you are on fire, Jason.
In New Mexico.
So we got about four minutes left in this short segment.
Got a ten minute segment coming up next.
What other points would you like to make?
Well, one point that I would like to make is back in November, there was an article that came out about Chinese police like touring or not touring, but walking around with Italy's police and a few other police forces around the world so that they could help others with or excuse me, help with their Chinese tourism.
And then all of a sudden,
You have the outbreak in Italy.
Then, once again, the defense minister of China met with the defense ministers of Iran.
And now there's an outbreak in Iran.
But the one key thing was about when you had the guest on that spoke about the military games in Wuhan, China, and how all these things could be passed off.
This is definitely an operation.
Now, not to say that it's not serious,
But it's been in the works, and I believe the killing of Soleimani was something that was very, very deep, and maybe they were planning a bioweapons attack, and once again, Trump trumped them, all pun intended.
So I know people are dying, but remember, China has the great firewall of China.
So when I started seeing all of that footage coming out of China, I'm like, wait a second,
China doesn't let anything out or anything in, but there's an influx of all this... Bingo!
They were allowing all the hysteric video, real stuff happening, but obviously being directed to the shooting of it.
Why would they want maximum fear?
Because fear is the greatest motivator.
I can scare you into doing things if there's a consequence of punishment.
Same reason why we pay taxes, because nobody wants to go to jail.
But it's a totally voluntary system.
You know what I mean?
Nevertheless, that's another topic.
But if we can see people falling over, here's the reality.
I believe it's mixed with the 5G weapon.
You had the guest on talking about he broke, you guys broke it open, showed that it's a weapon.
When these people fall over, that seems like it's a direct attack from
Not just a bioweapon, but obviously it's a bioweapon, but it's the 5G system.
There's no coincidences.
I don't believe in such.
Yes, some similarities of thoughts and actions, but we're at war.
There's casualties to war, and who doesn't mind killing their own people?
In fact, China said famously, Mao Zedong and others said, we'd love a nuclear war.
We're the only country on the earth that would like to get rid of our people.
They've aborted reportedly 400 million people, most of them girls.
That's their own number.
Very interesting.
All right.
Well, Jason, thank you so much.
And we are going to start.
I keep saying we're going to do it.
We're going to hire more.
Thank you so much Jason!
It's not for lack of callers, too.
You know, one time we had a three-hour show, 24,000 calls come in.
That's the problem, actually, is so many great callers trying to get on.
That's why most of us are the only first-time callers this time to hear all these amazing people.
So thank you so much, sir.
Jeremy says CDC tech companies prepping for quarantine.
We're gonna get to you.
Atrena, Alaska, the virus related to 5G.
People keep bringing that up.
Joseph in Ireland who's been holding.
We'll get to you.
The virus China globalist plan.
Jeff, don't believe the hype on the virus.
Iran related.
We're gonna get to you.
Max in Wisconsin, the virus preparing.
But for the next few segments at least, we've got our guest who is a really smart individual that will tell you about when we come back.
On the other side, Professor Anthony Hall.
Again, newswars.com, demonized attack, lied about because they're scared of the fact there is no filter.
We have a diverse group of guests and callers, and we have a real college of discussion here, trying to brainstorm into what's really going on.
That's why you'll hear opinions from hour to hour, minute to minute, that are countervailing to the other, because that's where you get the real understanding is in debate.
Stay with us.
I'm Alex Jones.
American Herald Tribune, aatribune.com.
The site matches the initials of Professor Anthony Hall, editor-in-chief of American Herald Tribune.
He's a professor of Globalization Studies and Liberal Education at the University of Lethenbridge, where he's now a professor emeritus.
The focus of Dr. Hall's teaching, and it goes into a community service campaign.
Professor Hall has published widely in the area of expertise, including the aboriginal treaties, international law,
Some other areas we won't have time to get into.
He has responded proactively to the incursions of those targeting his academic topics on their quest to limit academic freedom at universities.
His current schedule and research and publication is aimed at bringing to light deeper analysis of the very topics that his detractors have targeted him for.
That's what I always do.
What I get targeted for, what they try to shut down,
is what I then focus in on because that's what they don't want you to look at.
So he's written a big report that's up at ZeroHedge.com.
It's also on Infowars.com.
Who are what started the Wuhan coronavirus epidemic and how bad is it going to get and what does he think is really behind it?
So Professor Anthony Hall, thanks for coming on with us and we've got like nine minutes left of the segment.
I'd like to give you the floor to lay out what you currently think is happening and what's coming.
Well, thank you, Alex.
The idea that when you're being attacked for delivering an idea or investigating something, that might be a sign that you're on the right track.
And I noticed the... I've never seen such a plethora, such an influx of the allegation that, oh, there are these people out there doing conspiracy theorists.
And, you know, the mainstream media,
usual suspects, the cabal, have really grabbed onto that phrase in this particular situation.
Now isn't it interesting that the sort of martyr of this situation, Dr. Li Wenliang, who died on February the 7th,
And was trying to draw attention to this new disease.
He had to go into security police.
He was told to stop spreading rumors, to stop making trouble, and he had to sign some kind of document.
Well, isn't he in a sense being called a conspiracy theorist?
In our terms, you know, you're accusing the government of things.
A thought criminal.
Yeah, and of course the Western media point at him and say, oh those pathetic Chinese, they're accusing this person and it turns out he was right.
And so how many of these conspiracy theorists in the West, which are being dismissed, are in fact on to something, are criticizing power in a way that power doesn't want?
So this topic, you know, it captured my attention.
I worked on this paper for
We're good to go.
The disease, the illness, is not, you know, a bad batch of bat soup in the Wuhan market.
It's a level four research laboratory into pathogens, the most high-level type of laboratory in the world.
There's one in Canada, in Winnipeg, and there's a tie into this story.
So people are saying, like your guest Francis Boyle, it's the obvious explanation would be that this disease, that this illness escaped in some way from the biological laboratory.
But then when you get into what's going on in China, there was and is this protest in Hong Kong, and it's not in the article, but
My sources in China are telling me one explanation is there was a faction in the Chinese Communist Party that wanted to sick this disease on the protesters
Since Mao... That's right, and Trump and the rest of the world has challenged it, and magically the Indian Institutes have scanned the virus, it's man-made, magically it just pops up, shuts down the Taiwanese opposition, lets Xi Jinping clamp down, and now magically it's set to try to topple the West.
Now there, you know, I don't claim to have the ultimate answer.
Now I see that display on the screen here from the
Uncanny presence of, you know, HIV.
I was touched when I saw a clip of you, Alex, where you were saying, well, I initially saw this coronavirus thing as a kind of deep state diversion and an excuse to bring in different policies.
But when you saw that the HIV virus is
Found to be in this... Welded in.
Big pardon?
I mean, it's just cut into it.
Welded in.
It's just swapped onto it.
And now when they're treating the ill people, they're using HIV remedies and Ebola remedies.
So this is increasingly, the evidence is increasing that this is a human-made bioweapon.
And that it has all the signs in the way the bioweapon is constructed, and now it's supposedly mutating into an S and an L, and the L is more lethal.
Oh, that's another point.
I'm glad you brought it up.
The Chinese government's now saying, this isn't even the U.S.
news, I'm glad you raised it, that there's another more deadly variant of it.
So there is a great deal of literature and things we could go into great detail about how it seems the Chinese, or some faction within the Chinese, are responsible for this.
But then, of course, there is the story of the military games.
Which took place in late October, and this opens up the possibility that there is some kind of U.S.
dimension to this.
And, uh, you know, the United States... You've got to be honest.
We're in a war with them.
It's race-specific.
And then there's a U.N.
slash U.S.
It was in Wuhan, wasn't it?
And then now this pops up there.
And it was in Wuhan.
And of course then there's this Harvard professor, Charles Lieber, who is arrested, very publicly arrested, for all the work he's conducting.
Basically being a Chinese-Asian.
He's head of the chemistry department with a specialty in virology, nano virology.
And so he was working closely with the Wuhan Technological University.
And so he has been arrested for that.
So there is this US dimension to it.
And given that the United States and China, that the business class... Well, I was about to say, there's different factions, and it's clear, a globalist U.S.
faction with the Chi-Coms pretty much had already handed this out before for plausible deniability, and now they've released it to then embarrass Trump.
And before, right before you came on, this broke.
We'll come back and talk about this.
Pompeo came out today and slams China in perfect coronavirus data for putting US behind curve.
We were warning Trump, hey, they're gonna blame you for trying to talk this down with your advisors.
Now we know Trump's pissed at them.
I was already told this by folks in the White House.
So they're like, oh sir, they lie.
That's why we told you it wasn't a problem.
But they've clearly tried to set Trump up, Atlantic Monthly and others.
So this is getting really sophisticated.
Yeah, so to think it is, you know, China as a monolith, U.S.
as a monolith, hey, the elites of both societies have been interacting a lot.
It's faction wars.
It's faction wars.
Yeah, so to imagine it as a Chinese plot or a U.S.
plot and the two are mutually exclusive.
Let me stop you, Professor.
I've been interrupting because you're so on target.
I'm going to give you the floor and we come back.
You're a professor of globalism.
You study the interaction of governments and systems.
So we come back and explain as an expert in this, the different factions and what's happening.
You can see the scripting.
We said five weeks ago, probably an attack on America, probably an attack on the recovery, probably a CHICOM event.
But working with Western elites who would have to agree in committee with the CHICOMs to do this, because that's how communists operate.
Professor Anthony Hall, ahtribune.com, is our guest.
We really appreciate him joining us.
Others, Balasaro's son, just met him last week.
We'll be right back on the other side.
Tomorrow's news, today.
All right, Alex Jones here, back in line.
Professor Anthony Hall is a professor of globalization studies and a bunch of other things, but he's really been popular a long time.
I was already familiar with his work years ago, but he's been all over the place, going through, kind of organizing the things that are admitted and confirmed and predicting what's coming next.
And look, Mike Adams is really smart, and so is Dr. Boyle, who authored the U.S.
Biological Weapons Law that then became the U.N.
Treaty, in large part.
But it's all theoretical.
You're hearing all this a month ago, five weeks ago, and I'm like, okay.
And I got other guys saying it's not going to happen because I'm trying to hedge my bets.
I mean, usually I'm pretty accurate at stuff, but not when it comes to this.
The huge response by the Chinese, though, whether it's real or not, is to create a global hysteria.
That's clear.
To cut off our supply lines.
And that's happening.
So this is, in my view, modern warfare.
But at the time we have this segment, Professor, without me interrupting, because you made a lot of great points and I jumped in,
Now you've got Pompeo coming out saying, oh, we didn't have a big enough response because China lied to us about how bad it was.
We've been critical of Trump saying, hey, you better get out ahead of this.
So can you speak to that now?
So have you.
This is a pretty big development.
Yeah, well, the Chinese response after they got through the initial denial stage has been enormous, and the spectacle of watching the Chinese build, you know, two hospitals in 10 days or something, this has been something fantastic to see.
Let's be very clear that the Chinese government is on the line here.
They've lost a lot of credibility with their own people and they could lose the power over China.
China could have a very different future than what the past has been since 1949.
Then we
Go to U.S.
where there is supposedly this proper response.
And, you know, I've been listening to True News, Rick Wiles on True News.
They do a very good report every day on coronavirus.
And, uh, like in the Seattle area, for instance, you see a couple of kind of pathetic little, uh, sheds that they're going to call, uh, quarantine, uh, spots.
And, uh, there doesn't seem to be kits available and the China, uh, the U.S.
response seems weak.
Now, might they've, uh,
Pharmaceutical companies want to build up the virus to see it, you know, decimate the United States a bit more.
Might the CDC have an interest in making the virus worse in the United States?
It seems to me this is another agenda.
What's wrong with the U.S.
approach to it?
It's nothing like the Chinese approach and we're being told, you know, relax,
It's not going to be that big a deal and yet we hear about 3.5 billion masks being ordered.
Anyway, what's going on in the United States?
This is a huge issue and Trump could be getting some bad advice.
Alex, I have to say that over the years,
I've been following you too, of course, and when I first heard you on Eugenics, I thought, well, it's a bit extreme.
But you did, over time, convince me that this is a very major trajectory.
And there is Bill Gates, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, with the event 2001.
He's all over Eugenics.
He's a key player.
So, there could be many agendas, just like 9-11.
There could be many factions cooperating in a different way.
9-11 raises the idea that if we don't get a handle on this at the beginning, if we don't find out what the true origins are, if the people who made it happen take over the response to the event,
You know, then we're in trouble.
We're in massive trouble.
We have the entire Hegelian dialectic captured by the group that creates the crisis, offers a solution, and then carries out the solution.
That's exactly...
What we see happening here now, and you're an expert in globalism, explain to folks how... I know the audience understands this, but some of the listeners may not.
It's not like there's the Russian government or the US government or the Chinese government.
There are corporate governmental factions that all work, and that's how people divide themselves.
There's probably 7, 8, 9, 10 factions in the CIA that I've seen for myself just covering it, them fighting with each other.
It came out in the church committees.
So explain that, because we've got globalists clearly working with China.
Look, we can't say that somebody might not have gotten mad about China, what they're doing, and release this to bring down China.
I mean, the point is, something big's happening.
Well, you talk about the Church Committee, which was a response to Watergate, and that's a long time ago.
That's the 1970s.
Since 9-11, we don't get government investigations, proper investigations on anything, really.
We, you know, we get all this false flag terrorism.
We're given an explanation.
Just turn the page.
So, yes, of course, you know, to think that there's a country called Russia, a country called China, a country called the United States, a country called Iran, a country called Israel, and that everybody is under a certain tent, subject to, you know, the sovereignty of those countries.
The world doesn't work that way anymore, especially since 9-11.
Since 9-11, there's kind of been pseudo-law brought in.
We don't really have laws like we understood in the past, innocent until proven guilty and that kind of thing.
So I'm at the stage where I'm trying to identify different scenarios, different factions, without saying conclusively it's this one or that one.
You're looking at the factions and who has motives and who might be behind it.
That's the first thing to look at.
And then how one faction can complement, can create an aspect of the agenda, and then another faction can kind of pile on and manipulate it.
For instance, I find it quite credible that there was a faction within the Chinese Communist Party that said, we don't like these Hong Kong protesters.
They're making us look bad.
It goes on month after month.
What about if we send a biological weapon in that direction?
Oh no, I think that's what happened.
I think Chad is the main culprit.
Because it changes the subject.
How did Red Adair blow up oil wells that were on fire?
They'd be on for months, burning millions of dollars.
They couldn't put them out.
He figured out how to send an explosive and detonate it, get rid of the oxygen,
Yeah, well I wouldn't be as quick to let the U.S.
off the hook.
Well, it wasn't an organized approach up front.
It was denial up front.
And then when they were caught in the denial by Dr. Lee, then they went into, you know, hyperdrive.
Professor, you're right.
Let's talk about that then and what you think is coming next, because I know you've been talking about people that need to know this is probably pretty serious.
How bad do you think, from all your research, the virus really is and what should people be doing?
With the man that heads up AHTribune.com, I'm Alex Jones.
I head up NewsWars.com, Infowars.com, and I love NationalFile.com.
Summit.News and, well, a lot of other websites out there as well that are just great page reads.
We'll be back.
Alex Jones here with tomorrow's news today.
All right.
We got some great callers here.
We've got a lot of great questions for our guests.
Charles in Seattle says senior centers being shut down in Washington for coronavirus.
That's not on the news, but that's big.
We've got Jeremy in Texas CDC tech companies prepping for quarantine.
Terry in Montana.
Trina's been holding a long time ago.
Trina, virus.
Connected to 5G.
We got so many callers.
She asked the question.
We're going to go to you, but I've got all this other insane footage.
Bizarre statements are just flooding out of mainstream media.
CNBC's Rick Santilli suggests giving everybody coronavirus to calm financial markets.
Oh, I'm sure that would do that.
Biden hasn't taken cognitive tests, says article trying to debunk concerns over Biden's mental health.
That doesn't debunk it, the fact that he's not done a cognitive test.
Dow drops 2.6% on opening despite the good jobs earning data.
We're looking at all of it.
The big takeaway is Pompeo says, oh, we were slow to respond to the virus because China gave us bad data.
Going back to Professor Anthony Hall of ahtribune.com, an expert in globalism, a professor of globalization.
I want to take a few calls and the wild card angles will take us in, but other points you haven't had a chance to get to here in the interview that you want folks to know, and how bad do you think the virus really is going to be?
How crazy is it going to get?
Well, prepare for the worst and hope for the best, but Bill Gates, who
You know, we know quite a bit about this situation.
He says, well, it looks like this is the pandemic of the century that we've been waiting for, but it might not be.
But I just want to, in my moment here, just emphasize, you, Alex, made 9-11 an issue, a public issue, the 9-11 skepticism, you know, the phrase 9-11 is an inside job.
Look at how our failure to come to terms with that as it was happening.
Look at the implications.
Remember the anthrax attack on Congress and arguably this was a U.S.-backed anthrax attack because Senator
Tom Daschle and Patrick Leahy were questioning the Patriot Act, and they were slowing down the trajectory of the Patriot Act through Congress.
And so then there was an anthrax attack, and of course it was blamed on Al-Qaeda, but it was such high-quality anthrax, so highly distilled and refined,
Attacked Congress.
So the idea that a biological weapon, you know, can be used, probably has been used, and quite possibly is being used, and that of course opens up the possibility, what about a retaliation?
What about, okay, you're using this formula, we're going to hit you with that formula.
It's a nightmare scenario to be in a biological warfare.
Whether it's staged or not, it's being used as a new 9-11 to say, your way of life is over, your rights are gone, we're gonna have checkpoints, we're gonna shut down the whole world.
This could really be the death of the West.
No, this is, I'd say, the implications of this for changing our whole system go beyond 9-11.
And that's why we can't allow ourselves to be just pushed off to the side and said, you know, shut up conspiracy theorists.
We're the Washington Post.
We're the CNN.
We've got the inside track with the experts and such.
No, we, the people, it's our lives that are being tampered with, our futures that are being tampered with.
And it's just not good enough to
Just say, you know, we've got the experts and here's the explanation.
Professor, you're dead on and it's all our rights to look at this.
They've been proven to be lying.
Even Pompeo says China covered it up.
So now is Pompeo a conspiracy theorist?
Well, and Pompeo, you know, it's a bad response in the U.S.
It's not a good response.
We see in New York yesterday, there was a major doctor in one of the big hospitals saying, we have no test kits.
People coming into the hospital in New York looking for a way to be tested, and we can't do that.
Is the CDC that incompetent?
Or are they lying, saying testing kits were sent out to set Trump up?
I mean, this is really crazy.
Or are they in on the gig?
Are they in on the jig?
Is the idea to get the virus going in the United States in order to start the money flow to Big Pharma, in order to bring in the vaccine regime and all of that.
And one thing about the way the research is done in these labs, you start to see that the people that are working on these viruses
One day they're doing public health, in quotes.
They're doing, you know, looking for vaccines.
Next they're in government policy.
They're making the bioweapon that you need the vaccines for.
And they're going back and forth between these.
And then they're in policy too.
So they're not just developing it.
Then they're making the weapon.
They're then also in policy.
They've got every angle covered.
And we are entitled and it's necessary to be very skeptical about vaccines and the way that vaccines can be manipulated to bring about different historical outcomes and whatnot.
Yeah, exactly.
As you know, all the testing on Native Americans in Canada and the United States, indigenous peoples with deadly vaccines or poor white people, poor black people, any group that doesn't have anybody to stand up for them is tested on by this mad scientist cult that we keep running into.
Yeah, and you know, how much have we been tested on?
There's lots of cases on record of, you know, experiments on human beings taking place.
Was the princess, was that big yacht, was that a human experiment?
Was that some kind of
I totally agree, Professor.
You're doing an awesome job.
Let's bring some callers in.
Charles in Seattle, the epicenter of the North American outbreak.
Tell us what you're seeing with the senior citizen centers that you work with.
Hi, Alex.
Hi, Alex.
Yeah, I drive a bus for seniors on the south, let's just say the south metro area of Seattle.
And just yesterday, the senior center that I serve,
That I take people to and take them home.
They ordered that shut down until further notice.
And I spoke to people and found out there's senior centers around the Seattle area they're shutting down because, you know, the susceptibility of that population for spreading and getting the more the worse for, you know, to get really sick.
So I just
Pointing out that's the status change right here going on in the Seattle area and hopefully that'll slow down the spread of this problem.
Well, that's what I got told a month ago by White House sources is they already had Seattle ready.
They thought it had broken quarantine.
They were already getting ready to lock down.
But that, I mean, that's big news.
That's not in the news yet.
That's what you were told?
Well, I mean, I took people home yesterday early from the senior center.
And we have not taken anybody there.
We're being asked maybe to pick up some meals and take them out when normally we would take those people to the senior center in the morning.
And so that's what our current situation is.
So we're already seeing restrictions in travel up front is what you're saying?
I would say so, at least locally here.
Professor Hall, do you have any questions or comments for Charles?
Well, Seattle looks like it's a case study in a backward direction.
Unenlightened approach to preparing for this possible epidemic or plague.
As I say, True News, Rick Wiles at True News, they have been doing a significant job in covering this.
And on that yesterday, I saw them bringing in essentially like shacks
We're good to go.
What's going on there?
Apparently the federal government is going to show up, but it seems to be a very poor response.
There doesn't seem to be anywhere in the United States to point at a good example of a responsible approach from government.
I'm going to see that link on the little containment shacks, not just in China, but I'm going to look that up right now.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
Your calls are straight ahead.
You know, I'm a grassroots broadcaster, and I'm so proud of the fact that it is the grassroots that gives the orders.
You could be a woman that washes dishes or a man that picks turnips in a field, but if you stand up for what's right and you speak out, you've got power.
And so I've always explained to people, I don't come from the CIA or the FBI or some big corporation.
We're truly organic, and I'm proud of that.
I'm not like a
Sebastian Gorka who like wears a three-piece suit and walks around saying how elitist I am and I'm an elitist and you're all scum.
I'm the opposite of that.
I don't want to be the establishment.
I want to progenerate and overthrow the entire corrupt system and have a rebirth.
And that's what I think the listeners and viewers want.
Hi Alex.
The breaking story right now is that the CDC is hiring someone for a San Francisco quarantine.
This was posted February the 27th, 2020.
And actually, two days later, a tech CEO posted one of the biggest tech company employers in San Francisco just sent an email to their managers that they should prepare for San Francisco to have a citywide quarantine next week.
That's huge.
I remember seeing that and I should have covered it.
It's just so much.
Yeah, they're definitely getting ready for this.
There it is.
Public Health Advisor Quarantine Program.
There it is with the Google ad.
Centers for Disease Control is putting the ads out for citywide quarantines.
Tell folks what that means.
That means the lockdown... CDC preparing for the lockdown of San Francisco just like Wuhan.
It means hell on earth because look at the poop map in San Francisco.
You have cactus running around there.
Let's show the guy eating the poop.
I didn't get to this two days ago, but cue it up.
The homeless mental patients are now eating their poop in San Francisco.
Right, so you have the poop map, you have typhus breaking out, and the last thing you really want in any sort of pandemic, and by the way, actually let me back up a little bit because what really started the coronavirus was a Harvard epidemiologist that said the coronavirus is a quote-unquote thermonuclear pandemic.
That was the phrase
That was the phrasing that originally launched the viral idea of coronavirus being a pandemic, was this Harvard epidemiologist.
And so if you actually have a pandemic, and you have it in San Francisco, where there's typhus, where there's all this dirtiness, and you put a lid on that, you're going to have a plague of some sort.
No, I agree.
So why have Democrats created these poop-eating facilities and abort all the babies and Satanism and what, is it like an alien transmission or what?
I mean, why are they trying to destroy everything?
It's definitely something that the founding fathers had known about and had fought.
I can't say it's even China doing this as much as China wants to do.
It's the wild howl of the mob.
You create so much freedom, it creates a bunch of decadent people that can be manipulated.
I mean, definitely there's a large segment of that elitist population, even though it's a small population that wants to control everybody.
But on top of that, you do have these shadowy organizations, like I would just throw a name out there.
One of that gentleman was saying, oh, I want to know some faction names.
Well, someone who's very real right now, Eric Schmidt.
Look at Eric Schmidt, former Google CEO.
Then he was a chairman CEO.
Now he's a chairman of the U.S.
Department of Defense Innovation Board.
And so, what is he really overseeing?
Google Jigsaw, which was formerly Google Ideas.
This all gets really complicated, but let me go back into the CDC quarantine.
So, the following day after CDC said they were hiring, there was a train in Houston, Texas, going down
Downtown Houston, Texas, that had military equipment with, you know, 60 to 100 kilowatt generators.
There were teradynes, actually, just like your teradyne, with trailers with these generators on the back going, you know, right down Houston, Texas.
There was a lesser credible tweet that said that FEMA quarantine, potential FEMA quarantine whistleblower was texted that, prepare for quarantine.
Well, I don't think there's any doubt that we're going to see quarantines and a crisis.
Jeremy, great points.
Let me ask Professor Hall about that.
How bad do you expect the lockdown to get?
And what are you thinking should be done?
Well, I'd like... Is Jeremy still there?
No, Jeremy's gone now.
Sorry, I should have held L1.
Go ahead.
Because, you know, I found out a very kind of confusing account, a startling account, that would be, you know, one of the, that's a huge news if there is an idea of shutting down quarantine, quarantining San Francisco.
Nothing close to that has ever happened in U.S.
Somehow... No, no, the ads are real.
CDC's hiring quarantine officers for citywide quarantines.
We have the ad on TV.
So you just put an ad in the paper and hire?
That's the thing is they always hide this stuff in plain view.
I mean, you know, it speaks of this is going to be ad hoc.
There is no preparation.
No, you're right.
This is not well-planned, which shows that... And are we going to say that, you know, you can get health care if you're rich and you can get proper treatment, but if you're not rich, just go to the little sheds that they're setting up with their porta-potties somewhere in Seattle.
Like, this is a mess.
And then you can eat terrible food?
You just eat your poop?
Well, and eating poop kind of dramatizes how things, how terrible the disparity has become between a tiny, enormously entitled elite at the top, and at the bottom, it's street life.
And what's going to happen?
Those are going to be the, I guess, easy spreaders.
Those people are set up to be spreaders.
Talk about pantry dishes!
I mean, I'm not trying to show this over and over again to be gross, folks.
This is what goes on in San Francisco now.
Well, then you see the pictures in China of the struggles between officials who are trying to pick up people, and some of them are fighting, and it looks like they're fighting for their life.
Of course, you know, have they been running crematoria in Wuhan and elsewhere in China?
We're not in Kansas anymore.
Great points.
Alright, let's go to Trina in Nebraska.
You're on the air with Professor Hall.
Go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
Um, yeah, so I kind of went off Greg Reese's report about the 5G and, um, did my own research.
So I noticed that a lot of these other countries, especially Wuhan, obviously, um, that have coronavirus, they have all launched 5G and I did some research on 5G and I found out that it gives off, um, 60 gigahertz and this many gigahertz is absorbed by oxygen molecules.
And the 60 gigahertz basically rotates the oxygen molecule so your hemoglobin can't absorb the oxygen.
And also the 5G can actually cause people to get atherosclerosis.
And that's basically, it builds plaque in your artery walls and the plaques may cause rupture and acute occlusions of the arteries by blood clots.
Well, let's say this, 5G is a metaphor for, could there be other bioweapons or other things that Wuhan virus, coronavirus, is a cover for, Professor?
Well, this is yet another complicating factor, and it's enormously important in this case, because Wuhan just happens to be a major center for Huawei cell phones, which are, you know, at the front of the 5G transformation.
And 5G is a whole alternative method of wireless communication.
And it's, you know, a hundred times as fast and a thousand times as
I don't think so.
That'd be a normal question to ask, like, why is this breaking out a month after this is activated?
Does it lower your immune system?
Which we know that the wireless does that.
I mean, that's a major study.
So this is, like you said, super powerful, and it's every like a thousand feet or so, and then we wonder, does it augment viral spread?
Yeah, so that is a huge set of questions.
Does 5G supercharge the Wuhan virus?
Yeah, and is this a targeted thing?
Like, when you look at another issue, when you look at what's going on in Iran, where you have, you know, a much higher incidence of people getting sick and dying.
Professor, do a few more minutes with this.
Back in two, my next question.
Why is Iran piles of dead bodies in body bags?
Is that a hoax or is that real?
You're studying it, try to give us your best perspective.
Hour four, straight ahead.
More phone calls, final segment with a professor, and then we have Dr. Nick Begich.
This is the type of insane headlines pouring out by the minute at InfoWars.com.
Former supermarket boss warns of potential coronavirus food riots.
Army patrols, grocery stores may have to take drastic measures.
Paul Joseph Watson, InfoWars.com.
We're taking your phone calls right now.
With the professor, Anthony Holm.
You can see it.
It's not like we're even debating how bad this is going to get.
The supply chain breakdown, the hysteria, the just-on-time deliveries.
China, more than half the shipments, you know, coming to the U.S.
This is already going to be incredibly devastating.
We shouldn't lie to people.
You aren't.
I'm not.
I just wonder how bad it's going to get.
What do you think?
Well, the stock market is already tanked.
I mean, the implications, we're back at the level of 2008, and so the implications are drastic.
Now, the idea, if it's a bioweapon, that means it's targeted.
And, you know, there's a question of ethnicity.
Do you target an ethnic group?
If you don't target an ethnic group and you set the beast afoot in the population, who says it's not going to come back on your own population?
So the targeting of Iran, it looks like Iran is being targeted, especially because so many of the deaths and the illnesses have been directed at government people, at high officials.
That's what I'm questioning.
Exactly, it looks like it was seeded out and the major outbreak is used as a cover.
Yeah, and so where else is going to be targeted?
In China, the cyber security people who are in charge of the firewall, the very controversial firewall that prevents China from getting access to a lot of what's on the internet, apparently 200 of them were targeted.
And, you know, are suffering from the illness.
So even within China, there is some suggestion that there is a targeting taking place.
And that has huge implications.
And it causes us to, you know, want to demand, who's behind this?
Who is really, you know, rather than just saying, shut up, everybody, you're if you... No, we should have a massive debate.
That's how you get answers.
That's how you get human intelligence.
Analyzing, exactly.
The way so many political enemies have died from this, do they kill them and claim the virus did it?
Or do they have viruses, we know they have, that you give them that are super viral at first, kill you, but then mutate into harmless very quickly?
Because you wouldn't want to release a bioweapon that kept going, but they've got them that will kill two or three people that they hit, maybe three replications, but then they burn out.
And so are they hitting their political enemies with this and using that as a cover?
Is Dr. Lee the whistleblower in Wuhan?
He died a few days later.
Was he taken out?
Was he targeted?
Well, amazing points here.
I hope that you'll join us again soon.
The minute and a half we have left.
What else is on your radar?
What else is on my radar?
Well, this is a moment for humanity.
This is a situation unlike any other that I can think of.
I cannot see that we return to the world we're leaving now with this upon us.
And so this is, in the moment, you know, the religious people are going to be... You're saying coronavirus is obviously a big event, whether it's being hyped up or not.
You can see it.
It's now official.
It's a big one.
Yeah, and there's no way back to the world we've known.
It's going to alter our way of life dramatically.
Like if San Francisco goes into quarantine next week, the United States, that's not going to be the first town that it strikes.
The stock market will go down 5,000 points the day that happens.
Yeah, I mean, our whole financial system, China is at the very heart of our production.
You know, they took over the factories of capitalism and all the financial flow goes through there.
You take that out at the middle, which has already happened.
And look what happened to the stock market.
Thank you so much, Professor.
25% of the world's generic drugs are made in India.
And India relies upon China for almost 70% of their active ingredients.
Several of these Chinese sources have shut down due to the Wuhan coronavirus.
And as a result, India has restricted exports of 26 ingredients and the medicines made from them.
The United States no longer produces its own medicine.
How did this happen?
In the 1990s, 90% of these fundamental ingredients were produced in the USA, Europe, and in Japan.
But U.S.
laws on generic drugs began motivating companies to manufacture in China.
The greatest win for China came exactly three months after 9-11.
On December 11, 2001, China joined the World Trade Organization, aka the WTO.
And immediately began wiping out the competition in the American free market with unbeatable low slave labor costs.
Within two years, the USA lost their last aspirin, penicillin, and vitamin C producers.
Today, we depend upon China for about 90% of our medicine.
China has already amassed a reputation for poor quality.
And because they have monopolized the global market, the FDA has been forced to lower their manufacturing standards.
The low standards in China are likely to blame in part for the many explosions at Chinese pharmaceutical factories that have caused global shortages.
Recently, because of the Wuhan coronavirus, masks were ordered to not be exported from China.
There are life-sustaining drugs that China is the sole supplier of to the U.S.
What happens if China declares an emergency and shuts down all medical supply and drug exports?
Like both India and China are already beginning to do.
If the WTO is the father of globalism, then the UN's insidious replacement migration is its mother.
And in Italy, the man believed to be coronavirus patient zero is a Pakistani migrant who works in food delivery.
After testing positive for the virus, he refused to self-isolate and continued to deliver food.
A recent video of migrants holding babies over fires to make them cry in order to deceitfully cross the border into Greece shows several people speaking Farsi.
They are Iranian.
Iran is currently suffering an outbreak of the coronavirus.
Why on earth should Greece allow them in?
The coronavirus appears to be some type of eugenics bioweapon designed to kill the weak and elderly.
But one thing is for certain.
It has already killed the philosophy of globalism.
And now, it will be stress-testing the precarious digital grid that our entire society is based upon.
For InfoWars.com, this is Greg Reese.
Ladies and gentlemen, we're about to go to your phone calls, but my superhero powers is telling the truth.
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But this is definitely a serious time to be alive.
People should visit InfoWarsTour.com.
What's up, Alex?
I have seven angles about coronavirus that nobody's talked about.
But first, some production and personal tips for you.
I think you need to get a shuffle dial, ran from the studio to your desk so you can scroll through clips easily with like a long USB cable.
And also, you should get silk handkerchiefs instead of cotton because it's less abrasive to your face.
Anyways, I was wondering if you remember that whistleblower gal you had on years ago, I don't remember when, who said one of the goals of the U.S.
and assumedly
Worldwide bioweapons manufacturers is to create a virus that can target single individuals, their genetic helix or parts of the spiral of the helix.
Do you remember who that was?
I forget, but we do know they're pushing race-specific bioweapons that hit certain groups.
And yes, the Holy Grail would be a genome-targeted weapon that hits an individual.
And Dr. Begich can specifically speak to that.
He's been a trailblazer in that area.
Okay, also I wish you'd be more honest with your sales of storable food because, as you know, people who have minimal or no food prep would be banned from post-apocalyptic safe zones, fortresses, due to the fact that normal domesticated humans will go wild, buck wild, mutate like grasshoppers to locusts upon brutal conditions and lack of food and water.
Well, when you say more honest, I mean, I'm opening the calls up.
You can say whatever you want.
That's honesty right there.
I mean, there's nothing more honest than just, boom, you're on the air, say whatever you want.
And, you know, also a big boy like you or me, you know, during a post-post-apocalyptic activities, we'll be burning double, at least, the amount of calories.
You know, people should definitely have a lot of food.
No, you're right.
I appreciate your call, sir.
Max is right.
I mean, we take food-to-mouth delivery.
We take just-on-time delivery as a normal thing.
We've never been in a position of being more domesticated and more ready for total societal breakdown.
When we come back, I'm going to ask Dr. Nick Begich that question and then let him take over.
And then we'll probably just tomorrow, I'm probably going to come in on Saturday to do a special report, if not Sunday, get to Terry and Mike.
And Gordon and Jeff, I've really tried to get to you all and I apologize that I haven't gotten to you.
I've tried my best.
So if we can get the names and numbers of these folks.
I need to talk to the crew after the show.
We probably need to get an extra crew in here tomorrow because we need to come in.
These are not normal times and this is obviously the big globalist move.
They're obviously hyping it up.
They obviously want to take over.
We shouldn't live in fear.
Number one thing for your immune system is not live in fear and then pray and just get healthy and I think we're going to be okay.
The Holy Grail of their takeover plan is where they get your DNA and they can then go in with gene editing CRISPR technology and create a virus just for you.
Just for you.
What they've got now we know is viruses that they give you in the form of their most deadly that they mutate to something harmless afterwards.
But it's still all playing God.
Dr. Nick Begich's father first exposed all this and was killed.
His father's been a U.S.
Senator, but he's the most prominent in the family, in my view, for all of his books and groundbreaking research.
All right, Dr. Nick Begich is about to take over.
We really appreciate him, but I have my own selfish questions here.
And again, I respect him.
So I don't have guests on that agree with me.
I don't know what I think about this virus.
I just know the evidence came out it was man-made.
It's being protected.
They're using it as a giant hype system to take over and to centralize things and they're now trying to say it's all Trump's fault.
I know you've got a lot to cover today and a lot of your own topics to get into, so I'll be listening to those.
But, Dr. Begich, what do you just as a patriot, as a man, gut level, what do you think's really going on here?
Well, first of all, I think that the country really did very little.
You know, I mentioned last week that I had traveled direct from Hong Kong to Seattle
On a flight on February the 8th which on the way out I was coming out of Thailand on the way out of Thailand they checked my
My and my fiancé's temperatures, they checked us going into Hong Kong, they checked us going through the transit station, basically in the Hong Kong airport, and then they, we flew 14 hours non-stop to Seattle, they didn't ask us any questions, they didn't check temperatures, they didn't do anything, you know, and actually even 14 days before going into Thailand, they checked our temperatures.
And so, you know, when I think about, you know, was the U.S.
doing anything?
The answer was no.
Friends of mine coming in as late as the last couple days of February from direct flights from Hong Kong, again, no questions, no temperature checks, no nothing.
I find that pretty remarkable.
And, you know,
When I think about the third world organizing their borders so rapidly and then taking action, they didn't need a committee meeting and a bunch of other things.
They just took action.
They knew what action to take.
And so, you know, given, you know, the normal preparation of the country for things, I find it remarkable no action was taken.
And even now the actions are delayed.
And listening, you know, and looking at the news feeds and the impacts of all this, I think we're in for a lot more
It's the cover for the globalists to have a reset.
Yeah, and you know, when I look at what was happening, if you look at what I was looking at the year end, where the overnight funds and the repurchase agreements, which is all complicated economics, but the bottom line is normally bankers trading money with bankers, but the Fed had to step in.
We're good to go.
And the problem is you can't, you know, that affects maybe the demand side.
But on this equation going right now, we have a supply side interruption, which can't really.
Well, I think they all win.
They all win because they exploit the opportunity, whether they triggered it or whether it's opportunistic.
This is a screw-down opportunity, and now it's too late to put the genie back in the bottle.
Any way you slice it, this is a clamp-down.
We're in the jaws of the crocodile.
Get ready.
Right, right.
It doesn't matter how it started.
It's like arguing about what caused climate change when everybody sees there's obviously something happening.
You know, is it nature?
Is it man?
It's happening, you know, fight over it all you want.
But here we have the same situation.
Supply chain, and why is that important today?
Because of a couple things.
That's like asking why is oxygen important?
We're totally dependent now on it.
But freight, international freight, when you look at the way they look at that, and you look at freight volumes coming across the oceans before the summer starts, they were down 90%.
Right, and now it's off the charts down.
The boards were already showing that slowdown in what was coming into the country, because the economy was slowing down.
Profits, corporate profits were down to minimum.
And what's been feeding the market has been there's nowhere else for people to put money, and everyone is forced into these 401ks.
So they keep plowing more money in.
And so that's what, Jack, the market's all up.
Oh, that's Long Beach right there.
I mean, usually there's containers 500 feet.
There's nothing there.
No, in fact, I talked to a friend of mine that's in an apartment building across the street from the port, and it's the tallest building in Long Beach, and you look out his window, and I asked him the other day, I said, what's going on at the port?
And it was like, nothing, you know?
By the way, that's the purest form of news or intelligence, is someone on the ground observing it.
And so here's what happened.
When I was in Thailand, already tourism was down to nothing.
I went to Chinese New Year's in Phuket, which is the 30th of January.
And there was like 10 percent of the normal crowd.
My business partner lives there.
You know, he said, hey, everybody's gone.
Nobody's here.
And, you know, and that was then, you know, that's a month and a half ago.
And when I think about
We're in like this slow motion sort of train wreck, and we don't really see it.
You just quantified it.
I feel like I'm in a slow motion train wreck, and I feel like I've lost, for the first time in my life, power over what's happening.
Because I can fight politics and do things, but now, I feel like I'm caught in a river.
And it's like, I'm like going, well where's this river going?
You know, when I was looking at the economy, and again, I didn't even know how to do it.
I was talking to a friend of mine, and he said, hey, if you really believe this is going to crash, you should short the Dow.
And I said, I don't know how to short the Dow.
So I called my son.
He's a pretty bright guy.
And I said, hey, how do I short the Dow?
And he goes, S-Dow.
Buy S-Dow.
And I said, can I short S-Dow?
Can I buy an optimized S-Dow on the downside?
And so I shorted a short.
And actually, it balanced my stocks portfolio.
So I mean, I don't have a lot in stock, but I didn't lose anything.
And the point is, we saw it coming without this.
And then I told him, I said, you know, the one thing that would just trigger this even worse on steroids is a pandemic.
And we got one.
I mean, you couldn't have predicted it better.
It's rigged.
So let me ask you, first of all, you know that game, first thing that comes to your mind, who's behind it?
My view is it's exploiting, Globalist is exploiting the opportunity.
Sure, it's Globalist using it to just change the subject and grab power.
Right, because when you look at this compared to the swine flu as an example right now, and you know it was like the swine flu when it happened, originally they said killed about 12,000 and later after the fact they analyzed the data, oh oops it was 300,000.
But, you know, nobody even jumped, danced around anything.
You know, we didn't even blink.
And we've got this one sort of coming at us, but we didn't do anything.
And now it's here, ladies and gentlemen.
Now we're going to see what it actually does.
But it already has done the damage in the economy, and that's something that you can't reproduce.
You're going to take over.
I'm going to leave you here.
But I want to ask you, when you come back, Dr. Nick Begich of EarthPulse.com,
Whether it's a super deadly virus or not, the supply side, the whole chain delivery infrastructure is real.
This crisis is here just on that.
How bad is it?
Straight ahead with our Nick Begich.
I'm Alex Jones with NewsWars.com and in 30 minutes, The War Room with Owen Schroeder.
It's good to be back.
And, you know, this was the topic of the day, you know, when I think about sort of what's been happening and I'm watching the news feeds and paying pretty close attention.
And again, going into this year, you know, I was pretty skittish about what I was seeing and it was like anything could trigger the avalanche, you know.
And this really gives central bankers cover, you know, because they have totally screwed this up in every way.
When you think of supply chain interruption, this is a total screw up for greed and for money, for multinational corporations and for others.
And now they're all in trouble, right?
And who's going to bail them out?
Most likely, it's not going to be them.
But let's talk about this for a moment.
Let's talk about China, first of all, and sort of the sequence of events.
One of the things that people forget about in what was going on in China is a real lockdown on individual freedom.
You know, I mean, they had protests in Hong Kong, remember, and things were going crazy there.
And then you had in China, greater and greater surveillance technologies being imposed on the population now more than ever.
And then you look at sort of the dis-ease in what was happening underneath the economy in China, because they were speculating on speculation.
So people were borrowing from banks that were backed by the Chinese government, and then people were lending the money they borrowed from the banks, and those people were lending the money again.
And so they were compounding the interest, and there was all this crazy lending going on.
And then came the tariff, and the beginning of the slowdown in China.
And then this, this is like the triple whammy on that side.
All right.
And then here's the thing.
Supply chain interruption.
There's just in time inventory now.
Walmart is a big example of it, where you'll see the emptiness grow the most at the most rapid rate.
And so when you think of just in time, that's freight moving from the factories in China over the oceans to the ports, to the warehouses, to the stores, to you.
What's happened is the freight, the Baltic Freight Index, before we went into this, was at the lowest levels in history and now it's definitely passing that up.
Go look it up.
Baltic Freight Index.
Look at the charts over the last year.
Look at it over the last three years.
Look at it over the last five years and see what's been going on because that tells you what's moving into the country.
Then you look at other things that are really relevant.
You look at
They were going to predict a drop in the Fed rate already.
Three drops for the year, they were figuring.
Well, we're going to get all those drops and then it's going to go to zero, the interest rates, bonds are going to be first time in negative territory.
You know, this is a dangerous time for central bankers and they screwed this up, ladies and gentlemen.
All those bankers that we bailed out that have been manipulating the markets and are doing it again.
And, you know, some of them are even working against common U.S.
You know, JP Morgan and who's the other big one?
I forget its name, but they just announced that they're not going to finance any oil and gas projects in the Arctic.
That's us, folks.
20% basically, 20% little less than that of the entire landmass of the United States.
The biggest deposits of oil and gas in the world.
And they're not going to help us finance them because they don't want to.
But we bailed these people out.
Come on, ladies and gentlemen.
It's the bankers cover story for the day because the financial sector now is in deep
Deep, deep trouble, you know, in terms of what's going to be happening there.
And and I think they're going to be looking for another bailout and they shouldn't get it this time.
And what's going to happen and what is happening was easily foreseeable.
And it's not done yet because the happy talk isn't going to do it.
You can't fed your way out of a pandemic.
Whether it's real or not doesn't matter anymore because the way it's perceived,
That's a good question.
Loud this time around, unlike, say, the swine flu.
Well, because it's available this time.
You can hype it this time around.
And we kind of forgot everything else that was going on in the world before this started.
You know, we were on the verge of World War Three, right?
That I don't think has changed.
I think all those factors are still in play out.
We saw locusts in North Africa wiping out the food security for the entire north of a continent and the Middle East and headed towards Pakistan and China.
That's still going on.
Nothing stopped there.
People are still unhappy in Hong Kong.
That didn't change.
Japan is still got an economy that isn't working and wasn't working.
You still have all the same underlying problems.
There's no real corporate money was being made.
Now there's none being made.
And the forecast is less.
Tourism is in the toilet.
Transportation is in shambles.
You don't make up the lost revenue.
It's gone.
Those seats weren't filled and are empty.
I think so.
You know, 10 times as much just to get a dollar back.
You got to sell $10 worth of rooms.
You know, I mean, this is the problem, folks, is there is a roll up cost to this that hasn't priced into the markets, as they say, because the impact isn't felt yet.
And then you have an emotional factor, which is what's causing the yo-yo that we're seeing in the stock markets.
But the trajectory is bad.
I think?
You know, something real, land and real estate and things that people are going to rely on.
You know, those are always the anchors to economies, not paper, fiat currencies and not stock certificates.
Ultimately, it's about real assets, your home, your farm, your factory, things that make things, land, natural resources, the things that produce wealth, labor, entrepreneurship.
You know, these are the things that make wealth.
A solid, real stuff.
So, if you manage to get out of this mess in time, you know, think about that in the long term.
Because long term, it's going to be a healthy thing.
This stuff will recover.
The thing is, it's a little guy that gets looted in these times.
And then the big guy that gets bailed out.
And this time, we can't let that happen quite the same way.
And at the same time, we can't allow
The opportunity for civil liberties to be further hampered.
I mean, we might have to do some things and probably will because they're going to make us if we don't.
But I would say, you know, be mindful, be lawful, be calm and think things through and don't be too quick.
To react, because that's where trouble starts.
And looking around the world at what's going on, the migration problem in Europe has not gone away.
It's now on steroids as Turkey opens its borders and floods Europe with the next wave.
That's in motion, ladies and gentlemen.
There's a lot of discussion in Europe right now about sleeper cells that were dispatched there.
Look at the border images.
Most are males between 18 and 40 that are headed into Europe, that are in Europe now.
This is a real interesting time to be living in when you think about what's happening in the Middle East right now, what's happening across the globe right now, and then a pandemic on top of it.
I'm always skeptical of what I see.
You got the Gates Foundation just set up the new dashboard for John Hopkins University.
Go look it up.
Look up the dashboard for John Hopkins.
It's the new site for global mapping of this pandemic.
Bring it up and take a look, and you'll be amazed at how they're tracking this one.
But that also generates a news feed, and part of what we're seeing is an emotional response to a news feed, but that's real.
Perception is real.
We'll be right back.
This is Dr. Nick Begich on this Friday afternoon on the Alex Jones Show, InfoWars.com.
And welcome back.
You know, thinking about all this today and again, just for the break, we were talking about supply chain interruption, some of the things going on there.
And earlier in the segments that preceded, Alex was going to ask me about genetic engineered bioweaponry.
He didn't get around to it.
So I want to make sure I don't miss that point.
So to go back to that, you know, the idea that you could engineer
We're good to go.
So, check it out.
Get the books at the InfoWars store.
Stock up on the other good things that are there.
That's how the program is supported.
We appreciate it.
But it was back then, almost now, 15, 18 years ago, that we were predicting this kind of technology because they were talking about, within papers within the Pentagon that were being publicly released, they were talking about these sort of designer
So, you know, maybe that's that.
Maybe that's this.
But here's the thing.
No matter what it is, there was one guy I met that did work for the Pentagon.
He operated a think tank out of Arlington, Virginia, and his job was as a futurist, right?
He was like this guy that predicted the future on stuff, you know, took weird scenarios and said, what if?
You know, what if aliens landed on the White House lawn, for example?
That was one of them.
There are like a hundred of these scenarios.
What would you do?
You know, what if the, you know, there was a massive volcanic eruption and there was this disaster?
What would you do?
You know, so they're all the what would you do's.
And out of the hundred what would you do's, they made a rational plan about what would you do?
How would you execute?
What steps would you take?
So they would have a playbook on the shelf.
So you have a bad news day, you grab the playbook.
Hell yeah, this is what we do.
The aliens land on the White House lawn or whatever the story is.
You know, and I'm using that as a crazy example because these were the kind of examples that were there, the kind of things that were like out of the blue.
In fact, the book was called Out of the Blue, as I recall.
Go look it up.
1990s, late 90s vintage.
But the point is, this idea of creating scenarios and then planning around them is what our military industrial complex, global complex, academic complex does.
And then you build a scenario around that.
Well, if you have that happen, what do you do?
Now, the Chinese are the masters of the game and they're the ones that got the lead role in the latest performance.
And so when you think about what's happening there right now in terms of a lockdown, it gives you a whole new perspective on
A billion population gulag, you know, and makes you understand why they were protesting in Hong Kong before all this started because they don't want it there, you know, and why Taiwan remains an island off the coast of China saying, hey, I know you think we belong in your territory, but we still feel kind of independent.
And Hong Kong is kind of the same way and Singapore and some of the other places that are awful close to a lot of bad news.
So you have a reshaping of what's happening there.
Now, people thinking in terms of the big
Uh, games being played in the world that maybe it's time to bring factories back.
But let's think about that for a moment when those factories return to America, because they're going to be way different, you know, if and when they return.
Because firstly, when they return, they're going to be robotically based after initially being built.
They're not going to have the thousands of employees.
They're going to have the dozens of employees.
And then you have hardware equipment that's being developed that will take place of humans because cheaper to operate, you know, like the McDonald's robot that works for about three bucks an hour, you know, instead of whatever the minimum wage is in whatever part of the country you're in.
And so when you start to think about
You know, what's happening with technology displacing labor?
This is an important thing because this is capital replacing labor, you see, because there's four.
There's four things in the economy that are real.
There's labor, there's entrepreneurship, there's capital equipment, things that make things like factories or robots, you know, things that now make burgers, and there's land and natural resource, which is why I say stick with the real stuff, man.
You own your labor.
You used to not even be able to pack that.
They called that slavery until we created an amendment to the Constitution to let them create income tax.
But that used to be, you know, kind of sacred.
And then you've got entrepreneurship, and there's a lot of smart people.
There's a lot of smart people listen to this broadcast every day that apply what they know and turn it into something that makes money.
And then there's capital equipment, which is everything from a shovel to dig a ditch with.
That means you combine a shovel and your labor and you can go make a living.
You know, I mean, capital equipment is the factory, the equipment.
And that's real well.
Things that make things.
Farmers all controlled their capital equipment and their land and their natural resources and their labor and their entrepreneurship.
90% of the American population 100 years ago were all of those things and controlled real well.
Now you have a 401k which is a puff.
It's air.
It's toilet paper.
In fact, it's rough toilet paper.
You wouldn't even use it for that if the certificate wasn't worth anything.
You might start a fire with it if it wasn't worth anything.
That's it.
But the fact that you have a match and a lighter, that's capital equipment and labor to light it, you know, so at least you can make the fire, you know.
But the point of the matter is, think about what has real value and begin rethinking how you play the game.
You know, in terms of what do you put your money in and how do you manage what you have?
And, you know, the sad story is we're kind of pushed into this 401k model.
Well, Social Security gets looted, you know, and, and, you know, there is no security unless it's your own.
And I think ultimately, that's what we have to recognize.
And so you take individual responsibility, which is what Infowar has always been about, is do we fall into the squishy collective of the Sanders world of collectivism in the 21st century?
Or do we fall into the senile world of Sleepy Joe?
You know, I mean, come on, ladies and gentlemen, let's get back to draining the swamp, taking care of those things.
We have these other things going on.
I don't say disregard them.
But remember, all these other issues are still in full motion.
And bad guys in the world like take opportunities like this to exploit when things are already a bit in chaos.
It's opportunistic.
For the bad guys in the world, you know, this is the opportunity where you create more chaos and unrest.
And I think that's where the calm voice in the middle of the storm needs to be ours also.
Because everyone is nervous right now.
I mean, think about it.
Everyone's retirements, they've been watching bounce around like a yo-yo.
There's no stability in anything, in any of it, right now.
And we see that.
And so, you know, I mean, people are fearful, for sure.
That's what's driving all of it.
And you hear me and you've heard me for years speaking against fear, because it is the root of the worst of possible human behavior, is the fear.
And what it what it does to our higher level processes.
It breaks us off.
It disconnects us from the infinite, from God.
It disconnects us from who we are as created human beings when we fall into fear.
So we can't allow that right now.
And that's where so many people are right now.
Prepare for sure.
You know, you should be anyway, because life is always uncertain.
It's a one certainty in it.
You know, it's the one certainty in it.
If you live long enough, you know it because you've seen the cycles come and go.
And when you thought, oh, the sky is falling, the world is ending, it didn't.
And I would bet it's not going to end now, but it certainly is altered by every event, but mainly by the way we perceive it, react to it and begin responding.
And you now have a collective responding to a wave in the Matrix.
I was at Costco the other day myself, you know, before this thing started and everybody's calm, you know, doing their thing.
And then I went after it started and people were very, it was quietest day I'd ever been to Costco for the busiest day on the planet.
It was kind of wild.
But here's what I saw.
Those that knew what they were doing had a certain determination.
The rest were walking around like deers in the headlight.
Gee, what's going on?
How come everybody's shopping today?
Well, most people that reminded me don't pay attention to anything at all.
And it's always a big surprise because everybody's looking through the narrow news feed.
And I've said it before and I say it again.
Take a broad view.
Look at everybody's news feed.
Make your own mind up.
Don't be pushed along.
Don't be herded and don't succumb to fear.
We are created in the image of a creator.
We should act like or begin at least asking for the grace that we might behave in this different way, that we might see the world in a different way, that going into a weekend when the world is going to be filled with fear and anxiety.
Yeah, we have problems.
They're going to be here for a while.
But hey, we're not in this alone.
We're not in this alone.
You're the tip of the spear.
Remember who you are and act that way.
This is Dr. Nick Begich, signing off.
I mean, I've got a problem.
And we'll just take the Trump rallies over.
That said, about two months ago, I came up with a plan that I haven't launched yet.
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Impeach the Democrats.
Save the Second Amendment.
Defend the First Amendment.
And it looks like duct tape, but it's just a regular sticker.
You put it over your mouth, you go to a Trump rally, and you instantly take over without even disrupting things.
People say, why are you doing this?
What's happening?
Well, you go, well, we're being censored.
You know, Trump won't do anything about it.
And Dr. Puccini, let me just ask you what you think, because I've not launched this yet.
You've taken the very element that they try to repress you with, that's silence, and made it into a weapon.
It's brilliant.
You have the loudest sound of all, silence.
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Subterranean cities so that they can live during the winter.
Grasshoppers pig out during the summer, during the fall, they freeze to death, they die.
But if you pull back from that and you think about the fact that the media acts like it's weird or bizarre to store food or to have guns or to have ammo or to have your house paid off because they want you dependent and easily controlled.
So I've been promoting swearable food for 26 years on air and
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And tomorrow it may be a five-week wait.
Your order comes in, they have the food, but it's getting it packaged and shipped to you.
So you can go with somebody that says they have the food,
I don't
They think in a week or two, they're going to be maxed out.
They're just going to have to say, sorry, no more orders.
Because they're not like the other people that will take the order, even though they don't have the food.
They have the food, but they can't package it.
They're three weeks behind.
So they're saying, four weeks for delivery.
But literally, it's going to go up because the other suppliers sold out of affordable food weeks ago.
They sold out to the government.
They sold out to private corporations.
We got the best sponsor.
We did another good
Decision thanks to God discernment, but that's gonna end very soon.
So I'm bummed out Because hey, we're funding our operation right now bringing in profits to fund the M4 and fight against the globalist But we're running out of the food.
So gear orders in lock them in right now by tomorrow, maybe five weeks I don't know an M4 store.com but know you're funding the M4 and your food is there
It is getting packaged and it will be shipped out unless there's a nuclear war or something.
The best place to order your food is infowarestore.com.
It's high quality.
It tastes great.
It's good for you and your family.
It's there.
They're packaging it.
It will ship out to you as soon as it's done and it funds the InfoWar.
A true 360 win.
The only way to fail is if you don't take action right now.