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Air Date: March 4, 2020
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Alex Jones discusses the ongoing US presidential race, expressing concern over Joe Biden's cognitive abilities and questioning the Democratic Party's plans if his condition worsens. He criticizes Mike Bloomberg's behavior and potential Tulsi Gabbard dropping out of the race. Throughout the show, Alex shares updates on COVID-19, promotes various products at Infowars store, and discusses the importance of self-sufficiency during the pandemic. He critiques Trump's handling of the situation and provides potential solutions. He also discusses recent news articles from Infowars.com and encourages listeners to purchase InfoWarStore.com products for overall health support and funding the broadcast.


From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
Well, Super Thursday came and went on a Tuesday.
And the man that dubbed it Super Thursday, and who dubbed his wife his sister last night, and who can't string a sentence together now, Joe Biden!
One, in the majority of the states on Super Tuesday, he is the frontrunner in poll position.
Right behind him is the communist, Bernie Sanders, who can string sentences together.
Lots of promises of goodies and freebies he's going to give you.
This is beyond a Kurt Vonnegut satire novel.
This is unbelievable.
But Hillary is still fluttering around like a vampire bat, hoping for a broker convention.
And with the Democrat convention four months away or more?
Man, I don't see how Biden makes it so.
We're going to cover it all today.
Unbelievably important coronavirus developments.
Undercover video being leaked out of Iran and other places of just piles of body bags and dead people and all that's coming up next segment.
But I want to go back here today and look at Mike Bloomberg that dropped out this morning.
Because he hired a bunch of PR firms that were going to teach him how to meme.
And it was like space aliens from Mars or another dimension trying to learn human humor.
He shakes dogs' faces.
He licks his fingers and touches communal food.
I mean, it goes on and on.
He dresses up like a little mermaid.
He dresses up like Mary Poppins.
He thinks that's going to get inside Trump's head.
I actually think Mike Bloomberg might actually be a space alien.
I never used to believe the David Icke stuff about reptoids.
But you know what?
You watch this enhanced footage.
We blew this footage up of him.
Trump said, what are you doing?
He's licking his fingers disgustingly.
And then touching the big serving dishes.
I mean, I don't slap my kids for much, but they get a little bit of a slap, you know, on the back of the head for that, man.
That's how you get food poisoning.
And I'm not even a germaphobe, but keep your freaking fingers out of the serving dishes and certainly don't lick them.
Basic etiquette of this guy that wants to be the nanny and tell us how we should live, what we should do.
But again, he's totally psychotic.
Here he is.
Enhanced audio, folks.
We turned this up.
This is cranked up.
This is what happened.
This is absolutely gross!
That boy is a P.I.G.
Mini Mike!
Now Mike didn't do too well.
He went way down.
So he might have gotten in with the financial mafia and come up with a scam to rip off money in the markets, but he's always will be a hunchback little nobody gnome.
Okay, he'll burn in hell.
Because everybody looks at that phony pile of dog manure and knows that he will burn in hell.
Because I know he's the guy who financed the lawsuits against us, which makes me feel great.
When a pile of dog feces like that doesn't like me, it means I'm doing really good.
So bring it on, you demon midget.
By the way, there's nothing against short people.
Hell, I'm not that great in stature.
But, I mean, it's just he thinks he's so big and so powerful, he definitely has a Napoleonic syndrome.
I mean, you know, I'm 5'11 when I stand up straight.
He's at least 4'9 when he stands up straight.
And boy, let me tell you, that really sold the public, all that sashaying around.
I'm not saying Mike Bloomberg's gay or anything.
I'm just saying, if I was going to cast somebody for a gay gangbang video, he'd definitely be the main subject of the deposits that were going to be made.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
You know, it's a family show, and so I'm gonna behave myself, but when you watch Mike Bloomberg fondle barbecue and spit on it like a fly, flies vomit out saliva on their food and then gulp it up, he probably is a space alien, like some fly species or something, and he's like vomiting spit onto the food and like gobbling it up.
That footage is coming up next segment.
Along with him, Mike Bloomberg just dropped out of the race, dressed up like the Little Mermaid,
Or no, he's a little crab with a tail.
A little forked tail, perfectly.
Probably his real tail.
And then, as Mary Poppins, guess what?
He thought that was meme warfare from the type of fruits the leftists that are advising him.
You talk about an alternate universe, your 78 billion dollars will never buy authenticity because you stole it with digital fraud in the stock market.
And we all know that, Bloomberg.
You are nothing but a toady and a frontman who thought you were going to defeat Donald Trump, and you didn't.
Infowars has interviewed Tulsi Gabbard.
I'm like, wow, I didn't know this happened.
It just happened.
It's up on Infowars.com.
Is Tulsi the next to drop out of the presidential race?
Great job, Savannah Hernandez and team.
And we've got so much to get into on Super Tuesday, or Joe Biden Super Thursday that just happened on Tuesday and now it's Wednesday, but they're admitting in the news.
It's like, wow, the media favorites, Elizabeth Warren and others, Klobuchar, they didn't do well.
And that's what I told Politico back when Rand Paul won.
They called and they said, why did he win?
I said, because you attacked him.
And because he's got grassroots support as a common sense person.
It's like six, eight years ago, whenever it was.
And they just, they actually published that, but they just can't get it.
If they had not endorsed Elizabeth Warren, she'd probably be the nominee right now, at least in the running.
So overall Biden, as you know, won more states.
And Bernie won some, won California.
The evidence is, it's really burning on everything, just like four years ago.
We've been right here before, four years ago, on Super Tuesday.
Gotta fact check that, Biden says it's Super Thursday.
So, Super Thursday, he's always right, I'm wrong.
So Super Thursday that happened on Tuesday, went to Joe Biden, and we're gonna play some of his gaffes coming up a little bit later, because there's so many every day.
We're not having to like cherry pick this, you just watch a speech,
And he sounds like he has sniffed glue, drunk a bottle of Jack Daniels in the last hour, and put about 14 large marbles, log rollers, in his mouth.
I mean, I can't tell what the hell he's saying.
He's twisting everything around.
And you know, it's very sad.
I'm not actually making fun of him.
Because my grandfather, my mom's dad, was a super smart guy and awesome.
He had a heart attack.
Then he had a stroke.
And man, some days you'd go over there and it was like a five-year-old was there.
Other days he'd kind of be back for a while, but there were some days when things weren't too good and he sounded like Joe Biden.
You'd sit there at the dinner table with him.
Well, you know, he was drooling from the stroke.
What happens, you're paralyzed, and he'd be like, well, I'm bad.
He'd get excited and say some stuff.
And, you know, a few things scare me, but that scares me being like that someday, because I'm like a carbon copy.
I look just like him.
And it scares the hell out of me, because I don't want to be in that position.
I've never been for assisted suicide, but I don't want the state doing it.
But let me tell you, I get in that position.
My family needs to take care of it.
So it's horrifying to watch.
And that's really the big discussion here, in my view.
What is going on with the Democrats and the media that they would force feed us somebody?
Remember eight months ago, I got banned on Facebook for the second time.
They said you can't even say positive things about Alex Jones.
Only negative comments are allowed.
Talk about living in a cult.
Where's Jim Jones when you need him?
Or the Hillbop?
And all I said is he's clearly had another stroke, he's had major brain surgeries, he can't talk, he's way worse now, and they said, Jones put out fake news that Biden can't talk properly.
Well, that's all subjective, but PolitiFact was like, he talks wonderfully, he's an incredible lawyer.
They literally thought Joe Biden, eight months ago, who could not string a sentence together properly, and who had gaffes every minute or so, was their
Now everything he says is a gaffe.
It's unintelligible!
That's not the issue.
It's not that Joe Biden's almost 80 and had a brain surgery he almost died of 20-something years ago and admits it, where they take the whole brain out.
They had to fix the vessels under it.
I mean, you usually don't make it back from that.
He's definitely a tough guy.
The point is, his expiration date is up.
It's like you open some milk and go, whoo!
That stinks!
You don't need to taste it to know it.
And then weird, like, and that's the weird thing about dementia is it's like really weird, sick stuff gets said that makes no sense.
Like, I like black kids like flies.
I like flies.
They touch my hair.
But yo, I'm gonna kiss this baby.
Let me get love on him.
I'm going to ride on the wall with my Crayola.
They're like, that's not your Crayola.
I mean, that's the crazy part about this is he is months away.
I don't say this to be sarcastic, from riding on the walls in his own feces.
He's just grabbing women's crotches, grabbing women, making them sit on his lap.
Husbands are getting pissed.
He's telling nine-year-old girls, you make me horny.
I mean, this is all on tape.
Chris Matthews has to resign because he told a guest, you look beautiful.
But Joe Biden can run around like a dementia-ridden, dirty old man running on two cylinders out of a smoke coming out, black smoke, fire coming out of it.
I mean, he is beyond a dumpster fire.
He's like a car on fire.
And so the issue is, in what dimension, in what planet, is this the Democrat
Poll position nominee individual.
And what are they planning with Hillary?
And what are they planning to do coming up?
What is their game plan?
Because they've got a trick up their sleeve.
There's no way they think this guy... When I said it eight months ago, they knew the guy couldn't talk.
That's why Obama wouldn't endorse him.
Well, eight months later, this dude is... I mean, you go to a nursing home.
And I'd go have dinner with grandparents and all of them almost every week when I had time.
Usually about once a month.
And I'd have Weldon Henson and folks go, you know, play for grandparents.
Some of my friends, they're country music folks, would go play for folks, the old folks home.
You know, I'd have conversations with these veterans and patriots, you name it, and most of them were there.
They'd kind of drift in and out, but they'd say some really important things.
Joe Biden is in the lower percentile.
Let's say can't talk is a one, and a well-spoken old 80-something year old person in a nursing home is a 10.
Joe Biden's like a three, folks.
The Democrat Party person they're force-feeding and making us take is literally physically able to walk around and has a lot of energy, but the brain isn't operating.
So, I'll ask the question, what are they up to?
There's another way to say it, what the hell are they doing?
There is something going on here, and it's in the news that Hillary's still waiting in the wings, so maybe Biden has another stroke, or he has to step down, and what do they do?
And well, she's still polling right behind Biden, better than Bernie in most polls.
They've got it all ready, and she still believes she's gonna swoop in and do this.
And a lot of other experts are saying that's gonna happen.
I'm not saying it's gonna happen, I'm just saying they never give up.
And she's always intended to run again and never stopped running, basically.
So we'll discuss all that.
We've got the worst coronavirus news yet.
And I'm not holding back getting into it.
It's just, it's so crazy that it makes my head spin.
Time to debunk the skeptics.
Coronavirus 19 has a death rate that is about 34 times higher than the flu.
BBC Publishers leaked Iran footage showing
Bagged bodies of coronavirus victims piling up.
China supply chain meltdown set to rock U.S.
Yeah, that's what's definitely real.
Italy closes all schools amid coronavirus outbreak.
That is just some of what we're going to cover when we get back.
Please remember, the only way this transmission gets out on the local AM and FM stations and the internet is you tell people about those local stations.
So please, remember, we're in an information war and your voice spreading the word is victory.
It's not critical, it's everything.
So I want to thank you for spreading the word.
We're winning together because of you.
And spread those links from newswars.com forward slash show.
Newswars.com forward slash show.
That's not as censored a link as InfoWars.
Newswars.com forward slash show and band dot video spread those live feeds Welcome back ladies and gentlemen on this live March 4th Wednesday global transmission it is 2020 243 days the election look at this guest lineup today very interesting and informative Stuart Rhodes of Oath Keepers lawyer army veteran Patriot and
He'll be in studio with us.
And Dr. Steve Pachinick gonna ride shotgun with us.
And then Mike Adams takes over in the fourth hour.
And then you got the War Room with Owen Schroer and all the great things they're doing in the fight for freedom and to ignite the brush fires in humanity.
I want to get into coronavirus in the next segment.
But right now I want to continue along the theme that I was hitting.
It's frightening to me that the Democrat field run from people like Tulsi Gabbards, who I don't agree with a lot of stuff, but she's well-spoken and looks like a human and has some humanity and is in his establishment, who they've shut out because she acts like a human.
And then you got Elizabeth Warren, looks like an animatronic robot at Chuck E. Cheese.
That's what the system tried to force-feed us.
She's super unpopular.
And then it goes through Bloomberg, the billionaire, coming in trying to take over, because he got a bunch of experts to lie to him to get his money, when he had no chance, no star appeal, no nothing.
And then you've got a communist lying to people who's a conman, whose dad was a criminal conman, telling you you can have all this free stuff, running around, flying on private jets, saying nobody else should, and owning three one million plus dollar homes.
And then you've got Biden who,
There's an article here.
Elites preparing to live forever with their brains inside robot bodies.
Super rich to live forever by implanting brains in human-like robots.
Well, that's the Daily Star.
Well, if your brain's rotten, it doesn't matter.
What, you've got a rotting dementia brain inside a robot?
I mean, it's ridiculous, folks.
The delusions.
No, none of these people are gonna cheat death.
They're gonna face the Creator.
But if you want to know what's happening, if you go to a Democrat rally, all of us are getting soft, all of us are getting decadent, none of us know how to do math anymore.
The whole world dehumanizes us.
Technology seems great, but it is weakening us, it is making us... Ancestors, whether you're in Africa or Europe or anywhere, 10,000 years ago, they dig up the bodies, they dig up the skeletons, they were... The average person was twice as strong as someone today, and stronger than an Olympic athlete.
A woman, the average woman they dig up from 10,000 years ago, and what's England today is stronger than an Olympic athlete who's a man.
You can pull that up, they got the studies, the bones, all of it.
I mean, chimpanzees can rip a person's face off, no problem.
What person do you know today that can rip somebody's face off?
The point is, is that that's just the physical power.
What about the mental power?
Our mental power is going down too.
We're dying.
And I've used the analogy of a Mars mission would take almost a year to get there.
And most, even best astronauts in great shape would be unable to walk once they got there.
Because there's no gravity, so your body falls apart.
And that's what technology's like.
It's like not having gravity.
And so we're just falling apart.
Yeah, disease doesn't kill the weak anymore, but it just lets the weak produce, and that comes into eugenics.
But the globalists are actually targeting the strong, the opposite of eugenics.
So they say they're eugenicists, but they're not even eugenicists.
Even though eugenicist systems and Malthusian systems are bad enough, there's something even worse that's targeting their competition.
Because the globalists are already so inbred and so screwed up, they want to lower all of us to their level.
And so that's really the big secret, is they're doing everything they can
To bring down humanity, but it's the Helter Skelter song.
I'm coming down fast, but I'm miles above you, Bloomberg.
So when you see all these weak, dumb people resonating, and then their leaders are weak and dumb, that's a manifestation of like those would like.
Birds of a feather fly together.
And so you go to a Bernie rally or a Sanders rally, it looks like they could be black, white, old, young.
These people look like they're half dead.
They could be 20 years old or 70 years old.
And they're sputtering and got green teeth.
And you'll see weird politicos handling them and managing them.
But then their own leaders are like hunchbacked demons like Hillary, cackling like witches.
And it's been our tolerance of their evil has allowed it to grow into this.
And now they think that's the norm, and they see those of us that have brains.
Here's the allegory.
Why do zombies want brains?
Because they don't have it.
Why do moths go to the flame?
They don't have the light, folks.
And they're not going to stop until those of us that still have it are destroyed.
So what are we going to do about it?
That's a big, long discussion we're going to have to have, but love's got to come off.
Games got to stop.
Here, let's go out to break with a little compilation of Bloomberg.
And Trump tweeted, what are you doing?
There's food.
He's sticking his hands in communal serving dishes, licking it and going back into it.
He's shaking dogs' faces.
He's saying, because the dude is a psychotic.
He's in a psychotic guild, disconnected from us, lower than us, but because he'll do bad things, he's on top, like cancer.
You think a cancer cell is better than your whole body and your brain?
No, it's pathetic.
But it will malfunction and replicate, so it's dominant, you see?
And Mike Bloomberg is a cancer cell.
An incompetent fraud.
But he's taken over, he thinks he's the boss.
So here he is, licking his fingers and sticking at communal food as an act of disrespect.
Here he is.
I wouldn't invite him to your party.
He literally sticks his fingers in the communal food and licks it.
It's all part of his vomitus demon.
This is not goblinies.
This is absolutely gross.
Fat boy is a P.I.G.
Mini Mike!
No, Mike didn't do too well.
He went way down.
Up there, A-Rod's taking drugs.
New Yorkers, the bravest people.
The cops on the beat, they care.
It's true, firefighters, teachers.
We got heroes everywhere.
Who thought dressing up on off-Broadway shows is Mary Poppins?
First Iowa, then New Hampshire.
Maybe I can get the whole country to behave.
He thought that would sell?
I mean, talk about a lunatic.
Mike Bloomberg.
I mean, shake a dog's mouth.
This is a marathon.
So, there you go.
Mini Mike, don't lick your dirty fingers, both unsanitary and dangerous to others and yourself, man.
And it's a weird, like, rape that people do.
I've seen weirdos at parties that'll, like, lick their fingers and, like, touch the food.
Like, hey, what are you doing?
You'll be randomly at some buffet at a party, like, there'll be some weird woman using, like, touching the food, and, like, like, uh, uh, uh, and they're like, what are you?
I mean, you wanna be swapping them upside the head.
Hey, you ever heard of using a utensil, a clean utensil, to put on your plate?
We don't like food poisoning, you dirty piece of crap!
So, if you're going to have some chili con queso, as we call it here in Texas, or nacho cheese, you take each chip, and you load it up with guacamole, or salsa, or whatever you want, and then you just dip a little bit into the cheese, and then you eat it as one bite.
But you don't bite it off and then stick it back in, because that's your saliva in the dish.
And my middle daughter's awesome, but we had queso from the restaurant that I picked up coming home.
We got the big serving dish, and I tell her, ladle it out on your plate or dip it in, and she still stuck the chip in last week.
I said, let me teach you a lesson.
It's going in the trash.
Everybody got really upset.
I said, sorry, okay, so I've told you a hundred times, do not stick.
And I'm not even a germaphobe.
It's just normal, like wash your hands when you're done taking a bath.
Go in the bathroom.
Well, now it's happened.
President Trump's tweet again.
Remember a few months ago, he started censoring his tweets.
People said, oh, they would never do that.
They went, yeah, we did.
They are disappearing his tweets.
We'll play that clip one more time, a Mike Bloomberg super creepy clip.
Mini Mike, don't lick your dirty fingers.
Both unsanitary and dangerous to others and yourself.
They've deleted.
The sickening video.
Well, it turns out we have the raw video, and we have the video that we've zoomed in and enhanced for you.
But now, when they've got one of his campaign events, and they've got buffet-style laid out for the people, he goes and sticks his fingers in the food troughs, eats it, licks his fingers like a fly, and then goes back into the food.
I mean, it is disgusting.
It is just disgusting.
And again, it just shows who shakes a dog's face.
He goes, I'm going to teach you what to drink and what to do.
I'm going to dress up like Mary Poppins and say, I'm coming to your town to tell you how to live.
He thought that would make him win, but now he's dropped out again.
What planet is Mike Bloomberg from, ladies and gentlemen?
And all these sociopaths and psychopaths, this is the fall of their cult, as everyone who was asleep now wakes up and rejects them.
What are they going to do?
And Biden, who can't even talk, is a dementia-addled low-end, you know, of what you'd find in a nursing home.
It's very sad.
But what does that tell you about the Democrats and the globalists?
They are the party of death, the party of decay, the party of delusion.
I mean, my God, they're endorsed pedophilia now.
I mean, these people are open borders, world government, socialism, communism, public pooping, needles everywhere.
I mean, they're demons!
Let's watch a demon eat.
If you're ready to listen, you're lucky, because it's disgusting.
It's even more disgusting than the sound.
Listen to this.
We've turned the sound up.
Here it is.
This is absolutely gross!
That boy is a P.I.G.
Mini Mike!
Now Mike didn't do too well.
He went way down.
So don't invite Mini Mike over to dinner.
He'll shake your dog's face, he'll tell you how to live, and then he'll...
Stick his fingers in bowls of food and start licking them and stick them back in like he's an alien.
Your planet serves us well.
I mean, if I made coneheads too, this is an alien at a buffet, man.
Your troughs of slurping is delicious.
Here, let me stick my fingers in it.
Alright, I've got so much huge massive news and a bunch of big guests.
Man, I have really just... I don't want to say I've spun my wheels the first 37 minutes, but... You know the bubble of death or whatever on the Apple computer or when the computer's thinking?
We know Hillary still got a plan to run.
Why would they have Joe Biden, who obviously has late stage dementia, he's French kissing little kids on screen, grabbing women's butts, just doesn't know what day things are, just totally insane.
That's beyond clown world.
So what is that?
Who's running the things?
You look at Trump, man, he's got his act together.
He's on target.
It's like night and day.
So then I ask, why isn't Trump stopping the censorship and the authoritarianism on the left?
Why is he putting up with that?
Because he could beat these people very quickly, and we need to get rid of them.
We need to, like, just recognize they're like cancer, cut it out, we're done.
Tab 2 parties, that's great.
These people ain't it.
MS-13's God's children.
No borders, no walls, no USA at all.
When your party says the country shouldn't exist,
You aren't a party in that country.
It's real simple.
I mean, that's just default, not debatable.
Everybody knows that.
So, I don't think Trump's a psy-op.
I know he's an organic response to what's going on and good people waking up and taking action.
I know he wouldn't have gotten elected if this audience hadn't taken action and gotten him in there.
And he's doing a kick-butt job so good on other fronts that... I smell a rat.
And I'm not saying Trump's a rat, but to allow the Democrats to continue to operate around like penguins on PCP attacking everybody, it's a dereliction of duty to put up with this.
And yeah, we're cleaning their clocks, we're kicking their ass, all that.
It still doesn't matter.
Just because there's a rabid dog, a rabid
Pit Bull or German Shepherd or might even be a Chihuahua foaming at the mouth.
You call animal control or you shoot it yourself before it bites somebody.
You're like, well, it's just foaming at the mouth and bumping into things.
Yeah, and if it gets near a person, it's going to bite them and give them rabies.
And the Democrats are like a horde of foaming at the mouth wild hyenas.
And I personally am tired of it.
You know, I went to the grocery store last night.
My daughter wanted Cool Whip.
She goes, I know it's bad for me, Daddy, but one of my daughters, I really want Cool Whip and chocolate chip ice cream.
And I said, okay.
Got in the car about 7 o'clock, drove to H-E-B, and I go in there, man, and man, the people were hateful and pissed and acting all creepy and weird and being real passive-aggressive.
And I said, well, they're not just doing it to me, because I watched them do it to each other.
It's because things have been so easy so long, and they've gotten disconnected from reality.
They need to go take a bike ride.
They need to go lift weights.
They need to go to church.
They need to go help with the Salvation Army.
They just need to get outside of the bubble.
Because, I mean, I'm not thinking of myself as like some Superman.
Far from it.
But I was looking at black people, white people, Hispanics, and they just all looked dead-eyed.
Kind of like pears.
They weren't really fat.
They were just really... And real angry.
And I was smiling at the checkout folks.
And I'm gonna try to... And you just... It was a wall of...
Their souls aren't gone.
But they're in suspended animation.
They're in carbonite.
They've been put in a trance, and they've been put in a weird place, and they think they don't have any power, and they think they're desperate, and they don't have a reason to live.
And so they're just stewing in self-loathing instead of a connection to God, a connection to beauty.
If they could just recognize beauty.
And a painting, or knitting, or helping somebody, or gardening, then they would connect to the earth.
But because they're all smartphones and everything else, they're just dying.
It's scary.
And what I saw, there's what I see in a Bernie Sanders event.
Then I go to some rural town, it could be white people, Hispanics, they're all alive and happy because they're working and they're alive and they're doing something.
It's modern civilization that's killing us.
Stuart Rhodes is a smart guy, and he thinks coronavirus is really deadly.
He'll be in studio.
We got Dr. Steve McChinnick, who probably has a different angle on that.
Really smart cookie.
He'll be on this as well.
We're here, ladies and gentlemen.
We're in the future.
We're 240 days out from a historic election.
It is the year 2020.
And everybody's calling me.
I'm getting constant streams of text messages and phone calls and family visiting the house saying, is coronavirus really deadly?
How bad is it really?
And what I can tell them is this.
The coronavirus is man-made.
We've gone over that.
The Indian Institutes and others have tested.
Other major institutes have scanned it.
It's 100% man-made.
It's got the HIV delivery system.
It's got other families of viruses cut into it.
It is
A one-eyed, one-horned, flying purple people eater.
I mean, it's like something out of a Dr. Seuss book.
It's not normal.
It's a chimera.
That's the old Greek legend of a thing that would be part snake, part lion, part goat.
And that's what it is.
It is a bunch of different species of viruses
Spliced in.
And so we've seen an insane response in Communist China.
And we've seen lockdowns and martial law in Italy.
I mean, now they're locking down all of Italy's schools are closed.
And we've got footage I'm going to show in a moment of body bags that the BBC just got leaked.
Body bags, many of them full of people in Iran.
Is this a cover for another bioweapon?
I don't know, but is it killing the economy?
Is it causing a supply chain shutdown?
Has China really shut down most of its cities?
So that event is real and is gigantic and never before seen.
So I would encourage listeners, yes, go get high quality storable foods.
We have the only company, the biggest in the nation, that actually still has food.
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What China did, whether the virus is super deadly or not, is huge.
What they pulled
He is going to be economically a weapon, and we're now seeing it, and it's now being confirmed.
So the video's up on Infowars.com of the body bags.
I would suggest everyone go look at the BBC, leaked footage, and then just ask yourself what's really going on and don't be caught flat-footed.
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All right.
Now let's get into the coronavirus news.
Let's go ahead and roll.
This Infowars.com posted video.
BBC publishes leaked Iran footage showing bagged bodies of coronavirus-19 victims piling up.
And that's what their government's leaked and people get arrested and the government ministers die.
What's going on, Iran?
We're not sure, but here's the video.
All those dead bodies.
By the way, your brain's a supercomputer, so it has intuition.
That's not intuition, it knows.
This footage is real.
You can look at that, you can tell you that that's real.
Just look at it, you know it's real.
It's like, you know, an infomercial versus something that's real.
And they're talking about all the dead bodies piling up everywhere.
And you've had government ministers die.
Now, what is it really?
More rooms of dead bodies in body bags.
If it's at a 2% kill rate that the CDC believes it is, and half the U.S.
population gets it, that'll be 3.3 million dead.
I hope that's not the case.
But I know, six years ago, when there was a real deadly virus outbreak of a pneumonia-type deal, a SARS-type deal, that three family members of mine died in one month because they all lived in our family ranch in
Three different houses up on the top of the hill.
One across the street, two beside each other.
And it's just everybody's dying.
I'm going to funerals.
And it's just, I talked to the doctors in East Texas, in Palestine is the name of the town.
And that's the nearest big, big city, bigger town.
And they're like, oh man, there's a huge cover up.
People are dying here every few hours.
It's just, we've never seen it like this.
So there's been real mass die-offs before.
They just kind of cover them up.
Why are they hyping it up now?
That's the bigger question.
That's what we're going to be discussing with Stuart Rhodes, founder of Oath Keepers, who's a constitutional lawyer, former Ron Paul advisor, and just a really smart fella.
And then Dr. Steve McKinnick, while we're on, will join us.
And he said a month ago that he believed he'd had it and a bunch of others had had it, and we now know that's true.
The CDC's come out and said, oh, actually, it's been here a while.
And yeah, there's a lot of upper respiratory problems and a lot of death taking place.
So why all the secrecy?
Because it's man-made and they want that information.
Shut down and not discussed because Obama, in 2015, for the North Carolina University, transferred the engineered coronavirus.
In fact, guys, if you grab me my coronavirus files, I'm going to have those.
I want to show folks the Science Journal and all the publications in the Indian journals.
And it was a big debate five years ago, like, why is the U.S.
government selling China this Chimera coronavirus with all these different viruses combined together?
So there'd be plausible deniability later when it got released.
So, who released it?
Who's behind it?
Well, who hyped the hell out of it and had it all scripted?
Xi Jinping's the main suspect to shut down the Taiwan independence movement, to crack down on his own people, and then to try to attack Trump and the economy and have a cover.
Because if Xi Jinping shut his economy down,
Because he lost that trade war to be a terrorist, an economic terrorist.
Everyone would turn against him.
But if he shuts his economy down because of a deadly virus, whether it's really deadly, super deadly or not, you know it does kill some people.
But then, you see, he has a cover story for why he did it.
And I really, gut level, looking at all the evidence, think that's the answer.
The Chi-Coms and the Globalists released it.
It does kill people.
It is man-made.
But it's really the cover for China to launch this economic war on us, because they're authoritarian.
They can just lock the whole thing down and cover it up.
But they believe it'll bring down our economy, and it's already hurt the stock market massively.
Though Trump came back and said, hey, we're confident everything's okay.
It bounced back.
So that's my best money on this, and I think we've been proven accurate so far.
We're going to shift gears and get more into this and go through every facet of it when we come back.
But boy, how the mighty have fallen.
Mike Bloomberg may have $78 billion he got through financial scams and manipulations.
Through his computers, they're hooked into the stock market.
He's a little trusted helper.
Nice little elf.
But it couldn't buy him gravitas.
Couldn't buy him reality.
Couldn't buy him love of the people.
And besides that, buddy, if you had $78 billion, you might know not to go to a barbecue and stick your fingers in the food, lick your hands, and stick it back in the food like a big, fat, stinking, dirty fly.
So his name is now The Fly.
Mike, vomit on your food.
Bloomberg, what a piece of trash.
Mother, tell your children not to walk my way.
Not to hear my words, what they mean, what they say.
I'm gonna take your daughter out tonight.
I'm gonna show her my world.
And there's nothing you can do.
Hour number two straight ahead.
We are back live, ladies and gentlemen.
I have a special report I want to air ahead of.
Stuart Rhodes joining us to get into the latest on the coronavirus and more.
Darcy Pachinic coming up.
This is Chuck Todd, the Obama globalist gaslights America with coronavirus propaganda.
This is after our economy.
This is after President Trump.
Look at the CDC telling him it's no big deal and not a problem.
He was finally getting it, but I went.
But it's bigger than that.
When it becomes a problem, then they're going to say he didn't respond properly to it.
And ladies and gentlemen, three days ago, it's like they flipped a light switch.
Every radio show that's national, that's establishment, newspapers, MSNBC, CNN, ABC, all the usual suspects.
I've got dozens of reports right here.
You've all seen them.
President Trump caused this.
President Trump didn't do enough.
President Trump's trying to cover it up.
None of this seems to match the facts.
What facts are there that Democrats are doing this?
Seems like people are asking questions and they're concerned about the virus.
This implies some sort of political motivation, which is kind of gross.
Well, I will tell you, there's been a lot of irresponsible rhetoric among Democrats and commentators.
Who is this?
On the left.
Name some names, sir.
Because this is just, it just feels like gaslighting.
Please, name some names.
We're all big people here.
We're all big.
Name some names.
There was a column in the New York Times that, by a prominent liberal journalist, it said we should rename it the Trump Virus.
Does that apply to all?
You're puzzling the scientist.
Mr. Fauci's been here in, anyway, all the way back to the Bush administration.
Let me clarify it.
I have never been muzzled, ever, and I've been doing this since the administration of Ronald Reagan.
I think when an administration or a government appears to be non-transparent on it, then that creates problems.
I think that the Trump administration really grappled with that this past week, when you saw President Trump come out and say it was a new hoax.
Anything that they can use to try to hurt Trump, they will.
For them to try to take a pandemic and seemingly hope that it comes here and kills millions of people so that they could end Donald Trump's streak of winning is a new level of sickness.
I want to give you an opportunity to respond to that comment from Don Jr.
He should not be near me when he says that.
That would be a serious altercation.
Don Jr.
had better not get any place close to me.
Frankly, I think that was Don Jr.'
's point.
That there has been some very strong rhetoric directed at the president.
Uh, the impeachment hoax or the Russia, Russia, Russia hoax.
This is what I'm talking about.
Uh, certainly not referring to this.
How could anybody refer to this?
This is very serious.
So they start asking us, hey, what are you doing attacking the president?
Because you're saying it's serious.
Yes, I'm saying it's serious.
Because of how the whole media is unified, how they use it for martial law in Italy and China and now all over the world, Switzerland and all over, clearly this is a big global move.
People better get ready.
But if they then release a virus they bought from Obama,
That they know is not super lethal, but does kill some people and spreads fast.
It'll scare the hell out of folks.
They could push a vaccine later and make money off that as well.
Donald Trump said just several days ago this was a Democratic coax.
What in God's name is he talking about?
Has he no shame?
The Trump administration has been asleep at the wheel.
We know he doesn't have the capacity or the competence to handle such moments.
I cannot think of a worse person to put in charge of dealing with this coronavirus.
And his response has been pathetic.
This is not a democratic coax.
This is incompetence on the part of the President of the United States.
Out of that, they can shut down their factories and order the city shut down, order no one to go to work in all their major industrial sites, and then that kills the global supply chain.
They've just checkmated Trump and America, and you know that's what they did.
They did it with the deep state, with the UN, coordinated with the EU, who are all on board to create the hysteria and fear, bring down the economy worldwide, and then say,
President Trump and America and people that questioned when it's obviously overblown.
We are back live, ladies and gentlemen.
We are broadcasting worldwide now into our number two of this March 4th, 2020 Wednesday transmission.
Stuart Rhodes, founder of Oath Keepers, a constitutional lawyer, veteran, is here with us to give his take on the coronavirus.
And he wanted to first bring up the fact that they found at major institutes it is man-made.
And that's the big elephant in the room that nobody wants to talk about.
The question is, why did China shut down its supply chain?
Why did they lock their cities down?
That's real.
That's a giant response that's creating a supply chain Armageddon.
As I said last hour, I was talking to Stuart during the break.
He agrees.
This is China's way to try to win the trade war, have face-saving, but if they shut their economy down just to show how we're dependent on them, people say, well, you're a terrorist.
But if they did it because of a coronavirus,
I think this is the deep state's takedown of President Trump, frankly, and also their way to usher in
Draconian measures being seen as normal inside of our countries.
But instead of being draconian about keeping the virus out of the United States by locking down the borders and stopping international flights, they instead, you know, the borders are wide open and their only answer is that they're becoming draconian with us inside of our country.
And then they criticized Trump, if you remember, when he stopped the flights three weeks ago saying that.
They want the flights to continue because they want it to spread.
But he's making a mistake now by not stopping all international flights.
He stopped the flights from China and then Iran, but what about Italy?
What about South Korea?
What about Spain?
That was a tragic mistake to let those flights continue.
And now it's too late.
He should stop all international flights, period.
But even beyond that, I think you were talking to Mike Adams yesterday about this, the domestic flights are now spreading it around because it is airborne.
It's not just that you get it when someone coughs near you.
If you're six feet away, you're safe.
It could be circulating through the air conditioning, circulating through the air in a school, at an airport, any enclosed space.
And you're going to breathe it in just like smallpox or just like measles.
That's what's different about this.
It's not the same as the flu and how it's transmitted.
It's also an aerosol.
It can be airborne.
Give us your expertise.
You have a lot of sources.
It's not that FEMA has all the answers.
The military has all the answers.
But I was told a month ago by our sources in the Pentagon and also in FEMA that we believe it kills about 2% of people and we're already having an undeclared emergency going on.
That's now been admitted.
And then it broke containment over a month ago.
That was down in the news a month later.
So we've got good sources, and they're not sure because they're looking at, well, who dies?
Were they already old?
Did they have preexisting conditions?
They don't know.
One Lancet study says 15% die.
What we're seeing is about 2%.
That's great news.
But that's still 30-something times
The number of deaths we see with the flu.
So even at 2%, this is going to be a 3 million dead person event if half the public ends up contracting it.
And again, you have the BBC publishes leaked Iran footage showing bagged bodies of Corona-19 victims piling up.
We're going to play this again in a moment.
We've got time to debunk skeptics.
Coronavirus-19 has a death rate that's about 34 times higher than the flu.
And you look at these numbers.
Italy closes all schools amid coronavirus outbreak.
So is it the biggest hype we've ever seen with China shutting their economy off?
Almost all their cities?
Or is it really big?
It's both.
I think you could take advantage of a real crisis.
You know the old saying, never let a crisis go to waste.
I think it's true for a real one as well.
It could be as deadly as the Spanish Flu, or more deadly, as Dr. Boyd said, right?
You had Professor Boyd on your show, saying he predicts it'd be more deadly than the Spanish Flu.
The death rates of 2% are presuming that China's being honest, which we know they're not, about the numbers of dead.
I think it's far closer to 6% or 10%.
But even if it's only two percent, in the United States you only have six beds per thousand people in any given hospital.
So there's not enough beds, there's not enough ventilators for you to be taken care of if you become one of the very, very ill.
That's another issue that's going to happen.
They're going to have to take on and decide who has a chance of living and who's not going to live, and that's who's going to get the care.
It's going to be triaged.
And if you look at the exponential growth, it's going to peak probably the end of the summer.
And they don't know, they hope hot weather shuts it down like the flu normally would be.
But again, I go back to the beginning.
It's man-made, you've got the articles, documents, that's not debated now.
What is behind this?
And I'm sure you know, I've got it right here, even the Journal of Science reported back in 2015, Obama authorized himself, because the scientists didn't want to do it, the transfer of this very Chimera virus to the Chicoms.
So, why did they do that?
Well, like Dr. Boyd said, they're all in cahoots.
The CDC, the World Health Organization, is part of the military industrial complex that does all of this research around the world.
And whether they intend to use it on the people themselves, or they're, you know, being benign and trying to create vaccines for other possible uses, you know, who knows?
But the thing is... Regardless, they're the source.
Regardless, it was man-made.
I think Dr. Boyle is right.
It was man-made in the Wuhan lab.
The Indian scientists, the report from them right here, you know, points out that it has HIV in it.
HIV delivery.
And by the way, it's conclusive.
They're looking at the virus.
It's cut in.
So it turns into a chronic disease like HIV.
It doesn't attack your immune system.
What it does is much like HIV, it keeps coming back.
It keeps coming back.
And it'll attack your heart next and then your brain.
They're saying that encephalitis is one of the strains they found in it.
Encephalitis is a deadly brain infection.
That's why people just drop dead of heart failure or just drop dead in the streets.
So it's a soft kill weapon.
Well, like one guy said that leaked it.
He said, look, it's like Russian roulette.
You're playing Russian roulette.
OK, you didn't die this time.
Let's pull the trigger again next time.
It keeps coming back.
Because we can put that virus up from the Indian report, which is conclusive CRISPR scan.
It's got, it's all just, it's bristling with weapons.
It's all just been.
They combine HIV with MERS and coronavirus is the shell that carries it.
But people say, oh, it's like the common cold.
Well, that's the carry mechanism.
That's the delivery mechanism.
Yeah, the cold's the most spreadable thing.
It's the delivery system.
It's even worse than the cold because it is airborne.
It's so small that it goes right down to the very bottom of your lungs and inflames your entire lungs.
Even worse than pneumonia.
And because it's so small, it can be suspended in the air.
Like right now, the air conditioning in here, you could be breathing it and not know it.
So a plane or cruise ship's perfect.
Oh yeah.
I'm not flying anymore.
There's no way.
In fact, some of our guys are going to come down to a conference here in Texas.
They canceled their flights.
Two of my medical guys.
So they understand the danger.
You should not be in enclosed space.
Schools, offices, churches, airplanes.
If you want to avoid this virus, the best thing you can do is stay out of those spaces.
Let's show the footage.
It's on Infowars.com and Newswars.com.
BBC publishes leaked Iran footage showing bagged bodies of coronavirus victims piling up
Media space correspondent Joyce Carmen comments on the newly published video.
It's all there.
The video is all of it at InfoWars, but here it is.
Radio listeners.
It's room after room of dead bodies and body bags tagged and positive death on it.
This is why Trump has got to seal our borders.
He should put the military on the border with Mexico and lock that border down.
Go in, point out you shut down the borders, shut them down more, and expose this whole thing.
Greece is using the coronavirus to shut the border down.
They should anyways with the Islamic invasion.
Trump should seize on this to endorse and prove everything he said.
Because if you don't stop this, if he doesn't take decisive action, he should stop, frankly, he should stop all international flights, period, if not all domestic flights, and shut down the border with troops on the border, like I've been calling for and you've been calling for for years.
He should do this now because if he doesn't take decisive action, first of all, it's the right thing to do.
If he doesn't do it, he'll be blamed for every death.
They're going to blame him no matter what happens.
He might as well do the right thing.
That's the only course is strong action.
Right, and start an action now to exclude it.
It's like, when you're at home, I can't just come to your house.
We get along great, but I can't just walk in your house when I want to, because you exclude people from your home.
Yeah, you call, or I call you and say, I want to come over.
Right, but you come as a guest.
No one has a right to be here.
You want to be draconian, you need to be draconian about excluding others so you can have freedom inside of your space, inside of your nation, or inside of your home.
People think about privacy as like it's a bad thing.
No, privacy is the root of freedom is that you control your space.
Including your nation.
Because they failed, and they convinced and tricked Trump into failing to secure our nation by excluding people, they're now going to become draconian about us.
Force you to stay in your house.
That's the key.
In fact, guys, it was in yesterday's article stack, I didn't get to it.
What the containment, what the quarantines will look like in America.
The FEMA set to declare emergency.
Because it talks about how the border stays open, but we inside our cities have no right.
What the hell?
You stop it at the gates.
Stay with us.
You know something, folks?
We're already pre-positioned for a crisis like this to have people prepared.
I promote the Second Amendment all day long and have guests on every week.
I don't sell guns, but I say you should go out and get them to be prepared.
I do sell high-quality, storable food.
We have the last big company out there that can still get it to you.
And then, Forestore.com.
We got great supplements that boost your immune system.
But, listen, I'm not worried about that right now.
I'm worried about my three daughters and my son and my wife.
That's who I'm worried about.
I'm going to say this again very, very slowly.
We've never seen a response by any country like China to shut down almost all their major cities and to kill the worldwide supply chain.
That bullet already left the barrel.
This is huge.
This is economic Armageddon.
And I believe Trump's trying to prop it up.
He admits he is, and that's laudable.
And I get it's his job to look stable and be calm.
I told you five weeks ago, gut level, I'd feel a disturbance in the force.
And then you get the early study out of Lancet, which is very respected.
15% death rates.
Well, that's who came to the hospital and it's race-specific for Asians.
Still kills other folks.
We hope that wasn't right.
The U.S.
government said, well, maybe up to 2% death rate.
Well, that's 3 plus million dead if they think it'll infect half.
Who knows if that's even right?
This is all just shooting in the dark.
Fox News now reporting coronavirus global death rate at 3.4%.
Olympics delay a possibility.
World health officials confirmed today the fatality rate for the new coronavirus is at 3.4% globally.
As Japan Olympics Minister says, there's a possibility of 2020 Summer Games in Tokyo to be delayed.
And then it just goes on from there.
So what's a 3.4 of a 2%?
And the U.S.
is 3.3 million.
Now we're up at 5 million or so dead.
The response to that in the economy is going to be devastating.
And what did Bill Maher say?
What did the Democrats say before this happened?
We want economic warfare.
We want to bring down the economy.
Now they've been on every channel licking their lips saying, we hope this hurts Trump.
If this happens, they get the blame for daring to say Trump did this and it's his fault when they're the ones that tried to block the airplanes coming back.
Stewart, this is very obvious now.
The scenario is playing out.
Right, and so that's why Trump should take decisive action.
We were talking on the break about the economic outcome.
Economic outcomes can be devastating either way.
Because once people start getting really ill across the country and dying, I just saw a leak from a guy in Georgia.
It's hitting small town Georgia.
So when that happens, people are going to stop going to work, they're going to pull their kids out of school, they won't be flying, they won't be going to movies anyway.
There's going to be an economic downturn no matter what happens.
He may as well minimize the actual death in this country by stopping domestic flights.
That's what he should do right now.
And calling for all the schools to close.
That's the right thing to do.
Italy just did that.
They need to.
That's the right thing to do, but it's the only way to save his presidency.
He is otherwise going to lose, I predict.
Because they're going to blame it all on him.
I want to just be 100% clear here.
When I saw China locking down its biggest cities and shutting down trade four weeks ago, I said, this will be a supply chain nightmare.
And either they've launched the biggest hoax in history or this stuff's really deadly and they're covering it up.
I think now we know they're covering up the real death rate.
Yeah, it's real.
They had no choice to shut that down.
But it's also having the ripple effect of the downturn in goods here in the United States because we're so dependent on China.
It's both.
It's going to be both a real crisis and it's going to be economic warfare.
So let's put our best thinking caps on here, and I got Steve McChinney, who I really respect, coming on.
He'll have a different view.
We're not a cult.
We want to hear the other side.
I'm not sure where he's at on this now, but I agree with him.
It's been here for months, and a lot of people have had it, and that's his intel.
That's been proven right.
It's race-specific, so hopefully it isn't as bad here as it is in China.
And again, I'm sorry for the Chinese folks, but I'm trying to look at the best worst-case scenario here.
But, Stuart, it being man-made,
The former head, the guy that wrote the U.S.
bioweapons law, has talked to UN folks.
100% man-made.
Dr. Francis Boyle, I think he's back on tomorrow.
It's man-made.
That's not being discussed.
That's the elephant in the room, isn't it?
That and the fact that it's airborne, that it's aerosol, that's not... Sure, no, I agree with you, but I'm saying, as a military guy, a lawyer, the fact that it's man-made, that, that, that, and Obama in 2015, I have the articles, he transferred it to China, that's, that's got to be discussed.
If we get that out, they will still have some dead, but at least they won't be able to blame America and Trump.
I think we need to start hammering.
The globalists stand to gain.
The Chi-Cams stand to gain.
It's man-made.
Obama transferred it to them.
I agree, but Trump has to also do what he has to do to protect the American people.
I agree, and that's shut down the borders and shut down international flight, you think?
I think domestic flights, too.
I mean, if it's airborne, which it is, it's going to be transferred throughout that entire plane.
Anything someone who has it breathe out will be breathed in by the other passengers.
You should just stop going to schools, stop going out to theaters, and stop going to church, frankly.
Do it all over the internet.
You've got to isolate yourself, because otherwise you're going to get...
Not just as a father of a lot of kids.
Not just as a military veteran and a lawyer and Ron Paul's advisor.
Gut level, you really think this is the big one?
Well, I think, yeah, I think it's legit.
I think we're living the movie contagion.
I think this is a serious threat, and it's going to kill us.
I've never heard you this alarmist before.
No, well, here's the thing.
If it comes back again and again, the person, in fact, they've already seen it.
And if it isn't as bad as we think, we at least did what we had to.
Yeah, well, reinfection is more dangerous.
I just saw an article that said that.
Oh, that's confirmed.
It's like AIDS.
It comes back.
And the second time it comes back, it attacks your heart.
That's already out there in the mainstream press, which is exactly what the whistleblowers are saying.
They won't test people.
They admit people go in.
They won't test them because they know it's everywhere.
And I'm not saying I had it, but I haven't had a cold, a fever in over four years.
I finally got one flying to Grand Cayman for a quick vacation over a month ago.
Shouldn't have done it.
And I've had fevers come back a few times in the middle of the night.
I get up, I've got a fever, and my lungs won't just stop.
It won't stop coughing.
I'm not saying that's what it is, but, you know, everybody I know is, you know... Well, the thing is, so everyone's gonna be paranoid now, and you, of course, you're not paranoid, they're only out to get you, but everyone's gonna be worried that every cold or every flu is the coronavirus, and so they're gonna react... Well, I'm just saying, I haven't had a fever in over four years, and I, last month, I've been... Well, you're breathing coronavirus right now.
That's the other thing, there could be something else out there that this is the cover for.
Who knows what it is?
Well, I mean, I think HIV combined with encephalitis and MERS is bad enough.
It's bad enough, yeah.
Guys, pull up the major Indian University study.
I want to show them when we come back to the virus.
And Dr. Steve Pichanek used to run Psychological Warfare in the State Department.
He's overthrown governments.
He is who he says he is.
People hear this every time.
They go, that sounds crazy.
He's had the Justice Department come after him when he's come on the show and talks about
You know, what happened in Italy and Gladio and all the rest of it.
So, you know, he's definitely interesting fella.
He's dialed into a lot of folks.
He's there kind of with the president's line, you know, hey, okay.
Yeah, it's like the fluid might kill you, but big deal America's great.
That was the one he was on three weeks ago.
He's going to come on.
I haven't filtered what he's going to say and I want you to hear the other side of this or he may agree with a skirt.
We should have the doctor from the UK on, Dr. Campbell.
He's been following us very, very closely.
Get him on!
And we're getting Boyle, Dr. Francis Boyle back on, and we're going to have him all on.
But there it is, Indian scientists discover coronavirus engineer with HIV, AIDS-like insertions.
And then the best articles in Zero Hedge, they had this, the report, or click on the paper, because it shows the scan of the virus.
It shows the RNA and protein insertion points where they edited the virus.
I mean, it's like a woman that's had
You know, had a, had a, had a breast implants.
You see the scars.
I mean, it's right there.
It's like, it's not even debatable that this thing got, yeah, scroll down and actually show the virus itself.
There's a scan of the virus and it, and it actually shows, uh, the whole insertion points.
I think it's up at the top guys.
Ah, whatever.
Just reprint it for me.
It doesn't matter.
Anyways, yeah, that's not it.
It's the zero hedge, the actual paper.
You need to click on the paper itself.
It'll say the paper.
You click the paper.
It'll be right there.
All right, we'll be right back with Stuart Rhodes riding a shotgun under Steve Pacino straight ahead.
Yeah, he's got the paper right here.
I didn't start selling high-quality, storable food when this coronavirus thing popped up.
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We know the hysteria and China shutting down their supply chain is huge.
Whether this virus is highly deadly or, you know, whether it's like the flu.
We're going to discuss all that here in a moment.
We know we are not in Kansas anymore.
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Now, in the next 45 minutes or so, Dr. Steve Puccinini is going to ride shotgun with us.
We have Stuart Rhodes, founder of Oath Keepers, a great patriot, and of course, a constitutional lawyer, no longer practicing, here with us as well to cover the waterfront.
And I want to get into coronavirus next segment, but I want to first get both your take on this.
But first, Dr. Puccinini.
You were on a lot in the last year, and we appreciate you coming back on.
You weren't on for about a year and a half or so.
You're too busy writing books and working on things.
And you just kept saying, don't worry.
The emblematic Democrats are like zombies, crypt keepers.
It's all over.
It's a political realignment.
Their party's done.
And now we see that.
And Bloomberg's totally failed.
You predicted that.
But I get upset.
I actually get concerned at this level of incompetence.
When Biden clearly has dementia getting worse, they banned me on Facebook a second time eight months ago for saying he can't talk.
Looks like he's had another stroke.
Now, he's doing a faux pas, a canard, a foot in the mouth every 10 seconds.
Clearly, I've had family that was great people, but they got dementia and acted like this.
He's degenerating very, very quickly.
You're a psychiatrist, you're not going to violate the
The Goldwater Act here and diagnosed from afar also as a medical doctor and a veteran and co-founder of Delta Force and best-selling author with Tom Clancy.
I mean, all your laurels are folks that know who you are.
Emblematically or archetypally, what the hell is going on with the Democrats right now and how they're trying to frame Trump for coronavirus?
Because I agree, they're hyping it and blaming Trump, regardless of how deadly it is.
Them trying to blame the President when he tried to block the planes from China and they didn't want to?
You're a smart guy.
Thin slice this for me.
What in hell is going on here?
What you see is what I said a while ago, and I can diagnose, I did publicly say that Biden has senile dementia.
The time and the day when he got the wrong time and the wrong state he was in, it was clear to me that he had senility, and he has senility now.
I don't apologize for it.
I don't violate any Goldwater rule.
The bottom line of all of this is actually quite interesting.
Remember years ago, I told you that the power would shift to the South and Southwest.
And it has.
In the same sense... You said that 15 years ago and I rolled my eyes.
You were dead on.
You said the EU will fall, America will take over.
And we will take over.
However, there will be a new phenomenon, which I predicted, and that is the decentralization of power away from Washington.
So what you're seeing right now is not only the end of the Democratic Party, they're finished.
When you have a Bloomberg and you have a Bernie Sanders, you have a Jew who's a socialist and a Jew's a billionaire.
You have played out the scenario of any conceivable rationality for the Democrats.
But from my point of view, it reinforced the notion we do not have a Democratic Party.
We do not have a Republican Party.
Trump, in many ways, does not have a Republican Party.
He has his own party, and he is... You're right.
He's creating the new American ethos.
And in that new American ethos, everything is coming down to the local, city level, and county level.
It even bypasses the state level.
In other words, what's happening is the nation-town, the nation-city, the nation-county is so far more important.
And in terms of...
I asked Stuart Rose during the break, I said, what do you want to cover?
And he said, basically, they've got their sanctuary cities, we've got our Second Amendment cities.
He wanted to get to this very de-evolution of power back to the people.
Yeah, you're absolutely correct.
The focus of effort now is at the county level already.
I just spent a month in Virginia where they're raising county militias at the local level in reaction to their governor turning tyrannical.
That's happening in New Mexico.
It's happening all across the country.
And they're not like radical, kook, racist militias.
They're like under the Constitution and the President.
Dr. Brzezinski, sorry, go ahead.
So we have exactly what he said.
We have in our county, Bradford County, we have a Second Amendment sanctuary city.
In other words, that means we're allowed to carry the Second Amendment.
No one can violate that on any basis.
So that's exactly, he's correct.
And we have that at the local county level.
We don't need it at the national level.
So it's the rediscovery of the individual of self-determination and political will.
And that's basically where we're heading towards.
Thanks to you and many others, we were able to provide what they call the alternative press, but really the ongoing reality that those parties, the Democrats, Republicans, Congressmen... They ignored the will of the people, and the will of the people will manifest.
And they have manifested.
Basically, they said we do not want any whites, Jews, Catholics.
What's going to happen is that the will of the people at the local level can't be that easily determined because it will be kind of a spontaneous organization on issues that are local.
So for us, Second Amendment was local and we defended the Second Amendment.
In another county, let's say Gainesville or Alachua, they don't care about Second Amendment.
That's their problem.
But we care about our own county.
We care about our own policemen.
We care about our own hospitals.
We care about our schools.
I can't worry about the governor of Florida who may or may not be good.
You're saying the entropy and the atrophy of the establishment is a vacuum into which we will enter.
And you're seeing entropy.
That's an excellent word.
You're seeing the second law of thermodynamics in the Republican and Democratic Party.
And I've got to give Nancy Pelosi credit because she was the sine qua non of self-destructive behavior, which I said on your show.
She showed how useless, worthless the Democrats were and what congressional representatives really were doing.
Wasting our time.
Totally corrupt.
I mean, how do you explain you have a socialist who's a multi-millionaire?
I've got Biden, a multi-millionaire who's also corrupt.
I have a socialist who's corrupt.
I have Pelosi who's corrupt.
Onward and onward.
I don't have a businessman among them.
Why can't they produce one dynamic person?
That doesn't make me overconfident.
It actually scares me.
It shouldn't scare you because the bottom line is that the political arena is no longer relevant to those of us who have been entrepreneurs, who have been in combat, who have been in the military.
So you're saying it's just nothing but delusionals that enter that field now?
Yeah, they are self-aggrandizing individuals.
When they come in, think of the dynamics.
They come and say to you, look, I'm great.
I want you to support me.
I'm going to be great.
Then when they get in, they don't remember who you are.
So it's a self-aggrandizing, narcissistic, self-destructive business.
No, you're right.
They don't even get quid pro quo.
They don't get, exactly, they don't have symbiosis.
We'll be right back with R.C.
Machinick and our guest, Stuart Rhodes.
We've got former Army Colonel John Simas here, who actually ran FEMA operations.
He's going to be popping in later in the hour.
Stuart Rhodes brought him here.
I don't want to overplay how big this is.
And Dr. Potenic, I'm not disagreeing with you that America can handle this.
And I agree with Trump, we shouldn't create a bunch of fear.
The experts say this is man-made.
Obama transferred it five years ago to China, and now Fox News is reporting three plus percent death rates.
Who knows if that's even accurate, but you're a medical doctor and a psychiatrist the whole nine yards.
I haven't talked to you in a few weeks.
I follow stevepatrinik.com, but I want to get your current analysis and your current assessment of the coronavirus and what we're facing.
A month ago, I told you I had it.
And I did have it.
I had seen a Chinese student a week later.
I got a pneumonia.
I treated it with antibiotics and that was it.
I said a month ago, it's not a lethal.
Entity, but what it is, is pervasive.
It has an epitope.
In other words, it has some genetic coding that allows it to attach very quickly to individuals.
In particular, the most vulnerable people would be people my age, elderly, 60, 70, with preconditions.
For the most part, the mortality rate is one in a thousand.
So out of 90,000 cases out of 1.4 billion in China, there were only 3,000 cases and 3,000 deaths.
Is this engineered?
I don't think so, and I'll tell you why.
Number one, if you look on the can of Lysol, you will see coronavirus.
Number two, if you want to create a virus in biological warfare, which I know quite a lot about, you don't create a coronavirus.
They're far more lethal entities, but they don't work in biological warfare because we have some other restrictions on it.
So the reality is, you know, Fort Detrick can produce all kinds of toxic elements, so does Desiree, elsewhere.
But this is not created by some entity.
This has been around for centuries.
It's just a variation of the influenza.
The influenza, ironically, has a higher mortality rate than the coronavirus.
There you could have 54,000 people killed and you wouldn't know the difference.
So the reality is such
That Trump is doing the best he can do.
The CDC did not do well.
HHS did not do well.
But there's one doctor in particular who trained me at Cornell Med School, and he's exceedingly good.
And that's Dr. Tony Fauci.
And he said, look,
He can't tell you what's going to happen.
I will tell you it will be far more pervasive.
There will be a pandemic, but that shouldn't scare people.
What it simply means is that a lot of people will be infected.
They'll get over it and the mortality rate will be very low.
But the stock market will react to that issue of penetration because our supply chains are broken up.
So that's what I will predict.
And remember, I had it and somebody else in my family had it.
And it lasts for about a week or so.
Well, let's pull back from that.
What I know you said is accurate, I'm going to disagree with the other part, but I know it's dead accurate, is that we've never seen such a supply chain.
China didn't shut down all those cities for no reason.
That is creating a supply chain nightmare.
It's hurting the stock market.
And then the media is blaming Trump as if he has something to do with China.
I think Trump needs to get out ahead of this more, even attack the media for what they're saying.
What do you think, Stuart?
Well, I think I disagree with the doctor in this sense.
I don't think that Trump is doing all he can do.
Just as he stopped flights from China, he should have stopped flights from South Korea, Japan, and Italy.
Does this start there?
It makes no sense at all not to do the exact same thing with other countries that are now experiencing a pandemic.
Well, let's ask him that question, but let's ask this.
Why would the CDC say don't buy masks, they don't help you?
Dr. Puccini?
It's a very simple answer, and the answer has nothing to do with helping or not helping.
The CDC will need those masks, and APT Corporation in Ottawa will produce it because the CDC will need the masks for the doctors in the hospital.
So it's a triage?
Well, no, it's not only a triage, it's really saying, look,
We need those masks.
The common folks doesn't need it.
In that sense, yeah, it's a commercial triage.
But the reality is such that we will need masks.
We will need, you know, the suits and all those elements.
And we will need to support
Corporations like Veer and others who will develop an antibody to it.
But they're not telling the American people the truth about that.
They're not saying, you need a mask but don't get one because we need them more.
But that's the thing, whether it's super deadly or not, the fact that they're like hoarding masks and Pence says, oh we need masks, we're ramping up mask production, the CDC says you don't need it, I think it's that BSing to not create a panic that'll create a panic.
That's all I'm saying, Dr. Pachinik.
What Stewart has said is correct.
I have not gone into the expertise.
Number one, I'm not a fan of Mike Pence.
I told you a year ago... Well, Stewart said before he went on air he doesn't trust Pence.
He thinks it's a setup against Trump.
What do you think?
I don't know if it's a setup, but basically Pence is incompetent.
He was incompetent as an Indiana mayor, governor, and a congressman.
He's nothing.
He's just a politician who's self-aggrandizing with a history that's quite bad.
The reality is the following.
You've got Tony Fauci.
You don't have the CDC.
You don't have HHS.
Get rid of all those people.
They're not useful.
The CDC was way behind, didn't have the proper test.
And this is an example of what I was saying a long time ago for Trump.
You need somebody in the White House to start cleaning out the institutions.
You're talking about thousands of people who can't make a decision and can't be proactive.
The truth of the matter is there's one guy who will be the focal point, and that's Fauci.
Whatever he says will be what comes about.
In other words, he will say there will be a pandemic, there will be an epidemic, and we will need masks and gowns.
That's an issue.
If Trump can handle that, that's fine.
He has to declare it.
But in turn, we have so many thousands of people.
The CDC was incompetent.
HHS was incompetent.
You have all this incompetency around them.
But where you're correct is this.
I go back to just my personal experience.
Six years ago, my uncle loved him so much.
My dad's uncle loved him so much.
My cousin, we have a big ranch in East Texas, bought it from the Mexicans 200 years ago or whatever.
They all die in a month.
And the doctor's like, man, this is a bad pneumonia.
It's SARS-like.
It's a cover-up.
But they're all dead.
That wasn't on the news.
If there's a real bio-attack, you don't hear about it, in my experience.
Because the doctors told me they were, like, wheeling dead people out while I was there.
They're like, man, there's people dying every hour here.
That was in Palestine, Texas.
So, my point is, why is there this hype, Dr. Pachenik?
Why is there so much hype?
If you have mass death before that I've personally seen, and there's no news coverage, and people are dying everywhere of a pneumonia thing, and now this is being hyped.
Who's driving the hype?
Well, number one, it's ignorance, media exposure.
You know, the New York Times does what it does.
It'll give you all kinds of fake news.
But the reality is CDC is so dysfunctional.
I would say they are a month and a half behind the number of cases that we have in a small town in northern Florida.
Where it's basically rednecks, workers, and all, and we've had an immense amount of the virus infection, and CDC doesn't even know about it.
They talked about the first case was in Washington State.
You said that a month ago exclusively.
I gotta give you credit.
They admit now they're not even allowing testing.
It's not just they're not, it's not incompetence.
They're not allowing the testing.
They're totally incompetent.
Trust me, they're just incompetent.
When you're incompetent, you really do nothing.
I mean, the best thing to do is get out of the way and basically stand and do nothing.
You've got to get rid of the CDC.
You've got to get rid of HHS.
This is where the problems lie in the federal government.
I go back to the local government.
What's more important to me?
Well, I counted the number of cases I have in a town of 2,000 to 3,000, and I've said about 30% of them
I've been sick over this past month.
CBC doesn't record it.
Listen, I know my whole office, half the people here have had respiratory stuff for months.
They don't even know where to go.
So I see it.
Yeah, yeah.
So what you're saying is, not that locals God, but locals were the real rubber meets the road where you got to do stuff.
Versus the delusional ivory tower cloud city stuff.
I mean, what you're seeing is, again, it's the end of the ivory tower.
The universities can no longer accommodate to the reality of a binary system or quantum encryption.
We're not sending kids anymore to universities to say, you're going to get a liberal education.
The MITs, the Harvards that I went to, were compromised.
By the Epstein's, by the CIA, by incompetency and money.
And my point to you is that you're seeing those changes evolve very quickly.
And it's somebody like you on the alternative media that can state that.
Now, Stuart and I come out of Montana.
I know a little bit about him.
And I had a lawyer who was disbarred from Montana.
And came down to Florida.
Now, why is Montana a problem?
Montana, in and of itself, was really a democratic state, left-wing.
And I was totally shocked!
Because I had come up there and worked in Bozeman to start up companies.
But when my accountant told me, look, at the local level, you're going to be paying all kinds of taxes.
I said, it's not worth it.
I'm getting out of here.
We're back in two minutes.
Stay there.
Hour number three with Stuart Rhodes and Dr. Seba Chennick.
We'll get your take on Montana straight ahead.
Stay with us.
Tomorrow's news today.
Let's talk about that right now.
You know, it's a paradox that we don't want to hype this thing too much up and hurt the economy, but we don't want to get caught flat-footed.
Exclusive Chinese doctors say Wuhan coronavirus reinfection even deadlier.
We'll get to those articles in a moment with Stuart Rhodes.
But regardless, we kept asking
After the failed impeachment, after the failed indictment and all of it, what will the next attack be?
And now it's this.
So, so, Dr. Stephen Shinnick, what are your predictions about what's coming in the future?
Number one, Trump will win.
Number two, there'll be a realignment of the entire Democratic Party, and he will probably get rid of Pence and a group of other people within his administration once he's back in.
The coronavirus will spread, and within a month to two months, it'll be over.
And then in a year, we will have a vaccine that may or may not work.
I'm not a great believer in these vaccines against the flu, so
For me, you're going to have it one way or the other, so you might as well be prepared.
As you said, in terms of your own immunity system, get it in the best of shape.
If you're a smoker, stop smoking.
If you're drinking, this is not going to help.
So basically, you're going to have a pandemic.
It'll be over in a month and a half, and there's very little this government can do, or will do.
They're dysfunctional.
You have too big a system that doesn't work.
And we've said it for years.
Now you're seeing that.
You see the end of the Democrats.
You see the end of the Republicans.
And what you're going to see is the rise of the minority and the millennials, pretty much.
And that's not going to be relevant to our system.
So this is epic stuff, though.
I mean, Stuart, what do you see?
You know, I got a 2.2 million army.
Most of them are not well trained.
I can't rely on most of my generals.
I've got generals who have combat flags that they were in Panama.
I was in Panama with Noriega, where they had a grenade of combat flag.
In other words, I've got a military that's dysfunctional.
I've got 16 intelligence units that are worthless.
They all want to have their own little job.
But when I need an integrated intelligence prediction, it doesn't work.
The CIA doesn't work, the NSA doesn't work, cyber communication... By the way, we're not bragging, but isn't InfoWars with all our guests?
We've been giving the real integrated intelligence analysis.
I've said that for 18 years.
You've been ahead of the curve.
I mean, honestly... But I'm not even trying to toot our own horn.
It's scary that we saw Trump was going to win two years before he did, and that half his support was... I mean, the globalists are like, they don't even get what's going on.
What are you saying?
Well, they're not only...
You gotta remember something, and I gotta make it clear to people out there.
You got Soros, alright?
When I was in the Council on Foreign Relations, he was there.
When I was in the Soviet Union in the 70s, he was there.
So what I'm getting to the audience is, you don't have somebody who's just left-wing and giving money.
You've got an underlying intelligence system that plays on both sides.
That's what I'm trying to say to both of you.
It's not an issue of either or.
From our point of view in the very deep state, we play both sides.
The Soros belongs to that.
He was there with Sakharov.
I don't agree with other things he did.
I don't get along with him, but that's not relevant.
My point is he is part of an institution that's far deeper than anybody talked about.
It's not part of the Constitution, but don't kid yourself that the intelligence system isn't working on both sides, or all sides, and nobody's accountable, as you saw in the execution.
All right, back in 60 seconds, let's talk about that.
I get the Hegelian dialectic, but what about the straight shot?
That's my dialectic.
Just 100% this is it.
We'll be right back.
We hold these truths to be self-evident.
All men and women created by God, you know the thing.
And I have a simple proposition here.
I'm here to ask you for your help.
Where I come from, you don't get far unless you ask.
My name's Joe Biden.
I'm a Democratic candidate for the United States Senate.
Look me over.
If you like what you see, help out.
If not, vote for the other guy.
Give me a look, though, okay?
Look, tomorrow's Superstar Tuesday, and I want to thank you all.
By the way, this is my little sister Valerie, and I'm Jill's husband.
Oh no, you switched on me.
This is my wife, this is my sister.
They switched on me.
Poor kids are just as bright and just as talented as white kids.
I sit on the stand, and it get hot.
I got hairy legs that turn blonde in the sun.
Why are you texting?
Why, why, why, why, why, why, why, why, why?
You're getting nervous, man.
Calm down.
It's okay.
3,900 of them right here in the state of North South Carolina.
Give me a break.
Anybody who can throw coal into a furnace can learn how to program, for God's sake.
1.2 billion.
So you go ahead and you stack spaghetti sauce at a store, in a supermarket.
You control the guy or the woman who runs the, runs, brings out the carts on a forklift.
I'm looking forward to appointing the first African American woman to the United States Senate.
150 million people have been killed since 2007 when Bernie voted to exempt the gun manufacturers from liability.
Thank you.
Thank you.
I had two cranial aneurysms and they literally had to take the top of my head off.
I mean they take a saw and they cut your head off and go in to find the artery that is one was leaking the other that hadn't before it burst.
Focus on cancer, Alzheimer's and
As well as diabetes.
Ladies and gentlemen.
And the kids used to come up and reach in the pool and rub my leg down so it was straight and then watch the hair come back up again.
They'd look at it.
So I learned about roaches.
I learned about kids jumping on my lap.
And I've loved kids jumping on my lap.
We've got Dr. Steven Sinek who's run major lunatic asylums.
This goes seriously down.
I mean, on a simple basis of a medical exam, there isn't one doctor, and I was a board examiner, who can clear him for medal status, that he knows where he is, what the time is, and where he's going.
I mean, it's sad, but there's no way he's going to become president.
No, I agree.
So how are they still pushing him?
How is he the frontrunner?
The sense of the self, what happened when they came in, when Michael Bloomberg came in and tried to buy the election.
The only thing that was left to any of these people who had already screwed themselves in the impeachment suit was the fact that we're going to have, quote, a moderate candidate as opposed to a more lucid socialist.
But on the other hand, he is medically impaired as well.
I see you laughing.
Did Mary Poppins things and things as a little mermaid?
And he did ads saying, I will tell you how to live America.
I'm coming to run your life.
That's like, that's like archetypally how you would like have someone not vote for you.
These people, you say, I agree.
Bloomberg, he shakes dogs' faces.
He like sticks his fingers in, in like buffets and licks them and sticks them back in.
Do you have to be completely mentally ill to have $78 million?
What the?
Well, I've known about Bloomberg for over 30 years.
Basically, he's an ambitious man who became restless.
He didn't know what to do.
He made his money.
I'm not sure it was worth all that money.
But nevertheless, he went on to become mayor.
And he did a fair job as a mayor.
I can't criticize him.
This is absolutely gross.
That boy is a really ugly pig.
I can't.
Sorry, we got Bloomberg smacking in the background.
I mean, you hit it on the head.
There's nothing I can say to him, man.
He just spent... But imagine, you show up at people's house to impress them, and there's like a buffet, and you stick your hands in the main big ol' alley, and then stick them by the... It's a freaking space alien!
You know what?
This is the most expensive comedy show I've ever seen.
No, I agree.
It's so unreal.
I think this may be a simulation now.
In fact, what's the phenomenon where you're a psychiatrist, you're on Crazy People and you go crazy?
Because I think I'm going crazy.
You know what?
I left the field because after a while you just
You know, you don't tolerate what comes on.
These guys are so narcissistic.
You got to understand the notion of I for this individual, man or woman or transgender is so great.
They don't know reality.
They couldn't care about reality.
So they live in Disneyland, which is in Washington.
They live in Disneyland, which is Congress or the Senate, and they do nothing.
It's all process.
And they voted $8 billion now?
Where are you going to spend $8 billion?
In what?
In hazmat suits?
I don't even know where you're going to put $8 billion.
So the point of fact... Well, exactly.
The factory can't even produce that in the next month.
That's my point, but basically you have a system that is so dysfunctional, it's obvious.
And people are just basically saying, forget it.
I'm working at the local level.
I'm working with my cops.
I'm working with the fire department.
So it's like the Greek gods.
Once people forgot them, they had no more power.
You got, oh, that's a good analogy.
That's excellent, actually.
Very good.
So what comes next?
What do you expect?
Because they're not going to give up here.
What's the next, like, tantrum?
Well, you know, you hit something when you said about the Greek gods.
There's an old saying that Mao Tse Tung said, the higher the monkey goes, the further he falls.
So you're going to see the Democratic Party really tumble down.
You're going to see all kinds of accusations.
You're going to see all kinds of
You're going to see a kind of, you know, basically a drama show, a comedy drama show on the Democratic Party.
And Trump is going to tweet his heart off and say, okay, let's work with Biden's senile.
Let's work with Bernie, the millionaire socialist, and he'll have a ball.
Basically Trump will come in and from that point on,
I predict we're going to have a devolution of serious power from that point on, and people will really not be interested anymore on the federal level.
No, I agree that when you're reining lobotomized monkeys, it's still dangerous, though.
Because, I mean, I'm not an elitist thinking I'm smart, but I look at these people, they're like crazy people.
I mean, I'm like, what the hell's going on?
When you said lobotomized monkeys, I mean, that's a heck of a metaphor.
I know exactly what you're talking about.
Yeah, jump in any time you want, Sturt.
Yeah, Doctor, what about the theory though that, or my theory actually, that all Biden is is a placeholder?
He's intentionally incompetent so that when he's in and Hillary's the Vice President, they can use the 25th Amendment.
There's Biden serving!
They can use the 25th Amendment to get rid of him and bring Hillary in.
You know what, it's an interesting theory, but I think it's as much of a theory as you can do because if Hillary comes in, the Republican, you know, there'll be a massive protest to the degree that you'll see violence on the streets.
So from a point of view that you said, yeah, it's what we call a heuristic concept.
I wouldn't disagree with it, but the reality is
I don't think even Hillary would accept that Biden is anywhere near competent, and basically whenever she's going to get rid of him, that's not going to work.
I mean, those days in the Constitution are over.
Well, let's come back one more segment.
You'll continue on with us, Stuart.
We've got one more segment, Dr. Steve McKinney.
How do we lose this, though?
Because, like the wolf says in Pulp Fiction, we shouldn't start celebrating quite yet.
We should look at the curveballs here.
He said we shouldn't start sucking each other's, yeah.
The point is it's a family show.
We'll be right back on the other side.
There'll be time for that later, Stuart.
No, no there won't.
It's a joke, okay?
You made the joke.
Episode 2, Rebirth of the Republic.
But yeah, Biden is a placeholder because the fact that they're pushing him means
Whoever he makes his VP is who he will then step down if he wins.
So that's clearly the play to run somebody who's this addled, this clearly in the middle stages of dementia, maybe even worse.
Tucker Carlson said last Friday, I mean a couple months, he's going to be right on the walls with poop.
Finger painting.
So, Stuart Rhodes, Oath Keeper's founder, what do you think is going to happen?
Well, I think the entire Democratic field was just kabuki theater, and Hillary's the actual candidate.
And they're just waiting for all that dust to settle, and then she'll come in as his VP, and then she will be president when he's declared incompetent, once he's sworn in.
By the way, we were all saying this years ago.
That's what I predict.
You're predicting it.
Now they float it all the time.
Yeah, well they've been doing it to Trump, right?
Trump is incompetent.
Trump should be declared incompetent in the 25th Amendment.
So when Biden gets in and is clearly incompetent, the right will clamor for him to be declared incompetent.
And they'll say, you know what, you're right.
Aside from the fact that Hillary Clinton's probably more beautiful than Meryl Monroe.
No, seriously, as a reanimated corpse, she's very sexy.
I'm into zombies, I like her.
No, but seriously, what do you think?
Because obviously she's delusional.
I don't see she'll even get away with that, but she's definitely thinking it.
What do you think's going on?
Look, we talked about Hillary a couple of years ago, and she was tripping and falling all over the place.
She had her own problems, mentally and physically.
I think it's an interesting scenario.
I think Stuart may be right, but the reality is I don't think the Democrats have a prayer of a chance to get in.
And basically, this is pretty much the end of the Democratic Party.
Speak to that, because you're not just saying it.
I mean, you can smell the death, and then what's back away?
Not to violate the Goldwater Rule, but just as a psychiatrist and a smart guy that ran black ops for the U.S.
government, Trump is a magnificent creature.
I mean, he's had his problems, but he just gets stronger under attack.
So speak to the Democratic Party's death, and then Trump, who this guy is.
Well, the beginnings of all of this was when Nancy Pelosi decided on her own to go up against Trump.
And the paramount activity for Nancy, where I said she was highly self-destructive, she herself has a problem mentally and physically.
She now has a candidate for the first time in 40 years to run against her in Pacific
At Palisades, but basically what I was saying with Nancy, once she tore up that piece of paper, that was the end of a whole era and Nancy, the Bidens, all of those, the Clintons, they're finished.
The Bushes are finished.
The Bush Jr.
now didn't get elected.
That's the first time in 30 or 40 years that a Bush has never been elected in a local election.
So what I'm predicting is the end of the political parties as we know them now.
Trump is unique for the very simple reason this is the first time we've had a businessman who really has accomplished what he has accomplished.
And I was there in New York, New Jersey, everywhere in Florida.
Perfect, but he's like a space alien to them.
He's not part of the swamp.
They don't even know how to read him.
Exactly, and what he uses was exactly what you and I were talking about, and sometimes what you create and I create, and that is chaos.
He knows how to use that Twitter to create chaos within the system, and people don't know how to respond.
That's what's crazy about the left, they don't even get to kill a bad story and create a new one, they just, what is this thing where they hammer the same stories over and over again for like 10 years, it's, no one listens to it, it's like, but they just do it like, eh, eh, eh, eh, the same story over and over again.
But there's a reason why they're not on the air and you are my friend.
The reality is they don't have your ability to improvise, to talk, to be able to be funny.
I mean it seriously.
When you have a one-note orchestra, that's it.
Nobody's going to listen.
It's finished.
They know that.
We know that.
It's just playing out now, the death of this party and the death of a system that really is no longer in a constitutional system.
I totally, you're right.
You predicted it 10 years ago.
I didn't believe you.
So how do they go down?
And I don't want to be like Gandalf up here.
The bull rock falls off the cliff.
It gets me with his whip.
How do we stop them from taking us down with them?
You don't do anything with them.
It's basically like a patient committing suicide, what I call the borderline.
Every time they want to cut their wrists, I let them cut their wrists.
If they want to keep cutting their wrists, they do it in front of me.
And I said, fine, I'm not going to stop you.
Why would I, as a psychiatrist, want to stop your self-destructive behavior?
As an operational intel officer, I would encourage it and say, you know what, I really don't care.
Go ahead and keep doing it because that's exactly what Nancy did.
That's exactly what Biden is doing.
And you want to encourage that.
And that's what Trump is really doing.
He's saying, OK, now bring in your next... He baits them into destroying themselves quicker because it's better to get rid of them quickly.
And he understands how to do that because he's done it in business, he's done it in politics.
He's pulling out of an 18-year fiasco created by none other than Cheney and Bush.
And by the way, you're not just a Trump lover.
You were super mad at him a few years ago when he was making the wrong moves.
You warned him about the neocons.
But isn't it great to see him actually pulling out of these wars?
Isn't that amazing?
It is amazing.
But you know why?
I say it again.
With all due respect, he listens to you and he understands what this is about.
And he understood from the very beginning that we're here not to flatter him.
We're here to do a reality testing.
Reality testing in politics is not easy.
So you can't do it.
He doesn't need yes-men.
He needs people to challenge him.
And that's what he likes.
I think
Hope Hicks was brought back in.
He likes her.
She's attractive, but she's a reality tester for him.
Even Ivanka is a reality tester.
Jared Kushner, who I thought once was deficient, really is.
Trump doesn't like people that challenge him just on an ego basis.
But if you're really telling him something, that's what they, I'm not bragging, they hate me so much, because I tell Trump stuff, it's real.
It's not from a point of like, I'm better than him.
Like, sir, you need to look at this.
He like listens.
Not only listens, but he respects you and others because you're willing to stand up to him.
That's an important dynamic for Trump.
He knows he likes to intimidate people, but beneath that, he wants to be liked.
And quite frankly, the need to be liked is far more important to him than the intimidation.
So once he likes somebody, he'll say, oh my good friend Abe, or my good friend Xi, or my good friend Trump.
I see him trying to intimidate people, he thinks you're trying to intimidate him.
Well, it's even more than that.
He's used to intimidating, and he wants to see how you react to it.
If you don't react to it, and you know how to bypass him and use a joke, he respects you.
If you kowtow to him, he's going to use you, but then he's going to deprecate you.
That's exactly what Roger Stone told me, because one time in front of Roger, I had a phone call for like 15 minutes with the President, and he goes, listen, he doesn't like that you're being too nice.
You need to be man-to-man.
I said, okay.
Roger's absolutely right, though, about that.
No, Roger was correct, and one of the things that really got me angry is Roger Stone's gonna go to prison?
Give me a break for four years, for seven years, to do what?
He's never bothered anybody?
You got the Sacklers who killed 250,000 people with their drugs, Oxycontin, and created two million heroin addicts.
That ought to be executed.
There you are.
Dr. Pucinich, you couldn't come on last week.
Come back again.
With us very, very soon.
Steve Machinic.com.
We love you.
Thank you.
I love you.
Take care.
Always informative.
And now we're going to take over with Stuart Rhodes and his Colonel buddy, who I've seen on the show before.
He's a really smart guy and has some inside intel when he used to be involved in COG.
I'll tell you what COG is if you don't know straight ahead.
You know, people ask me all the time on the street and in emails and comments, why do you have one guest on the show and another guest?
Why do you say one thing, one hour, another thing, another?
Well, no, I'm always for the Second Amendment, and I'm always for the family, and Jesus Christ, and the First Amendment, and I'm always for America, but I'm not a cult.
I want to have different perspectives on, with different angles, to challenge my mind.
Google, you know, it's always trying to put you in your own little group and feed you what you want to hear.
No, I don't want that.
So Stuart Rhodes is here, and I've met him before.
He's been on the show when you co-hosted.
John Siemens is a retired Army colonel, worked in COG, Continuity of Government, very secretive area.
He's not going to get anything classified here, but a lot of this is out in the open.
So he's going to talk about it today in FEMA, getting their secret declaration ready.
It's already in place.
And so much more.
And you're not challenging Buchanan.
We're not in a cult.
He wants to make it all sound like it's great and everybody's okay.
But Stuart, you've got some great points.
You can see the setup of the president here.
We should take this very seriously.
Yeah, I think people are being way too complacent.
We've got a deep state that's not going to give up.
I mean, Trump was an anomaly, caught him off guard.
But as we've talked about before, you can expect the vote fraud to be extra heavy this time.
Trump better not count his chickens.
Yeah, they made a mistake and last time he was able to overwhelm the vote fraud.
That element alone is a problem.
You've got billions of illegal aliens that are going to be set up to vote in Texas, right here, and in California, and in Mexico.
So, this is all ground we've covered before.
I think he's being way too complacent.
And the other thing is, is that they will use this crisis, you know, whether it's real or not, I think it is real, they will use this to take Trump down.
Trust me Claire, America is running the tables right now because it awoken.
But you're absolutely right.
If we don't worry about election fraud and other things, them trying to blame the coronavirus, which they're doing on Trump, we are missing a major blind spot.
Yeah, so he needs to be decisive and do the right thing.
And the right thing would be to seal our borders right now.
And John Siemens, tell us about John.
He's got quite a background.
So, Colonel John Seamans was the 5th Army Liaison to FEMA when he was in service.
He spent 30 years in the U.S.
military, in the Army, and he worked on, in fact, he was on Oklahoma City.
He was on the ground in Oklahoma City after the Murrah bombing there.
So, he also worked on training National Guard State Commands, and part of the scenarios he worked on was a mass hurricane coming across New Orleans, which was before Katrina.
As a result of that exercise, he determined that if we ever had a level 5 hurricane, there'd be 30 feet of water in downtown New Orleans, and that's exactly what happened.
So he's been there, done that.
Your approximation of the coronavirus, Colonel?
I think that it's a weapon of mass destruction first.
I think it's something that China has released either on purpose or in accident.
I concur with that.
It's very clear.
I think it's very clear.
They've got a problem and it may have been generated by some of the stuff that America has done in affecting their economy.
Their strike back.
They are hurting and they're a communist government.
They cannot support their people.
They can't take care of their people.
They've got to get rid of them.
That's one of the possibilities.
Their bubble's collapsing.
You're right.
They've got to have a reset.
That's what the smart money says, Colonel.
But then they can use it also if they're in cahoots with anybody else.
They can bring it down and use it as a bioweapon against America and affect Trump because Trump's the guy that's hurting him.
Well, I mean, you can see it in the UN in coordination, Stuart.
To blame America for it?
It's just crazy.
Well, it's a setup.
It's don't do anything that will actually stop the spread of the virus, let it spread throughout the world, let it cause chaos, and then use that for their purposes, which is always the same answer, which is more draconian central government, and in particular the United States, to take Trump down.
But that's part of where we're going is, you know, FEMA and the U.S.
government in total has a responsibility to protect America.
They're not doing that.
So why are they sending out bad kids or not sending out kids?
I'm not blaming Trump because I can really run my own office and I've got a great crew.
If they were against me it would be over.
Clearly, the CDC, who are the culprits?
You're an expert on this.
Well, I don't know that I'm the expert, but... Well, no, I mean, as much as anybody, I mean, you've been on the inside.
Who is playing this down?
Well, I think we've got a deep state problem in there, in the CDC, as well as many other government agencies, and they like to look good and not do anything.
They're used to sitting on their bottoms.
They want to throw money at a problem or throw it to somebody else.
Oh, it's his problem.
It's Trump's problem.
No, it's our government's problem.
The projection is 3 million dead if the CDC prediction of 2% mortality is right.
So we're preparing for that and it's going to cause all sorts of supply chain breakdown.
Then I might have another lieutenant colonel retired, but he was in special operations as well at my house, just in a business thing we're doing with my wife and me.
I've known the guy a while.
He's telling her while I'm driving to work, because I had to leave, the same thing.
His buddy got a briefing, heard the same thing.
So, I mean, this is like the Army's being told, get ready for three million dead.
What have you guys heard from your sources, Dirk?
Well, we're seeing movement now, like the one clip.
Yeah, we have this footage, maybe, from Florida.
Show the clip from the CBRN unit.
That's a special operations unit.
That's a chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear response unit, which is in each major FEMA region are dedicated units.
They're National Guard, but they're all full-time troops, and they're integrated with special forces.
And there's one on the move in Florida that someone just videotaped.
Yeah, we had that footage about an hour ago.
We'll see if we can roll that again.
We're seeing increased activity like that across the country.
More movement of military vehicles, and that's an entire military unit rolling down the road.
But FEMA says they're getting ready to declare a national emergency.
Colonel, you were involved as a liaison with FEMA at a major national level.
What does that signify?
Well, it signifies there's a problem.
I wrote a lot of exercises for FEMA training state governments on how to handle national emergencies.
That's been 20 years ago, and those plans have lacked.
Let me ask this question.
Whether the virus is super spreadable or super deadly or not, China locking down its major cities and supply chain breakdowns, that's real.
Why is China doing this?
To shut down the Taiwanese protests?
Yeah, we have to keep in mind that the State Area Commands, the State Adjutant General, is an appointee of the Governor.
And the Governor controls those Army units, those National Guard units, until the President decides that, no, they're mine.
That he activates them into Federal Service.
So that's what the governor in Virginia has done, is use that state area command and their National Guard units in order to threaten the citizens of Virginia.
And we can expect the same thing to happen in New Mexico and other places.
Well, that's it.
The Democrats have been trying to invoke martial law and a clash, but it's been failing.
So what better way to do it, what better way to make it actually happen than to let the virus come to the United States, do the minimal amount to stop it, in fact maybe help spread it, and then trick Trump into taking the steps that they want to see happen, which is quarantines inside the United States, setting the precedent so that when they come in for power, they can use those precedents.
Yeah, they're setting us up for them to be able to declare a national emergency.
And then within that national emergency, how do they attack Trump?
Well, he's blamed for it.
You know, you make it really bad, and then you say, he didn't do enough to stop this.
Now look at what's happening.
And so therefore, we have to quarantine all the cities.
And of course, the Virginia governor, for example, can use those powers.
And that's the cover for removing Trump.
Well sure, they could say he's incompetent or we'll just lose the election because he could be blamed for it.
It's a cover for them to blame Trump so that they can garner their votes and get Trump out of office.
Alright, final segment before our next guest host Mike Adams takes over and boy is he ready to cover a lot of critical stuff.
Both of our guests are here with us right now.
I'm Alex Jones, John Siemens, retired Army Colonel involved with FEMA and of course Stuart Rhodes, founder of Oathkeeper.
Stay with us.
So we know the bureaucratic deep state has been trying to bring down Trump and bring down this American resurgence, but there's a deep state that cooks breakfast for their children every morning and works in factories and ranches and in schools and police departments and fire departments and other systems every day, and it's the American people.
Stuart Rhodes is here with us, founder of Oath Keepers, Army veteran, constitutional lawyer, patriot, and John Seaman's retired colonel, who was the main liaison for one of the main FEMA Region 7s with the entire federal government and COG, Continued Government.
So I want to ask this question to both of you.
What would you call this time America is in right now?
I see as a time we're trying to take control of our government again.
We've had a lot of success, but we're not in the final
Leg of the victory.
But I think we're almost over the top and we were over the top right now.
And how is the system going to strike back?
And if we look at how Democrats operate, how they use every crisis to power grab and to leverage and how their blue cities operate and how they're salivating saying they're going to use the virus to blame Trump.
What do you think is going to happen?
Well, I would call it either 1774, that's about where we're at, or the Second American Civil War.
That's kind of where we're at.
And we're fighting against, you know, the deep state that wants to overthrow our Constitution.
Mello, you're not just saying that.
Keep going.
That's really where we are.
That's where we're at.
And so, I think a good snare to walk through with the Colonel is, take Washington State for example.
A sanctuary state for illegal aliens, and Seattle, a sanctuary city for illegal aliens, and now we have a situation where they're experiencing an epidemic.
So, I can see this happening, that they will blame it on Trump, never talk about the fact that their open border mentality has helped spread the disease in their state, but they're going to blame it on Trump.
Did you see the Democrat state rep that said get infected and go to a mega rally?
Right, I saw that.
So let's walk through a scenario of what happens if they then quarantine a city and now the governor and the mayor get to be the heroes and say that we stepped in and did the right thing because Trump didn't do the right thing.
Well, first off, they have been sitting there for months and even years denying the federal government to even come in and do something to take care of that problem.
Trump has said he needs to go into San Francisco, for instance, and take care of the homeless filth problem there.
But you get into something like this coronavirus in Seattle.
What's going to happen is, you know, they've denied the federal government from taking care of anything, despite what Trump may want to do.
And then, now they're going to step up, like Stuart just said, they want to step up and they'll start with small places that are quarantined.
Yeah, they're already quarantining individuals in homes.
Well, now they're looking at a whole nursing home where they've had a lot of deaths.
And it will step up and slowly expand to where, as the coronavirus expands, they're going to quarantine a whole city.
That's right.
It all started in communist China, the globalist run system, to set the precedent to do it here.
And instead of, like I said before, instead of defending our borders and locking down our country and being, that'd be the hardcore answer.
As Pat Buchanan said last week, then Trump wins regardless.
He's done the default.
Why isn't he doing it?
He doesn't want to hurt the stock market.
Well, he's also being given bad advice.
He's let Pence take over.
And instead of him talking to CBC... And that's one thing you and Pacino agree on.
Don't trust Pence.
Why does everybody... I kind of like Pence, but I don't... I know his back... I mean, I know his background, but why... why... why has Pence been?
Well, first of all, the most recent example is he's fully in favor of Red Flag.
He is wanting to send... Really?
Oh yeah.
He had a symposium in Indiana for Red Flag.
Wow, show my ignorance.
He's for Red Flag?
He had a symposium in Indiana saying that the red flag legislation in Indiana is the model the whole country should follow.
I saw some of that.
Wow, he endorsed that?
Oh yeah.
Wow, that's not good.
He's a huge red flag guy.
That's a huge red flag for him right there.
That is a huge red flag.
So what do you think comes next?
Well, I think what's happening is that Pence is part of the control team to control Trump and set him up.
That's what I really believe is going to happen to him.
He's a globalist.
I don't care how many times he kneels on the floor.
So who would Trump replace Pence with?
Good question.
Who should he replace him with?
Maybe Congressman Scalise.
Jim Jordan.
Rand Paul.
What was the gentleman's name from Kansas?
No, the other one.
No, I know he's the one that was Attorney General.
He's really good.
Hurley, Hurley.
No, I wouldn't go for Kasich.
Patience gives me a bad feeling, but Jim Jordan would be good in my mind.
Jim Jordan, he tells a good guy.
Or Rand Paul.
And Rand Paul's good too.
Hey, we gotta give Trump credit.
He's pulling the troops out of Afghanistan.
Oh sure, but he's not taking care of this country.
That's the problem.
Because he's so focused on foreign affairs, he's been distracted, they're running the clock out on him.
Meanwhile, we have this massive invasion of illegals that he has not yet stopped.
And even right now, about the coronavirus, he's been asked by one conservative journalist, well what about the southern border?
Well we're going to look at that.
He should have troops on the border right now and say, I'm locking the border down with the U.S.
military, period, because illegal Chinese come through the border all the time.
We need to start exercising our territorial...
Well, sure.
And he should exercise his powers as president.
By the way, all these libertarians go, oh we don't need a government.
What do you do when the Nazis or the communists or the chi-coms come against you?
Like, I get it, we don't want a government, we want to get rid of it all.
The point is, what do you do when there's another militarized government coming at you?
You want to constitute a government that's limited, that protects your rights, that you control.
It's not going to be perfect to defend against that.
How do you square that up?
Because I get the anarchic capitalist arguments.
It just doesn't exist.
It creates warlords instantly.
You remove a government power, other ones
Yeah, that's why I'm not a hard core.
You want major awards for constitutional articles.
That's why I'm what you call a minarchist.
I'm not a no-state libertarian because it doesn't work.
Someone's going to make rules and someone's going to enforce them.
Somebody always making rules.
Better be me.
Not some warlord on some hill.
But we have a constitution that says exactly what the state should do and what the federal government can't do.
But the federal government has that responsibility.
You know, I lived through the RIF, the reduction in force after Vietnam.
And those soldiers were just kicked out.
There's places where we could use the soldiers that are coming back out of Afghanistan.
One of them is right on the southern border here in Texas.
That we could mobilize and pay for it right now.
Right now.
That money's already there.
Well, the President could call them up as the militia under the federal statutes and put them on the border.
Well, that's the other thing.
And if Trump wants to truly win, he should stand in as the POTUS in this crisis.
As Pat Buchanan said, he must now do it.
He's already gotten almost there.
Do it.
In a constitutional manner.
And the way to do that is to call up the militia, as the colonel's pointing out, put us, put all of us veterans back on the border and lock it down and stop all international flights.
To start right there.
And that would kill the cartels instantly.
Oh yeah, absolutely.
Total exercise of power.
It would also stop the further flying in of people that are infected with this virus.
It would.
It would make him a hero.
Well, let's be honest.
The virus is a cover to secure the Republic.
But it is a problem.
I'm just saying we should be honest about that.
Well sure, that's why I don't want to see, you know, I think martial law is unconstitutional anyway, but I don't want to see any draconian things done to the American people.
But locking the border down is not martial law, exactly.
Exactly right.
They're saying get ready for martial law here, in our neighborhoods, but not on the border?
But how do you keep from locking down that?
One of those issues is the militia.
Take the arms away from the militia so that they can't go defend that.
We don't need a presidential order as a militia to go down there and do it.
Individuals will step up.
That's why the Japanese didn't invade this country.
General Yamamoto, a gun behind everybody else.
But that's the thing is, the average domesticated person hears that and goes, men just go and defend.
That's what the world ran like.
Well, yeah, I mean, this is the problem.
The president is being told by his advisors, don't do the manly Teddy Roosevelt thing to do.
Don't do what you actually have a responsibility for.
With the Rough Riders.
Instead, no, no, don't do that.
General Jack Pershing.
That might scare people.
Don't do that.
That could cause a panic.
I'm so tired of the word panic.
So what?
Let people panic.
You should be panicked in a way.
Well, those drug cartels, the minute the Marines went, it'd be over.
Oh, yeah.
They'd be done.
So we've been saying this for years.
The colonel and I spent
You know, months actually on the border in New Mexico and Texas and all over the place.
And we're just pulling our hair out saying President Trump can and should lock the border down with troops.
He should have done that before.
He should do it now.
And so Pepe Can is correct.
He should act decisively right now and he'll be- Let's be clear.
If nothing's happened on the border, it's the President's right to militarize it.
But now it's out of control.
You should.
Instead, we're being told in the news, get ready to be locked down in your houses in Austin, Texas or Chicago, Illinois, but the border's still going to be open?
So it's always about controlling you, not controlling the border.
All right, gentlemen, thank you.
John Siemens, thank you so much for joining us.
Appreciate you.
And Stuart Rhodes, thank you so much for joining us.
You bet.
I'm going to finish up on the other side of this break, and I'm going to bring in our next guest, Mike Adams, who you all want to listen to straight ahead.
Tomorrow's news today.
Man, I've been talking to these guests last hour and a half, and I had a feeling.
I said, let me go to Infowars.com.
Let me see what's on there.
And man, it blew me away.
Absolutely blew me away what was up there.
But it's just InfoWars.
Who looks at that?
Who cares about that?
You know what I mean?
I mean, if InfoWars isn't concerned about InfoWars, why should it even exist?
Why should it even be on this planet?
So I'll read it off my phone.
That's the only way we can get it to you.
Doc, overhead shot, please.
Good old overhead shot, please.
And I will show TV viewers these articles.
Switzerland quarantines all active-duty soldiers.
Wow, that's a big story, isn't it?
Wow, look at this one.
Man, that's pretty newsworthy.
You will pay the price!
Chuck Schumer threatens Supreme Court Justices Gorsuch and Kavanaugh.
Wow, that's a big story right there.
Pretty important.
Another illegal alien accused of rape, protected in sanctuary policies.
Bernie cozy's up to Obama in a new ad following Super Tuesday loss.
Sink Uyghur melts down after Bernie loses Super Tuesday.
Pretty big.
Pretty big stuff, man.
Mike Adams is going to take over here in just a few minutes.
He's got a lot of news to cover on the economy and the coronavirus and the rest of what's happening.
You know, I tried to have a good time earlier here on air.
I tried to cover these topics as best I could.
But the truth is, humanity's ready to die.
And humanity's gonna die.
You know, if I look into the future, I see almost everybody dead soon.
Because there's not a consciousness.
And when there's not a consciousness, there's nothing but drift.
And I don't say this from some elitist perspective.
I, last night, went to the grocery store because my children wanted some ice cream.
And I walked, the people were mean, they were cutting each other off, they were pissed to even be alive, and they were just, they were just, they were just in hell.
And I looked at that and I said, this isn't what people used to look like.
This isn't how people used to act.
But you see, they've been put, they've been put into a trance.
They've been put into a deep trance.
And so as mad as you get at them, you gotta remember they're in trance.
So imagine screaming and yelling at somebody who's asleep in a bed like, why don't you see this?
Why don't you know about this?
Because they're asleep and they're not gonna see anything.
And so it just becomes down to a point of,
Well, do we even try to keep waking people up, or do we, those of us that are awake and involved and engaged, do we take action?
Because there's a true spiritual death taking place.
Gloveless did it with the TV, they admit they've got the average person has the attention span of a goldfish.
And the globalists celebrate that every minute and every second because they don't have the attention span of a goldfish.
They have a huge program to take us down their following.
Live from Austin, Texas, burning down fast, it's InfoWars.
Burning down like everybody else, going to hell.
Well, the video that nobody gives a damn about is on InfoWars.com.
You will pay the price.
Wow, he said Trump would pay.
He said Trump would pay six ways to Sunday for challenging them.
And now he's issued a new incredible video.
It's on InfoWars.com right now.
He will pay the price.
Chuck Schumer threatens Supreme Court Justice Gorsuch and Kavanaugh.
Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer threatened conservative Supreme Court Justices Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh on Wednesday over abortion.
Speaking at a Portland Planned Parenthood rally, a eugenics rally, outside of the court in D.C., Schumer launched a veiled threat
At the two justices over how they may vote in an upcoming abortion-related case.
I want to tell you, Justice Kavanaugh and Justice Gorsuch, you have unleashed a whirlwind.
You will pay the price because Trimmer wants that baby blood.
Trimmer yells with cheering audience.
We got that video for you coming up.
In fact, here it is.
And they're taking away fundamental rights.
I want to tell you, Gorsuch, I want to tell you, Kavanaugh, you have released the whirlwind, and you will pay the price.
He finally gets his blood up for baby blood.
Baby blood!
Baby blood!
Give me that baby blood!
That's just some of the news at Infowars.com.
Lockheed Martin stops F-35 manufacturing in Japan, Italy.
Due to coronavirus.
What's a worthless aircraft?
Another illegal alien accused of rape protected by sanctuary policies in New York.
Go ahead.
New theory finally sheds light on dark matter.
It's all there.
Trump unloads on spoiler Elizabeth Warren.
French foreign minister slams Turkey over migration invasion.
It's all happening now.
Mike Adams of naturalnews.com is about to take over.
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I was selling storable food before the crisis.
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All right, Mike Adams is taking over right now for the Balance of the Hour, then Owen Schroyer and the War Room straight ahead.
Whatever you do, don't tell people about the local AM and FM stations.
Don't spread the links, because we want to lose.
If you do, we win!
No, I'm being sarcastic.
Spread the links to live shows and all that's happening because this is a human fight against the globalists and we are together the resistance.
Mike Adams takes over.
Welcome to the the whole new world of the pandemic to all watching.
County has just declared an emergency earlier this morning and there are outbreaks not only in Northern California but now Oregon's head of their state health department last night said he believes there may be up to 500 infections across Oregon right now but they still can't get the tests done because the testing kits aren't available at the local level.
Now I do understand they're being
I know there's a big push for that in the FDA and the CDC and at the White House, and those kits should be readily available soon.
But they're not yet in the hands of the doctors, the frontline doctors in the hospitals in New York and Seattle and Los Angeles.
But you are going to experience the most interesting year of your life as this unfolds.
And today here on the show, I've got a lot for you.
I'm going to be covering lists of sanitizers that you can use that may be very useful for killing viruses on surfaces.
So if you want to know what to stock up on or even how to make your own hand sanitizer, I'll be covering that for you here.
There's new science on nutraceuticals that hold very good promise for possibly halting coronavirus replication in your body.
That's been covered in a journal, What Progress and Cardiovascular Disease, and we'll go through the list there.
A lot of different minerals and herbs and nutraceuticals that are widely available.
Some of them may be available at the InfoWars store.
I haven't checked yet, but we're going to cover that list and give you a link to that as well.
We've got
The answer is to how to solve this, how Trump could take a leadership position here and solve this and be the hero that conquered the pandemic.
I do have suggestions for President Trump on how he can accomplish that, but it does require him
Looking beyond just vaccines and the pharmaceutical industry.
Right now, a lot of people are just waiting for big pharma to rescue them, when there's a whole world of natural antivirals and other even strategies that we can use as a society to isolate this.
In fact, Stuart Rhodes mentioned that in the last hour, that domestic flights right now should probably be cancelled.
And he's he's correct about that.
In fact, I believe that airplanes are currently spreading this all across the country right now.
And it's only because of the lack of diagnostic test kits that we don't yet know the full extent of that spread that's taking place.
But with this doubling about every week,
It's an exponential explosion.
We're seeing clusters of outbreaks now.
In another two to three weeks, it's going to be full-blown outbreaks.
Hundreds, if not thousands, of cases will be confirmed across the United States, if the testing kits are made available.
And from there, if you follow the math, eventually it'll be 100,000 people infected, maybe millions.
And now, today, even Fox News is reporting that the calculated mortality rate from this is 3%
Actually above 3%.
Now keep in mind that the regular flu mortality rate is below 0.1%.
It's actually typically estimated at 0.07%.
So in other words, the coronavirus is at least 30 times more deadly than the regular flu.
So when people tell you that this is just another flu, they haven't really done the math.
They don't understand the numbers, I suppose, or maybe they just haven't read up on it.
It's not the flu.
And you have celebrity doctors out there like Dr. Drew still telling people that it's just the flu and everybody should stop being concerned.
You know, I'm sorry, but that's just misinformed.
This is spreading exponentially.
It has at least a 30 times higher mortality rate.
And even people who survive the infections tend to have permanent lung damage, permanent heart damage, and in some cases, the disease comes roaring back in their own bodies.
So you have secondary infections.
What I call like zombie virus type of processes that are taking place in the body.
And because this is a novel virus that the human species has never experienced before, we have virtually no tools from mainstream medicine to fight it.
And this is, if I can be critical of President Trump's handling of this, or more appropriately, Mike Pence's handling, and I don't have a lot of faith in Mike Pence to handle this at all, but the criticism of what Trump is doing is that he hasn't yet put the right people in place around him to advise him on the right things to do.
He's just surrounded by NIH people like Dr. Fauci.
He's surrounded by big pharma people and vaccine industry people.
And then people like Mike Pence, who is, you know, he's an ethical, moral American.
He's a great guy, but he's not a doctor.
He's not a virologist, not an epidemiologist.
So you got to have good people around you if you're going to make good decisions about how to stop this.
So here on the show today, I'm going to be focused on that.
I know how to stop this.
I'm not the only one.
I mean, it's widely known how to stop this.
We're going to cover that information and then give you specific advice on how to make your own hand sanitizer, how to make your own surface sanitizers, possible herbs, antivirals and minerals that might help you resist this infection if you encounter it, and much more.
All that straight ahead here on the Alex Jones Show.
This is Mike Adams.
We'll be back after this break.
Stay with us.
So we now know, in summary,
We now know that the coronavirus mortality rate is at least 30 times higher than influenza.
So people talking about this as just another flu or saying that influenza kills more people, that's not true on a percentage basis.
And the only reason more people haven't died yet from coronavirus is because it has only just begun to spread in North America.
In fact, right now, far fewer than 1% of the U.S.
population, or even fewer than 1% of the world population, has been infected with this coronavirus so far.
Well, that is, if you believe the official numbers.
But even if the numbers, the real numbers, were double or triple or quadruple, still wouldn't be very much of the world population.
In other words, this has only just begun.
It's like the tip of the tip of the iceberg.
So everything that you're seeing right now in America with the fatalities now, 10 people dead from coronavirus in America, announced this morning.
I think so.
FEMA is preparing and the DOD is preparing for a scenario that would involve millions of deaths in the United States and over 100 million people infected.
Now, you might say, arguably, maybe that's the worst case scenario.
Okay, so let's take a more conservative scenario.
What if only a quarter of the population gets infected?
In that case, you still have over 1.5 million deaths at a 2% death rate, or over roughly about 2 million deaths at a 3% death rate.
So even if only one out of four people get infected, you're looking at millions of deaths.
Now, there are only three ways that this stops.
So I've heard other people predicting this will be over in six weeks, or this will burn out in the summer, or it's already over.
Some people say it's already burned through the population and we just didn't notice it.
And then other people are saying there is no virus.
So I guess you have all kinds of interesting theories.
I think that's all nonsense.
I think this is very real.
And it can only be stopped in three ways.
And those ways are as follows.
Number one, you can isolate people.
So, quarantines, canceling public meetings, stopping all domestic air travel, quarantines of cities, roadblocks, all these things actually do work to isolate infections.
That's why Italy has been running roadblocks, and that's why China welded people shut in their apartments.
And I'm not saying that we should do that here.
Just from an epidemiological point of view, I'm pointing out the three ways that you stop this.
It's up to us as a society to decide which of these ways we wish to invoke.
Some of them are quite draconian.
Some of them violate human rights, as we've seen in China.
I mean, in China, one of the methods they used was just to execute people who were infected.
Now, does that work to stop the spread?
Yeah, sure it does.
But does it violate human rights?
Of course!
I mean, they put live people in the body bags and toss them into the cremation ovens, according to some reports.
That's obviously heinous and incredibly evil, but it's very indicative of how communism functions.
In any case, method one is isolation.
However you want to play that out, isolation does work.
If you stop people from getting together and sharing
I don't know.
I gotta say, I have wild hogs in Texas, and I watch them sometimes at night when I'm walking my dogs, and the hogs are more polite eaters than Mike Bloomberg was in that video.
I'm telling you, the hogs are nice compared to little Mike Bloomberg there.
In any case, the second way to stop this.
So first way was isolation.
Second way is antivirals.
So if you can stop the virus from replicating in the human body, and if you can get those antivirals out on a widespread basis, and this is something that Dr. Jack told us during an interview on the show last week.
James Lyons Weiler is his name.
He said if you can get antivirals out to the population, then you will really suppress the replication and spread of the virus.
Those antivirals can be nutraceuticals, which I'll cover in the next segment, a complete list
Well, it's a growing list, but it's a good list already of things that may be strong candidates for stopping viral replication in your body, but also antiviral pharmaceuticals are candidates for this as well.
And there are already antiretroviral drugs that are being used for things like HIV infections and some for Ebola in the past as well.
So there may be candidates from the world of big pharma that could be used, but it might be a very long time before those are known.
Whereas the nutraceuticals, the herbs and the minerals
Are very well known right now to deal with other types of viruses that are in the same family, actually.
So that's something that should be considered.
In my opinion, President Trump should have a national press conference and he should tell everybody, take vitamin D, eat turmeric, you know, eat licorice root.
Just get healthier.
Eat these herbs and minerals and superfoods and he can give a list.
And that would really help big time.
That would stop a lot of people from
Uh, from spreading the infection right now.
So that's the second way.
The third way that this stops is if it burns through the population, sweeps through all the people, everybody gets infected, and then you end up with two groups on the other side.
People who are one, immune, or two, dead.
So that's it.
You let it sweep through the population.
I'm not saying that you should do this.
I'm just saying, theoretically, this is one way to end it.
And China may be doing this.
It's just let it burn through the population.
You know, you're going to lose 10% of the population, perhaps the other 90%.
Most of those will have good immunity.
Some will have permanent lung damage.
But if you're China and you want to run your factories and keep your economy going, they can probably just justify that to say, oh, we're going to lose one out of 10 people.
That's it.
Well, if you do that in America, then that's over 30 million deaths, you know, if 10% die.
So hopefully that's not one of the approaches that will be attempted here in this country.
But again, there are only three ways this ends.
It ends by isolation, it ends by antivirals, or it ends by burning through the population, killing people, or building immunity in the survivors.
And that's it!
There are no other scenarios where this ends.
Notably, it doesn't end by magic.
It doesn't end because we want to protect the stock market.
It doesn't end because we wish for it to end.
It doesn't end just because summer arrives.
I know there's this theory floating around that this will go away in the summer.
There's no scientific basis for that whatsoever.
That's true with influenza.
But there's no evidence that that's true with coronavirus, which is a totally different family of viruses.
And besides, it's spreading in indoor environments.
It's spreading in nursing homes.
It's spreading on cruise ships.
It's spreading in airplanes and airports and police stations and government offices and Amazon offices.
There's an Amazon employee tested positive and, you know, Google offices and so on.
Those are not outdoor environments.
You know, Amazon employees are not working out in the fields.
They're working in indoor, air-conditioned environments.
And because of that, the weather outside is basically irrelevant to this.
The only thing that might be a factor is that in the summer, more people get more vitamin D. And since vitamin D is very effective at protecting respiratory function, then it's possible that vitamin D acquisition during the summer might
Cause a suppression of the number of cases that are spreading.
So I do see that as a possibility.
But just the temperature is irrelevant.
Doesn't matter whether it's hot or cold outside.
This isn't spreading outdoors.
It's spreading indoors.
So there is no scenario that I've seen where this ends in a month or two months or even six months or even a year.
This will likely be with us for many years.
It may interfere with the election in November because so many people will be under quarantine or self-isolation.
We don't know yet, but that's a scenario we have to consider.
So when we come back, we'll talk about nutraceuticals and practical solutions that can work for you.
We'll be right back.
All right, we're going to cover some of the solutions to sanitizing surfaces, how to make your own hand sanitizer, nutraceuticals that are now being studied as possible agents to block replication of coronavirus in your body and maybe help save lives all across the world.
But before we get to that, very quickly, let's just talk about exponential spreading of the disease, because I find that people who
I haven't yet grasped where this is going.
They're not really following the exponential math for this.
So I ask you this question.
Right now, by my estimation, there are about 10,000 people infected in America.
They haven't yet been confirmed infected because of the lack of testing kits, which I believe was deliberate by the CDC to try to hurt President Trump and ultimately blame him for where this is going.
So I ask you this question.
If there are 10,000 infections today,
And the number of infections doubles every week.
So it just doubles every 7 days.
In truth, it actually doubles about every 3.5 days.
But let's just say it's 7 days because we're going to be real conservative with this.
Over how many weeks does it take for the number of infections in America to exceed 1 million?
1 million infections.
So 10,000 today.
One million infections.
How many weeks away is that if it doubles every week?
So, let's do the math.
10,000 becomes 20,000, 40,000, 80,000, 160,000, 320,000, 640,000, then 1,024,000.
That's 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 weeks.
So in 7 weeks, we get to a million infections if nothing is done to isolate people.
So in less than 2 months, if nothing changes,
If we don't shut down domestic air travel, and if we don't tell people to stay home, and if we don't shut down the schools, if society just functions as normal all across America, then in seven weeks, we'll have a million infections.
Now, suppose you think that my initial estimate is wrong, that there aren't 10,000 infections right now.
Suppose you think there are only 5,000.
Okay, great.
Then, since it doubles every week, then it just means that in eight weeks, we'll have a million.
See, it just adds one more week.
Or suppose you think, no, there are only 2,500 infections in America right now.
Okay, well that means in nine weeks there'll be a million, if nothing is done to stop this.
So my point is that at some point very soon, President Trump and the CDC and who knows who else, Homeland Security, somebody's going to have to declare a big nationwide state of emergency and just start shutting down travel and start quarantining cities and blocking
Highways and things like that.
Otherwise, this thing gets to a million in less than two months or around two months, you could say.
So that's why I believe that those kinds of stoppages are coming.
They have to shut down elements of society in order to stop this from spreading.
So let's get right to hand sanitizers here.
Let's make a list.
Here are some things that I believe
Show very high capability of killing viruses on surfaces.
Now we know that even Lysol, you can go to store and buy Lysol.
Lysol kills all kinds of viruses.
It's not hype.
It does.
It works.
Bleach kills all kinds of viruses, but you don't even need full-strength bleach.
Sodium hypochlorite you can combine.
You could do 1% bleach with 20% isopropyl alcohol and then 79% water.
That right there is your own hand sanitizer, and that kills most viruses.
Does it kill coronavirus?
Probably, although we haven't proven it yet, but it probably does.
Here are some things to be stocking up on right now.
I made a little list here.
Isopropyl alcohol, and we just call it IPA in the lab.
Povidone iodine.
Which is for topical use.
It's like surgical prep iodine.
Basically kills everything on your skin or on surfaces.
Ammonium chloride is a known antiviral chemical.
It's somewhat caustic or toxic, but it's used by the military to decontaminate soldiers if they've gone through biological weapons areas.
Then sodium hypochlorite, which is bleach.
Usually you would dilute this quite a lot so that it's a very small percentage of sodium hypochlorite in the solution.
Chlorine dioxide.
It's possible that that could work on surfaces.
Again, the testing hasn't been done yet, but that
Kills through oxidation, not that viruses are alive, but it probably denatures viral protein fragments as well as killing other bacteria that may carry the virus, potentially.
Hydrogen peroxide is another one that you can acquire right now.
You can go to a grocery store or pharmacy and you can purchase 3% hydrogen peroxide.
There's some places online you can purchase up to 35%, which is very strong.
That'll burn your skin, by the way, so be cautious with this.
What I demonstrated on the show the other day, in studio there,
I was putting a 3% hydrogen peroxide solution in a essential oil nebulizer, adding a few drops of iodine, and then inhaling some of that vapor as it comes out of the diffuser.
And I've been doing that in the days since, and it's been working very, very well.
Now, when we get to herbs, there's a new study that has just come out.
I covered it this morning.
It's published in Progress in Cardiovascular Disease, and it covers a number of nutraceuticals.
It mentions spirulina as one that Alex was talking about yesterday, I think.
Yeah, it was yesterday on the show.
He had a dream about spirulina.
It helps to boost the body's type 1 interferon response to viral infections.
But that study also mentions these other things that I'll mention here.
Inacetylcysteine, or what's called NAC, that's a common dietary supplement that you can find everywhere, basically.
Ferulic acid, or sodium ferulate, this may activate the TLR7 pathway to stimulate what's called type 1 interferon production.
Lipoic acid may hold promise here.
You can get that in the form of ALA or alpha-lipoic acid.
And by the way, just as a disclaimer, none of these are proven.
These are candidates that deserve research.
And this is a science paper that I'm quoting from that's already been published.
Sulforaphane, which is one of the best molecules from cruciferous vegetables.
You can go out and buy broccoli sprouts.
I'm sorry, broccoli seeds, and you can make your own broccoli sprouts.
And those sprouts are very high in sulforaphane.
So what I've done over the years is I'll get radish sprouts and broccoli sprouts and things, sprout a little bit in a little jar, just like a canning jar, and then you can take those sprouts and drop them in your smoothie.
And you grind them up, you know, and of course they taste pretty
Wicked, but they've got molecules in them that are amazing and also have anti-cancer properties as well, not just antiviral properties.
Selenium is a mineral that is part of this process.
It helps your body block the replication process of viruses.
Maybe not coronavirus, we don't know yet, but certainly many other viruses.
A lot of research about selenium.
I think?
Zinc helps your skin repair itself after injury.
Zinc is very important for immune function and blocking infections of common influenza, for example.
There's a tremendous amount of research about zinc blocking influenza.
And then finally, there's elderberry, and we've talked about that on the show here over the past few days.
Elderberry extracts, they're kind of sold out everywhere at the moment, but they're very, very effective at blocking viral replication in your body.
So if you can get some elderberry extract, it's delicious.
I've used it for many, many years.
It's purple, like a dark purple color.
I would definitely have elderberry.
And then not mentioned in the study, though, was high-dose vitamin C. We had a guest on last week who was an orthomolecular physician talking about the clinical use of high-dose vitamin C, which is where you go into a clinic with an IV in your arm, and they'll put something like 50 grams of vitamin C into your bloodstream.
More than you could take orally without causing some kind of digestive distress.
So 50 grams, boom!
It just kills all kinds of pathogens all throughout your system.
Now that's something, obviously, you need a qualified naturopathic physician.
That's not a do-it-yourself type of thing.
Oh, jabbing yourself in the arm with a needle, that's not a great way to beat the virus.
Make sure you get qualified medical assistance.
You go to a clinic.
The people are trained.
You know, they know what they're doing.
Just do all this safely.
So that's the takeaway from this segment here.
I've got more news on the other side, but bottom line is...
Why isn't Trump out there saying people could do these things right now instead of just waiting for a vaccine?
I don't want to wait 18 months for a vaccine.
I'm not going to take that vaccine anyway.
It might be deadlier than the virus.
But all these other things I mentioned, you can find them now.
They're safe, affordable, effective, and they might work.
They might save lives.
Very likely, they will do that.
We don't know for sure, but very high probability.
So much more on the other side.
We're going to break, but this is Mike Adams here, NaturalNews.com with Info Wars and the Alex Jones Show.
We'll be back after this break.
In that last segment, I totally forgot to mention colloidal silver.
So I want to show you this.
This right here, this is a piece of pure silver.
It's a silver rod.
And I've put an electrical connector on the end here.
I had these custom made.
They're four millimeters in diameter, pure silver.
99.99 plus percent.
And this is how industrial level colloidal silver is made.
You can attach your electrical connectors right here.
This is the size of a banana plug of like a low low voltage DC power supply.
And you know, you can find a lot of recipes online if you want to try to make it yourself.
It's not bad to do that.
But it's also good to have it professionally made and filtered and quality controlled as InfoWare store offers.
I just want to mention that colloidal silver has a lot of potential uses, especially for surface sanitation.
You can also get colloidal silver.
You can gargle with it.
You can add it to a nasal irrigator.
So some people like to have like a
It's a soft syringe.
You put salt in some warm water and you kind of squirt through your nasal passages.
And I've even done that in times when I've had sort of sinus infections in the past.
It works really well.
You can mix colloidal silver with that.
So you're not actually swallowing it.
It's just coming out of your other nasal passage, by the way.
It's good to do that in a shower.
Otherwise it makes kind of a mess.
But you can irrigate your nasal passage.
You can gargle with it.
And I suppose in an emergency, you could swallow it under the direction of a nature path if you thought that's the best option for you.
Consider all the options.
I don't think that you should drink colloidal silver on a daily basis like a supplement.
You don't need silver like a mineral.
You don't need it like magnesium or selenium.
But in an emergency, would I consider consuming it orally?
In fact,
I've got gallons of it sitting around for that very purpose, just in case it's needed.
And besides, the vaccines aren't going to be around for a long time, maybe a year and a half.
And who knows if big pharma drugs are ever going to work or if you're going to have any supply or if the vaccine might kill you.
Who knows?
So why not have all the options available to you?
And silver is great.
Because with silver, you have something that can help sanitize surfaces as well as theoretically be used internally in an emergency under medical direction.
The other thing I like is if you go back to this silver rod here that I'm showing on camera,
You can also, what I like to do as a prepper is I buy precious metals.
So this is pure silver that can be melted down and traded as silver.
So if you buy silver rods and if you study up and you know how to make some of this yourself in an emergency, it's a dual-use mineral.
You could trade it in barter or you could use it to make more colloidal silver.
So it's really awesome that nature has provided this
Just fabulous element that can be used for medicine.
It can be used for money.
It can be used as an antibacterial treatment for surfaces in hospitals.
It's amazing!
And this is on the table of elements.
This was created by God.
You know, this is part of the physics of the universe, just like gold and just like copper, which is also antibacterial, by the way.
Copper is.
Gold isn't.
Gold is very neutral.
But this is provided by nature.
So definitely check that out.
I if I were you, I would load up on some commercial color silver, but I would also learn how to make it in an emergency yourself.
You can yeah, you can just get silver wire.
In fact, I'm going to be filming a video.
Yes, we're good to go.
You don't want to saturate it, but you can mist it with colloidal silver on the outside of the mask and the inside of the mask.
And what that does is it provides one more layer of protection.
If a pathogen happens to attach onto the mask, then it's more likely to be killed by the silver before you can inhale it.
So multiple layers of strategic thinking about this as a prepper, as someone who believes in hard money, you know, gold and silver and precious metals and so on.
And by the way, just as a little ding to those of you out there who are into crypto, you can't turn cryptocurrency into medicine, by the way, but you can turn silver into medicine.
Just had to say that for fun.
I do think crypto is going to go up, by the way, during this whole crisis.
So that's a totally separate topic.
Now, I want to get to an article today that was written by Brandon Smith from AltMarket.
That's alt-market.com.
I reprinted it on Natural News.
It's a very important article.
I think it's one of the best that Brandon has ever covered on this because he lays out what he thinks is the scenario, what's going to happen over the next year.
And I really encourage you to read this article because
He's talking about multiple community outbreaks in the U.S.
He's talking about medical martial law, travel lockdowns, that is shutting down domestic air travel and highways, roadways, and so on.
Now, that's something that Stuart Rhodes also recommended in the last hour that you heard, and I'm an advocate of that as well.
If you follow the math that I explained in the last segment, if Trump doesn't do something to stop domestic air travel, then this will continue to double every week until it's over a million people infected.
So at some point you're going to have to stop the air travel, unless you decide to just let everybody get infected and lose 10% of the population.
But that's not a good strategy.
So at some point you have to stop air travel, you have to quarantine cities, you have to have medical martial law.
That's probably coming.
And then you're going to have forced vaccinations, probably you're going to have interference in the elections coming up, which is something that I've mentioned.
But Brandon also mentioned something else that's very disturbing.
He believes that at some point the Trump administration will seize websites like Infowars.com and NaturalNews.com and shut them all down.
Now I hope that's not the case.
I really hope that's not the case.
I don't think Trump has any intention to do that.
I don't think he would do that.
But there might be people pressuring him to do that.
There might be State Department people who try to do it outside of Trump's permission.
There's going to be an effort to shut down the voices of truth that are reporting what's happening with this virus or even reporting about natural cures.
Maybe if we talk about colloidal silver like we just did, we'll be banned.
Not just banned, but seized.
You know, shut down.
So one day you type in Infowars.com in your browser and you get a message that says, this has been taken over by the State Department.
For spreading dangerous misinformation during a time of great national emergency, right?
That's the kind of message you're going to see, and you'll see the same thing on my website.
So you need to think about alternatives.
Newswars.com or summit.news, Paul Joseph Watson's website.
You know, I've got other other websites as well.
Hundreds of them, actually, including pandemic.news and newstarget.com, whatever.
We all need to think about alternatives.
And most importantly, those of you watching, you need to subscribe to the InfoWars email list.
The email list is the one way that InfoWars will be able to reach you if the InfoWars.com domain is seized by, maybe not Trump, but somebody else in the administration.
This is the prediction of Brandon Smith.
Try to shut this down.
I'm not sure that he's right, but he may not be wrong about that.
I don't know.
We're going to see where it goes, but join the InfoWars.com email list.
And let me give you some advice on this, because we deliver, you know, hundreds of thousands of emails every day as well.
Let me tell you something.
Do not sign up using Gmail or Yahoo mail or Hotmail or any Microsoft mail service.
You need to use a service such as ProtonMail.com or Hushmail or something else that will not be censored.
Because there is censorship at the email ISP level against independent media.
I'm not going to bore you with the details, but just trust me, it's taking place.
There are days when Google just says, oh, we're not going to deliver the natural news email newsletter.
We're not going to deliver InfoWars.
It happens.
So sign up to the email newsletter.
Be prepared to use alternative websites to access information.
Be prepared to use Band.Video or Brighttown.com.
And hey, maybe both of those might get seized, for all we know.
It's impossible to tell where this is going.
But if you start looking at millions of people potentially getting infected, and then over time, in a worst-case scenario, millions of people dying, the government is probably, based on current trends, especially if Mike Pence is still in charge, which I hope he isn't,
Uh, of this.
He's not qualified on this, but they could literally shut down independent media and say it's a national emergency.
The executive orders already exist under, uh, President Obama in 2012, I believe he signed executive orders that gave him the right to seize media, seize farms and food and firearms and ammunition and all medicine, all fuel, everything nationwide.
And those executive orders are still on the books.
Trump has not rescinded those executive orders.
He could theoretically invoke them.
Again, I'm not saying in any way that Trump has any intention to do this.
In fact, I hope Trump will fight the tech giants and restore freedom of speech for the independent media, since we are really the only voices that are still pro-Trump remaining in America.
You know, if Trump
Has Infowars and Natural News taken down and others like Zero Hedge and Gateway Pundit, who knows?
Then there's nobody left to speak for Trump, basically.
So hopefully that's never going to happen and I don't think it will.
But Brandon Smith has put out this warning and I think it's time that we all started taking precautions in case those scenarios unfold.
That's my message today.
We're headed into some very strange times.
There's going to be a lot of censorship.
There's going to be a lot of panic, a lot of suffering, a lot of death.
Unless there's some miraculous intervention that happens quickly.
This is spiraling out of control.
It's all over California, Oregon, Washington.
It's in 12-plus states across America.
It's in New York.
It's not going to be over anytime soon.
Mike Adams here, the Health Ranger for NaturalNews.com and the Alex Jones Show.
Thank you for joining me today.
Stay safe.
Get prepared.
Until next time, be well.
Real stuff, man.
We're talking about the real deal here.
And I love Trump all day long, but, man, I tell you, he sits there and lets these big tech people keep running roughshod over him.
I mean, I've got a problem.
And we'll just take the Trump rallies over.
That said, about two months ago, I came up with a plan that I haven't launched yet.
We have a warehouse full of hundreds of thousands of stickers.
20 different stickers.
Impeach the Democrats.
Save the Second Amendment.
Defend the First Amendment.
And it looks like duct tape.
It's just a regular sticker.
You put it over your mouth.
You go to a Trump rally.
And you instantly take over without even disrupting things.
People say, why are you doing this?
What's happening?
Well, you go, well, we're being censored.
You know, Trump won't do anything about it.
And Dr. Puccini, let me just ask you what you think, because I've not watched this yet.
It's brilliant.
You've taken the very element that they try to repress you with, that's silence, and made it into a weapon.
You have the loudest sound of all, silence.
And you know what's most disturbing to people?
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