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Name: 20200302_Mon_Alex
Air Date: March 2, 2020
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In this episode, Alex Jones discusses the economy, 2020 election, and coronavirus outbreak. He hopes for a recession that could lead to President Trump's removal from office. Criticizing predictions that Bernie Sanders would lose to Trump by a landslide, he also addresses the ongoing coronavirus outbreak and shares information about potential deaths in the US. Jones emphasizes preparedness and promotes his website for necessary supplies. He discusses InfoWars products, their effectiveness in solving oral health issues, and encourages others to try them out. The episode also covers a pre-scripted tabletop exercise involving Bill and Melinda Gates, speculation on media motivations, a phone call with Elena discussing the virus cover-up, and Mike Pence's potential role in damage control for Trump.

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All right, Josh, isn't the Fed cutting rates now just going to make the next economic downturn worse?
What's your prediction?
I've been hoping for a recession.
People hate me for it, but it would get rid of Trump, so you shouldn't hate me for it.
I mean, recessions are really bad.
People lose their jobs and their homes, and we shouldn't wish for it.
It's worth it.
But I don't... I mean, a recession's always possible.
I don't see any particular reason to think that it's likely.
I think, you know... Really?
Aren't we overdue for one just by the cycle of economics?
This is such a misconception.
People sort of feel like, oh, you know, well, about every eight years or something you're supposed to have it.
Recessions don't come because they're due.
Recessions come because there's some sort of overheating, something goes wrong in the economy, like... This Axios poll has Bernie losing to Trump, but closer than all the other Democrats, 47 to 15 nationally.
He beats him in Pennsylvania by four.
Look, all these pundits who I hear say things like, well, Bernie will lose 45 states.
Shut the f*** up.
You don't know what the f*** you're talking about.
You never know.
We never know.
You're the same people who said Trump wouldn't even get the nomination.
You don't know.
What we don't know is Bernie needs a revolution to show up.
He needs people who have never voted before.
Now, they are not showing up in those numbers in the primary, but we don't know.
Now, since Trump, I think, is not going to leave anyway.
Might as well run, Bernie.
He's not.
He's not.
And by the way, when the virus gets bad, he's going to declare martial law.
Watch that.
Oh my god!
That could happen.
That could totally happen.
It is Monday, March 2nd, 2020.
I am your host, Alex Jones, and I'm an original person.
I have a thousand ways I could open each broadcast, but more and more over the years, I say the news is just insanely frantic right now.
And we've never had bigger news.
Well, we've never had bigger news because things just keep topping themselves.
2020 has been an out of control year.
Kim Jong-un just fired missiles right over Japan, breaking his deal with Trump.
We've got Turkey invading Southern Europe.
The Balkans.
And of course, it's not being called that by MSM.
They're calling it refugees, but they're people using children as human shields to viciously pour across and attack police.
We have a reporter from Europe joining us.
We have the most insane footage coming up next segment.
And then we've got, and then we've got, and then we've got, it just never ends, that Joe Biden can rig this election for himself, even though he's degenerating very, very quickly.
And pretty soon will be the equivalent of a bag lady in the way he talks and behaves.
They're just going to force feed him.
But they don't care.
And then you've got all the Bernie Sanders violence against people that come out and protest.
Even Bernie Sanders security beat up a guy with a Trump flag.
That's coming up.
And the media defended that.
What a dangerous group of thugs.
It's just insane.
And then I've got news on the coronavirus that is the biggest yet.
And it's so big that I wanted to make some phone calls to some other sources in the Army.
And I wanted to create some graphs this morning before I put this out.
And so the graphs being made right now, probably already done, but at the bottom of the hour, I am going to
Get into this information that makes me sweat.
Really does.
And I want to be very careful how I bring this information out.
I understand what the president's doing playing this down, but I can tell you what the Pentagon is telling officers from the four-star general level down to lieutenant colonels.
And they're looking for three million dead in the United States.
They're not saying it's going to happen, but that's currently what is believed is going to happen.
And the question is, can they quietly cover it up?
Or do they go ahead and tell the public, creating a bigger panic?
Or is that estimate wrong?
It's all coming up today.
Well, this is, up to this date, the most out of control, most important, most critical broadcast I've ever done.
And I've told you this many times, it's the truth.
I've been on air 26 years.
And 20 years ago, I'd start saying on air, wow, this is the biggest news we've ever reported.
I maybe would do that once every couple years, and then it would become once every year or so.
And then about five, six years ago, I'd start saying it every few months.
And now here we are.
This is the biggest, most insane news I have ever reported on air.
And the way the public has been made ignorant about history, and the way the corporate-controlled globalist Decepticon media can repackage insane things like they're no big deal is just unbelievable.
And so let me just tell you the news that's coming up here today.
Bottom of the hour, I have talked to
Multiple experts, one of them a Lieutenant Colonel with Army Special Operations, who said the Pentagon believes, with the numbers they have, that they could have up to three million dead people in the next six months here in the United States from the coronavirus.
Now, I learned this a couple days ago, and then
There was a retired Lieutenant Colonel in my house this morning.
And I had to go on a totally separate issue.
And my wife's in there drinking coffee with him.
He just retired like a year ago.
And he goes, yeah, the word.
And he was with Army Special Operations.
It just so happens.
And he says, yeah, the word is from the numbers is they're looking at three million dead.
I was driving into work at eight this morning when she called and told me that, and I almost ran off the road because I was already gonna report what I was told this weekend by a current Lieutenant Colonel connected to secret operations around the world.
I'll leave it at that, who I talked to.
And then this other individual just happened to be coming by the house on a business matter
I've known this guy a while, nice fella.
And he was telling my wife this, and she was saying, hey, I don't know if I want to go on that big trip overseas with you to interview that world leader that we're lining up.
I'm not going to tell you who until we do it.
She said it was the coronavirus.
So, that's the type of stuff going on.
You talk about synchronicity, you talk about
Sometimes it's really serious things.
Sometimes it's really ridiculous things.
This morning I had to go to the bank after I've been at the office a few hours.
I was coming back here and I said, you know, I want a double Whataburger cheeseburger as my breakfast.
I'm going to be bad today.
I might eat one of those every month.
And I was riding up there with our office manager and he goes, you know, I can tell you're stressed out today.
I already called ahead, and as we pull into the office, Pat Riley's waiting at the office door with the double cheeseburger.
Synchronicity, serendipity, um, what do you call that when intuition or just knowing how I am?
But I, I mean, I might eat one every two months.
But the point is, you're like, Alex, why the hell are you talking about cheeseburgers here on air?
Because I don't know what to do at this point.
Because that's a true story, I just told you, about two, one retired, one currently serving, in a specific sensitive area of the military, not told to tell me this, just telling me this, and that's like God saying, you need to talk about that.
So obviously I am at the bottom of the hour.
The Democrat field is absolutely insane.
And it's just degenerating and it's emblematic of their mental illness and their corruption.
And then all the rest of this is just, it's just insane.
So when we start the next segment, because something like this, you can't get into the middle of a segment, start talking about it.
It's so historic, it's so big, it's so important, it's so naked, it's so obvious, and to see the enemy media lying to people about what it is, and to have the Islamists caught red-handed torturing their children and babies, so they're screaming and wailing for photo ops as they try to physically assault and overrun the Greek border.
Shades of the poor little kid that had drowned somehow, and then the folks got caught staging his body being found for the cameras, remember, coming across from Libya into Italy.
So, here's what's happening.
The dictator of Turkey, Erdogan, gave the EU a list of demands a few years ago.
And he said, I'm going to release 3 to 5 million people into your country, out of Syria and out of the rest of the Middle East, most of military age men, if you do not let me set up Turkish parties in all your governments, which can then, with only 5, 6, 7% of the vote, take over a government with alliances with other parliament groups.
And he's now begun the invasion.
So, Islam popped up 1,400 years ago.
It's been invading Europe for 1,300 years.
The Crusades were a response after hundreds and hundreds of years, hell, more than that, like 800 years, of the Islamists pushing all the way into Western Europe.
And so this is an invasion that Erdogan says is an invasion.
And you turn on CNN, you turn on MSNBC, and they're saying these are poor, wonderful refugees, and the UN's saying, let them all in.
So that is the UN openly working with Islam to invade the West, and it's just outrageous and criminal.
And the same UN has said that we should open our borders up to people from China with the coronavirus.
But the China's good when they shoot their own people at checkpoints.
So this is 21st century warfare, and you can look at the globalists using coronavirus to hurt the economy, the hordes of migrants and invaders that they've hopped up and readied to invade, led by NGOs with propaganda corps.
And you look at the cultural attack on our children and our morals.
This is a fallout attack.
This is a world war.
And we need to know who the players are, and who the sides are, and what the goals are of the players.
And Trump's begun to put that out, but he needs to be very specific.
This separately.
You notice we told you four weeks ago there will be runs on store shelves all over the world on food within a few months, we predicted, looking at viral spread.
And saying that they're clearly covering up the fact that it's spreading here in the United States.
That will cause panic later, irrespective of how deadly the virus is.
And now exactly, as we said, is now unfolding precisely.
So, all the other big, terrible food companies have been sold out for a month.
They lie to you and take your orders and say seven to ten days.
It's six to eight weeks.
Really, it's like five to four to five weeks, but some things might take longer.
So we're saying that to be safe, but we actually have it and it's high quality.
And the way this virus is going to peak is in the middle of the summer.
So right now you're just seeing some hysteria.
But the real problems, if it is super deadly, are going to be in months.
So you'll get your food.
We're talking three, four months.
But the real thing you need to do is boost your immunity.
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It's so good for your cells and immunity.
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That's really good for you and your children.
Obviously, X2, X3, good clean iodine.
The silver products we have, the Super Silver Wound Gel, the Super Silver Skin Cream, the Super Silver and Super Blue Toothpaste for your mouth and everything.
That's a good front line of defense.
All available and discounted.
We don't raise prices during crises at InfowarsStore.com, so please take action today.
Boost your immunity now while you still can.
Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
So, Turkey's dictator, Erdogan, has told Europe that if you don't do exactly what I say politically, and if you don't let millions more
Immigrant invaders in from the Middle East.
I'll just release three to five million a year that I allowed to come into Turkey and then to invade into your nation.
He's on record saying it.
It's in the Turkish news.
It's buried in our newspapers.
But if you turn on CNN or MSNBC, you'd think that the Greeks and others are a bunch of demons attacking men, women and children because the Islamist
Almost 90% of military-age men are using babies as human shields.
They use them as suicide bombers.
Hell, why not?
They'll even bring a baby and strap with it as well, just as a cover story, and then blow themselves up.
And that just gives you an idea of how the 1,300-year-old invasion of Islam into Europe
Never stopped.
And their goal, their plan never stopped.
Turkey was once the Eastern Empire of the Holy Roman Empire.
After Rome fell in 410 to the Visigoth chieftain Alaric, the Byzantine Empire was still the Holy Roman Empire.
But it fell later to the Muslims.
Constantinople became Istanbul.
And we're going to show you a report Greg Reese put together that shows the invaders putting babies over fires and smoke to burn their eyes, to make them cry, before they run up and try to cross the police lines and people screaming in babies' faces to do it.
And our own media is trying to make excuses.
And covered it up.
We're also going to show you migrants shot to death by Greek police as border clashes grow.
The Greeks are absolutely revolting at this.
The Greeks were held by the Turks.
In the last century, up until World War II, the Greeks are sick of it.
They've been fending off the Muslims for a thousand years.
And been taken over a few times.
And Greeks had to live in the hills.
To not be raped.
And again, just an example of the raping.
Greeks were once all blond-haired, blue-eyed, looked Germanic.
Most Greeks aren't now, because they were raped, ladies and gentlemen.
So again, Turkey sends 18,000 migrants as Greece deploys army helicopters, naval warships, nationalfile.com.
Fire rises, Greek revolt against migrant centers.
Government uses military to repel migrant invasion.
It's total war, and Erdogan says
It's an invasion, but our enemy media won't even tell us what's going on.
The footage is incredible on Infowars.com.
It's a powder keg ready to explode in a Greek village tense December between refugees and locals.
Turkish President Erdogan vows to keep doors open to Syria refugees heading to Europe unless his list of demands are met.
That's mainstream news!
Greece pushes back migrants on Turkish border onslaught.
Erdogan warns millions of refugees will move to Turkey border with the EU.
But the only way this gets out is when you share the information.
Turkey has invaded Europe.
Turkey has invaded Europe.
The UN and George Soros bringing thousands of boats a week out of North Africa.
An invasion.
Red alert, red alert, red alert.
You know that sound they've got in Star Trek?
I'm going to find the Star Trek red alert siren.
I can't do it with my voice.
But that's what this is.
This is the New World Order.
The virus was created by the globalists and deployed to bring down the economy.
Right as Islam launches an attack, it's the chi-coms, the globalists with Islam, and the devil-worshipping pedophile Hollywood trash.
That's who they are.
Now here's Greg Reese's incredibly important report.
And the only way this report gets out, ladies and gentlemen, is if you share it.
It's posted at Band.Video.
Greece under Islamic invasion.
Red alert.
Here it is.
President Erdogan says millions of migrants will head to Europe through Turkey.
In what reality is this not an invasion?
An act of war.
We see video of a calm baby being held in the smoke of a fire.
Slapped on the back and shaken.
A woman approaches the baby and appears to fake hysteria.
And there are other babies subjected to this trauma.
And then handed off to military-age men who run off with them.
The mainstream media show this video and claim they are tending to the children who have been tear gassed.
What do you think?
Another video clearly shows migrants putting on an emotional show directly for the camera.
Camera crews are in the frame.
And yet, the hordes of migrants seem to all be young men, spreading litter and starting fires.
No families, no women, no children.
What do you see?
It is an invading army given cover by the mainstream media.
And not all hide their true intentions.
But Greece is fighting back.
A migrant was shot.
The army has secured the border.
NGO workers and facilities are being attacked and vandalized by the fed up people of Greece.
This story is developing.
For InfoWars.com, this is Greg Reese.
Tomorrow's news today.
This is the Islamic invasion.
And they know what they're doing, and you see the women rounding their babies on camera, and then they start rolling.
You see them putting them in the fire to make them cry.
Then you see the enemy media, CNN and others, showing it to you.
Because they know you've got a heart, they know you've got a soul.
These people are known to get into checkpoints with bombs planted under them, with a baby in their arms, because the police don't think you'll blow a baby up, and they'll blow those babies to bits!
They're nothing to them!
You go there, they'll show you no mercy!
Yeah, scroll down and show them that.
The Islamicists will show us no mercy!
And they use babies at the front of a boat of a hundred people.
They'll have two children!
And then they'll send them back across and bring them over and over just like the illegal aliens use children as human shields to come in here and admit it on tape.
Because the UN is running the whole program.
And when they get over from the Islamic countries,
The people out of Latin America coming here do just want a better life.
The thing is, they drive down wages and become politically controlled by the globalists.
But the Islamists just say, we're here to take over, we're here to get your women, we're here to piss on Jesus.
And you see them staging it, and they don't want us here exposing it, but we're still on air, thanks to you, and you're spreading the word about Van.Video and NewsWars.com forward slash show.
The UN says Greece has no right to stop.
Accepting asylum requests.
You must let the people put their babies in fires.
You must let them suicide bomb you.
You must submit to Islam!
All right, ladies and gentlemen, Alex Jones here, back live.
We have accurately, in a really unbelievable way, chronicled exactly what was going to unfold with this deadly coronavirus.
Because we were looking at it from the perspective of the globalists in history, and how they've responded, and what they've done before.
And we've war-gamed every aspect of it that we personally could.
But from day one, in the response to it, and the way the media globally was unified, and the way authoritarian countries were unified in using it as a political crackdown, we knew it was big.
And we asked the question, is it just a political hoax to grab power and hurt the economy and hurt nation states and populists?
Or is it really deadly, super deadly,
As well and very communicable.
And is it both?
That was five weeks ago.
We then learned a few days later, four and a half weeks ago.
That major Indian University that has the CRISPR gene editing system scanned the virus with high-powered electron microscopes and saw it was actually a composite virus with the gene editing incision points and protein markers in place.
The scars, the signs, all of it right there.
At that point, we stood back.
And I said, and I don't have the crew to do this, but you all heard it, you all saw it, who are regular listeners.
I said, within a month to two months, store shelves are going to be empty in the United States.
And I said, the cover-up of this may be what creates the massive hysteria.
Well, now it started
A few weeks ago, I told you that around military bases, people that know what's going on, they had cleaned off store shelves at places like Costco, Sam's Club, and Walmart of essential items, not just the mask.
Now, since last week, Costco's across the United States, Europe, Walmart's, other facilities have been stripped dry.
We have just article after article, video after video of that happening.
Then Trump comes out, when the stock market drops 15%, and says the media's response and hysteria is a hoax.
Not the virus is a hoax, but the super end-of-the-world hyping of it is a hoax, which is true, to hurt the economy.
But it doesn't matter because the globalists have been so good at hyping it and locking down China.
And China shot all those videos hyping it and shot real people at checkpoints and welded people into their homes like a Day of the Dead Armageddon movie.
People saw that.
That wasn't fake that they were walling people in and welding them into their homes.
It wasn't fake that people were dying.
But who knows what they were really dying from?
That stuff they're spraying on them?
All we know is the globalists are making their move and it's been proven accurate.
But it isn't about sitting here saying, we've been proven accurate.
It's about saying, how do we stop this?
We've proven that we've done the analysis, the listeners, the callers, the guests,
All these experts together in our brainstorm.
We know it's man-made.
We know that they've totally hyped it and are using it for martial law from Italy to Russia to China to North Korea.
And we know that President Trump is saying it's hype.
There's a real problem but they're hyping it up bigger than it is to hurt the economy and that's dead on and we predicted they would do that.
But the way the media split it now, they've been somewhat successful to control media and making it two different discussions.
It's either totally a hoax and nothing's happening, which we know that's not the case.
There's a real virus there.
How deadly it is, you can debate.
Or it's the end of the world, as mainstream media is saying.
When the truth is they've released a virus that does kill, it looks like at least 1%, maybe 2% of people.
And I have a graph we'll show in a moment.
And it does spread really, really fast, and they did cover up the fact that it was already in the U.S.
a month ago, like we told you, and that's even in the Boston Globe today.
And we've seen all these globalists get up on TV and show that they're sick in all of this to help create hysteria.
In a moment, I'll go to this graph.
But it's a big deal whether it was a total hoax or whether it's absolutely super deadly.
Because the globalists are unified and are making their move on the economy to bring down Trump.
And now the Democrats last week were admitting it, saying they hope this brings down Trump.
And they're rooting for it to bring down the economy.
That should bring them down.
And Trump needs to come out and not get into whether the virus is deadly or not.
Just say we're going to try to handle it.
We're strong.
We can deal with it.
And stiff upper lip.
Not say there's nothing there because they could get him on that.
They're already trying to frame him as that.
We warned him of that.
We know their moves.
This is so obvious, so easy to understand once you really immerse yourself in it.
But he needs to point out that the media is trying to hurt the economy, and that the media is with the chi-coms, and that authoritarian countries like China use this to clamp down their opposition like we told Trump he should do a month ago.
So, that's where we're at.
That's where I stand.
And Pat Buchanan agrees with that and put a big article out last week on February 28th, coronavirus crisis.
It's Trump's time to lead.
Now, let me hit the really scary news.
Can we put that graph back up on screen and put it back here for TV viewers, please?
Now, Mike Adams has put out similar numbers.
Others have.
This is what the CDC and others have been saying.
We can put it up on full screen too.
The total U.S.
population, 327 million plus 30 million illegal aliens.
Half the population exposed, they believe, in the next six months.
That's 163 million people.
Coronavirus fatality rate at 2% is what the CDC believes it may be at.
We're not sure.
That's 3.26 million.
Now I talked to an Army Lieutenant Colonel who's currently in very secretive parts of the government and he said they're preparing for a 2% death rate is what they believe it is.
That's a public number too, but that's what the Pentagon thinks in the briefings.
And that they're looking for 3 million dead in the United States in the next six months to a year.
They hope that's an overprojection, but that's what they think.
And then this morning,
I mean, I might have an army lieutenant colonel in my house once a year or something, just on some other business that I was doing and taking care of.
This guy retired about a year ago.
I had to leave to work.
He's there.
He's in there having coffee with my wife.
She calls me and says, hey, I don't want to travel anymore.
He's saying the Pentagon thinks three million are going to die with a two percent death rate with half the country set to get infected.
And I haven't talked to him yet.
But the point is, that's what the Pentagon's putting out.
She was talking to him.
He said that's what people he talked to that are currently in, at those higher levels, are saying in Army Special Operations.
So, this is a big deal, if that's true and if that's accurate.
And obviously, then, you know why Trump is there trying to play it down.
He doesn't want to create hysteria.
But this isn't going to be millions dying next week or even next month.
It's just now starting to replicate.
But we've got the numbers on the replication, and it's exactly as we thought.
Much, much worse than what they were claiming just a week ago or two weeks ago.
And that's what creates the hysteria, is the playing it down that's been proven wrong.
The army is preparing for 3 million Americans to die from the coronavirus.
That does not mean that 3 million people are going to die.
But currently, the CDC says they believe it has a kill rate of around 2%.
That's a lot better than Lansing a month ago saying 15%.
When Trump says it's like the flu, that
Is incorrect if you believe these numbers.
The president may turn out to be right.
He usually is.
The flu might kill one-tenth of one percent.
Usually run down, old, infirm, pre-existing conditions, bad immune system.
Still terrible.
So, the flu kills thirty-something thousand people a year.
That's less than one-tenth of one percent.
If it's anywhere close to two percent, we've got the graph up here, that's three plus million dead.
And with the condition of all the different Democrat cities being giant festering incubation dishes of rundown drug addicts and rats and feces and needles and pre-existing conditions, this could be really explosive.
But it's how it'll weigh down the hospitals and what it'll do to the economy and the hysteria it's already committed.
So let's go through just the headlines.
There's no other way to go through all this but just to read the headlines.
All of a sudden, people all over America are prepping like crazy.
BigInfoWars.com article.
You'll want to go look at the videos and photos.
Coronavirus panic buying clear shelves at Costco.
Told you that was coming a month ago.
Iranian pilgrims taunt coronavirus with communal licking of religious shrines despite outbreak.
OECD, that's the UN, sounds the alarm.
Warns global growth could shrink by half thanks to coronavirus.
The Organization of Economic Co-operative Development, that's the group, that's the real global government behind the UN right there.
That's the king daddy right there.
That's the Marshall Plan.
Going over the top of the pyramid, that's it.
Coronavirus outbreak kills second person in Washington state after first New York case confirmed.
Coronavirus may have spread undetected for weeks in the US.
Austin Globe.
Oh, we told you that a month ago.
We told you where it would come from, too.
Washington State, where we already had sources saying it was spreading from the White House.
Florida's first coronavirus cases found in Hillsborough and Manatee counties.
That's the Tampa Bay News.
Virus reported in wider region of West Coast.
Anxiety mounts among U.S.
health workers on the front lines of coronavirus outbreak.
That killed a lot of doctors.
in Asia.
This is truly a nightmare, how one businesswoman's flight from China ended in coronavirus quarantine.
Coronavirus is different.
It's rapidly hitting supply demand.
It's a bomb hitting the supply chain.
That's what's real.
Because of the globalist hype, the Qaikom hype, we knew it was going to be big because of their hype.
We were analyzing that, not contributing to it.
Outbreak fears emerge in Nigeria as government finds 100 people exposed to first virus case.
What did we tell you a month ago?
That the U.S.
had faulty kits that weren't working with the reagent and that they weren't sending out the code of the RNA so that people couldn't find out how bad it actually was.
Why was that done?
Because whoever's running things at the CDC wanted China to tank first.
CDC teams race to catch up with spread of coronavirus in U.S.
Entire Italian region government getting screened for coronavirus.
Panic buying hits German stores as coronavirus cases double.
Health and Human Services investigating defective coronavirus test.
Where'd you hear about that weeks ago?
Next week's news today, it's out of the hill.
Panic buying hits New York as first coronavirus cases found in NYC.
Patent release, patient release from isolation in San Antonio, later tested positive.
We told you that weeks ago.
France closes the Louvre as virus spreads to new fronts.
Empty stadiums and no more selfies.
Coronavirus becomes the 2020 X-Factor.
Yeah, the black swan.
Media and the Democrats' fake news claim that Trump called coronavirus a hoax when he said them saying it's the end of the world's a hoax.
And boy, the worm has turned.
Even PolitiFact came out and said that Trump was right.
That he did not say the whole thing was a hoax.
Yeah, we told you that first.
CBS's Scott Paley fact-checks Mike Bloomberg on Trump coronavirus comment finds that he lied.
Here it is.
Trump did not say the virus was a hoax.
Some election officials scrambling to address coronavirus concern ahead of Super Tuesday.
Who will it make not go to the polls?
What will it do to the general election?
Wow, this is huge.
We told you that weeks ago.
Again, we war game every angle, folks.
That's why they don't like us.
They want it to dribble out slowly with their spit on it.
Nope, not gonna happen while we're still on air.
Not while the listeners keep us on air.
And then it just goes on from there.
We're gonna cover it all coming up.
But first, ladies and gentlemen,
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All right.
When we start the next hour, I'm giving the phone number out.
Then we have a reporter on from Europe at the front lines of the massive Islamic invasion.
This is the biggest Islamic invasion we've seen in hundreds of years.
And they're doing it again.
They always do.
They think it's their right to rule us.
All right, I'm gonna give the number out next segment get into all the huge news Islamic invasion of
Everybody knows, Jackson, that you rigged that jury!
Everybody knows that you've been caught doing it!
Judge Amy Berman Jackson has committed the most textbook examples of an organized crime run fake show trial.
Judge Amy Berman Jackson has been caught rigging the trial of Roger Stone with hand-select Democrat Party operatives.
That's why the judge is desperately trying to hide right now the identities of the jurors.
We already exposed during jury selection that the jury foreman she chose was a high-level former Obama administration official.
And the judge ordered the media not to report on that, but we did!
And that jury foreperson had to step down.
The Washington Post then called for my arrest.
And Judge Jackson is in the news saying I am a criminal because I am here exposing that she rigged that jury.
She has tried to suppress the press.
She has put gag orders out to hide her crimes.
She has been caught putting people on the jury that were high-level Democrats.
And when it came out in court, she ordered the press not to tell anyone.
Well, guess what?
We had our people in there, and I released it!
Ladies and gentlemen, this judge has been caught rigging this
And now she is fighting with everything she has, ladies and gentlemen.
She is fighting with everything she has to keep the other names of those jurors secret.
Why is she doing that?
Well, we already know she put one lady on the jury that ran an Obama administration agency whose husband worked on the Russia probe against Trump.
That is the most flagrant conflict of interest I could imagine.
That is ridiculous!
Then, when I exposed that, they called for my arrest for exposing that in the Washington Post.
Other Obama administration officials.
We learned the new foreman, the judge tried to keep that secret, worked for Donna Brazile and the DNC and it ran for high office.
Political operatives hand-selected to lead the jury.
This is all happening.
They've been caught in live time.
Well guess what, Captain?
Your show trials have absolutely helped bring down the House of Cards and the DNC.
And how you rigged that jury, and now you're fighting to suppress how you rigged that jury.
Everybody knows, Jackson, that you rigged that jury.
Everybody knows that you've been caught doing it.
The globalists have failed!
Your new world order is coming down!
As I told you at Bilderberg in Canada 14 years ago, the answer to the 1984 system is 1776!
Judge Amy Bergen Jackson confronted the rigging jury at Band.Video.
It will fly like a bird on the wind of truth, but only if you decide to take action.
Only if you decide to share the video.
Only if you decide to take this mission.
We are now into our number two, with only 245 days left to this unbelievably important historic election.
The year is 2020, and if you just joined us, there is no way for me to hype up the different facets of just how insane it is that Turkey has launched
A massive invasion of Europe and is calling it an invasion.
And you can go to many foreign newspapers and read the headlines with Erdogan threatening to invade, now invading, people burning children over fires, putting smoke in their eyes, little babies, little toddlers, then handed to military age men to make a run for the paramilitary police on the border.
Openly using children as a human shield, and then watching ITN, Sky, BBC, CNN, MSNBC, all of them run it, edited, to make it look like the babies have been hit with tear gas, and they're getting the tear gas out of their eyes by putting them over fire smoke.
You never knew that?
Yeah, CNN told you that men can have babies?
And now they say if you want to help a baby that's been hit by tear gas, which they haven't, you hold them over a fire about an inch over the flame with smoke in their eyes.
Yeah, that's how you do it.
And you slap them, slap them around a little bit.
So again, next time you get some gasoline in your kid's eye or something, or next time they get... Just take them over to a fire and stick their head in it.
That's how you take care of it.
Oh, and men can have babies, too.
And women have penises.
That's what CNN teaches.
And if they can get you to buy that, well, they can get you to buy anything.
So I want to give the phone number out.
The toll-free number out.
877-789-2539 for first-time callers on this Monday edition on the Islamic invasion and on what you're thinking is going to unfold with the whole coronavirus situation.
We're going to break it all down at 877-789-2539.
First-time callers, ladies and gentlemen, whether you're watching over the internet or on a local TV station or listening to us on our great AM and FM affiliates across the land, please remember the only way we reach new people is by your daily word of mouth in the information war.
It's not a job, it's an adventure, taking the Republic back, ladies and gentlemen.
So here we are, 877-789-2539 on this Monday edition.
And we're going to be taking calls throughout this hour.
Into the next, Owen Schroer.
And Harrison Smith, who saw incredible things, both good, bad, and ugly at CPAC, that tell us something about the Republican Party and the censorship and where things are going.
They're going to be in studio in the next hour as well.
And we'll continue on with your phone calls there.
They ran into Gorka.
I love tyranny, the whale, or just Gorka, the gay whale.
They ran into him.
He actually had Owen thrown out.
He's just like a royal god.
He's a guy that got thrown out of the White House for being a phony policy expert.
He's got stolen valor.
If anybody sells snake oil, it's him.
And he just absolutely flips out and just told them, Owen is not allowed here.
I am God.
I am Gorka, the tyrant whale.
And look, I love Brits all day, but you know, you don't see Nigel Farage coming over here and telling us to turn our free speech in.
But you see Gorka the gay whale over here doing it, and so the guy's absolutely anti-free speech.
But speaking of awesome reporters, Millie Weaver knocked it out of the park with her interview with James O'Keefe when he put big tech on notice of what's coming.
Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome James O'Keefe.
And she is the inspiration for a man to come up to me here.
One year ago, his name was Kerry Porch.
He worked for CNN.
He worked for CNN.
I see some media people here.
I'm not sure if CNN is here.
Maybe one of you will be the insiders after this thing is done.
Hi James, it's good to see you.
So you announced some pretty huge news during your speech.
What is that?
We've got two insiders that are going to be made public within a huge tech company, the name of which I will not give, but it's certainly one of the top ones.
And this is incontrovertible evidence beyond censorship.
Now it's an intentional political thing.
I think some people on Capitol Hill perjured themselves.
I think these videotapes make that pretty, pretty clear.
So that'll come out in the next week or two.
So do you think anyone's going to be looking at jail time?
I mean, prosecution?
I don't know.
I wish I had the power.
Actually, I don't wish I had the power.
I don't wish I had the power, but I do not have the power to prosecute people.
I only have the power to bring the information forward.
And I think the information this time, it's really, really compelling because it's not just circumstantial evidence.
The tapes show inside the company's
What they're doing on the front lines, and they're under oath lying about it.
Listen, and the fact is these insiders are so brave, they're heroes because they strap a camera to themselves, they work for the company, they're willing to give it all up, sacrifice their livelihoods for the public's right to know what's going on.
And James, you recently did a huge video where you exposed inside ABC how they were talking about that.
Can you explain to my viewers what that was about?
This was a tape this week.
David Wright, the veteran news correspondent, been there for 20 years, and he's saying that ABC News does not care.
The bosses there do not care about reporting news, telling the truth.
It's all about selling Disney products, Marvel, Avengers people on Good Morning America.
Which I don't agree with them suspending people for their honesty.
They never want to reform their behavior.
It's the same thing that happened with the Jeffrey Epstein cover-up.
They tried to find the leaker of the tape instead of the cover-up of the story exposing child pedophilia.
These people will never learn.
There never seems to be a reckoning.
They don't have the ability to practice introspection.
So the response is, we're at CPAC on the main stage with one of the insiders and we are recruiting more insiders to wear more cameras, Millie.
Well, James, you are doing such a great job exposing fake news and how rampant it is, especially in broadcast media.
And it's their own people saying this.
It's not me.
It's their veteran, Patrick Davis at CNN, the clip of him inside CNN saying we could be so much better than we are.
We could be so much better than we are.
Patrick Davis said, I don't even listen to the Jeff Zucker 9am conference calls anymore.
He says it's, his words, it's just shit, he says.
So he says it could be so much better than we are.
David Wright saying the commercial imperative is incompatible with news.
This is the sort of thing that people all say to each other, but the people that are next to them have those hidden cameras on.
We feel that investigating the Fourth Estate is maybe more important than investigating government itself, because we've got to inform the people the right way.
Well, thank you so much, James.
Thank you for your time.
I appreciate.
Where can people find your next big expose?
We want people to go to projectveritas.com slash brave.
That's where they can see everything.
They can sign up and we will give you an embargo for our next story in about a week inside the big tech company.
So stay tuned.
Oh, awesome, because we know the big tech... There's a little bit more of the interview at Band.video and on Millie's YouTube channel, but she did a great job.
And boy, I tell you, if you were James O'Keefe or Alex Jones or Nigel Farage walking through there, you had to keep moving, because if you didn't, huge crowds would show up and you couldn't even get going.
They're like walking around, kind of like 60 Minutes style.
I love the interviews.
You get to kind of see what's going on as the interview unfolds.
But I can't wait to see the surprises that all the great folks at Project Veritas have for the globalist.
Coming up in this election year with 245 days left.
Your phone calls Brian, Todd, Joe and Malcolm and more.
We're taking your calls on the other side of this break.
And then Dan Lyman from Infowars Europe on the front lines of the public invasion of millions of Islamic military men using kidnapped children as human shields.
We have the video.
I'm Alex Jones, your host, and we are watching history repeat itself in a bold way.
1400 years ago, Muhammad took over the crossroads of Mecca and Medina for the spice trade on the caravans coming out of East Asia, Central Asia, what's India today, and into Far East Asia.
Once he had that power, he projected it in his lifetime to take over much of the Middle East.
A hundred years after his death, he was pushing into the borders of Eastern Europe.
The Balkans is the main area struck for over 1,300 years with millions dead on both sides.
That's nothing compared to the Hindus.
It's estimated even by mainline government in India that 147 million Hindus have died fighting Islam.
147 million, because they were keeping better records than the West did.
They were not a medieval culture back then in India, as we were in the West.
So, we've contained the cancer between India and between Western Europe.
The Balkans, which is Greece and other areas, has been hammered by Islam and has been taken more than 50 times.
Greece has been under Islamic control just in the last century, before World War II.
Dan Lyman is the amazing reporter at EuropeWars.com.
He's covered Davos.
He's covered so many other big events.
Bilderberg, EuropeWars.com.
Such an important site to check daily.
You want to see the main focus of the he and the reporters he has under him.
And again, I want to thank all the listeners and supporters.
That's how we can finance what he does.
He's an amazing individual.
I want to play a few clips here and then go to him for this segment.
The next one will go to your calls.
This is the footage of the UN-funded refugee camp.
On the border of Turkey and Syria, where men are grabbing little children, they're putting them in the fire, in the smoke.
Anybody who knows about smoke makes you cry.
Women are telling them to cry to panic them.
They're handed to military age men who then use them as human shields to surge through the Greek police.
This is the most cowardly terrorist activity you can imagine.
But Islamists will use a kid at a police checkpoint with bombs under them to blow the little child up.
We all know that.
The left has a real fetish for this.
So the media is trying to spin this footage on CNN right now and MSNBC that, oh they were tear gassed so they were washing it out with smoke and slapping the children.
That's how you put fires out is pour gasoline on your head too as well.
So you got a little contact problem?
Just take an ice pick and stab yourself in the eye, too.
Not saying literally do that, folks.
This is the level of the lies.
So here's that raw footage.
It's up on Infowars.com if you're a radio listener.
Here is the shocking torture of children to make them cry so that they can run through the police and show the police with crying children as if they're scared of the police and not the terrorists that have kidnapped them and are dragging them into a war zone.
Here it is.
Look at these scum.
Look at the culture where they kidnap women.
And the little girls that are genitals cut off.
Now they torture the child to cry.
What terrorist filth.
And now they run them into a war zone.
And more men come back to grab more babies.
God Almighty.
You talk about trash, folks.
You talk about law of the jungle.
You talk about barbarous cesspits that can't ever get their act together.
Africa is fighting for its life to keep the Islamists out.
Africa is civilized compared to Islam.
The animists aren't even Christians and they've got wonderful communities compared to the Muslims.
Because the Muslims will do anything.
Because there's no evil you can't do.
Sex slaves, kill people, because it's all for the greater good of the Prophet Muhammad.
Dan Lyman joins us.
We're going to get to the Greek police.
I don't think they should be shooting dead one of these guys.
Everybody caught bringing a child to a war zone and torture him.
They should put a bullet in their head.
They're invading over their country's border.
That's what you do to protect your border.
And now Erdogan has declared war and says it's an attack, Dan Lyman.
And the media is covering it up.
This is incredible.
A giant Islamic invasion of Europe.
We haven't seen one in over 200 years at this level.
He's calling it an invasion and the enemy media is covering for it.
That's absolutely right, Alex.
This is definitely another invasion, and this one seems to have a lot more animosity behind it than the last one, at least more openly.
So, we'll have to see how the international media covers this one.
I have seen a bit more pushback on this action, even from people like Merkel and Macron, although I don't really take them seriously.
I think they're just
This is such a disturbing development, especially with what's already going on in Greece, which we can get into shortly, and then also with the spread of the coronavirus, and just all of the other things that are going on in the world right now.
This layered on top of it really is a disturbing trend.
Well, the media intends to show these kids they're torturing later in the same videos, crossing the police line, saying, look at police making them cry, the very same children.
Is this video not smoking gun garbage, just like when they said that Trump was blowing up
You know, with the Turks, villages in Syria.
It's just totally staged.
And it seems like Muslims just know how to stage stuff.
Absolutely, they do.
And also the NGOs that help them, that facilitate all of this, and that organize a lot of this action, that keep them in line to make sure that they get the proper photo shoots and to stage the right propaganda.
Just a couple of weeks ago, we had a similar event play out in Hungary, on the border of Hungary, although it was a lot less violent.
The NGOs there were found to be staging a migrant march in which they brought children to the front of the line and marched them quite a long ways up to the border with Hungary and they used the children to sing songs and appeal to the emotions of the Hungarians.
Human shields.
I want these human traffickers arrested and if they've got weapons I want their heads blown off.
And that's what you normally do when somebody invades your border and attacks it as burning things.
You repulse an invasion.
Right, absolutely.
And it does seem like Greece is taking a much harder stance this time around.
They do have a bit stronger government in place now, and they seem to be saying that they're just not going to stand for it this time.
Because last year alone, on record, 75,000 migrants came in, mostly from Turkey, and about 60,000 of them came over.
Yeah, there's a lot of evidence that actually the Turkish intelligence agencies or their
Troops are actually aiding the migrants as they come over.
There's a lot of speculation about that.
And of course, it's very important.
Oh, you're saying maybe a false flag?
Well, there is evidence that they're deploying tear gas at the Greek border police.
There's some evidence of that going on.
There's evidence, actually, that Erdogan, there are some videos of some of these migrants admitting on video saying that Erdogan actually recently released them from prison.
So it sounds like
If accurate, of course, we take these all with a grain of salt.
They could have happened in 2015 or somewhere else.
They could have happened yesterday.
These migrants, some of them are saying that they were just let out of prison.
So, Erdogan might be emptying the prisons of some of the worst people.
I want to be clear.
If someone's trying to burn a building or kill people, people need to use lethal force and stop laying down to this.
Because if they fully break the border, they're going to have Islam totally take over Europe.
People don't know.
You live there.
I mean, most of the cities are now no-go zone hell pits.
Yes, even some of the cities that you would never expect are starting to turn that way.
So, I mean, I recommend if you come to go to the really safe countries, I always say this, go to Poland, go to Hungary.
They don't have any corona yet either, so another added reason to go there.
But one of the footages that you showed there, a burning building, is actually the locals apparently fighting back.
They set a UNHCR refugee migrant reception center on fire last night.
That's right.
Some of this footage is people attacking the UN invasion bases.
Dan Lyman, stay right there.
Islam has invaded Europe hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of times.
They're invading now.
I don't want to go to their countries and blow them up.
I just don't want them coming here to enslave me and telling me I'm going to submit to their sword.
No, you will never make us submit and the West is awakening.
They may have wounded me, but they'll never get the best of better men.
I gotta tell you, when you really study the history of it, I've probably only read ten books.
On the Islamic invasions of Europe and the countering crusades.
They are incredible.
But they knew that they were going to lose France, Germany, Poland and other areas if Hungary and if Serbia and of other areas fell because they were barely holding them back for a thousand years.
Almost a thousand years.
Yes, the Crusades were in the 1200s, 1300s, 1400s, yeah.
They were holding them back about 800 years.
And so, England had to lead the attack with the Normans and the French and go 4,000, 5,000, 3,000 miles in and just millions died, folks, holding Europe.
It's estimated that just some of the Crusades in a decade were millions.
I mean, you talk about wars back then where almost no men came back.
Because the Muslims would take over, enslave, kill the men, breed with the European women and make more soldiers.
And so they had to, Western Europe had to invade.
I mean, that was like going to Mars for them.
To on horses and on foot, to get on barges and ships from England and France and then go all the way to the Mediterranean and land to fight the Muslims because they wouldn't stop attacking.
And if Europeans captured you back then, they were Christians.
They didn't kill the children and, you know, rape all the women.
The Muslims did!
So, Dan, I'm ranting about this, but the more you learn about it, and then the left and the media worshipping Islam, and the Islamists torturing the kids to cry in front of news cameras caught, and to watch all the Europeans at the NGOs directing the Muslims.
I mean, imagine being those NGOs scum from the UN, telling them to stick babies in fires for CNN.
I mean, how did they find such scum, Dan?
And taking all their gear and throwing it in the water, and people saying, you know, next time we catch you here, it's not your gear going in the water.
So, I mean, these people look like radicals doing that.
Of course, they're just defending their town and their homeland.
Now, this footage you're showing right here, actually, is interesting.
This is apparently in Turkey, and these are Erdogans.
They call them the Gray Wolves.
They're his young radicals, and they are actually, reportedly, attacking Syrians in their homes and at their businesses.
I noticed the
Turks are making a sign that looks like the devil.
If you're a westerner, people believe that this is the sign of the devil.
No, it's not.
In Eastern Europe and the Middle East, this is the sign warning off the devil.
So they're driving the refugees out of their homes as a weapon to flush them into Europe because Europe didn't pay the ransom to
Erdogan the dictator, or Erdogan depending, potato patata, and he's all on record saying this, and there they are making the sign of warding off the devil, saying we're driving the devils out.
It's pretty amazing.
He's been saying he's going to do this for months now, and of course for years the EU has supposedly been paying him off to hold back the hordes back there.
I mean, they always say between 3 and 5 million migrants are being held in Turkey.
And despite Erdogan saying for months that he was going to do just this, he warned us, he actually said months ago that he was going to, the EU made virtually no preparations ahead of time to defend the continent from this invasion.
And I find that so disturbing.
And now, essentially right now, it's just Greece handling things on their own.
And they're already stretched very thin.
And ironically, they're fighting against the locals on the islands who are actually protesting against the building of migrant centers there.
So you have some riot police and some Greek, you know, soldiers deployed to the islands to basically defend the migrants' right to come over.
And then you have the rest of them deployed to the border to keep migrants out.
I mean, it's just, it's a mess.
And unfortunately Greek is bearing the brunt of this and they have never recovered from the financial crash and they never recovered from the 2015 migration crisis.
So it's just load after load of bad news for Greek people.
It's so unfortunate.
Alright, in the time we have left, here in the next five minutes, we have yourreporters.com, reporter Dan Lyman, yourreporters.com, everybody bookmark that and share it, critical reporting, critical intel.
Is this not a total invasion, the biggest Islamic invasion in a long time, even bigger than the last few years?
And the media trying to run interference?
What comes next?
What else are you watching?
And how does the coronavirus tie into this?
Well, it is such an interesting time to be in Europe and a little bit unsettling, of course.
And of course, who knows how many of these people are carrying the coronavirus?
How many of them came through Iran?
So, I mean, you compound these issues that are facing Europe at this time.
I really do hope that Greece holds the line and I hope they get support from the international community, certainly from the EU, hopefully from NATO, although that's a little bit dicey because Turkey's in NATO, so we have some issues there.
And then of course, yeah, we're watching the coronavirus thing just spread daily, it's just getting a little...
There's so many different events being canceled.
Public gatherings over certain sizes are being canceled.
And every country that a couple days ago only had a few cases is now rocketing past 40, rocketing past 100.
The airports are eerie.
Some of the towns and the cities are starting to get a little quiet.
The supermarkets are starting to have shortages in some places.
So, I mean, people are really getting a little bit freaked out.
And I think with good cause, of course, it's a bit unsettling.
Dan, this is so historic and it's so archetypal and you go see all these movies where the Crusades are evil and we invade the Muslims and they're poor little cupcakes and everything.
And they invaded us, that's a historical fact, over and over and over and over and over again.
And Russia fought them and stopped them.
And the Serbs fought them and stopped them.
And the Hungarians fought them and stopped them.
And the Serbs, all these groups, and they went all the way, as you know, up to the edge of Germany and Poland.
They had giant, huge wars.
And then none of it's even taught in schools.
And you talk to the Muslims, they say, we're coming to get you and rape your wife.
You are scum.
And I don't think people understand what that's like.
And the media sells it like the Muslims are these pious people.
They deal drugs.
They guzzle alcohol.
They use the welfare system.
On average, I don't think people understand, you're in Europe, that they've adopted a weird gangbanger culture.
So it's like a bunch of welfare gangbangers just running around pissing and crapping and raping everybody.
I mean, you cannot overestimate the evil we're dealing with.
Not only that, but the violence, it goes amongst themselves as well, of course, in these migrant camps, and then once they get into the cities, they get into their own cliques, they get into their own, you know, sex, and then they go after each other.
And so, for instance, in Sweden, you have this explosion of gang violence, and it's drug gangs from Nigeria fighting each other, and Somali gangs.
And so it's people just say, oh, they lump all these people in as just one group of migrants or refugees, and they forget that these people all hate each other as well.
And they will settle their scores with extreme violence, and they do all the time.
And not only that, they'll inflict that violence against Europeans as well, often against children and women.
It really is disgusting the way that Europeans are handling this, the leftist Europeans.
And people who know that this is wrong and that this is changing the future for their children and their grandchildren, they need to stand up, they need to speak up and stop being afraid of being called a racist, being called a bigot, being called an Islamophobe, whatever you're afraid of being called, you need to stop because your grandchildren and your children are going to have really terrible lives, as they already are in many parts of Europe now, being victimized by these gangs and by the kids that get put into their schools.
That have no respect for them and attack them.
And we've seen so many stories like that out of Sweden and Germany and the UK.
The list goes on and on.
It really is hard to cover sometimes on a daily basis because there's so many negative, terrible stories.
Dan, what else are you expecting to come out of this?
Will this finally awaken Europe to kick the socialists and the UN out that are engineering this?
I don't think the UN is going to get away with this.
I think they've bit off more than their communist asses can chew.
I'm not sure if they will, but I do hope that some good things come of this, that people, that these countries stop, start defending their national borders, and that more nationalist populists start getting elected to high-ranking places of power.
And I hope the people putting little children in fires to make them cry before they run at police lines get put in prison for a long time.
And yeah, I say it, shove their faces in a fire and see how they like it.
Dan Lyman.
Spread that link.
Great job.
Ladies and gentlemen, I am Alex Jones, your host, and we are broadcasting worldwide.
We're about to go to your phone calls, but I wanted to just remind listeners that the storable food we have is available.
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So infowarestore.com or 888-253-3139.
Now, we're going to have Owen Schroyer and Harrison Smith, both great reporters, in studio next hour.
The subject we're going to be covering, or subjects, is this insane campaign.
Clorbature dropping out, Judge of the Booty dropping out, and how this is really a two-man race now between the doddering, stumbling, reanimated Crypt Keeper Joe Biden and the horrible, evil, grasping conman Communist
Who came from his con man father, never worked a day of his life.
Bernie Tandor, if we thought for you.
Show, and the ads he runs, it shows a huge crowd of people on the other side of a bridge about to invade a city.
It's like a Barbarian Hun event about to sack Rome or something.
I mean, how about ominous archetypal subliminal energy and imagery.
So we're going to be talking about all that and then
Well, you know, I'm just going to announce it then, because I don't like infighting, except this isn't infighting and it's got to be done.
And so I really want to be subtle about it.
I want to get all the bases.
And they're still getting a video together, which is fine.
It shows some of this, but we're going to get to that at the bottom of the hour.
We're not going to cover that subject until I'm ready to announce it.
But it deals with Gorka, the tyrant whale.
And he's just an archetype of what you don't want to be.
Forget him.
It's not about him.
He's not important.
It's just about the type of supplicating, supine, spineless, greeblers.
You've got groipers.
Well, you've also got greeblers.
I'm not going to coin a term to the greebler that grovels and greebles around.
So that's coming up bottom of the next hour.
But Owen Schroer and Herron Smith will be in here before then, and we'll continue with your calls.
Okay, enough of me.
Rob, in the great state of Mississippi, you're on the air.
Hey Alex, thanks for taking my call.
Thank you, sir.
Hey, 20-year listener, first-time caller.
Four weeks ago, just a quick plug, I ordered some of your products.
I ordered X2 Survival Shield, Super Blue Toothpaste, and the Immune Gargle.
And within 48 hours of using the toothpaste and the Immune Gargle, my gum stopped bleeding and the abscesses just disappeared.
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Well, sir, I want to be clear.
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He worked on some projects with those guys.
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So, I mean, it really is kick-ass.
It really is amazing.
So is Super Blue.
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They are absolutely amazing.
And the first week or two weeks that I used the X2 Survival Shield, it tasted really funny.
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And then now, like this morning, it really happened this morning at 8 a.m.
It just
There's no burn anymore.
It just goes right through your throat.
And it's, you know, my cough has stopped.
I had a cough for two weeks.
Oh, it's literally dissolving everything.
And listen, I know how it is.
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We run out of this, and I'm like, for a month, like, why don't I have Super Blue or Super Silver?
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I think I brought some last week, and now my teeth are so much cleaner and feel so much better.
It really is amazing.
I don't mean to get off on a jag about that, but I'm really proud of the products we have.
Okay, and one more quick thing.
Now, I can't square to this.
But one of my right lower molars was like loose.
I mean, I'm 52 years old and it's not loose anymore.
Now, I'm not going to say that, you know, I know you can't say all that kind of stuff, but that stuff is just destroying the bacteria.
I mean, it's got to be.
There's no other... Everything I used did nothing.
All the prescriptions from the dentist office did nothing.
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Well, I'll tell you this, this has been approved for over-the-counter sale, this NanoSilver, but it's so effective on bacteria and on viruses at a gut level, I don't use it every day.
I'm like, man, something killing bacteria and viruses like this, is this really good?
It's been safe and effective, they say.
I'm just saying, silver is not a game.
And that's why it works so well.
So just use it according to what you think's best.
Gauge your own body.
You see what I'm saying?
Yes, sir.
And it works very well.
And like I said, I've been listening for 20 years.
This was my first order.
Everything you've been promoting, I've never ordered.
I was just a little skeptical.
And then even my wife is like, just get on auto-ship, because this stuff is working.
But anyway, I want to talk about what's going on in Turkey and, you know, crossing all these Muslims across the border into Europe.
You know, they're a NATO member and there is nothing in the NATO Charter.
We can't support a NATO member until they are attacked.
Well, Turkey has not been attacked.
They actually attacked another country.
If you move your troops across another border,
And then you gather all these people up and move them through your country into another country, which is up in the Greece.
You know, something's wrong.
That is a classic military attack.
In fact, the Huns would bring their population behind them.
This is a this is a tell of the hunt activity.
But Erdogan or Erdogan, depending on how you say it, he said for three years he'll do this.
He calls it a weapon.
I mean, he's declaring it.
Yeah, I think what what
President Trump needs to act like Charles the Hammer Martel from France.
And just whenever the Muslims just invaded Spain, he said, no, you're not coming into Europe and went into Spain and just thrashed them.
And actually ordered his troops, take no prisoners.
These people are just heathen idiots.
Wipe them out.
He actually issued orders.
If a French soldier is witnessed taking prisoners, you will be killed along with the Muslims.
Now, I'm not saying that we need to go out and kill Muslims, of course, but President Trump needs to just tell NATO, hey, this stops now.
You know, this is no different than Assad gassed his own people, and we all know what a hoax that was.
No, sir, you're absolutely right.
This is insane level invasion using babies as human shields.
It's so criminal.
And again, we've got an Islamic country on Europe's border.
What do you expect from a rattlesnake?
All right, we're taking your phone calls until the third segment next hour, and then we've got election coverage.
And we're going to deal with the cancer in the Republican Party that have not dealt with.
This country is going to disintegrate.
But it's very easy to deal with.
I went to CPAC to see it for myself.
And so I got some bad news for you.
But the good news is this festering boil on our ass, there's only a few up and we can easily
How you doing Alex?
Thank you for taking the call.
Thank you, sir.
You know, you look at Turkey and all I see is Soros' name all over this.
I think that with all the confusion and the coronavirus, this was the perfect time, the best recipe to start confusion and try to bring Europe down, bring the whole economic European economy down with coronavirus and having the invasion.
I think what needs to be done is I think that the European leaders like Merkel, Macron, Boris Johnson, Duda, Mattarella, Zemos from Czech Republic, they need to get together.
They need to talk to possibly make a call into Putin.
I know Putin's real, well, Turkey's real close with Russia.
And I know that, uh... Right.
I mean, you know, Turkey buys a lot of their military equipment.
You know, Trump and, uh, Eragon...
Turkey can't stand us.
They just politically have to stand by us because, you know, we're a superpower.
And Turkey's argument is the West started this with the Arab Spring.
They're having to clean it up.
But even before the Arab Spring, 10 years ago, this dictator, Erdogan, he was using Islamic invasions to threaten Europe and say, let me have an Islamic party in Europe or I'll do this.
Well, that's like, let me put handcuffs on you and I won't torture you to death.
Like Ted Bundy would say, hey, put these handcuffs on, I'll be nice to you, honey.
But once you put the handcuffs on, you're dead.
I mean, the guy is unbelievable.
You know, if Putin comes in and says something to him and this changes, you know, he could come out looking real good.
So that's my take on what's going on.
Well, I'm about to say, Putin doesn't put up with the Islamists invading them.
No, no.
I mean, most people in Turkey don't want to be under Islamic rule either, but see, we never do that.
We go in and put more radicals in, more Islamists in, because the globalists hate Europe and hate Christians.
We could easily defeat the Muslims.
Most Muslims don't want to be under that crap.
But see, we don't invade them to empower them, we invade them to put worse Islamists in.
It's a mess.
I think that Trump needs to also get involved, maybe make a phone call over to Putin, but then if he does that, then he'll, the media will go crazy.
So, it's a sticky situation.
And, you know, we've got a bunch of bases there back from the Cold War.
Back from when they had medium-range missiles in Turkey, I had family that was there putting the damn things in back in the 50s and 60s.
You know, Nike missiles, all those.
We don't need that anymore.
And appeasing the Islamists never works.
We need to build a wall.
And we need to have economic warfare against Turkey until they stop their invasion crap.
But again, his argument is, you, the globalists did this, you collapsed all the borders, so I'm not going to put up with it.
But he's playing that crisis as well.
And you can't appease the pirate, as Rudger Kipling said, because you've got to pay that crocodile over and over again.
I say we pay that crocodile in.
Total resistance.
Appreciate your call, Joe.
Back in 60 seconds with Tammy, Mike, Patrick, Dave, Brian, and Malcolm, and many others.
Stay with us.
Alex Jones here, back live.
Just got some amazing intel from Tommy Robinson.
He'll probably be on the show tomorrow.
We're chronicling the invasion of Europe from the command base where they took over Constantinople, former head of Christian civilization worldwide.
Now it is Istanbul.
The Blue Mosque is really a church.
People marvel at the Islamic architecture.
It's Christian.
But that's the way the Libtards operate, always destroying reality.
We're taking your phone calls now in the next segment.
We're going to get into Campaign 2020 and the big developments there with Plobacher and Boot Plug, Booty Judger, whatever his name is, dropping out and who the two big frontrunners are obviously now and what that portends.
But I didn't see you were calling from Germany, so let me go to you first since you may be on your own dime.
Mike in Deutschland, you're on the air, thanks for calling.
Hi Alex, thanks for taking my call.
What's your view on this giant invasion?
Well, it's crazier than we might think, you know.
This has been going on for a long time.
We need to keep it... I've got a little reminder here that Turkey has been at war de facto with Greece since 1974 when they invaded Cyprus.
That conflict has never been resolved.
This is just another iteration of that age-old conflict.
That's right.
That's right.
Greece has constantly been trying to take back stuff stolen by Turkey.
You know, I can also, on a different topic here, I can confirm the stores, or at least certain items in stores here in Germany, emptying out.
It's mostly the basics.
It's toilet paper, flour, sugar, other basic supplies, you know, canned goods and that kind of thing.
They're running a little low on many fronts on that.
So evidently that's tying into that coronavirus and then also
You know, in anticipation of about what's to take place with the migrants trying to make their way into Germany again.
Well, Europe thinks they can let in a certain amount of Islamists to be a detonator, to politically control things and have no-go zones, a group they control.
It's never going to work.
The Muslims are going to break down the border's flood and just create all forms of havoc until they get their asses kicked out or until we fall.
Yeah, see, Merkel's a big proprietor of the Kalergi Plan.
Folks who don't know about the Kalergi Plan, he was Austrian-Hungarian Empire royalty married to Japanese royalty and he had a plan to Islamify Europe.
And Merkel, you know, incidentally, he was a Nazi.
And Merkel's a big, you know, defender of the plan and also implementing it.
You can't make it up.
Of course, Hitler was pro-Islam and so was Napoleon.
They've been trying this for a while.
With Hitler, it was a ploy to essentially rid themselves of the Jews.
You know, Jews and Muslims are ancient enemies, and so they've been combating each other since day one.
But today, it's the left in America, a lot of them Jews, supporting the overthrow of Israel and Islamification.
It's just, it's crazy.
Also, I have a question on a different subject here, Alex.
Whatever happened to the executive order that President Clinton signed not too long after Ruby Ridge that forbade
People to put in more than 30 days worth of food supplies because that siege precipitated all kinds of weird things.
You know, Ruby Ridge and Waco and I haven't heard anything whether or not that executive order was rescinded or modified or whatever.
Well, actually, I have a place in Turkey and it's right on the border where a lot of refugees are crossing to get to the Greek island.
And I've been spending 10 years in the region and I know the culture.
I, you know, I have some inside stuff that might be interesting.
Please give us your take on this.
Well, a friend of mine, a few years ago, when a lot of refugees died on the coast close to the
The Greek aliens Samos and Kost.
She was actually out touring.
She's hiking every morning.
She's hiking by the beach and she actually saw a Turkish coast guard leaving a boat with refugees.
She didn't see that it was refugees but it was a small boat.
Lots of people crying, screaming and he went down.
And a few days later all the
And so years ago she told me that she was convinced that what she saw was the Turkish Coast Guard doing something to actually sinking the boat.
They wanted it to go down.
So that's one bit.
And then you have another bit and that is that Aswan has had lots of elections and stuff
He is manipulating the elections.
But the last election he had, he was running on re-establishing the Ottoman Empire.
And the Turkish people that are not too educated, they like it because they are taught that it will bring back peace where people don't use drugs and become like the Western world.
It will put scarves on the heads of the women and they will
Do their prayers and be nice people.
But in fact, if you're going to have back the Ottoman Empire, you would have to go to war with a lot of countries.
People don't know the Ottoman Empire was involved in World War One.
Well, that's right.
I think so.
It's not surprising, but you have to understand that there's a difference between most Turkish people and other Muslims that are more radicalised.
Turkish people in general are very nice with kids.
They are very friendly and hospitable.
Uh, and they do not like the radicalized people.
They're more Arabs for it.
Uh, that is coming into their country.
Well, no, I understand because they were really about, most of them were Europeans and the Muslims invaded there.
So they adopted some of the, uh, of the European culture.
They're, they're a Muslim light country.
They are kind of like Christian lights, but light, but they have Syria to a lesser extent, but, but now Erdogan or Erdogan, he's saying, no, no, I'm going to make you full Islamic.
Yes, he's doing that step by step, and he has his alliances, I suppose, with the Muslim Brotherhood and the Arab nations, and he's making deals with them that he's going to give him lots of power if he does this and that, and I'm sure that the Western powers are involved as well.
So he's been doing lots of good stuff for Turkey for so many years, but the latest
Like five years or a little bit more than that.
He's just turned totally crazy.
He's all about... Well, Hitler was a bad guy, but he built up the economy, did quote good things, but then he went into the war mode.
And that's what Erdogan knows.
He's going into his expansionist, fascist, Islamic mode.
Thank you so much.
Expert points.
Emma, please call us again.
We really appreciate you.
OK, here's what's going to happen.
We have Gerald Salenti doing a great job every Monday.
He understands sometimes I preempt part of the time.
It's a big breaking news.
Give all you guys, Brian and Dave and Malcolm and Darren and Tammy, who's up next, and Patrick and Elena, and Paul.
Wanna hold, we gotta stay there with calls though.
Fine, I understand.
You wanna hang up?
If you wanna hold, we'll get to you.
Coming up, as soon as I finish my interview,
It's coming up.
It's so important with Owen Schroer and Harrison Smith.
And a look at what's happening in this election.
A look at the virus.
A look at all the craziness happening.
And a look at the cancer.
The enemy within, inside the Republican Party.
Some of the worst people on earth.
We've got to expose them.
The true scum.
All right, we got loaded phone lines.
I'll be broadcasting into the fourth hour, taking part of Gerald Celente's time.
He understands he's great.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
We have Harrison Smith here with us, and Owen Schroer, who are both at CPAC this year.
And CPAC's now old news, but...
We went there to test and see how powerful the spirit of neoconism and of censorship is.
And I went and everything was okay, but then it got really, really bad.
So this is an important test we did, and the creatures that were summoned up from the deep, whale-like creatures of tyranny.
And so we're going to talk about that with all the big news going on, the fifth column within.
The enemy
We're good.
Joe Biden.
Boy, we called that a year ago, that he was doddering.
I mean, he's rotting quickly.
He'll be literally painting with feces on the wall in, I think, six months.
I'm serious when I say that.
I've seen dementia before.
It's very sad, actually.
But he'll be finger-painting with his own poop very quick, versus the evil, hateful commie flying around in private jets but says it's bad if you have any money.
Owen, what are you seeing in this election right now?
Well, it's pretty much, I think, what we expected from the beginning.
Joe Biden is the Democrat pick, even though he's unrealistic to actually be the President of the United States for the same reasons that we've been discussing here on the Alex Jones Show.
Yeah, your mic's cutting out.
Sorry, they don't have it hooked up right.
Let's get closer to it.
Let's just go to Harrison Smith.
It's all right.
No, fix your mic right now.
Just talk, speak up.
Are we good?
Are we got it, guys?
Well, they just don't have it.
Yeah, but go ahead.
All right, is my mic on?
Yep, go ahead.
All right, check.
One, two, three, four.
Pretty much what we expected.
Biden is the Democrat choice for president, even though he has no realistic capability to be president.
And then there's Sanders, who has the grassroots support, who's kind of fighting the Democrat establishment in his own right and laid down to it.
You think the tiny tyrant is in the poll position?
Yeah, I think he's the only one that has the will to be president.
Bernie doesn't.
He showed that in 2016.
Biden, half the time, doesn't even know what he's running for, what state he's in.
As I was saying earlier, the frontrunners currently, if you look at polls and everything, would be Biden, with his Democratic Party support, and then, of course, Sanders.
That's a good point.
But if you look at money and staying power, the fact is Bloomberg is just probably it.
What do you think?
Yeah, Bloomberg can just spend another half a billion and see where that gets him.
But the crazy thing is that Biden pretty sure is now the youngest man in the race, right?
He's the youngest leader at this point, which is just absurd.
77, yeah, we see him collapsing in real time.
And I think also we sort of now know the point of Peter Buttigieg, why he was in the race.
He was there to sort of sap stuff, sap some of the younger energy away from
Uh, from Bernie, just to sort of give it back to the party when the time was right.
Uh, I think he served his purpose.
We know he's got connections, uh, up there.
He's totally up there in the booty.
Yes, far, far in the booty.
That's exactly right.
No, I mean, he uses the whole gay thing as a distraction.
Doesn't matter I'm a corporate shill that's totally synthetic.
I kiss dudes!
Like, oh my god, that's incredible!
Yeah, but you know, he built a fairly large base, surprisingly, because he's basically just not insane.
He's just a normal guy that just says normal stuff and pretends to be Christian.
And that's enough to get him up there.
Whoever the hype also ends up in the pole position.
I mean, look at Texas.
Beto stickers were on half the cars in Austin.
Now you don't see them anywhere.
They will just bet on anything they're told is their God, hoping for the next Trump, Owen.
Well, sadly, I do see Beto stickers pretty much regularly here in Austin.
I just think the Democrats are in such disarray right now and they can't even go with the obvious choice to me, which is either Sanders or Bloomberg.
Decide what you want.
Do you want to go with the big money candidate who's the business guy who can actually get on the stage with Trump and debate him on real ideas?
Or do you want to go with the commie, the socialist commie Bernie Sanders?
Those are the two guys.
They tested out all these other things.
Oh, is Warren going to play?
Oh, is kissing your husband on TV going to play?
The Democrats have homophobia, too.
Oh, no.
What are we going to do?
Oh, let's go with Biden.
Well, he thinks he's running for Senate.
He thinks he's in Arizona, even though he's running for president.
He's in Colorado.
OK, well, I guess we'll just go with him anyway.
It just shows how they're in total disarray.
It's really a broken party.
And actually, Paul C. Gabbard, who would be a great candidate, I think would get a lot of support.
They keep her off the stage.
She may be joining me as my VP.
That could have him beat even the money of Bloomberg.
Well, that would be interesting, but Gabbard has not bowed out yet.
In fact, she's going to be in Austin, Texas tonight.
I'm going to go cover her event tonight in Austin.
That's going to be at 7 p.m., so I'm going to be doing that after the war room today.
No, she's still around.
She's releasing a new sex tape today as well.
She's still around.
She hasn't given up the good fight and I think she has a will to win, but I just don't know if she has the ability to win.
Well, I mean, she doesn't look like a synthetic reptoid.
A lot of her policies are bad.
That's why they don't like her though.
What is it about the Democratic Party that they want soulless, gibbering people that look like they're auditioning for Day of the Dead?
Oh, they, you know, birds of a feather, right?
And Bernie has this incredible youth support, but I talked to a lot of people at CPAC that weren't conservatives, you know, just in Washington, D.C., on the flight in, people that said, oh, I'd never vote for Trump.
They flock together.
And then I go, okay, well, what do you think about Bernie?
And they run at the term socialism.
I mean, socialism is still not popular, as much as they can prop it up.
Cancer, it's not popular?
Yeah, strangely enough, yeah, and especially amongst those who have lived through it.
Well yeah, well my Uber driver yesterday was from Cuba and he, as soon as he heard I was in politics, he went off about socialism.
It was like, these people have no idea what they're getting into.
I mean... Because it's a bunch of bureaucrats!
Running things and I mean it literally can you imagine?
Yeah, I mean we can see the examples that you know just south of us So if you run into a socialist in America They're like and I they can't find a big the biggest mountain the loudest mega horn to say how bad socialism There was a guy from Venezuela who comes up to me and he's like begging.
He's like I have to tell it It's like I have to get on your live stream.
He's like come on and so I had him sit down He's like you cannot have socialism.
It will kill you yeah
He's like, I came from Venezuela, I saw the street.
It's insane.
Last time we were in New York, I met a woman who grew up in Eastern Europe.
I mean, she was literally crying, being like, you have no idea how powerful it is, what you guys do, and how right you are about the threat of communism and socialism.
Well, I know a lot of people that were even, quote, liberals, you know.
But then, like, I know one lady from Czechoslovakia when it was under the Russians, and you couldn't even have art unless they approved it.
It wouldn't be political.
It was all about control of all thought.
All right, we're going to break here, folks.
Give you an idea of what's coming up.
I want to go out to break with a short clip of a compilation we're going to play of who we learned ran CPAC as like a police dog that marched up and down saying remove them, remove them.
When you talk about a villain, I introduce to you Gorka the Titan.
Gorka the Titan of Tyranny.
Go away, alright?
You guys are kooks.
You're crazy kooks and conspiracy theorists.
Go away.
So we shouldn't be allowed to be here?
This is for real conservatives, not people who are snake oil merchants and conspiracy theorists.
Okay, so he's a titan of evil, folks.
He literally runs around having you thrown out because he's royal.
Ladies and gentlemen, we are back broadcasting worldwide.
I'm going to host some of the next hour and I'm going to go to all the callers.
I'm going to get to everybody.
I appreciate you holding.
Alex Jones here, your host, with Owen Schroeder, who hosts The War Room, coming up in just about an hour and 20-something minutes from now.
And you've also got Harrison Smith, the reporter, and he guest hosts the show.
And I did a lot up at CPAC.
We appreciate you both being here.
I want to be very specific about this, but also I don't want to take up all the time.
We have huge news on the coronavirus.
We have massive news on the Islamic invasion via Turkey of Europe.
Just unprecedented, torturing children, have them crying before they run through police lines.
Just unbelievable stuff.
We have so much happening on the economy.
We have Democrats openly trying to sabotage things and admitting they're trying to sabotage it.
That should disqualify them right there.
I mean, these people are just tone deaf.
But it's what happens when you lose all your morals.
You have no bottom.
Can't even have a spiritual or cultural or economic sonar or vision even see what you're doing.
They're just flailing around.
Best analogy I've heard is in that original 1977 movie, Alien, when you've got the android on board and it's being killed and it's just flopping around throwing a fit while it's being flamethrowed.
I mean, that's what they've entered into right now, is flailing, hitting us with the coronavirus, obviously a Chinese weapon, hitting us with the Islamic invasion, hitting us with the culture wars, Hollywood trying to start a race war.
So, I've never been to CPAC, and I've been to the RNC and things, and I know that there's neocons there.
that want to get us banned.
And so I told the crew, I said, follow all the rules to a T. And even if people scream at you and yell at you, put up with it.
And they said they wanted to kill me and people come up and yell at me.
And then, you know, they do it to Gavin McGinnis, who's a good guy, but then he'd say F you back to him and they would go tattle and then they'd be thrown out.
So I was in there, got mobbed, ran into the Brazilian president's son, going to interview him, the president, all of it was really exciting.
And Owen and the whole crew did a really good job.
And I flew out Friday.
They were going to stay through Saturday when the president came.
And I see Owen up there saying, I don't know why I'm being thrown out of CPAC.
And then it becomes a big story.
And I'm like, you know, I don't want to make it about how we're being thrown out of there.
And then Owen didn't call me.
We didn't talk until yesterday.
I found out how he got thrown out.
And then it was a story.
Like, oh, and incidentally, Gorka was going around pointing at people he wanted thrown out like he was God.
And we're going to talk about
The little crab from The Little Mermaid, Sebastian, I Love Tyranny, Baby Whale, Gorka.
Because it's not about Gorka, who's a nobody, wasn't even conservative, came into the Trump administration with fraudulent credentials, lied that he was a combat veteran.
None of that was true.
He's stolen glory.
He's the snake oil salesman.
He's everything.
He says we are.
But I learned the day I was there that Gorka was going around having people thrown out.
I just go, whatever, don't engage, don't engage the gay whale, is what I call him.
I'm not saying he's actually gay, but he's very effeminate in these pictures with guns posing with him, and you know, he's always sashaying around, shaking his booty, like, uh, uh, uh, Gorka!
So I'm just like, you know, the gay whale, and the dude acts like a flamer.
I don't think it's flamers, he just, if I was gonna cast a fat gay dude for a movie, it'd be Gorka, who thinks he's James Bond.
And so Gorka the gay whale, as I call him, the tyrant-loving, the Nazi whale is a better name,
I found out, because Owen wasn't from Mobile, yeah, Gorka saw him and, you know, went and did something.
So, Harrison Smith went and talked to him the next day, and Gorka says, yeah, you shouldn't be here.
Because you sell supplements.
Well, Gorka!
He's on TV selling supplements that actually don't look that bad.
But the point is, man, we don't sell out-and-out pain relief supplements.
I mean, you're starting to get into snake oil area there when you're making those claims.
So, I just let you get things like turmeric and see what it does.
So, what's crazy is, if I was like a supplement seller, which I am, which I know is quality, and I go, that piece of filth sells supplements!
The insult to the audience, to his own people, that he's a known supplement seller, but if we sell them, we're bad.
That shows he hates his audience.
And so that's why this is important, and I'm going to say this now and go to you guys, and we'll play the video compilation next segment of what happened.
What you guys did versus what he said you did.
Is that this guy comes in, he gets taken out of the administration because he's not who he says he is.
He suddenly is all over Fox News and everywhere because they know they control him.
He's a covert never-Trumper, in my view.
And he's the example
Of what we face of these interlopers that just come into America and then want to badmouth the real grassroots groups that got Trump elected.
And you can tell with the insider neocons that run CPAC, he was like the top field marshal.
And we watched it, we saw it happen.
So the worst elements of the Republican Party think Gorka, the tyrant whale,
Is what they want.
Gorka doesn't matter.
People hate his guts online.
Gorka's a joke.
But he's always running around supporting censorship.
So this is the never-Trumper, neocon, Shapiro, you know, type wing of this.
But we went to CPAC.
We were nice.
The guys got thrown out for no reason.
And Gorka is the one police dogging it.
And so Trump is up there when an ice skating group comes out and supports the president.
From the 80s.
They go, Oh, how dare you support him or any, any group.
Well, he likes, you know, Mustang.
So he's a good guy.
When, when, when any of this is going on, it's supposedly a great thing.
So what I'm trying to get at here is, is that the reason this is important as
Trump broke through the criticism, the attacks, the blackballing.
But the Democrats in the deep state use it on everybody else.
So the Republican establishment knows, keep Alex Jones and the populist movement and the liberty movement that got Trump elected out.
Don't let them take the party completely over and put people like Gorka as the police dog, who's not even American, in there hovering around, literally spouting and pontificating in an arrogant way.
You guys go ahead and take over.
Well, no, I think you're exactly right.
And the real stark difference is like the list between people who have a problem with us and the people who love us and like us and appreciate what we do.
Because on one side you got, what, Gorka, maybe Charlie Kirk is not so favorable, and the leadership of CPAC.
That's three people.
On the other side,
We were mobbed everywhere.
They hate their own supporters.
They're there to control those people and come be told how to be conservative by us.
And there's Gorka, the whale, the tyrant whale, you know, the big candy ass, sashaying around like Liberace, telling us how to be good Americans.
Well, and here's the other thing.
If you look at Gorka's subscribers on YouTube, somebody sent me this screenshot.
He's dropping 50 subscribers a day until our video releases, and suddenly it drops by several thousand.
I mean, people did not like this.
I had people coming up to me for the rest of the trip after that video dropped, coming up to me and saying, we don't know what the hell is Gorka doing.
By the way, he's almost as creepy as Brian Stelter.
Let's put his eyes back up on screen.
I mean, Gorka, the political pervert whale, perverted to attack Trump's biggest supporters.
There he is, look at those eyes, man.
He's gonna run your life.
He is Gorka.
Yeah, that was the look.
And when I approached him, I mean, he's, he is really intent on reading where I'm from.
And as soon as he sees InfoWars, that's when he goes off.
And you can see in the full video, I walk up to him and I'm just smiling and I don't say a thing to him.
I say, hi.
And then he just goes off.
I mean, it wasn't, we weren't pestering him.
Because he's a stolen Valor fraud.
Yeah, well, and he's threatened, and, you know, it's like Rob Duce's tweet put out, you know, you go to CPAC and you're mobbed by everybody, everybody who's anybody, everybody who's nobody, just the regular info warriors out there that we meet that just say, we really appreciate what you do.
Everywhere, they're everywhere.
But Lorca, the effeminate whale, is not popular.
No, but he's the important one, right?
It's the people at the top who have a problem with us, and they're the ones that matter, apparently.
Because he chaches around.
Again, we're not trying to get cool at the high school that is CPAC.
We went to see the nature of the Never Trumpers and what they're doing, and sure enough, they came like barracudas after their praise.
Owen Schroer, when we come back, we'll get into this.
But briefly, I don't want the distraction of infighting.
This isn't infighting.
These aren't Republicans.
These aren't patriots.
These aren't Trumpers.
These are people that want to control and hijack the movement.
Well I just think it's sad that the people who have the most skin in the game when it comes to Trump and when it came to the 2016 election and what's happened since moving into 2020, they just don't...
They don't want to give us any credit, or they want to try to slide us, or any of this stuff.
And again, we don't do it for their credit.
Because they want to hijack the movement!
They hate Trump people!
I think it's that they've just been phonies their whole careers.
They've gotten rich off being phonies, faking being conservatives, or whatever.
And they know that when a real conservative or a real patriot steps in front of them, that's basically kryptonite to their phony patriotism that they've gotten rich off of.
They're really just grifters.
Just industrial-level grifters.
That's a good way to describe it.
He is the tyrant, titan of tyranny.
By the way, I'm hosting the whole next hour.
Gerald Salente's doing a great job with Trends Forecaster, but he's got a lot of stuff to attend to.
So I'm hosting the fourth hour today.
And I will continue with your calls, Brian and Dave and Malcolm and Darren and Tammy and Patrick and Elena and Paul and others.
All right, we've got Owen Schroer.
And of course, we've got Harrison Smith reporters here riding shotgun with us.
We'll take your calls in the next hour.
I want to be clear.
I say I don't want to get into infighting, and then when I start looking at Gorka, the demonic whale, and just everything about him, it's just, it's everything we hate.
He's a Glenn Beck wannabe 2.0.
Glenn Beck now endorses Trump and has tried to resuscitate himself, and tells people privately that he was wrong and thought Ted Cruz would win, and it was all him, a political calculation.
Well, you lost.
If you just would have nicely opposed Trump, it would have been fine, but instead you tried your Messiah thing, and you're a religious leader, and
You know, all the rest of it.
But, again, you always know who the controllers up top like.
They like sycophants.
Reportedly, Gorka, who has an arrest case and arrest history in Hungary, talks like this.
There's nothing wrong with talking in the good Eastern European dialect.
But this is how he talks.
You'll serve us well, American pig.
But he's got his good fake British accent, so he's not even a redcoat.
Okay, you have to understand, he's just another fake, industrial-level con artist, as you said.
So I want to get past him, though we're going to play a clipper in a moment, and just say Trump won because he didn't care about the attacks, he broke through, they tried to ostracize him, they tried to isolate him, and it doesn't work.
And then when people double down on people they support, be it Infowars or Trump or any other, or Brexit, they said they were all Nazis, then it becomes even more successful.
And I know as an audience of activists, you get that.
So many other people, even family I have, they come up and they go, I'll be at a birthday party or family reunion.
They're like, I'll pray for you.
How are you taking it under the attack?
I'm like, man, this is awesome.
The enemies of humanity, the child molesting globalists attack me every day.
And on New Year's Eve, I was on every channel as the number one devil just at the end of the year.
I mean, that means I'm over the target.
This is awesome.
Again, it's like asking somebody flying over, you know, Tokyo, dropping bombs on a World War II.
You're getting shot at.
Well, I signed up for this.
How are you taking it?
I'm kicking ass.
I'm not comparing myself to that.
It's just, it's an attitude.
It's an attitude.
And, and they want to get you to this attitude of, oh, you don't want to get criticized.
It's all a bluff.
Hollywood is all over the news.
Now at Drag Queen Story Times, humping the children.
And they're gonna stick it in, folks.
Because it's their religion.
They have to push it.
And then the average person goes, well, they passed a law, you can give people HIV in California.
The same guy introduced a bill, the senator, that you can... If it's gay sex with a little boy, it's okay.
It's just if you have sex with a little girl, it's not.
Or it's a woman raping a little girl, it's okay.
These people aren't gonna stop.
So we might as well just start saying no to them.
Comments on that, guys.
Yeah, well, you know, I want to ask, like, is this what 2016 was like?
Because I wasn't here in 2016, I came here in 2017.
Since 2020 started, it has been the most exciting, like, exhilarating, I'm more exhausted than I've ever been, but I'm more, like, fulfilled than I've ever been.
And it's the election year, like, it's all coming together, they're more desperate than ever, and it's, you know, but it makes you want to fight.
Oh, when you were here in 2016, what was it like?
Are judges starting to join us?
Well, it was still different back then because you didn't have all of the Trump hate from the left that you did now.
They still kind of acted like he wasn't a real candidate.
Hillary had a 98% chance New York Times, yeah.
That's kind of a new phenomenon.
But then culturally, you know, it was kind of really the onset of the drag queen story time.
And it's gone so full throttle now, we've exposed Drag Queen Storytime's being infiltrated by known sex offenders.
Of course.
We've seen the videos of Drag Queen Storytime.
But Drag Queen Storytime is a grooming sex offender orgy with children.
And so it's just gotten worse.
It's meet a pedophile time.
And here's one that's going viral right now.
Meet a pervert.
Little girl's not happy.
Big fat dude shaking his ass in a five-year-old's face.
Mommy thinks it's trendy because mommy's sick.
It's a weird thing, though.
I think that this is almost a counterbalance to the majority of Americans and culture actually becoming more moral and getting back to having a moral conscience and compass.
I mean, this is a giant big black dude dressed like a woman, almost naked, fondling and shaking his ass in a little girl's face who's scared.
I mean, I wouldn't want to be a part of this if it was, you know, say a supermodel.
I'm not into this type of degeneracy, you know.
So the fact that they're doing this to kids... Well, I don't like topless bars.
I don't think people that are in them... I just don't want to go to it because the woman's not really into me.
It's fake!
Right, and so that's what I'm saying.
But now this is all about shaking your ass in little kids' faces and being deviant.
Well, and it's not, they try to tie it into the transgenderism things.
They can bring in the psychology and say, well, some people's brains, but drag queens, they don't think that they're women, right?
It's a sexual thing.
Well, Bob Hope dressed up like a woman as comedy in front of adults saying jokes because it's stupid and he's an old man.
Shaking your ass in front of kids is pedophilia.
But let's just go further.
I didn't mean to rabbit trellis.
You guys are nice.
Follow my lead.
Let's get back to
Trump broke the mold by not caring.
We broke the mold by not caring.
And people, I need to understand, the people in the Republican Party aren't leaders.
That's why they're still so scared of media, because they're on average 80 years old.
Nothing against 80 year olds.
We're the future.
And so how do we telegraph it?
How did Gorka have so much power to go, you're out, you're out, you're out?
Because he goes and kisses ass the head of CPAC, and it's his idea that if he can run all the real conservatives off, he can then perch up there.
No, Gorka, everyone hates you now.
When you pose with guns, everybody knows you don't know which end the bullet comes out of.
Yeah, absolutely.
That Gorka's a big guy.
I challenge him to a charity Mary Meckles boxing match.
Hillary, I'm serious.
They'll have it in Vegas, I will get in that ring, and I will beat his brains out.
Just sign the form, you big, fat, tough guy bully, and I'll smash your freaking head in.
Let's go!
Let's go!
Punk is nothing but a piece of crap.
Let's go!
Owen, you want to tag him on?
I gotta give him a round or two, but you've got your cardiovascular going.
You want to challenge him?
You want to challenge Gorka to a charity boxing match because he's so big and powerful and he wants to get in the ring with Kooks?
Let's see what Gorka had to say.
What does Gorka think about InfoWars?
The listeners would go, what the hell?
Do you think?
I mean, he just, again, he has that disdain for people.
That inbred wannabe elitism.
But he's so dumb, he thinks attacking the main grassroots engine of Trump will get him ahead.
Because all he wants to do is grovel to the power structure so he can waddle around, you know, and order people around.
We already don't have time to go to the report, but here it is.
Go away, alright?
You guys are kooks.
You're crazy kooks and conspiracy theorists.
Go away.
So we shouldn't be allowed to be here?
This is for real conservatives, not people who are snake oil merchants and conspiracy theorists.
Sebastian Gorka here for Relief Factor.
And first of all, let me say that I have never before endorsed a pain reliever.
But when Pete and Seth Talbot, the father and son owners of Relief Factor, asked me to endorse their 100% drug-free product, I absolutely couldn't say no.
This is for real conservatives, not people who are snake oil merchants and conspiracy theorists like you.
Man, do you hear that fake British voice?
Owen Sawyer here from InfoWars.com and I am entering CPAC 2020 a la Donald Trump.
What can I say?
I felt like it.
Mike Lindell from MyPillow.
You're more than a pillow salesman.
You're an inspiration now, Mike.
You're an inspiration.
Thank you.
Thank you, Mike.
Mike Lindell, everybody!
One of the reasons why the internet is as great as it is, that social media is as great as it is, is not because of government intervention.
It's not because... You know he's not gonna... If he gets in the ring with me, I want to get in the ring with him.
Assuming Trump wins in 2020, I think we both agree, I think that that's where this goes.
What do you think the left does?
Do they get more violent?
Do they calm down?
It's only going to get worse from here.
They can't comprehend that this guy that's not with the programming is doing so well for America.
They just can't.
They don't understand.
My name is Jason Roberge.
I'm running in the 7th Congressional District and our campaign is focused on a number of issues but the gun grabbing issue, let's just talk about that.
The governor wants to take away our assault weapons and whatever they call them.
You did a great job.
When we come back, I'm going to go to your phone calls.
I'll show you the exciting conclusion when the whale sees him.
And again, people confirmed, the whale would go around and order people thrown out.
The left, too, would go up and threaten people, and then they would run back and tattle you.
They're like, oh my God, you're with BuzzFeed.
And like, CPAC would just go, hmm, hmm, because the Republican Party is still really Democrat Party operatives.
But the good news is, that's all falling apart.
Now remember,
Yeah, it's five to eight weeks, depending on which food package you order at InfoWareStore.com.
Everybody else has sold out.
They're lying to you if they tell you otherwise.
We have the food, but it's got to be packed and shipped.
But everything else is shipped the next day, unless it's on the weekend.
So get your Super Silver Wound Gel, your Super Silver Toothpaste, your Super Blue Toothpaste with the same nano-silver, and get your skin cream with the same nano-silver, all discounted at InfoWarsTore.com.
But a lot of it is selling out, like the Immune Gargle did.
So get your orders in.
But I would get Sorrible Food in, just for how crazy the world is, and the economy, and the election, and all of it.
Get those order in, and then part of the money goes to fund this operation.
We call that a 360 non-zero-sum game.
The wheels of his Mustang explode on the highway like a slug from a 45.
True death.
400 horsepower of maximum performance.
Piercing the night.
This is Black Sunshine.
The wheels of his Mustang exploding on the highway like a slug from a 45.
True death.
400 horsepower.
I'm at 900!
How many does Gorka's Mustang have?
Uh, you know, well, Gorka is transgender, which is no big deal.
He transferred from a large fat woman into a man, which is fine.
Yeah, he could have a baby.
Did you actually hear Gorka's pregnant?
You know, actually, actually, I was going to call them greeblers because they greeble and grovel, or golemites, but actually, it's Gorkaism.
Gorkaism is a disease.
They're more like the worm tongues.
They're there whispering into the ear of the leader.
That's just Gorka-ing around.
Yeah, just gorking about.
By the way, he's not just stolen valor.
He reportedly has a fake PhD out of Hungary, a fake British accident, reportedly can't shoot straight, wasn't in combat operations like he says.
The man, it appears, is a giant fraud, which is textbook for all the other neocon snugglers.
And I'm not trying to just attack him with all this big news.
Your call's coming up.
Promise your calls next segment.
My name's Jessie Ebbin.
I'm running in Wisconsin's 3rd congressional district, so the current representative is Ron Kind.
What do you think is the pulse of Wisconsin right now as 2020 approaches?
Yeah, I think it's definitely leaning towards Republican and towards Trump.
I am now a congressional candidate.
I'm still the same Laura Loomer.
When I get into Congress, as you know, I'm an investigative journalist and I'm planning on bringing my investigative skills to Congress and really being a voice for
The people of District 21 and really a voice for the people of America.
And it's time for these guys to go.
Charlie Kirk, a god creature.
I don't know who you are.
I'm a royal Never Trumper.
I'm a royal Never Trumper.
Got six handlers.
All right, you guys are kooks.
Work us all out.
You're crazy kooks of conspiracy theorists.
Go away.
Should we?
Shouldn't we be allowed to be here?
This is for real conservatives.
This is for me, I'm hungry.
Not people who are snake oil merchants and conspiracy theorists like you.
If you get the ring, buddy, you're gonna really be in some pain.
I only said yes because after years of my personal lower back pain... Do it, you big fat coward.
This is for real conservatives, not people who are snake oil merchants and conspiracy theorists like you.
There you go.
A rousing diatribe of support from Sebastian Gorka.
I just want to be on record here because people keep asking me.
I have no beef with Charlie Kirk.
I've never met the guy.
He's nubbed me three times.
No one has even cared about Charlie Kirk or Gorka, the gay whale.
Here he is getting thrown out.
What pass?
I have a pass right here.
You're in the media road.
I've been invited to multiple radio booths.
I just want everyone to know that CPAC is now kicking InfoWars out.
I just want everyone to know CPAC is now kicking InfoWars out.
We love CPAC.
God bless America.
God bless Donald Trump.
Alright folks, we'll be right back with your phone calls, I promise, with these other evil right-wing extremists.
And Owen is coming up in an hour, but he's going to stay right here with me until showtime.
And I'm going to invade his show.
He told me yesterday, we had a meeting, he said, listen boss, I'm quitting unless you show up every day and announce my show.
And I said, Owen, you've got my pledge.
I'm going to show up every day.
Not I want.
All right.
I don't feel guilty for talking about the tyrant whale, the Gorka, the Gorgon baby, Hillary Clinton's baby, but it's archetypal of how we, the Liberty Movement, you, the listeners, literally,
Even Rolling Stone said, we go to these Trump rallies, half of them are wearing InfoWars shirts.
Trump knows that.
Trump tweets InfoWars stuff all the time.
Trump loves what we do.
But then these very people tell us, you're not welcome here.
Get out of here!
So it's not about pissing on CPAC.
I had the deputy head of CPAC show up when I was there, head of the line, give us our passes.
But then they said, hey, these guys have media passes.
When you asked for them, we were already out of them.
Media rows filled up.
Just don't videotape anything with professional cameras up on the lower levels or whatever.
I said, yes.
So that's technically how they got Owen.
But it didn't happen until, and I told folks, it's not a big deal.
We try to follow the rules.
They're ridiculous rules.
But the point is that we, the people that put Trump where he is, are treated like trash.
We need to stop doing it.
So I want to get to your calls.
I want to get into the virus.
I want to get into what's happening with the Islamic invasion of Europe.
If you didn't know, it just got launched yesterday.
It's huge.
The Turkish dictator is calling it an invasion with these guys riding shotgun.
We've launched OperationWin2020.com.
We can put that on screen.
And everybody that goes there for free and puts your name and address in, or not even your name, just your address, will get a 20-pack stickers with 20 different messages like Save the First Amendment, Save the Second Amendment, InfoWars.com.
There's one that just says American flag, InfoWars.com.
And you just put, looks like duct tape, but it doesn't pull your hair out.
It's just regular sticker.
You put it over your mouth.
You hand it out to other people.
They ask, why are you doing this?
You go, well, it's because there's an attack on free speech.
And if enough of you go into the Trump rallies or the RNC, it's going to be huge news.
Not just shirts, but stickers over our mouths.
We're not disrupting.
We're not doing anything.
And it gets Trump to do something about the tech censorship because
It's not just censorship, it's colluding, it's surveillance in real time.
Now it's expanding into congressional candidates and members of Congress.
I mean, Trump has really screwed the pooch, Owen Schroer, on not standing up against big tech election meddling.
What do you think?
Well, he is kind of a new phenomenon politically.
With a president that I think had social media or the internet really put him over the top.
That was kind of a new phenomenon.
InfoWars was paramount at that.
And so I think that a lot of the people that are on his administration or advising him are still kind of stuck in the past.
And they don't understand the influence of the internet.
They don't understand the influence of social media.
So they still think, oh, hey, Fox News is still on there.
I'm OK.
It's no big deal.
Well Fox News was anti-Trump all of 2015 and really for most of 2016.
And it demoralizes Trump's base when they're not allowed to even send text messages now on WhatsApp and Facebook's controlling sending Trump info wars and Jordan Peterson links out?
And so what you have is, which again I think that it's another weird phenomenon where Trump's base is so committed and so
I don't want to say high IQ, but they kind of understand the battle.
We get around it, we understand it, and we put up with it.
They understand the battle, so they don't take it personally when, you know, Trump Jr.
or Eric Trump go around with Charlie Kirk, who is anti-Trump, for the entire election process in 2016.
Yeah, red carpets for people that pissed all over us and tried to stop us, and then those of us that stormed the gates and won the war, the veterans are just thrown in the garbage.
We understand, we'll put up with that, but we won't put up with losing.
And we won't put up with the pervert drag queen story time.
They're allowed to operate and we aren't.
We're sick of that and we want to be turned loose.
Do you understand, Trump?
I think it really just comes down to we demand answers, too.
Because our free speech is being violated in this country.
Who is responsible for it?
Who is behind it and why?
We need to know.
I think it's obvious we know the why.
We know the who as far as the industry and the corporations and the names are concerned.
But who is really making these calls?
Who is really having these meetings?
By the way, can we back that up where Charlie Kirk won't shake your hand?
The way he acts like Eddie Haskell
The most empty, pathetic person getting off on snubbing people.
I mean, it's just, this is who Trump rubs elbows with and like, as the safe guy because he attacked Trump.
No, we need to storm the castle.
We need to convert the whole country.
We need to arrest the CHICOMS.
That's how we're going to win.
He says, I don't know what Infowars is.
I mean, that's, it's just a lie.
It's not that we need him to recognize us.
It's that his not recognizing us shows what scum he is!
It's not about him.
He's emblematic of the disease.
I said I'd go to calls.
Keep going.
Well, that's what it is.
Again, because people keep asking if I have beef with Charlie Kirk.
I really don't.
I bet he's a nice guy behind the scenes.
Maybe we could play basketball together sometime.
I heard he likes to shoot hoops.
But the point is, hey, InfoWars exists.
We've got more skin in the game when it comes to our personal lives than any of these people.
So, yeah.
And again, it's not about us.
It's like Paul Revere shows up in
You know, at the end of the Revolutionary War, I guess 1776, I guess it went to like, what, 82 or whatever, and Paul Revere shows up to be at the banquet and they go, oh, sorry, Paul Revere, you're not allowed in.
You're like, you're like, it's not that you even care to get in the banquet, you're like, but, I'm on a, well, who runs this?
Yeah, they seem, we took over again, asshole.
So, you know, get out of here.
You see him pinning the medal on Benedict Arnold.
It's not about us not getting the banquet.
We didn't want to come to the banquet.
We want to be right where we are, where we live with the people.
But we show up at the banquet and we're not welcome.
We're like, well, what was this revolution for?
Who the hell are these people?
Well, and I'm just, people say, you know, I'm a free speech absolutist.
I'll be a free speech absolutist.
Well, fine.
That's what we don't want to lose.
But you didn't disrupt Jack's squad.
We don't want to lose the First Amendment.
That's what this is all about.
We don't want to lose the First Amendment.
We're losing the First Amendment.
And that's why I think the operation... And we're the test of that.
We're the test of that.
We go in there, and we're mobbed, and everybody loves us.
You had way more fans than Charlie Kirk and the other guys.
It's not about that, but the people love us!
And that's why we couldn't be there, you see.
And see, that's why the First Amendment isn't allowed.
Because people, if they have the First Amendment, will make the right decision.
Operation Win 2020.
If we can get that critical mass of people at a Trump rally or something to where, you know, normally it's just yelling, screaming, just this wall of noise.
10,000 people have ordered the free Snickers.
Well, just imagine all of them in that stadium with the tape over their mouth where it's silent.
That's what's happening to his supporters online.
The support is being silenced.
They're being silenced.
So we need to make them know that in the real world, in the physical world.
Show them this is what's happening to your supporters in the digital world.
And then if they throw you out because of them, well then you stick them everywhere and you go bullhorn their ass.
Because, I'm just saying, I don't want to start a fight with people, but if Trump abandons the Bill of Rights and Constitution,
I'm not going to endorse Bernie Sanders or Hillary, but I'm not loyal opposition.
I don't put up fake opposition.
Let me ask you about this.
We're going to break and I swear to God I'm going to go to your calls instantly when we start the next break.
I appreciate you holding.
Everybody that wants one, give them a free t-shirt, guys.
And we're still going to get to you.
I don't disrespect you and I feel bad having you hold, but we've had so many breaks and so many guests.
What do we do if Trump continues on critical things like the First Amendment and big tech control to do the wrong thing?
I mean, we're already launching silent protests.
I mean, I just, I'm starting, and if they don't respond to that, I don't know what I'm going to have to do.
I just think Trump needs to hear more from his base that he's not hearing from.
He's hearing more from the D.C.
He's hearing more from advisors that came from the swamp and are of the swamp.
And we see him hinting that he wants to do the right thing with Afghanistan and Syria, talking about monitoring the situation.
We need someone who's going to commit.
That's, that I think is what he needs to hear from his base.
Hey, look, we understand you're watching this.
We understand you want to bring the troops home.
Just commit.
Commit to bringing the troops home and you could.
Commit to stopping the social media censorship and you could.
Yeah, no, I totally agree with that.
And also, you know, Trump didn't invent this movement.
You've been doing this for how many years?
He's like the capstone.
He's where we've achieved now, but he's not the peak, right?
He's a plateau that we've reached and we'll continue on once he's out of office eventually.
Well, that's the next thing I was going to say.
It's not even about us.
I'm from Texas, grassroots, built this with the listeners.
I don't want to be at these elite places.
I want to be out in the middle of nowhere by a river fishing with my kids.
I don't like being around them.
I want to be around real people just like you guys do.
You're from Texas, you're from Missouri, we're just regular people.
That's what this is all about, is about bringing the country back, and we're not just Gorka that just swoops in, nothing against Hungarians, they're great people, but he swoops in from Hungary with a fake British accent, he's our god, our ruler, he just hijacked what we did and now we're not invited.
It's not about us not being invited, it's that we now know bad guys are in the castle.
We take the castle, it's our castle, and now we show up, busting our ass and we're told we're not supposed to be here, well that lets us know we haven't won the war yet.
I just think that Trump needs to look outside of D.C.
more for advice and to staff his administration.
Maybe that happens in 2020.
Well, he looks at generals thinking they'll be outside the swamp, but they've been sand-selected so long, there's not many good ones.
And one like Flynn that is good, that tried to bring in patriots, they got rid of him real fast.
And Trump admits that was his biggest mistake, was getting rid of Flynn, who was a real patriot, was trying to bring the army into the administration.
Because there is a cult of America in the army.
It's not perfect, but it's a pro-America.
All right, without further ado, to balance the transmission, I'm going to take your phone calls and have two of these great co-hosts here riding shotgun with me, riff off of that.
Let's move now, or I'll never get to you.
Tammy in Idaho, thanks for holding.
You're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
I'm really nervous, but what I want to talk about is behind the scenes, as far as the invasion of Europe.
There's a lot of background of banking manipulation.
The Deutsche Bundesbank... Oh boy, tell me about banking manipulation if you only knew.
It is somebody named Nurten Erdogan, and that's spelled N-U-R-T-E-N-E-R-D-O-G-A-N.
And I think it's a she, and she's an official with Deutsche Bundesbank.
Okay, keeping in mind that Angela Merkel is on the dark side, that she is evil, and she encouraged some of this invasion of Europe.
Yeah, Angela Merkel, they call her mama.
She said, invade us.
We are bad.
So is the Pope!
Okay, and so the Turkish finance minister had even proposed buying Deutsche Bundesbank, okay, and also Erdogan was trying to take over the
The largest private bank in Turkey?
Yeah, no, no.
Erdogan said five years ago, you're going to allow a Turkish party in every country.
When you've got like 20 parties in each country, even a party that gets like 6-7% of the Muslims voting can then throw a country whichever way they want with the other parties.
So yeah, there's an attempted political economic takeover by Islam with allied criminals inside the German government.
And Germany is, just like in World War II, making a deal with the Muslims and it's disgusting.
Well, no, I would say it goes one step further than that.
The International Banking Complex is centered out of the City of London, and as I think you've pointed out before, you have to keep in mind the big picture that the City of London bankers orchestrate every war.
They orchestrated World War I, they orchestrated World War II,
The international bankers out of London actually set up 9-11.
They posed as you... Well, I mean, obviously the City of London within London is really evil and Rothschilds are involved in a lot of stuff, yeah, but, you know, Frankfurt's very powerful as a banking center as well.
So, you know, this whole axis.
But I agree, the leftists are unified behind Islam.
I appreciate your call.
You guys want to comment on what Tammy had to say?
Thank you.
I think she's exactly right.
You gotta pay attention to where the money is.
I think that every war, I mean this is something that we all agree we want to see come to an end is endless wars and it's always the same thing like she said.
Banking, it seems, knows no side.
They just get rich off of it no matter what.
They'll do international banking deals and fund deals and fund all different armies, one side or the world or the other.
It doesn't matter who's fighting, it doesn't matter when.
So there's definitely, I mean, Smedley Butler wrote the book in 1942, War is a Racket, a famous war general.
So when you get to the root of the issues, I think that there is a debate on where do you go from the central bankers?
Where do you go from the international bankers?
But it's well documented throughout history, they have been one of the main perpetrators of war, as Tammy just pointed out.
And that's financing both sides, so you should end up being a winner regardless.
Because the other side has to pay reparations.
This is bigger.
This is a cultural worldwide takeover.
Islamics have like five plus children on average.
Five point whatever it is.
And that's the demographic takeover.
So Islam is going to be the global enforcer.
Well, and politically, the Democrats figured this out.
This is how Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib get into office.
If you actually go look at Islamic voter turnout in Michigan and Minnesota, it's in the 90 percentile.
There is not another demographic group that even comes close to that.
You're lucky if you can get to 70 percent in any other demographic group.
Muslims are politically active, and a lot of them come from countries where they know they weren't free, so they still have that instinct
To go and be politically active to get things done because that's something new to them that they still don't take for granted.
Well said.
Yeah, and I mean, look at what Erdogan has done over the last couple of years in Turkey.
He's consolidated his power to an incredible degree.
Of course, Turkey, the modern Turkey, funded by Ataturk following World War I and the fall of the Ottoman Empire, founded specifically to be non-political, with the army sort of guaranteeing that as a non-political actor.
And Erdogan has systematically taken down those controls, taken down those limitations to really be fully-fledged Islam.
Preparing for total jihad.
Yeah, to become, you know, an Amir, as they call it, you know, the Islamic leader and forming a caliphate.
I did a report called, you know, Turkey is now an Islamic caliphate in all but name because it essentially is.
And it's excellent, it's excellent.
Let's go ahead and take a call from Paul in Canada.
Thanks for holding her on the air.
Yeah, Alex, it's Paul here from Canada.
Yes, sir, welcome.
Just, I'm a Greek citizen as well.
I live in Canada.
So I do, I'm familiar with what's going on there with the Islamic invasion going on.
I'll tell you this, the people in Greece are fed up.
They need support.
And unfortunately, you know, the other European countries have been somewhat trying to help out.
They're bombarded over there, right?
Well, you got military men pouring in en masse, mow them down.
That's what you're supposed to do.
That's what borders are.
Try to cross the Russian border, they'll shoot your ass.
We used to do that here.
So a bunch of people try to run off your border, kill them!
And I totally support that.
I mean, you know, there's one thing I'm going to say... We're not trying to act tough here either.
This is how the world works.
There's all these libertarians which go, oh, we don't need a government.
Yeah, once we have freedom worldwide, and some semblance of a system, you can have government go away to a certain extent.
But other governments organize and attack you.
You've got to have a structure to counter that.
Sorry, go ahead.
We have one saying in Greece.
We say, which means freedom or death.
Those are the symbolism of our Greek flag with the nine stripes and the symbolism of the cross for our... Elaborate on that, because I knew Patrick Henry and everybody got liberty or death comes out of the Greek saying.
So say that again in Greek.
Eleftheria e Thanatos.
And that's what that means, freedom or death.
Well, I'm on that.
The Greek people there, they know, especially the younger generation, I mean, I did military in Greece.
And the Greek military, the people that are there, they understand what's going on.
A lot of people there are InfoWars listeners as well, the younger generation there.
So they're awake.
They're awake and they know what's going on.
But they just need that support, that extra support.
I think Bulgaria came in this week and said they were going to support them militarily.
So let's hope that
And by the way, don't let the Patriots get thrown out like Italy.
This is a globalist attack.
You need the Greek military and the people to arrest the communist heads and the Soros people and throw their asses out of the country.
You're under a military attack.
You need to arrest the opposition that are globalists that say you shouldn't exist.
And we should too.
People that say the country shouldn't exist, that call for violence, they're not citizens.
They're enemies opening the drawbridge.
That's not a radical statement.
We need to start saying the truth here.
What do you think should happen?
Well, I mean, you know, we got our right-wing politician in there right now.
No, but I'm saying, they're going to send in foreign money and corruption and take them out.
I'm saying, countries like Italy had a chance, then they got, you've got to nip the Soros money like Russia and Hungary and Romania have done.
You've got to cut the head off.
Yeah, and that's the problem is that, you know, there's so much corruption there, just like in a lot of European countries.
And, uh, you know, we're just, uh, trying to figure out where we're gonna cut that off, and you're absolutely right, Alex.
We have to do something, because... Sure, this is a probe, and the media's gonna say your police are bad for halfway defending your border, then they're gonna flood money in to overthrow it, put a commie in, and just flood your ass.
Exactly, and you know, it's already as bad as it is.
I mean, there's migrants running around.
No, I agree.
So the Greeks just need to take the gloves off.
Just take the gloves off like the Poles do.
We need to make a music video out of this with the Drag Queen Storytime all of it.
All right.
What amazing callers.
When I say I don't disrespect them, we've got a bunch of guests, a bunch of breaks.
We've got like 20 phone lines and we've got a lot of them.
But then, that guy was in the Greek military before.
He lives in Canada.
I'm not trying to sit up here and sound tough.
I'm like, kill them!
Dude, there's 1.9 billion Muslims, a major country, probably the third biggest military in Europe just launched attacks where they put kids in fires to make them cry for the news media to blame the Greeks that are being overrun.
I mean, I see this and I just instinctively, it's a good thing I'm not in the police or military.
Because dude, if I saw somebody a hundred yards over putting kids in fires, to then have them crying and screaming in front of the news cameras and blaming me.
I mean, the officers told me don't do anything.
I don't know.
I would just get into politics, take the government over.
Well, it didn't matter.
But I mean, I'd be commanding this thing, or at least I'd be trying.
What the hell is going on here?
I mean.
I mean, it's ridiculous!
We're going to go right back to calls.
You guys want to fill people in if they're radio listeners and they can't see the video?
It's up on InfoWars.com.
The great Gregory sent a report on it, a three-minute report.
They're torturing children as human shields to blame the Greek military?
Oh, it's just this insane brave new world of manufactured reality where instead of armies marching in in formation and doing battle and trying to overcome each other, they have to make themselves seem weak so they can be portrayed.
Yeah, the Muslims have been trying to take over Greece and have many times for over a thousand years, and now they just bring their kids into battle saying, don't attack me, I got a kid in my army.
You can go 1,000 years back.
You can go 3,000 years back to the hot gates in Thermopylae trying to stop the Persians.
I was saying it last time.
If the Greeks have saved the West before, they can do it again.
Well, the Serbs did it almost as much as the Greeks, so we bomb the living hell out of them.
To let Albania take over one-third of Serbia.
I mean, this is an epic battle.
A battle of epics, I should say.
By the way, I'm not some, you know, Serb-ophobe.
They admit the Muslims attacked Serbia for 10 years before the Serbs mobilized and started kicking their ass.
And then the U.S.
military bombed them and gave a third of Serbia to the Albanian Muslims?
What the hell?
Well, it's this weird thing, too, where they've been victims of fake news so much, now they just know how to manipulate it.
So they know, oh, we can go create this video, whether it's the White Helmets faking, you know, kids being in explosions, or this latest one, or people being dead under a cloth and they're laughing and joking.
They know how to manipulate the fake news.
They've seen it so many times manipulated against them, now they're just doing it and they feel absolutely
Zero guilt, zero responsibility.
In fact, they feel it's their responsibility to do just that.
And now because of the internet, we're able to kind of see through this process, not just what happens in the Middle East.
And that's why they want to get rid of it, but you're never going to be able to cover this up.
Well, and again, we're now just starting to learn in mass this process of what happens with fake news internationally.
How could a mother put her kid in a fire like that?
Look at that woman as a cockroach.
Well, this is what we're dealing with.
This is what fake news is going to do.
They're going to pretend something is... Now they run across... Oh, those people, man.
They play... You know, you well know... They're going to come here, we got to kiss their ass and give them welfare.
Oh, just... Oh, please.
The babies in incubators.
It was like the Kentucky gun firing range they claimed was Syria.
I mean, the list goes on and on.
Small it.
So don't question it or George Soros and Bloomberg will file 50 lawsuits on your ass.
That's what happens if you question it too.
So that's where the real irony comes in.
They're all laughing.
It's all funny.
Let's go to calls.
I swear I get all these calls.
Who's been holding now?
Brian in Washington, D.C.
Thanks for holding.
Go ahead.
Thank you.
Hey, Alex.
I wanted to call in and get your opinion on I don't know if you saw that Secretary of Defense Esper said that
The Pentagon was going to be basically working with FEMA to contain any outbreaks of the coronavirus.
Yeah, I saw that.
We broke that four weeks ago.
The Pentagon's running the whole deal with emergency centers all over the U.S.
And I got contacted by a lieutenant colonel in Army Special Operations that they, they're projecting three million dead.
Doesn't mean it's going to happen, but they're getting ready for three million dead.
And then it just, by the weirdness of things, this other lieutenant colonel I know that just graduated a year ago, he was just over the house because he runs a private business.
I'm not going to get into what it is, but it's just a thing you do at your house.
I'm like, I got to go.
And like, he's talking to my wife as he's calling up going, he says three million are probably going to die.
See you later.
And I'm like, okay, that's two colonels in two days, or lieutenant colonels, I better come tell folks.
But yeah, that's definitely what they're being told.
So I get why Trump's not hyping it.
He doesn't want the stock market to crash, so he wants to just incrementally get us ready.
So I wouldn't even call it a form of deception, because we don't know how bad it will get.
But the projections of 2% death rate with half the population infected is what they're projecting the next six months.
That's 3 million plus dead.
Yeah, and I mean, my mother worked at the Pentagon.
She was telling me that they had a three-day training at the Pentagon regarding certain protocols that would be put into place if anybody in the building or if there was any series of outbreaks in D.C.
and my... Which you know is going to happen.
What you know is going to happen.
I mean, I should have just done the whole show today on this.
This is incredible.
It's spreading everywhere.
There's deaths all over the place.
And I'm not trying to hype it that it's the end of the world.
I'm just saying the hype from the beginning, this is a big plan.
What do you got?
Gut level Owen Troyer.
What do you think?
The Pentagon's canceling exercises around the world because of it.
What do you think's really behind it?
Just gut level.
I think that there was some, the real,
Meat of this issue is in China.
I think that whatever America has to deal with is going to really be more of a distraction or an attack campaign against the president, which we're already seeing.
The real story here is in China.
Where did this, how did it originate?
How did it get there?
And why or how did it get released?
That's the real story.
And is China using this to round up political dissidents?
Whatever happens in the West, you know, it'll mostly be under control.
They're already pushing the vaccine.
I'm not saying you should take it, but it'll probably be effective enough if it should break out.
Again, I wouldn't take it.
I'd trust my immune system to beat the coronavirus with the success rate that you have organically.
I think that people are just looking at the worst, saying if it spreads.
And who knows, though?
I mean, you've got, I forget the name of the doctor, Rod Rosenstein's sister at the CDC.
She's the one causing a lot of this panic.
How do we know there aren't deep state agents like that inside the WHO or the CDC that are intentionally letting it out?
We know they did that.
They allotted it and they incubated it.
That happened in Texas too.
And then they tell Trump, everything's fine, sir.
And then when it's not, it's crediting which we predicted and now they're trying it.
But I don't think America's going to buy into that.
Yeah, well, I mean, we've been saying that this was most likely a bioweapon since sort of some of the facts first emerged because it was so obvious with the lab right there and everything.
And then you have Event 201 in October of 2019, where they predicted a coronavirus breaking out.
They had all the numbers.
Yeah, Bill and Melinda Gates.
Bill and Melinda Gates.
At the exact same time, you had the UN in China doing these war games with China.
A bunch of very strange behavior there.
All last year getting ready for this.
Well said, Harrison Smith.
Your channel is at Bandot Video.
Over the top.
Elena in New York.
Thanks for holding her on the air, Elena.
Hi, Alex.
Thank you for taking my call.
I was calling you for advice, but I'm really kind of confused and blown away.
I teach in New York.
Concerned when I watched the president last Wednesday, I forwarded the links for K-12 schools and child care to my principal.
I went to school.
I shared with the kids.
Even prior to that, I sent a six-year-old down to the nurse with coughing and a whole lot of mucus.
Because they send the kids to school sick, staff is sick.
It was my understanding that that shouldn't be happening.
So Saturday, I had a headache.
I was sleeping.
I was hoping I'd be well today, but this morning, about 3 o'clock in the morning, I wasn't.
So I did what I thought I was supposed to do.
I called my doctor.
I went to the doctor here in New York, and I'm told I can't be checked for the coronavirus.
So that means doctors are not checking.
My grandson goes to a Westchester public school in Cold Spring.
Well, I'm not sure if that's Westchester.
Hold on, Elena.
We're coming back to you in a couple minutes.
But this is the key, and I'm not bragging, as they say.
It's true.
We first told you with Mike Adams and others that the kits were fake.
They didn't work.
They didn't have the reagent.
That's now mainstream news today, and we told you they weren't testing.
They're not.
They're not sending out the coding, the labs that could do their own testing.
There is a CDC cover-up of the severity of this.
All right, folks, we're going to jam in as many calls as we can in the war room, but I'll be hosting the day.
I told Owen to take the day off.
I'm looking forward to it, my first day off in ever.
That's a joke, you're doing your show.
No, you just said it.
The whole audience heard it, Schreyer's off today.
It's gonna rebroadcast.
Jones is hosting tomorrow.
Anyways, the point is, is that, you ain't seen nothing yet, is that we're sitting here looking at all of this, we're talking during the break, the pre-scripting with the tabletop exercise with Bill and Melinda Gates and millions dead and all of it, of whatever it is at stage, this is big.
Let's go ahead and go to Elena in New York finishing up.
Yes, ma'am.
They're not testing people.
They're covering it up so that Trump would then get bad numbers and say everything's fine.
Now they're sending out the test this week to show a huge explosion and make Trump look bad.
Trump's been set up.
People are like, why are you putting Trump down?
If my neighbor tells me that a lawnmower company scammers my neighbor's a friend, or if somebody tells me, hey, don't go to that restaurant, I got food poisoning, what are you doing telling me where to go eat dinner?
You know, we're not mad at Trump.
He's walking into the trap.
And we're not running a cult, by the way.
I want to finish up with Elena, but you guys got a quick comment on that?
No, I think that's exactly right.
And, you know, we were saying during the break, when they make predictions, they're not making predictions.
They're controlling much of this.
We talked about it in 201.
I mean, they know very clearly what's going on.
They're projections on the data they already have.
And they'll use anything to make Trump look bad.
Even if that means a viral outbreak or, you know, making a viral outbreak bigger than it is.
Well, we predicted they would do this.
They're really easy to predict, sadly.
But man, to like blame something on the president, like deaths in route for the economy implode, I mean, we can predict it because there's no bottom now.
Do they not even know how bad that looks?
You just think of what's the most evil thing you can imagine and they'll go one step farther.
He just needs to commit to closing the border.
I mean, that's that's the proper response to this, not to try to play ball.
No, you're saying shut it all down.
Why wouldn't you not?
They gave him a fastball right down the plate.
They loaded the bases intentionally, gave him a fastball right down the plate, and he just chose to just watch it go up and strike one.
It's like, so am I going to have to sit here and watch the guy?
We could have a grand slam?
We're not attacking Trump.
We're saying, hey, they're throwing a fastball down the middle again.
Knock that thing out of the park.
And we don't need to cheat to know that's what they're throwing.
It's the same pitch every time.
All he has to do is knock it out of the park, and he can really deliver.
And we already called the first pitch, and you can see the pitcher lining up with the same pitch.
And we're like, uh... Wing away, man!
And he can blame it all on them.
He can come out and say, I've seen that the media says that I've done a bad job at the border.
It's all sealed.
So we're gonna go ahead and seal off the border.
Okay, that's the only option to get it out of control.
Then what are they gonna do?
It's a win-win.
Constitutionally, put the military on it.
Not play games, but the real deal.
Okay, let's... Elena, thank you for holding.
What was your point about no one will test in New York?
Go ahead.
Yeah, that's in the news.
No, the doctor wouldn't test in New York, so that's opposite to what I thought the CDC said.
I thought I was being responsible as a teacher, staying home, going to my doctor, asking to be tested.
So in a day or two, if I'm better, I need to go back and try to use a mask while I'm teaching.
So my doctor's looking into getting a letter, but I can be putting my job on the line.
I have to look all these little 3 through 12-year-olds in the eye.
I don't have anything conclusive from
No, but you feel like you're being sucker-punched because you're seeing a lot of respiratory stuff, but no one will allow you to get tested.
I hear you.
It's not your fault.
God bless you.
But the fact is they sent out bad kids, and they've been holding up the genetic coding to the places that have the kids or could make them.
There's a cover-up.
And the CHICOMS involved themselves in the cover-up.
So again, why are we following that?
Okay, next up, Dave in Texas, the Darren Patrick.
Go ahead, Dave, quickly.
Thank you for holding.
Hey Alex, great to see you.
Thank you, sir.
Talk to you.
I appreciate you.
I've been sick since like December 27th.
I was just curious, how long is this stuff supposed to last?
Hey, I was bragging, like I do, that I hadn't been sick in over four years and I went on a trip to the Caribbean and I have had fevers off and on.
I've been coughing for three, four weeks.
So yeah, I mean,
I talked to Steve Pachetti and he's high up, hooked into all these guys.
They say the virus is all over the place.
And so that's what you're dealing with.
And the good news is, you know, a lot of folks are healthy.
They're going to be able to fight it off.
But when you get it, that's what they say, it keeps reinfecting.
You just don't get rid of it.
Well, that's some of the genetic manipulation that they've found evidence of.
Injecting things like HIV into the flu strain.
I mean, all sorts of crazy stuff.
It's not a natural disease, so it's going to have unnatural consequences.
And it's even in the news that it's all over the place.
So what do you think's really going on, Dave?
Well, I have no idea.
I mean, I've been watching you.
I've been paying close attention.
I mean, it's really got me worried.
So I called into you to just see how long this lasts.
I mean, I'm a dishwasher.
So, I mean, I'm around bleach and constantly cleaning everything that I touch is clean and sanitized.
It's just that, you know, if I'm shedding this stuff off, I mean, I don't want to kill my town.
You know what I'm saying?
You know, I don't think, you know, they're saying 2%, but that's still with people that were infected who were already run down.
I think most of us, I think Trump's right.
Overall, the hype's a hoax, but the concerted hype is killing the economy.
This is the big assault.
That's why it's real.
Does that make sense?
Well, if it's a bioweapon, it can also be designed to go after a specific trait in the DNA.
Oh, Asians are the ones that gotta work.
And that's what I'm saying.
So if they're measuring things, because they won't actually take this into consideration, if they're measuring things based on results coming out of Asia or China, that doesn't mean those same results will translate.
Because we know it is, it has, the Asian males have the receptor sites in the lungs.
So, again, that goes back to buy a weapon, create a lab... Yeah, you make a weapon that targets military-age men.
I mean, literally young men.
You say, well, the U.S.
made it.
Yeah, Obama did.
At the NIH in 2015, they sold it to the CHICOMS.
Yeah, and then the other scary thing about it is it just gives them the excuse to roll everything out.
To roll out the camps, to roll out the vaccines, to roll out... Well, and that's it.
And who's China's biggest enemy?
Their men.
So in case they ever get out of line, they've got a thing with its men.
And they're welding people's doors shut, and they've been doing that for weeks.
It's insane.
Dave, God bless you.
I think you're gonna be fine.
We don't sell like an A-ship, but I'd get it.
I'd get DNA force.
I'd get, um...
Hey, how's it going everybody?
Good, brother.
Thank you.
Hey, back to the baseball talk, I think Trump's a little bit like my boy Ted Williams, the, you know, probably the best hitter of all time, but can't quite play the field, maybe?
But back to the virus talk, I think, you know, is there a chance that Mike Pence is, you know, playing damage control to ease some of the tension on Trump?
Oh, I totally agree, and that makes Pence in case he's trying to double-cross Trump.
I saw when Trump gave him that job that that meant maybe Pence has been a worry for Trump, because now it's on Pence.
Kind of sets up a President Pence run if things go right, maybe.
Trump's very smart on who he gives these things to.
And look, I get why Trump's playing it down.
He doesn't want to create a big panic.
I mean, I totally agree.
You know, back to the invasion thing, though.
I feel like once there's a total travel ban in Europe, they're all going to be trapped there.
You know, this invasion is taking place on the ground.
I'm sure there's a whole network of refugees all throughout Europe.
That's it.
That's what I said at the start of the show, sir.
This is all coordinated.
This is all globalist.
Erdogan's total globalist.
Or Erdogan.
Everybody says that, right?
Thank you, Patrick.
Sorry to jump.
I need to get more people.
Please call me back again tomorrow.
Darren in Indiana.
You're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hey Alex, long time listener, first time caller.
I've been taking your iodine since I was probably about 15 years old.
I just wanted to state that I believe this all has to go back to the Vatican City and the three city states.
Obviously you got the District of Columbia, City of London, and then the Vatican.
And I really feel like these big banks that rule the world are really testing our borders
And that's obviously why they want no borders, no walls, no USA at all.
You've got tiny city-states that the globalists admit they're not going to have a big kumbaya world government.
They say it'll be tiny city-states above the law, ground-based Elysiums.
And then we're all just totally enslaved, just like, what's that book series that got turned into movies?
What's it called?
Where they've got the different districts.
Oh yeah, Hunger Games.
Hunger Games.
People go, oh, you're talking about Hunger Games.
No, that's the UN model.
Or the Brave New World model.
Anything else, Darren?
Yeah, I just wanted to touch on the coronavirus real quick.
I work in dangerous goods for a big shipping company, and it's international, DHL.
I'm sure you know what that is.
I just wanted to say the amount of influx of the supplies that we are shipping to Hong Kong and NGO cities like Shenzhen, all the Chinese cities over there, the masks, the Tyvek suits.
We're sending these accelerated hydrogen peroxides, which you know, kill your VOCs and your HIVs, and you can literally not count how many masks.
I mean, we're going to be out of them, obviously.
Now I understand, so it isn't just some hoax they're hyping.
You're seeing industrial level.
Thank you, Darren.
Sorry to Manny, sorry to Joe.
Harrison Smith, great job.
Owen Schroer takes over with the War Room in literally two minutes at InfoWars.com forward slash show and band on video.
Great job to the crew.
We'll be back, Lord willing, tomorrow as well with the Alex Jones Show.
David Knight, 8am.
Whatever you do, don't share those links.
And David Rockefeller will thank you.
Do not share the links to InfoWars.com.
Do not do it.
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You know, Trump won't do anything about it.
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