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Name: 20200228_Fri_Alex
Air Date: Feb. 28, 2020
2400 lines.

Dave Hodges suggests China did not have the expertise to create the bioweapon behind COVID-19, indicating that another party may have been involved. He also discusses how Adolf Hitler discredited eugenics and population control organizations after World War II, leading them to repackage themselves as transhumanists.

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Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for joining us on this Worldwide Friday Transmission.
I am your host, Alex Jones.
And normally, this would be the last day of February, but we are in leap year.
Everything is very, very different, strange about year 2020.
We have a lot of whistleblowers from the federal and state-level governments coming out, saying that the deadliness and the spread of the coronavirus has been covered up, that it's man-made.
Of course, you heard all of that here on this broadcast first, because we were actually looking at the evidence and the facts.
Mainstream media has known all this as well.
Their job is to lie to you, cover it up.
Pat Buchanan has come out in a very important article that's posted to InfoWars.com that says that President Trump must lead on this coronavirus and get out ahead of it.
And that it could be very strong for the country and his administration did that.
If he falters or waivers, as Mike Adams has been warning, it could really, really hurt nationalism, his presidency in America and world recovery.
The Dow Jones Industrial Average is down a lot of 400 plus points today.
14% since this coronavirus situation kicked off.
Mike Adams is going to be broadcasting during the whole
The whole show today.
I'll be here with him in the first hour.
He has several special guests, but clearly now we see this is a man-made weapon and it is targeting economies and targeting the Trump administration.
That's why we've seen all the communist countries say it's super deadly and make all these announcements that may Trump balk at it so that they can say that Trump didn't respond properly.
That's what you've been predicting for about three weeks, Mike.
Looks like that's where we're going.
In fact, Alex, I would say InfoWars has been the most accurate media source in the world on this.
There's no question about it.
Everything that we warned about two or three weeks ago is now being confirmed by the mainstream media.
And based on some new information I'm going to reveal here today about lab testing now being approved to begin in California and around the country next week, we're going to start seeing
Huge increases in confirmed cases in America beginning next week.
So I'll have those bullet points and a lot more breaking news today, Alex.
Now, there's a lot of negative things happening.
There's also a lot of positive things happening.
The deep state trying to use the judiciary to persecute their political enemies.
That's blowing up in their face.
Other globalist operations are in big trouble.
And I ran into Eduardo Bolsonaro, the Don Jr.
of Brazil.
Brazil's a very wealthy, powerful country, most powerful in South America.
And his father is, of course, this big Trump-style, maverick, God, family country.
And he's like, Alex Jones!
He's got a bunch of cameras around him.
But they brought me over.
And he said, did you know that my father, myself, tried to get in touch with you two years before he ran, and we're inspired by you.
And I said, well, I'm small operation.
He goes, no, you're not small.
But I meant, no, we were sorry we missed your emails.
But I actually remember my producer, who speaks Spanish, at the time he had to go in and take care of his dad.
So he had to leave us.
But Nico, I remember him saying, hey, there's a political group.
They're nationalists.
They really like you.
They want you to come speak in Brazil.
And I remember saying, yeah, maybe let's get him on.
But I never did it.
Boy, I wish I'd have gotten Bolsonaro on before.
Maybe they would have used that against him.
But to face-to-face be there, and Bolsonaro's famous son, Don Jr., of South America,
He's sitting there telling me, you inspired us, you helped us do this, you helped us understand the whole paradigm.
That's the same thing Nigel Farage said on my show many times, is that UKIP was going nowhere, but Infowars had such a big audience that suddenly they would knock on doors and people knew him from my show.
He used to come on like every month.
But listen, I get it.
He gets attacked now for coming on, so Raj doesn't really come on.
I mean, I could probably get him to if I wanted to, but the point is, is that InfoWars and this audience funded this operation and supported it to not just relaunch America, but 1776 worldwide.
We'll be right back.
Mike Adams, Red Shot.
I'm Alex Jones.
We are live on this Friday Global Transmission.
I come to you from Washington, D.C., just a few miles away from National Harbor, where they are having the CPAC event that President Trump will be speaking at tomorrow.
We're going to have our reporters, Owen Schroer, Savannah Hernandez, Harrison Smith, and others here kicking ass tomorrow with live feeds throughout the day.
I want to just add that our skeleton crew, we're trying to hire more people, trying to expand producers, board op,
Camera operators has been working 17, 18 hours a day, bringing you live coverage at night of the different events we've been putting on.
So I'm not just very thankful to the crew here in DC and Maryland, but the crew back at home, they really don't get
Uh, the recognition that they deserve.
This is all fog of war stuff, so it's very, very stressful.
But I salute the crew in Austin and the crew here for just doing a kick-ass job and really being amazing people that I'm humbled and honored to know.
And that I'm even guilty because I'm quite a bit of a jerk behind the scenes.
A lot of fake news out there about me.
I don't wear swastika shoes and I don't hit on male employees.
But I do scream at people sometimes for basically no reason because I'm stressed out.
And I'm not complaining.
I'm not a victim.
And people understand that I'm pushing with everything I got and I have plenty of energy.
I feel great.
The problem is, is that I need a vacation because
We all need a vacation, though.
The stress level on this planet is completely out of control because we're at a crossroads about the future of humanity, where we're going to go.
So let me tell you what's coming up today.
Mike Adams, who has been just absolutely at the very tip, tip, tip of the spear, accurately, conscientiously, as an engineer and a scientist and a major lab owner, with all of his sources in China.
His wife's an American, but she's from Taiwan.
She has businesses in Hong Kong and Taiwan.
Giving you what's in the Chinese and Hong Kong and Taiwanese news weeks before it's here.
And that's what's frustrating is it's right there that major universities in Hong Kong and Taiwan three weeks ago said it's man-made and killing high numbers of people and you just never saw it here.
Or an Indian university came out and said that four weeks ago and they got threatened.
And so they just said, well, we're withdrawing the paper.
We're not saying it's wrong.
The virus is completely engineered.
Then we learned from Dr. Francis Boyle, the author of the U.S.
Biological Weapons Law and Global Treaty, top expert in law and in the science, saying they know it's man-made.
He even found the articles in 2015 in Science Journal saying, do not sell this weird chimera made out of bats and other creatures' pneumonia with HIV.
So this is ridiculous smoking gun.
So, why did Obama sell to the CHICOMs?
So that when it got released, maybe by a third party, maybe by the Muslim Brotherhood, like Spectre, or the Globalist, I mean, or the CHICOMs, I don't think we know who released it.
We've posited that, well, probably their bad practices, their Level 4 facility, scavengers getting the rubber gloves,
Maybe that's how it happened.
It is right down the street from this fish market that has all these other weird animals in it.
But Mike Adams has got huge breaking news on multiple fronts.
Pat Buchanan has come out, big article on Infowars.com, and he said, President Trump must lead on this.
It's his job.
And if he gets out ahead of it, which he still has time to do,
He will not be damaged, and the American recovery may not be damaged by this.
But if he doesn't lead on this and give direction, because there is a lot of concern, people gut level know something's going on here, because of the uncertainty, it's going to tank the stock market.
See, Trump thinks ignoring this is going to just have it blow over or have people, you know, stay in the stock market.
We have a 14, almost 15% drop in the stock market in the last couple of weeks.
400 points down today, last time I checked.
Mike Adams,
There's a lot happening here.
What do you think is the number one issue or new development?
Because there's so many.
Well, yeah, this show is going to be packed.
So first of all, yesterday we had confirmed in California a woman now critically ill in Solano County who had gone through two hospitals and potentially exposed dozens of hospital staffers to this virus.
She's now confirmed infected.
And it turns out that I don't even think they have adequate quarantine of the hospital staff now.
The officials, I mean, we've got a press release here from UC Davis Health, and they say the CDC prohibited us essentially from testing this woman for 11 days.
So the CDC, this is actually, Alex, this is the bombshell news.
The CDC set a trap for President Trump by prohibiting testing nationwide for the last three to four weeks while this thing spread.
While this woman, just one we know of in California, and by the way, Solano County is where Travis Air Force Base is located.
Let's just stop right there.
We need to put that live headline out for the show right now.
Needs to be confirmed.
CDC set trap with coronavirus allowing a month of incubation.
That's right.
And notice the CHICOMS lockdown, Italy lockdown, South Korea lockdown, Japan lockdown weeks ago.
But we were told by the U.N.
and the left, keep your borders open.
Bring people in.
How dare you be racist?
Oh, no.
Put infected people on airplanes with other U.S.
citizens that aren't infected.
Something out of 12 Monkeys.
Textbook how you would spread this.
And then now they're starting to blame Trump, saying it looks like it's bad.
Why didn't you act early enough when exactly the deep state advised him?
He would never think that scientists would be part of that when they, of course, we know are the deepest of the deep state.
It's insane, Alex, that America, where we're supposed to be technologically advanced in the realm of medicine, and yet somehow every other country in the world can test for this, but not America.
And I've been saying here on your show for weeks that there's basically zero testing happening in America, or near zero.
And that's now been confirmed.
I mean, I believe you said that a month ago.
Yeah, and yesterday Governor Newsom from California said we only have a few hundred test kits for the entire state of California.
The CDC has been publishing the number every day, and I checked this morning, it's only 445 people have been tested nationwide from day one.
And Alex, there's something, people's brains can't grasp this.
When I tell them the CDC says 445 people tested, period, you know the answer I get is
Why are you spreading fear?
You know, it's like, no, no, I'm citing the CDC.
What are you talking about?
Don't you get it?
There's no testing in America.
So how can we detect an outbreak if there's no testing for the virus?
Well, Alex, that testing begins now on Monday.
I saw that in the news yesterday that they're now going, oh, now we're going to begin testing.
Remember a month ago it was being reported that the code of the virus wasn't being sent out to these labs that could already do the testing and they didn't know why the code wasn't being sent to them.
So clearly, they wanted America to be caught flat-footed here, Mike.
Why do you think that is?
Well, I believe the CDC has, again, set up Trump for this.
They're going to blame Trump.
You already see the narrative happening.
And sadly, so far, I've been a little bit critical of the president in his handling of this, just because he needs to get out in front of it.
And this is, as Pat Buchanan argued, this is a time for Trump to show real leadership and also to argue about the dangers of globalism and why we need to protect America's industries.
We need a supply chain here in America.
Protectionism would save us.
Now, it would save our stock market now if we had real protectionism and actually domestically.
Globalism allowed this to happen.
America is selling this to China.
China being open to us, being able to flood us with all this.
This is the definition of globalism.
But instead, the globalists are saying they're going to use the global crisis to crush nationalists and say that, oh, the globe came together to stop it.
But the nationalist Trump wasn't part of that.
So he allowed it to get really bad.
No, the global supply line, single source supply chains from China, this is what is going to cause a wave of bankruptcies across America.
And you and I are already seeing it in the supply chains.
The supply lines are cratering.
We are seeing a supply chain armageddon unfolding right now.
And I got to say, Alex, it doesn't matter how much money the Federal Reserve prints, you cannot create liquidity to rebuild a supply chain that's cratering.
It does not work.
The supply chain is gone!
Mike, for those that don't know, let's do the next segment on supply chains, because you're an engineer and you've got a big company and you've got a lot of products, so do I. People don't understand who aren't in that.
That it takes years to build up a supply chain, vendors.
It takes years to have credit.
And then once those things are broken down, and most people are dependent on China, you and I are not, then that will destroy all these companies and connections and supply chains, leaving us completely dependent.
We always said, why are we so dependent on China?
China is a ghost town most places.
Their economy is totally in free fall.
How is that going to affect those of us around the world who aren't invested in China, but still everybody else around us is?
It is a giant chain reaction, and that's why the stock market is down 14, almost 15%, 400 points today.
Trump thought by not talking about this, he would create confidence.
It did the opposite.
And Mike Adams is doing a great job there in the ATX.
I am Alex Jones here in D.C.
I am coming back tonight.
The crew is doing a fabulous job.
They're going to stay here for President Trump's statements tomorrow.
So look for all those live feeds at newswars.com and band.video.
And please never forget, sharing those links is a revolutionary act.
That's why five weeks ago, before the coronavirus even got hyped up, we were hit with daily denial of service attacks and other sophisticated attacks trying to break into everything.
And Mike Adams was calling me up saying, we're under unprecedented attack.
He had bizarre fake bankruptcy filings on lawsuits he's not even named in.
In weird Obama circuit courts, Ninth Circuit in San Francisco.
And his own law firms are like, we've never seen this, this is insane.
And it turned out it was happening to thousands of other alternative news sites ahead of whatever was about to happen.
So that made us kind of go, ooh, coronavirus is probably really important because
They're not just hammering InfoWars, it's all Mercola and other respected folks that'll actually do an analysis and tell you what's going on.
And then it just got crazier.
Then four weeks ago, the top university scans and goes, it's closed case, open and shut, man-made.
And then now we're watching Buchanan saying, listen, you're missing an opportunity, Trump.
This exposes open borders.
It exposes being
Relying on communist China and these long supply chains just on time delivery.
And it shows how open borders are bad.
But you've got to get the bulls by the horn, do the right thing, and not let a terrible crisis go to waste to make things better out of the crisis.
Not a Rahm Emanuel, don't let a good crisis go to waste.
Don't let terrible tragedies just break our backs, make us stronger.
That is my philosophy.
So Mike, let's let's next segment get in and you take your time.
I'll try to
Not talk as much.
Lay out how this is a weapon against the nation-state.
And the globalists are even on MSNBC and CNN saying they hope the economy going down hurts Trump, hopes Bolsonaro, and, you know, hurts other people.
But let's briefly talk about supply chain.
I'm going to make an announcement here that's very important.
When I get back to town tonight, I'm going to go into work tomorrow for most of the day, and I'm going to research the information we already have.
But I'm going to double-check it all.
But obviously, I told my Patriot Supply, the biggest food supplier in the country, four weeks ago when this got big, I said, you need to keep buying, spend all the money coming in, going out.
I believe this is huge.
They said, no, we agree.
I also said, I'm going to be honest, I've had a lot of bad experience with other food companies other than you as sponsors and in person, but I am going to reach out because I've got a feeling this is going to be huge.
I'm going to reach out to other ones in case you can't handle it.
They said, fine, we totally get it.
We ordered food from multiple big names.
Never came.
They told us seven days.
One place told us ten days.
Four weeks later.
Never came.
I talked to Matt Redhawk and the folks at MyPatriot.
They did the same thing.
The big top names, the other big talk show hosts have on.
And I'm not here attacking the competition.
This is true.
Scout's Honor.
This is happening.
And it bums me out that there are groups out there that go, well, if we tell you seven to ten days and Jones tells you six weeks now, you'll come to us.
But with us, it's really six weeks.
With them, who the hell knows what's even going on?
This is quality, high quality food at a very reasonable price.
Who delivers, who's high quality, and who is very inexpensive.
I do a nexus point.
You can pay four or five times more and get something that's even better.
There's gourmet stuff out there.
But to the point of super high quality with a good price, it's right.
X marks the spot where those two graphs come together.
So, I told you yesterday, it's five weeks during the show.
They're telling me in the next few days, it could go to six to eight weeks.
I got a call last night.
They said, you got to change the terms of service, six to eight weeks.
And I talked for hours last night, hours this morning.
And they said, look, most stuff, it's still four to five weeks.
But we're going to under-promise, over-deliver, because we don't want to make people angry.
And they said, it's depending on what they order, some things are six to eight weeks.
And it's too complex to list what those are.
So we're now saying six to eight weeks.
As of this morning, it's really five weeks.
You have to understand they've already had to emergency put everything they've got and even leverage more into opening and firing up with already big operating FDA approved systems where they have you inspectors in the plants.
Three, it was an extra one last week.
Now they're firing up three more and they said, unless it's 10 times this or something, they are not going to have to go past six to eight weeks.
Now, but that's real world.
That's real supply chain.
When you're getting 100, 200 times record orders, and you're already positioned for that, and then it overpowers you, and you know people are out there lying everywhere, just saying, oh, yeah, they don't even have food.
They're just taking your money.
And I'm going to expose these groups.
I want them to know because people need storable food.
This type of activity is disgusting.
So I want those groups to know at the end of this.
And like Buchanan says, this may last a month, six months.
As a public service, we're going to expose what the other groups have done because it's wrong and we're not going to let them give legitimate companies a bad name.
But if you want to get your orders in, I would tell you that right now it's five, six weeks.
You say six to eight just to be safe.
It'll never really go past eight unless Armageddon, but that's what's happened and that's what supply chains are like.
That's what real world is like.
Mike Adams?
Well, we have breaking news from the Wall Street Journal today that's relevant to all of this.
According to the WSJ, there's a whistleblower, so I hate that the fact they're using that term because now it makes it political, says that federal employees who monitored the Travis Air Force Base Quarantine Center did not use personal protective equipment appropriately and then afterwards they were not tested for the virus, these employees, and then they left California quarantine sites on commercial air flights all across America.
So, this case that we have in Solano County, this woman who's critically ill, who exposed potentially dozens of hospital frontline workers, I bet you that she's somehow connected to Travis Air Force Base.
I think that Travis Air Force Base is leaking the virus.
In fact, that's what this whistleblower is all about here, going to the WSJ.
Now, some people say this is just an effort to try to hurt Trump.
We have to always consider that possibility.
Maybe it is.
But the virus doesn't play politics.
You better be right about this.
I mean, the virus doesn't care who's in the White House.
The virus just keeps replicating.
And if you don't have protective equipment and you're letting these people fly all over the country, probably right now, Alex,
By my estimation, I can't prove it.
I think there are over 4,000 infections in America right now, and next week we will begin to see labs confirming some of these infections.
I expect to see tens and dozens of confirmations next week, followed by hundreds in the weeks following.
And by the way, Mike, you've been dead on before with the modeling.
How were you able to model what was happening in China, South Korea, Japan?
Because that's turned out to be accurate.
Well, Alex, because I can do math, basically, you know, I understand exponential growth.
And so the average person today, they say, well, this is no big deal because they're looking at a point on a chart.
They're saying, oh, it's only 15 infections.
I see the point and I see the projection based on the R-naught value of where that goes exponentially.
See, I see the whole line, in my mind, when I'm doing the math on this.
Plus, we know they're covering up the real numbers by not having testing.
Which again, it's not only defending Trump, it doesn't blame Trump.
If Deep State covered this up from him, they are to blame.
But I've told Trump, they keep taking shots at you, we never take out the Deep State, they're going to launch another attack.
And at that point, it becomes dereliction of duty.
So Trump is beginning to become responsible.
Doesn't mean we're going to blame him.
We're going to blame those that did it.
But how long do we sit there while he leaves them in place doing this?
I've been asking for months.
What's their next attack?
What's their next attack?
Well, now we know, folks.
This is man-made.
Stay with us.
It is my duty to report to you the best facts I've got just as a human being.
And I've told people this a thousand times, and people can see the track record.
It's impossible for me to sell out.
I want to strangle them.
I'm not a violent person, but I know there's Satanists, I know there's devil worshippers.
And it'd be like if I saw a pit bull attacking a three-year-old kid.
I mean, I want to kill that dog.
Not against dogs in general.
Dogs are good, but that dog is out of control.
And I want to kill it.
And you know what?
I've got the strength to do it.
And I have nightmares about dying.
Not because I'm afraid to die.
I actually want to be with God.
I'm not afraid of dying, but not of working hard enough while I'm alive to protect people.
Because we can do things today that even after we're gone, builds a wall against this evil.
And folks think caring about evil, wanting to fight it, is a weakness.
They think being sociopathic and corporations teach you to be so cutthroat that that's how you get ahead.
Well, not when you destroy the whole civilization.
No, that's not true.
So when I get up here and I talk about this virus, it's because from a gut level, I feel concerned.
We told you 10 years ago, here I am, Mike was a guest then, SARS is overblown, it's a big police state, quarantine drill.
This one's man-made.
And this one has teeth, and they've covered it up, and they've clearly set the U.S.
up to tell Trump it's no problem.
So when it becomes a problem, they can blame him.
And Pat Buchanan is raising the alarm, and many, many others are.
So I kept asking a few months ago, is this whole impeachment thing going to fail?
When it fails, what do they do next?
I even said economic collapse, maybe from a bioweapon, a war.
We're on record saying that, because this is easy to figure out.
And I told Trump,
I said, they're not going to stop, buddy.
And that's why you've got to make a move against the deep state, even though that's dangerous as well.
He just wants to beat them with success and the economy and, you know, have them be exposed as a bunch of idiots.
But they're still dug in, and they're still going to continue to launch attacks.
So I want Mike Adams to get into the trap and the noose that clearly is closed.
Oh, this virus will hurt the economy and get Trump!
I mean, you're like, well, that discredits them.
Except their psychotic viewers buy into that.
They're obviously the villains, hoping the country does bad, hoping a virus is terrible.
Last week they did it a couple of times.
This week they did it again.
And I'm sitting there watching these clips, and I'm like, that's a really smart, beautiful, good-looking woman.
Up there in a fancy TV studio saying she hopes we have a depression.
It's like not even real.
It's just cuckoo.
But she's a slave.
You see, she's being ordered by globalists to do that.
But it's so terroristic, ladies and gentlemen, to go up there and hope the economy to collapse to defeat a political enemy.
That's terrorism.
What does Dr. Evil do?
Give me $24 billion or I will destroy the stock market with my computer program.
I mean, that's what... But that's Dr. Evil in a movie.
That's Spectre in a movie based on real terror organizations and groups, but Hollywood makes a joke about it.
And so, Mike, I want you to walk through this for viewers and listeners right now.
That whatever it is, it's their big move on the economy.
It's their big move on Trump.
And Trump's not perfect, but notice while he was distracted with the Senate trial, they were launching all this worldwide with their response.
And you could see the setup, but I think there's still time for Trump to realize what's happened, come out and repudiate the bureaucrats, fire some people, and do what Pat Buchanan's saying.
Trump needs to cover all bases here, and I don't think it's an if, it's a when he begins to get blamed for this.
It's already started.
Well, all they had to do to set up Trump for this was delay testing for about a month.
And that's exactly what the CDC did.
They sent out test kits in early February that turned out to be faulty.
The reagents were bad.
The kits just did not work.
They produced false positives and false negatives.
And then they promised, oh, we'll send you new kits.
But what wasn't reported, Alex, by the mainstream media is that during this entire time, state labs and local labs were prohibited from conducting their own tests.
So the CDC had ordered them to not conduct tests and the FDA had enforced that.
In fact, I've got a little documentary I might play a minute later on that's up on Band.Video that actually documents all of that.
The CDC was involved in halting the testing.
Now, that allowed the virus to spread.
And remember the flowchart that we showed yesterday, and Kit Daniels covered it in an article on InfoWars.com.
The flowchart specifically prohibited testing of people, or avoided testing of people, who got the transmission in America from another American who had not been to China.
They're showing it on screen right now.
That chart is the cover-up.
It's proof of the cover-up.
They allowed it to spread just like we've seen in California for 11 days.
Now, here's how they're going to spring the trap.
As of last night, the CDC and the FDA just gave approval to dozens of labs across America to begin testing Monday.
So once these tests begin, and this is my prediction, Alex, you can bank on it.
Once these tests begin, we're going to start seeing
So, so, so, there's your headline, expert.
Oh, you can see it.
Italy scenario will begin within the United States within three to four weeks.
The trap is set against Trump.
That's it?
The trap to destroy Trump is confirmed.
But Trump has a very narrow window of opportunity right now to get ahead of this thing.
And Pat Buchanan is right.
And we've been urging Trump to get right with this.
And he's been listening, unfortunately, to Dr. Fauci from the NIH, who I believe is part of the problem here.
And he's put Mike Pence in charge.
Nothing against Mike Pence.
He's a great American.
But he's not an epidemiologist.
So where are the scientists?
Who really know this thing.
You know, even like Michael Savage is an epidemiologist.
He knows more than Mike Pence, just bluntly stated.
I'm not insulting Mike Pence.
That's true.
But Michael Savage knows more than Mike Pence about this virus.
They should put Savage in charge of this.
Oh, that's a great idea.
Hey, Daria, will you literally just tell Savage, hey, Alex wants you on, please, because you've got a degree in this.
We respect you, Dr. Savage.
Get him on.
Yeah, Savage would be, I believe, I can't speak for him, but I believe he would be confirming everything that we are saying.
Because he can also do the math, he knows exactly what's going on.
He's also got a degree, a very rare degree in botany.
Yeah, that's right.
And you know, he's got a science background.
He's a published scientist.
He's a very smart person.
He knows what's going on.
And yet we have a problem we have in America right now, Alex.
Oh, and by the way, I got to mention this.
Confirmed in Mexico as of this morning.
So we've got a confirmed case in Mexico.
But you predicted two weeks ago and you said once that happens, there's no control of that border.
Alex, I was in the control room during the break.
Fox News was running news that you and I reported two weeks ago.
So today's Fox News was InfoWars two weeks ago.
I mean, it's just insane.
We have been so far ahead of the curve on this, and you're right.
I said it's coming to Mexico.
In fact, I can lay it out for you.
People are going to flee Mexico at some point.
They're going to flee the virus.
They're going to go through the open borders.
They're going to run to the sanctuary cities like San Francisco.
You're going to have coronavirus outbreaks in sanctuary cities.
There are giant open-sur-feces-needles incubators.
That's right.
And Nancy Pelosi is not going to be walking around Chinatown anymore very soon because it's going to be all over San Francisco and places like that because they're sanctuary cities.
So it's not hard, really, to predict this.
It's just that there's a psychological barrier in the minds of most people.
They can't fathom this.
And that's why... Well, then let me cut through that barrier.
I know our audience doesn't have that problem, but they're realists.
But it's man-made.
Obama transferred it to China.
Marshall Law is breaking out everywhere.
It's either a globalist takeover hyping it, or it's super deadly.
Either way, they're making a big, tyrannical move.
And then we start looking at the numbers, there is a higher death rate than what they were previously saying.
So when we come back, Mike, let's talk about projecting into the future.
What comes next?
And what should we all be doing?
What should I be doing to protect myself and my family?
So, Mike Adams is about to break down some math about the exponential spread of this virus that clearly is race-specific.
Very sad for Asian folks, but it's still going to kill a lot of white and black people and Hispanics.
But the big global response, what's really behind that, and how bad is it going to get?
He's going to talk about that here in a moment.
It's my duty to report this to you, as Alex Jones, the talk show host, who just tells it like it is.
I just trust in God.
I put the chips on it.
My son wants to do a podcast with me called I'm Not Bragging.
And when I give you the good news of what's going on, I say I'm not bragging.
But I'm not going to say that anymore.
I'm going to say it's my duty to report to you the victories we're having, because it's not patronization when I tell you you did all this.
Many of you have been listening for 20, 25, 26 years.
You could be black, you could be white, you could be Hispanic, you could be old, you could be young, but you spread the word about the broadcast, you stood up for the broadcast, you bought products for the broadcast, you thanked local stations for carrying the broadcast, you did this.
So, I really want to do like a documentary or something, a short one, about the secret of humanity's success or something.
Because I had a vision, and my vision, almost like a field of dreams, just build it and they will come, that, hey, they're pushing globalism and world government and communism and saying America's bad.
I've traveled the world and it's terrible, and America's not perfect, but it's the best house in a bad neighborhood.
And the ideas of it is where we stopped having slaves, and then worldwide they stopped, and where women got empowered.
And so I'm like, we're pretty damn good.
Why is everybody saying we're so bad?
These authoritarians need to discredit America, the idea of the Renaissance, because they can't compete with it.
So long story short, I used to get Nigel Farage on 20 years ago.
And he'd come on anytime I could get him.
I'd have all these Ukippers on almost every week.
They were a little tiny party.
And they went to being a very powerful party, and then Brexit, and you know, the rest of history.
And then
Just splitting up into other nationalists and patriot parties.
And he's been on the show several times and said, no, UKIP took off about 20 years ago, back then he said 15 years ago, it was like five years ago.
Because your show was so big in the UK over the internet that I'd knock on doors when he would, they'd say, oh yeah, I'm for UKIP, I saw it on Alex Jones.
So he said about half of UKIP's support was from us, just because we existed, just because I was on the air, and just because on Alexa ratings we were like number 70 or something in the UK, a bigger percentage listenership than say in the US back then we were like number 500 per website.
And it wasn't that I was that good,
It was that the truth resonated, and I believed freedom and justice and free market and human empowerment and renaissance would be better than globalism and all the anti-human corruption and the pedophilia and all of it.
So I launched an operation at Bilderberg covering it 14 years ago, 15 years ago, called Operation 1776 Worldwide.
And I got it because I saw a Hells Angels sign that said Hells Angels Worldwide.
And I'm not for the Hell's Angels, but I was like, you know, why don't we have 1776 worldwide?
Like you believe in America or you believe in Renaissance, you believe in freedom, you believe in self-defense, you believe in justice, you believe in God, you believe in Jesus.
1776 worldwide.
And you want to help the oppressed?
1776 worldwide.
And I did this organically, just believing in humanity.
And then I do know that the Defense Intelligence Agency about 10 years ago really liked it.
Some other groups kind of helped leverage it and push it.
I wasn't involved in that.
They knew reverse psychology and had left us put out pamphlets saying, do not look at this ideology of Alex Jones, knowing they would actually take the bait.
So I did get help from good elements of the Pentagon I didn't even know about.
But here it is, ladies and gentlemen.
Again, you build it, they will come.
The Pentagon comes.
Everybody comes because they don't want to be globalist, but they want to see leadership and a chance at a future.
You've got to be the change you want to see in the world.
You've got to be that leader.
So I'm there and at CPAC yesterday and this guy walks over and he goes, Hey, would you like to talk to Eduardo Bolsonaro?
That's like the
Yeah, it's him.
He goes, Alex, I tried to get ahold of you for years to have my dad on.
I'm like, I'm sorry, I missed your info.
He goes, that's okay.
He goes, but you inspired us and all of this, and you helped get my dad involved.
We're going to air the interview next hour.
We're going to premiere it at the end of the hour.
Mike Adams has a guest coming up, but here's his card, his personal number, and he's coming on the show.
He's going to get his dad on.
But the point is, is this is real outlaw frequency.
This is real rock and roll.
This is what rock stars wish they were, beating up guitars on stage.
I don't care about getting the son of some foreign leader on, but when it's this guy that got his dad involved in politics, and he's a member of Congress there, and they're kicking ass, and Brazil could be as powerful as the U.S.
with the people and the land they've got, most powerful country in South America, amazing.
This is a big deal, folks.
And the light in his eyes and his crew's eyes was amazing.
And to sit there and have him say, you inspired us, you helped wake us up, you helped build a blueprint of resistance to this tyranny worldwide.
And then to have Nigel Farage saying we did that.
You did that.
God did that by inspiring us, by inspiring me.
I believe I can inspire you.
You inspire others.
And it's a chain reaction.
And we haven't won yet, but man, we should celebrate the power of this.
Mike, I'll host a little bit with you in the next hour.
You're going to do that.
We got your guest coming up, so you better do it now.
The mathematics of this.
But I just wanted to give people the good news.
Is that yeah, my dad's gonna come on.
We're gonna come on.
We would want to talk to you for years.
We love you.
Thank you.
And they were literally his people looking at me like I was like, superhero.
I was looking at them like superheroes.
We're just men that want to be free.
But that's the power of believing in 1776 worldwide, now spreading worldwide, Mike Adams.
Okay, that's amazing information.
Yeah, there is good news that comes out of this.
A lot of things are changing, and if we are wise about this, and if the President is wise about this, he can use this opportunity for great leadership.
Viruses spread, but so do good ideas.
Viruses spread, but so do good ideas.
I know you're tunnel vision on the virus.
You're absolutely right.
The President's got to act.
Give us the numbers.
Alright, watch this Alex.
This is going to blow your mind too.
And overhead shot please.
Alright, here it is.
If this doubles every 2.5 days, which is what we're getting from certain studies, then a 25 day delay in testing by the CDC, that's 10 doublings.
2 to the power of 10 is 1,024, which means that if we had 2 infections at the beginning of this, then now we have 1,024 infections.
So the CDC's delay in this has allowed 2 infections in America to become 1,000 plus infections in America.
This was done on purpose, but that's the power of exponential growth.
And that's incredible.
So the headline is, the takeaway is, CDC intentionally allows at least 1,000 infections.
Well, I mean, that's a thousand infections for every two people who were infected.
So if there, you know, if there were 200 people, you know, then then we have what, 10,000 plus infections.
This, I think right now, conservatively, we have
You know what?
4,000 infections in America, conservatively, right now.
They just haven't been tested yet.
But the power of exponential growth... Actually, I should have said, if it's 200 infections, it might be over 100,000.
Right now.
In America.
I didn't even add the right number of zeros at all.
But look!
This is out of control, and the CDC has done a great disservice to America in setting a trap for Trump.
They prohibited local labs from doing the testing.
And I remember, well, and Governor Newsom now says they don't have enough test kits in California.
Yeah, I've been saying that here on InfoWars for weeks.
And people said, oh, that's a conspiracy theory.
You know, even a caller called into Rush Limbaugh the other day, and Rush said, didn't believe it.
Well, Rush is going to have to apologize to his listeners real soon, because this is real.
These numbers are real.
This thing is exponential, and it's in California.
Well, Mike, we know they covered up the testing.
Is there any other reason they would have done this other than wanting to incubate it?
What are the other plausible reasons?
Well, the CDC gets enormous funding the bigger this emergency becomes and they get to declare medical martial law.
So we're talking about quarantines now.
And guess who's going to be in charge of the quarantines?
The vaccine people inside the government.
And then, oh, look, here's a story today where you've got a
Where is it?
You've got experts now that say that you should be disallowed to fly if you don't have a coronavirus vaccine.
That was on Yahoo News this morning.
But you shouldn't be allowed to even fly.
I've got it here somewhere.
So now they're going to have mandatory vaccines.
You'll be denied access to public transportation and who knows what else because you're not getting the vaccine.
And this vaccine is not even going to be safe because it'll be rushed.
They'll have no quality control and it might be a live virus vaccine like polio.
And those of us that don't take it will be the bad guys, we're told.
Yeah, exactly.
And this gives the CDC the justification to call for the arrest and imprisonment of anti-vaxxers, saying that those individuals are getting people killed when, in fact, it is the bioweapons death science people that Francis Boyle warned us about.
Those are the people that are getting us all killed.
And it's the same people running the vaccine industry.
They're going to get us killed while they claim to be our savior.
That's what's happening, Alex.
All right, Mike Adams.
I'm going to do five more minutes with you.
I know you've got your guests coming up.
My interview with a member of the Brazilian Congress, Mr. Bolsonaro, will be coming up as well in the last segment of the next hour.
We have another special guest.
I'll be back at the ATX tonight.
Stay with us.
Ladies and gentlemen, we are live broadcasting worldwide and Mike Adams is about to take over.
And break down the news.
He's got a special guest joining him as well in the last segment of this hour.
Big interview we're going to premiere here.
Rob Dew is literally in the room next to us.
Just getting the club together and adding a few videos of his father being stabbed, the president of Brazil.
But just incredibly exciting to hear.
You helped inspire the revolution in Brazil.
We watch your show.
You know, my dad loves you.
We already knew that, but like, you're standing there, and this guy's a member of Congress in Brazil, and Brazil's a very important country.
For folks that don't know, in this hemisphere, second only to the United States.
We can say Canada, but Brazil's more important than Canada.
Nothing against Canada.
It's just amazing.
And I want to tell us there's something else, too.
When you spread the word about the live feeds, I say this all the time, but I want you to get it.
The globalists and the oppressive systems think they can beat humanity.
But when your human intelligence, when you spread a link, when you spread an article, when you take action, you spread a naturalnews.com article or an infowars.com article by hand, hanging up on the wall, all of that is powerful and it overrides the AI.
This is the real first big war against human armies in political action against AI robots.
We think of a
We're beyond the highest point of a mountain.
The North Star is above Paramount.
It's the North Star.
More stars in the heaven.
And so, they go low, we go so high that we're not even in the same universes.
Mike Adams, tell them what you've got coming up with your next guest.
Well, look, I've got two great guests coming up.
We've got Dave Hodges joining us here shortly from the Common Sense Show with some unique analysis.
And then we've got James Lyons-Weiler, who is an expert in virology and has been, I think, your guest previously, but he's got new information for us today.
But I just want to say a couple things, Alex.
Number one, you know, I'm humbled and I really appreciate you inviting me to host this week.
When you called me Monday and said, hey, can you host for four days?
And I'm in the middle of this crazy, insane demand and warehouse operation.
I wasn't sure that I could, but we made it work.
And I think this is the most important thing that I can be contributing right now to the InfoWars audience.
So I appreciate being here.
I do the homework on this, Alex.
I make sure I double and triple check everything that I'm doing, just like I'm doing the math.
We're doing the analysis.
We're getting feeds out of Asia.
Folks, if you watch InfoWars, you are weeks ahead of what the mainstream media will report later.
And I want to tell you here,
This weekend, folks, I mean, this weekend you better get your preps ready.
This may be the last weekend before mainstream America starts to wake up and realize that this is happening.
Mike, first thing I'm doing at 8 a.m.
tomorrow is I'm going to the grocery store.
There's a lot of little items you want to add to storable food just for the future.
I'm going to buy a bunch more food.
And then I'm going to go buy more ammo.
It's just gut level.
It's the right thing to do.
It's that box you check off.
Well, and like I said yesterday on your show, there are certain things that can't be found in storable food, such as cooking oil, or butter, or peanut butter, or lard, or other things that add calories.
And folks, you should be thinking about not only order the storable food, which has a very long shelf life, but what can you get locally right now, too, that you can use to augment that food?
You can take a bucket of quinoa, and if you add butter to it, now you've actually got kind of quinoa soup, or an egg,
And some butter.
Now you've got a rich broth, high in protein, high in calories.
That's good survival food, and it's dirt cheap.
You know, it works.
Just get prepared, everybody.
This is probably your last chance.
I'm going to say one more thing when we come back on the other side with Mike Adams in 60 seconds, and then he's going to take over for the next two hours, and then we've got Dr. Nick Begich.
I totally agree.
Can't wait to hear what he has to say of Earth rising in the fourth hour.
Then the War Room, live from CPAC with Owen Schroyer.
Whatever you do, spread the links.
That is the resistance.
You didn't think you could silence the American people, did you?
Mike Adams has taken over.
He's got two huge guests right now.
I'm getting on an airplane in a few hours back to Austin.
Definitely doing live emergency feeds tomorrow.
Owen's going to be here covering President Trump tomorrow at CPAC with Savannah Hernandez.
So much of the other amazing crew.
But I gotta say this.
I got a chance over 20 years ago to get involved in Hollywood.
I got called by Hollywood without asking, and put in major movies by Rick Linklater.
And then, big Hollywood, real Hollywood, because he's a Texan, he's a good guy, tried to get me involved, and I was like, this sucks, this is empty, I don't want this.
I'm not a person that gets into that type of fake status.
But with Nigel Farage that got the UK out of the New World Order,
And the guy's incredible.
They tried to kill him six times.
The police have confirmed, at least twice, in France and England.
Goes on the air and says, you, Infowars, is what let UKIP explode 20 years ago, 15 years ago, and it's how we became a major party.
People listening to you in the UK.
To me, that's not like, ooh, I'm important.
That's like, thank you, God.
We're doing it.
And then, coming up last second of this hour,
Eduardo Bolsonaro, member of Congress, son of the President of Brazil, you know, the Trump of South America.
Brazil is just as important as the U.S., potentially, with the people and the resources they have.
Most powerful country in South Central America.
And it's just doing so good under him.
And to say, my father's inspired by you.
We tried to get on your show.
You know, you helped wake us up to the 1776.
All of it.
He's sitting there telling me this.
And yeah, we'll come to Austin.
My father will come on the show.
I already knew that, but it shows why they want to shut us down.
And so I want to say this again.
It's you, the listeners and viewers, that did this.
Half the time, I'm a train wreck.
Unlistenable, unwatchable.
Everybody knows the spirit is there.
And I want to win, and I'm not a BS-er, and I'm willing to die to tell the truth.
And there are other people who are inspiring.
Who saw what we were doing long before even Trump came along.
They were fighting and running for office, trying to kick the globalists out of their country.
I remember I had different reporters on, even Greg Powell at the BBC on the IMF World Bank plan to bankrupt Brazil.
And I remember we had like newspapers were like, we have a permission to republish the transcript of this interview.
And it was putting all these papers in Brazil.
That was 15 years ago.
But it's that work we did while the globalists ignored us.
It absolutely changed the surface of the planet with nationalists and patriots being elected everywhere.
You, the audience, especially if you were listening 10, 15 years ago, 20 years ago and supported this, you did this.
I know you don't want the credit, but I just want to say I'm on the opposite of a power trip right now.
I'm extremely humbled because
One time they said, oh, this member of Japanese parliament wants to come on your show and talk about the new world order.
I didn't, I was so dumb about Japanese politics.
Africa came on, they go, you know, that's the vice president of Japan, right?
I was like, you said the vice president of Japan?
Cause he was humbling.
Oh, I'm a member of parliament.
Cause they're the guy that the top guy in parliaments, the vice premier.
We've had a huge effect.
The enemy knows that.
I don't think the audience realizes what we've done.
Because you are literally why we're here.
You are InfoWars.
So please, the storable food is out to six weeks or more for delivery, depending on what you order.
Everybody else is sold out.
They're lying to you, taking your orders.
It's disgusting.
InfoWars4.com has it, but it takes five to six to seven weeks, depending on what you order.
Really, it's about five weeks.
They're under-promising, over-delivering.
Get your orders in now.
Because this virus thing, reportedly, is going to peak in the summer, so you still just have time to get your food.
But regardless, get prepared and get ready.
And take
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It helps fund the operation.
It's good for you and your family.
Take your Elderberry.
InfoWarsTore.com, but we've really changed.
Take other things.
History together.
That's why the media demonizes Infowars and attacks us so much, because they know we're really changing the world together.
And the great guests like Mike Adams and Dr. Francis Boyle and Dr. Steve Puccinich and just you, the listeners and callers, this is uncontrolled.
This is real humanity, not getting talking points, but trying to war game it out together.
And that's why it's a symbiotic system.
And I'm just a focal point of this.
I'm very, very humbled.
I'm going to turn the baton over now to Mike Adams of NaturalNews.com.
Thank you, Mike.
Alex, before you go, watch this demonstration.
I brought something here.
I interviewed Dr. Thomas Levy yesterday and he recommended something about combining hydrogen peroxide with iodine in a nebulizer.
And I brought that set up here today just to show you.
It's only just a few seconds.
You take just a standard nebulizer like an essential oil nebulizer.
You take 3% concentration hydrogen peroxide.
Pour a little bit in there.
Take a drop of your iodine like survival shield.
Put a drop in there.
Now you turn that on, what you have is a super oxygenated system that, watch this, that can now, you breathe it in, you're coating your entire upper respiratory tract with a little tiny amount of iodine combined with the pathogen killing potential of hydrogen peroxide.
And I had a sore throat yesterday.
After I did your show, I told your producers, you know, I gotta watch this.
I went home and I did this, and today I feel great, completely symptom-free, overnight.
So this is something super simple that everybody can do, and you can get iodine right now.
That's one thing that's not sold out, and it costs you almost nothing to do this.
So, people, you can do this.
You can take care of your health.
You can protect yourself in many ways, even without a vaccine or without a pharmaceutical.
Just wanted to show you that.
It's pretty cool stuff, Alex.
Listen, I want to do that.
My wife, even here on the road, has a humidifier because it's so dry.
So much garbage.
That just sounds like music to my vibrancules.
I'm going to try that as soon as I get home, Mike.
Yep, well, thanks Alex.
I will take over from here then.
I've got a lot of breaking news, folks.
We've got Dave Hodges coming up from the Common Sense Show.
I want to thank Dave for holding on.
Just a little bit of delay.
We're going to open with Dave in the next segment.
Let me cover a few additional headlines that we've got here for you for the remainder of this segment as I inhale the vapor of hydrogen peroxide and iodine.
I mean, why not?
This is good for your health.
We can all do this.
First of all,
Yes, there is now an argument, a Yahoo News story, I've got it right here, that we've got a law professor, Christopher Robertson, and a professor of medicine, Keith Joyner, saying that people who are not vaccinated against the coronavirus should not be allowed to fly commercial flights.
So these two medical tyrants, you might say, they are assuming that the vaccine doesn't spread the disease.
And of course we know from polio vaccines that use live virus strains that the polio vaccine is the number one cause of polio today.
It's so bad that they have to develop vaccines against the polio caused by other vaccines.
So in other words, vaccine-induced polio is the number one form of polio spreading in the world right now.
But look where this is going.
Already calls for medical martial law in the United States.
And it's going to get worse.
Here's another one.
Of course, Mexico has confirmed its first coronavirus case.
And according to the Epoch Times, which has done excellent coverage of this, dozens of states and local laboratories in the United States will finally have permission to begin testing for the coronavirus next week.
I wanted to ask Dave Hodges about this coming up.
What do you think that means for the number of infections that are likely to be reported starting next week?
Nigeria has confirmed its first case, which is now Sub-Saharan Africa has the virus confirmed.
Bill Gates had previously estimated that this would kill 10 million people in Africa alone if it grows uncontained there.
And by the way, Bill Gates's numbers are very low.
If you actually do the math, it's going to be a lot more than 10 million people if this is not contained.
Two dogs in Japan have reportedly tested positive for the coronavirus.
That indicates it's crossed into the canine species now and it brings in a lot of new concerns about
Pet owners, if this spreads through dogs or if it mutates, crossing back and forth between humans and dogs, what does that mean for any future vaccine or any treatment against this?
What does it mean for pet owners?
What does it mean for people who let their dogs run around with other dogs or dog kennels or dog pounds?
What does this mean?
We don't know all the answers yet, but we'll bring you more information on the other side of this.
Dave Hodges joins us.
With some good new intel.
Stay with us.
Mike Adams here.
We'll be right back.
All right.
Buckle up, folks, because we are about to go into deep down the rabbit hole right now with Dave Hodges from the Common Sense Show.
He'll be joining us in just a minute.
I was handed an update during the break.
Apparently, the MyPatriotSupply company is now saying that some orders will
Take eight weeks to ship.
So just during that first hour when Alex and I were talking, it went from five to six to eight weeks to now eight weeks for some orders.
Not all, but some.
That window of opportunity to get prepared, whether you're talking about storable food or
Even probably, at some point, ammunition is going to be affected.
I don't know what the firearms market is looking like right now.
I don't know if ARs are disappearing off the shelves yet, but that day will come.
Your window of opportunity to get prepared is collapsing by the hour.
That is no exaggeration.
Now here with some really incredible intelligence is Dave Hodges from TheCommonsenseShow.com.
I've known Dave for several years.
I've interviewed him a couple of times.
Like most of us, Dave Hodges is a highly controversial person.
You see, you know, what the mainstream media says about us.
But Dave has incredible sources in Homeland Security and other areas, and he's been on the mark with this coronavirus pandemic from day one.
That's why I invited him on the show to get his take on things.
Dave, welcome to the InfoWars Show.
It's great to have you on.
It's an honor to be with you.
Thanks for having me.
And you're right.
Controversy is kind of our middle name, but I'll say this, Mike.
In the first week of January, you and I were reporting on this, and we were called conspiracy theorists.
And yesterday, I'm out here in California at the 51st State Convention for California with Paul Preston, and yesterday I'm listening to Governor Newsom
And what was a conspiracy theory the first week of January is now a proclamation of the state of California here in the last week.
That's right.
Yeah, what the governor just said yesterday is what we were saying weeks ago, absolutely, that there are no test kits in California.
And by the way, just to explain to the viewers, you're coming to us from a hotel.
This is not your normal studio.
The visual quality is not
Quite as good, but you got good lighting, so it's all good.
But just so people understand, you know, you're in the field right now.
You're covering the, what is it, the 51st state convention?
What do you call it there in California?
New California.
And right now they have 52 of the 58 counties committed to the action.
I believe, from my perspective, that for this to be successful, they're not going to have to have all 58 counties.
There'll be two Californias.
But we're going to have to win back the House of Representatives.
That means eliminate the Democratic majority.
And then under Article 4, Section 3 of the Constitution, following the West Virginia model, they will be able to become a 51st state.
But I will tell you this, Mike, there's another possibility right now, too.
There are $320 billion of debt coming due in April in California.
And my sources tell me well over half of that debt is unaccounted for.
And that means corruption.
And I will tell you this, if they can't pay the pensions,
I think?
Until things are streamlined and brought under control.
And then I think you'll see smooth sailing to the development of the 51st state.
We will have a 51st state and there'll be 26 new Republican representatives.
There'll be two Republican senators and a Republican governor because they're rebelling against a democratic Bolshevik communist style tyranny in the state.
And as a consequence, this is going to happen.
Wow, so many bombshells to cover there.
I didn't even ask you about that yet.
I want your take on the coronavirus.
California monitoring 8,400 people for possible infections.
The governor of California is saying they've run out of test kits or nearly out.
They weren't allowed to even test for the virus.
California's tested essentially zero.
They sent all their cases to Atlanta for the CDC to test.
And now we have confirmed domestic human-to-human transmission, at least one case in California, many more coming.
You're talking about...
You're talking about a phenomenon here that could happen in Oregon, in Washington, in many other states where there is highly corrupt, Democrat-controlled state capitals surrounded by real America.
You know, rural Americans, pro-Second Amendment, pro-Trump, pro-God, you know, those are the people in most of the geographic areas of California, and yet they are ruled over by this corrupt cabal of criminals who run Sacramento and the big cities.
Is this, but is this a pipe dream or is this a realistic possible progression here to have a 51st state?
I think the whole thing, as I said, is contingent upon winning back the House of Representatives and the introduction of this coronavirus and the manner it's happening.
As you notice, they're already blaming Trump and the Republicans.
Bloomberg already has a commercial blaming Trump for the coronavirus.
Goldman Sachs says, watch out for your stock investments.
Trump's inaction and complacency has led to the problem in the stock market.
And of course, Pelosi has been very public along the same lines with her criticism.
So they're making it an election issue.
And I think depending on how the president handles it, postures it, I think that this could be a real deciding factor going into November.
Well, you see, the open borders policy that the Democrats support should really be blamed for where this pandemic goes if we start to get cross-country infections.
I know you're well aware of this, I've talked about it before, but Mexico now confirmed with the coronavirus.
Brazil confirmed.
This is in Central and South America.
It's going to spread uncontrolled.
The R-naught value is incredibly high.
The number of cases will double about every
Maybe 2.5, 3.5 days, maybe 6 days.
We don't know exactly, but it's doubling and doubling and doubling.
So eventually there are going to be people infected crossing the border.
We already have very poor controls over testing anybody for diseases.
These people are going to go into sanctuary cities.
We're going to see cities like San Francisco, I believe, overrun with coronavirus-infected illegal aliens.
How would that, what does that do to the election in November, in your view, Dave Hodges?
Well, I think it just depends how it gets spun.
But, you know, the mainstream media is going to make it a Trump problem, no question about it.
And I think that Trump will, if he realizes that this is going to bring down the economy for any length of time, he'll take extraordinary measures to protect the economy, which will mean extreme quarantines.
And let me just say this, too.
I predicted this three weeks ago.
Well, I'm getting increasing reports from Border Patrol and DHS
That they are arresting Chinese nationals at the borders.
So the infiltration of what I like to call these infectons has already begun to happen, Mike.
And you raised a really good point in the last segment when I was listening to you talk about this with Alex.
You talked about motivations.
Let me get into one big motivation.
Alright, 45 seconds.
You said, what'll happen when the reporting starts to happen with these new test kits across America?
I look for extreme delays.
Because until I believe it's May as reported in by the World Bank.
They have about $500 million in funding and we can get to this afterwards.
There's a bet against declaring a pandemic.
Okay, all right.
We're interviewing Dave Hodges here from the Common Sense Show.
This is Mike Adams on the Alex Jones Show.
We've got big questions coming up and some bombshell information we haven't even got to yet after this short break.
Stay with us.
This thing is going global.
It will not be contained and it's spreading in California.
We'll be right back.
So here's what's extraordinary.
Most people don't even realize this, but the number of confirmed infections outside of China has already hit 5,000.
And, you know, a week ago that was, or 10 days ago, that was like, what, 500 or something?
I don't know the exact number, but today it's over 5,000.
And for the first time, the number of infections outside of China on a day-to-day basis is larger than the number of infections reported by China day-to-day.
Which means we know China's lying about this, of course.
The WHO is lying.
But those lies are actually becoming less and less relevant to the big picture because there are nations that are telling the truth, like South Korea, for example.
And Italy, probably.
But even the nations that are trying to tell the truth can't test everybody.
So the number of infections they're reporting are only a fraction of the number of infections that exist, especially given the long incubation period where people have no symptoms.
So how do you even know who to test when you have sustained human-to-human transmission in your country?
You don't have people who even travel to China.
How do you test them all?
You can't.
So remember folks, the number of infections reported is a fraction of the number of infections that exist.
Now we've got Dave Hodges here from TheCommonsenseShow.com just for this segment.
We've got a special report coming up next segment.
Alex Jones interviews the son of the President of Brazil and the son's name is Eduardo Bolsonaro.
And that's a bombshell interview.
I can't wait to see it.
But Dave, you've got, I don't know if
I know you're aware of some things that you haven't yet made public, but, and I'm not going to spill the beans here, but something you told me yesterday, is that something that you could make public about quarantine personnel, or is that, can we not go there yet?
Elaborate a little bit more, because I'm not quite sure what you're referring to.
Yeah, sure you're not, Dave.
That's funny.
I'm going to answer anything you want because it's time to put all the cards on the table.
I'm talking about the personnel that are going to work in the quarantine centers and the numbers that are exploding of those personnel, federal personnel, which means, by inference, the number of people in quarantine is huge.
You've got some intel on that.
We've got quarantine centers already set up.
And it's nice how you can have dual-use facilities such as, you know, what we call FEMA camps.
And I first reported on this five and a half years ago in October of 2014.
And I wrote a piece and I introduced a document that was inked between HHS, Human Health Services, and the United Nations called EFS Number 8.
And incidentally, Mike, it's really interesting, in the President's briefing,
We're good to go.
All the former executive orders from Obama and George W. Bush, where you much have a sniffle, a sneeze, they can grab you off the street and send you to one of these camps.
And here's what's frightening about the camps.
There's two elements here that I want to make sure that I cover.
Number one, you're not leaving that camp.
They have 17 organizations associated with these medical martial law FEMA camps.
And in them, they have not one medical treatment group.
The closest they come is the Red Cross, which delivers supplies that does not provide medical treatment.
Everything else is intelligence or law enforcement agencies like the FBI.
So they're not hospitals.
This is the same situation.
They're not hospitals.
They're basically just quarantine death camps.
Yeah, they're hospices for the public.
And the other thing that we know is from FM 39.4 and Doug Hagman and I both broke this about six years ago.
But under this, it's basically the Army Field Manual for the maintenance
I think?
I think so.
So basically, if you go to one of these camps, you're dead.
So they have an expansion of incinerators.
Dave, I know you've got a lot more to say.
Look, we have a special report from Alex, an interview coming up for the next segment.
Can you stay over that segment and join us for five minutes at the top of the next hour or two?
Sure, I'd be happy to.
Okay, then go ahead and continue.
Don't let me interrupt you.
You get a lot of intel.
Go ahead.
Okay, so I want to make sure people understand that what I'm saying here is not wild-eyed conspiracy theory.
EFS number 8.
It's a PDF.
You can still access it online as of last week.
The other thing that we know, Mike, is that you got FM 39.4 and it's been published probably in 10,000 locations at this point.
So there's documentation for what you're saying.
The other thing I was starting to talk about as we went into the last break and I wanted to finish this thought.
You made a really astute statement, you and Alex both did, about, you know, we now have more testing and what are they going to do with the results?
We want to ask Dave about this when he comes on.
Well, in the publication MarketWatch on February 21st, they identify a $445 million bond fund, both Class A and Class B, and it's basically insurance against pandemics.
Now, here's the interesting thing.
If no pandemic is declared, the people that have bought insurance, presumably the medical facilities of nation states, they get money back.
There's another group that if the money's paid out, they get 7%.
So there's like competition for the same pool of money for a declared pandemic.
One side wants it, one side doesn't.
So you think this is why the WHO is refraining from using the word pandemic?
Yes, exactly.
Because the due date for these bonds, there's two classifications here.
One is the $320 million fund that comes due in July of this year.
And I think that what we're going to see is underreporting.
And this is why I think the president's taking the position he's taking, especially too, because he's also protecting the economy from, you know, the fears of a downturn with health and and all, you know, basically the BDI stopping.
That's probably another topic for another day.
But in reality, Mike, what we're looking at here is money is driving the reporting.
That's what I'm saying.
And then people can access this report online.
By just typing in MarketWatch and go to February 21st for that article.
Not only do we have then people invested in both sides of the outcome here, but also just on the economic supply side, we've seen there's a glut of oil now because China is not using as much energy.
We've seen copper prices plummet because China's not using as much copper, which is a common ingredient in semiconductors.
We are seeing a glut of a lot of the supply side and then extreme scarcity in products that are normally produced from these inputs of energy and minerals and so on.
How would you describe this supply chain crisis that now emerges?
We're just beginning to see it.
It's going to get a lot worse.
What are your thoughts on the economic consequences?
Mike, that's a really good question.
And I think without even considering the fact that this virus could indeed go pandemic or has gone pandemic, even without that variable, what we are looking at now is because it's hit China so hard, and China is the number two economy in the world, you can't help it, it's going to have a bad effect.
And I'll just point to one statistic, and then I'll talk about the offshoot.
The statistic is, is that three times now in the past two weeks, the Baltic Dry Index, which measures the volume of global trade,
That's great.
And they produce most of our medications.
We're going to have real trouble.
What is it 95, 97% of all antibiotics come out of China?
We're going to see these spot shortages and I'm encouraging everyone right now hearing my voice to contact their medical professionals and ask if their medicine is going to be available and ask for how they can validate that information.
Okay, Dave, stay with us.
We've got to go to break.
On the other side of this break, we've got the interview between Alex Jones and Eduardo Bolsonaro, the son of the president of Brazil, who is a big fan of not only Trump, but of Alex Jones and this program.
And then we'll be back with Dave on the other side of that.
So stay with us.
There's a lot still coming up here today.
Bombshell after bombshell.
You're watching the Alex Jones Show.
Mike Adams filling in.
Stay with us.
We'll be right back.
He's coming right behind you.
Sir, God bless you.
Thanks for giving us a few minutes.
No, no, no.
Thank you.
Thank you.
We really appreciate it.
Here, let's give you a little background.
Let's do it this way.
Well, here we are with the son of the Brazilian president, who's a real maverick.
Really, second only to Trump, promoting nationalism, God, family, country.
And of course, they tried to murder him, they stabbed him, but he's won the presidency, and he's really caused a rebirth in Brazil.
And his son is here at CPAC.
This is really a great, epic moment.
We're so blessed to talk to you, sir.
I say thank you for the opportunity, Alex.
Big fan of you.
You don't even know.
But a couple of years ago, I sent an email for you, trying to be the Infowars guy in Brazil.
Well, we wish we'd have got that email.
We're small.
We're small.
You're great.
No, no, no.
You're great.
So tell us about the relationship between Trump, Infowars, and just the ideas in Brazil and what was already there.
What your father stands for and the fights he's been through.
People need to know he's a champion.
A lion with hyenas around him.
Yeah, we are, for sure, we are together, not only on trade, but also in the future issue, fighting against all of those globalists that are trying to bring to our countries a universal kind of government.
So it's what is happening by the United Nations, by the European Union, as you can see in the Brexit, and now we are reacting.
We are showing to the people that we, conservatives, we that want to have a family and all of that, that we have a voice.
We have a voice with Trump, we have a voice with Jay Bolsonaro, and we have the most tolerant guys.
I mean, when you talk about the staff that my father got attacked during the election period, election time,
Much of the press, they don't say that this step was made by a former member of the Socialism and Liberty Party in Brazil.
So, extreme left.
They don't even use extreme left.
They don't use extreme right.
Or far, far, far right.
So, we are the best guys to keep Brazil going on the way of the freedom and of the prosperity.
And thanks God, we are in a very good situation.
Let's speak to that.
Bernie Sanders campaign people all over the text saying they want to put people in camps.
They want to kill everybody.
That's what communists do.
Your father was almost killed by a socialist, by a communist.
And when they attack, when they shoot members of Congress like Scalise, they will not say anything.
These people are violent.
Yes, they're really violent.
And they really support each other.
Like, it's crazy how they don't talk a lot about it.
But if we say something that they can see, that they can get a word, and tell that, you know, this guy, he wants a dictatorship in Brazil, which is a real lie.
What would you call this global wave of nationalism, of reconnecting with God and family?
What would you call this wave?
Because it's getting stronger, as you said, with Brexit and everything else that's happening.
How far do you think this will go and how will the forces of globalism strike back?
It's very hard.
If you take a look in Chile, you are seeing how the leftists are trying to fight back against Minera.
In Brazil, it's not happening now.
And the best thing to fight against it is cutting their money.
If you cut their money, they are very smart.
I think?
Look to Brazil, look to Venezuela where they're going.
And don't think that this is something far away from your reality.
Because during the 90s, if you talk to any Venezuelan that Venezuela would have a dictatorship in this way that they are having with Maduro, no one would believe in that.
So, please, vote for Trump.
In closing, any other points you'd like to make?
I just want to speak about the fact that communism never works, except for the establishment.
And if you turn into the news about Trump or your father, it's nothing but negative.
But when you see nothing but negative, you know that person's good.
And I think people finally, at least a large portion of people, a majority, now get like, when all I see is negative, someone must be good.
And I don't know how the media has lost its power to understand
Uh, is gonna survive now.
They tried to censor us, but that's not working either.
It seems like they're losing on every front, and their whole deep state operations are failing.
What do you think they're gonna do next?
I think they're going- some of them, for sure, they're going to fail.
And I think, like, more and more, uh, channels as InfoWare or other independent channels, they're going to start to- to grow up.
I think this is what's going to happen.
We are in the internet era.
That's why they are crazy trying to control the internet.
I agree.
Any other points just about the epic fight your father's in, President Trump, and what you see in the future?
I see the future prosperity.
We are only in the first year under a Bolsonaro government in Brazil.
And we reduced in 20%, in the first year, we reduced in 20% the number of the murders.
We are not in a recession anymore.
Brazil, we grew up a little bit more than 1% last year and also generates a little bit more than 1 million jobs.
So this is the right way and I think if we keep going we will never go back anymore to a socialism system.
And thanks for your support of Israel too and moving the embassy to Jerusalem.
We are studying that.
Not sure if this year.
If it's up to me, this year we are going to move the embassy to Jerusalem.
But President Bolsonaro said that in the maximum next year
So your father is getting stronger while the globalists are getting weaker?
He's going to do that.
Sure, yes.
This is... You can feel that.
But the people have to know this is a total war.
People need to go directly to what your father and others have to say.
What is the best place to find what he actually says to find out why he's so attacked?
It's his social media.
Forget about the mainstream media.
If you look at the mainstream media in Brazil, it's the same that I say to you that watch CNN.
Don't watch CNN.
No, no, no.
Go read a book.
Get a nice book to do that.
Or, if you want, like, real information, you go to the independent channels or to the... By the way, they're even trying to ban Trump off Twitter now.
I know they talked about trying to restrict your father.
So, the people have been banned.
I know he's... Is your father going to stand up against big tech censorship?
This is an interesting case, like...
We need other channels too.
We are strong in social media.
But you are right, Alex.
We don't know how much longer it will take.
If you see Paul Joseph Watson and all the other guys, especially the small conservative ones that have a channel in the social media, sometimes they just block them.
And that's all.
And no one even knows that.
Well, you're doing a great job.
And tell your dad to keep it up.
He's a real inspiration.
We have people like him all over the world, like Nigel Farage and others.
Thank you.
Thank you so much, sir.
I appreciate it.
All right, folks.
Amazing interview.
That was just a fascinating interview with Eduardo Bolsonaro from Brazil.
There we go.
He's the son of the president of Brazil.
Really cool guy.
That was a great interview.
We really appreciate all the things that Alex is doing to get those interviews and the success of, well, nationalism.
Having faith and pride in your own country and building your country to be strong.
We're now seeing the collapse of globalism because of the situation in China right now and the drawbacks of having supply lines that depend on some communist nation providing your products.
That's not working.
Trump needs to take advantage of this.
We're going to continue with Dave Hodges right now here and also we'll have him in the next segment.
I've got a question for Dave going into this.
President Trump is now reported to be on the verge of invoking the Defense Production Act, which would allow him to essentially order certain manufacturers or to, you could say, aid them, to allow them, perhaps with government funding or loans or what have you, to produce more medical supplies and materials in the United States.
Even though this may be a good move right now, maybe it's necessary, but isn't it interesting that we're starting to see elements of central command-and-control economy now here in the United States.
Is this a good thing or a bad thing, Dave?
Well, I think it's a responsible thing.
I don't have any information that confirms this, but it's kind of interesting.
This is a like, I think it's Section 201, but I stand corrected on that perhaps.
It's Executive Order 13603 that came out of Obama.
That basically said he could take over any business and do anything he wanted with it.
Also, it's a continuity of government provision as well, too.
So the president has the authority to do this legitimately.
And I think it's a good move if he is doing it, particularly in light of the fact that China controls so much of our medication distribution that we could have people with chronic conditions and real trouble here in short order.
So, I would expect this to be true, yes.
But ultimately, if we're going to have products made in America because American workers are paid a lot more than Chinese workers, and America has better environmental regulations, you could say, or companies are more environmentally responsible than Chinese companies, which basically completely ignore all regulations, products made in America will be more expensive than products made in China.
There's no way around it.
So, are Americans willing to pay more?
And also, on the flip side, what's the real cost of chasing the lowest price?
You know, the Walmart China price has put us in this situation where we are right now with supply lines collapsing, shortages coming in pharmaceuticals, in consumer products, in smartphones, and much more.
So, hold on.
We'll answer that in two minutes with Dave Hodges on the other side of this break.
Excuse me.
Mike Adams here with InfoWars.com.
Stay with us.
More answers straight ahead.
It's Mike Adams filling in for Alex Jones, and we've got Dave Hodges for this segment, followed by an interview with James Lyons-Weiler on the other side of this.
Again, just back-to-back bombshell intel today.
I'm going to give Dave a lot of time to talk in this segment.
This is the last segment we're having today, but the question was, what about the supply chain
My great fear here is that no, not in time for the election.
I think what's going to happen with the coronavirus and the economic fallout could be minimized to some degree, but you're talking about a long-term transitional change from manufacturing in China to here.
We're good to go.
It's a bioweapon.
China's complicit in the spreading of this bioweapon.
It facilitates their depopulation aims for their own people.
It really installs them as a global policeman for reasons we don't have to get into.
I'll refer you to the two parts of a three-part article series that I'm writing on The Common Sense Show.
It talks about how do we know the Chinese did it on purpose.
And also, too, I'm going to maintain this.
Alexandra Daly, one of our researchers and I,
Are working on a story that shows that Hunter Biden not only facilitated transfer of F-35 technology to the JICOMS in 2015, but also the delivery of bioweapons.
And we contend this is what was released.
Wait, stop.
Okay, wait, wait.
You just dropped major bombshells.
You just said Hunter Biden facilitated the transfer of F-35 military technology to China as well as biological weapons technology to China.
Is that what you just said?
Because that's, and he just got cut off.
We just lost.
See, look at that.
What an amazing coincidence.
Sensitive question.
Just gone.
But I believe I heard that correctly.
Oh, he's back.
I'm here.
Isn't it interesting that we cut out at that exact moment?
Isn't it, though?
Listen, I'm telling you, the Senate knows what I know.
The day of acquittal, Senators Grassley and Johnson launched inquiries
And Hunter Biden's travels to Ukraine and China.
And here's the kicker.
They wanted to know if it was on Air Force One or Air Force Two.
And that would mean either Obama's complicit or Biden's complicit.
I mean, Biden's complicit, Joe Biden, or both of them.
And I'm maintaining that those bioweapons had to end up in China's hands externally because they did not have the expertise.
And this is from everybody I talked to that knows bioweapons, that they did not have the expertise.
Someone had to give it to them.
Now, another possibility is the Israelis, because in a speech made by Wei Fang last summer, the Defense Minister of China, he talked about the development of race-specific bioweapons to wipe out the United States.
That's a quote.
We published it in July of last summer, and it's possible the Israelis had a hand in it.
I think the Israelis might have worked with them.
I don't see the Israelis plotting against the United States in such a fashion.
Doesn't mean that China couldn't have perverted the use of it.
But I'm telling you, Mike,
We're making a prima facie case here at the Common Sense Show that China was actively complicit in this.
In fact, in this three-part series, we established the fact, one, they're colonizing the world, and we have tons of documentation in the article I wrote.
That's also consistent with Jeff Nyquist and what he has said.
I believe he was interviewed here as well, and we've only got, what, 30 seconds of this segment.
So, Dave, give us your website one more time and where people can find your work.
Well, thanks for having me on, and first of all, congratulations to Alex.
That was a great interview with officials from Brazil.
That was tremendous.
But anyway, TheCommonSenseShow.com, both website and also The Common Sense Show on YouTube, is where people can find us and keep up with us.
You're still on YouTube?
They haven't banned you yet?
Well, wait till they get this interview.
You're gone, buddy.
You're gone from YouTube.
But thanks for joining us today.
We'll be right back with another bombshell interview.
Mike Adams here on The Alex Jones Show.
Dave Hodges will be banned forever after today.
Trust me.
Well, the bombshells just never end here, it seems.
You're watching the Alex Jones Show, and in this segment, I'm joined by James Lyons Weiler from the Institute of Pure and Applied Knowledge, that's IPAKknowledge.org, IPAKknowledge.org.
This is the first time I've interviewed this gentleman.
He came up on my radar with articles about not only aluminum toxicity, but also with the virology, the protein structure, the potential engineering of this coronavirus that is now threatening the world.
And I really enjoy interviewing other scientists because we can get into the technical details and, you know, translate them and everything so everybody can understand.
But this guy, Lyons Weiler,
I don't know how he wants me to refer to him.
This guy's really smart.
He knows his stuff.
And so I'm honored to have him on the show here for the first time.
James, welcome.
Welcome to the show.
It's great to have you on.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Mike, I think we had an opportunity to meet in person one time, but my friends call me Dr. Jack.
So... Dr. Jack, okay.
Thanks for having me.
Well, it's great to have you on.
So, you were one of the first, if not the very first, voice to talk about the bioengineering origins of this particular strain of COVID-19 coronavirus.
Can you take us back to that?
When did you first realize that that was the case?
Well, actually, I stated it as a hypothesis, as a good scientist would, that because I had found
Similarity between a vector technology element called P-Shuttle-SN and the missing, I'm sorry, the inserted, I don't want to say it, the part of the sequence that no scientist could identify.
What had happened was the Chinese published a genomic sequence and they reported there was part of a sequence they couldn't identify.
And then a Greek team analyzed the data and they couldn't identify that part of the RNA sequence of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus.
And so I simply looked at non-viral sequences and I came up with a match to P shuttle SN.
And I thought, hey, that's a reasonable thing to expect that perhaps they were messing around in the lab because they do create recombinant viruses to study the pathogenicity
To study, you know, to create enough protein, to create, you know, antibodies, to study antibodies against it.
So they do these gain-of-function studies, as you know, to try to develop vaccines and so on.
So I thought perhaps what had happened was that there was a laboratory accident from a laboratory-modified
And the similarity to P shuttle SN is in the spike protein area.
But it turns out that after extensive further analysis, and I have a paper that's in peer review right now of this, that uses phylogenetics, which is my area of expertise, I can pretty much rule out that given all the recombinant viruses that we know of that involve the SARS and SARS-like coronavirus spike protein,
That those recombinant viruses are not the most closely related proteins, as far as a spike protein goes, to this novel coronavirus.
Just to put this in layman's terms, what it means, and you can correct me if I'm wrong, but what this means is that this is not a naturally occurring mutation with a lineage that can be traced through other in the wild viruses.
Is that correct?
Actually, ironically, part of the sleuthing that I did was I looked like you guys are looking.
You're looking at which labs have recombinant SARS-like proteins and viruses and so on.
The Chinese published a sequence in 2005 and they put it into the national database.
The University of North Carolina downloaded that sequence and three other sequences.
This particular sequence that I'm talking about was from a bat, okay?
It was from a natural isolate.
And then the Chinese had it, and the UNC team downloaded it and reconstructed a virus from those four viruses, thinking they were all SARS.
And so they accidentally had this, but they didn't know it.
And so the way that I can know that is that there's a very, very diagnostic, if you will,
Characteristic protein motif pattern.
What a protein motif is, is part of the sequence of a protein that has a known or suspected function.
And so I found a signature that's unique to the coronavirus from 2019.
I won't get into the details, but it has a short N-terminal spike domain.
Very unusual.
It has a missing She3 and a KXCL motif and a C-terminal GP41.
Retroviral envelope patterns.
Now, this is just in the spike protein and none of the other coronaviruses have that particular motif pattern.
Not P shuttle SN, not the sequence from the cancer center or the genome center from which P shuttle SN was created in China.
No other coronaviruses have them except for the two sequences.
The one that was downloaded that was published by the Chinese from a natural source.
In 2005, and the one that was downloaded by UNC.
So to my knowledge, as far as I know, this sequence actually comes from a natural source.
We had it in 2005 and 2008, but we didn't know it.
And so I'm trying to get this published.
I hope that the people who are doing the peer review understand that, yeah, there are biological differences with the spike protein, and they're important.
But those biological differences don't automatically
have to involve laboratory origin, and here's why.
My current best hypothesis is that this is a SARS-related virus that exists in the wild, that it's a testable hypothesis still, that we could find it in other coronaviruses isolated from animals.
That's the critical test.
If we go out into the wild and we get the same exact sequence from an independent lab has to do this.
The Chinese labs can't do it.
No one will believe it.
And independently isolate it and then sequence it and then publish that sequence.
If it has this characteristic protein motif pattern in the spike protein, then it came from the wild.
Now, that doesn't mean it wasn't laboratory released.
And, you know, when we, as you know, Mike, when we do recombinant viral research in the lab, we do a massive, massive concentration of tissue
Whether it's animal tissue or in a petri dish or human tissue in a petri dish.
Or animals that are infected with this.
We do a massive concentration of this virus.
I'm sorry, but we've got to translate some of this for the layperson here because your talk is very, very technical.
But what I hear you saying is that these pieces and parts can be harvested from the wild and then reassembled, reengineered together to make a chimera type of virus in the laboratory.
And then that virus could have been accidentally released from this lab.
So it sounds like you're saying that the engineers of this
They may have sourced this from the wild.
It looks like it right now.
And maybe it wasn't the P shuttle vector, SN vector, as you said before, but maybe this was sourced from years ago and then re-engineered.
Is that correct?
Well, the re-engineered part, I don't have evidence that it's been re-engineered.
So I'm saying that I think that it's from the lab, but it was isolated from nature and it was brought forward.
When we grow these viruses in the lab,
The concentration of these viruses to humans are, you know, a billion fold to one that you'll ever get in nature.
It's just an incredible concentration.
So the most likely source is that somebody in the lab got artificially, I'm sorry, accidentally infected or somebody threw something out in the trash and the person removing the trash got infected.
Who knows, right?
The story of the Wuhan seafood market, I don't believe it.
The story that the
The guy was out collecting bats and got scratched in the face, that's possible.
But I think the most likely occurrence, why?
Because there were four other escapes of SARS from the lab in China in the past, right?
So, I don't see any evidence in the data that I look at that necessitates that they were engineered.
But yes, I want your listeners to understand that there are scores of labs that are doing recombinant experiments, gain-of-function experiments on SARS.
And now they're gonna do it on this SARS too.
Okay, Dr. Jack, we gotta go to break.
I'm sorry to interrupt, but very interesting.
Stay with us.
Continue with us on the other side.
Dr. Jack is now telling us that it doesn't look perhaps genetically engineered, but rather sort of found and concentrated and then researched in a lab.
So we'll get more details from Dr. Jack on the other side.
You're watching the Alex Jones Show.
Stay with us.
We continue with Dr. Jack, as he's known.
James Lyons-Weiler from the Institute of Pure and Applied Knowledge, ipacknowledge.org, is the website.
One of the first people to raise the possibility that there was a P shuttle SN vector, kind of a fingerprint of possible genetic engineering of this virus.
Now saying, if I'm reading him correctly, now saying that he believes
That that P shuttle vector is not the best fit, that it may be harvested from the wild, but then studied and replicated and concentrated in a lab, followed by an accidental laboratory release of it.
So, is that an accurate summary, Dr. Jack?
I don't want to misstate anything you've said, but we have to translate this into regular layperson's language, so go ahead.
I deeply appreciate that, Mike.
And yes, that's exactly what I'm saying.
The data that I had that originally pointed to P shuttle SN was done just by noticing that there was a similarity.
And just looking at similarity doesn't tell us the evolutionary relationships.
And so the combination of the kind of diagnostic sleuthing that I did was by looking at the full evolutionary story of the spike proteins, there's no recombinant protein
In any of the databases, from any of the labs, that cluster so closely with this, we can't say that there's an ancestor of what's currently infecting people.
You know, and it certainly doesn't help that Nanjing Military Institute published a bat coronavirus, or the pangolin sequence was published in January.
It's all very suspicious, you know, and if I was China, I would try to put some sequences, any sequence between the Military Institute sequence back coronavirus and, you know, SARS-2.
I would be desperate to put anything between there.
So, you know, I'm not saying that they did, but there was a moment where I thought, hey, perhaps they're actually
The sequences that are being published in January might be falsified data to try to mislead people like me who are going to do the analyses and find these relationships.
I honestly think, given all the data that I have, I can't find any signature whatsoever that the spike protein is related to any that we know of.
Now, there could be other recombinant viruses that we don't know of.
That's the thing about science, right?
But, you know, I don't think Dr. Xi intentionally put this particular spike protein or anybody else put this spike protein.
And I think we got lucky in 2008.
At UNC because had they only downloaded this, we could have had this novel coronavirus in the United States in a lab as a functioning virus.
But they had downloaded three other viruses and calculated what's called the consensus sequence from which they derived.
I don't
And so my question to you is, as a phylogeneticist, what sort of mutations are likely to occur as this adapts to the human host?
Are we likely to see less infectiousness, lower mortality rates, or possible natural mutation gain of function?
What is likely to occur?
So we already know, that's a great question, so we already know that the ACE2 protein that this enters the cell by
When you get infected with SARS-CoV-2, or with SARS... Which means COVID-19.
I just want to be clear to the audience.
SARS-CoV-2 is the same thing as COVID-19.
Yeah, COVID-19 is the disease caused by SARS-CoV-2.
So when I'm talking about the virus, I'll talk about SARS-CoV-2.
When I'm talking about the disease, I'll talk about COVID-19.
But with this particular virus, if you're infected with it, and then you have it for, say, three weeks or so,
And if you're shedding the virus and spreading the virus, the virus that you're spreading in three weeks is completely changed.
It's undergone millions of replications.
So there's mutations just in one body and it's adapting to our own immune system.
Our immune system is trying to fight it off.
It's trying to survive and so on.
And so, you know, it's a race between the evolutionary process within our own body and the adaptive cleverness or creativity of our immune system to see who's going to win.
And so it mutates in every person.
There's no doubt about it.
We know this.
It's a great question.
What should happen if this is not interfered with with a vaccine?
And I don't want to see a vaccine based on a spike protein.
I'll mention why in two seconds.
What should happen is that as it goes through the human population, it should become less lethal over time because the less lethal forms will tend to survive and by not killing their host, but it could
We're good to go.
If we don't take steps to spread ourselves out socially and isolate from each other socially now, by not shaking hands, by not hugging and kissing in public, and if we don't take steps by sanitizing all the public places that we use, it should be, you know, considered impolite not to sanitize.
Like you go at the gym, if you use gym equipment, you're supposed to clean it afterwards.
Everything you touch in public, and I mean condiments, I mean like menus at restaurants,
Everyone should carry around virucidal wipes and collaboratively try to clean our own environment to viruses.
But we've structured society, I'm sorry to interrupt, but we've structured society, especially in the high-density cities, with public transportation, enclosed vessels.
We saw what happened with the Diamond Prince's cruise ship, which became the incubation factory of Asia.
You know, you talk about railways and subway cars and buses and even Uber vehicles, which are shared
Spaces inside an Uber vehicle.
How is anyone going to sanitize these between every use?
It seems impossible.
Well, I mean, if everybody bought virucidal wipes or created their own by just using like a 10% bleach solution and carried them around in a baggie, this is not impossible.
The trick is to get the word out so that everybody understands it's a kind of a it's impolite to use public spaces.
If you touch it, clean it.
And it would be really nice for people to understand if you
If you're sick, then you should self-quarantine and find out if you have coronavirus by talking with a medical professional that can help you.
The reason for this is not that we're going to turn this thing around.
I think it's too late for us to not see a widespread outbreak.
What we need to do is we need to reduce the rate of transmission to the point where we don't have a breakdown of the medical community being overwhelmed by critically ill cases.
If that happens, the mortality rate is going to go through the roof.
Absolute critical point.
You're exactly right.
The first wave of infections in any new nation has good quality health care because there are available hospital beds and hospital staff have not yet been infected.
After that first wave, you see a very sharp spike in mortality rates because basically doctors are infected and they tell people go home and essentially fend for yourself, which means go home and die.
So please hold it for one more segment with you, Dr. Jack.
This is fascinating information.
I want to ask you about the 1918 Spanish flu, which took three waves, three
We'll be back here on the Alex Jones Show.
Stay with us.
Much more straight ahead.
All right, we're back on the Alex Jones Show.
Mike Adams here.
We've got Dr. Jack.
Also, his name is James Lyons Weiler.
He's a scientist who follows the evidence.
That's what I like about him.
He's very smart.
He has theories, but he backs them up with research and data and then adjusts his statements accordingly.
This is the process of science that seems to be lacking today.
Before we get to him, just a couple of quick updates on products.
The InfoWarsStore.com food supply is now up to 8 weeks out.
If you want some of that food, if you order today, it takes 8 weeks for the shipment to happen.
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And as Dr. Jack is listening, I will share my joke from yesterday.
I said the R-naught value of the virus is so high that we're having an R-naught sale on food, which means if you wait, you are not going to get any.
So, it's just bad geek science.
I apologize for that.
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We've got the non-China sources, which is the Hawaii supply line.
So while that supply line lasts, healthrangerstore.com is where you can get that.
Now, going back to Dr. Jack, I asked you before the break about
You know, the Spanish flu.
And was that mutating?
There were three waves, according to history, that swept through the world.
Can you kind of explain, in your view, what was happening then and could that happen now?
Yeah, the origins of the Spanish flu, Kevin Berry did a fantastic, you know, detective search on the origins.
It seems like it may have had a very unusual origin.
And so, you know, it's hard to draw a contrast.
I think it's entirely up to whether or not we're willing and able to change our culture in terms of what we expect
Without getting angry or suspicious of other people, there is no us versus them in this.
The infected are us because of this long asymptomatic period.
It's five to 30 days in this asymptomatic period.
You could be infected.
I could be infected.
Who knows?
So there is no us versus them.
What there is is whether or not we're all willing to pull together to protect ourselves and our family and those around us.
You know, the simple act of
Not shaking hands and not kissing could prevent thousands of infections downstream.
You know, the simple act of self-quarantine, you could be a superhero.
If you're a super spreader and you don't know it, you could be preventing millions of cases of coronavirus by doing the right thing, by self-quarantining for, you know, two or three weeks.
And so we have now a weapon on our side
Which is what we're doing right now.
We're in the information age.
We have the ability to, independent of the fact that the government's not telling us the right things to do, of getting the word out that, you know, making sure that you designate one person.
If you have multiple houses in your household, maybe you want to put all of your family into the largest house and have one person that goes out to do the grocery shopping if the government says you have to quarantine.
Go, but you can go out two or three times a week to grocery shop.
Maybe you should just risk one person who then drops the groceries off.
It's a change in lifestyle.
It's only for a month.
What you're saying makes perfect sense, but I've been seeing news reports all over Asia, out of China.
You know, I've got a staff in Taiwan.
They translate Chinese media.
For me, every night.
And there are people who just blatantly violate all the quarantines.
They're told, self-quarantine.
You know, it's sort of like the first wave is, hey, we're not going to put a gun to your head yet.
So go home, be an intelligent person, be responsible, quarantine yourself.
And then those people, five hours later, are out at a rave club on social media bragging about, hey, I don't have any symptoms.
So then that's when the gunpoint medicine comes in.
That's when the quarantine's coming.
But how, you know, people cannot be trusted to even be responsible in society.
Not everyone, not everyone can.
So I've done some simulations, Mike.
And so the good news is through social isolation, if 60% of the population participates and if we get antivirals, whether they're nutraceuticals or pharmaceuticals into the hands of the people in the towns that have a circulating coronavirus, we can massively, massively turn this curve down.
No, it's not going to happen around the world.
This thing's going to be with us until all the countries wake up to the fact that, you know, it's both isolation and treating antivirals.
You can't do it one way or the other.
The worst case scenario is that we get like 60% quarantine and this thing will last forever and ever and ever with quarantine in place forever.
We can't do that.
So sooner or later, they'll wake up that the $8 billion that the CDC is asking for, maybe got for a SARS coronavirus vaccine,
Really ought to be spent developing and producing antivirals and getting the antivirals into the hands.
I agree with you.
All medical professionals should have been told by the government already, start using prophylactic antivirals and putting masks on when you visit your patients.
Put googly eyes on your mask as you're with kids and make a joke out of it.
Don't scare them.
But, you know, we don't want a spike protein based vaccine and here's why.
The animal studies show that when you develop a spike protein based vaccine for a coronavirus like SARS,
Thank you.
A type that you were vaccinated against, and the virus, as we just talked about a minute ago, has a propensity to mutate very rapidly.
So SARS-CoV-2, when it's circulating two months from now, is not going to be the same thing.
So if they had a vaccine right now, and they came to my house and said, hey, do you want this vaccine?
I'd say, no, thank you.
I'd rather self-quarantine, let it burn through.
By the way, do you have any antivirals?
Because I'd rather have that.
This is a really critical point.
I'm so glad you said this.
So many important things.
So the vaccine, when they did vaccine research on the original SARS coronavirus, it was catastrophic in terms of secondary infections.
And also given the fact that we don't, this is probably going to be rushed, bypassing typical clinical trial protocols.
It means that and possibly the vaccine manufacturers are going to be given legal immunity in order to rush it, then we have some quality control questions.
The second thing that people need to understand mathematically that you just pointed to is if the mortality of this infection is very high,
And it doesn't even have to be 100% effective and we don't have to get the drug to all people.
We need about 60% efficacy or 60% coverage.
I think?
And it's 20 things that you should know that you don't know.
If you scroll up, you'll see the article.
It's things that you don't yet know about the coronavirus.
It has a list of antivirals that are known to work against SARS and MERS.
Why our government says that there's no antivirals that are known to work against this, you talk to the CDC, it's because they don't want that focus out there.
They want to go towards a vaccine.
So they want to turn a blind eye to the risk.
And this is updated and I have a lot of people to thank.
If you have
Antivirals that you know work, send them to me and I'll include them.
Nutraceuticals as well, the things that we know are antiviral but from science and yet the CDC doesn't tell us.
The other thing I want to point out is that if we adopt a new culture of constantly sanitizing public places that we use, we could actually bring about a situation where we put an end to the massive amount of influenza that we see.
And we could make the vaccine for influenza completely redundant.
So in the process, it's ironic, right?
20 seconds?
Yeah, if you don't want to be vaccinated against coronavirus, clean where you go in public.
This is science.
This is not hype.
This is not anti-vaccine baloney.
This is 100%.
How can you shut down an epidemic like this?
Make sure that you don't infect yourself.
All right, we've got to go to break.
But fantastic bombshell interview.
We'll be back.
Well, we have entered the official denial stage of all this by the WHO.
It's incredible.
To this day, the WHO still says there's no evidence of domestic transmission in any country outside of China.
How can they say that when we see it in Italy, we see it in South Korea, we're about to see it starting next week, confirmed cases from the new testing in the United States.
I mean, we're seeing this in Iran.
This has gone global.
It's spreading from country to country, day by day.
It was like more than 30 countries now, and the WHO is still telling us as if we're all just stupid sheeple or something, saying that this isn't spreading in any other country?
This is not a pandemic?
By their own definition of a pandemic, this is a super pandemic.
And yet, they're telling us just utterly... I mean, look, they're just discrediting themselves, okay?
Who believes the WHO anymore when they're basically just parroting Communist China?
Now, in the last segment, we interviewed Dr. James Lyons Weiler, or Dr. Jack, as he prefers to be called.
I think he said something that's just bombshell.
I think this is the answer.
And he's done modeling on this.
He says, if 60% of a given population in a community where there is an outbreak, if 60% self-isolate, and then you combine that with antiviral substances, which could be from pharmaceuticals or could be from natural herbs, superfoods, and so on, if you combine those two,
You basically keep this thing under wraps and you prevent an outbreak from exploding.
I think that's absolutely key.
I mean, I gotta write a story about this.
I gotta cite his interview, his words, and do a story on this myself.
Because what's happening in America is everybody's waiting for a vaccine.
And just today, Dr. Fauci from the NIH said that the vaccine could take up to two years.
So you see all these news reports about, oh, the vaccine is only six weeks away.
Even Trump was kind of touting the vaccine in his speech the other day, his press conference.
He said, oh, I think a vaccine is very close.
It's not close.
When Dr. Fauci is saying it's two years away, and he controls some of the purse springs, or at least purse strings, influences them at the NIH.
So if it's two years away, what do we do in the meantime?
Do you just let this thing spread?
And you just pray?
Or do you take action using the technology and the know-how that we have right now?
And that's what Dr. Jack was referring to.
We can have social changes.
We can isolate.
We can teach people.
We can use antivirals, whether they be from foods, or herbs, or spices, or natural medicines, or pharmaceuticals, if they work.
We could combine these.
We could make them available.
And yet, the answer in America, so far, has been, we're not going to test.
We're going to pretend that this is just like the flu.
We're going to deny, deny, deny, and say it's not spreading in America, even though we're not testing in America.
The CDC's test kits don't work.
It's amazing that America has failed.
Trump said we're in first place, most resilient to an outbreak.
Well, when it comes to test kits, America is in last place.
Absolute last place.
Thank you, CDC, for putting us in this position.
I did the math last hour where two infections can become 1,024 infections in about 25 days because we're not doing any intelligence.
No surveillance, you could say, of the infections, which is the CDC's job.
They're supposed to be testing and they're not testing.
Hopefully that has changed now.
So as of next week, we're going to start seeing labs testing across America.
And Trump needs to get on top of this because we do not want a communist in the White House, Bernie Sanders.
How would a communist deal with a pandemic?
They would just outlaw the virus and then pretend it's not infecting anyone.
Oh, it's illegal to be a virus.
And if you're a virus, you go to the Gulag.
You know what?
The virus doesn't care what you think and what your laws are.
Let's go to the map here.
South Korea, 2,337 confirmed infections.
South Korea is one of the countries that's telling the truth.
And so how is South Korea even detecting 2,300 infections?
Well, it's because South Korea is testing tens of thousands of people, something that the United States has not yet done.
So the U.S.
is way behind South Korea when it comes to testing.
It's incredible.
In fact, we're going to go to a clip here in a minute.
Italy, 655 infections.
Iran now leaping to 388 infections.
There's no question in my mind that Iran probably has over 10,000 infections right now, and they're just playing catch-up there.
Let's go to, if we could, I did a new mini-documentary called, Did the CDC Order U.S.
States to Halt Coronavirus Testing?
Let's just play a minute of that or so.
A minute or two.
I want people to see.
Go to that.
This is going to be on band.video if it's not there already.
Go ahead.
Welcome to this Pandemic.News special report.
This is Mike Adams, the health ranger here, founder of NaturalNews.com and publisher of Pandemic.News.
And when it comes to the coronavirus, there are two groups of people.
People who have been tested for the virus and people who have not been tested.
Now, of course, I know this is common sense, but the official numbers that are reported of how many confirmed cases of the coronavirus have been detected only comes from, obviously, the group of people who have been tested.
But that number does not represent all the people who have not been tested, and the number of people who have not been tested for the virus is, of course, exponentially larger than the people who have been tested.
So when you see official numbers, whether it's from China or the United States, you should note that those official numbers do not represent the actual number of people who are infected.
They only represent those who have been tested.
Now, typically, people who get tested are people who start to show symptoms.
Because before they show symptoms, they're not even aware that they have the virus.
So there's no reason to test them.
All right, I'm going to interrupt myself on this.
I just encourage you to go to Band.Video, that full mini documentary.
It's about nine minutes long, ten minutes.
It'll be up on Band.Video if it's not there already.
I also want to show you another clip.
This is a quarantine enforcement training exercise in China that shows you what China is planning to do to treat their people.
Well, they're already doing this, treating people like dogs.
Check this out.
This video is amazing.
I'll kind of narrate it.
Go ahead.
Alright, they're at a roadblock checkpoint, telling the cars to stop.
For those of you who aren't seeing the video, I'll just narrate it for you.
They're now asking questions of the driver.
They're taking his temperature with an infrared thermometer.
The driver is saying something they don't like.
Here comes a man with a shield, like the SWAT team.
It actually says SWAT.
They're armed.
They're yelling, demanding questions at the driver.
I can't understand this Chinese.
They're talking behind masks, so I have no idea what they're saying here.
The guy's trying to escape.
Oh, sirens.
A van blocking the road.
And they're throwing spikes across the road.
They're demanding that he get out of his car.
He's getting out, taking off his mask.
He says everything's cool.
Oh, they just got him over the head with a dog-catching net.
SWAT team is taking him down.
They put a hood over his head.
They're taking him away.
Screaming more commands behind a riot shield.
Now they're taking away the road spikes.
Problem solved.
And they're spraying some kind of antiviral chemical all over the response team and the vehicle itself.
This is an exercise in China and no doubt, in reality, that person would be thrown in a quarantine center or, I don't know, a cremation body bag for all we know.
And that's it.
That's the exercise.
So China is bragging about its efficiency in running roadside checkpoints and military style.
I mean, they've got rifles there, military response to quarantines and people on the road in China.
Now, the reason I wanted you to see this is because something very similar will be coming to America soon, in my assessment.
There will be quarantines in America.
They won't be this draconian.
But they will be similar in their feel and in what they are trying to accomplish.
This kind of thing is coming to America, I believe, very, very soon.
We need to listen to experts like Dr. Jack.
We need to push antivirals into the hands of the public.
We need to teach people about isolation and self-quarantine.
We need to tell the truth about this virus.
And right now, all we're getting from the mainstream media is lies.
And from the WHO, lies.
And from the CDC, cover-up.
No testing kits.
And even from the President right now, not yet getting a handle on this.
And his presidency is threatened by this.
And we absolutely cannot lose this country to leftists or socialists or communists.
For Trump to stay in power, we need him for another four years to really aggressively drain the swamp and lock up those criminals.
We need Trump to get on top of this situation right now.
And so my urgent message for today, to wrap this up, as the host of the Alex Jones Show, President Trump, please get up to speed.
Please get a handle on this.
Please help us stop this spread across America so that we don't have a situation here like we just saw in China.
It's an urgent time.
We're running out of options.
And next week, we'll start to see more cases in America.
Mark my words.
I'll bring you more updates next week.
Alex Jones is back right here later tonight and over the weekend.
Thanks for tuning in.
It's good to be with you on this Friday afternoon in most of the country.
And welcome back.
Still morning in my part of the world coming from Anchorage, Alaska today.
You know,
Just thinking about all the news, I know the last hour was pretty much on the SARS, excuse me, the virus issue, the Chinese virus issue.
Nobody wants to talk about some of the ramifications of that and some of the things that are being sort of missed in the news.
And I want to mention a couple of things.
Israeli elections coming up, highly controversial.
Leader of that country is in a lot of trouble, I guess, over
Corruption charges and at the same time, you got things heating up with the Palestinians at a time when could turn the tail on an election.
So pay attention to that.
That's coming up this week, too, and not being focused on very much.
Also, the whole Middle Eastern thing is kind of being ignored with virus news taking the forefront.
But pay attention.
Second time in a week.
All right.
Talking about the virus just a little bit, you know, I mentioned in the last week's show that my fiancé and I were back from Thailand on the 9th of February and our observations going into Thailand via Hong Kong and then coming out of Thailand via Hong Kong
And then direct into Seattle from Hong Kong, arriving on February 9th in Seattle.
And there were no questions, no checks, no temperature checks, nothing on the U.S.
But two weeks before, on the 25th of January, all the way into the 27th, transiting Hong Kong and going into Phuket, Thailand, our temperatures were checked.
By infrared cameras first and then people that had elevated temperatures pulled out of line and checked more carefully on the way out on the night.
We were checked individually at three different points in Thailand and Hong Kong, but not checked questioned at all when entering the US.
So I think that's something worthy of note that the third world responded quicker than the US.
So why is that?
Who knows?
The big ramifications coming up that people aren't considering and were alluded to in the last hour were the roll-up on supply chain and this is where the big damage is headed our way because so much of the U.S.
industry is related to China production and China's had a triple whammy as the second largest economy in the world affecting everyone's supply chains worldwide.
You had the debt problem in China, which is out of control, where secondary and tertiary lenders, people borrowing from banks, loaning to others, loaning to others, creating huge bubbles in borrowing in China.
And then that immediately followed by sanctions to rebalance the trade situation.
And then that compounded
No, I'm not.
That's where problems are going to start showing up in supply chains, both directly related to food pricing in China, which is now escalating at unprecedented levels.
And then you look at the Middle East, major droughts on top of that plague and top of that locust.
And so coming back after this hour, I want to get into the end times, what we're seeing in the 21st century.
And welcome back.
Sorry about that video feed.
We lost it on the last segment.
You know, again, looking at sort of the overall picture, supply chain interruptions, food production interruptions, sort of the
Really end times, isn't it?
I mean, if you think about it, what's happening in the Middle East, largely being ignored right now.
But we need to go back, pay attention, take a look at what's actually happening there.
Elections next week in Israel.
You've got big controversies in their leadership right now.
Things breaking down with Palestinians.
You've got Libya and the Turks stepping into that conflict.
You've got Turks being hit by Russians in Syria twice this week.
All right.
I think?
Money and have credit cards and debt escalating around the country.
What you have is at night to rebalance the books to get loan ratios to balance out.
Banks would loan each other money.
Those with, you know, flush reserves could loan the banks with less reserves.
And so they had this overnight lending that generated also a fair amount of revenue streams and passive revenue streams for bankers.
What happened when interest rates dropped and interbank lending became less attractive, the Federal Reserve had to step in.
And so at the year-end, at unprecedented levels, the Federal Reserve stepped in to prop up the markets.
So you saw these markets escalating when all of the earnings reports, all of the things that would normally tell us the markets are unstable, were being ignored.
And everything running sort of
Counter to what you would expect under the circumstances.
So the repo operations are pumping in billions and billions.
The image shows 82 billion for those that can see the screen.
But that was just a few days.
They did almost a half a trillion in December, November, December, going into January.
You know, there's only so much they can do.
And what's happened is they propped up this market, escalated it.
And if you look at the charts and compare the escalation of the market and the quick fall off to 1929, it's a really clean parallel.
Now, granted, we've had the fastest decline in U.S.
history in the last week, continuing even today.
The question is, will central bankers intervene and can they?
I don't think so.
I think systemically it's on the slippery slope.
And my son and I were talking about a month ago, a month and a half ago, before the SARS, excuse me, the coronavirus came into being, and we were talking about the black swan effect, that anything could really trigger a huge slide in the market.
Whether it be the Middle East, or we even talked about a pandemic, and these kinds of factors, and that's exactly what we have now.
And now any other third factor, and I think we'll see, you'll see a second factor kick in and then a tertiary, a third factor.
The second factor probably won't have anything to do
With this virus, it'll have to do with other things going on as people are ignoring the main other news feeds that are really relevant in the world right now.
We got World War Three about to break.
I was saying just before the break, you got locusts in North Africa going into the Middle East and they're trying to secure the Chinese border, right?
I mean, in terms of what might come into that part of the world, but
Think about food security, food production, again, as a major issue affecting major parts of North Africa and the world, East Africa.
This is going to have a huge impact on areas that are already depressed, already have gone through a lot.
And again, it's just one of those things happening on the planet, largely being ignored in the mainstream media today.
You know, you don't hear anything about Trump anymore, I guess, because he can't be blamed for locusts or the plague at the moment.
But, you know, that's kind of interesting is how quickly we go from newsfeed to newsfeed.
And then the relevance of these gets lost.
And actually, their importance is kind of scuttled aside.
And you wonder, was it important?
I mean, is it really important?
Are these the issues of the day?
And what I would say in all of this is remain calm, you know?
I mean, take precautions, do the things that you do to prepare, whether you live in the north and remote locations like we do here in Alaska, you kind of prepare, right?
Because you're not on the grid.
If you follow what's going on in
Hawaii, because they're also in an isolated scenario like Alaska, you're kind of removed from the rest of the country.
People are stocking up on certain things because it makes sense to do that.
Not in a crazy way, but in a sensible way because we can't trust the mainstream media to report accurately the news, unfortunately, and these are the times when we need it.
I remember in kindergarten doing the play with my kindergarten class called Never Cry Wolf.
You remember that play?
It's where the kid would thought it was funny and he would cry wolf, wolf and his parents in the village would come running and then nothing would be there.
The kid thought it was so funny and he kept doing it and then eventually the village quit coming and then one day a real wolf showed up and the kid was devoured, you know?
So the mainstream media has cried wolf on so many things we don't know when to trust them anymore.
And that's the sad state of affairs.
So we generally don't trust them.
The alternative medias, this program, this show, Alex Jones's entire network,
Uh, has been historically for now 25 years providing the leading edge news.
And that's why we need to support the network now in the two minute midnight scenario, because it's not over until the last breath is taken.
And there's a lot left to do.
So let's think about this from this perspective.
We've got elections that are gonna come up in the fall.
We've got an economy that's crashing.
We've got people's savings being wiped out and no end in sight to the slippery slope.
And what will be blamed is the virus.
What will be forgotten is all the underlying rot that existed in the system that now gets the elites and the bankers off the hook and gives them something to blame Trump for, the economic downtrend.
But you can't have it both ways.
Either it's the virus or it's not, but let's see.
You know, in this weekend, I would expect if this thing is really going to go badly in the U.S., you're going to start to see the reports in various places across the country.
That'll show up over the weekend if it's really going to index up because there's been too much traffic.
Now, what I also noticed
When I was traveling in Thailand in early February was the lack of Chinese and my business partner there noted that normally it's like full of Chinese because it was Chinese New Year in Phuket on the 30th of January and it was pretty much empty.
10% of the normal people showed up according to those that attend those events regularly and that's a big
So Chinese weren't traveling by then.
They were already shutting that down.
You remember just before this broke, China, Hong Kong was rioting about to totally shift gears.
This is what the Chinese government is most worried about today.
It's not about proper reporting on the extent of the virus, but
I think so.
But you see on the news feeds how they're treating people there.
This is going to happen in the West because it'll be for your safety and for your security that civil liberties disappear in the middle of this panic.
So don't panic.
We'll be right back after these brief messages.
Take heart.
This is Dr. Nick Fink.
And welcome back.
It's always good to be here on a Friday afternoon and having time to talk about some of the things in the news, you know, from a little bit different angles, you know, and thinking again about
Bit of the panic party going on, because it is.
I mean, there's a lot going on in the world that we're paying attention.
At the same time, you know, it's a time to be calm, to think about what we're seeing, and to act accordingly and act deliberately.
You know, when we look at sort of the acceleration of what's happened, we've never seen it drop quite so rapidly as what we saw in this week.
And even last Friday going into the week as things started to slide.
And what I would say is we still have a lot to go.
The weekend's going to tell us a lot.
I think we're going to see this thing continue to accelerate.
The impact economically is yet to be seen, and I think that's going to roll up in the
A lead up to this, which was sanctions.
People realize your supply chains were vulnerable.
Maybe they should diversify them a little bit.
This is pushing that question over the edge.
The thing is, you can't do it that quick.
You can't just say, OK, tomorrow we're going to go produce something in Vietnam or Thailand or Mexico or back to the US.
It doesn't happen that quick.
It takes time and resources.
And right now, that's not in the mix that anyone can see.
The real solution is, is, you know, question is, and my son raises is, well, we're trying to get back to work, you know, because if they don't, this is a real problem in another month.
This continues another month because
Again, food security and basic security globally, when you look at what's going on, it's pretty shocking.
The other thing that happened that's kind of counterintuitive in the middle of all this is when one would expect gold and silver prices to rise, today they did the opposite.
They dropped dramatically.
Now, what is that signaling?
What is that telling you?
Earlier in the week,
Several billions and billions of dollars in gold was trading hands.
What does that tell us right now?
It tells me that hedge funds or large funds that were balancing their bets, market against metals and so on, had to start liquidating positions because they bet wrong.
And so things that would normally go up are going down.
And if anyone's followed gold
Exchange traded funds ETFs, they know that they're backed by air, mostly, and not precious metal.
And so if the air comes out of that balloon in the course of all of this,
All right.
Dropping and I think that's exchange-traded funds have got to be impacting that right now.
The other thing I would say relative to the supply chain is you've got companies like Coca-Cola that relies on China for supply chain issuing warnings and even Apple which gets a lot of their bits and pieces from China are acknowledging problems.
This is where it is.
If you follow currencies, currencies tied to China have been dropping.
And in the last two weeks, dramatically.
Take a look at the Brazilian Real against the dollar, and you'll see it slid 10% in about a month and a half since this thing started, and it was already in trouble.
So, think about Japan's economy, which is already in trouble.
You think about places that were already in trouble.
Iran was already in deep trouble.
Now you have more complications heaped on top of that.
This is where things start to break down a bit.
Supply chain-wise will affect us at some point.
How much is built in?
You know, we have what's called just-in-time inventories, which started, you know, 20, 30 years ago as kind of the way to handle it.
Walmart was famous for it.
But the idea of just ordering so that
In the supply chain, you have built in how long it takes to produce something, how long it takes to ship something, some marginal warehousing so you don't have too much time tied up sitting in a warehouse and then on the shelf and onto the consumer.
So shortening the timeline and reducing inventories has been what that has been all about.
As a consequence, backstock of inventory sitting in the right place at the right time are necessarily there.
The other indicator, early indicator, that was alluded to in the last segment is freight volumes.
You know, when you start looking at the freight volumes internationally and the indexes that track this, we're at historic lows several times in the last six or eight weeks.
Historic lows.
In other words, freight is not moving.
So freight's not moving.
Warehouses are quickly being depleted.
Factories are not operating in China right now, and other places are shutting down factories.
Think about South Korea as another major economic engine.
Italy is a major economic engine.
The EU, because of political correctness on steroids there, they won't close borders within the EU.
So what's happening in Italy has already moved.
It's already in the rest of the EU.
It's too late to turn that off.
And so you're going to see, again, this weekend will tell the tale on where you see the clusters of this popping up.
And so, you know, I would say that.
The other thing I would say is watch South Korea for more accurate reporting, because I think they're probably the most accurate right now.
I don't know about Italy.
I don't know about any of the European reporting, but
Korea's, South Korea at least, is where you can at least get some visibility given what's happening there.
And people there react.
I mean, if they handle it incorrectly, people there are going to be in the streets really rapidly, you know.
And I don't think we're far from that in China.
That can create even bigger problems for the Chinese government.
But we'll see.
And here's something else to reflect on within the United States, and I'd given this statistics a few weeks back before all this started, but the average savings in the United States for 58% of the population is less than $1,000 of cash available.
This is important because when you start thinking about how long could you be in the position of Chinese workers right now that are allowed to go to work for the last month, you know, these are big issues that potentially will hit us in the coming weeks.
And that will be challenging for what we decide to do.
And I would say calmly think about
What you can do, and the last hour they were talking about just sanitizing your own environments and having some of the basic ingredients, you know, around to do that.
And be a little hyper-vigilant about it right now.
I think that's a reasonable thing for all of us to do.
We're doing it in my household, thinking about cleanliness in terms of what you're doing.
Good idea anyway.
And then let's see how the news develops in the coming weeks.
This is Dr. Nick Begich.
You can check out my website at earthpulse.com.
earthpulse.com is my site and we're on the Alex Jones Show in this fourth hour on a Friday afternoon.
We'll be right back.
And welcome back.
It's good to be here on this Friday afternoon from my home in Anchorage, Alaska.
Those of you that are traveling quite a bit these days, you might want to think about slowing it down.
Just pay attention to the news feeds and try and discern.
And I think that's a key word right now is discernment, sorting out the fact from the fiction.
And so pay close attention to what you see.
Look at some of the other news feeds and see how these issues are being reported and what's being missed.
Because it always appears that there's, at times of great unrest, there's a lot of distraction to kind of take us off of some of the stories that have occupied our time and attention.
And boy, talk about changing the narrative in a hurry.
They've certainly seen it in the last week to 10 days.
And this is what we've seen way too much of.
And as I was saying before the break,
Never cry wolf, right?
I mean, you cry too many times, people quit paying attention.
And now, because of the rush to news and the lack of news, real news coverage in the mainstream, people are just not paying attention.
And so the reaction is a little bit on stall on some of this.
I started looking at sort of the global economic side of this and everything running counter to what the old rules would tell us.
And so a huge amount of money dumped into the problem to try and solve it to the point where the biggest bubble ever has been created and the air is quickly going out of it, at least at the moment.
And as quickly as it descended, you know, I mean, they could announce some effort towards a cure for this thing and bounce it right back the other direction.
But at the same time, remember the underlying economic factors going into this were not very good.
The other thing that was big news and has kind of been lost in the shuffle is what was happening in the centralization of power and control.
This is another manifestation of it.
Whether this was by design or by default, everyone's paying attention on how do you control over a billion people at a time.
Stop and think about it.
A billion people, you know, an eighth of the population on the planet being pushed around
You know, and seeing how they react to being pushed around on steroids, netted, herded, captured, thrown into a pen.
How's that working out?
And how does that look going forward?
And this is what is also being looked at in the most controlled culture in the world, the Chinese culture.
Today, remember a few weeks ago, Hong Kong was about to disintegrate into riots, chaos, all of a sudden.
The streets are empty and quiet has returned to the land and everyone's being contained and controlled.
Think about facial recognition.
Think about currency as such.
Currency for transmitting disease, you know, another reason to have electronic money, right?
I don't want to pass on the bad news, even though most people don't use cash anymore, but you know, excuses upon excuses for shaving off civil liberties in exchange for safety and security.
When you look across China, as the film clips are showing, it's like empty.
Ghost towns of millions, millions, airports vacant, no one moving, total lockdown.
Think of Japan right now.
All the schools are shut down.
You're going to see more of this, most likely.
But again, it was opportunistic.
The economy was already in deep trouble.
All this did is give everyone an out to blame nature for the problem, as opposed to reckless central bankers crushing the economy.
Now, one of the other things that was happening is a lot of discussion about blockchain currencies, so they could control money supply and handing that off to centralized bankers.
This is the step, you see.
Of digitizing currencies.
A world crisis to re-stabilize the markets could be announced in some fashion by central bankers to try and cure this.
I think we'll see that in the coming days because you're going to want to hear about solutions and people are going to panic in a lot of places because they will.
And this again, the call for calm is to be deliberate in what we're doing.
Be careful.
Don't antagonize the situation, make worse, but be mindful of what's going on around us.
The digital currency.
Questions, you know, how do you bring that about?
Pretty good way to do it, if you stop and think about it.
And certainly, places that are being impacted negatively economically right now, I see it also.
Now, one of the other experiments in the background was money dropping into people's accounts in Hong Kong as a way to stimulate spending and stabilize the economy.
Think about that.
That's that whole thought of
Everybody gets a basic income kind of concept.
You know, they get to test that out.
Well, people aren't working.
See if that can work out.
Except no one's shopping, so that's not stimulating anything for the economy.
And I'm sure the deliveries are slow in these places right now.
And there it is.
Hong Kong is giving every adult resident $1,200.
No strings attached.
It's like a dividend.
You know, a little bonus for breathing.
You know, stop and think about all of this in the context, again, of a broader, bigger picture.
And you see a lot of, again, distraction away from things that are really important.
And again, further division.
You know, all of these things that we're seeing play out are dividing us and tribalizing us to the point of
Fighting over everything.
And I don't want to see that degradation happen.
I don't think it has to.
It's time for leadership to stand up and do the things that are necessary to take our government back, not give it up.
And the Trump administration was going to clean out the swamp.
Don't be distracted.
Make sure we're still progressing on that agenda as we also take steps to contain what is happening here.
But let's not stop the work.
I mean, take a look at what else is happening.
You know, you've got elections in the Carolinas coming up, you've got Super Tuesday coming up.
What's happening there is if Bernie Sanders wins the Democratic nomination, it's going to be a choice between socialism or not.
Really, socialism or not, will be the question for the next election cycle.
That's a big deal and people aren't, you know, that's kind of been sidelined also.
This is a major deal.
Is this what we're going to have in the country?
And what's happened that's allowed this?
You know, I read one of the more recent polls on capitalism and people under 35, 39% a couple years ago, supported capitalism.
As a system, only 39%, which is shocking enough, but it's down to 30% today.
Think about that.
The general belief of the American young person towards capitalism is down to 30%.
That's the right system.
You know, and I would say this, that predatorial capitalism, like what we saw when Russia first freed up, you know, the kind of capitalism that's pretty vicious and the kind that operates by some of the psychopaths running some of the biggest corporations in the world.
In fact, sociopaths, people who don't know how to express normal human emotions, run, they say, as many as two out of five major corporations and hold two out of five major leadership positions.
We're good.
That is not what we are.
And that's driven by fear and a lack of clear self-image about what we are, created in the image of a creator greater than the sum of ourselves.
But we have to step into that.
In the middle of a disaster, when things are falling apart around us, step into who we are, not out of fear and anxiety, but out of strength and confidence, knowing we reflect the very creation that is what is important in the world today.
Step into who we are as created in the image and likeness of God.
This is InfoWars.
And welcome back to this last segment on this Friday afternoon.
I'm sitting in for Alex today.
This is Dr. Nick Begich and I'm coming to you from Alaska.
I want to remind people to check out my website earthpulse.com e-a-r-t-h-p-u-l-s-e earthpulse.com
Thank you so much.
To everyone in the studio that makes it possible for me to do this from Alaska.
It's, you know, technologically, it's great, you know, what we can do now remotely.
And I appreciate everyone that makes this show happen.
Again, you know,
Supporting this network is important.
It's what keeps it going by buying the products, books, videos, supplements, all the things that are promoted here are because they're good and because they work.
And so that's the best way to help.
And then spread the word, you know, let people know, you know, they've shut off so many of our communication channels.
It's person to person, one person at a time, and that's the way things change.
Perhaps it gets us back into conversations, you know, something that's been missing.
Uh, dialogue that's not electronically interfaced.
So, meet each other, um, get together in person, uh, and support each other in all the ways that you can because ultimately, uh, we're not in this alone and no one's getting out alive, you know, at the end of the day.
So, uh,
Let's do it together the best we can and not join the panic party of the left, and let's keep our course straight and stay on the straight and narrow in terms of how we approach each other and the problems that the country and the world faces every day.
You know, the difference is, if you lived in Mumbai, India, what used to be called Bombay, the last 20 years, you'd swear Armageddon had already happened.
Because it's a horrible place if you've ever been there in terms of how people live.
It's just difficult.
Very, very difficult.
But in the West, we're first experiencing, you know, the
First, beginning birth pains of a changed world, and it's painful.
And how that goes down is going to be up to this generation, the ones who are hearing this broadcast scattered around the world today.
Because wherever you are within your sovereign boundaries, taking back
Our governments is critical, and that doesn't mean violence necessarily, although perhaps in some parts of the world it's the only option.
We're watching that play out all over the world.
But where there's still the semblance of democracies and democratic republics like ours, we still have a fighting chance.
And a couple of things I want to say, because I've been a big commentator for 25 years on the technocracy and technology generally.
I want to speak against technology just for a moment.
One particular piece of technology that the Trump administration could engage in executive order today.
And it is to get rid of electronic voting.
Paper ballots only that you have to mark with an ink pen.
The most important fundamental aspect of a democracy is its voting process.
And no matter where you are in the world, get rid of electronic voting all the way around.
Pens, ink,
and paper and recounts are the only way that democracies and democratic republics or whatever form of government you've adopted that includes an election process, you better keep control of the ballot.
Some things should never be automated, should never be mechanized, and if we have to wait a couple of days for the vote count, I'd rather wait a couple of days and know my republic is intact.
An important issue.
Can we do it by executive order?
I'll bet you we can.
Can we insist on cleaning up the election as a bipartisan issue before this election cycle?
At least let's make sure the sanctity of the voting booth is safe, even though the propaganda machines on both sides of this election are in full bloom and full bore.
Let's at least make sure when we go in and we mark our ballots with an ink pen that the vote counts.
And that if we have to recount it, we have a way to do.
Really, really important stuff, ladies and gentlemen.
I would say this also, you know, there's been a lot of attack on the Democratic side of the Electoral College, which is, again, a big part of what's coming up in the fall, is the Electoral College constitutional setup.
And people say, well, it negates the popular vote.
That's correct.
And it's cut both ways.
Sometimes Democrats have won and sometimes Republicans have won without the popular vote.
But what it forces is it forces a balance between rural voters and urban voters, between big states and small states by forcing a discussion and a compromise.
Without this, just by popular vote, New York, California, and Florida will decide most elections and soon Texas as well.
But if you think about the electoral process, what it does is make sure there is a lively, invigorated debate, that it's not mob rule, and that it does work.
And there was a reason our founding fathers adopted this.
One was to keep rural and urban balances, which would be thrown out because the urban populations would dominate election cycles on the presidential level.
This is why we developed the form of government that we have.
We have three branches of government.
Judiciary to keep track of the other two.
The executive to manage the flow and operation of government.
And the legislative split into two branches.
One for population driven advantage and one driven not by population but by a state so that we have a balance between the legislative.
So it's not always about just population.
It's also about balance.
And that's what's made this thing work for over 200 years.
We need to maintain the balance, the constitutional balance that we have right now and start reclaiming lost ground.
Because we've lost ground, our ability to assemble in the public square of the 21st century, which is where we are right now, if we're looking at this electronically.
This is how news is shared, how information is shared.
And news outlets are being chopped off.
Our voices are being chopped off.
Free speech is in danger.
Our right to assemble is in danger.
Our right to free assembly, free religious thinking is in danger.
It's at risk, the foundations of what we are.
And what is driving that risk is fear and anxiety.
And I understand that.
But there's a time to understand what fear and anxiety does.
It shuts down our higher capacities as human beings, our ability to think clearly, our ability to reason, our ability to work our way through our difficulties individually and as a culture or society.
So thinking clearly requires a calmness.
A way of viewing the world so that we can look and find our solutions, which are in front of us.
We're always facing challenging times in this century, the last century and every century to come.
This is no different.
But rise into what we are, take heart and do what we can each individually do.
And that's what changes the world.
And I've said it.
On this program for 25 years.
Now Alex can celebrate 25 years.
A quarter of a century of trying to make change and it's not over until our last breath is taken.
And that's not to say it in a fatalistic way because I am an eternal optimist or I wouldn't do this.
I believe that we're going to overcome the obstacles that we face, that we will emerge out of the circumstances that we face stronger than what we were before.
And I also believe that at these particular times is when we rise into our higher potentials.
And I believe that sits on the horizon today.
New leadership will arise.
New voices will take form.
New ideas will take form and solutions will emerge out of the soup of current despair.
But we have to stay with it.
Support the network.
Support each other.
Do the things we need to do.
This weekend, going into the weekend, let's not have a panic party.
Let's be deliberate.
Think where you're at.
Think things through.
Take a look at what's going on around the world and begin taking deliberate steps that are the right steps for you and your family.
Think about the fact that if you're driven strictly by fear, you're still not seeing the solution.
And the solutions are around us.
But they're not going to be in isolation.
They're not going to be hiding in the bunker.
They're going to be making sure that we have the things that we need going forward.
We have to rethink this thing.
We have to look at the motivations of the mainstream media.
Take a look at whether they're serving their purpose of a free press.
Not free to say whatever you want.
Free to make a difference.
Free to make sure we have an informed electorate, that we might make good decisions, that might guide our country, guide our families, and guide our communities in the 21st century.
We're not done yet.
There's a lot to do.
The current circumstances will come and go, as news feeds and news cycles do.
May change things forever, who knows what events will do that, because they're happening every day somewhere in the world.
This is Dr. Nick Begich.
You're listening to InfoWars.
Support this network.
Support the hosts that are bringing you the news from around the world.
We have a lot to do in the 21st century.
We're all in this together.
You are the tip of the sphere, and thanks for being here this Friday afternoon.
This is Dr. Nick Begich, signing off with InfoWars.com.
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We have a warehouse full of hundreds of thousands of stickers.
20 different stickers.
Impeach the Democrats.
Save the Second Amendment.
Defend the First Amendment.
And it looks like duct tape.
It's just a regular sticker.
You put it over your mouth.
You go to a Trump rally.
And you instantly take over without even disrupting things.
People say, why are you doing this?
What's happening?
Well, you go, well, we're being censored.
You know, Trump won't do anything about it.
And Dr. Pucinich, let me just ask you what you think.
Because I've not launched this yet.
You've taken the very element that they try to repress you with, that silence, and made it into a weapon.
You have the loudest sound of all, silence.
And you know what's most disturbing to people?