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Name: 20200227_Thu_Alex
Air Date: Feb. 27, 2020
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Alex Jones discusses various topics including CPAC event, criminal case involving Judge Amy Berman Jackson, Coronavirus outbreak and its potential impact, promotions for high-quality storable food, DNA Force Plus supplements, products that boost immune system function. Tyler Nixon provides his views on the ongoing Roger Stone trial and the current coronavirus outbreak. Dr Thomas Levy is invited to discuss the benefits of intravenous vitamin C therapy for COVID-19 patients and its potential to help improve cardiovascular health. The importance of staying informed in current times is emphasized, along with natural therapies that can potentially improve immune function against viruses such as Coronavirus. Concerns are raised about the possible shortage of vitamin C due to reliance on Chinese production and the potential dangers of electromagnetic exposure and weakened immune systems. Lastly, the speakers introduce Mark Grennan and his discovery of chlorine dioxide as a solution for various health issues including MRSA.

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From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to this live Thursday edition.
I'm Alex Jones coming to you from Washington, D.C., just a few miles from the area of Maryland, where CPAC is happening with five-hour lines of people attempting to get in to see Vice President Pence that is there right now.
We have multiple reporter groups and other groups that we sponsor inside of the event, posting articles and videos and exclusive interviews to Band.Video, InfoWars.com, NewsWars.com, NationalFile.com, Summit.News, and other great sites that we work with.
And I am going to, in an hour, leave and Mike Adams will fully take over along with
Alan Keyes and others have done an amazing job.
So that's all coming up today.
We have huge coronavirus developments.
Obviously, it's a man-made weapon.
That's admitted.
There's some larger design behind it.
We've pretty much figured that out.
We've been on the very vanguard cutting edge of wargaming it with Dr. Francis Boyle in the interview yesterday.
With Mike Adams.
And Mike Adams, of course, is riding shotgun with us from Austin, Texas.
But I have an infrastructure story I'm going to break when we come back on the other side.
A huge miscarriage of justice, criminal behavior, in my view, unprecedented by this judge, Amy Berman Jackson, and just the brazen attempt of her with the deep state of the corrupt corporate media to try to engage in
Unbelievable criminal activity in public to set the precedent for a total judicial tyranny will also be exposed.
Tyler Nixon is coming up as we speak.
He'll be here, Robert Stone's personal lawyer.
Has a lot of his own personal views on things.
We know that Roger gets persecuted for whatever anyone he's associated with says or does, but Tyler Nixon has been very tough and not back down from threats to the judge.
He is a citizen, is a lawyer, a respected person, is going to give his views on this tyrannous Rex that we're dealing with.
And of course, we went and bullhorned her at point blank range yesterday, exposing her crimes.
So there's so much coming up today.
Also, we're gonna have some clips of General Flynn's son.
Came with a great patriot and war veteran to the event.
We brought him from the Defense Intelligence Agency and we had a very good discussion last night.
We're good to go.
So that's the blackmail, the corruption of Flynn is refusing to lie about the president.
So you've got all these political prisoners on every side.
Mike, I know that you're gonna be taking over an hour.
You're gonna ride shotgun with us, but the minute and a half we have before break, tell us some of what's coming up.
Well, we've got the CDC now warning us about a possible outbreak in Sonoma County, the first case in America that has an unknown origin.
So we may have human-to-human transmission sustained in California right now.
We had, of course, the mayor of San Francisco declare a state of emergency there.
Also, San Diego County declaring a state of emergency.
We've got hundreds of people under self-quarantine after passing through the Atlanta airport and also a flight attendant who served LAX airport with Korean Airlines has also tested positive and she served passengers from Israel as well as Los Angeles and Seoul, South Korea.
So a lot of huge breaking news coming up whenever we've got a chance, Alex, it's just
It's a it's a it's a packed day.
There's so much news breaking on every front.
It's it's an unreal time, but that those are the highlights right there.
Let's get into Corona then for the next two segments because that ties into the news.
I just got that.
I've got to report to people and I don't really take any pleasure in this.
I can tell you for a lot of reasons and I'm going to explain that when we come back on the other side, but
Everybody knows you get straight dealing here.
I'm compulsive about it, so is Mike Adams.
I just can't help it.
We tell you what's really going on.
And that's our superpower, is that we just don't hold back.
And it's the key to everything.
But we're just going to break it all down on the other side.
That's why they want us off air.
We got the fact that this corrupt judge was rigging the jury.
We exposed it.
They called for my arrest.
Well, go to hell.
I'm going to tell the truth, you witch.
Be right back.
Stay with us.
We are live, ladies and gentlemen, and we are broadcasting worldwide.
I am in D.C.
I've not gone to CPAC yet.
We've got crews there and media that we sponsor doing a lot of great interviews, and we'll have some highlights of that for you coming up in the fourth hour today.
We've got Mr. Keyes coming up, former ambassador to the U.N.
from the U.S.
We also have, obviously, Mike Adams, who is captaining the ship from Austin, Texas.
Let's get into it right now.
Again, gut level, back five weeks ago, I was concerned about coronavirus.
Back when they would promote SARS, yeah, it killed some people, another form of pneumonia, but those were hype-driven things just to build up world government, UN power, CDC power.
But we know the globalists have been obsessed with respiratory viruses, but this virus attacks the heart, you name it, it's incredible.
And now we know, since the Indian University and others
Uh, have come out.
It's been confirmed.
This is man-made.
Senator Cotton's come out.
It's man-made.
Mainstream News now goes, okay, it's man-made.
That's why it's so scary.
Does it mutate into something down the road worse?
Because when they engineer these things, they can then have the sequences tested out in primates, in rats, in other creatures.
Remember, this thing does attack bats.
It does attack horses.
It does attack dogs.
And usually you don't have viruses that are across a bunch of different species.
So it is a Chimera.
It's manufactured.
And we know Obama allowed it to be sold in 2015 to the Chicoms.
It was a big scandal.
It was in major journals, like Science and others, that this is insane.
Even then, the scientific community criticized the CDC and Obama for allowing this.
So there's a plan behind this.
Now, I don't think we know the exact plan, but we know it's a plan.
It's like when you look out your window and you see robbers breaking into your garage or, you know, in your neighbor's house.
You don't know exactly what they're going after, but they got crowbars, they're wearing black masks, they're going in the house.
So, I mean, this is artificial, this is an assault, and you've got the globals trying to collapse the economy, and you've got 2020, and you've got all this stuff going on.
This is
The whole thing is synthetic.
That doesn't mean we know exactly what's happening, but Mike Adams has huge breaking news.
But I wanted to hit this first.
We always promote being prepared.
Having firearms, knowing how to use them.
We don't sell firearms.
We promote the fact you should go out, get basic training, and be self-sufficient, and learn how to hunt, and learn how to garden.
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It feels good when we do it.
But we do sell high quality, storable food.
And InfoWars, quite frankly, I've been spending half my time budgeting and cutting costs, and I'm not complaining.
I just rather be on air doing things.
But a good three hours a day, four hours a day, I jack around trying to find money and then trying to fund things.
In the old days, before we were totally deplatformed on a lot of stuff, I never had to worry about money.
Uh, because I would just do enough to get the money and we needed and I was dumb.
I actually didn't try to build up a bunch of money in case problems ever came.
I mean, I built our own infrastructure to get news out and I, and I saved some money, but I started going through that this year and I just prayed and God said, Hey, it's going to be taken care of.
The Lord works in mysterious ways.
We have caught up on a lot of our shortfalls and problems and even had to mortgage my house to keep operating.
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Even though it's, you know, restricted, I'm partners with them, so I get all that stuff.
The government documents, the FEMA, you know, basically demanding their food.
Everything else is sold out.
So here's the development.
And this isn't just about pitching food, because food's about to be gone.
It's about understanding what's really going on in the back end.
And only being in the middle of something like this would you even get that perspective.
So again, the Lord works in mysterious ways again.
But obviously,
I told my Patriot a month ago, I said, what can you handle?
I said, I think it's gonna be really big.
And they said, well, we can handle probably this.
We're not sure we're investing everything we've got to even pay it forward to be able to fund.
And I said, no, I think this is gonna be huge.
I think you should spend everything you have coming in to secure more food, even though the prices are going up for you.
They agreed.
So those are the type of discussions we had.
And I'm just giving you the inside baseball of all of this.
This is a hundred times regular volume plus.
It was a hundred times a few days ago.
Now it's about 200 times, okay?
We tried to order from all these other suppliers just to see what you really get from other names.
Use personal names, things like that.
Four weeks later, no food came in.
Big national talk show hosts are pitching stuff that has Patriot in the name, and it hasn't come in four weeks.
We ordered from other people, didn't come.
People that said seven days.
When we tell you four or five weeks, that's the date when you order it with people bean counting to make sure that's the case.
It upsets me, because people need to have affordable food, that there are other companies and groups out there that are telling people they have food and they don't have it.
So, the good news is we tell the truth.
Here's the bad news.
I have today to tell you that it's now five weeks.
And I had long discussions this morning, over an hour long discussion with different individuals at different levels of this, right down to the folks running the plants.
To get the best idea we have.
Today, it's five weeks.
But they want me to say six to eight weeks, just so people aren't getting pissed.
But understand, the last food company, the biggest food company, is now at hundreds of times their regular order.
And they were having discussions with me about stopping the promotion of food sales next week.
And at a certain point just saying, we're done.
Because people aren't going to take food orders out 10 weeks.
People, we don't want to sit on your money 10 weeks.
And then just all the weirdness that comes with that.
Because we're honest.
So we're having those discussions right now.
It's five weeks right now.
At InfoWarsTore.com, you go right in the queue, first come first serve.
But it's My Patriot Supply is our partner.
They're in our computer.
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And it's helped us.
But we don't want to help ourselves stay on air with something bad like this.
But this is our model.
We're here to be independent.
And we're proud of the fact we were pre-positioned because we're pre-positioned for information war, for physical war, for everything.
We're about being on our hind feet, ready to fight.
That's what we do.
We fight.
So we fight for a good future.
We fight for our children.
We know what we're talking about.
We're ready.
But the fact that the orders are so ultra massive that it's, I was like, is it 100 times?
It's probably more like 150, 200 times.
We just, it's dizzying.
They already turned on a fourth plant.
They're about to turn on a fifth and a sixth with, you know, the federal governments and all these big plants.
I mean, these are the huge 200,000 square foot deals.
We've been there.
We've shown you video.
I mean, this is just insane.
These other companies are fly-by-night.
They don't do that.
They sit on some crap food, sell it, keep your money, and then hope later there's not too many chargebacks or whatever.
We don't do that.
It's five weeks today.
We're expecting to have to put six to eight weeks to be safe.
It's probably more like five or six.
That's just inside baseball starting tomorrow.
And then, if it continues like this, we're looking at having to suspend food sales.
But everybody gets their order in, we'll get your food.
But that's how big this is with the federal government and major corporations four weeks ago basically threatening people.
Well, you know, there may be a national emergency.
We'll just make you sell it to us.
And I'm really working to get people on air to tell you that face-to-face.
So what you're getting is 100% the straight deal of what's going on.
Everybody needs food.
So it's bittersweet.
I'm proud we're selling high quality food.
Elections, globalism, the economy, the bubble.
This is something you need on your checklist to have done.
But for me,
It just is a bummer to know that everybody needs food and that this could really help InfoWars expand and do all these great things while you get prepared at the same time.
But I'm looking down the barrel of, no, we're going to be honest and just say, we just can't handle it.
It's too big.
And, you know, we're not going to open 10 factories to get all this out.
So it's in five weeks right now.
It's really going to be like six weeks the next few days.
So they're saying six to eight weeks to get you a buffer.
Under promise, over delivered, but technically it's going to be six to eight weeks.
I'll be on the phone when I get off today with the CEO and with the owner of MyPatriot to decide what we're going to announce.
We're all in Simpatico right now to make sure that we take care of you because we're all family in this and we want you to get a great deal and feel like we took care of you so you come back again.
We want relationships with you.
We're not Satanists, we're the opposite.
We don't screw people over.
We believe in Jesus Christ and we've been blessed by you and we're all in the
We're good to go.
We have the only storable food company that's got any real food that they actually deliver.
We did a test and I told them, I said, if this gets really bad, I said, you need to buy all the food forward.
That's my advice.
They did that.
That was already what they wanted to do.
They didn't do what I told them.
I just agreed with what they were saying.
But I told them, I said, I'm going to check with other people.
I think it's going to be so bad.
And they said, yeah, everybody else is sold out or it's crap.
We made orders.
It never came.
They lied to us and said seven days with all the companies.
We didn't do that.
We told you up front, 7 to 14 days, and then we had to expand it out.
It's at 5 weeks right now, and that's not a gamble, but they feel nervous about even saying that.
I mean, because we're taking people's money here.
So, we're going to probably say 8 weeks by tomorrow morning.
6 to 8 weeks, just to be safe.
And we have the food.
They've got the food.
It's just, it's not easy to turn on huge factories.
So I'm going to stop right there.
But Mike Adams, why do you think the ordering of food is so seismic right now?
And then let's get into the latest on the coronavirus developments.
Well, Alex, I've got a couple of bombshell things I've been trying to get to you, things that you personally need to absolutely need to know.
Big bombshell points.
But first, to answer your question, the reason is because in Italy, the food supplies were wiped out overnight.
The armed roadblock
Quarantines went into place overnight in Italy, around 10 to 12 towns.
So you can be living in America today, in Michigan, in Denver, in Los Angeles, and you can think everything's fine.
Literally in one day, you can be cut off from your grocery store.
Now, if there are quarantines of entire cities, can UPS
Even deliver to those cities?
I don't even know how that works.
UPS hasn't said anything about it or FedEx or the U.S.
I don't know how that works, but the bottom line is the sooner you get in the queue, the faster you're going to get your food.
And if you're not in the queue now, your window of opportunity is slamming shut so rapidly.
And exactly.
And folks, I'll tell you.
By the time you buy food at the grocery store, it's got a five, six-time markup on it because of the infrastructure, the deliveries, and the insurance, the employees, and the lawsuits, and people falling down saying they broke their back.
But with us, the markup's not there.
You're getting food the cheapest you're going to find it for any decent quality.
I'm not pitching food anymore.
I'm personally just going to tell listeners this.
I am telling you, you need to go to the grocery store and you need to stock up on essentials, even though you're going to be paying five, seven times what you should.
Thank you, Mike.
I would never put them on an airplane right now, but I'm digressing.
You're going to have the next few hours to get into all this.
I know Keys takes over at one o'clock.
You should do the whole next hour by yourself, Mike, because I know this is so critical.
People love Keys.
They need to hear from you, so I'm sorry I have you hosting when I end up taking over.
Wild horses couldn't drag me away, but it just hit me.
This is a martial law global drill, and I think they know the global economy, the models show can't be inflated anymore.
We've already said this, but now I know this is a reset.
This, I think, is going to be used for a planetary
Absolutely, there's a trap being set for Trump.
This is one of the urgent messages I got to share with you.
But first, just to answer your question, you know, as a food scientist myself, I run a food science lab, I do want to mention to people, like what you just said,
You need to go to the grocery store and buy the things that can't be in storable foods, which typically includes a lot of oils.
So you need to stock up on olive oil, peanut butter, even lard can be used to enhance the food.
So when you buy the storable food and you want to stretch it because you didn't buy enough and you have five family members to feed, you can take the chicken flavored rice that you got from Infowars store and you can literally add lard to it.
I'm not even joking.
Add lard to it.
Just a scoop of lard and it boosts it all.
I know, and it sounds like people are like, what are you talking about?
Health Rangers promoting lard.
Hey, I'm also a prepper.
I've got butter, I've got olive oil, I've got lard supplies.
I'm not even kidding.
People need to get raw, storable calories.
That's right!
And peanut butter is a great way to do it, and peanut butter has a limited shelf life.
And, by the way, out of China, the honey supplies are now getting wiped out because all the honey bees are locked down.
I mean, the honey, the beekeepers, excuse me, I guess the honey bees themselves, they don't, they don't... Yeah, they've got drones flying around telling people not to, not to even be outside of the farms.
Which, by the way, there's, why would they tell farmers don't be in a field?
Yeah, yeah.
You're not going to get coronavirus there.
No, but what happens is all these food producers in China, they have to take their food into the cities in order to get processed and then exported.
And that's why you see all the eggs and the milk all back to the front bed.
That's right.
Chicken supplies and meat supplies, they're all just getting just completely devastated.
Mike, let me ask you that question and we're going to come back and get more into this.
Why would China lock down whole cities, killing its economy like this, unless this is super deadly?
None of this makes sense.
People who are saying this is no big deal, they are clueless.
No, no.
China would not sacrifice their economy for a hoax.
This is real.
And we only got... Look, let me get to this, Alex.
This is so crucial.
Yesterday, Trump held that press conference and he said that America is very, very ready for the coronavirus possibilities.
And he said, oh, we're really close to a vaccine.
Well, the person that's whispering in Trump's ear is Dr. Fauci from the NIH, who we now know
Is one of the people who has funneled NIH money into bioweapons research and vaccine research, thanks to Francis Boyle telling us the truth about the death science industry.
So we now have President Trump, just like we said Alex, being, we believe, misinformed by the very same people who caused this problem.
It's their weapon that got loose and now they claim that they're going to be the saviors and they are advising the President.
I think the president has made a crucial mistake and he's being set up for a trap.
The CDC has withheld testing kits.
There have only been 445 tests conducted nationwide from day one.
By the CDC.
That's it. 445.
While South Korea has tested over 28,000 people, China has tested hundreds of thousands.
Other nations are out testing America by factors of 100 to 1.
And Trump says we're ready.
So we know the deep state blocks Trump at every level.
And they're medically blocking him again.
And when it's a huge disaster, they're going to blame Trump.
They're going to blame Trump.
The trap has been set and the CDC testing protocols, this is the other big bombshell, there was a case of human-to-human transmission in Sonoma County confirmed last night.
Even the Washington Post covered it.
That case would normally never have been tested because that person didn't travel from China and was not in close contact with a known confirmed person.
So under CDC guidelines... Mike, Mike, we'll talk more about this when we come back, but I personally am having a lot of anxiety.
And when I was a kid, I ignored it, you know, as an adult, but now I've learned to go with it.
It's always right.
What do you think my big anxiety is about?
Is it the trap against Trump?
Is it the economy?
Or is it the virus is really that deadly?
It's that if the Deep State plan follows as planned, that in November, we will have a President Bernie Sanders, a communist with medical martial law, forced vaccinations, and the criminalization of any anti-vaxxers across America.
Because now the Democrats officially endorse Sanders.
They're going with the commie program.
That's the scenario that they want to achieve.
A communist in the White House, total medical martial law, quarantines, criminalization of people like you and I, Alex.
They want us in prison while they have mandatory communist control over everything.
Mike Adams has cracked the code again.
That's it.
I was thinking about yesterday, reading about Sanders being officially endorsed, how they're lining him up against Trump during a martial law scenario.
They use the fear and hysteria to remove Trump because we're so scared the virus is
We are back live broadcasting worldwide.
And obviously, I say this to fund InfoWars, to promote freedom, to hire more reporters, to defeat the Globals, who want to shut us down.
I sell products I believe in.
But Mike Adams just last week told me, hey, I know you're pitching for herbal food, and that's great.
But what are you personally doing for yourself?
And I said, well, I'm taking the normal supplements.
Get your kids elderberry and, you know, and the rest of it.
So we have a lot of great products like DNA Force Plus back in stock, 40% off.
We have the X2 and X3, the total building block for the whole body to be able to operate, to have that clean, good atomic iodine.
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It's the best you can find out there.
Super strong.
Every time you change the formula, you got to change the name.
So Secret-12 went to Ultra-12, got twice as strong.
Same stuff.
And then, vitamin and mineral fusion, vitamins, minerals, amino acids.
It's simple stuff like that.
We're sold out of the winter sun.
We have ultimate fish oil that's got three different fish oils.
Great source of vitamin D spectrum.
So food is important and a shotgun, bare minimum, to protect you and your family.
The globalists are trying to collapse the economy right now.
They're making their move.
This is their strike back at what Trump and all of us have done and
And so they're going to try to use this to change our mind about politics and accept status control.
That's why Trump's been playing everything down when all these other countries like Italy and others are playing it up.
There, Italy was taken back over by communists.
I'm not saying there isn't real cases.
People aren't dying.
But the statists are using this for control.
So we take it as serious.
We respond.
We get prepared.
But something bigger is here.
And I agree with Mike Adams.
He's aligned the planets here.
This is a move against our economy and against America and against nationalists worldwide.
How do we counter that, Mike Adams?
For a few minutes before I bring in Tyler next.
Well, I do want to mention one thing.
When you talk about the five-week wait time right now on your food supplies, it's important for your customers to know that when they order other things like Vitamineral Fusion, that that's actually fulfilled out of Austin, and those are fulfilled immediately.
So the wait time... I'm so glad I should have... No, that's fulfilled the next day.
We got money exactly.
So the food is coming from a different warehouse, from a different shipper, and the wait time only applies to the food.
I wonder why our sales of vitamins and stuff went down way, because people think we don't have that.
No, no.
We ship out of Austin all of that.
My Patriot is hooked into our computers.
We're partners, and that goes out of Utah and Colorado and other places.
They have factories.
Right, exactly.
And I know this because, of course, I run an entire warehouse operation myself, so I know that your team here in Austin actually does products.
You've got great products, by the way, at naturalnews.com.
You've got great immune-boosting formulas at naturalnews.com.
Well, thank you.
I just want to say, your warehouse is keeping up.
We are not.
We're backlogged, but your warehouses keep it up, so your items are able to ship out right now.
But a big breaking item today is that for the first time, South Korea reported infections have now eclipsed China's numbers.
So this is now way beyond China.
Oh, that's way beyond bombshell.
China's covered it up, South Korea's not.
That's what we now know.
So when a nation actually does the testing and tells the truth, we see explosive exponential growth.
Yeah, exactly.
I want to stop you there.
I want to stop you there.
This is so huge.
We should just pause a moment.
South Korea infections has outpaced China.
We know that's not true.
China's been covering it up.
So now we're getting better reporting from a country that's well known for telling the truth about stuff.
This is bad news.
Thank you, Mike.
I can barely keep up myself, and I've got a whole editorial team like you do.
We can barely keep up.
But listen to this.
Iranian Vice President now confirmed infected.
So this is, and it's killed the Iranian ambassador to the Vatican now.
And this is the man who, five days ago or so, was on video, sweating and obviously very sick, telling everybody that it's all under control, everything is fine.
This is like a science fiction dystopia movie.
I didn't even know this, I'm busy at CPAC.
You're telling me that now government officials are dying?
This shows.
It's got to be very specific because we know the Iranians are mixed in with Asian bloodlines.
Or is it a cover for another bio-attack on Iran?
What the hell?
Well, even when it has greater propensity for certain races, it's still highly dangerous for any race.
So you have a lot of people in Italy getting infected.
You know, white people can get infected.
Europeans can get infected.
It's dangerous to everybody, but the infection rate is higher.
Now, there was someone else... That's what I'm saying.
Why is it so bad in Iran?
Well, the people of that region have more ACE2 receptor sites in their respiratory systems.
Not as much as people in Japan, by the way, or people in China, but more than people from Northern Europe.
But the South China Morning
Post has been covering this as well.
And that, you know, that newspaper is kind of a little bit of a government mouthpiece.
But even they are now admitting that there's an HIV component in the virus.
They call it a mutation.
It's not a mutation.
It was engineered.
And they say that it makes it super infectious now.
So you have even the mainstream media of Asia now confirming what InfoWars reported three weeks ago.
So, you know, once again, the media is catching up to what we were talking about weeks ago or a month ago.
And by the way, Mike, I feel totally sick to my stomach that we've been proven right.
There's no pleasure in any of this.
It's disgusting.
I almost feel guilty that I'm here at CPAC and not home in Austin.
I almost feel guilty I'm on an airplane.
Well, look, I know that you're taking every step to protect yourself because you're traveling, but Atlanta Airport has now, they've said that they have told 200 people who went through Atlanta to self-quarantine.
And I've got a quote somewhere here from the general manager of the Atlanta Airport.
Here it is.
He says, this guy doesn't know what he's talking about.
He says, Atlanta is in good shape.
Even though they've had 200 people put into self-quarantine there, or they're suggesting- No, you can hear them parroting Trump.
Trump thinks he's saving the economy.
I get why he's doing this, but they're setting him up.
You're right.
It's gonna get really bad.
This guy- They're setting Trump up.
His name is John Selden.
He says, quote, nationwide there has been only one person who has come through a U.S.
airport with the virus.
Are you kidding me?
Are you kidding me?
You think that in this nation, we still have flights to Korea, flights to Italy, flights to all these infected countries.
You think there's only been one person come through a U.S.
You have your word, man.
You're going to take over next hour, do the whole next hour, then Keyes will do the third hour.
He's been doing a great job, but this is so important, so I'm just saying, do the next hour.
We have Tyler Nixon here.
People can say, okay, all this big stuff's going on.
We have a judge.
She rigged a jury.
She's been caught.
The government's corrupt.
Big deal.
No, they were beta testing this to roll it out everywhere.
They admit that she's been caught rigging the jury.
Now she's trying to suppress anyone finding out who else is on the jury.
And Trump is right to press on this because it could bring down the whole deep state.
It's bigger than Berman Jackson.
This is about the fake FISA warrants.
It's all about this system.
So Roger Stone's personal lawyer, not the lawyer on the case, but his personal lawyer, Tyler Nixon, is here with us in Washington, D.C.
right now.
And this is a key to bringing down the deep state.
So that's why we're covering it right now in the middle of this.
So give us three minutes to two minutes to break.
Just give us a synopsis.
We'll come back for a few segments of Tyler Nixon.
Well, you know, the current state of things is that Rogers are waiting for a decision from the judge on the motion for a new trial.
Now, she's come out swinging against Tucker Carlson, against the president practically.
I mean, I think this is really the most flailing judicial officer I've ever seen.
And it's because I think she gets that
She's the whole thing's exposed.
I mean, you cannot have a juror with that much bias and call it a fair trial.
And it's not a matter of, well, you know, she didn't explain it away.
Clearly, there was bias before and the juror, if we were to believe the documents, she basically either lied or.
We're not just saying this.
This is like textbook jury rigging.
The judge is in there saying, oh don't worry, she worked for Obama.
By the way, media don't report that.
We have her!
We have her!
This is ridiculous!
Well, the fact that you held a position in an opposite administration doesn't make it better.
All right, stay there.
Let's lay this out.
This could bring down the whole deep state, folks.
I smell blood.
I smell blood of the globalists, politically.
And we are back with Tyler Nixon.
He was ranting during that three-minute break or whatever.
Tyler, you were just nailing it.
Now they have Politico articles with major professors saying, oh, presidents can't pardon when Bill Clinton was pardoning cocaine dealers.
All the rest of it.
This is their full assault on reality.
This is desperation.
Yeah, it shows you how they're willing to basically, this rule of law stuff and truth matters.
That is the biggest bunch of bunk with these people.
They are absolutely situation and context dependent on what side they take of things, whether they agree with the Constitution, whether it's against the Constitution.
And, you know, they are now, I mean, this is not, it's not a major law professor, but it's a law professor, someone who's teaching law students and a Brown University professor as well, says that the impeachment
Because it says the pardon power accepts cases of impeachment, they're trying to read that as saying that he loses the pardon power merely by being impeached.
I mean, that is insanity.
No, because a president can't pardon his own impeachment.
Right, exactly.
But he was not found guilty, and it's not an impeachment case.
It's like Bergman Jackson saying,
Trump is harassing a jury that months ago was done.
We're just exposing the jury's rigged.
Or Roger Stone being gagged after he's been convicted, when the whole premise of it was jury tainted.
Never been done before.
Never, never.
So she's desperate.
Here's the $20 trillion question.
She's trying to suppress the names of the jurors when the Supreme Court says they shall be public.
Not because we want to harass them.
We want to see, well, the last foreman she tried to get worked as the head of a department for Obama.
Her husband worked for the Russia probe.
The next woman's a DNC Brazil minion that ran for high office.
These are operatives.
We want to see the other ones.
Well, no wonder she wants to keep it secret because we know then that whole thing is stacked and packed.
And then when that all comes out, it's bye-bye.
You're going to prison, Ms.
I'd like to, I'm so glad you raised this point.
We do not have secret juries in the United States of America.
That was one of the reasons this country was founded, okay?
A secret jury was also called a star chamber.
You cannot, the public, that's why we have public trials as well.
We don't do things in secret, we don't have secret tribunals, except maybe in the case of like a military tribunal in the midst of an actual hot war.
Other than that, though, the public has a right to know who these jurors are, and also to, for themselves, verify, you know, what they say, such as Ms.
Hart, who said she, you know, she never posted, or she doesn't think she posted anything on social media about Roger or the case, or anything to do with that.
And it turns out, you know, public, Mike Cernovich jumped in there and found out, no, you in fact did, which not only says she's partisan, but she also lied, basically, or tried to conceal.
Stone's conviction proves Trump colluded with Russia.
That's nowhere in there!
This woman is a flame-throwing liar.
They're desperate.
They're losing.
What are they going to do next?
This is bigger than Roger Stone.
It's bigger than Judge LaFraud Jackson.
It's bigger.
It's that they're this crazy and they're attempting to overthrow jurisprudence and checks and balances.
But the checks and balances the founders set up are defeating them.
This is like masterwork of the founders.
It just makes you go, man, who the hell are these guys?
These are like Jedi warlords.
So let's get Mike Adams' take on this.
Mike, you're listening to this.
I mean, we have huge news with coronavirus and the economy and the globalists.
Well the big picture, I believe, is not just
I think?
No, I agree.
So, Mike, I'm asking you.
I respect you.
I know.
They're so reckless.
They're killing every convention, all chivalry.
They think chivalry is wimpy.
No, it's so you don't burn everything down.
So what are you expecting to do next?
I mean, they're just like balls to the walls, zombie attack right now.
Well, look, I don't want to take away from Tyler Nixon's time.
He's the expert in this area, but I want to hear what you think they're going to do.
They're gonna do absolutely everything and kill any number of people or allow millions of people to die through this pandemic.
Anything it takes for them to establish power because they have abandoned the rule of law.
You just said it!
There's no limit to what a psychotic criminal will do, Tyler.
Yeah, look at Pelosi and Sanders already trying to make political hay.
And Chris, even the senator from my former state, Chris Coons, on TV talking about Trump's response to the coronavirus and all that, you know, criticizing and using it as a political issue.
These are nothing these people, life or death, will not use in order to somehow consolidate, gather, grow, or expand their political power and their autocracy.
And people should recognize them as criminal scum and reject them.
We're just done.
Yeah, exactly.
Authority, they only exist in authority because we recognize it.
And that's what Mike's getting to.
The true deep state, the American people, have to act now because the communists are smart.
They're discrediting the system by their own actions to then overthrow it and bring in their system.
This is a real attempt at overthrowing the republic, folks.
So libertarians are like, what are you doing defending the state?
The Republic against Communists?
I back that state.
And, you know, with regard to the Stone thing, I mean, to challenge the pardon power, never in 220, 30 years of this republic has any credible scholar, legal or otherwise, said the pardon power is somehow limited or reviewable by the judiciary or, you know, limited by any act of Congress, much less one house.
And they're attempting to say, just like the First Amendment doesn't exist, they're saying.
Or the second.
No, it does.
It's right there.
That's what it's all about.
We're going to war with the British Empire for it.
We have a right to have guns.
Go to North Korea if you don't like it!
I'm not a slave, and I have a right to defend myself.
And it doesn't mean you have to take an AR-15 up against an F-15.
Give me a break.
It's a deterrent.
Oh, that swallows well.
If you don't turn your guns in, we'll nuke you, showing how disconnected from reality he is.
He doesn't even know what weapons are for.
He doesn't know what weapons you use.
You would lose the debate the day you use the nuke, dumbass.
Plus, it destroys whole cities and infrastructures.
We couldn't defeat Vietnam because we shouldn't be there.
You can't defeat America.
You think you can defeat America, you commies?
As long as we can expose you as the enemy, you're done.
Mike Adams?
Well, this is the end of human civilization in the organized structure if we don't defend it, okay?
This is the total collapse.
These are just signs of collapse when you have a corrupt judge like this who simply abandons the rule of law.
Yeah, there's an assault on civilization and the anti-capitalist
Let's go.
Oh, we don't need that.
Well, yeah, if we incrementally built towards self-individualism and ruggedness, we could build towards a point of almost no government.
With the slob world we've got, we need a government of the people to defend against other governments.
That's what libertarians never get.
There's other governments coming at you.
You've got to have an organization to defeat that, Mike.
Well, and in a way, Roger Stone is now a historical, an historical figure of great importance because of his role in causing the deep state to expose their lawless and criminality at a level we've never seen before.
Roger Stone has invoked the total frothing lawlessness and evil of the deep state.
Exactly, Mike Adams.
That's poetry right there.
How did Roger Stone
With the Infowars combination, some in the Leviathan, that is now destroying the Deep State.
Why do they get so scared of Roger?
He's so effective.
He said it in Get Me Roger Stone, you know, they hate me because, you wouldn't hate me if I weren't effective.
They don't, they come after the people, artists, who are the most threat, of a threat to them.
It shows in how they've come after you, Alex.
I mean, frankly, the lawsuits, you know, just the lawfare, the de-platforming, all of it.
Hundreds of headlines a day, rigged search engines.
Yeah, you're the biggest threat to them because you don't have any fear to speak out and speak the truth and speak it loudly and accurately as well.
You're not shading it, you're not giving it a spin or a veneer.
And they live on the ability to manipulate not just words and facts and circumstances, but reality.
I mean, it's like the whole thing, the whole left, it's gaslighting.
They want you to believe that any reality they tell you is what we have to go with.
I mean, I think this was found out in the
The cancer that is the Clintons that came to this town 25, you know, 27 years ago.
They would just murder everybody.
Yeah, no, they brought this like... That's our greatest work is standing and saying, go ahead and kill me, but I'm going to expose you.
That loses the fear.
They don't get that anymore.
You're like, you're going to murder me?
Let's go.
And before that was shame.
You used to be able to shame people out of, you know, I mean, the establishment, if you were actually crooked, you know, there was sort of consensus.
Well, nobody's going to defend this person.
So they're on their own.
Let's shame them for Sandy Hook.
We're questioning big events.
And none of it works.
It's pathetic.
I mean, all you did was exercise your First Amendment rights and raise questions.
You didn't even make statements.
All you did was ask questions.
You can't even ask questions of them.
So what do you expect them to do next?
That's what I'm asking you and Mike Adams.
Mike said just nothing.
They'll do anything they can.
Well, I mean, let me tell you, it is amazing here in D.C.
with all these patriots here and Nigel Farage is in town and so much more.
Tyler Nixon.
Other comments about Roger and what he's facing.
They were supposed to get rid of Trump and then convict Roger and then sentence him, but it's all blowing up in their face.
She is just in panic mode right now trying to suppress the names of the other jurors that we know were handpicked.
Yeah, I just think it's such poetic justice that Roger Stone's case, given how badly they went after him and railroaded him or attempted to railroad him,
Ultimately that, and also the fact that he has, Roger is a libertarian.
He calls himself a libertine.
So, you know, you mentioned the fact of coming hard after, you know, the libertarians worked out.
I mean, it's just, I think he represents, and as do you, sort of embodies everything that they hate.
You know, it's about truth.
It's about defiance of authority, illegitimate authority.
It's about defending rights.
These people, I mean, they are absolutely just autocratic, megalomaniacal, and totally unhinged now.
I mean, there used to be sort of a nod-wink traditional establishment that had some credibility.
It could do things and act on consensus.
Now it's just a flailing.
You know what it reminds me of?
Remember the first movie, Aliens?
They had that sort of cyborg guy who's kind of a defeat British.
And then eventually his head pulls off and he's like laying in his...
This thing of milk and it's like, you know, trying to talk and it said it that's that's I mean when that alien that cyber goes berserk that that I think is what we're seeing right now in the sort of status left in America where they That is the best analogy ever.
They're just totally pre-programmed.
They can't help it and they're carrying out mission.
He's like, yeah, yeah, exactly.
They're like plane throwing him.
You know what I'm talking about.
Yeah, they have, you know.
Roger, there were dark days throughout the last year.
I had fun to do that.
Sorry, I left us.
There were dark days.
Put my Bernie Sanders pampers on.
Huge, giant, fat women wanting Bernie Sanders, who says they should stand in food lines.
I'm like, go to Venezuela!
It's called the Venezuelan starvation diet.
They're like, F you!
No, no, no, that's great.
I saw that.
What was it?
When the woman mooned you?
The walrus ass, exactly.
Yeah, what is wrong with these people?
I'm like, listen, it's okay you're a big-ass, fat-ass, but just... You're fat in America and I guarantee you don't work a day in your life.
Go to Venezuela!
Starve to death!
They don't even listen.
Like, hey, communism's horrible.
I'll kill you.
I want everything.
Please go on, brother.
For those not familiar, look up the Manson family and look at the footage of Squeaky Frome and Krenwinkel and all of whoever they look just like.
This is what you're learning, right?
The eyes, the sort of vacant sort of crazed looking eyes.
I don't
We might not be in the best club here.
Mike Adams, what the hell is going to happen to this country?
I'm not done laughing at that entire bit that I just heard there.
That was, these people are lunatics.
It's a massive mental insane asylum that the left is running now.
And they think they understand economics.
They think they understand the rule of law.
They don't.
They think they understand biology.
They don't.
They don't even think it's real, actually.
You know, this whole non-binary... Well, they think it's actually.
They say, we're going to give you HIV.
We're going to legalize pedophilia in California.
They've legalized giving people HIV.
They're just assaulting reality.
And wait until the virus invades the feces-filth-ridden city of San Francisco.
You want a dose of reality?
Wait until that day comes, because it's not far off.
Because I know he's the expert on this.
Tomorrow's news today.
Do not share the link.
Do not share Infowars.com.
Well, I gotta tell you, I'm here in D.C.
and about to go over to Maryland, and I'm like a dog in a butcher shop, all the interviews.
Yeah, yeah.
Nigel Farage, Tucker Carlson.
I mean, it's all planets aligning here.
We have Roger Stone's personal lawyer here, who's not afraid of the judge.
He's not getting into the
The case from the lawyer perspective, which is a citizen, and he's been here, how this has blown up their face.
I cannot hype enough how this is Amy Bergen Jackson, who's just screwed the poach here and totally been caught with her ass hanging out at high noon.
I mean, it is unbelievable.
But I wanted to, just before Mike Adams has a special doctor coming on on coronavirus in just a moment, get your view, Tyler Nixon, on coronavirus, just as an Army officer and a lawyer.
Roger Stone's lawyer, just a patriot.
What's your gut level approximation?
It's, I mean, the way we've just found, uh, Northern California announced the first unsourced or quote, community infection where they can't source where it came from.
There's no, the person had no contact with anybody.
It almost seems like it's being spread versus it's spreading itself.
You know, someone's, this is being introduced in areas and you know, also the two week timeframe for the manifestation of any symptoms.
That really lends itself, like it's been engineered to spread itself before people can detect it.
And I just think it's a bio-weapon being used by who knows what parties, but clearly not for good.
And that's why there's fear.
People know it's a bio-weapon.
Fortunately, the mortality rates are still nothing akin to, like, say, the flu pandemic, influenza pandemic.
Except, exactly, this reinfects, though.
That's the weird wild card.
No, it's uh, it's really just the fact that people, there are people on this planet... Because wouldn't that be the ultimate bio weapon?
That you don't ever beat it?
Well, they have, I mean, you think about they have, I mean, like herpes simplex, you know, like these persistent viruses that maintain like they're just cause like, you know, minor effects.
But I mean, who knows?
I mean, they could mutate the virus into being like, you know, AIDS instantly, but fast acting when people are dying.
Well, this has the AIDS delivery system.
Yeah, exactly.
That's what I'm saying.
I mean, it's, you know, I think it's, this is the, this is what we're fighting against here is people in this world who would even think
We need to get control of our governments and prosecute and persecute people that are developing bioweapons, Mike Adams, don't we?
We do, and by the way, if the same number of people were infected in America with the coronavirus as are typically infected with the flu, we would have probably 3.5 million deaths in America, not just the 35,000 that are killed by the flu.
So the only reason the flu has killed more people so far is because the coronavirus spread has only just begun.
It hasn't even infected 1% of the world population yet.
And we already have all of these deaths.
So this has just begun.
And this is going to go on for years because it's going to keep coming back.
The CDC has acknowledged it.
All the virologists know that that's how it's working.
And the mutations are happening.
There was a mutation that was detected in Iran.
So we're already getting second and probably third generation versions of this virus.
You're about to take over.
I want to just say this in closing.
I think.
It's so good for your immune system, so good for your body.
Everybody knows that.
It's back in stock at InfoWarsTore.com.
You help yourself, you get a great product, and you fund the InfoWar when they're trying to shut us down.
But the Lord works in mysterious ways, so take action at InfoWarsTore.com or call toll-free, 888-253-3139.
But whatever you do for your children, especially, we're going to have an elderberry formula because there's so many great ones out there.
Elderberry, sunshine, clean water, a good diet, not a lot of grains and things that lower your immune system, not a lot of sugar, right?
I don't
Rule on when he goes to jail?
Why is she waiting?
What do you think Trump's going to do?
Just a few final comments on where you think this is going.
Well, I'll tell you, it's taken such a twist.
I don't know.
I can't predict, but I think the president will pardon Roger Stone, and he has to.
I do not believe this judge will grant a new trial.
She would never admit to any of this.
She's an arrogant piece of crap that must be checkmated.
She will never admit to having done anything that was offline.
And they're telling Trump he doesn't have this power.
He's got to exercise it.
Well, I'll tell you what.
She better hope that she doesn't think to listen to, frankly, these claims that she wouldn't have to accept a pardon because he's been...
And was exonerated, by the way.
They're trying to make her the president!
They're trying to make her the president!
Because if she can checkmate a pardon... That's right.
She's now the executive.
Just as they want the House of Representatives alone to be able to eliminate the pardon power.
If that was the case, the House of Representatives and an opposing party could meet at the beginning of a president's term, impeach them for anything they say they want to, and that would be it.
The pardon power goes away.
That's the argument they're making.
They would guild them.
Yeah, basically.
So the President is elected, we chop his balls off.
Just the House, not even the full Congress.
I mean, where's the... That's martial law.
That's authoritarian dictatorship of the Democrat House and Schiff.
The tyranny now of the majority, but formerly minority.
I think the minority, when you look at like average citizens, do not want this type of like... You know what's crazy?
...autocracy running the world for us.
We are here not even having to dial this up or exaggerate.
It's so classically evil.
So over-the-top.
It's like unspeakable.
We cannot say how bad it is because it's so ridiculous and runs totally against everything America is.
It's just fantastic.
It's fantabulous.
It's just unbelievable.
It's a spectacle of just wanton, like you said, like an alien.
The first one when they killed the android.
It's the manifestation of their delusions, basically.
But, you know, imperfectly so.
I mean, they want us to live in this reality that is not a reality.
It's their fantasy.
It's their delusion.
And they never give up.
Mike Adams, take over, but they just keep dialing it up.
Hey, Tyler Nixon will be on with us tomorrow.
We're going to CPAC right now together.
Great job, Tyler Nixon.
How do people find you on the internet?
Go to Twitter at TylerPNixon.com.
Great place to follow up, Tyler P. Nixon.
Mike Adams, take over with your guest, but I'll ask this question in closing.
You said it earlier, it's unlimited.
There's nothing they won't do.
There's nothing they won't do.
There's no amount of life that they are not willing to sacrifice in order to achieve their goals.
But look, thank you Alex and thank you Tyler Nixon especially for those comments.
We are shortly going to be joined by Dr. Thomas Levy who is an orthomolecular medicine expert and a clinician, a cardiologist who has a lot of expertise in using intravenous vitamin C therapy to eliminate toxins.
From the blood supply, in essence, inducing the body to eliminate toxins through its own processes, such as kidney removal of those toxins, liver detoxification, and so on.
So, why is this relevant?
Because right now, the world has no approved drugs for the coronavirus, no approved vaccine, not even one in any clinical trial.
Not that that would even work, who knows?
But there are natural approaches to solving this problem.
And in fact, intravenous vitamin C has had many reports of early success in hospitals around China, as well as Korea.
I know it's being experimented with in places like Hong Kong and others.
So we're going to be joined by Dr. Thomas Levy shortly.
In fact, at the top of the next break, or the next segment, excuse me.
But I want Dr. Levy's take on something that I'm about to explain here in 60 seconds.
The current flowchart of CDC's guidance for testing is found in a new article posted by Kit Daniels on Infowars.com.
CDC faces scrutiny over limited coronavirus testing.
I have been hammering this point for days.
The testing protocol from the CDC prohibits the testing of individuals in America who have acquired this infection from unknown origins, i.e.
Asymptomatic individuals who are carrying the virus and spreading it during the incubation period.
Notice, you will be tested if you travel to China.
You will be tested if you've had close contact with a person known to have the illness, but that's it.
If you did not travel to China, and you did not acquire it from someone who's known to have it, you will not be tested in the United States, except in very rare circumstances.
And to date, only 445 Americans have been tested by the CDC.
That's it.
How can you monitor community outbreaks if you're not even testing for them?
We're going to get Dr. Levy's take on that plus intravenous vitamin C therapy when we return after this short break.
This is Infowars.com, Alex Jones Show.
Mike Adams sitting in today.
Stay with us.
We'll be right back with Dr. Levy and much more.
Mike Adams here, publisher of naturalnews.com.
Thank you for joining me.
Hosting right now for Alex Jones, infowars.com.
And we have a very special guest for this segment, very important person with a body of knowledge that may help save literally millions of lives across the planet.
His name is Dr. Thomas Levy.
This is the first time I'm meeting him and I'm honored to have him on.
And he's a specialist in orthomolecular medicine.
He's a cardiologist and he understands the role of intravenous vitamin C
In treating a number of chronic degenerative health conditions.
He has clinical experience in these areas.
And while the world waits for a vaccine that may not ever work or may not ever appear, we have many answers that exist right now, this very minute.
So let's welcome Dr. Levy to the show.
Thank you for joining us.
It's a pleasure to have you on.
My pleasure, Mike.
It's a great opportunity to talk to the health ranger.
Well, look, I'm an admirer of your work and what you do, your body of knowledge.
Give us the big top-down view first.
What is intravenous vitamin C therapy?
What is it being used for right now and how might it have application in this particular global context?
Well, it's interesting.
Although much of mainstream medicine still doesn't seem to appreciate this, vitamin C is not some sort of cult-type application.
It has a
Huge body of scientific data going back to the 1940s, in which case when you give large enough amounts of vitamin C intravenously, you're capable of resolving a great deal of different, especially viral syndromes, other types of infections as well.
But for some reason, vitamin C is especially potent for viruses.
This is significant because
I also want to make the point I'm not saying vitamin C is going to cure everything.
I'm not making crazy accusations.
But it is a fact and it's supported in the scientific data that vitamin C is probably the primary ammunition for your immune system.
All the immune cells have far and away the highest concentrations of vitamin C of any cells in the body.
And this is really why
A functioning immune system is so effective because it gets vitamin C where it needs to go.
When your immune system is depleted and you don't have much vitamin C in them, then you're subject to a lot of problems with infections, with diseases.
But intravenous vitamin C gets you a large amount of vitamin C where you need it quickly.
It specifically, in the literature, strengthens the immune system by at least 19 different mechanisms.
It increases T-cells, B-cells, antibody production, natural killer cells, interferon.
The list goes on and on.
And this is not just hearsay.
This is solid, peer-reviewed research in the scientific literature on PubMed.
So, interestingly enough, with the problems going on in China, it turns out China is one of the world leaders in vitamin C research, particularly IV vitamin C.
Way back in the 70s.
Go ahead.
Well, I'm sorry, Dr. Levy.
Let me ask some questions that I think some viewers might be asking right up front.
So, number one, what advantage does intravenous have over oral supplementation of vitamin C?
Are people not able to absorb it or you can't get the concentration high enough in the blood through oral application?
What's the explanation there?
That's exactly it, it's limited absorption.
Let me say this, long before and even when intravenous vitamin C is not available, many people have gotten incredibly positive results with different diseases but also infections when they're persistent in taking oral dosing throughout the day.
There's also specialty forms of vitamin C if you will, liposome encapsulated.
These are highly effective too and can have a profound impact
It's location, location, location.
With vitamin C, it's dose, dose, and dose.
So are you trying to, with intravenous, I'm just curious, are you aiming for a target concentration in the blood, a certain number of micrograms per deciliter or something like that?
Do you calculate, you know, the volume of blood based on a person's weight and then apply the dose that way?
I'm just curious.
You can do it that way, but myself and many other
I'm good.
Even 100,000 milligrams is gonna give you in blood levels.
And really, the primary thing you need to watch is clinical response.
When vitamin C is working in an infection, it works very rapidly in terms of symptoms.
So it's grams, wow.
I didn't realize it was that large.
But you know, people need to be aware too, vitamin C is water soluble.
Your body eliminates it quite quickly.
How quickly does vitamin C actually come out of your body?
You know, if you get the level you want in your blood,
Isn't that mostly gone in a few hours, or you know better than I, what's the answer there?
No, that's correct.
If you give a 50 gram infusion of vitamin C, most of it will be gone four to five hours down the road, but you'll have gotten a temporary very high concentration that allows it to penetrate the cells very effectively.
So, the other thing too is we're now starting to see, and they're doing a study in China where they're giving
Coronavirus patients, 24,000 milligrams of vitamin C a day intravenously, but they're not giving it as a quick bolus, they're giving it as a slow seven hour infusion.
And I think this will have an even superior effect to giving a quick IV bolus.
Wouldn't that also then, you have all these other positive side effects from it as well, not side effects, but benefits.
You would have cardiovascular benefits from such treatment as well.
There's an enormous body of evidence in that arena, isn't there?
Yes, the thing is, is all disease is oxidative stress and how many biomolecules you have oxidized.
The only way you get those biomolecules to function again is to donate electrons.
And although there were many antioxidants, vitamin C is the premier electron donating antioxidant.
It gives two electrons per molecule.
And this is why even though any antioxidant can
Resolve an oxidized biomolecule, which is the essence of disease.
Vitamin C spearheads this.
It's a small molecule, just like glucose, gets everywhere in the body, gets across the blood-brain barrier.
So the more you can keep your natural biomolecules in the reduced state, the more you will retain normal function and avoid or help resolve disease.
And I would imagine, this is great by the way, amazing information, be sure to let our readers, our listeners know where they can find more information about you, but I would imagine this is especially useful for the elderly who tend to have a poor assimilation, poor digestion, and that's the exact group that tends to be more aggressively hit by this virus.
So if anybody's lives might be potentially saved by this as we conduct more research, wouldn't it be the elderly?
Well, as you know, we live in a very toxin-filled society and all toxins are pro-oxidant.
All toxins cause their damage by oxidizing or causing biomolecules to be oxidized.
So, the older you are, the more toxins you face, the more toxins you have in your body, the more depleted your immune system is.
And so, yes, it has an especially dramatic effect in the older folks.
I want to say something that might seem a little off-subject, but with regard to the coronavirus epidemic, there now exists a good body of evidence to show that doing simple measures like nebulizing, putting something like hydrogen peroxide 3% into a fine mist and inhaling it... Dr. Levy, hold that thought.
I'm sorry to interrupt.
We're going to break in just a few seconds, but please continue on the other side.
This is fascinating.
We'll be back with Dr. Levy.
We're continuing a fascinating interview with Dr. Thomas Levy from PeakEnergy.com.
He's an expert in intravenous vitamin C therapy.
I just want to be clear to the regulators watching this show, we are in no way claiming that vitamin C cures coronavirus.
We are in no way making, you know, medicinal claims.
In fact, there's nothing in the world that's been tested.
Clinically against coronavirus.
However, there is an enormous body of knowledge about vitamin C and its ability to help the body heal, to detoxify, to reduce the oxidation states, as Dr. Levy was just describing.
And shouldn't we consider all medicine when we come to saving lives?
Why should we wait for the vaccine industry when there are other possible therapies right now
That can be investigated and that may be able to help save millions of lives right now.
And that's what we're talking about with Dr. Levy.
So again, Dr. Thomas Levy from PeakEnergy.com.
I apologize for interrupting you in the last segment there, Dr. Levy.
Please, please continue.
You were on to something really interesting.
Well, I want to add to your point right there.
You're absolutely correct.
I don't want anybody to think I'm saying take vitamin C and you'll be cured, but I will say take vitamin C
And you will give an incredible increase in strength to your immune system.
And isn't that what anybody wants if they're dealing with any type of infection?
Now what I was mentioning earlier is, to the best of my knowledge, all viral syndromes, virtually all viral syndromes, come in through the portal of the nose and the mouth.
And then they replicate to high titers on the mucus membranes of your nasopharynx and your oropharynx.
It makes a great deal of sense, and I've already seen a great deal of positive response to other viruses, that when you're taking vitamin C and whatever else you want to strengthen your immune system to deal with the virus that's already in your body, causing your influenza, causing your coronavirus syndrome, it makes a lot of sense to cut the head off of the snake.
By that I mean, you can nebulize, which is inhaling a fine mist,
When you take something simple like 3% hydrogen peroxide and inhale it, you can quickly knock down and virtually eliminate the large amount of virus that's replicating in your throat and eliminate the new seeding to the rest of the body.
I say it's like cutting the head off the snake.
So it's always good to have a two-fold approach.
Stop the new virus from coming in while eliminating their old virus.
And for people that say hydrogen peroxide,
Well, hydrogen peroxide is one of the most well-known and well-established and least toxic agents there is at the right concentration.
And it kills pathogens on contact of all variety.
That's right.
That's why you put it on an infected wound, and you get quick resolution of the wound.
So you could use something as simple as an essential oil diffuser.
You put in a low concentration of hydrogen peroxide.
You mentioned 3%.
Obviously, people need to be careful.
If it's too high, you could, you know, cause some oxidation damage of your skin, right?
So keep it low, and you could inhale that.
That's what you're describing.
It's that simple, right?
Absolutely, but I'd be careful with the oil-based substances.
Those are a different ball of wax.
The hydrogen peroxide quickly does its job and goes away.
Right, no, we're just talking about hydrogen peroxide basically with water is typically what's sold.
Yeah, you wouldn't want to inhale volatile organic oils from plants, but it's nice to have that scent perhaps.
It might be very pleasing.
Okay, so another technical question for you.
So is it ascorbic acid?
Is that the form that you're putting in intravenously or is it a slightly different form of the molecule?
Well, the essence is ascorbate, which is the anion.
Hydrogen is a cation, so that's ascorbic acid.
Then you have sodium as a cation, sodium ascorbate.
Sodium ascorbate is probably the best to use because it comes in, in solution, closest to a very non-aggravating and well-tolerated pH of 7, 7.1, 7.2, with 7.4 being ideal.
Ascorbic acid in solution always has to be further buffered to make the acid part less alkaline.
And is sodium the buffer that you typically use in your formulations or are you using a different mineral choice?
My favorite, and it's based on my experience and on the literature, is sodium ascorbate, yes.
All right, that's great.
I hope you don't mind me asking these technical questions because I'm very curious about this too.
And I think that, well, I mean, my next question is where could people get this therapy?
Because their regular doctor, let's say, may not have any experience or any training in this area.
Where do people go to even explore this possibility?
Well, if the intravenous is not available, you need to go to taking high doses orally, and if possible, get the liposome encapsulated form.
With regard to the nebulization, as of this time, for $40 or $50, you buy a nebulizer online at Amazon.
They got a little chamber.
You put the hydrogen peroxide and a little water if you wanted more dilute in that chamber, and inhale away.
Now I don't know, if 100,000 people order all at once, we might have a shortage on nebulizers like we have a shortage on food supplies.
Well plus those nebulizers are all made in China, so the supply is probably pretty limited at this point.
But yeah, you can get those nebulizers in many places, probably even like Walmart has it right now.
Let me say this.
If you're blocked at all areas, you can't get the IVC, you take a lot of oral, and if you can't nebulize the hydrogen peroxide, buy a little mister like when you spray perfume on the skin, you put hydrogen peroxide in there, open your mouth, and try to coat the back of your throat as best as you can.
That will also knock down the viral load and allow whatever else you're doing to have a much more powerful effect
At resolving the virus and ultimately, of course, keeping you from dying from it.
Okay, wow, great, great advice.
Really practical advice.
Low cost, low tech, almost like prepper level emergency medicine that you can explore.
I do want to just say that, of course, we are not offering you, the listener, specific medical advice.
Talk with your naturopath or your complementary medicine doctor.
Make sure that you are caring for your own particular health concern.
But consider these options.
That's why we have Dr. Levy on.
These are options.
When the government fails you,
As it is doing everywhere around the world right now, the CDC can't even make diagnostic test kits that even work, okay?
So the government is not your savior.
The vaccine industry is not your savior.
You need to learn about these alternatives.
Let's go back to Dr. Levy.
Now, are there any other minerals that are maybe complementary to this, such as zinc, for example?
Anything that you offer clinically or recommend clinically that goes well with this?
Certainly, as an anti-infection protocol, the zinc is very important.
Also, magnesium in a bioavailable form.
Vitamin D3 is very potent in not only preventing infections, but helping to resolve them and taking different forms of iodine.
And sometimes, too, the iodine can be nebulized, too, along with the other things that we're talking about.
So, all those things are important.
I would just say that
The more antioxidant support you can take by supplementation, the better, but there are so many out there.
I just like to tell people I consider the most powerful and important supplements to be magnesium, vitamin C, vitamin D3, vitamin K2, and iodine, often in the form of something like Ioderol.
Many, many, many other things are powerful and good, but I think all supplementation regimens should at least include those five.
Well, that's really great advice, very important advice in this time when, if you think about right now, the people who are infected with coronavirus, according to media reports, about 4 out of 5 people have mild symptoms.
So that means 4 out of 5 people are recovering on their own, they do not go into the serious classification where your survival rate plummets.
If you can stay out of that serious classification,
You may with, perhaps with some of these natural therapies, you might be able to have a 95% chance of survival or even a 99%.
We don't know yet.
We're just taking educated guesses.
But you don't have to be killed by this.
It really doesn't kill most people it infects.
Most people survive.
But how do we increase that number?
That's what we're talking about with Dr. Levy.
We'll have more thoughts
With Dr. Thomas Levy on the other side of this, excuse me, he's from peakenergy.com, and this is the Alex Jones Show.
Mike Adams, we'll be right back after this break with more Dr. Thomas Levy about vitamin C, minerals, and other natural protocols for boosting your immune function.
And we're back on the Alex Jones Show.
Mike Adams filling in here, while Alex is, well, at the CPAC conference area, interviewing a lot of interesting guests.
For just the next few minutes, we're gonna wrap up our interview with Dr. Thomas Levy, who's an expert in orthomolecular medicine, intravenous vitamin C. And I've been asking a lot of technical questions, just because, personally, I'm curious, and I want you, the viewer, as you process all of this information, I want it to be very practical for you.
Because for all we know,
I mean, it's possible society may break down to the point where there's never antiviral medications.
I mean, 97% of antibiotics are made in China.
And as China's supply chain is cratering, there are going to be shortages of prescription drugs in the United States.
So, if you ever needed a new reason to have alternatives to prescription drugs, this is it, folks.
This is why we have to have experts like Dr. Levy on here.
So, continuing, Dr. Levy, another question I have for you.
If taken orally, you mentioned the buffered form, sodium ascorbate is what you use intravenously.
Some people take that orally as well.
What do you recommend orally as the best form of vitamin C?
Or does it depend on how well the person handles the acidity of ascorbic acid?
What's your take?
Dr. Levy?
Is he hearing me?
Oh, he's frozen.
All right.
I thought he was pondering the question there.
We'll reconnect with Dr. Levy.
No, okay.
He cut out there.
My question was about what form of vitamin C works best.
We'll get him back on and finish up that interview.
Until then, let me give you some other breaking news updates.
Coronavirus, live updates, Japan to close all schools through March.
We have President Trump now insisting that America is ready for the coronavirus, which I believe is what I'm calling the Trump trap.
I think the CDC is setting a trap for the president because once the testing is allowed to take place, then I believe we are going to see, this is my personal opinion, I can't prove it yet, we're going to see hundreds if not thousands of confirmed cases of coronavirus in the United States.
That's my belief.
Based on projections, based on sources, and based on the fact that we are not testing.
The CDC is only testing about 16 people a day.
That's it.
Only 445 people have been tested in the entire country.
How can the CDC claim to have any surveillance whatsoever of community outbreaks if they're not testing for community outbreaks?
In fact, I've been trying to hammer this point for days and a lot of people don't get it.
You know who really gets this?
Let me just mention this.
Of course.
Where we are listing later today, we're listing state by state the number of infections, the number of people tested, and the number of people quarantined on a state by state basis.
I don't think anyone's put that together yet.
I had my team do that research starting last night.
We have links to all 50 public health departments for each of the states.
And I can tell you right now, what's shocking about these numbers is they're mostly zero tested.
Zero, zero, zero.
State after state after state.
That's coming.
We'll have that posted at the latest tonight.
Okay, Australia has started an emergency plan, extends the travel ban.
Amid coronavirus pandemic fears, and we have a quote from the Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison, that's a little bit mind-blowing here, quote, there is every indication that the world will soon enter a pandemic phase of the coronavirus.
As a result, and again, this is the PM of Australia, as a result, we have initiated the implementation of the coronavirus emergency response plan.
While the WHO is yet to declare the nature of the coronavirus and its move toward a pandemic phase, i.e.
the WHO doesn't know what they're talking about,
We believe that the risk of a global pandemic is very much upon us.
And as a result, as a government, we need to take steps to prepare.
Hey, wow, the PM of Australia makes perfect sense.
It's the WHO that's in total denial here.
They said yesterday.
OK, we're going to Thomas, Dr. Levy here in just a sec.
It was yesterday the WHO said.
We're not going to use the word pandemic because it sounds too scary to people.
So, is this the politically correct version of the global pandemic now where we have to coddle people's emotions instead of telling them the truth?
I mean, they declared a pandemic when there was not one with the bird flu a few years ago.
They were so quick.
Oh, it's a phase six pandemic.
Billions of dollars for vaccines.
But now when the real thing breaks out, they're like, let's not call it a pandemic because that might freak people out.
Okay, continuing with Dr. Levy, I was asking, I don't know if you heard the question, but what form of vitamin C do you recommend for oral consumption?
Is it the buffered form or non-buffered?
What's your take?
Well, actually, the sodium ascorbate is a buffered form because it doesn't upset the stomach.
Calcium ascorbate is also used.
I don't recommend that because I think most people have too much calcium.
I wrote a book called Death by Calcium that addresses this.
The best form of vitamin C to take orally, if it's available to you, is a quality liposome encapsulated form.
I've been a consultant to a company for 14 or 15 years and only because they had the best product I've ever seen.
That's Livon Laboratories.
Other products can give you liposomes, but there's a lot of fraud in the liposome industry, so I have no confidence
In other companies because of that.
But I've seen some amazing things happen.
Explain to the viewers what does a liposomal encapsulation achieve?
Explain that to our viewers.
Well, very good.
What it does is even though you take it orally, you're in tiny 100 to 200 nanometer bulbs, globes, which are actually like tiny, tiny, tiny artificial cells.
They pass into the body without any problem at all and they go into the lymph and they arm the immune system.
They go out of the lymph into the bloodstream and then they go directly into the cells passing through pores or merging with the outside membrane by a process called reverse pinocytosis.
But the important thing is you get delivery of virtually the entire amount of vitamin C you take inside your cells even though you take it orally.
Yes, absolutely.
Nobody should be upset if they can't get a hold of it.
You take your sodium ascorbate powder three or four times a day.
Work yourself up to your maximal dose.
You'll know you're at your maximal dose if you start causing a little bit of loose stool and diarrhea.
You know, what's interesting, we're about to wrap this up and I want to thank you for joining us.
Your website is peakenergy.com, just like how it sounds, peakenergy.com.
Most of the raw material of ascorbic acid today is made in China.
You know what?
If the world needs vitamin C and China's shut down, could we, this is my question to you Dr. Levy, could we be facing somehow a vitamin C shortage even though it's a very low cost material?
Could this be in short supply?
Well, from my perspective, that's almost as scary to me as the idea of a pandemic itself.
Is being deprived of what I consider to be the single most important protective agent you have against infection and the single most important agent you have toward helping to resolve infection.
So that would be a super bad scenario in my opinion and.
Gosh, I don't have a lot of positive suggestions to make other than, you know, all the other supplements you can take, all of those provide antioxidant capacity, having as quality a diet as you can, doing all the measures like cleaning your hands, not touching your face, and of course, the hydrogen peroxide.
I've seen that work very well.
Sometimes on an acute viral syndrome, even without having to kick the vitamin C into high gear.
So I wouldn't underestimate that potential intervention.
Well, that's fascinating.
So, killing viruses with oxygen, enhancing the immune function with vitamin C. You know, I've read that 25% of your genetic code is actually built to save your life from pathogens, but most people's genetic code is not really active because they don't have the nutritional compounds and just the nutrition and the minerals in order for that part of their immune system to function.
So, this is very valuable information, Dr. Levy.
I hope you'll join us again.
It's been a pleasure to speak with you today.
My pleasure, Mike.
Well thank you so much.
Peakenergy.com is his website.
Now we're going to come back with Alan Keyes and he wanted to ask me a question and then he's going to take over the show after that but I don't know what he's got in mind.
He's got some kind of brain teaser for me or something on the other side of this break.
We'll find out.
Alan Keyes is standing by.
Dr. Thomas Levy again was our guest for these couple of segments.
This is Mike Adams, the Health Ranger.
We'll be back with Alan Keyes.
Stay with us.
All right, now we are joined by Alan Keyes, and I'm going to turn over the whole show to Alan here, of course.
He's taken over.
We've had a fascinating day already, just a whirlwind of bombshell information and practical information that can help you save your own life, potentially, as this global pandemic continues to spread.
Alan Keyes, it's a pleasure to have you on again, and I understand you had a question for me today.
I don't know what that is, but welcome to the show.
Well, it's a question that should be right up your alley.
Well, thank you.
I'm glad to be here.
I want to say hello to everybody.
I'll be back for an hour today.
And we'll be talking about some other possible ways to help people fortify their health in a present environment where things are getting a little iffy.
But I was reading an article at Zero Hedge, right?
And I think they've been doing some pretty good reporting about this.
They're very skeptical.
Of course, of the notion that this virus is not something man-made.
And in commenting on it, they actually talked about some of the things that have been speculated.
And he said in a sentence, as a reminder, the running narrative is that the new coronavirus lay dormant in bats somewhere between 20 and 70 years, then crossed over to humans through an unknown species,
Before it emerged at a Wuhan, China meat market, roughly 900 feet from a level 4 bioweapons lab.
And aside from the slightly facetious note there, I was kind of curious about the statement that it lay dormant, right?
Because it immediately occurred to me that that lay dormant part, wouldn't that be something that if you were trying to weaponize a virus, you might be interested in understanding how you get the virus to lay dormant for a while?
And if you could manipulate that, you could turn it into an even more treacherous attack on an opponent?
Is that just idle speculation, or would that be something to look into?
Actually you've nailed something that I didn't even have time to talk about.
It's the binary weapon aspect of this when you combine 5G.
5G wireless which the electromagnetic fields once they interact with your skin it produces what are called the
I believe, what, peroxynitrites in your body, and it causes what are called ion-gated calcium channels, which is a calcium poisoning of your cells due to the excess voltage.
This is not ionizing radiation, but it's excess voltage from 5G.
So isn't it interesting that in Wuhan they have 5G technology from Huawei?
At the same time, they have this virus escaping.
Is it possible, I guess I'm asking you another question, but is it possible that it's the convergence of these two things that makes it so dangerous to people?
I don't know the answer to that.
I'm not claiming there's a 5G conspiracy to weaponize the virus, but when we're dealing with multiple vectors, you can have toxicity or compromised immune function from many different angles, and it seems like humanity is now in the midst of this toxic cocktail of mass poisoning through electromagnetic exposure as well as viruses and chemical exposure and hormone disruptors.
It's a cocktail.
Well, see, I find that everybody's being discouraged from doing conspiracy thinking, and yet, the advances in our technology are offering people weapons possibilities, because what ran across my mind is just a speculative thought.
Was that you would look into the possibility of being able to create a virus that would lay dormant until it was triggered by something.
So that you could actually infiltrate a country to such a degree that once you triggered it, you might be able to wipe out a good part of its population.
So you'd have something that was quietly as effective as nuking them out, that they wouldn't know about until it hit them.
And that's one of those thoughts that crossed my mind and I said, whoa!
We are in a strange age.
You're not out of line at all.
In fact, humans, you know, coexist with many thousands of different viral strains, most of which are harmless.
But when the immune function is sufficiently weakened, then latent viruses in your own body emerge and start to replicate and take over.
This can happen with something as simple as herpes or chicken pox or hepatitis A or hepatitis C. So yeah, I mean, what you're saying is absolutely true.
Could it be weaponized?
For sure.
But this virus, I think, is hitting us
Just now, it's not waiting for anything.
That's right, it's not.
But if they were looking to do something like that, and they didn't take proper precautions, maybe they were hoist by their own petard, who knows?
Anyway, we are going to have to take a break, and then we'll be right back to continue this kind of discussion.
America is awake!
That's what's happening now, get ready for it!
I came here tonight because I wanted to meet Alex.
I wanted to meet a number of you.
And the vibe so far has just been nothing but support.
I can tell you that I kind of describe what's been going on with my family and everything else that's happened with all this Russiagate sh**.
And it's kind of like this long boxing match.
We're kind of in the 15th round now.
We feel like things are kind of winding down.
You know, it's like, you take so many gut punches and things happen and you just kind of become numb to everything, but we have an absolute bulldog in our corner right now, and her name is Sydney Powell.
And she...
You know, we, we wish, you know, hindsight is what it is, but, you know, would it have been great for her to be, you know, our lawyer from the beginning?
Yes, but, you know, things happen and, you know, you make, you know, certain decisions, but at the end of the day... Lay out what happened!
Tell them!
Yeah, I mean, well, kind of going off what with what Ivan said, I mean, I mean, Crossfire Hurricane did not begin July 31st.
It just it just didn't.
I mean, we know that that my father was set up from as early as 2015, maybe even before that.
I mean, he was he was absolutely targeted.
Because of his loud voice against the Obama administration.
I mean, I never forget a conversation that he and I had whenever he retired from the DIA.
He said, look, you know, we talked about getting into business together, but then he said, you know, look, I'm tired of listening to the Obama administration lie to the American public about the ISIS threat.
And that's really when we got on a roll in the media and he went on to various talk shows and instantly became a target because he was out there basically calling out Obama and all these other deep state officials that were just out there.
What's up?
Oh yeah, yeah.
So anyways, it's been a long journey.
It's so complex what's going on with this case right now from December 2015 and then all of a sudden we're at the RNC convention.
That happened.
And then August 10th,
Was really when the, you know, three individuals were opened up, uh, you know, in Crossfire Hurricane, uh, August 16th was when, uh, the D.F.
State decided to open up an investigation, you know, on General Flynn.
The very next day, the August 17th date that, uh, that Ivan Reikland, uh, mentioned,
I don't know.
I think?
The D.I.A., the day before we left for the trip, and two weeks after we got back from the trip.
Perfectly sanctioned, told him everything that, you know, as far as what we were going to do.
I mean, everything that he talked about while we were in Russia, you know, is available to the public.
So that was it.
I mean, there was absolutely no reason why these guys
Going into January, and obviously I think most people know about the January 24th interview that, you know, where the two agents were sent into the White House by, you know, the ass****s that are, you know, Comey and McCabe.
I mean, I'm personally sick and tired of reading Comey's tweets and John Brenner for that matter.
I mean, you look at what these guys say and it's like, these guys were the heads
The heads of some of the most powerful agencies in the world?
It's just so mind-boggling to me that these guys were running our most secret organizations, if you will.
And so, from really the end of January of 2017 to December 1st of 2017, when he was forced to plead guilty.
It's like, people ask me all the time, why did he plead guilty?
We're good to go.
It's correct that, you know, I had a father that absolutely fell on the sword to protect me from going through something that I would have had to put my then four-month-old and my wife through, okay?
And look, I'm not up here looking for sympathy, I'm just letting you know that this is the truth, this is what happened.
My father's not guilty of anything.
I think everybody here knows that.
Your father's a hero!
Thank you, thank you.
So, look, last thing I'll say is that
The story of General Flynn is so complex.
I want you to keep going for another 20 minutes.
We've got plenty of time.
We have like an hour of question and answer.
Talk about your father as a patriot and what you guys went through and the vindication now that the whole lie is coming down and Roger Stone, everything.
Just tell them what happened.
Tell them in five minutes what happened, what you guys went through as American patriots.
I mean, as far as what you can picture, you know, just a regular American military family who essentially wasn't, I mean, we weren't wealthy people to begin with.
I mean, we had, you know, my father and I had a private business, you know, after we left the D.I.A., but, you know, we weren't making, we weren't raking in, you know, millions of dollars, and then, you know, all of a sudden this stuff, you know, kind of came down with having to, you know, hire lawyers and... Why'd they go after your father?
Yeah, well, I mean, I mean, again, he they went out of the deep sea with my father because he was outspoken on a number of things.
The main thing was Obama's signature foreign policy, which was which was which was the the Iran deal.
I mean, the Iran deal.
And I'm not an expert on Iran, but I can tell you that the Iran deal was was a big thing that he was you know, that he was that he was highly against.
And there's a lot of people.
Major, major critic of that.
But the other part of it is...
He was willing to call out how much the deep state, and specifically CIA and FBI, had become very, very political organizations.
And that's still... I mean, you see what's going on in the news, and you see what's happening with all these partisans that we just saw with this impeachment process, with Adam Schiff, all these just political bureaucrats that got up in front of national television.
And it's as clear as day, just listening to these people,
You know, I mean, like, how in the tank they are for, you know, for the left.
And, um, I mean, as far as, I mean, I can tell you that my father has wanted to speak out about this stuff, like, ever since day one, but, you know, for obvious reasons, um, you know, he's, he hasn't been able to.
But, again, I mentioned Sidney Powell and how she's been, uh, you know, a big advocate and, and obviously very, very, uh, very, very outspoken for us.
That's a big deal after all the persecution you've gone through to come here and speak on these live feeds out here.
But let's get back to the beginning of the few minutes we have left.
I appreciate you coming here today and your courage to do it.
I know you and your family have been persecuted.
I've been persecuted.
We know what it's like.
We get persecuted because we support America.
We realize that persecution is actually a blessing and we don't see ourselves as victims.
Some people listen to what this guy is saying because his dad
Just like Roger Stone and just like so many other people, they tried to put his father in prison.
They tried to hold years in prison and bankrupting them to lie about President Trump and lie about the populist election we had.
So I hear a lot of talk.
I love you guys.
Just respect.
Everybody just stop talking for one second.
Just one second.
One second!
Just one second in your lives!
His father wanted to serve America and try to defend our Republic!
And because he did that, they targeted him because he wanted to put in the Trump administration patriots that would promote freedom worldwide.
They were scared of the army that George Washington founded 245 years ago, finally getting control of the government again from these communists and these globalists.
And then they launched every attack they had.
And now, four years later, all their designs have failed.
But the people like General Flynn are such humble men who just defend their country.
They're not like me, a wicked devil.
They don't see all the angles.
And now that they've been victorious, they are silent in the face of their victory.
We have discredited Obama!
We have discredited Hillary.
We have restored the Republic.
We have defeated the Chi-Coms.
America has had a great victory.
But America doesn't have a media to tell you the victory you've had.
So General Flynn faces fake sentencing.
And I say, like I've told Roger Stone, call their bluff.
Because we've done nothing wrong.
We're good people.
So as General Flynn said, and God bless you,
You sit up here, you try to explain how you're this good person.
We know you're good.
We know your father's good.
You don't get attacked by CNN and MSNBC and ABC if you're evil.
You get attacked when you're good.
We know that.
And America is rising now.
And the enemy knows it.
So hey, let's go.
Finish up.
Talk about your... I'm stronger than ever.
Don't be strong.
Tell them the truth.
Close it.
Alright, I mean the last thing I'll say is that we still have a fight in front of us.
We have a couple of motions out there right now that we're still waiting on this Judge Emmett Sullivan to either grant or deny.
There's kind of a battle of...
Oh, absolutely.
There's no question about that.
I think, again, I mentioned the whole boxing round analogy.
To me, it feels like we're at the end of this.
I can just tell you right now that something has got to happen before this election in November.
I mean, something has to happen.
I'm sick and tired of reading about, oh, the potential fixes and what we're going to do here and there.
I want to see people held accountable.
I'm tired, again, I'm tired of these guys running their mouths on Twitter, running their mouths on social media.
I want to see, let's just see one big name arrested.
Just one.
I don't care if it's Brennan or Cuomo.
Just one of them.
Just one of them, okay?
Because look, behavior is not going to change if... We throw around that word accountability and it just doesn't feel like accountability is happening right now.
And trust me...
I'm just as frustrated, if not more, than the next person.
And all we can do is continue to do things like this, speak out, and let it be known that you're just as f***ed off as I am.
That, hey, Bill Barr, John Durham, I know you're out there, but let us know what the hell you're doing.
Yeah, that too.
I'd love to be able to answer that, but again, I'm going to defer all questions like that to Sidney Powell.
I mean, Sidney Powell, if you ever want to contact her, you can always reach her website, but she's probably one of the most open, transparent people that you'd ever meet.
She's family to us now, and I'm telling you,
I mean, just kind of stay tuned because there's certain things that can't be made public that will be made public.
And, you know, I hate to even say stuff like that, but at the end of the day, we're going to win.
Let me say this.
By the way, Michael Flynn Jr.
came here humbly today.
to go.
Being humble about what's happened.
Your dad's been a patriot his whole life.
He stood up to the globalists.
He tried to give Trump good advice.
He was persecuted.
He's a hero.
And we need to celebrate our heroes.
People that got Congressional Medal of Honors, they're wonderful.
People that got Silver Stars, Bronze Stars, they're amazing.
We love them.
But this is the real fight for America right now.
And you're humble about this, but you came up here tonight, I know, under major pressure and persecution.
Tell the people watching out there on the internet, and everybody here in person, why you decided to come out and speak up for your father tonight.
I think it's because you know the tide has turned.
The hoax is broken.
We're Americans.
We're not Russian Asians.
We love our country.
We believe in America.
Why did you come out tonight?
I came up here with Ivan Riegland.
I don't know where he's at.
He's around here somewhere.
Ivan's always dragging, pulling me in five different directions.
We were at CPAC before and I'm going to be there in the next couple of days.
I came here because I knew some of the
We've actually never met in person, so it's certainly a great honor to meet Alex Jones.
I know and obviously followed your story, and I certainly appreciate everything that you've been through.
I can't imagine what the de-platforming has done with some of these
He's just ridiculous tech companies, but at the end of the day like you're still here You're still standing you're still you know you're still doing your thing, and that's not that's that's important And and and trust me what I will say because I had this conversation, and this is the last thing I'll say I had this conversation with my father all the time.
I said look
Your time is not done with America.
You know that once this is all said and done, that you are going to be pulled back into the scene in one way, shape, or form.
I don't know what that is.
I'm not going to speak for my father in that regard, but I can tell you that his time is not done.
He will get his ass back out there and speak out about the things that need to be spoken out about.
these deep state...
That's right.
General Flynn bet on America three-plus years ago and tried to put the White House stocked with patriots.
He was attacked as enemy number one.
And now, four years later, we are turning the tide.
His son is here with us tonight.
This is a beautiful time.
God bless you.
Tell your father we're indebted to him.
We appreciate him.
It's powerful.
That's why we came to D.C.
to confront the tyrants.
All right, Matt Bracken here, and you've got me for the rest of the hour.
Very powerful watching Michael Flynn Jr.
Can you imagine his father, how hard it must be for a warrior to be gagged like Roger Stone, to be forced by the deep state?
Into the position he's in where he can't even defend himself.
But the day will come.
All the heroes are going to rise again.
And this tyranny that we're seeing in America with heroes like Roger Stone and General Flynn being oppressed by these deep state tyrants, even though theoretically we have the White House, the deep state is so powerful, it just doesn't let go.
But imagine if you lived in Canada and you had a lunatic like Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren as your president.
That's what they've got in Canada right now.
Canada is becoming a tyranny.
And this segment and the next segment, I'd like to introduce somebody to you and then also introduce a case to you, which sounds unbelievably Orwellian because like Roger Stone,
The principles involved are gagged by the court.
They can be sent to jail for discussing this story.
It's about a father whose young daughter was brainwashed by these crazy LGBTQ radicals into thinking momentarily she's a boy.
And then immediately injected with massive doses of testosterone to the point where this child grew a beard and has a permanently deepened voice and has been sterilized.
So, there's the journalist that's covering this story who can't even talk about it in Canada, can't write about it in Canada, can't link videos that we can see on YouTube, can't be seen in Canada.
Her name is Laura Lynn Thompson.
And I'd like to bring her on and she can actually describe what's going on with this case.
If Laura's there, come on, Laura, come on in.
You bet.
You bet.
Can you hear me, Matt?
You hear me?
Okay, great.
Thank you so much for covering this because we can't cover it in Canada.
What they've done is they had a young girl totally brainwashed in school that she can be gender fluid.
Then we had teachers who changed her name without informing
We're good to go.
So all of a sudden they say, we got to take her to a doctor.
This doctor says, oh yeah, you are definitely transgender.
Now this young lady had already had a crush on two male teachers.
You know, she kind of had a like a thing.
So she had heterosexual tendencies.
So this Dr. Frankenstein tells this young girl that you are transgender and sends her off to our
British Columbia Children's Hospital.
At British Columbia Children's Hospital, she gets a two-hour visit.
At the end of the two-hour visit, this doctor decides, oh, we're just going to offer her testosterone on the very first visit.
How much do you know about a child on the very first visit?
And by the way, the previous doctor who sent her there said, you know what?
She had heterosexual tendencies, but the thing is, she's gay.
So we're going to turn her into a boy.
Until the end of days.
And this father's heart was broken.
He started fighting it in the courts.
Do you know what the courts did?
First of all, they assigned a lesbian lawyer named Barbara Finley.
She calls herself this.
She calls herself a fat, ugly lesbian lawyer.
That's her words for herself.
And this lesbian lawyer assumes the case for this young girl.
And she basically has had taken mind control, I would say, and has propelled this case and has acted on her behalf.
They then got a activist judge who is an LGBTQ activist judge, Justice Mazari and Justice Bowdoin.
Both of them put orders in place that this father could not speak publicly or get this mat, not even privately.
Without threat of being arrested without warrant.
There would be an arrest without warrant if he spoke even privately about this situation.
Not only that, he was ordered that if he ever refers to his daughter as a daughter and not a son and not by male pronouns, he is guilty of family violence.
This is a
Unbelievable situation where the state has drugged and heading towards mutilation of this young girl.
Her voice is changing.
She's growing a beard.
She's sterile.
How old is she?
She's 15 now.
We don't know anything at 15. 15.
Fifteen is sterilized by the state.
And sterilized by the state.
And our Canadian justice system, our medical professions have committed malpractice in my opinion.
Our educational systems have conspired for parental alienation.
All of it.
So the father had to go very silent.
I'm not even allowed to say his name.
I'm not allowed to say a father's name.
I'm not allowed.
Laura, we're going to be going to a break and we'll come back in a few minutes and pick this story back up.
But this is beyond belief.
Do people remember when healthy people were lobotomized?
It's the same thing.
We'll be back in a minute.
All right, we're back with Laura Lynn Thompson.
She actually worked for the 700 Club of Canada until she was hounded off of the air, you know, as a
As an Islamophobe.
No, excuse me.
Another phobe.
I guess a trans-LGBTQ-ophobe.
You know, a traditional woman.
I stood against, you know, here in British Columbia we have dozens and dozens and dozens of transgender indoctrination books from kindergarten to grade five, okay?
Then it gets worse from grade five on.
And so I started saying, listen, do anything you want when you're an adult.
You want to cut your schlong off and you, you know, you want to have mutilating surgery, remove healthy breasts, that's your business when you're an adult.
It's Canada, you know, fly your flag.
But children, children are sacred, children are precious.
And so I began to fight against the indoctrination of children.
And so I was targeted heavily, contacting the CRTC in Canada, the governing body of media, and asking that I would be removed and never be allowed to speak.
I've been called every name in the book, and you know what?
It really doesn't matter.
So now I'm standing for the kids and I'm standing against the establishment and these doctors that are transitioning kids without even a thought of it.
We have a doctor in this case that is transitioning 500 ministry, these are foster kids, Ministry of Children and Family kids, 500 of them.
This is a 7 point something percent of all Ministry of Children and Family kids.
This is huge.
This is sinister.
It's evil.
And we've really had enough.
And so in Canada, we are declaring war on this.
And in this one situation, we stand with this father.
We stand with a father who says, how can you transition my daughter?
She can't get a tattoo without my permission.
She can't drink a glass of wine.
She can't get married.
She can't drive.
How is she making the decision to change to a completely different sex and how is that okay?
And so we stand with him.
So when he began speaking, he had a publication ban and he broke his silence.
We have decided to stand with him.
And so I did an interview with him and so did a fellow named Frank Vaughn.
And they told me to take my video down and I did not comply.
I was hauled into court.
Short notice leave.
I was sent one email, you know, be at court.
So, I did do that, and the judge said that you have to take it down.
By this time, we found out that, you know, the Federalists, and mass resistance, and places like this, rare.
Sites from the U.S.
and from Australia and Germany are getting this video.
This story's going wild.
And so I didn't need to keep my videos up, so I said I'll take them down.
But when I didn't take them down fast enough after I left court, it took me a few days because you know you're busy and you've got a lot of things to do.
When I didn't take it down fast enough, they sent police to my home.
So I wasn't home, then the police called me, can you meet us at the police station?
So I had to go and meet at the police station, upon which the police actually told me the names.
Uh, the two names that the, uh, this daughter has gone by, which I did not previously know the names because the father was very protective of his daughter.
And so I didn't know the names.
And so who told them the names?
This lesbian lawyer, Barbara Finley, who has been, um, you know, defending this young lady and indoctrinating her further and activating.
This girl has become the activist pawn
And we're sick of it.
If that had happened to any one of us, we would stand.
And so I have to go back to court on March 9th to defend whether I'm in non-compliance.
Perhaps I'm in non-compliance today.
But here's the thing.
Once in a while, you get to a place in life where you must speak.
If you do not speak, then you are complicit to the evil going on in the land.
That's right.
Silence is consent.
And that's where I'm at.
That's right.
I had made a comparison already in my mind of this evil to something that had happened, you know, a century ago up through World War II into the 50s where there was a, you know, younger people may not be familiar with this, a quote-unquote surgical procedure called lobotomy.
Where difficult or quote-unquote mentally deficient people, schizophrenic people, they put a wire in through the corner of the eye and drug it around your frontal cortex until you became a vegetable.
This actually happened to one of the Kennedys, Rosemary Kennedy, beautiful young girl.
She'd had a difficult birth and she wasn't going to go to college, you could say, and she was sort of embarrassing her family.
So the Kennedy patriarchs, Joe Kennedy, had her lobotomized, turned us into somebody who didn't know what day it was, barely knew her name.
And this was at the time considered science.
And it was done to thousands of people.
Other people were forcibly sterilized.
There were judges that said, you know, a hundred years of idiots is enough.
Four generations of idiots is enough.
And just sterilized people deemed mentally deficient.
And up in Canada and in Australia, you're still working through this whole process of what was done to the Aboriginal kids who were drug away from their families and put into
You know, basically westernizing state brainwashing centers, you could call it, for their own good.
At the time, that was considered a great idea to westernize the Canadian Aboriginal kids, the first Canadians.
That's now considered a crisis, a disaster, a horrible stain on Canadian history.
And we need to do that with this trans movement, these LGBTQ radical ghouls.
They can brainwash a child
Yes, and it's affecting sexual activity for the rest of their lives.
It's affecting their identity for the rest of their lives.
And this is all being done without parental consent.
We have a 4,500% global increase in referrals to gender clinics.
Something is wrong.
And it used to be, you know, when when you and I were young, that there was goth kids and and there was punk rockers, you know, and you could kind of get over that phase and take the earrings out of your nose and all that.
And, you know, you get back to being an adult in this phase, in this social contagion.
A child is forever devastated.
And so while they're this this this ghoulish doctor is telling parents, hey, if you're not getting your drugs fast enough, just
You know, say the suicide word.
If you say suicide, oh, everyone's going to move for you.
But here they are moving a young girl into a position where in just a couple of years she might go, you know what?
That was a really dumb phase.
I don't know what I was thinking.
Now my voice is deep.
I still got a partial girl's body, but I have a beard.
Oh, my gosh.
Where we face suicide.
I hope that they turn around, I hope that these victims, because that's what they are, they're child victims, I hope they turn around and sue them and also sue the state for actually fronting for this.
Exactly that.
We're going to, we've only got about a minute left, but we're going to follow this up because you have a court date and just the fact that this video is being made, March 9th,
Just the fact that this video is being made and shared and will be spread around in Canada, our good friend in Ottawa and others, you could be in trouble for that.
This is purely Orwellian.
But this story has to be told.
It has to be told, Matt, and I thank you for telling it.
We have got to get the word out.
Stop mutilating our kids.
We are not going to be silent any longer.
And your link to the residential schools was a good link.
And now the residential schools are taking millions of dollars from the government, and this is going to happen in this case as well.
And I think that it's almost more evil.
How can you, you know, you could say teaching kids English and taking them out of these fairly hopeless Inuit villages where there was nothing to do, and at least giving them an education, there was some benefit.
And then as adults, if they wanted to go back to the Aboriginal ways, fine.
But in this case, the children are permanently mutilated and sterilized.
Thank you for pointing it out.
Yes, we have to get the word out.
Thank you.
We're going to have you, we're going to have you back on again until this entire case is resolved.
So we're going to a break now.
And when, thank you, Laura.
And we'll see you again as the case follows out.
And when we come back, I'm going to talk about the COVID-19 outbreak.
What else?
And that'll take us through the hour.
All right.
Well, I think that we can mark,
Yesterday, February 26, as day one of a new era in the United States, because that's the beginning of community, the community spread, the community transfer of COVID-19, the coronavirus.
And that means we're not talking about people that flew in from China or were brought back from a cruise ship.
These are just ordinary Americans that thought something was wrong.
And when they finally got tested, because we've only tested like under 500 Americans, which is ridiculous.
They test that many, you know, in Korea every hour.
But, but for some reason we're not getting the test kits out and not testing widely.
So we've now got community spread and we're just a week or so behind Italy.
Maybe we're two weeks behind Iran and two months behind China.
But what we've learned about this COVID-19 is, it's not stoppable at this point.
You know, the horse is out of the barn and it's racing.
Now, I had an insight, maybe it's just me, it's my peculiar mind, the way that I think.
I started looking at COVID-19 as an accidental weapon of mass destruction release.
You know, maybe it originated in the bat cuisine market, and maybe it was released from a Wuhan biohazard facility, an accidental experiment that got loose, infected a scientist, who then started spreading it.
Doesn't really matter, but it's out.
And it occurred to me, in my mind, I made a comparison to the 1964 Stanley Kubrick film, Dr. Strangelove.
In that film, one United States Air Force General, Jack D. Ripper, goes crazy and sends his B-52 bomber wing off on a nuclear mission to Russia in a way that they could not be recalled, that it would be impossible to bring them back.
And there's a scene in the war room with George C. Scott playing General Buck Turgidson, who says, look, what's done is done.
We can't bring it back.
But if we're going to have this nuclear war, which it's a shame it started, you know, but we might as well win it.
You know, it's happened.
It's out there.
So let's win it.
And the president, played by Peter Sellers, bald Peter Sellers, says, we don't do that.
America doesn't do that.
We'll never start a war.
But the general says, look, it started.
The crazy General Jack Ripper, he's started it.
So now we have to choose between a future where we lose $20 million or where we lose $150 million.
And it started making me wonder,
Are the Chinese, and not only the Chinese, but the Russian and the American generals, are they now looking at this kind of like that big board in the war room with the bombers heading for Russia?
This weapon of mass destruction is out.
It's a fact.
And one advantage when, you know, in the middle of this, I call it a pandemic war now, in the middle of this pandemic war against the COVID-19,
Every country has advantages and disadvantages.
And a big advantage that China has is, number one, they caught it first.
They released it, they caught it first.
They've had more time to study it.
They've actually come up with some medicines that seem to be somewhat effective.
But they've also got this extremely rigidly, tightly controlled society where they can
Order people into their apartments.
They can even lock their doors, weld them shut.
And then the next week, they can go to that apartment and say, you have to go back to your factory because of the critical need for the products from that factory.
That gives them a level of regimentation that America can never accomplish.
One of the people I watch on YouTube every day is a British doctor named John Campbell.
And this morning he had a video where somebody had sent him an email from a city in China.
And I wrote about this on American Partisan, Chinese COVID-19 quarantine rules.
I also wrote a piece yesterday called, you know, Will China Win the COVID-19 Pandemic War?
So, look at the strength that China has compared to an American city.
Imagine a city like Wuhan, where it's spread out of control.
They just quarantined it.
They'll shoot you if you're trying to leave Wuhan or Hunan province.
They'll shoot you.
They bulldoze the roads.
What's happening in there is probably a death rate, you know, 15 or 20 percent.
That's the uncontrolled death rate.
When people say, oh, don't worry, this COVID only has a 2% death rate, that's if they can take you into an isolation ICU, you know, with a team of surgeons and hazmat.
But once a city, a hospital is overrun, once the bodies are stacked in the halls and that hospital becomes, you know, a non-factor, then the death rate goes up to 10 or 15%.
Can you imagine an American city, once its hospitals are overrun,
Immediately, I think there will be looting of supermarkets, the pharmacies will be looted, the gun stores and liquor stores will be looted.
There will be no way to enforce these kind of quarantine rules that they are doing in China.
Let me read you some of these rules.
This was sent to Dr. John Campbell, okay?
His apartment complex was issued small cards with a code that is scanned every time we leave and enter.
No one without this card is permitted entrance into the apartment complex.
Masks are absolutely required at all times and goggles and gloves are strongly encouraged.
You are restricted to leaving the complex to three times a week and then only to buy groceries at one or two designated local stores.
Travel beyond those two supermarkets is discouraged and most other items have to be delivered to the front gate of your complex.
Only delivery drivers on motorbikes are allowed out, and they're given a special pass.
They have to wear gloves, masks, and a helmet with a visor.
At present, the only stores open are grocery and convenience stores with reduced staff and restricted hours, and all other shops are closed.
Imagine, your business is just closed.
Movie theaters, coffee shops, restaurants, gyms, swimming pools, bars, nightclubs, etc.
All weddings and other ceremonies associated with large groups, cancelled.
The economic effects are crippling.
It says people in my complex have been confirmed to have the virus.
When this happens, you're given the option to go to a quarantine center or they will put a paper tape over your door and you can stay in your apartment.
The tape is checked daily and if it is torn, you'll be taken to a quarantine center for violating your agreement.
And you know what that means.
It says, this is what you are seeing on YouTube with people being forcibly taken.
They have violated quarantine.
Food and essentials are then brought to you daily and delivered by special staff.
Work and education conducted remotely by the internet.
Masks are in tight supply and can be very expensive.
And streets are empty.
This is not in Wuhan, this is in the city of Chengdu, a city of 16 million.
This is like a typical city in China.
Their economy is at a standstill.
And this is because they're battling to get the infection down
To where only under 1% will be dying of this disease and they think they can stamp it out.
Imagine these conditions in America.
Imagine trying to weld Americans into apartments or telling them they can only leave their house three days a week.
One person per household can leave their house three days a week to go to a certain supermarket and return home.
That's it.
All other businesses closed.
This country can't do it.
So I'm thinking the Chinese bosses don't consider this a weakness.
They think their ability to quarantine and stamp out this disease first is a big advantage.
If we have 15% fatality rate because it's uncontrolled and our hospitals are overrun, our society will collapse.
I mean, it will be Sierra, Tango, Foxtrot hits the fan.
You know what I'm talking about.
The only book I've written that's a total, you know, pandemic SHTF book is this one, where a huge earthquake in the middle of the country takes out the entire infrastructure.
But that's the level of what I think can be coming now.
I think that Trump is absolutely incorrect comparing this to the flu.
It does not have a 0.1, you know, death rate.
It has a 2% death rate with ICU support.
A 15% death rate when it's uncontrolled.
Our cities will absolutely go berserk.
And that's bringing us into an election.
Imagine that.
Alright, I'll see you next Thursday.
I hope so.
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I mean, I've got a problem.
And we'll just take the Trump rallies over.
That said, about two months ago, I came up with a plan that I haven't launched yet.
We have a warehouse full of hundreds of thousands of stickers.
20 different stickers.
Impeach the Democrats.
Save the Second Amendment.
Defend the First Amendment.
And it looks like duct tape.
It's just a regular sticker.
You put it over your mouth.
You go to a Trump rally.
And you instantly take over without even disrupting things.
People say, why are you doing this?
What's happening?
Well, you go, well, we're being censored.
You know, Trump won't do anything about it.
And Dr. Puccini, let me just ask you what you think, because I've not watched this yet.
It's brilliant.
You've taken the very element that they try to repress you with, that's silence, and made it into a weapon.
You have the loudest sound of all, silence.
And you know what's most disturbing to people?