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Name: 20200223_Sun_Alex
Air Date: Feb. 23, 2020
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Infowars discusses the rapid spread of coronavirus around the world, highlighting increasing numbers in South Korea, Japan, Iran, and Italy. They accuse the CDC of criminal negligence for not detecting community outbreaks in the US, and claim that 47 out of 50 states have tested zero people for coronavirus. They mention a potential mass outbreak at Fairview Community Development Center in California and suggest China may have deliberately spread the virus to other countries. Mike Adams, who has one of the top testing facilities in the country, believes the virus is man-made and part of a larger plan to collapse national economies and push for global control. They also discuss the origins and spread of the virus, arguing that it is man-made and engineered as a bioweapon. They predict rapid increasing cases worldwide with potential global economic collapse due to quarantine measures and disruption of supply chains.

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Tomorrow's news today.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
And now, your host, Mike Adams.
Welcome to this Sunday edition of the Alex Jones Show, February 23rd, on the cusp of the global pandemic outbreak.
This is Mike Adams hosting for the next couple of segments.
Alex is in the studio.
He just returned from the Bernie Sanders event, I believe, in Austin.
He'll be taking over after a couple segments.
Actually, we'll be co-hosting for a segment or two.
But I've got bombshell news for you today.
I've been covering the coronavirus developments, of course, the mainstream media covering it up.
But overnight, things exploded on the global stage.
We're talking about major, sustained, exponential outbreaks in South Korea.
Japan is now a self-sustaining transmission hub of in-country transmission there.
Iran now suspected 400 infections in Iran.
Not confirmed yet, but based on the number of deaths there, that is the projected number.
It's going global.
Italy declares a state of emergency after the third death there.
And no one knows who Patient Zero is in Italy.
And the big news today, what I'll bring to you here exclusively, we have exclusive details on the Fairfax Community Development Center in Costa Mesa, California, where the United States government was secretly trying to place 35 to 50 infected coronavirus patients there.
At a facility that has a history of sexual abuse and hypnotic drugging of patients, mysterious deaths, and a shadowy organization with 200 staff members but only six official patients on the record books right now.
We're going to get into that here on the Alex Jones Show.
There's so much coming up.
Let's start with the big news.
Also, a CDC cover-up in the United States.
Let's start with this.
Producers, I need you to bring up a graphic that's in my story published last night on Natural News.
Coronavirus pandemic exploding across the globe.
South Korea surpasses 600 infections and so on.
In that story, there is a flowchart from the CDC website.
This flowchart designates who should be tested for the coronavirus in the United States.
Listen carefully, folks.
This is bombshell.
We're getting into the cover up here.
This flowchart prohibits the testing of Americans who have been infected from other Americans.
In other words, this flowchart says the only people who should be tested in the United States are people who recently came from China or people who have been in close contact with others who they know are infected.
So if you got infected in America from a super spreader or an incubation period carrier, an asymptomatic carrier, if you got infected, you will not be tested by the CDC.
And this is how the CDC is achieving its current claim of no evidence of community outbreaks.
They have set up a testing flowchart where they cannot possibly detect community outbreaks in the United States.
Do you understand?
It's a catch-22.
It's a scam.
It's criminal negligence, what the CDC is doing right now in America.
And other bombshell news, also in that same story, 47 out of 50 U.S.
states have tested zero people for coronavirus.
And that includes Hawaii, another big bombshell that just came out yesterday.
Hawaii has tested zero people for coronavirus, even though Hawaiian Airlines confirmed that they flew an infected couple on their airline from one of the islands into Oahu, Honolulu Airport, and then Delta flew them out to Japan.
We now have, in the United States, a massive cover-up underway where no one who's infected in America is going to be tested.
I'm going to get into more details of that.
We've got so many bombshells coming up, and that's just the stuff that I'm working on.
Again, we'll get into the Fairview Community Development Center, which handles a lot of autistic patients and mentally developmental... What's the right word for this?
You've got to be politically correct these days.
People with Down syndrome, people who can't care for themselves, mentally handicapped individuals is who's there.
But now it's only six patients.
So what is going on?
And why is the CDC telling us there are only 35 infected people nationwide, when the Air Force tried to move up to 50 people into Costa Mesa, which is just south of Los Angeles, so they could spread it all over California?
We'll have much more analysis straight ahead.
Mike Adams here.
Stay with us after this break.
One minute.
You found it.
The tip of the spear.
It is the Alex Jones Show with Mike Adams.
All right, this is your Sunday, February 23rd Emergency Broadcast Edition, InfoWars.com.
Mike Adams here.
Alex Jones will be joining us in, I believe, two segments, or possibly the next segment.
He's in the studio getting prepared.
I've got bombshell news.
We've been doing a tremendous amount of research.
The global pandemic has exploded in the last 72 hours.
Korea went from 30 infections, this is South Korea, from 30 infections to over 600 confirmed infections now today, and it is exploding on an exponential scale.
They're completely out of control.
It gives us a look at what happens when a nation tells the truth instead of covering it up like China and the United States.
And we'll get to the U.S.
shortly about the CDC cover-up that's underway.
I'm told from reliable sources there are over a thousand infections in the United States of America right now.
I'll get to that
Italy has declared a national emergency.
Just to recap, third death has taken place in Italy.
That's confirmed.
Iran infections are exploding and the number of deaths is exploding.
I'm told from one source that there are 20 confirmed deaths in one hospital in Iran, but there's a total cover-up there.
So we can't absolutely confirm that that's the case, but that's what I'm hearing.
Japan infections are skyrocketing, which is no surprise because Japan allowed thousands of potentially cross-infected patients or passengers
To walk off the Diamond Princess cruise ship!
And to walk through Tokyo!
And to take flights to over 50 international cities all across the world.
Also, we're hearing today, even the Washington Post covered this, Trump is furious with a State Department official in Japan who allowed infected Americans to travel on the same airplane as non-infected Americans, causing cross-contamination of people who were not yet infected, but now they are.
Imagine that!
So, basically what happened in Japan, the CDC said,
Don't fly infected Americans on the same airplane as non-infected Americans as you're evacuating the cruise passengers from the Diamond Princess cruise, right?
Don't fly them on the same airplane.
You're insane.
That's what the CDC said.
You gotta give the CDC credit, right?
The State Department, an official on the ground in Japan who's a bureaucrat, doesn't know anything about medicine, doesn't know anything about epidemiology or virology, he overrode the CDC's decision and he said basically, well, hey, we've got some plastic sheeting and duct tape,
We can make a divider in the airplane, which is incredibly incompetent, perhaps criminally negligent, in my opinion.
Because, remember the old days when you could have the smoking passengers in the back of the airplane?
Remember that?
There was a smoking section?
It was really hell on international flights.
You'd have the smokers in the back, and then you'd have the rest of the plane where you could smell the smoke, no matter where you were on the airplane.
And the reason that happens is because the airplane circulates all the same air as every pilot knows, as every just rational person knows.
It's the same air, folks.
You're in a contained vessel moving through the sky at 450 miles per hour.
The air is just circulated.
So, of course, the infected people infected the non-infected people.
And now most of them are infected and they're all brought back to America.
And then you have the incompetence of the CDC on top of that.
That decided, hey, we'll just have him in quarantine for 14 days, even though we now know the incubation period is up to 27 days, not just 24.
And we've also learned from China that some people who are, quote, cured and sent home, they later have a second recurrence of the same infection, sometimes 10 days after they were cured.
So think about this, folks.
Think about what's happening here.
The level of incompetence, if not deliberate criminal negligence or deliberate spreading of this disease, is off the charts.
We've never seen anything like this.
This is coming to America.
Let's talk about Travis Air Force Base.
In California, Travis Air Force Base tried to, on a stealth basis, move 35 to 50 infected patients to the Costa Mesa facility called Fairview Developmental Center.
I've got a big breaking story coming out on this tonight.
Producers, pull up a map and show the viewers where the Fairview Developmental Center is.
It's just south of Los Angeles near Newport Beach and
Huntington Beach, 3 million people in that county, that facility folks is not
A biocontainment facility.
It has no isolation rooms, no isolation beds.
There it is, just south of Santa Ana, a little bit south of Anaheim, near Los Angeles, not far from Long Beach.
We are talking over 10 million people in that region.
It's almost as if somebody in the United States Air Force wanted to seed America with this infection.
They wanted it to spread.
That's what it increasingly looks like because they chose the Fairview Community Center, a developmental center,
We're good.
It was ordered to start shutting down in 2016 after there were many mysterious deaths and sexual assaults.
The ratings organization on this, I've got all the links coming up in a story I'll be posting a couple hours from now.
It'll probably get cross-posted on Infowars.com.
100% of the residents there were vaccinated.
43.5% were given hypnotic drugs or similar types of drugs like anti-anxiety drugs.
It was known as a place to take care of patients with autism and down syndrome and cerebral palsy and even epilepsy.
And right now there are 200 people on the staff.
It's run by the city of Costa Mesa, but there are only six patients there, according to official records.
200 staffers at this shadowy facility that was ordered shut down starting in 2016.
Six patients still there.
Air Force trying to move 50 infected coronavirus patients to that facility.
The city leaders freaked out.
The Costa Mesa city leaders, you probably already know this, they filed an emergency lawsuit on Friday with a federal court in California's Central District.
A judge there issued a temporary restraining order to prevent the Air Force from moving infected patients there.
The city leaders said, this is insane.
We were not even notified that this was about to happen and that facility has no containment.
There's nothing there.
No isolation beds.
This is not a Level 4 biohazard facility.
It was a place for basically shadowy groups to run medical experiments on the mentally retarded.
I'm sorry to say, that's what it was.
It was a giant, secretive medical experimentation facility that's now going to be used by the Air Force, somebody in the Air Force, to seed coronavirus infections into Los Angeles.
So we have to be honest here now, folks.
This is the red alert message of the day.
I'm sorry if I appear overly animated here, but we are talking about massive crimes against humanity, against America.
Someone is trying to spread the coronavirus in the United States, and the CDC is complicit in the cover-up.
Somebody decided to put infected people on that airplane flying back to the United States.
And then somebody in the Air Force decided to move up to 50 infected patients into this facility in Costa Mesa where they've been running medical experiments and who knows what kind of vaccine experiments and sexual assaults and violent deaths, mysterious deaths, all kinds of deaths reported from the OCRegister.com.
People suffering from schizophrenia and intellectual disabilities.
I mean, basically, they're probably Jason Bourne, a bunch of people there, is what we're talking about here.
It's like a Jason Bourne factory, probably, is what they're doing there, running medical experiments on people.
And it's not shut down.
It's in full operation.
The Air Force is trying to move infected people there to cause this outbreak.
They're going after Trump.
This is my current assessment.
I'm curious to ask Alex what he thinks about this.
I think, I actually predicted this last week, Democrats will try to spread this in America as quickly as possible because they want to cause a financial collapse, they want to cause massive panic, they want to have Trump blamed for this outbreak.
And Trump is furious with the State Department employee in Japan who let these infected people on the airplane.
Trump, I think, is very quickly coming up to speed on this.
But people are trying to get Americans infected.
We have now entered the era where this is going to spread across the United States.
I have from a source.
Yes, Alex.
You're going to be hosting at least two more segments with us.
Stay right there.
All right.
I appreciate you doing this.
Again, I was just down at the Bernie rally protesting with Owen Schroer.
He'll be popping on as well.
We have another special guest, but this, this, obviously this virus is the big move against the nation state.
It is the weapon against America.
You see the globalists all behind it right now.
And it's definitely a global pandemic exploding out of control, as Mike Adams just said.
The numbers are absolutely clear.
Stay with us.
We'll be right back.
NaturalNews.com, Infowars.com.
Spread those links.
Broadcasting worldwide from Texas.
In resistance to the tyrants.
Live from Austin, Texas.
Broadcasting worldwide.
It's Alex Jones.
And from his
Farming and scientific and paramilitary compound.
Mike Adams joins us.
He has one of the top testing facilities in the country.
Has a big farm.
Has a big publishing company.
He's got over 300 websites.
He's a great guy.
Most of what he does is subterranean, like an iceberg.
A lot of what we do is subterranean.
We knew the attacks were coming years ago and built for it.
A lot of the big sites you see, a lot of the people you see on air, you'll never know.
We financed, we backed what we did.
But Mike's his own man.
That's why I admire what he's done.
Before I was even reading naturalnews.com the last few days, I'm scanning everything and I'm like, Italy declares emergency?
In one town, hundreds of cases, and hundreds here and thousands there, and then they're saying nothing's happening, no cases in America?
I get Trump not wanting to scare people, but the fact is it's man-made.
That's confirmed.
And the fact is it's a chimera, meaning it's a mix of different virus species.
And so clearly now we see with the UN praising Xi Jinping and all of it.
It's not just to push the inoculation in a year.
They say it's the new flu.
It's just this new thing like AIDS, HIV that'll be with us forever.
This is clearly the rollout of something huge.
You can feel it in your bones.
But then intellectually I go, okay, let me ignore my gut.
Let me just look at the facts.
And I'm like, this looks really bad.
And now a month later, I'm like, oh my God.
So Mike, I'm looking at these headlines here.
And I agree with you.
Trump admits he's pissed.
He doesn't want to spook the economy, but he also doesn't want to get set up by these people.
What's the best thinking?
Because I think you're right in the zeitgeist on this.
Because again, none of us, we have the answers we have, but then we've got to like make dead reckonings.
We've got to go with the gut level.
At a certain point, you have a lot of information that you got to finally make that call.
Is this a bioweapon against nation states?
Is this the global crisis they believe will counter the nationalist movement?
I have clips, we don't have time to get to, of MSNBC, CNN, ABC News this week.
They're up on Infowars.com saying, we want a global collapse.
To stop Trump.
We want a depression to stop nationalists worldwide.
I mean, it's all over.
It's not just Bill Maher saying it a year ago.
That's now a talking point by these people, Mike.
Well, the big change today is it looks to me like this is being deliberately spread in the United States.
I spoke to a high-level source inside the Department of Homeland Security who was part of a briefing
No, let's just stop right there, like the record jumps.
You said that before the break.
I got other stuff on my mind.
Start over.
Just start over with what you were talking about.
It looks like this spread is deliberate in the United States, that there are probably anti-Trump forces trying to spread this.
No, no.
Start over.
Start over.
Here's what I've learned, Mike.
I'm not trying to interrupt you.
If we just work something out, nobody cares.
We have to build it up.
Yeah, well, this is a biological weapon.
It's being deployed against America right now.
People inside the Department of Homeland Security have been briefed on this.
A source I spoke to has seen a map that was distributed in a high-level meeting that shows currently 989 confirmed infections in America.
And actually, that's a week old.
And some of those were centered in San Diego and some in Seattle.
The Travis Air Force Base, the reason they're offloading up to 50 patients to this Fairview facility is because Travis Air Force Base has run out of isolation rooms.
They're being overrun with infected patients.
The CDC has failed to offer any testing kits to the point where 47 U.S.
states are not conducting any testing.
It's zero, Alex.
It's zero.
Look, they sent out faulty kits on February 5th.
It's starting to look like that was deliberate.
And on February 13th, it was discovered the kits didn't work.
The CDC said they were going to replace the kits.
Mike, we've got the rest of the hour or the hour after that if we need to.
As a father, I need to know what you really think.
Clearly, they admit it's man-made.
Now even Mainline News says it's man-made.
Even AP, Reuters, Newark Post.
So the fact that they knew this a month ago and covered it up, clearly, I'm not trying to just cover for the President.
He doesn't know this is going on.
Right, right.
No, this, look.
There are different factions inside the federal government.
They know this is going to swamp hospitals across America.
They know this is already uncontained in America.
Some people want to hurt Trump with this.
Other people want to disclose everything and tell the truth so that people can take precautions.
Remember that right now.
So it's like a football or a ring of Mordor they're battling over.
Yeah, and remember that the media downplaying this is going to cause it to spread faster, because when people have coughs and pneumonia-like symptoms in America today, they're told that there is no coronavirus in America, when there actually is.
It is spreading in California and in Washington State, and I believe probably also Oahu in Hawaii as well, and Hawaii has conducted zero tests.
So how can you, well to put it a better way Alex, South Korea is telling the truth.
And that's why their infections have exploded.
600 plus now confirmed infected.
Italy is telling the truth.
America says, we can't test for this?
Are you effing kidding me?
We can't test, but South Korea can test thousands of people.
We can't test anybody in America?
The CDC has only tested 414 people, even though we have over a quarter of a million students from China alone.
Tens of thousands flew back after the Chinese New Year.
Have they been tested?
Washington State had 779 people on their watch list.
Yesterday, they released 100 people from the watch list, only tested 2.
Mike, there's no doubt.
Why is South Korea and Italy panicking, saying it's out of control, it's deadly, it's killing people?
And then we're told, oh, don't worry about it.
I mean, this is just crazy.
So looking at this then,
We know it's man-made.
We know that a similar virus was sold by the U.S.
five years ago to China.
What do you really think's going on?
I mean, how big is this going to get?
Well, I think this was definitely a biological weapon.
I think it was intentionally released in China.
But since then, and I actually predicted this on your show about two weeks ago, since then other parties have harvested it and they have released it in the United States and in Iran and in Europe and other countries.
Look, it's so easy to harvest this.
Oh yeah, what's this we hear about Iran?
I hear like Iran's crippled by this.
Yeah, Iran, there's, again, we're hearing rumors of 20 deaths in a hospital there from a reliable source, as well as 400 possible infections in Iran alone.
And Iran's not even talking about this.
And Indonesia says we don't even have any cases.
That's absurd.
Clearly, it's super, super communicable.
It spreads very easily.
Clearly, it's killing a bunch of people.
Clearly, there's a cover-up.
How does this set Trump up, then?
Like, what's the larger plan?
This is going to interfere with the election.
If they can blame Trump for this.
Okay, one day the media will all announce, oh it's horrible in America, it's all in the cities, and Trump didn't do anything.
That is the narrative that's coming.
But the media is complicit in it.
So they advise him, sir, it's no big deal, don't worry about it, even though he's a germaphobe.
He's like, okay.
And then now they go, oh, you've done a terrible job.
That's right.
That's exactly what this is.
And we're going to have quarantines in Los Angeles, it looks like.
It's inevitable.
And you know how I know you're right, Mike?
How many UN documents, how many globalist documents say world government's going to succeed thanks to a pandemic?
They've always been betting on this.
For 40 years, longer than that, 50 years, State Department ran them 200.
Kissinger, they say, will use a global pandemic to bring in the world government.
They're transplanting it, Alex, into this community center in Costa Mica.
They're seeding it.
They're seeding it across America.
It's not a biohazard containment facility.
They're literally spreading this on purpose in America while we're being lied to by the media.
So I'll give you the floor when we come back.
I'm gonna stick a sock in my mouth.
Mike, as you've got all the documents, I've got all the articles right here.
Lay out where the people are landing, what the cover-ups are, where you see the epicenters of this, and how you think it's going to spread.
This is just crazy.
I've been on air 25 years, folks, and I've never been this concerned.
You can feel it.
They're doing something big with this virus.
Welcome back, I'm Alex Jones, your host.
Mike Adams, engineer, health expert, riding shotgun with us.
Mike, take over for this segment.
I was interrupting earlier.
There were so many questions, so do the listeners and viewers.
Clearly, they admit this is genetically engineered.
That right there is huge.
And then now... Even in China.
So take over.
What do you think is really happening?
Alright, alright, big picture.
I'll summarize this, and I apologize, I keep leaping ahead because I assume everybody knows everything that I know on this, which is a bad assumption.
So, starting from the beginning, the world governments, they spend hundreds of billions of dollars to develop biological weapons so they can use them as weapons against their enemy countries.
We're good to go.
This superweapon was being researched in the Wuhan lab.
It was, by my assessment, deliberately released, but some people think it was accidentally released.
By the way, the seafood market natural adaptation narrative has collapsed.
No one believes that anymore, not even China.
The Global Times out of China announced their scientists had found it did not originate in the seafood market, so let's not even talk about that.
This was engineered.
Once it's released, and this is the key, Alex, that everybody needs to understand.
Once it's released, it's an open source bioweapon.
Meaning that any nation in the world can harvest it by simply having a volunteer get infected.
That volunteer can then have their blood, you know, donated, harvested, so to speak, or any tissue harvested to grow and replicate this viral strain using something as simple as an incubator and egg yolks.
From there, they can then extract the virus very easily just using water and filtration.
They can put it into something as simple as a nasal spray, like an off-the-shelf, you know, if your nose, if you have a cold, you buy a nasal spray.
You could put the virus in that, send that person or a hundred people off to your target country, and just run around the airports spraying everything with the nasal spray.
That's a biological weapons attack.
So humanity is being given a kill switch, the globalists want to depopulate, they have universities develop this economy, or they hand it out so there's plausible deniability, who created it and now they're open sourcing it even more.
It's now in the open source domain.
Anybody can get it just by sending people in to get infected.
So now, you see the infections happening in Iran.
Is someone attacking Iran with this?
Or maybe it's just spreading from China.
But someone is attacking the United States.
And in fact, I believe that anti-Trump forces inside the U.S.
government are spreading it in the United States.
Remember how we've talked about how Democrats would kill any number of Americans in order to get rid of Trump?
That they would destroy this nation?
In order to try to run it.
They're all over the news saying crash the economy to stop Trump.
Well now they've found the perfect weapon to do it.
So when you see elements of the Air Force, some of which are very disloyal to Trump, you know this, whereas the Marines are more loyal to Trump.
The Air Force did the whole fake Air Force Academy racist thing.
Yeah, exactly.
The Air Force is planting infected people in Costa Mesa, California in a non-containment facility, a secretive facility, that was supposed to be on the process of being shut down by the state, a facility with a history.
Listen to this.
Larry Ingram, whose brother died, I'm quoting the OC Register, Larry Ingram, whose brother died in Fairview in 2007 from a broken neck,
Wants the state to shutter the center, quote, it's like a prison.
He said he's a retired police officer from San Diego.
Quote, I've worked in the jails.
It's like a jail.
It has the odor of a county jail.
It was shoddy.
It was run down.
This is where they're going to put infected coronavirus level four biohazard patients in the middle of California, just south of Los Angeles.
Are you kidding me?
It's beyond criminal negligence, Alex.
It's a deliberate bioweapons attack on the people of California.
And if I were listening and I were in Los Angeles right now, I would be bugging out.
I'd be getting out.
Well, if you expand on that, though, because I've seen the articles you've written and others have, there's all these programs where they're flying people back who are infected with regular people on the planes.
So, okay, yeah.
So a State Department employee in Japan overrode the CDC's decision and said, we're going to have a plane, we're going to put infected people in the back of the plane and non-infected people in the front of the plane, and we're going to have basically plastic and duct tape between them.
It didn't work.
Guess what?
Trump is furious about this.
That's being reported today in the Washington Post.
The CDC is furious about it.
So they cross-infected a bunch of patients, and then they put them in Omaha, Nebraska, they put them in San Antonio, Texas, they put them in Travis Air Force Base in California, and then now they're releasing them after 14 days, even though the incubation period is 27 days in certain cases.
This is deliberate, Alex.
And it's going to explode in America, and setting up Trump to take the blame for this.
I mean, that's it.
Well, you're right.
We're not here to defend Trump.
It's so clear.
The bureaucracy is doing this.
They know what they're doing, just like they've sabotaged everything else.
And it's just crazy.
Do we know the epicenter, then?
We know it was bought from a U.S.
lab under Obama five years ago, sold to the CHICOMS.
The point of origin, do we have any idea what their larger plan is?
Obviously, Xi Jinping has used it to crack down on Taiwan and take rights from people, but what's the bigger picture?
Well, the bigger picture is global depopulation, rolling out medical martial law, forced vaccinations, total censorship over everything, elimination of cash to bring in a cashless society, which China has already begun.
They've said that cash spreads this, so they're going to ban cash.
I mean, this is every globalist dream come true.
They're going to kill off all the people who are collecting Social Security because it attacks the elderly more than anyone else.
And by the way, even though there's a race-specific component to it, it's infecting people in Italy with great aggression there.
So, you know, white people or European people are certainly not immune to this by any means.
It's just that it has a higher... By the way, let's talk about that.
You've got Italy locking up Northern Italy, declaring a total emergency, a national emergency.
Why is that happening?
Well, they've had three deaths in Italy.
They've had a massive explosion of infected cases.
They're way behind the curve here.
Over the next three days, we're going to see those cases double and triple in Italy.
True, so why is Italy and South Korea admitting what's going on, everybody else isn't?
Because they know, Alex, they know that the only way to stop this is to be honest and alert the people to self-quarantine and stop holding community events and stop coughing in church and whatever people do.
But in America, right now, everybody's oblivious.
By design, they're oblivious.
So people are shaking hands.
We're not going to return the republic and defeat the globalists without a fight.
They're not going to attack us militarily, they're going to hit us with a bioweapon.
Yeah, and they're going to keep people oblivious until it's too late.
It's already beyond containment globally, Alex.
It's beyond containment.
And again, we said this a month ago, right?
Right here on your show, we said this a month ago.
We were called fake news.
Now it's exploding globally.
This is a global pandemic that the WHO refuses to call a pandemic and the CDC refuses to test for in the United States.
Well, I mean, I'm right here.
I remember
What happened to you on a month ago when you were talking about these very issues and global spread and the fact that they're not doing testing, that it wasn't the Wuhan market, and then now here's mainline news.
Don't buy China's story, the coronavirus may have leaked from a lab, New York Post.
I mean, you're right.
I agree with the Chinese papers.
They're not claiming it's that.
That food market anymore?
So they're abandoning the cover-up at least of that now.
Is that because no one's buying or they can see the virus is engineered?
Well, they can't deny the science, because it's all in the blueprint of the DNA and the RNA of the virus.
Any virologist looking at it will say, yeah, this was engineered, if they're honest.
So they can't cover it up.
They're changing the narrative.
Actually, China is pivoting to the narrative that this was a U.S.
weapon, that Trump attacked China with this.
That's their narrative coming next.
Trust me on that point, because we've got people in Asia, and that's what's coming.
They're going to say Trump attacked China.
All right, let's do one more segment.
I mean, we'll start the second hour and cover other issues, but I feel even weird covering it.
I mean, they're burning in Austin, and Owen Schwartz is down there protesting right now.
I was down there, great footage of us bullhorning him.
And there's just so much other crazy news, but I mean, nothing right now.
You've got this Homeland Security whistleblower, remember him?
Who exposed Obama covering up the Muslim Brotherhood.
He got his head blown off at his house, looking at it as an assassination.
It's just, it's all insane.
We're covering it all now.
Only way the signal gets out is when you spread it.
Please do.
The answer to 1984 is 1776.
Live from Austin, Texas, broadcasting worldwide, it's Alex Jones.
You know, when I tell you there's a jam-packed second hour, it's not like I'm hyping that up.
We have so much ridiculous, insane news.
Myself, Owen Schroer, confronting Bernie Sanders just an hour ago.
Owen's still down there right now.
In Austin, Texas, we are covering it all right now.
But engineer, author, and health writer Mike Adams is here, who's been really capping the ship when it comes to exposing the whole coronavirus situation.
It's confirmed now.
The Senate's come out, and major publications, major universities, they go, yeah, it's engineered.
So that's why people are so scared of it.
They're like, oh, well, let's just hope it doesn't kill too many people.
I'm like, OK, it's killing people.
OK, it's spread really fast.
And now we learn there's a cover up.
So this shows up right as nationalists are defeating globalism worldwide, when the globalists are on record saying they'll use
Bioweapons or plagues to bring in world government.
So Mike Adams, the providence of the virus, the man-made nature, and the other angles of you believing, and I agree with you, that it's going to be pointed at Trump to say he failed to accurately say what it was once the true nature of it begins, with Communist China using it as a crackdown domestically, so they look like victims, but then they incubate it there and send it here.
Well, three pieces of very strong evidence that show this is deliberately being spread in the United States now.
Number one, that they put, the State Department employee in Japan put infected people on the same airplane as non-infected people.
Point number two, the United States Air Force trying to transfer up to 50 infected people secretly to the Fairview Developmental Center in Costa Mesa, which is a shoddy prison camp, basically.
It would just become a factory to spread the infection.
And the third piece of evidence, the CDC prohibiting people from testing for Americans who were infected by other Americans.
Now the definition of a community outbreak, Alex, is an outbreak, someone getting it in America from another person in America, having nothing to do with China.
But the CDC testing flowchart prohibits people from testing for that exact scenario.
So by definition, the CDC will never see community outbreaks.
So it's designed for the beginning, but let's expand.
It's not just you.
It's prestigious universities.
It's scientists.
It's Dr. Francis Boyle who authored the U.S.
Biological Weapons Convention saying the exact same thing.
And we have all the papers admitting it.
My concern is, like you said, they handed out the blueprints to this.
So a bunch of countries for plausible deniability, so we don't know who the hell's behind it now.
Well, right.
It's very easy to imagine Iran or North Korea or China being behind this.
Who knows?
Or even just the Democrats, frankly, who want to bring down this country.
They want to bring down Trump, and they want to bring down the economy.
And is it that the problem?
Like, science is great, but when godlike power gets distributed everywhere, bad guys are going to use it.
How does civilization even survive with a scenario like that?
Well again, I mean, I'm a scientist, I use science, I'm a fan of good science, but I think Francis Boyle is right.
We need to arrest and prosecute every person involved in bioweapons research, put them in life, uh, prison for life!
Yeah, we gotta cut it off instead of just proliferating it in the name of defense.
Yeah, and again, the vaccine industry is the cover story for this, Alex.
So they say, oh no, we're only researching vaccines against these weapons when they're actually researching the weapons.
Explain that.
Most listeners get it, but it's got to be repeated.
On record, there's laws against bioweapons development.
So you just go, oh, we're preparing for it, but you make the weapons that nobody else has made, so you have a counter to them.
Yeah, in order to make the vaccine, you have to replicate the virus, and then you weaken it to make the vaccine.
So all of this research in the vaccine industry dealing with these types of pathogens, coronavirus class pathogens, is bioweapons research.
And the purpose is to have a weapon that they could deploy against another country.
You know, whereas nuclear weapons eventually go away because you have a half-life of radiation, right?
So the half-life of cesium-137, for example, is 29 years.
After about 300 years, it's gone.
About 10 half-lives, radiation is gone.
Biological weapons are the other way.
They double every few days.
And they never go away.
There's no half-life.
There is a doubling.
And right now, the doubling in South Korea is doubling about every three days.
And in Italy, it's doubling every day.
Well, your mathematical projections have been very accurate with even the bad numbers they gave us.
What are you expecting?
What's the best approximation?
Dead reckoning.
What's the current global spread?
How many really infected?
How many really dead?
How big does it get?
Bill Gates says 10 million dead in Africa alone.
Is that accurate?
Well, I'll put it this way.
By the end of March, there will be 50,000 cases in Europe.
By the end of March, there will be millions of cases in China.
There will be maybe tens of thousands of cases, if not more, in Africa.
And there will probably be many thousands in the United States, if not tens of thousands.
So, the thing is, nothing is working to stop this.
And the government authorities are incompetent and criminally negligent, Alex.
You look at the Japanese health ministry.
They let people walk off that ship.
Knowing that they were infected.
Thousands of people.
They flew out to 50 cities around the world.
This was a criminal assault against humanity carried out by the nation of Japan.
Dr. Iwata has already exposed all that, and they shut him up and banned his YouTube videos.
It's not just America, this is a global war against humanity.
Well, there's no doubt.
The globalists have said they're going to use bioweapons against humanity, and there's no doubt it spreads very fast.
There's no doubt that it's artificially produced.
The media won't pick up the fact that major universities produced this virus or that it's patented.
I mean, I don't see how they think that's going to be covered up.
There's a bunch of deaths.
These scientists and government agencies are going to be held accountable.
It doesn't matter how much internet censorship they've got, people are going to find out who killed their loved ones.
Well, then you have to start looking at the shutdown of infrastructure.
So a city like Los Angeles, which is where it looks like the Air Force is trying to release this,
It's entirely dependent on water being pumped in and electricity and food brought in.
You quarantine that city, guess what happens?
You just get Mad Max scenarios.
You get total apocalypse in Los Angeles.
They can barely keep it under control on a good day where the police are already outnumbered.
It's practically gang warfare today.
Imagine when there's a quarantine and people can't get any food.
People in South Korea are buying, stripping the shelves bare right now in South Korea.
No one in LA is doing that yet.
When the day comes that they find out the truth about this, because they have been misinformed, they will panic.
You see, what we do, Alex, we try to prevent panic by giving people information in advance.
The media will cause a panic by withholding the truth from people, causing sudden fear when they find out that truth.
Well, Mike, clearly you look at China and the body bags, people collapsing and dying, and the mobile execution or cremation vans.
Clearly, this is a lot bigger there.
Do we have any idea how big it is in China, with most of the country under lockdown right now?
And how long can those cities hold out while they're locked down?
And what happens to their economy?
What does that do to our economy?
82% of the businesses will crater in 90 days of no cash and it's already been about 30 days.
We are 60 days away from a global supply chain collapse that cannot be recovered from.
South Korea has already shut down Samsung manufacturing, automobile manufacturing, appliance manufacturing in certain factories that depend on China.
We're talking about half the German car sales being cut off by this.
92% plunge in China car sales. 92%.
And Alex, these are not recoverable numbers if they continue another 60 days.
It's not recoverable.
You know, if you lose the factory, and you lose the financing, and everybody's sent home... No, no, exactly.
If Infowars ever got shut down, it'd be very hard to ever start it up, because you've got to build up.
You've got to have the finance, the people, and all of it in synergy.
It's like, you either get bigger or you get smaller.
You implode, you get bigger.
You don't just sit there.
Yeah, I mean imagine if you had to cover overhead for 90 days without any operations, you'd be bankrupt.
I would too.
All of us.
Every business.
And that's what's happening.
And so you cannot recover overnight from this.
And by the way, this globalism is failing on an economic level.
This is showing the disaster of single source supply chains.
So there's a silver lining to this, which is that the lesson of globalism is about to be learned.
That was my next question.
I meant to ask you that like an hour ago when we first got on.
This shows how this just-on-time supply chain is horrible.
It's horrible.
Trump was right to protect U.S.
We should have manufacturing here.
We should have tariffs on other countries.
We should have our own self-reliance in America, which is what Trump wants, and he's absolutely correct, and this proves it yet again.
Globalism will kill humanity.
We're about to see some of that happen.
Well, isn't Russia a model of that?
Under the sanctions the last 15 years, Russia in many ways has gotten stronger building its own infrastructure.
Yeah, in a sense, Russia has tried to disconnect from the globalist cartels, and they've had some success in that.
But, you know, even Cuba has done some of that.
But, you know, we don't have to follow communist models, we just have to promote... No, I agree.
No, I totally agree.
You know?
I mean, made in America, without using Chinese parts, and that practically doesn't exist.
Almost, I mean, everything made in America is using parts from China.
They're just assembled in America.
People are about to realize... Well, Mike, I gotta tell you, I got four children and I don't want this virus to be bad, but at a gut level, I feel like it's really bad.
I think the listeners know it's really bad.
Whether that's the political response or whether it itself is really bad, clearly we're moving down the road of it is super deadly.
We really appreciate your great brain working on this.
Mike Adams with NaturalNews.com.
Thank you so much.
Thank you, Alex.
Alright, we've got... I'm gonna turn away from the virus, because I just... I can't handle it.
I'll cover a bunch of other subjects when we come back, as best I can, but... I'm concerned, folks.
You know, I can metaphysically feel, at a spiritual level, welcome back here to the Alex Jones Show, that we've gone over the top.
I believe, and I know humanity is going to make it, at least part of us, the future, some good things are going to happen.
Because I always had endless energy to try to win the war, but now I still have a lot of energy, but I just can feel that off in the future we're going to win together.
Doesn't mean everybody's going to be able to go in the future, doesn't mean everybody's going to be successful, but I feel metaphysically some really big things have happened.
Now, we went out to a Bernie rally literally an hour and a half ago.
Less than an hour and a half ago, I got back here to the office.
That's what Mike Adams was hosting.
Plus he had big breaking news.
I felt really sad seeing his supporters, but when they're yelling and cussing at me, I was mean to them.
And at a certain point, I should probably try to be nicer to them.
I could probably convince more of them to come to our side, but I'm just not that strong.
I'm not going to lie to you.
I just, I just attack.
When I'm dealing with communists and people that support communism, when communists have killed 200 and something million people, I just, I'm just not happy about it.
Let me air this special report here.
We'll be right back.
It's very important.
Stay with us.
They tell your kids they gotta love Justin Bieber.
And, uh, you know, and then your children are turned into mindless vassals.
They look up to some twit instead of looking up to Nikola Tesla or looking up to Magellan.
I mean, kids, Magellan's a lot cooler!
He's cooler than Justin Bieber!
He circumnavigated with one ship the entire planet!
He was killed by wild natives before they got back to Portugal!
And when they got back there was only like 11 people alive of the 200 and something crew and the entire ship was rotting down to the water!
I'm not stupid.
I'm a straight shooter.
I'm from Texas.
Oh, I like you, Alex.
I like you.
Alex is a good guy.
He's a really good guy.
He's a little bit funny guy.
He's wrong.
He's wrong.
He's wrong.
You think I'm stupid?
Everything you're doing is turning to pure crap.
You've got a crap touch, not a Midas touch.
I got all of it.
You think I'm stupid.
I'm not.
I could see for miles and miles and miles.
And then you get transported to a space prison for a couple hundred thousand years.
And then when you come back, you don't ever come back.
This is their plan, people.
These are demons.
Just like the Bible says, it's basically an intergalactic invasion into this space through people.
I'm telling you, it's what all the ancients said, it's what they warned of, it's what we're dealing with.
They're demons.
They're frickin' interdimensional invaders, okay?
I'll just say it, make fun of me all you want on CNN or wherever, but everyone already innately knows this.
These people are not frickin' humans, okay?
What is that?
What is that?
The Clockwork Elves.
I heard about the Clockwork Elves when I was a little kid.
And I decided I don't want to see them.
Because everybody sees them.
Little goat creatures with little green hats and little green uniforms.
They look just like grey aliens.
Then they pull their mask off and they don't look quite like that anymore.
They wear little grey masks so they don't get too scary.
Because they look like little gremlins, little demons.
You don't think I don't have five steps ahead of all this crap?
And I've been a lot further than anybody that takes DMT, let me tell ya.
Cuz I got the DMT.
Alex Jones gots a lot of the DMT.
The DMT.
The DMT.
Every night I go to sleep, it's like a thousand years.
I know all about the DMT.
The DMT.
I would've had some fun, stay with us.
The DMT.
This transmission is coming to you.
Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones, coming to you live from the front lines of the InfoWar.
So, yesterday afternoon my phone started blowing up and they said, did you hear Philip Haney?
The famous Homeland Security whistleblower that exposed Obama trying to cover up the Muslim Brotherhood and Islamic terror groups, he was found shot to death.
And then it was inconclusive, but now we're being told with no evidence.
They say we'll have no evidence, but he blew his own head off in his car.
Let me just say, I'll never commit suicide if I'm found dead in a car, or on a boat, or in a house, or on top of a tree, or on the moon.
I didn't kill myself.
Stories up on newshorse.com.
This guy exposed the whole thing.
They have the network.
Obama tried to cover up the Islamic attack in San Bernardino.
This guy exposed it.
They sent a message.
You open your fat mouth, you're dead.
I've talked to a lot of law enforcement, federal, local, you name it.
It's the same thing when they expose corruption.
There's these small clicks on top that are evil that come down and threaten them.
Friends of Philip Haney.
No way he would have taken his own life.
He talked to people a few days before.
Oh, I'm gonna meet you.
I'm happier than ever.
I'm doing great.
He was healthy.
Well, here's the last time he was on Fox News talking about what's going on.
Here it is.
Former DHS employee Philip Haney.
Philip, you started working for DHS in what, 2003, correct?
Yes, I was a founding member of DHS.
And part of your job is you were looking for terror ties.
For example, you would identify people with terror links in the early 2000s.
You were profiling people with links to all of these terror groups.
That was your job, right?
Yes, we were connecting the dots.
We were focusing on individuals and organizations, networks across both United States and with affiliations in foreign countries.
Then six years into your tenure in 2009, you were ordered to scrub the records of Muslims with these terror ties by our government.
Who told you to do that?
I was director from DHS headquarters.
It's important to keep in mind that that was one year after the November 2008 Holy Land Foundation trial, the largest terror trial in American history, that irrefutably proved that these individuals from the Muslim Brotherhood front groups were in direct financial support of Hamas.
And that's the trial where Care was named as an unindicted co-conspirator, if I'm not mistaken?
As along with the Islamic Society of North America and the North American Islamic Trust, three major groups.
Okay, so you were doing your job identifying individuals, you built up a computer database, Obama becomes president, you are literally ordered to scrub the names of Muslims with terror ties that you had worked so hard to find,
You believe you could have stopped what happened in Orlando and San Bernardino had you not been ordered by Obama's DHS to do this.
Is that true?
Well, that was the first, what I call the first great purge.
That was in 2009 with more than 800 records.
The case that I'm referring to about stopping the San Bernardino and now related to the Orlando was three years later in 2012.
It was a larger case called the Tablighi Jamaat Initiative and it was another network separate from, but related to in some ways, the Muslim Brotherhood Network that we just talked about.
So, in the case of San Bernardino... Alright, the full interviews of now deceased Philip Haney are on Infowars.com and Newswars.com, but
I've done my own research.
This guy was Salty Earth.
He was in there.
They have the databases.
San Bernardino.
Other events.
And they just get covered up.
We exposed a Muslim group that got connected to a dead kid in a subterranean pit who was like tortured to death.
And the New York Times said I was bad to report on.
I mean, the left's religion
He is worshipping the most radical forms of Islam, because they are anti-Christian, and they see that as their mission.
And so is the ADL now.
The ADL is like this Islamic worshipping thing, claims it supports Israel.
It really doesn't.
You'll read what Rosenblatt, the head of it, says.
It's like, it's crazy, man.
I mean, let me tell you, I don't know how the Muslims bought everybody off.
I don't know how they got so much power, but I guess there might be 3 billion of them.
There's like 1.9 billion right now.
They just run the show.
I mean, it's like...
You talk about him, you get attacked.
You fight him, you get killed.
And there's no doubt that's what happened to Philip Haney.
Now, I'm going to come back with a bunch of big news, but if we put together a little quick compilation that just happened like an hour and a half ago of myself going up and bullhorning Bernie Sanders as he arrived in Austin, Texas.
The rally's going on right now.
We have live feeds on Infowars.com.
Owen Schroyer, he's out there right now, but these people attack you, they try to block you, they try to stop your free speech.
You say, I love communism, and they cheer.
I hate Trump, I hate America, they cheer.
I think my own crew was like, dude, they can take that out of context, you saying that.
I'm like, no, I understand, people know I'm not really saying that, I'm getting them to cheer along with me.
I was literally saying, F America, F Trump, and people were like, yay!
So, here's that report.
The globalists are the enemies of free societies.
Reject Bernie Sanders.
Realize that communism kills.
Realize that only in a capitalist country can you have a giant fat walrus ass and not work.
That's what... Show us the walrus ass.
Talk about not working, getting plenty of calories.
You went to Venezuela, man.
You'd lose a hundred pounds.
Bernie Sanders is a criminal.
Bernie Sanders has never worked a day in his life.
If you want to live in a communist country, you should move to Venezuela, or communist China, or North Korea, or Cuba.
Bernie Sanders is a swindler that bankrupts everything he and his disgusting wife put their filthy, dirty hands on.
Bernie Sanders is an establishment lapdog of the globalists.
Bernie Sanders will give you red light!
Bernie Sanders is an enemy of humanity!
Communism is dead!
Communism is dead!
Communism is dead!
Look at them all lined up to see their God.
To see their king, to see their lord, Bernie the Communist Sanders!
Down with Trump!
Up with Bernie!
Down with Trump!
Up with Bernie!
Down with Trump!
Up with Bernie!
Down with Trump!
Up with Bernie!
Down with America!
Bernie Sanders will destroy America!
Down with America!
Down with America!
Up with Bernie!
Communism now!
We need Bernie!
Bernie now!
Communism now!
Bernie now!
Communism now!
Oh, I'm damn right I'm triggered out here!
I'm winning!
We love Cuba!
We love Cuba!
We love Cuba!
Our common is Cuba!
Start me to death!
Start me to death!
Like Venezuela!
Like North Korea and the communist Chinese!
Start me to death!
See, all these are actual Bernie's!
These are actual Bernieites that are anti-free speech!
Look at them!
Look at them!
These are the actual Bernieites!
These are the actual Bernieites that want to stop our free speech!
These are actual Bernie supporters right here!
Look at them!
These are the actual Bernie supporters that want to put people in death camps!
These are the actual Bernie supporters that are anti-free speech!
Look at them right here!
Wow, they're all attacking me!
Wow, they're anti-free speech!
The Bernie people are attacking folks just like they dream about in all the Veritas videos of putting gun owners in FEMA camps and arresting conservatives.
Would you guys like to give it to Bernie Sanders?
Give it to Bernie Sanders!
Think about that!
The Bernie Sanders people are anti-free speech.
They want to put people in death camps.
And even the Democrats have figured all that out, ladies and gentlemen.
You talk about a nightmare situation.
Oh, you just elbowed me.
They want to put people in camps.
Trump rallies get 20,000, 30,000 people, 40,000.
Other Democrat events get maybe 1,000, 500, 100.
This already has like 5,000, 6,000, 7,000 people, maybe 10,000.
So Bernie's got real popular support, which shows they brainwash a lot of people.
But he's clearly who the Democrats really want, which shows you how communism, like half-millennials in major polls want to be communists.
They want to live under communism.
So this is really who the Democrats are.
This is a big illustration of that.
It's very, very dangerous.
Very, very scary.
Defending the Republic from enemies, foreign and domestic.
It's Alex Jones.
Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones, coming to you live from the front lines of the Infowar.
Well, earlier last week, Little Mike,
The tiny tyrant, as he's called, got his ass handed to him.
I mean, he got torn up in that Democrat debate.
The others were incredibly boring.
That was actually very entertaining.
But facts are facts.
And I'm not backing Mike Bloomberg for president.
Everybody knows that.
But when Mike's right, Mike's right.
And Tucker Carlson pointed this out on Friday night.
The left-wing media claims he put out a fake video.
A video with crickets cutting into people's responses is a meme.
It's a joke.
And it insults the public's intelligence to say that they don't know what they're seeing.
Remember when Acosta grabbed the mic from the woman at the White House and we just zoomed in on it?
Didn't even slow it down.
And they said, that's doctored, that's fake.
They zoomed in.
The media even calls it a deep fake.
A deep fake is I'm up here and they put a fake thing over my mouth and I say I love communism.
I love the new world order.
I didn't really say that.
We all know that.
So they're trying to have this excuse now where anything that's a joke or anything that's informative can be taken down but only
If it's pro-America or pro-Trump.
But, Twitter suspended a bunch of Bloomberg accounts over this today.
Took them a few days to do it.
They said, you're right.
This is fake.
And Bloomberg's gonna pay to try to legitimize all the censorship.
So, this isn't about defending Bloomberg.
This is their cover for Bloomberg.
Here it is.
So as America's failing establishment loses its grip on power, they aren't simply pushing conspiracy theories, though they are, they're also trying to clamp down on your ability to say what you think is true.
After Michael Bloomberg's disastrous debate on Tuesday, and his campaign team did what campaign teams do, they tried to put a gloss on it.
They put together a video that told the story from their perspective.
Here it is.
I'm the only one here that I think has ever started a business.
Is that fair?
I mean, this is finally a good meme for Bloomberg.
Something good for Bloomberg.
I mean, obviously it's a joke.
Any moron knows that with crickets.
Crickets aren't really playing.
That's kind of amusing.
Is that what actually happened in real time in the debate stage?
Obviously not.
It was kind of a parody.
It was also a perfectly ordinary form of political expression, the kind that we used to tolerate in this country without a thought.
By the way, hit pause.
Back it up ten seconds.
Even if it was a lie,
You protect it because that gives you the right to respond.
But no one would think that that was fake.
They would know it's a joke.
But that's what they fat check comedians now.
Like, that lady's ass is as big as a whale's.
Actually, a blue whale is 200 feet long and weighs... I mean, it's a sick joke.
Because the system wants to outlaw speech, folks.
So this isn't about defending Bloomberg, I want to be clear of it.
This whole fact-checking jokes is super dangerous.
That's kind of amusing.
Is that what actually happened in real time in the debate stage?
Obviously not.
It was kind of a parody.
It was also a perfectly ordinary form of political expression, the kind that we used to tolerate in this country without a thought.
It was a joke.
But today, the press was outraged by how they said Bloomberg was pushing a doctored video.
By the way, we're not here to defend Michael Bloomberg, whose campaign is an insult to the idea of democracy.
But the truth is, free speech is more important than any election.
And what they're trying to do is squelch at free speech.
And so they call that misinformation!
Some called it a deepfake, a term that actually refers to completely fabricated videos made using advanced technology.
Is the press really that stupid?
Well, yeah, probably.
Not all of them, though.
The reaction really had more menacing purpose to justify an ever-intensifying push for tech censorship, which they want.
The campaign has said it was tongue-in-cheek, but when somebody sends you that clip from the debate, that looks really good for the mayor, and it looks really bad for everyone else, and it's not true.
Would content like that get flagged as misinformation?
We actually reached out to Twitter about this specific thing, and they said, yeah, this is a good example.
This is something that, you know, we would flag as not real.
And that's the thing, is like, that clip, there was about like a second or two of silence, not 20 seconds of silence or whatever.
That's the sort of thing, without the crickets, people might take seriously.
I'm not going to play this whole thing, like five or six pundits attacking it.
The sound of crickets.
Don't insult the public.
Let them see it.
But again, they're these gatekeepers.
You're so dumb, they're going to decide whether or not you can understand it.
This is the same mainstream media that said that the Turks blew up a Kurdish city and it was the Knob Creek machine gun shootout.
These are the same groups with Brian Williams still on air as a main anchor saying he was shot down in a helicopter.
These are the same groups that pushed Jussie Smollett and all of it.
And that's really where this comes down to is they're scared of the general public making points.
They want you to shut up and you're fake news.
The public doesn't exist.
Just shut your mouths.
And that's what this is, and it's disgusting, and it's not going to work.
Here's a few of the clips.
Hell, let's just play one of these.
I mean, there's so many here.
Let's play the Knob Creek machine gun shootout that ABC News said was a Kurdish city being vaporized via Trump support.
Here it is.
Situation rapidly spiraling out of control in northern Syria.
One week since President Trump ordered U.S.
forces out of that region, effectively abandoning America's allies in the fight against ISIS.
This video right here appearing to show Turkey's military bombing Kurd civilians in a Syrian border town.
The Kurds who fought alongside the U.S.
against ISIS.
Now horrific reports of atrocities committed by Turkish-backed fighters on those very allies.
A reporter, take a look at this live streaming video when a convoy is hit by a Turkish airstrike.
President Trump ordering about 1,000 U.S.
troops to withdraw from northern Syria.
Since pulling U.S.
troops... Alright, that's enough.
Let's just stop.
Everybody knows that was fake.
But they just move on.
Here's Brian Williams embellishing how he was shot in a helicopter.
Remember, it's all fake, but he still has his job.
Here it is.
We were in some helicopters.
What we didn't know was we were north of the invasion.
We were the northernmost Americans in Iraq.
We were going to drop some bridge portions across the Euphrates so the 3rd Infantry could cross on them.
Two of our four helicopters were hit by ground fire, including the one I was in.
No kidding!
RPG and AK-47.
What altitude were you hit at?
We were only at 100 feet doing 100 forward knots because we had these massive pieces of bridge beneath us on slings.
What happens the minute everybody realizes you've been hit?
Uh, we figure out how to land safely.
And we did.
And by the way, let me just tell you, I battled Godzilla in the Tokyo Sea.
Cut his head off.
I mean, and I was also shot down in World War II.
The thing is, if I did that, I would never even do that.
My audience would hate my guts.
But no, Brian Williams still has his show.
And we probably have new listeners who don't have memories, I'm not being mean, just run a lot of radio stations, like, who's Brian Williams?
He's the NBC's main anchor that says he was shot down in a helicopter.
Like Hillary says he was attacked in Serbia.
None of it's true.
And the type of brain that would come up with telling a fabulous lie like that is a very dangerous brain.
But the fact that mainstream media would put
All right, I'm done talking about that.
We got a big announcement on what's coming up in D.C.
on the other side.
And so much more.
Hell, Emperor Palpatine's gonna join us on the other side.
It's not really true, it's actually Emperor Palpatine.
But, I actually got shot down in a helicopter.
I caught the missile in my hand.
The RPG, I just broke it in half.
Alright folks, Alex Jones here, back live.
I was out there from about 2 o'clock till about 3.45, bullhorning the Bernie Sanders event there with his leftist communist mobs saying they want to kill me.
Even Democrats go, wow, Bernie wants to kill his opposition.
But that's what they were telling us, we want to kill you, we're going to get you.
It was just bizarre.
They all need to move to Venezuela, they'd all lose a lot of weight really quick.
So, I noticed there was no Owen Troyer livestream, because I wanted to go to that when Bernie was supposed to be going to speak 30 minutes ago.
Well, they got attacked.
People are bleeding, people, I guess ambulances, whatever.
So, my security guys, I call them and bring them, like, hey, where's Owen?
Where's the stream?
Hey, people got attacked, we're bandaging people up, we gotta go, click.
So that just happened three minutes ago, before we went to the live show.
And that's just who Bernie people are, man.
You mean, you want to see, like, methhead scum?
You're gonna see it.
And they got a few useful idiots who think communism's cute.
They're out there and... I ran into some... I'm not saying they're all bad people, but... My God.
Communism's like, hey, let's try gonorrhea.
Maybe that's a good system.
None of these people have passports.
They don't go to foreign countries.
They don't know what communism's like.
And they watch the largesse and corruption of a capitalist rich country and complain about it.
It's just sick.
So, it's a good thing I have Tom Papert on with us of NationalFile.com, great investigative journalist, TV station manager that picks up our show.
Smart guy.
Because I'm going to let him talk about five minutes, because I'm going to get on the phone and say, hey, don't hang up on me.
Who's bleeding?
I mean, I want to find out exactly what these communists have done.
So it's a real shame, ladies and gentlemen.
You know, I decided about a week ago to go to CPAC.
The big conservative action committee deal, because it's mainly neocon run.
But, you know, five years ago, the first year of the campaign, Trump was campaigning a year and a half, they didn't want Trump there.
So I don't care about being invited to get on a stage and speak to CPAC.
But I decided, as I told you this year, with 253 days left, I'm going to go to every event I can.
We're going to work seven days a week.
We've been doing it.
So I'm going.
So I talked to National File, I like them, they've got a lot of great writers, do a lot of great research.
I said, well, I'll come up there.
And they told me about this event, and they said, we're just looking for a few sponsors.
So Bandot Video is sponsoring part of it, InfoWars is doing it, a few other groups are sponsoring it.
But they've got an event coming up Wednesday and Thursday night in DC at CPAC, which are really important because it's Emergency First Amendment Summit in Washington, DC.
As to get attention to this and make it a big issue.
So it's at NationalFile.com.
We haven't posted it to Infowars.com yet.
We're going to get it up there.
We're just asking you to get it out there.
I'm told it's a 1,000-person ballroom on Wednesday night, and then a 300-person the next night.
It's going to be open to the public, open to the press, but you've got a RSVP to National File.
So, so much going on, so much happening.
Tom Papert, take over a few minutes here.
I was going to be interviewing you and talking to you, but I...
I just heard people are bleeding and under attack and then they hung up on me so I'm gonna have to deal with this.
Go ahead and take over.
Well alright Alex, I appreciate you having me on and I just want to remind everybody this is not something that's out of left field, pardon the pun, when it comes to Bernie supporters.
We've seen three or four or five different Project Veritas undercover tapes that show Bernie Sanders supporters, not just supporters, but people working on the campaign,
I think?
What happened today in Austin, Texas, and it'll be interesting to see exactly what kind of behavior took place.
But again, Alex, thanks for having us on.
I look forward to hearing more about what happened.
Yes, we are doing two major massive events in Washington, D.C.
and right outside CPAC.
And as Alex said, we have no qualms with CPAC.
They seem like they're nice folks, but we want to give a spot for all of the banned people to speak, and that's what's going to happen Wednesday night.
This upcoming Wednesday, February 26, it will be the First Amendment Summit, the Emergency First Amendment Summit.
It's going to be in Washington, D.C.
At the Omni Shoreham Hotel.
You can get to it just right up the street from the National Mall.
It's not very far away at all and it is, yes, a thousand people between the ballroom and the massive reception area where folks will be able to get food and drink and light refreshments there.
We're going to have some fantastic speakers.
Of course, it wouldn't be a great event without Alex Jones.
Bandov Video, of course, sponsoring a part of the event, along with other great sponsors.
Alex Jones will be speaking.
Gavin McInnes will be speaking.
We're going to have some other great folks you might have heard of, like Millie Weaver.
She will be speaking at this event.
Patrick Halley, great reporter for National File.
Peter DeBraska, former congressional candidate and great reporter.
Corey Stewart, who of course ran
I think so.
I wish that we could get a massive 30,000 person room like President Trump can, but this is going to be a relatively tight space.
700 people in the main area, 300 outside.
So make sure if you want to come to this thing, if you're going to be in DC for CPAC, if you live in the area, Virginia, Maryland, anywhere around there, make sure to get your ticket now, as we cannot ensure it's going to be on a first-come, first-served basis.
You know, you go to a lot of these events in DC,
And you're going to pay $300, and there's going to be some no-name speakers, some talking heads from Fox News.
Well, that's not what we're doing.
Again, it's Alex Jones, Gavin McInnes, big-name speakers.
You're going to want to go to this event, rsvp at nationalfile.com.
Then, on Thursday, because we just couldn't be happy with just one, it's the first year of National Files' existence, and we wanted to have some fun, so we'll be having a second event on Thursday, right outside.
The Gaylord Hotel, where they hold CPAC every single year at a little venue called the Sunset Room.
There again will be refreshments provided and fantastic speakers.
I believe we're going to have Alex Jones, Owen Schroyer, Laura Loomer is going to be there.
We're going to have some great guys.
Enrique Tarrio should be there as well.
And it's going to be a little bit more casual, a little bit smaller room, a little bit more intimate.
And it's going to be just steps away from CPAC, from the Gaylord.
You can also get tickets to that.
We're not competing with anybody.
We want Trump's attention.
We have some special guests.
We'll leave it at that.
Believe me.
And we want to just make attention on the attack on free speech and the racketeering.
By the way, I've got the photos of our security guys head split open, savagely attacked with a club by a Bernie scumbag who then ran away in fear for just Owen trying to be there interviewing people.
So this is this is the Bernie bros that the
You know, Democrat operative in Minnesota said to Scalise, Bernie bros have never attacked anybody.
Bernie bros shot Scalise and tried to kill the whole conservative caucus.
So, I'm just sick of these people, man.
And I'd say, like, up with communism.
They go, yeah.
I'd go, do you support Bernie?
You go, yeah, we're gonna kill you.
But they all are like chicken-neck nobodies.
But, they get to split somebody's head open and run off.
But you know what?
That's not gonna intimidate us.
It's not gonna intimidate us, Tom.
It's only gonna make more people come out.
These people are scum, I gotta tell you, man.
Well, you know, Alex, when we win, we throw parties, we have big speeches, and we get censored.
And we stand up in Washington, D.C., and we shout from the rooftops that we're not going to take it.
But now, Bernie is starting to win.
I mean, he's going to be the nominee unless the DNC can stop him.
Oh, there's no doubt.
And what do his supporters say?
What are they going to do?
He's the winner.
Well, and we know now.
I mean, this is just a preview.
If they're going to act like this when he's winning and everything is going great, if they steal this nomination, it's going to be more than just Owens Royer and his security team getting attacked.
It's absolutely appalling.
You know, I was down there and I left and I'm not trying to act like a tough guy, but I just can only put so much crap from these people, man.
But he did attack and then run away.
They almost got him.
But it's like, it's like,
They're so... Go to North Korea!
Go to Cuba!
Go to Venezuela!
And then be a commie there!
Don't, like, hit people in the head with clubs!
I'm just so sick of them, man.
They just get away with it, and they get away with it, and they get away with it.
It's disgusting.
And it's the same cop-killer thing.
Like, oh, a cop did something wrong in another state.
Let's just go randomly shoot a cop.
These people are violent trash.
We've got our head of security coming on next with Tom Pappas.
Stay with us.
So everywhere you go, the left attacks you if you're pro-America, if you're not anti-family, anti-God, anti-military, anti-police.
Because that's just our military and police, it depends on who runs the government.
No, they hate the military, they hate the police, they hate patriots, they hate men, they hate women, they hate families.
So when I was out at this Bernie rally today, and I left like 20 minutes before the show started to drive back and host it in downtown Austin, they would just go, you coward!
We'll kill you if you weren't with those people!
It was like five or six security people.
The fact is, you've got to go out with security now with Democrats because they're such violent demons.
Well, I left, Owen Schroer took over Bullhorning, and one of the really great security guys got
Clubbed in the face, his face split open.
We'll show you some photos of that with his face cropped.
But Tim, our head of security, was there.
He's taken to the hospital right now to get him a couple stitches.
For nothing, this is who they are.
They want to put you in a FEMA camp.
They want to own your body.
They want to make doctors work for free.
So Tim, just for folks that aren't there, and for me, we barely talked, where were you
Yeah, so as you know, when you were there, we had a few people shout some things at us and things like that, flipping us off, giving us the finger.
And that's, you know, we're kind of used to that.
And, you know, Owen, after you left, was walking the line, bullhorning, and everything was fine before Sanders went on stage.
And as soon as Sanders went on stage and Owen tried to sit there and give some counterpoints using the bullhorn, we were immediately rushed by a number of very aggressive individuals
And you could just tell there was like a visceral reaction.
And let's be clear, you weren't even in the arena.
You guys were like pretty far off.
No, we were outside.
We were actually outside the fenced off area, outside the perimeter.
Because I was there before I left.
The police said, you can go over here.
It's like, what, 150 yards away.
And like I said, and there was people basically on the perimeter that were Bernie supporters.
And as soon as Owen started with his counter message,
Uh, they rushed us and got extremely aggressive with us.
One guy had on a black bandana.
He immediately kneeled down, opened up a backpack and took out a large steel mag light flashlight and was basically holding it menacingly as he approached toward us.
Then another guy sat there and literally reached over our security guys and was
Fighting with Owen over the bullhorn, like trying to snatch the bullhorn away from Owen.
And during this scuffle, our security guy was injured.
We are actually on the way to the hospital right now.
He's going to require a couple stitches to get taken care of.
Well, that's America 2020.
We appreciate the security guys.
They know what they're getting into.
And I understand that we have like a live feed we just showed, but we haven't gotten the HD footage.
That's going to be up posted tonight.
I mean, how did it happen?
He just hit him with a mag light between the eyes?
No, no, no.
It wasn't a mag light, I don't believe.
I believe it happened during the scuffle over the Bullhorn.
And honestly, there were so many things going on at that time.
We're going to have to review the footage to see exactly how the injury happened.
But it was during the scuffle over the Bullhorn.
Well, the Attorney General of Minnesota says that the Bernie Bros aren't violent.
Everything they talk about is how they want to kill everybody.
I promise you these people were not peaceful.
I promise you that.
They were literally preparing themselves, masking up, getting metal objects into their hands, into their pockets.
They were looking for a confrontation.
To protect their communist leader.
Well, that's what it appears to be.
From free speech?
I'm being conservative.
It was probably more, I mean.
How far away were you from these people?
We were not like trying to push our way into a crowd or anything.
We were literally a small little group set apart from where his supporters were.
They rushed us.
Like, we did not sit there and insert ourselves into the crowd.
So there you go.
Bernie supporters attacked journalists in Austin, Texas.
That's what happened.
That's what happened.
These people are sick.
I mean, because I remember you were like all day, like, hey, let's just stay way back here.
Let's not have a confrontation.
In my mind, Tim, I'm looking at where you were with where he was speaking faces the east.
The other direction was actually right.
No, he was actually facing Bernie was facing and the speakers were directed toward the west.
And we were just to the east behind, like almost diagonally behind where the stage is, but again outside the fenced-off perimeter.
Okay, so you were behind that and they just attacked you?
Yes, sir.
Close to the bridge.
Yes, sir.
Did the police get involved?
There were no police there whatsoever.
There was not a single police officer anywhere in that particular area.
And so the guy that attacked scurried away?
Uh, yeah.
I don't know.
We got Owen out of there, and then after that, we got Owen to a safe location, and then I had to take my security guy to the hospital.
Well, that means next time Bernie comes, we're going to have to bring a huge crowd, because we're not looking for trouble, but these people are thugs.
So, we're not going to let these communists take over Austin, Texas.
I'd like to talk to you, Alex, but I'm at the hospital now.
I'm going to have to take this guy.
Alright, go ahead.
Thank you, Tim.
Yes, sir.
All right, there you go, folks.
That is America 2020.
And this is just where we are.
And again, it's the fact that it's all put up with.
We're just there, 150 yards away, with a little bullhorn that nobody even hears, and they attack.
These are bad people.
And they all look like a bunch of inbred meth addicts or something.
Tom Papert, what do you make of this?
I can't wait till we get the actual footage.
Well, it's absolutely sickening, and you're right.
This is American 2020.
Owen Schroer, a patriot who helped get President Trump elected, who is a normal human being, I've never seen him violence, I've never seen him attack anybody, goes to an event, and he and his security team have to be evacuated.
As Tim just said, no police there.
I guess this is just par for the course.
When it comes to Bernie Sanders, you know, he used to be the Trump supporter who would only be attacked outside Trump rallies.
Now, like you said, Alex, we're just not able to walk in public anymore.
How long until you and Owen and everybody else are just public enemy to these people?
They know they have no consequences.
We've never had one of these people be held accountable for their violent actions.
I mean, that's where this is going.
Owen Schroer is going to need a 24-hour security detail like he's some kind of Mafia Don because the Bernie people will attack him.
And you said five, I think there's like seven or eight, I'm not blaming you here, Veritas videos of Bernie Sanders managers at campaigns saying we're going to put people in camps, we're going to take their guns, we're going to put them in slave camps.
I mean, these people are a group of flaming authoritarians.
Well, and it's such a petty thing to say, but you know, imagine if this were Trump supporters.
Imagine if these were a bunch of info warriors out there with maglites.
Oh my God.
I mean, it would be the end of the world.
Split somebody's head open.
It would be white supremacist attack innocent man.
You know, it'd be national news everywhere.
I mean, and I, obviously, Alex, I know you're not a violent person, I'm not a violent person, I abhor violence, I condemn it, but those of us on the right, it seems like we spend half our time saying what I just said.
Meanwhile, on the left, at least in the Bernie Sanders camp, it's mainline thought to say we're going to make the streets of Milwaukee burn, we're going to run red with blood, we're going to put the MAGA people in camps, we're going to kill them.
Yes, I mean, this is mainline thought in their party, this is mainline thought in their camp.
And then the police are guarding them while they attack us.
And I'm not saying the police are involved.
It's just truly sickening.
Tom, you've got your big event coming up, NationalFile.com.
I'll be speaking at it on Wednesday and Thursday night.
People can RSVP for a free event there at the Omni and then, of course, at another facility.
So NationalFile.com.
We'll link it up on Infowars.com.
Thank you so much, Tom Papert.
Thank you, Alex, and best of luck with your security team.
I hope everybody's well.
It's just crazy.
Because they'd say to me, hey, if you don't have security, I'll kill you.
And it'd be like some little meth head.
But you know what?
He could have a gun or a knife or whatever.
I mean, it's just like, what?
You want to live in America, I'm promoting freedom, and you want to kill me, and then as soon as I leave, you hit somebody in the head with a club.
It's just...
There's only so much I can take, man.
I'll tell you right now.
I mean, these people make me want to throw up.
And, uh, there's just such cowards, though.
God Almighty.
All right.
As soon as we have that HD footage, that security guy in the background, you're hitting the head, we'll post it to InfoWars.com and NewsWars.com.
But I want to thank the crew.
Both the crew running the show and the crew that, uh,
South Row Streets, and I was telling my voice even deeper, I screamed at him for like an hour and a half.
That's why my voice is like this, folks.
You ever seen, like, cheerleaders?
Like, girls are, like, 16, they sound like this because they scream all day.
I'm like a cheerleader, I just got the, the voice is gone, I'm not trying to sound like Mr. Tough Ass.
Um, what else was I gonna say?
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Do that, at least.
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