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Air Date: Feb. 18, 2020
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Ryan Newman survived a crash in the Daytona 500, earning fourth place. Despite facing criticism from social media users over his political views, he was defended by Alex Jones as a "modern gladiator". Twitter has been restricting accounts celebrating the crash and removing photos of Trump with racers at events. Meanwhile, Michael Bloomberg faces controversy for racist and misogynistic remarks yet is still backed by Hollywood. The Alex Jones Show discusses the coronavirus as a man-made bioweapon, criticizing the media for blaming Trump while silencing those who question its origins and Big Pharma's intentions. Recent events such as Roger Stone's sentencing and speculation on potential presidential pardons are also discussed on the show.

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From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones!
Newman off turn four for the final time.
Blaney to the outside!
To the inside!
Here comes Hamlin up the outside!
Into the air!
Into the wall!
Goes Newman!
Upside down!
In a shower of sparks!
On his roof!
Ryan Newman comes across the line!
And comes to rest!
Between Hamlin and Blaney as far as who crossed the finish line first.
Newman got turned, went up in the air as he came down, was hit by another car and launched skyward.
Coming down on his roof.
The AMR safety team is there quickly to attend to Ryan Newman.
A fist pump from Denny Hamlin.
The man in the arena.
It's not the critic who counts, not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better.
The credit belongs to the man who's actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood, who strives valiantly, who errs, who comes short again and again because there is no effort without error and shortcoming, but who does actually strive to do the deeds, who knows the great enthusiasms, the great devotions, who spends himself in a worthy cause,
Who at least knows in the end the triumph of high achievement and who at worst if he fails at least fails while daring greatly so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who know neither victory nor defeat.
I wanted to start with that today because predictably after Ryan Newman still fighting for his life after that 190 mile an hour crash when he was in the lead
Epically coming in fourth on fire across the finish line after rolling repeatedly and shooting up in the air like a rocket.
And the left celebrated and said, he likes Trump.
He dared shake Trump's hand and say he likes him.
He deserves it.
It's an omen.
No, these are modern gladiators who choose to get in the arena.
Completely the opposite of the timid souls who could never do one one-hundredth of what Ryan Newman did.
So if he dies, doesn't matter.
He's up there as a champion.
Never amongst the timid, cowardly, thumb-sucking slaves that support the Democratic Party.
A truly disgusting group of miscreant individuals.
Again, I am your host Alex Jones.
Thank you so much for joining us on this live
February 18th, Tuesday, Global Transmission.
I'm going to be here in studio for the next four hours.
Mike Adams is in the fourth hour.
Dr. Sherry Tenpenny, completely vindicated by the U.N.
admitting that vaccines are causing death and disease and destruction as they've been covering it up.
She's going to be joining us in the third hour.
We're going to have open phones in the first and second hour, probably into the third hour here today, and so much more.
So, start your engines, ladies and gentlemen, because this is going to be one hell of a transmission today.
It is just incredible.
The Roger Stone News, the Economy News, the Virginia Gun Grab News, the Boy Scouts of America News, the Coronavirus News is spectacularly out of control.
And it's all important because knowing is half the battle.
It's good to understand what's happening, not hiding from it.
We're not here to scare you.
We're here to empower you because whether you believe you're a man and woman in the arena or not,
You really are in the arena.
Life is being born into the arena.
And you can pretend to be a spectator all day, but you're not.
You are a man and woman in the arena.
I am your host, Alex Jones, on this live global Tuesday transmission.
So please remember, as men and women in the arena, whether you live in Russia or Japan or Mexico or the U.S.
or Venezuela or South Africa or Libya, spreading the word about this broadcast is a revolutionary act.
Take action.
Ladies and gentlemen, we are live.
We are broadcasting worldwide on this Tuesday broadcast.
I am your host, Alex Jones.
Okay, let's go ahead and plow into the news and information that we're going to be breaking down here today.
Massive new coronavirus developments.
The left celebrating the deadly crash of Ryan Newman at the Daytona 500 and those that say it's wrong to celebrate him fighting for his life in a 190 mile an hour crash.
Twitter is banning or restricting them.
I'm not kidding.
Also, they're banning photos of Trump with racers at the event, shaking hands.
Nothing positive of the president is allowed.
Continuing, joining us at the bottom of the hour, Caitlin Bennett's first response to attack at Ohio University.
She went there, was interviewing people peacefully about President's Day.
A mob of 400 surrounded her, attacked her, attacked their vehicle, and the police did nothing.
Leftist newspapers are celebrating it as a good thing.
Type in Caitlin Bennett, click news, you'll see the headlines about how, man, this is how you deal with it.
You physically attack people in America.
That's what the universities have turned into.
Meanwhile, survey finds people who identify as left-wing more likely to have been diagnosed with a mental illness.
We're going to continue with the good news.
Virginia Dems abandoned blackface Ralph Northam, joined Republicans to stop the semi-auto ban that had been passed in their house.
So the big protests, the demonstrations, so far have gotten the Democrats
The few that aren't literally financed by Michael Bloomberg to not vote with Northam.
So that is a huge victory there.
So great job to everybody that protested in Virginia and around the country and came together.
That is really a good thing.
Continuing, we're going to get into Michael Bloomberg.
Remember he bashed, this is all just come out the last 24 hours.
Farmers is stupid.
There's a video of him supporting death panels saying kill old people.
He also tells his employees, kill your baby.
I make more money when you kill your baby.
I'm not kidding.
That's all coming up.
This is all just the last 24 hours.
Young black Latino men don't know how to behave in the workplace, says Bloomberg.
There's video and audio of that.
But don't worry, he's Hollywood's frontrunner.
He's who they want.
And as I've been saying for months, Matt Drudge is totally right.
I heard that Bloomberg was planning to get in and have her as the VP.
In fact, we're on record saying that.
Well, Drudge has talked to the Bloomberg people and they admitted it, but said, oh, maybe they're not that serious.
But Drudge was accurate.
They're considering Hillary Clinton.
As the running mate, Mike Bloomberg, Trojan horse for Clintonista revival.
We're going to be looking at all of that as well.
Meanwhile, WikiLeaks Twitter account locked down days before Julian Assange's extradition hearings.
And The Guardian did a whole piece about press freedom.
However, Press Freedom didn't mention Julian Assange.
It's like talking about the New Testament and not mentioning Jesus.
Not comparing Assange to Jesus.
It's just comparable of like the main central character in Press Freedom would be Julian Assange.
Well, the main person in the New Testament is Jesus.
It'd be like World War II and not including Hitler or Tojo or Roosevelt or
It's just wild.
So we'll be breaking that down.
And then of course this very sad situation.
I predicted this five years ago when the Boy Scouts of America, just like the Catholic Church, got invaded by pedophile rings.
When the Boy Scouts of America got taken over by the left and at their major camping events and jamborees,
That's what they call it, handing out tens of thousands of condoms to people as young as eight years of age.
Here's your condoms, now go in the tent with an adult man.
And it destroyed the Boy Scouts.
Another pro-America, pro-freedom, wholesome outdoors organization, hundreds of years old, gone.
Boy Scouts of America file for bankruptcy amid sex scandal lawsuits.
I told you about a year ago I was on board a plane flying back from California and there was a lawyer sitting catty-corner to me writing up documents about settlements.
He worked for the Boy Scouts of America and he said my god it's all over this will end the Scouts.
He was just shaking his head and so I was eavesdropping off and on you know what on
When we're sitting there for 10 minutes before takeoff, he's on the phone talking about how it's all over.
But you had to virtue signal, just like men dominate all women's sports now.
And it'll be all biological men in the Olympics now.
They're already winning most of the sports, just all men.
But you must virtue signal.
Oh, we're not against gays.
Here, give our seven-year-olds condoms and get in a tent with them.
You see, major universities, the Vatican, the Catholic Church, law enforcement, public education, the Boy Scouts, local churches, it's all falling to the sex cult, to the perverts.
Oh, and you can't have something for boys, so the girls need to join.
And you can't have something for girls, so the boys need to join.
And then the boys need to be able to go in the girls' showers.
Remember Chris Cuomo a few months ago?
And then again last year he said, some adults don't want biological men in showers with their daughters at public schools.
Those parents are bad and are bigots.
I need to get in trouble.
He said, so what if your 11-year-old daughter sees a woman's penis?
That's a quote.
Think of the doublespeak.
Think of the mind control.
So what if your daughter sees a woman's penis?
But see,
I've got a stack of articles here from the UK that's run by the Tavistock Institute that is the vanguard of all this.
Where people are being arrested, you name it.
UK teen fined under house arrest for asking trans police officers gender.
Because it hurt their feelings.
They felt upset and embarrassed.
And it goes on.
UK mother spared jail for misgendering trans woman in order to pay a 1,000 pound fine.
And it's all written like it's completely normal and a good thing.
Oh, wait a minute, your daughter doesn't want to see a woman's penis?
This is the total oppression, the total control of a cult taking over.
And they mean business.
All right, when we come back, I'm going into the big developments on the coronavirus first.
And then Caitlin Bennett's going to join us.
She's got exclusive video.
She's got hours of them attacking her and them trying to get out of there, like escape from New York or something, but it was an escape from Ohio University.
That's coming up bottom of the hour.
We're going to have exclusive video for you.
And so much more here today.
I just scratched the very surface of this.
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Okay, let's get into the virus that is
Clearly, with all the evidence being admitted now, way more contagious and way more lethal than had originally been said.
And that's why we're seeing just the insane response that is taking place in China and surrounding areas.
Here's just some of the headlines.
Head of Wuhan Hospital dies of coronavirus.
How many prominent activists and doctors
And reporters have now died of it.
So either the virus is super deadly, statistically, or they're killing people that haven't served the CHICOMS well, and are using it as a cover story.
Continuing, China shut down to crush India's already crumbling economy.
And so again, the engine of the world economy to a great extent has been China.
The fact that this Wuhan virus has ground it to a halt, I'll show you some examples of that in a moment.
The fact that that's happened should make us ask, what is this really all about?
Will it be used as the excuse for popping the global Ponzi scheme bubble finally?
And the globalists believe defeating nationalists and populists with a global crisis, both economic and biological?
China puts 58 million people in lockdown indefinitely as towns and villages sealed shut to stop the epidemic.
By the way, that number is way low.
It's 700 and something million lockdown.
Twice the U.S.
So that's Sun Articles behind the times.
Senior Wuhan doctor dies as we just mentioned.
There's the Guardian.
Armed criminals steal 600 rolls of toilet paper in Hong Kong.
You see, during a breakdown, people go after the basic essentials.
Here's another one.
Bare-faced robbery.
Thieves steal 6,000 hygiene masks in Japan.
Yahoo News is reporting.
China destroys $600 million in cash to stop coronavirus spread on infected banknotes.
Another demonization of cash.
Let's see, drones, they don't get sick from the virus.
Oh, cash is a problem.
Digital money is not a problem.
China detains activists who accuse Xi of coronavirus cover-up.
Chinese villager, you ought to see the video, is tied to a post and scolded for refusing to wear a face mask.
American cruise passengers quarantined at U.S.
military base.
Taken off the ship.
AP reports.
Why did the U.S.
diamond princess coronavirus quarantine?
Why did the U.S.
break diamond princess coronavirus quarantine?
Something went awry.
So that's just some of the news.
Unfolding, but I want to go back to the toilet paper and back to the face mask being stolen in broad daylight in Japan and in Taiwan and other areas.
This is what happens when there's a breakdown of society.
People go after the essentials, the essentials run out.
And if the essentials aren't there, things people think are essentials, people then begin to panic and crime rates explode.
So imagine something like this in the United States or Western Europe that have way higher crime rates than places like Taiwan or China or Japan.
Stefan Molyneux tweeted out an article from Russian news.
We can roll the video of that.
Transport collapse in China.
Who needs these eggs now?
And the video just shows a huge warehouse full
All right.
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Today we're 90% urban, 10% rural, and only half the rural communities are self-sufficient.
We are sitting on top of a time bomb.
You ever seen footage of army ants going through the South American jungle and clearing hundreds of acres in a day?
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Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
I am your host, Alex Jones.
And thematically, we see the Democrats, led by Maxine Waters and others, saying, don't let Republicans go to the gas station, don't let them go to a restaurant, don't let them go to the supermarket.
Go out and confront them everywhere.
They're Nazis.
And we saw Ryan Newman's horrific crash, we're going to play again in a moment, at Daytona 500.
He's fighting for his life still right now in critical condition.
And I've got the stacks of tweets here where people celebrated it and said he deserved it.
And then those that said it was wrong and said that liberalism is a disease of the mind.
How dare you be glad he almost died?
And Twitter suspends or blocks their accounts.
That's the type of garbage that goes on in this country.
But it gets worse.
Tweets put out of the president with photos of NASCAR drivers are being blocked as inappropriate.
Well, of course they are.
Anything with Trump and Melania, because she's popular, is blocked.
Facebook won't take ads with her.
And then he's with a female driver.
That's not allowed.
Women don't like Trump.
That's pure election meddling, but Trump does nothing.
So let's go to that footage that they're celebrating so much right now, and we'll go to Caitlin Bennett and what just happened to her at Ohio University.
Newman off turn four for the final time.
Blaney to the outside!
To the inside!
Here comes Hamlin up the outside!
Into the wall!
Into the air!
Goes Newman!
Upside down.
In a shower of sparks on his roof, Ryan Newman comes across the line fourth.
And comes to rest.
Between Hamlin and Blaney, as far as who crossed the finish line first.
Newman got turned, went up in the air, as he came down was hit by another car and launched skyward.
Okay, I'm not going to read you all the leftist tweets as they celebrate it.
It's in a Paul Joseph Watson article at newswars.com and infowars.com.
But the only way you see the leftists doing this is from infowars.com.
Because anybody else criticizing it gets blocked or banned on Twitter.
They just let their mob of savage criminals
Gang up and bully people everywhere on Twitter, on Facebook, on YouTube, and Trump just sits there and takes it.
That's why we're launching Operation 2020 that'll officially be launched with the website and a video and how to take action this afternoon.
It's almost done.
We're gonna go to Trump rallies and we're gonna wear stickers over our mouths that just say, stop the censorship.
And the silence will be incredibly powerful, and people will say, why are you wearing that?
And you'll explain, because Trump has betrayed us on this front.
And understand, he's dealing with the chat coms, and the globalists, and the fake impeachment, and I get it.
But this is un-American, what's going on, and it's racketeering, and it's gotta be dealt with.
And speaking of that, yesterday, my phone starts blowing up.
During the war room saying, did you see just what happened to one of your great correspondents, Caitlin Bennett?
And I said, no.
So I called her.
I went to her Twitter and saw one of the videos.
She didn't answer.
And they got hours of this footage that's going up as we speak.
And it was a mob of 400 people chasing her off the campus, screaming at her, spitting at them, grabbing at them, throwing bottles at their vehicles, and the police doing nothing.
But it's bigger than Caitlyn Bennett.
It's about the mob psychology.
And the rest of the story, she's putting a big report together with right now, that she just went out to do President's Day coverage.
They know who she is.
She's a woman.
She's pro-Trump.
She's pro-Second Amendment.
And this is how they respond to her.
We're going to go to her in a moment, but let's play this clip.
This is what happens when a Trump supporter goes to a college campus.
Leftist at Ohio University started a riot when Joel Patrick, 1776, and I showed up.
And the police let it happen.
I think Donald Trump should start funding, should stop funding, strip funding from universities like this that harbor terrorists.
Yeah, Trump signed an executive order saying if you don't support free speech, you can have your funding pulled.
But this is what the left has created.
This is what they've done.
Here it is.
They're still throwing stuff.
You need to back up!
Why is that cop just letting this off?
The cop is letting... He told me, Justin.
He told me he could not help me.
He has nowhere for me to go.
Look at that horn.
These cops are watching this happen.
There's another one.
So, this is what taxpayer money and sending your children to school does.
You send them there to become un-Americans.
Now we're going to play one more clip and then go to Caitlin Bennett.
And again, they've got hours of this footage.
They're shell-shocked.
They're trying to upload it.
There's so much cussing that if you don't bleep it, YouTube will then penalize you.
We've got a bunch of raw footage we're going to play next segment, but with no audio because we're on AM and FM stations and also TV stations, hundreds of them.
And of course, we respect that.
It's just bleeping it out.
It's just beep, beep, beep, beep, beep, beep, beep, beep, because it's just every other word is a cuss word.
If you're a radio listener, you've got to go to Infowars.com and see the raw footage of this and the band on video.
So as we go to break, here's a clip of the police lied and said that no violence happened and that there was just allegations that some unknown person splashed water and were throwing things at her all day and grabbing at her.
They dumped hot coffee on her and vandalized the truck right in front of the police.
Here's footage.
We need to get out of here.
You need to get out of here!
That's not hateful, is it?
You have no impression!
He didn't hit you in the face!
You don't understand impression!
There's a lot more of this.
Let's stop right here.
We're going to come back with Kaitlin Bennett and then we're going to go a little bit to the next hour.
We're going to open the phones up about this whole issue.
We sponsor her.
I want to thank listeners for supporting us because I've been able to double her funding which wasn't much to get two security people.
You see that huge guy that's with her.
A lot of courage now in America to go to a university to do polite interviews.
And the security people have courage.
Not just, you know, little Caitlyn Bennett who's got the heart of a lion here.
This is what this country's turned into.
This is what we've let it turn into with these out-of-control hyena-like bullies everywhere who've totally abandoned every American value and are incredibly dangerous.
Caitlyn Bennett is a freelance independent reporter that InfoWars puts in the field.
You, the listeners and viewers, support.
And if you're a radio listener, you hear a bunch of yelling and screaming.
If you're a TV viewer, it's making you sick, like it's making me sick.
And you see this everywhere.
Leftist mobs on their own.
Bubbles of anti-free speech, anti-America.
These, these, these metastasizing cancers.
And you go to these universities.
I mean, Owen Schroeder can just go to UT or go to Texas State just south of Austin.
And they start screaming and going, racist!
It's so rad!
And like, start jumping and screaming at him.
But he's a man and laughs at him and yells at him, so they kind of back off.
But the cowardice of Antifa on the left, when they see a woman, even if she's got, looks like a, almost like a seven foot security guy with her.
I mean, the guy's up there.
They don't see him, they see a woman.
And there's something about a woman being pro-America, pro-gun with the left that drives the left insane.
Or a black person that's pro-America or pro-gun, which is actually most of the black folks I know.
The numbers are showing that.
Republicans aren't getting 10%, they're getting 30, 40% of black voters now.
And that's panicking the left.
They're like, you're a woman!
You belong to us!
Caitlin, why do you think they go so crazy?
Because I know you've got the raw footage, I've talked to you, I know how you report.
Very polite, very nice.
You're out there, you were doing a President's Day interview, and you said very soon they surrounded you.
Describe what happened.
So, one, to answer your question, they hate me because Twitter tells them to.
Last month, I went viral with millions of people laughing at me, mocking me, threatening me, threatening terrible, terrible things to me, because Twitter has been going to my YouTube, it's like they just now found out that I make YouTube videos, and they clip up my videos, lie about the context, they take two minutes out of a 20 minute video, clip it up,
And then lie about the context to tell people I'm racist and I'm homophobic and I hate trans people.
All of this stuff which isn't true.
So they lie about me and no one's coming to actually look at the video to see the truth.
So that's the first answer to your question, why do they hate me?
Secondly, what happened, I was just there to ask questions.
Like you said, President's Day trivia questions about
Who were the first three presidents?
Who was president during 9-11?
Who was the president that was so fat he got stuck in his bathtub?
Stuff like that.
Those are the questions we were going there to ask, to have fun.
But within 5 minutes, there were about 10 people around me.
I only got to talk to one person about the trivia questions.
And then, I'm not kidding, within 30 minutes, there were at least 300-400 people around me.
And then I just thought, you know, okay, they're gonna mob me and scream and put phones in my face and tell lies and try to go viral off of rumors.
But they started throwing things at me.
And that's when I knew that this was going to be something completely different than I've ever experienced.
When they started throwing stuff at me, I was like, okay, maybe we should just go and then we'll regroup and come back at another time when I have more security guards.
My security guard, uh, seven foot three inches.
That's how tall he is in that clip right there that's being shown.
So I wasn't exaggerating.
He looks like he's seven feet tall.
No, you weren't exaggerating.
You were not exaggerating at all because he's taller than seven feet tall.
He had to pick me up and carry me out three times because they wouldn't let me leave.
They were throwing
There's so much going on in my mind.
I want to talk about the police.
They lied in their statement.
They said that an unknown person may have splashed water.
That is not true.
I told the supervisor on the phone, I got thrown on my leg hot coffee.
It burnt my leg.
It was so hot.
And then their officers even got splashed with iced coffee.
So there's the footage for the people that are watching.
This is how famous you are.
But Caitlin, think about this.
I don't
Rock-ribbed, Midwestern, heart of America, nice people.
You'd be great neighbors.
What is it about you that enrages these people?
It's because I don't think men can become women.
It's because I don't think we should be allowing people in facilities like Planned Parenthood to kill our children.
I don't think we should be indoctrinating children into taking transgender hormone replacement therapy.
I don't believe in that stuff.
I believe in free speech.
I believe in the Second Amendment.
That's why they hate me.
And they're teaching on those colleges that you're the enemy.
Do you realize your incredible success?
Because I know, despite that mob attacking you, a lot of those young people are going to learn the truth now and who you really are, and are going to learn how shameful they are.
Any person watching this footage that has two brain cells can see that this is not how you protest your ideas.
If they wanted to come out and protest, that's fine.
Protest me.
Give me that attention.
Great content.
But that's not what they did.
They came out to hurt me that day.
I think if I didn't have John, my bodyguard there,
I would be in the hospital.
I truly believe I would be in the hospital if I didn't have my bodyguard.
So all they did was prove to me that next time I'm there, I will be coming back with an army of gun owners to show that that campus needs campus carry.
They need to be able to protect themselves.
And for any viewer and radio listener watching, this isn't just about me.
It's about my ideas because I'm not afraid to boldly stand up and say it is wrong to let men into the women's restroom.
It is not normal for men to dress up in dresses and call themselves women.
It's not normal for people to stand up on a Global Academy stage and hold her golden globe and say, I killed my baby for this.
This is women empowerment.
It's not normal, and I'm not afraid to say it.
And I know there's tons of people who think like me out there, and I know if they were to walk onto that same campus and people knew their opinions, they would get treated the exact same.
It's not just about me.
It's about what I believe in.
It's about people trying to attack people who believe in the same things I do.
So this isn't just about me.
It's about everyone out there who thinks like me.
Because if you walked onto that campus with a red MAGA hat, they'd do the same thing to you.
This is authoritarianism.
This is dyed-in-the-wool Nazism, Communism, Authoritarianism, Fascism, whatever you want to call it.
And if you put your name now, Caitlin Bennett, into Google and click News, you see the deceptive headlines, USA Today.
Kent State gun girl, that was two years ago, who walked onto campus with an AR, that's when he wanted to shoot somebody, confronted by protesters at Ohio University.
And I read the article, they spin it like, oh, they knew you were a danger, that's why they did this.
OU students, protesters, hound, gun girl, Kaitlin Bennett off campus.
Oh, aren't they good?
Kent State gun girl confronted by protesters at Ohio University.
Fox News.
Lexington Herald leader.
Gun girl vows return to Ohio University with army of gun owners after class.
Let's be clear.
I know you.
That was true.
It is.
We're not planning.
In fact, I'm going to join you there.
We're not planning.
to be honest.
We should all, I'm going to be on the East Coast coming up next week.
I'm going to CPAC and I'm going to have other big events in DC and I think we should just stay a day or two longer and we should just go to Ohio and we should call for a demonstration for the First Amendment.
I know you say bring guns there that are shouldered, slung with the barrels aimed down and not loaded and all proper.
That one can wait.
That rally can wait because that takes planning, that takes calls, that takes a lot more.
I understand.
So you agree.
We should have the pro-Second Amendment rally later, the open carry later.
We should have a First Amendment rally very soon.
Yeah, I agree.
Because I want to go there with you.
Yeah, let's make it happen.
Listen, listen, listen.
As you know, this is un-American evil.
This is a bunch of hyena-like thugs.
And the media is celebrating, driving you off the campus, the supposed center of freedom and justice.
So let's war game this.
When do you think is a good time for us to come to Ohio University with you?
Let me text the producers.
Let me regroup with my crew and see what I have going on and then I will let you know.
I don't want to give something right now and then it be completely not able to happen.
I understand you got a crew and all that stuff.
That's great.
That's why I'm Forge Loves You.
That's why we finance you.
What I'm saying is this is big and hot.
This is central.
A pack of thugs ran you off a campus.
We need Americans peacefully to show up and exercise our First Amendment in a week.
I mean, I guarantee you, I can get 5,000 people out there in a week like that.
This is just like Virginia.
They came for the Second Amendment in Virginia.
America stood up and came together.
They're coming after the First Amendment now.
This is just as important, and this will bring Trump to front and center to take the funding away from that university if they don't have those police do their job and protect us to exercise our speech.
We'll be back!
Well, the controlled corporate media
Loves big tech, censoring everybody online.
And now, Caitlyn Bennett, just two years ago, as a senior at Penn State, did her open carry.
No big deal as a woman.
Well, the left hates her everywhere because they believe they own women.
And now, yesterday, she was at Ohio University, and a mob of 400 people surrounded her for just doing an interview, drove her off campus, and USA Today, you name it, are celebrating this.
As the greatest thing, dumping coffee on her, spitting on her, attacking her, despite the fact that this audience finances some basic security for her.
So I'm here telling her, drop what she's doing.
We need to be there next Saturday or next Sunday.
I'm already going to be in D.C.
at CPAC.
I'm willing to peel off early on Friday or Saturday, but we need to announce this in the next couple days.
So we get a week and a half and then have thousands show up for a free speech rally.
We've had our Virginia rally and the governor failed in getting the guns.
We need our First Amendment rally.
Kaitlan, you tweeted to the president who tweets your stuff.
You go meet him with him at the White House.
Trump has an executive order on the books that if they don't allow free speech at campuses, and this type of Nazi behavior goes on, he'll strip their funding.
That university needs to know, you're coming, with the president watching, and they better have the police do their job this time, so those students learn what America looks like, dammit!
They've planted their flag on us!
They've pissed on you, and pissed on me, and pissed on America, and all our veterans that fought and died, and lived 50, 60 years, with their arms and legs blown off, with tubes fished down their neck!
I will not let these people piss on America anymore!
What do you say, Caitlin?
Let's organize something.
I say let's do it.
We'll get it figured out today, and we'll plan a date, and then we want people to come there for a First Amendment rally.
The Second Amendment rally will wait.
That takes a long time to plan, so don't come with any of your firearms then.
But we will bring flags.
We'll bring Trump flags, free speech signs.
We're going to show them.
This is a public funded university.
I pay for those students to go there.
I'm paying so much in taxes.
By the way, you're getting married.
You're so cute.
You're so pure and good.
I'm lying.
That's why they hate you.
You're a good midwestern lady.
You're getting married.
Let's just say it.
You're like, well I can't do that next Sunday after that because of my marriage counseling for marriage.
I'm sure you guys are great.
It's good.
You can get marriage counseling later, okay, for your marriage.
It's good to have pre-marriage counseling at your church.
That's the right place to do it.
But you guys love each other.
It's great.
Or I'll cut CPAC early and come on Saturday.
But you need to tell me in the next 24 hours because I'm ready to do this.
And the listeners are ready to do this.
I mean, the Paul Revere's are waiting.
The Minutemen are waiting.
They're saddled up right now.
They're ready to go.
And I just feel gut level.
We've had our Second Amendment victory.
Let's have our First Amendment victory.
And it's at Ohio University.
So you pick it.
That Saturday or that Sunday.
You just pick the time.
You let me know by this afternoon.
Because I want to announce this now, Caitlin.
I will do that.
It's gonna probably be Saturday.
I'll say it right now.
Probably Saturday.
And I'll double check with my crew once I get off and I'll let you know literally within probably 10 minutes.
So everybody's watching.
Don't tune out.
Keep watching because that will be announced.
I'm ranting.
We'll do one more segment with you.
You understand why this makes me mad?
You looked energized out there when they were attacking you and spitting on you and dumping coffee on you.
And again, it's that spirit they hate.
It's beautiful.
Well, they want me to shut up.
What's really good, and when we get this full footage out over on our YouTube and BandDot video, when you watch the footage, they are chanting at me for an hour to leave.
They said, leave, go home, we don't want you here.
So then when I tried to leave, they were pushing the door shut on Joel Patrick's truck.
They didn't want me to leave.
They wanted to hurt me.
They wanted to make it seem like they wanted me to leave campus, but they didn't.
They wanted to keep me there so they could mob me and they could hurt me.
They were like a bunch of wild dogs.
Chasing down a child in the street and eating them.
You ever seen footage of pit bulls?
A little kid gets out of the backyard, the little kid runs, the pit bulls all chew him up.
That's what it was.
Oh, it was absolutely that.
And the best thing is that I just sat there and let them act.
When this is happening to you, you just gotta let them react.
Don't respond back, just film them.
Because that says more than me trying to make any point by arguing with them.
All right, Caitlin Bennett, stay there.
Let's recap it all, but I'm telling you, no more games!
I've told people, 2020, Alex Jones is coming out of his reclusive hole.
That's why I'm gonna be everywhere.
And I'm going there!
We are back live broadcasting worldwide.
It doesn't get any more real than Infowars.
It doesn't get any more grassroots.
It doesn't get any more outlaw.
When Satan runs the planet, I'm an outlaw.
When Jesus does, I follow the law.
And it's on.
Well, Caitlin has talked about it with her fiancé, because they're going to a marriage retreat and stuff on Sunday.
Not this Sunday, the next Sunday.
We're gonna go to Ohio State University.
Not this Saturday, but next Saturday, during CPAC.
I'm gonna cut it short.
We got big CPAC stuff coming up.
I'm going to be at CPAC.
I told you, folks, I'm going to be in the field.
I'm going to be everywhere.
Our crews will be everywhere.
Total commitment 2020 with 258 days left.
And everything we do is hitting the site, guys, thanks to your support because you are the info war.
It's so critical.
And so I was just talking to her during the break.
Next Saturday.
We're going to say, to make it easy for folks who've got to work Friday, and we get that in surrounding states to get there, we're going to say we're going to have a pro-free speech rally from 3 to 6 p.m.
at Ohio University.
We're going to talk to the university, give them a chance to have her in, to apologize, have the police protect her, let us just have our free speech rally for a couple hours.
But if they won't, we're going to be there.
And we're going to have it outside, and we're going to file lawsuits, and the President is going to take their funding as his executive order states he will.
And again, Kaitlan's been in the White House, she works for the White House.
I'm going to leave it at that.
Trump is watching what's going on right now, and we don't want to see the university have its federal funding stripped.
We just want them to stop being anti-free speech command centers.
Now, if you're just joining us, there's coronavirus news, and there's huge news with Trump.
But what are we talking about?
Why are we saying?
Some folks are tuning in every, you know, segment.
They're like, what's he talking about?
Caitlin Bennett, reporter, Ohio University.
Caitlin, recap what happened to you yesterday.
It's big national news.
CNN saying, great, drive that evil woman off.
MSNBC celebrating it.
USA Today says good, that woman was thrown off by the students.
Just a lynch mob, a riot.
400 plus people because you tried to go interview people on President's Day.
How un-American, how dangerous.
Recap what happened for folks that just joined us.
I went to Ohio University in Athens, Ohio to ask people, ask students trivia day questions, trivia questions about President's Day, basic questions like who were the first three presidents, just to have fun.
It's a fun video for President's Day.
Within 30 minutes, I had 400 people surrounding me, 400 leftists who were throwing things at me.
They poured hot steaming coffee on my legs.
They threw iced coffee at me, missed me, hit their friends.
They were vandalizing cars in the parking lot, trying to break the window of the person whose truck I was in.
They were, they were mobbing me.
They started a riot, and shame on the police for trying to say that that wasn't a riot.
They started a riot because they don't like my opinions, because Twitter told them not to.
So basically, to recap, leftists acted like the animals that they are, and
We got it all on footage to show you guys.
And now it's a big national news story with them trying to imply you deserve... I'm reading these articles.
These are insane.
Well, if you type in my name on Twitter, I'm trending on Twitter in the whole country, and if you type in my name, you come across all of these tweets saying that the protesters didn't do enough.
Next time I show up, they need to do more.
They need to go further.
They didn't do enough to send their message home to me.
Next time, to actually punch me, to hit me in the face, and to pull my hair.
That's what they want people to do to me next time.
Throwing stuff on me and burning my legs wasn't enough.
And of course, guys pull up, leftists dump coffee on Alex Jones, or coffee dumped on Alex Jones.
They do this to everybody.
They walk up to people, Fox News hosts, and dump coffee on their heads.
And then they sit there and deny they're doing it.
They're the violent ones.
It's an anti-Trumper.
Last week ran over six people in Florida, almost no coverage.
Ran them over with a vehicle, admitted he did it to stop Trump.
Can you imagine if a conservative...
One supposedly racist guy ran into a woman in Charlottesville.
She had a heart attack and died.
It's a tragedy.
That becomes Trump's fault, all conservatives' fault, all veterans' fault, all gun owners' fault.
But then he runs over six people on purpose and he's a good guy.
Well, they also at Ohio University, they were chanting Bernie.
So they were Bernie supporters doing this.
Are we going to blame Bernie for their actions?
Are we going to blame Bernie for their behaviors?
Of course not.
And I would like to point out that almost a year ago, Bernie's campaign called me a white supremacist.
And then his supporters go out there and attack me.
Is Bernie responsible for lying about me and calling me a derogatory name that is totally untrue?
They were sitting there calling me a racist.
Did they get that from Bernie's campaign?
Is that why I was being attacked?
These are questions that need answered.
Is Bernie responsible for these actions today?
I think that's a valid question.
Well, even Chris Matthews says Bernie would probably kill his political opponents because he's a communist.
That's what communists do.
It's a default, like a duck quacks.
You know, a fox gets in the hen house.
A wolf howls.
A chicken, you know, goes brrk brrk brrk brrk brrk.
A rooster crows.
I mean, we all know a choo-choo train goes toot toot.
And I'm not trying to be cheesy here.
How many Bernie operatives are on Project Veritas Video saying
Their plan is to take control and start killing conservatives and putting them in FEMA camps.
So that's my question for you, Caitlin Bennett.
I asked Gavin McGinnis this like four years ago.
I said, what's peak leftist arrangement syndrome?
He said, there is no peak.
And he's right.
It just goes up and up and up and up and up and up and up and up and up.
And there's no end.
So what happens to them as they fail, as Trump wins, as America comes back?
I mean, what are they breeding on universities?
I have no clue.
All I have to say
is if you have to use violence to get your points across and make and force people to believe what you believe, your opinions probably aren't popular.
They aren't right.
They aren't moral.
They aren't ethical.
And these people know it.
Their ideas are deranged.
It doesn't make sense to sit there and tell a six-year-old that, a little six-year-old boy, that he's a girl and give him pills to change his gender.
We're messing up little kids' bodies by them just
It's just, it's insane.
And it disgusts me because everything they want to do, it's about children.
It's about children.
They force this on our children.
It's completely insane.
Because authoritarians know once an adult is awake, they won't go along with it.
They are picking on our most innocent.
I agree with what you said about there is no peak.
I don't know what's going to happen.
If Trump wins again in November, it's just going to get worse.
It's not going to get better.
I thought I had received the most amount of hatred on a campus.
This was shocking.
I did not expect this to happen.
At all.
And it just goes to show with people saying that that wasn't enough.
What is enough to them?
Do they want all conservatives dead?
Do they want us all in camps?
And I think the answer is yes.
They won't be satisfied until we're all dead.
But that's it.
They're protected by big tech.
They're allowed to bully and attack online and no opposition is allowed.
So when they see someone in the third dimension,
In a physical area, challenging them by just existing, they're like...
Yeah, because they believe they're God because they've joined with the technocracy and the anti-human agenda.
They're not going to have children like CNN says they shouldn't.
They're not going to be part of the future.
They're going to end up committing suicide.
You look at them.
They're pale.
They're psychotic.
They're deranged.
Survey finds people who identify as left-wing more likely to have been diagnosed with a mental illness.
And they're authoritarians.
They're little basement dwellers who dream of putting people in FEMA camps.
They are the most immature, disconnected people the planet has ever seen, dreaming of power.
And it's not going to go the way the establishment thinks.
Uh, Caitlin, you need to come on the War Room today, 3 to 6 p.m.
How soon?
I know you have hours of the raw footage, just how soon?
Because I know you want to explain what happened and all that, but you just got to get it out.
How soon till all that's out at Bandaw Video?
Probably, I would say, within the next
45 minutes.
I know my my fiance's working on it right now in the other room.
He's been editing since 9 a.m.
This morning and it's 1 p.m.
So we are we're working on it.
We're trying to get everything, right?
We're trying to get all the information out there.
So you got hours of it multiple cameras.
It's really hard to condense it down.
Great job.
Give us an update.
Let's just say you're gonna be on in the second hour of the war room today.
Okay, sounds good.
Great job.
You know, the thing about telling the truth is, at a certain point you just gotta start telling the truth about everything.
And, Caitlin is so sweet and smart, and I love her.
But she's scared after what just happened in, uh, Ohio University.
So I had her convinced during the breaks, she's getting married in like three weeks,
I had her convinced to go back, not this Saturday but next Saturday, to Ohio University and confront that scum and exercise our First Amendment.
But then she's just like, I don't want acid in my face.
They're death-threatening me and I don't want to do it.
So we're not doing it now.
We're not going to Ohio University.
That's fine.
Because I'm already at the CPAC and doing battle there with the neocons and stuff in D.C.
and I'm coming back here to my children.
And I get it.
I'm not blaming her.
In America, a 5'2 or whatever woman is the vanguard of our resistance against the New World Order.
And she's done a great job.
She marched in there on President's Day to ask questions, got attacked by a mob.
Am I mad at her that now she's like, whoa, they're on Twitter saying they're going to throw acid in my face and kill me, and I just want to get married.
And I'm like, absolutely.
You know what, sweetheart?
You've done way more than a woman's supposed to do.
And that's not patronizing a woman.
Like, oh, that's not a woman's... Women have got to do what men do, and men don't act like men.
And that gets right down to why I'm pissed off, man.
I am so sick of the, yeah, I gotta sit there.
I've been pissed off since 5 a.m.
this morning.
I woke up at 5 a.m.
this morning, and I went out, and I got a cup of coffee, and I walked around the backyard, and I'm sitting there, and I go to InfoWars.com, and I see the Caitlyn Bennett video.
Of a mob of 400 people attacking her physically and chasing them into the parking lot.
And as a father, and as a man, I felt physically threatened for my family.
Because letting that type of crap go on is what brings down whole civilizations.
My instincts are honed.
I may not follow them, but they're damn good.
They're as good as they get.
I mean, my radar and spotty sense is the best model out there.
And I see that type of stuff.
And they make me want to throw up.
But fresh off something like that, barely making it to her vehicle, all the rest of it.
She's like, I just can't go back out there right now, which is exactly what they want.
But see, the men of America are watching sports right now.
And they're too cool.
And they're too powerful to go out to those universities that have been completely taken over by globalists and communists and thugs and gangs and scum.
So maybe you pull your endowment from a university.
I mean, Starbucks gives a portion of every purchase of coffee to brainwashing five-year-olds to cut their testicles off.
It's called the mermaid group.
I'm not kidding.
And you know, I never hardly go to Starbucks, but if I'm really tired on the road, I go, damn, that's some strong coffee.
Let me just go ahead and pull in over there.
Never again.
It's one thing where I live is what the only county in Texas where they take taxpayer money from property tax and give it for abortion.
And so I'm already trying to look at counties around us to try to move the facility.
I don't have the money to move the facility.
So, yeah, I'm not like somebody that beats myself on the back, flagellates myself, oh, I want to be good.
But you know what?
I don't want to live somewhere where my taxpayer money pays for chopping kids up.
It just scares me.
I can feel God's anger.
And it's the same thing with all of this.
We have to divorce ourselves from corporate systems, the whole globalist system.
This whole system here to intimidate us and dominate us and tell us how to live and tell us how to breathe.
I'm done with them.
I said last week on air that most people in the government are good and that
It's we the people that have allowed all this corruption and allowed powerful corrupt individuals to get in control of the agencies and that that's where the real evil comes from.
And I saw some comments on InfoWars.
Oh, Jones just said 99% of the government's good.
And he endorses what it's doing when that's not what I've done.
But it's that type of lie that needs to be addressed.
I want to take the government over.
I want to restore the Republic.
I don't want to be the underdog outlaw.
The system's made me an outlaw because what I'm promoting will win.
I'm promoting justice and freedom and free market and transparency and things that succeed at Americana.
And I know from my own experience that most people in government
Actually, who aren't in academia or leftist areas, agree with that.
So why should I make them an enemy when I can simply point out that I've, over the years, learned that they think just like we do?
Because our fight is not with the government.
Our fight is with the governance.
Government is the government.
Governance is who does the governing.
I know for most listeners, you're like, yeah, you're stating the obvious.
Well, a lot of people don't get that.
They think what I'm up there saying, there's a lot of patriots in the Army and the Marines and the Navy and the Air Force.
Oh, now you endorse whatever the Army and Air Force do when they're under command of the people that have hijacked our government.
And then Trump is this breath of fresh air, this ray of sunshine.
And they're all running around crazy scared because they're losing their control.
So I'm not here to be the underdog.
I'm not here to be locked up.
I'm here to take the government over.
And like George Washington, once I've done it, the minute I'm done, the minute I think there's good people in, I'm going to the ranch.
I do not want to be engaged with these people.
I do not want power.
I do not want to be in the system, because I'm already in God's system.
I've already got all the power.
I've already got everything.
I don't need power.
I don't need private jets and big castles and things to prove I've got it all.
I have it!
I have the birthright!
I have the fire!
I have the Promethean power!
And so do you!
But I'm here to tell you, until we get these devil worshippers off our back and kick Satan off the planet, we're not gonna get our birthright.
So, get behind Jesus, stop kissing globalist ass, take action, and rid the planet of Satan and his minions, and everything is clear sailing after that.
And it really comes down to that, it's that simple.
And that's why the globalists hate us.
That's why they hate you.
It's why they hate Caitlyn Bennett, who's just an average, good, clean woman.
Because we got the birthright, folks, and they know it.
You can be black, you can be white, you can be Hispanic, you can be old, you can be young.
If you love God and justice, and you resonate with truth, you are part of the future.
But if you resonate with all this evil and this anti-human systems in it, you get off on it, then you're of your father the devil.
So tie that bowling ball around your neck, that big ass chain, and just jump into the fires of hell!
Just choose which side you're on, that's all I'm saying.
There's a lot of big news breaking right now.
And we're just seeing how evil the left is.
And it makes my head spin.
They've gotten away with so much.
You know, I set out to open the phones up and I haven't done that.
We have Dr. Sherry Tenpenny joining us as well.
She's been a big vaccine reporter.
She's not even against vaccines, she's just been against the massive damages.
She's seen come from them and the cover-ups of those damages.
She's going to be joining us in the next hour.
But right now, I'd like to go right to your phone calls.
First-time callers, long-time callers, callers that agree, callers that disagree.
What do you make of the left celebrating pro-Trump Ryan Newsom's horrific crash and hoping he dies?
What do you make of Virginia Dems abandon Blackface Ralph Northam, join Republicans to stop gun control and shoot down the bill that would have confiscated all semi-autos?
What do you make of all the huge coronavirus developments?
Ten plagues that are hitting our planet simultaneously.
I'll hit that start of the next segment.
Michael Bloomberg and all the clips haven't even gotten to him!
Bashes farmers, says they're stupid.
Blue collar workers as primitive idiots in unearthed video.
You have any idea how hard farming is?
But again, this is just robot who was just given the technocracy by the establishment.
He's a soulless ghoul.
Bloomberg supports death panels to decrease healthcare costs, says kill old ladies just like Bill Gates.
Another soulless creature.
New witness corroborates accusation that Mike Bloomberg would tell pregnant employees, just quote, kill it.
He says, we'll make more money if you just kill your baby.
What a freak.
Bloomberg says young black Latino men don't know how to behave in the workplace.
Truth is that yes, a high percentage of the crime is blacks and Hispanics, but it's mainly men killing each other in a form of old Western bravado.
But it's not the majority or even a large minority doing it.
He just says, blacks and Latino men are bad, period.
That's what they said Trump said.
He never said that.
It's a lot of great people coming over.
We just got to check people.
There's a lot of criminals and bad people coming across too.
Yeah, anybody knows that.
But see, Bloomberg's saying what they actually said Trump said, but never said.
But he's the frontrunner, along with the judge of the booty.
Because, oh, did you see booty kissed that other nerd?
Two nerdly dudes, two corporate guys, look, we kissed.
Oh my gosh, guys kissed!
You need to run everything right now, booty judge.
I mean, judge my booty, booty judge.
Only you're president if you kiss another dude.
That's just the way it works.
Meanwhile, Boy Scouts filed for bankruptcy amid sex abuse lawsuits.
The Boy Scouts of America said today it had filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy following a slew of child sexual abuse lawsuits.
But see now, there'll be proper law firms that will take over and settle if they just let certain LGBTP torpedo manage them.
That's how the same groups took over the Catholic Church.
They were the groups five years ago, CNN hailed the Boy Scouts of America handing out condoms to seven-year-olds and saying, have fun in your tent.
How about handing out vibrators and lubrication to seven-year-old girls?
Well, they're boys.
We're going to chop their balls off.
They're transgender.
They can take it.
Get in there and be tough, son.
You're going to get your anal scout badge from your 20-year-old Boy Scout instructor.
I mean, I'm sorry.
That's what we do in America now.
We chop our son's genitals off.
We give him condoms and say, get in that tent and learn how to give a blowjob right now.
Or you're not liberal!
And the parents bow down and they go, well, we better... We better capitulate.
And you drive through churches all over Austin.
First Methodist, you name it.
Big, giant, rainbow flags flying.
But it doesn't mean they're captured for, you know, same-sex folks to go there.
It means, we gonna teach your five-year-old how to suck a mean ding-dong.
Because that's what the churches are now, is pervert command bases.
Pedophilia centers.
You want to go find pedophilia?
Go to a church.
Want to find devil worship?
Go to a church.
You want to get your son molested?
Go to the Boy Scouts.
Doesn't mean there aren't good scout groups all over the country.
It was a good group.
The left came in and said, we gonna take this over.
Hand out the condoms.
Send in our operatives.
And then at first, people go, my gosh, you just gave a seven-year-old an eight-year-old hepatitis.
We'll give them condoms.
Okay, just don't tell anybody.
Here's condoms, boys.
Don't tell the others.
And then once they've got you compromised, the whole operation belongs to them.
Mission completed.
Another organization captured by Cobra.
By the snake.
And in the future, if you don't sterilize your sons and daughters, you won't get your digital credits.
But if you do, all the credits are yours.
Brian Stelter will praise you.
Don't we all want that?
Isn't that the fulfillment of the universe?
Like, Brian Stelter, praise me!
I have become someone!
They want to make you worship a stunted, ugly, demonic demon.
They want you to bow to him and learn to serve him well.
Like Avenatti and all the rest of them.
All right, we're going to come back.
Total free number to join us, 877-789-ALEX.
International line, country code 512-646-1776.
Who knew that such numbers could be so politically incorrect?
Separately, it is your funding of this operation makes it all possible.
Plus, humanity's sitting on top of a giant time bomb.
We're hoping to fix things peacefully, and hoping the globalists don't crash the global economy, and hoping they don't assassinate Trump, and hoping they don't trigger giant race wars.
But, they've got a 30-40% chance of getting it done, in my view, and then we're going to have to go to the mattresses, as they say in the Godfather show.
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And it funds the InfoWar, a 360 win.
We're going to take some phone calls when we come back.
Then I've got a lot of prepared information.
A lot of research has gone into Dr. Sherry Tenpenny joining us on huge coronavirus developments and the UN admitting that vaccines are indeed causing a lot of problems and that there is indeed a cover-up.
We wanted to get her on for a month since that broke.
Now she's available.
But all these worlds collide right now, live.
Please don't forget.
You are critical.
You are in charge.
You are the masters of your destiny.
Spread the links to the live show now.
We are back live, ladies and gentlemen.
Broadcasting worldwide.
And I am your host, Alex Jones.
I really appreciate you joining us.
We're taking your calls.
Ryan and Brayden and Sandy and Steve and Johnny and others on the crazy, out of control,
Wild, wild world of the New World Order.
It is such a crazy time to be alive.
Let's go ahead and go to your phone calls right now, but let's just remember that doctors raised an alarm over Britain's treatment of ailing Julian Assange.
Even though the European country that tried to set him up with the CIA for a condom bursting with two women that admitted they had sex with him.
One of them admittedly CIA.
Now, eight years later, whatever, solitary confinement.
They point out he's dying in jail.
More than 100 medical professionals have accused Britain of denying proper health care to WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.
But where is President Trump?
He told Assange, he said, I don't care who has the WikiLeaks.
I don't care who has the emails.
It's a fat guy in his mother's basement.
The Russians or WikiLeaks, release it.
That makes you an accomplice, Trump.
And I'm not in the business of hating Trump.
Everybody knows it.
And I love Trump on so many fronts.
He's talking about Assange right now.
Hell, let's hear what he's had to say.
I didn't even know this was just now happening.
Let's hear it.
Assange has been in basically in solitary confinement eight years.
So I was thinking, oh, that's that's that.
But no, it's.
It's one of Obama's minions out of Chicago we're talking about.
Trump's talking about pardoning.
Well, maybe he's going to pardon Stone at the same time because the judge says she's going ahead with the pardoning of Roger Stone.
On the 20th.
That's on Thursday.
We're going to have our reporters there covering it live.
Owen Troyer and Savannah Hernandez from D.C.
That's only because you support us and keep us in the field.
I'm having one of those elderly moments at 45 because five years ago I'd known his name.
Who's the guy Trump's talking about?
I know who he is, the Chicago legislature guy that got caught in the corruption and didn't really do anything but they sent him to jail.
Blagojevich, that's right.
I just can't remember his name, know all about him, know everything.
I was like, that's not Julian Assange, that's Blagojevich.
Who I agree didn't do anything wrong, except he knew dirt about Obama and Axelrod and Rahm Emanuel.
And now Trump's talking about pardoning him because he didn't do anything wrong.
Say that again, just when you talk to me, just
Trump is commuting his sentence.
All right.
Print me an article on that.
That'd be great.
We're a news organization.
I'd really appreciate it.
Because all I know is they're throwing TV feeds up, and I'm just trying to like, live on radio, guess what the hell they are.
I'm talking about Julian Assange, eight years.
Boom, I see eight years.
Trump, I'm like, oh my God, he's helping Assange.
And it's not, it's Blagojevich.
And then I've got, people always accuse me that I've got things feeding through my head.
Folks, let me tell you something.
I love the crew.
We ought to have like a month-long seminar here with the microphones they've got, man.
They're nice microphones.
You can't understand a word.
When they tell me something, it sounds like... Wow, that really sounds wonderful!
I'm supposedly getting these directives from Putin and people, but all I'm getting is... Oh, really?
I'll just leave the show immediately.
Because I don't know why I paid for all these fancy microphones.
Not that I'm the best talking into one, but you can hear what I'm saying over this microphone.
I can't understand a word of it most of the time.
And it tortures me day after day, the torture.
It's karmic, it'll never stop!
It's never going to stop, never going to end.
Their argument will be, oh, your microphone's turned up too high, or your earpiece is turned up too high.
I may have to just leave.
I'm not being dramatic.
I'm just going to have to go probably.
I have outlived my usefulness around here.
Yeah, I think I'm going to go.
I think that's probably the best thing here.
That'll satisfy everybody anyways.
They can just go to rebroadcast and have fun.
Sandy in Minnesota, you're on the air, go ahead.
Hi Alex, and don't you dare go anywhere.
I probably am, permanently soon.
I'm not lying, I think I'm going to quit soon.
I think I'm done with the show, actually.
As soon as 2020's done, I'm gone.
I can't do this anymore, I can't be around this anymore.
Go ahead.
Don't talk about me, ma'am, just go ahead and say what you're going to say, alright?
You know, I've sat here and I've watched all the video clips and things
Of how these kids on buses are being beaten.
And Caitlin, what she went through.
And the more I sit there and I watch it, the madder I get at Trump, you know.
I support him.
I do.
I voted for him.
The alternative is worse than this.
But the thing is, he has to do something.
Somebody has to do something about this.
Because this is enough.
Our right to free speech
He was sworn in that office to defend that Constitution.
And my heart broke for Caitlin.
And I will tell you, like I said, the man, okay, he came on your platform.
And people saw him and he got his message out using his platform.
And what happened to you?
Deplatformed everywhere.
Can't even say your name.
Can't even speak your name.
Look at Laura Loomer.
Look at Milo Yiannopoulos and the hundreds of others that all they want to do is say their side of it.
And that's the freedom we have that men fought and died for.
And Trump does nothing.
It's crickets.
Kids having things splashed in their face.
Hot coffee burning.
And they are entitled and they get their free speech.
But not us.
He has a sworn duty to protect our free speech and our gun rights and everything else under that Constitution.
And I, frankly, have had enough of it.
Like I said... Well, I think his argument is if he makes a big deal about it, they'll attack his supporters more.
I don't think that's true.
He needs to make those universities and these institutions not sit by and enable the attacks on innocent people.
Okay, but what about the general free speech that we're not...
You go to Facebook, you mention your name, you mention Laura Loomer's name, you mention the hundreds of others, and you're kicked off!
Where is that free speech?
Well here's an example.
Trump says he's committed the sentence of former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich.
George Soros removed Zuckerberg from Facebook now.
He'll get Trump re-elected.
So that's the pressure Zuckerberg's under, even allowing Republican ads.
And that's the only holdout allowing any ads.
So that's just the craziness.
Sorry I was throwing a fit earlier.
It's not anybody.
It's not the crew.
It's watching Caitlyn Bennett.
They'll be railroaded.
It's just, it's just, it's watching hordes of leftists run around acting like something out of a science fiction dystopia and then nothing happens to them.
It just makes you fundamentally mad, but we've got to know we're winning overall and we've just got to understand that.
We'll say one final thing and thank you for taking my call.
Oh, I appreciate you.
We need to, we need to
Rally together peacefully.
If I could do it, I would be right out of here, standing there at that college.
Oh, the crooks in Virginia saw all those people demonstrate and backed off confiscating the guns?
That's what it's about.
When the people say no, the system listens.
Those police officers need to be held accountable as well.
It's their job to serve and protect.
You're right.
I really appreciate you, Sandy, and I'm sorry I was ranting last segment.
It's just that this show's real.
I'm not up here.
Nobody's telling me what to say, and I'm pissed off.
I know you're pissed off, too, but it's a complex situation.
We'll be back.
Take a few more of your phone calls.
Then Dr. Sherry Tinpenny joins us on some big developments.
All right.
I got blindsided 10 minutes ago by the former Illinois governor, Blagojevich, having his sentence commuted by the president.
And now I've had time to think about it, and I'll tell you what, I think it was the start of the next segment.
Right now we're going to your phone calls.
Thank you for holding.
Who has been holding the longest here?
I guess that would be Rich in Alabama.
Rich, thanks for calling.
Hi Mr. Jones, appreciate it.
Hey, I wanted to say first thing, I love the turbo force.
I drive truck for a living and it's amazing.
Coffee kind of gives you a little crash there at the end, but that turbo force is amazing.
Describe, describe, because I want you to get into your politics, but since you mentioned turbo force, how is turbo force different than coffee?
I'll tell you what, it's sustainable anywhere from 8 to 10 hours.
I don't feel the jitters like I do drinking coffee.
And it's just, you know, at the end of the day, I don't need anything to go to bed.
I'll, you know, I'll pop a, you know, knockout.
Boom, I'm out cold.
Well that's what we went out to a top developer who didn't want his name on it because we're under such attack and I said what would the ultimate long say 10-hour energy be is that possible that's good and clean and strong and has a bunch of different forms of energy that are healthy and natural that are time-released because I'd already been doing research and he took over a year
To come up with this and there's more money in it than anybody else puts in their product.
So that's why TurboForce has such a great effect.
And so I really appreciate you and I'm glad that you like TurboForce.
What is your view, Rich, on Caitlin Bennett?
I know that's what you called her about.
Yeah, you know, she should go because when I watched and heard all of what was going on
It made me upset.
I can find and book my own loads, so I can go wherever I need to go.
And when she mentioned that, I was automatically thinking, okay, what can I do to get over there to be there for that rally and support her?
Whether I gotta unhook my truck and trailer, drive the truck over to the frickin' campus, you know, to help support her.
I mean, I've got a family and I'm already going to be out of town some next week to go to CPAC.
Well, that's it.
And I'm not mad at Caitlin.
It's just that was all real on air.
She goes, OK, we'll have the rally.
Well, I don't want to right now.
I'm not mad at her.
I just told the story on air so people get how real it is.
Just like you've got things to do.
You've got to lose money.
You've got to be committed.
You're ready to go fight.
And then it's a female reporter leading the fight, which is great.
But where are the men?
That's all I'm saying is that
This is a great opportunity to expose the attack on free speech.
I don't blame her.
She went and did the initial contact to show how out of control they are.
It's just very frustrating that stuff like this is allowed to go on in this country.
Because this is un-American, it's abhorrent, and that authoritarian university and those police are protecting that.
They're in the news giving quotes saying she's wrong and defending what happened.
That's disgusting!
You know, and here's the other thing, I'll guarantee you,
Probably have, I don't know, I don't know how many thousands of drivers out here listen to you, but I got all your, you know, shirts and everything and I'll run into, you know, info lawyers out here on the road.
Hey, love Alex Jones!
Thumbs up!
You know, I'll have the phone in my shirt pocket or I got it propped up on my shoulder with your program going.
Oh, you're listening to Jones!
I'm like, that's, you know, that's my hero right there, man.
So... Brother, you're my hero.
We're in this together.
I just want to win this.
But it's your word of mouth that kept us on air.
We were supposed to be shut down a long time ago, and it's one of my few pleasures.
It's knowing that our existence pisses these scumbags off that just think they have a right to rule us and that we're done.
No, we're not done.
The globalists are done.
And Caitlin did a great job.
And I'm not criticizing her not wanting to go back into that rat's nest.
It just absolutely pisses me off.
Thank you so much, Rich.
We love you in Alabama.
Alright, Ryan, Brendan, Rebecca, Steve, Johnny, Adam, your calls are coming up with Dr. Sherry Tenpenny on the other side.
Whatever you do, spread that link.
I believe in humanity.
And I believe that if I get up here on air and I expose evil, that you're gonna respond and we're gonna stop it.
But I gotta tell you, it's gotten insane.
It was about a month ago that this news broke.
And I wanted to get Dr. Sherry Tenpenny of Vaxxer.com and Courses for Mastery.com on the show.
But she's a busy and full-time practicing medical doctor.
But we've got her now.
And this was, again, January 12th.
Top UN scientist admits vaccines killing people during vaccine safety summit.
Now, I've played dozens of these clips here over and over again.
And the full two-day hearings are linked up at BandaiVideo and NewsWorks.com.
But as soon as I saw this, I thought, man, we got to get Dr. Sherry.
Tenpenny on because she's just a medical doctor that's seen the response of her patients with vaccines.
And again, it's not like she's saying vaccines aren't a real technology where you can learn an immunity by getting a little bit of something bad in you.
It's that why do they have liability protection?
Why are we told we've got to take endless amounts of them no matter, you know, what happens?
Why is it secret?
So I wanted to get her on.
To talk about this and then now how it ties into forced inoculation when they finally get a vaccine with the coronavirus and they say it's a new flu that's going to be mutating forever.
Well then how do they ever create a vaccine that actually matches that?
There's so many angles with Dr. Sherry Tenpenny and I'm not going to go over her old bio here but
She's a very, very interesting person.
Dr. Sherry Tenpenny is a medical doctor, board certified, three specialties.
She is the founder of Tenpenny Interactive Media Center Interactive Medical Clinic located in Cleveland, Ohio.
Opened in 1996, her company provides a natural holistic approach to getting well and off prescription medications.
The medical clinic's primary focus is thyroid conditions, breast health and recovery.
Solving problems associated with allergies and pain.
Her approaches have attracted patients from all 50 states, 17 countries.
She has invested for the 17 years over 20,000 hours in documenting the problems associated with vaccines.
And an internationally known speaker and author.
Her many articles have been translated into more than 12 languages.
Her book, Sangnoto Vaccines, a resource guide to all ages.
Vaxxer with 2xs.com.
We're going to go to her in a few minutes, but
Here's just a four-minute report I've got that has the chief scientist of the World Health Organization admits that some vaccines are killing people.
Then the World Health Organization headquarters says that vaccines require adjuvants.
It's creating not just short-term but long-term effects.
Dr. Martin Howell-Friede, another member of the panel, suggests that adjuvants multiply adverse reactions.
Dr. Martin Gruber of the FDA admits that pre-
Clinical trials may not be enough, and it just goes on.
Nigerian representatives suggest that there might be cross-reactions between the different adjuvants and preservatives.
Professor Heidi Larson, PhD, admits that frontline medical professionals are questioning the safety of vaccines, and that in medical schools, one is lucky if they get half a day on the education of vaccines.
So everything Tim Penney's been saying for 20-something years, now the UN
At an official summit back in December, says this, no coverage till our listeners pointed out that it's on the UN website.
So here's that four minutes, we'll go right to Dr. Sherry Tenpenny, but I want to put this on up front.
Here it is.
We really don't have very good safety monitoring systems in many countries and this adds to the mis...
The first
Accusation is, it is the adjuvant.
And yet, without adjuvants, we are not going to have the next generation of vaccines.
And many of the vaccines that we do have, ranging from tetanus through to HPV, require adjuvants in order for them to work.
When we add an adjuvant, it's because it is essential.
We do not add adjuvants to vaccines because we want to do so.
But when we add them, it adds to the complexity.
And I give courses every year on how do you develop vaccines?
How do you make vaccines?
And the first lesson is
While you're making your vaccine, if you can avoid using an adjuvant, please do so.
It seems to me that adjuvants multiply the immunogenicity of the antigens that they are added to, and that is their intention.
It seems to me they multiply the reactogenicity in many instances.
And therefore it seems to me that it is not unexpected if they multiply the incidence of adverse reactions that are associated with the antigen but may not have been detected through lack of statistical power in the original study.
The major health concern which we are seeing are accusations of long-term effects.
It's also the subject population that you administer the adjuvant to because we've seen data presented to us where
An adjuvant, a particular adjuvant added to a vaccine antigen did really nothing when administered to a certain population and it's usually the elderly, you know, compared to administering the same formulation to younger age strata.
So these are things which need to be considered as well and further complicate safety and effectiveness evaluation of adjuvants combined with vaccine antigens.
I cast back my mind to our situation in Nigeria, where at six weeks, 10 weeks, 14 weeks, a child is being given different antigens from different companies.
And these vaccines have different adjuvants, different preservatives, and so on.
Something crosses my mind.
Is there a possibility of these adjuvants, preservatives, cross-reacting amongst themselves?
Have there ever been a study
We have a very wobbly health professional frontline that is starting to question vaccines and the safety of vaccines.
When the frontline professionals are starting to question or they don't feel like they have enough confidence about the safety to stand up to it, to
The person asking them the questions.
I mean, most medical school curriculums, even nursing curriculums, I mean, in medical school, you're lucky if you have a half day on vaccines, never mind keeping up to date with all this.
And that allows Big Pharma to come in and do whatever they want because the doctors don't know anything but they know people are being hurt, their front lines are wobbly, they don't believe in it.
Dr. Sherry Timpani, we're going to break in a minute and a half.
Thank you for joining us.
But wow, how big was this UN summit a few months ago for you?
It was extraordinary, Alex.
It was just extraordinary.
When they say a wobbly front line and they say maybe we should start doing studies and
We don't really know how aluminum works, even though they've used aluminum in vaccines since the 1920s.
And there's never been any synergistic toxicity studies that have ever been done.
And the only thing that they're actually when he said we need an adjuvant for it to work.
Their definition of working is the development of an antibody, which I know you and I have both spoken about for years, that the presence of an antibody is nothing more than a marker of contamination.
Because you can have very high antibody levels and still contract the infection that they're trying to prevent.
That is so key!
You can have the antibody, that doesn't mean you beat it.
You might have a chronic infection.
That's exactly right.
And I think that we have really brought that to the forefront in this last year, that if you have a high antibody level, that all it really means is that it's a marker of contamination.
Your body is trying to get rid of something.
But they define immunity as by the presence of an antibody, which is just simply one of the many long list of lies that they send out in their propaganda.
Exactly, because you'll have an antibody to HIV if you've got it, but it doesn't mean you've gotten rid of it.
Exactly, exactly.
You can have an antibody to all of those things because injecting vaccines is nothing more than depositing foreign matter into a human being that it's trying to get rid of by developing an antibody.
Dr. Tim Penney, thank you for joining us.
Stay right there.
Start your engines, ladies and gentlemen.
Dr. Sherry Tenpenny is our guest.
I'll host a little bit of the next hour.
Take your calls.
Mike Adams coming up with big breaking news.
There was zero coverage.
Normally I can do anything and the media covers it, but when the head UN scientist and all the other scientists agreed in a two-day summit, and myself and the crew watched two days of it, 20 hours, and they were like, we're not allowed to investigate it and people think it's hurting folks and we've seen evidence of that and we tell people these adjuvants are dangerous and
And they're telling the public there's no harm, and the public's getting angry, and the doctors are getting angry, and we've got a problem.
It shows how the UN is supposedly the top of this.
And they sound like Dr. Sherry Tinpenny, 20 years ago, who heads up major clinics here and in other countries, and very successful medical doctor.
So you've got the floor now to just talk about how big a deal this is, that right when they're trying to say it's forced, and New Jersey did the right thing and didn't get rid of the religious exemption, right as they're trying to force us, we now learn because they're losing the war
Because people know there's adverse reactions.
They know there's liability protection.
So then, what is this?
Why is the establishment doing this?
What do they think is going to end up happening, Dr. Sherry Tinfenning?
Well, it's interesting, Alex, because it started actually in 2010, when Bill Gates decided to put $10 billion on the table and create the decade of vaccines between 2010 and 2020, because many of their blockbuster drugs were going off patent and becoming generic.
And so they made the decision, collectively made the decision, to continue to build the entire pharmaceutical industry on the backs of children and adults being vaccinated, becoming sick, and becoming customers for life.
So as you know, I've been fighting this now for 19 years and tens of thousands of hours of research and we have eliminated the word immunization.
We call it vaccination now because that's what it is.
I've been working hard for the last couple of years to stop calling all of these infectious illnesses that children get like chicken pox and measles, stop calling them diseases but calling them infections because that's what they are.
Now the next level of what we need to do is as they are pushing these mandatory vaccines forward on all of these mandates based on nothing and now we hear from the World Health Organization and the UN that we are the amongst the 10 top most dangerous organizations to public health.
They said that at the beginning of 2019 that the anti-vax people are the people who are educated informed and choose to not be injected with foreign matter are some of the most are the most dangerous people to public health.
Well, now we hear it from the horse's mouth.
We hear it from the World Health Organization.
We hear it from doctors and scientists from all over the world saying, we have no science.
We have no background.
We haven't studied this.
We haven't had large enough patient populations.
We know that these studies are cut, we only do them for anywhere from 5 to 19 days because if they have to go longer, the side effects will start to show up and then we have to stop everything.
We have never tested for synergistic toxicity.
Our entire industry is on this hook of having this antibody be present after the important matter is injected.
And we all know that having an antibody does not protect you.
In fact, we're getting ready to launch our online boot camp course, Alex.
Open enrollment starts on the 20th.
It's the Mastering Vaccine Info Boot Camp Course.
It's our seventh course.
We do it twice a year.
We go through safety, efficacy, smallpox, polio, herd immunity, package inserts, and then we give you the language training to teach you how to communicate this in a way that people will really listen to you and they will really hear you.
And so part of what we're talking about there is that we are giving people the language to fight back against this.
Because we know that the antibody level is nothing more than a marker of contamination.
We know that they say it's safe and effective.
Safety has never been determined.
I talk about it.
By the way, Doc, let me just stop you again.
I should have opened the whole show up and just said, the head of the UN admits there's vaccine damage cover-up and the doctors are turning against him.
And Dr. Sherry Tenpenny, the vanguard for decades exposing this, totally vindicated, has a plan to give medical documentation and facts to people so that they can't be bullied into submission and will inform the doctors that we know already secretly
Just like I've had four children, and they're like, take your vaccines.
No, I'm not.
The nurses go, actually, none of us take it.
We see the kids have convulsions, and we give it to preemies, and they die.
And you're right, none of us do it.
And we know, and kids that don't vaccinate are healthier, and there's stuff.
I mean, it's beyond a wobbly front line.
The facade is dropping.
Please continue, because everybody, mothers, fathers, people that have family that's having children, grandmothers, grandfathers, reach out to your children.
Have them go take this course.
Especially women say, well I hear it's safe and effective with her husband or vice versa.
Then if it is important, go take this course and then absolutely have a medical doctor walk you through it so you're truly informed about such an incredibly important question.
One of the things that we talk about first is about lack of safety.
There is, you know, as you know, there is not a single vaccine that's ever been tested against a true inert placebo.
We just know it's just not true.
We know that there's no long-term studies.
And now the World Health Organization and all of those clips that you just showed us, they talk about, yeah, it's a small, we don't have very large sample sides.
We don't follow them for very long because if we start following for a long period of time, side effects will show up.
So safety is bunked.
German soldiers in 42, German officers who started wanting to take out Hitler, they're like, we might have signed on to the wrong side.
We might be the bad guys.
I mean, that's what this event was like, was them kind of covering their ass.
And then the other thing they always say is effective.
And we as consumers have learned, have come to think of effective as being protection.
But effect, effective and protection are not synonyms.
And if somebody wants to, you know, you can sign up.
Thank you for showing that on your screen there, Alex.
People can sign up for it.
Get on our list for Open Enrollment.
Open Enrollment starts Thursday morning at 9 a.m.
or you can email me directly.
You can email me at courses4mastery at gmail.com.
Courses4mastery at gmail.com.
And if you can't get into the website where you just showed you, you can send it to there and I'll manually enter you into the
Well, you just heard the
The head of the World Health Organization say that the average doctor gets half a day and so you're providing the facts to people which will overturn their lie.
You're hitting right at the root as a medical doctor showing them the facts, things they've never seen.
That's exactly right.
And what we are actually doing is we are creating an educational force for people to go back.
I mean, think about it, Alex.
I mean, they have pro-vaccine training all the time.
They teach doctors how to deal with vaccine-resistant parents.
They teach them how to document in their charts, even if they don't give a vaccine so they get paid.
They have all kinds of educational courses.
We have an educational course now to train people.
And so you will be able to recite all of these different things, and to go back to that UN meeting that you just showed, and blow away every single one of those nuggets.
Because, Alex, I'm telling you, when I first heard all of that, and I didn't listen to all 20 hours of it, I certainly listened to the highlights of it, it was jaw-dropping to me.
It should be enough right there to stop this industry.
Well, Rob Dew, who's obsessed with this because he's seen family hurt by it, he did watch the whole thing, and he was crying the next day.
It's the next thing that we have to do.
Instead of fighting to retain our right to refuse, our God-given right to refuse, we need to band together and go for the jugular and end this beast.
It's time for this whole beast to go away.
That's right, because we have the power of science and facts on our hands.
We have the inserts.
We have the proof.
How dare them say we're liars when the head of the UN says, Dr. Sherry Tinpenny's been right all along.
We're going to come back with more and ask how they're going to strike back next.
I mean, they're calling for arresting anyone that questions it.
This is Big Pharma, folks.
Who trusts them?
You've seen it all over the news.
Arrest anti-vaxxers.
Arrest people that question it.
Arrest people that question Big Pharma.
And you saw Roger Stone, one of Trump's chief advisors, set up for Russiagate.
No Russia found.
They claim he lied to Congress.
And he didn't even do that.
Well, that's the point we've gotten to, is Kaitlan Bennett, InfoWars reporter, runoff of Ohio University.
We're trying to do interviews about President's Day.
Here's what Trump said just about an hour ago at a press conference about Roger Stone.
So, he hasn't given it any thought.
Trump doesn't lie a lot, but I guarantee he's given that a lot of thought.
But I guess he hasn't given thought to the pardon yet, he could say, because the process isn't over.
So I get what he's saying is he hasn't given thought to what he's going to do specifically because the sentencing isn't over.
So from a legal perspective, I get what he's saying, but obviously he's thought about it because Roger Stone advised him on the 2020 campaign quite a bit and has been punished so that he would lie about Trump and Stone hasn't done that.
But if he's going to be giving clemency, early prison release, to Blagojevich, the disgraced governor of Illinois, who definitely was involved in paper play stuff, caught on tape doing it, then he better let Roger Stone go.
But I wouldn't hold my breath now.
With the media acting like it's obstruction of justice if the president pardons him.
The president has that power and should exercise his executive power.
His instinct is vaccines are dangerous.
Barron got hurt by one.
You know, you want to know a Roger Stone story, Roger Stone knows for a fact that Barron was really healthy and doing great.
Had big problems for vaccines.
Didn't talk for a while.
Had some problems.
They want to put a stigma on their son, but Trump's like, what's wrong with my three-year-old?
He was running around great, now he can barely talk.
He bounced back from it, but notice Trump talked to Bill Gates, and Bill Gates told him it's okay, so now Trump doesn't say a word about vaccines.
So don't let your lying eyes get to you, Trump.
It's amazing.
Getting back to Dr. Sherry Tinpenny, who's been one of the leading voices exposing the dangers of vaccines, their secret protections, and the rest of it.
Total vindication with the UN summit, the head of the UN vaccine program, the head scientist of the UN saying that there's damages, it's hurting people, we've covered it up.
All the other scientists saying, yeah, something needs to be done.
There's no testing and basically we're just told to do this.
I mean, that is so, that is so massive.
Speak to that and then how do they try to strike back now?
What do you, what's the latest to this authoritarianism?
The latest is obviously mandates.
Mandatory vaccination.
Because it's all saying two things, Alex.
One is the measles is going to kill everybody.
So we have to stop it.
And the second thing is setting up these mandatory vaccinations will allow them to vaccinate us with these fast-track counter measures, is what they call them.
If it's a fast-track vaccine, they call it a counter measure.
Be able to ram their vaccines into everybody.
I think that that's what's coming.
I've been working with several groups in Europe.
In fact, I'm going to be in Munich the third week in March.
I'm going to be talking at a big rally there.
And then there's a very large invitation only strategy meeting for Europe to try to get to get our point across.
And I think that our next move here, Alex, needs to be, you know, we're looking at trying to put fingers in the in 50 dikes across our country.
Fifty dikes minus four.
Minus California, New York, West Virginia, and Mississippi that have already lost their right to refuse.
And so we've got all of these other states that we're trying to protect our exemptions.
It's just going to be a matter of time before Pharma says, I'm sick and tired of fighting this in all these states.
Let's just ratchet this up and make it mandatory at the federal level.
Which is some of what these sad executive orders that Trump has put through makes me very nervous.
And they're already trying to pass that in Europe.
And so I think that the next level of what we need to be advocating for is the complete elimination of the vaccine industry.
It's a 200 year mistake.
It was based on no science, on politics and on money from its very inception.
It's doing the incidence rate of these infections is extraordinarily low.
We no longer need to vaccinate everyone to cause eradication of these viruses and bacteria that even that will continue to propagate irrespective of vaccination rates.
You know, science moves on, technology moves on.
Sure, and vaccines belong to the age of leeches and tying witches up with rocks and throwing them in the local lake.
But clearly, they know they're losing.
That's why they're pushing for total capitulation.
You're right.
Just counter them completely and say eradicate the whole industry.
Get rid of all of it.
They're building a 1.3 trillion dollar industry on the backs of damaging children.
And if that isn't enough to get people riled up and be really angry about what's going on, then they're just brain dead and they're never going to get it.
But let's pull back from that, Dr. Tim Penney.
The transgenderism.
No, I don't hate somebody because they want to be another sex or whatever.
Targeting children, telling them they're another sex, taking parental rights away, giving them dangerous drugs that supposedly change their sex.
There is, like you said, an establishment, medicalization, Munchausen by proxy.
Targeting children and we know vaccines are damaging them.
We know they're covering it up.
Where does this cult of targeting children come from?
Making them sick, as you said early on, to make sure they're a client of the system for life.
It's a customer for life.
If we can, if every out of every 10, it's my opinion, my opinion, that out of every 10 vaccines, every 10 children that are vaccinated, all 10 of them are injured at some level.
You may not see it.
They may not have asthma, allergies, seizures, autoimmune disorders.
But what if we just shaved off 10 or 15 IQ points off of that kid?
And then the next generation, and the next generation.
And so we are damaging everyone.
And I firmly believe that this may be, this very well may be, the last generation of children that we see, unless we stop this.
What if your great-grandchildren look back at you at this point in time and say,
You could have stopped this and you didn't.
And now look at us.
We can't have children.
Everybody has mental problems.
They have headaches.
They're all sick.
They're on all these medications.
You could have stood in the gap and changed it and you didn't.
And what if you can't even get great-grandchildren?
What if you can't even get to that point because of primary ovarian failure in girls by the Gardasil vaccine and all the aluminum that is messing with the sperm counts?
You just said it.
It's a population reduction operation.
Bill Gates on TED Talk 10 years ago said we need to increase vaccines to lower the human population.
And the crowd laughed.
They're all in on it.
I don't know that they laughed because they're in on it, or they laughed on it because they thought it was so bizarre.
But here we are.
Here we are.
And it's actually happening.
And it's time for us to just stop this.
It's time for us to make this go away.
You're right, because it's so freakish and so evil, people can't even believe it's happening, but it is.
It's, we can't make safer vaccines.
It's not possible.
And everybody at the UN just told us that.
We have to have adjuvants to quote, make it work, make an antibody that doesn't even keep you from getting sick.
So they don't, they don't keep you from getting sick.
They're all risk and no benefit that the incidence rate of these infections is so low.
There's no reason to have mass vaccination for any of it.
It's a 200 year multi-generational mistake, Alex, and it's time for it to go away.
It's a cult really, isn't it?
It's a religion.
It's a religion.
People always say, I believe in vaccines.
You do?
Give me a really good reason why you believe in vaccines.
Well, my grandmother... Well, then people say, well, what about smallpox?
What about polio?
Well, we go through all of that in our boot camp course and teach people how to refute it.
All right, let's talk about that in the final segment and how they're going to strike back.
But I'll just say this.
We got a break with Dr. Sharon Timoney.
My grandmother died two years ago at 92.
Amazing lady.
The doctors told her she got a second round of polio vaccine.
She got it a week later.
They told her, you got it from your polio vaccine.
Um, my mother was a master swimmer.
She was getting gold medals against Olympic athletes.
She just started swimming competitively, so she was like 30.
The UT swim team told her, take the shot.
She took it, almost killed her.
A bunch of others got sick.
I mean, everybody I know has been hurt by these.
Two people in my office have had their children die from vaccines, and the doctors told them the vaccine killed your child.
You know, I was just sitting here thinking, how long have I been interviewing Dr. Sherry Tenpenny?
And I remember interviewing her from my home studios in like 1998 and 99.
So that's how long she's been on air with us.
And back then she'd just go, here's this study, here's that study.
I'm just being very scientific and this is what I'm seeing with my patients.
And then now you hear it's a takeover plan to reduce population and pure evil because it's all admitted.
So Sherry, spend a few minutes.
We've got to personalize this.
And you are a hero.
You don't say you are, but you've been attacked.
You've been demonized for what you've done.
You've been totally vindicated.
What woke you up?
Because you've been awake before I was interviewing you 20 years ago.
What woke you up?
It was just serendipity, Alex.
I went to the National Vaccine Information Center meeting in Washington, D.C.
and I came home and said, how did I possibly miss this?
I've been a practicing physician at that point since 1985.
I had my own clinic here in Cleveland, Ohio.
I grew up in a chiropractic family that I was not vaccinated as a kid.
I had all the age-appropriate measles, mumps, rubella, chicken pox, pertussis.
I had those things.
Never really gave it a thought.
None of my cousins had been vaccinated.
And when I came back from that meeting, I thought, maybe I ought to start somewhere and look into this.
And the first paper that I read was the CDC's General Recommendation for Vaccination.
It was the, I believe it was the 1998 paper.
And when I read it, I said, this can't be it.
This can't be what an entire industry is built on.
And at that point in time, the vaccine sector of the pharmaceutical industry was about $8 billion.
It's now like $57 billion now.
And I thought, there has to be something more than this.
And so that's why I kept doing it.
It was just more and more and more.
And I kept thinking that sooner or later, I would read something that made sense.
Sooner or later, I would find something that actually was the reason why we do all these vaccines.
And to date, after all of these years of research, all these tens of thousands of hours, all the hundreds and hundreds and hundreds, even thousands of papers that I've read,
Because we have a research library called the Tenpenny Research Library that has over 11,000 articles pulled from mainstream medical journals showing problems associated with vaccines.
And so all the thousands of hours, I have yet to find anything that justifies injecting foreign matter into one-day-old children or injecting foreign matter into pregnant women for any reason whatsoever.
I mean, there's no science at all to support injecting
No science to justify giving vitamin K shots to children that has aluminum in it.
But it gets worse than that.
Take Angelina Jolie now, 10 years ago, has both her breasts cut off because she might have a gene for breast cancer.
Well, yeah, I have a gene that if I smoke three packs of cigarettes a day, I'll get lung cancer.
And so then they sell women now to the doctor, oh, you're 40.
It's time to have double mastectomies.
We'll take the fat from your stomach.
And then put it into the bags that were your breast.
I mean this and almost all the kids in Austin now 60% are born via cesarean.
The medical system is just taking over normal biological activity.
Yes, in every industry.
And so to your question, what really woke me up, I mean, it was just kind of serendipity.
And it was just that the more that I saw Alex, I mean, I don't have any children.
I don't have any children.
So I'm not in that fight.
So I'm not in the autism fight.
I don't have any vaccine injured cousins or relatives.
I just see this as the truth.
And exposing a 200-year lie.
200 years of propaganda.
200 years that if we say it over and over again, if we say it often enough, then somehow that makes it be true.
Well, I think it's time for us to understand there's no truth to it.
So let me ask you that question.
Clearly, the head UN scientist and all the adjuncts are saying just what you're saying.
They say they're losing and it needs to be fixed and tested.
So that sounds like victory to me, except
They admit we don't test.
We're given this by Big Pharma.
We're given this by Bill and Melinda Gates.
And so it really shows the U.N.
isn't even running things.
This is just a staggering admission.
Yeah, we, it's, and we have been, and think of it this way, Alex.
I mean, since the early 1900s, over the last hundred years, how many
Tens of millions, if not even billions of doses of vaccine have been deposited into human beings and animals, if you want to put on that path too, all over the world for the sake of commerce.
To make them sick.
So that we can stuff them full of more pharmaceutical products.
Corporations set the precedent by law that every cow and every cat and every dog and every pig and everything will be given.
That's right.
That's another question.
They call it vaccine.
I understand taking smallpox 500 years ago, putting in somebody, hoping they live, and if they survive, yeah, you've learned an immunity.
That's real science.
Those are risks.
But when you pull back from this,
Now it's live viruses and it's genetically engineered and it's got whole human genomes in it.
So it's not even a vaccine, it's just something big pharma, which is like big tech, wants to put in you with their whole history of secret experimentation.
Well this just sounds like the beginning of a bad science fiction horror movie.
It does.
And it is.
That's exactly what it is.
And you can't prove a negative.
So if you get a flu shot and you do not get the flu, is it because the flu shot did something to keep you from getting sick?
Or is it because you washed your hands?
Or that your vitamin D level is between 80 and 100?
Or because you eat well?
Or you are overall healthy?
How can you say it was the flu shot that kept you from getting influenza?
Particularly since the statistics show that over the last 19 years, and I dug all this data out of CDC data, over the last 19 years, people get sick in the wintertime, 85% of the time that illness is caused by something other than influenza viruses.
So if it's something other than an influenza virus and you got a flu shot, it didn't keep you from getting sick anyways.
It's one propagated lie, myth, distortion, whatever you want to call it.
Falsehood, fake news, after another and another and another.
And Alex, that's why they won't debate us.
It's because we win hands down on every argument.
And so the only tools they have left in their toolbox are disparaging our name, are mudslinging, are trying to shut us down, the censorship, stopping everything that we have to say.
It's the only tools they have left in their toolbox to fight us because we win hands down every time that vaccines are not good, they are not safe, they do not keep you from getting an infection, they do cause disease.
And it's time for this industry to button up and blow away.
And now the U.N.
admits that's the truth, but a total news blackout.
So their censorship, their attempts for forced inoculation is their weakness, ladies and gentlemen.
So don't give in to the intimidation.
Let me ask you this in closing, Dr. Sherry Tinpenning.
Obviously learned immunity, artificially learned immunity is a real science.
There's problems, it causes other problems, it causes side effects, there's all sorts of contaminants.
I'm not selling vaccines here, but if there is some deadly super whatever going on, if we could have an attenuation, I mean, I might want it.
I want that choice.
But with this history of them acting like this, you can't trust any of it.
So it's almost like the whole science is ruined.
Is there any salvageability?
Injecting foreign matter into human beings does nothing but make them sick.
We need to get back to looking at things like homeoprophylaxis.
We need to look at
High-dose vitamin C. And in fact, I had heard that they were actually even doing a study in China, like with 20,000 people using high-dose vitamin C. Oh, absolutely.
Nutrition, sunlight, clean water.
Washing your hands.
I mean, we have been sold a bill of goods, Alex.
I've seen the studies in Australia, the UK, and the US from the 20s on.
Oh, bring that up!
I don't have time to pull this up, but it's always like this.
The graph shows the same thing.
You basically get 1,900.
Doc, give me a camera shot, guys.
And you get running water comes in right around here.
And so by the 1940s, when most people have running water, you see infectious disease go way down because of laundry, detergents, and then suddenly vaccines come in, it goes back up some, and it looks like vaccines actually caused a bump in infectious disease.
That's a primitive way to do it, but we've all seen those graphs.
Alex, you're right.
And at that 1940 area where you were talking about water, the other thing that is not talked about as much as it should is that is the impact of electricity, of electricity going into houses where they can have refrigeration and that their food doesn't rot and turn into maggots.
So we talk about this a lot in our boot camp course.
We go through all of this.
And if people are interested, they want to get more information, they can go to vaxter.com and put bootcamp in the search and you can find out everything about the bootcamp.
You can sign up for our email list.
You can send me an email at courses4mastery at gmail.com and we'll get you plugged in.
But listen, Dr. Sherry Timpenny, you are the renaissance.
Alex, I want us to really say we need to end this.
We need to end it.
We need to end this industry.
Let's do it.
You have been on a couple years.
Please come back in the next few weeks.
I know you're busy.
We love you.
You're the vanguard.
You've been totally vindicated.
Dr. Sherry Tinpenning, nod your head.
Promise you'll come on soon.
She nodded her head.
We'll be right back.
Your calls are straight ahead.
Thank you, doctor.
Mike Adams takes over in 15 minutes.
The big news when I'm hosting now to go to your calls for those who are patiently holding.
I'm going to go in the order they were received.
Let's talk to Ryan in Florida.
Ryan, you're on the air.
Thanks for holding.
Hey Alex, thank you so much for taking my call, man.
I appreciate it.
Great show today.
Of course.
Appreciate you, brother.
I just wanted to piggyback off what you were talking about, you know, like where's Trump?
Where are the men in the country?
I think that's a very, those are very good questions.
I think a more important thing to ask is like, where are the true patriots?
Because people that rely on Q or Trump or whatever plan, you know, they think is going to work.
Are they going to work out in the end?
I think they're the ones who are really selling the country out because they're hedging their bets.
And I'm not advocating violence in any way.
I just want to put that out there.
But the American Revolution was not won with the freedom of speech.
It wasn't won by waiting for the tough guys to come in and do everything for us.
It wasn't won by everything's handled by Bill Barr and Q over there.
No, it was handled by the people doing the right thing at the grassroots.
And I think Trump does mean well and I back Trump.
It's just that his capitulation on censorship of the American people is not acceptable.
I agree.
I feel like, you know, having all these globalists around him,
I think so.
I know, but you realize the globalists have stacked almost all the top brass with globalists.
Everybody keeps wanting military tribunals.
That could be even worse.
You just saw a House tribunal try to put the President in jail for no reason.
I appreciate your call, Ryan.
There's no quick or easy fix.
We are rotten at the core, and that's why we're in so much trouble.
But at least we're starting to wake up to that fact in a minute.
All right, who's up next here?
Rebecca in Ohio.
Thanks for holding, Rebecca.
Hi, Alex.
You're on the air.
I love you.
You're doing such a great job.
I'm trying.
Sometimes I get tired.
Hey, look.
I'm never tired when I'm under attack.
It's when I'm not under attack.
Like right now, I'm kind of winning behind the scenes right now, so I'm very weak.
Don't worry, they're going to attack soon.
You're taking a little break.
You're taking a little break.
But listen, you're doing a great job.
They'll stick an eye on me soon.
Don't worry, I'll get plenty of power.
Hey, this is the first time I'm calling.
I'm calling about Ohio University.
Oh, is that not incredible what happened to Caitlyn?
This is my hometown, Alex.
This is my hometown.
This is where I grew up.
This is where I was raised.
This is where I had my 12-year-old paper route.
This is my hometown.
Now, I moved 15 minutes away to live in the country so I could have my farm.
Everything you talk about, Alex, I'm living the dream right now.
I've got my gardening.
We just started tapping our- And there is an army of foaming-at-the-mouth zombie commies right down the street.
Oh, yeah.
Those people that you saw with Caitlin are my neighbors.
They were the people that were around me my whole life.
Now those kids, I do have to say, our town people are not like that.
We have liberal town people.
They're good people.
These are the students, okay?
These are the kids that have been indoctrinated by- They're the malice youth brigades.
I'm gonna hold you over, but keep going.
Tell folks.
The thing that comes to my mind now, Alex, because I live here, and the thing that makes, that I'm thinking about now, I was talking to a friend of mine, we both worked the Trump campaign, in fact I'm the Trump chair for Athens County for 2016, and they came to my office, those kids, and they spray-painted, I don't remember if it was racist or Nazi on my building, but it, you know, I'm used to... Hold on, I want to hear about your thought crime.
I want to hear about your thought crime outside Ohio University.
We have a thought criminal.
She shouldn't have a voice.
Because we're jacked in beyond the veil.
So we got a lady calling in.
Rebecca just joined us and she's a farmer.
Grew up outside of Ohio University where Caitlin Bennett is going to be on during the war room coming up next hour.
400 people tried to attack her, did attack her, ran her out.
National News, CNN, USA Today just celebrating it like, thank God they ran that Trump supporter out of there.
That's what you do, you throw coffee on women and just that's good.
Malicious orgies of delight.
But she was getting into what's happened to her.
Rebecca was in Ohio.
So restart there.
You were saying you've been attacked or did I mishear you?
I was just saying that, excuse me, I was, I volunteered for the Trump campaign in 2016 and we had an office, a Republican office in town here and I was in there every day and one day, I guess it was overnight, they had come, those students, the same kind of, you know, the mentality.
Whoever is indoctrinating them is still there.
A mob of really weak looking... Let me tell you, two soldiers... I don't want any violence, I'm just saying.
One or two soldiers could deal with all these... I don't say that with pleasure.
These are pathetically weak people.
But it just shows who the slaves of evil are.
Well, the professors is who I'm wondering.
When it's in my own town, I say to myself, who's indoctrinating these kids?
Because they're coming to the college
Someone's indoctrinating him there.
So I'm interested in that now, locally, because this is where I live.
So we're going to start looking into it.
Well, I'll tell you the good news.
It's the Ford Foundation, the Carney Foundation.
There's a $300-something million investigation going on, Department of Education, how the CHICOMs run Harvard and Yale, and they've already indicted some of the top people at Harvard and Yale.
So the whole CHICOM network's about to go down.
I can actually pull it up for you.
We'll find it here for you.
But it's not getting a lot of attention.
That's why they're freaking out.
It's not the CHICOMs running it.
The big megabanks funded CHICOM because it has no rules and will do whatever they want.
Then they project the power out of that command base.
There it is.
Education Department investigating Harvard and Yale over foreign funding.
300 plus million.
Billions total to other universities from CHICOMs.
Well, Alex, if it can happen here, this is small-town America.
And this is waking me up even more than I was already awake, because honestly, I thought I was protected in a way, because we're really just tucked in here in small town Ohio.
There's no reason we should be like this, except they brought it here.
They installed it.
And they're acting on their plans, and we gotta stop it.
That, you know, at least the Nazis had militaries and professionals that were willing to fight.
They're acting like Nazis and do not have any of the force to even fight us.
But they're gonna get it, don't worry.
I want to connect the fact that Caitlin said that the police didn't do anything.
That's why I brought up the spray painting also.
Was that when they did that to the building during the campaign, we called the police and the police did nothing about it.
They didn't even investigate!
That's because you have scum obviously running that department.
And most departments aren't run by scum.
And I don't say the kids the police ass.
It's true.
They try to take over the police.
They haven't been successful.
But in blue areas they have.
And the police then become basically the same as like communist commissars.
They're not the enemy, they're just something that's got to be dealt with.
If this goes to 1776, it's very, very sad.
So that's why we should really work to politically fix this while we still can.
Thank you, Rebecca, and God bless you.
And I'm not mad at Caitlin not wanting to go back.
I get it.
It was very traumatic for her.
She didn't know this would happen.
But we'll bring thousands of people.
We'll let them know that it's not acceptable.
We'll teach those students, by peaceful means, how dumb they are.
But see, everyone cowers to the left, so it encourages the bully.
People ask me, well I'll go to an Antifa event and I'll tell security to stand back and I'll just go into their event.
Because, go ahead and hurt me.
I'm not afraid of you.
We have to break their will that we're scared of them.
These bullies think that that's power.
And they don't know what to do when you're not scared of them.
They have to have that broken that I'm not afraid of you and you're a piece of crap.
Because a bully gets off on the fear they invoke.
Let's go to Johnny in Denmark.
He's been holding the longest now.
Johnny, thanks for holding.
Go ahead.
Hi again, Alex.
It's my high honor and distinct privilege to talk to you again.
It's my high honor to talk to you.
We're like Ubermanship up here right now.
I'm following Gandhi's advice, be the change you want to see in the world.
Nancy Pelosi didn't do it for Uncle Donny.
Hey, I'm doing it for Uncle Alex.
Anyway, I know time is short.
Just a quick five-point agenda.
The first and most important, to me at least, is you've been talking recently about doing this podcast with callers.
And it looks like you're very close, and one day you were actually going.
I want to help push you over the edge here.
Oh, we're going to do it.
We're just getting more people hired, so we can do it.
We're almost there.
I get you, but I'm just going to make you a quick offer, then we'll move on to the next point.
If you want to start it right here, right now, today,
I'd be willing to do it for the whole three hours with you, and any other day, you know, this week.
Sorry, it would just be me, you, or whoever else.
I'm looking forward to basically commercial-free shows I'm going to do, and I've committed to do it.
It's just that I've got a lot of other little thingies I've got to deal with.
Truthfully, I run around scrabbling trying to make money to fund things.
And so, the thing is, I've never worshipped money, I've never sold out for money, but then I've still got to get it however I get it to fund things, and so it just takes up half my time, which then makes me disgusted by it, but nevertheless, we're starting to win, brother, and that's what matters.
He's gone.
We love you.
We're going to do that show soon, my friend.
Yes, Alex.
I just wanted to say I disagree somewhat with what you said about with Gavin McInnes who said that there's no peak to leftism.
I think there is a peak and you've alluded to it with the Maoist orgies of delight.
It's the cultural revolution.
That's where these people want to go.
It's a playbook, as you've said many times.
And when they come to my house, they're going to die.
But they're going to have the cops do it.
They're going to break down civilization and then give an order for the extremists they want picked up.
And then they think we're just going to kill cops, which then brings down... No, no, no.
We're not going to kill cops.
It's not about kissing cops' ass.
Police aren't the target.
If they're able to bring down the government, the left and the academics and the globalists are the target.
Yeah, and I agree with you that, and with Dr. Pechenik, that they don't have the strength or the numbers to carry out their plan.
But my concern is the psychological state that these kids have been put into and how we move forward as a civil society.
You know, because we need to defuse these people.
We need to deprogram them.
I agree with you.
If you try to talk to them, they just scream racist and spit in your face.
You're like, you're like, hey, George Soros is a Nazi.
Shut up, Nazi asshole!
You try talking to one of them.
Yeah, and we have to get them out of that mindset.
It's something that I don't think we're going to be able to move forward.
Look, here's an example.
Starbucks throws police out that are getting coffee, as if they think the average cop is a bad person.
That's how, because the government isn't theirs, it's we the people's.
So they see the lowest level of government, police, as their enemy because they want control of that.
You see what I'm saying?
Yeah, absolutely.
We have to make sure that we, as you've said many times, these folks are not the enemy.
They're political opposition, but they're fellow Americans, and we have to remember that.
I agree, but they're mental patients.
So how do you get a crazy homeless person that's trying to bite you at a red light?
What do you do when a crazy homeless person's beating your windshield out?
Because I know they're crazy.
I don't want to get in a fight with them, but they're attacking me.
We have to defend ourselves.
At the end of the day, we have to defend ourselves.
Yeah, and I'm not looking for that fight.
I'm saying we don't want that fight to kick off.
We want to politically fix it.
I'm saying they're not going to stop because they know they're losing.
They're going to start that political fight.
I got Brayden and Adam and then Mike Adams this segment.
Next segment's taking over.
But I'm going to give each Brayden and Adam one minute, then I'm going to ask Mike Adams, what do we do?
Well, Mike's a pretty smart guy.
He's trying to fix things politically, but he's bugged out and got a ranch.
I don't even have that yet.
So I got to tell you, we are entering the zone here where self-preservation is the name of the game.
All right, I'm taking a call from Brayden and Adam and then Mike Adams takes over.
But you look at these headlines, and now the left is pouring out their anti-human poison.
It's an Infowars.com story.
It makes my day when I see a woman come back for another abortion.
I love killing babies.
Pro-Trump NLB player excluded from San Francisco Giants World Series reunion.
State of Hawaii just told a potential coronavirus infected man to continue infecting while at a public terminal.
That's naturalnews.com.
Why are 712 people in Washington State being monitored for coronavirus infections but not tested?
Mike Adams will answer that question.
He wrote the article.
Christine Maxwell, the sister of Ghislaine Maxwell that worked for Mr. Epstein, works for the FBI it turns out.
Nobody wants us to talk about that.
ChildAid, Inc.
will help your children.
We're with Jeffrey Epstein.
Their whole system's coming down.
That's why there's the censorship.
It's a desperate move.
But so many people that are conservative or nationalist or Christian back away from truth tellers thinking, oh, you're being censored.
I don't want to be.
We're winning the war.
You're just followers.
But our audience of viewers and listeners, they're not followers, they're the tip of the spear.
And their word of mouth and their financial support of the broadcast is what allows all of this to happen that is changing history.
So I want to thank the listeners and viewers for not being intimidated like everybody else and continuing to spread the word, word of mouth of Band.Video, InfoWars.com and InfoWarsTore.com because you are the reason this is still happening and we're changing the world together for the best.
Mike Adams takes over just about two minutes.
Brayden in Washington.
Thanks for holding.
Go ahead.
Hey, Mr. Jones.
I really appreciate you taking my call.
Appreciate you.
So I kind of have two things here.
First off, you know, I'm a young guy.
Washington State.
And I'm currently going to community college right now.
Fresh out of high school.
And I just wanted to say that, you know, I really kind of identify with what Kaitlyn was talking about earlier.
Just the craziness that goes on.
We've seen this, you know, happen with Milo, with Gavin McInnes, Steven Crowder, various comedians.
And it just seems like
We are fighting because we have posters going up, you know, from like 4chan, like the it's okay to be white posters and various other kind of like campaigns going on.
I guess the question is, how do we, you know, get more young members in this community to go from just being like passive listeners to actually getting them to, you know, be active?
You know what?
The crew hears this and they're busy and they kind of halfway listen to me.
They're doing a great job, but I want your name and number.
I want you to come on the show with me tomorrow for 30 minutes.
Because the question of how do we influence colleges more?
How are we more aggressive?
How do we stand up against this?
That is a microcosm for taking the whole world back.
You get a bunch of followers there at the school, and they believe by following the directives of the campus controllers, they're in the powerful group.
You've got to explain they're the oppressors, and that they're the group that's actually failing.
But it doesn't matter.
That's why there's always lots of followers, and not a lot of leaders.
Just because you're in the middle of this pressure cooker, and most of these people are against you, well, most people, you know, end up not being successful.
And so don't look at being part of the group as success.
Look at being an individual as success, promoting what has value.
Listen, I got on air 26 years ago, and I fundamentally believed in what I was promoting from historical perspectives.
I wasn't trying to be a big leader in it.
I just believed that if I promoted freedom, it'd be successful.
It was.
So we're promoting things that are powerful and organic.
And so fundamentally, they may have the establishment and censorship on their side because what they're doing is unnatural.
We have truth and justice and the organic power on our side.
And if we just, it's not an arrogance, it's a confidence of you're in a war, you're in a fight, you might as well be confident about it.
Like, if you're in a war, politically, you're gonna walk up and stab somebody in the neck.
I'm not saying do that.
I'm saying, as an allegory.
If I'm gonna try to go up and kill somebody with a knife, I'm gonna go up and really try to do it.
I'm gonna kill him, by the way.
I'm not gonna stab him like it's a pretend.
Or I'm gonna shoot somebody to defend myself.
I'm not gonna pretend I'm gonna shoot him right in the chest, or right in the face.
I'm gonna do it.
Well, politically, you've gotta be the same way.
You have to execute at the point.
You have to believe it, know it, know you're in the right, and then will it.
And you do that.
But you have to be ready to be a leader.
And I know you don't want to be a leader.
Because you innately have leadership.
That's why you're already awake.
You already love God.
You love justice.
You know the truth.
And so you're not trying to lead.
You see all these others wanting to lead.
They're followers.
The leader doesn't want to lead.
They're forced to lead because they can't let the cancer grow.
I appreciate your call.
Get Brayden's number.
Let's get Brayden on tomorrow.
That's a larger discussion.
Mike Adams is taking over very soon.
Adam in Canada.
Last caller before Mike Adams takes over.
What's your question or comment?
It's so true what you just said.
I got a minute.
So I blog about the specific psychosis of the left at TowerOfBabel.ca.
From the point of view of an insider growing up in the family that basically brought socialism to Canada.
My grandfather founded the CCF here and my father built the NDP in Ontario.
I grew up knowing these people to be Fabian Communists.
The new Fabian doctrine is to hollow out any existing civic structure and construct their utopia inside... And by the way, I was probably mentally... The last caller's great.
You two should come on together for 30 minutes, both of you, tomorrow.
Because what you're saying, these last two callers, is so key to understanding it.
Please continue.
If you check out my blog, TowerOfBrabble.ca, I talk about this is a Fabian Communist conspiracy.
These people are Bolsheviks.
Oh, they're absolutely part of a cult.
They admit they're following a global government.
You said it.
Communist Tower of Babel.
That's it.
They've always been trying to build this thing where no one can communicate but them.
And by confusion, they believe they rule.
Instead of, by clarity, all of us come together.
They keep claiming they're the collectivists.
They're not.
Clarity is a vision so pure, everyone joins it by free will.
That's godlike collectivism.
Their thing is division and total confusion, and then they, in the darkness, direct us to their collective, which is hell on earth.
Does that make sense?
Yes, and they're clinical psychosis.
It's a clinical psychosis to believe your DNA controls you.
And if you don't believe in God, then you don't believe the Magna Carta has any legal value.
You said it again.
The DNA is only a resonant system to communicate with God and our past ancestor genetic code.
Listen, no BS.
It's all coming together.
Everything we do is all happening right now.
I want Adam and the Last Caller on tomorrow with me, 30 minutes.
Mike Adams, I apologize, taking 30 minutes of his time.
I know he's a busy guy and agreed to take over because Paul couldn't do it.
Paul does the last hour tomorrow.
Mike Adams, naturalnews.com is always loaded for bear.
He takes over in four minutes when we come back.
I didn't plug last hour, didn't plug so far, and we were going to have to lay people off in six months, but we've sold a lot of products, so we're doing okay, but we need to sell a lot of products to stay on air.
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You need Ultra 12.
You need immune gargle that's about to sell out.
You need the storable food that's about to sell out.
To be prepared and to be ready and to have your body ready.
And there's not a perfect place in the universe better than...
Getting products that fund the Infowar, that are pure and quality and good, that also take care of your body.
That's a magic thing, God gave us.
Products that are good for you and your body, good for you and your family, that also fund the Infowar.
That is a magic thing.
So take advantage, Infowarshore.com.
All right, Mike Adams takes over.
All right, I've got major updates for you here.
Breaking news on the coronavirus coming in just a few minutes.
But first, just comments on the callers.
Just fantastic callers in the previous segment with Alex.
I'm glad Alex said that he's going to have those two individuals on tomorrow and his whole new format idea about a podcast, commercial-free type of conversations with callers.
I think that's fantastic.
It's genius, old-school, breakthrough format.
It's really genius.
I hope he gets that going soon.
I might like to participate in that as well.
It's a great idea.
But first, about Caitlin Bennett and what happened yesterday.
It's just astonishing.
The rabid, lunatic left has now completed their transformation into a violent mob of mindless, just completely insane zombies screaming hatred and death upon all conservatives.
And I have to say, this free speech issue is now the civil rights issue of our time.
This is the civil rights fight today.
Just as...
Equality for African Americans was the civil rights battle of the 1960s and the 70s and the 80s.
Today, it's free speech for all people, but especially conservatives, whether they be black or white or Asian or Latino.
Conservatives are being hunted and hounded and mobbed by violent lunatics.
And yesterday, in fact, Caitlin Bennett, or I think it was two days ago, she had a Rosa Parks moment.
And this is the civil rights fight of our time.
And we are up against this violent lunatic mob that is encouraged by Twitter.
So Twitter has become the hate hub of the radical left, and if you don't have enough left-wing hate, then you're not allowed on Twitter.
If you're a conservative, or if you're a Trump supporter, if you love America, you love the Constitution, or you have any words of criticism towards transgenders, or the pedophilia,
We're good to go.
And I repeat my call right now.
The President of the United States should either demand that Twitter allow total free speech for all people, all ideas, all political philosophies, or Twitter should be seized and shut down.
Twitter should be ended and taken offline if they are going to contribute to this lunatic mob, this radical left-wing hatred that's going to get people killed.
Because let's be honest, Caitlyn Bennett was trapped in a kill zone.
That was a kill zone they created around her vehicle and her security personnel there.
That was a kill zone.
They did not want her to leave.
They wanted to trap her, and they physically trapped her.
And she had every reason to fear for her life and her personal safety in that context.
It was a lunatic, violent mob that was already attacking her vehicle.
Caitlin Bennett would have been correct.
To order her security team to deploy tactical, defensive tools and weapons to escape that kill zone by any means necessary in her own self-defense.
Whether that meant driving out of there or using self-defense weapons, I'll just say it that way, to stop violence, to stop the lunatic mob, she was being assaulted.
And they are trying to drive somebody to the point of shooting one day.
They want a shooting.
They want to see a bunch of lunatic leftists shot and blood running in the streets because somebody decided to defend their lives against this lunatic mob.
This is what they wanted to come to.
And they were trying to invoke that with Caitlyn Bennett.
But these universities have become nothing but hate indoctrination hubs.
And it is insane that we have arrived at this moment in America where
A woman, a woman going to a university to ask innocent questions on President's Day is threatened and hounded by a lunatic, violent, left-wing mob and the media celebrates it because the media is part of this mob and this is why ultimately when it comes to a civil war, do not hesitate to defend America.
Do not hesitate.
You are not dealing with rational, intelligent, informed human beings anymore on the left.
Their rationality is gone.
They are totally insane.
They are violent, lunatic, emotional mobs.
And the media is contributing to this and even begging for this kind of behavior to continue.
The media is part of the problem.
The mainstream media is the enemy of America.
They are, in fact, hoping for massive killings of conservatives.
They openly call for it.
They celebrate this kind of violence.
We are dealing with the civil rights issue of our time.
So with that said, I also want to just mention Alex said he needs a bug out plan.
I've got extra space at various locations in Central Texas.
If Alex needs to bug out, we can help him accomplish that.
Not even at my ranch, but other locations where we have assets and we have former Special Forces individuals who are also going to be relocated to those locations.
So Alex Jones, you have a backup bug out plan that you didn't even know about.
And you'll be safe there, because even a thousand lunatic leftists could not get through just three or four former Navy SEALs.
Trust me on that point, because I've trained with these brave men, and they are incredibly gifted at what they do, and we are not going to surrender to the lunatic mobs.
We will defend ourselves.
We will defend our nation, we will defend our property, and we will defend the rule of law in America.
And it sure would be nice if Trump would do something about these assaults on people like Caitlyn Bennett, if Trump would speak out against it, if Trump would crack down on these universities and this insane indoctrination.
Frankly, this all comes down to the communist infiltration of America.
The communists have taken over the universities, they've taken over the media, they've taken over half of the Democrats in Congress, they've taken over the governorships across America, and they've taken over California.
And Alex had a guest on the other day, Jeff Nyquist, who is an expert in this area.
And I spoke with Nyquist as well, and he knows exactly what he's talking about.
There's been a long-term plan in place to drive the youth to this level of lunatic violence.
This is part of the communist revolution takeover plan that has played out in countries across human history, including China.
And Venezuela, and Cuba before, and former Soviet Union, and so on.
All throughout the world.
This is the game book.
This is the blueprint that they follow.
And Trump better get off his butt and realize that we are under assault.
This is a war against America being waged right now.
It's an information war, the censorship of the tech giants, the lunatic left-wing propaganda of the media that is anti-America, that are traitors to this nation and to its people.
And the left-wing lunatic students at these left-wing universities that are being trained and indoctrinated into total hatred and total depravity, a complete rejection of biological reality, a rejection of God and principles of divinity, a rejection of real science and real biology.
This push for transgenderism and pedophilia is all about rejecting sexual reproduction, a mother and a father.
A binary union that creates the sustainability of the human race.
You can't have a child without a mother and a father.
And yet, the very concepts of motherhood and fatherhood are being obliterated by this radical, leftist, lunatic, zombie mob that is out for blood and wants to literally kill every person with whom they disagree.
And they call themselves tolerant?
They're the tolerant ones, really?
They're pro-human rights, really?
As they murder their own babies and celebrate that and can't get enough of that?
You know, celebrating returning second abortions and third abortions, and they love that because it's more blood spilled onto the floors of the abortion centers.
This is what leftism has come to.
And they must be stopped.
They must be stopped.
That moment is coming.
That day is coming for America.
And you're tuned in to the right place to stay informed on all of this.
In the upcoming segment here, I'm going to get into more breaking news about the coronavirus, but I just had to get on the record about what happened to Caitlin Bennett.
People aren't realizing that that is, that's an uprising, violent civil war attack against a conservative female who's merely trying to exercise her rights as a journalist to ask questions.
That moment has arrived.
In America.
And we must demand it be stopped, and we must be prepared to defend ourselves, our families, our communities, and our nation against these lunatic left-wing mobs, because they will not stop at anything.
Like a previous caller said, there is no peak end to where this goes.
They want mass death across America, and they will do anything to achieve it.
We'll be back after this break with more breaking news.
All right, breaking news on the coronavirus outbreak today here on the Alex Jones Show.
Mike Adams from Natural News stepping in for this last segment.
I'm going to go through this very quickly because we got a lot of breaking news.
A story I just posted a few minutes ago, why are 712 potentially infected people in Washington State being monitored for the coronavirus infection but not tested?
Now we went to the Washington State Health Department website and we captured the numbers from their page.
We linked to it as well.
It turns out there are 712 people being, quote, monitored, which I'll explain in a second what that means, but they've only tested 25 people in the entire state.
And out of the 25 people, they found one is infected, at least what they're willing to admit to so far.
Those of you watching online, you can see the screen from the Washington State website.
We are not making these numbers up.
Now, these 712 people are people who have had close contact with potentially infected people or who have traveled from China.
And yet, the state of Washington refuses to test them.
And in terms of them being, quote, monitored, we found out all that is is the state of Washington sends them an email that says what they should do if they start to show symptoms.
So this is
Grossly incompetent, almost criminally liable misconduct from the state of Washington Health Department that apparently does not understand how epidemiology works, has no clue about virology, or the transmissivity of this virus.
Because of course, this virus spreads when you have no symptoms.
And yet, the state of Washington is telling people, you don't need to contact us until you have symptoms, which of course could be after you've spread it to hundreds or thousands of people.
It is my belief, although I can't prove this, I believe that there are already two outbreaks in the United States of America.
One of them is taking place in Seattle right now, which is why there are hundreds of people being, quote, monitored.
You know, where did those people come from?
Why are there so many?
Why are they not being tested?
Because the state of Washington doesn't want to report infections.
I call it the don't ask, don't tell policy of the pandemic.
Don't ask, i.e.
don't conduct tests, and guess what?
You'll have no infections.
What an amazing coincidence.
They finally figured out the science here.
And then the other place where the outbreak is taking place, in my opinion, again, I cannot prove it, but the evidence is pointing toward this, and it is Honolulu, or at least the airport of Honolulu.
Because we had yesterday Hawaiian Airlines and Delta Airlines admitting that they had carried a couple who was later infected, confirmed infected.
They had flown them on Hawaiian Airlines to the city of Honolulu and then Delta had flown them out of Honolulu to Japan.
The key factor to understand here is that the husband of this couple, it was an elderly couple, the husband was showing symptoms on February 3rd before they took the Hawaiian Airlines flight.
So I believe we are looking at a situation where something about Honolulu is spreading this infection.
Perhaps it's the airplanes because they're not sanitized.
Perhaps it's an infected flight attendant or an infected pilot.
Maybe infected workers at the Honolulu airport.
We're not sure yet.
But the State of Hawaii, in a related story, told a person who was trying to self-report to the State Department of Hawaii, the State Health Department.
That person had been in close contact with another infected person, and that person was asking them, what should I do?
And in an email back to that person, the Health Department of the State of Hawaii told them, don't do anything.
Just go on about your day normally, and if you start to have symptoms, then let us know.
So this response by Hawaii officials and Washington State officials
It really smacks of the Communist China cover-up and the WHO response, which is don't ask, don't tell.
Hey, we're going to change the parameters of what is an infection.
We're not going to count people who have no symptoms.
That was China's decision a few days ago.
And so the numbers are falling now because they're not counting infected people as long as they're not showing symptoms.
So you now have this, again, this almost criminal negligence cover-up taking place now in the United States of America.
Alongside the CDC admitting days ago, Dr. Redfield and Dr. Nancy Messonnier, Redfield's the head of the CDC, Messonnier is the head of a department, both admitting that they expect community outbreaks in the United States of America.
Why are they saying that?
In my assessment, it's because they already know these outbreaks have taken place, but they don't want to panic the American people.
And so they have to kind of warm people up to this idea slowly to say, yes, we're expecting outbreaks, even though they probably have hundreds of people already confirmed in the United States.
That's that's my assessment currently.
But they won't admit it until they kind of roll out this narrative slowly over time to try to not panic people.
Now, this this whole idea of panic, you want to know what really panics people is when the authorities lie to you.
And then one day you're surprised by the truth that causes panic.
Telling people the truth avoids panic.
Encouraging people to get prepared now, while supplies are available, that avoids panic.
We, the independent media, we are helping people to not panic.
Get prepared, learn the truth, be ready, do not panic, but be smart about this.
It's the censorship of the tech giants, and it's the lies of the mainstream media, the cover-up of the governments, and the
The downplayed numbers of this by the CDC and the health authorities in Washington, that's what's going to lead to panic one day because you can't cover up the dead bodies forever.
Eventually, people going to work are going to notice, hey, where's my co-worker who used to sit in that cubicle over there?
What is the State Health Department of Washington going to say?
What co-worker?
There was nobody there?
No, no one's dying.
You're imagining it.
No one's disappearing.
There are no mass graves.
There are no cremation ovens running in America.
No, none of that is happening.
You're just going to be told that you must be imagining all these things, like, oh, didn't you used to have three children?
Now you only have two.
Well, where'd that third child go?
And the state of Washington is going to say, you didn't have a third child.
There is no coronavirus outbreak.
None of that is happening.
Stop reading fake news, they're going to say.
I mean, how far can they take the cover up?
That's the question.
Now, there's an even bigger issue in all this, which is the economic
We call it the supply chain Armageddon that's coming.
I know this is coming personally because we, you know, my whole operation, we purchase food supplies and various supplies.
We can't get a lot of things now.
We're being told by our commercial suppliers, it's all gone.
It's all sold out.
And China, you see,
The store shelves will have appliances and electronics and many food items and so on, even vitamins, most of which are made in China.
And pharmaceuticals, 97% made in China.
We have those supplies today, right now, but those supplies are running out.
It takes about five weeks from the factories to go across the ships of the ocean to get on the store shelves.
So there's about a five week lag time before people in America are going to start seeing, oh my gosh, I went to buy a refrigerator that's made in South Korea that uses components from China.
There are no more refrigerators.
There are no more microwave ovens.
All the electronics have collapsed.
The whole supply line has collapsed.
The pharmaceuticals are running out at my local pharmacy.
They can't get them.
Because they're made in China.
So for a while you can lie about it if you're a government.
You can lie, but eventually people notice that supplies are running out.
Where are the vitamins?
Where are the superfoods that come out of China like wheatgrass formulations and chlorella that comes out of China and so on?
Vitamins and amino acids and proteins, rice protein, most of that comes out of China.
It's going to be in very short supply very soon.
It's already at the commercial level.
We're already seeing it.
So then we get to the motivation here.
The state of Washington, the state of Hawaii, they depend on tourism.
Trump doesn't want to really address this, I think, full force because of the stock market situation.
Trump wants the market to keep going high all the way through the election.
I get it.
He wants to get reelected.
People need their pension money.
They need the illusion that all this money exists, even when it doesn't.
That's Trump's ploy right now, or strategy.
But Trump is wrong on this.
I think he's making a critical mistake.
The stock market is highly, highly vulnerable to this pandemic.
And this virus could wake people up to the reality that that stocks are overvalued.
And there's going to be a wave of bankruptcies throughout this year because of the supply chain Armageddon that's happening in China.
So eventually we're going to have to come back to reality, whether it's stock valuations or real estate bubbles or supply chain crises or what's happening with infections being covered up.
In the United States right now, eventually the cover-up fails.
Eventually the virus wins.
And you know why?
An interesting philosophical point.
Because if you're a government, you can control the narrative, you can censor the people, but you can't censor the virus.
Isn't that interesting?
The virus continues to replicate no matter what your policies are, no matter what your laws are.
The virus is working on cause and effect.
It's been grown and incubated and shared in human bodies every second of every day as we are here talking and listening right now.
And you can't pass a government decree that eliminates the virus.
They tried that already.
They tried a two-week quarantine in Wuhan.
Didn't work.
They tried a quarantine on the Diamond Princess.
Didn't work.
And by the way, the Diamond Princess tomorrow, thousands of people will walk off that ship into Japan and they will take commercial flights all around the world because the Japanese quarantine will end tomorrow and yet people are being reinfected during the quarantine.
So as of tomorrow, the world will be infected with a new wave of the coronavirus as people step off the Diamond Princess cruise ship and take commercial flights all over the world.
That happens tomorrow.
And no one seems to be concerned about this because the level of government incompetence and lying and cover-ups on this is epic and historic and dangerous and will get millions of people killed.
That's the summary today.
Thanks for watching.
Mike Adams here for InfoWars.com.
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I told you two weeks ago that almost all the other major food distributors were actually sold out of food and trying to now buy up more food.
But that our big sponsor that we've had for over 10 years, My Patriot Supply, had plenty of food on hand, but they were honest that there was a 7 to 10 day wait because they had to package it running 24 hours a day.
Three or four times the biggest volume of ordering that they've ever seen.
With Homeland Security and with FEMA and with the Office of Personnel.
All of them trying to call and buy up whatever food they had for their quarantine centers around the United States.
Remember, that was two weeks ago.
I told you they're setting up quarantine centers and they want emergency backup food for folks inside quarantine centers.
And the U.S.
government already has huge stockpiles of storable food, so why would they be wanting even more?
Because a lot of it's 20, 30 years old and the government employees want good stuff and they know MyPatriot's good, but they're buying up everything already.
Now, a lot of these other companies, I don't have them as sponsors.
I could have six, seven food sponsors right now.
I don't because I learned early on, if there's not a big rush and there's nothing going on, they got the food and, you know, it's okay.
But when there's a problem, no, they'll take your order, but they won't ship it out to you for a few months until they finally get the money and then make the food and put it all together.
When you order at InfoWorksStore.com, you get the lowest price and a full catalog of My Patriot Supply.
It funds our operation and they're in our back end.
They get the orders.
It's, boom, goes right into queue with them.
And you get it just as fast as anybody else that orders from them.
And it supports the operation.
And now it's 10 to 14 days.
They're right at about 10 days right now.
I just wanted to say 10 to 14 because the orders aren't going down.
They're intensifying because folks know this is really serious now.
But for 2020, for economic issues down the road, for inflation, for a possible depression, for any reason, this is insurance you can eat.
This is stuff that you can save and know that you're always going to use.
If you don't use your car insurance or your medical, well, it's money lost.
But with this, it tastes as good as 10 years as it does today.
And a lot of this food is indistinguishable from gourmet-type stuff you get at the store.
Some of it tastes okay.
But for the price, you're getting the best high-quality stuff there is out there.
Nobody can come close.
They're cheaper than all the major competitors.
And they want to be so that you come back to them over and over again.
They're now the biggest storable food company.
I think?
It's available right now, and I would advise everybody, if you've been on the fence about a four-week supply, about a three-month supply, about a six-month supply, about a year's supply, this is something that everybody that can should have.
And it's in these great, high-quality plastic tote containers that are sealed.
Then it's got sealed packaging inside of that that's absolutely filled to the brim.
You're not paying for air here, folks.
This is the best bang for your buck out there.
That's why they are ours.
We're good to go!
I think unfortunately, you know, in a month you'll be selling more food than you are now, because I think this is pretty serious.
The response we're seeing is really serious.
And regardless, 2020 is a crazy year.
People need to be prepared.
And so they've purchased a ton more food, and it's all coming in, all getting ready.
But you order now, you're ordering food they have in stock that you will get.
But I would not wait any more.
What's going on?
Infowarsstore.com or 888-253-3139.
They have a lot of specialty meals, you name it.
Amazing food.
Get it today.
I almost feel opportunistic when I'm positioned with the very nano-silver that the Pentagon and Homeland Security has said has been proven to take out SARS.
But you know what?
I've been selling it for years.
So, that's what this comes down to.
I sold out of this yesterday, as I told you, but still kept a discount of the 16-ounce bottles.
We're selling out of the 1-ounce bottles very, very quickly as well.
A little spray bottle.
This will sell out within a week, the 3-ounce bottles.
And it's just high quality.
And is it a silver bullet?
No, but they call it a silver bullet in lore because silver is just a metal-based antibiotic-type system.
And again, it's not perfect.
Consult your physician.
It's something that I normally just gargle with.
Couple times a week, but you can actually, this is approved to drink.
That's why it's at 15 parts, but it's nano.
Just remember any antibiotic, whether it's the classic antibiotics or whether it's metals based has its downside as well.
My dad was basically on death's doorstep six years ago.
My uncle, his uncle, and my cousin had all died, lived at the same ranch, from the same bad pneumonia.
I came in when the doctors couldn't help my dad.
He'd been on three different antibiotics.
I could tell he was going the same way, and I just basically assaulted him and poured three bottles of chloral silver down him.
Well, this is even better than that.
By the way, my dad pissed green for a week.
Sure wasn't good for his liver and kidneys, but he came back and lived, okay?
Am I saying that did that?
I just didn't put it in in God's hands.
I took action because God helps those that help themselves.
So what I'm getting at here is we're selling out of this silver.
We're keeping it discounted.
We're sold out of the colloil silver.
That hadn't come back in yet.
It was already sold out before this crisis began.
We have the great storable foods in case you've got a shelter in place.
But I have that just because you should be self-sufficient and ready.
All the other big suppliers we know of have already sold out.
This will take in your orders.
Our supplier
I don't
And sure enough, unfortunately, you see this is serious.
So, it's good to be prepared.
It funds our independent Maverick operation.
It's storable food.
It's high quality.
And we have the best nano silver you're going to find out there.
I mean, the super silver wound gel is the same nano, but it's super strong.
You can't ingest this.
This is private labeled in stores.
They have this in hospitals.
These are great patriots.
And here's the company right here.
They want their name said.
I've been with them, like,
Six, seven years, but it's American Biotech Labs out of Colorado.
Here's all the Pentagon documents, Department of the Army, Headquarters Army, Homeland Security, A&M, talking about how amazing it is.
Is it a silver bullet?
No, but it's just one more defense and it funds the M4.