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Name: 20200214_SpecialReport_Alex
Air Date: Feb. 14, 2020
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Attorney General Bill Barr has tipped his hand in a big, big way.
I've given him the benefit of the doubt, but it's clear that he's working for corrupt elements of the deep state that are trying to undermine President Trump.
President Trump put out a completely innocuous tweet pointing out that this prosecution of Roger Stone was political, that it's a kangaroo court, that the
Jury 4 person was a globalist leftist operative who hates Roger Stone and hates the President, who was tweeting during the trial.
That's a mistrial right there.
The President has a right as a citizen to make statements and to criticize what's going on in these corrupt courts and the out-of-control Justice Department.
But here comes Barr, whose family was heavily involved running the school that Epstein worked at.
Involved at every level, covering up the death of Epstein.
Involved at every level, making sure that nobody gets prosecuted, nobody gets arrested.
In this giant pedophile ring operation.
So that's the reality here, ladies and gentlemen.
And President Trump has been attacked from all sides.
We've seen the fake Russiagate hoax.
Now we see the Ukraine hoax and the whole impeachment thing.
And suddenly,
The President's vindicated yet again and now we're back to hearing about obstruction of justice because the President's bullying people by saying what happened to Roger Stone is a load of crap.
And that Russiagate is a load of crap.
The President has the executive power to pardon Roger Stone if he wants to.
So of course he can tell the Justice Department that this looks like a bunch of bull.
But the whole country can see that as well.
I've been asking the question last week, now that the President's been vindicated, what is the new attack going to be?
And it's just like Ukraine, the fake whistleblower.
Now we're being told that, ooh, the President's talking to people about hardening stone, and that's illegal, and he can't do that, so we've got to remove him for that.
They're trying to paralyze the presidency, this permanent bureaucracy that thinks it owns not just the country, but we the people.
I just got off the phone with Dr. Steve Pachinick, who is in the deep, deep state, the whole
We're good to go.
Remember, that's why Hillary and others are so powerful.
They have all the blackmail material on world leaders, on politicians, on leading intellectuals, on academics, on scientists.
And this is how this web of control has been operating that we first told you about more than 20 years ago, Epstein more than 15 years ago.
And President Trump needs to come out and expose it all right now and bring down these deep staters once and for all.
Please remember also, viewers, that we're under attack and we've been blacklisted and demonized and shadow banned because we're telling the truth and because we're accurate, not because we're fake news.
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