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Air Date: Feb. 3, 2020
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This episode of The Alex Jones Show covers several news items, including the Super Bowl Halftime Show, coronavirus outbreak, and recent Islamic terrorist attack in London. The discussion raises concerns about censorship on social media platforms and issues of radicalization in prisons in the UK. Alex Jones discusses the growing problem of Islamic terrorism in London and Europe, the impact of mass migration on crime rates, and China's accusations against the U.S. for causing panic and fear regarding the coronavirus outbreak. The show promotes Heart and Body Extract, True Iodine, Atomic Iodine, and storable foods from InfowarsStore.com. Other topics discussed include climate change, censorship on social media, demographic changes around the world, the objectification of women in the entertainment industry, and socially indoctrinated girls and young women's attitudes towards intimacy.

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From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
And we are live on this Monday, February 3rd edition of the show, the man, the myth, the meme, the legend, Alex Jones himself will be coming up at the bottom of the next hour.
But before that, we have an absolute plethora of news items to run through here today.
Of course, we had the Super Bowl last night, the biggest TV broadcast in America for the year, as far as I know.
And once again, it was a carnival of degeneracy.
We're going to get into that.
Specifically, the Halftime Show, and of course, the commercials, which were woke beyond belief, and that's putting it sympathetically.
We've got headlines like this.
CNN's Anna Navarro says, Super Bowl Halftime Show proves need for unlimited third world immigration.
Because they had performances by Jennifer Lopez and Shakira, who performed songs almost exclusively written by white people, white Americans, so that proves the need for unlimited mass immigration, according to Ana Navarro.
Super Bowl 2020 middle-aged strippers lip-sync tunes in Spanish.
Yes, this is coming from the same corporate media industrial complex, in this case the NFL and Pepsi company.
Which will get up and virtue signal all day about, you know, respecting women's role in the workplace, the Me Too movement, etc, etc.
And then they'll have their performers get up on stage and twerk and stick out their tongs and do strip club pole dancers for the impressionable viewing intake of, in many cases, teenage girls.
I've made this point over and over again.
So we're going to get into that.
We have headline here out of National File.
Super Bowl halftime show featured pole dancing strip club mimicry.
We're going to get into that.
We're going to get into the latest with the coronavirus and we're going to get into the latest terrorist attack, Islamic terrorist attack in London, which seems like it's every month at this point.
Yet again, a terrorist who was imprisoned for a period of three years and four months, despite a litany of terror offences, once again released early out on the streets.
And it was only thankfully, again, to the quick response of anti-terror police that he was shot dead.
A lot of people on Twitter, again, not happy that terrorists are being shot dead on the streets.
But again, he was released halfway through his sentence.
ISIS is now claiming credibility, claiming ownership of that terrorist attack.
So we're going to get into exactly what the attacker, Sudesh Aman, did to deserve that prison sentence, why Islamic radicalization in prisons in the UK is a massive problem and nothing is being done to stop it, and why these terrorists are being released early.
But again, the coronavirus continues to spread.
17,000 confirmed cases now, 361 people dead.
Of course, those are the official numbers being put out by the Chinese government.
Many observers, credible observers, have said that many of these cases are being diagnosed as pneumonia.
They're not being officially recorded as coronavirus cases.
And the real numbers are being hidden.
But if you talk about that, if you talk about the real cause of the coronavirus, if you speculate in any way, even while citing some of these same experts, you may get banned entirely off of social media over the weekend.
Zero Hedge, which is one of the biggest, you could call it alternative media websites, but it's mainly a financial website, banned by Twitter.
The circumstances behind the ban remain murky.
BuzzFeed put out a hit piece, obviously once again abusing their position to lobby for their competition to be banned, claiming that Zero Hedge was banned by Twitter for doxing a, I think it was a virologist, who they accused of potentially being the source of the coronavirus.
Turns out that that information was publicly available all along.
It was not a doxing.
But then the alternative explanation
And this was the one that Twitter put out, or at least Reuters is reporting they did, that Zero Hedge was banned for platform manipulation policy, which means putting out, quote, disinformation.
What is disinformation?
Any information with which they, the establishment media, do not agree.
So we've reached a new level of censorship where it's actually not harassment, not bullying, but
Facts that they don't like that can now get you banned on social media.
Don't go away, we'll be back.
So we had yet another Islamic terrorist attack on the streets of London yesterday in broad daylight.
Thankfully nobody died, at least not yet.
Two people stabbed, another person injured as a result of the terrorists being shot and some glass shattering.
The attacker has been named as Sudesh Aman.
This is a headline out of BBC News.
Sudesh Aman, who was the Streatham attacker, Streatham being the location in South London where this attack took place, says Sudesh Aman, the 20-year-old responsible for the attack in Streatham, South London on Sunday, pleaded guilty in November 2018
To six charges of possessing documents containing terrorist information and seven of disseminating terrorist publications.
Remember that date?
November 2018.
Yet he was out free on the streets a few days ago, unable to carry out this attack.
Despite planning to carry out an attack before he was even in prison.
Says three of the terrorist manuals the man admitted owning were about knife fighting.
Of course, that was the weapon he used to attempt to kill the innocent people on the streets of Streatham.
In fact, much of our man's fascination with conducting an attack was said to be focused on using a knife.
He was jailed at the Old Bailey the following month for three years and four months and he was smiling while he was sentenced.
He was released from HMP Belmarsh, which we're going to get on to talking about here in a second, on 23rd of January after serving just half of his sentence in custody.
So we're talking less than two weeks later, he has the time to plan the attack.
He's out on the streets carrying out the attack.
He was under a curfew and had to wear a GPS tag.
Coupled with exclusion zones such as ports and airports, he had to surrender his passport.
So, presumably because he had this GPS tag, that's why the anti-terror police were following him around in the hours before this attack.
That's presumably what happened given how swift they were in arriving on the scene.
I think it was almost within minutes to shoot him dead.
Now getting into some of these posts that a man put up on social media before he was jailed and then released early.
The posts included a photo showing an image of a knife along with two firearms and a shahada flag along with the Arabic words armed and ready April 3rd.
So he was planning some kind of attack back in 2018.
He also featured a video of a pro-gay rights speaker who frequented Speaker's Corner in Hyde Park in London.
And called on others to, quote, unite together to attack one another.
He will be there this Sunday at Hyde Park.
He's directly inciting violence against an individual, calling on people to violently attack someone for their free speech.
Detectives also discovered that the student was using a WhatsApp group, exposing young members of his family to violent terrorist material.
So he was already trying to radicalize members of his own family,
Before he even went to prison, HMP Belmarsh, which is notorious for radicalizing Islamic terrorists.
But then, earlier today, his mother came out and said, oh, he was just a lovely, nice, polite boy, and he was only radicalized because he was sent to that prison.
Well, no, he was already trying to radicalize members of his own family before he even went to prison.
Article continues, he used social media and WhatsApp to share an Al-Qaeda magazine and exclaimed the Islamic State is here to stay, in his own words.
The WhatsApp group, entitled La Familia, included images of Annan's younger siblings in poses reminiscent of IS supporters.
And then I wrote an article about this which gets into more detail.
Stretham terrorists released early despite pledging allegiance to ISIS.
That's what we do around here.
Meanwhile, you know, women with their babies in their arms are being arrested in their own kitchens for posting anti-transgender stuff on Facebook.
Article reads, 20-year-old Islamic terrorist Sadash Aman, who was shot dead after trying to stab people in Stratham, South London, was released halfway through his prison sentence despite pledging allegiance to ISIS.
And here's a list, and this is by no means an exhaustive list, of terror offences that he was initially jailed for in November 2018.
Pledging allegiance to ISIS, plotting to carry out a terror attack using a knife, which is what he went on to do.
Sharing terror manuals, including one on how to make a homemade bomb.
Encouraging his girlfriend to behead her kuffar, which means in Islamic parlance, non-believer parents.
He was asking his own girlfriend to behead her parents because they're not Muslims, stockpiling alms, inciting violence against Yazidis, because they're the Christians, and asserting the Quran permitted them to be raped, and encouraging an attack against the pro-right speaker in, pro-gay right speaker in Hyde Park, as I just mentioned.
So for all that, and that's by no means an exhaustive list, he was given three years and four months in prison and was let out halfway through.
Now what happened back in November 2019, you probably remember this one, Uzman Khan, the perpetrator of the November 29 London Bridge stabbings.
Of course several people died during that attack.
We had the ridiculous Benny Hill style situation of
Brave, to be fair to them, courageous citizens chasing this guy around with narwhal tusks and fire extinguishers trying to take him on.
But unfortunately, several people did die during that attack.
But again, it had the very same M.O.
This guy, Usman Khan, the previous Islamic terrorist on the loose in London,
And of course, as you probably remember, in a horrible twist of irony,
One of Khan's victims, Jack Merritt, was a coordinator for that very reintegration program.
It was called Learning Together.
And his father reacted to his son's death by asserting that his son would, quote, not wish his death to be used as the pretext for more draconian sentences or for detaining people unnecessarily.
So again, his father was a big leftist, as was his son, and he came out after the death of his son and said,
Don't use the death of my son to basically change the law so that we can keep these terrorists imprisoned longer.
And yet, what happened yesterday, one of these terrorists who should have been imprisoned for longer was let out early and once again went on to attempt to commit jihad.
The same MO over and over again.
Why are we letting terrorists who pledge allegiance to ISIS plan jihadist terror attacks out of jail after 18 months?
It wasn't even 18 months in the latest case.
A man, it was about 14 months.
He was telling his girlfriend to behead her own parents.
He was building stockpiles of weapons.
He was calling for violent attacks on gay rights people.
You think the left would care about that?
They want these people released early.
He was telling people how to make homemade bombs.
He was trying to radicalise members of his own family.
He was let out early, after just 13 months.
The article continues.
Some reacted to yesterday's attack by pointing out that a man had left jail even more radicalised than when he went in, proving that prisons with large Muslim populations are recruiting grounds for terrorists.
And this is the
This is the key point.
Just like Usman Khan, the London Bridge attacker, a man was being held at HMP Belmarsh Prison, a maximum security facility described by one former inmate as being, quote, like a jihadi training camp.
Usman Khan was also in prison at Belmarsh.
These terrorists, they're already terrorists, they go to Belmarsh, they come out even more radicalised.
Why are they being released?
They should be locked up for life!
According to the former inmate, Belmarsh is occupied by a group of Islamists called the Brothers, otherwise known as the AKI, who quote, almost have the run of the prison.
So they're sending terrorists into prisons that are run by other terrorists and then letting them out again.
The inmate said the problem is that Belmarsh is also a holding prison and so young people who are brainwashed and indoctrinated then go out into the wider prison system
I don't know.
It's a rollout factory for these jihadists that are slaughtering people on the streets of London on now what seems like a monthly basis.
The trend is London-wide and yet mass immigration from Muslim countries into the United Kingdom continues unabated.
So of course the usual suspects on Twitter yesterday as this attack was unfolding in the aftermath, immediate aftermath, of this Islamic terror attack in London were on Twitter
Don't go away.
Expressing the real concern, which was not the fact that we just had the second Islamic terror attack, stabbing attack on the streets of London within the space of two months.
The, uh, what was it now?
The sixth or seventh in the past few years.
Of course, we had the Manchester Arena bombing.
We had the attack on Westminster Bridge.
We had the other attack on London Bridge, where the terrorists mowed down a bunch of people, then got out and started cutting the throats of people in nearby bars and restaurants.
The main concern is not why this keeps happening.
The main concern is people having their feelings hurt on the internet in the immediate aftermath.
Calls to stop the Islamophobia, that was the main concern with many of the blue checkmarks on Twitter, as it usually is.
Of course, if a white supremacist far-right terrorist does anything similar, then of course all white people are immediately to blame.
But if we look at the circumstances again to recap,
The exact same situation happened with Usman Khan, the London Bridge terrorist.
Released early, halfway through what was already a minimal sentence for terror offences.
Same with this guy, Sudesh Aman.
In London yesterday, pledged allegiance to ISIS, planned to carry out a terror attack, was stockpiling arms, was encouraging attacks against pro-gay rights people.
Leftists don't seem to care about that.
Encouraged his girlfriend to behead her parents because they weren't Muslims.
We're sharing materials on how to make homemade bombs.
He was released halfway through his sentence after 13 months in prison.
People get more than 13 months in prison for far lesser offences, many of them related to hate speech, by the way.
And we focus in on Belmarsh Prison because it's the same prison that Usman Khan was sent to and released from early.
Former inmates talking about this network of Islamists who basically had the run of the prison.
They radicalized people who weren't radicals going in and they also re-radicalized ones who were already planning terrorist attacks, as in the case of this individual from yesterday's attack.
Article continues.
This is Stratham terrorists released early despite pledging allegiance to ISIS up on summit.news.
Over the past five years, the Muslim percentage of the prison population, this is Belmarsh, has doubled to 30%.
Now when we talk about these, quote, hate facts, we tread on very sensitive ground.
So this is the London Evening Standard reporting, quote, this trend is London-wide.
HMP Isis, yes it's really called Isis, that's a prison in Thames Mead and Felham Young Offenders Institute,
Both in London, Muslims now comprise 42 and 34 percent of prisoners respectively, despite Muslims amounting to just 12 percent of London's population.
So in these prisons across London, many of which are breeding grounds for terrorists, Muslims are over-represented in the prison population by double or three times.
I think that's a stat that we need to focus on, isn't it?
Meanwhile, mass immigration from Muslim countries into the UK will continue in substantial numbers, with the Muslim population, according to demographic projections, set to triple within 30 years.
So, good luck with that.
And we have a similar situation in Sweden.
This is out of Breitbart.
Islamic terrorists who plotted Danish newspaper massacre released in Sweden.
Radical Islamic extremists who plotted to massacre the staff of Danish newspaper Jylland Posten in 2010 has been released by Swedish authorities despite plotting more attacks while in prison!
So it's as if the Charlie Hebdo jihadists had survived, they put them in prison and we're now releasing them in France.
This is the level of insanity that we're subjected to in Europe at the moment.
The man who's not been identified by name is said to be in his 40s and was one of three Swedish citizens arrested as co-conspirators in the 2010 plot who were initially imprisoned in Denmark but later moved to Sweden.
Of course, Denmark closed its borders with Sweden partly because of rampant crime from no-go areas populated mainly by Islamist gangs.
The article continues, during his time in prison,
The Muslim radical is said to have plotted even more attacks with instructions on how to make a bomb and a map of Copenhagen's public transportation system being found in his cell.
He's said to have behaved poorly after being transferred to a Swedish prison and told prison officials he was ready to, quote, kill and murder during his stay.
Sounds like the perfect candidate to be released, doesn't he?
According to the Swedish prison probation service, the man later presented a much calmer temperament.
And no longer needed to be kept in a secure part of the prison in which he was housed.
Last year, after completing his sentence, the terror plotter was released a year old in a Swedish university in the spring of 2019 and changed his name.
Presumably disappeared into the general public, which is what a lot of them do.
So he's been released.
The guy yesterday who stabbed three people in Streatham was released early, despite literally telling his girlfriend to behead her parents and plotting terror attacks against gay people and others, pledging allegiance to ISIS.
Osman Khan, the London Bridge terrorist, was also released early.
What's the solution?
Don't import huge numbers of people from Muslim countries.
What's the other solution?
If people are plotting terrorist attacks,
In the case of Usman Khan, literally plotting to bomb the London Stock Exchange, why on earth are they getting out after 18 months, after 13 months in the case of this Aman guy from yesterday?
I mean, Nigel Farage has made this point over and over again.
Jihadism is a disease.
You're not going to stamp it out by sending these people into prisons, which then re-radicalise them, make them even more radical.
Don't allow them into the country in the first place.
And if they're already in the country, keep them locked up.
People are dying on an almost monthly basis now in London.
On top of that, you've got the massive problem with knife crime as it is, which again has been exacerbated by mass migration.
Again, the London Evening Standard did a report on that.
They talked to officials from the government.
Who said yes, the crime gangs in London are having to one-up their violence because they're having to compete with more violent gangs who are coming in predominantly from the Middle East, from African countries like the Congo.
So they're having to up their level of violence simply to compete in these turf wars.
I've done numerous videos about this.
Somali migrant parents are now literally sending their children back to Somalia because they say it's safer than London.
We've had weak police measures to the point where the previous Prime Minister, Theresa May, told the police that they couldn't chase violent criminals who were getting away on motorbikes if the criminals removed their helmets, because that might be a threat to their safety.
And we wonder why the UK is experiencing a drastic rise in knife crime, in violent crime across the board.
So it's gone to the level of absolute absurdity.
And the frustration is always the fact that nobody wants to talk about any solutions.
Nobody wants to ask why this is happening again and again.
The only thing people want to talk about on Twitter, the blue check marks, the virtue signalers, is how we need to react to this by not being mean to people on the Internet and then maybe it will stop.
No, it's not going to stop.
That hasn't worked.
We need to do something different.
I'm going to come back in the next segment and talk about the latest with the coronavirus.
China is now accusing the US of causing panic and spreading fear.
Of course, we've had many experts who are saying that China's not releasing the full numbers, not telling the true story about what's happening with the coronavirus spread.
And now publications who question the Communist Party of China are being banned.
Alex Jones here reporting from the road on the incredibly dangerous developments concerning the coronavirus.
It has now infected hundreds and hundreds of thousands of people.
It has now spread across the entire planet and of course we've now discovered
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I heard Alex there getting into the latest on the coronavirus, latest stats.
Again, these numbers likely to be substantially below the true scale of this.
According to many experts, 17,000 confirmed cases, 361 people dead.
BBC headline, coronavirus, China accuses US of causing panic and spreading fear.
The Chinese government has accused the US of causing panic in its response to the deadly coronavirus outbreak, even though
The US response was by no means as severe, as immediate, as countries like Mongolia, which closed its border with China, as countries like Russia, which closed its border with China, and countries like Israel, which shut down all flights from China way before the United States did anything, and in fact hasn't done that much in comparison to many other nations.
We have an article out of Nature, a study,
Says a pneumonia outbreak associated with the new coronavirus has probable bat origin.
Oh, but the media told me that linking coronavirus to bats was a racist conspiracy theory.
Literally, over the past 10 days, there have probably been about two dozen articles
Blaming people, including yours truly, for spreading the racist conspiracy theory that coronavirus was linked to bats, despite the fact that the Ebola outbreak in Africa was linked to bats, where they eat bats, despite the fact that the SARS outbreak in Asia was linked to bats.
So now actual peer-reviewed scientific studies are coming out in China being published by nature.com
Saying that it does have a bat origin.
That hasn't been confirmed completely yet, but that's not the first scientific study to make that connection.
So no, it's not a racist conspiracy theory to talk about bats, and indeed the consumption of bats in many areas of China possibly being linked to coronavirus.
And not just bats, of course.
In the Wuhan animal market, they sold all kinds of grisly things, including snakes.
I went to China literally about four times.
They serve snake in the best restaurants in China.
It's not just in these backstreet illegal meat markets, where of course they use sewer waste as cooking oil.
I'm sure that's very healthy and nutritious.
Not going to cause any infections whatsoever.
But they actually sell bats, snakes, sorry, and all this other stuff, even in some of the best restaurants in Shanghai and Beijing.
I've been there.
I'm ashamed to say I've eaten it.
I didn't actually know it was snake when I was eating it.
I was subsequently told that I'd just eaten snake.
So the media's very concerned, not about the potential for a global coronavirus pandemic, but about people's feelings being hurt on the internet.
Something they're also not really concerned about is this.
Headline up on Summit News.
Muslim cleric issues fatwa calling for coronavirus, quote, annihilation of Chinese people.
While the media continues to fret about racist bat soup memes, the Muslim cleric just issued a fatwa celebrating the coronavirus outbreak and calling for the, quote, annihilation of Chinese people.
This is Syrian jihadi cleric, Ab al-Razak al-Mahdi, celebrating the spread of coronavirus in China and urging Muslims to pray for Allah to, quote, annihilate the people of China.
This is being put out by Memory, says Almady is a prominent cleric, he's well respected by jihadi factions, known for his sermons and fatwas, which he put out, by the way, on Telegram.
But according to Memory, Almady, this jihadist preacher, also has a Twitter account.
Well, what do you know?
I actually tried to look for his Twitter account, couldn't find it.
Possibly he's now been banned finally by Twitter, but for a long time he was circulating jihadist propaganda and calling for the annihilation of entire groups of people.
On Twitter, nothing happened to him.
Oh, Zero Hedge though, they questioned the source of the coronavirus outbreak.
They were immediately banned and we're going to get onto that story in a minute.
But this Muslim cleric came out
The fatwa issued by Telegram and he said yes, he was responding to a question as to whether Muslim people should pray for the quote annihilation of Chinese people.
The cleric responded, they, the Chinese, have declared resounding war.
They killed, slaughtered, imprisoned and oppressed the Uyghurs and non-Uyghur Muslims.
They are the enemies of Allah and are Buddhists and communists.
So he's calling for their complete annihilation.
He had a presence on Twitter.
But again, that's not the main concern in terms of spreading racism, bigotry about the coronavirus.
The main concern is that soup memes.
Now, if you read the World Health Organization's official statement on Friday, I believe.
Actually, it was on Thursday when they actually elevated it to a global health emergency.
During several, in several passages in that statement, the World Health Organization itself seemed to be more concerned about bigotry, stigma and discrimination regarding the coronavirus than they were the actual spread of the disease.
I read the entire statement.
The article's up on Summit News Headline.
WHO orders countries not to engage in stigma or discrimination in response to coronavirus outbreak.
In their official statement, declaring the global health emergency, the WHO stressed that they are not recommending, quote, any travel or trade restriction based on the current information available.
Because God forbid that we should challenge
The necessity of the global migration of people, even at risk of creating a global pandemic, because of course it's more important in every step of the way.
Numerous countries have closed their borders with China.
Pilots and flight attendants in America are demanding an immediate halt to all flights out of China.
Of course, some airliners in the US have actually carried that through.
But the WHO appears to rank the threat posed by profiling above that of preventing a pandemic.
This is a quote from their statement when they declared the global health emergency.
Quote, countries are cautioned against actions that promote stigma or discrimination in line with the principles of the IHR.
At the end of their statement the WHO again insisted that maintaining the quote international traffic of people was essential and should not be interfered with.
And they go on to make a further statement again insisting that nations will have to report to them under threat of sanctions if they do that without the WHO's permission.
This is yet another example of how the mass movement of people is more important to globalist authorities than stopping a potential global pandemic.
If travel from China had been shut down earlier, the virus would not now be in at least 23 different countries, probably more countries by now.
So we have the WHO telling countries that they can't basically profile in trying to stop this coronavirus spreading.
We also have this article, WHO demands gratitude and respect for Chinese dictator's coronavirus response.
From the beginning, I wondered, is this all just hype?
We've never seen a governmental response unified across the world acting like this coronavirus could be
The globalists, I've learned, don't like big giant frontal assaults, big obvious things.
They want stealth.
They want silent weapons for quiet wars.
But now with the information coming out about it having the HIV delivery system in it, and now the attempt to cover all that up, and the huge, huge push to suppress any discussion of it, and to not send out to medical facilities and research laboratories, the RNA sequence of this thing, clearly it is man-made, and they're trying to cover up the fact that it's very obviously man-made, which means it was probably released by accident.
And that's why there's such a giant response because governments are trying to cover their ass now because this can bring down the whole globalist corporate structure even further.
This does not strengthen globalism.
This weakens globalism if they get caught being the culprit that either leaked it or the vaccine went terribly wrong.
So this is a big deal, and InfoWars is under massive hack attack every day and other forms of sabotage and massive censorship because they don't want this getting out.
That's why you spreading these articles and videos is the entire mission, if you choose to accept it.
And I'm not just saying you're critical, you know that.
It's your human intelligence that's able to spread this information far and wide, from person to person, on email, by text message, however you can get around the censors.
That's why now, Facebook's coming in with its WhatsApp and censoring Alex Jones and Jordan Peterson, again setting the precedent that they're watching you in live time.
Of course, it came out over the weekend, the Pentagon has been funding millions of dollars in research with major universities to have a Lexus
We're good to go.
Thank you.
But the globalists embedded within it to spy on the troops, to hear what they're saying, and then have them be punished with reports that are sent to the officers above them.
That's the level of control we're talking about that they're trying to just condition us to accept.
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Now back to Paul Joseph Watson.
So we have the media seemingly more concerned about racist bat soup beans than the spread of the coronavirus pandemic.
Despite the fact that Nature is now reporting another peer-reviewed study that it does have a probable bat origin, that's in the title of the study, the WHO, the World Health Organization, is saying that stigma and discrimination is probably of more concern than actually stopping travel, stopping the spread of the pandemic.
Now we have this headline out of Reuters.
Financial market website Zero Hedge knocked off Twitter over coronavirus story.
Twitter Inc, and this happened, I think it was Saturday night, has banned financial market website Zero Hedge from the social media platform after it published an article linking a Chinese scientist to the outbreak of the fast-spreading coronavirus last week.
Now Zero Hedge said that they were banned for quote, violating Twitter's rules against abuse and harassment
Because Twitter claimed, or the claim was being made, that Zero Hedge had published a dox against a Chinese virologist accusing him of potentially being the source of the coronavirus outbreak, and that that was the reason for their ban, despite the fact that the information Zero Hedge posted was publicly available.
So that does not reach the definition of a dox.
But then the article continues, Twitter confirmed to Reuters on Sunday,
Zero Hedge's account and its platform have been permanently suspended.
By the way, they had 670,000 followers for violating, quote, platform manipulation policy.
And it continues to say social media companies, including Twitter and Facebook, have pledged to take down accounts that spread misinformation about the virus.
So if that's why they got banned for misinformation, this is a new level of deplatforming, a new level of censorship beyond bullying and harassment, beyond hate speech, beyond manipulating elections.
Pure disinformation.
Who decides what's disinformation?
Twitter does.
The mainstream media does.
Because this was all triggered by a BuzzFeed hit piece once again abusing their platform to take down their competitors.
Simply for questioning the origin of the coronavirus outbreak.
So they've taken it to a new level.
By the way, we have another headline here in the same vein.
Democrats demand YouTube censor climate misinformation videos.
This is a new level where they can just claim climate change is such an important issue, coronavirus is such an important issue, that if we don't like what you said about it, you get banned on social media.
That is a new category of de-platforming and it's all been cascaded into place, fear-mongered into place by this BuzzFeed hit piece.
And this is an article out of Zero Hedge.
BuzzFeed Journal reportedly blogged about pedo fantasies, rape jokes and doxing.
So the very BuzzFeed journalist who accused Zero Hedge of doxing contacted Twitter to get them banned for doxing himself has been accused of doxing in the past.
And that's
Not all he's being accused of.
By the way, this is somebody who's tried to de-platform me from social media, Alex Jones, on numerous occasions.
He was part of the drumbeat to get Alex Jones banned back in 2018.
Ryan Broderick of BuzzFeed.
And he posted a tweet and he's now deleting all these tweets.
Let me find it in the article here.
This is a tweet from Ryan Broderick, and again, don't try to contact these people, don't try to harass these people, because they'll only claim themselves to be the victims.
This is a guy who tweeted, I think this was back in 2012, quote, Mr. President, can you please pass legislation legally defining the difference between us good-natured hebophiles and amoral pedophiles?
What is a hebophile or a hebophile, depending on how you want to pronounce it?
According to Google, a hebephile is an adult who has a strong and persistent sexual interest in pubescent aged individuals, generally aged 11 to 14.
Yeah, really.
This is who we're up against.
This is who's responsible for the deplatforming.
We'll be back to talk about it more on the other side.
Go away.
So the financial website Zero Hedge, which has an absolutely huge audience, had 670,000 followers on Twitter, was banned essentially, according to which report you believe, for either doxing a virologist who was accused of working at the institute which many people claim was the source of the coronavirus outbreak there in Wuhan.
They either
Accuse them of doxing him, even though the information was publicly available.
Or, and which is more disturbing to me, is this claim of spreading disinformation about the coronavirus outbreak.
Because if that is now the new level of how you get banned de-platform censored, that of course is the broadest possible definition.
Anyone can claim anyone is spreading disinformation.
That was one of the reasons Zero Hedge got banned.
The individual behind it, who led the deplatforming campaign via this BuzzFeed article, because you know what they do.
They write the article, then they reach out to Twitter and say, this person said this, this, this violates your rules.
What action are you going to take?
So they intimidate and bully, in many cases, these social media companies, even though they're delighted to do it, into deplatforming their competition.
That's exactly what happened with Zero Hedge.
And then after that, Zero Hedge
Probably in what you would call an act of revenge, dug up old tweets by Ryan Broderick, this BuzzFeed reporter, in which he's referring to himself basically as a hebephile, which means somebody who is attracted to pubescent individuals aged 11 to 14, according to the definition of a hebephile.
They dug up posts from his blog,
One of which said, quote, I want to be an erotic children's photographer.
I want to be the Andy Warhol of erotic children's photography.
Those are alleged quotes from this individual's blog, who led the deplatforming campaign against Zero Hedge.
Of course, Twitter has a massive problem with paedophiles.
They call them MAPs, or people who express sexual attraction to minors.
They're not banned by Twitter, but Zero Hedge gets banned for questioning the coronavirus outbreak.
So this reporter now is deleting all his old tweets.
But as we know, the internet is forever.
And it's interesting because there's another headline here from ZeroHedge.
India to probe Wuhan Institute of Virology.
It appears that around the time we suggested that ZeroHedge, someone reach out to the Wuhan Institute of Virology to get some answers about the origin of the deadly coronavirus epidemic, India was doing just that.
So India's questioning the origin.
Is the country of India going to get banned by Twitter now?
Another headline, China censors top local media outlet over claims Beijing is under-reporting cases and deaths.
So now BuzzFeed, Twitter and others are in league with the communist Chinese government in censoring information, in banning people who question the official version of events behind a story.
And if that is the new level of censorship, then we've basically crossed the Rubicon in terms of de-platforming.
Meanwhile, in Canada, Trudeau Minister proposes forcing news websites to have a government license.
So now it's not enough to ban you on social media, now they're going to get in league with domain hosts, registrars, and get people banned from even being allowed to own and operate websites if they don't get a government license.
What is a license?
It's permission to do something that would otherwise be illegal, Breitbart reports.
Canadian Heritage Minister Stephen Guilbeault has stated that news websites along with social media companies could be forced to obtain government licenses to operate in Canada.
They grilled him on it during an interview which I saw last night and he basically said yes, it may apply slightly differently to smaller media outlets but it will apply across the board.
So of course you have to get permission to get the license in the first place.
Even if you get the license then if you violate the terms
The threat is that your website would be pulled.
Again, that is yet a new level of censorship.
We've seen websites taken down in the aftermath of mass shootings by the hosts.
And now this is a plan that's planned to be introduced across the board via a government licensing system, which by the way, we predicted that about 10 years ago, as we did most of these things.
Meanwhile, Democrats demand YouTube censor climate misinformation videos.
So we have an absolutely terrifying situation where the likes of BuzzFeed and Twitter are now aping and implementing the very same social credit score Chinese censorship system that China is now deploying
To silence people who question the official story and the official level or severity of the coronavirus outbreak.
Headline China censors top local media outlet over claims Beijing is underreporting cases deaths.
And they go through it, where Beijing is now directly censoring people who say that people getting treated for coronavirus, they're not diagnosing it as coronavirus, they're diagnosing it as pneumonia in many cases, to downplay the numbers and to keep those numbers artificially low.
These are not extremists, right-wing conspiracy theorists on social media claiming this.
These are experts, including
Angel Investor and Entrepreneur, former CTO of Coinbase, Bajaj Sprinton, who says, Caging is one of the most reputable outlets in China.
Their article on the coronavirus was censored today.
It claims significant underreporting of both cases and deaths, especially among the elderly.
And that's exactly the same thing that Twitter is now imposing, having banned Zero Hedge for again questioning the source of the coronavirus outbreak.
Absolutely chilling.
Now we're going to go to a special video report though.
When we talk about demographics, you can only do so if you praise it and say that it's great that white people are on the decline across the globe demographically.
If you approach the matter in any other way, then there are different circumstances for that.
But this is a video I put out analysing demographic changes around the world and why Western women have stopped having babies.
Here's the clip.
For women who want kids, the sooner the better.
90% of eggs gone by age 30.
No eggs.
By the time a woman hits 30, nearly all of her ovarian eggs are gone for good.
According to a new study that says women who put off childbearing for too long could have difficulty ever conceiving.
The study found that women have lost 90% of their eggs by the time they're 30 years old and only have about 3% remaining by the time they are 40.
Make sure you do not overcook it.
It's common knowledge that women have more difficulty conceiving as they age, but this is the very first study believed to quantify the number of eggs lost, and it shows that the decline is more rapid than previously believed.
In Britain, the percentage of childless women has doubled in a generation, and for the first time, more than half.
Scrambled eggs.
54% of American women aged 25 to 29 are childless.
As are nearly a third, 31% of women aged 30 to 34.
Hey-o, egg check!
No eggs!
America's in an egg shortage crisis you may not even have known about!
If only you knew how bad things really are!
1,200 childless American women aged 25 to 45 were asked why they were delaying childbirth.
They were allowed to pick more than one answer.
What was the top answer?
I want to focus on my career.
A more popular answer than that was, quote, I want to have life experience.
And almost as popular as the career answer was the answer that they, quote, value freedom and don't want to be tied down.
Big doubt.
No eggs, empty.
You don't have any.
The hyper-sexualization of our abortion-on-demand culture is brainwashing girls to swap life-affirming monogamy for rampant promiscuity.
The number of STDs in America has reached a record high, with 2.4 million reported cases of chlamydia, gonorrhea and syphilis in 2018.
In David Cronenberg's 1975 movie Shivers,
A mad scientist creates a parasite that makes the residents of a high-rise residential tower act like sex-craved carnal animals.
The motive of the scientist was to use a combination of aphrodisiac and venereal disease to turn the world into one huge mindless orgy.
And in our world...
The entertainment industry is that parasite.
Our culture is that one huge mindless orgy.
I'm munching on red pills all day.
Have you ever noticed how these same entertainment and media corporations that harp on about respecting women and opposing objectification and misogyny
Literally groom underage female celebrities into superstar status, then begin salivating about the prospect of sexualizing them right before they're about to turn 18.
Then relentlessly exploit them for the next 20 years by hyper-sexualizing everything they do for the consumption of teenage girls.
What message does that send?
What role models do teenage girls have?
Who aren't scantily clad hoes?
Swerking around to canned pop songs written by computer algorithms owned by Sony, UMG and Warner.
Billie Eilish says she may want to show her body and look desirable in a music video after she turns 18.
The Bad Guy singer said in a new interview that she wanted the option to show her body when she turned 18.
An about face from her previous statement saying she purposefully wore baggy and oversized clothes to hide her body from would-be body shamers.
Gee, I wonder what male corporate executive at the biggest music company in the world convinced her to do that?
Have you ever noticed how corporations relentlessly virtue signal about how much they
Respect whamen about how it's imperative to get more women in the boardroom and how it's crucial to help women overcome objectification by adopting affirmative action policies that help them obtain powerful positions in society while simultaneously engineering society and building platforms that encourage the exact opposite.
Platforms that incentivize women to behave like thots whose only value comes from being objectified by men.
Back off.
What is Instagram?
It's a virtual red light district for women to parade themselves lewd and half naked for the approval of thirsty dudes.
What is TikTok?
It's a platform marketed to teenagers which incentivizes underage girls to act like burlesque dancers in strip clubs for the viewing pleasure of sex crazed teenage boys and literal pedos.
Which in turn incentivizes the girls watching to mimic that behavior and chase the same dopamine high.
Hey yo, egg check!
No eggs.
You don't have any eggs.
What is OnlyFans?
What is Premium Snapchat?
Virtual prostitution meat markets where men pay women to sexually degrade themselves.
E-prostitution is killing traditional courtship and romance.
If women behave like prostitutes online, men are going to treat them like prostitutes in real life.
And that's not wife material.
The other day this girl was like, hey Sam.
You're like a really nice guy and uh... I really like what you do.
Your videos and stuff.
Do you wanna like... Do you wanna hang out sometime?
So you can steal all my money?
How many here are actual virgins?
And is it really making you happy?
That 56% increase in suicide rates amongst 10 to 24 year olds between 2007 and 2017 coinciding with the rise of social media, is that not enough?
The age of the ethos of socially indoctrinated girls and young women to think that it's normal to be intimate with the entire world.
It's not.
You're only supposed to be intimate with your relationship partner.
You're only supposed to send sexy pics to your boyfriend.
You're not supposed to share them with the entirety of Simp Nation.
And if you do that, you're not a content creator.
You're basically a sex worker.
Is it any wonder that doctors are now on TikTok telling 12-year-olds to get STD treatments without their parents' knowledge?
I don't trust myself Didn't even know No punches left
And before you call me a misogynist, I just did a 15-minute video in which I explain how men are partially to blame for all this.
Men who support their girl doing OnlyFans have big dick energy!
Little bitch!
Come and give me face!
Men who support their girl prostituting herself to other men...
Big Dick Energy?
You misspelled cook.
Why are you all posting the empty egg carton underneath 18-year-old girls?
Like, I like the enthusiasm, but I don't think you get the meme.
Because it's a warning and a prediction.
Without intervention, the ethot is biologically predestined.
To become eggless, social media and symptom is radicalizing an entire generation of zoomer girls to eschew traditional monogamous courtship and pursue degenerate hedonism.
Implant check.
Stop chasing beta books, stop chasing clout, get off the internet and find Mr Eggman.
Five dollars a month!
How are you have hours of time to watch me and not five dollars?
Maybe give them access to a separate intranet that only contains cooking recipes.
That's a joke.
Can someone explain what the fuck this means?
The E in E-Girl stands for eggless.
I will not stop until every female is banned from social media.
Don't test me, you stupid thoughts.
Take the egg pill.
We need to save the eggs.
What was that?
The media is telling women two massive lies.
One, that it's easy to have babies in your late 30s and early 40s.
It isn't.
No eggs.
You don't have any eggs.
And two, that polls show childless older women are happier than women who had children.
So why not just sleep around for eternity?
Of course 40 and 50 year old women are gonna tell pollsters that they're happier for not having children.
If they were honest, they'd have to concede that they'd made a monumental life mistake that could never be rectified.
When you read accounts from women who are being honest about not having kids, they're always hugely regretful.
Western women are also being shamed out of having children,
In the name of preventing climate change.
Childless couples are exalted by the media as having done their bit to stop global warming.
Feminist author Verena Brunschweiger recently told German women that the only way to prevent ecological collapse was, quote, the renunciation of one's own reproduction.
But even if you believe that overpopulation is contributing to climate change,
Why is that message only being targeted at women in the West?
Germany's fertility rate is 1.4 births per woman.
That's well below the 2.1 replacement rate.
German women aren't having babies!
Since 1972, Germany hasn't seen a single year
Where the number of newborns has exceeded the number of deaths.
Meanwhile, Africa's child population will reach 1 billion by 2055.
Making it the largest child population among all continents.
No one is telling Africans to stop breeding.
That would be racist.
You know what else is racist?
White women having babies.
Who needs YouTube rabbit holes when you have the BBC broadcasting literal white supremacist propaganda?
White supremacist propaganda.
Must be pretty bad, right?
We'll introduce you to a tradwife, a young woman who has chosen to be a traditional wife staying at home.
Oh my God!
Woke imbeciles.
Traditional gender roles that have existed in society, the vast majority of them non-white, since literally the dawn of humankind.
Is this white supremacy?
The Wedge!
I think it's really important to shame white women out of having babies, because they're just popping them out all over the place, aren't they?
As it turns out, no, no they're not.
How do fertility rates compare globally?
Let's take a look at the egg chart.
Africa has by far the highest fertility in the world, with Niger number one at 7.0 births per women, and Somalia number two at 6.2.
The top 20 countries on the planet with the highest fertility are all in Africa.
The three countries with the highest fertility rate in Europe are France at 1.9, Sweden at 1.78 and Ireland at 1.77.
All countries that have accepted large numbers of migrants with high fertility rates from Africa and the Middle East.
So despite its relatively high birth rate in European terms, ethnic Swedes will be a minority in all major Swedish cities within a generation.
Countries in Europe with significantly lower birth rates include Poland at 1.38 births per woman and Hungary at 1.45.
Two countries that have accepted comparatively fewer migrants from Africa and the Middle East.
Countries with high fertility rates in South Asia and the Middle East include Pakistan at 3.8
Iraq at 3.8 and Egypt at 3.4.
America's fertility rate currently stands at 1.8 births per woman.
In 2016, the U.S.
fertility rate fell to just under 60 births per 1,000 women.
The lowest since records began.
Fertility rates for white women were down in every U.S.
state in 2017, while among black and Hispanic women,
Fertility rates were up in 12 and 29 states, respectively.
And while there's a clear causal link between living in a more economically... New report out by Paul Joseph Watson.
You can, of course, view the entire thing at band.video.
I'm Tom Papert, Editor-in-Chief, nationalfile.com.
I'll be taking over for the rest of this hour, coming up in the next segment, and as we get into the next hour of the Alex Jones Show,
We will be joined by Alex Jones, who is out on an important mission.
He finally got out of town, but the man is dedicated.
He cannot step away from this mission, from this fight.
We're going to be going deep into what's happening today with the coronavirus.
Of course, every single day there are a million new stories.
There was, of course, a big game on last night.
I don't know if you've heard about it, and I certainly doubt many people watched it, but it was truly disturbing.
Some of the most demonic dancing in front of children in white dresses that I've ever seen in my life.
We'll be going deep into all of this right here on the Alex Jones Show.
I'm Tom Pappert filling in for Alex, and again, he will be joining us very, very shortly.
Wild horses literally cannot drag him away, nor can his wife, who just desperately wants to get
Out of town.
While we have just a minute left, I want to go through a couple of these crazy articles we've got in front of us here.
Number one thing that I think is going to be crucial as we go into this coronavirus insanity, the insanity is not just happening in China, it's happening in the mainstream news here in the West.
Fears of a new virus trigger anti-China sentiment worldwide.
So, if this virus is a worst case scenario, we could have tens of millions of people dead.
I mean, that's just where we're at.
Now, I hope that doesn't happen.
I certainly hope that it is contained in China.
I hope that it can be cured with powerful HIV medicine, as is being reported.
But if not, be prepared to be called racist.
Not because you are.
Not because you're saying bad things about the Chinese people who have suffered for generations under the yoke of communism.
Be prepared to be called racist for being a little bit concerned with a massive virus that is killing God knows how many people.
We now believe it's somewhere like 60-70,000 people, according to a recent study, who are contaminated, who are sick with coronavirus.
Who knows how many more are asymptomatic.
It's a big mystery and we're not allowed to talk about it because then you're racist.
This is the Alex Jones Show.
I'm Tom Pappert.
We'll be joined by Alex very shortly.
Don't go away.
I'm Tom Pappert again.
Alex Jones here reporting from the road on the incredibly dangerous developments concerning the coronavirus.
It has now infected hundreds and hundreds of thousands of people.
It has now spread across the entire planet and of course we've now discovered
40% off despite the fact it's selling out in three different sizes at InfoWarsStore.com and that's what I'm using, what my family's using as a frontline defense.
Nothing's perfect except, you know, prayer and God's intervention and we hope that this thing isn't as bad as it looks but definitely we know why governments are panicking right now because this is certainly a bizarre virus.
The demand for food has not let up.
We are selling record amounts of it.
Everybody else is basically already sold out, or they have giant wait lists.
Our suppliers have it in-house, but it's taken 7 to 10 days to deliver because, again, they have to package it.
They're running 24 hours a day.
But in a few days, they're telling me it may go to a longer wait if you haven't gotten your order in.
So I wouldn't procrastinate.
We wanted this virus to be petering out.
We wanted it to just be hype.
Looks like it is really, really bad and is man-made.
Thank you.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
That was, of course, a very important message from Alex.
And by the way, he's not kidding.
At nationalphile.com, we talked to the president of MyPatriotSupply, which, of course, is InfoWars' one and only partner for storable foods, and the man sounded panicked.
They are absolutely selling more product and faster than they ever have before in the company's decade-plus long history.
So now is a good time to go to Infowarsstore.com.
Alex will be joining us in the next hour to go deep into what's happening with coronavirus, where it may have originated from.
He's going to go deep into all of these facets, but I want to kind of show you what we're dealing with when it comes with Communist China.
Some folks, including Mike Adams on the Sunday broadcast of the Alex Jones Show, said that essentially
China has a totalitarian mindset and that may work in their favor when it comes to this virus.
They will be willing to do things that in the West we would never do.
Our citizenry would never put up with it.
They are, for example, quickly cremating victims who die of coronavirus without funerals.
Funerals for those who died.
New trial regulations from China's National Health Commission, NHC, have banned funerals and other similar activities involving the corpses of the deceased victims of the novel coronavirus.
The new regulations on the disposal of remains come as the NHC announced that the death toll has risen to simply 304.
They're still saying 304.
You know, maybe today it's gone up to 315.
I don't think anybody believes they're telling the truth.
Chinese citizens, who of course,
60 million plus are now placed in a quarantine.
They're not getting supplies.
They're not getting what they need to survive.
They're wearing feminine hygiene products, bras, fast food bags, and fruit skins as makeshift masks.
The Chinese certainly don't seem to be worried about this, but again, the government says they will be protected, so they think they're going to be protected.
In a national file, we had a video
Where a local Hong Kong news station went and interviewed people on the mainland and said, are you worried about the coronavirus?
Are you going to wear a mask?
Are you going to buy a mask?
And they said, we have the government.
No masks.
We're fine.
The government's here.
They're going to help us.
And you're watching this video, and you're thinking, is there someone with a gun off on the other side of the camera?
Is there someone holding a gun at them?
But this is just what happens, and it's devastating.
These people have suffered under communism for generations.
And when you kill a giant chunk of a country's population, then another giant chunk simply starved to death, because Mao, the first thing he did was get rid of all the modern farm equipment.
You're going to be left with a population that is very docile, that will do what the government says.
And so then, when the government comes out with something like this, from the Daily Star, In a desperate attempt to stop the spread of coronavirus, some Chinese pet owners have been warned to deal with their cats and dogs, or government officials could have them exterminated.
Comes days after one of China's top infectious disease experts said the deadly virus could spread from animals to humans.
Quote, if your dogs run around outside and come into contact with the outbreak or people infected with the virus, then your pets should be put in quarantine.
That's Professor Li Lanwan from China's National Health Commission.
Because the epidemic spreads between mammals, therefore we should take precaution against other mammals.
And again,
These people, and Alex Jones has talked about this as well, there were originally reports, now it certainly doesn't seem to be the case, and I'll leave it at that, that this spread from bats.
People were eating bat soup, and you see the videos, and you see what these people eat.
You see, we have videos on National File of people eating live rodents.
Lunch with a side of tomato.
This is what goes on in this part of the world.
And we look at that and we see, I mean, you can see, TV viewers can see it on screen right now.
It's disturbing.
But we look at that and we see why the hell is this happening?
Well, it's happening again because they've suffered under communism.
They didn't have food for most of the last century.
Only now are they starting to have food again.
But people see that.
People see where this
Virus originated from, and I'm sure there might be some anti-Chinese sentiment, but the fact is, we know we're being lied to by the Chinese government.
Now, it certainly seems we're being lied to by the United States government, by the mainstream media.
Just think, compare the coronavirus to every other virus that's happened within my lifetime.
Swine flu.
The bird flu.
The media could not stop hyping them up.
The media could not stop telling you that it was going to be the end of days, that all of China was going to die from the bird flu.
Remember the bird flu?
Remember swine flu?
All these different little flus.
SARS actually had the biggest impact.
Well, now this is having a bigger impact than SARS.
So what is the media doing?
Well, they're focusing obsessively on J-LO.
They're focusing on the twerking that we saw last night at the Super Bowl.
They're focusing on President Trump's impeachment.
Will he or won't he be acquitted?
They're focusing on, of course, today, the Iowa caucuses, where Bernie Sanders looks like he might just walk away with a victory.
They're focusing on everything but the massive, massive illness that has millions of people in quarantine in China.
This is a country that cares about money more than it does its citizenry.
Do you know how much money they're losing from 65 million plus people in quarantine?
All these people dying.
They wouldn't be doing this if it wasn't serious.
But then, the outward response is, you racist Westerners!
How dare you be racist against the Chinese?
And of course, this is from the Associated Press.
South Korea, full of racism.
The United States!
This is just a nice little anecdote.
It's terrible what's happened.
I mean, I guess it is, but we're sitting here, you know, are we all going to be on our deathbeds, dying of coronavirus, unable to breathe, scarred lungs?
And then are we just going to look up to the doctor and say, but at least I wasn't racist.
It's bizarre.
It's China, South Korea, the United States, Hong Kong, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, all of this racism happening.
Racism is truly the greatest evil, the greatest threat to our civilization, not novel coronavirus.
No, no, no, no, no.
So again, I'm Tom Pappard, NationalFile.com Editor-in-Chief.
You can read my work there.
We're going to be joined in the next hour by Alex Jones, who is then going to take over.
So do not go away.
I'll be here for the bottom of this hour to wrap it up.
We're going to get into a little bit bigger picture of what's happening in Asia because of coronavirus, because of course, China is the major power there.
So it's really devastating stuff.
Don't go away.
You're watching the Alex Jones Show.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm Tom Pappert, Editor-in-Chief of nationalfile.com, filling in for the rest of this hour.
Then we will be joined by Alex Jones himself.
So when we left off, I mentioned that I wanted to talk about what's happening nearby in Asia, because that's really what's going to happen here.
I mean, Mike Adams lays it all out very well, naturalnews.com.
He was on the Alex Jones Show yesterday.
I'm sure he will be back on soon to go into greater detail.
But look, most of the world cannot
Deal with an outbreak like this.
Cannot deal with a virus like this.
If this goes to South America, if this goes to Mexico, it's going to come to the United States.
If it comes to the United States, it's going to thrive in sanctuary cities in California where people are defecating in the streets, where people are passed out dead or alive on drugs on the streets.
It's going to be devastating.
And so, we really, to see what comes next for the United States, should it get that far, and we can all hope and pray that it doesn't, but you need to prepare for the worst, we should see what happens, for example, in nearby Hong Kong.
Hong Kong, of course, simply 7 million people compared to China's billions and billions of people.
Hong Kong had the second largest number of deaths from SARS back when that was devastating the area.
And right now people are already panic buying in Hong Kong amid the alarming spread of coronavirus.
Report comes from Sky News.
Almost everyone is wearing a surgical mask in the city.
Some have even resorted to donning respirator masks once used to counter the effects of police tear gas.
Even Hong Kong's Chief Executive Carrie Lam wears a facial mask during her news conferences.
And of course, this is Hong Kong, which has been in a reasonable, I think it's reasonable to say, in a conflict with the mainland China for quite some time now.
Of course, InfoWars was there last year.
You may remember Savannah Hernandez and some of the other crew members.
Actually going to Hong Kong to talk to the people there.
It's an astonishing turnaround given Ms.
Lam once attempted to ban the wearing of masks during the pro-democracy protests in the city because she viewed them as frustrating the identification of protesters.
But a city once wracked with weekly violent protests and firebombing.
You notice this Sky News talks about the Chinese versus Hong Kong protests.
The firebombing is now facing another crisis and this one could unite the most diverging political views.
The coronavirus is inside the city already, having spilled over from the many boundary crossings and transport links Hong Kong has with mainland China.
This is what one woman had to say.
We just don't trust the government.
And we don't trust the mainlanders.
It's a little bit different from what you hear from the few people who are allowed to talk to the media in mainland China.
Now, here's another article from NPR.
You see, it's starting to trickle out.
They never tell you the full picture in mainstream news, but you can read in between the lines, you can get the subtext, and you can figure out what's really happening.
Coronavirus fears lead nurses to threaten strike in Hong Kong if borders aren't shut.
And this one is really shocking when you get into it.
Now, there's only been a couple of confirmed cases
In Hong Kong, and then they were put into a quarantine part of the hospital.
But what they're doing there is they're breaking up the staff of these hospitals, the nurses, the doctors, everyone into two groups, the dirty group and the clean group.
Now, the clean group is going to continue their job as if nothing were happening.
The clean group is going to take care of people who have the flu, who break an arm, who have a heart attack, who need surgery.
But the dirty group
Well, they're going to deal exclusively with people who are suspected to have coronavirus.
And they're not allowed to go home.
They're not allowed to see their family.
They cannot leave the hospital.
They live, these doctors live in a state of quarantine.
And they are now threatening to go on strike unless the borders are completely shut.
And Carrie Lam, the Chief Executive of Hong Kong, has already stopped rail crossings.
They have taken some minor steps to end this open border policy, but now the doctors and nurses are saying they cannot continue doing their jobs and it's unrealistic.
These hospitals, which already have 7 million people to deal with, are essentially working with a half-staff, because half the staff is trying to worry about coronavirus.
The other half is trying to take care of 7 million people, many of whom just get sick on a daily basis.
So, one doctor, Dr. Albert Wong, says he won't be joining the picketers if a strike does occur, but he fully supports them and believes that the government is completely wrong.
He's a cardiologist.
He says that in a time of crisis like this, almost all the physicians act as general practitioners and are called on to treat whoever comes through the door.
And I really like going into Hong Kong because you're never going to get the true picture out of China.
They cannot possibly be telling us.
There's been reports of mass graves, but there's supposedly only 300 people who died because of this.
There's sickening videos where they're butchering, not even just butchering, they're pushing pigs and other livestock into giant mass graves using construction equipment to try to end the coronavirus.
But it's okay.
It's only 300 people who have died.
I mean, it's totally bizarre.
You're never going to get the truth out of China.
But Hong Kong, which of course has a similar culture, very similar ethnic makeup, except they love freedom.
They love democracy.
They love nationalism and dislike globalism.
You get a little bit more of an idea of what's going on.
So Wong and the other health care workers say Hong Kong had plenty of time to isolate themselves from China and to prevent this new virus from getting a foothold in the city.
They argue that Hong Kong could have stopped the arrival of the illness by completely shutting its border with China.
Wow, a government that controls its own borders.
Isn't that something to behold?
They could have completely shut their borders with China when the news of the virus first broke and by keeping it sealed until the outbreak on the mainland is under control.
Quote, if you look at those confirmed cases so far that we are having in Hong Kong, all of them are imported cases.
All of the patients are from Hubei province.
That's where Wuhan is.
And most of them arrived in Hong Kong by high-speed train.
If the government had listened to us, he continues, if they had closed down that high-speed rail, if they closed down the borders, all of this could have been prevented.
We have been advocating for this for weeks now.
We have been advocating for this since early January.
But they haven't done anything until last Thursday.
When they finally shut down some of the rail lines.
Now imagine this in the United States.
President Trump is doing everything he can to build that big, beautiful wall, but of course it's being stymied over and over and over again.
Anything they can do.
They get a judge in Hawaii, they get a judge in the Ninth Circuit somewhere else in California to decide the entire country doesn't have the right.
We're good to go.
And of course, it's racist to have our military at the southern border for some god-unknown reason.
We know for a fact that a lot of these people, I think it's like two-thirds of the people who come to the border with children, they're not their children, they are being trafficked.
Or they're being bought.
You go down south of the border and you say, hey, let me use your kid to get into the United States, I'll pay you 500 bucks.
That's a whole budding operation down there now.
The DNA test proved it.
So we can't build the wall, can't build it fast enough anyway.
We have the Chinese, uh, the Mexican military.
They have actually become the wall down there.
There have been violent clashes between the caravans and the Mexican military.
That's the only thing keeping immigration, it's slowed down, but they're still getting through.
And that's the only thing that's keeping it from being wave after wave of endless migration as it was during the Obama years and the first couple years of the Trump administration before we could get it under control.
The only thing keeping it from turning into that is the Mexican military willing to fire weapons at people who try to get into the United States illegally because Trump has them by the short and curlies.
So if this spreads to Central America, some of these very poor countries where they can't even face off with the drug cartels, where they can't even get the corruption out of their own government, they can't handle their own borders, they have millions of people fleeing their country to go north and live in the United States where they think they're going to get free health care, free car insurance, free cars, free food, free everything, and you know they end up getting most of that.
They get a credit card or a debit card loaded with cash so they can get whatever they want once they get here.
They get a court date that they don't have to go to.
They get to do whatever the hell they want once they make it into the United States.
These countries cannot keep tabs on their own people.
They cannot keep their own people safe.
They cannot keep the cartels from running their governments.
If the coronavirus breaks out in Central America, there will be wave after wave of endless migration toward the United States-Mexico border.
The border hawks in this country, who have been calling for the border to be closed for decades now,
Will be proven right, just as in Hong Kong.
And these sick people, many of whom will be asymptomatic for a week plus, who are fleeing to the United States.
The Democrats will read that Statue of Liberty poem and they'll let them in because it's just the right thing to do.
And they'll go straight to sanctuary cities where it will spread, likely among the homeless population.
We're looking at a terrible, terrible situation here, folks.
That's the picture.
That's what Hong Kong tells us.
That's where we're at.
When we're back in the next hour, we will be joined by Alex Jones.
He's going to dive deep into the latest information.
I'm Tom Pappert, Editor-in-Chief of NationalFile.com.
Do not go away.
Alex Jones on the other side of this break.
You are watching the Alex Jones Show.
Alex will be joining us very, very shortly.
He's, of course, out of town on a very important mission.
He's always doing this.
He cannot get away.
He loves this job too much.
And you know what it really comes down to is this is huge.
Coronavirus is massive.
You have these Facebook fact checkers.
I have kind of a vendetta against these people, if you can't tell.
And they say, these fact-checkers, they claim to know more than Mike Adams, they claim to know more than the CDC, they claim to know more than these Hong Kong doctors who are begging for the borders to be shut.
They claim to know everything!
Because they used to work at CNN, don't you know?
And so, that's the biggest red flag with all of this.
That if you try to talk about coronavirus online,
And you don't just parrot the official narrative.
If you try to go on Facebook and share this broadcast, don't even try it, folks.
You'll get banned.
I broke that news two years ago.
You will be banned!
You'll be banned for spreading conspiracy theories, otherwise known as basic facts that you can read in international newspapers and in NPR.
On Twitter, of course, we saw Zero Hedge totally taken out because they had the audacity to say, hey, wait a minute, this seems like it might be worthy of reporting.
And then a BuzzFeed journalist reached out to Twitter and got Zero Hedge taken off the platform.
This same BuzzFeed journalist, by the way, creepy, creepy dude.
These are the people who are running interference for the Chinese government.
You can find this, we're still working on our article at nationalfile.com, but yeah, I mean, I gotta give props where it's due.
Zero Hedge has the article, and the BuzzFeed journalist who got them banned for daring to ask questions about coronavirus, this guy is
One sick puppy.
We'll just leave it at that.
He's made dozens of posts throughout the years.
He has a Tumblr blog, and he seems very, very interested in young boys.
Now, of course, I'm sure he claims it's all humor.
It's funny to talk about raping children, according to these people.
But he's got photos of young prepubescent boys, or I guess 13 to 14-year-old boys, where he says that it arouses him.
He has doxed people in the past.
A random bakery, you can see it on screen, TV viewers, radio listeners, it says someone put together a pastebin of contact info for a bakery.
There you can see, TV viewers, the young boy, it looks like a Justin Bieber impersonator.
This is the guy at BuzzFeed.
This is the guy at BuzzFeed who decides whether you get to talk.
There he is.
Here's what this guy says, this BuzzFeed journalist.
And again, he's going to say he's joking.
At what age can you become a pedophile?
Like, at what age do you switch from being a statutory rapist and start being a sexual predator?
Oh, it's so hilarious.
It's just a joke.
He's a comedian.
You remember when James Gunn did all this?
Well, now he's got his job back, so I don't even think BuzzFeed is going to fire this guy.
I think they know exactly who they work with and they don't care.
But this guy,
Who is joking about molesting children, who doxxes people.
He's the guy who gets Zero Hedge banned from Twitter.
They had almost a million people following their Twitter account, and now it's been terminated because BuzzFeed, the arbiter of truth, the people who brought you the PP dossier, they decided that Zero Hedge can no longer exist.
It's a zany world.
And I mean, I certainly hope, and I think Alex has reiterated this, but we all hope, I'm sure the viewers, I'm sure the crew, everybody out there and their dog is hoping that this thing is going to blow over, it's going to fizzle out, that we're going to have five cases in the United States, and that's going to be all she wrote.
But on the off chance that's not what happens, it's going to be people like this little cretin at BuzzFeed
We'll be right back on the other side of this short break.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show!
The information that the fact-checkers, that BuzzFeed, that the Chinese Communist government does not want you to receive.
We're going to be joined very shortly by Alex Jones, but this is an article and it's already a day old.
I mean, this stuff moves so fast, but this is still absolutely breaking.
I guess BuzzFeed, I guess these fact-checkers, I guess the Chai Com government is now going to have to go after Senator Tom Cotton, who has discussed links
Between the novel coronavirus to Chinese super laboratory that handles quote deadly pathogens.
This is available at naturalnews.com.
And this article is so critical because I mean what are they going to do?
This is the information that you need to have to keep your family safe to understand what's going on.
In this world.
I mean, this is a very serious situation.
This is bigger than SARS.
This is bigger than swine flu.
All of these things that the media hyped up, this is bigger than all of them.
Senator Tom Cotton is telling the truth about him.
So I guess, therefore, we need to take his Twitter down, too.
I guess we need to ban him from the Internet, being that he's spreading hate facts.
This is naturalnews.com.
According to the Communist Chinese government, novel coronavirus is spreading because of bats, rats, and snakes.
Senator Tom Carton of Arkansas vehemently disagrees.
In a recent statement, Senator Carton discussed a new study published in The Lancet showing 14 of the original 40 people who developed coronavirus in Wuhan had never even stepped foot in the Huanan seafood wholesale markets where the virus is said to have originated.
That's of course where there's the live snakes being eaten, the live bats, the live creatures.
Disturbing imagery.
I mean, you've got to understand these people live under communism, as we said earlier.
They live under communism.
They're going to eat whatever they can when there's no crops in the fields because you're not allowed to use farm equipment.
You have to use a horse and a plow.
As one epidemiologist said, quote, that virus went into the seafood market before it came out of the seafood market.
Senator Cotton is quoted as saying, pointing out the fact that China is suddenly changing its story now that the truth is being revealed.
Well, nobody can yet say with or with absolute
Certainty where the novel coronavirus originated.
Senator Cotton pointed out that Wuhan has, quote, China's only biosafety level four super laboratory that works with the world's most deadly pathogens to include, yes, coronavirus.
It's also where it's the landmark city, the only one in the world where they've really rolled out 5G at its greatest potential.
And of course, being a journalist, I had to watch the Super Bowl mostly so I could see the disturbing halftime show, which had demonic imagery like I've never seen in a halftime show before.
I mean, it was something else.
But the number of commercials for 5G were absolutely hilarious.
I will just say that.
I mean, nobody wants to talk about what's actually happening with 5G.
They just want to say that it's safe and it's going to mean the fastest internet we've ever had.
Because that's what we really need.
I mean, you're not even going to notice the difference.
That's what's so bizarre about this.
The average internet user who watches the Alex Jones Show on Bandai Video, who watches Netflix, who checks their email, who messages people on Facebook, they're not going to notice any benefits from 5G.
But Wuhan, China, Hubei province, is of course the first place to have this epic 5G.
It's the future!
Of course, Trump just thinks it's the future.
He doesn't know the truth.
I hope.
This lab,
The article goes on, is known as the Wuhan Institute of Virology.
And it just so happens to be China's only lab that's capable of working with this level of deadly pathogen.
Which suggests the novel coronavirus could have, perhaps somehow, escaped from it.
Notes, Natural News.
Mike Adams.
Earlier this week, Senator Cotton publicly called for a ban on all travel to and from China, quote, given the latest developments and the many unknowns about the virus.
Now, President Trump has kind of done this.
People who have been in China are not allowed to come to the United States.
Any American citizens who are in China are going to have to self-quarantine for 14 days.
You do also have to wonder about the efficacy of self-quarantine.
That's not what they're doing in the United Kingdom to people who have come from China.
They are locking them down.
And they did do that with a group of people who came to the United States.
They're locking them down.
But it seems if you're just a tourist, if you were going to China to see family or to see the Great Wall of China, you may not be locked down.
Earlier this week, Senator Cotton publicly called for the ban.
Quote, we ought to follow Benjamin Franklin's maxim.
An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, Senator Cotton wrote in a letter to the Trump administration.
The senator also told Americans who are still in China to get out while they still can.
In lieu of an actual decree from Washington, Senator Cotton is urging all Americans who are still in China to leave the country while they're still able to do so.
And again, this is going to be called racist.
We went over the story from the AP News here, got it in front of me.
I mean, you're a racist if you're concerned about coronavirus.
They talk about what these examples of racism are and it's like a college classroom in Arizona and or a lunch at the cafeteria at a college in Arizona and a Chinese student is sitting with her friends and they get up and leave.
Well, surely that must be racism against Chinese people.
That's the only possible solution.
That's that's racism.
Meanwhile, I mean, maybe I don't know, maybe it is racism.
Maybe America is this horrible racist place.
The Democrats keep telling me it is, but, you know, maybe if people had some information to go on, maybe if people knew...
The facts about coronavirus that for some reason you cannot get in the mainstream news.
You can't even get it on social media and then get redirected to the real news.
You have to come to this show.
You have to watch the Alex Jones Show.
You have to seek it out.
You have to go to newswars.com, to infowars.com, to naturalnews.com, to band.video, to National File.
You know, the biggest antidote to these supposed racists who are running rampant on the streets of the United States is the truth.
And the truth is, seems to be, this isn't going to be limited to Chinese people from Wuhan, China.
There's of course, TV viewers can see Sitter Cotton's tweet.
Message to all Americans in China, get out now!
Contact our embassy or consulants if you need help.
But of course, I'm sure he's just a racist.
The U.S.
State Department is now being reported as already confirmed that a second chartered flight back to America will soon commence to evacuate American citizens who live around the area of Wuhan, which is under a mandatory quarantine.
Senator Cotton also contends that China is lying about the number of people infected with and dying from coronavirus.
It's much worse.
In Senator Cotton's view, China just needs to be dealt harsh consequences for all of its deception surrounding this global health emergency.
But remember, I mean, the guy, this is going to be called very, very racist because it's racist to doubt what China says.
It's racist not to just go with what the Chai Koms say, point blank.
And this is almost like the perfect storm.
Because these big tech companies have been running interference for China, well, since they banned Alex Jones and even before that, but it really also, it came to be so evident in 2018 when Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, all the big guys, LinkedIn, I don't know why Alex even would need a LinkedIn, they all banned Alex Jones and everybody looks at this and they say, well, why on earth would you do such a thing?
And then you do the connections and you put it all together and you realize every single one of these countries either is essentially state-owned by China because they are present in China,
Or they want to be.
Facebook, of course, tried to move to China.
Didn't work out.
They're still trying to reach a deal.
And so then that explains why Alex Jones is banned.
Well, now how come...
I mean, I'm surprised.
It's brave of what Senator Cotton is saying here.
It's brave of him to try to get the truth out to the American people.
Obviously, he is looking at the real information.
He may not be watching the Alex Jones Show, but he is reading what Alex reads, what I read, what all of the hosts here at Infowars.
He's reading the same documents.
He's getting the same information, and he's not sitting on it.
But, for the average person, I mean, they're going to be shut down by social media because social media wants China to make it through this thing.
They want China to have its reputation intact.
And meanwhile, this is a country that lies about everything.
I mean, it was like the first Friday that everybody was talking about coronavirus.
The Chinese government, from its official party newspaper, released a statement saying, And now, of course, we know that wasn't true.
In fact, the guy actually came out two days later and said it's a very big problem.
China has millions of peaceful Muslims,
In concentration camps.
China is killing people left and right.
They're saying they're going to cremate the bodies.
Why do you need to cremate 300 people?
It doesn't make sense.
But of course they're lying about everything.
Senator Cotton is totally right.
We'll be joined by Alex Jones hopefully in this next segment as soon as we can get his signal stabilized.
I'm Tom Papert.
Don't go away.
Welcome back!
You're watching the Alex Jones Show.
I'm Tom Papert, Editor-in-Chief, NationalFile.com.
As soon as we get Alex's signal stabilized, he will be joining us here remotely on the Alex Jones Show.
But, of course...
We're hitting coronavirus hard.
Alex is going to be on with more crucial information very, very soon.
But let's turn and see what's happening here in the United States within, just for grins, the Democrat Party, where there is a massive conflict brewing.
They're going to do it again.
Everybody remembers 2016, where it became apparent pretty early on in the Democrat primaries and caucuses that it didn't matter how many
Delegates how many votes Bernie Sanders got because the Democrat Party they have these things called superdelegates I know it's like a blast from the past what's old is new at least for the Democrat Party because they did some rules to somewhat limit the power of these superdelegates these superdelegates generally are very wealthy donors and
Who are friends of the party infrastructure, probably, in many cases, close friends of Bill and Hillary Clinton.
So these superdelegates, they're not tied to votes.
Bernie could get 60% of the vote, but if the majority of superdelegates want to vote for, we'll say Biden this time around, maybe with Hillary as his VP, could happen.
Maybe Minnie Mike Bloomberg with Hillary as the VP, could definitely happen.
Well, and the superdelegates can make that happen.
We're already looking at what could be a brokered convention because the DNC is trying to hurt Bernie Sanders again.
In fact, they're trying to throw out their old superdelegate, their new superdelegate rules and revert to the old rules so the party can pick the nominee and invalidate the votes of the Democrat voters.
And Bernie is, of course, a communist.
I mean, he went to the Soviet Union and he comes back and he praises it vociferously.
And over the last few years, he's been trying to ingratiate himself with the mainline Democrat Party, which he has, to be fair.
I mean, Bernie has dragged these people further and further to socialism, or democratic socialism, as he calls it.
By the way, that whole democratic socialism thing, that's a new invention.
Bernie never used that term, to my knowledge, before like 2015.
You can go find old speeches, old books, old writings, old letters that Bernie Sanders wrote where he just called himself a socialist, but he finally got some PR guy to get ahold of him.
And they told him to put the word democratic in front of it and so it's okay.
Now Bernie, again, he's been trying to play nice with these people.
He's been trying to be nice to the Hillary Clinton staffed DNC.
It's all packed with former Hillary people.
And it's not working out.
And even though Bernie is refusing to play rough, it certainly sounds like his more vocal supporters are, including Queen Rashida Tlaib.
We're gonna impeach this bleeper.
I'll just leave it at that.
We all remember that.
That went viral.
That was when she was put into office.
And then Nancy Pelosi has the audacity to say, you don't come to Congress to impeach a president.
No, that's why squad member Rashida Tlaib was put into office.
So even though Bernie's trying to play nice...
There is a massive, massive divide happening.
He's not gonna be a good sheepdog this time around, I don't think.
Let's air the clip of Queen Rashida Tlaib expressing her distaste with Hillary Clinton.
You all know I can't be quiet.
No, we're gonna boo.
That's alright.
The haters will shut up on Monday when we win.
And so, of course, today is the big day.
And by the way, at nationalfile.com, we're uploading a series.
We just got it completed here recently.
We're going to be uploading a series of articles about what happened to Bernie in 2016.
How a, essentially what seems to be a Hillary Clinton operative, ran to MSNBC and BuzzFeed and all the usual suspects and told them that Bernie's campaign had been infiltrated by the Kremlin!
And that Russian and Albanian bots
We're trying to divide the Bernie camp and turn them against the beautiful Hillary Clinton.
So we're going to be exposing all of this as it comes down to crunch time here on Monday, where Bernie Sanders looks to be the favorite to win Iowa.
Rashida Tlaib is booing and Hillary Clinton is waiting in the wings.
They've stacked the DNC with all of her people.
I think we're going to have a repeat of 2016.
And the thing about Bernie is, I mean, I do respect, I don't respect Bernie.
I think he is a communist.
I think he's a dirtbag.
I think he's a cretin.
But Roger Stone said it right here on the Alex Jones Show back in 2016.
And it looks like he was completely right.
He said that if we are nice to the Bernie people, not to Bernie, to the Bernie people, a lot of them, I mean,
They're misinformed.
A lot of them are now Trump supporters.
A lot of them are now at least populist if they can't support Trump.
And you talk to these people and they think Bernie is an outsider.
They think he is anti-establishment.
They think he is anti-Federal Reserve.
They think he is essentially Trump, but a leftist.
Now, of course, we all know that's not the case.
I mean, the guy is as he's been in Congress his entire life.
He's never had a real job.
He's been doing this.
He's been with the crazy hair and the gesticulation his entire life.
In fact, we at National File, we put out a stunning report by Patrick Alley that showed Bernie Sanders might be funneling money to his wife and her friends, and that might be the whole reason he runs for president.
He is a dirtbag.
He's got this ad agency.
Where all of the advertising for his campaign goes through this ad agency that just happens to be created.
His wife used to be on it, but now it's just his wife's close friends.
And we're talking like millions of dollars have been funneled through this ad network, this ad company.
So Bernie is by no means a good guy.
But Bernie supporters, they might just be alright.
And this is a rare moment where I'm going to celebrate Rashida Tlaib.
Congresswoman, impeach the blinker.
Because the bigger the wedge we can drive between Bernie Sanders, perhaps gullible, perhaps under-informed, but well-intentioned supporters, the bigger... And I don't mean the Kyle Jureks of the world who want to put you and me, viewers and listeners, in concentration camps.
I mean the rank-and-file.
I mean your granddad who thinks that Bernie's gonna be JFK.
The bigger a wedge we can drive between these people and the Democrat Party, the more
Hell it is going to be come the general election when they try to put mini Mike Bloomberg with Hillary Clinton on the ticket or Joe Biden with Hillary Clinton on the ticket.
And when they try to force that down the voters' throats, when they get Bernie to stand up there again and put his head down and his hands in his lap and say, I endorse Hillary Clinton to be the president of the United States of America, the bigger the wedge we can drive, the better.
So we are still going to be joined by Alex Jones, but I want to just take a minute here before we go to break and hopefully we'll have Alex on the other side to remind you that even though we've got all this antics happening here in the United States, we can't forget what's happening and is slowly making its way to our shores.
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Worst case scenario, you definitely want to get these products before it is too late.
Before they're not sending them anymore.
I mean, they're not getting new products very often in Wuhan, China.
Don't go away.
We'll be right back.
I'm Tom Pappert.
You're watching the Alex Jones Show.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show!
On the other side of this upcoming break, we will air a special report from Alex Jones himself.
Then Gerald Cilente will take over.
But we'd be remiss if we didn't cover what happened last night.
Of course it was the big game.
You know, you're not even allowed to say that.
That's how much control the NFL has over our lives.
In fact, you can't even say the words the big game in an advertisement.
Say you're advertising for a bar and grill.
You can't even call it, come see the big game at Joe Blow's Bar and Grill.
You get in trouble.
You get sued.
You get taken off the air.
It's amazing how much money, how much excitement is generated by how much the American psyche was, because I think it is going away, but was really taken up by good old sports ball, good old hand egg.
But yesterday, of course, was the Super Bowl.
It was the Kansas City Chiefs.
According to Trump, they're based out of Kansas, so my hometown, my team, really, they are.
Yeah, the Kansas City Chiefs versus the San Francisco 49ers.
The Kansas City Chiefs, multiple players have said nice things about Trump.
One on the 49ers said nice things about Trump.
Another said he wouldn't go to the White House.
This is the 2D version of it.
Oh boy, the Chiefs won.
They're slightly more pro-Trump than the other team that had Colin Kaepernick on it.
Now, the real news is the cultural phenomenon.
Because as Andrew Breitbart told us, as Alex Jones essentially says, culture, politics is downstream from culture.
So Jay-Z and Beyonce,
Remember, this is the 49ers, refused to stand for the National Anthem during the Super Bowl.
Somebody happened to record a video of them on their smartphone as Demi Lovato was singing the National Anthem, and it shows Beyonce, Jay-Z, with their child, Blue Ivy, that poor child, refusing to stand during the National Anthem, which means, in a way, they didn't kneel, which I guess is progress after all.
But in a way, Colin Kaepernick's legacy is continuing to build.
Of course, last year, Betsy Ross, the flag became racist because Colin Kaepernick said it was, and then Nike replaced it with a shoe that simply had the date of Kaepernick's first protest.
So that was the start of the Super Bowl.
As the majority of everyone is respectfully standing, hand over the heart,
Jay-Z and Beyonce, who by the way, you may remember, they campaigned like hell for Hillary Clinton in 2016.
They did free concerts for Hillary Clinton.
Free concerts with two of the biggest stars in contemporary music, doing free gigs for Hillary, and she's still lost.
Isn't that beautiful?
But then, the Halftime Show, man,
You guys thought the Lady Gaga one from a few years ago was satanic.
This was bizarre.
We have the article up at nationalfile.com.
Super Bowl halftime show featured pole dancing, strip club mimicry, and that's
That's putting it kindly and guys in the control room, there's some profanity on this.
And plus, this is a family show.
We don't need to we don't need to scar the viewers with seeing this.
If they saw it last night during the Super Bowl, the Alex Jones Show is nowhere near as crass as the Super Bowl.
We'll just put it that way.
But this is just bizarre.
And, you know, it reminds me of Paul's report from earlier today.
About the demographic replacement or the replacement migration happening here in the West because it's absolutely real.
You can read it in UN documents.
They try to call you racist if you bring it up, but you know, it's in the UN documents.
So is the UN racist now?
So you've got, there it is, that disturbing video.
TV viewers can see her flicking her tongue.
This is Shakira, who by the way, is 43 years old, flicking her tongue at the microphone.
Jennifer Lopez, age 50, twerking on camera.
At one point, they bring out small children, like 10 or 11 year old girls, in virginal white dresses.
And this is within 15 seconds after 50-year-old J-Lo is being grinded on by some guy in leather pants, and then they bring in these children!
And it's all Americana!
And it's in Spanish, and it's Puerto Rico!
So, you know, this is really about replacement migration, because for the past God knows how many years, you know, they've been saying we have 20 million illegals in this country, or 11 million illegals in this country, since the day I was born, 25 years ago.
So if you believe that there's really only 11 million illegals in this country, I don't know what to tell you.
Half of Mexico and a third of Guatemala now live in the United States, but the number still magically just never goes up.
So we've had years and years and years of replacement migration.
We've had states like California totally go beyond blue.
I mean, they are so deep blue.
They're as deep and blue as they are in something else.
I'd say that much.
And so now you have to change your entertainment.
You know, when you have a demographic shift, so does your culture.
And so now you have these two middle-aged women.
I mean, had anybody even heard of J-Lo for the past 10 years before this?
Twerking, doing strip club mimicry, dancing on poles with little children there, laughing and singing, and it was some of the most bizarre television I'd ever seen.
And of course, I watched this crap, so you folks don't have to.
And this is the hot take.
Here's the little girls TV viewers can see.
I mean, these kids, they're wearing white dresses that are fairly low for a child.
I mean, that is a short-cropped dress for a child.
It's disturbing.
And they're staring at the hindquarters of these 43- and 50-year-old women as they twerk in their faces.
It's drag queen story time.
On the big screen, essentially.
But this is the hot take.
This is the hot take from woke Twitter.
Trump supporters losing their collective minds after seeing all those black and brown folks at halftime.
You see, we're going to sexualize children.
We're going to reduce women to just sex objects.
We're going to do all of this because it's going to trigger the white racist.
The white racist Trump supporters.
We have another article up at nationalfile.com.
Twitter users were very, very upset for some reason that the Chiefs won.
Because they're racist.
Because it's the Kansas City Chiefs.
Their logo is an arrowhead.
They play at Arrowhead Stadium.
And they do.
This is unspeakable.
There's a video on this article, guys.
We don't need the volume.
But they do the Arrowhead Chop.
And it is so racist.
TV viewers, I'm sorry to expose you to this, this high level of racism.
It's unimaginable.
The arrowhead chop is where you make Indian noises and you put your elbow at a 45 degree angle.
There it is.
I'm sorry, TV viewers.
Oh, God.
This is so racist.
And you chop.
It's the arrowhead chop.
It's so racist.
It's not.
There's nothing racist about this.
In fact, many Indian tribes have actually given their blessing to this type of stuff.
The Braves do it, the Redskins do it, the Chiefs do it, but now it's racist.
So, nobody cares about these children being offered up in white, virginal outfits as J-Lo twerks in their face.
And Shakira flicks her tongue at the microphone and at the camera.
Nobody cares about any of this.
That's just the new America.
That's just what we, that's our multicultural society.
But if a white person does this, TV viewers, I'm doing the chop.
Radio listeners, I'm sorry you can't see it.
If a white person does that, if you're the Kansas City Chiefs, which by the way, we have huge Indian history in Kansas and Missouri.
If you do this, then you're the real problem.
You're the real problem.
Absolutely, hilariously, and then of course the 49ers are racist too, but they're racist against Chinese people, which is actually probably in 2020 even worse, but it's bizarre.
It's bizarre.
It's the degradation of our culture.
It's the importation of third world aesthetics, and now it's here to stay.
I think?
Don't go away.
You're going to want to see this special report about the coronavirus.
Absolutely killer information from Alex Jones, as usual.
We'll be right back with it.
On the other side.
The magnitude of the HIV virus delivery system being added to an airborne pneumonia is beyond Stephen King's the stand.
And that's what's admitted.
Mainstream media
I read an article last night
Or yesterday afternoon at about 5 PM from Zero Hedge.
And it was so shocking that I went into the office and did like three hours of research.
And it was so incredible.
I couldn't even make myself get on air because I had to make some phone calls to a virologist.
I had to do a bunch more research.
And now here I am on Saturday night and I'm just going to say it.
I dropped the ball.
I was trying to tell listeners that, hey, this coronavirus probably isn't that big a deal.
It's a big UN drill.
That's why you're seeing this overreaction.
And I still hope that's the case.
But Zero Hedge got suspended on Twitter for posting this article and then linking to the scientists that are in
The major scientific paper published two days ago by one of the most prestigious, it's in the top two or three, colleges, Kusuma School of Biological Sciences, India Institute of Technology, New Delhi.
And this big report that's got scans of the virus, the RNA breakdown, the proteins, I mean, this is it.
And so, Zero Heads got suspended for writing about this, but then I found all these other mainstream articles going, yeah, it's true, here's the bombshell, that part of the HIV virus is part of this.
But they say, but that's no big deal, that happens a lot.
I spent hours, it's never happened before.
The scientists are on record believing that HIV's been engineered because it's not,
I'm not a virologist.
I'm going off what they're saying.
And so they point out in this major study that they've scanned it, they've looked at it, and it's welded in.
It's as phony as a $3 bill.
And then Zero Hedge gets taken down as fake news.
So I spent, like I said, hours yesterday, hours today, obsessed on this, going into the studies, going into articles, and just dozens of big mainstream reports going,
Yeah, it's got part of the AIDS virus in it, but that's no big deal.
It's not man-made.
What does that mean?
It's got a protein enablation system, basically a weapon, where it can plug in to the mucous membrane of the body.
And then it carries everything else it's got, and it's that part, that exact signature, that blueprint.
Like a 57 Chevy, you see a 57 Chevy, your eyes know that's a 57 Chevy.
You see a Marilyn Monroe, that's Marilyn Monroe.
You see Michael Jackson, that's Michael Jackson.
You see Kobe Bryant, that's Kobe Bryant.
You see Donald Trump, you go, that's Donald, I mean, your eye knows what it is.
The computers are 100%.
And the fact that this virus has this, the scientists are clear.
No way this came out of some grocery store or some weird, you know, animal sales place where the Chinese eat weird bat soup.
Not that that's healthy.
And so that's the takeaway here is that
You should go read this study for yourself and you should ask yourself, why is Twitter, why is Facebook, why is Google trying to block this?
Because it's the Indians that 20 years ago tested a bunch of UN vaccines for tetanus and it had a female hormone added to it, even though that wasn't part of the production, that would then create an autoimmune response to that hormone that women release in the second month of pregnancy.
So it causes an autoimmune response to the baby and spontaneous abortion in about 95% of the time.
And so I want to give the Indians props time and time again.
It's just the Indian scientists that have been proven right.
They were the ones that got Gardasil banned in most of the world.
They went and showed how it was giving people cancer and sterilizing people.
So I'm not some Indian file here that just worships Indians.
I just keep noticing their scientists don't give a damn and we'll put the truth out.
And they've done it again.
I mean, it's been so many times since the Indians.
A 2020 Hellcat wired into a 1957 Chevy, and it's just fake.
It didn't come out of mama's backyard.
It didn't grow on a tree.
It's synthetic.
And the articles everywhere trying to counter it are like, oh no, no, well sure, you could have part of the AIDS virus in it.
The HIV virus that reportedly causes AIDS, that's the exact system that plugs in.
That's the exact system that allows it to bridge in.
And it's got that.
And I looked it up.
It's not a common virus.
It's an extremely rare virus that most engineers believe has been tinkered with.
And now...
The HIV virus is part of this, and the media is admitting that, but going, fake news, it's not a bioweapon.
Yeah, it's got part of the AIDS virus, HIV virus, that allows it to transmit, but just don't worry about that.
That's why you've seen hundreds of microbiologists murdered the last few years, run over, shot in the back of the head, everything.
Because they don't want people that are able to identify what's going on to be around.
And that's done ahead of the bio attack.
I don't know who's behind it.
I don't have all the answers, obviously.
And I've, as a father, have been hoping this isn't as bad as some are saying and playing it down on air.
And my listeners are like, hey dude, are you covering up?
I'm like, no, I don't want this to be bad.
What's going on?
I've had family die of pneumonia.
I take this stuff seriously.
And I will not sit there and be part of hyping something up that isn't serious.
But the response to this has been unprecedented.
It's a huge world government chi-com drill, the UN worshiping it.
That's bad enough.
So I'm like, oh, it's just a drill.
It's not that bad.
Don't worry.
And then all of a sudden I see this and they're blocking Zero Hedge and saying Zero Hedge made it up and I go read the actual paper and all the articles going, well, it's true, the Indians scanned this and it does have the HIV virus part of it in it and just the delivery system, no big deal.
And I'm not a virologist.
I'm just reading what the virologists are saying and mainline ones are like, yeah, this is really looking bad.
And you see the Washington Post and BBC and AP and Reuters, anybody questioning this is man-made will be banned off the internet.
Well, if I was wrong, I should be allowed to question that.
That's just the public's right to have their opinion.
So they're really scared of this.
And just a few other points and I'll end this special report.
New coronavirus in China is treated with HIV meds.
When this first broke, people sure as hell were saying, oh my God, they're going to treat it with those AIDS drugs that are known to kill people.
I'm like, oh, come on, man.
They stopped that.
And then boom.
CNN, they're all reporting, oh, don't worry, the coronavirus is treated with AIDS drugs, but it has nothing to do with AIDS or the virus, HIV, even though it's in the genetic code, the RNA of it, and they admit that, but it's fake news and say it's man-made, even though top scientists are saying this is synthetic.
Wow and you know folks have a lot of courage in India at this major top scientific university to come out and say this and I just think that you deserve and your family deserves and they deserve you actually read it and then look at the footnotes because I didn't just believe their footnotes I went and checked it all and I was like whoa there's only one protein that's in the HIV virus folks
And this is it.
It has nothing to do with bird flu, nothing to do with corona, nothing to do with SARS.
They've taken a pneumonia virus and put HIV in it.
Because HIV doesn't replicate well in the body, but it will take over your white blood cells, your T lymphocytes.
It'll kill your defenses, but it doesn't replicate, it doesn't spread well.
HIV just got added to a super communicable airborne pneumonia virus.
I just want Bill Gates and all the globalists to know something.
Anything happens to my family or anybody I care about, I'm holding you personally responsible.
You understand?
Because you're on record saying you're going to reduce the world population and having TED Talks, laughing.
We're going to reduce this number to zero to help the earth and the number they light up as the humans.
I mean, you know, you're saying you're going to kill me and my family.
And you think you're going to creep around and do it?
With whatever the hell this is?
And I'm not saying that's what this is.
I'm not saying a duck that's yellow and quacks and gets in the water is a duck.
All I'm saying is, you guys think you're gonna run some soft kill stuff on us?
It's not gonna go the way you think.
Hello, hello!
Glad to be on the Alex Jones Show!
What a trip, what a trip going on around the world!
Watch out everybody, watch out!
Watch out everybody, watch out!
Goodbye Rosie, Queen of Corona.
See me and Julio down by the schoolyard.
Oh, watch out, watch out.
How bad is it?
Oh, 300 and something people already died in China.
Hey, found a case over there in the Philippines.
I'm not good at math, but
Figure it out.
Wait, 1.4 billion people in China?
About 300 died?
This is a pandemic?
300 people?
It's nothing.
Out of 1.4 billion people?
Oh, about 9,000 are sick!
Yeah, so 9,000 people get sick every day.
It's something millions do.
And the people that are dying of the coronavirus are usually elderly with or others with chronic diseases and people going down.
And it really took a hit on the Chinese.
Yeah, hit on their Lunar New Year that people like to celebrate.
Go out and party and travel a lot.
That place is empty.
It's really going to hurt their economy.
And look what it did to the equity markets.
Last week the Dow was down 600 points.
Today it bounced back.
Gold price.
They were heading toward that $1,600 an ounce mark.
And now they pulled back a bit.
They're still looking strong.
I talk about the coronavirus because, as I again, I'm not an expert in this field, nor do I pretend to be.
I'm just looking at the numbers and what they're saying.
This is worse than the SARS virus.
I look up SARS virus.
You know, that's one thing about the Internet.
It's the Alexandrian library.
Man, you can look up stuff.
I can't say when, if I don't say women.
Man, women.
You could look up anything, real quick, a lot of stuff.
So how many people died with the SARS virus?
You say about 800 to 600?
And it had a population back then of what, about over 6 billion people?
And only 800 at times died?
That's like, that's no number at all!
A couple million people die a year in road accidents around the world.
What, 800 people?
So I look at this like, there's a hurricane coming!
There's a hurricane coming!
And you see all these little boys and girls.
Playin' prostitutes.
Holdin' their camera up there.
And the wind blowin'.
And the rain comin' down.
And they show the waves comin'.
Watch out!
We evacuated half of Florida because of the COVID!
And then, not a lot happened.
That's why I see this with this SARS virus.
Excuse me.
Goodbye, Rosie.
Queen of Corona.
Again, could it get bad?
Listen, we could die so many different ways.
All the poisons that they're pumping into our bodies.
All the phoo!
Them, uh, pharmaceuticals that they love to shoot into everybody's body that they can.
That's okay.
We could do more of that.
But you,
You follow us.
We'll tell you what to do.
We'll tell you when we come back.
Hello, hello!
Love being on the Alex Jones Show.
And remember, do what you can to support Alex Jones and InfoWars.
And all the information that they put out.
And all the people that they help.
And their products.
I swear by... Well, I could swear by Supermill.
Vitality, that's my favorite.
And everybody got their own trip, you know.
Anyway, going back to how the prostitutes are pumping up this coronavirus, and now China's saying it's an attack on them.
So let's turn it into the economic end right now.
The markets are rebounding, but oil prices, way down.
Let me see, before I
Came on the air, I think they were what, about $54.37 for a barrel of Brent crude.
Places like Saudi Arabia, they need that oil at about $100 a barrel.
For their economy to break even.
All these oil exporting countries
The price of oil was going down for four weeks before, goodbye Rosie, Queen of Corona virus hit.
There's a global slowdown going on.
This is big.
This virus is going to hurt China.
It's going to hurt their economy and their economy is already growing at a 29-year low.
But even that 29-year low,
At 6.1% is pretty good, considering over there in Europe, where they're looking for a 1% growth of the economy.
In the United States, 2019, we only grew 2.3%.
Next year, they're forecasting 2%.
That's the same as under Obama.
So, oil prices, they're going down because there's more supply than demand.
There's a global slowdown and it's real.
And what's China gonna do?
They're gonna have to lower their interest rates.
They got inflation.
Bad inflation compared to what a lot of countries have because they built so fast and the prices went up so fast.
So they have inflation and stagflation.
The economy's not growing like they need it to.
If you raise interest rates to stop that inflation so you can slow it down a little bit, and your economy is already stagnant, that brings the economy down lower.
So they're going to have to lower interest rates.
They already are dumping monies into their repo market.
Stocks opened up some 7% over here, 7% down today, after coming back from that not happy Lunar New Year.
Oh yeah, wasn't it?
People weren't singing, Happy Lunar New Year to you.
Happy Lunar New Year to you.
No, they weren't singing that this year in Chinese in China.
No, they're quarantined.
Things are tough.
Yeah, they built that hospital.
You see that?
They built a hospital within no time.
Like what, about a week?
Two hospitals?
If they built these in America,
But it'd take two years, and we gotta pay off the right people.
Hey, we're the city over here, we're gonna tell you what to do, and we want our cut.
This is serious what's going on, how it's hitting the economy.
Remember, I'm warning about the greatest depression.
It's real.
All these riots going on.
Lebanon, France.
Look at the millions of people taking to the streets.
One place after another.
South Africa.
Wars going on.
Things are out of control.
And the governments are going to do everything they can to prop up these markets.
Violence is going to increase to levels we haven't seen before.
Flooding streets.
Migrants trying to escape.
You think there's an immigration problem now in a country near you?
You haven't seen anything yet.
It's out of control.
It can come back.
And there's a way to bring it back.
And I know the way.
It's a very clear path.
It's up to the people.
We, the people of the United States,
In order to form a more perfect union.
It's up to we the people.
I wasn't put on this earth to take orders.
Ain't my trip.
I don't have any leader to follow.
I'm my own leader.
I'm a believer of
The Constitution and the Bill of Rights, and I don't need anybody dressed up in their drag, you know, their gowns, to tell me how to interpret it.
Our leaders are leading us into destruction around the world.
I don't care who you like and why you like them.
Makes no difference to me.
By their deeds, you shall know them.
And man, we got a lot of dirty deeds going on around the world.
Name the country, name the freak, step right up, step right up.
It's up to we, the people, to change this.
Because if we don't, fight for peace, we're going to die for war.
And I'm a warrior for the Prince of Peace.
We could talk about coronavirus, we could talk about the economy, why oil prices are going down.
Oh, and how about those copper prices?
Dr. Copper?
Occupy peace.
Put your money where your heart is.
Support InfoWars.
Buy their products.
Keep the truth out there.
They're censoring us at every level they can.
The Bill of Rights.
You're robbing it from us.
There's answers.
One of them is occupying peace, but there's a bigger one.
Again, I do not follow the leader.
I'm a grown-up.
Little Lindsey Graham, little Chuckie Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, McConnell, Trump, Clinton, Obama, Bush,
You don't give me orders.
It's my country.
I am an American.
I am we the people and so do you.
And so are you.
And there's a way to change this.
And we're going to talk about the way to change it.
It's a simple way.
And it's a waiting way.
You see the new studies that came out?
The majority of the people are disgusted with both parties.
Oh, it's going to be a hot election.
Will it be Bernie?
Will it be Trump?
Those are my choices?
I want greater choices.
I have a much greater choice.
And that choice is you.
And when we come back, I want to talk about how you become the leader of the United States of America.
Born to be free.
Born to be you.
And born to be me.
And if we don't fight for our freedom, they're gonna keep robbing it from us.
So we're gonna be back in a little bit.
Remember, it's we the people against the sharks and snakes.
Ladies and gentlemen and children of all ages,
The solution to bring back America.
Bring it back to what the Bill of Rights and the Constitution says who we are and who we can and should be.
I said I have a solution.
One of them, of course, is we need peace.
And that's why, again, I ask you to please do what you can to support Occupy Peace.
Bring home all the troops, close the bases overseas.
This is just making the military-industrial complex rich.
What are we doing bases in Italy, and in Germany, and in Okinawa?
And the war's over for 75 years.
What are you doing over there?
Put them to work rebuilding our rotted infrastructure.
Secure the homeland.
Give them skills.
And they'll get that from rebuilding our rotted infrastructure.
Do you know what I want?
I want a GI Bill of Rights.
A Bill of Rights that they serve, and not in war, but they serve to protect us at home and help build our land to the way it should be.
And give them skills to work so when they leave the service,
The contractors are looking for skilled people.
Manufacturing, now we have more skilled people.
Number three on Occupy Peace.
Force Congress these little low-life slimy girls and boys who violate the Constitution and have not voted to go to war since World War II.
Hey, we're a bunch of little cowards, so if we do the wrong thing, we want to give it to El Presidente of Los Estados Unidos to do what they want to do, and we'll give them all of the military authority that he wants.
We'll violate the Constitution.
Hey, Salenti, take that Constitution and shove it.
Come over here and tell me that, Senator you or Congressman that.
Oh yeah?
Finally, step four, put a referendum on each state ballot, where we tell Congress how to vote, whether or not to go to war.
We the people who pay for the war with our money on our lives, not the Senator's son.
That's Occupy Peace.
And what's the last thing I said?
A referendum on each state ballot.
And when I said to you, yes, I have an answer to save America and bring it back to we, the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, we have direct democracy.
That's right.
Direct democracy.
This is from my Trends Journal.
Summer issue, 2011.
That's when it was a quarterly.
Now, it's a weekly.
Because events are changing so fast.
Direct democracy!
We the people!
Not some slimy little lowlife with a lot of dough that wants to run.
Not these people
That spend all their time of their life wasting it in Iowa to get elected, to win the primary.
Can you imagine wasting your life like that to throw out your BS to everybody and get enough of them?
I don't want any of these people to lead me.
I want to lead myself.
You want to go to war?
Let the people vote.
You want open borders?
Let the people vote.
You want that tax cut bill?
Let the people vote.
We don't have a representative form of government.
They represent the people that give them the money.
Morons and imbeciles call it campaign contributions.
Adults call it bribes and payoffs.
You all get paid off.
Ah, the people are too stupid to vote.
They don't know about anything.
Oh yeah, to me.
Little Lindsey Graham is much more smarter than me.
Oh, and I would look up to Mitch McConnell.
I's a repulsive kid.
I like Nancy Pelosi.
I think she's like Feinstein.
And I want Schumer.
I'm a demo crap!
I can't say this on the air, but I tell anybody that starts talking politics to me, is take your political crap, and I don't use that word, and shove it up your new your what?
Because I don't want to smell it, and I don't want to look at it, and I'm not gonna hear it.
Political crap.
That's all they are.
They're all pieces of crap.
It doesn't make a difference who's gonna get elected.
Who's the leader of the gang?
Who's your favorite leader of the gang?
They're the impeachment, huh?
What happened with the impeachment?
I got called by the media the day, the minute it happened.
I was on Kitco.
Gerald, what do you think?
I said, wow, this really hit me.
I said, but it's not going to go anywhere.
The Senate needs two-thirds of the Senate to convict him.
They got a majority, let alone they got to get two-thirds.
It's easy.
This thing's going nowhere.
It's going to be a complete waste of people's time.
And the people that are wasting their time on this.
Are not going to see the important current events forming future trends.
What's going on around the world?
How it's affecting them?
What it means to their bottom line, in their heart, in their soul, in their lives, in their future?
It's a circus.
The greatest freak show on earth.
And that's why you support Alex Jones.
Info Wars.
Subscribe to the Trends Journal, history before it happens.
Do your part.
It does not take a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority, keen on setting brush fires of freedom in the minds of men and women.
Samuel Adams.
The future's in your hands.
Don't drop it.
We're going to be back in just a few.
We're going to wrap things up and tell you where things are going.
So stay tuned.
Hello, hello.
Great being on the Alex Jones Show.
Oh, what a show today.
I'm very excited about it.
Talking about the things that matter the most.
Our freedom.
Number one.
Number one.
When you're free, you're free to be you.
As I say, I'm one of the luckiest men in the world.
Born in the Bronx.
Born to be free.
Born to be me.
And that's my America.
Direct democracy.
Free to be you.
Not to be told what to do by a little class of clowns that they call Congress.
So, in this last segment, before I say, see you next week, on the Market Front.
The markets are up today.
And gold prices are down a little bit, but they're still over $15.80.
One of the important ones to watch, besides oil prices going down.
And remember, they're even cutting back on supply, and there's still too much supply.
The Libyan war that the Nobel Peace of Crap Prize winner Obama started, along with Samantha Power, Hillary Clinton, and Susan Rice.
Only the women were in charge.
As I said, I don't want to hear any of that stuff.
Race, creed, color, gender, makes no difference to me.
Good and bad comes in all of them.
So they cut way back on oil over there because of Obama's launching with Cameron and Sarkozy, Cameron of the UK and Sarkozy of France.
The destruction of Libya, which was the richest country in the area and the people had more rights than anywhere else.
So now the civil war going on over there, no oil is coming out of there, barely down to nothing.
And even with these shutdowns,
It's still much too much supply.
So it tells you where the global economy is going.
And again, I do not give financial advice, not at all.
I believe gold prices have the ability and will spike toward $2,000 an ounce.
Copper prices, they've gone way down.
They were way up just a few weeks ago.
Copper, they call it Dr. Copper, because copper is used in a lot of stuff, you know, from
From high-tech to heavy industry.
And China is one of the biggest buyers of this stuff, over 50%.
So when you see copper prices going down like this, that's a warning.
And now you're seeing that inverted yield curve with the short-term bonds give you a high yield in the long-term bonds.
And that's a signal of recession.
This has been going on a couple of times last year, now it's back again.
The equity markets are being artificially propped up with monetary methadone.
We just heard from our Central Bankster Chief over there, Powell last week, Jerome Powell, indicating that they're pumping in another $60 billion a month in quantitative easing, bond buybacks, but you're not allowed to call it
Quantitative easing because El Head of the Central Banksters said you can't.
Now I mention what's going on in China.
India, boom!
Economy seven straight quarters down.
And they got riots on the streets because of the citizenship law that robs Muslims of their rights in India.
What India's doing with Kashmir, taking away its autonomy.
And now millions of people striking, taking to the streets.
Because of poverty increasing.
Things gonna be blowing up over there?
This is going on around the world.
And that goes back to gold being a safe haven asset.
And again, I am not recommending to buy anything.
I'm telling you what I see.
The greatest depression is going to happen in 2021.
Trump will be the Herbert Hoover
Hoover was back in 1931.
90 years later, it's going to be Trump, if not sooner.
And you can see when I say, if not sooner, because of the goodbye Rosie, Queen of Coronavirus, a wild card, man-made or made by nature.
If I say nature and I say mother nature, I got to say father nature.
So you never know what's going to happen.
That's why nobody could forecast.
I predict rather.
You could forecast, but things change.
You can't predict it.
Nobody has the human insides to do it.
In heart or soul.
So it can change this year too.
Like I said, the homeless issue, and I have a solution for it, partial.
I'm up here in Kingston, New York, foothills of the
Beautiful Catskill Mountains.
Used to call this area up here the Borscht Belt back in the day.
All the great comedians and actors, the Phil Silvers and the Jerry Lewis's and the Dean Martins and all these funny cats and great musicians used to play up here.
They had beautiful hotels.
Big Jewish population from the city getting away from the city and going to the country for the summer.
And then the jet set happened in the 60s.
People are flying everywhere, going, hey, having a great time.
Flying was brand new.
And this place died.
From a thousand hotels, it went to virtually nothing.
Beautiful, beautiful hotels, swimming pools, beautiful.
Now they're vacant.
Although the whole area is coming back big time.
Now they're vacant.
So, you have a lot of state land, you have a lot of federal land.
Let's build places for the homeless.
People don't want to be homeless.
Wait till my generation, the baby boomers, so many are going to be in poverty.
The numbers are there, they don't have the savings.
People used to come up here because they wanted to be in the beautiful country.
And it's gorgeous, like in a lot of other places.
So, we build out these areas for them.
You want to camp?
You can camp.
You want to farm?
You can farm.
You want to work at this?
You can work at that.
Rather than spending this ridiculous money like they're doing in New York City and putting homeless people in these buildings they're doing all over the world, putting in motels.
That doesn't give you a life being stuck in a room.
Let's create something.
Let's build it up!
I guess you could call it Boys Town and Girls Town 2020.
So there are solutions.
And one of the biggest ones is, as I see it, we cannot keep spending over a trillion dollars on war.
Between the defense budget and what they give the intelligence agencies.
And that word intelligence to me is an oxymoron.
Let's put this money for us.
We the people.
Hey, you like that idea?
Let's have a vote.
What do you think?
Why don't we decide?
Get back to work.
You don't decide.
You get back to work.
I call it taxes.
Actually, I'm stealing your money.
And I'm going to do what I want with it.
I lead the gang.
I'm the president.
I'm the senator.
I'm the congressman.
I'm your leader.
You're the leader.
Lead the charge.
Hello, hello.
Wow, that was a quick week.
You're right, I'm back.
I made a little mistake.
I think I had too many shots of that super male vitality.
Got me going too fast.
Anyway, missed the countdown, but here we're back.
And I'm glad because I want to stay with what I was talking about with this global slowdown.
What I do each day is I go through different news.
This is the Financial Times, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Market Watch, a whole bunch of different CNBC.
And I write and look for headlines and stories, read the whole story.
Do I get the important points?
To give an overview of the current events and see how they're forming future trends.
When I talk about where the economy is going and why gold prices, they're going to keep all the central banks, there are those that are already in negative interest rates, they're going to go lower yet.
They're going to go to even further down in negativity, like they did over there in the European Union.
You have a negative rate now of what?
You have negative rates over in Japan.
It was 0.4%.
And here's from the Financial Times.
Japan's government has nominated a dovish economist to the board of its central bank in a signal that Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is continuing and committed
to a large program of monetary easing.
Despite growing complaints from banks about the downside of negative interest rates, the selection of the new board guy suggests Mr. Abe will not back away from his signature stimulus program known as Abenomics, known as
I can't say the word, but it begins with a bull, is the first part of it.
Monetary methadone.
Rush to sovereign bond safety pushes negative yielding debt back to over $13 trillion.
Big investment companies, hedge funds, they want safe money.
So they're buying bonds that are paying no dividends.
You got it?
Matter of fact, you could buy a German one or a Japanese one, you know, 10 years out and you'll get less back than what you bought it for.
That's how concerned people are.
They're putting their money into negative yielding funds because they know it's going to crash.
Is that safe haven asset rather than getting a bond that pays a negative yield?
Well, you'll be happy to get your money back.
People are buying gold because they believe prices go up.
So in effect, your yield is going up if gold goes up and my forecast and I am on record.
I will put my
Gold forecasting track record up against anybody, anywhere in the world.
You have the videos, you have the audios, you have the right written material from the Trends Journal.
On June 6th of 2019, we sent a trend alert out to our subscribers.
And by the way, there were no advertisements in the Trends Journal, not on our website, so I'm not advertising for anyone.
The headline was,
The Gold Bull Run.
Gold was at $1,332 an ounce back in June 2019.
Today, it's around $1,580 an ounce.
I said gold would have to break over $1,450 for it to spike.
It had not done that for six years.
And that's how long I've been saying that.
I said at $13.32, it was going to break over that $14.50 mark in June.
It has.
And then I said, if it goes below $15.50 an ounce, the downside is $13.90.
Hasn't gone below $15.50 an ounce.
So, that's the way I say it.
The motto of the Trends Journal is, think for yourself.
So when you think for yourself, you read, again from the Financial Times, and the writing is so small.
When you get old, you know, it's harder to read stuff.
The printing is so small.
Six Eurozone banks have fallen below the European Central Bank's capital requirements, underlying the continued fragility of Europe's banking sector.
Continuing fragility.
This is after they have pumped in some $3 trillion worth of quantitative easing to juice the markets.
This is after they brought interest rates down to 0.5%.
And it's not boosting the markets.
Number of distressed UK businesses hits record.
Again, this is two days worth of news here I'm going through.
This is what I do every day.
All different, as I said, sources.
Almost, you ready?
500,000 UK businesses are in significant financial distress.
The highest number recorded.
Oh, now they just did Brexit!
Stage right!
How about Brexit?
The people got what they wanted!
Isn't that great?
The people decided their future.
The people themselves decided their future.
Good for the UK.
But then you got guys like George Soros.
I have an article buried over here about how he's giving all this money because he's against countries trending toward nationalism.
In other words, you're not allowed to hold on to your identity.
You have to be aglobalized.
So you can become a plantation worker on the global plantation of Slave-landia.
You don't want to be proud of the products you make.
You don't want to be thankful for who you are and where you were born and how fortunate you are or weren't.
I can live anywhere I want in the world.
And for me, Kingstown, in uptown, where I am, in Colonial Kingston, in USA, is my place of freedom.
Direct democracy, you're seeing it with Brexit.
And remember, this is going down before Brexit.
They're going to blame this on Brexit.
It has nothing to do with it.
Matter of fact, if, if smart nations
Become self-sustaining economies.
They can withstand the greatest depression.
It's the only way out.
Again, I'm up here.
There's a lot of nice farms up here.
I got a Northwind Farms.
I get great chicken.
They make sausage from the pigs that they grow.
And they're not even Italian.
Great guys and women.
Buy local.
Buy local!
Buy local!
Buy local!
Buy national!
Buy American!
Build American!
This is the only way we're going to get through the Greatest Depression.
We must become a self-sustaining economy, and for our freedom, we need direct democracy.
And for your freedom, continue to support InfoWars, put your money where your heart is,
Trends Journal, the only magazine tells you what's going on, what's next, and what it means.
An Occupy Peace to bring liberty, love, joy, and beauty to the USA.
Who we are, who we want to be, how we want to stay who we are, and not take orders from anybody else.
So again, it is a real privilege for me to be here.
I support Alex Jones.
We don't agree on all topics, and who does?
But we're free to speak.
Don't act so surprised, Globalist.
You didn't think you could silence the American people, did you?
Join Bandot Video, and I will complete your training.
Together, we can overthrow the Emperor and restore the Republic.
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